Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1861 Page 7
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-f ILUPri TBItfU. ran combo? pbodcccd is baby nm Pnsiuaoad If JMHU irct. _ irnT JX??SlZZ'??2S?'i, t~ ?. ?? Mr flojri. Mr fuU, <i OoburaTMr Oliver, Mr f araloa, Mm dbmf, Mies Mm? anaaea. Miss rtur Morant, Mm Mum. Mia Yamoa, Mm. Walcot. MiasTree, Te eendude wMh , . popping ihb qawMnom. 4 . , ?ibi cpaa at a ?na rta> ym Tt fe mmm mm 1 >*e|o?fc. fH&Ar&l rB*XOlUk H? BSO45WAS.-MAIIM, I Avrll, UML-Pi^r. iyrtwgUttw AO PARC CENTRAL, rolic, if rue New en troto actee m*le? da cheat. nwrtnri LAST BOIRBB DANHANTE TtHbDir 1 evening, Aprfl t TIcfcota^naaRodr Mar "be obtained at thaAradmu UO Booth fcl*lith atreet, V\ lldamsburg The ctosint MaiiueT DuwiM at uw Haw i ark Aoadetuy , on Wed tternoon, April A CI PRIENDi or PRANK B BOWER (COMEDIAN) J U meet this evening at 8 o'clock at the Ht. Nicholas XTOTKT..?TBE LOVBRB or HAEBONT MOULD J> (Mr to the bur of the West, M Eldridge street, four door* a'tcve Grand. The chair taken Monday aud Saturday at 8u*.-fk by Mr W Btoahaaa, Viae Ohalrinau, i. tllbrated ?ceule Hug* r, J. ?. Gtoueatea, aad beat of Mail QUA* B. MRDLEV. Proprictar. -fTAl' *ilAUr-VAU U HaLL? 14 AMD 16 POCRTU AVE % n .? - Immente suceets of tho Ballet trjupe, aonaitt In* of tA.Dty young ladti a? beautiful Alleswy, burns' Jbreaui ? I'm de 1 ruU. ii eland a* It W'aa. Extraordinary Leap l;y Moii?. OoveUi, In the Culneso RaaMvst: the Greoltn Jstataee by Mr. W. Morgan; ..pciuiv on the National i ann n ma (i. the ReroluJou, by * rofessor Clifford. Admission 10 evnta to ull parts of the house. PflBEA j'MCAL AGENT WANTED? KOR A NEW LITB X nt'y aud drama'ie entertainment, to be given in New 1 oik, ? bli h, if (ucoeaaful, to travel. Address Alpha bji J19 liiru.d oilioe. BTCDC1AJL VOTIOta. T A MKf.TINO HELD B* T1IE MiNAflER3 O? THE ?H< flw l or young Deaf Mutes, the laat Monday in March, the cltl<<.. . an J manager a for the Uorue appoint 'il the Kov* Harry t m,< to solicit oonaUoaa and subscrlpt'cns the ena lngyesi f . r their aid. O. M tmvOE, Heoretary. IQU< R T)KAI<BBB, M BETING.? A BBaOXtAB MONTH ' u -'trg of tke r?ew oik Liquor Dealer*' ftxiety will 1 t the Metropolitan Uo. me, No. IK) Ilatter j treat, a* eedaj evculng, April S, lafcl. at 8 o'clock. By order, f. W. KN08. Prealdent. A. M. MATHS WBTtIm freilfenL Johk Roorit*, Reeordlag Secretary. VfBW tOKK 01 T a?D OOUWTt LIU COR DBALERB' II Prou-rove Society. ?The regular monthly m-eting of tke MnWi mill be held at the Bloecker nouao, ooratr of te. *and Greene ttrerU, on Monday. April 1, at ? 0'dook 1*. M. Ponctual.attendknre it reunlni. By order of VTaLTKR HOJHE, Preddeat. Prtk McQcana, Reooidtsg eort>taiy. The aaUl ^^H^e-to the debtom of the bstate or tate J. H. Riley, ot No. 118 h?aaaa atreet. New Vork. HHaaltl dabtore wl)i aleaie aead a utatement of their ae coBnta v >th eatate of the aaid J. H. Riley, daaeaaad, and of tbe amount uf their indehtedorka to nald estate, either by sotea, Moil account or othei wise, to P. U. RILL V", trator, Cairo, UilnoiA vtotii k to taxpatbrb.? orrtCE or ihe o am JM m?tioitera of Taxea an t Aaseasments, No. 32 chambers atreet, Nv.. kork, Jan L 1U41.? Notice is heresy given that the Ssnr i i'i)1 noils of Real aad Persoual Ratate of the elty and oouiity of New iork, for the year I8tfi. will be opened on Monday, me Uth instant, for public inspection, and will con tinue op n until the SCth day oi April next inclusive. All tax | payers >-?? curuesl) ieque*ted to call and oxanune the same, | in order thai any errors In the atseasmenta may be corrected. Alto all (.eraoas mttUJcd by law to ruduatlon on their assess taenia, by rraaoa of being clergyman or for military services, and also literary and charitable institutions, by law axempi from taia'ion, are requested to make application for such reduction or exemption prevlt ua to the closliig of the rolls on the 8Kb aay of April The following soctlon of ibe act of April 11, 18W, la publish ed for th<- into math n of taxpayers ? Seotlot. 10 During the time the hooks shall be open for public Inspection, aa heretofore provided, application may be mada by any person considering hlmaeif agjrievecl by the nsaesaed valuation of his real or personal eatate, to have the name oortited. If such application be mad? In relation to theaaaci<!s?<l valuati jn of real eat Me, it must be mads in writ - ing^atati th i grounds of objsotlons thereto, and thereupon the Coiii-oi "loners shall ex ?u.ln? into the complaint, and If ta their ,udgment the aasratmeot la erroneous, they 'hall cause th' intne to b" coirec ?d. If such application be made In ?*lati( ii to the as eased valuation of pernontl estate, the npplican' tball be examined unarr oath by the said Commis s loners, who shall be auth iued to aamlnistcr surh oath, or any of th ru, .ii.d if in '.heir Jud^m-nt the attestment Is er roneous, they shall nauao ?h? ?muis w bo corrected, and fix theamoiut ot such aa?e*rm*; it aa they may bflleve to ->i Just, an. I de' It re ibeir decision thereon Within thirty rays afiertur i sppliaaOoa shall oa e been made to teem No re duotion .hall bo made by tbe Boanl of rtuporvlnori of aay ataessmri t on real or personal ev.atfe imposed under tbts sot. unlets it -hall appear, urd?r ca.h or attlrmation, that tha narty atti'levd waa unable to mi tend within thf )-!inod pre aoribed i i too norrecil a ot utea, by reason of ?icknee? or abscatoe 1 u-ni thedty. (Law, of i?w. ehapiir ;vtt, section ai a J sVIUiJAMaoN, Htam ssiot.era J. W ALl.bN. I of Taxetand J. W. MR. 