Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1861 Page 6
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MTTATIONSVV a* TKB-PE T~KWrK'T*BLK WOM tM tt HUC > A. tW^jgOX A am ?kamborm?ld and to as-jat ? it)i ibe wi-ihiuC *"<1 '3n; t baa uo uble"tioo to ,o a ah >?< dl <taa? ' '?? ths o:iuj?iv.' ?7. ,t? gitotl city reference; moU like ?? travel o# g'? to ati JKJv-rfTh t family. A4?>tr 'w? *<**? * 174 "? lhl"1 Boar, from moat Am bnolirh CIKL aa*?w a otbaton as cham Mruuud or laundreas. <>o* who understands h*r bus'. ?e s; bent of diT r?ie:rn?i given. Inquire at I. ?li av. lltVAT'O!* WAWTI D-^Y A REH PBOTABU PKO feataut woman, aa <"K>k < ndrrstauda oil kind* of m>aU, ?nut a at d pswrv la a (C-d bsaer und willing to aaaUt In washing Mid in mine Has * "id C*J reference Call al 2M 1st Mr ,Vtwten 17th ai d l?th sta., in the (tore. AfITr*lI"N W'aSTRD ? 8 { A Yorwtj ?OM\N. AS rook; miderttanda ull kiuoa of asking Best references frr honesty and a>t>riety. fa willing to aaelst in washing IT Bin"* ary. ('all at ?7S Howery. A SITUATION ll? DRfclRBD BV AN BNOLlrtH VUtNd lady, who haa '** a a resident for aoine year* in tbia , Cf>oatry; she is eminently quaiiil.d to teach music in a l it* hraarbra; moat satisfactory reftrenoee from in al parta of the rnited Statea; has ta' got it) the Convent of *a"red Heart, Kt. Michaels Seminary and at Oeneral -iwlft's, i hi sago; alao ?. C. H ?lt will give ih? hi?*u i-ecominenda'iou; would Dot object to ieiif*h the rudiments >f oilier lir-.icho*. 4 ppiy the Convent of Mercy, corner of Houston and Mill berrj stretta. [orPKKEEPER'S SITUATJOf CANTED -A YOUNG _i O n an lad-, flompe ent, h . >ng with lier parvnta, wnna ft si'uation a* housekeeper in a very gonieel lamtiy ; A very 1 ?rnttf 1 treat uwnt ka required. Address A. b , UeraM ?See. SITUATION WANT lil) ? BY AN AMERtetN L\OY O* experience, aa housekeeper in a resivctAble famlY. Ad 4rm ? . B , 104 West 47th at , fee on? we k fnrDATIOR WaNTBD? as COOK. IN A RBBPECIA O bte private family Can give g*>d refnrvnee C?n be ?sen at her pcesent piaoe, No 8 Reinaen at , brvoHyn. 811 CATu >N WaNTED-BY A YOUBO B?OLt8H WO nun (t.'atboltci aa chambermaid and waitres*. May be MD al (be hou.-e of her present emu oyer #2 West 23d at, Sruaiion wantbo-by a widov l>ady, as hcunekeeper in some respectable family Can be resouj Btendeo. Call for one week at A3 3d a*. American family TWO BEBPECTABLB SMART OIRLB WISH SirUA tio a au rook and ch.imbcrmatd in ft reapecublc fauii'y; Ian good eoonunendationa; uo objetitiona to tiie ooun'-rr. Call lor two days .it Mi bouth 7th St., Jeraey City, n-ar t'o e Awl IflWU REBPBCTaBOh UlKUrt WANT HirUAriONS IN J. a vriva'e family; oae to uook, va>h and iron; the other ?n do chamber* 'i k ami waiting, or sewing. Cau be seen at KM f'aeitie at , nea Court, ttronklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, 81 A YOUNG ?Tv>MaN, TO take rare of a baby, do plain sewing or chumberwovk , rxd reierenoe can be given. Apply at 4M erry st., in the nar "JtrANTBD? ?ITDAlION8. BY TWO RE-TECTtBJ.E Al voung girls, one as g>.a plain cook and *x<?lltsut tfaxh m and kroner; 13 fully sompete.nt to take of the dmn ire work ihe other aa ehamb?rmaid an1 wnltre^j la wtll [toaaaiatin the waablng ani ironing; gotxi reiereu j.'a; weaild prefer to go together. Call at AS Cruaby at., in tho ?ear, aecoud floor. WANTBD? A PirCATION, BY A BEsPtJ.' TABL.E voting girl, as flrat cla-a waitress or cham iermm i and wnitreFS, whl 'hever suits first: the bent o'* -uy roferencj frooi tier lust place. Call at So. 261 West 32d St., neftrVth am., lor two d-iyn. WANTED? A PBOTE8TANT WOMAN WAN .8 A SIT nation iu aanmll family, to oook, wash au l iron; is an ?s*rlk-nt with- rauJ b?ktr. Apply at her pmacnt place, Sal JRaf.t Broadway. WANTKD? SIIUATIONH. BY A RE-if'BCTA^LE Engil h ludy and h"r dauvbter; the fonn?r ai hou: ?v keeper or to wit. on nn Invalid, is a good ?imit ?etj. the tu-r as aeamatreaa ana to wait i n a lady or v ? <n^ lad h; ? some ki ow'edge or mtllinti7 and drc^ ntakuig No ob >eetlon to travel Addres* M. tf. 96 Myrtle av , Brooklyn. w XN^FO-A 8TTITATION A8 ?:OOK, BT A Mi Or LB ageil Protestant woman; can give sitlfuctory reference to capability Hn<" esnerienee for tn? last ten year*. Can be Men at uiM West 14th St., come' of 8ti av Wanted bv a bebpeciablb woman, a sinr ?tl- n aii seamstress; is capaMe of tak'ng "h trge of ebll Arn. and wllliRg to make herself generally useful Can be nacn for two dnys nt S8* Ka?t 10th st , between "vea B and 0. * ANTBD? BY A VERY W iRTIIY OIRL, A SrTt'A lion as chSmberma'd, plain sewer, Ac. <3ood reoom idation. Inquire at 124 Dean stroet Br oklyn "BIT Ah TED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG gi'DIfa TV *iil, a situation ?? chambermaid ami to assist with washing or take core of children. Apply at 171 Kan .'Iht at WANTED? A HITHaTION, HY A RES PEC TABLE Ns-tch womau, a> lir-i cla.-* cook: waul! ar?t*'. 1o tin warh'ng ard Ir uihnr. ha? no objection to go In the c-iuntry. OaD for two days at 97 1 1 1 ut , lop U or back ro<m HELP WAN 1E1>-MA1,ES. AGENTS WaHTBD? TOVELi, KU KAR1H' PRIZE EN velnpe, containing more articles of utauuuiry, with u ke.utWnl gilt ot Jewelry l?r ?U|?rW to any olticr lulsertis.'d Oar ?ceau are inaklta tram $5 to $10 per Jay. head stamp ?oreilcnlar. 8. C. tilOKAivDH A CO , 102 Nassau street. Local and travelling acents wani-pid-in etery city and t'>wn, to s-U un e-tirely dp* article, not ing at> per cent Those wlaplng to make money will d ? w .-11 te notice. BEMtt- A CO , 71 Mii??u street. 8Al.E-?V *N WANTED ? UY A IkYGUOUI IMPORT Inj md commMon bouse One well acpi-ilmed w .th Bayer n and the value of all kinds of dry goons can addtea* ksi 999 Po-.t otlicc, with full particulars, references, Ac. Salesman wanted? in a kitsic stork : osi hating ? knowledge of German preferred; must be aMe to perform on the Aocotdeon, and be w lliing to make hiinaelf ?at><> ally ose.'uL Apply to A. JACOUM B09B, No. 100 Chatham street. WANTED-A MAS TO ATTEND A LI NCH COCNTEK, who understands opening oysters and clams. api In ai 77 VlNtn i-t , at ? A. N ? ( "Kg' ANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A HMART. ACTIVE HOT, Ti at Ward s hair dres-lng rooms, International Hotel, '167 Breadway. Apply from 12 to 3 ock-ck / ANTED? A SALESMAN IN inE LIQUOR T*ADE; om who ha* a l*r?e eonu?ctlon, and con lnflu? nee c a Addrtna box S.741 New lurk Post ofliee, with relV ea. WAN I ED? A TOCWG M*N IN AN OFF/i'K WHO writes a good hand and will make himself ueful; aim a salesman In a produce bmme Apply at the s^rc'iants' Clerks Kesistry Ofllcc, 13 WalJ M. HHuali.'B* pro-urel. No ?ooimln'/'n in adTance. Estab i?hed 1HM UBiJ RiWLI\>. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE, HINGLBYOI NG KAN, us barkeeper and to take charge of lh* b >ok-< of a tut sIssk hoiel and restaurant; b'st of reference a* t > eh* racer, boneat ? and capability reaulred. Addi-e.-n, wnh referensc. C. B. Vt' . bo* '27 Heraid eflioe WAMED-A MAN Art T?KA?IKRR IN A Fl?gr elan i ncert hall; a man with $7fi to $ '(*)?< aec'irlly (or faithfulness .as the Ust < no ran away with *.?**>. Apply at th- National theatre, to W. F. t ayn?, between <0 and 8. WANTED?A 130NG man TO TAKE CHA tOE OP A ** cloak und raan'.llia department In a retail establish asenl eut ot town: none hut such ui bare large ej erteiiQA and are fuVy competent need addrese M O., Herald (.' ice. WANTED? PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS, AT NO *H Broadway. The ti!j;heM price pa'd for Pn ?nbr ik. r?' Tlskets for Illamcads Wat. he*, Jewelry, Kevol?er?, 4ir? A; H NEWTON, ah Broad nay.^t cornet of r ul'.on street, room No. U. TIIIO Til IDEM. AeiKMAV aAB.Dr..>?B WAN/* A SITtTATlON ? 1 8 4 married man; ut'd-rstands th# garde a:og la all lis bmncheii. and t'ie sire tf rr> cnhou*e and gr.iiwiy veev r>er feotly; vhc Ixm references ghen. Address P. 2j west Biuad vay, la tfce store. Aoompeti bt gkbvan pakmer and gardbnsr, a manl"d .nan, without incumbrance. und"'?tandlug his Vu?ir>e - in a1! Its niaixiie*, M?otn a allusion; *?*? d re,, reilc : gtrn. ln>i'iin' 'it .No. fi 1'iiutou Hall, As lor pla^, a few iUjid ?**' of Broadway. A WATCHMAKER WANTED ? TO OO TO VIRGINIA; J\. he n>u?i be a rod wogRMsn and know liow to engrav A%>i*y U> H. Barrtaon, 21 Maid'-n laaa. rAl'MP.KS WANTED ? K EN AND TIIE1R alK ut iwint* mil. n from the etty; ruiai-s I urn's ie.1 .i. 1 ?esiKt mi einpi. yni. nt inqnl>e a'. Rmpioruiei.t Naalety'a otli<e. >?. a doit ii Hall, As tor ptaoe, aicwdoorsmt" o' Broadway GABlH- NKH.ORr vRMr.B, COMBINED-' WaNIKD, BV a mart U d nan. a n?ilTc uf Scot Land, whose wife v iii'd Baee do objection! te tnaSage a dairy: has htd intaj fe-^s' prneii ai e?l<? 1?'tic* . ai d can glee uneieHpion ihle t stna > ?lais Am It peiaarnBf ar by note to ti M , care o' in,?a' Jluch man. florist. No v Wea. I7th st , N Y. WATtllMAV EM- ?WANTED OT A THOROOgH, piacticil an Ul, Trom Clerk nneii, Ku^l tud, a sltaattoo; un !ere<af.d> re; siting, *rrlri>;lti;% tiiu'tnn and Ottlog .