Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1861 Page 3
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b*4s for the week ending flic 15th lost. ?u M Mw famm? era $1,314 36 Fre?ht and livestock 80,807 97 Malta a?d nMo 1,816 00 leu' $60,497 40 Gfe.ttatiaJing week ?1 last yoar 44,934 32 IMTMM *y 608 08 Of the St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Bailroad for flhe same week:? IM?|iutnmr< $*1,621 80 11,600 06 For freight. 7." *? ? 436 19 Vtar mails and express b66 83 1 871 17 il. Corresponding p nod 1WW. Increase In 1881 f 1 ,490 00 Yt 874 U The official report of the receipt* of the Michigan Southern road for the same week were: ? 18bl I860. Pause tigers $13, ?91 06 11,5*7 66 Freight < 18,776 8 > 31,183 42 l,l'3i 49 1,034 49 $88,408 24 34,806 46 ??wease $1,400 Xt Annexed is a statement of the amount of coal transported over the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad for the last week:? lon$ (tut. Shipped North 4.(02 16 lh*pped<4krath 11 ,226 01 Total 16,818 17 154,351 06 Vor corresponding time last year:? Week. r*w. Tom. cut. Irmi cut. hipped North 2,818 16 25,926 10 hipped South 14,473 19 130,006 07 IMal 16,002 14 166 .93 J 06 The earnings of the Racine and Mississippi Rail road for the year I860 were:? SYm pasengers ftl'Si rnm freight From mails, 6,*hj 0) ti08,461 92 Stock Exchaage. rucwDAY, March 21, 1861 ftOOOe TS 6'8 ,'74 cou 89?^ 100 shs N Y C RR Bio 78 18000 t* 8 6's, '81 con. 93 \ 360 do "8 6000 I' 8 6 s, 81 reg. 95Ji 60 Chi A K I RR.&60 67 X 4000 Irea 12pc notes 103 J* 12 Chi Bur & Q RR 72 70(10 Trea lOpc notes 102, 150 do b60 72 M00 Ohio 6-8, I860 98 250 do 830 71* 4000 Teon 6's, 1860. 74& 60 do b60 71* X00 do.... 74% 100 Erie RR elO 81 7000 Virginia 6's.. . 78 300 do 80% WOO Missouri 6 8. .. 68?^ 50 do blO 30% 8000 do 65% 100 do slO 30 UOtO <lo 60 10<I do slO 80 20C0 N Y Central G's 95% 860 do 30 23000 Erie RR 4thm b 90 450 do 30 % M)00 Krie RR t>ds '75 60 100 do ?% 1000 Goshen Br bds. 80 300 do 30?< 3000 do 80 Vi 100 Reading RR 43 0000 MS B'gfdbds 81% 100 do 43?, 4000 111 Cen RR bds. 100 100 Michigan Oen RR. 67 A000 do 840 100 HI0 Mi HA NIRR.b30 16% 4000 D JAW RRletm 100 20 do 16 2000 DJ AW RR 2d in 94 60 do 16'* 1000 ClevATsT bds 77% 860 01 Oen RR scrip.. 81 6 shs Corn Kxch Bk 60 iOO do b30 81 26 Nassau Bank.... 97 300 do s30 80% 72 IVI A Hud 0 Co . . SVi 100 do b60 81% 106 Pac Mail &3 Co. .. 86 29 Galena & Chi RR 7 i (0 do 86% 60 do ,b60 72 Ml N York Oen RR... 78 600 C!e?- A Tol RR. .. 34% 300 do 830 77 % 100 do.... 34?; 104 do... 77Ji 26 do 34 % SECOND BOARD. $1000 U 3 6's, 81 ,reg 94% 231 shs X Y Cent RR 78 6000 US 6's, '81. C 91;% 100 do blO TS 2000 U 3 6's, '74, c 8W% 60 M So A N U RR 16% 6000 Kentucky 6's.. 96 140 Eric It R 30 XOOTer.n 6's, '00 75 850 do 30**' 2000 do 74 % 60 do SlO 30% 2C00 Virginia 6s... ?% 60 do 80% 10000 MibSOiti 6'S... 66 10 do 30% 10000 do 66% 50 M So AN Igs.s30 36*? 3000 n R RR 1st m. 105* 100 do 3t?i 1000 LI Cent KR b.. 100% 300 III C RR scp.blO 81 % 0600 Mich So 2d m b 66 100 do *>1% 2000 Chi A Rock I b 100 50 Gal A C RR. .eW 7' % 2000 I. AW RR 1st m 95 60 Chi A R I R..bl5 58 126 shs 1'ucMall baCo 86 200 do ^0 57 % CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Tut isdat, Match 21?4 P. M. Amcts? The market was quiet at $5 25 for note and at |5 31 '? for pearls. BKtAix-Tt i i-s ? Flour? Ttic extreme Inclemency of the weather had a tendency to check operations, and galea were moderate, iABb prices of moat descriptions were ?rm aiid withoat jfRfare on the part of holders to *<>11. The sales embraced aMot 8,600 bbla. of Mate and West era brands, 1,000 do. Southern, and 400 do. Oanada, Cosing within the range of the following prices:? Buperlmo State 96 10 a 6 20 Extra state, good to choice 6 20 a 606 Superfine Western 6 10 a 6 20 Common to cboiue Western extra * m ? 7 10 Mixed to ftraipht Southern 6 48 a 6 76 Straight to good extra do 6 89 a 7 26 Choice extra family and bakers' brands.. T 26 a 8 00 Rye floor 3 30 a 4 06 Corn meal, Jeritoy and Brandy wine 2 86 a 8 26 ? Canadian flour ranged from $6 25 a 97 60, the latter figure for small lots of extra. Rye floor and corn meal were quiet, with limited sates witbln the range of our quotations. Wheat continued firm with an upward tendency in prices. The wilts embraced about 64,000 bushels, at 91 41 a 91 63 for white Western, SI 32 a $1 33 fbr red Western, 91 36 for rod .Ter?ey?" 91 26 a 91 26 for Milwaukee Club. 9127 for red State, 1124 for Northwestern Club, and 91 17 a 91 21 for Chicago spring. Corn was firm, though not active; there were 41,000 bushcla sold, chiefly West ern mixed, at 67c. a 69c. tor old, and 63c. a 64c. for new. Bye wa? felling at 63c. a 66c. Barley wan dull and hoary. Oats were moro art! vo, at steady prices. Covkkb.? Tto market was steady, with s.iles of 2,500 bags Rio at ll>4'c a 13??c. Vamam, ? fue market continued firm, with sales of 4.200 bales, closing stiff on the basis of 12, ^c. for mid dling uplands. Frwciits ? To Liverpool 16,000 bushels whoat were en gaged, in ship's bags, at 10>{d.. 60 boxes baoon at 36s., 60 tierces lard at 36s , 100 bbls pork at 4s. , and 2,000 boxes cheere at 36k. To London, 1,000 boxes cheese were engaged at 40s. To Glasgow there were no engagmnenta reported. Kates generally were dull aad tending towards lower rates. Hioks ?The amount was moderate and prices were without material change. Sales of Maracaibo werela.-<t uade, 22 yi pound*, at 18c., six month? . 1,200 city slaugh ter. 75 poun-ls, at fi.'^c. , 1,200 do., 73 pounds, at #)fc , casn. and 1 ,000 Western slaughter at 0r;<\ cash Hat. ?The niarkot wan quet at 76c. a 80c. for shipping, and at 00c. a 91 for good quality for city use. Bom were quiet aid nominal. M< n ?Sales of 40 hogsheads Porto Rico, and 61 do. Cuba were made on private terms. PaovaqoM ?Pork? The transactions were quite limit ed and the market drill at je-tterday'fl quotations, or nt 916 62' , for mess, and $12 60 a 912 76 for prime. Re if was steady and In fair demaud, with moderate sales at 98 75 a fo 87<i Tor r< peeked mess, 96 25 a $6 60 for coun try mep?, ard at 910 a f 11 for extra Western mess. hims were quiet nt 91* 8 91 ^ 60, while prime met* was quiet find nominal. Cut m>-atc were quiet at fl'^C a ??o. lor shoulders, and at 8c. a 9>,o for hama. Bicon sold t > the > xtcnt of 50 boxea lou^ 1 Ibbed city at 9c I.trd ?a< steady, with sales of 550 bbls. Western at 9<?0- a 10c. Butter :md cheese wero without change in prices, while busintss was moderate. Kick ? Sales ombraood 176 c i?ks at SXc- a t?i uaM ? The Inclemency of the weather tended to cbcck transactions. The sales embraced 266 hhds. Porto Rico at p. t. , and 130 do. Cuba muscovado at 6',c.,auJ tOO do. melado at p t. Wnisi.KT was in fair demand, with sales of 500 bbls. a' 17;?c. 17>0. Movriticnta In Ileal Estate. By P. It. Wilkin*. Boo?? and lot 26 ?herifl street, 26x60 $4,2. One lot on 126tb St., 328 ft. west Sixth av., 18x100. 1.0 ) Mouncit ? of Ocean Steam era. PU0M KtKOIT!. ,V?i k*. l.Kirel Dn'r, For Joka t>ell tttaaaow. Mc'i 8 I'artUad Tent'iuta . Houtnampton. Mch 4 .. Saw York >1*1' Liverpool Mc'j tt. ... New York Aruo Mouituunptoo. Von G....Hew Vork Bohemian......... .Liverpool Mel 7 Portland ?'anin'.? Liverpool Mei ? B?sto? Oltyof Baltimore. . .Liverpool. Mc 1 t'V .. .New fork Mertn American. ...Liverpool Mch U roniand Afrtaa Liverpool. Mc 1 16.. ..Mew Vork Jtoramoa Boat bampton Men t.H... No* tork I' sited ftiSdi'in aiaasww Mcb 18. ...Hew York Ktrm Tnrs. loatsanata^ M h 10 MawTovk K111 one Liverpool Men *t Hon .n 1'erMa Liverpool Meh iW. ... Ne<v York 1 "niton Boutaaa?pttd> Apl 3 . >ie? Tork Mavarta Be ituampWn... Apl ?... .Vcw York ron luhora. Etna - Mew York ...Meh 24. ... Liverpool Palestine.,,. 7. rwtland Mcb 23 Liverpool J'liiioe Albeit New ?ork i. Mrlitl .Oaltvay J hB Bell. ...New York .....MehM "Uegow Arabia New Tork Meh ij .. ,.Livor^?>l Aragn New York Mch SO Havre a 1 New York Mi'bSO. ... Liverpool I'lntitn . .Portland Mch 30 Liverpool ?fmil.iiila New York Apl 1.. Il.un'mnf ?'an<ul? H'mt 'li ...? Apl 6. ... UVwrpool 1 Mm- 4? New York Apt H ... Ilavre Afrtoe New York Apl 10 Liverpool Ttsw York New 'York Apl IS Bremen Horn aula, York Apl 16 Hamburg Kuropa it., non Apl 1"... .Liverpool Baltte NnwTork Apl W. ...... .Mat re 1'eraia New York Apl W Liverpool *0? OALiroBMIA. Artel........... N?w York Apl l....A?p1nwali Korthem Light New York Apl ll....Aspmwai{ *IJ?09T01V#A., HAVANA, MATAN7.A6, N*W ORLRAM. w*;'?r/ra> N*" Vork tar Kiajatoa, J*, on the Jtnh dv of Zy^'r/Z, L? }Hs ^Tlvlagat Havana 6th and rss Testi Ml,. arrtv?n?at Havana V W ' .irnST v?h, arriving at New ?.) * litu-from jl?w t ork 11th. arriving at Qavana 1Mb ard Xew Orieau? I'lh Prom Hew 6rleaa? lUk lUraualhik arriving at New Y^-rk M. ' " Pai?j>i?rr.ewt?? Prom New York IWth. arrinnB at n?v>na ?f> b Prom Hew Crlsana ad. ?U, anrivini at Nml Vork >2U>. " ?--fi -m >'ew Yoik li?U *rrt; in? at Uantsa JCth nns J^e Orleans Vil' rr ,tu Orieaas 5t6, Havana StS a< Itvtegat ,ar? Ye*l 13th SHIPPING NEWS Aijuhic roi inrw rou ? nn ut. ?n *???? 