Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 26, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 26, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? a, - ' I ? ? , ? ? : rr? ? ? ? - WHOLE NO. 8964. MJJRNING EDITION? TIJESBAT, MARCH 26, 186L? TKIPLE SHEET. PRICB TWO CENTS. muDPifo. | B AW WISELY BBTWBBN NBW TOBK AND LI 'orpoat? Lauding and embarking ?????" at Uueens n, Iretaad 'the Liverpool. Mow <01* uU Philadelphia Ttxhip Company In lead despatching their full powered , I bulk Irrn steamships as follows ? U<jO, Saturday, Maron ."*>, JTt or BAll 1 M> >KK, SaturdAy, Apn NO ABOO. Saturday, April 13, 1 ?*fry Saturday, at noon, from pier ? North rlrer, RaTBS Of PASSaGE. . t Oahta. $75 1 Steerage |N I Do. to Loudon 80 J Do. To London .11 ge Return Tickets, good for six mouths 60 engers forwarded to 1**1 la, Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Antwerp, Ac., at reduced through faraa. inw wishing to briug out their friends can buy tickets ! at the following rates ?To New Tork from Liverpool or *au?w^ Pint oabin, $75, $88 aad $U)t; Steerage fro? ?pool. $40; from (jueenstosrn, $30. ean steamers have superior accommodations for pnini , and carry experienced surgeons. They are built In wa ; iron sections, and hare patent fire annthllawra on ? further Infcrm&tlon apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM _AN, Agent. 22 Water a'.reet ; In Glasgow to WM. INMaB, . ?f<t Iti iah aquare In Queenstown to 0. k W. D. SET '~WL A l^U. ; la London lo BlVbH k MACBV, 61 King lam H'reet; to l'?n? to JULKS DBCOUE, No 8 Plane - Bourse; In Philadelphia to JOHN O. DALE, 10$ Wal ( Street, or at the o> mipany 'a offices JOHN G. DaLB, Agent. 14 Broadway N T. or Al'RIL SIXTH rOB SOUTHAMTON A.HU HaYBS. CABSYING THB UNITED STATE* MAILS. _JW! HTBAMfHIP ILLINOIS, Cant. F. E. TEBRT, 1 sail from ofor No. S North rlrer, New Tork, at dmi, BaL i.prt 6, with tnaila, paaaengera and apecle for England ?*Soutblampton. TO HATES. t cabin $78 First cabin $80 ,4 cabin, 30 Third oabtn 38 Ma steamship ha* bean supplied with powerful new boll and baa been refitted in the moat thorough manner, lit iron bulkheads abaolutely watertliht and fireproof, hrr engines and bollsrs, and far safety, comfort and 1 ahe ranks in the lirat claaa of ooaan ateamera. f ant trip from New Tork will be on May IS. D. TORBaNCB, Agent, Mo 6 Bowling Green, Now fork. t drafts on London, Ptria and Prank fort. SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVBB. ON SaTUBDAT, MARCH 30. THE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMER ARAOO, D Lines Commander, l2 front pier No. 37 North river, foot of Beach street, on Saturday, March 90, at noon. a.eanuhip (unsurpassed for safety and oomfort) haa i vaginal UDdt-r deok, enclosed hf water tight compart w hloh, bealdea other results, tend, in the event or col j or stranding, to kwp the pumps free to work, and In > the safety or vessel and passengers. rfte ght or passage apply to HAM U EL M. POX, GEO. MACKENZIE, Agenta, No. 7 Broadway. aer FULTON will ?aU April 27. mux FROM NEW TORK TO IRELAND, ENGLAND B MB Scotland via ijalway, for $30. Tha a uah tic Boyal Mall Steam Navigation Company will 1?MW> their fine steamship , ? 1 PRINCE ALBBBT Habere. touching at St. Johns, N. P., to land paaaengera and "F*1 On TUETOAT, March 26. RATES OP PASSAGE. , Mb*n to Oalway 01 Liverpool $78 1 ftiwt cabti to St. Johna, N. P Si 1 third iwbtn to Oalway, Liverpool, Glasgow or any pdlnt ' t (reinnd on a railway 90 loabln to St. Johns, N. F 18 .j*.-? Persons wishing to bring out Sielr friends from L ooun*.ry can oWlln Return Tickets at T- it low PRICES. It fwther loforu 'ion aa to freight or passage apply to mW BOW UlND k ABPI NWALL,Agents, M and 88 South street. NEW TORS, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. . Tacd^rMlt European line steamships will sail between Tart.. Southampton and Havre, CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. L*? Vab4t I BAtnminff fw Prom New Tork for Southampton and Havre ri. Terry.... Saturday, April? *BILT, Lefcvre, " May 4 Terry.... " May 18 Returning from Ha vre aad Southamp iOflU Wednesday, April S4 " Juno ? July $ IS, Terry way 10 _IBILT, Lefevre, " Jnne 18 ! Alps have watertight oompartmen's. Beaten of passage issued from Europe to America. ?? delivered in London or Paria. . TBRBANCB, Agent, No. 5 Bowling Green, New Tork. 0ft dial ta on London. Paris and Frankfort QTSAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AND IJ Southampton ?The Hamburg American Packet Com pany's steamship TECTONIA, H. Taube, commander. Vfl leave cn Monday. Anrll 1, at 12 o'oiock M. , for Hamburg Tin Southampton, takln* passengers for Havre, London, ?enlhampion and Hamburg. .YBctcaWu $10u | Second cabin . .$60 1 Steerage fU C. B. BlCHARD k BOA 4, 181 Broadway. 1W alenmahlp BOBCSSIA will succeed the TeutonU <L?rilla ELIVSBPOOL-OLD BLACK STAB LMTE.? THE ket ship CONSTITUTION sails April L Pnsaago from and Drafts on the Boyal Bank at Ireland, Bo., oanbe ' eu aopUeatiou to WILLIAMS k GUION, 40 Fulton streeL LIVERPOOL? TAPSCOTT'S LINE.? SAILS ON day, March Jfl, the wall known packet ship BENJA IMS, Capt Chase. Positively sails as abovew For suiy on boartL at pier 37 East river, or to TArscOTT k CO., i6 South street. f TVfRPOOL DRKAUNUUUUT una. in* M 5pp? 'MP V1CTOBV will posl lively sail 28th 5 Mar* %e skips of thu Una are notodfor their eitraor SLanrweed For Ussage, lowest ratss, app^?o? P??' rir?oHoiri<- DBMAREbTT jjf South streeU CB LIVEBPOOL.? THE CLIPPER SHIP WEBSTER positively hauls In the stream this day. A few more uwTsecoud cla^a passengers can be airommodAtedj Por passage al lowest rates apply on board, or to E. COLLINS k JjO., at the office, pier No. fl North river. E> LIVERPOOL DIRECT. ? THE BRITISH AND Na^^ericanTloyal Mall Steamshln EUBOPA.Oapt, uSt will sail from this port for Uverpool direct, on fataxdoy.^ti insu Chief Cabiu Passage or B^ung'ci^-. MsaJS&i ||fefssS?3? mAPSOWTTS LINK OP LITBBPOOL AND LONDON J. Paek*<? ? Pa*?ame from or to Liverpool or London eta Blwaya be en?M r<J by t hi* well knrwa Una, aallina vmUj, ?t Um wry lowest rales, and drafu Issued aa usual for any ? i mint, payable on demand In any part of Oreat Britain or A-eiaad, eau be obtained by applying to or ad drawl o( TAP ?OOTT 4 CO., M Houih street, New fork. T) ABBA (IF PROM OR TO LIVERPOOL, BT mi BLACK JT Ball Line of l'ack.u? Tbe COLUMtflA aalla on the lat 5 April; the OR LAT WK8TBRN oa tha 14th. For paaaage a^fy en b ard^Plcr 23 Eaat river, or to JACOB WILSON, OB OALIPOBNIA. VIA PANAMA A (rat dan ateamer will I ears ((aw York on the lat, ? aaMUt of each month, eioapt when theae da tea fall on tday, when the day or depart are will ba tha Monday fol t or naaaage apply at the only offloa. No. 177 Waat r of Warren. O. B. ALLEN, Agenu Hreet, oart.. HATABA AND NBW ORLBAN8. BTBBT TBK DATS. ?a a a if. ON MUM DAT, APRIL UtlUi) clock. " The ateamahlp BIBMVILLB, J. D. Bulloch, commander, taaMTMBatflU Freight. and will a*U a* above from pier root of Murray street, Rorth rlrar. fl"Xrrr5^<>N.ti VwHBRON I CO., ? Murray at. alTtBTT-hlp CAHAWBA aalla April 11. I! # OO.. ? South atreet. IVKt HAVANA VIA NASSAU, * P.-TBR B MTI SH f and North Aatattaaa royal mall ateamahlp KARNAK, - ? ? - 1/oeMirt.T, wlU aall for the above porta fro* Ik* gSr. -Uarf. at Jer^ CU y , o. ^ ? aiiia or rauiaa. Ta r!;"""".!!;'.!;.'