Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1861 Page 3
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reset' ex referred to have been sent to lb-; bookstore of M?'?ain. Pfister 4 Co. , Exchange Hotel, tobedis petted of for the benefit of the young fcuiy by whom they were nude. It w thought that there will be a *lroOK competition for the hanojwork of ' th?> little Norihoru girt," who in go true to her glorious Southern ancestry ? i > WnjJAm>8t'MU. N. Y.. Feb. 15, 1881. *>en. Jkukphom Davis, tiral t*resident of the Confederal*; ? Stales of America; ? Hi* ? | am a young school girl, born In the State of Pennsylvania, ami the grout granddaughter of Colonel 4 Heater Oswald, who served his country nobly m Ttconde r roga, Quebec, linotrary (Own ), on the line of the Hud , son, ai Monmouth, and on th? battle li<lda. My great graU'imot ber wat: a Virginia lady, Holt by maiden name, wbcee brother, ( apt. John liolt. w:m a eapiain in llietftl Virginia line. You may be sure 1 fuel proud of my an- j ?ei-lry. My jiarenU are not rich, a I thought I would make a few rone lie*, typical of ?il(h<'rn confedera- | ey , and dispose of them by f order to buy aomi rather expensive boolu ( < nt uoue i ouid I sell, though ooe of tny little oit> tried hard to do bo in New Voi It. Now, whit could I do With them thin to send them to j, present? Won't you accept them? I twpe you wuL It' you give them away to any ?f your young wldiers, gay that thu little Northern girl who inado them? inspired by patriotic impulses ? sent ibem as a souvenir to the gallant Onl. Jefferson Davis, of whOfsc brave deeds at the battle or Bueua Vista she has so often f?U proud in reading about. With much re m spect, LOUISA OLEN. t EFFECTS OF 8ECE88I0N. TO T11E KD1TOH OK THK NKltALD. Ahkkviixk, 8. C. , March 13, 1S81. Oar Postmaster here han just received flrom a cor re npondeot in Baltimore the following art Me. Haid to have been written by Judge Robert Lyon , of this town: ? unn raon j i' dub iron, of noith uioum, to a kkubud i.i (Bitl [Prom the Waco (Texas) Odette.] The following letter from Jnfge Robert Lyon, of Abbe ville Court House, South Carolina, speaks for itself: ? Auhwillk li H. , Jan. 34, 1861. Dkak Bin? I desire you to procure for mo and send by ?ail a Texas almanac. Six months since 1 felt perfectly willing to remain in SeuUi Carolina, but 1 cau remnn here no longer. At the election of Lincoln we all felt that we must resist. In this move 1 placed myself amongst the foremost, and urn yet determined to resist him to the j bitter end. 1 had my misgivings at first of the idea of | separate secession, but thought it would be but for a short time, and at small cost. In this matter, together with Utou&tnds of other Carolinians, we have been mis- j taken. Everything is in the wildest commotion. My bottom lana on J/ong Cane, lor whicu I could nave gotten $30 per acre, 1 now cannot sell at any price. All our young men nearly are in and around Charleston, {hither we have sent many hundreds of our ne gres (I have sent twenty) to work. Crops were very short last year, and it doe* now seem that nothing will be planted this coming soason. Ail are excited to the highest pitch, and not a thought of the future is taken. Mtseeugeis are running here and there, with and without the Governor's orders. We have ne money. A forced tax is levied upon every man. 1 have furniibed the lost surplus dollar 1 have. 1 hid about 927 0C0 In bank. At llrtt 1 gave a chuck lor ton thousand, then live thousand , then the letnainder. It is now estimated that we are spending (26,000 per day, and no prospectof getting over these tines It was our full nnderstandlrg when we wont out of the Union that we would have a new government of all the southern States. Vor object was to bring about a colluun with tbo authorities at Washington, which all thought would make all join us. Although we have sought soch collision in every way, wo have not yet got n fight, and the prospect is very distant I want the a! manao in order to tee from It whit put of Texas may suit me. I want to raise cotton priucipnity, but most raise coin to do mo. 1 will need about a thousand acres ?f good Wnd. My force is increasing; many young ne groes ore coming on. I can rend to the tlekl about sixty tve. big and little. I shall make no crop here this y car. I shall start mv negroes i ram here to John Brownlee, at Shreveport, about the first or April. I will leive my lands here to grow up in pines. When we all get to Hhr eve port John Brownlee says be will go with me all trrer lexas. I cannot live here and must get away. Many aie leaving now; al least ten thousand negroes have left already, and before ling one third of tho j wealth of Hnuth Carolina, will be in the West. 1 desire you to look around and help me get a home. As ever, I yours, ROBERT LYON. | This article is supremely ridiculous, and is nothing but ? tissue of falsehoods from beginning to end. it is a lie, in the first place, because we have never h ad si Judge Robert Lyon at Abbeville Court House, in Abbe ville district, nor in the State of South Carolina. It is a lie, in the second place, because them is posi tively no such distress as the writer spc&lu of in the State of South Cirolina. It is a lie, in the third placc, because not a solitary negro has been sent from Abbeville Court House, or from the district, to aid in the work at Charleston. A tew, perhaps a dozen, have voluntarily gone as body servants lor some of our officers. It is a lie, in the fourth placc, because not one has been levied on any individual, nor a dime taken from the pocket of any man, without his voluntary consent. It Is a lie, in the filth piaco, because money hue been much more plenty since the Htato seceded than before; and as an evidence of it not a dollar of tho bonds of the Confederate States have been sold below par, but, on the ?ther hand, they have generally commanded a handsome premium. It is astonishing that slandering, fie .itlous lying letter writers cannot let us alone. We are out o the cflton. and intend to remain out, and if a black ro publican administration will maW i no attempt to coerce we will trade as formerly w'th the North: but let oecr ci on commence, and we will first pay our debts, and thin bid a long adieu to our Northern neighbors. As lam personally known to fifty, perhaps one hundred New York merchants, I will subscribe my own name to ' this artii le. ISAAC BRANCH, M. li. MOVEMENT SOUTHWARD AMONG NEW YORK MERCHANTS. We )''*rn that the following firms bave cither done no *r are about establishing branch bouse* in the South in tooosequence of the dUliiultios which exist at the North *nd the broader Held for euterprlse opened Id the new confederacy: ? Meters. Lewis B. Brown & Co. (clothing), Ho. 31 Chambers street, Mobile; Saulabury, Henry & Co. (clothing), Allen, McUain k Bulkley (dry goods), Adler A Newbouer (clothing) , go to Mobile or Charleston; BrufT) Brother fc Heaver , foreign au<l American hardware, New Orleans, others are likewise preparing to avail them selves of the double advantage of having a house in each melton of the Union . and will make a change soon. THE COLLECTION OF DEBTS IN THE CON FEDERATE states. The Congress of the Confederate States do enact, Tbvt tn the event of a conflict of arms betwteu the Confede rate states and the Hutted Nates, or of refusal on the part of the authorities of the I uited States to recognise the independence of the Confederate States, or to reoolve ?be Commissi onsrs sent by the latter to trest with the former In relation to tho seversi matters of tbe costro versy exist:rc between them, tbe courts of the Coofede rate States (hail-not take eognltaoce of auy civil eaee In which the pUuntUV 1* or may be In either of ike said Vetted States or either one of tbem, or any cltiwu or cltlxens thereof, or assignee or assignees, or endor?4fe or ?Deorsees, or any snch person. 