Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1861 Page 2
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BOAR !>!%'<? A!VD I.ODGINU. ASMALi, rKIVATy ^aNlLY R&MWXU IW THEIR o?*n house, would e ifrmi ftr'.ur md Mnltnon on M Baud si to an -uiry aedrjOtn on the third floor to single or a f "n'letuan *ad his wife. Tli? house i? brown stous. ?lib *U ttie muu-iu Improvements Inquire at 281 hi ar?n'-.?, blrj 'luuae above Ihluy eighth Bererec.<es required. * NUMBER OF HANC HOME ROOMS, WITH BOARD; ii also tingle Kwtiia for gentleman Apply at 22 Went Fourteenth ui.-eet, be'weeu Fifth and ixtb avenues. AO'-'NTt.fc.JtAN AND WIFE, AND A FKW BINOLE :^*nt.emeu can obtain pleasant n^nnis, with Board, at ho. In t '&n oll plecn. Bleecaer street. Be'erem-en exchanged. AWIO'W LaDi rWNI><> TUP MOUSE SIIK lives it>, i* desirous of iennog the Hwnd Floor, fur mated to t?i?. or three leatieui-o. wrii iut t'oard; there Is gas in the rooms aad a bath i aim hi the house. 1'be beat iefe reoces iilvet! and required A*)pl/ at No. I Ninih street, be twe? n Fifth and Sixth avenues. A PRIVATE FAMILY. LIVING IN GOOD STYLE IN A _/? modem ,ti dp fiont house, will lei a I'arlm uuil Bed room, ' * 1 "" " pay AV'RI PLEASANT FRONT AND BACK ROOM ON . the ? b't.1 story, to lal. 1"gt'ttipr or separate, to a gentle man h . i lad. 01 quiet haint* Lai'h room contains gas, liut and Oul 1 w .tt.T Apply at ?.'>7 We?t Ku teeuth street, between hevsn-h and Rlghlh avenues A NEATLY Ft'RNlsHKD ROOM. WITH CLOSET, TO let u> aiov'le gentlemen, or a geutleuian and wife, with or without Board, in a small private family. House has gas, 'bath Ac Appl) at 180 (old So 69) Filth street. LAIt'JE AP.K UNFURNISHED ROOM, WITH JtOf.rd, to ft gentleman and wife, tor $7 7.1 also ? small 1 boon- $4, gas Included. pantries, t'rutio basins, hot OT c-id water Breakfast at7; lunch all; dinnerat 6:i5 Family Riigliah No. ?16deuoiui avenue, near sltrty. seventh atreet, Al.iNTI.SMAN AND WIFE OR A FEW RiNULF. grntlemea, cor lie a-coininndated with good Board. Roooia 'utnlshed 't unfurnished Terras moderate. No moving in May References exchanged Apply at 216 Clinton ku eel benry A card to bach elors.?a party of gentle sen v lshfng to And ft superior home may have the mo A iiopo.y ol n tlrst class House, situated on Fifth avenue; la we.l furui.-Led and ha* every convenience. A club, wishing to live 'u g ?)4 style without the trouble of housekeeping, can make a desirable arraDgemec:. The aoimuiodatlona are aiepla for from aix to twelve gentlemen. A notead drrsied to "rivatu t.'lul), Herald ofllee, will be attended to. AVOI'NO UKMIXRMAN FROM THE SOUTH OF UN doubud respectability, deities to enter t strictly private French family, where n.? Liiqilali Is simken, that he may per fect luai-f r lit the language. If periectly satUiied as to the respecia.iilitv ot the fainllv the tenns ol uo considcratiou l)e<lr?tl locAilon Id tin-viriait) of the New York Hotel. Ad dresn -amuel Hsmwni, Herald otlioe. AOENTLEMAN AND llIB WIFE AN 8 TWO OR THREE single gentlemcp can obtain htndsome furnishe<i Rooms ?with B C?rd, tn ft small private fniuilv wiibout e uldren, sod >-h*re but few boarder* are t iken. Location delightful, lii ?W Mverlrtr plane, near Washingt. in arpiftre Best of reference. Sinner at 6 o'clock. No moving in kay. Avounq enoltsh *idow lady, oocupyinq her )?n ho ce, w ould r-ul a s'llt of lljoms to a part/ ?who w.iuld be willing to puy w all the freedom and ftdvan tsg- s i 1 retired home. Tae roonn are coioi'arwblv I'ur mshed (veiythlng Kept in nice order, gas. Jtih VtesldnBce a'?'