Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1861 Page 2
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PRY OOOPB , &C . JgAKGAlNtf IK EMBBOIDERIKB. Just received at LORD A TATLOB'S, Ml, 463, 465 aud ??7 BROAD THAT, yOU Pi. RIB BMBKUlDEKtU ?BTS, trimmed w,tk T?len dscuiM, at $\ worth $7. BOO 4o. do ~ at $3 60, worth (4 AO. 800 dot FBBNCH OABBBIO HDKFS.. embroidered and t uc* Ad, O-'V, cents each, worth $L 230 tot. do. do. 1$ oeuts, worth $1 26. Also, EMBROlDEhlEB AND LAGBS, Of th? latest ei*1^ designs, lo great variety. And m stores 266 to Ml GRAND STREET, 47 and 4M OaTHARINE 8TRJSKT. CABPBT WANTE O ? EIGHTY YARDS OK HANDiOSIK velvet Carpet Any pernon having such will bear of a caali customer by addreMUug J. R , ?utlou F r'ost ollloe, Mi Third avenue. JWBEAT CLEARING OUT HALE AT U C. J CVSHMaN'8. 463 Sluh avenue, oorner of Twenty, eighth street Hood Skirt*, marked >lnwn to clear the lot. Lmli** ' Ribbed Petticoats, only 17c., old prtoe SI 39. Ladle*' ready made Und?-r Linen, in every variety. Ladle* jorscta, all marked down to dear the lot. Ladle*' Drew Cap*, 26c., Wi>rtb 60c. Ladiex' l)re?s <-arw, 31a , J7c . 60c. to $1 26, all cheap. Ladie*' Linen lldkfs , in every variety, marked down to clear tbe?nHre lot : they an positively a cheap lot. tknta' L'nen lldkf s., L6c , foe., 24c , 31c., 3fc. ; gentlemen, theut- hankerchlels are selling at bargains. UOelBBY f>yy< GLOVES; a1 an Under Garments la every variety for men, women sad children, tilling this great gate we are deter mined to sell our gloves and hoiUry clean out, and shall give our customers some good bargains. Our stock la quite large in these good*, consequently we ?*n suit every person a* to alxe and quality. KM 1 BO IDE RIBS nun LACE GOODS In very desirable styles. They have all been marked in plain figures, at such extremely low pricee that ladle* oaaaoi fall to find some excelh nt bargain* 900 double Mu?lin Hands 2Tc , old price 38c CTti double Cambric Bands, 25c. and 3te , old price 80s. 1,600 double Cambric Rands, 6to , old price 81c. 1,200 yards ( ambnc Edging, 10c. to 26c under price. 1,600 Dimity Band*, 6c. to 183 , old price lie to 31o. 116 Lace Sets ai*odlrevea markka below oost to clear then, 2,176 yard* Black T hread and Pu?h?r&dglngsat XMt lo close. 7HB >ards Val Edging*, below cost to clear tbe lot 1,000 dozen real Linen Smyrna Edging*, at barnuna. 1,300 Cambric Collars, 10c , 12c , 18c., 26c to $L 1,000 Muslin Collars, tr. and 6c , old price 26c. S60 llrape Collars, 20c to 80c., all desirable patterns 600 real thread Mat'* Collara, 18c. and 26c , old price 63c. 2,00k dozen Linen Edgings at cost to clear out the lot. RUCHES. 1,000 dozen Ruches, 4c ; old price 18c. ; they are cheap. 1,000 dozen Ruche*, be. . old price 25r; tbey are coeap. 1,000 dozon But-hes, 12c , 16c , 18c au J 26c. the best. 2,UJ0yaru* Cape Lace*, tor Bonnets, very cheap. DKEbS TRIMMINGS, In about three hundred varieties, lc. to 18s a yard. Ladles, you can find every variety of Dreaa Trimmings, But tons, Ac , Ac., In good stylea, at nrty oents dlaoount on the dollar, as we are determined to reduoe our stock. Rllt Buns Bibbons, 1)4 inches wide, piaided, 3c. , oost 9c , and worth 12c. Bibbons, 2 inches wide, 4c., Sc., 6c. and 8c. a yard, worth I Ae. Blbbou*,p inches wide.^rst rate for Boncet Trimmings, sell lngat 6c , Sc., lOo , 12c , 16i , IBs tiaSc a yard The only store on Sixth aveuue where first class Ribbon* can be purchased at a low or even a lair price RIBBONS AND FLOWERS. Ladles, we re?pectlul)y ask your particular attention to oar Ribbon and Flower depariweut, as we are limy prepared 10 offer you Ribbons and t lower* at very reaoouable prices A* to stales, we will say that we have just received a splendid assortment of this tbl* spring'* importations We shall en deavor to please you a* to style; auto the prioe, which there can Ik na mistake about. A 4 AS AH H E Yt E WE DO IiO DO to?LL SELL SELL CHEAP. C HEAF. OHBAF. JOB LOT Straw Bonnet*. 10c to 26c. JOB LOT Headdresses, 26c JOB LOT Dressing C rnibs, 2c. and 4a JOB LOT Linen towels and Napkins. JOB LOT Book and S\gts* Muslins. JOB LOT Cambric MuSilns. JOB LOT Hosiery and Gloves. JOB LOT Calicoes, #'.,0 , worth 9o. JOB LO f Linen Bosoms, also Gent's Shirts. JOB LOT Lace Veils, 38c., worth 76c. JOB LOT Kancy Soaps. The above Job Lots are gooop purchased at auction from a faked establishment, which we shall sell at REALLY PANIC F BICES. Our store Is SIXTH AVBNUF, Corner of Twenty-eighth street (28th st ) C. J. CUHHMAK. M 1LLER A GRANT, 710 BROADWAY, A'lU offer During thU week NEW EMBROIDERIES AMU LACE GOODS, From auc.lon, ftl very low pnaca. Money saved is money made. ALL WHO WISH CHEAP OOODB BUOl'LD EXAMINE Ol' lit. BBKuRE PURCHASING ELSEWHERE, AS WE ARE DETERMINED TO SELL CHEAP. 1.300 doz Vr?tra Kid (ii ivm. at 6 c. ft pair ? unam price $1. (Then* we will warrant the be?t article In toe city ) 1,C00 yd* |r?wl \ al Edglnga, at la per yd., well wurth 2a. *,0UU d i. Thread (iauutlet Olavea, at lOi. 12c. l(!c. ft 23c.? wo. tb double S.UI) dot. Linen papklor, at lie and 10a ft dot ?rerj cheap. 1 UK doc. 11 uc< i oh i In at UN a doz ?worth $2 4, MJU doz. J.lwu llfti.dkeiebiefa, at 75c., 9 1 23 and $1 50 ft doz? great bargain. 8S? doz Rubber round coralu, at fc ?regular prioe 2a. hp< ol Cotton, It ; gocd crotchet C ttoo, .V ft apocL bmi NeerUa at 3c a pa|?r. tfeet Plna fti 4s ? paper. fliOdoz fancy Hlk ilen,atli Gd.. well worth 4a. ; Ooraeta 5a. Ail wldtha or Ruffling*. at low pricea In our *ancy Go d> Department ladle* c*n 'nd everything. 1 nmnUngs, Dreaa Ltuluga, <tc , very reaaonable, RONALDSO* ? MKAKEf, 77V brotdway. OPEClAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Edward Lambert a CO., In liquidation. Will eiblMt, on Monday. March 2i ft full line Of LINEN ollhfcil.SciS AND sHIbTlNttS, TABLE CLOT He. DAMaSKS, NaPEINS, DOV LIES, Ac., Taaelhi r with ft complete aaaortmem of HOI SBAEEPlNG GOOD*. At prloeft much below toe aetutf! ooat. E L A CO., In liquidation. 417 Hroadwfty, Between Grand and Howard atreeta. 481 BROADWAY, 481 G M. B 'DINB-8. GREAT .sai.E (>K RICH SILKS. RICH SILK R<#Bh.s. AT $U RICH CHEN*. HI LK 8, AT $L RICH PLAID SILKf, AT 76 CENTS. ALSO, FOULARD BILKS. IN CHINTZ COLORS, AT 8U CENI8 PER YARD, WORTH $1. BROADWAY, O. M. BODINE'S. SELLING OK*. RICH DRBS8 GOODS, AT A Oil EAT SACRIFICE 800 piece* of PRENCH PRINTS, Tsrd wide, omy IS), rente par yard. 481 BROADWAY. AT G M. BODINE'S. GREAT t A LE OK RICH DBY OOODS. BELLING orF. aT A GREAT SACBIPICB, Prevloua to remoral, MAY I. A Off fiftH womi OK STAPLE DRY OOODS wauted? For whioh caah anl Iowa taada will be gtvrn. None but pilndpal* dealt wlU. Manufacturer, bo I r oat office, MMaburg, Pft. MILLINERY, AC. A^m SECOND OPEN1MO. gN OO Ji SEQUENCE OF THE Inclemency of the weather, the aooond opening of aiclng and mmiMr Millinery will Uko place on Thuraday neit, Marcft SM. at Mra. WM. SIMMONS', tSJ Broadway. CBEATTT, 1S4 FVLTON STREET, BROOKLYN ? will Open on Thuraday, March 18, an elegant aaaort ment of aprlng and aumint r Bomne-ta. C' fcNEKAL SPRING OPENING AT THE CITT BA J zaar of Faali on, II Canal atreet? Mra CRIPPS will In troduee tht leading European ati lea In Millinery on Thara. day, Mb nut. Cliy mllltiiera or tbelr employee not admitted, (WIUM) OPENING, OX THURSDAY, MAEt H K, AT BT MKH. L(>Vri i S t aria MUUnery eatab! lab ment, 753 It i oad way, the preaent on- will combine attraction* With lor unr a'koleoale and tba ta> hlonable city trade, to whom we aball introduce ??' apodal novel tk a. Imported eipraaaly to ?ee. their approbation. *iRaND OPENING, iUl'HSDAY, MARCH 28, IMP JRTF.D FANCY 81 RAW HATS IM Vlaaea, Boy a and Infanta. Wboleaale and Retail aPLLOGG. ?1 ( anftl at reel, N. T. LE MAOAZIN DE MODE A L MOLD, IM Fulton ateeet, Brooklyn, will open dprlng M UllDary Tburtdfty, Marrli 2H MRJ4 DAVIDSON, IB BLEECREE STREET. RESPECT fully annouaoea that aba baa juat opaaad. ?ad baa now ribiMtion a rery rlob and complete aaaortweat of Pftrta Hieing ard Somaar Millinery, of tbo I Ha* mmkm. eo? , prMag aeary novelty of tba aeaaon. US Elillkw Stow, weet of Broadway. MBS. COLBY A MISS StTEN, 401 CANAL STBEET, . "HI open on fburaday Mill Inat., a large and elegant aa anrtaaeot or aprlag aod awt?ec mllUmery Mrs. ceummeb, 4?i canal street, will opbn. eoTWaday, ffth <aat , a large and elegant aaaortmen o? eprtng and Iwaaor MOllnery MBS. RUMRIUi. M0 SPRING STREE* RESPECT fol f her ctiilonvem and th* iAdl^n imMrailr 1**! Pmf red u> abow a anpeilor aaaoitmeot of Spring Millinery, wbtch will be aold at moderate prloeft. 140 rtprtDg ?tieet, between Wooet*r and lAiirena atfeeta. MMB RAIAISGh lid t'A .1 ? L STRF.HT, TAKES PLWA '* "'"""""g o the iadle. generaUf tbftt abe will oeit ",>rul*4 of ?Pr1n? M'l'lnery ou Thursday "kfLLB BABNETT. iYlIBB NEW 8HOWrTJVmV.,?RN PAR18 *!