Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Mart 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Mart 1861 Page 3
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yew fooutepa, m hacrljtig you. hhe a shadow, ia.d chug around your heart insensibly, for yon mart not feel an. Tou tiava i lipoid three tnouaand mites between ua; ap pear before you again I dare not, and though to touch yen will t>e a moet fearful temptation, yet it mum be restated, for your odic force to me ? Hfco opium to the dervish? the more dangerous it becomes toe more sweet. But 1 will be content with half?to look only? and this will repay me for my desolate, lonely bf*\ and exclusion from the sympathy of those who love me, but couU </*dcouie, 1 muat do it: through foreate I'll folk. w, and where the tea flow*-? through dingers, through whole legions of foes ? with no hope, no home, ?o re tu*e on earih but that ill requited love. Per lad now you will reproach mo with expressing too much what I fe< !. It would bo qutte us cunsiHtout as your com plaining of my want of magnetic f-timtton when In the Crimea, it is useless to tell you what attracted me to the Crimea at the risk of being frozen to death. It Is to no purpose recapitulating what secret instinct pointed out to me your little hut ? how in spirit I begged tnd prayed to be let in for mercy's sake, for pity's sake; no, you were ta vulnerable for a whole fortnight, you resisted the small plaintiff voice, and you must recollect Carlo mto. that one sad morning, forcibly withdrawing your hand from me when my heart was bursting with love and grief? and the touch of that hand was my only strength through that fearful trial, when, with one fell sweep, you tore down the cherished dream of my life ? did I murmur at my fate whilst your love sustained me; but when you threaten ed and punished me in the most cruel manner. Oh, Carlo mio, it is no use to he thinking of all this; no iue telling you; vou know it all. and would at any time repeat it, and had you done ten times as bad 1 should forgive you; for I cannot be angry, or cease to love for a minute. But I must try not to let you drive me quite mad, so must keep out of your way? not that I cannot trust you, or that I think the fraternal scheme tnfeasible. You have never given me any proof of vio lent attraction, neither in there in me beauty or fascina tion (which is worse) to be very dangerous. 1 am vory sceptical, I must own. upon that point; but I do fear, and have a wholesome dread of cold words and looks, or freezing indWerenoe, besides being just possible tbat you would reproach me for having come. Gmprtnet vous f i/uatul un Centime commence a riisonnrr il ex.* de tenter. The truth of the matter is, I am perfectly wretched, body and mind. Whether it is fatigue 1 underwent last year, or anxiety this, I don't know? no one can tell what to do with me. " Doctor, cans't thou minister to a mind dis eased!"' I am crazy for want of sympathy. I have never heard from either of my sisters since you wrote to me, and I have not had the courage to tell them of my weak Mas, in not being able to give you op, or the tenacity with which 1 cling to my dream; and they have no idea what has become of me, nor have they mode any inquiry. You could comfort me with a word of kindness, and you refuse it. God, too, must have abandoned me, or I never could feel bo htterly desolate. Sempre a te. Tkr&u. Her last letter to him was written after her re covery at Bologne, and is an follows: ? Dear Cario? You asked my forgiveness and received it without a word of reproach. There is now no need of excuses or disguising of fa:ts, which medical mea who have attended mo have confirmed. Neither was the malady a slight one, as you were trying to persuade your self. My sister is witness, and you may be convinced by coming to see the wreck I am now. 1 shall not die, us Csay. She has saved me, but it is some w hit hint to health, eyesight, and every beauty in the prime of life. IHi rate, if these my sufferings, for your sake, have not endeared me more, do not think there Is any more obligation imposed upon you, let it be forgotten? rtqui etcat ih past (it will be remembered in both our days of reckoning, and that is enough.) As to the other business, I do not see any other course than to tell your mother the truth, as you had proposed doing. Surely she will forgive and help you. She has a mother's heart and a clever bead. Do not, in the hope of patching matters up, throw away our last chance of united happiness. Events have rushed so swift to a crisis It is not possible to stem the tide ? we must cling fast together or we shall be lost to each other ? our past cannot be reacted in the future. I>o not for the sake of a mere chimera give up a real life-long enjoyment. Vou have Already broken the spirit of your promise. What is the bare letter good for? 1 do not utk you to rush on to immediate ruin, but your mother will keep the secret for yftur sake, and through my friends be can never hear. I care not about the honor of seeing your family, but 1 must be protected from ali possibility of another Iiordeaux expose. Impu tations in open courts upon my fair fame as a woman are not to be borne. I need not quote ''Qesar's wife'' ? every man must feel the same? and I am sure that were there a man in the case you would not let him go unpunished. | Tou will recollect that I told you before I con sented to keeping the marriage secret thtt this, and this alone, was the only sacriilce I could not willingly make for you. That vile thing wanted to make a claim on the plea that you hail deceived her and Intro duced an improper person into her house in order to abau don her. Imagine, if you can, the misery I have gone through ? think of your own sister in such a position. You say you never think? that is a lib; In your present position it is positive you think a great deal; but you fear to disclose your thoughts. May I guess? You think, perhaps, that it would be better tor us to koep tpirt for a long, long time, until circumstau< es remedy themselves:' This may be wise, but so very hard; even now timo bangs like an incubus upon mo. lemput fugit. seems a fal lacy. I should be tempting you to come over, only I am so very ugly that you could not love to look at me. It is gtruige you do not miss me more. We have never lived together long sufficiently. If we coirtd remain together for six months, then you would. You are a very good Carlo to write to me often; it is the only pleusure left me? I cannot see to read or write? my days are so long and dreary? ?py nights restless and feverish ? your letters the only point I have to look for ward to, so pray think of me. 1 often lie awake from daylrght waiting for the postman. 1 will seal my letter . but I bad already taken the precaution about signing. It Had struck me that such letters as I write to you could eoly be written by a wife or . Please write directly. When do you think you can get off to Dublin? I feel so nervous and anxious to know what your mother will say; I trust It was she who opened the letter; any of your sisters would nut dare; so, after all, perhaps there is not so much harm dore, but 1 shall be glad when you go. Cira mio, think, at least of the happiness we have known together ? so entire so unbounded; is there any other joy in the world to be compared to reciprocated love? How everything on earth became indifferent but our two solves. Yon said I was the dearest small Tosi tooi that ever lived , and I thought there was not in the wide world another Carlo like mine. TERESA YELVERTOH. Sr.MMINO UP. Mr. Whiteside summ"il up for the plaintiff. The following is his peroration:? Though, nays the defendant (by his argument). I have added hypocrisy, profanity, deception and blasphemy, I am not bound to pay for the susti cance of this woman, i am not her wedded husband. 