Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1861 Page 1
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? ? 'L-~ *** ? (LU?h dn-)i , .VW "T II E M'.w'yOKK HEEAI, D.< 4 w MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1861. ARRIVAL OF THE AFRICA. Tkm Day* Later trmm JEmrmpo, Our National Troubles on the other Bide of the Atlantic. k Policy if tlf irttlih floverincit Coieerniiig e Blockade of loatben Ports. * Vimen if the Crew eftfee Mcu ?ark taperier by Parages* Ifce flUrrf. DEATH OF TIB BCCIIE88 OF RENT* COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. R<i) iin a#? The HHRRHII Afrkaa, from Liverpool at ten A M on the Idth, and froaa Qm? ?town on thehveaingof lbs 17th March, mti?l here anriy yxsterday morning. She brings ?110, AM tn specie. The London Mm aays:? iairtrn ?Airs took very awkward. Mr. Lincoln haa arrived at Washington and entered upon his Presidential career with nothing hut trouble staring him tn the faoe. Strange to any, the Southern Ongrees eaten bravely u? n a policy of free trade, whilst the North cute itaelf ofl from ewrj European a;mpaihy by the introduction of an altra-protectiuniat Uriff. "President" Dark deciarea hicaself prepared to light for the Integrity of the oonfeda ra y over which ho preatdes: and Mr. Lincoln talka large of adopting a Arm and determined oeorae of action, we ftar a sanguinary conflict ia really beoomlng lm B'.aeAt, and iMeu the intentft qf Ait country will be ttrimgl / aumrad la that division if the rtjfMic which huge and fhtdiet Hit ritmal curie qf Uaeery. lht London /fern any a :? to I860 we imported from America ?7, TIT ,871 more than In the previoua year, and exported ?1 097,872 leaa than tn the previous year, making a total difference of ?8.816,7*0 agalna. aa. Tuia la the reaaon why goll la still going out, and why commercial caution la neceaoary. As retard* the aum of ?6 918 138, which represents the tn veaae in the Importa of wheat and floor, we hav? con sumed the supplied furnished, and have nothing to ahow Per the money. Aa to the of ?1,790,740 in the Tulno oT the cotton Imported from America, there will be p oAt to be made out of it when it la worked. A oorreapoodent of the London Honing Hhfr, writing (rem Turin on March A, aaya that the King, who cares nothing aboot restraining hie sentiments, has Just made use of the following express tons, the authenticity of which Is guaranteed:? This time it Is I who hays divined contrary to the gene ral opto ion of diptoflfaoy. We shall have war aoooer than it expected. Iuly ia not well prepared for It, It Is true; but we have the framework of an army , and we shall hive that army more quickly and better organised than peo ple would believe. ftar 1 bald 1, too, soya the writer, though there |ia no oon Armatlon of the rumor that be haa left Oaprera, atill be lieves that the final struggle Is approaching, for In a "WW letter oT his, just published, he says that the hoar fur striking the blow which Is to liberate Venctia la ap proftchiog. la the Houm of Commons on the 14th March some ques tions were pat to government u to tbe submersion ai the atw cable between Malta and Alexandria, and Mr. Mlhtor itbeon stated that when Um time arrived for laying down ika cable government would take care that an expert ?arel engineer and electrician should superintend the irubaaeraton. ~~*V y. Dunoomhe askci aome questions at to the oouree >rswki by go vernal ant in the matter of the manufac ture of bank aotaa for Hungary. Mr. Bright complained that there had bean a Most arbitrary proceeding on the pert sf the police; for he was Informed that a detective had obtained war* at the ag gravate' and had shstrantiil one of the aotaa. Sir 0. C. Lewie atated that as for aa he knew aodeteo tive had bssa employed, aad ao Improper practices or oor> rupUon bad been need. Government , on the opinion of the law omcers of the Crewa, bad daoided aot to limtliute proceedings against the engraver. Mr. T. a. Baring nade the usual statasnaot wtth re apeot to the army eat! mates the Main particulars of whtoh have already been pabllahed. The total foroe far last year was 887 M?. Thla year It la 2U,7T?? a decrease of 14,616. After a proloaged discussion, a portion of the faada required were voted. It waa claimed that the experience of the Oh In nee war had deaMaetrated that Englaad poseeaosd In the Arm strong gun a weapon unrivalled by any other oooatry. In tbe House of Lords on the 16th Lord Wodeheoee stated, la reply to Lord Btraifbrd de Redeliflb, that the government had received despatches from the Britieh Conaul at Warsaw, oon firming generally the pabllahed ao *" Kfronta of the late disturbances. Lord John Bnaaell nude some explanations aa to the policy of England la the event of a dceoent upon the Dal matian ooeat, he., and said that no instructions had been given to the English fleet to Interpose insuoh aa event. Mr Robert Peel called attention to the religious pane cut lone in Spain , but Lord John Russell said that he fear ed no benedcial result would attend a remonstrance from Kog'aad. , The Dnchcfs of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria, waa taken dangerously ill on the 16th. and the Queen and royal family at once left town for her realiieaoe, near indoor. The Duchess Is said to have long suffered from cancer, and ihc disease assumed an alarming oharacter. She died on the 10th ult. Tbe case of the Hungarian bank notes, in the Court of ?gaily, In which the Emperor of Aaatrla and M Knesuth are plaintiff and defendant, came up on the 14th March, ' bat was postponed till next term. Tbe London Dmly JV?ms says that ths English govern \ meat, struck by aome Inconslsl ancles and Insrcuraolee In the dates and ctreume'anow pat forward by tbe Chinese aatboritiee, had offered the Chinese government ?20,000 Mr tbe production of Cept Brabason all re Tbe Parle correepoa^ent of the LoiHon Herald says:? On M, bat the report requires c mflrciitioa, 1' it the Ru?slaa smba^sador has complained to M Tt?ou\ oei of the revolutionary tone of thosetni offloUl print* regard tag the evrnts la Poland. M. Thmiveael Is rsportod to have replied that "the press was not under government 0?tre! Anothei of those horrible oenaibat I'evrta so degrading _Aa Africa has again occurred la Bonny river 4urln| tlie Stay of the Kngllah mall steamer Cleopatra, and under the very eyes of the white men. the victims la this Instsnoe were some unofl'enalng negroes captured from a neigh boriag tribe. Their bead's were cut off aad publicly exhi blted la front of the Jo-Ju bouse (place of worship), m the osatre of the tswa. The reported eoafeeslou of Miss Oonstaaie Kent, in re (srd to the mystsrtoas "Road murder," Is denied. vn SPLIT IW AMERICA. (Frrm tbe 1/oadnti Times, Mareh 14 ] The last steamer from New York left tbe State* oa tbe eve ot an eventful day. la twenty-four hoars the new Prvs'.drct of the Northern Faioa would snceeet to the chief magistracy of th" repnblls at TTa?htn<ftott. No snore cW'-al time hss ever been recorded in the history " say aathm the ifeutitern federation wis making Mramsaa paratfrwia fur war, and tbe ti-ry spirits re m d! pa -to o' the eettaa Plates were fl.cklos- to the mpo-t* I sa?set?'