Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1861 Page 5
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lie an* will lwun from this transaction that there are other ways of governing a country besides by a system of espionage, and the seizure of articles which may seem to them "contraband ot war," wben no war exists, or whiob are otherwise obnoxious to their peculiar ideas of the rights of the citizen in commercial trans actioas. Diversion or Immigration from the Northern States. ? One of the favorite i facta of the republican organs in their J comparison of Northern and Southern pro gress is the more rapid increase of population in the Northern States. They will not long have to boast of this. One of the effects of their present policy will be to check the stream of immigration, to which the disparity is entirely due. No sooner did it become evident that the Union waa in danger of being broken up, sad that the imposition of high duties under the Morrill tariff was about to render the Northern States as expensive places to settle in as Europe itself, than the Canada papers began to publish articles proving the superior inducements which that province hold ?oat to emigrants. From a discussion wntch look place recently in the British Parliament on the subject of the Saskatchewan and Red liver territory, it is evident that efforts will also be made to divert transatlantic emigration in that direction. Thus, between the advantages held out to him in those various quarters, and the dearness of everything here, the emigrant will no longer be tempted to try his fortunes amongst us. The agriculturist will go to the British pro vinces, and the mechanic to the Southern States, where they will find life easier and the rewards of industry more certain. In this way a stop will be put to the settlement of our waste lands, as well as to the large annual in flux of capital which we owe to immigration. How long, we ask, will the North, under these circumstances, preserve the ratio of increase in ita population which is pointed to as an evidence of its natural superiority over the South ? Thk Popular Vote on tub Southern Consti tution. ? The Tribune Bays that the secession leaden dare not submit their work to the peo ple, because the Louisiana Convention did not think it necessary to obtain a popular vote upon the constitution of the Southern confede racy. Ia there no parallel for this in the histo ry of the republican party? In the last Con gress Mr. Bigler, Mr. Crittenden and others offered propositions to be submitted to the people to settle the difficulties which threaten to overwhelm the country in ruin, and the re publicans took every possible means to prevent an expression of the public opinion thereupon, and they succeeded in so doing. Who dared not submit their work to the people on that occasion ? ? ? A Cheerful Prospect. ? The Richmond Whig informs business men who are "restless under the stagnation of trade and the prospect before them," that "it can't be long until the whole matter will be understood, and business will adapt itself to the necessities of the case and go on." There are some people hereabouts who would be glad to know the exact date of this millenial period. With us things grow worse instead of better. We have a dull sum mer and a dreary autumn before us. Slaughtered in the House of His Friexo. ? ' It appears, from the Albany Evening Journal, that Weed's most bitter enemy in the JYibune office was formerly Lord Thurlow'8 editor. There's magnanimity for you. Fine Art*. THE NATIONAL AC* PKVTY OF PESION. Tho thiity -sixth annual exhibition of the N'ationi Academy of Design commenced last ovoniug, .it the gal leries la Tenth street, with tho " Private View" which customarily precedes the (rand opening to the public. Heretofore it has been usual to make this occasion a sort of general reception fur which two or throe thousand tickets of invitation hivo been issued, and in response to which the elite of the metropolis, milo and f<>m ile, hive gathered In large numbers. In the present instance, however, it was a "private ' view Indeed, those assem bled embracing merely the exhibitors and a few art con' nolsseurs, without a solitary feminine form to re lieve the dreary monotony of black coats and hirsute faces. While one cou'.d not help lamenting the absence of the brilliant srabeeiue pattern of humanity which hai graced tb?so occasions before, and the life and animation by wbi' h they have been characterized, the defl cleocy was more than made up by the untraoamjlled op portunity afforded those present t) enjoy a critical ex' amination of the works which decorated the walls. Ihe number of pictures exhibited, according to the catalogue, Is five hundred and seventy seven , and, In point of excellence, It is s.tfe to say that they favorably compare with tlioso of any previous year. Among the pictures which attracted the most atten tion we may mention the works of (iiffc.rd, Hut ?ton, Jerome Thompson, Mlgnot, Durand, Parley, de Hias, Ingham. I/wtxe and Jalntin. Numerous other artists contribute tho resnlt of their skill, but in the n)<sence of a catalogue and owing to the want of lino essential to a critics.' examination of their merits, wc defor a mora ex tended notice until another occasion. About two hun dred gentlemen were present. The Serthrni Tariff. A few typographical errors occurred In the tabular arrangement of the Northern tariff given In our yester day's edition, and which we row particularise. In some amm the duties have thero be?n left blank, sad the va canctes can be tilled with the following:? Rarbary gum, free. Barytes, sulphate of, 90 per "eat. Herriee. not otherwise provided for, 10 per cent. Rone snd bone tips, unmunu'scture 1, 10 |> t coal. He gar*, under $6 per 1,000, 'JO cents per pound and 10 per cent? not 21. (Junny cloth? see cotton bagging. Hides, raw, are. , 6 per cent. Horn and horn tlph, uDmanufSctured, 10 percent. Hyposuipbate of soda, 10 per cent. ?lute, ootton bagging und?r ten cents per yard, 1 % cents per p< and , not x cut. Mattresses, vegetable substances for, 20 per oent. Mathematical instruments Tor I'nlted State#, Si<!? free. Newspapers, kc , act otherwise provided Tor, It per l?Dt. till of vitriol, free. Statuary, not other wise provided for, 10 per cent. stave bolts, free. 8k ins, raw, he., 6 per ccnf. Sulphur, flour of, 20 per rent. Teeth, unmanufactured. 10 per cent. Whalebone, manut:u-tuns or, not otherwise p-ovided for, 00 per cent. rsroatr'i Inqwest. Si-renSH) Brictps n I.tsM?aiu? Srnrrr. ? Coroner O'Keefe held an i ttpiost at the Clur'-iiee Hotel, No. 48 1 i.