Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1861 Page 3
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SALE* Of RBiL KSVVMfi. TO Itf AW MLB 0>.ST ROUH8 A'M" thac Cn?v, Wt'b Hit tittle rti-.iiey down ?u<l InMaJni-nWi It U hi - goo4 ne?h??ortco?V ?Vtn Tv^riy Intutai-nt* It W hi a go-d ?*?k?d Ir. thr 0-*V. ?tyt?, wtn all Uw modern un o'* a hrj" p^rt of th* D'irflhs-<#mnney ??" )?? m TtUy ?f de?ir. d ?? ITRaTTOB * 0? . Com WMiBQ M<j i^Mi ui, No. 1 Pint H net OE .?.'i50" THREE STORV AND jr. ?T"? ** lto"*' m B*sl ?''?rii.'tli ?met, Mum? Mln Wf" a\ ^?i",?'od iMfn "i! wiih all mod'-rn ltrt>r I*r wilts' #5.S?1. inqnlr.' an the oiemlwwt or to J 1 IHJL'tHrv' m ?<-'?? ? ry, coiner ;t Hroome ?fj get, from yji\ ^ t>1 rY ~A NICE MR*. NEAR PL4ISKipr n J Wtlh Art?U A B A B BOW 19 HTONF HOUtiBri FOR 8ALR OR +*\ r v* cheap f'*r e%*h ^ Throe or four . a *? tar or d 8*?v nd mii.I > hird av*nue* with ?!???* ?'Ntel. b* of h?uM> !>y 4*. au, * Lt. V ?. l?P'ov?**U; Inquire of A- T 8r.AKN thini !? ^ brick front, ?Iomh hy ,y^Ve1tTu,m *MdA^Ji5 . *?Ha*oB-viTH ^rSSis i?C"? r ss s?%rj^^'^wasssi'*'sK Sirttasssw r lyjysBfssw lirat clans .at,*. ^ ??? nri.ut.Ti ur 'i1** ulolWr,> "l^fd C?b^,T "'JiiS A.T havbn?wood, ov tub Dwelling Hob?.(. b"'t J1.' 1?t; ? t"'?t claaa BotumutUooa *oavruuuie>> for' ? iulJ,,T?,iT? t 1 ?D"i,l*PlVUl wuh **pe? thf foil -vine r.^fulilt!I?ir , i* *J> uniwii U ^??S353SS?3^?s 3cr?rsi'i?isin? 's.v.'wTiii u/Lp<,""""vn'' ;V? W4; fine k?ti..!,i Ih sallt,!' ,u ???*ry dlrtcUon may bS ??S'rarriage h",?. ^"r {S?S^'"'e ^fuLt,D HWi cK?JSSr? {!elv^ .',^i?lmin8*- Mlrro^. ^Kir (Haa eT tp SSirS^FS EHlS;SsS?Hl:sf",sS* |T0L?R- r,,,:' D OI1_6'? AND LOT ho S22 K( FTH STMWr a^nnw c' hm?1 u L,nt ?t a hvi/[?. 7 P, iPtl and <*xu>u?k>n; thire M^ricn wLm... ^t;hoiwo kj ?lodorn Improve moil's Will b^a<!lS^\tK AQ ^U-ir, With ?t ; k" r car*,, of **? ,??"'<*. A"., -ar. apply to E H UlOWTll, Ho^^iMny^mh8 Kr^Kh!.T AND f'0, H 4li avfniio*' ijonsp ai hv A'ir?SV M?<T>^?n :inil ??Uhed in a nmt ^ f"'t 3 Inch.*; J** on the vVmr:rAn,Z!yM(rb!iy'W- K,'r ten^ '?? mSBmssm ?Ar^"- Hrrrr. niuulipg ? /)no vir*wnf th<> Rnnrwi*! **uir fo* toheflter, com Cc#ch well MUk'ktd with fJi?? on* ?i^(MMe' Barn ?BTT, jsq. 2floT-Mian litrwt? A,'p,y ^ F* Bi2N F?2pf?i5r,,OM?, lot so stmppt b? iwoen hreunon 0 and D Lot !rt k h? /I# M.rKKBT' foot ard rvt^nafrn - thr<?o k y ^ f,^t; hO'?*^ 4<J 9>fy*ern improvements Will be * tin JfSU^ *nj? cellar, with ? tlrsmban'c^t Ko/ rani" ofadm!^ ^ ;/r""]"?K " "?"??. ? ??S."1ir?S4Yi imprnvMnvnia reDlrla in,, ' 10 *!' oxKlern ?ireen pla<(-, of J. 1- SEElTfcy promlwa, 7? Kort U?OR RAI.K TV BROOK I.TV?TIIREE STORV^T.w F?b*?^2ieHi^?- if A "wmli ?"n pnrk, ?l?o a brlii n*8r Wmhiii* Fort Green place. Tofe-nlon , *n\ln P'l^e and Apply to J. IT JaCKHON. ou thB^Sb?., I "" "*"'? y?*u8Ai^ CHEAP? A HANDi-OXB IIOITSE WTTH ?Hacked, well mo:*}* >^d nuu* ride ot New vTrk bv car. iCT~ fcTLf"5 ""''r ?*? ml fcorb?y)d. Inquire of 11. U o AO, 7.;, I'loe eueet * aei,b' F??e!dL?.th!l,rx^H^Nor-A FIR?T craw n ?ME s^rR^r^n zr,a ub u,ui ? b 1TH/B RAIJS OR RXCH a.\'(?B? TWO KARMH~ovp~p7^ P toining abfuJ Ui .en*, i'l nul?. fnm w v?+ m.OS' ?^Tyo> '5v?ter,S^i^ ?^?"^7 i"7r',Tl, (? ,be ??? 41 "^Vm-u ? t^m B*0R SA^B ?>B KXCIfAWGB BORA Pk AM?k t< i rr B SAI.B OB BXCHAKOB BOB f!TTT FM(ilT?tr" ? ^ ^ Cu.. 61 Liberty <tr*et. ujird *t>e?'; and Moth arcnun- ai.> ^T.uJ^vV J?*!1* IhlrtT Meecd ttreet iw jr n htf ? Sn',.J4- **'? 171 Wet f Thirty tliti, , uX , H, ,UM! W" rb.l#w.lbu< a?Ni?ih atr'nue. Sfr T^SSfV, JthV^ST i'OT furtht r portu-n i? >? ?*"? .** Lt m u r*vt ^ Broadway, F%^^u2f^i55tp;it, rS? ?"lTdwbiTb S>j lull"* rr rjn <;r?e ntm* ' rt ,eVi ? ?V? :j T, h' C rR SALE OR TO I.ET-A Til HUB hTORT RBIOK Horum wWh brown ttoot iMiMit front,!*') %. i a n.-w in it, *; fifty elgn.b 'Tict, hotftosn fir*:. and hmnul uriUft, irM hnuv fr >m rirwr of Meowl north tide. inquire of It. LAX (J, JUC West Furij-futirih Mi*)* SALE OR TO LPT -A FINE FAK*. Or THIRTY f hrrm. adj In log *nd overlooking U.n tui'minx vlll?*!< ?f ElainAeld, R. obp and .1 (iiartor liou: iid l>jr Oiolrnl R?>boad fr in ('??itNndt ?:-rot. .Jood fii'i"* (Xitftul ding*, Ao. For |??rUri'lw* In |Oir? at Bro.wl way, ro ?tn ?o- g UWR ?AI,E OR TO I.KT-A I.ARf 'E IIOUH8 AND OUT |P hulld n-", on abo ut S ar.rc ? 01 UoH, with pleOty of fruit, K* mile ff.m Port ni-hn; >nd SUrtM Islana. Apply to H. r. W KLLS, Eir., Poll KloAniond. r>R WJ.K OR TO UT TUB FTR-<T Oh KM FOtfR . VrtY J>* ? Uln* Co 3") Ea?t F'mcnih it-*-'1'., b.* 1?ks Iwoul ?nd Tiilnl mimft, Inquire on tho pr"?ti?o? rR SALE OR TO LKT? A THESE ST<itT HttJII ?;o<n)?Bd t> browo turns front Homo, In tw? wim'Iiii' )ii hp*, *iih ?)] ih?- nv .<i wii I mi rrrre/n'Oi*. Apply to J. DK-frO'W .CI Wr..s'l? iv. rR H4I4C OR TO r?f? Tl(| TWO THREE tfTORr brtrk llmtpo* an<l full l<ot In ?? fa?t Iniprovinit Imtlon. In< oir on tho pienu- ? Ml tJrwno ulrroi, near Rpiln* ulr** t. lni iilrr on tho pionu*. #Ml ( tf Y , at no n ??d ovr:.!ng. J[?OR SALE OR RENT, IN SRW nSR?KT? AT A 1,0 f 1 i I<* , * d. "'r?i ]" wtt'i fr >ur. 1* a t u-h-st, ?? ?o-?[htr noveral tltnri # da ' t>r railro?1 mnimir'i rid? tiom U>i tit;. lr.<|Utif of I. It t'uN'Otr, '15 Broad utioot. C^RNT.HBll VAl.l t- V. -VALUABLE STVR1EA FARM IT f?? ?at*. o ntthtln* l.fQOaeroa, In OfWeland, LMn?<ton o oji'jr. brtwaon tb/ bpnutffti) OU?f*ttl Uonoaoo and 4', rniif~ from tV railroad ?t ? o'int "*orr1s In ?h. ?lthv. htahiy improvd n< i*M>'ihoidi UNama r<ch kottoma. SiKI nt'lnnd' in wf)l ff*ml, ?iitrr-il ?>y lirlne fj'rtni;*, ?uilaolr for i<ta/n'g or pialn; Mw InpitM'tC 71*1 vaioabla UnUMf rhc liwsp Valley (Sinai pa"?ft 'hfiufo the fUnn Hood Uu ld tnf a WMrW OTDliaid In fnll bonriuc, 0.?r>l. un<iir|>a*M>d. Oan b##trirl#fl Into two famio of l.i*' Mil frtn acr?i Mk Ki>r MtrirwiarpiT to It M. /.HTTOU, m thg prt ?!???> rnat ?? ? Mnoni IfcrriH, JOHN ^ArAlifc. "?o. M t?pru'>" "J Kltrrrnth ?tiTctx rm: 'dolploa, or HEXIlf M I I r/.IIU'itl, H li'mon-; D It. I IT/. lie OU. Ir.,tH .Jcarii atnot.or J. K It 1 1. 1., No 4 I'iii ? - rri't, Kpw York G*BSNWno0 cv mrtery.- f?,R hai.e, A rr.oT of Uronnd tv uuuruliT ornsown'rd. triili lr?n rati:. if an i monttm. ot, .n luxii fnmui; . . ?t fTOn; will t>? ? >ld a' a n *a ewrtftw. Apply loJIr r?)RT, l'.lwry ?M%at HOCSE Fnt: SAI.E ? DWRU.IITO IIOCHE > VD -STORE No lOthnW Miwt (??? on im t nB?, or ? <?ld r*rh?nr'' tor a hoim^ up town, a'?>* ? Ttr?oty th'rJ airwt, wtli th? mo'trrn ItMwirrawnt*. For further purtl imi?r? aprb t<i or add;. ??* vr. a h , no Fir,t a.on'ia B0f? AJ*? ',l,i.rnIR "TORE FOR BALE A RAR <aln ? For atilo, tint ljoa*? and Fivmras oi a tir*t Uim ?tor.- at tl* norttowt rornrr of 1 orty tlnr.j *'r?<t anl **' *?d arrnuo, nt the jail road <i'p?it. tl?a ?r.?nt proprietor * ?mnt nt oO-w 'WMor.. |n R??- ronntry. Eon? twrd apply unit** with ia?b, and mutt bo *otd on or bt.foro l?t - t April. wotiRE for PAir-AT KomrtttR, ktateh jTl Inland; aim ?torr ?tv!/~ irajo1 Uoum. Him, A.- to ?f'br^wtth fottra^fp?of nd, Ttrt [iloivant'y 'oonUd tv*r wo r'.Haxo on tho iKxlrow r *??, I<?dln2 to to? d??of iA? liouw |? n-arly now, In jT'ikI r? i> ilr Ao. ; thfro ia .<.!?> H ropo alk on ' b" pr?nil ???. f r loiin*, *<., upply to joh y m a1' *KK.;<1R A t'O , IM l*wrl stntti Tvt nRT svtTo nnfc? ?or mr.E, a hrftb t r, ?It.' ????'? Flt?iir?-?a>i.i hn ?! lot? -if I'r ? tt I. 3 it "A fttw ntntfd on a la?Mlo a ? o4 tuui, atnl pn n* n m mr.'.t, ?l < I vtit^awd dai,?y ?i ?n-:?. .4rttii m in r i ? ?- V i J fiK|rW'>" H WAHftlnftJB ' v< , ' o M.J BALES HEAL EgTATB. PFt,4'>FirrjDi? *rrnr rp iou). tok dr. hfbab^vr' Country !i*at; fl $*: nrn 'aod; ectttgs h iuae, '/a room*' hare and ?Nur?afe bouss; plenty olfr'?t;ell la mm Cletrder; slandouble House and >.ot, t?n rooms, eulwble odc ur '.wo f?nulie?; do rVtp Cirna, of al) sites tod price* ('at' ?a THORfi, 190 Wat W aa^lngtOLi market, B. HHoWN, 27 Fulton street, or 0TEPIIEM VaIL, Platnlield depot, N. J. Mirbay hill faopbbtt rus ?alb-tub first class brown stone front Hoimcs .Vs. 7? and 7 .) Bast Tbi'ty fourth street (HOfeet street), uesr <-ou-, a id S at )K7 ?i>d imt Islington avenue, rfpi-vi with a'l the ui.