Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1861 Page 7
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. saiippiia. l?BAM WEEKLY BKTWKifM KBW YORK A?D > Uverp^ot, UndiijM ?? d ombarkiu* p?^i?o<-r? ullitNM lira IreiaMU). Ti?? l Ivnrtaxrl ?(* tork aud -hi:<dtsi*ttlk , -T|--*-'r iawU daa w*an iulr full pow?-ad Qyfi tmit iron ? u fullowa: - WI?A ffflflU S*uir?UkF, SKk C?Tt or BAI.'I liORK fcatardai. ?klpi*l mmt WW taWrday at noon, from pier ii Worth rl??r. lutu or r i aaioa "ST Return TV-keU, r kxI for all mouths ..... \m ""la forwarded u darra, Hamburg. *rm?e?, Antwerp, ku , at red cr4 Urou*hf * 14 out ih*r 'rt-nls oau bu? uofcata h?r?? at the ?, lo New V ork : ? from ilverpo^ i or Queaaa to. ?7?. Mft aud #U*. ^r^ /rom '^Br > jafonnown, |w Thete 0*s**re kw? h nmo ia'toas for pass mw, ?od ??"7?ipf rt??W ThtT are bel t la <rauw4gh< troaaestkmj, id " fire annihilate on tioard. for further laforta* Uverpo ol t* OilUMB llM*. Ageot, n filer umUi ffjllkm Iuman, No. & HI Rnoab s^rar*. A W. U. Hajmnur ft tio ; la London to ?IVM ft Hmtt ? *'?* writ us street ; In Pari* to J a Us D% obim. KlSnMtl* U Bour?e; id Philadelphia to J ohm 0. Dfcff UB Walnut street; or at the ? <ompaarrs (Dose. ' JUI1M U UAL*. Agent, Itimdww, M. T. ? of ATKIL BUTn FO* SOUTHAMPTON o A*D HAVRE. CAJUtYINQ THE UNITED STATM MAXIM. n? muviHif axiNoie, oaph p. b tkut. will nl from pier No. S North river. New Tort it nooa. Hi wtth mails, passenger* and specie 'or England to Southampton. to haybb. ?Ma csiMn i steal ad hi fe fiwaaat trip from Mew York will be on May IB. PkateaMa ?T? 7ba? eahtnOTIMMmM Third cabin.'. .... *.. ? Third cabin...... ? This steamship hw b/wn supplied with powerful saw boh and haa bt*n refitted in the most thorough maanw ^fp^jrat Iroo xutkbwui* itbwjlulelv w?i?rU?ht ?nd flra proof, aaeUp* Mr engbiw aod iMllen, ?i>d for mfety, o>rafort IM asaai tfta raulu In 'he flrit clmna of ?enan i.le*merit D. ToKiANOK, Axent, Mo. S Bowllug Ureon. Mew lark. M|kt dnfta oa London, Pa i? and Praokfort OTBAW KKOM NEW YORK TO IRELAND, E MILAM) and t-col'aud via Gi'vkhj, for $'J0l The Atlantic boyal Mall NaTl(iUoa Cotnpanj will iieauatoh their fine ?b<nainliit> . l'R'NCE a l.KMtT aborr, touching at SL J oh us, X. P., to land paiseng^ri and On TUB -DAY, March 14 KATbb OP fAb"AaE. SflretoaMn to n?l??y or LWcrjiuol $71 Brat cabii to t>i. Joboit, V. V li bird cabm to Dai* ay. Laverpool, (j Liagow or any point _ la. Ireland iiu a railway 90 In third o bin to Ht Jobna, N. F 18 tiovicK ? t'erwwH wl?* lug lo bring out their fricndl from the okd cvuatrj can obtain itclurn 1 nketa at Vtfc* L<?? rRI?"R-l. For further information as to l reight or pannage apply to BOW LAND A A8PIN ?ALU .V?ent\ M and 06 South atreel. -WBW YORK, SOCTOaJIPTOM AMD HaVRE. The ?arderbtlt Rurooean line Bteamsblps will sail between Svw York Southampton and Davre, 0AUO.Y1NU THE UNI EO 8TATB8 MAIL. OTBAH Roturnlng front Ha vre and Southamp ton. Wednnaday, April U May ? J une & July S jr? Krom New York for ^oiubttinptou !' * and darm ILLINOIS, Terry. . . .Saturday, Aoril 6 VANbKBBILT. Lefivre, " May I ILLtaoia, Terry. ... " M?> 18 VaNDBkBILT, L?ferre, " June 15. 1 heae *lpa ba?e watertight cotupaf men a. CerMlloatea of paaa?gn iaauod from Europe to America. Specie delivered in London or Parla U lORRAMJE. A??nt No ft Bo vllng Oreon, New York. Eight draft* on London, Parte and Frankfort. B SOUTHAMPTON AND HaVRB on oaturdat march so, THE IfKIfED STATES MAIL STEAMER ARAOO, D Linen, Commander, wm mB from pier No V North rtver fo A of Beash street, oa t atu'day, March 30. at noon ThM lte?mahlp (uuaurpa #od lor safety and oooifort) has doat le engines under dnck, enolosed by water tight oomoart taents, which bealdes other resu'U, tend, In the event of col " UiIob or ?trandlui, to keep the mimpa free to work, and la ?are the safety of vessel ani pa??entfnra. For freight or P? ^ APPU ^ GEO. MACKENZIE. Agents, No. 7 Broadway. I The rtrssnrr FULTON will sail April 27 STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, OLASOOff AND LIVER poni ?The Montreal Oo?*n Ht?aauhlp Company's first ja, full potgerod, Olvde bulrt steamer PaLKdrtNS. Oaut. Warner, carrying the Canadian and I nltod Htatns maUa, will sail traa Portland next Satur lay, March 2\ Bates of pta sage from New York, flrsi cltsa, aooirdtng to aooodxmoa Uom, (ft and $80; steerage, found with cooked provUlona. ?Oert>fk<at< s Inuul < or hrtoKing out pasaengers from all nrtooipnl towns of Great Brituia and Ireland at very low Mies, For passage apply at XI rtroml ?????, hew York. aArffcLi ft sEaULE, tieneral agents. QTIill TO HAMBURG, UAVRB, LONDON ASO kJ bouthauipton -Tm Hamburg Aimorioan Packet Com pay'a iteuukip TRUTONlA. H. Biubt commander, wffl In?? on Monday. April I, u It o'clxjk M , for Hamburg via Mvlktmpton, taking poaaengera for Havre, London, Be nthampton and Hamburg JT/atoabfn $lflO J rtenoud cabla . . .$601 Steerage $V 0. B RloU*HU<4 * BO\8, 161 Broadwoy. ^TheaManiahlp B0BU3SIA will auoofted the Teutooia, April rl NORTH GERMAN LLOTu'S STB aM 4BIP NBW TORS, H. J Van Oantnn, mmmaoder, carrying he Jul ted Statm mail, will fall from plar ; to North river, loot or JbMnban 8 creel, oil taturdar, April 13. at U o'olook M., ron BREMEN VIA H^UTHAMPTOIT. tt> 5? ffiV^B, BOUT0AMPTOM AND BRRMBN. vt the MIdd tai( rati-a firm cabin, $1U). aroond cabin, $00; ateerkge, $36. For Arlgtt or paaaage apply it ULlAkK, KKCTOBN A RBIOHBLT, 82 rfrnodway, up atajra. 'A 1 1 ' , , ? Tj*OR I.TVT5RPOOL ? DREADNOUGHT LINE ? 1HB T crtobrmted c'tpper ahlp V'lOTHRf wld positively a all oa the 28th of March i hp ahip-< oi thui Hue are noted fo? their citrt rdlur; apeed. Kor paaaAge, lowest rate*, ap?ly on board, pier 6 North river, or to P ?. UP. M4RB1T, 40 South atreet. mAPBuorm uwit op li >bki-ool and u/noom 1 Packeta.? Paaaage from or t"> Liverpool or London ana alvanbn eugageo *1 ihM <r?U known line, aatilng weekjv, M the ??rj loveat rauia. aiy 1raf'? laaned aa n?u0 'or a aj unonai, payable on demand to any oart ?f Great Britain or lieUbC, e^n be obtotnod by applying to or addraaalng TAP BOUTf k CO.. * Mouth ('root, wow ?ork wor California via p&n'ama. r A first <I?M ateamer will loave We* Vork on the lat, 11th and J1?t of each month. eirept wbi? the.<e datca fall no hunday, wufn the day ot dejiarture will oe the Monday fol lowing. ? ?r freight or puup apply at the only ofllcr Mo. 177 W'eai f.ireet, corner of Warren. f). 4. aLL&N, Agent. Australia pioneer li*b cakrv no t*ib failed Mat^a wail -The m goifie?nt A1 oitreme clip per Alp ANNA K MUaI.L, M?i>ti. matter, is nor r*A&lf iiadlL* at p'er N ? ? 7 F^t r>vt*, and will p >altlveiy rail lat of April 'or ad'onrno dlreet nhe ha> unaurpaw I ? ramma Utl.T* for firet i n" oocond cabin i>a?aeng?ra, all oo rtc-k. The rllppei >-hip COMrt. ' i Milt will ha?e quick d a jatcti for fljdoej'. N. M. H'., carry n* brut c aaa piai-.n^-ri, only, kor Height or poaaage apply to K. W . Oa ahRoN, Vtt tfearer ?trect 1JH)R KTNQKTON, J a* ICA r Jatnalcaand N?w Voik Vre? Htcam Panket Line. c*r rylngthemOI. To aall for kingaton, I miilca, on tlir 2 Kh >f aach mimb The tnall a'rtrn hip /.('I.O, Cnptnin Rd'rned Oo>dwln, will sa'I 'or t?e abnvn ?>rt oo i nurwiaN, Maro i !l from pter .17 Nonh rtrer. ?ag?? *"tr?t cabin, $W: are .nd oabln, $M; third clan*. BI1A Kor freight o? p aaaaM apply to ?a1J?K A BOOl H, ai'du, 67 no>.<i atreet. THB and PTRHT CI.AS-t HTHlMRHIPB Of TUB a men* an AUatitic M-rew e'eamab'p wompmy a lii leave pier U North river on ih? oil wing dare:? lICfiTHviMh. Tai*. "no a '"oai on f hnradar. March 11. lb* ehlpa of thle li e are ail tie w. and are sot atiruaaac a In "ln(a>ee, oom'ort, ?of?'y and *j> 'd iy any on the o van. "Iiefceta ?o Hrw t irlenna. t ? 