Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8971. ' MORNING YORK HERAT. D. PRICE TWO ck.VTS. NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. The Instructions of the Administration to Our Foreign Ministers. Departure of the Southern % Envoys for Europe. ILLNESS OF PRESIDENT LHCOLf. The Designs of Spain Upon St Domingo. What Our Government Intends to Do About the Affair. THE HEW YORK APPOINTMENTS, fcc* lie., fee. THE INSTRUCTIONS TO OUR FOREIGN MJN. 1BTERS. WASHjXOTOH . April 1. 1861. Mr. Seward is preparing hie instructions to tfao now foreign Ministers who are to roplaco our representative* now at the Courts of Europe. I loam they are of the moRt anti-slavery kind, disparaging the Southern repub lic, miarepreeenting its institutions and ridiculing the idea of its Deing aoie to maintain Itself. It is the first time In the history of this government that the Becre tary of State has sent out to Europe in the form of in tractions libels against the domestic Institutions of fif teen States of the Union. DEPARTURE OP SOUTHERN FOREIGN AM B ABBA DORS FOR EUROPE, WASBOKnuN, April 1, 1801. A despatch received here to-day announces that Messrs. Yancey and Rest embarked yesterday from New Orleans for Europe, and that Dudloy Mann embarked on the same day from New Vorlc, as special Commissioners from the Confederate States, to perfect negotiations be gan Kmo time since, by confidential agents of high cha racter now in Europe, for the recognition by the grout Powers of the world of the new Southern government and, moreover, for the formation of a new treaty of the most*liberal kind, and tor the regulation of commercial relat ons. Colonel Masn took with him a largo number of docu' menus, including upwards of a hundred copies of tho new Tariff bill, which will be thoroughly distributed throughout Europe The contrasts between the two governments have al ready opened the eyes of our own people, as well as tbOKo of Europe, and Intelligence which his jiirt l>oeu received hero loaves little doubt upon the mind of our government as to what the ultimata course of the European gxvommcnts v, 111 be in regard to the Southern confederacy. THE ALLEGED EUROPEAN NAVAL EXPE D1TIONS TO A ULRICA. Wjimiixgtox, April 1,1801. Advices received at the English and French legations by the last European mads contain nothing in regard to the alleged Impend itig appearance of Heels of observa tion upon tho Atlantic coast. The report is altogether Discredited by those likely to be best informod on ?>>? subject. Like in cam res for the protection of tae rngliah and French commercial interests are not ex pected to bo taken until after the Intention of the foderal government to blockaae tho Southern port1; and collect the revenue from frhiplcord shall liave bocome manifest. The assertion of tome Southern papers that tho Frcnch and other European governments have intimated a dis position to recognise the independence of the cotton confederacy is likewise pronounend utterly without foundation In fact by bi^h authorities. Even If Eucb a disposition existed, which is anything but certain, it it abrurd to suppose that It would bo signified ere official notice of the existence of such .i thing as the Confederate States of America wus given to the governments in ques tion. However the Southern Corami?iouors now on the way to Europe may lie received, It is certain that simul taneously. with the.r appoaranco at the Courts of St. .lames and St Cloud, protects against the recognition of the revolutionary authorities thoy represent will bo fedged with tho English and French Ministers of Foreign Affairs, in accordance with tho instructions sent out by the Secretary of State on the Arago. OFFICIAL DESPATCHES FftOM MEXICO. Wasbthbtox, April 1,1861. Advices were received by the government this morn ing, with dates from the City of Mexico to the lith of Mar< b. The aspect of ail'airs was unchunged. The new government was gradually but surely settling down to pero aneocy. The interior of tho country, however, was still aiMcted with bandits, who were robbing and pluu dering wboicver aud whenerer opportunity atlarded. A letter w<m also received this morning by a gentle man in this city from President .lustres. He writes eu rouritsingly of the prospect or a speedy establishment of pence and tranquillity throughout the country. All his effort* are directed to that end. Ho manliest? great in tercst ? nd anxiety in the prosperity of the I nited States, and sincerely hopes that the troubles and difficulties that now Impend ove^his country will be speedily dissipated. SPANISH INTRIGUES IN 8T. D MINGO. Wa.-iiekito!*, April 1,1861. Sonor Alvares arrived here this morning, direct from St. Domingo, with despatches for the Spanish Minister. Re left this afternoon for Now York, and will return at once to st Domingo, carr> icg v. tb him despatches frotu the Snail j?h Minister here. The high h ndrd and outragoous conduct of Spain, la seizing ihit IsNnd, may lend to "orioos tempi'iCT.tions be tween nor government and that of Spain. The adminis tration are in full possession of all tho particulars of the receot ration of ?p*in, und It is v?r" ev lent that the new -"ecretary of AMI * intends t j take the MMSMry steps in this matter, and will immediately call the at ten tkw of the ;>atv-b government to if. Hero is another embarrassing difficulty which moat be met and disposed of. "Tie proceeding* under the a iapic s of the Sptnish g iv ernmont up>n ibe island of St. Deniingo have produced aoeep sen?at'on in administrative circles. Mr. Patter son, b#am if dispatcher fnm the t nited states Oonsut st Havana, in reference to the expedition of a Spanish army of eocopitioo, srriv.d here yesterday, and had two protrac el tntO'Vi^ws with Mr scwird. It is known that, the information brought by him has boeu the subject of consultation between the President and 'he ???'C'et?ry of "State. It i> expected that the latter will immediately a>idreH? on energetic pretest to the ^<*n<sb government. Tbll is all the federal power will be able to do In its present crifpled i ondttloo vtran^e to say, the prospect of trouble * ith a Euro pean Power is hailed with anything but regret by many public men. Ttiey asnrrt that a war with a foreign Power wooi'i be a perf*> '?* getaeuj In the present danger of e vil strife i* it wmld at i?ni ?'revive tha national sentiment in the fcrn'b. ai'ay the secees on fever, and tn the end result m a i "cotwMlMi nC the couttry. MI8CEFX.\ NEOUS M ATTBR3. W.ISII-M. :?>*, April 1, 1861. 0 nrs rnramrt. TTi-i I'r.v.tfnnt i> n- ariy w >rn out by 'he ecu ex eitement fi t kie fv?n uoder^oior for the Ust four week*. {HI* it term*, j lie bvuata co severely iod'sposel is to o? -e?s ta'a #be"xclueiou ? f all visiters EV'? psrtie? who der i d to cer 6-m cn Impor'.aa1. officlil l> .sinors were not '.dmlt'ed. tw* corr.KTiiorr mux. ft is definitely oaMftMMNl tlu , the ?w loan will be re?d! y denoted of V rates ranging at>ore ninety fo ;r. ITta TflSi- POST 'W-T tt ktb. Tlwia,;"i* fbr tb't Posi. Olloe site in Kaasta sf -etis hero, to1* 'cv purpose er hatfnc the Pi*imuu?rt;ener*l ivwinimafc? barg iiii made with the late PiKMmMSte' General 'o the of that ate The p 'faastar OeauiS' sit' iwi d&kft Ity Kif.ter until Tb'jrsdaj,! ! order to give ail tie pirties ppaaiag an opportunity of b?log beard flie l*osttiuwter tioooril may attoi iot to overido tho deci?