Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Nisan 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Nisan 1861 Page 5
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i election will take piece la Can too tickets la the field tar the (ran and the fight wlli thereto* bea atM wnbH?lna aad tto party "opprsed to ike ruinous doctrines of tbat organisation. She IWlowlag are the mum of the candidates ? GOTemor W^T'secttsgham. JmffThoomiM. luteal Coventor. . .??at Douglas Aug. O. Hazard. Secretary of State. Jae ? Trumbull. N a fltepheas. Comptroller L. W. Cutter. Horaoe Taylor. Jwwuw EaraUeen. T. H. OL Kingsbury. OocjjreiH, Dut. 1. . . 1 (wight Looails. Alvia P Hyde. Ooojr'eea, IH?t. g . .Jobu Woodruff. Jm B Isjimh Oorgitus, l> tit 3,. Air. A. Hurubaa. Bufas L Baksr. Beer . ess. I 'tut 4. Orri i Ferry. (i*o *? Wuodrnff. E.'< republicans hare made et ery exertion to secure a Victory, end hare bi rmgfat into the State the most pro minut stump orator* from *11 parts of the country, (HBO* g tlitn were John Woodruff, Annoa Burllngame, C. H. Vac Wyck, John Owrode, C. C. Woodman, Jamas B. McKtoaand S. W. Kellogg The democrats hare made VSi j few public damonsuatloiis, bat they hare not been Idle", aaJ lUey tnterUOn a strong hope of being able t show ih?t republicanism in that Stats, ss well ss in othe loeaUtMl, is on the decline. Tlit' Dmorrattc Reily la Ntw Haven on Hetarday Nlght< BPILCH OF THE HON. JOHN COOHHANK? CONNECTI CUT APPI.I88 TIIR FIXED BATONET TO THE 8UPPOBT Of flXEu PKINCIfLEa ? INSUFFICIENCY OF MPKS FKNTATIV* BOOIK8 TO MEET THE PBE3KNT CE1SIS TUE POLITICIANS DKNOUNCB1V ? THE HOPE OF THE UNION HK8T8 ON THE PEUPLB? CONCILIATION TO Ti'S BUKUER ETATK8 THE THCE POLICY ? CO EEC I ON Di: lOfKCKO ? INJUSTICE OF THE MOBHILL TAB IFF, *TC , Ere. Nkw Uavek, March 30, 1M1. Th?-re wan a glorious rally of the democracy at New BauD cn Saturday night. Seldom has the call of the "friends of the Union been more spontaneously respondel go Cbtn was that whioh summoned the people of the City ofElmbto pieHminary deltberatiou pending the election of Monday next. The meeting was one of the most soooeeaful, consider ing the numbers present, the leepeotability composing it ?ad the unanimity which prevailed, that has erer been held here. The spictous hall of the Academy of Music was der.?e!y crowd- d In erery part long before the Committee of Arrangements arrived Every seat on the ta?p platform was occupied by the leading men of the City, bet* ten whom and the immense assemblage there ?Seined to be but one object and one purpose? to stand together, and in the oomiog contest secure a victory for the*; cause , for their State and for the Union. I ; is evident indeed, from the firm and determined attitude of the great bod; of they people, that they deem (t their first and most solemn duty to act, even in this, the eleventh hour, to stay the tide of disunion and disruption whioh has already precipitated such ruin upon this once glo rious republic. Their State, taking the van In the oom log election^ has impressed them with the necessity of Smmeaiate actios in setting an example of devotion to the Union sad ths constitution which may be Imitated by her sister Nsw England States This circamsUaoe has stlrrod the hearts of the <<emocracy, and or the lovers of the U&n>n tbrc ughout the State, without regard to party, to tnske a common and united eitort to place Connecticut In the li. st rank of those patriotic States which, ack no tr ied* jug the injuries indicted on the country through tha impolitic Co use hitherto puiaued by their political lead ers are determined to redeem the past by a solemn pledge given through the ballot box that the Union, the com ututiou and the equality of all the States is paramount to part} platforms and geographical lines. The meeting wss preside! over by Mr. Ira Merwin, who, after a few introductory remarks, presented as the orator of the evening Mr. Jon.\ Cochrane, who spoko as I'oli ws:? | HON. JOHN COCURAKB'8 SPKKCH. I I*i.u.w CmzKNb or Nkw Havf.n? It is with no little in terest itat I appear here to-night lu response to your in tritation, to addreaf you. Asloe from the tremulous at tentiOD which the theatre of national events command-1 a p< cullarly died gase fan directed from all quarters of our oo on try upon the preparations for your approaching iStiiU- e!<ciion New Hampshire has preoaded jou; and, though the result there disclosed a dlmlnutlan of repub lics strtng'.h, yet our defeat disappointed the expecta tions of perhaps too sanguine friends, and contributed Some what to the patuful uncertainty of coming ev.-tta. JJut if 1 hav corrtctly estimated the character of the Connecticut democracy ibey are not of that composition which yleid easily to weak impressions; not made of a ?tutt wh.cLi submits rcwliiy to foreign influences. Their ri.nka, I believe, to be constituted of men who apply the fixed bayonet tc the support or fixed prln cip.ts ((hecis) Who march steadily onward to-; foe, regartlh ?a of his strength, in tinlrtup only where he Is to be round, a no wh >, though tho hesvens fall, wil aniiits'ii the justice aud integrity of their cause. (Ap plai ee ) 1 think, iheio ore, thu whatever the delta qu? uc> of other 4ta*es thai are affected by the contagion Of ih< ir < xamp'e, the gati*n< little State of Connecticut Wil< not on Monday next prove lnctpable of the equal bait e into *hioh the is tutoring; out, while puttlns to Bhime the inadequacy or New Hampshire, will Inspire bar sma'ler Ulster, Ktiode ls<>tnd, to emulate her good daiCb, an l i > npiil * Kb 1> r ib a mecsagc of sympathy anu rid: o s to the lubor'ng ^"itei at tho eSouth. (Ch' erg. J Fe'1 w (Wizens, th > m>gm ude ?f the subjects upon which it is expected to a i xb.U'd address you is such that from 'he w*k m my conscious inoompa tei ry to dltobarge It Eacti i ivlsion of my theme is cb> iged with the question of nttlonel existence, while tipon jour decision at the p >ls or this question will de pend, in BJ judgmetit, the ac tion of the 8tatea which Bow hold the destinies oi the lTui< >n In their hands. Cm thiie te, there>ore, a more momentous occasion ? one more Imj-retitlveor s<l<mn? Cai greater Inducements to ?it her pa" i. lie thought or action, even under other oir 8Un?Utoi, be accumulated, and presented to the human mini? I recognise the unmtstskee'de sympathy with Winch jou entertain there thoughts; and with a happy accord and just reflection of your mist creditable opin ion*. I prooetd to their uevf T p-ment and discussion. An intimate commerce, productive of a community o' in tarrwt, has closely lB<eitwinod tlie put su lis of New York ano Connecticut. The habits of tnelr populations have been gradually assimilating ti'l they are understood to be boiucger ous in all that ap;virUins to their social exist ??Lie and government. Nt ? York city is as mnch the ant cpot of supp'les for Ooncectlcut as New York, and Is quite as dependeut in roiu-n upon the one as the othir for the requisites of domestic < onsumptiou. I am, there fore. the more emboldened to present to you bore the Tics upon national sublets, which I think are onter ta.ii'd by the democracy and rJI t'non conservative men of my ow n State, and to addres? to you the same considers (ions whicb we there are accu^toaed torcgard as decisive and controlling. You have witnessed the impotent efforts Of the republican party to restrain a dissulviug republic frr ru ruin; and have deploiod that fatal fanxUclsn wbt li. In lb? trout of nation aJ catast-ophe, closes Its eyes upon the feaiful ruin, and tnvites the Vjilon to slide. You be;.r.i the impressive appeals which wers so frequently addressed to Northern representatives in Congresx by Southern lepresentatlves for concessions and comp-o mwes; and while your expectations were stimulated by your patriotism, that some concession would be granted foi tb? take of tha l'ni< n, you were grieved and startled by the malign response, "Not one inch; not one iaeb." You were ch< ered and again wars hopeful, when you listened t<> the summons of Virginia to her lister States to atM mble for consultation . and for an