Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1861 Page 7
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dance of things nnmng ? u that which the Directors of the Academy of Music have lately given us. Signor Muzio will, of coarse, profit by his experience. In two or three years, when he has what 1'anurge calls a comfortable inheritance of debts, he may suooeed in per suading the proprietors of the Temple of Apollo that he is "the most senseless and fit man'' to bear the Academy lantern. Mean time, Sign or Muzio may as well imitate his pro totype, Garibaldi, and retire to some new -Gaprera, cultivating vegetables and composing operas at the same time. The Bobber Versus tiik Cotton States. ? Ever since last November the politicians of the border States have been talking and arguing and shilly-shallying about their future course. They do not really know whether they desire to stay in the old Union or to go out. They have tried to temporise, originated a Peace Congress, and suggested amendments to the constitution -and all for nothing. The black republicans have net given the people of the border States a single point in the game; but still the leaders remain undecided. In the meantime the poli ticians of the cotton States have proceeded quietly to establish an independent government and to form a constitution which is a model State paper. 1 1 preserves all the best features of the original compact, with certain requisite additions. The constitution of the Southern confederacy is as perfect as any such instru ment can be. It embodies the ideas of the fathers of the republic, and offers the very best platform for the political discussion that will be carried on between the North and the South during the next year or two. So we advise everybody to take the old constitution and the new and compare them critically. The Southern politicians hare done their work well. The border States politicians have frittered away a great deal of time and waited a great deal of breath for just ! nothing at all. While they have been puff ing and blowing to no purpose, the cotton States leaders have presented the issue in a clear, solid, compact form ? one that the border States politicians must accept That is all the differ ence between the men the border and of the ?cotton States, and the position of the latter is vastly more dignified than that of the former. Effect of the Crisis Upon Real Estate.? One of the results of the election of a sectional administration and of the passage of a sectional tariff bill has been the rapid and immense de preciation in the value of real estate through out the North. In the city of New York, for instance, a mansion on Fifth avenue, valued at $45,000, was sold a day or two since for 320,000; and one of the magnificent stores re cently erected upon Broadway, with the expec tation that it would be rented lor thirty-five or forty thorn aud dollars per annum, cannot now be let at fifteen thousand dollars. This depre oiation is, just at present, confined to houses and stores whose value depends partly upon 'iheir "fancy" locations; but we fear that it will soon become general throughout our city and the North, affecting all classes and interests alike. If the republican party does not do something to save us from impending civil war, <? and if this Morrill tariff remains a law, who con tell the end of the disasters of which this de preciation in the valae of real estate is bo marked a feature ? Th? Yachtsman's Homk. ? What has become of the new Club House so industriously talked about last year? We supposed that within a twelvemonth at least fro A the time the idea was pronounced &3a desirable rendezvous in 1he city? these winter quarters, so to speak ? of the New York Yacht Club would be in full ope ration. Pleasant as is the quiet old Club House at Hoboken in tho summer, there are times, dur ing the four months that bridge over the two seasons of yachting, when the cosy fire, com fortable rooms, well filled library, and tables covered with the current literature of the day, would be eminently more welcome to a large majority of the resident members of the Club. The cost would not be much, the pleasure would be great, tho advantage of social inter course in promoting the interests of yachting would be immense, a healthy spirit would be fostered, and every member would be benefitted by the relations maintained in a tub of this character. Let the movement be commenced, and we guarantee that it will be successful. Additional Specie by the Arabia. The followiig specie per thu Arabia U m addition to tho Hat already publ .shed ? KXOM 1UVUK. ? R Bell rend Ai Co ?90.000 chucbardt ft (iebhard SO (too Polder & Co SO, too B*?*?tt of Tim Paaaartr Fr\n Association. ? The an nual benefit of thia society will t.ik?' place at the Aca demy of Miuiic on lhurtday evening nest. Mien Char lo'te Cusbnian, Madame Anna Ui?hop and other popular .-irtiata will appcir in '-Macbeth " Heats may be se cured at Waliack'a theatre on end aftor to day City Intelligence. An B rioa in Thoi ;;ul ? fbo nieuaging editor of one of our sporting journal* waa arreste.1 a ni^ht or two since, and takeu to the Fourteenth ward station house, on the charge of knocking down an old g?ntlemnn nnd robbing bun of bM (fold syctaclea. The o'd pentleman ? a very r.'?pccta1le looklrg poraon ? told his at >rv. He bal hntn \necked down and robbed of his spectacles. The editor told hia ttory : He had be* n about town and hatdrauk; farther he couldn't say. "Why," calif the I'ollco Captain to the aocusi r. "now you have taken off ; our hat I see jrwir spectacJ' ' on your forehead. " "God bloat ray rottl," ftaicJ the old gentleman, "1.0 they are. ft was my wntch the vi! ain tni'k " A search wa*< made, and tbi? ?fli , cer diarover i-d bot only that ih-> watch wa* in tho ?c msei's own ticket, bat that tho aot user was decidedly <.lnirk. Ibe editor was therefore relmaed. much to the Tattltcatlon <.! a largo circle uf frlebds, who had been - roaring with UugliW during the performance. Flan m Tiu-imr I'i a'-s ? Shortly before aerrn o'clock I wt night a fir.1 wa* discovered on the fifth floor of the ! building No 75 Trinity place, la the premier* ocetiplod by Baldwin 1 .Viven, manufacturers of silk bonnet* and artificial flowers. Owing to the h?lgl)t of the building i f<'H>e difficulty wts experienced by tiie n-?men in oxttn :jrolsht?g the (lame*. Tbe fire, liowever, was confine 1 to the floor on which It commenced. It originated among fome sweepings in the passage way near the fall The , 'Jamag' to the stock of Baldwin * Nlven will be prtnc' pally bj water, and will amount to about *1,400, s?id to he Insured T:.e ?'<oond and th 'd floors, oxtendiuf through to Broadway, and known as 47, and also the lourth and flf'h floors on Brwdway. are oconpled by <"barlea Miles, dealer in strtw goods The insurance pn trol, under Cupt. Mackey, rendered efficient la protecting the goods from damage, and thus, no doubt, prevented considerable k*a. Mr MUes thinks the dam age on but fctvck will be slight, probably not more than $600 or |?oo. fie la Incored in city la? tr *nco companion for upw-ar la of f 40 000. The drat floor, basement and cellar are occupied by A T. i Finn ft Co . dealers in hats. Their stock Is damaged br water to U?? extent ol about $^O0; Insured for 1100 ! uO lu city companies. The building Is damaged about J ">00 , said to be inmred. The cause of the fire is ut known .it I present. Mr. Baldwin waa the Inst person atthepretn!- ! He snd his work people loft only a short time bo fore the fire wna diapered. The mattei wlU be InveMi ji ttcd by tho riro Marshall. The polt-e of the K'nlt pre j cinct, under i*ergeant Hnodgraas. were promptly at tb? i pieaaise* and rendered good Henrlce. Ei icn.a o? ah Unknown Ma*.? An uaknowj m..n con. mitted suicide bv drowning himself at pier No. 33 fast ' rfveroe Hnndsy nlgbt A private watchman, who hearl ' the splash, threw the drowning man a rope out Uia i jmielde refused t?i tnk? advanW" < r the proffbred snhM ' Mice, and cank I" rise no more The bi?ly haa not s*ic<, 1 been reoovered. 