Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1861 Page 5
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irtrto. IN, sfc**-is , nmooti or pohub ?d, by *lli?tcV<T Dlii?t>()e Situated. 2 e<M8 |?t fc. Iw??i, da.. I?m tJujj iwu ?Kbea u> length 8 cents per Ik. !???*, waa)i?*d or plaiori, an.l ill otber srrews ot ?too or aaj> at bar lualtli. ? 3# ?beat, common or block, ?M tin outir than So. M wireg.uge %M per to?. Meet, do. , thinner than No. M and not thiuuer Uuin Na. 26 wire gauge t?r to?' flheet, do. , thinner than No. 26 wire gauge $a0 P?r Meet, tin plates galvanised, galvanized Iron, or iron ???tod wiUi tmc 2 eents per lb. Mips, wrought l??r IX cents per lb. Mb*, blooms aui loops.... $16 per ton. ?edges and bummers for blacksmiths 2 sent* per lb. gMMtb or polished sheet ,fec. 2 eents per lb. gpikes and nails, cut 1 cent per It. ?plkee and batrd nails, wreugbt 2 oentd per lb . M*tg*. brad* and tucks, rat, Mt exceeding 10 ounces to the 1,000 2 cents per 1,?M. Hprv. 4c., e**w*Hiig 10 oanoes to the 1,S00 2 cents per lb. Aguare. (nee Iron , bar) .... $1 J per ton. gteam engines wrought Iron for, and parts there ?f, weighing U> lb, or more lx tents per lb. Bteum pipes, oast M ct*. p 1*0 lbt>. Bteam tubes, wrought 2 cents per lb. Bleel (seo tteel) ? Stores and stove plates, ?ast , loentperlb. *K*s, sprigs and brads not exceeding 10 o uncos to the 1 .000 2 cents por 1 ,090. lack s, Ac. 4iot exceeding 10 ounces to the 1,000 2 cents per lb. Tailor, cut 1 oent per lb. Tin plates, galvanized, fee. .2 cents per lb. Tire, Locomotive 1 X oent per lb. Itabes, steam, gas and wa ter, and Dues of wrought .2 cents per lb. Tassels cf cast, n. o. p 1 oent per lb. Washed and plated irrews. Washers and nuts, wrought ready punched $26 per ton. Water pipes, cast #0 c. p. 100 lbs. Water Ubes, wrought 2 cents per lb. Wire, drawn and finished,' not more than one fourth of an inch in di ameter, nor lewfl than Mo. 10 wire gauge... , Wire do oyer No. 10 and not over No. 26 wire K?uge Wire do , over or finer than >o. 26 / and 16 par sent. Wire or rod chains, see iron chains ? Wood tcrews, see Iron ssrew* ? Wrought, bolts 2 cents per lb. Wrought, for ships, locomo tives, locomotive tire, or parte thereof, and steam engines or parts thereof weigking each 26 lbs. or ?tore IX cent per lb. Wrought,, 'iues 2 cents per lb. Wreugkt, hinges IX cent per lb. Wrought milt irons and mill cranks, weighing each 24 lbs. tr more IX cent per lb. nails and spikes. .2 cents per lb. Wrought nuts and washers. $25 per ton. Wrought railroad ohaire. . .125 per ton. Wrought rivets, tic 2 cents per lb. Wrought spikes and nails. .2 cents per lb. Wrought tubes, steam, gas and water, and flues... .2 cents per lb. Wrought washers and nuts. $25 per ton. Zinc, ;oated with 2 cents per lb. Liquor ? Manufactures of, not other wise provided lor ? Sulphate of 35 c. p. 100 lbs. kisingiass ? Jrory er bone black Free. Ivory, ^manufactured Free. Jrory nutsor vegetable Ivory Free Jrery and vegetable ivory, manolacures of ? Jalap ? Japanned tether or skins of allkinds. ? Japanned ware, all, n. o. p. . . ? Jeddo, gun Free. Jellies ? Jet and manufactures or tmitatkm of ? Jewelry, red or false ? Joniper berries ? Junk, old Free. Jute, unmaiufactured $10 per ton. Jute, butts $6 per ton. Jute, cottoo bagging, fee. , n. o p., or similar manufac tures, ccmpoeed wholly or tn part <f, valued at less than 10 oents per square yard X cent per lb. Jute, do., over 10 cents per square yard 3 cents per lb Jute goods Jute, all other manufactures n.o.p Kelp Freo Kernes ? 30 per ct. 76 cents per 1#0 lbs., and 16 per cent $1 60 per 100 Its., and 15 per oent. $2 per 1M Ibe. 10 per ct. 30 per ct. 20 per ct. Free. Free. Free. 30 per ct. 10 per ct. 3"> per ct. 30 per ct. Free. 30 per ot. 30 per ct. 26 per ct. 10 per ct. Free. ? 16 per ct. 90 per ot. Free. Kerosene and ail other cool oil lOcenta per gall. ? Kermes, mineral . ? lOperct. Kiracbeuwaaa6r. rt WoeoUper gall. - Knots, gold or metal. .<? fvpwc*. lac dye and splrita Free. FrSe. Laoee, fold or metal ?? 80 per ok Incus, oottoo, colored ? 80 per ct. 1mm, (thread and Insertions. ? aOperot. I*c spirits Free Free. Mtfi sulphur Free. Free. Lamp Black.... ? 90 paf fct. Lard. 2 centa per to. ? Lasting*, to strips or pat terna, for shoes, sc., and buttons, exclusively, not combined with India rub ber Free. fm$. lAths ? 90 per ei. Lead, acetate of & ceota par lb. ? Lead, chromate of., ? 20 per ct. Lead, in pigs, bars 1 cent per lb. ? Lead, manofacturee of, not otherwise provided for.... ? OOperct. Lead, nitrate of SoenUperlb. ? Lead, old scrap, only fit /or remanofttcture ..1 oent per lb. ? Lead pencils ? 80 per ct. Leaden, in sheete, pipes, shot. IX cts. par lb. ? Lead, sugar of 3 cents per lb. ? Load, white and red IX da. per lb. ? I<eaf. gold and silver ? 90 pW ct. Leather, Japanned. Ac ? 80 perot. Leather, manufactures of, Q0t otherwise provided for ? ? 30 per ct. Leather, tanned, bend, sols or upper (all exoept calf) . . ? 90 par et. Leather, tanned calf akin.... ? 96 perot. Leeches Free. Free. Legging? made on frames, not otnerw iso provided for.... ? 30 per ct, Lemcojuloe ? lOperct, Lemons and lemon peel ? 10 per ot, Lignum vita Free. Free, Lime ? lOperct. Lime , borate of ? 10 per ot. Lime, chloride of ? ? Lime i utphate of, unground . . Free. Free. lime Juice ? lOperct. Limes ? lOperct. Linen, embroidered and tam boured ? 30 parol. Linens of all kinds, composed of flax. Jute or heap, val ued at 30 cents and under per square yard 36 per ot. Linens above 80 oenta per square yard ?" DO per ct. I tnstrl or flaxseed per buahel of 52 lbs Weta. perbu. ? Linseed oil 9D eta. per gal. ? Liquorice paste or juloe 8 cents per lb, ? IJquorice root .Free. Free. liqueur 10 oenta per gaL ? listings, wooUen ? lOperct. Litharge 1 X cents per lb. ? Loaf sugar 2 cents per lb. ? Logwood, extract of Free. Free. Lamp sugar 9 cents per lb. ? Maocaroo) ? 