Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1861 Page 3
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HOISKS, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. V cxhntry house ro let?beatlya d fully A fnmt?>?<. ii li *"'T^*** "*T h--?i|-i i f j-t ?liter autl Aoiute Uiwa, wi'o *ll*Atf>d,ia .uri j'i Sif ul had h^altliy village nf Fairfield, Connecticut two ti-urv side on u? Nmw t .uk aud Ne* llfcvu U>uri/.>l Frist, for (lirtw or Ore dionihs. $3^); for the y ar $0110, monthly IMjnM Brown a French i-?ij?ur?ui, 13 lir--?d street, or Mr. t'ENAV STURGE8, r'airfi* .d !-? ,>u'.. A THUS STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE to LKf. 496 Broome *tre> t, N??n TliObpsou and Lhu li, WIMbe rented low lo a gocd tenant Apply to H- H Cl'D. Ufi't lit Kmhu straet. A BQCKB TO LET?FUENISHED OK T'jirCRNISaBD, ii fur til mouth* or louder, m Iweaty ihir.. a reel. ue*r the Fii th Avenue Hotel. Fvr uddrese apply at the Madison square Foot ell ice. A COMPLETELY Fl'RNT.-5UED HOVE TO LET-IK J\ one of the most fashionable locations to the city. The h?ute is MxtS, four sU.n>u h'.gh, nod ha* ail ih? modr rn In movements; fasesa p-t'k. The Furniture, Carpets, Curtains, me , are all ne* and of the richest description, snd everything Is la complete order. To a family w bo will take g >od jt-e of tha same the prise will be made reasonable. Add .en D. D., Bhrald office AFCBNI8IIED ROOM TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD, at HO Fourth street, Albion place. A SMALL FAMILT O- THKBB FEB80N8, OWNING and occupy teg a house, would like to let a pirl to a gjn taal famUy ocrraspuudlut; In number*; tim e Rooms on tbe second door and one eu th-- third, with privurgeof ha^k llwb va ani laundry; rent (JO. Apply on the pieinlses, 187 Weal Twenty fourth st: oet, after 2 u'elcck. A T HASTINGS, OH TOE HUDSON RIVER?TO LET, A. mo Cottages, 1 .catcd within five minutes' walk or the Sepct, within view of'.he river, and to rent very low. to A. LAW HENCE A CO., oJ Ba?t Fourteenth street. * 1JIR0B NUMBER OF COUNTRY SEATS TO LET f\. for the ewason, situated at T.'nken, Waabjig*?n Heights, Fori ham, htaten Island, l.orr lsUcd, and other desirable lo catkins, furnished and unfurnished. DINUKU k UOi<DE.V, Bo. rt t lne st'eet, and ',244 Broadway A VERY DBS RABLE KOI R STORY ENGLISH BaBE meat brown stou- House, to let In Thirty-firs', gtre. t, ?ear Madison avenu-, with all the modem lmprnvamenta,aud ?nely located The Furniture for sale at a reasonit^le prioe LOUDON A CO., 270 Fourth avenue. APARTMEBTS TO LET?SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING of front and back Room and Bedrojm, with a ^ood yard, large woodhouse in eelUr, in house M Hcunuiel street. Ren; $1U a month. Pcssessiou given immediately. Inquire at 311 Madison street. A FOCIt 8TORT BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE TO let?No. 200 West Thirty second street. Apply on the ?remises or at 131 Water street, to Mr. HE ABKaNCHKS. Rent $8C0. AT BBOOKLYN.-TO LET OR FOR SALS, TWO Flit ST class three story Philadelphia brick Houses, with piaz sae, just finiahed, eioeedlngiy well located on and adjoining; the southeast corner of Gates avenue and Kyerson street; rent $4fi0 and $M0. Also, two tbree story I'UiladelpUa brick Louses, first class, with all m ideru improvements; alluvion choice, tin and adjoining the northwest earner of Fort (Jren place and llanson place; rent $.ViO and $<D0. Apply to W. it. NICHOLS, 19 Nassau street, N. Y.; or mornings and evenings at 19 Lafayette avenue, Brooklyn. A LOWER PART OF A NICE HOUSE TO LET-ON Twenty &r?t street, to a tamily of two per?ons; go i sluts of front and back baaementp, two pat lors and tworooms ?p Htairs; gliul fixtures; rent *.'100. AIbo part of ah m-e en Fifth street, $300. KINSHIMkR A WILCOX, 3i3 Fourth avenue. a NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITHOLT A. Board, to a gentleman; rent twelve shiUinga per week. Apply at 162 f nnoe street. AMOIERN LARGE HOUSE TO Ml w WEST Twenty-ninth street, 9M0; also a four story on Four!h avenue, $1,'<00; also one on Ninth street, one on Thirteenth street, one on Bleecker street, aud a large number up town. KINBH1MEH A WILCOX, MS Fourth avenue. AFCRNT81IED HOCPE TO LET.-4 HOUSE WITH 17 rooms, in an excellent location. West Twenty senond street; may be had cheap by the right parties, and all or a part of the rent paid in Board if agreeable. Inquire for MARSHALL at 111 West Twentieth street. A CHANCE FOR PABTIB8 LOOMING FOR LOW rent?.?To let. House 206 West Twenty fourth street, rent ftfO: one in East Fifty eighth street, all lmprnvt m?nU, AMU. l&l Bast Thirty ninth street, all Improvements, including lurnace, $M0; three with brown stone fronts in Forty ninth street, (000 eachi 222 East Thirtieth street, $7U0; No. & East Thirtieth street, (1.21X1; and severul others. Apoly to Jo BBT'H MoGUIRB, 777 Third avenue and 8t> Seventh s .reet. Broadway store to lease.?the large, new marMe five story building, at), by 130 feet, No. 7-1 Bre%lway, opposite New York Hotel, finished throughout In the Boat thorough in..uner, plate guuia window s, t'luton liv tnres. Ao.. Ac Possession immediately. Apply to JOHN WOLFB, .18 Warren stroet. BCSINES8 ROOMS TO LET? In tbe first clasa building, No. 68 Fulton sttreet, corner ?f Ryder's alley. 2 Rooms on third floor, connec'ing >>) 2 do. on fourth do. do. ?!<*) 2 do. on fifth do. do. I.v) 1 do. on fifth do, five windows. 1!5 1 do. on fifth do., front 7i Apply a. the store, 6H f ulton street, N. Y. Boarding house to let?rare chance?with two years' lease, be'.weeu Ctnal jn?l i'earl sUvcls, with eome .10boarder>>, t he present o ner moving to the otintty. Address B. H , cox ly.l lierald ollloe. (COMFORT AND ECONOMT -TO LET, APRIL ltl IN A J first class English Bastmenl, to adults only, the tlilul ,r fourth llo-T, for (lA n-ontlily, advance, gta iactuded; go >d pantries, Croton basins, hot and cold wa'er, bsth :tnd 'v?tcr closet ?!.'> second avenue, near Thirty-seven ;h street. (IIIEAP RENT.?TWO 8TCRY HOUSE AND LOT .2 > Greene street, to lease for a t?fm of years, for only the niter* st on the present value of lot and ts*e?, adtpied to ni" Chaniral or manufacturing purpoi cs, with ?t. ara j>o\\ er fron the adjoining building Apply at 47 Qom-erneur streei, or f PaDDOCK A CANNt?N, sil Nassau street. Desirable offi^rs to let at no t fakk Flaoe -Newly pointed, papereilsnd in good order: silt' i ble for lawyers, aichltects, Ac Apply to AUKX. o.SrilaN i>BK, til Hsll street, or on the premises. JTIACTORT TO LET OR LEASE IN A CENTRAL PO r sitlon (n this city, very sul'aole for a carriage factor} '>r any other kind of man'i'sr'UMrg business. Tbe m?lu bn'l l tng is 107x12 feet, thre> stories awd basement, with ploniy of light. There Is a large yaid well paved, a portion of wbkli la covered bv a brick shed, tin root, *!*46 feet; al'o a st?-.bin on the premises, with stalls for four horses; carna .o hrtu n and bay loft For further particulars apply on tbe p?-eat?'s, 7#and 7S Sullhan stiwt. ROBERT C. EVANS. "LUMILT HOTEL TO LET?THE BOLSK KWOWN AS r the Wall House, altua'ed lu th- F.estern ?it<iiict of Kror.* lyn, wUl be leased to a good tenant low tort term of year-i. 'i be h?(use la 74 feet t rout by fto ftel deep, brou n stone front aud four sfries high. It h^a gas aud wa'er tbroujho i and ts connect**) with sewer It is very pleawntiv ?iiust.d on high ground, within three minutes' walk cf reveral ferries bHb to the upper and lower part of New York. IhehouM >a well furnished with pMfcw furniture, car[wt?. oUclotas. bedsteads, matir?s?e*, bureaus, lounger, chairs. Ac, Ac. Apply to WM WALL, V20 Front street, New York. First floor and hasement to let, auk., second floor possesFlin given immediately, ?t 3<i| Mul berry street, near Houston: eioelient m ight>oinood. ail the modern Improvements In tbe home. Apply from II A. M. until 5 F. M , every day. fI RNISHBD COTTAGE-TO LET MONTHS, in the he.