1 CoaiUMTtoir. ? The members of Rnr.'ne Company No, s deiiire to contradict the report thu? they Intended to parade, witb green badge*, as an escort to the kmgahore men. yesterday. The ad\?tb'ouieot of the fact wah ua doubted!} a hoax. CELEBRATION OF 8T. PATRICK'S DAY. THE CIVIC AID MILITARY FAK1DE. Outpouring and Enthusiasm of the Irish Community. About Eight Thousand Persons in the Procession. THE BANQUET AT THE ASTOR HOUSE, Ac^ JfcC*9 Ac* If our Irish fellow citizens had boon permitted to choose a day for themselves, to arrange the htate of the weather and provide a clean route for their anuual pro CMM in honor of St. 1'atrick , the/ could scarcely hare selected a more favorable and auspicious opportunity than that afforded yesterday. Evory thing certainly smiled upcu the patriotic efforts of the sons of Milesius to moiate their national day. The eky was clear and bright, the street* ? at least along the route of the march ? were clean and free from dirt, and the tempera ture ?ae of that moderate degreo which makes brick loci motion agreeable aiul healthy. All these circumstances conspiring to make the day lavorable, our Irish fellow citizens availed tbemcelves o a in the eniLusluilio manner for which thuy art) noted nil over the world, and the consequence was that yester day's celebration was perhaps the tlneat in every reepoct that ever took place in this country. The streets were alive with people, the Irish element, of course in the asccndant. The green Hag of Erin floated ira;ly to every part of the city, and the etern.Uly green shamrock, which ornamented the hats and coats of the epcctatore, gave a summery appearance to the city. In short, yesterday may be net down as one of the Innumerable "great days" for "ould Ireland.'' Af*er having put on record thus much, by way of des cription, let us proceed immediately to the public p-trade, without boring oor readers with tho customary dose of hu>tory ou the "life, tim^s end miracles of the illustri ous St. Patrick." With a punctuality rarely occurring, the military, under the command of Acting Brigadier Ceneral Kobert Nugent, Lieutenant Colono! of the Sixty-niutli regiment, formed lu order on Fast Broadway, right on Grand street Tho civic societies, under tho comm.ind of Owen Kef nan, Grand Marshal, wcro also at their potsts iromptly; but notwithstanding this, an unaccountable ilelay occurred Ir. the Urttrg of the prooeaslon. It wis after twelve o'clock before the head of the column bog ta to move. SCENE IN THK I'AJUC. As usual on all occasions where thorn is to be n pirate or proci csion, the I'ark was a lively scone of bustle and confusion. The of tho City Hall, the windows, bal cony , and tho large oj ea apnea in front, wi re crovrilol with spectators, who shoved and pushed and struggled tot good positions in a mauner that triod to tho utmost point the hweot temper s of our Chefitorfloldian pjiiootnoa. Of) ou tho Holds of grans crowds wera huddled together in picturesque confusion, while* feata of print uring that would have done credit to a Blond m or Do Lave were executed on Hie tree- and chains by those mouuuni' spi rits who sought in that way to secure favorable p?m'.s iiom wbich to vle?r the pageant. Tammany Hail, French's Hotel, and In far', all the Ftorr s In the viclnttv of the Park that could command a good view, rutd their crowds of human beings, eagerly waitu.g lor the proces sion. lbe customary space sot apart for the M i>or and Common Council was kepi clear by tho polity the vulgar crowd being keut oat by means of ctiaias judiciously ar ranged. REVIKW BY MAYOR WOOD. It was Intended that the military should break into column and paSB in fr^ut of ibi liuo about half-past ten o'clock in the morning. Had this arrangement been ' carried out the procotsion would have been over about ' soon. But, unfortunately, processions hive no regard j ' fcr time or persons, and yesterday's was no exception to i j the rule. It was twenty minutes to one o'clock beforo the head of the column came ill t ight at the oftatorr. gaio of the 1'arlc. Mayor Wood and the Common Ooancll were immediately notitled by Captain Hart, and marched out to the platlorm. Among those Hurronudln;; the Mayor were Maj r Nash, 01' Kochoxter. aud several dillnguu-md citizen* The renowned Kennedy was iil?<> present as Commander in Chief of tho L'ulted Stale* jiolic forces, nnd sported a hunch of green iihamroclat iu a buttonhole of his coat In honor of the occasion. Mr. Kennedy wua "grave and gny, lively and Kovore,'* by turns, whlling away the time by criticlsiriK on the procession, deliver ing orders to his aide aud calling attention to his "bunch of green ihsmrockss." As soon as everything was in readiness the procession me-chod serous the I'.irlc in the following order, giving Mayor Wood tho military salute in passing:? Acting Brigadier General, Lieut. Robert Nugent. SuJf. Troop L, Sixty-ninth regiment Brigade I/incera, under cninuud of Capt. U i uard Kiloy , aolLag as tsoorl fcixty. ninth regiment N. Y. 8 M., under command of Major James liayiev. Battali' n of S-contl regiment. und?r c tiamind or Captain Jam en Brady. SqnaJron of cavalry, nader comniand of Captain L). C. M.r.ton. Nspper Tander artillery, und?r command of Captain Ko be rt Sm it 11. First regiment Pboc.tx Brigade, under command of Lieut. Coi. Smith. Hattalion of Independent oompani- s, ri*ued St. Patrick's Riigadc, under cotim.'Jid of Col. Casey. The la lie Club, escorted by the Irish Grenadiers The benevoitnt tiooety of 8t. Pater's and Paul', church William burg. Ancient Order o! Hibernians. of New York. Ancient <>rder of Hibernians, ul King's county. Anclcnt Order of Kiberuiais, or Morrlsania and Jersey City . Duhgaunon 'Wiluntcors of 'S2 Kaiuer Mathew I B. Society. liarry Beuovolent .Society. Hibernian Benevolent Society. Thomas Krar.'M* Meagher Utah. Benevolent Society of the I'nited Sons of Krin. Coi:ghlin Guard. Quarry met. n I'm >u Protective Society. I'nlveisal i encvoiC'M Sor,i?ty. St. James K. C. 7 Abstinence Society. PuUan Guard. Longshoremen's l aion lYotecthre Society. Ikkidee tho above uentloocd societies, the Garryowoo Muskonei*, the Atlantic Sardinia Guard, (jmerald Ciiiard. I 'at not Guard. Comiuuiy C National t.u.itd (Tweo ' t) e gb'h igimeut), Brooklyn ITiu nl\ Musketeer*. Irish ! National Gu*-d ano Limerick Guard pora^-sd as netrll to some of the cnia Focintles, and wort thoicfore Irregt. .a.'lj ariangea in the proo scion. <>t tb.- procession iuielt there is little to bn said. The | uiiiitaiy niad- a very floe displar. rb1 Wxty ninth i t> g.m? nt, whirh were commanded bj Major Ibig!ay,ac j quitted themH>.!v i'H to the satisfaction of the public, au.i ieallj evinced fomo veiy pr i lie worthy in-lii;ition? of I taproveaMBt indiscipline md appceraneo The Sixt> ninth poe?? is ibe material In ahunaance out of which an ! admirable eilll'ary corps < ?n be iimdo: but m^re r^ref r.l I drill and discipline are n< <"asary to attain that very de alraflr result. The Phanlx breads, c mma'i-.od by f.leut?Tnnt Colonel It D. flmltb f riould also be specially mentioned. Copsldfiog be abort time tb"j have i?-? n ic nUMnee, th> ir oispiuy ye*'orduy was something to tbetr credit nnd we doubt not that hv persevera'"*e in the course they have pursued with so nvich auoces*. -liei will m a Kh<Tt time he am-ng the flrst of our miliUry organ'cations. Attache i to the Ph ?-nit loigkdu was a corupury of Zouave-;, wh fce manbiBg elicit' d tha most favorab e rotrn ??nts lb' civic tocieti- s, g?ner/tdy FfieaKing, made a hind B'jm< ti.riKm'.. It i? not, perhaps, Mr to criticise t ioMly the wppearsuco ard ma'chlng of a body of men who fhow tboniMf'VMt iq p<ib.ic only ouceor ta.cvayrur ;.lu can tot i.flbrd the tune or m, m y safflcleat to enable 11) m t' Kakes better dwplay. Bot a lew r-?nnrK* ?or the-r tmo giitd will not, wfttiaM. h- mintak<'n or thrown ?