7n; <?oi i|e, $tA; M^otgomcrr, ?UV; M?w>ph>, $.11 75: >a-hvil>r ?r 75 Knoirllie. $('? U>; ? hawn-gii. $25; Albanr, $2?. t'oinmbus $il; Atlanta. $ii; Macon, $W; Havannah, $'6 Appl) to H. it 0 4 >M>VBLL k CO.. No. W Weat itroet and ^o. :tV. BroaJwoy. rB BaVANNaH ANH ?THkR I'OIUS KH RRbOIT.? 7 be f.rv' c1*** ateamnhu AktK A Ma, Capt. t^orge R. Jrhenok. will leare on H-turd?y, H<r< h it.1. at i f. M . tr >m wler fto. :* North river Tnronii? tmket* eon to bad fur tho A. Ilowin; plaoea:? New tirlean*, $'*9 75; M >iUe. $15; Moni l omerr, $26; tvji.mboe, $21; Aii>aoy, $22. atlmta, $11; > ufau'a, $24; t hatUn'iog?, $25 Sm ? v llle, $27 75. Knt rrllle, ^26 50: Memphla, $21 76; enguaia, $17 60; Maoon. $?); Sarao ,iah, $15 Km fr? mht or p-n-agr ?ppiv at No. l.'l tfroodway. 2be aOGCHI a, t;apt l?. *. * oodonli. wlllaitc'eed. L ??T?:?ll.L * 1<??, New Vork, / . JOHN B. WILrihK * ?Al>tlh, eavannoh. ) IMjB cn aHLRSTON, H C, #*vAKNaII, OA, AND the Fouth an. I tto >thive?; -C'uU $ 'tatea Mail aide wheel ?leamrbip Line.? Ibe magiillle nt i,.ar?-hlp ?a HflU , I m Murray, Commander, will ie?r? plar Ho 4 North '1/er, or MtartUr kart* t\ at ? ;? " M K*i<+ cf 9?+*p ohi i nfOU|[h tlCkotH i? f To HIV 4SB41l (?% , |'wi ^ arleatoo, & v. $IV New i,He,..., $?jTlohile I$J > ntgotn? ry. Ala. Wl ?emnol? rni,$;>lTlV, Haebv lie, $ V 75; tlhaltano gv, ?25; Kn .*?IHe *2J ?". a.; 60. ati?nt*. $<i; ? idtimb a t> t , $li 6?; t barlotio, K. C., $ ?. For Ireifct or paa-oge aotl* 1 1 bl'ur t>Kt , Ti HH'M* 4 CI ,2!? Brcvliajr NOTTCB ? t>blpt>eia are t?reby nHIH d that all Mlla of Ia> leg or algnaiu'e. e?na he i>r"??vttwl to the Purij 'oo hoard {?reriona to . ne o rio-i on day of wtlll"B XTOBT11 CAROM** ? UK t IN The ne* and flrat el '?a ?i??m hlo NORTtT CAROblNA, Copteln *?> Powod will l-ave n< ?? I ^ North ri?er. f ir Wll lOlngVw.N c . oo -a'ti llav aaer.h 2^ at ? P *! . oonoi-etlog with "Wilmington aod Wetdon ?nd '? ilnnnatoo aad Mam Let ter Ral'r??da. O'Ode fo wj rd/ 'l to all r* "'? of s" th nnd Soatk Co rcJca free t-f commiiwlon. . , _ . . rre ght i ght <ent? per *? ot ?nd propcrtiotxate ratea IniuraocM one-half iwreent Apply t rt. R. ChOHWwLL $ CO, KS ?* e*t ?tr "t aod *>6 flro td wa?. The r ARTCEBBBUBO wul aty-oeed ant leora on ^a'arJaf , Cfarrh .'A I.OAN OK MC KM. APt> VCEO MafcK "N I'l *m pNOX WATCHRg. ,!ew?lrj and Stiver Ware or bnuaht for r tah at the high oet P'lre* nld ?>?.id nnd Mllvrr bought. Afplroilbe old ?cetaWleli'd oAn ea of L J ACOHh. 07 wUilam ?tre?t; oranrn Broad way. IT 5*6 BKOeliWAV, CtlRNKK ?)' I'AllCR e1R?T, A room No 6, np ai*i re? Mor?y advanced 'mm $1 tr J-n.ilW, on Dtamonea, \t atebe*. .te*elrr, 'try 'Jood-'. Hegtra. Mid every kind of toerrbaudlte Ail ? aoaaetl ?a will or eo i 55eniUI. HAO MUA?f?.N k iK>. t TM*i A8WA If NTORRT-A "ONIOM A M, DlaMOMD /\ Broker, makra lltH-ral %4van"ei on i*lanr'bda Wa'ch^a, jewelrv, *o., or huva them at full ralue at al? private o tlce Ho. ?? N???o? atnaet mom Mo f, up ataira. Maai oraa e ini .jeotlal AT NO. OH OHDaR BTHbh ' M H> I! t HVOAN, Oik mond broker (laah ad-a- mr on LMamonda, a-t or tjnia*; wo'ohna, watch Movement*, liver <Aorrt, .lewelrr, Herara ke , or bought for e .ah . ppoalto the roet oiOoe^ room >o 1. up ataira HH Ceda- airoei ADVANCRH (?N OIAMI'NOis 1'L.Arp,, AaIOhki ?IBWBLRY, PAJwTINOa, PIA.MM l*RV u miiU ka. Orel lb'if the ame'urc* h ai hla private n>tlee Tfc? k!gh?ft piVi-a paid tor IH-.iu n?la, I ?a?nr ?<h J. U. BARRINiiBB. I7U HriMidaay, room tg, np atal-n W- AT? linn, DIAMnsns, PI A NOP, I BOM Bap**, ikw In* Maetiinea fninrure, segara unna, "ajntlnga * ? Ac. far aalr at greott>aig<lna f'a-h advanaea on Wa'choa. (r looda, Dlaraooda. n?i oa, $c . Ao J. P. J JNB.(, M ABO atroe*. aeeond floor. ywMcni,. A rmrwT bBUMOMT ? no., ?aji?er*. mo h wall ?tract. few fork, Issue IcUert at orodit to tr**?Uer*. araOaoU, tB *11 parts of Europe, thnmgfc ike <?? Roshe shUR of Fwl* Luudua, Frealtfmt, tSbm. M#ies and lhalf Arr English capitalist who hah monbv to loan on rev er slut arr priwur lo England can meet ?Ith an advantageous utfer L>y addrfralnti W. T., box IM He tlMeBM pHXKICAL BANK-KIW YORK, MARCH 1?. 1MI - " ' l>ee<iou? The stockholders of thU bank are bonehy aMt&ed tLai the annual e'ectlon for director* and far Inspec tor at the wit -usulug flection, ?iU be Mid at the banal ug house on M' udtj the first d?r of April next, between the hourasof IV. aud IS o'uiurk P. M. Bv urdir ot ih* board. O O- WILLIAMS, Cae Mir. flHlCAGO, ALTON AM> at. LOCIS RAILROAD COM ' pan) ?Interest on Keceivsr'a loan tu Itwtswrol, wlli ht i?vd to subscriber* on a id ?ftrr Apiil 1, at our oflice 28 CUff auect, Sew Turk JAMES ROBS, I CHARLhj OOSODON, i CIOB HALE OR HXCHANOB-FOR HOUSEHOLD PUR. " niture or other valnatlx na*eohaadl*e, two well secured Flret Mot t<rugee of ?S.fiU) aud 91, MB also an Imorored Pro perty to Fourth street, near -eoood areuue; 91U,<*H; rental i >'.m .1 D. PHICH, If Wall street, room Wo 1 vpu?00?l HIKE# OR OTURR OOOD SBOURITTBR JLtI warted. lo exchange for a krtt elaas Howe and Lst far. nuhed complete. Addreaa box M/l Jersey Oily I'oatoUoa. No a jcot ta ai swered. PROPOSAL)! POR p,?? OP THR CROTOK WAfER Htork of tUrt City or N?w York _ healed proposals will be received at the Comptroller softlce until Saturday, Apnl 10, latfl, at i o'ciotk r M , ?km the same will be publicly nj-?'w?d, f ir tke whole or any part of the aum of 9 >75 Oft (.[ the Croton Water buck of ike City of New fork, autliuri /nl by chapter 3T? of the Low a i f 1H60, aad by an or dlBaneo of the Common Council, approved bv 'he Mayor, $, IdPO, (or iw oaa'0( lb<< aupp'y of Croton w?Ve?. aid fWtui'.nu the n?t?aaary wcrki tor aecumulaiUajt and iltHtrlbu ? tin- i-anif Tt>e aaid xti rk will bfar ln'vreat al the rttr of i-li tier oent p*? soDum p >yub>? quarter yearly, one th? prtaelpai wtU be redf^m-ib'T on the firat day of norcoabrr, 1883 Ibe piopoxaui will stale the amount of atnek dealred, an<t the pru> per one hundred dolUr* thereof, and the per?on? whi^o prop iaal* are a?*r>tid will b a reaulred to de|>oHi with tl'f> Cbauiberlaii. ot Ike rlty, wl'hla tea day after tue openlDg of the Ulda, the sum awanird lo thrtn r< ?pec\:>ely, ItinludlnR iy> pn tniuma on the same. On |ir> ofi ttrr to the t'oaiotrouer tlw r?ce j.t of the Dhait bejiain tor h defooi a, Ibr partma will bexotitled to re reliererUlkatm fur equal "mount* of lb- |<ar value of the fck<k. Im .ir-nif intereei f)?m tha da'oa of payroeiit* lsatb prr poaltion should be Mealed and euawaed "Proposals for Or. tia Aater Ktork nf the Ml J of hew fork," aud the oaire e ici.'.xfd in a second eu?el'H>e, addressed lo the t'omp tnller 1 he right la resrrtsl on (he part of the Comott oiler to f jert any or i,:i of tfce bins If eouklered neien?ary to protect or promote the interests of the rlty. Ki iBt;i?T T. HAWS, Coinotroller. Citt of Nr? Yohk, Departrasnl of Finance, OomplroUer's Office frarel au. 1M?I TO TITB BOLDER* OP TTflB PIRHT ISSUE Of LAND Orant Boorfs of the I a < rxae ar.d Milwaukee Railroad Compact ? the court h?ving establish**! by Its rteo ee the Frio Hy of the Hut lsxue ot 'h? lard < >rant Hot-da num'tered lo2,MU,tbe oorurrlt em ac'log In behaif of the ho dei-s ot that tasiie r< quest euch of them as daaire to unite in th> pnr oha?e of i be property, uo<W 'he decyan of sale, to send their names w J addreea, with the n<trul>eTs Of the bond* they aold, to Ixr. K. Kandall. at the otllce of >hs uommittee. Na. IS WaJ street acd to such due notine will be g'ven of the plan ot re oittan'r.atinn to be submitted for ct>?U apiiroral Horaoe (ialpin. Fran ? Kaadal, John WcUo'aon, Orrllle Osdle. Frano.s Voaa, WttUans Oould, Wea. L. Kobbe. rC?.PlTALI8T8. ? AN (JNirSOAU.Y RE HITHER A tiv) and safe chance I* offered to invent from $l,f>IU lo 9?