>dem improvem'ii.s, bul't h* dsys' work, and u> the b?st workmanlike manner. Term* 1-jw to null ihe time*. Apply oa .lie premises, fr tn 7 A M. to 4 **. M . or to MAfTHEW BVKNEf.HS Seat 1 IAr?y aeeond street. Oil- LAND LEABKH ON KAKAWIIA RIVB? FOB BALK. i waive iexitea on k* n>Mi> traBtA nf land al u tied on Ihl banks o: t:i* river, aincinimg In the |MMM to MS* thou ?M<u7m Iheae laa'la are Tn tbs immediate vieiu'ty o' the I rarn"0? Rathboue property, on which hav- been opened well* that are niw yielding truly Includible 'luae.iiie* One will alone known a* the Lew/lli"> Well, yields eoaslantly tlfty barrels an hour. Ibis wall waa spewed ta January la ?t, and has yielded a princely fortune to the proprietor* already. Five hundred sere* of ihe land* ? the agoing Iwawd oo which are hereby offered for *aie? are situated only one mil* diiitant from this LowePyn welL Ihe tact* respecting the yield of oil well* are eo well auh atanliaied thai the product Is uov. looked upon a* ace rial n suuicu of wealth to .til that rtgon of country, ' he railroad companies are now airrcUo# their attention 10 the prepar* lions for the larrc Iranspoi tailon business -hit grown out of it, siol branch r.,ada are btin" constructed from Utd main tinea into the oil He'd* 'be ?nds hereby offered are the only ones ef good location that are now (n tbo m trket, the whole couutiy for lti'les b . s from the r ver bstag wilder least-, and held at Intmeu e, v aluations Hundred* itf entcr ri.ii'H mcrrhauts troin iosUn Nf? Bed'ord and New lork aye atiade large i i?edtnt(-ntr, ard to thou #ho have fall? 1 to secuie leases Is now affoidtxl an opportunity that may not agaiu bo presented. The folio wiiii? par.* ;jr*.ph fr j m the Pittsburg Daily Chroni cle shows the present ?t*te of tho buatn ms: ? TnB KaNA^'HA OIL WRuLR Th>' excitement atu uding tli.> re<-ent -,il di icaverieii on the Kanawha eontlLuca i. uabtlod Late advtunta staN that the Ksnauha river in UttfaUy cn?n d nlth tlatb-.iata, and the hovm< n arc now on a r*rlkc They ask two dolUnt a narrsl for taking the gretse to Farkerhl'iirg. The prndu<era are onl\ w'tf juti to give a dollar and tit ty ocato. Lands Lrv leased on both ?id> ? or the Kanawha a' eiionnoti* ra<??, the h\as>;s sxteading from four to live mt'oa lino the in'eri >r. The nuus b?r epg?g< d in the prodncllou o( oil l>on> Fai keraburg to Burnl*>i Smlitiri Hun Is not less than four tho i<and The oil ia found at fr m one hundred an:t twenty Uvc to two huudred . and twenty tive fee% f->r wht?h Ua'auoe the cost of boring Is alx ut $2 per foi l lj?r?e suwattas of barrels are reo<-lved from Baltimore, the atavcH for which are shipped Iran the country where the barrels are now belnir tilled ? :th the ?V">#g/ 'i Still leases cannot b?' had In the vi< mlty of thelaraei -icing wells at lee? than from one to three thousand dnlUra, - . acre. These leases were ai-etirnd more tian ono v?at ago, and hare been held out of the market as known to be or creat vitine. The well kn-iw n Uouchln and Burner loaaes are lu. eluded in this lot. kiap* aud fail eipUi ?t|/ins of all matters l>?nulnlnn to these lands and the oil butlreas are on e.ibibi tlon at the New York office of tho pniKietorn, No. K.'! Odar street, where ihe pntdio U mvi ed to call dunag ihe present week. Ol'ice hours from 'j A. M. to '1 P. If Real estate, with some ca"?u, wantbo- in exehanm for tlrat clans ahuiOe Bewm/t ?ifh<ne?, folly luaianleed from prlneipat in Ihi i city. Addnwis i.*; change, bo* 2 Ml Post oftl. e. OTAPIJJ MBRCII VNOIXE WANTED Foil FIRST CLaFW Cj Wtstcrn City l'roneriy. A fair proportion of oush will be paid In the trude M. II. BRIUtlE, 11 Pine s'wet. O^LENDlD KEel Ofc.Ni K ? ,11 S-.I.K -."tlFVP, S I- Ul ij ihecltv; ground* iMitullfully srrtnj;t-d, linn bu1 dines, plenty of fruit, flower*. *?.? ; lino ?aier and other view*, and ono of the very prettiest of | l?ii:?. KOITtnWICB A iVOOD, M N \?sau stiect. T*i> FARMS FOR SALE? THE ESTATE OF JAi'OB Rdsa1 1, deceased; aituitioii Laglisb nc.U'hborIio<Kl, N.J. A to as bv ,\ K. BsDroad; 10 uunuies' walk i !-oni , three miles from Weehii^ken ferry Ino ilreof V. ED^A^L l(H VYaahiD<tiou Hreet, or?f It. 0. OttV on thepreniiacs. To exoiiaki;e i or FrRNiri RE -ant on^boeak IV "P boufe and hatins s->frc ? iod (?"iirciturc (emugii for a Mitall h .usei, or llouxe, l^oiand Furnittire, can find a mod cbanoo to trade the ?wi>r 'or f*j aces of Land near Wll <i'Uifpoil, I'a , ami ititl nfrrN in HikKOiiri. or soioe city Lois ee B'ld j leaf. None bui uwims n^eal address A. L , Brook f ii l ontoflke, X\T ANTE O ? A BM/tIL FARM OB COUNTRY 6EA?, fV contain. ns a jo'ii 15 or Jt) acre* of cn!tlvat.>d land, end within o?e h ur s ride of Wall street Address H. B O , Herald office, with price, terms and full p.irtKulara. \\' ASTED TO FUBCUASE-A FARM, FROM FORTY ? I to elgliiy acres ii? ar n 'ailror^J or w ater communication with New vork. Adil^ess 1 jtr.d care of Pagfl k fliancsrd, ?Jul Fulton atreet, at ttiug full particulars ?a to io-iati ?n, p.-ije, I'ulliiugs, Ac. Fart v o^iisnd desirable. tTfA NTE 0 TO I'LRCllAgE-A SMALL FARM OR Vf Country Fea?, contslmng about l^orl) a-res of enul rated land within one hour's rdo of 'Vail street. Address t?. B.C. Uemld otlic.', vlth price, te.tus trid full particu lar*. C'l'Oll IN CA?U, BALANCE fOSL'tT PJRCHA8EK ? 7s t )' M 1 k handsome three suirv brick -I lore and P .vellinj; llouae. *bits feel, lot IOU feet, sttuau d on a ferry atreot an 1 nnlv ??i irei frnni ibe ferry Rrook'yn i-ide. Eastern uistnet. Vppl . al D? LEi-AND'f <ili'.ce, No. 4 M aroa?l?v?y. <StQ llilll ? P,,R BALE. THE THREE BTOBY, HK-.B WiUit'ii almp, basement and sub oallar ?r>?n s'one fiont Bouse and Lot. No Hi West Thiity ffirat strict, near Krrsduuv, containing .ill the modorn iinproTcnients It has siwa- s b?'.en oeeuiiloThy ibe owner and is In good r?>pilr. l^)t 2d i>slM feet, Douse ItHSl The yard Is a large ou?, and contains iri-ape viiins, Ar If sold this week 'he ow-a^r will take $x,i rwmaln. This is the cheapest property a< present on Msuba'.uu Island, fhe lot alone Is wortn $&,HW A GREATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. I.IOItiE A BKADB KV. Mann'aetnrem of a new wile of overntrun" ba^t, imn lated, full tron frame, and Square PUuol.rte, N">. 421 Broon.r (licet. I'ianoi to U-t AMAGNTFICENT filiVRN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for nale, rl 3i?iy carved lea* and cm*, faU bun plati', round en ner* inlaid with aatiiuvood, ovefMrtUM ba??. Inlaid with pml and p?.ui 1 kej ? ; mado to order for tAe present owner by rfly mak>r?: fully guaranteed for llir?a >c?ra: been In tiae bit* fl*e monliif, oo?t $Sdi, will be bold tor I-". IneliidlUK S .xi! ami Corer. Alio an i-W-uit Drawing Room Suit, coat $3fo, for $IM). Inquire M "J #?l rireuty ?Uth alrecl, wax 6i*U? avenuo. BABGAIN8 IN PI 4NOFOKTES ? 11ECE1 VTiR'S SALE ? By order of Judge Leonard, Supreme Court, for tl?> benefit of the c: editors of Ike late firm of Cooper A Atherton. Mafirttcer.t ioae*ooJ acrei* octave Piiuofor;^*, mmlorii Im provement*, Ac , at Irii- than heretofore Bold at auction br the receiver to ck>?? thr buMoeaa Several ???ond hand ?even octave Pianos for lea* than $130. Apply to JOHN McLONaLD, Receiver, SS8 Bowery, Fourth atre?!. ?U1ICKERIN3 I BON'S GRAND SQUARE A.VD ITR10I1T PI OTOS, " 00? Bqpadway, Hew York. Horace waters- kcrio store, 333 b roadway, to b- torn d' Wn- -Worth street to b? wi.le.ied? la conao quence of which toe eilene've atock of Fiano*. Melod>;on?L Alexandre Organ*, and V,' kinds of Murical Mrrchandlie, wi be told at eitreme.y low prlee*. tlx ocuve ae ond hand l?tano* at $80; &X octarr, $100; ??* octave, Jl'JO. ?eyen oo tav<?, $143; teren ottave frtOOnew. wfll . tofflO. Twentyi.- . (ioona U? rart, and rent allowed If purchased. Monthly pay meti ;a rrealTtd for FUnoa and MetoJi-on*. Stncmng ? bctertor tcition.? rRorE*soa R. R ORANDIF (of the <'oni>crvatorie' of Muslo, i.o.idon and Pari". lerelvi a thorcv/iM, r- Ua?'4 aul aatfhf-d ?ifta operatic ?om?i wnJi Enpllfh or I'a'lan word* and inufj " It r<?re?..*ry,lr.-tli*p<.?t d to ?utt the voice; highest refo reii ee*j twnmatton dc., 'rotn Mr. Coueniioren. MuUe SturjL /So. ?jf? BroAdaay, or addren Profoaaor Grandie, box S^lfl Poet irfltoe TTFRIGHT COTTAGE PIANOS, FOR diau, rooms I. ardtountry kou ea, fkiufcre l'lauo* and to. lodm>M, at $40 foil, $<I f iflo, 91 JI, ji ,o %1C<, $180 to irn for Bale and to hire/by T M \ MBi itfi In the BiMe nonv, BlClith ?vte?t, coiner oi ifovi th aTeuae. IS SiTHltTHlS . ATOtTilG l.ADY WANTS A 8IT1 ATION AS NCRBBHT jo, inr? , to te.."h ? u xnd.