Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1861 Page 2
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r i hi? I latcUlfente. The Boo. John kXxnyth, om of (be Onsmisstoaers (ram the Southern confederacy, Is in New York, tad ?topping at the private residence of Mr. H. O. Brewer, in that Thirty -aeoond street. Among the arrivals in this city yerterdsy we note the following at the AMor House: ? Hon. f. H. Horse, Maine, R J. Ualdemm and Miss S. W. HaiJeinan, J. P. Roman, Harris burg Pa ? Mrs. Senator Dojllttle, Wis*>nsin; llou. K. Babbitt, Erie, l*a. ; E. P. Meson, J Hartshirae, Provi deuce, R. I. Hon. J B McKean; C O Hlp'.ey, Cush ing, Boston- Edward Waters. North Carolina ; Hon. Kli Thayer, Massachusetts. Judge Cirroli, New York; Bin jarnin F. Thurston, I'rovidecoe, Wm. H. Thomas, Ph U delph* JaniesO Hardy, S. Galbreith, Kentucky; John K. Porter, Albany. The following persons are stopping at the St. Nicho. las J. M Cook and family, C Frothtngham, J. Kath bone and wife, Albany ] E. D. Bell and wife, C. Marsu Boston, A. Clarke, Montreal; F. (lementsoa, G. Gienoross, Ifegtand. T. M. Horsey, South Carolina; H. S. Walsh, Kansas; W. W. Masitie, K. S. Henderson, Kentucky ; Capt Wilkes, 0. S N., J. K. Rose and wife, California. C. L Cobb, of Michigan, Got. J. D. Kry, of California: Win. H Houseman, of Pike's Peak, Thos. McAllister, of Philadelphia; W. H. Peabody and ramlly, of Iowa; J. P. Reman, of Maryland; Dr. Geo. J. Arnold, of Boeton; 0. a Danacott, of Virginia, and J. W. Cunningham, of Eng land, are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. Capt J. Crowell. of steamer Florida; 0. W WUoo?A ?f Connecticut : W. C. Roger* and H. L Mowry, of New Karh; Bias Rotchklss, of Montreal, C. W., and S. C. Roys au4 lady, of Southampton, are stopping at the I afargs Bouse. W. C. Calhoun, of Bridgeport, Conn. ; A. B. Smith, of Mil ton Ootm Frank Vine, of Albany; a Loan and caugh ter, of Wilnnogiou, Bel . and Alex. Morrison, of Albany, He stopping at the Everett House. Tbe Baroc de StoeckJ, Russian Minister, is at present Mapping at the Clarendon House. The President has conferred a West Point Cadet's ap pointment upon Henry Y eager, of La., to fill a vacancy in the Military Academy , from that State. On Monday evening tbe citizens of Burlington serenaded Mrs. Stammer , tbe heroine of Fort PictasMf, who is now on a visit to her friends in that plaee, which was formerly her residence. Mrs. Harriet Hodges t^u been appointed Postmistress at Km ton, Mass., aud Mi?a Gardner at Hingham. Miss Gardner, it will be remembered, is the daughter of the late Postmaster at Hingham, wno was poisoned by his ? wife. 4 Mlas Ellen Smith has recovered $4 .000 of Francis Cle mentfcon, of Ohio, for breach of promise of marriage, after twenty years' courtship. Tbe Rev. Isaac Rosser, of the Methodist Protestant church, an o'd pioneer Methodist preacher, wlio is now in the eightieth year of his age. and Vise Sarah Childs, agnd Bixty years, were united in the bonds of wedlock at At lanta, Ga., a few days ago. Among the 'arrivals in New Orleans on the 21st inst. , by the steamship Cahawba, from H.ivan*, was Baron Rothschild, of the distinguished family of that name in Pans. Baron R. has been spending some weeks in Ha vana where ho ws.< tbe object of many attentions on fhe part of th? Captain General anefbther distinguished gen tletnenof that e'lty. PERSOSAli. A WIDOW WOMAN, BEING WITHOUT THE MEANS of supporting her child, would liki? to find a kind lady to adopt her aa her own ; some one who oould give bcr a ? joJ borne. Addre** Mrs 8pencer, Union square Post ollict), stating name and address. DOl'TION? A GENTLEMAN, RESIDING WEST wishes to adopt an intelligent bov about fourteen of good personal appearanje and habita; French dement pre ferred. Addren B B. 8., Post ofUce. ANI INFORMATION OF MICHAEL RYAN, AGED about 2Sy rare, who lived, i-oiae fourteen years ago. at the corner of Concord and Adams street*. Brooklyn, will be thankfully recnlved by his mother, Margaret Ryan, tears of Meatra. Rackett, Davit k Co.). Providpnee, R. I. AMINA-I HAD THOUGHT YOU HAD ENTIRELY forgoiten me. I was there is the rain. When shall I be at Uis ferry? Write. DICK. BR HOU8B ?RECEIVED TOUR NOTE; WAS DIB appointed at not *e?lng you. Meet me Ihursday. aams piaee, at six o clcck, or communicate bv note aa before. J. a. E. Dear hubband? i know all and will for give all. 1 am wretched. Come back, lor your abteuce will ktU me. LI LLIE IflABHION COURSE TO LET OR FOB SALE.? SEE Ms advertisment under Turf head. Harry lee-please to come soon as you ?ee this. Bceu very sick sinoe you saw me. I am going away. Come. M IF FREDERICK MORGAN, LATELY FROM TEXAS, will call at No. East Broadway, he will greatly oblige a friend, jjsrtford papers please espy. INFORMATION WANTED.? ANY INFORMATION OF Rlofaard Rochfcrd, of Ttpperary, Ireland who left Ireland about six year* sinoe, will be thankfully received by his nieoe, Mary Rcchford, who is in New York oity. Addreaa Mary Rechtord. New Yeik Post oillc*. INFORMATION WANTED? OF MARGARET AND THO luax Tappau, of New York city. Addreut Brother Robert or John lappan, Newtown, Kalrtteld ounty, Conn INFORMATION WANTED ? OF J AMES OULLKH, FROM county Tyrone. I. elai.d He came to t ita oountry tn IBM ; last beaiaof Ie IUii otsin 1*42. Any information thankfiilly received by hi* broth r, Joseph Cullen, 240 New street, Phila delphia. Chicago papers pleaae copy. m LL. X ?PLEASE CALL TODAY (THI'RSDAY) OR . to-morrow (Friday), this week, at two o'clock P. M , same place in Greene street, aud you wllj lind F. "lTR. ISAAC MITCHELL, FROM EDINBURGH IN 1SS7, ivl wtll cooler a favor on hi* old 'riend "Nutrnei:" by send ing his address te the fct. Charles Hotel. Hrm Urisans. La. ?VflNNfF-I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU AGAIN iVl afl< r so long an interval^ Write ma throo gh Broadway Post Oflice IX M PEDRO. ML -I DID NOT OKT YOUR NOTB FOB TUB8 ? day aftornoon until Wedntaday morning. Let ma ku.?w where I can ate you, or addre?e you. aCaD&MY OK DESIGN. > ? ?SE HE BALD OF YESTERDAY. DID YOU duatovei tbt' tula lake u( ibo priir.err 11 * * ? M Notice ? to the debtors of thk estate of tlx1 Ut'- .). II. Kliey, o: No. 118 atmt, New York The Mild debtor* will K?nd a statement ot their ac ciinu with estate of the i-a 1 J. II. BUey, d?cMMl and of the amount of their l'i leliti-dne<* to said estate, either by n .tea, open account oi otherwise, to I*. II RIL.EY, Admlum trat >r. Cairo, llliuola Tub person ihat sent a leitbb by post, signed F e II., to a geutleman Id Broadway tin Tues day, and dean cd to tn?et bun on W cdnesday at 3 o o! k, aid did not meet hits, will pleaae eend their address to the same it ?ftll I place a* aoon aa poaalblr, lor it WU1 be to their Interest. WAVERLY HA> BLKN 8I0K FOR THREE WEEKS, consequently con id not meet at Tj at ?icr<*ed. Will be out roon. Look out tor the pwraonal. View PIJ B LIGATION S. D INSHORE 8 RAILROAD GUIDE, FOI! APRIL, IS out ?The oldeat and beat Oulde of the I'ulted htate* and Confederate btatea Prior 2.'> cents D1NNMORB A CO , No V Sprue ? street. Special moticks. ASPBCIaI. NOTICE.? THE BATHOLF MANUPAC luring Crmpany baring been Bold out. their Sefrtag ?a chino* cau i"- ropurvd hiki needle* auuplud at the Kurt-k i Howtec Machine ofllce, MK< Broadway. Prioe of Maoblne $t<J TilOR EUROPE? A SELBCT PARTY INTEND ?HTART JP In* about the Itth of April |on a tour of pleasure through Europe, and deeir** ena more to ooinplete the num ber. For paiucnlnra laudrea* W. 11. Sinclair, No. 3 Weat Waakinfton plane. N. Y. Notice to tax payers. -office of the com miaatooera of Tale* and Aaeeeameata, No. S3 Chamber* street New tort, Jan. I, 1861.? Notloe ii hereby given that ? tbe Aaaeaament Roll* of Real aod Personal Eatate of the city ? ?ud eouatr of New York, for the year 1881. will be opened on tJEoadfcy. toe l?h instant, for public lu-pet Um, and will con 'Mane o*n until the SlKh day of April next inclusive All tai ri ate earmsUy requAted to call aad tiamiae the aatae, ? tliat any error* In the a?*fwmenta may oe oorraotcd. I per none en titled by law to reduction .>n tlotf asses* by reason ot oetaj clergymen or for military aervieea, I alio Uteiarv aad charitable inautuiiona, by law (tempt k taxation, are raqweatod to make application for an -h re ' loreiemptton previous to the closing of the roll* on > day Of April . The f oMou lag aeotiou of the aet of April 14, 18M, la pub ? MM* ad Sir the information of taipayeie: BeetlSa 1A Daring the tune the boot* ahall be open for pub Ito InaiimMon aa heretofore provided, application may be made by auy poraan oousideriag himself aopleved by tbe *SSSmm equation of al* real or peraonal aetata, to hare tbe Ifnn trnn ? ' "* If such applioatlon be made In relation to _ tbe aseewed raluatl in ot real ?