>uv iu a new Tuning l*<n for fianofnrten. 4c. Pa'eal i i ali i just issued. Can be seen al lit Outre street, below l. rand 8. OLARK. dil AfWl -'OR BALE OR WOULD RXCH4N0V POR ?JPA Furniture, a Bona acd ?or<gaice for $l,nflO, amply bocurr.l. pavable in f>ii:eU-eo months :uid dravrlD* heven p?r cent inteeest, which id paid promptly. Address R. C. K , Herald otiice. n/Wi WANTED? FOR WHIUH A mortoaob ?IpTr. U'J" will be gircn '>n unencumbered prooer y worth $K.,iHU Any persnu hsrlng the abors amount to Invest wld pleaee addrees J. 4. Acker, No 9 Mtcdougal street. Wi STiJi-ON B ?D AND MOHTO AGE, on property In Elm street neav Canal. Apply loLU. k CChTldtt, 606 ttlxili arentie $5,000 4?r? AAA WANTED? IN A MANVPAirHlEINO BUdl ness, which will psy thirty per (-"ut I'eran num Thia mnount to be abundantly oucured to the lnaaer hy niortR?ge on nroi>erty wortli eeveral time* the huiouiI. Apply to OEO. O aNDBBWS or J. F KfiNdiLL, Ae. 6 Try Of i row, room Na 2. df> | /l flAO TO LOAN ON FIRST CLA-W lMPRt>VKO ? I" fl/u cltj pro|?r y, fur a term of .1 or ? ??ar?. Ad dreSH Ariow. Ileru d ofllse, slating location, Ac. No brokers or agents need ans -er. LOAN ON FIRKT CLASS OITT PRO in stima of ftG.OUO; also tUMlikl in Apply lo Vf. >1. rt UU fEJfOKK. ?t^r stuns of $;;,t?X? to JM.000. ?7K nnn to loan-for aterb op tbabb it 910 tek exeout ws of an eitate. Principals only will be dealt with. DAYTON k JoNKA Property Exchange, No. 84 Nassau street, New York, nnn TO u>an on bond and mobto\<? SPOcJ.Vl/l/ on improved property in New Vorkani Brooklyn, to otitis to anil applicants Bu-lnees pap-r nego ualed. P. B. HOHts A CO , ho. 9 Nassau street Q> Q7 nnn TO I.OAN ON f'tBST CIi ASS IMPROVED JO I tUuV city Property. Brokrr.igr one half the usual rate. Alwi, In Brooklyn, money waiting. Address, with fuU l-artlcn'ars. Cash, boi ?03 Herald otllce. *QC (Ul/1 TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, la sums of $3,1100 and np wards, for one, tnree or lire years, on pcodurllre real estate In this eity or Brooklyn. Apply to JOHN F. OONnKV, In the odloe or the People's Fire lnsuraaoe Company, ?6 V?u street. COPAHTM KM M H IP WOTK'KH. APAHT.NBB WITH a small VA-ITAL, WaNIBD? IN a drug store already et'abliah d, t> introduce a n?? Artie. e 1 kit Is one of the beet npp'.riuniilr* ev?r offered to a rnau ot enial' noesnti, lo realize a fortune. Address for tiro days bom 187 Herald tOlee. APAKTNKR WANWU) in thk wholesale oro rrrj nod > mini aw buxim as ? IV> on- who can furni?h Bj,l*)0 or $ iU.l*0 a rare oft ort unity U oflered. Address, with real name. W , B J., Herald oflioe. An actios man wanted to take thr placs of a retiring pa tner. nvdness well rsiib'iBhed aud la Miccessfui opttalion pin lug $2U00 t. per ?no im < n!y $.><u to required to purchase half the capital stork, 4c H. h HOWKa A CU., 42# Broadway, room N'o. 12. CIOPaRTM-.RSHIP ? CLOTB1NU OR CLOTH BU8I t tier* ?Partner wanted (Is ? elite, who curatrauds some citdu aud aitt a capital of 9I.2U0. preferred". hr a good ou sitees man eiih all Um sb >ve ijuaMlraUon*. Address t'oifi Oentlal, U.i W1 itrrsld with renl immc aoil address, atutiug w litre a strictly coull Ji*uiial Interview may be b?l jkTOTiCB OF MHSoLDTIOni.-Tllft OOPART."VErtH?tP Isl here'otera cts'ltg under ilie d m riame of Hubert, N?t/;erA ? o . Lithographer*. al Mo Iffl W illiam street, la the city of h?? York, ban -teen tblsdsr di-nolvid by mutual ciMi'tnt CLarifi >eib-rt is ai#liorir>'<1 to Mlju-t and sii(u ia hetttetu"Ul of all claims dus to or by the late firm. tMAill.h.-. SBUIRRT. FRofchT fenxKB, Ni w Tork, March IS, 1861. Ja(\-B hKlBBttf. We bate !>'? day ??sonated ourselves in business with hm't ? ctbert, aocce*sor to u>e laic 11. m of .oU-rtson, Sellier* A ??, Liinogrsphtra, at no I'uitoa ni?ei, hew Voik. CHAttI.KMSKMn.Rr, Nkw Voi ii. March 19. IStl. JACOB SH BRUT. Borr rr ?I hare this day inked into copartnership my b others. Charles and . I aoob Ki |l#>t, o< the la e linn or i?Tt. tir.rlf A <1 >. Tt.e name and style of the new Arm will he know, as nenry hethert and Krjtlixra M? Vohv. Ma? li 19. 1MI. II A.XRT SRI 3RBT. ftARlNBt WANTBD? WITH FKOM ?1,0L? iO $&,!)(?. to j.d.i with a {.rartlcal >iati?r m tin mantt'actum of K.fl Tur liets Address bo? ;t,M? ci V IV^it offioe. PAMNTR WaNIP.D? Willi $I.*.VI OR f.VW, IN A W'll c?ti<!>>lshcd buslnPM, psf'tj 111) p<T cent prod' , lo allot, In tlx* central parto' .>roa t w.y . It <a a < aili D?*in ?a, re<iuuvs but a amall i ^l a' aLd *lth proper ezemons can l? r> ( Dried t<>? large amount. A^ply to filaa Derenport, t.o?i, 133 Broadway i)ARi iif.B wanted in ttip. tackino #f?x nasi I ncs* ? An a -tire n an with a small capitsl, ran Ond a rare oppoitunlty to enter into a sure *?ful bcslneoa address o. it , boi a t Herald wliee Partner weSTrp in a plavjno. ?iwino, Lru ber and Bot b'isine?s la ti*l* eity ?A part? l.a?lng a few 'hotif?na do'.'.ars t<. lures' ean purchai- an interest on laror ni'i- ernin, in a -afe and profitai le bi^iness. Addrysa, with real uatre, *?nmsrtt?rer, hot 161 llers.d i.tllee, PAR1>BK WAN'BD? to aid in pcblhbino a ?fll; pt| >r. i IITirenl ."t)m any (>tb?r $I.OO ? int <1 itnmrdls ely, ard about as much moie f< ssibl> Kor inter view hdcre s k dltor, station 1), Light), street Post office w tJT ANTED ? A PaRTlRK, WITH A 4NaU. Ctl'l'IAI. ? In a who oaale new metb si Imltatloc Uouor |.usiij?sa renin ln<i 14 IMJ Mi 46,0111 real priSl a year. Afimlj va J SIHnOLu, 4i3 I earl street, up stairs .S11IKII THK Altt KHTIobR, A M'Rtllal. OR ttM.eral partner, ?1 a ftW.iOU eapuai. staple d<>na-atio dry go d. commisstcn bne'Ri-sH. l?eci't?-.l ?<l> ant?*r< ? 4 1 1 t?e ? vi u ui a Ce" ralle ooc:.e? t;un, th" advent er being ai'le to nreirlee a f"C<t, f'.ir lT .B', ai.d ?illln* to tire sreurtti ngsinst hi j h.-s ? nat??T y.-rfurdier paitlciil.irs a|^>',y to.xici^ 1 '.^H I- RWvOD, CounstUur a' t.a*, Tr.uiiy Bulidinga, B:oad?ay. it-aa -- || -HAC't BI?, A PAftt^KR. WirilTHF. AWOfg smfunt, to lake the full rliarge of the best pay ?ng Li ill' r hmre In me f'aurt it ward. Reason* for a^lllng so lew wtii be given on the premises, ?/i am", aire. dill ? O T<i W ANfKD. A OOOO Bl'SINRFH MAN rttt'v la the W lie ar.d u^tior bi.stcess iri < ne of the beet >oe?t or* Id th<- citr. Ibis Is t thanes arid m met with, tthch etUbe shown on apflltatlon. AdlresaJ. H , HtraiJ Ofllca. I tf> r,4 in -A OOOD BCPINEnS MAX WANTRD. ah ^t I* 'U. parinct i:. a wV. . *sale commissi' n Butt?r aad prorieina ."'tore. ha? d> n? a btinne-s r.f $1 t?n a w et k f or the past yea. \ ? ry low rent. :uid all pUd tin to -say I A (o.>d it ?* . f Butler ? n hand, and ooi of the )<e? loeatioas dt trn town Apply on the premises, -6 liarrtaoa street, a> ar W ash 'ng'-n *iinnn- ant < * kn eijt man wibhinu to bk "W. gage as tn an eir ^edlagly im-rallra, ligbttn. plraranl sash t'Ustneaa? s monopoly? 4iudnr pro* as tlna of l/H'ere oaleot, fmm whlrk at Itast $tO,?X> per annum eaa he reailtrd, caa meet ?l'h aa i toeUant opportnaity hf applying at M.\> Broadway, room >o & d. i nnn rAfn -AN' partnb* wantbd, f I I "" "7 in a rrry profitable msnufactur ag btiaineaa. Address U W V., Brtoklya Pr?s? offlee C*r, (Win ? ^ 4 PARTNER ?I'TI THIS AMOfrRT. J*? wanted, in an estab lsb"rl wh .li-sa'e and r? ?a 1 h-i?'De?s ncttrd most 'llg hly on Broad w?? long estah HsKkJ a*>d wtlfi a 'artre and pi-dl-alilr h m" and e.untry rua torn BRH?s A tutiK fBR, f> ?ww street. Af- ?\ P/RTN4R WANTRD IN AN OLD B? 3h?).vMFU. tab Isbrd gnd nUT<f?rrt Wet"l'^ne d-iainess ? oMh fr>*n $'0.rtsii4?i,ai?? t>er aanu?r> now and for eight yes-* in f'tll Cfr?.t.oii sod tmrniar,. a tbr cssh aa well a* Bourorgfala lh? hustne<? b?