1 stand before yoo her profligate and unprincipled seducer. I found her young. I found her virtuous. I found her beauti ruL What is she now * Innocence denied, virtue lost, beauty spoiled, and hopes of life tied for ever. Better the hand of death had swept her to an early grave: it would faavo beea consecrated by the tears of maternal aitocllon ? gentle teirs, recalling happy memories of the past, as 8uaged and checked by blessed hopes of a bright, immortal future, fie has blasted her happiness iu this life; he has eudangered it in the life to ciime, according to his own argument. Bavo him from the consequences of that argument, and do not brand him as his counsel do ? us a scientific, deliberate, unprincipled seducer. (Applause.) Sow stands the question now that the whole of this great trial is before you ? now that you have all these facts ? end 1 cannot dwell at this hour minutely upon each par ticular circumstance as I might have done If I hod gained you at an earlier hour of the day, in endeavoring to rea son it stop by step. I ask you to judge of that woman as she has appeared before you, and then say do you be lieve her'.' Trace her life up from the first hour that she stood within the walls of the cenvent until the day she that box to tell the story of her multitudinous sor rows. Ask yourselves what (act has been proved against he"4 with any living man save this defendant' Her crime is, she loved him too dearly and too well. Bad she pos sessed millions she would have flung them at his feet. Had she a throne to bestow, she would have placed bim on that throne. She gave him the kingdom of her hea-t. ar 1 made him sovereign of her affections. There he reigned with undisputed sway. Great the gift' Our a. fectians were by an Almighty hand planted in the human heart. They have survived tho fall, and repaired the ravages of sin and death. They dltcuify, exalt, and Inspire our oxlstenoe here below, which . * without them, were cold, monotonous and dull. The;, unite heart to heart by adamantine links. Nor are their usee limited to thisiifo. We may well believe that when the mysterious union between soul and body la d - ?olved, the high afttctions of our nature? purifled. spiritualized, immortalized ? may add to the felicity in speakable reserved for the spirits of the just made per fect, through the countless ages of eternity. (Loud up plat; so ) She gave him her a flections ? she gave blm her love ? a woman's love ' Who can fathom its depths f Who can measure its Intensity* Who can de-crlbe its devotion f .sho told you herself what that love was when she wrote to bim: ? "If you wero to be executed a? a coti vlrt, 1 would stand beneath tho gallows." If he livl taken that woman for bis wife, misery would have en deared him to her: poverty she would have shared: from sickness and misfortune she would never ha vo tied. sfi. would have been bis constant companion, his guide, bis friend? his polluted mintrees never! Therefore I now c til on you to do justice to that injured woman. Youcunnot re store her to the hutband she adored or to tho happinessshe ? njoved. Von cannot five color to that faded cheek, or lustre to that eye thiit has been dimmed by many a tear. You cannot relieve the sorrows of lier bursting heart, but you mny restore her to her pla< e in society. Von may, by your verdict, enable iter to say : ? ' Rash I have been. Indmcreot 1 may have been through excess of my a (Tec tion for you, but guilty never"' You may replace her In 1 the rank which fdie would never disgrac ?; you inav re storo her to that society In which she is qualified to -hinn I and has ever adorned. To you I commit this greatca'ise. ~ J am not able longer to address you. Would to God 1 had talents or physical energy to exert either or both longer on the part of this Injured, insulted woman. She Bods an advocate in you ? she linds it In the Nspectad Judge on the ben. b? ehe linds It in evory heart that boats with in this court, and tn evet y honest man throughout the country. ^ Mr Whiteside resumed hia seat amidst loud demon titrations of applause, which wore contlnod unchecked for several minutes. Cheers were alr? given for Mrs. Yelverton. ttik ranter. The cfcsc went to tho jnry on Monday, the -1th of March, the Chief Justice having delivered a charge very favorable to tlio plaintiff. The return ?f the jnry is thus described:? At twenty minutes past six o'clock the Jury came into qourt. Their coming was awaited with Intense excite ment and great anxiety by a densely crowded court, and when tbey appeared, evidently bring Inc with them a verdict, all became hushed into profound silence. The Chief .lustlce said? How say you, gentlemen - was there a Scotch marriage? Coreman? Yes, my lord. Chief Justice? And was there an marriage? I'oreman- Yes .my lord. Chief Justice-Then yon And the defendant was a Ko ?an Catholic for twelve months before? Foreman- So we believe, my lord. Hetore the foreman had ;>oken the last i f his words the universal |oy and approval of all witL.n bearing foui d express km m a most cc'brilMtta torn of cheering, agai , ud again renewed, accompanied by various other do moostrut ens of applause, flat# and handkerchiefs were waved. The menu* rs of the bar stood up and joined heartily in the public manifestations at delight, many of them actually took off their wigs and waved them with energy. Men of all ranks seemed to vie with one another in testifying their gratification at this triumph el morality and justice , and the vindication ot ilu honor of their cade. Ladies teemed at a kiss bow u> w their fsahagt: th< y wared handkerchiefs, theu clap their hand* , then wept with Joy. atul looked a wot. . grati tude at the jurors whose proud privilege it was to right an innocent and injured woman. The fees for the jurors having been handed up by the plaintiff's attorney, the formaii handed them back to the registrar, stating the jury did not wish to take any money in the case, but to give it for charity. THE DEMONSTRATION IN Dl'BI.IN. The Freeman's Journal of yesterday thus de picts the scene outside the court: ? One of the greatest demonstrations or popular enthu siasm that, perhaps, ever was witnessed in Dublin took pla?e yesterdat (Monday) evening as the Hon. Mrs. Yel verton proceeded from the Four Courts to tlie Uresham llotet. It wax one of those things that should bo seen, as it is impossible to be described. Orer ilfty thousand people, 1 1 antic with joy, proceeded to offer nor their on gratulaiwus. As the evening advanced the rush became so great that it was found necessary to close the outer gates of the courtyards. Shortly after six o'clock the cheering in the interior of the court was taken up outside, ahd when it wits known that the Hon. Mrs. Yelverton had triumphed, one loud ch>er burst from every mouth, and was again itnd again repeated. Hats were thrown into the a:r, and every externa) demonstration of delight was evidenced by all present. Men shook hands with people thoy did not know, save by the fact that they looked as glad ss themselves. It was when the gates were thrown open that the enthusiasm of tne i**>ple rose to its height. One mass of waving heads was to r>e tioen in the distance and in the vanity of tho gates. Crowd rushed after crowd to obtain a look at the great woman who had fought so nobly for her honor and far her sex, and who had won the tight. The people insisted they sh mid draw her in triumph to bar hotel. Many Bought to have the boner of saying that they assisted in drawing home tho Hon. Mrs. Yelverton after the had gained the victory; but they were crushed off by the masses of people who were pushing their way to the chariot, which stood in the western courtyard. About seven o'clock the Hon. Mrs. Yelverton, on issuing from the court to take her place in the carriage, was re ceived with vehement cheering. Every window of the offices of the oourt was crowded, and, amid a storm of applause, the carriage occupied by the Hon. Mrs. Yelver ton and her friends, slowly proceeded through the court yard to the quay. On issuing from the gateway on the western aide the scene was most exciting. Tnejoyof everybody was to be seen and heard everywhere. In the centre of a great moving multitude was to be ob served the Hon. Mrs. Yelverton's carriage, borne along by the people. The procession turned down Capel street into Mary street, and It would beggar all experience to give an adequate idea of the vast body of enthusiastic lieople that preceded and followed the carriage as it passed through Henry street. In anti cipation of the arrival of the Hon. Mrs. Yelverton, the space in front of the Uresham Hotel wax crowded to so ih an extent that it was almost impossible for horses or vehicles to pass the street. The bases of N'elson's Pillar were fully occupied by per sons, who joined in the cheering of the tbouoanls who were now approaching, who surrounded Hie carriage of a great and brave woman who bad suffered much and had conquered in tho end. The Hag ways at both sides of l ppor Sa'-.krillo street became densely crowded. Cars, containing persons who Bought to be in lime, took up po sition in the centre of the street, and now came the great crowd, with the carriage hi the centre. Cheer alter checr came from the hearts of the people, and mid a scene of perbap* unsurpassed excitement, the carriage, which was rolled up the left hand side of Sackvllle street, unlU it came In front of the hotel, crossed the stroot and drew up at the centre entrance. The warmth of the en thusiasm of the people knew no bounds, and a considera ble time elapsed before spaoe could be made tor the lady to pass into the hotel. The people, amidst tremendous chcerlng, waving of hats and handkerchiefs, called loud ly for'the Hon. Mrs. Yelverton. In compliance with the universal call of the vast multitude, numbering many thousands, she presented herself at one of the drawing room windows. When the enthusiastic applause which her presence excited had subsided, she came forward on tho balcony and said : ? SPEECH OK HON. MRS. YELVERTON. My noblejhearted friends, you have mado me this day an Irishwoman, by the verdict that I am the wife of an Irishman. (Vehement cheering.) 