Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8973. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINOTON. Great Activity in the Army and Navy Departments. Threatened Blockade of the Mississippi. Ships of War Ordered to tlie Belize. The Cabinet in Council on tho St. Domingo Affair. TIE $8,000,000 GOVE&HVEIT LOAN. ALL BIDS UNDER 91 REJECTED. Ifow Proposals for tho Loan to bo Issued Forthwith, iii) a#*, as. THE WARLIKE MOVEMENTS OP THE GOV ERNMENT. Wauhisoto.*, April 3, ISfll. At last the ball baa opened. Tho corps of Sappers and Miners left here this morning, and to day three of the batteries now in this city received ordeia to leave forth with, all being required to report at Fort Hamilton, New York. That these troops aro destined for Fort Pickens there can be no doubt. In lees than a week the country will learn whether we have a government or not. The Home squadron is to be increased and ordered South,and Penracola and other Southern ports will be blockaded. Fort Pickens is not in need of additional men, but wiU Boon be in want of supplies, which will be furnished forthwith. It is believed that General Sumner has been ordered to New York, and perhaps South, to direct the movement of the troops, aa he left hero very suddenly. General Scott's private secretary also left yesterday on abort notice for New York. Several interviews have been had to day between the President and Secretary of War, and the latter with General Pcott. Orders have been issued to day in the Navy Depart ment to the several bureaus to an extent that almost precluded everything else. Every available naval ahip will be called home. Those on the C*st of Africa, It is ?aid, cannot be recalled without violating the treaty with England requiring the United States to keep at least eighty {tins there. The Cabinet were in session Unlay for aeveral hours, ?ad Gen. Soott was present. Among the Important questions discussed was the recent affair in St. Do mlrgo. The foreign Ministers here express the opinion that the Spanish government will not countanance th oonrse of the Governor General of Cuba in sending troofm from Havana to St. Domingo to austaln the Danish flag. The Spanish Minister asserts that his despatches from Madrid have contained no reference to the subject Report says that the British and French Ministers have indicated to the Secretary of State, that If the United States should interfere In the matter, thu their governments will keep hands off. It Is argued In high official circles here that the best policy for the administration is to inaugurate a war with Spain or Mexico, or both, a* the best means for averting Internal strife. A difficulty Is Raid to exist in regard to the approprM* Hon for the construction of the seven new staim a loops. It is that the money was appropriated for the fiscal year ending 1st of July next, and that It cannot be used until on and after that time. This Is one of the reasons why an extra sees toe of Congress cannot be prevented. The administration Is crippled ic a similar manner by other appropriation#. When It is offltiaHy demonstrated that any one of the thirty four States of ths United States has been 'mrarttf by Mexico, the government will forthwith take immediate steps t? repel the invaders. The I'realdent to-day seemed to be laboring under a de presston of spirits. He justly oomplatns that Congress ad journed leaving him almost powerless to act His only ob jection to calling them together row is tho fear that they will come here and proceed to discuss some compromise measure, or undertake to investigate some unknown mys tery, or quarrel over the tariff. instoaJ or transacting the business actually necessary to carry on the government. Instructions were to day given to ail the heads of Bu reaus .n several of the departments not to hold any fur ther oitlcial communication with any persons res Id It* in tho seceded State Wa?u*orox, March 3, IM1. Great activity and commotion are still visible In both tho Navy and War Departments to-day. Commodore Str.nglum and Commodore Case were ordered this morn ing to Boeton to Lake command of the steam frigate Min nesota, forty guns, row at th it port. Her offlcers have been ordered by telegraph to report at once to the Com modore. She is to pr"<-e^ to the mouth of the Missis sippi. <? ? The Perry and Powhatan arc also ordcrod to the same point. * Ibis looks very signified. There are various rumors and surmises as to this sudden naval movement. Special orders have also been despatched to the Cum berland. Pocahontas and Dolphin. nowalHnmpton Roxds. It is more than prob-iole to at th" g n-ornmijft intend to blockade tho mouth of the M^lsMppi, thuTpre venting goods fr^m cnte-lrg that point. Wbat these movements all mean la more than th.*c outside can determine. The ferret ary of War hag been locked In hi* private room all I lay, refusing w seYar* oneaxcpthis SMtstants l?ve, however, bcua hi frc^'icnt communication with the JYeakknt. Hevorel 0f tlrac lielon^ing to th? kitchen cabinet preteu I tM. they lrrow whet, is going on. They awirt that tbe S| jt isli matters are mixed up with It. V?>u< a number of the depa-taunt clerk' lure heea I ua> for t*? days a huntirj up matters connect*! with tba it. DomiaQo question. . WAiatvanur, \pril 3. iwi ib? ?t?v?roiu that ths ord. r n> get every available mai -vf-war in rrartlncts for immediate servio* was ieaoodwiii > view to a hoatlle demonstration Sfaiuat **pain, Is utterly us.minded. Tba purpose of the naval novements k no more Ur le?i ?|?.,n the collection of the Teamue from on shipWrd. My Information to this U po*Hive 4 Ire*. Th, order was not for mall/ isaued from tb, Na*y Department until this morn tt*. It was transmitted by talegraph v. the dim-runt *>sv?