Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1861 Page 6
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BTPATHMH WAWTTOJBWI.M',. T*?0P1?0 LADY, OF TBRVR YEAR* BXPBUBWCB, A ? sitnati n in * miilloerv, dr<??>a??hl?gor raocy flLTfw; |* a tiling to make herself uae'nl; oo mMIOUW UM amtrv. B**i rsfern.oea. .address Mliuaer, Station r Post ARBBPE 'TABLE lOUNG GIRL WISHES A BITl A IW?o. in * private famllv. as children's nurse; la capa'ln ?r taking the rougr of abtbr; is alao a good sewer, tie-it Hy rvitrnnn*!) tVll for two ft* 19# Weal 13th St., , r?ar. 4 AN 0IRL WANTS A 8ITU ATION AS OH 4.M A bermsid or nur e in a private family ; no objection to go to she >?' mtiy for the Huinmrr Beet reterencus given. Ap flj at i'J * *?? 'M 11 ?' ? thl,d fll>or MtUATHW WAN'TID? BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG wi iiiMi. M rur>e anil chambermaid; is a geod plain ae* ? r a; d PWelknl * ft?her and Ironer. Good city reference can r * 1 ''ii 0?il at 130 bt. Mark's p;ae,n?ar avenua A, for j ifu fldf? ^ I 4 tOUNG WOMAN WI?HB8 TO OO OUT BT TUB wiek or month; n "dei-s ai ids all kinds of fawly sawing ! sad eutt nc ? an evccllent operator on drover A Baker's , ?? ng niai al?c. Call at 118 Wen 33d st , near 7th iv., in the : stare j AMiihT KERPECTaBLE woman WISHES A ! kit'iulon s? fhild'* nnrse; ia eomoetent of taking care ; ?T a baby from its birth and haa had long experience with sklld'rn or would h*ve no nbjocilon to go as chambermaid and m kinHreMt Call at 111 n est 25th at, between tfth and jUi a? ihlid floor, front room. Good city reference. AHTCATION 18 DESIRED BY AN EN 1LI8H YOUNG lady who has been a resident for some yearn In this Mar try; ?h? 1- eminent y .,u?lifleU to -each music in all Its branche* M<>?t vUtafaetiniy references from mot,' puts of lb<- ItnP.ed (-tats* Has taught In tlie convent of the H-icred Heart, s? Mi> h irl't, Louisiana, ami at Gen f wilt's, Chicago; alsrt A C. fc "It * ill jjiv the highest recommendation. Would ?otobi#<t to tearh the ruaimeuts of other branches. Apply at i*i Convent of Merry, corner of Houston and Mnlberry sts. AfirTL 4TT1GN WABT8D? AS COOK III ? BKSPECT able private family; In a lira, rale e<iok and btk?r and jeelle'-t ii afht-r and irouei : oily reference. Can he b?'-u tor we ?avs at 144 -:!d St., near Slh av. Al'ROTKHT^NT ?ISL WIRUE8 A SITUATION AM chain IxTniaid ami to do sewing; or will d-< plain conking sad wk?v-iMgand lr.'niDg lor a small family. Apply for two Says at S<5 6ib ?v., top noor. A LADY, L41EI.T* ABRIVBD FROM EOBOrg, DF sirev to tluri an mgiigcment at citser resident or visiting gi.-veme??; her co'fae ot lnai ruction e^m[>rta'? Kroocli, Italian ?nd * Ojjiiah. Addrcsa M D., No. 7 Frankfort House, corner mt ifraiAro t and William sts A TOING LADY WISIIEJ A HOME. WHERE SHE n will We a the family, a* compa>lon to a lady, 1r> new and be useful among ebildtWIi Keferonces eK'hangrvl. Addee- ? V ir i M Lore, Brooklyn Po it ofli:? A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANrS A SITaAHOV TO JL do hin-icwork in a private family ; Is a good plain c itk: frit m ? washer and ironer; canaille of doing the whole Wuvwork; ^ood city rrferance lan b 3 given. Call a*. No. 10 taUman St., do vn stairs, Brooklyn. B BEfPKCT \BLE YOUNti WOMAM WANTS A BITC A. alien V) do .1 homework or afriSBbef work j i he kest refrren ?? fro:n her latt pi vce. Call for two (lays at Hi 7th av , second Boor, front room ? HrtTATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED nurs? and scauntrest; can do all kinds ol" family sew teg; no objection to live in the country. Cm be *oen for two day* at So. IVt West :K)th st , between 7th and rith avs A YOCNO GIRL WI8HE8 A HI TiJATION AS CH AM. bermaid and w^itreas: has the best of eity reference Oall for two days at No. 18 state St., Brooklyn, over the store* ABESPBCTABLB GIRL WANTS a SITUATION IN A small prHat'- family, to do g*ner:il li iuaework ; in a go id washer ami ironer Can be ?<'en for two diys at No 14(1 Went :i6th at., between 7th and ?jth a vs., llrat ilo >r. G> ?(! city itfwmce. ABESPECTABLE YOONG WOtfAN WISHES A 81 *V atlnn to do general homew irk- can do plain sew'ng. ttondoity refeMKM, Apoly at 13U Hmllh St., corner of h i gwi St.. op stairs. ? BITCAnON WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, a* wok, *. aaher ati'i ironer; i? an excellent washer Wa1 lroimr. Best cltv and country reference*. Cau be seen Kb two day at ttiSd ave. , near 10th at. A BICE ENGUSfl GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do the housework ot a small furni!y.ia a g-'O'l pla'n ?ook waaher and ironer Best city ivferonwa. Apply a. i XUsabeth st , near Houston st. Afiiri'ATION WANTED? !1Y A VERf BBSPBCTAtlLB Protes'snt (.irl, as chiMbermald and seamstr.'ss, or would do genera! h-usework for a -mill family. Gaol ciiy anferenre. Can tte seen for two days at 1:15 West l'J'U s:.. b<' imts 7th and Mth ava, over tlie gr icery a tore, front room. AS LAC SDREBR- WAITED, A BIT0ATION, HY A first claas Sundress; beat city refrreneu fr>m h. r Inst ?laee Uubfittn fortwodujs at lis Kast 17tk st , (irsl aoor, lront num. ABE8PETTARLE YOUNG WOM VN Wl^lIhS A SITI'. atlmi to do >: ut ral honsework In a ran 1 prtv 'e family : V a good nls n rook, ?*? her and Ironer, and hts tb best of ?tt> refer* nee. ("an Le ??en at .'Ki We t .'>lth at., I" twten .'itb aad (,< : ava A 8 NI'KSE ? WANTED, HY A COMl'BTKN f PRO j tststaDt young moniau . a situation ;n lrirte in a g. ntlf man's ismlly under?tanda th>' one of a biby; i< i ;ood ! anamstis'ss; can be well n-v.iamcnd' d Can be a'sen at ll'? We?t Iftili st , near 6ili av., In the bavment I RE8PBCTABLU WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION a\. as cb 'mb'Ttnuld and to as-i?t with the washing and Iron Mg; has no objection to ?o a ehort distance In th.' cauntrjr; ess give x""d <lty refercnoe; w ould Uke to travel or go to <';iii fur nn. *11 j a family. Apply for a w eek at 171 a. It, third floor, frout room. A YOCNO GERMAN WOMAN WISHF.H A SITUATION n in a respectable pilvate amlly as ?eams:r >?; can cut as>d fit htdlos'and children's drcsawt nnd do ml of em kroide. y and family aeuring. Csn be seen at 178 W em &ftli m.. reai house, first floor. BITCAflON WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yanng wotn .n, In s pilva'e family, to di < b t-nber vorlc an? waiting, or as w.dtres?; tv?t of city- reference from he " Va t | lace. Call for two dijs at 81 West I.i'.li st , top floor, fKiot rooui. AN EXI'ERIEN'i ED COOK, WTTU THE \ EllY HI J3 est reference as to charscter and capability, Wishes .i Hftoauoo, either inapriva'e family ot ooaidtna n "is:: too ro'iahly understand" lier business Can be seen frvm 10 to 1 for i? V days atJMEd av., in the mllllnen. ? YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AF. .'HAM barmaid and wsitrc ; has no tkiMttootO tUe care of children ' 1'y ref'-n n'-e procured. 0*11 at Jo l'aciiH at, ?ear HicLs, Brookljn ABrTl'ATION AS LAO DREBfl, OR TO DO CHAM b< 'i-woik nnd fine r. ashin?. want d by a respectable wo. loan having ;he last of city le'ereneea Notbiccuou tog < in .he rountrv. Call al W> Went 19;h St., rear hoafc. AWELsn WOMAN WISHES AeirUVTION ASOOOK{ is a lit st rate baker; no objection to do the e. ar?e wash ing and ironuip; can b? s>en lor two diys. Call at 121'.' West X tti st , f civ doors from 7th ave Good city reference. AF1R6T CLASS NURSE WANT.i A SITUATION AS seams' n -* or chsuioermaid, or to travel with a L. ly. Aoo- refi Ten e. ( a 1 at 19ti i.reene st , between Ble< aker and Ami y. Can be seen foi two days. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do plain rooking and general housework, is a g >'*! pi iin eo-'k. wa?her and Ir-ne. aau good baker. G sal city refcri u'e. Call a. 177 <ire< nwich aL, stcoud Coor, back room. A AM COOK.-WANTVD, Rt A COMPETENT WOMW, with euk'Uent reference, * tft.iaUon n cook In all IU bran'h"i; imil<Triardt pftfttrr, aoup*. ana K>m?. and Ik a-i ??c< ll?nt b.ik' r 01 ail kiiula; U willing to ????at in w?il> In* Can bo mn lor two iky ? at 198 E?'t 17th at . tim floor. A PROTECTANT TOCNO WOMAN WA.VT8 A HITl'A ilon ?<? cintntM-i ioaJd, or tn ..o floe waahln;; and lron'ni?, ar w?ll!c>- Cult at 103 V\ . ?t lS'.h at., between 7tb ami Sib m.r* , In the rea.'