Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1861 Page 3
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I.?V Acoi *vrv uu to l&t?neatly ind ti'li.t fu"-niah?d, ereeythkuf c .mpte* fo-h nile?4ui ?liter ?i?a tumse nnoJki>b g.rdea atunaed ln tk?if ? ttf'd and lhalthy v'llag^W Falrfleld, Connecticut two i,our,. ride on w New totk ami Mow -???n Kti thr. e or five month*. |3*- for the year, *>?)? ^',bu ipuutiily. inquirea: 6ro?U i l'?noh street, or M i. tiE.NHY a F HMOS*. _ ftO If RON TED WO*R ami -?AoK aKNT UN ?ear 1> rued way; a One showroom ? M&km power If rtxiu red -a^eoua j.oa.Jt?i, Te Ut for cue or Jt.-eo ye.-, ,er, bJ ? P ^aW street. A ulj\v'-Til?rfiiV I L??S ?r *IU?B dtAUTI W?i It 'u"7 bigh basement 20 feet wi le T^ ltt 4s.rF^* !n r 1 ?**> '?? foe * 181'U or riT imi i rir""1- tkr?" *?r* fr?? Hi.wa fvn 9<>r^if tK ? tll'LIP*, ? ttfftoti av^nun, one door Tw*m Jyriy mth ?trrt.t., u, <u Or T? FIaTU, fr/ A ^"tbf-^hLk!Vfi rH(KBt TO I l^iKi^iir 10 f 1? Lon* >*t*od oppodle Fire Island Mgblbouse IS i-o-im, betides knobon and laundry, a g<Kv|la buse .111 led) carriage house end .tab lug i,rU Vn.' if!!?. J!V*P*DI. "?ra^ni wltt> ? f"H supply of vegetable*a d tTkj>,wLTel*a,vu''n:iiUitQ ,M,p'y W K0"illu MfN" A*>Ew?BiouroN, state* island.?'to lk*. \ fumUhod Mansion; ulao. on* amailer, with g*?, batha ?Sw^w? ?5saLr*^ns?Sjf~! A IjTRNIsilEDHOUSE TO LET?FOR SIX MONTHS *,x*> titleless brown i.on? H<<Um> ?1ft Keel Thirty fourth stre.n, between Lexington and luir.i avenue.; also, wan-ed for slk .souths, a .urniShed h7u.. la the a untry, in Westchester, K*re?.s%x>od ..r any n ti a t fcfcrfKet* y' A, P'y **??? 118 ^ A *MALL PRIVATE FAMILY W 3UPTINO THEIR .own house, which rootalua aU the modem laiproroiiicjiig ana in a mom dettrgbie location, v?ouid r ul to a par'\ o't q , a j*n<5<oni 'ly furtiiaht'd suiw of H'joiih, *?i.ojjo?-* -??(?inlM lit 72 v?&.t Unrt} ?ec"ud Ureol, i THREE STORY AND ^1 )9? Bro.."i<' ????!, t/gtw**' .C ^ T? rE,? Will ha w>.rd low tu a ? 00 'hoopa-.n and Liurpn', *** teOW,t T" 10 ft" " CC": A V??w ryunsBiD aoc?s to bent?in . quire *t Wo. U Went Mil h Htn et. A PER."ON* WITH *M0 Oa.?H Oa.N HIT Y A NICE COT luge llotue, wltb over balf uu aoiit of Ground, equ il tu liine f-ity ots b-f id^? tiic priviie^n t>r \ 'ii e-'iu-irtriH of un the viliage of Ml vuruou. thirtj tire miuutM' rldn ?by either of lvt<> milrnad lin^ii of Sn ' York No agent used iipply, to J. HO\<\b, 179 jLi-t X^rllih *? roet. betwecii t'lrs: and e<!ooiid avcntiea AFURN.finEn Horsi:, nkar madho:< sqi-*he, to lei; tour stories, high bflr^-xietil, hrovnalwu*;; ?iz< 25>0i; in gi od order, ai d iiif elegant turnitnre ail axnulnte .deluding o'xdo, llu^nund silver, with immediate poaa*-*Mon if ile?ind; to a iii*t o1im? privaie foml.y the rent will'h-1'>? ? pjilj tol/l.NUth i nOLubN, No. 8 i'iue ?tt e'. and l.Jil tioMuir. A' EHV >HK m UEKi llOChb TO Lb!' on l.nmenlne [dane West Twenty nlath st?-??(; hu> ?yeiT modern I0jpmv>ment, gaa tliturea, Ae.; mnt Sim); tai- I House muht De s?u to be ?i)p>e.c'*>ed. al^o ? the' Ho'iaei .t W1LC.;X,343 fourtharenue. "UKuADWa* t?TOHE To LRa^E.-TUE I.aBIE J y n^u marb> lire utory building wl', br I'm feet >o 72 bi ada-ay, op:??M? Now ?on rtolel, liliUhed thr.>uj;>.out in tbi-m. a- thnruufl! nunner, p|?te gm vlnd >wh, (V ton fl? turi e. Jtc , Ao on iminMiately. Apply to JOHN :is Warren street i?\0VST?\ ^FiAT rO LRT.-ai (JLIKIMN, CTAThV S..J lalU'i, ?M mile below \ aiiderblll'a Landing, ['rnniint on the Nono ** .he l in new, w t? all thr uiodern im" p:- vonenta, lircw Kruil Trena U>a[>e v',n>-* Stable r.ari'iagc bou?e Boat U?u?, Balhiog iioiiae. An , and ->ue 01 the must deligh'i'til lx*tlon-. on the Inland i'oa^eaalon givei lat ol May t or pHitliuliui, in<iul e 01 Mr W K It si f, on th" premises: Mr I> O Utfell>M ?N, near /anderb lt a I and ne or 10 O. -V'KTNortK, No. 110 1'earl aire -t, i'km \ >rk /lOAL YahD ID Lfcl'-WilH HHIOK <>- -11 * M> * - wa ea. Kent very low Apply at H17 tforth au'eet, n?n hrt sdwxy, or at i?.? ttorverelt alret-i.. y ACTORY TO let OR LtA.SK IN A OBNTRAb I'u a a'?l?n in I Ilia oity, vary -u'taOie for a earrla?n iaRtory ?r any other kind of manu'actu itig nunnhd. the milu oulld >ng la 1U7*72 feet, thre? ?toni)a and tvuiemen', ?ith planiy 01 Ught There i?? ,'arge ymd w^ll payed, g mrtljn nf ivniuli la coveif.d by a buck abed. Un l-vif, S<?46 fe?t. *t*o * aUble on ihi premiraa, with itadi far four b tmm; e?rrw,rtbo i.e and bay loft Kor further particular" applt on tbo pn-m**-* 7? and 78 Su'llvan atreet. R HER I' ?; gV'Ahm. F-?M1LV HOTEL T> let?the BOU'E K"O^.V AS the Wall H-oiae, Mmated In the caa em dutiici oi' liro ik lyn, wtil b- leased to* good ten?ut low foraieroi of year* I be bouse ia 74 iwt front ?>y SO )?ei d??p. ho.v. a atone fron' an-i four st'ri?a higb. It baa gaa ana wa'.ur tni-oiuho-n and iacobneettd wl'h *-ewer Tt W ye.-y p!?*nantiy itu?ie<! on higb ground, tti'hin three minutes walk . f everal r.-rrie, b tb lo tbe upper and lo*et part of New York ibe ii ,u?> la w?-ll fum^hed with parlor fnrnt>ure, oarp^ta, ^.ll.-lotns bcdateads, matlr. jaes, hin.^ut, lounge-, . hairs. *,? Ac Apply to WM. WAL.I-. HO * rout str^i, M^w York. |J^1!-T? HOl'xSS, FDKNIHIIEIJ AMI I'NKi'KMSHED F and one hundred rtorea and Ao'ta to lev ilu s^a wrt' tltuaud all oyer the ct?y stores ann L?.ft* In Broadway am all the s.ieeta from Wail to KoAteentb atre?t N C. BISHOP, '4? Broad r*y store (lour LUbhT CLaHS FLRNiSHED HilUHb Til J^KT?I > r West Twenty third street, n-ar Kiftb Avanne liote , lit mart order, wl'h furultnre omplete and e'egan?, t, a tuna ? j.iivb;-fsmlij : rent low; po-segeion 1st ol May For oa il ct admission nnply to UINGEK A HOLD* N, No H l*ln sueet and 1,-44 Bxwdway. FlIhBT HLOOR AND HA M EN e IO ut T?ALMO NK ooml Kit. r. Immediate p .sae.'-ion glve:i, al .nil Wesin* '?'see I Mo!li-rry Ktrnal). .ear H oiston ?tr.>t aK the m .dro imrrov mi-ntF in th" hou^e. aj ply ey?ry d?y rom il a M nil 4 P ? hUf\M?U*.D llOI'nH TO L-f-l,* Mul' Iitlm * 1th large garden, full of ch'.h-e 'roil t ????, grapiii lnei 4".; a>o a Jarge ? ncloaed piul'rj yard, s'ltia'lii oonycniin |. the 1/nrli m and Thud Ayenun -Kalimvl depn, and th ?mt landltiK. noises!.! n ran b.- giyen at any time Ad .lit m A., box Nea- York Post oflloe FUjKNIoIIED HOl'bii TO LET?ON TIIK NORTH shtre of Sta?en Tflsnd: It U very pleasantly situated: ha I*re gH rden, stable and outhn<i*e*, and tbe ga? nl I oe put In , tie present oc.npan'a. a small family o! nre.. p,r?oni would ' )n%id *i'h the patty uklng it If agreeable; tbi II msecon win^ tueive rooms. Addreaa W? bui 'J,MJ i'oat odioe, New L'Llif I HLI> HOI k'E TO LWT? IN *E8TTI1IUTBENTII I street, beiween Sixth and Vey.-n'h ayenuet to a small ;enteel family; bouse well < thiMiighoiit; ligation' mne better, poesession given on th> ,**h of Apili: releren. ><|Uired. Apply to J. KTOCKdttlDUE, 14 Hr ad way. L^l'kmshed HOUSE, BELOW FOURTEENTH HTREKT I near Fil th avenue, tc let for one year fiom *ty i; h mw !0*4!i 1 hrci' roi.m? dwp. Kentl MiO Apply t.< Fl hull A 1 ittxEAN. No !l .-Ine Mr. ? I ,r ' I ?U KMSHEB HOUSE IN T/fcNI\ U.IKI) STREET . to let, low for sli monih i, to a smiil private fam'ly: In ood erder; furoiture Hist claaa aud complete; r-nt $1IU ,>ei north; possseilon 1st of May ^ MNOim A UOLOEN, No 8 Pine street and 1.341 Broadway ^OBNISBED house TO l.ET?IN BO (J r 11 RUO ?K II lyn. Apply at JW Clitton street, Br;oklyn, or tit) Nas su strut, New York. TU RNIfrHBD HOUKB Tf? LET.?THB HAN DSOME ' three storv brown atone hoiife ?o lli v est Po-iy se ?nth Street, eVginty and eompletely furnished, will b* Hed !?/?? to an unci!eptionablA tenant, one of the bc?t lo ?Hons in the city. Annly at :|H bey stree< I0U8E TO LET-.13 ELDRIIXJE hTKKET, IN THR feet order; bas been reeently pa>nte<l throughout; has j". range, t;roton water an1 a large yard Apidy to K I t'lLROx, in puble: school In Baxter ?trnet. n -ar Orand I0CSBS TO LET.?THE THREE KTOB* AND B Y9E 1 mi nt brick Hotise, rent SSfti, No. 119 East Nineteenth I "?et, near Third arrtiuo. Alio, the taree story brick Hcuae 1 nt IM>. No. 4 Varlck street. Apply at lit Kaaex atrnet -- ? . A . .- j 1006E TO LET-THE HANDSOBB THREE STokY high stoop brown atone House, rent No. idO Pa-13- ' ?eet, BriM'klyn, adjaoert to ear* and 1 ernes, with git at.d iter flxturta Apply at 3i6 Atlantic atreet, ar No. 7 Gold I ?act. New York, up stairs. IOCSETO I JIT-A FAMILY OF TIlllBR PERSON:' ' 1 would let their House, funithed or unmrniahi-d, to a 1 ?all nrirate family, and arrange to Board and oompy a eiili Rooms on aseoinl door tiwards tbe rent; House neaiiy w, with all modern Improvements Apt ly at No 5S West ; rt seventh street, I rem 10 to 2 o'clock. IOTEL TO LET ?TBE FIB8T CLASS HOTEL No. ? 