Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1861 Page 1
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THE NE W YORK HE R A L !). WHOLE NX). 8972. MORNING EDiTION?WEDNESDAY. Al'RIL J<, 186I.-THIPLE SHEET. PP.IC'E TWO CEVTa. KHIPPI\(y BltCI.. d aK,. J. i ?Jt' H aMBUICAN' boyal Nai'- XliSAtiiOIFS rROKHkW l Oil* Til 1: > CKfOOL. ?*t Cat;* Parage |U0 eOOOli Cab 0 I'lts-ltKD ...... 75 rnor* mfnos 10 i.ii nj'Wti- ? Ca; Is t a*?ag?- 9' 10 , otid - ?!< 1 ^wu, ? ft Tb .btf* I roin li >w l ork o>ifi hi Cork harbor. i lh.- ,-t v ;i w Html ;. i.. ?i II n'ax and t 'tit liat-hor fEli^, Op! Judkls* J A^ Kit' v, ''up'. Sbamioa klUB! \ etoua. I (' ANAOi, i *pt. Andnr* n. M*iA, 1 opt 1. (j Lotl. I AdhlllC A, I apt. Vaauley, riVTBALAHjAi, Ni VliA.ltA, C*pt Minxlir Cap!. S M Hook'ey , El'ltorA, Ca >i. J Co k hCC'TIA (no* bullllug TKere rt .lelKCMTv a clear Ml" itght a'. maat ^c?U; gre?n m UK' ,i.iro lv v, rod on port bow &.\NaDa. An.leraoa,'earei. it. ston, W..lue?dAy, April ;i IFP.f, A obaauVD, ?? N?m ? Wednesday, April 10 tMLftlCA. wi, " Borion Wednesday, Apr'! '7 PF^SIA, Judklue " New Turk, Wedmvda'y Atrili'l 5'AGA K A. Moodle, 11 '*< ?tou 'WcdnMfty Mty 1 lf>lA !/>.(, " New fork. Wedtie<d?r. Mav 8 IKAlit V Stone, ?' Hint t. Weln-M.iiy. M?> 16 kFRICA tibannon, '? New Yoifc, Wodceaday. May 22 Berth* not M-curt-d unt'l paid for An exp<rwnoed tirigeon on 1. .aid Theory r* o! tbe?e sb'p* e*ll) no' be ncoimtable for GoM, F liver, Bnluon ?p?oii<, .'o?o -v, Prec..->ii? Stone* or Motals bill. o< Uindli.g are fclijr.ed lVr?tor aad th" value 'teieof tb.-ieiii <s>.p-chi>.'<l Vor tr?ight .ir passage apply to ?. CL N At'.lJ. No. 4 Having Green. J1ZAXWTEKLY BET* Hi h' .VI \V YORK AND LI VSR ^uneumowu, pSla M 'am >'ver?d Clyde iron bie?ronnn? an w o - a. - m. WiiOl HAI.riVOKK, FaturdafUfcwl] C, KtWABOO, BatcnlHj, .\nril I.", LMKfCKO, taturdoy, April !#\ id evt'iy IUu:day, at no a. from p:> r-14 North river. KAT1..S <>t KA?- \UI lrst cabin $Tft Steerage VM I'o toLf-ndon '.. Si Co ?x> t.'<iid<>n t] tofiaue relurn tlckata good far tsix m >nthH $40 Pajt^fiiKt-ii forwa-aed t" -aris. Uarra, Hamburg. Breoaei, iFo'terdam Antwerp Ac., a' rMuc*<l tbrougb faru? I I'eraonj wUhirg to brinj nul thflr friend* caa buy t(ek?rt? Ib.'rt dt tbe f?,!.?vn u ra e? to Sr. v 'Voiir '. -From I.lvorpool or |Qu*nat'iwa flr*t c tbio. $7'< $ *f> hi.d $106. Alte-ane from |ll -erpool, $40. Kroru Quariial'icn, $01. Tieae ateamern buve ?iip?-mr n -c.'lona for pixsen 'ers? and <arr> eijierienoed ?:irj eoo' IMTart In wra IwrMtlIroa ?rnflnna. ?n<l >in intnBI flrj mluMn on Foi f-irtiwrlnfonoaiioa H, pW ir. Uverpo, 1, to Wm. tnmin, 22 'A'ater atrfei. In (i!a?s'Ou'. t ? Wm Itiinia. No 6 St 3n?cB (n QuMnato?ti to A W D Sevnvni.-A [Co , la London to El^es A Marev, fil lilnf Wllllatn gtre^t; Mb PartH. t* ,'uief Deeodi, No 6 Place de la H mr?"; In |<Pb'jdeh>ii.? to Joba Q. Dale, 109 Walnut Btroc*., o' at the ICocLpta; "fc iMlieea, JOB 1 G. DALF, agt-ni, 13 HroaJwa!1, K. T. ^TE VW?M.W fOKK, SOUTHAMPTON AND IiAVRH. The Vf.nderblli Kureoean Unf fcte^mtbips will aall b itween 1 >n and Havre, CABRYINQ THE I N?TED HTATF.a HAIU From l?ew Voik ) tteturnlng from Qa for 3>nuli3tnp;oa . vre and ttouthatup aod Havre ! ton. ILLINOIS. Ten/... Saturday, Apil 6 ' WednasiUy, April 21 VANuEtlBTti'' Lefevre, " May 4 | " May ?? XLLIJtOW *?iry ... " May 181 " June 8 VA!?DKB^LMr.Le'e*re, " Juns i:>| " July 3 aiilp* have watertigUt onn.iartmenta. Certl1caie? of pta**ge Usueil from l.urope to Ame 1ca. Spetv-dmivricd In l>*ndoc or Paria D TtiRP.AN'E, Agent, No 6 B? wling Greou, New York. Sight Orafia on London. 1'nns and KraDkrort. FOB 60UTUAMPTOK ANOniVBK?OK SATURDAY, Apri, 27.?The United States mall steamer KUU'OX, J. A. wotion. c-mimind^r, will aall from p'cr No. 57, North faot of heaeti *tr?et, on .luturilay April 27, at no in. Ti lt ateamri, unaiirpa*aed for safely and coni/ort, his d >u ble eoginea under deck, endoaed by water tight compart meoia which, bo?;de? other leanlta, tend in the ovent of ?< Uiatoo or ktiaiulli.g, to keep the pump* free to work, and ?ecure the aafety of vr??el and ra*"engiT?. For fro.laht or VMaaire M>p*y to t-AMUHL M. POX and GEO. MACKENZIE, *?eit?. No 7 Broadwav. lt? earner aRaUO will aall Kay U3 STEAM FBOM NEW YORK AND BOSTON TO IRE Ian A, England and Se .tlana via Gal way.?The At an'.i) Fof ai Mali Steam Navigation Company will despatch from Bos'oo, oa TUESDAY, APRIL. 1C, tbt lr new and magiiineent puddle wheel ate^mshlp UI BERN I A, N. PROa nv , Commander, tonclilag at St. Jobna lo land pasaengitr* an.! mall* Rates of pa aag? f roni New York or B<?'on : tlrnt cabin to Galway, Itublln or IJrerpool. $7."> aad $1IKI Hxal cabin to fU Johna, N f :15 Third cabin t* Gal war, Llverpiol, Glasgow or any town :a Ir> land on a railway W Per?o!i? taking pansaga In ^e* *ork for the above ?hlp will receive fiee paasagna fiom New York t? Botton. N(?Tt IR ?I'eraona wlablns to brit.g out their friend* from the Old C'our.try, can obtain RET I UN TICKBTd AT \ ERY LOW RATEH Oa? of the n>*w steamers of the line will follow the Hloer Ilia. *a..ii? from Hew Vo< k lueaday. Atiril 30. For paaaoge <* further rnlci-ma'ion applv to WM H WICKH AM, at tbo oflire of the company, oo the whtrf foot of ('Anal H'reet, N. It Bl'WLANTi A A8PINWAIX, AgeaU AgenU lo Boa ton. KAZRO BROK A ttWEENEr. _ STEAM FR OF APRIL HI Mil I OB BOV III AMPTON AND HAVRE. CARP.1 IN3 THE V*7tED STATES MAILS. 1HT. KTKAMSniP ILUNOIS, Capt. P. E. TiSRRY, V*'. net, from pier No. 3 North rlfer. New York, at noon, BaturOav April t?, with niuiU. paa*engeii and apecio for Eng land and Trance TO ROllHAMPTON. TO HAVRE. Flra*. calaa $T5 Fir*t ca'dn fA) itWO eab*n SO Third cabin U Thla ateasBihip ha. been aupplietl with powerful new boil ?ra, and ha* been relUad in the moat thorough mtntor. Wrougl.t iron l>ulkbra<U. abaolately waiertifkt aud fireproof, ?oclnae I.# e:.glnes and boiler*, and for aaiety, comfort and Bpewi shr rai.k* in the flmt claa* of rnrean steamer*. Her urit trip Irom New Sork will be oo May W. l>. TOBB4WCB. Agent. No. 0 Bowling Greeu, New Vork. Eight draf la o? London, Pari* and Frankfort. TEAM TO LONDONDERBT. GLASGOW AND LIYRR. _J po?