Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1861 Page 2
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Til*5 TCT**' mart. will -1 be property:o#iale >r Ur? iDMuirr .b i>? P''? inquire of Jli:,#rs lloLME* 4 ,,,?. JKR^B*." ' MAJOR LOW t?0 ."J<MH \ niiftif ?? btBn, M Kauhen. American wlun-rot aJt ortmium M the Saw York State Fair, and the A.abiao aft >"???-..> to tlon. Wm H Seward, wdl >uruljrom ?t lha tUblos of nn<ier?igr.ed. Kuiith?m ffM'Chrtlfl eounqr, mile, from *?Vhas'N^H^H..ATE A CO. \"7,"c?nL'l BLA-'K HAWK.?THIS CB&SBS 4TEO ^Tmttag Hulttou wlM stand the ?^n of 1MI. fro-n IUi<h IS to August I. at .loiinl Knediker s, near the r?!,.n i-ni >?? li-ini! Island Ho U the best sou Oi Black Hawk dam by liawkburo's W hip Agoodliltf ' ' ' ?f hiu, may be s.en in tlerbe't s groat work on th Anrfrietn L >rM. Term* >30 the aeaton, payable la advance. " IIOIOKS, (' VWH1AOEH, <LC? Vwt1iA>IdHOME PRIVATE TURNOUT FoR HAlJ! .iVnc third cost?Well matched team. Wngan Harness, ?S ? d?nl.' - 'he whole w-.'l be rj1(1 together or th a Horn"E,irae Ai to at Tlgnej"- .utrte. Uve lac. Brooklyn. An A V HOEbK 1 % HASPS HltilT, TSN \ EAB.S o*d- warranted to trot m ZM. "??! ,ttd v.ood.e^Ri being ? liitle spuing forwa'd. ?'th pronoi tip V>'D dadBw< new. Aoply *'? V.'i *ast >hi> y se ond stnwt. y A IMIB i K CAKRUOE HOR'-ES WANTED? AT WfTV A ,... . nd strec, t). i ?. eu ??" r.d and Third avenue*. iSper mZnili ? to I* pal'1 si--ur.iv. ns bouse and lo?: alto a boy want Mi to work 111 a livery ?u.ble, at'O Hi .re to let r-AiMAC* MAKKRO-MTUrnOB-AOOOD B1 >.iV B> w an'ed, In exchange for kt..-..rd and tuition In i first ->a >< Co if. b Midi) g c.bool Apply, betwe?a the Hour J f ?.'! 4, n? nowt /.? i Kit'tV'H h'K.k H'otv, 78 Bowery InAtRlAOtS-A Bl-MBEU OK SECOND HAND TO I' I H>C ds, light Hond ifa/ore, one Doctor's Hoa -ioti. y . at SUvets aua Smith's car. i?ge factory, No. sil Elilr <tga Sll*l't. TT.OH rALB-A PAIR OF ?AT CjtRRI AOB IHtBSEA, P t(il. band* Ulga. s< utid and kind inquire of w. U VIt.h , (A ai .1 t<i *>' ?t Mneteeth a'r>"-t -LX'K SALE-A HANDSOME Ontt HOBfiK, BETWEEB r 14 ?im1 handh h 'li seven y.are ?W, pfj cotly aotiri; ?.>c* ?ell lu harneaa or unner saddle. "VV'y1'' JOHh G llBtJOJ , corner ol Fifty second ttreei and foots avenue TflOIv SAI.E-A or.NTKSl. T' BNOI T-HI.VI K HOH8E. r five year* old, bl*li; ktnd and tsonnd evrr/ Wi?? f.,. tto^v Kill Haineig; M:i',arlj r,-n. .t ou.d ?? ? bani" for Clotbi! and Ca??lntere?. Al?o ? 'e".m ot pac ug l"onwn Hl. banc's high and <ro ?d at^p^rs: and to'ir ?rb_e comm..1. lloraeH. auitaHle lor farm or other work, at l rom f fl to ftuwoac ti. <T will MKcluttite Utr Hoia> ? idu-.^e'. to the ,r. ? Ty t?H ai ply lu 0. WOUl)? jU d^uiii SiXla utie^^ V qisnuaburg 1.1,. M ; E l'A.f. <-.f Bav M ...Kv St n IBj r r.T'arm work or bnfdts*'. ?rre 9> ?' A<?o. ou? blac< Horse, Huuuble torucait; Apply a- Ot pl?ce. B*OF SAl b^-A JK.T Rt-AV'K Ht??S?, IS HANDS 1 INCH r hlBb, 6 \ earn old, aupenor style' ctntrftin .. mimitei wsrrai, and th<- aueet in 'berlty , will be suUi a'..', bargain Inquire at 70 Bank sireet, ot 1>. U 'iALl.VA.V F~ol ?ALE-A ^.nr STY I.IS 11 C AY UORSE, 1? ! andn ttiRh; warranted ictind ?tnQ kltn m i^rt tar liru'/ir and 7 years old; j<*?t Irctri tne countrv , u aupen>?r fVmlh hor? /vwlyatrniitVs stages, Ml West Twenty dfth !-tr?e.., near Jtigfath av??tte. ?ClO.i ? ALE?4 VERY Si'tMBH LONO tailed ?' F.T f bi?k tior?e fi years old, SO ha'<la lilgU : trot-i In tour minuu a sing e or to the pele rod w. u'd make a very n 'id some stddie norto Inuuiro at the National hi press H'ex, 14 t hajlbui atreet *,>1.,'. NAl.h? * GBAY MAKE. .-1\ YEA,IS OLD. LONU p nil ciui trot iu *:??: (? a ?olonJal sauole mare; sue la wair?t>t( d L< rf?ctl found sniitnd la ever- rtspett, single or d.ubie J.I?o a biy Horse, s. ven year;."d long tail. 0 bs''d< bUh ; al o, warranted as above. Inquire at jo ivau' su? le. Si7 f<ln'h Mri-i t t)H ?ALE-AN EXa:VLI.ENT BTlETr ('AHRIAGE, little u? d; al?< ? l?-?uilful rosewo ?(! Billiard T? ?le .ind KiKtur#*. W ill so ?1 <on t'i. y ternia. luquirti at llVJ Rim m tin ?, rw * F~ t>K SALE-A SORKC-L HOUSE. ViV .HTVI Hi!. kind and gt?oU?; 5 ,< banits, < hu trot *?? o Appiy for ibm* day* ai iKJ Pixib av?i>tiP F IOK SALE?A HANDSOBB AND fTYi.ISU I.ADY 8 J.' b^y saddle Horse. Is jjerfectly kind u.J a- 11 ali>d will go in Ongle or doubl* harness, anil *airanted found; la about 141; hards liiRh. seven years old, *'"? pro noui c il a terfect )iem n? a mddlf horse Al k. foi -"lie, a beautiful light Bagov, togatber with b*tVc'n^Y to orvVr N|.d I?e ?iiv new. Apply t" ALttKKa 11. MCUi^Ai, 62 Williua ?'r? ct. ? r,'?(iU KALE?A PROVE OK C VHaDIAN HO??Bl?. JV8T r fnm Canada, suitable for all kinds of use, jrouna and cood iMVtHers. eooa s?ddlfi heist's, *c Also on<- aialiloo. >m 11 nrs old Itilisndi blab, weigh* pound. ; Is i gJ d inv.llersndstjllsh driveif Can be s.ep at ttie stable of Cbarb a < <m per, Z*).'t M>rtle av nue. broottlvn ; FOR hale?obe lioht en press wacob; rete ral top and no top Wagon?. two second ii?nl VSagon?. two do ? aches, and one do Barouche , a'l for sale very eb?sp AI jily at carriage faet'irv 27 Woo. pi street. CK," HALE-A 8*1 YLIPH (1RAY nOIJiF, RUTTA3LE V tor awmpe; p?d und'r saddle, perfectly s und and Sod robl t??r .be *ant ol use.. Appiy at O'.ut)ata-.'le,? East l ?v? nte?nth street. T^OIt KaLE?TWO BROWN I'OMi P, M'.. HANDS r kIi ?r?: pace In 2 :*>, nrta m '. mlnu'.. ?; warran -l p<tund at d kied. will be so'al ?e|??i ate o: together for ra-h rt rac'aanie.l 'oi a working bor^i- luui lie atul I >m -i sliest ? ,?k xaLF?FIVE SEC<>M> HAND #A(IONS AVD P ten new ones, wilh and wlUiOU' tops, -lsodo'. If KfM c| Will be (.old very low for ea h, a' J AMI.* BALDWIN j?, IK fro?by atr*ot rWB SALK-A TROTTIHO HtOWE IEtt YI- AivSOLD r b?a tnniatf is S:30 kio?t ?nd vouuil, cxo> ol being ? villi he -rt vert cheAp. al^o, a H?eond band tnre?? *prtn.; ict or S. da water Aag. t. Api-ly at II.! 1?eniy :h1rdatr.+i. uear Ibiid av-nue X^OR #ALE rllFAF-A STODT, FIRST CI.ApS 1S\. r V\ ag'in; a woitd band tw > s.-at tamily K.J ? .way Tnd a first elasa li*l>? Husin-a Wagon pole and at BOWNB A HECOHD'S, .'7 Wlllft sti. c!, N Y TCOB ?ALB OBBAP-TWBBfTttOOD WORK HOUSE:-, li .rat i#iirfld fr?rn Cannda ittef Al*i s..ti ? g?. <1 I sil flr*?; s naC'.s and tro tera To be seen at Wright A . uti.0 ? ?table, tie. ?r tbe Houston str^ft fer-y. oitiln'"burg rrtlR h A IE CHtAF-AR BX?'BBsa ! ITrf.E p lUfd, butl' by Swift Inquire of < ARTHA>, JSO t?n'l alreei, where tt can of) seen. w-^iiP iu 11' IllBAl*? 4 DOCTOR'S WAIOS, CIT. J w ir ne?rly new, with pole ??d ?h*f'?. In iuire of i*. r. CAR ? AN. 1,154 Ikordmy ______ II nr.dKK, CAAHI 40E.x HUOOIBH, OROOBRa . _EX ui. iKii in.\Tag.iiiM i.) ?*.<? Ib.- a ge-l^.1-* luTfetctiy. r elilttf; o? caeau. >o. 1S? iulioo avenue ?na h<>.' 10, MciXlyO. IIO-^kToK 'AI.E.?A HAND.OMK l">RTJ> RICO 11 !??., v. i;t nsrds h'ph, r.ry g-n'le nd ea<%-tr?li?d. H ^ ai.Te (or a lady. Maybese nat the private .ttbletft tir?at .!|.