8?c. 2. All pendtag cases In which tbe plainti;' shall be tn either or the classes aforesaid, shall, upon tbe b*ppei> tag of either of the contingencies aforeeaid, be dtami-Med ?n motion, and ak.p.-oce*" , met. no or Anal, which shall hav>- been Issue 1 at, the stilt *f such plalntllT, shall ?e nrrested snd decided ino|M-rative. GEOBUTA. NORTHKRN fKVKBTMRNTS AT THF. ROfTH. [Krom the (Savannah Kepublloan, March 14 J The Macon 7W/v;r?j>A is Informed oy the I'reeidsnt ef tlM) Macon aid Westum llailroad, luaio, Scott, Rsq . thai there h no foundation whatever for the report that Gov. Brown, of (ieorgla, hs? attached the Northern stock in ibo Macon and Western Itallroad, amounting to about |l ,000, ?00 The Northern payers which copied the allegation will tto our Governor and ttie Stall the justice of inserting this correction. The report first appeared, we believe, in the IHyrvph . though, ss heretofore stated, we gave it but ftlt lo credit. Northern capitalists may rest asnurod on the point, for our Ocnisnnon, at its lirst session, toik special care to vindicate ttio good faith of th*- State by pu-mirg an ordinance !<?? the protection of tbelr Invest ments. Thai there may b- no mls'inlerstandl"^ or ap prehension for the future on thlt subjTt , we annex tbe ordinance, and would reqaeat our New York exchange* **o copy ? Al? osdisaxck to raoner nrrrsrvinrTS or roRt n;ir cirrvAi. sae?sp /twiuiii W. isei. ?t? vtew of th" pn-writ otocltlon n( the r ountry and the al , apprehenn on of toi?ltn cspltalinta as to tae arcurnr ?<' .casual invented In tbt* Maie, fte u ordained, I hat to ? tHut<ira?r the manufarturtng nad ntlrinr and other, xTm?ri?-?it i>nprov<-m< nt? of tils >l*t*. tfc<? ?Convi ml. n dru * hfTrh* di-olaf It to N> the flt>'d pi||.;y at' ?lleorftia to ptotee. all in?>?t?iem? ajn-tdy mid* or whl It may t>M h?r< after*. id?". bv stuxmaof otltcr Ktaten in mtn?<< w jnuutum I ure? in tA ? ki*m> and napl al im "-led in ai<y oiitw pwtnumt.i improve-Bcoi. GEO. W. CRAWFORD, Prealdent A. K. I, abas, f>'? tary. TRE SOUTHEAST OFFICERS OF THE ARMV. to r?K wuroK up rai nruAi.D. .IvntHsoN Hashjmts, Mo., Msn'h 10, 19AI. I nwOee In U<e Timrt of tbe 7th of Maruh an editorial which rstl rla snmewhrt on officers of the army who are by birO and Cteting -Cout Uerner*. Th" editors of toe limr* im /-mleas -irlug U ( arry out Uto vietrs of Oeueral ficnti wm*)y , in Uiere <)sys of w&l trik't none but ft'Wthern oStW-ers. I ha\e only to refer you t? the cise #f Captain i/ nold l?*y, of the Se -oo-l artillery, who wa-j? ?V>jTived of Ills r ounaiid in W iahlottm A better, l ?*vsr and ?K>ro qftolent sflleer vou cannot tad in the jutny. and bio ^nalllloations an an Wtlror are cot nci'i wi:h <b.>4leAlre<hat hu. u^me <u.,utl hsresuwoed | ???r the splllinr 4f ibo Alo'td of his f.'Uow sttiaens. Ttio ?rttcl* in the Tum> * * Kbel on t ho odicsrs ? the army ^retu l/ie South. tb? r>nly way. I Kuppoiio, the ar* I ?4e '-as be met biiw he niih Uw lion, and i knttw ysar fuuil QUI do It. A S tlKll ?*<>"* MICK OB A CT f, Mauteuaat *e>nd artlUery, C0?.. U>< KRUX'.E. Col I/tckro'?' of .Vk-orfKiiatt f'aui", w in Mintgon?ery, Alabar.v ?*aui g for soaamhiog f> turn owuert-iyhe ran >ho? h i ittUantry in tbe mun' of the poutli. Mist ELLANKOl'S ITEMS, a caKVRwrtow ij" NOtrri rANor.rwA. "he nttio.lal rcturrsfrw" all tbo count "* ton tw> in if?il;Oi-0lUi?sl?' ? t wrttrof nfcj-it I y 0 sp .?n-t s 4 convention. The Raleigh Knutcr says. however , in th-? fane of thin M-Uoo of the people, thai H is quite lik ,ly "Governor EH in wilt at oiioo Ufcue his iroclun&tioo for the r?*?Pt<< robing of th- i^tgia'tUure, aud there is no tell ing if ihoj will ik>1 order, iteremploiily, Um> oMollou of dt legates, without giving the people the opportunity u> tay whether or not ih<-y wish a convention." Judge Wade Keyes, of Montgomery, Ala., has received the appointment of Assistant Attorney GenunU of Uw Confederate Htates. THE LATEST NEWS. SOUTHERN SHIPS AT HAVRE, SOUTHERN SHIPS AT HAVRE. Ghakuhtium, March It, 1861. The Courier at' to-day learns from a deepwteli received by a mor< an tile bouse here, that the proper oIUmid at the cui-tom house at Havre, have notified merchants that BtiipK from the ?eoedod Static will b? admitted on tho same footing as tboae carry In f the federal (log. REGULATION IN REGARD TO GOODS PASS ING THROUGH THE COM FEDERATE STATES. a-NMah, March 18, 1841. Goods for Tennessee and other states oat of the S?o th em confederacy pass through the Confederate Statu without payment of duty. K. B. CUYLER, President of the Central K. K. and Banking Co. IMPORTANT FROM TEXAS. Hew Ojujumi, March 18, 1861. Advices received here from rort Brown nt-iVe that the Ringgold Barracks at Brazos .Santiago have viatually been surrendered to the Texaa authorities. The entire evacuation takes place on the 'JOth inst. Possession will then be taken by the Texaa troops, who have enlisted for six months. Resolutions have passed the Texas On vf union unani mously tendering thanks |fG?n. Twiggs. THE SOUTHERN CONGRESS.;<>)iKRY, Mar:h 18, J861. Tlie TarllTbiU reported last w<ek was not p:iss?d into a law. It will b? up for ac'ivn when Congress again meets on the second Monday in May. Tho Gonani.-aioners for Europe? Hon. Wu. L. Yancey, A. lmdley Mann, and P. A. Host, of lAutaitna ? are about leaving for New Orleans, and will sail thence to Havana, to take the English steamer whico leaves that port on the 27th lost, for Southampton. LOUISIANA CONVENTION. New Orumns, March 18, 1801. The ordinance submitting the permanent constitution i of the Confederate States to the people for ratification or rejection was defeated In the Convention to day. THE FLORIDA CONV1N HON. Auorma, Ga , Mii'ch 18. 1861. The 1'lflTida Convention wili reassemble in April Thomas P. Wall has been elected to the Legislature, from Clay county, to till a vacancy. Two ucrgons have been arrested for turning tho town of Newport, and will prsbably be hung by the people. VIRGINIA CONVENTION. RinmoNu, March 18, 1861. The subject of equality ?f t nation caused an excited debate in the Convention to-day, between eastern and i western members. A communication from the Maryland Commissioners on I the subject of a border State conference was referred and J ordered to be printed. > The report of Ihe Committee on Fuleral Relations ?id j taken up, and Mr. Randolph made a speech. Before con cluding the Convention adjourned. ME MISSOURI STATE CONVENTION. St. loos, Marsh 18, 1861. 