>??;? We desire to rail 'heir atteotion partistlarly to the 'pracMce of uucovertog while passing before the Mayor fbere Is no casino for this eitraragan' p.e^e Of rr?pert at ail. and wtre It necessary th- -n? no.- n whu h It is pei formed ? <vtr after }ivtr, ri^ht to lie rufli c:rnt wa'nliig to tb<' leaders of tn? socletl?s to ahol-.'h t altogether. The habit r? bowing, or rather b< the h ad almost to the gtonnd, ta still tor ? especially it it Is dcue In the m irreguUr tr anter, aa< without the >H.nte>:t attempt at < ooreri<'i actioa. If aiiytbtng of the kind Is to he oono it ail, It U .?ticf :> sufficient to make a meter ale salute with tie band. wh'Ch if porfor'nci Irregular !\ . st ijart . wr III no', ock so nsgraceret and rtdienions These rems'-ks ipply o some ot the indepeni'nnt military i-ompaiiles e? *e'l as to tie clT Ic ?*letie- Jf the practlee 'jt Qoadeuina >Ie t. the latter It la rr-*-iainly altogether inexcusable In the former. Thffc things nore the only blenitsh's in the whole proeciaton. tttherwiac the men presented a appearance, wore drens.-d noatlv and bebar?-d in th? P.oet oiderly manner. Anrv-ng tfie remarkable things in the piccecion ncic two r.i>g: ni ? ifone, eacii rlrairn '.y fourteen horse#, appropriately decked with gre-ti rt .gs ao4 rieetu *? Ihese wigoDH hoiongfd to chapteri ot the ancient order of nibomitns t heMtlfuf trtek h?rj> aUm?t hidden to garlands ot Dowers, and tb're Irish plp< r/? not one of th.-m h ind lor a wonder ? at'ra-u-o j fair rharc of the public Mthui iastn Anx ng th?. baiuiors and ilags that Ugurod In the pro ceasloii ? n? a mall and soioewhat ro'i?h looking < nsV a, made by a res mar- amaed Mrtlabe, in the Arc'le s?ar w bite stUched to one or the explot lug expeditious rbe I'.np w.s tv-rte by the memb< -s of the Thnm is FYaticis Mesgl ?rV Cluh. aud attracted considerable attention hy its i|iia:ut and niipiytr^a. It wa? present i-d b.r ttugti Murphy. Of No. '.'?0 IV.werv ; and, on*-*" <i the nia.erUJs of |tr manufacture, be is proud A a banner that tji't Its birth In the Arrtte renioo?. fallowed the Jn (nnese i rocu the l ast ,-ud presence the presentation of i lit. Rmi oiI' to tlu Qiv eu of iJiglanJ. After lrn trg tbe 1 a-1t the proe/'ssion mat' ' ed o Rroadway to Twenty third street, throngh the latter to first atenue dvttt tbs latter to VUhth street and !tte CVwiper liiotltote. where ?hey were dismissed We heard of no disturbance or accident sloug the whole rmte of tbe ptocewKm, whlok occupied au hoar and tw?aty m)t> utca In passing It is estimated that at least 8,000 men vere in the procession. AUUWT OP riCCroOKBTC. The detective potice arrested tlx pickpockets along the line of the procession, and lodged them at the Headquar ters until late m the afternoon, when they were din charged. Teranoe Collins, who was caught In the act of robbing Margaret Redmond In Chatham street, was de tained for trial. FRIENDLY SONS OP ST. PATRICK. SEVENTY-SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY DINNER? 8PKKC II OF MR. BU88KLL, COKHKSl'ONDENT Of Tilt LON DON TIMES. According to time honored custom the Friendly Rons of St. Patrick held their annual reunion yesterday even ing in honor of the patron saint of the old native land. The best efforts of the proprietors of the Ah tor House, where the banquet was held, wero put into requisition to make the occasion as commemorative of ancient Irish hospitality as the most national of the Friendly Sons could desire. Among the Invited guests, who bad seats at the prin cipal table, were Judges Roaevelt, Brady and McCunn, W. T Russell, London Timet, W. R. Evarts, J. W. Gerard, Judge O'Connor, Philip Prltohard, Vice President of the St. George's Society . Sir Dominick Daly, Adam Norrie, President of the St. Andrew Society; J. H. Choate of the New England Society, and William Young, Mew York AWian, iiu. The banqueting room was devoid of all decorotlon save that at the upper end the American star spangled burner met and embraced the older "sun burst" or Erin, &b promissory of that reciprocation of help in time of need, which is the proudest boost of Irishmen their ancestors rendered t j the home of their adoption m the dark 'lays of the Revolution. So did the folds o the uncousoious banners blend, though one floats triumphant in every haze ? in every clime, whild the othor yet droops through the dark U'.ght which patriot hearts still hopo will yet herald the glorious morrow which is never nearer that in the hour that seems the darkest. The festivities ol the evening were greatly enhanced by the per for man of a very excellent band, which liberally treated the au dience to a choico selection of Irish airs during tao pre liminary lepast. Ji'ixiK Dai.v, I "resident of the Society, rose to propose thu tirttt toast, lie congratulated the Society on reaching its Seveuty-sevenih Anniversary. Age In bodies liKe theirs, he said, gave Hu m inert astd vigor, and to night they were as fresh and joyous, as when the tirst Sons of St. Patrick quailed their Ural cups. Their's was a peren nial existence, ojtctrippUig Ml other sooiotiea They came w ith the lirst flowers of spring. The March winds ol ihis morning nipped, it wan true, the crop ol those sprigs which found their way into the hatbands aad breasts of all national Irishmen. (Applause.; '1 heir s \ as u (lower that greeted their acceptance la the t ar.iect cay3 of the new comiug year. Their emblem wan the chosen leai' ol' card and oniet ? the greea immortal hliamnxk. (Applause. ) And as they lnoreosod in age l hey btcamt ni>re appropriately the representative el that old laud to which sliamrook be Gauged, and from which It is so recent an emigrant. (Ap plause.) He sa*r from the demonstration which greeted his worJs tha'. he was addressing ituie whose associations were connected with the laud of St Patrick and of the shamrock land, which thougn unhappily dlvidod and dismembered th.iough a waut of union 1'inotig Its people, always agreed ou one point? the propriety ol celebrating St. Patrick's day? a point on which, indeed, there had never been a difhurnce ef opi nion ? that was the duty of celebrating St Patriot s dsy according to the spirit ol their ami* tors. (Applause.) In view et the memories of the past we hope of the future and ui conjunction with Insutuaa, in whatever part of the glebe ih"y may be scattered, who luay 10 night unite in a celebration of this aiuilveisay. Tho toast v. as then given ? " St. Pstrick's Day, end all who hsnnr it." The toast was received with great applause, cheer after cheer follow. ug tor some moments, the band playing "Patrick's Da) ." I be lit. me.T, in introducing the nexL toast, said that when they i a me to resi^nd to the toast ho was '"ire th -y would evince that hearty feeling which its character d*' n .lud'si, and in tPat spirit also spoken of by th poet w lien ief< rrinj: to the feeling which yet existed In the tuart el old Erin's sous wheu roused liy a spirit <>n it, I atrl. k's day ? with loud uud hearty cheers. Tnat toast, without further < omment, wan? The I'niud Mutes ? The hind we live in. ( ii neml applause ) llano ? "Hail (' dumb The Frmhvkdt intniiatea that the toast would bo re sponded to b) Mr. lirady, who wouiu not conhae Ids re niarks to the State of New York but to the United Males (irotnendous applauas and tbree cheers for Brady . ) Mr. liKAiir, when sllenco wai restored, rose to reipond to the t o. t llw said he wu.- called up n to respond to the toast of 'The United Statej.' The Unite! States of America ? the land oi their birth and the Luid of ll? ir adoption. And was he worthy to be the orator of a tiu tue like that? No Tho great earth of the nit :on of j old, ill U.e n.aj<nly of the judgus of antliiuity must ' be present when the Thirty four State* of thu greii { I nlon in covered with ilignity aud innj<*ty anil pogror, Kiid m';al each in reverent tram and reverent maimer In 1 the presence ol H igh Hoavon dotlver the eulogy which belongs to 'ho I litti-d States of Amerir (Applause.) 