Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1861 Page 2
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WrMk ?' ? rNTFRxarmo fawiculam or thi i.?m or thi IlHT UVOBL*?, or NBW YOmM.~MLKY*S DAVS ""IvVrZ'SU o? A KAWLV ON A KIOHIDA macs? fB?r subsist on r Annrr ro lkaviu ? 1KB I'M AM CONDUCT Or A klOBTMOUSK EXKFKH ? IU tiers BT TBK FIBBT OPriCE* OK TU CA IJlWBi- f BimAMBDP (UHAW*?, ru?mi>A 0>A?t, > March 10, 1341. J to m BtroB or tin iibuu>. An incident of more than ordinary interest occurred ttiV morning, which for nuj ruitiu is worthy of more than the usual logbook notice. Aboutnine o'clock our lookftyt discovered a yacht oa (he beach, high and dry, with a signal of distress Hying, ftlrt+in Smith at once stood in for the wreck, approach log aa near as prudeace would warrant, and ordered hla best *orf boat, under the oommand of drst officer J. B. Slaker, te attempt the rescue of the unfortunate men, Women and children now clearly seen from the steamer. With intfniu anzifty we watched the heroic Baker and his trusty boat's cr?w as they dashed among the breakers, now tossed into the air, and now stoking be neath the angry sea foam. Qutekly the beach Is gained, and the noble surf boat measures her length upon it. The family are gathered, and the wife and mother, with her two children and two nicoes, are placed, in the boat. And now the deep anxie ty of the ship's company becomes Intense as the boat, with Its precious freight, again dares the frightful break ers. The captain, with spyglass in hand, was watching every movement of the little eraft, now darting upward like s thing of life, and now dropping below .the line of Ttntk; it seemed as though we oould hear the boating of every anxious heart ab>ut ub. until the captain exclaimed in triumph, "She's safe!" "Jhe's safe!" Again tho trial of another peril oame, and again the brave Baker triumphed over the angry breakers, and the husbands and fathers were with their rescued families on board the Ctthavba. The wrecked yacht turned out to be the Mary Kwgsla&d , of and from New York, owned by Christopher C. a?(l Danforth L. Boott. She nailed from New York tn October last, botuvi south, and touched at various places for the purpose or enabling her passengers to give theatrical performances. These consisted of tho twB brothers and their families. Her last place of depar ture, was St. Augustine, lis., March I, bound for Key West. On the morning of March i, about Ave o'clock, a heavy northeast gale broke upon the little craft, and. despite their best exertions, they found themselves doomed to be driven on the Florida coast. Yielding to the fury of the tempest, they headed for the beach, and, nerved to superhuman efforts, {met the awful cruh of the beaoh and surging billows; and, bruised and exhausted, reached tho inhospitable shore. Daylight scon revealed tho surrounding desolation. A rude tent, formed from their topsail, was their only shel ter from the storm. After three days ef suffering the two brothers started for Jupiter lighthouse, distant eighteen ln.les, leaving their families to the tender morcics of the bears and panthers, which nightly prowled about their tent. Their appeal for aid for their sulfcrlng families failed to move the inhuman Ughttee]>er. They coull obtain not even a biscuit. With empty hands anl heavy hearts they returned to their suffering families, to hope for rescue only from some friendly sail, or to meet starvation's bitter end. To the noith was the inhuman Individual who cared not for their bufferings; to the west the Impenetrable swamps, and on the south, distant about 110 miles, another govern ment station and lighthouse, where, if reached, they might or might not procure relief. Ten days and nights of fearful suffering and forebodings came an 1 went, and no pawing rail saw or heeded their tlar of distress. DurUg this time the party subsisted mainly on tho tojw of the ralmotUklreea which grew around them. On tue eleventh day or their trials, Captain Smith came, saw and reccutd. The party consisted of Christopher C. Scott and two daughters, aged fourteen and fifteen years; Danforth L. Scott, his wife, and two children, aged six and ten years, all of New York. Tho kind welcome and untiring attentions or Capt. Smith, and the officers and passengers of the Cahawba, soon made the rescued party comparatively happy, although alt thulr earth y possessions were loft behind them on the beach. A generous contribution among the officers and passen gers attested their full sympathy with the suffering and destitute strangers. Two things a xomplishcd and the writer will bo con tent.' The scorn and derision of all good men of the In human conduct and the dismissal from government em ploy of the inhuman keeper of Jupiter light, on<l the Just commendation of 4he noblo and gehcrcus impulses of Capt. Smith. D. Newi from Havana. ARRIVAL OF THE BIENVILLE. The United States mail steamship Bienville, J. D. Bul loch, commander, from New Orleans the 15th, and Barant at Are P. M. of the 18th, arrived at an early hour Saturday Burning. The Bienville but hid an unisually severs pas sage, with strong gales from the north and northw?it the entire distance from the latitude of Capo Florida. Her Britannic Majesty 'b steamer Gladiator wa3 iu Ha van* when the Rienvllle left. Tli' sugar market was less active under a tight money ct?Situm and unfavorable new*. Quotations at 6 a 6}{ roils tor N'os. 11 and 12 ; stock, 236,000 boxes, agaiuat 116,000 at this date last year. lio'aw p. 1}{ reals for clayed and 2' J for mtiscavodos, at which figures su'.es were made. American provisions dull of sale. Hams, 14c. a 15), C. per Ih. Freight* less active than last wet* , and rates Slight ir lower. Exchange? London, 10 a 10 per oeut premium, 60 days- New York, 1 a 3 do . other ports far a .t ?'o. ; New Orleans, ? a 6, abort sight. No lootl news. Health good. j FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sunday, March 24, 1SG1. The effect of the pending political cri=w upon the commerce of the country la witnessed in the re duced importations at this port for the week which ended yesterday. By reference to the table given below it v ill be seen that the importation.-* of laJl week were less than half those of the correspond ing week of 1860 or 1869. The exports last week were large, as usual, but the excess over last year is now diminishing week by week. In other words, ?ho trade of this port is steadily declining, and with the prcspeot that a prohibitive tariff will go into effect on this day week, it cannot fail to con tinue to decline. The only redeeming feature in the prospect is the cart ailment of consumption which reduced importations involve. Tho country at large is consuming iet*a than naual, aad will continue to reduce its consumption until the pre sent imbroglio be settled, and a proper tariff en acted. This general economy must tend to increase the general wealth of the people, though it de prives vast numbers of tho employment on whi h they rely for a living. The movement of specie continues very light ; all that goes abroad goes to Havana. Should exchange continue to advance it is p< uible that specie shipments to Europe may be made in the conrso of ft few weeks, whi -h would tend to relieve both the stringency of the European money luaikets and tho overladen banks in this city. The Mhwftf are the comparative Custom Hons# table" of the trade of the port for the week and since January 1 I*rcRTS. tor tlie umk. 1S50 1*60 1-61. nrygoodi $7-25 796 1 .767 Olt 742,819 Cieue-al merchandise.. 8,844,44-1 2.6T0.492 1 187,25s ToU! for the wet* . ?4 070 2fll 4,437.506 1 990,977 rrevio.siy reported., 52 210. to* 3M75.S47 Sji.ce January 1 $51,907,970 96,648.314 41,455,724 Exnars or ffcoMca asd M*.t< -n>nua. 1M*. 1SSQ. Is (II . For U e we-k f I 117,804 1.5X0.044 2 ldl.?4!? 1'ievwusiy reported... 10,430*949 l'>, $09,9M 20,793,482 Siccs January I... .