Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1861 Page 5
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nud ?t< tk >n be prh cipaJ aaR>eK i? ?dv* > Hg. Ili"* n tk? miLv are tilling at $1 lOO a $1 200 per t iA, m4 iMtrttw prraiioi Uut $2 000 will tut the market prioe ?rtu? lu six ut ha A axiWate j >bb>*g rmtlt oKmm th? w eea's bu-aue#*, with the usual u?iu~i sales ftuia ttntt b*n >a. V -r-i<u branoies, however, f>.r?n an exoe^tioa. ?>?>'< 100 me* tge?, |frin<Mpaliy lower giadee, having cu*n?ed Uau Is lu the pakl itiri e .tji ?d terms uerally withheld , n it ?t n mprovemant. Candies Ifco ? ?*; done* 4JC apuite advancing, alcohol firm, M 80c. faon is ?lightly an increased activity la grocer u? geaer?ily, Without other chug* Ouebed sugars drotulug, ?u<l M saleable tboT* 1! 1*0. Ooflfoe, l3\o Lara ? tritle iin fOfrt The ?lw?t marks! m active, m extreme pnc ? bale* of 10,000 aacka par mi for aXpfrt. Barley w p ir chaaad quite freely fur Near York at lc per p-uid. The PfeU|Hl?lrhW BtthadUt Caahrcata. PuuuuisLruu, Mar en i at, Ivjl. The Methodist Conference to-ddy adopted ton report of ?the CoamiiM of Tea ou the state ut Urn CkilHb, repeal 4 g Ua sew chapter on slavery inserted m in* discipline at>be lat-t oouference, leaving to futui a conference* to make ih< ir awn regulations on the subject The Oouierence aisu concurred in tha resolutions of the East Halilwure Conference, requeuing the Gnueral C >a feienoe, at its nsxt mmiuu, to repeal the ehapter on sla very,*^, instead of their own, empower each anuual cuttnao, within whose bounds tha ltatltution exists, ?to make i heir owu regulations. Lney sia-i adoptea an aodress to tha MrthodUia of Dela tnu?, ana the (Cat-urn abora of Maryland and Virginia, assuring them of the profouodest aympsUhles to the pre *cd< tia>-e of disquietuae and a^iUled'conumoa of tka Country. <m the question of a division of tha Conference, a reso lute*! was adopted, declaring that it is inexpedient to aiv oe ike Philadelphia br State lines at this Dm l uring the discussion there waa much excitement, lho obuich waa crowded. Appulaim*nt af an Attorney Oeaenl af Haw J?r*ey i'kbstoh, March 29 ItMl Ired F. FrtUnfhuyseo, of Newark, h*B beeu appointed Attorney General or this 91a e, vice Wm L liaytou, re B'tfl'SO. the Governor bas appolate ? the following per nors lor 8tate Dir?cu>rs Ephralm Maiah, of iiudaou, and John K. Reed, of Camoen. The Kansas Lr|lalat?rc. iJtAtsaaoKiU, iUr ti 20. 1861 n<e lowi r Hoiim oT the Kaunas Ij-gisianiio orgui'Xttd on the i8'b, by the alectton'ot U K1V U<alT. lepuincan, Speaker. He Is unde stooa to ritvor Measm Parrott and Lane tvr biteo ?iale Senauns. Gove nor Kobinson s a><v*-ig6 is mtinly devoted to local aJUirs. He recomiurida suitable acltuowied^ maat by the Le?i?Wiiri* lor the Kenero>ui r?he' riven the needy citlzeDB of Kansas, -le t*c also, that the credit ol tho S'ate be m?d for the relief or ber citlgeos, it ueceesary. He saya that Bred hss been rurnisbed in abuudnuce for pliuitutg pur y aes, and hopea that a general call for relief wul soon Cuase. McCoy, the Barglar< BoemN, March 29. 1S61 Jaa. McCoy, who was arrested hme ou a charge >f bar .glary, left lor rroy, N. Y., to .'ay.ou a r> qxisitim to anHwer an accufaiioo of burglary c cuiu tl. d m tha city MoC?y is further suep><cled ef toe m ir"er of *r 8srg?ant, Ihe Tieisurer ol iheTroy aud Boetou lUUroad Company, perpetra ed i?me m< >ntos since. ? Conviction of lleaaaadex. Bohto>, March 20. 1801. Joseph '? Hernandez, tried for shooting Miss May, with int. nt o kill, was today convlctei and sentenced to the State prison for Ove years Be (sooner Sarah Hlbbard Ashore. NoafOUt, darcb 2U 1461 The cohooDer Sarah Hibbard is ashore eigmy inline Sooth of Cape Henry Her cargo, constating oi < ed cedar, will probably bo tared. Artwtaoce hae gone to her. Harkrt*. FHILADKLl'llIa STOCK BOARD. Puiuadsli-bia, Ma cb 99, 1861 Stocks steady Pennay vama Mate 6'a t&%, Reading Bailioaa, 22. Morris Oaial, 64; Lang Isiaad ttailroad, 11; Pennsy Ivania Railroad 4i}? Sight *xch?nge on N'e* To. It at par a 1-10 p*' Oent disoonnt Mosii.k March 2M, 1861 Onttoe ? Sales to day 2,600 hale*; middling rhi marke has an advai.ciug teniieuoy. Su <?? o' thu week, 30 M0 bales. Ktceip's of th? week, 6 100, against M,m?0 ba-e* t-aitiW tltue i?stymr Decrea^d r> ccip a at tblg ro't thi< peason, 238 000 ba'es Kip ?rid o< ta? week, 1000 bales S'ock to port, 68,210 >ale< Kjcchauge ? Sterling, 7 perceut pr. miuui u New Yo.k, % o'eanum. HamnoKK Mi on 24 1861 Floor Srm: Howard street and Ohio. $6 12H; City Mills, 96 Wh?at active and Arm: red, (1 'Jf a $ 30; jrhlte, $1 40 a $1 66 Co>n steaoy: mtxel,54c a 66c ; yellow, toe a 6oc. Pork dull: me?s, $11; prune, $14. Coffee il-m ?t U\c. a 13\a Wh>ekey stea>i>. Pmi-APSiPoiA March 29. 1861. Flour Arm: oaiew 6 000 ibis superfine at >6 26 * hoU firm: vales T.000 bushels red at $1 28 a $1 30 wdte, r3? a $1 ?5K Corn Ihd: aaiea 9,00c busheis at 58^c. ?'0 vtbick.. nc-a'j at 17^0. a 18 ?. CoannonoM ? The < orn ot qu itati' n of middling cotton at New (means on the 28th ittt. is 12ho a 13o , aud not 12c a 13c. aa in the ma ket report in yesterday .morning's M*". The Connecticut Klectloa. 00B DANBIKY COKRlSPONDfcNCE. Daabcby March 28 1M1. OntMcftcal PoMtic* ? Prrparatvmi Am ng IV Democracy for the t'mumg Klnr^ion ? Han O. S. ferry and Hit Pro- peas for Dffeal for CongrtU ? The fjfecU qf the Lad Etedvn, <re. The gieatue'. ei thusinsm prevails here and throughout this Oniign saionai district, the dcmotrttic party having per >c ted a oioat iho/ough organization, and It la gene rally conorct-d that a. I claaaea have become awakened to the sense of the nec-i-aity of removing the terrible and Intolerable impiu>8w>Da of the lite Pn sidential contoet from the minds of a<l sections of the pn pie Hon. O. *. Ferry , the late misrepre-*eoi?tlve from this dlitr ct, will aiidft-Ra ihe ueooie here ton-git, t> be ai s?>-r?<i by tke Hon K 0. Perrin to-morrow night. Mr Perry lathe republican Bom-nee for O -og am; But the i b?ncee that this radical iimctp'e of ?3oIiihmj >m will be returned are cons d?red Impossible, ev.?i by bis fran-at friends. It la well known that toe m a *s of the toe* Jianicai p-pnUtion have uodergoue th>< K'eatest ch?' ge aiixe having discove-ed th?i 'he election of a T> piib c?n chief dm not prove a nan ice* for all the 1 Is ol business, but served rather to throw many >ut of any employment whatever It U h-ipe-i b> a I well thinku g meb of all parties that Connecticut mi? b? for* m<*o in removing the Uelee table eO'e- ts ol' toe late iletideniiai contest. Brooklya Ctty lewi, Rjbtbijca.n Matoraltt fUnncAtion tfsm*o ?Last night the republican met at Mus-cal lali to ratify the nomination of Predenck Scholcn for Ma ? or. rh.i ciair was take i) by Henry L. IJoyd, who called upon Havld Jlud ej Km Id to address the mertii g. wn<ch lie id. by character >1 i>g the repuhllaus as the true Om mlts, de Bouacing ex-1'reaidont Rticbanao and the democratic party , ?h h aim, he raid , If In power, wo?l 1 bo to biod tbe people of th^ Unite i st*>es u> ihe M-iuigoiuen on 9titull< o as the price of bringing baa* tne soceied fr-ta'e* In oner that no chauco should be left ?or the democrats, he call- d up"u the rop toucan* an l I'nwo loving iiemoc a's to vo?e lor Frederic* Hcbolea. lie w?s fi II wed by Stewart L. Woooford Uuver T Beard am oth- rs la p'aise of tne r. p-? r?ll -ana ?p<1 denunciation O' the d< mncrata and a series of resolutions were p it and Car t?i pl>M)g?ig i he mtetlrg to support trie reo ibllca i conndatn Ihirlt g the me- ting, Fred-rlc A.b ue entered the room and addressed the audleooe vary b- lefly , pro tt Isuig, li elected, 10 perform his duly faith ? 