| (t-tions. A change 1ms 'rUtai'j ttmi? aver ti e spirit of ou rulers A dtjcUaJly warlike Dreeza baa been blowing rrom tbe Wh te House for the '.oat twenty four hours. l'nmi? takeable symptems are visible on all sides that some decisive action bearing upon the Southern question is about being taken by the administration. A Cabinet officer avowed to day to a friend that a storm was coming. The Cabinet meetings yeeterJay and to-day are known to have been almowt exclusively devoted to the consideration of Southern affairs, Military move ments and preparations are going on in every direction, In line, it is but too plain that the pissivo attitude of the administration during the .aat four weeks wj? but % stroke of political cunning, and taken and preserve ~>y with a view to the spring elections and the new loan. The former now being over, and the Utter negotiated, the true intentions of the Executive in regard to the prac tical! part of the disunion arc about being reveiloJ. THE EIGHT MILLION GOVERNMENT LOAN. Washing to*, April 3,1S61. Contrary to the expectation of bidders, the Secretary of the Treasury has decided to-day to accept no oiler bo low ninety-four for the eight million loan. The amount, therefore, determined upon is only about three millions one hundred thousand. A bid was made this morning for the una* tided p >r tion of the United States loan, amounting to near six million dollars, by a party o( New York bankers, inclnd lng litters. Clarke, Dodge & Co , Meeans. Morri son, Sou & Morrison, Messrs Livermore, Clew* \ Co., and others, through H. H. tioodmou, ol Wall strent, at a 1 Tac tion over 94. Secretary Chase, upon a careful considera tion of the law autlior.zing the loan, decided not to accept private bids after the award was made. In this he his re versed the decision of Secretary Thomas, made on a similar occasion, when ho gavo to the It ink of Commerce i and others on their bid tho amount or go\ernaieut stock which was not bid for as high as tho limit acceptcd. Secretary Chase thinks it iB his duty, under the law, to advertise and will do so forthwith. The warlike movements and rumors of today, however, lead many j bidders to express themselves gratitied that their b.ds were cot acceptcd. This decision of Mr. < hm;e lias given great dissatisfat tlon,and is regarded as a financial trick which must damage tbe government in selling future loaus, inas much as if any bid was accepted, it is regardod as a vio lation of the spirit of the advertisement to reject any bid unlet* unreasonable. Had the whole amoant been accepted, it would not have made a difference of over one half per cent to tho government. Secretary Chase and assistants yesterday continued their labors In connection with the new loan until after midnight, and they progressed so far as to render tho Issue of stock to successful bidders in the course of to day possible. Such promptness and Industry is unpa ralleled In the annals of the Treasury department. NEWS FROM FORT PICKENS. WASKnidToir, April 3,1881. Lieutenant Gilman, one of the officers at Btrt Pickens, arrived here this evening from Pensacola, having left there on the 31st of March. He states that no reinforce ments had been landed from the Brooklyn or any other vessel, but that she had gone to Key West for supplies. Be states tliat the Confederate troope were arriv ing thero in large numbers, and In a few days daya they would have Ave thousand well provisionod He says It la imitossible for the government to land troop* at Fort Pickens without tbe confederate authori ties knowing it, and whenever they attempt it hostilities will at once commence. He says he met large numbers of troops on the route Tor Pensacola; th%'. General Bragg will not wait the action or tho Washington government much longer before they oommence operations. He says the Impression there was that Fort Pickens was to bo abandoned. Such assurcuces were given out there. VIRGINIA ON THE VERGE OF SECESSION. WiiBuofox, April S, 1861. Intelligence received here this evening from Richmond, states that most strenuous efforts are being made to piss the secession ordinance. The Union men have thus far been able to hold their own, but should the administra tion continue to concentrate more troops at Fort Monroe, and at other points In the border States, and attempt to reinforce Fort Pickens, there are several Union men in the Convention that will go over to the secession party, giving them a maioi ity. A gentleman, who ha? Josl arrive 1 from Richmond, makes this statement. Ho communicated these facU to Mr. lincoln this evening. Tbe continued pre pence of Major Ben McCullough in Richmond, Va., vitwed in connection with the call for a 8< cession Convention there on the 18th inst., excites auch interest in Washington, especially in army slrclos An unfounded report wa<- ailoat here this morning that one of the newly appointed mail agents for Eutorn \ tr ginia had been violently dealt with by a seoassion mob It originated in the ract that a notice had been wrved pome days ago on a Mr. Brure, who runs on tt>? Alexan dria and orange road. Mr. Bruce has been assured by the Union men alot g hi' route that tbey were ready to put down any demonstration against bim, and he Is now fear lessly ami safe!} discharging bit duties. THE DISTRIBUTION OP THE OFFICES. W/uwi.-wroft, April 3,1861. tiik n*w vrnut Arrotrr???iTs. Betabr Harris ioavca bore for New York to morrow He b?? proved bimai ir more than a match for Woel. He hM had bis last Interview with the President about the appointments, unices invited. THE OK*.ON AMI < AIJTOtWlA AITOUmntMH The Oregon appointments will be settled to-morrow. The California appointments will probably be uamod at the same time. A prominent Oaliforntan, who has not bees in favor of Mr. Kankia for Collector, informed me to-day be thought matters would be no arranged among the Calif or nlann a to secure the Colleotorship to Mr. Rankin, in which event the other places would be satisfactorily arranged. Til* MAIM: At'l'OINTMOTTS. There appears to bave been a mistake in the cast jut federal officers at Portlani, Maine. Jede<ltah Jewitt, and not Willis, Is designated for Collector of Unit city Andrew Cole for Postmaster, and C. G. T&ibit for surveyor. In addition to the above, It is reported that Koland Fisher Is to be Collector at Bath. .Ihiih A fix-knell, Pintmaater at Augusta, John Berry, Pestmwter at GArdiner; C. R. McFerran, Postmaster at Watifvi !? and T onus Hovey, Postmaster at Hallo well Governor W?; liburn, of Muine, has arrived tiere, and had an lnt< rrtew wilh the President today. Al l' ll> iKKSTH, arc. Ahxandor P P^ttersrm has been appointed N*va, flt<?