$U,547,a62 17, OW, 024 24,961.411 txi-om-1 or SraciK . IU9 ifi&i iu] Fcr th? week nm'jtn 4?JM 'il.lrtl I'revioiiKly re|KN ted.... 6,154,927 .1 077.603 1.340. IU Since January 1 $7,025,406 8,606 *65 1 451.342 The banks most continue to gain specie; every steamer, thus far, brings some gold from England, and a brisk business is belHg done in moving gold between the Mint at Philadelphia and the Assay Office and banks in this city. Lust Monday the banks showed a sporia average of - an increase of $2 ,.7W, 90H from tbo week previous - more than waa expected. Since then the banki have not only received money from the Hint, but l.ave taken something from tho Sub-Treasury, in which institution the balance yesterday stood at 10 ,240^10, agalnut $G, 720, 80S at the close of lart ?week. Nearly $900,000 more is on the way hero from Halifax, having arrived In t'i? C'unarJ ateamer. in the course of a few duys we ihill cease t? revive specie from Englanl, u-i!e? ex change declines heie. Hut before th'4 hup pens the bank reserve will bo sure to rls6 above forty million of dollars. The lo.?as do not vary much; law. week they stood at f 122,009,025 a decrease >95,100 from the week previous. The banks con^of to experlen?# great difficulty in filling up tlmr line, in < ons v juencc of tlie general liquidation In taslaea* wlr h is going on, and the acarnty of suitable mere ad tile paper. All tha really first cla<i vaper l> picked up at the discount brokers a' abou', C pe* ?cnt or under; even uingle narnei, ?h: \. a few week* ago would not phx under 2 per ccat i month, are now current at about 7. On call, the money Market exUMta Increased cane. Some broken refuse to allow ow 4 per cent for money, and at 5 the supply is beyond the wants of the street. It is evident that we are going to have a very easy money market all rammer. There haa been another movement in foreign ex change since our last weekly review. Commercial bills have almost disappeared from the market. The Southern banks are holding back their bills in the hope of getting hereafter a better price for them than they could at present, and consequently the bankers hnve had .to look elsewhere ftir ex- j change. Rates have risen, under thin pressure, from 106 last Saturday to 107% yesterday- at which price the market oloscd firm. Comparing the price of gold here with the mint standard in j London, and allowing lor loss of interest, freight ! and insurance, it appears that, until the Bank I of England reduces the rnte of interest, specie eould be shipped from here to London without loss against exchange at 108%. If, there fore, the market should advance another one per cent this week, we may witness some specie ship- ! ments before Saturday next. This, however, sup poses that the Bank of England does not rednce its rate? a very unlikely thing. Private letters from England state that the recent advance In the Bank rate caused great dissatisfaction in mercan tile circles, and that, on the first intimation of an advance in exchange here, the Bank would re verae its policy. Since then, bills have risen here from V/% to 3 per cent. It is evident that the reduction in importations at our ports must diminish the demand for exchange this summer. We published in yesterday's Herald the call for a new government loan of $8,000,000, under the act of February 8. According to the terms of the advertisement, the stock to be issued^will bear 6 per cent interest and run twenty years; the bids must be sent to the Treasury Department, Wash ington, before 2d April, and the money must be paid by 15th of the same month. On 22d Febru ary last eight millions of United States stock were awarded under this same act. The amount of bids was nearly double the sum wanted, and the stock was taken at an average of 90 \i. It is now worth 95% a 96. Capitalists who may feel disposed to bid for the new loan will do well to remember that the necessities of the government give them the power of exer cising a very salutary pressure at the present time. The interest of capitalists and of all parties who may become bidders for the new loan is that the Morrill tariff shonld be repealed, and that some settlement of the pending difficulties should be had. Before they offer their money to Mr. Lincoln, would it not be well to ascertain how far he is disposed to meet the views of the public in these respects? If the commerce of the North is to be ruined by the Morrill tariff, and the country is to continue trembling on the verge of civil war, it will be very inconsistent for the capitalists of New York to lend money to the government. The following table shows the course of the stock market during the past week and month: ? Feb. 23. Mch. 2. Mch 9. Mch. 16. Sick. 23. Missouri 6's.... 66 66 65 66'i 66'f N. Y. Central... 77, 7H',y 79 78'; 78 V Reading 42 45 4 44 44 Erie 81 32^ 82J? 32X 32 Michigan Ontr'l 555i ?3 66% 6S 58 Fouth. guaran'd. 81 35 36 '4 37){ 38>f Illinois Central. . 79 81 ^ 79 3H? 82 Galena 72 72 70 >4' 71 72H Rock Island.... 67 67 67 Q 53 59 Toledo 32* 36 34 35 38 Panama ........ 113 . ll? 1U? 115* U6>? Hudson River.. 43', 45^ -44*, 45 45U Paci&c Mali 83 85 S3 >4; gti 86.^ It will be seen from the above table that the fluctuations in stocks since last week have been extremely flight. Business has been very dull, and while, on the one hard, there haa been no stock pressing mi the market, on the other, there has been very little outside disposition to buy. Neither bulls nor bears have made any money for some time. Tlio public are calmly waiting the issue of events. If trouble should arise? if a collision should take place? we should probably witness a stampede in ttie stocks of the border slave States, and the whole market would sympathise to some extent. A settlement wonld probably lead to a general burst of speculation, based on the reBtoft tion of peace, the good traffic on the railways, and the superabnndance of money. If matters remain as they are it b not likely that the market will vary much; but the cheapness of money is likely to render the bull bide the favorite one with operators. Within the past d?y or two some large lots of stock have come over from England for sale here. They have been absorbed without difficulty, and Illinois Central haa risen since then. New York Central is very dull, without variation in price. Pacific Mail has been more active lately. We hear that the condition of the company's ships on 4he Pacific Is such that the next semi-annual dividend will either be passed altogether or reduced to five per cent, and the money employed in necessary repairs. The Western shares continue dull. The roads are doing a good business; but the non-payment of dividends by so many roads which this year were to have given their owners a fair income is discouraging to the public. The Board of Pirectors of the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad Company adjourned on Saturday, after spending several days over tho report to be published to-morrow or next day. It is understood that the result* of the year reflect the greatest credit upon the management of Mr. President Gilbert. Mr. Treasurer Keep, and their associate directors. It is rumored that during the past year the road has earned something like ?300.000 over and above expenses nnd interest. The company has a floating debt of over half a milliotft>f dollars, and does not pay the interest on its second mortgage bonds. In November next, it is hoped . tli* interest will be duly paid, and by that time, perhaps, the bondholders who have thus far declined to aceade to the company's pro posals for finding their coupons may And it to their interest to do so. These bondholders are understood to represent less than one half the entire second mortgage. We ore not precisely informed with regard to the ar rangement which It Li proposed to make with the holders of the first mortgage, which matured last year, and which has been nearly foreclosed. They are offered, we believe, sinking fund bonds, se cured by a mortgage on the whole road, In ex ' ' change for their bonds, whieh are ? mortgagee on a j?srt of the road only. Whether the offer is likely to be accepted, we have no means of know ing. The tint mortgage bonds sell at 88, the sink ing funds at t5. It is expected, however, that the Utter, being the more valuable security, will soon c< mmand the higher price of the two. To-morrow or next day we may be able to secure a copy of the report for publication. If, as we are led to believe, it shows that there Is a ray of light In the future for this much abused property, Messrs. Gilbert, Keep and their associates will be entitled to the gratitude of stockholders, nnd to a high rank nuv ng railway managers. When they took c bulge of the road, its prospect iteemed utterly hopeless. CITY CtmatKILClAT, REPOIIT. 