|1'? street (jitsv wabted-thaT can'snow iw?.-r li to.ightwag n.i... 'ton n ?.'g.>'.v nt. ft. ???" vid.dli d<. ? n-Hhwrt blm mueh; in i?t Im l.-v for c?"l>. VI dirw Wm. Abltro T rtspteton. Htateii 1-1.nil II II OKW4NT*1>?A HMALIi H01W* Jl 1 fri ni mu I. b? lindei a I.e. and wan anted so-n-d. tin nil" and iroo f ?irt w, giirirg pflc ai??l ^ 11,1 ??,< ^ HfiR..E 1VA5TE1-A <lOOD FABILV CA^' H. rae, .mi i.d an.l ?tyll.-h, in evenanr- lorodi.dh >.b? e> . r ptpri ha.wlr f- Ad irea*. ? ?1?g ile?nptl ?<. "I bora, anu Jiire to be h L. A M. H , B.ailon C Fo,t otbo-. Obi KB AND CARBU IE ? ?>!} t'ALB _ rilK Hoa^M w If* I' ' l\ltl*t1 "?* , , . , , n*. P 'nv 1 Hi'' **f?an?ed wnnd ind kind v t U>i ''*11 ' *n I- av M.??e * a.?!?.???. <tO II _ arw j. , i Ullage lie* laat ... ? Kltih avenue A?k tor Daniel llan t. li ^0I? WaOOB AND HARNESS KO* *U.^,-4 eheiinnt lio-se, arniiofatHl kml 15', hsnds nlgb . .p'en. did I dfl.e burse. . ui trot ia A.lOj with > Bea,iy u?W '-U? na.i.'ioad ?taaoB ?tthb!? k-'. whip, t- . . be a lt a H.,?niita e Ii.toflh^l'.lh.altbot Hie w .er ?ppl7at FbiUl'.*' ttabtok tit# Sevanta avauutt opposite di .adaay. OKtf 1-1? FOR "4LB OWETE4M KL40* Va"F well in'a rlisd, 14' nsnds high . an so in lour minutes r^'it ftrtW I-t'It e ?i iae l?*ery stab'e, SI vt :.?:.tngUiu street nol?ok. ?. V fVrTiER murriBO to/ ?->x waoo* i>;t I , . | ?Jb . ..mple'e order als> a line St. H?ru 1 * g . >eell>rt wat< and y ung. at prlvaU? ?'*ble, rear ??< II UroTg plaee. Rtoohlttl * icc'r ^Aa!Oint.-Dt>l.??BCBY A \ AN DtMBB. |j Iractleal Llsh? Cart UK* tnake.ra, t.tft ??>d t?? atfM-t In t?ear llM'ni' sod ixlanc'.y streets, Near l ark I!Zd iDfortn theee n-l-m r, who h ive no- .^red In tin," f? spring B dln?. -at tb-y U,v*. 'Ta -** -/ ? .miirnn their sortuil ord.r?, and have on Bst i a * '? thetr eelebulert light w??ooa. of the Ht-t "'v^,',uT, ' not be aurpafaeil for ligl.tuss-, laaitiy a? l Jurat?ilH>. T ltlHT WAODBB-A L4P I* AfPQRTMFf r r.F WA 1 I ? .'is, ?i h ard W'.tb.?it toje., weigh ng r di l? ?? ? r..4?o tbi bast s.'ieet. I rn iter als and if <a .? ? pat tuv- and vriil be ... d at in ees t. suit the tlmsa. m?v be foot d at the old e?t?bii?V?.l manufa. iory, t4 Eil*??|'b ntnei t.en'lamen ar? mvtted towll and "gamine tne atoek oo ...nd '.Hers for anv .f W ?tgOnt nr", )' T,l JoaEflt U. tMID'AIN, lit LiUib ta atreet. T?iltTp> < BB BpyDiRD f?r^TL?M> ^OWI AM I vtesn r-ontei- have j?.t ainved 1m^ fc'.mp. o; a.) c l.^e ? fe ard from elgh?- to fc\i-^? u ia. is nigh. .0 For*y .ec- nd urtet. between tilth asd alitb av -nu v T ^ 11? HKKV^Stl'il A CO 'Ti and ?74 Hroorne *tr ' e-ir:,?r ,,i M tt street, are pr parsd to re. -I e ofile-.f.'ir '>.;i -UI enor w s*on?. dollvtrable at any oer. ?l during t ?? ! n _ tn Kii-ntoa to m!.*- iropiw*?euts ?'iu.i s?v ? ltr m, ik. klcti. ? ri pot* l?.n for duraoi.ity aad el.^au th? . w.rtild dire" sK-olal H'SSUW t" tb?.- " Icu,? ??? ?'? ai.v i-ar letidrfnt their 'ball ?pe,i.g W ag m? ?np . ,jr .. sl_ otLa.a ? strength and Aiih..n?a raaatag Ho^l W .tons asp?'?i?i teaiiir.. oi lieir busloeM, i .. v woiiij a - iL.XTriVtg lor ?er) ?-> te o. fleMuw carnar* tor wan M.'-* ty .mi - - - I |oAi> WAHOIVI AM) |;A*ftlA.)ez1 Ik HT1VFKM AHftfftH bAf 0 IK#W Otf ti -lib. ? 1 i1 ? ?fer'KtwM* fa*torr# w T . ! k. u , ,.v .4? . for I be coniteg aeaann. _ ^ fMBtuad ay Fi-t'irj S8 ildrlilg' T .1,1 r WAIITZD TO HIKF OR T'lt VI S elii iy of Asshlnfton ? pan . or will P'l'e '*"; * IM lo Wtl'd up a Andreas, with ptloe, 'I. b ? I'll I ?? rpwo valhablf horsbh **yi ?w Om? 1 i-Wti loa . sultal'la ft* "?.v AU'- a * (.Vtee^.p pnd ? ?ei Fairhai k s i Utf -ioi -a ... a. i o ?a.e at H pserltiw. Apply "V ' tan" n s-re. -lirilTI'lW. NHilHik ROBNB, AM" " i I "* t Y\ high, mns' he very siyN?h. tot i"'j"' 1,' e dieee, with full pattieulars, b-.l B** *?ts > for twp dajs. ^ ? yfcprV-a.ueet BOARPrWO AMP L.UP<aWft. AK1A1.L PKITATE FiMlLY, RB8IDIPO W TOBIS cwo boiue. ?Wild let ? i< mS P?i li>r ?id Bad'ooua oa as e kkI floor; al?o aa entry bedroJfcn oo the tfclra U.H<r to sr.gte K*atleaieii or a getitliiuian aud hi* wifa. Th? hoeoo n bro?ra aoue. w'.tb *11 the mod>m loi^wemenui Inqtire at HSl Lexington avenue, it'iJ bouae atoova Thirty-eighth i.rMl Se.'ereucva required. k handsomely rraNisuED proni room, on ae & c> nj llo ir, wiih,H*dio>>ai if roqulreu, 10 l<t. with Joard, &l*o t few n'tcle Rnoma, iui??t>ia far younjl iculU-mea A|> Vl) at li* K>u Fourteenth street TMnuer at (>. a NUMBER OK HAM HOME ROOMS, WW BOARD. JY *i*o tlligte Ki> ail for cenlletneii. Apply ~ Wan fourteenth mrffi, between Fifth nod ? uth avenues ACOITLB Of NIOE ROOMS. JTURNTPHED, TO I?BT, with b ard, Iti % small family; If use baa u l modern iuprovemeota. Go?i refeieucea will l>e requued and gi'oo. I in'jer a six. Bo. M hast Twelfth street. Aokntlbmam and wins, and a few single g-uUeinau can obtain plfcaaant with H ard, at ho. 10 t A>rnli place. BU-er Ler BUrt-L itf 'er.-oi en exchanged. AOEMXF.MaB AND WITH OR A l'AKTV or .SINOLE gcntlfmpu eta obtain a handsome'v furnished suit ot' l.o um wij ! ill; or i>arlU; flrji . La*? W .ard a'.d a-*c>natii .da tie ns, in a unall private t-imlly. To h permanent party, of quit! and r-!lu? 1 habits, the luuependt nee and < italona ol a tiotw aiy oil. n il inquire at Ik V> eat Twenty ninth street, one block fr< fn Broadway. 4 GENTLEMAN AKD WTFS, WISHING TO 3E PER l\ uniient, can lie accommodated wuli a large froui H< om, or a i uiy <>' gfailnnen willing to room togetUi i in a sooialde I'am v Dinner from 6t>7oilo:k Referent es exchanged. Apt y at *6 Miaecker street. a SI TT OK FURKItOIfD BOOMS. Willi BOA<lD. J\ now vacam (others fr?m M.iy i). u> gcMltmen and tbeirwi.-es be weeu b roadway ih.-ri Ktftj avenue bfftoiv Ibl. iy ate >nd ?treet. BKADLi.Y, HCTCHINS A ,?;> 42 ?ast tourteei.tii xtreet. AYpfNO WJ0OW liADV, LIVING QUjrR ALONE, wi>ti)d r? nt a Urgt, comfortably furnUncd front tfniru t . H '.!d, tt?id geoUftaua, u?ilj or without li? iird far tb'" Udj l'.tp.?* di>a(r.i<s ac< ??mmomtirua 1n ili" 'mii-tc of a ytuig, li??-ly and ? do* u.ay api>ly k> 176 Uresne utrtet, .i few dooia' clov. BictcWer. A fTIT OK U' TOOSTIIEB Od SEI'AP.iTE, A < te bad rt No 10 S>;iV *i ret, .it red'i rd price* ATOUNG (i^N'LEMan T K'iV THE ROt"l*H OK UN doutitt d re-pectabiUty, to t-n'-t-r :t auictlor va.e !? i '>rli fanidy, where n' Bngiiab U hp >k< u, that h ? :n?y pe,' f*ct iumarlf iu thi Iting .age. ll pi-riectly .mtuiiM m to tbe r?^p<rtalii; t. ol thu '.bo una) ot no com- (raiioa. lie?l;pd ii ca'ion in t!ie vicinity f f tlie New York Hotel Ad ore*d ^aInuel liarnaon, Herald ofllce. a IIA A Ql'AMTm OK IfUHNttURU, H ?1\ o:' lrnilDg ii u 'euirn fur Koaid ?for b.?ra?lf uid -ittl>- ?on. AJdr?M W Meet FoOrteeaUi atieot. AFfcCNT AND HACK T.OOM ON SECOND VLOOil 10 let, viib HotiQ; *!n> a ^tfotu 'or n aiojdA gcntle man; good kxntioti; private fafutly. Inquire at99 Weal Teu'.fc I ?irr-!, b<ttKe?