-i o'' eiery (Wfrtptiou o' Etgl'sh ami fntwen mitl i Add re i W. I., tiuy, l-ogle H A*!, UGrernwlob st WAM'F.D AN OPERATOR COMVFTE.NT TO TAKE el'sr ot n gallary unit nwl. Amlirnt ? |u?s an I I'b to ?raphi.ii the l?'st ma niter, tog,. h^.in MftuUctu, i, , CoBipane, No. 4 M< ek man slrent . "llr INI F D? A ftOO? r,COT< t OR M ANCHK-'TK I ff ispjier; aJse <ywof twog;r'i ?ho hive nperienee in fartory work. Nonr I'ttt tlio?e *l? u U. ratand tljeii b't?i .n-od apply to Sodlabary A ' o , 9# Vnaay s*. KKESCII a;? vutii i.MEXTS, 7 \N DE MA NDK-.C NR 1EMMII DR ( HAM'SKK PRAN " ' caise ou Hotaaej 'ial salt W?? twudre. R'adre ser a n?uf ! ? arcs ctl tna'ln a<i ** Went iMR stWNrt. ON DFMAVPE? DE!'\ MIIWlH'll OOMMH B9MBB <J'i it fatnme d <h*oibre. r admaaar a rant mln. ?u No. H P\ en f, tioofco. "I'NI .IFCNF. FRaNUKE l>E>?IRR U'ALLKR BN I I'm! ." htm ".no Isniilie nir nut irantam, A nf 1aM f t A Wmand H'adreaaer su No liltf Norlh &tn?rue, l'hi!a?k'i ?hla. RUTAI BAWTI. _ A FINE HADCLF AND LI' (ja OF ENGLISH MCTTON fors.ila. Also l/v Ufl'ie lleriing >' *' ha'f kef ?lt non iladd.w iis, attRon ? ^.?^e. ?Ill.ert ?. Ac. *. Bl< HaHOHiIi, Afeut (n, r.xMeo Ian1. c?#ra?*r A illiatn at Dantop i- XX I'smi Ale, la tine aoadtii<?. ou draught. VF1CCRBP MID ' GJINOIihEIIRK AROI'.- E TtTRTLB XV Coup, mad* t.jr the tate r, Barard, f4 .*"-???? l''?Unnrt f ,-n.r gf f?tHh rtreet and Lafjyetlc pL..c, and all the (Ud.c* ( . ,* l(?. #*4 waiter wa c4, v L i (ho- ? ly mid sUuds .li bj>. mm. N J I dcaugt, i el o N E ale t: 1%^, KVr?~ - ?nfttw s irVurl Mr, el. >mn ^ V ?**<?* Off C, ? II M i-h " ' r GeJ ?pftHtMP VRil . :r '? ' ' ? ' Hi ni# /? (In. , ii*! /* I ' ?-!( 4 if ii: ; ?MMH M a g 'e?t ?rrr ATIOll* WAimiD-MALBS. APTOLT?OT, 14 TEAKS OF AtJE. W*NT9 4 8IT0A lion io a raka ktk>n. He w arajdtvad near! \j two ;e?n la a fi*?t >-Uaa M4bu*viment of the ? ju* line, Hid glv?j the best referenceA Addres H. C.. HeraM oto*. Atoms MAN WaNTi* a SITCATiON A8 FOOT* In i store; la not a'i?id of hard work; rafersnv. Address J. O., Uer?><l uUIob. CtOA'"H*AN AND CBOOM -A OENTLEM AN UB^IRJaiS t ic > I tain a i 'jiit as ..l.oi f for a man now in Ilia tmpioy, v 1 oui lift t an rtiouinicu'l a* a 1 horough Rroom, and aa f *lib ful, honest, aolx r ?ad ludustitous A good place to the coun u> preiei red, if .iu> thing, to out- la town Apply at lUulc, So Irving place, wbna reference to the advertiser wil. be glveu. IMPOBTANT TO THOSE WANT UQ IIELP.? A MIDDLE aged in?ii, with thebral ell) and otner reerer o s, who ran iitf carpenter-' t o'.s well and fix m chin tv, who U also com petent t> ruu an engine, Ac, wieto?W|jp?l>t IjtMW, or elsewhere, to d > the general jobbing work; he la Btr icily nbt r tiid would work for moderate w*t ea where a constant ituati m could be dfe'edbim tddeii A B., Herald office Tllfc ADV1! BTl*l<B, WHO POSnBSSE < HOME ME A.N J, but at p: cfcont without occupation, will give any person a handsome b nun who will arocure him a government situa tion; amoun* in proportion to salai y. oe la a good account ant, and Sun give the moot unexoootionable rel ??rencej as io cliara^Cr And ability Address Vera*, HmM offiTe. T> HOTEL PBOPUiEToRa.? WANTED, BV A TODNO man, an Am-rican a iituvion a* clerk "r b nittceper; has h< varal yeArt' eUa <urpe<1eM?, and is thoroughly competent; or wou d take charge of a t'.nnniT house Address for one weeKO. D. L , be# I7S lit raid otlic*. WANTED.? A VOUNQ MaN. WHO HAS BEEN EN (?and In the fiv'fh'iag buslnas* for the lust six y?ara, wants ? situation iu shipping ci> rk in ?omc wholesale boras; Mr* goods preferred) Ad'Jmss, for three days Shipping Clerk, boa 168 Hera'd odieo. Unexceptionable city retiree cae given. WAOTS-BT A tOCNU *AN AHK1) M, A SITCA tion in i<?ne established business: he hut* some basi nets experience end capacity can i urnlsh the best of referen oes. ano if required ? id loa:i his employer Kt,UX> on good t? eurity Address A. P , hox 1 17 Herald oflioe TIT ANTED? A SITU -.TION, BY A BOY 18 TEAKS OLD, Vv as page to a g> utlem>u or a gentleman and lady visiting Enrrpe; wc old like to go for a year or six mntbs Add ess B. 11 II , D square Post otllce, for una week statin,? where an interview an b* tsd WANTI'D? BY A TOONO MARBIFl) MAN, OF THO roottb bneine. edu'ition and not eiraid of work, a si' uatlou . rel'-n ii <w first fust, talary moderate. Address J. L. Edwards, llcrald ofll'^e. HELP WAMTED?FEMALiMS. t NrMBK^)FaT*L9 AND WOMEN WANTBD-WITH A good i tcor,im?ii(?ationat some to cook w:tsh and iron in re#pectame HinUletj; somo to do housework, in good sltua tion* and ?mill i an.iUt *; uesl of wages givau. Inquire at the Lari;c' Inatttuto, 13? llih st , corner of 6ib av \WET NDBHE W*NTED? TO TAKE CHABOB OP A baby three months old. tl ber own residence; a woman living In Hrookl) n preferred. Apply at M6 Columbia si , ftouin Hruokl\n. A COOK WAN1ED? IN A PHI V ATE FAMILY; ACOOD pUiu cook, who is a good w isher and ironer, and c^u come well recommended Apply at 10U 'licks st , Hr?,klyn (lOUK WANTED? A nMAKT, AOl'lVK WOMAN, TO J a?M?t In couxl g and cook orders during dinner, In a first clas^ d.ning >rl >< 'ii ; a Uerman p -efcrred ; none but one who is well u-'juainted with the Duslne s need ?pp!y at <lic hancb diniug s-I hjd, .No 4 Wew it., near Wall. <Jo;d rcferencea reqo .a. FlHSt CLaS' Mi:.LINEJ9.H MAY A?PLY AT NO. 412 Broadway, up btulrs. WANT ED? SEVERAL FIBRT BATE HANDS. FOR mxkiug ladies dre.<s caps, headdresses and uluidoa work. Apply at Rmodwav Vt'ANTfcl)? TWO P<tOl'ESTANT8; ONE AH LAITN VV drc- h ind cluiiiibermald and :ne as waltrees. App y at No. S btrong place corner of HAWta n at , South Brooklyn WAMED? *N OBMOINO aND COM-'BTiiNr WO man, as launures.< and chambermaid ; must be well re commend d apply between Hi and 1.' A. if. at 381 5<b av. W ANTrD-A CHftL ItJ DO THK OENEifAL HO"8E woi k of flv-' in a 'atuily . must he a nlcCpla'n cook and goal washer aud ironer, n uio o.hcrs noed sjiply. Olty refer ence re<i>i red ?'ali at 118 Wea? 43<1 si., between the hours of 10 A M iiuJ 4 P M TA'ANrKD? A WOMAN, WHO IS A GOOD CO )K, f v washer and irouer, in a prlv.uo family. Ona with a good recouim- ndsti- n oin appli at 24 Hfm."en it., Brooklyn. \A ' At- Tk D ? TWOCOM r-ETENT OIHLS, FOB THE COI N ? try; en.- to c< ok, w?sh <-nd Iron; the other e.s chamber maid am) waiter. '1 hose with good reference can apply at I."S * e-t HHb si . between 8lb and 9th avs Wa.VTI L ? A COKl'ETB^T COOK, WaSUEB AND in ner. in a prvate family; good city references re ^llli^'?<,. apjdy at Iw K rt <1 reen place. Brook! ? n. W'ANTKD-A HUUU goOK AND WAITER OIBL FOR v? a b- aiding l ouse. Inquire of Mrs. Horton. 80 II *m mond st. None need apply butUtosewho know tneir busi ness. lA'ANTBD-AN IN.ELLIOENT PROTESTANT YOtTNfl v T p?rson neat w ll.n ?: and c .mpetent hi seamstress and nurs-. Apply ai 12 broaoway, room So. 12. TIT AM ED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A OI1-L, TO DO TT general houaeu-ork Hone nwd apply but a scrupulous ly u? at and p>-rectly competent person, with Brook1) u ret e rtu-es. iB'iuire ?t "/8l llenry at., South Brooklyn. TJL' ANTED ? A l.AfNORESt, IN A PRIVATE FAMII.f, TT a I ro'i s'au', t-cctch or English mftmt The btat references as to unnllfleatlena required No othcra need ap ply. Call ui ho. 3 Mad won ;we , troia tf te 12 o'clock. 117ASTKD-A NURSE- ONE CAPaBLB OF TAKIN3 i? care of a yonng bihy and a good aeamatreaa. Apply at 23 TV eat 4iat at., between Broadway and titti av. to-day. WaT nthse wanted-a toung, health* wo TT m.n, wilt p freah breast of milk. Apply at the drag ?tore hid ar. A, from 10 t" 11 A. It. _ WANiFD-A GOOD WOMAN FOR GENERA! HOC8E work. Mu?i bring good refereneea. App'.y at 81 Pacific ?t., Biooklyn WAKreit-A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO COOK, WASH and Iron, 'o go a 'hoi l <l> tao.-e in the country; one who understands the <*rc oi inllk and making biscuit. Wages $ti. Apply at 22 Charles at. N. V'., for two day*. WANTED? A KURSK AND SEAMRTREiS, WHO CAN uorue well recommended (Protectant pre! erred;, at 31 London t? trace, 2 VI St., between tfih and KHh avs. "II' ANTED ? A RPSI'EiJTABLB WOMAN, AN I.AUN TT drrss and to aiiHist In 'hitm-jerwork. Apply, with city reference*, at 13 Kaat 12th at TIT AN TEt ? A NF.AT AND Til T VOUN3 GIRL, TO TT do the general houeework of a small family, eonaist Ing of a ganl'enian and his wlieand ?ne child; wign ? not to exceed (6 per nui.ib; g'-od relerencea required. Apply at 301 West Ifouator at. WANTED? A KIKeT CLASS COOK, WASHRR "AND Iroaer. alio undetitanJt making bread and paltry, to go to Mat.u UUnd, elti reti r.Dc;* rebuked. Apply at 151 v. net 11th si, between y ana 11 A M. TI,'ANTFD-TW(? GIP.L?. ONE TO TV) THE COOKING TV sod waiting In s prlvntc family, and tha Htaer to do the eh.imberwnrk and l n K. < ? ca:e of eblldrcr ; none need apply without a reooinaiendation from their last place. Inquire at No. Ki East Brondwr.y. U/ANTED-A BMART (URL. WHO IS A GOOD TOOK, ? wa?ber?nd in ner. Must ooinc wed ree mint nded n?d be w Ding to do what Is re iulr-<l of her. Apply tor :**?