Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1861 Page 7
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(pan BRITISH AMD NORTH AMEBIC AM BO TAX KAIL STB A Mb H 1 Pi. *?0? *SW T OK* TO LirsarOOL. ft r*>JM BOOTUH TO LlTKftTOOL. ?HBHfefcv :::?$ Ih- 5*** frUB* N,W *ork c*1' < or'c ?.Ii? !*4Pf'ro" Boaton call at Halifax ud Om Harbor. TBMIA, 0*ft. JBdkina. I AFRICA, Capt. Shannon. - ?ffAllA. C*Di- J. Stone. I CANADA. Capt. Lan? Cff* B O. LoU. AMERICA. Capt. MooAia. AUSTRALASIAN. NIAGARA. OapC Anderron. MIAOARA, bo rota, uo<v building' Throe veswisearry a dear whit* tight at ma*thead; green *91224?4'1 kow' on bow. A LIST ALAS LAN, HosBiey, . _ ? Mm M. Turk, Wednesday. March IS MAQARA, Moodia, " Boston, WetoMi y, March 10 , ARABIA. Stone, ? N. York, Wedaeadsy, Mareh V . CAh ADA, Anderson, " Boston, Wednesday, April 8 ? ? AJTBIOA, Shannon, ? IT Yait, Wadr oad ?y, April 10 ? JUROPA, Cook, ?? Boston. Wednesday, April 17 Ki I'RRMIA, Judklus, " N. York, Wednesday, April U C Bartlia sot secured till paid for. IT An eaaertenced sai-gooa on bnard. L The owturs of thes> ships will n?t be accountable for fold, E?kiiver. hullua. specie, jewelry, \.iec?oiis stones or me tali, an- , lroa bflU of lading an signed thsrefor, and the lvalue Hereof thereto sapreeseC For ireighi or passage apuly to ? CUNAED, No. 4 ttoimng Qreen. QTFAM WBEKLY BBTWBBM NEW TOBK AMD LI D veriwl? Landing and embarking passenger* at Queeos t.iwn, Ireland i ha Liverpool. Maw York and Philadelphia SteaafcAlp Company Intend despatching their full powered Clyde built irru steainehlps as follows ; ? VIOO, Saturday, Marcn SO; 0IT1 OF BALTIMORE, Saturday, April S; BaMOABOO. Saturday. April 13, Bad every Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North river. _ _ RATES OP PASSaGM. First Cabin. $7? | Steerage. $80 Do. to London 801 Dol To London 33 Steerage Return Tickets, good for all months 80 I'saseuseis forwarded to Pails, Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac , at reduced through fares. Persona wishing to bring out their f i lends can buy Uekets here at the following rates To New York from Liverpool or 4ueeniMnvn, First Cabin, $75, $86 and $108; Steerage from I tvmpooL $40; from Qaecnstown, $30. nwMuuis have superior accommodations for psasen ?era, and carry experienced surgeons. They are built In wa tor tight Iron seotlons, and have patent ire annlhllator* on For further information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM I* MAN, J gent, M Water street; In Glasgow to WM. INMaN, M? J?j*- A?"6* "qnarc; In Queenstown to C. 4 W. D. SKY MOOB * CO. ; la London to MIYKS A MACBY, 81 King William street ; In Paris to JULKS DBCODB, No 8 Place de U Bourse; in Philadelphia to JOHN O. DALE, 109 Wal nut street, or at the oompany's ofilces. JOHN O. DaLB, Agent, 18 Broadway N. T. QTEAMER OF APRIL BIXTH FOB SOUTH AM TON fj AND HAVRE. CARRTTNO THB UNITED STATES MAILS. TBS STEAMSHIP ILLINOIS, Oapt. P. E.TBBBT, will Mil from pier Mow S North river, New Tork, at nxra, Sat a -day, April 6, with mails, passenger* and specie for England And France. TO SOUTHAMPTON. TO HAVRE. First cabin $78 First cabin 1 third cabin 30 Third cabin. 38 This steamship baa been supplied with powerful new boil ers, and has been refitted In the most thorough manner. Wrought Iron bulkheads absolutely watertight and fireproof, enclose n?r engines and boilers, and fbr safety, comfort ana Si>eed she ranks In the ttrst class of ooaan steamers, Har Mtt trip from New York will be on May 1& D. TORRANCE, Agent, Mo 6 Bowling Green, New fork. Bight draft* on London. Paris and Frankfort. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVBB. ON SATURDAY, MARCH SO, THE UNITBD STATES MAIL STEAMER ARAUO, D. Lines. Commander, Will sail from pier No 37 North river, foot of Beach atreet, on Saturday, March 90, at noon. This steamship (unsurpassed for safety and oomfort) has double engines under deck, enclosed hy water tight oompart menta, which, besidea other results, tend, la the event or col lision or stranding, to keep the pumps free to work, and In Sure the safety of vessel and pasiengera. For freight or passage appfjMo ^ OBO. MACKBNKt'E, Agents, No. 7 Broadway. The steamer F ULTON wUl sail AprH ?7. TEAM FROM NEW TORK TO IRELAND, ENGLAND J and Scotland via Galway, for $30. . The Atlantic Boyal Mall steam Navigation Company will despatoh their One ateamshlp PRINCE ALBBBT as above, touching at St Johns, N. F., to land passengers and s On TUB4DAT. March 28. RATB8 OF PASSAOB. In flrat eabln to Oalway or Liverpool ,....$78 In first calil* to St. Johns, N. F 33 In third cabin to Oalway, Liverpool, Glasgow or any point In Ireland on a railway 30 In third esbin to St Johns, N. F 18 Norton.? Pessons wishing to bring out their friend* from the old oountry can obtain Return Tickets at VBBT LOW PBICBS. For further Information as to freight or paaaage apply to HOWLAND A ASPINWaLL, Agents, 84 and 38 South street. TEAM-NEW TOBK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. The TanfarbSt European line steamships will sail between ?tow Terfc. Southampton and Havre, CARBY1NO THB UNITED STATES MAIL. ? From New York for Southampton and Havre. ILLINOIS, Terry. ...Saturday, April 8 TANDERBILT, Lefevro, " May 4 ILLINOIS, Terry. . . . " M?X 1? FANDEBBILT, Lefevro, " June 18 Returning from Ha vre and Southamp Wednesday, April >4 May U " June 8 July ? These ships have watertight compartmen's. Certificates of pcseage Issued from Euro|>e to America. Speoto delivered in Condon or I'&ris. XMTOKBANOE, Af ent. No 6 Bowling Green, New York* Sight drafts on London, Paris and Frankfort. QTBAM TO HAMBURG, HAVBB, LONDON AND (j Southampton ?The Hamburg American Paoket Com pany'* steamship TEUTONIA, H. Ilatlbe, oommander. WlM leave en Monday, Anril 1, at 13 o'clock M. , for Hamburg via Southampton, taking passeagars for Havre, London, BmtthftimHon and Hamburg. First oaStsTr.... $100 I Seoond cabin . $90 1 Steerage $88 C. B. RICHARDS A SGArt, 181 Broadway. The steamahlp BORUSSIa will soooeed the Teutonla April 18. * LIVERPOOL-OLD BUOK STAR LINB.? THH ^Eecket ship CONSTITUTION sails Anrll 1 Pa?aage from ^HSdand Drafts on the Boyal Bank oflreUnd, Ac., OMb* obtained on A QUION, 40 Fulton street MIN ADAMS Oapt. CAm. PoMtlvely ulU M above. For ???'? >? ?' HM" 3, ?~J TpOB LTVEBPOOL? THE SUPERIOR CLIPPER SHIP 1? WBBSrER, Captain I*wrenoe, positively Mil* to mor ?i>w. A few m?re tccoud and third olais passengers can be accommodated. For paessgn, at lowest rate*, spol v on board, or to E. COLLINS A CO., at the office, on pier No. 5 North lver. Vi LIVE h POOL. ? U kKaDVO CO HT -1.1 (fE TUB celebrated clipper ship VIO I OKY will p^i'.lvol/ (ail 23th of Maicli The stups of thU line are noted for their extraor c'lnarv ?need. For passage, lowest rates, apply on board, pier J<o. 6 North river, ortoPTll. DKM AitKST, 40 South street. PA84AUE FROM OR TO LIVERPOOL, HT THE BLACK Hall line of Packets ?The UOLU Mai A sails on the 9th Of Apnl; the ORBAT WESTERN oa the 16th. For passage apply on board, Pier S Bast river, or to JACOB WILSON, 108 South street. "DOTAL MAIL STEAMSHIP ARABIA, FOB IJVER JTV pool. ?J The ARABIA, James Stone, commander, will sail from the stream on Wedaesoay ucit, 27th inatant. A steam boat will ply between the company's wharf, at Jersey city, and til* Arabia, from 7:45 to H:I8 A. M.,to convey invM<iri a o-1 baggage en board. The AFRICA will sail liith April. E. Cl'NAltO, No. 4 Bowling Green. 