1 glory to belong to such a noble hearted nation. (Great cheering.) You will live in my heart forever, as. I have lived in your hearts this day. ( tremendous applause.) I am too weak to say all that my heart desires, but you will ac cept the gratitude of a heart that was made sad but now is made glad, (l.oud cheers.) Farewell for the pre sent. but forever 1 belong in lie&il and SDul to the pea pie of Dublin. The Hon. Mrs. Yelverton then withdrew amidst lond and long continued cheering. Varions rumors, traceable to no authentic source, are in circulation respecting the intention of Mrs. Yelverton and of the Crown as to the ul timate proceedings. It is believed that the que*, tiod of the validity of the marriage will be car ried to a higher court. BALKS OV RBAli E8TATR. A VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR HALE.? THE 8UB scrlbor offers 1 or sale the unfinished Ho'ise, 00 bv 100 feet, size of lot 2S0 feet front by SOti feet deep, In the flour ishing tillage ol Fort Jcrvls, Orange county, N. Y., S8 miles front the city of New York. Description given at tho follow. Ing places :?01rard House, Fifth Avenue Hotel, 11. u. Nunn, Continental Insurance ofliee, IS Wall street. Full particulars, Rrtce and m*i of property, will be given at 4.1 Fulton street, ew York, I r.iiu V to 11 a. M., or at the Fowler House, Port Jrivlfl H. FOSTER, Proprietor. A THREE KTO RY ENUUSH BASEMENT HOI' SB, ? 11 Improvements, pe ' feet order. West Nineteenth str ;ei, $4.1 Oil only; S2.U1I ma rexialn, 1 his Is a bargain. Also a number ol other Hons sand Farms. LOCK A PITTMAN, 95 Bond street. ADESIP-ABI.E PROPERTY FOR KALE LOW? COU ner o! Thirty ninth "treel and Seventh avenue Hous* is four stories, lngh stoop. tiroivu stone t iont, and In gool or de' W ill be sold low as the owner la going out ol town. In quire on the premises. A HOUSE FOR SALE? ON BEDFORD AVENUE, Broi klyn, 300 feet from Myrtle avenue, richly papered, in good order; contains eleven rooms, gas, w.iter, pl'inie and phower baths, cholee grape vine. J'rloe $H,7U0. Cash SI.900. Inquire on the premises, or of T. B. ROBERTSON. 130 Water street A FINE HOUSE FOR SALF, OR EXCHANGE? IN A flue loeatlon and neighborhood. Has all* the modern Improvement!. Terms easy and reasor able. P. B. ROSS A CO., No. 9 Nassau street. A STORE FILLED WITH AN ASSORTMENT OF Uoods, two g<x>d House* well rented, and a fine Water I Power, with saw Mill, situated clow; hy two railroads, in ?ii> <1 the finest towns In Worcester county, Masa, will be sold xrtj chesp, or exchanged for Ira Droved property in or mar New York city. Apply to W. H ART LETT. ?2) Hr>udway. A CHANCE FOR A TRADE FOR 8EOARP-ON TWO Lots, Z'xltO feet, on the Flushing mad, opposite the rare course. W ill trade tor a good Horse and Tobacco Wagon. In quire at the segar store, corner of Canal and Elm streets. Bargain, $ oahh? the three story and hp limit Hous? 102 East Fortieth street, Murray MB, next to 1 emngtou avenue, with all modern improve^'. its; price inquire on the premises or to J H. DOUUUTY, MS Bowery, corner of Broome street, from 12 to X. (COUNTRY SEAT W ANTED? I WISH TO PURCHASE A J haDds'.me rouotry Ne it, on the Hudson river, within one hundred mile* of the c.ltv, In exchange for property now under lease for ten years to prompt paying tenants at Vitfi,000 perjear; the balance will be taken In good eity property or may rt main on mortgage for a long term of years; country place to cost not exceod'OR 470,1100; owners by addressing with lull psrtlculars, will have their ?ommunlcttions strlctlv coo. fldentisl. Adduss Stephen E. Williams, sui.jn U Postof fi'-e, Broadway. / lAI'ITAL ROADSIDE HOTEL FOR SALE CHEAP, with rapltsl alleys. stable?, gvrden, Ac. , Coney Island caas pass the door; title Indisputable; a first 3i??s position. Inoulri at W. MACKEI'S, 9J Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. (|?OR SALE? HOUSE AMD LOT NO. K3 FIFTH PTRRET. F between avenuas C and D. Lot 22 6 by 96 feet; house 4ti fest and extension; three storiss, basement and rellar, with Btodsrn improvement* Will be sold, with gas Int. ires, A' ., at lees than cost. Fore.irds of admission and further parti, solars apply to E H. BROWN, U1 Nassau street, from 1 to CR SALE ? TWO NF.W BAHEM KMT AND FOl'R STORY House* In Thirty ninth street, between Lexington and 1h avenues; house "JO blfSfeet. lot 20 by 9* I set 9 Inches; flnl'lud In a oeat manner. Will be sold low. For terms is quire on tbe premises of Anthony Mowbray. IIOR SALE? THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE AND 1 lew *e of the Lot Mo. SW Henry streut, between t'llnton and Montgomery, with modern Improvements, lollUOfest In depth. S. C. OA INKS, 1S4 I'sarl street FORfKALE AT A BARGAIN, PRICE $<"> 7C0-T 1 1 F. three story, b??ement and sub eelln high stoop Dwelling House. hU West Forty fourth street, l?etween Fifth and Sixth aienuee; Lot .tjxIUtiA House 20x4<);fhaa all the modern im prorements, and Is In excellent order Possession ean le had immediate!) Terms easy. Apply to J. R. SMITH, IS Wil liam street. FOR SALE? TWO STRICTLY FIRST CLASS BROWN stone Houses in Phelp s place (East Thinleth street,, built by the owner by day s work. Sl/e of house MM! A 1*0 two in Forty ninth street, flrst class. The above will tie sold below cost. Inquire of WM. FBTTRETCH, Ii5 East Thirty, second street. FOR SA(<Eae-IN BROOKLYN, ON STATE STREET, near Powers, two flr*t class thre" story brick Houses, brown stone basements, high stoops, jus' completed and have all the modern Improvements; wtllun tw > minutes' walk of three car toutes. inquire of .1 W. SHANNON, on tbe pre mise* r)R SALE? IN BROOKLYN, A CORNER STORK ON Fnlton avenue, corner of Downing street, near tlrand avenne; three stories, modera style, new and complete and ready tor necupancy; good for any business; easy terms. U. W. DAVIS, Proprietor, on blin k Mount Vernon, $!,**>? m t'edar street. rm RALE? 180 MADISON AVENUE, BETWERN Thirty third and Thirtv fourth streets, a large, flrst ?lass brown stone House, JfalxAS. with an extension 10x20, two staircases of walnnt, rosewood, walnut and oak doors, and every Improvement eomplete. Inqmri- on the premises nOR SALE- TWO or THE nAKDSOMRTT OOUNTET JP Seals Ip the State of New Jersey, within an hour and twenty minutes of New Tsrk eity. for particulars in fulre at 19ft Fnlton street, third floor, of J P. KLIN E BK)K HALE-ON MURRAY HlLfs WEST CORNER OF JP Mmllson avenue and Fortieth strret, three superior llon?es 'two extra slie, with private stairs and ealorle engine for p.impmgl, "<iux! in style, w orkmanship, material and ilniA to any in therlty; rosewood and black walnut flmsh on parlor, second und thlro floors, with mirrors. A" ; sild with or wltko it siahlee. Apply at hoosi s, or No. 9 Park plafe. .fOIIN H. SlIBRWOOD. rR SALE -A rOTTAOE HOCRK ANIi FULL LOT, IN a genteel neigh b?rbr*>d. near Washington Park. Sold low. Terms to *oit the purchaa r. In- tire on the premise*, X Bl!!ot pHoe, n?ar Fuftvii avtnue, Br', A:yn, or{!6 Beekn an street, New Vgrk, IAIJE8 or REAL ESTATE. F F? OR KALB? PKVERAL NEW TWO AMD THREE ?tor; orick House* od Sereniyeighth i(reet, want of Third aveme, pjraaanuy looted ut*r teuiral Park, thev have moat or the modern improvement*, at price* from $4,000 to $6,000. TV .-ins easy and possession Apply to JOHN TI'HNBI. Kiihty-aixth street and Third avenue., R SALE- THE OLD R8TABLI8HBD DRUG MILL, situated at 63 and 66 Prince street, fully furnished for the busmn** of griudiag drug*. Thin being the only enuib lishicenl of the kind iu the city, and having enjoyed a good run of city custom, offer* a superior chance to embark in the above business. I: will be disposed of with or without the butkiioga and ground, or an Interest would be aold to an ener gene party understanding the buaines*. aa tht parties now owning it have in her demand* upon their Lint*, but little ca?h required fall upon eraddraaa M. C. WODRlyUEZ. 192 Ban Tenth street. Tj><JR 8A1E-THE FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT I Houae, >*) West Tw?ntysixth street, between Sixth and PevemhaveLues; all modern uiprvviun-nu; prioe $#,000; tw?. thirds can remain on mortgage. Apply to HENKV H. MORaNOE, 117 Broadway. For pale cheap? to close up the business of Alien, eleven* A Co , a three story House, with high su op, baatmenl and Hub oeliar, with Ph Iadelphla front and br. wn iton< trimmings, and with nil the modern improve ment*; house 20x42 feet: lot SOxlittb; situated aouth aide of Fifty fil th street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, lnaulre on the premise* of H E. STEVENS, or of ALLEN, 81K\ HNS A CO., .um?r dealer*, corner Eleventh avenue and Thirt) ninth street. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE -THE FOLLOWING FIRST elaaa Kums and Oouotrv Seats:? 4 on the North river, from 10 to 130 acres eat h. i at Tarrytown, 7 and 12 acres. 1 at Mamaroueek, 40 are*. 2 at Scarodale. 30 an* tW acre*. 4 war Newarx and Elizabeth, 2 to 40 ac TtM. 2 at Chatham. 14 and 20 mi es. 2 at Woodl rmge, 10 and 16 acres. 2 on Bergen Dill, 4 and 8 acres. 3 at Flushing, L I., 14, 22 and 00 atree. 2 at Jamaica. 2S and 40 acres. 3 at Glen Cove, 2, 8 and 12. 