Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1861 Page 5
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upon the slaves. They will be of no use in ?oppressing the traffic, and we are by no menu sure that the Spanish government intends thit they should be; for the officers in oann? d of the cruisers will find it convenient to be at one part of the coast when slave* are being shipped st another. What will England say to ?o transparent a sham? We apprehend that Lord Phlaavaton la too old a bird to place his tract in such false appearances. Tw Military of ran State of New Yowl? It will be eeen on reference to the proceedings of the Legislature yesterday that the aet to promote and enooorage the effi ^cienay of offioers In the militia of the State, by UmMag the tennre of offlce therein, passed the Senate by the decisive vote of 22 to 6. Although the act will have to undergo the xonlaal In the Assembly and reoeive the Execu tive sanotien before It can become a law, we ?till -believe that an act fraught with benefits to oar militnry system will not tail to reoeive the sanction of the two sources' wo have named, for the past ten years the troop* of 'the First division have been working with assi duity worthy of veterans to raise themselves above the mere level of holiday soldiers ; but in their efforts they have been retarded by officers of <Mgh rank, many of whom attained their positions by political preferment or the imbeoOity of the prevailing laws which gave these officers a life lien of their positions. High rank in these cases formed no basis to estimate the skill of these officers; on the con trary, the higher the rank an officer holds the less he knows about the science and art of war. These offioers will now have to retire, and younger and more enterprising offioers, who have studied bard to qualify themselves, will now have a stimulus to aim for the highest po sition in the service ; and thus in a short time must redound to the benefit and discipline of our State troops. The Fifteen Million Loan of the Confe derate States.? Our republican newspapers have been for some time past harping upon the povesty of the seceded States, and holding up -their Montgomery government to the world as an imposture which cannot raise the wind, for that Ks loans go begging without takers, no body having any confidence in them. But it will be seen from the circular of the Secretary of the Treasury of said Montgomery govern ment, which we transfer to this paper, th?t no part of its fifteen million loan has yet been pre sented to the people for their contributions. The first call upon them is named for the 17th of April, and five millions of the fifteen will be offered on that day, when "books of subscrip tion will be opened in the prinoipal cities and -towns of the Confederate States." Nor should we be surprised If subscriptions were tendered on the 17th of April exceeding twioe the sum asked for. The people of the Confederate States are in earnest, and our Northern people, who determine everything ?by the test of dollars and cents, will in due time be convinced of this very important fact A Peace Offering. ? A Washington de spatch states that the President has sent -a special messenger to Richmond to offer to the Hon. G. W. Summers, a distinguished member of the Virginia bar, the seat on the Supreme Court Bench left vacant by the death of Justice Daniel. Our government must have been somewhat degraded when tbe President has to beg any man, however capable, to take a place in the highest court of the oountry. A seat on the Supreme Court Bench going beg ging is not a very agreeable spectacle, nor will the circumstance fortify our position in the ?yes of foreign Powers. The course of the ad ministration in this matter is characteristic. It is the same old village politician idea. Lin coln A Co. think that by bribing a few influen tial men in the border States they can keep .them in the Union. The probability is that the display of such weakness will have a precisely .contrary effect to that which is intended. MaSSACHTSBTTS PREPARING FOR ClTIL WAR.? We perceive, by a report presented to the House of Representative#, which we publish in another colu&n, that Massachusetts has been actually preparing for civil war on a large sctfie. The contracts made for the equipment ?of troops for active service include two thou sand knapsacks and two hundred thousand ball Ofcrtridgee, and an appropriation of $25,000 has been made by the Commonwealth to defray the expenses of putting the State troops on a war footing. It would have been well for the country if Massachusetts had been as ready with her troops during the war of 1812-14? when she refused to allow them to leave the State ? as t?he has shown herself in the present -instance. Coraam' I aqaeata. Ktuj3> bt a Fall.? Patrick Cahlll, an Irishman, M year* of kg*. wlk* killed on Saturday morning by railing -down stairs in hia house, No. 239 Ninth atreet. The dJ erased *a very feeble and H I* euppnaed that in as oeodlAR to hia room be loot bin footing on tbe stairs and roiled to tbe bottom. He sustained a fracture of the ekull, which caused bli death in a few minuus after lbs accident occurred. Coroner Hchirmer held an inquest in the rase yesterday. Fonn> iw tut. Wm> ?The body of an unknown man was fmiod yesterday morn>ng floating In the water near Brdloe h island. It was taken on shore ana the ODroner notified . Fatal Animr at m F.wi Raiummo Dock. ? John Oil lagher, who was severely Injured at the dock of the Krla Kailroad Company on the 10th instant, by the falling up >a him or a baletf cotton, died on Fruiay of bis injur i* at the New York Hoapltal. _ An| Impiant will be held to day by CoroM* Jackmtn. Fa err nr Ma*tia*p? 'he l.eonardtown (Md.) Dwm aaya U>*t in coaae<tu?ince of th" oold weather for the pist few days, tae pea* hca and apneow In that vicinity are ?very mock Injured, but the a^tiea and pears were not sufficiently advanced to be materially injured. Hoaianrt la High LI fr? The Qreat T?l rtrtra Mairlags Faa?