Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1861 Page 6
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a i int WHO A A . .. wialraa a altuAtion is a bachelor* or wl r7?TTl |l|iH can giro moot aauafaetc ry references D ?"*?? ??? ai A N AiTOJU'LttHBD, YEBY 1BSPBCTA BLB GBR an eiperienced housekeeper, who Is alv> si uacbtng ibe English braacnea, (ieraaanaud MaMtMnSetwak?^Sl^B^^^H A, boi 1,M3 Peat Otloa, New York. Hoeb, ladeelreus to obtain a MtuaUon In a private orgeu ?Rnaii ? latnily. Salary mot ao naw an object aa a ropec fc^KHu^Jt^^ecti^^^ote^Ok^oaa^^^Uagtew reference* given Adrtreea, form* week, Kin A SITUATION WANTED -BY A RE9PE STABLE J\ tf ?;? h woman, aa cook ; la a flrat rate hak?r; will a**i*i wkti ike irftabiog and ironing of a small family. Also by a Bnt rate l?undrea*. C*n be seen for two day* at 404 7th ??., ketw en gtth aad 3VU sta., third Cot. Beat of city referenoe. A YOUNG LADY, HAVING a SEWING BACH INB, ? wUi-s to co oat by Ike day or week. Apply at 408 M ?r., for due woek. A RKHPH* TABLE COLOBED WOMAN WANTS A 81 A toat'on an h Qrat claia nook; baa lived a great many y?*ra in tirat iia*a families; understand* bar kuaineaa per fectly in nil It* t ranch**? ft*n, fleik and fowl, doeeiria, oake, gtea aad pudding*, *oupa of kind*. Call at 23 4tk av. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG lontai', an uuriw! and chambermaid; la a g'>od plain oewar and an e*eelleut waol ler and troner ; kaa taken care of atuldraa for ihe Uat I'oar year*; good oity referenoe can be 0ttu. Can b? aeen for two day* at 227 Bant 18?h at. A LADY WIRIIBS a situation to teach small children In a sokool or family, or aa companion; would keagraealle and u-eful, in the city or ooqntiy; would travel, ?efeivncr* given and required. Addresx B. C. M , nation O, fotl office. A REM ECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS cook; willing to arafet In the washing and ironing B>st city relereuce Ir b last emp oyer, wkare ahe baa lived ttree ytara. Can" be net n for two day* at 1.10 3?tth at., near 3d av. A Pit UA I ION WA1>TED-AS NDKSEBY MAID, BY A >e*p*cteble girl, with three yeaia' rofcivnap tram last pla<?. Call at 144 Smith at., corner of Merge a, Epbhlyn. AYOtNG OIBL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO aliamoarwork and waiting or houaawork in a kmall family )D<iotre at lift Smith at., Brooklyn, in the (tore. AS COOK AND LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBERMAID and walueas.? Two girl*, highly reommended for konrety, subnet v and oompetency, desire situations, separate or together. City or country. l ney arc tlr?t cla#a domestic*. Y? tgr? $8 and $7. Apply at 378 6th av. A NICK ENGLISH GIBL WANTS A SITUATION TO dogoneial homework ia a small; U a good plain a. ok, ?? aher and Ironer. Beat city reference. Apply at X-H Blu.twth ?t , near 11'iuaU.n, ? RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL wl?bea a situation In an American family a* chambe r Mid and walttf**; good city ret erence Call at 93Chry*tie ?A , up ktaira A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNQ OIRL, TO A. da g< ?erul housework in a email Yamily ; good city re Call at ?7 Hoi j at , Brooklyn, in the basement. Ia a AK N V Rt-E OR CUARBKRMAID.? WANTED, BY A reapwti bl* t'rot> atant girl, a ailualiou aa nurse or chain >? rmald. or to do plain icwing. Can bo *een for two day* at *3 3d av. ASlTUATi m WANTED-BY A YOUBO GIHI., AS flrat claae cook; ha* no objection to asaiat wlto the waahlag aad Ironing; fully under*tan4<%er busineu In a'l it? kraaehei, i\n<l all *ona of a>up* and ileacert*. i; >od reejat meLdatlona. Can lie aetD for two day* at *471 4th it., n :ar 3d avenue. A 8ITCATION WANTBO-BY A RE8PBCTA BLE A young woman, to di the pain eooklng, waahing and Waning of a ainali private family. H*i go il referenoes. Cali ? no. 9Mb *t., In the Ixuiemtut, tor no day*. A SITUATION WAN1ED-AS SEAMSTRESS, TO GO A by the week or ihe mirth; ein mine gentleman'* ?lotfcee: ha* no objection* to go In the country. Cl'y refr reLee fiom her luet place, t an lie at en for t\?o day* at J3ii 7th ar.. between 36th and S7th ai*. A NEAT, TIDY GIRL WANTS A S1TI \TtON TO DO JSl general housev.ork: U a good cjok and a Urst rate waaher and ironer; 1* wlillcg and obliging. Peat reference inm ker laat pia *. Call tbi* day at 37 M?rrU *'. , Jtr-ey City, top floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED? AS CHAMBERMAID AND waiter. Uocd city lei'ercEoe. Can be ?.;i,n for two d .y.? at 12.'! Weot 20th fit A COMPETENT YOUBO WOMAN WANff A KTUA lion aa lady'* maid or g^nei-al fiuml.v seam'reaa; *he Mwrf'thly imderatardi cutting and fltting ladiea' and rial dren * dres'oaard famlir aewmg ol' all kinds; uj oojtc.ijn to ?ravel to Eorupe; eily nierenoe. Adduce B. 0., oaro of UoJ Irey a I'nion ?quare Pati office. A RES PRC TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A >1 J\ tu ilion i h general huuaeworker: hax the beat oi eitv ie fert-nee; ia not an.'iid tc work. Apply lor t'.vo u^ys at 13J Itnb av , Ixuween 19th and 2Uth *ta. A gagnCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WtHHEd A HI j\ tua lon ai> chambermaid and t? do hue vaiUag; n > oh jection I. go in tLe c-itintrv tor the summer month*, bee of ?ity rel'eren*. Call a' "Mb West 3Dh at, bet ween OtU end Itb art-*. AY or NO WOMAN WI8UF.S A SITUATION AS rhamN rmald and lannAteaa; is wi ling to take geueial ho'.?**ork in a pmall p irate lamily; bc*t oi -c.'y reteiTi.ce. ??'1 at 2< V W eft ??tfc at. A MIDDLE A'it i) WOMAN. WITtlOCT lVJfM I b tuu, wanUt a good heme with a respi- -'.tHlc laiody; | ? a geed Few r r ar <1 g * <1 jiKin cook; la captb r of danigiixt , hoHMwork of * final' I amlly ; can tfitod die refereiioe. | c*? be accn at her own place, .?3, : '.?th ?t , hel-iw to a ar I ATOrif'3 WOMAN WANT* A SITUATION AS COOK 1 ami Uunditmi. oi- w?uld lake a totimlr?>iM' p'.i-e; n I no objecltoa to n to the couutiy lor the aiunmer. U >o<l eiiy n rtrongr. full at *.'17 !d uv , near 2Id el. j AH WET NURSE? A YO0NO MARRIED \\OMaN I J\ wiinla a aita&llnu a? ?et uuiaa. C*n gtvn good ni? re.'e i fittr. Apply t 124 h..?l-Vtti kt , bvlwooa id and Ji ave., ? '?I flour, li ?t loom. A KItUAlION WAN tUD? HT A r.R"P*C? ABLE AO J\ man. to c<ok, waab and Irou In a private fund?. U.ia the beat oi ritjr relerence tor Bgaraty and cXoabulty. * fan )>?> acrn lor 1*0 day* at !li3 Weal loth m bctneou .'Ut am: Sin a?a , aecotaa floor. A I HhhPKuTAItLR i.F.KM AN Olgl. WISHES A RiriT alios tn an American private taniily t > (to ipatier.i1 bouse* ork; U ? plain cook and uu<ler*'au?U v, ailing and Iroalag Apply at <i ?>*. A, mom 7, itp (ta'.ra. ARBSPKOTABLH KM AN (1IBL V. HHES A SITI'A tton a? chamtteriaatd and to aealat tn waybill'; and Iron tu?* or to do general hounewcrk Pleacc call at ?m Ati iac) at , bat tior, f rvtit room. AN EAPEJdfcNCBO HERMAN IHOTRHTaNT <11 RL * ultra a ?ituat.on to lake charge or two or three ihll drrn as 'I do plain otwlng; no obfeouon to Uarcl with a lady , or id du chanbn work and plain newlng In a prt- ueiaaiU?. oood refercuoe fUa?a t*Jl lor two day* in .so 4 I'uiJn ?oi'rt. Cniver#t?y plare, M?wn Hit and U h eta. Avoirv: <ilRL WISHED A HITt AllOK IN A PR! vale lamlly to do ckamtwrnotk ami line Mushhi; and uouiuk M fully capable of her butuieas. C?n cjtne frith ? (.deity rei<!ii b<?. Call at ?r adureaa fur taodac* llj tVam ?U at , IB the rear. ft fcllCAIION W ANTED? BY A \OVtii Glftl.. AM A ekaio je.imaid or walutaa. Bent city rcler*n.?- 'girco. inline at 171 Mulberry it APKoTKBfAM WOMAN WANIR A SUTAflON AS eouk. waalu r and Ironer In aprltaio rawtily; the l? an ?leellctit c >uk anj n-^kex ^ocd bread .she haa tti? benl o. refer^ne ", and ? on.d go a aboa (i!?ume m tbccinn ri . I'o br imo for tvro dava at 1H6 him at. A 8 COO* ? WANTJD, A BXTUATION, ?V 4 COUPE teat wi man, aa Orat u'mi CO jk In ? private laoilly ; tu. beat oi dty rifereuoe from h?r laat rUce. Cao be geen (or Mro <Ut< If not atil'.ed at 61*' 6th ar. BmEGTAULK OlftL WISHES A 8\TUaTION TO _ do g- neral htm*<*work or ? hamb rwork in a prlra'* ta ?lijr, can give the b??t of city reference. Call at irtt X'<? at . between 7th ^nd Hth art ABEDPKCrABUB YOGKO WOMAN WAW7B A HITC at !on aa fir?t daaa rook; uuJontan ta her buaute* i In all Ma bram baa-, no sbjeetlou to a* tat l'i th? isaalktng aaJ iron mg It required; beet of city teret' ?w Call at 17 i'l-hfc .t. A Mm REBPIICIABLK OlRL W ANtd A SITUATION IN A amall pilvati laiui<y, to CO grccal bouv-wotk; it a gjod wnaber and ironer. Can br a^-n for twoaleyo at I If neat ."4 nit at., between 7th tuU stb ara , aecoad' iloor. oack Ooodcity rtWMa. A ARKsl BCI ABLl. lOCNO MAN WISHBb A Hi T f A Hon a* porter cr to dine or Ukr rare ? h >i>-a, i.