effort to recora po*e our diaorded pjlitlcal fabric, through the Instrnmen tai iy of conciliatory and prudent councils. But, win n weary weeks had disclosed nothing but ?tree strifes, isoplacsile hostilities and Invite rate divisions, you, with all othsr Union loving men, predicted an onhsppy Issue to the Peace Conference, and surrendered the hope you had felt. Nor were your pied tet loos false The event Instiled ycur fears, sad the final no J uiumsct from Wssbmgtoa of both Congress and Peso* Conference, without agree-' m< nt upen a ratiafsrtnry scheme of a -ijuitsaent, conveyed to you and to all leliectlve aid earnest men, that the meaoa of permanenc? to the Union were not to be found in representative bodies Let me here, then . Impress ip >u jou this abiding truth, thst tho osuse of the people cm be (!eiended on^ by U?? pe iple (flraat applause ) Your representative present* at no time more than s reeble re fltotltn or constituent opinions, and at no time dare* bsiibor s thought which hl? cubtoas solicitude for their continued tavor suggests msy be aopalitable to an ex - act ng constltaency. His country ts bounded by the contracted circle of his own svliith hopes His honor te i ever clouds! savs by the oangsr thst threstens him S4|f. He r>**s as his couotiy talis, and falls as fci* r.^ io tr . r ??s 1 hid rather be a dog and bay the moon, than au'ch a R< mm. (Cheers) Nor In the hour of g-estes'. B?.d can tbue cas?ii?d as pollticlanji be re lied upon with better rtason. The chs'scteristics ol the ecUefner in tridis, do not qualify for the disp?si tlcn of grave quest ions of .Jiats the Intrigues for place ?W ndi r an sptiuide for alUus to ke sure, but iaevitt b\? defects with the leproos falct of p?culatioo and pol: M corrupt k*. lbe vis on of the ?.? ir\ y p >h iclsn ex teids no further ihan US tmol.imenvs c^offics. Hi* IiUhCfct aspiration atH'rs oily to personal aggrandise B.?nts? and the coBsummat on of his happiness is a sa bwlal slat cure. His profli*ncy i* but a rec mtn?B 1st to his cists, sad nsver, *xc?pi In the assumption or a Tirtne, is ho ta dsnger of their reprol a'.ioti (Cheers.) Itiese, or stub as these, the ?s<- lours of s c wintry rhese, ?? smh ss these tLie ttliMOS of s people. As wall B' Kht the ituect oocupat'ots of yonder stithlll ema'ate *b< sioias that eavsops Cbimborsso; ss writ m igh the woim iiimi tain Cbamouni wiifgla itself ti the top of * i Homo No, a mightier rower, snd of por*r S"ur. e is thst ahteh tho days ?r national tribulattoa req'tlra. Kelther the politician, cor the isjweseetatlve, the p*orss B'< nai patriot net the vtosrkms cklsen. Is the dep?tidetce 9ti a distrusted people, a<r the security of SB imperilled land No. Men, high mlndtd raeo, Men who their duty kaow, Aad krow their rights, and dare maattln, I Prevent the long a'roed blow, And crush the tyrant while they r?nd the chain. Th?sa e insulate a State ? (applause; ?and tbay who C -LftlttulA tn? HUto RkwA ran reloMUnr to itn diaeiM. Af b"pe to sllevlste its wrev.bed oondltlon. They sl,?e agsmst whom On ivMmo is arged saa most certainly atei t it. r-otp the exercise or "elegatod power there is the appeal made dlreotty te the p*ep)? you, follow cltl Bene srsupn the sv? of th*t sppral; and that tbsro ?sy ha bo obscurity npou t'.e quesimn involved, or ua renslatr o: Ui? position of tha perttsa to |t I will briefly retaark upoa these spp op?Ute topk.? ja t^B ttosrefme It wMi he artooeotis to prsaams that the lines which ? lvl*<*s?eeocrsile froas thsrspubiiran psrty ?ejsuats the sdvarre parties to the praeeat c iateav. The ? *rm<r tftTisions ware upas questions within tbe V. . H* present StvisSwss an upow um nmmUam at Dm Uat% rteett. Her are (be nlwlw peaiUaas of the parties I* the I fonutr queeiiona by any ssaans Ikon ?f Um part Mm ? . tbe present Many a Vaioa adhering republican Wtd< ! Awshe or 1MO la steeply a Union Wide Awake la MM. I firm and energetic aa he waa in his hostility to tha ad ministration ot James Bwchansn, ha la equally detarmio ed la his inpport of tha I'alon la which ha waa bars, and which he hopes to aee preserved. 80 whan ha perraWw, aa perceive be moat, that a vary lam proportion of those wbo acted then la successful hostility to a democratic ad nji til* t ion, whan solicited bow to oaaoata ? ? -*h'-g to tha Sonth lor ibe rake of tha Union, answer. not one Inch; and with a shameleee alacrity declare that tha Union may aiide. He will neoeeeerily ally himself politically with thoae wba, upon tha baaia of a reaaonable concea s ion, act in union tor tha aaka of tha Union I aa thara f ore, Mlow citiaena, prepared for the demonatration wb-ch I anticipate next Monday will effect, that tha votes of all Union bob, of whatever prevloua party ootn pkction. are hereaftar to ha aasociatad with tha party ? hoes cand ioatea will conciliate that harmony and advo cate thoae ooncesaions by which alone the preaent Union ran ha saved or tha former Union can be real 3 red it muat be obvtoua to tha feebleat understanding, that if a ric imposed confederacy is the supreme de sire, the discussion of compromisss cannot be very important. Yet It may have ita uaea. I will tbeiefore preaume upon your patience with a faw it marks upon thia tuple. No 00a, I think, will be dis posed to deny that bad the demands of the cotton Hia toe (pert eptibie in their present constitution) been oompiied with they would now have composed a part of an unlm paired confederacy ; and 1 beiieve that be would be a bold man who could maintain thai had the question been fairly submitted to the vote of tbe Northern States be tween such concessions aid the disunion of all the States, they would have decided for diauuion. But aeven of the Souther nm< st ?tat*s havo departed Eight of their asso ciate tstaus are ecgiged in deliberations upon their future direction. It cannot be. it is not expected, that they will )>e contented with (heir present position, without tao aesuraDce of security at d guaranty. Tbe fact is equally apparent that the retention o' the present confederacy oepends apofl the retention of the eight border slave Kates, inus, to secure the blessings of the Union as ii In, there Is an Imperious necomity proven, that whatever be tbe rharacter of the constitutional amendments de manded by these Slates they ba granted by the States at the North. Whether these demands shall approach those embodied in the Montgomery constitution, or whether the j shall be moderated by tbe prevalence of more tem perate councils, becomes of comparative insignlttcance In view of tbe ultimato desideratum of a Union preserved. I have confidence, nevertheless, that whatever be their in termediate action, the Convention at Frankfort, in May, will present to ihe people of the North an ultimatum ao reasonable and temperate that the moderation of the most conservative will seize with avidity the proposition as an unexpected boon. (Cheers.) If, then, the people of the North shall interpoee their own authority regardless of the action of their Legislatures and the dictates of their political leaders, transpiring events denote that the inter position will, in all probability, effect a pacitlcatlon of our 1 ational troubles. Not that the aoqulescence of the North in the demands of tbe border slave estates will produce a return of tbe cotton States to the confederacy , but that the border slave States retained, by reaaonaoie conces sions granted and tbe commercial and social attractions or the Northern confederacy, may ultimately dispose favorably towards it the now seceded States. While the efficacy or any ruture political effort to reconstruct the Union may well be doubted, uo one ahould deem impossi ble a united republic recomp-jsed by time and those 8 Uent , natural fcrces which construct and d Issol ve empires. But, febow ciyzens, I do not feel myself at liberty to re snme my seat without a brief reierence to a subject which has engrossed tbe attention very generally, and even now is agitating strangely the councils of a repub lican administration I refer to the subject of coerciou. 