1 at Bay Ridge, 7 acre*. 2 on Klaten Uland, 12 and 38 acres. IRELAND A WEBB, 82 Cedar street. FOR SALrf OR EXCHANGE ?A NUMBER OF UNFI niahed Hou*ea to exchange for country or Brooklyn pro iierty, at great bargains. A splendid House and Stable on Murray HU1, for sale; also a Farm of 2U0acrea. near Peter sen, NT .1 . ; only $8,000. Inquire of S. P. TOWN8END, No. 14 fine htrt-.t, in the basement. CIOR NAI.K OK EXCHANGH-A BEAUTIKIL OOUN r try Seat at bUtuiord, Conn. , overlooking the village and sound; four aerea, handatmely embellished; large Mansion, cominodicus outbuilding* and brst class surroundings. DIM (KB & HOLDEV, No. 8 Puie street and 1,244 Broadway. For rale or exchange for real estate or Verchandiae? A beautiful Farm in Iowa, ten years under Improvement, near a thriving town, containing one hundred and thlrtyacres, with a fine stream of water. Addreaa Cad mus, IS# Washington street. Hobo ken. ipOR BALE OR TO LET- -A WELL BUILT DOUBLE f frame Houae, containing eleven rooms, an acre or ground well laid out, beautifully situated, fruit tree* and well of water en the premise*, near salt wwfer, good bathing, at Bath, about 3,', miles from Greenwood Cemetery; stages running direct during the Rummer almost any hour during the day. For particilara inquire of J. J. MOORE, oppoalte 146 Weet street. New York. 010R SALE OR TO LET? A LARGE HOUSE AND OUT P buildings, on about < acres of land, with plenty of fruit, f** mile from Port Richmond, Staten Island. Apply to R. P/WBLLS, Kir., Port Richmond. For bale or to let? the first class four story Dwelling House, No. SO East Eleventh street, be tween Second and Third avenne*. Inquire on the premise* OTOE FOR BALK- AT ROSSVILLE. STATEN Island; a two story attic frame House, Barn, Ac., to gether wiih four acre* or land, Terr pleasantly located near (he village on tbeWoodrow road, leading to the depot; the hoase 1* nearly new, In good repair Ac. ; there is also a rope, walk on tbe premise*. For terms, Ac., apply to JOHN MAC GKRUOR A CO., 134 Pearl street. POB SALE OR TO LET- ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE, No. 73 West Twenty ninth s.reet; rent $660; to be s?en from 11 till 2 o'clock. Also, to let, a very handsome Basement Office, In Clinton place clone by Broadway; and aome fine roomK would be let with It if required. Apply as above. rK BALE OR TO LET -THREE BROWN STONE front Houae*, north aide of West Forty-fourth atreeet, between Broadway and Sixth avenne; a large Cottage dwell ing with all the Improvements, northeMt corner of Twenty third street and Ninth avenue; also. House No. 242 Weet Ihlrty-srcond street, near Eighth avenue; also, House No. HI West Thirty-sixth street, near Eighth avenue; also, Store fwl dwelling 202 Ninth avenue, near Twenty fourth street, l^or further particulars, apply to SAMUEL COHEN, No. <0 Broadway, between 10 and 12 o clock. Fob rale or to let-a five years' lease of a tint class Hotel, situated iu Broadway, and doing a first rate business Terms moderate. Apply at 707 Broadway, corner o Ninth street room So. 2, For pale or to" let. furnished or unfur nfshed? fwo new, Gothic Crltage*, one of 12 and thi other of 1'. seres of Land, Bloated at Great Neck, Lonj Island, IS mues from New York, commanding an exiensiw water view; contain 11 room* each, stables, ice houses filled anil One beat-lies for bo?tlng and bathing, communicant several times dally with the city, by railroad and steamlxvaj. Inquire of E. L. TKEIJWELL, Great Neck, L. I , or RAt NOR * BLAfiKWKLL, 1,<*? Broadway For salb <tr to rent, on new york avenuj, Brooklyn, near Pacific street? A new cottage brick Hon*. 22x38, with Extension loxltt); Lot 40x100. Has gas, water a ill all ihe Improvements: well built and finished. Apply to I. C. BULK LEY. ? Wall street, Jauneey court. For a first class hoube, fashionably lo cated, worth from $60,000 to $7&,000, a gentleman about to lonue in New York, w ill pay till cash, if an inducement is offered. Address Camtallit, Herald odice. HOU8B FOR fiALB IN l?Rf?OKLTN-?2i PACIKH5 street; lot 90 feet by 100, house JO by 40, two storlen, high ba*?in?nt and under c*llar; Philadelphia brick front, blown stone trimmings and iron lialcaar and raillug*; fa* and ga? flxturas, hot and cold water, bath, rsn^e, haat. r, h|'eakii>s tubes and stationary tubs. Price $4,4011, ol which $",fiu0 Is on mortgage H House for bale in williamskuro.-- a three ?lory brick House, brown *i<inc bwneat, under (rltir, high sioop, marble manikin, g?a and fixtures. Will be Mold cheap. Trim- easy. Inquire oil the premises, 5.1 South He< oud street. HA\E FOR I V UOU8E LOIS IN BRoO KX.YN, ONLY two blocks from Fulton avenue; the Increase him lieen over lU.IIOIl in the ward within the lam live years (by 1'nlted States census); they will be gold very cheap or exchanged for a good house J. W BAKTLETT, 4'Jl Broadway, N T. Murray hill property for sale.? the first class brown atone front House* No?. 75 and HI Ea<it Thirtv fourth street Ho feet street), near Kourth avenue, and Noa. 187 and 189 Lexington avenue, replete with all the mo dern improvement*, built by days' work and in the moat wotkmanllke manner. Terms low to suit the times. Apply on the pre mine* ftotu 7 A. M. t*(l'. M.,or to MATTHEW BYRNES. 83 East Thlrty-second street. Murray hill peopekty for sale-two brown stone Buildings, southwest corner of Thirty eighth street aid Filth avenue. Alan, two four *toi7 brjwu stone Building* In Thirty ninth street, Nor 36 and 38. be twcen Fifth and Sixth avenues Also, one brown mono Build Ing in West Thirty -eighth street, No. Ml Also, the white mar bie building southeast corn?r or Thirty sixth street and fourth avenue, with two building! In East Thirty sixth street. No*. 31 and 36. Alao, one three storv brick Building, No. 119 Past Thirty fifth street noar Third avenue- all flr?t clara building*, oontalning all the modern Improvement*. Terms easy. Apply ?? T. * J. RUSSELL, earner ol Thirty, sixth street and Mxfh avenue, oref JOHN HALEV. eorusr of Ouane street and West Brudway. RHAL ESTATE WANTED, WITH SOME HASH, In exchnnge for first < lasa Shuttle Sewing Machine*, felly gmiianteed from the prludual ottice m this city. Address, with par'lculais. Exchange, box 2,8*1 Pout ollice TO EXCHANGK? Ft 1R A FI RflT < ' LA S 9 FARM, EITHER In Westchester, I hit 'lies*, Orang- or Itock'and conn y, N Y , or Morris county, Now Jersey. Several lirst claa* brown stone House*. ,n MurraV Iflll. 1)1 NOP I . A HOLDEN, No 8 Pine street aud 1,244 Broadway. "II '"AN i KIJ TO PURCHASE? A THREE hTOKT AMD ft l>a?etnent hlgo st<op Home, with modern improve ni?nts between tourta and Ninth atcnue*. above Nineteenth ? treet. in a genteel neighborhood, for about $7, <WU. Address box l.Oti" J'Oat "11 T A N TE I > TO PI'Rt'HANE ? A 1 H REE STORY IIIOH vT basement llottre, in a genteel neighborhood, for * " '??> or f.'.tXJU. cash, lietween Tw< Ifth and Thirtieth stre. ind fourth and Seventh avenue* None but principal* t , .,t"d with. Add re a*, stating full particular*, T. 11., box 143 Herald office. a>r /ww) ?for sale, two cull lots ov fifty t "v/. second street, between Second and Third ave nues; street sewered and paved with block The whole amount can remain ori mortgagee The cellar* dug, and no rock. Adilret* W. H. I'tiderhlU, box ?,194 New York Post offl' e. ? ~ Crwt ?BHOOKLtN ? FOR SALE, THE FIRST ?!>?/ ?)U" elaa* three awry and basement House (now finishing'. M State a'rfct, near Nevlrt. Philadelphia brick front, with the new style drab atone to ha?ement, trimming* of same; vestibule doors, plate glass and marble tile*, bath, wat< r closet, heater, hand*ome mantels, Ac. House :i8 feet, lot 2tlxlt?>; location unsurpaaacd. Tennn easy. Inquire of Mr LPHO. 3S2 State street, r,r 516 Broadway. STE A M IIO ATM. Merchants line of steamer*? thr Hudson river again "p?ncd.? The steamer HERO will leave for Albany, trom foot of Robinson street, thl* afternoon, at f o clock, rare, 75 cent*. CTEAMBOAT TO CHARTER. -THE FAVORITE BTEAM O er ALU E PhlCE, having been lengthened and ma-le one of the fastest steamers In the harbor, is offered for char ter ei'her for a short time or for the season. Apply to R. C. WHITE, 44 Hudson atreet. FIMC ARTR. Kibe arts.- valuable and coptlycollei tion of oi Iginal Oil Paintings, the property of a famliy leav ing for Europe. embracing ?oine of the feneat work* of mo. demartKt* and Mmie rare original* by the old masiers. the whole of them ptirckaand in Europe, and never ??eii or ex hlbhed In till* country. Will tx- sold by HENRV H. LEEDS A CO , at their gallery, 23 Nassau street, on Thtirsdav neiL hi w on exhibition, with catalogues The drawinu for mr omallets splendid copy of Reuben's picture of "the Nativity " haabeen tin iivoldably postponed until Tuesday. April JS, when It will take place at the Lectur<? Room oi ihe school attached to St. Columbus church, Twenty.Qfth street, neai Eighth avenue. WINKS AND Lldl'ORN. Baltimore depot for native whiskeys, 24 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. CAUTION. Two or more partle* are now cauvaaaing this city, Brooklyn and Williamsburg, as timing to represent ua. claiming to Bell our brands of whiskeys, and palming in their steadan Inferior art tela on the public. W e have but two steelal canvsssara for the above dlstriflta, viz : ? Me?sr*. lobn U Smith and Wm B. Walsh, who are alone authorized to take orders for ua. AU other* pretending to be our agents are impostor*, and we caution the public against them. .lAMES.r HIOO INS A CO. 1'STABLISIIED IHna-DUNLOP S ALES AND PORTER 'J on draught at (1. B. Mendtun, corner of Oedai stret and Broadway; W. H. Prenoott'a, 7ft ''hamber* street; T. Richardson's, corner of Maidea lane and William street; N. McLeod's, Maiden lane; J. C, Foree'a, High at , Brooklyn; J.

