Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1861 Page 7
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SHIPTOVO. thoir full powend ? butulKt mmhUim aa MImiw >1- Laadlng and ambarfaag fSSBB at Pumas fcud the ulVBriK^l Maw forfc aud Philadelphia , SatUnlAj . Hvcl 30: r&fr' AprU ?'? in i n HaiimU), *i mnni, r M pier it North tit or Fassao^^^^h v.-'SJ'^Ti L^vr'l, ?(f f Urn tickets good fur six r? tha <W * u lean iur?a rded 10 l~?ii?, tl*rr**, tainbiirg Brema't, roam, vix wa-p, 4?., at reduoed through faro* m. ? wialuug to rwiug out their friend* ma bay tlckaU lai tbn fuUoulag rnu* : ? 1o Sum York from Uvorpoal or >?'?*?, 'trot . aMu, $75, Ml and $10$; Steerage fre.u MHK-l 54.), from Oueraatown, $MJ ? have ?>iiwrtor iioeemrD'xIatloas for pimi 14 <arrjr eapermuoad aurgeoaa They are buili In wa |t Iran (MUuw, and have paioat Ore aanihllaiors on information apply to Urwyoil to WTI.LIAM LA -N rgm t tt Water street, In Otaagow to WK. INMaN, IHt. tL'ck aquare in QuooasUiwo to 0. A TV I>. HP.Y^ IS A 0C ; In Umio* te hiVtjb A MACtfY, ?1 R ug Wd a- reel; tii Paris to JULBH DtCUiJC, No ? PUot . bourao Id Pklladelpkla to JOHN U. DALE, 100 Wat ?real, or at the oimoaay 'a oflloea. Jtt UH it UaXR. Ag.'st, 15 BtMim, K. Y. I -NEW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HaVRK i ' Vandrrkttt European Use ataajaitilpa wOl aaLl between lirk. >..?thampt>u a*d Havre. CARRYING TIi>t UNITED STATES MAIL. Heturaing fro* Ha vre and Southamp ton. Wednesday, April St " May U " June t July $ trin ?ew York for Southampton aad Havre. IS. Terry Saturday, April d IbB'.ldlL , Lefevra, " May 4 hftOlS. ifm 44 May 18 fl>tiKHlLT Lo'evre, '? June 15. we stripe bare watertight oomparttnenta. (lloaun of p?a?age issued from ?arope to Amerloa. ?ri.- <lt.uvM?d In L^idon or fart* k < OKRa>0B, Agent, he. J rtowllog Green, Maw York. |b' dratuoa London, l'arts and f raakforL ISorTllAMFTON AND HAVkE. UN SATJRDaY. MARCH SO, THK UNITED StAfES MALL iTEAMBR AKAOO, l D Lines, Commander, ?all fMia pier No *7 North river, root of Beach utreot, in Saturday, Marcb 3d at naoa. I st?aB>ahip uniuri'a?-rd far safety and comfort} kaa bin eag i ii i-nrtHi d?A, eucUaed by water tight onapart ?, wbicb, bt'eidra otUer teauHa, laud, In tbe uveal ef ?>1 i or mrnrvili.K, U> keep the pumpe free to work, and la | tbn aai oty of veeael im paaaeagenL ' r f i eight or paaaage apply to ? Samuel m. rox. OIO. MACKENZIE, Ageota, No. 7 Bread way. i atf-ata<T FULTON wMl aaU AprU V. JaM PROM MEW YORK AND BOSTON TO IRB |Uud, England and RooUuad via Ualwav ?The Atlautte Matt hlniiin Navigation Oompaay Will deepatak from TUESDAY, APRIL 1?, 1881. thetr new and magniSount oaodle wheel etoAmahlp amnRNiA. N. Fkowsk, Commander, r at Ht Jobua to laud paaa< ngera and matla. Bate* ef j from Mew York or Boatoa:? f, >hte to Oa way, Dublin er Liverpool $75 and $100 ,yj(bln to t. JoUa?,N F 34 d i-itbtn Ui Ualway, Livsrp.?ol, Qlaagow or any >ii in .reload on a railway 30 moon taking paaaage la New fork for the above ahlp will vn I rvt- paraagee from New York to B?aion. I) ICR.? Prrton* wtahlng to bring oot thalr !Hih(U WM4 lid (ountrv, can obtain RETURN TlOKETS Al VERY RAlRR r t iirtaerttrfermatl ?n apply to HOW LAND * A8PINWALL, Agenta, Noa. M aud 55 noalh atreeta. c r. ta in Boatoa. Nairn Brea k Sweeney. ft AVER OE APRIL blXTH FOR SOUTHAMPTON ana HAVRE. CARRYING TUB UNITED STATES MAILS. |l |IK b'l BaMHHIP ILLINOIS, Oapt. P. B. TERRY, x?U tr<>m ?)!? r No. .1 North river, New York, at neon, atfay, A,rt) b, with malla, paiwe ngera aud apeole for Eag [I ai d Kranoo. lo SOUTHAMPTON. TO HAYES. it cabia $75 Flrat cabin $80 cabin 30 Third cabin 35 bia Meaiuabtp ka* boea mipplied with powerful new boll , and haa b-rn re It it J In tlie mo?t thorough miaiur. DWgbt irou buikkeadA a)'aolu?ly walortl|ht aud lirepr.xjf, J ttn herejgl'iea aud boiler*, aud for aafely, oomfort aau 1 she ranka in the Ural class of ocean steamer*. ? next trip from New York will be on May IS. D. TORRANCE. Agent, Mo. 5 Bowling Oreen, New York ht drafts on London, l'arla and Frankfort. IB NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STBAMSHIP NEW > OKK, H. J Via San>ea, cooamander, carrying the i t-tates mall, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of ? street, on HA1 ORDAT, April 13, 41 12 o'clock M., for BUEMEM via bOUT HAMPTON. (ofirONrffATRB. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, he following ratea:? ' Tirst cabin $lii0; second cabin, $00; steerage, '$35. or f night or pamiAge apply to OELPOkT, KeuTOEN a RBIOHBLT, 83 Broadway, up sfcatrc .aM TO BaMBUBG, HAVBB, LONDON AND ftotithampton ?The Hamburg American Fadket Oom ay'a steamship TE U TO NLA, H. Taabe, eommander, 1 leave oa Monday, Anrll 1, at 13 o'otook M. , for Hamburg nouthmapton, taking paaaecgws for Havre, London, ithjunuAon and HuDburc. itcabla.. ... $10U | Sreond eabln. ,$W | Steerage $35 kc. B. RiCHARO A BOAd, 151 Broadway, v be steareahlp BORUBSIA will anooeed the Teatoala rli 16. ?OR LIVERPOOL DIRECT.? THB BRITISH AND Mrrth wnrncui Roy*! Mail Hteamahlp BURoPA, I. apt. ha Muir. will wtl from thia part for .Liverpool direct, ou ief oIW ruL|i $130 coad " " 7* ror freight or paaeageBwrty to E. CuNARD, No. i Bowling Onto. -.oK LIVERPOOL? TAPBCOTTB LINK ?HAILS ON Haturday, March 30. The well known packet skip BKfi LMlN AN AM* Captain Chaee, positively aaila u abova, ? uaewwe aoplr on beard, pier 37 Eaat nver, or to TAP ;otT A CO., 86 Sooth ?troeC lOR LIVERPOOL ? DREADNOUGHT L1NR-THB 1 celebrated clipper ihip VICTORY will p:*ltively sail oa e 1*1 of April For laaeage, at lower ratee than any other 1 1 p. apply oa board, pier no. i North river, or to P. M. a Khrf T. 4M Boath a4reeu vlX? BLACK STAR LIRE Of LIVEBfOO/' VaCITRTS > *"<?<? Draft... R,yai auk if Ireland, Ao. Thy pe?tot akip cufisriTir riow Rail* Tl^?Tpult^ J^et.'01 aPPly W WIUJA*S * )i?lOK KROM OR TO LtVBBPOCL, BT TUB BLaCK . Bail Line of Paokete ? *b? COLUMBIA aalla on tba It of April, tif'iiBAf WBBTBBN an tba Mtb. For pat ige apply en board. Pier >3 Eaat river, or to JA004 WIL ??, ItN f outk ? I reel. jfiAPHUOTTB LIMB OP LITRBPOOL AND LONDON I I'wkota.? Parage ft -m or to Liverpaol or Lona m eaa :*ay? U engaged by thia?ell kn jwn line, (ailing weekly, t Jjb vity iuwe*t ratea. aad draft* laaued a a usual far any mobnt, payable ua dasiand in aay part of Great Britain or reland. can be ' vtained ay appiyini to or addreaalng TAP COVT A CO., fti South atiwt, Mew York. V LIN E ? FOR Lv>Ni?<>-? BAILB MORDaY, APaIL 5l 1, the new and cpieo Ud packet uhlp PaLR8TIME, Capt. ??. d, naw lying at pier 16 feast rlrar. fimn from Londoa u lie engagnd ta cone by Uu* Hna, Bailing every tan day*, nil draft- ia??ed, payable in any part of threat Britain or relauil, uu be obtained by applying to TAPSCOTf * 00., S Suatn atreet. [/OK CALIFORNIA VI V PANAMA. . a Bret claee ateamer will leave Mew T urjt on the lit, lltk ad 2iat <>i each tui;u Ii, axaapi. when th.