>! ju of Ur. fIolt, ou tho ground thit the Dutch church 1* not it proper loci. on. Hi undoub odly h.M the right to do so, as tho fcrmer .'ooieieu ia not ing i.pen adrn.ulMration. KKMOr-LS t* mi; aa* 1 VUNVT. TTo fa. t that & nuabcr of th-i clcrlca in the War Do part moot w. re ootitlod that their services would bo dis pensed withlt t'10 clone of the la.-:: month will, of coarse, brit i,' down upon tho administration tho heaviest onith; uiaa of Its opponents. Anticipating the Inauguration of thlsoruch i coded reform, the h ivii of bureaus in that doparnect (Con. Scott only excepted) goto-' days pi evicus .-*>?t ia to the .-ocretaiy of War their earuoM pro teat (gainst any removals. Kor wrjt this to be w indered at.s.noo the ch^fs of boreauts, for tho mow part, bold life offlcoe in tho aj-mj, and cannot be snppiscd to be ar dent OLinirers of tho popular pr.ncip'o of rotation in office. It was natural, therefore, that they should look forward to the retention in place of those holding ottlcae under them. Tho dlffe cncc Tictweoa the rtiatiatiH of tr.lli'ary men to the government and those of civilians in oilice is mirked and un- oubted, and in no respect is this difference more marked por ha pa ilian in the corruptions which have so often disgraced tho ruio of the latter, and which have so seldom found lodgment among the former. But at the proaent time the necessity of this change to tho public interests is unmistakoablc. TVi say nothing of tho 1 ocullar nature of recent evouts, experience haa de monstrated the groat benefit of a thorough chango. The course of tho rk-crctury of War in not without precedent. When Mr. Calhoun entered upon th" dutios of the depart ment he found the same necessity for change and re newal existing, and at once proce> dod to tho work which General Camoron, in the performance of his duty, has commenced, and will doubtless thoroughly perform. His llrmness arid determination will meet tho approbation of the people .. md their approbation will strengthen him until tho process of renovation shall be completo. It is truly a llerculeun task, but he who baa uad taken it J per form It v ell. Thore arc men enough to be found, both trusty and competent, to whose hands tlio interests of the country, tow doubly eu>langorod by the falsehood and treaehcry of placemen, will bo safely eoniidod. The protectants against i luiugc auoge that these offices are c>t iu tboir uature political. However this may be theoretitally, a reference to tho Viluo Book reveals some facts <>f practical slgtr.Gf.ince bearing dircctly against this theory. It will thore be seen that out of some eighty officers 111 tho department, but ten or 1'fteen aro from the fTee States I nder those circuiuBtau. os, and in view of these significant facts, thn pica o' the pro tost; mis seems not valid, while the continuance of 3111 h inequality can not but ctm, to tho uiipiojudiccd, both unwise ana im politic. THE DIVISION OF THE SPOILS. Washington, April 1,1861. AProrvrtftcvrs IHi: i'MBUMKat. The President has appointed George Little Marshal for North Carolina, David L. Phillips, Marshal, and Lawrence Weltlnn, Attorney for the Southern district of Illinois. Also, the followirp named Postmasters for Missouri;? Peter t? Foy, St louts; John V. Alexander, Lexington; Allen P. Richardson, Jefiersoa City, Charles L. Mullor, Hannibal; Will'atn L. Pyncbewi, Independence-, Stophen Hazlett, Kansas City: John I,. Hotticijer, r^t. .Joseph Al so, Molancthon Pmitb, Rockport, Illinois; Charles K. Jud son, FreotKut, Illinois; Achilles Williams, Richmond, Indiana, and George, B. Wi! on, Steuljenvllle, Onio. Among tho confirmations last Wodncsday was that of Isaac Fuller, editor of tho Scneca county Courier, as i'out master, at Seneca I'ail?, Vow York. T11K XKW" YOKK VVoLVIMl ATS. Collector Rnrney wan cloretod with stecrotiry Cbaae till after one o'clock to-duy. He eulunittea the names of those ho desire< to All tho lending positions under him, but no appointments were doiinitr U agreed upon, as tho (sanction of the l'reanlont coul' no4 '? obtained, owing to his indisposition.^ Tho appointment will doubtKMy bo made to-morrow. %ivk cALtroimv avi-ointworn The Compromise Committee of Three for the consider ation of the California appointments turned out tho humbug it was pronounced from tho start. The only recommendations they could agree upon v ere Joseph. A. Nuccs for Surveyor General, J. P. Kankeu, Collector, aad D. W. Chccscman Superintendent of tho Mint at Son Fran< isoo. For all offices enob n)omb.?r recommended his own choice. Tho suggestions of tho Committee were submitted to the l'r* dent this morniu,;. Ho is exported to tako linal action to morrow. <x)VN*tTi'TT Airoqmron*. James X. itabooek has been appointed Collector, nnd N. D. 3pcny Postmaster at New Ilaveu,Conn. Tits eaisk ArrotTTKfxm. Tlie Maine delegation, with Vice Resident Hamlin, havo agreed on tho distribution of the offices In that State. Senator I essendt n hn? claimed the right to fill | the l*ortland ofBces. Mr. Goodwin, the Representative I elect from the First Congressional district of that Htatc, ; doniod suth r.pht, but yielded to the majority of the delegation, they having agreed to ihi3 course to cut off all outsiders. Mr. I>snenden has put his requests in writing, giving the Collectorsliip to William Williams, his old law purtner; the I'oft Office to Maior Dale; the PhysiciaB of tho Murine Hospital to his brother, C. S. D Kcssendee. 1,00 F. Taibotl if unanimously reconinif nded for Dls j trict Attorney, aad (PartesClark for Marsiial of Maine; Wnpliingt< n l/ocg. Collector of lX tport; L. O. Corrim, I'ostmoetpr of Riddleford: W. P. Wingate, Collector at Bnsgor; True Harmon, Collector at Itelfasl, and J. M. Deorllg, Postmastsr at Saco. Tbese and other appoint ments will probably bo made tbU week. GEN. SCOTT ANT) THE I,ATH6T VIIMJrNIA fcXCTTKMPNT. Viauwra, Msreh 37,18dl Dr\r. Sjk ?t>n inquiry here, at the Ordnnnc Depart meet 1 lectin that the gnus at tbc Bcllcoa Arst nal, about which you wfite, are by contrast to ho(delivered at Hi^k et's. on liosrd (1 be'ie-. o) of s^mc vessel, to avoid the doublo expense of anomi. and reshli>piup, before bein'< paid for. If seiaeC before this perloo. the k?".s would tall win liy on the foi ndry. The gun < are only ?ent to Firrt Monroe at- a late plac." of dep^it- at littio wvitod there for the deiewe oi tbat work as f'>r the defence of Richmond. This subject was yesterday before the Socre tary of War on an lrn(Uiry from kott quart* r uokoowu to rnc, and I have ant time to learn liie character of tho ?r<piy Tho only urgency n the cw results from the founder)?' want "of tho contract money. I w rlie us a me?e outsider In re? fe et to ?ucb matt< rs. for mv iK*ition happily exempt" mo from the handling or ni'inc) --from all contracts anil disbursements. With great r-epei t, V our oti -ilent servant, wiNK!F.i.D sonrr. THE VIRGINIA STaTE CONVENTION. RlQBKuan, April 1, 1861. In the Con von tic* to day la.nef> Barbour finished a ae MMlnn spe? h. Mr. ftcdway folbwcd favoring aa ultimatum by Vir ginia Mr. Montugno i oraniciiccl a "pcch for occasion. Mr. Soutball ptenentci tht' resolutions of a portion of tbe people of Alb< nvtr <? .