-ii pari of Brooklyn; conta ?ms; has m*, >valer range, Ac ; nicely furnished Rent i > for the term. No. 1 Garden stieet. Intween Miate ami Joralemon streets, five minutes walk from Wall street ferry. Furbished house to lbt-in westthirteentu street, t>eiween Sixth snd Seventh avenues to a small, fenteel family; house well tarnished throughout; location, none better, possession gl\ en on thr :uMh of April; reloren e required. Apply to J. si'Ot'KBRIDUE, 14 Bivadway. WMBPNIBDBOF^E, BELOW i'ourteenth street, r near Fifth avenue, to let for one year from May 1; bou?e 20x66 1 hree rooms deep. Rent(2,4u0i Apply to FtKi?D A Mt'tiBAN. No * Fine street. . . , ; Furnished hoi sk to Mi am? RDltl English basement House, witli modern impn vel'Uts, may be bad for one or more vears Inquire on the premises. No. 1J0 Weet Thirty fourth street, between Heventh avenue and Broadway. Also, Furniture amiable lor a genteel house of ten rooms. SUBNIPHED HOUSE 10 LET-A DESIRABTj; MO 4etn built three story bss<'menl and sub cellar Hous<-, isantlv located on Luqueer street, Brooklyn, ten minutes walk teoas Hamilton ferrv, und 114 leet from th.? oars run nine on Court street to Fulton i?rry. Possession Itnm Kliate. ly if desired Rent low. FURNTRHFD HOUSE IN 81 \ fEENTH STREET, BE ? ween Fl'th and Mxth a>enues. - A House newly a-il handsomely furnished, having all modern Ira u-ovem-nts, ? .11 be let to a private family onlv, for sii months. Possession imaMdiatelv. Apply at U7 Vl iter streei. F^CRNISHEO ROOMB To LET?WITH OB WlTHtljr Beard, in genilemen only . one single l!o-tm and Parlor and Bedroom attached, with jss, I'sth. I'rotin w?;er and l.antrv. In a first class modern house. No moving in May. Apply at 176E?st Fourteenth street tVRNlSHLD HOUSE I'O LET-THE ll\ND?t>\IF. ] three si rv biown stone high i>*.?e?vnt House l|sWe,t l-rny seven'h street. l>er?e?n Mtth and Heventh avenues, I rompletely funilshed: vi1! he le' low to an sne>e"pttonab'e tenant, with or without the fnroltuiv; the loeathm isuiisiir paesed. Apply at l)ey street. rURNISHF.D COTTAGE TO BENT- IN WKHTf'HBSTF ?< county, len tulles on the Hsiiem Railroad, aud elirh1 mi notes' walk from tbe deiio; The noo<cls In fleet rate ord.-i, nleely funriabed aed in ? u-ood location, with pleotv of chnti o frmts, Ae Item $ruti Poaseastoh gtvnsi inim. duiely. Ap ply to J. B. HaKaIoT, I V West Twenty titth streei FCRMSHED HOfSK TO RUNT?TO A PBIVATB FA ?illy, leetud in Twenty-flfth sirec', between Serrnth and Eighth srenn?s Tne house l? In flrM rst? order, h*od. somelv lutnislied, with all ihe modern improvements, ft- nt ?l :?I Apply on the premises lo,l. B HARKlur. U( West wenty fittli strret. fURNISIIEr> HOUSE lo Rl?:NT-IdR f.;j pkk MONTH, pays)'!* u ?dt sure, io a small fsuvly. applv ai .T|| ; West Fifteenth street, fm.i I? t<> 4 ovioek. HOl'SB TO LET, AT II BEMSEN STFF.ET. BB 'OE Ivb ?A first elsss home. In good order, location >tn?"r I passed'; wlihln three minutes wsik of Wall slreeiier,, and overlooking the hav. T be ! urn.ture will be so il lr?i to ; ,e lessee rent $1,11*). Apply to HOMAiB MORGAN " ie strtet, N. Y , or S HONDlOW. Montague sUeet, Br. klyn not BF. TO LF.T n rLHRIUHE bTREET, IN j'P ". feet order; has ?eee re.'en:ly ps.n'ed thrmirhout; t? a*?. rsnge, Croton wat' r sad a l?.rge ysttl. Apply K> r.. Mi ILR< it. In publK scbiail In Bauer strott, n?sr Grand HOTFL Tti LET OR LKA?F, FOR FALE-AN *S lahllslicii hci.iM-, sl.uated on ? bettulll'in f>a'?. In this eltjr, turaisliei Ihratglioati wlTllurd Tahie Hill! Festanrsnt. Ac. For rarth ulsrs ipplv st'he cilce ol " e hrewery cureef of James siree, snd Ni w Bowery. nOUPE TO LET,? 1II It BROWN HTONF. FEONt Hou-e, with m' dern Improvements, a' No 113 E*st Thirty ninth street, h?'we.-n U'Mm;ton and Third a?enuis. ha'f a bio k in.m Third avenue Railroad Sent low. J. C. MAY Kit * SON. No. 1(|A BroadwST. TIOirsiW BBNT* REKUCFD TO butt THE TIMES Xa. nf navr pe*er?l jsmall. medium and IINielftM UO'w , which we are Authwi?f-d to irt low to iMiporuii)>* ti?0 4n??, With immediate ro?.^nn, nnd irom M?v 1. DIME I .? BtliiDhN. AO N tint Hreei. sad 1.241 Brosdws v. HOBOKEN -A BMAI.I, AMERICAN FAMILY WOULl) let the SecondI floor loorslstlng ot twe large Rouo- and Redroom, cl isets. *ej togeihrr wl .b large liont Rtaim and Bedroom on tbiid tloor. In s first clu** nous", with W4ter, 'ssth. gas, *e , witbin one minute s wslk of tbe ferry *eol (2Mi. An American family withont chi dreu trEcMi, Ad dress M, M. C-, Ueihld oflitf. HOT8K?. KOONN. TO L.KT. ItiBT BOOMS 1 AMD steady rows*. AT LOW KATES. By JOHN UAl'PU, 10tf Waiter street. Law offices to let- nob. tea and ?7 broad ??>, cue th>?. loustolinf of Ave room*, ?Asairably adapt ed for tiuch ouri'e, a* ibeiv u oonunuaidtioo vo ea.:h room from the l illwar. Can be let toother or separately. Rent OtU ierato Apply at 2nA, in ihc * uniiitntng store T OFTfi. OFFICES ABD B4HEMERTK TO LET?WITH J j or without steam |wwr, at Oak 11*11, flt 1' ultou street. XT0. 1.SM BROADWAY.?STORE TO LE*. WITH OR IN wliboul Hi lines Inquire ?n the premises, or<-a .J STOU^ENEL A CO, JOS and 106 Centre street. corner of Ho* ard -treel, to the |Lia sure B4?l_F?*n?hIMJtrS? U I o i' ?a It" >*h<ap. ' nTOl ^ KNBL A CO. N O 74 WEST TWENTIETH STREET ?TO RENT LOW, the Lower I'ait of the Uotise For parti :ul?ra apply ?? ih>! restaurant, << of Slitb avenu- and l'*euty <tfeou 1 street Can be ?oen from 10 to 3 <> clock OFFICES TO LET?IN THE MOFK4T B .'ILDINfl.SS5 ? Broadway, comer of Worth street. Apply on the pre mlees, room Mo. 6. JTFIt EB TO LIT?IN M.tRILE BI.I1.0IVG NO. JJ Liberty s'reot, near William; also Basement; low ren to good tenant*. Applv an abore. ?() PART OK A FOUR 8TORY BROW* ATONE HOU9B u Ifl, with all the modern improvements. ic a beiuutul neighborhood. consiitlait of the entire ?e:ou<l Uoor, Wit# a dining !<? otr, kitchen and two badrooms above; al?? ? privi lege iu ibe bit'k jasemenl, yard ami oellar, to a small genteel family oulv. Inquire on the premises 187 ?est raaniy eighth street, between Eighth U'?d Ninth avenues. Beat *400 _ ? PRIVATE STABLE TO LET?TWO OR FOCR STALLS in ?iable 88 Weal Twenty eighth stifcrt; separate fe-ed and harness rooms, room f?<r three or four carriages, gis, ?c., Crolon; stalls abovegrount apply ou the preiotae* or at:?? Broadway, of KlBll JkND. Knooa on the alible door lor ad mission. iJECOBD FLOOR TO LIT?CONTAINING FOUR ROOMS, f> with bath and sas basemeV. ii if quired; will not t>< rented to part!"< wiln children. l or furtnor particoW* ap ply to T. FANNING, 2iA> Bowe.y QTKali FOWER?WITH WELL LIGHTED ROOMS, TO O let. at Noa. 22 and 24 Franktert street; re.ul low Apply on the premises, ar lo M. LEFFBBIS, yJ Beekman atreei, up Hair*. OTORF. TO LET?THE FOUR STORY STORE NO. IV O Berk man street, near Fulton market; nearly n?w. r. at vtiy moderate. l'ou^MioDon lwtof May. Apply at 39 wil liam atieet, room No. &. STOKE AND LOFTS? SOUTH AND WATER STREETS, eppoaite the sectinnal do< k, to let. ulire well ealeu la<ed for any bualners i onnected with shipping eating houje. liquor store, Ac.; lofts Urgt) and air>. *|>ply at 24.1 feouth si i eel. tJTORE AND ONF. ROOM TO I.ET-WIfH LIVING ApartmentN if rtsquired. wuh large show window, suit able for confectlorery or mi?linen, or auy lUilit ou?lne?. with Immediate It' required. In'i'Jireft 4j>>riu(i son street, uow occupied aw a jewelry store. TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, BBICK HOUSES, OF various stzea with all the modern improvement*. For sate, small Ural claaa brick Houses ; also neat ?*>tt*?tf?, ai Becuen Heighta, adjao?at to horae railroad. Amity to JOHN G. *v 1.A UGH LI*, office corner cf Grove and York streets. TO I.BT-IN BROOKLYN, THE THREE STORY brick House, with basement fcnd auk-cellar, No S2J ttackett street, aear Couri aireet The houae ia in eioellcnt order and In a pleaaant nelgl'borbood. ^ Rent $425. Apply on the premises, or to R. BROWN, 74 Pearl st, N. Y. TO LET?THE FOl'R STORY STORE AN D CELLAR M3 Washington street, rent ?700; two and three atory Houses, from t4M? sod over; parts of Housea U> families, 90 snd 145 Franklin; ? and 34 Walker, .13 and t? Market, 36 and 61 Bast Broailwav.iaud lb Grw*ne. Large Boarding llousoa In East Broadway, itenry and Monroe streets cbcap; also Mores and Haloona. Iuquire in from basement, No. it East Broad way. . _____ TO 1J5T?THE FIVE STORY STORE NO. 155 SOUTH street; aiso the tint and upper Hoars of 15:! ?ojilh .Ureet, both near Feck slip. A)>p'y to W. . Dfc rORBH 1, ? bouih street. TO LET?THE WHOLE OR PART OF nol'SK 14 LE rov place, Bleecker street on!* one block went of Broad way ite lower part haa been ooonpied by a deatlst lor six yearn. A lease can lie had for a store If deaired. T"0 LET-AN OFFICE, O.N SECOND l'LOOR, O* | the new marble building. No 240 Broadway; most eligi ble aituatlon for an oil,oe in tboolty. The Koonis art, ncwiy carpeted, and ready for immediate Occupancy Apply t ? sub scrlbeia. room No 2, oji the picmlses. D. I Li- MB A < ?()? r,v) I.ET-HOOMS AND OFFICES ON THE SECOND I Morv of the new building ?*21 and <?3 Broadway, corner of Twenty ti's' street, admirably adapted for a linti < >a<<? tai loring or.mtlUosry iiiainess; partly lumuhed if deiirod. in quire on ibe promises. r|X) LET?f 1" B N T 8H F.D, IN EAST RIXTEENfH | Street, a four story English Basement, willh every? Im pmvrorwnt. and a flrat class lo"?tloa BRADLEY. 