6 001 aoo* an morn JM wm ua t 14 1 im von morn 4 31 PUt 1 JR?w Twk, BMrvk Ml, 1M1, QUAKES. Steamship North Ftw. J one*. AsplnwaU? D B Alien. Sieaiiadip (Br\ Uoodwin, Kingston, Ja? Walden ? Booth. neam-bip DeKoto, Johnston, Havana and New Orleans? Livingston, Crucheron A t o steamship Koanokr, Couth, Norfolk, Ac? Ludlam A Helua kra. Hark On flrcfn, Atwell, Havana? Trujlllo A RasinJl. Bark I won, Tripp, Cardenna? R K Rmall. Bark IUW Dodge, J awes, Trinidad? C A E J Peter*. Brig Two Boys, lulsey, Uaodaloupe? C A E J Petere Brig HMeaus, Treworgy, Havana? Miller A Houghton. Bi if Condor. Altai, Trinidad? Pon vert A Co. Brig leola. Lancaster, MantaniUa? R 1' Muck A Co. Brig 1' M Mavhew , Frith, Bermuda? Smith, Junes A Co. E< hi Hairiet Newell, Sherman Malauaaa? C A E J Peter*. Sehr Stephen Taber, Cook, Cardenas? Master. Sehr Samuel, Rir*an, Richmond ? J W McKee. Hchr Ann, Cole, Petersburg ? I Cule. Sebr Buena Vlsla, Phillips. Baltimore ? J W McKee Sehr Mary Oreenlah, litfenKh. Boston ? A Hewe?. Sehr K it Hubbard, Blocking. Mu die low u? 11 8 iUc'e.l. Bteatner Boston. Ciocker. Philadelphia. ARRIVED. Btesnulup Clrator (Br), Lord, Liverpool, Feb 19, via Holy head 26th, 'u bu', to v alien A Booth, liad heavy w ca th. r i lie < mire outage. In intended to ply betw een litis port and Rlnpfctun.Ja. Meamthip York town. l'arilab. KKhiuoud, Ac, with mdse and passi ng re, to Lua am A Helneken 2<hb Inst, 1 I'M, In Hampton RumH near Noif' lk, )<asned steainauip Huutsvllle, from Savannah for New Turk < '??( -ie reported put Into Nor folk for coal;. steamship Montlrelln Cagor, Washington, DC, with mdse and passengers. lo 11 B Cromwrll A Co. itftu insi, In l'otomae River. pa.-acd * 'dp Joseph 1 lab, lor Baltimore lu tm , and Yoiktowc, for New York. HleaiiitUm i'ai keruourg, Stannaid. Wilmington. KC, with mdse and pMaeogurfl, lo II B C rouiv. ell k Co. Had lieavy NK gales the entile | awage. Ship Lxcelaior. smft, Liverpool, 43 days, with mdae and 221 passengers, lo B Thompson's Ntphew. Yeb 16, lat 41 St, Ion ?K> IS, passed a bark alandoned. with 'alls blowing away from tbejardf- ? Ler mainmast went over tbe Hide w Idle lu eight: 8th [net, lat 40, Ion 6S .*0, parsed a ship apparently abandoned, with wain and laUen max in gone and slnppiug water at nun tine. TheE has eipcrienoed W galea during the entire paa **Shlp Shepherd Rnapp, Martin, Liverpool, Feb 10, with c >al, to Lawrence, dies k Co. Ship Duvid Iloadley, Porter, Liverpool, 40 days, with mdae and 20 passengers, to J A N Smith k Co Ship 1/ondon, llurlbut, London, and Isle of Wight Feb 14, with mdse and 20 passengers, to drtnnell, MinSnrn A Co. 4th Inst, Win Oglar, or Wales, fell from the jibboom and was lost; llth, at night off Tire Island, while hove lo with mulnjard lo tbe mm, viut lunluto by u New fork bark, ear n ing away maiuyard. main topsailyard, starboard ?piarter boat andcliain 1 dales fore and alt. raising the pall bills aud renderlug the windlass useless; off Barnegat, Brown, seaman, (lied from exposure and wan b. rlcd. Ship Margaret Evans, Htiuson, London, and I le of Wight Feb 9, wltb mdse and 25 paascugc.s, to L E Morgan. Skip Plymouth Rock, Hammond, Loudon, 30 days, with mdse and y i rij'jeugers. lo Grlnnell, iiuituru k Co. Ship Hemisphere, Ta>lor, Havre, :>J days, In UalUut, to J A Mctiaw. Bark Ulster (Br, of Kt John NB), Kennedy, Publin, 62 days, with Ircu Ac, to Thor. Wallaee A Co. Bark Jane I'a/gett, Lamliert Clssgow, ana tbe r'lyde Fob 9. with mdse, to Dunham A Olmou. 19th Inst, a AM. was in contact with a larse ship, w Ueh carried away our bowsprit, jibboom, and sll toe g?nr attached, cathend, one anchor an i uainyaid, tore ^alls, coaled the bark badly and caused her to leak. Baik Almena, Bart let t, Qlusgow, Jan 29, with coal, to mafter Hark Seandlan (Nor), Petersen, Oran, 47 days, In balltiat, to oioer. BnrV Clarissa, Pettigrew, Z .ra, 10 days, w'th sujar An, io Yzni ga, del Valle A ^o. Has been 3 days within 80 miles of the llook, with very heavy wea'her. Bark lidwln, Rlckertton, New Bedford, in, to mas ter (in tow of foeruict Potomskat. Frig Wa'er Witch. Jackson, Mini goalie, Feb 2S, with coffee Ac, to ft Murray. Had heavy w- ember s'most tbe entire pa* sate, bus bien within SOU miles ut New York for the last 3 day*. Brig Denmark (of Boston^, P aples. Trinidad IVh 21, with Mtgar, lo 11 D D rook man t Co. lias been 10day? N of llatte ; as, with strong NK Kales Brig Kfcri.sou, Leerhoff. St Mark.', 19 (lays, with ootton Ac, to Prodle A Pe'tcs Schr.lami s N Holmes (of l'ort Jefferson). Brewcter, Kitgua, lSday?, with sugar, lo master. 9th insi, lat 33*>, Ion Tt 42, had a very heavy gale from SK Ui S, with heavv rain, lasting alout 24 hours, during which burst foresail with A recTs In it; l'.'tb. lat :iti 20, Ion *."> ltl, saw- a large fore and aft sehr steering W, with tnalcboom and gaff, boat and one davit gone? sup loced her lo 1* the Fraaoes satierlv. 16th. Abseeum lietttin; NW 20 miles, in a heavy NI\ gale, was obliged to lav to; Kith , lut tf saw a Inge tore and alt achr scudding uudur bare poles, w ith her and davit* go**? had hor name glided on the (j muter Sehr lialltin (Br, of St John, NB\ Barbaric, St John, NB, 14 d*ys, wlih luml er, to J Han ford Sehr John A Stanley, Jackson, Chariestcn, Sd^y", with oot ton Ac. to master. Pcbr West Wind, Burnett, Wilmington, NC, 10 (lav*, nad very heavy veather. S(.hr Marine, klctiee, Wlhnlngtou, NC. S days. Had very heavy wather- was trr to tbe IMKhlandi 18th Inst 8c hr John I* l*e for son, Wllmini ((ton, NC, C days. Wm Mazyck, Conkiin, Hereford, NC, f>days. Sckr James Strel, Mai tin. North Carolina, 3 days. Fchr Bloonier, . Nort'olk tor ('amden. Bchr Mercy ray lor. Mlcker^ou, Nort'olk for Boston. Fchr F French, Lovuland, Virginia, .'t days. Sehr B F Woolsej , Soper, \ irgima, 8 days. Sehr D S Miller, Creby, Virginia. 3 days. Sehr John t'olllns, Predmore. Virginia, X days. ScbrU V WliU'lcr, Jr, Fiubie, Virginia, :t 'days. Sehr Asa Eldridge, I'rercb, t tralnla, 3 days. Sehr Swan, 1)111, Baltiniore, 3 days. Bchr C A ( rook, Uerainjtvay, Baltimore, 3 dsys. Sclir W l.l'avu.n. Hand. PhUsdolphla Has been 3 <lay? N of Barnegnt, with heavy gale and snow, lost jibboom and had one man badly frozia Sehr S B Bajics, Thompson Philadelphia. Hcbr C A * irelncr. Young. Philadelphia for Roaton. Hchr E Chester, Bo wen, Fhlladelplila for Bridgeport. Sehr Florida, Kelly, Klir.abet hport for Kast Boston. Bchr Granite State. Ilsllett, Boston fchr Nelson Hawley. Beanie, Boston. Steamer Poiomska. Nye. New Bedford. Steamer Petrel. Tnnog. Providence. Steamer Uapray. Kenny. Providence Tie Norwegian luit Orenmsr. arrr-nn aoth, ia conal^neu t > Punch A Meincke? not as before icported. BELOW. Ship Nabob, Baiter, from Foot how, 91 day a Bark David Lapaley. Brig John Butler. Sehr Frank Herbert.? All by pilot boat tico S ecri, No & Two ahlpa and two brigs, unknown. BAILED. Steamships North Star, Aspinwall; Zulu (Br). Kingston, Ja; EeSoto, Havana and New Orleans', Roaaoke, Norfolk. Ac. Wind at sunrise E8E, with anow : at meridian NNB, enow log; at sunset NW, blowing heavy, with a thick snow *<(>rm. HIimIUimm. Fob Lttmpool via Qckxkstowx? The ?tearoehj,> Etna Milt to morrow, Saturday, for Quecnatown and Liverpool. Tu Ktna on her lant paaaage hence made the quickest ran of the season, having readied Queenatown In 9 daya and IS houra, and Liverpool in 10 day a and 9 hours TLU eteamer also made the ahorteet paaaafft from Kurope to Now York during the I?it winter. lhe British tteamship Zulu, Capt Goodwin, sailed ye?t?nUy for Ktngaton, Jr. Tin Jamaica Lt*?? The British steamship Cleator arrived yesterday morning from IJverpool, after a very long passage. Khe will soon take her place In the line reecntiy formed be tween tbta port and Kingston, Ja. Bhip Livrarooi. Faiiskt? Boston, Var 1> 21 ? fildp Liverpool Packet, Crosby, iroin Liverpool Feb S for 8<*ton, wemashone twice near Kdnrtown: cut away mast*, li.Ht anchors, chains and boats, and is full w water. the has bceu towed mto hd gsitown. (By tel.) H?rr Jom Trucks? Otflord A Mauhorn, contractors snd ma rine divers, engaged in raiding ship John Trucks, sunk at Phi ladelphia. thai up to the 19tti mat .--U t lie <-argo between de< ks hsd bern reoovtred, amount in?tn value io about $Xi,OUO. SCO b ut bug i>sit In the lv Id has dissolved, ami they are now at work on the balaiue of the cargo. They are sat guine of raising the 'hip without further damage. fcn;r Asitonn? C'apt Hull, of ship Pacific, at New Orleans. friW New York, reports hat .u;; k?b, on the: 7th In?., ai 10 0 e)oek, AM. a large rhtp pMn'ed black, with a white streak, siihore on the Bemini Tiland. t-he appeared to have b. -in ?? In re two or three, gays, a* her main and mi/en masta wan out, ? nu about ill le n wrook< taylrg around hur. Bhe was a vtfael of about lU hnmln d toaa fatB^MKR Qmx-llM foil. wins U f'apt Wheeler's s:atini< ttlof the suauljlig of the bark Ilervtst Queen, at Kciluate, aiid ike Ions of six men < if her crew:? "Bark liar vest Quecn.C'apt W h -eler r< ported ashore at Beituate Tnee ilsy, made 1liseb?