'WW, V Aseo?ttuenls. T 1HE OONbTifUri ?N*L DtSAQUE ?A SPEpilL _ mtxi nsot the Oopetiluil' nal League will be hc'.d at j heir rooma, No. broad waj. on Tuesday evening, april WJ at 7?4 ocloek. A f uii Ml MUM 1? earmettly requested tHuliatu a trho have read the con?iltntlon. tod approve of tt. or Lwyt, * ?,?*? nt UT eOOIKn OE TOLUBBIAN OROE* -BIO .jw k u i egular meeting of tU Institution will be held in .be Co- oU vhambrr of tUe ureat Wigwam, oa Monday rreutac. t. c Ut uf April, at ha f an hoar after the <K"tlaf of the miti General aid uuec u?l attendance U r*tact'.?L Bf prd?r, Jam. M Con* Kit, Urand Sachem. Cam* ? C. Oman*. . . . .. ' Mani'n'tn'i, hmoiio t koMMB*, 4th moon, jear of dl*M vary S6w, of independence 86tb, and of the Institution tha TX JO son hbbn aiiiPPRBa. ?!S&?iS3Ms f0oSv4'^^re?2SirB am* W . .c?aXSN 00*? mIm. Ko 14 Sroad"** jtv.Bh HOTIOIJ* ' Vnyvty' 0F DEf,iow. A?t.^,?SV?. ???? v CliO I UIHU. PRICE PalD roa UADJKS' aKO a?*TS' CM- IT Clothing th?a eUrwhare, on accoaat of the Male, ?? 1 oa humbug. I guarantee to pa; the folio -ring price* t im ?7 to |3A for Bilk Dreaer*, frrra |$1 to US far OouU, aad from Sl at to $0 for fmU. Alao, Carpets. Kntftaia, .Irwelrj. Ac. i aote bf post punotnaJ)' attended to by h , 1*4 Marantb aven.m, batareau Nineteenth aad Tw?a Math SIMMS Lad lee Wmtm b> to "r< K. * I OBKA.T dbmakd fob cjxjthxho. JUadibm A and gentlemen, Wanted, a lot of ea.t off Cioihlag. TSaWei* ' arpeta aad Jewelry I ^Hammlne to pay the be-.t price In tar otty, by ealling on ar addreealng M. Abrahame MSHe'eath avenue, between Twenty Of th aad Twenty eUth atreeta. l.adlea atttaded to oy Mia A. ?B GI'KaT DEMAND VOB < i^fiiTta-t.ADias ASI* g- n''-?u 'a having auj run > fl Clothing, V r ?vlro'e, Oar teu n J Jewelry, will reoelrt t<- blgbeat prt-* i>y eaiiing oa cr adt!r<-*?'ng x HAHRTe, M? Iblid avaoue. ljadiee attend ?d to 1) Mm^OairU. A L l luB t'HOKE fft-K ^ ?>00 OUST OWW OMTBItKt A Wanted to parc^aaa for an rraanteoa, OaUfonua.? ladle- ?r> 1 ^nthvnen. if yn wtah to get a fatr vri?> fi/r yo?i? OW?t<? arpeu, ?arnifire -Tic .i-wel-i,tbe "oetyiuear io U to ft H a oot>- u M. Mlutt, No V) MM arenua, where tm may be iviiTineed yor *U1 r* dealt wttfe to your eatiafaouMi Mm< ar t,d>>ii to b> *sra *th -o TV -4itb avaaaa, b? twaec a h ?ir?vt a>.d Warerter p'?m A UA.RQB OUAimi OF C*?r Oft OLOra;KG A wanti I, toll! ?r rrl.' n from tha >?e?t. riret rati prleea ?B 4" fiv??, aad eath paid in nmol money. Apply to JAMfct m< >K-yN*T, 411 . carl airent, nact bloek M Chatham. ARaH rilAMCt.-^aCIES Ai-iD < KNTtiEMPN, I h/. ii juat rrerlved ff.UU) to pu. chaae ca?t off t'l thlag. 4Jm^?H, I iMiiltuie, for tlie i aOfort.?* rnarfce' I Dr<mlee to pay tin ! i.aept prion -ur them, by railing on or adaraHlag M gH'\n- !v pet. nth areaua, near cereateaatb atraet. Ladki Atteticl ' j Kra. Kills. AH BBtIBB CI1ANC8 1TIU*-I.AI?IEH AMD ORIfTUE m.t) bar* a great .lem*nd r.>r cut ; ff Clotting, /ur ?Mine, t ?r,r??, Jewe ry, *e., far tb? W aetera market. I will rn.t) f bar* a great .letnaad for eaut ofl e. i ?r,e?a, Jewe ry, Aa., far IM Maeter ba I <4iowlag prleea: -Kot HUkbretetw. mj tba i- i owloa prw? -Kot dUk&rema*. from $? to fit; for Coal . I roui ft to J,b. for fau??, fri-m $1 to Sd. Pleaae Son m ?rtd- ??< I .aJ . rrcr-b evn'te. betarf T ?tle'li ar.d Twen<>-Ar*t atre^U Punet a. y a'ten *e<l lr* al lei <1.-4 to by M r* AnhaU. 4 ore.vT qiAMUTT ur cam' orr ouothiio. A I urn ti:re, v arpeie, Jte , want- d to eapptr the Weetam nark r I I pay ?a f Io?i: -n''n $ 0 lo SV tor 'Ilk Dream; Coau, from $? to $fi . anu, f nm *t to |d. Call on or ad- I ?f a. I'uCam. xlM nerenih ?r? a<v bet?e<n Twrniy-fo';rth 1 m ? v flftb iitiart.', will be p'. i dually attended to. La dtee ?M?-,il d to by Mr? D. A ITESTiOK? tADlta 4Mb UA.NTi.EME5, If TOC A wan< 'oget tha mu ralue of y< U' eaat off Ciothlmc. Famli ur> , Carpeta aad Jewelry, the i e-t yon can do la to eend amata IO f iLwRUie. IMMveath a-eaner lh*ra Ton may be eoorlDf -d yo?i ? >11 be dealt with te yowr eatltfaetion. Iter *Hlk I?rr? i~rm f 7 t-> $.Mi; for ('??eta, f tr-m $?. to SIS; for Paata ae.' Veeta, from fl upwart * Plntrt dun", forget, IM Mareath areniK. near Twenty tret Itrttt. Ladlae attended loby Mr*. Ilarrle ruwiow m?aa bailroau-kob ajlbaxt a.mj> L Tny, oonaectlitf wU tralne (forth ?U Weet ? Tnunj aMK _ rmow wkmim w. raoii ritiitfr niurr sntmt ?nwe", 7a?dllA M.aad 1;#, I. JO A. M. aad 3;J0, _a:a? and A r. M. ,8;Jj P. M. ^SL^lA1i>^, ,,_<'rUh M: u r. M. (Huadaye laela thseara),?:?A p. n. . 4^ t And7r' J30 ^ * A- u JOmnd IM T. M. riakia train, $M P. M H.?i f, * ??g ^lagtrata, 5 Ja and 4 JO Ia4i :t j F. K. Tarry'' *" traia, f 1't t Ml P. M. f ?MirU, Mupertatandeat. wmm "'o^aow, mu a tm >:u? ??,*? ?D|T TWHI it'll, 7 A. ||- aad 7.M A M. and a ia P M and _li?r. M. h JU A M ** t. O LAB KB, r.<*K,o33K?**~" *"*- com"Ut- md irew ooMFor kf.w oo*ei*r ftBW OUMMDY TO* TAYLOR, TuM TA*LO< tuk uiuia; Auia?r of OUR AM* U WAN COUSIN HTILL WATER# BUS DEBT OK EABTBK koNOir, AND BTRRT BTBNINO, will beprwaleda ntw ooatcdy, hy Tern Taylor, la Ut?* ?eta, mi titled THB BABES 1.1 THE WOOD. TUB BaUIS IN TUB W.jOD, IBB BaBE* IN THB WOOD. With the following distribution of character* : ? Mr. Jeremiah Beetle, a henpecked lodging house keeper Mr. J 8. Clarke (U iM flr*l ippeiriaod bors ) Mr. F-snk Buohton... ? ?>,. ?