. ARFSPF.l T* HLE I'OI-OhF.P GIRT. WANTS A BITC. anon, to a prlvatr funli;. j ami wim I atre", or to take chat Re of the lower purl of the houw Call for two day* at 117 ?a?t 2?(h at , bet w. en M mid 3d ava., In Uw mar, drat Uoor, bark re m. Abttvatiob wantkd-bv a first clash cook In a b itel or lint boMMll| houae, wl?0 undera'anda all hianciira of oooklpg lurat-". pa?iil?a. Ar Can give the b.>s' of r?.> rent?? AjtI) at 71 Wm: > b at , between t?ib atui Tib ar?. A KKbl'KCTARLE YOCXO WOMAN W ANT 4 A 1ITL'. ^ U<n s ch.. mberuuud ?nd ? oi to tab* tare o: a t??by. Ca l at 107 Paul llu. at , Urtw-iMi 1*1 aud M a\ ? , third floor. 1 ueh rwmi. ABITT.ATION WAKTK1>~B\ a tni-NO ( J I R I . AM cfcaml* rma.d and aaalalant wal'er; at ohjittion* t '? ? bnr <l:?t.niOn In the country? 11 ed In h-r laat pla<* Ibtve r*jta. Aptly at W Otli ar., in thenar. top floor, for l?o dt}H ABfTClTCOX WAffTEK-P.Y A TOfNQ A Mil RIGA M woiii??, a* fa' >t rale aat'ier an ' lroit. I and i. aln > *"k. B?-i of ? a) rehrrn>.f? give a. t'a.l foi two d?. ? ai I"1 > hln<l<> "i., bai'mml. A RESPECTABLE TOUJ?i W?>MtN WISHf! A MTV . ati-.ri a* nr*t rate rook, wa?l>*i ..nt ltoi?r ltc?t t"i r? ferric ('.ill ft-r two <i#j* at l'1 Sta * t , Ho i'b Biv >k. i?i., *>tci>e ik'oi, ii. igt rra.m A RK < t 'ROTABLE VOT'B" OU T. trUIl"* A RT rr A J\ Hon m <? l..i in"., i ii .< ir . . !? <?: U I.e., a i ti l wi. >-n? *nd ob: ?. i"- i: in, rii* re'rn-r.ii. t '.*11 m t? Wi-.t Villi ?t., Mli and t<lb a ? A HIM ATIIIN W ?NTI n 111 DO IIOCHr.^ORK, I M * ?ratii (illt ate 'an.itjr; l?a?i-vl r ?.k 4U<1 an i*\ in aa^twr and imni r; (piod ? ity i.fei.-u >. (*; ?t Mi 11? . IJ.?b (, llrooklyn,< iimr of 'Baltic. Ii the I icy it fi.r two oaya. t Mil AiroN ff.lMFII- B? A El. SI 1 TARI.F, Vul ViJ /V <rovn. ii, aho lii capHliI# oi Mklnx U '- u u- t-h^iv ?, .. fi f^r : from ii >? rth:l? ? faal -r?oi?.re?- <QJ can ^lte th? 'w?i ? ty r-fti-iioc. Uaa br tn iu (of I Wo ?lay? . t f W . I I . u ? i . iw*i f?ih av, A*rrc *tiov wvvi i d nr a prior?STi?n yhi'vu wornao, .<* i? i.ulrf;* or <"bainl' ?[ rna' J ad ! > do litif wa.-i.liiK. Apply at hfi pmarn: rmi lor> r *, LI ' .Hb a* , H?'n toX \KITt' AT10N IV \XTE0-RT A R?:HPF< ' TAHU! OTRI, m akf wr nl ihll'.reii, uo plain a>'?rt.i?; kaa io ii?) r -iii.t, |o jt i IB ttw> aoouiry fur '.be Mirnin ; ^ojoivf r. 'areii? *l?<-ii Iroin tier l??t jli-o < it: n ilJti liaT , l? ? . ii loth .md }lgt at #*., in 1 Uf ?ton AllEHPk" TABIJtT'?f*'*WoV SB WMIC) t SITI'A tlon aa nm v ami . a ri ? m ?? ? an a i'iaW . od ? ?m i" *. Tli?. beai oi cl y teJervn' g; ru. I'lli f<>r tin. ??) ai <U King M ABEKPECTA BLR lot IfnM AK VfKIIES A htTP t w a to do 1 Igfct cHamla arm k ami ^ewinn: jjoul'-ity /? ##<?? n ( all ai 2M) W ' *1 yia'. ai , Mat:ii Vtb and ar^., tlrft Ika)' A h ill ? . i H,f D~' V * BKBPRCTABMJ fclrl. tj?d? (,. v rV In ? ?i?*r. pi ,,'a i? i'. i ?>' a? charnb' imald uiri a*..,. r: ? , ,,, ,,, J, i ^la ?ncr in Ibrjyniii-y r..?A frofii >w )? t fi?rr OaJI ai '. (,.tan a- , lartry ?'liy ArOMPKTKKT PEKHOS VHAJIBM A BtTtjATlOB HI tH th<' houa??rork In a a at; pn ?ta> laa*u.i !>?*'? ?Wok a <lml rati w? b> r an? Innv-r: beM ..I aly refatroo*'. Can be aee* I' r tnoday?, il not ??noane'l ? MA 7tb ?? . tmtirMM I and 'SU at<., la the milk atote. A TO''N<J OIKI, WANTH A HlfVATlON TtlCRvi ^Nf> J\ aa>tat ? lUi i-liliJi. n mult r^tauda cirr mid. rv. ?.|<| n%n m'--" ??. a ai'* in*' ma?l-ine, lian fi'.y r?f?rftBee. iu Ue ifUn *? twoilaK ai M , . HEH1'B' T?HLK Tnr'K.I WO?'AB WI*BB? AS'H . a ' iiO' ?? nnjae ?i. 1 ".ojiii area ; haa CjMr Jf#ar?' Pel oraneu 1 ? ?* her Ual H?ei'; ro ?hjerMort A .r d'AU.-i'' ,n t"v r"i'.t f"? f?i tr?t> 'Il-ln*. 1^0 <* ? *?n I ' ? ?} 0' :j *> I/Tea', kill m. DTtAnDIII WAKTED WWAIJBf. i A lOCHO WOMAN WABT8 A SITUATION TO COOK, J\ and assist with tht* *>>Wl| and ironing C?a be aeen fo two days, at 230 Waal 17th at , between Stfiand 9th ava. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATtOlf TO DO -A genera buiMwork. In t nuull, private family. Apply ? at fiSS Xid at., osrner of lid ave. | A REBPEtfTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WaNTI A 8 ITU A JK Hon as chambermaid und wjitro >a, or would ko i > mlud ch. dren; bae good <?'?> reference Can be aeen for two days j at 19 li$J? ft . between 7lh >md Fth aves. | A SITUATION WANTED-BT a BESl'ECTABLE Islrl, ??. chambermaid and waitress. Beet refcrenee. ( nil a A I niou ik, Hrookijn, uear the Ilanultou avenue ferry. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A BBSPlCTaBLE young girl, to do and waiting or 'ake cure of children. tlan be seen for one day at JUH Columbia ?t , one houee from Atlantic, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A HI IT a' Ion a s cook; la a good washer aud ironor; or would do the wneral housework or a small renpm taolu family ; h.t-< cltv reference. Apply for two days, at 234 East ilid a!., third floor, back room A SITUATION WANTED? BT A SMART, TIDY YOUNG woman to do cbamb< rwork and sewing; Las no objec tion to go a short distance In tbe country; the beet of city reference given, fan be seen for two days, if not engaged, at 11)7 Halt 1 1 tli at., second Uo?,r, 1 i the rear AS COOK, WASUBU AND IRONEB.? WANTED, A situation. by a respectable woman, a. co >k, washer aud roner; la a good b.ilrer, and thoroughly understands her buairfess; has no objection to go u short ilis'unoc In the ? ouutry. Can be seen at No. 11 Stn at, room No. 6, In the rear. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RBSI'BOI ABLE voting gtrl, to do general houae <rork In aaattU private family; languid wanner and Ironer and Mod p' at n rook. Best city reference. Call for two days at 177 varlck at., near Chnrlton st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHE9 A SITUATION AS seamstress; would be u tiling to awlst w ith children, or would go aa nurse and seaiuatreaa; can do ail kinds of family sew.ugand dress making; good city reference Call at ui 7tli avc. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A GOOD WILLING Gli L, la'ely from the old sountrv ; ran be seen at 73 Want lith St., bet seen 6'h and 7th avs., Iu the rear bonne. A RESPECTABLE (ilRL WISHES A SITUATION IN . M I rirtte f ami y as chambermaid und w/Utres# or to lake care of children; is a good plain sc^ erandrun em irolder; has ihe bf .st of tefereneefrom her lait plane. Call for two day* at 7i Johnstoa at . lirooklyn. A SITU Al ION WANTED-Bt A REHV?R(rTABLE WO J\ man, ns rook tnd assistant wu her and inner; good city ret erfnee given. Can be seen for two days at 83 Aft^t ltfth ht , between 0th and 7tl> aves , sscoud Boor. front room. A SITUATION W ANTED? BV A BEbi'EtTAHLE GIRL as took. washer and Ironer, or to do general housework in a sioall private family ; the best of reference* ?lvcu. Call lor two day a at 195 East 22d st . top Hoar, front room. ARKtl'ECTABLB (ilRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ciok, waster and ironer. has no objection to do general housework In a small pvlvate fauulv. Good city reference. Call at 3?j"i 7ih av., brtwecu 32d and :t5d its , for two 'lays. CIOOK ?SITUATION WANTED, IN A PRIVATE KAMI J ly ; !?< :? good plain rook ana a good washer and Ironer; has i?"at eily r d'erenoe I roin her last place. Can be seen for two days at 121 Blast 'JOtb hi , SMMd ii"or, fron'. > .on,. House keeper? A widow lad*, ok trachcai, ripenewe, d> hIt* a situation us sue.h. In a middle ?wcil 0 ntleman'a or widower's family, alio In edu ite 1, agreeible. a gt-od ueainrtrcss and rompeteut to t4-ach rnisi?. Good re'e rencr*. Address, mating where an interview may be had. ars. K 11a>tmg><< a attm D l'ont otlice. S SITUATION WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG ) woman, to sew and do upstairs work, or as chambermaid and waiter. Innulre at her preaeut pl tee, aouthwost ourner of Johnson and lav sis , Brooklyn, for two duya. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOl\?G O woman, as go?'d plain *>ok and to aM<t?t with the waahing and iroiunx Can be a -en for two days at J udgt Johnson's, corner ol Jthusou aud Jay sts. , Brooklyn, after 10 o clock. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, a- cook, in a private laml'y : is wining to as.