Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1861 Page 6
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&& ? w?d twJy^So? *> O'clock in S^SmB^^T iS^Slwiet 30th ?<?? enter by the baaameut A ^TUAT.pW^NPRSE AND MklUmB WANT n e<), by a I ShMi'iTdVerr wall disposed to ?* Der amj ? ST^blTWMtoMM. Call for *?? <Uy? ? ITS *? u ?6tb kt- , tiilr<l floor, back room. crrrtTKiN WANTED? ?T A RE8PB0TABLB WO Z, nurae and seamatfeae; haa the beat of city refe J l'rpi. at 133 Wet lfch it-, between the Ilk and 7th ?vs , second floor, back roein. "a fcITlTATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A aaoook; law tiling to assist In the waahing and ironing Ami ihor. uthiy understands htrbusiueaa; five yeara eity lyfe JSatc Xn I rem he/ last place. Apply 134 Bast **l st, third floor, front room, f?r two daya. vuuna n nrrlod woman, aa wet nurse; haa the beat of Siy reference. Call for two day* at 138 34th at., between SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE young I reference itdand 3d a v SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNU WOMAN, TO do Keneral housework in a small private family ; good ?ity reference. Call for two daya at 108 West 19th at , leuond fliior, back rocm. A REBPEOTA BLE YOl NO WOMAN WANTS A BITUA A ticn ai i liam i ?nnai<l and waiter, or aa chambermaid and ioa?i<ii>t in the waa ing. Call for two daya at 76 4th ar., oor wet of lOi h it., in the fancy store. Beet city reference from Imt last place. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO d?> co ding, washing and ironing. Good city reference. 1 at 3d0 7th av , between 34th and 36th ata., scoond floor. ?VII A A PROTESTANT OIBL WISHES TO OBTAIN BEWTNCI JL at her house, or would go out by the day or week; sb? run du all kinds of family sewing, larlmtlnuabirtaand (lrease*. Call at 'J6 St. Mark's place, near lat nr., all the week. AS COO*, WASHER AND IRONER OB TO DO GBNE ral housework ?A well disposed girl, competent for her iuties, desires a situation in city or country In either of the above capacities; makes good bread, pies, Ac ; understand* the care of tnlik and butter. Apply at 378 6lb av., first fluor, front room. . A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, OF 14 yoara of an, to so light cbamberwoik and waiting, or take care of a baby, run of errands . understandtfbousew ork ; ia willing to make herself generally useful. Call for tw> days at 163 W eat 20th at., between 7th aud 8th area., In lh? war. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS TO take care of a baby. Call for two days at 330 33d si., be ?ween.lOth and 11th aves. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tuatlon aa wet nurse. Call for two day* at 330 33d at. between 10th and 11th avea. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the plain cooking, washing and _lng of a small private family. Haa good references. Call ?t No. V fiih st , in the basement, for two daya. A PROTEST./ NT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8IITA tlon to do cbittnberwork and walLlng, or to do chamber work and sewing. In a small private family. Haa the beat of ?My reference. Can be seen for two daya .at 622 Cth av., ?orner of 30th st YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM J bermaid and waitress, is witling and obliging; belt city reference. CM1 at her last employer's, Mo 1 East 33d st. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A FIRST CLASS COOE, JBL in a hotel or large boarding house, who understands all branches of cooking meats, paatrlea. Ac. Can give the b-st of city references Apply at 77 West 38th at, between Oth and 7th avs. 0 A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE QIRL. as cook, is a good washer and lroner, also a good bread and pie b?ker. Has no objection to go a short distance In the country. Can l>e seon for two days at 101 East 26th st, so ?and tloor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED? BY TWO PROTE8TANT Kill*, one to do general housework and the other toe mk, wash and iron. Good references. Call ai No. 11 6tli st , in the rear, for t wo days. I? NIKSE-AN EXPERIENCED AND CAPABLE child's nurae wanta a situation. Ia an excellent plain aewer. Can give fiist class city reference. Call at or ad dress 127 West 27ih at, near 7th ave., third floor, front room. Actuation wanted? by a young girl, to do general housework In a small private family; she 1h a first rate wuber and lroner, la williug and obliging aud cau Ht\e good city refertnee. Call at 38 Elizabeth street. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, an nurae in a private family; is well experienced with children and a neai searustiess; no objections to the country, best ol citv reference. Inquire fur two daya In the millinery ?tore, 4tl 3d ave. , near loth at A GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION WITH A family golag to Europe, Inquiry at 126 JCat>t 3d st , Lear avenue a, tirst floor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A3 JX cook in u private lamilv; ban no objection to sskM hi the wa?Mn* and is a first civs baker; gx>d city re ference. Can be seen for two days at 06 West loth st. AKFSPEOTaBLE WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO TAKE th<- ivaalnng of a private family at her own residence; ?an do up tinerr In the neatext style; has the best of city leto IttCf. Call at 364 7tb av , top floor. A hi 1 1 aTION WANTED? A8. CHAMBERMAID AND to assist m washing and tronirf. Apply for two dava at her present employer s, fl? I linton place, etb st. A" SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young wouiun, to cock, wash and lien; good rlty rolo null1 t'ai. for two days at third dojr from Fort Ureeu place, in Fulttin ?v., Bi'-oklj n. ABESI'EOTABLE GIKL WANTS a SITUATION IN A small private family; .sa good washer and ironi-r aud I'Utncook; wsg> s not so much an oojttct as a home. Apply at ^12 East 14th st , flrxt iloor, ba> k room RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A SITU. tlon us laundreaa or chamb?rmild ami to d i light wa'b mp |K d city reference given. Cm be setn for three i'.iys it Mb Oth nve., fourth Boor. 4 P TOOK ?WANTED, HV A COMPETENT WiHAN. I with i iocUi nt city refereiCv't, ft situation as co. It in all iMDruckee; uniicrttands pastry, anups, jellies ami jjan-, ?Ld it. an excellent baker of ftll kind*; is willing to a' hi - 1 in wahi.lng Can be aeen for two dtv a at MB 17th st., Hi at floor. A RESPECTABLE P BOTE START WOMAN WAMT4 A situation aiuurte. In cajiable of taklt>g full charge of a baby and nur?cry ; I- handy hi w? ing ind cutting, will ba *ery nseful in ? reap srtftMe lami.y j nas no objection to go a short o?uu:ce iu the country. Cau bo i?en Itrtwodaya at SMI Bowery. ,, f , ? RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIKL WlbHEH A SITUA uon as chambermaid and plan aewei (Jan be asen for two day* at 164 Johnson at , between Carroll and Prince. Mood cny refe rentes. A8 CHAMBERMAID.? WANTED, BY A COMPETENT yousg woman, ft alluaaun at chambermaid. uudei aiandt the care ol grow ln? children, and is a good plain ?ewtr; ran be well recommended from her )a*t, where abe l..,s lived tor the laat three years. Can be seen at No tu. . in the store. Actuation wanted-j<v a young uikl, ab cbamb-nnald and wai trees; liaa no ot JecUooa to the care of children; has good city relerrnc-. (lalliorttvo days at 3bJ < ihave., between --in and 2Vtb ate, third Boor, frjul room. A situation wanted? hi a respectable girl, to do general housework In a small private lauiily ; can 4 o plain cooking and is a I,.