-ounty, him to voir for aereaaton. H'' Rji'd that he was aware of a change In the seBtirn'ot" of tb? people of the county, nnd w ben convlnocd that a majority were tlm! way he would shape bH course to their view*. Resnlnttoi:* wero pretented Iron) Bedford, Amol'a anil M.idison countle< in favor of immediate secession. The Oonvt ntion ad.|o:roei| THE VIRGINIA LEGISLATURE. Itvimoxn, April 1, H6t. The Senate has agreed to the llouar amendment rela tlve to inn t?an?for of th* pun* fTocr. *he Relloaa foundry | \ ?n?- t* ("(??.'fitert a nr.)!'1*. agaiiiKt the ptviitfe m tue r?s lutt-m^ into laar. Tbo People ref ised toperirit II to go on ibe Journal \nv?l Iniplllg^nrc. Tbe Tnlted rteto<r Memfoot. wa> at Buetma A>r?? <? 'he i>t "f Wi'itiry. I he I n to ! "Mica frigue Oinpre^s, Cnpmin fMdsb'V r.n*h, and the at. amer I'ulakt, Com. Macomb, were at Montevideo or tbo 3lst of lrtun:'ry. Tlie CnlW<i Mat** -bip Powhatan received orders to go nut of < ofut i'wMl >>stord?y Hor crow will be dt? cbai if'd, *nd tne ??r*e. put in do. k at the Brooklyn Navy Varo (m ain li repi r* aa may he nee-.ed on her. IVe awitn guard will he transferred t<> tbe Brooklyn Mnriu< llarrm kt tojL>>; aubjeet to further orderit. .Hew* fmm IIimhiiii. tfkw Om, v*s, April 1, lur.l. H)? steamship lie Hoto he* arrived from lUruia Maichul. soa.i>a were dull?No. 12 H'i real*. we?k'a e purte JP.ttV boxi-a ; *l..a:k. .147,000 boxea. iterling ? \i baun? on New Y.irit 10 a 10;; |*tr o.-n premium, -'flu exchange ?ii New Yi rk 1?, a per eeui pil'iuum. Ni tbii>f bat! been beard of i'linw 4u" d. *TBE COHFBEEfUTK STATES. BHPORfB FROM MONTGOlfBliY. M wn.OMOtT, Apr;) 1, 1861. Active eftota arc be:ng m&di t? complce tho 'i*p j w?y hence to Peiwjoola >o I'ne'W-ato foe transportation Of tronfie bo Uio Gulf, and it will oe CJiupl-.tod jj ^ few days. Nothing niporluat baa been received from P 'Ufcaeola. The supply o! provisions, it ib believed, :m getting ^^r?e at 1 orl Pick***. Troops, provie ns and ammnnit on are Mowing ntotho confederate army in numbers and quantity. ?-?o thou sand troops are expected it Montgomery this wmk. The reported r?inforcmei>t of Kort PKTeua :s pro ncoccad toy reliable authority oa unfounded. INTERESTING FROM CHARLJWTON. '."MaRLWst.)*, 4pr 11,1861. The Spanish ColpuI for Vor.b and SvU'.hC*ml<n* and Florida bos do oIBciO Information concerning um move ment of ?'pain on St Domingo. Senator Wig'n'l was expectod to mako a speech to-night at the Mills Houae, but no arrongemeat aoout bringing him oat baa been concluded at veu o'clock. The assurance* about tbo ad >ptlon of the Coof borate States constitution by Sooth Carolina aro fully continued Fort Sumter is all the conversation among the military men. s Report* from Texas and 1/Miaituia coni.rm former state ments relative to arming for the p-otection of tho flron t'e/s und assisting Pensacoia. the troops frwn Louisiana havo already bcon aent. Mr. Wigfall hod an interview to-day with General Beauregard. Highly Impoitaat from Sc. Doming*. TUX, Sl'ANlRU INVaBlON SP1RITK1> PKOTK8T OK THE DOMINICANS?HAYTtEN NKWS, ETC. The following proclamation of the Dominican people in regard to the more than ?msptcious movements of Spam In that republic has been published by tho Hayt.en pa pers, tiles of which to the 6th ult. have come to hand. It is said to havo boon in secret circulation for some time past:? A I'PEAI. TO THE NATION. Dominicans?Itc -i^uutry is in danger, aud there is but win way to mvo it? by revolution. Santana, since his last o ovation to power, has sold the republic. Iho price of the Yankeea did not suit htm. To-day he has adjucged it to Spain, and is preparing to crush the Dominican people under the colonial >oko, for ih> vile prico of a few puerile olgaltioa, and of tbo gold vwLiicti will bo distributed to him and live or six principal accom plices. To morrow tho Tartars will enjoy in quiet tho riches gained bv thin criminal bargain, and will welcome us with an ironical smilu on bearing tho ul&nk of our chains. To morrow shame will seitie on our hearthstones, and the siigma of ignomin* wi 1 roil our brows tomorrow our wives will ity from our arms, our mo thern will refuB" their caresses, and our children their Bii iles; a degenerate |? oplo merit thorn cot. To marrow wo stiu.ll be able to letve to our lamilies neither country, glory, honor, prosperity, nor even the repoco of the domestic hearth To morrow?to eipress it once for all?we shall have changed the no bio legls of the cross fcr tho livery of tlaveiy. What, then, Khali bo tho way of restoration? devolution. A revolution, holy, noble, just, grand, bocauso it has for its object tbo preservation of a nationality created at tho price of the olood and fortunes of Its citizens?a revolution, holy, noblo, just, grand because it is under taken to save our countrv and libert'os "Fatherland' Liberty'" ihi? wa < the heroic cry whle.h preceded the revolution of 1844; and tho same cry pro ceoes the revolution of lv.6i. the cry of a nation, which now suppresses lor ever the cries of mere factions. Dominicans, to arras, 1/st e.i :h citizen lie a soldier of liberty, and to 'ho cry of Kino la Xarx m! the tyrant will ba forever annihilated I/Ct the lire of patriotista burn in out hearts as the tropical sun vivitlos our existence. Domii.icaiif. to arms. Shame to those who dally lu the rear. lu this great day of our country tbero are but two classes?ti.oeo who are good citizens and mote ..-bo are traitors. Dominicans, to arms. We must conquer or die; for death's preferable to degradation, uid if we rem lin iui pusscbio wo can no longer pretend to tho dignity of free men, J'oininicont, to arms. ' .et up arlso on the as mo'lay two at the same moment, as a sinfie man. No mercy to traitors'. We must conquer at any price. l*t not roversos dise.ouruge us. If wo triumph not in the citios and palaces we will triumph in tho villages, in the suburbs, in the plains, in ihc iorcJta. We shoulo make a tl^'ht of giants which, will astonish the world, and make the earth t rembk) under our feet. Dotnlniclars. Victory or death, oeturc the fall of the republic. 