-ing vry eitenned, the present ?ro ir|. :ot# f 'lid take a ptf.r>er m<n aa p?rtner. *1?l> fr-m tA ttfl lo |frW6 eseh ? a<i at rtoms <1 sua it flelmont Hotei . IV' I tiltn. sirswt, r ear Nassau fr m H to in A M. and After 1 P M in i?f and l" rl'Jsr. or address hot .? I hllsd'lphNt . I'a ) i Post cUc*. THK TI'HK. QUTLDRAKK POt OOUBMM, AT MaMAMOKSOK, O St Mm, with thrae But for aale ? Mae l<>0? Wo rti ? ooualry Mat Ltud lalukte for building ?li? Twm, oooy. V A. LAW Kh no 4. <U Pme stri**. C>T ALLIUM ? BOYaL UhUttU K, Jl, Off* BKOTHBK C to the miebmted Twoolo < h?ef, will >Uod thin 11*11)1 at Ruwa-ts H. irl, i > pr>*? Ullla tiO for tho aoason. Kum rat* accomodation 'or iun? ul foala. Tub crlfbratbd trotting stallion, ubo. m. PATCH EN. will stand for A UtniWxl number of Boron, at the premiax-a of the subscriber. kniwu u the Dykemvn Farm near aJafabridge, in the dty of Near York 'rae aea NB will oooim?noe on the ittt of March inalant I'eraoua do aijviu or having nun aerred will pleaao nuke early apulioa tfon, aa, when toe limited number i? complete, no fnriii<w ap plication* ean be received Good Mable* ?a ike uretnl^eo, aad ft) aovo of raatuiag* Terms for the aooaoo $0)0, and re? sooabie charee* for keeplur. Ue raaeaa. WH WaLTEIUIIKE, Waahlo^too Drove Yard, N. T. THE I K1.I HKATI-.Ii II: II riNU STALLION NKvv it: aer, by George M ratuhno, out of Palaey Aatho ly. by Imp Priam will stand the n. event se**ou at tkr ?i?blei (if the sebaerlber, a: Pordhatu, Wo?telie?ter county, t-n inilns from Mow York, lroa the lotii of March to August L. at #h>. (' li AS W BAl'UuA'ii A OlA. Manake Bedn gi and Sicilian dldran, Arohiaai pre*rnti'd to Uou. W in. It. new aid, will aland from Match 15 at $MH fll Ah. ?. liAfHU \Ta k CO. HORSES, CABH1AUK8, AC. BA? llORrE, H1X YEARS 01 U, l? llA.N'Dfl Hlntl, ao'.md, kind, Rood driver, |3?', right llor-ea, suluole for a 1 kmoa of Nialnea*. prkea from f-fliio <120. a mvrket ?Vit acd liurneia, fhu, fouT good hoc >ud haad W.uouaand Harness.> at the Olub viable, 7* Charles ilmi piBTa'N C VKUIotiB ? A PBRTTf CARRIACJ& sl'JTv' Ly at^for summer and winter with n liani1a>rut> set of Hameas, for tale. Also a good man, ? h-< wvhe? a uluatl'in ?a o- wet man. inqutie at i00 la?i Twenty fti h* street FOB t-ALE- A HANDSOME Whi?W ri HUttM, ?H*. teeu hand* higb. ol' superior action, tbiwougbly i**iu d to saddle and harness; with Top v. lyron. mikts A Nanili makers, ?arnent, Klannel and Ker ?>y bUniKcig. itlb ?oa malci , vVtup 1'ly N?u Ac. Wardrobe, and all the ap potnunrnta i>f ? first dicw tnrnout; bi-eo UB?d two rnoaibi Apply til Mr Tnruiire'* Hiding Aeadeaiy, ooruKrat Twenty Milh atroet oud HUli> avenue. FOR SAU- AN *.\< KLI.hN ? DAICft BKOWJ MtKB. pe?m J^kio old. 1?nrraai?' |ierl>otly Miuud ?tul Klmi In e?er* p?rilculi?r. Hnlil fcrwant of use. fun 1)0 ?"cd for three day* at die |>rivalo ?taMo No. .1 Km" T?euty clghlh etreet, neai Fifth avtaue Apply bafoie U o'clock. For sam!- a pon-t built hat horma, kxktkbn hand* one Inrii bl?h, tlve jeara old, wari-oo*eil ?ioar.?i auil Itod : would n.?ke a good t ip<eM or doato* ? hora- , v II oe ?old at ? 1<>W pric& Apply at G8 afid 70 itatik B'ji*t, u> ar ?kaekt-r. f>OB RAl.R? A HANDHOMK RaT MAKE. HTtI.(8l{ aod faot. Top W kgon, Slel^ti, 1 1 ?rricf>., HUulewi ,, Ht llo, HP and ?hi?-t a Cum/'He turn "Ut at urn tliird it*v?luo '(mint i??h price Stvi > ay I* hvd at the .Va.-'.Luf io? r.(?h'ra, No il TLliil etroct. CX>B SAI.R? A HANOsOMK SORRKT. HOtt-tR. W.VCJOK r and lu'Ot-n: IhoVnne l? Ifit^ hand- hlA. ruht y -ara old, c*u trot iumJ- oi ibreo mlnum*, ar-d m kind it. any bar in*#.-. Api'l? at to Lu>i?uaid Klreet, In thi> beHi-incni. 8aLB? HAM SOME PONIKS, CAktllA(iK4 aNO V Ueri'i'Hh; a aim' ul and senlcAK?le pair o' inotohed Canada route*, cl rati ut tor ol, twill W hand* M<tt, 0 Kid H year* oUl faj,i traveiixni wi'r'ri and kind In h nifle and double litriKM; also new handaotnc d .ub'c llameja alive r ino'inted. *bd tr ???> ?fw two aeaud ijermaiitoi' n family t'^rriaKe alt> a ccnipU <e a> d baodaomi' turnout, the p ol ity of a iientli (naii cioaliig out htaraiiblUlimeut; th>- wi'ile I If I' red for $4tl0. w tio Pooi*-* for jilno a neaity nc?'. a |'iar.' N>?, one **?? t T p i'-tiggy, Tulit and h?ndgomt', ul'.b ailvar (UOULUd |H> r ?L'd tha:t?; coil J.MIU, olf 'Jed tor into caah, Addi rae box SM Brtokl^n ? oat olllce. FOB ?*iR-A RAY M..BK, 1? HAMI8 HIOH, 7 years uld, aourd ?ud klt'J In double or .unifle lia ii'^v eultal'ieforoarriagi , eipreaa >r family u?e; a.. id for aa:it of uae; price tlW. at 40 OHvor atrne'. until aold Ii>OR KA LB? A VERY HUPEKroK H <01) LR REAHT, r ii i' h laflf : ale la only all jrmrt old, aouml In J) rt-a./w it?. II1-. hart a lilgs, pti!T wlnte, wlli very long tiP, h perfoot laiaiity ?nd :i *oi j foot trotter, either undor ilia saddle or in harncM Adcteaa l-oi 2,194 r.itt < ihco. L?OR SALE? A L'UUT f?QPAIiR B ?X WAQON, UOOO F oa near; coot fl7t Wlllboaild for $liX) caah Caa .b apen a! the prliate amble. 8S Weat iVeniy eigliih atroet. In 'liilrr ti r c lor* il ooai h?ll iMHB rOK SALE? O^B TEA VI OF SOBP.IV. HOR.SRS, lft'^ lianda h:eh. It for tae road, or carriage work, a roan and a bay Mart ?ht and atjluh, tr? ret twelve miloi per Im ir eaally; our Hiack llawk Mare, lour tear* old: one nay II u^-e, fit fr r ''ilck cart The above aiea'l young, and w#rri?ntwl aound aid kit d in all bat iteea. Apply to JO-ihPfl Otthtll-.s, 321 rtiatl-orly M-cond at) oet. FOR SAi-K-A BAY PAC1KU UOiWK id lfAA7>S, NO white apola, ft yeani old : ran go lri S minute* , never l>e?n tmlned nl'.f fce taot, aottud and gentle. Prioe $AW Inquire at i% W.iter aireat il fc111 aowel" to Kyit toe'n ??"""?? w."t ff, pn < all ht tm vitorttSj?*- ^ HtlBKES FOB HaLR ? 1WKTV HELM ;TBD IIOUSKH fr> tn the country, cr>nal?itug or saddle, single and matched carnage boraea; a rew faat (ingle Uur-c* one pair bay liorrea, 1?\ hands high, well matc <ed, and can trot ln*ido of tbr< e mltiniee ti gelher. *111 bo aold at fa. r prioea, aod war ranted aa rrpmaeoted. Call at 33 Brood ativet, New irk, ft J. M. 8. TITMaN. HOKHB8. B*ROL'OHB AND HARNR8H.? A COM p ? 1 1- eaiab i*-hti>eot. n'arlv now Bay lioraea, 17 hand* Ma." ; j( ung, amioil and kind: the pr >peuy of a gentleman gttli g m h iuaoki eplng. Addrosa bat 1,087 Poot ofioo. eORSRM AND CARRIAtlB FOB HALR-A FINE PAIR of eiirruge Horaea, pony built, \varr?i>' *1 anund and klt)4; o Coupe Carriage, new last fall. Ym whole will Iwauld low aa tb> ot> nrr haa no uao for th'-m. Apply to J S. KEY NOiJ^n, IK Bnad street HORtlB WANTED? A SIIOVVY H\Y OR BI.*'!K Bast, au liable for rarade uurpoaea: ono that ha- been prar'iaotTto i acd flie pro! ei red Apply to Maj Kd. North, 1J liutohatr> ot, Itelwien l'/and 3 O't ia-Ji lo day. Light waookb -dhbrnbitry a van nusRR. I'raeileal I.Utht OarrDg.- Wakei*, Hon l.i.i %nl l.Vt.'hrr* tla. b. t?eea pro -ma ?ui1 IJalannev atreem, few VoHt, would Inform tboaa ?nutlrnun who have not o darnd lo tlina for rptlng nrtihn that ihey have ttnianr-d up prevl.tu* to entering on th? lr?i>'inj order*. nod have on hand a few or tkair cale <l Ughtriraaooa, of tbn lateai a'.y ea, which nnuiot be ff* l%kUi<"i> twiauty and (tucHbilhr. POMRH r.NK HUMDRfcO ?IIKTf.AND, HOOTt H AND I W fifb Pnnlea hiare Jtint arrtTtd fr>n Kai-opa, or alio lorn, ?li?a ana ajjea, from right to f iutu*n tiuid. 'iigh. Id Korty aecocd atir-i, between Klflii and eliih areau*-*. QBO. T H aLL. KOAO WAOCNB, BfcKWMKK A OOt, 372 and .174 Broome street, cor nor of Mf tl ?lni i ?rr prauared in ni*ivc orders f. r th'tr mperior Wupojip, ddbntUul any |**ri xt dtinng Ibe uomlog raeon In addition to other kmp ror-ment* nHtoh batatfven their w^rk the higheat rrputtilnn for durability au<l nlejptncB the) w: uld direct ?