1 ' Of' !? JN8 A to., 42 Bast tourteenth street, or E H. LLLiA>W A CO., No. 3 l'lne street. fr7?~LET-*T A VBP.Y LOW KENT, FOR ?HIS YEAR, , I fxt'nHive ma oui at'luring pn'mUe*. N'>* -lanaUi Wooeter together, mu aratr or in parM. a? may !>?? r. .(Hired. Apply at 27 Wooster airact, or address Major '1 liompsou TO LET?THE THREE STORY Htttli BABBMliNT | H( use348 West thirty-fifth street, between f.ighlli and >|Eth avenues, with all the modern improvements; g<v.d neiulibornood ?as tiilurfs throughout, lins vines, yai-d, Ac. Ut in $H0U. Inquhe at 442 Right avanue. rr^iT-! RT_A HOUSE AND STORE. 81 ITaBI-E FOR A T private or a ssamitu'* l?oaiding house, In a line locatlin, No 11!?- Washington street, near the Battely. Inquire of J. j. Mi UPbYS, No. 5 Battery place. mo LET-THE FURMSHBD HOUSE NO. 36 EAST 1 Thirtftnlh aireet, m ar Cut-crslty place, Irom the lsi of *?.>? Adiltess l?u Tl- Poet rUice. rpo LFT?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOL'SE N'O. til J Hudson strest, between h. ?le and Dctane streets, near; the Hudson River lUBroad An ex *lleji? ?:ar<1 (or all kind* of buaiueaa; n nt$#25. ln-.uir** ?>? w. n NiOF1*IaH, \H Bro?rtway. mo LET-A LAKOE HOI SE SI ^ABLE FOR A | B drring House or Hotel, containing .1 Ro?n? 4. Lis penard si reel. ^ T^cTlET-PART OF T10K HOUSE NO 36 ORCHARD ?!reel consisiinc of from a>id real 1's.tW, Iront l!ax' n ent ac.l ihr< e Bedrooms, on third floor, with gas all through, all iti good crder TO LET-A NEW CftlTAOE. CONTAINING SEVEN rooms and Ksrdcn. in ti.aiwln.vlUe, N. J . iu<< Hour ? ride from New York, < n tli? Erie Railroad, and within thieem nu"a walk ?"m ibe staU-n. Kent *70 i>er annum f or PAr tlcuia's inquire of J. SlXl'aON. 1W Grand M . N. \. rLKT?THE tHREF. STORY BIUCK HOU?E NO. 84 ( Tweniy sexenth st.eet FoaaeasliMi lmmedlatelx. Kentrrti apply x Douglas No. ;1S Maiden une. or u. K. D Inw erff. I,ail !? adway. rro LEI T<7TrMALL FAMILV, IN A NEW BROWN 1 stonf uoni beuaetn Forty ninth jtreelt, be<! ami Thmi lAVHtitu ft tbe entire hoc)D(1 hloor, oon?iating ut for rooms an "one ,??? the ib.rd to-, with privl ege in the k ch^n The house lias all the modern improvem- n's, tne kiumn. in . i>?tiis Ac hent $2>ll per annum i ifno'nkeo^THOH. It ukoCltfeR, 25 Fulton market before !?.."ciock M.. oral 1IS? Mulbeny street, one dior from orand (tinx-t. auy ilme luring ihe day rno I.l.T-tHRF.L VLOORS ABfW E THE STORE -jCtt I I Bmsrtwav, '? t doers sbove I nlon S.|tiare. wll he let etih?rt<vflh*'rorae|>arately. A n4''n,0r *"'* light bus ncss Iii<)iiin< in the store, ,<<fl>' Bnatdway. j rno~! F.T IN A MOST U> EXCEITIONABLE NEIGH T?boflioId betw "n Waverley and Clinton pUoes, -? ,fre?S;h.Wet, flrst dU' In perfect o^ eighteen 1 to 3 P. M. ~~ , ?t-121(1 *t?i. *276. H'LRNOID APART T tnfnts. Rooms, i^y papered in nold snd ?|] ulentes Inquire an the premise*, Fourtn aw nue. between forty-am ai<d Forty eeeond streets. rpo LET -104 B(>^F.KV THE STORE, Willi OK WITH T ruf the Dwelling psrt .s Itr-J rate fcjls im?,scsirn Immediately. Apply to J. H. DOUGHTY, No. Ia. Bowei y, from H to 3 o clock . ,p0 LET?TBE FOLLOWIKG DERIRaBI.E HOUSED - I No 14M East Thirteenth si., t^nif ?|ery. higli stoop Bos' 144, 147 and IS* J-ast l: th ureet. English Mwement 1,1*0 Noa iio and 2*9 hooond avenue, Bng lab baaement, eaon ''W No 1.17 Fast JtineWenth street, high stoop **? No 1<? E?st Klftcenth street, high atono ..... 7tM Boi 201 J, 2II? and 210 East Twentieth s iee.?, brown Stone, English baaement ?_, ?? Applv toT Ml FAKUAB, 1*0Tenth street, n>.ir TBIrdave TO I FT?THE LOWER PART OK A nOl'SF IN 1 Tenth sircet, opposlt- lornpkms square, with all the mo 0.111 lopioiemeuts, to a a?all prhat. Iauiily . i-eut $4<M |<er annum. Itelereare jeqiured l?..,dlre at 1#.? Broadway. ro*?m 19 rpo l.JT.T?ON BKRGIN HILL. TWENTY MIN'CTBS I walk float ettbt. .terser Citv or 11 .laikeu lerrits, and within t*o til neks of tbe hoi <* railroad, three txosiurv and Weiiient" ottaiiee, |us? hulf and hand, inely lini.h.vt : i tu v!!,. aNo uet-.oalOIyi;, >ent ?IT.V ibe slttullon is ,,ne uf tbe t.nest on the hill with ? comiiiaudln: vlen ol th. bey Long Mtaien ard Manhattan Islands and the Hudson. Apply to E. Et AN>. 68 Kulvon street, is. \ in- *THRFF. STORY AV'D R ASF. VENT HOUSE. I tiiu.. f.l tfSEast Hroalwar, m I"? ?u^?ivJiiv rr!f rii.xl* t n Improvements ?' ? 'J ?? Lit r Ot\ii fir 7 Berkmati atreot, 5ot 1 and *, or of Mm. KCKLONM, 29 Clinton plMe Kiglith itretl. r o f rr?THE FOI R STORY FROWN STONE FRONT . 1 louse. No. 14 East iwmty ninth stieo. tercel-with a1\th< modern unproveinents. I., m low Apply U<THO?t. , jnm 1111, No 17 Ks?t Twenty eiirbth street r,,., t.TrTrbF WELL LIGHTED STORK, 26X70 FEET, I ,, jko * West street ? also. Cellar and one l.ort 10 oe let to ,'er'ot se,urate. the ..ore bein.occupied lor the l*.t live /?*t? by a ?Qip chandler. InqiUre '>1V^ 11 TTR 1 rrii UFI' THE FOUR UTORT BNCllHH BAiEMKHt 1 noiitc " " 271 'J W<si That* thlm sire't, m ar Minth n*e nue 1 h. f ourteenth street htiairt s pass the door, and other lines of naires and < ara ps^s ibe coiner It contains all the ni. '' .n nitrovrments, lias, waier and ixliir-s It will !>e pio ?n pertes repair Rent $riS |>er annum lnqtitre on the |a? t mt^ca _ - - M TWFNTT.HIXfH HtHKHT. NKAP r r?in,'", i v*nu?. tl?** it |?at t, aifo ihi* wj ond ait?< \ id .lonr . 'A*i?r or ^ach f1o?? ; ca**!!' ra?4tilred Iur?* n m ti'ti r-n-.tu* on each iloor. Kor j?artlctilar^ apply on Hip Tl. rrt't LET \ PATENT ICR Hn'*hE. WITH AMr'.R A1 1. romnio.lalion'. for a wliol?saio hutnficr. Inquire of A. NTUSh. t l Ridge street. Ti LET?A NEW THREE fIOR\ HIGH Stoop AN0 basement llotiae, hrlr'k and maible front, ? 'ti'alnlng li rr*<m? and all ihe modern Impr r ementa, I<9 ihlrty-'hird s.ieel, between H.vonth and bialilli avenues. Apply al It" Thirty third street or at <4 B <?eiy, TO LET-A WEW 1 11 KEE SToR\ Bltlt;K HOUSE, with ?11 the moilem lmprovem'<nta In Tlfty fifth stre.'. i.eoTid bnii.e ? sat m Third avenue, north Mde o'r the street l>ni ilCtiper year. Apply al tlx o , ee of French's Hotel. rr?0 LET?10 A SMALL FAMILY ?*HLY, IHE UPPER I nart of House iu" Greenwich sirnet house i-ontains mi ?ie<n improvements, and Is In good order; the lower psrt Is lecnided by four gmW* perseeis Rent t?IV0. liKpite* as a*to\e Tn LET THE FIRST A?D SECOND FL<MHH Ol THE n, tv browr atom i mm House <77 Tklrd at MM* Apply 1 toTUOHAH MilMIEiL-yN oaUi?pionum. HOI SK8, HOOM8, AC., TO 1?B5T?1 rl.BT?FIRST t.E SECOND FLOOR OF HOU8K 1L$ Hammond street. contains all modem improvements. In.iuirw on the pifBim OiUy lour adult iwrsona in my fanill} J. J. TALL MAW. OwT. mo LBT-A LA KGB, COMMODIOUS BRICK HOU8M, J. 7d2 EiaUih avenue, between Fifty third and Fifty-fourth stre< u. pleasantly situated; a desirable location for a board iiis house, or la conveniently arranged for two families. In quire of I ETb R YaLuNTINE, on the praalav, or No. at) WaahiagUui market TO 1KT?THE HAMUtiOME MODERN BUILT DWELL lug Houses Not. 141 and 151 East Thirty se? nrf street, be tween i-tcond ?nd Third aveouts; low rent. Inquire ?f M. II. LICI1 TENbitlV, Ilia Canal street, or 207 West Forty tlgbib aireet. TO LET.?4 GENTLEMAN WOULD RENT A FIR8T e'u-s Home, near Union xiuare. to a ? mipeieni uud re sponsible lady; would board wtih her; oth'-r (warder* may be taken. Addreas, I'or oue week, with real uaise, D r-. Herald office. rpo I.BT?IN WF.STCHE8TER COUNTY, TUBER 1 miles earn of Dobbs' Ferry, a Houaalaud warden, with trees au<! *UMes, If wanted, situated tnree .(iiarteraof ? mile from Mio-Bride's Mills, near the (.aw mill river ijad. In ijUir oi WILLIAM 1J. TOMPKINS, ou the pieunses. rro LET? BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE, 78 EAST 1 lhllty-elghth street, with water, gas a?4 tiituree "JJ1 $7m) Can b' -ten from 1 to i. Inbuilt; oi' J. M. BROWN, lt?! Mott St: eet. TO IET-H RNTPHBD, TO A SMALL FAMILY WITH out cbildien. an eniiie. F .eor suitable for nouatjk- eplnc in a first el.-is ? brown iiU lin house having all modern improve uieutn and in one oi the ce?t location* in the rity. tor i ?>' ther parti m'ara ia> til re ou the premisea, 182 West Fourteenth ?tr?et. __ _ TO LET?a T IWDFLaNCUY t-TRFET, TilESBOJKD Floor of ihe three story Dri'k dwel.lag loux*. consisting of front reom and bedriom, witn adjoining hall bedroom, and back room and bedroom. lujuire of HaKT, I'Aj Allen atje-t, basem* ui. rrO LET-PART OF THE HOU JB ?WILLOW FLAOB I South Brooklyn, three mtnutfa wail. from the touth or Wall street ferry; three pernors only In ihe house, to a small family. will be let low Inquire on the premises. r.iO LLT-AT NO. M WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET. 1 the tliiI'd Boor containing front and bask Parlor, three bed toon's und kitchen, water and g-J waalibouer and bat# Aiao tbrtn r<iom( on the lirei lloor. Can be let to a family oi ! wo lemons. _ rri LET-IN WIlLIAMflBURG, A TWO STORY AND I ba.