-r* Ivluinl Hght nt 10'* o'i lock Monday night ; it Ik ire K ami t-y I'. hall h u U ten I 5 milee, aDd steered Sft liHif tv f<ir llostcn light At Ujj I'll shut in with a heavy NK fpnw Moim. A 3 AM Tap-day nude a large Ulht ahi ad, which I took for Boalaa l.'ght; banted to, to net tlie light to hear WNW: roon after found the water wag shoaling, with bard reeky bottom; lost eight of the llgbt took in all sail, and let go b>lh ao> Uom In 1 our i atJi. via water. At da\ light fuuad the bark bail drilled cloec ' ttr ire > re, and wae ?u: driving; fonnd ItiniDOaalble to ki ep fro going ash ire. and Brrd to hart with the boat* At 7 AN laum-hrd Uie : sent tbc sate i.<ame? rike), the Second mate Uaan* fmltli), eeamen *? MdW, Jtmfl Tjur^, Car) Rehluidt and tteo ge Boyd, awsy in Ike large surf boat, with order* 10 let go tacit ivtikor till I Join I then With the (.mall boat. At 7h AM 1 tle!< rriuiiAt to leave the vnascl with the small boat, eon Ulataa mywjf, stenaof Jacob Fitcb. seaman 1 dw (ithbma. P h Wlsner, Itirs Vr roa. .'as Farrall, O U Mc llwuin. On pissing the iaa:e im*.. i ??!iHii*e<< hi-r u> folio* me tu the beach. Tbi y erpeate.i in tw undi dded what n do, but at Itng h follnwart. I latiM with iny rrew ia safety, aim lia^e no furtler rscolli'cUon. 7h ? mete * t>oat capsi/ril In the turf, and Ibue'' in L> r perish id. 1 Jo not understand how aoOM of the men w re not naveil, as ihey were ..nnplied w lUi Jile buov? s"d <ork fenden In the b<iat. On inqtuiy on shore I 'onnfl that theW^H 'hat 1 bsd seen ws? alarpe Bi? in ti e iiearh, built bv \iauuiuca. 1 i luiuot lu ooui'l iiow tho l.nrk drifte<1 So fnr to the ?outh by the enrrent.'" Oapiain MLetlir was thought to be d'-ad when iioi diaoov ur?d br Captain Tlhl-n. At last acmnnt the HaiT.-st Veen was ni-t only t talit, but p? rfeetl* aotind even lu hor upperwi.ika, not a butt in the rati ne pi , UkM appear d to be ? tsrted M tii? funaet? llanl list-vest Qm tn irtufin* inabou the rame p eltkm (ke has lost ai? ul Hor 20 f"ct of h' r false kei l snd aloe, ste>nwsrd. and hml ab.m mur leet wst< r In the ho!d at high water; pun hr. <ra hare bo?o i',jg?l, and her cargo wlli be dtaehar^i.dto Bar* Ida? a m?I lance |uki aoad t iotn Baitlwore to the bark Ida, ashore nt Capo Hen. y. Bit ft'tt* Wttuv-Capt Puriire, of sW>rFdw nerbert. at Niafolk i"r in ficstun, reocris on Piidsy n'ght last, fell la with Hrschr Wre n, <"sp' W i ? n HAndr. wa., from Ms'an fas, with a c?ego of tnolaKi-eK. w tind In New 1 nrk. with hend atays rattled a/. ay and leaking >.o iiod.y It was aeem< il lni poeelbn to kf ep her ntlofci ; t<H?k of! the Captain an<1 crew and brought them lo tbla pott, i d< fore partially reported ) i . n nt S F AnnoTr. Irom PUUaUelphla for Savannah, mtt lntv Borntt ?rth Inst, isaay. CMMmw, llsreh 21? Hchr Ned arrived liere Uila morn top. an) tepor'a liavltig eiperlcni it n h>avy trale on the IMh, whleh slightly damsgid hi r. 1 r i ng Looiae aailetl Uth for Hf nt gai, Htid haa retumndin dlstre.-?.?,Kv te'. graph to Ell wood Walter, F?i|, Secretary B *r'l of Underwriters.) The rnport Of aelirs ? short on Nanta^kft Hea.Ji aad r/jwe Middle was probably Inoorrert, as no'hlog ha- irauaplred In tegai d tu them. Hhlp Scotland, at New Hedfird, late whaler, ptirehaaed by New t ork parties, la raphily Mung fur ana, and t? to sail fur Cuba in a lew dajs to load i igoi f i fcnn Fraaotao ui.dei the command of Cepl Friends, ol this city. Bulk 8tatlru. at Nev\ Hedfcrd, late whaler, la to sail in afew d.iys for Pt h'< pi.en, K M, to U>ad deals fat- Enrv pe, under com mand ot Capt Bourne am* rica * TtMtu ivnmt. I-i.A^n or Hr ITislisa? Daring the year 1H*? iwi less than U'll American versels Pmchml at or < miiiunicatt il with the Inland of 4t Helena, fi of whlchnetw ir.en -if ?sr, ?<i> metthan' v?ssei ?, nnd ?t whah>men. The vvbv le nttmi er af jewels ol i ll nati'.nt wa? I0M, of wh oh .KW wete Prltl?h IHC ft-ilcfi. '1ft French. ?7 Hsrobnrg, 10 Awodtsh, 1ft Hianlsh. Mllaiilah, N RtiMgaatf Bremen, ft I'j usslun, tti|i|? 1 1 burg, 2 M>el || ,.(1 ff. and I raeli of eight either nnttttisll ties, with A iinkmiwn i'hn whole mercaaat tonnage wis N?l,1M, of whl. h was AmerU'sn. Not lee to Ulartnen. Info'matlon lus rem hod tbl-. iifllre ih I the eeeonil elnss Nun Uney metki g Ithtefc I <> ipe, entrance t-v i -rmtmn i Hay, arwl th.> f-i pr Ilmiv n' ? si k i .lai,.i I^ tje in t .iscj Bay, li*-'' brolen from t) ell m-vrl-ii'* and grnie adrift. Buoy a of the mmIM will Mart UMik ttmfcifi M mi ae possible. By order el lUIMIkiUttall VII ROOERS TAYLOR, IightheuM Iiapettor 1st diet. Fortlane, March 17, MM. gpokta, Ati Brig Atlantic, Merrltt, hence for Barbados. with eargo of waiea is good order, Feb 17, lat 22 62, tun M *& foreln Porta. CiBDirr, March 1? Arr ecar Neptune'* Bride, Qlllett, Len , don not as before.). Mihu;o?nv, Feb 28? In port brig King Brother*, Um*>j, for Sew Turk about 3 day*, sohrs Emma V, Ceok, tor ilo do; Honduras, Croat, for Boston nest day. Aacrleu t'orti, APALACHICOLa, March 15? In port ahlpe Trumhnll, Cul' lorn, from Liverpool arr nth. for do log; Bay State, Croweli and Wm Libby, Bishop, for do ldg; barks Kate Ktamler. Mao warlrg: J M Hicks, Ureenman and J A Btabop, Noltn. for do do; ichra Sou lb urn Belie, Glllelt, and Burrows C, Clark, for Boaton do; Julia Smith, Orlando for NYorkdo; Ann 0 Levitt, Bquiree, and E W Pratt, Chapman, irorn NOrieaua, wig. Hid 10th. brig Hiunie Bchlffer, Caanaugbion, Provt deuce; aclir B Pout, How lev, Boetou ALEXANDRIA, March 19- Arr achra A Pharo, IipplanHt, Digbioa. D Browu, Hcald. Fall River; SVW Simmons, God frey, NYork. BOSTON, March 30? Arr steamer Joseph Whitney, Love land, Baltimore ; achr Israel L Snow, Achorn, Petersburg, Va. Signal lor a brig and a Br soht Old ateamer Phlneas Sprague, Mathewa, ri>Uadelphia; ship laaiab CroweU, Tur ner, Calcutta; bark Neapolitan, Burultt, Gibraltar and a mar ket: fchra W R Genu, Bacon, Philadelphia; Joseph W Web ster, Blake, bagua; John E D alley. Marl, Savaanah. Hid Wind BW, sttamshlp Niagara (at 115 P Mi; ships Golden City, Birmingham; brigs Ann f llaabeth, Douglas, fchra O B Doane, Gallatin; and from the K?au~, barka ueean l'e*rl, Goleflaeii; brigs Ortolan and Luther. Ship Birmingham ami brig Ellen Maria started. but anchored below, where remain bark Telegraph and Jcannle. Alao a bai k and two briga un known. BALTIMORE, March 80? Arr steamship Thns <4wann. Ram aay, Nlork; ahiii Joe Clark, Kmera rn, Alexandria bark C II f ton, I.ewls, Pajermo. Bel..w, a Prim bark from Liverpool, aupposed the Mat hllde. aa .-he wax boarded < iti by pilot oiat Coquette. Cld bark Seneca, Kninhagen. Honteviaeo >r Bue noa Ay ro t- ; achra Palmetto, Bragdou, Cardeaaa; Klviiig Ar rtw. Cniver, l'^rtland: J Prtoe. Soars. Providence; Kluaiet k Eleanor, Lane; R A Wood, Crantner; N Tyler, ugden; L Phlegber, bhelhorn, and II M Wright, Fisher, NYork eii ahlp Corinne, Baker, Amsterdam; brig Cnlon Stnie, Fox weil, bavannah, having repel. BCCKSPORT, March 11 ? Bid sebra Mary E Pearson, Hod g don, Havana; 17th, Francis Newton, BowJrn, Cub*. CHARLESTON, March 16? irr thlp It H tucker, Clark, Havre: bark Goodapeed, Duutou, Plymouth, Kug, via Savan nah. Cld achra Mlnehlnf ('-<rv Robert", l,on<lun Jno Oliver, Courtney, NYork; J u MeCarthy, Hmltli; J Holmes, Holme*, end R J Mercer, iteblnson, .lackmiuvllm. Sid t eamnbip Mas aachusetts, Sampson, Boaion; fcchr Inum, Siok'ly, N Y ork 17ih? Sid SMebaik Mlnona, Rydln, N of Larope; scara H May, Hoover, and Calliope, O Neil Boatou; S Urneu, Doug. Ian; Jno Ohvet, Courtney, and Target, Farrell, N fork; Char ter Oak, Buller, Georgetown. FA LL HI V k B, March 1# ? Tld achra Rle'asrd Borden, Arnol I, Alexandria; Sk>ih, lie my P simmona, coraou, a southern port. GLOUCEBTER, March 17? Arr ichra Flc. twing, Dongla*, NVoik; 1 lb, George W Glover, Thomas, t.'amden for f?or : oik. >KW ORLEANB, March 14? Arr ship ??adllc, Hull, N Yoik; baik Brilliant, Colbuiu, If a on; ?jhr West lennia, fiiudley. Uultlmqfe. Cld Kteam?hii< Bieuiille, Bulloch, li York via lla\ana; shipa Martha Brewer, Liverpool, WUd Cut, Morae, Bremen; Kav. rtia (hp), naratan, But-eloua; bark Sarab A Nickels, Nickels, Cardinal ; biig Leaitadlbp', Casus, Milacca. Towed to aea 7th, chips Stephen Baldwin and Oallego. The ahips Werteinbtsrg, Cor.iideuee, bark Alice i'levott aud brig Hen uli - went to tea on the lUlli that. NOltl'OI.ff, M?rrh 17?Air schr i It IT Huntley. Niekernon, Boston; )8th E Ilcrrert, Puneie, do; Olivia itocklaud; N Edith, Tyler, do; Albert Meld, Phillip-', and Hinckley, se?bill, II York. li'tli? Arr rrhra Flora, Taylor. Barmtable; M H Read, Kel ly, NBe 'ford. Mott Bedetl, Ryder, M York; s K Abbott Lud laui, Philadelphia !or tavamu h, put in with loss of sails, rig gltR, Ac. NtW BED FORD, M*rch 2(t? "Id ark Scotland, Friend, Henudlos. bid bark Edward. Know lei, NYork. NEWPORT, March IS ? Arr achr Pizairo, Kaker. Uayannla for NYork (aud aid 20th); 2Ulh, sld this A M, wbrs Ransom (Br), from (^ornirallis, N8, for NYork; JSugoue, 1 arker, tlott ton for Alexandria; Alheii Ueiter. Bearae, do for Niork; Arior, Wuon, NYork; Isabel, Taylor, Philadelphia; Favcr lle, Nlcke.raon, NYork for Chatham. NEW HAVEN March 2tf? Arr schr.i Addia, lAwrenee, Kli zalxtthpori for .Middle town; Sarah Elizabeth, Oyater Bay, Li. Cld brig Kobcr: Mo?c, Ward, i'orto Rico. PHILADELPHIA. Maicli JU? Ait ateamer Delaware, Can non, NYork pchrs Grind Island, Short, Newburyport: P A Bandera, twiners. Boston; Lamartine, .lohnson Holmes' Holo; Tanthca, Clark, Cre?tiport; W Collyer, Rsynor, and S Rotan, Gaudy, N York. Cld barka Thomas Dalleu, Dill Lagnaytu; Ionic, Hutchinson, Matan/aa; brigs Executive, Grant, do; ( ?ro ximbo, Rosebrook, liur^ad<is; achrs Empire, Wall, Antigua: B Rotan, Gandy, Charleston; Panthea, Clark, Nantucket; W Collyer, Kav nor, Newport ^ Mary Anna Bov. en, N London PoRMiAND, March 19? Arr achr ilyena, Davis. St George for Norfolk Cld llr Hesmshlp United States, Meikeireld, Glasgow , brig t'oui Stewart, VMlaon, ilavan%. PHOYINCBTOWN, March 20, PM? Arr brig Lauraatta, Brow n, Mats nzas for i'ortland; sohrs It hen fcia >jer, Machlts for NYork; G D & R F Shaucon, from Was'ilngfon for Boa toe, with luasoi main boom. In poil schra Richmond. Ttirk, B B Pitts, Mary Langdon, Robeit Jt owe, ,lr, Hoodrull' blurs, William I'ope, Maria jane, Natlan Cllfl'ord, and Daahlcg Wave. Wind NW, light, clear. PROVIDENCE, March 20? arr Steamers Albatross, .loues, NY'ork; I'ctiel, Young, do; sloops lllackf.tone, a ten, NYork; Brand} wine. Akin, do. via Fall River: Willard, t arr, do. vl.i V urren. Sld sehr ocean Bird, C on ley, Baltimore; sloop Faahion, Young, NY'ork. RICHMONli March 19? Air acbrs Wm Gregory, Bucklin, Rockland; Adn Aum. Ames, Rock port ROCKLAND. .Mann 1? ? Arr achr M S Partridge, Jackson. Norfolk Bid 11th, bark AH Kimball, Packar'! Galveston ; M-brs Impress, Kamaworth; Amanda l'ov?rs, Robinson, D t\ Baldwin, Glover : Buperior, Robinson. Angeline, Hix; Ba rah Louisa, Yeaton; I C Hettz, bpoll'ord, anil Jameson, ,tame*on, NYork: (,'t>rvo, Ilolbroolr, Klcbmond; Utb, Mary Langdou, Bavanuirh; Cornelia, BlalsdciJ, , Sarah, Pres. sey, NYork; Mosee Waring. Nash; Mary Brown, Wood, and Justina, H oimea, do; lain, Delaware, Manning, and Del Norte, Oinn, do. WILMINGTON, NC. March *18? Arr achra P Bovoe, Adams, and Heracbel, Biidsnll, NY'ork; 19th, steamship North Caro lina, Powell, do; achr Geo Harris. Stevens, Matanzas. WAKBEN, March 20 ? Kid a h r Globe, Amea, Alexandria (and anchored at the mouth of the river). Weut to aea ldth, brig Coudova, Johnion, Alexandria (not Delaware City). 8A1.KH OF REAL ESTATE. T ORABQE, N. J.-A COUNTRY 8 RAT OF EIGHT ran, nwir the depot; flr*t oliM I mprovamentSL rloh Mil. ?f /mil: nitre, mot t spring water, hot and oold. earriod _ k the lmlldnigl Apply?# Xj. ?ATTON A 00., no. 19 fBUin slrcat. A VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE.? THE BI'B scrlbcr oilers for snlo ihe unfinished House. 60 by 100 feet, slie of lot 250 feet front by 300 feet deep, Id the flour ishing Milage of Port Jcrvls, ((range county, S v., 88 milea from tbe city of New York. Description given at tbe follow ing place*: ? Mrard Uouie, Fifth Avenne Hotel, H. li. Naaon, Continental Insurance oflloe, 18 Wall street. Full particulars, price and map of property, will be given at 43 Pultoo street, New York, from 9 to 11 A M., or at the Fowler House, Port Jervla. H. FOSTER, Proprietor. Bargain, 91.000 cash? the three btory and basement House 102 East Fortieth street, Murray Hill, next to I ( ilunton avenue, with all modem improvements; price $5,800. inquire on the premises or to J. 1. DOUGHTY, it! Bowery, corner of Brooms stieet, frura 12 t5 S. 2HOICE IOWA LAND8 IN EXCHANGE. ? SEVERAL thousand acre* of the very beat land.". Incited m<s'ly Id southern counties of Iowa! will be exchanged fur boots, sh<4f, staple dry p'Kxia, groceries, two cr three modern sized lust claaa safes, a good prilling pre**, Ac. Apply at the efl'.ee of the National Police Oazetie, No 3 Tryon row. DBMGHTFVL OOCNTRY REBIDRNOB FOR.!) ALB TV ith 26 i?tw of Vu>4, highly cultivated, a fm* assort ment el Unit It full bearing. mansion 411 feel f>WL built In U>e be- 1 noianer; grai*ry. greenhouse, One garden, handsome shrubbery lawn, ac 1 mire ifriai water earned t > to* of the neaae; surface of the country la rolling, but nit rMigh , arena rj liluhly iMBMUV ?? climate uaaiirpHisad fur health, and tbe X !*h?i' ..oed a desirable one; distant from New l'ork city bj ratlread one an! a half keur, la New Jeraey. More land tan be had li * silted Petton* wishing to bur an attrael've a id valuable pi uporty mar obtain particular* By ad'l ratal ti? w'.tb real name, .1. A., box 2,.">7."> Pom oflloe, New York dVy; Tilt the ranmuoieatiana of irresponsible parties will not be noticed. l/MRM FOB KALE IN ORAN'lE OOURTY, N. Y.? ' THIS 1 farm conbUxis tX acre* ol lint clans lnnd, a (md orch .1 d. well fenced, and ne?er-f ailing spring* The d veiling houw ei utalns ten nw. TTlIt modern Impron meets; barn*, rtt We*. Ac . all nearly new. To be sold only in c..n?eqnenoe of the {death of parties nonnested with it. apply to A W. FRaNClS. seal engraver, 439 Broadway, corner of Howard street. New York. tf^OR HALE? BOU6K AND LOT NO. (22 f IKTH 8TRBKT. ? b< tween avenues C and X). Lot 22 C by #fi feet; house 40 feet and intension; three stories, basement and cellar, with maderit Improvements Will I* sold, with gas flxturaa, Ac., at less than c< ?>. For cards of admission and f unlwr parti swlars apply to E 11. BROWN, 121 Naaaau street, from I to IF. M. COR SALE? TWO NEW BASEMENT AND FOIR STORY Houses In Thirty ninth street, between Lexington and urth avenuee; house 20 bj ft'ifeet, lot 20 by W fe.-lS Incline, finish) d in a boat manner. Will be sold low. For terms I*. ^nlre on the premlsri of Anthony Mowbray. CB HA LB? 100 MADISON AVE NT R, ftRiWRKN Thirty third and ThiHv foarth streeta, a large, rlral brown atone Reuse, MxOS, with an extension 18x20, twa sUUreasaa M walnut, roaewaod, walaat and oak doon, ana every anprot ament oomplete. Inquire oa tb 0 promise* rB HALE -TWO OF THE HANDSOME 1* COCNTBT Heau la the Ktate of New Jersey, withtn an h >ur and twauiy nuntiUM of New York ?lty. For parilsa ars in fidre at 196 Knit /n street, third floor, of J. P. KLIN F rR SALE -A VaU ABLE BHORE FRONT FAKM OF MMM OU Lang lalsad, near bjrOawwntt anil sa^ Harbor, wl h ext?'n*ivo watei and manure pnnkM; nea dnlly c mmi Dlcatlou with New York by railway, su tmbxtt suil tele grurh h xcelient soil, well watered, and I* u eajiital trucking. >te#f> mtlk or eattle farm It b.m half a mile of >ra eoa*t. with tlshlng, ItaUilng and bjatini; Lanr^ l(oii tei<f taclve rootna, vellauapted lor a gentleman a re-idence or nimnier Nmrding be. use Spleinihi walk* and vl?ws. wltli 1 ark !:kc sc< ner\ ; cllmntc mild, and vciy hetithv. l'ri-e f.i 1 t er acre <T.e third ' ash. Api>ly to II M. RtTwOUM, SJ >vnll ? trr*t, or f.. A. 11CMK, Ne. ? Olty lltal plin. Fj^OR SALI:? T1IE THREE STORY BRICK HOUBK AND 1 le.,se of the Lo' No. PO nenry street, bet *nen Clinton aad Monlaonier), with modern liiiptuvemenia; lot 1U0 t'eet In depth. H. C. U\1NKH, 284 Peai I street. L^OIt MAIM IN BROOKLYN ? A FIRST CLASS THrlEE JT *tory 1io\iw , brow n stone, liasement, with all the in<viern lmpr<j\cni< lit* repUKA ln<|tilrc on tbo pnunia.w, 76 F r-rt Oner place, of J. P. SERLi. Y. liSCB PAI R Oft EX'jflANOE FOft REAL fiaf aTR OR Merrhandian ? A beautifnl Kartn in Iowa tea y?a-? undor ln;piov> Be t.t, nrar a town, (vmla'.alng one iiui Ired am. llili.y ttw, with a flue stream of watar. Addi?sa Uad roup, 1.'6 It a"liingUiti 1 1; et t, 11 > r)R PALE OR TO 3.KT A WELL BPILT DOUBI.R fiame ll"t,se ?ontalnlng eleven poctni, an aerwof grohnil well laid (rut, iHaatlluliy aituaU"1, fruit trees ind ? -il of wntoren lie prrmlse*, near *ait ? itfr, g nd bathing, at ita'b, shout mile* f iv. n? Ormnwood OIMM17; stage* running direct di.rlrg the atinimer slnn st any hour during the d iy. Ker partlct Mis Inqu'.ie of J.J. MOORE, oppualta 14A West strrt t. New York. l^OR SALE OR TO LET? A THREE BTORY 11 1 WOK JT Bouse with brow astmin ii?*ement from, all with n?w inprovi ment* In It, at fifty eighth *treet, bet seen Fir*', and ?mood drst hmi*e fr>m oorner of Sao'ud s? *tti>e, north Side. laijulre of H. LANG, 20tl We*t Korly-rourtU ?treel.