1 cannot hope to present it more successfully than doubt lets you have seen It elucidated. A few words will dis miss It from my and your attention. Tbe obvious sehRe of the word is in violent conflict with our normal political state ? equality of intercourse, social, civil and religious. Its application disturbs this condition, and hence is an elemental force, productivo cf inequality and oppression. I am not now rsierrlng to that restraint of law exerted upon refractory Individuals through tha coercion of its ministerial agents. However essential to govern ment is such a coercion when thus individually applied, even this becomes incompatible with government whon applied to civil communitlca or States. So directed it becomes the fruitful and inevitable source of civil war. 1 bo a- m of the government is then measured against that of collective communities, and the almlnistration tf government becomes but an Invariable experlmont of forco. The articles of confederation having established but a league of Independent States, the central government was consequently required in Its ad ministration of law to resort to its enforcement upon States. The evils apprehended and resulting from this despotic system, with others, occasioned the relinquish ment of the government of 1778 and tho adoption of the present constitution. Its distinctive characteristic In thia respect is that tbe execution of the federal laws is ccnflntd to individuals, proceeded against only through the agency of the magistracy. It is true that upon the failure of the officer the is summonod to his assist ance, and that even tho military arm may be Invoked with like purpose. But over this possible series of con tingent assistance pre tides the authority of the law officer of tbe government; and while the power of tbe country and of tbe army is Subordinated to tbe civil arm, its extension is limited to individuals, within the pale of peace, and repelled from oomm unities within the possi bility of war. A reference to the debates of the Conven tion which framod the constitution will disclose these to have been tbe opinions of both Madison and Hamilton, while the oogeot argument of the latter, In the alxteenth number of the federalist, retains its Irrefutable character now as when first oonoclved. But it is suggested that this exposition, if correct, relinquishes to the arbitra ment of opportunity that . formidable class of insurrectionary disturbances, originating in local Itics and affecting contagiooaly large districts or country. This is quits true, and as it may be oonce ded that to execute tie law In such cases would be th? production of war, so if war be the effect of the omission, tbe result in both esses being the same, tbe argument loses nothing by this comparative process. But as it is to this identical point that preaent events determine, cannot refrain from quoting to it tbe language o Alexander Hamilton, frrm tbe number of the fUlercUiJ 1 have before named. He says:? And aa to thoae mortal feuds which in certain con juncture* (piead a conflagration through a whole nation, or through a v-'i y large proportion or it, proceeding either from Terr wt ightv chum's of discontent given by the government, or from the contagion of aome violent |topular paroxyam, they do net fall within anj ordinary rule* or calculat on. Where they happen tbe v commonly amount to revolution! and dia meml>ermenla of empire. No form of govt* nment can always either avoid or control them It la lu vain to hope to guard against event* too mighty for human loreaigbt or precaution; anil It would be iale to object to a government beoauae It c?uld not perform Impoaelbiliiiea. Thua "the contagion of a violent popular paroxysm," not falling "witbin any ordinary rule* of calculation," having happened, "amounU to revolution' and "a dis m em I torment of empire." A Juster or more appropriate statement of the present national altitude cannot he ntuie. Tho existence of revolution proven and the ap plication of arms to it* suppression becomes simply a question of expediency, and entirely withdrawn from the command* and requirement* of constitutional Uw. (Cheer*.) Itut while the argument is conclusive agtinst tlif* constitutional power of the federal government 10 coerce a state by force of arn.a, It i* equally clear, In my opinion, that there !? an existent cons titut tonal power to collect the revenue* of the government. The coercion of revenue Is upon the bulk of Imported merchandise, anil not upon tho person* It* collection i* in restraint of consumption, and net of the liberty of tho cltizon. It la very true that this constitutional right may be, nay, l>. abroga'ed by the revolution which paralyses the con si Itutlcn which la Its source. Upon the progress and acquired head of revolution, therefore, depends the ex pediency of enforcing even this right. It may, I think, be tafely af serted , that It thou Id be abandoned whenever Ha exercise requires the assistance of either a military or a naval establishment. I may aay in tht* connection that I thought it prrper at one period, a* a member of a s- lect commute" of the I ant Cocgres*, to report, to the House a bill Tor the collection of the revenue of the Uni ted State*. 1 procured it to be recommitted to the com inittee, snd, convinced of Us inexpediency. I thenceforth retained it in my possession, and opposed an other at tempts to en'oroe the collection of the revenues at South ern port*. (Applause. l This subject, fellow citizen*, brings me at last to enlarge somewhat upon another sab ji-ct deplorably ladened with the burden of diaunion, and meriting jour grave attention I allude to* hat terrible tariff which a republican Houee and Senate Inflicted upon this unfortunate and unhappy country. It were needless that I should < nunv rate It* s.rgular evl S. I do not l>e l ?ve that there is one r>TSdl able of any possible tariff that is not true of this Tbc specific and ad valorem sy? tens so compounded and blendsd, that the evils of both and the benefits of neither are secured; a seals of ) rohibltory dut!e?, nmonntlOR on nesrly all the fa brics and other artcle* of consumption from thirty to ninety jer cent; and ft careful taxation throughout of tbe poar In superlative excees of the rich sre but a few of the more prwn%?nt of Its ob.testlooable features. Under it* nnccndttlooal action your business iuuit expire and y wir .mportations cease. Hut tbl* ter rible tarHl be anie a lav crntempiraneoiiu'.y with the array of the youthen conOdertcy In a similar direction. A milder per cenUge in the Irs impresses nr?on ours a mors ru irons character. fibrins and manufac t tries will be compelled to unequal competition in the Southern mukct withth'*? of EngMd snd Germany red Krarc". While you are IfeM for?Sd from I lie South, foreign imcottaii. os mder tbe advantage or leninni do the. wi I find their way s:ross the Alleghanies, and de scending the btk*s, win drive tbe workman from Water - bury and the pedlar to hi* home. Are yon prepared for these oevsstatirg influence* of mock republican ml*' (Cries of "No. no") Then arrange yourselves hers tonight nrder the ensigts of a huge Union I any. Moribe upt.n thrm "Concession for the ?ak* of tbe Union." snd "Repeal of tbe terrible tariff.'' B* this jour ologsn of war. Remember that ep-n yourselves, citlxen* of N'sw Haven, depends tbe momentous rrsnlt. A perfectly disciplined, a tho remgbly nrsptreet and tinbrokwa adversary exceeded you numerically one ; ear ago by 641 votes- (Md Issues are swept kway or oilseed Ihe question of nttioual exist ence has replaced them all. ( Appla<me. > Your adver aery's ranks are 'blrnei, weak and wavering. Your numbers ars twel'cd ? iih recruits from tbe quiet, the c< user vative snd the I'nion loving cttiasns. A change of but 171 \otr* wiil retioie your equality. Say, voters of New Haven, cltlsess of Connecticut ? ssy, will yon re ilecm your Stat. ? We of New York are looklngXaaxtoos ly for ) our answer. Ihe border Slav* State* have paused lor ) our reply, lbs States that dwell by the Gulf are Intertely watching yon. (Greet applause ) I witness your enthusiasm. I ball your confidence, and, clttsea* of New Havtn. with you I believe that you will redeem your State. SBd relieve the solicitude of the nation ( Applause, lasting some time, followed the close of ths speech ) Mr Maosrs giusp next addressed the meeting In the German language, and judging from the frequent cheer irg, be hud a 'irg? Gorman auditory nnshnaiastle In the cauio of the Union snd the constitution, rhe meeting reparoled with hearty cheors fsr ths suooessot ths Union ticket m Mondsy nsxt. Api II Session of tho Csmnsn Cosnsll, Tbe Hoard of Aldermen will hold tbe first meeting of their April seatiots this evening There M nothing of a very speeial oharacter expected to cone ap before them. DNMlk Hi Matter.. ?"