Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1861 Page 2
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^ y* ?ot b r <**??? "???? *"* Pr?rl'?M history , bat by tho owdun tbey jursue and the pasitiou they mimitu among tto l*o???"s attaeaam. Tkoor intommt uw.UuAimt are Uttr own *f fatr; thenrftnmciai ami paU"i-glarram}cmr-&aretm*k*M ?rMU' M ? tUvoh.'ldinf a spire, bal ?y ita r ; . **d S?o?l conduct it baa ool (.rived to astabi.afc lor liaeaf a place id tbe fcierarch ? of nation* far anpurior to that of maay Power* wnlob are froa from tbia dome* ?0 oantamiaalluu. If Um Northern oooled-racy of Atae riea svtaoua a determina.lon to aut la a nirrow. uxoluxiva ?*?wotal spirit, wbUe Ma Southern competitor extends the haad of good fellowship u> ?U mankind, witti tho ex cepuoa of its own boudanioa, we mu?t n u he ntrmiood .? ueAe North, wt iptte ?f Ike g octn^s ,/ lUcauoeanttke proaiiKfitn, mem ef tho *>*nce of slater v, rink int., a ^Wary^antvm.a^/ lose the sy mpathy and rigor* of rn^! *ld ^ W alroalT in pMRoasloa of the firat fWHttof ibe a nier ic mi oiaruption. rhs B.cetoim <* ?o ?* hotmcs of 0on?r*88 bis go. , l*tk M ucaiHpnted mnjurit, for ?ae , ?. *" "'J have DM beeu ntow to avsii iii ^an?iroa to the ulm.iet of this advantage Tbey htvo, iu eel, ?V appreciable to war as healing tbe wound* of iiioir distracted country. rrtey hire taken no dt>. iled measure, either of oonctllatlM *r coercion The m mtb has Ue?n allowed to matur* Its preparation*, to shim tbe federal arsenals and forts, sad to organize a new gov eminent, without area aa intelligible protest from the J^KjWftMtre ax Washington. There was much excuse wr tkw. The period between the ejection of tbe new Pre ftdent and tbe surrender of office by the old la a a irt uf nterregnam, in wblob It may b* said all legislative and executive activity Isparaljzod But, though unable to do anything for the cause of tae Union, t\c .tenat' and the Conge ru have tmjA^ed the interregnum to tlrur a second Maw at the commerce, Uiefinamoe mnd ike genereU pmtpertu qf the emmh, infinite * wi-rre faiai Ou? i amy attraction of trf rtitry <r aiMxmuion </ p^mlaitun Tbey employed the laat weoks of what la prooably the Laat easaion of tha last Oongraas of the Uiited Stated of America in aodolng aU the progreaa that has been mid* In the direction of free trade ai 4 in naanaclinf their country onoo mm In tbe fetua-s of a protautiM amountiag to prohlbi tjoiL Wo tear that the bill baa already received the assent of the 1'reeldent, and that at th2 t,1* n??l?oni of oxportg wWah frglaad sent laat year to the United Stale*, hare, i "0"" "* Wid regulations can effect it. been virtually ewiuded. If Amerloan* wleh to Icaow witb what feeling^ ' , Moas*? has boon regarded in England, they bave only to turn te tho trade reports of the Turns and their W^" ?r4tlfl?L ? And r^n BirmX ham that a hardware and cuUery trade of ?5,800 000 is M w"rthl?w- south stallbr JBhire is in dis ' rhe ""?diet of Congress on the Tarli! bill hug auch cbjinged the tono of pubilo reeling with reference **d ?on* hore, even th ?e wliosa Bympathiea are with tbe Northern Stales at \ZSL to ^ Vh0 ??UrK) whrc" the proteo i!^jLl)0IiKre,fl L? Jmr8u?<l-" I" Hxnche*ter )hliE??5?.ia?!t*n> * dut,M 00 cotu>a *ooi? la the United States is causing great attention, la Now ^2? U.^?.,idtT?dlh*t 11 w11' b0 ioipxisiblo to do 8Ute8 oo tho terms set out in ^T? whlle Ul0 himlnew with tbe Soutuern State* is dj^ribed a* Mtislactory. In Sbofflold considerable ap prehensloa is fell as to the adbot of th* new tar ill on tho k ?' lM W,o|whamp?o? th* anticipation that the tariff ha* become law darkens the already gloomy pros &tt.ife 1^1lra"e ^ 11 '? remembered that all j? ^ and disruption of internatiooul lias and gym pathies, ithuk xomr beominf, clcmr <mery<Uy, and wM-h ^?Z?Z?ever??ededJnor* tkan noK' to be effected for ao better object than that of protracting tho sickly fxwitenou of an artiUcial manufacturing system, raised tem a TOftL al .lb" ?P?f*e of the bhi|ij>iug and 5f*le ^ ^ COUitry , **>1 by levying an odious tribute fron i all o>at?(>8 not concerned in manufacture*, wo cwi ^ m*^no?e of democracy and It* utier inability to apprehend and retain the most obvious nrin ciptea of oxmomual science, l'rotoction was cinitc as muob a cause or the disruption of the Union as slavery M that respect it haa dune iu worst; but it in destined lt *e '?'?tjUo not, to bo tho fruitful mother of other dis' ruptlon*. H bat interest bave the Kreat agricultural Weetorn State*, for uutaaco, in being made tributaries to ^*i "ZtT-T ^D,y ? the cotton *plnn*r* of Lowell t tkry ?nU demre , at tKe South hare dxtired a. dtrra trade wu k EngUnd, and the peculiar jxirition ' of "\ Canada utth itlfacUitia of oowutomicatim b>/ late riiyrr amd r~l:.*y,wtU show them the roadie. * mean. , ofo?a?Z ?? " Tbtse topic* are ao obvious that we forbear to insist upon them bat we beg to point out, for the comfort of S'uSTr Jr,y?an V"1 Ule warning of the government I T8' la altemPllnf to exclude at ono ?low twenty millions of cx|>ort? from their territory tier have undertaken a task quite beyond thetr power Th*y m*y. Ind^l, de*troy their own Castan.'- reven7? Jh^ymaj give additional strength to thoa.. v?stoi i*te ?tn!t Z It CW'm * Pre*cnPtiv? r'Kht to live on the community: tuey may rum the *hippl*K and oripp4e the commerce or th* towns on th* Arlantic soa I??a eannot prevent Xnyltth manufactiwes from permeating tAr I n ited States front one end to the other. A giaace at ihe ra.ip Is *ulIic)eDt to bhow tbia. Th* Southern conieJeracy will of course, deair* no better tlum to mako Owrieeton, Savannah, Mobile f* ,lopoW of, h^gltab inniufaolures, 4Cra" tl*e long aal tmperaeatlbla fen sepkrata* them rrom the United State* W-r ^ Ue V** ^ ?/ Neu> Tark "?>* 7Z?Z. <in^r' ttoolf a free port, and to become, the <Uj?*Zr 1 mrr !5u T!UKtr ,Kan "* ** ?* ?""* rott.?<7 ~ dmo't-d, and ut harUr emjity, became a tutciiial idly kasdniemammervt to the inferior harbors of the South, i Tho in.!. Lieu cooflo or the Northern State* give ample opportunity ror smiigcllng, and. what m still moro im I-irtailt, ihe rrontur o-tw.oa Canada and the Lmon w virtually traced by the stream or the St. Lawrence and the oeotre of the groat lake* Ontario, Erie and Huron It in a region which might have been creatcd for the express purpose of ptunshing the prcmimptuous folly of seeking Jo erect the barrier ot prohibition between nation* which bave long enjoyed the mutual beneflt* of commeroiai in tercoune. Tie smuggUr vnU ttdrta the errors of the state*, man, oo he basso often done before. The chango may <?***" m delay, loa* and inconvenience; but the stream is too mythtf tei bo choked, amd no oo^wtT will the old channel have born itnfi/*d than anew one wHl be forced. (From the I^wdon New*, March 12 1 Mr. Cregory has given notice that on an eartv day ha will call tap attention of bar Majesty's government to th* expediency of a prompt recognition of the Southern coa i?aeracy or America There is no occnaion for Mr. lire r*T ? o?e viae to be anxious to get our government t* a*t rowledg* the *? called Soutbura ooniederacy of Aaet loan Wat.-*^ Tbe |ir?clice of the British government to sueb cassa u firmly estabilshe<l and well audcrstood rretgmisemU 4e feu to p>i?mmmtt, inetpuxioe of tngtm.or any cir,-uoManoe hut the fact of btmo tie artMtih ematluheU ruling jmwer u ever, and when' ever u,ai hnp|ieui with tbe Southern statsa which aow prcis** to bo a tonfoderac* , can be no 4ou\t at-mt ?mr bemt nempnt^ed by all the Knropmn J'owers, <"va ?? with the, ut? UAd icsuUntd ami But the cate iyia not yet retch V.i 1U4, Stage and It l? vervfar rrom reaching it. "?'?"??oil leader* who have a*?uiriod ofllce do not pre t.-^i u. bo mo..- than a proviai.ual b <ly, no appeal hai b??? Bk? t? lb* peop t. of tboir States pone of tlie con ?litnt >nal condMM n* sf republican orffanlr.tion h?ve a* yMb.^a coatptiod with, and u< i?- .,i the autoo-dents wbtcli were ?i ?rifle; by the lound"r* of the repuolic as jijsi.iying tvimUmm have apcnriad. Tbe movers m the caar bave b?gg.-d tbe su-jr'iea m r.igard in the rigbt of ssnaBMaa im ttms baa ae yet bwii no opnortuaitv of r"f*f oo l#io otfcer aide. Trie whole matu-r rem tins' roe tr. kia.1 at and, Is tl.e o?*t d?.m.?ratic couniry in tbe mmu, Iks great body ? tbe pwe.k. has been ?uent dur !f * ?b#'* * iai#r of sr isis , rrom ritual want '4 oppor la?K) tnOecw/e tUsu OVU H'U aud wiU. iVre r ta |f# m '."?*< t^a irom without Of say new claims put |..rth . n ?*d U?? Asie.k^aa notion bt* a right In *?pn** Iw Wfwn? aUw paimnoo to wait tui the ? bavi a4?