*??"" 711 BBOAdJWAY, on THOHSDaY, MaBCH 21! MI.LE f. BARNETT IriLL OPEN SPRINO FASHIONS On Ihuradft/. March m at H WAVEbLbY Pi4*cr. taw.t.lWBBT. OS mcRSDAt, ( >''m" ?' MR8 G B1 KKIN'S, W> Fulton atwet. Rroofcly*- ?? " ' ,.1 RING *A^tiFWWEWj b?idal SEW. ^ UAHN'TC^KES a^.kkK T5? Wi r ANTED? A SET OF LADT'S FURS. Ed HE t FIfCH Mink ot .sable, onebe'f or three nar'er rape any o ? ,ut w >ab 3 *4 a w ? B . t>,? um 1 itmU vfliOB. A SUPERB SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO fort* tor sale? Richly carved leg? and cum. round cor oen, 11 iron plate, inlaid with setlnwood overstrung bass, inlaid whh petti and pearl key* mads to order for (he present owner by city makers, fully guaranteed for three yeajs, been ti re but five months; cost will be sold for $?W, lu > iug stool aud cover. Also, elegant Drawing Room Him, ? t $3UU, tor 0140. Inquire at No. 70 West Twenty sixth eot, near Sixth avenue A ORKATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. A LIGHTE A BKADBJKY, Manufacturers of a new scale of overstrung baas, p*tent Imm kUad, fall iron frame, grand and square Pianoforte, Mo. ill Broome street. Pianos to let An accomplished organut, ok high order, is open for sn engageimtut in a Catholic church of the cltv of New York or i.a suburbs. Apply to l>. DEacoMBEB, Us) Muth street. /JUIOEERING * HOE'S GRAND SQUARE Ahl> UPRIGHT PIANOS, 0M Broadway, New York. T^KEE CLASSES FOB VIOLIN AND FLUTE-OOM J? mooting Thursday evening for gtnts, at 8, and on Satur day morning at 0 tor boys, at lea Bswery; also tlic tame kind if classes, coiner of forty lourth street and tsighlh avenue, i n W t dnesday evening at 8 o'clock. Private less inn given at rlther place or at the reside uce of pupil* Piano*, new and second band, for sale cheap or to let al ?- per month. Also, Quaes, at each place, ou naturday morning at 10 o'clock, to practice for their grand Conoei t and May yueen festival, free lor all young singers. L A. A O P HEN IAMIN. Hoeace waters' music, stoke, an rioadway- , to be torn down ? Worth street to be widened -in ooaaa, queoce if which the extensive stock of Piano* , Melodeous, Alexandra Organs and all kinds of Musical Merchandise, will ! be sold at extremely low prices. Six octave second hand Pianos, at fW; ootaae, $IU0; octave. $120, sereu oc tave, $U5; seven octave, bean used but a few months, $170; seven octave Gilbert .LoLlan Piano, elegantly carved, prlos MOV new, ' will be sold for $H26; seoond hand Melodeous, $16 > to $W Twenty new aavanoclave t lauos and ten now Melo deons to rent, aud rant allowed If purchased. Monthly pay menu received for t ianoa and Melodsoua MUSIC.? INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO aT $2 PER month, witk privilege of practise, on a pleasing aud thorough method. Pupils attended at tbeirtresidences, $t0to $12 per quarter - Apply at S%7 fa von tee nth street, between fcigbth and Ninth avenues. ?piANOKORTE, Vi OCTAVE, FOUR ROUND CORNERS, ' X finished back same as front, iron frame overstrung boss, magnificently carved rotewood case, beautifully 1 irnamented, ! oarvtd legs, cost $4M); wtH be disposed of this dsy tor less than half Its actual value; macers guarantee, cover and stool j givsn with Plana 143 avenue A, corner of Teuth street. THE GREATEST BARGAIN WILL BE GIVEN AT THE private residence 68 Islington avenue, corner 'Twenty- , sixth street, for a first class, reliable Pianoforte, seven octave, full iron trams, extra wide scale, overstrung ba^s, rkhocta- | gon legs, ca-veu lyre, richest rosewood case, and is a splendid I parlor instrument; cost $4<l0 six months ago; will bo sold for $lye, as the owner must have ready money. WANTED-THE USE OK A PIANO (FOR PRACTICE), three evenings in the week. In a private house, between Llgtth and Ten'h avenues and fourteenth and Twenty third streets. Address, with terms N. V , Herald oilice. DANCING ACADEMIES. ^ DODWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES. Mo. 806 Broadway, N?w York. Ma 137 Montague street, Brooklyn Wednesdays and Saturdays In New York. Mondays and Thursdays, Tuesdays and Fridaya in Brooklyn. Clicularsof terms, Ac., may be had at either Academy. LUST AND FOUND. Found ? on ounday, the itth inst., in west Fort; fifth street, a imitU turn of Money. Apply tor it at 83 Went irony fifth street.! LOST? ON MONDAY LAST, BETWEEN MADISON AND Easex streets, a pair of gold trained spectacles, witu benedict 6 Co. stamped on the ca-e. I he tinder ?iU be suit ably rewarded by leaving them at 76 Stanton street or c8 War ren street. LOBT ON TUESDAY. -110 WILL BE PAID ON THE return of a morocco Pocketbook and contents, lobt on Broadway, about 2 o'clock f M., in goln? 1'rotn ^rinoe to Canal street It ooutalned u 910 gold piece and a few bills of >m*ll denominations, with papers of no value except to thu owner. J. BcOhRT, 14 and 10 Vase? street. Lost? a black and tan terrier doo, with leather collar and ring, fa reward wUl be paid ou his delivery at 39 Tenth street. LOST? OH MONDAY MORN1NO, IN ASTOR PLACE OR neighborhood, a Hteel Portuonaale, containing about $12 In money, a Sleeve Button, Ac A liberal reward will be paid for ita return to Mr. Bailey 'a drug store, fourth avenue, Bible House. LOST-IN GOING FROM TWENTY-FIRsT STREET TO Mblo's Garden, a small Opera Ulass, In the streot or in a Fifth avenue stage, by returning It to 27 West Twenty first street the finder will be suitably rewarded. LOBT.? TAKEN FROM THE HALL OF 81) SECOND avenue, but evening, an Overooat, In the pockets of which were a bark book, policies of lnsuram-e and other nepers of no value to anyone tut the swner. Be whose Lands these papers may haveTalien will confer a favor by returning them by pest or otherwise to the above number. $f reward will be paid for the return of.the Coal and Papers, and no questions asked. LOfeT ? A CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT ON THE OUvmlt-al bank of the city of Mew York Tor B5,0U) in lavor ol John J. .laok.vm, and endorsed by him, dated March 25, lStU^ All persons are cautloued against putciiasing or negotiatu^ the same, as paymtnl has been stopped. RKWARPg. to RE WARD.? STOLEN, FROM 113 NORFlLK STREET, a lady'i blue enamelled Match, set eith pearls, mark ed "Eat*;" No .14,417. '1 he above reward will be pud and no questions asked, by returning It to Mrs, Turner, 11.1 Norfolk street. tQ REWARD ?DOG LOST. ON SATURDAY NIGHT, O in the neighborhood of the limes oflice, a ?nu!i red lamer Dug, bad una leather collar with brass ring. Any person returning him to Andrew Campbell, at the Commer ? lal Agency, 37 rark Row, will receive the above reward. dfcc REWARD.? LOfT, ON MONDAY EVENING LAST, t}>t) either In Gowanus or South Brooklyn, a lady s Mink MulT ami a l'ocketbook with $6 or $7. The h jnest finder will please return the same to 344 Hicks street. South Brooklyn, and receive the above reward and the thanks of the owuer. d> r REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN OF >PtJ a black Opera Glass, marked T. M. 8., Parts, 1856; sup poaed to have been let t in a carriage taken at the ?t inter Gar den on Monday evening, 18th lust. The thanks of the owner snd the above reward wUl be given by applying at 124 West Forty seventh street. a-c REWARD? LOST. FROM 107 CLIFF STRMET, A (fi) small King Charles Spaniel, answers to the name of l'rlnoe. Any one finding the same will receive the above re waio, at 8# John street, n. X. R. FIX. tr. REWARD -LO?r, ON nrplTAT THE 24TH INST, t J a large black Mewl oundland Dog, marked with twj white lore teet and white under breast. The Under, by re turning him to3a8 Fouith avenue, will receive the above re ward. (?~W\ REWARD.? LOST, ON MONDAY, MARCU 16, A flit) blark beaver Overcoat, having in the pocketa two pair of old kid gloves I be above reward will be paid to any person returning the tame to 926 Broadway, and no questions aaked dbQfk REWARD.? LOST, BETWEEN SPRING AMD Ninth streets, in Broadway, west side, a lady's gold and blae enameled Hatch, obain and three gold Lockets. Apply at 46 West Twentieth street. MTKAMBOATM. Hi' OR ALBANY.-MAVIGATlON RESUMED. M ICR P chants' line. Steamers NORTH AMERICA and HERO, from the foot ol rark place and Robinson street dally, at 6 o'clock P. M .In connection with the new lork Central Railroad. Fare, 76 oeata. J. W. II ANCOI , Agent. MUAK1/1HM AMIS LUUUIItU. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LAD? WILL LET A FRONT Room and Bedroom, furnished, to one or two persons, with or without partial Board; family small, no other board era taken. Apply at IfU Muth avenue, ueit to corner Twen ty second street. References exchanged. A' LADT LIVING ENTIRELY ALONE WOULD. IF sgreeabie, accommodate a few single gentlemen, or g?n tlemen and tadiee with nicely lurnlshed siooms, wlia Hoard for the ladies only. Address Mrs. L. Osgood. 