-lsi In wish ing; call for two flays a; XI# tith av ,betweeu l.'>to and I6th sts. 8T woik. b> a bar.l v orktng and tndastrlous girl; la an e*. Cfll'ii' wiulo r and ironer and plain oook; stu'.dv mil trust wo. thy, and well rer.-ommcudod. Apply at No 5S Atlantic st , Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUN ? lO woman, as a good plain took; a' so. to ao washing and iroitng in a private fandly- ?v<-d ci y reference given. Call for iv o days ut tz'i r i on; st., Brooklyn, up slalrv. OITt'ATIONS WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE O pi o> cstant youne glrl.s; one ax chambermaid and seam ttress, the other M waitress or child ? nurse aud seamstress ; can be well recommended J'all at ihe corner oi Powers aud Bergen -is., Soutli Brooklyn. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GTRL, O i s i bambciuuiid and waitress or an ehambermaid and f. do line washing; has the la st of city reference. Call al 'JHf Went loth st., third ilonr, back room. QROATIOI WANTED? BY A REHI'BO TABLE OIRU to do cbamberwork or to lake rare ol" children; no ob ,i? l<* to go to the country , good city reference. Call at 61 u illow St., Bun kl}u. SITUATIONS WAN1ED ? BY TWO SUTRRS. PROTEST k ' aiiis, on as chambermaid and waitn ss , tlie other at nurse and seamstress Kotbhuve good city reference. Can be Men at till bth av., bciw<-eu 31si and Ud sts. ITUAIIOH WANTED?1 TO DO 1IOI -K WOKK REKE reiiiv s given. 13 Varick t-U s TrrANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PBRSOW, ft a situation to travel with a lady, who intends travelling in Europe prefrrred; will take the cuuu'^e of a child; 1* arr-u v t m. d to travel, and has good city reference. Apply at 119 East Bailie st., Brooktvn. "fl'rANTBD? A BITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO ff lake care of a baby, do plain sen ing or rhambarwors; good reitreuoe can be given. Apply at 4.1 Parry St., in tue rear. YIT ANTED? BY A HEALTHY YOl'NG MARRTED WO ?T man, a situation s? wet nurse; 1s very rrsptc!abl?. i 'it n be arm nil engaged al 21>8 1st av , near l.-th St. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A REHPECTAHLB yunng woman, as professed k; nnduauitids pastry, auup, poultry, game, boneing, Lu-diog bakinw. A''. Be-t city reference from her last eaployer. Can be scou lor two days at 214 f-a-t 20th ?t.. near 1st av. Tt'ANTED- BY AN AGREEABLE. INDUSTRIOUS v? glil, a situation aa oook, waaher and ironer: noot,je?v ?Ion to the country- Can be rern lor two days at li> Pluahlng at . ueai ('xfoid st , Brooklyn. "Il'ANTPD? BY A RESPECTABLE PltOTRSTANT WO fv nan, a llua ion a.-i nurse; Is espsble of taking charge or an int'.ii t . or as cliainbermaid and f-eamstiiva. Apply al MS 9th av., I>ctwe< u 17th and IMth ste , for two days. WANTfcD? A snUAHOH, BY A YOUNO LADY, TO AT tei d a bakeiy ; undei stands the bt. l.teas. und can give the b, at of aty rcf<-ience Call at 9>- \\ <at 1AM h si , lor two days Tl' ANTED? BY A RPSPECf \HLE >OUKG WOMAN. A M sitnsikon av rham'iei maid wid waiiress or to sssl't with the washing and ironing. -;ood i ttj refeu t v. Call at iVHh sf . i ctw< en lUlli and (It n avs , in the rear. w ANTKD? BT A RB0PKCTABI.B WOMAN. WA*HI\'(J and irontnu, ? hi' h ahe riomi In the nea-' a! nmnDrr ut.'iO n< hi jwr damn; cod at j reference. Inquire *i W> EaaiVnh ?L, nfnind tlooj, I rout. XX' \ NT i:D ? A WrrATlO.V BY A VOT'NQ OTRU AB ?T Uuniii??> In* private family; !? a finrt cla?? triuher mid lroutr. Can '* MOB at tl H e?t'30 TIT All JBD? BY A UIOllliV RB^PECTABliE VOI'NJ Yt woman, a attuat loa aa tfrftltreaa or ?urai and aramatn ?; '?0?t I f refWBM. Apj lj at ?\) W.atlWb ?t , Ixnviyu tub and I I'll. ava. TlrANTKD-A '-ITlATIOR. BV A RE-I'B. IARI.F T t middle afcd rrotoatac! kuiiuui, a* kMMR lor u Mnall fatally ; >he ran nl>0 do good plain r,?okl?e tM U will i an bo a<?n lor two inR tt> m ?ke heraell p m r*ll> u'etnl. I an b< d <v it (be Frrneb dyt r?, L- 1 Allan!!'- at , !1 uukljn. TRTARTSD? 1 SITUATION To no 0 !l \ MHRftMTORK TT and arwtng or t? lake em of p lldreii. l? ?' r'' \ jvfo rear* Can be ??*n tor two day? at St *%<? HHi at . betneca trtb and 7th a\ ?. "TIT ANTED? BY A XESPKCT ABLE VODN . WOV V >. \ ?T filiation a* good plum c ink, Wa^er i.'..- .ioii"r <V.i ?> 110 Hamilton *v .Brooklyn. Tt,r\NTKD-* Bft tTIOt, Br A RKMPBOrAH.E TT young ??>, lately arrived In tht* '? uott> < ran Iwt maid an 1 wallir**; U willing to hhh 1 1" ?< Wtatf; btr'nl haul. C.?!i at <t ail'tii\ - in I j?* ItUi at , bftn'ffta l?t tad >1 ava , for lliree day a. \|*ANTF.P- BY T\V" MVIOfJllLI! FI'TUB*, fTftf t? atloDH 'iW.h*t In thr '??? ho * ; ? ft ? .'..t work. Mttrlrji und nu; - n?. andlheothr t. ???'.. <ri-h t i ' Iri.n In * t |?TtaMw family; br-i Mtfwrn^uH. < "a I .r ill V, . MMU at . around floor, Nw k room, VAMB-n 4 TO >v; WOliX, a lUTCAflDI TO TT travel ? 1th i l'idi K< ? n; ' r. . r> ? an* h ,ult>d. Ca'' al Irtl Went tr-lh at. br.wotn it and 3 o clock. WAMIiO-A "ITI ATIOX A? ' BV A TO' .v i ?? w oman, foupmil to take 'ko Htlni rkvr of th? kit. hen ; ha- tie B??t city r ii-iew-. ('.? ?.i . s . t?>< ? lilt It at.. brt<rcw >ib and '? h ai ?. Yl-ANTRn \ uri'ATION SV \ HI I i TA . K ?* ) ung ?um?n to 4? ?. ? ' I la ? i 'I i riim'j , b> ^t ? lfy rftfi' are Hi'rn. ? ^ ?! t* ?WJ libc:. T1'VNTI ?-I V A RK-il'KCTAIII.K VOt'NO Olkl* ? altnatkm o m* iiv "i -ot k itn'l , i.g, ? ? , t f?rt "i rlitifltvii ?nd ai** li' U a u> it *?*rr ?;.i i i? day al II*. < i.uti *>,11 i I Uo >i , ?? k in in. ?ETASfTn-A -111 \IIIIN. BY A fRoTFsfANJ : ?f yetnm ?<?.nan. M MMMnHmM Mm wt ?r ?a j niir?i- ati'i r?-a <?! to wait upon a n>i| . net Ml elili't , mi nation fiith ?it'< ?o '?f * m.'iii 'ft..' ni? ?' lor tblt'i 1 II ? a f ,|| a1., i I.I.I-' r of <th v ' W'AVTHl v MTI'ATinx. BV A HK ? 'T' f AH ! TT "innn <rlri, *r do s^Mrai bou ?wo:k Iti % amaii pi:??f I rutBtly: la h ftrat :*ir w? .. <v ??! Ii in OtNCWH'. Mac* If > e*i wl l ?'*!! *? I'i II i \ H . N. T. T?rANTRP- A MTPATfON. BY A BR-H'^ TA B I B I? ".riinm fflrl, M ladv * - i ! mi "lut'ob^nMl'l: if hr alMitf< ' I'.* di ?t*!' l *mJ llu' u ?? "i .? ,.n.l Irontaf; in ?? .ji tlooUjiiAvel f," ? tc.'i n t/m bo a?B at lil CiU a? , betnrerii i'.'iib and v-n iM. T*'AN1ER A MTV\TlOJ?, 11V A RE^I K ' r \liy: W\ Fjole'tai.' wdtbjiii, m ii'ir?"* ind a mw ??: thii 'itigl.ij undi ? nda hot bnainraa. InioI city lei'oi "n . ?> Ii ? n h?i J??t plato. <>n !"? wsi'it f. r i?i i.j s .i oiii ? , U? twerottlb t Hid Wrrilry t.'n-,-. WA^TEII-H'. TV O r.B.-0'B<T\BMt OIBf.1, HII I'A HH?; on aa rl a mhrrmit <J and w:iltic?u, ol'H vr*lhi'? and la .m i . r. th< otli> i I 'rm "-tiaB a b'lia or iim*?* an 1 t>l?l n ??n llr-i r ? r< er* iv*a<< imm il'< I: l.iat jda^A B<>lb?n' willing t< liclp ia U otl? t Cull 1*0 Kail Illl at, Ion Hi n .ji, urn1 1 9f>ni It' ASTM>? BT A HRKI'Kt'flBI 1 l,n??^Tt?^T\^ 1 11 >..1111:: won , .). ,M ? . . , Piiouk. *..d a, ka aowtiur. tl , d ri.% roinew tail* I 'if'hn , i. a n l I \nd I'tfc ? ? \ArAX rt'.l) A SJH'AYIUV A '-.|"R-K, HV IK' "of ? f ?>..? m ifrtftnl vv.,ii? ?,%*! , in r? futi! nf ?kfcBfi' Ui?' t f *Jtt> r\m f <r ?nin ?r. f. j. i i,'. i' * . , , und^.^r-virt,..^-. I'A, or ... It a? , ... I- |i. .. M,r . ,r>v aimnORg WAirntD-FEHALRS. tv'antbd^by a" protectant orau a (htuVtion tt u> do light ohaniberisork and p'aui ?i*mtr. or to t*ke care of children. Apply Al ?U Kul aid at., between Madlsjn and 4(b a?s. WANTED-A RIIUATION AS COOK; UN 06H TaMUH all klnU of pastry, Jelltxa and icecream*. u > oDjoo Hon to assist in the waabliis; good reference, uo objection to a resectable private boarding Louse. Call at 120 iltb at, be twteu lit av. and av. A, for two days. TIT ANTIC D?B f A BESPBCTaBLB YOUNO WOMAN, A f? situation an Keauiiuvu ; uuCestin.'