-penard street, yesterday, upon the body of Henry, who Is imppnp'd to have committed suicide un ler the following clrcumstanrea ? Itecoased, who appearod to be a stiaaser In ill hetuth, arrived at tho h< tei on Saturday night, nmi reglstiri-J In* name a* Mr Henry The folios ing div (Sunday) ho went to the drug twt, ?irrcr of Cru?d#ay and Canal street, anil saying he was unwell, he purchased an oonoe of tho solution of morphine. He then retired to his room, and, lock ng the <t<v>r, went to be! On Hon day deceased did not make his appr?rnnce at the break fast table, but his alisenco (ltd not seem to -rcaie any alarm until dinner had heen ibroti-n with a id the f nest was still missing. I pin pro eeding to decease Ts room, and nndUg that the door was fastened on the In side, the anOlord det rmin- d to break do* a the barrier and ascertain the cause of the myete*y. Henry wui I found to be Insensible an I apparently in a dvtnif eondl I t<on Me>l leal aid proved of 1 1* tie avail, a* tlin unfor' i nate man never rallied. He expired about half nnst t^n o'clock evening. remaining unconscious |o the last The jury rendered a verdict of "death from an overdose of some nsrcotlc poison.'' Decease 1 was abo>u thirty Ave years of age, and was apparently an American NKr.sosf pkkkinh r*(>T*f*nos D F"PT Picsicm ? Vour runaway negrow, belonging to <*Us?>? of to Fort Pickens recently, and demandel th- protection of |, lent. Slemmer. That officer promptly ret jrnod them (o their rightful owners. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrtvml ?' the OvwUMi Pwy Kiymi, Kun Kjujupt, March It, 1861. The pony ex pre* passed here at forty-flye minutes pust eleven o clock P. M. yeststday, being twenty-tour hours ahead of time by tha winter schedule. The exprtsa bring* tha following summary of news ? Bah Fnaxnsoo, lurch ft? 3 40 P. M. Arrived 4th, schr. Caroline E. Footo, llakodadi, Jtpu. Also arrived 6 th, ship Torrent, from Hong Kong. Chpt Gore, her commander, died on the passage. Sailed 4th, ship Dashing Wave, tor New York. The (hips Alma and Lookout have been chartered to take breads! ufts to England. The American bark Tinas was wrecked January 13 near Hskodadi. The crew were saved and brought to this port by the schooner Caroline K. Foote. The trial ot August in Barraaaethy has resulted in his acquittal by the Jnry. The suit was for the recovery of $10,000 on his oillclal bond as melter and refiner ot the Ban Francisco Mint, for an alleged deficit of $162,000. The main point of the defence was that the building, ma chinery, Ac. , of the mint were wholly inadequate, mak ing great wastage inevitable by manipulation. The other case in which the government sought to recovor the en tire $1(2,000 was to depend npan the issuo of a suit oa the bond. So the defendant stands acquitted by the jury of all charges against him. The District Attorney has given notice of appeal to the Supreme Court. Both houses of the legislature have agreed to go into a joint convention on the 0th for the election of a United States Senator. No caucus nominations will previously be made by any party. Mr. MeDougull's partial nomina tion by the Douglas democrats is being still adhered to. The general tenor of advtcos from Sacramento main tains that the election of either Denver or McDaugall is hardly possible, and that If any election takes place the successful candidate must be some new man not yet pro minent as an aspirant. No news of the steamer Uncle 8am, now eleven days overdue, with New York malls of Feb. 1. The succeeding steamer, with New York mails of Feb. 11, ia now due, and if she arrives before tomorrow night, bringing tidings of the Uncle Sam, the news will be tele graphed to Carson Valley to overtake tho oastern bound pony pxpreps , JThe steamer Oregon, from the northern coast, arrived here on the 4th instant, with Victoria dates to the 23d of February, and Oregon dates to the 1st of March. Tho steamer brings two companies of United States troops, among wli >m some acts o.p insubordination occur red before leaving Portlnnl. One private was severely Injured in the head by the Lieutenant In command. A number of the soldiers were gagged and handcuffed. Accounts from the Neu Perce mines are encouraging. Tho American farms on San Juan Island are flourishing, and farmers cheerfully pay taxes to the Sheriff an 1 Whit comb Company. The civil jurisdiction heretofore exercised on tho island by Washington Territory will be discontinued, and Captain Pickett's authority will be most iibsolute. At Astoria it was reported that a bark, supposed to be the I.ooisa, had come ashore near Tilamock and had cap sized. The colonies of Vancouver and British Columbia will be represented at the World's Fair in 1162. The British bark True Briton, with a carg] valued at $200,000, from London to Victoria, sustained serious damage o ff Cape Horn and put into Falkland Islands, whore her cargo will be sold to pay expenses. Harrison White, proprietor of the Fort Hope sawmill, Has been murdered by Indians. The murderer of Price has been captured. The mines on the Simllkamecn are reported better than before. Trade opened dull this week. Coffee has advanced; latest sales Rio made at 16 ^c. Crushed sugar somewhat firmer, and raw weaker. Candles dull at 19c. a 19>?C. Butter via the Isthmus in bettor demand: sales at 28}?c Sales of American brandy at 62>fc. Wheat ? large sales at a decline of &c. a 10c. from the highest point reached this season. News from Havana. Nkw Orlkass, March 19, 1M1. The steamship Habana has arrived from Havana, with dates to the 16th lust. The Karnak, from New York, bad arrived out on the 16th. Business was more active. Bugar ? numbers 12 to 14? 6% a 7 reals. The receipts are dally Increasing. Stock on hand, 224,000 boxes and some hogsheads. Molasses tractive; clayed, 2 a 2)4 reals; Muscovado, S reals. Money slightly more stringent; sterling exchange, 10 a 10J< premium; sight exchange on New York, 8 per cent I premium. The news from the United States regarding the altera tion of the tariff created some excitement. St. Louts Mayoralty Nomination. Sr.' Locn, March 19, 1861. Daniel G. Taylor was unanimously nominated for Mayor yesterday , by a convention or the democrats, Beil and Kv<<r?tt men. Resolutions were adopted ' that we wlU recognise no issue in the approaching municipal election other than republicanism and anti-republlcan ism. We challenge tho republican party of this city to meet us cn that issue. That in choosing our candidates we require no other qualification than honesty, capability and fidelity to the Union and opposition to the republican party." The ticket was called the "Union uati republican ticket." Bark Atfiorc? Klgbt Persona Orowaed. Boston, March 19, 1841. The bark Harvest Queen, of New York, from Buenos Ayres for Boston, la among the breakers oil Scltuato, and will be ashore at low water. Right of her crew were drowned In attempting to land. The captain was saved. Assistance has been despatch od to her relief. Fire? Lou of Life?Sale Id*. Bohtor, March 19, 1861. An old woode* building in Koxbury, known as "Canal Block," occupied by several Irish families, was destroyed by lire esrljr this morning. John Smith, his wife and daughter, and .lohn Kelly , perished In the (lames. John W. Leigh ton, ex police officer, committed suicide this morning with laudanum. Imecadlarjr Fire? Heavy l>nu. Nkw Osixami, March 19, 1891. The town of Newport, Florida, was partly consum j\ by lire on lbo 16tb, caused by incendiarisu. The loss reaches $100,000. insurance $36,000. Railroad Accident. Nbwajuc, March 19, IS91. Charles Rogers, aged forty years, stepped In front of the lour o'clock train from Hi/abeth this morning, when near Round Brook, and was killed. An inqueat held nod the jury attached no blame to the railroad company, lingers was walking to Havre de I : race, Md. He has no friends. Railroad Bale Confirmed. Snuawm j>, Ohio, IWch 19, 1891. Tho Court to day confirmed the salo of the Springlield, M'.. \erion and Pittaburg Railroad to F. A. Iim, attor uey for the bondholders. Tks Weather at Boat on. Bomtos, March 19, 1M1. A violent northwest snow storm prevailed here to .lay. Railroad Completed. 1/orwMLU Marsh IV, 1MI1. The lost rail en the Toulsvliie, Clark.nville and Memphis Hailroad will be laid tomorrow. Southern Ocean Steamer ? . a~~ fltox ensenta. The steamship Florida fro^T v*4^ -*rcl!' 1?, 1891. ; :S" -Jsycicr: sa R Boston Bank Statement. Boktov, March 19, 1891. The fallowing are the lootings of our weekly balk statement: ? OapPal stock $32.281, TOO loans and discounts 02, Ml, TOO flpeele 6 307.700 l>ue from other banks 8 SAO .000 flue to other banks 8 200,000 I epueits 18,120,000 Circulation 0,190,900 Market*. PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. Pmt AMLrmA, March 19, 1M1. Stork's dull, reansylvania State it, 87v.-; Heating Raih??'i, 21 V Morrn Canal, 68; long Island Railroad, 10U; Pennsylvania Railroad, 41; sight exchange on New Voik at par a 1 10 per cent discount. Ntw OsUiavs, March II, 1801. Cotton market active, and prices \c a ?<c. higher: pu es to <1 ay 22,000 bales middling at ll'tc a li'^c. Flour quirt- super, $6 ?6 a $6 30 Freight ua cotton to Lieerpool. Xd. Sterling exchange, a O.'j premium; sight exchange on New York, premium to par. Montr.* Much 19, 1861. Colon? ''ales today 2,500 bales middling U^o; sales the past three days 8 200 bales receipts, 4,000. freights, ?J lti'l.; sterling exchange, 5a 9 premium; sight ox I change on New?York, par to premium. Bai HMORB, March 19, 1891. I Hour dull: Howard street sndOh'o, $6 12>J ; City Mills, $$, fmtll aalrs. Wheat steal y red, tl 2A a $1 28, white, fl 40 a $1 00 Corn dull; mixed. 66c. a f??C; yellow, 6Tc. H 69c., white, ftOc. n 64c.. Provisions dull. Ooffee quiet at 12l?c. a 13c. Whiskey, ITc. a 17 yc IlHLAiHarmA, March 19, 1891, Hour dull superfine, $6 a $6 12)tf. Wheat active at $1 29 a $1 18 for red. Com quiet sale* 3 000 bushels new yellow. 66c. a 69o. . old, 6Hc. a 68#c. Whiskey Arm at 1TX" a 18 'to. CmrmwATt, March 19, 1891. Flour W In fair demand ; super $4 SO a $4 99 Whis key firm at 19X0- Provision* are quiet. I?lll?g of the RUf?r* PMtfOMd. Boston, March 19, 1M1 11m sailing of Um Niagara has been postponed UU nooa to-morrow. The California Overlaid Express. Fort Kkamny March 19, ltMl. The ooacb of the California overland Company and Pike's Peak Express pnHinxi here to-day at eleven A. M. , with Denver City dates or the Iflth. The or (ante act of the Territory waa received on the lfith, and given general satisfaction. The mining prospects are brightening. The majority of Ihe mills have water to run all or a part of the time, and some of thein give & yield*. The Philadelphia Mualrlpal Elrrtlua. Bakhwbiro. March IV, IHtMt. The House panned the bill postponing the municipal election In Philadelphia till the ?euera! election in the fall, ameuding it to take effect in 1N82. Ihe Senile re fu*ed to concur in the amendment. aad the House re ceded, when the bill was parsed. The New City Charter Defeated In IlUnola. Chicago, 111., March 19, l?el. The new city charter, parsed at the but sessiou of tbe 1-epiMature, waa defeated to day by a maiority of 9,180. The result is being celebrated at Wentwortb'H of tlce by the tiring of rockets, music and other deinoiutra tioua of joy. Political Intelligence. Thr Qi anion ok Uki-khhncs in Tuntlit ? The vote ov the question of referring the action of the Virginia On ventiou to the people, In ail but ten counties, waa as fol lows: ? Kcr reference 100,639 AgaiLSt 45,161 Majority for referring 65,375 Tkoi hle Among iuk Khthijoan? ok Ohio ? Thoro Is con aiderable of a conflict going on among the republican mem bers of the Ohio legislature on the question of Oiling Mr. Chase's seat in the United States Senate, which ho never occupied. They met the second time in caucus on the 16th inst. , and took twenty -one mere ballots. We give the first and last ballot : ? 31* ballot. 61st bad t, Schecck 21 22 VeuuiBoa 20 2s Horton 16 1 Boer man 1 24 The caucus will meet again to-day. Pkack or War. ? the Southern papers are publishing the following paragraphs from Old Abe's inaugural:? In your hands, my dis- The power comided to me satisfied fellow country meu, will be used to hold, occupy and not in mine, is the iuo- and possess the property men tout question of civil and places belonging to the war. The government will government, and collect the not a* sail you. * duties and imposts. A notour Corrci-i Lw ? isi. atc kk. ? The Chicago Democrat (republican) sayi it has found but one sentlneol re specting the black republican Legielatare of Illinois, and that is that it Is the most corrupt body of men that ever assembled in that State. Wentworth know3 Tin Reaction in Nkw Hami-shim ? iloLest Old Abe's majority over all the other candidates, combined, in New Hampshire, at tbe November cloction, was 9,109. Tbe majority of the black republican Governor in the recent contest will not exceed 3,600. Cloar republican loss, 6,300. Skverk on tut: Domimk. ? At St. Paul, Minnesota, re cently, the Rtv. Mr. Fisk declared "that John Brown was a second Jesus Christ." Some men assembled to con sider certain political matters concerning the domestic Interests of Minnosota^and in view of the above, adopted the following: ? Whereas, The Rev. Mr. Flak, of St. Paul, has declared from the pulpit "that John Brown was a second Jesus Christ," therefore, Resolved, That Mr. Fisk has made himself a second Balaam's ass; provided, however, nothing horem con tamed is intended to slander the original a&s by wtimal. ing that Mr. Fisk is his lineal descendant. Aujoi-rnmknt. ? The Legislature of Maine adjourned sine die on the ISth instant. Reaction in Pennsylvania. ? K number of town clec tiocs have been held recently In Pennsylvania, and a Philadelphia paper says tbe democracy have swept every vestige of black republicanism before them. In the city of Reading, where the opponents of democracy have been ruling for years, the democratic Mayor is elected by a majority of 644, and the entire Council, with three or four exceptions, in Harrisburg, Norriatown and West Chester the victory lias been equally great. The Testimonial from the Uueen of Spain to latent. Craven, 17. S. N. lieutenant Commanding Craven, who but recently re turned from a cruise In the war steamer Mohawk, went to sea on Saturday in command of the kteimer Crusader. Just before sailing he reoeived, through the Secretary of State a gold medal and diploma with which he hail been pro scnted by the Queen of gpuln. The medal was large and massive and of beautiful workmanship, and the piperi accompanying It were as fellows: ? Navy PB'artmevt, March IS, 1MI . Fir ? 