-ae data* fail oa obda wkan taa day of departure will ba oa tba Monde/ ?Leer lag. Par frx ight or pnataga apply at tka enly ofllra, No. 177 Wee t iraat, corner of tf arraa. D It. ALLEN Agent. ?. UKTRiUA PIONBBR LIMB, CARKTINO THE 1 I'blted State* UalU.? the taagniacent At eitretae cllp !<? nn-v ANMA KiM HALZs M*r?b, tneuer, in now rapidly m lug at pliv No. 7 Eaat river, and ? 111 poeBteaiy <all let or prll fur Melboarne direct e he baa unmirpMl aciaama *ilon? for first and aer.end rabln pataeugen, aB on deck, be clipper ship I'tilfhllluK will have qulok dxapateh for M. 8. W . frt-m nler No > feavt rtvnr, carrying flrnt au pas vuigera enly. For trelgbt or paaaage apply I j H. W. aMhBQM. tu Beaver atieet. iV^K RIMUtlTON. JAMAICA. ' 4r.,miua and Near leak Porew Steam Packet UtM, ear ,ltS <ae mall. ToaaU rof aloaat n. .la-nalea, on the RXk of .i hViiiaih. The m- 1 meaai?hip OLK ATOR, Capt. William nrd, will rail for the above port on Saturday, Aortl 20, from ft M North rtver PaaaaM? Klrat oabla, $dll; aecond caam, W: tblrxlelaaa, $SS rar freight or paaaaaa apply la #AL ikn A M>/OTli. agfbta. 87 Bmad 'treat. j*,R HAVARa.-t?lTBD HTATE? MAIL BTRAMSHIP 1 uI aKKk (urt, R t. .thufxiilt, oommander, will leave ?r I be above port oa Friday, April A, at IS o clock, f roan pier i North river r er tretgkt or paaaage apply to HAROODS IN?., M South atreet. MM MA VAN A VIA NAtMAU, N. P.-THE BRITISH 1 and north American royal mall alaaimahlp KARNaX, aptato Lemeaaurier, will latl for the above porta from Ota impaoy'a wharf, at Jeney City, oa atnrday una or mnme FwTi^ght or piaaaaga apr Ir u> J OUKaRD, Na. ? BowUag I .lOR KAVABRAII ANjUOIMER POINTB, AS BRLOW ? " the drat alaaa iteaiaahlp FLORIDA, OhMala laaae rowed, will leave oa Halurday, March SB, at 4 r. M., from lor 36 North river. Through Urketa ean be had far tba fot iwtitg placea:? Mew ortaaaa, BM 75; Moblla, BM; Moat UK SO: 4e?aj>lila, $21 7S, Aignaia, $17 W) Maann, B*> avannah, *lft. ?or freight ?r paaaaaa apply at IS Broadway. aAMl/RLL MltUHILL t BON, Maw fork, i JOHN R. Wil.uBa A 14A.LLUL Mavaaaab, \ The ALABAMA, oapi a. J. Woodbnll, wtu aaiMli, aad lave on Batnrday. Aurtl A [/ok CUARLJKMTua, H. a, RaVAKNAH, OA, AND L1 the Kouth and noutbwnat.? Semi-weakly united Btatae laii >lde? heel HMaauhlp Una.? The ?teaiaahipOOiiOMBIA apt. tu try, alii leave pier Mo 4 North river, on Saturday, larrh IM. at 3 O'clock I' M Katea of pa?wg?, with through ickeui, aa foUows:-To Savannah, Ua , ?l#;l'aarleet(m, Itft, lift. New Orleaaa, $;;i? ;?? MoMle, $36; R ootgomery, Ala. St. Metapbln, Tenn , $:il 78; Mai hvllle, $27 73, Cnatiaaooga, Bf K^DIVJU^ $? M): A ugiuta, tla. , $17 Ml; A?ania, $il ><Jiinibla, h. a, $17 80, Charlotte, N. C.. $1* ror freight or Meeage apply to BPuF*Obi>, tIlrMTON A CO., SB area* Rotu:?.? Oa and afi?r WMnnnnf, April S, th? eleamera af the above Mne w U l-ave at 4 o eioek V. M. All bllla ot ladlag er ?uaA""? ??"? ^ preneaied to the Parear no board, pre rtona to ona o'oloek oa day ?' railing. r)K SAVAMNAH aRD FL?. HIDA? THB AMKKICAR Atlantic screw itlcaaaehlp f ompanya n?w ?od flrat claM will leave pier Mo. 13 North river, on the toilowlng lnyi. at 4 P. M. ttUN'l?VlLLB, Pap*. Joka A. Poet, Thnredav, April A a I" e tvantiHb, *i h urnurpaaned an-.?na,,H|\ lona. Hi. ? hnn'gh tl'iketa V. Ne*r t/rleana, $? 78, to M > tut, n?.?tgnm?ry, $28. M'-mphia, $11 78; baahvtlla, $47 74 ? noivlllf $28 Mi, t.battan<>"g%, $iA; Albany. $?; Hufala! |vi . oH.Bibtia, $|i. Maeoa. $SU; auguata, $17 6*. if >h hug omnlbM fare la Savannas l a eberked rnaa to aU tbe above polnU. 1 ?noe at 1 iwa?t ratea o? prt mluia \if. meuien g' ^d* 10 Oinw |f r li??t, other good t In pro. koi Con >'iil?"f lajing inttot be taken out to Innire dnapatch, and tie ? ill be mguM a' ter departure of atearner. f t lie ^lit ?>? , a? >ge app'y to '? 1 i<; >M * P.I A < '> , Wfet ??ree,1 rorti-r tlVny ? L bttbrs fob muropb, pbr rrgAXbHir bo hop a. *U1 l? nwwnl tl Dm i Unptor'n olllw. Ho. 4 UowUa* 0 eta, uaul 0 a'flieck on iiaiunia/ gunlafc MUl last. B. CPNARDJI HAY ANA AND n? ORLEANS, EVERY TB* DAY* TO BAIL OH MONDAY, aPRIL 1, at 1] o olook. tie ifajasbiu BIBBVIiuC J. D Bulloch, Coitnuidir, T s O' W receiving t relghl, nod will uJ as abotre from pier root sf <uirey North river. Hor?e? taken on all the it earners LI V IK8?TON. CUoCHRRON A CO., 88 Hum street. The <Haam?hi[, CAHaWIA aalla April il. North Carolina? weekly. The new and flret olaas steamship NOBTH CABOf.INA, Captain Wm Powell, ? rl leave ^iar 1j North river, for *11 mluinon, N. C , On -vurdar, March SO, connecting with Wil mington aud Weldiu afcd WV'tuiagtoa and Manchester Ball roada. Gjode forwarded to an f>aru of North aad Mouth Oarulina free of ocmn Ukion. Pre gill cght cents per foot and proportionate rate*. Iusuraaee MM-h?lf-per ot-nt. App -y to II. R CROHWMJi A OA, M6 VfMt (treat, aud Sil BraUnr. The PAKEEBHBUBG will succeed and Wave on Saturday, April & rpo TUB EDITOR OF THR NEW TORK tlBRALD: 1 Dear 81a? ? e, the undersigned. passengers on board the sieaaisUa t.tty of Baltluio.e, from Liverpool to New York, if el u'ni-h pUa?i<re in publicly testifying to the worth of the steward Mr. Robert Bruce Seme of us hare Lad frequent op poriustlics of knowing how pakHeugers are treated >u hoard (migrant ships, but never met a maaao oourtoous ahd atten tive to the wauta of the i>aaaea?era as Mr. ttruoe Kihq on trying occasl >na we never aaw him lose that aelf c >taraaad which is ao aeoeaaar* ta preserve dlteipline on beanl aa emi grant tutael Wo are induaed to bring thia inau's conduct felon the pnblic snd his superlots, trusting hU straightfor ward career oar meet the reward which It rise arras. Signed oa behalf of the Passengers, PHILIP BKOWMI CRONR*, JOUa PlTZ HARI8, JAMS* KITZOkRALD, XIIM'L LYNCH. ?MiilN 01 NN1NGH AM, PATRICK DUN DON, MATHRW LAKMOH, TUB TVRF. 2JTALION. ? ROYAL ORORtiE, JR. OWN BROTHER O to tU? celebrated lorotito Chief, wlU stand thU season at Stewart's Hotel Cypress HlHa read, at $.V) for the I First rate accoaoanodathia for mures aad foals. THB crlbbbatbd trotting stallions nbw Jersey and Major Low, bv Gorge M. Patchm and Alaou' amorlcan winner or mat preiaiuui at New York Mate fair, will staad the present aeatoa. from March 15, at V, at tte stables of the undersigned, at Fordham, Waatohea ter county, tun aailes from New fork. Good rtaMIng inn One pasturago will be provided far mares. CHAR W. BATHGATE A CO. dbCfl nnn -fashion coirse FOR SAL* OB TO ipUU.vUlf. let; other land and Improvements oaa be had on liberal u r ma if desired ; or will be let, in whole or In pail, to a good tenant Inquire of Messrs. HOLMKd A Mo KRAG, No. 7 Chambers street. N. B.? AU the ? tabling Is now In readiness for trpftors and the traolt