?7 W*k Is imr ^ ?jm tor the ^SaaUes, ind thlsy mt it m as dry m ?r?rb?^ The **?*?**> however, showed signs of returning Mi gefttioQL Nlblo's Giriea the BuiMrooi ednirers of Nixon's Circus J'*re P1^ *?h the return of the "Show," after a campaign in Havanrand New Orleans. Mr. rorreat W here as Virginias, and plays that character" sg.^ lb la evening. At the Winter Garden Miss AnDeh'"* Inoe has played Parthenia Is "Ingomar." Miss .Toce is a clever actress, and should be regularly engaged At one of the metropolitan theatres. The "star system" with ths old repertoire will not answer now a days. At ?VaUaok's, on Wednesday, "Henriette," a new eomedy, from the French of M. Sardiou, was brought out and reoeived with | approbation. The play is prooounoed to be one of the chief Wallack successes, and la announced for every right this week. At Laura Keene's theatre the public is stffi amused with "The Seven Sisters." Mile. Helcne , a clever dan acuse of the French school, bus been engaged at this theatre. We are to have this evening a new star and a new play. The double event is to come off at the Winter Garden. The star is Mr. J. 8. Clarke, one of the mana gers of the Arch street theatre, Philadelphia, and a come tilan whoae imputation atands, out of New York, second to none. Mr. Clarke wisely aelecta a fresh pity In which tp make hia debut, and brings out Ttora Taylor's comedy, ? The Babes in the Wood." This piece was brought out at the Hsymarket last autumn, and owed its success chiefly to tho sctlng of Mr. Back stone, whose part will be played here by Mr Claike. The play ia a well known picture of English life and manners, and ought to succeed anywhere. Mr. Claike will be supported by Mr. C. Barton Hill and Misi Ada Clifton as Lady Blanche and IflwTrack Ruahton. As our readers have already been informed, the Opera season at Boston will be extended till the end of the present week, the artists opening with "lTn Hallo in llafchera" on the 8th. In the mean time the Acsde my will be olosed until the Opera comes back. Thoee popular artists, Madame de Lussan and Monsieur de la Penriere give a concert at the Brooklyn Atheneum on Wednesday evening next. They will be assisted by Signor Centomeri, baritone, and W. J. Nelson Pattiiton, the young pianist, whoae masterly fingering and brlUUnt execution are such a theme of laudation amongst the ad mirers of that instrument. The programme is ch wen with excellent discrimination, and consists of selections from the works of Campana, Verdi, DonizHtl, Abt, Qalevy , Mozart end Meyerbeer, with sevoral original compositions by M. de la Perrieie and Mr. Pattison. Al together, this concert promises to be one of the most at tractive of the season. At tne Now Bowery a now local drama, called "Flf teen Years of a Boatmau's l.ife; or Pay and N'ight Scenes on the Hudson River," with Fox's conic pantomime, '?The Schoolmaster'' and the drama "The Merry Mo much," make up an excellent bill. At Ilarnum's Muaeum, the dramatic attraction for to day and evening include two new plays, "Horseshoe Robinson" and "Ruth Oakley." The other attractions of tbe Mufeum must be seen to be appreciated. At Bryants' Minstrels various and suudry novelties will be introduced Into the programme for this week. Mr. Aytsley Cook, who has one of the finest baritone voices we have ever heard, has been engaged here. Niblo'B Saloon is to be reopend this evening by Lloyd's Minstrels. Tbe company includes Birch, Cool White, Bidauz and other favorites. Coiicerth, Dramatic Rkaih.wh, he. ? We aro informed that Mr. Max Strakoseh, brother to the oelebrat ed impmtario, has concluded an engagement with Gottscha'k, the pianist, and Ckrbtta Patti, who his had a very great success as a concert singer. Mr. Gottrchalk will arrive from Havana early next month, and the concerts will be commenced about the 15tl). Mr. Pe Cordova will give his last entertaiameut for this season at Hope Chapel on Wednesday of this week. Mr. De Cordova will be assisted by Miss Sara Stevens, Mr. Millard and Mr. Pearson. An attractive performance, musical, terpstcboo^ap and acrobatic, is announced to take place at thi French theatre this evening, for tbe bc.-.efit of tbsfamily of Hattie James, a yonng woman who was burned to death at one of the Broadway oonoert halls. By all koeounts, the object of this performance is a most worthy one. Budworth's and Campbell's Minstrels give their "Soirees d'Ethlope," at Hoboken and Brooklyn, this week. Mr. Wollenbaupet aanounoea his first con erl at Ifvilf Hall, next Saturday evening. The complimentary concert to Mrs. M. Height will com off at tbe City Assembly Rooms, Broadway, next Wedncs day evening. Mr. and Mrs. George Vandenhoff will give one of their popular readings at the Brooklyn Athena-um to-morrow evening. Mr. Slddons, Miss Foster aad Mr. Millard, win lllustrat tbe text and music or Shalcspeare'a songs, at CI In to Hall, on Thursday evening of this week. AU Fools Dsy, The First of April is the day of all others dedicated to the fiod of Mischief, for many and many are the Jocular deceptions practised while its hours arepiasiug al rag the path of time. Where Is the man that can be found who has not in his youthful days either sent a playmate, or bus been sent by one, to tho oobbler's for "a pennyworth of tbe beat stirrup oil," and the only exchange for his copper the messengers received hss been a hearty cut from Crispin's strap, whilst he hss been brought to a per. c<ption of his verdancy by hearing the exclamation "Ah! you April fool?' The fame knowledge may some (imee have been obtained by a visit to the mllkman'B for a "pint of pigeon's milk," and to the bookstore for the "I.ife of Adam's Grandfather;" or peihaps to tho cirpen ter's to borrow a "round square," or a "gltss whet itcnc " In former tiroes, when buckles were worn on sliocs, many a dandy has been played upon by being In for sied that his shoe wss unbuckled, and upon glancing at his feet, he hss to his mortification heard the w eked urchin's cry, "Ah! you April fool." Now, per haps he will be told, "Sir, there's something oxt of your pocket." "Where?" "There" "What?" "Your hand, sir. Ab! you April fool." Tbe juvenile sportsman will sometimes, however, wlah to bring do en fairer game, and then, politely addressing a lady, bo will ssy to her, "Madam, jon've something on your fa*." "Indeed, my ton, what Is It?" " Tis only your none"? but we can gnrss the finish of his sentence. The purse or pocket lf ok laid on the pavement, and whleh, when about to be picked up. is whisked away by the aid of a connecting string, is sn entertainment that no doubt many will this day be able to learn experience by ; whilst many a pica sure wtll be created by tbe receipt, at some cost for car risge, of a parcel marked "Books, to be kept dry," which p'easure will unfortunately be damped at the uncovering of the twentieth wrapper by the dlncorery of, probably, a full grown brick. Tbe fooler ies of the 1st cf April are of nnciout origin This day was formerly that on which commenced tbe new )enr, and it wss once observed In Britain as a high and general festival, In whleh an unbouedel hilarity i rigned through every order of its inhabitants: for the sun at this period of tbe year enters tho sign Arise, and with It the season of rural sports and vernal delights wss luppored to commcnce. The festival sports to which we allude have, ho vever, long since ceased, and th? only relic cf Ihe pristine