8. Barker's, hank, Houston St.; T. IlowelPs, Mouse of I/rd?, Houston street; W Felten'a. K1.irei?r? Saloon, corner "f Hods ton street anl Broadway; and moat other firat clas* houaea In New York and Brooklyn W. Man. Agent, 36 Liberty atreet, N. Y. I30R BALK DAILY E\PE? TED TO ARRIVE. AN IN 1 tok* of Arxae rrandy, la eighth* and crjirv- a*KS. Wttl b"j?o.d ft. m wharf at !??? lowest -a?ii i roe. A poll to P. curr, 306 Eighth avenue. A HOUSES, EOOMg, y., TO LET. Am bplbndid corner btobb *o let-on fifth avenue andTwealy aecvnd street. Would he an uw: lM( ataad for a uocfeciionarY, uuiknery or aay light fau,y bustneaa. Apply at ihe Hotel 8t Germain, corner of lii'io avenue and Twenty second atraa t. _____ ALARUM FOUR STORY BROWN STONB HOU8B, ON Madlaon avenue, Mar the square, tor a faahiooable etab or a flrat elass boardina houae. It ommI b? excelled ; 28 Roan is and a 40 foot extrusion K. B. KIMSHIMEB, MS Fourth aven?a._ A BROADWAY 8TORB TO l FT- WITH LBkHE OF A tbraa years Rent fl.MJU jrer year. Apply at No. M', Broadway. under the Lafarge House. XCOTTAOE TO LET IN BROOELYK--THE TWO story baaecnent and auto Cottage No. Itt S. borm-rtwrn (treat. Dear Hoyu, ouly two abort bloc Ilk t'r< m .sitter the Fvlton avanue or Atlantic ureet (art. Beut $41) Apply to Dr D. GARDINER, M Johnson street, or *. H. URO * N, ?U> AtlantM street. A FOUR STORY BROWN BTOWB ENOUGH BA>B A. aaent House to let? In a diet class aeighhoraoud ; baa ad Modern improvements; handsome chandeliers; beautifal gardens in rear. The premiaea may be ??en at 124 Lexingtou avenue, near Twenty ninth street 8ECOND FLOO* TIIROUOH TO LET-IN FOURTH avenue, near Twenty fifth atreet; large front Tailor, suitable for a millinery or private lamily; extenalm room, kitchen, stationary tuba, and more bedroama if required ; rent $m J. H. BILL, 1M Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty-third ? tree l. AMN ENGLISH BABBMBNT HOUAE TO LET? DEBfRA bly located, with all the modern Improvemeuta, gas, bath, range, An. tome salon flven immediately. Partly fornlahed If dealreA. Bent reaaonab.e to a good tenant. Apply at 13b Weal Twenty fifth itreet AWTNDOW 8BADE. PAPER HANGING AND OENE ral Upholatery htom to let, and stoca lor sale, established eight yearn, and located on the beat Hide ot fcigbih avenue, between Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth ?tree la Tbe location cannot be beat for a carpet or dry good* ?tore, and nearly all tbe ?tock would suit i nr either. FURBISHED HOUSE NEAR MADISON SQUARE to let? Four Stories, high basement, brown atone, sl/.e 26x66, In good order, and the elegant Furniture all complete. Including I'lano. Linen and Stiver, with immediate posses sion if desired. To a flrwt claw private !'am:ly the rent will l>e low. Apply u> DINGER A HOLDEN, No. 8 Pine street and 1,244 Broadway. APARTMENT* TO LET.? THREE OR NH4B BACK Room* and two large baloonlea, 463 Hudson atrnet; al io, second floor and basement ot' ftrnt < laae house No. 8 Tenth street, between Fifth and Mxth avenuee. All Improve menta BROOKLYN.-TO LF.T, IN WASHINGTON STREET, part ol' a House, c tisia tnc of two jiartors, four bed rooms on third floor, b*ck kitchen, with good range and Rldgwood water; aleo, gaa ti\turea, Ac. Rent $.'<10. For further partacuiare apply at FOS'lKR A LOt'ER'H, houae agenta, Bands atreet, near Fulton. Brooklyn -to let, a second floor in a gen feci hour*; three Rooms large rloeets. water, gas, Ac.; rent $10 per nontli. J", session immediately Apply a'. 8$ lloyt 4treet, n?r Dean, 10 miuutea walk from the lerrlea. Business booms to let At titi Ktiion atreet, <-ornw of Rvder s alley. First ? l,i?a building and excellent light. Cheap rent to leaponsible lenanw. Double store to leabe -the marble front Store Noe. fit and S2 Howard atreet, dlr?*tly In the rear of Arnold A Cotautble, 121 l'eet from Kroadway, 48 loel front, forming an L on Merrer atreet; built for the cloth or lalloitug buaiteaa. flniabed and lighted In the best manner. Inquire of A. W. SPIES. 187 Broadway. Furnished tf.ree and a half story house to let. witb immediate poaaeveioii, If desired. Part of the rent will be takes in board. Good security required. In quire at 42 Univeraitj place. CM'RNIBHED HOUSE ON LEXINGTON AVENUE, P between Twenty te^nth and Twenty ninth a reeta, cor ner house, all improvements, fourteen rooms, in good order, frescoed all through, tbr?-e stories, high atoop, brown atone front. Will be leased for three or five years at $i,ti00p?r year Apply to E. D. LAWRENCE. 1,261 Broadway, b? twe>-n Thirty firm and Thirty second streeta. Furnished cottage to rent in wesivhester county, about ten mi lea from tbe city. The boune Is in excellent ortler, handsomely furnished am' pletaantly located, with plenty of choice t rull and ahrnbliery. Apply to J. B. HABKIQT, 139 Weat Twenty iii'th street. Furnished house in twentv-third strebt, to let low for bix months, to a small priiate family, In good order; furniture lirat rlara and complete. lie at 810U ner month. Possession May 1. For permits apply to DINGEE A HOLDEN, No. 8 Pine street and 1,34 > H roadway. glURNIBHED BOUSE TO KENT AND POSSESSION immediately, to a private family, between Fourth ami xington avenues; excellent piano and every re<|ulslte foe housekeeping, rent $66 a month. Apply at 148 Lexington avenue. BURST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, TN WKST J? Twrnitytlilrd street, nner Fifth Avenue Hotel, In good ? (teUKilikfurntiure c mplete and elegant, to a small private amirr. nail ' " " " family Kant low. Possession May 1. Korcardaof admission ipply to D " " "" ' Broadway. aj ply to DINGEE A HOLDEN, Mo. 8 Pine atreet and 1,214 Fifty first clasp houses to let-well situ ated up town, lurnlshed and unfurnished. Also a r In the country. Alao a large number of Storts and Lofts to let In Broadway, and In most of the crOiot streets be low Canal. N. C. HINHOP, 14i Broadway, atorc floor. MRST CLASS STORE, NEAR BROADWAY, TO LET, _ In Canal street, 2S9, between Broadway and Elm street, adjoining Mr. D. Devlin's new bulldlugs; Marble front, six stories and basement; low to Urat clasa party. Apply on the premiaea, from 9 to 4. pRFENWOOD LAKE HOTEL -TO LET, THIS WELL VI known place of aummer resort is offered to rent the coming season , to a iierson adapt**) to tbe buslnens favorable terms will be submitted. Apply to (I. H H APDINO, No. 18 Grand atreet, Williamsburg, or address box 871 Post otlioe. New York. Hotel to let? congress hall, p atekhon. n. J.? A large, first elnas Hotel, now In fall opaittfim and full of boardere, 16 miles from New York, on the line of the Hew York :iu4 Erie Railroad, located In the most central part o( the ctiy. Apply to J. S. ROOEKS, Patcrvra, H. J., or HOMER MORuAA, No. S l*lne Uriel, New York. Bouse rentr reduced to suit Tins timer.? We hare several "mall, medium and first olaa* llouaes, wliii-h are authorized to let low, to responsible teniunn, with i timed late possesion and fern May 1. DINGER A II OLDEN, Ho. tf l'ine street and 1,244 Broadway (viNO HOTKL, AT ROOKAWAT, L. t., IN FULL vuw of the orean.? Barroom, ballroom. Ac. Well lo cated for a store. Aim* Cottage at low rent. All) Store Lofts md Basement, together or aeparaie, 3S*l Pearl street, jic?- \ork Apply to 8. J. L NORTON. syO Pearl street, or toner of Elgntb and Grand streets, Wllliamabarg. IN BROOII.VX.- -FACTORY TO LET, 25 Br 11 FEET, 4h"pe stories high, excellent cellar, window* on all sides, near fulton and other ferries: rent f I V I Poeseedon lmme di.?el)\ Inquire at 102 Naaaau street. 