31 to 17 Broadway, corner of Mosris street, kn >wn as ib. ?*??? Houae; pu?.aslon flrat of Mar n it For fiirthe. rtlculara apply to HEW LETT k TORRANOB, No 6 B >. i Ureea. ^ om TO LET.-TBK second floor of build i ing No. 3m William street: tan larg- wirdows. hoi.: iy, gas and ('raton water. Well c?lrul>.t?rt for anv bn*i ss requiring good light. Inquire of T. P. WILHON." on the >?laes OFT* TO LET?IN THE OOMMOMOUM RTO . A 270 ? Washington street, near Warren. An o.floecan oe bad aeeesaary. Apply n i the premises j mm booms ITEADT POWtR, aV low ratea Bt jonx QAl'DT', 102 WALTER HTRE&T. VaISO* MECBLEK,- 70 AND 7* WERT TIIfRTV I eighth atreet. N?cfn Plfth avenue and Broadway.?To , ? flue t runt Br*imrnt phyalolana oilier; aLo, elegantly -nlahrd wh 'le Floor* or aepArate jtooma. houaea new, flr*' -a, (our atory, high atnop, brown (time, common parlor, i ?! ? below. Kent paid monthly fELODEON ?TO LET, THE LARUK room III THE I building No. M# Hroadway, known an the ?-Wxl -on. ittlre of W il ium Fogarty, up ulalra, or at No. a? ?ct, room Ho. ?, from II till .1 o'clock f *. O. ?Wi BROADWA*, NEAR H017BTO* strekt.-TO let, a whole floor of Ave el<nant Room a, through 10 a tine d. ????ly re|*ireil, for $4AU a year. mnlre of <?. *. KL, firat floor. (I. 12 GRAND RTRBBf. ?THE HAKEMKNT AND flm Floor*, and three R wwi?, on thtrd floor, to let with tit, wood and waah hon>e, faa and water. ln<|Oire of Mr*. <tK, 12 Orand atraet. . KFICER TO LET-AT NO. 1 PARK PLA^E. NORTH weat corner of Broadway lultah e for lawjere, arclil #, itigravera, Ac. Ret.t* moderate Apol* to ALHM. Hi \NI>KK, fll Wall atreet, or on the prembea. MICE* TO LET-FN THE moffat B ;iLDI\0. At* 1.roadway, corner of Worth atreet. Apply on tb?' prrf ? *, room Bo. 6 V THE HUDSON.-A FPRNIAHED HOTTAOa, ?et.t> fl?e mllea from >ew York Pn??e*alon glveu ?* naa.lai.-ed The widow Who own . It will iak? p" iient or temporary charge of it If 4?dr.>0 AceMlbleby road or aieatn'ra hourly. Apply al or addrcat limokdiate *1 ttrry atreet. iRT OK A norsE TO LET??0 IW MN -i s afreet It haa all the modern lmprr.T?metit?, and wUl ?t cheapi toanuall re* per. able I'nnilly App.'y bet went. , f '? and I. a-id i K,<1 r, f. M. l-HTAURANT *0 BKOAD?AT To L8T-?AHEMIt.tT running through to 'Voahy atreet. with Hupiwr Kooon < hed ai?o Kliturea. Including mirhie bara, berea, pu<e ,e., Ac AOl 'y in 'he atoea. or to W. E KHIX< H K-l Wf, IH avenue <1, P.NT FREE.?THE Kt*BNll. RE OP TWO Rfoivt-; and three UeilriMima for $>4U. i ?erythlng iieceaaary for fmiiluea to keep honae; one roo"? and oedroom leta for rf ail, '.mo c< ciklng at .?ju? m.d niaioM, two uau mu ?-a, feather beda, one a AC.; loratloa re?j?- *hle, iron 'he V - r, with hothlPa ApplJ to J. MciK>*VaN. * eat NhiKecnlh atreet. HOI BBS, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. otorb and Bom to let-ok lbahb or same 0 at ran low r?ml f >r sala. Lo<*uon for H( business -ne ?f Ike very beet. Address for three day* only. Staple Gr? aanaa. bus l3B Herald eilice. STOBBB TO LBT- UROaDWAY, N*AK rWB.TTY second street, rent $4*0. In Twesty second s'.ieet, near Broadway, mat |W; aud Third avenue. near Kleventh atraet, rant $3(10. Apply at 56 Third aianur, from 9 to !0 A. M. and J to 8 P. * . J M. DBJtMIn STEAM POWER?WITH 4BLL LIGHTS I) BOOIH. TO let. at Noe JS and 21 Frankfort Ktreet: rent low Vply au the premises, via to M LE* FKK18, ui Heekroan street, ap ?taJra. w CTEaM POWHt At?C HOOMS TO LET-IS THE McHT business lo.-aluy among manufacturer* in ?e? York In quite at a) Aun ur et. STATKN ISLiND-A WKf.L PI rvihhbd iioi>k or leu ro >ms. with stable. to M, at a l ow rant, either .'or us or twelve month', in a vw v aad ueaHiy i.?cau.-ti, about Are inmate*' walk from Stapieton 'aruin.: Ad lf? T. T., blaplt un, a. 1. fPO LET-IN mtKVAH afREKT, TUB STORK AMI 1 !' r.dar Oeiiar of SS), the fourth Floor of SS, :.nil the tilth *k>or of 2B, 31 and A3. Ike rcoms on ihe until tloir coon.ct wllb each other. A|>(iy tj JAM. ?ONNEK A SONS, c-rutr of Rcade and Ceutre street*. 'flu LET? ON KEa.8 sNaHLa tBjLStl, TO A uKKID J .JtD*DyAhZ tpv- ui' r-1. Building jp B!?.*.?*ay, UOfeti bv lit r?t, I lu.-h front tend re?r, or eaclfft >ort > let septr telr iculars Inquire of B&NJAM1N GAliBKAlTtd, Esq.. Ill street, lle.sld Hufldmg, or of aLEX ANDKB -? " ??' t? *- * * r cuiiuiuji on* wajr, 4Av ?vv| by lb fret 1 lufh front uD<i r??rt or eacmi.)ort<? let nenir jtel? Per particulars inquire of Br.NJ A MIS' lUI.Hitt! I,i K^, 127 Vuiton street, lte.sld BAGLbb?,N. 738 Broadway TO LET?THE FOLLOWING HOUMBH:?"(O 01 WBST Thirteenth street and 28 Raat Forty.first street; aleo 110 Second plaae, Kris klyn. The above ue in good O'Oar. and will be rented low to desirable tenants. . Apply to M. CUM West Twi n'" *unh street, or to II MaOFaR LaRK, Jf.,Wn. 7 ?ne street 7? T*u UTORk HOUSE AND ABOUT T?Lh '.B ,.e* of Land, half a mile from Wllll.msbrldge, Hariem ?j?i) i ? '*d iaqulre at 16 aud Its Chaw be ra street TO LB*?THE LAUOh sroitl. AND DWELLING MO. 300 Grand street near Kasex Markat. Will be rented to fetber or separata, the dwelling la w*dl adapted to and la a first rate rand for a boardinghouae, being well vontUatod and with all the convenience* of wash and bathing tuba, Ac. Posaess'on irivcn >st of Jsv. ln>iuire <?* JOH.N UONGEU, 43b Grand street, or i?AVID CONUKK, 57 Baekman street. T) I.BT-IN JEK8BT CITY, BRICK HOPHBS, OF various sizes with all the modern Improvements. For sa'e, small first rises brick Honi-eg; slso neat Ootuges, at Bergrn Heights, atlja<> at to borm railroad. Apply to JutIN O. Mi LAUUbLIH. odlue corner ?.f Grove and York street*. TO LiBT?TO A 'Vi aLL Pa*11L>, 1 PAKLOK, 110019 floor, and one ltiuemeni. In first olass noose. No 813 tejond a>enu<, ue?r Kilty tlrrt street. In n>;w and comple e order, can be occupied immediately. Apply on the premites; rent ni. derate. rLB'f?THE MtiDEIUi FUUH STORY BHOWN 8. ONE House. No. 10 Thl'tj ninth street; real |1,4I!U Also, the mode' n doure, 177 A averlev place, tent, (700. and one at 176 Waverley place. rent $MJH. Apply at JU Pine street, room 1. ro LIT?A VERY HaND-OME, NEARLY NEW, three story auO Utaeint.nt bnck and brown stone house located in a pleasuut and newt cioellent ne phoerbood i79 Summit street between Hick* and IIenrj streeu. Brooklyn;, eontairung waier th'oniiheo>, 'urnaee, rapge. gas fixtures, Ac., about four or fl-e mlou'c-i* walk fram reiry ; rent. Apply at the clothing s < re, 217 Greenwich street, New Vork to J. i. 1'AYNiAK. rO LBT?THE THREE SlOttY AND HASEMBNT drab stone front Homes, Not oa And 73 Wa. t Forty tlfth itreet in good ord> r and with all the modern improvements. Apply to ALkEB'i HORN, 4Z> Reaver street. TO LET- L'PPEa P.vRT 0^ A POUR ?TOBY HOUSE in'J aentyTourth sireet, l? 'aeen ireven'h and Eighth avenues, eontnli ingall 'be n>' durn improvomenta, ocslsiing ol front bas- mm., s word an<t leurtn floors, seven ro ms; bath, hot and cold water, est fixtures, water ct met*, aa itries, and privilege iu !tundr>; rent $RAL Apply at 33U West >|t teeentb "treev. r) LBT?BHTLDIMO No. 45 LEONARD STREET. Jfl by 110 fret; luliable for s'/>re or manufacturing Terms mad' rat*. Inquire or al uilt 1 WILSON, No. 127 Reade street. r LET-THE STORK AND BaBEMENT, 617 SIXTH avenue, we?t side, bet*'-en Fonj seventh ?nd Forty eigbth streets dupable lor any ygbt fancy Lusines-; Dlate glaa* window to store, good dry ana light basement, and very c?nvenlen<. Apply In the drug .tore adJolUng, or at (Ufi Sixth av>nue. Kent $AMI per annum TO LET -Ti*t aKOoNO FLOOR OP BU'LDIBO JUNC tlon of Bro?d?ay and s'if<h avenue snltabl* 'or a mer chant tailor or mllllii. r Also toe twn front Room* of ouild in? "15 broadwsv, snitable for same Imam***. App y to JaCoB FINK, S)^ tiioadway. TO LBT?IN BROOKLYN, TUB THRKB 8TOBY brirk ?ou*e, with basem* nt auil sub cellar, Ne Ml xsrkett street, near t'ourt street The house i* in excellent order and In a nleamtnt uelghb-irhood. t> n: (125. Apply on the premises, or to J. R. ttROiVN, 74 Pearl at, N. T. TO LET?AT REDUCED BENiS. THE POLLOWIBO desirable llouhfls;? No IOT E*?t 1 uentleth itlrwc. No. Ct Tbl d street No 09 third s-reet. *pply to IV?. E. BhJNCKBKlIOPP, No. 112 avenue C. TO f ET? OFFICES, BrnmOH AND RfMlHS. FOH Hgbt merlianlcal bu*iue*?, can b.' hired at tuil) Brondwuv, at ve>> low rents to g ? d u raui*. Apply ti W E BHiNOK RltHOFF, 112 avenue C, or In the carriage r?[s>*ilory. r) LK'?PINK OPPlt'KS ON FIRST, SECOND AND fourth ll iors of building No. 10 Wall streel also Nos Hi and 24 and IS East Eighteenth street, between Broad way and rlfth avenue; ala<> I'.ouse No. 77 West Houston tt, between Lnorons and Wooster. D A A KIN JS La>I>, BtlTOR A < t> , iV> Broad street rjM> LET-ON KTATEN ISLAND (IfORTH SHORE), A 1 splendid Otmtry Se?t. with ten acre* of ground, barn, stable, Ac ; tifte.