9*r riuy, Vtircii S i? 1 ' M. Aniim ?the market wm *t*a<ly . witii st! ?? r>f **me 30 bbia , including fnla at ft 25 *ud imr.s U 31 1 , . ' Iliuun'ix'm. ? flour? The in*rk-t *:n ui ? ? ictivs n4 prices firm. The transaction* embraced ab>'tt n.'i'W bbis. to the domestic trade anl for expert, ci >*tn^ t/.U.a the folio* ;pg rsnjs of |>ric<rS SuperAe"- Slite V> 1'2'g i 5 '20 Katra State, good taclolcs ???; ? 9 16 ^toerflno western I It'4 * 9 20 Coo'Dion to ihuico West or n eitre... ? *? ? 7 to UuH tostra jbl ? li a 1 . ?-S'i'ht to f <*1 <>*tra do. ........ * 7 26 < Uoic<> exua fami. v ant btker*' brauis.. 7 'J5 % * A) B}?ll"'ir j 81 1 ? Corn meal, 4e?eey sad Br*a4rwtw> ;i . ? . S Sfl a 'ft ? lia?JlUu flour was <in!ot and m! ?? 0>a4ne<l t> Siu 4.V Vita., rw?ii? ???!'>? a|7 ?o. K-.ttor/a (Ifir wa ?m l loctudud iu tb? Miei srero a i nt 1 2oO ?>"> s " t.i <? the rang" of tbf abore qtnu' ' ? u ByO ?a t * meal were quiet at the above quotation* Wheat m in B* chlrtT for export, with aaies of about MJW bushels at SI 26 for Rao toe spring , $1 Mall U lor wfcita, and $1 82 a $1 38 to red Vastern; $l?6a$l2TX fcr M vnukee club, and >1 ?1 (W Chicago spring. Corn wasqu.ot , owing to the flrssnssn of holders ; sale* 24,000 bushels at 68c. a 64c. for new Wsslern mixed. and ST !W'o. f 60 - old do. ?lo. , 68c. far Bantbern yeUow. and 7la for Boatbern white. Rye? Sales 1.400 bushels at OSc a etc. Barley and oats were unchanged. Oot>m? The sales embraced 8,500 bags of Rio by auc tion, at 11 ^c. a 13 Wo ?average ia-70c. , and also 100 da. do. to the trade, at lSlfc. Cotton ?The character of the foreign new* by the t'anaaa, being rather unexpected, rendered the market less active and buovant. Still thara was 'no pressure amoog holders to sell, and prices were without quotable change. The sales reached about 1.600 bales, in lot*, at tf%c. a like , chiefly at the latter figure. Fbhcbis ? Kagageueote wen light; some 10,000 a 12,000 bushels wheat were reported at about 121., In bags, and flour at 3s ; beef, pork and lard were at 35s. To London rates were steady, with moderate engagements; 1 .000 barrels rosin were engaged at 4s. per 290 lbs. There was nothing new to Glasgow or to Havre. Fat' it. ?The demand for raisins was fair, but pricos were less buoyant. Bales of 0M boxes Malaga were re ported at |2 16 a $2 17>? for layer and at $1 60 for bunch. Currants were sailing moderately at 4Kc. Hat ?The market was steady, with a fair demand. Sales of 600 bales for shipping were reported at 75*. a 80c. For city use prices, as to quality, ranged from 00c. a $1 per 100 lbs. Hidhs were without change of momeat, while sales were light. The receipts for the week from foreign ports amounted to 6,044 and 3 ,618 from coastwise ports? total, 9,66T. The imports since the 1st Inst, have been 66,431 from foreign ports and 0,192 from oosst wise ports? total, 66.920. Mola?ub>.?' The sales embraoed 26 hhds. new cropjat 26c. sad at 46c. ; do. Cuba new crop at 22c. u 24>^c. a 26c. Natal Siobss. ? Spirits of turpentine were in some bat ter request, though sales were moderate, and, including Fome lots yesterday, 300 a 400 bbls. were reported sold, part Southern straight and in shipping order, at 86c. a c5>?c Crude was quiet and nominal. Common rosin was dull. A small lot No. 1 was sold at $2 26 per 280 lbs. Tar was heavy : 200 a 800 bbls. north country sold at 82 Pnovisioss.? Pork? The market exhibited more anitna Hon, with a better demand from the trade. The sales embraced about H00 a 000 bbls , Including mess at $16 60 and prime at $12 60 a $12 T6. Beef was in moderate de mand, with sales of 200 bbls. reported at $S T5 a $9 87 X for repacked Western, and at $10a $U Tor oxtra do. Prime mess was nominal at $16 60 a $17. Beef him* were steady, but sales 4tmltod at $14 a $15 CO. Cut moita were In Ihlr request, with sales of shoulders at 6c. a 6>?c. , and at 8c. a 8)jc. for hams. Lard was Arm and m steady demand, In pait for export. The sales embrace! about 600 bbls., at 9tfc. a 10c. Butter and oheese were moving moderately at unchanged prices. I! if*. ? Hie market was quiet. A sale of 45 casks was made at $tfc. StKiABti.? The market was steady, with a fair demand from the trade. The salss embraced 636 hhds, 380 of which were Porto Klco, at 6>?c. a 6c., and the remainder embraced Cubas at 4*{c. a 5},'c., and 250 hhds. Porto were sold by auction at 4% a 8-6 9c. WnifKKV ? The market was brmer, with a better do mand from the trade. The sales embrace 1 450 bbls. at 17*0. BOARDING AND LODGING. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED A runm to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wil e Also, rooms for single gentlemen, at 108 Baal Fourteenth street. Dinner at six 1*. M. a?- 1 West Twenty fourUiitreet. houje- L?o? APBIVATE FAMILY, TO REDUCE EXPENSES, will let tu one or two siugle (rentlemen their Parlor, mi ig niflcently furnished, with or w ithout partial Board. Loca tion near Hioadway and Fourteenth street. Address box 2,916 roat ollice. A LADY OF BF.FINEMBNT AND QUIET HABIT* IN pursuit of a retired home, will Und such a one with a young widow who occupies a 'mail but oomfortable h iuw. So other boarders taken. Location central. Address for one week Mrs. Haywood, b<i 12V Herald olllc*. A SMALL FAMILY HAVING MOBE ROOM THAN they require, will let two pleasant furnished room*, with grate and gas, to gentlemen, without board; tie house is pleasantly situated, also convenient to several stage and car routei . Apply at 331 Broome street Asurr of vekt desirable booms on second fit or, to let, w tth board, at 46 East Twenty-fourth atreet. The house is replete wl'h all modem conveniences. Refer ences exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND AL80 A SINGLE O. gentleman, may have pleasant rooms and board at 119 West i weuty tecond street. This is a pleasant private house, In a Orst rate location. Call lor three days. References re quired. A FINE FRONT ROOM, ON SECOND FLOOR, AND JX hall bedroom, to let, with board, nouse line and well located; hasallthe modern Improvements. Charges mode rate. Inquire at No 1 new canal street, comer of East Broadway. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN FULL BOARD and room, wlthiu four or five blocks of Madison square. Communications, stating accommodations aud terms, (no oth era will be noticed), may be addressed to S. C., Herald otllce Avery desirable front booic and two largb Pantries, on third lloor, to let, with Board, at 121 West Fourteenth ttieet, three doors from Seventh avenue. ASMVLL PRIVATE FAMILY, OOCUPTINO THEIR own house, which contstus all the modern Improve mt-uts and tn a most awealble and desirable locality, would rent to a party ot two or three a handsomely furnish ed suit of Kocius, with Board. Inquire at 72 West Thirty second Htrect, near Broalway. A ROOM AND BEDROOM, ADJOINING, ON T1IE second floor, to rent, with board, to a gent'eman and wife or single gentlemen. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Kererenoej given and required Apply at 63 West Twelfth atreet, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. A DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMS AND A LARGE Rocm, suitable for a gentleman and wife, with full board, can be obtained in a first class house. No. ? West Twenty fourth street, opposite Fifth Avenue Hotel. "svs.vMrsa: A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WILL LET A FEW Rooms, to gentlemen, with partial Board; house pew. with all the modern Improvements, and newly furnished hroiithout. Apply at 9t Macdougal street, first house from AtOUNG AND ENTERPRISING WIDOW LADY, Liv ing alone, and having recently commenced house keep in*. would like to let a suit of famished Rooms to gentleman and ladies. Board for the ladira only. Inquire at lfy Thomp son street, third floor, over store, of Mrs. rreston. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING TWO PLEkSANT ROOMS, would let them In gentlemen, with or without board 1e 6 rat class Apply at 1%4 East Eighteentli street. AN ENGLISH FAMILY ARE DESIROUS OF LBTriNU a front Room, well furnished, with grat?, g?? and goo I Board, to a gentleman and nife or two single gsotleiu^a. Mo moving In May. t Tl Orchard ?tre. t, on* door from (J rind. A SPACIOUS FIRST FLOOR, AND LAROE AND small front Room aooond tloor. oan be ujw bad with sumptuous table, in the t<jmmodlou<, pleasant house*, J9y, I'll Fourth street bet ween Second ivenue and Uro.iJ * ay . Rel e renoe asked. Dinner from 6 to 7. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A SUIT or THRF.K furnished Rooms, house cratrnlly looU.-d a>.d havtog no other boarders; can be bad together or separate. with pir tlal Him d, If deilred. Apply at 3Sri Broome street, neir Broadway. A FEW 8INIJLE UBNTLBMEN CAN III? ACCOMMO with good Hoaid and pleaaaut Roomawlth gas. Nomov Ing In May. Apply at M Keeond street, between First and Second avenues. Refeicneea eiehanged. T>OARD-TO LET, SUITS OE BOOKS BLEOANTLY 1) furnished, on second and third floors. In a modern brown atone bousei Persons remaining la the city during the summer will fin* this a most delightful location. No. 5 Mtirrar Mill l'arke, aecoud bouse above Thirty fourth street lormet iy Fourth avenue Board. ? single, double or suits of room*. with or without Board, on the block with the Astor Li brary; la tbe most pleaaant, healthy, quiet and central part of the c.ty. No. IS Lafayette place, between Broalway and Fourth avenue, Fourth street and Aator place Boa re -m wtlliaviburo-in a pbiyate pami iy, after May 1 ; would be willing to aoeomotodste a gen tleman and hie wife with a Room on second floor, With Board ; location desirable; convenient to ferries. Address V. D. O , Herald office. B CARD -A LADY AND QENfLEMAN CAN BE WELL acoommodattd with best Board and a front and adjoining Bedroom, with ? small family; all comforts in the house Apply at No 30 Wave rley piece, near Broadway. BOARD.-A PIiTSICIAN DKSIREH TO OBTAIN' AN Office In an English bmement house with Board for him self and wi'e. Location between Broadway. Lexington ave nue, Twenty third and Thirty foutth streets. References Klven and required Address A. B !)., Uemld ofllce BOARD.-A OElfTLBVAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SIX. glc gentlemen, can obtain n nieely furuHhed rtoom. wl .h Board, at No*, t6 ifeat Washington place, fourth door from Nil th avenue. BOASD.-A OI.NTLEMAN AND WIFE MAY rtE At! commodated with a suit of Rooms on the second or third floor. Aleo a single Room, suitable for a gentleman, in a A rat class house, w th every convenience References ex changed. DO Malison avenue. Board ?i ceosbt strrft-betwesm broom* aodSprlag; single and double Rot.mi for gentlemen; a neat Room, flie place, Ac., for a gen'.letvai and wife, prloe |7; a giod aubetnntlal table; prompt attention to c union : lamlly English. Board wantrd-in this out or suburb i for two families, one cotttialiiig of gentleman and wife? the other gentleman, wife and two Chlldien, five and ?even vents of age, term* moat be m< deta e Arttligm O. H , llera'd office, rating price and full pirticular* Hoard wanted -a oentlfma* wishes t.1 ob tain Boaed for his wtfe an'l himself In a private farult* ; be desire* one furiiliiie.l Aoom. crtce not to exceed gW pe? month. Adfreis B C , bo* IBS flerald ' lire Board wantf.d-not otkr roiR minutes' walk from Cooper InsMtn'e ?,no room 'ore g?ntl*m.<n snd wife, y,.o r ne tor a single f. tiUeman Terms not toe*. <ved 91" * week fei the thre?. Address Mintank. Hr oofcl, n BOABD WANTRD-IN BROOKLYP. fOR THE SUM mer, by a single gentleman; private family In the nelg'.i txrbiod oi Bedforjt prefer ed v-t" d.aner. Address, ?tnting |,arti< uiaif, Mr mt] &, H>'mWI oflieg Board wanted-by a hinolr upfiman oKNri?B ur*n, Prife-sor Mm n. tnatrn tlmi on th? piano at d rlnl'n will ne taken in I ? mpeute for hi* Hoard. Ad d esa tun . box oUiCs * ai. i a a theatre OOABflfNO -ill M'fLBfRKV -TREBT, NBaR ORAWD. It hevoral y mm ao-onm-i I < ed at *'? ner weeit, one louog Ihdir ai it W Aim. trw ranor ea Urst rt ior iot a tiwti aed vi'e, ?? H i tunvlni; i-i Mav IK AT DING -a NFW EN?bfcV& LAUY, 0<3?"IPr!Na ? ? a'l ?t eia<-* Iifl"?e ? ?ry e |o-*.nd, seeks a g -ate*l Willy to Ukt* oti!* r ?! ?>n tl|e>r Apt., at S5 -Ve*! RgblSMHIl aij*et, B rew J >0M Aaet O AID LODOISa. T)0ARD WANTED? TWO LARGB AMD TBBBB JJ MdiifUNlikid Baomt, in uppar part of a madaru ?MM. la airy nelgtosrhgaC for a family nniMlaOM of lad/. grnUtmaa, aon (8yaar*>, aon (1 yiw) and nuraa , Tb?n sao< wholaeoaM table; arrangement ptnuoail (ran Wk April or 1st May, i> mutually agreeable; uauuastiouable rot eraaaea given aat required. Uilniii, stating term* and nil othar par ileal*?, J. a. B., Lafarge Houw. BHOAKDIMfl -lM WEST TWBNTY-THIBD BTRBBT - ? Aaultof Furnial ' R -oois to lot, with Board, fur a geu leman and family. X at six o'doek. Beferenoea ex Bmoabdino.-a family. having morb boom tbau they want, would let two or three Boo ma c maact inf. with private table, gaa and water. Thoae furalshlng I their own room* preferred. No objection to a small family. Maaty at 101 Baat Nineteenth Ureal, between Irving place ^^?hlrd avenue. B 3k T)1LLIABD8 SPLENDID STOCK OF NEW AMD D second tend Tab'.ea for aale at $U0, 9m f ISO, ?*W and $300; everything oomplete Tablea to let. Mm b/ mall attendad to. W. fl. OBimTH, ia Fultoa street. SOABD IN BROOKLYN? GBMTLBMBN AND WIVES or aiflgie gentlemen oan be aeeonunodated with pleasant nt Booms, furnished or unfurnished, at 137 Clinton street. References required. Board in Brooklyn.? dbbirablb booms on second floor, f urnished or unfurnished, in a flret olass house, convenient to South or Wall atreet ferry; aultable for gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen; dinner nt au o'clock. Apply at 108 Amity street. Boabb in brookltn.? purnisbbd booms on second and third storiaa, with Board: eight minutea' walk to Wall and Bout h ferries. Apply at 100 Con ton street. Beferences exchanged. TJOARD IN BROOKLYN.? HANDSOMELY FUR JD nlahed Booms on the aeoond and third floors, with good Boaid, are offered by a small private family; the bouse ia pleasantly iltnated and has alt the modern Improvement*; re ferences required. Apply at 251 Clinton atreet. OABD WANTED IN BBOOCLYN? BY A TOUNO 1 lady ia a private family where she can give Instruction in music aa a partial equivalent for Board: would not objact io inatruct yc.ung children In the English branches. Address C. B , Hersld office. References exchanged^ Brooklyn heights?to let, with boabd, the oeeood floor, together or separately, in a small family. CaH at 87 Poplar street, three minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Modern improvements in the house. References ex changed. _ OHBAP FUBNIBHBD BOOMS AT THE FRANKFORT House, aornar of Frankfort' and William etreeta.? Oood Booms from $1 to fSparwtek. Lodgings fiom Moantsto 87 cents per night. Open all night Oood raataurant attached Ci OBEY HOME FOB A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, I with Board for the lady, if desired, with a young Ameri can lady who minds har own business; location genteel and central; no other boarders in the house. Address American Lady, care of B. Lockwood, Broadway Post office, for three day a. COUNTRY BOABD WANTED? BY A LADY, FROM tbe l?t of May. in a private family, no', residing over ??) ndles from tbe city; term* must be moderate, reference* Si ven and required. Address, with full particular* B. C , ox 102 Herald otllce. T FURNISHED ROOM -? URNISHED BOOMt, I* A PHI vate family, to let, without ,board, to gentlemen only, at No. Itt Amity place. L1URN1SBED BOOMS OB SUITS OF BOOMS TO LET?