-n I cur'h and eker itref j. A. K1VA1E FaWILV WOtLD LtST A EUO-it *N? back l'arlov, u:duR>>ahed. with Boird; a a a i tniHUed llrdriiotn on i Ird Hi-, r llouae liiflt claaa; 10c dioti i;uex' e;> ti< nl>!' teiina rea?'nab'e; reference* jjtren and requlri t. Apply atV40 *'?lThirty *<c ndalieet, b '.we-.n Eighth aud M-uu hvenued. A WIDOW LADlf, OWNISO THE HOUSS SHE live< In. is deiiroua "f r"ntiHg the s.e r. 1 ''1 ?ir, iur ' ej, to t?? or tiir?'e ;!?atle?n-n. withoat roar I. Ill -re l.l Sa? in the roon:a timl l liat i vo"Ui in tUe bouas. fbo best icfe reneea tivi-n (uid required Apjdy at No. i Nintn street, o. tveeti Vifth aud Sixth uveuuta. \ N EAPTE8N l.ADY Ij 1S tWO LA .0* ROOMS OOtt ^V. munieai'Tig, <? . MCoPd lloor, wh.e1! aiie ties! i" let t. a fct'CMei Mlt.' sr. t U .'eleretioes givei. fc|jply at 25 West fubtientn street, beween Klfth and ^iXlll avf-uHe*. | A 8'" 1' OF ELEGANTLY KI'ltNlB'U'O ROOMtf 10 I let. with (food Koartl, In ? ama lprle ? ta nl'y 1 ration i do'lgblitil, liio .Ve,-.' Eleventh street, u?a: .dx ,u av'cuue. Beit o: refer?rcea. No moving. APMALL PxliVATi'. KAMILV WO'Jt.o IBtiT, WIT l . fu'l or larilal Hoard, a btnds 'in- -tilt ? f Kuorm, am tuts i seea?<i and third doore, to p.titiee d*?lri:i(( tae eoajtor a of u horn.-, Bi'at of nfuiCMi'.f requlied. in jaire at 18 Hunau nd street. A LADY VE8IRE? A KOOM ANO BOVhU IN A KRI va'? family, when* there ?? e but lew or no "the.- board eis, and wh? te abecan enjoy tbe c -m/orti of u liome; 1.e>j* t on | releittd not above'ihlriy-clghtbstreet norb<ii"w fwen j tleihsirvei.wfatf.ide Satiafaetoryreferenep given and r? ?lulrod Audr. Ha h |j, Herald oflics, atatlng location and i teimn, wb.eb tutix! lie low. | ? Af.APY WISHES BOARD IN A I'HIVATE FAMILY, in the vicinity of Sixth avenue, between fourteenth ana Twenty Hxth streets. Terms not o exceed ."<i per week. Artdre?s Board, atats n C l'o?ton!ce. 4 HECONDSfoRY KHONT ROOM aND HI.DKOOM TO | let. to*single qentl-msn, at '.'4 Tarentletli nr?et, ihlrd C" r fri m Hrtmd vuy , t ecui l, d br a private fatui!y A SMALL F4MIL7 AND A FSW SINGLE GENTLE du a ran be wenrnmodatrd ?I'h handaoin ? Bnmni und Brerd D; .ner bt 6 o'eio- k Apply to Mr*. J. a . tJ-v^ory, 1UI Kit': Frnrteenth street. ? ppuutt toe Academy oi Miuic 4 fBJV A1E FAMILY, LIVINJ IN GOOD SOLE IN A ,i modem stine trout house, will lei a tarl > an t io<iu with Jti>?rd, to ?.n a^ret-aMe marrlt^l cottple willlnn <<? ptiT to $20 a week; or would boa'-d a stii-iH family de Ol: 11 le i?eke< pltu, in I allati for some good t'uraltuie. I Addriaa lw.ot> second Ht(?et. box IXi Hera'n o tice. AKt CM OM SECOND till TlllHG FLOOR WAITED? w ItU . imv.iient Bi Brooklgi., for a gentleman, : v.lf atd 11?!i?nt, and a place for nuiae. Fac^'tie* tor w*ah> I It r reqnlred. ACdteis, wl u tirnis, box 4,5VH >>)? Kork Post t HRY y t KASA.' t l^ONTAND ba< k room ON ^ \ t'ae h'rd-torj, to lev. ticjillier ?* aeparste, toageaue ti.ju tbd lady ot quiet liaMu iacb roust contains ?as, hat ardci Id wi?i> r apply at >7 Worn Jliteentb slrse', betnten .-eii a'h ki d jlitb a^enul^ >v L*LY WOOD BE PLEASED TO RECEIVE A FEW ii :sniil:es and genilem n. wlih iioi'd, in a tirt: (lasa t ye jteaiantly ntnat-d uptown. Seleclan can t>e aiadf t.i .? I', i>. fure t ip lit of .May on very ?dv minute lis tee tt* by . v nj ,t 1,2jj Kr adway, Det?p?a ihirty first ani thirty ?< nd aueeta. Htftmmt r < quired. * fmaLL kkivate fabilv will let a hand .'V m me Ml BOOM "n sottnd lluor. Willi or without Board; -e ,ia -all the mi.di':ti itnproven.ent* Inquire at SO Wast inn ?t-:et, l>et?e?-n Wave?le.? place aodGrfene 1 h avenue. ? NEAtJKl RNHBBD ROOM. WIIH Of.O.SKT, to /\ l?< to ainglr jtntketnro. or a gratl man and wil'n, with i' ijlhoMHoaitl ?B * until pr.vatr f.mlly. fl. .ii-a> bn ?w, buth A?" Ai ply at I'Ji i '.J So M) hi .h atrert. 4 TOl Mi UK.NTUt)\X, OK BBPINI'D TASTE AND i\ *-H* hablla, to t.butln Hn?ril, with nil th? om lortaot * in a private '"auilly?that oi a ytmnf wido* ,?r ., or ?iipri- up r*n rujoy Ik* * -ctny of ou.> or two agree able n. tag Hi' would like ln-eaklMt at any time S to It'. v'Un. , not to ??*? ?d a trnrL To nurh a ,ar)? lie ?< ?' J nuke !i ma. If wi agn inblo a? poaalble. Hun s'. ion near thu >>?? Vorh I'htb pr?(Mt<<1 ?Mo hoarding !, .11- i>< < neni <1 .??oly. tddrraa lor our ???k. with p.#or i of ifU 'i^u ai<iutlt>'i ptuuculai?, Mr. W. Leroy, Madtaon i<u?r? ? l.rr t t \Kt;p syi ar* vsn knished room, with ,\ Hoaid. I" a irti'I.'man >tid wife, I <>r ?r 7. ? alio I null hi ? in '? r (4, ><.?? Iiicinleii. paatr'ea t'f'.on !iu;o<. ni .>1 i i| >ntrr H?akla?t al J; lut-cb ati; lino rat , .i 1- v EnglMh No 61ft..I fun ?, n?ar ??rrnib atrrrl I MF.Mi I.WA> tNO W?r?:. OA THO HMibS UKV ? \ t>n?. ti w to fm tof- tU? r, ran t< arc -in dat--.l uh a very p'.i ?aot irMtt Kooca ami hoard, at No MDEaat i v rnty uiinr?<". I lie t?om* o.uUu all lite m.Mtf.-ij npTi. ort'i Ni> moving in May. \S1< " fRi'NT ROOM ON Til* TIIIKD mjoor. TO rt f, 4 ? tog man with foil Hoard and.?.! fhe AMrforta ; ? a' me, for I T. p-r wrrk Hitr ho unit coM water, mi a!, tbe Modern impron nn ntt Ap, ly . . I>t> flu.ini: so s ?i , naar ft tier a .1 i'aMIU. ARE DKSIRi'I Hi X LEm&O A a :iud. i>i inr f..'tit (mora. <>n rero-id tl' r>ithfr tr. cat it od e-a'!). i" a frnt'rman and nir- . >r rw. j n'lrtnrn r.o'rrr?CMi rr-ia'wd. Apo'y at 01 Orchard Hrrwt. tmt door r in uranJ. t VMDO*- L?DT. TW(, ,1.. tnANT ^UR i V i i Aptr'ni'"t?. woiiUI lr' Ut- ? ? ^iiigl'grn ?' irrn or ' ? ?n.'.lrm?n Mid thrtr wl?r?. i .inu litw claM i r?il tt 154 Kaa'. r >4a!>?nth -trr* ? t i.tMU if I y K OR t F.* 8IN.LTI cmtl> ' ion a *oot tnodat^l v -H c ? ? 1 Hoard. .. . ma i J i i.n Iftn.' mo.l-rmie. |ii .o?''a:n<'ay Bi'irwnrram ??p'\ . p, ? a' '.'iSt ia> >n ? trrrf rw iim y t ?' t? ii B.\i "Ait V Ur.S'LK 1 n !? siiiiif! In fitid a Mlftrloi' ho., e niiV |>r ni.) I i n> \ oi a in"'. < ii Hi'-, ?? ua> ?? 00 . fth avi>uu? t* | v. 1 t'.itnliknl ni ii til ."..-oir ? \ elti'> w tubing i 1 c > RtVlf With" HI lh?* tlo.-ll '? o hlMlltkMDitijt, ul ina?" ? .'nirabt*i Mraafrtn* r.i. i He ur nuM i'ail i* j ?? ?? an pls t?*f trMD ?tX III twai^a gPtlt I'.n-u A '.i |^? ;|,I. I tnwid to l rir,t?* i ' 11, ftmid ? w 1 I b'> att.'nilo.f t 1 >OAI'U.?A S.M?I I" iV.t-F. >AMtt.r S 1 uL iLP ] I 'our n(!'i? mi. >nh ?il imp . tnrnlahrd, wilh Brat cU?( Hoard. <*or?i.n? do* ng ? j na ? h ni? '<>ttrdlr? rc:?y apply ?* lM >: t ioiigai lvt*l?s WuklllsUn i'|Ulf Ifl f'W'h *'rr*'. Ut>AlU)-A(l I M.'IttU-. AfARTMHBT IN A ^'K.t? I ) netlucMnutrafwi^ .o ?i. ?)*s (f.-?-1 !'ianlara u.<, or ? lady ripnrnnfto iwitilr* capv itiulnf? aul ? mhi . tftt on f\>r W itl'in, irrn>K. Jkn.. ai .i.y to#radJfe?* .? :'ii?r?. No <2 r'*t:i a?i-n ? >i> York p?>A*r?.-Tirn nR thcbe cEyTi.KMfc.i ? a* jwr l? a ' ugr !'iry )?? ?MlftUror, u*rU fnrnUip.r, oa'y * .? ? Im?'iir>? ki pi; ha'U md tu honat*, trm* r?ry in v!a r*'i- 'PP'.v at t?. i Ml. 'h av. rji.r, Iwi-uty ukfVn atrrrt Lfl?TU) ?A A!?U i>a J'VO I) yiBtifner, T'v o'.H.a sr-oii ??.,.-y I not ' i.n tt v?tih or wit!" hi a t ii. J>i" m att?<-ri?l II a > r ra'? I '?m '* a'*?i ? ? UtdPHim on tli'r? 1 >ir; n ? nnf b ,i'4. n . ?., takm api It at 1:7 ? ??? ?iltr?"itii ?'.r??. ? Mrwn i ? t?lb <ad .