* cuuintf ??d lilting : ad'ea' and i blldrcu'a dreaaea C?n be toen fur tun dayaa! .65 Court at, between Warren aud Baltic aU., Hro-iklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GOOD COOK, j wuhli' r and ironer; good re i ere neon In, .tire at Jo Yaudam at. TAr ANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE WO I ft imu. an cork In a private family or gmiteal bo udiog 1 bou?e: can cone well recommended from her last place. Call ' ul IfS fcoai 17iU st , for tbree days ! WANTED-A SITUATION AS LAUNDUK8H, Oil TO DO eiiumberwnrk tn a *mall family, or fine washing Can give good relerencc. Call at 111 Weal IStb at., i.ea- titi ave., M?iueaL WANTED-A SITUATION, KY A T1UY, AOTI\B UlKti, an oock, washer and Ironer. or >o do general houaewurk In a email private family. Call at 302 7th are. WANTED- A SITUATION AS C.ll AMHEltMAlD AND to tike rain of children, or as chain'oerr.c.M and waller. Cell for two day* at ltU Kaat l.'ltli at. Good uty refeivnje g'V'P 1I/ANTID? A SITUATION, HV A K8FEC TABLE WO ?t man, a* cook, and would be willing to -'-t with the washing and ironing; understands all *l.,ds ot nvyita. *ou|j?, tl?l>, pa*iry game. bread and biacuit; uo objection to ?oln the country xood refer* noe given. Call at Sua lit h ave., near S8tb hi , tor two days. WANTED? BV A RESECTABLE YOl NO WOMAN, A H'uatlou an nurse and to do pliin Hewing; is callable of taking charm- of a child frcm its birth. Good city referwaoe. Call at ]M I . i ' I lib St. WANTFD? BY A 6E8PECTABLE PROTESTS f UIKL, a situation to do general hotuiework, ot asomik, waabcr and lroter in u small private family. Oeod city reference. (;an be mm n lor (\vo >,.>? h at 222 Eaai . ' e. si. WAUTKr-BY A RKSPE'JTABLR WOMAN, A SITT ation to do mineral housewcrk or would u ? aacliamVr niahl in a hotel or private boarding home; ao obj- etl?ui to go a ihoit distance ia the countn. Ci < he awn a '317 1st av., between 191b and20in ats., second floor, back n,;in. \|'ANTBD? ' BY A YOLNO AMERICAN G.KU, A 31 TU tt t'nn ladoe.bamberwork and .ihsIh' in the cashing, good city ret eitncc. Call'at Mi !kl uv., tbree iloorn ab i.e lo'h HI, ea?t *lde. rrTAjTrKii? a situation, b* a Y<iUNd >v7>m"\ n-7t7i ft do plain exxiklnir, M '^biug and Ironing Ci^hI rcfnrtnse. Call lor two day# at 312 HickH st. , Brooklyn, up stair*. CBT ANTED? B f TWO NEAT, CLE \N GIBU>, HITUA ft tlonii In the city or a few miles in the conn1 *y; one at ehildrt it's ?u>-?e and se lmstiexs; In ou!< k at lb.' uo Ate, make* children'* clothe ; wages $7; tli i o'.hcr ?h waUie*? and chamltcmaid, or cliaiiilmriiiaul and *o <V6Hi?t with ihe wauhingaudlroDln>(: wa?e yd. Cull at 216 Eaat 23d ht. WTANIE1?? BY A COMPETENT YODNO WOMAN, A ff sltmiilon in a private family a* pldn cink, >vaeher and Ironer; li s rour year*' reference from lirr lrn-t plaee. Caa c< me well reconnoended Can bfl '?een for t .vo lays a' Mii2*th *t., twweer 2d and Sd a. a. Ini'.ilrc on the s.-oond floor, front room. VirANTED? A SITUATION, TO HO OU4W?RWOBK, f? tine wa^hlli? ncul I'OuIuk Can lake eUarKu of m In fant fiom it*i birth. ( ioixl city references. Call ?t W2 K.i.- f 3Ut bt , for i wo day* TVAN1ED? A HITt ATION. BY A JtERPK T\BV.B ff jtuws wotrmn, to do wntnl honanwurk. In a small faiitilj, or to d-> up si ali-s wink and iak? trcoi children. Cidl at the fouthf.iBi corner of a'.tb st and 1x1 tXTANI KD-A SITUATION, iO INI IJP uTAlBH W'HtK ff mid Ufbt bona wo k Good reference*. Call a*, tbc corner of Amity a' it Columbia i t* , Kicoklyn 117 ANTED? A SItl a I i .in, B1 A roi M WOMAN, TO ff travel to Austialia wiih ulodv. Haa t'>e b?ast of city referencra. Call at iM Jay V. , Brooklyn, 'or two days. IJT ANTED? A SITUATION, k'N A Ufc?rK"TA1hE ft jonng ulrl. a* cbamboruiicid and \v vlt ? < or clnmior m.i : <1 am to asFird with the washing and li oil lit,' Kest oii> i t fermce fi om her last plaee. Can lie hsiii i'.jr i wo day* at (5 7th in e., second floor, trontroom. ?XrANTED? BY A KESPECTAHTjE YOUN'.I C.IRL, A ft altuatlen to dj cbambei woik and w ?it.m< tu a pri ate l amllv: n > objections to as- iai la wn-hlnu ai'd iroi I: u B ????; eity refemiK (*. Call for two dav* ?t o.i bast 31st bi., near 4ih avenue. ~W' ant 1 1>? a sn ation, hv a itftSPKC r a iLE *ro ?l itle aged woman, with five year-.' lef-ronee Iron her lattplase : 1* fully competent to take the entire v.L?r?i of a taby frrm Its birth, t^rti be seen at 37H Hth av., thud 11 ;or, b?ck r?K iu. tkta.n ted-by two re.*<psot^bir young women If situations; oae to take eai.j of i bildren and to do plain -ewlr.K ..r eb unberwork ; the other to do chamber. vork and Hue w.-itbing. lu'iuiitsui their pienvnt empl.iyer'a, .'*S Eaat 2.sth hi , ll/ANTUD-A SITUATION BY A RES l'KCT ABLE ?t riiI, in a p'lvate family, to oo conorai housework and ehanberwork ; (be ia booeataikl obllong; e?s lived a num b. r of yiari in bn plccea; city reference if r.",oired. Call at 201 WeitWtk at , between '.'th and ltjth a\ s. nr ANTED? 1 B* A PRO TESTA NT lilKli, A SITUATION tf to do general bonaew ork in i amali r- '(>?? tabl* taojlly; beat of ?4ty ni'crenee. uo bo tc n at 'euj My rue av., btooklyn "tATABYED? A MT1 kliOH, HV A RE t"K< r 1BLE ft y jung giil, an se-invtt ? !i ? . tmdemta nd? cntl In : and lit tii. s ' dr-.siei, and caai do all ktnds of family mmj. Call for two days at ta2 2d av , o?? r the balrerr. WAN rBD?fl'l CATIONB, BV TWO llEflPKOTANIiE vouiu! women one a* dwntminiil and waiter, the other to do general in a prim: (family; tvith hare So m oit> referemwa I nun tbetr but pUue. Call at .xi Mh< ou^nl at , In t)i?> rear, titvt floor. "11* ANTED? H i A RE'l'BC TAHEF AMK<M< VN<URI<, V II situation *a neamatreaa; f?u < nt and make U JIe?' aul <<htldren'a clothing. Uood rafettner. Call at 417 East lUih M. TV* ANTED- A SITUATION A? ORAM 1RRMAID AND if to anil: I v. li h the washing, fall a'. 299 Sprint ?!., le. fetn llu'lfiii and UrrcawM), In tbe rear, ar.-onl tlnor \\'AMKl>? HV A RKBPRCTABEH 1IR!., A HTTP*, it t Hi 11 ?i p'-ilo <ook, waiter and 'runcr. Cill at Hi KaM 4??tU at.. tluul U"- ir, li'oi.t rwm. Bret cl'.y refersne?. TTTASTFD- A PTTUATION', BT A I'.ESPEOT.VBliB II > ohm-; woman, as |CM rite launrf-e*-^ f ..n bo seen for tx o da) a at iier juea.lit empiuyi r'a, IS; Mf* -on av. \t'A>TED-BV A YOUNO WOMAN, A BIITATIOW AS fl r.nrsc and ?-ani-i,e<-i? t>t chambermaid and waltreta; h..t no objM Ion to inivi : with a iaudly. Apply atSOHicka ?t., Brooklyn, for ti> < da. a. V\ ANTED- BY A min UTRt , A cITl' ATIOH AD II chambei inaM or to do ?*nel*l boiiMewo'k; would pre frr a i>la-c wncic ac other U< rmr gti l la employed, uot telim HUM in tho Eti^lHi lar, me. Aj !?)> at 2 .1 Ur<> Aif il , *op Boor. TAT ANTE D? A SI r JaTION TifDO llBNERAta IIOCflR. fl irm?; |i a i;oort v x-lu-r and iron* r nmd r?inva. < Call at ill II. ner ? , l*;t*ee? I ldrtd#o a id Ki . v h m WANTED- BV A TIIOR* 'l'(IH OOOO RV I Mil OOOK, II actuation: ?h? ii a good enok and wmt'd have no nlv. Jectl ti to aa?i i Tuih il"' waalun*. Can be .e^n at 1.0 ,vb av., between ?" h and Slat ata WANTED? A SITUATION. ><Y A HKS?F.< T * r.r.S " Woman, to do Kin-rsl hoilMv il; In a nnu ! la mllv. b.: I ? Iwt of city .vn-rrs * Oas he ae#n for<?.o day a- ... 1 Columbia at, ion h Br oU; n. a-eond 0'a>r, f riut imMi VI ' ANTED- BY A 1' I Si'KOT A8I.E YOT'NG WOMAN, A ii rlinaifn an nur.n, or u lo chaath"rw.>rk : l< . ;:ooi ?et?rr. Vpply a'.6i Amity ?t , Honih t?n. >k.l> n, Uood rufo recea ui?eu. H 'ANTED? A SITUATION TO DO UP.NKRAt* noiTWR wort . Ma |p id r'ajuher and Ii ner and Rood p'ain eoo'i: jf rl city reK mica. Call at No tt Cornelia it,MtarMn4tn aiiO B ecehar fir/VrEIV-A HITl.'ATION TO <'0?>K. WAS 4 AND ff lr.?i or do efcamberw o k, loie warhlor find l-v.nlivr. "il < Itv 1 1 (' i<- i c fall at 3UU 7tli a. , between Ii4tl> auU :.ta In the froeerj- ?io.p tt-ANrpr -a surATTON it a BEsrccrAMi.E ii younit womaa, le d? It ? hoU*e?orkof . cauii' pirate frmily; i< r s ^.d nialn co. k aad ?ood waatieraiKi I aaer; hM the l ( .t oi i'1'jr reurenr.-, fail l< i two dt . at 10,* I jut 'ill ' , bctwrca l>: ar and m A , in the ea i>n??m?til. iv anted? ni rtAi jons, by rwo |M0fMM If loiinr air'a. one m j >.,nl p ..n <?,? It !>nil r \ ?. ileal ?n i er and tr.arr U ralqre'nupeient I take ?.t*?,.*or tbe J n ? ... ? wotk j Uieotlu i h- JiiunlNT<i'.'.l'.i ai?; >??i?mn; la aril! ??;ioB'..l" in -bi) nvo'orf an) irmiis; f id re:w*iae^; vtrUH p >Trr to go t6fril.r:r. Ca'l .?i Ci Cri ?'>; in iho r ?. ?e<*?nd llooe. \\'AMI?I>-KY A 'TABLE VOl'NG OtHf^ A li aiti* iiion t-' do ehumh^enoHt an>' nMn or ehaoiWr V-O'fc nod aeu ln? ilaa^ ?l r.;iere ie? from 'ier la?! paM t an be aera foi twe4a)aM kt'i Baat 9th at tint Horn-. A N'T! n A 81T *AT|f)N, II* A I'R iTRHTANf tOlfN0 w< m il . . ? m . ? and ?eani?