1 herewith enclose a copy of a letter add r owed t > this department on the 8th inat., by the Hon. William H reward, Secretary of State, transmitting a gold meda and a diploma, presented to yo<i by her Catholic Msjeety, through her minister at Washington, as testimonial o services rendered by you while in command of the Dnite 1 States steamer Mohawk is the seamen of the Spams i polacca Bella, wrecked on Oayo Uutnchos in "Juno, 1*60 The diploma also accompanies this lotter. The meda will bwfocwaned to you by Adams & Co.'s Express. 1 am, respectfully, your obedient servant, (HURON WEIJ.K3. Lieutenant T. A. M. Crww, commanding United States steamer Crusader, New York. DOTAnntwrr ok Statf, )!*, March 8, 1861. I Si a ? In the month of January last the accompanying gold medal and diploma were received at this department irom the Minister of her Catholic M^esty in this city, for presentation to Ueusnaat Craven, for services re'n tiered by him while In command of the United -Hat.* screw summer Mohawk to tho seamen of the S^-inwb polacea Bella, wrecked on Cayo Gu inrhoa, in June, 1800. The propriety of authorizing Lieutenant Wraven to receive these testimonials was accordingly submitted to and fi vorably considered ?yy the appropriate committees of Oet.g < ss. and, porsi >ct to tb-;ir recommca'.it ?n, a joint r i lutl 'i. to tbtit f l.t ? was i>A.->.?ed ou the 18th alt. I I .vo tho honor, thurefsra, to transmit the c dal and < pioma to jou Icr .elivery to Liontcna..-* Craven. I .? ti, ''.ir, jo'?r most olndlent servant. WILLIAM II. .-aWlRD. To the /ioortthlo Girotosr Wxixun, Secrciary of the \avy. UAMR.ATIOM oe IKruma. Di>5 Jt'ANY rw i .a I'vu.t* Zavala, Minister of Marine? Insomuch ss Mr. Craven, Lieut* nan) In the Navy of the i mted states of America, oommarder of the war steam cr Mohawk , bus been d*c >rated by royal decree, issued na the 2Tth of October, 1840, with a gold medal provided tor oncer the royal ordinances of the 18th of April and 15th of November. 1868, for his generous and humane services to the shipwrecked crew of the Spinish po ltcca Bella, loat oil' the Cayo (luincbos on tuo21nl of June, of this present year, the Qneen, Dona Isabella II. . now commands that IhStt diploma be forwarded without deliy, that he may ure it to fprove his title to wear tho above mentioned decoration. ZAVALA. Madrid, November 24, 1840. Severe Weather on the Ilndaon. THK SNOW STORMS FKEKZJNO OVKB OF THK RIVBK? ROUGH PA88AOE OF THK NKff WORI.D ? LOW TIDRB ? BOATS AQROlTJfn, F.TC. For a week past there has boen a - ary flne sample of January weather on the Hudson. Snow fell the whole of Wednesday night and part of fhuraday, nearly all al>ng the river, varying In depth from two ti six inches. In the neighborhoods of Pougbkeepsie, I'eeksklll and I'.hine bcck the snow was in many p'acos full tlx Inches deep on Thursday , sleighing good for about half a day, when a ahevy showe rof rain ended it. Cp to Sunday at two o'clock the weather had moderated considerably, wbsn It a fain chat gel, and since that time has been -very cold. Between twelve and one o'clock on Sunday It was within a few degreos of zero. The cold continued all Monday, np to seven o clock at night, when snow began to fall between Poughkeepele and New York, and yesterday morning tho ground was covered to the depth of three or four Inches. But little snow fell above Poughkee pale, and further towards Alba ny not any. The weather, however, was bitter cold, and must have been aa low as zero. Kor several day- pant there has been a constant storm of wind blowing from the north, and this haa c inaed the water in the river to be very low, somu-faao that in m?ny places the bed of the river, at the sides, Is more exposed rtisn for ?<>m years past. On Monday morning the Vaadcrbilt lay high ami drv upon the bar some time, and other* are als reported to have run agrouad, though with less detention The ext'eme cold, snow storms, and narth winds, hav ? flUed the river with ire, canning also serioos doten Hon to the boats. The rive- in maav places be tween A'bany and Hudson, yi sterday morning, was frown over tight before the New World cut her way through ; and at Albany and a Vive the keo was one shoe from shore to shore, when the ferry boats crossing at th ? different point* set the maee >n motion, floating down ? !th tlie tide. Kloetir.g i-e WiWil between RuMlNktM Albany, about sixty miles. From Newburg to New York there is none worth mentioning. All the streams, creeks and standing water are. however, frozen over? muf two and ih tee inch<e thick. The bay at Hudson is frozen ever, and at Livingston's creek, betweea Tivnti and Berry town, two flnhormen were cnwslrg en foot a* the express train p***ed that point at half past ten o'clock yesterday morning. The New World, due in Albany at Ave o'clock ysater day morning, did not arrive in that city until half past ten A. M., having met with ice In such large quantities between Ttvoli and Albany that considerable time was lost )? cutting her way through it. Ohltnarjr. The Rev. Ei?ward Mh.kan, pastor of Pit. Augustine's church, Htng Sing, end a distinguished member of the Catholic priesthood, died suddenly Monday evening, flis remains will be brought to this city and exposed at *t. Pe'rlek's rathedral, st one o'clock on Friday next; thence the fuaerai will proceed to Calrar> Cemetery. Tk? Bcrfeii Wife Pvtmlaf CaM. Ob Monday a dealt blow was given to the last rtm lin ing hop* of saving William Absan from the scaffold, by the decteion of the Court of I'ardoos, silting at Trenton, which refused to entertain the proposition of commuta tion of sentence or to interfere in any way with the speedy consummation ur justice, He will therefore be hung on Wednesday, ihe 10th of April Thtf stern sad unequivocal decision ha* had a salutary effect on the prl Honor, since he begins to change tne utmost brutelike sto lidity and indifference which characterized his conduct throughout the trial, to more human attributes, and has even on several occasion* evinced momentary symptoms of n pentance. He is attended rrligigwrmfU by the Her. Mr. Noble, who hails with delight