< aoin? i ? p itable plaee. fan ^ Ike h.<at of reference. Apply a' or addieee ItS Eaat Mtb at., up ttaira, for two daya. JMOHT COMPETENT WOMAN WIHHF8 A : . altnatlon In a^ine Ural clnaa (amlW, aa Itnndi -ta; un d?ikianda dolrg up KtntWBVUk > llneu lo tie neaieat alrle iuuI fluting nl o. aaa the beat ot refer, ne . t ut b? aeen j '111 aultftdii ?t0 ib'li ?t , between 7. h gn<t Sth ara , la the ba knry. ' ABITl A1ION WABtkD? BY A RRfl'Kt TAB L.R OIRI-, ! aa naraei to Wltttl t and oWltgio>{utliei wtoe; Uaa I Ue ?I i?fa?Mr fr.'m lie- la*t place, l^in be area for t* j ilita at lUt Weat li.h at ? AkOUNO t.l.?L Wl?HK8 A BTTCATION AH CHaM berniuld and >'li? Ilea i: tr?;il>l harr an obiectlori t" t?Ke rtrr- ot children. I'a.l at 177 3?th et , beiwe-n UI and 2d a? . fourth itofir. front room. ? EROTKBTANT TOl'NU OlRL WIHHM A ?ITy\. lion a- < hatuu*riBald ;>nu waniatrMa or to take > ?j-t of obllU <;ood rcfert-nee t:all at 177 Bant lib at , between > let ai.d M a> a , lOtiith floor, I ront loom. A . ERV ("OMl'ETBVT DKKfUM VKKR WIBHE I A rew acre ?agacemanta ?tth pltrate tamlllea a tin ir mldewea. Apply at IK >ih ar., nearMth at., ?eonnd Bane. ABITUATIOM WANTED-HY A RlBTECTkBLE W?>. mau, ai> ni.r^* and aaaioiKrCMa, H?a city iefor*n<<? l be ?*n Tor two day* at i7 W "I '1 rtl? at , b'tween nil and itB ava , llrei flooi A WriCTAILI VOl'*0 WOMAK W I NTS A HI TUA ilk tloBaaeoo*. Baatflif itrf er nce. Uaa lived for tao yea re Is h?r laai pKM. Call at 177 <th are., coraer o4 I'.Uh at. A f C'K?R.? WANTED, BY A COM PETEN f WOW A B. A. with excellent dty reference, a ?I1iihi1ou aa oook In all Itabranetea; rml'-r-tatidt |a?try, rotii>fc J-liiea and g<n?e, and la an . c?.lei,i I. ?l(. r of nl: klnda; la wibiag to a??toi tn ><*?b Ing. t an be wn tor two day* at No iHi Maai 17th at . Sr. I Itoor. Aim ATIOB VI ANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO oookwaakauu una; Bead t^ferrBer. Oa I ai f?o II ma at., in the rear, far ?o., ery, for Wt daya. AUBBrSCTABl^ t'IRIj' WfftUEH OBTAIN A , Otiiatloa aeeoBtpeteat took, nndc >ianda rookiny tn ull MHbranrheai RitueUon i>r. l>-n*<i tn a t.rtraw faaliy; flo>d rpfru n:e hom fiiy unif eo'tatry. IJall at r addre** tor two day a. No >H W W S*h >t., coitajte la r<*r. A UTUATiON WaNTI D^BY A RRttTKl TABLE J%, | W.WiBB.aa?Vm >>f aid enl au-a* or plain new fcg.O' j*inber a ork art! a a't i ng ; haa BdjbjSniBBYe 1. l8n tke eoonuy duiltlg >n?ai" ra-ip h"; ba* th? baat <* eitr r^fM?oer>. fall at SI7 fie?! W.k at , em 'age la tb -rea' \BTTfATDWl WANTED -lit t EEBEBCTABt^'wiT maA, ga?o<Jl: tb tlinBiy iiBipulaaili bw ln^gjjg. no Bme'tl.'B l> aaid" >n the . aab.i.a an I Irnmrg i.f a amaU lai. ily ni olij'-'ii.n tn gig ?b? i TatanQe la T?o ewetry (.an I- ? a?*a fur tw > iaia at "6 Weal Wh m> , WlarCfntlb gad 7JSBV* , i? lie iiifek de* <\ , SITUATIONS WATl'M ???IIM ? t"??*PETENT BKAMHT&KMS WANTS A UrOAfbf; JA can cut and at ladles' and children's clothas and to all k'i ia of family *-Trip4\ can aea to growing up chSdren; or * 1 uld jr DutSo' th? week or month (Tan bo mn at (II West What., soar Mb av. AJeawaated, by ayoungstri, aiu ufcikin M?kaUMMU and waitreaa, and wUba. to haip with the wUh md WoaJait. Ha? the tart of city reforoao i fr m her last place. C*.n be seen atil Weat ?tU at., near 6U1 avenue. A RESPECT AB1B GIB I, WISHES A SITUATION, it u gocdl ooek. waahar and ironor, ia a Brat rate baker; f? b^S^tST* CaU for two day* at ?il Mullbery A YOUNG GIRL WABT3 A SITUATION AB 8 * \ *1 a'reM and lady's maid ; understand* eut'lnf andflltinj an Of and chUdretfs drooaoo: food reference nan be given Call for two dayeat 1S7 WaatMthat , between 7th and tth av?? ieoonl floor. HEALTHY YOUNG WIDOW WOMAN, WHO 1148 lH loot Mr babe, wla>e? a situation as wet nurse; good -e '? ?Me|h?ii. Apply at 113 7th av., between 2Mb and ttith li rM^a'crooKy'1*' **' 'MUI room< at oond floor. Inquire A RESPEC TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SI JlX. tuation as child's nurse and to assist in chamberwork, or aa chambermaid and to do fine wasMo^ sad Ironlug, best or city reference. Call st No. 4 lloratho si., opposite Jack*> i square. ? SITUATION WASTBD-BY A KBHPE vfABtiE youDg woman, to do the geasral housework of a sins'l private family where she could have a boy, four years' old, with b-r; Is a gind cook, washer an ! iron r: good rerarenoct i country preferred Can be seen at J1 Wm. fHh ??t.tiU cu I SRed . AfclTOATlON WANTBD? BY A COMPETENT WO niin. as infant's nunw in a private f amily ; it well eipc iltnred with children a <1 a neat ?. amstie**; no objection to beeouutiy. Oali at .# East .'list st , between and Mil avs., in ihc rear, A SITUATION WASTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE ycuug widow lady, as bo twkeeper: understands li-Misa keeping in all its domestic arrangements; a widower s fa nl y prefeiied; btst of dty reioracoe given; no obMra >u to go iu the countjy. Apply at 171 Spring st , from ll to \ room No. 4. A PKOIK8TANT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU* j \ tion aa good cook: no objr-ct'oti ti ass'st with the. wa,h ' uig and ironlug. tiovxj city reference given. Call at lis) West J? h St., in the ri ar. t I'HOTESTaNT SOOMG WOMAN WISHIH A PItOA /\ tion u* ftrst clns? n altr< to, or to tale mae of child r*a : is lulJy oompetev. for either; no objection to 0t a short ala ? antc in the noun ry. (lo o luerencc git .n. Call at ItiJ West 18th St., In tie rear. ABITlTAVlO>J WANTID-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS . ilitmhrimaid; is a g'Kd washer and ironer. Best of re 1 ort ucr. I nijuirc at 190 II ud^,n st ARi:S^F.t TABL,E OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A1 chain i <-i uiaid ai><! waitress ot ?h ch^mbeimsld and pl-tin sawer. hesi city i>: ?r,'.Li>'. Can be s^e-i for two dsysai 'Mi Tib av , b-t?i cu dSd itnd .13 J sti., up stairs, front too-n. COOK ?SITUATION WANTED, IK A PRIVATE funily by h competent woman, as first class oiok and i.mnly baker; i.ndei-siafids all kinds of soaps, lUli, mea'.s poultry, n>sde clt-bet and ;;wme ; makes very tine paiio and pudviiigs sud a varieiy of il'uaui JoMtes and ices; htslivml with come of the best i amlUc* In th? city; best y." aituu.t a. to l ha meter and ability, t.'all a(2ii3 3dai. /100K 9 fl'UAHO.V WANTED-^Y A WOMAN WHO therot'ghly undors' inds hor b'lslnt-s-' in all its branch"*: c*n ftiin'sb i!'?- b**' ol city rei"'renc<\ Apol>- at ber present emplojOr's, 161 Meet Zid st., between 0'h and } lb avs. EMPLOYBRB ABE BBSPEOTFOLLT INFORMED that si t^e hen ants' lns.ilute, 1490: u.ii at , 1. at class cooks, laundressrs, ihanib^riinlds. nurses, washi-ro ami lr- ncrs and o ber erp-rlflnciTd and dcsirtble aervants, mate and female, are now HOUBEKIBI Efl.? WANTEP, BV A YOUNG WIDOW lady without fncitinbrar-e, a siloation at hous^iejrpsr; a widower's lamlly preferred; f,>x>d rt l"erenpi??. a.'< rest Mrs. lrouglass, box llo Herald ol'.- e for three ds; s H0CSEK?KI?EB.-A KOUNO WIIV>W LADY DBSIHES a situation n s houseaeep?r, el'her in the eir o-- country Theb'stof !efer> nee glv. n and required. Aildrtss Mrs. M. K ., Lnlon c<ius>e rest oflie-. HOUHEKcEI-ER'S HTUA1ION WANT6U. BYAOEK m?n ludy; Is fufy couipetent to tsk? en'i .? clr-rfte of a family as hotuekteper. Address J. W. P? Herald odlna. Housekeeper.? in amerioan widow i.ady wlnhes :i sltuaUoD as housekcepor, either iu the dty or county ;-*he Lest of referam-e given and rronired. Aodrois C? care of A. N. F , bus ^14 New Talk 1'oat uQioo. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O wonfai), as chsm'iermald un<l waitress, or as eln-jtlur maid ands'-aiK%lre,s; vary b?at of city referenda. ; thorough ly eomi elent for her oueiness. Can be ?cn for two d ivs at ho 82 B eat 2Uth st , i ront b.i'ement. CMTJA1IOH WAtfTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOJNJ O wcimi, to co ik, wa<h mil Ir n In a small family : w?g? noipo in neb a obj itasa g wd li >me. Can be ???'in for tao day? at 2U l'a"IGc.b?twt.en f.oerum am! Court att.. Bnoklyn ; has the beat of c!'y inference. SIT0ATIOY WANTED? BV A VOL'MO liIKU AH chambermaid ami waiter, or to takenaro of children iu a piltai* lanilly. flood city nffniiw y.von. < 'uti be a:: n f o;' (u o (lays at to Md at , nea, 3d ar.