<ita?, Uvju reforaaoa. !?' i,'oHo<II j at,, lajM -lli av. I \ urn \T|nN VI WIT NHBT. T.Y V f ?< n .nioi \m ? i ?? ?' ? i > ea for tn*0 d?) i vT7t I -t , t>. i a < o ?tb an I ? ( a ? , t ip floor, '>* a w w U>AMKII-BV V MIDDI.R V'IRD A MKHIC VN W?1 ii an, a lonu m . adt in a ama'.i prnaiA lam ly; g aid f ? <1 '< t. " e ?? ti eU.,ra and Jl ty If re|'un.!, la willlnn k a?s1at In the wrdilui; and m;inn: v nut ao it . nt on . 'ijeet aa a pi'iii u.rnt | fal> for two 4a>'? at --.I .'d a . | WA: vv TRD -V S'l . *TIOB. It/ A HKSPR'T VBT.K ion ttrt, a?fli ' ciaaa ttiiiln-M rth un Ttn .Id aud i ??, ?ii low.- -ii.ta lit. ; i be it. ? ?r iiiy rt'ferene< i. I.? - 1 1 1 tall at Nr. lil Wod <2d at., near ?ih ? or two day?. AM Ell? SIM \TlONH, BV TWO |*l. iTRIfANT jii i , aotn- ii; ono aenbanaber ? v ? ri.| w .Ilr- aa am! Hi. tlnr *.i Ii. a'ld iro I.i.f ; th' '? id i plain O'klnj ?I 1. 1 i i H.ih be ?.a?hi>. bo1 i ? n ar.n ition In thA i.e bou'ti liaw -a h?I ref?rf?eea. full nl 3*1 M ?*e , for w RKuriifTM U vorvu W'imjlI a k, v nab and i. hi t{ -*-? : ?? ly rru- rener. f^;i at IIW :M av , owr tb. I'. W'AVTKr HV \ BKS PfTVBt.r >nl'NO ITOMVN.A il -i aiion i ?"! io ii !? rat".nd? ru' Ml"*' tiiiliiildn nV ?loiW|i tin! nil ito il> < iiii'k. rteat city i ? I it mi ? fan I- *> ?a i r t v, . da. ? in ' .ii? dry *<?.? store, li"J l?t rt _____

(VAinn-ir a ki married wo man, if a i-blitl n. art imtee at her on n lie i?', hatltif liet her o? n Wlii-ii al? k? old. Call .it 2 " Hlofron W' AMI D A Bill aTIUN. HV A llK'l'i;"t \liiiK in;: ilrl aaune kii I i ?ta*tn? : i ? ?" 1 i t ilted t>i - '? ,f ihi).: as and l?'<li;i. .oa -ti. I. hi ciian'i'i ? l< aJirat ?iu?a ?a>li. r itMd I vw*r. ktl Ike if ? ?( oily ? ... < el' at 2.' W> -t Wib f , >j< .*!?? .? 7.h ao1 ^ih ara NTVO \TI0V-, ?f TV o RE" i: : I ABLE . . waal, i ??.. I I .ii ? . art t oi .)o iiV in r.ew|ri, i ? aa -t w: "RII llTtATIOMJWAjnWD-?**AJJiS. _ WAJiTBD-B* AYOUNGI WOMAN, ~A ?ITiUTION 4.8 thambeimald or vaiUvu . ? ctatMble of tak<ng oka -ge I * dtmrf mom or t>> d? eham'ierwork lo * boMl or board ng ' nuw. (nod diy referenced a* to honeaty aud capability. Call at '.V> t'runfcerry at, near Fulton, Brooklyn, aee-md tto ir, back room, lor Nro day*. WANTED-A feWUATION, BY A RK8P8CrA?I>8 girl, to do gencrv housework; In willing and fond of i blldren, in a (<>o>l w -ht r and i?oner; ha* g reference, if ir<inlied. Call at 78 Chrystir atrewt, In the rear Tl/ANlEr? BY A OEkMAN OIKL, a MTUAliON TO TT do wash'Qg and Ironing or take oure of children; boat of refer* nee given inqnl.e at No 6 V ind? v ater <. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RBHPBCTABLE young woman, a* cook, waul -rami ironer, or M do gt prr?l houaewo k: bo objection to the country ; best of dty re ference. Call at H64 7th at., drat Hour, back.' Wanted? hv a r.tsi' Err able toi'no wovian, a aitua'lon aa charabeimaid and uaitor la a re?i>e<'Uble family . u? ob i.-ctlon to take care ol' children. Apply this Jiy at 130 Kant i'.'tn at , near :id av. WANTED-A SITUATION A*l WET NUBSE, BY A rcsisatal'M Attn r.can married woman. Alao, a re ?pectable person to ? doj/t a fctnal'1 child, three month i old. Apply at out) O land at , fur two day*. XK] ANTED? A BUUATION AS CUAMBBRMAJD; TT w-oiilJ a.<.?:st in waahiag and ironing or do houaewjrk. God city reference. rail at 23a West I7ta at. WAITED? A SITUATION TO COOK, WASH AVD iron; ia willing ana obliging. Good city refereuco < all at 14a Kant 23tU at., bv.wHen 3d and 3d ava, , fourth lo jr, iront 1 ll.rANI*D? BY A RKNPECTAPTB CTRL, LATELY It landed, u idtumioii to do gener. . housework; she irnoer stands ?uahintf and Lroain#. Call at 'JO West .'lid at., near tith tNMh tv\a;vtbd? EarL<<\ ment by a kehpeo cahIjE per TT son, to sew by the dav or weak; undent inda dresa makn'g, ruling an l lining lx>ys and mi-iaeV clothes, ami family xewing iu general, or would t.ike work home, apply at 01 add IMS Jliaa lloj lan, 2W Utli at, VI 'ANTE l? ? BY A FEc'PEOTABLE YOUNG (JIftL, A ? I attrition t? do chatnberwork and waiting or to take care (/' children; c.iii give good city refereuce. Con be aeon in!' two dms at 4M lilh avo , room No 5. W" ANTED? A MUTATION, BY A RESPECT \BLF ft young |/ul, to nook and help with the. washing tut 1 'ironirg of a' prime i aunty, it* nb r< feivnoen. Call at U9 Heat20that \lr ANTED- BY A RFNPFOTABLF, AMEJ" 'AN PRO tf o-atant woman, a situation na tiiuw, pit to travel wi'Ji a f ami It or go 1n the country for the eammer; fond of children anil a<vu>!tome4 to the cam of infanta; eandoplaiu ?. ? ins l'.i ?t <? ' y ri'iVr. rit!> - ; lived In her las'. plaO't t wo years and a hatf. Can l?: neon for three days at ttn av. WANTED- A SITUATION, BV* A RESPECTABLE ff girl, c-- cliHintie. luaic aud nal'retiH; would da chamb r vioik and aew; ia ;i good embrold' rer; would go iu the counti v t.'un br acen for two day a iu 21.: Jfcat 26th at., third iioor, front room. \i/ ANtED-A HITUAriO*. BY A RESI'E' TABLE ft Atuertcan girl, ai ciiatnbermaid and wu^reax, or aa nurse and reanuttitiaii. Call at hci i reaeut employer'*, 137 W>?t ttth ,st , tu iir fli n*lw..y, for two da.VB. TV' A N TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yuttng ?t man. a.s chanibormaid and plriin a <wer. Haa i bo bi ht oi citar .reference. Appy for two <la> 3 at 13 lia-t 32d nt. HELP WaVtKD-FEMALKS. A LI. FAMILIES AVD tlOOD HERVaNTS C AN FIND the Urgent at.d bt>at ofllce In the city at the Institute and Homo, v> here tin hi at aerranta ore always real) . aUo b *>d altu.illona for coodht^p No. 138 11th at., ojrm * of oth av. Opcu 11119 in 'hi- e"enlng A NUMBER OF OI?L9 AND WttMEN WANTED? WITH J\. gotid rtcoi.m.eDiat ona; aomo to cook waau aod ir. n iu . vpevtaDic iamiii<>; aome to do housework, in go alaitiia tiotta ar. 1 rmall famlli''*; oeat or wagea i.lven. Inquire at the Larg'1 Institiiti , 1-1 lltli it , crner of tith av I '(Kills, CHAMBEBUaIDS, 8EAM8TRE&9BS, NURSES, * wait r*. laundreaaea and general workers >. B.? t*o?i ti- 1 ly ui lie but rice, tidy. ioI?t, hooaat, ojipnble .^nd obliging girls til'* d come, as only ? od faiuil.ea aiul ilrat ? -li?a '?rt aats are 1 uruiaLtd, 11' -94 4th ave. D. ?.LU'.)RK. ( IOO K WASTED. ? A GOOD PL\U (X>OK, Ttl AS-II8r V' in Hi*' w.i' hlng end Ironing eiv:l an 1 obliging S?n<.' r^'il apply wlthon g i.d rcfereooc from lout pltcc at 173 Wott : 1st hi , mjfween !t ur.d 12 o'clix-k. . "<0(>K WANTED ? 0*K WHO CAN COOK, WASH. ? J Iron and do ttret j| boua?'worlc, and willing to go a abort dotanoe in the eouatijr. Apply, with referanoea, at CD E*ai ?J9 li el. BOUSBKKjii EK WaNTED?A MIHDLE AOED AMERI can woman, to take chargr- ot a houiehold lu Mew Jer ? t:y. Hi mi!c* from N*'w ?'?? k city: aho mmt unleratand her biuttia^a tliorovghlv Tte but of t*f*rfaoe ie>|ulr?'d. Ap plj at the B 1 110 roil 1 1 ? mte, corner 01 Broad ?-ay <.ntl 3Uth at,, 1 mm No. In twwi 10 and 2 oel >ck. X] UltSE WANTBD-I.V A SMALL PR'YATB FAMILY, x\ lo take tkei'titlr* charge of au infant 'iglit months o.d, nnd make berwlf olborwliw useful ^ he will be exported to at tt?? tarnlly into the oountr> during the attmrn '.r. None bu' a iburoug'uy l O npaicot person iml apply An Engll'b wom*? pn-fi rred. lerms }7 per mouth. Addrus D., Ito* 4.6IC Pott utllce. TWO HBAVANTB WANTED? A 'OOK AND A waltn-rta Vn<|ue-tioQable ri fi'r?n< ? aa to ?h..-aeter mint be brought or an?i|railon will be u nleaa. Apply be t'.fren 11 and t o'clock In the morning at KM 5th .it. rPWO SERVANTS W t ?jri^D. ? ONE AS COOK. AND THE I o'ber aa chambermaid. In a private fainiiy non-need apply mleas with the be^t of ?diy reft ronces, at 131 Eiat 3tl?U at . reai lyxln^ton nv , between st an i 12 o'.-^lot V, at ihu ment tar. Ur ANTED? AN JUPEAIBNOED UOUfEMAID, WHt) is a go d washer and Ironer and who i-hii cook well without hnrg rntipht Inquire at JO Boonnau pUC'-, Ttd at , between *th and ".tth aTa. II r A NTFl) ? A PROTEST ANT WOMAN WANTS A 8 IT TT tiu'toti 1-.1 a small Taiully, to r: ok, waah and iron; Is an ?? .c*Ileut r asiti r and bakir. Apply at he.* p; t.