-i L.livn ouii ^Irt a tb I. ui!'i c in E'.jd .h h'iIi U"c el"ments of Franco t-alary kiodarM. ? ?.l at liaiiuisl Tv.?at> lij it inert.. ACaDRVTOF PEm ANHHIP AND BOOKKREl'INO, Wl ItioaU^ay, C'lrner t.f Twenty-lirat Mprel.? io< men ?(< niroix of a*qillr1t>( a Lhnrou~ti prar't"tll ooune o' In atriirucn, uill do Wert u> tialt Uil" luatituiion. Separate par loix l'riVa:< loatrustiMk rirrolarB, OLIVKK It. UOl.OtfMlTH. An->MWAb' OONfBRA ATOIRE.? MR ASJ MR 4, AP ?< MMaB ai"i lunee ilm In a weekatbey Icav with ibelr P'J|)ll* on 'heli K< iop??n u>tir, and iba< the> mntlnno to rorelTi applteMlOM from young ladles who m.. h.' d -?i rou< of art;r>nipitnyltii tl.ein. Fai parUoulara adlrr^ 111 Hi t! Tlnrl) io' a"n t, n. :?t Bioai??y. ALL It f?KKBE)'JK?J, WRin.NO AND ARItTi MRTIG 2%. Mti^entc at C'? WtNtWf *r I SHJ Fttiton *'r lt"ook'yn, n^uve ?ttf tlj inro-.dual kii?'uirtlon, at b.iu * mil Inc. lnl-v remb at of claMteA iAUlea' wrttinf len?on?, $3 for twnntv U'hrC&*. Gov.fcW. K :i"j i.i ;? ? 'oi l'aine ? plan of lnatt to lion I > lijut' i ? itl nd > < ?dirtirt? AVOCIW I. ADV. CAPABLE <?F !NS1RCCll>0 FffO ll'lijaiid Kreurb I- de?ln"i?oi obtaining ri ?liu. ilmat reaident kov \r--- In A family i^apertakillty. Rifaii neix i >'-Ui t r d AMrW L, bo i.ilTl Host oftl -e Ay. KPT- AN SCHOOL UfeTrTLTE PCPTLIEt -OlIOOLH anrl f. r.r .oo with *ul>Ablc teachom. and MtnpatMlt tearh> <?* witli Wanted, n n?Jr* Fjrri'h i!ovftn??< for one elitld m yi-*i*alppi; abo, Krrnrli Uldlto. romp- lent Ml tnu'K fur bon.tlliiK ?r'lorl - Hi HnWlorll ina New iei?. \ G, WoODMAE * CO., Wi Broad n >.r, F1BEN< II AVD GERMAN LANGUAGES. - fROFKBSOR K i RLl.f.i: 1 N<? w|" Broadway, corner of T^ rtl' t i atre?t levublixlie j 1c i"">J , ? i.i ri vene'v apuliCAtlonM fjr Prlvato Instme ion nmi mrmilM Itl tk> a*orr?ild nnd cla*?icU lanK' ARr>>. aud aake rran?Kuon? of n-a^-n lenc, A*. 0>R DO LI AH A .Mi i s f 1? _ FRREcn I.RgSoN^ OtTlN In a i't'Miit l i ij.ou Moudavn and TnililtK men. in* at 7'? o olork la tiie evening. Piuniiu wiMuai to Join tbi ? la?- yifJoe aiply at MM Br AJna>. i!e/vr' ??*? ei oh a i iied SPAN I* 1 1 ANt? KRT.N'll LANGrAGK?t TAt'UffT IN llr oklyn ? Priyati' Iryaoo* \nd cl??to? bv two r.silve MMhei*, pnifeitortat tba wect ?obnola ot the ' itT It'-ai Uina for two iieailaii a wrl'ii fa?.lliiiea to i rarii :>?, u ?iic i a reiddwte, 76 rultoS Knm, tin bl>ki liotu Uie City Hall, Brook Ij u. THE BPANiBII i,Afiii'JA'?F. IH TAUOIIT, AS HERS u f r.-, I V ( if'Kl ANo n ,>1HIN. ai OUnton Rail, Aator i>la*y, r'lOV No. 7. wheie a^ulfui * are re \u Med u> i ?U n-oi? 1 to 3 or from hf, to ? o - :??? i' m. ^ DANCX2VO At AOK.MIKE. ^ DODWOETH'8 DANUINO AOADKMIFM. No **> Broadwar, Now Tort No. U7 Mont* roe atraat, Brooklyn. Wednesday* and Saturday* in New York. Mondara and nwindaya, T?e?daya and Friday* In Bro??kl) n. Clmdara of t#rm?, Ae , mat bo had at HUtor AmCemy MAHASIR HAKVAOKAU'H DAN'-ING AOADRMV, 7k;1 lliornlwa). II ni*-n tor ( * on Mon<la< . Wedn"?day aad Friday eveninga, ircan t UN 19; ?J<' Tua*.!ir, ThurtMr and MHirdav iflffMrai, fmm 3 tift; ?wn? ereninf* i ir ??* neral tiaetf'.'T ironi 8 to II oVi?'k Grvwid Ruirion to mti ?ii i.i.i \ m??. ' t?TKI> > 1 . A'FcmnD 1IAND Rlt.LM lt'?T*. r.1. Ul I-I. wilh all tb" AiJdr-'^', ?c*tuiy .ffcm, 4, il 'jit...'. (li'i-'nrauMPiU*. duiUtaa MR \v FOR HALE. AWBLL KNOWN OYSTKH SALOON FOB SALE - LO oitk a not txo-lied la Ne? Yirk. Yhi* Saloon I* large, hsufsuaely fw/sUbed. sod eomuk U la every deparuu-sat ; ? rebie lease e p* * chance for hnj IHMi wanting auch * bailee**. Fur particular* apply ou Lac yrenkiaee, ooruor of Canal, Wud?on and Wttto "tntti 4 nsB 6to<"K or oBNTS' fttbnishiiio goods A. lor aalo ??' j low. for cash Apply Immediately to (Wit. JaBBoI-:, loo B'oadway, up aulra. A able ??-?Vf.aEblulta?d. aadTln, a ttr.t cU*. ijimmI lwauon, *r ? * ?i <IMK] rhance . _ . wtifi buwu, '^*Vu?"l" K A WOOD. 82 N?*aau afe> t. Bn Ad?rfty Pyjt offloe ?<?drea? I). M a., box d& Al'IIOTOGRAHH OAIAFRY, WELL ESTABLISHED, nod now dorg a, fair busiues*, for sale; la well fur Uirhed; beat instrom*ufa; excellent skyllgb!, Ac; will be sold at a (air The purchaser taught the art If defired. In a. Mint 107 Uraadway. A PAWN TICKET FOR SALK-A GOLD HDNHNU W atch and a beautirul DiamouJ Ring. the Tickets will be Hold cheap. Address, stating where to be seen, U. W., box 17*4 lierald Ofli' e. Bakery for sale on leased fboferty-two building*. business. horse*. waaoiu aDd all the fixtures. Apply at 4."*; Hudson street. No brokers need apply. JT?OR BALE? 74 BRAIDING MACHINES, WITH 8POOL I* mg and Winding Machine*. Benches, dbaftiug, and all the Fiitorea, together with a ? Bt.ara Engine, Steam power and rooms In let. Ingulf of CHRISTIAN HJUWABF"/, corner of First ?venue and bust Fifty third street. FOR KALE-GKOOERT AND IJQUOR STORK ; A good Hand for the liquor biisiueaa, or wl 1 sell the Ax turcs alone, inquire at 1*0 Centre sueew between I and 4 F. M. CH)R SALE-THE LEASE AND FIXTURES OF A r 'mail hotel, comprising twenty moms, located In the western part of die city, near the depot of the Hudson River Railroad: lent very low; good reason* given tor selling. For 1'ui tlier particulars Inquire of GEO. K 1' IIN, In the segar ?to) a, 314 Btghth avenue, N. Y. N. B ? No agents seed apply. For sa lf ?the lease, MOTK and fixtures ot the Flour and Feed Store, M] and 363 West street ; lease six years from May; offering a Korxl opportunity f<>r embarking In this or any other mercantile business; low reui. Inquire as above. For sale?the lease, htotk and fixtures or an old established corner Oroeery store lu Brooklyn, no* doing a good ca.?l? business; must be sold soon, as Ihe owner la going to k urone. Address F. B., Brcokly n l'ost office. No agents uecd apply. FOR S * LF? A CANDY STORE AND FIXTURES. CALL at 286' Bleecker Htreel . Rent 912 SO jwr month. For salf-tiie leabe and Ki RwrrrBE of a nenteel Hoarding Ilouae, well located, in Wllliamabur).', eonr< nlent to sL the ferries, with twenty two steady board era and cheap rent. Address 0. C , Herald oAice, for thiee d.ij h. JpOR HALE-A TEA. COFFEE AND B1 TTER STORK, 1 now doing a good fastness, the owner having other busl nefs to attend to. Frice, Includiiic stock, testae and fixtures, 1 nqulre at 703 third avenue. For sale-a orocery store in jeihey city. Inquire at 143 West street. N. Y. rR SALE? THE STOCK A> D FIX TUBES OF A m>all rthoe Store In Hrooklyn e,*wb Ishcd for the lavt two ye, u s and now doing a gOo<l cintom trade. Satisfactory reasons given tor stlling. Address Store, box 190 Herald otltce "I^OR SALE-A 4I1XIARD ROOM, CONTAINING TWO r full ?l/.ed labWh (alato beds and patent cushions) Ham been used hnr. one v?ar. SHtiated on the weet sltle of the rtty. For furth<ir particulars inquire of LlNDERMAN A SOS, AW Bit ad-.' ay. TTH1R SALE-THE OLD ESTABLISHED DAGUERRB.VN I1 i iailery, IK! Kuhon Btieet, Brooklyn I'hotogiupiiic and Amvrotypc Apparatus complete. 1 hi' pureftsstir ln*tru< ted in the art if required, or a partner t.k'a Inquire at 9)6 t'tia<hatu sqtiair, New ^ork. Jj*OR RAI E? THE LEj BE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF r n hoarding and lodging bouse, situated one liV'k from the New York and Frie Haiitoad d"i>ot, and c mvenlent to the HuiUou river steamboat landings. Apply at AS Jay atreet. tltOF SALE? TIJK STCM'K AND FIXTURES OF A ' l.|.:tt .r More, doing a good businees Apply at WM. M. CI R?aN>S, 1 1!) Baxter st , X Y. FOR SALE? a CORVER LlgUOR STORE; to be fold a bargain; a tiood store, with back room aad nelhtr, with It Me, dutKg a ?;ocd huiinesH, in gowi neigh borikood; rea ?on* given for s? lllng Inquire at 306 first avenue, corner of higlr.eeiith s're<'t, In the atore. FATBiCK POH'EnS. FOIt SAl.E CHEAT ? STAND NO. 74 BROAD AVENUE. West Washington niarket, the owner having other bus! nrst to attend to Imiu.i e of J. J. WaTSON, 72 ami 73 Broad avenue. |?OR PA1.E CIIFai- a ?? *' i? ui, V'?- -u'J a tot o^BinihlS ?nd Heoond ive?J^ K~" ?eoo^f H Gkocery and LiynoR stork for sale? the beat itMMt in Ibe "With waul; In Mulberry ttneeL Thn owner 1? giving up the grocery bu?t n?ga, no be will asll low. Apply to PAYTEN. 