3'APHCOTTS LINE OF LIVERPOOL AND LONDON . Packets.? Passage from Or to Liverpool or Loudm can ways be engaged by this well kn nrn line, sailing wsekly, a> the very lowest rates, and drafts issued aa usual for any amount, payable on demand In any part of Ureal Britain or Ireland, can be obtained by applying to or addressing TAP BCOTf k CO., M Sonih street. Haw York. rl OALWAT, VIA ST. JOHNS. The steamer PRINCE ALBERT, James Walker, Corn mender, will sail from pier foot of Canal street, on Tuesday, 86th Inst., at II A. M. precisely. Passengers will please be on board by 10 o'clock _______ HOLLAND A aSI'INWaLL. Em CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. A Brs: claaa steamer win leave New Tork ea the 1st, aa+tlst of each month, except when tbeee datee fall oa lap, when Ike day of departure will be the Monday fol lowing. ? For freight or vaaeage apply at the only o Mo*. No. 177 Weel ?ireot, eorner of Warren. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. A CSTRALIA COMMBRCIAI. LINE.? FOB MEL bourne direct.? The superior A1 fast sailing ship tRA, Simpson, master, loadlag at pier 12 Bast river, - - *-? ? >. u.ik...._. ITBBA, Slmpeon, master, loading at pur m oast nver " sniim in Melbourne, Wilkinson Brothers k Co. H TO BAIL OH MONDAT, APRIL 1. at IS o'clock. The at rum thin BUUItlLLS, , Is now receiving VrslghVe3 wftl mil aa 'above from pier (got of Mum* street, Nortk river. J CO., 68 Murray it 111. y?Q^jV^R^5^KW^hnSS^^nand^^lineav!| Jk CO . M South street Binia BlBOoTOM, JAMAICA. _ _ ?P Jamaica and New York Hoiew Steam Packet Line, ear the mall. To sail for Kingston. Jamaica, on the JlMh of ^Vmoetk. The mall steams bin CLMAfoK, v apt. William t b XTOTICE to BHIFPERS -OOOIWI DBSTINBD FOB PI Tennessee, Ken tacky, and other Woetern and Sooth western eutes, are forwarded to their destination without detenilouand without payment of dntr If dipped by the WewWork and Virginia ftteamrhlp IJne, pier l*Norih river, VOrVaVANNAH AND OTHER POINTS, At BBLUW ~ r The trst elaee steamship FLOIilDA, Oast Isaac Crowell. will Isiave on Saturday. March 30. at 4 r. M , from rier No M, berth afclver. Through tickets oaq be had fef the following places: ? New Orleans,, WW M"blle, SU; Montgomery, 15; Columbus, $11; Albany, 22; Atlanta, 21; Bofauia, *'?; Chattanooga, *M Nashrjjle, 78. Kno*. T?le $MM<; Memphis, gtlTK; Augnsta, #17 80; Ifsaon, $?; devannsh, $18. For freight o, passage apply at 1.1 Hroadway. haMl EL L. MITBhiuL A BON. new York. ( ArimLM JOHN B. WILDER A IHULIB, flbvannah, ! A*mU' The ALABAMA, ( apt (too. R Subanek, will sueseel au? leave on Saturday, April lq SORT* CAROLINA-WRRKLT. The new and first class eteamehtp NORTH CAROLINA t. Wm. PowriL wlU leave pier U North river, for #lt tnlngton, R. C., on Aatimlev. March n, at .1 P. M , connecting vith Wilmington and Weldon ?nd Wllmlniton and Msnohet lor RsOnwle. Ooods forwarded to all parts of North and South Carolina free of commission. Freight eight cents per f oet and proportionate rite*. Insurance one half pee e??t. Apply to U H CROMWELL A CO.. IW West street an i Hi Rradway. The PA*IB*BU*f *1" IMNN and le?re on tat ir Uy, Marjb 30. \ raAirn&L. A DOOST BELMONT A 00., BANKBB8. MO. SO WALL A street. Mew Torts, Issue Letter* of credit to traveller*, aval able in all ptrtJ of Bnmpe, through the Me*?u ? Koine child of Piita, London, Frankfort, V1 Nap'.ea and tueir CHEMICAL BANK.-NBW YOB I, MARCH 18, 1881 - Election.? The stockholder* of tAi* bank are hereto notified that the annual election for director*. and for lu*pe? ' ? i at the neat rnsuing election,- will be held at lite baukiui ? on Monday, the Aral day of April neit, bttWMn lbs of IK and & o'clock P. M. By order of tke BoaWL O Q. WILLIAMS. Cashier. CHEMICAL BANK, NBW YORK, MABCH 31. 1801. 'Ihirty seventh Dividend.? The President uid Directors of this buk have daelared a quarterly Dividend of six per cent, payable to Mookkoldnra on and after Monday, the lit day of April ne*u By order of t be Board ,J G. G. WILLI AMP, Cashier. rtlTT RAILROAD BONOS FOB 8AJLE.-tli.uOO fBBINO U total issue) aeven per oent bonds, seoured by ttr*t and only mortgage, oa Graad atraet (Williaaaburg) uud Newtown Horee Railroad , payable 186A for tale by JOHN B. MURRAY, 254 Canatatrret, near Broadway. _ CBICAGO. ALTON AND t>T LOUIS RAILROAD COM pany.? intereet on Receiver'* loan to December 31. I860, *111 l>e paid to aubasrtben on and after April I, at our oflloe, 39 CUB street, New York JaMBS BOBB, f CHAR LRU OONGDON, i K(Sy>lT8rl XTBW YORK, MARCH M, 1801. ? NBTIC B? THE BOSS 1\ U1U Having* Bank, la the city of New York, will pay to the Treasurer and Board of Truateee of the City at New York Bricklayer*' Benevolent Protective Union the *um of All*). By order of the Union. WM. HOLT, Pr Calient. Taos. Thommom, Ree. Secretary. Third avknub savings bank, Corner of Third av?n*e and Twenty- fifth atreet, CHARTERED ISM. Six per rent interval allowed en all depoelu from oue to one thousand dollar*. ALL DEPOSITS MADB ON OB BBFORE 10TH APRIL WILL DBaW IBTBRBST FROM APRIL 1. Bank open daily from IB te 3: also on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening* from * to 8 o'clock SPENCER K. GREEN, President. B. B Ohilm, Secretary. LOAM OFFICIOS. A T 11 0HAMBER8 STREET. ?HONEY TO LOAN TO any amount oa D'amenda. Watch ea, Jewelry, Ao , by the wall known and old eetabllahed ISAACS, broker and commission merchant, U Chamber* street. K. B.? No busi nree Ira^aae'ed on laWriay. H ANOYANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHEsT] ? Jewelry and Silver Ware, or bought for eaah at the high- I eat price*. Old Gold and Silver bought. Apply at the old established oOicee of la JACOBS, <7 William street; branch 407 Broadway. T 800 BROADWAY, CORNER OP PBINOE STREET, I ? room Mo. 6, up eUire? Money advanced, from $1 to AanHMHi 180,000, on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Dry Goeda stnrTI and every kind of merchandise. All traaaaetlona will bo ooi BA0MU AJtTKN A CO. ? PAWNBROKER'S tt'SShwi ,rar?ssr. sccssfssi.^. ? jewelry, revolver^ Ac^ J^jON, 306 Broadway, room No. 9. MISCEXLAMKOUS. A LADY'S RETICULE, RETAILED i M A everywhere for \ ^ 00 Vt 1 ' h 12 large spools h'ack or colored J twist, retailed everywhere for S "" .$1 80 Together %3 SO ALL NOW FOR S3 ONLT, with inducement of obtaining a $30 Sewing Machine Oflloe 19 i Broadway, UP STAIRS, head for circular, box 2,841 Post oflice, N. Y. BUTTER. -800 PACKAGES STRICTLY CHOIOB, SUIT able for family uae, for *ale by HARRY BURRELL A OO . 04 Pearl and 88 Water streets. Divorces legally obtained in another Slate without publicity. Incompatibility of temper anl one day's residence in the state only required All cues gua ranteed. Advioe gratia. Apply to 0. H. BACON, Counsellor at Law, No. 6 Pine street, room II. Kindling wood, 20 cents, 10 ok more boxes. Pine ind Oak, by the load, at $2 36. At the Yard root cf East Twenty-third street Address C. OoMlna. Leaky roops cured.? kllerys patent rub ber Paint, one oent sM oot, warranted. 