80 per et. Mace 16 cents per lb. ? Machinery exclusively de signed and expressly tmport ?d to manufacture flax and linen cools Free. Free. Mackerel ?2perbAl. ? Madder, extract of Free. Free. Madder, ground or prepared, and root Free. Free. Madder, Indian or Mungeet. . . Free Free. Madeira wist ? t 60 per Ct. Magaxines, printed books (see books) " W per Ct. Magnoeta.. ? 20 per ot. Kt-sta, carbonate of ? 80 per ct. |any , manufactures of. . ? 80 per ot. Mahogany , unmanufactured . . Free Free. Mains or Indian corn 10 oenta per bo. ? Malt ? 20 per ct. Manganese ? 10 per ct. Manua mm 10 per Ct. Manures, substanoes'expressty for :.. . ... Free. FirtP Manuscripta Free. Free. JKeps and charts Free. Free. Mararhlno _ 60 per ct. Marble, in rough stabs or btoc'.s _ 30 per ot. Marble, manuractnren of, *x cept rough elabs or blocks, paving tiles, and all marMn nawe-1, squared, dressed or ? polished. .. ? 30 por ct. Marbin, busts or oasts, for colleges, Ac Free. Pre?. Marrow lvr ? lOperct. Marine ooral, unmaoufsc tured Free. Free. Mati of (logs, Jots, grass or (.oc.nannt. ? 90 per ct. Matting, < tiineso and other Boor ? 30 per ct. Malt re me#, veretable sub stitnecs for mathematical tnntrnmints for t'nlterf V States, schools. Ac .Free. Free. I Jrtirkn. OpmiJU. prepared tn caeee or otherwise. Medal* rat met* of Free. Mf .laJn, of goid silver and oop p*r Free. Mrclt-'Oai ;>ri paratiODS, n. 0 p. Medicinal room, leaves, gums, and resins, crude, n. o. p. . . Mtlado. concntraUHi \c. per ft. Merchant me of the United States growt h or manufac ture, exported and brought back , on which no bounty or drawback ban been paid. Free. Mercurial preparations, u. e.p. Metal Dutch and bronze, la leaf Metal, manufacture* ot, n. o.p. Metallic pens Metals, unmanufactured, n. o. p.. Metal, yellow (see Yellow) . . . Free. Mineral blue Free. Mineral rermes Mineralogy, specimens of Free. Mineral and bituminous Bub stances, crude, a. o. p Mineral waters MiiB.mude on frames, n. o. p. all Mined materials, rntnufac '.ures ol cotton Bilk, worsted , 4c . n. o. p Models of iuventiotib, &c. , If ?nfitted for use Free. M?>Uuir, manufactures of, n. o p Mohair cloth, riik twist, ma iiufacturts of, for making shoes, Ac, In ullps and pat tern, not with India rubber Free. Moha r, unmanufactured (see balr) Molatt-es, concentrated. ...... per lb. MoiasseK 2c. per galMB Mordant , patent Morphine aud its salts. . . . .. .$1 per ouh. Mosaics, real or imitation, set in metal - Mosaics, not set Moss, tor l>eds or mattresses. > Moss, Iceland Muftis, fur, all or part - Muriate or ammonia. ....... Muriatic ucid Free. Muscovado sugar per lb. Musical Instruments and strings for Music and music paoor Music, printed with lines, bound or not Mncjeet, or Indian madder. . Free. Muskets - Mustard, ground or manufac tured _ Natron ? ? ? ? Free. Nautical instruments for V. B. and schools, &e Free. - Natural history, specimens of Free. Needles, sewing, darning, ftc., all Newspapers J Illustrated, not otl trwise provided for ... . ? Nickel Free Nitrate of lead 8 ots. per lb. Nitrate of eoda, crude Free. Nitrate of soda, refined..... ? Nitric or nitrous acid - Nut (alls Free. Nutmegs 16 otsper lb. Nuts, dye, unmanufactured. Free. Nuts, not otherwise provided for, except dye 1 ct. per lb. Nux vomica Free. Oakum Free. Oats 10a p. bush. Oat meal ? 10 per et Ochres and ochry earths, not otherwise provided for, when dry 36c. p. 100 lbs. ? Ochres aad ochry earths when ground in oil. $1 36 p. 100 lbs. ? Oilcloths, for floors, stamped. painted or printed, valued at 60 cts. or less per square yard ? 20 per ot. Oilcloths, do., at over 60 cts. per square yard, and on all other oilcloth ? 90 per ct. Oilcloths, all not otherwise provided for ?? 30 per ct. Oil, kerosine, and all other coaloils ............10c. per gal. ? Oil, spermaceti, whale, or other fitfh of American fish eries Free. Free. Oil, spermaceti, whale, or fish of foreign fisheries *>90 per et Oil, hempseed, linsoed, flax seed and rapeeeed 90c. per gaL ? Oil, ceatsl'oot and other ani mal ? 2* per cl OU of vitriol ? ? Oil, olive or salad, not other* wise provided for ?80 per et. Oils, palm, seal and oocoanut. ? 10 per ct. Oils, volatile, essential or ex pressed, not otherwise pro vided for ? 2S per ct. Olive oil in caaks, not salad oil ? 10 per ct. Olives ? 80 per ot Opium $1 par lb. ? ((ranges and orange peel ? 10 per ct, orplment Free. Free. Orris root Free. Free. Osier, prepared for baskets.. ? ? 90 per ct. Osier, manufactures of, not otherwise provded for _ 30 per ot. Oxalic acid io per ct. Pack thread, linen, not other. ? wise provided for ^ ~ _ 80 per ot Ad safer* n. ? SO per et. Free. Free. ? M per et. ? Wpwet Free. ? 30 per ct ? IS per ct. ? 3S per et. ? 36 per St ? as per ct. ?ee. Free. ? M per ct Free. ? 30 per ct ? 9S per ct. ? 8# per ct asperet. Free. 30 per et Free. 36 per et. 6 l>er nt 2* p?r ct 10 pur ct 30 uer at IS per ct Free. 90 per ct 30 por ct IS ,K>r ct. Free. 30 per et SO per Free. Free. Free. 20 per ct 9S per ct Free. Free. 10 per ct 10 per ct. Ftee. Free. Free. Free. Paddy or unclean rice? . .. M eta. D 100 lb*. ? Partings ud au trJr. mii otherwise prov*^ ? W perot. PatatlUgS M* (tatwy, pro ductiop^ of American ar t'st*-, abroad, not for Ml*.. ,Tn$. Free. "linttngs on glass ? 30 per Ct. Patau, dry or ground In oil, not otherwise provided for. ? ? 3D per ct. Palm leaf, manufactures of, not otherwise provided for. ? ? 80 per ct. Palm leaf, onmanafactored. . . Vim Free. Palm oil ?* 10 per Ct. Pamphlets, periodicals, Ac, (see books).. ? ? 1ft per ct. Paper boxes and envelopes. . . ? 30 per ct. Paper hangings and screens. . ? 90 per ct. Paper, manufactures of, not otherwise provided for ? 30 per Ct. Paper, all, not otherwise pro vided for ? 80 per et. Paper screen* or ftreboarde... ? 30perct. Taper, sheathing ? 10 per Ct. Papier mac he, manufactures of ? 30 per ct. Parasols and frames for ? 30 per ct. Parchment ? 80 perot. Paris white, when dry M cts. p. 100 lbs. ? Paris white, when ground In oU 8136 p. 100 lbs. ? Parterre for bonnet* ? ????. ? 