-i*ect?er -1 Key Weft, r nd l.egan Hurst to a similar posltkxi At tiic Norfolk Navy Yard. Wtn. (X Id;- has been appointed Snrrevor General for IiUnotn uid Musonrt; Clinton G Hutchinson ngont fo tbi' sac an I Fo* Indians; William H. Blgelow and Ja?n<* I*. Kii,e Itecoivor at the I And Office at Sioux City; Char'ee R Klctiards. Register, and Charles Pomoroy, Re oeher at Fort IHxIko, Iowa: Frank Street, Register, and I>. C. Biovmer Receiver at Council BlufTs, Iowa, Steirart Gowirtll, r.egirter, and John G. Weeks, Receiver, at Fort Ixw Moines, Iowa. **>'? following named Postmasters have been *p poto'od ?O?o. a Kellogg at Brattleboro', and James G. French at Montpolker, Vt.; Chaa. Nichols at St. Paul, and IfcvV Iliaton at St. Anthony, Minn., James L. Camp at !)!*<*, III., Caleb S. Clay at Kingston, N. Y, The President Um appointed Charles Gibson, of Missis sippi, Solicitor of the Court of Claims, In place of R. Gil bert, of New VoiS, and f^kn K. MoPherson, Assistant ?MaNor. rnt nu/niAM wtmum. The Braaillan mission If quit" a bene of contention among ujo Indi'aa otttce <p?kero. pel Nelson, of Terrt Bauto, mu Je the rlrat bid for 11, .md cab show the strew* est backing, but Judge Otto, ei members of Congress OUnback and Pettit, of the samo State, after gucc"ws:ve ly trying their beat lor nearly ail the second cla Euro pean missions, have now entered tbo lists against h.m. The prize, however, wlH moct likely be awards to the original bidder. TK* COJW1PIWTT AMI IUXSSYI.TaYIA AHPOI*T*K!n*?. The crowd of ortlce seekers was reinioroed to-day by numerous arrivals from Connect c>.t and Pennsylvania. The remainder of the spoils in thoao two States will be distributed immediately alter the New York and Oalu'or uia appointments are disponed of. TUB OOlrWlDM?IP (if PATSSTS. J. H Barrett, of th* C*.n. cnati tic^r'te, is snoceMfully figuring Cor Commissioner of Patents. H.s pi in ".pa competitor is ex-momber of Congress H:lm ok, >f( Ohio. MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS. Wjjuuaaioi, April 3, l^tJl , Captain ?3. V. F"X, or IfaMaclkusettV, formerly of the United States Navy, who visited Fort S-imtcr on the 21st ult. as an envoy from tbe federal government, h again .a this city. It is siirmt.scd lb it h.s presence ban some con nection with the movements and orders n relation to Major Anderson. Com man 1er I uiman k&s been ordered to ordnance duty at Mare Island, California. Abraham P. Ely has been appelated Special Mail Agent for New York, vice Warner, removed. Despatches were re:clvcd hero to day from the Col lector at Now Orleans, stating lb it one hundred and thir ty vessels were on their way to that port from foreign ports, loaded with merchandise. Th>' reoepts fivm duties are increasing daily, and aro already very large. Mr. FTa, of the Treasury Department, has gone to Mo bile on government financial business. It is ascertained that the French Consuls in the Confe derate States have recsived instructions direct from France, instead of through tbe Resident Minister bere. in relation to the facilitation of Southern commerce with that empire. Although no official notification of the coming of French and Knglish fleets has been received bere, gen tlemen in prominent positions are satisfied that their movements aro in close connection with tho observa tion of Southern political events. Minister Gorwin has been tendered the sloop of-war Cumberland, now iitting out at Norfolk, to take htm to Mexico. It is expected that he will leave on the 16th Inst. Should that vessel not then be ready he may be conveyed thither in tho steamer I'owhattan. Sir Charles Wyke, British Minister, will arrive in Mexico about the 1st of May. # The Mexican question receivef special consideration by tho administration, and an immediate treaty with that government is one of the objects of the mission. The Spanish fleet which was to have been sent to the Gulf of Mexico will be delayed until furthor Instructions can be received from Madrid. Minister Clay was on Monday disconnected from the Peruvian mission, as tbe government evidently disap proves of the course of the preceding administration, which suspended diplomatic relations between the two countries. Tbe indications are that these will at no dis tant day be resumed. * IJiTTKK KKOM OBI. SAM ll6l W05. We learn from a reliable source that Postmaster Gene ral Blair has received a letter from Governor Houston, Of Texas, in which the administration is exhorted to main tain the Union at all hazards, and strengthen the Union sentiment in the South by asserting the federal authority with all means at its command. The hero of San Jacinto furthermore, expressed himself determined not to sur* render to the secessionists, but to adhere to the Union to the last. It is stated that tho suggestions of tbe letter were discussed in the Cabinet meeting yesterday, and that some of the military movements now going on reeul* from them. Advices represent a conflict between Hous ton and tbe disunionists to be Imminent. TH> WBKTKKX m'SlCIPAL SLWTIOXm. A number of republican politicians from St. Louis, Cin clnnati and Cleveland arrived here to-day. They all agree in attributing the anti republican victories at tbv late elections in their cities to the demoralisation of their party, produced by the paosive do nothing policy of the administration in reference to tbe Southern imbroglio Their demonstrations are fierce and loud. ARRIVAL OF THE H0RTHER1T LIGHT. $896,446 IN TREASURE 'jB FREIGHT. THE GOLD MINE^ of SOUTHERN CHILE. FILIBUSTER EXCITEMENT IN NICARAGUA. Release, of Colonel Rudler by Honduras, Ac., fee. The steamship Northern Light, Capt. Tinklepaugh, from Aspinwail, llarch 26, bringing the passengers, nails and treasure that loft dan Francisco on the 11th all., ar rived at this port yestorday forenoon. The Northern Light brought $996,446 in treasure on freight, as follows SPECIE LIST OF THE NORTHERS LKJHT. FROM HAN nUMCIWO. Order $4 086 KppingerACo $.1,000 American Kz. Bank. 66,000 A Rosvnbaum * Co. ?.8t*i P. Nay lor 8,080 Neustantor & Bros Is i?0)> J. H. Ooghlll #,229 Scholle Bros 17,oou J. K. Parker A Sod .. V <M)0 H. Cohn A Co 18.800 W. T. Coleman A Oo. 81 J. Strauss k Bro.... 25 <*X> J.B.Weir 10,<Ki0 Metropolitan Bauk 68,KM Wm. Hoge ft Co.... 80 000 Baker A Morrill ... 