-., lirat lio >r, back room. SITUATION WASTED? BV A BM4RT, TIDY OIKL, A^ cliamenntid or wai'iMi; no objection to so to thecrun try, or Oo geceral boon* work, rati be aeon lor two diva a', ho. 4'4 Ht II-. , bO'weeu 30th ft' n >lal *ta , aw. jod ilvjir, oaok 100m. SITUATION W/.NTKD.? A YOUN I I<OY FROM 0?K of the 1ir*t fomlllea of England, Inhult'n^ a ift-jje estate, Btpiccni wlthea a r-i'.uatlon aa romnnnton to aonM lady ol wealth to whom she might make Uerwlt ograoa^lo and uael'ul in every napact. The beat of r< li yafinaa gh'an . and no ore nc-'d reapond unleaa In *a*y clrcuiu?t?meH, Ad di?ia tor two day*. i-iwie, Unrnld oUleo allCAIIOn WANTED? BY WO RESPECT VIluB 0 g rl*; t n>' ** cook, washer and |rnrr>r, the ntfce ischnTi lierr.ald and waiter; haa no oliiittlon to aadsi In the waai ttig and Inning pta:er living in oni bcuae together. Call for tvro daya at V4 Columbia at., oppoaiUi i'meupiil* at , Huoklyu. M1UATI0SK WavtED-ET TWO EES PECTPAE L.I it gull one a? waitress, tl'f other as nnrite or would do riainoerwork ; *ht year*' MfofNMg fr -t?? Mplut. t'allut :,} Weil lloi;rt< n at , una- Ureme. for two dnya SITU \TION WANTED? BY A HERMAN PROTECTANT Kit I, aa waking m.uj ami lo take caie of iMIJmi, lm - lived ?u year* In our p!aec, and nan come well leeommeinleJ. Apply at 3ld 34lh >t., corner of 10th uv. Oil CATION WANTED. HT A YOUNO AM E llICA S M worn in as plain ?kA and tirM rate w*ahar and Ironer; beat of elty refere?> a gJreo. Inquire for two daya at 101 >. ldridgt street, in Ihi- bo emcut. 'p*i? BI> PECTABLE OTRI.3 WISH BIH ATION8, 1 one at gcod | lain a ok, ?n>licr and it oner; m tkra g.a d brrad aod btwnlt , ihs oilier at rtiambrrtualil and to usaUt In the washing and Ironing or to take care ?>f children no ob jfctlon to -;o to the fiuntiy. f ill at 715 Waablngion at., be tweeu Hammond and Priry. Beat of reference. U ANTPD A ?1T1 ATION, BY A REfiPtOfABW: ? > ttcnian, ?> wet nurne. Afply at No. Boihar ? , Br.-okhr \l' ANTED? BY A RF.4PECTABLE TOUM WOMAN, ' I a altualii n to rook, waah and n on In a amill private famih ; rnn gl/e gm.d city referenco. Apply lor two day* at lyi> ka?t slat a!., between lat and 3d ara. 11'A.VTEr- BY A PEOTESTANT ?IRI^ A SITL ATION 1 1 a? neaiual'e'" In a [irivut" family; tinrteTatand" familr aewing; would d ? flue waablng or a?al?t In cbamb* r?>ork'. rity ref. rencea g ven. Pleaac call at Mo I Union ciurt, I'm Trruty place, tor lao daya U 'ANTED? A BITi; ATION, BY A RE8PECTABI.S young wom?i>, at good eook, waaber and ironer. can g ratlrhPit or city ieler?nte; no objec'lma to do general aourework lor a ?mal< i.iiuiiy . . a: JUU laat 31th ?t.. ai-rond II mm, from room, tor two daya. WANTED? >T A COMPETENT WOMAN, A 8ITUA M tkin aa nuife, who haa barn in that capacity foi the laat fourteen yeam and ran tike the anilre charge of an infant from Ita bittb, and can give the be it of city refeieure. Can b? pern for twad*)a at 7<i Itk ?r r jrn -r of 10th at , in the fancy atora. WAETED-BY A EESPECfABliE OIEI^ A mt'ATfOR ?a chambermaid, I uindre-a, or to do genera! bouaework la a amall family. Can give the beat of ?ily irfcrenoea. In (Ulre at 7* t'karltoo at, WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RKHPEt'TABLE VT jo'. "g woman, aa r^aiubrim'dd or to take rare oi ehll di-eu. Can give the beat city raterenw from Her la?t ?l?ee, IU W eat lt>ih ?t. "llfANIED? HITt'ATIONi, BT TWO EE8ITCTABLE v> young glrl?. one aa co k and to aaaia'. Iu tu*- waislng and Ironing. U>? o.her an eham x-rtnaid and tnHtr; Is wlki.ig and obliging. Oood cuy reference e?n be giTun. t all fu> two daya at ?4i:d av . between tith and >th ata. ?fV'ANTElX? A SITUATION, BY A PEOTE.TAN f YOUNQ Tl wemaa, to d > ckntleimn and line washinj. (I' ikI f ity rrlereat . Call ai 3I7 lat av.. )>etw< ? a I4tb and IV h at*. \t A.VTKD? A HIT! ATION, HV A VOI NO WtiM fW, TO '? rcok, waih and Irua la a pilrAte fatatlf. t'ooiie iy refe tCht.- ( all at JH Atlaittl ?t., b"t*e n lloyt an I Kianh. Brooklyn, first Door, back room. ur an. ED -by a nr srEt'TABi.E Yurxa woman, a M alu a ioo a? urat . lata oook; no ubjanilon lo go a abort itliiance In the couitur. Oau b? aeea for two daya a! II} Wrm it Hi at . between lib rnd 7th ava. W ANTED- it > RKSPEt TVttliK YOUN4 O.HI., A tltuai ion aa laundreai or to do geneiai housework. ? ?it at No. !> l.oiilo* at , In the teat, tor tw? daja. VI' ANTED? 4 Siri ATION. BT A Rr^l'JtrrAM.R ' ? fioieaian' jming Vionuin, to do eha .i'.i ?i'w.h k anil ae ? . ma : In w.Hihg tc aatitt ?ith ftnr waahlng iud Inmlog Ol >n cure vi Uil dieu. haa gor. 1 i'ity i.'iarenc a. Call Tar tao day* at 77 Weal CTth at , In ian n tdb and Tihaia . aae >nd tljor, bark room. It' ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A P ROY EM f A N I' YOU N(? ?' gill, to iioek^im'.iereotk or?? Wa.treia; ha> iiV'xl ibie* yeaialniiir laat plate: tfi giva lite t>at of city leleieute. t all at 1*9 7th av , Drat tio-<r, I ront r joai. ?'ANTED- A 8111 ATION. BT A BE" PEC IV* BI.E v. ut g womar, a*ferf?4, r,a.|ier/<nd iion?t ; b ol 'ity rrl ere lice given. Call Am IWf daya at m |t in at , betwoeu '.5th and itttli at*., third floor, front inom. \ I A VI I D ? A KITCATK y, HY A YOT8U A8 ?? <0 k. who undeia:a"d li ??!' b ttlueM; no ofcji watb.iig aL'l ironinn, b"t kf ?tiy ieier*noa. wall ui llli.h ?naatka \l AN.Pli til A IIEAPECTABUU 1 ROTA-iTASTurt!!, 1" a ii'ui ii n tj rook, wa^h aod In n, or toilo graara kuocewoiW, in a iio'UJ puvat ? fatu j jr. H? ? s .04 city r-i e aii ' t in tx een ror itvo day* at li s Stst ink **.. \l A NY ED? BY a VOi Ml LAUEt A H IT tf A7I0N A8 " ?aiMeoiM?il In a iii.llltiery a un oi allow r *un, c in a um> a.oie. Vtu l?at t . cil> ?eP?ren<e ?dJr<sa, tor I'vo day, i'. A , F< ?i > . i , I'OiK kno, >. J, WAITI D -A S-ITUA1 ION, P.Y A EXEPECfABtaS WO I* man r? a * i plain ?j*'ai i am! trooar. (; K.d city teferenc*. Call ut llfltaai Mm at , top floor, back. "11/ AN TED? HY A tOlhU OtEL, -A tltiSATION AH Tf viaiunaa ta a teapie *bi< laiailv; h*? r,'""* c.ty |r;e lennaa. Imi'tua at Ml Ui av . m? ?nd H nr, lor uto 4a>?. ANfED? A HHtATl iN, BY A HMflkJf Ait,R Mm*) ? n*oi, to dn g in rai h> --i.atwnr* ; I* a g *?1 < *.<?&, uaahai ?c?i trooar. Call tor i>n d? ? at 116 ta-. Itllto *t , between lloyt and Bend \( AN1ED-A MTUA1ION, BT A RPt^R< r4?I.W I'm catant aid. asaiaiuau a; aan oitani u okHdr'tt'l di< ?*r? an^ do allkind* of famllv *ewlft*i w viid III" ti ? ' *' '*> ' y re'* - gar wltli a famllv going w I; nop*, i />, ! 'ty Can lie Men fur l?ro d%ya*< 1PT M gv., Ikrtie i*lH ab> at., la iba fan-y k'oie B1TPATIOWB WASTBtt-rBMALBH. ~\\J ABTED BY A BESPECTaHLE X^UNil OlR\ A TT aitoatlon an i hamberuiald and plain s*w?jr; would have no ot^ections to mind children. Apply At I J Henry at , rojui TVT ANTED- BY A YOUNG (11 RL A. 8ITCATIO*, AT IT cbunberwork ; is a good washer and lron<'r^ ba* gox 1 re i < nee. Apply at to lleuiy at, neai Marled, in .ha imt, WANTED? A SITUATION, MY A KEHHiK'TABlK WO man, aagood ook; U willing to aaaist iu iU? waikuog knd ironing: ha* th<i best of chy ruler iice Oau be seen for two day e at t3Nfiib av., but teen linn and i'j-.h aut TV"ANTBD? A KITPATION, BY A BOY, TO ATTEND If bar or open oyatara, or botb if required; aini uodor staoils blllUirdi . tbe bent of city reference given from Un last employer*. Call at or address J96 3d av , for two days. 11TANTED-BY A BEHPEOTABLE WUMAtT. A SITU 1 1 ation ua good cook, sbe understand* h*r busiuesa |ier lettly; can bike the entire ohorge of a ki.toh"u an 1 1? a * >o.I baker: tbe bast of city Can bs item for two aaya at UU tf'Jb are , in the store. WANTS D? BY AN INTELLIGENT AMD AOitEEAHM: young widow. ,i h"Oi?- m k- re her company and aervioes would be considered equivalent fur board, or alio would ao cept a bousrkepper'a suuall in. address Companion, No. 915 Broadway, stating wben and where to call. WANTED? a 8ITr*TIOJ?, BY A YOllNti WOMAN. A.-l ?? nufw one atainsireaa, or e . umbeiin till and sewing; |Oud city i*feren<?a. Jail at 1JU Henry atn-et iu tie rear. Ti'AllKD? A ft! (CATION, BY A TOVNQ WOW A*, f f a* eiiambei maid and to assist iu wa-iLing and ironing. Can be seen for ??o ilaysatlur present emp'oyer'a, No. ,8 V- eat 43d at. T17ANTltD-A RIlCAlION, BY A lOL.NO '.VOMaN, f t as i>)?in o*ik, Waaler and inmer, or to <1 > chamber *ork snd line wavblug and ironing in a small ptlva'e family; best of etiT ieleren<e. Call tor two da., s at lit East -tjtb it., tbiid Boor, front n on. WaNlfcI?-A RTKONi), WILiJNQ OIitL. ABLE TO lock, waih anil lion well /.pply. with city i >!'? i -tire, In * tuLingioc ave , aeojud d'jo r southeast Ironj .Viyrue ave. iiiotklyu. AN tfD? A EITUAllON, BY A COMPETENT KIEL, if aa hainleiinaUl aid wai'er, or to mind a boy. in a private limlly ; ? an ticrllrm pi <iu ? r. ii t no bj II ns to [ .. alioi t d MM in the colli. 