-Rx(ltlag Trial la Dahlia? The Ttailmaayaf Both Par ties? Art stoerstlr Pvitie sad Ita Hamllla tloa ? Spertmeaa of the Lots letters? Verdict la flavor af the Wills, Ar., Ac. The Fajoi v Hicham-, In Its laaie of Wednesday will on tala a report of the Ckeat Yelverton Marriage Suit In Vhibltn ? A British officer Attempts to ae lucs a .Sister o 'Charity in the Crimes, Falte, Marries Hnr Recretly la Ireland, and then Repudlatea Tier? The Testimony of both Husband and Wife? Rigid Ornaa F.xanriaaUoa of the tins ha ad? Roman lie Tncl leota of tbe Courtship ? ^p?olmeu? of the Lore letter*? The Vlrdict in Favor of the Wife? The Popular Demonstration la Her Favor, forming alto gsthar one of the moat exciting Trlnls ever planed no record, and the Incident* divulged equalling the most thrilling romance la Interaat. Tbe FAati r Ha*-?rr> will also contain the latest Intelli gence received through the Malla or by Telegraph; Kdl t or tala on Lending KvenU;All the Local News of New York and Vklnlty of import, ?n no, Reports of the Cattle, Provlalsa aad Money Markets, and all Interacting News Matters of the preceding week. Twa> tS a year; four oenta a single ropy. Bubaortp tteae raoalred at the office, nortfeweet comer ef ? nltoa aad Nsaaaa atreota, New York, single eoptea for ante at the ooantar aad by alt news agenta. Advert laamtn is in sarted at the osoal rates \ ADDITIONAL BY THE CANADA. Dkcu&sisn tai Ike British Bmm ?f Cnmni mi IUUu AfflUrs* THE MIRE8 DEFALCATION. STATE 07 APFAEEL8 IV POLAND. COMMERCIAL I NTEILIOEN CE, l?4 fcl., ft** Haiifax, March SS, 1881. Ths steamship Oanada, frem Lirarpool MarUi #, via Queenstown on the 10th, arrived hire at balf-pss* eight this morning. The steamship Bohemian, for Portland, did not leave Liverpool until the morning of the 8th, owing to stormy weather, and would probably leave Londonderry early on thetth. la the Homo of Lord ? on ? the Tth Lord Wodehouse ?aid it waa true that Russia had sent a despatch to the French government approving of the French occupation in Syria, and intimating that Russia would, If neoessary, support the sending or an Inereaaed force. Lord If ode house added that the government oould not give any fur ther information pending negotiations now in prograss. The Duke of Newcastle, In reply to Lord Derby, said the Legislature of British Guiana had been Instructed to consider the bill sanctioning the extradition of prison ers escaping from the French colony of Cayenne, bu political offenders were to be carefully excluded from the operation of the measure. In the House of Commons on the Tth an Interesting debate took place on Italian affairs. Edwin James, Sir Robt. Peel, Gladstone and Lord John Russell, defended the p61lcy of England, the King of Sardinia and Garibaldi, while several Irish members took the opposite side, and Mr. Roebuck made a pro Austrian speech. The Parliamentary Committee on the Red Sea Tele graph have agreed to conllrm the unconditional guaran tee of the government. The London Timet, in reviewing Jefferson Davis' Inau gural speech, cays It hss never read a public document so difficult to analyze and Interpret. FRANCE. The Senate has finally adopted an address In response to the Emperor's speech by 130 to 3 votes. Prince Napoleon was expected to leivo for Italy In the middle of March. A meeting of Hungarian and Polish notabilities is said to have been held at the Palace Royal. It Is reported that the Emperor has stopped the build ing of Iron plated ships, owing to results obtained by the last new Invention of cannon. The Mires affair Is said to be assuming a more serious aspect. He to not allowed to communicate with any one. The Receiver General at Sous le Sau Inter Is said to have been removed from bis post In connection with the affair. Independent members of the Corps Legislator had pro posed various liberal amendments to the address, calling, amongst other things, for the repeal of the law of public safety, freedom of ihe press, Ac. The debate will com mence on the 11th. The Budget for 1802 had been submitted to the legisla ture. The expenditures are estimated at nearly eighty millions poundH sterling; the receipts show a surplus of about half a million. The War Department shows an In creased expenditure of over a million atorllng. The Paris Bourse on the 8th was firm but inanimate. Rentes closed at 68f. 2Qo. ITALY. The Sicilians intended to celebrate Garibaldi's 8alnt's day by a general holiday. It waa reported that the Irish Archbishop C alien Is to be created a Cardinal. The Austrian Gazette say s that Francis II. has deter mined to stay In Rome as long as the Pope remains there. SPAItf. The Spanish Ministry have pronounced in favor of the temporal power of the Pope and repudiated the idea of transferring to Jerusalem. RUSSIA. The Provisional Delegations of Citizens continued their functions in maintaining pnbllc order in Warsaw. It was reported that the Emperor's brother would shortly visit Warsaw. Tbe garrison of Warsaw wis being nightly Increased, but the impression was that peace would be preserved. TURKSY. Serious dissensions have occurred in the Ministry. The csrrylng out of the new calme scheme had been post poned. The damage by inundations at Galats and Ibralia bad been so great thU It was feared the oommeroe of those places would be seriously affected. * Tbe Porte bad sent an answer to the 'ast Russian note, In wbtch ne co nice mi ngnt ot io reign tntei rerence In the International affairs or Turkey. The Turkish fleet, with troops and six months' provi sions on board, was about to cruise off the ooast of Dai mat la. INDIA. The B< mbay malls of February 14 hid reached Eng land, and the' American portion have been foe worded in the Canada The Bombay import market waa quiet and drooping. Exports were active. Freight* to Liverpool had advanced to ?3 for cotton. Calcttm, Feb. 8. 1881. Exchange, 2s. l>?d. Cotton fabrics dull and declining. Produce ilrm at high prices, but inactive. Freights to London, dead weight, OAs. a 7fe. 0d. THE LATEST NEWS. Brass, March ?, Ml. The Federal Council has authorized the Swim Idolater at Paris to commence negotiations for the conclusion of the treaty of oommerce between France anl Switzerland. CoHRt, March 9 , 1361. Complete tranquility prevails at Warsaw. Five hun dred citizens and military alternately patrol the city every night. This morning religious funeral ceremonies took place In the Church of Warsaw. A Judicial inquiry , conducted by a com minion composed of Poles and Russians under the Presidency of Gen. Le poandi. id betas impartially carried on. Fresh arrivals of military from all parts of the coun try continue to take pUou Many women are leaving the city sad taking up their quartern In the citadel of Warssw. The reply of the Kmpersr is anxiously expected. The city is still in deep mourning. The shop wlnlows contain nothing but black prayer becks. Photographic portraits of those who fell in the l?te disturbance* are sold In great quantities. The burial ground in which they were all interred has been decorated with a great quantity of flowers and wreaths. Pari*, March 9? 