.^n of a light. M? -?r Anderson expected to ) attackrd ?? Fott fumter InuneJiauIr after the laaugt ttifti *?f the new Pret leui. At Mubfts *n1 Kesr <vte as ?oeh agltittoa prevail- 1 rrom the report that the Wset ~*~"1 go% flrasner ! wa? abrwit to enforce the oolle<-ti >a or tenotome AH ov r th.' c .irtluvnt r mors of plots and ~ nraci } * -re atm Now It was <* plan of the Vir us aad Mirjtand.-ra to seize Wni, ngtoa now It i Hand of daepenadce* from tbe f>?f?<iera?e Rtafw fere to easasatnste MtMUM)j oe I be steps t?i" tpR. i whatever tray he ib-i fo.iy of -the aUfip or I stfit 1 My of th* nportt, it cannot be a <p<?ttsa that I ?xeH.*?ent was lenotai. aad th??verv ?? rtn ^ "?-fcs? SMI. ty to the S.-st ads of the incoming lh* friX a* y<!> (jtem *<*? of *" y*? In i*t. r^mn'rii tn t*rh A* f i ?'>>* ' Jit** hU T **1 'be bastlnra of e-,-ae ore sn ladiencs of rvigh ooua i a ? ? e! tag of bis sipjiorters in ilh be deelerae openly what are W be will apply tbem In the gwrtrs <y l'K??Hei Ions o? tl>? I' cafe, do net dsm-uid this publicity. PreM-.efit Is an el-jtel tfospot lor < Ms* these* Ic may st iMst havi m 4sae what he phuw, *b4 do ?m oaa f?roe him to move, la legislation only cm he be ooauolled; the executive is WiwUrel; a hM heads 9aaow, though Mr. Ltaaola ?m juat afeout to eater the White Hoeae anl assume the charge of the tranoated (Jilon. do uae could reuly pone crate hie counsels Men could only Judge of hM future acta by the the MinUtors whom he had appelated; and ?rea the construction of hM Cabiaet was mote suited to rales than to satisfy curiosity. fn Mr. Sew ord the Pro liimt hat tkottn a Man whom the eomuul lit mi the country k%et UrnJUd into modera tion. be has been over (some by the complete fulfil meat of his own prophecy. He spoke of the irrepreeeible conflict between North and Houth which was to take K, and It has oome, not in hM children's lime, not in wn old age, but within a few months of the prodio- < tMb being uttered. Hence Mr. Seward M now supposed to represent the party of oonoeesion. He has made speeches so conciliatory , so cringing towards the South, that the ultra- republican party have denounced him as a political coward and a time-server. To oppose him there is, however , mors than cae member of Mr. Lin coln's- Cabinet, and It oannot he doubted that the opin ions of the abolitionists will be fully represented in the lew government. Which party is to prevail must deptad oa the personal judgment of the poiitloiau who has bean raised to the highest "position in the republic. Mr. Lincoln, of Illinois, is now President Lincoln of the United States. Although responsibility sobers men, it cannot change them Still lees can It import to them knowledge and experience. Mr. Lincoln is etiU the local politician, the honest man of a fanning Western State, with all the simplicity which belongs to tue pio neers of civilization, rhat such a man should enter on oOoe at the oris to of a nation's destiny M na small mat ter. One false step may plango the two Unions Into civil war, if it may be called ho when oie of the combatant Stales ostentatiously speaks of the citizens of the other as foreigners. At such a time it . is interesting to ex amine the speeches or the President and his subordi nate, the Vice President, with s view to dlsoover any indications of the policy that will And favor with the republican party. Mr. Lincoln was in Washington oa the 18th of Febrpa?y, only four days before his in auguration, and de ivered what was probably his lam speech as a private c'tizen. At such a tima It would seem that further concealment of intentions must houseless. A week would dUclose any secrets which might be locked up in (he Presidential b *om. The shook would ootne immediately after hi* assumption or power, and with the batteries or Charleston harbor reaiy shotted to open fire on fort Sum tar it would be folly to dissemble as to the future. Yet Mr. Llnco'a has nothing but gene ralities for hM audiense. The 111 feeling which exists between North sad South arises, according to Mr. Lincoln, Merely from a "mMunuerstanding." Ho wishes to convince the Southerners that "we regard you as in all things our equals; in all things entitled to the same respect and the same treat uent that we claim for ourselves;" and "are determined to give you, so far as lies in our hands, all yot* rights under the oonstltutloa, not grudgingly, but fully and fairly. " These are, no doubt, very esti mable remarks, but they are certainly somewhat vague when comlcg from a magistrate wno has the credit of firmness sad energy. Mr. Hamlin, the new Vice Presi dent. in a high flown speech, says:? "I do believe that It M only necessary for us to understand each other better to remove all the cloads that lower in the political horl *on." This may be shrewdness, it may indicate deep laid schemes of policy which are in due time to be made known. But we are unable to see the usefulness of fur ther reserve. The people of the United States are listen Is g every. moment for the beginning of a civil war; the first sh<t fired against Fort Sumter may possibly be the commencement of a bloody contest. At such a conjunc ture smooth words can avail nothing, and will only serve to convince the South that its opponents doubt the justice of their cause or detpalr of Its success. [From the London Port, March 14 ] r. ^0^fo?tlTS^m0?tCrof tL? ISuffi Won/ They been overloolfd by their colleague* In snccemful treason Sto Mi attempting to ratoe a rewnue by ? ? rfV^x un'in cotton, the great tuple export of the 'Sgj^^SKKS ta2^wJteyby^nu>k?? their best customers pay the K7iZ tXTi. sk ^x^-Sfr ssSwt ^Sssr?rs=^?~ srsr'fw^ V? '^lT^mr' timely oar* to (apply the tai-urfoU. JSSS !TZJ^rt3?^2d ?T^wW *? ?* ft*theo*?? 2l2Z1L^Me2uyrwielre?. Mr. Ltooohi *?? o5yj5^ HS~3?3s~g ooaaltloa ? a?w> ?miotic. WOuld venture to export itecxMk n the course which they hare ^'T25 r r-.-zJSft ? w<rt?i bv adr^Mate fw lW ClrCUm"l^ld ^o^^TT*^fw?ntPtct.and W o/u?,^ ot^yar S5?V5s?2sa,5 ??; - r ss "* ?^a.yjggggj^ ???? ? Fr^^K^ra^sr,?s5?5 ^Xra7 5t22 u m tSrtiST to ^lrth'manu f'^u lt i. inconsistent with the prtnclpUor oom Sf^Stlioonr,. and ??*-* teth^^Til5? SMWSiHj have been driven, thonghln a ,? .V 'i ?llc_ of proiecitoo and exclusion which wiu Ullw^thfJaJe injuilous effect upon the manufacturer. at thia L?