1*. Y., In the sugar store.' Light rooms A*n STEADY POWER, AT LOW RATER. BY JOHN GAI DU, 102 WALK hit STKRBT. T ARD OIL FACTORY TO LET OR LEAKE? WITH THE lj Fixture* for sale, consisting of prc?ae*, kettles, Ac. Thl* Factory li well known to tie the mint complete sol oon tcDlent one In the cllv of Hew York; the main building la |)7iXi feet, three stories and basement, with steam and eaa, And plenty of light; there la >t largo yaid, well paved, a pir lonol which Hoovered by a shed, nun brick wall* and tin tool', ?x!6 feet; alao a stable on the premises, with alalia for Bur hornes, can lage house snd hay loft. l'or further partlcu lira apply on the premise*, 7tlsnd ,'5 Hul j . .in street, to itO IKKT O. EVAHK. ___ MURRAY Hl'.L HOTEL TO LET OB LEAfE? COB hit of Sixth avenue atid Fortieth strati. Inquire on the premises. VICE APARTMEHTR TO LET ? CONSISTING OF FRONT 3| ;ind bank Room and Hie Bodroom, on >eoond door; front iaseinent and l;trg. attic Room (only one other amall i amtly ? the bouse . rent $2t>4. Apply lit 111 Essex street OFFICER To LBT-OFPOBITE THE PORT OFFICE, AT low rtnts to responsible tenant*. Ap^ly on the premi iss, to WM W. ROSE, OB Cedar street OFFICE# TO LET, IN THE BUILDINO HO. 7 NEW street, four doors from Wall. Inquire of H. LIT1NCJ ?TOH A CO., on ih'e premises. _________ OIFICBS AND DERK ROOMS OH BROVDWAY .Splendid Front Room, am-ond floor Offices, different ?lies and de?k loom to suit partle*. Rented very low Be twecn Prince ami Spring streets. No ' harge for lights or heat ng 'AMES If. BDNFY, 149 chambers street EENT #a?l -HOUSE TO I.ET IH 129TII STREET, i Harlem, between Hfth and Sixth aienue*. Apply to A Mi LI. lis, engraver, *M Broadway, fiom 1 to Soetock. KOOMS WfTH RTF AM POWER TO LET CHRAP Haaement, aell lighted, 4#x/7. one Roosi on first floor, 26x21; one Room on *ccond floor, In pure at aawinll), :m front street, or ai IIAWW, UKAHAM A Co. H, 176 Cm ire utreet. STEAM POWER, WITH WELL LIGHTED ROOMS, TO let ? At 23 and 24 Franktort ?tr?* t ; rent low. Apply on the premleea, or te M. LErKEKrH, M Beektnan street, up stairs. TO LET? THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC BEICK HOUSE 108 Aailtr street, eontaln<ng all the modern Improve menu, bath room. Be. The I'arlor Furniture, itanoferte, Olielotha, CaiMta, Chairs, Extension Tahlea, and complete li file* Room Furniture, will be let with the house, or sold on reasonable terms. Inquire on ihe premises. TO LET? FURH1RHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE three story brown atone Houae 6S Wert Forty fl|th street, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. The furniture Is good anil Complete, Apply to h. LIVINGSTON, No. 9 Sooth William meet. TO LET-TWO OF THE EOW OF TWO STORY, B \HB ment and utile brick Houses on Seventy third street, be tween Third and Fourth avenue*, with the adjoining Lot of tlrontid to each house; hoaaes In good order, with modern im provements. Apply toO.W BAKER. Beekman street, or on the oortier of Seventy second sirort and Third avenue, of JOHN CALLAGHAN. mo LET? THE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE HOCSE?: 1 14M Kaat Ulth street, fonrsti ry, hlghstoop tt.lUJ 144, 144 and IS2 East nth St., English basement, each 1 111) 21 ttnjTAaent street 1.0UU K2 East ?Mh street, 4 story English basement 1,000 210 and 2KB Reoond avenue, Kngllah baarment , eerh t?*l IV East 19th street, high stoop mil 182 Fast lfith streetlhlgh sistp ?nil 209)4, 'J06, 210 Eaat ittth at, brown atone Eng. baaemeiit tiU Apply to T. MACFARLAN, 180 Tenth s( . near Third av. mo LET? A RMAI.L ENGLISH BASEMENT HOURF. IH X twenty third street, near hwond srenue, with everv modern ronvenJ?Kie Will be h>t to a good tenant on very ressonshla terms on application to A. LIVINGSTON, 19 Beek man street. WK) LET- THE FIRBT FI.OOR OF 19 BF.F.KMAH 1 Street, $4fO; also the Store 1A0 William street, Km 'he - will l>e pm In good repair to suit any i?ape<'talilo oixupenoo. Ajplj to A. LrVINOhrOH, N BceVman street. TO LET-IB BROADWAT -THF. FIRST FLOOR, SHf able for Insurance offices, milliner*, tailors, Ae Also other offieea, on third floor, or will he let a* Famished Itoom*, by th? year, to gentlemen. Ro. m Broadway, between 1 welfth and rhlrtevnth streets rLET? Fl'RNieHED, OR PABT1.Y SO, THE BECOND story friat and hack Bonn. a. with rath and gna, with prl rllege lr> klt'hsn, with a(J rotven >nw :nr ho-.sekesp'sg. 'O gether or aenarate, or the entire uni 'irt.ished. Atrly - w 10 to 1, at IE- Len > ?;re*t. BOVSE9. ROOJW, TO UBT. PLET? IHB WHOLE OR PAW OF HOl'HB U LB- I ray pUw, Bleeekar street enly <? block west of Hroad- ! Way. The ii/wer fwt has been oucupteu by a dualist tor au I yiwi a 1mm mo be kid for ft store if desired. rLBT? THB 8TORB 126 MBRCBR NTttEHT BUITA bie for a grocery, Ac Rent very low toaruaimuMliia tenant Apply at 26 WglM<l street up stabs. rLBT? THE THRBB 8T0RT HIGH BASSMEW House S4H West Thirty fifth street, hi tw?M KighLh and Ninth avenues, with all the modem improvements; good neighborhood ; gas Uiluree tl'roughout floe vine*, yaru, A*. Reut $800. Inquire at 442 Eighth avenue. rLBT- THE THREE STORY ltBICK HOUSB, WO. Ml Vnt Twent y second street, with high stoop. The house he* all the modern improvements, and is located near Eighth avenue. Apply to ROOMS A WBLLS^W hiuth avenue. __ r LET-THE LOWER PART OP HOUSE NO. 3WBM Broadway place, near Canal street, on reasonable tonus. Inqaiie at 24 Hammond stn ?t. ffK) LET? FURNISHED COUNTRY PEAT, SITtlATHD X at College Point, near flushing, L 1., facing Flushing Bay, with abeut two herns of Uml. luni. stable, Ac. Direct communication about every hour by steamboat or railroad. Address 1H Fine Stroet, rwiu No. 0. r LET- TO A SMALL FAMILY-, A MODERN HOUSE, t ui niched, n Twentieth ward, uej?r Broadway ; prsaent oocupant* will board out rent. Address R. J., ior two days, bo* 119 Herald ollior. TO LET-THE 1'OrR BTORY IMITATION BTONK front English basement House 163 Lexington aveuuo, between Thirty first and Thirty seoond streets, with all the modem improvements. Reut B8A0. Applv to D. W. EEL L0OO, 1 21 Broadway, daily, 10 to 4 o'ol jck, or 1UU Clinton street. Brooklyn, mornings and evenings. TO LET-THE HOUHB NO. 361 WB8T PIFTEBNTl! street ; also 144 West Fifteenth street The abovo are Krst class bouses, with ull modern improvement* For particulars apply to J. MATHEWbON, 647 Hudson street, before 9 A. M. and after 61'. M. r LET-UPPER PART OF A HOUSE. WITH ALL THE modern improvements. Inquire at 100 Xaat Sixteenth street, near Stuyvesant park r LET-PROM 1ST MAY, THE TWO STORT FRAMH Houne corner ot' First avenue and Fifty-eighth street. Rent *100. Apply front 12 to 1 to HORATIO BuGEBT, 191 Broadway, corner of -tohn street, room 7. 1 beie i4 a large garden and line bearing grapevines, Ac., attached. rUTT ? A THREE 8T0RY AND RABBKENT BRICK House, No. 37 Smith street, Brooklyn; contains 12 rooms and all the modern improvements, m ? gas, water, heater' bells and speaking tubes, Ac. ; situated within two blocks of the City Hail; neighborhood first clans. Rent $660. Apply on the premises or to J. JONES, dining saloon, Fulton mar ket. TO XJBT ? THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC BBICK House 90 Watts streets; ha? gaa and Croton, and recently been put In complete order. To a g >od tenant will be leased low. Also thi' rear Building 118 William street, suitable for a light uinn > !u< turing business. Apply at 97 Water street. rro LET? THE FIVB BTORT BU1LDINO 217 GREEN A wlch rtreet, now occupied a? a large clothing establish ment, and has been for the last ten or twelve years. Apply to W M. HM ITU. J r., >71 West Nineteenth street, at 1 or 6>i r. M , for one week. TO LET? A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE AT 8INO SI NO commanding an extensive view of the Hudson river. The house is a neat two story and high basement dwelling, conve niently built, having eleven rooms and six closets built in. kitchen accommodations are complete: range, hot and cold water; fine garden, with plenty of fruit; carriage house and static, all in perfect order. Apply to J. P. WILLIAMS, 442 Eighth avenue JTO LET-FRONT BASEMENT AND THREE PLOOnn TO LET.? BUILDING NO. 45 LEONARD STREET, 25 by 1W) reet; suitable for store or manufacturing; terms moderate. Inquire of TAYLOR k WILSON, 127 Reade street TO LET? ON REASONABLE TERMS, TO A GOOD tenant, the largo marble building Hit Broadway, 110 feet by 26 feet 1 inch front and rear, ur each floor to let separate ly. For particulars inquire of BENJAMIN OALBRaITH, Esq., 127 Fulton street. Herald Building, or of ALEXANDER KA<<X<ESON. 738 Broadway. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, A STORE NO. 8rt MAINE street, an old established luncy and trimming btore, with fixture ( onanists. Possession ?lfu immediately. Rent $3Uu. Inquire of B. II. SEaBURY, "Ji Fulton street. TO I,BT? HOUSE NO. 1S7 WEST FORTY NINTH street, English baaement, four stories high, in excellent Older, situated third door east of Broadway. Rent $&bU per annum. Apply to J. M. DAVIEP, 66 Wall street. mo LET? THREE HANDSOME PRIVATE DWELLING A Houses, f ? tollows:? No. 273 Tenth street, near Klrit ave nue, rent $7N1; No. 136 West Fifty. third street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, rent $6ill>; No. .'<70 llenrv strset, Btookljn. rent $660. K01 particulars Inquire of H. M. SILVERMAN, No. law llrokduay. TO LET? THE UPI'FR 1'aRT OF A HOUSE NO. MW Brondv. ay, two door* above Union square, or would bo let in separate parts ; a first rate location for any kind of business. TO LET-THE THREE STOEY AND BASEMENT Willi stoop House No. 114 West Twenty eighth street: haa the modern improvement*. Rent $0 0. Apply as per bill. TO LET-THE ELEGANT FOUR tiTORY BROWN atone house, with private stairs, situated at 21S West Thirty fourth streo., ront&lntug 20 rooma, with all tho extra modern Improvements. Apply to It OH 1'. usilhli, Jr., lj West Thirty fourth street. To LET? ROOMS ON IMOIU) FLOOR; BATH, WA terr'oHft and every modern convenience: rent, with ga>-, $10 p? r month; will be lot only to a small family without children or servant*; location t>et wee a Hroailway and Sixth avenue. Apply at ROGERS' bookstore, Broadway, near Twelfth meet. r LET? SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF 3C7 Ninth street, three doors east of the park ; five room* on a floor, with all the modern improvements;. rent, second floor, $216; third floor, $1M0, per year. Apply to the owner on the premise*. mo LET? IN BROOKLYN, A THREE BTOKV BRIl'K 1, Flout*, llrat eluss in every renp?