> davs at 162 * rat ,-Hth n "11 * A.N TKD ?A N F AT, SM tRTGIRLAR I OOK, WASHER TT and turner, in a vrlvate i snilly Good cl<y rafernnoM for homaty. capability, Ae.. w ill be reunited. Apply befveeo the hour* of tf and 11 at I W 9th at. v\ J AX TED ? A WELL iri'CAtBD YOINU PERSON, who can sear and be willing to perf i ai ligkt bo.ix.-h.ild duties; mint b" a'.le to taitracl young ehn lr> n In the nidi feaau of kng'i?h sutf aiithmcl'c Will hare >< reap ctahl lotrte and $il a month Add" ?, postpaid, With re rrrroiie. h P. A , I ni n i i usee Post otlico. W ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED \NI? COMPETENT uuise MiM l.nngeay reference* A Protectant pre icried. Apply at SO W eel .Kith ?t WILIilKKIif, Al . a mTTlINARi OPENING -VOU WTLL PL1A?E CAM, fV on 1 ?tlr?day nnd Frl?U>. Maieh 21 and 22, &ud ei untnc oar ipring ln>i<oita ion< of *'Uitucry and MtUiuorr Good* L HI.NNfT aiillttici-y. : Iwf. ai iu the world, aM Uioad *ay, oppe tile Metropolitan Hotel, Valis. /1 HtATTT, IHt FVLTON KTKEET, BRO iKLTN, V'? will m-en on I hit aday, vinreh 2^, an eligallt aejoit uient of ai'ring and snmm< r A >uneta. rtRAVD OrERINO OF rRlirrn MU.LTNERT. ') 'JlandSI' nhi-'on -tree' W. 0"KNHV>I *i II open, n, roui'day, t!>. 2!? u ? n t , sltha latge and "i-gan a> Kkel )?onu(MaM ?':*ee.-? G>v-?i!, cituj rising an aa^orlm ntnf Unpolled P. i ??ta, tog".h t wMi a 'argi atock of my onv ii tnufpi nrc, s'l of the nee'eat MM ?o t btautl til de isns Alao a la.^' ?"d well a i 'led a'o-.k of ^I.Wfni, Itlb'.ons * l"ud ., Ac., Ae? at prlc."- tnat de"y ootnpeiiMo*. v>hiiu.?if btijei ur tr vftc d te eiainln"' b-ifore riirrha>lnj tla<'.vhere H'. Ol'BMI ?M, SI and 21 . Irtv ?i- n flr*t. H. B.? aoc aectlun with any other m lb the clly MHM OPEMI\M 11, MVt- .KhTBI-'T this day. Mm. h 21, ?l a a i uil M--oi '.ii.tnt ul Kienuh ?pi og and suasni- r B( i nets. M RPDAMEf FTOOT 4 WILKINSON, in 701 BtOVD w a?. ? A Ii nr" and el.-gatu a- . .r??n?et of Hpilng Pattern Hi in net* 'or the .? owthern and t?e?tem ?h ileeale trada; slso a large aaaortmei t of Cblldnsu'e Data of e* ery de<ri .pu'>n. VI MK DBMOBET < Oil ? f-D OPKTT "<G 0? PATTKI NU JTI 01 the Par.e sorng "aahions, Tanrada/, Mafh 1 1, IHBl, ?73 Broadway, 3W ('ansT atreet, IH |-|< nrpuit street, Brook lyn. aud at 'he branrhci In n'l the pi fnc'ptl clilet of the I nl'ir snd t^arads a' o ptw ready tb'i?i'i>ug numHer of the "Jatrrot of Fashion," in ? cent*. Postpalu, sli e.-nts. Aj ADAMH lSAAf*9? kV PTlOAD^ A? NEW YORK. IT AI im t?M> t*f tfifr nlvtf tho !vft< ft nn<1 h*r n it.nna , "111 be ><? m <' en thuiiiliy, ?veli II, TMth a m; er.t o' , |?t. Vtt hwff, tonprWuf Ikl Ifcjteat at) le * and e Mte Ii ? t i|t|i|,tyot tilrnmad and in Kle up Also, MpuralKf H?iie, t ?, ina.le up with tliat^'gird lot ar . ne-s aud . t-r?e -r, ts? chata-'t.' tied herevabhsb n ct? lorao many j?tr* The n , -swill he t Id at the UfwMl oath prleea. Isaai.h ?w Mre^d <ray. C PRING PARIS FLOWERS o raitflEBil A?D BRlDAt ftRTR GaRNITI ftHg AMI \i il3, JAM El' ri'CKfl 7f9 Hroadaav 4 ???> CANAL ?THFET- *N OI'ENING Of KPKIMG LJ oO #onceu at M. DALt'H, on Tliure4ar> I'*' 8,IL'^ HO?? ~~ Oil 1,1 AKOH i> KAVANAGH A ORARI'i great Billiard KiMbttim, f??m*a off a? Mcwit igue Hall Ri"?klyo, to nieht Mr SI I'he lati tafid ,f White have kltidly volunteered their eerrkx-e and Will pMdtlrely appear. Ttiii wPI be the greateet Uibi'ii tk'ii erer ofl?r'd 10 the public, Dnora pen at 7 1 * ; to a<>ev w b<c at f o 'Hock. TlaMMWVMta. BTLLURD?.~F.)R flAI.K, A ?W.RNI?D PTOnK OF n> ? .ml hand Tab' e Uii toe enly .??r? 1 cn?l Inn <-r made. Call anil evsml'i" in a' u<l four < nl r? by juin'l. ? W. I!. DRirrj ri' '41 F'll'on utroet. BE HOLD t'lif \r, ins < .,1 r- j??> N'K>" bl? frti.' ji/"i, ")? hit. .*|i 1 1 v ? it. 1: r.inrst f r. ? le i r.i ha seen ?? 1% TbIii ct? I'uirUt.i .ici fhl-t> fit: I iter. <?. BOARD! * 6 AMP LODOne. A PtAU' *a*I * , bbmdinb m tii kir own / 1 ""?# ten furnished. wHh J>?*rd. to itacW g?o Uc a . , or * genUaumn ul hu wife. Tbo hfm*e i* btuyiu sUm , wuhiO th? modem tmprorMrti. Inquire atl81 Lex in* m i? enoe, the tllrdWs* above thir ty-eighth *tr? l W -"Sai-ag^r^A. AH BOY, AOED SIXTEEN, DESIRES BOA BO .flTfllN | ten minutes' walk of Aun timt in a pr.?u'.<> dlimfci i smily. AdUres*, with partievUur*, A. B. 0., box HI ??! I < lllff. A LAKOB AND NEATLY FURNISHED BOOM, ON A second tUxrr, aud one ou third floor, to let, * ilh ll->ard, to gentlemen and their wives, or single gentl'-m-n, 'u a pri vate family, where home comfort* mar be engaged. Apply at ilia V\e*t Thirty it veuth itreet. Term* moderate. Mo movii g in May. Aback parlor and extension room, neatly furnished, to let to k gentleman and #lt>, or one or i*o ?'ntltimo. Also a large attic Room, furnished, to a lady, brum moderate. Apply at 239 East Tenth street. A PLEASANT BTIT OP PABL0B9, FITBNI8HKD, with Bedieoma, are now vacant at 63 fc.a-t Twenty eighth street Kami t< a wishing Board In a Brst class house, can call aa above. Dtnuer at 6 P. M. Reference exchanged. Nj moving in May. 4 DEMISABLE SUIT OF BOOMS, AND A LARUE a. Room, suitable for a gentleman anil wife with l ull Board. can be obtained in toe first elas* holm Wo. 6 West twenty : out ih street, opposite Filth Avenue lloUlL A BVPEBBLY FURNISHED SUIT OF APARTMENTS A to let, wuh or without putlal Board, to single genUenwn only; t-iiisie family and accommodation first clans. Apply at 3: 1 1 i rt Mfteenth street. Union square. ASBMBD OB THIRD STORY BOOM, NEATLY FI'B nl*h> d, to let, to single gentlemen or a gentleman and w lfe, with or wi'hout Hoard in a smtll private family ; house La* hatb, gas, Ac , and kept in the best order. Apply at 120 )oM No. Wi Fu tb street, near Second avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY WISHES TO PROCURE a suit of Rooms (Board for the ladv only). betwea>? Union square and Twenty seventh street ana Lexington and toixtli avenues. Address J. B. J., box itO Herald odioe. A PLEASANT AND CONVENIENT BOMB? ONE OB XX two gentlemen and their wives, or a few single >;--ntlo n. en desiring first o as* Hoard sn-1 pleasant apmm .uU.osn b? accommodated at iOA Pourtb street, near Second avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can be accommodated with a pleasant front Room, on third lloor, with Board, !u a private family. Re ferences exchanged. Dinner at tf o'clock Apply at 17Q West Twenty- second sireet. APARTMENTS -AN BLBOANR SUIT OF FOUR, ON the (list floor of a private house, to let, with private table: also, a l'arlor and lied room, with or without partial B<>uid. at 71 Fifth avenue. BO.AhD.-A NEARLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO let, oti * ootid floor, suitable for a gentleman and ladv, or tw< single gentlemen, in a Froneh Protestant family. Ap ply at 62 A est Thirty-third street, near Broadway. Board ? a handsomely ptjbnisbrd room, or l'arlor and Bedroom, to rent, having gad and bain, with fuil Board for a lady. In a small private fumll", neir Wash ington paAde ground. Cars and stages pass near the luuse Address H. A. M., Union square Post oiilce. BOARD-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE MAY HE AO cminodated with as lit of Koouii on the second or ilrbd floor. Also a s'ngl* Room, suitable for a gnni'cmsn, in a flm elftes house ? 1th every convenience References ex changed. 13U Mac lson avenue. Board -a oenilrman and wife, oh t*to hin g'eg -ntl men, -nn obtain B ?rd at 16 iffeit VVa-tUingt -n plaoe. fourth door from Six ,h avenue Board in a private family in bhookh-n? Pleasant *rcon>modalioii* for one or more young goalie men; localou near r niton and Wall street ierrks gn and bath furnished. Call at 72 llenry street, near Pineapple for two days, Board WANTSD.-A KURNIUIIRD BOOH AND FAB tial Board wanted, by a gentleman, In a private f inally. Address, staling terms and particulars, 0. h., box lJl lloiald OlUcc. Board wantbd-in a private family (thepb no other boarders are taken), for a gentleman, wife, baby and nurse; a Par lor and Bedroom, neatly I urnisned, on secoi d floor, tiMi, of a bou?e containing the modern imoi-ov* merits. Location between Foutteenth and Thirty llftb streeto aud Second aud H jlh avenues. Address, stating '.crmi, &e , D. A. N , box 144 Herald ofllce BOABD WANTED.? A GENTLEMAN WIfiriES TO Ob tain Hoard for his wife and himself, in * private f.