^?vrporrHKKN oonrimc*i?T i-oah. I From the london Tunea, llnrch 6 ] It aooeara that the Gongreaa of the seceding _?*JJf2?5^ 8tHtea ha?a reaolvc^ to rau?i an 8 per oentloan 000, redeemable I* tan jeart. ^ ?Tm5m iTwOHSiMMrlw ucderitatid the pwslbliHy of su-h an amnuntbetng raise* awMrJSS.ttrSs: Z1V? ronaidered to haVe slgnlfled their approval of re pudlattcn >l a principle, bf baring aa?;M?*W|?jl*?^ ? ],...? ta their first President. This personsfe nas inrJ teen ravd* as the apostle of repudiation, and the he 'era of M-?l*ippi bonci^ve Mto rr^raber^ o.i brated .peecb Jdell vered u'^^a u^roco bvillt by British money, In which he tMMMM tne oro^ ?li> uaia" of the dnpea who had ventured to petition ror Tn?Nfcw VoKFIDERACT AND ?K CO^fmNO ?AD* r ^ &s^jsrs3& xsttjz SSiSoS'S "-^3'xhi" J2S ,$?? M V^Cu^l?ruTt^T^era.e and ^ WhLmfer mFT<- ?*? Moe <* the thltk ** enn M in .t 0*1 ?*** <ii*9 in rryordl In (*<? manhwi# (xmwwnx ef titan ualiwl- _ The PaWiW ??>???.**!? C#W?" f*#m P?r?iaa Araaia. I I rom tbe IamM Nawt, March 11) . )A ?~_ fn,i?i' in? la a translation of a letter addressed to EXS&vsfJi ? i #n ftud aiIvrd'acc of the British na 10*1. It thia ^nr^ment, by reason of th ,.t?w oc^ nnrrinff in the I r.lted Kiatea of Amerloa, a great deal ^7'** _j liumSlW 1 be observe 1 ?<? pravailmg au>ongtbe owners of oo?ton mllla Some have 'roo? mended far.Buel?ar or Awtrall*. othert, ag Un , India SST^ImV. pltoas aa moat flt for the culllvv.lon of ih*t m at useful pro.luct, but thla well w.'har t*lte? the n^anftt onrx-.-tunity to damonstra'e his frlaodlr lee'lugs r?'X^Wtotha lYea^entof the R^yal Aatrtlc ?? eletv tMt the province of Khorlstto, ?.w known by 'he ' nf vernia. Arabia, Is, from the circnmatanoea of tu SSTmv to the sea \he fertility of Its *M1, the number of ?Bex "&w? ^-?3 ? ?? , r^ sn & Arablatan, *0 ' . . gh%ttee 'I- 'Arab, extends a th.lUr^ntrT tbe imrlt?r part of whh-h Is capable cf being ?RSEd so .. "to are Z ? ?**> . Bsent. in i^rtte "f tbe want of p wor ^'i^,i?Sat^tarW?' Arabian hlaXwlana rt^t^ time wheti the (fyke of th? Ur?, Altwaa, wmjd ? ?-rare* of prosperity to the environ*, it *u custom irjr t<i piat ? on tbe tinner table oMh? (nliph of Bagl*!*!, euery evnang, * tray or breaJ, with ? tboiseud pwoei of gold m deuved from ihe revenue of that dielrlci. For this ro.m'>n tb? dutrlct receive t the appellation of "Seiletu 'I Khubc " i e. "Breaa basket." Balded lb la, the ancient name or that region, in like okl Persian language, la Khuxiaian. and 'Kbu" uwang "soger " By rewan of iu producing imnense quantities of that product, the oouutry became known u s Khusaiaa, i. e. , *ugarland; and it is evi lent thai the manufacturers of England may easily and ypsedlly obtain from tboee region* any desired quantity of good and beaatifnl oolton. liany travellers have visited those part* and viewed them rrom one et tr unity to the oth?r, and have beooine well aoqiaiaUd with its circumstances. From them, too, the truth may be learnt In fcboi t, should the ideas above a?l forth meet jour approbation, the best thing to do would be to ronsuatt a notice i her* of to the cotton manufacturing Arms, in or der that they may appoint an agent with ?hom the ne cessary stipulations on both sides may be discussed, and a diflnitlve understanding come to in the miliar. U1RZA JAFER KHAN, fcc. 2d Shaban, 1277 (Utb Feb., 1161). The Hires Affair ? Tbe Tmrklsh Loan. The following is the text of the nite retarding ihe Toiktah loan, iss ied as already noticed under air lei* graphic head:? 1 have the honor to inform the subscribers to the rurkish loan that, in virtue of a treaty, the arrange ments of which have bren aooepted and atgned by the Ambassador of the fublime Porte at Paris, M. Court, the oommlajloner delegated by the Turkish g iversment; the Director of tbe SooasOomptoir d a Commerce et In iuetrie; the President of the Socle te Guneial de Credit lad as trial et Commercial; and myself, duly authorised in my qua lity of judicial sad provisional administrator o tbe J. Mires Company, known as the Galeae Generate den Che mlrs de Fer. It baa been stipulated that the bills aocepted by the J. Mires Company, in discbarge of the sum it oves to the Sublime Porta for the settlement of the said loan, will be Bd to morrow and the followtog days, as they become ?. st the offloe of the Societe Generate de Credit Indus trie! et Commercial, W Rue da la Ohauseee d'Antim. On tbs other hand, the subaoribers to the loan will bs al most immediately invited to present themselves at the offloe of the said company to receive tbe bonds they have or shall have entirely paid up. COUNT CH. Dk GERMINY. Awfnl Haiasert sf the Craw or the Ameri can Whaling Blalp Superior, by tbe !Va tlve* of Trmary island, la the Solonaom Snap. [From the Sydnejr Herald, jaa. 21] The following letter, addressed to the edttor of tne Ht rald, by Captain Hugh Mair, of the schoonsr Ariel, has been handed to as by captain Devlin , of tbs Rebeoca, now lying at this port: ? I beg to inform you that I anchored at Rubltni (Solo mon Islands) on the 10th of November, and on the fol lowing day the schooner Artel, Slater master, arrived at the same place, paving touched at Treasury Island, three days previously. Ibe mate of the Ariel told me that ae had reason to believe that the American whaling ship Superior, of New Bedford, Woods master, had been laksa at the last named plaoe. 1 thereupon Immediately got under weigh and proceeded to Treasury Island, where the natives, as usual, came on board in considerable numbers, and, during the whole day were com ing and going, but did not offer anything for sale. This gave rise to increased suspicion, sad finding bat too much grounds lor my misgivings, I called oaa of the chiefs in(b the cabin, and told him that I knew of their < having taken the ship and murdered the crew, and that it was of no use for him to deny the fact. The man then confessed tnat it was the case, but said that bs bad had no hand in it, which I afterwards found out to be partly true. The next day the natives bfought part of the chip's sails (all cat up) , and several more articles whieh they wanted to anil; amongst the reat was the ahip'a log book. That day I lounl oat that six of her afaw were grlscners upon the island, and I at on< e set about trying > get possession of them. For three days more I craioed off the laland, having tbe natives backwards and forward daring th*t time. I went to the beach qocsaiamlly, ni could see the men , bat on every occasion they w4re strongly gutrded. None of the principal natives ooupig on board, as a last resource I had to seciue a native who was related to ons of the head chiefs. 