9fl Diviaiun ?ti>ei Hotel.? for sale, the i-eahe and furnitcrk or the Madison llonae, oorner 01 Mud'aon avenue and Twenty *erenth aireet ; will lie aold on favorable term* to a reaponaiblc party. Inquire at the oBloe of the hotel. OTEL FOB BALE? NOW CO WD DOTED AH AN B!?0 U*h Shades. Contain* 12 Rooms beside# ?paeloui Htr and Rtadlng liootua: in legibly located, and for (ale at a great burg . in. E. LAWRENCE A CO., 02 Ea*t fourteenth . "I M PORTA NT TO B1TCIIERB.-A FIRST RATE STALL 1 in Jettraon ma-ket, for anle ch^ap, as the owner dm other buslneii. Apply to Mr. BUBNti, m the market, before 12 o'rlocfc. T IOtTOR STORE FOR SALE? ONE OF THE BEST JJ atand* iu Ui<- city; now doing a Rood boniaeaa; In a good locality, cloae to manufacturing and ship butldlnir entabllsh men's; Hold In conaequcnce of the proprietor baring other tmMnera to attend to; will be mild very cheap, on low terme. Inquire of DANIEL KELLY, 418 Bant Tenth au-eet, near avenue D. T IQUOB STORE TO EXCHANGE OR HELL REASON JJ abl j to a oaali customer ?A ehanee for the right man to make a fortune Reseipta 918 per day. A look will aatiefy you. Will trade for bouae or lota Apply at 96 Divlalon ?Uret. LIQIOB STORE AND ORfH'EBY.? FOB BALE, THE stock of OitctilM. Ll^uora, Froviato a s, Ac., contained in the *tot?AHi Water street; also the Counter*, Bheltlng and Flit urea. Apply on the prmlM. MtLLIBERY ESTABLISHMENT.? FOR BALE, TlfE , Mock, Fixture" and Rood will of a flrr *>a?? Broadway Millinery Establialimcnt, with a eplendld run of coaiom and. cheap la??*. Apply at (ta Broadway. v* 1 91ART7, ROi'R MILLS AND PORTION OF FATE NT for rule; roncedt d ut thn mini a the rery bos', for reduc ing ><<k an.l o hi r hit id eub<tonrn? to perfret doKt, with bar C? ned aliit ting erirdins aur'are* easily chant"!. SOUTHWHIK A WOOD. 83 itreet. OTORE FOR SALE? WITH TWO LOTS, 25 HY KM lk^ each, aituated in Baat Ne* Yoik, L I , ipj.owte the r?ia til'H School Hotiae. Frioe $i.?00; b?rt ou morlfiti/e. For further parti-tilers Inquire of J. UlTCHENH, on the | re UW QTABU; FOB KALE -OB TWENTT-HEOOHD STBEKI, O 12:> feet nuit of Eighth avenue A private Stable, with fai* Csrriagt llouse, and stalls for four bone*. Lot U' vliW. Turn ? e?-r. Apply to HAMCEL LORD, oorner of Orand and Chry*tie strecta. ; SLOOF FOB BALE.? THE SLOOP WIlIPFOORWILt, about t'O ton' buithen, btilli by kessr*. Raynor A I'eet-v a BeUport, L. 1. , u wall tium.'hed throughcut and read/ fur ) Heine**; will be mild low to close an estate. Apply to 1IEN HV W. 11TVH. E.i 1 , ?t BeUpoit, L L, or t> WM. KR\ AN. 1'6 Water street, New York SIXTH AVENUE? THE STOCK AND FIXTCTIES OF A Hi v (ioi.da and Fumiehing tartness, It b- dl posed ot at a bargain; su ik very light; tent low. Apply at Riith avrntie; v?ry desirable. TIN STORE AMD BOOMVO SIIOF FOR SALB.? THE M < k, Fliturr< and Teoli ot aa old established Tin Pi-ire and HcK'flog Shop, with two veara' tease from the firm n: May re it. ',?> Brr>adway, betweea Thlrty-tbtrd and Thirty fourth etreeta. < J. OA WOOD. WHOLES \LE RETAIL Llgi'OR STORE F-)R pale.? One ot the t>e?t (,n We?t atreet; g< ?>d lea?'; looni? tor fam'ly ; doing a !?rge money makinj i>'i>.lDe*?, nn'i rcty bandaoinelv flite<l up. \ bargain for MM one teorl llw K'K A WOOD, 82 Naiwin ?tfe?t. FER 11 ON Til K WED AND RENT KRKB; TI1K good will and fnrnitur<- of inrnt and b?<:? Roorat vvi'.h tliree bedrooina .nil l ath aittehed, to be eold tor >1iK?; prn *? aalon r.CTl week; roou, and >IBWI? ii let for $1 mor than rent erenVWrg ni<** .iry to go t? hnueekn ping. JOHN MrOOWAB, 1.2 Wwt Nineteenth n-reel. AQftfl ? VARIF.TY AND STAT10NEBY HTOKF WILL JpOl'U. lie wild for Mne-third ii* value on itocoun'. of ill health, Stork, Fixture* and Fiirnltnre for hou*ekee;>lm in Citided fall at ?>! Third arenue, rea Twelfth street. KlHltlTV BK. A BEDROOM S'TT "or BNAMELT.ED FCRNrTUltK for$ '.\in ali oolora, rf aarranied manuianure. AJ*? Milt'l ebe- li.ut. Cb m,l?i ?uii?. plain and oiuamontal. at H t. KAHRINOTON'S, Sue Canal etmet, oppoeite Wo<nwer. B* tabliKhed In l>4tt AUT of BOHBWOOD FARLOR Fl'RNTTI RE, CVR pi, Ar , but little nued, will be aold che.^p. kyr a aenUe II ?u i ,e?king up houaekeeplug. Apply at J16 Weal Twen tieth at reel. Ail kinos ?>k fcrnitore, mattresses and Heddfng. wh'>le<<nla au<! retail, eheaper tban any other *tore, al <1 W. ^JiKuEN's, MS Honevy, bttweea i and Hou?'on ?*r<et* mi unod* ? il and d?ll>*red fiw Note th< numb'; e?n aul *avf ue-ney. l^NAMELl.VD CHAMBKBsriCfiOr FURNITURB. IN MU all p. lor- and Mylea, ut w lio'emle and retilL At $2Sa?d u| *?ni*. M'U Maltrr??> i and PMl!a*,<ea, WABHEll WARD 177 Canal Cieet, Four d.mra eaat of Bruwltray. j FIRNT CtaSH ENAMELLED FCHNirURB, FLAIN, dei-ora'ed *nd grained. a> lid Walnut and oak *?t?; Mai 'timer, Srilnt *ed*. Ac A W. FJSHBR A (O., tnanni'iw turera. 6.*) Broadway, between BleeeAer *nd Bond atre-t*. IMPORTANT TO IiOfPI KEEPERS JIRRAKINtl l'P I and o'heia ? O. KR*XR1>Y. 2r? Bowerr, buy" to tnr amount lloti^ehold Ftirnlttire, I'aney (inoaa, Carpet*. Be 1 'ting, Ac. flood* aold It auction if nreterred N. B.? I*er- 1 ai.ti* baring Book* todlapoxe ot are >*?lictiea to eali. tRorat'e ! at my low rate*. IKH NKM, WMOIH, At .. TO hKT. AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATE N ISLAND.- TO LET. A litmlahed Ran?liir; a>o one emaller. nlih **?, atalile*. fiult, kitchen, garden- several am'* to ea A; ? tua tion unrtujina?, d. within lire mitintea ol the landing. BRAD HUTCH I NH AOO., ?< Ra*t Fourleeotb ?ti"e?, or E. fl. II DI.'iW A CO., Be. 8 Pine atrevt. AnRHT OLAss FT7BXII HBD HOUSE TO LET-1V Weat Twenty tblnl slree*. near Fifth Avenue Hotel. In pad enter, wltt nwiim eoniplete and deaaal. to a sinali prtvati- tamliv. l?-o( )?>* I'd- '~?*io/i Vafl. reruaroaof a>t<iu4?ton nruly to DINtiEB ? HOLDBN, No. 8 I'ta? *'r >'t aad 1.80 Br ?<fwav. ypCTSl, HOOMD. AT., TO LJDT. AN BNGLIHIT BASEMENT *OC8B TO LET? DB-HRA bl* locate 1, will all me m'Vii'ro lm;>r\jTen?eo'.s ga?, uat i, run p, Ae. Pi <a*e*aton given immediately. Partly ru -nUbrtd If 4* aired On' iaaoua:. le to t ^ :eiuat. Apply at UJ Wea t tweuly HfU> street. _____ Agbmi.emans it* siden< e to let. or ex change. f<ir improved nij peo|*Ttv ? A line rto"* au 1 S'aMe, with eleven lot* o' ground. situated at th-? j t it of dreeneaud Buebul'k timot, Williamsburg, about twvu'.y live minute* by i*n trunk ike fern The grounds ?i" writ md ii' with (raix \ lucH. fruit rerf, Ac, Apply tuff. Mr. BROWER No. t Votiitira alip, New fork. A BAKERY TO LET AMI FIXTURE'S FOR SALE? One of the lit-Kt it* mi* In the c'ty of Ne* a k. t or par ticular* inquire ?? .<! New ?trwl, Newark. .N J. A BEAUTIFUL FLOOR OF SIX ROOMM (ALL COS neetiugi to let, with all mo I?iii Improvement* vt ? > liej. and privilege ?l laundry Apply at ajutbwe-vt corner of Fourth avenue anil "I hi rile1 1> street. A FURNISHED HOUSE IN TWENTY SECOND atreet to let Brown stone, thru' atones big?* base moot, all Id pei fee' order and e >mpleie for housekeeping at a moderate rent, to a private faml v only, with tram**lU-fl do* * mIoo. For card* of admission, Ac , appltr to DINUEE A H OLDEN, No H l'lae atreet and 1..44 Broadway. A FURNISHED HOUSE NEAR MADI80N SyJARK to let. Four stories, high l>aa. ment, fcrovn *toue, ?lie J6x65. In good ord? r aud the elegant K arnlt'ire all c 'IB pltte, Including llano, Linen and Stlrer. with immediate poe*eaidon if desired, to a tint class private family only. For permita apply to DINGER A llOtJJB.N, No. 8 i'lne a tree t and 1,114 Broadw?y A HANDSOME THREE tsTORTIiraH STOOP HOUSE to let In Twenty third atreet, between Eighth and Ninth , avenuia; lot m full Nile; bouse hut all moccru improvement*, and I* in good ordrr. hen! fl.tltk) J. H BILL, 1X5 Fifth avenue, corner of Twcntylhird atreet. | A FURNISHED HOUSE IN FIFTEENTH STREET TO j let? next blo-k to Union square, three storiea casement and attic, 25x50 with extension, at a modern e rent to a care ful and responsible tenant. Po.*ae i?ion Buy I DINGER A HOL.DEN,