!!;!'.;*."! J ? tm tnwi * jnajj&Rp, wa ? Bnwilag Preen. ySe52e2ffi^ewN^i*?w Bteam Paekat Line ear __4_ v it Tg Mil for Klnaeton. Janate, on the Sljth of SffJSIIh the mall ataamaMp CLBaTOB. OapC William Lord will aall for the above p~*t on Saturday, April 20, from iSVsWtk HTer I'asaaga? Kin* aabin, $4); eeoond cabin, feU- thlrdclaae, 131 ForTralght or paaaage apply to WAL MhtBKffn, Agenta. 87 BrasJ atwa*. xronoe to shipper* ?goods dbhtinbd for N - Kentucky, and other Western and Aoiith a eat Ma States, are f rwarded to their <y awa-a 7!S3iiKS5yfuS.v ansa &.*? T7H)B SA V ANN A U AND OTHBR POU"*. Ai ?JBL<?^r Jp Tlaa ? rat elass sveamahlp FLORIDA. . . **/*?? Ovowah. will leave on rtatorda*. Marth JO, at 4 P. 1L, I root ptar 'Ha. M, North (DWrr. through tickets oaa be had far I ha fallowing piaoes:? Raw Orleaaa,, $9t7>; Mobile, M, ?Mktganaorv. 3ft, <v>tnntbiia, $31: Albany, 32; AtlanlA, 21, KnlST t*4. *hattaaae|S, ?*; Neah^Ua, $17 7?; Rao? rllle tW Ml; kemphla $?rrt; Augusta, $17 00; llaeoa, $3$; JOHN B WJ1J>BB * OALLIK. HifUMt. t . The ALABAMA, t'apt. Oeo. R. Bchenck, will a ioaeel. and tgnvaaa Kanrday, AprU la U*OR CBARLBHTON, S. C., HAVANNAH, OA, AND I* the S<"ith and Hoiithweat.? United Btatea Mail alaewheel iUMmahtp Line.? "Hie favorite aieamehln .IAS. A DORR, J. nrbilllp" c.iMander, will leave Mar No t North river, on Wa^MM* Mareh 37, at So clock P. M Rates of paaasfn, wltAOira??h tlckela. ?a rollowa:? To Betannah, Oa., $!?; riuar lnstai> H O , Bt(V; New Orleans. $:*> 71; Mobile, MA; Ala $?; Na-hviUe. Bhnn,. $27 V?; Mamphla, ?? K ""'villa, $21 IE AanahL/Oa! f-H 12: Atin ita $vl I'olumbla, B ?' . $l< ImIhmU, N. JJfS Jmo' !?W|eappK toBl-OK#ORl) TII.RS '.l'*yiiereby mitlfl.d thai all bill* of lad ?tt7tooi<rb ispt Im* pi ftltutml tr? Win puwr <iu b mu~4, ***"* ***** VTORTH CAROLINA? WEEKLY. IX IVuewuaiimclui (U-anA^ NORTH CAROLINA. Captain Kb. Powell. inll leave pier Li North river, for Wll mingtou, N. C , on Saturday, March 36, connecting with Wl mington and W eldon vU Wl'mingwu and Manchester Ball ruada. Gooda forwarded to all pad* of North and South Caravan fioe of a uuuluiuu. Fre'gbt eight oents per foot and proportionate rale*. Insurance one-h?lf per oent Apply to U. B. C BOM WELL * CO., H6 Writ street, and 335 Broad ?ra f. The PABKEBSBCBU will succeed and leare on Saturday , April 6 THE NEW AND FIRST CLASS STEAMSHIPS OP TUB Amerlean Atlanti > Screw Steamship Gcmpany will leave pier 13 North river en the following day* ^TOOMKBY. Capt. William C. Berry, on Thoraday, The >hi pi of this line are all new, and are not surpaaaed in elegancy oomlort, safety ai.d speed by any on the ocean. licked to New Orleans, 939 75; Mobile, U; Montgomery, 125: Mm. phi*. Ml 75: Nashville $37 76. Knoxviile. $2j50, Chattanooga, $'??; Albany $33; Columbus $31 ; Atlanta, $31 , Macon, $30, Savannah, $15. /pply to EL B. CBOMWBLL A CO., No. M West street and No. &M Broadway. THB TORr. QTALLIOM. ? ROYAL OBORGE, JB., OWN BROTHER O to the celebrated Toronto Chief/ will staad this season at Steward Hotel, Cypress Hilla road, at $80 far the ???? Flret rata accomodation for marea and foala rHB CELEBRATED TROTTING 8TALLIOB. DM. M. ^?PATCHEN, will stand for a limited nnaaber of mam, at the promisee or the subscriber, known aa the Ijjtunsa Farm, near Ktefibridca, in the eMy of New Tort: The sea son will oommstms on the 7th of March instant. Persona de sirous of having mares aerved will please make early applica tion, aa, when the limited number ts oompieta, no further ap plications can be rewired. Good atabiea on the nromlsea,,and 100 anrea of pasturage. Terns for the aaaasn $100, and rea ?enable charges for keeping the mares. WM. WALT 8BM IRK, Washington Drove Yard, N. T. HORSES, CARR1AOKS, AC. A PORIIOM OF THE PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT OF IV. I. M. Singer for sale; ten Horsea and six Carnages, all first class. Carnage house OS West Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN WANTS TO SELL A HAIR of banc some j>on/ built llot sea, and also a hanMnae bay Mare; a splendid Saddle Horse. Apply at the aeoona sta ble on i he right hand side Maedoogtl alley, between Seventh and Eighth streets and blxth avtuue. For sale? a vfry stylish, thoroughbred bay Mare, long tall, 16% hand* high, 7 years old, per fectly trained as a saddle horse. Price $300. Apply at the private stable, 10 West Eighteenth atioet. TilOR SALE-FOUR SECOND HAND COACHES, IN ? go<<i order, auitable f or boat or night work; also, one open Barouche, suitable for city or country. Apply at Armours', No. 8 S< venth avenue. Fob sale-a bat pacing hobse, is hands, no white spots, 5 vears old can go in 3 minutes, never been trained: will be fast, aound and gentle. Price $300. Inquire at 4M Water street. PR SALE? A TEAM OF BATS, ? TEARS OLD NEXT June, 16 bands, ean trot in .1 minutes; perfectly sound and gentle; will stand without tying. Any gentleman want ing a safe team will do well to buy at the price, one week's trial will be given. Call at 498 Water atreet. For bale? a jet black blooded hobse, of direct Tippoo and Highlander stork; g years ofd, lfiL, hands high, and verj last; thoroughly broken for single or double' harness; has been trained bv Diabrow for the saddle; guaranteed to be perfectly sound and gentle In all respect*; will be sold at a bargain, aa hla ownei haa no further use for him. Address C. T. W. . box 1,333 Post otllca. For sale-one dark bat horse, suitable for cart cr team work. Apply to C. 8. HIKES, No. 13 Bowery. IilOR SALE-A HANDBOME AND STYLISH LADT'S 1 bay saddle Horse; Is perfectly kind and gentle, it desired will go in single or double harueaa, and warranted sound: is about 14% hands high, 7 years old, and prrnounced a perfect gem as a raddle horse. Also for sale, a beautiful Light VI agon, together with Harness, Ac., all made to order and nearly new. Apply to ALBERT H. NICOLA Y, No. 52 William street. For sale. -a handsome grat hobse, eight years old, sixteen hands high, kind and sound In every particular, except a blemish on one fore foot, caused by being corked ; will be sold at panic price, as the owner has ne use for him. Apply at 70 Bank street, near Bleecker street. For sale -a vest handsome mare* gentle and perfectly sound, five years old. Apply at Macdon ald's stable. Twelfth street, between Fifth avenue and Cut veratty place. For sale? a thoroughbred hobse, dark chestnut color, lfi^ hands high, five years old this .spring, kind and gentle in hainena, stylish aal easy tinier the sad dl; his fire was Win. Tell, out of a Kemble Jackson m ire, and very promising. He ean be seen at Dtabrow* Riding Aca demy, Fifth avenue, corner of Thirty ninth street. OR SALE CHEAP? TWENTY GOOD WORK HORSES, from it to Id hands high, just arrived from Canada eat. Also, some good road Horses, pacers and trotters, to be seen st Wright A futtle's livery stable, near the Houston street ferry, W II Jamsburg. N. B.? A fresh aaaortment of Roraea every two weeks. 1POB SALE OR EXCHANGE? SIXTEEN TOCTNG P Soma, just from Canada West, from 14t{ to 16 hands high, and froas four to seven years old ; all so und and kind. Inquire in the blackmith's ah op 130 Norfolk street. Horses, carriages, buogies, grocers. Ex press snd business wagons for sale ; a large stock selling of)' cheap; also second hand wagons and carriages of all klnda, and fifty horsea and harness. No. 10 Nevlna at. and 181 Fulton av? Brookly. I Light wagons.