3 90 P. M. The Bourse has been rather Arm, but little business was done. Rentes closed at 04 1 A or 6c. lower than yestor day. Marshal McMahon. in the debate In the Senate, did not oonecal his opinion in fsror of the I 'ope, but after strong representations conseoud to leave Paris on the day of the final vote, in order that he might be returned among the Senators absent on the service of the Kmperor. The address, on the while, was ultimately voted, with only three dissenting voices. The Cardinals, with tne*x ception of Cardinal Mathieu, abstilnel from vol ng. Lowbow, March 9. Kvenlng. "} The funds and railway stocks are firm at yesterday's prince. Business Is languid. A cabinet ooqecU has b<*n held this afternoon. MARKETS. LOTTPON MONKY MARKKT. The Funds are % firmer Consols cloned at % advisee. The pressure for loans en the Stock Kxchatige h id conul derably diminished. In the discount mantel there wta a food but lose active c> uand (or money; the best "hW hills were quoted 7\ a 8 The demand at the Umk was rather brisk. The efflux of gold to Amertoa wa< par Ually compensated for by receipts from the Cootie ut. Baring reports? Bar silver 6s. Id, dollars 4s. ll'4d.; esgles Ms. 7d. AWlOUCAJf STOOCS The market is qnlwt. Illinois Central, 37J< s W dls count; do. bonds, 6SK; Krle Railroad. 88; Pennsylvania Central 0's, 1st mortgage. 09; do. sterling, 90. LimtrooL BBKAnsTt rrs markkt. Ij\ ksimol, March 8, 1881. Breadstuffk are steady. Messrs. Wakefteld, Nash k Co , Rkhardson, Spence (t Co., snd nisland, Athya H Co. report Sour quiet but steady at 38s. s Sis. for American. Wheat Arm at full prices for fine, and with a partial ad vance of 3d. a 3d. for spring red, which was quoted st lis 2d. s 13*. lOd ; white, 13s 8d. a 14s. 0d. Own firm and part iallv a r.hade dearir; mixed, 37s., yellow, 38*. a 28s. Id. ; white, Ms. a 39s. mtmpooi. provision markkt. Beef qnlst at 7fs. ? 80s. l*q?k dull, and no Amerlosn in maikot. Baeon dull and declined Is. under heavy ar rivals. I nrd dull at Ms. a AOs. Tallow Ul fair demand, Nor th American, Ms. a 67s. i.i vsri'ool rnoBrc* markkt. The Brokers Circular reports ? Ashss quiet: pots, Ms. 9d. a 39s. ; pearls, 39s. s 39s. Ad. Sugar steady. n?ffi?e quiet Rice heavy : Carolina, 19s. a 33s. Rosin heavy, and declined 2d: common 4s. a 4s. 3d. , closing wit* a better inquiry at the lowest figure. Spirits turpentine stead v at 31s. Flah oils quiet and steady. Unseed oil nominal at 2M. s 39s. vnmov MARjnrrn. Baring Bros. A Co. report brssdstu'.s stsady white wheat, fits s 88s. ; rsd, 68s. s 83; ''our, 2*s. a Sis Iron dnll: rails, ?6 n ?6 6s. bars, SA M. Sugar Arm, and closes quiet Tea steady: cont mon Congou, is. a Is. Kd- Sptrl,? turp u tine sot Ire at 3ts. 8d. s 32s Tallow dull at 80s Co fTee quiet Rice quiet Unseed etkss slightly de clintd New Vork barrels lis.; Boston bifi 10s M llsb oils generally unchanged; linseed 31s. s 2ft?. Sd. tin 4s , for Fnglieh. HAVmjt MARKKT. Week including March Q ? BroadstuSt Orm; American wheat active, closing weaker. Ashes Arm. Coffee Una. Oil maiinsl. Blee quiet. Sugar heavy. Lard Arm. PA88EN0ERS BY THE CANADA.. Fob Boston? Mr Deekker, Hie* Wood. Mr H Oasaette, Mem Wood, J A Malta, Worrell, Capt Kennedy. Joan Jones, Jaa Tckitbalm, tndk Bofcepter, Davis, Tenaet, M? - ? ?? Morrison, Q W Heard. B MeUot, Burton. Capt 0 Hop Una, ? Mtase, Vatban Joknaon, Bay. Levy. ^tertoo, Oster brick, Dou^i.Ja* OrtttUa, Hiram Tucker, J L Wright, Bar bour, Mart Poller. Gnat Belnw of Bagaa sad Counterfeit ??uey. "Wjummmm, March 24, 1861. Detective Redte 01 Washington, haa Belied and retains by order of the Court, botu* an<1 counterfeit notes >d twenty-seven dlfisrent banks, Msountln? to $230,000; alao, giates, dies, Ac. H?e larger pac*.1*6* c<mUUi the fol Thlrty thousand dollars la counterfeit* u!1 Bank of Augusta, Maine; $00,000, unsigned oounWrtC."*} ?? State Stank of Ohio; $30,000 bogus on the Columbia UMik. Washington city. (30,000 In counterfelta on the^FaraeriF and Mechanics' Bank, of Virginia; $8,000, of seven do nomination*, in counterfeits on the Uamden Bank, Jersey, and four plates of the above bank. Dlea of the denomination of ten cents, one dollar and two and a half dollar piecea were alao captured. Death of m Member of Coagreas. Scsanton, Pa , March 24, 1M1. The Ben. O. W. Scran ton, member of Congress from. th? Twelfth district of Pennsylvania, died here to-day a', forty-five minutes past twelve P. M The Niagara at HatlAut Haukax, March 23, 1881. The steamship Niagara arrived here this (Saturday) noon, and will remain tome hours. latlisg of tlu Palest lae. Posslavd, March 23, 1881. The itramrhip Palestine sailed hence to-day at half past six P. M. for Liverpool. Travel eastward. Boktos, March 23, 1881. The Eastern trains are now running regularly again. Bolter Kxploaloa. UttoBURoww, N. Y. , March 28, 1881. The steam boiler of the paper mill of Barber ?t Brothers' exploded last night, making a complete wreck of the building, lately erected. Two men were injured; oae dangerously. Tbe Great Western ?.?? co'*"*J*?