%)-a as'i tak. ? their course n| action V. MBar<aralw>ti addieaa M lite n II I MIWl PmMM ' "?t'?da?l to prouueo juit ??..* an elfsct Sf K ^ ?'?dnoonunMr UrsLor . ., mui I Thw andaewts pnrwiy on tbo IMaraUanofT) ep. n l?noc misni n ?m oreiniMly tbnagbt. oatob tb? e?> .e ,n., . i***' **"? f"1 iMMWt ui as lamiUar as tho lT*j<f ate, m m.^ftt eotrap trie imaginstKjn or ? ?? nave pa 1.1 sufficient sttentlon .m.or? A?. r . Ml aUairo U> dsumt its mappilca '? *?* ?""? :?* "tlr?n><j accuracy or tor n?r .?>!. jt. , am, ti. ai manH< stoas ^su.d by revo^ **'' ' ?? the * fl . ?? attempt to rule the sw> tT - *- ' ' '? b? doubted wbstnsr la ? r*tn%*+4 ?? r . u.< ? ? >11, m v|jj) iev. 'lut'onary century ?ay a? me?, i i,? ,llor# impudently talao ib. 10 *> i ?srs* lav* Au irosn 7 Uff t?i i lb i mt itoa *?J luiamn i <>f the i - i . ? i* ? i? to4.-i a* 10 lit* n*ua>> mtIiico joa > nMBLIM ?*- *?? "1 ?ti h fiv r^ultinf ?M ba u4 (M-fMilKM], Mr. .lafl?raoa *4 Um ?. ?? erm-biitg cu*4?iimIk? at h* ?*? <*- .?irn ? U?k~M?t truay. Tit* tUauctiMl r?QH?* **? <4 u* \ *t? m ?bi b?>? Ukra up the note m ibe ?**?*? *?? ii u> la* ?ml ? mIik Tm 1004 cmttm H w UM *4u?hae ha4 ndim befora **f . >?i Um aciukl ?itmaiiiu'f of injury IWt b?l<w> O.-j rtiMMi t I wet tie (tag. In tlM > *e \xt\j i.m ?>fj? uitrtjr jwm*' Mm I MTU Mummt ? tblrljr )e?r? e< rer Ik* ?toMe liMt? iftrMg which they b??e >w?4 Um mm*. iM?r*iswd tie co*MUtaM.?, , .I1W1I ht-riy mM er?Mml VttMMi ObMcU Mid inter <<?U I *hMh tua Otitwi th< m ?kti outnfe rmmr* lk? rebrotan* wk> er p*we M IMV U bat mm MM Mlaip AM o? U* I - 1 I la ?i? M?? Mm at a* eMbtiua, a couai ut^M 4i?im.??:ikM * a '??*** MMl Ord?ri/ way ? .. ????? iMMl lit* ..?< n "*r t of *hM *? CMl "UM N.f?* ?? ifcM m. UM MUM falUad by M- ??????(? ? *??? H t tav UI laiMd Um* ea*? Ik* eM??M? ? (? pr?MMI| Ut ?? llaetf ttoa m?>? e*M?e?i| baa tMub* ?i.rt M 1 U I ag/"M ????-* rUovaa b- I '?r ? f M HflHWMIITI* Of ? tv? wbuw mn* of IV Ne Mir ?n I > M aaf ?tart ?*? WlJ MM* Ul'-'B ???? ota* Mt $r- ??* * M ueeri) ?i a. <4 ?u fbi?w(M?iMV>Mr Ml fi #il4 ?? ?M Ms Mr MIM V Mr 1 1 w-4n Wx ?*r t?Hi .Jk ??M ?* Kb *r ?a M. r~*M M '??yr r /rf 1/ Mr M* /MmMmi Man aMroxw, *y?l in'-?. Mr wn< ?M* MUM ?*? ??>>< ?VfMMMMMKt M W?rb r'<M??r j fmtm* ?/ ?? l Oa TW kmmnm |i*l> io?< ut4 b ??????? ? ?? mrtit ?h*a !?' *? *mm aa? ak*M tbar' ator* u* u r? r.^jan .? ijt I yw?w? i? b*flbc? ?e JMMIM ?M ?!???* '? " <MM? M tM? li^bn M|?. Tkr MUM B*|MMr. p ? % i^r far* 1 rr.^w*.4t%?? M IM I WV* } Tb. ? a . *a- . . |Mr M MU tba ?? blf b tot" a' ? *J? ?? M >orca4r .ay a , ^tt4Ml ltfUM*>la? ?C IU ? .b :? si* I f f?MM M praaact ?,<? '?*< *m?M mm* ?r ttoa p?? ia<-m af lb ? ? ? ?> ?* !???- tuti fa.baf M aaif W|?r iaf o?fcar (M I#' tlM?r *r?4Mu s th ? 'k ?, ???* k> M" alkaline U I.MONI kl lh*ar?~<*?r UkrlH*14* "? ?*'?'<? **?? frctn pt i tuifa 46 uM (%?'. 4.?< tf ?? that the c m? MMrr ?' ?*' 1?.k?h t?*?*kmekt h?4 obtained (md tf. Mi"- ? u?* talk* ?uksmal iJi-rf ?bout 4,0(0 mot , um vtiwa it wn-iM k* ?a?f U <*i?ia a lotnitf t WMf *f M mi< i Mini Ul? ?"? 4 1 1 .Ml, ooor rMui,M M ?*?' U?- m fa-lag <m io Mirch. n?<- fu/k i4> ?o.a>ame?i -dwiJ i l*rw ?wu-a? to jeiiver b k?i? <hk kutwanlwre t? tu? aiktk* u?a ah?uld b? ptoord k poeHiua ?? p?y tin ih-?r ikWkiMe^M, wbi<-fcUie? ffgrr'y m Uui i'm?? ???? 4h?n?k lh?r ?i I'Otuf affMlttr* uf U MlrM Uita W b? kj. ? ri Jiurk oi i tie r?<k g i?itum. bl. It .* u< e** U} mat ihori- who repr>?eat tne ereditirs of M. Mtm a 1X1 thi shai < houiera uf Uik (Vlike ?< ? fhainna di If"* l-houlil bf lacnmivd 1 1 I lopwa Of IM 3 &M CM.'. in baud. By til-urn kikta*! ^ Frnt k - ? twbuI wiiu't ? 'i with Junl Me, Ui* ai'? m I li tbe looa wxuid t?> * ?hl<-<l ??? falllt tfc<-4r i'k nwDU, Uk w editors an'l a!?ffb?i<4r-i> vu?J< prvieet iliwir own inleria'a, :i? i the *.'?? ?. I ,4,l<?u;i> ,k ?iu?.u| aa tbe I kair* of M Mirea wi.u A k-t reafc>?< 4 k.a<.? nm wouiil ha caue <? for akkgraMMatfto i f itkfe ? rekait were obtaired both in l/^iwn, l 'arm, kl iraelli?a ?n ? Cm Btantiiioolo. where ok: opunien ark hall wli c* vi falluu <*uu, una whern homes iu> be a*rio??iy emhxrraas?4 !r tk< iuT?k?wrin*il wk be kot carried into e*bot. U ev.k tbe intervention of Uie Kore-naetit were i,? ?*wf to biourk Ulik solution, notwithstanding the 4isiike w* fi'el to f>e? guveiBtieiit mU-rfere in kuck mil tera, we do not hesitate to o?ii up<w it t* 4k no tuNlir esUting ctreuuiktaknek. Tbe pr?Niikl U kk ordtaary afair. Tbk novemtneut baa alrakdy iot?Ti< r<- 1 . and hk? a4optk4 more tb?a oruiaary prncekitiaga It laterfarod U?> Ut? in thk epinion of eume ]M>reotui. W?k It &'jt, ta rkct, la be begauiiBK of Itooetntor , tkU ia to nay at) xK tka tlaa bat thu aubacripttoa for tbe farkuh kaa wat ??!>"?, >4 , hat rejjoria tCbeitotia obargea ware oiroulatea, of whkcfe tbe Uiiitstar of Juatiee hit apokca la hia report t<? ibe Emperor. It appetrs that of the Ttjrklah boodj tenua4 by the Ca<?ae oks CbemtLB do for 103 ?00 only wire taken by 8,000 Gutwcrblera. At Jl'i for eaoh Imo<1 I hay wouU amount u> Sl.HM.0g0f, Of that bub 9t.0M.aMf. have bfen received by the C.iiaae dea Chemtaa de Krr The ra maibdor, according to the torma of iae aubiorlptioo, ia payable by the end of April. Haji Valvei-toa'a Uekaoaa far Oealrlag ? Sttitt Harriaae. The Eastern Countiu lltruU. put lwbed at Hall, wh?r? Mr. Thulwjll, the pUiiitiir la thi' uow taauiui aottoa r? aiiU'8, gtvia the following, in Um course of &.>m? com meats on the case generally think lira Vflrerton bas uover boon fairly represented regarding t>ie motive there was for keepiug tbe marriage no protound a rvcret. j In the course of the trial no reaaon sulbuieutiy hatuiac tory baa been assigned on this point. But we bellere we are correct in stating that thero was a very suffloient rea aon giTOU by felverton to his wife, and one in the truth of which she firmly believed, it was always alleged bv Yelverton that he waa under pecuniary obligatlona to a relative, chose particular Interest It was that tbe heir to the title of Avonmore should die u ithout ist>ue. Under these circumstances Yoivertou's story always was that he luul promised to remain single; and that, should the knowledge of hie union with Miss 1/iug worth come to the cars of h>8 relative, he would be a ruined man. His wife, lieiicTing this account, and placing full contdence ia his honor, run soiiU d to the marriage being kept aecrot, stipulating only fljutt her own sister and her friends Mr. and Mrs. fhelwall alKNild be made privy to the arrangement. TuU was ac cordingly done, ond'thefce true friends became her con fidants irom the beginning, from tbe time that she was deaertcd by her husband, Mrs. Yelverton 'a great anxiety has always been to have her case gone into. Battled in her attempts to obtain justice on three dlffaruttt occasions and before three separate tribunals, she did not despair. It had become the solo object of her oxiatence, and for three yeara she devoted herself to the task of bringing ber delinquent husband to the bar o*' Justice. How is it possible that any woman could huve labored so long oud so pereeverlugly for tbo attainment of auch an objKt if she did not feel herself sustained by the eoaaciouaaess of virtue and of truth; Sb? well knew that all theoiroum atances of her courlahip would be thoroughly sifted an I ]>araded before the world. She knew the trying natura uf the searching croaF-exuminatimi to whioh she would be anbjected , but aho waa prepared to brare it aU. franc*. The discuss km on the addreaa was commenced in the Con* Keicinlatif on tho lltli Inatant. The Italian question formed tbe principal staple of the debate. M. Gobb Ber nard made a streiig attack upon the policy of tho govern ment m Italy, maintaining ttut the policy of Ei^lanl had been victorious, while that of France had become, in spite of liereeif, the support of revolution. He concluded by saying: ? "The moment baa arrived to ohooeo between principles which give life au4 those which destroy. I?t ue not locu sight of the faot that there i? fcomothiug worse than a subverted government, ani that la a govern ment which follows a suicidal poll jf." M. Billault replied ? "The government proteate against tbe preceding speech, against tbe reproath that the dig nity of France h*d been lowered, aud ??ain.?t the Impru dent mcuaco thai diiturbancua might break out in the country. I shall after war da show ihat tho policy of France ia cathohc, but at the same tiaie liberal , that it baa never been ultramontane; and finally that U will re main a Krencb policy." M Hurochn, iu the name of tho government, denied lhat France vaa a^Uted, ami sa;d.? "Agltatiou only rolgcs wLurr hi stile parties oiu.