1 put bUB ia irons, and next morning I took him ashore, and tjala oMred the natives to-oay them for tbe mea They aarssd at leet to let me have on*, who, on coming to ay float, gat* mc the dreadful intelligence that tbe whole or the o*ew of the 8operior, with the exception of himself and five ethers, bad been murdered ai>d the "shin brrat. It seeas there are two chiefs Implicated? Capes, the heafe| man, and ?aerioa Uuvnext. My prisonsr being a rota tive to America, I resolved to keep him until i got the two other men that chief had (for each of the two chief* had, it seems, two men), and I was finally enjussaful alter a great deal of trouble. Tbe three men, however, whom Or pan had possession of, 1 could aot get either ey persuasion or by threats. At night I prwceonad to the anchorage, where tbe ship ha I boon taken, acd remained there two day s. I saw no natives, but I found the ship a jibboom on the beach, togother with pieces of burnt Um ber. staves, to. i Tne bark Superior, R D. W?oA, neater (Wood? owner), of New Bedford, sailed from that part on the I 24th June, 1867. made Treasury Island on the 12th of September, ISM, aad came to anchor there on tbe same day. On the 18th, 1Mb and 1Mb of that month the crew were so ployed in wooding and watering, snd, from this men's statement, were vie I tod by a gnat number of native* armed. On Sun day, the 16th, nine ,of the crew went ashore The carpenter and t#? man went to tbe settlement and were murdered In one of tbe native huts. Hie natives then proceeded , In canoes aad overland , to tbe ship, and those who came by land fell ia with the remaining six close to tbs beach, and mortared them. About 160 na tivea got on board the verse! and made a rush on the crew, who were all on deck sxoept four, who were in bed. Those on deck were Immediately tomahawked, only two escaping by Jumping down the main hatchway, and joining the four below in the forecestle. Oao of the crew, whom I recovered, taw the captain and second mate murdered by a native called "Billy." who has been to Sydaey, aad aposki English well. The chief Co pan was the principal in this dreadful massacre. The six mea below, being armed with lanocs, kept the nttlres from coming down the forecsetle, until at last "Billy'' told my informant that if they came up they should not be hurt. At length, therefore, they did so, aid were at once surrounded , and by thn chief Copan ordered to be put to death. Ibe chief America offered to buy three of the men. and he persuaded Copan to keep the other three to till the grouad. These three, as I have already intima ted. I could not recover. Tne three man on board my vessel my they were well treated by the chief America, and they tell me that the native "Billy " was at tbe taking or the schooner Pearl, where I am now at anchor, about eighteen months b afore this happened. It Is said that he went ovor to Treasury Island in the Superior, and had an opportunity of seeing that there were no arms kept; there being only aeven old flint guns, aad none or them loaded when the ship was tsksn Twenty six men were butchered in cold blood, amongst whom waa a poor lad ten years of age? tbe crew consisting of thirty-two souls when sho anchored. The natives took Ave boats, with a quantity of oordage and sails, which were all cut up. and everatliing else was de atroyed by setting the ship on Ire. the Superior had on board 160 barrels or sperm and 160 barrels of right whale OIL In November last she was in Honolulu, and shipp?d in the Midas, for the United States, 2,683 lbs. of bone, 670 barrels of sperm and 230 barrels of whale oil, as shown by her log in my possession. HUGH M till. Kcbuju, Solomon Islands, November 80. THE VERY LATEST. Pauct, March 16-P. M. In to day 's sluing of the Oorps I-eglalatl^ M Barouchc declared that If It became necessary to x a later day than 1st October, 1M1, far the execution of the treaty of commerce with England, the Chamber of Deputies win be oalled upon to decide upon the matter, In consequence of this declaration. Depatlea from the manufacturing de partments announce their intention of preventing an amendment, and the paragraph was adopted by the Chambtr. !!! \Z -ay's debate W U>e address in the Corps Logis latlf paragraph 10 was adopted by the Chamber . M. Bar lion maintained the necessity for voting the budget by chapter and not by ministry. Other* toe, he said, there Is no real control. He also maintained that with oat different resources, which he styled expedients, the budfet of IMS would show a deficit of IS, 000,000 francs, and not a surplus of 11,000,000 francs. M. Depreck then explained his amendment, stating It waa deelrable to rot* the budget by chapter. He oom plained of the insufficiency of the information supplied to the Oorps leglslatll respecting the budget, and said the Oorps LegWatlf la not sufficiently informed on the means reeol ved upon by government for creating financial reaoureea. Government hare recently oontracte<l loans for Important smsusts from the Credit Financier. He maintained that sfcsnld the Oorpa I?glslaltr be deprived of having the right of voting the budget by chapter, they had ten rights than the General Council or ev^ the Municipal Councils. Be conclnded by s?ylng fflH go vern sMnt promised to take the question of vntflr budget toy chapter Into serious consideration, ho would w ithdww hts aMs4ani . M. Bartmaa said? In that case I will take It up M. Hague stated thst he would reply on behalf of the government on Monday. The Mm stnss tkat Count Ralchberg has arrived In Paris. 8 SO P. M.? ' I*e Benrne ban been firm and animated. Rentes ctoned MM,er Bve oentimes higher than yastor d*y- j Markets. LOiniOII MONEY MARKRT, PtonJhr Cvnmsii, March II, 1SS1 The KBflieli finds dpsnrd this morning at an Improve meot at am el^itk, am dnbsequently sliowed a further advaan, when, hssstnr, wss sot maintained Consols for money wars trst Moled 91^ to 02, and (hey return ed to that point after having touched Wj. For the a? ommt the last prtn wn to W. The redaction of the Bsnk at Warns rats sf discount to g per cent was one oansa of the tsndensy to firmness, and such Is ths effi-st of the prs?agMron rate WW demanded by the Bank of England that notwithstanding the n?<*vy absorpt ? of the :urr< ucy through the increase of the govroavut <io pooite n4 ihnt fmabllshment, Um supply In the mar?*t is foundfPeUy nearly equal to the demand , AM taMMC'iOO* can rami) bo effected at?7% per cent. In proportion, howevtr , as the government d ?pool Is accumulate