< mil r, fiotu 1st ol September next. He dcalrcsa Pui 'orand Red r oi m, together with Board, for which Ife wou d give $.SijJ a year. AMtese O. A , box 107 Herald oilice. Board wanted-by two youno ladir", in a private family, or where there aio but feivotlie.r board era. Address T. it., b jx 170 Herald oOioe, stating terms. Boarding at the nrw yorr hygienic insti tule ?A few boaideis ean find ac ommosatlous at So. 16 I.aiglit street, N< w Yorr. Diet strictly physio, ojieal ilailii. Ermnastuin, and dat ring twice a week, free to boarder*. ecti;re? m the hall every day; lycouin onoe a we>k Dvs pep. la, rhfsemattsm aad other ehronio dleesseeoursd without medicine Terms from $4 to $11 ptr weak, according to rooms. Trauklout bu.aders SI ixt day. pANOhBB ft HCLLKB, Proprietor*. Board in Brooklyn, near wall htrket feb ry ? A genileman and bis wife or single gentlemen oan obtain pleasant Rooms by applying at Mo. 76 Montague plaee. northweat corner of Henry stroet. Best of reference glvon and required. BO\HD WANTED IN BROOKLYN? BY 1WOFAMIUE9, one consisting or & gentleman, wife and datigh ver ulue year* of *g?; the other a gentleman a ad three grown aislers, an entire set ond ttory, fuml'-hed or utifurnieh-d, with pri vale family preferred; 1 <villty within four or live blocks of Packer Institute, in a gtntcel bouae and neighborhood: tenn-t must be moderate. H. st reference* given and required If tie ?lied. AddrcM f - A B., Brooklyn Pout odlcr, foFtero dajna. BOAKDINO IN BBOOKLTN.-A LADY, BKdlDING IN bcr oma house, wishes throe or four youiif: mea l? Board, and will make the bouse pleasant for them. No. Si Hi nd street, liwklyn. ("lHKAP FURNISHED BOOM8 AT THE PRANKPOlU J 1 J onto, corner of Frankfort and William streets ? Goeg Booma from $1 to f.H per w< rk. Lodging* fiom 36 ovulate 87 oema per night. Open all night. Uood restaurant attached (lOUNTRV BOARD WANTED? OB A FUBNI4HH0 > Louie, for a smalt family, for lour montha from June L, at Orange. N. J , or on the Northern New Jersey railroad. Addreaa M , box J,h27 New V ork Port office. (lOUNTBY ROABD Fi'BNI&HED? FOB THE USE OF ) sufliolrnt plain household furniture for a three .-Uiry hoaso, pleasantly situated, about one hour's dlaunce in an the city. Reference* exchatgod. Address, with real, Country Board, Herald otlioe. Finely fcbnibhed bedrooms, at modbbaos prtoe*, for single gentlemen, without board, withla twe minutes' walk of the City llall. Inquire at No. ti Boae stroet, hree doors from Ktaokfort. FUBN18HED BOOMS, OR BCTT8 OF BtlOMR, TO LET, with Hoard, at No. t?3 Fourth avenue tlai, witter, Ac., in the house; no moving In May. Can and stages paM the dior. IjlVRNISUKD R?M)MH ?MICE. COMFORTABLY FUR I; nlnbed lloome and Bedrooms for small resuewjible fami Ilea or single gentlemen, from $1 to $2 60 per work, at U6 Elizabeth street, near Hroome. Reference required. JERhBT CITY FOABD-ONLY THREE BLOCKS FBOM the ferry , one or two gentlemen can have Board to a pri vate faml y, with all tho comforts of a home PnU bo*rd $."> it) a week. l'srt<al board only $3. Apply at ?7 MouUtmao ry ?: e- t. NEAK8TXTH AVENTB.? ONE OR TWO OKNTLBMEN ran tind a ?roo<l home at SJ West Twenty eighth street; modem itnproYi mnnts lu the bouse; the beat o' refereucee; terms moderate TWO OB 1HREP PLEAHAN* ROOMj WILL BB LET? With Board, to gentlemen and their wl?ea or single gen ttenen, who will b"- permatent parties. I/ieutlon deilrable ami tio moving In May. Reference* exc'ianged. Call for three days at W?>at 'I wentyaeooud stree'.. IK) BAC HE LOBS. ?A SMiLL FAMILY (HVK I'KK aoni), oectipving a very nice house Ink fl.-?t cla?s loon ttna, tare a front S'lU u-e Chamber, wuh rloaeta, grate, ^.u, Ac , also a bali Krdmom adjoining, which th"T will rem t<> one or l?o single gentlemen, with rnlibout br.-ikfaft and lea; ro< ma furnished or not . ro^m- overlook a beanttful g*r d< n W i uld makn * . tulet, pleasant home. \ id re v ul'm to, box 117 lleiald ofl.oe. TO I AF.LNTS AND (HJAKDIANS. ? A HOY. WHO IS fond nt children, would Itkr to lake one or two, under n<nr < earn f ate, to it-iMid and ttdimte Adrtrw for ihivs gay. M m A. P.. Herald ottloe. WANTED- WITH FULL BOARD, A PUANI8UBV Room for K?iitlt!to*u ai.d wife; 'o -atins between Tblr ty flfili and Hftj aeeond atiiyita an.1 (stxtl< and Ninth avs mif?! t-rnumttii be moderate. Addrex V. ?. B , Madl.oa square Post office. Vl'ANTKI) tTRNWIED KuOMH IN A BTilICTLY V? i rtvato family, liy a vouBg Rwn? ?.n?n of the hleheat reapecttfbllity; t.rta'kfaa*. only r'<iuired. lyicr.non betwrfn Fourth and ruth avenues, lounreotb arid Twentieth atrwett. Aiidrr~?. aiattng term a, irta'ton, Ac., R. Ij. L, Herald ollice. No too- ing in M'iy. YA'ANIED-TWO OU TIIBKB ROOMH, FUBNIHIIBD TI i.i unl mo tied, v Ith o- wlaoat Board, from the tat of Mav, oi tr m precent time If th're la no hsoviug In Hay;l>?a t' ii no. Bf ir F?i! ib ko'mf an? b< l? on ?<eveni*enih and 1 hit !le< h *!ieeu. Addrei*, wittt full pari'ru.Ars, MraUvag ? w>". llerald 11 f ANTED? TWO LARUE < OUSKCtlN J, OS T> iit*t floor, fro'it, In t private family, with Board, i-jt a It- nt', wile, Infant and mfense; uim4 have a I the en i??. n'er ?? A liheral Pfleo w ill t? gi?e-i for - ,"*!>!? v suso a^iiora. Ideation betwoam FoorMrnti and r Mrty.f iunn atr?eta aad Third aed Smh aveuu ??. Addrsea, ?iui alt car tlen ar.1, t! i". E., sox S,0'ft Poal oilioe. W ANlt-D? KOR A MNOLE URN'TLbM AN, ONh OR TI t*ti well fuinlahed t imi, with buard, In a riMll prl Tuta family, wfcere there are ri> olh-r buardi re lyocxluin bote em fouiteeata and fwr n y.flfti-, atreeta, aad Fourth and eixlh avenuee. Ail' eiia A.M., box 2,7. 4 Pom o'lui", SMtUlif tiriua. ii;aIItld luiAr.L in a lady and nrrn h >v* ?v ag- ?l V. joart. wli?r8 Ihe ? tn nr! ? oi a home an be eiit -ted LoraWli between Tilrtle'.h and Fifty rourth sti t? and Hroidway and Mfh avenne. It, fe en.'.-s ex. cfea if d. Addi eas for three days, staling terms, whisb m ta. hi iteali rate. Home, Madia >n a^aarn 1' iet ofQeo. r- w f fcT TWELFTH yrp.r.f.T.-Tiro trnoicR ?/?) R iiina ti let, w tli full Benn!, to a family or gentle Oien. where tlit c >?nfoi ta t.f aelean'y home r n be had; tab'e nneieeptloi able and flteal* regular; dinner at t> rtef?iva ;.j? rec|n i d. Ml KASTTWJ, Fill BTRKTT, NBAR HKOAD^AY.? To let, fnf nUhe J or not with R ).trd if ruutent, ae e- md Fleor, four noma *? ?< oetn; thtt I Floor, four room", t 'P Floor, two rooms: gea thr^tigli ihe bona- ; n?i of Hist Iwf p\rloi git en, Ap| ty t 'Otn .1 to t P. M 7(? ftPKIBO STBRRT. THRBK DOoB? FBOM UK* AD ( ?T vay. To 1?.|, a"\.ia' hand- Inri.ltb^il 'loo'ua te F'i I'eutlt reen I he l.e'aMnn la ne^r all the (l^at rl w ? ho trlf mm ntaeaoof i inuacmvnt. K- adlrg r iorn fieo. ID' intra of Ai>M)N HOl'ltP ik if ?'IPKNB "TBBBt, ABOVE Ijt'TON t/f) House II. "i ' t!j furikl b? i nut. >1 ito .n.a, i toil ' ? av< ry < ? -nvetii sllee f >* h'nufjtic; liigceoitoni't'vll.. Partu u'tkrtj eultaWo fnr smal!, iesp? . atda f amftloi or rii.^le HTIiltl llW* i'vnt low ti per.oaoem jmtn ? 1 e/J PRtWOE fit REBT.? IT. ' LaIB HOVI<!?IItiH> | .1*1 callltf ''"ll ? .? ' It' . i, ! Med .<ims Ot'Oe'Kwi, Nith all lie ? ?i t-?. ?? :t" h d- I . t *> ept <e, f?el?4< h i e.uaii < rom Ik*' "t? t < ttorenj ! torn'!.' *? or <'n gu- gouneisMk BOARDIWG AID I<ODGI*?. inn BLERCXEE S1RBBY, NEAR M AUDOUG AL 1 ? f urulshad Roast* to let, with Board, suitable for f* mih i and kiogt'' R' ntlemca; partUw auplylug at ouee c ? lii t s pari ox* at* toy Uu; y??r if desirable, at uioderau 1'liu ti at 6, uo moving in May. Apply afWr 1 t. M. nin ELM 8TRBKT, NEAR 81'RJ (m-.KURW'SHBJB X J v/ A) artracnU for laoiimiiate owuptairy. The lowest n iu? In the dty.aonaMerlrig the convenience for *? onominil hnui?-a?epliig Bast bonding and luruuure, with ran #s, cooking uiauslis and linen complete; gm? ?n?l Crotou FOIi 8ALB. A BUSINESS ALBhADT ESTABLISHED FOR HALE n. for $>ttl -To an ftc tlv? man acquainted with th > eity ti is is a cliunce that rarely oueuas; with the above outlay ai int > >me ot $;:r> per wffk taay lie leailzed. Address T. Thomp son, box tlii Herald since. A TtAWTIO HOTEL? FOR HALE, WITH ALL OR A X\ i art of th? h uruitu -e, wit It a Ltaaa of nine jmtto n.ii fioiu May 1, 1.-01. Apply on the premium, ?J3 Greenwich street, a HAivF. CHAj)t'E ?A FIRST CLASS LUNt'II ROOM, ?*\ now doing a ?ord business, in the neighborhood of the. Po t t>llio?, l jr b.tlo, very low; satisfactory reasons given. Inquire of -i Oil N CAKLANO, No. 6 Centre st'eet, BAKERY FOR hams on LEAKED PROPERTY ? TWO building- , business, honwf, wagons and all the UxluitM. apply at 436 Hudson s'.rttt. Mo brokers need apply. Bakery and ice cream saloon pgr balk >\ ell loc&ttd; doing ? K-md business; a One chance to make money; off?re<l, If ?. >ld soon, very l'jw. SOCTHWIt'K A WOOD, Ht Nassau street. BOILKKH FOE HALi^-NBW AND HKOON0 UaNO Boilers of sU deseiiptlous, from 1 to >0 kome cower, all complete; also sernral hv-nm Pom * and snuJl Beam En