1 Tbe following amendment Vo tbe fifth resolution to the majority report of the Committee on Keoeral Relatione, which had bwn under discussion the put week, was vot ed down yesterday in tbe Convention, by a vote of 61 to : 30 ? "And f?rt tier believing that the fate of Missouri de : penda upon the peaceable a Ijustment of our present dif ! Acuities, eL?e will never countenance or aid a seceding [ State in making war upon the general government, n>r will tbe provide men and money for the purpose of aid. lhg the general government in any attempt to coerce a seceding ^ ui to. ' ' MOVEMENTS OF TIEN McOlTLLOUGH. New Omuxi, March 18, 1861. I Colonel Ben McOullough passed through Mobllo on Sat urday inrrafe for Richmond, Virginia, to purchase arms lor the State of T'xas, He goes also to Montgomery with a view to induce Jeff. Davis to order a regiment of raoiint - ed ritkmen to Te*as for tho protection of the frontie[. THE PHILADELPHIA NAVY YARD. tauui urmu, March 18, 1861. I Tbe United States sloop of- wur Jamestown, which was taken off the Dry lK> k at the Navy lard last week, is now being titled for sea. | The steamer Waiter Witch was launched from tbe Dry i Dock this afternoon. She carries four guns, and will be fitted out Immediately. Obituary. DTK E PROSPER LOCIS D'aRENREKO, BTC. I Death has Just cast a gloom over a family whose name has been famous in European annals for several centuries The Duke of Arenberg died on tbo 27th uit. in tbe seventy' i sixth year of his age. The Duke Prosper Louis Arenberg, I Duke of Aerscbot ana of Croy, Duke of Meppen and Prince of Recklinghausen, w as tbe head of that princely ! bouse which formerly oocupied a seat in common | with the anciont sovereign bouses at the Diet of the Germanic V'mpire. Horn at Enghetn, on 1 tbe a#tb of April, I'M, be was son of tbe Duke I louts Engelbcrt and Pauline Louise, daughter of tbe Duke of Branca s I auragualss. The trou | bles of the French Revolution compelled the Aren , berg fussily to emigrate. On their return to Belgium at ! the commencement of the present century, the Ditke ! Prosper Louis, at the age of ctghtann years, and with the consent of his lather, assumed government of tbe duchy, I sttuatort In tbe nortb of (iermany . which now constitutes I part or Prussia and the kingdom of Hanover, rn his ea , parity of sovereign princabhe signed tbe Act of Paris of ? July 12, 1806, which pTjed the Oonfedorntlon of the Rhine under >be protectorate of .Vapulera I. Two years later he organized at his own ex pense a regtment of B*r!<ian light catvary, which ; was afterwards the Twenty seventh regiment or Horse Chasseurs. This r< glm<-nt he ??'.mmaoded him?eir during the campaigns of i>rmiDj and dpain, and tn every battle In which be took part proved that hereditary mlli I tary ptowess of his family which bad won brilliant distinction for many ot his anco?u>rs in the wars ' of tbe House of Austria tn tbe lx>w Countries, in (iertnany and with toe Turks. His bravery during the wars tn tbe Peninsula gstnei for htm frequent honorable mention in the army orders of th t day. He bad aireany received more tbau one wound. wh> n ho wai sermus'y wounded at the battle of Arraya Moiinue and msue pi- i?ot*?r by the Kogi:sh. Wlnie tbua lavish of his blood. Napoleon, by the crea tlon of >b. Htugth m of Westphalia una in.- uneu-oou of Bron. e to ti?? hunks of th< Eir?a, okittort out the Duchy of Area her g from tne number of eovereign State?. Fop Utis act *f spoliation thel* was no poss'hie remedy. Toe i Duke, beaidi s. w-s still u oapi'.ve in Kngiand, an<l was n>>t ' natal liberty laitil ait.'i ibe tlist pta ce of Paris, m 1814. lie embarked at Pov>'r in >biy 01 that year, an t bet?>k hime'-lf to the Oongi'?e of Vienna, there to pU:.d the cause of Una Hone, unjustly de i-pt'iied of Us sovereignty. But ki effort* were of uo avail. Ibe act of tne r.mgrets of Vi'-nn* of June, 1816, placed the House of Arenlh-rg among the meiiatizo.1 prtMMy bouses, where it o< 'iipies tbe Hot r^uk, because it was i be only priuC'dy b< nae of auci'ut crurtWO whioli met with thai faie. Since tn it tta>- 'ho Puke *' Aren 1 berg haa h<-. n hereditary m< moer of th" First 'Camber . o? iher*af*iu Prisais it id Hanover, and is these two kingdoms he house of Arenberg occupies fie Unit posi tion after tbe royal b.inae. In 111!! tlx? Huge married tbe iTiheese Ma' ta I.udmilln of lobkowitr, whuse tamily has been ilinatnous for ninny centuries in rtohemut and Aus tria. Five ohikiren ? four sons and one daughter? tbe off j spring r ?f this union, survive their father. Betirlng from political life, the liuke.a- be advanced In ftmtn, devot'wt I'lmxoif.totbe euitlvat on of Ute *ary taster, wid showed hmiH. if a [ ron<M?ot Ukeverytbing thatch^rm <H the MMtluai of his lolsure hours. i( ? tialoce at tirus usis, reoouitr^iciml in part and considorab y enlarged, be came a museum of the art* and scieouea. where pictcper , st*t?ies, -in gravities ami a l.mflnliireoi library went col leered, ail ecblbtOug tbe ?nligtiten? t taste of tbe owner. The Duke was <;rauo Cordon of the ItlaoK t?gleot Pr'UMla. { f.iaad Cordon of ttoe4irne? o.' Lenp >ld, tiraad C >rdon 'tf ibn Order of th?' IJun of the NeU^'riands Grand C?fSl<in of th.- Orre?s?>t fH aei and St. Hubert ol Bararta, ?nd ouieer of tbo Iff iou of tk>n >r. ,lony US' r*", who died a* Tr?ti'?m, V. J., on th? Mth instant, in t)is s'vty .tghtli year of hie ?ge. .major of tbe Fourteenth r-'gimen' Fnttod States lnf?Mrv tt tbo bomhardmetit of Kort UeHenry. and g?ve antM oC She appro* h of the enemy's iiarpx l?y ?a'rtoriiig th- sen ft#* to dl#rh?re I their m tslf^s I4?? ?errot on Hoe'- J the frvtlito t'nlted slaW, Commodore D? ati?', U? the action wifh ei'd eac*w re of the RrHlrk f'igate Ma .'.wnltri, an t ttno iW* tn the rigM leg oy a ^ylio'er. fnim the af fnt ts of #hi-fi n? never SBiireiy re-:overid, and whleh procaMf hasten >d hts desib. J ieu'enuw <" iloti<\ I^*int *. V.c# Pres'.irii* n' tbe \a tlon?l <?ias 'oi.. r.i', ?bd lormetly Xmuft ?r t < <ap er. is d*aJ. Jh.e 4;t< ngntshei is MB was but ?h.rtf fair fur* of kge. Ki? '.m.oneof Ibe b>! rtA' w iee is Oftimafijr, I** just died nt Dresden. SEWS FKOI TDK ST1TE CiPTTlL. Slim AtUndaace la the Uglilatart Prtlltou from CutiHca and Praperty Holder* for at Broadway IUtlrotul? Pott OAci ? Contract*? Charter Co? ml>tloB?rt? T*a?rc of (MHcea in th? MUltl?i4r , Ac. Albmiy , iiwch 17, 1M1. The House tbia morning bad a bare quorum, whilst the Senate waf obliged to recort to a call to get tboir branch of the legislature in a working order; aud tho third hotutu waa in a worse condition ihan either; >t was empty throughout, and on'; a bait' a doseo aeutiaaia to w*tch events for tiiem. Several petition* were presented this mirnog in favor of the Broadway raJroal. One, signed by one hundred and seventy tiarlaien w m presented by Mr Angel. Sir. .