**! wither aodlrouur; hits g>*I cty reierence can be aetu lor two day*, at J6d id ave., third Boor, rront room. 4 NICE ENGLlhli GIRL WANTS A SITUATION lO do the general housework of a amali family; she la a good plain root and an excllrnt washer and Ironer; h is the bes. ol city reference Apply at 230 Rllxabelb at , near Hous ton at. A RESPECTABLE GIKL WISHES A SITUATION' TO do hourenork In a small lau.Ur, ahe la a good enk, a Bist rate washer and Irouer, and can be highly rec imn.eiued. Vu be aeen for two days a. ul Kmltii at., Biojklyn, Brut Bo. i, bark room. AB HI RUE? A SITUATION WANTED, BY A COM PR tent peraon, with g od r?fe rente, would take the entire ?b urge of an Infant, or wou l(i take care of gruwu children, la a neat sewer, and Milling to go to the oountrv. or trtvcl. ? an be see lt for one week at SO West 13th at, between 8 th ai.d 6th ava. A RESPECTABLE AND COMPETENT PERSON l>K tires a situation t > travel with a lady ir fsml'y to Kt rope Addreaaoi apply at U>V 9th av. Bc-i of reference. A SITUATION WANTED- BY* A RESPECTABLE Wo man, a 4 conk, and to asslat In washing and inning; It a ?rat ra e i o k. Uood city reference. Ca:l for two days at U> Wes* Ittth st. A OIRL WANT* A BIfUATION AS HE A MsTKESS , cau rut and flt ladlea' and children a dresses and do all hiudaot faiuiiy M'Wlug. wo'nd take care of grown children; would I ret er to live a snorl distance la th? country. Oan be fen a., this week at iw West Ilth at A (.ERMAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKE jl rare ol children and do fine sewing, or as chambermaid. Call at tM iitb at., betseeii Letlngton and 3d ava. A A SITUATION WANTED - By A MIDDLE AOED Wo JEL man, as roo k In a private family; is a good cook and Fater Mid a most excellent washer and iroaor: nu the ben or ?Ity relerrnct for honeety tnd aobrt-ty. Oftu be ?neu until muud at 14S Weal ?7ih at., betwetu Jth and 8th ava., top txeir. i?< k roc 111. A COMPETENT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS jY H?amstr?s?; is willing to aealst with children, or aa nnrse at d ?*Hir?.ie?s; has no objectlona to g ) a short d<siane? n, country, t.oo'l referene* given. Call at 131 7lt? a PMOTEBTANT OIKL WANTS A SITI'ATlON TO DO A, cl.ainbfrwark snd line ossliing and Ironing. M willing to i u witit i ug. 1 .all at 161 Into at., oetireen 7th Hnd ?th uvea,, enr Mtdltit. Oocd city reierem* given RESPECTABLE PROTBBfAXT WO MA* WISHES TO ? jiain employmentat wmhlng. Ironing, or houso clean hyn . day or week. The l>eat 8 c.ty leferenoe can be gi. ii as to honesty snd capability. Addrrts for two daya 137 AiiUabeih st , or M Eaat lath st. ? ? A 10UNO WOMAN WIMIEH AtlTOATIOR A? OOoE. ?W ma private family; understands all kinds of pastry; i- oi , <tiler,s to help ? umi and Iron. Oood nmiM frun 4''M" '.c. Apply at ? tfi 7t h hv? near 3?th St., aeeonil ? RPhPEr TABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH i mbermatd and walti ?as, or to do cUamliern irk and u d f "*ing; h?a tne liM,t >, ,liy reii I . Call for - i iO?r flStt rn "m *t.,l et .-,eeo ?th ami 7:h ars , second A WI^IIEB A BTTCATIO* AS *1^"^ MtL'i&im 'O s??lst in ? ashinc Bid Ironing, In a n a|.ecial4e ftn.yy: undents iiiIm making all kind-, or bread ard br?t of efty refer fill fm* two iHih m * ?tl Wlh tt-tbetween 7th ttS ath av?, In the rel'k depot, ?rst f.oor. Avocat* WOMAN WANTS A BlItMTIOV. ' AN ^fKik, wssh U.c iron; la a goo"' ijakcr. citv t?-i> - onoe, < a'l for two i.ava 1 1 t!u Unlberrv a*. , In IM re? . SITUATION VANTH>, TN A HRlVATE FAMf J l>r, by a competent w?wt, at flrnt class c>oli and famhy h?ktr; understands all Ur du of smips, fish, meats, pwltry, si *d< ( is) >s and game ; ni >k n very On' wsiry an : pud>llaga. aad a gr/'at \arie y ol rrea-n jellica and naa; lutallvei with w me of the best fainlile* in lb* eturi be-it ol referenr? is to ?ftara. tar and a'lllily. Ua? 3MSth sv. infant.- wanted, a i hud T> nur-b at her J ttra i>sldi n>?. I'tii; >>t <f /?. t tow ACdrtrs 7.m k BIT V A WO Kg WAMTBD-FMAUM^ T AUNERESS.? A KIB.SIIU.TK LiUNDRBBB WANTS A JU situation; em do all kind* of Prenoh fluting, Ac.; city reference given. Apply at J73 Rlvlngtnn it., first floor. NUR8B.-WANTEI>, BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, with afresh breast or milk, a baby to lake to her own residence ; roi e renc? s exchanged. Call at 20'J Baai loth at., aeound floor, bach room. ? ? OITU4TION WANTED ? BT A YOUNO AMERICAN WO O Ban, an plain cook and first rat* watber and ironer. Beat of city referei.ce given. Inquire fur two days at 104 EUlrldge <?1 , in the bastiuent. SITUATION WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG p w ism, a? an experlenond cook, woo thoroughly un d< ratai da her business. Uaa the heat of city reference Call f< r tw . day at 10 M eat 19th at, between flth and 7th ara. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUBO, BESPECTABLE, O tidy German girl, as chambermaid and to do plain saw tag; no objection to aaalat in washing and ironing or to take care of children. Call at flOU 4tn st. , front room, Wo. & QITCATION 4TANTED-BY AN EXCELLENT COOK; O understands meets, soups, tellies and pastry of .any kind; Ei od olty reference. Can be aaen for two days at 906 West Uith st , In the rear. rO RESPECTABLB YOUNO OIELI WISH 8ITUA Uons; one as nurse and seamstress, the other as ohun b' rmaid and waiter; wages $0. Call for two days at 93 West 19ih St., between 0th anuvth ares. WANTED- A SITUATION A8 HOUSEKEEPER, AN tt elderly gentleman, of quiet, retired hablta, preferred. The advertiser is an excellent and practical housekeeper, has reeelvtd a liberal education, and ean oomblne the elegane.lea of life with its duties; can produce unexceptionable refe rence*. Letters addressed A. T) , Housekeeper, Herald ollice, wBl receive immediate attention. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO DO general housework in a private family Is a good p'.alti ook, washer and ironer, and hai good city reference. Can hi men for two days at No. 11 Desbrosses st , third Iloor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO (iERMAN woman, asnerfect cook, in a small private family. Call at 224 6: h st, third stoiy, back room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIEL, A SITUA tion to do chamberwork and waHmg, or would nsaist in w ashing and ironing. Best of citj reference. Call lor t*o days at 148 7th av , third floor, from room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA lion as first class cook; can cook meats, soups and pas tiies of all kinds; is an excellent baker; no objtctlon to f o in the country; best of reftnnce can be giren. Call for two days at 188 West 14th st, corner of 8th av. TTASIFD? A SITUATION' BY A YOUNO OIRL, AH ?? chambermaid Slid waitress In a sm'ill private family Call for two days at her present empl >yer's, 191 Madison ay. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITU ation as nurse and plain sewer, or to oook, wa?li and iron; Iwm city reference. Call at Mrs. Pltxniaurlcea No. 7 Clark "treet. w "Q7AN TED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, either as chambermaid or waitress or chambermaid and assist ia washing and ironing; no obieetlon to general housework in a private family; good reference from her last place. Call for two days, from 10 A .M. to 2 P. M , at 230 7th av., between 38th and 26th sts. WANTEE? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, washer and ironer; understands lier business thoroughly ?nd can give the best of city refe rence. Call for two days at 98 Atlantic st. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID ON A steamboat; good reference. Call at 281 Mott st. "WANTED? BY A COMPETENT, TIDY OIRL, WITH TT excellent city reference, a situation as laundress and chambermaid, tr at regular laundress; does up linens in style; no objection to the country; wages $8. Also a cook aud laun dre: f , understands IWts, poultry, baking and pa itry; wages $9. I all at 216 East 23d si. X\T ANTE 1> ? A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED tt co >k; perfectly understands her business; understand* coupG, m? ats and deserts ; is an excellent baker; is willing to asf-lst with the washing and ironing If required; has the best of city reiercuce. Apply at 123 West 16th st., between 6th uni 7th avs., second floor, back room. \\* ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A FIRST RATE COOK Tt ;>nd biker; understand* all kinds of pastry and desserts; has no objection to take part of the washing 1/ required; good city reference. Call for two days at L33 27th St., between 7th ana 8th avs, \MT ANTED? A SITUATION. AS COOK AND TO ASSIST TT in the wa'biug aud Ironing, by a middle aged woman ; bas no objection lo ko a thor. distance iu tbe country; good city reference given. Address a note to Cook, Sutlou E., for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, OR would do general housework for a srntll family. Call at G7 East Hit st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIRL, TO TT do general housen oik In a small family; is a good plain cook, washer and ironer. Call for two days at 217 av. B, so cond floor, back. TKTANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, FT a situation *h cook or litundresa, or would rdo (Lumber work and line uaslilug; n > objection to go a short dletance in tbe country, ('all at ti >6 Hudson st , near l.'ttli ?t. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN, r* seamstress in a private family ; U willing to as?lst chambermaid or take carp of children. Call for two day* at l er pr> w lit onptoyM 110 East 7tli at. \IrANTlSE ? A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND T T lroner; no objection to the country, best of city re's rente produced. Call lor two days ut 214 Pearl st., Brooklyn, In tbe basement. **r ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTAHLK TT wfma.i, as first claaa meat and paltry conk; unter. fcuiidi jellies soups an<t game; no objection to a Aral class b .aiding house; the !h'H of city reference. Call at 6J 5d av., between lutb and lltta sis. WASHING AND IKONING BONK BY A REBPE'.'TA bl? colored woman (a widow , for (We shillings p>r d> z?-n, in th ? ix at' st manner, at ui Mutt at.,'? lli. wo, ro< m 1!, i LI itl U -or. Good reierenoe given YA" ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION A"? TT wet nurse, with a full breast of milk, who has lost her baby. Can give tbe beat of reference. Call at lot Holt st., third floor, back room. TirANTBD ? BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, A SITUATION, ft el< Id r In a hotel or restaurant, in the city ur country ; understands her business, and tbe care and management of lie kitchen. Addrene L. H., box 158 Herald otllce. T\rA NTED? BY A HESI'ECTAHLE PROTESTANT WO " man. a sltuat.on as seamatreas; understand* family sewing In ell iu branches; can take the entire chtrgn of a l-aby Hum it* iutaocy; would have no ob jestlon lo travel with alamtly; tho?e m waut of a trualwor'hy wmau, with good ief?reure from last place, may apply at 3S7 10th ave.,luthe fancy atom, near 33d ut. Can be teen for two daya. WANTED- BY A~YOU!fO~OIRL. A SI TUATION AS laundress, or la willing to do general housework. Can be aien for two duyi at No. V Ludlow at.. In the rear. Tl r A NTKT*? A SITUATION, lit A BEUPECTABLE GIRL, VT to take rare of children and do fine washlug and Iron ing; nkdera'and* French fluting; good reference Can be ?een at 148 East 24th at, for 8 daya. WANTED- B* A HR8P ROTABLE WIDOW WOMAN, washing at her oi. n residence. Call at J9 Weal 2)lii stieet, in the rear. TITA N 1 ED" -~A SITUATION RY A RESPECT AHLE TT vnting Woman; la a good cook, washer and Imner, la alaoagiod baker, and la willing an! obliging; beat of clly referenies. Apply ai lTo 6th av., between Ulh aud 1.1th ata., first floor. WANlED-A SITUATION AS COOK, ?'|{ To DO GEN er-il hou.ework In a small private family. Call for two daj! at IV Wnst 17th it , betweeo 8th ondtfth av*. 11/ ANTED -SITUATIONS, BY TWO RBSP8CTA RLE TT y mni! girls, one aa rood rook, and would asaeMt in th>- washing; bis the ben of reference from her last place; the othei aa a lirat rate e?ainslreae and dressmaker, or would kow l y the day. Can be seen lor two daya Call at 133 Eaat 34th at. 11/ ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO KBSPECTABI.E TT young giria, one as good plain cook and eicellent tvnaher and uoner: Ua sr.mpefnt to take charge of the down star* work, the other aa chambermaid and waitress, la will ing o a?>i?t with tbe *aahlDK and Ironing If rtuulred. They tat" rood reference They want to go together. Call at U Crskjr at , in the reur, accond floor. irrUATIOlU W4?TEP-WALM. ATOCKO MAN AND Ills WIKE WANT SITUATIONS; the man aa coachman or to work on a farm , hlawlfeto cook or do laundry woi k. im any alluaii"U that may be oO'ced I 'an be seen for one week at S22 6oth st , between 8th and Uib a v a, top floor. 4 FRENCHM 4N WISBKS A HITUATIOX AS COACH J\ man, or In any other capacity ; tbe oountry pi-ef erred; g.?.d lefereaeee. A?idie*? fc. 0., m no iieraia oihoe. AN ITAUAN, a PKBFBCT COOI, WISHES TO FIND % altuallon for bimaelf anrt hla wife in ?oni? vreal<liv laoi'W. He understands his business In all Its bran) lies. Ad?lre?s Mr. Pslmo, Carlton Bmise, 4*6 Broadway. A BOOM MAN WISHES A SITUATION, IN COUNTRV xV o: eliv; nnder' tands ibo care and manage nenl of boriea, and Is will ug to make himself generally u?tful. Ad Ur?M 2?S East iWtb si., for two days. a tono Man intrhdtmu to tkatsl tmroluu il kuroje, weild like to make arrancmenta with a gen Uemftti t o art a? hli pnvaf secretary, bert reference as to re spertab. lty Address C. S. McD , lleraM ofliee. AlOCNO mas, WHO has BEKN EMPLOYED FOR the last all yuru In Wall street in the bank r.ote and sp?'de btislne>?, nesirrs asltuatlon. would not obj?cl golog Kootb or Weat. (Mim refMienr" or security. Address i C I.., bin I/M New Vork Po?t oOlee. AT0U*0 MAN WANTS A SITUATION AH FA1MER at d gsrderer. and understands the aare of hor?es mid drlv ng, oan give the l?*t nf rrferencc from hie last plaee. Address K aimer, boi If H Herald ofllce. TO CARPET MERCHAMT^-A YOUNO MAN OF SCM^ Cft-en years eaperteMS la the retail|)et imslnees in Ibis city, wiaht' to make a remanent enga^emee.t In aoin-< wl-ob aaie ur it lull oiiTel ho??e In 'his elty. ? an git e the b' st ?tiy nnnnee. AddreeaA H. W., lleralo ofllce I n-.wn A UlTlATIoy A ^ COAdlMAN A V 0 TT p'?'-i \ ilr? ?()srd.ner, boi 141 Herald olllce. TVf ANTED- A SJTl *TION AS POKTER IN A DRV TT g< da (tore, or ti drive hones; g < >d cl y ro. -. ocj. Address T. U , il Pit ' !> ? Ich stie-t. H'AKTEP HT A MIDDLE AOP.D MAN, CmMPHTPNT and eiperlen.-eil. as c riesjiondrnt, a?sisi*ril book keeper or salft. man, iu a whoieealo dry i.?da, gr?-ery or r. >ui nilsaion house. Having Itrge ar piaia'.aaee with near by and V catern nr rrhant#. e*n Iniluenre c. iniderlde trade S?'l? fa-tory Jtferwes. Addrose M K , bn\ 177 Herald ollire. VV'ANiRD? BY A STEADY YOUNG Man, a ST 1 ATION TT M general awlsunl; Is erll log to studj iue Ingres, of hi 1 'ttp'. iy?r, *? i Is no* afield of work, sn> p>rson w ?tung gouu heip should mrkll ti lie, Riwd r?feien;:)S \? holeaa'e (jr ry 1 r dry ?4ore pi. ftrred. Address Faithful, bo* tl<) H'-rald < n ee. for two days (MXI.IITI IND AVMITl IkP. POWBLL PROKE^o'li OF DISEASES OK THE J / eye t .id far. and l> l'l,lp p?' |(|e house Surj- 'S, tVesi n iiiM. I ll i.j.iiai, J. no 01, ran I>e . nsulted on aflectloes of th' -e oiirans, at;.' sil 01 1 >? m> dleC it ' eurgloa; SU Hr isdway, 1 <?r rweifih steest nEA1 NESS.? A M.WLV I ?VENTED INSTRI MENr fWWlmiK ;i?ee?f desfneas, eal ed the Sound M^tnl, OH'Si'l- \ ileal .r and ln>ihl^ \n;ei nduct T. it lie int.tbeea's as loi to be .0 the ;,>ast |-?i ?ptlb; ?? ; the ud pleasant sensa'.io,; < f e. '.see iu 'he. hea<f m em re'v re moved 1^ aF'ir Is iAatau' rell?l' to deaf persons, 1. r.d era'.ies rem to dl' > a'. ehwA tnj st ynblp as>?mbl>e?. 