-tale. It muat be made In writ I 1m. aMUm the grounds of objections thereto, aad thereupon I the <H*?n7i?0otiera .hail examine Into the oomaialot. and If t.,e i* erro?ie,.??. '??? ahall ^^Kua? to be correetad If aueh application be made the aiwaanrtl raleatloa of yaraonal eatate, the be aiBtvuaed a niter oath by the aald Cotniala ">.a. be authoiined t^ admmlatar art twlh, or ?l la thair ja4?meat the aaaeaament I* M? earne to be oitrreeted, and ameaament ae they may baitere tooejutt. r dealMiia thereon alihtn thirty day* after ahall hare been made to the ia No reduction |by the #aard of ftueerrUer* ot any aaaaaementi final eatate ltayeei'1 ander thu aet, nnleae I loader oath ar MygiaM f, thai tha partran laaMe to all^S wjthlii the pert. id pre?. ribM for rnaaai of alnktiea* or ..ix . from 8e< turn 9 ) i CcmmlMtoner* aLlEN. / Of Taiea and RKOWN. ) Aaeeeamenia. C j^Cwe of ^ N OTICE ? MAI OB'S OFFICE, MARCfl V, 1861 * . Nottre ia hereby grea tbatthe I ollowlng ia an ordlnanoe (hi* day aaprore<l by hi* Honor tbe Mayor, aad cltlMtn* are nrnfMlo ohaerre the <tme and aid tba authorllliaa la ra ioHdagtOr prori?iona'ol aaid ordinanee _ MMMarni roa thk rNaaaavjiTioa or THr ruaua la an -The Mayor, Aldermen aud Comonalty of the city of New SMSria <!oaimmi Conm^l ronrenad, do ordain a* loilowt ? Nk L Any i?r?<>n breaking, tuuUUting or olmrt letJ n< any of the public lampa In the city of Now York, ahall be Imbte to a penalty of Ave dollara for each offenoe i flea, t Any jieraon who aball break, mlapiacx or carry awar aay of tbe glaaa atreet sign* now or hereafter to be planed in anr of tbe public lamp* ahall be liable to a )>enalty of thre dollara for each i.ffenee. Sec s No peraoo. without permlwlon of the Hnperlnlen dent eff Umiia and Oaa, ahall take up, remove or cat ry awar any pubtie lamp poal la tbe city of New *ork, under the pe oalty of tea dollara foi each offeuoa. Me. A. Bo perwn ahall maaore. or cauae or permit to be re moved, any public lamp poet, now or hcreafwr to be placed fa fmnt of their premjy*. f?r the purpoae of couatrn< ting a *auM Or othorw lee, without the permlaatoo of the Huperlnten <1>-nt of Latnpa and Uaa; ?nd the owner or owner* of audi trauH ahall cauae the I ami, poet* M removed to be reeet at their own etpeaao, Immediau iy up>n the ^anpietinn of the rault. under tha penally of twenty Ave dollara Tor ouch (Mf< in '? *>? r, Thia ordinance ahall Uka effect immediately. My order of the Mayor. _ IAMBS C BtTRNHAM, Flrat Mar. hat ?tN ACCOUNT OF THE INCLRMENcy up THE BP weaiher, t'ie matiwier* of the f'oloaed Orphaa Avylnm I ?ri con'io ie thotr ?au. a' 7M Broadway, throughout the | prad?l a aek. <Y LOST AID rorwo. CARPET BAG LOOT .?A SMALL BLACK BAG f? lost 011 Tuesday evening, in Broadway or WeatTweniy tbird street, near the Fifth Avenue Hotel A suitable reward will be paid foe iU delivery at *67 Wet Twenty -third street. Dug lost ? on fkidat, bn inbt , a black nbw found. aod, ab ut u*q months old. ?lull* white on bre?et audtoea, grt-y each aid* of tail, hollow bank, bunhy tail, named 'Rover;" he bad a tea 'her atrap about bis neck. Any peiaon bringing him at otiA hlxth avenue, will get a new pan taloone or vest LIll'T? Tl'F.tPAV EVENING, IN A SIXTH AVENUE ai d Bread* ay ?UK". by two youii* Udirn who alighted at ?*toi place, a g >la? u ? anu<tl. Cau recover the name by ap plvim at (lull eaume A Koto's. 81 Chamber* atreet. LO T -A CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT ON THE Clnml>?l hank ?rf the city of New York (or $?,0u0 tn lavor i John J. Jackaon, and endorsed by him, dated IHan li rJ, 1K1. All persons are cautioned against purchasing or i er listing 'he same, an pay mint haa been stopped. Lost ? on Monday evening, asm a lady. In Twenty first street, Broadway or Fourth avenue, above Fifteenth street, a Hair Necklace, with Gold Locket and Clasp A auitable reward will be paid, or the person re turning K to No. 136 West Twenty-Unit street, will ooafer a favor. L^OBT-ON MONDAY MTH, A HAIR BRACELET; ? t name on the clasp. The finder will be liberally re rewarded by leaving it at 119 West Hiitnenth street. LMOST-AN OPERA OLAS8. AT THE ACADEMY OF ?? Music, on Monday night; Leehevallier's make, color black, tubes broken. $6 reward. Flense bring It to box odiee of Academy. BBWARDS. (fee REWARD. ? LOST, ON MONDAY EVENING LAST, ?P?J , either In Gowaaos or ?o%Utt?rus*ijrn, a lady's Mink Muff and a PcetetbeokwMA ?? He honest Bator will piraa* return the same te 344 Htofc* atreet, South Brooklyn, and receive the above reward aa4 the thsgks ef the OW? r. M&CBBWABD WILL BE FAID FOR THE RETURN OF <P?J abiackOgiiw ftitii Marked T. M. 8.. Parte, 1M0; sup to have bMW in a carriage taken at the ?Mar Gar Hi Monday evsmng, 14th Inst. The thanks of the owner Vorty WU' ** g,Teo by kPi"f at i?4 West d? fT REWARD. ?LOST. Of BtHTDAT, THE MTS TRBT., WM a large black Newfoundland Dog, marked with two whit* lent teet and white under breast. The Radar, by re turning him to Sad Fouith avenue, will reoetve the above re ward. KEWaRD ? ESCAPED OK STOLEN, A YELLOW I and black West India Bird. The above reward will 1 be paid for tbe return of, or information which will lead to bis | recovery, by B. F Welsh, 131) fulton street. REWARD -4.0HT, ON TUESDAY APTBBMOON, IN ! Lev street, Broadway or Wail street, a gold Dog Seal | on a blood stone, cut with leiter H in old English. The finder ! will receive tbe above reward and the thanks of the owner, by returning it to M. Hackett, 10.1 Wall street. d>cr KEWARD -LOsT, THE PLAN OF A WADDING I Mill, on parchment, situated at Reading. I'eun. The j ao.ive reward will be paid by leaving the same at Partridge, Pirn-hot A Warren'r, No A Cortland street. d> I / I REWARD ?LOST, A SINtiLE STONE DIAMOND ?J> LU Pin, set in black enamel; It was tbe gltt of a deceaa ed friend and the above reward will be cheerfully paid. Ap ply at 123 Macdougal street, corner of Amity. MIICBUANEOVSI. A MALOAM BBLL8. OL At pririM within the reach of every church, school house, factory, cemetery or farm in the land. Their use all over the Doited States for the past two years hss proven them to oom bine more valuable qualities than any other, iimong which i lone, strength, durability, vibration* and sonorous qualities are unequalled by any other manufacturer. Axes. SO to 5.0U0 lbs., rostlng less than half other metal, for U>j cents per lb., at whioh prloe we warrant them twelve months. Send for circular for sues, gaarrauteeH. Ac. M. C. CHAD WICK A CO., 190 William street. Berlin, a jones, im william street? man u- ; farturer* of Envelopeii of every size, quality and kind ! known in the trade, as business, legal, portfolio, document, detector, safety, embossed, opaque, silvered, square, wed- , dirg, mourning, drug, epistolary, pay, cloth-Uned, business illustrated or timed, hand out, government. Post odloe, com- 1 merclal extra, luper, superfine and extra superfine. A large stoek of the above kinds on band in tbe following colors, for the inspection of tbe trade: White wove and laid, light buff, dark buff, caiiary. amber, straw, pink, blue, lilac, gold ana orange. We warrant the prioes sullicisntly low to to be an lnduoement to the closest buyer. Samples furnished the trade gratis. Commercial, cut, f rom 50 cents up wards ; Post office, cut, from 78 cents upwards; government, cut. from 90 cents upwards. BERLIN A JONES, Envelope Manufac turers, IM William street, New York. Business wanted.-an established mercan tile Business is wanted; nut particular as to tlie description, provided it is a profitable buainuam. Address In dustry, box l.U Herald office. BUTTER-600 PACKAGES STRICTLY CHOICE, SUIT able tor family use, lor sale by HARB1 BDRBBLL A 00.. 64 Pearl and 38 Water street. French porcelain 20 per cent cheaper. Great stock on band ut WEIL BROTHERS, Importer* and manufacturers, 41 Centre street, rair building. rR THE SUPERIOR ROOMING SLATES OF THE Eagle blate Company apply at tbelr yard, oorner of Twelfth street and Tenth avenue, or to G. FURMAN, Aient, 27 Cortlandt street, N. Y. Hard rubber vulcanite.?1 ihe new yore Gutta Perclia and India Rubber Vulcanite < ompaay, sole manufa> tiacrs undurtA. J. Day's patent, August 10, 18.**. and Falke A Richards' patent, December 4, IrtoO, offer for sale, at fj cents per pound, plain sb<ets of Hard Rubber Vulennl'.u. oi any desired thickness, suitable forcombnwk er* and tumors. Terms easb. Address N. J. Gutta Percha and India Rubber Vulcanite Co., 171 Broadway, New York Leaky roofs cured.? ellerys patent rub bar Paint, one cent a foot, warranted. MM Grand street, 87 Park row, IM Bowery, 48 Eighth avenue, 61 Bast Four teenth street, Forty-sixth street, Broadway, aad ifa Sixth avenue. Rights and Paint for sale. Large bearing fruit trees -william r. PRINCE A Co , Flushing, N. Y, offer their splendid col lection of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Ac. They are 4e llvertd at Fulton market wbarl'. Catalogues gratia, at Ches ter's stationery store, 44 Nassau street. LOCH FINE HERRING, $1 SO HALF KEG; FINNON I Haddock, Yarmouth Bloaters aud Engllsn Mutton. T. RICHARDSON, Agent, 66 Mslden lane, corner William st Dunlop's XXX Ale, In fine condition, on draught. MAILI.ARD'S CELEBRATED CHOCOLATE. FAMILY CBOCOLATE, 2ft CENTS CHOCOLATE DE SANTE PERFECTIONNK CHOCOLATE A LA VANILLA. CHOCOLATE DOUBLE VANILLA. CHOCOLATE PAR BXCELLKNCE. CHOCOLATE CREAM DRnPS. CHOCOLATE CARAMELS. All the above Chocolates are made from the best materials and WRMMm MM FOR SALE WHOLESALE AND RETilL BY HENRY MAILLABD. 