-,wt \ Mr O B?rtof>HlU Uidybiaaehe Kuolitoo i "k"**"1 *"e ? ood. j Miss Ada OiStoa i Mr. fianoe HlU's Ant upoearanee > The Earl of Luzenl/y, tat her of tflauciir . .Mr J. 11. Stoddart Tv irtti? "the gooi natured f rk'ud wtto rc peaUall the III n%iured tbtiige" Mr. Marl >?e Sir Crorfte l.<K.v?tri'e. a teat ritshlonelils .. .Mr. (i. tUoddati 1 odd. bill discounter....* .Mr. A. D. Joharow Eeaooek a Bui Key Mr. Tree Mia. bvfclle, I a tfy and for aouia time Lord o C Beetle . . Mr*. P. b50h.MtfrM Trotter, a ?a"d Mrs. ?'iu T!me? 1 he Pres? nt. Sbene? Loocoa. After whJeh, 'he nproartoua '*'oe of fUKNUiO TUB TABI.E8, la which MB. ,T n OLAKKE Wilt appear aa JACK HUMPHRIES. and'&aTet *yer* uisul '?his week iu beautiful tableau, dance MELODFfN. 5:'9 BROADWAY, BETWEEN SFBINO and Prince. ? ) be largest, best and ciieapert pUce of ammf-meot in the world- the largest, bent and moat talented company In the country-, the mMt graceful and aoomiiuahed ballet troope la thl# city. MELoDEOS NV 6ROAJD WAY, BETWEEN 6PRINU AND frtii oe street.?' 1 hi-. exreUior concert hall ii o|>rn erery night for the exhibition of a programs of orer fifty aca by by slaty triented per form era, giving a performance loraa 7H UU hi o'clock MBLODEON, !VS9 BBOADWAT, BETWEEN SPRING and PrUco Mreets.? Another new graud spectacular pantAu.mlc br 'Jet, by .Yionti. toaxaiy, entitled "L?m Follies, " pn duct-d la *auluul {style, Introducing the whu.e ballet troupe. VfR. WAU.ACK lTl nu Tsst pleasure In being>ble to announoe the re?y oomiilete and ENTIRE SUCCESS or *HK SCW COMEDY called HBNBIETTE. j Topi-eveutcoafi'?lr>n at the box ofllce during <he preaeat excitement about the NEW PLAY, aad to g '.?? the r itroo i of vie theatre and the pabBe at Urge every facility, the BOX BOOK win he open tVO WX?'K8 IK ABTANOK. 1EU> S OAEDEN. bPECIAUTlT. Seeend OBAND MaTINBB of NIXON'S BOY All CIRCUS , MONDAY, Tpril I, UO. commencing at 8 o'clock precisely. Otr MuNDAt MuIT, BDWlN KOKSBfiT in his gr -at Imperaonatioa of TIBOltflUS recetrci with unbounded enthusiasm oa U* first Uon, wU jc i ejected lor PuSIIIVKLY THE LAST TIME during this engagement. N A MEXICAN CONCERT HALL, -A. 444 444 BR'JADWAY. 444 444 BU/^OA'Ar. 444 4M BROADWAT. THB OkKATEHT ENTERTAINMENT IN t US WOULD. THE CREAT8K1 BN TKKTA'NMENT IN THB WoKLD. Lutatcuigthc largest ibtstnn la the i>; od action of NOMsLTI.ES, NoVaLTIBB. Performance mores along as if by magta. Ihe nant of 444 every one knows. The rum of 414 Is admiration. The name of *44 Is unequalled. the name of 4-14 will go down to poaterttjr. The nan.e of 441 1 i hi Lored by the whole nation. Tbe ume ol 414 U kcown East, West, North and South. Europe, aui tha whole woUd. 444 Absorbs *11 ?he beat talent in the country. 444 Pays the highest nalailea of^au^ place of tha kind la the 444 Bu no tecud or laird har.d artiHti engaged. li unire-jaliy apokm <f as tie beat enterulamestl la the ? wt rid ?114 Gives a continual entertainment. without Intermission, far tour houro ai.d a balf. Eecccc week ot tbe c lebratfd OBrtlN FAMILY, ORB1N FAMILY, OKBlfl ?AMIi.Y, QftlilN FA?IL7, OURlN Fa.MlLY, OKRIH FAMILY, ^ IK SHEIB CLAArhlU AL aBODflVOd. Havlrg returned from Cuba, al t. r fulfilling a moat suecaaaf al eogagemei-. which has won for them tbe ti le of bHag the griateat umt?r? U their art in 'ho world. mim BILLY ONBIL. KILL" O'.NBlL, Hli.LV O'KLIL, BILLY O'KEIL, TES GREaT IB1SS COMEDIAN, In a variety of original J >kea, Ac., TUS IRISH SCHOOLMASTaK. AKt> PADDY'S WBDDINO. CHARLEY WHIT?. CHAHLhY W\JICK, CI1 AHl'KY WHITK, Tbe on'r true representative Of the darkey raet living. FORTY UlHEB PIBFOKMABS. FORTY OTHER PEBFORMER8. FORI) OIllBB rShFuKMEKS. Form :i * combination of talent that (7a?NOT BE aLLBD IK TUB WOBLD. apsimim : Iarr.uet ? oenu. | Gallery. 10 ceatA BOBKK1 W. Ml TLEB, 1'roprtotor. M< ns LA THORN t. Stage Manager. Tie bare (Treat pleasure In annotinelng an en **8em*C> DON BA5IIAG0 OIBBONNOISB. Tha celebrated bpanlsh t ontoriionist, who will appear shortly jjantbeon -the SEW \OltK PANTHEON. The *eceo'. ealnmiv us Ore at MB Broadway baring delayed tbe < pen'.ng ot ^ TUE ORPAT PANTHEON X,veniac >.nterta*nmeiil?. a aui.f.'ir. iVKTuhuN will Iromctlate.y ba i pened at Tbe 8,uyresar.t Iwtilute, 669 Broadway. llecaaagsr reapetlfnlly aoaotinoes the engagement of Ml fASt. t'OWBLL, Tbe dUtlrguufced Comedian and Vocalist. W! ?.-?? "Infills trst arid ? most eicelisnt fancy" ao far aur I t. e rrcbtst cvreert.';,* f all whu attempt to linltale hla U9 or. that Ihey loiJ but In '.be aggregate, aa tarthiag cau d t> I j the stm." * Co well's mh^: t fite of ebarac'.er Are illimitable, and. ast. oei!t. i.aab n.t ' Viiiiac:. ->i -uy ii be idirmel of icvell, ' beh*etiol ee that you c*a pr. P"r!r pin dowu and ait t ls " %hen yontbiakns has eibauaiea bis battery of Itt4 ) ta stiaWWMiMt wer'are .rlt ? your ?r*vity. sticlra'7 ce sp?outa tot a ne> t-t of features, like by cm. LB 18 f'UT OAR, tUU LEUiO.V. NCT PO MLCH a CoHE!.>(Ur AX A uOMPAKT. li b.s bsme o u d *>e n .'trnd I'ta hfs countenaacp IT VOVLl) I lL_ A PUtoIiJ. M' CO**ELL 's no w-re eomlr arinr, "rho?e chief laid ? lor 1s to raise a 'augb." In b to tbere is aone of that "noisr ? nil vulcai pruteriee ' whlth calls upon you erarr moment toeielaim ^'prodiglons " Be nerastlrss his audience with nifeitireotredutcaney of humor He hat no ln?inld lame ntse, sogr--?a rn'cartty; ard tc his mo<t dlrenlogdallnea Uoii?. when erery feature and uiuscte la put Into full play, nothing is obscure a:.d enl^matiral Br. C'jVBLi, 8 ' arrsgototae very rerge of carlcatare snd yet nentr go beyoad it; they take the r*rr widest lati tude and yet -^e always reo the i.uhs whii.h fund uem to nature " 1 rue at Uat as he Is. his geaiua leans hlu> nerer ts tniftf bis subjtct, but :aut fully to carry every salient polat to !?