pleasantries left is tho sUIl pipular practice of mskir.g April fools. Ihe Hindoos, at their Hull festival, keep a general holiday on the 31st of Msroh, and one subject or diversion among them Is also that of sending people on errands and expeditions tint sre to end in liieappointment and raises laugh at the e-xpetpe of tbe person sent. The Joke of making Mali for la is often carried so far as to send letteri, m*king appointments In the' names of person < ?bo It is known must be .'ibsent from thel homes at the time fixed upon, and tbe Uugli is alwsys In proportion to tbe trouble given. Both the British snd Hindoo festival* are supposed to have had their origin in an sncient Persian practice of celebrating with festive rites the period of tbe vernal equinox, or tbe day when the new year of Persia anciently began. Tbe custom of making April fools prevails all ovs Kurope. Tbe term given to It among the French ts " un pnitun d'Asrtt." Tne trans 'or rnatiw of the term Is no well accounted for, but the performances of the day ar limtlar to tbose played here The first of April Is furthe marked 'n Proveftee by everybody on this day having for dinner, In sense form or other, a sort of peas peculit to the country; and It wed to te a great Joae of this dls trtct to s?nd novicee to tbe Convent of the Chatreux, for theee pees, telling them that tbe fathers were obliged to serve nil corners, much td the annoyance of the monks, patlenoe gnt mhxi exhausted amid tbe multitude of applicants. On tbe Sunday and Monday preceding lent, people are privileged at Lisbon to play tbe fool ; It is thought very Jocose to pour water on every paster by , or to throw powder In tbe face, but to per form both on the same person is there considered to be the very perfection of wit. The tinman* connecrated the first of April to Venus, the ((odder* of Heauty, tbe Mother of Love, the Queen of laughter, nnd the Mistress of tbe (traces. On this day they ahetained from pleading causes, and the Human ladles p<rformed sblntlon* unlet myrtle trees, crowned themselves wl<h l>* leaves, offered sacrifices to Venus, and prayed the gnddeee to oonetea their pers<oal de formities from their husbands This euatom originated in the mythological story, that M Venus was drying he. kalr by a rtver side, ah* wu surprised by satyrs, , Wo* gas* confused h?r:? i R*1' mob with myrtles sfce her beauties veiled, fWlll whence this annual custom was entailed Police tattllifeBN. Dune Armor to Rob thi rsirso Sum Mail.? 1 About half-past ten o'etoot m Saturday night a bold at ' tempt was made to rob the CnHed Btates nallwtgenas It was leaving the Hudson River Railroad d?pot In Cham bars street lor the general Post Oflkse. The bags had Just been transferred from one of the Hudson River cars

to the mall wagon, and the driver, Mr. t- A. Stephens, was about to proceed to ths Post Office When a m*u Jumped on the rear platform of the mat! ear, and, leaning over, plaoed his hand on oar of the ?all bag* on the wagon, so that wh,t? the whicto drove off the bag would have been left In his heads. Fortunately Mr. Stephens observed the fellow, and spoiled ths ball end of his whip to his knuckles -so sharply that he had to let go his hold. He then attempted to escape, but was arrested by officer Dor an, of the Third ward. A confederate, who had been standing near by, ready to assist in securing the booty , ran oil' and escaped. The prisoner, Francis Henry, was taken before Juaiic) Kelly, who held him to await an examination before th j United State* Commissioner. Bti vna AMD Plated Wars ui wast or as Ownsk ? Yoe terday morning officer Dazet, of the Third ward, ob served a man walking down Greenwich street and on deavorlng to conceal something under his ooat Tho office followed and arrested htm in West Broadway, on su-ip cion of having been.engaged In some felonious tr ansae tion On reaching the station house he gave his name a 4 Thomas Moore, and the property found on him consisted of a cold chisel, a pair of Dippers, a silver plated sugar bowl, silver goblet, mat keu T. K S , three silver tei spoons, snd a quantity of sllvor and silver plated sp >ous broken up. He wss taken before Justice Kelly, woo committed him to await an examination. Personal Intelligence. Dr. Sutherland and Captain Wood., of the lTnit?d SUtes Army and O. Breant, of Virginia, are stepping at the New York Hotel. Pr B. P. Backus, of Cortland, N Y. ;Ciptiin Durfee, of New York; I >. Forbes and E K. Rloe, of Washington; J. C Cu) lor, of Albany ; F. B. Kits worth, of Chicago, and 0, W. Douglas and wife, of England, are stopping at the As tor House. Mr. E. Molyneux, of tie British Army; Ivn O. Bites, C. Amory, Jr., and wife, sod S. H. Wbltwell, of Boston; W. It. Hunt, of Newport; Copley Amory, of Williamston: n. P. Bice, of Havanmh, H. F. Riidgv, of England; J. de Jocgh, of Paris, and E. BraggiolM, of Boston, are stop ping at the Brevoort House. Lieut. J. M.'Bra Iford, of the United states Army; B. Wilson, of the United States Navy: T. Baugfc, of fliltfor nia; T. H Bacon , Bwton . J. IV l.ind^e., oliarleston, 3. C. ; E. Hurd, Cincinnati; J.Walllngford, Mssyrilfet, fcnn ; 8 Hurt and H C. t'jnrad, i'hilndeiphla, aud J. H Tay lor, Michigan, are stopping at tho Metropolitan Ilotal. Hon. C C. Waih^Arn, Wlsoonaih; Hon Alfred Ely, Ro chester; Hon. C. H Hhorrlll, Albanv; Hon J^hn H. Ke? nolds, Albany; Opt. Cook, of the steamer Africa; M. B. Burgess and family, Kentucky; T W. BradBury, Vl?gi ginia; J. A. Bnvey, Breton; W. W. Maphey, Jonn M Kin ney and W. M Bennett, Michigan; C. 0. Hammond, Chi cago; H. Clavtdn, Pennsylvania; P. A. Moore, Troy; P. Moutcith. Albiny, aud J. Carson, of l*alt.e Superior, are (ti pping st the Ht. Nicholas Hotel. The Drswlngs oflhr Sussex Connty sni Consolidated Lottery of I claw-are. B. FRANCE 4 CO., MAHAGtltS The LcKUIatnre of the State of Delaware harlrp given to B. France A Co. a lottery contract for twenty years, we, the undersigned, (VmmlHsionnra appointed by the Governor of said 8ta<e to superintend the drawings of said lottery, do I ereby certify that the following are the numbers drawn this day:? SBMU Cot' ntt ? Class 77, March 30, 1861. 4, ?7. 32, 56. 35, 29, 45, 46, 66, 39, 26, 3, 13. Grand Coksomoatku Lottkrv ? Ci.Asa 14, March 30, 1861. 17. 6. 2, 23, 4A, 30. 15, 57, 13, 53, 14, 9, 66. Witness our bands at Wilmington, Del., this day (Baturday), Match SO, 1861. " JOHN DAT.K, ) JOHN W. WALKER, J Commissioners. ALFRED R. WOOTTEN, 1 ClTcnlars sent free of charge by adareaalng R. FRANCE t CO., Wilmington, Delaware. Drawings of the Delaware State Lot teries ?WOOD. EDDY A CO., Managers of the 1JSLAWAUR, BBWTVOKV AND MISSOURI STATE l.OTTRRIRS. Dklawahb? Extra < 'lax* 303, March 30. 1861. 10, 69, 3, 6. 29, 2, 26, 28, 45, 52, 74, 51, 1. Dklawark? Class 304, March 30, 1861. 54, 3 , 68, 60, 56, 66, 31, 49. 26. 13 , 70, 41, 74. Circulars containing schemes, with full particulars, sent free of charge by addressing either to WOOD, EDDT A CO . Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD, EDDY A CO., 8? Louis, Missouri. Rprtsg Styles of Drews and Soft Hats at WHITE'S. 216 Broadway, command the admiration of all lovers of fashion. Albam Photefraphs. ? RU Iter 91, 16 ?n V2 large Ambrotypea, wltfc ease. 80 eenta, by KIMBALL, 4T7 Broadway. Brooklyn ? Charles II. 'Williamson's Photcarapbic Portrait Gallery. Fulton street, opposite OUn ton. Established 1851. The I?ad<I Si Webster Hewing machine nay now be bad for fifty dollars, at 500 Broadway Empire Sewing Machines.? The Cheap est, beeaiike the beat, In market. Gflioe 331 Broadway. Wheeler A Wilson's Improved Sewing Machines at reduced prices. Ofllcn 601 Broadway. Take Notice? Prices to Snlt the Times ? On an after Mondav. April 1, the price o* all Uquors ( Brandy azoepted) will be reduced to sll cents, at Brown's new Fie i eh Restaurant *ud Lunch Boms, 13 It road street The moat clegam dinners, together with Decker's oysiees and Hainph'-ey'H beveragea. will alwsya be found at MHOWN H, 13 Bread atrtel, near WalL Crlstadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Ton j>ees? ibe best In the world? wholesale and retail, anrt the dye privately applied. No. 6 Astor Bouse Hill, Inimitable Cntter of Hair and * Makers, No. 1 Barclay street Hair Dye SO cents; black or brewn. Moldavia Cream Forces the Hair and Wblskers to grow luiuriantly. Bold at W A. BATCIIE XOR'B new Invented Wig factory, 16 Bond street. Batchelor'a New Invented Wla* and Toupees are truly wonderful specimens of art. Call and see them, st 1J Bend Street, or send for a measure card. Batchclor's Hair Dye ? Reliable and In stantaneous ? Black or Brown Factory 81 Barelav alreet hold and appllel at W. A. BATOHELOR'H, 16 Bond street. Trasses -Marsh * Co.'s Had leal Cure Trass. No. 3 Veaey street (Aator House), opposite tbs ohureh. Dr. I. 8. Pitch's Rrw Rupture Supporter Truss? warranted. Call and examine before purohaslng. 