*r??'.i a?rniu*'?. k?tnrn? itlrWHiltTiif"! Bo?;-p?u rsTOit sgt AHK -Willi Hv. vM> -- vk ? at rrry dflrirr ?nd h'niliomnly fnrnlaiod H nn , 1 i 'mo ? ftr parried uli.glo }WH>oiir. j p , \?r, ?? r?i v *Th ?'AM)hr ?? ?.* At ? t ' r. II ^ "Oi t ? n. n and wil'' or atngle jn ?'..?ni?n, ? th * II IIII-ir?B' Ko m< MMMM n I.r, I a?n>? i*H <r > n id ? in fi fuil hC'ird, i.tocatti Mfrrencfi r*.i|i4trrd ',p M 1,'Mngton ??rWta B" OAUO Off OR "TWO BE^KSf'TABi K "HlLI'li ? 'I nrj lord it. a/d anJ rari- in Orr^m-olnt, i- i r--p-c ?' ??m.v ? .is v *??n l'ijr t?o d*js at rim' -v>nn.\ iV mid twii moLS oEftTLtiMKi t'.ty n:- < ? I) imi tni d???d with loanl vktn 'hr nit'tt" n hi n? m?y'#rii 'r.??d T? tma mo<lri*air. Apply at 77 t'hriauyh.-r I ?t'?-t 'i?#r Ko -th lJti.Mo -i.KnTbEVKN AND TilMH vtMVi;.-. o t .iV ? J i ?' s ? ""i > ? ai ?>>)'? n 'I iM >rtih ,? a:i 1 t I ?-mi* ti ?' i- --ti.j'd ':i: htnl ".ooraof th? blis^A * ?. a.:d > TV-?? Wa?hir ? n (?*-*, ?i h rttnnr' 't alt ??>'<?> -It >? m , fir |?t ri ?( aI?" a ?uit of ''*r| on th? rt-?' tlo ir ^ 'I ?? In mi Ik ! oi un(t;r?tah?'1. ap >ly ilNWrii ?a"'1 ]? A'.' rO'AR I ? IJI'.TIV.IW MK ?l *?" IJ <"|| 1! * '! V. .I'l g. ?| )t,,r| ? I p'??.?ri' !???.'. il)!r ' ?? ni ? ? ft ??<"! 'HM Hi -.t. irh i??*l -i-'Wfc ,?f l.i Be* ia W. H. h. h ^i r** I I) '?U WANTf "'--R\ A RT Hi rV t? IILK VO'JMO l> !? v ??i * prirat* 'ami ? rrailie r,tn . .. ^ ni t; ? hn?i", l.iwii oti :??? .a folirMitk ?' >?* nn-. ? i tjr j-'Hoitfd AdirvM L a v., iiji 'S )lnr? ' i.i \ ii WA?it?:n !N 'IORWEJI OR N*?W lit % ?oi eman ai"' I'l'* -.i nn* rn ? ? **-1 rv ?> i . 11 ? i o' ?? f t'ian<- ??" b- ("i >? ?. a- i n i ? ? ly in d'tatf. /.ill wiui !'..i (Ullttia ?, ' , I bvt >M iitihd oilier BOARDING AND LODGING. A Pi'.JVATE Fa KILT WITT! ~?ri otrTT5 .? ?*?He<n?n wife. child, four 8,r^1 tt?tSwSTKw'SSi Idd M * ?7' ?.1 wuPT/m*;!l',nifor ?"* T?*r. If suited Auaeaa \. i. /<, boi 149 Herald ctlie*. for two d^y*. uLAiimr full part cu'an, and pnM uoi to exceed p..,. WIH^ BOARD WANTED-AT YORKERS OB FOBT WASH id#.on, for two l&Jies %j?| maid. trom M117 to K.ivem nrmn ^nZllH peered two pleasant communl -atm* ro*ma, rneai* terred to fh* ro?m room for m*id- ??.,d uv SfSH *?* at*M U. H. J nee, bo<'fc?*iler, AH Broad WAY York 6ta;>aK term** pfr calendar muta. ' R?^n,lT?NTEDrIV ?B"f>KLY!f. KBOM MAY 1. FOR ca-ien ?T.? . . n?. wW tlielr own room; lc, *" "*> *" *?" "?"* BOABIi? WANTEH.-A GEMI.KMAN DEsIBKH ,V BOOV and Board in A private Nm \v. located between Ki-?!. ouil elnh avenues and Twenty eventh ana Thirty li' . atretta. T .-an moderate. ArtJre.fc Ikh t,iU host office BOARD WaN CRD.?A gentleman DEalRE-i T3f< ? uafurthihed Room*, with g? d (i ,ard, for himseit am ?W0 aons lie wl 1 py {14 per week; lxatloa between *oun 1 and wrntj-tjilrd stw.s. west hide References etveti 11,11 required. Addreaa box 189 Pest oiline. U?fr\D .. 7anted ?a tuiinished on vsrvn IJ Ui?~en Room \\4th Howd.iftn private fatn'lv- or whi-'v tberr are but few boe/rera, by a wi o* lady and daughter u jour* lJd); Kef rretice Riven an1 reoul-ed terms niiut l>i> ?- H?,ald ullo juSt . DOABD WAMT8D?BV A GENTLEMAN aSI) WC ? XJ lnimedi.iie.y wh-re there m to bo bi ill M , j ca't tr, must be between Klwhlh an.t Twentie'b st ^eu vi t ln'd au.l ttt'.u atre-.uca W -st 01 Broad #?, p, e err d ??"TOH U' < t.. .-XV <--i $A pi.? week lor both, Inc'udlQa hatli i.d i"oltt cflliiv" r *' ' ? i Adilrena Pennaaeni, iUtian it l ??^,'if>V rtvs u with itBDHooMs J. J nil-v lied fora<jjat!Mfj,ttu ard bia wife or miuhtIo ue.-j'.le iuen,fur?iKh.d orut.f irr ah.d run ??? had on thel?td?vof MHjr, or aooner If required ini(ulr? a' Ekbi l>nth ?t.e. t BOABIH.NC-an MKtUm SLIT OF H4.ND80MBI.7 ? urbi*ji"d I o :ii?, 1. f e m?mi4 or iblel Uoor ol a Umt SV 1 ' *u ' 1 """? prt>'a> ! nuilv, to l^t will! Hon. 1 iddr^Ttj', We<t ^o?rKenib ?T,d. ? - j w S", V 1 1 Booms, Wlib or Wlib >ut .>0 Id, .! we*?of^sixth areuue ? reet' ^ browu at.ue froat bou.e |>o.u?i?:>T. - o i.*r.'iv spxrABLE ? *. 1 , f0'1'; 55*" an'! nnglf nentlfmca, may beiiad ?' V r .1 "?"?*'<? tfcauou convenient to Broadway atax ?< aifit ! ouith areaue cars |>r-A.RD*.v 1? CENTIEWKN AND THEIR WIVES r- \ f *rt .^'lu IJ'Utan or ?tilts o' Koo:n?, 11 . 1 llocr wilu p:>? -lee rli'seH, dr-twrrn, at 111 Adrl:.m *?!>??. b.lf a i.iock eouih ..t Myrtle area us Hroo" j> - genteel family; lermawadmMM aveau?, Broon K"*,''?; ?'?" *av i.-ra* HhcoNo |'o?,r AJ and 1h?i< laio'- n the flrnt flmir?the latter earlier r needed- *. !u-r 1 ".rc:sbe. 1 or uafu nUhed cau be oV-alai-i n api Hftlonattt8 Tenth htreet, c.,nvei?i?t to Broiw U' ABO IS BKOdtLIN.?A PRIVATE FAMrLT .1.',? R'-ntleuian am wife rtr ? Mi . f aaiitlHiu^a u it.'. .^Miraldti ho )na. i.\<u;n,n v rxl ?? ?bi -? *? ^ A; P'y at l??t..t.. 0"?AKD l.s ?K.;..KUVN -A liK.VTtEMA.V ANl) '/IS i;( *'?31" sentlMnen nun ubtaln Ho\rd ?Ud pV* v.t om r 11. ton or Wall street fi rry BOVKD IN BROOKLYN.?BOOMS TO LBT, WITH .< ard i's bt'owu ttone houae contunlnic the modem tmvrovem. Hi*.. i ????. 1, c.oeetHeot tocher Kiilton ? Wa" atreet fer:y. Beference. require i. Apply at t-j t;onco.d i IVIok 'N BBOtyKLVJf.??ELL Ft'RNISUED ROOMS l> with urge pantrlea, mav be had iu a houae with moduli mil -oveiuenu, plcaeabtly ln'utcd, within three nuuut.n wa.k of fowth or WaMatreet ftrry_Aptly at its Hicks auvet. X>i'ARn IN BBOOKLY.V ?DESIRABLE BOOMS FUR. Jsrs^^'i,?aN;?r BKCOKLtN HEltlllTH.?TO LET WITH BOArn iv a -niall family, the Second F'^r. {o?ther or^ f 1 vail at S7 Poplar atreet. Ihree mtnnti-f'walk fratn FuIkvb 1 cfa'ofrd^L Imprtvementa In the home. Befereuoee et CNE OR TWO SINGLE qpw. iJcQiea c*a im accommodated with Board at No t> w'll iow 'tie. t, .few ml mi tea from the ferrtST dlnr?rat ar ni Zn"Sl" "ue 14rw Roomi o. ?'Z??'?;X DOABD ON BROOKLYN IIEIOHTil?A lTr jp ivn fleU: * ?mAii 110,1111 00 lbirU ?tor'r T>OABD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?A (iFN'TLFMiV ilrAawsia ^^sscasssa Te'Vns'1 ??'"le'"** ^ 11 BOardj.rb wanted in bbooklim?bbt?-kkn tulton and 1 et? b avenues, m*r t ltntfu. Four aioitle o!'1'a K*"oRB?\ ?'h ??*?loa. lB4uire riHtAP FCItWSj?P? R<>OMS AT THE FRANKFORT J Boue*. corner of Frankfort and V? illleui atreeta -Oood i,o?<mH fnun fl lo 93 per *? k. Lod rln?x fr.ltIi a?cent? toJ7 #ent?|ei u ^ni; 1 ju t' a!, night. Oood restaurant attm ii-xl. /1..TTNTRY BOARD WANTPD.-A FAMILT OF FIVE 1 P?"0U?ce.ire t ietnr?,e, for the Bummer. Rooms aa1 I" aid In a respectable tanner * hotiv, aUnated In a pi* m-d' part ot ftt-w Jersey, in the v'rlnitT of thla city Addroaa. 4na aU 1-rticuUr'' "? p-. 601 U74 Poet offlcT: /101-NTRY BOARD WANTED?A FAMILY OF Fivg \ pej>on? eal^ to "ti|fa?e -or :Ue ?imimar, Ro-xna an" B"?i*i In a r ap-etable amiet a lnnae, situated in a ple^aant partol New Jersey in tb* ?ictnit/ of tliia city Aldresa. NVw'f >'k"" *QJ * l'?r"?ul??. w. P., box l,2rj I'oatoUeal r)Er??7<nE*iV,h(?B-LR<',,uMS ^IM ?E HOTEL NT. X r ?ei iki .n, Fifth a/eone, Hro^dwrav and Twetitv >n?