7 he great *uik had boon restricted within dlmeustoos too email. In no wu ms did the (treat repubht belong to them. It belonged to all maiikiuc The great I'nlon liad been consummated not for a Renersttoa, or one race, but for all men anil lor all gene rations. ( Applause.) Turn new ooaa'ry utferod a home ai u o tuge lo the opprestiod i f IU1 iiaiuts. Thu country d< es not heloug to Americans; nor does t^e. rigSt belong to any Male to destroy the temple wh.rh, through the biegsmg of a good Providence, belong to all men j He woald mention ttie name of a g.'.Ilu.t, warm hcait^i Irish soldier, who, when on the winter's lit Id, he i?y dying, the scow retreated lrom Urn bosom, un willing to coogcal the spirit Of chivalry, lef. j the task to death. lie referred to Iiicharu Hunt gemery, to wluee memory a monument was erected in old ;st I'aul's, so dear to all New \ orfcors, an ! whjre siso Htcod a monument to tho virtues and patriotism of 1 bunas Addis Km met. These u<n had bet ore the temple, that temple of llberty which men now strove to ' overwhelm in irretrievable ruin, lie, for one, would never consent to this dread work. He could not consent to have the Fame said of bim th*t wa* said of the poor Irish emigrant ? "A home and a cotmtry remains not lor me." (Applause.) He would never consent to a division or tlieniptioc of tho I'liion. lie must have a country to lovo and lo reverence. He could u ?t live and be inferior to the Kng'lstirriaa snathe French mat and llio (Spaniard, lie mu<l have it country, and without a country be could not live. (Applause.,) Anu that country of hit> could never be degraded by having any other name than that given to it Dy its divine S]> >u ton ? tbel'nitid Ha'es si America. ( vpplauiie. ) K4o pTjtiva? should that be obeyodT Should the I Lion be porpovuated intact to all f?v?i? time.' Ho put the question in the of that iti+r whose stars be *aw (ileamlni, before him from around Its ample Kids, and from f. ha t'-ok the response, and announced 't in the spli It it not in tht words of RIchlMsu ? 1 riie stars have laid It , and oar own oracular souls cot tirm the (lo ci ee ' ^Uiud appUnae ) When IImi trouhi >n pass away the country would sfsln emerge f-'im ivs present gk* m with renewed v'gor, and not i&>x than ihirtj fM r states would catlsf;* him; and when the neit I*re> icental oleet'on took place thirty foir Stales at the l'u ion would Join in lbs contest, and the man who'. then be elected would be the preai lo:u 01 the Uni ted Plate* o! America. (f!rea? applawe), *hich was < ? ollnutd for souie time niter Mr. riraiy aat down. The 1*1 i anient then called for nine choor* for the United tittle', which were gn en with a w >11 appropriate to the occa-ion The PrssUii nt then roeeard propound the t>?xt tout:? ' ' Ireland ? Tht Homeoi oar Fathers. " A 'utter wm here retd by the t*rer n!?nt from Th ?. f. Meagher, who excused hlfi ab^-nce on the iccaskra un the plea ol a severe cold. There w a* aWo a letter of ex t ise rc*d from Oencra! Pi*, whr, w^s /rftrrt# t? by the I'resiucnt ftl the patriot who h?d deepaVAed Instructions to the I'nltrd States ofllcer to sbr t down the llrnt m^n ^ ho atternj U d to pull down tho Atnercu) (la^. Thia al lusion .-ailed forth a frrsh burst of app<auv>e. Tie re was no te?u|4r reapo.ts- to the tQMt. A son r umh lf?st' tid sueg by Mr. CarmieMkl. n>? next t"?Fi *j' ' Th* City of Kew >'orV. ' which si isiastlcilly respeoded it. Ihe foUowind vi.ig wa? auurf le lore the t>a t was re phed to bj a fprrch Mr ( ir tsn rei|>mded to the tea*-' ar. l kept his audi tor} In Mth g'ee tn e"n?e<|iiei.ce ->f th" humeroM <iyle In irii -h he sndrcFseo them oti thi' sutyect of the city '?f >ew > ork. The utit toa? t wm "CI* ti and Keiigioir Liberty,'1 w hi ;h was drank antd much tuth . iasm, but was uot rfponded to In a speech. 11>e t.est t/ect ? ?> ? "Onr V'-fer Sorie t|-# ? T'leli hrno:<d reprt^ntatlew ore weluxuc to our hoard to r -til ' This lesst w va briery re^neded to by the repretenla Itret ol tl e tMur M>cietl< f present In a low wordt ' tj? ? Mr Ftitclinrd 'or the Ht. (>?!Org? s Soc'."*y, Mr Nerr.e for ft Andrew'* Judge Rc-( st relt for St. Nicholas, aud ; Mr. ( boat* for ttie NV* Kuglnnd "Society . Poo>-? ? tlt, 'n referring t" cur natiocn1 Iroobl'-s, i sa.r ! urt'. the nrst insti Atom of our national troubU was lb 'lew- odant v( sn Ir<>limau. This hi regretted I lo sfty But J r. Oiihoor w is one <?( the 1 n< t>! i-t and purest of men, and on of h,s last | Sherbet was tts' the Tnloo. through ail her *|K>, Wo. il< tLusll> tK preserved. The remark was receives i w th lono cnesTf. .lodge Roosevelt, in concluding, pro | p d the 'ollowlftg toast "Ireland and Molls nd~ fhe , u: If or tlieit d reeedsnts. VitboJl lnct? jsie^ the f ii'lti I of ?ih r, ha ? trrwo' d th'- virtue* of boto." (t/md ? chee-s.) The *ent 'r ?s? was "The Presc.'' to rt-poed to whloh ; re## Mr. W T. IttiMaJ., of the Ixwdon 1i m-- who ?at greeie.l loud rh? ve. It wae some i.jne be ! ">ee s'le1-! ? wss restftec., but In ft lull l!r Ku ? nil | sddie se- himself to the audience, and immediately all ?* ss attest iei. He sa^d:? Mr Pre* Idert, geni<*men acd countrjTT'en all? One of ihe in?ti'Mt)ot?i which vou lwe developed to Its u if t (arret ? n, an'whicn we it T'oglsnd hall > <-t to iesra 'rem vou. Is tkt art of public speaking And m iie pert iculsrly b. it lo he tingid k> hs, wtw, b?t?ig the w ite vices of repre*mr.tit la"lta' oes, am not sceeatomeu in our own corn, try to be t ear 1 ?t ail T''e Pnn Si rtoghnd hw the habit n? returning 'ts thnnks for sny be" v dor., to if , h< oeis tew and Maul and far oetWvett, aa tne* are to mor'ow mornlrg. (i aiigh'^r.} I wuuM ,t 'dlenmn, wllttngiy ptraW th? time h'inorel wlcm of my aaoc* U' e, )! perml'tKl t' do 10 *ilhr;iit d jm ourlet-} to *0U, b* as I ba*e bee.) 'rduced by a gentleman Wm in tho dim prospective I aoe gloatibg o?erthe rwi'ta of his nersusf-'ve ? l??|i. we I eaa only with flattotlof t ngue, vit.w'Th n ry foil heart return you my ve'? gfatefal tft*T,kn for tfce coraptime-'t you h<?v.? don ta , rot only in inviting Be 'iere to n'lrht '?in in s"h irciieg me to do that which would lie doue with ueicri more puprlety by auji 'if the fMtltmea I ?e? be-o'e ni". tb?f Is'fo r?tnm thanks fur the Pre??i ?ientl^tnen. when i was coming aero-- the Atlantic the o'tho. day, which, I am sc. ry to aa> , Is -:>t * rery plea ?ant medium of commuuicatiiio ui the mouth of March ? (laughter)? to the I cited 8uu?, an unfortunate bird ww driven u> the gloom and obscurity of the night to Be*k refuge in the mate's breast. like indulgout Bailor pretwvfd the bird and brought U down Just an we were going to bed. A young lady asked If the bird could speak, bat being told thit It could not , she said perhaps it was a l>ooby. (Laughter.) Well, gentlemen, I am afraid that I must come- -except, ind**!. through your indulgence ? under the name winch the young lady gave the bird, that of a booby, (tireat Uughtrr ) Though I promise you I shall not do a* the bird did to a trusting passenger who prtfenUd his linger to Its beak . I shall not bite. /Continued laughter.) Geutlcmeo. it has been my un fortunate lot hitherto, though I take no pleasure in the recollection ? it has been my lot to be rather a stormy petrel than a booby. (Laughter.) I have been present at scenes never to be forgotten. But 1 hope, gentlemen, I trust and 1 believe, that there Is lot a bund in this country which would be raised to shed the blood of a brother (Cheers.) Believe me, the press, wherever it u> to be found, has it- first, its longest life ?nd its most liberal interpretation in the land whore freedom of opinion glands upon the broadest basis, and we who are children in the en lerprlse, great or email, should grieve iudeed if all our arguments were set at nought, and all our words (Wl dead and listless by the opposition of the two great parties of thi? country where we bo|>cd to hwo found unaLlmity In the cause of progress as well as in the cause of liberal representation. Surely It is not to be the ottlce of the pr sa to chronicle the trium;>'i of despotism. Surely it Is not for us tn Kng land, or wherever in France or Germany the voice of the press is raised to advocate the { extension of the milTVage, and of a free franchise to be met by a counter voice from America which Iraall say, ''All your experiment* ind arguments aro false, all i are baseless, all are foundations*. '' However, I (came not hero to speculate on them. 1 am not here, uiul, in deed, with contending voices raised against me I should j be more than mortal to say that Iran far penetrate into ! the kernol of the dlffloult nut. 1 shall describe the nut, and a very extensive ono it Is, and a very difficult | ono to crack. (Laughter,) But It' you will jiardon my speech. 1 shall noting extenuate or Bet 1 down aught in mali;e. I witinot say us a previous speaker said, "That y?u moo nnd drunken ' tools who, having grown Idiotic ti prosperity, have com ! milted natioua! suicide." That was the wrifo ibe gentle- j man used ; but 1 beliew, gentlemen, that the p?u has not ; been grown on the gome's back that is to record the fact tbat, having become fnclUh with an excess of uroeperlty, the T'nited states of America, rich in the derelopeinenta of every virtue that hum?n