~?nt place, J. j-'. Bnwdu *y. WANTED?A r.EHFECTAni.E GERMAN GIRL TO DO latully acwlti^ mida?ai*t in the erjo of children; one whotatc not ap?ak Eneltsu preferred Good reference re qutn d Addreaa Lockad, l>ox Hi Poet ofl ee. Plttaburg, Pa. \Kr A N Tr 1 1 ? T'v O NEAT PROTESTANT GIRLS. IN A TT MnaJl p'irate family ; one U> do geuexal houaework and ?lie other aatui'd'an'irrc and scair.atre*a. tlood referoroera 'i*jir?d Ai^ly at'103 t'acillr at., u'iar Henry, Brookivn. WTANTMJ IN BROOKLYN? A GIBL TO DO tlENRRAL TT hmiaeirork; Crrnian or colored prefentd. Apply at Jul Willow st., Brooklyn. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A girl nlocj.n em ok, waah and IMI Mj ni'ist bo willlug to go in ihe CA tinlty In May. Beat of referencca re'iuJred. Apply at 157 East (vth nt . near 2d ar. MTANTrn? OEVFKAL YOUNG U1DIES TO WAIT ON TT tablet! In a contasrt nieni, onljr In the evening Apply at lie t;.iletle* Ctne< rl Kia in, 6lt> Brotd.>ay, between 11 nndi. T\T \ NTEI' ? A COMPETENT LADEOREM, ONE V'HO TT t:ndcr?>:4iU 'a ilntlng. Apply, with reiereuo ?, at No. 13 't J2d tt , at 10 o'clock A. M. ii' anti:d-a woman a* i-lain cook, wasiirs *? *nd irotwr, and to a-iil*'. In gonnrn lioute* orfc. lQ'iiiirfl at ?J I n-l '.' h at. Vl'ANTF">-A(ilRMAN GIRL, FOR (JKNKRAL TTOCflK f T win n a i mull ramlly , a food plalu cook. v\ .whcr and lri urr. with food oily rclrn.nui h; wcfoa $7. Call at M i4er cntb at rcet. - 14" ANTED? A GIRL ABOUT THIRTEEN OR FOU*. f? tc. n Train of nge, to take nam ol an lofani ; l'r.i!r?. Untprrrcri d:wafi 'iot to> tce<*<l )1a mouUi. Apj.;y at 49 IliuumouJ atirc', i.rnri of Fourth ntrom. T*rAV?F.n-A r.ix.n oook, utod wasbf.r f f unrt ivoni r, in a nrt . .? r fa?uil> , wag. n $7. Apply wi:U I* i ieucc fioui U-' place, ,?t No, 61 nou'.n Thir l *nwi, fl' l iiamabnrf. "14'ANTl n V KIRHT CLAM larNDRF.fW, FOR A 14 lihatr family jom! wauAa will i.? ylv.-ii n?tiraio? lent pcraotl. Aj ;-!y b tn.'tn 12 411J I o'clock, a', tho Utvald ctim TXTAKIEO - A KTENIir, no.VRST i : T K I ,, AS CHAM f? t :ni.ild ami in h p-lr*. ? tamily. Oood re f? iit.i. 1 1 ??(ju'rrd Applj a*. 3U Went 38tb at Tl 4NTED ? A SM ART, TIDYOIKL, TO DO GENERAL T? hf.i ??*"ili Mill be a good *anher :m.l ironnr and ? m" wall re.-otiimond' <i. A .icrman or noioi*! tj i l pro A ,p'y a J07 Pchermi-rbom it , Brooklyn. 'ABTJD-A FTR5T RATE. OOOK ANDCH4MHJSR .. ii hi Vow bill Uiim Mni l?.tof referrnor uetd a.' ii ? i'i l in d Hi j , al/vul U to U j i?rs of af?i. A p pi> al V I. 4 ' h av . W'ANTFII BV A FAMILT OF T1IRKK 1 EK-'ONH, A ?' I ro ? 'unt Ottivi:, iOiifh or toftlah girl, f. - h' ? ? it,, ? lib fi t>d ? i'y raferrMe. Apply ?itoi Mo'atock at bi 1 .Ii hi UT'. .i. I. AT - rtAMI'.R KTMEF T. BROOKLYN, h D , a u.ii. 11" wt-1 woman, to t iku thi' can of i\o liuw 1 Wil. a. nl I lit el.ild, autl bare an .*j.> in hou-Wi'.d ?flair*. >li.-. 1m* rt f<* il dlnoal inn. nt I r .V?i?i laih.and m.i ' ? in '? uii .in. of tin lari.ily. Hurb a |*iri..i w II liril a i ?!?'.' hi me. wl'b fall p?iy MI r> K^FTUL FIRST RATE IIANO- filR m Kiiii( Laiiw* tin i r*pa, hrad liiw?r? ami tiliiaiou work. ai "'y 8ttti|?e Bixwewey, It' ,'MKH A OOOD OflOK, fAWFR AND IRONF.R: ft of b oi < Ionian preferred; only toi?? u?c tl m?>:y *n i ton ?:? |1 n-iv . I | |">, nl VJ ?M nT. w Vtr AXTKD- \ SMART * ND ACTIVE WOMAN, TO Tf i|?t in .-"oWttsr In * Aral cla?*illBtna >-,V ,.n. App'.yat Mn. I N>* I . ttti i n ? utid 1 1 A. M lielnrti *ariV|ulrM. 4\ ^NT!.r- A ij'^iin WOMAN TO DO OKISKAL f? bmui'(Coik in a muc. 1 pri?iui family; mtMt bri of go >d ffertm* Apply nt 81 FmIIII n , litouyn IIMNTTO I If A KM\r,T, KAMTLT IN BKnORI.TN, A *T i in ?u>. pill, a* < liunilMrmnld Mii ??.,??. ? niurt t?C > kimxI ?ran (r?? ami ? 1 I n>< ti> nn*i' h?i #lf t w-fuj. (Jih4| iwfririn i'K rt^iiiimd. A a I It IU Do^ftaot at., bi.nklyn, i r two dayf, tti'AMW-AN IXriiRIRNCED VOI NO WOMAN', AS ft i\ ail ii'**, n .i nt i ??i'? f?TnllT Murh ?* awn glva Kt o?l ntjr reff i 'n. <??. ml are dPMixn<K of a i mmnon* ?iid m- io> j' l in *\ ?pply .i! ioaIO o'clock ot t1.* rth avo , u ?"th ivM^i'rOtTfif I ? ' h <!?:' R $7 ft month. \\ \NTED-A NI'RSF., I'll A MRftKM VTD, f. A7SDRE^?, ?4 raoii Hi an. oook Ami a w ittrr frl, to 1. 1 nf wboMt1..' Ii s/hrvl ???? i "I I 1"' paid. Apply at M> '/ JUb at., rcmt^I dvo * win of Hnndna*. A i IRt. A : NI'KBE AND Oil AM1RRM ATM; Tf i i.i> win. h?t annd if.i.iiitivndntiiii* ami ?c*ui?omci to l?.c i ir.- oi < uiliin ii A ??!?!> at Htr. n? | hut, n- r Uar. l*vn it., fkiulb Jti'*iVyp. WANTED A WOMAN, AS COOK. WA'IIER AND If |rnn#r. In a ?in?ll !? i.ilr f\m:|y A claan, f tportWM'al I naon, v bu boWaa (?mni*.!, ami la a flrat rl um lamidriiai. ytl ply w lib (..??>'' i' oinin. . ?' iiinn* at Tfi ?o<i .'i.'Vil Waw $ - \\ 4NTBD 4 WET MRHF* tTTtaK^OH AAiTe" jV A \\ !?' ii 'j ' ?by ?' lici own r.Mdcm ? u khI refa.r'tipc r? li' .l W N , bu v lan llcmld ' ??. ? i.i n if ?m i ; i i i iii.vii, On or.VANIIf? I'VK P -;NF fRA.NPAfMF Pu rtTioT Itiii'i fti'U* mi' rl? il?? trnl? il iitatrn iuj?. h ?.-wnr? I'.l Oti.'^t ,-H", df U ii'.nrr* il midl , , n > r '? ? v ' i Mr i > ? < vn K s 1 \ . i ' i Kn(a?v - ' - r.t i.i n oo" ?-.? ? 1 ?m? * mat li-.i.c-o, ???? i (?! jii Wt?i ?Kb *tr>?". IWATiOW WiW ?-l 1 1,T. | AH TODW6 ?TaI?, ? YI1M pv AoY WIHH?8~iTlT I nation u ol r) I > wo* wbSaaiu hardware or dry g<*da eaiablishme Mto dwarepr.fer?w*)i u a?eo?nenu,?a ?nd ku a Msudwrnb s now I edge of account*: eaii give refe rence ?? Ut eha*ac- er, respectability, Ac : la arilUng to beoln W I iMSaISST luf "? ** ywf- A<Un**Tf- **?> *? AM HIT t ATION WANTED? BY A YOING MAW, TO DO geneial bouaewoik in a small private I amily , good city reference. Can be wn for two daya at Ul0 Wcatltth at , Oral tllght of i lairs, back room. A situation wanted? by a steady, hoher, in. dusirlnua young man, who uuderstauds the aare and management or horaea, aud c tu do plain gardening; la will' leg to make hlmaelf generally useful In some respectable eeuntrj geutlemau'a place. Oau be aeen for three days at P. Murphy a, 4!) Madlaoii CL Atoci?o man, twenty years ok age, wishes a situation in the country: he uuderalauds tie care of horses, and Is willing to make hlmaelf generally useful. Ad | dress R. S , Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A RP SPEC/TABLE joung Scotchman, as cooper or porter, both If required. In a wholesale store: Is atriotly Umperate and inaustiljus In hia habit*. Addreaa for two days D. D., box lUe) Herald ollloe A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS OAR dener; la not afraid of work; can come well return mended from bis last employer. Address J. B., box l'J*j Herald office. W a^c&kUi a who^eial* h A(jE* WWHES A AHTOUT BOY, 14 YEARS OF A 9E, WANTS A SITU A tion In a cake bakery, lie was employed nearly two years In a fi'st class establishment of the same line, ana givea the best references. Add res II. C., Herald olBce. ot "*n " -radleyXe^ &5fS2E /'lOACIIMAN.? A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN A \ - place in the city or ccuutry for his coachman- he Isinar rled, a good groan, and capable of taking chars* of a ??tu' man h country seat. Address box 4,OS7 Post otlire. (lOACHMAN AND (JBOoM ?A GENTLEMAN DESIRES J to obtain a place as above for a man now in his employ, whom he ean recommend aa a thorough groom, and a? faith i nl, honest, iob?r and industrious. a good place In the caun uy preferred, II anything, to one in town. Apply at stable, N> Irving place, win re reference to the advertiaer will be given. / 10ACHMANS 811 U ATI ON WANTED-BY A FRENCH I man, who formerly (erred in the French cavalry; can take charge of horana, Ac. ; would also is; willing to make hints* If generally useful. Heat references given. Apply at 280 3tith at., between itth and 10*.h ava. EMPLOYMENT WANTED? BY A RESPECT ABLE MAN, just arrived from England, an engagement lu any capa city. ? alary not to much an obj?ct us a permanent altuaUon. Address E. K., Eagle Hotel, 14 Greenwich at. MAN and wipe want hituations-he under stands taking care uf horaea, and is disposed to mace himself generally us? ful at any labor, and bis wil e can wash. Iron and cook. Bolliaie strictly sober and honest, aud can give unexceptionable WMM. Addreaa, ere all in Rapelje at, fourth door from Henry, South Brooklyn, for live daya. fTO MILLERS.? WANTBD, A SITUATION AS MILUKR, X by a man who haa had lfi years' eximrience In the buai nc ?s la recommended. No objection to any pari of the eountry. Address Alpha, Rochester, New Tork T> HOTEL PROPRIETORS.? WANTBD, BY A YOUNG man, an American, a t Ituation as clerk or b*>kkeei>er; has several years' c'ty experience, and is thoroughly competent ; er wou'd take charge of a anmmer houae. Add it as for one Week O. U. L , box 173 Herald oOlee. rl AI'OTHECaMES.