* utmost ar.cht and to gire tbe extremes of character w:ih the most Mrfecl accural y. Mr. Oil WaLL I _ per?on?tlbns, like H.,j*nh's pictures, "i orm a elw> and have a character pecullai to t betnselrea. Tier* Is no ' merrier niau within the limit ot becoming ?r lib, ai<d 3ooe eat. eq tal blmin ?'J?rii0ha E.<PRE8dOI? A>D ^TJIAIQE POWER Mr. OOWFLLb , Luilcrc i'y legubrU is, Laughable, Lachrymal. ?? Lamen allot, of LORD LOVET.L, la unlqae; Aid ill tiuavagartaof _ "" BILLY BARLOW, (Bo or.tteall^nioe^la oo?tuma,< "Birth movlag 1 Jeeta "t'n k" esta'Ai . Thai lie Witbln Ine >Mr?y or 'bla' wit, " DEFIES ALL RIVALRY." THE NEW YOUR PAKfltKOK EveulagrEalrrtalaaseats will baa world of amusement "aL the year rouaA" Tl'f ORRaT WWW TOR* PART HBO N wl'il l? rated n the roiAwlan style br DON BI'OENl P LA TILL A, of European eelebrltr. tKi 1/eslilent i4 tha Bnciety cf Hrlll.h Artists., whoee wotkaln thlac.untry hare, to the present time, be? ooakard tn the Interior* of private msnsions. thr orbat hew vuhk pa ore eon ?111 baadorwd throeghoat with or glnal allegorical ilea*ga? s- d stabes'H.e einbeliishmeata, la a st>ie ol mural deoora tion, hitherto unseen in America. ' Tub ai'ACioua hai l of tbe ?"?reat r ew York fanthw: n will tvenent a brilliant and coftlj display of color and orna?n?ut The entrant, staircase ac1 ontrKtcts will '+ enltabed w th maislre pilasters and r ewutU ui m? d illioas, and , "AU the wall* with palBt?d Iraag'rr " THE BVBNINU bKTKRr AIMIKKTft of The firrat Ne* fork Pantheon wl 1 be ' mere fisn rniiTX can irmlte. 1 llfsgf 4. NKWmIIAM, Manager hVANTIs BfBbTBt L" ?A OKAHD T^jriHOMAL U l- BAST* itRU* R", ??n "s'erfia) aftanume n-? *>?? LAY OP PP.D?HlRUf? rsvl. _ ?? l,#t*)mt'?? la ) "On hows. I" aT?a<'E OARDRNg fast eniran-e). Mr. O A Al>A?? *111 ?alk IS miles at the com am oement of eery h au rKoes op< n a' all ' nia* A Am te at] n 2S cent*; rh M"e#> if c-uk?5 Mwn Mclwts gk. v ami it?ua w tti NiiAi'is Wh'iing taaedtead fft?p"?ss o.n appfy a ATlA^, 13 LAI7BA KBENB'S THIAT1E LA DBA KBBNB'8 THBAfitB LtVU UUR'g THUaTFB LAV RA KBENB'S THBaTKE LAUBA EBKNBrt TMBaTRB LACBA KRBBF. 8 THEATBB LaCRA KREMB'S THBATKB. LAURA KEEnF.'S TH KATUN. 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MAGIC LANTBBN, MAGIO LANTERN, MAGIC LANTBRff. MAGIO LAHTBBN. MaGIO iiANTBBN, Wits TB* FOLLOWING ruWBBrUL CAST: dim lAun Krnm DiaroUne Mr*. J. H. Allen ?%? Columbia MIm Polly Marshall ? ? Tlutcti* Mr*. Lottie Houjh u Tart%riae Mr* H. Vialag. Sulphurtae MU? Coudnck u Faarinaila MIm love Burke a* OantaWle Miae Anderson aa. Sa'-aoalla lilaa E retell aa Cetea Miat K. aaeea .aa the Spirit Little Mar; Bull ?k aatbe ^ Butterfly Mn. 0. F. Biowue Maine XUe Pv^BC. as the Premiere Dauseuse Mr. I'eters as Mra. Pinto Mr. B Q. Rogers as Un$l* Sim Mr. U. F. Ca'.j...^ ai Sumner Mr O P. Browne aa Pluto Mr. Barton aa ... Snail Mr Le?1ck a? D-mon ? *r. GwJrlch u she T rant Act i IB r. MATRIMONIAL fLUVirT IN HADES. 1UE fKVEK nISTKK> MAX* I 11 tlit FIRnT A ffKAHA SCB PLiio n chiuokrh (UkiiKU THE M 1.SEIU..M Ok' Mc'HTaL lAj 'B. NEW ARRI V AU( IN THE IftmRNAL RBUIOXH. THE IN'KV [TA8I.R MCOKR DP PARTI' RE OP THE MEVKB MISTERS beautiful picrtRE t'lAVOUSE AS STUNNER'* KRIF.MJ. PLUTO IN WITH i'iiE CRITiCH. AFTER A PHANTOM. TWO NEW 1GKK BOttf. WARNING OK I HE SMTEa S SPIRIT. OUR OLD FRIEND MKaRH FROM MAM _ TOt'NO HAM. BEHIND 1HV SCENES AT LAURA RKENE'8. AfitERRt COBHLER FOE MRS 1-RrKR* UHAND COMBAT WITH REAL HWOKDS. M*.< PEIEkH PLI TO Ait CUPID. U li AMD J AM FROM LA atLPHIl,h. t.kJUT MCBLEIQUE DANch. CT FFKE a L'NiOX BONO. THE ZOUAVE MONO. ORAKD 7.01 AVEJ^aECH AND DRILL rPMINlNE CORI'H OF ZOUAVE*. ACT SKCONO. UNCLE HAM * MAOIC LlNIE&N Aji'P ALL THE BEAUtiri'L UXIOH TABLEAUX. COLUMBIA AT WAHHIKO. ONJI TOMB, THE THIBTT-FOUR hTATES. THE EBON V WEDOE, UrRK*K.XTtHU Tar GOOD i LD hlilP CONSTITUTION , >moTrti jiY ni? TDK LM A NCIPAtV ' *' M V UBp/vV^TR^E IE hTLMP 0? TJS? ffSSS CALHOUN H WAintNITOim AEMv'aT FOBCE. UBJvKTl AND I?IOft? ':'lkrt, APOTHSMMi or Washington and vnio%. I'LLTO'B FAMILV** ftrRA?OHTP "TED b/ T' __ THE! Want To oo no* v., BREAKING OUT IH A NEW 1UA0E, _ A GKWURaG HOW. WBERK'J TUE* I.UU1, FLl TO ? FAMII.Y at HoMF., a OBNRRaL Aft;uBaTi(>/?, a rt.i a or ocIi.ti , CUPFEE BtMIIIHi TO CONeIt 1 1I.AND, CLAM OHOWIIRK, PCNIBHMBTT OP l>l AVOI.1NE * >D BAT ANBULt. INtor'ATION lOOt^ci. I WIBII I WAS IN IMS I If, A If II tub a*r \ t MF.nn w BXF.Tfl OF Till BUTTE BFLT fit Tfrw OF PFR vm B^^tawkyb^nartft ^ fffwfe ?r1ll?..nt ?ttM fhArgr I ocr. OL?U V 1 O c!f?cll Coiiimcr.cj r*? U Cl'XiL Tmtm xsMa^* ?t V^o'oU^t. N?.1 _ AiriRnam. IVfeA * O if IbfcK. I , Lwm tad Kiurr i*?W M'U A>. A" KIL I * 91 H i-ltfAT SD*I*r FORREST, bHi'i tr. 0kK*re.r dh.vaiio k.xc; uibmj nt t\ti ?> a U, tie hist IT of (lie stage. lit *i I r i* a' f<>- (h ? wronJ anJ