1/ t us pray to ITovidcnco that before this be leveo lard <>f CilumbiiH be dlshoborcd It muy be eu gulled in the ocean. IioiriiiicaiiE, to arms: to combat! to victory' l>et us wear the crown of heroes before wo clasp the martyr's palm. The genernl of the nrmleg of the republic, Jose Maria Oibral, las alio i-vied an 4>peal to the people. A Frencbmau. Adrien Cuerroy, is under trial at Port au Prince, on a charge of tho assassination of the lute Daniel Wolff. Hie allair was really a duel, but the friends of the dccen.ced maintain that the accused tired before the time, and therefore they demand that he should bo punisbeo as an assassin. 1/inis Verlto, an out general, agod eighty seven years, lino died. The protest of the c::-Emperor 8ouljuc|ue excites much mirth In Hayti. Kirltrmcnt Anions CiaclBUtl lUnki ri. SALE OK I>R Al'TlJ fNDF.R BIH PIC IOCS CIBCUM iTANCKt PRORARLK FRAUD. Tho Cincinnati dnxaeol Thuiaoay nuu-y that a shrewd operator t. 'R created a panic among the banker* ami broker* < I tbnt city, by tho salo of drafts to tho amount of $7.000 nnder i-nplclouf" ctrrurnntjincoB A few day ?htor, nay? tbo Ca rttt, a stranger appeared in Cincinnati, ?rt ho deposed of a number of Uralls drawn by the < 'itaract Rank of Ixx-kport, New York, upon th- Ocotin Bank, New York city, for sum* a t raction less thu $500 and $1,000, ana tl is a remui kable fact that each denomination ? 'i ? fbtApreeii-ely the Ntn? amount The odd figures wero putan to give tLc operation a 1< gitimate appc ?rant'o. Th* oporatoi managed to get introduced In a round about way Homo time o^o bo liad Itoen introduced to a gen tkman, now in an iniui unceoffice here, and by thiRparty be was identiiii d at one of tho banks. In another i-w ho p-o-ured a letter to a merchant, from a p.-rsou who did bu?on<*>* in New Yoik some year- ago, bat who te now "buying cattle in the West,' and this letter he. used to procure an Introdoction In oilier cases It haying be-n aeeertained that li" cold draft* at ?e Ten dltlerent places, puapleion* were orctted. Tliereup on one o! tlo- b.i&kers determined to l'iok up Ua cus t<axr. lie questioned him ?? to bis object in selling '.to drafts, and was inf'>rwn-d tint he was aoylng grain. 'Ibo banker to d him the traasastlon did not look right iheroupou the Miatiger propo. td to wulk down to Fourth tree: :ind Introduce him to a gentleman th?re to whom he bad a letter. This prop.*,tier, wa? neoept' i The letter, when read, provi-d unsatisfactory. He then proposed to deposit 1(00, the tmounl ol t ha draft sold to the banker i.ow reiki rod to, to br held until the draft Dboiild be beard from. Tl?at wa.? accepted, and thus bunkei No. 1 waspecured. Other banker* then went in carchof Uio customer, but ha hail disappeared, ,uid no trace* of htm ha . e aineo been found Hankers a^e of the opinio*! that e0?0 eitrnalro fraud wm eontecnplatad u i* bclier"?i that a Urge amount <h these draft.' aro now In the Wmt.;met IBto MOpvetcil tbat thwe sold were int? nd?d to be paflr in order to gam credit "po^ which to operate more i xteiwlvely. The I'nltrd States gtrsmrr Pawnee. TO THK KIltTOR OF THV. IIKKALII. It ii-' well known that I designed and auiierinttaeled the building of the Pawnee, and so far an the de? gn Luu not been departed from she baa been eminently tMMMfuL I am neither afraid cor ashamed to compare her with bet compt ers of tbe same c.laas and draught of water?the Narrngamet and Seminole. 1 Invito tbe nauil'sl ant mechanical talent of tho world te examine her. It b.n coat Knplaad millions to obtain tbe developomenta ma<io In tbe Pawnee. For tbe engines, or tbe foundation upon which the- .ire built, I am not responsible the found? tlon I* part of'the plans of enginea. Tbe contractors re .i-jr* <d tho foundation I began to prepare, and the in inner of securitg tbe engines to the ship, and adopted their own. As to the strength of the ship, it is above suspicion a.- any nautical mechanic will mi who examine* her. TV truth i*, like the late Mr Steers, 1 am an ? ?outsider,'' aud have no 'ights In the nary, and must be got out oF the way somehow. The Pawnee, like Niagara, t* a t rro: to the envious Am Niagara ver hs l a 'air trial; nor can I expect hotter treatment for tue raw n?e. The Nia&aci has three engines, ?nth ? proptiler capable of abaoibtng tb pOWur of or\iy ?wo The Pmef hat t.?o flbglnes, attracted to be able 10 deretope oleven hundred bor'e p iwc o.>o tlMNMly for sn ooaeemtlfe hours, wht'e i' m a ooto rtt-m truib ttu they cinuot tna;ct?tn for six quo** suttve hotitn, wttbon' extraordinary exwtlooH, eight tiuud'ed botll power. Heui !? the e'tt'lnual claw ir about the <ro? sel in tbe ears ot tho reporters, an as to bo able in tbe f?g ?s raipeo to get the la.?t Instalnr' due when t'ie oon I ?< has bee? compl ied, as t investigation, it tr 4t be a fair one, If I bavo to to n mmmittee it On ^re?s to giro me a fair hearing, wnen I hare no of ite re*ult. The *p?ed of tbe Pawnee le un<lo<iiit"d, eren with her depre dated power, and the only charge ayainst her by th? of||?.er? of tbe fbtr Is that her roll '? , too quick for the officii ncy of her bMtery . and that be* [ hsbl oranght of water (auae-- ber to tall oil when uod ir rail. Tbe quickrens of her roll is cbatgi able to a change o' my plan* anil distrthntloa of weight*, hut I nan repu late tho roll' dily, and havo informed the department that It f4in b? :o?e in forty right hours, wb.-n the sl ip le ready to r.?e|ve tbe ln)pfov'??o"nl Iter roll Ua? nit been miftWaenl to move ? gin ?* tn.m the bur>an of a n'slC room or to move i. "put -.n on ib ok. juhn w. oaomrm. WORKING OF THE NEW TARIFF. grewes ?t Ike Cantou Houne Vestertt*y? tkf Marrlll TwrtlT Put I* Oper?.t?-.u? TtnabUi ki?i Atn?)?w?* of the. B?r ?h?BU> Tho arw tariff vent Into MT?y'.t In the Northern v*tat?w y?st< r day. Ml gave rise to endues troubles and vexations. the da? wan a busy >nc at tho Custom 4ouse. Tbe act allows go?,is n which the du'.nac aro lessened to Do wi hdrawn rrorn bonded warehou?es on payment of the duties therein pro\ ded. Importers nave not been siow in tlndicg oat this provision, and tho oonsequoDCo has been thai tho gooda ou *h. h a reduced duly is to lie It-vied bav? been hurried into publ'c stores during tho past month Cho ;>r nipal article* thus warehoused are sugar, wrass ?, Uantla hemp and todiffo But yesterday was tbo 1st of April, and the* goods ODuld then in witbdr.? ?u fur th :,i?t ti^n-i *t the new rate. m porters wbo had ue1ay?d their salei until then made largo withdrawals of merchandise under the new rates.