gines In.jruro at the Bruaklyn is team Boiler Work*. 167 Water street WM. F1 N-NE Y *3o. POE Ha IK? 74 BRAIDING MACHINES, WITH Hi'OOL mg and Winding M M-hlne*, Bcnchaa, shafi.'ng, and all the Fixture*, together with ? small Steam lingttw. Steam pi.werund rooms to let. intiulreof UHBIWIAN BOUW.AETifi, corner of First avenue sod Bast Flfty lhird street. IaOR BALE? A TEA. CO 'FEE AND BUTTER STORE, 1 now dnliiK a good business, the owner bavingeUier our.i n*d to atU'B'l (o. Price, including stock, lease sad Uxlurcu, fc. ou. Inquire at 703 third avenue. 1[?<>R RALE? A GROCERY STORE IN JKUtiEY 8ITY. 1 lnqul-c at 14J West btreet. N. Y. CHE BALE? THE SrOtfK A* I) KIXTLitES OF A P f mu 11 Shoe Store io Brooklyn t nutb istod for the last two ynnrs and n'.w doln? ft good euttom trad*. Hatlsfadory reasons glveu lor selling. Address Btore, box IMS Herald office. IilOB BALE? A < OR*lEt UoUOit STORE; TO BE r 'old a harrf iln; a good slore, with ba. '<< roam and cl'itr, with liaso, tloiii^ a gojd hunmes-1, m good uolgliborhood; rt? son. i given lor stllhig Iminlre ai 'Mi "IrM nvt-mii*, oornoi' of Eighteenth street. In the store. PATRICK i'O WERS For bai.b? tea and or ceky stork.-thk ks sex Tea varkut, tle^anily lilted up, and the best stanl for the biihineaa in the eity, bein^ beside the n.arket and eight y eui h esiikbllshetl. and is now doing a large uuh bnsinasa. The Moek and Fljrtures and goo 1 will will b* soli ebeup for c??li In consequence of sickoess. Apply at 3tW Grand street, nesr Esses, from 2 t.i ti 1* M. IilOK SaLE? A WOOD BUTCHER'S SUOP. INQUIRE 1 at 147 MyrUo avenue, Brooklyn. LViR fi \LE? THE OYHTER BAT EXCHANGE, NO. Z18 r 1 bird avenue with a three years' lease It Is one of the best Bland* tn the avunue Apply to JOHN CANNON, No. lit 'i bird avt- nu" 01 on the i)'eiin e? FIOR SALE? BtRUK ''ABrLETOV, lttf TONS lH RDEN, in good oNtor for basin?s8 May no v be seen at the fr.ot ol' Thirty thud street, hast river Apply to U. K LI VlNObTO.N, 218 Hfth uvenu. , or to E. H. iiUDCOW k CO., No ;i Pine ftrret |j>OR t-ALE? KOLK YEARS' LEASE AND FIXTURES J; of a (I no l*rg i turner store; a lint' situation for grucorltw or liouora; cost $mni to Q! up; ? ill be aold for J70J e?sh; rent rri.dirM'e A; ply cn the premises, 167 itteecker street, earner frf BuUh ati. EflCR RALE? A OROOEEY RTOP.E, OONPIBTINO OF 1 stock, fixture* au.i tease. Is an old eitablUhed tit*nd, sltuati d at 24 famine street. The plaix> inui-t be sold to clo.-e the bu?lu"as This is a l ire oppirtuntty for a party pfB.?e?eeil of r-nd cibIi Tor lurthar pattieuUrH apply on the premise", between the hours of 8 A. M and 5 1'. M. -? For sALE- i.ivroR sior.B, 735 tuihd avenuh. Ij;rgn re.:- tenement buildings Must sell tkui day. Bargain lor canh. Good chance to n' l buslnes-i. Apply this day in the store, or 147 fjeonard tttreet. U?)R ?XLE OIIEaI'? A Ht'UCW PRKBB, NEW: 80ME r Fly W hw Is, some Vices and a lot of Btneben. Apply at 208 William ?treet. L. PEKM)T. Hat rtore f?r rale.? tmk stock and fix lures of a retail Hat store, a bra*, rate ant longe?t*bliith fd at tnd; ill amoont 10 about ?.\MAI. h*lt' cs?U, toe gaod paper. Adt re.n A. I., box RU Herald oilier HOUBE FOR BALE IN BKOOKI.TN? C35 PACIFIC street; lot SO fet>t by 'OK, honse by 41, two stor-s, lilgli base i m ut snd under eelinr; rhtladalpaia brlek front, htown stone trimmings and irou l>eln?B* and ratlings; gas and gns fixtures, hot and owid water, Istli, rangw, heat'-r, speaking tubes and stationary tuLx. Price (1,600, of which is on mortgage. IMPORTANT TO BUTCHERS.? A FIRST RATE STALL In Jeii'ei wn market, for sole ehesp, an the owner has otbe<- 1 uslnns.'. Apply to Mr. BROW Lit, in the rear, before 12 o'clqck. p T IQl'OP. STORE AND GROCERY.-FOR BALE, THE Li etock of Oroecrlvs. Lt.(iior(>, Provialoue, Ac.. contained in the f lore .'tfj Water street; alio ihe Counters, Shelving and Flxtnree. a pply on the premlaea. OYfcTER AND DINING SALOON FOR KALE? ONE OF the beat (land! op town, at tae junction of the Klgtith A YCB H? Bftllfltd ; will be sold ebeap for ciiah ; cauae of m. IBng, death in tlx- faiutly. Appij pu the premtaaa, No. rat Flftl?& atreot and Eighth avenue AWN TICKET FOR SALE ? OF BTAMOND RING and I In, four at nea In each, cure white very large; cost 96) iu, In pawn (or will *?11 the Tickets for ft30 td dreaa Hat nt white an interview sau be had, A. Wlllari, box 110 Herald oOlce. yiORE roR SALE? WITH TWO LOTS, a BT K>6 P each, altuated In f.aa? New York, L. I , tppoelte the Dis trict Kchcol llouae. Prteo $1,400; part nu mortgage. For fnrtber partlsulara In quire of J. HlTCflENB, ou tke pre MBM. STABLE FOR PALE-ON TWENTY SECOND STREET, IX feet etm of Eighth avenue A t.Hvhte Stable, with fine Carriage IIou*\ and sull* for four uoreea. Lot i'lilff). Termaeaay. Apply to SAMUEL LOUD, corner of Grand and Chryatle etrcoia. SLOOP FOR SALE. ? THE SLOOP WHIPPOORWILL about W ton*' D. built by Kwsra. haynor A Tent*, at Heliport, L. I. ; la well furnished throughout and ready for bum.eea; will lie raid low toclo.-* an eh taw Apply to II MN RY W. TITUS, K*| , at Belljwit, L. I., or f> **. KEVAN, IK Water atre^t, lie* York. \IHNE AND IJQVOR STORK FOR BALK? A BAR n gtla -Foraaie, the Leaaaand ItsfemMatf a iMtaltai PI<tc, at the ni>t''h?a?t ooraer of t. ry-third (treat and Second av. nu\ ut the railroad d' po;, the presnni proprietor leaUngcn of oil er biuduc.H lu the uuouv. None ne< (I apply ttalosa on cish ti rnK Mum be (old before the Ut of Api if d|Onn -VARif.TY A*D STATIONERY STORE Wlt/I. ?POUv. iir H"ld for ene-thlul pa t H'u? on aecount of ill health, Stock, t ixtnrca and Kuml'.ute for b<>u?ek>-epiag in cmdnd. Call at SI Third avenue, tear Twelltb airoe.t. C M in WILL BUY THB LCaSE. STOt'K AND FIX TO Rg "P* )UU of n Drinking Sni..v h, wi.h tlie Furnitnro of turee rooma loeatfd in th? vtcinlij 01 Br adway, an.l no'v d.i'iv a C'xhI buataeaa. 'Ihe lease ha* two teata to run from the Ut of May next, and ha* been enabfUh.-i fifteen veira. The leare alone I- north the mouey. Apply to GLO. UOLJROOK auctioneer, W.i Broadway, room No. t FRRHONAL. A F. -CALL AT HIE WIST OFFICII TOR A L"T:ER .? a. r. A NNIE, Of MR". 8 ? 'B -Do N<>r GO DOWN to TUB A. ht-ire till ( (re \ ou. *? 111 be up 8un(ay night. Auasur J. W. B S, llTHld oil e. INNA -L?YTBR H?R \t>0 AT Til B HKO IKLVN Poet ofline, thU i Friday afternoon, March Ji, from U. M M ARIE LOl'ISE -D&l.N LEiTRB* O. D. PKRFONAL? PERKY ST(U> T, TN A KNOW SMKM. The driver kaew my wjabe*. I *.>uM not have lat yoa O'tt. Grar.t me an lnten i"* . Adtfreee W D. Ktrkmao, P, ut oOlce. TT1B LADY DK8MBD TN MOTTBNTNO, WHO RK c-onnl7?'d a pentlrmati In t'herry * r.>cl huoui oViiock in H i uci'day e\ enlug, w i.l a'blr<(N I . I'. G., Bruadnay I'oat : (lice. he ?ill hear from a fritnd. 7 IDOW B aOHRRF.?II#, BOND AT AFTEBNOON. AT lbr?? o clock, "Him pi ie. AKi iiiJIt. w UlsT AID FUI ID. AUtT 8 DHOOTH LOS f, iS OSK OP TQK BROAD . ? ay ami Vt ?U atteet f a# *, or In one of th' atrreta l> ? ImtiSi Wm 'I til iy Hfth atrwtt and Ut Broftny Tne Tn.'.er wi 1 be Uberall* itiV.ird-Ml by Mtumm It to N. C. lllCllOf, 114 Hiimd* ay, or a; m WM Thirty Hrth *ti*et.. ITtOfND? IN YORKYILLE, ON 1MB UTn IMTTANT, A JT Veti ttml'unil I>og If n t called (,yi lit thri>n d iy? will foe a6M <o pay e?.pi ii A Vv ta WiUtani (iert-.n, )? Ighty tolrd aireet, m ar Font 'li arenne 1 out ? a kank m?oh on ran b lf&.kf-b staff. r I j t'.ank, No 'J ?'> 'n7. The Under wiU p!ei-e r* turn It to tt? i Dank. UKW Alt US. far BEWaRD.-LOKT, EITHER IN A BROADB \X <P?)an<l IcittMWlHi ?>t:e?t otnnlion. <?r on learlhf Hie ( innath ad ot w aD al.eet, an eaantv'fc><l iirtiocii. Afipiy at t.'i 1 ? <.ver *tr?et, uo alalia. _ ton pr'takd.-Lopt. a black and tan n.Rfir.R, ?T?' about (even poi>n4( ?'lgli'. The tin t r will rcc. '*e ?Tir aVive reward by leiurolng him to 4il rte? Tweatjr-ii Ji meat. ?C REWARD -IURT CART 1.IR5 flToLEh. O.i THK it 2?Jth, f Mm coiner o' t.lotn ? itet a ri ;i F uli avenue bltie ta-dy attd rid e h>ele Any in l ort. n'Jon of Biu an me Kill recefve the above rew?rd by leaving >t ?* aHove (Mil RKWAlB- bOftr, In PixrBBN (I ?T?BBV, ol ?T I U liiondway. near I'uion (lt.ara, tin \Ur Jt3l,n lady a Ht.ld Wat' h and Cha'n Tte rtnder will mcdti the aba- a re wa id rr? brlnnlng It ie 2"> lrvli-K -'lace. (kin*RD.-I" WEDKEBfAr MORSIN^t qp 1 '/ J^iarah B Wt?? i olton an-i fine eluieta. an o<a fri>hbiiHd ?.Bi;le mm t) . d it i.teb. with c >I<1 link eha*n an! Itni feil, name ol Bethleo ma-k^l oa iTlel. WMatw wi'l d< 1 v?r the Wa<iwi Ac., 1 1 \n si ?~4h. t wenty . Ightli elr. jt, aia'l lt< -Ire t'.e ab^ve reward. fi*in RFWARD.? tO*T, ON TIIF, BVgNlftO OP JjP I " F llaiell B| KIwiM tee ho nf g i.n i |?'< lo?4t, a b. i ^e <?k, oon.n'n ii%' ?.t7 fn Mil at'. I flub> (old un-i ait ut tot oae niomlt'a r 'illulajh Keitiry. rh t |*?Hkft uti ?< ha !o?' in going frota BiO EMI For.. aevaMB alreio to fhilty ,('... nil a' reel ????? * Ubth menoe, anil fr m theen (> Pcve: III ft' ? Bie It :?r tl itty -.Vf a b it ???>. Ike a'> >ve wcil w I I b. p'.ld en ih" i e ;-e y ol IhftBBR by appiflSg a1 I'll M-eenlh ftmet III the *t< re Boo wii i, hk paid Miii ihe nsr' tlN oy ??IB Tp ji" " I r i >1! d ii i! i' ' it: - n n oi t' - >i .Iil? r.i tb ' mt. rii,. i of V ? n tf . ? i . ? ' : it* .? hnd ho? h . 1 |.:4al) b sen t ne ' I- ?? 'n. a h Jf ir ). ? 4 ep A. 1 . BtSBblCt t ' O , %il Tlln; at.