< ?Tie Montreal Ocean hteam*hlp ComAnny ? firat claaa, lull powered C.yde builtaUamer N'OltTH aMEKICAN, Captain Aitoa. carrying the Canadian and United 8tat?s mall*, will *ali irom Portland nc*t fatuidaj. April6 Bate* <h |>iu?ase from N?w Yoik, Qrstcl***, aooordiog toac^jmmo <lati< n*7V<6 and $H0. iteemge, found with c okod provui mi. S.'0t. Certt3c?te? laaued for bringing out pawenffers from all the prlncuial town* of Great Britain and ireUna at very low rntea. Far paaaage apply at 2.1 Hrooda ay. New In k. PA BEL A HEARLK, General .Vganta. THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYDS KTEAMSHIP NKAT YORK. 11. J. \an Santcn cotnm?nder. c%rr>ln* the Catted Biiae* tnall, will sail fr >m pier M North liver, foot of ibaaobfr* atreet. na KaTCKDAY, April 13, at 12 o'clock M , for BRBMEN via SOUTHAMPTON, taking p*(*cngers to LONfoR, HAVRE, SOCIHAMPfOK AND BREMEN, at the following rate*: ? FlrateaMn. $100; see nd cabin, $60; atcerngc, fix Fcr troM-V. or pa?**g.' apply lo <; ELPCKB, KEl TGEN 4 RETCllBLT, 83 Broadway, up at .ir*. jr? OLD BLACK BALL LINK OF LIVEBPOOL PACEBrH, run lug punctually on the lirt ?i><1 l?th of every m >oth For MMAI14 aad Uvwol, *1 loweat prior*, apply to B< I HjTbROK. A corrffv, to Sonth Itre?u Mew Vol*. R LIVERPOOL-UREA DROUGHT LIRE?THE _ cilppcr ship VICTOR* will poarlrely nil thin day at 14 oYUck, when pa'vngers must oe no b?nl Por passage flow est rate* ?piri> nn bo* d piar 6, North river, or to P. M. DB.YaREmT. ADPouth StlVCt TOOK LIVERPOOL--THE 8rLESDID CLIPPER SHIP ' JP KktRiiiD, Cspt Cook, hi* splendid accommodation* for a!! olsisesof passengers. and will positively *\JI oa April (L Tor I* W apply on b?ard pier 14 Ea-t river, or to JOWBUl MlTtPll v, Itl South street. ___? 1POR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. f A flrst class iliMrr will lc*vo Now Tork on the let, 11th jlrt Silt of eachmaaih, rxoept whon these dites f*li on nnday, when the da; of departure wiU be on the Monday Por trSght or passage ?PP'Bht the only offlae. No. 177 Wort reet eonis. of ICarrfn D B. ALL>EN Ageat AUSTRALIA PIONEER LINE. CARRYING THE I'niied htaies Malta.?the magnificent A1 extreme clip per ship ANRA K1MRALL, Marsh, mm tor, li now rapidly faallng at pter No. 7 Kw river, nnd m ill pqaliJMiy Sa" ' April for Malbeuer dtre-'t Phe has unsuffPBad ao -ri'H d?-k t dipper afcto COMPETITOR will hare quick despatch tor Sydney, R. tf. W , from ptar No. 3 Eaal rlrer, carrying ti,--t class puMf? only. For frelgb* or paaeago apply till. W. dations for Ant and eecntid rabln paw ncifa. all ond?'k ? |c?MPR ' " " ? I oaasengsra C.AMRRMN (9 Beaver street rR EIBOWON, JAMAICA. Jamaica and N-esr Yerk Perew Steam Packet Line, <*r rytsg themal To st.ll for Kingston.Jamaica, un th? 20ih of each moniii. The null s?es??hlp CLRATOR, ( apt. William .Lent, will aatl for the. aba* o port on Saturday, Aorii 3d, from pier 57 North rlrer. Passage-First cabin, til; eeeond <Mhm, BW, third claee, $36 For freight or pasaaga apply to WAL DEN A BOOTH, Agenta. ?7 Broad street. TOOK BAVANA.?CNTTED KTATEB MAIL ftTBAMRHIP J? OUAKKR CITV, R W. Rhnfeldl, commander, will leave fir the above on Friday, April ft, at U o'clock, from pior * North rtver^or freight ar passage apply to HARuOrti CO., BS Beuth street Havana and nbw oelf.amr EVEBT TEH PATH. Ta sail on Thursday, Ar " '< ?t 13 O'clock tub rtr*aMnnir OitAVIi ,t W. Bmlth, aammander, ta n- w reeelrtag freight. ami wMl sail as above from pier foot ?f Murray etirei. North Hv?r. Iloraee taken ? n all the -ti-am'-m. UTlBOltON, CROCHBROK A CO., M Murray streflt. The ?e?inshl|. OK KOTO sails glsit April. FOB MATAN7.AS. 1c sat' on Monday, April 9, At 2 o'clock P. M, The t nlted Htatee SMlt sloamshlp MATAN7.AH, Ueeeftauf confmaMler, la ready to receive freight at pier .10 North rlrrr, foTt of Chambers street. For frtlihl or passage npptr to MORA BROS , NAVARRO 4 CO., . _ M Exchange pi we. Maim eioae at tlia Post office at 1 o'clock P. M. on The d?y of ?Ailing No cargo recelrrd nor bills of Udiag tignad the day of palling FOR SAVANRA1I AMD FLORIDA.?THE AMR RICA M Atlantic Screw Fteam?b?p Company's new and ilr?t olase eieamiphiw will leare plar Ro. It North rlrer, on th? f ^H^?%Tif,LB.4('apt. John A. Poat, Hatnrdair, April 6 Ctl>ip passage to Favannah. with nrsnrpaeeMl aorcmm Uons,Bin. through iickaja to New Orleans^*)73: to MoMl\ BM; Montgomery, f'.*? Memphis. #'11 71: Nailirllle, ij; 78 Ijki?t1I>. B2'. fit. Ch ittsn --ga, ?:?. AlW, E.,rals ft4. Coin*, 1ms, |il Maooti ??>. Augusta, |lt #o. Including omMhus fare In Sa*at iiah, Ba?g*9? rheked :r?o to n 11 t'e ahora points. Iraumnc* tt lowest ra'oaof rr?m(nm. iNwiwut go 'lis 10 ctoti i*r fixit: other go ds in p-v> por I n i,ll s f l*fl)oi? ir ?t he 'iikon ou* to ln?nre despatch, And not* mli'?? ir' <'ln ter <t< p*r'H"n ?-.f sl?ainw t... i'i-tsr? it ..j Kl, :, ?i h ' h.'a.t?4iM. A Ct*, C4 ^aat airact, toracr AtOft^y, ?r.? MNiemG R??H$jg3ajSg? v - F<-u Jianiufon und Uncu ?tire ^ * forlla\re, In aiur, flrn enbta.. ( $J4 *??"?** ^wssiiM av 1-VSSCJT51 ?g?Efiiw!l'fjVOI'11"? L0N*0(*f a;?aysb.- ?? c ov th w ii i U4,,T"?1 "r Load.*. ot? a' <he vt-r> I imU anrt ir.V ?'1C!i w*Hrtr. KM.1ABUSUED PASSA'IK OKKXttl iidSffX UZ*a ? A pit! <. bUiii PL? MOUTH Ror/^fif. .S fVU 'i* Uv"P">< &rk.' ' 'P - 10 'Hus c" ,tot"a- eibamh .^tX, A??AMA HOKEKK LINK. CtKIIIIKfl Til w tutted Suf? Mall ?fh? miurnidr.-ut At IxiilL. 7. IZsZ"^fth'fJt&k "M?'r. toW^St I QAMtKUlf.'K U?r hr Htr*et ?" ,'^U^ app'> *? * * FOR ^AVANSAU AND t*TIIEtt points AK r..,,? I he 11,gloW di^" "ham\cl?M>^,7 UU1J, Will ave <>u tmniwi, a?hi ? ?i 1 " ?o"' pK'&r!^ : CbatiMioiWH. #?; Nu-Uvliw- ?27 7.i; Knfi?U? plit*. $21 7ft; Auguma. ?I7 M); M.iooti $.? HnikHiuU! ?S i?r frtiKM ar pu hhk^ apply hi 13 Bruadtv ,.y * ' bASl( hL I. MlTl'fflLL A uON W Y,?* , tlS-n'r'!1 * HM'LIK- i?v..a?mh. ' *???* A^Sk'S?p8gW North oaiiolika-wekklt. "~ i ut' Im-W h[id first claas HlMIDhil'D H llTKRRXm*Ln i;?pl(iln .1. ??-pli E ftuwd, ?UlT?ve p^-r iV n?^,BLKO' ?iSaW^ wsusw sarsawi f^?'0Sr;;KJS.,o,Up^uof *>?* tolwwJ^t hn?Jf jH-r cen't *"11 "rn?,0rtloaa'? Apply to H. B CROMWELL A CO The VOPTII rumt ,v? Wu,M rtr#*i ,nd m "roadway. day April la A wUI ,ucceed *?<?'?"