1 1 1 ; >ta till- ban at illy mnt country rticiincc*. can to eeea lor two ii?js At IM Went Jt'ih at. n'ANTI.O-A MTI/aTION BY A MB"PECTA0LE WO f T Dim', u? lirst class meat and pantry co ;k; thorough underMui <?? ber buMnesd in ail its branch-s; I o objeciot* to go ^ ebcrt d!r lance n ilie countiy lor Uie nttnitucr: b-'.m of city i eleienvo glvi n. Can be . eeii at It 5ih >t , near -d a> . Al'AMKD? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, IN A PRI Vl vato faTiily, a t-tlnation aa ur^.1 rate i: Xik; w uid h.tvo no objejtlou to it'liriiralc bo^ralug bou.?c; v. o'u-1 al.o d > th<> coArse wailing if leijutrcd; tfco neat city reference o*n be gUen fr? ni her laat pu>c< , where atie ha. lived four vrara. Call at 12^ amity t. 11 r AN TED? A toll CATION IN A PKIVATS KA'JILY. II to di. gtneiul hountwjrk. City reteveui.e gi. ca. Cai at UO Eavt lliit it. U ANTEL'-A BITl'ATIOX Afl COOK, BY A XOUNO t rgllab 1'ioli atiiiit h . man. bne ban no objection to aunt in mc vta^liiug and itonlng. Can bs seen lor i.vj day I at St Wett Jliih at , three doora of Otli av \\,f ANTED? BY A OENfhKC. WITH EXOXL II bnl city reference, a situation at ehart\be.uia!<l and Waitrt-H, or to (o line waahing and iu atjlu 1V?^1 il Oras nuiae and r-ean *tie?a; la quick at iLe n-ej|<,; or will wait on a lady and duld. objection to travel Call at iclli Eaft i.'M k:. \\' ANTED? BY A XtE8>'Et'I \ULiJ YoUNtl WOM.iN, A I i auuatlo'i as g<? d plain cook. W oiiil b> w .lling to naiiat with tbo wa"hi(i^ and uon'ing (.'an be ?c. n fur two <l?y i a' her prt<.eni t uipioycr U6.i I wb av. \V ANTED? BY A EE^PEOrABIiE YOI.'NO WOM AN, A II tli tuition aa cbambc, rmttp and to do the flanwa-h ng and trouiDg, or ux naltte^a ano to do tine w.nlnn.'? and iron ing. Can be wen wt h?r prewnt employer'a, .HVi fit a av. \\- ?M> D? Mi A YOU NO WOMAN, A hlTUAlOW TO T I do cLaniberwork awl wa'.tn/, or obambe.-woik and ilu" waarti gHi d lionlng; no ( bjerion to travel. Apply for tivn c?j? at B6 W rtt 47th i t T be bo*i of city lef^reu 'o. WANJili? Bit A YOl'Nti WOMAN, A Mi i'CA HON A i team ill tar; nudeixtiiuda all atr.dnoi teniug; would g i out l>y tbe w<ek or month. Call at 177 12th at., between If at.d lii u\a , lor two day*. U" r AN1ED? W1 A \Ut NO W IDOW LAI>Y, A !>ITlfA tic n as hsuseLi-eper in ? ( rivato family Inquire at jl7 9th av., near the cornir of U'tti at. U~et"nTksk*? a" yoU/kT won iw7~ wTFiT'a'Vrksii br^art of inllk, wmita arl.Ud to none, having log', her owe lo Ur .l. A I'oyiux, 307 :V1 av., c 'ru<Tof 'Hh at. U'El' Nllittfc.- A I'KOi'A a'i aN X lUlM) WOtf\N, who hi< loal her child, wlf'.ea a situation in a re nmetabte fetti'ly ; liux no objection to :oi>i r.nrop 'or to tra. -l. t an lie reen for i?o davs at U3 ure.'uwich ave., ?>x? ,od Ho >r, f j oil t rroni. U'AMJll>? MY A MKMPtM'i'ABLfc I'JM/TK ^TAHtHo ma i, a lady * child to wet nur<e at her owu r. : idence Call for ih- cl days at 87 West lyib at , noar are., teomd floor, W'AMEU? A .--iillATiON. BY A tUl Ml tVU\l*.N, A? 1 1 took, vaat't and ironer. in a sinall pjiva'e f.i>n'!v. Ian itlve nood utji r(l'"rtm o Call to.' two iliysat taitartu at , top It' or, (tint room. "11? ANTED- A Ba ill . TO WRt M t) RbK, ? i A KB AMTHY 11 yfo.iu: w in in, witb a l?Vi br<ait ol mill. . loxi ,ier 1 al.y \\b"n Ii was iv.en.y live days oU He fereneeaaaehAn ^ed. Caii on or a(!diei.? Mr*. Kelly, iMi Hi i KMb at. for i>\rcn d iy * \V' AN1H)? MY A KErtPKtiTAhi.K woman, a SliU I V al>n an c iok and to nasi^t in Ua uathii r and trrnia^, m a rerpietable facaily ; has nveil fverai jhh ;ti ber fait fitiuiticn Mi-Mcity rcler nce1' i. iuirel App J tn ihe tfeje i ore > d. 7 West 11th St., near Broaj * uv. I1KU' WAKTKIVMALKK. Aohnts wanted- in. evert town a.m? city in the Uwou, to Mi 1 11 s'li.-rman A (k ? tew Olft Joa'alry Envelopes. Wi h tri'm $1 lo <10 c?|> a\ mir ageata are mik Ing Ir. in #7 '0 >12 per day. WMWi-l>lMM onv ' . >i> ? ?<?? im iwij. ? hick, u anmlx'r of irUoIn a>iu real liuniMU ruler, <aii?s ? a:.;, 't.trg of m kind tl ? ?? before offered. Ke lEfiinbi'r. that In prtae and <iua)tty we ilrtjr oompetiilon Call on or a?!dre?*. 1 1 -.losing stamp tor circular, ?uei ui^n A Co , t? Hroadwuy, N. Y. 1 GBNTrl WANTED? TO HRLL KICKARD8' PRI2.E EN A. vel pa. containing marc aiHolea of station 't-y, ivlih a beautiful gift of Jewe.ry, far ?'i|>*sri >r to auy o'nar silver ttorti. Cur K?ienU mp linking trotn to $w p?rday. Bend ?tKtcp for clrenlar. KICK. A itliji A 00 , 10.' NMWlltrMt, t TOI'Nii MAN (AN AMERICAN' ABOUT 16 OR IT .V >enra?r agn, (? wanted as pig.: ton lady and gantleraan ' travelling llit beat ol references \|*<ted. Addroaa Buak ley, box ItiS ll< raid oilier, aUlioi; when ami ?her? mi inter Mew may I* had. IIOT WANTED? AN INTELLIGENT AND HONEriT I) boy ui? jr nud a .permniM in place In a phyitoiau'a o u<*. tVuntia from 7 H A. M. to ?> P. M. Inquire at 131 8th ???, Ur*t houaa mi or Broadway, betwoi n in and il only CLBRK WANTED? A YOl'NO MAN, WHO CAN LOAN his I'mjdnyrr one or iwo bun lied (InlUra on good aeou rltr, i an obtain ? lurratlre situation by addresniui; un Oou la, Brooklyn font olBce RtO CLERK WANTED. NO. 19 CHERRY 8 TREE T. D l/AIIMKRS WANTED? WHO INllKRITVND Al?L I kind* of tarm work; on* single and one married man, to uork on a farm on the llu.lton mar. Apidv . n nealatcl. at 61.; Water at., or *> Eaat 21?t at , In tbr evealug. Help wanted-to uo a bhobt dutance in the cvtintry; a mm to work on aianu; muat uiulrr suind hla bimlnem. Alao, a womau tooook, a ad iron. Inquire at 1J2 l'eail lU J AXES LOVATT, MANUFACTURER CF THE CRM bratad Leges Twiat, daatrvi an Intarv.e*- with a good ftaady twtat ballrr. Appij at iT'J Bank, Nawaik, *. J. N. B ? No drunkard mcd apply L YY AD W \ETED -WANTED, IN A COUNTING KOCH, I nnartl?? lad about 14 years of as*. A4dre?i Hour A U<aln, in handwriting of apptle;>ni. a. id leave a> t'ie Herald oilier. WANTED? AGENTS TO BELL PAOKAflFS OF ST.I tleaery aud Jrwalr*,at ptiocs one thiia !tu t'ja-i can be pnrchaiau alsawhera. call on or addraai tatrnnp rucbaad) t. I. Ballay, IM Conn at , Bo?.. n. Hau U'ANTED-A FEW MEN. OF UOOI) ADDitESB, TO <<b.ala lubaeriaeri to a n?w lluttra ed wci k on nation al ?objtcta. Apply alter 9 a. M. to N. F Pl"i.atrlck, ? Walker at. ANTRD-A YOl'NO, SOBER MAX, FROM TEE AOS ol to a? walrcrlna lunch room. No J3 Brttrer ?t. Call rum W to 11. *1/ ANTED? A I. AD OF GOOD ADDRESS, LIVINQ TT wiili hit pairnta, to uttrnd al GoldnmCb a Arailinny. Cln? l'>*i auu'.il ooimb or Inpio'tULMit In prmnanslilp e iul v urui io iklaiy limy a^ply from U to li o e.oc. at tiro* J way. ? liraNIl D? <> NTN FOR BTEAMKRS 'J CUKUKft *'?? R TF gruOi-ry iitnreii, 1 lime krrper, I entry iU k; a.dary hne ra';5i ?ner?, eletk for a wlno vaul', il enpr. wi dri.rr*, 4 girla to uar< . toCallfornbi au>; Enroiio. 1> ij? io lexm t-*.l?. ? hatfra luodrraie. App y at No 7 ?Ja*t,h?ai *,uarr. fjrrANTFD CLEEEf. SALESMEN, FOK.Tf.Hj, BAR, ft keejieia, if Apply a', r. < I Mer'ti^nta* Clerk*' hri;l??ry nillee >o ?mmtntm in ? vin- ?. R-'r m ee to IIipI rlwa bonara. Ap|>lloabU by ioai! uiuat oudord two ?tamr?. E>tabii?heu If* C.r.o RAWLINI, fnp t. \\ TStI.D-A CAKFhf tAi.hKM.*\, ALNOA I'OETER. ? 1 Imi'nrr at ?80 Frarl ?t W'aMKP- HFTEKM *4KN, lt? HELt. aH AllTi^A.8 yy that i? nr?i!ed in r> rr> laiui'y, T't UMW il<al will milt a gi* d ejanee wl 1 V otieied. ny appii 'nn ai u-1 ?'!? ?/ ?t , in ibr barmnrnt, from t till 4 o'? look A aniall aaptial, u iio ? t to $}, n iair?d. ' AK ri.D? A BMAUT BOF, T<) ?.a<T 'TFt\k1,I', AT llic Uyrter Itrd, jll Br. i-u T*y. Callatlri HIA M. V r aXTEO-A HA1 RiMAN ^ H(7"r>Til T: ir.vNCK i HE >? rlty re'tll dry so'io* f i ? ue; ti t*>1 sVailv man with r-xjS eltv rafneni r will fled ? i^emani nt altuaiion Hpplrlng idle In on I rr. at H A. M.. to Tbo? a Kle'ch", Vl?i .'id a*. \ \;anii;i>? i COOII W, i cvni'?: sTrn, i biajK' M aint'lt.B l aaaen, ? creen ha di lo a nb-irl \\h \ ing v. ra re; all flothinu furrlfchid for- the ?r,j ?? ?. Apply at Ml V uifl on lane, ona door finm .>4o>iih it , t . l'li.lltp? a Rob*)u. S' 1- ... I . II I.1J I r A | ?! # YtJAt.TrV-A SMAl'.T, \ .TIVB, INT/5 M.If.KNT LaO TT about I# r"1*'* of *g' . who li wl in* t0 wrk ?n1 miHl h m*''tf ynemlly inrrnl In a reta-l il'iig ? r#. tp). f to O. M. ? tlgnt, eoratr of Columbia and t/aion ?ta,( Mouta Brook l,nl ^ ? ?l/WI 1IELP WANTED- ANY KMI'hi. r Altl.R MAN ? t\f\l with tblKiimout in e isb, to I < n heo, niar hare a Itne ^inianeiit ?ltn ? i-io, in a g iod proHubhi bn I ne??.F?larj gltiprt nerkibr y- ai rouid, i no rl?*jic.- thi?, ?ii Mieuin iiotiovd. Ap|k? lor two daja m i>, ,>a ?au a'.rcel, nam Bo. U. -nil A'irNrs WANTED VAN AN HEN A PATENT ? )U" * >' i tahu- Dollar C "sin? I'rr?? ? !!? readily aa l at largr | roiltf. Kxelnaire prlnti-ip nan-f d nr early anp:l -a tton to ttnterii A fan arum, l.? A ill. am it , H. k? or Puiigh fean|*le, N. Y. KHKMcn A ?V EHriUMWHYrg. I^TNEJiMNf; riixr. trahc kiiV. rot'VANT rorR J clrde lif-nna irrumtinndailon e.t baMmar a a'<tgu*r d?< w f ant?, ?'(?Uir ?? pHcrr <ai* no* NrplVe ponr ail-r ra. Mrer faEt'iai e ? a-1rr?aor 4 C.dn, mui?e |..n?ry ?lorn, ?7 4IA t? ., I rta-ren IV: h and 9Mh al , pimr una rvrataa C- 'N .'RCNK IIOUVE DK BOSV^. EDI CATiny, QUI l?.rle .r 'raa.nJ', l'aeuili ei I'niicmtnd, d alra uu rl?T. AdrtifrrP. E boi 1 01 lifiaWsfflto. KJBiiT VanBuVnAIJM. 4 IX rVIUJES AND ?R>OP RBFtVASrS OAS FIND JX UI? urgrM and bvai oOtuu in ike i Ity at ;lw Institute ual He me, *>l)''re tu? Vi wrvautu ire alwiija r*ady Also good i ? I 'i ?]"* n f Ntp IM 11 tk at., euruar 6th ?r. (Jjmm Utl ?J lu the evening.