-dusenburt a van duser, practical Light Carriage 'makers, 1.16 and 1ST Chrvutie street, between Broome and Drlancey streets. New York, would Inftrm those gentlemen who have notordiere<! in time for spring riding, that they have llnlshed up, previous to en tering on their eprlng orders, and have on hand afew of their celebrated Light Wagon*, of the latest styles, whkoh cannot be surpassed lor lightness, beauty and durability. PONIES? ONE HUNDRED SHETLAND, SCOTCH AND Welsh Ponies have just arrived from Europe, or all celors, sixes and ages, from eight to fourteen bands high. In Forty second street, between fifth aadHlxth avenuea GEO. T HALL Road wagons. ? BBEWnTEK * do., 571 and 874 Brooms street, eor ner of Mott street, are prepared to receive orders for their *n parlor Wagons, deliverable at any period during the sotnlng season. Id addition to other Improvements which bar* given their work the higheet reputation (for durability and elaganoa, they would direst special atteotioa to their ''improved Bide Bar," rendering their "half spring" Wagons superior to all ?then in strength and elasticity. Although making Road W*?ou? a *|?ei?l Nature ol their business. toey wouldfrdaotu rite orders for rrerj style of pleasure oaririaga for towa and country. EOAD WAOONS. We hare on hand, and are prepared to receive orders for FIRST CLASH ROAD WAGONS, of all weights, made under our supei vision on the premises, and warranted to be equal to any other wagon made in this ottr. We hare also on hand and mating to order FIRST CLAM CARRIAGES, suitable lor park, city orcoun'ry, welch we will sell at low pricea. MINER A STE\ fcNH, 73, 74 and 7? Walker street, Firat door east of Broadway. WANTED? A DONKET, WHO IS KIND, GENTLE and well trained both for draught and under the saddle. Address H O., boi 1,971 Post ofllee. WAN1ED TO PURCHASE? A SECOND HAND COUPE, In good order. Address, stating price, F. N., boi 3,777 Foot oU^y on flpnt, jrrr from tub country, for Zj\t TBTe or ei'hange; iulU.ble for btuineea; good drivers; sound; some good saddle Horsoa. Apply at No. 7* C bar lea street. N. B.? A good lop Wagon and Harness. BPKC1AL WOT1C1 A FAIR FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE COLORED OE phan Asylum, will be opened at No 744 Broadway, ow ner of Astor place, on the 36th, to continue three davs. A Isrge variety of flne and ornamantal needle work and fancy ana useful articles are offered for sals at moderate prions. Refreshments of the best quality will bo f ui msfaed. No raf fling. T< bo open I torn lu In the mornlag tUl 10 at night Ticket* I* oents. Atrip THROuofa europe, avria, Palestine and Upjiet Egypt ? Arrangements are now being made by the subscriber to organlte a party of ten or twelve persons for the above named Interesting tour, Including the passage up the Nile, the subscriber Is famllmr srlth the entire route, and > peaks fluently the languages of raoh country. The eg. penxes to each member of the party will be quite modem 'c. Further particulars and the most unrxeentlona Jle referenoeo given on sppUcation to .IAMEM 1'. If Estill LLAM, boi MBO E. Y. I'ost office. A SPECIAL NOTICE.? THE BATHOLF MANUFAC turlng Company having been sold oat, their Hewing Ma chines can De repaired and nardles supplied at the Eureka Bowing Machine o?c, 493 Broadway. Prloe of Machine $40 Z OR EUEOPE-A SELECT FARTT IN! END MART, lag about the Mth of April (on a tour of plea* "ugh Europe, and desire one mors to complete the a her. Ksr particulars L?<ldress W. H. Sinclair, No. 3 Woot Washington plana, N. T. ITOnCE.-AN ANNUAL E11BCTION FOE NINE TRUH ? 1 toe* of the Knickerbocker Ioe Company will bo held at eir oflk e, ?H Canal street, on Tneaday, April 9, M91. The polls will be open from U to 1 o'clock P. M. The Tranafar Books will be closed from Maioh 30 to April 9. Inclusive. Twro. Biosmso. Hex E. f. OOMPTON, Pres. Brw loss. March U. Q V. A.? THE MEMBERS i^^^NE CH APTER ARE ven jnsBRHPR J. Mkikkh, a of the C requested to be punctual In attendance, this (Tuesday) evenirs, at 7>, o'clock, as busineas of Importance will fee transacted, liy order. W. H. BOWMAN, Hsrhem. 0 FFICE OF EXCELSIOR MEDICAL COLLEGE, ? ? 394 Canal street. Now York. Miami ?, Ifllt. The trustees of thin Institution have declared a dividend of three per cent, payable lo stockholders on and after Montey, the 1st day of April neit By order of the Board of Truatosa B. BEANDRBTH, I'residotil. THE DIRT CARTMEN OF . 1'HE FIFTH WARD HAVE refused to work for Mr. Hacklay. In consequence of their K'?mg : I need f",in ighteen lo til teen rent* per load y ?ay that the present prices would not pay expenses They earnestly hope taat their tellow workmen will not inter fere with them until they have obtained their just demands TO DAT.? DON T FORGET TO GO TO BROWN ?, ij Broad at teet nesr W all. w ben- vou wtki *nd e> crythliut you <to.ite to '?freih I fee toner man , r> ,<I md (?Y?te"< ol Deckir. llie p'twn ng Ha* eraffeo of Hum|i|ir?j ?. atid tbt artistic Dinners of the ? -?t faii-iaa oooks. r lioM't f orgvt U tal'ai BROWN'S, I*. Mmed ? '? t, aodere I UutopUnf. wmctty W Ute toward. nVAROIAIi. A OOffiT BILHOHT A (XX. BANKERS, MO. MfUl "-1 **r" to tmvelier^ 1 Mean Roths Nt|MMUdtMr A ?><i ,"T BBLIUHT m OO., KAHUKtl*. HO A strSfet. few York, line toilers of credit m Mil aMs m all parts ot barops, through the Me obU4 ot Paria, Ltita, fnibart, Vlelut, Nap* Chemical bank.-nbw tobx, march it, im ~ Elestfea. ?The stockholders of this b mA are hereby fled that the annual election far dlreotora, ut for lnspno at the Mil ensuing election, will be held at the butiui house on Moaday the ttret day of April next, between Uw honrssof X>? aotf t>4 otiock P. M. By order ot the Board. O. a. WILLIAMS, Oaahtsr. CHBMIOAL BANK, N*W YORK, MARCH ?, 18H.? Thirty -seventh Dividend? The rresHlent >nd Dweotors ot this batk have declared a ^oarterly Ihrtdeod of aU per neat, payable to stockholders on uud after Monday, the 1st day or Ajtnl next. By order of the Board, Q. Q. WILLIAM", Cashier. CITIZENS' GASLIGHT COMPANY'S STOCK OF Brooklyn, N. V., tor sale by JOHN B. MURRAY, 2M Canal sueet, uear Bowery. OFFICIAL. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. MARCH 22, 186L ? Sealed proposals will be received at this depig ment until 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, the 3d <^ay of April ant, (or eight million dollars <>f the stork at the United States, to be iasutd under the act of Congress of the 8th of February last. TbU at?k will bear Interest at tha rate of ail par oent per annum, payable bmlanu'mlly on the ttrwi days of J Miliary and July In ea<-h year, and will be reimbursable in twenty years from the fin.1 d?v of January last. The proposals should be endorsed on the envelopes, "Pro posals for loan of 1861." and bo adftrtssed to the "'Secretary ot the Treasury. WsihsCn>?n; w- v." I1>ey will bo opened and derided at the time fibot o stated. No offer ran he accepted for any fraction of out thousaad dollars; nor will any offer be considered unless one per oent un of ita amount is deposited with a depositary of the United {hates, subject to the order of the Secretary of ths Treasury. The cerUAoate of sush deposit must aoeumpsny eaoh propo sal. All offt rs for stook under this notice must be uncondi tional, and contain no lelerenee to any other olfor. The offera rnuat state the sum offered for each hundred dutlara of the xtock. Bidders of this stock, whose offers shall be accepted, moat deposit the amount offered and accepted with the Treasurer ot Un- 1'ulttd .States, oi w1>h the Arslstant Treasurer at Bos ton. New York, Philadelphia and It. Louis, or with the De positary ut Cincinnati, on or before the fifteenth, day of April neit. Should sny successful bidder desire to deposit at any other point, his request to that effect will be duly con sidered. Upon the receipt at this Department of certificates of de posit witti the depositaries above mentioned, eertlfloates of inset ib< d stock will be issued to the sucoessf ul bidders or th? ir assigns. in sums of one thousand, five thousand, and teu thousand dollar*, at their option. Inscribed stook so Issued will carry interest from the date of (the deposit of the money as above stated, and will be transferrable on the books of the Treasury, agreeably to the regulations of the Department Hiculd any successful bidder desire certificates of stock with coupons of the semi annual interest ther<-on attached to each certificate, they will be Issued In sums of one thousand dollars each, with attached coupons for Interest from the 1st day of Julyneit. and such coupon stock, instead of being iraijslerrabie on the books of the Treasury, may be assigned and transferred by the mote delivery of such certificates. The Interest on such coupon stock, from the date of the de pot It of the money therefor until the first day of July, will be paid on thai day to the accepted bidder or his attorney, by the depositary with whom the principal was deposited. Theprrlwiiniti y depo<>lte of one per oentum required from all bidders under this notice will be included In the final de posite of principal by successful bidders, and will be directed to be immediately returned to unsuccessful bidders; B. P. CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury. gTOCKS AND BONDS AT PRIVATE SALE. A/tor Fire Ins. Co. Treverton, C. A R. A, 1st Am> riean Ftchangc Ins. Co. mt'g bds. Brevoort t ire Ins. Co. Racine and Miss R. B., 1st Bnoklvn Central R. R. Co. mt'g bds. Commerce Fire Ins. Co. ' Butchers' and Drovers ' B'k. Cltirens' Bank, Beekman Fire Ins. Co. Dairascua Ftetfl and Iron Co. Columbian Marine Ins. Co. Exchange Fire Ins. C?. Clinton Klre Ins. Co, Fliemen s Fund Ins. Co. Clinton Hall Association. Grocers' Fire Ins. Co. Chatham Bank. Goodhue Klre lna. Co. Eaat Blrer Bank. Oreat Western Marine :1ns. Co Farmers A Ctlliena' Bk., L.I. Humboldt lire Ins Co. Firemen's Tnist las. Co. .'eraey ?)ity Fire lna. Co. Gertnanla Ins Co. Kings Coutty Ins. Co. Guardian Life Ins. Co. Man and Merchan t' Bank. Hope Fire Ins. Co. Market (Bank. Hanover Fire Ins. Co. Mercantile Mutual Ins. Co. Importers' A Traders' Ins. Co. Neptune Marine Ins Co. Metropolitan Fire Ins. Co. North River Batik Mat ket Mrs las. Co. Park Bank Marina Bank. Roudont and Kingston Gas Montauk Fire Ins. Co. Light Co. New Y ork Society Library. Richmond Count; Gas Lt. Oa People's Firs lna. Co. U. 8. Steam Sugar Rcf'g. Co. Re Je ' Fire Ins. Co. Western Urlsn Tcleyiaph Co. Washington Mar. las. Co. La Crosse and MUwaukie B. Lee County, Iowa 8 per c.bds. R , I'd mt'r. bds. Erie R. R. assented bds., 1871 Columbus, P. A Indiana R.R. Sandusky. Mansfield A New lat mt'g. bda. ark R. it., 1st at'|. bds. 8etoto A Hocking Valley R. Jereey City ti percent bonds. R , 1st mt'g bds. Syracuse, Binghamton and American Telegraph Co. N. Y. R. R., 1st mt'g. bds. WANTED Kniekerboeker Ice Co. La Crosse A MIL R. R. 3d Bowery Fire Ins. Co. mt'g. bds. Wells. Fargo A Cos' Eiprcss Stuyvesant Ins. Co. Co Continental Fire lna Co. Pacific Fire Ins. Co. Citizens' Fire Ins. Co. Mercantile Fire Ins. Co. N. Y. Consolidated Stage Co. ALBERT H. NICOLAY A CO., Auctioneers and Stosk Brokers, 68 William street. WANTED? ON COLLATERAL MORTOA4B, _ worth double the amount, for one year. Any one having this amount to Invest will find this a safe and ;.ooo worth double the amount, for one year. Any one having this smount ts Invest will find this a safe and profitable Investment. Address Manufacturer, Herald olllce <L(l /Wlfi *<> ? 18.000? WANTED, TO BORROW, ON bond and mortgage, on valuable real estate In Hoboken, New Jenny. This Is an eioellent opportunity to make a sale investment.! P. B ROSS A CO., No * Nassau street. 4 (Win TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, .T'W.UUU on Real Eatate, in this city or Brooklyn, in sumH of BLOUOand upwards; also, $30,000 to invest In pure ills IngmortKagea. Apply to A. SERUBANr, IS Wall street. LOAM OFF1CKM. A T 11 CHAMBERS STREET ? MONET TO LOAN TO A. any amount oa Diamonds, Watches, Jewelrv. Ac., by the well known and old establishes ISAACS, broker and commission merchant, 11 Chambers street. N. B.? No busi ness transacted onSaturday. A DVaNCEB MADE ON DIAMONDS, WXTCHES, A Jewelry and Sliver Ware, or bought for cash at the hlgb est prices. Old Gold and Silvnr bought. Apply at the old established o dices of L. JACOBS, 87 Wlillam street, branch 407 Broadway. A T Ut BROADWAY, CORNER OF PRINCE STREET, f . room No. 6, up stairs? Money advanced, from $1 to $Ut,(M), on Diamonds, Wat- hes. Jewelry, Dry Goods. Kegars, and every kind of merchandise. All transactions will be oo a fidenilai. BAUMOABTEN A CO. AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OF Broadway.? Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Goods and personal property of even de scriftion, or bougnt and sold by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. A DVAM BR ON DIAMONDS, PLATE, WATCHES. JEWELRY, PAINTINGS, PIANOS, DRY (JOUUS, AC., Or will buy the same lor eash at his private oflloe. The hbihest piicus paid for Diamonds, loose or set. J. H. BAKBINGER, 170 Braojway, room 25, tip stairs. THE LECTIRK HKAHOW. "/GARIBALDI AND HIS MISSION."? A LECTURE ON \J the above subject will be delivered by the pallor, Ur ban C Brewer, to lh? Christian Chanel, Seventeenth street, near Htith avenue, on Wedneadar, March 27, at a quarter be fore H o i.o 'k P. M Admission 26 oenu. I'pjoeeds for tbe bent-fit of tbe bunday achooL CLOTH1WO. AO I. RAT DEMAND FOR LADIES' AND GENTLB man'scsst off clothing. for which I will pa; mate than ?anal, on account of the panle. I guarantee to par tliefol lowing prices : ? Froo* $6 to $86 for Silk Dreaaea. from $3 to $18 for Coatt: f r?$l 60 to $4 for I'anta, alao, the highest price paid fnr'Fuiniturn, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. A note by pott punctually attended to by R., 134 Seventh avenue, be tween M net cent h and Twentieth streets. Ladlei attended to by Mrs. B. A LcA ROR ORDRR FOR $8,OUO CAST OFF CLOTHING? A Ranted to purchase for Mao Francisco, California.? Ladies and c 'ntle m?u. If you wlah to set a fair prloe for your Clotbea, Carpets, Kornlture ana Jewelry, the best you can do Is to send a note to B. Mints, No. 79 Hlilh avenue, where you may be convinced yon wlU be dealt with tn your snt'sfactioo ; ladles attended tn by Mrs. Mint/ No. 78 Hath avenue, ba te o-n Eighth street and Waverloy place. Aorrat demand foe clothing. ladirt and gentlemen.? Wanted a lot of cast eff Oletblnf, Ptirnl ture. Carpets and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay tbe best prions lu th< city tiy railing on, or addressing, M. AHRAHaMH, 2X1 Prrenth avenue, l>? t*e?