14.000 T. Nickerson 12.000 Oonroy k O'Connor . 10.000 HotlILn k Hoeenstock 7,600 Eugene Kelly A Co.. 69 000 A. E. AC. E. Tilton. 3 000 Kirby, Byrne ACo.. 4 000 L. VonHoirmannACo 121 000 H. Patrick k Co.... 3* 000 R.M?a<ier AO. Adams 6,100 A. Belmont A Oo 112 000 J. Helk-r A Bros.,.. 6,700 Duncan ,St>erm?nACo flu,191 Frank Baker 6 000 Wells. Fargo A Cj. .147,000 Wm. Heller A Oo., . H 500 Am Exchange Bank. :W.090 W. Bellgmsnn A Co. 16,200 mm Amu wall. S. L. Isaacs 400 J. H. Lerdgerwood . * 200 McLean A Lints.... 1,000 Trevor A Colgate... 2019 Order 81.260 J. F. .loy 13,S77 J. M. Mumz A Co ... 4,760 O. G. Hobsoo 1?,407 P. Lewis A Jo H60 Total f?36,4?5 HEWS FROM HEW GRANADA. Positions and Relative Strength of the Contending Armies?Opening of Con gress?Vessels of War at Panama, Ar. The icboooer Oar I'it ta brings some later intelligence from New Granada, the <lates from Bogota being up to the 18th alt. Three divisions of the constitutional army were stationed at various points on the bank of tue Mag dalena, with the headquarters al San Juan do Rioseoo, whore President Ospins and the Secretaries of State and War had arrived. The revolutionary force was *ituH'"1 between Ambalnma, Hoonaand Mendes. The forms' h?d 7 000, the latter 8,000 nien The Vrntmrla expect* tnat the nest mail will bring news of the- trlivnpli of the government party. Mosqucra Is said to have mtde a de mand for men and money on the Plates of Bsllvar and HhMhs. Tne Senate met on the 1st, and completed it" quorum ontbelgtfi. The House of Representatives met on fli" Fame day, and o]?ned wfth a constitutional quorum. The steamer I.ima.from the South i'aciflc coast, arrive 1 at Panama on the 23d, bringing forty j>asc?ng"r?, sod ?187,470 in epecie, most of it for England. The l'sciftn Steam Navigation Company's steatnar Bogota, which Bided in the Guayu<|tul river was aot oil wiib"'it I*' Matters rrsMined tranquil at Paoama and Aspinwail. The health of 4>oth placus true good. The United states tta#*b p I. incasterand sloop *t. Maryl were In port st Panama The latter was expected to sail tn a tew days for -an Francisco to undergo repair*. The British steam corvette Mutine was also at Pknama, the Pylades having eaile>i for kugland, via Valparaiso and Bio, mi the 16th of March The flag?htp of tAe French squadron in the Paclflc is ex pected soon at Panama. The oorvette I.* Seriense is now there HEWS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. Release sf Col Rndler bjr llondaras Central American Alliance? Filibuster Biclteanent la Nlrarsgna, Ae., Ac. OUR tanama COBBKXPONDBNl'l. Pawawa, March 26,1861 Thf Cwmk Raifc??l stealer Uoluvbuf, from 3u> Joae ile Guatemala ud intermediate porta, with two weeks mltr news from all 0>a Central American States, arrived at thia port on the 21st Innt. The news ? urn important, HON Dl'RAH. RKLBAW or OULOIOO. IIDIIK. The legislature or this republic haa named l>reaid?nt Guardtola Ckptaln General, investing him at the aame time with authority to adopt auah meant! an be may deem necesaary (or re-establishing a good understanding between the t-cclesiaeiioal anther itiea. Oolonel Kinder, who waa arreeted with the late General Walker, and who haa been held an a prisoner ever since by tbo authorities of Honduras, haa been released by President t.uardiola. Thm has I 'ten eilected, it is under stood, thrnugh the friendly mediation of the Hritu-b Onn aiil in iloiidurnH Colonel Kudler cime ptssenger in the steamer Oo'uuibim to I'anamt, and proceeds to 'ho United stau-s in the Northern Light, which sails for New York to da} . Gl'ATKMAI.A AND SALVADOR. There is no news whatever from these republics. They are both tranquil and prosperous. NICARA0UA. BTI'l'OSKD ARRIVAL OF nUBVHUM?KXHTKireiT?BIK CKJf TIUL AXKRICAN AUiANtl, ETC. I'rder ihe bead of "Filibusters," the Nicaraguan Vnum of tlie latest date, 14th Inst., publishes the follow ing:? Our correspondent at Greytown transmlta the annexed news:? The purser of the royal Weat India mail steamer, from Blewtl-IUs, arrived hereon yesterday (10th) with the intelligence that it hail been reported to bim u> the effort that 160 llltbustera had arrived at Klo Grande a few days previously. The same paper says that this Intelligence is confirmed by other channels, and that the alleged llllbustera ar rived out in two schooners from New Orleans; but that it was believed by many that they came out aa emi grants to settle in the country by virtue of a contract with one Welsh, which is void in conae<|uence of Welsh having refuced to accede to certain modifications pro posed thereto bv tli?- tf Mtmn. It appears that Resident Martinez has takeu the necea sary precautionary steps to repel any lawless invasion of the country, although, it is said, be places but little faith In the report of tlie landing of a filibuster lorce at Klo Srande. Sr. Julian Valla, Minister Plenipotentiary from Cost* Rica near the governments of Central America, ban ar rived at the capital of Nicaragua. The object of his mis sion is to etlect a union of all the Central American repub lics against foreign invasion or conquest. He lias been well received by the governm nt ot Nicaragua, which, it Is thought, will give in its adhesion to the proposed union. Tho treaty with the I'mted States his not yet been ratified. COSTA RICA. Tbla republic continues quiet. Coffee has advanced to 13 cents per paund. Throe vea scls loaded with the article had silled ?rom i'unta Arenas? two for Kurope and one for San Francisco. Sr. C. Midena, on old and wealthy citizen of Costa Rica, inconsequence of the persecutions which he received lrom the government, has left the country with his fami