*mei?: Kitm*' lioiua; contain* water, &i* and all mo Orm improvement*; pi'-nattd ill a healthy ni'ighboriooa i-aii Hi North tecond *tieet, near Gr.ih%iu avcoue. rpu LET-VO A SMALL GENTEEL KAMIL*. THE SB I oend Floor of a private bouse in Ashland pi see i Perry htreep, (xmuriiing tnree looms, one room on ihe third ll'JJr, and tke back ilaoenient, ino;uiiing prlvt eje of b ah uom; i ml j:t?). Good references rertuiifd For iiariicu'.arit apply at 54i Hudson street. mo LET?THE THIRD HTORT Or HOUSE ?2 BAST I rwentv eighth street, Ui a small Iunily w ithout children; gas. baili Ac. Inquire on the preiniHi s or oaner, Dr. SI fcn - AltT. b< tween Third and Lexington avenues _ TO LET-IN A K1KST CLASS TENANT HOt'SK. OBR suit con-lsfng of live Knom.. *odit to C. A. 'I A A K1BLD, >g< ut, l'.'o I'.ivin/t >n street, hooms contain gas and . Croton water. $12 per month. TO LET-IN llROOKLVN. S70 HENRY STREET, A MO dern built three sWry brown house, eontaluiM w ater, sos dxlui en, Aa Kent losr to a re?p nslb'.e tenant. In quite ot li. M SILVERMAN, 158 Bioi.dwsy. TO I.ET?J73 TENTH STREET. NEAR FIRST AVENUE; a handsome three stor* llouse. c intaiBing vswr, Mf, Ac Unit low to a respoislble tenant. In iuire ol H. M. bil VERM AN, 168 Broadway. TO LET-A SMALL THREE STORY BASEMENT ANI> under cellar brick boii.e 1 11 Earn Fort* first street. ?e*r ihlrd avenue, with gas and fixtures, range, hot and cold wa ter, balli, 4c , all In good order; rent fK?i. A|>ply on the premie*. LET?THE GEN1EEL THREE STOljY BBOVVN pfone hich stwp House No. l.%4 Es?t Thirty fourth street, wide street and desirable l.catlun; lent ?tiou. Apply at M l>ey st'(>et. mO LET-A THREE STCRY BKICk HOUSE. 106 WEST I ? bit ty first street; has all the moleru Improvements; rent low to a gooa teuant; al#o taree oric-k Houses tn Tenth avenue, C1KM t'tett, t:armanvl.!e; rtnt loiv. Inquire o' K. r. C Ah Man. 1 Broadway. TO M.T-O.N REASONABLE TER>TS, To A GOOD tet.ant, the larj;e inatble Bnlldlm: SI4 Bioadway, 110 feet by ?!j feet 1 inch from and tea', or ea. a lloo- io let Beparately. >'rl-attlcular* Inquire of Ht'.N.)AMl > GaLBRAITH. Bjq . hi 7 ivVith Hit ft, ljeiHld UuUding, or ot <iLL\asNDU.K Ka ULLK)h? 7& Bruulwiiy rpO LET-A THREE STORY aM? BASRMENT BRICK 1 tiwelllns House, in South bixs.ktyn, t?n minuter wa k from toutb inry. a lew* door* from Court streH ran^ lAld kouteft?in first iai?? e<,ndUirD *ni reploU wan all jjjj?1 ?lerii imprtvoiuc'Dts; rent Aoply to W L CORTKL VOli, Bowery Insurance Company, ho. 8 Hue ntroet. ?|13 LET?STORE NO. l'X> MERCER STREET, RE I tween Prince and botiston atreeta. huitati e for a groce i v, taloon. Ai. > | ply at no 2b Cortlandt ?lree?, up ?tair* ri'O LET?llOUi-E NO. 137 WEST FORTY NINTH I street; >n^hsli baiement, four stores, men llmil or der* fltuateu just weat of Hroadway; rent $f(0 | er annual Apply to.) M. UaVIES. Ikj Wall street. rpo 1ET-IN BROOKLYN, THE FIRST CLASS THREE I story high stoop biick House, 2H4 Stale stieet, with all the modi 1 n Impi'ov. .jienl* To a ?ood, careful tenant will U.r let at t?e low rate of *900 per annum. Apply to MEUIK A HAllNEt-, ;*) South Mreet, New York rro LET??UuM THE 14T OF MAY, HOUhR 00 FRANK 1 ft,ri -tieef i*ni fi:*) per jear. Ap^ly to JOllw Ai KlUuE ?? t9l routth street, uom K a. m io p. \\. ?no LET-ON hROOK'yYN Ilfcl'JHTX, NEAR SOUTH I ierry. the first class four stor? lii?h ?r>op House '?ft> ?> ii ot, of state; contains hot mid ? oid ?f'iU;r, s is, ?, rt, Jxtuies. Ac , at.d isiti ^er?'-< t n d r. Iti'iulresa Si At lantlc street, or ar Ufi avenue A, fry > or*, "eni T'lH." .v , , , .TO A SM \LI. HBSPECT.' iil.E FAMILY 1 without ohihlren, lh? unper |?srt of a neat Cott??e 6, fWmng sireet, nea Vara k, i-onslslln,: o' l?-o p .rlors ulth foldtnaSows >nd hall nedroero, basement and t a.f oi oel'ar. Has gfc? and w?ler. t:an be seen irotu lu A VI. to t f. M. rn I LF.T-AT .12 EAST TWENTY FOURTH STRI-.KT, 1 between L< xington and Fourth avennes, a three a or. and attic Hour, 'litee rooms de< p; hot ntr. Jas and v.ab-r droun^oiit. To lv? ?w^n on1? oetw? pn 10 nod 11 o clot k ji. m. Rent *1,000 Inqulr* at 773 Broadway. rpo JET-NO. 12 CROSBY STREET, NEAR GRAND 1 thieo s.orv aod basement Mouse. In goial repair, with ?? ,s ehandeliers, bath, rang"; hot und rolu water u> necrod ii.K.'r, ?{ I. d yaid, Ae Apply on the pn mlsea. rro LET-A CIIEAI- STORE. Fir FOR A MEAT MAR I kot or a grocery and Honor store, 112 Eleventh aienue between Tl.lity Hlxth aiwl 'I linij fcexrnth atreeta apply *t M21 btr?t avet>ue. fwTwt--rHOUSE. FI'KMHHEl. AND FULL OF A boarders, on moderate tornin. Addres Mr?. Mon?')e, Dni >n iM|uare Post otlice, mi LET?THE tPI'ER i'APT OF THE MODERN 1 fhte, story brick dwelling House, No U Vi'n -V ?,'l I mirth sfiret; three loom- ana tiath rtaim on ' laige bed room on ihinl tloor, g is and water; rent JiiUand llie gas. Apply on tte pr?mi-es rrV LET?THE THREE STORY AND B tSRMBNT I bri. k Dw. lllt.g Z.6 Weet Twenty ^Teath stn H ; Croton water, pa* and l atu Rent ?fiM Apply I INLKRBi, 7i M all ftreel. 'ro LKT- VT TONKEKH, \ TWO SIOKV \NI> ATTIC I H' use and I lots, with garden grapes, fruit,y. ?? ere, Ac. Apply Io T. WOOD, ionkeni, or at IJ* f-ul n street, New York. rro LET?La ROE HOUSE. FINELY ?UrlMMIBiD, IN I V nth stieet, near rlftharenue. 2J by3r<*tnsdeejv, 11 biuiy end eight sleeping rooms. Will he rented lenant. For |ianl< ulsrs. Ac , apply to VAN \t IdKLII A n N ANS, No 1 Pme street. rro LET- 1 WO NICE APAP.TMENTtt, OONH1STINO OF I four hoims, w ith four doeets each, stieet, corner of Hudson. Kent $11 and $10 Inquire of Mra EABION, H6 Hm<? <IWt To LET?THE I-OWER PARI OF A NICK TljttFB stoiv Home, with all tke modem improvements, partly I urtnsht il. il desired , alio, three Rooms on e?ei>iid II'"*. ? waiiUt' the owner would bo*rd with the fmnliy. if mutually agieeablc. In ,oire nt T Market street. rpo LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART Of A FIRST J elan Mow 86fi Ninth avetue, with nil the modern im provenieMs. Rent S'tf." >r %:'M, na-i iiicluued. I in i Hire at I2S lVe?l Thlriy seiiimi ?tn-ei. 'I'O LET?THE ElKST CLASS HOUSER NoS Ml AND I Weal Hut r fifth sttert, ivjt.t ..II tne modern improve ments, Io complete rdei. K'ill ^^ia'Jle Apply to Ihe owner a'. .'187 M'est lliiriy flllh strec. 'PO LET-TO <;LEAN, ol 1ET FAMILIES, WITHOUT I ' l.ildn n, laige, slrv Rooms, cheap, near Hrosd? ?v ; water md sinks on every floor, latgev arila; d' Slnible room* for Hpnnbb famibee. Apply at 101 I ranklort stieei, bssemeni. 'I'O LET-A DESIRABLE COTTAUE IIOIHE, WITH I gmdi n atUK hi d, at Enir'i wood on tb' Xofthern Hull toad of New Jersey. Neighborhood pleasat t and location verv loalthy. For f urther partiooiars siipiv to A. ,1. DKMAKF.ST, Englenood, or addivat A . bo. i,n6< New York 1'oSt otll(o rpo LET-TIIE FOUR STORY HIOH PTOOI' HOUSE, 1. No. It* Meal Tweufy tblrd street, between Kc.enib and hi*lilh nvenues. This House, which is about t nnd rgoa ihoi ' ttgli painting mid repairing, will be r-a tT for ? "rupi'iey on I lie 1st i f May, and will lie let . u Im jiihie terms, ion de urable (i nam. Apply to \VM. i'. M'ALTfiM, ? \i dor. No X' New Hi werv, or to JaMLS H. BROW N, 24** Eigh'h arentio, oear 1 iieniy third stieei N. B ?The unit i - ;ind sas tig. tnri ? w|t| b allowrd to ri m, in. A legv wl ' Ik ;iren lor lite yram If ? esired. fJU) LET-KT 12 MANMIRLD PLACE FIFTY 1IRST j X strsef. between Rfghth and ninth ii>enii?e, a seirond [ siuiy, consisting loui Koums and haihroom a nlothercin i vinier.i es sdap'fd for kousetse >lng, toalsinily of adults nuly. Fi r.t modi rate ro I.ET- AT THE UOOT OF SIX I t MIX II RTREI'T East river, a Gothic t 'ottage, oo h> It ieet. three nU'iie [ and bafstofut; cisch house, -tat'les, ice hon?e and >?r# car iten, wltli About elghi ? ies of land, beuiilifu ly i.od nii, wit i fruit and forett nees. Rent$l ti?i. App.y .<i tiic Emi lr Sew Ipg Mar'hiiie Company. ,T." Biosdwav rpo LET?THE UfPFR PARTOl Hut BE ' 0. 'W WIST X I If'eenth s reot. consisting o: two r orns, two bedroom?, bathroom and four lutge lamtries, on wcond llooe, together Willi back lia?'merit and two large pantries. Un? anil water in ihe house. Rent $VVl. None hut a atrial family need aplHv. >eier?n?e reqnlrsd Appl* on th? premlfs. Ttl ET-ALAKfiF, WELL FUPNIHIlEIi IfOUWF ? ON isinlng twerly li\e ro >ms, with ev.?ry impr vemeni, a short distant from H'lh A.enue Hotel, . ns -lt for .i rai e'as* b aiding hruse I'oss'ssn u iw,mediately If deglrcd. i'or I utiler particulars address M. .lonea, atalion'J. TO I,FT?FOR RPFlNE^", SOCrFTIKS, At", FRONT and corner l<<e,nis at sip Broadway, coiwr of Taeifih t're't. Also, sniail Htores and (be seeind Flntrf of Wand 52 Fas. Twelfth an eet Also, the Ba?eo ent of KI7 Hrmdway. .tOtlN. H, h ELSO, C ?Ti! ani strict. TO LET- NO. OT EAsT TWENTY-RKiHTH STREET and 2yi? M eat 'I hit ty fomlh ureet, two very dts ralili tour su ry brown atone 1 loo sea. Poe*e"lon ol No "-V will be given to May 1 free of rent Ap ly to JOHN H KELDO, ?ij vt I lls oi s roe!, ? TO LET *URNI?HED, $1,000 OR 1 N'FURNHIHO. ?"Oil, the ihrea stoiy hi wn stone Hot ?e H i\ est Forty. M th Street, !,ei?e.r rif h and "- itli I.vr.M,. . The f. rul'ure