132 Greene sUtst. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A FEW SINGLE gentlemen, can be accommodated with good Hoard Is a private family, where there are but few boarlers. Rooms lurnlshed or unfurnished. Terras moderate. Apply at 219 Cliulon street, near iiniiry tteierei ess exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN WEST POUR teevith street can accommodate one or two single gentle men with Hoi ms, with lull or partial Board, now or from May I. Unexceptionable references required. Address Z. X. Herald oflice. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAM BE ACCOMMO A. dated with pleasant kiotu, with Board, In a small rsmlly, at 46 fcast sieve nth street, between Second and Third avenues. Reference* exoftanged. No moving In May. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A HAND somely furnished front Pallor, with Hod room attached; also, a hall Bedroom, suitable for s gentleman and wife or steals ger, tlemen, with or without Board. Apply to Mm PlhKBNHBOOE, U? Varlck street; please ilng centre bell. a t 104 MART TWB1CTT FIEBT hTREET (ORAMERCY Park;.? Jt large and handsomely furnished Room on " flour to let, with Board Mo moving In May. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET THE lower half of a Cottags House, famished, to a gentle nai aad wife, or tc a party e f rouag gentlemen. Apply at IM Weet Fortieth sweat. MM ft per weak. AN hLEGART SUIT OF ROOMB IM A FIRST CLASS house just out of Byoadway, with or without Board, to let am reaauuitoe terms No moving la May. 137 Eighth street, opposite Clinton Halt. APUBMUHED ROOM TO LET? WITH BOARD, TO A la ?y of refinement and sedate habits, at IB Watt a street. APARTT OP OBMTLEMEN, OP THE HIGHEST BE svect ability, may obtain aa entire oerond Floor, wits t<aih rvomfl ex elusive, without board, permanently. Apply at 120 Ninth street. a few Boors weet ot Hroadwaj. A Large FRONT ROOM (PARLOR FLOOR, TO LET, with Hoard, to s geatlsmen and wife, or two ladles House tlrst class ?nd family of highest respeetablllty. Apply at IB Madison avenue. _______________ AGHNTLKMaN AND WIFE, OR TWO BINGLE GEM tlemen, csn obtain handsomely lurnlshed Booms, with n< ard, in a sn>ail private lamllv wiutout childnn, and where but lew boat ders are taken. Apply at N6 Montague street, Bmoklyn. A PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING IN WBhT TWENTY third stieet, op,s?lte bmitnn terrace, would let a suit of Ho-ms. handsomely lurnlshed to a small family or single gietlemen. terms reasonable. References rej Hired Ad oiess A. M X . box ItMMIersid otliee. AIIALL ROOM, WITH NICK PANTRY, USR OF Itath loom itttd g<<od heard, will he let to a gentleman, lot In ad> ant e, at $t a week uut1! DSHt. Reference anil wrurtty given. Addiese Amerc -an, station f, Third avenue. A SPLENDID FUHN1MIED PROMT PARLOR, WITH J\ 1 1 drf*>n> sttnebed, to let to h gentleman and his wi!e; ano a Urge front h?>m>nil let f<?r no.<S'k>ep ?'g. al*" X I. lie It oms In a private h ..,'e. wl h all the in.el ? lb iu.?,ruv. laen.a, aj>.> ?. l iiu.s ..leei, a i.e i.o.s | ??t t?f ?road\ ay. BOARDING AND LODG IN 0 ?S5SS i^i^lpwaaatts? *?U*on ???*? j?M, '*??? *enu?nen. |225^ f ]j u^a KecUy^p 'oiifr^g^gJ. 8TRKET, ? ROOM AND BEDROOM. SECOND STORY, FRONT, furnished, to lei, to a single gentleman. without board, at 24 Twentieth ?treot, third door from Broadway . A FEW FCRNI8HED ROOMS TO RBNT, TO GBNTIB men only. Applv at 44 Went Ninth street, between rltth and bixtb avenues VMU give breakfast If wished A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN, WI8HINO TO ROOM together or singly, can have suitable Rooms, wi.U full or partial Boaiil, iu a private family: looatijn desirsbl" tor busu ess men, within one block went ot Broadway. A | i at 124 spring street. Keleieaoes exchanged. A PLEASANT AND WELL FURNISHED ROOM IN A private house U wanted by a gentieinsn, who would p*y liberally for suitable quarters; loca ion to be between Bleedter hinl Fourteenth streets, and near Broadway. No auswer i.eed be htut but thoae eonformlng to the terms of |hla adver tisement. Address box 2,34V Post olllee A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, OR TWO OK THREE single gentlemen, can be aocommodated with s iii{le or tults ut lumisbc d Rooms, with full or psrtlal Boaid, at No. ' 1 West Fourteenth street, first brown stone front house west of Sixth avenue. AN1CBLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, CN THE third floor, also a handsomely furnished back I'arior, on the first floor, to rent to gentleman, witnout Boaiil; house modern. Apply at 01 Fourth avenue, near Mnth street, one block from Broadway. Avery convenient akd beautiful boom ?w second floor, and a pleaaat t Room on fourth lluor, with superior Board, by a New EngUnd lady, at W West Nine teenth street, comer of sixth avenue. A married couple can obtain board with a ?mall private family, at a very low price. Inquire at 281 Henry street. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-WITHOUT Board, to a genu man. Rent $1 00 per week. Apply at 102 Prince street. Board? at 25 stuivesant street, continua Hons of Astor place, second of the new English base ment home*, East or Third avenue. Two gentleman eau be accommodated with handsome front Room, closet, with hot and cold w liter (convenient to Broadway, cars and stages. No moving. Board ?a private French family, occupying a well furnished tout, in a p;eat.ant Hil' n, and n?r teveral stage mutes, naving more room than they require, could sccommot ate a re* single gen'leinen, or a gen If man and hia|wife,twlth full or partial Board. Refeiences required. Address box ^,%'J Post olllce. Board? a small front room and bedroom adjuining to let, furnished or not, with Board, to one or two tenons, ui a private American family Wish to let it pcimanently. Appl> at No. 17a West Thirty sixth street, near tiyluh avenue. BOABD.? A SMALL FAMILY WILL LET A HAND somely f urnished Parlor and Bedroom. 011 second floor, witn large clothes rooms Hnd every convenience, with Hist class Board, at a leasonable price. Apply at 171 Maudougal street, near Eighth street. BOARD.-A GENT-EMAN AND WIFE, OR TJVO 81*. glo gentlemen, ran obtain pleasant K'orns In a modern house, with the improvements, located "at 122 Ninth street, a I lew doors west of h roadway. BUaKIi.-^INGLh, DOUBLE OR SUITS OF ROOMS, with or without board, on the block ?ltk the istor Li brary ; in tlie mou p easant,, healthy, quiet and central part of the city, No. lit Lafayette place, between BnmMQ aud Fourth avenue, fourth street and As', or place. Board -a largk pleasant, well furnished Room, with pantries, hot and told water, gar, Ac . to ' let, with boa'd. Location good and convenient to ears and ' stages, Dinner at 6 o'tl Jtk. App.y at 81 West Twenty sixth | itreet. BOARD.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE KAY BE Ac commodated with a mm of Rooms on the secoud or third tloor Also a sluiile Koom, suitable for a gentleman, in 11 Ur?i cImi bouse. with every convenience, References ex changed. 130 Madison avenue. Board w a nted -two gentlemen are desirous of obtaining rooms, with t uli board, in a family of res pec - tahllily, between Fourteenth and Twenty-fifth streets, and Fourtn ana Sixth avenues. Please address, with full particu lar*, box 2, 124 Post otlice. TJOARD WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, JJ In a private lainilj ; partial Board for gentleman; will lurnlih own room. E tat tide of town preferred. Addreai, Mating terms, w hlch muat be moderate, W., box 4,22j Port otlice. BOARD WANTED? WITH PLKaSANT ROOMS, IN A quiet family, by a widow lady nod nitcv; location must be central, and terms moderate. Address immediately Reed, box 111 Herald olllce. Board wan ted-by a gentleman, in a strict 1} private I'imlly, where there are uo other hoarders; he Is *ociai an 3 agreeable in his manners. Location up town. The family of a joiinj; lady preferred. Adores* V., oux 130 iiorald otlire, for thtee- u?)s BOaHD wanted-in URoohLY*. BY A LADY, in a qo'et, tusptctable laiiu:y, lux ma must be m?tUr.ilc. Addreso.l. 1*. it , herald otllee, Board wanted? by two ladie*; references given unit r>i|uir<'d *Pi'ly at lUi J lurd avenue, between thirteenth and Fourteenth stioets Board wantei ? in bkocklyn or Iff the MMriMM i?*w turn. In a private Iwroi' a young gt nt ' and w lie. Address. staUng see >u<ho< datious and tern.s, ? inch must be fe?tson.i:,lc. X. ) Z, lleruldofUc?, New Yuik. Boaid wanted? bt a party op five, three tto<<ina; location m.talxve Wave-ley tlace. and within five minutes' *alkoi sixth avenue. Addreaa for two davs, statin g tonus, K. II, box 2,yi# Poat olllce, New York. Board wantpbd-ii* hobokkn oii jebseycity, for a geullt mm, wife, tut .tut and nurte, in a private family preferred; terma inus< be reasonable. Addruts Mur ray, Herald oll.oe, lor two days. V>OARI> WAN I ED, IN NEW YORK OR HOIIOKEN.