80 per ct. Paste, compositions of, not set. ? 10 perot. Pas to, compositions of, when set ? 28 per ct. Pastoi FYee. Pre*. Paste, for toilet, Ac., pur poses ? 30perct. Patent mordant ? ? Paving stooes ? 10 per Ct. Paving tile, brick, fire brick and rooting tile, not other wise provided ? 20 per ct. Paving tiles, marble ? 80 per ct. Pearl or bulled barley ? 10 perot. Pearl, manufactures of ? _ Pearl, mother of free. Pre*. Pearls, not set ? 8 per Ct. Pearls, set la metal ? . 38 per ct. PeflCils, lead ? 30 per ct. Pencils, red chalk ? 80 per ct. Pencils, slate *. ? 80 per ct. Pens, metallic ? 30 perot. l'epper 8 cents per lb. ? Perfumes, for toilet, Ac ? 30 per ct. Periodicals, books, Jto. (see books) ? IS per ct. Periodicals and other works tn course of printing or publication here . . . . ? ? Personal and household ef fects, not merchandise, of citixens of the United 8Utes dying abroad Pres. Pre*. Peruvian bark ? 1* per ct. Peruvian bark Froe free. Pewter, manufactures of, not otherwise provided for ? 30 per ct. Pewter, old, for remanufac ture 1 cent per lb. ? Philosophical apparatus for Onttad States, schools, he. .Fret. Free. Pick lee, not otherwise provid ed for ? 30 per ct. Pig iron (see Iron) ? ? Pimento 2 cents per lb. ? Pineapples Pree. Free. Pipe-lay, when dry . . . . 36cta pr 100 lbs. ? Pipeclay , when ground In oil. $1 36 per 100 lbs. ? Pipes, leaden IX cents per lb. ? Pipes, iron (seo iron) 60 cts. p. 100 lbs. ? Pitch ? 20 per Ct. Plaits for bonnets , ? .10 per ct. Planks ? 20 per ot. I 'Ian tains Free. Free. Plants, dye, unmanuf actured Free, Preo. Plants, root* , Ac., not other - w ise provided for Free. Free. Plaster of Parts, busts or < ?sts of , for colleges , Ac Free, Free. Plaster of Paris , ground ? 10 per ct. Plaster of Paris, uagrouad ... Free. Free. I lASter of Paris, calcined .... ? 20 per ct. Plated ware ? .? per ct. Plated errcwa ? .10 per ct. Plates, eogravlngs ? 10 per ot. Plattna, manufacture* of, not otherwise provided for ? 90 perot. Platlna, unmanufactured Pree Free. I'latlna, vases or retorts Free. Free. Playing cards ? 80 per ct. Plumbago ? 10 per ct. Plums 1 cent per lb. ? Plush (or batters, chiefly of cotton ? 20 per ct. Pocketbooks ? 80 per ct. Polishing stores Free, Free. Porcelain and chlnaware ? 80 per ct. Porcelain glass ? 30 per ct. I'ork. leentperlb. ? if.rter, In e^slix 15 cts. per gat. ? iVrter, in botths 26 cte. per gal. ? fort wiB0??#??. ?##.?. mtin ?? *0j>erct, ArK-lr*. SfrmUc. J4 Ml* rffl*. Potsrh, chromate, blobro mateof 3 cm. per Ik. ? 1'vtaih, pru*ttlkle and h?\ dri-j date of ? l.s per ei. Potash, crude, nitrate of Free. Free. Potash, nitrate of, refined or is part _ 10 per et. Petarh, retined and pearl ? 10 i?-r ct. Potash, crude Free. Free. lotaeaium ? 10 per at. I'owuws 10 eta. per busk. Poultry, prepared, id cases or otherwue ? 90 per el. Powders, fulminating ? 10 I>or Ct. Precious stone*, not set ? 6 per ct. Precious stones, real or fake, ret In metal ? It per ct. Professional books, not mer chandise, and not for tale, in use of persons arriving here Free. Tree. Prunes 2 cents per Ik. ? Prussian blue ? 10 per ?t. I'russiate of potash ? 16 per ct. Pulp, dried ? 'it per Ct. Pulverised sugar 2 oentoi per lb. ? rumiw and pumice stone. . . . Free. Free. Pumpkins ? 10 por ct. Putty 1 cent per Ik. ? Pyroligneous acid Free. Free. Quassia wood Free. Free. Quicksilver ? 10 per ct. Qullla bark Free. Free. Quills ? 'JO per et. Quinine, sulphate of ? 30 pur at. Rags, of all material but wool. Free. Free. Hags, woollen ? ? Rabins, Sultana, Muscatel and bloom, either in boxen or jara 2 eta. per lb. ? Raisins, all others 1 et. yer lb. ? Ilipe seed, per bushel of 62 lbs. 10 cts. per tm. ? Kaprxeed oil 20 eta. per gall. ? Hat Ilia 60 cts. per gaU. ? Rattans and reeds, wholly or In part manufactured ? 20 per at. Rattans and reeds, unmanu factured Free. Free. Raw hides and skins of all kinds, whether dried, salted or pickled, not otherwise provided for ? 6 per st. Haw sugar V ct. per lb. ? Kec chalk F fee. Free. Red chplk pencils ? 00 per ct. Red i>r? cipitate. ? 20peret. Rca lead Free. Free. Rted*, manufactured, wholly or in part ? 20 por ct. Ke> ds , unmanufactured Free. Free. Ri tin* d sugur. Including loaf,, cruahtd and pulve rin d 2 ots. per lb. ?? R. tinea sugar, tinctures, co lored or adulterated 4 eta. per lb. ? Rf?u s, meaiclnal, crude, not oilier* ise provided for Free. Fron. Khuharb ? 10 per ct. Rice, cl< an 1 ct. per lb ? Rice, ULclean or paddy 60 c. p 100 lbs. ? Rides ? no per ct. Rocl'elle salts.... ? 20 per ct. Roman cetnent ? 20 per ct. Roman vitriol ? 20 per ct. Roofing slatee ? 30 per ct. Rooting tiles and bricks ? 20 por ct. Roots, plants, 4c. , n. o. p Free. Free. Rosewood , manufactures of . . . ? 30 per ot. Rose wood , unmanufacured . . . Free. Free. Rosin ? 20perct. Rotten stone Free. Free. Rubies, not set ? 6 per ct. Ruble*, set in metal ? 26 per ct. Rye 15 cU per bush. ? Rye flour ? lOperct. Saddlery, common, tinned or japanned ? 30 per ct. Saddlery, n. o. p ? 30 per ct. Ssftiower Free. Free. Saffron and saffron cake ? 10 per ct. Sago and sago (lower - .60 cts per 100 Ibe. ? Sail, duck ? 26 per ct. Salad oil ? 30perct. Sal ammonia ? 10 per ot. Salmon, pickled $3 per barrel ? Salmon, preserved ? 30 per ct. Sal soda, and all other carbo nate, n. o. p ? 20 per ot. Salt, in bullr, per bushel of 60 pounds 4 els per bush. ? Salt in bags, do 6 cts per bush. ? ? Saltpetre, crude Free. Free. Salt|ietra, retined or partially. ? 10 per d. Salts of tin ? 10 per ct. Salts, epeom, glauber, ro chelle, and others n. o. p. . . ? 20 per ct. Sandalwood Froe. Free. Sardines, preserved in oil.. . . ? 80 por ct. la ? 10 per ct. Satin wood, manufactures of. ? 30 per ct. Satin wood , unmanufactured . Free. Free. Sauces, not otherwise provid videdfor ? 30 per ct. Saws (see Steel) ? ? Bcagliola tope, for tables, Ate.. ? 30 per et. Scantling ? 