*n fTwenty filth and Twenty tilth streets Ladl-e attended to by Mrs. A. AOREAT DEMAND FOB CLOTHING ? LADLK* AND cenUemrn having any cast off Clothing, Knrnltnre, Car I pate and Jewelry. wlD receive the highest price by calling on, or addressing, A. HARRIS, MM Third avenue. Ladles attend sJ to by Mrs. Harris. A RARE CHANGE ? LADIEB AND GENTLEMEN, I A have jn?t n i ? Ive.l to purrh*e ca<t oB tlo'li'u*. Carpets, Furniture, for lie California mark.t I promise to pay the highest prloe for them, by <WIIh?g on or addremlng M. Rills. W seventh avenue, near Seventeenth street. Ladles attended by Mra. Ellis. ALlARfJE OCANTTTT OF CAST OFF CLOTHINO wanted, to All up orders from the West PI rat rate prions will be given, and cash paid In current money. Apply to JAMES MORONBY, Ml Pearl street, nnit bloek to Chatham. A LARUE ORDER JUST RECEIVED FROM THE WBB tern states lor east-off Clothln*. Lad esand gentlemen having any of the same to dispose of. atao Furnflure, CV fa and Jewelry, nan assure a hitter prloe than ever before railing or addressing a notn to H , W BIlth avenue, oomer Twoniyseventh street. Ladles attended b| Mrs. H. A BKTTBB CHANCE "WlJi AjTO ?ENTIA A men, I have a great demand for gat oB ClotMnj, Fttf. attnr*. Oaj nets. Jewelry. Ac., for the Western market IwlB Twentieth and TwentvS^^^M ? attended to br Mra AnhalL Attention.? ladibb and gentlemen, if too want to get the foil value far ytmr mm off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry, the best yon oaa do Is to send a note to r. HARRIS, M4 Seventh avenue There you mar be onnvtnoea you will be dealt with u> your satisfaction. Kor Silk Dreaaea, firaa $J to $30; for Coats, fmn $3 to $13; tor Pants and Testa, from $1 apwards. Please don't forget. IM Seventh avenue, near Twenty first street. Ladles attend | cd to by Mrs. Harris. larob quantity or cast off cloi-htno wanted foi the v ee'ern market ; gentlemen having any pnTw or osst off Clothing to dispose of can obtain the highest < iieli ni ice bj falling st thestoreor sddressiiui Uan'l Doyle ??l Pearl street dLU flftH worth or urnti.rmrns nkw and

>vUU lei t off C'othlnr wanted for th? Western mar bet. Hie litgli^Hi raaii price ever paid oan ha obtained la hank sUe uiont y t<i large or small lota, by railing ?U Uts aietr, or mKwtHM w. j> Of ^Xrwt. Howaa, booms *o.t wartbd. i A SMALL HOUSE, OB LOWBE PAST OP A HOUME, containing ?????' eight apartments, with water and gas, ? anied by a amsBfamilj of adults, lower_nnrt of the ?xty prefeir?d. or Brooklyn. near Pulton ferry. Beet $300 to ,%4Uli u nMoopUuaahte refertnoea given. mrlrm Tenant. >V?H odlce. A STORE WAMTBD ? IB BROADWAY BBLOW Prince street. LOBJK BROOKS * SON. _? MB PuMon ibwt. pVK?WH?D CUBNIBIIED HOC8B WANTED-FOR SIX MONTHS; nut not to exceed $60 periaoatlk, Address X., box 1,391 it otiioe. H?h5^, ZZZS&J'&VrtOAL AND POP ULah ?.r .V,uM Uk^Sha V?r P*rW- ***? 1 H. m'Sj^ f?r PART CF A HOUSE WANTED? WITH ALL MODBBM convenience*, bv a gentleman, wife and servant, la a small genteel family; tfeelewer part preferred, with aa attic bedroom: rent not to exceed $4UU, payable quarterly in ad vssice if at- aired. Addreea, slating partwulara, B. U, Hera-d office. Three unfurnished booms wabtbd-for houM'keeping, by a amail respectable family, at a mode rate rent, in Brooklyn or Williamsburg, near the down town ferriea. lossesslon wanted April 1. Address, stating rent and location, J W. 1*., boa 0T7 N. V. Post office. WANTED-BY AN UNMARRIED PHYSICIAN, Ac commodations, between Ksrty-seoond and Forty eighth >iiwi>, between Firth and Seventh aveuues; a B*dreem and Offins or Bedroom alone, with or without board. Address Dr. Van Not den, 200 Weal Eighteenth street. WANTED- BT A SMALL PAMILT, WITH NO CHIL. dren, the Upper I 'art of a House, with Crotoa and ga a, below tenth atreet and between ilrat and Fourth avenuea. Addicts K. O., 1(6 Kast Twenty first atreet. WANTED? SB THE SEVENTH WARD, BT A PAMIDT ol three grown persons, the entire Beoond Floor, of Ave or aix room*, connecting, with gas, hot and cold water and watcrcloaets; with the owner i ?referred. Beat of re ference given and required. Addreaa for one week E. J. S., bos UA Herald office. WANTED? A SUIT OP PURNI8HED BOOMS, SUIT ab.e for oOioe and bedroom, located on or In the vicinity of Broadway, between Fourteenth and Canal street*. Addreaa l.ocas, Herald office, stating location aud terms. WANTED? A PLAIN, QBNTEEL, FnRNISHED House, in a central locality and good neighborhood, l or a year or longer Beat of city references given; famUv small. Acdre*s Home, box 147 Herald office, for two days, nutting particulars. WASTED? BY A PHYSICIAN, A SMALL BASEMENT, suitable for an office, iurnlshed or unl urnished; with out Board, location from Amity to Twenty eighth street and Second to (seventh avenues Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, box 1,348 Post office References ex changed. "w s?rc a % ?fe* A m 1 ? ? . Brooklyn Post office. Address for a WANTED? A FURNIHHBD, OR PARTLY FURNISHED Lou**, by a small family of adults, who have a lew friends with them as boarders; would like to meet with a party wiihmg board in lull or part payment of rem. Address, with full particulars, P. T. B., box No. 2,(M0 New York Post oil ice. WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, PART OK A HOUSE, for a small family; looation must be a pleasant one, east of Oxford street, between Pulton and Flushing avenues. Address Z. LI, Herald offioe, for three days, statin*; rent and lull particulars. WANTEri? BY A SMALL FAMILY, THE LOWER part of a House, five or six rooms, with modern Im provements, rent not to excerd $300; or a whole House, rent not to exceed $8tU, between Second and Fifth avenues. Ad dress, stating particulars, J. 8. B., Herald office. sea *<? p, ihir"a?enue.el0' ***> ?r *2** WANTHD-TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMB. with gss anil conveniences for housekeeping, for a ratal) family consisting of three grown persons and two small chll'lien; must be In a respectable location and mode rale rent, rl-nty of clo?et room Is desirable. Address, ?ut tg terms, ineattos and rooms, S. K. O., box 2,868 Post office. WANT1 U-FO* A VERT DESIRABLE TENANT, A House with modern Improvements. between Ninth and Thirty flftttrttreets, aud Six .hand Fourth avenues; mm not to eve>'d jj.ti*) per year. Address W. , Box 'JJ7 Post oOiue. YtTANTl':!