OW1R 8 ALE <?R TO LRT-A LABOR HOP8E AND OUT P buildings, on about e acre* of lane, wrth plenty of fniit, IV mile from Pert Rl:bm?nd, MtaUn Island Apply lo R. F. WELLS, Exr., Foil Richmond. FOB BALE OR TO LET? THE FIR8T OLABH FOUR story Dwelling Honne No H) Ea?t Eleventh street, b?. tween 8reond and Thitd a.einies. Inquire on the prcml*ea IfORSAIROR TB LET-THE TWO THRRR STORT J? fctiok Houses and full IiOt irt aa fast lmp>ti*ing location, fncinlre on th?- pwmlsce Mi Greene street, soar Spring stree', N. 1., at noon and evening. tj^OR PALE OR TO LET-ONE OF THO*E BROWN r stone front llnn?ee on FITiy-fli*t ate"*-!, MVMIlTwd and Lexington aveauvaj fonr s'oey, high basement, with all Ihe modern Improv nienl* B 111 bi sold cheap; lermt easy. Inqulie .'u the preint ra YALRNilNB. ?II.? OfaiALBITATB. _ rR PAJUp OB TO Urr-THE THREE fm>RT HIGH stoop, 21 fee - fr , brown ?t ?? Bonne, 6/ #**t Thirty llist atraet, lenently utinted and papered throughout; gu* tti tares go with it. Price $IO?*l, oau re.aatu seat $8M) andwster tax. Apply to li. II. RICE, 18 City Hell, second floor. Fob bale ob to lk ?? *o 74 wbst forty-third si re*t.? three storr and >>;i??m?DC high sloop House, br ?n atone frout, ?1.6 by M) fe t, in liood order au1 all the luipn vameiita. Hi lit $l.l)Mj also tor tain 'Jo tfadison ave nue, the new four story brown stoue from Home, 26 by M teel 'ot Ui fact; all the improvement*. Appijr to J. B. TALXMAN, 72 West Forty fifth ;reet, FOB 8ALH OB BENT IS KEW JERSEY? AT A LOW prioe, a desirable Residence, with grounds stlathed, ac .esslble screml times a day by railroad, one tour's ride from the city. Inquire of 1. u CoWuIT, 06 rtroad atraet. HOOSB FOR KALE ? DWKLLINli IlitUHK AND STORE No 14 Sheriff street 'or sale ou reasonable terms, or would exchange for a house uptown, aoove Twettytn i d street, with the luipriA -men's For further pajtl oulai* apply to or address w. a B., (10 First avenue. HO KB rOR 8ALE-AT KOmSVILLE, RTATKN laland; a two story atuo frame llouan. Barn, Be., to gether with fonr nitres of lana, very pleasantly located ue<ir the village on the Woodrow r >ad, landing to line depot; the house la nearly new, in good repair Br. , there is also a rop* walk on the premises, tv r terms, Ac., apply 10 JOHN Ma.0 QBJMiOB A OO , 134 Pearl street OIL LAND LEABEB ON BANAWQa RIVKtt Kurt KaLK. ?elrt leases on aa many tracts of lnnd sliaatnd on tiM banks oi the river, amounting in the aggregate i* two thou aand acres. these lands are in the immediate vl 'ln'ty o' the tamous Rnthbone property, in which have been upeued walla that are now yielding truly Iter-dible quan'ftle* One well alone, known a a the Lewellyn Well, yields aoustnntly ttfty barrels an hour. ' bis well was opened in January la .t, ana has yielded n princely fortune to the proprietor* already. , Fi\e h indr.d acres of tbe lauds ? the mm nil least * on which a'e l ureby offered for (ale ? are situated un.y one mile dlsUtut from thi* Lewellyp well The facta respecting the yield of oil wells are so well sub stsntlaed that th? product Is now lookrd upon as arerlain soiiioa of wealth to u>l that ri g'ou of country.. ? ho railroad companies are now directing their a'.tont on to tlie prepara tions for Ibe I* ire transportation >>u?ine<a mat has kt wn ut of It, sua brunch are b. Ing eiostructed from the m*ln line* Into the oil Oe'ds he lands hereby offered are tbe only one* of ( iOd location that are uow in the ma. fce', the whole countiy for miles back from the r v. r being under lease, and held at Immen e valuation* Hundreds t en'"r prising merchant* from Jo<ton Nesr bed'ord ind V*w ork nave made large Investments, ai d to those who Iiave fiilel to se<ur? lease* I* n"Waffo>ded an opportunity that may not again be presented. The following paragraph from the Plt'iburg Daily Chroni cle show* the present state of tho business THE KaNAWjja ull. WEULS. The excitement attending the twent oil dl <o.ivertM on the Ksnsuba continues unabntod Late accoun's Htatethat the Knnawba liver la literally civerud with tlatb. ata, and the oo*< men ara now on u strike. Tbey ask two iiolUra a ?arrel I for taking the grease to l-arkei>bnrg. Tbe producers are onlv ? 11 lug to give a do'lai and fifty c uts. UanUs are leased on both *nles or the Kanawha a' enormous rat ia, thsieaaea extending from foui- to live mile* into I lie in'.ert ir. ' tin mim ber enifsaed in tbe production ot oil from ^arkersburg to Burning Springs Hun la not less than four thousand Tbe oil is fouiid at fr m one hundred nnc tweoty Ave to two huudre'l and twenty live fee'., for wbkh dls ? nee tbe i-oat of horli g Is ab< ut $2 per foi.t Larse suppliea of barrels are resetved from Bnltimoie ibe staves for which are sblppe l fr un the c m.itrv where the barrels are uow being tilled with toe "gre?a/ " Bub lessee cannot be had in the vkinitv oi 'lie la gepruOuclug wells ut lea* than from one to three thouaau J dollar* per a. re. These lease* were secured more than one year igo, and h\?e been held out of the uiark-t ai known to be oi great value. The well kniwn Houcblu and euruer leaaiM aro In cluded lu tbl* lot. Mat* and full expUi allona of all matter* pertaining to these lands and the oil builnea* are on exblbl tlon at the New York o (lice of the proprietors, No. 83 Oeilar street, where the public la invited to cai during the preseut week. OtUoe hours from i) A. M. to 2 II. Real estate, with some oanu w?nted? is exchange for first class shuttle Hewing Machine., fnllv Crantced from principal oOice in this otty. Audio.* Ex! nge bf.i 2ft4l Post oQloe STA) LE MfcRCH AVDIs'K ttsNtKD nWt FIltHT Western Oliy Property. A fair proportion of oisq will be paid In tb" trade M. II. BttlLMIK, it Pine street. Sr* folk county.? farm *rit? OOONTd* -* at, Mm bluing 440 acres of the finest laud In the eounty , at present under a blnh wte f cultivation; on ine premiae. a fine large man. Ion hou?e, three stories, witbobeemt ry, As ; slxe ot bou>e 6t>xMl feet and Qnlsbed tn tbo mout perfoot manner, burns and ouifcjuse* or every description and iu oonipl. t? older; Qua la/ ge orrwm nw 1 sba<le 'roe* in frout of hdnM, an abundanoe if fruit of every variety, ltw tons of cut from the farm last yea>; l.tum bushels of potaioeu. 1,1V 0 bushels of corn, A ? Oommuir atlon by steamboat a a mil roan dally, and only two mites from the ,< ? vcb.,at dock Tre property will be sold tow for oasb, or *ixrhange4 f tr first class nmncumbered city property. Apply at O. aMlf H A 00. 'B, office 4(9 Broad* ay TO BXCHAMIE-K0S A FIRST CLUtH FA IB, el'her In WnaMhester, Due ess, Orani|o or Ito klaud countleg, N. Y., or Morris conn y, N J., several Hi-it i lass Brown Btone Houses, on Murray Hill DINUKB A tTOLDBN, No. H I'lne street, snil 1,211 rtroailway. WANTS 1) TO i DBCHAhE? A DWELLINO HoUBE, IN a genteel nelgbb >rhoo<l, eonWnlni twelve 10 fourteen rooms Mi st be sold at a bargain. Addrosa It. homervllle, No. 4 Crosiy street, N YONKKRH? FOR RALE OK RENT, A LaKtJE BRICK, with lialf at> acre of ground, gi oil sh*de ami view, ? u 'uour to depot; H baa evsry modern Improvement a'fo, an Italian tJo'Ui c. with ga*, Ae Term* easy Apply to JAMK** YOU MA f? 8, Youkare, or to Al.KV OdTRANDk. CI Wall street. IHll NKS, ROOMS, At TO LET. N KNOLI8H BASEMENT WOUHK TO LKT? DE8IRA a1 A. bly located, wild all the modern Improvement*, sax, oath, range, As. Possession given Immediately l'artly furnished If desired. Rem rsaao cable to a good tenant. Apply at 128 West Twenty fifth street. A BAKERY TO LET AND FIXTORKh FOR RALE? One of the beet stands In the etty of Newaik. For par ticulars inquire at Now struct, Newark, N. J. ? IHitK or OB TO IBT? TWO MODI RN THREE story Frown f tone Houses (basemen', ceU*r, range, heater, Ac ), .124 and .'178 Henrj xirvei, near h?graw, iiro0k. lyn. Apply to JOHN K HOKA, 130 Fulton street. New York. or HEN BY WH IB FIB LD.?0 Nassau street. AhTokE TO LET-IN THE BEST PLACE IN FULTON avenue, (corn' r of adelpbl street, Rrook'yn sultanln for all kinds or bualDAN*. A lease of flvo years will be given on reasonable terma. Inquire In '.he liquor ? ore, next door. riOTTAOKB AT ROCK A WAT, L I.-TO LET. THRBB \J Cottages, near the sea ehore, In full view of the eoean; one with M rooms fully furnished the others 10 rooms, par Ually fnrnlshed. Btab<e and ice bouse (Oiled) to each. Ap ply personally or by letter U> W. H. BOLTON, Far Bocha way, I. EWTIST'R omCK TO LET? HAB BEEN KEPT FOUR years; No 67 Kaat Twelfth street, near Broadway, rent Apply from 3 till 4 P. K. F0RKIRHVD HOUSE TO RENT-TO A PBIVATE family, located In an exoellent neighborhood: tbe House Is In first rate order, handsomely f nrulsbed aud ban all the modern Improvements Aup.y on the premises to J. B. HAR RIOT, IM west Twenty-lit in street. fpURKlSHBD BOUSE TO LET, IB BROOKLYN ? THE r fine three story Bag lsh basement House, 13* Paeifte street (bei???n Uenry and Clinton streets). The ground eeniprlsos two full l< ta, wall laid out arid flagged. Y he house ooutaias thirteen rooms, with tine ecuented cellar, also bath room, Ri'tewood water and s< wer MMMUMt The furniture la first class and thoroughly oompUle. Two plane* aiid >ie lodeon. 1 be house will 6* let ft era tbe Oral ef May for year for $l,2uu, but only to a snail familv, and Uist Has* reference* mtirt be riven. Apply as above cr to Mr. WllBKLKB, at Clattln, Mel leu A Co.'