20 pcrct. Scrap iron $9 per too. ? Sculpture, specimens of, for colleges, &o Free. free. Beallng wax ?? 80 por'ct. Seal oil ? 10 per et. Seaweed, for beds or mat tresecs ? 20peroi. Seed lack Trt*. FVe* Seeds, garden and other, for agricultural, horticultural, medicinal and manufactur ing purposes, not otherwise provided for Free. Free. Segars of all kinds, valued at \ 20 cent per lb. 1 6 or under per 1 ,000. ... } and 10 per ct. Segiisof all kinds, valued all i/\ n*, m imbe? Senegal, gum Trot. Free. Septa ? 10 p?r Ot. Sew In* Bilks, la gum or port* fled ? DO peret Shaddock* ? 10 per ct. Sheathing copper (see Copper) 2c per lb ? Hbe*thing metal, bo parifiron, ungalvanlzed, in ,umu 4? by 14 inches, 4c ....Rrce Fre* Sheathing paper ?? 10 per C*. Sheetings, Kaseta and others, brown and while ? Shellac Fre*. Stir l| boxes - Shell . manufacture* of ? BbcJte, tortoise and other, unmanufactured Free. Free. ftierry wine mm 40 per Shingle and stave bolts Free Free. Shirts, wove, all made on framee ?? 90 per Shoddy, or waste ? 10 per Bboee and boot*, and all other articles wbolIy|?f In dia rubber, ?not otherwise provided for ?.20 per Shoe tastings* mohair Free. Free. Shot, leaden l%c. per M>. Shrubs, plants, fee. , not otherwise provided for.... Free. Wee. Ridearms, all 90 per Silk, raw, singles, tram and thrown, or organsine mm 18 per Silk, raw, or as from cocoon, in no way manufactured, silk cocoons, and waste.... FrM. Free. Silks, valued at not $1 per square yard ?? Silks, valued at over $1 per sqnare yard ? Silk, velvets, he., valued at IS per square yard, or under. - Silk, do., do. , over 99 do ?? Silk, sewtng, in the gum or Erified -? floss ?? Silk. ribbons, galloons, fringes, laces, tassels, but tens, braids, trimmings, te. ? Silk twist, and silk and mo hair ? Silk, manufactures of, not otherwise provided for ? Bilk, embroidered or tam boured ...? <?> Silver sad silver coins Free.

Silver, embroideries of, ...... - Silver leaf ? Silver, manufactures of, not otherwise provided for - Silver plated metal - Sisal grass, unmanufactured . . 910 par ton. 6l*al grass, manufactures of, not otherwise provided for. ? Skates (aee Nte? I) ? Skins, raw, dried, salt or or pickled, not otherwise provided for ? Skins, tanned, dressed and other, not otherwise pro vided for ? Slate pencils - Hlatee, roofing or other ? Smalts Free. Snuff It cm. per lb. Soap, all ? Soap, stocks and staffs, not otherwise provided Tor * Forks, made on frames, not otherwise provided for, all ? Soda, all rarbonaU'H of, not otherwise provided for.,,.. - Soda, carbonate of . ? Soda, ash .....Free *oda, nitrate of, crude Free, Soda, nitrate of, refined, or in part ? Souvenirs ? Spar ornaments - Spars m f-parterre, for bonnets - f-p??clmei ? of natural history, mineralogy or botany .... Free. Free. Spectacles, glessee or pebbles for ? 30 per Spelter, in sheets I % eta. per lb. Spelter, in pigs or blocks.... 91 per 100 lbs. Spelter, unmanufactured, not otherwise provided for . ...fl per 100 lbs. Hpeimacci i (see oil) ? Spermaceti candles and ta pers * cents per lb. Spices uf ail kinds, not other provided f'>r 20 per Spirits, distilled from grain, first proof 40 cents per gal. Spirits, IVern other materials, tlrst proof 40 cents per gal. Spirits of turpentine ? ? ? ceil* per gal. Jrtt'lei- tpenAt, Ad nalorwrv ?f'rtts of tnrpwiline _ a() p< r ?t. Spuituou* beverages, like ar rack . he., nut eih< rwtue provided for 50 cent per gal. ? Spirituous hquort , ma enume rated. 331 Id p.*. 5ponges _ 10 per ci. Spunk _ ? 10 per at. Squill* ? 10 per M. Siiiicii ? 30 per el. Starch, burnt ? 10 per *1. Mais, gold or metal ? 9# per at. statuary ? ? Staves, not otherwise provi ded for _ a# per ak Slave?, for pipes, hegsheadB or other ca*ks Kree. Free Stave bolta _ ? Kearino Candles rind taper. . 4 oenls per lb. ? Steel, in bare, ingots, sheets or wire not Ibhk thim one fomth of an inch in diame ter, valued at 7 r-enls per lb. or let* 1^ cent* per ft. ? Steel do. , above 7 cent* nod not .ibove 11 ccuts per lb . . .2 cents |>er lb. ? Steel in any form, n. o. p.... ? 20 par *t. Bteel, all manufactures of, not othorwine provided for ? 30 per at. Croaacut saws Sets. p. lineal IX ? Mill, pit and drag saw*, not over nine inches wide. . .12J* c. p. lin 1 It. ? Po., over nine inches wide.20ctu. p. lm'l ft. Skates, coating 20 cent* or leaa per |?air 6 cents per pair. ? Skat* h coating Lver 30 centa per pair _ 30 per at. Wire lean than one fourth") of an inch in diameter, 1*2 per 100 lha. and not loss than No. 10 f and 15 per cent. ? wire gauge J Wire, leaa or liner than No. ) %?> 60 per 100 lb*. lb wire gauge J and 16 per cent. ? Stereotype plates ? 20 per at. Mill bottoms ? 20 per et. Stockings, mailo on frames, not otherwise provided for, all ? 90 per at. Sucks, woven _ :* per ct. Stone*, building.... _ lOperat. Stone*, paving _ io per ot. Store*, polishing *????? Free. Stones, precious and uniiaJ: tiona. not net . . ,~?r _ 5 per ct. Stoneware, nat ornamented above the capacity of ten gallons ..Free. Fr?*. Stoneware, common _ >j$ per ct. Stoneware, printed, white, glazed, painted, kc ? 39 per ct. Straw, manufactures of, not otherwise provided for. . . . ? 30 per ct Strings for muaical instru ments ? 30 per ot. Strychnine ? 30 per ct. Substitute, gum or burnt starch ? 10 per at. Substitute, alum 60 eta. 100 lbs. ? Sugars ? Urown, muscovado or raw X cent per tb. ? Ckndy 4 cents per lb. ? Clayed and white, not re fined. \ cent per lb. ? Confectionery , not other wise provided _ 30 per at Crushed 2 oenta per lb. ? Loaf 2 rente per lb. ? I. ump 2centaperlb. ? Melado, concentrated \ cent per lb. ? Molasses, concentrated X cent per lb. ? Molaases 2 ceute per gallon ? M iscovado X c?nt per lb. ? rulverlaed 2 cents per lb. ? Raw X cent per lb ? Refined, Including loaf, lump, crushed and pul verized 2 cents per lb. ? R. lined, tinctured, colored or adulterated 4 cento per lb. ?? Syrup of X oent per lb. ? White, not refined \ Cent per lb. ? W hlte , relineu 2 cents per lb. ? Mots. ? Provided, That all syrupe of sugar or of sugar cane, ooncentrated molasses or melado, entered under the name ol molasses, or any other name than t>yrup of sugar or of sugarcane, concentrated molasses or concentrated melado, shall be liable to forfeiture t* the United States. Sulphate of alumina, he 60 Cta per 100 lba. ~ Sulphate of barytee, crude or reUned ? 