-e 't. ?Aiaoa AT AtCTWH. Atf'TfON SOTKK-A KAKB OPTO*Tn!IITY~TO porohase Hr?t c a>M Hoo'rfh ui Puruitu?e. at gnUfa ?uc tloB, on thin dav (Friday), ut II at the i>, ivate re aUenee No 4? Wu Sixteenth itraet, L>etweau Pi/ib tr>-) Sixth avenues. TVe huuuiru furninhed lew thunn/tu month* ago at a 8"*t of flO.IXH; the furniture U In exoetLnt oiuer, an* w ill bo t*>reuipUuiiy auld. rial# laMlUva. with out i cgt< d to I he w t?tLer M A(iNIKlCt N f 7 OCTAVE PTAHOrOE**, iti?ijj curved cam, overstrung b tss, lined with 'atlawood, fully guaren ? etl, made by Broad ?av makers, and the beat hiatruntmi offered utauiwoa this season. rOMWoaA Jaalar bury, ilo Stool, covw< J in brocade; ? mbiuUlered ffloih Civer, Mu>-loBr.?k* r. me wood Pecr.uary ai d B ?okcase. plate ulass door*. lined with tujlpwood: Bsc igautes, tlanjnettifi*-, boia o? to. e cabinet , Udy'j Work Table, Writing Desk, Inlaid wiih pearl, cunt In fails W ft franc i; S Hlt'llght bronze und or nn-lu t k?t?d?Uera, imported l>v Marcoit & > ; C tn<lcl. bras. Bracket*,. m< dall'on vthrrt Carpets, mosaic Bogs. frr neh plci Mtrrorn, two e*Ua large rati lei Mirrom, richly carvnd iranir*, embroidered iae Curtains, gilt Cornices, PrnncQ Shades aiid Fixture*. i-plendra Suits of roaewood jLrawlbg ttoum tuiBiiure, c -vered in three colored, W tin broiude. of utost expensive description, <aivi'<t in fruit und flowef*, consisting of Te-ta tete hotis, two aim Keeep i >n ovai ' li?lw, roeewo xl Centre Tabled, fctatuary marble top to match tho suits; Eta^rrg, nutt ?1p top, p'.ate f'a-h doors and back, lined with satin wood; 1'a'mii JHocker*, I'aril and Vuartette Table!1, antique and 6oihio Kfceptk'i < halt*, covcred in brocade; ar'lstla Bronzes, n rrMmMsiK Music, 1'oetry, Punting, Monut-g ?nd Nlgot, Lilian Witter Carrier* Franklin, nhiVuii, Cauld, Di,n.i, Crurtders, Seasons Medonm, I'rrslatfnd Arabia; superb Cill I'alnthigs by emlncal artists, vii : Leg rand, cole, Ilunur, J.i.snell, Id man, Sellerea, Pgiaw, Kanny and other eminent >wilKt<; Assumption Virgin Mary, copy from celebrated Paint ings iu the Louvre, Paris; Worm at ?ea, oilgtnal by Ktnger n>gle: two sujorb match Palmlni*. French interiors, by ? Cebl Tanner's Creak, Calskltl Mountains, by Eglaw: Haiua aod t'mii by Kuasell; Bmket And Wirier ck-enon on the Da iiuIm", b* Intnun: I'amllv urrun, Madonna, from Kaphael?a celebrated pBintlnp. nlentl by Uegrand ; Kernes on tto >rench Coeat, Miiu^lers, two match I'aiutings, bt Borthcolt ; Wr*t Point, IJttii*iog of the Pl'jfriras, Raad k>u tbe tcrlpmree. by bunler; nomber of line Cabinet Pictures, amltiue Lava Va?es, from Pompeii and Hc.rcu lat emn; ?'itier:ri?ii (irn ip, ?'rusader<j, Pat ian Group, l'aui and Virginia; two elegant Va? -a. real aevris chin i, Imported for lie pi-ennt owner; i'siun n-.arhle Ornaxnenu, AocoKeon, | UuoC'al bo* j ormolu Clock, run* one mouth. Imported "t inTbiiiy far taa prea-nt owner: paari in'uid atarMwopa.' with ; a number of superb views; Proof Engraving*, Ilaf and and Chalis to maun. Oilcloth, Velvet Stair Oariieta, Hods, Aa t:hamliers ? 'two rosevvuod marble top Dressing Bureaus, French Minor*; rosewood Heds'end, rlcbly carrod, style Louis XIV.; Cittimodes, Table do Nutt, Combes, Kockura, Arm Chairs oval bark Chairs, oovered in mrxnie'.; Tapestry and Prwselkt'erpcte Ijwc and brocade Bedspreads, Mil rand Hprlug Vatuesaes, F<athei Hods Ulank-.U, Counterpanea. fcotHterx, Flliow*, oval Mirrnrs, Pastel Paint rgs doooraiea cbina Toilets. Bn*catel t urlalus, Ac. Upper ctiamberi ? Ma hogany and blark wa nut Buteau'i, Beilateade, Wa b^taud*, Sor*r, Hookers, Bonk Hacks, liO'ner Stands Bedding, Ac. Dlaing roi ra? e olid carved oak Buffet Statuary marhlH top; Ueerdt's patent Dining Table, Couches, ai m Chairs, e'egant set" of crystal and ruby (Jlassware, vii: Decanters, two d<>sen Oobiets, do. ubanipagne*, Wtnos, J^emotuules, TunsOlnra, Kruit, Oellery and Pre?erve Standi, sets Finder Bowls, ruby and Par*Hn irarble I'uncb Bowls, r>iby and gold Liquor Sets, H Id bana eblua Dinner Hets; riehiy dcoorated l'uar?ta.44 piece.*; solid s'lver Dinner and Tea Kets, Silverware, Coliea t'rn, < ast'-rs. Cake Ha-kets, Napkin King*, Spoons, K'jrka, Ivory handle Table Cutlary, Ac. a DMIMSTKATCR'8 S.UE OP s\. ideh and costly llouseh.iid Furniture, Elegant tose wood PUnoforte, KoMenood Pallor iiui's, iu brocatel, ValuaVlc Pa'ntlcgs, Artistic Viron/.cs, Marble Groups, Ac. By J. W. POhTbK, snctionter. Friday, March 22, at the elegant private residenon, Z>lWe*t Fourteen b street, a few door* from Eighth avenue. Commencing at 11 o'clock precisely. The sale compilsea tho entire oontents or the hou^e. Tin1 elt gant Parlor Fuinllare waa made to ord?r, and is in ei'tld rost wood and ratla brocatel The whole will be sold to the ligtes bidder for cask, rain or abine, ottering extraordi nary inducements to purchasers, as the entire furniture of th? house ,n new, ha% Ing uli b< en inaiie within four months Elegunt rose wood 7 '-a octave Pisnofi rte, with a >Ud pearl key*; cost $ftXt. Music (Cabinet, Stool and embroidered Cover. Three elegant full fur.s of rosewo id i'arlir Furniture, la rich brocade and velvet; rosewood Eu>geres, splendid bron/rs, -aintiugs, riob Vasej, marulo Ptnl bias, til k and Line Curtains, lurkliih Lonnge*, wlta Arm Dh^lrw to maicli; Oentie, Sofa and Pier Table.*; Florentine Mantel and fb r Mlrtois, Etruscan an J lAva OrnanienLa, rosewood bureaus, Bedsteadi., Chcmbcr Suits, superb M?ttres?es, Beds and Be,u dini!, Lonngi e, bronze and marble Clocks, rosewood aud <>t tage t hairs, two Sofa hedetekd!*, Ekirtslon rable, Hllvi;rwart% rich China, ivory and silver Irall'ry, Forks, Bnoona, wiifa el. g nt ntby Class of tvt rj d^scriptlm, lorir.'ng a valuable collection ol Household Furnl ure and nr.ique i>n'l re-h?rcbe Woks of Art The got ds are now on exhibition bycatal guo Bale to commence in dlulng; -oom, at 11 o'clock precitelv. Peli:iblc men will t>e at th; sale to remove the pood* for pur chasers. An KXIKaOKIuNAKY OPPORTUNITY f OK aOIJoEkEEPEIta \M) PARTIES IN WaNT OF Sl'PERB F1KRT CLASH HOIiSEBOLD FllRIUTURB. RUSSELL W. WE<UCOTT, Auctioneer, will sell, this (Fridays aftenv m, at 2 o'olock, the cntiie elegant ro-?wojl Parlor, chamber, Lining jteom andLlbrurjr rurclture c>n talced In the five ?t >ry dwelling ^nuin >63 West Tweuty fleet street, i>etwr**f n Heventk and lljliih avenues, ompr.sinfl over U 11 r hundred lot* b* catalogue, Including many rare and beautiful work* of art anil article* of vertu, um a^ whirl, .ire MAGMFICENT FOgEUOOP 7 OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Music Cabinet, fctocl and Cover, With the maker'* bill and warrantee lor three years; BolM rohowo >d Parlor ouita, rl< bl> covered In crimson and BiMtxm; rich Eneltsh carpets, Inrkuh ('hair* and lajtiDgtM, two rosewood Jbtcgcrcs, Bilk and Lace CuruJn*, K*?ld and landscape iUmdes rueewood Centre. Pier and -ofa 1* L> ea, marble t<ede.-ials; risk rUina Vaxea, ariUUe Bronzes, 1'r.intings, ma'Wie Urnuj ?, rich Cliandcllere. Corner ntunds, ronewofd Bedstead", I res j B( Bureau*, mtrDle Wa?h?t >ndi. Lounges trench Chairs, Bronze Clocks, i'oltal.o Chairs, Tete-a teles, one 6 octivc Pianoforte. Extension Table, ltrge Tlair Mattresses, Beds and Boeing, rich Silver were, rpoous. Korku, Dining and Tea Service. Cas'erx. Kreruh China or every description, Cut (iHs|, b ith ruby and crvstal, with a lar'te variety of rosewood, oak and mahogany Furniture not he;e eriuuu rated, ihe whole to be positively Mill without re serve, rain or shine. Catalogues st house 8itle to comtneuse In dining room at 2 o'clock pre finely. AC, Tt'TTLK, AUCTIONEER, OFFICB,130 BilOADWAY. LARGE SALE OF CABINET FURNITURE, tlKIHU TIIK STOCK Of WM. SIMPSON ft BON, A. C. Tl'TTLE wttlN*U^oi?S?ffntfi^and Tne*dny, at 10^ o'clock, at ihe store 89 Bowery, the entire stock of Wo. Hmpson A Bon, who will retire frsm the business, having rented their store irom the 1st Atnll. The stock comprises rosewood, mahogany, walnut and eak Furniture, in every variety, and will oe sold without reserve fer cash. Ooulogses r< -sdy on Saturday. - M. M KRWIN, AOCTIONKEr! ?L. AfblUAEES BALE OF FACER HANGINGS AND UPHOLSTERY goods. BANGS, MERW1N * CO., wUl sell at auction, comments log ou MOP DAT MORNING, March 25, at 10>< o'clock, at the store No. 706 Broadway, a large assortment of Im ported and domestic Paper Ilonghigs and Upholstery Good* and the Store Fixtures. To be sold without reserve. By order 01 the asaigne*. Terms nash, In bankable funds. A TTCTION NOTICTF.-rrRNITCRB AT LOW PRICES ? A. The undersigned tsing about to retire irom the business, having leased the!.- premises, to be occupied as a carpet store on the 1st of April, they will sell ike balance of tkatr stock at greatly reduced piicet, aa all they havo on hand on tho 1st of April wi'.l boffe to be stored. Fames requiring Furniture will do well to call and make their selections at once. WM. SIMPflQN * BONS, WSowery. 