-A D k""* " nn. it, teacher of mui'C, dosires a partially f urntshed Koom and Bedr< om for himself, wife and child, with Board, fire and ga?, at $40 per month, aud thre - Seasons weekly be sides * la be gt?? n on the piano. For particular! addreaa F. W., Union b jiiare Pint ollico. BOARD WANTED-UY TWO TOUBO GENTLEMEN, ftom 1st of April; location between MUHfl and Twent> third a reets and Fourth and Mxth avenues. Terma moderate. Address W. L, box 141 Heruld oilioe Boarding -ami wrht twenty-third street ? A ault of F umlahed Rooms to let, with Board, for a gen leman and family. Dinner at six o'clock.. Helereuocs ex changed ? BOAEDING.-TWO LARGE ROOMS FRONT AMD rear, on seciud tloor, to let, with Board, In a iiloaasni. lo cal lou, convenient to Broadway. Apply at 2UB East Tsuth street. BOARDING.-AN ENTIRE SUIT OF ROOMS, ON THE third floor Ol a Brat ciass bowse, anil in a prl\ ate famliy, to 1st, with Board, to i?o or moie single gentlemen; the house Is pkasantly ioeati d, in W?M Fourteenth street. Pierce ad dress J. Q., box 113 Herald otlice. Boarding down town.-a pew bibgle gentle men can be acoommodatt d with g od Board and plea taut Rooms, by applying at SOU Pearl alreet. Terma m de rate. BROOKLYN.-T1IKEE MINUTES FROM WALL STREET lerrv? A beautiful back Parlor, suitable tor a gentle man appreciating comfort; alio, a ulee rront Room aud hall Bedroom: house has all modern ttuptovomeiis, and family ?ulet and private. Address box 86 Uiooklyn Post oilloe. Re e re a ces exchanged. Board in Brooklyn? ic clibton street? a large front n?im can be had on moderate terma, suitab'e tor two gentlemen or a gentleman aud wife. Board in Brooklyn -a large room on se oond floor to let to a geatieman and wife, or two slrglr gentlemen. House ha* all tie mo<fern Improvements and convenient to the ferries. References exchanged Apply at 51 Concord atreet. Board Iff BEOOKLYN ?FURNISHED ROOMS ON second and third stories, with Board; eight minutes walk 10 Wall and South ferries. Apply at 1(N Clink u street. References exchanged. Board in Brooklyn -pbbhons seeking for good Board and a comfortable home with an agreeable 'amlly, c?n Biol sueh accommodations at 307 state street; house pleasantly situated, convenient to cars, about eight minutes walk from Wall or houth ferrr. Dinner at Sft. helereDeea exchanged. No moving In May. OABD IN BROOKLYN.? PLEaBABT ROOMS ON second floor, suitable for a gentleman aud wife; also a Mm m on thud tloor for a sUgle ?aatleman, caa be obtained, with Board, at 30 Uheever jplaea, between Harrison and De graw streets. No moving in May. Referenoos exchanged . "ROARD I* BROOKLYN - A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, D or a few single gent' em en, (with partial Board;, whe would appieelate neatness, pleaaant Rooms and good Boanl, will find auoii at II Schermerhora street, Wooklyn. B t mov Ing in May. Terms $a 80 to $i par week. Board on brooklyb hriohts.-a gentleman and wife, or twe single gentlemen, can be acmmntxidated with Hoard and choice Room, havteg a floe view of the nay, at 24 W Ulow street, but ? fow rods from Fulton ferry. Brooklyn heioctb-pabtial board pobobn themesi, at 3J Cranberry eUw^betwej^ WUJow I B J sinfllo Bnrras, wfi . near the bath rooai ; sltuatloa plea seat, Iva aMawtea* of Wall street and Kultoa farrWa. BOAHDERH WANTED IN BEOOKL1 N ?TWO fllBGLE gentUmea, or a eeatieaian and wife, In a small New hagland latrnly ; location between Dekalb, Fultofl, Clinton ana Carlton aveanee, terms low. Inquire of G. H. (Sorbin, ?o IS oold street, or Wm. Dunning, 121 Fullcn stnet. New orfc. Board anc lodging wanted-by a oxbman gentleman. In an Kngflah or Amertean family, where be would And the comforts of n home and could perfect himself In the English langusas: a preference would be given ton famliy residing In Hobokea. Addreaa box .1,178 new York Post oltice. (10UBTHT BOARD WANTED? BY A LADY, FHf)M ] the 1st of In a private latnily. not reelolng over < i miles from the city; terms must be moderate; references Cten snd re<|nlrr<r Address, with full partlcalass, B. C , >1 102 Herald ntllce, / M>1 NTRY BOARD WANTBD-BY A LADY FRO* THE \J first of May, In a private family, not residing over milea from the city. Terma must be moderate. ttefe>eoccs given and require I. Address, with fail particulars, B. C, box log Herald office |1 HEAP FURNISHED IttlOMB AT THE FRANKFORT I > House, comer of Frank fort and William street* ? ttood Rooms ftom (l to $.1perw)rk. lodging* fiom 2Ao*msu< $7 corns per msht Open all night Good lesuturant attached CpBEBCIt BOARD IN 1RQ< KLYN ? A FRENCH FA II mily, etilrt'y private, will be glad to receive into tlielr httiie a gentleman d*sli1ng the advantage* of Instruction in > r< tich a i ?s tb I ? ii,| kln? plam L^CBNISHFD ROOMS TO RRNT -Tt> GENTLEMEN r only, In a unlet and genteel house, no moving In Msy. i' V'-lLli " * "? IW, first stresta, near Fifth Avenue Hotel. { BOARDING AND LODGING. rUKNIHHED BOOMS TO LBT-TO GENTLEMEN only, without Board. Apply at 4U2 Fourth street, Albion place. KUENIBHEL ROOMS? KICK, COMFORTABLE KUR nisfaed Rooma and Bedrooms (or amall respeotable faml > or single gentlemi" rum $1 to |2 M per wni, at Uo Elizabeth street, near hi me. Referesce required. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.-SOME AT 91 PER , we?t ; tire and breakfact can be bad in the room if re quirrd Apply at 180 Molt sti-eei, above Brooms. Stage* and cars convenient to all parti of tbe city. LH'liMhllt'D ROOMS.? A COUPLE OF PLBAB 4.NT. r neatly furnishea Koims, suitable t or a gentleman aud wife, or a couple of gentlemen, to let, without board in a pri vate laiuily at No. 4 Pitt street, near Urand. term* mode- j rate 1-elerenoe* required Fourth avhni k, near madison bouare ? ybry : de irable Booms, with Board, may be obtained in a pri vate family, at 417 Fourth avenue: alao, a large reception j hi.uQj, suitable i or a family or a physisian. Dinner lii the j middle of the day. G1ENTLEMEN, OR GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, ( can obtain furnished Rooms with Board, at X!'J Went Fourteenth atreet, at rearoLable priuea. No novlng In May. Dinner at six o clock. References exchanged. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM3 ON SECOND tio >r to lei? To tingle gentlemen, without board, hi mode rate rates. No. 10 lwentlsth street, between Broadway aud

Fourth avenue. HOTEL LODGINGS? CLM AN aNI) COBFORi aBLH single hoorna from SI to $1 a week, or 25 oents a Mingle ?lglit, at tfe Manhattan House, Ti Centre street, oue block from City Hall Park. Stranger* will liad thin a quiet plaoe te atop. HOBOKEN.? BIN (3LE GEN1LEMBN CAN BE ACCOM modaU d with largo aud airy Room* or eulta of Room*, with partial Boaid, in a private family, two rainu'es' walk from the lerry. Apply at 9l Liberty street, up stairs. JfcBSF.Y CITT BOARD-ONLY THREE BLOCKd FROM the terry. One or two gentlemen can lave Board in a private famllj, with all the comfort* of a home. Full board MJ a week. Partial board oaly *4. Apply at 67 Montgo mery atreet. NO. 172 EAST THIR.-BENfH STREET, NEAR HKOOND avenue.? To rent, to gentlemen only, a handsomely Fur nislifil rarlor, as a Kleeplug apartment. Partial Board If re quired. Reference exchanged. NEAR SIXTH AVENUE? TWO GENTLEMEN can obtain mil Board at 6il (V eat Twent) -eighth atreet; mo dern Improvement* in the house. Terms $4 SO to $6 per week to permanent boarders Tbe beat of reference given. PLEASANT BOOMS, WITH FULL OR PARTIAL Board, suitable lor gentlemen who desire the comforts of a quiet home, in a small private family occupying a first class bouse, containing all the modern Improvements, in quire at 18 llammona street. Room to let -a fbont boom on second skirt, pleasantly situated, to two gentlemen, with breakfast and tea. in a private family, situated in West Twenty-ninth street, No. HI, near Sixth a\enue Rooms to let? with boaid, on the second floor; house has all tbe modern impro.eineu s; dinner at <o o'clock. Call at East Tenth street. SINOLE GENTLEMEN DESIRING BOARD IN BROOK iyn, may find all the comforts of a home at 1.7 Pii. iep m street, near Fulton. Hie house Is uawly l urnianeo, am ha all the modern improvsmenta. SUPERIOR A >M MODATI >* I.s Of-f-HliMJ IO TWO gentlemen and their wives, or tiiree or lour amg ? gtiitl* l?M. 1l III Ms I tbpnllT fnilllhO* !? Of an bugash widow lady, without family; or I li.