\fek-K>l pre* Med ooo signed by P, X- Barnum and twenty two otbar oocapuutd and owneis of properly oa Broadway, Koch signer hw opposite hifl Same bus place of business on 'hit street, and are mostly is that portion of Broadway below Chain bera street. Another petitou wan presented, signed by fifty four property holders and oc;tip*iiis be tween Son. 400 anil OOO, among which are a uum ber of prominent firms. Mr. Kullerton pre sented a petition, from tbe sama class of men, above No. 800 Mr. BirdsaU also p e-enu>d one signed by one bundrad and twenty names, most ef tb-m doior busineas between Nns. 170 and 350, and contain tbe names of many prominent fc. run. This wou*d took <u though New fork was not all one way Bpon ibis auoiect, and that theie is a divided sentiment on even a railroad m Urotui way. Several petitions were presented by Mr. Htrdy for the Poet (Mice to remain at tha present kite, i larg? ma jority of these petitioners are in Maiden lane, William and Wall street*, and one or two of litem have plaerd ulong by the sido of their signa lures that they are in favor of any site south of the City HalL A pcneral Ww In al! thv. these geatli>men wfl! ge- from this Legislature. No bill 10 confirm Hi- sale of the pres< nt Kite will piss lb a Legislature ouJess it is ? naked Uuougb ui disguue. .?Several bills were cotisi terad in tho Committee of the Whole of tho House. Progress was reported ou nearly allot them The bill to transfer tho bureau of Assess ments from the cttxeti Cooimisaioner to (be K.uacco De partment. The Sena-e had also under consideration several local bills, but none of any ptibll* importance. Tbe 1'roai oent appointed tho following u comuiiiteu of uight, or, in other words, the Grinding Committee:? "enaiors Kerry , Hell, Hiilhouse, Truman, sessions, Monroe, Jpinoia ami (irant. 11 has been In reality a dull day . perhaps, however, the afternoon and ovening tea* ton will uevelopo more life and make u? believe that some work will be done. The Committee on Cities ami Village* apfiear to be hold ing the bill tbat passed tbe Senat" to take the confirma tion of contracts out Of the hands o' the /hard of Alder - nun. Ihe Aldermen are making the' r boast* tbat they can buy up the whole Assembly for tve thousand dollars. Can it be poesible that they hive alrcaJy fen tha' c>m mittte? There is another bill in the b end* of thai cjm inittee, which has been laying there about four wetks, which the situcns of New Yo k are exceedingly anxious to hiar I rem the omuiittee ou. and thai Is tho bill to appoint comniissionei s Is frame a new charter. It appears to ha tha general disposition Mn to tinker tbe chmer by piecemeal whenever anyplace is wanted for this or that politician, in "-to id of doing the matter in the way that the interests of tbe city or New York demand. Comptroller Haws soenig to have become one of the meat anxious men in your city for these changes , especially whenever they transfer any bureau to his de partment. On the City ChumWUtln question ho is mak ing peiiona! appeals, and exhibits that kind of anxiety that has made many who looked npon his department as being free from peculations of other branches of your oity government, as becoming somewhat shakey,and this, as well as Rome others, are to be placed there to bolster him up. There is unquestittnaDly a screw loose somewhere, or else flaws would not exhibit the anxiety that be does about this. The motives of no porson c?u be pure when tbey are laboring to strike at tho very root of the financial system of the city, and taking away one of the safeguards that is now placed around It. There is certainly a screw lootr somewhere, then, and a big ooo too. Tbe bill to limit the tenure of office Id the militia of this State will be road ih<- third time In the Senate to morrow. A lies) lias been said this winter about increteiug the efficiency of the militia of this State, am! if the I-eglslaturo with to accomplish this ob ject .hey will at cur's pass that bill. One ot the greatest driwb.icks of our pr merit sys-cm is, that no person, how ever worthy, cuii be i>-omot*ed until those over him die of old age. There is no encouragement whatever for a ]>ereon to spend his time ai?l money fitting himself for a in Hilary ofiloerj and until that feuture is incor porated in the militia lawn of the State, ttiey need not look tor efficiency. That is the evil whi-.h is keeping the Kegliih army behind the French in all military skill. And If our law makers aro governed in their vtk? by the Interest of the emntry, iliey will east them for trim bill. It is w >rtt? ten times as much to tlio militia a*; the live hundred thousand npprr prtation. Tbe leature that hai made our nation prosperous In the one enables tnie worth and not h'.ood or favoritism to work from a place of small beginning to the vory highest round in the ladder. By an moms Jo not let uh ro:ke the militia an exception to that ruie. Comptroller Haws, City Auditor I nc ?, John 1'. Cum ming, aud u numb' r of the prominent New York rcpab licatiH, aro expected up to morrow to m ike a concerted attai k upon the eleven and a half millions to which tlie Common Oouncii have e woollen tin city tax levy this year, fome of the additional appropriations added by the Aldermen will be made the obiecte o> nncotnpro. mislng hostility bv the friends of the linaoce depirtmeot. The A- sen i My has gone Into the business of baggtgo smashing. The two p.imenger sod baggieo bills to m corporate cab companies wei e considered in Committee of tbe V. hole, th' bills completely riddled, and the enirt ing claute stricken out of both of them by a vote of al most two to one. This finishes those bills for this winter, and will r.o doubt end the controversy. Progress was reported on the Metropolitan Health bill, and the Senate bill relative to the rights of juries in tne trial of criminal causes was dobato I at much length. NEW YORK LEGISLATURE. Senate. Auurr, March 18, 1861. Mr. Romjwox reported favorably tbe bill relative to re gulations for the port of New York. Ordered to a third reading. Mr. (low reported by bill amendatory of tbe Revised Ptatutes relative to the vsessment and collection of taxes. It provides that when two or more persons shall bold, as trustees, guardians or administrators, any personal estate liable to taxation, and such pernaa reside in different towns or wards, such property sh?ll be a-?<sscd m any ward in which said trim tee.- reside, unlet* a written me tiM U signed by all, the trustees requiring such property to be attested in some particular town or vurd, tu bo gerveu on the assessor. Mr. Cotviv moved that the resolution making the An nnal Supply bill a special order for I'uesduv be re*, inded, and the bill returned to the Asoemiily. The joint roles of the setiaie and Assembly provide that the Annual Supply bill hall be reported no earlier tlian the 10th of March, and made the special order lor the 2Mb. After a little debate the motlou was agreed to. The third reading of bills was then surfp. nded, no quorum being present. AMtMkljr. Ai.Si^r, March 17, 1M1. Petitions were presented in favor of the present I'oet Office site, and for a railroad in Broadway, New York. Mr. n.