C With Board, st 2S3 Fourth avenue; g*?, water, Ac , in the house; cars and stages pass the door; terms reasonable. C10RNIBHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT F board, in a house fitted up wMh all the modern Improve ments In a good neighborhood. Turns moderate. Apply at 92 East Flltecnth street. HOBOKEN.-ONE OR TWO OENTLEMEN CAN OB lain furnished Rooms, with partial Board, In a bo'ue having all the modern improvements. Apply at No. 0 River terrace. NO. 2 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET ?TO RENT. A One ?ult of Booma, on tbe third and fourth floors, at the Madlstn Park House, co'tier of Broadway, opposite Madison park and Worth Monument; private tables furnished if pre ferred; best of reference required SINGLE GENTLEMEN DESIRING BOABD IN BROOK lyn, msy find all the oomforts of a home at 127 Plerrep >n atreet, near Fulton. The house la newly furnished, anl ha all tbe modern Improvements. TWO FINELY FUBNIBHBD BBDBOOMS TO LET-TO single gentleman, without Board, in a quiet, clean, private house, within two minutes' walk of the City Hall. Inquire at No. 6 Koce street, three doors from Frankfort. r DENTISTS.? BOABD.? TO LET, IN A FIRST CLASS house In Bond street, either with or without Board, a third Parlor, on first floor; also a large front Boom on steoend Boor, fiom May 1. Apply at 92 Pike street. TO LIT? FURNISHED OR UNFCRNISHF.D, TO SIN gle gentlimen. two Rooms, with gas and privilege of bath, Ac. Apply at US East Broadway. rro ifVALinfj ?WANTED. ONE 6* TWO INVALID.? A to board and receive medical attendance. Apply at 259 East Broadway. IXTANTED-BY A LADY, TWO OB MORE CHILDREN TV to board. A good school near by. E. SK.VMAN, Mo. 13 Fifty aeoond atreet, second door from Fifth avenue. WANTED -A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, RE cently from California, want Board In a orivate f unl'y, with one or two wall furnished Rooms. Terms must be moderate. The very best of city references given and re quired. Address, with full particulars, California, HaraM otlice. WANTED? WITH BOABD-BY THE FIRST OF MAT, an office and bedroom for a physician, wife and child; terms tnodera e; a private family preferred; location above Blet cker atreet. Address Doctor B., Herald otlioe. WANTED? BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN AND LADT; B' ard for lady only, with n small family Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, or will not be notloeJ, A. If., box 101 Hernld otllce. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN? A ROOM, with Breakfast and Tea, in a private family la Brook ljnor New fork, residing about 30 minute*' walk from Wall street ; term* SI or $3 50 per week. Address Board, box 3,014 Pout ofltce, N. T. 6 BOND BTRERT-TO LET, R(>0&8, FCBNISHED OR unfurnlahed, to gentlemen, without board. A A WEST TWELFTH STREET. -BTARD- TWO jl :fc pleasant tfngle Rooms, suitable for gentlem?n, at 44 West Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Re ferences exchanged. A Q UNION SOI/ARE, CORNER OF .SEVENTEENTH *?C> street nnd Fourth avenue ? Dealrabte Roimt, with Boaid, may I e obtained. Reference* required. 6C EAST BROADWAY-BOARDINO -A VERT PLEA l) ?aut ning!e Room, front, *on secotd floor, and two double Rooms on third and fourth floors, suitable for single gentlemen Terms moderate. No moving in Ma j. Refe rence required. 79 81X111 AVENUE- TO LET. NEAR WAVE RLE Y I ?d plate. a nest and nicely furnished front Room, with B? droom, to a sma'l respectable family or single gentlemen. 7H MMIfl STItEET, THREE BOORS FROM BROlD i ?/ way. ? lo let, sever* 1 hands >mely furnished K nun. to single gent > men. 1 he location 1* near a I the first class bo te's and pi wh of amusement. Keadtag room free, iituaire of ANSON HOC8E. QO GREENE STREET. ABOVE 8PRINO? ALTBOX >/?) Elegantly furnished suits of Room, gas, rto'onati'l every dm enfence for housekeeping economic sii *. t'aitieiilai ly sunabie for snail, respectable families or single gentlemen. Bent law to permanent tenants. \AJt EIOUTII STRE1T, HEAD OF LAFAYETTS L ptsce ote of tli? most desirable locations in the euy.? A Parlor and Ne<l; oom, second story, front, to rest to geMlemeu only, without board. Also one single Room. Re i ere nee required. 1 1TINCE RTRKET-HT. CLAIR HOUSE -ELB Lc'U ?*nt:y lurnlili-d Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, with MI the crnveniences for h msekeeptnr romplew, includ in K gas s e d Oroton w ater, to le I to respectable familius or sin gle gentlemen. ICfT BLKECKKR STREET, OPPOSITE DEPAU 1.1 row ? Fv.rnlshed Rooms to let, with Board, on the frst nnd fouith floors Reference* exchanged. k>1(\ BUI fcTHEPT, NEAR SPRINa.-Ft'RNISHEI) AU Apaitments for immediate cocupaticv. The lowest rents in the cpy, considering the convenience of economical housekeeping. Best bedding and furn'ttire, with range, rooking utensils and linen complete ; gat and Crotoa. /?I ? AND 647 BROADWAY? CLINTON HOUBE. -A Utu few eletsntly fnrnished Rooms, for gentlemen, oan now b- engsged 'if spoil jetton to th? above house. 767 FrRXISHED OR PRIUIONAIh TF ELISABETH ARM sTRONO, WHO ONC8 IsIVED AT 1 17J Tenth avenue, wlii call at 175, she may hear of aome thing to her advantage. IF YoU WISH TO RENEW THE ACQUAINTANCE OF A Toes, address L. L , Broad w?y Post otOce. MR. ISAAC MITCHELL, FROM EDINBUROH IN IM7, wlii oonfer a favor ou his old < ilend "Nutmeg" by eend tug hit addnxt- t* the bt. Charles Hotel. New Orleana. La. THB 1ENTLEMAN WHO CALLED AT NO. M ABING don square on aatur Jiy evening, Msraa 2, will please 'all again aa soon SO poealble, or before Wednesday, Marc'i i7 as the yru?g man who went with hint to look for Mr. Hit0gs h*<< gut iiuo '.rouble and wlahes to see him. REWARM. ??> I'.EWARD.-LOST, ON WEDNESDAY THB JOTH, A Li pis ti mourning p'n, either In one of the Powvtn or fctgb'h av<nue car?. or between thamber* street, Broadway aad Washington market. The above reward will be giveil ! or lie return of the pin, at 154 last Twelfth street. eUEWaRD? LOST. ON HINDAY, 34TH IN8T.! a black snd tan slut, answers to the name o' Cora i?vcr win rsturn her t) SI West Nineteenth street will re c i Ive the sbnre reward. REWARD -DOG LOST,-LO#r. ON HATURDAT evet inK, nra' Thirty fifth etreet. In tne Third avenue, ilrtrk aiiiii iai'oj; very dark tan; weight front 11 to II lb*. ; emfld ears mi natural tall, venr narrow streak of Khite b? tween his fore leg*, had oq a '?! leather cotUr, with p *le n?rked "W W Mills. Jr." The fln.ler hy leiiving him a'. IS I'm k avenue will receive the above reward. |1A EEWARD? LOSf, ON TIIURHDAT NIOHT, ?IV cotnlrg out of Wsliaei's tb- ntre, a Breastpin, with th? heed of Ps%trlce Oenct paln'^d on it The finder will re c-lve the alwve reward by rnlUog at No. #H Froit street, or IgS Kcit f.rtv ?hrd street ____ RBWARD -LOfcT, on T'lE JUT INST.. IN AN Eighth n^enue c?r, or on blg'ith a?enne. I*twe-n Forty first end Fifty Srs' ?ree<s, a Ivfv'e Bow Hnntlng * stch. Bo wttli chsln attached Hi' nadar will re ( 'Ive the shove reward by tearing It at Oueet'a eoal yari, ot ner o< fclnbth avenue anJ Forty third street. tiSQA RAWARD ?STOLEN, ON THB NMHT O* ?J*>U Kaicb 2J, t?o beiy Uoriea, nl*><it lu Muds nigh: ><ie a bsy Mare, seve irsreo.d et rung li the f ?r<? ktieov bo,1! eintf feet while, whi e hairs In the eud f>t Beftell. a few while hurs in ser t- rel:- ?o, a fine drl??e '.he other a ligh' !i*y, lottfT w?*im > at tail, the left fore keee eni.trged, had a buocli on the lei t fo-e fot t 'j?' w -?n tbe l?>of sn.f hktr; tws wr . i r > krd Ind legs, a id a Oi misy gait "flie above re .*?rd *lll iHe |*i'l l.i" f.rxleron leavirii them at No I MmM street, N. 1.. or Mi: wmtmt the stibaeriVr they may t?e ioub? Adirees in. a*. UnwiJt . ^ev ItempUoad, u t ? If.? AT AtWTfN. AMOKTIMBR GRIFFIN A 00., aooiioheebs. . KAOBIFICBNT HOUkEHOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTIO*, The proper*. JLI tbe T*Mr? retlJeow of M****B Chapmen, Baq . 