<-t, and Furniture, whi h ia nearly new, wllPhe aold cheap if desired. Apply toQ. 11. t'ltANs, real .state. agent, Hrt Myrtle avnntta, TO LET? DWELLING HOUSED 1*) AND 12?i UUARI, ton s.reet, wilh all the m odern Improvemeuta, at very lo? rent, ami all In good order. Inquire 01 MaRIIN Wa Tliltfc, 122 rharlton s.t., between Greenwich and Washington TO LET? THE FIRST f'LAS.-J ENGLISH BASEMENT House in Thirty fourth street, between Seventh aud Eighth avenues; has ali the modern Improvements. Kortur th< 1 | ?ar titular* nddrrs* box 6V) I'oat office. Rent $1,000. TO LET? 8TORES #0 AND 62 EAST TWELFTH STREET. $1(0; Basement .117 Broadway, $300. AUo front and corner Rooms, at Sl7 and 814 Broaoway, irom (111) to $Mo entrsnre spacious Apply to JOHN H. KELSO, 62 William at. TO LET-THE ELEGANT FOUR STORY, BROWN -ton'- Hons'-, 229 West Thlrty-fonrth street, 6ft feet de< p. Immedlat'* [Ke-sc?slon rsn be given. Apply to JOHN S, 02 William street. To LET-THE SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BA8E mento! the three itory brink house 91 Varlck stresu A family of four ladults) will occupy the rest of vhe building. To a desirable tenant the rent will be mads satisfactory. Gas, bath, Ac. TO LET-TWO LARGE HIGH BASEMENT ROOMS, well lighted, f roc ting cu Mercer street, three doors above Spring, with an entrance on Broadway, 2ft by 120 feet deep, rent $?tMK Apply to Mr. tmKKMr.tEK or Mr. COCitKAus, tyi'.l and ft4l Broadway TO LET? 1'URNISHKD, A LAROE DOUBLE HO I HE. on th< south side of Long laland. opposite Fire Island Lighthouse, smeen rooms, beside kibhen aud laundry, a B" Id ice b'tiee ifllled), < ?rrlage house and stahlmg for five rsrs. Aiv> an exoellent gard> n, with a lull supply ol vei-e tab;es and 1 run. For I orther Informal^ in apply to EDWARD MINT URN, 1?0 Water street. TO LET-THE \F.RY DESIRABLE FIVE STORY Houses 161 West Twenty third street, with double stair ease also 227 West Twenty third street; rent tl.ltki and 14* and 1 A3 V est Twenty fourth street, rent SNIO Apply to r. IIAKMony '? NEPHBWSA CO., M'Ureenwich street, or to A. LEA MAN, 217 W '? Twenty third street TO LET- ON SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR THIRTIETH street, the Store No. SH6, suit ?hle for any genteel bust nesa aiso suitable Apart menta, with Witer and ga*. for a small fami-V. Apply 10 JGSlAll JKX, No. 37 West Twenty seventh itrsst. TO LET-THE HANDSOME THREE STORY BROWN stone House, .'?) Pacific street, Brooklyn, aljaceut to cais and lerrles; ba'b pas and water fixtures, rent fftOO. Ao ply at 828 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, or No. 7 Gold street, N. V. To LET? THRU STORY AMD BASEMENT UIOII stoop Dwelling 1 to use No. 11 ?a St Itieventli ?tr<n,. Ap plv to .1 aM F.S C. HA Vs. lift Nassau street, room 12. TO I.BT-ON MYRTLE ATENUE, CORNER OF TOMI' klna avenue. Has' Brooklyn, two new three sMry base nient and sub-eellar bri< k Houses, with sliding doors, dumb waiters. marble mantels, gas and other modern improv- mcni?. l<s-atlon healthv and beantiful; cats pass to Fulton and Wll liaasbutg ferrlea, rent $S2.'> eaoh. or will sell on easy terms. Al-o at 2ft Krsiiklln avenue, a new thre- story and basemen' hrlel Home, finished as above; rent t3H0; possession ta April. Inquire on premises. Responsible parties ouly ne i apply TO LRT? HOLHM NO. 1X1 (OLD NG. HI) WEST FlF teunth street, between hlxtli and Seventh avenues, with gus fltt'ires, mantel and pier glaahcs, ettrnleea. An. Can lie ?sen irom twelve to two o'clock Inquire of W. H. KAD PORD, or C. J. PARDEK, 102 Went Thirty eighth street. T) LFT-AT HASTINGS, ONE HOUR'S RIDE FBOM the city and live ininutea' walk from <be landing, a oonve nient (Voltage, with garden; rent $T0u |>er annum tn<|Uire of A. BA010LI, 43 West Thirty seoond street, or at Wm Williams', ItM Broadway. ' TO LET-THE DWELIJNG FART OF HOUSE NO. 27* liiee*; wleh stree t, third door above Murray, oe-npled ten yenri pas' as a Inardfng house- In grsxl order; rent low Ap ply only at JOHN uADEN'H, No. l!M Washington street, near Fulton. TO LET.? BROOKLYN HEIGHTS?THREE STORY high basement house, P2 Columbia street, midway be tween the femes, overlooking the harbor; will be put in g'.rd order, with all Improvements; $700. .!, H. BILL, IS5 Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty third street TO LET- THE FULL SI/.ED FOUE STORY HIGH stoop House 423 Fourth street, Albion plane; has modern Improvement; gas, ehsndellers, and will be put in good or dei ; r< nt low to a responsible tenant. J. It RILL, 185 fifth avenue, norner of Twenty third st. TO LET? FART OF HOUSE NO. 'KM WEST TWEI.fW street t late Troy street), the Second Floor, two Room" on Otlrd flooi , one Room in the attlo, and haek Saaemsnt, In good order, with all modern Improvements; family ?n. seen from 10 to 4 Apply on the premises, or 19 1*. ROB A S. I? Varlck street. Rest t-fTt ffO LET- NO M MORTON STREET. THE TWO STOBT I and attie bri. k Dwelling, ? 11 h line yard; drat olaas neigh boi h ?d. A pply at No. W. n -it door. T' O LKT-EAHT TWENrYTHfRD STREET, NO. IM House MMOfeet. on evtra de?p lot, three stories and ' basement high p. with all the m'?lern Improvement* aad in go >d 01'der, will be let fur one or more years. Inquire on I the fretnls * Ren? $**1 TO LET-THE tDVKRTT8BE HAS A SMALL THREE story high l as-men' f i nished House, ?e*r Irving plane, I to Ht, and board out the reni, or would >inlte with a family I of two or these persona in housekeeping, and dlvid- theei pensn His fain'ly O'inslsta Of three adulta and dn-uibter, ten year* ? f age. The right sort of a fam'.ly ian have the beat of the frads. td ir"ss Neman, bo* 4.S7J Postofllje, slfilng the nun-,b?rfi* i(pm ft the fan y. Ac , and wberr su Interv'-w . ia. teO. HOniM, KOOMB, Ad., TO LDT. TO LBT? FURNISHED OR WITHOI'T THE FUBWI ture, the House S24 Went Twenty second atret.L Pomu sion given immediately If required To a suitable party It will be leased very low. It may t? hwd dart on ibe day. For terms inquire of JOHN J. Kb.NMN t CO., LM) Cham bers atreet. TO LET-FIRMSHED OK UNFURNISHED, A COM. plete How, newly fitted up with all the modern Im provements; hot and cold water on every floor, gaa and heat er. Location in the rear of London terrace; nelghborhtod good Will be let low to a prompt and responsible tenant. Inquire at 2SI1 Went Twenty fourth atreet. TO LET-IT 773 BROADWAY, ONE DOOR ABOVE N itith street. second floor, 47 feet deep, light, and entrance tne htm in iho strwt. A splcoilld location tor a flrst claee merchant tailor, Unit floor being occupied by Lewie T. Sea cc.ra h shirt nod f urnitk lag store Apply In the store. T? ... kKT-HOU8E HO. 47 BOND STREET, either for private resident e. business or boarding boose; * fine aet of m the rear, tulUtbie for a dentitt or phy f . ? "ff V w,t?r, ,ln lbe house. Apply on the premise* between the hours of 11 A. M. and 4 1*. M. TO LET? THE F1BH AND VBtsKTABLE STANDS I1C one of the best famliy markets in the city, or the ahep for s*lc. None but Aperiectiy reliable person need avoir at tif 6 Sixth avenue. Alio a line lary.e llorae, aal table for a aoe tor or family carriage, and a second hand R?<ikaway Wagon for sale cheap for want of uae. Apply as above. TO LET-THE FIRST CLASS THREE f TORT AND attic brick House No. S?'. Baat Broadway. fronting Grand street square, with gas, Croton water and bath; has been a respectable private boarding house Apply to RICHARD WALTERS, IB Past Broadway. TO LET?A NEW DRY GOODS STORE, 2rt FEET front, do feet deep, located on Main atreet, village of Haver traw, Km klaud county. Possession given immedi ately. Inquire of II. R MrKENZIE. TO LET? LO WEE PART OF HOtTBE 183 CLINTOlf atreet, near Grand; double parlor*, tea room, back base meat and two goou attic bedrooms; rent AWU. Inquire of J. W. JOHNSTON, MO Grand street. TO LET-TIIE UPPKH PART OK HOUSE I* TWEE tleth atreet, near Ninth avenue, with all the modern im provements, to a small family with >ut children, constating of four rooms an 1 Ave pamrfes; references exchanged: rent 9275 Inquire of JUS., No. 8 East Nineteenth street. TO LET-STORE AND DWELLING, NO. 377 BOWERY ; has been occupied for ten years pant as a tea, coffee and atigar store: a well known stand and a low rent. Apply u> CHARLES BAILEY, No. <J8 Second avenue. TO LET-THE WHOLE OR PART OF A FOUR STORY and tmai ment brown atotie House, replete with all the [ Improt omenta, includlig gas tlxturea throughout; good yard, 1 oleaaant locution : rent $1,UX). Inquire on the premises, 8tf East Twenty- ninth atreet. TO LET-THE SMALL THREE hTORY BRICE HOUSE. 