-n minutes' walk from the ferry a> i-as tlelon; location very healthy, with fine water and inland Views Foi par Iculart apply 10 JOSE MANXANEOO, No, '3 South WlUlsm atrrei T> LET-BIHISESS PLA"K^, STORES, A". I. A RUE '^ssrmert utore N-". 226 Bowery, AIM), -Nlort' and Cellar No Catherine. ?*??>; wtore and bu"k Rooms N >. 12t Bast Houston, $21< ; Ba emeiit Store No so Naa?au, $?M?; Ollicea 6t> and oS Bearer street ard Nassau street. Inqulreat No. MD Bowery. rLET-A NEW, NEAT AND ONNABRNTAL COT tag In ' eventv llrsl street, near Fourth avenue, contain Ing dcnb'e |M?rl'.rs 'btu'll and fnut b*aetnen ., and flve bed rooms Pls/ss front and rear gas and I rot.>n water in the preni ise* 1 his pro|teriy Is ?'nlv on* avenue fmm theSeventy secono street ? ntrance to the Ramble, Central 1'ark. intptlre on the premises. TO LET-IN SOBERS WESTCHESTER COUNTY, A House, Stable mid al'ont four arres of Ground, the resl clenreof tbe late P. J. <"? flin. It Ik near the Harlem llailroa'l, I1, miles fr> m Burdy's .nation or Croton Falls. Apply to G. O.'COFFIN. New lurk Post otliee Rent $l.'m TO LET?TUB FOl'R t?Tt>KY STORE AND CBLLAR 513 Washington street rent $700; two and three Mory Houms. from %4H< and over; parts nf tiouses to ramllien, anil 145 h tankiii.; 8 and '.A A alker, XI and Stf Market, 35 and til last Bro<Mi?H\,>nd 25.Greene l^rge Boarding Houses In East Broadway, Henry and Moor, c streets, cheap; alao niorea and saloons. Impure In front basement, No 'U East Broad way. TO LET ? FO.4 ?< f I iR AUK OF PI RNITl'RE, FROM May 1, IWI. two very laigs R ?m>. In a private bonne, in the o ntre ol the city Inquire at Jt9 Bowery. TO LET-THK T WO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK BOCBB li>V Elm street, l etweeu Broome and Grand street*; gas and flxturef. bath, wa'er. Ac.; will be put in complete order Rett $5M< To be seen between 2 and 4 P. M. r| LI I-THE THREE STORY AND BASBMKNT t ouse .".<v Hnsme street; gas will be put In and the house Ih.'H ?.ghly iep-ired Apply to W. h. GRAY, 3W Broadway, up stairs. rLFT-lrtE F1VK S'^ORY STORE NO. 155 BOOTH street; also .he fiiat and upper tlo>r?of 153 ronth street, both near I'tck allp. App'y to W. W. DE FOREST, 82 Houth street. TO LBT?A OOOD HOl'SE AND 10 LOTS, WITH BTA blr, Cjt%er ol H?o.dwaj and 103d street; hoiMP 3**M; ha* gas all through. 15 minute* from Chambers atreet by oars, anu rne hour bv *ia,.;e. Kent $710 Inquire on the premises, or of k. K ADAMS. 61 Dey *treet. . cr-O LET-ON BROOKLYN HklUBTP, VEAR SOUTH ferry, the first class fonr storv high *t > p Houae JM picks s.rset, coraer of ?tate; contains hot and oold water, gas. chsndsllera, liitores, Ar . ai.d Is In perfect order. Inqulreat Z. Atlantic slrtel, or at 14?. avcoue A, New York. Rent |A5U. rpo LET?TO A SMALL RBSPECTABLB FAMILY. 1 without children, the upper pan of a neat Cottage, CI Downing meet, nissr Vatlrk, nnnslitlng of two parlor* with folilu g oo-irs and hall bedroom, basement and half of cellar. 11a* gss and Water. Can be seen from 10 A M. to t P. II. riHJ LET TO SMALL FA.M1LIKH?FL ><>R8 IN THE 1 new bi.wn . tone fr 'Ot noua? 164 East 'Thlrii Q'lh street, be*ween Keootid >nd Tl.lrd avennes,supplied whb ga? shower bsth ard hoi and c ild iv*ter Inquire on the proBine*, or of TK'MEV A KLi'Klt, 212 Giand etieel. rLET OK FOR t AX.E?-TFIB OCEANIC HOUSE, ON loD^y lalMid Inquire ?f U. O. WIN SLOW, No.? t'mirt mict, brcokiyn _ TO LET, FOR PALI; OR KXCFTANQK FoW CITT PRO pritj?A tlm* utorv ?ti l ba*?rnimt Houm of twenty alt r-wm* with two *or<n of land, barn and oarr'.ato houao at ?llooMlDtvlew, Fta't-n 1aland, half a mIK- from railroad di-pot, two mUr? (mm ?t*amV>at landing and lhr*? '(ii*rt?r* of * Hil.e fioni Vrl..OiBkjr; a CeliRlitftu plare tor bathing and Bubtrg. S. KLIUT * CO., M Uborijr etreot rlht?*0 A H?ALL FAMILT OF MOWN PER OOP, jortof * (ruwl brown atone Hou*? In :t p ca?iO! ih l?hb-'rh. ?Hl ?ni)*lntni!all 'b? raml'm lmpr< iretMtita CBei *pilon?ble rrf?>reiie?a Kpren and mjuini H<>nt (ihi Aiplj ,.i i Ji b unt Thirtieth aireet. rt. I " I ?? ?!I<? I.T-. "K c,\i:r or lloUHE 14 I.E r y >, ille- rfcer airrot o?il? otic block ao?t of Hroul ? ay; tne lower part ha? hewi wimpled by a dentlat frr Ml y?ra. A leaae ' an Im mul for a atom If. dealred. rlET, HOI'HKH, Ai\?OOTTAOK HOI Sh, MVK tie, near Dtvtalnri ?<-enu? 1 Brooklyn*, $J.'iU. H <Mea "ill and M l Atlantic atreet ?100; part* Hotjeca 67. Wand 71 >? ?an atrret. Hrookitn, Hou?>- 02)4 atorieai, 101 t'ann >? ilrert, IH76; two >tory Itonae, with eitenalon, l9IHuliWan atrert, SAM, fr>ur elorjr l)nu?<-, all Iwprorornenta, 51 Horatio aireet, fMi; two and a hall atory llona* I.W Hriilfe atrert, jjrooklvn, far and nau-r, (411 In piiiv al :rtv Huaery. fl'O LEI-TliE A-BLb LiOHTKD StOEB, 16X70 FKRT, J it N > B weat a' rec *1*0. 'vlkarand nw I,n't to b" !? I to erther rr >-ev?i?w. Ibn*t*re bMrig ocruulel forth e I*>t0ve ly? rtiip at>a?>4iAr inmuw af Wittk A zi'Ki To L?T-rtot'hr 10 h >'Harlton itkekr, Minus ?ton,'* and thr?e ro"tna d>*ep all the way up, wu>? a.l the ?odrm l3i|'ro?"m?n'?, plmaantly ??'tuate'l rent ?<? A'?o aeTernt riim? In <tramr? pouniy fnraalo ftpnlv ?,> n R))K A h. D. tv 11, i.N, onte?> ??? Varirk !? - TO LET? PvBT OF MOl !kE NO ;-0n K&4T TWELFTH Mat* 1 roy ?tr-at ; l>i? 'Mini Floor, two Kon.n* on third florr, or.p ?oj>m in the attic, an<* Ha< k l:awtn?nt, in frH.d ordor, alth ?H th? m >d?rn ImprotetionUn family ?<n 1:1 ? oan tffteenfMin 10to*. Hrnt Appl. u> ,s. hdK A D , 2">? t'a-l-k ?treet TO LET-TUB VOIIE KTORT ENUMsM BAHKMKSf Hotue >> V> ft Thirty third iitrert, n??r math a?? nti". I h- Mni'tee't ? *t'?*'t ?l*g'? pa?? the do?ir, and oth"r Ukea of rta?r? and rare paaa th? *om*r. It contain* nil thf modern im|/ro'vmpiil*, *??. water and fliturwa. it will bo put In p>rfe<' repair Hont 1436 per annum >a<|ttire .<n thr prera'aoa TO LET-TUB LOWER FART OF A KIR TT 0LAH1 >niill?h h???mont 1on?o, with a'l lh? modorn Imor >?? m?nt?. oon?'?ting of tBrw handoom* Roaria with a law p'l'i UBor) r om If re ju'rr-d, r<'nt moderato Apply ?> || Weat Twonty flftk vrwt I'oawwal in about JOth if April. BOCRBI, KOOM, TO mo Yet-nuT?EBB 9TO*V Hei'Sfc. ^.^dfnuL I ] fnrd arenu?, wuhimibiag: la ?0 feet deep, ?rith! m^nn 'ill feet Mtuira 'n r?ar ?t pftrlort, wd ft>w i# Uli meat hu< hot and cold water, dummy, hath. water.lo*et-*. >u and bu?f?a. anA aU the mooern Improvement*; poeej ?loo given at any lime App'.y to D. CBtuSON, No A n8*t door. ? TO LET-IB BROOKLYN, T ?0 ?M ALL THREESTO** hlah stoop bnck llouaea, on Adam* street, uu%? rtwfWiW Wtlk from *ulton ferry ala. tiv?Wree and basement brick Houses to ltl or far ?uA* fry cheap, houae* tlx?, lot ?*1M situated In a splendll netgb *>rh *-4. to Value street, near Klaibush aveeut.. can. pwa ?"rr tlv? mlnu'e* For particular* call on or addreea J>. B. OouM, SB hnubt-u street, Brooklyn - TO LEI-PAPER MiLL (STEAM), 64 INCH CVUN der. titled to nu-ke .olored, medium. book or p-i'? uap?r in complete ord?r, with spring water. Addreaa J )bn Kennedy. Belleville. New Jfwy. Tho let-an offue, on second floor, a* ike new marble building. No M Broadway ; laoat ble situation for ai. 'dice In ihe cny. Hie Boonu are neWiyI carpeted, and r.wdy for Immediate oeupaney Awgy to wl > senbera, room No 2, on the*. 1). l LI >ta & -o. rro LF.T?FLRNlMlEr, $1,000, OR LNJ.L'iiNI,iiV^: 1 iHM. ihe tbree -.tory brown alone Houae, 6.1 west eorty fll ih aireet, between Httt and Sixth avenu^ The furnl lure I* good aud compute. Apply to K L1*IN(,. TOW, . 'X V houib A illiam strtet. ri LET?THE UPPER "iKT Ok llui si, lh5 EAfT Hroadway ?i.h|(U eela, c'o?et* and tui?emeiit i' re quired, to a email lainilv. Reference requited. Can Jt , ma from 3 to ft o'ftlock _________ TO 1ET-1N A BOSi OBXCSFTIONAByt WSlOBi borhood, between Waverley and 'Mlnton pla*?, 2w Oio> ne atreet, first clusa lluusc, in p. ri ' oner eighteen rooma, ga* fixture*, water, tewera*-, Ac., cheap to * g..ud tenant. APity to K U. BROWN, 12l >*s?*u ?t*eei: fr?u> ltoJFJ^ _____ m<? IVT-MIU. B?*>, ?"?. * PLKNDID a-ART T liieut* Room*, nchlv papered In gold, and all c.inve nieme* Inquire >n the premiat*, Fourtu avenue, between FonyUr?t at d Forty accond strcete. __ TO LET?Fl'BNISBED COTTAOB, WITH A BO Of 1 oi'anacje jxtyear. ?ud iurnlalioU Manaion, with abomVuur acr.-e, .l??l pTr month >r f .. ihe I fe? Jersey, wiuin a lewminuUja Komi ucd Kxaei BHllri ad Ipply 'o KlBLD * auctluneera. Nb t> l'i"' -tr?