4 SSIONEE'S SALE -WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUC A ticntcr, will sell, on Saturday, March 8, 1961, at 11 o'clock A. M., the content* of the Piano Manufactory at 100 Centre utieei. oousuUiig of *4 roaewbod l lano Caaes, Ve ne< rs. Iron Frame* , Hardwsr", l'lano Covers and Letf", Lyes, Benches. shelving*, Fixtures, Call Itoxes, Stoves, Line Pots, lumber W r.tisg Desk, Iron Sale, oiLee PuraitiiM, Be. FklTZ FEOOERUE, Assignee. AUCTION NOTICE.? A FAMILY DECLINING IIOCSE ktrpingwlll depose of at private s:?le all their Parljr, Cbumbci and LH.Ung Koom Furniture, at a great sacriflje, ri?:? Carved ros< wood seven octave Flsnofoite, In excellent order, cost >'?n, lor $260, inci'idin.; fi.ool and Cover; Parlor Suiis, cost $ Mil, lor $140. one lor $1(10; Etcgerea, Centro T?b:?^, t'edslends, '.Vafclistandu, iw lid >\?ewood, cos*. $JtXI, for $itH'; Ma'trtss"', Ac lbs fbinitnre was sll m<tde to order for the preterit owner: has been in use but live moutlii and laeomrlet* order Inquire at 70 West T?enty-aUth street, mar t-lxta avenue. Alt 1ION SU.R? MOKTGAt.KTi'tl HALE OF HOCBK ho d rm nltuie, Brusaele, iai netry ami IuKrain t'ariiet inc.? M iiOllflHT!, mteUBMW, nlll wll this day, Marca A, at 111', o'clock, at the : alcsruom K> Massan street, comprising i?ill'l s.shi ?any aad roaewixid t'ar!or S ilts, u.vcred In h*lr c'otn and wueasel, Vlr. : Moia1-. Tete a Te'o, 1'nru.r nnd Arm Clutrn, BarbUi top ' ?o!re tables ituiretn. Bouboases. tvvi gilt frsme l it r Oiassec, Extension Lining Tables, Burenus. Wiivh?iands. 8rd?i?ad>. Hair MHtire?? -s, l'aillafHW, 4e., Ac A! o an it voice of ??i t-tiy, Bni'sels, Sialrand Far lor 1 arpoU; ingraki Cai pets, ttaiiion MatJog. oilcloth, Ai ; tl.e whole lobe peremptorily *old, hy order 01 tli' mortgagee. Also one Mngci s Sewing Maciiluo, in go d order. Assignee s sale of ( abpeting, oilci.otii, Hugs, Ac ?A M. CB14TALAH, Auetloneer, will soil, till-, dev. 2Sd in -? iiit, st Jo' j o'clork, at ?> Bowery, u largii sturk a* above, romp-iiing Knghsli. vclve', Btomc's, Ibree ply, IhgraJn ami nil wool Carueiiag; volvct no.l lira jiiIs Bugs, ; k. t> t ?ud3 i Ivor, hall and stair OUc.oth, vmious patUTr.ii; Cant .n Matting, aud a lar** lot of seoond hand Carpets ana Ruga. Alae, aut yfccti oi Unmask A rciiON Notice,? to families declining A Hot >EKKI flflti. I>aN1P.L A. M?TIiE?vs A i JO. wUl give their peflMal at* ttion to fs!e of Household Furiltdre the rmldence ? of fwimlii ?, or ?t tl elr sue. room, Ne. (it Cedar streot, opposite 1 he Post oil. c. Lhwgos moderate aao returns pr mpt. tcn< n wmck ? tawnbrq?R'h sai<r ? bkll A IA'.RjWIAM will mil thil 'ij,?t It', n'ci'Jvk, at the anode , i.iom AO 26 New Bo wiry, a !?'??' aftorun-int of mm ? a* .1 v em> T>'sapMtrrl, vi/.: (vau, fMw, Ve<'?, Silk d M rlii Wi'imv, alias's, tjuMa, Pi'iuw Oases A 1 ; also, A t wo large 4 r in Thesta, tMed With (trawts, tor a Jeweller, i'.yo'utrol b I> Hills, ptwaliroker. H Rosaevait street, '.bn Iri s ?:tle cn M aiuay. iiy order of M. M., tmt Ort.nd at' ret A!'?"Tlo> hAU. -MaHK W HA\ , At CTlOaBEK, WILL all thla day, iit in', o cUvfe, el tua r?. -naj n, li'i Mvrtie a* 1 1 oe, Una kl]s, an Wvoicc I C.-. ;!???,< r.wltflsees. a.: ianry ami Fatry it odx al^itiH Palntlr ^*. r.nL"a' mo, Drnggtiis Srairt .mo V' lihw. A null invoiri of t?'4it .lewoiry. t ata logues no* ready Salep. ?itlv.> and witliou' resi r.e, Ail HON KaLKH OF !<?! rRHliUi Ft RMTI BR.? Ilk ' HV li. L"E|'S it CO., No. Nassau street, will gnre t>ielr personal at'enip'n, IIS nil II, to S|I?W of Household t uriiltiire, Ac., at the rwidnme of iainille - Will aom hold regular wi ekly i-ale- at thsir auction nmw ss abort, BlioWNk A MOBOLt, AVOilOBBBTiX -SArCBDikT, March i *. at 10,'^ o'clock, a'. th< u s?le?m.u? 36 <*asoii Stn 1 t.sSU of leconrt 11 in'' I. >id I ur riltufe . elrgnnl r. se wo. d uislt.'iri" y and l lack w?in?t Par1 .e Mil s, rlrr an! kisntrl BlMo'S, oak Inning H' .>n. FuiiiPur. 1 leimSer Mo ts, I. utis is W s^drnbea, (Votre'Iabl is, BgteitsloB labl??, Heil rtlvlK Clialr^, Hrflu, Redding i.arp?l?, (!rn"kery, Ac Also wo rosewood Hanoi .n-tas, citr MW BT nA^'Tl A. M ITIJfeWP A OO, A'.CTfOM'.RRa. To n.o'row iSstunlriy , at lO'joc'mlt, *1 snlesr ? in M Cedar street, opp ?|ie tin Post odice, lUndeono Hontelold furniture, tc , removed tor ootire nleroe ef nal?, conantltig io part of roewood Parlor Hulls Uibrocstii plush nnd r?pa nwewr. <i KtegerM, Centre snd Fane> tab'es, rermtary and Library KiK'Tirnssr, mthos^ny Hoi us and t Iia'rs In hair Cloth, aasy Chairs and Koekers, lotuiges, ro*enood end mahueiny Hur?.u:?, U Hsh?tsnd<-, (>? .modes. Pcdatesde, rpru g nod Hair Vnttn ue \ ak aod walnol iluffots, J iu risl n isiblee, Brussels Cariarts, China atid G'afsware, Ae Catalogue:. a< saiesiiK.m BWI AVER, .IB, AUCTIONEER.? OTFXCB. NO. 4i? ? Mntli svet.n?.? clittiel Mortgage .ale of household fur tilli re, e nlisting . I hamlsxtn- parlor, chamber and dinlag n ;n l i.uilturn. tjane'x, Window Hhades. Ac Ae , at the salesroom, No. V>a Eigli li atenue, on Friday morn n Mnrch TJ a' Ufa o cl-v k. S MIINA OA IX. IM0 3ROADW4Y, BE XT TO BXLL A U i-'at it's -Isdle*' aue?un evciy Tuesdsy rnd l ilday. Ov. U< to liiC Ions ill our routhern tra'e. '0. L. LB I 411 offers a' I 111 lie unction his entile Moek of China find till- % (Trickery Mid HI1 shea W are. I'laled Ooods of sll 1 Inds. 'table Cutlery, Ae , In lots to suit fsmiMas Over $I(U,I>>> worth of the above, cii^.rf ingot L Inner, rrnskfast, leu, licsseit ai d Toilnt fete, II ted casters, Forks, P}iomm, ktlrea, An, illais, blatn, m 'ill ed. cut. snd eogiaioi OoM wata prov irtea for ladles, a. C. LblUII, Auc'.lone r. t reat bargs ns offered at private sale. IALB8 AT AOCTPIOW. }i*DWARD SCUENCK, Al'Ol IOMRER. Ll THInP <? ALE. ak-iunee s sale ok art erb household rr KNn cue. By B. A r. H. ?CUE."1<'K -his (tor. Man-l: 22, at 11 c 'cli rk. at tbalr salesroML 141 Rioadwar. till ijWuk u! Bin o tfce fli?t eabia?t tnak*r* of thin city, consktirg iu pari o t ele na i solid carvcd at d plain Kueewogo <uU?, 10 satin and bro c*?l; Mipir:> rOMra" (* am ur a Care; luaguit'uent roeo w id ronnrf r-rn-r Btdsiead* and bureau*: ?* ? la ??!>?> womut, ,amiahi-d and In u?l. biae.k and gilt Cabtoeta. Centre and P"?.ik lableti > tscwoiid ard waUiut.-iecroUry.ind library Fuckraaea, e-egaut r aew>?d f tegerw*, -served walnut Md oak Buffets, hiirnanm and Hinmg Room Chair*. ale tai.tly carved <? ak u nlnt from -ofas, oak and walnut Li brary etutr < ha Ira. oak and ?ali.-it ''all St nda and Chairs. Ala- a large aaxO'kD -nl ot elega-it mahogany Parlor, Chamber and Olulg R.k m ( urnl'itr-- 'be above elegant furniture la ali of the very beat o.anu: ntu e, md will be p witively eold bv order of tbe ?a*igu.e. II ? Ul be in exhibition at our salesroom on Thnrtday The partieular a teu'lon of IkOM la want of elegant furniture la reaoectfutlj rtutiesled to tfcle ?ale, as l? Ih und irbiertly u>e fluetl eale of first Usa fvraiture that baa taken place tn this city J. H. FRELMaN, Aaalguee. . ALSO, A few elegant French Bronze Clookaiad Fig urea and many other*, Ul m l? ct d with grtat care Hi ENaY U. Lbt l>8, AUCTIONEER. ? HENRY H. ' j EEDB A <~o, v 1 1 ??i at auet on, on Saturday, March 33, at 10S o elo-k at th ?ale*ro- m, 23 Nassau t treat, a large and valuable a*?<r'm nt o( household Furniture, removal liom tbe fifth avenue for the eonvenleoee of sale, principally made to order by 'he beat maker la tbla city, ?U:? Mladr Fren h rarvcd walnut Puffet, t entre Table, do piled Chair* to match, owed in gr' en rep* ; l<ounge do, velvet and llma?ela Oarpeta, ro-e*ood Utiatlug Bureaua, i;e?tre Cable, four v. ry flue i one woo<1 Bf?t?i da, Conrgea. Cbalra, kc , in fine hair clotb ; walnu* do . fine Hair Ma<treaaea, ailvur piaMd War?, ornament*, K Itch- n w are. As all of Ural claaa aUu a genet al aaaortuient of a' in at every doacrlptlon ?f other Fu>niturp, Includibg Ot a t bandolier*. Henry d minkr. auction ska? miner a THORF will fell ..t aucll n, <tn Saturday, March 33. at U i, o'clock, at their aal< ?roon<, .17 Xa*aau r.tree.t, opnoalta the Pom. otl ce a large and general an?ortment of Uoosanola Fur ? tilture, removed urn a genti*m?n 'a reaidenoa at Vtonlbaat for convenience o" aale I'onx'ating of Velvet, BrasaelaMi la gram Carpet*: carved p fewtod Piano, by a oity ? ea'ved roaewoid Farlor an l Hedroim Furnitare, i ^o'aa, Dtvau* and t hair?; Ijttcc Curtains, oak BxteaTJon Table and I'balrs. Olicl'ithH, >tuir Carpeta, Ilair Mattrafiea. Feather Beds, Dmlov and H<dro. m Crockery, OlamxrAw 'and Kitchen I'tens.lH; also, hree -iuI's of nne cirved taaatvood and black walnu' Far' r ?nd library Fnmitore, made to order M one of onr w?t elty manufacturers; seven octave roeewood Piano, made i>y Lynch of Mew York, Silver Plated V are, Ac Henry uri-en, ai^jtionser-satcrdat, march 23, at 10', o'cloeA at the aaotlon store, 194 WIIHam street, a large lot of Groceries, Uines, Liquors, Hegar* Wk'tn l^ud, Ac Also at 12 o'clock a iot of Dry and Fancy Good", Clotb hi g Ac. JE HATOB -AUCt iOH SALE OF BOOTS, SHOES, . Ac, i hl? da?, or Urst fair day . postpc ned irom yester oay on aoooutr. o' t tormv w ea'her ealej by anution pr<mipt ly a'tended to bj J ?? . II aTCH, :57ft Ninth avenue. PUREalPTuRv 8 A L . ? F VAF.CaBLE PROPERTY OK t aratoga street, know n aa tbe Saratoga Brewery, re ceutiy damaged by fl'e, ?ui<ed l<> any manufacturing pnrpoea. I will sell at puhl u anution, ? n the premise*, sn Bttatog* street. knowD as the Saratoga Biewery ;on Wednesday, Mareh 27, lhfii, at 12 o'ejrek, al! that valuable lot of Ground, with the mproveraentx thereon, ( nn inc on tbe south side of Saratoga street ISli feet, by a depth of 210 feet on .J oseohine street, it wl'l be sold In one lot, ot divlaed t.