-f atr^et ? ijota varan', a Milt o| four communicating Kootu anitable fora Jarcf lamily; aU^axnali Padoraand rtldroom* IjT.ItlANrLN FORNrSIIEO ROOMa tii I,FT ts !i S it.e, on f.rvt sud third H?o,, ,utUhla , raiatletnen t.eVi0Rlt..let?t,deci, superior avcotom . tatlona bouae Qrai cla<a; loeatloti . nail'passed. Ihyuire at 111 Ninth at.tvl. VREKCII BOA BD ?FbENMU LK?fN.S ROOMB TO TZStiXSH**"' "???*> on'yU?poJU? f. r lentlemeB-eek.u, U depend, at. ts-nnatun? 1n '* Ij'iaitera. Ilott-e fliat eUaa. 1 c-a'ion . " C? Ino.dway, Twelfth street. ' * ? )? II I N 11 I* 11 % '' i, \t*K -A \ I*1 ' > (I t \r> DttA 1> rev m . ? tt- tint floor ,mtao e^ tv.rJV*?, I,f" or ""K'*1 ?emi.meu; al?i tw ?itooiin ?n he?h"d tnSr f-ivrri i.c?sitiv?.n aid re uned. ? nlor i \>F OR Tw" (<FNTMMEN f-AN ' Bflit A van * / Six III mi <econJ H or, with aa?, (, and?. )'?. t>. h? A".^m s ptirate fnmlly APrly si ::.t I;l.i n ^ pLEACA VT Fl ?N1M ED OR C/KFCRMmiM) (UM)MI I cat,-eobtatued ?.?,!, .' ;f *"" ? I"" t'tmerat *?olr fct 15 1 ""rth street, be: s een Bew ,v .nd Neeoat! j ?m? J)M vs. WmiORWlTflOOT BEDROOtfi. i (,w\f ~vt 1 * ;* *?? t' ana w?*,-a a tU ,t , i h Mirkaj/a,, Eighth street, tBnae-at oai0\ Wt on e a f-w b a-'eri- take 1. h-teret. ?a, xc ianijrd T TWV VF V^o^-^dated with 1 V ardl- a private f tm! y w.ier-e.. otVrh w,r, - 11 b? tftken: te??K ?^odcr;?u? .ltd location o #?4mh> I :J!t. . ?4 b t: .tree- t.r^ok.yn, . r addn ss H (lera'd *\ 1 f Befems 1 ? eseb,>Bned * 1 ? 0 "in ?? rpw ... -11. ? in wmi riiK?t vcr-K, , AN ?? J S' JIII 'Mia d With -J. ?t, coTir,v0 , , , , Foard, aud a lew atngia MntUme 1 ?M, f . . 1,1'., o It IT tn a p Miaant^am >, ovnsis,.^ ? \ , , "I l'>. ? ?: her two daughters, at tii r.aai br.>adc.. ,,f , rrwo \<>\ sr, ofntlevfn wo'l> likf t h r . 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' ??e !a-(te a.? m suitable lor t?a Ho >J ? \ a. , j ov? iii? ntn ,n 11ni -Miriih "Ch"n^ No^n vin* Tf LET- iT?> Bf ,v IU, AI '17 EAhl T A'l'.NTr THIRD I .tree,, en I or|r?( ,??r.h ? ' Tl^ IRP .<? om. b*nda< me y ttirni -he.1. on ?he ?ee n l II H,r' Ti? . ,72 f nit R.i?tr .n the hlrd II iot, ?>m?(,?,?)or ??,, ??J} 1L " t,c r n',,,n* "err rouveiilen'n <ie?ir?blo lpMKI .!Ari>mii,[i HuOBH. wiriT W K^n ' ?<? l"'< 01 ? !??-??? 1 I.. kee?|B. f, r" , UMHIJH WtriHMl B<' % Kl> ?AN El,Ci*?vt K, 'T f,v: e ;i"b. r r1 Mr ..?? and vin, ln v.r ?)n r|TAfrrpt>-TBR?B r.NH ??.Sln}<9i) R(,?*r AND ?? rfemi I. l-y a tatf.v auu I*o r *pJu?v.m4 Jq m -,'p n? s n. t:, private fan, ,, an re '.W n , ,rtU Wd?r, Us -ilo.i e'veeti ronr>*ei,th ?? 1 twenty -Wbth l. i?'h and Mxtli ,v?-eii,? h,.a> refer-oie, r<- .fIT/1 ?.? f'r^s, r ?B?d|taMi>rti^rrr Adlr'*" >?" ? ?>J Po.' U'ANiED- B" A 1,'V'iHiS -.*1) w p vBtm Ma, La larc? cutti'Ttai.if fnlV'herf K,"m *',? It aid. (I. a Curtly | r'???e fsml' Ai.?sre>s to w n tl od "J' m 111 h" 5Tv'*U P*'' '"'h Ar ehi"i??d. . itus n/vw?l te r' naouabi,' 1 nt?? ei SOAROIHO AW? LOPOINO. 14';^:; OF WITHOUT B< AR1?~ V GOOD SIZED FUR V? bl?brd KooatoiiU1 Mroa onar><-ood tloor; t?ofi et Bocm?on taird Hoc . gas, prtv le*? ??? ba u, t" normiovaleo ike lstoi May No 'A hast f.igUteenta >t ee?. TI'AN'TED?TW? NEATLY FURNffUhD ROOM3, It wl'h laaid. for iwuji.uiig ladies tearhsrs; .ocaUM U-lo? Tw??'y tliUd strtet mid ra?i jl bulli avciiur. Mini must lie moderate, and if ?uii-?l will be ta?en p -rrianeQtljr. i ,(?i< 9 family preferred. Add/e->s fw I liter days C. Ufc> Statlos D Pen ollio*. W A>Tl.V-h<)Aliy. HV A mKNTL&MAiN \K? Vv :<H>m OB second floor; in a g<>nticl tatnU?; cciinf iih of a boras; t^riii.. -bout ft M) per month; prompt pay nit (it: !Bf*i 'iiCf* isrUaugtd. Addrra* F 4f. J , Iteadvay l-ctiotfee, fur lbr<H day*. Laoation no: *bo.e fei^bteentb at. \1; aXTFI?, 1SOARO IN RltOOKIiTK -A XrtVtiG MAN ?\ wish** board in * p'iv.iie l ami I . where tbere at* m? I her boarders Must north of Myrtle avenue. eaatof r ul Mil and west ol Adetpbi at.*eeia. Terms modi-rate. Addre*| fiai.1:, Br.*kl>n fi-aicti.w trrAKTSD?tnEEE or roi R whole obn*f lumen, V? or n small family i '.n*i?tlngor threeerf mruolls, to i<t)nv tbt ntlrv 8wioq4 nKir, comfortably furoi^he,l: 1,%*, but - A' , in Iwuae So. tA .lace slrctt. w:lb partial t:-.ard .-ten: iu'dtraie . rence* giv-n and requtlM. XomiMTiBg u May ?(.ply at the house : r live days <feO .".A -CHEAT KKliXJCTIOX IN BOAltO -COM .1U. fortable Rooms ?!'.?g'.fKi Board. ii50 to ft-la ?leek, tad upwards. ladies ami families mined: * nu* i-? *>nh I'l'Do: watcs m?;t all i)igbt, and cbe?p loilgiosit tor u?f licit or s.t.gic gentlemen. 15 lispeoard street. uev. Broad way. 9A?;iUKO I'fuAfiE (FBRYt STREETH-IK a FIRST

< luna p'tvale ho' se, ?i h?.l mndtm 'mti'ovem nti tw o epsi >Ue veil ? umidhul R ml, with or withou' n ardt to let A* a ie**oviBble price. , il jH STREET.?NO. tt.1 WfcSTELEVEftJII ST ? E SI ? 1 i A nio* J ai'or lar;? I'lcnit'. hot and cold water. A-, ?i; I be oes t? carpeted and I'urtitaheir. let ua'urni?!i-d to . iraneni t'?rty ' >ie mtui ? Koom. Oltitier it ai< ts > uif i Irg. Hefmi ;.c?s ex. i> i'i|ifd if - AH1KODOA fcyl'AM! IO l.t.T, WliU HOaRO, ? <) n tlult of Ho n?>> uu ?e''ond llnor, t iit* i'.ci- it t?p?r%ielv, i i :t 111It iii ii or ger ileiiien (nd their wi?e? 11 ium flrat cjasg. I mnily priva'" Oi: an 4t fi o'clu lf ?)" Kf?.M\T.'i ST^EfcT ?PI itNISffPD ROOMS TO ?)?) let to ainxlf K"iitlem?-ii, m u prlv te fanily. ? ? j HIXIII KTRSfcT, BiiTWhE-V KiRSt AND SROOND O r arenuea ?A null of Koom4 t'i Itt. with Board, on thi tt d llnor, H.'poi uti ly or i iiethfr. iu>u?!l)at> all the ai<nKa iDiiJi ?vpioeuU. Dlutei at ti o'clotlt. Heiei-ncoa glveu and rwjUired. *>7 BtMT STREET ?A OBNTLBMAK AND HIS WlfE ?i , t?o kii>gid mediUtiiPU ean hi accoiuuiodatbd with . f?i-utt Rootu,ouaeo ud Uoor, with Board-, liou?i am all in Ipi i cot veLlt-ncea; lueiiloo goic utd ooovenient to it.ige midikTi rtitea. -1 FAHT TW ELFTH STREET, vik-T OOOR VRO* Urotdwi/. - A Hit f iuuitlfd H.JOU1I l? l<it. ? n t!i* j arii r tloor, co-uVbUdu o; four tooius. with ui-e of kitclies it' irqiliMl. Alio the third urd tonrth floor j, f>irn(*ked or un fuimali- d An Otllcc to let, aullaMc lor a oeolUt. K7 EAST TWBRTV-hlCJHf4 mTRKkT, TH k.i DfH>lt ?' i from Fourth avenue ?A iiuolarge Boom oa the ? om I tiro- Hndt?o c nneeilni Hooinn on itie tblrd, ivl'ahie for nfi ''men una th?lr *itp^, or tam Uea cm l?- liad with 11 .>.i'd, id a lira I cla.n hotis^. cio monitiK iu tny. deference* i icl iiuged. t'l\ KA8T TfBKTT SEVENTH 8TREHT.-TO I.F.T, *)'" tfce second Fli>or, neat'T furnialied ?l:h or w thout B'urd. 'tennii moderate hrferencea en banged. 7Q HFRINO STKEFT, fIIREE DOi ?R.S fKt/M BR"aD i i' way?To let aereral htndMimtlr fumUhed R'ioui?. tj *lt)g'e gentienifin, thi locatl jii U near all the llrst olnns hote l and place* ul amusement Keadiog loom 1 ree. Inquire of AMsON IIoC'hE Q?