20 per ct. Sulphate of topper ? 30 per ct. Stftphate of iron 26 etc par 100 lbs. ? Sulphate of lime, unground. .Free. Free. Sulphate of magneaia.. ? 20 per ct. Sulphate of quinine. ? 20 per ct. Sulphate of tine ? 20perct. Sulphur, flour of ? _ Sulphuric acid Free. Free. Sulphurat of arsenic ..Tree. Free. Sumac Free. Free. Sun shades and frames for. . . ? SO per ct. Suspenders, India rubber.... ? M per ct. Sweetmeats ? 30 per ct. Syrup of *ufar or sugar cane. Seesucar X ct. per lb. ? Tagger's iron ? 10 per ct. Tallow 1 cent per tb. ? Tallow candles 2 oenta per lb. ? Tanning article*, not crude, not otherwise provided.... ? ? Tapers, spermaceti or wax. ..8 oenta per lb. ? Taper*, stearine 4 tenia per lb. ? Tapioca ? 10 per ct. Tar mm 30 per ct. Tartar, crade ? ? Tartaric acid ? 20 per ct. Tartrate of antimony ? 30 per ct. Tassels, gold or metal ? 30 per ct. Tea, when imported direct from place of growth or pro duction in American r ea se la, or In foreign Teasels under reciprocal treaties. . . Free. Free. Teetb, aantilectured. ? lOperct. foetk, unmanufactured. ? ? Terne, tin platea ? 10 per ct. Tsuteaefue, In blocks or plgs.fl par 100 lb*. ? Teutenegue, In eheeta IK ct. per lb. ?? Teotenerue, unmanufactured, not otaerwlae provided for .91 par 100 lb*. ? Terra Japonica, or catechu.. . . Free. Free. Teaaela ? 10 per ct. Thibet goat'* hair, unmanu factured (See Hair) ,*t ? ? Thread lac** and inaertlng* . . ? 30 per ct. Thread, flax or linen, net otherwise provided for ? 30 per ct. Tiles, paving and roofing ? 30 per ct. TUee, eucaustic and marble paving ? 30 per ot. Timber, hewn and sawed, or for wnarvce ->? 30 per ct. Tin , tn pig*, bar* and block*. Frea. Free. Tin. mmufactures of, net otherwise provided for ..., ? 80 per ot Tin , in plat** or sheet* . ? 10 per ct. Tin plate*, terne, tin foil ? 10 per ct. Tin, aalta of.... ? loperct. Ttnctal, crude Free. Free. Tinctures, for toilet, he ? 80 per ct. Ttppeta, fttr, all or part ? 80 per ct. Tobacco, unmanufactured, in leaf..'. ? 25 per ct. Tobacco, all otter, manofac tured or unmanufactured . . ? ? 30 per ct. Tool*, implement*, Ac., of trade of peruana arriving here, except machinery ma article* for use In manufac torle*, or for aale Free. Free . Tortotee (bell, unmanufac lured free. Free. Tow, cl (Uu 16 per UML ? Tow, of hemp $10 per too. ? Toy*, all ? SOpercl. Tragacanth , gum Free. Free. Tree*, ehrube, bulb*, plant* and root*, not otherwise provided for Free. Free Tree***, gold or metal ?? 80 per ct. Tumbler* gl ?**>*, not out or painted ? U6 per ct. Turmerv Free. Free. Turpentine, eplrlt* of 10 ote p. gallon. ? Turpentine, cplrlUof. ....... ? SOperct. Turtle, green ? ? 10 per ct. Twine* and packthread, not otberwlae provided for ?? 30 per ct. Twurt, mad* of *llk, or ?llk and mohair ? SOperct. l>pr*, new, and type metal.. ? 30 pur cL Tyn**, old, for remanufacture Free. Free. Umber Wcl* p. 100 lbs. ?? Umbrella*, and attcka and frame* for ? SOperct. Vandyke brown ? SOperct Vanttia Iwan* ? 10 per ct. Yarn Ink, all ? 30 per ct. Vegetable*, dye, unmanufac tured Free Free, Vegetable*, prepared tn caae* or otherwise ? 30 per et. Vegetab le* , not other win* pro vided for ? 10 per ct. Vegetable eubetance*, for bed*, fcc ? 30 per Ct. Vegetable *ubatanee*. unma nufactured, not otberwlae provided for $10 per too ? Vellum ? 30 per ct. Velvet, whun printed or printed ? 30 per ct. Velvet, In the piece, wholly or eh lefty of cotton (nee cotton) ? ? Venetian red ? 20 per ct. Verdtgrt* ? 10 per ct. Vermicelli ? SOperct. Vermillion ? 30 per ct. Vinegar 6 et* per gallon. ? Vitriol, bine or Roman ? 20 per Ct. Vitriol, green 2IW- per 100 lb*. ? Vitriol, oil of Free Free. Vitriol, white ? 20 p<w ct. Wafer* ? 30 per Ct. Walking stick*, flnl*h?d or not ? 30 per ct. Ware*, chemical, earthen or pottery of more than ten gallon* Free. Free. Ware, crockery and painted, Ac. , atone. ? tJ^per ct. Ware*, earthen or common *tune ? SOperct. Waate or shoddy ? 10 per ct. Watches ? 16 per ct. W itch material*, and part* of w? tehee, unfinished, ? Iftperct. Watch glamet ? 30 i>>r rt. Water color* ? 30 per ct. W a* candle* and taper* I eta per lb. ? Wearing apparel not merchui d'*e in u*e of perron* arrlr 'nt here Free, Tt? 0. Wtar ng apparel, ready mad* Arista. Ad "?n* by h?nd , nut oU?erwWe pro _ a# ^ ^ V idWl 10"* ??????'?*" UA i wr ?L :::>r-. r*S? Weld _ What* oil (see Oil) \V hale bone. . manufacturer eoi, _ _ not ?lli< rwwe | rovided '?*. Whalebone, of foreign ?*"" _ pur St. eries i4 ?us. per buah. ? Wheat Wbtp gui iiBu strings for ma ___ ^ ^ ^ xvca) instrument*. _ m p?r et. White and yellow acid. _ White Wad ? ___,. ib ? White sugar , not relwed \ ???? P? ? ? White BLgar, retard 2 i*aw ym ^ per ct. Whit? vitriol tnaih* ? White, I arm, wheu dry 36 Cts. p lottos. * P?r 1* ?* Whit'liif ? 26 cto. p. 100 lbs Willow, prepared for buske'a W illow , manufacturer* of , not , otherwise provided for..., ~~ ? Willow Mjuaren, for hats and . bonnets ~ ' Window glars, broad, crown _ or cylinder (see glass) .. .. ? t Wines of all kinds. J? t Wings, gold or meUl ? .W per c?^ Wire, iron ^see Iron) ? ? Wire, steel (see Bteel) ~ _ Wood or pastel *Yee. Wood, oedar, llguumvitu-, lunce wood A ebony, box, frranadllla, mahogany satin and all cabinet, un manufactured Free. Wood, cedar, ebony, grana nadUla, mab<igauy, roee, satin, manuteetures of.... ? Wood, tire - Wood, lire or uiimanufac tured, n. o. ^ Wood, manufactures el, _ 30 per Ct. . ciot^ . y?*'. } *?r Wool, embroidered or tam ^ Wool, endless belts lor pa per, and blanketing lor printing machine* ? L Lr ct' W oollen listings ? 