821 Broadway, and 15H ami ltiO Mercer street Marble mantels? gm?at bargains in man tels ? A large stock on hand, and a great reduction in price" for any kind ordered this month. Call soon at A. K LA ME K'S marble van!, IIS Kast BlfhtMllk Street, west of Thiul arenu ?. Mantels put up tu any place In the couutry. PAINTS.? FRENCH WHITE ZINC PAINT, DRY AND in oil, red and green seal at reJuoed prtc?s for cash. For sale at the depot of th- Vlell'e Montague Company of Paris, by JOSEPH M. STRONG, 42 and 44 Greene street. Read this.? splendidly engraved ice pitch ere ft; SO. plated Forks and Npoona, $3 dozen. Every kind of cutlery at low prices, at BASdFOtiD'S, the Cooper In stitute SHOE UPPERS, GAITER UPPER*, BOOT UPPERS, Overgs Iters, An, for Southern and Western custom work. Fren< li stock ptlmesi only MM. at M. A K f H I R A SON'S, tie Gold strset, New York rXAS, GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS ThK CHEAPEST STORE IN THE WORLD. Twenty Ave per cent saved The greatest bargains ever offered. tl00,0UU worth of Groceries, Wines, Teas, Flcuraud Provisions are now being sold at auction prices. These are tacts to which thousands csn testify. Give me a call and you also will be satisfied that this Is the place to buy Teat, Flour $ti, $o an. Oroeerles and Pruvlaions. Consult your own interests, and buy your goods from THOMAS R AGNEW. No 260 Greenwich street and H9 Muiray street, New York. Gi ods delivered free in the rlty. r CONSUMPTIVES.? A PREACHER OF THE OOS pel, having cured his son ol cousumptton In its worst stanes. afwr btiog fives up to die by the must celebrated phy sii lans, desires to make known the mode of cure, which proves successful In every one to those afflicted with Cougha, Celds and Consumption, and he will send It free of charge teall w ho dnslre it and will forward htm their address. Address DANIEL ADKB, :i73 Pearl street, New York AHTROIiOUl. A BON A FILF ASTBOLOGIST. THAT EVERY ONE oan depend sn, Is Msilame WILSON, who tells the o?> ?rt o I your visit as soon as ran enter her room. Madame list* la the greatest aatrologlst that ever was known. She will Invoke the Dowers of her wondnrful science, and tell all the. events of your whole life. Her predictions ars so true that they surprise every one that consults bar. Some ladlss mar get a lltUe timid, though they need not fear, for skeprso tiaes nothing bnt what la reasonable to philosophers. All should consult this most wonderful and mysterious lady. Her advice has sever been known to fail, and twenty thousand dollars reward to any one who can anual her in the ntove sci ence. Madscne WUsoa Is In possession of the oelsb rated ssa 0e charms which are ever certala In tbelr effect. Truly may she be called a wonderful woman MV Allen street, betwern Houston and Hi an ton, over the bakery. Fan for ladies and geoiVmea 60 cents. Astonishing and most wonderful-madams MORROW, seventh daughter, born with a caul and gift Of fntealght. tells bow anon and often roe will marry, and nil ooncems of life, even your very thnughta. Sbaguaranteas those wbo visit her will not regret u. Fen, 2? one's. IM Lad low, six doors from Houston street Gentlemen not admitted. ADAMS BAY, NO 180 SEVENTH AYINUB. NEAR Twenty eeventh street, surprises all who vlalt her. The sick, tronblsd and unlucky should teet her power. She tells your very thoughts lucky numbers, loeeea. Ladiea, 25 oeate; gents, BUeenta. nr B. ? WHO HAS MOT HBARD OF TOR CELEBRATE Isl . ed Iim. I'BE WSTER, who has been consulted hy thousanils In this and other slues with eailre sausiaetlont She f??l? confident she has no equal the tells the name a I futnre wife or husband, and that of ner visiter. If ynrfl wish trutv give ber a call, at Ml Third avenue, abeve Twen ty first Stie. t I Adies, 50 cents . genilemen, $1. XI W. GREATEST WONDER IN THE WORLD IS THE young and atoi-omplisbed Madame BYRON, from Parle, ^|oatn be consulted with the strictest confluence on love, courtship, tn trriage, siekneaa, Inlemperance. s i nations, law. stilts, buaineaa. travelling. Hbs. nl friends, lost or stolen pro perty, An Phe has also a secret to make vou beloved by your heart's Ideal, nnd bring together those long separated. Resi dence 3#l Third avenue above Twenty setaath street second floor, l-adies. M cents; gentlemea. ftOceau WHO WOUIJ> NOT OO WHBRR FORTUNE Iff? OO ye, see Miss WELLINGTON, the great Rngilsh pro phetess, the best of all. and cannot he e???ile<t oan be eon. suited, pereonniiy o? by letter, on all affairs of life, decerning law ? uits. Journeys, absent friends, love, courtship, aiarria?a, health, wealth, and who will reclaim drunken and unfaithful huetmnds Miss W Is the only person In this cits who has the genuine Soman and Arabian talismans for love, good lurk and all business effairs, and are guarantee* for Ufa Delay not tooonsnlt this natnrally git tod and benutlfui yonng iady. Luck? numbers given Highly rsapeeiahle rlty refe rentes Can he seen at her residence, 101 Sixth avenue, op poalte Eighth stteet. WOMIS and toha<oo. Havana segars-I am selling Havana he g^s. by Ihe III) or 1,1*10, at low ss lU.WIOcao bs bought of aay other dealer In Ike otly. GEO. W. NICHOLS, Importer, T1 Libflrty ?tr#?? KIWAWC1AA.. i PPLICATIONS FOR THE HEW EIGHT MILLION A United Stale* Um, la turn* of $l,U0t) ??ch, Interest MyiUe in Pekratrji sud July, may be taaoeto J. t. VAN VLCOC AUCI HT BBLMONT * CO., HANKERS NO BO WALL street New Yak, issue etteni of credit In travellers, avai'alile in all parte of Europe, ilirmi^h the HMnn Kotfca child of I'sriw, London, Frsukfert, Vituua, Nap es ?ud their correspondents. A LOAN OF $4 600 WANTED -ON A WELL IMPROVED Farm uf 2U) acres, well located od the Erie Ksltroad aud worth four times th? uaount ot loui reqalred. for which a flint da** raorigsge will be given. For paitleulaii inquire ef WM. A. GREEN, at 180 West frourteenth street. Chemical bane-new york, maicu m, imi - Election ?The ntockholder* of thU liauk i?e hereby notified that the annual ? lection for directum, and for inapeo tor* at the uext enxulng election, will be held hi iUo banking bouse ou Monday the first day of April next, between the hour* of 1>j and 1>? o'clock f. M. By order of Hie Hoard ? O. O. WILLIAMS, Cashier Chemical bank.? new york, makcii ?>. w?i. Tbirty seventh Dividend. ? The President and Direcor* of thia bank have declared a quarterly Divide n 1 of sis per cent, payable to stockholders on and after Monday, the lat day of April next. By order of the Board. O. <1. WILLIAMS, Cashier. C1ITIZEN8' 8AVIN118 BANK, IS AVENUE A. BE ) tween First and Seeond streets ?Open dai.v from 9 A. M. to IP. M,. lnd from 6 to 8 P. M. Deposits trade on or he for* April 1 will bear interest from that 'date Six per oeat interest allowed. aftDBOB FOLSOM. President. fbcrnouR A. Bunci, Secretary. OFFICIAL.? TREA8URT DEPARTMENT. MARCH S, 1M1. ? Sealed proposal* wHl be reeetred ?t this depart ment until 11 o'eiock noon of Tuesday, the U day s f April next, for alglit million dollars of the stock ef the Owed States, te be issued under Uy act of Coagrest of thq 9tk of bear interest at the rate of sic par Mi per annum. payable Semi annually on the Hrst days of January and J uly ta eaek year, and -Will be reimbursable in twenty years finM Ike first day of Jannary last. The proaoesls should be endorsed oa the envtlopea, Pro posalsTor uaoef IMI," and be addressed to the 'ussreiary of tketoaracr. Waahlagtm, D. C." They trill be opened and decided or the time above Mated. Hooftrc* be accepted tor any fraction of one tboasand dollars; ner wtB any offer be considered antes* one per oeat umofiU amouat 1* deposited with a depositary af the Baited States, subject to the order of the Secretary of the Treasury. ? The oertifioate of aurh depoait must aouompany eaoo prope aal. All offers for stock under this notice mu*t be nneendl tioaal, and contain no reference to any other offer. The offers must Mate the sum offered for each hundred dollar* of the Htook. Bidders of this stock, whose offer* Shall be accepted, m vat depoait the amount offered and accepted with the Treasurer ol the United States, or with the Asalstant Treasurer at Bos ton, New York? Philadelphia and 1 1. Loula, or with the De positary at Cincinnati, on or before the ntuenth. day of April next. Should any successful bidder deatre to deposit at any other point, his request to that effect will be duly con sidered. Upon the receipt at this Department of certificate* of de posit with the depositaries above mentioned, oertifloUea of inscribed stock will be iwued to the sucoessi ul bidders or thtlr assigns, in sums of one thousand, tlvs thousand, and ten thousand dollars, at their option. Inscribed stock so issued will carry Interest from the date of |the deposit of the money as above stated, and will be transtrrrable on the books of the Treasury, agreeably to the regulations of the Department. Hiould any successful bidder desire certificates of stock with coupons ot the semi annual Interest thereon attached to each certificate, they will be Issued In sums of one thousand dollars each, with attached coupons for Interest t rom the 1st day of July next; and such coupon stock, instead of being ransferi able on the liooka of the Treasury, may be assigned and transferred by the mere delivery of such certificates. The Interest on such coupon stock, from thedatiiof tkede I hi# it of the money therefor until the firat day of July, will be paid on that day to the accepted bidder or his attorney, by the depositary with whom the principal was deposited. The preliminary deposits of one per centum required from all bidders under thte notice will be included In the final de poeite of principal by successful bidders, and will b? directed to be immediately returned to unsuccessful bidders; 8. 