6M Grand street, 37 Park row, 16S Bowery, 43 Eighth avenue, 02 East four teenth street. Korty alxth street Broadway, and 008 Sixth avenue. Rights and faint for sale. Marble mantels-great bargians in man. tela? A large stock on band, and a great reduction la prices for any kind ordered this month Call soon at A. KLAUER'S marble yard. 113 EAst Eighteenth street, west of Third avenue. Mantels pot up in any place la the oounlry. Pumps.? new and second hand worth ino tona. Guild A Garrison's, and Foster A Holmes' steam Pumps; Dodge's, Jeffries', and Blivena' banl Pump*, for sa> very law by WM. D. ANDREWS A BRO., 414 Water street. R oyaiahavana lottery. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF MABCH 16, 1881. Ho. Prize. fl0...?'lXl)| 70 40k 83 400 346 400 687 400 724 400 968 400 904 400 10fi6 400 1 1201 400 1206.... 40U, 15H4 44J0 I'M 000 W74. ?. .000 1602. T. .400 1738 400 1778 400 1800 401 1885. .. .-.600 1906 400 1980. . . .1000 3240 400 2334 500 3394.... 1000 2636 400 2H09 400 2990... 600 3080 400 3219 400 3418 400 3444 400 S6&2. . . .1010 3896 460 3696. ...10W) 3709 400 3094 4001 4023.... 400] 4063. ...MM 44M 4Ull 4494 400| 4499!;; '.'400 4M6 .80000 4691 6U) 4846 4C0 80S 6 6U)| \Mi 600 1 6017 400 0611. ...ltU) 8661 400 3949.. ...500 6112....1U00 6124 ,...40> 6140. -fiSO &361 000 JVn. Piize 6376. ...?4?U{ 6386. ...100b 6401 f4?u 6409 60 6479.... 1001 64fe? 400 8693 40O 6t'<SS 400 6097 500 OK* 400 6871 40J 400 6910..... 400 7079 400 7230 4011 7284 400 7375 400, 7784 8001 7866 400 7VRI BOOl 8206. . . . 1 1 mo 8360... 400l 8619 60U 8089 600 861S 600 8681 400 8700 441) |9241 000 9308 40O 9334 0U0I 9M7 80O 9696 400 10318 ..400 U442..1000< 10802 .MM 108W...1000 11004... 400 11197... 4<? 11311. ...400 11262... .400 11404 ...4<n I1M9 .. 800 11003... I'MO 11713... 1U0II 11923... 4U 1 11930 . H**> 11987.... 4U) i-01-4 ?*? 12151 . .10001 12513, .10000 12684. ...400 12709. . ,100u 1286?.. ..WW No. Prist I 13030. ..B4U> 133S8. . . .410 18,391.... 400^ 13700. . .10W 13833. ...400 13951. . . .600 14262 ...lOOOl 1428S. . . .000 14306. 1000 14313. . . .400 14671.... 400 147.'13.... lOOi 14819.... 400 14443. . . .400 14928... 400 149S8....400 14977. . 400 150B2 ...400 10061.... 400 10003. 800 15343. . . .400 I54U. . . .800 15493 .1000 1550V. . . .400 18079. . .WOO 15001. . . ,40o 15663... MJ0OI 15777... 000 10877... 4UI| 16*911 .1000 l6K*rt 400 10753. .. .400' 11.790. . ..40W 16792 .400 I6H99 . 4001 ltM?)....4U) 16919. . . .400 17102 ..400 17173 ...500 171H7...4U) 17239.. ..000| 17289 ..WOO 17:?7....500 17429 . .100 17433. .. .0001 Ii024....40t' 18283.;. JOU 18558 400 18001, . . .400 18087 40C 18013,... 400 19035.. ..8tC! 19180... J00 ,V- 1 . PrizsM im<8 . ?4oJ 10391.... 800l 19492. . . .S0l 19647. . . .4001 19712... 401' I mm ? ? 4jo1 19797.... 400 1 119844... WOO I 2P2J2. . . .400 1 20319. .. .50ol IJ0347 Mlol 20386 .10u0 1 2US00. . . 400| 3T005. . . .40o| 30780, . . .400 1 20800.... ?00 I KW18....000| 31077 4001 ?139 000 1 mm... 4oo| 2UOS....400I 31024.... OOP I 31540. . . .400 121007... 1000 21619 100000 31080 ... 400 1 121733.... 400 31701 300WI 121760... 1000 22120. . ? . 44k> 22177.... 400 2223). . . .400 22233... WOO I 22376 . . OOul 24475 ...OOul mn...woo| 22086. . .400 122660. . . .0801 122686. ??? Li7t2_^H >2930 ...4001 19244.... 000 JKNiO. ..WOO1 22n79....4l)0i 21037. . . .400| W*. Priv. 24001. $400 24071... 100 389(0.. .500 44381. .1000 400 24496. . . .HI) 24714.. ..800 34630.. .460 24863.. .400 24944.... 400 25014 .1000 33081.... 400 23031. .400 20258. . . .40) 15514... .400 ~ 5.. 400 17.... 400 20052 900 26729... 1000 318 W. . . .400 30600.. ..400 26040 ...000 86061 ...400 28076.. ..401) 20226 . . .40) 26390. .1000 86442... 400 26601 . . .4W 26640 . . .40) 26666 ...000 26798.... 800 .1000 27096 . . 400 2/5X1 BO) 27561 . . .400 '27616 . .1000 37048. .1000 27789 . . .400 27-J27....400 38M7.. .001) 28269... IOOO 38379 ...600 28570 .. 400 28621... WOO 3^834... 400 2:1056. .. WOO 28652. .30) 2:wi8 .. .OOIM2S7J9 .1000 231 50. ... 40)1 28810. 100. 23174 ...800 23491.... 600 23*)l ,.1000| 23843.. . .40, 24007 r.::!S) Xn. P, If. ?21647 .. 21618 ... 000 2I60D . OUOl approximation prizes. Nik Prizr 4044... $400 4046 4001 4&I7 400 Nit. I'rxzr. I N'K Prizr , 10800. . $40) 21749. ..?40D l080t....4or)!2l7W . .400 KI803. . . .4Kl|3170i 400j 29225. .7? 29620 . .1000 1)696. . . .400 29714 .1000 2990d ...800 No. Priv. 12541. .*400 12512... 40) 12&44 ...4lM 31661... 000 4548 400 11M>? 400i2175:?. . . .40) 12.'>I5. ...4iW CHASE A CO., BANK Kits, Mo. 33 William at:eel, N. T. Tea t, anocKRiE.s and provisions. THE CHEAPEST STORE IN THE WOULD Twenty Ave per cent saved. The greatest bargains ever offered. SMkVwO worth of Urocerlea, Wine#, Teas, Flour and Provisions sre now being sold at auction prloes. Thessare facts to ? hlch thousands can testl'y. Give me a call and you also will 1* eatlafled that this la the place to bur Teas, Klour >95. 96, 96 501. Groceries and Provisions. Consult your own Interests, and bu, your ?*ds Torn^^ r No. 200 Oreenwlch stueet and 89 Murray street, New \orlt. Good* delivered free la the city. TW1B NEW TORE DTEINO AND PRINTING E3TAB I llfhmenL WOI'.KS ON STATES ISLAND. No. 08 Buane street (late ?fl John street). Branch offloes, 72U Broadway and 136 l'krrepont street. Brooklyn. THHE UKKAT BBQL1HH RKMEDT FOR OOPT AND ? Rheamatism.? All suffer 'in from the ^sve complaints either of rurent or long standing, are adrledVTo nee Blair's tkrat and Rheumatic Pills. They can be raited upon a* the most safe and effectual remedy e??r offered the pabUe, and bare been unlvenaily need la Europe for ataay years for the above eomplalnta. Prise 36 and 7>oenta par boa. Prepared by Proa I A Harsant, London, England, aad gold by their agent, Mtltoa Harsant, Ttft/ third street and Broadway, and by P. 0. Walls A Oo., II* Franklin street, * T. MerMnJea ty's Commissioner's hare authorised the name aart address c t Thomas Prout, t?, I^ndon, to be lmpreeeed upon Ue govern meat stamp* aflUsd to eaeh box of the genuine m EU N KiCm).? JOHN UATTBAOH, TRUNK MAMUFArf 1 turer aad Importer, 86 Broadway, oorner of Wall street, and 710 Broadway, near Kourth itnst Sola leather Trunks, Dress Trunks Ae . for American and European travelling, Farts Blade Travelling and Shopping Bags for ladies and jett W ?ANTED -ANV PERSON HATING A FIRST BATE W heeler A WIWn sdllng machine lo dlspoee of will | And a rea eaab pun baser at 8th av wati hkii mjEvmar BEAT il ABU A IN ri G BOTJD GOLD JEWELBT. The subscriber having purchased the stock of the assign 8* of a manufacturing jeweller, he Is now selling Solid Gold Jewelrv at miu-h lees price* than ever before offered i? Solid Gold Studs 92 a sett? usual price >3 8) Solid Gold Sleeve Buttons ft .10 a sett? usual price 14 6) Solid Gold Scarf Pln? 92 rach ? usual price 93 5 1 Solid Gold Curb Guard Chain* ....SB each? n.ual price (13 Q) Solid Gold Adelaide Guard Chains 9U each- usual price 930 IX) Solid