> ORKENE STREET. AROVB aPRI'fO ? ALTBOK ?VO Uoiub, KleK?uitlj rurnls'.ie.d wulw of Room, j;a<?, C'rotonand erery eon: en?enco for 'aouaekeevlng eeoni .mt-vl? far- Icularly aunable for ilball, reepet lable liuuUiea or alnglf geni'.emen. Bent lew to permanent tenants I1A HACDODOAL STREET, RICIIMOKD HOUSK - illy 1'artlcularattention U reapoctfuUy Maeit?l to 'be above liotme. wblrh will shortly be opened aa a private I mnily hotel, for the reception of single ger la. or amall families tired of the minotoi y of boarding l'arties d'slrou-x of houae keep'ng, can And every oonrenience at the auova eitabUnh ment MS TWELFTH STREET, NEAE 8BOO.VD AVENUE - ') Rooms, with Board, on the Keoond floor, furnished or unfurnished. Familv private. Terms moderate. 1 Ait AND 148 EA6T ?'OURTEENTH STREET, COR J_3 U nei of Beoond avenue?Several of our most eligible Kr.( urn for families are ready to be let f T the ensuing ye?r; a choke may be nad by applying immediately; also one or two single Room*. 1 Xfi FRINGE 8TRKET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE?KLR I(JU cantly furnished Rooma, with B?drooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, mulud lnggaa aril C'rotou water, to let to respectaDle families or sin gle gentlemen. 1/iP RLEECKER STREET, OPIMMTE DKPAU lOt) .om ? A handsome back l'arlnr with an extension, I urn.shed, wlib iliarrf, will be let rfasonab.V t " tlireeor four gentlemen. No moving in May. ReferencesnefeMgN ?|Qfc> RLBRCKER 8TRFET, NEAR MAI'DOCOAL ? J Pamllles. and kingle gentlemen winhlng to niom to gether, by making early applteati. n. can be ucoomm idat?d ?ith H Kims, nicely lurnlsneil, and full B tard Table well suppled. Linnerataii. Mo moving in May. Apply after o?f r M <)l(t BLM 8TKRIST, NhA* ariii^u.? rOKMtoUBD IV" Apartments for ImmtKllate oeeupanrv The loweal rants In the city, considering the oonvemenr.e of eoonomhtaJ housekeeping. Beat be'ldtng aud furniture, with range, cooking utensila and li*ien ootnplein. rw aad I'roton HIM BROADWAY-AFARTMENT8, FURNISHED OR 4 V) t unlurnlsbed. for i anil lies, ana tingle Rooms fur g?ntlnmen. A good Restaurant !? attaclied to tue house. 'I mim mnderat* Q1-MX1U AVBNl'h.?MANDlsURE AFA(tl.ME.NTfel * I * * : urnUbed or uuiurnlsbed. ariili <,r without partia ixisiil, In than very flue lecatitm, ntar the Vt ntrai l"ar?. ,\p pi, early. FOR MALE. clans market, with stock, fix. >ure? Hoiar. Wagon, An.. loca'.eil In a good bunueaa alreet. near the'*liy Uttll. liruoklyn; arlll tm told, if l/ou^ht I ImmedlaUljr, at a great bargain', tbiee nm leaae on pre mt??a. Apply to r. o. XhltKLE, No. 18 tine streei, rooai | Wo 1. ___ A ten COOT MARBLE TOT COt'NTEK FOB StLE.? Apply to aLEX. U. aLCOTT, 118 afreet. A My I OR fJTORh FOR KALE IHRAP.-tur pro prtet<n-beirg la the wboleanie bi ?ine*., lit* not time to ?ell at private na'.e, (fte ra It lo the beat bidder lo day 1 r,>m 1 to 4, 1X4 o rand atriet. BOOXCASiK.?FOR BAL'S, A LARUE BIZR MAROOA tjr Boobaaf, auitAile for a L<v? yer. mlniatar >rpit*si cIat> ; la a gt od plot* ot furniture, and will be Hold lor h?lf iu 11 !w lom; and IU alga. fc M. if hot 1,111 I'o.t otlice, New I ork, or apply at 262 Hlck-i street, Brooklyn. Book, stationery ard fancy oooeb storb lor wle. -A bin gain; one of the beat and mo*1 lie.iitj'ity locatel la the cltj, d? Ing a larg? mid ^ery profitable Imaineea; HI vara evtabl'Shed: MrnoD selected nock, 'arorabic Lw, and m ustutuii /;< c?i eaaace L hrgln the bnalneo nJUTtlWICK A VYOOD, a A.iwau atraet. 4 HOCRTKR FOR BALE ?A BAHOOANY TOP COI N tftol great length, v (th c |>per r-ieptacln forwtialag ?lax*. At, unliable for a tlr*t cU*i rettauiant, drug itor? or n ufec!i tie . fi r *ala cheap, the owner liav oij no uie 'or lv. Ct't n . lv cent $?*) Appl* at *t Water atrret. up atalra. II KIT. bTORE?ft/H 8ALK, I* ONE or THE ? .orttkmji III hrontlyn: well llM up and ill' n* .? g' I|h?Ih>'. M't.l he old a! a >>arga j .\.|itin? not to V" . amahtirg Voat ollic* ALRCO stork FORHALB-/N A VBUT POP'LOC9 ntlghhf.'ho'd i:i the ,oi?er p?rt u thecitv. a go*, op p<.-. unl > for a pb.vMdan Apply to V. a WHMk, uruggi't. Itu iiom street t ,"(1KT> (two: >F. NEAR CENTRAL PARK, FOR r . a>?Api'ly in tie aalo n corner of oixtli areuue and ' I fn * venlli atreer DHLO eTOK* roR ALfc. !K RROOKT.T5, IN A ?io;d 'rcalliy, ?nd d. tig a 'mr butine** For parU*u>ara | lti|(# tf JOIII A B ABOB, J1 Fulton at-eel, N. *. ItAl'tt tlVTS ?FoR BALE, FlVR NEST* OF I K AW. J ei?, Lit) labelled But Ilea Shelvlna re*lf?, 'Aetn'ra, I (1 ??at'a>e*. Ac < an be wpii at i-ts HmU n Hired, htae. in*'t, frvm to to If n'i l ick thta t'a\ 1 t, or MALE?ONE-HALF Intv;rrst IN % LIV?RT A tl>alil<'aad llabt wa< >ri niaitufArtoti'ig hiuune??, i.i- il ?hv? p*lA well alto?ted ,n atrtv*!, near ?r<tiue C. C'w rau'-oo far ? iiing, m lb? owoe'- hM -ther builueaa to atteud u, .?!/o one liair of loe bttlI41nr, w!n U ia four atoijM ilgh a'.d 'ri'tit ti) l'?' I re; deep. Tt'e (roved leaar !t?< 11 y?ue lo miu front t.l <'th of Xart "i. 1S61. lorina eaaoaabl* r ;U, HALF-AT \ RARUAtN, THE KNTIRF. 3TOCK JT of Ciorkenr, Ihln* and '.U i??r-, aiu "'liiui-pa, Ac , i.w?iier *nh tae <#o d Will, or a large W.iolewile H uae, ?i ? ?e brrto-?a Me, in 'be W?*ve?n kni?i 11>!? Hi.?ie near bj trail' I be atnea ia light tor the tr*?le and;* to ?Ix >0 Apolyi?tftArreoa.r*et J-OHMLR-O* FAfORADLK TERMh. TBE ENTIRE V no*'*. Flat irr? aad gi*>il wU' Of *.1 l id c?tat)Uabed Ko-.t ard ehi-?*tote re ctamtore, Coaiectlavt .tp;< ytooutett hi II, 8M atlri :w frpr re rv.R S*'K ? BOAP.DIHO BOOM AND StNIN<# ^A r >onn. rontaltilng twentr ro-^na. at ihe teruiinua of ? i ,l r>.?d de|*>t and vafe n>u.e satisfactory ii'tioiia ti n for -elllog ino'itre at .*fiB Tenth an ton* F" >% maM'. a orocert anl LigroR bt??rb, in a b l>W| IoIok i ?ood hittlnea*: tatlnfactory re?uii o? | givt-u toi ae.liiig. lni|Uiie at 1*? U aoe atreet. |/<OX BACH?TIIK I'lTRNrrCRE AND FITTI/ilBR OF r the PhiUtdelph'% Unnae, 1.IS and IU Fiinrth atreet, ??orfcl|n. B 1>. th"'enae baa fo'ir year* to rim iron t'ta let cf "?} oext Any gnnllemaa calling cii R. I, THCKKa, %* a'ore, will flnJ the furniture and flxturea the beat now la ll?ik'yu w t>R bAI.*? t *MAlL DR' OhTORR IN A 00>!? BC r eine >? ii ea'b.ii eatiafaetory reMuma gWeu for Mlllug. Arp'y at ill WtlliAin atit-et, eoraer of Fulton. vTM POINT/ . (/R Ktl*.-A Ft IhT RATE BO*l INU Al.liKY an II full rei oi appolnimenie. toi <ale < wrap, /tddrea* bo< ? MM >ew lotk roatottlce. r?iR BALIs?A MEATLY fitted OP Liql'oR BTORF, r in a it > d i.?lglt>i'h<>( <1 prH-JW. atirkor llTturea eonli I tb'tfor e*. lnnulre at 17? K*a> 1 blrty ??c?>i.d atreet. (tood rrexm Kilt N< glvtn tor aeliing Anply until aold. yUB e A LB.?TBE STOt K AND FIXTURES tif A ? ?l ole?a e aad n-tai uiijuei Ht jr", or the l^ito andFlt ur? ?. with' ut ?lo' k iti'iulfd I'jr three daf/l In the at re, 170 F?-< rtil"-enth *tr#el, CTOB HALE- \ larue A^Ht V.T?*Nt Of *HF. ?O^T r >'e?trah e atyla "?< ituahea at tl?? intonfaetory, 7(i Frank tin a"eet, up ?tai?.< At we ha*e *e?i ir d the prleee '41 per e?Bt. ?e lot te btr er# to t all \ *p eud ?! R r-h'- at f'It) a doisra. fcK?R ^ U.8- A Wtl'lLF.^.t Lv. ANO RSTAtt. C0MFR r Lli|tvur eUrle dot?* a flr?t ra'e tiutlne <a * ,d n<- *lf a leil t'p aula gnnd l-eii*" Apnly to !t||-H II^K^ F'., crtr u?rof torlj aerond ttre*t and avenue, from it to IS u <,K aLF -t U I', f lv K SJtAHi \ ilt, Or'tlK 4NI.? C Flltttlf* with-ut Mock I of a laTfe ?' r?d htnr? a i incn la one of I be ??