74 Welt Fortieth s'.reet, first houae went of Sixth avenue, | aouth aide, llaa all the modern impiovementa. Gaa fixtures go with the houae. Rent $61)0. Apply to J. PANG BURN, No. 3 Pine atreet, from 11 to 4, r LET- FOR A TERM OF YEARS, IN TUB PLEA santeat part of Merriatnia, a Bakery, DwslUng Houie and Stable; also >i neat Cottage, with garden, Ac. Addreae Pierre A. Guy, alher plater and glider, No. 9 John street. TO LBT? UT PER PART OF A HOUSE IN EIGHTY alxth i treet, between Third and Fourth avenues, to * atnall American family. Inquire of Mr. SlLLICK, Houae Agent, Eighty sixth street, near Fourth avenue, or 330 liioome stieet. Rent $1H0. TO LET? THE FOUR STORY, ENGLISH BASEMENT brick House, 179 Eaat Nineteenth atreet, In good order, with Kaa fixtures and mirror a Rent $760. Apply to DIN OEh A HOI DLN, No. 8 Pine street and 1,244 Broadway. TO LET-THE PROMINENT CORNKr. OF SIXTH AVE nue and Forty- first atreet, for a Grocer* or Tea Store; or, to a responsible partv, for the Liquor bualncu. Apply to 1?VE A OUBTISR, fn Sixth avenue TO LET? PART OF THE THREE STORY RRICK Dwel'lng No. sm Weat Twentv-aecond atreet, consisting of front Parlor on flratflwr, back Baatment, and three Booma in third story, with Croton and gas. Kent, $230. TO LET-FROM MAY L THE HIGH STOOP THREK story brick House 340 West Thirteenth street; contain* all the modern improvements. Rent $50C per annum. Ap ply to ROBERT USHER, Jr., 152 West Thirty- fourth street TO LET, FURNrSIIED? TWO BEAUTIFUL STONE Villas. with magnlflcent lawn of several acres, including garden, fruit, forest and shade trees to each, a tables, Ac., situated at Klllottville i north ahore), Staten Island; perfectly healthy, delightful neighborhood, half au hour from the city; rent $(i.r>0 aud $HWi. Also, to rent, a beautiful gothic stone Cottage, ten rooms, near the shore, in Elllottville, unfur nished ; rent $480. Inquire at Dr. *lllolt'a ofUoe, No. 7 Astor plare. Eighth atreet, or of BARRETT, BRINSMADB * BABKM'i, 14 Wall atreet. TO LET. AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION (11VEN? Floors of fclx eteg-int rooms, on the aeeond, tnird and fourlli lli.ora of the full front Houses In Sixth avenue, wnst aide, between Forty-fourth and Forty fifth streets, near the Central Park. W uter and ifaa on eaeli floor. Rent cheap to <>ood tenants Apply lo JOHN KAVANaGH, northeast cor ner of Forty fifth afreet and Sixth avenue. TO I.F.T ON CABAL STREET-TIIE STORK NO. 421 Canal street, b-'tueen Varlck and Sullivan streets, about 7U feet deep, n lilt a good front; also the Basement, wbtcb haa been occupied aa a saloon Immediate |>oaaeaaton of the baarmrut ; and store on the 1st ot May. Inquire of DAVID COLEMAN, art Vat1>'k atraet. To let, at km:ruing. L. I? a laroe frame Dwelling, plfxanntly situated, next to .lohn II. B rower, Eaq. ; 1& ro-mia, 12 < lo?"ta, wide pia/. H. large fmlt trees, tlbo lawn, location h>'ulthy. water excellent Rent $480. Apply toWM. R. PBlNi t. Flushing. mo LET IN IIOBOKEN ? A NEAT TWO STORY, ATTIC X and basement Cottage, situated on the aouth west corner ol Hudson find Second atreets, fronting the river, five ml nutea' walk from the tarry. Apply to O. B. SMITH 191 West | street, upatalra i rpo I.ET OK LPAFK? FURNISHED HOUSE 60 WEST A Thirty flfih atreei, between Firth and Sixth avenues, t ha Ho ire u three atorieasnd basement, hlvii stoop aid iwloony; contains nil the modern Improvements, the Furnitnro in fine oi dei , making It a very deairable residence for a pMvate fami ly. < an be aoeu from 11 A. M. till 3 P. M Inquire on the premises. The best city referenres required. For further particulars apply to 1. 1'. KILLi , M South street, corner ef TO l.F.T OR LEASE? FOUR STORY BROWN STONE Engllih baaement House, 62 Wcat 'thirty flrth street, be | tweeti I'll 111 aid Sixth avenues; the Houae contains ml I be D>"d>m Improvement* and trst cltua In every re*pect. Can |p- ?N'? from I.' M till 3 1' M Inquire <y> the pr-mlaee. For I ui th? r puiimlam apply to T. F. HILLT, 68 houth llrwi, corner ol Wall. TO LET OR LEARE-34 EAHT NINETEENTH STREET, be wop i i Br*a<lw*y and *ojrtb avenue;* brown (tone Hotter, four atones, 'tl by 86 fit*!, with bntler's ei n tin! on. In qulieol 11. T. oUaTA) !AP, 143 Urand strict, or at 42 Weal Vv?tv nlnlkHmt. Can be iieen jetwei u the bouni of I and 3 I'. M. T m < >d<' r n R|i u u ,A n'J, , , * H ' (P* "ORV nroii STOOP ?iu?i U,V#B"'- '?'I'l-tf wllh aU m?id(.rnOBrtecnlb awr ?!;!% lh* "r':,? ,Flr'aDl5% N*^ ,ouRAiwr-u,T?^?^ * rt irt, Ha W-elt'TwirtV^.?,^. ? CTTJ rliE AkE OR FOR R ALB? THE THRBH HTORT iXB bawme tit brick Bulldiug, No*. SO and St CemmtM ?treat, suitable for a workshop, heretofore need aa a re frigerator mnuefaetcry. A good opportunity for the Inlre dm i ton of tni- Mru ry, having a high chimney attached fox Veam boiler. A.-. Apply to 7' M A f HHWHON, M Hndfeoa atreet before tt a. M. and alter 9 f. M. TO LK1 OR FOR SALE-IK FOl/RTKBNTH STREET, t?o new brim a *tone Hon>ea, 74 f*ei ???*t of Hmosd ave nue. with all m> 'lerti improvement*, built In the beat ?laMin Apply to JOHN H. UILEH, 34 BUaalieth atreet. rLET OR POR SALB-THB POPR STOBT AND b**ement brlrjt Building 111 Monroe street, with all the modern Improvement*, and U In complete order; wlU be let or leaned on reasonable term*. or will be *old at a great bar nain. Teima'casv Apply at 123 Cherry street. TO I.FT OR For MALE? HOCSE AND TEN ACRES OF I.sml <>n Slaten Inland on th? hue of the Staien Inland Railrnad: Kli hmond Vallev station depot on the land; train *s run early and late. Apply to A. JOL'KNEAT, Jr., W Broad way. T) LET. LKASK OK COR HALE TWO LARUE FOl'R III ry lirown (tone Houae*, containing all the modern ta> mwements, In V/ eat Thirty slith street. tw ar Fifth avesne. A pply ai No Oi Hearer street, up ataim, or to LOL'OON 4 to, 270 Fonrth avenue. rro least cor fivf. vbars, ski-akately or to 1 ei ther, live |,.)U <>n AMornij> m l Kutan street*, between l>elatn*v and Broome streets, now oocnptM aa an Iron fourv dry by .?obn ?. /'rati, to be tacant on the tut of May. Ap ply to C. PINl'K NET, at 72 Wall (tree'.. TO HENT-HEVERAL FINK COUNTRY SKtTS. IN rhfik* lo aliona, from $190 to fjjBOO oach. Al?o a largo am >unt of city piopertv at low rrnta. IHJ.LAND A WBBB, &I Cedar atreet. ffrFii part of kir?,t clash frivatb u mm* U Inr, No. 2A4 We*t Twenty ninth vtreet, t<> rent, to a ?mall family of adulta, alx c<inv< nirnti v arninged room*, with pan trtea, clo? ta, gaa, l>atb and Crotoa attarlied; but or** other ?tnall funt'y ui be In the house. The bent of m-rrarr given , and re<|iilrvd Rent It JiFLRNIhllfcU RfioMS TO LKT-IWU METH, ROOM I and Bedroom e?eb, on tbe ae< ond Hour of a tin" three mory brick Iioumi on >m? of the flm avenue* In Kio<>kiyn; ad I jarciit to Kiilton ?vefttii!cnr*,ar.d le?* lhan a mile froai City : Hall; m<-ai? on f umltya. tii<|tiir? at 7r Lafayette ?v i i?. ? 7? RBNT? THRJUt BTORV i iRICK Hol'KE. ?rUv'" high ntoop, at.VI feel. No S Hovt ttrr*, Hro. * I lyn, near I niton avenue, three minute*' walk from City HalL Apply t<> W* MACKAT W Fulton avenua. <twi W V -Biofii w ith Vixti rbV tu lbt-nu. l^ii iPOlJU. Rroa'lwny, near Tlilmltih ctreet; shelving* and i e< uotera new. Inouirt' at I SrOUVKNEL k CO. H gLaaa 1 manufactory "Jf ..nd 20.1 centre atreet. AJao bent French Claret Wine for Mtle. THK I.I'M Tl RK MKAMOIf. POLAR LECTT SB. -CA 1TAIM HAM WUlTlflO. LA TK oomiii?nder of th-- t'nlted Hlatei< mall "teani-r Marion, recently aelied at ChiuleeUin. and an officer In the expedition nhlrh re?> ued f>r. Kane, will ne.'irer b't highly Interesting lecture, full v Illustrated willi fine map*, model* an<? ntereet Ing rait' ?? from the A relic ?'en*, on Tu' wlay evening. Mareb 2B, at the M?th Avenue De|?>t Hall, entrance on Forty ourtb street, ? ommen< log at H o'clo> k, and cle?lng wtth a reunion ol' Inlerentlng IrMidrii'a fMMetM with the late nelinre of hi* Venn- 1 at t Jharleaton. Ticket*, 26 cent*, at the dour. " InLlTAET. VTOTICB - \ KTBRANS OF THE WAR OF Wll AND Wldoa* that mnde claim* for the uaeof clothtng and arm*, will cell at the Bounty Land Ott.ce, No. 4 CHy Hall niece, and prepare to receive theli nertttleate* of allowance for the money. OBN. H. BAl MONU, late ColOMi N. B.? All wbo have not ma<le claim* w,H plea w call a* I above. I ? ? i_* | RKSTAIRASTI. 8NOLISH MI TTON FOR DINNER TO MORBCW-AI ?f> Rna?t B?ef, Yorkghlre Pudtllni; aiwl Ot fall Sf H Fir 1 ??le, Lnhfine Herring, ft ?) half keg; t m uionth nto*i*-r?. Bnglinh Mutton. Che?*e and Ifllx-rt*, *? Ik* Klu?he'h?n A)* ! Lun h It<?im, H6 Maiden Ian*, <nmer of Vt llliam tUtmi. Dun I lop * Al* In fla* oo?dltlon, on ilraught. . . T BfrrTABDGON, Agent. M' AJOB ANDERtON AND H!.-? TO OALLAVT COM red"* having aocertAd iBMcer * inntMJoe ov *ti hi* I MUtbklahBMtlt, wffl, on landtag ?' the Battery take nn Mteir | Mm of rnoreh to the nor' hweet corner of Broadwav and ( ort | Undt 0in?t, and tlowfcr ?fulfil by SPFV RR, At bin hinrb I ootniw ftBd th'-n wm! It ?o?m rn turiw cot iln, tlu? h ' to mptrfnr to ftll oi h*rn V?*ry, Colli nt * Co., * teiy ibm omtf pt r