genius and industry can command, has at length com mitted that great national sin. (Applause.) Gentlemen to the grave to wbich that corpse would go, would be brought, also the hopes of humanity all over the world. Gentlemen, 1 am a tomtitutional. government minded Kngiishmaii (cries of you are an Irishman) of Irish birth, but 1 present mysulf before >011 as an Knglisman with strong Irish tendencies, and nothing would give my heart or the heart of any man, who, all over the world, seek tno ilevelopement of the doctrine of sell government, and the just exercise by nteu ot tlie right to make their own laws auil govern themselves, more than to admit the fact that the great experanent of self government had reached its cud in dissolution, smoke anil ashes. Ker God's sakt arm us who sneak In the spirit of freedom, who ti;, hi for the independence of Italy, who desire to do good to the cpprcs-ed nationalities of Kurope. Arm us, urm us wilb the sword to enabte us with trenchant lo gic and potent argument of f.acls to strike a blow for the lilierty of mankind on this side the world. I have mine here at a period of great dilllculty and excitement I recognize In the contending voices of the storm around me the instincts and the eniotiods that hive given them birth. But 1 cannot and will no; believe that It is prop-ir for me, or for any of us, te accept with resignation ihe fact of the nation's dissolution ; or bnlleve that you are about to cast to the winds and whistle down, a prey to fortune, the great national heritage that hits been bequeathed to you It gives me great satisfaction to meet with you, mv coun trymen? rueu of the guiuo kith and km ? because among you there is a cheerful sbience from party feeling, and an ideim'y with the great evise which men of vari ous nations have all rec igulzed. (Cheers) 1 must say tliat 1 saw to day more Irishmen wi'li good coats and hats on them than 1 ever saw before in all my life. (Uiughtcr.) 1 thank you lor Uio liouor you htvo done mc ? ?n honor undeserved by all but a sincerity of pur pose. If you llnd tn tbo course of any remarks 1 uiay make, auy iuapplication of terms, 1 hope you will forgive them. I have aiready met with ft gentleman of South Carolina ? i mem b> r of that inoohate oonlederacy ?and he complsined that one ol' the greatest grievances was thit. in case they wire brought into a war, gentlemen of high birth and family weifld bo massacred by Irish mercenaries. (I?vd laughter.) lu conclusion, tic again thank. id them |i r the honor tbey bad done h'm. (1. id cheers.) The next toast 'was, "the ljidles, ' which was respond ed to enthusiastically. Toe festivities were kept up till hull' ai> hour after midnight, when tlio party separated, highly gralitled with the harmonious manner in which the proceeding.* had been can mi on to their consumma tion. BALL OF THE SIX IY NINTH REGIMENT. The non commissioned officers of the Sixty ninth regi ment gave a ball at the City Assembly Rooms yesterday evening to their friends, and were wo to judgo from the | ' jam" that was pri-sent their friends aro legion. There was uot room to daoce, to walk or to do anything but re main stationary. The crowd at length became so grett that at eleven o'clock tho doors wore cluced, snd no more were admitted. The boldnis or'ts were etra^rfd at this, but there was no remedy, ana they were obliged to return to their hemes M auy gentlemen having lad us with them had the g??od sense to leave the bull room before It became so uncomfortably crowded, and theroby saved them lrom a great deal of annoyance. There were no decorations In the ro<im beyond an American ting and ihe l!ags of the regiment, which were suspended from the galleries. Dod worth's Bind fur nished tho music, the only drawback was the great crowd, whli b could easily have tlllej two such rooms as the one engaged. THE CELEBRATION. IN BROOKLYN. This year the parade of the different Moieties ww not ] so large an on former ocosslons, in consequence of muiy of tli members being over at Now York to take part In 1 the larger demonstration there. At nine o'clock thoso who intended to join the procession began to assemble at ! the comer of Myrtle and Hudson avouues, and were placed In order by the Grand lijrehul and his aids. Kach , society was ran* <*1 under its appropriate oann-tr, and nearly etery t*< raber bore a bunch of the national ?tiam rock oti Ins breast. The societies represented were: ? Tho Irt^h Universal Benevolent Society, numbering three liundrcU tuen; the Hibernian Society, the Sham 1 r< ek Society, l^botor ' Union Reuovolont Misiety, Nap per Tandy Artillery Company, and Krlti Fraternal and I ensfloeut Association. This Ultor society w is rendered | conspicuous by u beautiful now banner manafaotnre<l by Meiisrg. Abb in 4tCo., of Kb. 90 K niton Street, New York ' It us made of green silk, trimmo-l with yellow fringe and Uiaaels. Ou ooe side is a portrait of Uon. .lactaou hol'luig n ?cri ll of the rouvtitution, witk tie; motto "it I'lurlbiis t'mun" over him in gold, ana the inscription, "Krin fraternal an<t Buneticent Association," of Brooklyn. (M tbe oihrr stje is a harp, on wreathed with slitmrucka, and the rume inscription us on the otter sido. Altogether, ti e uocietivs, with their paraphernalia and the distin ish:i.* ba>'Kts of tho mmibars, mado a goo I iy show. cirdi-.'n procession was from the place of foi ma' loo alenf" Kit*, attest then through Iiebevotse street, lk.-kalo , ami ie, Wavy, lu>ry, .lay, Waller and Kill ton streets, i and then-- t>3Ht the City Hall, where th" pro:ensinn was ' review** l>y the Mayor and Ootnmoa Council. The pr> { ? '046 tun then r> sutctd its march aloug Court street, i to Atlantic street, tutnoe through Uicks street, 1 t"n avenue, Court, Ivun. .Smith, Butler, Bond and Vilan tio streets to Vanderbilt avenne; and from thnoce I'acilic P'rect, Claas >n, DeKalb, Kont an 1 Myrtle ' avenues le ln-udqnaiwrs, where lite procession was -lis- 1 Bitssed. Thr> u,hout ihe n uts tho 'tieets wr? lined with p v> 1 pie. why gazed on ibe procesaloa with bsi Inter wt, abd many of the bright eyed .la igbters of Krln give sudlldn vi ut to their le -ling * at Ibe lino aigbt. It is ta be reg-i tted that one of Urn horseman of the Mapper tar. d> artillery was severely injured by a fall froai his horse in Mytt'.e avenue. Storms' Kprlng HtyiM (?rntlemrn'< Prmi i Hats ft. Oil. Hurprt*?lf.( any on Broadway at $4. Mo, li"H Broadway, l!o?rard Hotel. Ilrook'y n? Charles II. William on*? j HMterapkh I'ortra I t.aUrry, .' niton street, nppedte CUn- , ton. r.kiaoli'.tied 1.S61. *lpg? r?, Whiten snd Indiana Loyal ta i lltwriv r.nlen and e(iii*lHy everywhere, photograph J by I HOLkEt, i*. UK adway. | Mrfnway At Son's Ovrrilrong tirsnrt , a:,. I square i'iauna are now oon*ldsr*d the be?t nunnfuv 1 t'li-elj are wstrantnd for At* yean. Warenxnu, aJ and tM i Ctlktr itrM. Important to the Paihlonshle Com ma- I , llty I'l'OTi <?KaPHIO CART1W 98 VM1TX. /oMrx CIIARLIW l>. PRKDRMCnft A 00 wonld r+ ! pecifull; inform ib*>ir Irlend* and uatrona that tbev have just i int'odveed froui J'?r1a anew nno tieinitllul process for the ; rrodnetl'.n of th?