<itng week of ?ft "j? ?r8M# 9t Markets, Nkw Orleans, March 23, 1881. Cotton? Sales to-day 8,000 bales; middling at 12 a I23^c. Sugar steady , at 4>{c. a 6\c. KJou r quiet: $6 15 a f 5 30 for superfine. Freights ? Ootton to Uverpool 7-lSd. 16-32d. Mmut-s, March 22, 1881. Cotton ? Sales to day 8,600 balee middling at ll\c. a 12 '?c. ; sales of the week, 18,700 bales; receipts the same time, 8,406, sgalcst 10,000 bai ts the same time last year, decreased receipts, 236,290 bales; exports, 22,830 balos; stock in port, 63,000 balow. Freights ? Cotton to Liver pool, >id. ; to Havre, lc. Sterling exchange, 108 a 106>f Sight exchange on Now York, per cent premium. Mobilh, March 23, 1881. Cotton ? Sales of 1,800 bales, at 12c. for middling. There Is a fair demand and the market is firm. Cincinnati. March 23, 1881. Flour very dull and declining; superfine at $1 40 a $4 45 Wheat? Red $1; white $1 12. Whiskey dull at 13\c Provisions quiet. Fires la Hew York. FIRE IN BROADWAY ? DESTRUCTION OF CANTERBURY HALL. Shortly before five o'clock yesterday (Sunday) morn ing, the private watchman employ od by the agents of the Wiley estate discovered a fire behind the soenery on the stage of Canterbury Hall, In the rear of 883 Broad way, formerly known as Mozart Hall. The material being of a combustible character, spread tha flames wltb great rapidity, and in a short time after its discovery tbo whole Interior of the ball waa enveloped in flame. The llremen were quiokly at the premises, but were unable to sabdac the fire until the botldiog and its oontents were a mass of ruins The edifice was three stories in height, and about 40 feet front by 148 feet deep. The property Is owned by the estate of Rev. Wm. Wiley. The value of the building destroyed is about $8,000; insured for $18,000, (including the buildings on Broad w?y), in the following insurance companies, vis.: ? Knickerbocker, $4,000; Nia gara, $2 000; American, $4, COO; Lorillard, $2,000. and American, of Philadelphia, $3,000. The proprietors )f Can terbury Hall estimate their loss at about$10,000; Insured for $8, 000 as follows. -Stuyuesant, $3,000: Hartford, $2,000, and Liverpool and London, $3,000. When the walls fell they did some damsge to the rear part of stuyvesant In stitute building, probably to the extent of about $340. Tbe-buildingls Insured for $8,000 in the Relief Insurance Company. The rear of the buildings Nos. 190. 192 and 194 Mercer street were also slightly damaged by the fall ing walls. Th*y are owned by the Wlloy estate. The stock of ladies' boots and shoes in the store No. 888 Broadway , owned by R. Mtddleton. was slightly damagol by water; Insured for $4,000 In the Brevoort and $6,00) In the New World Insurance Company. The origin o the fire Is said to have been the act of an Incendiary Many rumors, casting suspicion on parties, were afloat The Fire Marshal wss at the premises, and no doubt will thoroughly Investigate the matter. FIRI IN K Aft I* TWENTY-SIXTH HTBF.KT. About six o'clock on Sunday morning a fire was dis covered in the chair manufactory of James Bird, No. 1T1 East Twenty-sixth street. The flames were extinguished by Mr. bird and the police. The damage to the premise* will amount to about $160. Insured In the City Insu rance Company. The fire is supposed to have boon th - work of an incendiary. Folic* lBt?U|cac?t Soiociar Rsoovkry or a Sroixx Child.? IaM week we noticed tbe mysterious disappearance of a ai lid, about two years old, named Aane tirecnan, from tho residence of her parent* In James street. To-day we have the pleasure of recording the recovery and safe arrival home of the little one, under somewhat lingular and interesting clrcumtancrs. Anne, who had boon missing ainue the 20tn uit. , was supposed to have been abducted by a woman named McOuxky. and tbe police wore instructed to una every exertion to bunt up tbe suspected kidnapper. All their enoits to ascertain tbe biding place of tbe fugitive proved fruitless, however, and tbey were about abandon ing ihe pursuit when word reached the detectives' office on Saturday morning tb?t a child ans rer thrff Itsoriptlon of thi stolen one had been found near sing Sing. Two brothers, named lia and Charles Chapman, it appears, while walking la the woods on tbe outskirts of tbe above village, found the child In the possession of a woman strongly resem bling Mrs. McCluaky. Tbe little tjilng won crying bitter ly at the time, and begged to be taken to her home. Tbe brothers Chapman at oooe suspeotod that the child was stolen, anil without any opposition on th<? p*rt of tU? woman tkoy took charge of the Infant, and placed it in the custody of Mr. M?uey, Overseer of the Poor at Slug ?Sing. Mr. Maney, wh? had read of the disappearance 01' little Anne from her home in New York, came to the om olurton that the waif hi bis chirgo was none other than tbe child referred to In the Hsraid, and telegraphed to tbe police in tWs city ?ccorllngly. The parents of the long lout cbU i wore ov jrjoyed at the good news, and proceeded to Sing Sing by tae nr?t train I'poo their arrival there tbey at once identified the child, and in a few hoars afterwards tbey were on their way hack with It to tbe city, where tbey arrived in sarety on Saturday evening. Neglcct and want b we ihiogedtbe appearance ot the Utile one wonderfully, but ? few day* care at tbe bunds of the mother will r en tore the child to all Its original health and beauty. No trace of the wo man McCinsky has since been obtained, but the police are satguinu of ber arrest before tbe end of the week. Calendar mt Coart ?f Appeal* la Mew V ark. This Court will meet on Tuesday, In the room of tbe Board of (Yuincllmrn, ho. 10 City 11*11, New York Tbe following are the first fifty -live cases to be beard in tbe March te> ms:? Pttfirrtd Omutet ? CI au On'. ? No 1. Sonford, adminis trator, vp The Kigbth Avenue Railroad Company. 3. Nel son vi The People Clmti Ttno ? No. 3. Buel vs. McCregor et nls. 4. Mc Gregor vs Buel et als 6. Yanrterwerker et uls vs. Buel et sis. Clou Thrir ?No. 6. City of Buffalo v* Marshall, admin istrat?r. 7. Norton, administrator, v* Wesw ill 8. New land, administrator, vs. New Yo?k Central Railroad Com pany. 0. Wbitf-irit, administrator. v*. Pat iubi Railroad Company. 10 Dibble et als , ariminiatrntor . vs New York Central Railroad Company. 11 Hurkliead va. San ford 13. Stnlth, admlolstrntor, vs. New York Central Ballroad Company. IS. Kmrtt et als vs Emett 14. Hetknan vs. Tbe People. 15. Dana, receiver, va. Marwal et ale lft Thomson vs. Roade. 17. Smith vs. Devlin. IS. SltlTeng vs. Burrows. 1J>. Patten, administrator, Ac , va. White. 20. Hu*s vs. Ooeataer. 31. Wbitney va. Thomas. 33 Power r*. 1 rater. 33. Power v* ixwter. 24. Zell va. Hamilton 26. Boostfe on petition of Rowe, executor, he. 20. Robinson vs. Ray nor. 27. Stark vs. Kadway. 38. Radway va. Stark 30 Downing ot als vs. the Marine Infirmary. 80. Carman, executor, vi. Pearce el als. 1 la* h/ur ?No. 31. Tbe People vs. Lock wood I* flcrug bam 83 Dutlerwortb vs. O'Brien. 34. The i'eople ex rel Tbe Rank of tbe Commonwealth vs. Commissioners of Taxes. 