-ber's bill, amending the act rol itive in frauds in a'Bcu-roents for k>< al improvements in New \ ork. pro poses to extend the prov iocs of the act of lb-.'i to Brooklyn. No bills *? 'e p?*sed, no quorum being present. Tbo biliii for the letter protection of strangers In Ve* York city and Brooklyn, and to Inonrporato tho New York Passenger anu Hjj.gai:e?'jrpre?<*?.Y>rap<iny, were cowMared in Committee ot the w hole , and, on motion of Mr. l'ierce, were recommitted, with instruct, oos to ami nd toy making the bill a general act The bill relative to preferred causes in the Court of Appea s and tbe Supreme Court was ordered to a third reading. Ihe ii?t declaratory of the righ's of jury In the trial of rases of crime the jury lodges "I tho law and the fa-jt, was ai.'o considered, and a motion t i report progress carried. Adjourned. The Stw Jrrary Cmirt of Partialis. IV M?e?. March 1H, 1M1. TlicOmrtof 1'ardous now hi seMton, r,o< r^>minm?d tie oentetii'<' of Henry IViw from o?-?Ui to nBpneoonvol for lite He wa* e-u* icted of tbe murder of darnuet Ha.l. at New Itrutswick, some tune ?i;o. HHIi of tne partita were bo> s. Flrea nt Sen Uileann. Srw ORijuiMt, March 18, l?fll. The premises of Smith, Cooper fc Co., stiip r.Msdkrs, Trhounr tons street, was burned yesiorclsy morning. Loss tlSO.teO Mostly insured A large tire In the Fourth district ermnumel thirty or forty frame dwe.uhgs, wnich were partially Insured. Karldm 0? nllt ?if a Priest. sn?>. St.* , tt ircn 18, is?l. Rev. W*?rd MeOcan, an eminent ? '.ttliollc priest, (.Med at his hnuie, Ih this village, mdflitily, while Atllng in hit) chair. A Child fTriMi n t<? Death. C.'Ui Armaa, x, tc.n 18, lHftl. A little set; of Mrs. Jamison, uut quitu?-i\ years o id, wfluie on a Vlalt here fr-m IIro. >klyu, strayed avmjr uom his m^Uier last Sunday after u.toa, ?od ti'" tra?!e<i i|u ??Jul i Uelda, awstaps, womi?. suoa, .u- , sonsv tlce <>r six tt.iee, eheie be was found froron io death. Fire at Free port, in. fxamnr. III., Marnh !?>, tbe llasry stable of fl. f . tailor w?s n.w?|.royeU by ure fhi? m TQi/r: Ion rnlnaoie horse*-' were burnt. /,*' IJ4 4<i0 u? 4.'Ar,0l0 >o insurance. The origin ?f ike are * iritii iwc Rriampllsa ?f H|>.f ie Payment* In Prtlla* iphta. iiiii>ii>jj'iwi , M :r '.h I*. l*?l. Th? bJiilt ot It fr ltj j "turi'd et-e^e; tfd/m fits day. Election of 1'Bllcd Senator. Sr. Loc?, Mircb 14, 1491. After ?evfrnJ days of ballottlog for t'nite.1 States -^na lor Mr. tireeu wis wnhdrawu to d ay ,&n 1 WaJdo 11 John son nominated instead, who was elected on tbe second ballot, lite vote being as follows: ? Whole number of votes ? cust, Ub. Neeesaary to a choice, 73. Johns- n, 88, Honi phan, 3?, English, 29. Meeting of the Canadian Parliament* Mosmuui , Maroh IS, 1861. The Canadian Parliament met at Quebej on Saturday j afternoon The spetchcf tte Goreiuor contains very little of importance. lie congratulates tne members on the rt turning prosperity of tbe country ; to tbe T^it of the Pmik'w of Wale?; recotmiK'ads .t^stinila'iatc

taws in tbe t?o seotlons of the province; a bankrupt !aw for Upper Canada, and improvement In the discipline of the priwiw. He that great efforts will bo made to ef tablifh a sound ?\ stem of immigration. uid promote the (ettlemeut of the wild ianls. He ttion mates a alight ailUbjoB to toe Anderson rate. Arrival of the Palestine' at Portland. Pohhajw, Me , March IS, lStH. The Meamnhip IWbtine, from Liverpool "U the 29'-h ult. , via Ixrtnlonderry ou iho 1st insl. , ariived hero at eu;ht o'clock yesterday (-vinday) morning, with forty four passengers and ?7,600 in npecle. Tbe Palestine reports having experienced continued Lead winds during tne voyage, and paused, March 3, a steamer, trippoed to be tbe United Kingdom, bound east. Tbe newe by tbe Palestine la anticipated. Markets. mil. ADKI.I'Hl A STOCK AOtHD. 11ui.4?KiyHu, Mar.'.b AS, 1M1 Stocks heavy. Pen nay vac H i^t^.e ? , &7 . t Heading Railroad, 21 '? . Moth Oinat, bo. U>it< )b..uui Ka<lroad, - W*? ; Penneptvania lUilroad. 41. ? -ight exchange on Sew York at par a per e? nt discount. Bii.TiMoiiE, Mttf.h 18, !9fll. Flciir dull: Howard street and Ohio are held ar $5 City Mills at 16. WLeiu buoyant: red, |! 25 a (1 2a, white, $148 a fl 70. Corn .i?ti?u miTeif. 53c. a 56 . PrcvisKiEH dull. Uod'ce tirm at 12.'. o. a 13d. Whiskey dull at!7^c. Clvouoti. March 11, 1S6?. F?onr steady: su|?iflooft SO u $1 <>0. tt'hifkey tirm at 1J)40. liacon tirm at 7?:. for cliowldcrR un4B'4c. a l0i,o for sides. Hulk i?h1?* in good demand a' ( M??s pork and lard: sales trilling. Mon-y mtrket un chatged. __ _ Central Paib^flrn^lim. TO THE SUITOR OP Tflfc IIPltMK. Your unexpected publication of my private note of the 14th inat. has opened a narrow insure, into which 1 proposo to Insert a *eiVe, with which f open wider the stibjocl of the (Central Park extension, and indicate some views which seem to hare bser, studiously kept from the public consideration. Hi .8 far all that has appeared in the public discussion of this subject his been on one side. The owuers of the property oivered by the Central Park extension have h'iberto been silent. Their most important interests have been seriously damaged, and in the burt ng zeal V defend the action of the Central Park Board, and denounce tbe action of the CommlsMonerH of Award, the important pecuniary interests of the owners of the proporly in question have been totally disregarded. It is now nearly two years since the tAnnmwaloners of the Central Park, of their own volition, but without doubt in a wiae obedience to a public Mcenlty, without asking for the ooaaect or concurrence ef the own ers of fhe property affected thereby, ootalnoil from the Legislature the passage of a law extending the Park northwardly from its orif.uil, impracticable and unlortunate term inatlon on 106th street to t hat natural boundary on 110th xtrret, where tbe llarlsm heights so gracefully unite with inat wide ??eep of meadow Imd on which Harlem now stand*, and wiiich,by this fortu nate juxtaposition, ae< run dertmed at no very du tint pe" rlod to become a portion of a (s-p iious ami prosperous city. The eil'fct of the passage of tin law d<.o<-' not peenv t/> j hav3 been anticipated by the Contra' J'ark B turd, D?r by i tbe general public., but causes product' ethics, whother ! men bccd them or not, and at tins day no thoughtful man can 1c<>k at the fact without tho present conviction thai active speculation In property around and adjacent to th ?? new boundaries of Ui? i'.uW was the natural ranft of so important a measure , anl an h V.ual, in'.riii'ic an I rapid increase In valuer wal irevi'abl'j. Speculation followed, of course. The irrepreasihle in telltct"al a tivity of the enterprising men of thii com munity nei/ed upon the important movement and en deavcred to tuin it t? their profit I'Mipmtd com mar * clal and political mbarraasraon'.s hare broken ujtoii them, and tin: uhual late of brave men who atop into post* of danger impends over them. The Ommifslooers of 1-VllmitU aud Awards appoilM under the law in question, after the dolay of sumo elghte?n months, made their report. The owneis of the