1*. CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury. LOAN OFFICES. A T 11 CHAMBERS STREET.? MOKET TO LOAN TO Jx an; amount on Damonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., by the well known and old ealabUnbed ISAACS, broker and commission merchant, 11 Chambers street. R. B.? Mo busi ness transae'ed on Saturday. A DVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, A Jewelry and Silver Ware, or bought foreash at the high eat prices. Old Gold and Silver bought. Apply at the old established oflica* of L. JACOBS, 07 William street; branch 407 Broadway. T m BROADWAY, COKNEII OF PBINCE STREET, , room No. 6, up atairs? Money advanced, from $1 to ,000, on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Dry Goods, Segara, and every kind of merchandise. All tranaactlom will be con fidential. BAP^GABTEN A OO. AT M NASSAU STREET? A. HOMO MAW, DIAMOND Broker, makes liberal advances on Dlamouds, Watahna, Jewelry, Ac., or buys them at fall value, at his private otllne, No. 06 Nassau street, room No. X up stain. Business confi dential. A T 111 OBAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OP A. Broadway. ? Money advanced oa Waiclies, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Goods and peraonal proiierty of every de scription, or bought and sola by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. Advances om diamonds, plate, watches. JEWELRY. PAINTINGS, PIANOSTdBY GOODS, AC., Or will buy tha same for cash at his private otlioe. The highest prices paid tor Diamonds, loose or set. J. D. HARBINGER, 17V Braodway, room 2S, up stairs. AT ? CEDAR STREET. ? HBMRT HTM AN, DIAMOND broker. Ceah advanced on Diamonds, set or unset) Watches, Watch Movements, Mlvur Ware, Jewelry, Sagara, Ac., cr boasfct for cash. Opposite the Poet offise, room No. 1, up stairs, ? Cedar street A. R. THOMPSON A CO.? ADVANCES ON WATCHES, u- Diamonds, Jewelry, and all kinda of property, or buys lorcash AMOS R. THOMPSON, auctioneer, llB Nassau ?treet, room No 2. aecond floor. Auction sales attended to la thla cny and Brooklyn. MKOICAL. An astounding fact.? among many others, IS revealed in the pages of Dr. Larmont's Paris London a~.' New York Mi-dical Adviser and Marriage Guile, which .leee. .ee the attention of the male aex particularly, both mar ried ate single Ills long and extensive practioe has proven that mii i tenth male la suffering from debUUr or disease, at Qrat local, but in a few years prostrating thflprroua syuem. causing Indigestion, eonaMpa'.iun, palpitation and flutter^ of the heart, derangrmenl of the liver, kidneys and bladder, a ringing or buzzing in the ears or head, affecting the mind and m> mi try so as to incapacitate the suflerer for business or plea snre But few know tbc cause of tbelr disease, thotgh many who do let their f alse modtsty deter them I rom consulting the author of the book, who Is curing all such patients by Hun dreds. Brad the book, and don't suffer any lunger. Ilia mailed free for $1. by LAWRENCE, Ne. 1 Vesay street, RUSH A TOUSEY, 121 Nassau strvet, New York; T. B. PE TERW>N, *6 Chestnut street, Philadelphia; J. H. JOHN SON 7l) State street, Chicago, ortbe author, from B A. M. to S P. M. and 7 to V Thursday evenings, at 647 Broadway, up stairs, New York. A WORD TO THE SUFFERING -TRY DR WARD, 18.1 JY Broadway. His great lemedits cuie permanently and with despatch. (CONSULT DR WARD, 481 BROADWAY.? THE EARLY J application to a competent physician aavea much future mlaery. (CONFIDENTIAL MklliCAL AND SURGICAL CONSUL J lationa.? Dr. COHHE'lT, member of the New Xork UniverMy (Medici College), can >>e consulted wiih the moat honorable rjntltlcncc on ceitaln diseases at Ins private otllcea, Nos. Ju Centre sti net and (5 city Hall place, between Cham I'i th ami Heade streets, Ihtrty years In one speciality enables him lo guarantee pei manent cures He* his diploma in hit oihce. N. B.? Dr. C. holds no communion with medical im postors. DR HUNTER HAS FOR TOIRTY YEARS CONFINED bis attention lo diseases of a certain class. In whioh he has treated no icseihsn glty thousand casea without an la stanceof failure. His great remedy, Br. Hunter's Bad Drop, CU i re cet lain diseases when regular treatment and all other remedlea tail, cures without dieting or restriction in the ha hits Of the patient ; cares without the disgusting and sickening effects of all other remedies; cures fa new antes In leas inaa six hours, it roots out the poisonous taint the Mood is aw re to absorb unices the remedy is used It is 91 a vial, and can not be obtained genuine anywhere than at the eld odlce, No. 3 Division st reel Book lor netting, that treats of the evil effeota of early abuse R RALPH ? OKFICES US CROSBY STREET, HOURS 11', to 2 and 6 to 9 'Sundays excepted). D DR. COOPER, 14 DOANR BTRHBT, MAY BR CON suited on all diseases of a certain nature Twenty eight years exclusively devoted to theee complaints e tabic* him to warrant a cuie in all oases. The victims of misplaeed eonft dwice in medical pretenders can call, with a certainty of be ing radically cured or bo pay. DR WARD, Wts BROADWAY, IS UN A I' I' BO ACIlEI) among pbyhiciaus In curiag certain diseases. Try his great remedies and read Ma JWWWl treatise. Medical card.- removal -dr Thiers office li rcmovtd to <12 Sixth avenue, New Yoik. N B. ? Fool diseases not treated. PROFMMOR R 1ST ELL. 102 CHAMBERS aTREKT ran be consulted ss usual, and medicines sent by mail to all parts of the United States. ^URB CURES BY DR WARD, ?W BROADWAY, ' UP M stairs. His Unfortunate's Ptiendand other remedlea are the uafalliag reliance. DKNT1MTRY. A RT1FICIAL TRBTH.? ONLY $8 FOR BEAUTIFUL. A and substantial sets oa pure silver; on flue gold and pia na, $26; single Teeth $1. Teeth titled and extracted without the least pain. Artificial Boas Filling, M rent a Oflloe US Sixth avcntM, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. Dr. L iTHER, DentleC A BTtKICLAL BONE FILUNO FOR DECAYBD A leeth? Put In while soft, without pressure or pa I a. Aching teeth or mere sheila can he tilled with it by the dls onverer, JAMES PEARSON, M.D, Removed to &? Broad way. west side, above Union wi'iam. DBA. DUBEIM ABD BOHSRAU COMTINUB TO BE traot Teeth wlthoat the slightest pain by their new and original process. No charge for temporary seta or extracting where artitclal Teeth are Inserted. All operations warraateA No. sn Canal street, opposite West Broadway. T MUMMER. Li. GRADUATED SURGEON DBNTIST, No. K Wast Twenty ninth street Between Broadway and Sixth sveniiA PANIC PRIOBS-OUARANTBBD FIRST CLASS DRN tletry.? Sliver sets of teeth from M: rubber. fSl amhsr fid; vulcanite, S2U: gold, $IH, slegle teeth, $1. Na'ional Dental Gallery, mxth avenue, eorner Twenty seocad street. Vive ptsmhims awarded. Graduated In l*W DR MANBON, Dentist. THB LARGEST AND CHBAPEMT DBNTAL SSTAB Ushvnent In the United States ?N. B. GHIFFIN Jt BROS,, S7<1 Orand street New York, and 2W Fulton street, Brooklyn, are Inserting full or partial sets of Teeth on their Imiwoved sim>spheri? plates, with or wlthont extracting the roots. On plalina. $.?; golrt, $24 silver or rubber, $10, par tial seta of Teeth on gold. $2 ner tooth ; stiver, $1. Taet h tilled with gold, fl. with stiver. An, hone or ocment, HO eenU; ex rsctitig, 2><-enla. ' ' WIUM ANI) MHI'DllN. DUNLOP H XX, XXX PAI.R ALES AND rnKTEHS hast Indl* I'ale Ale, made evpressly for wsrm cflmatee, In word and bottle WM. MARR. Agenl, M Liberty street. New York. MATH I MO* I A I. rpo I'ARF NTS. ? A GENTLFMAJt, OF UNDOUBTED I i eepertsMnly, seeks it wife, of refloomen', ST<l*hlliiy, elucallon and we ilth No Interview desired uniil cori?s?>n dence prt vee mutual eligibility Address Osiris statloluA Honor and atncerlty will chnracterire the advertiser * repie? M1UIWBET, AO. AbSOOVD OPENING. ?M OOMBQ0BNOS OP THE u>c?-tiMX<ey Of l?>r WMlbxr, tLo Mxiud j^wtu| of ? d ?uiHin? i Wliliutv > will take place on Thuraday D^?, Maicu its. at M(v M M BiMMONii', 6>7 ihovl*t; AT 47.' t?Kt AnWAV-hPHlNO STiLES PARIS PLOW Hi ji.h opening, lu all varieLif*. Alao au **?>rirarut of I iru< |i Htxiiie' ^ i a n u- m olTereil at the lowest prve lor ci*b by U. *? ltA.-<*Kti|< li. ?T:t ttiukilwsr, upatatr* (i BKAirt, la* ruuroti hthbei. b&ooklvn J. v, ill Oj^r, on ibuaOny, March IB, *u alt-gaul uaorl au ii nl ?|iilaii ?u<1 Hmimr Bonnet*. AM. rURLOHO, LATE 46.1 BB'IAUWAV, WIl.l* . i p?n I #n? Mll'ioen at No. <9 Cllntoa |4ac?*, Eighth nil el, on I burtdey, March ifcJ, 1061. />BNERAL SPRINO OPENING AT THE OITT B4 U zaarof Fashion, ; It Canal atreet ?Mr* CHUM'S will iu trodiwe llu leading European aij le s in Millluery on Thurs