Is eraid rind emnplete. ApTly "J K LfVI>?ofON, K<- tfiwH I MHl.aiu sUtt'? HOV*KS. hounh, mc., to lbt.^ LET- IN BROOKLYN, TWO SMALL THHER **9RY high stoop llnuaea, on Adtmi stree., atreet, Ave miuuiM walk Iroin Pulton ferry, alaj ove vnree ?lory aad bwmeti brick Houaea u> let or for ?ale hi uae? 21x38, lot 211LSI, situated in a apUtudJ'l u??(fn*>ori,o??a. on Bailie street, near Flatbush avenue; care MM ?"?'* n*" uunutea For par'-kulara call on or addreea D. H. uouia, yi Remeen atreet, Brooklyn. TO LET -PAPER MILL (PTEAM), <M IKOB CYL1N der, titled to make .olored, medium, boo* or ptint paper, in complete order, with spring water. Addreet, .lonn Kennedy., Belleville, New Jersey. TO LET?FURNISHED OOTrAGE, WITH A BOOT ;i4 of au acre, ^(X) per year, am! furnlabed Mansion, wlln about four acres, gldO (>er month or $%6U fur the H'imtner, al Chatham. New Jcrsev. within a few minute*' walk t*? Mom* and Kaeex Railroad Apoly to FlKLD k McLEAJI, auctioneer*, No 'J Pine atreet. ? rLM-lO A SMALL FAMILT, A VERY DK alrable ttirnlsbed Cottage in the midst of extensive ?rounds, high an l healthy, with oveiy convenience; local ion i oatchoilercounty, tl mile* friitu Tliiriy t.rst street. accisal ble by lure aad I mat* Apply to FIELD A McI-EaN, auo tloneera, No. 9 Vine street rpo LIT?STUHK8 AMD OFFICES 11 BltO tl? STRKdT. 1 near Wall, Htore No. S Broad atreet; on a?c>ad and thliil Hours of No. A Broad street , will be ranted tow. Apply to A. .1 DKLtTOUS, ii' W all a'reet. nearBioatl. r LET-ON MURRAY HTM*, THE FOl'R BTORT brown atona I rout douse 6* Ea*'. Thirty t-igiwh street, all th- ntedern Improvement*. chmdwllers, Ac , n. r ? between 2 and 4 odeck f M. Kent lotv. Apply to a. I* ROSd A CO , 84 i.nd 86 Pearl nreet. TO LET-TO A SVAU. FAMILY, IN A PftlVATK bouse, furnished or unfuimihed. the seoiid Floor or home Ho. 17 North Moor* aire?', earner of vanes, oonnlHiirg of several \ oomfl Inquire on tbe pr? mlees _ rno let-uppkr part ok a dwelling house, 1 with all the modem Improvements, t>> a amall ijuii iy ltlllEnst "iitfenth k*re?5t, near htu/vo-an*. lark, between First and 8e. ood avenues. ri'O LET?THE THREE STORY HIGH BASEMENT 1 Hnu?6, l}<62 Went Twenty-third tftr^'t, between hwbtu a lid Ninth avenue*; m perfect order; $1,(100. Apply be tween 1! unci 12o'clock. rro LET?FIRST FLOOR. AND ONE ATTIC ROOM, 1 102 4'aanen atreet second floor and two attic Rooms, Ave hoobbh to eachi $14 each p? r moniti. loquira at ZbJ Bowery. TO LEV-LARGE HOUSE IN I NIVER8TTY PL1CE, cornci ol Ninth urett, containing ii rooms, soil-able for n la'ge first < ltsa boardlti^ h .uae; the house is .14 fe?_ front and tit f?*t aee). will be rented low. App.y to JOllJI LLOYD k SUNS, 15 Nassau >-;reet. TO LET-THIRD FLOOR OF THK MOUKRN BUILT House, 212 East Eighteen .h street; rent moderate to a small tami y TO LET?THE FOL K STOBY BRICK HOU?E US ^KST Fortv tlilrd itreet, with all the modem lmproyem?nts. In a fceatrjful location, between Hi' ?ul\\ay arol fclphth avenue. Mrwl graded with Belgium pavement Bent H? TO LET-ON IllTH STREET, BETWEEN tHIRD AND Vcmrth avonuea. niai i enirul Park, two weil i Cotlaie Houses; elgbt ronma knrt Ate varteach; fanUlHwi goo?l lor KetUng down town; ieni $idl) a yeai'. intjulie at 20. " oa?l street, or ? the oremieea. rn?) LET-nOl 8E IV?) CHARLTON BTltEET, 1 modern improvement a, at a very low r<nt; alno, Hausi u'u> ijouHton Htre?t, of which poniiMlon ^**0 bo given iiunae diatoli ApM ART1K WaTEIW, m Triton trot IV) LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT J Hohbo 1.W East 1 hlrtiotU strict, In elegant order and i-e nlefe with every convenience I'o*session given 1st ol May. Apply in the exchange ulhce, 176 Broodw ay. _____ TO LET?THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC FRAME House, with tea room attached and kluien in the rear, all us ted on First avenue, second houae above mvelghth street, with adjoining lot as garden. Apply al ? seventh street. ' LET?TSE T?0 STORY BRICK COTTAOB HOUSE No. 19 Horatio alieet, gssardgas ttxturea, ' I'ot n ** ter Ac : rent *4W. Alao the second storv of llouae 8?J Hud eon atieet. inquire ou th.i premises, or at No. 9 Spruce sirMt, loom No. 4. from 1 to3o'cioik ri LET?THE THREE STORV BASEMKNT HOUSE HI West Thirty eighth atreet, between Broadway and Biith avriiuo with modern imDrov''mens. (.a* flituree throug% out. A line yard. Inquire at 160 West I wenty-fourth atreet. rro LET-IN A PRIVATE GERMAN FAMILY, A HAND I s< mcly funilahed iront Mtttng Room, wl'h iidjoinlug Bedroom, to one or two gentlemen, with or without partial Board llouae Utaall themodeinlmprOTemim.a Noraovliirf 1st ol May. Apply at air1. West Twenty seventh atreet. TO IJST?THE FIRST LOFT, 'iSXHT, IN THR *EW building. No. Tl Duane atrw-t, a few dooiM east ol Btoad way. or.poaite the new atore whe-e Messrs. Stone, Stair k Co' have just removed lo rill, i vt THE NEAT Cl)TfAt?K AND FOUR 1/OTS, J No S Pali?ade row, Washington Heights, ?v Ith staolc In rpnr* r<sntS276. Apply to DE^ITT C v\ ARO, cornoi ot ? >ne Hundred and rn'?y ie^ond street jiiid lVnth avenue, or KLT IIOPPOOIC. No. 'J6 William atreet, New t oik. TO LET?AT RAVBN8WOOD, A BtAUTIKUL COUN try Seal, loeatcd near the uW.-. Ha'inawood landfrne, about 10 mtnut^w from i^ev\ \ork Th^ Houaa ba-4 i?o iiariuia dining room and library 011 Best lloor, and flr? .TrpoCdr'ms,"re kitchen, laundry and "elhirs; -tables, balning aiid boat house; Uenous- tilled; >eet_ oo ro?a. an<l river, CM) feet deeo; beaulifully Impi-ored, with fiuit and sha<W* |ref?K and atiinmer Uounea; in all about I ? w.ita nnv leftf* ii n quired, o iinra"M Inim-diRl^ly opposiu- in SaXttoO. Apply v. HF.NRk 11. Lk.*l>*ACG,iilWu st i eel. mtT IET-PENT?lEL THREE STORY, UIilH 8_IOOP. T baimern and cellar Dwelling Koum No. ,A, Oteenwich men loooUor . to be. ocjuuied b> on 'etisill rent % <-'*' Agentu and l.oirdiB|j house keenera need n. I HiV'y. lnquue ot U RADFoRD, lluda.n ntreet. rro LET?AT HIGH BRIDGE V ILLF, W HiSTCHESiEK I eoun'v a neat iw ? story House: haa seven room* and cellar fine garden und fiuit upon the place and good weii of . Kier! Apply to E S. JAt.>l l-.e. lift Na-sau vr et. 12 riHi LET?THE UPPER PART OF HdUHE IMfl K iST J brcadway, containing ten mom', wl'li basement and baih room, to ' ne or two unall famllieM. K?'er**nce required. i an ?" ? ",|T? - ,u l> ?? rno i Kr housk 47 bond siuhKT, kcik rRjvats J Ti*l?len<# b>isineKn or bearding houae a tine a*? or o'lu e* i? the tear for a dentist or ph>... lan gas ?''dwjU;r "''|?e liou?e Apply on prrmivei from II to 4, or to kinmii mutt 1 HILCO-X 34:i Fourth avenin rro LET?THE THRU B'l'ORV AND KASBMoNr J llinie. Hi Pike stieel, corner of lle,nr.v. Thehou.eliaa all the modern Inu rovemenU, gas all ilitoogh, bath rooan, eater etoaei, ho. air furnace, and la In the bent ordci in quire on ihe premises 1 J AO LET? \T KORDH AM, NEaK THE DRPOT, A LVRGK atone Uouse. conUlning lirtecn room-, with nne R*rden and unit treea For partienlaia ap.dy to E. V.?fcL< H, Kordbain, or at RM?le at.. New York rro LET?THIRD STORY IN 1IOUBK 101 WE-T TW EN I ii fit Ih street, containing tlve rooms; wa'er ana gaa on icetlfstr. R<ut?l.'? perm.nth M' paiiiy with ehlldnsn or bcarders need applv. Reference required Apply to the owner, ou Ihe piemises rpo LET T<? A MEKI'HANTTAlL'ill. THE PHIV (LS'.S I 01 earning on hia buslneaa in a ?|> ' ">ua and el-gantly fittfd up loft on Broadway, near Amity atieet wll*!T"11'? nn^ent occupant has more room lhar Is necessary wldieM Ketrenchment, Herald othce, stating wher- an Interi lew cm be had LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, T"E UPPER nartofa largi-thMf su.ry House, rontainliig the nvalern 1 tr Drove men ts, eonsisUng of second rt^or. room on the third floor and f ront liaaement: has abundini pantry room, a line waidiolns. t lO-e , large b?llirtK)ni and wasli tubs, ,v Ap ply at 216 Weftlweniet^sneei _ r~ O LET OR FOR SALF.?THOSE TWO NEW FoUlt atorv bas-mont and aitu ee'Ur brown stone f.ont Hous.-s tlaw , ltM> sndlfi: Ess' Flfteenth etre.