! Ai?T "US#*, &? 81 TIME, t.M' TIM?, 1. VMT11M*. f.f\JD IMHKCSONATIOM or _ UROl.YIVK, Tn' t V.'mm : iriim, fnv MOHAN Fituii, B lii on U* Bm i?p fbti.t?lion, on t'r d?> c gtkt laat, with ttc mtoai * " ' l'I?BOCNl>E? BK ' HCSIASM, \:id ackuowlitgrd bv all ?no w Itnveacd u to be one of the n PM M BUMI IlIiTRIOMTn FOWT!' xitprf.h U?*E )ll?r?kl</Nli' iMtaTKUll/BHd fcuBUIttft 111-: ? r .'UTi'. >J a'KK.l Evei vtii.e* -d i n the V ' i r chrsU d pr. JuctlO ; .if c.,. tldali Kaw'i, pre?Mi?l It- 1 tepublw w it ii 'i- following vl,lus Mi. CAM' \jlf CHARACTERS. \ . . -US a J kv*l\ FOR RIMT Ic! t-.? ... Mr ? . It, < ?> k .j Sirens Pen: tins Kr. C. Either ??tut. tertouvlii. W f c- un Appiua ClaOdtna. , 1!r. Oanoll CatuM ^udiud Mr. lf.cta L>'!< .u Br. Htrklw >lbul-i. ? Vr. Taylor Maicu* Hi. Cooke *r Marital ?niu- Sir. Harrison a." ii'iiilm lieclii-. Mr Aodrevrs J,"t' 1 ?? ' ibtuU : ? ,-U Mrt Uoaway rli,? ????> l*eniia:u >ictc;s, .- uki'eta CU!?*c , Ac N \\ 4W> .1 1 ' f - < NbKV. U AM If >V .'POIKTMEMM. t IMCXS or THE 1'RF'S r\ BlMMN l- .RPf n vmnrvn** ' < io ?!)? uudaj Mer ury ) >i.;fO : ' -Tfcmoit mterurB ? v?:i if iho Mfk at tin.- aid r?? the jlroour I. n of Phr.'.liti i; nowlm' nobis 11 ? ? . <1>* or : ? ," < ii' viinlog, .tir Fortfi pl-> ' * f! * i:rST '' 1 ? m ii i . j urtUr li w iIm 'a *<>a JT' art. 'i.uoonr <? ,-r i '' tragoAr h?.< uorer bfi-n aoll mbly ?111'' ? ,k (? ?, *? err phuractB ? It J" -U't" '! (v r*i t c!l i ?? ?Hvi -ry atir.-.p poll i v as imo'l' ... s' acru '?.jr Hiii ro u p!rt(u>i t-.t ito I, ? i> Mr fi-rA.-ti *'V|rtlnW%" u ???' "rai ratio \ of ?l --tnaj ????y I ? mw Unu'i'm and f|lfi:"nuVf'; i*i t> ?3 tin .sjwcl >? ? birkto the <l:?rs lit tl 1 I i pmiv rale, i ? .1 ilif ? ??) ?| i ? y. ? ; oae w?>!a bad "wb t4 tn ti." tioad ' ! itm ? Hit. ma" tlioMof lli^rcr/ '<?? ! '-'I' ' If wl all mav V it'slly UTTOe<l *Lli. id**- * ?iiMf >'l illtl ?alii 'j t( t ial :t>iinu? a t tvboai* nwa'cr aflrii.-- c<ln but uxci-can, fr tbfir po?er, aa ?' nil- Ii fI'kjio ? d t.letfol atg buried In ilf>d Mntu iI<'k, ??? , In * uiu' at, ? i mil Mine'a ir-swe of Inrjt a#M to trunk , i' and br i it !>? k u . dtatant pq?t to Hie. It np-rti but a lrgt? i.'. e ot *r. if ? '*< tr^toJaui" to oonvtoMHia latclUk?i'> r|>v("ii'i i ital 'ra ? t l< t oljif fae; that ^ la all 'b Ianuiu. e )? n' t ? ikh u. . ' n at bat hlinMlf aoa be bi> vainllct 'iie i: npiili a putrtoi, uwj?at<c Uk no proud conaciiiuauvagol being a Km horn llomin mlten, ana Una e# aro?it Inkta ba'^Mand drflMer of aeorntpt tvr.inny, aa ihe lo i { at? i?i . tanroQlnn ( > pluyful toOoertkOM with a 4aush;f fa . ni.ur. actt aa< o I la th-" tayi'erj o' lov? to act It' ("ad nt,.l look Hi'- v in ii ; a< t; o stil>*mn prloat of hta ctild'tf Ivir. lba! , a? tbe c mnuei ng aoldler, mouni'.im tln< treacb. ioi .- fAtt of M-- filler in arm ; . a.i tbp gotf-Mu suar du>? ?>i a vlrtilo'a btror, alatlng b.<i oirn rbM to ?aT-- lier t on tt - in in' : a ?hi tnaddpocd but ntlli ninj-ntir patriot, c'rdioa1 i g ti c l-'ii' d ( t t!i l. nou r i Virginia to itotn.- a R')0d, ib?re ran he but one ?t irclnlaa ' ?hli? K'lwin Korresi treat a the ftfK" t if no me; ft Action cf Ibo tn utru ibat lir?t tbrllla an audience like Uk I ^l. iiiti? aitork, and then ro? ea It to a n-tDrwhi "f ?. mpatl.i-tie (urj, when th? Kcutan father abakea t) e drti t liigitcrifieUi bl?-l? in tl,e fa-eof the apoal'rd tyrant, ai.d *1 iek? hokmlf In Ibe lornm:? "APitiua. bjr tho bl'Kid ut mj inuoeetit cb.'ld I devote tht ? to iho infernal c>d4!" It t- g"Olua a w. itl-ioa inlta<li of a dcau tealti.. brought link lo lll'e, altd all wlu> it are ttouiaua ' Krom the Sunday Tlnf*. ; On V may evening ' Virglnlui" was ?ila>iM for the ftrat tline tfniiry Mr Knireai'M etuiagann t. It la i? eh?racier which aOi niit Mr. Koricit i:>e tui p >iieal opiMi'iumtic < lu. lhn dial laj Of liif Riun l llrlllBlliTifj aiyie. a ]?.rfioi> of uiu an In vhich he haa no piecett rival ou the Auiern au atagfi In hi-vlog ul?o, it ih au c iiotaliy *nc! tiuel. iiii!/?u at to for a a companion picture to tba 1' anion of the cutne artUt. I i rom tbe iMnuitch.] Mr lorii btha-s lot't arrd in Ihn e ?i hii beat carta since our lai't tU. hainler, Uasios and Vlrgii.lua Of aia Dautnn and \ irglnlua it would W foily for us to apeik at length, the public bring vo well ac maintcd with hl? tuajni ti-i nt lr?? m< nt nl tbtw, i .baractera. He will r?|>flat the part i f ll:e hi man Fntbrr on Monday. IMunt tbe J-venlDg Bxpreaa 1 It w uld be almost a matter of aupererogation to aay that tbe "Yirttinlua" ot itdwln Pornat U one of thoae charaotera vtblch be baa made his own, b? the wonderful amount of vl; oro'i>< uasalnn and tcuderroaa which he raliifclfa in It. As au artist it is pirbapa one of hia beat impersonations, and de velrpaa arg'-abmrof tbAtde!ica'!Tof feeling to which we hare this season ao coualst;nfly cnaravorcl to call public at tention. because it his general!) been ao unaocouufably omit ed fiom the cri leal cttlmntlon of hia loading cbaraiteea. At the ch ae of tbe '.bird at t, la tbe fo irth and ut the beginning of tbo Cft'j, tills la mor-' pronmineeOlT obvloua Ind?ed, we know noililrg on the alane which can fairly he com-laered more U tHhlngthan the words he addreaaea to Virginia be fore alay'ng her 1 h"ae alone, taken with the concludl.ig pirthm of the sceuc in whieh her Immolation by her father s Bend occurc, e natitnte ? u? ? oi- tbe tuoat touching, and, aubxv queu'.ly, '<ne of the au?it powei ful pieces of aeiing w ileb we rca. en. her In anv Ihcalie. r i it& r grand mati.veb 7HI8. EaBIKR MONDAY , AT t O' tJLOCK. ranic.tlars In another adrarUaemant. MR. rOMBBt'fl MtiHTK ? Monday, Wedneaday and Friday. ciaors uruiirs? Tuaaday, Thursday and Saturday. MATINEES by lh? Equestrian Iroupr, Monday Wednesday, Mitturday. at S o'clock EVE>INU KN IEKTAIH MEMS in future will commence at ti o'clock and finish at IWi o'clock. N IBLOS QABDEN. ,'?me*M. Nlxoo ...... ,L*w?ee aul Manager. CRlNU HOLIDAY M ATlNhB. UKAMi HOLIDAY MATfNBS, 0.1AM) UOLTUa.