property, wh :i arc (fcacrally active men, of enterprise and character, at>d some or th-in men of wealth, brought every houoranle Intlnenco to bear upon this c inmHslon. and every avallsMa proof of pre sent and prospective value, to obtain thereby appr:uue ments of their property corresponding with their own well considered convictions of value. The purpose of tills communicition will not be answered by either assailing or defending any character or any in tercbt connected with the subject. I therefore con tine myself to historical events of which the public are hut ptrtially informal, and which, when thoroughly undct stood, will extiac t tho p<ilson which has been Insidiously in- til led into tho pub lie mind, and has found expression whenever personal purposes or pvtueui malignity could be gr;uliied. But ol this J do not com plain. I have no doubt that three years of prosperity will vindicate the justice of tho claim* ol the owners of the pro|?rty snd the general accuracy of the appraise mcr.t made in their behalf. Thus far wo have " in quiet* n et.s and conttdence' forbore to noiicr tho public assaults upon our interests, and sought a teinody only by an ap peal to tbe smjsc of justice of tho rtgU honorable gentle men whoso ofllcial sctl'.m alone can niiord us relief. The valuation of the property was a surprise to the ptfb lie. A very small portku of tlie public a>e directly inte rested la, or have any knowledge of th'- subject In cootro votsy, and but very i'ew have given the subject that pa tient thought and investigation which tdone will enable th< ?m to exprew a wise and comprehensive judgment upon the valuation of the Commissioners 01 Awards. The iisPesaments for bene tit were lar/c, and fell upon another class of active and influential men, who resisted the mOtcttein, of course, and mule tbe.r tniiuente felt by the Central Park ltmrd, with that charact' risti', | I atr|y whiih ban made our c.iy the murvei of the' world. This dissatisfaction lil ow found vent iti a thousand tongue?, and a r<?'>y presn, exciting cL?inor and anger, culminant!* at l.i>t in a summary uiaomtimi aiito by the flestral l'ark Boaid ok all proceedingR luider the law, lesvUig the property owners, at a pei iO? of mil ver-al panic cud distrust, suddenly encumbered with a laige unimproved real estate, which, by lh< a< tvereign authority of li e Ftate, hay btenMeJlrtWd to and.declMted a park, and which. on the faith of th'tt authority, 1 ? now a public purk, with every struct and av tnue cl'^od by law , snd th. property seized and held by that law r.?r Imurc public use, without that juat compensation which the < .institution enjoins. Men jndge ot the value of res' estate with very much the name inconsiderate freedom with which oil men in ot* li<?-ountry ami in this sge of freo though; dogmatise upon the mofct abiftr ise q .thtiOBS In theology. I licy all know a. I about It, without the trouble of any crevteos io vi r t fgation. au<l utter their profound dogmas with Uic commence 'tf Won. t*f this, t to, I do not complain, t i only state a fact. To attain a just judgm<*ll npnn the \%lue of unimproved real estate, taken tor p'iblie uses, is a work of cm-ider able dithculty. There can be <10 reliable -tanoard ot' value, at d the varhd mind* and temper iment? of men il.tcrpofo Insuperable obata< I. s to am well del ned ami conclusive judgment. It is ore of the saitjecl* which the exact science'- cannot define, utd iu wal> hoven ma the matte* win not tell the mitta It is therefore not strange th ?t when every ?tllfartng jndgn ent was its-?ai ed, and every i?are't, iiirn't^ or in diieeUy, attacked . eith- r by .???<?- or by a 1 cobs hie increase ot luxation, the atov- pi. ore should have been Ailed by d - iiOaM anut da. wliit;h w illing men In tmptew d as Ute v lee of public, opinion, and called upon ull iliss1 nt tenia 10 listen and obey. I bave g'tat r? ?(?eet for an Itnoeat and intelligent, public opinion, b'.t tl.e two elemanu hooesly and inrolli gst^a ?re A>scntul to make any "puoiic ofdnion" re spactaMt. Ileal saute whi< b is not spi>ropriiilad to some useful 1 purpti-i , which iniiot lie uupiov>si ho as to pay more than tbe interoft on th - co-t of Its Improv meat, on whit h y? u enn neither r.u?e a |to'al?>e nor pasture a gmt . has n<t present value, in the futftfe tbero m ?y be pro mires of value wUk'h may be immeiisuly Important, and wbi( h the WtsdOW of tho uniblormed p'iblie lias never fathomed, or even suspected, l'ublic opini<m on such a subject carries no iverwbolminr. we'ght of nuthority. Hut the men who buy sue,h property, and the men w be. In tbe discharge of a public trust, are cntlod ujioo to upp u?e ?uub property, must lake into aiMmat t)i ? suhtj< alemerit of ultln??f- atutul acse, In ordrr to ealkmate wWeli tlial "just c. Mnpnnr ? lion" w hich the oonstltmion gu trantaM t<t ikn cttiMsn. Hut a In jo o'ilss of men c irry lh? ir eye* behiiid them. Ibey hare iK/eye 1 or coming ovows. they gn<.?v ??!> the past. An- 1 theso are iIim man who, ?o*iag notliua' which Is rot ye>, mil honestly d. iijuooe tti" iudf-nent ot that other class who *??, or ? lii nu ihey see, the tUwnuu: ot that a( proa, hlnr da v wlieu ' h-i uorHiern '< WI I r le j of H e i'<titial Park -nail Do crowded w.ui populaliou and Cttvered with lat'aeea. It tMMiot Iiwii my r n?je? to mike an a-gnm. ,.!. or |?.vaa rs-o, but to give toem to tun- s igfestlve sen lemcs whl'.h 1st men will oon^"|er, and v< hit h may hetfi to c. t m h'.nt at piiblk sentiineot tm a S'toject wthci luvelva Ux? ?nuvirunt intateataoi U>e owners of Wtf property wlweli. by the h gbaMswithorHf of tao d'atil. ha> b. < it ap, ropt iate<l to pnn. . uso, and ror wfiich iLey twt re not I e- "'.rail thai "jolt oitnp"ii.>viou for abr.h !'>? ' nearly t?' )P?! ' U* p'tb'H U1VI has o?w-? r'?' le d. OUR COMMERCIAL RELATIONS. The New Tariffs of the Southern and Northern Confederacies. High Scult of Duties at the North and Low Sriile at the South, kf., Ifi, fcc* VN'e publish to-ilay the new tariff of the North em Mates, culled the Morrill tariff, which goes into effect on the first of next month. We have arranged the duties iu tabular form an accurately as the loo-cly. prepared and bungling document will permit. In thin shape it will be of more \alue to tlit* commercial public than in the form iu which it appears in pamphlet form as issued l'rom the Treasury Department. We also publish the new tariff of the Southern confederated States. It had been announced that it had become a law, and was to go into operation oo the llrst of May, but a despatch from Montgo mery, received yesterday, states that its final pas sage had been deferred till the reunion of the con federated Congress in May next. Meanwhile the old tariff, at no special higher rates, however, is to remain in force. It is probable, if this despatch is true, that the departure of the Southern Com missioners for Kurope, by the way of New Orleans i and lla\ana, is the cause of this postponement, to enable them to meet the views of the commercial Powers in effecting treaties and making other im portant arrangements on tho other