About ff O 000 wor.h at sugar and moliis*<? was ibus withdrawn. Iho work of posing tho withdrawals n more thm double, and c msequently more tune was con sumed a getting *-ho entries through This gavo rise to much ilia?atlsfacUcn on the part of the importers. But they must be patioat and wait their turn, for with the prci-oat force of government clerks they cannot expect to got their goods as &. ou as heretofore. Many and many moro of tho newly UeJged merchants of this city have vrteJ tho Custom House a nuisan-.e, a bore, an inextricable -naze, an unconquerable trouble. If ?uch were tbeir opinions during tho adm in 1st ration of the tariff of lb-67, what their opinions yesterday were might have been gathered from some of tho oxplethea, which wero in many cases rathor raoro expressive thau ei?gint. It is supposed that to make out an "entry ro quires a little experience; and perhaps it docs, but when we And custom brokers, whose business it ha* been lor years to attend to such matters, eompletely at a loss, it certainly shows that the present complications are cum plicated indeed. <?no of these brokers yesterday took an entry to the proper desk, with the aUsfccticn that all was correct visible upen his face, wfcen to his horr ir ho was told it was not made out according to law. " W liy, sal,I ho "1 was several hours mailing it out, and 1 tmsuro It must be correct." "Correct? No," wastheansweri"you have your sugar moires ana melado on the Bamo on try. Tho duties are all different, and yet you do not spe cify there in a different manner," so the entry had to be made ont afresh. 1c ano-her case tho value of the mo lasses was specified, but not tko quantity. This was an other source of trouble, because the duty could not bo estimated while the entry wns in that state. Oneoase came up whcie two different duties had beer speoiilod tn tho now tariff. "We have received no Instruction in this case,' said the clerk, "so the entry must lay over." "But how long/' inquired the merchant; but no definite answer could be ..btalned to tho query. " Th s Is a regular nuisance," said the merchnnt. "Can t help It," said tho clerk; " without instruction i, wo bavo to administer the tarin to the beat or our abilities, but when a difference of rates like this occurs the entry must lay by." ' And wo lose the Rale of our goads in th* meanwhile," the merchant intimated?" nice work t . u ly ? Tho only reply was, " Can t holp it." In anotU, r cane where the inv oice had not stated all the particulars necessary to pass tin entry under the nevv tanft, the clerk said, " 1 must have it staled boili ways." "But how can 1 get at these particular? It is not sWUtd on tho invoice." "Well, thou, the entry must lay on one side; I cannot pass It." "But how are we to know/ asked the merchant. "Can't aay," said the clork; but you are responsible." Hero was another cuo or grum bling, but grumbling did no rood. ?me anxious indivi dual wished to know .f bow mi to specify on tho entry that the case was fastened down with woodon screws, as there was a specific duty upon tbetn The deputy col lectors and clerks in tho Naval Ofllce awcrted that the government would ice bf t'<e present operation, a . all good;; paying lower diitice ihoii formerly were being pa?t.i yesttrday, but nothing paying a higher rate. Nearly every por on was asking of hi? fellow if he knew what tho law was regarding this, that or the other, but no one aeomed to knew anything certiin about it. An inquiry wan ma.!o relative to some article spcciQed in the tarifl at two rau*. "Well, enter it at the lower one," was the reply. "How*" "Take 1'eruvian bark for 'instance If you enter it as Peruvian bark you will havo to pay ten per cent, but if you enter it as 'Baik Peruvian.' thore can be no duty charged thereon In accordance with the tariff With rosirrt U, horn, bone, Ac.; ir yon enter it as 'msnuflseturr* or horn, bone, Ac.,' you will |*>y thirty por eeut, but If you enter it us -horns bones. Ax.,manuractured,' It is only ten per cent. Do you see .tr But be sure your invoice! are so nuide out." One person laid to tho entry clerk, alter having heard some explanations from him, that he wouM n,.t bo l?oth( rod making out the entry in eueh, as bo thought, ridlculoui manner. "Well, wo can't comjiel you to do to; but we will not pas-" your entry." These entries cause the merchants a great deal of trouble and los* oi time, and where,en Termer occasion*, tbe work was all flnished within au hour or so, It now requires days, both at home and at tbe Custom House, One large morcantilo house in tbe dry goods business m this city ha^ Had to take on ten other clerks or bookkeepers in consequent of the extr.i calculation required by the new taritl More than double the lormer calculation is required at the Custom House, and a great deal of extra labor will be thrown upon the amendment do- k; for it w ill bn totally impossible to enter correctly all tho a. ticks imported; therefore the duties Will bive to be paid as deposit, to be refunded or added to, as the case may be, when the goods are appraised. But this appraisement will take a groat length of time. The articles are to be weighed, gsugel or measured, the threads to be counted, the quality and quantity determined, Ac., ntd then tbe duties nin be delinltely tlxod. To show pome of the expected tro' b ?, our reporter Baw an entry ye?terday made out for goo is paying nineteen per ?mt duty; the appraiser returrr.i the quality cf the artlcltB as being ml*"d, and sut.ject to twenty-four per cent duty, the diflerenco had,tb<ro fore, to be calculated at thli de.dt. On atotber cut.-> v?r found "labels entered as paying fifteen per cent the appraiser returned them as "pai>er paying * mu< h Uglier duty. If sucb errors occurred under the old tariff, whnt must be tho llkolr trouble under the new one, which seems to pontic all tho officer* of the enstoms, from the highest t<> tbe low 'Stf Tlicolllce of the'Jollecuir was yesterday visited larje number of merchants, desirous or having hi* views upon certain portions of the now tarifl which they ou' l not understand. We give !>el.?w tho Secretary of th" Treasury's instructions relative to how the new taritl Is to be adm in istered ? THtftur Ihn-An.ineirr, March M, iHdl. Pir? Aa numerous inquiries have boon made nwi?'< ting various provision* of tbe taritl act of March 11, lffll, il in d< en.ed proper to atate, for your Information and ifovei c incut, m well an the information of other* cou<?rn<xl, tl?o views in part entertained ny tbia department oo the riub Jl-Ct. Ail question* of liability to duty, or exemption there from, of merchandise i sported under tbe provision* of the new tarlfl, and quest'one aa to tbe rate* of duty there will be determined In accordance with tbe provision* of tbe fifth section of tbe tariff act 01 1&A7, which section will, In the opinion of thia department, still rental* in lurcc on and after tbe 1st proximo, unrepealed anil un motilfled. The clause In the Taritl act of 1H?1 repealing such of existing lawn ?s arc repuRUnnt tn its provlaiona Is n it i ousidcrcd to change or nnidify the warehousing or .ii? praisetnent law* and reauUtitai* now in foroe, exce.u iu one particular, wlilrh lethal in oa?*s where a bill of tadm* k piisented showing the day of actual ?hipmen?, eerti flid toby a consular "Ulcrr of the t'nit-d stales, such date, in lieu ol the 'period of exportation" presented by ix i#ttv>K la-vs, ahull ttied,\t<- *t wnich tbe loreign market vnltie of the merchandise shall he estimated aida?<er tamed bj the appraiser*, In order to the asaei MOient of ad vnlofum duties. In the ease of mrr< hnndtse Actually on shipboard and bousd to the l u ted 8tiit??