|r faahlotable "Onrtea de Vliites ' The Immi tis, pa.ronage ?hleb they have been honored with tn this particular '?ranch of the photographic art has j warranted them la ob'-a.ninr ata great eipfM^ t'm lite-t 1 furisiao improvements, and thev flatter themselves that they , ac B' ? ? n -1'led tO]>rewntto 'he N?w \ ork puhllo th" 'Ne I Plus I "Tk <;arta da Vlalte." Bqoal tu ereryreap^-i to th" best | I'.rttlnn t'aj'ee *e?i?ea P. A Co woul l atao invite attea- ! ttun to a n'w and beaatlfal aaaottmerit of /Ihnipa, Prame*. I 4e., for the <''arte? ile Vtsttes " r hHi 'tre m?n'if<wni,r<Ml b" j them In i'am etpressly for their New Vnrk '?atabllahmuBt, j SWand Uri adway?>'ppoa1te Metr>i>uUtan IfoteU U rover A. Bakrr'i Crirhratetl Cumlljr . and ManulkC'ttrtBi ee ving Maehiaos, 490 Broadway, If. Y. Mrh?e)er A Wilson's Improved Hewing I Maehmea at reduced price*. Ollice, M Broadway. Rairhrlnr'i Stwly Invented Wig* and ! Tenpees are moat rerf act Imitations of nature. Head for a ' e ?<ure ?ud to 16 Bond street, N. Y. Crfa taders'i Hair Dye, \V1|? mad Ton- ! p*ee. The h^st lt> tha world; wholesale and retail and the ' dye privately applied. No. 0 Aator House. Ilatr heior'a Hair Dyr-Rsllahle and In ?tantaoenos blsfk or hrown. 1 actory 81 Batrlay aUeet. old and applied at W_A BA TT HgLQK'g, l? Bond street, nioldarla ' ream Percei the Hair, Whlt kers and raiiatachea to grow lusuriantly Hold wholeaala aid retail by W. A. BATC7IKLOK, It Bond Hill, Cutter of Hair and ttiuskera. Ilalr Uye to oeala, blaek or brn?n. Trnaaea, I In-tir Ktorklnga, M??<?lder Wntee*, Knapinaoiy Bondages, An. r>r? <?(^1VRR A 11IHRNE, No. 4 Aim street, under Barnnm's Museun. Trasses. ? 1>tarsh At ( ?,'a Hadleal Care ruts. 2 Vesey street t Aster Uoosei. opposlM th* church. I OrawlBSI of the Delaware Stat* Lot trriea. ? W OOD, E0I> V A I'O , Mai?u<-r* of the VIUVMl, II*W(T ABB MIHMX'KI STATl lOTDEKIk]. DKLA W A Kk- - fcXTK A Cl AS? 1?I, V?T( tl 1.1, LSol. I 60, 32, 02, 6, 62, 36. 57. 7'.', 58. 10. ft" 26. 44. Dm awahi- ? Cla."* 182, la?nrb l?, l*>i. 72. 21. 62, 18, 49, OS, 9. 68, 30, Of., 8, 71, 65, 09. fltvulara containing arlieme#, wt h HUl piu u-uUni, iem free of charge by ?d<lrcHAirg either to WOOD, M>D* A CO.. Wilmington. Or to WOOD, EDDT A 00 Ht. I?ottU. Vneourt. " Tbf Drautnui of the Huw?t County nut Consolidated Lottery of Delaware. K. KRJlNUK A CO.. ?tHWII. The Legislature of the Bute of Delaware baring given to R. Kranop A Oo. a lottery am tract fur twenty jretrH, w<v the underalgned, ConmlxxinnerH a!>)> tinted by the Governor of aaid State to -auprrtuteDt the drawings of aaid lottery, do hereby certify that the following are the number* drawn thin dftj :?? Bvmkt Poputt? f uti* W> "Mnrch Is, |S61. 1. 63, 24, 41, 11, 18, 6ft, 20. 00, 27, 75, 46. I CoioounATtn l.oTmKi ? Ci.Anw il March 18, 1861. 14, 71, 72, 48. 63, 33. 35. 64, 8. !>. 64, 45. Wltneaa our hand* at Wilmington, Del., thla day k Monday1, Maroh 18, 1861. JOHN DALE, ) JOHN W. wai.KKR, , Commissioner* i ALKRKD R. WOOTTKN. S Circulars ?ent free of charge by ad If'-KKt-g K FRANCE A 00., Wilmington, Delaware. Empire !lrwtB| Machlnt>?-The Cheap* eit, because lhe beat. In market. OUloe .136 Broadway. Married. nw.wu? O Bijwis ?Tu Brooklyn, on Monday, March 18, at the Church ot the Holy Trinity, by tfie K*t. Dr. Ultlo john, Irkah. 1 Ski >? ? i , of Unking Hidgc, V. .1 , to MiM &L iuii K , daughter of Isaac C. O'lilenta, of Rr<> >klyn. Town?i?i>? ' TMomra. ? On Tuesday, Mar li 12, at thr 1'renby leriuu cburcli, by tlio Rev. Mr. Kowlar, of Atiburu, M. 1>. tewnaam, of;>&n Francisco, to FraMv S. , eldoa* daughter of K. Troiiilnp, F>q . of Oayuga. t-an Krancibco papem plea*e copy. Birth. Maszoohi.? On Sunday, March 17, tlio wiftt of Mariano Msuzocchi, of a son. Died. Aim.? Tn Brooklyn, suddenly, on Monday, March IS, lloKim.t Waikkk, the beloved wile of Capt . 6. H. Alien, in the 2KUi your of Lor age. The relatives and friends of the family, tho members of I'olar titar Lislge F. and A. M., arc resiiectfully invited to attend tho funeral from Iter Ut? residence, No. I'M IK win street, Brooklyn, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Boston pajicis please copy. Auonr. ? On Friday, Mnrcii It, of dlpinerla, Roma Lnwit<, cldeut daughter of Wu, 11. Alery,of Williamsburg, ?ged 8 year? Brooks. ? Jokki'h Bkookh. Ilia funeral will take placo this (Tuoaday) afternoon at two o'clock, from his late n-sldsnco 216S<>uth Second street, Williamsburg. Tho uieaaberg of company F, Second regiment, mm members of the regiment in general, are requested to met at twelvi< o'clock to-day, tiUivh ID, at thf ir nrtnory , tliotioo proceed to the to pay the last tribute of reaped to their brother soldier Bot'NQCKr ? On Monday, March 18, Mrs. Maiiy Boun qvkt, ugod 00 years. ller friends and acquaintances i?re respectfully incited to attend the funeral, this , (Tuesday) morning, at ton o'clock, from lior Into residence. No. 78 Kim street. Bkua.*.? On Sunday, March 17, Ei w>:. youngest son of Jsaae V. and Elizabeth Uriggs, aged 1 year, 2 months and tl days. The funeral service# will bo held this (Tuesday) cvo niug, at hi>lf-)iai-t seven o'clock, at his !.'it< reslden. e, No. ?25 East Broadway. The relatives and friends of tho family urerespoctiully invited to attend. The remains will be taken to Yonkertt, on Wednesday, for interment. Hwi.ns. ? on Sunday, March 17, after a short illness, John Hvxm,a native of tho county Wicklow, Ireland, aged 46 years. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the tuncral. from his late residence, No. 2t>4 avenue B, this (Tuesday; afternoon, at two o'clock. The remains will be interred in Calvary Cemetery. Bajuubb. ? On Monday morning, March 18, of lull imma tlon of the lungs, with typhoid forms, Aiuustk Makik Bariukk, aged 60 tears. Tho frienJs of the deceased are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday vterin-ou, at one p > iock, from his late residen t*, No. 67 t ulton street, without further notice. Uawmikm..? <>n Monday morning, March 18, Vary M., young' st daughter of John C and Susan (I. Campbell aged 1 your, 7 months and 7 dsys. The relatlv es and frlcndii of tho family are respect fully inviiod to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from tho residence ot her parents, 370 Fourth aveuue, corner of Twenty -seventh troet. liA.Mfci^ow. ? At New Durham, N. J., on, March 17, Mary Elhabkih Kin knkr, wife of Edward A. IHnn.i Bon, >r tho 26th year of her age ller friends are invited to attend tho fuaeral from the (?rove church, Wccbawken. ou VTeiliii-s lay bfiemoou, at two o'clock. Fulton ? At Yorkvllle, on Sunday, March 17, Fcl to*, aged 24 years. Her relatlvis and friends aro respectfully invited to at tend .it her late residence, Ninety iic? >t.d street, be'weeu Fourth and Fifth avenues, on Wednen iav. Funeral ser vice at the Church of the Redeemer, F.uhty liftb street, lotwcen Second and Third avenues, on WeduesdH.y aliur Loon, at throe o'clock. Caijaohkk ? After a short and painful Tineas, Patrick I ?.ai e.wt, of He county of Uavan, Ireland The friei'ds of the family are reapeotfuily invited to at 1 tend tho funeral, from 270 East thirteenth street, this (Turn day) afternoon at two o'clock. Gftauoftr. ? On Sunday morning, March 17, at 104 Kist Fourteenth street, New York , Jamsn William (Jk?:oky, late of No. 7 College (jreen, iiubiln, in the 4Sth y ear of his SRC. Tho interment will take plane at Greenwood liud (Tum d..v) afternoon, at one o'clock. }>ublin papers please copy. Garwood. ? On Thursday , March 14,at 321 drove street Jersey City, Jumkiii I). (Iarwihu., late of J.imtou aged 50 years, leaving a widow and eight young children entirely unprovided lor. lxsndon Times please copy. Ji.vni.v.m ? On Monday, March 18, Eluabkti, wifo of Oeorge H. Jennings. 