-WANTED. BY a YOUNG married man who has had seven years' experience In the retail drug business, a situation; is not afraid of work, ai d cjiu give the best of reference; no objections to leaving the city. Address Druggist, box 117 Herald office. TET ANTED ? A SITUATION AS FARMER, BY A COM V v peteut person. Good reference. Address Farmer, box 107 Herald office. WANTED- A YOUNO MAN. WHO HAS BEEN EN ,? i <1 In the i re<ghting litisineas for th>; last six ytars, wants u utuailon as ?Ltpi>ins clerk in some w iiolesah- house; (ury goods prefernvl). Ad Ireaa, for three days Shipping Clei k, box lMHrrald office. Unexceptionable city refereccca gtTen. HELP W AS rKD-MALKM. Agents wanted-to sell shermvn a co.-s new Gift Jewelry ELwlope. Our new Envelojies. just lasueil, contain a larger quantity and ? better quality of Stationery than any heretofore offered, consisting of l'aper Envelopes, i'ens. Penholders, Pencils, Ac. ; also a (Sift of Jewe'ry In each paekage, varying in value up t? , Our agents are making from $7 to 1] per day. It ia nniyeraally gj knouledged teat in <|Uanlitv, quality and real valuf of our goods, they have nevt r been equalled By sending us $6, you will receive by retain o* press an aaaortment of our Gift Envelopes thst w ill net you about double the amount, and g've ana chance to judge of their merits. Don't i>e deceived, but remember that in prk'e and quality we defy ermpetlon l'or further particulars, enclose a s'.amp, anil "'fdrtss H HERMAN A CO.. Manufacturing Jewelers, Broadway. AN AMERICAN BOY, POSITIVELY NOT OVER IT years of age, la sau -ed to travel with a lady and gen tleman visiting lurope; the best of references expected. Ad urefs. staling when and where an Interview can be had, TUoa, Herald oillce. 1 (1ENT8 WANTED-TO HEM, RICKARD'B NEW GIFT A Jewelry Envelops. Our agents are Baking from SO to $111 per day. Give uk a trial. Kernt a clamp for circular. b. C. RICK ARCS A CO , Ml Naiaau ?treet, N. Y. BOT WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE MILLINERY bouse, about IS year* old, an American, residing with his parent*. Apply at 14 Walter street, back parlor, between 9 and 11 this morning. Must have undoubted city refcreuoea. Wages lor the present $1 90 per week. Boy wanted-in a down town office, ad dress, In applicant's handwriting, J. G. R. box 156 He rald otii(v, for three day*. r REMAN WANTED- A. YOUNG MAN, TO FIRE AN engine in the country; wag' * litxraJ, with board. Ap ply at / 3 Liberty at. IOCAL AND TRAVELLING AGENTS WANTED ? IN J evtry city and town, to toll an entirely new article, pay Injr BIO per cet.t. Thow wishing tnnukn money will do well to notice. BEM13 A OO., No. 71 Nasstu street. TWO OR THREE RESPECTABLE CANYAS8ER8 wanted, to solicit Mbaerlptkma tor some new and Impor tant publications Apply to C. T. Ev%ns, UU Broad ray, up stairs. "\Vr ANTED, WANTED WANTED? 1, COO AGENTS OE TT mote, from ID to iM years, mala or female In a new and pay lug business, with ? capiul of from $1 to $6; have made and oan make from ?> to $i per day by selling Bart lett's original Jewelry Envelope, containing paper, enre loi>e? snd a gift of ji welnr All wtahlng employment oail soon or send f >r rtrvulai a' LUei Broadway, corner of Fulton at., ?p stain, room f o. 2! B L. BAR TLETT. Up-ANTEIV-AT FBlinM A LEGO KIT'S fT nOTEL AND DINING SALOON, 42 Chatham st, a good waiter; one w ho Is used to check ng. None otheis no d np) >lj XT ANTED- A FIR8T CLASS SALESMAN. IN A DRV Vt goods store. Apply at US Grand -t. ll^ANTED -A LAD FOR A BROKER'S OFFICE, ABOUT ft tlfternyear* of agr; Hilary urst rear $SU Apply at room 4, IW wall st. TIT ANTED? TWO MEN ACCUSTOMED TO ORITE ?t horse * snd a barkeeper, with good recommendations. Apply at Bull's Kerry Hotel, one mile from Weoha* ken f?r ry, N. J. Also, an Omnlmis for sale, call for 1 1 ugti B. Moonry, for two da] s. WANTBD- A SALESMAN, IN A STBAW HAT HOUSE who has a larg- near jy trade. Address Ha:*, bji 146 Herald oaic>. "fV'r ANTED ? A SMART. ACTU E, BBSI'SCI* tl'l E LOOK T T Ing hoy, for an otlirvi down town. Wag" $'<0 f'Pst y*r. Aduress J. D., Herald ollu* ?flT ANTED- PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS, AT NO. ? TT Broadway. 1 he highest prlco paid for Pawnbrokers' Tl< kets for Diamonds. Watches Jewelry, Receivers. Ac.. Be. II NEWTON, 3t*i Broadway, souincaat eor?r of rahn street, room No. 9. WANTED? CI. EBB Pt>B A SHIPPING OFITIB, ?. MEN lot r learners, 2 eiprraa drivers, 2 l>oy* for ti-*de?, :t pcrt'TS. clerk frr a country store, 4 ;-lr|s to trawl, 4 ehsailx r maids for s hotel. Apply at No 7 Chatham square. ?OrANTED-cKNTI BMANLY YOUNG MEN, OP GOOD tt a1dre?s, to solicit SUMO Ibers for onr new snd p-ipul ir wotks A liberal c>.mtnl 'ion or ?s'.iry given. Apply t ) W 11 Suahton at Jnbns-n, Fry A Oo.'s, pnbllstieis, 27 Beek luin st. Q.'AN1 HI> ? A BOY OF SIXTEHN OR SEVENTEEN, TT Intelligent snd of good < iiucxtlon. Apply at M Liber ty street. $r.TO?inA DAY CtN BE MADE BY IN rELLIGENT t) canvassing agents A few active m?n can apr'yfbe twten 11 and 12 o'clock, of Mr Moore, room H, 77 Cedar m, T1IK Til \DKN. A PRACTICAL ENGINEER, VNKERSTANDTNG H14 1 business, wb< ? >?n and will lit up and repair tn .rlilnery, and has one or tw thousand dollai-s in e;??h which he is de ? si tons of tiding to ?dvs'>lage, can henr of s good opportunity, I by culling i n or aaldrt-'Slng Business, :tlo West Flftxeath I street A SITUATION WANTEO-BT A RES I'ECT ABLE ' J\ young man, as gardener; ons who und 'islands th> es>e (<l but and cold gtapeib-x, veg 'tabic snd (lower gardi na; li also capable ol tBkltix em* of a bor-e or oow If rc pitted; ran J lye thiee years eicrilont rt'en nee from bij last pu< Ad re s J K.. boi l!0 llera id ofli<c oi call at 2.12 Wesi Itiih it., j ill etifsgt d. A GERMAN GARDENKB WANT4 A SITl'ATION- -IS A ;\ married man; andeisiauds ihj gaideniai in all us branches, ami the ew* cf mn??u?e and gt.iueiv rery p t fe#tly ; the !? st rererenci s given. Address I s . M We?4 luc>ad*ay, In tki ttore. MMB1B.-A SITl'ATION WANTBD BY A l'BA<'TI JP eal farmer: Is espahle oi i ,Unr entire eha ge ol a farm; is mnrned, and nis w i e mi t?ke charge o: ths d'.ry mi l poultry. Apply at 211 Gm-owkli it , N. f, MILLl'R OR MI1.r.? Rlt.HT WANTED-TO CANYASR Lt'iit! 1-land ft i the sals of Wo dwarJ s Smut M ittkine. One v ho Is t. impotent may address R. A P. S.,618 Hudson St, T>Ll'M?KR WANTPIW^NV. HIAT CND^R-I \NPS .1 ijas lilting pr?fen.<d. Apply to Byms A Hryao, n; | Orsnfl st., at R o'ejoek. ' * YX/ATOHMAKER* -WANTED, rt V A THOROL'UII, TT pise oal man, frrmi t 'terk n veil, England, n stt aUon litidersiand rejiai! (tiff, ?ptlnglaflt lioinliu an<l llurg iu .?r every timet IpJon of Fn^'i?li uti'l foewtgn cstches. Aillrt Mi i Wtl?W?y, Eagle Hotel, It Grwnwte'i st, ?rANTF.I! A FIR^T t!LAM SIGN FAINIRR OAI.L j TT st t . M i.k* , cw HtMolway. t O My. I 1 1CIAL, QMU t;OAU ! 1 1 f ?t n ?t??- WhlU> Alh, *4 7ft; >; ?' \sli, ser~?ii<x| and I ,t i i< !?"t to laiml'es |n kit p ilt- cttv, l'tt>m ya is 110 , .. hy p. ??' 