|HfiaJ attention to tb? ir "Imprat'tsl Hd car," rend- 1 Irn their ''hall aprtng" *u|>e,l'"> (sail o. here (n strength ard rlactfcM* Ahh.oiffh mtkiuk W ago a- a ai^-alal f?a'n<? of theirktitin' ?a. lle? w mldaUoln t|te trd?r? lor ?rerj style of pli *?uf? carriage for to an and country. Road waoonb. Vh i? hati on h .ud, and are prepared to lt*ejT? orders lor KiJUft CL*bS BOAL Vt A?Ki?r\ (>? u)| weigh m..da under ourmpeirU'l on the premlees au<l warrutud W be i-<iua to any utbisr wagon made In thtarrty \\? k?vc i ,oon b ind an r ma k Ilk to older I'lKHT CL* t' MtrllAOKI*. ?it;uU>le for wirk. cy or conr.try wblrh we *111 wll at low p.-tee: . MlMtR A MTKYBNH, 7*. 74 and 7? Wniin street, Vir?t door east or fr-wltta? TDIUK nP.hT CIAHH WORK HORSHS BfcOM THK tmairy for aale? '>nn dark ?or <?!. p >uy but*, aeron \M r* '!? I, nrltUM U4 ewt , one aorrel six jre;ir? aid, H rwt ; tin to- - el. MX year* old, 12'j cwt. A|>pA|r at Itl Io|ton at rwt, near King ar A CIA1 TAIL BORttSLORHRAT IfORHL Ww Ift1. to i;> baada l>i?ti . mm thaw aoaM ?yead: t. mi] and kind: for a <a-h pur&aa?r Addre-w, giving partlcttiii^ boi UM Hi'tald ollli e. UCUAL RUT1CRS. SCFRBVE Ctil BT -aNDRRW BvRNE* AdAINHT I'el. ? Miertfl a sale ? Ci \ trtno of a crrt?m writ of fctl ehcaeaL, to ma dir?rt?4 nnd delivered. ala<i by order Of Hon. Writ. M Leonar^, one of the linuea of the HupewuM ? 'oun ?f tbe Stale ''f w Vork, I will evpo a lo na e at ptkb Hr rrndue rn Thnnalay. the JIM day of Mnrrh, l)?M, HH o eli ik la tha '??ira'on. at the ttablea I*! *ed i a aatf fir th atrect t hrt e rfHublf IfOCaea, .flyllH KKblif, Kbanll. LaU'd > * Y oaa. March JO, MM. NKDKAf.. A fTUCTBO RBHTt?RBt>? KINOKaWOB BXPO BD \ f a.'aetaa unina?k?d ? (Mr. L\KM?I.\T'H PaHl, f<ond <R and New ? <rk Medlral Ad*1aar anil Mamaija Onlda, lnfo-m? ibe d< Mlltated ar.d <lt??aw?l laoludlrg tboaa wno ar" Ig to lantnf tt.a caiiae of their III he*lli> and who have bean dta apiotntad tn tketr yibjatnlaa, of the moat rartalo and o?a rerlent B>ode of rur? Maileo for t' by LAW I KNOB, I r?vj 'treat, or the aii'bor. 647 Broadway, up ?l?ir? Ilo ir? 'or treatn er.i ? A M tiir M , and 7 to ? ' kuraday erenlr'^a. ? Y<mD i<> thk b< rrB?is<? -trv I'd ward. A 4H ht>ad?ay tita great remr-alrw cure uermaaeatly with depyaicb /tONHl'Ll l>R AAKIV 4K> ?HlUl>|fA|-*ilH BARUT V> a?>l I'oat -n to a eom|>atant pta) elrte "*te? murh fntnra tniiwy f M>?tA A ffttaAd, IM>I?S !>')' 1 it?.HH ANDINDB \ ' p ndent lMi?in?-a? < alrvi yant, has icmmnd Ir. in So. IU (Kien k anaat vo ClTt?loo etieet, wuerc >.n? ean be noa aolud all ?onjec> a- ?- lal It. I}. ? My ludian fagt? table Hair hektofrr Kla beta. OR rOBBBTT, *B*"FR Of THR KRW YOX.K UBI rerrl') (Med'eJ t!oll?ga<, rat. I>? nonanliad wi-hthe Boat hooorabK' eoi.fldeoi*. on otaaaae* a< hl? a >tivauletttW located ?vlt ?>( "Hiei a, al II t entie ?tr??t *r?r> Ohan o r? a> d I '-ad<' ?tra t? ."*> f<-ara In hl? praanet ?|> 'e allty oi ab<e* hliu to mak f ? V>a?dj and pMm..(>e?! e>i??-a W. K ? (tai l?r ?! '? dintou.a In hi* oOlee It, rata OBtraaca at No. f tiny Ha J plana Cbarpe* ?'<d?T%te DB. H. A. B*RR?'W im BI.KBC'BR BtltXKT. KCtTR doota irom Macnunml ?-raat N?-w Vork. aiilh<.rof that i^iwilartiirdiral ?' rk ??niituan rrmltjr," may t>a c inaulmd ua luniai, from II till 2 at d to A Hiiudaf* till 2 DK WaKI'. ?K1 BROAD a A4 , I?t D\1LV 0*>S*VU1KD conQd* ntlall) with oumpiata and grailfytagauivflaa. At toBdawii i" i ? DB HI'VIBB II Ah BOBTHMttT t BARM (MSnXBD | hi* attanWna w diaeaaea of a onrtel ??rlaaa In u lueti lie haa tn atwt no laaa than Bttr tkiMiaaa* eaeaa with mt an la ataoee of 'allura. Hlagoat ramodr, i r J^ntei a R. d Dk.o, etnaa certain dlwaaea wb o ragulai troJliaent na<l alt otbef remedl?? fall roren wltbont dtelli.(( aj ra<tnetlan In the ha t ? 1 1 m oJ the patient; (ttraa ?'tho>jt tl,a ?Mtiaimg and alek. t.ln* effena of *11 othT irat'dM*, cnra?taWw tax* 1-1 1<- a ti an ?u lioara l< roota ont ?he p daoeaaa WB>> tne n. . -d U ?urr to ab ?rb nnl~>? the ratrrdy la ttaed H ta fl a ^ t-.i, and run not ba cbttiaed geoulra anywhere thaa at the o'd oil oa. No ? ' Malon alrcat . Book for aoihing, thai Irnaia af tha ev ' ??ffr eta of aariy abtiaa Dm. W ARD, ABB BKliaDVAl, IB ffRAFPBOAOBBC amooi rhyalelatia in euttr.g crta.n Olxtaara, Try hi* ceat eemeolea and r?ad hia praetlaal tnrwtae to?*"' ???? '5 " ' ? ??try.-. ?Ohll parta of the I nn.d lau* aet.t fcy bm|) SVBB CI KBB B1 DK Wa*D, ?B3 BRt-ADW VT, UT aiaira Hia t'nfnrtuiutt'e PrtaoM and ouar mHH Mf the unfatUnc efi'*no?. AMU*HMKWTS. ' WJOXAO&'J TO BAT KM. f* TOdUiHT fTHCRjDAT), MiKl'ii it, WITX Kl.l E.VT8D. For the ?W on I'tnt in three > eon. m UiU theatre, (ha a4 mired Ooraeiy, hi (l?? mi-, c-t London vs?rR\*cK, with the uoequillwl oa?t peculiar to tUia thaate*. Cbarle* VourU) Mr. Laater Wallaok fcjV/Or Mr. utake feirllnrcotut Courtly ...Mr. Wal*t La*?le Mr llrinjlU Mat ?arkat?a> Mr Norton Dolly Spanker Mr. Floyd Coal... Mr. Toting Martin dr. Park* Jure* Mr tlirer 1aaa?t Mr Paialoe Lady (?a\ r Mm Baay (Mare Harkaway MUa Mar* Gtuiwu

F?< Mix Trat tomorrow (Friday)? PUncW* live mi Flay ot TiiK K SInHTH or TIIK ROUND ftrtunlil EVERYBODY'S friend. To conclude with TOM NODDT'8 KKOKKT On M.mdttj next? MRS. HI/) VN'd IBNIRT, on ablch ojim^oo will be pregented ? fine old Comedy. B' i nook u'jw ooen Doora open at 7 - , Commenca al I o'clock. JttlM KLLANKOV8. A8TOCNDINU PHiOf.S l ow C UNA, GLASS, 40., Fun CASH. ?sfjii' havo on hand ' of China Gl i?Hw?r? mid wltii.rlnh and Mc-trpMHlirtlc -? of recent lmp>r-/i U.iloh wt ich we oiler for ? 1 I *Ott CASH Evanilne :hea< nrloea; ? 1 Hp(k China Dining PI ili .i of 'utility for 9' pir dyiaa t tvtuh China Bn ukm, rtatca for 85 centa; IV* Plate*, 76 cent* |>i r down. 1 reuch t Ulna I>iulu : Herv tren, 221 piece*, for $24. >? reach < h.tia i e? Ni-it iron 1 1 pierce, fur |3 I ro. of. Dec.raled lea r.crvl?e?, 44 piece- $6 "46. AND ALL OT'iBn G'/ODH IN 1''ION Silver 1 laltd Ti-u reu, >iv pit e,>* for $!."> iw 1-tit er 1 lauxi Cau'era, liu> ikjUIok, cut giaaf :t i*? Mix, r PltiM I'akc !'? i - .t fl? Mv -r FUltd Dth-tui Corks, pur do/- u 2 76 clh ur Plated r?ble Corks, p?r d'>rcn . . 3 26 Silt or P a'ed Table -p >. mi perd ma 1 76 Mirer Plated Tei Kpoon*, p.>< do*ea I -sit l>rt hrh CI lna 8ou|> Turctua, t-tofc ... I Ji French t'lui a o<'\ei??l Dl*he% i j?rh 70 Om bln?n O' b t th, tl.e iloren I tH Ivoij Uandli-d lea Ki.lio- the ('ozen CO lion -ton* < hlna Dtanw rl%t> ?, the drt/en H7 All Ji tuiv r$Ailcllv. 'ryl <r?? (T charge In New Kork (wiH J ei?ey City. Older., by lettei cart'l'ullv evecuied. OTImOiUM HitOTHKUS. ??V* nnd 210 Fiiltou utrect. Hrooklyn. i HiUIAM B1LL8. a. At prici t- within IB ' cm >h of nverv ohurrh, S''1hk>1 hnuae, faetory, cometer>- or ftm in the '?nd. Th?lr UKe alt o?er ( mteJ ntatej for the ji?*t two yc?ra Ua? proven theinto eta bine oioi* liltwMf qunlltM limn any other, iimontt w hi.-h unc fein ngi . ilumbilj.r. ilbrutioiiH anil aonoroun uualiti?? aie i.nwiualled by any o l,er inauiilartu'-er. 5t> to HM$ Iba., eoailna le#i> to?n lialf other m'tial, for 11T. ei-nta (>er lb , atwbl'.'h pt U* we waTnut llicm tvirlvn moniha. Send lor citculnr for ii/.m, gunri anuit.. Ac. M. 0. CUAUWICK A CO, IfO Wlliiaiu atreeL LL KOK S2 a i.hilio* Ketl<-ule, with ovt ry.Uiug CimpleU) for ?avr ii g, v uli laige tpool ->?viuig t ?l(t, w Itli Indu. ement of obt:tlniug $,'X) l'ntuily sewinit tnaoUiun. fniir*49' Hn<ad??y, Ul' STaIKS. Send lor circular, care bov 2 H41 1'oht olfnie. Brrun a Sons*, im william 8trert-manu. fmtu?eni o' hnveio|. , oi every at?*, (juality and kind ktirw n in tbe f?d<', tut buiini'-n, legal, p rtfoll i. document, detector, safety, emboeneii, oiuiqne, ?ll erod. lUianre, wed dug, mourning, drug, epi.