? o* tiat.r I*?wuKt<' $13. lrrl<;<llri|r utawi oom and mtala. FINANCIAL. A l GUST Itf.LMONT A CO, RAJ>'KHR? NO .VI WAT T ?? "* < f *w v"rk. laaue letters oi credit to Uav-lUri' arallaok-in i. II pari* ol hu op<*. tlirnuirh th>- Mcusri ft 0? FAIgftlj CAPITA/.lt-T WHO nig r.ammg tBcrel,, ? lim<. ,,Dd ,,1^ 0f'm(.tft^ *ork ' o!l,c?. DAii!2.?N.IA A.?? 8AK fhancJsco citv cotJi'oNn .tr,e^ 8 ' b/ ^UOCW1 JBELJiOirt- A CO.. Si! S> w2 /CHEMICAL I?AT?K, WEW tork APAII 1 Tlsi Ti. jffi&jjrsufc. ^sasisiissr* t 8?a<Jjsb Johnson. at 1/10 U:ltt ,"co"^"C cl-rtlon _ ettr Ooclat, I?na?L. Piatt, ... . Japh"t Itlabop. I. ?L Mbieriitppt mnetu.g of tbfi ?io*n] 0r Dtrpoi-m Jolin O ?I'jno^, e?<i? ?b-. unanlmoualy rt el?, ud Prc?dent V ? Oaablrr. rPMIBD AVENI7B HAVTNU8 BANK ' ' 1 ???' W.DtJ fl(Ul ftrMt, thoiuirt T\^tm " "wed ou 411 from on, to one ivxWiW apr,l Waidaefday B. B C??.ri,.gecr>uj^h>M:EK K' UREEN' $3,000 1 r^ffy"00 ?R 000 T? I/1AN ON CtTT ?" ? WHEELER, 11 W..11 giw, Jn12 ft(?M v,'a*TKT>-TO BE BRCCBED B* M.IUT. Ht *io !(>ii ? B*l{e "? "n*no"'nb?'io<l el'y pr iporty, v?ln(^l $55,000. Tii S5AV&XS5 l!!S3S?ti^t!i Anoi** J r?!?ur"v? r*alfsi*t? ib tfil* c-1't or Brooklta Ap*lv to .IOI1N V < ON RE V in tb? olbceoftbe Poodcs >!"? Tn.nranrfi I ompanv, ? Wall .trryt. ' 3 $75.000 nV^;^r.,^Vy!,i,l7to JU- uakkbt8u^ ^ LOAN OFKKKS. AT?' ORAND BTRBET, THREE DOORg WEST op .N^r^iri^lri?Tl7r??n*^ "UT^nc*d oa * ate bra, D^rtvmdg. rui?, Dry Coed* ami per? ?Lai proDMrtv nf ev?. ?r fj>CK>o, or froucti t nod ?ol<i bj JAoSoN ?i? Uoneer aiul Lroker.| a. jauiwn, A'M.rttSWWZ BAl MUAKTItN A CO. made ox jdiamosdh watphph urit-Ta" Tlf?'S" or for cA*h at the Ul^b-' V Wold and Hilv#*r boiieijt. Annlv at th(?nld of u JA00BS-w A T A! RAtB AV HTREtT.-A. H05IUMAN niAMo'n No.^y.M.u s!r,Pt, room Wo. 2, up ?*? %'nT A T 11 CHAMRKRR STREET. UONRY TO iju* Tn AT Ul O Hi NO STREET, THKEK DOORS WR-r or JX.;fF-r"?*,,,dT?l witiS, DUmoniT 7*7** * la.c. Dry Good* and pornon.'! nroiMTiv ??f ?. n^.? An ?crlption, or bought and bold by JO?*'k flF^jJ J a7r7f?* auctk and hiuker. ^ JACRHON, ASTROLOGY. 4 IjpNA VJDB ASTROLOOIHT, THAT EVERY ONK A <Of depend on, 1* Madame WILSON, who tella tlw object Of your TlMl a? noon a? yen enter ber room. Mmr. Wilson In the created a?trt4ogl*t that ever on luwn. She will invoko thu pov er* of her wonderful nrleace and teU all the ntnlf of your ? hole llfa. Her prediction* am to true that they ?urpi ue every one who consult* her. Home lade* ma; cet m little ,linid, though they need not fear, to? lh< practice* nothing bnt what la maaonable to philosopher* A'l shottid consult this trn?t w.mdrrt'il end njj?terl <>tta lady, lierad vtc?? b*? never Iwn known to fail, mad twenty thousand dol i r? rewaid to any one who i*n cqtial her la the- above nclenee. Mwtame Wilson la In poMantton of the celebrated maalc charm* which urn ever ce rtain la their (-fleet Truly may mm: be o*Jled a wonderful woman. H9 Allen street, between H.o^t.n and Htantdn, over the bakery. Fee for ladies and gen'.h mei).'<)cent*. A8TOMSMINO AM> MOST WONDERKUL.-MA.DkME MORROW. serenth daughter, boro vrlth a caul and gilt o' forenlght, lell* now *oon and olten yi u will marry and all conecm* of life, even your very though'-*. She guafan. lccsjih'?? * Mo vlilt her will n"t regret It Keo 2:> nati ltil rndlow, tlx d<- >r? from Houston afreet. Ucntlem-'u not ad rnltt'-d (?ONWOLT MH8 CLAFTON, TUB OBEAT CRYSTAL J U'?t vi yant, on all alfalr^of life. ttlieUHckmiwleriged the meal aocwii'pUshed Mr and gil t <t lady on record No. 9 I'a chin i lace, tenth street, near HUth avenue, t-econd Hoor, front room. . Madame eat. no mo seventh aybni'b. near Twenty-teveoth street, surprise* all who vUlt her. The stok, trouble'd and unliioky should te<t her poww. She talis your tery tl'""*ht?. lucky number*, lease*. Laliea, lucent*, )1i, flonewta. V*" B.?WHO HAS NOT HEARD Of' THE CBLBBRAT ? fd Mn? PKEWBTEK. ?1h? hat been consulted hv thousand* In thi* ami other eitieawlth entire *ati .faction) She feet ennmiftit -be kaa no equal She tella the name m future wife it husband. and that of ber vlalter. If you wlah truth, Ktve her a call, at 151 Third avenue, above Twenty Grat etrett. La 11' ?, M c*nr?; genUamen, $1. frill. t?KATB*T WONDER IN THE VOMJI IS THE J yutiag and aec.mi'lMied Madame BYROR, front I'arla, who eaa I led with the alrtctaat conldenoe an love, eeuitablp, nit.rlage, sickness, Intemperance, aquation* law. awlt*. busmen. travelling, abaent Crlend*, loslor stolen pro perty, Aa kite kaa also a aarret to make yeu beloved hy yaur hsait I Ideal, and bring together thoee long separated, kit*! denoe Ml Thlid avenue above Twentv-seventh street, seoond floor. Ladles, 2> rente; gsali?ten, Vlsenu ??A ELDIIDOB STREET.?MADAME WTDOBB, CI.ATE VJV voyanl an.l gifted Spaalah ladv, nnvell* the mysteries of fnturlty, love, marHaun, abaent friend*, sleknees, fere arrilw* medicine for all dl*eosee, tells lucky numbers pro perty Inat or wtolea. Aa CQ CI1RIHTOPHER STREBT.?MRS. H. ROBDBK, THE DO far I s mcd elalrvoyaat l?.ly and h^aUng medlora. curen all kind* of *lckne#?. and glvaa tnie and sronderfnl advVs nron all the affair* of life. Remember her adriresa, ev Chris tipher sire I, near Fourth. SPORTTXG. T\0<? V ANTED ?A BEAOLK HOCND, FEMALE II vottnc "id thoroughbred, wanted, fall at Taylor'* Motel, Jerey City, n-ar the ferry IV)R SAt.E-A nrXStAN BLOOnilOT ND, NINB mortl 4 old; I* ? gotd ?at I. d well trained t all a*. No. 6 Carlisle ureet, i ear (??<?.>>' Ich LJ( HOONER TAOHT FOR SAI.E-TW5NfV riiitF.E C5 ton*. 1' tvh .'X fei t,1 earn It feet dtafi 8 f'-et, *if able >r a Ml! t boat t nn te n> n at Kn>| r *'' "? U ''-mi SFACIIT REBECCA FOR H VLB ? DK 8Kh?f at Cjeri |*>tnt _ \* ACliT V.AMTP -ANVBoDr il A V, 1 f'iffi ft n ?? ??.r" I -i sell li * WrW ' -1 <r 1.1 ed<'?w?-,i.g t'oi.sile??e, bt.X ?t?l ucraid vUlue, ?ni !?*? pwt Milan, DK r (HHNM, AH . mora ? .U omk. hi* AtakM1.'. 4.4 ..4 cf AXTLBf om WEDNHSX?a.t*. A(>rfl 8, I*. briug tne bnnirersury vf tw? OpMlog of fan litr Btort uodtir the FIITH AVEtiVi HOTEL, Coram ot TweMy-lhlrd street, ft her* * nagnlfleant ax?onra-?( of M ??H-o la every vnrety of etj K la CLOTH, SII.T AN D I-ACE. WW be ?skttnt?4 at hi* St*rc *orc jt of Tweatyihi.d street nufl Ktfto a ouihl And at No. ?*t Oscai tUoet. The ladies are particularly Invited to o*U a ad rumlM B.'ore r. aVJa? purchate* el -"Where. IP BLLBT A COMPANY. J . TaILORB AND IVriWIU, he-.e the (ft*>d fortune to aunovm* (hut iVcjr ha^o now in atom, ei Aii.ttraluntnb, trsiwbippod per liurotia, W UA.^K8 I'.MIt hH NKVT *TYt.,*, Adapted t< to* van' r> o* ?rn ..rnicii of tiL-l in -.11 *eotk*M, ?hlct) bhP) will hsvii ple?stiro In making up t' Is Uel? w?U knn* n style of eio?'U?n ??, without (u ) udrance in pi ces, and uu their usual libtral credit. 