>k themaelvea, in order to attack the policy of the Kmperor. " lhe debate was coutinaed oo the 12th, several mem bers malntafmiig tbat toglisb poli,;y had triumphed la Italy, and thu*. it was ontircly hostile la tho policy of Fianee.. Another corfercnce on the Syrian question wna held in I 'art* on the lltk. It waa aaid that an agreement be tw?kn tlia IVwera ok tlm question would acou take place. Tho liourae on the 12th waa dull and a shade lower. Rentes closed 6K.6 The drafts of the (>tt<?nac government for ?100.000 on M. Mlree, wh.cli ouaureU cn tue r_Ui, were duly provided >or. The I'aris market for flour was dull and pries had .lightly declined. In wheat there had *>*'?& no change. Holland. Tho raw ministry is announced. It include* Baron Zayien Van N> velat, Forei^h Atfaira; M. tiodefroi, Jus tice, Baron Van fletm.sbra. Interior. M. V. Ooudriaaa, Finance; Co.oc.ei V. Caaemoroot, War, and M. J. I.oadon, Galon lea. Bwtlirrlasd. Tbe Fardlnhn goveraarat baa proponed to flw!t?erlan<l to appoint c. minus: moors for tbo settlement of U>h quas tloa of Ticibo. Italy. Thcfe *m a rumor that i raunia the Seooail had ordered General Kergo!a to surrender M< ssma. Aaotaer report raj a that ih? General wan expected to be compelled to aurraadrr by but own garrison The night light; had u??a removed (torn thenpproa-hna to tbe rixulnlnul of Menina, by ordor of the Neapolitan ccftimacdrr. Th' tardintaa Mlnifter nf War is said to have decided on ra/trg the fou.flcat oat of Gaeti to the ground. lii th" Italian Clmtubei of I>eputi?n Zanoliot, President, by senior*/, made avpeicti in which he ok pre -wed the hop. thui Konm was aboat to bn made tbo capital of Italy, apd ilia', the.' dollvnraac* >< Vetfloe mi approaohlag. lie all") miIi pizcd t.Mribaiui. Ratats*. the fhneea President of the Chamber, In hie ff? tch in. t?k ng the chair, applauded Ui, spoechea of Pru.ce Smiolnw und M. Vi>u Vitcke, praiaed Garibaldi aad "stream. m>ij fa the notation of the queetloaa ef Hunt ebd V't a ?e. C-unt Uavoar, la preseotiag a projector law preolaim ii g ih. k?p'.' m "f Italy. Kil l: ? ??Italy is completing the w<uk of her aM*tKutM>o,utjQ la tanking bereeir one coun try b> her laws ..nil 'nstituiiima, an nlie In already oae by language. On Uie open in; of Parlnmoot you saluted \ ,ct 'i l ?nur il l bh'ler th<' now title which Italy, from Tnrtu to Ndrirl, Iiak ai?or<led him. Yoii will confirm i?, <ta lh?- :-oaat<< ti*H doae, by your anivoraal suffrages." A rU?i*l :h from Homo h?>8 the Duke do tlmmui'int hj. bet it chargi <1 to announce to Hie Pope that the Km lieror NapSMii d'favowed the npeech of l*rlaue Ifapcioon In the Krm.ih Senate. There *i re repur.e at Home that the Sardinian! would be in that city *o tbe 14th of March. The opinion* c( Turin denies the report that negotia tion* had been entered lum between the Sardinian co vers meal aaii Rome. The Vueee of Spaia la said to have offered the Pope her royal palace at Maarid; but the Pope anaouaoed his la '?[ tu? of rt-n.atniug at Itome. An elaborate nrittam of oppoeit ton ag^inat tbe new go vernment or Italy bat. cone to tit; lit In the abape of a long of instruction* te oonf. snore, in which almost every fur in of cppcaitiaa te Victor Kmanuel'8 rale la la Hinted upon i->- a religious duty. CardtuAl Anton"! 1 luul seat a <Uwi?-iich to the Pontlfloal Charge d'ASatri-e ,u IVria, replying to M. de la Guerro n lore a 'ate p,,mphk4. lie boldly charges the Katperor with being the caahr <f all the troubl?? whiob beset the gvriinmuit of tie Uoiy pea. The gift of a pieou it land by Garibaldi for an Bagllah church at Naples Lad been approved b> the Prtnoe Liea Aaatrta. A despatch from Pwth of the llth Inat. announces that ut the various eleatoral district* the voting for the tnem born of the IHet proceeded a perfect order. V. Deal aad M. esaiay were elected members by aooiamati-Wu A leUer from General Tirr and (leaeral KL^Jrahad ???? i^tb abed, eshortlag the Hungarians not to ooaapro niee the deliverance of Hungary by a premature move ment, which, they nay, Auatriaa ageate are romeotlag. tieai'rai Turr urgea hia countrymen to preaerve their ftveef intaettor mere favorable ctrr.i mataaoaa Count Mectdorff Pun:i.> had been appelated Civil aad Kill tar) Governor of GtvUiCia. A separate provincial govcrnaaeut had boon granted te IMBockowUmi Pertugal. There ware rumors oi duviaiums la tb? Chhtaet, and a ohacje ef minis teo was eij- oUd Peiaad. AB poat^nond quiet at W'nfww. but Ute a?lvie?e nasirl that thu oglutKiB, ?hougli "mu'ilrd," wan ot tho la creaa- l-^j'aa troo^a routinued to arrive. > oneraJ eeremerU* took place in all the churrhr* of T'uaw i* th? M net Public order wen maintain^ wwlieut th< eewirrety ?? of the police. The f .mperora r?p y u tb? u idriv-i a aa awaited with great aomriy f b?crtpt o?? for a moftuir.iiat to th' viciiatr of 27th Feb", try roerbed a oeuelderable sum. It *as tali 1 that th< mi .en .nt con sionerd at Wr>t nm v <e b>ro)u:tg ge-t-ral to I'olaad. la I ithunaia an l tr.i H'ttaei. aii oyihom. hdheanMii to the aduiioM^tot lip a ii?l?iV Wire b?U,' e vwli'it" I'Bt ID. Tt* a 'tnan Jo?:raa ? m 'o a vi-ry pirH u wari'a Hit. ,;t a n ,ard to the Wartaw die t;r? 1 ur?e>. Tb? 0>nrlant're J?- c"rri twaoeal of t^ie Iwi 'ftfl Inn t. iHia?- oa the 1M teat. . aa>? ?I* Kmhuv lain to r ??*. i >m?i in. <l t' ?-! M'eeiir'* n linae ilf th-* I aAonsr>-wy eft^btrifciay <* w.xM'gt ?? * i.,? i? the 9\ r jtag w?mI> ? 1 the ui* <.<wui *.? t?-? K?ra?aNa eia>' wen ? ? tbe rtr IH. b ??? -<ir ?t?a ? *>1^! (t_.? ?* muA rmmmtk. it ttNVi ttat mm diflsroMe oeoarred >W ii? kM Kar?Umiry ud (be Amriou Idolater, t? ODMtmie* ef the Utter having requested the mtt l>era U the eerpa (ltpkwaaUqae W attaad the reception ia fUi uniform. The retmM was that neither the Ami)** aado? Mr any o I Ma mttacka were proeent. Awxadirg ia dtap?toh?a la the Kreoon pep era, the Hus Mlmaa* wi re assuming moat '-g attitude* to wards lha Chriatiaaa lit Syria. TUB VHHY LiTHST. * TtLH CAFITULATION Of MKfMtNA. Tiiaitr, March IS, lMt. Iba aMadel a f MeMaa uarrendered to the Sardinian ' Woope this daf . ; Tsnnr, Maroh 11,1 Ml. <?mI Cavour to-day announced the surrender of the aHarai ?' Meaatwa to the Chamber of Deputise. The Chamber pawed, Mid acclamations, a vote ef tamik* to Ui? land wtd ae% forcne. The project of lav respecting Uta aa> empties e f the title of King of Italy ha* boea ] r?rmadj reeeivad. Nai-lrh, Uaroh 12, 1861. I The citadel ef Mtsalaa capitulated yeatord ay ovoning. I the coodittaaa ef lha capitulation are sot yet known. | Otoitetla Dai Noato will net be able to hold out much longer. l.iberto Ramaao haa tendered hta resignation as ' Director of lha AOalrs of ihe Interior. Prince Curlgaan ' ban given ordara that the Neapolitan officers who are Maying lathe Roman Mates shall be allowed to rotarn I to Nap 1m. The Italian army Is to be divided into sit 1 aory* The Fourth cor pa, nnder sommuad of i Caaaral Cukliai, win proceed to Bologaa. I/mum, Mar oh 14, 1-ifll. 1 *Tbe Iaadoa Tim** haa received tbo following ilaapatch , frcai its correspondent at Naples:? Mbsmna. Uaroh 13, 1*01. Tba citadel baa aurreadered to the army aul Ueet. Tbe troojw wi I W ave for by KrotMinooc, t< irly iu April Tb?rr wan an i-nouunlor a few days a*r - oetween I lUi Krvu?h Savant^ -drat regiment of the Hue nod 700 | lapel /ouavee. A French oolonel was kilted ami 43 non uouadeti. How the affiir ended haa not transpired. Kavaoo haa tendered hi* rasignaUoa, which has t>eon aocrpt?*d (h? municipal election will take iikoo on the Silh lust 8W (TZKRI. AND. i B*kkk. March 13, 1861. Ilia Sardinian government has lodged a complaint with ' the federal Council again* Bishop Merrely , on account of the pastoral letter ia uad by him during Lent having contained aoma remarka disrespectful to King Vloior Fmanu?L the government of. the Canton of Eribourg, before whom thia oomplalat haa been presenlnd as the oaiy oompetent tribunal, haa rejected it. CHINA AMD INDIA. Shanouak, Jan. 24, 1961. Pekin la quiet. The treopa at Tien-tain are healthy. The treaty la working aatiafactorily. The robcU havo boon defeated by tho imparialiata at Khain. Ia Japan affairs are peaceful. Canton, Feb. 1, 1861. T.ord F*gin lias left. The English admiral und Sir H. Grant have arrived eut. Tbe American ship Hesperus haa been destroyed by Ore. Trade ia depressed. SncArora, Fell. 7, lflfll. Tbe Java cable haa been lost, fho Freocii have been victorious at 3ogon. The French tranaport Woee haa been wrecked. Everything ia quiet. Caltwtta, Feb. 8, 1861. The famine oontianes in the Northwest province*. NEW ZEALAND. Nkvt Zjcalasto, Jan. 14, 1861. Tbe war cootinuoi. Several Pahs have been taken by General Prath, aad the advantage bu been actively fol lowed up. The Boanergea haa arrived with troops. AUSTRALIA., Jan. 