toward the ud of the quarter proem re mult bo gra dually fell, and ?pplicatioiin must be mad* to the bank ?ven if the directors wert- to think tit i? xm*t upon 10 or 12 twr cent. inota ttock loft off at 221 to S43; lad la scrip 100 U to X; lull* bond*, 28e. to 18s dieoount and exch^uer bills, March, la. to 6s. premium, Jane, 6a. to la discount lit Um UuooudI market the demand ta tha morning was rather active, but in tho afternoon there waj more ease. The general rate la about 7X per oent. The last price from Par la this evening was 6$f. 30c. , showing a further improvement of more than an eighth. 1 he return of tho Bank of Kranoe shows a farther con siderable improvement in the position of that establish ment, the bullion having experloooed an inorcaae of near ly JU66 000, white the note circulation has diminished ?680,000. The railway market >o day baa boeu steady, with MtUa doing. In tha colonial market Atlantic aud St. Lawrenoe and Grand Trunk of Canada remained* heavy, tho tatter being 'ast quoted 21 to X; Ure at Western saaree were without change at 11^ ki %. In American securities lilinoia Central ? ha res relapsed Few transacU >na were reoordad in mines, and the closing inflations were mo i. ly the same sa yesterday. It- The return from Um Back of Kngland for the week end ibg the 13 h of March irtvaa the following reautta when compared with the previous w ex: ? Rest ?3,816 784 Increase ?11586 Public deposits.. 0.034 884 inorease 732,397 Other deposita.. .11,001,084 Decrease 167,004 On the other aide of the aodount: ? Gov't securities ?0 479 720 Inorease ?521 053 Other eecurltles. SO, 081 ,017 Decrease 610 082 Not?s unemployed 0,888,046 Increase 649 860 The amount of notes In olrculation la ?10,036,330, being a decrease of ?867,040; and the stock of bullion in both departments is ?12 330,142, showing an lnoreaae of ?260,360 when compared with tha preceding return. The following la the official return of the imports and ex ports of the precious metals for tha week ending tho 13th of March:? Import*. Ki porta. Gold ?410,434 640 068 Silver 60 000 400,026 Total ?460,434 008,003 MiUa 16? one o'clock ?A further sum of ?40,000 in gold went into the Bank yesterday, but 160,000 sove reigns w?re taken out for America. ?. The West India mall steamer L* Plata has arrived, and br nga ?201,000. The market for consols is Ornish, but prices are not so i ocx* as at ono lime yesterday. They dosed and are now at 01 to 02 for money, and 92 >? to for aociuat. Exchequer bills Is. to 6s. premium for the new Issue, and ts. to Is. diaount for tho old. India loan looj^ to the Ova and a half percent rupee paper 100 '4 to *. The Mexican market Is not so Ann. and there is a fall ing off In the dealings, the quotation is now 24X to %. Turkish new bonds are Arm at 64 to Peruvian 08 X to 4X, Granada MX to 16 Venezuela 20)^ ti'211,. The| railway share market is firm at the further im provement which took place in prices yesterday. CLcfis or trie Maker ?The market for the English funds closed without variation, oonaols being 01% to 2 for money, and 92 >.4 to for the account. Exchequer bills have hern done at 0 to 1 discount, and the new issue at 2 premium. a fair average business has been doing In foreign stocks without material change in value. BAKING BROTHERS' CIRCULAR. Loiruoif. March 10?6 P. M. There is little change to notice in our colonial end colonial and foreign produce markets this week A moderate bualness has been transacted at previous rates. The reduction of rate of discount by the Bank of France to six per cent has had a favorable effect on our money market, but the mtntmum Bank of England rate of discount remains at eight per oent. Consols leave off 01 % a 02)4 for money, 92% a 92)4 for the account. Bar allver, Oa. OVd. Mexican dollars, 4s. ll\d. American eagles, 70s. 6d. Doubloons? Spanish, 77s.; South American, 74s. td. per ounce. Annate** Stocks.? Um only transactions hare been la railroad bonds; New York and Erie first mortgage may be quoted 01 a 93; second mortgage, 00 a 02; third mortgage, 78 a 80 ; Illinois Central first mortgage, 80 a 00: snares, 26 a ?6 discount; laltod States 6'a, 78 a 80; O'S, bonds 0 1 1868, 87 O 80. I, ima AMD OO.1! OIKDLU. uvnrooL, I torch 16. 1801. On-Saw?Ths market Opawed quietly at Um beginning of theyeek, m4 prices wsrs kUmt Irregular; but the ItMr MTtw stooe ni?hi4 (Ma isssrtss, wttk Um pospieto sf chcepnr sawasy, law quite nto|?< the tone of fe?ling Um )Mt few dags, and, wHh an improved de bmm 'he msrkst ckw to-toy to Um Ml raise of last r wsiX7 bat with s toir supply ntortog. toe Islsato 4nD u<t price* drooping. Some In limited demand hut ^Steady in price. Id Manchester there is alio a better da fraud, and prioes are quoted Irmer today. Tim quota tipoa ara:? Middling Orieana, M per lb. ; Mobile, 8 13 16J.; ufcilabd*. 8 U 164. WKtf' TrrTe Dm lag the weak the trade haa abowa imawtu tirmneea, and arieae of all artlolea heir* had aq improving tendency. On facsday, with a good alien dance of buyers, wheat mat with a (hie demand, espe c tally spring red, which brought a further advance of 11. Cr cental; other kinds ateady la price. Flour la rather Iter Inquiry, at fully lata ratea. Indian oora In good re quest, and rather dearer. To-day we had again a flair at tendance of alllera, but their purchaaea were ooaflnad to null, and wheat aold only to a moderate ex teat at the full prioes of Tucaday. Flour not ao much Inquired for, but former rataa maintained. Indian oora continue* la demand, and waa again (lightly daarar. We quote irhaal Red W re tern, Chicago, 11a. id. a 11a M. , Milwaukee, 11a 6d. a 11a. 10; choice amber, 11a. lOd. a lto. ; win ter. Its. 3d. a 13a id. ; Southern, lto Od. a 19a.; white Western, lto.: Southern, lto. ?d. a lto. 8d.^er 100 pounds. No choice offering Flour? 8 a per toe Philadel phia, 2to. a 80a. ; extra, 80s. a 80a. ; extra Ohio. aoa. a 30a. 0d ; via New Orieana. 80a. Od. a 31*. ; extra State, 28a. 8d. a 29a. per bbl. Ionian com? Mixed, 87s 3d. a 37a. Od.; yellow, 88a. a 88a. 04.; white, 88a. a 38s. per 480 poutdfi. PaovMoaa ? Beef oontlnuea la moderate demand, bat bcMers are anxloua to nail, while buyer* aet cautiously, and low prioes arc taken. Pork quiet, and unaltered in value. Bacon ? The consumptive demand" Is atlll email, and sales are limited at 49s. a Ma for long middles, rib In and Cumberland cat, and 68a. for abort, rib In. At a little under tbeae ratea, however, there la a speculative Inquiry. and the trade chows *>tne eigne of Improvement. The arrival* continue heavy. Cheeee meeta a fair **le at prevlooa prices. Lard has further dec lined, but the re duction baa induced more btuinese, and the week * salea of all klnda reach lOttons at Ola. a 64a. for American, chiefly at the foraaer rate for inferior qoallty, and 6to. a 6to. for Italian. THK TtET LATKW. I n erpooi. Ootto* Mamkbt. Saturday, March 18 ?A large tfeslness haa bees done at dearer prices. Bales