^ MaiUiBS, MXOS'rt BOY AL CIRCUS. NlJtON'H .H.iYAIi CIRCUS. BlTCUN ii ituYAlj ClbvUS. OK THIS * EASTFR MONDAY, E^ItsK MONDAY, APRIL 1, at 2 ockxk, ?t.d arm'igcd eapc-Hally far tUe PJuEANUBE UF FAMlLt FAKl'lilS. ATTENTION. I ad: f si and Children, ???.*? and Children, _ ;* and Children On till* kj'Wtjr^ioa^n ertll l e Klreti a IBaIIMj'.,o BguEHTUlAN ENTERTAINMENT, ln!uOncu>' ihs HPLBNNID ORIENTAL PAGEANT CHINESE FESTIVAL, CHINBSB FESTIVAL, CHINESE FESTIVAL, la U,4 lie Troupe Of^^ a_jd #1>AKlgu DAWcam Aul bjfm'iina GALLBTTI^- ? *?r. THB GRFAT hTAR RlDBRfi. HIE GREAT STA R EIDERS. Mile. SUA ZOYARA ELLA ZOYABA ELLA ZOTAR1 pi la zoyaea III a zotaha And ilir WONDRoOH TROUPE ACROBATS and OYMNA8T3. aCKOEaTB aud < I Y XN Aht.S. Fliri *pv*araneeof the IxM.uilful vqHe?tr>cnne, MLLK 1IEI.IC.SK, HELlOSB, HELIObB, UELlOSE, HKLtOPB, The B' utaUon Hoy Kqueitrtea. CHH RTO ROitPT", OUIoBTO ROBERTO, . GHIOETO EORKBTO, IE PETITE LAWRENCE, TI1K PO'IKKT CLOWN, LE I'ETlfh LAWlif.MK, THE POCKET CLOWN, AND HIS EXiBAORDI'.AR* BROIHF.RH EXTRAORDINARY BROTH ejtfl F1LIX CAP LO, Tdv. ITALIAN TRh'li CLOWN, I li U CLOnD WAKD, And *11 member* of tbU IMMENSE YBOUPF, IMMBNhB TROUl'R. IMMENSE TRim; j- K, iMMEN.SK TROUPE, Next ? eareeestatlon "T NIXON'S Bo>aIi CIRCUS Tl'EBPAT NIOHT. EjlBLO'B SALOON. JJI 7 * r l! .me of Mlusfrei?y. OtUSD EEOriMNO, MONDAY BVBNINO, APRIL 1 and ertry evutini dunog iho week. LLOYu S MIMWELS, LLOYD'S MINHfHElJ*. LLOVD'S MINSTKKLo, ~ IV ? PHO/E33ION. LLoVD'i MTNSTRBLS, n:E 81A >'f OF TH# Acknowledged by THB PKB8R ASO rUBLlfl To be the Beet tflnftiel OrBanieeUaa In the wertA LL01 D'S U'MJi'tSJLU, ILL mtt. Reid the lie! of Artiste: - BILLT EIROil. ?? CHARLBT FOt ? I. WAMBotn. A'TOUST AiOilB. ?r. A. HERMAN. GUWAVF BIDLi ? OKJIL, H. WI1.K.S, W SiUNS. J EVBTMIAD, A. BREITKOPF, A LEHMAN. <1 ML ASS, J. WT ANDREWS, Maa'.ar ALBEETINI aad COOL WHITE, wfll Appear ev trj evcalng in the ohotreat OEM* Of MINSTRELSY. REMEMBER THE OPENIKU KIOMT. . MONbAY, APRIL fc The PImv NIBLO'B SALOON; The Attraetloa. LLOYD'S MINffTRBIA Poonoyen atT; fOM?gfeeM8. A'halwrion H onnta. D> COBDOYA'B LAST ENTBETAINMENT OF TUB eeaton. Mlea SABA STEVENS, The MCOirpllahtd and pojralar ? MIh PSaKBOM, The emlwnt American ptanlMe; Mr. MiLLAED. The great Araenean eoawoerr aad (Inner. . The ahor* named dlaUnguhhefartlaU harlnf UaSif ef fsrod their mmcee to gtra eeUt to the laet reoHaHea er THB PkISCB'B V1MIT, At Hope <:hap?4, Broadway, Wf dneaday. AprUl. Mr OB COmDOYA wUI reette. for Ue Sf tte'.h aad laet tin* prior ve the poeea*e betag tahea to Loadoa, hiehiuaorew datcrlpUon of THB PBIBOB S YISTT. MieaSA BASTE VANS wttl re#j Lessf ettewe BUILMINO OF THB SB IP. . # Mlea PEAT SON wfll wfm* the pieao Iks InlUlal fantaeta. OOD SAVE SHB QCBBN. Mr. MILLARD wfll ?tog hie two jreeteel mia i hb nSb or the feee. And Mr. M COESJAU'SJi^-. baJ amAile monctopie, JBME1NS, AS TUB r*II.?D IMLUI ItOBLMin. One of ChicAeriag a graad Pumeewiiibe uted.u, lh? ?km. The ticket* WUI he miertnred, ead none wfll beeL.d h#) ?> f lh" twfi^Vw capaeify of 'lir Hall To hehadettli^ prl n etpal tnnalc ?tor?a. Admleet<m It t ?-nt?. Furs italF. " Col. ( HAS CARROLL HICKS. laU of thi A.m/eJ Italr, by tpeclal rtunrat, wU i t hie lecture on "Italy, the Wb/ ?ud Uarlhawl," At th-i OeeperTnMl'iitr, Tneeday erenlaa, April 1 Illatoryt.f Maly fro* WW? Ktrolutlon ofSlHlhe Late War- Leacriptlc n <A Thrlibof Battle rtt?ne?? i'Aeeage r?f tlie VLltiirna? IWee of Capua? Hurnliw of the rrUoiiern li ' B.m h?j'n'!i. lictujteUceata tor tale at tbe hotel*, bookawwoe ai-.i! d< or. Te roamiAnir at 8 o'elcclr HTbwcTRiiricAMPnarL!! , ,,, ,t , WOOD'S MINnTEELS. *? EVBRYTliINO NEW, _ *eoaeonly of ih.irf-v..rHe ** '?R- " BfHJOPB, Al <V1J rrth. " >Vrdo,<*eeyrreeli.E Aprfl K, )t*l;?flS^SK. ELY THRfcl KI *ni3 ONtf. At tlit Al UENECM, *J NROOEbTN, On TIB* day, x^' *< ??*?>*? ?" ttr. aawete.ta.a'u .t T^h a?.- TIK r.? ALAEUB 00h( ER.r r sa'M, , , tjtr) eroe^i'iy wi'H free. I ) kfH *Tf? e*?*r> ? , jfr . or tj W. 3L Other p?r'? Ol 'l>e A,-^t7 la IV ' URI.\0*M.M')PV, III emtna fit M Awv^aaaairrs. j KHMit)', !x* BROXOWkY, ettTW MM SPRIWi I iJl Pr'.wa ?>reeti.? TEe i?9iwu(4 r ??. er Bn'iidca a!*ht id ilitlrbfi' I'n TruffHrtoi IU ?*?*'? *J*a: jkHL ue '|Iku<1kH MFlObKoK, 5 t BROaDWay, Ht.l? BR X ?PJUNO ' wri?? itm'.a? Bin Ka'.fl Pcr;aty<sr, oat of bi ! ?MSt latriMtioa. UatiWu! M4 wroQp'ith'd JuNbir in (he ' ^winaU^g fcaMtt '?*"* w*?k la a variety ei ?WTTOtEOW. ?? Bfc(AD*"A1\ BlSwMt rfPSTtO XTJ. end t rine* ttrwU -Itf "tenement M this Miuiir p at;' tr emiaew M MtaU> *? 0p tie aufcW Ot coenT u ee a &t*4 ntau ? d*?u* of tbt tuition, t ? ?r U*r# ?U*i? a but < Ui '- < Ig^u e*|>rt**id-to'y v>ue me to quest ou MftUtafO*. *89 Btwf)Al>\v?x, <n.. ,? Uts SPRING an J Prince ?ti?eta Mi a* Kt'H PENF011S lu Kate Kearney Medlt-yaad t.,c.uaU ?g daucei every n!gUi this c. e?k. ' VfiUlTON, 8tt B30a1??*1, BkrWEBII H^RIJiil in ai.d Vrlnr? ?trecla? -il.s, ycui g. ?ra<H f iu. beautiful aad ucrouiollal >M UajlM Uae. Nit< '(Hfi.hmn mum. m lim .1 eu fi?geJ aud wtt! make hrr deb ' to-marl?w nun' tu a variety Of dkl (M . , Jlju X .f;...'j:f MII.0I?0!?. kf> BROADWAY. BRiWE^N fePAlAO ? iid i i/m atresia .V'ftas A OILS rAI.Ea. r'onntrtr ; rim# ?<an'-eiij?; wuu the km-o'dmI tlav ?? trjuoa, r\ i ki mc. !tv ih(!> v. t.t lk SJjCl/BON, ftS9 BROADWAY. BKITSb* BPRiXQ a d Prince k rfta, ? NeceAd >-i*d er me celebrated t <> it, Mi -- i nii'-y m, aaiii'.u-d i n ait i:?nd< ti> be the on'j A noe ricr ri Queen of (- ag. i very nt?K thia vv. -i*K MBX.ODBOB, Vt? H;<?\I?*AV RB9W&KN HI'HIKO .and Prince ?'recta - Mi>* ? ? ??Ha HAlt n one of H?e rocri i>'coiupiI*hed Artist* ia ill [irvftul aa, k It! .?p''*?r tu a great ? iRM} df Idbl'a'it ?: d ehnrrii.'