< ?,n or before tbe ITth taut , niid of mercli><nnl?e cm board rt vi>*si l< in port on the 1st of April next, where the ve??-H have hern regilarly en lend at the Custom Huusv, thu owutra or ini|>ortrr^ of such merchandise will b" permuted to enter for cor- u?p Hon or *ar(.b?ualni[, at the raus of duty now existing, or if the tales of duty on the merchandise are l<-wti>oc i by the tariff of 1 HOI, they tnay, at their option, eater at tbo lister rater The Mine privilege will be extended to all merchandise In publie store, unclaimed on the lot proximo, when eo 'rren lor ciumimjilim or warehousing in pursuance o' law. atol all met "hand l?e In wnr?-Jioase under bond oo tbe 1st p oximo will be entitled to enirj for withdraw#! at ratca "I duty now existing, or If the raw* of dntf on the men handlse are leasenrd by the larlll of IWJl.the entry thereof may, at the option of the importer or own er, lie made at the lefset rateo tn ?ll< ?nrn,es on neocnnt of ttra, draft, Arc., oi goooa mhirct to svec;(lc duty under the new tarif oMvw ? of the tueivia* ?ill h? governed b> th .? jwvuMMtt vl Utf tfty ntgli h ?U)<t Hty r nth H<yt'oui of the .ene~?l (i>ib*c tiou act of VI.rob 2, 17VU which aro agi;u Or Kigut HiM operate. I ain, very revpecirujly, S. P flHASfi, ^acretary of the TVa-wnry. Ar?rsncn BchiuI, Kb.| , <?>llfOV<n , ??>/?. , Ww Yo.k. It !? understood that a CouSid?'able dworo 14 timut U> take place n tho various deuartnienta. Fop that of lb : lyxitHii wo lit" r thai iMtrummts of varmint kind* liave ajmxiy been ordered?soaieti and weights, aaoa Bures, piovers Tor counting threads, mjgnifyiog' Kd'iitfb aijv hydrometers?.ill of which w II !>o r".|uired in aco-rtaiiiuir the ipiantitiOH and values cf merchandise. uoe is v*ry certain: that >n a vory shor: tlcn -, if this Urltl' in continued m operation, the importations wil' bavo been reduced at such a rat.' that with all :u? e\tr.? lab r uf calculating tho dut es, tho appraiser* and other officials will have tn-?r?> tine on tUojr hulls they will know what to do wi h. Anonkl it, however, bo oth? rwiBO, the nicnjjiuits may oxpeot to "get thoir guods iliiou^li" iii about six umi.if instead jf days. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of tlir Uvi rland I'ony 1' iiir K i .i i .m v , April 1, 1801 The pony express passed bero at throe o'clock A tf. today, briURing tho intelligence from tho Pacillc eoaBt tor the Assoc Pres-r? Sa n KuaJtCieco, M.ircli i'O?8:40 I'. M. Arrivod 19(li, ship Huutavlllo, from Corovol; 19th, steamer tJo'deu Age, Panama, havUK n tow Oio steamer Un !o Sam, from Acapulco?two of tho In''to dam's poa seogers diod, one a CMlforulao, tho other on infant. Tho I'mtod States sloop of-war Wyoming arrived yi>stor day fiom Honolulu. All woll. bulled lS'b, tho b.'irk Uobert Passenger, for llelbourno, carrying a cargo of grain and Hour. Tho burk Alma lias ctevreo for Cork with 17 000 bags of whoal and ba^s .>1 silver ore 'he chip >yn n is l iiding lor Ikwton, and will carry a cargo ot wheat and bar lev and Alteon of copoer ore. The sh'p l/>okout has cloarod for Cork, carrying JO,000 Backs ol wbi at. Ihe bark Vlckery will rail on tho 215th for tho Amoor rlv?r via llako<ui<ii. with a cartjo or OUifornia produce, liquors, *c., the owners uconmpoii} ng, v. ho intend estate ltshmg pusiness at Nlekolfskl. Mr. Ui'^inin, the Jewish traveller was also a psssensor. Since the advicca of tho pan.-iago of the now tariif, low grade* of foreign brainliua bavo advanced 37Sc. to SOc. irom foruior nominal quotation!" Asioo from tblii nothing lias tran^pirca in tho m-irkot this week worthy Of not'1. Trade continues very uuiitod. Money market to ouv ib Hupplied at 11 j a - j>er cent A mojorato troa Mire f-hipmi lit is all that is anticipated for to morrow a Htcniuer Ni pr'.f.TCHB is made towards electing a Senator by tho lA'gi.-'lalure, and the fru nds of Mr UcDxigall woro dis ap|B>mteo when tbo jomi committee rcasijemblod youior d?y to lind that he coulo only get 27 votes Tho hope of electing him by securing the entire republican voto is about abandoned, and u is now st.iicd thbt a new cwdi date win be brought forward in a day or two with some prospect ol ancoeBB by combining tho republican and gutllcient of the Douglas stiongth. j. W \lc< orkle and loiin < urry aro both spokon of as candid) in this last chntige. Tho pony exprcBB, with Hrmtorn ad\ icc.3 of tho tlth InBt , arrive 1 at Carson Valley ti Jay. The announcement of tho members of l.incoln s <'?bl net gives g< noral eutufactiou. Conservative men hope, anil express wuh coofeidcrahlc confldenee, that tho coo acrvative attitude assumed by tho new administration will be tho means of preoerviug tho I'niuu without civil war. Oalifornlaus rcjoice at tho pasaago of tho Daily <?votinrd bill All tho California tel< Tapb lines have consolidated nn one company, ano ihe new organisation updertnke^ to eitend a good RubBtiDtial line oa3tward toSUt lake City, In tho most expeditious manner |K*,<ibl". City latrlllgrnrr, SKKIOIH A<1TI>*.Vr AT A SMW HllLMMI IX QlASlltKllS Ptiud.t?A very forloiis ac idont ocpurrod almut half past oIom n o'clock yesterday morning in front of a new marble front building which is being orooted in Cham bera Btreet, near O-utre. Some of the men employed by the builder were in tho act of hoisting up a largo square block of marble, when the rope seeurtu" it broke or altppcd off, and the hnge lutn) ? of marble fell to the ground, smashing through tho wooden p atform with a tr< moudous noise. and lodgui;.' nt tho I?ot torn of a iloep vault ronatrneieo 1'eneath the siocwnlk. A poor old woman happened to be pa.*i>tur on the p-atform at the titue, and tlie )>i?rds glrmtr way uniur hor, she was likewise precipitated into the viuH Tho un<ortunate woman was severely bru.scl. and i.?? ?> have f-egtaino'l gravo internal ipjuries. It la nlmW a utlranlo -ho was not struck oy the marble, in whion case her deatb noukl hu>e bt-on in-tnntaij?ous. A carriage having l>i<en pr > eureo.aho v. as eouve\ed to bar homo it No C *l'!l)>erry at reel, in a very low condition. This accident, which mi,rhl liave been fata!, oujbt to Rcgx1*1 'he propriety of greatoi caution for tb( ;>-?! ctlOli tlx Iiv'is I pn.ple (?ap^ing where buildings arc being constructed. At pre u iit V" ry Utile ca-o or attention m juid t?- the matter, anil hundreds >f j, opie staiid b'-urly in d:.nger of Iobiox their lives through thiB culpable negligence. A Vkav Anitoiiti \t* I it.*-1 oi Aiiutr?TnnKi: N''.