1? went fcw ? / k Mr 'ct sM >'M Wk 'ilMkH gtrset, B. ] MILMNERY, *C. An openino or pattern Boimn*. Mrs. G. LB t IKS, 757 ud Itt Braidwu. will otmhl this cay , Thursday), an Importation of Preucii Patmrn booi>o>?. Alio. Pimm tap* and Headdreaaee. It m C. Lb Vlnn would inform the trade thai ah* has mad arrangement* with the moat fa-hlon^Me mlilin?. ? ho i e> I l'aria, enabling her to hare original and excluaive all la*. MBS 0 LBViis, Mo. 767 Bnwlfu. MM. J. H GOBSON. * No. .TPS Broadway. ANNUAL ANNOnjIt'BMENT.? MRS. <FM. HMMOX open ParUlaa spring Modes of Millinery, taastbi SK. aaaortmeut ot her own mana'actora, TWra& March 21, at her showrooms, <37 broadway, New fork. A * OPBMWO OO., A MILLINERY OPENINO ? YOU WILL PLEASE CAxJ? OB Thuraday and Friday, March 21 and 22, aod examine i'^p0rl* ,lMUI ?' *n'l?iry and Millinery liaoda L. BINSS Millinery, largtst In the lorld, 101 Brojftway, OM>^> site Metropolitan Hotel, up etalrs. At mbb. bell's, no. 3 Catharine street?1 ihk newest styles of spring Bonnets, now ready N B.? Pat terna of Basque*, Waista, Mantillas, Hob. a, Wtha Uaota. Sleeves ami Anions for 'adtes and children. BUnnadW embroidered luke* and Bands In great variety aud doua to AT i7S BROADWAY, MARCH 21 ? GRAND OPENING* of I'ar la Flowera, aprlug styles, In all varieties. Also aa aufortment of French bonnet Kramra, ottered at the loweat prices for cash by G. W. BAsHFOBD, 473 Broadway M __ Dp stairs. CBBATTY, 184 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN, . will oi?n on Thursday, March 2b, an ek'sanl rnent of *\ nag aad aumnu r Bonnets. French millinery. -mr*. david*on, 12s Bleerker street, has the pleasure to announce that aha will opeu on Thuraday next, March 21, aa decani asaartimM of Parts Spring aod Sue met Millinery, of the latest ?elected exp essly by her own agent In Paris front the establishments. No 120 street, weat of Bread way. Grand opening op trench millinery ? 21 and 21M Division street. W. OPBNHYM will ma, on Thursday, the 21at lust , with a large and elegant stock of Bonnet* and Mllliaery Goids, comprising an auwkaal of Imported Bonnet a, together wiMi a large stoek of ? manufacture,^! of tb? newest aod most beautifal i Alao a large and well sheeted stock of I lowers, I Blonds, Ac.. 4c., at pricM-ilis: de'y ootnpaUtkra. Wi _ buyers are iuTlte4 toexamlne before purchasing elsewhere. W. Ol'BMIlM, -1 and 21V Division street. - O.-lto ecu nection with any other house In the city T E MAGA/.IN DE MODE AJ A. L. MWLD. MM Fulton street, Brooklyn, win apea Spring Millinery Thursday. March 28. MISSES B. G. A E. H. THOMAS WILL OPBM THEIR1, apring MEIlnery on 1 bars lay, March 21, at 14 Clinton, place Eighth street, near Broadway. Misses galliers, mis canal street, will open on Thursday, 21m mat , a new and select stock ef spring and summer MUliuery. MB8. OPBNHYM IV4 DIVISION bTRBBT ? OPENTNa this day, March 21, with a full assortment of Pransh spring and summer Bor nets. MRS RINGGOLD, 2?6 SIXTH AVENUE. CORNER OF Eighteen h street, will open her Showroom*, as osuaL with 1 aria and New York Millinery, on thuraday, March 21, latii. MME. RALLTNGfl, 818 CANAL STREET, WILL OPEN Parisian Pattern Bonnets of elegant designs, aow r*> eeived from her agent in Paris, on Tharsday, the 21st last MBS. J. W. DE MPSEY WILL 0?EN nER STY LBS for Spring Mlll'nery, at her establishment, U6 Bawery, ?n Thursday, March 21. MRS. MULCH1NOCK, 330 CANAL STREET, WILL open oa Thuraday, Match 21, an elegant assortment ef Spring and Summer Bonnets. Mrs. m. c. blarck. 30 dominick btrebt, new York, will opeu ou thuraday, March 21, an elegant assort ? merit ot spring and summer Bocneta. MME DEMORESrS GRAND OPENING OP PATTERNS ot the Paris Spring Fashions, Thursday, March tl, 1M1, 473 Broadway, 3*) Canal atreet, 134 rierreinut stree', Brook lyn, aud at the brunches in all the prinuiptil citiea ?f the I, nion and Canada. Also uow ready the spring number of the "Mirror of Fashion,' live centa Post )>aid, six cents. MESDAMES PICOT A WILKINSON, NO. 701 BBOAD wav. ? A large and elegant assortment of Spring Pattern Bonnets for the fenuthern and Western wholesale trade; also a large assortment of Children's Hats of every description. Madame isaach. k? bp.oadway. new york, has the pleasure of Informing the ladles aud her patronH that her Show Room* will be opened on ?hursday, March 21, with a large assortment of t-pring Mil lnery, oomorising Iks lasteot at.vlcsand of the finest qu%My of trimmed and madu up. Also. Mourning Bonnets, made up with that regard for nea'ness and elegauc which las characterized Mr eaiablish rneut for so many years 1 he goo is will be sold at the laweai cash prices. MADAME ISAACS, 699 Broadway. 0 MADAME DEMoRUH GOOD UJ. WOULD RBSPBTT fully Inform the ladles visiting the city that her sooond grand opening for spring and nmrncr I'aper Fatuim* take*; plac? od 1 hursdny, March 21, and for which she win be happy to produce certificates cert Hying these are the only genu ao and fashionable imported styles. N. B? Address S3H OanaV BLrc-i, opposite Greene, New York. MIJL1.I.NERV opening -mum. ayer AND M1B8 8HUGU, :U5 Sixth avenue, will open their Sh rm Raoma on Thursday. Slat lnitant , embracing all the prevailing taring style* i f ladies' Bonnet*, together with a well selected aa sortment of Cmpes, Hbbonj, French Flowers, ha, to Which they inrite the attention rf tlie public. MIL1.1NEKY.-MRH. RjMRILL, WO SPRING 8PBEBT. will open on Thuraday, March 21, an elegant assortment of Spring Bonnets. OPENING OF SPRING MOURNING MILLINKBY OK Thursday, 2ist ln?t., at W. JACKSON'S Mourning Store, No, 6A1 Broadway , between Spring and Prince alreeta. I'EHING Or PARIS SPRING BONNETS. THURSDAY. March m, MADAME lb LEO, m BROADWAY. PARIS MILUNBRT.? QRAND OPENING Or P AB1UON0 for spring ar.d summer on Thursday, Marah >1, ef Brau Hals, Cap* and Bead Dreseea: aa exquisite assortment af ao~ reltlcs will be produced. We Inrite the exaialnartlan eS wholesale buyers and milliners to the same, at No. 7M Bread way, three door* below Eighth stieet. Mrm. B. T. LOTETT. SPRING PARIS FLOWERS, FEAT HERB AND BRIDAL SBTS. GABN1T0BE8 AND VBILS. _ JAMBS TUCKER, 7*9 Bread way , SPRING MILLTNEBY? GREAT NOVELTIES HI PAT tern Bonnets.? Mrs. M FEBLT, |No. 7 Division street, l<? now prepared to oflrr to wholesale buyers her usual elegant ard beautiful assortment rf spring Millinery, whieh for beauty and variety of stvles will d?-y competition. Mer ? chants and milliners requiring really handsome pattern bon nets ? ill do well to call and examine thli stock before ??king their purchases. PR1NG OPENING -MRS JOHNSON, MO CANAL, street, will open her spring styl w of Bonnet* on Th?u* day, the 21st Inst. 070 CANAL STREET -OI.1NN ~k SMlTf? WILL OlO < prn an elegant Assortment of Frcnoh Pattern Bon ? nets cn Thursday, March 21. CANAL STREET -4N OPENING OF SPBIN 6 Bonnets at M. DALY'S, on Thursday, Slat 433 B RODIB S DRY (HHH)8, AC. GRAND SPRING OPENING, f HI" MT, THURSDAY,- MABOH 2), or SPRING MANTILLAS. At MB PALACE ~OF "FASHION Tnder the PIFTH AVENUE nOTBL. Corner of Twenty third street. And at the old cclebraW stand, 300 CANAL TTREBT. The richest display in SILKS ANdTaNOT CLOTH Ever made In New York. Black silk*, black silks. ORFAT BABOAINS. GRBAT BARGAINS. M) pieces hl#h lustre bla<A Italian silks, only 73 wit* p yard, worth 91 T. M. JAMES, HW Sixth avenoe, near Eighth street. OTICB. N BRWlKS BROTHERS Hare just opened a grew Variety of choice Goods for SPRING, Which they will !*? very glad To abosa tke-. customer* And the rmWtc. BROADWAV, Corner of Uranrt street, And corner of Catharine *ml I'hei ry it's ? fa, I New York. OPENING. UPfclNG CLOAKS AND MANTILLA" L. MolNTOSH, iW Bmad-vav *r.H X J t : ml street, Will, on sn-1 alter 1 liursdav, vlarch 71, Keep ar?0i trd a choice^ stock of Elegant spring cloaks and mantillas In solid Slllt and plain nnrt tah'-y Cloths, Manufactured from the latent Pari* deeLn*, Imported for hlmseK rhls sprlnr. Ladle* are invited to examine the above stcck before pw chasing elsewhere 4V7 BROADWAY AND ??? CANAL STREET. " ' HOT*M' Albion hotel?? private fa l t~imj naT~ANB? Boarding Home.? P'.esMint und well furnished I (.noma in suits crsiingle, suitable lor man led or slarlc ic Dtlemen sea of liaili*. I?as, Ac ; stages and e*r* paw the duor. Term/, moderate. ItM Hndaos street, ooin>r t'lnrl<"* _ 1 LAMBERT, Proprteter. W1STTHBSTKB HolSR, CORNEB or RROOMBANTs Bowety. lo famlile* h -eallng m> hooaeiteeping. Ten suits 01 cnoiee Eo. ms on ! lie first lioor. at ? low IlKure. Bingl* Rooms a^ < and sh 1 1" 1 1 ? per d?v. tJounti-v mm r Utms cat ? live well at uur house foi per <isv .! R SCRBRI O, Proprietor. ... wwy A1TP oh*, /1TDFR - ]l? BARRELS PoK SALE RE TIN ED lit AN' K.I eip?n Address tl e.I a- I srm, Kwtonah, N T. 0UNLOP S \J. \>ir PAI R ALB-* AND PORTERS east indln P?le Ale, insde eTiTceslT for warm illwate* in wt>c<i ami b^tle tVM MaRR. Air?n?, ?'*} Liberty street. He* York. Hammkrh champmjbb ale constantlt on draught at No 74 chambers s'reet, o.t i|o-?rwest. or MMnonko7* Hotel II w PRMOUTV. QWERtoR DBAI'tiTir ALFA? HAM?TKR H ON LB n l'i*:?.| i!h<unpa ne Ale on dtanghi m> MRBDvM't gt*l ?ulta, B- <adi' ay, corner of OeO^r sticet,