No. 8 I'lne atreet and 1,244 Broadway. H COTTAGES AT ROCKAWAT, L. I.? TO LET, THREE Cottagea, near the aea shore, In full Tiew of the ocean; one with 14 room* fully furnished. the others 1U room* nar tlally furniahed. Stable and ioe bouse iQU?>d) to each. Ap ply personally or by letter to W. H. BOLTOM, Far Roeka way. L. I. /ihestnct orove hotel, vandrrbilt landing. V ! Htaten Ixlaad, will be let on ma derate term* to a pea poulble peraoa; flft* raotna, with billiard, bar, gaa, and etarythlng nw?at y for a Brat olaaa eatablUbment. Apply at SUy Kacfcett atreeC Brooklyn. DENTIST'S OFFICE TO LET? HAS BEEN KEPT FOUR yeata: No. 67 Eaat Twelfth direct, near Uruadw.iy ; rent Apply_froni 3 till 4 I'. B. FURNTPHED HOUSE. SMALL SIZED, OOMPLETELT fui nJabrd, In TwentT third atreet, near Fourth avenue, to let to a private I amily at a very low rate, for Ave month* or longer, from May 1, Addrc?M Furuiaheu House, Herald office. FCRN ISnfD HOUSE" TO IlENr-TO A I'BIVATB family, located In an excellent neighborhood , the Hon*.; la in tiiat rata order, handsomely furnlahftl and ha* all the modern improremente Apply on the premise* to J. B. 11AR RIOT, IJ9 weat Twenty tilth atreet. F^UBNISHED HOUSE TO LET? A THREE BTORT, biown front. En li*h b;>semunt House, eieemiitlv fur nisKil, In t'onrri n* *treet, n*ar Henry, Urook'Tu. Will ouly b>< let to a family wi'huut rhlliltt n. Addrcut pox 3,lM New Yoi k I'owt oflire. FUBNISHED HOUSE TO LET? Iff WEST TWENTY til'th ctreet, I et ween SeTcntli and fcighth bvdihi. *, three atory hrlvk, with modern Improvem nta; furniture nearly m w; will be lot to i private family only. Kent $1,<>?i. Apply to ('HAS. (J. SHbrilfe RD, .'t7 ?' ?ltn ati'M't. Furnished noi'PE to let-a desirable .^malli tliroe st< rv, kiMIMtll aud anb cellar, pleaaati'ly looattd on the M.uth aide ot Lui|Ocer atreet. 114 feet from Court. Br H*k lyn. Id minutes' walk from Hamilton ferry Inquire of Mr. LONG, on the premlee*. fottaeaalon imtneiliately. IfURNlSllBl) ROOMS AND BEDROOMS TO LET-TO " Mnall famillea; all oDnveniencle* for economical hou*e kerpitiK- Apply at 477 eunal street, near Hudaou. Rc.e leuoe required. Fifth avenue store and basement to let? In new building at corner of Twenty alxth H'reet, opp?v aite Madlaou aquare; n Lso, in aanic building, a number of excel lent Htudloa, all wi'li large north, aide and *ky lU'lil*; one very large store, 86 feot tront on Broadway and 7.1 feet front on Twenty (sixth nlreet ; a larr> Room on afioind t'.oor, atiitable for buhine-f purpoaea; and a large Raoement, e^ual iu *izc to Broadway Ft"'re, well adapted (or a reataurant App ytoA. DODWOR1H, Sl4 Biotulway, or on the prom res, from y to 10 A. M House to let? the brown stone front kno llah kuemcnt House 113 Ea*t Thirty uiuth atr et, be tween Lexington and Tlilid avenues, near the railroad; with bathroom and every Convenience Rent lew to a (;???! ten .nt Apply 1 1 J. 0. MAYER A SON, liiA BroadAay. Ol SE AND SIX ACRES OF LAND. AT TREMOST, on Furdham avenue, w Ith barn, fruit. A - R<*n: $.V.M. T. L BRAYNARD, HI Wall atrett. Hotel to lft-the first class hotel no. it to 77 Broadway, comer ot Morria street, kn-nn as the Stavena House; poN*ea?k>n lot of Mav next For further par ticulara apply to HEWLETT A TORRANCE, No. 0 Bowling green. Hotel to let? conoress tiam , paterson. n J ?A large, Arat rlti** Hotel, now in f ull op> rati m And full of boarder*1, 15 mile* from New York, OB the line of the New York and Erie Railroad, lorat< >1 in the nv>n central part of the city. Apply tn J. S. RO<;ERS. I'ateraon, N. J., or HOMER hOROAN, No. A Flue atreet. New York. Light rooms J WD STEADY POWER. AT LOW RATACS. BT john oaviw, m walker street. Lard oil factobt to lot of leahe-with tub Fixture* for eale, oiiaietlng of premie", kettle*. 4c. Till* Factory !< well known to be the moot complete ur <1 con Tenlrnt one'ln the rlty ot tirw Virk: the main bulMinc 11 107x33 feel, three atone* and busemeut. with stesra and (tan, and plenty of light ; there In a liw yard, wall p:ived, a pit lion of which t" ooveivd by a abed w ith brick walls and tin roof , 82x46 fe< t; also a stable on the premise*, with stalls for four homes, carriage house and hay loft . 1'or further pari leu lam apply on the premise*. 76 and 7H Sullivan street, to IU) BERT C. EVAN*. I OFT* TO LET? AT 10 MUBRAT STRRET. INUUIBR J on the premises, or of JOHN LLOVD A SONS, |? Naa sau atiee.t. M Alton MB IBLEB, 70 AND 72 WBST THIRTY eighth street, between Fifth arenue and Broadway ?To let, a fine t ront ftaaeneit aa phy*l<tan'* office , alao, elegantly furnished whole Floors or aepora'e Fooins; h>use?new, first class, four alory, blub stoop, brows (tone; HUM parlor; reataurant below, 1 : oat paid motthli . OFFICE TO LET. -FART OF THE TERT DESIRABLE Oflice27i Broadway. eo-.-ner of t'hamlxrx street, under the Klioe and LeaUi er Bauk Apply to JOHN U OOi'B. on the premises. OFFICES TO LET-IN MARBLE BUILDING NO. 21 Liberty atreet, between W Ilium and Nassau Ala? Maeemt ot. Rent low lo desirable tenant*. Apply ta above. PART OF IIO08B 64 F0CRTH PLACB, BROOKLYN, consisting of basement. parlor, rooma ,m second and third floor*, U> I' t, v. at' fin basement, gas and fixtures through; rent BAlu. Inquire at the bouse, or at 08 Jolin street, >.Y. S~ OOM8 TO tBT. -THE CFFER PART OF"HOCSE NO. 26 Bond street will bs let. In whole or port; an excellent iUoa 1 or a merchant tailor, millinery business, Ac. In quire en the premise* KOOMH WITH STEAM FOWBR TO LET CHEAP? Ba*eni"nt, well lighted, 44x27; one Rooji on first floor, >5*2?: one Room on second floor, .'iS' iO. Inquire at sawmill, .'40 Front street or at IIAWK?. GltAUAM A CO. S, l.ti Ceo tre street. "* _J STABLE. -TO LET. TLB BRICK STABLE 4.1 THOUA* atreet II a* stall* for eight horses, aud larvr loft, rent < d a? a ra> | entet ? shop Apply to T. M RODMAN, Metro polltnii Bank, llD Broadway, or to WILLIAM LOVBLL, Ui II udson Street. VJTORE TO LF.T.-A FINE HANDSOME STORE, WITH larfc show *tr>d w. II ? for mlllineiy or any fancy husi rcw; In a good stand, 93 Dlttslon street. Possession 1-t May 1 e.u-c given, Are years, Also a >-m?ll Slow, 92 Division <lreet, with three Rooms. SI BAM POWER, WITH WELL LIGHTED ROOMS, TO let? At22and 24 Frankfort stre t ; rent lo*. Apply on I he premise*, or to M. LKfFF.RTS, 04 Be kman nroet, up (.talfa. TO LBT? FCRNISHED OB UNFl'BMftHBD. TUB three Story brown stone House, Al West Kor.v til in street, between Flfis and 8i?th aeenues. The f urniture is g<y^ I and complete Apply to K. LIVINGSTON, No. 9 South William at tret. TO LET? BRroNU 9TOBY AND FBONT RASEMF.NT Sft Clarke street, neir Foorh. Six Rinns, In line order. I la* fell the modern impixr em. nf*? a fine yard, a nteoj neigh borbood. Apt'lyontlie preml?<?, T> LET-TO TWO PERSONS, THE THIRD FIOOR Or a getueel Hutiee, with gas and Croton. There an but four pei'On* In ib<- h > -e I txpilrc at 141 East Tltlri.Uh street, lie vi i ii Till d apd Irf ili' itoti arenur -. mO LET? A THREE hTtlRY BROWN STONB FBONT J Jl iiiM, rorn?r of Ntneileth s; reel and Fouilfcav. nue, vithsiltle ni'^lerM Inipr vean- nte Rent (>U Also, a three it' ry l.igh si' "P nnd ba-'ruesu brown stoti^ front II m*?, In 1 smarllne |,is^e. A|i>l\ UI .1 LBS.-<OIR Il4:t Mi aids <?. TO LET - LIGHT A VD A1KY R(k)MS TO LET, WITH ?e?m post er, at N'os ft and 7 N;ie*nu street, one door from Fttlioti stiief, Riooblyn. Inquire of the engineer or the i n; ?i>i*. oroi ISAAC P I/Ot'KMAN, No, 18 Na au strort, >ew Vork. frotn 9 (O tit o'clock A, M rpo I.RT -THF. WHOLE <iR ITPPRR IM HT OF HOCKE 1 No. (MM Broadwy. n'?r I'nian son tie: ? flntt rate locv Hon for any bind of llgat buaim ????. inquire In the do piod* i tote, M3IS H os - .. riM Lf.T-KI RNI*HED~iTTrf ~ i \~0|T Ni vk MONTiH, J 'o a prlva''' family, a flist c'a s brown H. n" four e'oey En livh wmb' nt ll"ii?e, ailtisted in llilrty founh 'It*-', n'-si Bro?<l*iiy. PoaMMdon ImmedHttelr. Andre** 114 West Thirty fontth street. To LBT-HEfOND CI,' ->R OF lit WE-^r fWESTTBTH ?tn-?t, coi "ting ot two large Ronrn- tao Bedroom*. Bathfom und 1 aDtile*, also Bedroom on third door; molern impii'vttren's. Rone but a ?omll family need apply Rent $?!.'. Pe-t of reterenoe* rsqulrad. For lull nt'lMllir l? ply at lttt King ?'rret, mo I.E1 ? A TAM1LT OF TnREE WOt'LD LET A X v, ry ).!? a?ant I r ul Parlor, on neiond flo,>r, hii'lsomeiy fnmlrbad, to KenJcnien, or to .' genilemaii ani wife, wtta another r?OM for h?n*ekeeMti|; Souse with ail modern im provement*. Apply ai 2W? Bast Bpai'sif. rpo LET? THE BMALL THHEE STORY, llRftWN 1 stine, high stoop House, fin ISd Ea?t Tlintv fouith atrcsH; now a year ago; In a wide street aud |,,od iocUtsn; runt low. Apj^y 1,1 "ej street. fl'O IAT-AT KO. 41 BF.rOND AYENT'F, FROM FOUR I to sit Room*. r? th*' Uilrd story, alao nojt of lh ? Maond ?lory, wli Ii gaa and belli; also the' upper part of the iowto No. itO Second arenue. nN) LET-TO A SXALu, RESFECtABLR FAMILT OF J irown person*. With good icferru^cs, th<- IlDtV P.vl <d brown st^ne Hcose 141 West Thin*. eeienlh s:reei; the rest of the hoii?e Is 00> upted by the owner; inn( Ojr.V. J'yj fu;> tl' Ulars n.