for working, and libe ral punas will be gi .an as soon as thu season oommea aes. HORgBI, CARRlAQBg, 4tO. APOItnOW OP THB PRIYATB BfcTABLIBHMBNT OF I. M. Mnger for sale; ten Horses aad sis Carriages, all first clasa Carnage houtte tit West Ninth street, near Fifth A PAIR OK *KLL MATCHED HORDE 8 POR HALB with Top Wagon and double Harnwas, little used. Also a first rate road Horae, very faat, light Warm and equip ments. AH will be gold BOyarateljr or toge" Kale. Apply at 367 West f ifteenth street. B OX W AGON FOR 8ALB ? MADE BY WOOD BROfl., good as new, cost $175, will be sold for $1(J0. Can be se?u at private stable *H Weei Twenty-eighth street. Inquire for the color- d coaehman, Joaeph. Call before 11 o'olock. DONKET WANThD? BITI1BR JACK OR JBNNY; musl be kind and wall broke fur saddle una, Partits bar ing such Will eall at C. V. MAI'S' ', 116 and 128 Nassau street. flOR SALE ? A RBAOTIKUL AND 8TTLISH ST. LAW rence hay Mace, loug tail, six years old on 1st Juao nszt, scuti.l and kind; can trot In 2:50, without training; 14 hands 3 inoliflallgS; also, a shifting top W agon (Stivers A Smith), lie w last spring, and a superior set singls Harness; the satice turnout ooiuplate for $5: a Can be ?een at tM Mercer street. LV>R SAT-R? A HIimiNG LXaTHER TOP BUGtif, IN A? grod oot 'lltlon, made to ordar' used only three months. Csn be seen at Mr. Dllks' stable, 191 Meroer street, near Blw?ker. Apply at 21 Bond street. IfHilt HALT'". ? A VBRY IIAJID^OME MaRR, GKNTLB 1 and p<u . octly sound, five years old. Apply at Maodea aid's stable. Twelfth street, between Fifth avaaae and Uni versity plaoe. For bale? a splendid dapple gray horsr, I6>t bauds high, long tail, full of style, superior saddle horsr, excellent disposition, seven years' old; can trut (equal*) In 2.4010 the pole certain; ntrer been trained; warranted sound ami kind. Apply to SAMUEL MAKLOR, Tateriaary (Surgeon, Providence, R. L IriOR BALK? A HPLHNDID FULL BLOODED MES3RN 1 ger Stallion, six years old, mahogany bay, wi'hjut mark, 11x8 bands high, peilectly sound, kind and essy to handle; be is pure llbod, as bis pt'digreo will ahow, which will be given in full Apply at .-'hilllps' Stables, OK) hsvonth ave nue, Ii;oadway square, between Forty-fli th ttott Forty idxth streets. I70R SALE-A SINGLE HORSB COCPE AND HAR I' iiess; have been but. little used Inquire at Underbill s A IHn s Ktuble, Lafuyette place. WlU be ao.d for half price. ai. o a (stable, 773 Mnih street, to let. F'OR KA1.K? A JBT BLACK BLOODBD H0R8B, OF diroet Tlppoo and Highlander stock; S years old, 16<^ hands high, and vsry fast; thoroughly broken for slagle or double barn ana; has bees trekied liv Diabrow fer the saddle; guai an teed to bMparfestly sound and genua in all respeetx; will b? sold at a bargnia, aa his owner has no further use for him. Address C. T. W . be* 1.333 Post eittea. For kalb? a fair op stilish brown hoiurs. Ave aod kit years <>14, 10 hands h'gh, long tails, kind and nound. Will l>? cold separately or together at i'latl's feed ?lure. Thirty ninth street, near Broadway. tjlOB BALK ? A PAIR OP BAT HOR3EH, SUITABLE P tor a f urm or carriage; kind In single or double haru<*?. Apply to Or. J. LEaTUM, MCI Oraud street, coraer a i aberll t. FOR 8ALE? A PAIS OP BAT CARRIAGE HORSES. 1<H handa Ut*? sound and kind, Inquire of W. IX. Mllika, 64 aud We?t Nlnetecth street. r". 8ALB-A PAIR OP CARR1AQR HORSE#, 15V hands hlnh, and a gray Hone, pony built All la g ><H condition, sound and f reo 1 rein any vice or trl<*. Sold oa ac count of the ov. ner grlng to Europe Also a two horse Ooupe. uMd inly lor one season, Brewster's make. Can bu wei at the stablo, mtr ot l?i Fifth avoaue, In iwentj -aeoond street, for one week. C'OR 8 A LB ? A CANADIAN TIOVHE, SIX TEARS OLD, t U hands high, ilj Mali win frst rtrlrnr; waigtit 1,1W Ita ; valuable for cuprths or family use. Also a handsome sr.iy Horse, nine years old; prloe 975. Doth mimnkd. Apply at Mo. 8 utei street, coal yard, near Canal "jTHjR SALE CHEAP? A LIGHT LBATIIAR TOP C r'uggy. nearly new. Apply at Brawn's stab'u, corner of Mate and Bcerum M reels, tirook'ya. rOR SAL* CHEAP? A SECOND HAND SIX SEAT open Barouche, in perfect onior. Inquire, J.<7 Sewery, of J. YoUNG. HOltSES, CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, JROCERS', BUHI less and eipress Wagons, second hand WageM auj Carriages of all kinds, I orty Hornet. ilarnujs, Ac, setMog at leas (ban saotioa prices. 134 Fultoa art nue and 10 Nevias sweet, Breoklya. HORSE FOR SALE.? A FINE OK AT MARE, FIVE rears old, Mfc hands high, perfectly sfund and th> roughly trained to the saddle; likewise very g?ell? In har twee, ?H>er sisg e or doable: weli adapted for ladies' nse. HI bp pnld at a banjatn, as fh* owner has no farther use for the same. Uaa be seen at Messrs. Turn turd's riding ?o-i c'rmv , 430 nliUi arsans, eornrr ef Twenty sixth street F r further particulars apply at W South fflSUam street, front ofllce. Light wagow8.-dusbnburt a tan dusk*, practical Light Carriage .'makers, 1% and 1ST Chryatle street, between Breome aod Iwtancey streeta, New fork, would taf< rm tknse gsa'leeara who hare nut ordered in ttaan for sprtog tiding, that they hare dnlmed up, pre* tens to en tering on their rprtag ordfra. and hare oa hand a few of their (viial'rated Light Wagons, of the latest styles, whtah oanaot be surpassed for lightness, beauty aad durability. PONIES? ON* HUNDRED SHETLAND, SCOTCH AND Welsh Ponies bars Jast arrived froas Europe, of all oolors, si smi and ages, from eight te fouilssa hands high. la Forty -sesond street, betwwea fifth eathfluth arenaea. grp. t. hall. Private stablr-to rrnt, two or pour Stslla la stable 8H #set Twenty eighth street; room for hree large or tour small carriages Apply oa the premise* or or Rirtland, M Broadway, up stairs, knock hard orf sta ble door If not open. KOAIi W AGONdL __ BKKWH1ER A CO., R1 and *14 Brooms street, ear ner of Mutt atrant, are prepared to reoaire orders for thstr ?I'pfriof Wagoar, deliverable at any period daring the earning ?i asos. la addltlun to ether tmaror sta rata wkisa hare gi'^a their work tna highest repatatloa for iluraoility aad alagssoa, ihey would direct > peslsl attantioa to their ' Improved r Ide Mar," rendering thetr "half spring" Wsgoe suaertar to all otters ia strength aad elasticity. Although ma la on Koad ttagrina aa^eoial feataxe of their business, ther woald also inrfte irderwfor erery style ef pleasure osmagas for Uwa as>d cooatiy. _ * - Road wagons. Wa kara oa band, and are msyaied to reeatre srdara f er HUK CLAWS road W AOOhB, of all weights, nam itader eur superrlalon oa the prem'ssa, aad wanaatad te he equal Is aay other wagen made la this atlf . We hare also oa h?ad sad making to order FlRaT OlMMl ( ARKIaHKh, suitable for part, oity oreountrr, walsa we wig sail at low prima. MINER A MTETRMb, H, H aad 71 Walker street, FVet door east of Broadway. TTEEMONT MORSES FOB HALE.? 1 PAIR BAT MO* V gaa Marea, US haads high, 7 years eld for style and ao lian canrvnt lie sorpaastd. aleo, 1 pair Brown Horaoa, i?