the faintest appear i.Iicp of contrltiou or piety, alter his long and heretoforo unmlnded ana fruitless ministrations. The most artecim* su-noe are occasioned by the visits of tlie chudren of Abtton. There are sis? two by a pre vious and four by the wife for whose death he stands convicted ? ait of whom are unable to appreciate the fearful position of their futher except the eldest, Klliabeth, whe was one or the principal witnesses for the unsuccessful defence, and aged about Sixteen years. These little ones cluster aroiuid their parent, totally unable to account for his long continued absence from home and present unexplained incarcera tion. To their numerous inquiries for the desired infor mation. Abson replies with tears ? the appearance o which caust all fur. her importunity to cetso. The preparation*, for the execution are being pushe>l rapidly forward In the rear of the Hudson county jail ? situated on Bergen HHl, in Hudson City? a strong brick wall, twelve feet high, will be erected, and be arranged sods to preclude the pot-sihillty of sa'isfaction of tho morbib craving and melancholy want of decency which generally atli.u t a large crowd on similar tragic ooca sions. In this enclosed ..pace the gallows will bo erected, upon which ou Wei nefuay , the lOtn day of April, a ter rib's le.-.-on will lw?' of the irapotency of c<.n"o?l ment and certainty of punishment of any llendtsh ant successful attomi>t to produce a permanent divorce from an unc >ngcnlal partner of wedlock. Tickets ol admission will be Issued by Sheriff Francis, with a view to shut out th'1 presence Of all persons n'> particularly called upon by duty or otherwise to be present. Brooklyn City Newi< Convoy OorNon ? Tho Hoard met on Monday evening ? President Kalbfleisch in the chair. It was resolved to Instruct the Comptroller to advertise

for ten days for propositions to lease for ten years the bulkhead belonging to tho city at Fulton ferry. A petition was presented from certain property owners asking that the limits of the proposed park at Mount l*roepect, against the establishment of which the public has protested, and the issuing of bouds for tho defraying of expenses of which the Common Council has disfavored by resolution, shall be extended in an easterly direction, and that iho work be dono in a shapoly manner, ordered to lie on the table. ttio Law Committee reported that the suit of Peters vs. the City of Brooklyn, in which the plaintlif claims $6,000 damages, said to have been sustained by tho emptying of the Uond street sewer on his promisee, might be ad van taseously adjusted. Accordingly the matter was referred to the I*w Committee and tho Corporation Counsel for settlement. The Chief F.nglneer of the Fire Department of tho ('.ast ern District presented a vory interesting report, showing the condition of the department and tho number of ilree snd alarms during the past > ear. Tho documeut discloses that there are iu too rtep >rtm"nt l chief engineer and 6 assistants, 812 llromen, 12 engine. 8 hose and 3 ho< k and ladder companies. Tnere are 2H6 lengths of hose, of which 100 lengths (equivalent to 5,000 feet) are in ordinary, and 85 lengths (4,260 feet) in bad cocdition Superior hoso or 10 lengths to each engine, and 20 lengths to each hoso company, miking 280 lengths (equal to 14.000 feet), were required, and the Chief Kn Kiueer should bo authorized to purchase Immediately 5 000 Tect of good hose. During the past year there have J been f>71 boll and 33 still alarms. The number of tires were 61. The report concluded by stating that tho d't partmcnt was prosperous and in n state of general effi ciency The report was ordorcd to be printed. Tho Board adjourned at an early hour. Naval Intelligence. The Unitod States steamer .Susquehanna left Beyronton the 4th ult. lor Jaffa and Alexandria A large party of the otllcers and men, who took passage on a Russian steamer for Jerusalem Home t Ime previous, were com pelled to return to Haifa, as the steamer could not eltect a landing at Jaffa, liom Haifa they rtxle to Nazareth in a revere storm. The 8usquehaflOa proOMded to Jaffa for the purpose of receiving thom, but owing to the storm which prevailed at that time, it was ex|iected she would be delay od some weekB. The gal" in Syria was tn< re severe than any that had villted that locality In twenty-flvo years. Personal Intelligence ? Charles Francis Adams, the now Minister to England, comes of a family prominent in American history. He will be tbe third of his family, running through three generations , who has represented tbe United .States at the Court of St. James ? the grandfather, the father, and now tbe grandson Mr. Adams is tbe son of the sixth President, and grandson of the second President, of iho Cultoc Stale*, autl is himaoif a prominent, and ad' tail ted to tie one of th" most tnUinind and less pretoo lions, of the representatives of hi* party As a member of Congress, author and lawyer, he his always been os loomed a f ( hi lar of a high order and a gentleman of 11 uo social qualities. William I? Dayton, the new Minister to France, ii a native of .New Jersey, a graduate of I'rinC'tou College, in that State, and a lawyer by profession. lie began his public political career in the Senate of his State Ui 1837, snd, one year afterwards, was elected to the honorable position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey; in 1641 he was appointed Untied HUtes .Senator to All a vacancy . and subsequently Oiled a full term in thut important post vion. In politics, at the timo alluded to, ho whs a tree soil whig, and he maintained to tho full est extent the right of Congress to legislate wUh respect slavery in the Territories of the United .States, on which subject be expressed bis views iu a speech on the treaty with Mexico in 1847. He was an intimate friend and influent la) adviser of President Taylor. In 18545 Mr. I>ayton was nominated by tbo Republican Convnution as their candidate for the Vioo Presidency of the I luted KUt< h, with Mr. as the candidate for President. In 1857 he was aprminted Attorney General of the State of New Jersey, which office bo now holds. Georgp P. Marsh, tbe new Minister to Italy, is a native of Vermont, and a graduate of Dartmouth College. Mr. Marsh early adopted tho profession of tbe law. In 1835 he was elected a mem'mr of tbe Supreme Execu tive Council of Vermont, and in 1842 becime a represen tative In Congress, retaining his scat in that body , by re elections, until 1840, when bo was ap pointed l>) I'rrsitteBt Taylor to the post of Minister Kesl devt at Constantinople, which attire he creditably filled for four years, in 18T>2 bo was charged by tho govern merit with a special mission to Greece. He travelled ex tensively <n Kurme. In 1853 he was appointed ono of the Oommirff ioners to rebuild tbe State House at Mont peiier, Vermont. In 1857 and ISM ho served as Railway Commissioner in that Mate. In 184t be was chosen one of the Corporation of the University of Vertnon . Mrs W 1. Marcy and daughter, and J. Bgelow and wife, of .Sow York, are stopping at the Clarendon Hotel. Dr. 8. llammoLd, of the United States Army; D. O'cott sod lieutenant Gibson, of Albany; W. Rogers, of Haiti more; L. U. Cavaly and wife, of Washington; J. J. Pren tiss, of New Hampshire; R. H. Strots, of I'hiluiclphia; A. J. Snow, W. W. Warren and wife, and 0. B. Brown, of Boston, arc stopping at tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel. N. Wltt-ckr, of Bridgeport; H. R. Htevsm, of New burg; D.J. Justice, of 61. Paul; W. F. llronson and W. H. Barrett. of Baltimore. W. S. thaw, of Virginia; 8. 