1 1 1 y fb -re was a rani of music present, and tbn proneed-rigs ?v?e varied witb a few pa' rtoi ic airs and some songs, but there was not much real enthusiasm apparent. Asotkwr OomcinB is Qnus Corimr. ? About a week ago a man nan*d Anthony Jacob*, a blacksmith by trade, residing at New Lotts, hvl a quarrel witb a firm latMirer, named John Smith, at Newtovn Blow* w -re Mr bar ged between them, wheo Smi.h struck <ac >bs <eith * b?niDier, upon wbl'.b ih? latter seued an aie, with which be < ? ait rtmith a powerful blow on the ho.i l, frac turinir the skull. Smith lingered un II Thursday, when be d ed .Iaeot>? was arrested yesterday morning ny c ?u BtsMe Volkmtn.of New I^otta, wuen Uie aocuiiud wa taken to Jamaica for trial. Oltp Intelligence. FjwtjOkkis iii Caxai. !?tsbst ?Between nine an<t ten o'cb-ck yesterday moraing an explosion took place In the chHiiical laboratory of C. P. Live -more, on thsseooad floor of No. *J4t Oaaai street. Part of the iaboratorv Is use by L M i>nri-hw?:b fir mtuofacturing guu ooit-'n fine gun o tton in proceaa of drying -guitel and p ode<1 at d also rtred about ten p-mnds of thi same Ol ve yial a few f- el 'rom ibe fu nace "be wlad<yrs in Iront and rear were bl >w,. iti o fiBgineuts, but fortunately no other damage waa done. 11 U>! mc Poo* Iskiam "?An exhibition will be given St Urn Cooper ins'ltute, at two o'clock thU a terno mi, by the 'n Ian- erbo have been st- ppr g in tbe cltr for a few ?Is a uasr Tbe eeter'amment will be Bp- ol il y interest !ug to i hlloren , and a large wul iloubtleM bo preMt. Haw York Pmsoi Ahoooatioii.? Iho Fjtocutlte nom WHtee of this asBoeiaMon held their r-'gn'ar m hiy Bieeting yestotday alie iio >iv? titam f. ttark'-t' , Chair man pro rem . presiding. Che Treosuror's report dlar.iofed tbe reeetpt from several ben- voient persons o ftifi, and a cumb-r of paroels o' clothing, Rino- tbe ]7th of F?nrairy last rbe following ts a Byn<>p- s of Ust month s labors, as shown by tne reports of tbe xaent of Wete.itl in ami Pise ha -ge- 1 Convict Ootnm'ttee- ? Mumber ol pereia<i vi aitet in ?mr city nrisna?, W<i nuafier of omplilnte caretuiiy e?- m ne-i and aid- d, UO nuitber of oomplaiuM 4iBnotitinn?- on their ndvtcn, 41. namber of peraoi'B dUI cliAepeo f>om cuttndy on their recotaaten-'atloQ 49, num bei of dls< bargvd cor.vcta o- cun a- Hy id-?'i to orovlde food ai d W> leave tbe cities, jp Dum ?-/?f d'l-chwfwl oonvlcia urt isbeo wim cW.thing, more v i?as, l?, num ber of die ha/ ged convicts provided w'th wink. 10. Several highly lufreroma letters were received from oer nor-s who have bi-on in <rouble, expensive ol gra tltnoe for aaaH'anre receive.!, and it w*n disc wed that several o ber pe s mis who hail r-on <1 s n* />?( friMs prtson. wi h ?tld ?.c-i o' re'.irtnatln , were dUlly i*Hltg ?t he rflkie i-raving for eia.'l iyni' tit. Co.itrim tior-s in money, ohNfe ng and furncurs a-n ?o(m 'el Money ?at he sent to the tr?a?n?er, WT| l|.,T, ,?} ,)t ,n?ni Jr., . No IB Merc ha ?e' El<h mge, *od cinthbi, , Ac " to Abrshaii' Real, M tlM offloe of ?'?? M*iOlation, N?. 16 Obduc sweat. **rt Ut?riop<miBii ?l tk? rraadt I* u? *???* * afclmwt mt Mr ? <tate? m*mt of Mm4 Balky. to TBI ID1T0B or TBI RULD. bww 8rai?<?, March U, 1861. Acting under tbe aCvioe of frieads, I bin, op to this tlnie, abstained from mailing any publication la regard to tbe (so called) robbery of tbe Interior Department, deeming II best to postpone my defence until the facta of l*e case should be developed before a tribunal whose competency and Impartiality could not be In qoea tlon. But the Hob. John B. Hoy d baa seen fit, in a state ment public bed in tbe Bmulu of tne 9th inst. , to step ?aide frcin his avowed and iegl'imate purpose to Indulge In an at iack upon myself, which I feel constrained to re pel at ooce, and however much I may regret the nones slty of placing myself In antagonism to the ex -Secretary, f h*ve, I cuaoeive, no alternative but to accept thetaue he has forced upon me. I do not, however, design, even now, enter leg into a discussion of the circumstances at tesdu g nvy transactions with Mr. Russell. Still less do I feel oa led on to criticise the elaborate urgunent ottered by Mr. Fiojd la defence of his official conduct. I have no desire to rehabilitate my reputation at the expense of bis, and beside, ibe tu qttujue style of argument Is gene rally the I art ree?<rt of a man who feels that his oase Is hopeless. I shall confine myself, therefore, to the points made by Mr. Floyd under tbe bead of TBS SUmwSD fUHCLTS OF FBOTUT. Tbeee may be reduced to three. First, the protest of the acceptances, which matured in New York on the l>ih of July, Its SO, "would have been annoying," en1 would "have su'yucted tho transportation to em barriasmebt," but would not have involved any "graver consequences" Seoood, there was "no reeeon why Mr. Bailey should imperil bis character and Ststroy his pros pet ts in lire forever for the purpose of shielding'' Mr Hoyd. Third, my transsctlons with Mr. Russell would not have been disclosed, but that Mr. Floyd "would not consent to become tbe depoaltary of such a secret." Let us exsmlne them seriatim Upon the first p int it might be sufficient to suggest that Mr. Floyd's present emoarrassmonts are due ex clusively to his oouise in regard to the acceptances, aud that the stme "party rancor" which socks to sacrlQoe him now wo >ld have been equally, if not moro, prompt and vigorous in Its actioo In July last. But Mr Floyd suppneti In his own ftatemeut, some valuable testimony un this head. Speaking of tne granting of acceptances end the necessity of sustaining the credit of Russell, Ma jors & Wadotul, he asks, "What would hive been the just condemns' ton heaped upon me If the Impending dangers (starvation, Ac ,) had actually befallen them itbe troops on the frontier))"' Did not th< se very dan gers "impend" in July last? Does not the testimony of Mr. Rusreil befare the committee show that the protest of the crafts in July would have drivea Russell, Majors k Waddeil into, and forced them to abandon their contract? Does not Mr Floyd admit, in tbe very next sentence but one to that last quoted, that "the contractors, (R., M. t W.) deprived, be., 4c., >ound themst-lv s ivustautly tinder tbe necessity of aotl i ipatirig Hieeainliga of their trains, anil 1 luuid tbe fame reasons for affording ihem th.-no facilities coastant I) lepeatuig ibtmseivts " And, if the "impending dan ??-r" ha<i "actually beiallen" in July last, "what would tiave been the just coudemn?tioo heape.1 upon" the H in. >obn B Koyo? Does anybody bdtevethat "party ran eor" woulo have "alleo to se z* upon so splendid as op portunity o glutting l?s tuaiice, or that the admlnlstra tit n would, in eatorlng upon the most momnitous and ex ot'tng po.l ical contest tbe country has ever wimeesed, bsve b? en willing to carry tho dead weight of the ho toiable tVcreta j? I submit thai the whole scope of Mr Floyd's argument in octet. o? o' tbe propriety of tbeacceptaiios is, that the (Jniied Mates troops on tbe 'rontier " were iu a most peril ous conditbn from he fear of starvation;" that this 'fear of s arvutlon" would hire been converted into ac tual starvat oo If the credit or RuhsoU, Majors k ?s4 ilell bad not been protected 'hat this state >f tblngs con t uu-d from the burn in* of tbe trains, in IS63 tj tbe date <>r the last a>ceptauce (Dec 18, 1880) signed by Mr. Floyd; that If be (Mr Floyd) hw not protected the cre dit of hussell, M jo's k Waddeil, '-condemnation" won It have been "heaped" upon htm, and tbat tbe condemnation woulu have been just. Is not this, substantially, an admission oo the part of Mr. Floyd that during nearly the whole of his laoum beicy ot the War Dep*i tmont the solvency of Russell, Majors k Waddeil was all that interposed between him an^ a ' just condemnation" or his otncisl acts? Would tot a "Jos* conoemnatlon" or his official acts, ' 1 heaped upon him" by lb s-< who had the right, have involved bis 'O' cod retirement trom the Qaotneit das not the se quel demonstrated beyond tho poestbilitv of a doubt that if I bad n' t interposed in July lust Rusaell, Majors k Waodell would have been ruined, and the very results brought about which tbe acceptances had b?