about 26 ,000 balee. Importa 8 ,030 balea. Lirssroot, March 17, 1801. The aalea of cotton yeaterday were >6.000 balea, In cluding 8,000 balea to speculator a and exporters. Jane* Hewitt & Co. rrport the market buoyant and higher. They quote middling Orleans 7>^d. ; middling Mobiles, 0Jtd. , and middling uplands, OJfd. Ihe breadstuff* market la unchanged and firm. The provlalon market la quiet. Lmnxwr, March 1?, 1801. Consols clceed at 02 a 92% for money, and 02K a 02 '( for account. ?? Havks, March 18, 1801. Cot '.on? Market dull; New Orieana tree ordinaire 101 francs; do baa 04 francs. Sales of the week 7.000 balea. Stock In port 840,000 balea. Henvjr Bavflsry 1st Broadway? Arreet of One of (lis Alleged Bsrglara. During the past two months the lower portion of the city seems to hare been Invested with a gang of daring burglars, bat, through the management of Mr. Fouche Kennedy, the facta of theee robberies have been with held from the public. There has been to the extent of nearly $60,000 worth of goods carried off In the tower wards, and within the above period ; but the parties who have met with a loaa hare been lead to believe that if nothing wu said their property would be recovered and the guilty parties arrested. It la bat a week 8f0, Of atrttot the tame time that the dar log attempt waa made to rob the New York Exchange Itatk, that a large wholesale house almost adjoining the Fifth ward atatlon house, was broke open and about 810 000 worth of goods carried off. The police knew e< thing of the matter antil the owners of Ihe (tore sude known to them their loss on the following morning the facts, as might be expectel, were suppressed, and, no doubt, the proprietors are laboring under the Impression that If they say but little about It thoy will recover their goods. Yesterday another heavy robbery waa am milled in the same ward, and had It not been for the vigl lance of onaff the detcoMveXoree.ths burglara wouM h*ve succeeded m getting away with about $8,000 worth of valuable goods It seems that between eleven and twelve o'clock yeaterday morning, as Detective K*?f? waa piss ing tarougb Worth street, he observed a well kaowa in divides), named Johnny Bender, a Jew burglar coming out of the rear door of the butlung No. 388 Broadway, corner of Worth street. Beoder seemed ae if be had a larger amount of cloth n< <>n than usual, and startled somewhat when he observed the officer. He was In the act of making off when officer Keefe eelaed him, and with the aseietanoe of de tective ' cole, who was also on hand, took Itender into custody. On examining him, there waa found over $t 000 worth of rich heavy lanes, embroideries, velvet* an t silk ribbons wound around his person and In his poclte's. Most of the goods were, however, found aroun J waist. The officers were satisfied that Bender had been to work In the build lag, and on going up to the seoond floor of the above building found the eeUbtlehm-nt of John Pallman & Co. , manufacturers and Importer' of embrolderlee, laces and silks, broken lato, asd th whole piece raneacked Render had undoubtedly en accomplice, who sucoeeded in making good his esc tpe by Jompirg over lato the hospital yard. Near the door were two large bondks, containing embroideries, laces, he , to the value of over $2,000, which Render's acorn pllce Immediately dropped when he saw his oompaslon arrested. The burglara forced their way through two doors, with the aid of a set of burglar tools, which were found ob i be prtnt in, oo? of lb* door* being corvrrt irHh heavy sheet iron. The prisoner was last oven'nc locked up at the police headquarter*. About $S0 In si I ver was fousd on his person, which as had tskea Arum ob* ?f the drawers of a tosfc Ml thf ?Wr* NEWS FROM WASHINGTON TBS FOREIGN IPWI?f!fI?irS. The Policy of the Mnintatratiou. Hostile Attitude of the Indiana in Texas. An Extra Session of Congress Inevitable. OFFICE HOLDERS AND OFFICE SEEKERS, Ac>i &?., fto AN EXTRA SESSION OP CONGRESS INIM ITABLE. W ami ingt.?v } March 31, 1861. I am certain thai the Preeidaot and a majority of tho Cabinet are satisfied that an extra se union of Co'i^rfga inevitable, and I have reason to believe thit thi Pre?i dent will issue a proclamation in a few diys summouing Oongrese to aaeemble, allowing the legal time of sixty days to Intervene between the date of tho proclamation and* the meeting of Congress. This ia not only doe me 1 necessary by the demand of the great commercial inter ests In consequence of the dissatisftotion growing o ' of the construction of the Morrill, but In consequenoe of the contemplated operations of tbo ad ministration In evacuating Fort Sumter and reinforcing Fort Pickens at Peosacola, both of which he dcterminel upon, an well as the collection of the revenue. Thi forts at Tortugos and Key West having alrea ly been reinforced with troops from Texas, much to the sur prise of the Commissioners and other secessionbts now here, the administration policy seems to be to follow this work up by throwing troops into Fort Pickens at Peuua oola, without delay, which will be done at whatever oust. TBI COLLECTION OF THE REVENUE. Wasbzvokm, March 31, 1801. A Western Senator had an interview with the Preei Jent yesterday, and made a strong appeal in behalf of the peo ple of his State In fttvor of eolleotlng the revenue In alj the seceded States. Tho President expressed hlayelf decidedly In favor of it so for as he was personally concerned, but remarked that before taking action In the matter It would be the subject of careful Investigation and oonsldsration ia Cabinet. # It is evidently the Intention of the administra tion not to inaugurate its policy at home until Its representatives abroad are all at their posts of duty, in order that no check may acorns by the represen tation or official acts of Ministers, who not only have no political sympathy with thtB administration, but some of whom are really in active co operation with its enemies all the new Ministers havs been requested to hasten their departure at their earliest possible convenience. Mr, Oorwln will leave New York on the llth of April ! In the Isthmus steamer for Havana, and'thence by British steamer to Vera Crux. lite secret of the recent letter from Mr. Pea. body, the London b inker, against cosrclon towards tho seceded 8tates, may be found in the fact that he holds eight hundred thousand dollars of the eight per oent bands Of the Viokhbari and 1? don Railroad In Missis | sippl, and part of the old United Stains Bank sssets. THE EFFECT OF THE MORRILL TARIFF IN EUROPE. A minister to one of Um lsadlng court* of Europe, In a letter to ? Mead la this city, received by Last null from Eu' rope, expresree the opinion that la the event