'JO, 1861. The following are the departures of gold ship*:? The Result, with 90,385 ounces; Alliance, with 31.51 i ounces, 1 igbtnlag, with 28,844 ounces; Southampton, with 21,644 MM RUSSIA. W'AUtiAW, March 13, 1861. Genet tl Magandorff haa arrived here, the b oarer of the Kmperor's reply to tho addretts of the Polish citizens A separate Cou?e<l of State bas boeu granted b/ toe Em peror to the kingdom of Poland, of which Zcmoi&ky has been appointed iTeaident. FBANCK. PahiS, Maria 13, 1HS1. I Tli" I'atrir of this e renins says it Is iim true that Priaoe | \ap < 'nun is about to proceed to Italy. Tbe debate on the adi.rcs ?ae continued to-day ia the C>>rps l/^gialat If. M. Keller criticised tbe policy of the government, aod to matide<l that the government should bUU what it would follow in future. Tba debate on ihe address latheCjrps IjegldatuI tt <-mi natc-d thia evening. M Keller examined all th? ;ih ^e? oi Ihe Kmperer's Italian policy. lie criticiaed tho course followed by France, aad warmiy defende?l the temporal power of the Pope. He coosidere I tnat the gavernmaat appeared to renounce all lta former eng'ge n -nts. IU eoo. deaoetuioii -eecned to be assured to the *poiii> s and un rigors to ih. ae who had born dcsp;>d?d. .S^niag, he said, Justified such conduct. It is not before Piedmont that France has moved backward; b Mnd Piedmont there Is an astute power of whom Sar litila is the tool. This power is the revolution, supported by Eng land, pcrsoaifled in the pereun of Ornint. (l'roi'>.ig<d agitation and very loud murmurs in the hoo?e.) M Kel ler also recalled the manifeatations of the army and of tho great bodice of the ?tatc who, at the tnuo of the at tempt against the Ufa of tbe Emperor, d< stre?l that tho guilty part las should be reached whn were preparing all those machinations undtr the shelter of the h apitailty of England. The government reserved Its explanations until after Ui<* dlacuaeion of the paragraphs of the ?4 drone. WEST AfHICAlT MAILS. Livmu-ooi., M'troi> 13, 1M1. T." atsanfchlp Cleopatra arrived thta aflernetm, wiiU dates from Kernundo Po to January "Jfl, CAiti' To^ns 31n, Old Oulabar, February S. Bon Bey , 7th; Braaa. 7th R>>nin, 8th; Iagos, 10lh; Accra, llth. Ckpe Const. 14th, Cape I'* maa. 16th; Sierra I>eAae, 2lst; Bathnrat, ilfith; Tearrut', March S\ Madeira, 6th. She tiring* 2,180 ouaeoa gold dust, ?3,S67 In tpc< le, and 46 passengers. H. B. M.'a ship Ganges had arrived at Maiimm for tho proteotioa of British trading later* ate from u\tiv* io ur alone. A cannibal festival had taken place at Penney . Tne vlctlma' heads were cut off and exhibited In front of the public places of worship. Trade oa the guid o * good. The Ship Ilodorick Phe, reported off * ?oe IIl'sii on February S, ltss been lost. (XOnen and crew ear d wreck plundered by the natives. A war had brolsea oat betwsea the British m l Mladla gees on the Bathant river, aad the tewo of *abe iu<f been attacked. The Mlnduig^>es were defeat**! ih great loss. British loss slight. BTEAItSUir ARJtl VALR. Livaaroot., March V4, 1MI. The stesmihtp Neva Sootlaa, from l'ortlaiid M. jxb 3, | arrived at this port to-day. v The steamship Kultoa, frrmj New Vork March ?. ' touched at Hrmthampten yesterday, aad leaded Um &ig | Ush port led of her malls and ps?sagsi s. MOmtTART AWT) COHMKKCTAL. [from the boo dun N*ws, City Article ] Loanoa, March 15, lMlg. Coaanis closed one eighth per scat lower than yeetrr day. Fngiish railway stocks showed rather a droopta* tendency. Is the discount market no new (tatum [Frofi the London Times, City Article. 1 A further sua of aboat ?04, 0M la gaid was bonjtit by the hank to day. A vary large air.onnt af enatleimmi gold la eapectcd to be earrfed to the bank to morrow. ' Aoeordtog to seme expectations the next India stsamsr is 1 Uk?<y to bring a total of ?6M^u? in xihrer. la the die ?oaat market to-day choice bllh o C two or thrf months were negotiated at 7M per cent. Hutae persons were, I thrrefbrr, dlstxaed to anticipate the probability a 1 th<> baak at the weekly ooart U> morrow cutting their rata i down to 7 per c?au I'wjdc cipiasd steady at yesterday's Improved rau*. bat later news from New York, ladlrattox the probability of lYr?.drat I lnrola'i Inauguration being Urn signal of I fatal c'cowee, if not fbr the cotamenanmeat of rrtuat ' hcatr.'.tles, oiuiard a drcPne, at which tho mark* ?io*?d The tau>" oaaer depressed the railway market, tnoefih %t the clota ti.ero was a tcnd'ocy to recovery. Livnooot, March It, 1*1. Cott'Hi opeied Grm. TV rsIi* yesterday aid to -da* foot ?p SO .'Oo tiiea, <4 which 6, one w?r? fak?a ay rjmm tor*, th< ma; I at elusisr with an apward tee denoy. V-fiidel flh Arm, list quiet. ProrliVas qolet. 1 osrirtji, Merch 14 - P M. Car*' ck??cd nt t?l\a?l', for motrf, ar?l !>it| a C_", for the wc 'int. Illinois Central Railroad ahiwt - art feofetf '-I * 'J*, hew York Central . 71 i <J. trl? '47 a ?.<? HnrVeta. lOWflO* MOMtT MARK! 'I', Tl f ?, da ?a the J'.'ih wwe i.rm,aii.? I. warr'x i' . cW t tt't ry.tir i iM< an.m>.la*i ?nd aa advsa<? M i hi it ootkv4ii, 'inder thi aP-icice maal.v m , ? .. ? tat #!'? if AUHt^a 1 1 tM Jan. Ooawiaeioaedoalfceiafcetoi* iWhr awr, and 14 a ^ far account la the dwouunt market the demand far tneuey wan very moderate. About ?136,000 ta bw gold wu* baught by the bask oa the lSUi, while 41,000 eeveretgu * were taken out for America American aecuritiea were quite buoyant after offlotal hours, owing to the rtee id New Turk reperted per J are. LITItfOOL MARKETS. Liviuu'tMN., Marab II, 1101. Oottok ? TV1 market aaa been slow la toae, bat then baa been no material change la Quoutttuna aiooe the as partate of the lanada. Tbe sales o< Monday aad Tu-wdar were about U.OOO bales, Inoiud log 4, &00 oa speculation aba for export Dome aathorttiee aa y prloaa are a shade lewer ttoau on Friday. At Mabuhefcter yesterday prteea shared a slight de dine from Frloay lata, both in goods aud yarns, but at tbe ktwa t rates of lusi we. k there appeared to be ra'her more i: ispoaitton te do baaioess. Bwuij#rert8 ? Meaern. Wakefield, Nash k Co aad Richardson, Speiice & Co. report flour la mere request, and yeueruly held for an advaneo of 94. per bbl ; sales at 28a. a 30*. Ad. Wheat in fair demand, aad ( *?! qua Ikies generally Id per ueutai dearer; red. lis. la. a 12s lOd ; while, l&t 6J. a laa. \?x caotal. Oora 2d. par quarter dealer: mixed, 3Ts. a 3Ta. 3d.; yellow, tTa. 6d. a 3ks ; white, 38s a 30*. P?;\ iMuaa. ? Beef in fair demand at law prices P >rk quiet Bacon alaw of sale, but some symptoaoa of a bat ter inquiry. I.*rd dull and nominal. failew unchanged: tOf> 6d. a 6Ta. lor N. A I'kudvck. ? Ron in quiet at 4a Id. a 4a. 11. for cam nana. Spirits of torpentiro dull at 30s. fid. a 31s. Oarer seed very duJi na.i presses fi sale at 43s a 44s. .Sugar ua ebanged. Rice aud oullee uall AhImm quiet, pots, 28a. 9d. ; pearls, 28s. 1 jnaeed oil, 23*. 9d. a 24a. LONDON MARKIT8. Wheat Arm and partially Is a 2a. dearer for good, bat nferiur dull. Hour uiiohangnd. Sugar 81 lower far raw; refined steady. CollVie quiot; satire Ceylon rather cheeper. Tea. qmot bat steady. Tallav dull at 60s. (id. Linseed oil 28a. a 2Ss 3d. Boot oh pig iron 47a. 6d. a 4Ts Od. The wool K.voa couttuue with a eteaay oemand far good samples, but dull for interior. TUB LATEST MARKETS. UttlKM, March 14, 1881. Oiintog Pkkiw.? CotuBola, money, 91 ?? ? yt ; uona?ia, ac count, tt2^ a >?; new threes, flint. tHje p. M ? Conao s , motley, 91% a % ; consols, accauat, 92 1 1 , nowShrees, abut Cioeag Prices ? t'onaols, money, 91Jf a 02; canaola, account, 92>? a caw thrc-o*, shut.