1 uneral i n Thursday attomooo, at three o'clock, from lier lato residence, corner of Adauis and Joluisou streets, Brooklyn. The friends of tho family aro respectfully invited with tut further nctlc*. jACORua? On Saturday, March Id, Eijjajt B. JauGBOl. sged 48 years, formerly IB the employ of the Long Island ftailroad Company. I i la friends and acquaintances, and theae of the family, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from No. 20 First avenue, this (Tuesday; afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invitation Long Island and New Jersey papers please copy JofMiKMOM ? At Hoboken, on Sunday, March 17. st the resilience of hia sou, Jon* M. Joraijcsu*, in tne 7i i year tt his age, Tho triends of the family are Invited to attend hia funeral, at the lmtch lieformed church, a-, iielleviiie, N. J., this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without fnrther invitation. JoM.toH.-oi. Sunday, March 17, of apoplexy, Jonni J. jmnamm. in the 02.1 year of Lis age. Ibo relatives and fronds of tho tarally are rMtpectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, this (rueeday) afternoon, at half-paat one o'clock, I rum No. 78 Bowery Katmjk. ? Mauv K. Katixih, daughter of uohn and Mary K. ylor. ige'l 0 in mih. and 17 days The friends ?nd relativis are rrs|iectfully Invited to at IM tho futeral. .it No. 61tt Third avenue, this (Tuesday; ai ternoon , at half |xuit one o'clock I jt>K ? on Sunday atter.ioon, Marcb 17, John La.vs, in the -13d year of his age. The friends and ruiatlves of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the lunorul, ib.s ( ruexday) alteinoon, at one o'clock, from his late rusldoo 30, 2'ii l-ia. t Uoustjn ktreet, corner of >**ex. I.amukkt. ? On Monday, March 18, Anm, the belov ed vire of William Arth'ir I amb'Tt, aged ? years. Tbo friends and re atlyes or the f at. illy are roapcctfuUy avtted to attend the lunrrifi, th'J ( :ay) ai tomoon, at, two o'clock, from b or late rssldenco, M> Osnal street, corner Greenwich. Her remains will 'jo taken to Green >. <jo d Cemetery for Intei oient 1 Iaiko. ? On Jionday, Mar> b 1(>, Mik ' I. , daughter of '>io. I and Knima L lAird sg'4 3 years, 6 mooMii and 1 14 <iays Iho leiatives and friends o( the family are request .*1 to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at half 1 i?t one o'i Uirk, frem the jeakMce of her [urent. , 02 Fust street, without further iovitation. HoR'.aJI.? On r'anday morning, Marc'j 17, Chateau H., son of ? harks W. and Ann A. Morgan, aged 10 years and 2 nionUia. T;ie relatives and friends <! the family a Invite ! to att< nd the funeral, from the f'burch of the Incarnation, i TLer of Twttity eighth Street and Maduou avoaue, tkis ( fin - day ) morning, at ten o'clock. M< 1 .u>aa. ? Or. Sundsy, March 17, of coniumption, Soma VcfAtm, tii tV 48th year of h'x ugt . ids fr leads and those of Uie family ure n^uMted to alkul the funeral, fir.m bis residence, XI* West street, ihia (Tues.ay) alteruoon, at rnio o'clock. The remains will be taken to Calvary Om'-tery for Interment. Ma viua< - <>n Sunday. March 17, Ai'mtm JoiuNSi, daufhtot of Henry 0. and tricdericka Mangles, aged 6 y ars, fi montht. and 20 day a. The friends of the tsmily u -? Invited to attend the f iReral.tbie ( TiKSdayl after i o.?, at two o cloofc, from her father's real ince, No. bi Vtiicn stre H, corner of Van I runt, Brooklyn. Ma; i.i ?On Sunday afternoon, Muroh 17, Jom Has rthTt ^.artw, In ths 5Ut yoar of his a<re The friends and relatives of the family are resperstftt'.ly ltvltod to attend the funeral, from hia late residence, 2 a T atte street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'ol'-r.k (H mj ? on anturuay, March ifl, Gavum 0*1., wife of Will lain Okell, and dau^htor of C. J. Cnyier. Ihe frier ds of the family are respectfully Invited to st t<-nd tht f^oertl, without further no'.lce, thiw (ruwlay ?fUrnoon, at three o'c lock, at No. 142 Iiemaen ?rtreet, Bio< klyn. -"JMKR - At the reeld'-nso of his parents, 12 Fast Thirty sixth strr?i, Pkt,.r tnutwn iikimiur, aged 6 J ears, J months aud 24 days. the frknils of the family are Invited to attend the fu aeral, an above, on Wednesday afternoon, at one o clock Ksm a ? in this city, on Monday foren<.?n, Marcb is Maiua I/irma laAWHKxos, wife of Jacob liciua, Jr., aged 88 vcars and 0 monihs. The rei:.ains will b? taken t* Tarryt wn, on Wednesday forenoun, bv the 11 o'clock train of tho Hu trion Hirer Riil'i ail. i'he funeral servicer w.ll boVid In the MeUio dlst r?< scop J church In that i'laee. Ki'i i.m ?At l ortohester, at th? reeid-mce of James K. fe. ts, tn fun !av. March 17, M my FRi-rr-m, oldest dangh tor of .tohn W. ??d Mary Jane Hockott, tn the 10th year of bar ago. The r Titlves and friends of the family a-e invited to attend Use funeral, from Ht. 1'eter's, l'ortsheeter, ( n tiiu? (Tcfsday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without Tur l?ifr Invitation Sioeawoon.? In Br-toklyn. on Friday, March 16, Haitis F ? k*>'R, jouugrst daughter of Henry and Nary J Slvr wixid, aged 1 year, 7 months and 12 lays The i"maln- WIU be taken to routbporl, Uoun., for tn t? "-merit. i< ?ton papers please ropy. WnrTr ?At Ash)?ad| Greeu? onnty, If. Y., on Sunday, Mjrcb 10, Mr. Aimau s Wmrm, f??hT of (e?jrge Wlitt*, of Mateu l? land 10 the U4tU \ ear >f hi? ago. for upw ?.*? '? ol eeventy y?-?r* * resident of the lormer place Wrn>R ? On Sunday M.irrh IT Jam? Wyiuk, p*tater# aged 67 ytai- and 1 month, a native of fckiinborg, Bnti laitd. The friends ?nd ncquaintanif * of th** family ;ir> re i spectlully invited to attend the funeral, from h;a lata r e mleoce, No. #; Cliinit. n mri-ot, this (Tuesday) ntt*ruo m, j at half past on* o'clock I Wiiiin ? In Hoboltti S. J., on Hunday, Mirch IT, ; Gwiri.k A Wichik, afred .1 yea rn, 5 aotttha (.u.l 4 'lays. ' The relatives and frienda of the family are invlte-1 to attend the f uneral, thin (Tuesday) morning, at ten o'clock , front the residence of hi* parents, No. ?!7 Washington ] street, lloboken. niSCKUANfiUUI. Astonishing fbiorm fob china, glass, *o. fob cash. e hare Juat received large .|<iantltlee of China, OUsa ware and other per ship* Admiral aud (Jermanla. which we are desirous to tell FOB OAHII. Look at the fdlewlng n,l* Hut of pricae, and cjodM them with any bills ever purchased:? Samples of the goods on eihibltion Id our windows, French China Dining Plates, of gooj uualuy, iur $1 am doxen, never before offered :orl"a*tlinn 91 so. """ Breakfast Plates fo'SAc., and Tea I'latea Tte. per dose*. French China Dining Services, *.'4 ploeee, f,ir fa French China Tea Service*, 44 pleeea, for $S. Fiench decorat d Tea Kerviues, t4 pieces, for |d a, and ua wards. And othor China Rood* In proportion .Silver platuU Tea Seta, 0 pieces. tor tun " Table Forks, per dozn SH " Table Spoons, " S ? " Tea Spoons, " 1 71 A pr*-%t variety of o' her good*, su. h a< Oa* Kmureu, Cat lei v, Ac., at equally low price*. E. V. HAUOSWOUT A CO., 488, 4fl0 >n J iW Broudeay, coiner of Broome street, ff. T. A RADICAL CUBK FOR HEKNIA OH RtfPTlTBK. WHITE'S PATENT LEVER TRIJM la a new and improved instrument, di'Ve .lug in principle and action from #11 others. A ludkul c ur., in c Heeled lu itl moat every care, at- hundred will tea tit y. Cur Female ; uppyriet on the same ptln-lp'e Iv-icea f.'