'r ie? il I 1 r.v?n 'her kind t bearing i<tr .ni?m ? ' ?eai* bOl 'iMOJU. Op. ?lan". i AibeMs "t*. P' nill | 1/. * 1 lcfld' 4., I ->4Asu S0P,;'j*e, I HBtP WAHTKDb.FllALB9. A GREAT DEMAND FCR GOOD SERVANTS AT TIIK Brcadway fcmp'oyment Institute, tM Broidway, up stairs ? Olrla who wish to procure situations In Art class fa miliea in ell j ut country, at gool wun. should cu i at tlila e i tabll?hment. Eleven years established. All famiues and good servants can find the largest and Vat oOioe In tbe dty at the Tint nut" and Homo, where the beat servants are always ready. Alio good situations for aood help. No. 138 11th at., corner of Cihav. Open till 9 In the evening. A HOUSEKEEPER WANTED.? OWE WHO UNDER A stands the millinery business preferred. Must co'ne well recommended. Apply at 76 Division ah, second ii?or, front rcom, from 2 to 4 P. M. /COMPANION.? A WIDOW, LADY LIVING IN GOOD \J style within a few block* of Madison auaare, 1s deilrou* of having a young lady of prepossessing and genteel appear ance and of agreeable mat nera, aa companion. Address Mr*. Douglass, elation D. POORS, CHAMBERMAIDS, SEAMSTRESSES, NURBES, V J waiters, laundn ssea and general houaeworkers N. B.? Positively none but nice, tidy, aober, honest, capable and ob liging girls need home, as only good employe? and tlrat cliiaa r aervanta are f urniahed. Plaoea ready, flu 4th ave D. ELMORE. Girl wanted? who is a good washer and Ironer and plain oook. Wages #7 per montli. Bhe must come well recommended. Apply at 164 Weal 12th at., near 7th ave. Housekeeper wanted.? a gentleman, uav: lng a finely furnished bouse, wlahea an American lady, not over 22 years of age, of prepossesHng and genteel ap pearancc, agreeable manners and a business ta 't, to take iharge or same. Address Pratt, atatlon P. Ladies wantbd-the am eric an pi-hushing Agency desire a few mora ladles of business taet and good address; business permanent and pay liber a Call be tween 1 and 4 o'cloca P. M , at 14 Chambers street, room sli. LADIES' TRIMMINGS. ? GOOD HARDS WANTED TO work at cloak and dress ornamenU, buttons, tassels, fancy and jet trimmings. Apply on Monday, 'at .1. Dartols, W Blescker it Servants wanted for gentlmens families.? First cla?s servants, proteased Co 5k a, plain oooka, clism benostds, waiters; nurses uud seamstresses are required 1m mec lately for supeilor fit nations now ready, at excellent wages in tbe first families. Apply at No. 10 Hilary st, Brooklyn. WANTED? AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN WOMAN, AS flrat class cook, in a small private family in the country. be willing to assist in the washing and Ironing. Good Jtiy references required. Inquire between 9a?d 12 A. M., at room XI i'reacott Mouse, corner of Broadway ami Spring St. None but capable persons Heed apply. fETANTED? A HOUSEKEEPER FOR A FIRST CLASS FT hotel; one whohta had considerable experience and can bring satisfactory references aa to capability and character. Address, with references and salary expected, immediately, 1\ W. Hoeunlger, Spotawosd Hotel, Richmond, Va. WANTED? A GOOD LACNDRES8, TO GO TO LENOX, Mans. Apply to Henry D. Sedgwick, East 24th at., three doors west of 4th av. WANTED.? A OIRL TO ASSIST IN TENDING A OON l'ectionery store, and to make herself generally useful. Apply at 833 Broadway. WANTED? TWO YOUNG WOMEN, WHO ARE COM potent to wait on table at a firs' class resiaurant. In quire from Un to three o'clock, at the Wyandank Restaurant, 3?1 and;.'iK( Fulton st , Brooklyn, opposite Oily Hall. WANTED? FIRST CLASS OPERATORS ON WHEELER & Wilson s, and on Wilcox k Gibba' Hewing machines. None but such will apply, after five o'clock, P. M , at 361 Blo cker st , In the store. WANTED.-100 GIRLS, TO MAKE WOVEN SKIRTS. Only very experienced hands need to apply at J ULIUS HART'S, 346 Broadway, np stairs. WANTED? AN BXOKLLENT COOK. APPLY WITH city relerencea at 69 Wsat 36th si , between U and 12 o'clock. WANTED? A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK ; must have good Brooklyn reference Apply at 100 West Baltic St., between Henry and Hicks sta., Brooklyn. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, In a small family, (German preferred i, one thai Is pleasant and s timing; wa?es$Samonih. (Jail at 05 West 26th St., first of the week. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS, IN A prlvatH family, a Protestant Scotch, English or Ger man preferred; the boat references as to qualifications re quired Apply at CO Morton street Tl/ ANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS NURSERY TT maid and first rate seamstress, a short distance out of this city, she must be fond of children and have unexc.'p th liable references for respectability and neatness. Apply to Mr. Bookham, 14V Grand st., from 3 to 4 o'clock. TIT" ANTED? A LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBERMAID, BY TT a small p lvate family. Apyly at HaJJ West 32d St., between 6th and 7th ava., during the hours or, 6 and 7 P. M. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WHO IS AN experienc ed oi*rator on Wheel -r A Wilson's sowing machine, to engage by the week or month; rniju understand cutting and making all kinds of Infants' clothing and lamlly sewing Apply at 100 East 17th St., from lo to 6 o'clock. "ll/ANTED? IMMEDIATELY, A GOOD COOK, WITH TT city reference Apply at tly Metitague st., Brooklyn. TXTAWTEU-A GIRL, BETWEEN 11 AND 14 YE VR* OF T T age, to make herself generally useful In a family of i w > persons; mutt come well recommended. Apply at 102;? Ent atili it., be: ure 12 o'clock v Tir^NTED-A I'BOTKBTANT GIRL, UEKMtn I'BR TT f erred, to do general housework In ? ?m?il family; liouio hai every modern improvement; girl mint be a first rat* washer arid irotier and gojd plain oook None others need apply at I.ait 4Mb et , nortb aide, third door west of 2d av. WANTED IN A SMALL FAMILY, A C.IRL TO DO II neral bouaewoi k She must be very neat and n gx>d (Ok. %va.?hcr and irouer. Apply at 261 lleurj at , South Brooklyn. . TirANTED-A WET Nl'RKB. INQUIRE AT MANSION TT 1 1 ouae. Hicks at., Brooklyn, room <2, beiore lo o'clock. TJT'ANTBD _A Cll AMIiBHMAlD, NORSK, LAUNDRESS, ft i eumstrew, cook and a waiter girl, lo all of whom good wage* win be paid. Apply it No. 7 11th it , between Broad way and Unlveinity plnoe. Tir-AKTBD? ^ TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WITH GOOD TT city rafmiwu On? aa cook, washer and li oner; the other aa chambermaid and waitress. Apply be: ween the bonri of 9 A. M and 2 I*. M at 2W Went 29th It. TITANTED-A MIDDLE AOED AMERICAN OR ENO TT llah woman'to do general housework for two 5 o?ng mcu In the country Call to day at 131) Monroe at., between the hours of IDA. M. and 4Y. M. TjtrANTF.l)? ANB EXPERIENCED WAITRl ? WHO TT be* rltv recommendations. Only those w aly understand their business need apply at 11 Ea WANTED? A PERSON TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE TT work of a small private family; must te agojd o>.k, washer and ironer Also wanted an experienced nurse and leamstress. Apply after ten o'clock at 124 West 2?tli street. German, Scotch, or colored preferred. 47 fekeLS".^" lhe ?">?? o?Ji and 'l ^o'clock"!? YlrANTED? A YOUNG WOMAN (PROTESTANT) TO DO TT general housework for a ?mall family; mint tho ough lf understand rooking, washing and Ironing, making, Ac. ; must be well recommended. Apply at Ho. 1.