67 Walker Mmei. rifiE r.tI'KS UANGLSOS. HOlOMUr- A HaBT, S6'.? tirondway, rfiipeel'ull*'inform thc.r customers nnd the pub ic puilS) that tht'j will iakM orde-6 ibis surtax t? iAlklt AND decorate D?T.LLIN<JS at -i per cent lei's than last year's prices. Their nock ot PANEL DEOC RAVION?. EI.EOANT VELVET aND GOLD PAPER.!, Li ?ib? r and Coid ttiid Krtsco au<l Uold Paper*. CtilNrZ and ?*lai> ?* in i?A.rfc.tU, <>f More^ae and other p?ttemH, Is tiaudiai'.y b?rge tbi? Hiaaon, and contain* thr choicest sc itnlud'. i roil) the sti cks of ih? i?<? manulacturers. GUt AT BAKU A IN, In BAREGE", TISSUES, 01 EN iD IKES, BABEGE AND GRENADINE ROBES, *<' Our entire M xk in lh? poods ?ill bo offered on Monday, Ami. 1, at a great ndu rtl >n from our former low prtc?*. T htif hme been selected with great care and are utmur fas-md in *r>J? Man; of tf>i*o goods have never been oflrrcd at retail p^evi ous to tnis dale. EDWARD I, AM BERT k CO., la U't?l.'aUon 44? Hr^ad ??v, Bet *efn Howard aad Uraud streets. 2^?U3 A T.YtLDK, <61 to 487 Br.vxdway. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT. New Spring Shape* now ready LADiaS' AND CHILD BEN'S UNDER GARMENTS, Ready Wade in prenl rtirh-iy. (Hders taken for Oitrmnat* ef every* description. Thi* department is under U10 auperia icaotmce ol IADIE8 OF ADMITTED OOOD TASTE, And all order* wlU reoelre prompt and careful attention. PRIOE8 MODERATE. J^ORD k TAT LOB, 1C1 to 467 Broadway. LINENS AND HOCBE H RN1RIIIN3 090DB In gTeat variety. Spring Iir[>ortatlnn now ready, MPCH BELOW ltEOCLAB PBICS8. Alio at Stores 'M to Sol Grand street, and 47 aad 4? CotitadM ?trcet. T OK) A TATLOE, 4G1 TO 467 ~BROADWAT, Bare juit opened a large and elegaut aaaortstont of SrRINO DRUMS GOOD8, Ineludiog the Lateet Novel ilea, AT OREATLT REDUCED PRICES. Ala* at itores "256 to 261 Grand street, Aad 47 aad 48 Catherine *tre?t. LACL ABD MI'SLIN C1JITMNS At 2fi per cent 1mm thaa cos*. SOLOMON k HaRT, :>W Hroadway. Ilavinc made large purciinae* abrua-l and from impertcrs' s ock* at tmmi n?e ?, an now nffeiingat rotaii UaiKisene w Ide knsliii Curtaiue. at $i per pair. htm Laee Curtains, at $6 per pair. Very ri'h and heavy Lace Out tains, at ftO i cr pair. And '1 Isrce a?>ortnieut of \EST1BILF Of BT A INS, LACES AND MDBLINS At proportionately low prices. 11 It'll SPRING SILKS Seduced from ?l 25 to 75a BLACK SILKS Rodaoed from JI 26 to tl. ur a ?JAMES Ott VT A CO , 729 Broadway, corner of Waverley pipe*. Ul-KCUL ANKOINC'KMBNT H EXTRA INtMCItENT. Greatest b..rgaln? fTer off?red In Ancli <li Oood*, Auction Good*. S'O.fnii north mere iust reeshc<1 2.IMI d' " D laciee' l>lack Bid IjlorN, 62c., usual price $ I iTLew We will w*j rani lAr. be*t arti-le in ttio city ) 611X1 fancy l!m k Combs, gilt and enl'd prad'ts, .Vie., north f I GrtUfunry Hark < imibs, gll and coihI pendants, 75c , i* l ni ter's price SO I,i0> cut Meal fc*i- k Cot?l>?. 76c , cent to Import $ j 30. 7 lies* are the (incut *ml dieapest frer offered. II VJIl NMH KOR illf MILLION. iiWOcolurcd Hirr Nets, small m??b, 2a . worth 0-V. I.OH Silk ind 1 Ini'el Hair Nets, with rlhbon?, chc?p at ft?*. 2 '??) Silk llalr Beta. roectteand slit slide, :.a. 6d . cbeop ? h/c. iwt Mlk Hair Net*, with rlbbcn. very handsome, 1*. t>l , uciial price SI. lti,i*?i Kalis ftu *ttrtJon, for 1? fit upwards; a grcai liargnia 6.i?i jards tlounslug* find Inncrtioga, 1* i?L,2, 4a. frl.foi. rot vaid, very low. I t?m freneh Worked Bnnda He .rio Prnt tvot k worth double iteat N< edies, Se |.?| or; he?t 11ns, 4c. (<l <?l Cotton. Ic ; Spool Crochet Cotton,So. All 'be width* ot Baffling* at low pric?w. In our Fancy Ooods department [adieuran find oTcrftbinj. Bai .lains In nil kinds of jjoorts from auction d.illr M M l/MI!)'ELJ,AK. i-B.N I MBKELI.AS. W? hare just received our spring stock. 1 *di?* raa select from r,rrr 9,'?l1. All at price- never before heard of ? $1 87, SI IT SI "7. $2, and 26 for largo sl*<\ ?t# Accurdcoos, at 7*., 8*.. UK and 12s , any of them worth RON \LDfON ft ME \RE8 779 Broadway WORTH OF STAPLE DUV tiOOD* wanted?for which cash m.4 Iowa lands will bo given. None btit principal* dealt wtih A?ldre** Marufaeturer, boi .'.28 Poat outre, Plttabnrf, i'a. $25 .000 WlLLIUBjlY, AC. a N ELF.OANT ASSORTMENT OP PARIS Sl'BrNO Mil, J\ i.nery and Hlraw 0>?da, Mower* and Ribbon*. A larpe n-?ortni'M ot Leghorn Honnata. 1 ua an Dunatahle Npllt .Straw and Peddle Hrald at th? lowest rash prioe. MhH. WM. ?-IMMONw, C7 Broadway. MADAMU I)E COCKKRILL.E WOl Lft ANJIOCKOE T') ibe ladle*of New \ (irk that ?he haa rast opened her new LADIES' RAZiAK, At No 4.1 Bleerker utreet, Itv lwdlnr all ktaii* of Mlillivry article*, au^b as Borneta, IdbN na. I'low-ra 4e . ladk^a I ndrr Lioeni, chlklrrn * oiil??. and a>? a aplaodul aaaonmont of lliu?i <n (io>>ds. N. B ? Ail kind* of str?w Honncta done up equal to new. M| A! AMI' ISAACS, M9 BKOADWAT, HAS IfuM ready fr.r inapectt? >t? a tplendld assortment of ?llliu<fn'. juat reoe|\*?l mm furl* lr* tn tbetn<?t ran<>w nml house*, *n l as ha e l.cen purchaa'S for eaah, the-t 'ore she can ofer them at pricea to ault the prusent flnan inl crials Madman I '* ?tock coti'prlaea Strn'< s, l>?*h< i, Chit' Crape'llournln# Botllic'v Hats ic. XaLAMK lriAADf. r-.-J Hi O.L<twa> . LIPRIN'i PARIS FLOWERS, O FEATHRKH AND BRIDAL SETS. OARNITt'REH AND VEILS. JAMES Tl)<;k EH, 7SU Brnadway. KAILR9ADS. Ht'lW<ON RIVER RAILROAD?FOR ALBANY AND Troj, oonoetling with iralaa North and West?Trains leave;? mo* m?waat>" rnow thiutt rtn*r smrrr Biptesr. 7asd II A. M., and 7 V>. 1I3U A.M. and 3:30, :\-X< and I P. M. 6*5 P. M. T<o\- and Albany (with sleep. 10:16 P. M. (Sunday* loc o ing em-si, 9 10 P. M. dod I IVigbkeetisle train, 7 30 A. BA N., lS JOand ?:25 P. M. M , 12 M, and i P. M Peekakin train. 6:30 P. M. H:li P M. Blug Hlng tram. 3:96 and 4:30 4 a?d4:40P.M. P. M Tarrytnwa ttaln, 6:40 P. M. 7:10 P. M. A. P. SMITH, 8uperlnl*iideat. HI PCON RIVER RAILROAD EXCURSION TICKETS? To and from New fork, and all station.* south f and Inrtuding Hudson, *nld at greatly reduced rat** Tic et* t# h.-d fr' 'ii I'rrkaMll, and station* north to Hudson, gtod for modus. t?lil at ticket ofllcrs only A. F. JJMITH, Superintendent. New tofk, iiari.em ano albany railroad ? I'or Albany and Troy, connoctlna with the New Tork ' < ntral itillroed far all t?>tiita Wnat, Northwest and South west! also with the Northern Railroad for Saraioea, Rut land Mor:iriKl"n, Plaltsb'trg, Rouse's folnt, ttgdcashnrg and Moultet':? rKo? Ttiro* ttow, nr.tR ctrr mow Twrxrr stvm erttrrt S/4T1W. tpi r* train, 7 A. M and 7:2" A M. and 4 MP. M ? d 5:10 1* V 10:26 A M. Express m*ll Irsin In A V. I , ttiit abridc , Wiilt* n?m*. CfOtOI *all? and a 1 ??? ?!? ? t ? ta'-'e 7 o'e' A M etpre** tr?l i Icit.i ?'i? ? .? ujj .? it "t.? ^apcrtu^uUeui, AMI 'tt'MBVVTfe. \Ti* ? I A I ? is 1.1 J.IIWw M bill* I .I48M out i IDMFI SiuHrT nma: (W tin 11'j.w (i . 1.1 ? Mi >. ittiK rtafc/ci TlFOt> IVB FVROif NIGHT MOBE tiOTU Bin I HK PUBLIC. iHMU'iitoMf ili? "ii ;? ;?? iwu aub^rnm* 1/ the piubtic in* (.? 'n* r I- 1 ?m(?rb tii'-iiu/ of the Kcnuta I-I ll. n- >> ? li H- ll'f rp^llr>l< 1U?-V Hi tliil iii??