- oljr. , piv. rloth lined, luitini** illu?lr?t?d <?r tinted, h-ua-eiil, goTernniAnt, lo?it ottkjr, com infictal e.lra, ? uj?t, mprrlliw ;ind citru sxp- i rltic. A largo Nld kof the abntV kmdn on band in the lolinwinp o >lor? for the ii,fipectli,n of the trade ttiitlew '.e i r>0 lxid. tnr>>t buff dark buff ia>ar> aiuber, hi raw, pink, blue, lilac, gold and nrxugc. Wu v.*"ai.l the prices t.ulli ;lcn'ly low t i to ne an inducement to the cloMWt t>\iyor Ktimi le'< 1'nmiNlied the trace gratia. Comm> rcial out, t rom r?o centa upa ardu; Pott rui from 70 oeutu uptvtid.t; government, cut, from 90 ctnu ui>>arOa UKitL^ A .MiNKf*, Knvelopo Manufac tiuera, 1J4 Mllllam atre t, New York. UTTER ? COIl PACKAUB8 STRICTLY CHOICit, SUIT B able lor lanilly u se, toi rule by llAltltv itrRRF.LIi A 00. tM Pearl and X Water atr-eu. / lOI'WTERS ? BI'.IIT NEW COUMKRH. H0ITABL8 \' for Uiloi? or dry gooda trade: have bena but Httie used and will be euld eijcap. Mav l>e tern at 40 Union aquare. W YMAN A CO. WW Broadway. CMRCCLAK8 ADDkESKED TO COUKTRT MRR J rhanla, Manufactururs, Karmeri and Publiahera, from (lata of Home l.VUf'.MM nanvtiH corrauled In January, Thane bala have the ratinga and diaerimiHation of nach man marked. Irade l.Ut Agt my, Room 9, So. 37 1'a-k row, third floor. D1VORCBH LEtiALLy OBTAINED IN ANOTHER Hiate without pubilciiy. Iccompiktibilliy of temper and (me day'* n *ldenee In tlie MtaU* only required All caa-a gunraiiteeti. AdvlergraU Apply to C. Ii UaCON. Conn cillor hi law, MtH Pine rtre?>t. room 21. DE OKAlll'S ELE(/TRIC OIL I IK WftATH ? ELECTRIC OIL 1IE OR VTU'tf EI.Rr fttiC OIL Tli la *r?at remecf for rfceumatlam. nsur?lgla, de.ifneaa. and a>' ^>r> ? and iwiua, ha? cured orer <,090 caw>a the paat ?ear. Ft rale by P. D Orvia, I). H. llarnen. ,T. O. Webea A Co., aud all w holeaali and retail drng^iata Principal depot, Philadelphia, Pa French porcelain an per cent cheaper. ureal aiock in hand at WF.1L BROIHERh, lmiK>rt*ra and nianu'ae'nrnra, 41 Centre atrcet, rear bnlMlng. CI UAKO.? 3? 1UNB FROM 8ALDANU A BAT. 100 TOMB J Inn i cbabor lalniida; a itiperior nrtlcle. pure aa im [x rtcd, wall known in the ix>adon market atoi eitcn iveiy u?td by butiuk agriculluraUala. For a ale In lota to auk KHKnKV * OA Watta atrent. M KIMHJNU WOOD. 91 riiNH, 10 Ult MOKK B 0\gH. l'me *ud Oak, bv tit load, at f- a>. At the * aid loK i f fcaat 1 went.y-lhird atreet Adrlreaa C. O I'lua. LKaKV Room OUBKO -F.LLKRY i PATHNT HO? 1?t J'aini. one oen; a foot, war-anted. BOH Orand at., 17 ! ark r.w, lh.1 Bowerr, id 8th ar , &1 Kaal 14th at., tOih au, Uioadwey, aiul SbH 6th a*. i'lgbt* and j>aixu fur aale. IATHP. WANTKD - ANY ONK II AVISO A BHGJND J IihihI t r.gtne tatlie nto'.tfnel b"lw.* ii bearing*. In com i.l.-w cidw, v|l| tind u cm-ti buytr by ad.licvaii.g a. A I', h., ti:\ hui -on -!t?nt LO( I1P1NE HMIRINO, HALF KffO, $1 fill; KIM. 91 Aleo for h;iI* fcng'lnli Miuton, Hilton and tVlltabirn I l.x-M-, UlUrrta, larinxutli Bloat? ?, rrnnon Hwldoeka Cum btilaj.d llama, Ac , .?t 0>>'-n lam Oimer of William at T. MCHaKIMOM, A?ent. Diiblop'a Ale, In fiao ocndf'ion, oh draught and for faml'y >>f. ARBI.K MANTSMt-ORRAT BaROAINR IN MAR t?U; a lama Mock on hand, and a groat r-vfucilon In prfcaa for any kind ordered thla month Hail aiwi at A UAHKR'N Yard. 113 Ka?t KlgnieenUi ilmi, ?mi gf Third avenue. la put n pm aiiy piaoe la the cootury. MAIttARD'H CELEBRATED CHOCOLATE. f amily Cboeolata, 2.'. e.nta. Chocolate de Perfeetionnl. Chooolate a la VaitUla Gh ai .la ?? Double Vanilla. Chocolate Par E latOtaHk CUooolal- ('ream Droiw. Oboe -late t-avamela AU the above Cboe rfatea are mvle front the bMt mau'rla'a, arid warranted imrn luc aaW. wholesale and retail, by HKNUT M.4ILLARD, 621 R roadway and 1A8 and 1?) Mero-r ulreaC NOTlt'B ?A ROTARY PFBLlA FOR TI1R OOUNTT "I New Turk, who eontmniilntae mo -In* to Brooklyn would ,lke to meet a Notary Public for Kmc* c.untr about to move lo New York, wlta a view to resignation Itr favor of < aeb other Addreaa X., bur 4,0111 New Vork ('??at oflloe. BHHMATIbM, fHICT AMI NETRALOIA ? IRf DR. holiair't ?n?t Krei.nh t.-mrdy. wh'eh never r?IU to a ITect a ?*erlv run a? veil a* purifying the blood. Kee te?tlmontala. HtM * ' rer bottle . r-ent by expreae to any part or. KOIji.i'rt, bit Broadway, up alaira, lao loora nbo.o Houa ion ativrt EHB BfW *OHK DYRINU AND FRINTINO EHT1B UafeMBi WORKS ON RTATRN Iril.AND No 9P Du?oe airret (late ?."i .lolm mrr?ti Hmneh oflloea, 73J Hroadwa/aU'l 13* rierre|)ont ittieet, Brooklyn TRERR, TRUH, TRBEB.? THE Hl'BHO RlBRIt, IN c nwioetioe of karlng i i r* move from hla p renin' dop >t 2M2 Flf'h areoija, Naw Tori, will eell Treea aon "thruob-ry at aiiir>'' reduntKMi I* gttca. 3?>,l?W aldewaik and ormim'tata tieea, from 4a to I2?. ; fcMOO Brergreena, 4a Mi Ha., with a general o llertlou of ? lower garden and ort ano-nial Hhruh?>? Ol ?ei> clieap 0. Dt?RAN. Ml fifth avenue. Nuranry, Weal Morrt??ila llfANTKIK-BT AN ARTMT, A COPY ?>?? fllR UfllO TT riap'i of '?Voting Ani' e??a' pruaK'nfd to th<- visit- r? at the Am- 1 inu Ina4ll>ite Pair, < rwatai r alaer, full of (Kje >1 v HI be giw n for u olrtr o py. Alton ?? J. A , lit raid o'Jloo. IITANTRH-A KKCfiND IIANH 0OP''BH HPILU OP #? FT uallor a rapa.-tlT. In ,i'H<d oriV'f^ liiiulre of 0. W. Kol lf?g, O t* aier at. t>4 I I.ISl'H Al?U A( Rll'IN. nn lOWfclL, I't.on.vlU OF 1<1SK%RE4 or tiir eje aid (ir, end Ur. t lilillua' late llonoi .n, *,-?t u i rial i lit ?i MM, let ?!< o. ' ill IMMM on ail ec'i HI or tl>eae ? i<taux, and all ottiei medic J and kurgical cw a &U t>road?aN , t.' ar latHih atreet. DKHTtNTKV, A' BTIHt 1AL wJ'''o?itKp'?a'ariR,,r P^* Ms-b-t"' ' rlVu^.1 will. It by tl." ?- *fc"r ra,'.KV^un? l> R?m-*du??sil tlro^a j" RlMiTfcR. ORAntJATRD BL R'JKON DBNTIM. Jio.'w V eal Twen'y ,nd W?h av^ne NATft'NAL HP.NT At OAMiRUr, T? KPif V SKOOND ?(reel eoreer af Hlith avenne ? Or WaNnO", tier tut: graduated I "40 flva pieit lu na awanle>l Wouder'ul piierx. guar ant e? d tlrat ekaea c i.tia ry ; HI. nr ae"< ot larlh rrn.JH; t? libber, (#o.i, $lr; VuiO'Dlie, I'll. 1'U.lno, ?logli Treih $1 rllB I.A'tORHT AND CHEAPEST bKNTAt BR t?hll'bmMit In the I* riled htatea ? N. i? tiRIPFIR A BROH. Vfl (irai ii ititet. New lo?k. and MI Kulloa afreet Hro.'Kljnt are Inverting fiMl or po'Ual ?eia nf teeth n? tMr lmpr.rred aim tf he le (<4?(ea wf h oi wlib"?t ettr.'A Itig the ri*'l?. On p'ailtia, |i*l>; ro.d BiS; ?lU"r or rabbnr, bin; j artla' ae e el taetb oa g" Id, %X prt f?.tb atlra , t ' lr< th filled vlth go 4. Bl. WMB aU?a?, tia, I. m? or oeiaeni(W eent*. rutraetlng. ft cent* SPUHTIWO. DOOS W>R KAtB -THS AUVRBTIfiFH HAH 88VE ral Ithod Buephei.l li.,g^ lor aale, brod <*lre<t.)y frotc IB. ^ortejanirk Ih^yran he ^eeo and ?h t? menu ohoan. b> ip|J|bi(at PBiKA 1^ 'KlLUaP.O n ??het^> I arm, I'onlhain, V> (thbalrt > on My , N I . &1B/RCIB RPltF.R, NO. R PRCB BUI , HaR AUl. THB r rlioi ? birvila for aale *?? av <^k. Ru ler a Mrvng- aod Hea r.ttermli at.-r V com ut per b >ttie Hut ?> ' Brer TraiMag, M"*eea Ae or i.og*,' $1 I**? i?rlrd tralan", Ar ??-dle> -e F|r a" doeaa- a '?Adll RkPBCCA rOR 8AIA-B55 ?AA BB F&BS at Oreenpoia** aktikhkntr. f A DBA fBEld'H THB AT KB. u LACK! KMSMBM THEiTUL laura vbbnb's thbat5i? LACBA REEhE'S THBATBS. LAtRA K r EN'B'K THKaTAR. ? continued scccbob, VOhTitiOKB HImK4? CONTIMTRD fiUOOR?