dajr, ?8th mat. City mUliuera or their employe* uot admitted Gi BAND OPEN [NO, OK THURSDAY, MARCH 28, AT I HUH. LOYKITS harU Millinery eniablUlimeut. 7M hioudwsy. The present one will combine attraction' both lor dill wboleeale and tbe fmhiotublr city ir^J to vrtioiu w? shall introduce aome special nmliits, Imported expresaiy to bm tbelr approbation. G RAND OPENING, THURSDAY, MARCH M, M IMPORTED FANCY 81 BAIT HATd rOK Misses, Boys and Infanta. Wholesale and BetalL ABM/Kip. Sn Canal atroet, N. t. LB MAOAZIN OB MODE. A. L MOLD, 186 Fulton ateaet, Brooklyn, will open Spring Millinery Thursday, March 28. BM ?AYID80N, 1KBMMECKBB STBBBT, BBUPBOT I fully aunouooea that ibe baa juat opened, and has now exhibition a rery tfcb and complete assotlment of Paris Spring ard Bummer MHIioery, af the latest aodea, ooos prlaing every novelty of Ike season. lit Bieeoker street, weal of Bmdway. \/TRS. COLBY A MISS BTIEN, 401 0 ANAL 8TBEET, ill win open on fbtinday 2Mb laat., a large aadelegant as sortment of spring and mmmr millinery MBL8. RUM RILL, 160 BPRINO STREE* RESPECT fully Inform* her customer* and the ladle* generallr that ahr i* now prepared to show a superior aawunmaut of Spring Millinery. which will be aold at moderate prloea. 160 Sprins atreet, between Wooater and Lauren* streets. -BfKB. CRUMMBR, 4Ut CABAL STREET. WILL OPEN. ' M on Thursday, 28th tnei , a large aad elegant assortment of Spring and Summer Millinery. Madame b. harbis a son, 729 abb sn broad way, N. Y.? Juat received from Pari* a neb assortment ot tbe moat tasteful Boo nets, from tbe moat reputed houses, as Alexaudrlne, C Marx. Lanre, de (ielberg, Ac. ; aleo a beau tiful assortment of Art Octal Flower*, from Dnteia; Artistic Flowers, Bridal WreaUia, Headdreasea, Collfurea. Ac The well known reputation of Mute. Harris is familiar to all who u*e or have used Parisian article*, and all those wishing to purchase are respectfully invited to call and judge for them selves, at 72>J and 671 Broadway. A large assortment of Kurbee at AO cents. All the above novelties will be exhibited oa Thuntdsy, March 281 Madame isaacs, ic* broadway, will, in con sequence of the Inclement w eather, have a second open Inn oil Thursday, 28th, of Hprlng Millinery. MMB. RALL1N08 H18 CANAL STREET, TAKES PLUA sure In auuouncmg lo the ladles generally that she will have her annual opening of aprlng Millinery oa Thuraday next, 28th iuat MLLE. BARJiETT, WILL OPEN PARIS MILLINER? aT HEB NEW SHOWROOMS, 711 BROA-DWAY, ON THURSDAY, MARCH 23 LLB. B. BAKNETT WILL OPEN SPRINO FASHION^ On Thuraday, Match 28 AT 28 WAVEBLEY PLACE. 0PENINO OF SPRINO MILLIVEBY, ON THURSDAY, March 28, 1861, at MRS. ORIFKIN'8, 2Ki Fuitou street, Brooklyn. M s PBINO PARIS FLOWERS, FEATHERS AND BRIDAL 8ETB, GARNITURES AND VEILS JAMBS TUCKBR, 759 Broadway. SPRING MILLINEBY.-MRS. JAMBS MoKEAOUE RB spertf ully infuntM^e ladle* of Mew York and vicinity that sne is prepared to Iw a splendid assortment of Parla spring novel tie* in Millinery, Headdresses, Dress Caps, Zouave Jackets, Zouave Shirts, Ac ; aLao the laieat stylos of Parla Dressmaking. An laipectlon aoUcited. Mo. S Amity street, near Broadway. , qrrr* CANAL STREET.? FLINN A SMITH WILL OPEN OIU a large assortment of French Pattern Bonnets on Thursday, March 28. DRV GOODS, &C. AT CUSHMAN'S LADIES CAN FIND SOME GOOD Bargains In Ribbons and Flowera. Bargains in Ribbons and Flowers. Bargains In Ribbons and Flowers. Bargains In Dress Trimmings. Bargains in Dress Caps and Ruche*. Bargains in Lace Goods of all qualities. Bargains in Dimity Bands, 6c. to IHc. Bargains In Muslin and Cambric Bands, Bargains In Embroideries ot tine designs. Bargains in Hosiery, and Gloves, and Under Oarments. Bargains in Book, Swiss and Cambric Muslin. Bargains In Hoop Skir s. Corsets, ruder tiarmeuU, Ac. PLEABE COME AND MAKE YOUR PURCHASES NOW WE DO SELL GOOD GOODS VERY CHEAP. Store 463 Sixth avenue, corner of Twenty -eighth street. gPHINO MANTLES. EDWARD LAMBEftT A CO. IN LIQUIDATION, Will open on Monday, March 25, An entire line of SPRING MANTLES, AT LESS THAN UOST OF MATERIALS. ENGLISH AQUA SCUTCM* TRAVELLING CLOAKS, ALSO, 60,000 SHAWLS, INCLUDING EVERY VARIETY, All to be sol 1 at once, in order TO CLOSE THE ESTATE OF EDWARD LAMBERT A CO., (in liquidation,) 44 r Broadway. Between Howard and Orand streets. iftnr AAA worih of staple dry goods J^u.Uuu wasted ? For wUoh cash and Iowa lands will be given. None but principals dealt with. Address Manufacturer, box KM Post oflloe, Pittsburg, Pa. liBCTURB HEAgPH. RM. POBR, esq!, WILL LECTURE BBFORB THE . Irving Literary Asaoclation, at the Baptist church, Eighty third street, between Second nnd Third avenues .this (Thursday) evening, Srtth Inst. Subject? "Ancient and Mo dern Republics." Admission 13 cents. H PORTING. PBANCI8 BUTLBR.NO 3 PECK bLIP, HAS ALL THE choice breeds for sale and stock. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, SO oentsper bottle. But ler's "Breeding. Training, Diseases, Ac ,ot' Dogs," $1. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac Medmnes for all diseases. T^OR JALB- A SPLENDID SETTER DOG, ONE JT of no very best breed and training In the country ; also, a superb Gun, of a celebrated manufacture. This Is a rare opportunity for those who are willing to pay a fair prioe for a first class article. Apply to THOS. LEAKY, 78 South st. TACHT RBBECCA FOR SALE -SHE CAN BE SEEN at Greenpoint. SAliKH AT AIIVT1UI. Auction sale ok ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND BARS WORKS OF ART. This (Thursday' afternoon, at 1 o'clock, of the entire elegant Hi s' class Furniture contained in the residonoe No, l&i West Twenty first street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, all at wbioh is In periect UtdSI, and oomprtse* tke mosi beauti ful and costly collection of Parlor, Dining Room, (Chamber and l.lbiar.v Furniture, and rare and valuable Works of Art offered at public auction this s-nson ; the whole comprising over four nundreo lots, to be peremptorily sold 'or cash HlAdtNT ROSEWOOD 7 OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, With every modern Improvement, u?ed but 'wo months, with Stool .md Cover. Solid rosewood Parlor Furniture In brncatel, Turkish Loun C?s with Chairs to match Mantel and Pier Mirrors, over six usilred yards of Tapestry and other Carpets, rosewood Et ege res, rosewood Centre, Mofa and Pier Tables; Silk and Lace Curtains, Gold sod landscape Shades, rich Mantel Vases and Parlor ornament*, Bronzes fainting*. French Reception * 'hairs, Kscretolr. rosewood Dressing Bureaus, French and Elizabethan Bedsteads hair Mattresses, complete dels of Chamber Furniture, in hairclotk; I/onnges, French Rockers, rosewood, mahogany and cane Chairs; marble Waahateuds, Brnaz* Clocks, Oval Mirror. Extension Table, oak marble top Buffet. Lining Chairs, two handsome Sofa Bedsteads, French china of every description, ruby and crystal Cut Glaaa, ivory t.utlery, rich Silverware, Urns, Casters, Spoons. Forks, Dining .ind Tea service; slso, one of Wilder'* elegant fire a?d buiglar pr< of Satss, Oilcloths, Stair t arpeta. Ac., with all tlie snstly i hnndeliers and Una Fixtures in the house, wuh a iire?i V?rlerv of roam be r I'nrnitnr* not mentioned. No postponement, ornament tag at 2 o'clock precisely, rain or shine RU8shi>L W WhSrcOTT. Austioneor. AN BXTRAOBDINARY OPPORTUNITY TO PUB chase rich and nostly Household Furnitnre, llegent Rosewood Pianoforte, Ros**w rarlor Suits, ia broratel. Valuable Paintings. Artistic Bronzes. Marblo Groups, Ac. by J W. POSTER. Auctioneer, Thursday, March 28, at the ekM?nt prtvate residence, 21M West Fourteenth street, a few doors from Eighth avenue, Commencing at 11 o'aU? k precisely 'I ke sale complies* the entire contents of the house. The elegant Parlor t uroi'ure was mad* to order, and Is In solid rosewood and satin hrocatel The whole will be eold to the highest bidder for oanh. rsln or shine, offering extraordinary inducements to purchasers, as the entire Farnlture of the souse Is new, having all bora made within four months. Kleganl rosewood sevsn octave Pianoforte sost fita) Murin. cabinet, Stool and embroidor'd Cover Three elegant full suits of rosewood rarlor Furnltara, hi rich biueade and velvet : roeewood Rtageres. splendid Bronzes, Psintlogs rich Vases, marble Pedestals silk and laoe Cur tains, Turfclrt Lounge*. wtHi ArmChalrs to match; sent re, sol a and pier Tables; Florentine mantel and pier Mlrgart; Etruscan and Lava Ornaments, rosewood Bureaus, Bedsteads, chamber Suits, superb Mattrseeea, Beds, and Wadding. Lounges, bronte and marble mocks, rosewood snd cottage Chairs, two sofa Bedsteads, Extension Table, Sllverwars, rich china, Ivory and silver (jutlsry, Forks, Spoons, with ele gant ruby Olsia of every description, forming a valuable ool lectlt.n of Household Furniture and unique and recherche Works of Art rhe goods are now onexihlbltlotby latalogu*. Hale in commence ia dining room, at U o clock precisely Re liable mm will b* al the sale to remove th? goods for pur chasers^ Auction botiob.-this day, at ioi< o'clock, mart gage sale, at BELL A INORAlIAM s salesroom*, 20 New Bowery, balance of hotel and barroom Furnltum, Ulaaswsre. Counters. Stoves, valushle Range. Sofa Bed*, Heililesda, Beddlt g, Ac. Also, worthy the attention of ohair makers, 2til floe caoe seat B utoms, suitable for barroom chairs, w ithout reserve. Pawnbroker a sale, at 12 o'clock, 120 lots Clothing. Bedding and other articles A valuable Una of gold and silver Watches, Jewelry, rlstols, Ac. I UCTION NOTICE.-F. fitzsimmons. auctioneer, J\ < *.' Third avenue, will sell on Saturday, .'?