*? BT A SMALL, HESTEEL FAMILT, PART TV of a Mouse Mas; contain all the Improvement* and be located In a ;ooJ neighborhood, net above Thirtieth s .reet. Address Frank, 2* OliryMie street. nr anted? a smaj.j< boubb, in a ooodneioh VT borh od, below Fortieth street. Rent not to exceed $600. Add i ess box 1,907 Pest Office. WANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY. THE LOWER PART TT of a house, In a good neighborhood. Referenoe ex changed. Address box 1.307 Post Office. TirANTl- D-A LEASE OF A PLEASANTLY SITUATED TT Dwelling llnure in New York dty, by a private fa mlly. Rent not to exceed #*,000. Add re is box 1,166 Post olltce. New leik. WANTiI>? PART OF A HOUSE WITH ALL THE Mo dern improvements, insisting of front and back base mentl, iiarior ttoor, ami two ro ms on third floor ; rent not to exceed $36". or a small three story house, rent not to eitcaed WW', abov< Kllteenth Ktreet and below Fiftieth street; must be In a gooii nrlghborbo*?t Address, wlto particulars, N. C., bei 121 l'ost oliice. Agents need not answer. nr ANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY, A COTTAGE OR TT inut:i House In Brooklyn; rent not to Aiceed $150 to $175 per \ ear Address E. Jehl, care Herald office, N. Y. une with s -mail plot of ground preferred. WANTED TO HIRE? A HOUSE, WITH THE MO dern mi orovements, ?it>iai>-d between Thud and Siith avenues nod T-uth Sbd Thirtieth streets, for oue to Ave years. Would bav.' no objection to board a party In part payment of rent. Und oubted references given. Address Charles IL 0., Hersld oO<?. TITAN TED- TO RENT A BU1LD1NH ONE OR TWO TT stori'-s high, su< h one as may be suitable for the esta blUhmentof a small distillery, location in the vicinity of Twettr flf i h street and Fourth avenue. Address Building, Herald office. 4?1 a MONTH SAVED AND RENT FREE -THE ?TI good will and furnlMHe of ifiont aud back Room, with three Bedri oms and bath attached, to be sold cheap; pwaes ?Icn this unl ; s Room and Bedroom Is let for $1 |.er month mora than the rent; eveiythlng requisite to go to iiounckeetv log JOHN Bt'OOn'AN. 172 West Nineteenth strwt. STKAMBOATI. m-OR ALBANY.? NAVIGATION RESUMED. MBR P chAii h Una. Nfinwi NORTH AMERICA and HERO, fr?m the foot of Park place and Robln*en *treet daily, at 6 o'clock P. M , lo connection with the Mew Kork Central Railroad. Fare. iSoenta. J. W. HANCOX, A#ent. ASTROLOOV. An AHTol'NDIN(i FACT.? AMONO MANY OTHER*, IB reve*'ed In the page* of Or. Larmont* Pari a, London and New 1 ork Medical Adviser and Marriage liuiae, which rteaervee ti e attention 01 the male art particularly, both mar iie<| and ainrie ilia long and eitenatre practice Laa proven that e very <i-nth male ta suffering from d-bllltv or iftaoase, at drat local, but in a few jnari promratlng the nervom *yatem, Tanning ln'Oivation, con-ilpa.lun, pal0ltation and Buttering or 'he heart, "W.ingiinent of the liver, kidney* and bladdci , a ringing or Ouxxlug in the ear* or head, atferting the mind and iwmorr *?< aa to lix apacilaie the auflerer lor liuatueaa or plea aitre But lew know tlie caoee of their diaeaae, 'hough man; who to let their lalae mod?*ty deter them i r>m con.viulng 'he author of tile hook, who la curing all such paileaia by don drr-d*. Mead the book, and don t miller any longer It la mailed fi" lor $1, by LAWKF.N>:K, No. I Ve?.y atreet, KOrt? A lOl'BKl, U> Naaaau atreet, New York: T. B PK TERfcON, .1,6 Chestnut atreet, Philadelphia; J. H. JOHN SON 70 ?t?te *trect,Chic*go. or the author, from ? A. M. to ? P. M. and 7 lo ? th irxUy evening*, at 4*7 Broadway, up atair*. Nov V'm k A BON A HOE AKTHOLOOlHT. TIUT EVERY ONE ean nepend >n l? Madame WILSON, who tell* the ob ie?:t of yo>>r vi*it aa soon aa y?u enter her room. Madame tfll*on 1* the greatem a*troioglHt that ever wax known. Hhe will lnvok" the power* or her wonderful *clence, and t?U all he event* of your whole life. Her predictions are ao true that they eurprl^e every one thai oonaulta bar. H"?b? ladle* may gel a little ilaild, though Uiey need not fear, for ike prao ti an* nothing but what la reaaonable to phili* ipbera. All ?botild couwlt thla aval wonderful and myaterlou* lady. Her advtr h.i* never be^n known to fail, and twenty thouaaod dollar* rwwajd to any one who can equal her In the above ad enoe. Madame WlUoti :a In poaan?lop of the oalebr*'"d m*. glo ckarm*. which are ever oertala In their eg act. Truly may ?he be call- d a wonderf ul woman. IM Allen utrret, between tiouaton i i?l h'anion, o> er the bakery. Fee for ladle* and g>'utl< mail .Hi ik nta. Astonishing and Monr wonderful.- madame MOI- B< ? W. Mventh daughter, born with a caul and gift | of foreali t; tell* how ??in and often you will marry. and all ermwrii* ' I Ufa, even your very thought*. Hhe guarantee* those who via it her will not ragret It, Pee, Meant*. IS4 laid low, *tx d"ora from Houatoa street. Oentlewan not admitted. MA DAK B HABYBY REMOVED. -j-BHB CAN INFORM her many f i1eti<l* and th* puhll* *f all theevaata of Ufa, at MM Rivlngvm atreet- near Sheriff Lakiea If mii, Oentlamoi rot admitted. Hour* fnm ? till K. IfADAJDE RAY, NO *0 BBYBNTH AVMNUE, NEAR M Twenty aaveath itraat, rarpria** all who vlait her. TKa nick, trouMed asd unlucky thraid test her powar. Bhe tell* ywur very thonehta, lucky numbers, loaaaa. Ladle*, M oeata; gaata, 80 teat a. SPIRITIALIHM.? MR. CHARLES COLO HESTER, rHE ? great teat medium, can be eonanlted, a* urutl, at hi a rooua, MH Broadway between Bteaeker aad load atreet*. Hour* from HAM. uatQ 8 F. M WHO WOULD NOT SO WBBRB FORTUNE IST-OO ye, we Mia* WELLINGTON, the great Engll*h pro pheteaa, the beat of all. and cannot be eioellad. Can be o on suited, peraonally or by letter, on all affair* of life, cmcemlng lawaulta, jouraeya. abaent friend*, Wjra, court* hip, marriage, health, wealth, ana whn will reolalm drunken and untalthrul hn*band* Ml?* W I* the only penoa In tka city who haa the genuln* Roman and Arabian tallaman* for love, good lnek and all buf m?a< affair*, and are guarantee*/or life. Lucky number* given at her n-eldenoe, |Q Hxih avenue. fill Rl-PBIDUR HTREBT ?MADAME WIIXJEB, 1)1/ r!al!vuy*nt and gltted Hpam*h Mr, onveiU tlir my* tefe* of futurity, lore, marriage, abaeat f'iendA "lekjieaa, pte.cvihe* medtataa for r\Il d ;nut?, t.HIglvCh/ nuta iet*. pr? l>etiy lo i or atolra, *c. Asnr^KDiHirra. If mtO'H GARDBM. IT Jhm M. Ntaoa Ma Lwm mki Ibaiier. BXNWIT or MGNORINA GALLHTTI. The (???( aeoiation duurujc .f l? Bayadere, u4 MGftOK MON7.AM. IMreotor ud H?*? d? B?iW oi the Tioupe, Cn URM'Al EVENING. fearch ??. The fnilowlag oaM>rated vocalist* have volunteered toper form for the fceneAl of Ur diatuurutahed beuetHUuiea ? Mr. MMOORHOUbR BOWLRR, Mr. AYN8LET l.UtlK, Mum H UtRIET PATHS. The entrrtelMeala will commence with the seufemeutal divertlsMsmtnl. entitle* {.'ILLUSION 1> UN PEIMRE. Ii which inU asoear GALETT1, TOLEDO AND TOPHOFF. DAMCMS; Mo. 1. Waltz, figuration, by Miles. P. Martinet!!, Roee and Corps lie BaNet. No. X Grand pa* da iroia, from the Veoetlai UernlveL bi Btgnociua Uhl'toMI. Ml'.e. Hn'ene aiul Mr. Topfaud. After which, theMneoed act of LA BAUffDUKB, la the Out me of which the superb Trial daaee Hj Oallettt, Aad>(l>e duet of Ob the baaka of Gaums Mr. Bewteraod Miss Payne. To be I allowed by the Farce ot the TIURR fAMBR The whole to conclude wtih the fantastic spectacular Ballet of FAUHT. Kauat Mr. Topbetf MArgorttta Klgnorlna GmleUl Berta mum Kmc Fisher Valeutlao Mr. Toledo Peter M. Vex MeHttofele M. Bouranl DANCES. N?. 1. U Veneriana . Martlnetti, Sc^riat and oorpa de Balle No. Z Comic Hatha Oallettt, Tec Mo. 3. Grand Pne de Flerc Tllfld M. Tophotf Mo. 4. PawHi di Caracher. . .Martlnetti, Sc grist, Yet, and oores de Ba.let Ma. Bt Grand Paaao a Lei di affaelnaUooe. . Slgnorini GalletU, ToledoAMartinetU, Segrist, Toplioff and "??