At, Hi At DttM * ND FOR UIKJD SERVANTS AT ACK 1 1'i', 4?t Uruadaay, up amirs. ffumsa and amal! giria in warn or good (itoaUoiM, in good fauuli-a, at kuoJ ???"? ?h uUl sail at tkla e?t?Uu?hnuiii .. Terms lauderatn. Eleren jtvt e?toiiih?hsd. 4 FIRST CLAH? COOK. LACNDRK4S AN0 W A I TRESS JV wauitxl luiuindu.'-*]*; none bat Protestants. with citjr itfaroncw, n?. .iuuuly at the >' inplo.v Agony of the Pro tot Uut Ei noojal fiiolherhocd, 121 ith av , near 19th at. No chaiE" nn Ul euxnged. A good COOK WANTED fG Eft MAN). WHO UNDER J\ atands washing and Ironing. Apply at SO Wavedey plao*. Aii JOD COLORED WOM?N WANTED? AS CHA1 1 uerntald *nd aeamstroas iu aamUl prl'atu family; one that understands her busineaa. Apply at 7fc) ?ro.Mln ay, up rtairs. t chamhekmaid wanted -mi ;<t comb well J Y rerommerded; ?a-;ca (u Apply at No 7 "Vest 2j;h ?t. I RcSPRCTABLE GIRL FOR PLAIN COOK1RO, ..'V w&ihing and ironing, wanted. fall at 1U6 Bi?t Itfili ni. I r% OOK?, <'ILsMKERMAlD4, 8BAMSTREH8E8, NURSES, \J ??iu;is, >uiinoresien and general workers. N B.?Pusl t,v?ly* bat nice, uay, wjSjbi, honest, oapthle and obliging ?1 < >1 conic; only good employers and nr:.t citis* a?rvu.nta ve fin nl*hcd lime, VM Foutui avenue. U. RUMOUR. r\XCBLLS*T FITUA1ION8 ARE NOW READY FOR JGi cooks, nurse*, wunutrt-iHes, chiiiKyrmaitfs, luundre ???s. Wkltar gib, (Mioka ?:t*herj and ironera uo<l all kiuiM oi' fiiat clai>s m rvanu. at the servants Institute 110 Druid imek r ervants who desire really g iod piacea should apply lately. /"< 1. ft MAN, ENGLISH, BOOTOtl AND IRISH GIIU.S IN 1 1 gr*at number*, wanting aUuattous in city or country, lor every capacity, ai Mrs. foitftrfTON'S o3!<a, Ko. 28 4th si. The bi'st girls In the city eau bo ha?l, with the bent of refcrrnco. No Ci-honmt dual I practiced at her oUlic. GUhL W Al, TED? TO DO CUAMUKRWORR, TAKE f cart of children and make heraeli' # nerulty UMl'ui; \.?pt<s ff,; gnrrl city i-efc eiicf: rp<iii!ro 1. AUioin todog^nt i m ! li iitneaurir. Apply ut M) Oxford st., between l>afa) ctte and Dekalb tv - , Brooslj o. VyUli.^E AND COOR WANTKO.? AN EXI'KKIKNVSD 1\ uursc, tj brini; up u cWld by hand; also aa experienced (u.j*. A^ ply %t No 8 tun 29th st, from 9 to VI .I'ulwck. OFRVANT8 WANTED FOR QBNTLBMKN'B I'AMI O ll'H ? Urat claas Hei vaota, cook?, plain co ikK, ctteaber waiters, iiutk h and Ketrnntrmt ???, are reiiuin-d ImnK* dlat< ly I ?<r w'upmitir Mtuaiion><, now ready at of silent wages iu ihs iirat fsnJlius.. jippiy at 10 fUMry sueet, lir jjkljn. QBBVANT3 ?TDK EMI'LOVMSNT SOriETV AT CLIN O ton L<all, on Aatur j>la-,ea..d Hb Ht , near Broadway, tor mef'y ISibl-i iinn?e, have on hau l a lai?? anaii tmen' of (ler B'uii, L it-neb, ficonb, Welsh and other servants. German and Vr? nch languages sjvjkeu. II'ANIITD? IMMEDIATE^?, 30 F1HST 0LAJ8 f ARA * t uol huuds, to w hom g.wa prices will be pUd and steady irork g'.Ten. Ncri? but ? Jtper eneofl hsnd<t need apnly. HA EE, WKTaORH A DRAitBJRN, Hid droadway. WrANTBD-A HIGHLY COMPETENT COOK, KOK A T T g od hi'ino, a saort dU'ancc fr jm the city. Mho m ;at kavt &at)afa3toiy taly references of some length of service, "t ages por month Apply at 11 Eat'. SOth at., betirren 6th \*"1 Vadtnon nv? , tetweea the hours ?f 12 and 2 o'clock m M?, April 1. ? II'ANIED? A PROTEST AWT WOMA* AS .V! USE: ONE T * capsb'e of taking cajr of ayoong )>aby, and agooJ pet-n i-'M >s with sood ret'eienre Apply at. IV* Faotacat , draok ljn. between and At 'clock 1'. M , thi?d?y. \\*ANTED? A LAUNDRESS WHO VNDERHTAVDS Tl Krf n. h fluting and cin y lve good reference. Ap;iiy at \Ve?t21'd st 14 'ANTED ? A OIKL, 1? "TEARS OLD, TO DO OENEItAL >T hou?ow;.rk; t*-o In faulty; ?t a get %X Apply to Mrs. It , 13* west ICth "t., second Hoor. ' ANTED? A WOMAN 10 COOK, WASH AND IRON, \\ In a private family, flood reference re iuire 1 Applv at 67 Eatt !5th ?U t\'ANIED-TWO NL'AT INTELLIOEXT PROTBSTANT ll women, Englbh, Beotoli ov aokired; una a> vorj- go id cook i'lid first la ,u .unidreu, the other to d > chambefwsrk Md waitti n 'lid ??sx*t. with war hire, licit of rcterouca re qnlrod. Oil after 11 o'c'ockon Monday andlue-duy, in Presi dent at , South Brooklyn, fourth house west of Ollnton st. \\J AN * ED ? AN EXPKRIEN08D CHILD'S NDI18E; f T .-he must have the bent rcMBtiii ndatinns and bo willing to jo to the country: an English or Hootch Proteatart pn? lemd. Apply lor two days .between 10 and 1 o'clock, a. Id > uwt ICth at W.\KTBD-A GIRL TO DO (iENERAL HOUSE v? 1.1 k In in American f?milj 111 Brooklyn. Aj>{>ly w.ta reference to T. Morrtflold, 2JU Water**-, m-w York. GOOD LAUNfMlESS: one capable Vl at doing linn vvaebiPK and ironing may uli at No. - flwrreiont I- lac, iimok yn, the accond house from Mont igue ?t. nudum Ua'l atreei terry, to-day and to uiorrnj. U'AWfD? A PROTESTANT GIKu AK PLAIN OOOK and fco .d v tabcr und J roller, abc must In willing ut'4 ot<lli< inland <*nme recommended ; German preferred. Vji )>lj ? i U'i/j A. M , Mt 1 i t' linit It A at., near 2d av. "\\'> N1.KD? A YOI N(. Wi.'MaN AS WAITRESS AND ?r chambermaid, to go In the country for iMiuinwr. wiMi a dmall family. Tnoae Willi city reference. Apply at 41 Weet Stiti Ht. i? uvecn O'a and ttth av a , m the hi -euicnt don. , ttom 10 to 12 A. M, AVAS'lIU- A DP.V M'RPB, FROM IS VO M T8A1D i > oi a*.-, t > >ake < 'largr of n < hiM nlno mmtb-> old, mu> be vera clean and agrteable In hcrwaya; to an eapertenced i uno so ? in t?' paid; n i girl from intelligence ofllcea need in jTv ( all lie'i-i e< n 111 und 12 A M , at 330 W cat oj It si. \ t ' A N fBD? 1' A 11 A SOL HANDS; 1 JNE WORk&RSOAN t> m.ik' from 98 to 912 a wck. A# p'y io I lull, k u*' u bom, C<S ftroadwapi \lrANlE2fr-AN l XI '.RlKStlKDUll.Li, ao Cll A tlliKR 1 1 mm ??<! waller, to go in U>e eouotrwllio>e with rafe i no? m citi apply at 28 - Went 11Kb -t , betn e*ti sth and 9th av*. W'HT NURSE WANTED.? A YOUNG AND UK A [if It V li woman, with a full and fresh tccait of milk, with >ut < r cumbrnnoe, cau receive a tir-l rate ideation by aoiilyiug .iirrdlnt ly to J, H. Acler, ISfWMt 36tb at, near Hth ave. German or Sa t?? piefnitil VI' ANTED? IMMEDIATELY, 1WO EXPERIENCED t > bonnet trtaraeiv, to whom liberal wngrni a -id ateady em plu.vuKtit will be (riven. None but tut beat will h< acooptab e. Apply at ?6S Cabal it. "11/ AN TED? A CHAMBER)! VID Tc? OO IN THE vv country for ti e kummert one w iio understand* the care of a dan y. Apply at 1 17 Mh av., comer *l?t it. ?\1 "ANTED? A TIDT, CAPABLE GIRL TO 0<>OK, TV wa?h and Iron; mutt be Well r< commended and willing to upend pan oi the >< ar In the TOuntry. A pply at 2W Atlan Ue at., Brooklyn. WANTED-A Gf>OD t'OOK, W tSMER VRD IRONER, vv with ln'at ni referent*#. Nouo o.hcr need apply ?t iM East UMli it., from II till 4. fi; ANTED lMBF.DItlEI.Y-A MIDDLE AOKD WO TV juan, C 'Ui et< Dt to taketiie t ntlru cbanie of a baby, one who aax hail children of her own. to gu to Saraioga Hfrinai"; srod wa*;1'* ptven, e?pon*ea i*l?. In'iulre a' J. B Utn<icnla a, :!#J Canal at., below Wooater. nn-ANTED-A CHAMBEliM AID, NCP.8E, EAUNDRESh TV waller Ctrl, ?'mo?vrt i>? and a cook, for a bra: clan pri, rate, " ho j ay ?o<'d wage*. Apply at No. 7 11th at. ftrcral doora Weat oi Broadway. WANTED-A HEART, ACTIVE GIRL. TO ATTEND A bnkrry ao.