*h Inu., at 10M o'clock, st 7W 11 trd avenue an extensive assortment of choice Tea? snd tirocerles. al<o the Fixtures of at ire, with s four jetrs les?e; rent cheap Partl-ulsrs on day ol sale. Hales" of houeeh .Id Fnmi-ore and Groceries strictly attended A ACTION NOTICE -A LARUE SOLID ROW, WOO B double harkx hult, coat $A0". wlil b* sold for UiO one do walnut foi 1110 one single roMWOtld Parlor Suit, rovor ed In French mUii broratel, cost flV), will be sold for $UJ; one do for $7V Apply tils day at Tt Sigtb aveuue, ons door lielow Waverley plaoe. S A llfttl AT AUCTION. AloEKi 11 ticuu). ifc-L, (b?n da, llmiKujl, March 2H. at lis ociock, at (tie stock i-aiesr uom, No. 61 VV i ! liarn street: ? K < ?*L? to Cliwu' ?auk HI HOB?*knmi lua. ('o T> *i Uuu-liu t L)r VM' H4 2ft 'JO ixirmauia Ins Co M 1< 0 Paimcni'A Cuiz- lis' 1" k Ifi "oaery Iu?. Ci . /5 faiiuf ft Merrills' UK IDA 5"t Richmond On 'turn Lt.Co W 17 i'ai k o ('??fnuirrce UO M Col Mar In, Co lin 20G??dhue Insi.ntnceCo 100 50 Keiief Ins <1n. V) 5 Humboldt lua Co ItU Jii Met-opiU'aa Ins Oj I'O Mi D>ui?scu* R A 1 Co .V) 82 iluigers lii( Co . u, t() Mercantile Mu IniColuO Maui hxohaige lua. Co. . 100 20 Washinccu Ins. Co M) 30 Knickerbocker In* Oo M tC N?i.lum' Mar. Iu*. Co 10# U.G&, * rsllr iad l?i mortgage Bonds $1 A M >rtgage oo 18 Lots ol Laud u Wisconsin. ?li\OW cwii jiale ?i (*r ceil' Bond* (advertised I if the goveti.ment a? among the Indian fnut Hints bought at the ?it"0k<??' fi hi<1 aud iiuiif of broker given t-i purcbtseri. By deci?cii rf the Court lunocent holder* am pioteu ed. f $fi U*> Baclnii aad Mississippi Railroad 1st mortgiga Bond* >elt itegulai Ball! 0D Monday, April I. aL*EKi II NfOOLAY ft no . Auctioneer* auii Sto<-k Broken*. 52 William street. AMOKT1MEP. OKI FUN ft CO., AUCTIONEERS. . SUPEKB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AKD RAKE W'iRK* OF ART, AT PUBLIC Al'CTION, 1 lie pioper '.} or a family dfdiajng housekeeping tm tola day (Thursday) at 11 o'olock, At the private rfsidenoe, Mo. U treat Sixteenth street, between Fifth end Sixth avenue*, Tbe catalogue comprising the largest anil richest assortment of Houtabold Furniture and Article* of Virtu offered at auction this season Ibe Furniture was all made to order for i be prerent owner by otty makers Tha bouse was furnished leas than seven months ago, at a oost of SU.uOO, aud is iu ex celk-nt order, ?nd will be peremptorily sold. BUPkKB 7 OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, ncbly curved case, overstrung bass, lined with sal in wood, i ully guaranteed, made by Broadway makers, and the best innrumeot offend st auction this season; rosewood Canter bury, do. Stool, covered in brocade; embroidered Cloth Cover, Music Book*, > nee wood Secretaire and Bookcase, plate glass doors, lined with tulip ? ood: Bncoigneurea, Mantuelerie and liotsderose Cabinets; lady's work Table and Writing Desk, in laid with pearl, oost in Pari* 390 francs i three light ormolu ?ad brenze Chandeliers. Imported from Parle br Maruitt ft Co : Caodoiabras. Brackets, Medallion Velvet Car pets, Meealo Mugs, Preach Pier Mirrors, two extra slxe Mantel Mirrors, riciilr caned frames; embroidered Lace Curtains, gilt Cornlcea, French febatfes and Fixtures, splendid suite I iote*ood Drawing Koam Furniture, oovered in three oMored satin brocade of tbe most expensive description, carved In fruit and flowers, consisting of Tete a-Tete Sofas, two Arm, Keoeptli.ii and oval buck Chairs; rosewood Centre Tables, sta tuary marble top to match the suits; Btegeres. marble top, plate glass disor* and back, lined with as Un wood, King's patent Kockers, Card and Quartette Ta bles, Antique Gothic Ri-ceptlon Chairs, covered in brocade ; artistic Bronzes representing Music, Poetry, l'alntlng. Morning and Night, Italian Water Carriers, Franklin, Cupid, Ruitens, Diana. Crusaders, Madonna, Seasons, Arabia, India superb Oil Paintings by eminent artists, viz. : Lr grand, Hunter, Cole, Buseell, lnman. Selleres, Eglsw and otbvr eminent artiste; Assumption of Vlrgiu Mary, copy from celebi ated painting In Louvre, Paris; 8torm at Hea, original, by Pingemagle; mo superb match Paintings French Inte- | rf' m, by Cole; Tanners' Creek, CatsUll fountains, by Kglaw; Oame and Frtilt. by Russell; Market and Winter boenesoa tbe Danube, by lnman ; Fami y Group, Madonna, from Ra phael ; celebrated original by l>grand, scenes on tne French Coast, Smugglers; two ouch l'alulliiga byNortbcott, Reading tbe Scriptures, Landing of the Pilgrims; ?e?t Point, by Hun ter; number ol liue Cabinet Pictures, Lava Vases from Pom peii and Herculanetum; Eqeetiian Group, Crusaders, Parian oroup, Paul and Virginia; two el<<g*nt Vasts, real Sevres < hlna, imported for the present owner; Parian marble Wma nieut.i, Accordeoa, Musical box. ormolu Clock, run* 1 month, imported expressly lor the present owner; pearl inlaid Mereoscope, with number or superb Views; ptoof Engravings, Halsttnd, Chairs to match. Oilcloth, Velvet btair Carpets, Hods. Ac. Chambers? Twe loeewood marine top Uresain( Bureaus. French Mirrors, rosewood Bedsteads, richly curved, style Louis XIV ; Com modra. Table de Nult, Couches, Kickers, Arm Chairs, oval back Chaiif., covered In moi|Uet; Tapestry and Brussels Car peta, lace and Brocade Curtains, Hail- and i-pnng Mattresses, Feather Btds, Blankets, Coumerpanes, Bolsters, Pillows, Oval Mirrors, Pastel Paintings, decorated China Toilet". Upper Chambers -Mahogany and black walnut Bureaus, BedsWads, Washsiands, rotas, Kockers, Book Hacks, Corner Stands, Bedding, Ac Dining Boom? Bolid carved oak Buffet, Statuary maibie top; patent Dining Table, Couches, Ann Chairs, elegant sets crystal and ruby Glassware, viz De canters, two dozen Goblets, do Champagnes, Wines, Lernou ades, Tumblers, Fruit, Cellery and Preserve 8tand/>; sets of Finger Bowls, ruby and ptriau marble French Bowls, gold Liquor Sets, gold band china Dinner Set. richly decorated fea Set, 44 pfeces: solid silver Dinner and 'lea Sets, Silver ware. Coffee Urn, Casters, Cake Baskets, Napkin Kings, Spoons, Forks, ivory handle Table Cuuery, Ac. ADMINISTRATORS' SALE OF THE ENTIRE con tents of a first class Livery stable iu the olty of Al bany.? KEWIN A DICKKRMAS, Auctioneers, will com menoe selling on Wednesday, April 10, 1861, at 10 o'clock, at the stables of the lale W. F diauson, 79 Maiden lane. Al bttnv, the entire stock contained in said stables, consisting of the largest and finest stock or Horses, Barouches, Caiashe*, Close Coaches, Charlotees,^ Top Buggy Wagons, four horse Sleighs, Double Sleighs, Pony Cutters, Mngls Cutters, Robes, Blankets, Bells, Whips, Stable Utensils, Ac , ever offered at auction In Albany The stock of Horses comprise some of the fastest and the most stylish horses la the oltr. The Stable and Slock is well known to the public throughout the State who visit Albany as being one of the best stocked Live ry Stables in the State. Among tbe list of article* will be faund the magnificent Hearse, which was built to order at a costrf |t00. Private gentlemen wishing a fine turnout, or livery men wishing to add to their stock, will find it to their interest te attend this sale. The stock must all be sold, and without reserve. Catalogues of the sale, containing a correct list of all tbe stock to be sold will be ready for distribution on Monday, April 1. Persons out of the city of Albany can have a catalogue sent them by addressing KEWIN ft DICKER MAN. Auctioneers, Excelsior Salesrooms 92 State street, Albany. Terms of sale? All sums under (100. oash; all sums of $)tJ0 and over, 2S percent down at the time of sale, and tbe balance to remain on good approved paper for fonr montaa. Hale positive. Ry order of MARIA SLAUSON, t AHmlnialrainr. JAMES COATES, t Administrators. AC. TUTTLB, AUCTIONEER, ? Office 130 Broadway. Continuation of poaltivc sale of ELEGANT FIRST CLASS CABINET FURNITURE, Late of O. J. Schmitt, 808 Broadway. A. C. TUTTLK will continue, thla day (Thursday), at 11 o'clock, the sale of the above atock, including Koaewood, < >ak and Walnut Parlor, Hall, Dining and Bedroom Furniture, sale will commence on the first Boor, and includes tUe must valuable part uf the atock. Hale without limitation. Auction notice.? john loyd. auctioneer, will tell on Thursday, March 2S. at 10* i o'clock, the an lire Furniture of the three story dwelling 26 Bedford arenas, uear Ciymtr stieet, Williamsburg, consisting of elegant rwe wood Suits, covered In crimson plush; also, one e iogant rt?e wi od seven octave l'ianof orte, rosewood Bedroom furniture, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Waahstands, Centre Tables, ovhI Kill Iianie Mirrors, Oil Paintings, Engravings, Tapestry, Velvet ami Ingrain Carpets; Oilcloth, bair Mattresses, leather Beds, Bolsters and I'lllows, crimson damask Curtains, China, cut Glass, wainut Extension Dining 1able, Kitobon Furni ture, Ac , Ac. Houiakeepera and dealers will find this well worthy their attention. Sale positive, rain or shine. Cata logues ready on the morning or sale. Auction notice. M P. EDET. AucU meer EXEcUTOR'8 8 A LB OF HOUSEHOLD FURltlTl" RE. EZRA LUDLOW, Jr.. (salesroom 66 Cedar street*, will seil on Thursday, March Z\ at IUV? 0 A ck. at Mf Fourth av.oue (next door to oorner of Twenty 111 th street), all the genteel house hold Furniture conluineu in said house, consisting of rorewood, black walnut and mahogany Farlor and Chamber Furniture, WardroUa, Secretaries Bookcases, Sofas, Chairs, Mirrors. Mattresses and other Bedding, Ac ; also Glassware, Crockery, Ac., and Kiioben Furniture, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues ready. ? w ? Am. mbrwin, auotionber.? bt bangs, mbrwin . A CO , Irving Buildings, SiM and MM Broad ty ay Thurs day evening, March at 7,lt o'clock, original Oil Paintings. A'eh'jiee coilrctlon ol knpertor Picture*, embracing warranted originals, by Lorenzo |1 >1 Cradl. Uiulio Romano, Brouzlno, Vsnderwerr, Corriido OiaqHintl, and others of equal emi nence. Abo some Une sketches and a few water color Draw ing*. For particulars see catalogue and the Pictures uow on view at the salesrooms. Auction ?ale.