< COBT.NUBD g^O})B8A ONE nrVD?B?MAND MNETEHN NICUiTH. ?Mt urKD IKD A*D NINETEEN NIll*T* hundred and ?Jjj|I?52 $1$'?; one honored avd BrgRrtJ"" ONE HflNDBJfcD AND NlNBTgMN JNHMIW. ONE HCNTRBD AND HJflHTY ONB HCNDBKD AND BIObTY OVB HUNDRED AND EJGgJX OUR HUNDfcKD AND ETOHTY ONB HONORED A'SP BISSI TWK THOUSAND PBOPLB haVB seen THE THOUSAND FBtl'LB HaV* BEEN TUB THOUSAND PEOPLE HAVB BEEN JHg THOUSAND PBOPLB HAVB BBhN Jgl THOUSAND PBOPLB 1HAB SHB* THB ORBAT BUBLE$QlfE. URRAT HURI.RSOUB. URKAT BCKLEhOUE. U&KAT BUBliBHQUE. UKKAT BURLESQUE. TO N1UUT and ktebt night next week, vrux BB RBI- BATED SF.VKN 8IHTEBB, SKVBN SlUTLBfcj SBVKN SIMMM SEVEN HIHlHH ?KIN hihtknM PVTlM HT8TCM HKVKW HIHM SEVEN Sit^H HE 'EN RTOHH SEVEN flK . BN ??I 8EYBB BEAUTIFUL seautipitl ? iuwoi ? iiis 3 BNHHt OMOH VMOH HRVRB 8IHTRB8, HBVRK 8I8TBRH, HBVRM BI?TB?B, * B*RN BI8TRB8. ?EVEN SISfEBB, SEVEN HI8TBR8, SBVBN ?I8TKRB. SEVEN . BISTERS, 8KVBN ' 8LTERS, SHVKN SISTERS, SKVBN BISTERS, 3RW.H flffTBRB, HKVBN 81*18*8, 8ISTBRS. SBVKK 818TB BA, TABLEAUX, TAVLBAUX. tABLBAUK, VdfiM Jim NIOHTLY BNCOBKB KIUHTLT J tWOMHO KIUMTLT BNCORBD uncle" BAM'S UNCLB SAM'S UNCLB SaM'S uncus 8a ms VVOLB BAM'S UNCLE MaM'S PKOLC BAN'S UNCLB HaM'H UNCLE BAM'S UNCLE BaM 8 MAUII) LANTERN. If AOIC LANTRKN. MAOI0 LANTRKN MAlilO LaMBBN. MAOIC LANTERN. MaGIC LANTKUN. MAGIC LkNTRKN. MAOIC LANTRKN. MAMQ LANTRKN. MAOIC LaNTAKN. Columbia at Washington ? tomb, tub Tumrx rOUB htathb. THK EROHT WMIXm. KSrUStPTIM; Tin: OOOD OLI> SHIP CONSTITUTION, IIKSTROVK1- RT TUB BMANniPAK)<wS AND V1KK RATBRS. TBB Hill MP OP TMi: LJBBKTT TREE, THB SI.AVB SCARE, THE HAPPY PLANTATION IIOMB. CALHOUN h OKBAM, *J?n WASHINGTON'S ABM* AT VAI.LKT POBCWL L1UBUTY AND DIOUBNBB, A4*0 TH RO.418 or WAKHINOTON AND TTKIOff. TUB EODA\ R DBILU BUKLfah(jliE DANCB8, AND THE LARf ( I nE AT KCBN'B, Til BBKTH Of THE BUTTERFLY IK THK BOWER OP PBRNR. Rfiti bf iMiird ooa wwk It ml?u?? without nxtm ahATRA IKh r? open at ?rvrn o' Jock. i!otauinnoa at a <(ti*r Ut before eight o dock PerfonuAnoa tprmlnatea at lOo'olock A CADBMT OP MUSIC, NBW YORK. MONDAyTmaBOH 24, PBOKBBdOR ANDERSON Haa the hmiar to annoaoee that ha ha? aeeured tk? abort mentioned oauack^ur and ma?nlllcnut atractiirctfar hM PABBWfclL NaOK'AL "KANCBS OP TUB PIRKT BEHIBr. Tlir ft rut of tha arrim wilt take plaoe on Monday, and tlie munber of trprf^euUnU'iia will ba limited ta hlX BVK>N(NOS ONLY. And one (irand Matlnei' on BATT'RDAY, MARCH .TO, AT TWO O'CLOCK. In the tra&aforraatlon of the Acadt my Into an IMMBNHB PSYCHOUaBTBUM, Profeaaor Andenton will prodao* hla HTPBRMBTUHAL BONDERS on a Bcalc a'irpaaainx nil hla preFlofU dl^Ur^ aud with a plethoka or mabtblb. ON THCBSDAY, MiRfll aft, Profa aaor Amli'iion'a Hon.-fti u> (he NCHBBKY and CBILD'H L108PI t'AL, On FRIDAY, Marsh M. PBOV BrtHOR ANBRRBON'S BBNRPIT TO THB BBNRTOLBNT H(H 1RTY OP TBB TBISTLI, when the Caledonia Otuh wUl attend In full ooatuma Dm notlea will be rlvra of the rarloaa novel tie* la IB* nn??a?Bia of the Academy. XlrINTBB OAHDEN, YT Leaareaad M A. W. Jankaon RB BBUAUBMBM fOH THREE NIQHtS more of tbe taletited tn<l 1>e><utlfiil young unit nran ncireaa VIHrt JaNK CooHkRH. Ihe maoafenirnt 1? happy In bfang able to awiounor a re riuiiisi'ineut "1 MIHB JANE OOOMBRB, ? ho Mill appear ibla evening. M?r> )j 21, for the Umi imc as JULIET, In Bhakapere'K play of itoMEO AND JULIKT. Urmeo Mr .1. W. Wal'aek, Jr FRIDAY, REAKKIT OP MK J. W. WaLLaCa. AMFRI' an ooncbkt halt., 444 444 444 RROADWAY. 444 411 444 ftitOADW*r. 444 Mi 444 BKO vDWA V. i m m i' > f k fucnEss IMMl-'firtB SUOOEhfl. ril'KDRKOH I'.SaIU.K TO <.*!? AIMT1HIOV. HUNDM'.DH CN\14i.K TO (IAIN aL?MIi4SaoN, CBOWDH INCREasIMI. The Uroau-at KnterUI?m<n< <n the Tbr (. o?t<>s4 isntrrtantmpnl in the World, Dta'aix Iru the larri-n ib-atrer ir< the i reliction of NO Vhl.TI fcH, GKIng a (xmlinui'rf enterH'nment, vrllU/ut tlx- leait iotermia hidii , for luur Hnd * lia f hoar*. HPCoND KIOHT Kf.COM) KU.HT Of Um otltfents* OKHIN P.WILF, OKrlN 'AMIUY. Oft BIN /AMII.Y, <iKM> PAMll.Y Id their cla*?teal <?mui>tni0i Hannir lewirwt ( i m Uubrt nlutr a m<iat naeeraa fill eiijpiurrHeni. which ban won far them the reputation af bains the ivcatot >( thair art in the worlc BluLY y'RML, BlJU.y ONfcM,, HlwI.Y O'NBIL, BILLY ONhlli Tfc>' creat 'rliii I ^roe-Me a. la the IRI8II BCHOOLMAR7BR AND PADDY'# WKDDIN.I CHARim IYHITH, oiiAiii-hr wjiiTF, The only two reprea.-utauve of w? (lark.i-T raoa HONH VM.AHHK AMI M 1 .1.1' ('I-aRA, MO.NP. VKUaRDK aND MI.U2 C'I arA, th<' great tMNuibh Dwcm FORTY OTHBR PKRFORERRH. FORTY OTHKR PRRFoR* BKtl I'^rmlnr * aomhlaiilioo of tai'Ot '.hat caonot be <4?|ualia4l In the ? nr'.d. Admlmiun? l'si iuat, Meant*; (i iliery, 10 <-e?ta. KORKHT W, HlTl.hK, I'roprl.tor, MONM L< THOR>K Stage ttanagar ACADEMY OF NCNO-IIKtm OP AMKRIJAK I ramati<r Kuud. ('iioke -H14 for nalc at the book ? taud. 1 1. M<'t\.>lia mul MMrnlKHlHii Hotel* \#B. WALLACE XVI u?, the honor to annniinee to the frit n da of hla theatre wi<l the public In generm thai a MBW COMEDY, Tranaiab d from lb*- trench and attained lo tha American M*( r b> a OBNTLFMtN OF THIB CITY, li In a forwaut male of im-paratloa. II wlU or presented with New areorry, drraaea ?tid appointment*. an I p. -r?en; a fall nail l'u*hftH'L t MT. 'ILL SHORTLY CLOSK, EXHIBITION OP PAGB'H "YBRU*" MA Broadway. Admiaaloo *. centa PaLACK OAF t P.N. MCHlt Ha! L UhA?U UaMBIVaL I R*NU C A P.N t Y AL. VKrlinV facta*. April I, .Kl. r> hHOWMRN.? POR H4L.R, A I.IMNU TaPIHOE I1!| i>or' taamn. al?o * tlavny PanvMy pt rara Anin<<l?, ai'h l*ainl1r?->. An w41 i?|>ijr?ie or I tier, -h<- owner* v tr a It* to mi <* btifihin* >oo raan H ?tu v4 to >aeia Apt tf at lAlltUiM kUttl, Kt? York, to H I Hi) A N'ATHNel. ACAI'KMY OF DI.MUN - THE 1?IRTY filth Vai.ual huh' of Ik' >ail' nm Ara i?-mji "f 1 . alpn r?-n?l- nan ofi<n?tiul ?ork< by Wlan artixt*. never Nil uTr ?'?1 iM'ed, I* o. ir <ip? c for the won. at the gallerlea r> In th Mmt. if r Hitiulwa). nea?ao tiki la, kioiu. blnak ndB'ttil'iti, ?A rt ntx TTAI'DI^N RHMI.vHDH, f,r ckj<?di k retary, H A. A MP Ml A* SRAMATliI 1CND WF^R^^f. A ACADEMY < V Ml NIC. hKtl&ARnAL Ml'HiC ADD CBOECm, _ At 10 prMMi). WACBKTH, at 11, ? BVBRYEODT. WANTZ.D, TWXLVB BALLET I.AD'F.K Appir to LKt 'N J. VII Jfc.N I, 8ta?e 4*n*f?r Sta?e Ibor. AFAYBTTB IMTBRIF. 4 I'.M AI'B t.<. Rt'FW *r -tli R ALL YK:i>Al Marrb 2S, -4i nateimouhl AC4BNTTFWAN OP -1*' ' * *A|W *)F AOE, wan t.f a 'lie < f "nii-n* M?* edo ea, ,a aaii >tt' to m*ke 'b? ar<iiiaintase* at * l??l*. with a n*>? to m%l Imonjr. ti'mhi he thr p<?a> ?*<>rof youth, inw-eee^ t fcn (J b ?UW of ? kino aid eff?eiU.r?terl?P'-iU n and >? ?%ery way compe tetit todu harR?at; 'bedullaeor a e fa . 0 aur o a ote the tub '-ilber pti-dir. h a>?>lf a 1. 1 r.o-ba )A AU r'.mai it *?? tv?i? Kindly toMWHW. Adr reta ' ^ ttra? d?j ? Edgar, Ht inld riff '-e. . At,R?.MA* OlfTLeMA*. ? YRaE# OF aOB WELL rd'ie?4?d and r>f nar ?rp' ar,nre h.^vtr.! ?o 'ad? ae ijvibI. 'ano- In in'' f'ty. *' >* ? to f ri.. tta ?r |ii>un aurr r>t a-oiiop, bat <l?otrf, Ainerlr ,n lady,* ?h ih<'VWwc? m?f moc.j Afdr??fc aia'.ibc w *?tT an >ntef*iew rac fc? hao, 1, m'.llefalataw. AJKVBKMiaarrs. N IBUVK <jAK.DK N. .t .oi*. M Nun ,Boi? Lm?e and Ma ?g?r Brill Maui aucvtuw of ill* (mill Oi'tft?ru; H ALl.KT The QrM r jnatatau * ?r U( apleudid Opetttle Hal*' at LA gATADEKK. hartog Info n?*iT(id ?Kh accUuuHlooa of Might bf a at# faa'tuiafew, uuniMuut ?? d brilliant ? ,u fw 4m ul-jU, tkitt HiioBdid production will ie reiMated Tuii 6% xaixo. Kikch sl MK K S. OBaNfKAU, in !iU Inimitable character of ' Booe'oi," **? alao nx?n>t*<l th<. aem<- cvratng ?? o. e of hla happieat ? IT irta, a*t*g wun ??aard with lrf-ala of laughter, and a repetition by uairar m' acclamation bring called for, It arlli !>e pia/txl agtia v? night. 8I1.N' >RINA OAI.ETT1, Tin. On> it SrNit irioH Dimhii u or jwm Dir. ?1U reappear & a the Dancing Hay adore, la the (.hand trial dance soenb. tar girateat Ten <lrbortan ?uoc*?a e?rr wltn?a*f<l Tllis l>>-MtAl!C /?ICA- iEKWT. comprising the tollowii g itiailngulahed T?:aii*ia. will IfMW In 1*A I'a* ADKKE:? MK. Bk.OOE.HOOR HOWLER MR. AYNHLB* COOK. . Mliid HARRIBT PATM. In Act Brood wU1 be aimg the Duel of lb# HaI'I'V Mi.