\ hsoda, 7 year*, free and styiUh drivers. aUo, several doe single aad Kaddle Beraaa. lo he seea at Washlagtoa Hall stablea, Ihlrd aveaua, betweao lUth aad IMU streets, Mar lest Al/KI. LVPLK. \\T ANTED ? A CART A HO LIGHT BUSINB'W WA fl goa (new er second hand), la eiehange for llettoa, at rash^pttsee. A^ply^at the dlstUlety, 1SS Chrtstophe> street, BIXslslAKMs A FINS ASSORTMENT OP FRENCH, BNOUiMI AND Ameitnsa BflUard Tablna. with fhnlaa'a combination t nshiums now on hand, anr at pricea to suit the Mutes. PbRLaN A OOtsuEMUER, AS, db, 67 and di Cteeby street. nVT. gILLIARD SAJXS -PATENT COMP1UUWBD ITOET, of superior quality and warranted for all months fries i er set Msnnlartured aad for aala hj WM. M. fflLb 410 Broome street. BILLIARD! - A FINE ASSORTMENT OF W. J. hIIARI"B Billiard Tables will be found at hu maaufeu lory, 14ft Pulton street, with Ml celebrated I Iishlons. paleuiMt November >t. 1MW, admitted to be superior to any now in use, and whloh will b? oflared r?ry Vow for sash Also, a few ?e vmd band Tables. TUB KBHT AHKANl.hU ROOMS IN AMERICA, 00* taiMM twenty two ?>l' I'hfl.n s tables, making tliem taa liandai OM'St billiard roi.tna in this city? los Wl sn"* i^sst fourteenth tweet (I nim sq.arii, between itfoadtvay aod to irth K*eBo?. U. OWOUffW) Pru?riet>r J as LfM ?. Supariatentlent WlitANTS PAlBNT till Atll'IGN BIL.UARG ABli/.a. The e?rrl?l<,r sp< ing rashlan, palen .l mi ;iui? I". H'H I 'rely nnrrw* "bd dw* vb*a H? vo?m| anr and "Mi ni hrrs o wtn Hi, f...i .k- IimmS, ?a SMaai ?W?SM, ... ? mLLnaaY, <fco. XTBW UTTLE8 Of SILX AMD CRA.P1 BON VETS, worth (10, selling for Pi. A Urn aaaortn: ant of Mourn ing Bonnet* ?a baud Milliners wippuod All kluds of straw bti cleaotd at Mr*. H B1NBS' Hiiiaury, 41} CaMl street, ?M door from 8 oil) ran. Gpembo or French millinbby. HUB. ALJs XANDER. No Sftv, Uirlaioa street, bogs leare t>< acquaint her friend* and the trade la general thai lk< will i|?Dui Monday, April 1, liar splendid Htoek of i'ariaand own u i do spring I lata, whica lu seieoUoa of mtlariala aud Ixtatity ai Ktylea. co.mut be surtiaMed by ?njr house la Broad ?? jr. Hi oleeaie iniofcaier* will do wall lo give bar a call before 1 u uliastog il>ew krra. . SPRING 1'ABIS FLOWERS, 1 BATHBR8 AND BBI l> Ala SETS, UaBMTURBB JlHLi VEIL*. JAMBA TUCK Kit, 799 Broadway. DAT UOOI>M, AC. At ft* SIXTH AVBNUB, 265, One door brlow Sertatecnih street. IMMBNsB SAOIFICB OP PAN C* GOODfl, Hoaiory, (Jlovtn, Coder Garments. 1 aces, Bmbroluartea, Ribbona, Draw Trimmings, Flower*, feather* and small ware*. PUB HA LB THIS DAT. 1,0? dot. Ladies Linan llkfs., 6c. to 12c. . worth 14 to 3Be. MM) bc?t Prftich Aid Gloria, fifo . worth Lltle thread Gkorea, 6a and tc., worth 13e. and 30a 7M) d?. do. Gauntlet*, 12c aud inc., worth Silo. and II a IAU beat French meotiaiUoal Con>?U, 87 0 , worth $1 Ml. X.UUU linen t'ollara, for to., worth luc 1,'AJO White t'otton Hoae, Ca. to llu , worth Ifc to 9to. 1,'UO Do. do. do ik lo 2Sc. , worth 2?Jc. to S8J. MM White Lisle Thread How. Sic worth 5Us. 5 UU) vda. Jaooiiet Edgings, 12, 15 and ISc., worth 21, 35 A 40a. 2.UUU hw 1m Bands 26c the double band, worth 9' l,w V Janmet and hales Cellar*. 12c. to 90c , worth 25a. to 91 MM Do da SrtH, 50e to $1, worth $S tj (2 0,000 M beat English Needles, 1 uapers for. l3c , worth Jte , beeidaa an loimeaia assortment Coaibi and Brvahia of every description. hair Nets, Plna, working Zephyr Wool*, l'lns, 1n|ie* and Cottoa. Ac., Ao., all equally low. AT POUBT AIM'S INDIA 8TORB, SA't IfROADW AT.? Pineapple Dme Goods, plaid, atrlpid, cheated and plain ; t, unmet wuk MlkH, wide, plaid, ofaeened and striped, Seer suckers, >ankeens, Pongee*, ilug llandkerchlari, Crapes. As. ; Pineapple enpresaly for summer 1> um-ti, all oo lor*. Al*o Good* not to ba procured elsewhere . Krtnuh aad China Paul, American Indian Barkwork, Kan* and Curioatle*. T P OOLB'ti 860 BROADWAY Received iroai auction, a Urge ljtof llaaa Sheetings, 10-4 wide, 16c, per yard; aotton Bheetluga, T*t yards wide. 2Te per yard . large lot of tabla Liuuu very ooeap. Hue ptakl 8Uka, extra aheap, 37u per yard ; black Silka, Ac. HKAP ClOll ING. OHKAf CLOT 11 1 SG-jJT MO. IKi ) I'lii C" atrret, corner i f Mercer, one block ml of Broad, way. tlood fervleeable Panta for 91 a p.?lr; other gjod* equally rcaaonaMe. (U W1 WOKlH OF KTAri.K DRT vJOJIM (JiJt/.UUU wanted? Por which caab aol Iowa Urn** wfll be given. None bat principals dealt with Adilraaa Manufaaturer, boa 6 28 i'oat odlce, llttebitrg. Pa. NISCBLLANKOUIi. BCT1BR? 60S PACKaUBH bTKICTLY CUOICB, suit ?Ma lor faaolly uae, lor ?ale by liARilt BCBBPLL k OO.. M Paail aud M Water b treat. Boot and hhob oppbrs. Prloieat t leucli atook uaed, la every variety aad kind, Por flaeat Cnrtomer Work. B- A bTliC K k SON, 69 Oold *treet. New Tort C1BMBNT WORKBK8 ? WANTED. A RBdrONHIBLB ) party to lay a lai ge floor of Indestructible cement; oae w ho can warrant the nement and work to be auacnpilble o t a ainooth face aud a* Laid aud wuooth aa marbls. Addnsat Ca Baai, herald otllee D R. ZKIlL'8 NKKT1NE POWDEiiH. LOVE OF STSCNO DBI.NK CUBED. For aalo at No &H Division itreeL comer of Market. Mr* Beach'* bookatore, 214 Biuhth ?v., near Twenty-Orel at. Uayaa', 176 Kultoa aireat, Brooklyn. Dr. Mercer'a, 224 Broad ?tr?et, Newark, N. J. C. V. Freeman * store, Morrwtown, N J. PRICE ON* DOLLAR P. C. WELLS A CO , Wholesale Agonta, 115 Franklin street COB THE 8DPERIOB ROOMING 8LATEH OF THB " Eagle hlate Company apply at their yard, corner of Twelfth streai and Tenth avenue, or lo O. Fv RMAN, A/uet, 27 Cortlandi sUeet, N Y T BABY BOOPH CUBBD. ? BLLEKS'8 PaTBMT RVB JLi ber Paint, one oent a foot, warranted. MX Orand street, 1 7 Park row, 15S Bowery, 48 Eighth arenue. St Bast four teenth atraet. Fortr-sixth street, Broadway, and W 8Uth arenne. Blghta aud Paint for sale. Marble bantklb.? obeat bargains m man tela? A large stock on hand, and a grant reduction in price* for any kind ordered this month. Call boob at a. KLA BfcR'8 marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth street, west of Third arenas. Maatels put up In any plaoa in the country. Notary public.? a noiaby public would rb sign In faror of aome person wishing an opportunny. for a oocuiderailon. Addreea Notary, Chatham wiuaro Poet office. OLD OOLD AND SILVKB ORNAMENTS, OOLD Dl'WI. CotuH, Diamond*. Pearls and other precious stanea bought at Ne. St>% (Chatham street. Fine Oold and rolltd BUver oonstantly on liand at No ;i6t^ Chatham Hireet. A. BARNARD, Oold and Mirer Reftner and Aaeayer. PBLLIIAM SE&DLIBO POTATOBB POR BALB.? THBT are the earliest known, white, mealy and In season throughout ilia }i?r; alw> reined cider aud vinegar, very chok e. Arpiy at the ag?ucv, No. 4 Krie Bulldlngi, l>uane atreet. M. A. .1. LfNOH. PAWS? NOTABLR tradesmen and houses. Hot*i. r>*n Tbou (hcerri'iiu, 17U Kiii- HI roll? l^uge and small apartment* iuinuhed in a superior *ivle ?jmboN Uk imlk, patented by ike Amprne* tnd Qimfu of Ennnnl and llol.anc, 6 Boulevard dee Cap uotuea, facing rue de la l'aix. t Ilka? India and > reueh ; CaAmere a haw La, Lace, Lingerie, Mantles, Fancy Woods, Wedding Bulla, Court hid Mil DrunaeM. Dkxmhukkk ? M*iaoa Pauvet, 4 rue Manara. Thk IIkaiiiikkdmc* ami Ml Li. u? KH i of Mllfi. Boiler, 4.1 rua Ntuve bt Auguailu, repr**ei<l ao truly tbe type of dutlne liou, fliat ?ev? ral furt-lgu O' una, b> wb'tui .