*et. rro lit-io a all fabilt a vfERT ?f. J g.rahle 'urnikl >1 o'tage In tre mtds ' V LiKh ?ni L??Hhy, with e?wy ?mvon.enc. . i M.aii a ^eKlclie?te'C-un'y, 11 mil-h i ruill I hl r in ? ble by tar and i.o?l? ?PP'y to Hul.ii A M. uk,AX. aut Uobeeia, No '.I 'meMr - TO I>ET?KVRNlsUED, A i ;VO sTuRY AM) At ,lO frame lluuaeon or-Mklyu U-lgh.s. niia> wallc from r ulton 'eriy. Rldgvw od water iii kitchen, ir<l coi w'l) be let cheap to it Urate I H iena.lL Apply to S. I?. sT.HY ihK, Jti aud .vi ziarolay s reei Now \ork. Tt7T EV?ltM B' WRIl', I'HE M-OBtt, WITH OR WITH ou>. the Lwelllt,^ p-.rt; a llret baalDMs lo^lion; nnmediae y '-J'P4> ^ r* h- N. >a liowery, irf?w 12 to \ ??'< 1 ck. T"~TT LKl-for BVrtimwW. SOi-lBriBS, BO., FRONT and c. rner Huoim :?t M9 rtr.Mk.iway, corner.. I a'leei ?oi*ll storea In flo dnd W kaat Twelfth utree B<ui. mentSlT Bnadway. f Ke^ rom JUJJU. T~0 LET-TOE PR.M1SB8 NO 4H? BKO^MK - IKEEr, rearly oppoa'te Marion nreet; It lioue th- m .?t d aliable nuJ nwa loction- m that action of the city; ?u utble for a r^btaurant, pr<)vision or gro ery husiiioM. aPW 10 ? H A tLKINH 10 P.ttf >lr*el TO T >T?feTOhES AiDOFFI. ES I< Bfto vD STKK-.T, near Wall, fctoee ?,o. 3 Bn?id .tr. ot; Otl "e* on seo >-d and il.ird ll.K.rg'if No. i Broad Ktre'l; vO-l be ren oo l3rf. Apply to A J 1)6L.iToC?, an-, wall a roet, nea- Broad rro LET?* VERV LARGE HOC >K. FARfLV FI7R 1 Dithed, aituatea on ia^ taa; ri.-r, woU suite 1 lu every reaoect for an eitrnalve ?ummer boardtog hou?e, hii? a'1"'' gal den and fin aorea >/lano, line. Dtthln# and b.i'inK, ?od v^.liln one hour'a di?tut."? o^ the city by ateumboai or ra I Toad A?ply to V. K. WILKIN-'. 10 fine at.-eet. , rpo LET?THE THREE hTORV HU?U BASBMENT 1 M(.u?e348 |Ve?i Thirty fifth street, between hightb aud "inth ?venuta with all the ni dern lmorovemeut*; fttod neighborhood: itax fixture* tbrougboiit, fine vlnea, yard. Be. B? nv $?W 1 uqulre at ?1 tlgo * avenue. rpo l.ET l* bbooklyn?PAR'I' OF * OKSTEEl.rOT I tMur Hou?e. c >u???'ing of lour ro m* ?n th? wscoud lloor, wlthVmaU rear ba?.-tneni, (rt'uated In Kent avenue, one daor cuitb oi is.yrtle avenue. Appiv on tbe pr?Minn**? rO LET OR KOR SAt'E?THOmB lWO NBW FOCR 7 *,ory baaemeni and aub cellar brown atone front Houae* (fi Hclaeaj. and H17 Kaat ?ifteenth atr?':t, oppoaite the Paik and one bl. ck from l>r t.vng'a ch|j|?h Apply t<?'. u iXjLUU. Y, 1M Bowery friwa W to8o?i?. rro LET?THE THREE FIVE hTORY ENOLISB BaHE J went Bonne*. Noa 1,244, 1,2*1. and 1,248 Br. ?dway, bctw e.-n birty first and rhirtv *e ond *treet?. being the?front ol th nv ?t deair??.le bUa-k In ihe ui>p?*r part of New York i lug forty rooma. ad in good order, with m .dern improro i> eijtf. and altogether very desirable for a Uw boardiU)! boo*.', for particulars apply at N? 1.214. In the ot^l e. IjiNUEE It liOcUl'.N, S Pine street and 1,1-M Kioadaay. rPO LET-A MtU'EKV 1IOI SE, 1HTLT IN ioTTaOS I style, with w ings on each >l ?e gas, Oroton water and all lb.- modern Inipr >vem> nu sltnatial .n H* h aire.-t and rn'"J avenue^ w"th g ird. n and -Uble If re,-..^, MtHit iWN. ll?ith street and 1 bird avenue, orl .. W. imrMis, lfW Fulton lUtM. rrtO L.KT?TO A FAMILY OF TWO OR T IBBE WW ^ th? s?.*>nd *tor* o' Dwelling 19ft Allen atr. et, con slstlng "V two Room* and two li drooma, aud a!?o Bedrono tn tkeattle. Bew t BMP #n< v 1 t i MM | \ KMA \A t V \ M 1 L\ . WlflfOl ' ' I! ' ? Tdreti, the wound atnry of a modem ballt cellent n?l?hb.irhiM.d, oot>o?lte the groni da of the Blind In tl tule and oonvenlent to uara a"d a lag.-# hot and cold waur e"* Ac In every ?av suitable rnrhou-ke-olng a fl 'jioui man place. Weal Ttnrtv third *treet> betweeu and Ninth "venue*, between 10and 12 A. M and I and 1 P. M. only.' , rro 1RT-ON Ml RRAY HILL, THE FOUR STORY T brown stone (root Hoo-e Ai East Th.rW e .htk ?re. . all tbe m'.dern luipruvcm.-nia, chandelier*. An t an 0# ? . betw.-en 2 and 4o ol s k ^ SI. Kent low. Apply to T. L BOSS BCO .8* and 8H Pearl street rro LET?AT L<w RENTS, THE HANDSOME, LAR?>B new four story 8P re #7 ninh avenue direcjy opuislie t> mhth street, adapted for the *ale of rendy made clo liitni, ilt'v ao ds A'1 Also, one half of the Klr*t Fl.wrof 71 M*t il-'t)^ ne, 'near v illlarr street; also, the three story House No li Laiabt street, oppogiie v'anal, suitable for a light builiMMM. iuo ib'Mrirf b?. eitnrv Hou^h (haTtng ?) roonm *tch) * iVwaKionpUce, and UG Waverle, * avPDue; all will be put in ? od order. Appl) at 1^ + av r > place, to K. L. ? rro LET-A HOUSE AND STORE. St'ITABI.E KOR A 1 private or a s.aman a boa; ding in a flnelooaU .n. No 1?V Washington street, near tSe Ha'tery. Inquire of .) MI RPHYS. No. a Battery place. mo I FT ?A SMALL, OEN'TOEL kamilv. WITHOUT T voungchildn n, can hire a large bruwn ?U>ne, furnished Huu>e on Brooklyn Height*, near Wall and Pulton ferries^ near Court *tr>et, Brooklyn. . TO LET?TO A SMALL KAMILf, IN A bonie fuml'hed or unfdtnlshed, the ?ec >iid hot,fe N<? 17 North Moore etreet, corner of Vartck, c .naUtlng of several ru,>mj Inquire on 'he pr. mlwes TO LET?THE HIOH STOOP, 111 RE Eh STORY BRI? ' K ll.mse. No 142 *???Tw?nly-iev..nt?,Timet; ha. a I be m'Ml. rn Improvement*, ga? flit"ret, 4c Apply at Bo. Ea*t ihirty Ut th ?treet. Tm O LET-IN BROOELTN, CORNER OF yPIJIOT ? ?tr?et. ?*M of Bedford avenue, and n?*r th? Fu.t<>o and MyrLe <m?, a 2ft feat front 'uttaxe H?u?e, containing ten nn m? and aide *1 tension, with eight Lota Rent$W. rpa LET?TH?i STORE AND rPI'ER PART OF BPILD 1 I D( corner of fourth anl Meter street*; pos??*il<m givan immrdiat-iy u the tenant*. Messrs McKenrle k O'llarm, are av riag to :/>?>r new building, corner of Fourth and <ire?ne streets. also, the second story of the above building, wltu a or irate n.irww. from fourth (treat. MrKBNZIE k O'faARA, No. 838 fourth alreat. TO LET?TIIB Fl'RMRIIBD IIOl'KK WO ? EAHT Ihir'eenth ?treet. r<-ar rmveralty plaee, from the In of May Add real hoi 712 foal ou 11 TO LIT-FKONT AND BACH I'ARLOB, FRONT rtED room oil the second tloor, one Hoooi on the third fl y)r if w&Iitcd, of tne thru- ?Uiry brick Bonn- XVt Uivlaioti ii'rret. opprwlte Attorney * reet, The rooms are empty t present A i tea fMnlli. without children, ia warned. rm LhT?rHE I?WtI.LIN<3 part |>F HOI'S B NO. 12' bkcrker *iie?t, c rner of WooUer street, cro'lining thirty mom* and lirge kitt Ben: dumh waller to second s'nrv Possession at osce. Kent fl.iflf. Apply t> MM. C\ aVEH Ma>, 121 kieecker *traet, in the Mm. r) LET IN BROOKL>N-A T'lNRE RTORf BROWN' atone frcut Hou<e, In Clarm nt avenue ncur Lafavette aTtiue Apply to A. M TRKDWBLL, 4"> Kit Hon ?'roat,Na* York, or to TWO OOITLD, M Him* street, Brooklyn To LSI AM) FCRNlTi RE FOB nai.B-* TAo story ?nd b??cment frame Hondo, n?ar the Clfy "all, brooklyn, in h rood neighborhood Item $.!'2ft Inquire oi * v t Ul'Itt PII.L, .lr , M wllitam n'r-et, <; inter of Msld'"i Une. rpo LET Olt LFABH?THE BaMEMBNT (108 FEET I deep) ol and sev?ra! fine Ofllces In the new Ore proof r illllr.B No. Si P wall rt^?et (?f?t md?), between Fulton *nd John aiienta. New Tor* Apply t? FRANClh tiVRNE, 1-U Nssaftu Mraet. TO LP* ,R LI AhE-FI RMhPIll HOCfifc ?U WR> I Thirty 8!Ih s'reet, b<-i?t-*?i Fifth and Suth avenue* Th? I -r. -o !? th' f *tor1?? and basement, ht?h ?t'?ip and ba'enny v nt* ns all the nudim Improvement* the Furniture In fln< order, making It a ver? desirable rut.Arm** for a private faml ly. an N- ?v-n from II A. M UU I F M Inquire on tb< premise Ihe t>e?t ot? reference* required. Foe furthea particniare arpif V) t. / R1LRT, M Moutk atnat, enrsar 0 Wtll fpo LET OR LEASE?THE FEAT TWO 8TORV AND 1 *1 tic br"ck Houde, No wi #a<t* atreet. ha* caa and C'. ? ton water, ard to a Uatrahle tenant wtli be >e*e?->d low. Af ply at K7 Wat. r ?treet TO LET OR LEA8E-THE DWELL! NO HOuBF. NO. M Oreaor atreet, aeeond door heloa >raod, naa hot sod cold Water, bath, t-? ranae. .?? with alleyway adiolninf all fe-t wwle. and the pii^lleaeof building < n lat In toe rear, aire U b ho feel; poeaaacion on the lat ?>? May Apply to H. BOVD, V 11 rand atreet. fpO LET OR LEAHE?THB FOt hlfTf>?T, HIJH 8Tt> iP. J modern built Hotiae, No 17? Eaat F> urteenth atreet, n<-ar Neoond avenao, rf plef with the modern oon .-enlencea May he a?'en from 11 till I o'clock. Ren' ll.tWI Inquire oo the premleea, or of II E DAO/., M MtOI ?ti*et rpo I.BT OR LEAHE-THR HOI SB AN" TEN LOT< I wliii K rn, corner of -troadway ?nd l'Bl atreet. Iiom" US feet froit v>d ^4 feet deep, foartoen room*. R?* all through, all In line older fortv Ave ni'n jt ? fr im i.'haui' era *?r ct l y railroad Iind one hour by ?t'<c? erery tww' j minute* Inquire on the premlae*. r of t. K ADAM % 61 liryrtnH ______ TO l.ET f'R 1RA*B-THR VPRT 1>K?TK VBLB ROOM rc< .Ttly onoupled by th>i An dior I nan *n * t >rotiaii>. f. I i ? ihe?a r ? ni? ?