-en given to avei i? It is true Mr Fioyd urres that "acceptances did go to protest tn -<eptf mbvr" (though be makes no proof oi tbe rsct), and still be "remaiued is the Cabinet " But Mr tnov d st ems to fo'set that tbe money market bad un<ltTtf<i&u great ch*Dge? be ween July and September; ai d it rtjxw ?ot follow tbat pap-r wtil, h waa proumltxl who Impunity Id ( o latter month could hare boon pro tested wi<b equal impunity Id tbe for a er. again: ( wtf not essential to my oaae that Mr Floyd ? lioul ! net' a'l> bavo bee* in 'a: ijor of dtagraM, it wan suffic'en ibat I had food rcasn for believing an, and It Is this thai makes bis a< .ack ou inn no unjusuil ?ble. It la ti"t denied th?t I ??allot en Mr Floyd on ffo 12'b day of Jot> with the avowed ohject of ascertaining lb* truth fn m bun nd It is n I my fauit that 1 hidtocon t-Lt m Mil with secondary ovilonce What wn the chtrtcr of ibat evidence t In tbe drat place 1 ha<1 the tea im ioy of Mr. Drinkard, a> d m?' I b*d tbe sta'emeats of Mr. Russell. who had ? n ciidoitea bv Drluk.rl aa a "man of honor aud in t dt'iy . " lte?ides, it Hbouid be b >roc m m n>l in; Mr. F>eyd was not a m*a "fcrftu tr'tt ai<fus nrfundiw,' and no man stood better than I the depth an 1 bitter rum o' the pr Judxe existing against blm. even imoogst those ?h>D party tie* forced to bit sujp irt & c a nor b. d be? d raised against him while he wan yet Governor of Vliginia; bm official cnuiict aa Secretary of Wa r tt*1 bre? twice invettwateo by special committees of the Houre i.f Kt-preeem*t|ves, aud the p<Ktha?o o* Lima I ' an i bad bean tami ed as a job on tbe Qotrof tbe I'm tec Mates rx nate I Hiurerel> b -il?-v<vt, aa t still be l eva that in all tbeso matter* he waa tlx- victim of ua merited persecution; sti I t could tot but feel that what would he regaided aa an Impruoono in a man w ?osi re putatloo had never been as-adi-d, might be impute l as a crime to John B. Floyd; aa l I never btd tbe 1 a-H doubt on m min i that tbe acceptances wore ununetionwl ay the l?w add thin bring* me to another point: Mr. Fioyd a*ks wltb ?me ^laesibility , why, if 1 believed the ao nptHDO> to be Illegal, I sboul tike them in exchange foi Mate boars, and declare tbat tbe g iveram-m. was fully secured tberthy. Mr. Floyd, as a lawyer, knows, or ongb; to know, that every i b g ?l act Is not neoetsarliy invalid, ?no tbat It might be improper and eveu Illegal lor liniu issue them aod yet the acuep ancee be per. ?ec'ly good in tfce bands of third parties. Besides, K ?*? sell, Majors A Waddell weie liable up in the ore ts. botb an drawers and endorsers, and I considered (and so evidently does Mr Fioyd craslier) thorn per fectly gnou fur tba money. But I do not ctre hi j>ur?>ie tbe argument. 1 think I have said ouough t > show, fr >m Mr Floyo'sttwn " Halemtinl," tbat 1 waa folly justified in twni'Vtrg tbat tbe prows of his ipftlci?l acceptances in Jul) lai>t would have no seriously compromise ) bun aa to neo ssi late bw retirenunt fiost the Uablaet, and 1 pass to tbe leoood point. ibat a ma" . ovrrtakee by misfortune, should he straightway repudiated by hia former friend*. is in strict scamanc with the statute a sucn case mad* and pro vi> ed But Mr Floyd's ibllvHusuesa g?ee far beyond the requires* nte of tne law Be did not evao koow th a I 1 octuple ?nv t pec la I p?eiti> n of ti net in tbe Interior Department I" I O'lifaas thai wh-n 1 read that potion of Mr. llnyu'i re ft nee | when I n tied tbe mioiiteuoss of tit tail with wb'ch be ignored me wheu I saw bo * ho re pud a't o me in my h-ad in my h?u s, a- d in my feet ; il s> ron?s,?Ld id my ma/r?w , in -ny fl*?b an<r?n ray lib?d , u. m v UKOmibgs, aud In my outgniugi . and *nh all lite para^bem^l * ? formal excommuuirallm, I was eve, teu ? (ul-ver ted ? -anttibll ttetl. ? bat Mi ill I reply to ail tbat? 1 might alt* facts, known to scores of p? <pl? In W??b nyton utterly int neis'eut wnn tb? pie tiou as si.n.t-n hv Mr Fotd but mi '< n>> * Mr Fioyd is evl peiiti) one of tbose mtMiuat pe'rous who d?-a good by stenlth, and h" sues whtn p^< pl- tufir afxiut it Hill vlr Floyd can scarcely bave fo g tteu tbat be rrmtrk d iu ti<? tommit^e rtaim that hv " b.d oroagbt Bailey t> WatbingtoD, aii<i got him auotOca to aavo bm 'um ly from xtaivig '? A?.d aitboncb trie rotoark was not striotly t ue i4 r< i.'a ned, I stmmit, a var> g <>i ?' re?H<m " wtjy I should be wnl ng f> run s?iue rvk (I did n >tthinktta v eat one at tbe tiraei t ? S- IT SMI biin from the cot>ao q'lei ees of b'S own imprudei ce. The ih id point made by Mr. tlo?<t In this connnctlM s, that tbe uisc.oeure ot my trausacti >t>s with Mr. K i? leli is due entrely to b m This, to bo>-rf)w one of vlr. Ilojd's expresse t.s Is grossly and crmuly fais.-. When tbe p" p**r time c m * I ibail prove ibm oy direct evi dent a, at perseut I rhall not travel out of thu record, as matle up by Mr. H lyd. in tne nrs' place M'. Floyd Introtltioss my letter of the 19 h of December to him m c t>ulusive evi leaoe that be was i(te> aut, up to that time, U my iranaerteMiS wttb Mr Kuisell, an<l, of course, be will ii'>t Itnpnw.b Ins owo WltMes Now, in the vny flrn i?j'i.grapii of ill tt MMV I distiiicti; ani oui^e my nitentioo to^e too wome natter to Mr Tbonatetm im a. ed lately oo ni? return rom No Ih (UrotlnK. Vi bal fVidence baa Mr. Kl i?d ? what right lias be w> presume that I ever awervod from ny la UiiMin? What B'e Mie fa. IS. M ailrn tied hv Mr fioyd t </i. ibe 10tb ' f I^iesnber.I a> v so-i oim that ( intetiiei to din-lose i be aflair to Mr Th >f?gs?D m anu M be re tuiii?d. fin tbe 22d Mr. Thomps n did ret trn, and nui In; or mi d of the tacts as soon is my m*'-' hgor (Mr Wa? ner) cnuld reach blu Again Mr PV u > fully la formed of the fsets by eight o'clock the morn Ing of the aoth. TBo I'reaitient did lift "tars th^m ntitil about seven o clook ob 'ho evening of th t VIA liurieg this Interval of nee ly eigty hours Mr. Iloyil t ad t.nltmited faoilitiea for liiternoureo with tue freeident. Why, If he "oould n t eonsent to be> otne tbe dep<?tter]r of such e secret," did he not disclose ft f Ag-?ln: Mr. Floyd uoes not pretend to deny that, what ' be very disUigenuously calls my "proposed' letter to Mr. Thompson, was actually written and placed in Mr. Wag net's bands seven oats before b?? < Floyd) knew anything ef the maUer but bs inalmmtee that Ins etter w ?s ito* to bo dt Mvsrt<l until Ave flays before the 4th of March Tins sgfkin Ml a w Iful mltrep *?cnt?itoo of ibo fac e Thn letter si.ows upon IU race ttwt in <'as- o' Mr. rhoinr* >o's Tr"l?n ils?o It wa* to he de ive-cl eve d?vs net ore mi re slgl allnh ' ok e fleet. I wae rotivlneed th it Mr Hi 'mp srei wt.tiid res t' as sot.n at be returned, and It Wis this fw vlcn n, ?s --th' s bee:?ie? M' ??tajd kn w, that de C'de* me to fir?fipl>?te ? dlsc:i*.ire. Mr F1 tyd ad nils tbit my bt fe twtrnot ng M-. Wsfnc to deliver the !? tier meed lately wag handed to Mr, wagnsr "on tbs v?r/ <\*J - UitervW-w" with liitu (Mr. Floyd) ; but he omits t > of m, .'the note ?h haixied to Mr. Wagner about state It4? >he morning, while my interview with ?Imi o'rivk w -'ooiDtm t at eight o'clock In tbt> htm tax k place *??? " u.