>be liaa been ap pointed the patentee la Ike moat Uatienog term*, bate adtf letl them. Fbxm h < 'arnbric Handkerchief a. plain and worked. Cha pi on 11 rue de la l'alx Lacs Violaho.? Kvery req?Mt? Jfor Wedding Unite, l'rotne nade and hreniug Lree?e*, Ac.. 4 rue d? Choueot. Ini'M hu awls. Lack ? Au Perean, 7? rue Hlchelieu. btui *? 1'uwTAi.? >ew cut nad mode of stitohlng, 49 rue Neuve, 8u AugusllD. Wholenal* and retail. Jk.vk-i i.kk to II. M ? Kramer, 11 rue Neuve St. Aiujnstln. Momhpoaimi ? (Brunzc, I hipi an<l Ancient "u;oKure.) The WKrertonii are removed to 19 1U* de lieldec, ?van, Exhibition of l'icittre*, Broa{? Work.', Btatuary, ;il r lace de a nonrnc. CHBOHQKMtrs akp Clocks.? Le Roy A Fll?, makers to the navy Calais Royal, 18 and 14 Oalerle iioutpen lor. OlTICWf ? T* f iiouae of the mgetileur Che, ingenleur liuciev Cl>eva"ler, sole *uoe?e?<T, founded by Ins f?'n?y (a 1744*. tour de l'fao:!r?e 4? I'alale, ?t Tjcietil li Pta i 4u I'out Neuf, f icing the ataiue of TTe'nry IV Instruments for Optica t>atural FUJoeophy, MaiLematioa, the Mary and M liiet alogy Seyms* China.? China, Ciyftale, Dinner Servieee, Boutlgny. Fatal* A' y#>. Galerfe M? nl| enm?T 21 andiO. Chixhith to the Etnbatay, Robkutx A Co , 23 Place Vendome WmiH. Teas and (?boi pkifs of tin Irmef II. Cuvilller, 18 rua da la f aix,- I r.jprieior of Vineyards in B jrdeaux and Champagne Order* fi r America executed. P LA PCM AUS, I'nimni by uppolatmeut, 2 rua Camimrtia. Tbe Bhaitv ?Umsj, t.xv pa t i.kik t>a Lrs fur the com plexlon 1 MTtusineUo, being oae of the moat renowned Briiductli na lor the toiUl, gi*r? the ik'n tho supplenea* and It* m ot jouth, ana i?p*i t< a wbileni'aa of irreproachable puiiiv. N K.? Mr Flauchaii Is the only paloulee. Deput at KeV T9lk at Duprat s, 637 Broadway. Tailcb ? Hulek, 2M> rue KItoII, weU known for hie elegant cut and very superior lit; a tnwtworthy tradeaBaan. PA1R1S.? FttMtUH WHITE KMC t aIKT, DHT AND In oO, red and raeeo leal, at nvluaed prions fur cash. For sale at the of the Yieil.a Moatagua Conpauy of i'arU, by J(M?E1 H M. .STHON0, and 44 street. KfcAD T I f IK DU>L Y RttUKAVBD U)? I'lTOH ma $6 AO; plate4 Kurku aad .Spoon*, $3 dnzna. Kvnry kind ot m'leiy at lorn pncea, at BABbrOktO'B, tbe Uooper la atitute Iio COM IMl'TIVAH.? A PKKaCriBK OF 1 HE (JOB pel, having oared bin >>on of coafumpti. a In ita worat stage a. at l*r btit g f iven up to 41i by thr most oelcbrated phy S'?u?, dtslre* to niake km.vtD the node of care, which prorea au. fttae* ul In every mum to tto<>e aHlicird with Cougln Uold* 0>ti> ..mption. aud he ?ill send It frae at abarga ia all ? ho Uxslre it nod will lorwaril lnm lhair adareaa. Addrai. IiaMEL ADAS, :J78 Pearl utrnet, Wew York. U Ml A PPT UUHBA>D* a'kD #1 VK? i'A? OlirAlN A timet alihoil cnoiln?tion or piMdiy; inconoiiatl biil'y of uniper oniy required All oaves guaranteed Ad vice oralis. Apply to 0. U. BACON, No. 6 Pine street, rum 21. FINE AUTsl MA. BOOT. IIELIOOKAPtilC ARTIbT? FOBMBRLT ? nt 1'LlladeJpbU and M,'i K r. ad way, Ne ?. York, will aoon oim a a Daguerreotype, Pboiographle and Flno Art Ual lery, V&3 oruadway and taS Fifth areaua, i ppoatte the Fifth Avenue Hotel, where he will be p leased to aee hia frleada, former patrons and tbe pubUe generally, whether they daeire portralia or not. RAILHOAPg. 1 1 DflON RIVER RAILROAD? FJR ALBANY AND [with trama North aad Weet.? Trains rmom ninua mm. ntoai thirtt naer mm RipreM, 7 and 11 A. M .aid 7:2ft, 11:3* A. M and S:?. ft:tl 3 M aad ft f M. P M troy and albary (with ateey 10. U P M. (landays Isela lag eare), t:4A p. H. ded.) Peaghkrepeia trala, 7:M A. S A. M., 11 JO aad 4 <25 P. K. M.. II M., aad 4 P M PeefcaktP trala, AN) F 1L ?:M P. ? HiBg alag Inua, 3 JA and 4:30 4 and 4 4ft P. M. Twrrytown train, 6:40 P. ML 7:10 P. M. A. F. hMITB. Buperlatead? C NRW lORK, HARUBM AND ALBANY RA1L.HOAD ? For Albaay and Troy, oonnei ung with l?e New Tork Central nalir. ad ior all pole. a We*t, Port aw eet and Hoath ?eel ; al?u with tiv? Northern HaUroad for NaraMfa, Rutland, Burlington. Plattaburg, Ranee's Point, >gdanahurg and Mont' ROV TBTOO BOW, If BAB CITT ntOB TWaKTt IIXTB ?TttaBT BALL. BTaTIOH. E?|?eae train, 7 A. M. Bad 7:"0 A. M. and 4:46 P. M aad 4:3(1 P. M. . 10:16 A. ML t.XMaaa mall train, IB A Fit WlUiaaabndge, Waite Plains, nrewm Fall* and all U/aal train- am time table 7 o'clock A M. aiprsea train leavaa Albany e??.i; nuaday mo.niog. JOtilt Bi kt:il lt.1*, mMM Mup*rtme?idiiBt STaTBN iBLAfiD kaILROaD? ON AND aFiBK Mom day. April I. w*il, tiaiaa a til run aa fallows ? Leave Vaa derhilt Landing at (? and If A M .and *4ft and 0:46 P. H., c naectii g with ih? 7 and It I and I, 4 and 6 I* M. Mat* fp>ni Nfrw *? rk Leave lo'<- BvUle at 740 and SAM aid I, 3:6# and 6:(0 P M. hunday a'r ngetnent -Leave Gotten vi U? at H a. M. aad 1 and 6 r. M Leave t auderhtlt u? tag at V:46 A U. an?- 1 M1 anu 6:10 p n oonnentlng * I n the ? A. n. and 1 aad 6 P. M. b.ia e fnwn New Vork, shipping ?t all the iDiermrdta'e etattnu* krotigh tare, 26 eeaie Hoata ai To' ten vllle te e had at all time* for uaril> * going to aia ey or the tieiahbotl ? piaea* In hew Jersey, otllee oi the com piny In rew tork, No 2 Howling ><re? n ~MATIUM?WllAli.~ II aTHIMuPIAL ? AN INTKLLIiIKNT ORNfLIV H, i'l of IV d siaidingln <clety and Iti favorable e -i-n ?tencca, bavltig a. n.e p-rtenm n* a* to g iott I ok*, wllh a I. ji I ' ? ?* fetu. le ?(i|U*iiitanc ? <ri?l<e? to eorrnap nd with a le'.y, elthei m?Kl or ?ld w from 'Wti-ift j ear* .<t a?e, p ??? ?'?* lug na :nrte[iendent w<np<H>My vltU an u'tltnof vle<*t-i ?Mttiann>, aaloixau v, I It n iptrtlcu ?rlv detir d, Btedi oerlty - -n be ie*veeti ?lly enteitained Any ?n- cv>?ld*rin^ tlnfc Welti . 4 I a.tei.ttnt,, ll I* *1 l?r pleaaur" o ad j t ao '?? ?Iim< it Ii**ir ta her ad ires*, and li t- de .If* d ha' n ne Will rtm milBtcate an! .* ibe t. tn,r .d tm< tiitiee I* in uataod eiih i? i in ii ai i tt*. kitd *lth ?tn.*.e lute itlpni and p o' .tt il ??oer\ A' dt ?* u>)aiid ? N Kun.m.'r, (ei> .rk OP* t'o t w AMI Ilium. ALLA( w a r.ttf I MB. E. O. WILKlNg' EBW PLAT, Til BEBT COMEDY PRODUCED 18 MANY TEA**. Play, 8cmmi7 aa4 aci'u* i'rouotwMd by FBBRu A*D PUBBIO nulOT. BENRIEYTZ Wla be performed BYLBY BVBNIVa The following aritxU ? Ul appear Mr LBtlhK WaLLaCX, Mm FORT, Mi. iUI.h MiaaMAKf GANNON, Mr lOUKi, Miia vanity moeant. . Mr. fORToN, Mr*. 8L0AN, Mr #LOYt?, Mm VEKNot, M I ARK.v Mra. VaLCO?, M ( UHl VN, Mia* TREK. Mr CLITfcE, Mia. KLSS BB, Mr. PABSLoE. To owelude with POFPINO THE gUKHIinff. Doors opeu at 7'?| to cumuk-tc# u; a u clock. V'lBLO'B 6ALOO*. Xi Iba Hnjw of MlnalreUy. UIU.NO REOrENlRU, MONDAY BYENINO, APEO. V