|Ulre on the pretnl<es rLBT-fHR FBONT BABB'mKNT, BACK PARf/Td and one Bedi iofn, or Hie B i-l. It* e-rieut Front Parlor :.nd on' Bedroom, ga? and wnler. Third street. i??r arsnno D. Rent k>w to a good n n nit. T> i?bt F(TBin/nfBt>-^irRAST mVraENrn~S8HK a fonr story Bngllsh ' is. nrnt House, nlth < set t i n uro**eme?l< a*W s first* Wwlon. ItRtDUT, 'It t t 'II I US 4 CO. 41 last Fonrteentli street, B. II. M viiOW t CO , P*. J I'ir.f itrftt H?r?K*. ROOMS. &? ., T?? l-KT. ^ L&J ? A 1'URKE ST*,?* A*D ftvxn^KNT BRICK ! htuar, Ho S7 Smi'h atree*, Bro k yu, aoatutaa 12 r -una ! and >11 the m- d*n? ttnwxnenienU, v.? ? gas, ?tMrlh?li'r' bells and speaking iub*a, Ao : sltua'xi wFth;n '.wo U ?sk? o t the ( 1> j Hi. 1; neighborhood "rat a'aaa Bent Apply ou the uruuici or U> J. JONES, dining tttool* r ui'>>u luat ket. OX? LET -THB TWO HTOR* AND ATtlC imtCK I Huu>e ? Watta NKrti. ha? g?* ??"> ???*??. ?"? rew-ntlT bt*u put In oompltle order. To a te.iant will ho l?i?. d lo? Also ih" rear BuiUI tix 1W H'Miam, suitable for* ! itlii 'I lauufaetu: lun I uii ???? ->. Apply UW7 U ?leral'eMl TIUH-ATWOBTORY IIOU**, AND ABOUT THRBK seres of Uuid, a mile en I of Widismsbrl'Ue, H?r- | lem Railroad. Inquire et No< Ifi and 18 Chambers street. j TO LET? aT CLIFTON, STATBN I8LaND, A HOUSB j fully furnished, iU.hle and nine Lots oi ground. 'rill shadx*, furnace. i-n an.l *il?rlatlwkiiiw; Ave minutee' j * alk fp-ui the lanliiiK Apo'y at t>7 Merchant*' KicUange | TO LET? T1IE ri KNIXUfcD MODEHN HOUBB 48 j tiro\n sti eel, suitable for a firm rlsse !> aiding house. | Also, the mode, ii House Nr. ITU W?\ ? rb y pi*cn Alao, ? II once at Yonkers. Apply at M Pine S' reel, room A rpo LtT? THE riTB "TORT BfHLDINO 217 ORRBN A w ten street, now oecupWd a* a Urg^ clothing eetabltsi ne ill, t.nd ha* been for tie last ten oi twelve )?ara. Anoly to W M. SMITH, Jr., 271 West .Slne.eenth tirt et, at 1 or ti,l? P. M , for one week. mo LET? THE TWO STORY AMD ATTIC BRICK HOUSE ! A Kit! Amity street, con mining all the modern Improve meiitH, bath room. Ac. The l'arlnr Furniture, 'iano otic., | OUdolha, Caipeia, Chain, F. .tension Tables, aud complete Lining Room Furniture, will im let nith the huuee, or aoldon i reasonable term* Inquire on the premises | PLET-THB FOLLOWING HOUSES ALL IN FINE condition and mnderu aonvenleneeii SA1 *?l lath ?t., between Hth and Vth at* , Mint $7 Ml : 144 Waat l&tb nt, belwuen ith and 7th ava , rent 790 11 Warren platw (? *harb ? street), rent 879 21 Waat *7tn at , near Mh ave . reut 1,000 Applj to J. MATHEWSOIf, |M7 Hudson "treat. Before >A. M., or after 9 P. M. TO LET? TOE HOUSE, AC., HQ. 7 BOND HTREET, near Bioa.) ?ay, well locautd for bnal iu>s? purpoee* Ap ply ut 6!H Hrondway, of ?: VV FA.tNHAM, or at ltd Broad way, from 11 to U o'cloclt at PETER A 11. fAOK?OW. fO LET-THE THr.EE STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE :KW Eaat Brnadwav, fronting Uraud atrert H in.ire, In good rondltlou, with all iiii; roveaiei:tM, Crotin '.valer, bath nud g.ix; bax been iei aa a tlml c'.agi bo. rdiu ; house. Apply to R. WALTERS, I* &i?t Br adwuy. TO LET? A BEaCTIFU.1 RRK1DKNCE AT 8II O HINO, I conimatntliiK un extemive\1pw of the Hudson riyer. The boiue In u neAt two story and high baaeuieut dwidiioa, oonvo- | nlently built, bavin? eleven rot-inn Htid ;lt cio?"Ha built In. i kllehen Mtx;"iBiuodAtionK are oo>r.pti;te: range, hot and ould { water; due gurden. with plenty of fruit, carrlmca U.-u-w aad stable all In perfect order. Apply t'j J. P. Wll.LlAUiJ, ifci | k IrI: Ih avenue TO LET? FRONT BASEMENT -AND ill REE I'LOORB over uUim . aiM., three (loom In rear building Cuuue. tmi by bHdgea? all ? "ll lighted. < nrt er.'rnnco t?> r ar Duildlnu by- alleyway on Croiby H'reeC Apply on pivniitca, No. til mixnac nlreet. TO LET? A HOUSE AND HARDEN. SURROI'NDED BT Shrubbery, ailuate In the rlilage .tnd county of Wi'atcUe*. ter. Apply ?> W Vi L. SMITH, No Hleocker -tir.H;'. mo LET? THE FRONT AND B\OK PARCiOB, AN? i Boor abtivo. In a very fine brown aUmn front Houon, with all modem lniprovemeniH; r< lit 9.UM1; or th. aonoud fl >or and back room en thu tlilrd door, rent *2.'iil. In luira ut ll-j Col lege place, or on the pn'mlsen. No. 173 Eait I orty-uiath street, between (4ee JUil and Third avouuex. TO LET-A FlRHTtil.AS't HOl'SK NO U4WE4T Six teenth atroet, between hlxth and Seventh avcmiet; four fi? ry, hatement and iubo e!!*r; li.n ail tUn tn.>lern im provements. Can be seen front 3 to j P. II . a.No it ;re, mi atoriea liiih, No. 9tft virnenw 'n'-. htiept, Hpiinir luonlro of E. L A M. T. BURN HAS, 61! llud-on atr set, N. T. ffH) l.ET? A F1HST CLaHS BOARDINC. nOUl'.B, COM J. plelely fttenNhiid. oontninlng 24 ava InWo room*, & ne dining rorin. dunili wa'.iei, apeaklng tnliea, kJ ; 1 >? it'on di tlritble, a abort dtaUMMM from ItaMuNHt 1'OnH^.Hion gfe the lot of ApJ'il if deiired. \dlit?t <p<j8tpud^ liouae, at* tlon U. TO LET- THE DtN.'TOB'S OEFICB, J(M HUD?>N itri*!, St. John's I'urk, ooeupied a number of yts.i 'K by the lute tr. t.reen; an eieellent Ktand for a pliTHcian Apply lu the dwilliii^, liiu U i.ditou atreet, enrurrof Ia tic lit TO LET-A TWO STOI'.T BASEMENT AND ATTIO fmme Housa, ailiist Ml on the north side a' 1 1 f th street, distance, westerly, from Third :ivenue t' hi' 300 f'et, with a barn on the rear ef the lot. inquim on ib" piomlsrs, or to W MaC^KELLAj., llath street, between K'C ind and Third avenues. TO LET-A LAITOE DOUBLE HOl'^K, FURNISHED and pleasantly altuaird in Fruuklin atroet, in the vl!laij? OfAstiiia. ltiuulreofB. MILL*. Astoria, or W. VAN DiS \ KaTEE, IM h ulton street. New *?'k. TO LET? AN OFFICE NOW OCCUPIED BY THK Ol'.R manjn Insurance ( oiopanv, No. ii K<iekiii?n stroet: well adapted for an lnanrati>,e eotnpaAy or broker's otUce. Apply at ine I'aik Hunk. No. ;t Beekman' a'.ii et TO LET? FURNISHED, FOR HT\ MONTHS OR I .ug' V. to u iirivate (auilly, a three itory higli b ni'imnt [ Bocae in Tweuty ihlid atreet. n rnr /Uih avenue; rant ?100 i per uionUi. Koi rddn ^ apply at the Madlsou n>iuare Post office. TO LET- THE SECOND STORY A*D TWO ROOMS ON the third In houae ;u> l'enj ?ir.!et, to a small family ; rent (2U1. K4i and wnter. t'au be -een from 11 UU 3 o'clock. The owner occupies the other part. mo LET OR LEASE ?A LAIU1E 1/OUHE, CONTAINING 1. about thirty roonn, N* 10T Wuvcrley puee. The houae ia 25 by ICS feet, and the lot 1X1 feet In depth. Very pinwant ly situated, nearly opposite Wash-nfi n rar.nJe (; round, and Is well adapted for a boaidUi;: or olub bo.i^e. Apply 19 RaT NOK A BLACKWKLL. .129 B.^jadvay; Brwll-y. H'ltcliins A Co , No. tt Eaat Foiu teen'.h sti et, or to N. C. Blsl.op, 114 Broadwi^?a rlJJT ? OK fixril AVENl'fc, ONE DOOR FROM Twentv ?'truth street, a fine l?rge new 110): cl??a Htiie, 70 feet deep; baa t?'0 Urg-- ithow windows. Ai?o ihe Btx in- nt underneath. 9u feet d-ep, tin Shed in a fup"i1o: .naninir, and (.uitablc for an A ?o. 1 rcatlurbnt. Inquire ou the prw diUm. TO LKT.? BrilDINQ NO. ? LEONARD STREET, 45 by Mb f?et; auttaMe for atore or nuinuloctartu..", fcnni modcra'e. In quire oi TAYLOR A WILHON. 127 H-vwte street. r LET? THE THREE HT">RT HI0H BA^EMBXT House 3lfc Wi\ t Thirl) street, between EuiV-h ami Ninth avenue*, with all Uie modern Improvement*, p?. *1 neighborhood gas Bimrea Uir .uifhout, titu- yar I, vine*. Ae. R> tit 9800. Inquire ut 113 E?.-t Thirty third ilm-t TO LET? A HOUSE ON T1IIRTT FIFTH STREET, near Fifth avenue, a portion <tw roore*^ la dertrod M be retained. For pMrtirul .r* and permit ln>|iuri' at tbeo<!.>? of IIOM&R MOKUAN, Fine ulroet, Meti ?yAiitu lUnIi, No. a. IPO LET ? ON RBASONAH1.K TI RMS, TO A HOOD J tenant, the large nmrUn hv??4in,; al? Hroadwa)% 110 f?et by 36f<-et 1 lneli front fcod rrar, oi "? !i floor to l"t separate - ly. Km lain ,<nilar? Inaulre of B?V<IAM1* OALBUaITII, km.. 127 Fttlon etrn t, lie mid Building, or o." ALEXANDER BaUREHON. 