*, Worth street, Mew York. FWVNIIOIIIO HOUSE TO LKT-121 WEST TWENTY fifth stioet, let ween Reventh aud Klghlli avenues, three story brick, with modern Improvement*; I'uruttur* mairlv new: will he let to * * rival/ family only Kent fl.UUU. Apply toCHAB. C. HUhl'litRD, 37John street Fifth avenue htore and babbmknt to let In new building at corner of Twenty sixth street, op po rt t? Madison sqnare; also. In same bol'dlng, aautnbcr of excel lent btndioa, all wl'ti large north, side and sky lights ; one very lar^e >tore, M feet front on Broadway and 74 reet front on Twenty filth street; a lame Room on second floor, suitable for business purposes; and a large Basement, equal in size to Broadway ?uire. well adapted lor a restaurant Appiy to A. DOOWORTH. 8i?j Broadway, or on the prtmlses, irom 9 to 10 A. M (GREENWOOD LAKE HOTEL -TO LET, THIS WELL ]T km iwn p'see of summer resort Is offered to rent the couilUK waeon, to a perioti adapt"! to the bu-iness favora'i'e terms will be submitted ArplytoO. S 1HKDIMI, No, U Ontnd stnet, Williamsburg, or addroas box B71 i'oct oilloe, New York. House ro let-the brown stone front huo. lish basement House 113 Bast Thirty ninth street, be tween Lexington and ibltd avenues, near the ralln.?d; with gas, bathroom and every eonvenlenon. Bent lew to a vx>d tii ant Apply t> J. U. MAYEH A NUN, 10.') Broadway. BOUHEB TO LIT -A THREE STORY AND ATTIC, BMP; * very hsndenme three story, on Fourth * reet, $&?<'; one on Fourth aveaue, fupi a stoue House, f SIO: a IOOT etorT, On blxtientli street, f I oB: one on Tenth street, $" . KIMHli iMr.u A vt iLcuX, 3*3 loirtb avenuit. HOTHL TO LET? OOBfJBrBB MALI, PATBRBON. N , J.? A large, Irst c'asa Hotel, now In full op< i-atl m and full of boarders, 16 miles from New York, on the Hue of the b. w York and hrle Kallrnad, lonated in the most central part ol the city. Apply to J. H. RoOKIUI, Paterc ??, N J., or tiOMBK mOKUaN, No. 3 1'Ium s.roet. New \ >rk. OTP.L TO LET, LEASE OR FOR BAI.K-AN OLD esublt'l ed House, in a gorvl loea'lon, furnish^. All. I or partiriilais apply bctwe>n I and 1 o'clnck P. M , to J. O. IKilTHHKktlKR, Jr., 12 tlentro street, comer of I'lumwra. IRVINU HOIl-.L, AT ROCKA1V4T, L I , 1 M FULL 1 view of the dot an.? Barroom ba'lrown, Ac. Woli l? < a'eo for a store. Alsoa Oottageat low rent A'st hitora Ixifts tind ll.teenv nt, U getheror e"parn'e, 3!"1 Pearl s'.reet, bewYotk. Apply to h, J, L Muinob, 8W Peart itre i, or comer oftlgnli and Grand streets, WluUntkburg. IIOHT BOOMS J ANP STEADY POWER, AT LOW RATES. BY JOHN OAI'DC, K2 WALKER HTKhHT._ LAKH OIL FACTOR* TOLKT OR LEA*E-WITU TUB Fliluies for iale, e^sKtlog of presses, kettles, Ac. Ihls Fseiory li well knot n to t>? the tooct complete at I eoa *? blent "ne in the city of New York; the ra n building Is B>7iz3 feet, three >tnri?* ard haaeaaaV with steam ami ???, utjd plenty tif light; there Is a large yard, well paved, a p >r Hon ?f wbleh Isrov. ied by a ?hi*L with brick walls and tin rot. I, 8?v46 feet; also a stable ou the premises, wl' h stalls for four hi? la, eurilife honse anil bay loft F ?? fnrtiier particu lars apply > n the premies, 76 and 78 Hulllvan street, to Ru BEET ti. EVA WB. MtRRAY' niLL BOTBL TO IJ?T OR LKAi.H-:X)R tier of 8ixtii annuo and Fortieth street, inquire on tbe pro irises. H Ollieet71 Broadway, oorner of Chambers street, under tlie Shoe and leather Bank Apply to JOI1H UOOl'B, ?n QFFirE TO LET-PART OF THE VERT DESIRABLE tlieH the |ii Rooms with steam power to lrt oheap Basement, well lighted, 40x27; one Boom on first II or. Kill; one Room on second lloor. UxU Inquire at ss vnull, 340 Front street, or at II AW Ei>, GRAHAM A CO. 176 Cen tre street. Rent $4?>-<"otta<ie norss, wrre all thb modern unpruvsmenta, comprising t so vaults, ba'h, tea tereloxt Itkng' h t Hn'l ..,M water. Be thiee story and tiaaemeiii, 27U H'eet Foitj aeveuthl street; Ninth avenuo care rnn lo Fifty ninth street. For further particulars Inquire o?i ibe pn mtses, or of W. II. JAUNCKY, 110 Pearl sireet. (JTAHLE -TO LET. T>.K IIRICK STASL8 46 THOMAS street Has stalls for eight horses, and ?a'*" lof t. rent i il ai a eeri enter's Phoo Aptily to I' M HODMAN, Me'ro polliafl Bank, IPS lli s.lway, or to WIU.IaM LO\tLI',?d lluds'ia treet. HOl'IM, KOOMI) *C., TO LBT. S Ml BAM POWER, WITH WBliL LIGUTBD ROOMS. TO let? At 22 ind M Fmnkfort street; rem low. Apply in the prtuiliM, or to M. LRfKEUfS, U ho.-kmau -trod, up atuira r LET-TWO BROW* S TONE FRONTS NOB. 191 AND tyft W rat Forty -eighth alroet, MOO aud $640 2tt and 204 Wert lorty third rtntt, $&0e*<h. 106 En* Sixteenth atreel, $760; 103 Maat Fliueth street, $660; Broadway, between p.* tv seventh and Furty-t lgbih tieeets, V 178 and 274 Waat <Vny?-vetith atroel, IMO And**; fwuth Mrrrt. be tweeu I lghlh avenue and Broadway, $300; 685 Eighth avo nut", Xtore and Lwslllrg, $*M: each bavoAll aiodera Improve menu Also, haudso ne new Stores And Urge convenient floors At rednwd rmts. on Ninth avenue, between Forty aeoond And Forty-third streets; two good c >rner l^oarjtt^reA^Aitd nu merous small Tenements Apply to A. I*. bMITH, 136 Eighth avenue, near Forty fourth street r LET? TWO OF THB ROW OF TWO KTOBY, BA8H ment And utile brick Houses on Seventy-third street, be tweeu Third And Fourth avenues, with the adjoining Lot of fironnd to each bourne; houxt-a in g >c4 order. with modern im provements Apply to 0. W. ItAKEB, 20 Hwknun street, or on tbe vomer or Beventysecoud street Aud Third Aveuue, of JOUN CALLAOUAN. r LBT? UPPER PART OF A HOUSE. WITH ALL THE modern improvements, Inquire At lUU East Sixteenth ?treet, near Ktuy veaam park r> LET? A TWO BTORY AND BASBUENT HOUSE IN Twenty-first street, Uiween Third and Fourth sruauei, new )y painted throughout, gas, chandeliers and fixtures, com plete grecabouae, stable and barn. Urge garden of twelva Tots, stocked with All dssuijutinna of fruit; atrawberrtes, Ac ; | baa a (In# well of wster. The plane e uuinanda a flue view at ! the bay aad la only fiftren minutes from the Hamilton ave nue terry, teat only $400. Apply to Mr. GROVB, Fourth i avenue, between Twenty first and Twenty-second streets, i Brooklyn, or Mr. BATCHELOB. No. 10 Bond street, Maw York TO LBT? THE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE HOUSES: ? | 141 Fas' 13ili street, four story, high a'.oop 91. JW 144 14C aud 15* East 13th St., Eng lsh basement, etch . . 1 180 , 21 Btuyvesant street 1,1)611 El 1 ast 1Mb street, 4 ato^y Kngliah bat erne nt l.oul 210 aud lot Second avenue. English baaement, each 90U 137 Eaat l??h street, high stoop MM 102 East 1Mb street, high sloop 700 202)?, 206, 210 East 20th at . brown atone Eng. basement 600 Apply to T. MACFAKLAN, 180 Tenth at., near Third at. 1 TO LET-THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT 1 Dwelling 226 West Twenty seventh street Gas, hath, 4a, Bent $6M Apply to C. C. PINCKNBV, 72 Wall street, mo LBT-Fl'BNIBHED OB UNFURNISHED, TUB 1 three story brown stono House, 6.1 West Forty til th street, botaeen Hfta and Sixth avenues. The furniture *s goi>d and complete. Apply to E. LIVINGSTON, No. 9 South William street. TO LET- T1IE FOLLOWING HOUSES ALL IN FINE condition and nv.dern < onveuiencas: ? .161 West 1Mb at, between fetU aud ikfc avs , rent $7/10 lit West ICth at., between 6th and 7th ava., rent 760 11 W am n place (Charier atreet), rent 875 '? 113 West 47ib st., near 5ili nv , rent 1,050 1 Apply to J. MATHE Wi ON, 647 Hudaon stroct, I Befon; ? A M. or After 6 P. M. TO LET? A SMALL ENGLISH BASEMENT HOIMjK IN twenty third street, near Second avenue, with every modern convenience Will tm let to a good tenant on very reason ?ble terms on application to A. LlvINCSroN, lit Beek mau street. ro LET? T 1 1 E FIRST FLOOB OK 10 BKEKMAN street, f k'0: also the Store 148 William stroet. JMV the/ will be pnt In ff< Hid repair t<> suit any renot etable. ooiupatiou. Apply to A. 1 IVINU.sroN, W h.v;kiuaii a treat. TO LET- WITH OR WUlIOUf ?HK FIJHNI TURK THE Hi uac 3^4 West Twenty- see >nd street. fnnscHslon will be niven immediately if neeeassry. l'orti ms of tho furni ture will be at Id to a good tenuut For tennn Inquire of JOHN L. KKNN1N & CO., 160 Chambrrs stroet. ?TlO LET? A THREE STwRY AND BaSEMKST BBIOB 1 House, No 37 Smith rtreet, Bro >k yn; contai.ia 12 Moms and all the m- dern imurovemeuta, v>s:? gaa. water, bmu-r' bells and speaking tutu a. Ao ; aituatrd wlllilii two blacks of l'ie Cl.y Iih 1; atTghtNirhood first class Kent Apply ou tho p.eiul?es or to J. JONLi-', dining ealoun, tulionmsr ket TO LEI- Til* 1WO PTOKT AND ATTIO HiiK'K House 80 Watts oireets, has g<is and Croton, and rno- ntly been )>ut in complete order. To u g ;od tenant will be leased lov Also the rear Bulld-ng 118 William airci-t, suitable lor a llcht manufacturing bu?lness. Apply ut 'J7 Wa'c street TO I.E'l ? A TWOBTOKY HOCSiR, AND AHOtTT THRKB seres Of Land, K ill' amileeaUof W'llliamsbrid)ie, Har lem HaJIroad Inquire at Ncs. 16 and 18 Chambers street. rro L>T? TkE FIVB SIORY BDILD1NG 217 GRKfeN i. w icq street, ?iaw oeeiipled a# a lsr^* clothing nalnblmo B.'-nt, aod has been for ti e las: i?n or iweivo yei>rs. Atvily to W M. ?