86. Hoi lister vs. The Holllster Bank. SO. The people ex rel. De Forrest vs. Denmston, Comptroller. 37. lbs People ex rel. T. J. R. R. Crosby vs. Dcnnlston , Cbtnp troller. 30. Tbe People ex rel. K. M. vs. Tbe Commts signers or Taxes. 40. Faseett et als vs. Smith, re oelrer, Ac. Orntral Oalrnrfar. ? No. 41. Hubbard vs. Rrlgfs. 42. Oolt vs. The City of Baltimore. 43. Tbe County Bank vs. White Savor n, Ac. 44 Seymov vs. Willaoa. 4ft. Small va. Whoa ton 4*. Robinson va. Wheeler. 47 Harser va. Wonp and otbera. 48. Harser vm. Wood and other* . 40. Betts vs. flaan. 60. Irggett vs. Tbe Bank of S. Si 61. f?weet vs. Barney. 6*. Boardman vs. Soy era. 63. ^tod dart va. Han. M. Rooeevelt va. Coleman 46 Rooae velt va. Draper. 774,788, 74#!' M?* 701, 700'. ai; SS; 'nft&Ag- flf ff; W, V, l\*f, lan' imi lU4i 10*i w, 800, Taa, ma, ii5T' UN, Operatic m? Dramatic Matter*. 31m fourth coooert of Um Brooklyn PhUtiemoeks So ciety took place OB Saturday evening it Uie Aoademr of Musio. Tbe absurd regulation of throwing the doors open an boor and a half before the commencement of the performances waa productive of the mm reauitaa on the iaat occasion that of giTing the beat plarte in the hooae to idiera and excluding all thona who had business to attend to. Nor to it merely in regard to the latter that ita bad effects are observable. Many of the fomllirs who are the beat patrons of the Open abetain altogether from attending these con cert* since the adoption of the new rale. Much aa they love music, It la too great a price to pay for it to be oompelled to ait an hour and n half In a theatre gazing on a drop curtain, and listening to the vapid conversation of their neighbors. If the directors of the aoolety wtah to maintain Its popularity with all classss they will have te niter their present arrangements. Although the demo cratic principle should be carried out a* far aa posalble In audi institutions, it should not be puahed to the point of unnecessarily sacrificing tbe time and comfort of their andieooes. The present system works badly, and, if persevered in, will cause a large falling off in the number of thstr subscribers. The following was the programme ?f the etentog:? TAXt L Eighth symphony, in B fist (first time) Beethoven Baited. "Kathleen Mavourneen," Madam gfcakosoh .......Crouch Two tymphonlc pieces, for orchestra and pianoforte, Mr. Rob*rt Goldbeok R. OoMbock Orud Aria, de "l'ardon deiMoermoT? rbe * Shadow Soug, Mile. Cartotta Pattl. Meyerbeer rAtm n. Overture dramatic, de King Lear (first time) Sector Berlioz Duetto, do "Safib"? "De quel Soave'' ? (Sweet Tears), Mile. Carlotta Pattl and Madame Stakoech 1 'acini Solo? Pianoforte, Mr. R. Goldbeck Grand Aria, de "II Flauto Magico"? 1 "fill

an gut d' in ferno"? (Queen of the Night), Mile. Carlotta Pattl. . Moz*rt National 8ong? "Tbe Flag of Our Union" (by request), Madame Strakosch Wallace Stlecllou* from Meudcltuohu'a descriptive music to Shak spore's "Midsummer Night 's Dream," first time. The opening symphony was superbly played, and the second movement so pleased the audienoe that an enoore was vehemently Insisted upon. Madtme Slakuttoh sang the favorite IrUh ballad "jfathloen Mavourneen" with much feeling and taste. The "two symphonic pieces, " aa they ore called in the programme, the composition of Mr. Gold beck, had more than the oharm of novelty. They are meritorious efforts in the only school whloh has a permanent claim to our respeot. Their motion, as explained by the composer, is to cllect such a fusion of orchestra and piano as to give the latter Us characteristic valuo amongst the Instruments, with out, for tbe sake of its individual display, detracting from the unity of the work. "Sadew Song" from "le Pardon de Ploermel," by Mademoiselle Cirlotta Pattl, was a brilliant display of vocalization. If tbe quality of her voice but equalled her skill in the management of it, there would be few finer singers in the concert room. It is no small evidence of her capabilities that she sang on this occasion the grand aria from "lhe Magic Flute" in the koy written by Mo zut?a leat which not many living prima donnas can accomplish. The duet from "Suffo de Qual Soave," with Madame Strakosch, was given with excellent feel log and mirmbl*. Altogether, the impression produced by Mdlle. Pattl was a most favo-able one. The only fail ure of tbe evening was "Tbe Flag of our Union," by Madame Strakosch. It was poorly sung, and even Its political opportuneness failed to carry it off successfully. The selections from Mendelssohn's descriptive music to tbe "Midsummer Night's Dream" clotted the perform ances, which, If they were not of the same high standard as those of seme of the earlior concerts of the season, yet pleased tbe tasUs of a considerable portion of the audiencc. From Boston we bear that the Opera season has been on the whole moderately suoceesful. The critics arrive at tbe conclusion that " Un Ballo in Mnachera' ' is rather clever, though not dangerously so. Miss Kellogg made a sonsatlon in "Linda." During this week " Mo ses in Fgypt" and " 1a Julve" will be given. On Mon day next tbe artists return to Trving place, singing here and at Brooklyn during Easter week, and then going to Philadelphia. " Mose" and " La Juivo" will be pro duced here. A oompllmentary concert to Miss Mary F. Thome comes off to night at Irving Hall. The choruses will be sung by sixty young folks from tbe Sunday schools of | this eity, Brooklyn and Williamsburg?1 " Llttlo Martha Davis" among them Tbe arrangements for Madame Bishop's complimentary benefit are progressing apaoe. Tbe ailhir will oome off at the Academy of Music during next week. Some of our most influential citizens have given their support to Madame Bishop, and tbe benefit will undoubtedly bo a success. The annual benefit of the American Dramatic Fond As sociatlon took place at the Academy of Music on Thurs day. The play was "Macbeth," with Miss 0. CusUnan and Mr. Edwin Booth In tbe principal characters. The reoelpts amounted to $3,040, and the benefit will net to the Fund aboet $1 ,700. The directors of the Academy gavo the use of the theatre free of all ch urges. Tbe benefit to tbe family of Miss llattie James wil' take place at the French theatre this evening. Miss James waa a dancer at one of the Broadway conoert halls, and while engaged In her duties her cl other