<*aa<f ?el I *<li,t"?rt <W a gf**ry and |?mf lore if ther hu?1ne*e Ac lti|Ulreol FRAdCM <l? I."*, 2 llttd 'i' A, <*na' of ttn'rel a atryei il't U B iU -t |/t V ?? Xtt?' * OF Tin Mi ' ? \Vi c i '"n?bf>> 1 eti r?. ? <1 on ?i-im* if ?l-ki eat, ptjr to JUIl - Kft*/U"-, IN I B?*t:eet.. _ FOR BALE. FOB S4LB-A BE^F. PORK AN1> VEUETABI.B II iB ktt. well btted up and doiiu a gojd ba&ioOM; ljcate't In one of the bent l>w4n<-?? pla ea In .'?r?<y * f y- pifUeo laraeali at 137 Oieeue atrret J.-raey ^1*7. " J I/OR > aLK?A OttOl) STORE, IN lUS PRINCIPAL r of Br okiyn, doing a g .od bus-u^a, Hut 'he owner i' a other bminfdj u. attend to. App y lu the vkolMth di"ug .'I' ie 11 lloid atieet. K T. C?Ka.M?R. IIOR SAI.B?11IK LkAfcE, ST>.CK AND FIXT0P.ES OF ?a oi.i Mtabllabed corvee Oroctri tnJ Lienor rttare, wllh 11'rae and Waaou ; a lA^ei tteer aud Siu *jd Sa Icon. IdouLit* at HH .Murray atreei H I'oWRR* A F03IIAT. Ij OK ?ALE COrPBR ?ODA WaIKB ma F chine a- d bottles aj-pt-atua Apply at 11* ? ult>u ave hid* Brooklyn. F?>R SaLK l.OW-ANEW *TE<* FIRE KNtfiNM. one <i Mlabr, Wvnde'nB A I'o 'a manufacture, and hue ?r?u .he one now in oae by l<e.uigton Engine Oouipv>y ,\u 7, o! *hl? -ity. l'\ r fun her iiarticutara, apply toor addre-ta ?i .1 i,M.A"l ( x, 2SS W'iilttriwi, N?? > oi k yonsfcBi FOR ialb-wbm. looavkd. a?i? in r u ?' d ?> ritinis order, n?? doiua a good iHijlneax. >-r til* ? ud lot!, r tor tal.- aioue amIv at HI E?< f?eu tiiita'atrecl. fc- KhoWLKS. H*t 6TMCK FOR t\t,W? LONO FjtTARLI8U8D, If A fn?t rate r rat Ion nnt doing * f?'r b .nin'm. weaent all* i. amounta aluiu'. $l.Wi \ ?aut o; oM pre art' p:op ie'cr to if'L tddt*" \ 7*, bo* 191 HtraM oifl?e. H(i i>L FOR SALE?XOW COSttVi TEB A3 AW F.ttO Lab hiiadi-a; cout.iualwelvH ro >ma, be*idea ?paeloua ha* ud reading iootu*; u l?? on ? of tbr ti^si i >c?.Uous iti tU? Ottjf; oca: Hload*ay. H IiaWB^kIUK a <'?? .. S3 v ?*( Fmirt-wnt'i streil Highly important to ?v?tvi:.R< Max.?ex trfwe U! beallh crmp?'? ae ;o o.i? my biHio for ??!#. wh'cli is rxelu'lvt" y raati i'>" ?" mgbljr . .-'.ot. u >1 t'irj prafttaM* n : ?? impaired bnjiHii oatd ? nel??*?? m*'li rrlii;(|i>t"h It ErmnpaH only ui*'"l ?l>;)ly t9 LI?A1> Bt aTEk 1(17 ruiton ?tr^< ? 1 ItJCOE 3TORF. FOB o.Yi t - S TllK E.)iTRTH * ARU. lj flit yiHH a liittioc ?'? It!. The "W110T la i:t i)i h-ui'ij "o it r.iuai i>? to d. a:II bpno'.dl j'1 ltiaiu ar Kbi-' rirer. Acply to >-*V it1" M Ohinlw itnat. flVl'tlK ST ?**?iSlUHlH AlKM'i! OOKMIR " U J wilt, cornt r on ?'?co'd avenue, oo :i?r In tio*l J".stii muid: on" i't W?'fr stn-nt. oni> in j*rlnn>, one in Hou'h, one in P. ar oiitf l;i t'pnttr nn? ::i ' ..ik atreet; nut >.'l r lor n in C?tbanixa atteet. App'y to " vk'l r.N, ^o U5 utvis oa ( IP' M-ACBI>EtoV. MaOUIMSRV. MACHtNER*?FOR 5a;i\ sti am Fngtp^a i?n3 B iilf-m, from * 'o #1 hn*tii poxeur; J'onAble ami j^oistirs Fociti'-i. Steaiu I'uiupa ai-J T?r*i. of a11 ?)*???, round ^t d s.|iiar< , sb.i ting, PAlley*, Bfltirg an I ^ tram ami ?l*'>>or rnaa k w.od??'oa' i'lainrn; .Vacbinon Son-# Prwiei imp t*rt *iiea and TooU of fTri.. deapriptlon AroW f. P. t:ASSIOV. Noa. 4aad 6 Brli'k'* 11:Brooklyn, dealer tn nil k.nd*of Machinery. Oi i ice rEflRs, rouNTERB. L%na?i t' ~ Kortalei<251 t. anal at: ee;, corner of rim atro-i, uiar l>ri 'ninny. Or ? OK THK HfiST Um'aT 'i? ST\KDH IX CE'.TRB market for ha',e, aul'able for fruit, poultry, veg.iUble*, or v uiil mak.- lh? beat butUratundiii tue market *111 be h,.l. t 'ow by ttjipivK.g immediately t i JOHN C. CAHIIB-N, lit sr d i'i Outre market. Kroonie atreet lie. Q\ <RKZ ROCK MILLS AND VVTeNr >\>K S*.^ t 'octedetl by tn'nera the Very b"at for e -!u"Uiu ro-K. i id 'bn hsrd ?nl.Mar>r-s lo impatp<lil^ pou 1er. ?>t'.h liard < net! miJ' tiug griadlog at.rtaee. t-u-dly cbauged. s >vtbw1ok a Ir> ?Oi), O ltMHm Mmt CJTi <*E lot s.aLE ?A ft'ORB. WITH TSVO LOTS, lij ;'5by lcBeoh aituated in East New i.irk, L ! ?oppoattt] the !.;,.trirt rfJiot>; lions.-, p?lcw f.) >UI; ( A"t om >uort''ai;<'. Vor 'ur ber particuA lu^uu'e oi J. UlroUl.Nd, on the prerr. "?ei. SkVf-f, SAFES ?tW'RNTy-: kb 8Ef!OND HAND i-al? s for a?le e^eap, at n o > l?n?. N. Y TO DEKT1H1S.?FOR BiLK, A FDi/L PB40TI"!F.. 'or partir'ilara. apply to U. A. OOOPKR, 152 Montague ureel, Brooklyn, from 9 A M. to A P. V , or to JiirfKS, Wllj i E a C'i , Broadway snd a^ntl street, New fork. O TaILOBB.?FOR SALE, A NEATLY FIT i'Sfi UP ilor'a Store, on the k-o >tid floor, eiU'bly located on Uroa.i.??y; a good lease, at't ic email; a good chance for k man wl'Ii a. Mall capitai to commence buaitiem .vddi ? tj Tailor U?0B?flce. T? $250 -f? ?FOR SALS, DINIftt. AMO OS3TKR 8\ . lot n, ?iib bar and fruit .tmd, near tb? ferry: fiuit stand pay for lent and gm. .^ppl/at^o I ?ry Rtreo*, Jersey City, to H COLt.iN!". prot'u 1 of fiuit Ktand pay for lent and Mon'z mei <ft,4/m-ThE SOBSCRrBER OFFERS FOR SALE JPt* """ the two third Interewt io a Truvelllog Kxhlbltton. whicli caa l>o acen after aoven o'tlo -* P. M., at 511; Uudaoa atreei lo two riiterpriamg men tt.'a ia m ra e chanee B. B. mTUkGEI. S/kl-Ks OK liKAIi KSTAifc. A'hu'se in eaht thirts-sixth sri.siET at $1<1,UU; Third avenue $10,(01), Corn 11a *tri et, ?; I V t *< i lnrly fcin'li fctrenl, hlerJKrr hirer', Fimrili tlieri &6.D0 - Wnat I neuty nijbth Direct . $S,i*W Wml Thirty flr?! ateiel. $#,(?); At4 ThlMv.?nriod atmrt, $ ?e*l" Fort? firtt ktrwl, $A<?1); Weai Twenty fourta atrret, $'0.CUi; Flnil ave: ue, $S Out Went Twi*uij-ninth $7.31''. Klii ibnticih r'lnn, $00CO; Waveriey plae?, $tj ??), t?*\ fiftieth et'ot'. $8.(00, rtm* (rtiw*,Ka-tFlf'y third "treet. $.*? 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East Cw.-aty iwrnlh kire?-?, $301)0: lrmik;;ii .-tieet, S6..V*)-. Went 1'ofiy DlUiil a'.iret. with a IA?f? nutnl iT of eligible Uou?f* in TMrli'im par* of the c.ty, fo.- mle or. favorable trim*. I'ar lie* wUtiioc a h uw, and b?ilevlng ih? pwn< a pi.ip??r tlmr to putcliMw, an- iiiviied :o oume :ori?*i<i otiil HI.- in thAir ord. n. C ? PtiATT, Wo. 10 I'im* Mr<*t. rnim No. 12. Abkiohm'1. farm asm tointrv bemii>en<-k ai* Tcr Rale, (.earhtnitb Town !??*, RiifTolk O iuo't, L. I., atwut fifty ml>* i>( m the city. TV 'arm L< In Uip high eat -late of 'uluvaiion: ccn'afni 31 vr??, of which lOate wo. Hand; l.oii?e new, ltuiiy dtcoratMl In au^li .h Ktvlf tvtrn, fptir"?, oiithou*??. . ire In vrf'ri -rd?r: "ftae fruit trrm gu<<d ahootlaa nud twhtM;; novtiory and rlu* iiamr pa?-'d ] 'niiurdiaie c>f Ur. JOHVfO.*, AO 1? I>uane itre*L ArBRSOSWITH $,'?) CASH CAN BUY A NTCJ5 COT !;ir.' Hoiiic. with over Itali un aci.' ot Uroand, cjutl to tiini rity lot*, bt'nldi'a ton prl?ll?*gr of Ihrrc nuarli'rn of nn aerr in thr Til uce of Ml V?moii. t'irtytiie fii-.iitei' r"l<* (hy elthtr ?r ' wo railr<ind :u-?i ot Nww *ork. No i?^-iit u?vd apply, to J. HOYCJi, Ijy rA?i l'*rlfth ?H">efn KltM and >eoond itrttiHN A BK.WTIFUL KAKIf?SnO M'RItS, KPCFIT?* ANO A HiiildinK*. !>???