ud nuy evening dnrlnt; (lia ?Mk OYi-.s MIRsrRKIA MiNSIRfcLR, LLOYD* MI.NHTKKM, ITaK* OP iHK HKOKEt4WOW. THE St A LLOYD'. MlNHTltftU, ickmm Mw4 bf TNB PnRhS AND PlTRUO To bo tfce bent MWl-t 1 ' n^uulz itwa In lha wjrlA LU?TI>-H M.NkTUBU, all bT4*a Enul U*( at ArUatas BILLY RlhOH, CBARLBY FOX, B 8. WaMH(IU>. AlHirnr KMJUm, J. A HERMAN O08TAVR U1D&A0X, fij. OKUL, H. W1LKS. W BaUIM, J. E aBTMKAD, A. RKBIlkOPF, A LEHMAN, 0. HLA88. ?S. WT AND&EW". Maater ALB&RTINI and COOL WH1TR, will iipnr ftrj evening in the ofeelceat OEM* Of MINMTKKLBY. REMEMBER HIE OPENING NlOMT, _ ^ MONDAY, APEO. I The flaw, NIBLO'B SALOON; Tha Attraction, LLOYD'S MTN8TBKA Door* op<M at 7; aomiwaoa at 8. AOmlrnlao * a aenta. Academy o? mu-ic. TODAY (BATURDAT), TODAi (SATURDAY), TO OAT (haTrROATL TO-DAY (BATITRDAY), lO Da* (SATI'?I>AY), today (SATURDAY)! THK UUAND MAN NEB. 1KB UK A N D MaTINRS. TUB GRAND MaTINKB. th 1 011 a.n 1 1 Mature TUB GUAM) MaTImER TUB (HAND MaTINER. ffHTLlL ATTBAUTIGN M>R K a MTLl EH. BI'EClaL ATTRAOTIOJI FOR PA<IL<IB<I. R!*K(!IaL ATTRACTION for PaMILIBB. RPfcOlAL ATTRACTION FOR KaRiLIMJ. SPECIAL ATI RAI'TION >OH FAMILIES. SI'ECIAL ATTRACTION Pi R FAMILIES. GRtNI) J P> KnII.K UALA, GRAND Jll\h.1lLB HAL*. UK AND JUVhWILR OA Ua, UKAND JUVKMLE (AM OKANO J 0 Yr.NILK (JALA, GRA*D J I VLN1LE GALA, PRGFE iSO a 'ak DE R?ON. FROFR8IJOK A>DbH?(.N. pkorEHSim amurson. l'ttdFRSPOK AN1>RRK.>N. l'UOKKM^OR ANDiSiUiON. fHOKErtaUK aMXiHuiia. Admisainn for chl'dreo ana c-ko<>U n only. AdmUalon for ladlru aud getnlaiucn . . . fiU crala. Ditora open a* bait paat 1 ; night at H. PR0rt>BhOR ANIitKsDK'H 1,ABT NIOHT l'ROFElaHdU AX?l?fcl4K(*K-rt LAST MIOIIT PROFKftit?<)R a VUaRKOM'ii La8T NliillT raoFtawm amd^kkonb last nioiIT f'I(OFKs.-,(?|{ A. DRfSO.N S LaSf BlUilf 1'bOFRBbOE ANDt R.SON'H LAciT NIUMT PR(iFE>M>R AM>feR.0?'8 I^aRT NIHRT PSI()FF Srt( iR A.NDMON a LAaT SHUT ^'ROFE^H R AM'HtSuN'S LAST NlUlif PE0FB8BOR ANDEKSONfc LAST NlKHT AN'I) final, I'BRFOEMAMCB AM) FINAL I'ERFARMANOB. AND FI>aL rKFTOKMANCE. AND FINAL PR* r'lRMANCE. AND FINAL I K* roRMAaCK. AND FINAL I'KRroRMANOR. AND FINAL PEkFORVANOK. AND FiNAL l'RKi OAMANCB. Ay D FINAL rRKKURMANafi. lioura opeu at T. w or INTER OAKDEN. It AST IK MONDAT, . EA8TRR MONDAT. EASfKU MONDAY. FNQAOEMRNT imr).\0R?ii?T BKUAOBAENf MR. J. n CLARKE, MR. J. E OLA RRK, MR J 8. CLaRKK, Tha cvl'.bratcd A murium coaiodlan, aaid PRODUCTION I'lUiLl't TloN ruoDtcTioK TOM TAT LOB. TOM TA)L?R, TLM T A 1 ijwlt, AuiAur of OCR AMERICAN COUblN NEW COMEDY RBTV COMRBY NEW (0M?t?T amu STILL WATMKti BUM DBEP. OK B AST K K MOHV At. Ann B> UKV BrBMTMO, ? in be pi eeented a Jul w comedy, by 1 4B Y ay lor, la three BdF. pti Utli-4 TUB BABKH IN TUB WOOI?. . Tl.K HABBS IN TI1K W .OD. THB BaBEM IX TUB Wuwl). With the tollowing dietrlbutios of chanMiere:? Mr. Jeremiah Beetle, a henpecked lodging hitiee keeper Br. J. S. Clarke (.11 Is (lrnt app-urance hen-) Mr. Fraak Biishton. . . ( o., ik? a-md * *lr,? BartonHlll Lady Blanche Kufhton \ B**"ialbe Wood' > Ml.. Ada CUT ten (Mr Harloa KIT* firat apoearanoe ) The Earl of LutmiIit, father of t*lani>ie.. Mr J. II. Stoddort Ingmi Slkldell, "the <:? ol natur d friend who re peat* all the 111 naiared tnlnga" Mr. Marlowe Pir George LoonM-tille, a (aet laahlooable Mr. O. Sloddart 'I odd, h bill discounter Mr. B D. John.oe ?eacock a flui kay . . .Mr. Tree Mrs. rtetie, i sdr and for some tbue Lord of Baetln, Mrs. F. h. Chanfran Trotter, a ?a'd _ ? T .... ..M?. Dum 1 line? 1 he Preaent seenn? Ixndoa. After which, the unroa'tooa <aioe of Alter wmcd, THB XABLKt| hi which MR. .1 fi CLARKE Will appear .a JACK HUMPHRIES. AMkRICAR CONCERT 1ULI-, Mi 414 444 BROADWAY. The celebrated OURItf KaMiLY OhRlV FAMILY in their Claaaical Qronpicga. PAT] L OK I1M.L, QUARANTINE, KIR8T LANDING Stattn I?l?nd . hEDPATH AJ.l YE and KICKING LIKB A It AO of FI.B it. Eaater euadky ami Monday griat ?i>on*. band of mnatc. If.. IMBIBITION FOR CHILDKKN.-BY SPECIAL KE J queat, a grand exhibition by tb? celebrated In llaa Chief. Heo FcatW and th? (?ti mIwwm, imUM by mniiI clllefa trr m the Rocky Mountain", wli be repeated for the ao eomrnoda 1. n of the clitldres and t- ichern of achoola. at ihe * oiper Inatltute, Uila (*sfirday) *f tern ?m, March X, t ? cm >w of an entire new programme of tv.Dga. Iiuic., II units* Ko>i.r?, Ar Tint eta for achool children, !? ?nti; adulta, 25. AMERICAN COMCEBT HaLL, 444 444 444 BROADWAY. BILLT O'nHTL BILl/Y O'NJJIL i h tii r IR1PQ SOnOOLMAbTBR AND PADDT'8 WBDDIKO. PALAC'B OARDRN MT781C II, U.I. ?SKATING. BKAI Ing. RkaMng. Open fion 10 AIL to 10 F. M., Mo* My evening, eacepted. [OTICB.-TBE LOVEKS OF HARMOKT SHOt'LD _ J oi'int to the Star of the Weat, 96 EMndge atreet, four door. ala ?e Grand. The oh air latum Monday and Saturday at HiA'Joek by Mr W Htonham, Vice Chairman; celebrated oooile ainger, J. B. Gleneewn, and a ?t of talent. CHAM B. MBPLF.r, Proprietor. America > concert hall, 444 444 444 BROAD?TaT. 444 444 444 BROADWAY. CHARLEY Wmt*, ciiablbt wnirs, The only true repreaeatatlve ot the Cat key rare Hiring). ' aNTHI) ? IM MBDlAfELT, A GOOD B AMJO PLaTBR; alao a latly ainger. Apply early ai tniun Ooooert UaU, 4UC 34 ar., between 30th and SIM ita. hT DAI OF PBUEdlKlAM FB AT -1,SU0 MlLKrt IS i.UU bourn, by Mr U A. ADaM'4, at > afitoe Gardena N( 1' INK eatrancai. to oommence thia itaturday, at 3 f. M Mr. Adas, will walk l1-, mile, at Lae comae?K>en?nt of eveiy hour. Dooraopenat all hours Admiaelou 'A ceata. children Uoent*. Heaaon ttekaia, $1. Kaat walkera aid r mnera wlahltg to cos tend for pritea ass apply aa above V U. A ADaMA BPDCIAL WUTlCiPH. yon BOBOPi^AamTsOt PaBTi INIBND htabt r lug about the >4th o* Aprti MB a lour of plaaauro tKrongo Burooa, asd diahi ona mora to aompioia too nam her. Ker paiMcslar. .addieaa w U. kiaelatr, Ms S Weat Waahlngtoa pises, B. Y VrO*IOE- TO TilE DBBIOHH OK THE BHTATB OF i.1 the late .1 H. Riley, ot Wo. Ii8 h i*?aii .treat, Nft# Tork. ? I, a asld debtor* win pieaas r-nt a .talement of their as oov ii la nkh relate oi the .aid J II Riley, deoe.asd, and of the amount of tbetr indebted ne?a to raid e.tete, either ny mdea, ?i?o aeoetint or othei wl.e, to P. M. tULbY, Adnlnia rator, Oairu, Ililaola. K1MOYAL-B. A lloNJaV * Bl.L HAM aBMOVBD HER llat end ( ai> aatabH.hmeat to Vti Hr<>ad>?aT, corner of iwei, ty-B< %t atieet. epi ing opeotuK , I nra? and (tier H,t a will take plat* os I needs), An il l 8 1 Af-bkBW'e eOt'l a i *. ? A HPKCIAu MhR'l^il OF 1 the et andiee-a tnoleiy oi the .latent N<>? lorkwilihs beld us Satuidey ntit, Ma-ch .?i. u <#ae o'eiaak I' M , at the oHiae m the i reeldent. Mo !M Mroadway. (<? motive and act u, ao the ratlgcattes td the i un'or t tixpwia M.?br, oll-*lbi>lK Mseret.fy, iO MaNUKaCIUsHKM - AN A?JT1?E Ml si ?1M MkN, J having large ac'iualinaere with btiytra, ?l?h<w ui pro i urf the aa*nay lo. th< ealeufminie ?rum <M iti rlt fee e t e- re* fli.t o<a^a and dv?nje? made If ?l fatiaieaa i |artl.a wlihlng a '?)