.r men, wi meu and chil dren, uiiauipasssri i'amph ets g'atl.. GUE(lOR\ .t CO., 26 Bond atr.iet, New York. Authentic herai piiy, Ar oimbreors*, n,?. m Broadway. ? Coat* of Anna, Croats anil M"t: rv-x pro cured Irom the ui..hi reliable wmroea; painted tu the tineat style, or engraved for book mark ', kv , Ar. A GREAT ."TIB KKMMiV I?you are trouble 1 w Ith bieeillng. blind or ItjhltiE Piloa, use I)r. W11 MEH'h file e unpr sltery H la a certain mm Kefe.renres given to th" ni' <t re.speet ible |H-raona Ui this cltjr who were permanently cured Py It. Agent, 158 Bowery, Drug Store. A PAIR OF REAli NOVELTIES. TI1E "PAI'f. It NECK Tlh 1 AND 'THE REI<IEF TIE." SMITH & BROUWKk, Hoi" Manufacturers, No. ,io \\aireu street, N. T. On receipt of stamp wn will ma, I a naniple 'vapcr 'fie," with the name of aonie jnbblng house having them for aale ABSOTjI TE It FMON AL OF COH VS. -BDNI0N8 CIT REI> wltlioat the use of the knife Instantaneous and nltt. carious cures, without intniMlIat" or ?ul>4e<|tii)nt Inconve nii nee. iMeem f KKNDAU.. .W5 Hroomo silt 3t, has pertnlt* sAati to ti fer in Uke li llowiug genUeaien, m bone teitlmonlala, w ith thousand.' of others. > an lie aceu at the ollice. -Uieut. John J. Almy, I'nltfd 8'ates Navy; Fdw ird II. Dfion, M. D , Fifth avenue; .Tobn H. Mathev.r. Esq., <ind lamlly, SI I nlna w.uare; E. W. Onion, chemlxt 137 /towery;.!. l-later^ Esq., 8S.S ilrnadw ay ; W. Weeelt r, Ks<| , Haucroft Houae; W. IM rymple, Es>(. , ir> Houd utre- t. Hours from l'J <o4 and S to 8 In the. evening. Ke.,idenU?v vielts inudn on uprllcttion l> fore oil r? hourx. Will leave lai a few days for Montrra1. AM'KOIAt, NOTICE. lu oonwquence of the Ma "nation of business, Vk J. MaOINN UIJEDIS A CO. w 111 acll for cosh, at coat of Importation, their en' Ire spring stO'A of CLOCKS, BB0NZB8 AND FaNCV OOODS. Ma, 3 Maiden lane. AT EVEBDELL'S OLD STORE. :102 IlI'OADWAY? W> .liling ( ards. '1'huae ceiehiwlcd mgrived Carda, aaM only at thla store. AT PRICES THAT COMMAND THE MARKET. NEW >DKK KEKOSEWE ILLUMlNaTlNd OIL NKW VOB? f'AHaKKINR I l,L>TMINATINO OIL NEW VilBK i'ETKOLKUM (LLtlMLNATlNO OIU NEW KOBE MACHINE ?Y OII.S ?:f?//.ENH A CO . S9 Water street, N' T. A MOST EXTRAOBDINAKV FACT. H1U er Plated Ware, Table Cutlery, iu>d every doeuly^ lion of House Kurnishlni' Ooortx, ?' leas ihan panlc'prloes. K. 1). liAMi'OltD, Coojier luatttute. Corner of A itor plac-'. Third and Fourth avenuee. BAS'tPOKDH 1ULLTARD TafaLKS? MORE LTVRI.* and oorreet than any, or trtblo forfelteii ; c immlaahM jll iweii purcha-iera; no drtttnmeri employed; urplli*<l>ua te H place oull, hard fiw-ed, p- tent nusbioa* dsilly re?slveC r!aying and Mlaarooms 11)1 ui'.on and No. 8 Ajui streets (lOltNn, UUNIOMb, IN VhKTED NAILS, ENLAKOBO J lolnl*, and all disenaea of th" Fei t l ured, withou'. [aste or Inconvenience to the paiieut, by Dr. Z.UIll A HIE, Surgee* ("tlropodl"!. 7'i'i Broadway. Kclera to physktaus and pur ge na of this city. / 1UA.L AND ROH1B OAS WORKS, * >"r public and private buildings, ere^t'd hr CEO. H. KITCHEN & CO., to! Br. auwsy, H. T. <>T\t> YOI." WANT WIIT8KERH?"? WILL YOt' DOUBT It th^t my Uciment? an arlie.,- HlMt hiwi now been liefora tie. p ibllc lor eight yeara? must be all that I aay It 1st Be iiK mner that It is no catchpenny iyf the day, but a well ev tabilal. *? d article, tb ?t hua never failed to f.uoe the ?!r -kera or muatach> a to grow en the ,tnoo'h<'?t faee, wiihoul cither stain or Injur* to the skiu. I send it Miy where by mall, peats ae free. Price XI. B. 0. GRAHAM, ir? stn et, N. Y. (i 11EAT BABCU1N8 T i* ? JEWELRY. 1 ha enhsr-.ih-r having been appointed A rent by five of tke l.irgeat ruaiiu.'acttiring Jewelry < ai.iUiahin. nis la thiaovua> trj-, l.aving 'mmi^nso atoeka "n hki.d. w hich ihey sre deter mined to reduce at nnv sacrifice he 1* row ?? Hlng l hell .olid Gold aad Oold Plated Jewelry, r or t i next Sixty days, at an Immense rwlucilon. The cubei .lbe' having been in Pie Jowe.iy buniunaa I<.r the last twenty Ave years, the publie can d' ja nd on every srtl<-le being ta reprearr'od in every reejpwt. Tne giaala are ael' nuwle, and will giro entire iuitlaraotlrti to thi. purchaser. Ho>alc. lav.*. Coral, Ac , Earrings and l'lna, $5 a set; tuaal pr*ce il2. Jet. Gold Htone, Garnet and Enamel Eminra and Pma, $4 a set; usual price $10. Tutquolae, CarbiincU*, ll-.ealc an 1 Lara Earrlngn and PlM, $'< a set; tiausl prin- $8. M.walc, l*\iL, Carbuncle, (iarnel, Ac., EariH g? and Pins, ft a set: usual price $rt. Cersi, I-. Dams lied. Carbuncle, Lara, ,1c., Earring* and PiM, $1 a ?ct; usual jirloe f.V Oval hand Brccnh ta, 43 r aeh ; usual price %t. (k:>! Fend Bracelets, Jl'-ach; u?:ial price $1. K.ciily Engraved and (.'based Flat Band bracelets, 93 eaofet usual price $ __ Erfraved and Chasc l Plat Band BraocleU, )1 each ; price $4 Chntn Biseelefs, f2 each usual price $.*>. t'r.ain PractieU, il eaclt: usual price f>4 . Osyj -it mis and -leeve Sottenis $1 a *??? usual price $4. Carbuncle, l'nar:l and L'arai ricete Buttona, (1 aset; i rlte $4 Wi?.-es' Ntcklaccs, Coral, Garnet, Ac. , each ; mual prk $4. 4 Children's Armleta, filSr nta ea< h ; usual price ft to. ( ral ' ?< *. .VI cetis caeh . tij.-al price $1 1 i. Adieu' Chateiutnn t alns i>aU 1'lt.s, V" each ; u-ual prloe $ Gentlt men's Veat Cbal'it, $1 each; u .ual trio* IV Lf-ckete for daguei leotyj es i r l.a;r, 41 ,.h ; uaual price?! oentlcinen's Seal Ping*, $U ?a -.L u>a?l price M. I.adieH' Binge with i'eta, ti eaob; u?u.?i pr.oe %Z. 1 1 .lies' Itlnga, Si a j ur u?'iel pri.? <t3, Indies' Ear Btnss. fl a pair; uaual prs e ft. Ladles' S!e<'*e Buttons, 30 centi aj a 91 a set* ns ial prfa 91 tdtub Oeiiihmeirs i?le. ve Huttonj, aOo>jn'.s to 91* set; usual prv 9) ? t<> $X G< ntlrmen's ftrids, 91 a set; usual prro 91 Meal Jet HrareWta, 91 ; usual price 9* a p*ir. Children'* Finger Blcgs, W cents to 91 each , u*ual price) loft\ lentlet Getitlemen'n Scarf Fins. 91 each; uses) pri -e 93 to 94. Ladles r-sl Jet Pio* 91 t ach; usi.^i price $.t. Also, Peris end ? vnrila T.siil.r.l.ka, v.atehkeys, BeM Bncklea, chain Fine. Croeees, Steel lloli Clasps, Ar. 4a. 'loods sent hy n ail or eiprese U' all parts ol thi United States and Canada fr?e of omit. <?F'?B<>E C ALLEN, agent for the nunufietu-era, wtvil# ?ale and retail, 41? Broadway, one door below < aesl streak. JFABIWWAO, M D ? 'FHt?TOIAl*>. OONKfTV ? moms No. ? 1 1 Sixth avenue, noar Twenty In t ?ireel J^OMO ISLAND COLLLOE HOSPITAL. brook I. VM, *. T. BOARD OK KEoKNTS. Hon. 8amn?l Hloati. KrmI teat. That. U. KoJumr. R?n , R?scr*'arjr, COfHtlL T K M. U. t\ L W'?*hrtl, M D. W m II. Dudlay, Mr* J. II Henrr, M. D. Austin Flint, M D (New Orirnu h'rbool of Mc<t). Pwa* tor of Practical Mod. and P-.ili tl.jfcy 7m >k H Haailltu?, M D., (V)rvv?<T*!tr of Bnlfxlo) I'rotcnor n' Hvr<r?rT .'ajaa* D. Timi, II. O,, TntftiMir ti OktMitauil ill <????? of i3 ?-T> ""'I eltIMm R. Ot(d?n I*>rrm>i?. M t?? (K. T. Mrofma rollMi i, Prof mho r of OheiotMrv mvt Toiiaoiaf. .tniw|>li C. Hut<rnl#?>n, M D., Profi ?c>r o. Mirjferj and .urgl cil Ann torn r. .Ii.nnc' lMiton,Jr, *t, >1., roll of Pht?lctaa? aid ^urne- n?, R. T.i, PrdfeWor a:' mil llV roww pio AnkUtmj l???iu i:. feu.*, k n. Pr>f,??<>r of <i-n?nd mil I'wwrlptivn AiMtnm! Ed?r|n X '.'hTinan, M. I> , Fr^ fenmrof Th^rapruttr* ami M?t*ria VMna 1h?i l*jpil?r uourae of iKlnnnwlUwiii'iiMK* no " 'if March Is at II A. M., at wh'nh bom Pro.nMur liainlii o wffl flr?- n l4*'?n Int'-odnrti rj to tin notuw on Surg nry. Thf In'roductory U-etu'o to the c on Ohomint-y will to iMI?W"d br Frofwuor IVtremtM ..n Titi tJif, Varak 19, at 7>, o'clock, towhkli tha moAiCii prolrMio u aidtW publlt ar? Ins-lted. Rkooki.y*. March 11 1M. IADIM1 DIAMOND A WD RXAMELtHD WATOHM i A1 HAKtiAIXh. Tlw mihactfScr btfl jnut r??lr?l n mail Inroff of La<fl?# P aod H name lit* I Wau ni*. mclih ba U ? Jlng at Mi ttaukl prlc? S*Ji "10. C aLLEH. lift Ki<*J<raf. JEW TESTIMONY. N?.w Tornr. March 14, l^t thl? <a? oarUfj^tfcSt I N *:.<? ratl?**d m.> tnMait .iimiu?1 -?nd ?? V t>' ***?''"' ' ' ? in trv h.-ad irt'tn ?bl<h I ooff.-r-d CurELA.ND, ^argt .f Polk*. aEAK?ni^"i,? tT<b iimi, at o nrr. or hid, BY I/H Vuti *UB?'H//lbi?.h.R, ?'Cta.>S? AI?P AintlHT, WITH Ills .KTHUKRAL KAIt IXtlALATO* AND FAMOI.'S LAHYWOOSOnPK I1uc<lr?(U nlmilAr to?h? . '? ?r can hr f?> n OR. >OK M')RCi:^lHKI!R'" O Mtm. 107 Cl'nt- n piat *. t?'twe?n FlfUi ami 'Sixth f 'l'mm. s todabi rtAitos, ? A>I> pjfcnt^. OR^T\.? ' ?rt ?ro?H-^ AT A SACFirirK. FHQLISH AXD ffWfs* CHROHOUrT H Wttf'nM. D. C. PKACOOK, Lctirto-t, an r5 nr.-ad*ay, A uplondld atorV of " 7 ?f"1 ** w?oT%ri#(l ftnt r\*n ?, nr'tliiiK off frt el?M tbi* TooIb in fw'oiv, til i vixntrw irtlMP, T K COM VM1TTVE H FRIBM?, COl'OIlS, COLLi*. BAiRiaO RU>OU, PAIN IK THE fHI'K AND BSKAHT, Ac. Th'' f and "ImllK "ompialnt* ar? motl nrWa.f eu P?d It HTATT H PoUMMtc Ranam. Dt poi HO Oi Md utrnl. It c?nu i*r butue.