Gold Chatelaine chains and Pins. 910 each?usual price 9190) Solid Gold Front Bracelet each? usual price 99 <> ? Gentlemen's Uold Vest chains ... M0 each? usual price) fcolid (.'old Loct< ts, two glaenes t& each? nsual price av in Solid Gold Necklsres for children |l esch? usual prloe $3 3) and other kinds at equally low rrlcta, UEO. C. ALLEN, <1S Broadway. HOTKIig. TITHITNET BOUSE? NEW AND ELBGANT MARBLE TT building, Broadway, eorner of Twelfth stre-t, on the European plan. Meals scired in private roi.m without extra charge. H. M. BEMnEiT, Proprietor. DKNTl^TRtl ? ? ? Str^JMQ POB MWAtll I I flWBM** OR A PLATED * JWWON DBHTTTT. itto west TwwtT "^^sroadim JJJ Jgjgj A MTU SB line NTS. w ALLACK'S THEATRE MRS. e; MONDAY, MA On which oceaetnn will presen ted. HWITIVIiLV LAST TIME AT THIS THEATRE, Goldsmith's superb o >mrdv la 6 acU. called she stoop* CONQUER; With the follow In* great CM: Ma, Blake...... aa Mr. Hanlcaetle Mr Lester Wallack aa Young Martew Mr. Waleat ..aa Ton; Lumpkin Mr. Eiyirta, a* HuU?fi Mr. Moere M Sir Chaa. MarUv Mr. Young aa IMggorr Mr. Parka aa The Landlord Mr. Parslce. a a Jeremy Mr. Bator aa , Eater Mr Oliver ..aa Thocaia Mr. Cob urn as R?U>h Mrs. Vernon aa '.Mrs. Hardcaetle Mrs. Hoey ... Miss Hardsaatle Mrs Sloan '... as Mlaa Neville MlaaTree as duaaa TUESDAY, Bscond and last time here. The Bne consedy of MONET, with lta unrivalled cast. ON WEDNESDAY, MR. WALLACE haa the honor to announce to the friends of hla theatre anil the public In general that a * NEW COMEDY, CAL1.KD RENRIITTE, will be produced, translated from the French and adapted to the American stage by a GENTLEMAN OF TUM CITY. It will be presented with New asenary, dresaea and appolntmenta, and present a full and POWERFUL CA?T. Doore open at quarter past 7. Commence at 8. American concert hall, 444 Ml BROADWAY. 444 444 BROADWAT 444 444 BROADWAY THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE WORLD THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE WORLD Dtatanclng the Largest theatres In the production of ggVBLTIBS . . tLTIEft. Performance mores along aa If by magla. The name of 444 ere ry one knowa. The name of 444 la admiration. The nam* of 444 la unequalled. The name of 444 will go dowa to posterity. The name of 444 la honored by the whole natton. The name of 444 la known . Bast West. Norfh South, * Europe, and the whole world. 444 Absorbs all the Mat talent in the country. 444 Piji the highest iaUiie? of tijj P1*0* luai la tht 444 Haa no aeoond or third hand arista engtged. 444 la universally spoken of as the best eutertainment la 14a world. 444 Gives a continual entertainment, wlthpnt latarmlaaiatt, far four hours and a han. First week of the celebrated OBRIN FA MILT, OKRIN FAMILY, ORBI.V FAMILY, orrin family, ORkIN FAMILY, ORRIN FAMIL1, IN THEIR CLASSICAL OltOU PINOS. Haiing le turned irom Cuba, after fulfilling a most saccesaf al engagement, which haa won far them ili; title ef bet ag the greatest maalera of their art In the world. BILLY O'NEIL, BILLY O'NEIL, BELLY O'NEIL, BILLY O'NEIL, BILLY O'NEIL BILLY O'NEIL, THE GREAT IRISH COMEDIAN. In a variety of original Jokes, Ac., THE IRISH SCHOOLMASTER, 4NU PADDY'S WEDDING, CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE CHARLEY WHITE, The only true representative of the darker raoe (tiring). CLARA HARRINGlON, clara Harrington, CLARA HARRINGTON, THE QUEEN OP SONG. THE QUEEN OK SONG FOBTY OTHER PEEKORMERS. FORTY OTHER PERFORMERS. FORTY OTHER PREFORM EES. Fonolag a combination of talent that CANNOT BE EQUALLED IN THE WORLD. admission: Parquet 20_q?s t f.J_GaUerjr . ? . . .10 eenta. 30 Ofsts. tialleiy 10 seats ROBERT W. SUTLER, Proprietor. Mons LA THORNE, Stage Maaiager. WILL SHORTLY CLOSE. EXHIBITION OF PAGE'S "VENUS." MS Broadway. Admittance 15 eenta. Theatre franoaib, ess broadwat.? lundi, ss Mars, U01.? Retour de la Compagnlo Franvalse. L'HONNEUR BT L'ARGENT, cumedie eu clmiactes. *me et 6me acte dea CANOTIEB PR LE SBlNE. Hitchoock 8 NATIONAL CONCERT HALL, MS new Canal street. HITCHCOCK'8 NATIONAL CONCERT HALL, The oldest established Concert Koom la this city. THltt EVENING an immense array of Uleut. Mr. W. 11. CAVANNAOH, The great Irish Comic Yoc tllat, this evening. THE IRlfell GRAY M \RE THE IRISH GRAY MARE. Mr. Cavannagh will personate aeveral of his Inimitable iK lb 11 huNGi IN CHAftvCT&R. IRISH BONGS IN CHARACTER. Mr. R. W. SMITH, the favorite Negro Delineator. MISS ANNIE LEE la engaged, and will appear this event?. a in new songs THE HEbf EMERTA1NMEM IN THE CITY. Admission ten rents. NEW YORKER 8TADT THEATRE, ST-? BOWERT. Hilrd night of E1ESBLACK UND HEINE MOHTE VOM BALLET, New Comedy, with Songs and Dances, By A. Welrauch. A1 RCH STREET THEATRE ? SEALED PRorOSALS . will be received up t? the 2d <"ay of April uext for leas ing the Arch fctrret Theatre for one year from the 1st of Sep ten bar next. All proposal s or communications to ha address ed to P. H Filler, secretary of the Board of Agents, box 1,866 Philadelphia Poet otlice. Yauxuall DRAWING ROOM, l?oa.U and M Fourth avenue, near Eighth street. At this temple of amusement, now open by the old proprie tor, there will be found a chaste and pleasing entertainment, which, wiih the many comforts this elegant and spacious hall haa over all others by way of cleat linen and ventilation, and the respectful attention of the wall behaved waitresses, the moat (a?Udloua cannot but be well pleased. Pan irama of Annrlcen Revolution. Professor Oil (ford will lecture on the first section of thla moat beautiful aud highly laereattag oil patntiDf? to My, tho Landing of Oo uaab is, Declaration ><f Independence, Battle of Lexington, The Tea Blot ol Boston, Fo;t Moni trie, Death of Montgomery ul Que The IMgrim Faihers, bee, Battle trf Bunker iillL and *111 continue to koture every evening at 10 o'clock during the week on new palm nigs of highly Interesting cvetls, in addition to wlueb thtre will be a great dlspiay or tali nt m the way of Music, Eluding, Dancing unit Birle. i'ie, from 8 to 12 o'clock. Admlaalon only lo cenu to all parts of the ho jsc. Boys not admitted unleee accompanied by parents. Notice ? tiie lovers of habmont should come lo the Star of tbe West, 06 Eldrtdgp street, f>tur doors above Grand. The chair taken Mondays and Saturday filHn'jkkk by Mr. 0. Htonham, vioe Mr. .laa U. Anderson and a boat of talent. TliOd. B. MEDLET, ProDijetur INDIAN EXHIBTTION, AT TUB COOPER IN ATI TOTE, no luesday evening March 26 Tickets *3 cents; children bait price, boors open at 7 o'clock, commenoo at fKe'elock. Manners and cuatima of the Natives, illustrated before our white brethren came. Most rare aud splendid exhibition, for one night only. Native Chiefs of tbe .Nebraska, bioux and other uibes. Indian Hongs by Indian maidens in costume. Alter ihe performance the Indian Bead and Wax Work will be exhibited for sale. ELOCUTION AND DRAMATIC INSTRUCTION. ? J- B. BROWN will receive a lew pupils for private lustruouon, on linmculati! application, at his :oom. Id CUnton Hail, Aator place Kocletlt* or mar.agers of Unit class entertainments may engape Mr. Brown In bM popular Headings and Reciu tlone. * WAN I ED? HX FIRST CLAM DAX3SI ;SE.H. ALSO, \l twenty young laclie* to appear in spectacular pieoeS, and asalst in the Pallet. Knowledge of the stage nnneoessa: y, as instructions are given by 'be Matre de Ballet. Applyfrom eleven to four o'clock at VauxhAll, Nos. 14 and 16 Fourth events HTKAIW BOATS. -r - ~ || OR ALBANT.? NAVIQAT.'ON RESUMED MER P chants' line, files me rs NORTH AMKKK'A and 1JBBO, from the foot or raik plaee and R >!>laaon atreet dally, at 0 o'clock I'. M, In connection with the new fork Ceatial Railroad. Fare, 76 cents. J. W. HANOOX. Agent. ASTROLOO*. A BONA FIXE ASTROIiOOIST, THAT EVERT ONE A. can depend >n, Is Madame WIMON, who tails the ob ject of your visit aa aooo as you enter her room. Madame Wilson la the greatest aatrologlat tha'. ever was known. She