714 Broadway. arcay I'ls^rsvw?, Hachadoor Tataosyan, of Conataatl nopie. has made his celebrated Oriental Fi* Paste these nine teen years, and so man v of oar best dtisensuse II In their fsmlhes, aad know It to be so good for weak lung< and for tbesickly and the infirm and so strengthening for the little ones. Bold at all ths saloons. HACHADOOR TATEOHYAN. Died. Bkkwrtt.? On Sunday, March 31, st her residence, No. 184 Fast Thirteenth street, Amkija, wife of Fran cis Rennett, sped 26 years. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her fnaeral on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'olock Bkrktt ? In Brooklyn, on Saturday, March 30, suddenly, Miss Mart C Bkmut, sgnd 32 jears The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral , from the residence of her lir./tber, Wm. II. Bennit, 87 Orsnge street, Brooklyn, this (Yfoo day) afternoon, st three o'clock. BoKint? On Sunday, March 31, Pat turn Bomibr, afel 46 yrais, a native of county Wexfwd, Ireland. Ihe friends of the family, and tbe members of ths Parry B. Society, are respectfully incited to stUnl the Mineral, from his late residence. No 4 Morris street, on Tuesday sfterncon, st two o'clock BraI'M'kv.? On Sunday afternoon, March 81, Pamtri. Bra wit rt, in the 65th jear of hw ape The friends ard relatives of the family are respect ftilly Invited to attend the I on?r%l, without further no tice. trim his late rtskhiire, 111 Bieecker street, on Tuesday miming, st nit e o'clx k Brait ?On ^aturdar , If arch 90. of rca'let fever, A?*t Bkadt, daughter of John aivl Jane Brady, age I 1 year and 8 months. Ihr frleodr of the fsm ly are requested to attend th? funeral, this (Monday) afternoon .at t m o'clock, from the rtsldetoe of her |*rcal*. No. ,'12 Ridge strret ?aiijciiak -liv Saturday, March ;W, Patrick CAt,ta < has, a native of Rathmtillan , oounty Honsgal, freltud, aged US years. The fr lends of the fam'ly srs respectfully Invitwl to alteul the (unnral |ihis (Monday) afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from his late r<sidenc?, No 18 I.e?is street. California and Newark pspers please copy Ci.arxs. ? In Brooklyn, March 81, Artncr Ilslst, son of ."tephen T. and Charlotte A. Clarke, aged three years and 8 months. The funeral will take place from the rnsldonne of his fnther, No 81 First place, this (Monday) alter noon, at 8 o'clock. Coswat ? In this city, on Saturday , March 80, Brjoost Cdnwat, the beloved wife of Michael Cmwav, of Kil rurh, county flare, Ireland, in the P.fltli year <>f her age Her friends aad acquaintances are requested to Attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at ono o'clock, | from her late naldeoce, No. 466 Washington street Her remains will ha taken to Calvary Onmetery for Interment. Unit! (t'anads) and Umertcs (Irelsnd) pa(? rs please ?^orrstt.? On Saturday, March .10, Kowasd Thomas. on )y son of Anna sad < Edward Corbett, aged 3 years and 11 months. Tbs friend* of the family are respectfally Invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon , st two o'clock , from the residence of his parsats, No. 101 Cot tape street, Molt Haven. inrmr ? On Sunday morning, Marsh 81, of Aroysy , MMt CATOARiim Ditkst, sged SO years. The friends of the fsmlly, and those of her hroth >r. Mr Thomas H. IHckey, are rss;>ecSfu41y invited to sttetd ihe funeral, thli (M-ndav) afieraom, at two o cJo .k, frcm her la'e residence, No 180 8prlsg street, with Nit further lavltat'.on. Fasmi t ?On Sunday, Marsh 81. Fsa*css Mast Ombma, only daughter of Charles H. aad Mary ? Farrell, aged 6 m oaths and T days ths funeral wlB take phos 'Ml Ui ) rail Isaoa of her parents, No. W fifth at-dgl, W1HMHI?tWf , ttU (Monday) afUrnaaa, at two o'eioo* Flood.? In NorthOeid, VmW*. <* rr><l*r, Marc a r Jon* noun, ? native of RmJVWBOt, pariah of Mp wortbalown, county Longford, Lr^^?Jna, ag?J 38 yearn. H# friend* and tboae of tha family ara raqusatad to attend the luneraJ , ihia (Monday) afUTAOoo, at 4 o'clock . ttvm the New Haven Rall-ond depot. Twenty aevaath atreet and Fourth u venue Hi* remaina \TU1 ka taken to Flatbuah for interment Giuuutr. ? in Brooklyn, on Saturday, March SO, J-utm OiLMUtT, aged 40 yeara. The frtenda and acquaintance* of tha dually ?ra re sprotfnUy invited to attend the funeral, from Ha. m \ork street, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'oiock. Go ix. ? On Sun lav, March Si, Oioaiii FKaoaaic doix, of typhoid raver, a?ad 06 year*, a man tha and T days. The relative* and friend* of the family ara re*pectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hie late realdence, So. 1M Went Forty flrat street, Una (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Onion.? On 8(inday, March 31, Eumr Maria Gracs old eat daughter of Patrick and Margaret Grace, aged 6 years, 9 month* and ? daya. Tha frtenda and aoquaintaaoea of the family are invited to attend the riperrf, thia (Monday) afternoon, at hair hast twtfo'elock, frota the realdeuco of her parents, So. 13 X Baxter atreet. T&e remaina win be taken t > Calvary Semetary far interment. Harikk. ? Suddenly, on Saturday evening, March 30. AnkUMt Scorr, youngest child of Joseph \V. and Mien IMing Harper, avd 1 year, 11 dontba and 11 days The funeral writ take plao* on Tuesday morning, from the residence of her parents. So. 14 Weat Twenty bo son d street. Ill' kS ? \t hi* rei-Menre, in Ftaahihg, L. I , on seventh day 30 ."5 ult , Su.ah Bfem, in the <Mth year of his age The friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend >1> funeral, fro;n Friend*' caeettng bouse, KMrah ing, I. 1 , on third d*y (Tuesday) afternoon, 2d inat , at three o'c'osk, without further Invitation Jackson.? On Sunday afternoon, March 31, Mrs. Kay Tory Jack.**, relict of James Jaricenn, of Phila delphia in tbrBSth year or her age. llie relative* an I friends of the fa<nily are respect fully Invited to atter.d the funeral, without further la vi alien, from the residence of her bod In law, ll.C'leavv land, Esq , 37 Washington square (Macdougal ntreot), on Tuefdny afternoon, at two o'look Johns-on ? On Saturday, Maroh ?0, after a ahort and painful illness, Jriw, youngest oon oi Seaman and Ellen Johnson, age<l 2 year* and 6 davK. The reiativos and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tb? funeral, from the reaidenre of hie parent*. So. 141 Lewi* street, tbid (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Kkij-ky.? On Sunday, March 31, Makt Ans Kei.ucv, agod 2 1 years and 6 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attem' the funerfcl, from her lute residence, 364 Greenwich atreet, this (Monday) aflerno >n, at two o'clock Km i cm ?Oil Saturday, March 80, of a lingering Illness, whit h she born with Christian fortctu l?, I'hkiik Ki.i7.ABrm, ('a. mliier of the late tliluet' Shilten , granddaughter of Jobn Jcucfi and wife Of Wlll'im B Kellem, iu the 31st j ear of her age. ? Tho relative* and friends of the family are rospoctfullv invited to attend tie funeral, from hor la'e mlitipn, Mt Ninth avenue, this (Monday) afternoon, nt one o'clock. tUorgia acd Vern>ont papers please copy. Ia'kw hkk ? In Ilrooklvn, on Saturday morning, March SO, Bixry CitmetiAN, oniv s >n cf John C. and iiu an E Lo<ech<r, aged 8 yours aud 29 days. IjOWBu ? In Williamsburg on Sundty, March 31. of a llngerlig illness, Brk.kt Euzahxth Lowell, aged 19 jeain :ni<i 1 month. The relatives and