took (Ire from an exposed gaslight. Sho tild not survive her Injuries, and was the sole support of a mother and four brothers and sisters. Here is an opportunity for the people who send their donations to Kansau. The theatrical leason Is drawing to a close. U has lieen definitely settled that Mr. Wallack's new theatre will not be opened until the 1st of August. The house to quits ready for tbe upholsterers; but as a new pteco for the opening is to be prepared, and as tbe prospects of tbe summur season are not brilliant, tbe work wil) not be hurried. The theatre, when completed, will be one of the most substantial, elegant and comfortable places of public amusement In the world. We understand that M1. k iAuraKeene intends to finish her season with the "Seven Slaters," which has been marvellously successful The Impending novelties aro s new three act comedy (" Henrietta "), at Wallack's, to be played on Wednesday, and tbe appearance of tbe famous Philadelphia ootnedian, Mr. J. S. Clarke, at tbe Winter Garden on next Monday. Here we are pro mised Mr. Tom Taylor's Isst comedy, "The Babes in the Wood." Miss Annette Inoe Is also engaged at the Winter Garden. Mr. Nixon has returned with his royal circus, after a sucoetsful campaign In New Orleans and Havana. Tbe announcements for this evening Include the fol lowing:? At Nlblo's Garden Mr. Forrest plays Dam?* for the last llm? pcaltlrely. At Wallack'a Goldsmith's oomedy, ' She Ptoope to Cm quer," la announced for the beoeilt of lira. Sloan, ouo of ttie prima favoritee of the audience at thto bonne. At the Winter Garden ' The Hidden Uaod," a some what celebrated drama, will be produced to nl?lit, to bo succeeded by 'The 8?>n of the Republic." Mr. F. 8. Cbanfran . Mr*. Chanfrau and Mr. R. Johnston play tlio prli clpal parta In theae pieces. At I.aura Kcene'a thoatre "The Seven Si iter*" (ono hundred and twenty third Bight). At the New Bowery ?' rhe Liberty Roy a, or, fMse and True,-' "Raoul, tlia Magic Star," and "The Wa?|ock of Uje Men" are announced. At Barnum'e Maeum "Gltanelli" (third and laat week), with a variety of other entertainment!!. Bryant*' Minstrels |ir? their usual variety, Including 1'an 'a opinion on the or lata; aad for the particular* of the performance* at thta and vartoua oth?r popular plncea of amusement we refer oar readers to the announcements elaewbare. City Iatelll|rnrr. Tn* Chavphi* Bn uwi Match. ? the m-ttcH between Waid and Ch*mbera already exrlUs great intoreat amoti^ sporting men. Betting. however, to now hoi alow, Ward' friend* holding bark for tbeodda ef seven, to Hro. Sev ?ral Americana wh<. wl*h?o r take money upon Chamber* refli*e to bet even, but Inatot that aa Ward pays Cham beta to oome over. Ward should be prepared to give odds, Instead of uking them. Chamber* brings Harry Cla^aoa, hto trainer aad boat builder, with Mm, aad it to aaid tha | a boat will be batlt especially fca tha match, If Obam bera, after aeeing the Hudson, thinks tt advisable la ibe lower otrelaa of sports these are, aa usual, all aorta of tbraata that Chamber* will not be allowed to win the match; that If there eeeme any chaaee of hto seooees a steamer will happen la ht? way. aad ao oa. taportanco to given to their threats only because aaveral persona, who have money to* take, refuae to bet upon this account. Tha raoe will undoubtedly ba a fair one. Colossi Hicks or Malt add Several Italian gentlemen have lavt'ed CM. Charlea Carroll Iltclu, late of the Army of Italy, aad head of theataffof Gea. Avexzana, to deliver a lecture oa Italy aad Garibaldi, at CI in too Rail, Actor place. ae*t WednAday eveaing. Q>1. Hick* waa engaged In the fearful " Paaaage of tha Volturoo. .? led by the brave Avearaaa, and the ?? Hlegn of tepu and hia lecture It to skid, baa idee giving a graph I ., roriptloa of Iheae and other eagagements, deacri* ^ u,c burning of the prtooanra aad woaaded fey the, t< jjota ballno" or Neapolitan troops. ?fltrcMt c. wt-8p*tiU Term. * HZL* it- Jud?e a r RW ? cmJ h ' . <*? ? MoUob granted, with flO ooSm, id ordered that *.* *!*22! G. YjSS.Ttgg^y* SSSSTSS! tv defendanta la ooowquooee or a mwm JuncUoo. The OrawlafioftHfe Itaiu Cotk1' *** Conaoddated Lottery of Delaware. B. PBAMCB B CO., MAX AO KM The I legislature of the Stat* iff Minn baring given to B. Franca A Co a lottery oontraet fur twenty year*, we, the undersigned, Commlaaloners appointed by the Ooremo' of ?aid State to superintend Um> Srawtngs of aaid lattery, do hereby certify that the toUowing are the numbers drawn thla day:? Imn Cotnrtr? Clam 71, March S3, 1BC1 61, 18, 12, 38, 14, 46. 44, 45, 39, 71, 10, 96, 62, 13. Obakd Consolidated Lottbbt? Clam 13, March S3, 1ML j 20, 40, 33. 68, 7, ?, 75, 62, 21, 44, 25, fi, 59. Witness our handa at Wilmington, DeL.thia day (Saturday), ' Marches, 1MI. JOHN W* wriLKBJL | CommlMlnnera. . Alfred b. WOOTTBN, f Circu an sent frw o t charge by iddrMilai ft. FBAMOS k CO., WUaSglon, De'ftwmrOk Dwtwlif, of UN DtUtwhn State Lot* teriea.? WOOD, EDDT k CO., Managers of the DKLAWASK, K KNTtTOK V ADD HIASODHI STATS I.OTTSM*!. Uklawark ? Extra OLMS 1?1, March 23, 1*61 23, 64. 65 , 5, 39, 38, 47, 41, 61, 60, 45, 44. DKLAWAa?-CLAM HO. March 23, 1861. 58, 37, 48, 13, 3, 69. 70, 27, 49, 21, 25, 57, 77. Circulars orntalnlng schemes, with full particulars, sent flee of charge by addressing either to * OOP. EDDY k CO., WUaahtgton, Delaware, ?r to WOOD, BOOT k CO., 8%. Louis, Missouri Royal Haraaa I<ott?ry.-Sce Official Drawings of March US, 1M1, In another or/amn. Por par ticulars kc , addicts Chase k Co., Bunkers, 23 William street. Mew lark. Breehlyn. ? Chattel H. Wllltssraaon's Photographic Portrait Gallery . Pulton street, oppoeite Clin ton. Established 186L Album Carts Oe VUU,, Carts m Bala. Carta De lienor, and De Parlor; Photographs Dy De UOLMEfl, 316 Broadway. Stclnway & Boat's Orentrnag Grand aid Houa/e I'Unos are now considered the nest mtnufac tured : are warranted lor Ore years, tt arerooma, tU and 34 Walker street. ?Vft.UOO Worth of Staple Dry Cioodi Want ed, for wb'eb oaah an Howe lanes will giien None but pi In clpalK dealt wMh. Address Manufacturer, box Mti Post otllce, littsburg, Pa. Wheeler Ai Wllaon'a Improved Sewing Maehlnea at reduced prl cs. oilloe, 606 Broadtv ay. The Ladd Ai Webiter Sewlag Machine mly now b? had for fifty dollars, at fcO Brou'tway. Kmplre Sewing MaehMua? The Cheap est, became the beat, In market. Otllce 334 Broadway. Billiard Reform began with Baanford In 1831. Playing and Salesrooms (twelve tables npt, 119 Kul ton street and No. 8 Ann street. Crlatadora'a Hair Dye, Wlgi and Ton. pew, the best la the world, wholetiaic and retail, and the Dye pri\ ately applied at No. 6 A* tor House. 