-m douohty, auctioneer, will sell this d?y, Thursday. March M at 10H o mock, ?t Malesioom S6 Nassau street, consisting of solid rosewood and mahogany Psrloi Suits, covered In prucatel, mahogany do. novel ed in hair cloth, vli. Tets-a Tetee. Parlor, Arm aad dew ing Cbsirs; Brussels, l apes' ry and ingrain Carpetlngs, Can ton Matting. Oilcloths, Mirrors, Bookcases, Centre Tattles, Buffets, Extension Dining Tattles, Dining Chairs, Dressing Bureaus, Washita ids, Bedsteeda,.* Hair Mattresses, Need hams Patent Sola Bedstead. Ac , Ac. The whole to ie pe. ?eniptonly sold to the highest bidder to pay oaah advanoe*. Catalogues on morning of sale Auction notice.? a family declining house keeplnu a ill dispose of at private sale all their Parlor, chamber and Dining Room Furniture at a great sacrifice,viz , Carved rosewood T octave Planotorte, in excellent order, cost SflOl, for $2(0, liuludiflg Stool and Cover. Parlor Suit, cost 8800, for $140; one for glUO; Etegeret, Centre Tables, Bedstead*; Wasbntands, solid rosewood, coat $300. for $U>r! \iaitr?>scs. Ac. 1 be furniture was all made to orrter I or the present owner, has Ixwn In nee but live months, and In mm plete order. Inquire at 70 West Twenty six fh Street, near nixth avenue. a ACTION SALE -JOHN R OAELET AU ?TI O NK ^ A oflloe 16 Court street. Brooklyn? By JOB N E. OAKI.RT x |U, will > aii on Thumdav, Mtrohl 28, it B0o do k A. M all the Furniture in the prlstte dwelling house 126 wo. d rianoiorte. Sofaa. Chair*. He<* steads, Bureana, "stresses, Bedding. Bxteusloo .Table, ICrookry Waie, Kitchen Uteoatls, Ac. 4 UCTION NOTICE -ALL THE PARLOR FURNITURE A of a private family, removed from Wtst Fourteenth stiert to the store 7 2 Sixth avenue, one door below Wavertey Flare, will be sold only In private this day, at a great bargain, or casli. consisting of three Parlor Suits la a >11.1 rosewood, covered In t rem h satin brocateL plush and haircloth; Turk ish Chairs. Lounges and Reception Chairs to match ; rosewood Centre and Pier rubles, Btegeres, Mirrors, Carpets, Ac. Auction notice.? burn iiam s furniture bx press packing establishment, 111, in Wes* Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Household fursi fire boxed and shipped to aM parts M the world Large covered sagMs for removing furniture Into the eotin try. Furniture stored. A UCTIOW SALS or FURNTTURB-ON FRIDAY, AT At 10L. o'clock, at 151 Franklin street, near West Br ladway, FRED A COLB, auctioneers, comprising Sofaa, Chairs, Bed steads. Bureaus. Brussels sM Ingrain Carpets, oilcloths. Cook and Parlor Moves, Feather Beds, Bedding, Kitchen Furniture, Ac 4UOTTON NOTIOB? RICHARD WALTERS, ABO Homer. 1* Fast Broadway, soBHts salea at auction of Household furniture. Stores aud all kinds of pnpertv on moderate tenia. Reference given. Storage to let of el i (ofta, 26 by 75 feat, on moderate terms. Browns a nichols, auctioneers.? this day, Ibnrsday, March 2S, at ope o'clock. In front of sales rannta S6Na?ssu straat? sale ot ffagons, Harn-sa, An. one extension top Box Wsgon, with extension seat, ean he used roe lour er two ptrsons, leather trimmed In verv elegant style; ene ntensli n seat Rockaway, lor lour or two persons, leather trimmed Ibrmgbeut; two leather Top Wsgons, for famllv use. one do. very light, tor trotting; one very light tirst elans Rusd Wagon, no top, forty pounds R< * kswsy s, D* pst Wagons and a variety of top and no (op Vehir es, double and single' II am sea. uoods on tihibltion early this morn Ing EDWAMl SCHSNCK, AUCTIONEER ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF nUl'ERB HOUSEHOLD Fl'RNtTCRE. By E A F. 11. ScHENCK, on Friday March 39, al 11 o'olock, al their salesroom, ltl Brwdw ay, the Stock of one iX the first cabinet makers of this eitv, consisting in ptrt of ele gant solid carved and plain Rosewood Suits, (7i satin and bro raiel, superb r<?ewixi<] Amour a Olaee m ignltieent rosewood round corner Redsteads and Bureaus: So in black walnut, vnrnlshed and in oil; black and gilt Cabinets, Centre and i tk Tsiles. losewood and walnut Secretary and Library H<?>ki'sses, e egant rosewood l.tegeres. rsrved wainut and oak HulTrt% Kxtensb n Tables and Dining Room chairs, ele canilv carved oak Dining Room Sofaa, oak and walnut Libra rv stair Ch.itra, oak snd walnut Hall Stands and Chairs. Also a large assortment of elegant mahogany Parlor, rnam ber and Inning Room Furniture The ab ive elsgant Furnl tore is all ol the verv best manufacture, and will be positive ly sold bv order of the assignee It will lw> on exhibition at cur aalesmom on Thuradsy The particular attention of those In want of eiegsst furniture is respeetfullv requested to this sale, as I Is uniinuhtedh the finest sale of first o.aai furniture (hat haa taken place In tbt? c. ly ? J. B FREEMAN, A**4 HiLEH AT U'CTION. BROWNS A iftCHOLB. AUCTIONEERS, 15 NAsHAW mreri, would respectfully inform their fr teud* th*. Uwf are prepared to give ibrir personal juration to said* of far nltnre, Ac . at toe resideuoes of t'toulM breakiugttp house keeping or at thei r commodious MiNrawu sail gaftruw, om |mmM Uui font oUite. El)*' ?HI? 8 Jb BUCK. AtUrlO.oBKK ? HaNDiOMB H i.-aiioi-J Ft.rnltur?? 87 E. * F d 8OHSMOK. iui* <l v> , Stb IL.M *t Hlij o ef ok. at ?fo IMCtuiton place, ?Jl tlx- bniidvae HetikcUold vuruilUJe ib the|s!iove buiiae, firmwl n>g i*j l*rt of ro?e?MHid ?nd mahogany Parlor KuU^t, ro?e wood Elr#rti, ? rench JfUt" Mirruri Curtuus *ud Ooi-uccm. brutv??l< and turatu Carte's. Msntel Clocks an. I Or lOMn wid mahogsuy tud wslnu Chamber rurnitur*. Li I mag room Fa'Bttuiw. MstirMsses, Bed". Heddiag, Ac, China ?n^ Olassv are Also |Ae K. cheu Furniture, with whica the 1 will commence WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5 Elegant Household Furniture, at No. 124 West Thirty eighth street. at ltH^ A. M. EH. LUDLOW, AUCTION BBB ? EXE TUTOR'S 8 ALB .of handsome Household Furniture.-*. H. LUDLOW _J*U mt AQctioo oo Tu?feUy, April 2, Irtdl, tU It a ?? lift* avnuue, b*?iween Thirty first and Thirty ^second streets, by order of W. N and Lewie Beach. Executors, the entire furniture oantaiued in aald hou?e, ooo si"tln* J*} Of bsndsotne rosewood Parlor Furniture, ia green nod gold feVOWfeL large Pier and Mantel Glasses, haad some binoze Chandeliers, bruare Candelabra* bronze Figures, ilsmssk and brocatet Window Curtains, black waiuut Bxtecaloi^ pining T?bU? acdCLudr^ Medallion an 4 Brussels Carpel#, Oilotoihs, China and Plate ware, tnanlhm with m sssortment of Kitchen Furniture with which the aale wll commence BOW ABO BTAMTOIf, ADCTIONBBR, WILL BILL T the highest bidder, without reeerre, ou Ihursda*. Ma-eh 2A. at IW4 o'clock A.M.. In front of tbe autre Ba? New Oaual stteet, near Bid ridge, six casks French Brandy, feet W gallons tach. Terms cash. Bate positive. W OOLTOM, AUCTIONEER.? HOUSEHOLD FURNI JP . tore, in Walls street ?On Friday, March 39, at 1?S o'clook. at Mo. U Watts street, near Hudson, all the FsrmT ture of the bouse, comprising the ufctai assortment of ptaUn Parlor,. Dtning Boom, Bedroom and Basement Furniture; also Carpets and Oilcloths, Beds, Mattreaeea, Ac., Ac. Bala positive. r* EO. HOLBROOK WILL SELL THIS OAT. 3 81* y of March, at WS o'jlock, at the Atlantic Hotel, XU Uieenwioh street, the entire Furniture of BIO rooatt. Bed steads. Hair MaWesses. Feather Boiatere and Film Mir rors, Carpets and Oilcloth*, Tables, Toiln Bets, Chairs. Mack waJnutrfhning Tables and Chairs, Refrigerators, oak (Jtalrs, Bar adV Bar Fixtures, English Beer Pump, Herring's Safe. Oas Chandeliers; also Kitlhen Utensils. GEO. R. SOLOMON, JR , AUCTIONEBR-SALEBBOOM 44 Ann street, will sell, on Friday. March 29, at -10 o'oiook A. M , at the Hon 07S Eighth av>nue, withiut rexerre. a large and magnificent Stock ot Mliliaery and Fancy Oonda. Wale will continue ua< II the entir* stock is dbpoeadof. Title Is a rare chance for dealers. HENRT H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER.? URN BY ?. LE&D8 A CO. will sell at auction, on Thursday, MurohW, at ldH o'clock, at 36! Broadway, near Franklin stre?t , under forec>Okure or mortgage ? Brus-els and ingrain Carpet, OBt Frame, Mantel and Pier Mirrors, mable 81a Im, oak aivl walnut TaMes, bronze and gilt Chandeliers, lino and brass riigna. "Bite snd counting room Desks and Furniture, silver pUted Frame t>how Case, hhow ttunda. Stock Boxes, tirover A Halter s Patent 1-ewlngM ohlnee, Signs do , oak OBlce Obalra, Sad Irons, Kefleciors, An. Henry h. lekdh. auotionebbr-henry h. LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Thnrsdiy, March 2S, at II o'clock. In the gallery over salesroom, No, 2:1 Nassau stieel, private colltction of valuable Oil Paintings, selected m Europe during a long residence thf re, comprising vpeclmentc of tbe mnet celebrated artists nr England, Franco and Germa ny rrsny rare and costly originals, by tbe old mas'ers, forming sliogetlier a nusceUaueous collectiou of great interest sind high quality. 