friends are re?peo*fully Invited to at tend the tuneial, from the residence of her father, Cor miek liowcll, Ro. 124 North Third street, Williamsburg-, this (Mocday) afternoon, at half past two o'clock. ?On Sutday morning, March 31, Eiwakd Li'CaS, In ihe 43d year of his age. Tho relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited lo attend the funeral. from No. 130 Malison Btreet, this (Monday) a'ternnon, at three o'olock. M-amkry ? On Sunday. March 31, Sarah lOTU, duugh tor cf Jno E. and Isabella J. Mailer) , aged 3 years and 3 months. The relative* and friends of the family, and also those of her grandmother, Mrs. .lime* Harrison, are respect fully invited to attend at the residence of her parents, No. 80 Jane street, on Tuesday afternoon, at three o'clock. McCarb ? Klijcn Mc^aiik, aged 82 years and 3 months. Ihe friends of the family are requested to attend her fuiteral without further Invitation, from her late res! deiiec, Morris avenue, Jf'lcabeth, N. J , on Tuesday ntomfbg, at nine o'clo*;"'' McCuv.? On Saturrav evening, March 30, after a pan ful illners, Catiiarink McCoy, wife of John McCoy, in the fc7lh year ol her apo The reUtivts and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from her late residence, No. 818 Bleecker street, on Tuesday aftomoon, at two o'clock. Miuiai* ? On Saturday, March 30, Arinji Mart, only daughter of I'hlllipino G Willow and Jobn Milhaa,aged 18 years and 6 months. 1 be funeral will start from her late residence, No. 41 Lafayette place, this (Monday) morning, at half-past nine o'clock, and proceed to the Church of St. Vincent do Paul, Twenty tblsd street, near .Slxtharenue, and from the do* to the Kiev oath street cemetery. The friends of the fanily and of her brother, Dr. John J. Mllhau, United States Army, are respectfully requested to attend, with out farther notice. Mikkay. ? <ta Sunday, Mar -,h 31, Jamkw Mcrray, ana tire of Ballashannon, county Donegal, Ireland. Tho friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternooif, at fcalf past two o'clock , without further notice, from his late residence, 129 Third street O'Buiim ?On Sunday. March 81, Mary Garvky, the be loved wife of John O'Brien, a native of county Longford Irniand, In the 38th year of her age. The relatives and acquaintances of the family are most respectfully invite 1 to attond the funeral, f/om her late residence, 378 West forty second street, this (Monday) -Meruoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. I'At'iisow ? On Sunday morning, March 31. Jomr P., younger t son ol Jobn P. and Margaret A. I'aullson, aged 2 years and 3 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, on Tuesday morning, at half past eleven o'clock, Iran the residence of bis jia rents. In K'ghty fourth street, near Ninth avenue. Stages leave Thirty third street and Sixth avenue every tweaty minutes. I*iKR?oir. ? On Friday. March 39, of consumption, Miss Mast Pifrhon, ag?d 81 years, 1 month and 3 days. The funeral will take place at the residence of ber brother-in-law, Jobn W. Havrkes, 188 West Twenty-sixth street. The friends and relatives are reepeotfully invited to attend the fuiieial, this (Monday ) afternoon, at on* o'clock - PmjruY ?On "aturday, March 30. of dlptheria, Champs Stanly, ol I > child of Charles W. aud Annie E. l'udney, aged 4 years and 2fl dais. The fuueral will take place this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from 123 Hudson street. The friends and relatives of the family are requested to attend. SitixcK. ? At bis residence, No. 184 Adelphl street, Brooklyn, on Saturday evening, March 80, Liaac U. Sit. uck. aged 41 years. His relatives and frlenda are respectfully Invited to at tend ths funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, without further notice. His re mains will be conveyed to the Oemetery of the Ever greens fcr Interment SntAR ?On Sunday morning, March 31, JoKritiii, daughter of Cbnries and Margaret Spear, aged 3 years, 6 months and 3 days. The friends are invited to attend the funeral, this (Won day) afternoon, at half past three o clock, from No. West Twelfth street. Siratto* ?At Morrisania. on Sunday, March 31, AMR M. , widow of the late Alexander M. Strattoa, aged 4.; years. Funeral on Tuesdny afternoon, at one o'clock, from ber late residence. Washing on avenue, Morrisaola. Cars leave Harlem depot at eleyi n o'clock. Troy pa|>ers please copy. Tt-itiji ? At West Farina, Westchester countyy New York . on Friday , Match 29, alter a protracted .ltae<?, Mis Craunut Tprrui, Is ttte 69th year of her ag.* Wnrra ? In Rroiklyn, on Saturday , March 30, J?iim L. Whits, aged 85 years The r?lativ?s and friends of the family, and also the numbers of Nassau I<odge No. 39, 1. O of O F. . are re sfiectfnlly Invited to attend the funeral, this 'Monday) afternoon, at balrpast two o'clock, from his larti rest dence, 177 Kulton avenue. THR Tl'RK. QTALION.? ROTAL OHOROR, JR , OWN TOOTHER O to ttra celebrated Toronto Chief, wiU stand Una season at Stewart's Hotel f!jprc?? Hills road, nt $M for Ihe season First rale accommodation for mares and foals. TROTTIKO STALLI .N MAJOR A VOBRION, FORMER ly Bill ? Fedlgrhe sire, Jupiter darn. late, by Abdallah will ??aod for mares at Tnneon's Hotel, Hatbuafc, and at Pr. Watsra', New t'tre< bt Terms $25 Season 1 1 oom-nenr* lit ot April and end lit of July. DR. WATRIIS, Proprietor. nnn -fashion ooi-rob for hal* or to let; other land and Improvements ran h? ha6 on liberal l?r?a if deaired: orwiUbelet. in wtmle ?r In parti to a good tenant Inquire of Messrs. HOLVR4R Mo RRA4>, No. 7 Chambers street. N. R.? All the ? tabling 1 1 now fn resdlnesa for trotters and ihe trac.k for working, an<< lllie rsf purses will be given as soon as the seaeoa e^mmenxs. RKWARBI, ??? RRWAnD -LOST. KROM'NO. 5) HRVRNTH A V K O nue. a voting M-Olch T-rrlei 8h??, of a grsylsli vil <r answorstotbe name of "Vie '' The above rtwsrd wiU b# paid on returning feer to the above r tm??e dk?J REWARD.? A L1VRR COLORED KLVT. WITH H>?> ten marks an??er* to the items of Ladr , s'raved Friday m<<ralng. March 2?, from the etsolee at 1X1 Flf'h ??*' nne. corner of^wentietb street The flad?r will receive >be above reward by returning her. MRRWARD.-LOBT ON RASTFR RI'NDAV. !?ROM No. S Whitehall street, a small blark and tan *>?. s i or seven ponada weight. Apply as abor?, second Be front room. AC RRWARD- RAh AWAI ON SATURDAY. AI'RIL M) a Hnll Terrier Mtat, white with brindle 4>ms; hit a snail leather strap on her nsek The above rev sed wtll be paid to aay one retnrnia* Fary to No 18 'irrj sUaet. M REWARD. ? W)8t". ON OR AtOUT MMtRCll R i blsek HewfoeedleeS D"?: aaewers to tt ??tmeof NW son. Tbe above rewaal will bs paid t? aay asrvm bni^te ih?aald nog 10 Owen rally, 191 a venae A, earner of IW teeath street. * RRWARB-LOUT, OR BATtTR?AT EFARJNO, ??)v/ March M, la Hob-.kea, corner ^VMnr n wd Third street ?, a peekak Wv,h eoatalnlng $ WS In ii 4ollar pteeee also a gold chain. Ihe above reward wtt] be ?ait* to the fln/er by yeturalng the same to John FtaSa, ^ j IPOKTWa. C^MAItCIW RgTl.RR, RO. 8 fttPK RUF, HAS AL . ^Hhe ehdtsa bMsda fat sale snJa?ock, fafalMb s TBR RRREFIT OF OU> OHARLH K ? -P.1^ ** T ? Rel-eo^lrt-a t'nton Hall IM Fw avsnua. TAntOm5252?A <u* K. ?BIN A BToURDINQ PBICBB FOE OHU ^ OUAJ,B' *? I We have ?a ther aoilU, with | taOoa, which we -aps^-^'vsssass i offer for ?!? .. i 1 ^ Fnart Chin* Dining flMM, of flood <00 iwr, i**1 tm rrM* Chin* Broakfaat Flatao for WoonM; TOO *.'Ut*? * centa par doaen ? French OhZno Dlntog Services SM p400M, t*r fM, ?""?noh OhiaaTea gerrloea, 44 pUm , for ?&. French Diinii Tw Herri*. 44 ptoeaa, M flL ^ JUtd^o^fl^lnp^SAfiir* BllrW p ated T?a Seta, ? pieces, for Hirer putted Cadlera, 6 bottle#, outclass filter plated Cake BookeJo7!T . . .-77.^""!...!