48 Wett Sixteenth atraet. between Fifth eu4 (Math eve ue?, Hal# commencing it 11 o'oIoojl Vi: Rosewood Seven Ootev* Pianoforte, Rosewood brewing Boom Suit*, Brooxe ud Ormolu Chendeiiers, ? , ? . . . Pier and Mftntel Mirror*, Brocatel and Laoe Ourtalaa, _ _ . Ar.ii tic B route Statuary, Oil Painting* by eminent artlala, , _ Super b Sevre* and Dreaden China Vases, Oak Buffet, Extenalen Table, Btegerea, Bookeeae, Centre Table*, China, Glaaa and Silver Ware, Table Cutler) , Lluen, Ac Boeewood and Mahogany Chamber Furniture, eu a villi, Hones, Carriages, Herneaa, Robe*, Wluea, Ac. The calalogu t a oomprlalng the largest ana richest assortment of Houiehofal Furniture and Worka of Art offered at auction thia season. The fumltare was all made to order for the present owner leaa than aeven months ago. by Wlel, Brauns dorf A Kuth, and is of the best description, in oomplete order. Catalogues at the houae. Seleperemptory maokikicbnt bosbwood pianoforte. The richest lustiument offered at auction this season, superb ly carved legs and case, round oornera, full iron plate, over strung baas, all the modern improvements, mad* by city makers, fully tested by competent Judges and p'onounced a superior Instrument ; rosewood Canterbury do. Stool, Borer - edinbrocsde; Fre-ch cloth Cover; Beokonaeand Secretary, Bncoignuiea, lady's Wo<k Tab e. Writing Desk, Prenoh plate fler Mirrors, marble slab a ad brack eta, two large Man iel Mirrors, riehly carved frame*; embroidered Lace Cur taina. Franca b hades, Oornioea. two magnificent cults Drawing Boom Furniture, oovered in three colored satin brocade, of I he rtch eat description, carved in solid rose wood; two Tete-a tete Sofaa, two Am and eight Oval Back Che re, rosewood Ceo tie Tablea, etetuery marble top, to match ihesuita; Btegena, lined with eatia wood, marble top, mirror door* and back; King' petent reclining Easy Chairs, Pier, Card and Quartette lablea; Oil Paintings, by Cole, Inmao, Legrand, hellere*, Fglew and other eminent artls'a: Assumption, Virgin Mary, from celebrated Painting la Louvre, Perls; atormet See, by Flngernigle; two superb match Palntlnga; rosewood Hatatend .hairs to match; Oil cloth, 8' air Carpets, Rods Ac. Chamber*? English Brussels Carpets, rosewood marble top Drea-lng Bureaus, Beds teed a, Commodes to match; Toilet Tables, Shaving Steads, Rockers, Couches, Arm and Oval Rack Chairs, covered in moquct; spring Heir Me tt refines, F?a iher Beds, Bolster*. Pillows, Oval Mirrors, Pastel Paintings, decorated china Toilets, brocatel Curtains, Ac. Upper cham bers? Mahogany and black walnut Bureaus, Sofas. Rocker*, Waahstands, Ac. Dining room? Solid carved oek Buffet, statuery marble top; Hertz's petent Dining Table. Arm Chairs, C?uches. elegant nets crystal and ruby gless Decan ters, Wines, Goblets, Champagnes, Lemonades, Tumbler*: Cellery, Fruit and Preserve Standi; Klnger Bow's, ruby and gold Liquor Sets; g<dd end chine Dinner Sets, richly dtore ted Tee Get*. 44 piece*; solid silver Dinner and Tea Sets. Stl verwere. Coffee Urn, Casters, Cake Basket*, Napkin Rings, Spoons, Fork*, Ivory handled Table Cutlery. Alan, basement and kitchen Furniture ? Stone, Iron, Tin, Woodware, Berth ernware, Copper Utensils, Ice l'ltcher*. Salvers, Ac., Ac. N B ?Stranger* wishing to Attend this sale take the Fifth avenue, Bioadwey- or Sixth avenue stages end car* at the Aa tor Hcuse, St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotels, which will bring them within a few door* of the houae, corner of Six teenth street. Com; etenl persons will be In attendance to peck, ship or cert the goods at reasonable charges. N. B ? I be house to let or for sale. Possession immediately. For pei ticulers Inquire of the euctioneers. A 0CTION NOTIOB? HOU8B SALE OF OVEK f ll?, 000 ?L worth of rich rosewood and mahogauy Household Fur nltbre.? The attention of housekeeper? ts called to the lerge aale to take place on Monday, March 25, at 214 Fourteenth sfeeL fcetv een Eighth and Math avenues, commencing at 10' J o'clock orec'sely, the entire elegant Furniture and beauti ful Work* et Art contained in the above large dwelling, all of which will sold without leserve, and must be removed im media' ely from the premises, comprising a veiy large end elegant assortment oi everything twnential to a laahionable and costly furnished residence, In roaewo d, oak end maho gany. Sale will conmeoce in the diaing 'room, with rich Silver Ware of R->gcra Brothers' manufacture, tires, Casters, Hpoone, Fork*, Cake Basket*, Dining Seta, tuwrb Freuch and Bohemian China, crystal cat Glass, ruby engraved Glass Ware, Ivory and pearl Cutlery, French Poieefciiu, elegant Extension Table, with oak Dining Boom Furniture. Parlor ?? Two richly carved rosewood Par lor Suite, covered in tiree colored brocade. In perfect order; Velvet and Wilton Carpet.', rosewood marble top Kteiprea, rosewood Ceutre, fofa and Pier Tables; two elegant Pier OIsfm s with baoee; damask end rich Laoe Curtain", French Shades, Turkish Chairs, with Lounges to match; lady a Secre tary, Rrception ('hair* in brocale. MAQMFIcKNT SAY DM OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Carved legs and ce?e. round corners, finished ell round, inlaid with satawood, solid oeerl keys, rosewood Stool. Music Books, embroidered Cloth Cover, Music Hack, llatsUud, oil cloih Brusaels t-talr Carpet, Ac. Chambers? Klchly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style Louis XIV.; Bureaus. Commode* to match; Wardrobes, Dressing Toilet Tables, Shaving and Bookslauls, Couches, A rm tcEalra, Curtains, Shades, Cor nices. Ha'r Mattresses, Pal'iasses, Feather Bed a. bolsters Pillows, Blankets, hheets, Qui t*. Counterpasea Decore'ed China Toilet Sets, Cral Mirror*, Kitchen Ware, Ac. DMINISTB ATORS' SALE OF THE ENTIRE CON l tents of a first class Livery Stable la the c tyof Al beny.? KEW1N & DICKERMAN, Auctioneers, will com mence selling ou Wednesday, April 10, 1801, at 10 o'clock, at the stables of the late W F s,auson,7'J Maiden lane Al bany, the eatl'e stock contained la said siab'ee, consisting of Utt '.uyeit and finest stock of Horaev Barouches. Calashes ClrfA Coaclies. chario'er s,v Top Buggy Wagons, four horje ^lci?h', Df ubleFleighs, Pony Cutter*, hlngle Cutter#. Koboa, Blanket* **?:!?, Whip*, Sta".e Utensils, Ac, ever offered at nuciloB In Albany *'?? ?t0Ck Of Horaea comorlae 8 <meof tbe fastest and tbe a* >st niyiua ucries ? 'hB XW Stable and Sloek is well known to the public throughout thd Stale who vUli Albany es being one of the beat atocked Li\ a rytUblealn tbe State. Among the list of articlea will be found the magnificent Hearse, which was built to order et a costrf $900. Private gentlemen wishing e fine turnout, or li\cry men wliblng to edd to their ntock, m ill find it to their Interest to ettend tills sale The stork must ell be sold, and without reserve. Catalogues of the sale, containing a correct Hat of all the stock to be sold will be ready for distribution on Monday, April 1. Person* out of the city of Albany can have ecateioguo s<-nt them by addressing KEWIN A DICKER MAN, Auctioneers, Excelsior Salesrooms V2 State etreet, Albany. Terms of aale? All aums under $100. caah : ell sums of $100 and over, 25 percent down at the time of aale, and tbe ba'i.noe to remain on g .od approved paper for four monto*. sale positive. Bv order or MARIA SLAUSON, I .TAMBS COATES. t Admlniatratora. A C. TOTTLE, AUCTIONEER. A. Oll'ce ISO Broadway. Positive aala of ELEGANT FIRST CLASS CABINET FURNITURE, Being the stock of the old extebli <hed houae of O J. SCHMIfT, 80S Broadway. A C. TUTTLE wUlaell, ea WEDNESDAY end THUM DaT next, at 11 o'olock, et the above extensive wererooms. the entire etock of elegaut rocewood, oak. m&hogaay end walnut PARLOR, LIBBART, DIKING A BEDROOM FURNITURB. The reputation of the inanutecturer of this stock la an ample guarantea of Its quality, every article being warranted of tbe best clasa aa to material* end workmanahlp, and to stand the test of furnace heat. It will posltl\ely be sold without regard to tUnltetloa for cash, to cio*e-the bualneta. Catalogues now ready. A1 AC. TUTTLE, AUCTIONEER, . OFFICE, lbO BROADWAT. LARGE ^aLE OF CABIOET FUltXITURE, BKiMJ Tllk .1TOCK or T* SIMPSON A HOK, NO. t? BOWERf. A. C. TITTTLF wl.l aeil, on Monlaj an t Tieaday, at 10 ^ O'clock, at the store $? Bowery, the entire (tock of Wru. Plmpsf.n A Pod, who will retire fr-im the business, having rented tuelr store 1 rum the 1st AuilL The stock comprises r *evood. m*.b- gaoy. waluut and oak Furniture, In every variety, and wl 1 oe told without reserve for cash. Catalogue* resdy ou ?atu:day. ALBERT H. MOLAY. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL thl* day (Moudav), March 25, at 12^ o'clock, at th? stock ralci.