10 l*r ol_ Woollen flannels <?ee Flannels) ? Woollen huts and hat bodies. . ? "P" Wool, manufactures of every description, wholly or m partof, not otherwise pro vW led for 12e .p. ? 25 per ct. Woollen shawls or cloths, not otherwise provided for 12c. P- ? i* Wool, sheep's or hair of the alpaca, goat or other like animals, unmanufactured, valued at 18 cent* or lew per lb. at port of exportation ? 0 per M. Wool, do. do., exceeding 18 cents and tot exceeding 24 cents per lb 8c. p. lb. Weol exceeding 24 cent* per Ib. Oc lb Wool, sheep's, ke. , not in it* ordinary condition, or If changed to evade duty, or intentionally reduced In va lue by admixture to or be low 18 cents per lb #c. p. Ib. Wool, mixed, Imported, ap praised at aggregate value of 24 cents per Ib fC- p- '?? Wool, all bales imported, if of diflerent qualities, yet em braced in same invoice, whereby average price shall be lessened more than 10 per cent, tbo duty shall be charged at rate of value of best quality Wool, sheep skins, raw or un mauufacturod, imported :^0<>!OD. WMhed.0rUn - 16 por ct. Wool, all delaines, cachmere, muslin delaines, barege, composed wholly, or In part, of wool , gray or u8ook>red . . ? per ci. Wool, all other gray or unco- ? ? Jorod goods of similar do scriptlon ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?" P?r cl Wool, buntlne, and all other stained, colored or printed wools, to not otherwise provided for ? ? 80 per ct. "SSfJKU if" nm p- ">? ?"'??< Woollen yarn under 60 cents , per lb., and not exceeding * In fineness No. 14 Woollen yarn exceeding No. 14 ? 30 per ct. Worsted, embroidered or tam- _ M ^ ^ Worsted, manufactures of, noi _ otherw ??#4>rovided for,... ?" ??? p. f ?? lieu p. n.. ?i ?P"? Worsted yarn under 60 oents per lb., and not exceeding in fineness No. 14 26perct. Worsted yam exoeedlag In fineness No. 14 P?r cl Woven cap*, gloves, legging?, mitts, socks, stockings. shirts, drawers and all made on frames, not other- i^t> . wise provided ? 30perct. Wrought iron (see Iron) ? ~ ? ' ivperw.. Yarn, woollen or worsted, (tee Woollen, Worsted and _ T2^pv.v.v.vr.::::::??p ?? " E Yarn, coir li P' yellow metal, not wholly of copper, nor wholly or m pert of Iron, nngalvanlxed, m sheets forty -eight Incbee long and fourteen Incbee wide, and weighing from fourteen to thirty^four ouncee per square yard .... Free. ,T<*' _ 7Jnc,lron coated with 2ete. p. lb., oxide of, ground in oil, ^ er ? * ' - 20^^ ?/!mc', unmeaufactuitid W P- MOlbe. ? ? Zinc, manufactures of, not otherwise provided ? 30 per ex. Zinc, spelter or teuteuegue, manufactured In blocks or ^ p. 100 lbs. "* Zinc, spelter or teuteuegue, _ in sheets P- 1 Pec. 26. A ad be it further enacted, Thu wherever the word ? ton" la used Id thia act, In reference to weight. It ahall be deemed and taken to be twenty hundred weight, each hundred weight being one hundred aad twelve pound* avoirdupois. flee. 27. And be it further enacted, That railroad Iron, partially or wholly worn, may be imported into the United statea without payment of duty, under bond to be with drawn and exported after the said rallfaad iron ahall have been repaired or reaaanuffcetured ; and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorised and directed to p-eecrlbe euch roles and regulation* a* may be neoeaeary to pro tect the revenue against fraud, and secure the identity, character and weight of all nuoh Unportatlona when again withdrawn and exported, reetrictlogand limiting the export and withdrawal to the aame port of entry where imported, and also limiting all boods to a period of time of not more than aix months from the date of the Importation. Sec. 28. And be It further endcted, Tfcat In all case* where the duty upon any Imports of goods, warea or merchandise shall be subject to be levied upon the true market value of auch imports In the principal mar kets of the country from whence the importation shall have been made, or at the port of exportation, the duty shall be estimated and collected apoa the value on the Amy of actual shipment whenever a bill of lading shall be presented showing the date of shipment, and which shall be oertifled by a oertlflcate of the United Htates consul, commercial agent, or other legally authorized deputy. Sec. 29. And fee It further wasted, That the annual statistical uecounla of the commerce of the United State* with foreign countries required by exiting laws shall hereafter be made up aad completed by the Keglster of the Treasury, under the di rection of the Secretory of the treesury , so as to compre hend and include, in tabular form, the quantity by weight or measure, a* well as the amount of value, of the neveral articles of foreign commerce, whether dutiable or otherwise; and aleo a similar and separate statement of the commerce of the United Rtatea with the British pro v lncex under the late so called reciprocity treaty with Groat Britain. (tec. 80 And be It further enacted, That from and after the Jay and year aforesaid there shall be allowed a draw bark oa foreign hemp manufactured Into cordage In the United Mtate* and exported therefrom, equal In amount to the duty paid on the foreign hemp from which it l hall be manufactured, to be ascertained under such regulations se shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, and no more, provided, that ten per centum on the amount of all drawbacks no allowed ahall be retained for (he use of the United States by the col lector* paying Much drawbacks respectively. Sec. 31. And be It further enacted. That all acta aad pert* of acta repugnant to the provisions of this act, be, and the same arc hereby, repealed, provided, that the ex if ting laws t-hall extend to, andlbe in force for, tho col lection of the duties I si | >? eod by Uiia act for the proaecu tkm snd p?n;oliment ef all ofl'enees, aad for the recovery, oolloctioti, duti button and rtmlAeloa of all Ones, penal ties and fori eltu #* as fully and eflectually as If every