-t, optxvslte the Park and one block Iron. l?r. Tyng a ohurcu. Apply to J. H. DoUOBlT, lit Bowery from II10 So clock. rHBI LET OR FOR S \Lh. -THE >I<- HOUSR, ON t oncy island. Inquire uf D. O. wlnHU)W, Ro. 9 ' Dart aueet, Brookiyn. _ rro LET OR FOR S.VLF \ BEAUTIFi'I. COLNTKT I Re-idence, with alsnit four arr?s ot gro'.nd; the latter in a high slate of cuillvatlon. with plen'y of frull tiy ea, tx-r nes. Ac ; sl.iiated on Uug l?tand, ?o high/wund. a>.iut Ii miles from ihe city Apply to J R \ Ntin OBOSS 2* Br ad sliest, op Malts mo LET OR FOR SALE AT I<OM ER CLOSTER, ON 1 ihe line or the Northern Railioal, New . eraey, Nye minutes walk from depot, house andOut R'"Ij^JTh > acres of Land, frtrtt, *e Apply lo HMkI OEM ARMT. liii"* uif jiH vi av l r.itn 10 to 1 a. A Al-? 01 1HOM \i II. H Llr HI NO, Prwfdent of th# Northern Railroad, f'?ii? of ' on iandt ?tre??t r> LET FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PRO pettv?A three sViry and basemeat House twenty all ro >mj, with two acre, of lai d, barn and carnage houae at To LET OR LKAf'E?FURNISHED IIDl'SE 60 WfcST Thlitv fifth ?lrre', bet?c?n flf'h and ?>l*th avenuea. The Houae 1a litres ato.l. a and oaaement, high suiow anil batcoay; contaiua all the nn dern Improvemetiis. the Farnlture in fltie older, making It a very desirable rejld' noe 101 a py ra1 I.ami ly. ('an t>e seen t rnm 11 A M fol f. I M 'n*nili< pumlsea. The best city releteucea ie ,uned Cor f>irth-r 1 at? illsrs apply to T. F. Bf LEY, IS South street, corner .1 Mall. TO I.I.r OR LFARI til* STOKE NO. I?. WFST WOK ol Hxtli avenue, nevt t ie Coiner ol Thirteenth street 27 bv 9C Ieel *m nlslied with counters, shelving, gas Ac , In the bsi.1 manner, and w. II acapMd to oe dry goods, eat pe. clo'hins, or snv other kind ot hue nea> Immediate posses aloD. Apply at the.lUi.e, So. 2t?Oreeawich street. T~(l LET OR LfASE-TII* BASFMENT -I'H **ET deep) of Mild several due t>lllc*a in t ie new H'e pe.. .1 Building No Aaassu 1'"-ev west h^'ween ?"?{ ?loh . aire. t?. N. w \otk Apply to FRARt.I . BYRNE, 1 U h?j*>?au all - et ? . TO LET OR LEA-F Till. N"*T I'WO STORY AND attic btkk House No. 1*1 wans meet; haa gas and 1 TO ton water, and to a deniable tenant will be Ivaaed low. A > ply at f?7 Water atreet. rrf< LET OR LE*?E- AT"?''. KROADWAT. i?\"E DOOP. J above Ninth sir?et, Second Floor, *1 '?;ei deep, light, end ennance fhe l?al on the street; a sp ernlld lir-at.on for a first ciass gkercham laiio. li-ft N-m b. tng oosup'ed bf U?rw A Benrotd'a ahlrl and I .imlshing store Apply In the store 'no LEASE OR TO LET-ON DaYRNPORT1 NBCK. I 18 miles i r-.m New vo.k. one mile from now RoohH depoi. ou the Sound, a-tone llouae. wdh all the modern liu pioveinent.; fen rooms, knehen. laundry, a alone stable anil en a< h li"U.e, w lib thtee or mere KC'CS ot iao( Improved^ Is 1 qtilreof L. 0 tiaVENPORT, -n the premls.- , 01 of Ci HI S LAW ION. 1*1 .Nassau atreet. New ^ orfc T) l.EASR OR 10 LET- A FIRST CLASi HOUSE PKrtlally furnlaiteii <>r uni urni?he?l, IJ inllea f1oj? Nc? I York, on the Boond. with s< vet. a r.a of land, highly tjn jrt-mfd and well auadtd. an abtindance of l/ult, gard a stable, carriage l.o>ne, ke In .olre of < Tr.l S LA^fO.a, 1^1 Naaeau -Ucet, New York. rno LRAHR *OI< *1YE YEARS. SEP Vi: VtRI.T <)^.J'' I aether, lit? Ix?ta on Attorney and Rid^ J. . Iielanoev and Hro..m?. now ort tifi'ed as an tron John B I'rall; to be va<ant on May 1. Apply to l? t ??'> NhV. Tl Wall atreet. fTBE CHRAPBBT PLACE YET OPFRRED'-T'' 1'".A 1 three atory brick llouv lu Foru ninth ?reet. 1a- ir 1 hi^rd aventi" In pei feet order, newlv ' V,,T w ii r I HK TJ; th r ! $Wi per snitn. Apply te ?'rn '' iieam, dcw ] yt\ "tc9P'J ?rwt, ?' ?' '"T":,h ? HOUSES, ROOMS, *C.. TO UBT. THIO KEWT-AT fao, A TWO STOftY AMD BASE ment brtck Huuae In Jeraey In Grand street" noar Harrow; nu and ?M> r A pp.}' at 13a Borrow -.;re?-u r1 KENT IN BJIOOKLYN-HOJBE MO. 14 POWERH street, very desirable location, fifteen mlnutea' walk from Fnltoa or Wall street terry; handy to two our routes, two ?U ry and Imsement, and (our rooms exteuaon Du and water. Apply no ihe iin mlww or at M. K. CCBACK'H oflhe, Ill^WaU street. rp?i TAYBKN KEEPEKH.-TO LET, I'HE LITTLE KEO 1 House font of lUAtb street and Harlem river. Apply to UEOKiiE CH BATEUMan, il) Nassau street. TO WAT''BMAKERS AND JEWET.LPRB ?RTORE TVi Bionduey to let and Fliuirea for sale, wllh or without the (stock, Established IH10 UPPER PART OF HOUSE no. 9 HAMMOND btreet ? to let, consisting of seoond iu,ry and part of the third. Apply kt At A Waverley pla.-, corner wast Tenth street. WORKSHOPS TO LET-WITH OR \\I rHOUT STEAM I lower, lu front and rear buildings, r. Kim street rent [very low. Ap;ily to JAMES LYNCH, No. <j City Mall plase, room 4 IIOHSEN. KOMMS, W., W WTKll. A FURNISHED OH UNFURMIBHBD HOU81: WANTED in a cntial location, below Thlitlelh street, with modern Imptovumeula, w here part of the rent will be takea in board by gentlemen. Address for three days G. K. V., box I .ijm Post cBice. Best of rel erence. AN UBFl RNIRHED HOUSE WANTED?WHERE THE would be willing to take the rent or part of it In bobid; party tirst clasa; goodiefcrenoe given :reuiab iut LOUDON A OO , 270 Fourth avenue. A SMALL KAUII.Y OK ADULTS want the second floor and pari of the ihlrd In n iuod?rn built house, be tween 1 wentleth and Fortieth stree ts and Second and Sixth twenties. Kent moderate. Apply to T. McEVILY, I t; tan Thirty fourth str> et A FURNISHED HOURS WANTED-AT I AKE MAHO psc, lor three mooilia from July 1. Atlireia E N. B., box 2, <61 PObt oflice. APARTMENTS WANTED -ON FIRST OP MAY A MAN and ? He wish three or tour Rooms on second tloor, m a private house, with improvements Kent not 10 eiueed $1*1. Adilr- *s )'. J. F. . box 160 llerald office. "LTRNIKIIED APARTMENTS WANTED?BY A RE r spectacle lady n lulling to do her own housekeeping; mutt be above Thirtieth street and teiin* must ba moderate Ad dies* X , box 17ft Herald ollioe HOl'SE WANTED?BY A FAMILY OK TWO PER tons, without children, on the west side, above Bieecker; rent Dot over ('00; or lower part ot a house, with ens und water. Address hot l.ti'ftt Post office HOl'SE WANTED?BY A RESPONSIBLE PaRTY; A three story He use, In a pleasant location, below Twen tieth sine', where a po tion of the rent would l?- taken ui Eosid Address, wllb particulars, B. II G., Herald office. Boise wanted, in Brooklyn.?a family of tour desire a Oottaie, or lower part of a House in Brook lyn, n ut I loin $131 to $200; unisi have gaa and water, and not farther from the ferry than Oxford street Any p-eson having such a he use will Und a desirable lenani byuddiesa log JanieK Henderson, Herald office, for two days. House wanted TO RF.NT-A small house por a private lamilv. In the Eighteenth waid. New York, or a Collage. Kent about $40'). Must have gas and Croton wa'er, and lie in a good ueigboihooc. Address Bailey, box 1,27(1 Post office OFFICE. WANTED?suitable FOR A 1'IIYHIClAN, situated ubove fourteenth street. Address M D., Union square Post PART OF A HOUSE WANTED-BY A SMALL, RE sp'ttalile family, where there are no children, between Second and Mad son avenues and Fourth and Thirty fourth streets. Itefe.-euces given and required. A dire** oix 2,210 Post olljee. PART OF A BOUSE (FIVE OR SIX ROOMS) WANTED, by ii fsmtjv of four adolts, in a good m ighboibnnd, not shove Thirtieth street and between secoud and Sixth ave nues Possession desired before May 1, If possible. Ad dress, with ymlwlm, rent, Ac., P. P., box 2,411 Pose office. Al/ ANTl'.D?A LAROB STORE, SUITABLE FOB A BIL Tv liardroom; large enough for lour tables; located on a tboi ought are. Addreas V. V. V., box HU llorald ollioe. ANTED?IN brooklyn, NOT MORE Til AM tWBN TT ty minutes' walk from Folton ferrv, a neat Cottai?* or small House bating water and gas; rent from $M0 to $32f>. Afldreso, klatieg |?rucular?, Home, box 2,42ti Post office. XKJ ANTE;D?A country IIOI'SE, FURNISHED, TV within tuurteeu miles of the city, for a private family; price not to cxce<-d $*>00 for the summer. Bouse und icotindH will be well taken care of. A note addressed to Ikix b,8 Post ?flke, with all particulars, will meet with attention WANTED?BY A PRIVATE PAMILY, AN UNFUB nisbed Hnti'e, with all the modern Improvements, In a first i laaa l- niiortio. d, belween Fourlucnlb snd Fortieth ?MiialtWIlk and en h avenues. BoM about $l.tiuu. Addiess, with l ull denctipt on. E. S., bex 10/ Herald oflicii U'ANIF.I) BT A OENTI.EMAN AND HIS WIFE, A ?! Nmsn i^oiisge or jiait ol a genteel Uou?e, siv three or four moms, below Eigh leth street, and between Third snd Elgl III avenaes. Terms must lie low. Itefereue ^of tue b,wi ?liiality Address ( oitage. No. 6 Cistjier I'nion, Fourth uva \\-ANTFD-BV A FAMILY OF TI1RKE i.ROWN 1EU if s.'ns, part of a Hmine, eonstitlni; ol thrte or'o'ir iooins, tor housekeeping, nbtiut ten mlntius' walk from Bleicker 4tieet snd Broadway; rent ahou $l.Vi or $K> |>ei yeai; he't ot referenci Etvtn and required. Addivis, staliui; Isirtleulars, A ML, station *, New York P< s'. ottice AIT ANTED- A SECOND OK tlllKD FUM1R, CON 11 laming four or nve Uooiiih, between Bleerker uud Twenty ihi'd sir. ets Address.) tt . M., llerald on M. \\'anie;i) \ ex all, comfortable room, with 11 tue and ^as in a private lauill>,lor a widow lady of the highest respectability. lermsmusl he moderate, eal'n laeto'.v r<-iereuies gtvt ii Addiuas, ?'