718 Broadway. TO LET? THE THREE BTORY RKICK nOCRE, NO. IM We>4 Twent yaeound street, ? ith htah atoop. i he housa haa all the modern Improvements, and ulocMad near Eighth ?venue. Apyly to KU'lME A BELLS, lb7 Mil " a\wauc. TO LET? HODRK NO. 1*7 WEtfT FOKTF MNTW ftre?t, n>ar ltrnadv. ay, Rnglteh basement, At out la feet wide, lour ktone? huh. In excellent orders rent $5M per so nam. Am ly to J, M. I)aV IF.S, r?, Wall *;r<i>t. mO LET-THE FIRST CLASS FOI R BTORY RARE X men*. House*. Noa. Ml and .'V43 Wi ?t Thirty finh s'rset, repletr mib all tbe mod'-rii HBproramenia, brown atone front to aeuued fleor, large bar nlndow, ?U'narr. Italian and Lie bon ma^Ule mantels, vestibule taarble. |wall? hung wilh #o.d and pearl paper; halla with Mock, budaniM lU tnre ? < rd rhan>ie|lera. apes kin* tnl?-?, A , ail 1o order; lent $7U>, Inquire ni HPaRK.i, 837 Wwl THrty fl'tli street. TO LET- IN TUB SEVENTH WARD, THF. TWO HTORT and attic House fin A'O Madison street, ha* all the mo dern Improvements and In perfar-i ??d?r; rent low. Alao Rlore No. 3S7 Waier aireet. Apuruiir-i.U No. 7 ranal ati-eat, Apai'men'H Ne. Ilc*u;r. four rcv.m* earh Ktore flnrner Of R*it(,1n and R'anton atre'ia; 11 lit low *!*a.tmerva la va rtoua par<* of the , Ity. Apply to I. P. JORaLLMON, No. 19 Fasei alnei. In the banem* nt. TO LET?THE ATONE OOTTAOS KNOWN A? THE reetoirM H? I'aul a rhnrrb. Pa ? Che.?ier, I'j mlli'a dis tant from Miviiif Vernon au.lon of the New liallroad. lti tuiiea Irt-m New Yorl 'ity. Inquire of Mr. K. MaRTIN, 11H< hanil>er?atreet, ot of ENOi'H Keiton, at the church. rlJ.T-PART OK Hiil'DE t?ft REOOND AVR.Vl'E, the c?>roiiil tloor, thnr roni* "n third liwr and fMBt baKenixnt, In wood oixl'.r, in ell acvea room ij but and oo'.d water, bath room, Ac. Rent Apply on ?he premiwx. TO f.ET? THE FOLTiO *INO F1RKT OLAK? H07?Bf< ~ No. Rati 1 lititlrUl ?'r- et, brown atont, rent f !,?>): .'78 TtlrtMb atrwL near Tklrt inane, rent $7'*'; ta i on Lexln*toil av nne, $ \7t ei. li: l.'l Ha^* Thirtj nui1 h atre-t, root iluln* hi! ttnprpre meats, Inr njtr** flvtnrei, an> Weat T*tntji fotirth vireei. f l'?. uor on KUty fonrth atr^'t, $??i. lUf'fcif.t Forty ninth atn et, tbn.-e storv, brick. ?l>n ^ olheia. Apj ljr at He of JOMKHR Mc UD1RE, 777 Third neu i1, near H: ly a ain-et, and Hr venth Mr et TO LET- AN V PART OF THREE LAR >E FI/)OBH. v tth power, lor printer*, book blnd^rii. Ac and a rault <*,"mrl"d for type, Ac Alao, a fnral*hod brown Hlonn (ront on Hi k tl\n UelRhli; n hir"<l b\ a *m.vl family Ikdptt woulc be U:ken in bomd. Addr< aa box 1,971 Foal odlo", Ner Tork. TO 1 FT ? I HE THREE AND Fot'R ??Tf)ltr III III at ooii Huuaea, Noa. :tM ?? e- ?d av?ntti and ?>*? Tenth atn-et, with all the modem lmi .ovem'n'a, wai-ir, nai, . an*". An. t'Hriber en trim 2 till 4 P. V Ap- ly lo A. HtlllANOK, No. :ilf s. ixuid arenne rl RT IN BROOKLYN, P ART OF * HOtTlB, OON ai?tlng of Raw men I, Parlor and tipper U him, nlae ?<in*r>' Noon* Pa?m-ii( n >. enntaln* Dini h Rom, Kitrli n, vv Ith t'tU i -Ion, i vo pontr i a..,l two amaU eloaet*. BccMfl floor, two laryp ftiion, tMw ll ior, Ave *1 eyln? Jio-.iii*. Plenty or ya'd i in, front und itir. One iul!>! fri ni I Hit' n and At anil. . tn* -i (eriie* B?nt $?**). fi>e rif lit kind oi' t'amJ'iyri n niake an *rrait|i'mriu to Board pvaen' onrnpau!*. A Id" tx>i tin; ller iid illiee. ro LR t? TO A.\ AMI.Rlt AN FAMILY OF TWOOB tin'* iperaotl*. part of a ll"iiee oti 1^^ Inat'on aie *ue, ae'Obd door aim Fifty a -entid Ntj*ft; front a fl>?> Runti, two Itnltnonui and pantri' a with prlTthM In kaawienl f r va.?hiuH <t<- water andRil; ail In jt rfiM order; O" ?l1''*1 by the o\Tnir, two i<?raona in nmilf; r?n $IM. Apply on lit'- piemUce, fO LET-TUB ITFrKR PART OK DOUeE NO. HI oK rhard atreet, hotwten 'Iraptl and Krom ?t t ??!?, aull?bl<? lor ? reajiertuMe fannl. : lent fi/.O. t'au In' tx an I ? urn I l?i ? o'llock. Apply on the pr? mi-t* TO LET THE I>JWKR PA hi OF HOWE NO tf We't Forty fouith tti ?t. nwir Hi?h attnu.;, <mi*latln|| 8f Bantni nt, Pnr'.on an I rrtjnt i.?a:olier in tue ifonrvh *toi v ; h?* all til m- tern I tat rr>\ MuMM) *<?? Apply ou the [ttefchw, Bent ^??'. ToTp.T-IN ?OHFiiN, WEITt ll??rER COONTT. A llente, Htabl'* and ?bo lt f?tr aerwi of aiotlld, tbe ra aldenoe n: th.- la'r F. J. Coffin, (itaney 'lie UaiUua Hall road, l u on lea fn?t> I nrdr'a ??iti, a ??rCru'.u Fatla. Al\> > I O. ?J. t'ot.n. New Yet k t lA'^on e? ^ To lj:t-tiie ufpbh r\trt or hours, i? j kasT T?"tit, lira', atiwei, near Heeond *Mhl?, eto4t?M(M "( I 0ve rnoma; *at?l aiid a.: - In the bOa^a*'. Ai-, >] on vh-: p"?* Btl*i.'* ! ' "?n 10 A. Jf. M|T. la. I rpo LET-THE THRBK HTOBY AND B VHF.M1WT ! J r?wi Il.nif ?. We?i T? . ntr "erenth a're?t (*?? ba'h Ar | RetitBV-l Apply toC. <? PlNCH nf.V, Ti A-nll . TO 1 ET? THE #b6ite oi PART Of Tifil-HE Ti le ro* p aee HefikeT atrs^t, (nto oft" b'. v k *.?? of Hr i?' ??y. Tbeliwtrpau baaiitm ^'U|M?d by ? d<>nti.t fur ail rmn A IMM* k? h?4 Sm ? HrfU +*i#i TO UDT. TO I.ET-1H4 bTOKB KJ BaRclak sTIEkT, RBM itttei A t it., dwir.ble lueuinu for boat i<>* The jre w til be pu* In complete rep-xlr (wmod UluiDt. t, ppjy at Vu>On-?iiiwl< li Mttl, up ataira. 'p.) LRT - rtRNISIIHD, A VFRT HaNDSOMK TUBES I atcry brown *:,>ue Houae, e.Uguoilj and wiupletaly fur n'abi il, III forty M vt n il a'reet, l.?i Keen Mitb aud nr??tiUi avenue* One Df ilic baudaonuat locallone In the city. Ab P'j ?t :S* p?y atreet. T? r rj-'N INS STREET, NEAR .N?hHAn, LIOHT V" ,m* wi" ""ady po*er, am able for prln era and ... ?f-'wl?* pnri<wof, either light >r Ivtrr (Kinlneae. MUUtw Apply at 01 Aun at reft L'/AS WREET, BHOOKuTN, THREE w?!.i ? , hanement Dwelling , baa gaa, hot aud tn<4 lit rut? r 1 ?'LU Cl ?Vf n'cn? bouae >b? neigh frirbeod to 2^"* U t, I f r! V ? A u*"t,c *-r?" ??? at Houd HUTMt. muvr nl'i r he ferT>- H"al ^*7X lniuireof I. T. street " airael, or of H. L. l/uu, IB Wall To let? io a Wall Family, without cuil dren, part of ti pm?| Hon* oontafnlng all i he modern tnipioveuieula and In a pleaaaiu neighbors off Un- ioepUon able rel erene*-a given aud required Item UU Aool atioo East Thirtieth ?treet. TO LET-FLOORS THROUUH OP MIX Rooms raOH wmrd And fuurtb Floor* In Ibe brown atone front il -mn 1,3211 Broadway, between Po'tytifih and forty ihth atreeta, finest location In th<) city. To reapeeUtblc families only. In quire on the prcmiwa. fPO LET.-FURM3HED HOl'HK TO LET VDR MX J motitbN, In thirty fourth street betw?* n f<exlugion and Third avenue*, one or the healthiest locations in iho etty. Aia-j, a anted, a fnrnlafced Country Uouae, fur nx monitta, of easy aecetw to the city. Addrei* L, U J . ntnUua F, fur eoe week. Answera will be lnimeJU'ely attended to TO LET? Til E STORE 125 MERCER STREET, 8CITA hie for a gro eenr, Ar Bent very low to a reepoadble tenant. Apply al 26 toUaudi atreet, up aulia TO 1.RT-0NE OK THE CHEAPEST HOINES IN 1?KW ^oi k, on Fourth atreet, t*>MX Alao the four nMry U joae 6fi llleecki r atreet . Uiije mr lorn, auiuble for ah u?f roonaa. adi. pled for buaini'.^ ortMiarOInK; mo<lerat4i reot. OiM on blxieeulh aceet and one on H#-venu'eoth mmt. KiNSIiljaEB A Wilcox, Fourth aranoc. r) Li.T? Til HEK HIM.KNnin LOFM, t',5 VNO ?7 Ex change phtoe, all cuDuected, near Broad (tract; a flint rate location for any nuiuufMeturtng purpovi oi any other bu?lnenn where plenty of ^ood light ia wanted; room for m cheap rent: will let ;U1 or any pan t-> * ?ood ten?n( also Dart ot the <v ilar. Inquire of T. BEriouf, f?o. 60 Bichanga place. ~ M O LET? VERY CHEAF, THE rtPLBNDIDSOCFIOBS IW . ?c ? "rw "ecoi 1 do.r 'rom >Va'l, lirmerly oocu ined b? the Dlrtetora of Wrlla, F*l?> A ''ompanv; ileo oflee* In No. 7 Hew atreet Apply to H LIVlNiJ^T?iNE. So, 7 New atreet. TO LfcT? A STORE AND RKAll HUILDINO 18 WELIa ?idiiule.l l'ornianu! a<:tiirlu- purooae^, or nlll lm altered lo anit a Kimd lunnnt. and the rent in xlerut". Apply on the proBlaea, -.'il Want Tworlv aUth atri-et TO I.ET? THE HOCSE AND LOT, NO. 14 ORKRIV atreet. Iniiuite of WM. C. M1LLKK, No. 2 Bt. JoM a Una. mo LICT? RICHLY mtNHl'KD, ON F^LL LOT, A L House containing fn r? nn, anh-oellar, with modem Improvementa. Kent $l,JUI) per year, le ? dbtJount to puurtinil |>uj ineDts Hi irdera, i mull chlldr> n, and to relet forbidden, "l'oaaeaaion at once, U' dnatred. fhe neighbor hood Is pliaaant and quiet. L ?"![ lu at .'MUruv; atreoi, be t?een B!eec?erand Bcdlonl, from IUo'clocl( A. M. to 4 P. M. To LLT? IN HOl'HK l,:va'! BROADWAT, THK STORE. Imck hi^ni, Redrtoni, bailment Klt. hcn aud two amall Rociuh in ditto, with yai fixture*, t^roton waiu , Af.. ; rent $.,t) per rear. A1p\ a.e Thlid Storv. ooMalatinir of :?"