ly, and will hereafter reside in the I'nited States, whither bo proceeds in the Northern l.lght. HEWS FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Tl?e Gold Minea of Southern Chile? Cu- | rlona Political Correspond Recall I of the United States Minister to Bolivia, &c?t Ac,, &c? 1 OCR TANAMA CORRESPONDENCE. Pasaha, March 25,1H61. The Pacific Steam Navigation Company's stoaraer Lima, from Valparaiso and intermediate ports, with a fortnight 6 later Intelligence from tho west coaat, arrived at this port on the 22d inst., with passengers, mails and $188,478 -0 tn specie. Dates are, Valparaiso, 3d Inst , and Callao, 14th, but there is no nows of iraportanco. Affairs in the republics of Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador are in a tranquil state. cm i.b. IHT*KIB?nSO FROM Til* "OLD Ml*** OF MITHKKN CHIli, KP . There Is no change to uote in tho political condition ol this republic. The excitement In regard to the approach ing Preaidentlal eloction haa considerably abated, but which, no doubt, will be renewed aa aoon as the govern ment party nominate their oandld;it??particularly should they bring forw ard a person as obnoxmm to the opposition at Sr. Varas, whoee declination or a nomina tion haa already bean noticed in the Hkaru>. There la no further news from the military expedition sent against tho Arancanian Indians In the aouth. I The gretrt abundance of coal in the lata and Caronel I . i .? c.i partiea to put up extensive ameltlng ;5sS?rsiiK.?w&. ?. m great quantities from north fcf Chile to he AmeltoJjl^ being found more economical than to transpQrt tlifl W?ftl from the mines to the north. large quantities of ore brick, equal to thoae brought from Europe, are now made in the south of Chile. . , ? . The news of the dtaeovory of the gold diggings In \ al dlvla is fully confirmed In some instances from ten to twelve dollars l?r day have been taken from the diggings. The Valparaiso Mercurio, speaking of the universal re sources of theT?outh. says ?'-Judging from the geological formation of thoae lands, thoy cannot fail to contJn a groat quantity of minerals, covered at present by a layer of vegetable oarth, the richness of which is apparent In the gold washed away by the and aJao thoae portions whtre tho roughness of the ground doea JDOt allow the vegetable earth to collect, and where rich veins can easily be i ^over^. Parti. s who have vialtod the diggings write that Intelligent ml ners, with some capital, cannot rail to make fortunes, be cause even should they not find gold, which is not probt ble they would undoubtedly find rleh copper mines, which are believed to exist In great abundance in those regions. The Spanish traditions testify to the existence of great mineralwealth In the aouth of Chile?a fact that in all probability will ere long be realized if the government succeeds in subduing tho Indians who Infest that section. A Mr. Brown is reported to have crossed the Andes In a coach, through the provinces of AUcam.i The event has attracted a good deal of attention, and in spires the belief In the minds of a great many portion* in Chile of the feasibility of the construction of a railway across the Andti?a scheme which William Wheelwright, KfO , has long had in contemplation. The Valparaiso maiket during the fortnight ter minating on tho 2d inst. has displayed con sloerable activity, particularly in cotton fabrics, but in articles or exportation very little has been done, except in a few article?, such aa.barley, hide*. fee. Tta*? cropii generally are reportod to be snort. Several Bm*ltiuK eeUbUibmenta in the North have bub pended operations, owing to the decline of orea and regu lua in the Kiiropean nuirkctfl Interest on money con tlnues high, the rate charged by th? Bank or Valparaiso on the best of paper being one per cent a month Bar copper, deliverable in Valparaiso, we quote at $1H 75. Flour, owing to a want or demand for exportation, is dull; prices same as per last qujtatlons. Ihe l hited States steamer Saranac was expected to sail about the 6th of March from Valparaiso for Panama, touching at several ports. BOLIVIA nOAU. OF TH* KTATBI HIJtlSTKR The political affairs of this republic remain unchanged. The junta or provisional government still have f-'?ay ? lien .lehn (Jetton ^mlth. Keaident Minister of the tnlted States at Ia Paz. ha- received hia recall, sad was ex pec,ted to leave the country in the tour- ? of a month or two. PERI". C1RIOIH eOIiTICAI. lis* RWieKMKVT-t?fKOI-nMF.ii K*xr.rAT.<>* of a eoimo* of ?orrn amxkk a to ra*wnt. There is no news whatever from this repuiltc The IJ ma corre*|s>nd*nt of the Panama .V'lr nn >>? r'U' furnishes tliat journal wllh translations of letters said to liave been written by <iarcia Moreno, President of the provisional government of Ucaadof, to M Trlente, Charge d'Aflhlres to Peru. . . ... ?en. Kranco. lately driven from Ecuador Tor his tyran ny, and who is inimical to Moreno, It seems iirot pos?es slon or these letters, and had them published In the Comercio ot I.ima. , Ulin The first lett? r, data<l t^ulto, l-/C iador, Oocembsr 7, IS?iO, contains the following passage ? . In my opinion, and 1 may even say in the opinion of ord?r loving man, the happiness nl thlseountry *'"j d dep. nd upon Its union wllh the Hench empire, under l.igonsto those wbleheiUt between Can.da and ??V>^ tain, excepting the differences which have to he^lntrnduoe.! by the force of circumstances. Tbose of tfred of struggling against the licentiousness ol theI and the turbulence ft the demagogues; those la vain to continue the anwrehy srfclch poverlsbm us, and who see advancing rapidly the <l"a* aung tormit ef the AngP-Am-ncj.n ra-?, we shoiill llnd under the an spleen of France the civilisation In the |*aoe and I? r ty la the order and b'ss'lng* whirs feeble and atteauat' 'I brain could never make us enjoy. in the third letter, written In Krench (badly, p< rnaps purposely so), translated in the Otms ru>, and dat<-d Quito. December 81, tsiio, we llnd the following ? II U not the que?tlon "rtther" (lran?ls eH in the "not only") of a (ruararSee, which one Is bound Ui say, the ambitious chiefs of these unh?ppy republics b?rs eiac-es so many timet. It is "not" (tranJat< d not only i a m?"s tlon of Interest to the government of ? r.lov I am a SB'I"u-r. bo' te the lntere?t of this country, wM'.h h i* ju?' '*en <1? llvered from Ihe scourge of the et?rn*l i evolutions by ?