| M4WMM (NM wh > aiienleJ Htoie befor>*, aim romo well recommended, caai apply at 08 Montgomery at., 'er?ey City. WANTED? A GIKL FOE UENRRAL HODHEWORK IX TV a email fomlly. One with ?ood raforenoe only nefd apply at the ambrotype gallery No. A Chatbaaa a<(uare. near Division a?. C1T ANTED? A GIKL TO DO GENERAL IIOCBEWOEE; TV * ntuet be a giMid cook, washer Ironer. tldr. emu well reeoiumendod, and not afraid of her trouble. Apply at ?2S henry ?t.. Brookiym WANTED-A WOMAN TO OOOK, WASH AND Iron and ' o .iMtit in the bouanwork of a finally of two person*. city ri icivno'i !? lulrad. Call ijetwein I aad I o'clcck at IM Blc'-cker it. _ TtUB TEADEI. ? OA RnKflEt. wVu? I NDERSTANDi HIS BIT8INBM ii in all lta branebea, ami can give the brat of city reie ltnce, want* employment. Aodrre Mai Strobel, Manaattuo \ ille rout ofnee. AWBROTYPTOT WANTED IMMEDI tTELY -A YOUNO ?nan, who can come well r^c noroendeil. Mi color or de T( lope t ail thia tiay at Hurna Ga .lory, ,.r4 ?h avc Noue but good ar. lata netd apply. (1AR LEVER WANTED.-WANTED, A VEtlfTABI.I J andt:<wtri irdcm r, for a plac. at Manbnttan> tie; an unm' Tled man pwlNiei At ply lo M. C. Kodrlgnez, IV2 Kaat Uth at. / 1 (IOD Ct rt JSR how HEADT roR AN ENOAGEMEMr: VT aatli factory rcfiittm given. A'btreta btu ittr li?ra <1 oOice. PLtMBVRX.-W ANTED, BY A YOI NO MAN, A PfTf aik>.' to Icaroibe ptaaMOf or oarpeaMV Buatawwl. M . bjecimn lo (be coontry. Boat oi eJty mlcivaeu. Ap;.iy . ir one w crh at 17 itfT at , New Vi lli. rBREWERB-UAYINO BEEN KOR THIRTY TEARS ene??;c<l at Biewlng and Mailt .g In th? dilfcient Btai< ?, ? nd wlitln a iphere of acren tbotovtid mlka in foretga cona Irlee, an l tbe liiat ten j ear* with aucveaaftil bre? era of ihi* Hty and ILrotuJi a long and \a:led eipcrleuce 1 have lab<w??d b?r<l, both manual aua mon'B', for the pr> wrvatl?n of tlm f plea w blrli were th<! early cbamctem:lc? aad dltoorery of Ale, an1! a *1.1 | ated for ancceanful bn'wtn*, arn wh'le Hm m :* and ireie -abare a<l\an< ed In profx tuln to tbe txpanae ?>(' o'.i gl i iot;? U/uoo, It w III t.ot be aniiM to nndi i itand how to pri icrre ?nd fortify tbat w l.lrb o ir palate liaa a loiumg mr agaitiit end ?nine c,.i \ unit. ,H n. ..ud iv. tally Invito tbe brewer* lo e>?mlna ray new neir;g"rai t, wkbh it ejiin.:.', 1 1> my own invention, walsh hit prjveq larce-rful In tbat all li.ipottar.t operation of the tranalt cf won frcm the boiler to tlie gylttnn fori'* future < nanje to beer, lta main feature bain* to rataln the pnmitl. e virtue of the u.att, wlibh la liable to rolatll'40 la one aec >ud of lime or In proportion to ?c ovl jlnal frravl'y and air.iiiit of ?itrfaee ei,)Oie?l lo the atm ?j l?er?; while ranucritinf. Tbia hefi Iterator baa Ivecn In nac OM year at llenrv l err ?' I. aeelaior Brewery, durin? which t m>\ intl'idlng daoy ?nin u.trlirew Ingr, I bare maa? more Pa'? Ale than at any prevl cut year, and .fc' re l av ne' been one bairtl of al>' relumed, ^pat mcri of iny beaull'm LnvoUtlUcal Ale and Be?r to lie acen at the I rearey, i"SI aad feaih itvenec. _ ' . H ' W A Lf i, P' vrer TIO MER'JUAl.TTAIIORH -THE \DVFRTT?ER WIBII 1 ea t. nurt a tlt'iaUcti ai futora cotter in thi* city or In the e.mntry. been i objection logo Homo; can exalte ?e?t re?> .rcc?* of bla abilltlta AiUlreaa G. P. Cutter, ltil Madl aon *? , Ai V\ TO ril B MAKEIIR? WVNrr.D, OMK EAJIP PUNCHER , ? (boric, xbot an l eibl><ct>, th'Ce mill aatv enl<- ra. nud ona Sal baatanl cntter, ft whom fn'l and eonatant < oploym 'at r - Addriwe King t "-ke;nv A k, r,agle Kile ?rrk?, Mlddiet iwn, ?.iangamunty, N. \. fro TAIIAHM.-W ANTED. A CL'HTOM COTritR TO GO J. Wiw'.i ?'n?ie ravi pref'ired. C*tl at rom iB, Lib Me , , W ai > ? i- at., b'f > re cl v to-day. , TO I'PIIOl.MTRREBB.? i YOUNG MAN ABOUT *0 I yearmt aao, having had a :;.c>J de\l oi ciper? ury In J Mm npholil r| bu* ne?e, would ilka t> gi nad'i ihHaic.Iim | f . a Ub.' o ? . Bi UWM J. W. I T.t boa IbA gfiM tiico. I %t'A| TBC-A FEW MOOD CARrBNTtll-", AT 1?] TT WlllHf ?t. Apply ea' y to fyrrel A Bwth?r? UTiATlUBI WAITKD-tA LES. i B OASSIRE OR BAKK7TEFE.3.? WAN IED, A SHUA JX tion, ?s rsshier or Wk??p r, by ? yfUMi bus <As?eri e*n\ who is at prvsevt ernpli yed tn a fimt <&>? rei'.iuriat ; u?yt??ln?ble lefciecixi Riven. Address S. A., Fust oihoe. A HAM OF ACT IV ? BUSINESS HABITS, A <1 >0D stiejmsu, un1 a rapid writer <uid nujuaUiiU, is d> s.rous or as eBgagemrnl In an imp jrtlng or j /bUs^ dry goo<W ,1 no won hous-, or In the produce, eoumts ^i m or om au'iv<s busi ness. txn gtre the b?it of ? tty reference M U* ia'.errl'.y, gy Aa. Adtlnuu IV. J. G , Herald Ullee. AS OOA.CI1MAN? WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER XI s'ands his business; U a married man wlihou: eu cumberance Can be mm b by applying at Brady A Co t , No. 10 East Tst at. A nota adereesed to U. D , at the same nha.l be proMptly attended tp. rt?ROCBRB.-A SITUATION WANTED. BY A YOUNG uian, In a grocery atom; b us bad ovar fire yean1 c*pe ilencM in the bus'neaa In this city; undaraUudo the on and driving of horuea; ha? no objertion lo gj to the c junuy. Ad dress F' A. B , box 181 Heraloflloo. Tl' ANTED ? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BY A 1 1 middle aged a>u, without a family ; good rlty reference given. Addrets box 114 llurald otlioe, for three days. WANTFD-BY A YOUNG MAN, 17 TEARS OF AOE, a tituatlon (down town preferred , where he will have an opportunity or rising. Best of recomm?n<U'iona cm be shown. Addioss A <>., eare of K. R. Briokerhoff, 4X6 IHIi av ^stating wanrs givec and bmdnahs. 1V'AKT?D-A SITUATION AS COACHMaN, BY A V T reaiwoiable man who pt rfecily understands the c.ue and mumwrnenl "< horses; no objection to the euintry; beat of city reference If required. Address for two days, M. L , Herald olllce. ?MTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SOBKR, INDU8TKI TT gus young man us ooaobmsri or waiter, or U willing to take care of a small gar 0 en and make himself generally use ful. Can gel the best of city reference from his fist employer, where he b*a lived for (.early iwo years. Call on, or address T. J. C , IflS Smith at , R< uui Brooklyn, for two days WANTEP-A SITUATION, AS COAClIM ANOR GROOM* TT by an Engli.ih Protestant; qau give two /tea? city refe rente from the situation be li about to leave. Addrow (A B Mr. Btorey's saddlery, Fulton ?t , Brooklyn. HOU?Eg, ROOMS, AC., VV AMTBB. TJfO I, , ^ nat to cxoHfii wife , "^owbw itrost, nf? ALAIY WISHES A HOUSE. IN NEW YORK OB HiooUth, In a ;o? d neighbor lio jd, with the privilege of taking boarders, wh?re the owner would take % portion or aU the rent In board for himself mid family. Address fjr two c'ay* Mm. F., box \ii& Post otlice. N. *. A PARTIALLY FURNISH KD HOUSE OR PART OF A Hume, In a resji ctablc neighborhood, wanted by a lady, tbo runt would be taken out lu Board, with the privi kge of keeping a few other boarders. Address II. box 110 Herald ofllce, for three days. A FAMILY OK THREE ADULTS WANT FART OF A hou?e, with medtrn Improvements, In a first rate neigh borhood between Fourteenth and Thirty eighth streets, and Ikl.'d >'nd(jlith avenues Best of references given andre qulred. E. I. AW HENCE ?? CO., ?i Kast Fourteenth street. Desk room in broadway wanted? between Cortlandt and Wal niroHe. Address, with full paru cuJars, 0. M., box 3, .'til l'oet oUice. PAFLOR *ND BHDRC0M WANTED? ON THE FIRST cr second Boor of a first c.'a?s house In ths vicinity of 'twenty- foil! th street and Maol ion srjnare. fer a single sen tie man, in a private family, with breakfast In parlor: a liberal price will be paid. Address A. P . Herald oflloe. STORAGE ROOM IS WANTED, UP TOWN, FOR THE Furniture ol' & family residing near Union Park Ad. si N. C , box 2,603 rest olllce. STEAM POWER? WANTED Tf> HIRE, A ROOM, WITH one or two horse power, 1n the lowet part of the city; eaat side preferred. Aadreos b <x S.'SIA Poet oOlee. WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, BY A SMALL FAMILY, A neat little Cottage House, near Fulton ferrv, or not far from car* running there Rent not to exeeed S17S to #MU. Address, giving roll partleolan, where house Is situated, Ac., C. R., box 1M Herald offloe. WANTED? Ft' RNISHED ROOMS, WITH PRIVILEGE In the Kitchen, for a family of three grown per sona, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, and from Twelfth to Tbirty-slxih street. Address A , box 212 Post oOlce, stating location and terms. "\\T ANTED? A LARGE STORE, SUITABLE FOR A BIL v T Hard room; large enough for four tables; located on a thoroughfare. Address v. V. V., box 161 Herald oOee. "\\f ANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY, FROM THB f T 1st day of May next, the lower part of a House, situ ate* between Eighth and TVenty fifth streets, and Broad wey and Eighth avenue; rent pavable monthly If desired. Address, stating It cation and terms, box 191 Herald oflloe. -IV-ANTED-IN BERGEN. N. J., A NEAT LITTLE vv Cotti-g* bouse, containing six or eight rooms by a i mall lauiMv. Rent uot to exeeed $XU per annum. Address 6. *. , box Mil Post olllce. TXT A J> TED ? BY A PHYSICIAN, BETWEEN IOIJRTH TT and Fourteenth streets, Fouilh and Fifth avenues a front and lark Parlor, tinfunit>bc<). Addrea O. L Astor plure Post oflloe. 