will Invoke the powera of her wonderful tcleuoe. and tfU nil the events of your whole life. Her predlc.loai .tr6 trtM that they surprise every one that ooniulti her. Home ladlsa Of* pi i Uttle timid. though they need not fear, for she prae tiaA net ning but what la reasonable to phlWsTrhers. All should wpsult this most wonderful and mysterious lady Her advloe has never been known to fall, and twenty thousand dollars reward to any one who can equal hei In the above sol ence. Madame Wilson la In |>osee*aion of the oalebrated tna g;c ciarms which are ever certain In their eSect. Truly may she be called a wonderful woman. 199 Allen street, between Houston and fitanton, over the bakary. Fee for ladles and gent'smen 80 cents. . A8TONI8HINO AND MOBr WOBDERFtTL -MADAME MOP-BOW, seventh daughter, born with a can! ami g'ft of foicalght; tells how a jon and often you wii' marry, and all concerns of life, even your very thoughts. She guarantee these who visit her will not regret It Fee.?5cent?. lMLnd low, ait doors from Houston street. Gentlemen not admitted (1LAIRVOTANT.-MRA. HEI MOUB'R MEDICAL CLAIR J voyaut [looms, HCJ? Bast Twentieth street, between first and Hot oi d averiues The most critical me Ileal and business consultations May aud evening, and iwrfact aatisfaouon guaranteed always, or no pay. Madame hartet removed -she oah inform her many t rienda and tbe piUlc af all the events ef life, at 264 Hhrtngton street, near Hhsrlif. I.akie* U jeuta. Ueatlemi n not admitted Hours from ? till 8 Madame bat, no. jm seventh atenue, near Twenty seventh street, surprises all who visit her. The elck. troubU'l at>d tin'ut ky should teat her power She tells ymir vry tboutbta lucky numbers, tosses Ladles, 25 oen'-a, gents, 80 cents. THE GREATEST WnNDRR IN TTIK W>RL.D IB THE young sinl accomplished Ma-lam - B? K' >y. i I <> m I'a-ts, who can Im coKstiUcd i!ie sttii-vxt oonld-nie on ;o7e, enurteblp, marriage, sleknese, iniempet ?nc?. s tuatlons. isa sulls. btis'nos*. travwPlng, ab*>nt friends, 1 s? or st">n pro psity, Ae fch I bw also a siwre' t.i make yo i beloved by Tour heart's ideal, and irlng to?eiit..r thes^ long sepaiWUd. Kes' tlenre : Ihlril aveiue a'oove 1 wrntv-se-'euth s ree', see n I floor LaillSS, IBeenSS; gentlemen. N)oen?s TT run WOtLD NOT OO WHERE FcRTONF. M'-GO TT ye. ? -e Miss W ? LtitNGTi the g stt Knf'???ipM ph?tes?, the lies* of all. and rsnon" ^e exce ,'f.l t an t"e t ?? suited, i rrsonnily or by letter, en *1! affstraef life.eoeeeralBg laws'iits, J' Urnpys a1is?nt ftiend*. lore, oo'irt^ii'i', m*rrts?? health, wealth, aud who wtl' rselalm (trunken a i i untal hful httsbaads. Ml -s w. Is the only neman tnths c1 r who lu?s the sen iin ?onisn i id Arabtsn 'a Ist-'SH" for lue fiffl lnek ?ad aB tnislnew *,ffalr?, and aev guarantees for llie, Lticky awl?f|lf? ntlfr r??t !enc?, 101 Mxtk aven e. ANVTSBmirra. CADEM Y OP MUMC, L iUVIku Pl.At'k. ORBAT NIGHT ORBAV MOHT JlSitf gfcg* oacar i?uar GREAT night OU?aT NIGHT GXBaT ?lUt?T ORE AT KliBT GRaAT NIGHT orb at Mimir 1G NIOaT, TO-NIQHT, TO MOHT, to-night, TONIGHT, TO NIGHT, TONIGHT, TO- MIGHT. TN NIliHT, TO MOOT. TO- NIOHT, JfJJpAT, MARCH 1W, IJONOA*, MJROU a, im, *}>5UAT, march 2s, IM1, monbat, march Hg| monday, march a, i?i, MONDAY, VaROH 2S. 1?| WONDaY, MaRC* 24, ISSI, JfONDAt, MARCH 25, IM1. konlay, march u. ism. JfONDAi, march as. iml. MONDAY MARCH 26. UiT ? ?u-( for tna ta.l .ivinj JIVE DAIS ONLY 1 HVg DAYS ONLY, FIVR DATS ONLY FIVE OA Yd ONLY, FIVE JDATg ONLY, five days only, FI\K DA I S OKU. five days onlt, five Days only, five days ONLV, five days JONLY, Metaasorphoeei into ? VAST PSmjOMASTEDW A ?> A?J ?SYC MOMANTR11M, A VAST PSYCHOM ANTRUM, A VAST PSYCHO* ANTRUM, A \ AST PSYOHOMANTBUIL t ttSf * WS ^8?S5t8?S^: A VAST PSYCHOM ANTRUM, A Vast psycuomantbum, r?u a FAREWELL FESTIVAL FaKRWELL FESTIVAL. FAREWELL FESTIVAL, FAREWELL FRbTIYaL, farewell festival. F ark WELL PBSTI (T AL, farewell festival, farewell fBttval. FARE Wl IJ, FESTIVAL FAREWELL rUTIVAU FAREWELL FESTIVAL. or MAOIC I MAOld! MAOIOt MAOIOt MAUIOl Maui oi MAGICt MA JI'H MAO ICt MAO IO( Mao ioi Oa a scale of HVPEBMETRHUL GRANDEUR, UYPERMETRICAL ORAM DEM It, HYPERMETRICAL ORANDRUR, HTPBRMETRI <AL GRANDEUR. HYPERMETRICAL GRANDEUR, UYPBRMETR1C\L GRANDEUR, HYI'ERMKIRICAL OMAN DRUB, hypermetrical orandeub, HY PBKMETRIOAL ORANDaUlT HVPERME1RICAL ORANDEUR, HYPERMETRICAL orandeub, WRka CATACLYSM OF WONDERS, CATACLYSM OK WONDER^. CATACLtSM OF WONDERS, CATACLYSM OF WONDErtrt CATACLYSM OF WONDERS, SATACLYhM OF WONDBRA. ATA9LVSM OF WONDERS. CATACLYSM or WONDRRS. CATACLYSM OF WONDERS, CATACLYSM OF WONDER*! CATACLYSM OF WONDERS, Forming TBR KALON AMD TO PREPOM or Act, FORMS OF AMUSEMENT. FORMS OF AMUSEMENT. FORMS OF AMUSEMENT. FORMS OF AMUSEMENT. FORM J OF AMUSEMENT FORMS OF AMUSEMENT. FORM'S OF AMUSEMENT. FORMS OF ANUS&MBNT. FORMS OF aMUSEMEo'T FORMS OF AMUSEMENT. FORMS OF AMUSEMENT. FBOFBSSOB OREAT GREAT GBBBT ORE AT GREAT ANDERSON! ANDERSON ! ANDERSON I ANDERsONl ANDi.tlr.OM t OF THE NORTH. OF THE NORTh! OF THE NORTH, OF TUB NORTH. OF THE NORTH. WIZARD WIZARD WIZARD WIZARD WIZARD _ ^ Haa the honor to snnounoe that he haa secured the Academy or Mnaic? at once the moat capacious, moat eligible and moat elegant edifice In New York? tor the Laat Representations ot hla Flrat Magical Scrieil Being positively and definitively the Final nights of hla preaent entertainment In New York ottr. Aud tlis lenniual ut-rforuiancM of A NIOHT IN WONDER VMRLDt A NtGllT IN WONDER WORLD! A NIGHT IN WOMDBR WORLD! A NIGHT IN WO> DBR WORLD! A NIOHT IN WONDEK WORLD!" A NIGHT IN WONDER WORLD' The moat aucce.-aful, moat fortunate aud inoal prosper-)** Illusory Msgtoo Drama which haa at any time been presented on tho atage. In bringing to a termination t!ie preaent form or hla Magl '?talnoHut, Profeaaor Anderson regards it aa hla- ftnt duty to thank the public who hare been hla patrons In the cal Enter the elevation of success with which It culminate % When an ordinary comedy, burlesque, extravagant* or spectacle* reaches It* one linndreth night, It Is enstomitty with manage r? to oelebrnt# the centenary of their veteran drama 1>? graa diloquent advertisements, pyrotechnic coruscation*, refulgent trsmpltndency ard phosphorescent exprecesons of oongratu latlve fslldty. If soak honor should be aocorded to a play which has reached its one hundredtk night ONLY, what should b? dote in the cue *1 A NIGHT IN WONDER WORLD T the repre dentations of which have surpaaaed In number, with the aame cast, those of any diama extant, not even excepting the great work* of Khalttpere or the popular playi of Bolwer Lytton. A Nljjht In Wonder World la tyelogeal; it liaa gone tke wide log general delight 1 , tbrir language or their cuMi'ma. AMg'nln Woodi r World la eclectic; ha elements i f pleading ha>e .i*en selected from ?I'l I 'ju.ors ai.d blenc td Into one ha: tnoiv o is wh !