? Urge Kooma. lour aniaU ditto, ehwta, wardrobea, Ar. , with gaa, livturi'B uiul water on the floor; rent tlW iht year Iniuira on the prenimea, or at lt'9 Fouitu uvenue, turner jt Twelfth ?treet. TO LET? THE TBltEE BTO l\ HXOU BA?RMENT Houae3tK Weat Ihlity fifth atreet, ntwetm Klghth and Ninth avtuuea, wi h all the mod. rn impruvetnen'a, good neighborhood; rhb il>tnre? t' One vtii-n, yard, Ac. Reut ?si)U. Inquire at 412 !? Ighth avenue. rLKT-KliRNIslIKU, FROM Htf 1 NEXT. THB fil'-t cla-s llouce No .16 En-t litel'th at-eet, botween Broadwuy itnd I'ulveialiy place. Applv to RIGUi A CO , M Wall Htieet. rpo LET? A hTONE MAMHION. iOxM, PIAZZA FRONT 1 and ienr, nn lentil ui?nue, liettvenn Hlxt> aeoond and hilly i bint ^treeu; eik udv ipMunda, g' ga> den aud fruit fire*, f.uly two blovka I n in Hi" Jen'i il t'-irk. Being aooeaai l>le ai all lin<-a by ibo Kubtli and Mutli ai'DWi cant, it \? ouhl be ndmiramy adapti d f ir u tuhlic ma ituthm. The po nition l? hlt;li, and miuinariU an eitenaive view of the Bud ifui 'I he avriiue la grgd-d aud II Ik to lie llag^ed koou. Alao a Itaine i* unaion t o hlghUi aveiine, l?:twie.n Fifty- fourth and Klflj fifth atrei m, three Lojt; will he l*a*d, with rrtvlleg" o eonverilnn the who.e Into Hior?a Alao No 3KM I'act Ninth ^t!eet. three ?u?ry bru-k Ilouae, with high atooc and under cellar, In rxenlh-n order. To a c ireful te.iant it V III he let lo? . For N?le, I Ota on Murray 1)111 between ^Ifth and S'tth uvi nues No r ,-h p ? i'>tr. <1 il built ujhiu. Inquire ot JOHN MILIIaT A MiN. 1M l!ro?d^ay ffO M5T? A FOl'R STORT HIOII STOOP HOI) IB IN J Fourth a're< i (Albion plaoei; has all m dern improve wertr, and will l e put in c.i b r and n n'ed low t<i a rvaponal bl<> t< riant Apply to J. II. DILL, 1V< Fll'tb avenue, cornet of Twenty thlid atr? el. TO LET? -UJK WHOLE I.OWKR I' ART, TOU*TSHBR wiili < bird ami fourth ?tnrim of tlx* cmBiodlona modern built bonne 17'.' Lnut bcYtnteeutli atreet, In au nioelleat lo anion Mm] lit view of (tic tuv vena ut pai ka, coualatUiK of cko Stsnt parlor*. willi extension dining rooir attached flonae re ple e wnb all tin' modem mpru>em>-uta; **?, bath, water tlmeta. hot iici'l culil wa'er, range, Ac. ; the aecund (loir, with h bedroom on the fourth flow, uml an eilenalon: baaeineaC will lie ii 'irrM il 1-y a ?entlemiu and wife. Ren*, to a genteel private f/imlly (V). fan be scon from 10 In tl and 2 lot. I Mi LET? A NEAT AND NICELY Ft'RNU" 'HEP FRONT Room. with Bedroom, will' all tliem <dera Improvement*, to a aenili nuiu end hi* rife, lit 72 hlitb ivmu e, one. door bo low Wa\ i rlc'T plan-. In |Ulr? at the i n .mure store. rl ET? ONE HALF1 THE PRIVILEGE OP BTORE No. CO t'iMrth avenue, for a 'rookery at jre, nr to a n!iinit>er. Tlie o'h'i half la snl wlil he occupied a* a gaa Unturx an I CUV Being oa'aSUehtnenl. Any pejraon dialling to obtain the beuelit of at?ii;<< -tore for ball the valoe, will please apply on the ; -oiiitn. between 1 nod 6 J clock P. H r LET IN BROOKLYN? PART OK TWO OENTEEL House*, ? i'.uali il in Kein nvnnne, Mar Myrtie, consisting of two rooms, two bedrooms mid b*.?euic&t. Apply on Ike premises or al 378 Pskrl litest, N. T. rLBT ON BROOKLYN HKfOHTb, OR FOR 8ALB ON ea?y t?iru?? Ibo lUat else* J our a lory M^b basaaent >*'. lik'ka Klreot, corner of Stair; H la la pe-foc*. order, contains bin and void wa'of , gsa, diandeliare, U On be a> . n troni W to 4. Inquire at 146 avenue A, N. If. Rant 90BO. OX) LET OR FOR HALE ? IN FOURTEENTH STREET, 1 two r i-w bi ? wn close Hon- ea, 75 feet i:*at of fleeowd ave nue, a lib aH uii darn UMmrrineiita, buiH hi tile beat auMr. Apfly to JOHN 8. ullXr, 54 Elisabeth atreet. flV. I.F.T OR LE.VfiE -AI KA*T 141.'. r:TRRt> TH MTRSST, X U-tween Bioadway and Fourlb awoiue; a brown stone ll?u a, four wtorva, ahjM feet, with Millar'* aitons&m. tk cjuUeofll T (jKATAl \ P. 113 Oram] atreot, or at 43 Weak lib Kiraet. Caa be seen between the boon of 1 fro LET OR LEaSR ? A LAKOK MANSION HOUSE, J fiirnUhlSl. beautifully 1 edited, wiib two ar>r~e of Iaa4, fruit and r ?)d waU r, l.vmty Mflea from New Tork; well adap id t?t n wimnw b'uvrdlnn house, In t> mplete order. Apply to T. ^ C'KOWEN, >o Hfjudwa' . rpo LET OR LEASE ? PKEM1HEB NO, ZM GRAND J. Ktieet, near the Bowery ntore ?> hole ilep'h af the let, and anlMbl lm auy ejirnrlva biinJne^. ?pplr at No, 309 Bowery, f run !> to lo lu ilia m-'mlng ant fi ota & to 7 tn tba evenlBK. TO LET OK LEASE? THE RASRMENT ROOM, M Broailway, atil aUI-i lor a flr>l cluaa reauurant. Inoalra Of J. CAMfBEtJ* Jr., fnelf c hank. TO LFiT or I.BARE? THR MAhn'.p. FRONT F1VR ?U117 Store, Vo. 113 fbaaibt r* street, ruiiBku Ciinoab to Iteai'o ?irf et, Iw.nji JC leet <111 ea~h atrert ana IVi daep; abfh Injr, ga< flTinren &r , Included In the Iruln* The aame will l>e ii't toauther v?r the lo ' L n?u*rale from Uie lower 1 ir* f, S fi _l_l 1 TCHTNO-t, y, 3okn atreet. fpo LET OR LEA8B ? Fir R> I SHED FOtTflg ?? WEHT I Thirty Q s 1I1 alrnet, butwean Fifth arid Kiiih arm P? W^ppill lliaiM la tbrrc atorir^ and !>??? 1..1 i.t, hl?h atoop and baloooy ; e- 1 talna all thr luodrm luipn<vem< 'ita tie Kurnltiue In fln?4 ordci . ri'.VInn 11 a ve.r* di ?.iralile reoldi nc? lor 11 private fami ly. Tar, b*' w-n fioin II A >1 nil 3 I' M lomtn: oa the j.r?-Tni-?n The lient cliy rrlmtwa n-qtiiivd. for farther ti n neuUra ai p'y 10 T. 1. RILEY, M South atreet, ooroar of Wall _ TO LET OR LE aKE? TO l R HTORT BtOWN STONE Encll'h baaetuet t Ifou"! %i Wtal Thirty titih street, be Iween Kit >h and Hiith KTenuea; the ll iuae c- ntaina all tbia imalern liuproi en? nia and llr?l eia?a in etary rwapeet. Can br MM ricw 12 M. Ibl 1 1' M Inquire on the premise a For 1 un her t*M iculara apylj to T. F. UilEI.W South atmc Oorhtr o! Wall. T^O M* WJI MUSE- THE For* Nr?)?T, HIOIl a'oofi, modern built liouae i7HFh?i Pourteaath ?ireet, ?iar Syr . Ml at- our . rt| l"ti- wllii nui lerti ??onu'OK-nnea. I.? n' $1 i<4i ln>4iilir ,>a the pi iniaes, or of U. It. l>SOX, \U I'ullott tlre- t. To LET OR LKASB^roBNER OP K' iTRTEBNTh >trael ai >1 Fourth avenu ?, tb? ft iame? llou>l, oppoalvt I tvnn Hj aie. con'ama bat* ten 40 ,n't W ro-inx. Ken1. ?4 801 |? r aauuiu. -\pi-ljr to J. COOOlNOTON, 17 Wall aCMft, TO LET OR LEASE? THE L\ROE TIIKKK <r?4)RT and atuo Hooae, Iff! Mnlbetiy ?lr>)et, nejr Hroa??. I'onta ii' liTtcn rron ? - . with ^a? Ufonitbou*. and 11 wall ?np | It* J *% nil I'loaat* Hail I1I11I1 lia-etn'tii, and dry tuj. oeltoi h' nt $lUU. It nuire ou tUe . relnU' a riX) IJ AH i;- FOR FTTK TEARS, 'ARATBLT OT TO I nether, (ire Lou ro Attorney en.l Rl !*e ?tiree'a, between rh'lain *y and Strode ?'??<?? ?, no * osaa."'ed aaan leon f<tm dry m Joi n It 1 To l>? >?e?m on ihe <?tef Nay. Ap ply to a 0. PINt KNhY. at~l w?H?trwv TO l'KNT? IN HOBOEEN, T'lK SECOND FLOOR, e t> 1itui? ?( flie hi a lirat rla? browoatoaa [ lien' hot. ?, near the ferry. 10 a small finally llr.fnrrntm I jiiten anil re.|U'rr<l K'VfJU Apnly to 1 aMES HENHON. I 7 4 Wa'lilMlon all eel, Uotiokra, 1.. J. tdUMB cm vol hale ? the Tlia MJR Mm i ba 1 ment fir i' k Qu(l<lin( Noa. 311 and 9 i'i BiaiaiBa | *4ree- .tioable fur a wartt?an|i, Lr n'ofore uaod aa a ra "ijpi?t-.r m?niif?'l'iy. A 3 -<1 op.-ortiinll) 'or the lolro <l?i. 1 1 n of towhli r-rr. harltig a bi,;ti chiram y ai.tanha4 fat aiaam boflar, Ax Apply <0 J. * A ? i.EWitON, iC tludm t?fi,re?A. M ji-ilafiarSP. N. W T) LE \ <F FOH V TERM OF TEAHA -1/11 -t OlT^OUTH ah!e 1 1 loiiiternth nln c*, lielweej Truth aveaue and Um met: alio, brlik Ktilldirga anllahle (or aurhaiiija] nm wva. Arrly J# R I irijLoW, lo.J r*in? John c. *11IT?, ?o I" Wtwt1w?ntj Or*, atrwet. ffiRE Ff>LL0*NI*G HOVHEh To LET? Eiist Thlrlt tftli atiect, rent fcaJOL E('. Bf M eat Tbm* llW ?'r.i t. ren' fMm. No. U Ve?i I on* tlilrd aires . i?i)1A1,<m>. NO is fcaM HUn flftn ?tree' , ren* fK?l. Nr?. ic W??t ibirtie h nwt, rent $o>t. No tin West Twenty ?ee..nd fclrrel, ren? t'.'ifl ( otla?.> lloaae < u Hitli ?ra?tie, rent $JA> SorerU Br?|r ab:i: flvu.a. Ap] l> ui 6ty. A til Rll'?l *)h Suih avenua. WOULB LET. TO A SWALL QUJKf FA*ILT, KITH BE tlie H *< or Snond Floor oi l 17 U?re?" *tr?at ; rant of Ftennd IMkh, fr.H. rent or Ftr#t Fl>er, with Baefe Bnaaaafat. 1 hi 1 and tulil water, with tdrniia 6 BatbriOBk, $3#S. Ia> 'PiWiiB tbapremnxw rjr M-l roMT n-Ta t'i'Tiiie M.HSAl,t NWPR(^ca.'wS^S ? isrtag ll'Wi uma ??