<j st to blame Mr. Fioyd for evtnmg. But It wou.. ** x plaining how the not*, app>eciaitng the aifflulty vfitng or the Slat of De wb?h waa delivered uaihe ?. euasequeuoe of a oon oriibrr, uou a have t>?eu wr an u. versation <tuk b recurred le ours alt*. ^ which Th*-r? u aa uier point in Mr Floyd's stai. ? ^ -a I ought to ooti ? bere. 1 refer to hla remarks tu ~ to the alleged certificate aeni to the Second Audita, the 14th 01 I tec* tuber Mr. Floyd, Uke the committee, misrepresent (ignorantlv let ua hspe) the character of , ihia paper; and. like the committee, for the purpuss of I orawUg lnferencea unlavurabie to myself. The paper In qu?? tinti waa Dot a certificate ? waa not a voucher In any wlm of the term. It waa a Simple account cur rent. In wbich tbe Secretary of the Interior waa charged with all the rtax ks which ba > been delivered to blm, and or edited with all tho?e which bad been aold, eurrendered or re deemed The "Sject of tbe paper waa to show, not tho amount of stock actually in the aafe, hat the amount which ought to betbere. and the approval of Mr. Tnomp ?om whith wan appended, merely signified that the flgurb g waa correct. in ooicludiDg Uiia paper, which has exceeded tbe limits I propoaea when 1 ooajmenceu it I deem It an act of sim ple justice to both Mr Fioyii and myself, to reiterate the d* caration mace in my letter to Mr rhompeoii, that *'uo otLcer of the government advised me to part with the bonis or knew that I ? niemplated doiog so " 1 never oum'.mu'o m> transa- IKM.S Mr Ruk>uI1 to Mr. Ftoyd until the 10 h ol Deoemosr, and I do not believe that Mr Russell did. I did tot disclose my purpose to Mr Floyd in July last, for the simple reason that I then im puteo to blm a nobleness of soul tbnt would hivo scorn d to save himself from the consequences of bis own act by the sacrifice of another's reputation. Un happily. as it appears, 1 misconceived the character of the hotiot nolo Secretary . Abandoned by tho friends of my sumrn*', betrayed by nearly every oue in whom 1 trvstai, Hubji-cum to countless humiliations, vultl i l oy "4 seisxl tM press," c<>oipellee by the exigencies of my posit 'on <o su mil in silence ui tbe m srepreseutatious of the Mortis report with no friendly statute laterpueing its sb eld between me and the uncertainties of tbs Uw. I occupied a poalt on tbnt should have chillencod the sjn paiby of svery man of common humanity. But Mr. Fli yd bas not scrupled, in discussing me, utterly to disregard tho Chrtstisn maxim, as old as civilization, "Hear the o her side," and to reverse the time hallowed rule of the common law, "Every man shall be hold Innocent until bis guilt Is proved." He bus turned aslio from the b g>cal exigences of his de'euce to draw upmi bis imagination for facts, which, if they could be eiuo lii-hio, could be of no benedt to him, while they would utterly crush me. Aud 1 appeal to that "justice of the tx epie" which be lb vok'-s to decide whether be baa uh earaed io> brmself somewhat ef the censure which he so eloquintly bisus upon the "assassins of character. " Very lesuoctfully , your obedient servant, GCHMRD n.MI.KY. P P.? Your paper of the 9th Inst, was not received ontll a late hour on tbe 13th; I have, therefore, been ronpelled to prepare this lotter In great haste, and may have omitted some points on which I ought to have touched. For this, as for the otuer disadvantages under whioh 1 labor, an Intelligent public will, I doubt not, make due allowance. 0. & Hret im New York* ? FIRS IN NA88ATJ 8TKKUT ? DESTKCUTION OF TWO SIX BTOltV BUlLUINua? LOda ABOUT 156,000. Shortly after twelve o'clock yrsteroay morning a fire wai discovered in the upper floors of the building Nos. 114 ana 118 Nassau itreot, In the premises occupied by Ellis, Starr k Co, bookbinders The llamee spread rapidly , and soon extended throughout the upper fljors, and owing to the height of the buildings the flames re ceived but a slight check from the streams of water from the band oogines, and It was only wbeu tbe powerful streams from the steam fire engines were brought to bear upon tbe fl mcs that the -devastating element succumbed to the exertions of the firemen. Both buildings, above the baseaenti, were totally destroyed. How or from what cause the fire originated is unknown at present The Fue Marshal waa at the premises, and will Investigate tbe matter. Messrs. Ellis, Starr & Co. occupied the tblrd, fourth, fifth and sixth floors of both buildings. They estimate their loss at about $26,000. They are Insured for 113,600. By request of the underwriters, they declined to state in what Insurance companies they are insured. Tho following parties had property ia tho promises of Ellis, Starr & Co., varying in value from $600 to $1,000 each, partly covered by Insuranje: ? Charles 3crlbner k Co., 124 Grand street; Clark, Austin, Maynard k Oo. , No 8 Park row; loss about $4 OCO; insured in New Haven in surance Companies Fowler k Wens. 308 Broadway ; 0 M Sax ton, 26 I'ark row; M W Ilodd, 600 Brooiw*y, 3. hrencb, 12^ Nassau street: Frank Moore, J. M Emerson, 37 Park row; Edmund Jones k Co, 28 Natsau street; Henry Bentot, of Hartford; loss about $1 500, In stereo tjpe plate* ; no insurance About 500 copies of VaJon tine's forthcoming "City Manual" were destroyed lhere waa property belonging to other parties also in the bmd?ry , but wo did not learn the names of the owners The second fleer of No. 114 was occupied by J. O. Reed, agent for "Arthur's Home Magazine;" 1 ma by water anout f?0, insurod in tho Commonwealth Innurauce Company. By J. Moff?tt, dealer in second haul boons, loss abou1 $2,000; no Uwurancn; and by A. P. Norton, as ths l'niu-d " tales MercantUo Ageuoy; damage by water about $100. Tho secono floor of No 116 was ocoupled by Messrs J N Sumrtu A Co , pubiuhers of "Merry's Muasuoi' and "You'h's Cabinet." Line $8,000; insured 'or $3 uOO. their sale has not yet been eztnottnd from tho riMos. It oontalns the maJ lists and all th?-lr books, and if lost will seriously dirarrange their business By Darling's liver r?-gulator otltoe; loss $600; and by the "(Jailed States Naval tiaselte, li?s ikoM 8160, t.o Insuruioe i bo fl'St floi-r was occupiel by H. tiruna k Sen, deal ers In an l mipi ruus of bookbinders' tools and stock, lioss about $16,000. Insured for $21 ,000, as follows ? Lenex $1 500 Columbia 2,<i00 t> ffiinnnweeltb 2 600 Pac'llc 2.000 Mecbanios and Traders' 2,600 Rutgers 3 MO A: tl?a 2 000 Kelief 2 000 Excelsior ? 600 Total 921,009 The ba ement is oocupied as trior's coffeo and cako M ooti. Damtged by water aoout $3o0 Insured Ibo** are u*b?d by Benjamin Loder ami the Grtei/W&'d t Aioi'iery assoniatioa t'bey urn damaged u toe . xU-ni "f ab ui fin 000 and are partly Insured. lbe ?Uck la t->i*Mis .bltel's bat more, No. lit, ?u <1itr, g?u abuut $200 by water; insured tor 410,000, aa Mlofta:? Relief $2 000 -in)*'' way 1 000 Coltid Maici SOW) Men ban to' *,000 Brooklyn 1 0t)0 Haisilu 2,000 Totil $10 000 Tbe sf ck of Campbell, Hail Si Co , ptoer dealer*, N'os 1)0 ai d 112 <nu> damaged by water to the extent of $2'<0 iBHunwi fur $1 iO OOO la cty companies Tbe bulfding No. 1.8 was damaged slightly. Police Iatcllt|nc?. Kjommlabli ADTntrin or a Fuuirtvr ? About two wtecs ago tbe Chief of Police at Elmira, N V , arrive Id tb h city , la search of a young fellow named Jo in Pot ter wrhOb*tu,ds charged with larceny After consi erable bunting around tows, Potter wai found and convoy id to a hotel in Koblnaon street preparatory t j being take . W?st The chief bad occaa on however, to leave the p wmx r a'oi.e for a tew minutee, when the latter took ?ulvKBtafe of tbe *bseBte ? f hie J*il<r, aad )utnp>ng from a *ecutd story window succeeded In mtklog his escape to Ue street. The tenape <r?s owe vered m gu A eetson, and before 'be fugitive bad pr.iceo ie<l many bu :ks he waa overhaul*" and ?