>Ai ITU, Jr., 171 Wost Mne.eenth street, at 1 or 1*. M , for (?ii- week. TO LET-A BEAUTIFUL BESIDENOEAT BlfO 8INO commanding an extenslvi view ef the H udnoii river. The houee la a n-at two story and high baaomeat dwelling, nouve nl 'iifly built, having eVrven rooma and six closets built In. Kitchen aceummodatloiis ar<i ooaiuiete: range, hot and cold water; fine garden, With pi- nty or frul' : ,'arrlafe leiuse and rlsble. all in )>erfei;t order. Apply to J. F. WILLIAMS, 44'i Eightb avenue. TO LET-FRONT BAHfcME*T AND TtJhKE FLOORS over store, alro. three floors in rear b Jllclirg cona?-> ied by brdges? All well lighted. t'Art rntr.inoe to r> u.r bnilding by alleyway on Crosby street. Apply on premises, Bo. 421 Broome street. RIO LET? FUBNIHHBI), FOR SIX MONTHS OR A lenger, to a private family, a three story high Wement House in Twonty-thlrd street, near Fifth avenue; rent $1U0 per mouth. For address apply At the Madison square Post oflice. mo LET. ? BUILDING NO 45 LBONARO STREET, 25 X by 101) le< t; ndiablu for ?iore or manufacturing; terms moderate. Inquire of TAYLOR A WILSON, 127 Readc street. 1M) LET ? ON REASONABLE TERMS, TO A GOOD tenant, the large marble building 814 Broadway, 110 feet !6 feet 1 inch front and rear, ur eaoh tl >i r to let i-eparate. gKnr particulars Inquire of BENJAMIN OaI.BKaITH, ., 1*7 Fulton street, Herald Building, or of ALEXANDER ILE8QII, 7Tta Broadway. rpo I. FT ? THE FIRST CLASS FUI.'R STORT BASB JL ment Houu*. Mo*. 341 and 943 West Thlrty-fll'th street, replete with all the modern Improvements, brown stone front to second lloor, lam hay window, stalnarv, Italian and Lis bon marble mantels; vestibule marble,! walla hung with fold and pearl paper; halls with block marble, handsome (as fix tures and chanuellera, speak Ins tube*. Ac. .all in good order; rent 9700, Inquire of SFAHKB, SS7 West Thirty-fifth street. mo LET-ABY FART OK THREE LARGE FLOOBM. A with power, for printers, booh binders, A6-. and a vault connected for type, Ac Also, a furnished brown stone Uom on Brooklyn lUlghta; If hired by a smaU family the rent woulc be taken la board. Address box l.tfB Post office, 5?w York. TO LET ? THE THREE AND FOUR STORT HIGH stoop Houses, No*. 334 Second avenue and 200Tenth street, with all the modern Improvements, water, (us, rang", Ac. Can be men from i till 4 P. M. Apj ly to A. SCHANCK, No. 310 Second avenue. r LET-IN SOMBRS, WBSTCHBBfBB OOITNTT, A House, Stable and about four tores of groaml, the re sidence of toe late F. J. Coffln. It Is near the Harltak Ball, roa l, l)i miles frotn Furdy a station or Cretan Falls. 4 ppif G. 0. Coffin, New York rost o.'ooe. rl.KT? THE WHOLE OR PAST OF HOUSE 14 LS roy p)ara, Hleecker street, enly one block wen of Broad way. Tbe ljwer part has been occupied by a dentist for six year* A lease can be had lor a atore If deaired. (. t , . TO LET? SECOND STORT AND FRONT BASPMEKT .1ft Clarke street, ne tr Fourth Six Bousi), In fine order. 11 as nil the modem Impiovements? a line yard, geateel nelgb borhood. Apply on tbe premises. TO LET? TO TWO l'ERHOHS, THE THIRD FLOOH OF a k* ntet 1 Eoase, wllh gs? and Croton. Tliere are but tour persons In the h >use. Inquire at 141 East Thliueth street, beiwtx-n Third and Is lington avenues. ri LET.? LIGHT AND AIRY BOOMS TO LET, WITH stemii power, at No? 6 ami 7 Nii<->*u street, onedo >r from Fulicn strtet, Brooklyn. Inquire of thn enijineer ou the pie miscs, or of IHAAt: e. LockMAN, No. as Nassau street, New York, I mm V lo 12 o'clock A, M. IK) LET- THE W HOLE OR UPPER l'ART OF IIOCHE No. 8*!tS Broadway, near ? nlon squaie; a first rate !oo* uon lor aii) kind ol light business, Inquire in the drj goods ?tote, W6 Bioadway. rpO LET? TO A PMaEL, RESPECTABLE FAMrLY OK X grown persons, wlih g ?od relereocas, the Upper l'art of bto? s st' ne he use 141 Went Thirty seventh streei ; the rest of the house Is ocruidMl by the owner; rent ?276. For full par ticulars inquire on the premie j rTO LET- FROM 1ST MAY, THE TWO hTORY FRAME J Bouse corner ot first avenue at,d FUty-eiiclith street Kent Appl) from 12 to 1 t.i HOBAflO BoUKRT, 1W Broadway, c.jrnerof lohn street, mow 7. mo LET-IHS MOKE WBARCLA* STREET NEAR 1 W ashlngUm stteet. A .en desirable Isstitaa forbusl n? ss The store will l>e put in complete repair luragovd tenant. A i ply at iMi Greenwich street, up alalia. TO LET-IN ANN STREET, NEAR NARSAO, LIGHT an v li<K ins, with s ?sdj rower, suitable for printers and manufacturing ptirrxwes, either llsht or heavy ?ustaces. hent* re.isonsole. Apply at 61 Ana street fPO LET? m DEAN STRKET, BROOKLYN, THRBE 1 story and basement Dwelling: has gas, hot and cold water; a g? uteel anu ooOire.t lent house. Ine uelfchborhooil Is frst class I an lake the Atlantic street cars at Bond strvet. Kf ven minutes from the terry. Rent $476. lnuuireof J. T. V>>liTLoi'K, 'M Dean alrcet, or Of S. L. HULL, 18 Wall str'et. rrto LET- THE STORB 125 MBRCBR STltEBT, SUIT A 1 ble for a grocery, Aa Uent very low to a n-spouaUM trnant Apply at 26 liortiandt street, np suira rLET? 1IIHEK SPLENDID LOFTS, ?5 AND 97 EX clianno pi*?*\ all connected, near Broad 'treat; a llrst taf locau n Uir any mauufacturing pur|iaaa oi any other bti'lllfsa when plenty of gnod light Is wanted, room for a chcap leut . will let all or oa} iiart ")? goud tenant; also piul of tbe < eitar Inqnlre of T. BfcShON, No. to Exchar,* place. HID LET? THE HOfHK AND LOT, NO. U ORKEN X Hiret. Iu<|itlre of WM. C. MILLKR, No. 2 St. John's li< ne. r> LV.T-IN HOI'SE 1,*? BROADWAY, TUB STORE. ba<k Ho .m, Rivlnom. baseinMit lutchen sixl two xmall Rorma in ditto, with gas flitarea, t'rotoa w?tc-. At; rent $.'lft) |<cr ^e^r. Als", tie Thin! Su>rv. rouatsitng or two large itooins, lour foall ?lUt<s idosete, waidrol a, Ac. with gas, fixtures and water on 'lie loir, rent our ^ar Impure on tbe premises, or at 1IW F urtli avenue, oorner jt Tweiftb BUeet, TO LET? THE THHEB STORY HIGH BA^KVEMT House StH West Ihtrty Sftk street, h? tween KWhtli and Ninth avtnttes, with all the rn d rn Improvements; g>"d Tx'lghboiliood; gas Oiture* throughout, tine vines, yard, Ao. Kria $w?. Inquire at 442 Etgiitn svenoo. T) LET -ROOMS WITH STBa.M I'OWEB. IM THB buildings 211 anil 713 Ontre stnwt, f*7 snd i.W Flm ?'r-' H, (ktirable Kooms on the sc.- md, third fourth, flfiU and Willi nteavn powtr Apply At In? odiee. -1J C?ntr* riW LET-IN BROAD-.VAT-THE FIRST FLOOB, SUIT 1 able for Inturanee ofllcee, mlllluera, UUors. Ac Alsa Other oilier s, on third flo-T.or ivlll be let as FurnHlied Hooms, by the year, to ^ Broadtuji between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets TO LET- STf'BBS AND OFPICRH 'N BROAD RTBBBT. near Wail. Htnrw No. 1 Bread street , Offices on ssonnd snd third floors of Ru. 3 Beoa<l street, also. OHiaea oa third fl'*rof Ne. ft Heoad rtr-ei; will bo let low. Apply >0 A. J. LBLATOUR, tftV, Wall street TO I.ET? A OOtNTRY PRAT, AT ASTOBIA, CONTAIN Ing eleven n<omt; has targe and fumaoe. The gfnusd fn.nta Wr> feet ' n ike Hast nvtr hy Marly 4HI feet d'sp; is wall st<?i ed ?? ttt> t?ar trees, and grat>ev>neo lo lull bearing Apply to H. M/Ti BMORK. Asv rla, .r W Llhwty s-rge , ? ~5S2*!tj?Mjro ur? T?tt!flhirt4(Lr,S . ?" isBu^?tsstsssi ?^sa?.-ajH TO LBT-A COMMODIOUS FIRST c LAM uWKi.iTm. A Houae, pleaaantly ?nd conveniently located ??*,,? r?? eeejnd street. Rent to be given for the Hoanl of tha and a nmjkJI family Ad.lre*. a. O. H Herall oiticc^ [H> UHT. AT FLUSHING. L. I -A L>R.;K rRAMB -L Dwelling, pleiMoiij ?iiu*ted, next t# John H irttir, K?q ; 16 torn*. IS clwwt*, wide pUzru, large I'rult Ireta, Im U*n,loc*Uou healthy. water eiwlkot. Mont $4 M Apply to w.k. h. f bincr. hushing 1 rpo LET OR rOR HALE? Tim FOUR flTORY IAH ? .i1?*?1 brick building, with alt the modern hapir?MH?H a a it in complete order, will be let or eased on riMuukl* ly atreet * 41 * ?wirt bAr**la- ^I'P'F ?* f|K) LET OR FOB SALE? IN FOURTEENTH mH, Uk Vu _I.?T u ?w*" 11 <>u?ea, 7ft feet rut of Saeond ave BM, wlu all mjitolj improvemanta built In th'i beat mlir. Apr'y to JOHN 8. Oll.Brt. U EiliaWh street. T?.tL?Vli? Jf4BR^T1,5 *4RM?E fr?kt fit* ?lory Blore, No. 1IH ( hnnbfre atreei. running tbreuah to KeaJe street. bring 26 ieel on en h ,.reel anil 180 deep, ?helving, gaa tllutei Ac , Included in th? letting Tl.? will be let toai tbrr or the Win *e|>*rate ironi the lower nut At ply to SB U UTCII I WOK, .*> liokn lu* 10 weT **** TO IiBT OR LBA8B? FURNIkTIKD IIOUU ? WBET Thirty fifth street, between Kil'tli and Miuh avcimea. rh? li BM l? three stories and haseitieui, bl^ti (loop Had balcony or mains all tlx- modern Improvenienta the Furniture in linn ordtr, making It a very dpeirable residence for ? private fami ly. Con be atwn fiom 11 A. M. till 3 P M Input,- ?n the preiniMa. The be*t rtiy n?fereiici*e reqairtd K. r further li iiiticulare apply to T. t. KILE Y, 6H South street, corner of wall TO LET OR LKA*R? FUVR SftiRY BW)W.V 8T0NE English basement llouso 62 ffnt Thirty filth street, be tween nnh and Hixth avenues; the lloute contains ?il the inorttiu Improvements and flirt da?? in every reepeet. Own be seen from 12 M. till 3 1'. M Inquire or, the premisea. For further particulars apply to T. F. RiLEt.M boutU street, corner of Wall. TO LET OR LEASE-HIE LA RIB TIIRER BTORT and attic House, IKS Mtilheny street, nnur Brooate. Or nta ns fifteen rooms, with ga? Uroughout, and In ?. ell sup plied with rloaela Has high biisnm^nt, and llgh:, dry awo eel'ar Bent $8UU iLqalre on the premwi a TO LET OR LEA8B ? 