m (1 i ? re,'tlilnnot tt , 11 pulur I aft*4y of '\1rKiu1 A," l?-?rar fir . *? Mil (! In ih" prfaui* tif tin- wal'lla will )i?n it in tmiouiM tbtl Mr POitKh ;'l fca? oatmentad in r? 1 : , ?r 111 v (. IMthotti dotaday 4- 1 April ;< .f, . h-hii-f 111 l.?i? fir in. bo?tr witt* n<o icxl (or Wu? plm ?l 'V illhtj "1?<I ' in tort the iuunt< r*B*'Wod or will !?? ?h; : iO (? ti e ! ght (I1 "Ylrglu u?, at ti.rur option Jame* y NixoN. I.K VI'i'K.iOA. I i'KMHII, April 5, ?> I U 'or iln 1 i) ih'iiu- 1 ki- M4UOB. the dim: do iu.'-t trii:?dv 1* iltiti fliiTU,,!. Ki: wlra, h*< , enutl-d V J' ulMCtfi V* Tll? fl'UIN FtmiR F Mr. BDWIN FOBBSBV At 1 O'ct.x-k will r. mm' *1C0 A UK a Mi MATU'fctJ, f!j f ^ "V ?. CtfeWL 1 ivir.itnnir n' Irlllinol Hi)4NSH1P aN1? CYMNivSTICg l.y (t..- iir.-t HiiUm aid AuvbaU til II." : A/ <1 an c? . o< bM>ei o" I- ?et\ ??, >11:<1 I>*noe3 In tlie ill IN -M FY sll\ aU Tfc" perfi iTrian<"? m ili- MuiintrM will benquallu erwy 10 i|h'm' given ti >>ii tu- ClrCUS avcnlugk?tursdav, lliuralt; t till ("Kiur*k.v ?I' Mm-IUM1 lnlHiluicni."ril-i nrf girea Icr Uie apeel*l pur p. i ..I aftoiiluigoj fj rui iMr. tii rr.'dPBU out of the city aa v.i ll a*. 1 in >w who pitjfv hin-ii,i' % in tti? d?y Ume, far wIt litfwlDg thlaapti ml 4 h<iU??trlMi evbitiiUen. Mr. Pl-VMN OBREf-I h MUHTti Monday, WMkwiUf Mid Saturday. w Al.LACE'S IdEAfliB. MR. E 0 WJLKI N'H' NEW PLAT, Till l!K?~ COMEOT 1'ROni 1 1 II IN M\..NY VBABH. P Sctmery and Aitltig Fr BKiiocod by PERSt! AbI' I't UUH3 I'EKrEOt. HJ.KBIBTTE Will be ptirfonniul ETERT EVENING. The followlup iirtlrtu will mipctr ? Mr. LASTEK Wai.LaCK, Wu llftBT, Mr. BLaKE, M'shMAKT GANNOM Mr. VOt'NO, hi'* I ANNT MOHAN r, Mr. NORTttN, Mrs HIAtAN, Mr rU)TU, Mil. VEBNON. Mr. Pi ItKK Mth WAIxIOT, Mi C< MiivN, Mian TftBB. Mr OlJVAU, Hi* KREVBH, Mr. FARXLOL. To conclude wit* POPPING THE gnrnTION. V001* open a: 7'.i, to nnneore at tt o'aiaoh. LAl'KA KKENK'H TIIEAfllK. I.aIIUA khbiNK'S 1HKATRE. I^AI HA K.EMitE'8 HIF.ATRI-:. OWE UlM'REU thiiiiii:tii night ONE UOM>UED AND THIRTIETH MtlllT HIO'lliY KCfCKH.-KUL BI7RLETTA In three aet#. whd-'i liati' bo"ii wltneaaed by TWO IIUNliRJbl) aM> TWO lll )UHAN? PEOPLE, TWO Ht'NDREU AN I* TWO THOUSAND PEOPLE. By whom It is moclvot nightly ?lth tlie II r. Alt'l IK.m AiTLAuSK AND LAUGHTER. Willi the ili'Hire of n-ndaring '.hi* cvlrmvn anza atill maro at c-iita^ie to the public, MISS KEEiNE bfea iffcclfj an?n6?srfnet'f with MLLE. llhLENK, Tit? PASCINATINtt HAN8EOBB ruon TJIK A6ADBMT OF Ml'BIO, PARIS, who will Aiiiiear evi-rYjiiglit In a iklASiiaied pas beol fr mi tbr adtuirrtl Baliet of LA BVLPHIDE, with dcw Liualc. axrauviyi eiprt aaly fur the OOMalon, by TUOMAb BaKEU. TONIGHT AND EVEBT NIGHT THIB WEEK, THE HI" VEH SI8T?RB, BEVEK 8IKTTCRK, hLVEN B1HTEBS, KKVHN BlMTBltS, HEVRN B1HTKRK, SEVEN HIBTKRB. HhVKN MHTEllM, hkVEN HIBTERB, SET K.N BIbTEBB, METEN HlbTKRS, BEVEN BISTERS, hE\ EN BIHTERri, KEVEN HIUtMKS, AK1> UBl'LE SAM'S MAilIO LANTERN, i ncle baM's mahic lantern, 1'Nt'i.E SAM H magic; LANTHKN, IM'LE SAM'S MAOIC LANTERN, t'NCLB HaM S MAGIC LANTERN, WITH AI-L THE OOMTaNT IN THE CAST, ALl. THE COMPANY IN 1IIE CAST, ALL THE BEAUTIFUL" UNION TABLEAUX, Tirr COLUMBIA AT WA81IINOTOVB TOMB, Till. 1H1BTT-FOUR HTATBS. THE EBONY WK1XK, Hkl'lUrl MIM. TIIK oood old ship ooNHirrunoN I>1 sTHOYI P TWK EXANC11'ATOHB AND FIRE EATEUB. THE STUMP OF THE LIBF.ItTT TREE, THE HLAVK SCENE. THE Happy plantaiio.n home. CALHOUN'S DREAM, WABUINGTON'B ABM^AT TALLEY FORCE. LIBERTY AND DIOOKREB. APOTUBVBIH. C,r WABHItOTON AND UNION. AMD TIIB GREAT SCENE __ Till: WBTU OF THE BUriEBI LT I* TIIK BOWER OF FERNB. Beau BMiy f"*ctire.| one weak Id ailvnnee, wliliAtH extr? ''hai Lix.ra npen at 7 o'ol'iek. CobbimWs at 7o'clack Pti-funuuBoe tciTr.lnaU a at In o'clock. DE CORDOVA S LAST BNTERTA INVERT OF THE b*?*on. MtSH BAR A STEVENS, I tin acflHttipludied and popular niiliwiHgima MTS."? PEAHMtN, the eminent Am^rleait plaritH'e; Mr M11 LAHD, the great Ameriian enmponer and tinker. Th? above nnmi'd dliiUnguiithod art:*-* having kindly of fen?l tb?Hr acrrtooa to ?lv? e.-ut to the la?t recitation of TPIfc PhlNCE'K VISIT, At F!i pe Chapel, H'oadway, VVedociday. April 3. Mr. llE CORDOVA will rei lie, f<.r the h unit HH tlire prior U> the p. >em lielnq taken to London, bla humo'Oua dmertptlosof .'IIIE PRIACE'i* VltlT. Newf?tn 'Hand extending (hp inw of greeting?'ne Bin .'?war* bowing a ?e)r*??e- 'lie CajiadlmiH-Now York In . tattaM Blagara and Hlordm the Urea' Will? >ie t-i.t trt'hmnn?the Capitol?the Pi lace at tin- Tomb o? ?Va?u!nij. n? Haltimor*?the Quaker City and the M?>or of Philiin.. iloipliin?eafe t ran ait through the for?'rw lerrlutr if 4U a Jnti aad Amboy?ihe Harriet Lane a^d tICN he > ? r. C ?cnU ?Reception In Ne w York?Ihvir Wood'i 8.' e-a? 1 "iew ef 'be treopa? <3cn?r? Bandt'onl and the P n- ? itw 'lay, and the popnler Maeatogi on *.im1f"r# a:> < .V .?d in i ,l,W(jl 'me?the White Wwie'eOat OOMmltt**? Tt" 11* I . ui" Ai&d'my, and the original am! imp ??i?rdi%t - H tk Uwm?Trinity Chunk?the "What i? It! ?A'.ry +? ?i o?1'i.r'lano?'I he Adieu?the oetabmaor tl>e? ?? ?? onr wn'rymid PRESERVE THE I BMW. nlii SaRA BTEVENB vrUJ rent* Lmitfellm a bimlmbo ok the Mtlr. MU? rEARR<iN will Mtformoo the piaiui ti e bn' i i.. fa . ?>ia, OOD HaVK THE y KF.N .Mr. MILLARD will Ring M? t* ? nn-?teM ?, THE I LAO OK THE KRfcK, and Vft A LAMF.RIC4; ad I Mr OF CORDoVa will i-euie Jerrold'i m / ''rami maoiiiiw, JFNMNP, on nrr niim ititiis *o*i.r*A* Orvfl of (bickering ? prand Hat.'