-?The 1st of Apnl of 1S01 panned on in a manner which ought to prove highly sat:t:actory to all who devote that day to mischief making nad bullbomry Three notable toinfoolerla were |v rp<'trated. In tho tlrsi place the general public, who had come to the con elusion that not only spring had lairi> and positively Bet in, but mat summer, with if ftragr .nee and towers, would be f-horily upon us, wore foole-l by boholdlni. a snow ntorm which would he no di?" nice to January In the second place, a particul.r ckif.:?yc seekers utter jo loavet and lishes In ye basket of Abraham?were nither severely taken in au>l doue lor hy Home hvrhly unchrls tiar (uiii unchuritablo wag lu plftiu Uinguag* , most all the public oilic als hereabouts, who ore likely to he '?sacked' by "Uncle Abo" tn the coarse of a tew w?ek>, received a <opy of the following cuid, util' h is suili ciently explanatory ii? itself ? j JtuL\ H. FakMRn'M ; { IB K.I- DIXIW S.lUlON", { 47 l.udlow street. f i Come and eat, ye p??ir and hungry, without money ; 5 and Without p 5 Cpcu from six in tho evening us il midnight 5 The third, last, and mo^t Ntupend- tg loolery of a!l w.?s tho mauguratioti or th' tudei-ci r able, h. w liuerlng. con tuning end incomprehensible Morrill tariff1, whk h weot Into elfoct yesterday. Thc. c three g'.ia<l hum}ug> oo ? orr'ng on cue iiay oeght tn lender the Int of April, lf*('l, lamous in all tmio to eon.e, and for a conquer able period thereaiter. LwTt-*K KOR THI RKVlfTT ot TIIK COORRO ItttlllAV AsV it m.?I'roleHBOr Youruaus is antic ru/>t to deliver a lec ture or the '?Masquerade .if the I'lemon tn," on next Thursday evening, the ehurcli ol Dr. Ca*pm TIk pro cced? wi'l be devotod to tin henetii of tiioC uored(jrphao Asylum. Itaiian I.iHKRrv.?Charles Carroll 1 licks has r*?ns? ntert to repeat his lecture on ''Italy, t). ? War and Garibaldi,' this evening, at ttie Ooufier In: f.tute. The brief sk' tcb o| Italian history, the portrait'iref of \ tetor Kroanaei, fount favour and (iaribaidi, wttn a dv ription of the ex citing battle scenes la which tho lecturer look part, pre seat an Intellectual < iilerlaiain. nt ot no ordinary in P!ni In N?w York* KIKE IN A Tf-M MKNT UUITSK IN KLI7.ABI.Tn HTRKKT ORE AT DANUCK AND CONFUSION UK TIIB TI.NANTH# Between oneatid two o'clock jeftoi lay morn in*, roomta man I'orcher, of Sixth precinct, dlaeovered amoko laauing from tko second Hoor of the six story tenement tiuudiotr No. St Klizabeth Htre< t. On breakinto the pre miae* bn found A woman nani"<l Klatmagir n the c? 11 m "f llit room, surrounded by Hani'f Tnn ofllcw pull<vi the womitn from the ruom, and then runiioil in and Drought out two children. He wax then told that tti' w iran a huaband ?u atUl In the room. when he igiiin enter ?l and aucceoded in rescuing the mar. Hy tbia time ** statanea bad arrived, when the flame* wereextinguished. Hie damage to the promisee w, 1 amount t > about flOO, no Insurance. This building contains twenty tour families, And had the Ore got under headway them would h ire bicn many lives k*t. .18 there ta no outride menna of escape piovidod, as required by tho I imf# Bidding act. Flltl IN CANAI. UTllXIT-?DARINi. ATTKMPT TO It*IM A TKMMRNT IIOt'HE ? AJtRKHr <>K TWO ON SCMfit'lON. Between eleven and twelve o'clock on ?unday night a lira was discovered in a woo I abed la the ealiar of the new five atory tenement tiouao N >. 116', <;*ij?I atreet The ncupanta of Uto bouao beig awakao-M by the smoke, w. r? <Mb>ed to extinguish the fire before It did roucb damage l-r'tu appearances a number of empty paekiag e**?a hao two natur-ueo with I'm at mbuKiiulo tl'iio and set Are to I'hooeilv wtw lined by H. Levy, ?h ? aia.) <a uplod tb" at iro oti the llrnt Hoor H i a boot ?ud r '?> store an > dwelling. -mispi clon at nnre reeled ooon ?tf. *t. l/-vy, ?ho -on bis returti home about on" o'clock), together With bia nephew, A bruin WllssO.tlti. waa tan on into cust'Miv bv tba polkv, and t re Via shil Ifeker aoot for The circumstances, though of * atroiagty MQptCH>ns 1 harartnr, were not aullicient >nie hid the a i?o?cved jxtrtnf. Cou*e (luently they were discharge b> the m^wtratn Had this tire *ot uuder headway many livas ?ou*d tiave bae* sacrificed. 1 Af t water, aft'r tha s:*UKb'-r of t??oiy four human being* by fl'o, the tagistature passed a law coiitalnlng ample provielon t iruard agattw ?icn ealam< ties for the tuture fhua fv the mute- b.w be-n over looked by the Bnpertntend rt of fa tfo B ? au 1 the landlord!. hrk rx cirr ham. p?.a Shortly after aeven o'd 10k y-?t?''ta? moen'ng ? Bre occurred to t*e newipaper #srvK >f Jamea 1 w hite, No. '1 Olty Halt plane u originated fror taaMovaotvo l>am?ge to the |>remMea I'unt fiotx Iuanrv?d in the ijtuj v vb*ct iMWi aoyf ^omj'ac) . THE NEW ENOLAND ELECTIONS. Tlie Connecticut Election. Nkw fU?Kv, April 1,1441. Th" majority in th-i o:ty la 615; kit ?pr dr it gave tiXu. Mr English, candidate for Congraaa on tbo detnojratij It- L. 1, 18 .'lotted by TOO a **) majority over Mr. W~od Cjutr. Popuhl'cwi majorities?Ghsl'.ford, 72; Derby, 67; M. forn, fV4; U.ivou, 23; Clintvu, 44, Nurtn Haven, ID, Orsn^o, 12. IVmoc.-atlo majorities?^am'en, 62; O. n Hatto is riveted S.-nwor in tbe *ix'h district, the other iwo In this county democratic, miking 1 republ.cvn. Tbo LogiBlature andStaio tlckot p?ohably republican KiRvtaf o'Ciotk Tbo latnlt roturM indicate tbe el ction of tlio rep .bii can State tt. kot and the tw t honw m' the Logaslati-re Tlio election of Mr Terr' , republican, in FalrfleUl dis trict. and alsoof Dwlgh'. ? ovinia in Harttord district are doubtful. Mr. Woodrati, republican, Ji thi Now Haven district, la re elected. H,?noRn, April 1-10P. M. The vote of Hartford Is as follow*:?F >r Governor? Buclvinpham, republican, a,HI; Loomto, democrat,2,674 For Congress? Dwigbt Loomls, republican, 2,111; Hyde, democrat, 2,*U7. Tho First Senatorial district la democratic by 39? majority. Puma o'clock P. SI. HartforJ county-All tlio towns but Avon, Burl.n-oti ami Clinton ,;tvo Buckingham 7,S&7,1 >omls 7,iMS I lie republicans have probably carried thsir State tickol by on incrcasod majority. Tney have both branches of the legislature. Ixomm (republican) is Oonevxl to be elect id in tbe ilrst Congress iofinl district by oee bun trod majority. Nkw . \pril 1', 1441. The republican majority hnro is 137, a gain from last year. WateiTord b ut been carried by tbo republic, ns; laat year democratic. Tin' Election In Hhmlii Island To-Harrow. OIK I'BOVUlEitCR CUBHBfit'ONVBNC*. Providence, llnrcb 30, 188.. Mtn.* liiUrat in theComiuj I Wtint?Kluidt: IUc.?4 Mcti cf the JPrftnt Do Sottiing Aanwistrat,'*. and tired <f John Brwni/M <xn>l Hclf*rum?Tie Issue U>- uxfn t.Vi HadUal and (Jonnerva/iee tt*/iut4inni and P -nx rat* A Deertaaed Yob- AnHcipolcd? Itaiori'y of T"'o Thuutand for the S/tragU'- Tickit Expeoc?ConurvMum to 0* it fev'tunt?1'opularUy of G venur SprcHfUC?Oj'T^ ?? ihe ih rriil Turi(J'. <& ? iCc. Tho Interest in tbo State cloctlon, which take- piao <? Wcduesi'.a) neit, greatly traoa< endsov n that, fe in a - tlonal ad'uirs, and the pcop " in ? vorj section m#:,' bj c;n tidorcd, without exaggoratim, to b- in in ecataiy of p?; lit;cal excitement. A variety of eauaos haro cinsj ??-?d to ri ni'.er tlio approaching election '.he most imi>ortati. ?? anv which has occurred :n <h's .suto sineothemeawrabla Porr t mts. At tlie pree'-r-t iuncfire tbo isauos ire s->jie whiit identical with thjeo wh "t outerod into tha ?tr g gles of 1842, '40, '44 au.l '4A. Now, as iben, tbo coo narrative element in tho ^ate hw be.;n arouaei and c n holulated to oppose principles designed to lead to ana--hy iind coniution. Hhodo Island o^ireu p ?'