117 ANTED? A hTRNIfUIED OK PARTLY PUBNIflMED TT Home, by k wli family of aduita who km a few fronds wlili them us boarders; parties wishing board ia full or part payment of real preferred. Address 5. B.. box 1.3J7 New Vork Pontomoe. WANTED? THE SECOND 8TOBY OP A QB.NTEKL iloi' e, nlth ga? and bath, for a gentleman, lady and ? i >anl, b> tuieii laird ax.d Seventh avenues, lonta andlhir Ualh Htti eth. Addiex^ K 8 , fiT East Thirty fliat siroet. At the same place In a firm claee I'iano, elcgaut ro.-,ewaod parlor > urnlldre kiid Painting* for Mir. W AKTRD-BY A PHYSICIAN, A BY8EMBNT suit I ? ' ble lo' un oilice and a sleeping room, furoisned or un fut nitrite 1; Iccailinliom lourtetuth to Thirty third streets and bociii.J lo ElgltUl areiiuos. Address, suiiug term*, whwli nnt.-t bo modem i.', box 1,81b Post ollloe. Keftucaoca ci changed. W'ANTKt? BT A SMALL BBM'ECTABLB TAMILY, 1 ? four oi -li K.< ma; all on <nr Boor prtlern d; with mo dem iuipi-uicincoih; location good and btdow Tweotv third ?tnft and west or Second avenue, rent uot above $:;)& Ad dri >1 Tenant, siaiWn A, Sp> ins street, near Greene, N. T. Wanted- bt a rehpbctablk american pa mily, three tn nunibrr, a front lioom sod dedroom ad and good Pantry Mooa, on SMond tloor, lu a genteel ui.use, located In the beventh ward. Kent not over (lu. Ad dress Capt. Char leu E. Parka, 40 Pike street. \\ AS1ED ? BY A f?M>LL FAMILY OF TUREB PBB ' ' "ous, the upi>er part ?I a modern bourn, location to bo l>< lueeu lentil tna Imriy-fm rth sheets, llrst end Klghth avenues. Aodress, nt nlngifrin*, location, Ac , X. '/,,, bo? II!) Herald ottw. Itclerenccs exchanged. WANTED TO HIRE OB LB ABB? A BRKWERV IX > ? the city, capable of bre? tne from flfty to one hundred and twenty fiieltanelaof ale per day, lor which uieaioaable will be paid. Addiitas, wi'h pai iloulara, Janu s canker, Ueiaid oOue. TITANTED TO LEAfcB? TENEMENT PROPERTY E? ff late; property ae?umy given Apply to MaRTIN Vi ALhll, Mi Mutt street. - COPA RTX BUMH1P NOTIC'KH. A PARTNER WAhTO ? EITHER Rl'BOLAL OB Ac tive, wlih I rem |IUB to |15,U)0, In a cash manufactur ing bualceaa. Ihe ma fj& wanted to extend the busloeee, wnloh to already established and can be largely Increased. m> stent need anewer this. Address, with real name and Mate where an Interview nay be had, k. C., baa MO Herald oSoe 1 SUITABLE PARTY, HAVING A CAHll CAPITAL A of i rcm $2,UU? to ?3,tx*>. can now mvrr into * boaa flic business of ttouenal merit, partly mechanical. I'eraona of respectability only need addrear M. O. M., Herald ortice Agents will not be noticed. TJARTNER WANTED? WITH **0 TO *3Ui, TO TAKE r place of deceased vartner. aud take aupcnntendonce of business, paying oier 500 percent on proflis. Large oid'rfl on band. Can b< largely lucnaoed. Address 8. rtussell. Mat ion A Post ofllce. T>ABTNKB WANTSD-WI1V $5,000, IN A FLOCRIBQ X Ing wlioteeale and retail bnstaeaa; en-elleat locution, large aad It oreaMng city aud country trade: aates last yoar ^."1U,4J0i* ? proBts2Aperoeat. Flrat rate ulty Lunncc. loo. M<?k and ?< cut Itlsa on band 1 10,000. B .0Kj> A BOSAETEt, 73 Nassau st. PABTNER WANTED.-AN BBTA B r.lUH T'D HOCBE dolDg a good and strietly catb buslsew, weald take a? (witter aymtag or mMdV- aged man having a caah capital ot from fti.UUU Ut B10.0t.ti None bm i-nal Bartlxs, gtong full name Ac , need ad'irsas Pw. "ffloe, bu^AIC. *ea tori. PARTNER WANTED. -A Tor NO MAN HAV fNG THE X rl?b' and all ihe facilllles lor lat'.odi. Ing a ovist destra bi* at.. I essential manul a> tilling laaprot eaaent tee '?rmni and roiiuli7 aeats. mot beinu hlmasn a mechanic, desires some one thoroughly ? iiiamied lu thai braauh, ? >tn a .' Aall aiuoum, to jaln nltn and at eud to that part Tlis thing ia lulrodtueii tn one or two ktatea, lrd pays hsuidsomely. Ad. d:e??. for two days, W. W. IMUIttas, bri 1M> Uersldo.'. flee. A gen's no', noticed, |>ARTNER- WANTED, IMMfDI ATEl.V, A BTKATJT, I MMM, with a saau utri'ttnt, le tewdvc the eash In alight, pl-aw.!"' sn.l highly 1#'P?C1?'>I' l-adt money MtllM; re on 'res only two peionx: iainc profits are esrta'n Call at N< HKAh i, I1> North William TO COAL merciiavtb. -a rpit on of capital wishes lo corineol hlni'Mf wit I' a respectable "?ity ri adT eata'>|ialie<l In 'he eosl buslaese. AddiesaB. II U., lureld oBlee. An old eslabilatie ysi l preforrc . ANTED? A N ACTIY1 ENKBOBTtC Ma.s, v> . J partner In a well Iocs ted business on iti . .ay; i a tood cbatee and small capital . iulred. Apply to 0. a. | HOW Ed A CO., 00 Broadway, rooa 11. w Yt'AN TED-A PARTNER, WITH fj.dto, lO INTKODCt'B ?T la America and Lurops a new cieihain ? al Inren twn to keep plonos in un*i lor ?ale to wawMeetuien Address M. t'hol'el, at.iiion U. 4117c -WANTED, AN ACT1VT MAN IN \ COMHIB ?To I "? ?lc,n ?t.d wholesale Under and I'et via fit., re, a* par mar. Baslaees the paM year I rosn *t ???> to tl,ni> a week, low rent nnd paid to >lay. tlood et.s k at lluitei on hand Apply "u the ptemiMw, So. Ju Ilk! rl 011 ?.rent, noar Waaaingiea. ?l|l|l| riH.I ?SD At. riTE PAKfBBU IN A .U^'U light, conteel att'i ?ery profl-a'ile nfltaa best neas, full; eetabilshed and caetled o? wlthmit risk, r ill he aa? pdaied wlih an iiasseeptlnaabie anJ re?i>.ius|Uie parly. Addrete Waaaau, Wei 1(4 Herald office. a'jnn -'OB RAl.B, ONE HALF IN iMVVt an old estai.;i?ee l Frnillv Msrxrt. d .n? a rlrg bust nest, thc.prtsei.i owi cr re"; i? ||, . 1 ? eb-nec ihat >?ld? 7ri offera For parl't o'ars a?i-<r ? . Butch-r, station F Post o'llee. aaan -I'on "AW. "ALl' OF A PLKA<UKC IN . door money makiag bnsineee; ? nosaf^ easll) comprelicndod, and wtll p?v gm.too per ai ju n. A?* one w ishing a permanent cash butdneea may ai>pl% at ftt" and B?? lit oade at. room fl * C?9 -A R*R* CHAM J* AM ACTUi. BUSI tJJiiiUUi " . uesa man, wishing to eng.tjje a? pi. ? jer In tne mat ufactttrc and sale ot anew, light cash nrtlele of unl ti real necessity, affording SOU per cent proflL an I hs'ln* no Cfiinpelltli.n, may apply :it and .vveHroadway, ro im No. I (inn -bcbinehh wanted.? top aiyrrti 3p 1 ?vUU? aer woo!d inrest. from Bl WO lo In a Red itad t?"pe"leblt raying business. Addr .?s Rnsinnes ?ti.n, bo? llti Meratdofleo, wfu real nam?, atatlm: the bull ress and loeaiioa. .No other w 111 reoelee, aUwulou. \vnBit*wni.iitr?w*. AMMER'B "?PLBNDin OHAMPAaRB ALB, OM drawght, at H MM MW*, P. A. AJUL&R. H A?ag?s?gts&l HgSlgsEteEk BE APBANK-DI T It>JMTP. -THE DIJ fiaaksed ? aaaat-eanuU olvldend of fan payable en risen lid. J. H KlAJMLDOa. Frv Tom, ApH! 1, 1M1 ?iiMii iWl i?l loraeltbeaaxiaaeuiaf eieottea, m-inr tesr.r?iSvfelV'?"' *&&.* a. a. m lliamp, caahiar. STORM? AL BANK ?NBW TOR*. MARCH f?, 1MI. V/ Tblrtv seventh Dividend.?' The r resident ud IMreeiera ?.f this I :i nk tuve declared a qii*n?rt* Dtviaau ?i oat earn, bay Able to stockholders on ami altar MumHir Uul? da) oFajhiI Mat. By ordaf of Um Beard. 0. a. WILLIAMS, Caahter. (TAUFORMA AMD BAN FKANCIBOO CITY COCCON* J bought by AUGUMX BELMuNT * CO., No W Wall street. GAB LMCR STOCKS IN THE FOLLOWING t!ITT OOM panioa or sale:? Auburn, N. Y. Oawegi, N. Y. Bndcepmt, Conn. Pa'.er on, >. J. Rroocijn, N V. Pouibleei'sie, N. Y. ktansvllle, Ind. RmdO'ii, Kingston, X. Y. Flshkili, N. If . Hooltr ?ter, M I. t ecera, N. Y. bara'ora Springs, N. Y. L< wiaton, Me. Watorbury, C< un MidJletow n, Conn. W lliiamaburg. N. V. Citiaena' tiaal ight Company, Brooklyn, N. Y. JOHN B. MliltR.t i, i54 Canal alrttel, near Broadway. LOOAN COCBTYfVA.) MINING AND If AUPACTUK1 Nil ComiMuy ? 7b<f aami annual interact on the Oral mort gage bonds of ihU company, due April 1. will be paid an pre aeotaUon ot the eoupons at thalr, No M rine hml, NewVork. B F. Wa?Mt>OTB, Tneaeu -or. /"WPFICIAL.? TREASURY DBPARTMBKT. MARCH H, V/ Seated propotali will be reeeivod at tills drp\rt ment until If o'clock noon of luecday, the Id day of April Mil, for eight mHllon dollars of the stook of the (Jolted! State*, to be Issued under the aat of Congreaa of th? fcta of February Uat. This stock will bear In'erest at the rate of all par cant per annum, payable snml-annua'lv on the Oral day* of J*imary acd .Tilly In eech year, and will be reunbursable In twenty years from the first da* of January laat. Tbe proposals should be . ndumed ou the envelxpea, "Pre poaala for loan of 18H," and be addraaaed to the -'Hwretarjr of ti? Treaaury. Washlngt n, D. 0." They wtll be open, * and decided at the time above atated No offer can be accepted for any fraction of onethouaanff dollara; nrr wl'i any offer ?