8KVRRAL WELL IJ4HTBD Ofllees In, and the liasrmeni (luH leet diH-p) of, the mt five atory houae W Naaaau street west side, between raRvn and John street*, this cltv. Apply 1 1 H'HAJiUlH UVttNX, 1 SJ >asiau atreet. TO LET OR LEAfcE-TlIB KOUR 8TORV. BIOH s'oop, modern built Houne ?7<? L>i?t Eourloen'b atreet, near Ser.u.d avenue; replete ? Ith mitern i imvenlencrs. H?ui#l,utl Iuquiieon the pr< tulseo, ur of II. E. URoZ.Wi Fulton atreet. TO LET, LEA HE fill FOR BaLK- TWO LAROK. rOOR a'ory brown atone llotites, uuntalnlng all the nifxlern ln? orovfmentH, In West Thirty sixth Htie.-t, mar Kirtb aveiue. Apply ?t Ko tit) Keuver atreet, up stairs, or U> LoCUUN k CO , -J70 Fourth avenue. rLEA8K? FOR FIVE VBARH, SE 'A KATE LI OT to gether, live Iiotaon ALtorney and Kl<1g? atreeta, between Delaucty and Eroomn atreet*, no? occulted aa &j> iren faun dry oi John K. rrutt. To be vacant on the lalof May. Ap ply to 0. C. PWfCKNBT, atTi W,ll atreet. TO FENT-A MODERN IfOUoE, LOOaTEO TFT A F1RW cla-s neighborhood, to a tmall lamily of adulta: one fleer received liv a phyaician; rent $6ut). Addiuas Donor, bei 1U lie aid oftlce. Iio RENT? THE H0C?E NO fC? BROADWAY, AD joining Jud^e Rooeevelt'a; will be rented to a prt' ate fami ly, ami put in good order at a reasonable price, ur It la well cn.rulateri for a fashionable t'inuu,'a? ratublishment. Apply lo E. ii. LUDLOW A CO., So. 'A hlne *t>eet rHEN f? AT WASII'NOTt?N HELlUrS, I'NKOR niHbfd, a beautiful plu.e < u the llticl-on river, adjoining Mr. Beuiiett'a. Apply to E. H. LUIiLj# A OO. TO RENT, FURNISHED, FOR ONM TEAR? THE BLR gant flyo a'ory t^ng'lah baaemem H >uac No. 212 1- If th uvenue, comple.ielj furnlsbtd *? ill be let only to a private frmtly; rent f'i.fttM. App.y to E. 11. LUDLOW A CO., No. ! Hue atreet. ___________ ? no LEAHE O* FOR riALH ? IhK idlLsE 8TOKI AMD 1 basement brlrk Eul'.ding, Noa XI end 'XI Commena atreet, suitable for a worluhop, heretofore used aa a it frlgi-rntor manufactory. A gin.d epuortunlty for tlie intro ductl' n of machinery, having a hujU ehunney altaidied for aumn: Iwller, Ai. Apply to J MATUB^HON, M7 HudaoO atreet, before il A. M and after 6 P. M rn O LEASE FOR A TERM OF Y EAR*. -LOT* ON SOOTH 1 sloe of Fourteenth street, betwee j Tenth aveaue and tko river; al o, In Irk Hullilings >ultable lor inrubanioal purpoeea. Applv to R. H. H'HLOW, J*o. 3 i-lne atreet. or JOHR C. W 11 PI E, Mo 1? Weat Twaaty lire', atreet. rpUE FOLLOWING HOUSES TO LET 1 No. 161 East Thirty fifth street, rent J.W0. N". tV West Thlity tnird street, rent $*?. he. 71 West Forty third atreet, rent |I,UIA No 1M Eust Hlxty tlfth atroe', rent $4U0. fo. 14V West thirtieth atreet, runt (ftjO. No. 86S Weat Twenty second ftreet, rent 9730. Cottage llonse on fctxtb avennn. rent $240 heveral Teafi' all I e floors. Appl> to 1?VK A Cl Rl'MH, flOH ftllth a\ en ue. rrj EAST TWELFTH 8TREE1 NEAR BROADWAY.? ?J I To let, furnished i r not, with Board If re-iulred, Se cond Floor, four rcoDiaand bath; third Floor, four i-oeiaa; Top Floor, two rooms. g*s through tbeliouae; uao of Bret floor parlur given. Apply froni S to 4J? M. <S>??<\A -TO KF.NT-TIIREfc STORT BliTCK HOUSE. JJlOuU. high atoop, 2JiKi feet. No 6 Hojt atreet. Brouk lyn, near Fulton avenue, Utiee minutea' walk from City HAIL Apply to WM. MACKAt *J Fulton avenua. MUSICAL. A GREATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. A LIGHTS * BRADR KV, Manufacturers of a new scalc of overstrung bass, pitent tnsn la ted, full iron frame, grand and square Pianoforte, Nix 421 Broome street. Pianos to let. A MAGNIFICENT BEVBN OOTATB ROSEWOOD A Pianoforte for sale, richly carved legs and ease, fall uon plate, round oornera, Inlaid with aa tin wood, overstrain bass, Inlaid wltk pcaal and pearl kev i; made to order for tM present owner by city maker*: fully guaranteed for thraa years : baen In nae but five months; cost $MJf , will to Mid for M60, Including Su-ol and ( over. Also an elegant Drawing Room fiult, ooat $S00, for $140. l^ilre at TM Waal Twdilj alxtb street, near Sixth avenue. TVARGAINB IN PI ANOFORTRB? nEOElYBB'B BALB? J3 By ordai of J tidg* Leonard, Supreme Court, forUM benefit of the creditor* of tbe late firm of Cooper S Atbertan. MagnlBvcnt roacwood soven colore Pitoofortea, modern las movements, Ac , at leae than heretofore Bolff kt'auslioa by the receiver to close the business Several so?od hand seven octave Pianos for leas than $160. Apply td JOHN McLONALD, Recetvsr, MB Bowery, near Ppuruk street. ^JHICKJEntNG A SON'S GRAND HyUARE AMD JPEIOITT PIANOfl, 0?i Broadway. New York. HORACE VllUf MOTIO BTORE, ;ttl BROADWAY, to be lorn down? Worth street to be wldetod? in rentes quetice of whleh the extensive stock of 1'iaaO*. Mi fi tlfisan. Alexandre Orpns, and all kinds of Musical MenAamJlw. Will be sold at extremely low nriees. fix octavo second luMd Piano* at $6U; SH cotaie, $100, octave, $UQ; seveo pe tave, $115; reveo octave, been used ->ut a tew tnonthe, $lf$; *even octave OHtort Jtoltap Plana, eingaaUy sort ed, prion $AU0 new. will bo sold for $SJ6, secotidhand MelodeodA fit to $?. Twee tv new seven octave I'lauoe and ten new Halo deons la rent, and rrnt allowed if purchased. NLinUUiy paj menu rooeived for F'lanna and Meludeons ORtJANIBT.-W ANTED, A RIttUTION A.8 ORGANIST In a Catholic chtreh, In New York, Brooklyn or envi mns, by an eu orated musician, In every v?t < i tial Itx ? I to con duet a quartette or a laige ctotr Address Professor if Mu k!c, H ci aid ofliea, for ten days. PIANOS ?A JU 60 PIANOFORTE. ROHEWOOD OA WE, rlchlv carved, 7'< "Ctave, iron iraiue, four round corner*, raived lei*, serpentine bottom. Ac., for $SI3; one 7 octave. $!70. and one $140 Sec >nd hitiid Pianos from $26 to J10U. H3 avenue A. < ortier 10th street. K QONSALmK WANTED? A TEACHER, COMPETENT TO GIVE LER son* In ulngirg, by two sent. emcn, at tkelr residence Address, stating terms, box 3 781 i'ost oflice. $150. PIANOFORTE*. flftj By the Introduction of machinery In tba aunu reclining of Pianofortes, we sro now able to offer t > the pub lie a seven octave rosewood Pi A No, onntolntngnll toe modern liupruvsiusnts, lur $1*0 cash, of mors nerfsct wurV inanslila Uian baa usiiaIIv hsen *old for $fl>W or $0<J l?y the old method of n.anufaeturins. We respectfully invite ail ilaalei* ai.U tto public to eal! aud exAmlne these r.ew Instrument* at GROVRHTK1N * UaLE .1, Corner Canal and Hudson sir tots, New York. rate loaeoaa and nJa**ca by tiro nam* at th< b*-?i xchools of tha 'flv. Hoarding irlth facilities te practice, at, the ?? asfuws' IN NTHL VTIOM. A YOUNG I.ADY WANT! a rini ATION AH NtJMBRY govern* sa, to icacb chiUlten sn.!er til teen hlte can give oiougb course In English, with tbe elements of Franota. Salary moderate. Call at 18M hast Twenty Drsl street. All BnoKKEEmo, writing and ARmnutTi.; student*, at ttt Bowery and AU t ulton sine., Ilrook'jn. ri*i \e ? ' rl tl> inoh irliml ln*tractldn, et hours stilting, fede lendent of nlnseea. Lodlea *rn*M|, gi for twenty Ia/' Otts. (lor. h. W. King ?aye Col I'alne * pia-: of Instroc Hon I* systematic und txoedltlotia AYOING LADT, CAPARLS OF INftTRnt i(>f| RW. llchjenH French. Is desirous of obtaining a siti.ttionaa reaideiu govei r. ??, In a t aniily of reavectaMii'y. R> fcrrnces txihstigKl. Addrwes L, box l>71 P?*t otlicfl Cl'ANIHI AND FRENCH LANG0AGKH TaI'OUT IN twain?, mMMMMIRHH f * t two genticmen, With facllRlee te practice. JHMHi n MOence, 76 Kuitoo avenue, two bloaka Irvru ih" City Rail, Brookljru. The hpanihu Langs agr IR TAmur, am here tofor*, bytlll fclANlJ OORRIN. at Clinton H?iL Astor f|ltee, room No. 7, wheiv acplimnt* ate re'iue.ted to call from 1 to 1 or from 6}, to t oV'c* * I* f ? 1*7 ANTED- A MOV ERNE** fO? TWO TOCTI IU W dl.?, totew-a English. Fiench, muah! and drawing; teli tenor* required. Audreas D. t. , 1 ost olTlce, New York, At ADEMIEI. ~ A DODWORTHT8 DANCING A0ADEMIKR. No. $06 Broadway, New Tor*. No 1$7 Montague atraat, Brooklyn. Wednesdays and Raturdaya In New Tort Mentors aad Thursdays, Tuesdays aad Fridays la Brooklyn. Urawlars at tenna, Ac, mar bs had at either Academy mtiTikiapfa fton nnn ? THIRTY tboiihand dollarr JroU.UUUs worth of Dry Oooda, t'lotklng, Bon's, Rlioes, Ac , wanted for one third ca-h aad two thirds best real estate In the city of Rt. I'aul, or lands adjoining, >v lib parted title. An entire stock larger In amount will be taken cf Dry tioods. Address W. H W illlams, Merolianu Hotel. I isuniui icnilonj confidential. IIOTELR. Albion hoteu-pritatr family hotel and H'orulnn Hottse. ? Pleasant and well famished Baotna In suMs or sin^ie, mi- table for married nr ?l?#t< ?*",k'??en; ? of lot U*, (.??, A'1 ; ?tage? and cars pe?? the <MOr. n modwnto ?t? . reet, ^in^rrxrlej. v>rn#u t.'i-' ?riw T. LABPfcKt, Propriftcr. {TIITE I4IOR SA 1 t OIL I'AlR'IN'j!, ..TIT?. . the frames W^iild "I ten co ' as wick, may call anl ?-nlm, ' ai room Nu. $, 9? flur