| >intid y fni h"r wlta all th? a( t??t tj ent? f'i ?n ;n>nran; or Htt kin? ntot>anr For nnute-or falc c-e ip Aptlv toJOllN hlL,h*, re- Irei.jl Wall ntt??t ^ ri^o l.t * h-KOR 'I.e. IF . i R "AKaTRM O* J ipgctl rr, fl-e L '? n \f ->:?y ind *M*>' ,irr*'a b? twee*? [??laace\ etnl Hto^me a *? rwiute^ ar 'mn f on dr. It .ohn h I i*<IS to ba vaoantoi May I Apply ti'<.( h'm ??.|TV. 71 *?l ai>.et rn?? ??????? r ??!? f. I J,hT? AI PFOf' > H I *1.? Jl heata nan', D i.road ?u< at BOFBKB, boom 8, 44'., TO LIT. ^ mu FKHT-TWO Kl KHT < LaHpS MOISKs 3M and <U 1 He?r\ atreet. near Ile?rr?w streat, P ?>okiyn. The location la uA'arsuwC;all tar modern impr >vaineuta Haul modaeate toag od tenant Apply lo Hf i RY WllKN' FIELD, 80 Na? uu (treat, or to J. k. IK*MA. l*> I uitou -treat, New t ork. _ TO PHYHlClANd AND iiENTlsT>\?A P HYU1C1A* OP Teapectablllty, apract.oner In thj? ri:y f r fh? 1??! fif teen yeara, W'll let hi < otli.e for one year I on the tin' |>r)xl mo;'neat on betweei teeond ind 'our-ib iv?uu"s, ana six teenth and Twentieth street*. Addreaa Ks.-ulapiua, ? tat Ion I>, Blb'e Houae. Kent $itv per tui uu, :hr?<' r^-ine, fur rt?h*d. wa'er, Ae The upper part op a pir-t ci v-tR h > ? to let ? A pa'iv havirg to ti' room hm tli-y urtti >'*' tutro after the i?t of Ylav next, *111 If tlm Se ond .?'wry end l>art vf the tlwd, to I itipKU'jIr lamiiv I'he h < 1? IWAtod i.p io*u. iu ?n anexceptiouable m ^hlvthood. b- ...c?n th* M mod and fbird tieenuea, an* Is rep'cte with m<?]ern I n prevent* uta and ttui?h?d iu the Mat jaunuei. A ip'.y * l'J3 M>uth Ktntt T'lVER I'AK: <)P lltKBii HO 9 IIA4M >i> ?stkbht

I. to let. eonatmng ol aev.ind story and part of the tSurd. a | ply ?l It* * %? ertty place, < oraer warn I'outb air. et 1U?) 81XTH AY KNI E-*-'fO 1-Kf. fHE *E':ONI> JOi Floor and back Banenent, t - a famt'y ?Tjio'it ch:i dreu No objecli a lo a r spectab e bus at-.^s inquire in the ?t"i*, JdlfeltAli. MFEKB SEYtN OCTAVE RolF. v<X'D PI > HO forte f* r ??le?Ri-hiy oarved k'F< atiU ???-? round c r uet*, nil uou plate. Inlaid with a tin wxid. ivei"iruiig ita**, Inlak! ?i'h peart and p^arl keja mad t*? order for the p* aent owne: by city m?k> is 'u ly goa'am-ed f- r bre? y>'ars. Iwen in uh but live nu ti b?. ,o?t j.iHJ Mill be (. >td for iu rludliiK ><ooi and t(iv?r. AIk < .I'^act Ur*? ? at; -J.oom utt, eoat $.H)il, for $uo lu^-j re at No. 70 V> ^st r??ntj :iith itreei, n* ar Mixtb aveiKO AfihKAT BAROAlfi.-MAOK'PT ENf -P.V".-: OC tave ro?. wo'Ki rlanoi'irte tor $l'*l, ??' 0"t? > xib .r- nue r*?' ''hir.- nlntti ?tre?t It)' fiano n ri-hly .In si 1 i li round corui i?, m?? op.<| kev?, tlnu'd Irn-, Rr^nd cSi'.'ujir M ale, .'iv. rn'TUBg ow, di ep brai??, >ui.m hop. -i' iou -Hi u tone, wm-'li can l>e en etl; niaon i.y n ty mulceri; uliy warTiiiitrd, ?nd the Ktritert lurKalu - i>? uoo. m-p y or tvn d?ji NY lu\ It Y OR OfcS ? .1 MAS vltO'T PCR.11U Si? a rellabl.' I'ianvferte i'ui th 'ii o? n asir, .?u aallti; tUem Ktiv.'H by c-.llu>K at .'o UU-, i>lot"; a?er. i?, aetr ibn r rner of 1 htrty Qui Hirer I, 'hat U< gn aier tMiiifalu an b>' found .u Uila .:lly A Mi feet aasrlfle* wIIIImimM - ? 'ii icMTW, IU | Kibl> ojwmhI roteno'.d u" u> r>u'd on . r?, b?c< iluiab rd hamr a* front, artptatlnv T:' >ul<li>iys a "iud, triple ro?n Of CW*iU. richly Oaryed 1*01 a t ijie. o i ? ??< beautiful 'ulai'' notn* b> ar?i f pearl <~k. b ivy ?rvr l nn u:dl? s? round tbe top, ami ,* a in- >. pu;ua d pi nolo rv?ty rrajfeet Y oil cannot buy a piano ot tt? iien.dinl^V. In anv war* loom in town fur lea* taan $VM; It:? a''no>i n- w, ia without a blemish Immediate eaat i mu i. a. offtr o' %eil? >'aah wi?i be u> derril N ?.'h ^vruua car? pa- ? the dor. A tin Brit J < y. N?t? in DhVtiT OP lhK aXkX?Jii><ii Ver I bur'hee. Qlianelii tfehoola &n?! Vh ' lug flo .1 JII3 er -aCwa .. If BDaL i iF HoNuK ai tLe i r >or* Etb'biuon of I IMi Thi? m?pnifia?nt Balfurrwi.i i?t ltV?d'o the ? -t) fciat' h | May 4, lkMk wliicA tie bm l*u' . r ,..rmauc of THA!.fftK'?, ?1. ti. uk ii '.: r. have rendered aa po pular lu \merira a< In ? iiii|v, haa been . adoptrd by the girateat n i.h..h ami 00 0] 0h?m >>f l>.tb ton j tl^Wl*. UOTt??".aAJ.K, L'il7. BOUKi, VIi HRUtifcR. Ar , 4i'. the Alesandra < 'gaii la oeubrated r tbe r.jj.t. , m.d prr e.?lon of ita mecbaiu-iB aa<?Ua> >r ilia fullinwe ^nJ poaer of lu tune and tbe n marhable q<talltv ->r keei ug )iert*ul.\ In tune lu all cllmatea rrle?a at the depot, y*t $w>, $!"0 tloi'. $) V> $ .'A J.'/A | $:iwi, $S4o >.tti A drucrlpifve drenlar ae^t to any add'et. (.>. 'i pli ntloa 'o j Hha.f'AJiD A F/i lurui.a.-. ?, ?i ~.rnad??y, i Importers uf Kiinnin Aeeonleori, Tlullna l.n ? . nga, A*'. 1 I8? 1IAPTIE \ND. V, tOPftA> I, <YiLI> A- "EPT an engag*mnt In u <n tar telle h'.r r b.s idrea tri Seventh meun", near t'ouiteemh atre* USICaL JNHTtlCi ION*.-A LaO'*i - il 7T- * petent teacher f itnliar and p'.ano d 'alrra ? ? obtain u few more pup'la. I'.-rtm inoJrrat# i. i - r .. H Ea?i Eltvtitb street. VflMCAL INITftUi'TION-a I. \1>V WHO IS A fOM JU pelei.t taaehtr of and t'lano, ?le?ire< to reselve a few morep :pUs modri tte. ImjulMM Ko. 57 Em IWrllth at<er 11KE OREATKHT UKOAlh WILt. At '/1VBN if TUB private reeideuoe (M i^exlnfti.n avenue rnitr Twenty aixth atrrr.t, for a tlrai rlaaa, reliable I'lauof. rtr, aeven oetnve, full Iron 'rame, extra wide ai ile, oteratrntig biaa. tir. b o-t* gnn i'ga >*'ve<l lyre, rh-brat r< aewoid '-aae. ard a s apit ndld tari 'l-'nHtPjnteu: , I. at $4*0 ail muu'ha fig ; wi be aold for ? U? aa -.hrc *nfrtcml haiT eady motiey M A. ISSTHlCTlin YOINO I'ER-ON ?I-*<f.?i T)' Ks H T.\l)TT.< .m handwriting? ? he ? rut* the ytieeo r ? i p-riectlf; I* a good a* ?m?tr"a?, a:.d Hillnu to do uhftui'Mrftork. take ca^e f childr*'/' and m ***- hern- I' laeful; ui I < tr*i el with a t'eapi i'!ttbt*' lamily. Call at 23' di 'i, i. ? t , bvoon Stat.' ai d loralrmon at* , youth Hmok en. l^REHt'H, <;EltMAN, EN'O.'sH aM? ft. MtBSRII* F taught on moji rata Mrm* aod au ???e l a iaotod Be i; elty refeierce* Adilieaa .% N ilera'i! oil ?? *71 ROM $t,il? T<> $t urn A VEA" M \DR BV PIl'lS ) I; crapbl. >ep ?ri*ra. -!'!i inellt; Hb i ? und utd il) .kke?'pn< are t..ngb' at t> U" d a i orttng n. onia, ?o. fij H.ovl? y " tt la t.> nny wu.h who may p aanaa'h. "t phonography) a eapltal of lt?elf, upon ahi h b' m j' ouUd ..?!> r i or-up p*>it" WT. QEO t' K ?: aHPRkLK INKTRICTION? A vouna OKN KM* vv r <T7 KS 1 cliit?i< al tnati uc..?? by a gridvit" uf .it' ? tt. >?wt E'iropean eo'legra ^ddrr??'i . i - .aid ofli M R3. OODEN HOPfV^VS t BO KeuiOV''d To No 17 West l blr , ai??i Tbe hi tihin hi.ek insptti*r**. <? f-ns r?n ^val adi^uitagM toy.i'.mmeo Pit ng ir njo or btiain??a life ^fite'n e\pe i, n. ? ! i?ic ? ??. > ,?*.?? ?p , tn p *pnlar voetliat, wtta I'l-ofeaaont > artta nd v ood, ronder the mueteal departinen: inaurpa ?cd. , .it to ?, ol i*?l*! t'ollfjp;, t* engaged forth- d?MH) .lepa t rent i xp n-es $40 per term of f< urte?a i ?? * . , ; r. . eru. >p. ua a, i. 12 (;all on the airetil ?r .1 f HKiDUbV. 'be Ititer.n : innal Hotel, or add reag the Prim >iiai . Het a.. Maek, Clavr ai-k. N- w \.ok. TRAVELLING TI'T.IK? A IBNIUPMaK tt U) IV tend* atartiDg on bin mm n tour ol hurone * th a tew young gentleMeni about "he Mth itiat., r?turn!mi !n ^^?J)lrra b*-'following, ileeirea gne inipe to eomi et*- the n nnber. Re IMM HI be given lo :he?' who aXMMUM him laai aiiturner. Addreae A. II hlnclair, No. 3 >Ve?i Wellington piaee. Teacher wanted. b> > \<?i n?> lady, a siti a tmil in a aehool or fam 'y, to in tn* Fngl <h branehea, muai.'tpianoi diaWitig Ad irt <a . .. two day* M. B , boi 166 Herald ofllie Tl'lTION ?A CIVIL MlltttMHt, A M40CATB OF the I'nivaralty of t'aria. givea private Inaaona in French, Matbemallea, Meehanle*. < hemiatoy, To;' 'g'aphy. Lit ear Drawing, Ac Pupila prepared for ^eatPoln' aud Annxpo 11a Flrat'-lata refer* iK'ea Addreaa Harold oi 12S H^mld ' nice DA1CIIVS AC A PK HI 1KB. RfKIKEf fl.Of.lNo SCIRIES POR HIE SP.ASON, AT HIS AI'ALEMY, NO. .*l BBOOMjtSTREET, WEDNERDAV EVBMINO, APRILT AND WEDMEHDaV EvBNI.Nti, APKI1. HI B ??ObV~ 19KMrHPA PK H *? l&ir _ (OPARTNKHMHIP KOTittR. A SMART. AMBPIOI S YoCRO M AJ?. HAV1NU A few hundred collar*, wanu-d. na r*rin"r, bv one of the oldest otnml??on pr idn x: dealern In Wacbtngioc Market /pp'y immtdia ely. <3 B HOffKH * CO. BrwiUa,;, room 12 A? HAROK TO X. \KK AN INDEPENDENT LI . IS >, aa partner, on a v?ry mp.-ior Milk and Fruit Farm, near the city; well nto.'l.-.| with oowa, hor?*4, wagon*. pout try. ut?n*lla, Ac compieie; ni"*t ba<e ??,(*?' t. puj-'-iaae bale the permit*! prp*rty; rent free for i.rr y"?r? Apply at ZfW iiudeou tlreet. Great chahce for i?\estreat-$.vvw.