*-?' GENRIIaLLE GRAND TABLEAU. ON WEDNESDAY, B1GHTT-TUIRD MOOT OF MR. EDWIN FORRhST. THURSDAY, NIXON'S ROYAL CIRCUS Wtil give their Ural entert^jpmeet since their return from Doori open at a quarter Mrore 7. Curtain rises at a quarter b? fore 8. Dreaa circle and parquet 60 oaoio tra ehaira (1 oeeh Family circle (entrance ou Ctoaby street) 26 cent*. WALLACK'8 THEATRE. TO NIGHT (TUESDAY), SECOND AMD LAST TIMR HERE, Bulwer's beautiful play, in fire acti, of MONEY, With ita unrivalled cast. %?' Lord tilosamor^rTT ." i..Mr. Reynolds Mil Frederick Blnnnt Mr. Floyd Mr. Mout Mr. Young Mr .Graven ...Mr. Walcot Cantata Dudley Smooth Mr. Norton Sharp Mr. Parka Grab Mr. Paraloe Tabouret Mr. Oliver Crimson Mr Coburn Clara Double* Mrs. Hoey Lady Kranklin Mlas Fanny Morttnt Oeoigiana Mrs. Sloan TO MORROW (WEDNESDAY), Mr. W AL LAC K has the honor to announce to the friend < ot his theatre atid the public In oeneral that a NEW COMI.DY, Cjkl.LEB HENRIKTTB, Wt'l be produced. Translated from the luvnch and adapted to the American stage by a GENTLEMAN OF THIS CITY. It will be presented with New scenery, dresses aud appointments, and presents the following FULL AND POWERFUL CaBT: Emtio Lefevrc Mr. Lester Wallaok M. I* tour Mr. Young M. de Blosmcre Mr Norton Paul Mr. Floyd M. Burdou Mr. Pans M. Civet Mr. Coburn M. Canard Mr. Oliver Victor Mr l'arsloe Ilenrtelte Mrs. Hoey Ruaalle Latour Mrs. Sloan Marianna (half sister of Mad. Latour) . Miss Miry Gannon Madame de Bioasiere Mlas Fanny Morant Justine Mia* Tree Madame Solan^e (Housekeeper to Latour) Mrs Walcot Doors open at 7>4 ; Oomm< noe at 8 o'clock. Alfred E vctap. Mr. Lester Wallaok Sir John \ Mr. Moore w INTER GARDBN LeM>ee and Manager A. W. Jackson. This Evening (Tuesday; March 26, The beautiful drama THE HIDDEN HAND, In which Mr. F. 8. CIIANFRAU Will sui. lam bis gnat original character, WOOL. Hurricane Mr. R. Johnston. lobe followed by THE SON OF THE REPUBLIC, In which Mr. DAV1DGE. HTOUDART, Mtaa CLIFTON, aud lull stieoglh of the. oompany will appear. BPEOiALNOTlOls. On Wednesday, March 27, the celebrated Ame rican aetreiu, Miac ANNETTE INCE, Will make her filat appiari.ucn aa P AETHER IA, Im 1NUOMAR. ITALIAN LIBERTT. Col. CHaS CARROLL HICKS, late of the Army or Ita ly, head of the staff ot Gen. Avez/.ana, and who waa on gas1 d In the feui ful "Puiwgo oi the VoitWDO" and the " Sige of Capua.' by the npeciai Invitation of several Itaiiao gentlemen and other prominent citizens, Mill deliver A LECTURE On ITALY AND GaRIBALDI, ?MM SKETCHLS OF VICTOR EMANUEL, COUNT OAYOUB, ami THE ITALIAN WAR, CLINTON HALL A8TOR FACE, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARt'n 37 Italian History from the vear Law; Kevolutlon of 189; History of the late Italian War; Narratives, Kii.iik Inci dents and Personal Adventures in the various Bauiee; Brav? ry of the Italians. TICKETS M CENTS For sale at the principal hotels, book .unrea, and at the door. Doors open at 7 ; to oommenoe at 8 o'clock. Notice.? Canterbury hall compant will meet at (French theatre at ten o . lock this morning' "ilur door." Any persons having claim* on the pn prietom of the late Canterbury * til please send them in as above . FOX A C URBAN. THE CONTINENTAL OLD FOLKS' CONCERT? FOR the hem (It of the 8e?nd Reformed Presbyterian church, Orchard sirtet, near Broome, Medneaday e.vemug, March 27. Tickets 28c. RPORTINCt. Yacht rebeooa foe bale.? she oak be seem at Oreen|i>lai. M K D1CAL. AVOBD TO THE SrFFERINO.-TRY DB WARD.WI Broadway. Ul? (treat remedies cure permanently and with despatch. CONSULT DB. WARD. ?XI BROADWAT.? THE EARLY application to a competent physician ntm mucli future mUery. t ,, CONFIDENTIAL M ED1CAL AND SUBG1CAL OONSUI* tatlons.? Dr. COBBETT, member of the New fork t. niTtndty (Medical College), can be conaulted with the mxt honorable confldenee an certain dlseaaea at hla private ottcea, Now. *j Centre street and 6 t Illy Hall place, between Cham bers and Raade streets. Thirty year* In one special I ty enables hin. to guarantee permanent cures, bee hla diploma la his ofl.ce. N. B.? Dr. 0. aolds oo communion with medical Im post*-?. DR. WAfBO.N TBKATH WTTH COMPUTTE SU3CE88. and without restraint of diet or eierctae, all itisea.-iea of a private n?ture. at 4M Broome xtreet, aeoond block weet of Hroadway , I rom o A. M. to 9 P M. Beoen . cases cured in a few days DR. WABD, *ij3 BROADWAY. IH UBAFPROAtiUED among physician* In curiae certain disease a. fry hla gre.m remrdic end r?-ad his practical treaties. DR HUNTER HAH FOR THIRTY YEARN CONFINED hla attention to dlx<-aaea o< a set-tain olass In which be baa taaiad no less (ban lily thousand aasaa without an In manor oi t .il Hire. His great remedy. Dr. Hunter's R< d Dmp, auras oer utn diseases when rr-gniar treatment and all othor rrnKNli>-? fall cures without dieting or restriction in the ha bits of the.patleat; nin a without the disgusting and *l<-kenlng effects of all other remedies, cures In new ca?es In leas taan all boiira. It roots out lha poiaonoaa taut the blood 1s sure U> abr' rb i.nlrta the rrucdv In used. It Is $1 a rial, and can But >? obtained genuine anywhere than at the old oflice. No. 3 Dni-k n atieet. Book for nothing, thai treats of the evil effete of early abu?? DR. WARD. BROADWAY, I* DAILY CONSULTED c.nlirtratiaUy wtU> complete and gralifylug sucoaia. At tends till Wl*. M. r. RAM'11? oph< Em UtOEOMV BTBEET; HOURS l> I.. J and ? : ?? S'.iida>? eirepted. D Dr. johmbob. u do abb stbut. mat be con. suited sci all diasaaea ?f a certain rlaea. Thlrtr years' aiparteaee In one > pedal Ity ea shies kin. to gitarantea spseity cm res te all wka soma ante hla eharja. OSes open until tat BK M EDICAL CARD? RRBO V AL.? DR. THIERS' OFFICE 1s removed to M Sixth aveaue. New York N. B.? Foul i not treated gpiiogAL irfinu. / tOBPOBATION PIERS, SLIPS ANDRRAL NUTATE v Wl be leased at aoct ten.? Notion is hereby that the Comptroller will, on Monday , April I*. IM1. atTno'ctock ?. at the City JfaklL taaae cm bide at pahMs asaSsa esfasal of the Ptere aaa fflTps Vielongtns to the Corpora, loa, for lha term of Bve years from the Or?t day of May, WW. Also, the lofts over Franklin market, prwleee No. SI Ana ?treat, and three Houses and LoU to Water atraet. Brooklyn. t ataloyniea cueualnlng the description, loaatlon and terms of ml. may be had at tT.i. T RAWS, Comptrolier Onr or New Yoss, fcrsefssiit or Fihanc*. cosmos i.kR's Owes. Baieh M, MB ujvui oonnnp on street* or the 1a room Bo. '?Jack e n the etlea m at Itai'er street lo Uhathaia squarn. Fl'iiairir h ldytnart tt*1Wd i a'teivl * OKO P SiCi; FORD, i Committed JOHN II (Mi AN \ on (OA* U, U-AUu. ) |W*t? .. AHre81iJ?k?WTW. A 0AOSI6IB* OP Ml SIC-NEW YORK ANB BIIQb A l.YN ITaLIaN opbka. Sir Hl'ZIO rr?p<vHf nil) minoeeoe* that I he Italian Opgm Company of Aatsttetad Aituu, ofter kmirceeaf?l <**??? to BoaUra. will, on tt*r vr?y to fuim m toualy cnatreitet em Wiwcnn in Philadelphia, Cincinnati " nd SI. louu, <*re one WB'k'i opera tn New York and Brook ly*, oommeaofijfhB New York ou Monday neit, April I, and ia Hrookljn Mi fill day next, April 1 Opera night* In Now T? -rk, HMdti, W?? ucklajr?ud VrKUy , ud lm Brooklyn, Ineet'ey, Thm-aier ??