> mpol.eil to strike his colors a aotd time Potter waa tben plan<d on board one i.f the puse tiger car* <* 'be Erie Ka Iroad, and in or d>rto|uaru s, (an st a third escape he was baudciffe-l and t>w feet we e sbai kltu Ever> thing passed of plea santly enough ui'td I ha tram tmbd inianen a hen the Chief o' Pol ce was t?ken Su.ld-uly ? li, and eas obi ged to go in o the baggage oar. Potter wis l>ft tied to hi* se?t in the rear car. and shackkd and man a lei as he was to one dreamed of bis cxrAplng. >t is usual when (be traia loaooes Port .ler?w to de'ach tba rear car, and ro quert the pai-rx i gere to sup forward The t'hiuf of Polirs W?B gi orant of the rnie. however, and uo?lecte.l to link after b s prisoner until tfce train was several stations b? yet.d l'i it .Irrv ? It was ih n ux) late to remedy toe rv>l, fir the prisoner tnk I m Tie* ate advantage of being left Nth nd, and treetig h m-el? fmm bis intoa. I>?, es Csped befo e a tele*r?f>bie despatch even c?ntl t arre?t his lli(ht IO c- inplete tbe ufllor's discomfiture It was dls covered tha>, bi* carpet bsg, which be left Itehlnd him in the or beside tbe prl-ouer, ha' als<> dieapoeitred and , ?a* nowta-re to be found, 'he regiura. after mfferir.g nany privati .na and running all *4ris of risks, managed to teaks his <vay back to New York wmle bis puis tier ieiired to Mlmira la aiaguBt, and gare up all to ? i f a recapture But Potter seemed to be a* unfortunate one way aa ha t? aa f< ruinate tbe other llaroiy bad be been in ibe wty n>?ra ilum aa hour, when t>o waa met au < e?>gni?sd br og,.*r Jadfe of tbe h'M Precinct, and th \ o MseqoeMe la be la ay am a prison.*. .l<>hn is scarcely seventeen yeats < f *g-\ sad la not a bad looking fellow at all. He denies having appropriated theeblef 's carpet bag. and rajs b* left tt bwuitid him la tbe < ar at Hurt le'vis The prisoner is locked op at beadtfiartera, awaiting the arrl val of tbe Kifnira police, who bare been telegraphed to la i elation to tbe BMtter. Cerearra' laqaeata. A Nceao DttowintD ? An laqueet waa bald yeaterday by Oronrr Jackman upon tbe b?dr of a negro named Henry 1"U.t?i*?a, helotigiag to Hunting ton, Umg lataad, who wsa accidentally drowned at tbe foot of Broome street while attempt tag to get oa board a aloep. Deceased, wbo was ah-. nt forty Ove years of age. ins unite an Qnatoml cal ciirli-s'ty Hla legs were of a re>j singular shape, sn.' as nperiaMina tor a surgeon's aoUeotiea they won>a be invaluable. Host Ranovanxn ?Tbe body of a laborer named TV*. Hart, who had beea missing since tbe 1st of January, was found drowned at the foct of Lntgfct street yeaterday^

Dwesm-d waa employed in the sugar reflalng eatablint.. meat r f M? ssrs Booth k Kdgar, and was about thlf.y. Ove y*ai s of age Ma Mfn wo Onrstne ?A wretched reeult of lntermrklT|aga be' w <B blood relations ensts at ohenactady, N?,w fork. An estimshle couple (eoaetna) have eiSTea oh>W?a, sU of wbooi were born blind. KiplrattoM of Lrai? The CfnuwatM Holjr tounl?r. Holy Saturday, the last day of Loot, is signaltxed by the longest office of flirty Wet*, aooording to the Orthotic worship? Una being the occasion set apart for tbe b on lng of the new flr and the benediction of the h.p.,.^.i fonts. the services m the Catholic churches at this city wUl commence a' seven o'clock in the morning, and will not conclude, save with a brief Interrupt too, until tbe ! ?'-"ur of ?vci-ln a. Tto tenrbr> "??*??, with the other canonical h~>n org, ye totmoMmZ 10 ^ Memory of Christ In the sepulchre' *?<> at the HUB* be 11 represented ai coming ont of the ?'!???, thereby tria^pWng over hla an be lieving enemies. The naked altars a/? c'othed in their spltncU ? rmuMenta, and a nevr Art) Is fc.'eesod to lUumiaate then. The office begin* with the ltghC. '? of a triple candle, emblematic of the llgbt of Christ. Tin deacon then blesses a paschal candle which represents our Saviour dead, and five gra na of isoenae are fixed to to it in the form of a cioss, to denote the aromatic spices wherewith his body was embalmed In the bopulchre. Tbe paschal Audio is then lighted, as well as all the other limps and candies, to signify the resurrection, and with it the redemption of man. Ihe benediction of the baptismal font follows. 1. The priest oiTldi s the water in the form of a cross. 2. He touches the water with his hand, praying that it mrr b free from all evil spirits. S. He signs it thrice win tbe sign of the croes, to bless it in the name of tbo rrtntty 4. He separates it with his hand, sprinkling it toward the four parts of the globe, to show thu i he grace o' baptism flows overy where. 6. He breathes thriee upou It in tbe form of a cioes, invoking God to infuse luto it Bis holy spirit, fl He plunges the paschal candle tar 13 into It, praying that the Holv Ghost may lo?c?ud upou it, as He did at the baptism of Christ in the Jor.tan 7. He mixes holy oil and chrism with it to show that baptism oonsecratfls us to God, and enables the soul to re Fist all temptation. If there be any persons then prepared and willing to receive the racrament of baptism, it is solemnly itdml nisteied alter mass is offered up. The blessing of the lire, which procedo* tho above ce remonies, taken placp without the church, or at tbo very entrance Fire having been struck from a llint, and coals lighted with it, tho.prteet, attended by the minis ters, wl h the cries, holy water and iucenao, blesses the lire wiih alLdue to'emnlty. The Episcopal and I nliarion churchc*, as well as the Catholic, pretcribe particular cervices far Holy Saturday, but when we state that a special Collect, Koisile and Gespel are re?d, each of which rofors to the crucifixion and burial, we have said all that Is necessary. There Is nothing of an extraordinary or unusually Interesting character in the ceiomonies. Advertisement Extraordinary. A wealthy land owner, having thirty four farms, lying adjacent to each other, 1s in want of n general overseer, who will take charge of their superintendence For the last eight j ears the property has been badly man tged and is now, it must be confessed, in a sad condition; but It is itlU capable of renovation, and being resto>ed,net only to ita former value, but made a bettor property than ever. Eight ytari ago the owner appointed as overseer one Pierce, <>f New Hampshire ? "Poor Pierce"? who fbund tbe farms in excellent condition, and the tenants and laborers all prosperous, united and nappy. It wu not long till, under the advice of a set of undorstrap pere, known as the Kitchen Cabinet, lieadod by one Forney, be set the cultivators of those dill'ereut farms by tbe ears, by Introducing a bone of contention on the largest and most important of them, by patronizing auti slavery democrats at the North, and Are eating demo crats at the tfouih, by giving the go by to Union and national men everywhere; and finally, by reopening oa the whole tbirty-fcur farms a bitter sectional quarrel which bad been long settled, ho left tho properly In a deplorable oondltton. An amiable old gentleman , known as "tbe benevolent Buchanan," succeeded him In tho poet of overseer, and somehow under his rule matters became worse and worse. His faclir y In appointing incompetent deputies, and his watt of acquaintance with tho characters of thoee whom bo kept around him as advisers and servants, aggravated the mischief Instead of curing It, and the fences of tho farms wore biokeo down and allowed to go to decay, and the p.oper ty was