-Axr peraon, with :be an ,ve autr, can Join the n'-bn-r'tjer In purcha?lng an old eatabliihed manufariurtng a*li ri . *lne*a. I uniferatand the bu*'.ne?i? pru -ilcally. Heat of refereuoee, Addfea .loaepb Hig>l'>?, Iteral 1' iiice VBW VORK, A*HIL I. I til.?DIHNOLITIOR Of PART Xi m'rah p Nothe ?The ??ipartn.-rahlp h"i?'tof > ? existing hotw?en Famuel Faron and Robert #fwar\ In the maehtn!*1, millwright and >,ii(li)>-eilni[ blllinee*, ha* tbl? da; been dineolv *d by mutual All oebt? due*and lemandao'aaid fir? wIP b< raid iiy Samuel raron, wbo will nontlnne th- biutneM at W? We? Thirty ?ev<nta Mreei and nosffleatlon l? her* y given ib ?! ln.? receipt alone will be b ndlog I'm all Indebted. n?*a to Mid fir n NAM? SI, FaK 'ft, H'lHKliT STEWaRT. 1)AK1MKK WANTED Will! I> TlfK I'.&rAlL 1 hnl and nap builne**, alreadjMt ell eaUbUehgd; ?2<tfl00 l>er annum can '? >old at a fur r> U1' profit; pre* nt no k and flttnrea ame'int'to khoiit ?1,17?). Addreea fl., >>ot 113 ll-ra <t oiliee. PARTNER WANTED 0 To $.>M -A.VV I'VRTT wiik a 'mall oapl'aL iind wishing to ?'?**? ?< oine id a yyrdsnug erert day paying b'lalDeM 'tlxihle ' ' l'r <Or, W?l m<"t wlib a rare ch?nee in rilre KEN in A <;o , 71 N?t *au atreel. TO WAL MER? HAKT4.-A i'ER"ON OF CAPITAL wltliea roni' ct l lrn*ell wild a raape lable pert ,- al rea'y eawhltfhed in Ihe ? oal bu'lneae. Ad.lreaa H. II H., Iler-1.1 olUoe. An ol4 ealab.i?lie<l yard I ieferr?d WAST* l??AH h.NEKUKIir M*K, WITH ??N, TO AT attend to and <- nlr 1 the'iiaeture of ?n er.lcie from which f4,?Ml |Kir annnii; CAB he realited Addrnaa 3 W. K., b .1 .:,07'? Fr?t oil > 0. nj ANTRi.?A OE^TLEMAM, HAVING Hi,000 TO IN fT real In H manuftctui ing bualnem. akd bi t*k? the Pre nd'ncy, at a (m ? aalai;. ine b iaine?* profluble, wlib an unllotiieu demand A.unnea (I L M , o?t 'iITi*, flew York ?. ?> 7 ' ?WANTED, Al ACTITE Ma!* TM A COM MIR .. O I 'J. Hon and ? boleaale Mutter and I'mrlaton More, aapgrtner. H mine** ih? |?*t year fr m $??> l i ti ll*) a wrrk, low rent and paid u. Mat Uood kt ?k ?< Butter on bund \pply n the piemle'e, fa. J? ller^win ?tre-t, near M H?hmgv>n J.-mi - ^ KMftRUBTIl FBH*ON *'iin j*?)'"w nasoun anted to join the MlYerUee? In Intro In.inn ? n ?,?' a->4 ln?er>lo<i? in >i>t|?n- ?b> ?t ? . ! j<irop< r i ? m ilued "*il an ' \\ ELLS A .><?, ii2 Hioa-l way ^orn?i ?? Fn t>o ?ir<"e'.. r>> *n 2 > (inn -* <'>ian f tv\ it k n <r n?aa mMi, ?l?'"ng o en ije m paitner in tho m?i tifaci-re and-ale o? an< w, t|?ht. a-ti k?tl< I* o' u-t' ? ?raal <ieu? i.a ly, alf inllng .1' >i' c-n proi i m.l no mmn'ti'l'ili. in*>' a ?? *" an / i ?d? a ?, f) fn > j t ?i nlhi * ' ?)>' " l"i tnuo i It Mfl 4 ., ic i le%?ant an ' rer im .f i-ni -aab 1 ti ne>? ??* vlll p?? ji|i l*?l ]?-r atitMin \>>d ah'^k ra? I* Inct fli .1 d? Ir re td l-e^ , r th r?l na'iie, A. M . N V If ll> .hloi, s.*, linn - 4 JUr? v'' r' ? " i ? ' t rt'i' ine|.??B dniirfi?i afei ? ? rh? '.n "a? 11< . ?lt. 'y > ?'at ?*>> -1 ??nil ? p?ie 1, r ,y, from ' ? ? ^ H?> -er |. rf'ehly ittv. < d the ??-y tv>'t r?re* gi\. n and r ur I i-or f Tth-r i *r'f at'r* trtilr ?' hta ii f'v W iieiiK ?, ? r wh r* ?r. lot?r'!* ? ? n be I ad ft A L. ICS AT AVCTIOH. 4 MORTIMER UltirriN * CO . AlTCTiO b KER<. A. tU ii.N r Ho I'M HOLD ftTBtflfURK _ and Ruo * ork? of Art to be peremptorily sold at Public auetiou, on This Dmy (Tu?*day), at II O'cioek, A ibe private residence, 48 Wast Sixteenth iireot, between Fifth and Sixth avenues The analogue comprising the largest a?d richest assort ment Jf Bouteb <ld Furniture and articles of Virtu tfersd at auction this The furniture was all made to order for the ot owner by city maker* I'he house ?i< fu reused mm than seven mon hssgn, at a coat of f I2,(W0 in excc:l?nt order ni<l will lie peremptorily sold. *SVfctt iMTftgVB RuHBWOOD PIANOFORTE, bolidIroseaooi, liibly carved cateand leg., Itued with satin WON, fill! Iron plrne, all ibe mod'ru improvements; made by Brjauway maker* fully gua.antee1. Ilat been tested by c. mpclent judges and pronounced a sup-rior in strument Kosewood Cutterbury, , eiret Co. " rosewood Btool, Music, Ac. DR.lWfllti ROOM Sl'ITS. T?o elegant full Kttlts. rinhlyoarved In t'rult and llowen, covt red witb satin bi ide of the moat expensive di**' rlpiion; Antii(uo and Ootliic Reception Chair-, covc.ed with india satin; Hi elining Chair*, oovered witb wilvet; roseivi>h1 Me g? res, staiuni > marble top, lined witb saUnwoo.l, mirror <li?or* ?nd back, se-~re'iirv Botkcaw; lady's Work lable, ini. J with mother of pearl. A.NC1LN T AM) MODERN OIL PA1NII.W*, by emiierj' artist*; two tns'cb Mainlines, I>v N u ihoott, the May Festivals; the Harden of t ersaitks ami Luxembourg, by Davids, thii Zmmscukte ''or,' "ptluu. .rter Miniums cele brated painting iD 'be t-ou-rt g iljery, Wlnte- Sccue on the N< va at hi. Petersburg, ny Ketch I!, -<ea Vte v?, by Lie. grand; two match Paintings, Landtcaies, by Coin, superb Painting- on siik, stems in H*H*?ilaiid, l.? Da F'ren h line VniiravlngH, ' iei Mirrors, large Mantel Mirrors, hiniroi derel latest urtalns. , AKTUOiC tlR-.'.ZE SJATI'aBV, VASB*. A s. Froo/e statue* o! Hamlet, t*rin<? of Denmark; Joan of Are. Klchuu ' lour il" l., in 1. diau Wanton*, >ocs. Music, I'-iDt'hg h ?ir irindt. K h?n?, Kis!i"r Hov and 'itrj, ' upid, I'sscbe, Ae , two iii.<gnitlce:.t. "sot re vaans from Ute ??oil cl ou ot .laroni" ton.parte, ta.tan Va?e . Kigares, JiS'iuu aad urmoli: < ii name,, is. ? "jierb tit u. In Ijck. >IM?t; rt. ojm. Holld oak Bnffet, S;nuary marble top; r\tenaion Ttblo to r.ialeb .t i:; irv, ?-'oucb< ??, Mirror*, tihina Uinner and fe^ gets, rtiby ami crystal cut atlil cngr?v d 'Jlinsware, ?nlid til verllinner n'd in s?r fc, -h-liiilu labia <;mi. ry. ailvcr u'at-'d t asters, t'oil'ec Dm, I'like itaskets. Spoons, K ilter Knlvt , .NapkJtt rilDgs, ealvers, - able Linen, Ac. fu \? KEit'' KoMWtod 1) ss ng Uur^tu*, Bedsteads,'' tmmoiles, Ward relics, nhaving -t?ud, Amo .1-4 glaae, 'oilet i?l>te t-air nnd rn:n. ? m.'.if** 'S, Fe illu r ftf-ds, Hlankms, l.tli-11 Shncta, t outit'ipuu",* sda-, no-'k ' ?. h.tim, tlatstanU. -ttairt'ar v;eu, Boom, Ac Alto a .-wg' aa^ortmcnt of BunW attd Kllcbcn F.urniturn i rt'T'OK K vLK OP HCPfcRR jV n:<fci' I .AM! Hut MKHOLl) Kl'RMTCBK. A.N 1 XT.-.At>li 1 INAttV OifORI'l NlPff fOrt l'\Kf!ES IX Vt'.iN-f ol > J.IviaNT fUKNtr KK a.M) UliA! riKt'L WdHKS of ,vUf I hi* 1 uesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, will be s ild by RI'S BEi.L V. WlfKU'vtTi Auctioneer, !?*? entira tn ignilicnt I arlor, t'liamter, IHning Room and I.lbr?ry furniture, oon tuUu d in lit" U\e story UwelliUK House No. 162 >Vn*i I sreuty iir?'. Hire,, bctweeh seventh and Eighth avenues? the wit hc toiuiing a very target and really uoltpe and" "illee >1 not evert thing <daped to a lasiiionaliln and cistiy t'nr, iitihed re?ldcnee; the whole to bo absolutely soli without rc ?eive to the hlab- Bt bidder for cash. M.bQti.NI < aRVKD H't KAOOD 7 O 'TaVK "MMUfOITI, Stool and >'over, used liui t ?" months ?uperb roltd r0*UK0"d I'mlor Furoiture. comprliing two full suits, covered in rich mansin and gold brocj?u;l, upholstered in sbiOl ?ork four eieiatt Pier and Xa^twl Mirrors, Mlk and l.*ce < U'lali.s, twj supe b rosewood Riegere*. ios??r nd t-en Ire, oi'aandrier 1 >!> es, . inii lajieatry and other Oarnia, Itirklsb I'bair*. wish L-/ingea to match; heyp ion I'ha'rs, mowi n arble I*e.>sl?'s, aitlstlu Brou/es of ancinut and mo ' rti s.ihje ts risb Mantel Vases and Omt oenta, Corner fcletfere-, oil J'amtIniji, r'rencb Baeretoire OhefTonlcr*, tlmic t abine', lirruing Koreau-t rl-h carved licdi'eads, large I'ttii MlattresscJ, -tiperb Beds and Reddiog, I'ete? Totes, . aawood. mal|og?D.v and 01k - hair* v. va1 Mirrors, Hi-onze <'looks laarb'.c ?sbstands, Aardrobea, Hock-rs, Armchair', s. twonoia He'lsteads, witb e]eg?nt ros \vo ?d, o?k and in.'bogaiiy t'a'lor, lilting tf>om und bamlier Furniture .?f Or ry description A.toa large ind ?' "t . r > y of french and Bohemian ? lilna, rich ruby and crystal !ut '?ias?. Sliver War? Ivory Cutlery, Ac., stair1 arj is neb banlelierj and (>-s Kliture*. marble Hallt*nd, ilall t hairs, (iold ?nd Ij>ndscat? t-hsdes Ac. ?sie p..sltiv -.viihout regard t/t weather, cominenclpg at 2 o'clock jireoieely X. 11 ?'Ihe I" urnlture It ail in perfect order. . T'CTsOJl Aal.f u? KLBOaNT OFFICE FC?NrTOSE, A consirting of large, oak "landing and sitting Desks, Inm ^al'e, Olia'k* bo kua>e?, Copyr g 1'resscs, t'huirn. aiou'a, tji; cloths, t arpeie, la den, L'uibiai>a stands, Ac , A ? S. A I. HOOaHT e ill fell (u?