* ' ACADEMY OF MUSIC N8W nlkl. ^ On MONDAY uut, April 1, will be performed Yantt'e brtUd Chef d'BHirrr UN BiLl/l IN MAJlcnEBA (the Ma* <hJ?, with IU great coot, including All the principal A rtUU of U>e Oil) pop/. A OA OEM V OP M I'SIC , BBOOKTvK On Tl KmOaV uenl, AprU Z, will be par t unned T attractive opera of LINDA DF CHAJfONDC. HI*. Muzml Director 1 ho aale of tickota hmw nwt on Thunder next i the Academies, at Breuaiug'a, 701 Broadway, and iHbeM^I WrIi Hi met. Laura keenes theatre. LaIRA kkknks THKATRB. LAURA KRBNE'B nihATB*. LAURA KfcJKNE S THRATBB. LAURA KEIMH TUKATBB. Till. ? IRK AT THREE ACT BURLRTTA GREAT THKUE ACT HURLMTrA OH&AT TUKEB ACT burletta iu.i ai km rui*D ONE II UN liKKO AND |TWHNTT . _ ONE HUNDUBD AND TWENTY POV* ONE HUNDRED AND , TWENTY TIMES, AKT> WITMK.ISK* ?T ONE HUNDRBD AND NINETY THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND ONE UUNLRED aND NINETY THOIWAND TOKIGIIl AND EVEBY MOHT THIS WBBK THfc S*"*"EN SISTERS Br.YEN SISTERS shVEN MIaTF.Ro .-.fcVK.N hISlERM SEVEN hiriTERO SEVEN BISTERS SEVEN RIMERS BBV SEVEN SISTERS BBVEN 8ISTBBH SE\EM BISTERS SEVEN 8I8TERB SEVEN SISTERS HEl'EN SISTERS AMD UNCLE SAM'S MAUIO LANtEBN. UNCLE BaM'B MAOIC LANTERN. UNCLE SaM'8 MAUIO LaNTRRM. UNCLE HaM'8 MAOIO LANTBRN. UNCLE SAM'n MAOIC LaNTKRN. UNCLE SaM ' & MAOIO LANTBBN. UNCLE HAM 8 MAOIC LAJUTMN. UNCLE BAM '8 MAOIO LANTERN. UNCLE BAM S MAOIO LANTERN. UKOLB SAM'S MAOIC LANTERN. ( ONTAlMMtt ALL TUB GREAT UNION TABLEAUX. COKtMTINU or COLUMBIA AT WASHINGTON'S TOMB. THE THIRTY -POUR STATES. TUB BBONY ri r*UK*f!no nifc GOOD OLD SHIP CONSTITUTION. DUIIIIirlD BY THK EMANCIPATORS AND FIRL THE STl'MP OP THE LIBERTY Tl THE SLAVE SCENE, TOE HAPPY PLANTATION HOML CALHOUN'S DREAM. AMD WASHINGTON'S ABMY AT VALLEY LIBERTY AND DIOGENES, APOTHEOSIS WASHINGTON AMD UNION. AMD THE OBEAT SCENE THK BIRTH OP THB BUTTE BPLY l* THE BOWER OF PERNS. Sent* may be secured one week In advaaoe wtltMt charge. Uoora open at 7 o'clock. Commence et 7\ Pert ormannn terminates at 10 o'clock. N tw HOWERY THEATRE. Bole proprietor*. . . . Meanre. O. L. Poc 4 J. W. TUESDAY, March M, VDU. A wnr patriotic drama. By Harry Seymour, Esq . eutlted THfc LIBERTY BOY OP 7?; TAL.SB AMD TRO*. OK. rALHB AMD TKO K. New and Biautlful saeaery. Appropriate GoatOhM, eal Grand Tahltaux All the Company in the Oeat. Mr. G. L Pii'BOOinle pantomime of KAOUL, OR, THK MAGIC 8TA?; product d In all Ita ORIGINAL 8PLBWD0R. _ Com id M'. O. L. Pea. Cjncladlng with the Scottish diema at THE WARLOOK OP THB GAEN. Matthew (the STarlock). Mr. G. 0. BdoVm BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM HAB THE GRBMT eat combination or Laving V oudersand (;uiioaUie?e*?r aeen together at any price, much lea* lor the tmall gun at M oenlt. It embrareH Beam, which perform all K>rU of umuaiiig trieka; to ring dan oi'. turn aotnerraulu, play the HuMler, the AruakaH. the rowdy, the puMrtaa, Ac., AO. The Mammoth Bear Hamaon, hea Uon, What U Iir den of MoOMer Sa?ta% Aquaria! Garden, Bearded Lady, Mlaa Reed, the tK*uUt? Lillpullau Oueen, and 6M1.UU) ciuiOMilira. alMM THE WONDERFTL POttTUNE TRLLKM. Mona LKVIDaU will appear at the afternoon pn fei aa ance and king "heretic Geuima Sofl'ra Lueta," from ute e^em ol "Uruimi di Vergy.' THE 8PENDID DRAMA, OITANELLL erery day, at .1 and 7h ?*? lock P. M. With all tiila the ML mlMlon ia only 25 cenu>. Childrr n under ten, 16 cent*. JgEYANtH' MINBTRELB, MecbanioB' Hall, 472 Broadway, above Grand etreet. MONDAY, March 36, and every nlitht during the DAK BRYANT on the * rial*? DaT'S VV1I AT S OS I Mme. Merahute'a Debut, by Adama and Jerry BryaaC JAPANESE TOMMY, OR WHAT IB ITt INAUGURATION BALL. Biddy MoGinnla T. Norton I Htm Dipaey Dan Brrad DIXIE'S Land. By the Originals, DIXIE'S I.AJMk Doom open at ; curtain rliee at Tii- Tickeu 26 c uta. The DiKEcroRs ok thk american dr a maths Pund A-owvlailun beg to preaent their thaaka to the ateefc lioldeta of the Academy of Music lor their llberilitf on be half of the Kund at their recent benefit on the Slat lntk, ?a alao to t^ipreas th<-ir acknowledgment for the reedlaee? wiiM which the f everal nanagera ana artiita co opem.eA In a per. formam e w hich rt?il/od the munificent ?um of two thmmmM. dollar*. CHARLES S. BERNARD, Seerntair. C'EKMAN VOLKB OAKDEN, ?5 BOW MKT. I PALACE CONCfeET II ALL., < ))*?> erery nlgst ? For the best selected Enter laiatnenl in UmMR TBB VOLKH HARDEN la the brut conducted and cheapest place oi amusement In lAe tttf Admission Bcenu. Admission ? oeule. Reeerred seats 12 cents. Hew ersnfrmuii* every week. Second appearance this eweuUg e( Mr. W. N. HM1TI1, 'be champion bone player in the world. Fro nd week of the wonderful original Cmne?e Juggler, Mr WILLIAM AlUOfT. 1 be peifornjance cloeea every evening with ^ A GRAND PANTOMJME. The greatest altracilon in lb" city are the waiter girlh n fancy costume. VATIONAf. ACAOF.MT OF DESIGN -THB THI_. 1\ stub sntiuai exhibition of Ike National Academy ef L _ Mgr. ? resisting if original works by living art lata. Barer b*> f( re eahibiud, is now uw n for the season at the gal.eciea la Tenth direct, neai Broadway, HeaMon tickets S) renin. slMte admission a cents. T. ADDIHON RICHAR^*^ Corresponding Bacretary, N. A. NE* 10RKEE BTADT THEATRE, 37 ? BOWEXT. Fourth night ?f KIESBLARECND HEINE SHHTB VOM BALUR, New Conn dy, with Bongs and Dances, by A. Weiraush. ONLT PERFORMANCE OK MR. J. M. V. Sl'SCIFM 'STABAT MATER DOLOBOSA," for HolL Cfceraa and Orchestra, TUESDAY NIGHT aest, at IrriagMall. TUk eU sold aiao for the last complete Rehearsal, Tuesday ??? ing. at 10 o clock. __ WILL BUOBTLY CLOSE, EXHIBITION Of FAQS'* "VBBUS." MS Broadway Admittance Usss (% Mason and thomas- fifth classical ttouuni Will be given at Dodsvorth's Hall ON TUEHDAT EVERING, Maroh M. There will be performed a (Quartette lo C major by ?MML a Sonata In C sharp minor by deethoren, a grand goaata f?f pianoforte* and rtulin by Raff, and a Quartette la B tat nMM by Mendaissohn. Tickets one dollar. The grand pianoforte used Is furnished by Bteinwa/ A MM* To oocnatenoe at 8, doors open at 7H o'doeh PALACE GARDEN, MUSIC HALL. URAND CARNIVAL ORAND CARNIVAL. 1IONDAT EV BEING, April I.US. rpBB NBW HISTORICAL 'MNgNOOl^ ^ DMdin, her war^Ae^U^\J Hon. On exhibition at OonpO'a, 771 Broadway. Ardiala?ioa I INDIAN EXHIBITION -THBfNDtAf CHIEFS 1 repeat tbeJr ExhIWtlon at th?^-P?r'.ai^tule, T evening. March * Bellglotu a, Hunting, Oora. Com uSgDaneee, Ma^^"l?.%g? wen ij and f? male performer*, tn their hnHUwt Ma'Ire Qoiumea. Ttofca^i 2i cents. Children Ittoeal* To somrss?^? at 7H ocioefc ^ wisely k. GBAND SACBBD CONCERT. V*OT BEING ASIA BW want of means to mthUah bf other edvrrttseaaeal M Mining my ujasert Wv nighi. to thy ? or aay other pager ll mSurret er tSt hHealCSW *? let* yesterdays ptser and to the short dtrrctkoaa eoaese mas the mailt tathree im lerent pU? s In the smuseesef i coftunns of today's mm Meat fSSfwctluUy, 7 J. M. V. rfl-aVft ONLT PBRFOBMANCB ^F MB. J. U. T. BUR01C9 ?STAR AT MATER DCiLOBORA,'' for Roll, CWaa afut Orchesita, Tt'R8I?AT N IGIPT neit, at irrtng 11*11 TWk rts sold also for the last conr.ptetr RsheareaL, Tuesday m lag, at 10 o'ciooR. rEATRB FRANC AIR, SM BROADW AT.? M \BDI. M Mara. LBH FAtlX BOSH HOMMBS. Pl?ca en quati% aetas d> liirtiw et Cay sad u. Notice to cib/idr managers. -a tocnq mam | wishes lo make Kn enaagemenl 10 trsrel with s nrwfpmj [on a sutrmer rampitgn teime m.?tera:e Addrces J M?a roe, So. tj Suffolk adi-eet. New Tvrk. Am FEW OIRIJt m* TUB BALI. ST. WltMTJR ihe i it), are tvqutrfxL '* "fc^N'TT, nVkma' lloW, OT?v Ta)W?r ? saf.<iiu entmao? <R nWM guttt. Iwtwtf W? V?l t M W<*I.