<'" ci.tlng Itself to a great power, of who.e repoje an1Iclvlll/.a tlnn It eould partake It Is also lh? Intere.i ?f t ranee, ?? -I ?. Uld beo, me the mistress of this beauttlul country, wbn-1 w uld not he useless t > her. _ . What I Inter d to do, snd what I certatnlv wrtl d-. a* ?" as you give me the confldsntlal assurance o( the sunp?tt ol h'-r Majesty's government, ts the folio-wins ? The pro vi-lnnnl government of (jjnlto will ask the people If will unite Itself to the French empire under the name a'ueh you please to Indioate beforehand and l as s.irs ,,t the consent (X the people tired as It Is ->f the ca umltles ot revolutions, snd much as It batee to be dr?*ge<l hy force Into dependence o i an American government Wean wblle we will endeavor to gain time, but It would be belt or to set soon, and H weuld be a blessing for K. aad .r ir r.? or ihe ehlef of1 the Fsetich naval station ciuld take U|>o.i tb-r responsibility the atep I propose to take? that Is, the sss i ranee of aot Jems abandoned. ICTTADOK. _ We ha^-n no news af Intereat rr >m tb s ropob'u The oountry was quiet, aad no further apiTehcn^i'io #as '-o terlalned of a rupture with Peru. Ilie KnglMk ste-mer Bog.iU, which grounded m th Cuayanull river on the ai^ht of llx- Wt.iof Vebrm.'. , was Anally got at on the <i;h In it b the ass,s<?nc. ?. the I'er'ivnui war strsrner V . ire/., and r'?' b?< : ? ' 1 " th? 11 th wlt^M hartitK aua|MMd Wf THEFT. DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Kangaroo at New York, Nova Scotia n at Portland and the America at Halifax. THE ITALIAN POLICY OF NAPOLEON III, DENMARK AM THE DUCHIES. ADVANCE IN COTTON. I1KKADH rU FFH QUIKX* Beduction of the Rate of Interwt by the Banks of France and England. COB SOLS 92 1-8 A 92 1-4, The steamship Kangaroo, Captain MlerhouBO. from IJverpool 20th and Queenstown 23d ultimo, arrived at this port at a late hour last night. She brings ?3,5oO in specie, but no news. The steamship Nova Scotiin. Irom Liverpool March 21, via londendcrry 22d, arrived at Portland josterday. Her advices are anticipated by the America. The steamship America, from Liverpool on the morning of the 23d, and QueenBtown 24th ult., arrived a?. llahlax at half past nine o'clock yesterday morning The Ameilca left Halifax for Boston about noon yester day where she will bo due this evening. The America has ?71,700 in specie and thirty-three passengers. The America reports passed March 23, ofl IJverpool, ships Florlsa, .lane Pardln and Guy Mannerlng March 29, lat. 60, long 36, ship Grace Hoes. The Bank of England had reduced Its rate of dtecount to ?even per cent. In the House of Lords on the 21st ult. the Marquis <>r Normanby moved for the correspondence relative to re cwt events In the Ionian Islands. The Duke of Newcastle explained the nature of these events. Ho said two members of the Ionian Assembl| moved that the whole Islands vote by universal sufTrago on tho question or annexation to Greece, and to unite themselves Into ono omplro, for the purpose of expelling the, Turks from Europe. The English Coventor considered the proceedings unconstitutional, and called for the with drawal of the motion, which was refused, and he.thcn upon prorogued the Assembly lor six months. The hug lieh government approved of bis course. Similar explanations wore given in tho House of Com m<Mr C Fortoctk explained that tho present convon t ion between England aud France respecting tho New fnundland lislieiles, only regulated the machinery und?>r exiting treales' an(l 'as It did not attest the rights of Ncwfnuiid'.and, It would not be laid before that I-egisla tUJn'tv,n House of lords, on the 22(1 ult Lord Wodo bouse paid that ho believed that the States of Holstein wu'd reject tho propositions of Denmark, but that war hub not likely t<> take placo before August. lord Wodehouse also explained the terms of the ??? convention with Mexico, by which certaiu customs du t'es are appropriated to British bondholderi. In tb? Souae of Commons lord Jobn Russell promised to produce the correspondence with the American govern ment rotative to the tugittvo slave Anderson. lord W Graham asked whether explanations had bean demanded from France relative to the -.Stance reodor ed by tho French Minister In the escape of Miramon from ^Lordfjohn Russell admitted that Miramon had violated international law, but said that in the absence of official despatches the French goveromont had not been applied ''The^ew^U-tSnshlp Hlbornla, of the Gal way line, will require further strengthening before to soa. I There will be no steamer from Gal way till April 9. I The steamship Adriatic, from New \ork, arrived at ! (Queenstown 23d ult. FRANCE. The Han* 0? France, on tho 21st ult., reduced Its rate had moved his amendment to the Address, requesting the wltbdrawaI of & ^'BS^m^at^hr^lin^h ^rrnment would neUbe?#acrlllce the I'ope to tho unit, of Italy, nor the unit* of Italy to the I'ope. The army of trance was to reconcile the two Interests The combination proposed IfvnWYanca was the true solution, and it should bs ac ccptel us such. He alluded at length to the dilllcultles 'feMw-tb* rejected by 246^ Am amendment in favor of the t? mp<>ral twwer of the Pone wus oflered, but subsequeutly withdrawn, Count dc^Sorny urging the legislature to leave the solution the question to the Emperor. . hT - _otc 0( The entire Address was finally agreed to by a vote o "WS& aiur* on the 2Jd cl?od dull and lower. ^4rr^V7om r^limg the^ench troops In B>me It w? genersU/ reported In l'ar Is that 10.000 men were abou to besent out, nominally to reinforce be tb -r? but really t? malse a counter demonstration to that Austria on the l*o. ITALY. The new Ministry is not yet announc^Kumor glvos the following combination ?Cavour, President of tne Council and Minister of Foreign AfTMrs ' Minister of War Cussino, Minister of Justice; Mlnghetti, oMntcrlor I Sanctis, of Instruction, Natoti, of Ajrtoul ?ire ?d iomXe; tato.1, Pub iw wrirltH Niulna a Minister without portfol o. A ?