1>?aoon, Man h 14? Neon Coiifols opened firm and advauoed to 02 8-lil, buyer's, aud are now steady at 92*4" a with very little doing, fhurea inactive, but prion generally bavo improved, and the Uitie of the market gxni Canadaa unohuiged; Ame rican, flat. ? 1 be Bunk Court hits risen without making any altera tion in the rate of discount. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Livkki'ikm., March 14, 1861 Market-very Arm; fulea probably about 8,000 a 0,000 bales. Imports, 1,788, p-evioualy, 88,180. FINANCIAL. c CHaKLK* OOIKWOK, APPLICATIONS FOR TUB I* EW EIOHT MILLION ? United Slates Loan in (tuna of $1,UU0 eaah, interut nay able in February aud July, may be made to ?J. T. VAN T4.EOK. AUCU8T BELMONT A CO., RANKRR8 NO. 60 WALL street, New York, Issue ettera of credit to traraUerx, avat'al>l? In all parto ?r Kur.i|??, through the Meiarn. ar.tb j cbiid of 1'arU, London, FruakfurL Viruna, Naples and tUeir correapendenta AKtJL R?TaTE aM> 1.0A*< RROKPK WI-.HES T > make Mrrangt-menU with a party having money to lotn en bond 1 nd mortKAge. 8t< cits and other colla'.erula, paying 18 to 2t> per cent AddieMt l.oaa Broker, hor 1S3 Herald office. ? Hi Mli;AL BAM-jEW TOKIC, MARCH 18, liWl ? ' Fli-ntlon ?The WcpoUM of this l>ank a' a hereby notlflvd that the annual tleetion tor directors, an n for in?)ieu lora a< the next ensulog eleotloo, ?Ul be held at the banking bouae on Morday the Jbnt day of April next, between the hoars of 1L and 2V. (Mock P. M. Bv order ot' tke Hoard o a. Williams, cashier. (CHEMICAL BANK-NEW YORK, MARCH J>. lStil. J I'blrty seventh Divld' rid ? The f resident and Directors of this bank have declared a quarterly liivideni of six per eent, payiibln tn stockholders on and after Monday the 1 At day of A*rll neat. By order of the Board. O. U. WILLIAMS, Cashier. /CITIZEN IT 8AVINCS BANK, IS AVRNOE A. BE " J tv. . .-fi First and Second streets ? Open dallv from 9 a. M. to i P. M. and from 5 to H P M. Deposits made on or be fore April I will bear interem from tba dato Six per cent iauraat allowed. Olv<ii(uK FOL8UM, President. HivnooR A. Bcwof. Pa^retary. (MjICAOO, Aju*? ON aNO ?T. LOITIK RaIuRJaO OOM J pany.? interest on Ktwiter s lo*n t?> UeeemHer St. 1MSU, * 111 l>e paiii to subscribers on and after Aoril 1, at aur office, S8 I'Ulf su-eet, New Vori JaMF.8 hOHB, } eu.uiiM . osanna ! neoeivsrs. IOUAS OOUN'f T (VA.) MMINIi AND MAt FACTCRINO J Company.? Ihe semiannual intereaton tU? firs: mort ga;" i ds of Mi's cooip^i y due April 1 will be paid on pre aentailon of the coupons at their otlioe. No .'N cine street, Ni wlork. B F. WBiMuUTU, Treasurer. VOTIOB? THE lNTEi.lWT ON THE FIRST MORf l.a cage heads of the i'mIv Kalis aod Mlnneaeta Railroad < ? nipiu.y, di e At rll 1, INM , will be paid on :tnd after that date on pr :autitatioa at tola otWi e. EhAHTU8 EDM EH TON A CO , 112 Broadway. OFFICE or BXOKUUOR MKDH'aL COLLKOB, ?? 1 anal street. Mow \ork. Mabch 25, 1881. The t^asleea of thi^ Ipntltut! ?r have declared a dividend of tliiee r< 1 cent, pat c.ble to stockhoidera on aid after Monday, Iht 1st day of Aprii next. By order of th- Board of Truste.n B BR4.NDKDTH, President. PKOPOHaLB FOR $375, "00 OF THE OKOTO* WATER Htock of the Ci:y >?( New Tork. ? Uejiled propoW* will be rocnivod at the t m ptri tier's oUlce until sAiunin), April iO, i*H, at ' o'clock f M , when th'- mow wtll be publicly npot ?1, for thf whole nr any part of the stun of $ ITU i) of the Croloti vt ater Hevk of the Oity of New York, authorized bv cliapu-i 3-71 of the Uwi . f 186t', end by an or dijiLHi-e of u\m foWM Council, np^r'Ted bribe Mayor, Aueu?t i, la^, for iue .Aung the supply of I'routo water. ?r>d eitondtog the necessary wcrka for accumulating ana dutribu:m? the nam*. 1 Imim.u ?tc?k wul bear Interest at the rate of *U per cent per a. mini p .vihle quarter yearW, ano the pnnoi pal will be rod? rmioio on the Qitt day of fcovetuber, IMS. 'the proiKxaU will state tike amount of (took desired, and the price per one hundred thereof. and the |hw i.ns wboae prposula are accepted will be required to deposit with the rhmiberlam or the ritr, within ten ? ay Hfie? the npemnr oi the blda, the sum awarded to tin in r> ipectivrly, Inrludlng ihe pr. mttiuis on the same < n pre/ietitin(j to the fommmtJei the rer? ;>t of the Cham rerlain tor such depot- t, the par'.ies will be entitled to re .else crtittrat> s fi<r equal amount* of th par value of the stack. bemos Interest mim the dWM of pnyincnta frei h pn 'p> '?i uoti roeuu be seal-* I and end >med "Propoaala fnr'U * a'cr Bt-irk of 'h.?eityof fe? V'.rk," and the ao-e enclosed in a aetond ra.elojie, addressed to the Comp troller. 1 l.i- HgH Is lesen'Otl rn ih" part nf the romptroller to re ject any it ail of the k in. If considered ne.-eaaary to protect ur prontote the loieioste oi ibe city. KOHKK! T. HAWS, Comptroller City orKrw Vork, Dedattniestef flnarje. Comptroller's OflKsr Marri. au, t-*? fnmfiD AVBM'E (tAPIRON RANK. X t urner ?f ihltd av- une sud t wenty fifth street, < HARl IrKU ISM. |' i cant MiWtfst allowed on ail deposits from one to one lt?iii?and duUnrs. AIM OM'otiiT* MADE ON OR NRPORK 1QTH APRIL. will i Ha .v in thresh Fitoa a pull l bs* V opwtt dally frcim 10 to .t; ?I*t? on Monday, Wednesday ati'l e . uiday i teuinas from 6 to H o rlonk M-i."tOhR k. OKEEN, President. P R Ch, Heeretary. ?*> rj|A ?.!>* WaPTKD, A LOAN ON HON I) ?T? ai.d nt< rtcage ?o a three etory, aaolern built t-rv k In, ti?# In Urn..kl)r>, in go.>d order, aiul in a tirxt rate li> rK iti. Wanteo fr< m tbr<-<- tontrsTearit A good love itouat. Addteas Hinoklyn t oat Mksn. ?ll| TO L"A!1-m<l B?t>RERAOB AMKRD), <-? itmnlsM ?t> im#rored i'ropertr, for a t* in of thro- orfiveye?rs, it win purrhaae (lr?t boad and u* tK>s*0 *hi satined. AdHnaa Rixao. Heraki o<noo,Mnt fig >(> a .i d. N<i brnkvrs need answer this. VJ-M ? III II I ??" Wivtulto ?IO.OUU, $Hun, ?RIM, and other sums to lend ?a n ?%.?! i?uft Rours*- in New >erk and tlntoklyn. SMM> to $1. .?w?i go* u-BS, An, In uetghboriiMl onuntiea. R. HsLIOhi ?i.i. Hroker, 11 Wail street A. Ill I I till I 1 '? L-'-A.* Oft oOMO AMD M' >tt IUA JR, 9U' ' " " on flea'. RstatSL la this rtty or Rmoklyn, la ?>?? < ?l,issi sad op ? aid* also, $,* t uuu to lavast la pur ka>.e^ Apv>) A -hn lltrt .* r, 1.1 Wall street. J;i.. | E ti\ Tu LaiaM OR IKjaU AMU Mditiusdl, ?^n.l.UUtf In *im< if 91.'?l sad epwardv foroao or ?KI I yti r ,?K1 | nmirtu ?? 10*1 e.ta'o ia 'Ala city or HniuAiyn. ?nvi) tt ...ih? U. wmi, la i he ofltuo <d u e fooato'a rti* i -tjanr- 1 ?pa .j. <H Wall stroel. LOIT ARU rOPNP. 4 uirn ?Mi u?t-a hhaU rlaok bao war V ?'? le-euey erraing la HeaM) or tfeatlweaiy. Uird sti'-et, soar ike Plftk O'aaas Metal A suitable reward w?f. ' ? i ?.d f irtts oelirery at ?A7 Ree> Twaaty thud airoet rrn m. tvha* ^ * hi"w the yw?i* ca? Htvi i r i ? ? r"t" '' IM ps|rl*( 1M uptgw ' tola S I rorttai B'uot, tn msailOo "*'sss to A. H . Herald oflkaak ott.?A cRRnVji.AT* or iiReoorr" on tvb ChnaiWai najtk of iho rtty of Row fork tor ?O.OUU la f sr * 1 1 John .1 'aefcsoa, and nAersed hy hlaa. datad ? m -m X*. tsaju Aii permas aea aaaueaod apaiast yvrehaslag wr It|<' iu V :Jm we. mm pavm* ai has booa Stepped | oe 1 A I' A ? , a * !" a l.a A ! r It RtluRCANR. I >N Li takilnf a Kereipi fuok aad (4 flOta OMiaM. Tno Sndor a i 1 p neee amo tho lai oej, aad Mad ,he kook aad eaoe ta Lrtrt Mstl. IM r7?T~ I^Mliij.AT RoRNINtlTwHlTTE rooror DET 1a ' r-^t. sprit HW'M, an??ent-, tre name of Low. Is wniti sad v spmi^d. a hat I i n reward will he Ki'ea tor hia retera so No 11 Nw etrar. DKTtlttTRl. , MirifHAL TkMlk-ilin.l M POR MADTUl'li A *"l snhraauai seta on pure sl ier, aa Oae gotd aad pl% it, $tt, siesta leoth fi Twtfe " ?< aid > masted wiUmmA tbovaot pa'n Arw*<aal Neae ?? '?ov. *0 oeMa (Htm tm t. ta are -a>>, hot a as a mm aad ? eeeetfc street ?. Or Ir THRR. UroUat. \ AtlrtCsAju m-na r< ujnu por drcaic* A ktik-rR ?>. ?h l? a th-'ii pi lesarn er paia. A#hl?r teeth nrwer* i kaUs taa bo k?ed wttk it he the die root 0W, ?> Mllte rNAttet.ll, ? U RimoiX to IM N??aR> st' . moat otd^ ahose ^?OWt ukH. iwMnt 'a^ p~R<ii5iaAR oowhnri to be. J ' nut I- - th ?*t ill th - ? l(l.tast pate by ths* aaw and | rei#?a No yharfe *f imaytrary w-te nr eetnxsiu M t. tiers aflMHa) frith -re |> serted A i euoras*. .ne ?wrra aMsT R*. 1)3 ' aj?i at.-?? #> tAe ?r- ' Nri???ay Rl'owtBa. ~ ~ "T Of A tl APE? ?* R'iP ^ OBXTI^I, Nv 10 Root Twaatp Wnta ?we- 1, ?ate esdt IN i ado ay aad *sta sraaaA 7m ? n *+*? wmai .wta? belled Ats.'W ? R. > OKlrri* A ae? v rk. ??.4 . T ralttta etrwet, URfaiM sots ?' l?. it aa ttuMr _ p ate . wtth mk all iturusi tar ,im ta (M> a|i<< " N?' ?. ?- |ta . < r? . i i oaNt i ?%| >. lant TWi ?a r ?' j: wi v-iO ??,?* |l lee?h tiled ?a ?.a ?s?. ua, hoao er aaatrtM, .# oaata es ttri Thai i h.ij ?a<* i ital > H ? J A? v rVi.Rll*, I'A tlroad nr- ? ?p?l eaai.vt . ? a.- si- *?*r "A. ie Hk ? ? ?s . r. IN AWj ditR, L. 8AL.B* AC Atonw. AROXTHJkR Olilfflft A <10.. AD., I ) "KURIL . tITfiUH HOUBtjUOLL FUU^iTUdM A*D UA dS VT>R*.d Of ART, AT PUaLtC AHuTION. The nroearty of a fain I y decBnli g housekeeping <>n U>L. day ItWtri, at lloHoc* At Ike rrtvate leekdesco of U? leu? ur Jo* ?' Huaeerl >rd, WW* Rllk?fh M??l, llttMl n(>k ?li |R? tint etulouge e?4ii|.ii?iug we Urgest ?a(l rch st neort Btoi u! llouaeh >ld rurad'ir* nod art! let of virtu oil - -?J at lu^lon tkt* seaurn Tbr Purnltnre was mi made to order for l>re?etii owner by city maker*. 1b? bouse w*< ' irm l> <1 V-?* than *ev >? month* u<> ?i h of BIXMM, and U in exeaUeal utder, *ad will be MVMMltMrity *old. 8UPRRB7 ?rr* ? Pi ABO PORTS, richly c?rv?u ?