<p> Jj?, M?LC'I>?OK, M BKOADW.Vt. ?*> MXVaOWaV, i?H iwioti tpttng aid I rttife ? ' ct* p< pu'ar irei.: ? I??u fursp, Miaa BjP.itUV UK AY, win ?]it?ar every night ibi> n <ek i ? a iruMt v^li-tj of l.>aor s, ra'nenat and t:al et?, a. be >' 1' U l>BOai, .v 9 fri a ELC I ROW, 5'" BROAT5WA' , l?r/l W'Bl'X SIMlXfl :i<1 VrlO' i-.? J I ? I \ ANKTI b<lbtWr[i;i|"<t t? j< a tl.i- HiUit Comu?a7 a1 Iht* anc *11 ioi ricar < ?? t>rv -.igbt tht? w<>ek tn mist ceautlfttt TabliAux, Pttirce. Haiti t? Ac M?T.CCfON, y* ?iit>*I>,TAV B?TWESS ana Prince a'rei-u.~No let uptoth attr.-.'t:cai w'tlci th? f ri pileh rl? determined to pnAent mghUy t j h s pa ron*. Ad:u - -. .a olIj- IS':.; c: cheat; a chain, SS? , se?U lu i r.Talt hi *ea. 50c. Mn.( DEON, 5M? IJKOAprAV, 3T!?WBE>f SPRINQ aii.l 1'rtuce stiret* ? ib^ cror ded lituid cn -t? ludvee tii" Prop?tet<r tn preeect fr^: i a.tra ti na on?ta-.t'y 'u:s ; iis rh kit the favor of the mtrire entMea b!m :u do. Mf.U DECK. IJBOV, V* I,TO?nN, MEl-ODEuK, MKi.Olili.ON, AM.u>lO!>, K9 ft a 'way, K0 Broad, vi ay, P ? Bro?4v>ai, W9 Vi- .artwa . ? MUi Fatuy /orn-?t, Mm* Pauny Kor'ofct M'?t. Far-ay t >ire?i, e?nry u'^lit till w?*k.w:li nine her Melod <a to i f?. MET.ODEOW. 8iW BROADWAY, BI'.TWEBJf oPRIXO iind Prince *t recti. ? Th,- a t>at ???,'. dlapUy ol T ulii, Oiac? M.dH'?uty can be wi'.nexeo on the Mclolen 8'm ? thj w c!t that waa ( ? cr before coLcch 1 lu aay ore place, MKX.< bhOS. 5.rt BROADWaT.-"TIU. DA? m fhS land," aiptaycd w>wr at the Mei(id.:o, tntroduoea Kate, Julia Aneti, a dele CoUa. .uph.a \\u Iju Ni-lly t ray, M'.llorr, Caroline l*d', s?nnlne Keona aud tae otht r mtmbtrsol the eitenilvc b^Ui t trcupe M1LOCEON, Kiy BROAD H VT, BErWRBB S '?INa ami* streets - baunut'iffhuey Reel one ?t' the icbkt en i.iug dance* ever pr dttfied, ? 111 be r?>( re?< nted evory ulglit .Ms ncek b> :he ie3i talea' 'u ihc prole??;oj iu thia country. MELOI/E05, US HaOADWAr, IilTWEEN .SPKiJIfil and t rtiice alrt-ets ? Sdon* PA' L I a\K theccli'Siit'ed i antt munic, and uoly afOMitsf ol rival ol tttutei Eavel, "til apL-ear every night la Lla an oa the Amj-h <a, Put de Coinl'iue, i'tui.le*, AC MKLODEOK, 6.SK BROiOWAT, BBTWEEH R'RIN? aid i-rlnrc aii>-eta ? of t tie larg'it Bullet Troupa ev?T organized la now under th* dijeotion of th" celebr ?t>*d ballet lutati r, Kona. Buuiary, and wt i appear every night li.iawe?t , . MEUUEON, ?a? BROADWAY, BETWEEN fPillNO aid l"rtLre etreeta.? ;t la no w ndor O at the itdtnlrera of tie 1*? < ntlf ul tro'ip of daateuse. X At a PiSM/\jiK, JI'Ll A Al^EI 1, AOEtE < At I.V ond aoi'U'A WAljtoi, each inalfct npen tlio sMpsrl'- '.ty oi their particular tarorltea MEUiHEON. m BROADWAY, BUrWEBH sPRlNH atid Pili.ce ntieeta ?Mi Vi MlLliAN, the aocotn pllihe.1, gintltmbnl> and ctlfctive Sta,{-- Wan??or. wtllap |i?ar every eight tUu week la a variety of Uau.'ful dancoa, tharactcilatlc acnga, Ac MELOD^.ON, f.>9 BBOADWAY, METWFBN SPRING and i'riuce street ? (ieorg-- warren, the releb>ated Pan joist, ttaixr aoi^a alwaya receive four ercorea, will appear every ul?bt tbla week and sing aejr local solos applicable to the times SLd thiDKa. MELOI EOK, 63? BROADWAY. BSTWEEN i'RINOE and Sprii.g aireeta ? Uu Petit Eeiitae, the charming ill tie daiiMie.if. will appear every n!g?>ttVils T.tck in daueea, tabt lauz, ballet, in which she ha* ao equal for her age. MELODEON, t?? BROAl'WAV, BETWRKN 8PK1NO ana Ptince atreeU- Lttt;? Meily <ir?y, the eiiurmtng Juvenile dansueatt, *IU appear (vary i irui t-LU ?rek ta aooie Of Uer paa atui and other dututra, which have given her a gnat rvputattoiu MELOtE.ON. UV BROAIiWA V.? A1IOMI THE DA^<:ES inclilt'i.'al to that beautl' ill j 'etc eatttled a "Ua% in ire land," la a Kn f'oea?|Ue, evented b> tbat eoinlt r?ti us Mobs. 1 aui fane, one ol the moat laughable Aud iuteresttug dauces tver se?n. ME10D?l'N, &.> BROAltVf A\, Bj.TW.fiEN SPAftO /uiti 1 lire? a'reets ? i ium r* R?eves ite beat c m dlan on the Amenean stage, will appear ev?> n'ght Id t l tlte-spiuting ucu sad toiu'.c s.uga.ln ooth buck and vvutie. MREODEOH, N? BROADWAY, BBIWKES SrtTJftl fnd pr'i'Ce 'irecta ? thuo at acc ut?llrhed aud b-au ttlul .uiretiiie'dari?u.,se in the profc?r:on u 1A feili L. titM>. Mhe a ill apieai nveiy night this week la MAUliftU d'Uoer, tabUars and baUeta M EliOT-KOy, ?33 BROADWAY, Bf.TWBBjf SI and I'r.nce aliecte.? .^omn cf t:eiu"*t bnutirui trite tlooe by th? moat oelebiaUl CJOM>o*ei?, " U1 be Mf alfd by theoniititreef eighteen solo j^rlormcra, trery night tul? week. MEICDEON, K? BROADWAY, BBrlYBE:. sIVKifcfl and Prtnco r'reita ? W X. Feerca. Un cclpbratrd 6o?b^'.';ij, liWltiJ V?k?t> tbofull degre**of the co'eted Hone of Malta. lie aegr'M A/.1 'Ouffrrrd if a m umfr which ex ellea the approval ( f the M. W. , "? v- "? "? 1|?ELODEOI?, OF) BROADWAY, BM'Wti.V 1x1 1*1 In 3e aireeta ? t^od?>d?roo, by wnu. m tieerea, tbe greatest comedian extent, e?< rv mgbt tbla week, lie will in?;..'tc the moral se .rehl?g inquiry a* to "it in frlri-dii . I" U? ''Youth." MELOLECN, R9 BROADWAY, BETWEEN SPRINO and i'r.nce atffyte ? Tho greeted eiclonienta id ap plause attended Mia* Fanny fwtHt, the AhiaMcad ijreen of r'on*. npoa ibe right at her roappearaooo ami folio we: litr thr uj!i ti>o enl.