regulation, poua.ty, forfeiture, provision, clause, matter and thing to thai of tec I In the existing laws contained had been Inoortc I In and re enacted by this act. Pec 32. An'l >e it furtiier enacted, That when mer chandise of the mme mat?rta/ or dtwipiicm, hut ef <IU ferent values, arc invoiced at a a average price, and not otherwise proviood tor, the duty ahall be aneeeeed upon the whole invoke at the rate the highest valued goods in imeh invoice are nubject to under this act. fhe words value and vidaed . used in this act, shall be con Htriu d and un<f -mtood as mcamrxr 'he true market value of the goods, wares and mcrchandee in the prtnof pal markets of the country from whence exported at the date of exportation. fVe. 38. Aad be it further enacted, That all foods, wares and merchandise actually r>e ah pboard and Wind to the United Stat'*, within fifteen days after the pn* -n go of this act, and all goods, warea and itiorrhand.^e in deposit in warehouse or publ'c ftorfl on tho first day ef April, nightreo hua dred aid sixty one, ri<?ll fee subject to i*y snrb duties ss pr< Tldi d by l?w before and at the time of tbepasngeof this act; and ell goods In wareneuie at til- lint- Utid act Ml?a cflfeot, va whi?b Uic duMvi aro lewfoed by Ki provtotoot, ixia> be withdrawn in nw meiil of ill.- d u tie* her. m provided. Approved March 2, 1M51 1>*i iKTMnrn- or Hri-re, 1 WASBVMlson, March 13, 1M1. I 7 do hereby certify that the f-Mt-gomg m a true and accural. ? ?oj>j- o f the original on flip w this deiwrtnent. *. HI JNfKR, Chmr i 'lark. Heard of Aldermtn. A PCKNB? AN ALPEKMA V IN OONTfcMT 1KB ORPVR K!) INTO TIIK Cl'BTOUY OF THE rUUJEANT AT-AEII8. This board met last evening, President Hoary W. Ge net in the chair. Mayor Noah, of Kochsator, bad a Mat b**ide the President aud must have be<n greatly edited by the scene that followed. Alderman Dayton oflered a resolution r-?"mn-adlng the expediency of working the roads in the apper part of the city by contract. Keieited to the Committee on ? Ron da. A memorial was presented frcm John H Ti-brtt rate* tiva to tbe printing far the board, aud ottering to ew cute tbe work at half tbe |>re?ent prioe. iakl on tbe table, Alderman Dayton desired to offer a r<-aol?tlon and pro posed to read it himself. The Pmhdbit said that tbe Alderman of the Ninth *? out of order reaolutioaa bad not be. n reach-d. Alderman Dayton appealed from the decision of tbe ?h?ir. Alderman Coiwbx moved that tbe motion for appaa be laid on the table, which wa a carried. Alderman IUyton again essayed to apeak, aaktor if a membei was not privileged to offer a resolution and read It from bin seat. Tbo 1'HiouiiMT desired tbe Alderman ef tbe Ninth to take his neat. Toe Chair wan very unwilling to direct the Alderman of the ninth into custody, but If lie oonUnaad to be so pertinaotous he would be compelled to do ao. Alderman Dayton again but if led on bia right to edbr hit resolution. The 1'mmhint directed tbe Rergevit at Aral to take the Alderman of the Ninth ID to custody. Alderman Dayton again rose. The 1 'RKtui'fcvr. ?The Alderman of the Ninth Ml oat of order. Alderman Dayton. ? If the Sergeant at Arms, or any one else in thia Hoard lay* a band on me, be will do ao at bis peril. Tbe Sergeant at Arm* (Mr Gallagher) walked op to the Alderman of tbe Ninth an^iood boa ide bis chair. Alderman Dayton again asksn If a member was cut of order in proposing to read a resolution. Alderman Boom said that inasmuch as that the Alder man of the Ninth was in aontempt. he (Bonis) would move that If that gentleman persisted tn bin present course, be be taken into close custody and kept under lock and key if necesaary. Tlie following resolution, present by Alderiuaa Da mm, wan then read l>y the reader of the Board ? Resolved, if tbe Hoard of Councllmen concur, That a joint committee of three members of each llonrd of tbe Common Council be appointed to investigate and report whether uny undue Influence, brtbrry or orruptisn was practiml upon or by any member of tlie Common Oonn cll or other officer of tbe city government, to procure tbe adoption of tbe utkl resolution, u>d that such eoaunittoa have authority to examine witnesses and papers. Aldeiman Boouc moved to lav it on the table, as the matter watt coming ap In another sbapo from the Oban c llm en. Alderman Dayton voted against laying It on tbe table. Alderman Boot* moved that, ok tbe Alderman ef the Ninth was in contempt, he should not be permitted to vote. The l^rmiiRNT decided that the Alderman of the Ninth could not vote while In contempt. Alderman I1akky moved that tbe of the Ninth be |>ermltted to purge himself of tbe contempt. Alderman Dayton said that be did not know that he owed sny apclopy to the Proeideut or the members of the Itoard. All he asked was to read a resolution which he offered; be was not aware that that was in contraven tion of any rule, parliamentary or otherwise, and be did not know wt at ne had to explain Alderman HiunY said he would vote for the resolution though he was opposed to tbe course of the gentleman an this matter. If be turned to thu thirty- flftb rule he would perhaps give an explanation. Alderman Dayton having r< ud the role referred to be was proceeding to make a speech, when he was called to order nnd the President told him bo had no right to dis cuss tbe merita, but merely purge himself of the oon tempt. Alderman DAyTON said he wae not out of order, bat tbe Chair was. Alderman FMmknt and Alderman Cornvj. did not con sider tbe explanation of the Alderman of tbe Ninth satisfactory. Alderman Dayton again rose, but the President Mid that while In contempt be should not address the Board. After some fuither little bickering, Aid ?r man Ilayton was purged of bis contempt by a vote of 13 to % ? tho Pretident and Alderman Kraar voting In tbe negative. A resolution to appropriate $2,500 for tbe reception af President Lincoln was presented and laid over under the rule. By the statement from the Comptroller, it