?, and *bu? keeping step to tho iruislo of the Colon, she li br no means dispoeed to yield her coun enan -o to aiy * cv local or national, wh'ch is cilculatiid tj im puiV the prosp<Tity aud in'ejrrlty of our yor^un country. The fact i* the lunjarlty of tho poopl-i b*s? breOBMStck of the "stva'pht. out" ropubllcui no!?or m:inuglrg allairH, and mor ? U'-arttly so -ince tho ration of Ihe aay nothing, do-nothuig o\poneni o.' bliok ropublican principle-!, atid tho? aro dotot tntucd to carry ou and perfect the chaaro, so Tar as this fiWti is on ccruid, begun la^t spring. They ha^o growa t.r? 1 of .Ichn Ilrowninn and Helper b ?i. endoraore, and ba\o resolved upen placing their seal of condom nation rpon a' poUical nuisances. Tho nu n pjini. at Ihbuo in Ui? r*e seLt eoiiti t>l is be ween radical ro|iubhc uui, who advocito an unceinproicustng cours.. on th'1 part of tbo adtnla:?;r* lion, ami the conservative po'lion o' the party, to arb-tm ure lOtneO the <!emo. r:itt. wIk> desuo a p?-aco ;>oli. r. Th? result ol ibo uioctlon will prove thM Khodo lslaid entera ber protest ugainsi civil ?ar in iOi> sbape To da- istno last day tor paying the registry tai.anl the greitcfct activity prevails with Wtn pirnem in brxgnft forward n?m<* aud qualifying voters Tno vote tht? gpr'ng will be less tbau that of la-t year, tho dcrn Hii.m in liuelu^ss having cotnpollod many^ U> utik employment cla?wU< rc, aut tho ttrea^tli of tb? purges will not bo materially changed, hawovar. There are about J,400 vows kuown Uj bo Jonbtrn., or rather can be milueoci'd by cortatr. ajeillanoet. O1 ti'-?\ l.flCO were saenred last year b> the ?'Ftraigl.t*,'* ana tlie balance b> the ronservaMvea. tlio offbrt o- tha imrtii-s wllfbo conccntratcd upon th ?e tliotiiig votos, and tho result will undoubt? dly ho about tUo sitne ?>??, last j ear. The canvass thus i'ar points to a probable roaior ty tor the Npiaguo Ueket of J,0?i0. Thoro Is lit'.lo danbt but that the Congxe?aional ticket will al'o be eUxiwd; in act, tbe pith of the election Is to chan.;c tlie COngresriK>n?J representation ol tbe State and thus Kiijiplatit a uarr?^f, radical policy by a broad imd conservative one. J nay mention, in conclusion,!but.UK ?'straight rop ? ' cauh''a re already inn strait ut tho prospect befori 'Uem. TUo feet ir, Gov. Hpraguo >s extremely fiopular with ill classes, and. a very Important ma'-u-r in such cavi, a particular favorite w ith tliotcwhodo tlio voting. S1ik*i Ibe diivs ol the tk nners I'.IukIol land has not had a morn modem.< Picier.t and i? Kxe'.utive, and no mai baa ever don- so much to advance tlio Interests of" at home aud abrond. He 1ia> bv. n icouscd or am bltloug, JtC.. by f'DH> of I" ra'ii ai opfKHients; but a> :h is not 'In: c#s<j. He has not nought tbo office wh.cb bo cow occupies, but ha. accepted it under a aonse of duty rather tlo^ from anv other e matderation. At a wh? n all Sr Kngl.ind socnn d given over to a'aalitiou in fatuation^lr Sprague was r.iunt a proper man to stay the tldo In liii native fate, and ho fulfilled tho raise.on with 11edit to binned and honor to the Stato To hm etiorte ulonc ere tho i>cople indebtnd for tho or 'akinc down of tbe inrmi ou* ny>?tem of bribery and corruption which was inaugurated last spring by tbn republicans; and this spr ug the -straight are operating cautiously under tLc ron-,and, bavins* adopted a cheap and nvty policy, are dubbed tin? "eejoommnl par'y, by some of Ibelr own pnrtlrans w ho are inclining to Sprague. Th - Morrill tarr will outer i-omewhat ?s aa doraont .jto the election. Iit idlng muiiufaotureri ftrnerally op pi it and will use thetr influence aaainsl the -a.ndidaU;8 ? i ? i toetU.n loCongri-as. lor the -haro which tlioy had that btibdlo ot erilditiea upon the poopke. By iii, way,will t bo a fair ijtie 'ttvn to ask Mr. Hlnmota, tbo father <)t the bill in the Ser.nto, If bo has no", a persona' inter.'St In tbr American Screw CimpanV.' I b"ar, by the way, such qucvtt0D3 L?cr<;. TH? rnann^r til wbtctk tb^ Hcrew Intertst was attended to Is deemed avon hero rather suspicions. J send vou the two State tickets, promising teat eacli Is as atrong as It could be ma ie ? IMjirr I m m. H')r>Mi:an. Governor Wm. M Spraguo. Jam.* Y Smith. Ueut Governor...Samuel O. Arnold. Himon H. rr?ene. Secri tsi y of ttalo. John H. llartlatt. -lolin R. Bartlelt. Attorney (k-ueral..Walter ?. lluries etalnvan Mn Tteasuier Sanmoi A. 1'aiker Hamuol A l'ark?r. Connrcss, K I> Wm. P. -tfiemcld. Christ. R-ibtnaon ti?Dgress, tV. I)... George 11. Brown* Wm D Brnytoo. Ae one of the humors of the cainpnlgn, I notice a -"OB*, entitled "The Konnomicai Candidate, which bears tbo burthen of tbe following chorus, showing .hat tho repub lican* are tlnding hard times in politics aa woll as other w?e ? We must practise strict economy, Kor tlmea are hard, you know, We've got but little money, And mult try to make It go. Brooklyn City *rwa. ^ikk Aim; nnc Skwfr Larorkrh ?Rarly ymt"r<tey morning Iho laborer* at work on the 'Tcavat on f ir the gewer tn I)eb?vot?' atroet, near I?eK.ilb avenue, ncmtT ing about forty mm, w<nt in a body to Mr. net ry rfClr ling, the foreman, and demanded an advance of wa^e*? Item ninety con's to one dollar. Mr. Stirling uformet Iiem tlmt ho Inui no power to rate"1 their w*g<<*. and rc erted them to hm employer*, llexer*. Btrnee AOo., and a< tbe -"time time ordered them to go to work. Tho nam. h w?;\er, nkoulHored the.r touli aiid projected n a body o Hilton avenue, where they wore Jolneil by tiv- iabor cm thee, and thus reinforced they co uponed all he fliin who refused to J>tn in tho strike t? iptlt. Tliis wa* novi eftecu ?! without a ?krmi*b, nod ? >me of the men, who rot'in?d to tako part m the lotou* promedtag*. were struck with Ktone*. rTora there hcj pri"?e<'ue<l to Flatbuah avenue, and eadeavore?| t<> percuale the men at work tber'- to join \n the *?rtlto, anil d their reruainjr, tb< v w.-re ilno u/waulte.1 w,th *t|ck* nd etoi.if. Two of ibe forem. n who mterfnrel w?ra hrt atoned. Informal'"* having b??n transmitted to tue hint district dtation botw, a strong police forcj wm cent to the mot.'i|i?o wh'ch the rioter* left, but not without the ?rr?t of tf^rec nn?leader*, namely ?Hike Wal?h Michwl <{r*y and Patrick tltynor, who ?ew taken before .lattice Yoorhic* They were remanded till #n>rsdpy neit, when they will be e* min<*t. Th? i'ntreary <lu??tlon at Plltah*rf. ITitkiu , April 1, lwl The hnihiea* men of IMttab'irg and Ail'fbeny Cttlen held an cnthu?!a*tlc meeting on the crrwoey <V?MI< n, to <!vv Mun ' imsinum men not ber?tnforn participating in tbe movement were represent*), a lid the .inanlmoui roice of tbe me Alng wan not to receive dcprooi?te4 nrney except at the broker* rat"*. Tiie rat t for Mifeourl and \ irg'na MKjr to day are four per im| dwvviet. Tbe ifjdxation* olearly are th.?t th" cpovemeM w* a aoceeiw. The lamer* d*??Ed '.9 mt!v? par luaot for ih?n ptvuutf.