> <ult purcUaHers, The im provement" ronaiat of a very largo Milt Uotise and Brewery, with Itwilllng and rtabl'i'g. Terioe at sale, which win be liberal. Title Indisputable "oideJearofencumbmneeetodar of sale. For further i artVcularv apply to hit AC CURB MIT, 62 Hatto street, Haltimure. '<d.. or on the p enraei. PAWNBROKER'S SaLE.-B LEVY, AUCTJONEEB. 22 ?'atha?tnn ureet. will so.l, tbla day, at 11 o'clock, a splen did asso iini nt of ^llk and oth. r Diewae*, Bafjuea, Rhawli?, Khlr's, hklim, !*!? ce o da, f"oa's, Pant*. Ve.sui .Jewelry, hoi'a and Shoes, Ae , by O'-ier of 8 Hart. Ohath '-m street, RT HAZBLL, AtcriunEBS . WUITTfcMOHh A Ha/.ISLL, will sell lhi? day, at 10 , o'o ock. at their sa'eai o >m, liS Broadway, INVOiCbH (tf Hardware, Cut'.ery, Plated 11 are, Dry Goods, Fincy Oosds, A& A1j?0, 24 Itoie.s virgin Honey, t cws asaorted Raibins, 2 plpea i-'oliand Gin, t>? boxes Sp .rai '.antics, S b-ocea i"avenolsh i o' ac One Sewing Mnthin , a. R Howe s patent. S" OLO.MON DINGEBj aoCII )NEER. >IY Ltr.V'if K A HOLUEN. ?flices ?io 8 in- ntn et aud 1,244 Broadway. Hit R-DAV, Viirchas. >801, At 12 o\ liMtk at the Vierchatts' Exchnr.ce, A beautiful Country ?ev at afamar nsvk, Westchester" c unty, ibe ce of Valt r Bake-, E?.| . a liue Gotaic hout-c; has lunuce. rarg", hit anJ co'd wate', bath rones, water elr- et?, spi-aki' i? tu'ie< dumb iva Iters ana all modem improvements, stable, co.rb h .use and all n^oesaary out buildings It is siiuatrd iliree quartera of a miic t rem thf dtp t, Mne kcr> s of laid beautifully 'aid out ia garden walks, there et-t llo*era, ^e^oabie garden tnd '.Ut chuiceat fruit* Pale pctl'lve aud without reserve For maps aud further particul-rs apply at the office of the auctioneers. St 3 BOGaRf aCCTI <V1tER8.? THIS DAT, AT 11 ? o'cl' ck, at :m Hudson stre it, mortgage *alo of BUlianl Tables, oot alst ng of two mahogany billiard Tab!-*, wltU marble beds, eight t ails, twelve fancy cue*, twelve plain euee. lUoLK'i v* KLINE, Atiornej for Mortgagee. SA J. BO?aRT. AUCTIONEERS.? 8ATCBOATk . March 23, at lOti o'cl v k at the anotlon room, mirtgagti ?ale of bouaebold Furniture eonaiattng of Kofas, Looagei, mahogsn Bureaos, Parlor Cbvrs Extenaion BiningTahles, Brussels, three-ply and initraln < arpeta, Oilcloth*, Window Curtains large French plate Mirror*, mahogany aad act tag* Bedateada hair Maltreat ea. Rotator* aud InUowe, Blankatx, eo** wood Butt, oi?>?M vitk* I'cnki, lime Utu new Harness, M SI1BBI/F8 8ALB-aPL* Dft.TJL CBAMBKR8 A Fa I BO BILD, Auctioneer*. Salesroom li.i >a?sau street, Wffl sen on Paturdiy, Msrrh *3, at IS o'clock, at pier 48 East r.ver. The BRIG DELTA, her laokle, Apparel, Furniture, Ac JOITN RELLT, Sheriff. This dat, at in o'clock, B1 LOIKWOOD BROS, Important and attractive of Oil k mOODS, ftCO CARTON* KllKVCII IT/JWERSand RIBBONS. A long >lre ofb'ILK , HE :K UKS. VF.8TIMO8, CLOTHS, OA8.SIMiiHK.-i lATINBTR, HOJIERY, Ac. TGAFrKET, AUCTIONED B, WILL BELL rHI8 DAT . (Pildav), at U o cl-ck, ih? stuck and Fixture* of tlx. liquor stor? l to Baxter s-roe , oouaia'ing of a large assortment or fine Liquors, fpleodld More fixtures, three new Beer Purnm, Ac H. WIT1EHH, A ?CTluNEBH, VUb 8BLL THIH. daj, at i o'clock at 4M Canal street, a large and valua ble assortment .f fan tum One Parlor Hult. Tier and Maa - tel Mirrors, ? ?ntre. lrtnlns and T?a lables; Curtails, Faint log-', *lanoforte, mahogany lioekcasc, Tapestry, Three I'lr and other Car} ets, r talr do., Oilcloth*, mahogany and other BedstrmK nair Fattrcssee, Feather ftcd-t, (beets, ftpmads, Blrnkei*. m*rbl" top D'e-stog Bireaus, WaahstaiAt. Toilet. China uiohs. -liver aod tth-r ?arm; titoves, Extension Tn Me, hi *f a p, Lour g*e, Oa> e < hulrn Kitcb^u Furniture, A': , veil adapted to the wants >f fuml'les and others. ia' M. WITTER*, alVUoNBBR, fill HELL THIS * * day, at 3 o'clock, at 4.vt .anal atrect, to pay advance* one large lee B>ii ere Mirror, AO c*?e* Claret, Whaaketn. Wine, six rolls and L'st < arpeta, ami dozen Cutlery. WM. VfHlrTEMORE, GENERAL APCTIORBFR ? and Real Kataie Broker, oilioe 91 Maiden Ian", Mew York Furnl'iire *al?? at tbe residences ot tbe owners. Monty loaned on hood and mortgage. w SPECIAL NOTICES. NOTICH.-AW AJINCJ L BLECTTO* FOR RUE TRPB t?es of the Knickerbocker loe Ccaapaay will he held a*> their oilier, 433 Uiutal street, on Tuesday, April 9, 1861. rte Klla will be rpen from 12 to I o'clock P. R. The Transfer inks ? m be elo?? d from March 30 to April 9. Inclusive. Tnvo Bbhwmko. ftoc H. .I\ COM PTON, I'rea. Rkw Toaa, March 18, 1961. ST. PATRICK'S DAT -IXfLElATIONS TO THE Con vention of Iri*h 8 >cieUea are re>iue>u.'d to meet at Hi lierulau Hail. 42 l'iinc<' s reft, this Friday < tenlng, at otght o'clock, lor 'be purpo?e >f settling up Tor the past aud elect Irg nfllcera for tat enruingyear. James HANDFORD, President. Jon* K?xwr, Fecetarj TO THE RD1TOR OF T^E MBW TOBK HERALD:-' Dear Sir? I avail my=elf of tUo wide ei-euint'on of your valuable p*i>er to contradict the r p.irt given in thi sheet la *i;td from toe office or L Ral'ard ,L Oo , 2!*' Bniad*a?? Mer i liur's' and Bankor*' iU'fe-cnoe (Jntde? dated M?.roh 15, 18SI. und liearted "eocfldetDtal,'' In which mr fail iro la an nounced a .4 " one o the ch\n?."a in their work," whiah "will be rtady for rt?)|very oa tho J'?t tout, thoroughly rcTisad. I have rxueiieneril no tlu iocial embarraesraont whatever, and therer< re, that leport it untrue The Ju?t Indtgaatioo ihit u in iliclous or trn k rM neclUi^uec, which putt in }eopnr drib* g? d nam.i and --'Cltor merelianta InuNlM to Mil the attention ot the public to eneh in |iil? eatabl'n'i. net la ss the abora referred to, at whose mor y r,and? to# wellaie of many an lndtiMriiue nun Th" exient of jam. tliat aurli a repor' Riven '?nMe?tlal'' may have done : ciuno , nor enn any o- e estimate tnd are tbei* no tne-.n* t* pnniiki tho ", who, ilk?" midnlgt't iple?, tore sb.iu' In the ?tr?et io prv I into o her pa aria a e.inearna wblth the* make Ui?ir prufttanl* l>'iMiie*?, when, through their nerarii'ii* profew^ion, they in I J?re the credit of an -ndWIduaW I think Mr. KdlVn*, that . \nur r.mrilon uu th? aubj-et will not be uniineu , r.or will tt lack ihe sound .Indgment Mi h * hieli ym al?r?y? iUiMtrat* iheae qMsUaDS <?' seneral Interest. Bv Insertlai ihe yon will much nldlce *our nr.. Mt obedient, J M. Mai'IAB. New V o?a. Mar>h il, )x.i| \IT AKFF'FLO ? Til Ri or PHOPRBfT IM *" WakeBeiil ar? herei'? notiAed thai a? th ! encmnliranoo ? on tbe pipv*rty areallrenioveii and tliedabts in th*. at*nei4'lor all raid, a_meetiag will b- MM In Ka^ie Hall, enrner o. l?e l.ineey and Chryatie atw t? npp-r floor, on Fnday e\ enlns, ( V arch VI atT1, o'el.-k, wh?n ihe I'urotiaa.Kg Truaten wh | make hia Seal nport it la hoped tb*t all ih- roemDera wiU attend. COAL. (H)Kh, COAL, ^ J #1 7.V __ |i 71. It 78 Heft iiualltT WT 'to Aah, $4 75; Bed Aa>i, %\ aereensd and rtelirertd to rami lea In al' ptrta of Ul? eily, yurds 14(1 areiley placo 19ft #?st hleronth street *n1 7M ^"aaMnatos K. TS.K ADWRlL ("lOAL-ia 21 FEB tOJf ')K 3,(4*1 POtJ*T>H.? WB AltK 1 now aeiiinc at thlt prlee th* bei-t qitaiNv of i'lackhea'h Bvnad Motinum and Lriiln white ??h Oeal, wlnoh for fur or ranae purp aea i? decidedlT ?ui^-nor toanyothei Coal Also, i < ach ? ireharrt red ash Co*l of ti e ^a?t i,ualltr suitable 1 er stoves aud iiatcn. delivered well icitanetl ami (>> good order to any par of the eitr IlrMAIION A M<'*)01!f \LD MR 3SR .V3 nnd JN *e* Twenty aitih ? t, betneety Tenth and Klerenth ai nnues. / lOAt-OF THE BF.iT Qt ALITV, AND, A4 i'lWAL. AT \J a lower price tlmn f 1 nn any other dealer in tbe city arreened and deliver, d *r...n ysrJa corner of King and Omen wleh streets New Howeiy m?| ReMevfll utra-t, 0 Cana' atreet, and 137 Dmneatno MATTHBW ( LfRTON LfRTON. MATI?MO*IAL. ATOI'KI OKNTLRMA1*, WFtL EIHK'ATRD, OF ?oral sppearanee and pleaalna addre'f, wia'iea to fom> ii>. ? ao.niln ai,ee of A yo>ing and hatKiao-ne li ly r.ithtlie view of niatilm* ny. Khe man be Of a klml sort > iroct'ona'e o<?[ oji'lun, and In eveiy wsy 1 ompcual to dlc'bAis ? the do ' ' a ?!re. Addrwea r,:inild"nM.illy Edward, Hei-^id offii e. "BT ATI IMoRI AL ?A (IF XTLFMAN, LtlTuB ABOVE J'l mlod'e a^", having h | nod eriu-atl iii an 1 au'itful pro re>?i"n, u rmldl ka to nmke tite s qn ?!tnare n' r laly ?ltti? vie# n( marriane; sba nu'?t 'e inn <e< at and aTe-tioni'e,' at r?ih|i , neit si.d sgrfeal l'V "lhis la stac e, snd c i.iBJon i jI Aoi>res? for one wot k V. W , ustlaei D, h'.w York.