^d A "to honor of Garibaldi took place at the San Cark? theatre and Koyal palace, Naples, on the 21st ult. *SKB?KSX4 Tit's SSMS sblp. Tho duel was penditig. INDIA , ^ Th.. Hrnnbav mail of February 27 was telegraphed. l*rlvate despatches from Calcutta totho Arrivals very fa r business In cotton K?"ds butheav y' had caus.d a depression In yarns. Exchange, 2s. ,<d. a ^T?.n late Mr Wilson's financial programme has been abudooed by Mr Latng, the new Finance Minister, ? unsound and dangerous. The area of the famine is extending. Ft mhts at Bombay are reportedlower. Etchange is siieiitly higher. The malls reached I^ndon In time to be forwarded by the America via gueenstown. THK LATBHT JIKWH. STRIA. I'asis, March XL l*fll The Paris papers of today publish a despatch, d?t?d 20th inst.. stating that the Porte has consented to tho prolongation of the occupation of Hfrla. The International commander at Beyrout has demanded the prompt execution of the condemned Druses. Viiy Pacha would leave for Paris on the 27th inst. ITALY. . __ VmnnA, March 23, lHfll. An imperial decree convokes a Servian ijsalal Ono gress. to be componed of twenty six clerics! and llfty lay members. fr*n?, March 23, 1??1 A nrellminary convention w*s signed yesterday be tween'heli"nlHer of Public Works and Messrs V.W, relative to the construction of the Hallway of ooutbora Italy. THS BAHOTUM PBINCIPALITIKS. BnoKAt>K. March 28. ,Hfll Tho Turkish Commissionershave pro^.me ji^^t''f Amnestv eranted U. the refug ees uf it><\ Pa^niiic , r (.mi^a The refugees have declar<-d, however, tint tLy^iTnot ventu.e to avail the-i^lv^ of the amnesty, an i have sent a petition to the 8?ltJ?n. Agl'atlon'prevails os the Southern fentier. of the Prlnolpalltleo. FINANCI Ali AND COMUfBRTlAL NRVfS. THK I?OKTK?N K?'NKY MAHKK.P. rVinso s closed "U Fb 22 at 91? 92 for moony, and (W ? 8'2 ^ to th'' we ?'"t. Th- bullion lo tne BjUik of V "I'lku Iuereaee<l fAVi OCO stace the l?st wwklv ro & d0,Un'' A The^fundif ?'xh'niuxi gres* dulnoss, but qu-.t-U-ous are Bt^n'ie iliMOunt market a food i.omsnd for m-mey has pasted since th? w'Kwt M the N*nk nto'-num to seven n?r cent. 'i be U rtus tor gvid fills were six and three nSirtsrs to ssvea per cent, with a fair kut not pressing unatand at the Btuik. ?;<Jd c?>otlnued to llo* ltitn the Bank asd them were ar>ticipnt ">ns of ft further redaction of the Bank mini mum A.wtfr/jt mrwm? . .?.iaes?osn eecunUes ge?i?ral y rotn iin m t^t quoK t. Bering Bros. <4ie?to United Sutcs (ires *? w. MVKHPOOI. wrro* mapkkt.^ T>.e Brotosrs' Clredlsr reports the saiefl ofthe ? Sai '^bnle- Including 20.000 :>?lei t' "Z!*:-1-.!. ... 1 to iboadTien irm an advance of one quarter u three eighth* of a penny pep lb., rhietiy on the middling and luw-r qualities fb? sales on the 22d reu hcd 10 U00 balee, .Deluding i 000 to peculators and exporters, the m.irkit closing firm at the following autbortie l quotations Or im. Mobile. Fair V,i 7* Middling 7 ?? i\ 7 The stock in jiort fools up 806,000 bales, of 738, (00 are Ameriotn Meter*. James Hewitt It Co quote au advance of on ihe fair qualities, the market cl.?ing buoyant but quieter, as bo h partus were await ng ihc receipt of th?? Adriatic's advio B. HTATK OF TRADK IN MANCIIKSTKK. The advices Irom Manchester are favorable, the mar ket holding flrru at Tuesday's improvement, especmly for farts. HAVKK COTTON M IRKKT. At Havre cotton hud advanced Si. a 3f , tros ordinaire beiig quoted at 1031' and tres has ut 98f. The >i" tlie wri k footed up 13,000 bales. The stock in port was 24?,u00 bales. LIVKRrOOL BKEAPBTCFKS MAKKKT. Mivt-rn lit hardsou, Spence .t Co., Wakefield, Noah (t Co , Upland, AUiya ? Co., and others soverally report Hour quiet, and quote extra State brand* m 298. a 20m. 01. Wheat quiet but steady; red. lis. 3d. a 13?; white, 12*. 3d. a 14k. Ad. Corn steady, with free oilers from holders mixed, 37s. a 37s. 3d.; yel low, 38s. a 3Hs. Ad.; whim, 38s. a 3!)s. LIVERPOOL 1'HOVIHION MAKKKT. The same sulhorittes quote beef quiet and steady. Nd American yot ottered. lia- on steady at 4tta. a 50s. for long middles. I.ard quiet at 62s. a 64". Tallow declined dljihtly on all scrts demand good , and North American silling at 56s. 0d. a fids 6d. LONDON PHOPUCK MARKET. The Brokers' and other circulars quote ashes itrm fir both kinds: old jiots, 28s. Ad. a 29s. do (xMrlx, 28s. Ad. % 20s., new pots, 28s. a 30s. . do. pearls, 28s. 9d. a 30s. Rosin dull: comon, 4s. Ad. a 4s 3d. Spirits of tnrpentini] dull at 31s. Sugar steady. Ootlee llrm Quicitron bark? Paltimore, As. a As. 2d.; Philadelphia, Us. 61. a 10a. Clo verseed, 43s. Ad a 44s Ad. Cod oil, 3As.; sperm oil, ?106; linseed oil steady at 28s. Ad. a 29s. LONDON MAKKKTH. .Messrs. Baring Brothers report wLcat llrm at an odranc<] of Is : for good Amurican white 04s. a 70s., red do AOs. a 04s. Flour, 30s. a 34s. Iron dull at ?6 for bath rails and bars, pig irot dull at 47s. Sugiir ilrm it a slight ad vance on all grades. Tea steady at Is. a Is. Hd. Spirit* oi turpentine steady at 31s. Tallow dull at 59s Ad. Cof fee buoyant. linseed cakos quiet, butjsteady. K.ih oil? generally unchanged. Unseed oil -8s. Kice tlrm. TUB LATEST MAHKKTH. London, March 23?Evening. Consols closed this afterni on at 91 \ a 917,, for money" and 92'? for the accouDt; Illinois Central Kailr Mid, 2A>? a 20 discount , Krin Itailroad, 27 a 27 , discount; Se.