-ocm, 32 William street, Wall, a good variety nt Insurance jj-ock*. Bank bt'*?, Bonds and other mlscef lanfous securit'es suitable for Inves'menu For full psr'lcn :ars see Courier and knmiirer, Express, News, Evenlug Post ?cd tv nnnercial Advertiser. Catak^u--* ran be obtained at tte taleariom. Melt tegular tale or ibursday. March it ALliERT II NiUOUAV A CO , Auctioneer a.d stock brokers, 5J W llllam street A J. BLEKCKER. AUCTIONEER ? HOU8EIIOLD . Furnitire -A. J. BLKECKER SON A Cu, will sell at aitc'lon on Tiievrtsy, ?anh ?6. at 10fJ o'clock, at 1ST Ninth street, tbird door ea>t i f Ureadway, the furniture obtained therein, consisting of Caryeu, Jin run, Our.siua, H> dsttad* tod Bedding, Xaoua, CbUiaware, Ac, Ac. Catal^guca ou day of a? e. AUCTION NOTICE? ALL THE 8IOOK OF FIRST a, class * uni tire will be sold at private sale at a great sacrifice, for cash, ooasistlng of eight ro*cwi>nl and Mack wslnut Parlor r<uits, one douole Panor Suit, ?>li4 roiew ?d, cover?d la maroon silk plush, coat will b" told for >230. ne do covered In crimson and maroon satin brooatel, will De soil for BW): two single rosewood Parlor Mm*, each suit eoat $2tr wiU be loid for $1.15 each . one large double Parlor ?uit,olark wnln'it, covered hi grmu plush, will be sold for J100; one l'arlor Suit cr.vered In hair cl->th, for $75; one do. In reps for M6, alot of rosewaxi. mahogany, black walnut and oak Parlor. Bedruam and Dining Room Fnrnltune; ala> a complete ault of Dining Room, consisting of one large oak Huflet, Side Table, Exteu'iou Table, 7 stuu'ed Chairs and oa i Lotnge, Turkish Chairs and Lot: igos, covered la r*p? and brocatel to iratcb ; all kinds of Reception Chairs, As Th" above elegant Furniture Is all of t ha very beat manufacture, and will be ??ld at a great bargain. Apply at 73 Math avenue, one door below Waverley p!ao>>. E. ROTH. AUCTION PAL t.-M. DOUUHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL sell th'a day (Monday), March 21, commencing a*. 10k o < 'ock, st salesroom 85 Nassau street, by order o? Mort gsgce. Hoiisrbold Fvraluira, comprising solid rote wood Par lor 8uita, covered In brocatel and rep? ; maboganv do In hair cloth. Tlx . lete-a le'ea, l'arlor, Ann and *evtng Chairs, gilt fisme Mirror*. Il-nssels. Tapealry asd Ingrala Carpets, oil cloth, Cantrn Ma' Hub, Library and f!#creiary Rookeaaes. mar Me top Centre Tables, Bxiension Dining do , Cutlery, China Tea sets. Olaaaware. Drcaatng Bureaus, Wasmlaada, Bad s'eade, Hair MaU|; *?**?. L^uucs. Wardrobes, Ac., the Whole to be paremptorlly aold to the h.gaeat bidder. UCTTnIf |AKS OF RK\DT MADE CLOrHIff l -A ?. CRIBTALAB. auction ear, wltl aelL on tliU day, Mareh *5, at ?t Rawer/ ? large assortment of Haasonab'e Clcthinf, coaapvtsAw Cloth, Osssinaere and sasuur, Frock, sack and Busteesa Coa's, ro*>kin Cassunere atil Satinet t-aats; Hilk, balm, \ civet. Cloth and (uimmer VnaU; Clotha, v assUnerra, Ilaings, Tbaad, Trimmings, Ad ; also all piaoea Lam ask. Boots, ^ttoea, Ao. A UCnOB NOTICE.? A FAMILY DKCLINIWO HOURE A. keeping will dlspoea of at pnraae aaiaall tlielr Pa- lor, Chamber and Dinina.oom Furniture, at a grea' saenflre, Carvtd toeswood 7 octave Pianoforte, In eioelient order, ctat iVKL for BJN), Including Stool and Cover. Parlor lulls, coal for ?!4''; otte for aflOt. Rtegeras, centre Table* Bedsteads, Waehatands. solid roaewond, oost $J0U, for tliM: Matin r>ea. Ac. The Furniture was nil made to order for the pieeent wner I) aa been In use b'il Ave months and In com plete o>der Inquire at 71) West twenty sixth street, near eix'h avenue. I UCTION NOTfCI. -RICHARD WALTER* AtTC A. t.onecr !fl fast Broadway, solicit* salea at auotlou of Bo-iseoold Kunilture 8tore? aad all kinds of pn party on naderate teim*. Bsference gtvan. Storage to let of aix lofts, 'sjhy 75 feet, on mo-lerate teiina AC TIITTLE, AUCTTONEEH, WILL SBLL, ON . Ttieaoay, March ?t. ?t u o'clock. In i ron1, of the furni tnr? storr, H? Mowary, a fine gray li irsa, Furniture Wagon aad Harness. 4UCTION NOTICE ? CBOCKKRT, GLASS, CHINA AND Common w?-e? By .1 $ II. BA.RTLK1T, attctroaeer, T|e?.lar, March 2d at I!) o'r'ock, at ?l Pear' street a laTie a*ortmen'., In lo's for re' tilers, city and country, o.^ntlatied fit free sale. Call and sen. AUCTION NOTICE. ?B"H N HAM 'ft FUBSITUR* EX pivaa pvkltig eatahlishaieat, II K lU Wesi Rlevrnib alrefl!, between Fl'th and Kltlli nen ?a Houseaald Ftimi tite boxed and ahipped to all parti of the wortd. tjar<> r.?ere<l wsjona for removingf urttltnre of lanu.ies. Furui t'ir? stored. A UCIIOH SALE OFOLASS ANDCaOCKBRf ? HB.VRf " V ii. EvANH v UI aelL in lots to ault deaL?ra. on Tuesday, Van ii 26, at K oYV c.k, a*. IK Maiden laae a ful' rtsaor'mant < f 'Ab'le tlriniw ari l <ilaa?warr, A: SaM polities ? ue billy repacked fr* shipping k WCTION HVLE-TOBN LLOVD. AOCTIOBRER. A "vll! rell t) morrow (Tuaaiajn, M\nk *, at ItfH A. M . Mi the FiUihen. Lining, Parlor a<v.t tteilmim i'ui?lt it* eon '1 in the bO'isi W S' Mark * jlace la-t ? e^n Id and Jd a c*. KaJc, u u oi aulas A. AT 4WTOW, A N KXTRAORIJImIkT OTPOBTUVlTrl A FOR BOUttBKBBPBRA AND !',? PARTI!* E^plsswsa^iSSSS A K$BN ? rD A<^EWOODeFllNSF?f^il " music oawmtTmSol and oov?* WTTH MAKER'S WARRANTEE FORTH RER Tw a na solid roaewx o4 Parlor Suits, c onced In rick brocato^lfeSL. Tapettrv and IngraliilCarpete, Turkish V**!^ te velvet and tapestry; two roaewood Bteaerea Hk andid ftjjiffi ?oM i^iMdseafe i&agcs, r use wood CeSt?, Pier TabUs, rich Mantel Vases, Brontes. Lava and PaiSa seasSrSHrei. ww "aEkSS, Bedding, neb Bflrgr Ware of every description. French and Bohemian china Tea and Dinner Seta, with Ohlna of all kinds' Ivory Cutlery, mt and eograved Glassware, with a Urn variety of rosewood, oak and mahogany Furniture not ti isa enumerated, the whole to be sold without reaerve, rain or shine. Bate commencing at a o'clock precisely. N. B? -Par ues from a distance will not be disap&lntedln the quenUte or quality of the furniture in Ike house. Sellable men wife ately af terlhe Titie r#mor* 016 foods for purchasers uniaadi A UCTION NOTICE. A- - . . assignee* sale or A Urge stock or CLOAKS, MANTILLAS. PANCT DRY OCOWf, ' GBOS DE BERLIN, CRAPE DR^ flLBNB ANI?"" EMBROIDEBED fHAWLS, CLOAK fflftMuL Aa To be sold at auction by "*? HENRY B. HEBT& Jr . At hU salesroom, No. 5)< Pine street, on MONDAY. MARCH 24, UOL At lC1^ o'clock. Catalogue* will be ready early on morning of sale, aud Ike entire stock? which U from a Bret class eft y house? will be sold peremptorily for cash. By order of the Assignees. CMALVIN T. HAOEK, AOCnONBEBTlHBiiH^h ? AUCTION NuTICB. ? A large sale of ??SS?SSfflWa*E- MBfc Ac., atJOS ds v, March 17, at 10 o'clock. J. W. DIMICE offers as shore at auction, hit entire scrtag stock of Carpeting*. Ao, oorn prising 800 pteoes Velvet Tapeetry Brussels. 200 pieces best Brussels. l,0tO pieces Three-ply Tapestry. Superfine and common Ingrain Carpeting. 1,1100 pfeces 4-4, 8-4, 6-4 and HA OUoloths. 200 pieces 4-4 and 5-4 Mattings. COO Hugs, Mats, Ac. The (.'arpeUngs will be exhibited oae day before the sale, and put up in small Iota to aooommedave persons wishing but a small quantity. CROC KB KT BALE. -P. H VAN ANTWBBP( Auc tioneer, will cell at the store of W. & A B. Mathews. 273 Pearl street, on Tuesday, March 20, at 10 o'clock, Lots to suit dty and country dealers W. Oranate, Common, Yettow and Boekinghaaa Ware, Urge lot of (iUse. FCOLTON, AUCTTONBBB-HQTEL AND HOVffl, ? . hold Furniture.? On Tuesday, March M, at I0X o'doofc at No. 8 Broadway, opposite Bowling Green, of the well known hcuse of Mrs. Mil and Trlnp, the eotlre Furniture of thU large house, containing over A rooms, wttk every klsl and description of Furniture, maht gany, rosewood. blaok walnut ana oak, about 40 Pealher Bads and 90 Hair Mat tresses, Carpets and Oilcloths, Curtains aad Mirrors, Dressing aud Plain Bureaus, msjble top Centre and Dining Tables, Stands, Crockery Cutlery, together with every article In the bouse. Bale wiil be peremptory, and catalogues ready Men day noun at 6# Beekmau street aad at the house on Tueeday morning. GEO. A. LEA V ITT, AUCTION BBB. ? BY OBO. A LBA VI TT A CO.? Trade salerooms 21 aud U Mercer street, for the sale of Books, Stationary, Works of Art, Aa Con signments solicited. MONDAY ATTERNOON. March 28, commencing at 4 e'tfeek, will be told an eitensive and select collection of choice Books, embracing numerous fine Loudon editions of the beet stand ard works snd a large number of rare and curious BookA such at Gllliay's Caricatures, Hogarth's Works, Warrington? History of 8talne4 Glass, Clarendon's History of the Rebel lion, 6 vols . <ti, One calf; Pubill Georgiaa, Prioe's Views in Venice. Lanidnwae * Shakspere. Knight's Architecture of