8. Bray ton, of Paiisville, p.. K Tumor of Tennessee. J. R. l'?>son,of Cincinnati; A Ib igabtl, of Havana 9. Turn hull and K. 1'. Wilbur, of Boston: I) I, King, of obto; tf. Thornton, of Massachusetts; and J. Wilcox, of Mor een, aro stopn ng at the St. Nlcnolas (total. Hon. W. A. Wi.lard, of I'eoria; H"u. O. B. Matteson, of N'-w York; Hon T. 7. Flagler, of tockpirt; C.ipt. W. O. Potter snd wife, of Salem. Mass ; Capt. P. C. f*ope, of Portsmouth, N 11.; Charles Oaxford, of Philadelphia. G W. Bowen, of I?ckpoit: R. Pooglirs, ol Oorglv H. B. Mitt, ot Philadelphia: P H. Ran .roft, of Ohio, and Miss Mason, of Salem, aro stopping at tbe As tor House. Arrivals and Departures. A KHIVA J LltFSrOOL via Loifnowtritsv? Steamship Palestine, at Portlnnd- It W II llams, Capt Kry and lady. Bept Aast Jom Hen Archer, W M A Davla, ( apt Smart W Pars, Cap' Street, lady and daughter; W O Mandertoh, W A Mnrray, O Pag*, Measr* Hope Doiir.iU, Plnmondnn, (jri mer, Kaatwood, Tay lor, 1'ratt, Joy, Web ?>er and Keating? an I 2i in tbn ?l<*rmg?. CsaSSMTOK ? Steamship Naaliville ? .lohn Hunter and fami ly, .Innv" Garrison, Chiine,* Qllheit aud ady, Mrs Horrl?an, Oat id iluchei, M ( aterxoo, W Ooodlitf. V O Clark, J I* Bxali ,'imiN Kelly and lady, L Loregne. A Maxwell. .1 M Wlnn?y, Mrs McKenxIc. Joseoh W Smith snd aervaiil, Hollin Churok? S In the nf'rr.ig* and 7 nolored pa?<engrra. DKPARTITIK*. 1 Lmnrtm VIA LoitrM>i?DKn*r? Hteamihlp North Briton, from Portland? K G .lohnaon, K Nell, H Hiirjpton, M Bitten dorr, W ('lark, lady and three children, and W H Pollock, of V*w Vork; .lamea Klliaon, lady and three c'llldrrn; Mlaa Ke illor Clsmenis. and H D Klrt, of ttcxton. .1 W Street, of Hi Andrew*. NH; I4eut Washlnc'on (H C Plfl*al, lady ?nd nor. vant , M LeMcuirer, "f Ouebee Jl llogers. ot Maneti?a<er; Kd ward Ineall. of Csliana; 8 t? Csiier, W Wo'aloook, K Rouae ? ml K Lewis, of Toronto. Court Calen4ar~Tbls Day. Scntam Covkt? Cihitit ? Psrt 1 ? Nos. .15*5, S71, #99, 745, 747,.' 121. 101. .127, 7M, 7u6, 767, 701 7?T, 7R3, SHI, 8.1, r.s:t, ;m, 776, 7(W Part 2- Nos. 62S. 504!4,lt+t, 016, 664, ?f>*, 66-t, 098, 674, fiOl, 500. 366, 676, 6#), 68J 684. 688, Ml. 6?8. St i-Fston Ox rt ?Part 1 ? \>* 889, 1373,1534,1567, I 1661,1 :!07. 1667, 1576. 157.1,1.181.1317 Part 1? I Nos. 1048. 1062, 264, 7?2, 18, 106J, 1094, l?>6fl, 10?H, MS, 1074, 1076, 1080 Usrnm Static Disttcict Co cut. ? V,?. 10,9, lft(16,18, 20, 22 to 26. Oiwmo* Pisns ?Part 1? Nos 298, 496, .1149, 724, 780, 148, .Ki6. 104, 894, 540. C81, 611, 4?7, 678, 449 IQsldavIa Oram Psrsra the Hair, MTh la kers and m>i>'achea to irrw luxuriantly Hold wholesale and re i*ll by W. A. BATCHELGH, 16 ttond sirnev Tmssrs, Klastle Htsrklngs, 8hanldrr Br*ces, Huapensnry Kandagss, Ae. l>ni GliOVKK A IflORNK, No. 4 Ann street, nnder ilarnum's Mnaeun. Trasses.? Marsh At Ce.'s Radical Care rusa. Ho. f Veaey street (Aator Uouas), oppxlM Us ehurrh. Cn?pht.|('old? and Hoarseness are the swtl l mesaengera of death Over three hand red of our flrat Ctttreea attest the never falling virtue* of tM>M,i)WA V 'H <dnim"St and Pills In theae complaints V seal according to Olrcrtloas, i as;, ntwr fall. The CoMNttm of th* C???try-\ak|r. M (Im lMlk-Tk? CoMtitaUw or the Cm frderatMl ltat?*-Tb? tnUbrattoa mf it. Patrick's Day? Immigration Statistics? The Tearmtat Hoaat> or the Metro ik>1Ii ? The Uteit Slew*? Markets, Ac., <&?. The Kami i y Hkkaid in its edition of t?day (Wednes day) will, with other matters, contain:? The latest I >e spatchee from Washington City, in regard to the Condi tion of the Country, the present Aspect of Affair*, and the I'olicy of thu Administration; Tl..' Constitution of the Confederate States, with the latest intelligence relative to AAhirs in the South; A full report of the manner in which St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in the Metropolis and its vicinity; An interesting statement giving the Number, Nativity, Age and Occupation of 1'ersons from Foreign Countries who have arrived in the lotted Slates during the past live years; Returns of the Census as to the Tenement nouses of Now Yoi k , showing bow we live in the Metropolis, and how many lire in their mvn houses and bow many in hired apartments; letters from Our Correspondents in l'aris and Berlin An Account of the Murder of Captain Fyke of tbc ship Gen. Parkhill: Obitu ary Notices of Distinguished Persons; The latest News received by Mail or Telegraph: All the Local News of New York and Vicinity of importance; Reports of the Cattle, Provision and Money Markets, and all Interesting News Matters of the preceding week. Tskxs.? f2 a year; four coots a single copy. Subscrip tions received at the ollice, northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, New York. Single copies for sale at the counter and by all nows agents. Advertisements in serted at the usual Ukkajo rates. The Drawings of the Sassez Cossty and Consolidated Lottery of Delaware. B. France a oo., MANAGERS. The Legislature of the State of Delaware' having given to R. Prance A Co. a lottery contract for twenty years, we, the undersigned, Commissioners appointed by the Governor of said Htate to superintend the drawings of aaid lottery, do hereby certify that the following are the numbers drawn this day:? Sussex Cocicrr? Class <57, March 19, 1861. 62 , 2. 46, 75, 71, 28, 44, 39, 6, 54. 29, 69, 25, 11. Consolidate/) Lorrsav? Class 42, March 19, 1061. 45, 73, 12, 33, 2, 48, 37, 44, 57, 39, 16, 74. Witness our hands at Wilmington, Del., this day (Tuesday), March 19, 1861. JOHN DALE. ) .JOHN WTWALKBR, ' Commissioners. ALFRED R. WOOTTEN. ) Circulars sent free of charge by addressing R. PRANCE A CO., Wilmington, Delaware. Drawings of the Delaware State Lot teries.? WOOD, EDDY A CO., Managers of the Dl I.AWAHK, KKNTCCRT AND MISSOURI STATK LOTTKSICS. Dklawahk? Extua Class IKi, March 19, 1861. 59, 41, 26, 38, 45, 73, 48, 54, 14, 35, 38, 72, 69. Dki.awahk~Ci.ass 134, March 19, 1861. 46, 36, 74, 40, 1, 39, 16, 45, 35, 12, 63, 20. Circulars containing scheme*, with full particulars, sent free of charge by addressing either to WOOD, EDDY A CO.. Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD, EDDY A CO. 8t. Louis, Missouri. flatteries. Me- sib. M OOD, EDDY A CO. would most respectfully in foim the public that their several littery giants do not ex pire until the following periods:-- The Delaware Htate Grant will continue to be drawn until the > ear 1*62; thu Missouri Htate Grant will cmtlnue until the vcar 1874, and the Kentucky HtateGrant until the vew 1877, and the business will be conducted until the eitpiiation of all those grants, with the same ptomptitude that has characterized it for the last forty years under the miinsgenient of our predecessors. Messrs. \ates A Mclntyre, Gregory A Co. J. W. Maury A Co., Gregory A Maury, and tlio undersigned, WOOD, EDDY A CO., Mantgers. A Brief Address TO WEARERS OP SOFT PELT HATH. Presuming that to obtain a first class article at a cheap price is an object with every sensible man, 1 will nrore in a few words my ability to supply the public with superior soft hats, at a lower figure than Is asked for them elsewhere. All my fabrics to this line are modelled nntl madn in my own tactory, while In all the retail hat stores in Broadway the ?oft felt hats ofTered for^ale are the prrductsof other parties, who make their profit upon them bet ore the store keeper makes his. Thus the purchaser pays both the manu facturer's profit and the merchtnt's profit in the price of the bat be tuys By purchasing at first hand this double charge is avoided. I have no manufacturer's profit to |:ay. 1 save it by making the fabrics mi self. Cons^iuently I can afford to sell, and (To sell, cheaper than the mere hat merchant Those who desire to put this matter to the proof are Invited to call si my establishment, JUS Nassau street, and examine and juoge for themselves. N. E8PBN80HEID, 113 Nass iu street. Ntelnway & Bon's Overstrung Grand and Dquare Pianos are now considered the best manufae tun d; are warranted lor five years. Warrrooms, 83 and 8t Walker s.reet. Storms' Spring Styles Oentleosen's Dress Hats, $3 80, surpassing any on Broadway at %i. No. 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. Album, Carte Vlaltea, Rn<liir?< Card* snd Parlor Photographs 24 taken I org], bjr HOLMISS, S>j Broadw ay. I BrooklyBn-CharlM II. Wllliaiiimn'ii Photograph!'- Portrait Gallery, Fulton street, opposite Clin ton. Established 1861. Tk? Ladd A Wcbater Rtwla; machine may aim oe bad for fifty dollars, at No. SOU Broadway. Whetlrr & Wilson's Improved Sewing Machine* alaeduced prices. Office, OU ll road Hay. Batchelor') Newly Invented VVIk? and Toupeea are moat perfect imitations of nature. t*-nd lor a measure card to 16 Bond atreet, N. V. Crtatadoro'a Hair Dye, WI|a and Ton pees. The heat In the world ; wholesale and retail and the dye privately applied, ho. 6 Aator House. Batrhelor'i Half Dye? Reliable and In stantaneous , black or brown. 1- aetory 81 Ilarclay street Sold acd applied at W. A. BATCHBLOR'8, Id Bond street. 11111, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and Whiskers. I lair Dye SO cents, black or brjw n. Barry 'a Trlcoptaerona la tlte Beat and cheapest article for rtree*ine beautifying, curling, eleanslmc, preserving and restoring the hair. Ladles, try II Hold l>y all drutglsta Marrted. Gfkkx ? Drake ?At kliaca, N Y., on Wednesday, March U, by the Rev. W. H W alker. I). D., XV. II. H. (iKt.k.1, of l.oco*. Mats., to Kat> G., daughter of C. B. Drake, Esq. Oled. AnjK ?'n Brooklyn, suddenly, on Monday. M ircii 18, Waikkk, the beloved wife of Oapt (!. B. Alien, iu the Mfc y?r of her age. The relativoa and friends of the fttmlly, the members of Volar >tar Lodge F. and A. 11., are rent-artfully invited to aticud tbo funeral from lior late re, No. 164 Dean street, Brtx>klyn, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock Huston paprs pleefe copy. BAAituot. ? <>D Monday morning, March 18, of inH:tmma lion of the Inngs, with typhoid forms, Ai"uv*im Maiub 1Iah> -tan, agM N jeara. The friends of the deoaaaed are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (WedueMay) afternoon, at ore o'clock, from hia late readenco, No. &7 1'uIvoq street, without further notice. Hare*? On Ttiewday morning, March 10, Catharkvb Womk, wifo of George Bruc?, in tha 78th year of her age. Nothe of the funeral in Thursday s papers. Cjum. ? In Hraoklyo, on Tuesday. Uir o 19. < apt. DaT< ton 9. Cask, bite of the schooner Dr. Franklin aged 62 years. The remains will be taken to Kouthold, L. I., for inter mrnt. lxng Island, Norw'cb and Orange . ounty paper? please copj UMBJMT ? On Tuesday, March I!), Catukki.vk Casswt, youDK1 al datifchter of Andrew and M ry Cassldy, a*cd 3 years ?n<! 4 months. The relatives and friend* of the family are respc t fully invltol to iitiend thefuneral. this (tV><ine*lay) af teraoon, at 2 o'clock , from tbo residence of har parents, 40 Alien street. Cimmkam ? in Brooklyn, on Tuerdny morning, March 19, A i rxA.MiKK 8. O itius, aged 62 )Oura, a native of Scotland. His Iiicm-m and acquaintances are raapectful y invited to attend the funeral, from the cornar of Oarlton and Atlantic avenuea, Brooklyn, on Tburaday afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. Glaa.ow act! Paisley (Scotland) paper* please oopy. CtuiMBw. ? On Monday, Maroli IB, Isaiissaa MAmaaiie* CitAt wai.s. aged 16 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are inrlted to attend the inneml witboit further notice, this (Wednr>d;?y) morning, at ten o'clock, from ber late resi dence, No 424 Woei sixteenth street. DAaaaaoa .At New Durham, N. J., on Sunday, March 17, MaRv Hi tXAiucm Fai i knbx, wife of Kdward A Irnnlel. win, In tbe 1Mb year af her age. Her frl <*<!*, also the friends nnd m? mbers of Oilttmbia Lodge No. Kl, 1. O. of O. F. ,are invited to attend the funeral from tbe Orovn church, Wcehawkaa, this (Wed nrrda) ) afternoon, at two o'clock. Durham.? on l iewlay, March 1?, Mabv IHroam, a na tive of ."kort lea, cownty Imblia. Ireland, aged IU years. liar frx-nda nnd acqtiMiiiUincef. and tbo ? of her bro tber .loie-ib. aro Invited to attend tbo funeral, this iWednas'.tiy ) altertioon, at 1 o'ciixk irom her latv rrsi en?e, 317 W*?t Sixteenth atreet, be.ween I'ighthand Ninth avenues Dnblln pnpara please copy, DaaOuson. ? At New Ihirbam, N .1 , "n Sunday, March 17, Makv Bmaiicim ittunn. Wife of K?1ward A. Daniel son, in the 26th year of her age Her friends are. Invited to lUtcnd tb'1 funeral from the Grovecburrh, W..hawitc-n, this (Wednesday) afternoon at two o'clock. . . _ Kvam ?At Paris, <n Sunday. February 24, Whim How ARft, son of Tboodva 8. and Fanny 11 Kv una, aged 4 montba. Frt.roy ?At Yorkrille, on Sunday, March 17,. I am Fta roa, aged 24 years. Her relatives and frlenda are rospectfully inv ted to at tend ?t bar law rrsidence, Nuiety sec >nd street., between Fourth and FMtb arentiea, oa Walneatl iy. Funeral ser vlee at tbe Cbui oh of the Itedeemer, Ki*ht.y dfth street, between N'?ed