appears that the balance In tbe city treaaury Is aa folio wa: ? Balance March 9 93,331 ,069 66 Receipt* 244,810 76 Total 93,576 870 40 Payment* 728,619 Ml Balance March 10 ,92,847,361 99 Tbe Board adjourned to Monday next. Persoanl Intelligence. Hon. James O. Pntiunn, of Buffalo, B. F. Carter and J. Douglass, of Ireland; G. 8. Ludyard, of Oaaenoipa, and M. J. Head, of Providence, are stopping at the Ore* sort House. Col. H. D. McKlnney.or Massachusetts; Col. E. M. Orana. of Texas; 8 B. Henry , of Philadelphia D. W. Ooanely, or California; D. 8. Redman and G. W. Robb.of Kaatociy ; D. 8. Kennedy, of the United States Navy ; N. Card, of St. lxrala ; Adams Lnngdon , of MinnaaoU, and A. J. Wright, of Pennsylvania, are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. Hon. R B. Washburn, of Illinois; Major Lee. of Mis sissippi; R. Rbedlng, Bearer of Despatches to I he 9wa> dish Minlator at WsnhtBrtoa; K. E. Rice, American Can sul at Hodakla, Japan; W 8|>ano er and wife, of Tatonas see; Ker Boyoe, of Charleston, H. C. : Edward Wyaaan, of Boston; 8. R. Wbelpley and wife, of Sing Sing, and T. B. North, of ConneoUcut, are stopping at the Fifth Aveaan Hotel. Hon. Thomas E BWckwall and ramily, of Men trenl; Simeon Stevens, of .Pennsylvania; J. A. Pembertoa, of North Chrolina; A. A. Frazer, sr Boston; R B and J. H. King, of Gaorgia, Dr. Armsby, af Albany: W. C. Nixon, W. Hhayvtor, W. A. Allen and J. B. Wifctar, of Tsnnecaee ; E Foote, of Saratoga Springs , D. L King, of Ohio, and W. 8. Shaw, of Virginia, are stopping at Uto St. Nicholas Hotel. Hon. W. B. Moore, of Maine ; Hon. V R. Morgan, of Aurora, New York, Hon. J. A. Dnpee.of Boston Bon. K. H. Kimball, of I/>ng Island ; Gen. Kumner, of tbe United Ktates Army ; Hon. M. W. Tappsn and Capt. McBurMgh, f New Hampabire, F. H. Cook and wife and G. B. Know lea, f California, C. W. I.lntx, or Baltimore, and H. A. Riaiey , f Albany, are Btopplng at the Astor House. Tbe Troy limit of Saturday says ? We regret to learn that Major General Wool Is confined to bis residence by a severe attack of illness. We have not learned tbe aa. tore of his UlneBS; but yesterday the General was finable to aee any person who aalled, and kept his bed the satire day. Americana registered at Menrrs. Tberbetto, Kan* k Do. 's, Paris, to Feb. 16: ? H. Horra, Sprlngfleld; Wak I, Baker. HOston. Wn Jiowell, T. T. Curver, New York; F. B. ftilnglufr, Baltimore; B. L Khar pa toe n. La Marquis On Mootboion and family, Naw York. Mrarm or am AhuucjIM Cmzw nt Maura? Troni a gentleman who him paaeenger by the ntoamahlp Teo hhn, which arrived at this port yeaterday from Tar* Cnit, we have received the melancholy Intelligence of the death of Mr. Ogden York, a young man, nwty yean of ago, and the eon of Fid ward York , who was formerly a reeident of thla city, and, for a number of yeara, Prealdent of the Kxchanjrn Rank of thw ciiy. Th* abort' gentleman atatea that a party. oonalnttog of nt? ral gentlemen, lad tee and children, left the city ct Mex ioo on the 8d tout, to the regular atage for Vera Cm*, aad on the moraine of the following <I*T war* a4opped by a band of robbera aad oompelled to deltrar ap what ever they had- and In a few hour* afterward* were again compelled to halt by another band er detachment of the former, who oompelled every paaainger to de aaaad from the ooach, en1 while obeying the order, one of them, Mr. York, wai it ruck on the back of the bond with the hilt of a (word to the mmda of one of the bordlta, and he (York) becoming enraged by the wanton and unprovoked aaanaM, Im mediately drew a revolver. which wan concealed, and tired Ore *hota at hla aaaailant, each one taking effect ami he 'lied toirtantly. Thootben, to revenge for the tarn of their comrade, attacked Mr. York on ail ixtae. and In n few momenta cat him down with their awordo, kllimg him a) in net immediately, and aleo wounding slightly on* of the other atage paaeengera. They then admlniatared n chaatlaemant to the children, and oompelled erery pae aetjger to lay on the ground with the face downward for an boor or more, when they were permitted to place the body of Mr. York in the aUge and proceed to U*" Tillage of I'erote, where It wait left eub^t to the order af hm brother, who war then to the rity of Mexico. Mr. Yeafc several mantlia imce arcomr*n)e<i hi* mother and bro ther to the city of Mexloo. the better to enable them to Rute nome claim* held by them HI* brother wrote Teniieeeee to ? friend In this city , with the request to forward the intelligence to hw father, who 1a at pre vent to New York ? Ant Orleans Drltm, March 13. Brooklyn City Ilrwa. Tit* Lira Fimt a orju?;k f*nunrr ?Evidence wan taken yeeterday by the Corooei'a inqueat, summoned on Satar day, to Inquire into the cauee of the death of Anne B Treoor, who died from the enocta of audbcat^on hy tb rerenl Are In Orange atreel. The yerdlst wa*. " ."hat aha died by cooiteetkm of the lunga, cauaed by inhaling amoke. t.eorge M. Welch, who waa arrvated on aaapi don <>f firing the building, waa discharged, there balnj no evidence againat him. Ijot ax on Awcmvr Mmnoo.? Mr. (ferine R Hhaaahan will deliver a lecture thla evening to the Brooklyn Aaaem bly Hooma, Columbia atreet, near Wood hull, u> ler the i uepicra of the Kyerett Literary AaaooUttion. The sub ject ia, "Mexico: Ita (lovrrnment, fua torn*, Mythology, Hai-rlfieea and Conqueet." The theme ia unhackneyed, and a large audience la expected. C??r? Calendar? Thla Day. H| Prrama Omar, tBrrir.-l-art 1?N<m 444 401700 added to Pay Calendar Part 9~Sm AM <U2, WtU ?44, Mft if, 4, n6?, A AK.M2. M4, ??, fl?H. 370, (74,304 M/0, ftflO. Mft. 8*4, M ' ' Co* HON1 Plain ? Oart 1? No* TOO, 405, 742, Ms na 4N, 706,783, 3149, 7*4, 730, 30], la. M 104. ' ' ernvtoa (*>ikt ?fart 1 ? Naa MM, |j7f, l(M 1M1, lfiO?. 1SQ1, 1307. 1M7, 1(71. 14t|, MV |3fl'i3|| 1<7I Ptort S? No* 1030, 1044, lo5<>, 1042 *4. 7M Id. 100], ICM, 10?ifl io*8 ' ? Uita Taiuauiaa? la revta No. 2 ('ummoo Mew,