*dai, Aprtl a, ^t iO o'clock a M , on tbe prenn-ea, 3t fine street, by order oi the Co! lector of srre'iso! Tare* 0'the Oorpora'ion of the cHv o'New Vork. the ahotn nieiillou'd articles, distrained upou lor Corporation tux ilite trom prooerty assessed to tho au'bor Instiranee t'ompany, agr"?ably to a receiver's warrant for personal taxes, Interest and cost I he above property Is nearly new, ard ? as ma I" by one of the best mairji'anurer* lit tills city, and .oki orginaily $?,i?)ii JOHN H. HlMilKR, ?'onstable and t;olUetor of Arrettr*. The ntiote a!<- I* postponed urtil ihtirs ay, April II, at tbe si.ttic tinir end pltce .It?i 1 If 11. I! 11,1.1 Kit Constable at"' Colleger 0 A-rears. - L'CTiUX VOICE Ft R.N IT C RE AT A GREAT lilU n Rain for ca?h 1 *111 sell this -lay, at private sale, a dock of elegant rosea > id and walnut euCnr and ll'-droom "?'tirtilure a' !<? tli jti cost : nee oontlstlng of two l?tg d m ble solid rosewood 1'arlot Suits, rovere 1 in Prencii satin hrocatr) And plush, two slng'esoliu roaewo d '1 !orsulli, covered In Krcncb brocatel each Mit cot'9JflO. will lie sold, eacii "tilt, lor t "'o black walnut t'arlor '"Ults, covered in pl<i*h and haircloth; T'irklsb Chairs an<1 l.oonges to match, f. t?g?res. ' entreand Tier Is bias, Ac Alao,a 1 it of Hed'O-mi snd Dining K.iom fu??iture. Apply for t wo days gt N 1. 72 hinb atenui. one door bel >? Waterley plaiu h. HOf II A I'CriOJI MtTlt:B.-A rAMILt DEVLIN I NO HODKE jf\ kecp'ng ;i dispoie or, a', private sale all their lor, ? liamh' r und Dining Am on Furniture at s {rett a?crlll<;e vlr: arveil ro?"uin<l 7 ic.tave I'tanoforte, In eACelli'nt order, cisit $.*? it, tor 5'st, including Htool and ' over, t'arlor Hull, Co-' $300, for >I4');iiii? to- $'tW. Etepere*, Centre tables, K"dhtei-.d', solid losewnoa, em $'Jnil, for $li*>; MatUiarea, Ac The furniture was all made to order ' jr the preset 1 ner, has been In use but tlve months, a din e.ini til- te order, inquire at 7<l ^ . si twcutj-slxih a .rem, near '?lith arettue. 4 Ci rioN HAi.E.?? not tin rv, AUnr u.vrrr wilt, /\ s l| this day Tue-day), Ap 11 2, at II 1 :lwk at sales r ? rr. Hfi *iassn 1 sti-et, a !ar?" a soittnenl o' otlseliold For future, Brtiaaclf, Taprstiy snd lagmln Oarpeta i inton Mat ting, uili'loth, ro?e-? ksI and mnbog'iiv ,'a'1 '? ? ulte, covered In rronaiH and haircloth, vlt:?rete s Tetea, I'arlorand Arm Ctsirs, Bookcases, rosewood and mahogany marhlt ti?i en 're 'lsbles, hiU'Cslon Dining 1 ibles. urnlnit fairs, Hutrets, rosewood uml 11 aho,;atiy marble inp lire sing BtirratMk WashKlsnds, ttsil'l'-ai's, Ha'r \lattres?ea, Beds, SVanlroies, Lounges, Ae , Ac 1 be w hole to he peremptorily aold to tbe blshest bidder fur cash ADVTMHTRATOk ) M,f. _S A J, tOt.AKT, %C0 tloBeers, hi 1 seii at unction, fjr cash oil I bU'Sdav. Ibe 4th of A pill next, at ll) '.clock K M., at Ni it) -tetbnne ?street, New V-.rk, the entireconten sand sio. k nf the stair bttlld'-r sshop of bnt Uartng deceasetl, viz; llt-ee chi>th ot Tisils, eight Work flea-la- h re vs, tirlndatoue Lomtier 1 umtier V. Kgi-D, I'leasttre sleigh, two A ?g ns two tela llaraet, together wttit a very tine tl are, fast and yonng Aino a <uriety (yf other artleli s 11 il ir etilloiikil By ordei ol J \MES HAKINti Admfnis rator A' I'l lItJN ktLK uF KUftJflTCRR, PIAMO, A ' - iS , Wednesday, at lo>s oelock, uy fEe,0 A olB, at :vi:t rult- n stre.t. Brcoklyn, c ui|i|Utng mahogany t-ofaa Chairs, Bureaus. Beasteada. Feather Beds Mattresses I'arlor nu'ta In b'oette1. Extension Tat les, Wardrobes. v:n P"ls, Mirrors, Lounge I'tirtalua, one new Range, one Cooking Stove, one lteatet Kitchen Furnlni-e. Ac. A < IKiN M?Tlt:B -Jt)HX LL<)Vr>. Al CTIONBER. will fell, nn Tuesday, apnl i, at IO1, o'clock A ia , at > atoil strert, three door* west ol iirua/! way. the enure st'K-k 1 f Embroideries, Lace*, Trimtningn uUa Fancy UooIs Ibe s-tle will b<- oontinui'd Irom day 10 <tav utuil tlie-?h >le St- ck It disposed of. All the g sata offeri ?! will b.- mlij with out r**erve. R. ObLFltLUEs, Jin Canal stre<ri. A IXTION BOMC'B.-EMPIRE BA'i'iAtJE A.VD Ft'R iilttire hirreae, olli<" ttW West tlnust n street. ?Furnt 'u;f park' il ano shipye rt 1 *ro and four Fors w*i;iins lor the rrmiral of rurni' tiv In the city or eouotry t-'urnitore 'aken ' n storage All order* promiuly exec uted O. K. NtiKfti.V, I'roprletor. \S. RICMARDF, AI'C' IOKEKK. ?*?) CASES Bt>0'. a, . Shoe*, .irogsnsard Uaiter*,at aiii'tlon -tty KlOII AROs A WMIflMi on W'dn-sday, April ,t, at lit1, orclee*. at ?' ire 44 1 ort land 1 sti-set ''liere will lie oO'red st 1 Ills eale a full ae*<irtm?nt nf rn-? and deidrahlegoods, direct iroru ibe munn fact urera t alak'gues on morning of *aie 4 HrTrBHKIiLP. AtT0HONKBR--WILL SELL. ON J\t WcdaMdsji Apni .'t, at Ik*ana ai h"w..ry a?id n?a ter Atrert, ih? content* of a Pnrtar Hoiine, eonalnttng of erpr\ thin* In lb* line at a public bouw- h<e the Heiald on ih ? nmrnlna of Ml*. 4 urtlO.x notice H' RNmtrs f tikiturk ex piea* and failing h-'ab'i bm.-n t HI and IIS We t IkMfflib Urwt b#tw?en 11 th and Hxth Hoitae brtlt) Kurrnture boird ??'l uhlpued U> nil ) art? ?>! lb* world Lirenovrri'd warona lor lemovlns furniture or l'itoUu'4, Furniture ?tor*d 4 CTION NOTTCB.?'WILI.S A EL4?Ofini, AW a V tloBwia, No 16 Murray *lre*t, will intend t>eiaon,ilIv to itf mIm of nrnftum, at the wkfiKM ?t r*inf.le?. Ai-oto th* -iilee of Krai h etatp, at lb* Men ban'*' > *?!b?ng ? Regit lar nal-p hrld w? tljr a' tb* AmUon l oom o1 U / <;oid*-, 1 fnekery ai d Met eb?idl/e gi tirrnl;y. \utmo* n?i . < mod*. bjr April 2, at lb o d COTION NOHOK?Oli<M'RKKt, (II.AV*> -ND fAS'TT r J. H. II HaKII b 11, AiHittotin'i, Ttt>-?lay, <?!<??*, at Z->l Kaarl ?ripi- , an rltra large nauli aal* of i holie Moodn. in Iota for r*t..>'er , ?m*l|Mil to ralac U>l. Oltj and iioantry dcaln a p|. a.?- no'in-ib i VOCTION NOTICE ~F4 N? > i.iKIDR. MUWWINtH. Ac - ny RImhKHT a TmuM, >, ih'? m >rutng. at ni', ? i ' I k, at Nil, ,'W ^tnn atreet. ID lu'- to *nit buy ra, no<H"-y, iii tllotha and wum?r.?, Mtif, ? h:ii ?. l, idle* lire** liood*. 11Immi'ijtv la, nalI!ap?, Vankee flo Dim, i ntton Hatting. A a IfliON SAi.K OK ROCKBH.V a Nu 01,48* fx llfeKltY O (VANS Wtll Milnn Tio*4ay. April Sal 10 o'clock. at r> Maiden lane, in lo a to ?uit ti.e .raw, a l ull a???-.nmenl of whl;e graalte and mmmrni War?. OUaawar* and ill aa. rata |> Hll*t u . <l< r*l?? k*il for "b pi lug. AtVUO* 8ALB <>r !I01JSKII>U) KiJRKltl RK. HfcNRT II. I EBtlH \ HO , No V. ftaaaaa atroet, wl 1 ?ve lbe|i- per?o?al at entlnii (** u?tial> to a?'e? of Mf>u?*ho,il arnlt'ire, An, at th? reafitonoea of faiir e<; ?||1 a an bold regular aalaa *' tUair an" ton rooroa ?i abovo. B ROWNE A ^lCII' >1 M, AI OTIONr RM, TtllH DAT 'TI K.?r.\T|, April U Ai I oVIoi'lt, In I lOTil of MkieAroum , ;> \?aa?n ati^-at, ?I'tKNmu I'Alii ur BAV ? A-I-..S A I-Hit "II par of Ba> Man Hag talla. 9 yrara old l.'i', bet <l? b'gb, warranted ao<indard kin.I; have ??en dlivn logeih'-r f>ir bri-o ye^ia, ?jlendld traveller* nd lrl*er?; the n"?r ona will outatyle ?n; borta In the ? Ity and I* a uplendld ?vldN mara. Tliny , h??a b? eti ofc ne I b* a geni lenun who li1? n > I trthar uae for ' Hi? m, and will be anld wHbtnit i?Mtw AL?<?. At I ii o'.fie.g, In front of ? ile<i * mj. ft iMK "tfi-rt, ?iAfit or W IIAK-K" A'-?One et eiialon top Roi W-*g,>n. lit r iienn'on can l>" n?a?l for four nr t1* > rwone leather trimmed n t?ty rl"*an' ?tyta linen |pn?lnii ?eai ltc? ka?ay, fur four nr two P"'aona; leather trln med ibrouah 'nt Twolaatfcat loji va*>.n* f'>r f imlly'i*e ',ne .In, ?ery light, fr Irgttlng line fry Itirhl flrat rla?e rc i<d W ??< n, 0<>'ot'. for'y pwtih iioek*.*Ay?. I)ep?i? m i 8<tn? and a\arl?'tj of tip <na ao lip Vebletes LKi'ibleand Vngle ?iaim? ALSO, Twenfy rfo*en? t'li. rool? /? I M?m a rAiRi inu> > ' ri ?v?'f,r+?*i>rt ' gete ?i ? I will 'k .?e 'o . v 1 1 h< p i">llr aueiion 'in tbi- 4*> a- i" o -1- . h (on o-iun. at ?? ? Ti ~s?> rbvluwn *?r> ', 1 I "rali. ru, ? Iimmiiig in lie ?> m d ?e lillnu. ; girt ?, V rnr?. TabWa, ti?ir- linen. Bar and ?IU-'er, lurid nr> IttlK# HAKHlNf K, *iiorn-.T i'his> IhLL mi imoAOMw, NB\ to hi;, 1 "j t Hii't h-I li e* atntbiti eyef* iue<4ay Md Frt4ar I ii ?i it '> ?be toga of ithern trude ? i.e. ??> I oif?r" I alMMIuaa fan M entire ?,??.< It ?< ? Mm ui,??, ''roe* ?-r> ii ii 1'iti ti War. i laad i|o.<dmi. a'l ultfc. ?'?!? Out K" t . Id ki a fct ?u't r?q?IH?a i tree fix ,fw worth the i at' VI ,e Iti'tu'litg '.f i ftl-e', If. || ..I, le r'und I illet I -??a tine i ..iera ?iwla, V ? ' ' ' R'1*^ ' I'M |)|W t Igd ?'l grare.' O"'..! ? < * J ' I'll* ,r tndiea, i . i.Hi r> Anwlon.?? i. ?AUDI it AUCTION. COAL CART.-*. | J BOOART, APOTIOWBER9, WILL ifU thin day, *110 o'clock, In ' r >nt of the aue400 rau, So. 1 North William atreet, by virtue of a chattel inorttf .gr. one Coal Can. _ MICHAEL IKK ID Y, A'tot ney for Mortgagee DAB1BL A. MATHEW#. AUniOABBR, street up >uaue the poet otboe. WEDKE8DA*. APKII* a* O'CLOCK, Ai the roar ?ti.iy bruwu stone bouae WO ??? EAST TWEKtV KR EN til nTRBBT, th? rMtilAi.Mk r,t a o?niU?.