< hie v< nt ?ill ,l?a-? %ad>e a iMlnl, hi lllii <>' H i a itio A VKWMIMPKKM. i.rLEMi>ID Poh BMV or MR* ?h ' KBTO*. THE BKftOtBB 1i? lal La I'K ORBAT irtii w3a/*i>- L iih a tt)U, Int^r iiii'l no a | ???!-? nUuir> of hU th* . oi i * n ?*? A itivit ?? t?i 'ti?? -ui Cli*rAct>Ttiiiii tu Mtr# yf Unlh rit rtlli > T'*i *1 U L'NU I'A f it, I LArtH, Will le; > np4 It t l-fAor' nr a ? ,?n a 1 P. k. I M *a a taut ?? b, iknil, aa i< opiuue eiwt N AMVSICBIRTVTS. mi?'B Jttiucw M Nuog ???;??;??? -haw .VP* 9 *nd ????-??? MR MPWIN FOBBl'^T VI tM appear agela 0(1 Moo da/ e??u. ug, April , la liw great duraclur of ueeiiiro, ?tag podltoaly Ike laat time U *111 be played tW? arwrni la < der lo in* pare for other piece In which he 1* jot to appear i eeioua lo the otoae of hie engagement. T ACBA KEBNB 8 TilBATRK. Li LAURA KEENK'S TT1BATRB. LAURA KEE.MF'8 TURaTRB X.. eoaae^oeoee of Ike continued faror with which the .IRKaT iHRBB aCT BUBLETTa la rreetvad by ike pubttu. and m order to reuiarlt In a greater decree the vkbicle of fun fob the million, which li haa bora pn.?ed by the UKaBTT ArFLAUSB AND LAUGHTBB or ovbb ?K? IKM'RKn AWP NINkT* HIX THOUSAND ntorue UMfc HUMHUI) an* NINBir III lUolItaM I'kOfl* who have aeea It dor uc the OFB HI'NDBli D ANO TW*NT? ?ix NiaaTSt ONE BUNDRbl) AND TABNTY -?IX NIuHTS, It bee beoa detenu ii** U> ixeeetM it com?>tn?d with ADLiTlONAL NOVKLTlhS, *UCil AS NEW ITtOFLB, N*W TABLEAUX, NEW DANQEM, NEW BONUS, NhV* MUSIC, Ail lu the furtherance at wklch project MIS) KKb.'.K Haa effected an muagiMnerU with MLLB. HKLBNE, TUB FASCINATING DANSHUSJS nra tub ACADEMY OK MUSIJ, PARIS, Whe *U1 Uiuoaj everr night >n a ORLfiBSATaD PA8 HE I'll I rom the adtulred ballot of LA 8TLPHIDB, With new maste. arranged eipit s^y tor the oecaaiuu bf % MR. IHOMaM Ma&BB. TO-MIUllT. ABO EVE 11 V NIOBT NEXT WEEK. TUB BEVRN SISTERS SEVEN SINTKRH SEVEN BISTERS SEVEN SISTERS BBV'EN BI3TEBS KEY KM BISTkRS SRt EN SISTERS sBVBM BISTERS SEVEN SISTERS SBVEN RISTBBS BLYBN BLSTB IS hi VKN MS l BUS iiro tTNOLB SAM'S Maun LASTUX, uncLB Sam s mahi? lantbrn. UN*C1.B SaM'S MaGIC LANTERN. Mlaa Lanra Keene an IXarofM Mm. J 14 Aileu ae .....Colombia Ml ? Poll; Marshall ae Plutelia Mm Lotiie lleugh ae Tartertae Mra. H. Vlalng aa Bulptwnoe Mlaa < oDtilooa an Faoolaella Mm lobe Burke aa Cnatabilu Miri U M (ley ae Sa una la Mlaa Everett ae Oeree Mlae 1 lai.cea aa the Spirit Utile Mary Bullock. aa the BuMertly Mte. U r Browne aa Maine M.le. Helena ae the .Premiere DamuMia* Mr. l'etera a( Mrs. I'luto Mr. it. U Rigera aa Uncle Sam Mr. II. F Paly aa Stunner Mr l< K. Biowue aa. I'luto Mr Itaitoo hk Hnait Mr. aa Demoaoa Mr. Ruraett ?? CuCTee Mr. W re a aa Curnorlol Mr. Oi?drlub aa Redeye MATRIM'^NTAi/fBUCiTT IN HADE*. THE *EI-Ka sIsfEMS MAKE 1HK1H tMRuT ArfliAHANOK. PLOTO'S 0UII.DKRN K '.i It K L. THE MlsEKlhS UP Mi, 111 aL L,JV??. NEW AKRIVaLi K> TIIE lNFKKNAL ftBOIONB. THE IHKVITaBLE NluuER. DBI'AKH'KH (>K THE sRVhtr SISTERS. A BEAUTIFUL l'MJrURB. D1AVOI.1NK AMBTUNNRR'S KRIBND. PLUTO IN WITH Tills t:iUTIOS. aKIEE A I'M AN Tl M. TWO Nt* YORK BOYS. WaRNISU or THE hlsrHh'H SPIRIT. OUR OLD KK B'I> HPAKS FKOM 8AM. t Oft NO SAM EECIIND TfIB AT I,Al'R4 KEENB'& A M1IRKRY COBKl.hlt I OR MIC PElKttS. OEAMI COM -A' W*I. REaL SWOUOIk MRS PRTBRB PLIJtO aH CUPID. uhakh pas rr.oM i.a ylphidb. UKKAT aCKLLfOlh DAM'h, CI KfhK'S PNHIN HONiJ. THE KOI AVIS GRAND ZOUAVE MARCH AND DBILL f*EMlNINB CORPS OF Z0UA7BR. Act SKronn. UNCLE 8AM\s MAOIC LANTERN, WRh all the beautiful Union Tableaux, vie: COLOMBIA AT WASHINGTON'S TOMU. TUB THIRTY I'OUB STATES. TIIR EBONT WE XI E. BF.rRMrHTIHO TUB OOOD OLD SHIP CO.NSTIfUTION, imsTmivm by tub BMANCIPATORS AND K1RE BATBBR THE STUMP OK TDK L1BKRTT TREE, THE SLAV K 8CRMB, TUB HAPPY PLANTATION BOMB, CALHOUN'S Dl'.EAM, AMP WASHINGTON'S ARMY ^T YALI.EY FOBO*. LIBERTY AND DIOOENB8, AFOTHBOSI8 or WASHINGTON AND CNION, Act Thibo. FLUTO'S FAMILY ST'RAIUll TEN ED OUT, THEY WANT TO UO HOME. BBEAHINO OUT IN A NEW PLACB, A GKNEKAL BOW. M HERE'S THEM (IAf<fL pluio's Family ao? homb, A Ul'NKEaL accusation, A FU4 OK UU1LTY, CUFPBE UANlHHh U TO OoNhY ISLAND. GUAM OHOWDER, I- UMl'tlMBNT OF D1AVOL1NK A^D 8 AT AN ELLA, INVOCATION TO CS.HE.H, I WISH I V. AS IN Li. MB, AND THE ORE AT SCBNB THB BIRTII OF THE BUTTERFLT IN TIIR BO ITER OK FFSNS Keataauy be lecurto rne week to advance v. tihoat extfe eharge. Iioura uyn at 7o'cl' ck. Couaienco at 7\ o'olook. l'erl oimance inruiluate* at '0 o'(Vi>rk DK CCBLOVA'a LAST LN 1 KETAINMBNT UK TUB MMOOi M'.m BAR! hTEVENS, Tbo accoirpllBhrd end -opuUr c inmeitltutl Nlaa Pfca-tSON, ft* entfaart American planlate; Mr. Mi LLAit l?, The great AmaHc&n o.>wp? aer and aiairer. 1 tie abo\? nai'ind (Hatlagntihed ?rtl?t? having kindly of fered tkelf aarv W? to give celnt to tii? Jaet recitation 7t THBPBIBCB'B VI?iT, A. 11' p? Ch?p<!, Broadway, Wtilna*d?y, April S. Vr PK COP DO V A will recite for tha ftftl vh and Uat t'me piior to the poem'a be'lig taicu \o i , .udno, LUhunuroua oubcriutl' D of THE PRINSE'S VriT. Ml a KARA STEVENS will recti* LoBKlallow'a Bl.'ILDlNC OF1 THE H ll 1 1*. Mlffl IT ARSON *111 perform on tbo i>Una tbo bttflaat f.n aaifc jOD TIJ* OIKEN. Kr M1LLARl> wTP alcii hi* tWrt gi^'ilLwogN THE KLAtf Of TUB t REE. AND VIVA L'AMKBIOA; And Mr DB CORDOVA will rec'ue JerroM'fl mekxlranaaNa moneltgw*, J KM KINS. OR TTTR RXILfcK ITALIAN HOM.KMA*. Oi.n of C'lUckeriiiK a grand I'lanoa will be uaad ca Mm) ocoa slon. itiu tiekrt* wll' be numbered, *n<' none will he (old beyond the comfortable capanity nf the Ilall. To be b,uJ M the prin cipal inaaic atona. Adailialua Wn?U C^LHMaN VOLE at GARDEN. M 1 A1<A('K *a PALACE COBCKKT BOWERY. CONCERT PILL *? U iiLL. 1 lie l'eople'a Favorite I'laee nt Ainuaoaaai.l. Open every Night, FOB T11K BEST SKLECIBD ani> (ABAi'iurr ENTERTAINMENT IN TUB CITT. Admiaaioa 6c. Adaalaaioa 6a Beeerred Koata, 11a The beet Talent always ?om.rtA MR. W. N. HM1TII, The Cliampioa Bona Player iu the World. W. aSCOW. Tha Original Chicane Jug|ler. RepeUon ol the new Pantomime, TUB (JLr.RH OF THE NIOHT. Ihe ereauat attraction In the city ?re th WAIT hit OIKLH IN KaNCY COflTt'ME. HITC&COCE'B lTCHCOCE'B NATIONAL CONCERT HALL, BITOBOOOB'S NATIONAL CONCERT