*^e, ovtrsirung bun. lined w ith m'ln wo xl, fuJI> guaienieed, mate by Kru?4?r?y maker*, ?*<? the beit HI Mrumrnt offered at aooMon ihlr mwoii; row w ood < 'ante-btry do. r uxil, "ovmed is brocade ??tu'Toidert d dotti cover , Monks hoi>k? mm wood -warntery >i*a Kookc i*?. plate gU*? duo r* lined With t ill pwood ; emt .l<*um* , ??r.(Un?nti* u?d bot* do n*e Cabiuute; l*4li ?* Work ab4>- a A A rtUai( l?-?k laUld ?1 k |**?ri, u*t In ail*!io#ireoc*, three light, arm 4u bewzed ? baiideilir* imported from t uu ">y Mareott A <"o; Can!* labia*. Blanket* Rr.tal.lm Velvet C?ri>ets. mo ats Rug', French Her Minora; two eitr* elte Mantel Blr-or*. r.esly carveo frame*; embruide,red Lmt <i Curtains (11 ;o?nl md, Irco'h Hbatlea mid bit urea, nJeoJiJ auiu riMH?,md Ortw Ikgromn Furnltare, coreied in three e il r?( **<!>' ?>roo*d* of the in?-t espeoaiv* dew nut ou carved la frail and U '???, mnalatins o t 1 ete-a let* foe *?, im Ana Reception and o>?l back. Chair*; roaewood Centre 'ablet alatuarv marile top | to match ttesulu; ktegere*, marble too, vlale glass dooi * aud bath, tla?d with *alla?"Od; K mi * pataat Koakeri. Oaid aoR I Quartette Table*, aalMMM *>Ua* Reaeptlot Ukaira, oeveral la brooada; AMl?Oe B onz*?, rapr><*aiitlii| Mu?io. l'Mtrv, I'aUiilUK SloralDgand Night. Raman Water tJarrtera, Praak la, lu|.M, Uubrn * 1'Una, (''u<ader?, M^dooaa Reaaoaa, Patue aad Wa ; ?up?ib <>11 1'n.intlugn, by em'aeat ?Ki*U, vlr ? 1>k Hud, Hunter, 0<4a, hui?etl. In man. dell^irita. Inlaw and other r in. uei/t artUU: A. lumsJou; rinna Mury, n-jijr from e> li bia rd iMlntmg In Louvre, Parl?: '? >rm at S?v oniriial, by Fla^rnaie; two Miperb M*fh * alatlaat. Krenob Interior*, by lo'i- raaoer** Creek, CaUklll Uauaialn*. by fltlaw, Oame and Kral>, Wy Raaaell; Ma'ket and Wlaier tii'uue* on the Danube, by lainaa. family Uitap; Madonna, fiotn Kapk?el'* oao b aied origlual, by la^rund . hcnE*? ou th* Preorh Cwt, Hnniiopera, tw* Ma eH Palallaga, by Ifirth rott Reading the Rcrlp uraa Uad'.i< f the riigrlnn, W?at Po'nt by dun'er; number nf kne C*blnet Plelur l.ava T??e?, from Poinpail ani M*r*n'?aeu? . Eouattrtan >toud, Cruaadem, Parian t<i? up, Paul and Virginia two ei?Kaot Va?ee, real herrra chlu?, iuipor1?d for the present owaar; Parian Mar!,,.- i iru.uio ut* A<-eorde >B, Mu ica* ? ?; "mol't Clock, tun* ooe moaib iMparlad wiwwh for the pMMttt owner; jwarl hi laid "itrn",*op.- wi'h nutn'^er ?f *ap!rb Views. Proof r ogr??1oi< Hat dtaud, Chttra tem?teh, oil doth, velvet ?'*lr Carpal. Rod*, kr Oh*<-;w* roit voiMl marble bm lireee ag llurwaua Preneb ? rr .r? m?ewo d liadatead*. rlebfy curved, *t?i? l/"il*\lV ; t'oaamoUeiL 'fabla da nult, Coiii'he*, R ? ker?. Ann Chair*, evil baetc Cb^rn, co vered la moqu?t, Tai? ?try uid uruwul* t'arpetn, L?c? and Brorail* t ormina. Hair and i-prtng Wa'lraaaaa, Paatbar R>d*, Mankett, Cnuaterpanea, AoUiera, PIUowi, uval Mirrori, -*a? tel fainting*, deooratad Cbla* Tmlata I'ppeifrliam ?r--m* bicany ana black w*leut Huroaua, Red?taao* WatMlaud*. HofhM, hoeker*. Hook ltvk-. Corner .vaad* Heddljg. Ac. I'laing room ? *oMd carved oak Huffel, niaiatnr axirMi >? . p ; patent DiDH)g Tablr. l ouebe*. Ann ' htir , aleg .nt net ? rva tal and niby tlli**w?re. rtl ? |v. *nter? two doieo tioble'i do. t li*nip*gnea, Winaa. Lemonade*, Tumbler". PritM. Cel ery and I'reeerva Rtaud*, *et? of Qag-r Bowl*, tvabv Paria t mar ble Punch Bowl*, gold Lji| or > eta gold ba ?" PUaa IRneer Bel, rlcbi. draoraied Tea fata, 41 piec- a; **lid 'liver Dinner ard Tea sata. tllrerware. Coffee t re, OuRft, Cak* c??ke a, Napk'n Rmge, Rpnona, Park* Irory baadla Table Cut'ery Auc tion koTiCB -i o ititc ahu umkarebvro aula ot MaOblPICERT IIirdKnOUl FUF..1ITURB, aT FVBUO AITC i tew. At I he elegant realdeuce. xttl We* t Koureerth atreet, sear higbtb avenue THIn (PRIDAIl) AKtPl'.MK?N, at Zo*ol<?k Vhe catalugueonmprlekig the JLatgeat aad ilobriM a*eortmaat of liouacbold eurnititr* aau Works of Art Offered at auction thia aaaaaa. Bupctli aeven octave Piano ote, E:?ganl Drawing bw.m -ull? Arllatic Hrooiea, ataiuaiy. Oil Palntinga by eo<lneot arMMa. llroaze and ormolo Oaandellefa, Pier atin Mantel Mirrors, Brnoade and Last curtain*, li Ootnmeadng at 10*, o'clock, preouely? the enure aiegaut Furniture aad beautiful Works or Art aonlnlixd in the above larse dwelling, all ot welsh wtll bo aold with at re ecrve, and muat be removed Immediately from I oa urcmlaea, Cottpr sing a very large and elegant aaeortment or everything essential to n faablonalile ana ooatly furniahed ra?ldenoe. In roeewood. oak and mahogany, bale will eonunenoe In th* <*lniOK room, with rt"4i p liver Ware, at Roger* Rrotbar*' ma nufsctuie ? Lima, Caalara, epuona, Pvrka, Cake Baakata. Dlulna Bet* ? Superb # and Bohemian China, crvaial Cut <*'??*, ruby eograved uutaeware, Ivarr aad peirl Ouijerr, French Porcelain, elegautSexianrion Table, wl b oak Dinlag room Purnltuie harlor* ? Two richly aarved roaewood Par Ur suite, covered la three colored bnaiade, In perfect order; velvet and Wilton CwpaU, roaewood marble top Klags<n*; roeewood Centre, aofa aid Pier Table* ; two elegant Pier Ola **??, with baiiee ; damaokand rteh las* Curtain*, Frwnoh Bhadr*, lurkith Chair*, with Letting** tomataa, Reception Cb:n rti, in brocade; elegant carved roaewood Ptauororta, Music Cabinet, Divan*, magnificent mantel Vnae*, Hronzea. marble (irouna of Parlor Ornament*, with a number of ooolcn and valuable Painting*; velvet and Wilton Carpeta, ele gant Chamber Kurnltur*, in roaewood and mahoanay; Beds and Kfitillng, Kit' hen Ware, A*. Auction bale op KJ/BOART HOUSEHOLD PURMTTUBB AND BAK& WORKrt OF ART. This (Friday) afternoon, at 9 o'clock, or tke entire elegant lir* ciaeh Furniture cootaUMd In the realdsnoe Me, 102 *e?l i ?eniy lim Mrcet, between KevcntB and fclghta avuuue* all of whieh l? In perfect order, and tomprtee* 'he moat beaut! lul ami co- tly collection of I'arlor, t>lnmg Keinn, Chamber *ixl l.tbraiy Kitrniture, and rare and valuable Works < f Art etle. iiltti mHRMMM Vll **aaOB; the whole ooinon^lng over four hundreo lota, to Im perempt irlly sold 'or caaa KLAOABT ROSRWOoD 7 Ot:r aTr PI aNOForTM. With overy modern impret eiuent, used but two month*, with ?t no! mid Cover. Solid roaewood Parlor Furniture in brocntel, Turkish Luun B>* w ith Chairs to match Mantel and rlnr Mlrrora, ever idt undred yard* ol Tajwtry and olher Carp ta, ro??n 4 Kt bgere*, roeowtiod Ceatre. Kofa and Pier Tnblea; RMk and Lane Curtain*, uoid and i,amlacape Shades rich Maatm V aae* and Parlor urnumrntH, bruute*. t aiming*. Fr< neh Km-eptlon ChM pMraMfc vowwnnd Dreoing .vuretu*. ert-nch and i llial.ethan Ptdaleada, hair Maitiw*,*ei>, cinpltti aeU ol Chamber FwnRnre, la nvRclli Lounge*, Mm BoaRara, roeewood. maboeany and caaa Chair*; uiAiMe Maabatand*. Pronze Clock*, Oval hirnir. Rxtennion I able, oak ?nurbtn top Buffet, : hot.* . I, aire two bandkome -mm* ed'teaila, Kn-orb China of every descrlpllon, ruby and ery*?al i 'at >tla*a, Ir .ej i.utlery, rich ailverwar*, Urns, t:aateis, spoons, forks, Dlnlrg and Tea Service; ala.i, one of Milder* rleitant At* and buiglir proa: Safea, Oilcloth*, Malr t.'aepeia, Ac, wfl b all the coatiy Chandelier* and Plxturt s in the hnu** wits a great variety of Chamber Fur illtur* not mentioned. ,*>o postpom mcnt,oummenrtng at 'i o'clock |ir ctaaly, rain -r -blue KUSsfcU. W. WfcSiCOTT, Auctioneer AUCTION NOTIUB. M C. KDKY, Auctioneer. HtYLMH HAT HORSE, TOP BUOUT, IIaKNKm, A fc/.KA LUULoW, Jr., Will msII on Haturday. March 3t, at 12 o'clock. In front of Mlwmmi, ?? (edar .treet tonpo-'te tb* fokt oflioe), the following property ut a genlleuiaa le?rtng for Europe. ?n>l to be Hold without n-aerve a .<1 'UsM Ba> ViOKbE, lS'i band* hick, rit yea'a old, warr?n<ed perfectly aound, klna and gentle m all liara ?? and exoelleu' unW tk? saddle; alao a LIulIT KHlruKli 1?r, ;?<,>!' iKh BOX WaOOB. built by Lutenbury, nearly new, and a tlue iiei of M.ver Plated felogln lUnue-, 4 UCTION HALB OF ELM) AWT OFFI'-K FtJR.VITl) HE, il. coi.f lxilnjt of large oak btaadivg and Mt'.ing De?ki Iron fta ?, lllix-ka, i>< okcawx Copying frr+*ea, i:biur?, Rtrtda, mi cloth >,CirpetH, Tablets I'mbreila Stanla, Ac , Ac ?8. * .1. Ho U t in will Mil Tiiet<l*y, <pr'l 'J, at IU o'cl k a ?l , on I ho pre mises, ho. :u fine atraet by ord-r of the Collector >1 Arieam ol iaxi ? oi ihe OorpoiaUon of tnn e ly of Mew Turk, the above nieuiioaed article*, >i*tre<ned upjn for t/> ruoraiion lax flue from property M*e> ?ecl to Ue An -bor Imuran'* i;.i?d, ny. agrei ably to a receiver'* warrant for personal taxes, int. tent tnd ?