- ?* ? - El AKTI i ? diu .uh, nuri.nuuu I OOTA'. E PIaSO fJHTfc, KIKE OIL PAl sTING', warranted original*. DANIEL A M \ tllir?s A id ?ili wti at itucUon i < morrow i\Yednctda\ \ ?' I0J* o < i< ck the entire cmirnu <>t the above house eon-latlu6 in pirtof two e'.egjii c^iv. I ro.ewocd Parlor Soil*, in French i-utln lli-.TStel, ? ,,en ,j I enter Table, marble up: rlrgxnt pe.rl Inlaid Cbcaa l'*b'.?, rfcli Laid .idJ Sailn Hrocatel, Window t'urtaim, elegant. .Vaiitel Mirrors, >'i>n?ole > able an.) c- ml . ? to match, \erytjne Marble and Hiouzc Cock, ilron/.e <troup* an! Maluett*-*, tevret China Va#e*, > d rtageee, uw in top; nmb yany Solan, t h lira. Yol'slre* uid l(uck?r? In talr clotb, OimrtcUe Ttt>ie?, solid mahfgan' Ki'enit.a labia at d Buffet to match roge wood and trab gi ny French Red>.ieudK curled Hair **llre?K??, It .later 4, llllowi, LntiDge.i, 'liild? < rib. enamelled ('hunt.- Sinti, TutVt Cr ckery, curvet aolid o'Jc x'en?imi ;? .<? H<*tl?? ai d Lining t hairs ? ak He ? ig'rst..r. ? bin i, and a lv? r plated V. are, elegant English ttru*?els, ? bree ph .nd Ingrain la'pel* Floor CiO he, Mat-, Wln?l? w 'bad** Sedro ? n ? ur talns and Cornice*; a ao rich bronze and giIt > h?uii?lieri, Druclcta, Ac.; together with abont t* only lino '->11 ''alnnngs, w nanteil origin, la, hv H< rf wirk, encj J a k I Kulaw, Ed Men uez, (,..ue, Hirt.oa^b uod it>>er?. I hi ?aiw will ci imnw w Itb tii? kitehen furr 'tu'K. t aui ojue* m?y Ij?! obtained al lbs oflie- of t e au> tlouter , ? o. rt4 ' (d*r s'reit 1? II LUDLOW, AHOTloNt-hK-fcXEOUrtiR'S RAL? rV. of taiii'iHiiie Hoi??hi,ld * unit u.e?I . (I LI t*LtOW ? t 0 will Mil nt anrti.m on Tu<--<da , April 'A IMl at 11 o'clock, at No 2Si Ft ib a?enne etww-n ThirtyUrat anil T'drty wcond ?tr?eta, by otdrr of W. N. aud UewlJ Bea- h, >? jrwutop". tl>e rnilif nrnliui* romattwr li aald Un'> ?*, oon Hlatlrg In part oi hundmnje rtwewxit Parlor l""\irrillu"?. It ?rei n at.d K"ld bnicatel (urge t*ler Mid Ifviilul ilkwi baod komr nrrbift <'hat.deii^r* bro. re OMtidelabrrui. biotiZH h ipur* H, demHitk and br< c?tol Win n t!nrvainn, bU k walout I > l??lcn Dining Table and Chalrt., Mrdallini. and Brumwla CarpetK. ( llrlothK t h>na and (<la>??are t?<eth?r wiib an, B'KO'tBieDt jf hit^ben " ?l'h A-bi.-u the -<*le oil rotiiwtvc-. al?o, ai 3 o clock ?* V , a frfw < II Paintir.(h by Lai f \ ddir Enutelle and other* 7,1 Jl LUDLOW, ACrnoiUKBK l\, t WOU'fc I'AINT1NOH A aUCTIOH. K p l.LDLOW A ' O. wi'l ftell a. auction, on Tneadav, ? rri'.'. 1*#) at ,'i o'clfx'k H M .atiWI Klfth av>nuf between I air y ll'-t aiwl 'il.ltty h<coi:dht ei t* r?iKl \ tow" -hOiCo Oil t'alntlni*, by Lang, Oddl", BoiHelle urd otbcr? KU. L? DLOW, AU?'TJUNEE?. My E II LUDLOW A CO.. N?? 3 Pin*atrwt. Val'ialile Honioand Lot, No 2lfl * i?*t Kour.nenlh ulrMt. Thursday, April 4, A'. 12 o cl<Kk, al the Mnrrhanta' Exehaage, the flrai cla*i lloure No. illH ?e*i Koiirtceuih utre-1, couth Mdn, betweoa rlghthanil ?lnth avenue*; four atort^i, brick, h gh ? iKip 26iitii fe?t; haa g a, batb, hot and cold water, speaking ttiliea, i.'uiali waiter marble hall, veit'bnla door*, and eveiyth'Dg in goud order throuuh. nt. Lot 2i<tlU3 feet. Mapa, term f, So, at the auctioneer* oluca Edwahd sciienck, AC<rriow*ER ("AH1U \<1EH, ?A<iONS AND HARNESS By E A f. II VOHEMCK tlna day, April 2. it 1 o'clock, at tin ir *alran.uni, 141 Broadway, new Carriages and Wagon*, made in the heat manner, and to be per. inpt- rlly told with out rem rre, vlr. .? TWO LIOUT ROCKVWaV CAKKIA>iB8. Tllht-E HII1KT1NO Tol* AaOiiNH. KOl'R LIOIIT ROAu waQiiNN. ONE KKhLU'OS tmiTTImi* 'Va JOK. - Light Double and Hlnale llarne** Blankets A.? E EDWARD UrDE.NCK, AITOTIONhER. !i ELhtJANT HODSEnoLD n '??lTUIiE Ry F A r H. SCIIENt'fC, on ?cdu ?iaApr J, at 'd, o Clock, ill 121 Wsat Thlitu Clnhib atreet. all the eltfc'anl HoiiKtod Kuroltura cntaimd in the a <ive house, all of wblch waa made to order b> Hum. n?i tlug of eVgant roae wood Parlor Suit*, roaewood m ?rble to . Ete.jerea '' and Pltr Tahlea, elegant Damaak ai d La n t;u tainc, oil Paint ta)g?, French plate Pier and .Vautel (Ji?*?e?, Velvet and Hnia ael* i'arptta. roa* \\ o d and uah 'gany I'ham'vr Kurnllure, Mattie**eii. Bed* and Beddlni;, cl* gaut Hoini Ponii ture ( lilra and <>la**war* tlarpe ?, ?iti" o ha, k- a)?o tbe Kitihrn Kuinlture, with which u.e aale * ill o-.muience. U?1J\V4RD l'ET1IM<JE*, Al OTluNKER. WTLL HELL Iy this day i I'uendayi, April 1, at Hi', o' -lock, a" tlto Itonse hold !? nmlture, oonxlallng uf I'arlo., t'liatn <er and Klichen t umitui e, comalutd la huitao S( .Iverdty place LI COLTON, AUCTIONEER ?L4BOK f>Al.E f)F RICU ? ? and oh gant ro?cwoo<l Furn. ore, ??'rench Piste Vf rror?. Lace f'urisin*, veh t and all > li'-r <'arpet*, i hina, Olaaa ware, silver p'atrd do , Ae. Ac. F CtluitlN mil *e!l, this day (Tuoadayi, April 2. at '<>S "'o'ocit, at Mo. 71 '*>'*? forty seventh ?tr? et, near Sixth avenue, the < ntlre rich 'nmlture of tbe tour iturv brown Hone h iu e t will cmpriao In part t?o I til' aumfof run'wo^d furlor Furniture, in biorade; Ave or sl? very rich i/entre Tahlea wt h mirble top*, ifi ench plate amour Wardrobe*, vety beaiitlfu' cirven Hodgieada, wltb Hp/Jug Mattraaaea io muteh; velvet, Rrd'aeln and other Carpet* i Ih'lotbA Lounge*, Frencn plate and mantel tflr roi-H. bedroom and bieement Ooo l*. ?ll? r plated ? aster* and (lake Haiikeln, Kitchen Furnitoie, Ae, A" It R?* Jl Ui? above gord* have been purt'bsacd n> w Din e January ii*t, and are in the very beat condition. > ata'^guea early thla morn Ing. rtEn. IfOLRBOOK, AUiTloNKER, WILL ?ELL, ON aT W edntvday. April 3, at |i.', o'olock, at AM Bowery, tlousebold Furniture, conrprl?lng 1(5 yard* Bnsaels Carpet, elegant Engraving*, oil Painting* roaewo >d Sun in repa, ma bugany marble top Tabln, hbowcaaea, Lounf|es, r lor Mir ror*, hl'*er I 'ated Ware, Ac Geo. hoi.brook. ai' tionher, will, sell, ox W ednesd iy, April H, at 12 o clock, at Utt ttnuxton atreet the content* of a Drinking and wiip er 'alo-n, ? >mpri?lng marb.e top Tsble*, Armcbalni. tit cluth. Llquora and nagara, httivc and Fixture*. Ac. also le?w oi uretbi*"a. HKNKV tiREEN, Al ITIoNEER.? WEDNESDAY. April .1, at III'. o'elf.rk. a' the auction store IUI William atreet, a huge lot ol (irocerien, W Inea. Ll'iuora, r^*ara. white L ad, h in t io>'f Sale AI*o, al 12 O'clock ot of <i .lv na^'l - i lothlng. Piece lie*al* Dry and Fain r Uood*, -ewlng Mu chinee, Ac. HANfROMB HOCRBIIOLD Fl'UNiT IKK AT AHO tlon ? Ae would c*u atf n<ion to **!?? o "ouaahmd Furniture to be ma<le at atietioo by r. II uVD '>W a CO., il.i*dav (? uesdsyj. at II o'elook, at 2S1 Hfih avenn*. Hats logue* at No :i Pine street JOHEPII IIEUEMaN, AfnitiNfcEK I* eilne*div. Ai r1! \ and the lollowiDg ilay*, until the wh >le ?re "ild, n I'lodoc*, A. M , <nd 7 o cl<Kk, P ?l , each cay, in Up? s Bu lding, Ru I6?'"iurt Htreet, eoinei-jf .inralem i A large and iplendld cdlea tloa i:hni?..e. Iupan"?e and W I l.ood* (simiTiidng an nnnn nmv*rteiy of ncn ami beau tiful pi ial". ncent1 j Imioreit lor th.- oeutnern in?rke< Tbe gm d* will lie on exhibition, ?nli rat>-l gue*, the dayaad even irg lieioie the **le Ladle* and gentlenie i ar respecilully invited to mil and exsmii.e ihem VIORTOAOE HAI.E-.IOUN M. Bl'liLLP. AUilTIOH ivl ?er, will aell tl.i* day at t^?o e'elock, at 4It Canal Mli'tt. Bureau*, Bedstead*, Solas, fcufa Red*. LotB>a hogtny and otl er Cbalr*, Centre Ext-naln and other T* Vie*, ruiled hair ani other Mali te*?e*. f. at tier .J^da, itllowa. H. l*uos. .'omlorter* elanki l*. Velvet, Hruxaeig, rhree p!y and inh r Car|iet* Ollelotb*, PI# r and other ilia** t^, Halt* In li-ilr clot lit, Waidmhea, to*e?'t? d tatrack*. Kt^en Pnml tore I ete a tete*, together ? Itb i vervthing for Mo'j?eka#?p lug lt> older oi Ja*I..? Wl<. INK i, A'.torMy. 1) 0. HI LKLEt. Al CTlilNKKB?WILt# SKLL, OR . ThuiMtay, A tit li 4. at l? octock, at the Merelianur Bj ch?nge, by order of O. Oaz*ui snd Ba**'ni, Escejiuira, tfca luur *tory briek bonne and In' ?>??? n a* go I.'it ha*t Tain* K-rs.t d creel; hou*e l \Ut lot 'Jb V ATno he three akory brick bnuae and lot No 109 ?'aoiilton atrnet. hroovlyn; kNM ly f by abont 40 /e< ({deep; lot Jill Map* at tbe 'ghee. 4l Wall ?treat /ft" -?.??? ale,.^:*/??aW'ahm.,,. u ?. ^1 wnMI" ""II known K t. hazeXX. ai,ttio.\j:h? . BYWIII.TKMOMB A IIaUIL filnniwi 1AH Hr ?4way. T! KKf'A V, April J, lAtil following day* uutil ??.!?!> c.c.iuieiKMnjt at 10 1'aloak fit b amy. 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