-. Th? ('<>! 1 >w!rg lit ancxact ijc< unt fi m Profess :r Vud- i son's hooka i f the number of times this extraordinary eutertaimnent haa t>eec represented in its present form:? In England, Scotland and Ireland 3.111 times. On the F^uiopenn Ounimebt " In the lands of the Orient Xfl " In AostinUa and Taaiuanla *<>1 " In the lrles of the Taeiflc. 12 " In tialifnrnla ?>? Aud In the t'Blted ritateaon tke Atlanlfc 1,U7< " 8,033 times. Mary of thee representations hare been given twice in oae day. Professor Anderson need scarcely refer to the triumph achieved at the Winter Ostden lust fall, when on erery erea leg, for three *ccc*?sive weks. iieopli- were ?MM to obtain admission at Ibe d.jors by the tunc of opening. Not lf*t sur prising sai the sun est met with at the Academy of Musl4, Sostcn, aid in Philadelphia: while rtoentlr at the Old Bow ery, and a^sln at the Brookivn Aendemy of Music, tit? house wax nlghuy thiosged with the most eute of tke city. AN ENTIRELY HEW ENTERTAINMENT AN ENTIRELY NEW ENTEI'.rAINMKffr AN ENTIRELY NEW EN fERTAlNMEN'T AN ENTIKELY NEW ENTERTAINMENT AN ENTIRELY NEW ENTERTAINMENT AN ENTIRELY NEW ENTERTAINMENT helng In preparation f >r Pr?te<aor Auderaon, henowflnda It rrquialte to glre tb* leaf repreaentatlonaof th? great drama of the wotdnri*. wbfrb b:i* been to him a aouroe of no muoh l<atron?ge and rcnoyn That he m*y relinquish hU p?rt re gall; In New York, be baa at gre^t expenae wrured tbe Acade my of Mm'r. wher? hi* Soirees F?nta?tlqu?? will be gtTea with all beflulng grandeur. There will po?ilvely be hlX EVENIN6M ONlA HlX EVENINGS ONLY; mx Evlgnraa onlt : hi X EVENINGS ONLY: SIX EVENINGS ONLY: SIX EYLNlNUS ONLY: Monn*r, March 2ft The (rat night Hatvkdat, March M Tbe last night AMD Oft Or AND MAGICAL MATINEE OB APU4-MIDI MA OHJfii. OR AND MAGICAL MiT'NJS* OR APRB8 MIDI MA a IQUE, ' on NiTtjaDAT, March SO, at half-past two o'clock. Orateful for kindnes* rseelred Id New York, and fully ?ritgrlilng the cia nia of the city uuon him In return for faror* conferred, Pr. feasor aNLEKSuN bat determined to mark tlie cioae of this, kU a rat herlei of E'lterUinmsats, TWO OX AND BENBFTT?' TWO ORAND BENEFITS' TWO ORAND BENEFIT*' TWO ORAND BENEFIT*' TWO ORAND BENEflTS1 TWO OKAND BENEFITS' The flrat of whVrh will he for the Benefll of THE Nl.RKERV AND OHIf.D S HOSPITAL. TbE NIKSERT AMD CHILD'S HOSPITAL, THE Nl'RhERY AND CHILD* HOSPITAL, THE Ml RtikRY AND CUIl-D'i? HOSPITAL. THE NuRBBRY AND CHILD'S HOSPITAL, TI1? NURSERY AND CHILD'S HOSI'ITaL, Under tbe patronage of the Ladies op new york. ON THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH M, And the B?"ond B>r tn? B-neflt of the BEN8YOLERT HOOIBTY OP ?hfc THISTLB. BENEVOLENT HCX'IETY OF THE THIrtTLR. BENEVOLENT SOCIETY OF TUE THI.tTLE, EFNRroLKVT SOCIETY OP THK THISTLE. BENEVOLENT SOCIETY OP THE TBl*lL?, BENEVOLENT HOClblY OF TI18 THIhTLE. ON FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH ?, L'aler the pat rouage of the ? 70TH R E3i StlNT Attn CALEDONIAN CLt/BI The Member* of which wl'l atten 1 <n Costume Pr?fe??or A'ide-?nn hopes that tbe pabll* genneaUy will eiert Iheumelves to tender tbe?s tw? Urupflu Sutu[>er? Both are wrrtby eharltle* and both d?s? r?e s'.renuo'i* nuppor4.. If the ladlea aid the one and eootchmen the other, the Academy ot Music will have two ot It* largest audience*. Ketro Rem In lucent Clalr-vysnte, and Pecnnd B1glited8|h?! .. *??< \a4er**! A!>nd*nt Ariel, and Mniterlc Patent Ml?* K. And*r?oi Tbe Fairy of tbe Portfolio Visa P. Anderson liam?t ..... . ? .... Herr eon Whe-iton Tt.e powerful p'ia ) used U fiotu the oele irV.ed (actjry of Cblckcrlng A Son*. Admim'oa and 2.1c UMereM aest* t 7^. !??>?? c pen ?erl> ev,.|iU,? atT; toiMMiRe at & Diin oihu for Ratlnee &t IikJ, p?si t <?? 1 OflUe open for a<c ur tig ?al? dally fr jtn 13 till }, AmraKancirrs. LAURA UBKK B THKATKK I^URA KRUI'I THBATRE. LAURA KKBKK .S I HKaTAE. 1ACKA KKBNR'S THEATRE, LAURA KUNE S TUBAT&E, LAURA KEENRS theatre. LAU*A KEKilE a fBBATUB. LAURA KKESB a THEAi&E. la encaeouenoe of the ooaUouffl f*Tor wuh whleb me GSSaTTHRBE ACT BUBLBTTA, URBAT THREE ACT HURLhTTA OBBAT THBRI ACT BUBLBTTA UiWAT TM&BB ACT BURLBTTA OBBAT Til EBB ACT BURLBTTA la received by the public, aud la order to reader it In a great "vilm-LK fflF FUR ?OB THE MILLION, vehicle of fun for thk million VEHICLE OF FUN FOR THE MILUON, VEHICLE OF FPU FOB THB MILLION. VEHICLE OF FUN FOB THE MILLION, which It hu already been proved by the HEARTY APPLAUaB AND LAUGHTER HEARTY APPLAUSE AND LAUUHTBB HEARTY AFFLAU.SE AND LAUGHTER HEARTY APPLAUBR AND LAUGHTER HEARTY APPLAUSE AND LAUGHTBB HEARTY APPLAUBK AND LAUOHTSS HEARTY Al'I LVlSH AND LAUGH 1KB HEARTY APPLAUSE AND LAUGHTER HEARTY APPLAUSE AND LAUUHTEB HEARTY APPLAUSE AMD LAUOUTBB QIC (IV KH ?HE HUNDRED AND fmtKTY THOUSAND PBOPLB ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND PEOPLE ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND PEOPLE ONB HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND PBOPLB ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND PEOPLE ONB HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND PEOPLE ONB HUNDRBD AND NINETY THOUSAND PEOPLE ?NE HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND PEOPLB NE HUNDRED AND N1NBTT THOUSAND PBOPLB ONB HDNDBBD AND NINETY THOUSAND PEOPLE Who have teen It during the ONB HUNDRED AND TWRMTY THREE NIGHTS ONB HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE NIGHTS ONE HUNDRlD AND TWENTY THREE ORE HUNDRBD AND TWBNTY THREE OS HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREK ONB HUNDRED AND TW1BMMB Of <>?? ONE ONB on 9 ONB AND TWENTY. THREE HUNDRBD AND TWENTY THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTVTTirBB HUNDRED AND TWRNTY-THRBB 1 1 IGHTS NIGHTS NIGHTS NIGHTS NIGHTS NIGHTS NIGH PH HUNDRED AND TWENTY TURBB NIGHTS It haa beep rep relented, it hu been determined to pre tent It netl week mn>l>!DMl ADniTIoWAL NOVELTIES, ? additional novelties. ADDITIONAL NOVBLT1KS, ADDITIONAL NOVELTIES, ADDITIONAL NOVELTIES, ADDITIONAL NOVELTIES, ADDITIONAL NO VELTIKS, ADDITIONAL NOYELTlES, ADDITIONAL NOVELTIES, ADDITIONAL NOVELTIES, comuTiNu or NEW PEOPLE. NEW TABLEAUX. NEW DANCES, NEW SONGS, NBW MUSIC, Ac , Ac., 4? , In the rurtherauco at which project MISS KEENS Hu effected an engagement with MLLE. HELENS, THK FASCINATING DANSEUSB rHOM TUB ACADEMY OF MUSIC, PARIS. Who wlU Appear ereir night In a CELEBRATED PA8 BEUL from the admired ballet of LA STLPHIDB, With new muakv, arranged rxpreaaly for the occasion br MB. THOMAS BAKER. MONDAY. AND EVBBT NIGHT NEXT WEEK. THB SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN BISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SEVEN SENBN I SEVEN SSTEN SISTERS 8HVEN SISTERS SRVBN BISTERS NBVBN BISTERS SEVEN SISTERS KEVRN SlhTRHS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS 8F.VBN SHtTE,,S htVKN BISTERS SEVEN HlSTERrl SEVEN ?