< Yoik Central Railroad, AU a 71. Livwummil, March 23? Fveuing. The sales of cotton today reached 15,OCO bales, of which 0,000 wsre taken by speculators and exporters. Messrs. JameB Hewitt k Co. report the market tlrm an t closing, under the effect of the Adriatic's udvices, wHh an upward tendency Hrerfdstulls quiet but Di m. Provisions quiet. The Rhode Inland State Klertlon. Provimnck, April 3,1?01. The election to day resulted in tho entiro defeat of tha republicans. Governor Spraguo is re elected by a l*rg<i minority, atul tho legislature is stronjly of tho came po litical complexion. Misers. Sheffield anil Browne have defeated thi lata republican members of Congress from this State. The Connecticut Klertlon. Hartford, April 3, 1 >>01 Woodruff, democrat, is elected to Congress in the KourtU district by eighty majority. Election at Home. I'tica, April 3,1801 At tho village election held at Home yesterday tho democrats elected all the vlllago officers and two-thirds of the ward officers. The majorities average 3A0. (icjrga Harnard was chosen President. Important from Havana?The Invasion, of Ht. l^imingo. OVR HAVANA COKKKHl'ONDEXCK. Havana, March 28,1841. Jht Dominican RtfvJblie-lkt K.rc Sent for tht ConqvmL? Holy Wrtk, rfc., etc. After my last advices, by the Quaker City, I had tup* poted it possible that the reports were premature n rela tion to the attack on Ht. Domingo; but subsequent Inves tigation , with the declarations of officers of confidence, removed all doubt. The forces now ready and partially embarked since the departure of her Majesty's fPigata Blanca are three battalions of light infantry and twn companies of artillery, with their equipments, trains and equipage. The whole force to be sent down, it is said, will be five thousand men. The steam frigate Birenguela waits here until the squadron arrives out from Spain, and the following vessels are In the oourse of being despatch* ed, or gone, with all the materials, stores, munition* and coals necessary for tho perfect eflcct of the expedition, with calculations for a campaign of twelve months:?Tho Petrontlla,48guns, theoomptementof men 340, with extra marines and troops on board; the l'elayo, 18 guns and 100 men?gone night of the iMth, Blanoo de Garay, 5 guns?? tiking in ebell munitions yesterday, tho transport ship, former'y steamer City of Norfolk, loading, and threa other government receiving and transport vessels, under sail, to take coal, general supplies and troops. We have to tnank Mr. Lincoln and the abolitionist* for their great favors, as we can now say 'hands or? with impunity. There is now no power on this stda to arrest our plans or to dictate terms for our oonsldeiation. This is the goneral impression of those most familiar slth the political condition of tha t nited Mates. There is. however, a slight tremulonsnesa among those who have something at stake In the issue, lest there t-hould be sudden harmony between the con federacies of the North and South, and concentrated ac tion to meet this new pbase in the Western World. The Spaniards are apt scholars, and do not forget Florida, Louisiana and Texas. But they do forget the attend ant circumstances, and that there was no indopsadent government erfanization of the people recogniww by tho civilized world. It seems rather undlgnliled, also, to scrd down such an overwhelming forco to enslnve a few negroes, and to destroy their government. The condi tion of the negroes in Haytl who emigrated from th?i Tnited States becomes perilous lor their personal free dom, and they ought to return a* soon an pussible to tha bosoms of their cherishing friends in Worcester, Boston, Portland and I'tica. The officers of the expedition eipect, to realize fortunes. We are in the midst of Holy Week and its august cere monials. and attend to no exterior business, except tha Christian obligation of regenerating tho Dominican re public. Health good. City Cerrnptlon?Committal of Oesrgs Monntjoy for Contempt. COCKT or OYER AND TERMINER. Before Hon. Judge Ingraham. A run. 3.?The Grand Jury came into court about two o'clock this day, and the foreman (H. James G. King) complained that Georgo Mountjoy, a witness before them, declined to answer tho following question:? q From whom, if any one, daring the last three years, have you received money for the purpose of in lluenclng action upon matters pending before the Com mon Council y The Judge said that it was a legal and proper question, and that tto witness wss bound to answer It. Mr. Mountjoy asked for time to consult counsel. Tha court acquiesced, and in a few moments the refractory witness said he was prepared. The question was then read in ojien court by tho fore man of the wraad Jury. Geo. Mountjoy?I decline to answer Thereupon the Court adjudged him guilty of ssatampt, and ordered a commitment to be made out. The commitment recites the above facts, and "ententes Mountjoy to thirty days in Eldridge street Jail. It was banded to the Sheriff, and George Mountjoy war removed In the custody of the deputy sheri"'!. The same question can be pi ?ponnded at ihr explra tiou of his term of Imprtsonmcn., and if the witness still refeses to answer he ran be recommitted, and so on, ad n/nilsM. lulled Malts District Attorney's OSes. CLOSING OP THE DEPARTMENT. Arsn 3 ?We understand that Itatrii t Attorney R.wse velt has telegraphed to President l.ipioln, that, u as no anointment has been made, this o*tice n?c -ssj-ily close* t<> morrow" (Thursday). Captain Brtttou, the newly appointed Consul to Hontt? ami>ton, Rutland, -stored Into tho req'iirod riretias, giv ng A. Van Vest an l Moa? H U ^I'., ?* hi? iNioamnen. I'klted States Csnnlidoner't ts?it. Commissioner Cfcrrell decide* teat the firetien of?red for Mr. True, charged #ith obtaining rooM> under false pretence*. Were ins??elsnt. Jixter Bi?tts or lered that ' itiao b? sent os t? U># Distrlot er Cohimbi*, where the ?Si?ce Is Mid to have been committed. Ksprrsae Ce?rMlpetlsl Term* Before Hon. JudtfS Sutber'juid. A ' 1 ? Pirdinm** K<m\t rt Afward tlon for new trial denied f'tttm .a, ? X ifwvsn.?Ajdgmeat fop I'iaintlff, with Mgln, O'fru Ltd ?t?.l tHm or B'flfis's #wa* Wudsmeni | (wpHtn on demurrer with coxts,'to d? ? fe ia, t to an. >vor In twentv days on pavniont of costs. a jk ><r. yW.-tw* ?<. H t Uu ? .Kdcmsnt in. I I ??::* with costs, ?pjer to ut *.t't?d en two ds*V bvww.