* w ill b* need on the oca ?km. Vh? ticket* will be numbered, and none will I, * ?n].| b-*yon I die enmfot tabic rapacity of the hall. To be had at the | rtocl pal mime Kiorra. Aam'mion 99oen'a W'lIX POSITIVELY CLOUS IN A FEW D\Y8, TT Kxhlbitton of l'am * great Pk!ur<i, "t ENf'K. ' W th tbe fine enNectlon of Printing* and statuary A' the C M.LERT.M" BTM'tOWAT. i>i?n Jay and ew oinn. Adminiioti ?5 o?nt*. BRTANTH, HRVAKTS', HRTANTS. ? ra!"l Mn'.ni* Saturday a"<moot. i:rand Matinr'' SeturdaT aftern ion. XR/NK BROW ER, I K*M< UBOWK'^RA.VK BR^iWEtt. HEiinna rfitmcH.?a orand concert will lwflvtn tW? oretilng, bf Plwf. R E. Or^ndl ?, a led '>y enilnenl iiitlati, at the rree church of tl?? 'Jojd Jn?in herd. In Fifty fourth atreet. S?.>ond aveauc. ^y;<'t>i?d ? i!nunine. AdmUalon tu ceali. lime -luartar t>ef irv ?!. t?.? i . - ODD FALLOWS HALLt HOBOKRM, tYRRTTHMMj BEW. Bt OWdRTH A CaMPRELL B > WOOb S MINSTRKI^. rOROM m .iitomv- W| mm ?inr. Aran t .1. H BLDWORTH and all tb? fawi'^a in aa ?a'lre aew .?iXerLainroent. Oooni open at C -4'; com me nee at 7\. Tt:k?M it cnt?. ^ I. A ROE COfrF.RT ROOM WITH ALL THE FIT J\ (urea, ran Ii7 liir??l very rlieap ?t iJOti Br.a.I a tv with oih'T parte of tbe budding. Apoh to tbo atore, or u? W, E. BRINCKERHOFI', 112 avenue C. T1IK LRCTt'RF. BRAMOIV. /lAl TAIN BAMI FL WnifTXO WILL DFJJVBR a LKC \J (ore on hl? voyaee M niod the n ir!d, a rlult n tl.o Intend* nf the Kaet Ind in AlfhlpeUgn. a rWe over the I<le of Ht Helena, to the tomb Naixileon. at tbe BevnUi are 0'ie Me thud lit KpU.'upal chareli, ne^r Fnurteeiuli utr. et, Wnlneedav evannif, at 7!i o'clock Tickets 91 cent*. UULOOICM ON TnE IUTE 1>R KRANf I*-BT AF VJ polotment of the J*ew Yoik Cotinlv Medlrvt Soefc-ty, Frof Onnnlni{ 8. Bedford, M D , will ilelfrrr a enlogmm, on Friday evening, April?, at - o'clock, in the 1 ntare room. Clinton llall, Aetor p'Hce Tbeprof'Mi n at?il ;mblle p-ne rally are invited to atteiiiL AOERTI.EMAK, ABOUT iOBTT YEAR< (>K AO* "'id of retired l ahlu. dp? re- to enter Inf c>rre?pon I euee wlih A lady Ititharleir to rnatrlm nr. AWMr. \. B , Herald "fllce. ? I MATIUMOBIAL?A <I?.NTLI MAN OF WBaLTM, J>g. I elre? to ? orrt 'i' ind v Itb ? tody, with a Fit# ?o man ni > | nyimeeeyn-i hl?-t A'ldrr.*, in confidence, C P. Kawr t?, | I i ilt'K iMreet t'oal oWcr, Bear ?ot). 1 O-W f tl \ \:VW n M\'H'. i V (W. >? i t>? nti 'ed ? rreet/T.d(~i? "i > "i, r?i > brn ? ft I,r? d??l-* '?? ? --i,i *owYe urtn'mri u . ?a 'f. A^ 1 iiAt<; VttC, ?? I viltuC. iX. IT, ' AMI fe^JKRHCItfr*. Ali M'l.'MSf '??' MUMIC- i >KU i,oz LW? I. \i Ian ?.|-Kh.* ('Ig. i'l'Xl'i r< "foril ill) >. n'u tiin 1 that ?h> IU1! h i r t Company ? An... olatod A'Uat* ?! u' ???, m I:-n ?. ?U! 0! their V "> U> fu!h> ? > ? oitr-ci'd ?i, fcrttriiifi Ik In lpfci.1, rio<u *?( ai^l W LNh giv one wtMjk - operate New lerk mm iV ? ki>n ic f<?* If I oi Mindu. Deft, A pi ii K h ?<!'<? HlMWt m TuM rt#) n#?l Ajii !' " Opurti lights i.. >?? Vara V iiliti'i-dui uii'i J .'id*)' tuid ra UiooUyw ?lid Snmrd.. AO\M?T OK Nl ?tt MFK TOME. Oil 41 ..Nt.o pe\ Aprils, will b? per.itaiad I t*4i cv?e !?*?*? >J chef d'a-i \ m I v H \LiA> IN M V.s( B2HA (ha Ma?k B*H , Vfiih IU grt call n lulling A)' tbe priorIpat *tt ii e (ViiuhvO' Till .'HVr*.- ON AfAIIHMY or M si,", ol.iH K I.VS On TPT^DA i next, April % Wll ' f perfumed DonijCU/* fc ( i active Oitvj? cit II.NO A Dl OBAMf-'.'Mv Ms Murlo .. INrAetor ?nd Cr>u(iuatap lie i-ddt of tlokei* (omiiM iki'? u> in.. i. Iltnmdav) at both Ike AciiOmln, tl Breu>ing'H, 71" Broadwtiv, acil Kfbeli's, li Williliwt. tinit mi ki mcur4 (n Uk thu ? nigbt.i i nd van< ? hi nil the unices w l'lfk OAKD?,,V lO-NIOHY tonight wn. .1, b. c nAr.ivf mk. a < lai.kV Tti? c-lafcrated AiaertuM ?. <>*u-tli n, ta the NEW Ci?M?iT>r NEW COMCIiT nt T0S1 V.WLCir, A . > d OUR AMERICA* COITMX, hi 11,1. WATri,:- W'N deep. TO NllllIT AND EVERY NMHT, A now C. ui-dy tiy Tom 'l?>lor, i netted '111 P. BAHE0 IN 1 UK WOOD* Till' HAHl'i* IN TBK WOODI Viih the * oUowii.g distribution erf rl:?rvU r? ? >lr Jeremiah Beetle, u"d I *1gtng bouse ktfl|KT nit. J. 8, Clarlre (Ilia seimid ttt>]>rarauc? bi'rn ) Mr. Ftaiik Burtiton... i Ifc. i Mr.C BartonHlll Lady Blanche Kusbion i .woo?, j uins AdaC'Utou (IWr. Karto* Wlll'a?e?>i?d apDMtranee ) The Earl of Luzeuby, father of Hlnochi Mr .1 ILBtoddul Tunrnv ttllddell, "ths kuo] inMmlfrtrDi wno ns p<*att- kli the U! NKtui?d things ' Mr kuti l Hh enow IflveMrl.'s, a (nil fuhlo?aMe Mr (1. t imidaii T?Od, * bill diacoiuitwr i!r -M. I). .IhIijimnt l'i?< ,*k ? llni key Mr. 'frtc lire. Beetle, Lady and for aomc tliae ,w i of It- ctlr. Mri. T b. 0'iAnfraa Trott, r, a maid Mr*. Uaun Tlin?i?-The Present Keen"?Lotiduu. Aftor which, tbe upiutiumt laioeof turjsinu Tut. tables, la w Uirh MK. J S CLARKE JACK WU'. aiiue.i H I' M1* VTBW BOWERY THKATRE. Xl B'i4e I'lDfrietiri< . Menr*. O. L. Von I J. W. LI? ;ii J M KliM.SliAY, April it, I.Sot ANNUAL 0OM1-LIMKM \li? BENEFIT Tccd?red by tlic membiT? oi the mini any anil the a'.tacb< r of llie IheaijT t ? MlUiBRB. O. L FOX A J. ? LINI.ARB. The I.'Uhmo ' diMlDKiiiahed arti>u hare Uiudiy tolunt en il their aid Mr I" H. ChaDfrau. Mr. Harry arson, Mr .laia'i I linn, Mi. (? \ Llnicaid. The peitoimance will romrnonre with tb.' Nauilciil liranm of bAtLliKS ASHOHh; on, THE TALK OF A TAR g*le Breeeely Mr. O. C Ronifaea Ri4i?'rto.... Mr. O. L. V'u)i Mftn Mia W. (1. .lonon Mally Mlna A. liath.iway HALi.AOW. "Mary of Arsyle" and "Tlra I/AMrte Mr. J Dunn Faoqr Dance Liltli- Faunlo Beune The (iomektU L'raina of TUE TOODLB8 Ttnio<liv Too<?le? Mr 1" H Chanfratl Faroilt- Ballad Mr. tl. .V, Llngard flic luailnuOomic l-arre o' THE bllKkPHTEALRR. Sheetitucp Mr. Haivy Paaraoii And Mr. (i L Fox * Connie Pantomime of THE FOl It I.