(STEHM ^^^?BiBTERS SISTERS SISTERS bisters SEVEN SISTERS ???? SISTERS SISTERS IBB SEVHN SISTERS I 815 VKN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTHHS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS hEVK.N SIHi'RRS KEN EN SISTERS AMD SEVBN BISTERS SEVEN BISTERS SEVBN SI ITERS SEVBN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SEVBN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS 8KVBM BISTERS I SEVEN STSTBRS KRVEN SISTERS I SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE BAM'S UNCLE BAM'S UNCLB BAM'S UNCLK SAM'S UNCLB SAM'S UNCLB SAM'-H UNCLE SAM 8 UNCUS SAM'S UKCLR SAM'S UNCLB SAM'S unclB Sam s UNCLR SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLB NAM'S UNCLE SAM'S if AGIO M AGIO MAOIO MAGIC MAGIC MAOIO MAOIO LANTERN. LANTERN. LANTERN. ^^^?l?ntern. ?MHlantern. IMAGIc LANTERN. Imaoic lantern. Imagig lantern. Imagio lantkkn. Imagic lantern. ?tMMMLANTERN. ????lantern. Imaoic lantern, ?magic lantern. MAGIC LANTERN. MaGIO LANTERN. |MA(iIO LANTERN. HMMUM fERN. MAGIC magic MAGIC LANfERN. ___ lantern. MAGIC LANTERN. MAGIO LANTERN. MAOIO LANTERN. M>m LAUBA KEENS aa Dlareline Mr* J. H. ALLEN aa Columbia MUa FOLLY MARSH ALL... a? PlutelU Mr*. LOTTIE HOUGH aa Tartartne Wra. H. VINING aa Bulpburlne MIm OOt I .DOCK aa Fa?cliv"a Mlaa IONE BU?KE .aa Caatabtlf MUa H. M08LEY aa BaUnel!a W1mF.VEW.TT a* Cere* MUa FRANCES aa the Spirit Little MARY BULLOCK., .aa the Bmurfly Mm. O. F. BBOWNB aa Maine k lie. H E LBN ? ..aa the ... Premiere Danaeuaa Unsle Sam Stunner Pluto Stall Demonoa Cuffew Cvrnerl >t Redeye Mr B. O ROGERS aa Mr H.F. DALY aa Mr. O. F. BROWNE aa Mr. BARTON aa .... Mr. LEV1CK at Mr. BURNETT aa Mr. WB1N...... aa Mr. GOODRICH aa Act Ftast. MAI RIMOVIAL FELIO TV IN RADRft MRS. PLUTO'S BLREDING HEART. THE SEVEN HI8TERS MAKE 1 HEIR FIRST APPEARANCE. PLUTO'S CHILDREN REBEL. THBT WANT TO GO TO EARTH. THB MISERIES OfcMORTAL LOVE. NEW ARRIVALS IN TH? INFERNAL REGIONS. MUNICIPAL AND LEOISLA1IVE SPIRITS CONSIDER ED BELOW PAR THE INEVITABLE NIGGER. DEPARTURE OF THE hEVEN SISTERS. THB FOOR AUTHOR AND HIS FRIEND. A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. DIAVOLINE AS STUNNER'S FRIEND, FLUTO IN WITH THE CRITICS. AFTER A PHANTOM. TWO NEW YORK BOTS. WARNING OF THE SISTER'S SPIRIT. OCR OLD FRIEND HEARS FROM BAM. YOUNO SAB. PAW BUST BE MARRIED. BEHIBD TUB BCBNES AT LAURA KEENB'S. BRIMSTONE IN THB AIR. A BBXRRT COBBLER FOR MR. PETERS. APPEAL OF TUB MURDEROUS MOTHER. URAND COMBAT WITH REAL SWORD* THB BEST LINB OUT OUT OF OOURSB. CUPID AND CONFECTIONERY. MB#. PBTBBS PLUTO AS CUPID UNION SONG THB C9BPS DBS ZOUAVE. A WOBD FOB THB UNION. THB lOUAVB MONO. GRAND ZOUAVB MARCH AND DRILL FBMININS CORP* OK ZOUAVES. Act Macofp. UNCLE HAM a MAOIO LANTEBN, i* wmum will Im praam tad TIB FOLLOWING BEAUTIFUL UNION TABLE 10 X, rti:? Columbia at WAtnmmn tomb. THE TUIBTY POUR STATE*. THE EBONY WEDGE, mtntaatirrfiro rw* GOOD OLD SHIP CONSTITUTION, n?w?(ir?n wr thi EMAKOIPATORH AND FIRE BATE KB, THE STUMP OP THB LI HKKTT TREE. THE SLAVE IK'KNE. THE HAPPY PLANTATION HOME, CALHOUN B DREAM, Atro WABHINOTON'B ARMY AT VALLEY POROE, LIBERTY AND DIGGERS*, APOTHROHIB ; WASHINGTON* ANO UNION. Afrf Tnmp. PLUTO 'J FAMILY STRAI'lHTENED OUT, THEY "WANT TO GO HOmC A LITTLB HALUTART PUNISHMENT, BREAKING OUT IN A NEW PLAUE, A GENERAL 8^1*. THE YANKEE OIRL. WIIKRE'H THE* OiifV HUE CAliI.i HlrR MOTTKft FMJTO'B FAMILV AT H'??C?, A GENERAL ACCl-JATI^N. a plea or HriLtr. OUFFEB BANISHED TO CONST IHLAND, rliA* CHOWDER. PUNISHMENT or DIAV(?WNE 'AND SATANBLU INVOCATfON TO ( E KRrt, i wi?n i was in dixie, the grbat 80KNE Til* birth op tbe butterfly i? Tan ROWER or PFRN* iwirart *n# w(?fH |n wlibaut eitrt rhaiv" Onr* op< n *17 'I e."c* 1 "tmn uce *1 7K ij -l >ce. fnfiir? nin t*rm)n?tca *t to . . . AwrsKWKsrr*. XTIBLO'B OAHDKN. ~ ^ J*?? .; : Leeseesad KHt|if M1" "t'K s?D N1UHT x a vit2n.Wmma "f MR. El>*IM KO&KKST And po#iUTeij-ji^i,,j? m On MONDAY EVEN'INU. ?Urrh 26, will be r? the last tiuue thlsaeijOttj the popni*, -^3 \f* Pythias. .. V.VV.Vil ** ?WIr K0Raa*r (in Tuesday evening a n?w Ballet U ^ 'a**W for the benefit of thn BOMZAMI TBOUPB. TITINTFR OARDBN. TT UHWtud Kanutt A.. W. Jaelusa. First appearance at this thea'.re of * M K. OH AN >*R1 IT Who la engaged Tor six ntghia ot ly, and who will oo thta eve ning (Monday, March 26) persontte hla original character at WOOL, la the auooeasful dramatization, in 5 acta, of __ . . THE HIuDSN HAND, Founded om Mrs. Bouihworth'a thrilling a lory. Mr. R. JOHNSTON aa ...HURRIOANB rhla flrat appearance here ) To be followed by the iutnreaiing drama of THE HOW OK THE RBFUBLItl, In whioh Mr. Johnston, Mr. Davidge, Mr. La wrier, Mr*. Slod dart and Miss ClUton will appear. On Wednesday, 17th, the oeleb rated youni 1 mnili? MISS ANNETTE INCE, wiH make her flrat appearance tn New York, In the tharas tar of THE OOONTB8S. In Sheridan Knowles's play of ''Love." BW BOWEET THEATRE. Bole proprietor*. . . . Messrs. O. L Fox A J. W. Li agar*. MONDAY, March 26, 1461. A HIW riTKIonomill, By Harry Seymour, Esq , entiled THE LIBERTY BOYO F 70; Ott, FALHK AMD TV OB. New and Beautiful Scenery, Appropriate Costumes, aa4 Urand Tableau xT All the Company In tM Caat. Mr. Q. L Foi l comic pantomime of RAOUL, OK, TUB MAOIC STAB J pr> duoed In all ita ORIGINAL SPLENDOR. Ooniicl Mr. O. L. Iw, Concluding with the Scottish drama of THE WARLOCK OF THE OlEN. Matlhew (the Warlock) Mr. Q. 0. Bonlfa? BiRNUM 8 AMERICAN MASBBM Opena another week with a aplendid bill of attraction* embracing a variety of novelties unequalled, and furnishis fund of amusement exceeding every other place ( " oomblned, notwithstanding the price of admission 1 that of other establishments. Look at this small the list and judge for yourself. THE HWW BEARDED AND WHISEBREE LADY, Mnteel and effeminate, yet with WHISKERS AND BE Ait whloh would excite the envy of any cavalier. MIS 3 ? REED the beautiful, accomplished and fascinating LILLIPUTIAN QUEEN, with all the grace and elegance of the lady, yet no larger thl a child of two or three years, though t wsatytws N] WIFE WflfiHMBk AL ?T(?M TnUMB. I THE ORIOINAL HERfct DRIESRAOB, MBNAt^H i a "Spinster," "An Old Soldier," and an "<^H endor, and a variety of othar feats, whioh BEARS NEVER PERFORMED BBf^H CELEBRATED CALIFORNIA MBNAGSBIH Of Living Bears of varloua kindn, whioh he KXHIB1TS AND PERFORMS Old Tope# m Bender," and a variety of othar feats, whioh ? BEARS NEVER PERFORMED BEFORE! ? There are OBIZZLY BEAR*. CINNAMON BBARS. HY ENA BEARS. DANCINO BEARS flIN?INO MUM. and the great Mammoth beak bamson. THE GREAT LIVINOBLAOK SEA-LION, THE CURIOUS AND AMUSING WHAT IB iTt DEN OF LIVING MONWER HNaKBS, WONDERFUL LIVING HAPPY FAMILY, AQUA RIAL GARDEN containing LIVING FISH, to, LIVING SEAL, WAX FIGURES, and 800,0)0 Ourtoaittan. EVERY AFTERNOON and E VENT NO, at 3 and 7K o'elosfc. The NEW AND SPLENDID SPECTACULAR DRAMA, GITaNELLI, THE