.atlng ternn, Lady, lie i aid ? -tiit e. VI'ANTKD-BY a tiEMLEM AN AND WIFE, THE SKI vi col d t .'onr snd b?cl, R.isement ot a house In a j-en tc neii.!t'iK?ili"ou, on the nest side of the ? ity and not abjv - T*ei,:v thlnl itroe'. Addii ss, sitting terms, Ac.. O , bov 111 ndiue. UlMKH -FORNIX MONTHS OR LONGER A TJIO VI looghly I ut nished Oottage, with linen. A;, wuli seven or more rooms must lie on the llariem due o Hie neii.r llaj'.f m the better. Aditresi, with full iwrticulns. >1. K I , l ox i~ lorkville PMI office. \i'anibi*--by a small family, tah or three TV onfiirnlslied ItooliM tn u genteel pilv.ite house, IocsUmI hi the vicinity of Hi' ollyn or Harlem, near one ol the c'ly ran toads. II it desuabl" to have dinner in the h..u?e; i?rmtu tamilv piefenv 1; ivferencm exchanged. Addeeie K D . o x 121 lieiald office ' ANTED?BY A GENTLEM AN. ONE OK twu I'loni- < n set. nd or thirJ tloor, with g*H, hot and cold wnier, Addvi si at once It S II , L nion square Post office. U AMED A >MALL HOUSE, OR PART OF ONE, eonuiDiug s> \en or eight*, with g is and water, eith< r iu the upper oari of New York or Brooklvn. Rent moderate. A<hliens, with l ull particulars, Htuart, box t .'iyj Pout oL.ce New v?rk lA'ANIED-B? A FAMILY WITHOUT CHILDREN A TT in ilente si/ed llou.-e, fully lurnlsbrd, wuh stable and a lew ai res of land, on tit; New haven or Hudson Klver Ksilioad or uoi Ih side ot Matan Island; rent not 10 ex'tie 1 $100 a month AtMress bix :t,l ;t Post oflii-e VI'AN I ED- THE LOWER PART OF A HOUSE. WITH v> in-de, n Improvements, for a small family: up t >wn prefvritd. rent not to exceed $lun Address A. it. M . Herald II'ANIRH?BY A FAM1I.V OF |ADl'LTS, A HI IT OF it Kooms on second or third flceir, ir three Kojms wl'h Ba'ement na ptaMtnUy li? ited private hou-e . IttMltafl llw MM! IHNNMMl "til lrorn$leU io %'tOD, bast ol rHerenrcs, and rent in advance if lequired. Andreas, stauug pMfli ulars, W Her?ld ollice \V'anti:d-on staten island, overlooking TV the liarlKtr a small, iiettly itnnlshcd t'diage, with All the Conveniences lor ImusekeeptOE, in an uucicepil .nab.e nrlgli'ioi hisxl snd neat the ferries, by a gentlem-tu and h s ?:1c dm mg the aummer. rent pud In adr moe if desired. A I <>'im K. t' D , boi .1, '.2 Post ? .tUce. Wl ANTED?A FURNIHH8D HOU8E, BVrWBBN TT Itleecker and fwentv sec -n?J streets, not heioa Sejuad Dot aimve Sutb avenue whi te tlie owner would Bstnl for it?e t^ t urnl'uie oi |iuitot the i mi Address, wlih t nil par liculai*. Na sng , stall in D U" A^TED? VA R f OF A IIOI'SE, I'ON'SI.STING OF loin oi live Rtsnus with gaa, watei, Ac.; In a ]n>l DelgklmrhoOd, '? twefu IIouM<M ABd ll|litwnlh Streets Slid i hi14 and sixth avenuea, rem not to ? toned $A"'i per annum Addiess slating p-iilictilfs, E M. A, box I2".? Po?t..:iee WANTED-1M THE LOWER TART OF fHB 8KVBNT1I avei ic, hv a gentleman, his wlfear.i child two R , m?, liunished, lor fiouai kei-onig in a private t tuuly. Aditess, lor two dsvs Smith, b*.\ ill Herahliifltee. U'tVfiD-nVli OS THREE ROOMS IN \ Nil B TT h n?e, with mo tern Improve mrnts. tor a small f.?mily, for.hi.usek'ipin^. Anv |>eiH?n having sucli c?n heai of a goon tenant by a.l'lre?? ng O li. t'ltiil'.eld iierald office Kent must )>c inodei ate. \l' t STEP BY A SMALL f aM(L\ Ol' AIU LM, ?* three n? Ffntr t.'oims on lto?t > r senmd ?leor, wllu wa tei and w ?alr |a|*, lietween iT uid ?ud l^'lh svenu -s, and ? aid 'Ifieenili street Rer.t tr.m $!.??.$,% Address II , \\ ANThD-A PART LOURB PARTPUBi BRBEM or Iv a house, with tijodern ImproregKnts, for ? tanjliv >f three ad itts, lietween riiitil and Seventh aveumaand Kig on anil fwenl* fifth atre t?. |ierm.ioeucy ilmi .ili'e lt?n $'i?i to $iuU: or h Whole Dooa , mil ovei $80U. \dd ess si -dt ? <, .ir , at* ii u 0. \\;avTkm io KENT?A small, mil i'laiM vi House with all the m .dern Itnprw ?m<UK, at ? run'm loe.necl $>??>, and sii oat* d below jhlrtv tli tds. ???', s.siof Tblid avenue and ?asi of Nlmh aven ie. Ad.Ji'tsss it. I> , Bmli4lWk OR,\TISTKV. A RTIFICIAI. TEPIH,?OMLV $1 FUR BKAIITlfCL am* snbstsntial 4et?, on part si'.., on ,'i:ie g.#l 1 and nta t i a, tingle teeth $1. le. 'h fil ed and eMrnited aim.. It the "sat j.ain; Aupeilor aeliflelal Jbone filling tO ?rnm. ftl(. J nhi.e lira tan'lot. d ,>ga. rut bogus InlaMois 'MIceNo.l.M Hlxlh avenue, bjlweou leu n and Kleventii (tieetg l>r LUTHER, Dentiit. ABllMOlAf B<>N F FILT.IMO Ff)R DRi'A tgj teeth -Put in ahiie soft, without pressure or p*lu. Aching teeth or mere sbe'N ian b* Htled woh .1 bv the i|is 0 verur, JaMEk PKaBBOX M.D. Removed to 6M Bra*d w? , wi'?l side, at' ive Union ?q'i?r>. rn uKiv aid WtWAf fOXfTSVSTO *x. 1 ) tract feelh wl'li ?'it tni' slightest pa ", l?> ttieir ia? uj |ir" c?ss Noehatge tor temo .raiy ?'s i)' evu?. tlng where artlBelal Teetli are msei ed a Hop. atlont ? arraute I No Mi i itiAl ?tee?opjiosiie West Broadway. J' Mt>SI hR. J. OR4DUATBD BURGEON DKNTTRT No. Mi Waal Iweat/ liloUyiNel, Ksiween Broadway and Sink are^ug MHCELLARBOVI. ALL HO(TXEKB?PERB Are .nterested in the i oil#wing list ef prKti On M <.uot of the deranged cOXbirrOK OF THE COUNTRY we continue to oner the whcle ol oar . MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT ? rr trb (.tola, Dinnrr Dessert and Tea Seta, cut Tab e < lose, eiiver piu:e<i Ware Table Cutlery, >lu Futurea, Ac , at a redaction lit itiqi ruugtnt; from . , . ?To 5) I'BK CENT. A <aui| arlson of enodsand pri*"i *ltb any offered IB tbC city w 111 mm line all. KB AD KKAD ! RRAD' ' I Wkltr Preach China T-a Set. 41 r,i,c? S3 ** Uolu Itai.d China lea .-ma. 44 nhnas ... 5 8? Fancy French t.bma Tea -t-u, 44 pieces ........ ..... 1 X WhiteFrench Cbma soup Turret.*, tech 2(10 Vklte nucll Cbllt NTtrad Dlthtt, i nch 7? White Freaoii Chiua Diuaer Bets, l?l piacee!.!^.. WM Gold band ireii li t hina Dinnrr Beta, IJ1 placet' . 4a OU Fancy Frew h china Dinner and from $501') $10 i 00 hllv< r plated Table Forks, the dor.en $ I 4% Silver plated Tabic Spoon*. tbe do/en. ... . t -5 Silver plated Tea Spoons. tit- dozen i 25 t liver plated t asters, ul bottles 4 Silver plait rt < 'nkc Baskets, each ; 7.% Silver plan J Ice Pitchers, each 001 fllvri plated Ten Sets, six pleees .. IJ'SO Ivory lian<llt* Dinner Knives, the ao/.ou ' mi Ivory bun Jin Tea Knivea, the dozen. 4 ill Cut Glass Goblett, ibe dozen I 7b Cut t.'laaa Decanters. 'he pair I an Bohemian Gluts F 1 tiger How .e. the dozen In) Li KbftlSS A eomplete line of I ion stone China, from the neiebra'ed li nkers, John Minldiick A Sou, SUtfnrdshlre, England. While iron stoue cbln.i i inner I'lalea, tbe do/en .... *0'J6 W hite iron stone china Soup Flutes, tbe do/.en u ?6 W bite luiu stone chin* Rrrakl'.ist Mates, the dozen 0 87 White Iron none < hlna Tea Plates, the dozen 0 7f? White iron stone chinu fonp 1 uteeiis, each 1 '*? White iron st ne china Covered Dishes, each white Iton ttone chinu Toilet nets, 11 pieces - 5?t ALSO, The largt st sto k of . . , OAS FIXTURES to be found in New York, a'. equally inviting rate*. Complete outbts for dwelling houses. 