HALL, HUCHCOCE'B NATIONAL CONCBET HALL, in NBW CANAL hTREBT, "The oldeat e*abi?eh?d CoaaarU la tha altf." MR. W. B. CAVAUNAOH, MR. V. B CAUCVAUa, MB. W. B. CAVAUBAUH, IRIMH COMIU VOCALIST ihihh cumic roonSf IB1HH COMIC TVC ALIBI*. TUB OLD OJLAT MARK, jvddt b w*i>dinq, LaBHY O'BRiBft. LiMBRICE KACM. FOX * HMTTH'H mtnrtbbi* THE BOaKOIBO SCHOOL, BLKJANT DANOMO. ?BN1 1 MENTAL MNUlNO, Frmr bow*1 eotertataasaot far lan Casta. (tABTSfcBl'fcY HaLL.? ALL PEBBONB HAT1NU EC I tranaartinne with Meaara Foa A Curraa will aaa then at thev temporary office, 666 Broadway, room 17, from 10 to U A. M. , arary day. f)AL*CB OABDEN MUMC HALL. 1 ORjtND CaRMVaL. OEiA.NO CARNIVAL, MONDAY ?TAN1*X*. April 1, 1861. i at HE NEW BUIOBICAL PAINTimi OF I mart ^ubbn of ecotb, Dividing bar Wardroba. *?., oa the eae a: aaecaUen, Br LOl' IB LA N't. oa aihlbtitoo at Mopd'a, 171 Broadway. Admiaaloa 36 ota. NaIIOBaL ACADEMY OF DBOrON ? THB THIBTT autk annual eakibitl'? of tba National Anadamy o t Da iftn, oi n dating M original worka by ltviag art lata, never im we Mhibitad. la no# np?n for the aaaaon at the gallariaa la 1 enth ?, aear Broadway. S-naon tiokeU 60 oenU: aun.aaiou Iti oeota t. AUHHON RICHARDS, Cormapoodlng Reer?Ury. H. A. MBJtlCAN OOBCBBT HALL, ^ *** *** 4*4 BROADWAY. 441 ?,W U4 BBOADWAY. BILLY 0*NEIIa, BILLY O'NBIL, BiLliY O'NBIL, IRIBH BOHOOLM \8TEb" a?D FA DDI 'B WKDDINO, NhW YOKKBR STADT THEATRK,.VW BOWBBY. Fateae*! hei.eflt of Mr. Jaonbv and rtftiaHi ?nnnremarr Oi n?a flrat atpearanne on the MM DBB F**l * AlltlNH, Cimieay; fa OLKOB, Diama: m;HN*IDBH Fll H. farna. Finn n aly. Cot. CHAB CARNOLL HtCKS. lata of the Army of mi'trai, ?? I I repeat hi# laclare on "Italy, thi War and OarlfaMi." At the t on pel Inatltnte. Tneaday evening. April f lllHt.ii) f Half li on? l.?a?-BeviM?tt<iii of 1*21 ? fhe Lata W a- -I ewjit|) I?u ol Thilllitig ilattle M?nea? i'aaaage of tne \ mi B<?- l'#e ' f rac'a? Burning >f the l'ri?mer? br H?m InMAmw I? tela crn'a Kor 'a ? at iti? hotatt, ixiokat jraa Mm d<?r. la e.*am? n ? at 8 " ejock ?T"MBA ? MO AL.? WANTED IMMBDf aTKLY, A LEAD J I..k Man, Klrat Old Man. Loading l^dv, CAited'an aid araor t*.' rp. h Oiahl* Utility propb, : < i a ?n ol four w?'n" ? ' : J# v lhl? i ?y K> C9a? ? UAVAWI rn Ou, ?M traaaaf. Acadbm v or kuiio- Italian or ska. feigner MCZIU baa to aai.oUDre that In coaaaquaaea of the (root aucceaa waken hx attended tha Button wmw II ?? be un>Joeehd 0110 weei. mfonuiriw U Maw Tort MNl Brooklyn tnaitfflnlaa wS te wujud uo MokIij, i;Tll J 0?P a BKC ONLT. CM BAJU. IB MASCUKBA. hA JL'IVB. MtM KBLLOUO la a ?ew Opank Fala of aaata mamma** om Thuraday. . WIBTBB UARDKi*. Leaea Mid Mata*;* A. W. JuOkaam. Benefit 1 4 Mr. B JOHNSTON, . Anl Utat appearance In New York thia MIM ot _ Br. /, a CBANFBaU. T?l? evening, for TUB BENEFIT Of Mr. B. Johmtcxi, will be p?rfi ruled tha moral Jewirt dram* of THK liB iKKW fcOW, la whli*h Meaera. 1 'h&nr ran, lohnaou. Davldg?\ AtoddarL Marlow, Mmw a<i? (III ton ?u.l Br*. cnanfrau wlliappaM To be followed by th? chat "in : ai't- ri'iroe of HI K * I K.- f MIGHT. AchlUe Dufarre Mr. K B. OUotnm 8PBCIAL BOifOi. The rub'kj ara reepeitluily Informed that on MONDAV EV EN1NG, April 1. ihe ealabrated \nmrunui e media*, UK. J. 8 t'LAHKE, WIiom ent rea on the New York a'atfe huabeen loaed forwaM to wit* ao much in tare at will luakn bta fln,i appearance la A NEW OOMEDY, Bn titled TUB BABE* OK TUB WOOD, Whtoh baa been far soma time In preparation, and wWcB wfll be iTiMfBUxl with now acuery and apfxtliilaienia It la the laat and pcrbuim wont su<**>?aful pr> ductton at lOM I'vlUiR, Author o the two-moat popular atuet a preacutad oa the Bew Yerk xlajm. MILL WATERS SUN DBBP, aad OUR AMBBlOAB-OOtyr, jy hiW BOBERY THEATRE. aula Proprietor. ......... Meaara. 0. L. Fox A J. W. lAngaiA. BATUKDAY, MARCH 90. lUdl. AFTERNOON, at Ilalf-paat twoe'aMk, 'the Fairy Mpaotaelu i.f TIIk >okcv tbikvbs. Coacladlag with Mr. G. u K>*'? coialo rantoaiime af kaoul Ok, tub magic stab. BVKNINO, at Half paatl Ihe Pat ita Comedy of tit UNO IT ON. The woodo, l ul Comic l'nntomlme nt Raoll, or tub magic mar, And the t* a trio tic lira oil of THB LIBERTY BOYS OK 7C. B ARM M S AMERICAN Ml'WhUM < lorn-a the week lu a perfart biaaa of glory. Tha Mb liani attraettooH of tbelu*ttci? daya have made the people WILD WITH KAOlTBWKhr, and the ruxh baa br?n beyond a^l precodiiut and to d*r w lug the grtal day for fnimUca and achu^U, ami all tbo NOVKLTlK.rt ANO AMl'sKMKXTiJ of the week being In lull bloom, with tho aupurb >i?ertoa? Patriuttc Urania, HORSE SHOE UO BIN SON, In the afternoon at 3 o'eiook. and UITaXKL.^1, THE CHILDREN OK KINCAU, In the evening at / k. Ihe hou>e will ilturally OVBMrLow WITH blUulITKD vldlTBBS. Look at tbla Hat of Living Wonricra, the greatest ever waa la the World, for 2ft pfnta, and each one worth that sum to ate ulooe, and you 11 he aure to help Blake up the arowd. WKa UonS, MaMM.jTH UBaK SAMSON, OHI^BLV BKAUH, LANClhO bears, HlMUlNO HEARS, TUM hLINO HhAHS, all tierfortaed and exhibited by the ry aiwaed IiEKR l)Klfc?MAI,H, ORAND AfUARIA. HIM with 1.1 v 1 NO FISH, LIVING SEAL. BEARDED LADY, Mm* KEKI), the lovely FAIRY UHEBN, and a oallllaa otka* Curie oI'.Ioji, from every qnarter or the globe Audielthe r rice of admlaalon la ouly 2B oeBta. ChUdran under Id, IS oeuta. BRYANTS' MINPTRRLS, Meohantsa1 Hall, <72 Broadway, above Orandatraak. MONDAY, March 24, and every night <!uring the weA DAN HKYaNT on tbe cn?' ? DAT'H wHAI'a I)B MAfflft Mane Merabute ? Debtai, bj Adama and Jerry Bryaat. japankik tommy, or what ib in IN AU o u ration hall. niddy McGtnnla. . . . t. Nort m? SI r. Dlpeet Dan Biyiai DIXIU'S Land, l!y the Oilginnl* DIXIs'S LaBIX Dooji open at ; eurtu.a rl Wkt 7JC Tiuketa 20 ? vrim/.'? OARDEN. i> JAMEM M. Mil.* Leaaeaaad Kami* NIXON'S 1L)Y A I. C/RCl/B * NIXON'S ROYAL CIRCUS NIXON S HOYaL CIRCUS. NIXON'S ROYAL CIBOUB. riur uKiMn EOUBSTRIaN MaTINER, LULHSllt.AN MATINBB. hQl.'KSrlMAN MAT1NKK, P L EH rBIAN MATINBB, OuaMtMoeUig at 'iti o'clock ON HA clIBDAY, MARCH MH ALL THB OltKAT STARR ALL THB URKAT STARA ALL TUB ORKAT BTARd ALb TUB GRhAT HTAB4 WILL Arrk.AJC TnR RBAIITIF17L ZOYABA. THB HEAUTirUL ZoYAKA, THB HBaWTIFUL ZOYaRA, THE BBAUTlFtL ZOYaKa, The wonderful cuitjvrrA lacbwco^ TUB DA KINO BOHARTO, THB DaRINO ROHARTO, TUB LAR1NO BOBABtO, TUB LAR1NU ROUARtO, THB ESCKLKS.1 HBBAHTIAIt THE RKI'K i.KStl SB, ItASlI Aft TUB RRCRLKHB SKH a"T( AJL THB RB(!K.LK9l? H?B?dTlABl THE FBABLEM CllNE BROTHER 4, THE k KaRLEHH CL1NB BRoTll EBB, H1K KBAKL.fc.iS OLIbK HROTHKRS, TUB FBARLhnU CUKE liKOTuKRS, LEAP FOB Lfl Lttal* FOR Lit LEAI* FOR U ?*S LEAP FOB L IK* BT W. SMITH. TlfB CHINMB FINilv-AL, 1 Hit CHIN/^K FESTIVAL, IIiK CHIXKMH KfcsriV AL. Ill j'. CHtNEaE KEHTIVaL, UKBNAB<IC VONlERff. DAHUtna UORHBMAVSntP DASttiNU HO.tSHM/! 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