(5 West 15th st., basement door. flr ANTED? TWO FIRST CLASS noTBL, CHAMBEB TT mald.?, with good city references as to cbaiacler and capability. Noue other need apply. Call at 7ti7 Broadway, coiner 9th It. WAMED-A GOOD GIRL, TO DO THE HOUSEWORK I or all In r amllv ; most he a gvod washer and Ironer and plain cook I'lty reference required. Wages $7 per lumth. Apply at 175 Eaat 36th at., between 8 and 11 this morning WANTED? MILLINERS. TRIMMERS AND HALES. w< men. Positively none but thu moat expert* need hands nerd apply. fr?*n 10 A. M until 8 PM. Two trimmers wanted. Call at L. Bluns millinery, straw b >nnet and hat MWMMi 6hI Broadway. WANTED? AN ACTIVE WOMAN TO At T AS FORK woman In a dressmaking establishment. One who would reside with the family and lake a general Interest, cm satire a desirable situation. Address D. M., Broadway Fuel OlllW THE TRADES. ATOUNO MAN WANTS a SITUATION*" as yboeta ble gardener and 1 armer; If requi red ran lake chaise of a horse orcowa; Is willing to make 1,1ms. li agi? -a"!!*. Six jiara' ieferen< mfiom last place. Address lux |<o lleraid HM AFITl ATION WANTED-BY A CARPENTER, ON A gentleman s farm; can do all kinds of carpenter work, and oilier w,rk if repaired; Is marrlej; oily reference given Addreta G. S. S , 1M West 13th st CIARPENTEK WANTED AT 1* BOWERV; NONE Bt'T ) a first clans workman need apply WANTED A FOREMAN IN A FIE BAKF. #Y; M ST TT thorough J ntideratard Ml l?islne?s an l t" ? tempe 1 ate man; to sm h a one a steady place and g?.od pay wilt t>e I Iven. Addreea MB fM Herald nfliee WANTKU-A 'EOTOORAFHIC PRINTER, TO ONE TT who ULd?rstands his b . lorn a good altitaM >n Is offered K. BALCM, 1? Bower* lO TEARS' EXPERIENCE ?A PAINTER, OR UN BE, 1? marbler, sign wilier snd paper banger wants a alma lion na loremao In aome conntrj shop. Call on W. lilucs, .04 East 13th si, corner of a\. B. ~ _ _ THE liR? ' T ( RE KK A?(>,^ POlAR ISDTI RE.? CAPTAIN SAM WHITING, LATE ennuiiander of tlie United "tales mall steamer Marion, >e< suily atiztd at Chaileiton. and an ollloer In the expedition which re* 'led Or. Knne, will neliver h1* htglily Interiw.lng lieture, fully illiintrat'd with floe maps, modelsand loterest,. Ii.g relka from the Arvtio Fens, on 1 111 s<!ay evening, MarcH s' the Mxth Avenae Depot Hall, entrMWe on Forty fotirlb street, ? < mmem log >it H o > lo. k, and closing * t;b a natation of lules esth c Incidents ranMctea wiih the late snlr.nre of bis vessel at Charleston. Tiekets. 26 cents, at the dear. WINES AND LI?iUOKS. Baltimore dkpot for natiyb whiskkts, u BROAD STKKhT, new tore. CAUTION. Two or more parties are now canvaaelng this city, Brooklyn and Williamsburg, aesnamlhg to rerreaeni ua, elaiialag to sell our brands of w klskeya,aad paining in their suta I an inferior attiele on the 1 unite R e have nut t? o rjeclal eanvaafefp for tha above districts, viz:? Me?sra. John L. Malta ami Win. B. Walsh, who are alone antborl/td to lake ordeit for us All others nre'ending to b->oor agents are Impostor*, and we eantkm tlfe public against them. .IAMBS J lllfiOINS A CO. ESTABLISHED )Sn|.? DdNLOF'S ALBS AND TOB rBR Ti indraught at O. K. Mend'im, eotnnr of ' '??<! >r rtr-et and Itnadway; W. II Ffeeeott s, 75 Chambers stieet; J. Rlchaidron's, corner of Matden.lane and WiHIap street; N. MeLetd's, Maiden lane, .1 t\ Force's, High st . Srookltnl ,t.

P. Barker a, fst.k, MoMtoB st. ; T. HoWetra, i|u t?> of lends, Hoi.ston ?*r?*f ; W. F? Ilea's. Fl> renoe Ssloot', corMTnf Mcra*. ion street anl Sri s!w av ; and most other brst cl.-m houifs In New fork and Brook1? n W. m aN, Agent, K Liberty sfe*' v. Y. not SALE-DAiLY BAFE 7ED TO AHRr. B AN IN A vcee o! Arra-' Hrai.4v. la elginrs m.,- .. ,.7-? - WCl l>e .(,.d f.-.w. w).arf at >be lowMI t n 1/ a Aff't F. CCFF, VXl gl h?ve?i HBLF WAMTEO-MALBI< A OK. STB WANTED? IN TOBY TOWN AND OITT IN A the Union, to Mil Sherman A Oo.'s new Gift Jewelry Envelopes, with from fl to $10 oapllal Oar agants nre making from 97 to 91* per da j. Our new style* of envelopes are now ready, which la number of nrUolea and real bttiin xic value aurpaae any of the kind ever before offered. Re member, In price and quality we defy competition. Call on or address, encloalng stamp for circular, Sherman A 09., OS) Broadway. NewYork. AGENTS WANTED? IN EVEN* CIIT AND TOWN. TO ?ell an entirely new article, paying 200 per cent. Thoee wishing to make money wtii do well to notice. BEMI8 A CO., 71 Naaaau at. A GENTS WANTED -ENERGETIC MEN CAN MAKE J\. over 9* per day by the tale of Preaoott'* Pri*e Enve lope#, Price Package*, Bijou Package*, Stationery Bote* and Portrait* of Abe Lincoln. Remember, we give more good* and a better article for lea* mosey than any firm In the city. Apply to Preaoott A Co., 429 Broadway. Agents wanted? to sell rickards* prize en velope, containing more article* of ?tatlonerr, with a t>eeuliful gift of jewelry far superior to any other advertised. Oar agr nt* are making: rrom IS to 910 per day. Send stamp for circular. 8. C. RICKARDS A CO., 101 Nassau street. Boy wanted? must be honest, active, indub trlou* and intelligent, and about 16 years of age. Apply to Adam* A Co., 31 Park row. CIOACHMAN WANTBD-WHO IS A GOO? GROOM J and driver In this city and understands the care of carriages tuui hornet and harness, in a private stable; a single m?oKngl>?b or Bootcli. Inquire at <0 llarrison st., from 10 t^JP'clrck. Drug clerk wanted-one who is fully com u-tem uptake charge of a first class stole. Inquire at T.< T V ? r eeii' a.TI road w ay corner of 14th at. Man wanied-at a gentleman's residence, two miles from the city, for coachman, and to take care of homes, cows d| for general usefulness. He must be well ? roc in ii, ? mil d, Mingle, drink no liquor, use. no profane lan guage and desirous of a good home ana willing to stay at it except to go to church. Address box 3.699 1'ont otl'ioe, stating extent or exjterlence, where last employed and all par ticular*, or It will receive dj attention. Salesman wanted-bt a ley goods import Ing and commission honse. One well acquainted with yen and the value of all kind* ef dry gooas can addreae ?ox 996 Poet ofiloe, with full particulars, reference*, Ac. ANTED? A TRAVELLING AGENT POR THE SALB of Varnlshe*. None need apply who has not travelled before in the same capacity (and ean give good references. Address box 3,373 Post ollioe. f^erkV?"^ 3Bb^?^?a*EN~i Wanted..^ 8TT^r Ap" OnpreiidjSc^jtjfJfyear* rINT%LUaENT R nv Wanted ? 100 boys to make skirts; also girls for trimming tkirta, at H. T. Meyer'*, 347 Broadway. None but experienced band* need apply. WANTBD-A SMART. STEADY BOY, TO CLEAN knlvea and fork*, assist In peeling apples and potatoes, ?nd to start fires in the morning Wage* from 96 to 97 per month, including lodging, board and waahlng. A German preferred. Apply early this morning at No. 4 New it., near WANTED? A PEW SMART PEDLBR8, WITH PROM .91. to 9> capital, to sell a new. light and useful article, fequlred by all housekeeper*. Apply Between 9 and 11 A. M. at 41 Ferry st. WANTED- A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER atands farming In all it* branches, and taking care of horiea, cows, Ac. : one who 1* *ob*r, honest, industrious, and willing to make htmaelf generally useful. None need apply who cannot furnish the beat of reference* Inquire at the Agricultural Warehouse, 64 Veaey *t. WTANTED-A WAITER; ONE COMPETENT TO WAIT TT on table*, none other* need apply. Apply at Oyster Bay House, 663 Broadway, after ten o'clock A. M. 1 AAA AGENTS WANTED.-VAN ANDEN'S PATENT I.UUU Portable Dollar Copying Press sell* readily and at large profits. It weigh* but eight ounces, and copies with greater facility and more perfectly than the Iron press. Ad re** or call on Waters A van Anden, 139 William st., New York, or Poughkeepsle, N. Y. TI1K BALL. 8KASON. A COMPLIMENTARY BALL TO GBOBGB W. ALLEN, by his frlsnda and the pupil* of Prof. Brooaea' academy, at Brooke*' Assembly Room*. 