plundered by wholesale, and even a claim set up by trespassers to some of the farms, deaylng tbe right and tltlo of the lawful owner. When he heard that, In despair, be took the ad vloe of Horaoe Greeley, I, oyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Joshua R. Giddlngs and others of the same principled and oallbi e, and app no tod aa sucossor of Buchanan a certain "Old Abe Lincoln." . l'n<t?r this last imbecile manager matters have no oti\y become still worse, but gone to utter wieck aid ruin. Illtberto there was some kind of management ? at least a nominal government. Now there la no government at all It Is anarnhy, and the families on the different farms, all related by bloo 1 and other ties to each other, are commencing a gnnera melee, like a flgbt at Ilonnybrook Fair on a large acale Under these circumfrtmce*, the ownor wants Immedlittly another overseer, wbo will undertake to reetore order from eha<?, step fighting, and put tbe property In a de cent coaoltion once more. He will be paid liberally far bm services? f 26, 0#0 per annum, beeldes pickings for bis frtrt ds and | oor relations Apply for Information any day, crept the holy Sahbatb, which Is religiously observed, at tbe office of UNCLE 4Atf., Banks ef the l*otomae, March 20, 1M1. "Krmember Marrh, the Idm of Itlarrl) Rwnl*r '?Buy a aprlng hut of K.KX. Mo 213 Broadway, iipd ib* b* amy, durability, firaDvnr* and rhaaimea* of vour pun-baa* ? ill ??*lot < on in obeying ilna Injuiu* on Kn>?a hfring bat la eio> rdlngly hand>-om?, and l? ?old at bla uniform pilcc ( f $4. ?? ntu men of taato and axperleace always make their ae.ectlona at Rnoi'i ratabllahmenl. Half n Dozen Om4 SkliU for K>, Uanal ratal! prlc* $1 tU each Hal a c l Ann t bltta for $<L naual r?tal1 prion $2 naoh. 11 ail a di/i twa< hhlria for #'0. uanal mtall prion (2 'aiaach. At MO ;DY'd Hhirt Mauuiajtory, 202 Kr..?d.vay Stop Tnief ? <om? Poor D? I Stole my Hluni vrrooul yeatarday from tbn fb t graph Oallary, .Wi Hioadway t lc rglrn the fief bttta-ttbo ay?i*n> <>f ?o?l#t? aDd ?f tb? worl* that madn bla a thlnf A h'ln man In ton K<i\)'iuairiit Intbechurih and In <bf> a?tal circle w ll at' al n.lllona, It la nut aurpt Icing that them abould be an ln.-.ttiail>y ol robiM-t^rnm a ina' of brnad to an ovarmat or a million of d lUra It l? m ghty ro>l to b? with ut a onat Inoo'd ?oath<w as It 1* to be uocomrortabln D"t to havn bread obou hungry I fe***eia*rim Ml ?"?tb and may well lonan thi>>at I o? lleve mora of oiir follow rre lurea are hr?d thlrrna than arn bora ai.rb Habit a*.d faraa of rlrrum^Anoea ma*- ni- n IMptw, n uke meu drunkard*, aad maka ih? n to ??(?ial b? for* 'be *orl<1 In knowledge and la ail ttie Hner <|Uallti*a ? hi b a ttue ?|Oa lay and (? nuinn bbnrty. and a proper anetal < trt. r would diapen** lb* w- r d |a on a make aa It la, a d an Irenaae ut robb rrj and damoralliallnn m"?t b? Mj evnd hhotrid Ik* ib? f who atole my ma' b* m*d" aa wwm in >ha o'h? r world aa I hare l>nen "oof tm tlila he la vaionmn -that a a 1. 8 A. HOLM KH, Photograpu Uallery, Mii Broadway. Saw Impartatloai ? Marklatoah, 4q?a fcittum and otW wawt> nruuf Coa'-a, Jotirln A Co 'a lid Ulmna, I ?n? w>fl and Mia Data, all ni our own Imp^natwrn. Juat malTrd prr knnM by HUNT A IHJnKNS< K?, I aad ars and lotroduc ra of faabfoa for |aaUameo < Uata, Hon. \ t ai>d 5 aau.r Uoaae. Sloiario Utidaa fthoai, with Bow*. W. L H1IX. Kl Iraadway, ft; RAM fotad BooU |2 14 a pair. Tb? Ladd 4t Wrbdter RfwUc Ulaohlaa Bay sow be had for ft/ ty daU/tra, at 6* 0 Broadway. (% h>alar it Wllio o'a Improvad Sowing Kaoblan al rtdaeod pi Iota. OIBoe, MIA Broadway. I'rlaiadora'i Hal r Uya, Wl|( Bid Ton. paoa. tba bfwt in thajierW , wbowaale and rotall, aad thaUyo pmaMy BvOlMd at No ft *at .r Urraaa Htira Hair Centa Hack or b-owu D*p?t No I ha relay Blfcal, aad aold by all dniftglata. IufaUabla < mguoni. Ba-thriur'B Vanly iBTcntad Wins and Touiaaa ara aajMf.Mt inltatuma of natan. Mend for a meaaura aara ??* >ad aw^et. Raw f ark. ftaiakilor'* ilalr uya? Haliabla and In aaaanaa t.Mak ?? brown factory 81 RaraUy avraav M>ld and ai puad at ?a?. a. ajuTCHRLOa't, 1ft Rood Mr?aV Trnaaaa.? Narah A Co. 'a Radlcnl Cara traaa Ra iVf aay atracl (Aator Houaa), oppoatta lla ohuiaR Tvnaaaa, Btnatlc Stocking a, Ihonidcr {rati Haarpana nry Ban.lagaa, Aa Lit 0U)V(1 A THuRhR. rot ana atreal, under Raraun'a Ruaaun. Tnu?aa, Klaatle Stoehfnna, Shonlder Rtacaa. Sr .aprnaory Bandmpw Mr Dta. (>1>?VER ft TBoKaR, Ro. * AM a ? Irani, undar Harnom'a Muaaun. Mo M n* in Craan Portaa t ha Hair, Whla kaaa'aod nuftaohoa to wow luiurtantl* H<.ld wknlaaala aad *%W I tj* 4. BATCHhLoR, U Road at raai. Dr. S B Pllcfe'a Nttt Rnptnrt Snpportor fiuaa? warraaiad. Call and oaanlna befora parahaatna. 711 trmmA I Congfca, Colda nad Honraenaaa of tka S" !,.klu^.*rr oolekly and . afaly ran rad by nalnc HOLLO "V H fftla aod Oawt'Bl Haarty a thonaand oaaea In thla dty alnaa ba?a dnri g thla wlntar boon o< ruplolaly ourad by theaa aitra< rclnary rrnadUn llaehaooor Tntanaynn, of Omatantl. | aopla. ba? ma^a hta mtebraiad I rtaaul K|g Phut* tb-?a ni?? lean ja?ra, aad o aur y of our baat ntilaaaaaaa It in 'b tlr famliva and konw It I < ba an go-4l for waak bin*- aad f'?? I the alrk'y aad lh? Inflna aad an atm>oi hamag fortkolllRa oa?a. mm M ?U tk? aW 1 flAt'EADOOH tatrobtaj*. | rat m iou ?bkli nuu. tram w kfbU|t?awnie Troa ble* of the N?tlo?.Tke UU?( Report* ?? Regard to U? HvMwiioa at Wort 8amiit?>Crlll?ki Poslttoa or Affalri M Kort Flcfcwi Clo?t?g Ptvcc?dU(? ?f Til* (JalUd HMIci Seaate?Ttae UUH New*? The Market*, dfce., Ate. The W kult Hbuu), for the present week, will be reedy this murnlig at tea o'clock. other matters, it will contain:?' The Latest Despatch** from Washiugton City, glvlig an account of the present Conditio* of the Attairs of the Nation; A of the Appointment* to Otttoe by the N'uw Administration; The Closing Proceedings of the United State* Senate, The Ilesuli of Colonel Lamon's Visit to fort Sumter; Critical Position of AffUrsat Fort I Picket,-?' The Question of Its Evacuation oonalder ?d in Cablet Council, Latest Intelligence from the Swcede-l and Bor4er Stales; Proceedings ot' ike Sew York Legisl* 1 lure; Interesting News from Europe ? Surrender of the | Citadel at Mesaiaa ? important Speech of Prtoce Napoleon la the French Senate on the Italian Queetion; The latent News from Mexico, Cube, Baytl, the Baiiauiae, Now Granada, Chile, Peru, California, Ac ; Editorial* in Promt nent Lvents of the My; Koyorts of the Money, Provi sion and Cattle Market*; Uarrt&go* and Death* for the week . and all interesting news matters of the precod lag week Single copies, in wrapper*, can be had at the counter of the office, corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. Price six cent*. Urawlagi of tae Delaware State Laot tsrtea.? WOOD, BDDY A CO., tfauagnrtof the DIUWaHk KICarOCKl ADD SlsSOURI dTATV l.OmKIBS DuliOaki- Hit in JUl, March 2V, IMI 29, 9, 73 , 60, 28, 18, 39, 67, 33, r, 4. 3>, 10, 76. Dtciuwiaa? am Maxub M, IH#1 31, 20, 46, 57, 6, 73 , 74, 68 , 5, 49, 43 , 25, 48. Circular* orqtalntag aefceme* with full parUeu>ars. seat free of chars* >W iwernmunK either to WOOD, EDDY A 'JO. . Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD. BDDT A CO., St. Loula, Mlaaoorl The Drawlaga off the Saaaex Coaaty nad Consoidated Lotteiy of Delaware. . tt. FRA>TK a CO.. a^jiioKaa The Legislature of the Bute. if Delaware baring given to a France loo a lottory oont act f.<r twenty years, we, tn* isdixigU'd, Coniml**i?uer* ?pp>>tned by toe ik'Vernoi of ?utJ* Mat* tn mperiutend the drawing* "t *aid lottery, d< Hereby certify that the roUowlng are the numbers drawn tats lay evuax Oooktt? Class 76 March 29, 1*1 39, 4, 11, 51, 32, 8, 3, 61, 2!i, 24, 60, 43. < oKtoLiUiTKii L.01TKKT ? Clam fill. March 2tf, lh6L 2?, 15, 53, 14, 5, 9, 73, (*>, 70, 71, 67, 47. ? itiiiw our band* at Wilmington, Del., this day (Thursday), MarohM, UAL JOB* DaLK, . JOHN W. WaLKBA. J Comml?