-ohi 1 he abort property m nearly uew, ?od waa made by onenf the be*t maLUfatxurer* In '.but cltv, and e at originally 9* IML Jot-> it. h ILL. I. it. Con&?.aHe and Collector of Vrrvaro. Auction ?t,Ticfc..? a Family dkcumno noi>c keeping will dlepoea -u u> private aale *11 tlo-lr Parlor, Chamber and lunlmi Kootn r nrn :ur <a a grout Carv?d roetiwo d 7 octave 1'iaaolorie, In cxceilert order eoai }>/"?, for t HO, Ionium* Mo 1 and (lover ; ar null, com ?0', tor (itll; o e for 410U; ?tegeie , t, autre Table*, JBetUieadii; V a hst'iida, cohd r?ewno3 ?<>?t $*>', for (lit. Maiir* f M-s, 4c. 1 lie furottar wa? all ??de to ocuer for the prrxut owner, him bc?a in u?e but tire uonth , and in c.-n plele order Inquire at 7U Weat. tweny a.xth n'ret, ?e:?r Htxth avenue. auction ?o'ri"K? r kjtbmmmoeb, AcrnoMM, iV 71K> Ihtrd avenue, will ?ei on Saturday, 1*K% him., a IKS o'olock, at 7tlt 1* nd *?cnni' an eiteotdve a-?or:ment of chi?c? I. H? und I , '.v-ertea ; a. ? 'lie > ktur-cn w Hro. With a four tear#' len?e reat cht+p larnuU re on <* ay of >.ol?. Helen of h.ou*eb Id lAirniiure and (iroc-r-.ea atrictly at.e..o< c. Al CTTOI" HAJ h OF C i KMT" IfMMf F*n>AT, At lev, e ?i<**, at 16' Kranc Luaireet. near Weat tinadwxy, 1 it t uLJt, auction*- ra, orimprlmi ( h.<'a?, Ohaira, lied *ti*dt. lluraatix, hiaaael* an Intfra^ii lapeu tM.etetna, (>ovk ar.d Warier Atovea, feaibtr tee da, heeding. Kilehnn KuitU'urn, Ac. 4 urn on N'.-noit.- kujhahq wjj.rERh, aCO JU. tioneer 1H t ast Rro?i'in>y. aoltrlt^ sal'* ai n-rtl'm of Hauseitld V urulta e. Kieree ai.d alt *lad? of prip-itf <? Moderate term*. Kffereace t^ee. nu>t?g4 to 1M of atx Idfta U by 76 feet, un mo<li rate tei ma AUtmo* NOI1CK? *lLu? A EMItVOBra, AUG no. eera. No 16 Mkita| alreet, will ?tteud txrHuiialiy U> tan fal?? oi furniture, at ae re ldeni.n? of faiuiUe*. Alao in tbe ra.?? of K?a. nMeie, at the MeiXsttsntV k\c!uti.g?, itegu lar aalei hnld weekly at the atlttlwi Knciu of l/rj te?>d? l rockery and ?m?amlre pi e'ailv All ll><? n*i& I'O' TiOAl II. Tbent eof tee Country e?u at ajunarnnecK .Lkn real u< nce el u,ur B?k?-r, adv xrtl<-<M to tako pla;< ve* er day, at the Meroaneu' hxoanaff*, wa* pen'pxni'a to Tlnirv.ley. April 11, at I.' o'clock, ? h>u It will p<: -it! . ?ly tak" place, rain er iiklna } or uuipe and pattlcubux apply to tan amciiou tan. UIMlKE A i olUK>, 8 rim- lUv.i a_l IJM Broad nay. AfimOB NOT1UB.-M. DUClMTI, AUCVIOlfKBB, will m>U ttla day (Kilday), Mar ^ l?i at 10>, o oloek, at no 4*0 drome stivet, one nar, cvn'er 8?i, iron Awalnc, bailing, Move, fcngravlBAn, Mirren-, Kit. urea, *e?wr Box, Ae , Ao Auction maub of iioUkBaoiu> fcamtuhb. IIKMKY li UlFliHACU ?> o. 1' ! Vavano Mtreet, w U1 fite tk?4r peev.oal ai ^eatlon (aanatiali to tale# of llovaehold urnlture, Ae , at tbe reatdeureaot iKioillea, aad wUl ainj bote lagular ??Mm at tbelr rowia, aa above AUt TION ?>>TK a -BLKNIIaM H fl'BNII i.*E B\ pieee Pack n? ealabUehmeui, 111 and US v*i ?t Kmveai* tree*, betweea m, ih ai.d Mitb avenncM ? ii' ieeaoiJ runU turo boxed and - hlppvd 'oall pi't t ol the wond La'ge riv eiwl wa?une for removing rumitara ol fmnlllM^ >'arnlt'ir* IWlt A fCTIOH HaLB OF VUBMTI AE ? THIN DAT, AT A IttH o'olook. th? enUnt faruItRro el U>l 1'rankUn air. 1 1 will he Bold without fall AfCTlOB KaU OF FUBATTUBB, 181 KHvNKLXN atreal. v, IU Ot w t tbie day. at 10>r o'04'.et HT vJBTl B OF A Bltf. OF NAL*, WIIJ, BF BOI.O at ptihlle auction, oa Krlilay. MalMi J!', at ll A. M., at 12." Urtu'd atrnr u a tjuunUty ol .>uu^nhol<l l-urnilure, coaeliit io4 nl f^ifne, ttnmana, ?cdileada, ifaabsta^df, Hair Mat tr ? ?. Kewmee Hode, crvek. rj, Ac. ; alaoene avpetiormar Ma w v liurl t'?unta K C lAe Peat teiiie IM CtOK'H Hal.B OF FIlKNIfi B?, A ' -THIN Hat. at I n'eioca, at laec. raer >f I'-olauti *n<l < ana atiwetn, tbe rt.i.rn Feral' orw, Ae ,ol a la-ge kcuee. line t ?rpeta, B? twddloc, Mntae < fcalf*. 1*Ne?. Ao It y .vdt r ltdii NO MALUM 1. Rxeowl ?. hl'dtT"'}, A I ? Ti<.NM,H.-HiHa?MOl.O H'BM . tmre. HI eMUMM a la dee (Kridafl, Mac h ??. it ?1?^e i ??* d In K *ali? "'reet, itf'ween Vart tk tnd mil. |i?a*.ikri>tu Fa alt'. re ?t| -be^i. i*e Ii wl'l etultene. ne'tfcl aew> i? A m ) *. u l'ai< r, Umuk M?e.m, IV ln* n at d ea-' rr - r : to I i> ? ? ; I < fata ar.d oth*-i i .rpe'i Otf be r ? I*. ? air *e'lre?ao, B'trr^a, l!,,| ?,,.,d?| teak <ary and mart* ? ?? p *?r a ? Tile, Ncflit.eoA, klHll^i luM1,! W'UiMlM-M|f>, ki UA>t 4' .y a fit. BiU JBB it AtlTlW. ?>wa*b rohbkok. abotibbbbb J!i Arridlititifi'S bAPh or ooI'MB UQUBHW? m PURNITUBE. By E A r ?. SCBBaOK. ttil. day. Man* It. at M o'olmk. at tl>?ir aal'-aroom, 111 Broadway, the -dock ?. %ma (f the m cabit.a' mak-t* of tala city. aoaaialmn la pir W 4f ganl BoMd curved and plain R< Mwo 4 Suit ?, la >atin aud br*. catal , Miperb roaewooti Amour a (U>w; mi|ol mot rwma4 luund Corner tted?u-a?l- au.l Buimuh; do la black ??Ui< ?arntohed aad la oft, black and gilt Cabinets Oatr* an] Wort Taiiaa. row* wood and walnut Saor*t?ry and Mbrwrw Booknaaea e ogaat ro ewood Kt ?gnron, oarvad wa aut aal oak Buflru, hxtauali n 1 able* and Dining <to?<a Chatra, ela ganily canred o?fc Dtntng iioom >o a*. oak ami walnut LtHra ry fctalr i.ha'i*, oak ?rd *a:aut l!al andi and t'.hUm, Alao a Urn* a*?> itmei I of *?! gam mah iftat.y I'arlor, Cham ber and llli ing i.o-ui Furn tur. -be alt >v? el gait 'untf tm-e la uH 01 iEe eery 'xvt manufacture and vIM t?e paaktra ljr aold bj order of tb? uiI(m>, it *111 L>- on axh'bKlan at car aa'aM-ooni on fcu "-(lay The pa<if'.u tr ?it?ii Jon of thnaa la want of aieyaBt lumltnre la nwpe-ifufly raquoated to aala. an I I" u?aoubledl? the.- tlueeiaala of fcrat oaat i uu that haa talu n place la tliU city J B. PR*:?KAN, AmI WEDNESDAY, AI-HlL 3 Fir Kant Household Fumlt'ira. M Ma. 121 Wf cat Thirty i ?max, a' M*-,' a M GEO R fcOU/M >N, JE, ACUTlONEBft-EALKdEBOM 41 Aim . tr?et, will Ml. on Friday, March 2?, at 19 o'otadt A. M , at the (ore t>,& Eighth a*, utv, without raaenra, a large ard magnified Stuck of Ml.Unerr and Fanoy Uooda hale will c. nilmia on it the entire atook la dlapoaed of. TtUa la a rare chance for dealt- ra Heme* h. leed*. auctionbbjl ? hensf k. LKhbh A (MA will veil at auulou, aa Frtaay, VmS S9. at 11 o, clock, at the aae-room, it .iuu hi real, obolow WUk-k, Prati a, Ac , rnoalidug of & atook wtucfc ha* been la otir aloie for aevoral yean, and now ordered to be aold vlxt ? Old Brlle !i<ut Brandy. Madeira, fort, Hanoi lirandg, MaliuM ) , <ild Bourbon <f. liiakev, Jamaica i-am Bale . Heonoet) Branny, Ac ; alao. a few lota remtln'ag jn-uitd from our aalea of uecnniber last, .U:? l'ale and dark .at ,ou In ck i en m.a?y Hranty, very superior pltW Ghatallua . .u-rtv, IM'A the only lot 1" Uu- tj. M&'oc'J tmaloa En an aad touiaa V kiakey, IMi. '1 he above luuludaa the talaune of the Baa(?a thipoit tU The god? hre in full elzed b Xtle?, In ca?*>* af M but. lea kacb . uwi, fruoi the aatue l otaloRU'-. a flue o< lavonfca t;?? !fa:o-i?.|) S.t Wil l-yard PltiflMa t llraudlt-e aad ?V lawk ia deajjehna, ard a ' 1 of (Jin .n g?. a ??>, lo orlglaal raeaa. Alao the balati'- n imixirter'a and dettlar'a a took af lla r?n? hegara, t k from a..leaaf la t uecember, lit Ingofa floe!' 1,'abn.nua i^-hh RioaalU, Wlod-lil v^aft, llfaro, luarj t la;. tU'-oitn Ui?mnr., La Eoaa Hacaa mcnto and otuer lav'j-lte b.tud^ u luth bjxea, aad about 26.UM l"aatatkin In harrela. B*RY H LttDfl, AUCnOHEEB.-BLBOAlTr Ilotisehold Furniture, the property of a gentleman re moving to tt-e country ? H KN KY it Uhltti AOll will aelL at ? taction, on saiuraav marck .10 at 10^ o'clock, at Ma It EaM Twmty ninth atlvet. uoar FUth avatme. ao elegant aa aoum' iit of Furniture, all of flra< claan an* In perfect order, ronalating of rich aoHd ruaewoad Turklah -ulta, covered *kk tatln dauiaak, rarrt-d raa-waod CenUe I'ableii, atatnarv mar ble top; airing arat ?-haira, to inatrii furult ire, Luu i;ar latn?, velvet Aubua-'On taiMtL Bruaaels do Uining a....ln - Carved oak Bufftt, Biteaaloa Table, i halr- to match, mahogany o) anueable ? x>k<.a?ea, foldluj; leaf tahlea. Ac. Reception Room ? Freonh earred black waiaat Uouah and Chalra, covered In repa; rich earvad roaa wood F.legarea. plate rlaaa aad marble to pa; aiahog<v Kitenaiou TaMr, about ver, Talus. ble ml by J. MeaOowa, raaam to, Ue Heiucb, Armfleid, kel thardt Uaa. L. Brow r, a. oarland, itm >ln Mean, a, /.nil, and oih-r Qrat rate artlata y ronrea One t'arlan ? lguraa aad tlr >opa Hlajqu* Mgurea. eiegant decorated cLina Dlnoer Met, 'iiX pi am; J*, pabaaa Teaoet, kiaglc Caatt r. yerc rloh jewelled i'uuqu Fa reen, allv-r moul d Dinner end Tea Service, with antrea Dl-hea. o.vater Tureena, Vegetable Dtahea, I'r ilt and Oaka |ta>k.ja ? ut < ilaaa ^ are ivoi-y I'ahly Cutlery, tov- aool ital ft and and t halr>, and other eiegaut Furniture aale t > aoafc maoue with Elxhed t urnKura. HENhY ?. MINEit, AOITIuNKLR ? MTNElt h Tinw will aoil at auction on baturday, March .'