- h use Mould bo let, iur nished, to a responsible party without chilori-.i; ro.'eieuce of high respectatilllty given and required. Appiy at No. 67 naat fcleventh ftreet, ntai bt. Mark's ahttrofc TWO GENTLEMEN Oi A GENTLEMAN AND WIF8 1 tan havo a vi rj nicely furnished *oo.n on the second floor, with all hoint comforts. in an agreeable private ?*mtiy, by callli g ?t 17S West 1 weutieth street, near c.iguui a> ouue Terms mc derate. 1>WO 8UITS OF lt?OM3 CAN BE HAD if No. 40 Bond street, either separate or together. TO LET-IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A PARLOR and hedroi m on the seo >nd floor, wita breakfast if i j .|Uirtd,.io a gtntleaau who will pa> a liberal price l'jr first .?las* acoomtuodHliuna; reftren<et> of tO'-. Ilr?i y spectabhil/ given and required Inquire at 'fl ?.aat Twelfth street. rO LET? SINGLE ROOMS TO GENTLEMAN; ALSO ONE lurgH Koom to two gentlemen, ?'ho wou.d room together; location 110 Muth street, near Broadway. References ex changed. Dinner at six o Jook. TO LET? FURNISHED ROOMS, srrfABLE FOR single gentlemen. In Ml Fourth street. liuar Broadway. TO LET? % ITH BOARD, THREE LARGE DESIRABLE Kooms; will be vacated about the 1st of April: Indues metits will be oAered to parties desirous of forming perma nent engagementa. Auply at 20 West Twunty-ulnih street, between Broadway ana fifth avenue. \Jl R* DEMISABLE ROOMS (PARLOR AND BEDROOM V attached) elegantly furnished, to let, for single gentle men, with or without partial Hoard. Apr y at Bant Twelfth street, north MM eoru?r..'I Broadway. f?/ANTfcD-TWO XiARijK AND ONE SMALL FUR TT nislied Room on second iloor, with all the necessary 01 n, forts; Board; French cooking; for one g?nlletnan, lady ami ln>y, for #100 per month. location between sixteenth and iwentleui streets and Fit* and Fourth avenue*. Ad' dress Z. Z , Herald oQice. WANTED-BT a GENTLEMAN, a ROOM, WITH TT briakfbst, if convenient, with a lady living atone; u Count widow lady p'efened; would hare no Abjection to the ouke of a French lad), i'lease address, with full particular*, K A? Herald ollloe. "I1TANTBD? BY A RBSPECTABLE \OUMJ L\DY, TT Board and Lodging, with a private family, below I'nioo square. A liberal price given. AddreiM B. A , llerald oMae. "It 'ANTED, BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? A YOUNO MAN I V w lsliex Board in a private faml y, where there are no other braiders Mutt be north ol My rtle avenue, east of Ful ti n snd west of f avy fitreeii. 'terms moderate. Address nark, Brooklyn Poalolllae. WANTED- ??** A GENTLEMAN aND WIH AND TT single lady, two u'ifurntshtd It mat on third Iloor of a modern built house, wi ll Board, in a prlv ate family where th> re are no oth? r boari'era; location between Fourth and '1 wenty third streets and 1 bird and Sixth avenuta. Address B burney, 7o7 Broadway. ' W ANTE ? IN BSOOKLVN-BOaRD FOR A GENTLE TT paa and lady, vocation between i'ulton anil Wall street femes. Addiess, suttii.g terms and location, box 1,471 Post oiUce, N. Y. e BOND BTREST ?TO LET, ROOMS, FURNISHED OB t) unfurnished, to gentlemen, without board. U1H hTREET? NO. 1M WEST ELEVENTH STREET ? An ext -nsion i'arlor, 1 single boom, or a Room for tw > gen On* n, c ntams large closets; newly painted ami imperil, newly carpewd and fuii-lsbed, or uiil uru ihed. Dinner at ii Keleieuce required. li4) ?fk -GKEAT REDOOIION IN BOARD ? COM UU. fortsbl- Booms, with god Board. $100 to $3 i week and npvnids Indies and families Suited; anlie pur lot wuh piano watchman all night and cheap lodging lor iranled or single gentlemen. ?8 Lispenard ? treat, near Broac w ay. 1(1 FIFTH AVENUE.? T1IE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR. 1 *J ell gsatly l in nished, to let, to a party of bachelors, with or ? ithout Breakl a 1 . or to a first class family; private table inly; preference given to permanent parties. Alsc other Rooms for single jenUeuitn. OJ W EST ELEVENTH STREET, CORNER BBOAD ? T wsy and University place, from the lit of May, the second Iloor. vl/:-ore parlor, 3 btd roc ma, with several closets, two fl:e plaees, gas lu every room, use of buh room, A.-,, well furnlSBtd, to be rei.ted to two 01 three gent le nt* o. in a prvate family, where there are no boarders Als>, front Basement for doctors' olhoa. nn GREENE BTRBET? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET tt*\J to gentlemsti only ; Booms at $1 to to ?1 So per week; house has gas, Croton water, Ac., and Is very quiet. No re moral in May. ?JC AND ;i7 WKKT THIRTIETH STREET, TWO OR 0?/ three telrrt fandlies and three or lour gentlemen, of the liret r< spectablllty, ran be acoommt dated with suit* or single ro ms, elegantly furnished, in tb< se two new and eligible brown stone buildings, which are delightfully situated be tween Broadway and Fifth avenae. Table lirst class. ?JO CLINTON PLACE- A SUIT OF FURNISHED DO Rooms io let, consisting of four, all on one door, suits b'e for a party of gentlemen wishing pleasant and com orta ble rooms. Will be let on very reasonable terms. -.7 EAhT TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET, THIRD DOOR 'ft f mm Fourth avenue ? A One large koom, on the aeoond tli or, aniiaMe for a gentleman and wife, can be had, with Beard, in a first class house by applying as above; also, a ??mall Ro?m, for a single gentleman on the same Iloor. Refe rences exchanged. Tit SECOND AVENUE ?A DESIRABLE ENTIRE <u second Floor, together or separate; also a single Room. Dinner at six. Reference* exchanged. 7(1 EAST FOUTTBEJITH STREET, NEAR BROAD 4*7 way and I nlon square.? A spurious front basement containing two large closets, gas, hot and culd water, to let either to a physic ian or dentist as an ofllra, or to a gentleman undwlle; turnlataed aa deaired; dinner at #X o'olook; refe rence* e 1 changed. : of -*N?DN HotMK. L K**<Ua? room ti?. (IO GREENE STREET. ABOYE SPRING.? ALTMON t JO House, Elegantly furnished snits of Room, gas, Cioton and every convenience for housekeeping eoonomlcauy. I'artleularly sol table for mail, respectabl* families or slngl* gentlemen. Rent hw to |>ermanent tenant*. Ifte WOOSTER STREET? A PEW SINGLE GENTLE iUtj men and gentlemen and their wire* ean be awu? ? oated with good board and piennanl Rooms. Term* ??<! mm. ~ 1 1 to wr?t pourtrenth strert-unRxcbp jLU O tlonahle Rooms to let, with tret class Beard, to one or two res per tails boasders. Dinner at 6 o'clock. IOO WEST RTWELFfU STREET,? TO LET, WITH lOXi Board, two nicely f urn Is had front Rooms on aeoond and third 8001a, oontatning all convealenoes ; family smaU. 1 07 NINTH STREET, SECOND HOUSE WEST OP IO I Broadway? To let, elegantly fnrnlahod, a *ult of ho> m^ on UM second Moor, mutable for a gentleman and wile or gentlemen, or for business; also, n large front Room, tollable for one or two genth-men I tkti l'RINCR STREET? ST. CLAIR HOUSE. ?ELB J?Jf> gantly fnrnlshed Room*, witk Bod rooms attached, with all lie conrenleanes for housekeeping complete. Includ ing gas si>d Croton wnter, to let So respectable families or *ln gle gentlemen. I'/JC BLEhCKRR STKKKT, OPTOSt TK DRPAlT lUU row ? Furnished Booms 10 let, with Board, on the nrst and foutth floors Ketereme* eiehange i. kllit ELM blRKBT, NKAR SI RING. ? Fl'RNInHBD ZiWj Apartments for Immediate cccupancy. The lowes' tents in the city, considering the oonretiieuoe of economical housekeeping. Beat bedding and fuintture, with range, (XHiking utensils and linen complete; gas and Croton. Mill GREENWICH STREET. ?A FEW GENTLEMEN OOl can 01 tain good Beard, at $.1 per week ; also n gently, mm snd wife Mrfc TAtLOli. /*IC AND <M7 BROAIi WAT? CLINTON ll'JUHE ? A 1 1'| J few elejantiy furnished Itoomi lor genilemen. can now lie eniitged by appll vtlatn to the aOore aonw. t'AQ BROADWAY (PLANTER ?' HOTEL*. RLE OH O g> r.tly ftirn! hed room', snltabl*' for fain'l e" or single gentlemen, with full ho?rd, h> use B st c sia, g>?nero is '?He b - all n >!r.?'irf t| cd, l?rtni r?g' ni1 1c. harder* ?l W par day. | ?ALEI AT APCTIOa. Amobtimbb griffin A co . auc tionhrrs ? SUPEBB HOUSBliOLJ) furmtcbe ?MO RaRE works op art, AT PUBLIC auction. The property of * family declining housekeeping, On this day, WEONeriDAY at II o'olock, At the private residence No 46 Weal Bliteealfi street, between Pit tli ai d Hlitli avenues. The catalogue comprising the largest and richest aw irtment of llcuiehold Furniture au' Article a of Virtu offered at auc tion tbu season Ibe Purnlture waa all made to or. er for tbe present owner by city maker*. Tbe bouae waa furnished less than seven months ago at a coat of 1U.UO0, and U la eioellsal Older, and will be peremptorily sold SEVEM OCIaYK BOH K WOOD PIANOFORTE, Solid roaewood nofcly carved caae and legs, lined wltb satin wood, lull lnin plate: ban all tbe mod -rn Improvement*, made by Broadway maker*; fully guaranteed; baa been tented by competent judge*, and pronounced a superior Instrument; rosewood Canterbury, velvet