*lonera. Al.Hthl) R. WOOTTKN, ) Circulars sent free of ohargn by addrerslng A rRAJNCB A CO.. Wllmlnflon, Delaware The Only Hatter la New York who retail* Heft Hat* of his own manufacture la EdPBM bOaBlD, lid Kaaaau street. David's Spring Style of Gcntlemea's II vi H now leady. bale., room 299>a Broadway, near Duane urett. 1801. Oeala. 1861, HXCOND RPalMO OPENINO. Several entirely new style* For Misses, Boy* and Infan *, In liat*, C*|>s, Kb it 11 au aud Riding Rata. Ofc.Mil, 613 Broadway. Spring Styles of Dress and Soft Hat* at WfaiTB'S, 210 Broadway, command the admiration of all lover* of faabloa. Fact.? The Best Three Dollar Hat la the city can be (rocured at JOHNBOM'a i>qw Ual Emporium, French'* Hotel. For proof Try oue. A. B.? Tne atuazou Bat now ready. Brooklya, ? Charles H. Williamson's Pbouagraphlo Portrait Oallery. Fulton street, opposite Clin too * .UMUhod 1861 Man led. Jaoobtb? CiKiTonro ? On i>riday, March 20, bj the Rev. I human C. dlrong, Mr. Nicholas Jacobus to Miss :1a kab C. Cartioiw, both of this city. New Jeremy paper* please copy. O'NUl ? O'Nku.? On ihur day, March 28, by Rev. CLarUsJ Jones, pantor of the Mariners' church, at 80 Mao iron strett, Mr. Bh?ab> J O'Nbi., of Iliad county, N C , to Mies Uatraio?e O NKii.,of New York oily. Noi 111 1'uniliun HMH please copy. dFiBVLA ? WniiK ?On Monday , March 25, by the Rev. Mr. IXi Mast, of the ?teventh street lie b<x>lat cnurch, Joii.% L. tiiutuLA, of Brooklyn, to MIm MaBt Kmiu Whjti, of Philadelphia. r*mi? W>Y."nL? In Brooklyn, on Wednesday evening, Marcb 27, by the Rev. Dr. Rockwell, Mr. l?c kkahm O. Hmiih to Harah, youngest daughter of William Wayne, K?<t , all of Brooklyn. bii'Ruas ? Flock ? On Thursday, March 28, by Rev. D. 8 i'armeiee, Mr. Rccus P. tVri iuiwi, of Wuum, Cuun . to MI8S CohDBiXA A., daughter of All red Flock, ?aq., of New York. Woouwakt? Harcwkt. ? On Tuesday evening, Marcb 20, by the Jtav O. I'. Kransh, Kuaia a. Woodwajlo, Emu , to JruKT Katk eldest daughter of Mr. Juaeph T. darchet, all of Philadelphia. . Dl?d, Baiijsy ?At PortHtnoutb, New Hampshire, on Monday, March ib, to the 71rt year of h. r ?k", Martha Uaujiy , tb? beloved wife of Ihomas II. Bailey, tiq , and molhor of MiS t luules L. Frost and Mrs. VV UlUm 11. Thomas, of this city Baixjcwacidi ? On Thursday afternoon, March 28, at tbiee o'clock, suddenly, uf scarlet fever, Abaj?ba E. F,t ? idert and bolovid daughter of Theodore .wd Uieo itauou hu?. lbe friends of the family are Invited to attend the fu nrral this ("iaiurday, afternoon, from the ree. donee of her pari'i is, No. 81 ('resident street, Brooklyn, without further invitation. U)??o!?y.? oa Thursday, March 28, of oonsumptinn, CATHAkJkB C >M'ixr , a native of the city of Armagh, li? land, ageo 04 jwi. Her remains will be interred in Calvary Cemetery. The frienoo ai>d acquaintances are rwspectfully invited to at teud Ifco fiiLemi ut two o'clock, fr >in 627 Third avn'io. lluritijthH.? In Jeisey City , >n Tuesday, Fnoruary 12, af.oi it ebon HlBefrs, Ida K , wile of Wm II Douglass. I ho funeral will l>e preached by the Rev. U. C. I.ucus on Sunday morning next, at half past ten o'clock, nt the becond l're?0> terlan clinch, tiouth Sixth street, Jersey City Iiamlik ? In the city of Janvsvllle. Win. ons.n, oncHtur day, Mum h 23, Wiiium I'amiim, a native ofvM'eet cbesier county , New Yotk, is tbe 74th your oi his age. roHhTKK? (>n Ihursoay. Mar. h 28, iuomam I. , koq ol Thomuti V und Rebecca Fursler, aged 8 yeas, 8 moulha and 10 <ft> ?? lb- relatives and friends of the family are respectfully iBvlird to .'it tend the Mineral, on Miudty aiteruuon, ai one o'clock, fiom No. 164 Wayne sir* el, Jeraej City. ttiUAUBM ? <m Friilay, Marcb 2i ?>ter a lingering illijiPi*, wnich she bore with ? hrlftian tortiliidn, Kux< , be oved wile of 1'atbkk Uailauiikk, a^eU of yearn a na tive ol Bundoran, Bally frhaunco, county I >om g >1, In land lbe Iriencs of Uie family and tboiro of ne' nous I'eter snd Patrick, " 1m ? , her for. ther in law, Anthony Hart, Jeiem:ah M'g o and Kter Birry are renpectiully in vi led to aitei.0 iho f- neral, on 8und?f a ternooo, at one o clot k, from her late residence, no 200 Hosier ?tn et L^vav ? (if InlUmtuKti. u of the lungs, John J Ijtvmr. the beloved eOB of Michael and tiien Levey, aged 4 months ana 21 days. t rlei dn ?iw ac .'.ainiaoces are respectfully Invited to attend the funeial, winch Kill take place on Saturday alt?n>oub ?t t?]o'r,i?k . Iroin ibe iwaideuceot bia taiber, 1124th street , beuaeeu Huth mid neveatn itkoum, Harn ia Huui 1 1. ? tn? I'hurmiay, Hu h 28 Ai:*.uhtth C Kuh. kiij., m ihn S?7ih j?-w oi h.s n#e, ?Ideal boo of the ial* Hub* Mum 1, K?q ibo iri<'i ?w ?' tne funnily aod the morn bora of the iwr are lei-vecunily li?*iteo to aiw*ud the lunwal. rrju? tbe flawh f <he lac a nation , corner of fweatj -eighth street aid k'adNon avenue, thu (Saturday J aftermion, at two o'?U? k Mi but jail. ? On Friday morning, March 29, <>f poeu mot ia, aijuvimi km MoOt'iiuu, a<n of tbe uite Allen McDi t^ail, o? >ba cll? . aged it )oara. Hi* HteciO and tl?oe of bin brother*, Duncan and fbartka, are reepecfujly Invited to uiten I tbe funeral, fie* b h late na deoc-, No K<7 H^ut rwmlth utreet, thm (Seti rday) alu rnuoa, at tao o'clock, wulwat further in vitn win. HMk oNorciii ? tin Friday , March 29, Craau* F , youug - ??t ion ol W il lato K and Mary A Macduuuugb, it^ed <t j ? hi h, h mot-ihn nud VI day*. Ibe reitmea am Men.m of 'bo family are tartted ?o atitnu the fuLtra , on iuttoay afternoan, at two o'clock, Irom No 41 Cltl toe utri-et M> kkih ? in Brooklyn, on Friday, March 29, Waik.mikt. dauybtei of William and Jane Morrla, aged 10 year* ami 0 d?>a The relative* and frienda of tbe family art reapecfully Invntd to attend the I uneral, on tuaday afWuoon, at hut i?n two o'ol<ck, from the ic-tUenco of bor parenta, No bO 1't-ar 1 atret t Mn ? kk - <m Friday, March 20, ath.k, wife of the late John M-liar. ageo 81 y can aM SSI day a Ti e reiattv. c and frlenda of the raui.'y are reapnctfully tnvlUd to ?tund the funeral, on Mun*iay afternoon, at tw o'clock iM.m tbe reatded /e of h?r ton , Chrla t&n Miller, No. SO lauren < ?trt>? t coruer o' Spring moNbi ? In Biooklyn on Friday evening. March 20, Wnii/.* M' Nut, aged 64 jeara (hi- r< latlvee an frlrada of the family are respectfully Invited to uttend tbe funeral, on sanuay afternoon, at two o'clock , float hi* late residence, No. i 1 Tainan atreet Br??kjro Mrm ?Ob Thursday, March 28, Wiuja* Jn?w, son of Ale&acder and the late Uisa Mulr, agud 13 yeara, 3 m?>ii<ba an1 14 daya The trMnaof tbe family, and also tbe metribera of Verwa Seeixn No 1 Oa'ete of Temperance, are rcepentfull) invite. to att?n< th? ruieraJ, lliie (.Hatur lay ) af'imi'Oti, at oiio o'clot k, fri'm ttla late raldMcti, No. 1T< Orchard (trtet _ UtM.-Ot Friday, March 29, rHo*A? Mnwt, a native Of ? lonnicll, conrty Tippw'ary Iroiand the funeral will toko piac- on sun lay afternoon, at two O'Ohick, fiom hia late |rMidenoe, No 10 Weat Forty Urat lUrfl, (,?-iu? ? In Brooklyn, on FrMay morning, Mareh 90, (it.rmA Arm, wi teo* J I, Owen, M. D., aurgeon of ateam ahip Aff*go in the 44th year of her a?<v I be fneiida ef tbe fanitly are raapectfully invited to a*t?ndtbx fojierai, frum her late real eooe, eor ner of IUna?n place and Cortland arcane, Sruoklyn, on dun day afte M?a, at ha'f fiaai two Pmcwx* ?On F' Ida* . Mar. h 20 of oonaomptlna, Mlaa H>>1 I iBMnia, ?g"1 81 j ear*, 1 irnnlli and Idaya. rh? fooeral ?tll tjiiie plac< at >h? "?l Hi <> of her bmtber-in law, John W flawkea 1SS Weat Twenty atath limit. Ihe ft leada and r?Mlyw vu reajieclfulif lavitg \ to MMd Um funeral, oa lloid^ afternoon, a sag o'olook QcAoamoM.? 