(>\ tKS. BiMm Mr. O L. F.i. B VRNt'M'8 AVEEICAN Ml'HECM. THE JOTOl'S EASTER HOLID \TS AlC tlguali/rii with vast crowds *1 tbU hiiiise tciie' OJ.I? A I) \ M.s' CALIKOKNIA HEARS Performed bv Hnrr A>ri?5?lm h. Who makes tin m pi-rfmm the most laudable and imudOK t?U ka. tlie tirent Living M a l.i'Hi. UMiitDoth lt> ar Kaniaon, YYbat la It: A7t?' ChUareu, 1 amily, rtwi-u ll".ndeil La-iy, Lili|iutlaii (jneen. Ai{ua>iai (lar )i-n, MnORier H i ik' , Hani'} Kamlly, nnil a wbnle. li >M ol oihur winl-r*. anlmi ; and tukuimate. worth MANY TIM EH THE PRICE OP AHMI-^TON. Tbe Domestic Omnia 111'I'll O VKLF.Y IbisaiternooB and ttaulug, lit :t uu<: " tl ,ck. V1HK DAWKON. Double Vo'eed Voesllal. Ailmiasioii 2'i it nls: c blldrcn uniler ten, Cuenta Bryants minsthkls Mueh*nics' llall, 47J Hruadw y above Gran I ulrtflt, MONDAY, Ai>ril I and every nili'it d.irlug t'ni vmk, Ilrst apiN'?r?nce of ibe eelebraieil Harttoue, MR. AYM'-LEY ?!00E, ATMBLET COOK. AYN8LEY CO<?K, AYJC8LST CO?E Iaiteof tbe Cooper ('pern Troupe *lbl('a 'hrJ;n. JERKY, NEIL AND DAN BRYANT. PEEL, NORTON, ADAMS aad EM*KIT in the>r Plaota lion Ha cm Doorr open at 7. Curtain risen ?t <t TIrvkata 36 etD'i. ? ATt. KIlAY a grand Mitince at 2' . o'cifH ? Compllm(ntaty benefit to I'RANK RKOnVi.R. National academy of dekkin ?the TrunTr sutb snnual ekblbltlon oi the National A ademy of D? ?n. eeiitlKtini: of original works by living artist/, never be ??? eibiblted is now op?n for tbe season st the waller e? It Tenth street, tear BlOadwav reason tickets &) "eB'i: ?ln?l? admUeiou 'ii w#nt?. T- A DDI HON RICHARDS. CorrcapoBdlDg Kesretary, N, A. A VOCAL AND INBTECMINTAL .'O.V;:F.RT WILt, be firen by Madtme DE LI SHAN and Monslettr 1)E I.a 1'EltKlKRL. at the Bf <klyn Athei a.'-tii. 01 Wvluc U,.; iu \t, April :i Madsme de I.iissan ... Boprkft^ Mcn^taur de la I'errlere Tnuor BlgnorCratemerl. . HarirouO tr N. PatUnon l ianlat t "I* ^ 4 ? ? 1 onduc'ir Tlekef <? ulf. Dgora open at T, o'clock; Concart !? mmtnenca if F?'.R#hrui vnincH Mr fl VHBWB BALOON-tLOVDK >?INHTRR1.-J i> ENTHt'fclAHTIi; Rfc. El'TTOX. GLORIOUS H>cri;s ! Timdif. Apr<l 2, and t.?ery rvnnlna ii.In .v< , WAMBQLD, BIUAl'X \mj HERMAN I V n. IT HOSI.X fciLLT BIRCH, OB A It LEY H X AND ? ??OL 'Villus IM HKW 11 1". Hntir* from Ma<'l>uih and itthHIo: Br^ak N'?. k. Ar>, flm',; gnrNcOlMli Dixlo'a Land, I)ojr? HNM 7; ntWm rlmair. 1 -ii i. Tub men or ik-tiif oaRiv abote tits kej: TIIOMAh FRANCIS MEAGHER irtl deliver ??.!? orten on t)i" I Ate >ml t of tl"> 1? r tFRRNCE HELLFW M.JlAVl'*, In Irvine Uoll, FIf!o?iitli ?trp,i, earner of Irving j -re, . n We<inr*doy ' veofag, April X at ^ o't oek, a> tberev" ?' I friend* ami admirers of I hut lynomui anl ,'?ll tn (i* mm. Ilckt u "I udmltaion i'i cent i. ?OI RTJLDAY OF V5DESTRIAN I K,*T ill** In I,t((l hour*. I'.ihrt* GtrrW n?, r.ut mi _ a a . ADA US " W ?a.k 1 . mil- at the >m tn<4u ' ai"nt of ?*' ry hoar. U'virn iqnu *? i"i ti? ?. .vdrni*. ri?ni'6eente children li? i ? ntx ?l. FAST WAt.KKRM AND RINNRKR Wlablrg ti contend for plir> a, < <n ?pi>ly iuirIw-* ? H A. \ OA MK. 1>AOB8 MENI-P. ' Th?'(iliibltkn of I In* p <?' w<yrk of Alt, together will) 'jo flue oolieetloo of P.UNTIMCUI AND RTATt ARV, No* oo view at i he <iallerv, Sis Broadw?\, WILL CLONE IN A FEW l>A \ - I^LOOR RKATING, GOTHIC HALL, ADAM* H T., r Brooklyn?MR. J. H AiNBH, the ciilebnMed (loo livrtiirrly of O. M. Vfir*. i<0 Brooldwoy, aud lau- of Pj ?! I A Caip' Mora, haa R'aaed the ainivo b?lL <i|?n d..y ?nd eten< VTEW YORKER STADT THEATRE, S7 (9 BOTERY. J> B-m-lilol Mr OTfu ll'iYM First uljjlit of ROLL I'ND HABEV. Oomrrfy, by O. Krrllait and Wmrl. The famous < ontinental 0U> folks, with 'bolr (tinnd Ornh* Htra and full Km** Ban !, niuii *t n? ?" HouUi liap't^t rhnrrh, Twrnly fifth n?'.ir F,Untli ?v. inir, tlita ' W rdiicxdav erening, April ;i ATHEA.I.l M?BROOKLYN. NEW. PLKASINO, NOVT h ?UTJWORTH A CAStPAEtL ?? WOOD* MiNsrKfci>, For tbr?? nl(,bu only, 'IhnrMjT, I rlday and Fat irdaT, Anril 4, A and <, ar. , Ha. i. day a(t?n>o<rt> for famtiw* and arboola J. 11 iVDWORTir In new biirlftviUfa, reodltsn. comlj ill?io({ije?, noni;- t ? with a (.-reot oodipajiv In a man h'.o < entrrttlniiK-n: MASTER M. LEWIS. The irrO<'''ful and aommcll'hfd frniioni'- d'Rthwpn, wit! *j ? p<'ar In bia cl^Mit nnd fasJlnatiiiK Dunrci B RtJNO WfeLf FNHAI pt 8 l iltn ?iRAND COE( ERT Will lakr pla' * a< lhVINd H A I.I,, f)t Ha'urday erto ng. tprti C, T ? ;?ti, $i, to be bad at tho prlnelptf Mudo Ri?r??. rot fWtftor rartwiilara oer Toture advertMemcnU rriiEArBE franca^, ?h? RnoAnwAT.wEi-Di i J Avrll ?Krpn ??ntanon MM^ordlnaM; ?lx)r<?emenu e'. entr-a de fa?rur* auac?dna B. u'll<e d<-Mile. Jar Mor th?a'i*. LEfl RNFRRH HE I'AltH, in Of on nn i a*te? iu< b c de chi.uta. ('HAND iOMI'LIMKNTARY CONCERT J ro Mm. MAif?ir, HytmftT, THE AMLUICAN BAJLLAIH^T Tbf i rietula ?ikI a.tojirer* of Mr*.I MAOOfE H.lCHnT. tho aei?nipllahed Ha:i#<fl?, intend to gfre her a oomiM menu if roe ert, on W ednaadar a*i nlng nett, tho 3d April (nr , at th? rttjr A?w.?'fv Rooona. Thn Fire Dcpx. fm?n( have uken a |.rmni.iei?l par' i? *ettlr(j tip the Conrert. and a ai>iend'd Wll will t? oflerfd. libera Mwlimetital Md hiinioitinJfima Mr?, Halglit will booaaitted l.y Mr MnKorkell, thi riiloblilni Ortaimt. Mr. .1. R T tno? Mr R. F. I nderhUl, Mrn. J. C Thi mo?, Mr* H. I.yona a<id othor eminent artiat*. <; -4rvl piano 11run iilelnwoy A ron, and tb* orjr ui fro n H ri > I To , ?'? Brradway. mar bo ^^.l at HOKA' K fArIM Muaks Store, and at the d ior oo the ovenitik' . 8 noort. i \HD IELIOWS' IIAI.I ftOVOCRM. V.' BrDWI'HTli A . AM' IIFLL wo -n n v c n ?* r rri>4, Ftill 0^r?, "XKil'.T ? M f. tttt^ ii ,'\ f -in r > rr i mi, ' * beti ' e) ? III ai p.' i "i a i r a'U ? n 1 nt'ri I* on ? il .'iu i, .i inn,m?. ?? i '<? I ?? .? i in ai?l I in- ?> i>-? I t, lot >ii rt an ??'< i p. 110 d '? a 'If ? ?> art pi-OB H '.Ml I |. j . ,1 . I r | 1 ' ? I- '??? J ^1 o'slt.1, I..uti?t^;* A . t, I?sktuj6<ci?.?, Tfur.r UAY^ UTEt* FRQtf EffROPL Arrival of the Bora?sia aud New York. mv^rt.YI J.fMUL.VS IMIfil'IU ADDKXH. ffMkft ?>f \bt AfflrricaB ?? Jit* Cou??tfrc* <>f Etirtp*. Spread ot"Ri loluttounry 14?4t? (hi 1he ( nutinejit. The Eii^Iish View of a Biookado ot th? Southern Ports. Cltt I.O*IMWi Hl> PARIS C#RRMr6*M!HC. COMMERCIAL I N TEtllOC*Cf, in., *eM U the steamship nor\i?siu. f rom tou'.hamptao on Marob 19, arrived at ti.iE vort early yeterday rnormag. The steaninhlp Nf a* \ <?%, frrm .-"ulhiwupton uu U?* .<), arrived at this port yesterday forenoon. Tho New York brii g-i the flowing specif ?33,-S4rt? dotiiii h f I??,a-10 American, 351,000 fran- .i. Tbe Itorie Pairie <iSunday evening says. - Prltce Oort. bakoflT lias %duoiiw< <t toat rofartv vM ehortlv t ? granted that a Council of Stat?- will bo w*m t tiled,uml Hi a >?ll the lowt ? ' f Poland will have ob<st?v? municipal wmiicd?. Tl?e municipal election? are to com mence Immediate ly The t-ame jot. Mial says ? fonr.eiitntlun i>rc valla in tbo Ionian 1? Tti*' IVivcrpool Mercury of I lie Mil) nave ? A firm In this town In.", we beli v?