Bide,of the Atlantic for the recognition of the independence of the t 'onfederatu States by England, France and the other nations of the Old World. IKE SOUTHERN TARIFF. A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT TO PSO VIDE REVENUE FROM COMMODITIES I%f PORTET) FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Section 1. The Congress of the Confederate Htates of America do enact, That from and after the l?t diy of May next a duty shall be imposed on all goals, products, wares and tcei i harrtHe, imported from abroad into the C'Xi federate Ststes of America, as follows ? <>o ail article* enumerated in schedule A, he k<1 valorem duty ol iwunn five per centum, on ?ll articles oouineraled ill tchedule B, ua ay vulorezn duty of twenty per ceutuoi; on all articles enumerated iu s< liedulu C, au ad valorem duty of In teen per ccntu a ; on all articles esuuieratod In schedule 1), au ml valorem duty of ten per centum; oq all artli leu enumerate:! iu schedule E, an ad valorem duty of live per centum; and that all articles enumerated in srlieilule K, a specific duty as thurein Darned; and that all articles enumerated in schedule G shall he e.\eiupi hum duty, to wit: ? BCKKDl'l.JC A. fWKMT -rum ftM ClftTt M All VAIORKM. Alahii-ter and spur ornaments. /UiChoviee, tiardines and ail other tish preserved la oil. Brandy aud other spirit* distilled from grain or otner muter ml - . Billiard and bagatelle tables and all other tables or I boards on which gittnos are played. i Composition tops for tabiea, or other articles of fur niturc. Confectionery , com tits, sweetmoats. or fruits preserve! in sugar, muUnhcs, brandy or other liquors. Cordials, absynthe, arrue.k. curaeoa, kirscbenwes*er, liquors, mHrn.~-c.binn, ratatia and all olhcr spirituous be\e rstrcs of a similar character. Class, cut. manufactures of, and all vessels or wares or. Manuiactuns of odar wood, granadilla, ebony, ma hoguity, loscwood aid satiuwoo'i. Magliola tops for tables or other articles of furniture Serais, suoO, paper segai-* stul ail oilier manufactures Of tobacco. Vines ? Burgundy, clarets, madeira, port, sherry and all otlior wines or iautUtoM of winss. huiiemii.k b. i ? vxr v i-iut cwira ah vaum. i Al^pids, raw ill* , ourra.nn, duuv, tigs ami all olhe dried or preserved fruits 1101 otherwise provided fur. Aigcntino, aiabatu or German mlver, manufactured or iinmunuKictiirod. Articles embroidered with gold, Bilver, opotber metal. Iiaifitmx, comiioi ics, essences. extract*, p??un, per fumes aud tii-ciuics, used lor the toilet o." lor ruedtcinil ]>urj.o?ei Bay rum. J lends oi stubcr, composition or wax ami all other baste Bracelet?, braids, chains. curls or ringlets, composed of hair, or of winch hair is a component pvt. Gunphor, refined. Cuntx and clicks, for walking, finished, or nnrtoiKb?d. Cape. n, pickles uuu su'icoa oi all kiuilj not otherwise provided lor. Card cam* pocket hooks, shell borne*, souvenirs and similar arttcka, of wliatever in i tonal composed. ?> m posit ions of glav. net or unset. (oral, cut or manufactured. Keu'hers and bowers, artilicial or ornamental and parts thereof, of whatever material comported. <>ra|>e?, plums and priinu*. and other such fruit, wrten put up in bottles, cam* or cui.J, not otherwise provided for. liair, human, cleansed or prepared for u e. V?nuliicturen of gold, platiuu or silver. Maiiulucturcy of silk, or of which xilk sliaU be a cum pout ul pirt, Dot otherwise provided lor. Manufacture)- of |m(>er macho. Molaaaea. Pepper, plmroto, cloves, nutmegs, cinnamon and i.ii other spio s. hrlmDM and perfumery of all nor la. Dated and gilt ware of all kinds. Playing cards. Prepared vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry and game, sealed or en< l<wcd tu cans or otherwise silver plated metals, m sheets or other forth. Foap, cistile, perfumed, Windsor and other toilet sjape. Sugar oral kinds. Syrup of sugar. KpaulcUoe, galloons, lacea, knots, stars, tvwels. lre>"*w and wings or gold or silver, or imitations thereoi. KCBKM'I.K v. in nam i-rk <*vr Mi vauihk*. Alum. Amber. Arrow root. Articles of clothing or apparel, inclndtog hats, inps. glovea, shoes a<m boot* of all kin Is. worn n y men, wo men or children, of whatever material oinpo-ed. llai/ea, blsokets, bookings, flannel* and Boor eloihs, of whatevei material compound , tint otherwise provided lor 1 jackets, and all other articles comimaed of gra."*, ww, palm leal , straw, whalebone or willow, nit otherwise provided for. Iteer, ule and porter, in casks or bottles. Beeswax. Beaaoatex. Berries and vegetables of all sorts used for food uot otherwise provided for. Blue or I Ionian vitriol, or sulphate of copper. Bologna IMMiaagaa. II ia. o?. suspender?, webbing or other fabrics, competed wholly or in part of india rubber, not otherwise provided for. Breccia. Bronm liquor and bronze powder. Brooms anil brushes of all kinds. Burgundy pitch. Buttons and button moulds of all kind". Cables arid cordage, taired or uiitarr?*I, or of grass. Cadmium. < i lam i no Calomel and all other mercurial preparation*. ( aetor beans. i lasto r oil. CandU*., tapers, sporinsctl, ? tear i no, UUow or wax. i 'a|?, bats, mulls and tippets, and all other in mui'ac tures of fur, or of which iur shall be a c impooent part. i apa, glo\ es, leg;'ioxs, mit*, uocks, uto.fciiifc*. wove shirt* and drawera, anu all urmlar artrlc* worn by men, women and childien, and not otherwise provide l for. (. argils, c<r|>eting, neartli ruga, bed sides and other pontons oi oar|>eliug, b< .rig either Autxixson, Brussels, ingr un. Sa\"ny , Turkey, \eo< tian, W.iton jr any otb" sunliar fabric.. Carriage* and parts of CJkrrlegM. Caauirum. Htaius of all sort^. Cwier and other lievorsres not nootaining alohol, and not otherwise provided lor. Chocolate. Cti reroute of lead. Chioinaf, hichromato. by4rkxla!e and pru??iUe of potar h. Clnnam w. ( 1> ok* and purU of clocks. lou t, find liarnocs furniture of all kinds. Cabal' (> Ribs of al] kinds. Copper bottoms. iv.j.'^r rods, bolts, nail* and spikes. ( upper In sheet* or pla'ea, oilled bra*i"r'? copper, uol other sb?? ts of copper n >' otherwise provided lor. Copisirsoi, or green vitriol, or sulpbate of iron. . ('oik*. ( otion c'irds, giro|M and i alloon* { 1'olton laces, Cidbio inserting*, < jtt?m frl* ulf?g Lice*. ! col >on lac s and braida. Court plaster Crayon? ttf all kinds. Cub* b? ? 'uljerj "f *1! kiads. IXdciu'e. l eiis Mad I'-pi of all kinrir. Dried p'llp. I 1 arilier , ';jtna ?nd - ??ne ware, and all ol^i <tr ? I ooinpe'ed of earthy and mineral substation* i, . otlvr i ? l?e P Oi lde?l (or. liter. I Ah? *'i l H"' >"? eei ? r.' t very tl<-* #}p* i -n . ? f wlwt evi r meteriAl o a>u*el. r<Upsr I'.g ol'ie ? ) mi cruckera, ??k> r" kel* Ron. it ( >tiJie an. I similar irt?. !?-? used in npr< "eohni< s. I Mi. ,?? ?re-h. si>Ki).(>t, e*l, drie : o* p ? i<t i' f e! ?i?e provided for. Fish ?