1 be properly of a lamily leaving for Europe, and <xm?igt>ments lor peremptory sale T bey are now ou ex hibltlr n, with citalogue as above, and are well worthy of at tention. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.? henbt h. LEEDS A CO. will sell at au:'.ion, on Friday, March 20, at 11 o.olock, at the salesroom, Zi Mas-au street, choht* W lues, segars. Ac , conalstiugof a stock which has been la otir stoie for several years and now ordered to be sold viz:? Old Belle Fleur Brandy, Madeira, Port, Planet Brandy. Malmsey, QU Bourbon W hiskev, Jamaica Hum. Pale Ulierry. Ilennessy Brandy, Ac. ; also, a few lots remaining untold from our ^ ales of Liecember last, viz:? I 'ale and dark London Dock Bennessy Brandy, very superior pale Gastellus nberrv, 1842. the only lot in toe V. States iVamalca Bum and Scotch Whiskey. I KM. 1 he above Includes the balance of the Boston shipment. The goods are In full sized bottles. In cases of St bottles ?sch ; aiso, from the same catalogue, a line of favonui Centra Society of Vineyard Proprielora Brandies and Wlnaa. <n dimljobns, and a lot of Gin Jugs; aiso, In.orlginal esses. Also the balance fof an Importer's and dealer's stuok of Ha vana fcegars, remaining from sales of last December, consist ing of a fine lot of Cabanas, Trevas. Hiosella, Wlnfltld Scott, Figaro, Henry Clay. '\ ictoria; El Earner*. La Koca. Sacra mento and otker favorite bunds, in 10th boxes, and about 26,000 Plantation In barrels. Henry green, auctioneer. -this dat, at If1, o'clock, at the auction store, lt?4 William street, special sale of Clothing, Coats, Pants, Vests, Cloths, Satinets, Doeskins, Dry and Fancy Goods, 8ha#ls, Dress Q^ods, Hosieiy, <? loves, Neckties, 10 Sewing Machines, Ac. JOHNE. VAN ANTWEEP'S BOW, AUCTIONEER? WILL include in his Hardwa e saleot thl* d-v, at 73 William street, 700 dozen cast steel Shears, manufactured by the New York Shtar Company, belny tbe balance of the consign m -ait offered la?t week. Also three casks English Bad Irons and Weights, together with 280 dozen Eyre ward andCo-'soeie I rated Table knives and Forks, Ac. Terms cash, current funds. J P. WILLIAMS. AUCTIONEER, ? will sell st the salesroom No. Vi2 Eighth avenue, near Forty-first street, an assortment of Books and Piotures, con taining many valuable Illustrated medical works. Also a va riety of Voyages, Travels, Tales, Ac., being part of a physi cians library, on Thursday evening, st 7>, o'clock. J A J. RAYMOND, AUCTIONEERS, WILL BELL, ? this day, in Jersey City, on the premises. No 25 Jersey avenue, a fine Residence and three Lota, tastefully laid out with vines, fruit, shrubs and flowers; house 2A3d, marble mantels, high oeillngs, Ac. Sale positive JOHN LEVISON. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THE entire Household Furniture contained in the house occu pied by John 0. Runkle, at Kurd hum. opposite hi. John's Col lege, on Friday, March 29, 1801. at U A. M. Sale punitive. Mortgage pale of valuable furniture ? Tbla day, at 10', o'clock, at ltt East Thirteenth itr.-et, comprising mahogany Sofas, Lounges, Kaa> uhiim, marhia Table, ik'lien Utensils. Ac lsep'oalta required. WELLINGTON 4. CARl'nE, Au?lone?r MOETOAOE SALE OF A CHOICE LOT OF winK?. Liquors, Segara, Ac ?By virtue of a chattel mortgage. 1 will cause to be sold, at public austloc, on * r'.day, March 29, at 10 o'clock A M., at 127 Grand street, one door from K'oal way, a choice assortment of Brandies, Wines, Gins, Whiskeys, Jamaica Rum, and also a lot of Segars, Ac J AM EH MARRINKR, Attorney for Mortgagee. MORTGAGE SALE ? I. H. BURLEY, AUCTIONEER, will sell, this day, at two o'clock, st 444 Canal street, marble top and other Bureau*, Sofas, Sofa Beds, ('bairn, Hookcaai s, Wardrobes, mahogany and "ther Bedsteads, plor and o'ber Glasses, two 14 feet extension, centre and other Ta bias, hair and otber Mattresses, Feather Fads, Holsters, Pll lows, Bedding, SS new and second hand Brussels. three ply and otber Carpets, two of ?4 yards: Sewing Machine, white and check Matting. Hugs, oilcloths, U) Demijohn* and Claret, Tobacco, Kitchen Ware, Ac. By order of JAMES GOULD. Att'v. Mortgage sale.-kichard walterh, auc tloneer, store 18 hast Bioxdway, will sell this day, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, at lo^ o'clock, at 30 Madtaoa s reet. the eonUnts of t bis old esiauilrked drug store. Coun ters, t- helving. Glasa Cases, Stoves, Ac. mighael doopt. xtinth sprino trade rale-hardware auc 1> tlon notice.? JOHN E. VAN aNTWEHP ? SON, Aiw tloneer, will se41, on Ihursday, April 2H, at 10 o'clock, at the store 73 William street, 300 Iota assorted Hardware, Cutlery. Ac , comprising in part 4,1110 quarters slunk Au*ur?, MM quarters Spur billa. lOO dox*n wrought Japanned Hasps and Maples. 50 dcsen Hooks aad staples. *iso japana'd and pollalied Box Cblaels, csst steel Cotton Hooks, oast steel Shingling and claw Hatchets, Handlid Axe?, Ac. Also three casks English tad Irons and JW dozen Shovel Haadlea, to gether with SO earths of H. Taylor A Bro. s fine Pocket Knivea, and Eyre Warn A Co. '? celebrated white bone Table Cut lery Also, to close the con?tgnmeut, 200 doten cast etesd shears, of the New York Bbear Company's Make. Terma cash. PC. BILKLET, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, OH ? Thursday, April 4, at 11 o'cliK-k, at the Merchants' Ex change, by order or G. Gazani and J. Basslni. Executors, the ?nur story brick house and lot Known as No. IBM Last Thirty second street; house 20x4A lot WD. Also the three story brick house and lot No 101 Hamilton street, Brooylyn; house >9 t by aboutSO feetjdeep , lot 100. Maps at the oOioa. 43 WaM street. PAWNBROKER 8 SAiE.-W. N LEWIS WILL SELL, this day, at 25 Chatham street, up staira, a large assort n-enl of gold and sliver Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds. Guns. 1'tstols, Musical Instruments, Ac., Ac Hy order of J. B. A J. slMPHo.N. To commence at 10 o'clock. PAWNBROEBK'S SALE -B. LEVY. AUCTIONEER, IJ Csihsrine street, will sell this day, at ICK o'clock, IN silk snd other Dresses, Basques, shawM, Chemise, Skirts, Hoots Gaiters, Shirrs, Ceata, Pants Ac ; Pistols, Jewelry, As. By ordei of 8 FAKItER, 27 North William street. PAWNBROKER'S BALE -A M. CRISTALAR. AUC uoneer, XI Bowery, will sell, this day (Mthi, at I0>., [o clock, a large assortment ol men's and women's Wearing Appsi ??<, comprising silk and otber Dresses, broehe, crape aad other Shawls, Ran Silks, Coats, Pants, \eeta, Ao. By order ol A- J J ACE*?N. fll? W :ilker street. SOLOMON BINGEE. AUCTIONEER. BY oiNGEB A HOLDEN. Ofllcee No. 8 Pine a' reet and 1,144 Broadway, Tbla day. At IS o'clock, at tha Merehwla' Exchange, A beautiful Country Seat, at Mamarooerk, Westchester county, the residence of Walter Baker. Esq , a finegothte House: has furnace, range, hot and cold water, hath ruaaa. water closets, speaking tubes, dumb waiters an t all modem Improvements; stable, coachhouse and all asnsssary outbuild ings It is situated at \ of a mile from the depot, teoreeer land beeutlfnlly laid out in garden walks, the rareat flowers, vegetable garden and the choicest fnilta. sale positive and without re-errs For maps and rurtber particulars apply at the ? fixe of the auctioneer* ? SA J. BOGART. A I'C TIONEERR. ? THIS DAY. AT ? I OS o deck, at the suction rooms. No. 1 North William street, mortgage -ale of Household Furniture, resewond Piano, Ae . ouaMMtlng of mahogany Dressing Bureaus, ea cluaed Washsmrtta, Lounges, marble lop Centre Tablea, lot lilt and ma bos any frame Looking Glasses Brussels, three ply ana ingrain Carpets; Oilcloth, OU Falntlnga, mahogany French ?nd Cottage Bedsteads, Hair MaUretaes, WardrotxaJ bla< k walnut Ofltss Desks. Armchairs, Kitchen Furniture one rneewood Pianoforte. Ac Also, Constable a sale of one sorrel Mare, one grocer's top Wagon, near I v new; sets smuIr and double Harness, Ah Alao two Lathee HENRI WEST, ConttaMa. VS. MILLS, AUCTIONEEE, WILL 8F.LL.I ON FBI I . day, March 2?, tha Furnl ure la the b' use No. 12 Abtng <ion square, consisting of Chairs, Sofas, Bod.te da, 1 I'isne mahogany Chairs, Carpcta, Me , ?>y virtue id a chattel mnrt ? gage. By order aeuben C. Mill, attorney for mortgage. Vr ALCABLB FBOPERTY ON 124TH STREET, AT AUO V ton.? PHILIP R. WILKINS will sell at auction, oa Thursday, March ?, st 12 o'clock M.. at the Mernhants' Ea change, the oeelrable two story and attic frame dwelNaa house, situated on 1114th street, V l ween the Fifth and olith avenues, and nearly opnoalie Mnuflt Morris equate The house Is 2PX42 fret. Oiled In with brick. Has gaa, gas fla tures, bath Ac. Lots #J feet by MX) feet II Inches. Mao at he office <4 she vi, iioneer, ID I'lne street. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEF.R-OFKICE NO ? East Brtuidway, sells on ibis day. at lO^i o'clock, the lease. .atncl am hitutea Ol the lar?e gr>eery and liquor sIom Ho Uli avenue l>, consls'.ing of Teas, Sugars, Hplcea boxes Herrings, splendid walnut Counter, SO feet long, 42 new < s*ks an nseonmeat of choice Llquora, Wines, Ac. Alao una flue Morse, Wagon and Harness \I'M WITTFPS, AUCTIONEER?WILL SEl,L Tllld , # ? day, at 10* j o'clock, 'he Slo< k and Fixtures of the Din ' ? ru saham IM West street: Bar an>t Htr Kn t nres, steam Table, aid all other Furniture utualiy foundi n such placea.