111U, Inimitable Cutter of Hair n nd WhUkers, ho. 1 Barclay atreet. Hair Dye M cents, Black or Brown. Barry's Trlcopherons In the Beat and cheapest article for dressing, beauilfsing. curling, cleansing, preserving and restoring the natr. ladles, try it. Bold by J all druggists. * Batch clor'a (lewly Invented Wigs and Toupees are most perfect Imitations of nature: Bend for a uiOMure card 10 If Bond atreet, New York. Batehelor'a Hair Dye? Reliable and In staneoua, black ci brown. Factory til Barolar s'.snet. bold and applied at a. A JfATCHELOM'd, 18 Bond street. Moldavia Cream Forces th? Hair, Whis kers and mustaches to giww Htxurianttr Bold wheieaale and letall by W. A. BATChKLOK, 10 Bond street. Trnsaas.? Marsh 4t Co.'s Radical tare Trues Ma it Vesey street (Astor Uouse.i, oppotlte the cburoh. Trnaaea, Klaatlc Stockings, Shonlder Braces, Suspensory Bandages, Ac i?R. OLOVRR k THOMMB, No 4 Ann at , imrter Bum.-.m's Museum. Dlt4> Barioul? On Saturday, March 23, Rxrkota, wMow of tho late Abljah Barber, aged 78 yean, 8 ninths and 3 Tbe friends of the family are I?v1ted to attend the fu neral, from the residence of hor eon, ffm. C. Harbor, No. 139 Cannon street, at half peat nine o'clock this (Monday ) morning. 'The body will be taken to Simsbury, Conn., for Intel mont. Ot'guiLAa. ? At Paris, France, on Sunday, February 10, Sarah Loqkwood, wife of Frederick A. Cenhman, and daughter of Chariea O. Sommers, D. It., of thin city. The relatives and friends are invited to attend tbe fu neral, thia (Monday) alternoou, at throe o'clock from the residence of her father, No. 17 St. Mark's pluce. Cahiu . ? Suddenly, ou Sunday aornU>x, March 24, Pa trick CUmiL, native of HaUyanlier Llouiore, count/ IVa tor lord, rreland, aged 06 yearn. The fnneral will take rlace tkle (Monday) afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from the residence of his eon Pa trick, 280 N Mrect, botween Kim aua Second avenues. Tho fi lends of the family ue respectfully invited to at tend. CAiirmn? At sea, on Monday, March 18, Wiujam Cai'iukii), in the 47th year of his age. Kewburg papers please copy. CrahkiWi ? On Saturday, March 23, Hcuh Crawkord, in the 22 1 year of his age. The irieixis of tho family are invited to attend the fu neral, from the residence of his fat ha, 140 Klgh areuue, at one o'clix k this (Monday) afternoon k?v ijmi. ? Suddenly, on -feturday. March 2T1, Harar Mw. vma, aged 27 ye irs and 0 months, wife of Charles W. Mf.1i, nna eldest daughter of Abel and Kmlly lAlng, ockl>n, New Jorscy. Ihe teoiau<s were taken to 1'lainOcld, V. J., for inter ment. New Brunswick and Trenton papers please copy. ? Fkk.mii. ? Ob Sunday. Majch 17, at the rtelileuce of his father In AmtUrdam, N. Y., J our M FkkncH, after a long and paiafulllliicM, aged 33 years and 0 rnorit/is. ll? w<su member of Clli ntuiI>Mlgc of F. an>l A. M , New York city , an" received Ihe honors from too Artisans Iiodge ol tbe above place; also being an old member of the Fire I>cpartDic-nt, atd an honorary member of No. 6 Engine, of this city. Wiiiky ?tto Friday, March 22, Jo*.v Fourr, a nttlve of county Oar low, Irel-ad, aged CO years. Uik relatives and friend* are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from bis lain residence, 188 Hast Thirty-ninth street, at one o'clock this (Monday) after ?N. Fox. ? In Newcaatle, Westchester county , on Saturday, March 2.'l, of consumption . Jamks Fax, aged -it j ears The frhnds of the lamily ate retpecliuily invited to attend on Tucsnay morning . at h*W past nine o'clock, at the H*rli in depot, comer of Twenty elxth street and Fouitti avenue. Baii iw ? At his residence, No. 274 Mott itroet, of dis ease of the heart, Patrick, sged 02) ears. Bis friends and acquaintances are respectively Invited lo attend the funerM this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. ILajivkt ? On Sunday morning, March 24, of consump DM, Minus Baxtwv, age4 2S years Tbe frlenua and relatives are respectfully Invited to attend bis funeral , on Tuesday afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence, of his bt other, Patrick Harvey, 760 Fsciflc street, Rrooktyi. Il?.mui> ? On Sunday, March 24. Frto?*i> (c IIo?jtcjj#, a native of Ilnnover, Uei many , aged 29 years, 11 months, and 20 da) s. Tbe relatives and friends are rtspectfully iftvlt'-d to attet.d tlve funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, fr?m bis late reseience, No. 1 Elisabeth street, earner of I ta yard. Kimi. ? At his resilience, 91 Main street, Brooklyn, on Tbuisdsy, March 21, Cn>*rum*m Kiao, aged 41 years and 2 months The friends of the family and the members ef the An glo Saxon IiOdge F. A. M., are respectfully Invited to at tend tbe funeial, ibis (Monday) afternoon, at sm o'clock , without further invitation. Ki.Mj ?The members or Anglo Saxon //wig*, No. 187 F. kt<d A. M., are lummooed to nseet at the^e toige rootri on Motday, March 26, at twelve M., to attend tbe f (inert A of their deceased brother (^<k?w<>i irRR Kita. By ordac of the W. M. OEO X. OO.N'KIJN, f<ecietary. I.AWVOR ? In Brooklyn, on Sunday , March 24, Mai ah K, w ife of H'm H 1 jiwton, *t|ed 87 year*. The friends of the family are invited to attend *be funeral, from No. 1 iAfayotia a\c?ne^ on Tu<?day rewn* li g. ut half pnat ton o'c.hick. J J.m ht?iwi*r ? (in Mind.ij. March 24, after a linflrrtnil ' Hlceaa, Eiikahkth, wife oi Mt LV/btowler, In the. 66th i<?r of ber age. I The relatlvea and friend* of lb' , fkmlly are reaoc. tfully Invited to attond the fua?ril, from her I alt rualdence, j No 314 W eel HeTrntconU aire ?t, on Tuoaday afternoon, at one o'clock preclaely , witho n further uottoa. Tho ra maii* will b? ukou to ?fteen? ^ j cemetery. Australia and California pa' />cra plcaae copy. >M4i.iijy. ? (Hi galurtay, March 3a, NkaiMcCitutt. The frlcndi of th? fajnily *r, reapoctfully Invited ta at tend the fnneral, thla day (Monday), from hia lato resi lience, 113 Kaat Twenty f ?llVh street. MclivoR --In .lerney 0n Sunday, March 21, of dlMuae of the