covered roaewood Stool, Music, A DRAWING BOOM SUITS. Two elegant full Sul's, rlcbly carved in fruit and flower*, covered with latin brocade of the moat expensive deaorip .ion; ALliuue aid Uothic Exception Chairs, covered wltb India Matin; Reclining Chair*, covered with velvet; roae wocd Eit-jeyiA atatuary ma'bletop, lined with satlnwood, mirror door* and back; (secretary and Hook caae, lady's Woik,Tatle, inlaid with mother of peail, roaewood Encoig nurea, Cabinet*, Card and chess Table*. AN :1ENT AND MODERN OIL PAINTING* By emlneut artiala; two mated Painting:* by Northcott, the May Festivals, tbe Gardens of Versailles and Luxemburg, by David*; Immaculate Conception, after Murlllo * cele brated painting in the Louve Galltry at Pari*; Winter Scene on lbe|fecva, St. Petersburg, by Eetchell; Sea Views, by Legrsnd; two untich raintlcg*, Landscape*, by Cole; tuperb Paintings <>n ailk. Seen-* 111 Switzerland, by Dana; Prenuh line * ngravu g?. Pier Mirror*, large Mantel Mirror*, embriideieo lace Curtains. ARTISTIC BRONZE STATU ART, VASES, AC. Bronze Statue*? Hamlet, Prince ol Denmark; Joan of Are, Richard Cu-ur de Leon, IndUn Warrior*, Poetry, Muaic, Painting, Rembrandt, Rubens, Piaber Boy and tUrt, Cupid, l'ayohe, Ac. MagiiUcent Sevre* China Vuaea, from the c 4 ection of Jerome Bonaparte; Parian V uses, Figured, Bisque and Ormolu Ornament*, auperb ormolu Clock. DINING BOOM. Sol'd oak Buffet, atatuary marble top; Extension Table to match, Chairs, Qpuches, Minora, Chitia Dinner and Tea Seta, rubv, crystal ctB ftfcd engraved Glassware, solid silver Dinner and Tea Serviced, bKeflieid Table cutlery. stiver plated Cas ter*, C'olltiilrii, Case Baskets, Spoon*, Butt?r Knives, Nap kin King*, Salvers, Table Linen, Ac. CU AMBERS. Roaewood, Dressing Bureaus, Beds' eads, Co Tim odes. Ward robe, h having bland. Armour a ('lace Toilet Table, Hair and hp ring Mattieases, Feather Beds, Blankots, Linen Sheets, Counterpanes, holes, hocaers, Chairs, Hat Stand, Stair Car pet*, Rod*, Ac. Also a large assortment of Basement and Kitchen Purnlture A^hVCTION BALE OK $11,0 0 WOBTH OP ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 1 bis (Wt dnesday) afternoon, at S o cloek,|of theentire elegant flrst clasa Furniture contained in tbe residence fto, 152 west I wenlylirst meet, between tieventn andJLighta avenues, all r f which ii> in perf ect order, and comprise* tne most beauti ful aud cot.tly collection of Parlor, Dining itoom, Chamber ai d I.lbraiy Furniture, and rare aud valuable Work* of Art oil en d at public auctiou thl* season; the whole comprising over four burxjr'ei lots, to be peremptorily *oid 'or cash LIJl'jANI ROSEWOOD 7 OCTAVE PIaNOPOKTB, With uvery modern Improvement, uied but two months. Solid rosewood Parlor furniture In brocatel, Turkish Loun iies with c'htlra to mulch Mantel and Pier Mirrors, over all hundred yards ol Taoeatry and other Carpets, rosewood El i o'km, rosewood < ci.tre, oofa aud Pier Tables. Sllkani Lace ? iirtalus, Oold anil<l*cape Shades, rich Mantel Vases and I' rlor >. n.aiuMits, bronzes, i alntiugs, French Reception > hairs, Ptcielolr, roeowood Dressing, French aud K Uy.abelkun P.t dMeuds. hair Mattiesse*, complete Seta of i.haiHter Furniture, in; Lounge*, Frevch Kockers, locwood. malioguny aud cane Chain; in tible *a*hstands, UroBr.* i locks, Ovsl Mirror. Kitenaion Table nak marble top Bullet, 1 iiting i l.aira, two handsome Sola "ed-tcads, French i Ulna ol ever)' descrli lion, ruby and crjntal Cut ulasa. Ivory ? utlery, ndi alivcrware, Urn*, Casters, hpooas, Forks, I'UMt g Mill! Tr u I- e nice; also, . ne of Wilder * elegant lire ?? d buiglar jtn o! Sales, Ollc.otbs, etalr Carpets, Ac, with all th? Cc k'Iv chiindeliers and oas Fixtures In the bouse, with a great Variety ol CHUM Furniture not ineutioued. ?o I oeipoM niei.t, ci lMiientirig at 'J o'clock pnctaei* IlLs.'l.LL HtnitolT, auctioneer. . C. iLTTLB, AUCTIONEER. 1 . Otlice 130 Bra?aw?y. Positive aala ol EthGANT FIRST CLahS CAB1NKT FU*NITURB, BUng the stock of the old established bouse of C J v IIMIj I, 80* hi.mdway. A. C. TUTTt.L willaell, on *Kl>NE*i>.\i and THURR t.i& I uext, hi 11 o deck, at the Kbove extensile wart-rooms ?be roilie stock of i-legsnt rosewood, oak. mahogauy aud -S'.liUl * HLOR, X IH*AKY, DINIMi A Bali ROOM FURNITURE The rt pui.iion ol lb e luaBui actur> r of this stock La an ?iu| Ip (;u?r?irc of Its quality, nveiy article being warranted of the ueat c.ass km to materials and workmanablp, aud to ?Umd the test of 1 urnsce beat. It will positively he Hold without regard to limitation for raub, to close the business. Catalogues uow ready. Auction notice ? all. the siock or first clan*. Fui nil ure will be sold at private aale at a great sacrifice, for cash, oonalsting of eight rosewood and nlaoK walnut P&ilor suits, one double Parl'.r hnlt, solid rosewood, cevrrtd In uiaroon silk pluab, coat Ifcitw will be (old for $2S0 , do. covered in crimson and maroon satin brocatei, will oe ?ol<l for flK): two oingle rosewood Parlor Hulls, each suit iO?l $26t', will be told for SUA each ; one large double Parlor Suit, black walnut, covered In gre?n plu-h, will be sold for ilUfc, one Parlor Suit covered In haircloth, for $76; one do. in rrps, for S??, a lot of rosewood. mahogany, bltclc walnut and oak Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room furniture; also a complete aiilt of JDlnlng Room, consisting of one large oak Itullet, Hide Table, Extension Table, 7 Stuifed Chain and one Lconge, Turkish chairs and Lounge*, covered in reps and brocaiel to match; all kinds of Reception Chairs, Ac l'b? above elegant Furniture la all of the very best manufacture, und will be sold at a great bugain Apply at 73 Sixth avenue, one door below Vtaverley place. E. RUTH. AUCTIOK NOTICE-JOHN LOYD, AUCTIONEER, will fell on Thurailay, March its at 10' i o'clock, the en lire Furniture ot the three story dwelling lift Bedford avenue, mar Clynn r Hree?, Williamsburg, oorsisiiug of elegant rose wood Mi'lte, totured In crlBLaon plush;, one elegant ro. e wi od seven octave Pianoforte, rosewood Beamoiu Furniture, marble tup Lmislng Bureaus, Washstands, Centre Tables, oval gilt liaire Mirrors, oil Paintings, Kngravlngs. Tapestry, Velvet and lngiain ? arpets; Oilcloth, ban Mattreasei, leather lied?. fcolsteia and Pillows, crimson damask Curtains, China, i;lt Olsss, walnut Rxtenalon Lulling table, Kitcnen Kurni lure, Ac, Ac. Hou?ekee|>ers and dealers will And this well worth) tbeir attention. Bale positive, rain or ahlne. Cata logues' ready on the morning or sale. a tCTlOK NOTICE.? M. DOCOUTV, AUCTIONEER ? /A second hand and uew Household Furniture this day at l'5, o'clock, at salesroom H4 Nassau street, viz;? Hose tvood it:l r Mil's. In broratel and haircloth, mahogany Parlor and chamber Furniture, oak Chamber Sets, Liming Room Mirnuure snd ladles mahogany Wardrobes, Bookcases, Brussels and Ingrain Carpet*, f lour Oilcloths, Oil Paintings, China, Mruckeiy and tilasswaru, Mantel Vases and Orna m? n's Sofa Bedsteads. Lounges three Iron Fares, Hatslands, t ocoa Malting, Uas Chandeliers, Ac., the whole for aba.iiu'e >ale. Catalogues ready. a UC110N NOTICE. t\- M. C. EDKY. Auctioneer Fxeeutor's tale of Household Furniture. EZRA LI DLOW. Jr., (sa'esroom 66 Cedar street), will sell on 1 hurtdi y. March 2H, at 1QH o'cli ck, at 337 Fourth avenue next d. or to c rner of 1 wen ty fifth street i, all the genteel tou?? hold Furniture conlainou In said house, cun-UUng of roiow 1 1 d, buck walnut snd mahogany Parlor and Chamber Fi n itiin , \\ .,idroU a. hee.retarle i. Bookcases, Kolas, Chairs, Mirrors, " attreeaes and olh>'r Bedding, Ac ; also lllassa-are, Crocker), Ac , aud Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will t< ? taaiogu^s ready. A I L'tlON NOTICE. ? A FAMILY DECLININO UOU^E keeping w 111 d'spose of at private aale all their Parlor, < hamber ar.d Inning Roem Furniture at a grett aacdflce,vtz . t'aiv.d rosewoid 7 octave Pianoforte, in excellent order cost J. mo, for $H0, Including hto .1 and Cover; Parlor Suit, cost, $.'01', fer $140; one for^lOO; Etesoie', Centre Tables, Bedsteads; Washatands, solid r.isewooa. coat $A>J, for $lik>, Mattrf Kce, Ac I lie forniturs was ail made t i order mr ihi Vreaenl owner, has been In use hut Ave months, and In com plete order Inquire at 7U West Twenty sixth street, tocur Mxth avenue. Auction notice? valuable framed paini ings aud Kngravtag* ? By UI'MBEttT A THOMAS, this moi nlng at o'clock, at 39 Ann street, a collection or valnahle tramed Oti Paintings, including Madonnaand Child, hy Faaroferata; Fruit, by tan liiiysutn. Uoly Family, after Kxphsel. Angel's Whisper, and other beautiful modern com positions by aosenberg. Clean work, Coales, rice and Mooney iWo among foriign artinta will be found