or the passage of the Morrill tariff bill, hstbftgtaad aad Fraaoe will in very brief period reoogniee the Southern confederacy. His opinion la baaed upon (beta which have oome to his kn wo ledge through part tea beUtog laltaisU ratetloca with | thoee two great Powers. Tbere la little doubt, haaiys, that other Powers will follow the Mad of Eoglaad an J France. The revolution which la aow progressing la the United Stales wilt have a fearful aad damsglsg taflaeaoe throughout Europe. Brltiah aad French siatisassn al ready aaa it, aad will gladly pursue any policy to avert it. The English aad French Legations here do not heaitats to pronounce the report started by the New York papera of fitting oat la Englaad aad Frnaoa far the ia*irs of tha \ nited Slates to be without any foundation. The English .ad Frsach Ministers are of opinion that If aay such movement ma to be made they would probably have been infomed of the fact. They, therefore, regard this statement aa wholly unfounded, and look upon It aa a mischievous canard. It la known, moreover, that the Inatructions which the English govern ment have given their ageata la the Ualted 31 a tea ware explicit aad pceitlve, not to Interfere la aay manner whatever with aflklrs here, bnt scrupulously to avoid complications which might look or tend to sympathy with either section. The English legation bare been a wars of the fact that the English and French governments have bad la contemplation for some time, owing to tbt grcst activity prevailing In the slave trade, the pro priory of strengthening their squadron on the Afrlekn coaat, the alarming lncreaae of this traffic ha frequently been brought before the attantlon of the English Ministry and tho Ministry havs directed the attention of Spam to Ibis matter. It Is more than probable therefore that this powerful fleet which, it is slleged, is fitting out oon stst only of one or two veeaela daatlned for those waters. Mr. Russell, correspondent of the Iondon lima, will leave In a day or two for the Southern confederacy. His interview with the Commissioners from the conferdeate States was exceedingly agreeable and Interesting, when they Informed him that they were Mlolsters Plenipotcntia ry add bad foil power to treat upoo all questions at taut between tho two governments. Hs seemed to be tm pressed for the first time with tho magnitude of the Southern movement. {laving carefully surveyed the gentlemen composing the Cabinet of the Northern con federacy, he Is very desirous of seeing those composing the Southern confederacy. It Is understood that Seward Is opposed to an extra session of Oocgreaa and will yield oply to the pressure of events. From some unaccountable reason he thiuka the tsrilT will be finally acceptable to New York. Secretary Chate, It la naderstood, entertains catlrtly different views, and that the receipts from customs will be much reduced. I can state on perfectly reliable authority that no re tefbreements have been or will be sent to Fort Pickens. The Iribtmt asserta otherwise. A few days will show that the TVi^wns's staiemeat la a simple oaaard to affect the Ooonestlout tlasMona. THE JNDIANB IN TEXAS. w * Washtwotow, Maroh 31, 1961. the Indians are sxhlbltlag aa increased hostile feeling towards the whites, latelllgence from Texs*. through private deeps tcbea to gentlemen la this city, show ooo clvalvely that the Osmancbea Indiana will make a despe rate warfare ttpon Texas the moment they are satisfied that tha United Statea troops have left that State. The Oasaaachea have many grlevaaoea against the Texans, aad are brave and deaperate. Their movements are very sudden, and la warfare they are BMMllaes. Cortl naa, the Mexlcaa bandit, win also astati tha Textai on the south. One despatch aaya that It la the lateo tloa of Governor Houston to let the Toxsaa have enough of independence, with Cortina* on one side and the Caaaachea oa the other, aad ao troops with which to protect themselves until thej* are ooaspelied to appeal to the Ualted Kates for protection AFFAIRS IK MEXICO. Wasanrarosi, March II, 1M1. Official despatches have been raostrad here dated l?th last. , from the City of Mexico, aad gist from Vera Crus he oo^atltutkoaal government I* aow reeognised by all the foreign Powers except Hpala. which has oo Minister there. ?saor Mate, late Minister to the Ualted States, has beea appelated Mtaister la Rnglaad Oea UVaga, recently accredited to thia goverameat, Is expected to arrive by aext ateamer. Returns from the Steles of Ja Jlaoo, Boaora aadRteatea ahew majorities for Joans for iYetldsat, am desMe tha ooaieei la his far*. Ihf plan of secsaioa proposed by Um Governor of Qneretnro having been rejected by the Governors of tha other states. waa subsequently withdrawn, which Isavea tho country tn a state of comparative political quietoda. Tho church party hu now ao regularly oegtalaed .army, Several roving bands have b?en committing de prrdatlona In various parts of the country, some of which have already been dlaperaod, and thereat in being puraued the liberal forces, and will no doubt nod be brought Into subjection OFFICE HOLD EBB AND OFFICE 8EBKEB8. WiMuuvw, March 81, 1M1. Gen. Cameron, Secretary of War, will bo ai hia poo* again on Wednesday, up to whieh time, by general agree ment, the Pennsylvania appointments will not bo con sidered. The New York appointments will be the saject of OOO feideration tomorrow. J f. nator Stunner's nomination of Mr. Palfrey, of Qua- w bridge, for Poatmaater of Beaten has created a terrible ? feeling of indignation not oaty >m?in< the i nnibllw of Boeton, but with the friends of Richard H. Dana, Jr., sf Cambridge, who waa a candidate for Halted Mate* Dls trlct Attorney; with the Meads of Oolonel Keyes, of Concord, who waa a prominent candidate for United flutes Marshal, and with the ft leads of Mr. Norton, of CharUstown, who wia caodiJate for Navy Agent at Burton. 