\k ?)P tlANWgS, B* Ma. B. Bowi rt tsn Miix 1 1 * khik r Ptrnx. Thr niece ia pr?<duc??d wUh new and g.>rgecu< acf nKW. anleadul Uoatumea, cellghtrui lim ?, lull Cboriu and *? thr original Mualo, 8111141a Ac. Ibe baorwa produced uod. r the dWlon a' Hlg Rontaaa, Ibe Mnair under Ike direction of Mr >otn Cootr, Cjad** U>r. And the general production tinder the d wi ? ?f Mr H, " 1 "^TnDWnAT EVRMNO, MARf'U 31 lB6t. Will be iiraerntrd for the aemad Ibr grand OpnuM IA lot of . ? . I, A H.VVaOERE; ?'ok, rkf MAIO OrCAHHMHRB. The t'nknria Mr. BtooUoum lawtar (illlour, (.iaud Judge Mr. Aya*<<v Owk The I hapdhour, t hlef Oflloer, . Mr. W. Ovek* Olio-era, Holdlrra, CHUrna, bl*?c?, Ac 7.oloe, a dancing Ha/aaere liignortnl Oat*4tf Mnk*. her comi anion Mm* To *A* I atusk. a Kinalug Bayadere Him Harriet Pl|M hlng'ng Htyjj ii-i, danclig Ms > aderea, by a foil oh?ru* a ad Corp* de l~ ?YNorm> or .srcnsr. Act.! ? Btterlor oi 'be li&ll of J ifct.c? .n the Caatim* Act II ? BceOf 1. Thr matlc b tuc cf /..'If.#, hcrnf II ? Ibi" Ct-lestud R-glonn. ThPanenrry paluo.l l>y Mr G M? Ihr osrnln,t{'a cDtertaln.-nt nta will o inmi nc* wiib tb- 1 Coniti-'y of THE Al'TOMATOK. Bt.nefol. Mr f .<. Cbacfrea Mr btomp Mr Martta Incn Mr axlr^va Mr* htun p Mr* Lr Krtt Clara MU* K. flkte On KI1IDAV, MB. ED7VIN I OBKbr7 A? KING I. EAR. 8ATI RnTFMATINEB. Eor Hie convrniorce o? (amlllra ind ttoar who prrfnr wM> iio-?inK Uie 01*1. tic huilH u> il ? day tlii.c, an ctiraeiitnr umawnt will be glren on baTUKDAV, c immi-oning a. Q4 Door* at fi'V- Cnrtaln rl*e? at 7 'j. Drrin Cirv'o and I'arquet fc* ormUt Orcbratra Clialr* tiaaaA I'aaaliy Uirelr (rnlraoce on t roahj atreeti .'46 >eata Academy of mi'hic. THIRTEENTH ANNUAL BENEFIT or ni? AMERICAN URAMATIO TXD The ninvlom Ix-g to notify tlie public that the OOAl Will take nlaoe ? Till BHDAT, MARCH II, 1861 GRAND BHABttPhBEAN KE8 -Iff AI* With no impwwl-MiUd ran, for thla nlrlit Mtf MINrt CUAKtOlTK COitUMAfi, the juMly ftnu.enl Tragie ai ti<a?; HH h D A I N HOOTtl , the highly popular ; Han ANNA BIHHOP, tlic> trulj c<-U?t>rale?l vorallai , .t.d a e unbinntto* 3t fofl'LAK fE-hiitahas Will br acted SUalutM-re k ?mooml trag.xly of MACtfF.lH. Macbeth Mr Bdwla Duiu au, King ut Ktotlaud Mr. O Kcmb<e ma?._ Malcolm Mr. O 4. Oo Mm Ixmalabaln, tile wiu M<aa*V4H Haiui?? A. W. Knaaa Mitcdutt i Nobleiiion Gharlea Plato* Lenoi ? of [ lumw) f fcotlaud. ) T. Ham Mm F tunoe. *en of banmio Mla? Dmmi H.w?rd, i.iwnil oi Eng'tal. Forcea Mr. UarIM fci yti o, ao Oflioer atUiDitii g on MaoOoth Mr Jelfariw l-b.v?lcl*n Mr. Brtdgma* First Oflloir -..Mr *la? Ht-oond Ofllcer Mr H. IMf Firat Murdrnr Mr. Willi**** rocond Munlerer Mr. OoAa Itl<<?-<ling Ofllorr F L tiodjMa >lr?t Apps.rlil.ii ..Mr lkj??a Steuod Apparition Ml* A. K'aiaa Thlm App*'iil"il Mlaa F Praam Lady M tcbetfe M taa O. Cuahaaaa PritclpAl .Singing Witch Mma Anna Bm* Ueutle* omihd Mra lf*M| Hinging Wllch Mra E Wa ????? .<*?? Baa lal wi cb Harry feiy 3d Witch JaMMlta ad witch j? Oflioera, ~iliiler?, VUKkN, Choru*, ?e After Uio Ungedy, _ _ MMB. ANNA BIHHOP will king TUB FukO oF oUB UNION. tM ?w<la by tlen O. P. Mdrna tbMlMloN (0 UBNTH Co all parte of the h?u*e h. cored awu to Parr|?et mm4 ? Tirketa M.d aeata to be abva qui t ( Irrle. ONR OOl.l.AR of tin trraunirw, Mr i neo<l!.re at WaMaat'e i Di>Tt oi* a at 7; ut uxiuncooe at 8 8Ugf Macagttr Mr J. L. *1 Lmuirt *r. AVi'rtyw Beheartal on Wtdn<-a<>a* at UH, o'oaoh. On Tburwtei, at II n'oloot. VTkW ROW BUY TIIBaT&B. il hole propilrtora Moaars. O. L. Foi ? J. W. THCkHIiaV. * arch II. I*U, n?*ny Heymour a drama tUniloa of uia weekly at or/, (tttiind OWI.BT; oa, TUV MUTAl. HiQHWAWMAK Mr. U. V Koa'a ( ooiic raatomlaM ei MuT'UMK OOOSK and rwa itoi m i? rua. A u.l the tii?tur??l Drama af TbK HMlClAh ti DAluHfBB. BARNl M rf AWcKICaN MHKHUM 1 aa (lm Rrtiati'it com''inHil' n of I.ITfO WOMM and CIRIoilTlth mrnr i."fU togeihar at any prion, i lew foi tte f-nmll Hum of 'it cenU , ein -rawt i-KaRh ^hU-b |w;f im all ? rt* o' au.iwlcg frlcka; 8* NO, DANt'R, TlKn miMKKHAI'LIH, plat <lie (Ml* I?.kK. tn<- I Kl NhAkU, tbc Ht'WUV, PuLiiICIam. Aa. A :. Tli' MAMMOTH UK An. SaMmON, rltl I. lot, wHaV IHIT,II:N or ?OKSUR A^t n.tlAU o?.? VfS. HLaRPM> J./.liY, liiLIfUTIAN y L tlKJ . m,UM cuiioaitlca i.nd tar hfl.f NDfD DRAMA, C.rTAfflLLf, rverjr Jay at S and o eloca f M With all thla '.bo prim I I aem'.wot I < nl> it cenia f lriflirn uadtr to. U eeaii Brians mikstbelk, Mnrliaclca' (Jail. 47 1 Bro*itw*T. aonre Oritd KONDaT. Man h IK and ??ary i irbt during Um Wi OaN SAiANTON I'll? tTKJdlS. l?aT'M WtlA'-S I K <nT M. J AI'aMit'B TOMMY, o? ItlUTU 1*1 ocly 3C li chi a btgh, In ila oi>ml<?l Klantatloa Oanoa MMB MBAOHUTK'H UcllUT Mane. Coffer anJB ak< .< J. Aflame J Mlg llaah*. JttVf Cirt?y, fo?l?, liould and nl'tm Tlie ple?atO'; to.*' f|>iaruttc In new ?mga, cbortiMa, I lib INAOOt raIIO.n 1IAXL. B*ddr M^Hnnla T N?r*oa | .* m Olpiey . Du I |>Wt'K ^ LAND. bt I ae origin. ;? DIUl'a ' open at , eurta'n > laea at ?X Tiokeu /1AMEBFV BT MITHC! HALL, 1/ CC! BRf)\DWAT, ifce fineal rnmli:na?l<in of L-. eot In the world, aoMUHag tf comb, and K -Dtimental SI' n'og. bt'HI.S QUBB, Fiigtaah, scotch, lrt.,h aod ?h AAJHUIBO, ar 4 tlif moat effcot.v* BALLBTI ever acen. N'VBLTlEfl of f ?ery dearrtptLn prixtu^d Id ikiad iiixmIw TtK A (if l? I'laOMi not to be ?nrpa*?e?J iji? r<> tow it 4 well I now n nantrta a.*ftaaifagM lfe< Mkh engagid:? hAM COW KLL, StM OOWlUa In bis one bnndrei) and third nifrttt of hla mt|raM^ MS ssa S'.SS?! lwcUMllng ih? rt/? **. Wb - MtowUbe^ The (?i' brat'4 aBB^X, ?% nrrr (ipfmaN vi/Lis 04: d*.n, *r m.wiu?, jr I'tl.tih ( Dei Rt>r 11 ALL, m OHS BVF.BT MIOltT POB TUB MOH? MBLBOff AJID f "IF * PffRT ll?T* RT # TN'M?NT th TUB JITT. Last tmhib MuHiB O* jLoMMN - r IVaL. LlfTLB AOMBU 1 1I h HaILCh .. DBKaM GRAND ? Al i-h ', CORrn IK BALLOT, a. h tn tabl^eui TMB N f FATTf.W AM) T??B BbTIIBN. Ihe gr tl'ki a'lrartioo in th? ci't are -h* Wall! B t.|<iLt> V*- A Iak i|I*W In Pamii (OhTt'VB IM ">m:t t ognrn* Adailea oa b (*nla Iwaarrt-d ?aia li ia?*a II'aU.aI H hllllAThl. fT ?W. I.U>A? BBO * 10 A * * <; 1/ IfCB Mk.'i .Tr? IMUIorilk hHUtl Na>r. MAR'iH CN HICu GOOAMtW* * !?, t- k? CifcollTiBUaHl OLD OOffftDT. BIA BOOK MOW OK?N. rpilE BrW H'bTORIi AL rAlBTlNG Off 1 MAB*, QI'BaB Off DlvWirtt her warOrbe. Ac , on the ??e#- eiweUee, ' rV L II* LaJ??. Oa eihlbfUrw M Oou|>U'?, 17> ffmaawar Admiaatow FaLAiJC OAkl'ffM Vt'DlC HALL HeA ll?f*l UBeTlMH rKATINW RALL offBM FROM ! IL (W^oBay md rrBai a?eu(aga elenpte*.) Up par MM ?? aeryrd in o?l?eJy for 1?U? A BOH PTBfffT niBATBB ? HF.?LKD FBO^O?AM* ? >'l be rarelred up v> the id day of Ap'll net" for Im? inn Ihe *n h t tr e? 'le?ir? for "Or y??r f mm 'h- lal of nam temb>rnei All la "r ?oannuTilrwAwaa to b- ?Uw a KitnP 1 F|i|r?* rir tar jf o' lAe Hoard a Ar?u. *u< ,M# riiiiad- irb<- F>-*> nt*. Nitw M P.Hiii hl/ D T PAiKk 17 ? B- WBUY I t-arordMfMcf Kk Ke H|)bK hHKA I.ND * BLff fwrw *ii t?il i.uttki w . (let rick. O. H. >m. I'r. aidant. Ma. kl>1t! iiiiK Mn B. i%er tahn BKOOtUVN A I II t "? K M ? t He. F AKB ATBLL BlHl billon.'* of the Hobern'tn tr upe of tiltw Hlowera, 10 im cliy tf Broohl>n, takeep'HCr >r ibnrMlAT, ?rida* auO ?ai?f? dai rt*n:nga V:ir<'b al. 2' and i\ I*1, ei~r>. aa ?<h.t> uaa C0kaiu.d>i rffrio t. 1* Mir nor rrmolaii'.a <4 '.y.1'**! Ihe beatl'ujl low peeaani- ale?m eoa. - mwir enWrwl* ? gua>, an* the cult o?>? in ihe aorU*, wi'l be ?? f?" aoer*tioa ?i e> eb eiitertxl' m< n', In ronr*rtl' e wl h *"<? *? ,' '}? a'" Ira fk/fecea by arommi; of lh" beat ? '.eta lirlni la tl.e!rHt>e The turn Q11 u'e..e >'n? r '>e? >orh. p*ar at eaeh ertert^mm^rit Ai'm ? o ?' eea'a rnre?e?l?f ertertalrraert; ^kturday af ???'?? l?c?nt? ooora o?.n ?| 7S. fonirn*naa ?? 8. wa'udrdaT aftemt a o *nme?er a^l 9 't tck.