tn? productions of iloDtas, Frande, lit Aubin, echelder. Weber, Horemans, t'antlno, Ilembrandt, Houdekoeler and others Also an I a voice flue line and mezzotint Kngravlnga. May be examined intil bour of aale. Auction notice. M. f. EOEY. Auctioneer. Large sale of Carriages, Harness, Ac. EZRA LliRLoW, Jr., Will aell this day. at one o'clock, at hla salesrooms, 86 Cedar street (opposite the Post otDce), a great variety of four and alx aeat Kockaways, light shifting -op Buggies, road ami trotting Wagons, depot and jigger vtagone. Phaetons, Ac. Ac., nil of the beat make (mostly city makers); Also a secondhand light Bxpreai Wagon and a l'octor a Phaeton; also a large assortment of single and double Harness. Sale without reeerve, to cloae several oon signmenta. Auction notice.? burnham-i furniture ex pieaa packing establishment, ill, 113 West Eleventh sireet, between Fifth and Hlxth avenues. Household Fur niture boxed and shipped to sll parts of the world. Large ooverec wagona for removing furniture Into the country. Furniture stored. Auction notice? bichard Walters, Auc tioneer, 18 East Broadway, solicits sales at auction of I lousehold Furniture, Stores and all kinda of pn pert/ on nx -derate terms. Reference gl en. Storage to let of ail lofts, 24 by 7ft feet, on moderate terms. Am. merwin, auctioneer.? by banob, merwin |< A CO , Irving Buildings, MM and MM Broadway. Thurs day evening, March Hi, at 7!, o clock, original Oil Paintings. a 'ehotee collection ol superior Pljtnrsa, embracing warranted i iiginals, bv Loremo|Iil Credi, Olnlio Momano, Bronziuo, Vandeiwerr, Con ado Oia^nlntl, and others of e<|ual emi nence. Also some fine hketches and a l ew water color Draw inga. Fer particulars see catalogue and the Pictures now on view at the salesrooms. AS. BICHABDS, AUCTION EBB. -SOO CASES BOOTH, . Hhi.ta, Brogans and Qaiters at auction, by AlCft ARDH A v? lllli Nil, on Wednesday, March 27, at o'clock, at the etore 44 Cortlsnd street; comprieing the useal aasori m? nt of desirable goeda direct from the mauufactorim. caialagnen on morning of sale. AVCTION SALE.? JOHN E. OAKLEY, AUCTIONEER, ettoeld Oeuit street, Brookly*? By JOHN R. OAKLEY A l<? ?will sell, on Thursday, Marshl iH, at >10o'elork A. M , all the Furniture In the pilstte dwelling bouse lift I'tetreponi street, Brooklyn, consisting of a seven octave rose wis d rlaaoferte. Sofas, Chairs, marbto top Tables, .Carpets, lie. steads, Buieaas, Hatresses, Bedding, Mxtenaion Table, Cuckry Were, Eftebeu Dteaella, Ac. AUCTION BALES.? ON WEDNE8DAT, THE 77TH A lnet , at ?S A. M., at the U?r Bier Saloon No. .TO Hudson street _ All the Fu mltur)^ In ? tares, Ac. will be wd Bier Saloon No. TO area, Ac. by AUOUdT BEIBUE, executor of the plaintiff. BY DANL A. MATHEWS A CO , AUCTIONEERS, THIS DAY (WBONEHDAY), at 10K o'clock. At their salesroom, 84 Cedar Street, apposite the Post Office, n general aworttnent of new and second hand Household Furniture, vii : Rosewood Parlor suits, Etegeres Centre and F snry 1 sbles, l'lei mirrors, terretary ana Library Bookoases, Lounge*. Buffets, Extension Tables, roeewood snd mahogany liuteaus. Waahstanils, Commodes, Bedsteads, Msttresaes, Spring Bed*, Brussels Carpets, china and Ulasaware. Ac. ; alao one io?ewood Pianoforte. < a'ali gues at salesroom, 64 Cedar street. N. B ?Personal sttemlon Mven to sales ai residences of famlllea destining housekeeping, or at our salesroom c 1 ALVIN T. HAZRN, AUCTIONEER J AUCTION NOTICE. A large tale of Carpetlngs, oilcloths. Mattings, Rugs, Mate, Ao , si and 270 t'anal street, near Broadway, on Mednee lav. March TJ, at 10 o'clock. J, W IHMiCK offer* as above at snetlon, hit entire spring stock of Csrrietlnss. Ac , comprising Hi 41 pieces Velvet Tspeatry Srussela. it 'i ple< cs best Hruaeels. 1,11 0 I lecee 1 hn-e ply Tapestry. hnperllne and common Ingrain Carpeting. l,??i pic-es 4 I, IM, A4 son H 4 OUclotha VIII pit res ? t and .'.4 Mstt ngs Nil Hugs, Ms's, Ac The I '? -pellnga will be exhibited one <1?v be' I? 'h, an<* p>i? on is enrll lots to ac omr., d? e persons wlsbsng but a ssaati qoaauty. 8AUC1 AT Al'CTIOW. Bbowme a mcholr, aucTiofchKiis v> nas-iab street, would respect! ulljr inlorai ihelr friends thatlhejr |TF prepared to give Vti ?- 1 r (Wltrill) tMrDlinD to ><1(? jf Kur nituie, Ac , at the residencea of taxuillea breaking up bona* keeping or at their coiumad.ou* salesroom* and g > leriea, op posite the Eo*t otire. ? Edward schenck. aUci loMtBR.? HAND80Ma Household Furniture ? Hy t. AF. H. t?C lit N .K, <>? Thursday. 2tnh inst At *0*^ o'cl ck, ?t &o 96 CIlul'U place , %u the handsome Household *uruiUue in tl?e|abov ? h?use, log ia part of TOwwwd *nd mahogany I'arlor huttes, ro-a wood Etegeres, rrencU Pla'.e Mirrors Curtain i irnl 0?rfice& Bruasal* and ingrain Carpets. Mantel (locks aud i irnatnents, losewood , mahogany and walnu < Camber ? urnltur?, itiulng room tliuiun, MtUiwiti, B?ds, tedding, Ac . Chiua itnd Ulassware Abo the Kr.cheu Furniture, vctb ?hisa lit* sale will ci mmeooe. WEDNESDAY, A"R1L 3 Elegart Household Furniture, at No. 124 W eat Thirty eighth street, at lo,S a. M. Edward bchinck. auctioneer. ? k a f ?h 8CHF NCK Ml 1 nell at auction, on thm d<ty, March 27, at lt>, A. M , at ho 136 HuUlvan siree , handsome >ious? bold furniture, consisting Id part of rosewood an J mahogany Parlor and bedroom furniture. Brussels and Ingrain JarpeM, marb e top dofa and Centre Table*, Laoo Curtain*. Look lug Ulasse?, i itomaas. Lounges, wild walnut fcxtenslou fable. Girandoles, Oil Paintings, btatr Carpets and Rods. Dlvau* and l'b> lr? In haircloth, Bedateada, Vurraad, Wasliaiaiid.i, Mattresses, B?ds. Redding, <ila*a * are. Crockery, Ac , stove* and tbe Kl'chen Furniture, with wli.cb tiic sa e will oom meaoe. Edward stanton, auctioneer, will sell to the highest bidder, Without reserve, on ihu-?.1*y, Ma oh V8, at ICS o clock A. M., In front or the stora ho S3 New Canal iiieet, n> ai hldrldge, ui casks Ffljncli Brandy, fart* gallons tach. 'fermsoasb. MtpoiMrt GEO. HOL8BCOE, AUCTION ERR, oFFICg NO b 99 Rroaoway, will sell this day, at i8 Jonei street near Fourth, at 1UX o'clock, rosewood marble lop Etagere do, < entie and Hide Tables, black walnut Tef a -leie and chairs black walnut Dressing Bureaus, <*a?h>-Uud? and cedsteada. Hair Mattresses, Feather Reds, Bolsters and Pillows, un Curtains, Cirpets, Oilcloths, Window Shade*, oil VatnUaK*. Ac. Also Kityben utensils Geo. holbrook will sell on- thurbdat. atita of Marrh, at U'f-Z o'llock, at the Atlantic Hotel, 355 O reawich afreet, the entire Furnltuie of lui room*. Bed steads. Hair Mattresses, Feather Bolsters and I'M jws, Mir rors. carpets and I llfcoib*, Tables, Tollut ecu, c-bairs. black walaut Inning rabies and Chau-s, ke! ilgerawirs, oak Chain, R?r and Bar Fixtures, English Boer 1'uinp, Herring's Safe, Gas Chandeliers; also Kltjhen l lenilU Henry h. lkkdw, auctioneer ? henhy h leedb A CO. will ?ei! at auction, on Wednesday, March 2 1, at 12 o'clock, in front of store No. 23 Nassau at eel. llorsea, Car tbtgta baruesr, Ac., Uie property or a gentleman leaving far Europe; to be M>ld without reserve. A dirk brown Horse, IT banda high, teven vears old, bo leved to be osr ec ly sound and kind tu all harn<ss; an excellent aoimal for a coupe Oray Horse, lA>i bauds high, seven year* old, very stvltab and spirited, kind In all haruesa and unequalled as a saddle h jrse. Coupe, mace to order by one of our city m*k?r->, but little us?ci and in finu order, lined with blur rep silk with p ilo aud shafts l ight.'our seat V agon, ahiftUg i.iy, made by tiutler, to oiaer: panel sidea Light road hox Wa?on, panel aides, made by b'-amaley. to order. In fine coDduion, with patent de<*chlng seat for groom, pole and abul ia oue Double ne?s, by Waters; Prime's metal mountings, one birgle Uar ne??, by Water>; Prun e s uie'.al mouutings Oue blugle Uar. ne*s, by Watrrs, silver plated, one Coupe Harness, by Duns comb, cost 9H6. One Jutler slelgb, very oearlf new, built to oner, upholstered aud lined with velvet. Also, Whips, holies. Blankets, s-hreu, ^eU extra > ollars, all ol the v. ry best quality and In piluie order. Also, a iuoei1or roal llorat, 16'4 handx high, seven years old, sound and kiud, aud caa j trot mslde of three mlautes. ? HFNRV H. LfcisDS, AUCTIONRER? H^.NRY H LI k-Dfc A WO. wiiisell at auction on Thursday. March 28, at lb), o'clock, at Mil Br< adway, neitr Kianklin sire*t, under lorecoi-ure oi mortgage- urusrnu and ingrain arpet, OUt Frame, M?ntei aud Ptei Mlriuis. mable aiali. , oak and walnut Tables, br<>nze and gilt chand*llert, zinc and bras* fiigu*. i tliceacd counting room Uesks and r uroiture, aliv?rpl*tea Ki>me f how Case, (show Maude, itiak Uuief, Urover A Itsiiri 's Patent heaing M chines, feigns do , oak Otllce Chairs, .