\ reieived mi or I# f. r ih' mannfacturaol a numb. r of wioii'jbt Iron ribed slv |.ouit<:?rH ffi Uiegl \te 'd South laroliu ? Ute l.oudon J' -t of the 1Kb, diseustiof I'reatJout Un coil. ? itio8?nge. Bays ? Those who eviKct to find in Mr. LincolnV address<* clear and delluite cxjkjs it ion ef poliev will, we are afrn?4. We greatly '1 -uppointed. The language of dlpUmacy 4k ? om 'tare puipntely cnlcmatlcal. Iiul the peoob off tb?; now Pror-lili-ut, exept in one |vif tlcular of e .mpir?.t?v? lHKlgcili?>U':e, raw vothiwi thnl run sntisfti th' imi-Ji-rm njlhr Amtri'an /.!<?,or ?/ fhrxr l>z4J'ri?rv.U wul nftie* on U'il tit)f </ the Ular.tir. Th'- Lem on Ch'onu h: of the t!)th pays ? Tit ' new President of the li'twl Btat6s, ftltbM^h h*? tuaiij.Miiiiti. n spi enh maybe prai?ed a- on- oomblti-.#: (he elements of iirmn. ? wi'h those of modivatio-i, Is certainly t>il'0rdimi *n iint'Jicniv.n to those wlw charge him r- i'/i hacitiii a>h>j>t' d a iOnticfw and 2>rorr^ft,icfiMf pJi-y. Ttie l-ondou of the I9lh, Hi a review of Ui? Mcritago, :aya ? The weakening of the great confederation l?y Its MUiism Into two iiOfet'ie States would relievo u? froiu all a?ore htMKlon ol n powerful rivalry iu tbo Weft. At ili<* recent tneetiug of the London lijard of HijiUflfc M ijisrer?, held tit t!ie Mlrion House, Moor.;ate street, the Htv. J* Itrown in tUo chsir, tlio following reeoiutiea wuf moved and unni.immi?!y adopte l ? That in the pri m' Pta- of afl iirfl in America, thtf* Board fratci nkMy in- iter* Christ line of ail denominations to nit anurt Motv'a,, tbo 8d ?' iy of June next, or (wan l>art lb< rcol, lor ilie oii>iin^ of unite 1 prayer for tb?i abolition of eUvet>. U wnt further aijrceU thai the press be requ.-sted t? "give publicity to tbo re-olution. A conipauy b:iK been proposed at Con^ta ' tnopje under tbe nnme of the Cotton Itank ol' Anatoli i, r il'.ntjpioa ti c aMon mVivalion in isln Minnr. It ii B\.rt to he porkvl by the leading mercbar.t.-! of Smyrna, and to hive received the patronage of the !trlti?h AmbasMi 'or h?r H. I,. I'.iiU-t r, nnd the en operation of tbe (jrand Vliler. Tlio cl.y of rtiime lu? rctolved upon refowiw; tliere ?lueot ol' 'ho Pan of Croat i to end members to tbe I nvi lien Diet', and h.i3 declared iluit I'iume will "n!v Ueioag to Hnngury. Tbe AbtttlU la A'" <1 l?'el7 tn \dc a Tijient a'.Uafc a tho tonr.poral pov, er of tbe 1'jpe. We ilad in tbo Invalid* Kiiur a euloglatlc aiiiilo oa Napoleim'B. and Victor Kmmnnnel. The A'.*' of Ilrwls, auoUior Huxpltc cr/.in, remarka that lie e in liotion.i are sag? nllioant, r.nder pre ent circumst uccn, ai Biowir^; tfc<? uD'lerstarding whi-hrx'sti b?t. een Iho twagoverB uioiilfl of France and JiufsU. Ttie Prut- arno'in:'flB that C re-.?l froc'iu. who dwUJ g nshod b'rotclf in tho Crimt.t, wbero lie w.ia w^undod, :? about to tike tb'1 c ?trtiiand ot' tho honch trnoi? ki Pome. General Tro< hn at pirwnt ceminindi' a divl^M* ^?f tbe In'pei ial (iuurd. ,in tn,, iMh ult. the Poi !<< Id a ('maintory, at whifh be replitrt to lh? ptyection tint tho Papacy is imoinprti bl<: with civilisation o- I*'od that he w.i? favorably U> true ciMlizi'ion, hut waa oppo^M to molera cirill/a iton, wh!- b p* raecute - the church and"! ju Uea under foot Ho would ?p<?ntanoo'm)y have granted co? ' c'?.iioii? and a;< "j'trd tlie advice of Catb'llc sovereigni?, but cotild tot recel'. n the conns'' and admit tha demmil-i | of a usurping goverrmeni. I ih< <ir<at 1'iatern Is appointed to mi for^New York ?a Ijv I ue\i, iitV'er the comaiani of Captain tho B< orabUi P. T. Carnej ,e, I'.. N The American s-lnp llef peru* wai totally minum ?,! bjr lire ju Jaj uary ?<. at tVo-.s lug Tbo maator an 1 crew !i*< arrive*! at Sl?i". hne. Ii. the Rouie of Ootr irio i* Ljrd Palmerjton moved an ad'lr> f of c Midolon :e to her V < ->ty, which was agrood to. nhoIH.'iro tli n went mt'i a C jmtnittee of Ways >mJ Mtans and a u' lion Tor p. resolution granting O;COO (WO to her M. ly v t of tbo Cotitollilatcd KunJ, toward# kk d ilie mtpply wi- agreed to. Tbe t^ew- frcm Do nia is of in rimra- trr. Tb9 whole norz- ,," vlna In n a slate ?.r revolution, being <ay ported by tbo M ontenegrins. Tbe flgbtlng baa becom? general. Se\er*riurfci?l) vil n,e on the frontier hivebv^i re duced to a b''?. A letter In ti e Cure*] ?<i i c Hulli-r rt*t"S In a pom lite n. inker, that Austria is aiaku vast prepui atlonn for a nnrch to Milan or ''van fuitber, and that er lem b-ivo been sent to Verona to prepare for the reception of 50.CC0 on who ar" on t t way thithc. The raiiwaft, it la a'dod. are every dny conveying munitions of war towardf; the fruitier, ami Invasion if generally talked of in the army. It 1h etaied that, a' the re<|ue?t of tlio French gorarn r ' nt tbe depirture r.; in Turin of the Ambassador* wh# were to aan-'unce to lo;? ign Piwji the assumption toy V* tor ' manti'd of Ihn titlo of King of Italy bar be?D j> nt) one<l till tbe end of the month France, kco vtng that I'nglsnd would ro;ogmse tb?' King of Italy at nuco, nno not bo'ng yet quite ready, for diplomatic reasons, M do so herself, w idh- s for a dclaj-. Tho Prlnctss itoyal of ITussia arrived at Dover on U?? ISth "it., where the Pr uee of WtVs awalt'd h^r arr'val. A meeting of the Atlantic Telegraph Company was called f?.r tho ISth ult , b it an adjournment tv * place, a ?inorum rot being present. Oar lioltrton l'orrr?|innil(Nrr< (mm, Iturch 14,1WI. Ow AY rmal T vjl W!>?!'. tie 'ny/t 1 t'nfU Thin/, qf Tfi<m?T7i' fb*t >f thr Engli;'i Army?|16o COO 'nV> ct 1'ear In Stijip.rl U <* Tims, Ptae?2*? Dviini of America L'n-ilandi A fvm -'<??<? Ihr .Imerictru im t.rmrto*?Th' "fof Amwietm TmU?Afjfairaim IVanc-lh^ SnU Mn-tn r,mvit Jd?fh of AvHrim end Louit A "twlh?GUirtg Ltns of Stmt ft? T\? artai fiatt'Ttito Satl on the lsJ AwmNm it l.mdon ,4*' iff. purmy *11 <:??' ptat wock tlio fxclt?m<itt h*r# oaths BtaJoof rWftir In Amcrloa t n.< h . n intmiw Sine Mr. I.incoln's h^lra to Waihtngtoo n di. gui?e?and by th? tr <y that Scotch cap an .1 n.illUiry c'oak ittiKla chaac* to lie c?l',ttraieil as OarttMkU'a sblrt??1?<9 pu'iltc rnloil ha* be a In n (Hot If In- w whit th* com ng mm la going t? <1'> neat. 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