CHILDREN OP TUB ZTNOALI, Illustrating the pcouliaritlea of Gipsy Life. MISS DAWiKON, DOUBLE-VOICED VOCALIST. Notwithstanding theae Immense Attractions, whioh evaty body admits are worth many times (ho pries or admission, I remains at only 26 cents. Children undtr 10 years, 19 oents. BHEYANTB' MINSTRELS, ? Mechanic*' llall, 472 Broadway, above Grand street. MONDAY, March 26, and every night during the week, DAN BRYANT on the crisis? DAT'S WHAT'S DB MATTES. Mme. Mersbute's Debut, b / Adams and Jerry Bryant. JAPANESE TOMMY. OR WHAT IB IT? .INAUGURATION BALL Biddy McGinnis T. Morton I Sim Dipsey. . . . .Dan Bryant DIXIE'S LAND, By the Original*, DIXIE'S LAMSk Doors open at j curtain rises at 7\. Ticket* 26 cenis. QRAND SACRED CONCERT, IRVING HALL, NEW YORE, Under ths high patronage of B is Grace the most Reverend John Hughes, D.D, Aroh? bishop of New York; of Tbe Right Reverend John Loughlln, D.D., Bishop of Brook* iyu; of The Right Reverend Jamas Roosevelt Bayley, D.D, Bishop of Newark, and of moat of the REVEREND PASTORS of the Roman Catholic cliuiclics in the cities of Now York, Brooklyn, NGwarlc, Jersey City and Uoboken. J. M. V BUSCB, of Copenhagen, Hat the honor to announoe to his patrons, friends and tM nubile in Reu?ral, that ne will give A OKAND KAORtD CONCERT AT Till IRVING HALL, Corner of Fif leeuth Htreot and Irving plaoe, On TUESDAY EVENING, March 26, At 8 o'clock precisely. Home of the members of the Roman < athollc church Choirs, toije!b'-r wltli member* of ncveral musical socletiea, and ladies and fpmtii men amateurs have kindly volunteered their valua ble SHivlcea for the occasion. An efficient Orchestra ha* been engaged For the accomm datlon of such of the public who may lx? prevented from attending the couoert, tloket* (SO c-nta eacli) may bs obUlccd at the ollice ol tlie Hall, for the lastcompleui rehoaraal, 'hat will take ulace at the hall, oa the aiorulag ?>< the conceit, at ID o'clock precisely. THE PROORAMMB Being In strict conformity with the season of Lent, will bs as follows : ? 1. Funeral March (O minor), composed in 1849 In memory of a deceased warrior, by J. M. V. Buach, per.'ormcd by the ORCHESTRA 2. The XXI 11 l'aa!m of David (A flat), compos ed for female voice* with Plnno accompani ment, by Frans Schubert, the accompaniment arranged for the orchestra by J M. V. Hunch, performed by .... QUARTETTE k ORCHESTRA MR3. M t CLARK, Hoprano. Mil 8 K. O. BR ANN AN. Soprano. MISS M O. MARSHALL, Alto. MISS H. A ANNABLE, Alto. 3. Ave Maria, Prayer to the Virgin (B Hat), compotes for oM voles, with Piano acoom pauiment, by Franx Schubert, by re-|ueat, ar rauifed for tne orchestra for llils occasion, by J. M. V. Buscli, jerfiirmed by the .ORCHESTRA STABAT MATER DOLOROSA, Comnosed for the celebrated Latin text, and. by prrmlirtrm. most re*pectruUy dedicated to his Oraoe the most Rev. John liughea, D. D. , Archbishop of New York, by J M. V. Bussb. for boil, chorus and Orchestra SOLI. Madame JOHANNA FH'HEK, Soprano. Mile. OCTaVIE OOMIEN, Alio. Er. OEOROE I'Rr. iifc. itI(;K CLARENDON, Tmmtol lierr ANTON hhaKK. Kas*a The !axt I'iano Rehraival for .ill will take place on Monday night at 7!> o'clock, at Dcdworth Ball, Broadway. J. V. Bt'SCH Conductor Further particulars the program lie or th>' concert night wiU explain. Ticket* 60 rents May be obtained from the lextoLS of the Romiu Catholic churches tn the above namud eltle*, at tbe principal muiua a' ore* in New York and Brooklyn, at nearly all the pianoforts w?reroom* In New York, and on thn day of the concert also si the ticket oltoe of the ball. YRVINO IIALL, CORNER OK FIFTEENTH STREET J and irrlog place. ?Complimentary Concert to Ml*s Mary K Thorn* (< ne or the well known Sunday School V'>call*tsi, Monday svenlug, March 26, 1A6I, by the folln*rin> mnaioal Iftieat ? The nine P>!el>raicd Sunday School Vocalists; Llttls builha Davies, Martha Corwlu and Master Hoary Harden are among the number; Messrs V. W. Palmer and M. L. Quick, tenors; ar d <ohn O. i'ler-on and A V. Terhaao, haaroa, or New York. The chorusaes wiii bo sung by stxty young ina*ten and misses, ?<Mev-fd from ten Sunday Schools In New Y'ork. Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Jersey (Sty Mr. William McKntkeli, from Europe, will preside at one of ths c*lebiat"d Aieiand'v organs, ana Mrs Parkharst, the popu lar piaulat of Brooklyn, at lbs piano. Mr. Horace Waters. New \ ork, director and oouductor. Tickets, 26 cents; for *aie at Waters', 833 Broadway, aa l at tbe principal musk] ftciea. Doors o;ien at 6; concert to eiwnmnnoe at 7^ o'eloek. M<ss Mary Thorns i* a musical young mla* of much promise. She h is for the benefit of m^ re than two hundred Hun day Schools, churches and benevolent Institutions during th? past three yean, with great satisi action to ail who have beard her. and it Is the wish of her numerous friends that living llall may be fnll on thla occasion. ITALIAN LIBERTY. Col CHA8 CARROLL HICK8, late of the Krmj o' !?.* I jr, head of the SUIT of Oen. Areizaoa, Mid ?fco ?u ?? atj'A Id the fearful " Pasaage of the Volturno" tad Um blxr of Capua," l.y the apecial Invitation of several Italian gentlemen *c.J other pi . ralnent etUrena, will leliver A LECTURE OB ITALY AND (IAKIBALDI, iinMiia 8EETCHJ6 OF VICTOR EMANUEL. COUNT CAV03B, THE ITALIAN WAR, CLINTON HALL? A8T0B PACE, on WEDNESDAY BVBNINO, It ABC ft V. Italian History from the rear IM): K evolnUon of IM; II utory of tbe lat% Italian War; Narratives, Kiottins ImI. dent* and Personal Adventure* In the various Battles; Urava r j of the Italians TICKETS 25 CENTS For sale at the prfcxrtnel hotel* b?>k?t>ret, )md.*t i he door. Doors open at 7; to oommenoe at 8 o'clock. German voles garden. Pa lace it, PALACE COX BUT BOWERY CON' BRP HALL. ?S HALL. THE CBEAFEBT AND BRST OONDUOTED PUBLIC PLAC E OF AMUBEWK>T IN THE UITY, 01*EN EVERT MOJir FOB THE BB8T BfEkCT ED EN TE RT A I NMRNT IN THE < i TV. CROWDED BVEBf ' ITOHT BY THE MOST HRSfF STABLE t CLASSM OF CmZBNB. TRBMPNDOUi APPLAUSE EVEBY EVENING, To lee tbe be,! Orat Arrears,- this jwnlp of ^ The rb*mi len Bond FtofWTotf the world. In hl? treat Bom " A<?wle*lon 8 rente. Reserved Boats 11 oenta. ASON AND TIWiMAH FIFTH CLASSICAL BOtHHS W ill be given at Oixtw orth s Hall ON TCBHDAT BVBNINO, March M. There will be performed a Quartette In C aaajor by M or art, a Sonar* in 0 ?har|> minor by ie<-tboren, a Ki-and Sonata for pianoforte* and violin by Ran, and a Quartette la B flat majec by Mendelseohn. Tickets one di liar. The grand pianoforte used la furnished by Stotaway k Bom, To commence at 9; d<>> m open at 7>f o clock. PALACE OARDEN, MCBIC IT AI L. UBAND CARNIVAL, OR A NO CARNIVAL, _____ >lohDAt EVENING, Apr J I, 1881. B HETT HISTORICAL PAINTINO OF MARY, OC BEN OF 8C01* Dlrlilng bar wardrobe, to , oa the eve < eteruM ??, BT LOnlB LAND _ Oa eihtb.tlon at OoupU's, 711 Broadway. Adml?elo? 38 Ma INDIAN INHIBITION.?1 THE INDIAN CHIEFS. WILL 1 repeat the r Fi'iIWMnn at the Oeoper fnsUI?l#? Tueeday evening. Mirrli M. krkictoii* Ceremonies. CoU' litis I ? ? i ce* Mama"- Ac . Ac * bT twenty male and f e mXyfiUwS . ?*?* ii ceuu. CDlldm It) cents. T> n?nMi*?H