and Third av?a<u a, tha (Wednesday i al tcrnoon, tl three o'clork. Fkhmh ?On Monday, March 18, after a tbort and severe Illness, Vamv C. FK.t'Hts. Tlk' friends of the faaillv am lnr<t?d to attc4(t the luneral s?tvIcm, oalhia (Wffuteday) afterpt^tv, al one o'clock, at Ifie reeidtoce of her pariau, Mo. ft TvaiM ilMi Hulioo pafere pleut copy. Fmwaiia* ?Ob Tuesday morn uj i, March 19, Euxa, tfco beloved wife of Kieraa Flanagan, a Dative of form, Kin.s county. Ireland, In the a9U? ) ear of bar age The relatives and friends of thrt family are re^pect/iDTy invited to attend ber f uncial, from ber tale residence. No 127 W?t Thirty third street, on Thursday afu-ruoue, at one o'clcck. Her remains will be interred a Calvary Cemetery. (1?kum;.? On Tuesday, March 19, Asnik, daughter of CburU tte and Adolph Cooling, aged 3 years and 9 mootha. The friends of the family aro respectfully request?.! to attend tlie funeral, on Thursday afternoon . at two o'clock, fn m the residence of her parents, No. 284 Second avo nue, without further notice. Hat ?In Brooklyn, on Monday. March IS.Chasijsm ?Lat, Ol upopli *yt agod ao years. His relatives anil friends are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral , this (Wudueeday) afternoon, at thrw o'clock, from hi* tuU> residence, in Sixteenth street, be tween Tb'rtf and Fourth avenues. Hr-rmv? On Tuesday, March 19. at his late resident, 194 South Slith Htioet, Jersey City, Konnrr Hottos, to tlie 08th year ol his age Ilia friends and those of the family are respectful requested to attend the funeral, on Thursday sftcrnooa, at two o'clock, from St. Mary's church, Jersey Ci*?, without further notice. Jk-smx.k? On Monday, March 18, Kiizahwth, wife of George H. Jennings. 1 linoral on Thursday afternoon. at three o'clock, freaa her late lestdenoe, corner of Adams and Johnson streets. Brooklyn. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited without further nrticj. Iaiikis ? On Monday, March 18, of consumption, W* uam Lahkim, sged 34 years. The Iriends and auiuaintunces of the family are re specttullv invited to attend tlie funeral, from bis late re sideline, '279 First avenue, this (Wednesday) afteraooa at two o'clock. Maijom ? on Monday, March IS, Makt I.orointar, tk ? beloved wife of Bernard Mallon, a native of Altmoro, MS * l)uDg?nuon, county throne. Ireland, aged 30 years. The friends and relatives of the lamily at e respoctfidQy invited to attend the funeral, Irom her late residenos, No 124 l'erry street, this (Woilneeday ) afternoon, at oa o'clock Ber remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Meu as ? on Tuesday , March 19, of apoplesy, Hrtifl Moi UK , native of Ireland, aged 66 y earn. The relatives mid friend* aro respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, Irom No. J 6 rtWux street, this (Wed nesday) morning at ten o'clo< k. Momho.? On Monday , March 18, Nnsow Monro, Jr., oaly son of Br. Monro, ol' this city aged 10 year.s and II months. 'lhe relatives and friends of the family are respectful Invited to attend the funeral, from the resideuoe of hia parents, 26 East Twenty tilth street, on Thursday after noon, at two o'clock. Makijcy.? In Brooklyn, on Tuce lay morning, March 19, Mrs. JrUA Makijcy , wife of Thomas Mar ley , aged 40 yeara and 10 months. Hor friends and relatives are respectfully Invited to at tend ihs funtraJ services, which will be held at bar lata residence, No. 139 Joraiemon street , between two aa? three o'clock on Thursday afternoon. McNamaka. ? On Tuesday, March 19, of bilious coUo, E>)Wakk McNajiara, Sr. Tlie friends of tho family sro invite I to attead A* funeral, from bis late residence, No. 7 Graham stroot, Brooklyn, en Thursday afternoou, at one o'clock. McG*<> ? Suddenly , on Monday evening, March 18, tho Rev. Howard MiGka.v, pus tor oi St. Augustine's church, Sing Sing. A soit mn high mass will be celebratod on Thursday morning at the church, Sing Sing. Tho remains wiM be brought to lhe city, and remain at St. Patrick's cnthe<lral until Friday atternoon. at one o'clock. Hm reverend clergy and his friends and acquaintances arw invited to u< < oiiipaey tin >emains to Calvary Cemetery. But one train lcav< s Now York, from Cliamliers street, at hair past seven A. M., arriving at Sitg Sing at thirty* eight minutes alter nine A. M. McGow ? On Tuesday. March 19, Dokathxy, wlfo Of .Martin McGowan, aged 00 years. lhe friends of the family, and those of her sona-ia law, John Tiacy, Patrick White and l'atrick McCanry, are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from hor lato residence, No . '112 Ninth street, on Thursday after noon, at two o clock. Troy, Charleston and New Orleans papera please copy. Hii ijji ? On Tuesday, March 19, jAeos Mn.'JOt. otlyM of Jacob If. and Sarah K. Miller, aged 2 years and lSdafflL The friends asd relatives of the family are respectfuly invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of Ma parents, corner Fifty eighth street and Second aToauo,oa Thursday atternoon, at two o'clock. Nn iiolsoh ?on Tuesday. March 19, Craribs Hacrroa, beloved son of Hector and FJlen Nicholson. lhe irienux of tbo family are invited to attead tho ta neral without further notice. Irom bis late residence, MK Kighth avenuo, this (Wednesday) atternoon, at half past two o'clock. 0\kkhkiii ? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday , March 19, Mrs. IIbikn A., wile of J. I* Ovcriield, and only daughter o t the Kcv. iletiry l>ean. The relatives and iriends of tho family aro reapectfViMy invited to attend her funeral, from her late reeldeaoe. 18 St. Felix st rout, Brooklyn, on Tnursday afternoon, at ore o clcck . l:n>n? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday morn I qg, March II. of tcuiltt fever, Wiii.iam Graham, son of Frederick ass Mary Blley . aged 2 years and 2 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectltfp invited to utteud the fuoeial on Thursday afternoon, at three o'clock, from the reaidencc of his parents, II Douglass street. Ryas. ? On Tuesday, March 19, of inflammation of Iks longs. Jamkm Rvan, ageil tO years, a native of the parish of Holy < rofS, county Tipperary, Ireland. Tie friends and luqualntano s of the family are roopoot fully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late real deuce, 78 ionT.b avenue, b?twecn Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets, on Ihursday afternoon, at one o'clock. Si.Mo.tKi. ? On Monday, March 18, at nino o'clock I*. tL. Ma ii nt V. Cavxap, a native of I as Maua, France, wlfo el 1.. Mmi.uet, of this city. The fui, rial will take place this (Wednesday) after noon at 2 o'clock, from 107 Clinton'place The fricode Of the Ismilr are rr<pieated to attend, without any fur*or noti;e HMCKLbANKOUa. AMERICAN AHOLIIIONH* FROM l?K7 TO lfWI. I.EUINUATION IN CONGRESS, AND AOITATIOM OCT. 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