<-sd ir< ns, netleclora, Ac. BKNRY H LEXDS, aU JTlONEaRR.? H KN11Y H. LEEDM A CO. will sell at auction, ou Thursday, Maro v 18. at 11 o'clock, in the gall -ry over salesroom, No, 2 > N >ti?et, private collection or valuable oil Pa utmg*, s>-iened ut htif pe during a long residence -here, corner! .lug sp* luieaii ol the ini st celebrated artists o- England, r rinca ari l U< rue uy u any rareandcos'ly originals, by in old inasiers txrmiug sf'i'gether a miscellaneous collection of K-eat icierest nnJ blgb quality. 1 be property of u ismily leaving f r burope, ai u coutignmrnts or peremptory sale Tbey are uow ou ex li bun n, witn s.ta'.ogueas above, and aie well wui thy of at lentitn. HENRY UKEEN, ACUIK Li quors, tegsrs, Ac? is igne.- mi ? ihis da at li?t{ 0 clock, at tke auction >ioie, rjt William stre* t, Hoods re movtd from Washington si reel, vlx:- III boxna Family soap; U half burials Prunes. Tea. Coffee, It uarreis Pickled Fisa, 1G boxes Plug Tobacco, lUOUUu 8eg?ra ID barrel i Bourbon W hiskey, 8 octaves Brandy. 2 c*?ks Port Wine, 1 do. Hherry, 1 pipe Uiu 20 Demijohns; also A,UU) lbs pure White Lead. p. Henri oreen. auctioneer -dry and fancy Hood*.?1 Tb>* Jay, at 12 o'clork at the miction store, 1<M \\ ill jam atreet, t-hawla, Drers tiooda, Hoalery, chorea, Goat*, Pacta, Vests, Sewing Machines Ac HENRY GREEN. ALCllOf EER.-ON THU 1HDAY, March '?*, at 10, H 0 clock, at the auction at jre, 194 WB turn atieet, special aale o' a large lut cf Clothing, >*iece Good*, bhlrts, Drawer*, Dry and Fancy Gocda, Hosiery, 15 fcewing Machine*, Ac. J A J. RAYMOND, AUCTIONEERS? WILL SELL. ? on Thursday, 28 th of Match, In Jersey City, comer or j crsry avenue ana c'outh Seventh street, on the premises, at 3 o'clock, a fine Residence and three Lot* tastefully laid out, w I lb vines, fruit, ihruba and flower*. The Houae ? moaera built. JCbEPH 11KGKMAN. TIllKsDAY, MARCH 38, At 10J* o'clock A. M., at 195 Court aireet, opposite West War ren atreet, Brooklyn. Hatdsoine rosewood Piano, pier Glass, roaewood Bookcase, 0MHh4 Htid mabogaiiv PlTMr and Chamber fmnm., li gra'n Caipeta and Oilcloth* Also ail.!', t*. M., a law Lite sr., i omplate set of Law Report*, by nelaca, Duar, D< nlo, 11111, Pstge. Harbour, Sandford and others. Catalogue* at salt-Mr oui* JF WILLIAMS. AUCTIONEER, . will sell at the aalesioom Sa 082 Eighth avenue, near rorly-flrst slttet an assortment of Rook* and Picture*, coa talmng many valuab.e Illustrated medical works. Also a va rlety ot Yovsges, Travels, Tales, Ac., being part of a physi cians libraiy, on Thursday evening, at 7}i o'clock. MORTGAGE SiLE-HOt'SKB ><,D FURNITURE AUG ttoL? To morrow, at lU>t o'clock, at DA Bast Thlr e? nlh street, mahogany Sofa*, Lounges, maible top On. re tables. Bureaus, ka?y I hairs, I'arlor ana Wlnao* ditto, mahogany Bedstead, ralr Muiitesr-es, heather Reds, velvet and lapeatry Carpet* illrlotli, Extension Table, hina ets, Plated ware. Kitchen Ltenslls, Ac Leposlts required, WEI.LlNGT >N A. CARTER, Auctioneer. C. HI LKLEV, AUCTIONEER? WILl. SELL, ON Thursday, April 4. at 1* o clock, at the Merchanta' Ex change, bj oidcr or G. tiazuni *nd ). Bui-sini, Rxeeutors. the four story brick house and lot xnown aa ?u. 1M hast Thirty second strett; hous? 2> x46, lot Also the three story brick house and lot No 100 Hamilton street, Brooylyn; housa 19 6 by about 40 feetjdetp; ljt luu Map* at the oUlee. 43 Wall atieet. PaWKBR KF.B S SALB.-A. M. CRiSTALar, AUG iloneer, 23 Boaery, will sell on Thursday Mar< h U, at ill1 j o'clock, a large aa?ort?ent of Men s and Women's Vt ear li. g Apparel, comprising bilk and other ureases, Crepe, Hrecbe and other h haw Is; 1'rinta, Silks, Ltelalnea, Coats, Pants aad Vests, Ac. By order or A. J. Jackson, to Walker street PAWNBROKER'S SALE ? W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL, on Ihtirsday next, at 26 Chatham atreet. uo stairs, a large assortment of Goid ai d Silver Watches, Jewelry, Guns, I'isto] s. Musical Instruments, Ac., Ao. To commeaoe at 14 o'flo- k. By ordt r of J. B. A J. iimpson RAL F.STATB AT AUCTION. _ K. H. Ll'DLOW will sell to the highest bidder at the Meichant*' kxebange. on the Bib of April, at ISo'clook. browa stone dwelling V W'eat Tveoty-elgbtu atreet; mortgage no property In the dty Is mors desirable. SOLOMCN DINGER, AUCTIONEER. By IHMGKE A IIULDEN. C fliers, No. 8 Pine sireet and 1,2*4 Broadway, TnuRlDAT, March 28, 1861, At 12 o'eioek, at the Merchants' Exchange. A beautiful Country Seat at Mamarvneck, >Vestch?ater ouaty, the reaidence of Waiter Baker, Esq. A One Gothic liouse has l urnace, r inge. hot And Ctrl' Water, bathroom, water elreeta, speaking tnbps, lumb waiter*, and all rno&n luii Ti t . uients; stable, coach and aU u- cessary out buildings; it la st'uatrd three quarters of anM trom the depot; nine acrea of Land, beautifully lad out In garden walks, the rarest flowers, vegetable garden and the oootceat frtula. hale positive and without reterve For maps and further particulars apply at the oiiice oi the auctioneers. SA J. BOOABT, AUCTION EERS, WILL HELL Off . Wednesday, Match 27, at 10', o'clock, on the premise* 1<> Spruce street, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, one Hoe A Co. * drum and cj Under Printing Freaa, two taylor's drum ami rj Under 1 riming Presaea, two Taylor's three rentluUoa I'rint.tig Presses, with shafting, pulley*, nrller* and roller boxes, Ac ; also Hee Drake, one large t'utung Deak, Iroa Safe, Chaaes, Framea, Mature*, Ac HBNitl Wfc.iT, Aitornty for Mortgagee. O Jt J BOGART, AllCIIONEBRe.? THl'ffiDAY, NABOB O- ux, at :? s o'cloek, at the auotl<ra room*, N I North W llllsm street? Mortgage eale of Household Furniture, consisting of >-o'aa, Lounge*, marble lop centie lablea, ?oahi gany Writing table, maaogaay Ore sing Rureaaa, do. Eticloaed Waahstanoe li? gut and mahogany frame l.ioklng tilawea. French plate; Mirrors, till fainting*, 1. 1 trasel*. three ply aad Ingrain Carpets, Ollololh, maho gany trench Bettteaila. Hair Mat trees, Feather Bode, blaca walnut Deaka, .rfflce chairs. Malting, Wardrofee Also, by virtue of ao execution, one sorrel Mate, one Ore eery lop Wagon, nearly mw ; one Baker'e Cart and Light Wagon Also two Lalhea, without reaeret . R SHERIFF S SALE ? FANCY OOODB, TOTS, AC. CHAMBER^ A FA1MCU1LU, AUCT10MMS?fl, Halearonm 11.1 Naaeau street. Will eell thla day (Wednesday), March 27, at II o'ekMk, at their salesroom a quantity of fancy Good*. Toy* and amaB wares, bring the entire stock or a retail dealt r. Also two Show Caaee, iwre and other etore tanU'ur*. . ? ? _ JOU? EELLY, 8 bed If OHEBIFF S SALE? BBM DELTA 0 CHAMBERS A FaI ?CHILD. Auctleaeeta, halearoom 1U Raeaau street, WU1 aell on Wednesday, Marefe W, a4 12 e'elock. at pier M East river, the brig or eesael called the DELT a. her Tackle, Apparel, Furaiturt, Ac., Ac. JOUff EELLY, Mhertff. \T ALU ABLE rEOPERTY ON 1S4TH STREET, AT AUO V ton.? PHILIP E WURlN* wttl sell eg anetlen, mm Than day, March V, at U o cloak M.. at tke Merohaale' Ha eliange, U?e oeairabla two story aad attic frame ilsnlMaa houae. sRuated on IMh street, betwee* the Firth ana Hiti avenues, and nearly oppoalle Mount Marrta square. The house U ?xil Net, ftiled la with urtck 4 as gae, <%a ia 1 ures, hath Ac. Lota M feet by 1W fe*t 11 Inehea. Map at the o flier of the auctioneer, in Pine streew WM. WITTER', AUCTlORBfeR, WILL HELL OR Wednesday, at 1111, o'cloek, in Broadway, between Fif ty second and Mlty ihtra streets, at the Elk hotel, the Fojal turr, Ac , of the above house, bar and Mar Flxturea, light Wagon, Shalt* and Pole, for small pouto* together with rrervthlng useful for housekeeping. ?'*. WITTERS, AUCTIOSRRR ? WILL BELL, THlff TT day, at two o'clock, at ?M Canal street, Sofaa, Hofa Bedsiead*. rooking, spring seat and other Chalra, centre, dla Ing and tea lables. Pier and Mantel Mirrors, fine rosewoo* Pianoforte, Wool and ( over, ?e and uamaak Curtaiae, Clock, Silver Ttat ami Pluther, Feehs and Sproas, cutlery, rich ia|ieatry. three ply, Ingrain aad other Carpeta, Hall aad Basemepl i illcvitl'p. m*.hogan\ . ro*ewo->t) anil walnat Bed *te*ds, flair Mattresses Fea'her Berts, Table ami Red Linen, marble 1 p <lt.-??tni( snd other Bureaua, Washsianda, Toilet. China, glass. wi>od. Iron and tin Ware, Ac I'he whole oom urKIng a tlnea<?anment tor fmillles and rvhers. Also abont nfiy ?e? ml han't Bedsteads, Muttresses, Ac , from a MlMi II' 11,1,1AM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER-' OFFH'R NO 4 ft K*st Broadway, sells on Thu>*clay, at lu'- o'clock, the !?a?e, stock and ll?mres of tha large grocery snd liquor *tor? li'i avenue 1 1, con<l?higof Teas, S"g?r?, Spn--* Wovet Herrings, splendid wslnut Oounter, *) feet long, 42 new ca?ks "'i ii- - rt*D ii o' rt nice i inner*, ?. ine?, Ac. Aleo on* liu* iiOise, e?t"s ?ia sss.