heart, G? rtiaai? Mrllri.n. aged 40 yeara. the funeral will lake from her lata realdonce, 69 right at reel, on Tue' ? ft or noon, at two o'clock. MoMahor.? ?? Hur Amfi March 24, Makcirkt M< Maikw, daughter of John an 4 Br W gat McMahoo.agcd 8 years, a mut.lha and 3 daya. , Ibe ft teada of tl # family are Teapectfully Inrlted to at tend iha funeral, tmK day (Mooda> ) from tho residence of bar parents, |u m A. Wr< iMKv -< ^ Haiti rc ay, March 53. of consumption, Nw Mwusi* , aEP<] m veera. The ft lord t family are Invited Co attend the funeral, thla , (Monday) afternoon, a* two o clock, frons hla lata raa No fa Kaat rwet.tyTo.irth street Ot.nwi - .on Sunday mornleg, March 34, Join J. Ooww, IfCd <54 ^ mai 0 Th? f XralwlU Uke pl*? thla (>lond.y) ? lw?0' Jt^ck.from hia ute realdeoca, No. 104 tYanklla " r -On Hnnday , MarahiM. of acarlet fWrer. Mabt Ar ntt jonrg'M daughter of Thomas and Mary Itppard, ? led id noulbn and" 5 <lays. ...? , Ibe frieoos and acquaint*!. cea of the faaally are ra knertmilr tn*l '?lto sltrnd the funeral, thla (Monday) anernoon, at l. lf past two o'clock, fro* No. ~3? Weat llotis'cn aiieet, cwtwr of Washington ?trwt. Albany pajiera p?eaao copy rr.imw ?On Dalnrday morning, March M, J<*i cum* K.,eldeet daugiitar of t harlaa H and ftuaan A. I\ar*on, aged 10 yeara. 7 moitha ?n?l 33 daya. Tl* raWttvM mil minds oX Uie iamUy art In r I tad to UmTn< near Untie ?vem? - ? church, Clerm-ut ?tbt.uc, ?t nmr o'clock ' BfooUJr*? this (Monday) a/Wuooa u. * ? fte funcrj will U ke plaoe rf ^ parents, 3G? Third avenue, at ^ J"**"* *? ^Monday) afternoon. The friend. ?jJ^1U(kia^2?L family w respectfully Invited to ihtd. *4UvmuM" ? "*? Smith ? On fYlday, March 33, Masr I, wife of (. ? llott Smith, ud daughter of toe late Junta The relative* and friend* of the family are invited la ^'?end her funeral, at St. Luke's church, Hudson street this ^T?n.<l*7) afternooa, at one o'clock, without further Sjutu -u' ft"?okJ7n,OB Sunday afternoon, March M, Fhx?o? A>rwih*.^".?^,d??Bhte* of WUltam W , ml Mar, Holmes Smith, **?? 18 /Jf" J1 7 ???* The relatives and ft <eDda ?* the family are respectrnUp Invited to attend the ft frolB tue residence " * parents, No H6T feari sti "*?*> 00 Wednesday aft at two o'clock. New Brunswick and Monm>. ",ulh county, N. J., please copy. ScAanoan ? On Saturday, Ma rch 23. Sa*ah, wife sf WUJiaaa H. Stanford. The relatives and friends of the famllv are Invited is attend the funeral, from the rssldsi 00 other mother . Km. Ellaa Van Riper, No. 33 Lntnr street, 00 Tuesday after noon, it half null no# o'clock. Suuurr ? On Sunday, March 24, aft 'w s lingering M? new, 0. J. Sfunrrr, in the Mtlar year of h <* The friends of the family are respectful <y invited la at tend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, a * two o'clock, from his Est? residence, So. ITS Fbrsyth st.T?t, without further invitation Wood ? OB Sunday, March 34, im Suns, JSMhter of John F. and Phrah A. Woed, Sftd ? meat ha AnA'w day* The relative* and frton<JS are reaeee If ally UsvHM4o at tend the funernf servfera, this (MbMay) aflsraean, at four o'e>?ck , front the rosidenoe of her parents, Jfa. MS Wavsrlny place. The remains will he takenr t? Huntington fer I naaBLiiMnoD>? A ^?RADICAL CURE >"?R HERNIA OB tl'PTOBM, ?? WillTR'H I' \TttNT LBVKR trsss la a lJSw and imprtvnd Initmmcn!, MTering is-pHMalsl action froda ailo( A>ni A ladtcnlcare ia effeete?n every flue, aa hun?>rda will minify. Our Female ijlspportar on the jame principle. liramvfor taSai, woman SOA chOSraa, unaurpJMed Pamithleia OhrtUOKt T CO.. S? Bond air** B. V. A PAIR Of SEAL JfOVELVTES, A WD AN O0T>OKU> THE PAPBB KECK TTB, (Patem applied V? THE KKUBF TIE. Jan j jJ. 1MM THE LACK BOOB TIE, ^EiqataHWy baertffBTj SMiTH k BKOBWKB, h*e nanafanurera. S3 Warm alreet, N.- T. For sale by wlioleaale JObleT* generally. At prices iff at comm.vmb Tiia market. NEW YOB? KBBOHB* f GMA'aU^A'ANtl OIL. NEW YORW I'AUAFKl N*C I/XCHTNATlNO OIL NEW YORK PETROLEUM ILLfiXINAtlNtt oil*. NEW YORK VACiriNEKT 0*LS. COUUJiNS k CO:, 8? Water street, N.' T. AT ^EV^RDBLL|8^^^TO^L30^?TOADB^T^ wiiJ only at Wedding Cards -*-Tbaae ceiAndtSd eaarttVbd Oardst Aobeat pile RFMB?T If tow are troubled *l?fe bleedln-j blfcad or f thing pOes uae Dr. Wlimer'a Pile ?'ufpoiMtory. 1? ^a certain in re ? Bs / err nee given to the mom reencetable pwiuwe to ttota oitv whe were ptrmanently cured by it. Agent, IW Bowery, drug a tea e. A USOLUTE AND EFK1CAOIOUB CITAES OP 'MUMS Ol and bunJoaa, (without itmtoeittate on aubaeqSent ln convrnteuce. Maaara RktiDALL, 3 Of Broome afreet. Tbouaanda of tbe moat C'jmJStfre said aatiifactory teat! mat. tala can be ar* a at the ofllcC _ (^OAL AND BOSiN OAS WOBSM, J For public aed private .'"WSiiigH, err~te+ by UEO. H. KITCHEN A CU, Ml Hr adwav, H. T QONOENTRATBD LEAVEN. We muat give Metsrv Edward ?"6.nrabni11r 4*Ta, of Bus ton, crrdlt for mfrod*ilng their "Hhafcentrute* Lea^a." 1 hat it makes bread, paatry and n 'JS lighter tiara by any other pruoe*a, no one d'jaMa. For aale by all the i >r ! wripal grocers unit druaglats OEUaUB U. MaTK.1,' Wholnaale Mtfaat, 18# I'eiH atreei, S?# York. (CENTRAL PAP K LOTS CHEAP-RUT DR T.9BIAB* J VENETIAN UNIB^Vt, at 2ft tsV'.? per botlb. aarsf Chronic Rbt-umatlsm. IlvtJnchoa, Sore t *?ata, and Jaasof all kinda In twenty. four hoard Keliaf -vrtain. bowny a* dn>ggiata. oflict- 06 C >rtiandt alreet. C10*:?S, IJDNI'>Nf>, IN.HRTED NA rtliK ENLAJtOKB I Joints and all dlaeaaeirtf the feet Cv ervt. wlthotaA pala or InconvenienoR to Die patierjti by Dr. KACHABIB, Miagi ua t'hliopodiat, 701 Hrcadway. Kefera to plvaMana aa*aau gnona of tbla city. D i EN BLOWS HAIR TONIC, AT 25 CBNTS. Elegantly put up In flint gla*? Toilet B?t M aouMaii HALF A PlNT. Like the "NbfMna" alls ?? ciuaper l bun any other Hair Pvetjeraihso to t'.iw TbeeeUe* ltaelt U identical in compoaltloi. u< equally well pufaMi with the fc hilling Hair Toulc ALSO PINT BOTTI TW AT JW CB1M?. mi - QUART BOTTLE U AT OVH DOLLAR. FOR FAMILIES theee large* aiaea * IU be to?nd flat more Hdvautageoue, ? bile the aarialeteol the siom deetnabt* quality ; the price, quantity eom*rV?r?<t, la ?er* naeb leaa tbee baa ukualiy ten charged for pi9pucallaua m many reapeM inferior. Nothing Injuriou* whatever t? nMomtd to outer tote Mm e impuiUuon of Deuafowa Hall- Toaie. 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