(lue. or iainglase. K)*b ^kinc. Ilafu, braids. plaits. sparterro and wilk'w squares, used tor making I1.1U1 nr bonnet*. Flora -ilka, feather beds, feathors for be<l? and downs of all kinds. (?'rftme* md sticks for umbrellas, i*r,LS<>!B and sud abaucs. luitxli- d or unfinished. frank lord black Fulminates, or ruimtnatiog powders. Kurnituic, cabinet uati InmaohoH. Kara. arestitsl on the skin. ? inmboge. G'DRjr, dncd. green, ripe, rroand, preserved or pickled. colored, stiined or painted. i.las* cryitkls lur watches. ? I'aptus or jiti >bie? for spectacle. ?;iaf>i turn! lors. p'aln, moulded arid pr?*??ed- VX ' >??*, flocks and all ether vessels of gl^ss act cut or otrnte.t. tilue. ?;ro?s cloth. tireen turtle. Oum btn/.ilD, or benjamin. ?i'lng, except musket* aui flr?;arin?, tnd a!l parts thereof not Intruded lor military purpose*. Gunny clo'b and luau b^g.egs, and lodu ma'tn gi of ail sort*. I lair, curled, moss, fMwwrt anil all other \egeUble r ubauwws nvi d lor beds or niulU<*:e*. Hair pencl ft Hat bo<li< h of cotton or wool. Hats and b innets, tor men, womrn and i h Mr?o, cica pcci-d ol straw, t.iiln straw, chip, grass, palm loaf, ?nt low . or any otner vegetable substance, or of h iir, *b ii? bene, or other w-i'n.'U1* not otherwise provW- d tor. flutter's plush. of whatever material cuMpassd. Honey. Hops. Ink and ink powder. Iptcaouanba Iridium. Iris, or orris rcot. Iron castings. Iron liquor. Ivory black. Jalap. Japanned ware of nil kinds, not other* Wo provided' for Jet, aiid manufactures of Jet, and linlW.ious thereof. Jewelry or imitations thereof. Juniper berries. Lncts of cotton, of thread or other materials, not otherwise provided for. Lampblack. Ifl'titi^B, cut in strips, or patterns of the stas or shap* for shces, boats, bootees. slippers, gaiters or outtoos, of whatever mater iul compoeed. I.eaii pencils. I cm' en pipes. leather, tanned, bend or sole. leather, upper, itf all kinds. leather, japanned leeches. I .u eDB of all kinds. 1 jquorke, paste, juke or root. Litharge. Mai caronl, vermicelli, gelatine. jollies and all otbsr similar prorations. Machinery of every description. Mult. Manganese. Manna. Manufactures of tbe bark of the cork trre. Manufactures of woot of all kino.'). Manufactures oi hair of all kinds. Manufactuies of cotton of all kinds. Manufacture h of llax of all kinds. Manufactures of bemp of all k nds, not otherwise pro \ M?i lip. Manufactures of bone, ahull, horn, pearl, Ivory, or va gi table ivory. Manufactures, articles, vessels and wares, not other - wife providen lor, of brass, copper, iron, load, pewter, tin, or of which either of these metals shall be a oom poecnt pa't Manufactures. articles, vessels and wares, of glass, or of which glan? phail be a component material, not other wise proviied lor, M&utiioctore* and articles of leather, or of which leather fh.vl be a component patt, not otherwise pro vided for. Manufactures and articles of marble, mar Die pivtng tiles, and all other marble more advanced In manntaoture than in slabs or blocks in tbe rough, not otherwise pro vided for. Manufactures of paper, or of which paper Is a com ponent material, not otherwise provided for. Manufacture* of wood, or of which wood is a component part, not otherwise provided for. Matting, China or other door matting, and mats made Of flo^s, jute or gr an* Misl ideal pi' (mratlons, druits, roots and leaves in a orude tluh , not otherwise provided for. M*tal, Dutch aid bronze, in leaf. Metaiic pens Vlneral waters. M .if leal instruments of all kinds, and strings for musl eal Instruments, of whlpgut, catgut, and all other siring of the fame material. Needles of all kluUB for sewing, darning and knitting. Nitrate of leart, I Ochres and ui hroy earths. Oil dcrt his of every description, of whatever material compesrd. Oils of overy riccriptlon. nn ma), vegcttMe and mine ral. not o'.hi rw ;ae ptorMed tor. Olivea. fipium. Orwge acl lemon pcol. o.=|or or willow, pri>|iared for bucket makers' uM. 1'nintll g? I'll gltotX. . .' iuiit, iiry oi- goiwi In oil, n?t other* is?- pr r vWed for P?P'T, antiquarian, doruv. drawing, elm>h n't, foofsoap, Ijujci ;a) J. tt< r nil olhor paper, not <.th erw'ae pro vfcird |or. I'nprr boxi s ao<! all other fancy fcoxei ?. J oper f I'dpcr t/a/iRirf,'*, pa|*?r for walls, and paper for screens CT flrebrnn'g. farebm"Bt. rara?' U and sunshadeE and umbrellae. latent IOO;il?nt. I'uv'cg nnd routing tiki, ;ind brie.Wa and rooflnp alates. Periodical* and otli?r works, In course of printtcg and republication In the Confederate states. I itch. i'ldster of Paris, when ground. Plumbago. Potarslum. Putty. tjuickailver. Quills. Red uhtikpenclle. FbalwrlP IU miiD cement. saddlery of all kind*, not otherwise provided for. Saffron und saffron cuke. Pago. i-alts, epenn, giauber, ro. hollo, and aH other ealta and pr< iMitittl<>Dc or rutllK not otherwise provided for. fcarMf?rttJ*. Sialll.x wax. Seppia. ? i 8?w tug Bilk, in the giim und put ifled. Shaddock*. skina of ail kinda, tanned, dreaae<l or jappacned. Slate pencil*. Smalts. Soap of cyorj description not otherwise provided for Spti its of turpentine. fpOLk. S^oilla. starch. Stereotype plates. still botuuna Sulphate of biif yteg, crude or retned. Sulphate of qmnine Sulphuric acid, or oil of vitriol. Tampio a. Tar. Teitllo fabrl-B of "very d?"vriptJon, except silk, net othrrwue provkii d for Thread la< in^s and inaer tings. Tjpee, ola or d< w, anl t/j*' niat*ria)g. Umbrellas. VkitJIa b* atis. Vellutn. Velvet ,n U" piece, composed whollr of cotton, or of cotton and -ilk, but of which cotton is the component material of chiul value. Verdigris. \ er million. i Vinegar. Ware a. Water colors. Whn let-one. White and rod lead White vitriol, or sulphate of z?nc. whttirg. ?r I'aria white. Window gia?*. broad, crown or cy lender. Wotllen and worried yarns and woollen listings. t-fi' t <ir lead, not otnorwtee provldod for. Wh. flbnriowp and bandbarrow*. Wagot a und vehicles of every description, or parts thern 1'. SCHEDULE D. itry it k nam >n vatokkm. Aold* of every deaaription, not other * prov tied for. .tleorm>qoc. Aloe*. .Ambergris. Amoer. Ammonia nnd sal ammonia. Anatlo, rouoon, or or leu n*. Angoru Thibet, and other goat*' tiair. or mobatr, iu? nnauulactured, not otberwiae provided for. .\t>m>eed. Ant mony , crude, or regulua of, Algol, or t rude taruu. Art,, le- used !n dyeing or tanning, not otherwise pro vided for. .vahre, |?t, peail and soda. Asphait'iin. AmfnWa IWcaiiu# , coef* nuts, pine appi-^s, pU'ni tms, oranges and all other Wewt India rrulta in thetr i.Hw.r vl *t?te. Barilla. Balk of all kinda, not otherwise provided for. Hark, lVruvian. lurk , gniila. KtenmMk. Hitter apples. Beaching powder of throrldeof lime. l*'tl(S. b'lTIlt I'oartls, planka, atavee, shingles, lathe, se*n? ?ing, ml all other sawed lumber, also span* and hewn tlmfeer of ?ll ?ort?. Bone 'ilick or animal carbon, and bone dnst. Boiling cloth*. (Mike, print id, mtgnxitiea, pamph>ts. per-nlictM and iitoetnte i new ri|>aper*, bound or ?ntx? iml, not otberwian pr'>? loeil fnf. Kookt, Menfe, bound or nnbeuad. R>>rate of tine. Hora*. i rud?or tin?-.*L rt ochn k-nvMi. roxmain. unman'iffectured. Hraul pa<<tn. Hra/d w.?vl , brasilletto and all dye wi- t*la n etlika. i Hi if ilea. H'iii<iit>g uines | Hi.ttrr. , Hurr aU'nes, wrought or unwroughl. ?>*!* <4 "ouie, roeda \ ami al' ci le>:M<iM f