<? at IUU o'dork, at their aalearocm 37 t>a?aau atreat, ifip?HU?* the I'oA oil ee, a gent rHl aeatu tnusot ol eiagaut Hou?abo.d Furn.tuin, rtieewo .d 1'iauo. Ac , r- uii>ve4 trom a onv.ile reaidcaae ha BrotAlyn l or oontenience of anle, conclaUng In part aa fat lnwa: ? Flee EngUah elvet, Hno>aeia and tngraia Caraewj rltgar t earvrd reaewooa l-orlor milt, maae to order, onat $50Wj I reui-h Boudoir Suit. In rr.nwon repa; larg? r?e. aud Xm Winer*, toaowood and mahogany Bed?Ura>la, aad Chalra; I lack walnut l.tbrary Fttrnlture, Centre and SMa Tablea. roaewood II all etaud, uiah< gxny and blaek waiaiut Wardrolie and H-xAcaaea. Hair Mattreaaee,. Ac. itlaa aa elegant ri aewinat aeven oc< *r? Mann, made by ''hlckenug, at" ?u^r or 'one silver Mated W are oi la teat atylea aad great Tarletv, tv HIKIY B UBRTf, JR., ArCTlONF.ER, Will aall on FRIDAY March ?>, at 10^ o'clock at N*. 77 Frankllv atn-e?, lioutehold Furniture, comprising roaewa*4 and mahogany Parlor rultn, so'aa, Chairs, t'entrr aad !><alag Tabiea, ktofiarec, Butl ?t. Wardrobe. Bureaua, Waah.taada. Btdataanc. Ac.; alao Bed*. Bedding, Crockery ana i hiwa Wa'C, Glaaaware, Mlrrora, Rruaaala and Ingrain t'arpata; alao fcltchen bteuallH, Ac. Termacaah. eale poaltire. HBNBTUBREM, hUtTIONEFR.? HATI RDAT, MaE'JH ,KI, at 1CVJ o clock, at the auction atore 191 >V atroH, n large lot or (irooerlea. soap, staroh. Tobacco, Tea, ( kitfaa. W in??, Liquora, White t^ad ttegara Are proof tiara. aU*. at IS o'Anek, lot of Clothing, Dry and Fancy Uocda, newlnf Maohlnra. Aa. H JOMfcril HEOF.MaN.? MATCBDAT, M*.ltOn W, ATI o'clock P. M . at ifi Aeat barren, i^ar t linton atraeC Furnltare In good oriier, mahogany p otas. chalra, Marble ton Table*, do. isreaalng Bureaua, do \\ aahatantla, Bednteada, ruaawood Miirt>le top Hatetann, handa?me Lace Curtaiaa, walnui fcxteiiau.n Table, eaa l'ining Chaira, Dinner aad Tea Sola, handaom* velvet, Brumela ana Ingrain t'arpeta. OB clotha, Ac CalAlogur* at talearaom*. J OHB LRVIWjR. AVCTIOHTBBE WILL rni entire HMMekmd I urnltitre crtalaed In the house ( Cd by John 0. hunkir, at F- rdham, opposite fi John'a OoU e, on I riday, Maicli 29, 1861 mil a X. sale p >altlve. MDOWH, ADCTIOKEBR, WILD SELL TUIC . day. Friday. MamH 29, at l">a o'olxk. at aalearoorn K Su>wwu atreel, eotni.rU.ox the t-urnl ureof alamily. removed IfT eou\enl. uie .-f aal", viz:? '?o'aa, t 'kalr*, Tet'^a Taler, (hi* t haaiieln r? r?Kjkcaae> K. wwo'd aud Mahogany Marble lop I aaire Table*, Ollt Frame Mlrroio, Bruaaela lapaatiy and Ingrain C?rpet?, ' autoli Walling, Ollaloth, Hataiaeda, Mari lo i p D re -Ml. a, e. aal.atunuH, Mahogany aad < otiag* BfOmeada, Hal; .'attieaaea, Oo. klug a d rarior ktorea. together wllh a gen -ral aa or'<a*?t ol hl'rb"n Furni ture, th? whole to be p -remptorlly aold ta the hlgheat bildar for Map. MORTtlAQE hALt ? BILLIARD AND BOWLIMB Hal on CHaMBEEH A FaIS< II1I.i) Auctlonaora, OUica vo IU Maaaau atraat, W III aelU on Monday. April I, at 10 o clock, at No ti.tdulh avtnua. the stork and r'lxturra of a "Hilar 1 aad Bowllag na Iron, eonxlatlng rf <our billiard Table* and Kiiturra, f ar 1'ti lln Aliey a aid Mature* gilt tamed Painting*, tiaa chandelier*. Aim Chalia, marbl- top Tablet, Round lablea, Mlrrora, liar, Hl.ter I laied and t>laa. Ware, Window nhadaa, Ma'ling, tovea, line h aiidii- and o;her Liquor*. Sugar-, Aa; alao 1 eaae ul I remiaea. Ae , Ac. RfORTc.tlJF. HAL U OF IMPKRIAL ICO aMPAiTnC 1 11 Wiac, fla* j raudl-w, WhUkeyH. Ac. ? My virtue at a chattel morgage, 1 ? 11. uuir t?. be Mid at pabllo auction, cm FiUta j. Marca-fci, i*U. 10 A M., at J?o. 127 lirand a treat, oil" dour from Hr>ad?a), rouM?urgof fine ta J and ',c*-k? pit en uf Oln, Wblakeyti of en-ry deacrtp'lan. talae*, Ac ; hUna lot of 1 tnperlal Cb 'tn|ift|N **tne; aim i a lot of tierman and Hm mi negara of chima brand*. JAktii MAKItlAbh, Attorney tor Mortgage*. PO. Hi LkJ.&V ALUTiwHKKR? WILki kKlib. OB . Itiurxloafcapifl 4. at U .,'cto. k, at U>? MrrcLanta' ki. r*aBgi\ li> urdiTof i,. Mid , Hamlnl, hxeomm Mia ;tur ? ury linck bouM- ane lot arj< wn a< no ISO t Tbirty KrtHid Kreet; lioaa^ 2.xtt, lot *i f Aiao the tk n* Hon brrk iouM- nuit lot >o I* ha.iiltoa afreet, Hrooylyn, bona* * eg about ?u lapifiotp ; la UM. Jiap? at tha ofaa. <i Wall atiae*. RI. UaX?LI, %0< MOARkR . V. I' 1 I UM '1.1, A ? \/t- Li. vtlU Mil thU 'lay (Fridart, at It 1 , <? flix k, at l..*lr ?nle? m at, IW Hroadaay, HAHl Wakf, CI luk ... . Wti.i* WAiiH, 4c., In lot* ? a: ttuitiii do. AIMl 2 UTMbe ? L.i* lead. 10 c. s?a 0U -c Oil. '?' timkx it) vt) I iaiaeaflM. t>to'V*?L't imcUafc Tefcaeaa Iff.Wx argan ? nv uOOim, ri mpr'Miiif . . n, k ?. da, ?bite HJk, hr ohe and etcl.a l-lwv 1H i t.ate -i-lwu. . Alao, an uiiimoU l l< rk>, ... gnat rartetjr; Kauog fiinda. c A .1 lltOAll., A'OTIOMkKRR? ROAlOAttE ,?ALK O. ?' ?i .#on nod i' utw*?. t?. A J a. ?tu ? J tnln day. a* 12 o cto-k. ta ! <?f nf tti auction i Ni? 1 n orM Vtiiliani K?r??-t. i-j *li.v? a Mia. ' i i.iortg*g?, one llan*, *il k ?? Raiofc nail llar-v -4 llk1M> Mm.uiUK, ?U i uf J "or in rlgnf i?. O A MHlAltT. rit/NUi-.HH ? KaTL'ROAf. !j. ?aiTb"W al 1 .?? net <k, U lb- a-*ti- n -uo?a .1*. I ><nli Rtl' a?n M ?u Uou*?i oi* . uiui ??j **. ? ouaUUiig of ->o f<> i al> ? ?, i r,.rp?? t .ci? h B>ii>?ua natlia'avda, Itidi'i.dii >nd m iMnif, Kitrtn-u VurutUira. A'it i krrtla luniiil^. J I t.fc a., vl:l' I ? -AlJ- ? A <i>hl?i. t'Aell.v.n. AO. 0 t l!A.??l tw A r'.? 1 J?< H 1 1,1 ?, ?l< liu.-'AKKii, haJ rr .;tn I i: t a .ua >traat Vt'UliM-il, tl<la day. Ft<l?/, Harsh M. at li'V, .. c!?k>*. at tH f..v< vy-'hml Met ?' n ? 1" r?' am ua, iaui*.| aa4 Dt1...t.c HaMinr<. lAtuaa. taKiitnt. I'u :tn> aao ohaftMig, 1 ?>l? of -ailota ki?tc. Aa. Alao a l< t '4 < a?tmgi for ^?Hitnaa. Hi fap Iro?, Ac. JoHJt KhUt.T, rfcai f n*?. WTITPK", AllCMOHtKk. ?.l.L KRLL TR'R TT II T rrtda> .at.' > otcrA. at 4ft <"anai ?tr?fct g>? enuna \ urnltui^ "f a taiu<> hn*>l ana t-.a.dh'g b >aa, *!?. ? ?bom Ml \ rl?r' . laprany, t>r\.t??.a aa < ? th?n ?rpM# ab?u. Mb > arda cUolmt n :ar|,? u*.vati'.y w 1?U id itaA^taada, Hair Mai. >chtli<'r ffala. A?".:*t'?? F ??*rA a-d u- ra aa pUia Mirrors roa> CHanj- and n'brr t^antr , I t???ii<g Hun a?\^ l aa?1 itbt r W iwAatai ta. n^-k<*iy Had and laMa uarn, ula?e*ara, Oaa rtttaraa. tSiadva ? a taika nhadMS t n.imnl rtl t b'unbrr uta, <1 la?? < aa* a. 0U I ali.t aga A* g-?\ fari-ra! Bna KtnU ard ( *$?? it >faa. Pota I' lti naAi. t-.iimam, furtor. Hoaloag aid aTih t kaini Um a.?t a ad W.xxl C U.ura, Aa. M>tl' OfWt* AT 11 PHAMfcKRM aTRRRT.-MoWRI W UI?H W aa;" amwt oa D atnaiula, WataAra Jawatry Ac , % tAa wr-U kaewn ?tu*. aid cauhoahad IKAAUat, Krufcar aatf ?mt^iiiaaiea murfAant LI Cbaabara MdMk H. R.? Ra b<?A ura* ti touac i d on IMarda? . AD'AltrB* MAUX OR DIAX040H, WATCTTIH Jtwtirj and Ware, or boaght tw mudi al th- l aA aat artcaa old Wuid aad Hllvar bought. Apftrattha atg MtaSltdi*a oiVaa af U JACt>BA, tf WCRaa airvat; ?va?A 4W Bnuklwayi At ?ti h A 8AU aTRdUTT-A. niVSTUMan biMNi.?? Rrakcr, ciakra !lt>?rM a4?anc*a on Diam- d? Jc*rtTJ, Ac., or bum than* at fill ralnr at h*a pn rata o?'ia ho. in Saaaaa ? treat, rwa ia 1, ap awn Hidmai aaf daattai. AT lil tl^AfiO RTRKRf. TORE?, J0o<)HM WhrfT OT Bn<a4**r.- Ronay adHncarl aa Wmabaa, i, aa-aa<K .'av^U y, t'Vata, Vrr Ooo4a aad pcrtnnal r^mrlj of Men iU r ???tftl'*, or bought an! ifUi by .'UfKrH A. JAOR.aiR Mi-tleaacraad bnrftcr. 'A T ? t RUAR HTRERT -HFSKT HVRa*. DMVOll? J\ brtikrr. Caah aorruirad on ninnxMila. a?t ar iiD?a?t Wr ihm. Wgsrh kli vimann. rfllrar w.i'a, .tevelry, H ga--i, Ac , or bought for caaL t pt/o* ic lio i'o-t oik* room .Sa. I, tip <i?\tra. IW Oadar Mrr<-t. RKWAHUI. Art REWARD O* THT7Ri:?At. MTO 1R?T.' U ia fthioadvay api t^iainil atreat kU(i . a itai'r^t ttoak* at u? aie-t morroco ri,?er. I iia flrrlnr will r?*-"?Ta tf a abara nyanrd by laat nn la at J. hpenr* A Sona, tt UtTlalon at??ai, N 1? t Atlantic airitat, unvjklyft. ______ miwakd-jmatio OR btolrk, a truow ij'tj and ti.ark Wtin: Ii (tin ptrf r?> aa?iva r. *?rd *?'. l-a r>?:d f iw tbe ralum if. or tnfnrms'lan arMca wtii toad ta hla ItuHitrry, by *t F U>laa, !.'?> Hilton utraa*. (tr K-?FA?tl?-M)MT, ON THE i?TH 1RHT . AT ThK V? ' wnifr of Howery nod t.V>al atraat, a plan ot a ?\Abta. iwttlra at IV IMka ?tr^4. 4? - HRWaRO? I-OHT, ON ?>l JIHAT RTB 1NHT, c??m *,.<?) n?i it jroi'd*?y and Fmirtcf.ilii a m >, an Kngliab "Icrrlpr f i r taf colore ha ' oi a bli? k niwl rut r?i lar aa b\si ?? th ? nvmr i f C^ar'cr whi ter ?ttl return <hr?ai?# f i?1?f * obi .:?n. 'tV btid >?l ?>ff. S will nug.T# / ta'.' hbytf (iKSt)