301 Broome atreet, on Monday evening, March 26. Tickets $1. MUSIC Alt. A GREATLY IMPROVED PIANO PORTE. A LIOHTE A BRADB0RY, Manufacturer* of a new scale of overstrung bass, patent Inf lated, full Iron frame, grand and square Pianoforte, No. 421 Broome street Pianos to let. A MAGNIFICENT DRAWING ROOM SEVEN OCTAVB rosewood I'lanaforte, at a aacrlllee, Hupcrbly finished In style of Louis XIV.; elegant carved legs all around; rich round comers, with superb carving of roses and fruit in teller; rioli inlaid work ef horna o< plsnty, fountains, Ae. ; hsstlie overstrung bass and rich powerful t:na; moet oele braUd city makers, with full warriutoe; new one month ago, and Is a gem. Can be t ally tested at the dwelling 679 Sixth avenue, near Portleth street, for four days. Price, 9283. Haa box for alilpptng. N. H. A great objeot made for cash. ARUPERR SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte for sale? Kichly carved legi and caaa, round cor ners, full Iron elate, Inlaid with satlnwood overstruog bass, inlaid with pearl and pearl keys made to order for the present owner by city makers; fully guaranteed for three year*; been In use but Ave months; cost $UJ0; will be sold for 9'461 in rinding stool and cover. Also, elegant Drawing Koom Suit. co?t >300, for 9U<). Inquire at No. 70 Weal fwenty. sixth st i eet. near sixlIi menus A I.ADY WITH AHOt'RANO VOICE, YVI8I1ASA8ITU atlon in a rhoir; will ?lng for a fortnight gratis. Addres* Mia* Maura, station D. Bargains to cash customers this weec-to close the estate of Cooper A Atherton, by order of Judge 1 et niird, of 'he Supreme ( ourt, lor tbe benefit of their credi tors, vis. :? Masnlllcent r<?ewood seven octave Pianofortes, original 9>t*l to 9-< W, lor 916*' to $2M). JOHN MCDONALD, Receiver, 368 Bowery, /JH1CKEKING A BON'S OKA ND SQIARE AM) UPRI'lUT PIANOS, 694 Br. idway, New York. Horace waters' mtsio stork, as rroadway to be torn ''ovrn?W ? . auvet to be widened? in cona", quence of whkh t' eit'-nnlve stock of Planes, Mflodema. Aleiandre t 'igana an<l all kind* of Mtian al Merchandise, will be sold at attremely low priors. Si* octave soooni band 1'ianoa. at fflt I; 6' . ectave, $|<0. 6V <* tave, $120, He ?en oc tave, $146; seven octave. been uaed cut a few nirmths, $175; fefen octave Gilbert .V.ollan PUno, elegtntly carved, price $600nrw, will b? *oid for $VJ5, aeoond hand Melodeons, >16 to $.V> Twenty new ae\enoctav? Pianos and ten now M?lo Ml to rent, and rent allowed if purchased. Monthly pay men in nwlvtd for t lanos and Molodcma MR AYNHLEY COOK (BARITONE) AND WIFE (MISS H. 1 ayne, soprano), liavlng isken ap th"lr resld'noe in Niw 1 ork. are desirous or attaching themselves tithe choir of a chtu ch. Mr. was formerly principal l>asa of St. George's Catholic Cathedral, LonAoa and Westminster Abbey. Address iiai a (mm, maalo Mom, Broadway. Melodeon.-wantbd, a good second hand Melodeoa. Address bo* 7'M Por. ollice, sitting size, maker's name and price, which must be low. IltSTKlTTiOil. Accounts, ac., $ia? bookkeeping, writinr, ac. Mr. DoLBEaR. 60# Broadway, keeps the largest oummer rial institute in New York. Gentlemen cu have private par lors for $2&, snd be prepared for business in one to 'dtli. Public rooms $16. m A gentleman who <*w oive the best or reference*, wl?h*i to flTd a genteel family where he can U ch the Fnncti and Spanish languag?s a< aii eqiuvaleiii, fur his board. Addresa H. U. P., station 1). A T $2 (0? WRITING; BOOKKEEPING, $10; LESSONS J\ uniltn I ted.|W riling and At itbmatie, $10 per qiarter. 6i Bowery, N. Y., and 28S Fulton afreet, Brooklyn ?Col PAINE, the ?eH known teacher of writing, is one of the beat iostrio tora In the .-tale ? Newport Mercury. Academy op penmanship and bookkeeping, Mi.' Broadway? Com Inued by W 0. ROOOLAND, for many years with Oliver B. Oollsmltb No alssoe? Tho rottgn practical Inatntct ion, with earnest, careful attention. Open day and evening. Terms moderate. AT CM CEDAR fcTREET.-H. RTMAN ADTABCNS Of* liiamonds, Wa'cbes and Jewelry, or buys the >am? lor ca?h; opposite the Post oHlce N B ? My otiice will be closed nn 1 uesday mil Wednesday, and re-open on Thursday row i, log ClOTTAOB SCllOOL FOR SMALL CBILDBEN, PROM J two to ten rears of age, at $'J00 a year, near the city In a *ery healthful ni lghboth<?>d; number I noted to si* They will receive board and maternal car*, ami ? bri?ti?n solicitude for their comfort and improvement liiquirn at Allen's l!<?k Ki i.tna, "14 Boarry, tu rn 10 to It A. M FRVN' II AND OF.RMAN LANGUAGES.? PROFBSROR E. TKI.Lfc.KlNt;, Hill Broadway, corner of Twelfth ? treet icatabliahed 1H62), will reoelve new appHcatlona for private InF'iU'-tlon In the above and classical language, and ?MM IrMMrtNM of c.rrespondence, As TtJlfKiN -A CIVIL ENGINEER. A ORADl'ATK Of the Cnivarstity of Paris, Mvea private less-in* In French, Matbenatlee, Me. bar tea. Chemistry, Topography. Linear Drawing, Ac. Pupils prepared for Vi eet Point and Anu*p? lit Flrat clats rererenew. Address llarold, (box 123 Hetaid ? (Hoe. The hpanish lamh'aoe is tauoht, as hbrh tnfore, l>? t'll'KIANO titiRKiN, at Clinton 1U11, Ast ir Vlace, room No. 7. where applicants are reiueited to call, from 1 to2 or from 6', to t o'< loek P M. DAwewa acadimmirs. DODWOKTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES. Nrt. Ml# Broadway, New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. Wednesday* and Saturdays in New York. Mi'nd*y? and Thuradoya, Tuesdays and rrldays in Brooklyn, t'lrculaisof tei ma, Ar , May l> > had at either Academy. m Dl MAR, RAI.LKT MASTER OF THE TUJlATilRH X. Royal st Berlin and Hanover.? Dancing Academj, J81 Bowery. Least na$l p. r in mth, four rveulngx; and l nn ilaj* aud Ki l'tajs, $? Private lemons, !*J cents. Ladle af ternoon classes. PIIiLlARm, A NEW Nt fcBER OP Til K B'M.TARD OUR NOW A ready, with dlagrama of aiioiaaod all the billiard ne?j, to b?* bad nt I'll' lau'r r<K>m*. eorner of rnuth street and Broad way. Kent |r aiage tree lor a suusp ' PHLI.AN A COLLBN'DAK 87 Cn.?by slreet, N. T. a FIXE ASSORTMENT OP FKEN' H, LNOLISH AND J\ Ameiksn Bliilaid Tables, with I'belan'e Combination Cui>hli>t>s, Bow on bsnd, sad at tq-lcoe to ault ih? limea PH ELAN A OOLLKNitKK, A% fi, S7 and 19 Croaty atreM, N. T. ijII.LIARDS-PoR SA LB ? W. J. SHARP OFFERS D aaewftcokni sptensliA llllliard Tablet, with his n?wly Invented ciihlnna. { slented November iA 1WB, wkt-h 1s ad mitted to l>e snpeiior lo any now In nee Call at the M tnu fa ?ory, 14* lulton alreet. Alao, a few seoon'l band u.l.|e?. {[10R SALS? 1#0 tt01EWf)0S MARBLE BED Sir, 1 ltard Talilea, with I litarea, Apply a( 3B't Ninta Ill be ?<Jd sfceap^ W INANT ? PATENT CHAMPION BILL! VBOtAiILP^* ?T Tbe ei. elstar anrif g euahion. patented AlpM R KM Loety, eorioct ?i.d d. ral lK 'no any srifl A! ' thff* * v m ?m. Oftvi ?i>< fat. ry "i, 6t. . ' rtiret, N. Y, it HUBBY'S. 81' KING OOOM Mtt BOOM, AC. opening stt.oao woeth "k&bmbhoibbbibs, ribbons. vwwkjulwS: 7<B?, TRIMMIXOH, VlOHIEKY iND GLOVM. ?a to 36a Opening new styles In Collars and Bets. Opening fine Handkerchiefs, all stiles. joS WIOOLX4B?, ? ?i9S ^91 A1 J"NZBY'B, IN COLLARS, Its. to No. At ??rar s*-M,wc> At KINZBY'S) lot Knitiolnis,' 18c. to31a At K1NZBY S, lot Flouncing? STc. to Ma Spool Cottons, doses, 6c. Best spool Oottans. 3a Bast Ant, PaperTSc, _ Best Needles, paper Sc. Everything In fancy goods at cost Best Hooks and Byes, 3e. Pine twilled Tape, 10. Working Cotton, Je Skirt Braids, 2c., 4c. Velvet Buttons, 6c. Sewing Silks, 9c. per doaen. Portemonnale Bags, Perfumery, Fancy Soaps and Yankee Motions. KINZBY'S Hosiery Is cheap, 6a, Be. KINZBY'S Hosiery is t&eap, 10 i, 13a KINZEY'S Misses' JHose.fla, 8a, 10a KINZEY'S Gents' HalfHose, Sc., 6c , 8c. KINZEY'S Lisle dlores, Sc., So. KINZBY'S Lisle Gauntlet*, 13c., 10a KINZBY'S Lisle Gauntlets. 