* Hlng MDf. ????t'li: *i0 aorr? iu tlonm-o l ru' r\c?t(etr. !ttt a.-rea, near *jark, a:i <*i rrl nt Ixrm **?<1 h?Uum||>.$?.' !W); t*? a. r?a. n>-ar Hac-(.nn*vlL, $N' ?'-?? <?( buildiagK; ?< ai-re<, n. *r Mmny, coi t.ty, $."> ?<*? 11 a'-rt-M, icir t iilUty. 11 wet?, d. . $1701; W a *ro s it the Miot, itlaureltvllie, $li MV; HTacif*. 'it 1 ? -aer fi lter, $7,tVX> ?t Tappin^'wu a 11n>' fla"i p ?rr, v. ?. ?tno>ard. Ar., $7,0>fl Theahovo all ivegi'J kttildtogx, irult*. Ac Oth?r Karm*. Htli.t, Vtl l.iKi ario ( |ty J'i pe'ty. VartlM w i tiin^ to umcliavi, ex eh? #e<r*1 w.iitl4do'?elII3?*H on W. U. Mil<(UK, VM En ?dw?y. t rOINiKV RESIDE NCI- NKAR TUB t'iflf ?A _ \ argpg -thlc llooae, ??II hui't. and *ix Lota, in a acxkl tm I.Ho'Vkm'. oi \V..*U 'ii<Vii. avea'i*. ? rri/tat.1 s !>")r?iie a. a mi, rsfii e, to > n e iau> ; rtco $^ ?>". W. DMi'Ht'iT, No ft tryoa r iw, r?'m9. |? KO(''Kf.VV - FOR HAIR?A N E AT TURK R HfOHV D h?M'm>*i?t Uuut-c, ml) ? ga? tixtiirva, raugf. niafble tr? iel*i lot near 19* feet; ? tre'lent garden. "Oth r>h arap ?lti'? doner". "C 170 Adam* atreei, near t'juo >rd aevra aili aieo WMik Irurn Wall .mil Kulton lerrtn. r*,0 Kl.-i V H* i'.MIT3 -HOl'r h. ?<>* %T A I> gn*l-vlttc". a* the own^r '.vaii'?''\or.ey the Sr^' nliwt Hoti^e V?Al ^l'. *? ?tit *t, cjin?r cf I? w? ?11 al'mt-d uJ i:itl>otr ? t p??i'eet ord?r; ] !>;?? |i* r r?n'; < Ua ide;o m tnd tl>i'ir??g with the ftniu??. ?,nly $i,7B<Jc?aJi required. In^ittri' of i. 8.T?OtOlw< Wiwwiii w. T. C'J- >Til a J. PAKK ?FOR HA Lt. A V tiif ??<*! flFt'U t i ill lil<? d, b'igli*. bay Ma'v (? in Vouug n'.aca Hawk, rfati a fall L!o?*! * . glota ra ini{ ??;? , loti; rna't? *nl tall, lUryiuta old .ti June. br< k- ?? 'or the Ka lc*l?* d'^nhl^ ao<i tlai o r.arii<-<*; w?jraufc<d ?MritiJ in wlrd and llm^v \uy ??utl?maB .vtshine > h. r>r f r th? t .-?'ti-al ra'k ? I ilnd h->r dr. irab'r. i br teen at Oa i*u MotHiveni a MaWe, Wvr laie, Br ?lyn; prlreonl' $i? aa 'ALK^H r. tr t? \T lAViNiiftHf. KKAH JiewH-k, ?>. ?!., fontainlna i>!> *rr??ii, with a l?'<? t-n Mm hotri? of U>romct and h.1 tho icr???,.rr outhollilnni ,ier. tail ing to a faim 1A|U !rt tu? houa-, gird>n a-id carr'ajo hao e m-van'i at a !i>w rent l.o?*'M>ti within 11, mll< ? ot the i>rmOK* tV-pi and ne tnl'n fioni Srton tKu' Oe'l-gn. Anilyw ill-it f. -.1 >;imiHX, orto J. e'M?Vv)N, No. t'lu.'ham 'treet Fiawm wanted for onh or tw? v/.\j?4?with hr prvt'.egi' of -?t;rrh?*irif on l?<nig l?l?ud and n?ir a ralli ed, Tom W to AHa-r".": fill ?n*-* and <'ro??? "?111 !?i tak> ti at il.. 'r ?ulue .\ild- ?*, ?ltb full pHrtlctiiar*, Ch^r.ra ?yrton*. Wt fuHOP etre*', Hrrx klyn. F'VKM FtlK >? \r.E ChE\P?*!' ST HOLD XSOl'T aer.-*, Ihirty i>1?ht mi*-* "ii honi Inniid, ?-oll ti'nr?-<), g?'o 1 ftui illri;" i h. Irr ' n; t, near thr In wh noil "teainb *1, grc?t fbbing. lowilnjj, Ac. h-al'.hjr torntkm. R. HI \KK, II t hamber* atrret i.' -rm for "ti.E, on kxi'o.vxos ro? ' ir*- i-uo. r pi rty -fCat-re* nf tine land ln -!<:'lini< till m'r?|t|a? titr er. In tor to?n of Coneord within v;H utile* ol" Buffalo ^ V. tin *a'd farm D * bHok dirnitln^ honnp. i?ro oar^H unil all t iher .Kthnl'dioe* ai <1 *|i r* in-rr???ry fo* la in itiff tt i* well catculauwl 'or n'Hln or a dilr? tarm $.?i>?) nan remain. \oply t?WM. II ''R VNf.. <Tl llrrenwirb ai VaKIIH Kian.Lf ?ND BX^ilANDE?OK '.'AHfOiS F n*??, qnali'te* and prt???; netr depot ohimN ao<! rnurriM*, in ^<o<l order, bidding* h-vm nn-! eniMeatlio; i.r-.i ral flr^e touni'y -> atfl and a milt pmpei y riOTTI <*(('* t Woof, s-jftawan n'reet. T.'0E KALE-A rl.OT OF OROWS'D ON TFfF. Rf?rrn% r naet ni'rnee of ia?d ?? ?nd Hr-t av^ ??xln.utng .Sit?*' oo tlkr *lrii-i and mi feel 10 Inrh'* on th1 avrr.ur. irrnn ?*??? Imptlr* ni Ml Hltlh arm n. II HIN'K HAJ.E?A VAU'AhLF. ttorht. KE.tPl.lifT AT r T,n';? lloj>at<onB Vnrit* r, tm'y V .t , i-?ntalnmg II a<">ao( J atid. *iw rtt? rer n>.le? I << in the O akrevllir *1* tion, on Ihe M' rri* and >??eT Ralir ad. un1 t'ir<*e h "ir?' rme tr m nrw S ork d y ^ hr ty. *rl wa* ere< 'ed fo*r y?*r* a< ., la n idliMtn to it* r>gn'.*r i,otrl br..?i.,i m it i* iiH?d aa n mini nirr boardin. home it Is la *i ?nn rummndl <i.?, and the !???l!. n o* lie ? fi ? n nery bra'lb, i>?hln{ a.,'l gn ran not ?e *utpa**e4. Ihr I ik> la o>>> hralt d for ill line pi''* f >?), ehlrli ab'iu-d ti e wir.le ,ie?r, an.i al? i n pieaaaai ?timm< r ree<.' t . ene twit Iti-nre* man -, both from the ?m>rt* m.i/i a?d lnra]i<* en ?ii'cinriiiOK i?u i! >rd svnuld find I'a gixw" Invraiment, a* Ih proju-rt ? i .n iw> b uitht rhi-ap <'oiiia and*'.- lon'iir. o; \ \ ?* Ail-.Ki' ,'il.t Aater *te*-.t. n. k . orJAt. b. N&tminot R I.nver, S.J ii'l ^Afl FOUR srniu KNIIUHI BaHKM?':*T T 1 to um* ki e-- Kt Tkirty a'xtii i trrel, '?iwi Fifth tnn Hit' ati : -i*? tS 'iSfi wit t.e ?? Id it a prV- ?n''table l*> tue time* ^pply t.-1? Ml tt iirFC, lOC-ui g" place. '?' "Ai.r-rvr. fiii e 4 ort Bor.Ai, im Twenty -e ond aire. t. will b" ?oll low, a>d ti M><. n t*r|r? -piili to efi?. aK:> e ?.i r?f pinn ?ue?t?,. L'' I "Ali- I* MTTH'A ' Dl!,;. V\Dl t)M aVRM't I h iwtm 1I|| |J f mili aod f kt*'f eli(n>h nn?t? wu lir ' ''"ti it nt ?W'iV lin?'i *t*in? 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House, it ?urt? w-\ ?-ii u i frlflU 4od KJxta fct tnai>H witA All ip*t pSU P 0**,B# on the IjjH)E ?aL8?ONS NP.W "Trsf CLAIj) FOUH ST )RT r Urowu vote frnt House with auo??. mooor j impiove' utMtts flat lied in tfce * i st; '?>. htu:?ie,l .u Murray -iXil t?etu I'mk an* Lt'*i?ttVi>t *??bu?i, n-,. 45 K*et iuirt? tevnito sueet. Inquire on tin* pranuu-ft. * EjW.K KALE?RjtUi J F1NSLY LUC tTKD L'tr*, smtV ttd 01. Bergen ?lei#lit? a; I'lirtin m, Hudson count* N J Brut am-*rd a half m.iea 'nr.! ' ;t<y t-rrv aud ogtBtuvt'aU ntja..diro?i over,- few minutes il irtoa the (lay, both hv umuibua an i cirs, s.rv.1 fro:n 'lie location or me* lotc - ibeycitniuikoi n tin.' vte - it tUe harbor *ad Mound for .nilc* urucati?tbey ? very ?teiitfaHis (or p*>u<.* wlsaiog to b'liti! ?>? f-renin 11 rsnee. i.t rurthr.-in'. i jiat'on apply to JoitN RVLKlEV U\><4T*treel IV)R nLB?V &EA.U1I?0I. COr.VTK-i ftRsiuRNeK ?:'u iitMjn' tii.- e?<>: jtnd, or. ?omo hide .ta'en Islan* and within * toi. 1 distance f 1 .??? r.iil?nad. hot:?e t*r<e and com'<? tali >. Willi uilauibuii 'r.ys um ?-ar/ f ?t Uif jl*:e hv. rjrtMns la (pw it fcr< er, aini ihi-'md under Pn.- ri'itiri tun liinuntiii ??-. ulcI the h<ni<"? *:'?( inu?, w!'b plei ty of ftiia t* ati'i f'uit je+it'i', and r! ff.4, &c, vi i? (iu>, "b jiod lionlnK, fl?h IV, fir m :r>nt u*r#? ]j*it t!'.f| liuii Unh" ujg!i**y mt' remain on imn I -tod tn-it ?;f?r f?i 1 ri'.icr ptrii u:*r? idircs.t - n ; Mit )? - .lieu WOK I- 'LE--A : L'tJ>tr3. i'K. '.V.S I TuNK 2? Kh/ y ?llt ?" :lh t? rv*? i * ,rv (1 ?,'?? w 1 <' if HO!u m-? t l%? tour'h fttr.-y; lj*>.ior any unU<-tnen * ri?nt>nti' .'.qu;>?aB tbepren>t*e*, 'it >vc?t ot'tl ?'(tb,b mi'f I r ?r fifth a*MJ>>*. jfCH I> . ? 11>vKf- ? N?A W6L.ii Kl'(f.T UOT'ilC l'? iff i.fie and a ba'1 full fio.a, mitrhok luautioo, fjif .it.) 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