1* this otty, oa Thursday uralM Mareh H, after a ahart sad aevera tUai? , Kama i. , win *?f Uearge V. (jMokoaboaa, and only daughter Of the lata lJi>orj Kurae, la the Jbut year of oar age. The relatives and frteada a f tbe family are rneewrSfnay U.vite4 l? at toad the fuaaral, en duaday a/tartaoL at half pfcac ?aa a'cJock, from bar lata reauieaoe, Ma. flf Bnotd nvfltiif. Batwv ?on Md* y, March 2 9, Mabt Am, dangbter af Owen aa<i Margaret Kaddy, a the aaa year of W age. Her f'laaua and tbaaa o ? the family are la Tlted to ettaad Um fuaaral, rroos bar late raatdaaaa. No 1ST Weal ?eveaveaotb Street, on Monday after iteoa, aft balr ,v?a? oae o'clock x?yi On Thursday arcane, Marsh 28, Maaoaaai Etullu mitdb, daegh er of John 9 uad Margaret ft aii vuer , , \geti 9 > ear* and eight mouth*. The fun.val will take place this (Saturday) oaoralag, at t> u o'clo "Jt The tr landa of Che family are Invited te ait* nil i be funeral. without furtbsr tori tat loo, fro* 399 Waal Twenty tiinta atrial troy papers , Please oopr GMj.nnos ? At tbe residence of ber parents, oa Frida* afternoon, Mai oh 2t, Ma hi Emma, canghter of Jo&a aM Annette hbanacn ??eu 8 year a and 8 moaios Tbo friends iA b< '< paieata are reapeotfully invited tm ?ttoad tha funeral, fraat ib- ,r reaul.'LCC, No. tO? #??? Fort) cghtn aweet, > to Hud day afternoon, at two o'olock. Tut. ? la Brooklyn, ou Friday morolag, March 80, itaasa Tii r, uiily iftiilu of Ma m<ia J. aad the Wto Beigaoua t. Tilt, aj(e<l 20 months. lae relati vap aad frtei^" of the family are requested ta aiteiiU ibe mae^ai, from tfce reeidsace of bcr grandfather, Henry Philips. No i!li Uol* street, on aun Jay afternoon at thiee o'clock. V.i?"N<wTR*in??? On Thuitalay, March 38, Juoa Va? KiwTiu.Nn, in ibe 48ta year Cf his aga Tbe relatives astd ir.euua of tile f*uit>y are respeotfUMp Invited to atteaJue funssal, from Const cauroti, CUotaa nil eel, corner of Hat riaoo, Broofclya, this {Saturday) after noon, at baif i<aa Ul ree o'clock Wooinnij, ? At S>1 "acune, oa Friday, March 29, Ijivaa V'MAMKh, yuuDgiKt da iRbter of Kiuhtrd W. Wo>>dbud, a ft Blooming UroTe, Oral K? county , sged about 6 yo*rw. Oral ge cout/ly pa pel s pleuse c> pv. ?iiiY ? iju I'ruiM, March 20, Mast Ambua, daughter of William aiid Aut?ti W ray, aged 2 years, 10 luoatha aau 29 uajH Tbe frk mis of the fans ?'y are respectfully Invited to aft* teno tb? turn rat, from it " reoidcuce of aer gr?nJ<aibarv Daniel W. Noma, No. 17ft Tnompson street, this (.-latur day ) al'iernoon, at two o'c lou* WiniMn ? ai >outb On uge, N. J., on Friday , Marob 29. J< i?aTh?? 8. WurmsT, a ged -19 years. HI8CKU ANKOUS. APOTHKCABIBH, DRUHJi ?T8. Jkim;khs . VN1> private riHium WOLFJC'N BCBHOlAM ?\ w MATiO 8CHNaPPB Tbe n? tariff of prima can 1h* . bitd at the otiic*> UDOLPUO *OLfR, ?i Hearer etr*Mt ABHOLUTE AND BKKI IACI1 IN UUR?8 OF Qltfi.Pt nud bumoua, without lmmedlt t>' ?<r no lnooi,ir?t. ulrien, b> Meaaia Kb. r- U , LX, ;iu> ? rromeaireel Tauuiuioa of the moat toooliiHjvn hii<I *ati?ra. itniy '(Miuion'ii't omi 14 M^n at tbn oflon. Dunid nailx ?u >* < >mUi -in mciaioa. AT BVFRDFLL8 OLD 8TOBB, 301 oROAD W a* - W Mid'ug taidi ?1 hen) wMbrnU d cngtav.*! 1 ajxla ml Olil; Hi the KUirn . J-PUhTO?'a KAILAaY DUUK A AFBlli Nt MnER NU# I KADY. PI11CB 2S t.'fcNPH. Containing 76 Map*, a largo n>aa if "ftm? Tablea to data. Ac., 4c. D. APPukToN k CO., 1'ublnhari, *4:1 ? nd 445 Mr ad vay. Suhnoiipilun rrloa $S par uiirnn una Oo|iie? U oenla At HIKAM lanUOWB. hO ? M^UT, AN fcuB gant aaaortmeut of hiiKll-h Medallion, Brua-df, tnrew 11 j and Ingrain Carpata, otici ilba, Wlndofcr Sbadea, bugm, Ac , at greatly reduced pricea MOaL AND ROBIN UAH ?ORRli, U rofi " For pub le and private bnl'iHagi. erfloted by UBO H. KirotlHM * CO.. 0*1 II road way, V. T. ^JLBABLOO OUT 8aLB. WiLL bflikTLY CL.OHJB DIAMOND#, WATCHBa AND KINK JBWBLBT. D. O PEACOCK, Loadoo, BBS Ml Broadway. Everything warranted, and poaltlvely selling bol >w ooat UIuh tajMi*. Store rtiturra and Baoiory Teoia for *ale ' CMIaBLEM' KiM ON Ct.HiilAL OIN? I.IMU 0 ) for ?alu at old late*. not* it bataadlng tbn Jaw ad* Is other brabda of gin In conae<iuenoe ol the tar I If im_ wUhiug iuwFNt rates will *| ply to nie. f. D. oRVife, 1 -hIi d ug house Ml Hm?<iw?y (1ABINBT FUBJUT RE ?I M. DOB A CO. OKKKR At ' n- tall th?Lr large a*?or tmon t of BOtofcWUOD, ? ?LM<1, MaHi>OaNY and OaK FOE NITIIRR, of their own mauulacUira at ve?y low prices. Every article warranted to five entire aatlafacnoii Ware. ooniM ano Manufactory ok. iM naA WJ K aet BnM ?tieet, lour door* east from aowery. CORNS, BUNION*, INVfeR BD NAtLM, BNLaIOU Jo'ota and all diaeaaea of the feet ouied. without paA or inconvenience to tie patient, by Dr. ZACUAaIB, <i?uaa>? Cblroiodlat, 7ti U Broadway aelera to phiy ?iolana aad aav. gwim ol thai i-ity. TjBAFNEBf, BIOHT, NOIHB IN THE FIEiAD, AT OMCB CO BSD BT DR. VOM HOBCBZl&KER, OCCC1J8T AMD AVBUH^ WITU UIH KKWLY INVENSBD A:TBER1 All EAR INIIALATOR, ABD TBE F ABOuT L\BYN00800i*E, Avru oven or it THE mailt NT Mh. 1>I AL Al'TIIOBITIBB, MEW TE^TIXOBY. Nbw ?ok, March U, 1ML TM i la to oartlfy that I bare be?n attended by tcv iral to lor* for d- aftiaaa, who iai ed to aff<ird me any relief, uctl aent under tba trmMDcnt of D' Vim Vnwhtisfcnr, wk?i? Kurd tnf K?tan<anruu?iy, and atopped tbe burilng aoiaola my bead from which 1 ruffernd ThOBAfc 8 COPELAND, Berp. of Polio* I have been deaf 'or many i.m? forty) ye?rs, and many ptw airlana gave my caae up aa lauiirmble. and umlcr the tra* trn.t ot Dr. Von Boactkzioker 1 have recovered my kearlM entirely. JOHN HT AINTII ROP, Mo 87 W arren Mreoi, New Yerk. MO. W OLlhTOM PLACE, ?ctwbkm nmi ano linn avkb-w*. DO YOU WANT W II I8h EKHf It y ti do )uu muni um my Oofruent, for a* you wfl aiacorer altar ym ba\e iiwd everything oiae, mat It lath* i a.y lb t tachr Hi | lb vg id ibe wotid that will force ib?> leard or mot' to *row uD a pertectly inux th face within Ms we kJ fi la tfce Or. i a) t licaiiot. ; nor will It afleot lb* aklu ir ?UJa or Inline it Id any ?av Now tru muat know thai I am pea teri d b> a Ol of va^abQiu a, * bo Qui imty d<> bnt ?oruf>U t? coiinb-'felt the name of ? y <>i.*ii"it, nut Iher abauia elf rrpy my adrertl. rm> Ma ; but tor ti'ialMy, howeTar, they darn not ot.nnirrf- It n.y o?a>e mi reim-moer, and be aura }uu o?py ni> addr ??? oorraci I; or wlu-n you buy of druftxuta *?* ihat yoo get Iraham ? Ongiieat. It* piio? la ft I mat It by mail, poat?ge fne, any?Eere. on rvoript of an order H- O. UKaUaM, 1U0 Naaaaa at., hew York. fOWlE'H PILE AMD HUMOR CUB3 A aara cure tor HImiUdk, 8lted antl lUhln* Ptlei, Be re fute, I- ah f h. ii m and 'ila?-*?e .it tb? .-.tin Um h>Mlla wir ranted te enre In ail cewa. If not. deeler* er* lartlrularly ?? ?,w ?ted 10 rMuud tb<> ru'Dry. bettlei IB a lb. u and turned, ?n<t lhe?e ?eer Ounflrnied fatala. Uuiulrada of 'et. tera aad oertlflrate* a a now in the proprl tor a naMM'M, which i an b?i n tn ui ua application, atiid ror oirrular fr? Er. d by H F M Ml D Ki* I r rbrmttt, 71 ? rlno- a r^i, m? n Mild by HfcOBMAM A I'll, Aroedway, and all 4ru+ glata. Certlflral.a with each b?UI* Prior $1 per b tile. M INK lilt) ?? UK ?<>ori MOl Th, ft to TO fd. kHiUX P n. ? i :? or to orJ*>. at II kT'H, 4 0 aud ><39 lliwmf; Fr?D<h l au nt Lea her Mooto- of the boat iiuaU y. i. |r tT M. _ _ * (/?OK HALE OB TO KENT.? ffllEfcUlR A WiLSDH'K, r AMil-MOVSX A l>?>tbH M a(!'' I ^ K4 (neat AT iHf K. V. nK * INll MAUU1M& BafOKluM. 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