1 omplct* out lit h for suires. Complete outlits fur hotels Complete outflts for public buildings. Complete ouilits for all establishments SUtqUIHIMU OAK FIXTURES. Goods bought ana I'AID FOR HOW will, if desired, be stored until the 1st of May without addi tional charge ORDERH IROM TOE COUNTRY mutt enclose the cash. Par funds only taken CUT OUT Tills LIST and bring it with ton W J. F. DAI LEY * CO., 631 Brood way. AN AGENCY WANTED-FOB A MANUFAOTUBING or otber concern, by an active, driving, energetic young man of business experience, and a large city and out of torn acquaintance. First class rnfeienoe will be given. Addresa Anderson, station A Poet oflice. A FINE COLLECTION OK AMERICAN AMI WW Coins for tale ulieap Call at the gilder h shop, 197 Wil lium street. BE It LIN A JONES, 134 WILLIAM STREET.?MAND facturers of Envelopes of every si/.e. quality and kind know n I11 the trade, as business, legsl, portfolio, docum-snt, detector, safety, embossed, opaque,silvered, square, wedding, mourning, drug, epistolary, pay, cloth ilm >1, business, fl lusiralril or tinted, hand eut government, f o>t oflice, 00m tnercta! ultra. super, hnperbnc and extra ?up?'rttne. A lar^e stork of the above kinds on hand in the following oolors, tor the inspection of the trade -White wove and laWI, light butt, dark but), canary, ember, xtraw, pink, blue. Mine, gold ami mange. We warrant the prices sufficiently low to be an Inducement to tbe closet buyer. Samples furnisbed the trade gratis Commercial, rut, from 80 rents, upwenls; Posl otlicc, out, Ira?n 7Sc?nts upwards; ipvrrnmcnt, cut, from IKI rents upwards. BERLIN A .loans, havelope Manufac turrrs, l:'? William street, New Vork BUT1ER?eoo PACKAGES STRICTLY CHOICE, ftUIT able ior family use, lor sale by UAKRt RCRBELL A DO . o4 Pearl and 3d Water mreet. BENZINE-A BUl'ERIOR ABTIOLE OF REFINBD Bcnzire, for sale In quantities to suit purchase re and at the very lowest market price. McCRBARV A Co , No 6 Spruce street, New Vork. BKIDOEWAtER PaINT. Fireund water proof. Best color for villas, cottages, harns, derks of vesaels; will stand any weather or climate. Depot 74 Maiden lane. W. W. BETPS, Ueneral Agent. i IOLI.ECTIONH SOUTH -A tiEWTLEMAN WHO HAB I resided and travelled in tbe Southern states l or at years, will fpend the next three months on a aerotntlle collecting tour. (:olle< t ons lot- well known Southern houses will be at tended to at moderate rates. Address Agent, boi 2,49.) Post otlice. ? , DRESFM XKlNti AND FAMILY SEWING OF ALL kinds done at short noil* ?*, jnd at reasonable pneea, by u Wheeler A Wilson machine, at No. &1 Sixth avenue, second iloor. OR THE SUPERIOR ROOPINO SLATES OF THB _ lisg'e Slate Company, apply at th<slr yard, corner of Twelfth street and Tenth avenue, or to O. FURMAN, Agent, 27 Cortlandt street New fork. IARGE TREKS CHEAP-THE GROUND WANTED J for streets ? Large Norway t<pi ucc and other evergreens. Maple# Lindens, Hor?e Cbestcuts, Ahele, l*t'h, At\: large Appier, I'esrs, . oerrles, I'luins ami reaches, at bsli price te immediate purchaser*. WM. R. r l: I Ncn A < ?> , Flushing. MARB1.B NANTKLB?GREAT HAKGMNH IN MAN telA?A large stock on band, and a gre*t red "-lion In Sees tor any kl d ordered this month. Call sooa at A. .AltkK s marble yard, 11.1 Jtast Kiglitecnts street, west of Third avenue. Mantels put up in anv place in be country MA1LI.AUD K CBLKBBkTSD CHOCOLATE FAMILY CI1?>COLaTK35 CENTS. CHOCOI.ATE DE 8AI TE l'ERKECTIONKE. t llO'-tu AtR DE LA VANILLA 1 Hot OLAl'E l>Ol BLR VANILLA CIICCor.ATR PAR EXCKlJjBNCE. v lltn'OI.ATE t Itr.AM HK'tKrt. tlHOt'lH^ATE CARAMEL?. I AH the Kbore Chocole.tes are made from tie beat materials and wai tunlcd pure Fur fsl? w liolesale and retail bv II8.SRY MaILLARD, fi'il Pr. sdwav sud 1.V and 160 Mercer street. VJCTH f DO NOT BUY THE FRAMES OF YOUR i.iken< sses at the phot' grapbert pla M wben you ean nave ehtrper at tlie manuiacu ry, No 2Ureeue street, turner < until. I'm traits lined in 1 rame* at five minutes notice. IJAINTS FSF.M If WHITE UXC PAINT. DRY AND 111 oil, led ati'l ncet n seal, a' 1 educed prices fur cash. K01 ^?^'c ut ihe depot rl the VI,Ul. Montague t'otiuiany of Parle, bv JOSEPH M ITHnNO 42 Bnd M tlreene sneet. F PELLIUM SEEDLING I't iTATOES FOR SALE.-THEY J ar-- 1I1 earliest Known; white, mealy and in season tliii.ugliout the sr Also it fluei i.idei and Vinegar, very eln < e Apply at the agency, No 4 Erie Buildings, Duane si reel. 34. A. .1. LYNCH. Read thib ? splendidly engraved icb pitch em$05") plated Forks and Spoous, $3 doz-n. Every kind of eutlery at low prices, at BaSb/UuD'S, the Cooper In ?Utute UTEAV fNOINP, WANTED ABOUT 10 OB 12 HOBSK I puirt r, t?jr .1. Lockltt A Oo , LVl Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. SEW ?o ?oi,^ol,u,IJjJ.''^*,sh|*^'TED -WHEELEU A WIL be pnid in ei,i?h Addrer# ?i Ti WMrli a fair ur^w ?iii sua pri. e expected oo* 2-?#? ?? * w here *>iey mnt out. ,f order 3" '? ' N. 6 -a!Z mi5? TO DOCrOHS -A ?.RADI-ATE IN MEDICrwR riM aciuire an imiued<tle ititrodurlion Into a practice worth $1 Jt?i per annum, in a village one hundred miles from New \ ?rk. lnqime at i:<0 West lio 1 Ion street. rpHF NEW YORK DYEING AND PRINITNG BSTAB I lishment WORK'S ON STATEN' ISLAND. No. W Dt.aoe strert nate 43 John street). Branch oJiQes, 7V Hio?'l ?t y snd I. ti fiutrepont street Brooklyn. VirANTED Itl PIRl HASK-A S.M VLL StJIoONKB, >> from 25to35tons. Apply to OOLLIS A MfrcHIU., if,2 letlth street. ?J TON PLATFORM SCALE fairbanks BENT 1< ?) fee 1 Platfoim >cale w ith laticy iton columns, throe years' gusrsntee, atxl peiTeet in every respect, lor sale at a ?i 1 lieii Apply at WHtsntM stieet. New York made by any onk with ?pi""' Hirmil tisil#. For circular explaining the bunii a.lrtresx Milliken. 1renc- Mass . or mi ixntts Mo. ril IIIII I 4JH4JI41B PMAOM iRF.ES FOR HALS AT UU.UHl/ tile lowes( talcs t. rd?rs a-M es^nl IA? Newark Nurseries Newark, N. J , promptly a'tended to. (liOTIIIKU. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CIXYPHING.?LADIBS AMD A gentirnieii oa\ lug anjr cast otf Clothing, Kumiuire. Car t>et" and Jewelry, will ireelve .be highest prl"eby eaiHng en 01 s<ldr> ssing A HARRlb, MB Third avenue. Ladles at Lead ed to by Mrs. Harris. A RARE CHANtS.?LA DIES AND GENTLEMEN, have just received H.ttHi 1.1 purehase taiat off Clothing j t arpeis. I'uniltiirr, for me California raarke'. ] pnsatse .0 ! j-s? 1 he itlg'ir^t pri(^ tor them, by ealflng on or- addreeshlg M. Mt.l ln "J Seventh avenue, near eernntnenth street. Ladles a'l' iideil hv Mm Ellis. Al'lRKTION.-LADlfcS AND tiKNTLEMEN. IF VOU wan' 'o re' ihe lull val'ie of your rast off t'lotbm*. f umtt ore. l a pets ami Jew elry, the tiest youoan to is to smwl a note i" F HaBBTH, 1Mhevi nth a>enue. There y?i may be <yinvin< ed you w'll be il *lt wi'li to yoai sattsfMM, For 1 Silk Dies es, i rem (7 to $.'!>; lor < oats, lr>m$3 it (id, for I I'snts Mnd Vests, from 91 upwanls 1*1-as?-don't :'?r?<"t, IM i Seventh avcniK . near iweutytlrsl street. Ladies *i,leiidnl 1 to by Mrs. Harris ? At VSi> '.ENTLEMKN < NEW' AND LEFT OFF Clothing pnichssed for tbe Western market, in laeg?v ? ) mm I lota, tor which tbe full value will be piod wtihonlkev chug or seeking to impose Please call at tUs s'ore, dre-s Titos. D. < on oy, 44 t ertie street . Al AR'iF ORDER FOB CAW OFFCLOTHI?tl~ W. alert. ? pui chase, t.?r San Flaitclsoo, Cail.'orni* I stiles nnd ?rent|?njen. If you wt* h to get a fair price ror your t.'lo be?. t ?<|ei?, Furuitur-* and Jewelry, thq b> '?lyuuoan do Is to *? nd II note 10 B Mlntz, No. 7V Hxth nc?nue, where yon ?asy be cnvino-d vou will he tl?alt with to yonr sausisclten. LeaiesMtonded to by Mrs Mljtz No "9 Sfiiih itveoue, be te een I Ightb street snrt 'A'avedey nl*'?. ALARtJE QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CtnTHTNG wanted, to 'II tp ei lei 1 fr ni tnn Weet Klut ra'e prices w ill he fcivrii. amltssh ltail In 1 iv ren' mooey. All ey to JAMES M0H''NE*. IHi Pe.ui street, next ol"?k to Chat bam. A BEtTErl Flti '. PAID F<Hi .AD1KS AND GENTS rait off Ci?''tint; 'ban fls-wh re. on sfnut; of 'be pat.P-. 1 rns sntee to p* tbe f Howler pness ?Fr teaA7 to 9?5 in Sbi D'-see-, frtu > to #'? I r ' ct.'s, and 'r^refl .10 to $t; ("te-I'ann A'?o >'ar, e'? Fon t re, Je*ehsr, hi A "o.e by post puemtiaC* atiemlfd ? J v >"... l'?4 ^sveath ate nue, bei?neii Nine'eenlti tnt* '> U*"i ?'"Wte Ladlea at tended to by Mrs E. A III pfphons fuli.owi.m. a good adti^e will o?>cr fall - Unties and gentlemea, avoid being ham | It ij^ri. ai.<l ce.: at iocs' or address a note by pas', to H. Rar ris. :i4* Dt.wet 1. ? here vtm may be sure to illagtnse of vmir 1 w> 1 oit ( itiiiniiu, Fumliure, inrpets and Jewell/, at a t'a'r price, am! not * humU'i^ged. ?or Silk Dresses,'fro? fT U? 9:1' [01 < osts, from 13 Ui $12. for Paelr, from $1 and up ws'tli I allies attendea by Mrs Hairis, Vi3 Hoeery, orpo site Fourth ..nd On at Jones s n eu t uHEAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHfNG, LADIES' AND ,\ genUeutea't Wttied, a ot ol < <?t'>a t loibing Farnl Hire, I 'stpele and Jewc'.r ? I goarstiu e 10 nay tire be* prw* In ihe rity bv 1 tiling tin or ador>salng M Abrahams. JM Se v. ntlisenu-, bet? een Twenty Uflh ami Twenty ? *tb streets. I.adtes atlende l to bv Mm A. A GJ1KAT gUANTITY OF OAST OFF CLOTHING, ,\ Furo turc. ? stpeia, Ae , wani'(t. Ut eupi'ly the Western market I psy as follows - From $10 to $\1 <or tilt t> esses. Coats, from $d to flw-Pants, t rom $1 to $A. Call on or ad dress A. DOC AB, J18 Seventh aveiue, between Twenty fount and Twenty fifth sheets ?||| be ptinrtuallv a ?eded to La diet ttwiM to by Mrt P.