Italy, 2 rots , fnlift, Ac , Ao. Catalogues ready and the books on exhibition at the new trade falerooms, Noa Si and 13 Mer cer st.cet, between Howatd and Grand. OBO. A. LEAVITT A OO. TTENRY H. LEEDS AUCTIONEEB I I HENRV H. LEEDi A CO will sell at auction on Tues day, March 26, at 10*4 o 'clock, at the residence on Sunswick trrrice, Astoria, near the steamboat landing ? Elegant Household Furniture? the property of the ebore gentleman, previous to Ids departure for Europe ooneioiug o( e legant Fsrlor Furniture, In carved wood, covered in crim son French reps ; carved Centre aad hide Tables, marble tope, losewocd IE tegere. bronze and ormolu CandeUbras, Mantel Mirrors, velvet and Brussels CarpetA Ante Room? 8olM rosewood Furniture. Couch Chairs, Ao.. tovertd In ted Mor cco. Reception Room? Couch Ohalrs, Hocker*, Ac , covered in red r^ps. Library? Bnissels Carpet, roctwi od library Bookcate, Balance Earrell, rosewood Bscrs to!i-e. Chairs en suite, Bruss<ls Cirpets, Ae. Dining Room Black walnut Extension Dining Tables, elegant carved Buffet acd CliKiiftomatoh: colored Engrarings? after Herring. A firstclsMbiirgUrandpowderproot'Saietorsllver, patent oom binstion lc-ck; cost Bedrwm? Carved black walnut Bcdi'eads, French Bureaus, Wasb stands, all lined with satin wood" Br.' Wis Cartie s, Lsci and Muilin CurtainA Also window Shades, Oilcloths, terrain Carpets, Stoves and Heat err, porcelain Dinner and Tea tet?, Cutlery, Plated Ware, Kitchen Wire, Ac . with which the sale will commence. The steamboat Mattano leaves Fulton market slip at 9 o't tf k A. M , returning at 3 and 5 P. M. Ferry foot ot Eigh ty sixth street crosses erery half hour until 7 P. M. The fur niture will be reaiy for exhibition oil Monday? the day be lore the sale. The Horses, Carriages, TTumess, Ac., will be sold In front of our store, 23 Nassau street, on Wednesday, 17th, at 12 o'clock. Henry h leeds. auctioneer, -henry h. LEI US A CO., will sell at auction on Tuesday, March 26, at 10' ; o'el -ck, at No. 91 West Twenty second street, near tilth avenue, genteel Household Furniture, handsomely rui niched, with Tapettrv aud Velvet Carpets; rosewood Parlor fculta covertd with blue and gold silk brocatd; crimson Da mask Curtains, Lace do; Pier itiasaes. Centre Tables i Chan deliers and Gas Fixtures; Mantel Ornaments, Etagcre; rose wood grant ajtlon f laaotorte. made by Worcester, cist |4M; Easy Chairs, ?>vered deialhes; Hiding Chandeliers; Orover snd Bsker's Sewing Machine; maboganr Furniture, In hair oloth; Extension Table; Buffet; Tea foys; China and Glass ware; Engraiinga. Bedrcoms? ro*ewood BMSteadi. Dress ing Bureaus. Wash stands. Chairs, fine Mattresses, Bedding, Ac. : Sbavteg btand, mahogany ; ditto suits Cottage furniture. Hall Stand, Refrigerator, Kitchen rue, etc , with which the ssle will comma nee. Henry d. miner, auctioneer. MINER A THoRP will sell a' auction, on Tuesday, March 28, at lfjf o'clock, at their salesroom, V Nassau street, opposite the Poat, a large and general assortment or Household Furniture, removed from Ford ham for conve nience of sate, consisting of velvet, Bnissels and Ingraia Car pets; rosewood Parlor and Bedroom 8uits, Lace Cui tains and t'ornlrts, maheRsny Fofaa, Divans and t'hslrs in hair sloth, mahogany and black walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waskstands and Chairs, b >ir Uuttre'S*', Feather Bels, Bolsters and Pil lows, oak Extension Tabls snd Chairs, Stair Carpets and Kod?, Dining and Bedroom Omhfy, Kitchen Utensils, Ac AUo two caived roiewood Pianos, uy city manufacturers, to gether with three Suits rose?o ?d aid black walnut Parlor ?ud Library Vurulture, m-ole to order by the best city maau faoturers Henry or ken, auctioneer-Monday, march 2A at 10,' ; o'clock, at the auction ? tore No. 194 William street, 17 csf.k?i?rd 2fl 'lemljntyi* assorted lienors, 15 baskets l Lami'ag:.. . CJ, .ou degirs, vai.ous briutU, 2.SJ0 lbs. pure White Lead. Also, at 12 o'clock, 10 Ptwiog Machines, Dry and Fancr Gnsli, Brocheand other fe hauls, Del?.ln?s, ;-o;>Uns, Calicoee, ('oats. Pants, Vests. Ficce Goods, Boots, Shoe*. Ac. Harlem auction notics.-a sale of house hold Furnltnre. consisting of Sofae, Bureaus, Carpets, Mirrors. Tables, Bed?leads, Feather Bels and Bedding, kitrh?n Furniture, Ac. Also two Wagons, a lot of Coal, Tor-Is, Hardware, Harness, and will take place on Tuesday. Marcti at 11 o'clock, iu 11 llii street, between Third and Fourth avenues JOSEPH BKOEMAP, AUCTIONEER, TLRnDAY. March 28, At 10 o'clock A. M ai ?4 Adelphi atreet, between Myrtle and Park arenuea, Brooklyn. Ailmiui?t' ator'a Mate? Fin* oil Feinting*, mahogany Sofa*, t-ofn Bed* trad, Arm CliiUra, italTed back; parlor Cbiire centre Tabl?a, B'treau*. Bed'tead*, faatbar 3e<t?, Br>twli in l' ura.n Ca:j?-n. Ml CI tbi, Dlnnar Set, Plated Ware, four Cook lug siovca, Baage an J Kitcaen Furniture. Catalo gue* at *ale* room JMORIARTT, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL. T1II8 DAT, . at 10 o'clock, at 17* rbatham *it]*re. Sofa* Linage*, chair*. Table*. Buieaai, Bain evl* Feather Beta, Clock*, Ml Palm.rg*, Mirror*. CutieiT, and a rarlety or Dry and (??ncy Good*, Jewelry, Ac. Pafr po*ulre. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER. WILL HELL ON TUBB . day, March 26, at It nicloek, at ealelroom, 81 Naaian atreet. the Leaae, Htoek, F'tturoi ar.d Furniture of IMnlai Saloon kn in aa tbe Eicrlalor. No 1) Naaaau atreet. afford Ins a fin* opportunity for partis wtahlng to engw Id *? nbor# buiiur**: aold In conaeiuenoa of the ill health of the proprietor. Panto* can eumfne tbe abore before tae aala. PaWNHROKER ABALB -IHI8DAT, AT 10K O'CLOCK. ? H Bill A Innrali*m'? aa>*n>oni, M New Bowery, w'll be aold, without r*eer*e, $80 loU Pledged Uood*. ooaa pil'ir-d a fln t C'xu variety or inea and women'* Wearing Ap paiel. .?bawl*, Fl.-ce Uooda, Soota, Hhoee, Tool*. 9 a? . PUMH, PU AWNBROKBR'8 SALE. ? B. LEVY AUCTIONEER, U Catharine r.reet, will aell thU day, at 11 o'clock, a Me*, did aaeorttneTit of *llk and other Dree***. Baaquea, Skirts, hbawla, hblrt*, I ieo* Oooda, Boot* and .Mtoee, CoaU, I'aat*. Vent?, ft welry, 4c C A J. BOO ART, AUCTIONED R.H.-MOND IT. MARCH ii, J5, at 10<-, o'clock, at Ihe auction room* No 1 North WR. him at root, uo??tabJa ? IW? Butter and Cheaea. eoaiUUng at 11 Firkin* and lube of Freeh Butter and 1 Box Cheeea. .tAMEM 8ULLITAN, CoaitaMa * 8 A J. Bu<MRT. AOCUONBER8. WILL SELL OM ? Monday, March ?, at 1P^> o'c.ock, at the auction ro una No 1 North William atreet, ConttaUe'i Hale, oae riteara A Marrtn'* Fireproof Safe, Office !? ' multure, lot of Bain. Roml, Ac. UENRT Ooo*t*bl* SA J n 00 ART, AUCTIONEERS.? MOMDAY. MARCH ? aft, ?t II o'cloek, at the auotloa room* Fo 1 North WU? llaot ttreet 0*n*table * Hale, a Urge |u*Btlty ot Hfl mm' Om t?n?, Children* Gaiter Boot*. goad quality Ut of Fanor Good*, Ac. MIO'JaRL MrCAKU, Conitahle. SA J. BOOART WILL BRLL AT TftEIR 8ALK4 ? rootaa 'tin day, at 11 o'clock, a 'arg? lot of china Doll*, I.lnm Doll* Imitation Wai Fruit. Alio a lot of caiUrea e China Hervloe. TTTM. WTTTR?.*, ArrOTTONEBB, WILL *BLL, ON MOM ? ' day, at 2 o t<ook, a' 404 Canal itreeu the entire Furnl lure. Ao , of a Urge houae Parlor Hnl'*, Pier iwid other 0!**a*% elef^int Tapwrtry %*4 other Carre**, OIlclo'An, mako ?any, Fiencli and cati*g>> nmlitaMe, Ilulr anil other Mat treeiM; fine Feath *r Beda and Be<fllng. marble top Dre?ilng Bureau*. Wu?tund*. Toilet China. ? '.Ma, SlU-er and other Ware, Stoves and Kltrhea Ware; V(v. liobe?, Ettetmon and. " i jor Tablet ; cane *eai and Other Cliatn. K?er/ article aiuat hd aold v ltko it roaervd WM. WITTERS. ATOTIONKEH, WILL 8BLL.THI8 DAT, at S o'clock, a'. Oanvl atrfet, by order of Abraham Mo*e?. a large <)u*otl.y of R?a(.ea. HounohoM Furniture, f w narlrja, rbam'wra, Otmng roomj, kl'chen*. Ac. By order at Abraham Moeea, attorney for m-rt^age*. MATHIMOlflAL. AtoOWI Man, n tbajm oia tinum to maeb the *? 'jualujinre of a young Udy, f rota 17 to XI year* of *i;f, with a view lo mattloiony. Fo-tune ->f no eo?i?eq'ie*i?*. A'tilre?a bo* 766 B?*toti I'^*l oOlea. 'flie *i*ior of tue above would llko to b'rmre aiqi:altit*d n-Hb a (jnn'lfmln, 2^ or ycai* old, for a ilmllar ptirpoee 8be la erruMdered pretty aul eti.q?glng. Add i e*A a* abdre box 769 3 jiton Pott olOoe.