^ Surer plated Desae/t Fort#, per ifosm Hfir pla'Od Tikb Perks, p* doMO . Blfrar plated Tteble spaons, per doieu la liver plated Tea Spooaf par djaen Kreor* China Soup 1 urmu, eacn Fiench China Covered Plkhea eaefc . Cut Glaa* Oeblets , the di<M I, Ivory handled Tea Knives. the dozen SI Ivory handled Tea Knlrea, fair quality 3 Iron atone China Dinner platen, the dmrn _ One doieo each cut (laaa Gobleta, Uhampagae and ffM Glasses, and fktr cut gUse Dwanters, 3,1 pieces. Ctr ft to. One doen sfcTh superior qrratltr iver > handled' Table oad* Dessert M nlvea, *Jarvei, Fork ,wid Steel, 71 pleoei, 9 V SO; tar quality t.ooda mtrkfd 'tfplaln figures. Orders t-y letter carefully eieruted. All iota over 99 rt'trtrt d free of rfuirg* in' New Tot* and Jetsey City. OFINC.***/ BROYHBR8. . . , Ni*. 238 and 240 h .Atom strref, Brooklyn. .lust arrived a lot of new and eiega-W'Jtea Tra/a, worth BBB a ret, ?ill be mid for 3l? . .,*5 rA" '."Sen fru a etty or oountrfwfll be p?*)tnptljr at tended to, and goo's wfuhy eipreai to %Jtcf pirt of Ae United ? ^>Tn?LV ?' .. A" ?"*<*>? sending fwflpudi wCt bedMlt H 1th precisely aa II prof it themselves A * 8 S?*3 8T0RB 3?2 SBOADWAT.? "i" " J^^'n8 twdi ? Thju raiebratod ent1ftnxl Ginkfiold OLiy at lUm nlore. A FOTHECARIBS, DBOOttlBTd. ~.wotrw ^88?T?.S?sr?T,SDSfio? The new tariff of price* can Je had ?t thin off.* ODOliPHQ WOLPB, 24 Beaver Uraet. Absolute removal or corns.? bunions cured Without the use of the Inttantaneou ?tid eHira clous curea, without Immediate or subsequent law jvenleuoe. Messrs KENDALL. Stij Kniima itreel, have pemsalon to refer to the following gentlemen, wboae testimonials, with thousands o' others, can be aeen Hlhc office :? Lieu John I. Almy I nlted 8lates Navy; hdwerd U Dixon, M. 9., Fifth avenue; .'ohn H Mathew, Kaq , an'tfamlly, 31 Unloi: aautre; E. W Union, obrmlat. 127 Howrry ; J. Slater, Esq., ft& flroad way; W. wheeler, Esq, Bancrof L House; W. OalryaplOL Esq., 15 Boftd street. _ _ ^JLEARnta OUT BALE. WILL SBOETLT CU>BS D1 aMONDP, WATCHES aWd ITN* JEWELBT. D. C PEACOCK, Londrc^ and 10S Broadwmp. Everyth'og warranted, and positively selling below ooat Glass Caaea, Htore Flitun s and factc.-y Tools for sale ohM^ ^CONCENTRATED LEAVEN. The very best subatltnte for veanl Is H?o*rs Edward Chaas berlln A Co.'s (Boston, Ms**) Couceiitrav i faeaven It wtr br to the advantsge of all housewiveH t > try It It oontali nothing deleterious, and producer delirious bread. For ?ate by all tbe prlnripal grocers an ^druggists GEORGE H. BaIEH, W'ion*ale Agent, l.HW rnarl street, New York. CORNS, BCNIONH. INVKhTED RAII.H. ENLaROB joints and alldlsesiws of the feet r-ired, without po4 or Inconvenience to the pa'ient, by Or. 7.ACHARIE, Surj ChiropoaUt, 760 Broadway. Refers lo pbysleiana and? - geonat-f tliiscity. IjlVREKA SEWINu UTACHIJURH ? GRPaT RFDUOTIOB lj la prices. Monthly patbv-nti re?elr?d Unusual Is dnetmenta to agents. Office 4113 Broad ? ay. U J. LEVY, Svpetinlec H RHEUMATISM, SCROFULA, S ALT RHEUM, A'1. Hyalt'iLlfe Ba'sam Is tbe most certain and safe for tbe most painful and protracted forms of those d also, old ulcer*, fever sorei, erysipelas, ILe worst a impurity of the b'ood, liver and kidneys general deMlitpi dynpepi la. Incipient oonaumptlon, pile*. Ac. Prlnolpal Oepoi 2>6 (Iraud street. 7t cents per nottla |MrORTANT TO CAt>U BUYERS. BLISS A ~ WIIEELOCK Havlt g punhased f rom tie A88IONBF, FOR CASH, THE ENTIRE STOCK OK THE LATE FIRM DE F0RE8T, ARMfTOBNG Jt CO.. I J sb ch. besldeo a great variety of other staple floods <0 to eluded about ftX? CASES OF WAMSCTTA YATT S LIFE BALSAM. AMOBKEAO Plan, AXIP Mtll.1 1.C00 PACEAOEB OP DOMESTIC C^WONB* WIU Offer H (II " FOR BALE, FOR CASH, M? OH SHORT CREDIT, OR WEDNESDAY. APRIL f, AT THM1K tTORE, 3#0 BhOAD*AY, Between Walker and White etree?e. MRS. WINriLOW'B BOOTHINO BYRUP. OEOROE A KOWLKR, OV OULLPOBB Write* under date of Jum If, 1800:? Permit me to u; te you. that . MRS. wINSLOW'fl BOOTH IJIO BYRUP he* mi unprecedented ?*Ie with me, elnce my auatomeri kwt axnrtal ned l'.i merit* Ihl* 1. the flr*t time. In a thirty (Ire ymtt> drag buateea* * medicine lor INT&INHIO OOOtf QULITIIR I never, before thli, wrote a recnmmendatloa of My ptM medicine. I know not what It* mm pool t ten In, but I ba Ueve It I* perfect]/ barmle** end aafe. I kaow It (Ire* Mh* affording relief la attending Me *.?utoat ratlafac'li* to i>arent* and duimi. _ and quietude, without any unp'iaunt effects u*e. lours WjWtM^, rm?i PLATED WARE AT HAROAINB. Plated Caater* $1 00 each. Plated Bugar Bowl*, Cream Pitcher* and Wa'ter* . 1 2ft each. Plated Napkin Ring*, Km Oup and Rpoeo, lined with sold, In a Ooi I 00 the aet. Two Plated tag Cupe, lined *lth gold. In Lee. . 1 00 the pair. Plated Bait Cellar*, llntd with gold- I ft) eaefc. Plated Cup* for children I 00 e?eh. OHO. C. ALLEN. 41ft Broadway. ? SECOND 1ETTRR OP SAMUEL WILKEHO.'J TO THnRLOW WEED. The TRIBUNE of to day conUlof Wllkeaoo'a nerood Letter 10 Weed on Corruption In 1'olttlsa. Price Vwo cent*, tin dot lain per annum. <t*Q SHOES AND OAITERH-A NEW ITTL*. AT ?TO JOftEB', Noa. 10 and 12 Ann atri-A N. B.? Call aad aee them. 107 CLINTON PLACE, BETWEEN FIFTH AND ?XTH AVENUI It Dr. Von Mo?chn?k?r 4 o Ore. X have been deaf for many (**y forty) year*, and m*ny phy al'lan* gave my ceee up ae Insurable, and nndrr th? treat irent of Dr. Von Mo*chn*ker I hare reentered my hctrMw entirely. JOHl* KTAINTRRoi*, No. 67 Wan-ea aireei, New Toifc. PERSOIAL. ANT RKHI-ECTABLR CATHOUC LADY, WHHIKO to adopt an Intereatlng little girt, fourteen month* oM. ran do *o by (ddre**lnc Mr*. Hpfcacar, Union aq'iara Peat oilloe. None but a Roman Oatholi need apply. T N FORMATION IB WANTED-OF CHARLES TRIFT 1 formally of thla city, and ofttalaman Lloyd, r 11 m iM j of Brooklyn. Addrtaa box 1,?T Nor. York Poet offlca. INFORMATION WANTED? Of MARY ELI7.AFSBH Vackin, daughter of Mlcliaal Mackta. of B? C.roti, *F. I. When laat heard of waa living '.a the Uunily of Hngh Mialth, of thl* city, *lnee deeeiaed Any Information reaped .a her may be communicated to T-cefio Rroa. k Coffej , 90 so?th ?treat, N. T. LOST AND FOUND. ABMAT OFFICE RECEIi T LOST. ?A RECEIPT .'MUID by the Called ?*??.? Am/ Omen, New York. No Mt, dated February 1?W6I, for K)l W- 100 ounce *Ool<: Ho litem, payable to Onean Bank pr order, baa been Int. r? pnMta are eautlonad not to revive or nagotla'e the atma, Lelj pay. meat ha* been utoppad ?t A?uy office. CHA4. PALMER, A**!*taat Kaahtor. T OiT. ? A CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT OK THff Li Chrmlcai Rank of 'ha cttj of New Tork ' ? HI flu# la [a ear of John J. .lackaoa, and et.doraed by Km. d?v?? Marrh 2ft, 1ML All pereon* are cautioned agalr at, pure' or negotiating the taint, a* poyratnt ha* been MT~ * LOBT-ON SHNDAY LAST. A HLACK AN? TAN TWR. rler Dog, with letter c >i:?r and not; .-toward will ha paid on kla delivery at 3$ tenth aire*', bat nan fifth km Sixth avenue* Locket i.obt-m rbwabd? on lahtv a faoay ?>id L? kat. % yunng m?n'a ?rtrUt lnal< A l? Ifolag from F.iuttaenth *treoi to Twefih ? raet wtto? <e re iuraa It to Nr. Becker, i?H Twelfth ett -e*. Mtweet. Plrat and Renond avenuaa, w.U re wire the abov. cewtrd LO*T? ON PRIDAY APTERNflON, ?fH IMf. tM paaalng f rom <?re<x>?irw?\ >?w Tc.r?, to Full -a fe?ry? or in Faiton atreet, Brnokiyn, a l?< .?a r>id " ^actaniaa, ? rn. loeert Id a c*ae, ui-nhed Hoy . Hi^rA Di'l^ wt*h a^ ?ltme and on? dollar W : -b" r wt' 5ATb?r*llv r??*rie4 by leavit * tkeaa n.L Oen, Badger A D1 1 >n'? e >rn?r <*T IV* I aadVultoa itrA-ia. .VJf. L' vsT? ON SUNDAY MORNVN9, MARCH IN OOr?ti .from M Hamisoied UreeV >hr utgli Hn<l jn aod *aifc ? atMeta tojl1 Bethua.. atiee-. n phi d ? ?i mine '>*?* lheCkJa?^ will be llbemlly rewarded b* retui vag it to t'rf owner, ?Ml aunt. TORT IN HARLEM, VRCH t. * FIRKVA* ^ Ju Baiga, Na. IT, entlnt No ?. Jhe Jn.'er wllljrta*ejr leave U at lh? ( hief EngVaaen e*T a, fl W?^h er?< ?a/ receive the thanka of the n?n ?. ' THOM. Cl MIRK ST?J?hS ? ? . . ' " "* .he la* del* of -* ' dr>Uar*ea<h, algcedby W illtam B nerce, pe^wSr ,H"!9 der of Rebeeca M HirlikOB llMf .Hit. of V.l?* L ||| fiary, MM, Aiigu... IWA, Krbr?ry, lKAl. /^r ?< 2, J ^K7 ?Thr'iarv. lH?4.lfor three l^MiaaaA/ "T1'"1' ?n. . . I, Fas Feb B la? Stewart, both I Two mortg*ge* f ?r two t^ooeaol lot * mortgage for eight hundred. \J . rv for Sflee? hundred and wa ?aad WlUltMk H I'leree to K?.-?e ^mlth " ^1? oflnenranr% one In Plinnii tar i SAkiUKuEt r? ~ ---rT.1; _ Jl |<ereona are hereby naui I .??* I5CS?* therofthm fceh?..-,(|i