18a 100. to 36c. Hand! ? , MBW KIBBOkS FROM AUCTION. 16,000 yards Ribbons, from auction, 6a, 8a, 10a 13,000 yards Ribbons, from auction, 12a, I60 , 18a 10,000 yards Ribbons, from auction, 2Qo , 23a, 23c. STRAW BONNETS. Opening'' new Bonnets In Pedals, Duns tables, Pearls, Can tons, Coburgs, Mutons, Neapolitans, Tuscans, Spilt Straws and Mixed Braid, of every description. Straw Bonnets, 26*., 87c.,t0a,88a, 76a,88e ,$l. OPENING RICH FBBNCH FLOWERS Of erenr ^inscription and fiuality(gplendid lots') 6,000 pieces new Dress Trimming*, awful slaughter; 3,000 l*lrs undersleevea Do. W9 VEILS, NBW STYLES. SO.OOCdocen linen Edgings, 16a dozen. 1.Z6C fine linen heoutich worked Handkerchiefs, 60a GENTS' SHIRT BOSOMS, 6aTO 26a OPBNINO ON MONDAY, JOB LOTS FROM AUCTION BOOMS CHEAP. AUCTION GOODS AT WHOLESALE CHEAP. WM. KINZEY, 231 and 32S Eighth aveAua Between Twenty- flrnt and Twenty-seeonAatreeta ATP. COLE'S, 806 BROADWAY- LOT CHEAP SILKS A from suction, Linen Sheeting very cheap, Cotton Sheet In^ and^ Shirtings, Table Linen at very low prices, black Armstrong a butterly, 140 Sixth avenue, .... ? ... Near Eleventh street. W1U exhibit, on Monday, Several large lota Emeroidered Fkmnclngs Insertlngs, Bands, Edgings, Ac., Which will be sold at extremely Low prtoea 140 Sixth avenue. Bankrupt stock of dry goods. Great sale of the Bankrupt Stock from the assignees of the late firm of FRIEDHOFFA MEYER, No. 280 GB AND 8TRBET, corner of Eldrldge, Among which can be found a highly desirable stock or choioe new and seasonable goods, consisting of SILKS, SHAWUL CLOAKS. LINENS, HABERDASHERY, Ac., Aa, Ac, which must be closed out dally, until everything Is sold, and at prises within the reach of eveir one ana without regard to the original cost of the gooda Ladies should embrace this sp'enald opportunity and avail themselves of the GREAT BARGAINS now offered at __ No. 289 GRAND STREET, corner of Eldridge. jgAR GAINS IN EM BROIDERIES. Just received at LORD A TAYLOR'S, 461, 463, 466 and 467 BROADWAY, 790 PARIS EMBROIDERED SETS, trimmed with Valen ciennes, at $3, worth $7. 100 do. do. at $3 80, worth $8 80. BOO dot. FRENCH CAMBRIC EDKFS., embroidered and tucked, Wi cents each, worth f L 260 dot da da 78 cents, worth $1 36. Also, EMBROIDERIES AND LACES, Of the latest spring designs, in great variety. And at stores 316 to 261 GRAND STREET, 47 and 49 CATHARINE STBBBT. CARPETING* BRUSSELS, VELVET. TAPESTRY, THREE-PLY AND lNORAIN CARPBTINGS; FLOOR OILCLOTHB, MATTINGS, RUGS, AC., AC., For sale In quantities to suit purchasers, at Keduoed I'rtoes, by A. JOURNEAV, JR., ST3 Broadway. J^ECIDED BARGAINS IN ENGLISH MOURNING CRAPES. ARMSTRONG A BUTTELT, 140 Sixth avenue, Will offer, on Monday, 200 pieces beet English Crapes, At 6a per yard and upward. , o*.. 100 pw Mat more to Import. 140 Sixth avenue. . JjjpAMILY DRY GOOD& ARNOLD, CONSTAHLE A CO. ARB Now offering to their Retail Trade, At very LOW PRICES, their LARUE STOCK OK SPRING GOODS, Consisting, in part, of BARNSLEV, SCOTCH,~a^dIRXSH LINEN GOODS, of every description. BLANKETS, QUILTS, FLANNELS, LACB and MUSLIN CtRTAINS, DRAPERY MUSLINS, PLAID, STRIPED, and PLAIN JACONETS, SWISS and MULL MUSLINS, ORGANDIES and TARLETONS. Also, A full stock of COTTON SHEETINGS AND SHIRTINGS, All of the best maka Csnal street, eorner of Merost. H jjMNE PAPER HANGINGS. BOLOMON A HART, WJ Broadway, respectfully lafomi th'lr customers and the public generally tLst tbev w(!l take .rdi-r* this spring to PAPER AND DECORATE DWELLINGS at IB d?i cent leas than laat year's price*. Their Mock of PANEL DECORATIONS, ELEGANT VELVET AND OOLI) PAPER8, Leather and Gold and Fresco and Gild I'apera, CHINTZ AND PLAIN SATIN PAPBRtC Of Moresque and other patterns, Is unusually larpe thta leaann, and oontalns the choicest se lections from the stocks of the beat manufacturer*. QREAT BARGAINS ^ LACES AND EMBROIDERIES Before removing to our now atore on April 1, we will clow out all tbe stock we can at prices much leaa than can be found anywhere else. We would also return thank* for the very liberal pannage wt hare enjoyed for the laat eighteen >ean, and will en deavor to make 783 BROADWAY, one door from iTenth street, Just as pcpularaa the present number. RICHMOND, 687 Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. OK?*r, HOSIERY, HOSIERY. ARM STRONqT~ BPTTKRLF, 140 Sixth avenue, ? Will offer, on and after Monday, The kt? aiest Inducements ever offered ia LADIES' GENTS' AND MISSES' IIOKB, Just opened for the spring trade. 140 Sixth avenue. Near Eleventh street. j^ORD A TATLOB, 461 TO 467 BROADWAY, 288 TO 161 QRAND HTTIBBT, 47 AND 49 CATHARINE STREET, are tloelog tfeelr present Urge and elegant stock of Robes, at tho following VERT REDUOBB PRICES Earege Robes, $2, $2 00 snd 93 eaeh. Jaconet Robe v $2 SO and $3 each. Rich Organdie Robes, $4 and f3 AO eaeh. ALSO, RICH HiLK ROBKS, At, equally low p vires. Lace and mi slin bcrtainh At 2f> ner cent less than cost. 80L0MCN A H A RT, ytn Hroidway, Fating made isrge purcbas's shr-ad and from Importers' storks at lmmt n?e ium rnv*?, sre now offering at retail Handsome wlile M??lit?C< rtaini, at $4 par pair. Rlrh Lace Curtains, at 9<> per pair. Very ilch and heavy Lncr v urotins, at $10 per pair.. And a latge assortment of vkstibulb ClIRTAINS, I. a es and muslins At proportional .y -<?: ? rices. TTonry saved ismonry madr. J'l *19,000 worth or aood.s from auction, ALL OP WIIIOH WE AREjHBIjLINO AT PANtC PRICES 1,310 dox. Ladles' French Kid Gloves O.V. pair, usual price $1 (These w will warrant the best article In the city) 1.4? w yard" Real bal Kdge is , snd we'l worth 2s 4 (NO ds. Thread Oaontlrts 10 , l?e , 18c. yd 2Se.. worth double. I Inn doten it ueh I <>wels Ids. dosen, w orth $l. .MM) lose* Linen Nspklr.s M. and 10s. a dozen, great bargain. 0 d jon Llneti lldkfs. 7#o , II 2* and $1 *V very cheap. 1,1(0 doun Rubber Ronnd Combs dr., regular pries 9s. tlood Stionl t'olton le , fcpool Vrotehet Cotwm So. Pest Needles V i>aper, Kerpentlne Kraid le. piece. WO Pa' cf Silk Tl* s Is. 64. mirth 4s All the <\ Id' ha at Muflllr gs at low pi lees. In our taaey go< di dei nrtinent laolm can find everythlig. Trln mtngs, Iire?e Llnmgr, Ac., very reasoned". 1,0U) ooren New II sir NHs M*r, sthI P9o,, tisnsl price $|, RONALDfnN A MRABP.M, 77S llr.?d ? ?y. FI RING DR^SGOOI^ IN THE CTTT, ^ 1<*|>1'' a .BOO*. M ? DRY GOODS. AtC. |f|n SH.H1 OU BRING GOODS. ARNOLD, OONBTABLB A 00. Hat* now en exhibition their Spring stock of Grenadlnea, Organdiee, Prints, Glnghama, And Travelling Dreaa Gooda. Caual street, corner of MILLBB * GRANT, 708 BROADWAY. Will offer K*W GOODS, From aaetloa, at v?cy low prieee. "BW BETS. ? JIEW 00U4B8). IW HANDKERCHIEF*. MBW B1BBONS. NEW LACES. BBW YBIL8, KB W BARBB8. NBW OUWBI Jut opened end matted to will cheat) at ARMSTRONG AbCttHRLY'S, 140 Stxthaveniie, Beer Eleventh etreet. i LAIR AND CHBMB 8ILK8 ?00 piece* at 76c. Mid 8Be. Original price >1 15 and $1 lift A1XOLD, OOMBTABLB A CO,, Canal, cirnar of Moretretrot gl'EClAL ANNOUNCEMENT. EDWARD LAMBERT A CO., In liquidation. Will exhibit, on Monde y. March 25. a full line of LINEN SHEETINGS AND SHIRTJNflfL TABLE CLOTHS, DAMASKS, NAPKINS, DoTtlM. AC Together with a complete assortment of HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, At price* much below the aetual coat, E. L A CO., In liquidation, 447 Broadway, Between Orand and Howard raeeta. P 481 BROADWAY, O. M. BODINE'B, GRBAT 8 ALB OF RICH BILKS. RICH BILK ROBR8.AT $15. RICH CHENE 8ILK8, AT SI. RICH PLAID 8ILK6, AT 76 CBXT8. ALSO, FOULARD BILK8.IN CHINTZ COLORS, AT 60 CENTS PRR YARD, WORTH tl. 481 BROADWAY, , q n. BODIHB'B. 8BLLU,0RICH DRB8B OOOD^ BACWno*. m riBCEB WCH ?? yard, worth 25. 