<" conaldered nalesa or ? par oent um of Itr amount la depositod with a depositary of the United State*, subject to the order ef the oecretery ot the Treasury The o rtlli'- ite of aach dej>otlt must aeoompany each propo sal. AH i (Tern for stack under this notice mtut be ancvadl tUmal, and oontatB ao reference to sny otter offt*. The off# ra uuai slate the sum offered for aaeh hundred dollais of the Mnwf Bidders of this ataak, whose offers shall he aneepted, wast depcait tli e amount offered and uceeptod with the t'reaaurei ot the rolled state*, tr wl.h ibe Assialant Treaaurar at Boa ton. New kork. Phlladelphte and 1 1, Loula, or with the Da poaitary at Cinrinnatl, on or before the fifteenth, day of April next, should any suecwsi f ul bidder eaatre to dapoaU at aj^yotbar petal, his request to that affaat will be doty eoa I'poo the neetpt at Uils Department of oartl?eaiaa of de posit wllh iba dwoaltartea above mentioned, oertlOoeMa of Inscribed dock will be lesued to the suaoeaaf ul bidders ar their ssalnna, la auma of one Ihoweaad, Ave thousand, a ad ten IbotuuMtd dollars, at Uteir optloa. Iosdrlbed stoek so laaurd will carry Interval from the data ef |the depeett of tha money as above atated, and wHl be iranaferrattie an Uur beoka ef the Traaaury, aoreaably to the regulations ef the Department. t-V aid war suooessfnl bidder desire eiriUUatea ef etoek with coupons or the semi annual intaraet thereon attached to aacB oanlOcaie. they <d>l he laauad la auma of one tboaaand dollars each, with auail.ed coupons for Interest f rem the 1st day of July nelt; and such coupon stack, instead ef betas rao.Kfei rat.le an the books of the Treasury, may be sadgnad and tranal'eirad by the mete del?rary or saeh certificate* Tbe in 'e? est on sneb coupon sleek, from the date of thefts pueit of iha money therefor until the first day ef July, wtll he Said on that day to the aoorpted ttdder or his attorney, by the spMttarr with whom the principal was dapoatted. The preliminary deportte of one per oentom rciulrad froaa all bidders under tUa notice will be included in the ftaal ?te Crtte of principal by snoeacaf ul bidden, and wtll be dtteated be Immediately rattarwd to uoauoceaafal bidders ; a P. CHAUB, Secretary ef the Treasury. ?? OFFICE OF BX0B1<8I0R MEDICAL COLLEGE, 301 Canal street, Bew York. Mi?rn 16, isn. The trustees of this Institution have declared a dividend of thtee iwr e?ct, payable to stockholders on and after Monday, the lat day of Aprii next. By order of tbe Board of Truateoa. ^B. BJU.NDRBT1I, 1'reaident. Third avrnitb bayinob bank. Corner of Third art aue aad Twenty- fifth street, CHAR1UKKD 18S4. Plx per rent Interest allowed en all deposits from one to one tlifiml doUin, ALL DBl'OdlTd MADB ON OR BEFORE 10YH APRIL WILL DRaW INTEREST FROM APRIL 1. Bank open dally from 10 to 3: also on Monday, ffedneadA) and Saturday evenings from S to 8 o clock. SPBMCRR K. OBBBN, PreaideuL B. R Oiiilds, Secretary. NI6N D'iME BAYINOB BANK, <W Canal, cornel of Variok strett. Open d Uly from 10 A M to t, and from ft to 7 P. M. Deposits from 10 cen a to S-HWO iweired. Mx i>er cent In terest allowed on sums of $?X) and under, and five per oent on larger tints. llils bank baa re eiTcd on deposit $170,166 80 during Ute peat l\< e r.iv tu o mouths. Dotiocits oiatle on or before April 30 will bear lnterett fram Apili t E. Y. HAUGHWODT, l'reaidant. O.tmrn 8. Cmrn, SeceUry. ] U1 LOAS O WICKS. At ni grand i*trji k r, three poo an west or Broadway.? Money advtuiceil on Waiobes, Diamond*, Jewelry, ) late. Dry Clocda and peiaual prop rty of every do acrlpUoa, or bought and ao.d by JOSEPH A. JACKSON . amUotirer and broker. | ATM# BROADWAT, CORNER OP 1'BIN< E STREET. rrom No. A, Money advanced from $1 to t&UJUU on V?.Uu*, Luuni-utla, Jewelry, Dry Oooda hagir*, and eveij kind of Mr icbaudUe. All WausacLons will Uu c iiAdentlel. BAUMUAHTiiN A CO. AT 11 CHAMBERS HTRI KT -MONET TO LOAN TO any amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., bv the well known and old established ISAACS, broker and otmuiinalon merchant, 11 Chambera street. N B. -No busi ness tianeected on Saturday Advances made on liamonds, watches. Jewelry ami Kllver Ware, or bought for cath at the lugk eat prior a. Old Qold and kllver oonghi. Apply at the old i ?<abllibfd often of L. JACOBtt, 47 William itniet; branch 4(i7 Broitdway. IT ?l NASSAt STREET. ? A HONIOMAN, DIAMOND il broker, makea liberal advance* on Dlamoi da, Watches, .u-wclrv, Ac , or buy* them at full value, at hU private olltcis Bo. ij? {iwmu stieet, room No. 3, up attura. Business confi dent!*]. . t R Tn0Ml'8ON A CO. ADVANCE ON WATCHE4. - \ . V amorda, jewelry and all kin da of property, or buy for ra?lu AHO.S B. THOMPSON. auctioneer, UU Ka*?au aueet, rocm No. 2. m coud flour. Auctlvto sales attended to !? tin* ellj Biooklyn. MIgCELLAII?Oi;?. DELANO'S MOTH PROOF, HOLED PENCIL CEDAR Trunks, a m -at reliable amide to protect ran, w oaten a. Ac , from moth ; a matter of economy uieae hard timea. Cor ner oi Bicerker and Hammond streets. FR THE srPEKIOE ROOFINO SLATES OP THE fcagle hint* .Company, at ply at their yard, ocraar of Twelfth street ana Tenth avenue, or Vo U. FUKMaN, A#ewi. 37 Conlandt street "New Verk |MPORTaNT to hotel keepers. HARRISON'S IMPEOVED htJROI'EAN RANGE Will do a given quantity of cooking with onelourth peituf the coal uted by ordinary ranges. We are plteet d to refer to the Maawoit House, Bprlngftald, Masa. I'arker llouie, Boaton. Maaa, I nlon Hall, karatoga, A. Y. \ oorlm-a House, hj raruse, N. T. Port RUbam Heary hotri. Lake O targe, N. T. MK'lson fcquare Ho>l, New fork. National Hotel, New York. Florence hotel, New York. Irving House, New York. ttkliwy lloma, New York. Me?*ra. Petit A Crook, Dining Saloon, New Tork. Me: us. Brown A Miller, Uining saloon, New Yerk. Mr. B. B. Crook, bluiag Csl x?u, Bew Tork. Ken Jersey Mate LunaUc Asylum, I rent on. N. J. Vlrtoiia House, Ottowa, WeeC Eirhange t otci, Rlohioond, Va. Spoil wood House, Klchmond, Va. 1'ulaakl House, Savannah, Oa. * And uiany others. BRAMHA1.L, DEANE A CO., Manufacturer*, 443 Broadway, New Tork. LEAET HOOKS CI RED. -ELLEST A PATENT RUB ber PS int. one cent a foot.waraa'.ed. fw Grand street. SJ l ark row, IMBowi-r;. W Eighth swam-, <3 Baat IKenr ""nth Mmt, foriy atim auwet, Broadway, ami Mi Huib *? enn*. Rights aad (Paint for sale MABBLE MANTELS, ? GREAT B vRQaINS IN MAN ft ' i ? A large aUx k on blind, and a (re it r*Metlon la pnros for any kl.d order <1 this month Call enoa at A. VI marble jard. I1H caat Eighteenth at-aat, west of Thtra aveanc. Mattel* put tip la any pta< e la the c niairy. PA1NTH -FRENCH WHITE SWO PAINT, DRT AND In oil, ivd and r>een seal, at tre1?K-ed prioee for cash. For ?ale at the Janet oi th? Yltilte M>>i>t.tgue Cowipsny at Parte, by JOBEP H M. STRONO, 4. aad 44 Wi-ceBe aUeet. pCMI?.->f W A\y SECOND nAND WOKTlirNU tons, Qn I'd A isrrlivn's, and Ftoeter k He ritmi.a; 1^. "lee a, .'effrtes', sntl Stlvima' hanl Pumps, *er la's very 1 iW by WM. D. AMDKKWB A BBO , 414 tier street |>AWN1BOKBR0' TTPEF.TS WANTP.D-AT ??8BR<>AD I **v, soutkrast i o. r of Pulton street. Ihe highest P'lee Jewelry, ? Md lor Pawnbrok' re TlrVeU fur Ulam aii, W aide., y. Uun*, rial ole, t>ry i?o >d?, Ac., Ac. II NEW COM. SK Broadway, n> .m No. 9. Bead thTf -bpt.p ndi hlt enoeavkd ice pitch ersttAO; plated p?*a end Hpooa* W <l?T?a Every HUad of cutlery at lowpnees, at B AMPOaOB, the Oeopw la ?tltuie IE OSEAT RNOLISQ RKMROT FOR OOUT AJTD Rh. utnatUm.? All ?nff rsr< from lli? alw va eosaaiatn* Snroi ri?ant or loa* standing, are ?*vlse4to aee Blair e t and Rhe"?M?l? "llle. Th?y eaa he relied upon aa the m?t sale end ??e< tnal r?tn?dy aver offered the publA aiM have heea ualvenally naad in Siujya for naaay yeara f<* the ahate coraplaluta. friar J4an4 7foes>uper bii Prewrad by 1-roat A Oareant, Lood ia, tSngland, and So!d hy their agent, Ell ton If amen!, Fifty third aueet and Brnwlwav. and 5S F. C. Wells A Co , IIS Pr?nkl1n atreet, N T. Ner ViUa. tj'i i Ocamiasiooer"! have aelbmised the nam* and addrdi W ?Thortifta Pr ut, I* Strand, li nden," to be Im^eaaed apa Ihe ?o\ e? nmesi staape aMi?d to eaeh boi of the geatiMk ?etfMBB T\*ITH A I'HANCr FOE A S*0 SSWTBU MACHINE - V ' a Ladies' Retlrule. worth alone the monsy, with 13 lATK'- f' poole of bla<-k or eoloied ?i wlaa Twtot, Alii NuS PtiA %i ON i*f. OBke. 4M Broedn ay. OP STAlltM. Head for circular, ear* of bet y,*4i Poet uttiea. COAL r,'ciumTi. ?