1 'helps und r&ngV>ni , the two principal candidates for* ihe Poet office, have left here for Boston, each feeling that while they as individuals have been unfairly treated fhat the republicans of Boston have been totally and Un justly ignored. The visit of the Californlana to the President yesterday and the lattor's Jacksonian dealing with them, baa bean iho (heme of conversation to day. A meet deeperate feel ing exists on the part of the friends of Ool. Baker as wall ss the friends of the late Senator Broderick, who waaalso at-eai'ed towards Mr. Simonton. It ia said that a warm friend of Senator Bruderick, who was pre sent when Slmonton read hia speech, threa tened to shoot the latter in the presence of the executive, but was restrained by friends from closing up the act with ao trag'o a scene. The aAir will probably be allowed to remain as it ia until aTler the ap pointments for California are made, when the fitrmrnal ?ett'ementa will bo made. Ruah R. Sloane reeigaed the Judgeship of the Probata Oourt of Ohio to enter upon the duties of Special Agent at Large through the Weal for the Poet Office Department, to which place he waa appointel yesterday. There are but five Consul Generals representatives Of the Tolled States government abroad, and they are accre dited aa follows:? Mr. Thayer, for Egypt, to reelde at Alexandria. Mr Lawrence, for Tuscany, to reside at Florence. Mr. Giddinge, for British North America, to reside at Montreal. Mr. Shufeldt, for Cuba, to reside at Havana. Hiram Barney arrived this morning la response la a summons of the Prcaident and the Secretary of the Treasury. Both deatred the benefit of hia advtoata reference to the Mew York appotnimenta, which will ha determined upon within the next twonty-fonr boors. Be will submit the names of the parties with which ha pro poses to fill the positions under him to Mr. Chase for ap probation, and Immediately thereafter set the guillotine in motion. A rich revelation has been male In connection with the candidacy of Schults for Ihe United States Marafaalahlp. On Thursday evening last he informed a friend that he was unwell and intended to keep his room during the next torty -eight hours for the purpoee of efTtoctlag a cure with calomel. The friend expressed his sympathy and was about making a visit to the supposed patient yesterday afternoon, when ha accidentally learned, to hia utter astonishment, from a newly arrived New Yorker, that Schultc had been seen on the way between hers and New York. The mystery was investigated, aad it is said that financial considerations had something to do with the Captain's disappearance. Much anxiety ia felt ia administration circles about the result of the State aad masiolpal elections during the present week. Republ oan triumphs sra expected, bat defeats asi considered Improbable. An active canvass has been going oa for the Cincinnati Poet Office. Mr. Chase favors the appolntasent of ex member or Congress Day, who will probably gat tha place. The appolatsaaat will be made immediately after the city election. R. R. Sloan, of Sandusky City, has been appointed General Mall Ageat fur northern Ohio. Schura la now being bitterly denounoed by soaae of hia compatriots whoso application! for office bo was ex pected to eee to as the representative German. They say that ia violatioa or his promisee he wllifiily neglected every thlog-but hit own Intereet. Mr. Upham, a merchant of Portsmouth, M. B., aal brotnerof Judge Cpha-n, of Concord, lias been decided upon aa Collector at Portamouth . It Is a singular fact that the persona In authority wh? moot regret the recall of Mr. Fay from Switaer. land, had the power to prcvont tt, aad at tha same time could have made Mr. Fog;, the haw Mints, ter to Switserland, Commissioner of Patents, the com promise by which tha nomination of Hallo ray, tha OommlfMoner of Patents, paaeed the Committee oa Pa tents in the Senate waa ka tended to slaughter Fogg ^ kesp Fay abroad. Mr. Lincoln, when he heard this fact, administered a proper rebuke to the traders, and at once reoalled Kay and gave Fogg h's place. Can't cheat Old Abe. It is understood that the r jrther consideration of diplo matic and oonaular appointments is to be deferred to Ke time for the consideration of other matters by Mm Hident. While there is treat rufh for office In the Interior aa well as (be other departments, it is a noticeable fact that by the in of July the force will bo rednoed ia Um Pen sion and Census Bureaus to tho extent or eighty or oaa hundred clerka, aa the legal nooeeilty for their further employment will ceaae to exist. Removals and appoint ments of clerks, however, in the other bran hea of the public servloe continue, Including four on Saturday in UM Adjutant General's office. TBI COJWWWI T APrOarfKBTC. The Connecticut appointments are " hanging Or*" until after the election in that State. The report that a oaucus of the party will decide the matter la all for affect. I have It from good authority that the following appoint ment* wll! be made by the latter part of the week : ? Collector of the New Haven dlMrtot. James T. Bib cock; Collector of Fairfield district, John Gould; Poet ma* ter at B< idgsport , Jamee E. Duihim; Deputy Oo Hector at Bridgeport, A. J. Jaques, Postmaster at Wsstport, I'hllo W jooes; Postmaster at Rtunford, Albert Lesley; postmaster at Nor walk, Carles olmstoad: Postmaster at RldgeflsM, Wylvistir Ma... Postmaster at Birmingham, Ihaddeus Blrdasy , Postmaster at Greenwich, Alvlnlfead MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS. Waasmufow, March 81, 1M1. The Secretary of the Vary la arranging the prelim I narles for the ooostrnotlon of the seven war steamers. The total failure In the construction of the Pawner stssansr, by Griffiths, who received the job as a spscial favor from his frlsod Touoey, will be a warning against ?allowing either of the seven sloops recently authorised to be constructed outside of the yards of the govern ment, especially since the constructors belonging to the navy are admitted to be the beat naval architects In the world. Three of the sloops will undoubtedly be buBt at tho New England yards? tw < at Klttoryand one at (Ba ton, or vice sera. It la aaid that no uneasiness is felt by tba Cos tolerate P tiles Commissioners either In regard to the evnomtlon cf Fort Bum ter or the reinforcement of Fort Pickens, snd that they are satlatisd on both points. Senator Pessenden, leader of the Serutfe, and moatt rlece of the President In that l>ody, I ft here for Main* lo day. Mr. Otero, the delegate from New Mexloo, toft hern lo lay for that Territory. We waa provided at the War l epartment with an ord r upon den. Harney, command ing the department of the West, for an enoort at tho United states troops across the plains. The at. Domingo embroUo will come before the Cabinet is asssraw. All the mssnbers at the Cabinet paid official oalla to tho President today. Mr. As ward spent several bows wiU? him . Telegraphic advloea represent the aleetfta of M. A Parrott and den. lone an U alted states fltaalsra ftrssn Kansas, osrtnln. Ths reeling against tbe new tariff Is atsndity growta. The Prentdsnt waa laftainen by a triwM p .lit ical m?i yesterday. that the New York merchants naanimouslv favored As speedy repeal, and that the new lann wtmii probably snthr from the opposition to it. A strong impression prevails here the* the A strong lni|w ssshis prevails here the* the Bewsfj of the Treasury wl> not "xcspt bids fbr the pnnssifl JnMMka wlihin a assail frtctk* at lbs fmr s^Se