481 BBOADWAY, AT O. M. BODINE'B. GREAT SALE OF RICH DBY GOODS. SELLING OFF, AT A ORBAT SACRIFICE, Previous to re moral, MAY 1. 1861. OENIN. 1#1. SECOND SPRING OPENING, THURS SAY, March 28. SRTRRAL ENTIRELY NBW STYLES, For Misses', Boys' and Infants', In Hats, Oaps, Felt lists and Riding Hats. GENIN, 813 Bra Broadway. <kl A nnn WORTH OF DRY GOODS WANTED^ ^^^jUU^^o^rhic^ai^^Ue^eU^wil^ydven B ROBS A CO., No. 9 Nassau street. I A gcol stock must^be^oflered to relect from. MILLI5ERY, AC. A SECOND OPENINO. pN CONSEQUENCE OF THE inclemency of the weather, the aeognd opening of spring and summer Millinery will take place on Thursday next, March 28, at Mrs. WM. SIMMONS', ?7 Broadway. OBEATTT, 184 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN. . will open on Thursday, March K, an elegant assort* ment of spring and summ?r Bonnets. ?ICRS. WM. SIMMONS, 637 BROADWAY. NBW YORK, 1*1 Importer snd manufacturer of Milliner and Show Goods is now prepared with a full assortment of Spring MiUnery which will be sold at the lowest cash crioea. Pattern Bonnets always on hand. MRS. WM. SIMMONS, . 587 Broadway. MRS. DAVIDSON, 125 BLERCKBR STREET, RBSPECT fully announoes that she has JuBt opened. and haa now on exhibition a very rich and complete assortment of Paria Spring and Summer Millinery, of the latest modes, com prising every novelty of the season. 125 Bleeder street, west of Broadway. Madame ballings, sis canal btrkb?\ taker pleasure in announcing that she will hare her annual i opening of Spring Millinery on Thursday next, the 2Mb Inst. ^|LLE. B. BARNET, AT HEB NEW BHOWRtwSfe L OPEN HEB MILLINERS 7U BROADWAY,1 ON TnUR8DAY, MARCH 28 MESDAMES M4TII1LDE A CO.. SUCCESSORS TO B.J Lenz, No. 1 Brevoort place (Tenth stre?t), near Grace > church, will open their stock or French Spring Millinery on 1 Tuesday, 96th Inst 1 QPRING MILLINERY. ? MRS JAMBS McKBAOUB RB Otlspectfully inford^Ahe ladles of New York and vicinity that niie is prepared to JBtev a splendid assortment of Paris spring novelties In Millinery, H end dresses. Dress Capo, Zouave Jackets, Zouave Shirts, Ac : also the latest styles of Parte Dressmaking. An Inspection solicited. No. 3 Amity street. BORr Broadway. s I'RING PARIS FLOWERS, 1'BATIIF.RB AND RRIDAL SETS. Garnitures and veils. JAMES TUCKER, 759 Broadway. WANTED- A SET OF LADT'S FURS, BIT1IER FITCH, Mink or Sable: one half or three-quarter cape. Any one having such ran fl ad a cash customer by addressinci B , box 126 Herald ollioe. ?PORTING. ?\TACliT REBECCA FOR BALE.? SHE CAN BB BEB* J. at Qreenpolnt. ? CLOTHING. A GREAT DEMAND FOR LADIBS' AND GBNTLE men's cast off nothing for which I will pay moie than usual, on account of the jwnle. I guarantee to pajr the fol low lng prices FnamM to $35 for Silk Dresses, from $3 to $18 for Coats j_ from $1 60 to $6 for Pants; also, the highest priee paid foitFurnlture, Carpets, Jewelry, As. A note by poit punctually attended to by B., 1M Seventh avenue, be I ween Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. Ladiei attended to by Mrs. B. A LARGE ORDER FOR $8,00(1 CIST Off CLOTIIINQ? Wmled to purchase for Hon Pranelsoo, California.? Ladles and gentleman. If you wl*h lonta fair price for your Clothes, Carpets, Furniture ana Jewelry, the beat yon can do la to send a note to B. Mint*, No. 79 Mxtta avnue, where yoa may be convinced yon will be dealt with to your aatiafaetion ; ladles attended to by Air*. Mint/. Ho. 7# dutb avenue, be tween Eighth atreet and Waverley pi tee. A GREAT QUAHTITT OF CAST OFF CLOTHING, Furniture, Carpet*, Ae., wanted to anpply the We*t?rn market, I pay a* follows:? Fnm $10 to $16 tor (Ilk dreaaea: coat*, from M to $30; rant* from |2 to $6 Call er addr*** A. Ducaa, 218 Seventh avenue, will be punctually attended to. ladle* attended to by Mr*. D. CHEAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHINO, I, ADIEU AND gentlemen.? Wanted a lot of caat off Clotbir?, Furni ture, Carpet* and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay the beet prices In the city by rilling on, or aedrexalng, M. ABRAHAMS, 233 Seventh avenue, between (Twenty fifth and Twenty all tb street* Ladles Attended to by Mr*. A. ^ AOBEAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING -LADIES AND gentlem. n having any ea*t off Clothing. Kurultore, car pet* and Jewelry .will receive the highest price by calling on, or add rraelng. A. HARRIS, 168 Third avenue. Ladle* attend ed to by Mr*. Hani*. Ah rare chance.-ladieh and gentlemen, i have ju*t ree. Ived $5,utnto pur. haie cast off Clothing. Carpet*, Furniture, for the California market. I promt* u p*y the highest prl* for them, by calling en or *ddr***lncr M. Bill*. W Seventh avenue, near Seventeenth atreet. Ladles attended by Mr*. Kill* _ . CHANCE STILL ?LADIES AND QRICTLK A Ben, I have a great demand for east off Cloth leg, Fur niture, Caipets, Jewelry, for the Western market. I will pay the following prices ? For Rtk Dresses, f rom $H to $38; for Cost*, from $.1 to $18; fur rants, f*SM $1 to $d F lease, call on or addrras J. Anhalt, l.U Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty first street*. Punctually attended. Ladles attended to by Mr* Anhalt. A TTENTTON.? LAJDIKS AMD QENTLEMEM, IF TOV A want to get the full value for your oa*t off Clothing, Furniture, Caruet* and Jeweiry, U>e best yen eaa d* 1* fu send a note to F. HARRIS, IM Seventh avenue There y<y% nay be eonvlneed you will be dealt with te yoar satisfaction, for Bilk Lressss, from $T to $M; for Ooata, from $S o $1J; for llarit* and V*su, from Si upward*. Flsass don't forget, ltd Seventh avenue, near fweatj Bret street. Ladiee M lead ed u> by Mm Harrta. AL1ARCE OCANTITT OF CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted, to fill up order* from the West. First rate price* will be given, and cash paid In current money. Apply to JAMES MoKuNBV. 481 Pearl itreet, neit block to Chatham. LARGE ORDER J CRT RKCEIVTU) FROM THE WES tern S tate* for ca*t nft Clothing. Lad e? and gentlesMr having any i ttbe name to dlepoee of, also Furniture, fsr Bt* and Jewelry, ran *eeure a natter price than ever beitore railing or ailflrr- ?lng * note to II , *47 Sixth avenue, oorner of reemv "events atreet. Ladles attended by Mr*. H. AQ niWl "worth OF URNTLEMEN" NEW AND ?PO.V/Utl left off Clothing wanted for the Weit?n mar ket. Ihe highest e*?h priei ever paid can be ?ib*Aln"d In bank able m.ney for large or snail lot*, by calling at the stcra, or addressing Wm. Wa'sk, 41 Centre street. RAILROAD!!. wtLDSCN RIVRR RAILROAD.? FOR ALBANY AND jTl Tioy, connecting with trains North and West? Train* ir.rm ? TiAWSV-n* ?Tiunrr, mo* rntsrr rt**T ?revvr EJpro?", 7 ?nd 11 A. M., und 7 A 11:8# A. M.andJW, A * .Wand A IV M. j> M. Troy and Albany (with t'eep. 10:18 P. *. (Sunday* ise'tt. ingrar*). C tftp. M. ded) Po ighheei Kie 'tain, 7:30 A. 8 A. 11:30 and 4 30 P. M. M.TTJ if nmt IP. K. Peek skill train, AJD P. ?. 6 M P. M. Riig King train, .'..15 and 4 .10 4 and 1:43 P. M. Tarry i len ? rein, 6 40 P. M. 7:1? P. M, A F. MMITlf, Bnperlrtesdeat. X KW \0*K. IIARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD - I Km a hany srd Tr.->y, emiDeeitng with 'he New Tork j 1 Ventral Ral'inad tor all MipWMk Nortfcweat and South ?re*t; also with the Northern Railroad for Saratoga, RuUr ' BuiHvgioe, Plattebun, ktouse'a Potnt. Ogden**urra?it ,, real - I raoa xavd-t now, uti cmr ?*o* tw*.?tv-*!it* rt mu, nation. ! Kiprvas train, 7 A. M. tr.d 7 30 A. M. *nd 4 46 P. M. 4 *0 r M. _ 10 85A.M. v*. , I'.r Wll *io?bi;.lgr White Plain*. CroKin Falls ar ' lneailr?:n* ?e? i.m lat.le. 7 nnl??k A. M. e? freer . e* .e?A. ii y everv Hinday marnlrg I ilK BCRC'uILL, AssUjm.. Puperiiil-'ti^