-e neek. Ken t tail tv hear her. MMLOVMPV, 0X0 BROADWAY', EETWERN BPItlNO and Pnuct atrteta- The eraieat.a now eo.I?t? or t1ghtero?oio performer*, under the dire-Mou f the ab'e leader a:.d talented rompcadT, 1 roieaaor a. tatraub; th tj will render beautiful orertur ?? VtELODFON, M# BUOa TjWaT, BETWEEN Will Ml Jjl anl Prince rtreetl? >liet night of tte nnafi mrni nf the youthful ducmcee, VI Us Caroline Lodl, celebrate lorhtr b? nut> at.d artist o mri-lts. hhe wH! a; i>ear trrry a'gi.t MBfcOPBOl*. tf9 B WJ tlD W ay, BSTWBBR bPRIKQ JrUiie airjet*.? becond week of the aide nptlttl <'?r c rate Pantomime entltlti "wltM no'," mritii c#vry nlgb< last ?etk with ahouU < f appL.u fr a? cruard d hauaea MELCW.ON K<9 BBOADWAT, BKTWrC^BPP.INa ai>d Prlnoe nre*ta.? 1 he reoat ?n'.ere?tiui nni Hum ?b e O Ibauaii. i?y reel in the l>af In irnland, will he rrpe*. <d evtry night tuia week, together with the other Unci i c -1 net-ted with the piece. MEEODBOB, 539 B1PADVAY -aWAY THROuUH the tfilck wall 4 of the Milldlritf ta the cf M9 l,'0>?(! nay, ce'iie a shout, auit what poilecmea th ngbt was a < rt of n> ir er; it tur&ea out bowo- er, to be the ahoatx of l?ie cirvdaol pe- plewho heu nwtSled to h?ar Fanny *i;r it ting. MEU rT.(?H, W BRO*DWAY, T>KTWF.l!V PPRT^o ?Bd Prince eire^t*.? Wby la It ib*t thfi Kdqibon ta crordedf.yffy nlKhf f-'ow i? it that -ha proprietor uNi-'D-i at' the meat beautiful and ac.Hij.ll<h"d dana> nea- \ak the tk*e? ai'ller: MRI.OHIOK, m Bft"*.DWAY. BK( * KK* SPRfa *pd rrlnc- $tm t? ? TUe ?er> i?it of tateni la cn?t*ct ly hi ir? engaged; no raattei whAttbi r^lart" m^yte. they cm ri'-etve more at the M' -dton 'llukB at any other place In New Wit. MRtODf OX, BW BROAOWAY, BETWFB!f pyHTWO an*4 Prlnceatieeta.? *ir?t nl*ht of tho en*?if 'nent of the cbaimlpj and heau.llul vomig tianie'iw, ?ll>? niLl>A M?Ii UiftT, whi will appear every tilgM thla week iu * variety of cancea and taliteam. _ MBLODfcOB, #3# BROADWAY, B?.TWBBK atd 1'ilnce atrteu. M1HK FA.VHY rr>tR?H?, The moat ar?omi-.uhed atn talented Tocilttt in AmTioa, will appeai eveiy night tbn week. EX.ODEON. 55i> BRt AT>WaY, BSfWBEB HPRINd and Prince etree?a.~1 be ytntng, jrra<?<nl b-an'.lfil aod aecotnrlUhed favoiU* Banaene^, <4a^ , haa beil en (igtdacd will ai*h * hor aop?ar;. j?e I < man >w alght In ? rat'ety of daaoea aud UWe?m lifELODEOV, K?> BROADWAY, BRTWRBif HPR1VI M. ar>1 Mince atreeta ? bo artlat on ihe?'^ge at the ere ?e' i t ne >"va mpe^eameat and ?^lthu?l?atl<? almi-era tfcan the i citing graceful, beautiful and itecompllahcJ Am-.rlcau Dan\. kaip. r fcliBo^BK. ROB, MO BROADWAY, HRT*fKN i t Hr ree a?re#te.- Fifty ballet glr'? ?re ?aat^d li ad 01 ie prv-ent Urge rorpee, to e.b?a?ae for ?h^K'*"'1 , ?? hlih la now la praparatiea and ?UI ahortly be A*' Ef'B. ??# BROADWAT.-HRle'UFojr, 8W ?) *&y*j -SSmnb -HIh I ' 't,; * ^ I 1. \ Bfcrl. M?a? JUMt Anr.TT, th? <"* Ing.ilaawl a-d 1 Pp*nl?h Danteuae, will app?ar ?Ttry nlgst thla T Jaflet. tahle?i aatd Pae^. tZI.~VV, s? BROADWAY, BWWBBB ' ? , TpruSatmte. Adwla.: ,u ot u 3 oenU o,ea?alr4 a rent 1 irete In ?rl??te '-oi AC teo't Perf:)nnuire * U li ui*ci Met) ngthl, ty tLa beat artl u In ?% ~ ,MOV ? BBDBDWAT, HEfYREN IPR|?a I'll ar.d I'rtace atreeu -Not? Itiiatandlng the t r>l tteti a'aht u? Ha ' ttroat eapaelty. thr-e will he m "*1 ' ? g < Cf <? I t<fcat erjaged, but more and nit re ne??tU'? M MjD&roy, cat biioadway. riRf r v k o* tbb EMIA?EHE1*T Of Mi.Lr li XIA *Nfc!"I. THE BEAi riFL I. RPAAlHa Jpi'MBwfl. BYJtKx B10HT Jlill.t Wit 1. M rlCPECN, 'M llKOA'/WAf, BElWfP.M 8PRIB? %d t'.Aee atreeta. Ml a Hv '"iftA', Ike charming y u:>u ->a naeu?e, leery ri.gbt tlita w??k MIIAr?T.OS, f? BB04UWAY, Mlv7*ff? H"*! * _ . an ! l''i"e a'reeia ? Hna< f ee* of the en** garnet M l! " I Ha;Wl?f l?vant?h ranxeuae, Mllr* JUtiV *f MI'l, ?I|? n'i;a;v*ei in ? ?a*try of baaiiwnl I'ae a?il a ad Ballet 1. r ncra. ?*#Fk'lDK' V, .V?T?|IOAt Wat, R*rwBEB APRI^a M a*V' ' r lf,r ? tUnwi-HHa a)>-.'.l.K t'AbUA. forinerlf . iitfil*"!* t?r'i ipm ?l>r<( i'i? ee> Dtated i; vrel tr npa, wu" ,rn,.. - Vs't ntgtt tb'*i?f?lt. It * fneea-eit n ef >*>* twet (tea .H if' ? ath '* ' Aeimr <*t ?* H#?c r Kuttu hep to aao?Maaa4 W l? ?"??M J?? ? ?f i ?? r?* ?<nw m wi to? ha* *vait4ti Mw> nulaa ee* ? * "*? to rrt>longr4 ? D6 '??/r<xm??uv? at Stw ?<wk tzJ Mrnyktym Lewtr mim *M be rwuaeed om*' .A >U <1 oxk v?Bat 0!?tiT. UN IaLLQ is MAKCcflBA. lh tviva. Mlaa XtLLoQU l a m Stw ?|P(* Pa> of *M(i eorar-on-e* ?n Tb-r*i?r N F'T p I ; ?*' 8 1 Y THBATBB. tote pripi |*iOr? . Mtwarx (1 I. K>c ud /. W M. ml *r. ip It i. 1SSI * H<>Ubl hwiiK a<>ub4ra A lie* local drama, ;u four wt?. annuad K'nhaariAii' or a Bf'a*KAJTt Mri: Cj, X'it at>n * St;n?K? on ran tluiwin u.i?a Near and env< jive ho.-nery aad Appuloliwta. All the t'ompan.. la th? (Ml Mr 0. L. Fh'i I'otn'e Vaiiom mc of TUB ?CHuoUMAtfTSB, AaJ the petite eom>e I'raua ?f 1HS Mr. Kit* M0> kBC'f. B AUNfcMH AMERICAN MV8EVM. EA8TBR HdUl'Al J VTRAOi DJVaKS 4M?UII|;grmii ATTBAmftrtir* ?< te grateat combination cf euHeaiUaa t-n r ?.en ??? r <ab ittiownt cmbrai :og everything that U laatracUf% pieai i.g a: d uaMulo* A OsftfEOT MEPLBI O' I.IVJVO WOSHRUH, T tea a* 'be world mvcr raw before ?nd mrt >? wunt kt ii* ? i utaide ot tttrai-m a V uvnni I <>i '? n i mtm tlx- inU'e adM.?*ion to thin eat .liluhment Uoini tai* I'm ? ins swim niARDrit lad*, a heauiltul ?'iii' acfl ai|>:i?i>c(i >aur, yel hartag lIiA\\ ilKAkD *ul> ?? a ?t ?inRu ar ?nd wonde.fuj iu'?k of uaiur* K la* Teed, the Im nutli ui tnd *c months! ? v '-""AN at* IN. V h t Ibe graft ??n>! o .'x?r., ?? ( t MM U?y ,?.t no larger tfca* * ttiiLO fcf '1><> Oil l.i. i.l. ! iiAlit, Cuiy : In< !i ? h'gb, though Syttn old, a M v u'e i Ul. 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