.v?t p? .ve<: of n' <vlwav and centrally loAt?d. for further rft'tuuUrs addle<s City of Loudon. Union square I*OSl 'U. - A I'RIVATB FAMILV, KKS1DINO IN WEST TWENTY th rd street, opposite Loalon terrAce, would let a lloor thro'igo, .'ingly oreu s'llto with Bnard^to single cen'lemen; terms ?eA /.n?rUe; u deUgbtful siimm. r location; best lele J elites require d. Address A. J., box 10tf Eer.ild olllce. A FAMILt WIIJ, LET A FEW PLEASANT FtJR i\ nish d itoom^. with Uoaid; house contains modern lm proveme r.s. nelghhorboid desirable; use of piano; ft com fortable h >me; terms moderate; no May moving. Apply at 17? West Ihirty sixth street, between Seventh ftud Eighth A A LADY DE8IRF-TO PRtJQURE CHEAP BOaRD IN A ie<peclftb!e private lannly. Address M. A. K., slation D Pest nihce. A PLEASANT FRONT PARLOR FOR A OENTLEMAN and wi'e to let. with Hoard, at 80 East Broadway. also two or three single gentlemen dm be accommodated with good Board and pleasant rooms on reasonable term*. AUENTLEMaN and WIFE AND ALSO a simile gentleman can nave Rooms on second or third llo >rs, with riiisi il, at 119 West Twenty second street; this is a tilua xau; private ho'ise. In a first rite lmatlon. Call tor two or three days. Reference required. A FAMILt OR PARIY OF GENTLEMEN DESIItINO JA Ui maJce a pt-rman nt arrangement for Ooard, can nbtalu a des.'rtbie suit of i-oom-, oo second floor; location cenuai; ai*. tw.i rooms, ai l-.'i? liiuon place. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR, (TITH BED r?i:u adjoining also single Booms, with Board, at 200 lleurv street, near ( lio'nn Bouse replfte with every oon %en:enee Hath am. waiercloseu on sec >ud and third lioors. Dinner atsix. N. it.?No moving In lalay. A LADY HAVING FURNITURE SUFFICIENT TO J\ lurulsh or psr.'.a!ly furnish a house, would board (or her 1 aralture. or engage as partner with a lady and take a'aige oouse la the vicinity of len-.h to Twentieth street. Addieta 1j. A. C., statlju D, fclgth street. SMAI.L PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING THEIR nv.;. house, situated in tl.e most accessible location, would rent to a paw of two or three, with 3oard, a h?nd ?otnelj futnlsbt d suit of ifixmi Cars and ?t igea leave the corner tor every part of the city, inquire at No 71 West Thlify secmd fttreet A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARUK FRONT Roitn ou second floor to two genUemeu willing to room '??gethe., ? r to gentlem.i'i and wife, on moderate terms Dinner it 61. o'clock. Call at I6J west Forty secjnd street. A LADY LI VINO ABoUT FOKT\ M fLES FROM THE J\ city wishes to lake some Hoardera during the summer Also u few children enn be taught In music anil oil pain:.tig Jor partlcu ars anply at the Glr*rd House, for Mrs. Smith, id the parlor, from 11 A. M. to 1 P. M. A LADY, WITH UNEXCEPTIONABLE REFERENCES wishes to negotiate with apaitvof gentlemen, who will r?ut a f'imlshed or partially furnished house and hoard out the rest. To parties who dealre home com'orta, naatunts and ?iroer, this lady would prove valuable. She Is a supeitor housekeeper in sverv department A housekeeper's situation with a wtlowei, with t amilv no objection. Apply t > E. Law rent e A Co.. ?8 East Founeenth street APLSASANT FUBNIKUED FRONT ROOM TO LET? with Boaid. to a gentleman and wife or two or three atngie gea'.emen. Terms mojeraie. *pply at ll!I C'hrvjtie street, l?e'?e?n Broome and Orand streets T NO. T ORAMERCT | PLACE, IN IWENTtETN ^.A ?'.r*e' aec i. i d ?>r ' r .m Fourth avenue, to let, to a sic gle g,-? f:."i.'u?. a 'urn.shed Mliing R<> >m and Bedroom at tariied house flr?i class. BreakfaH II' required A FINE SUIT OF ROOMS AND SEVERAL SINGLE J\ K i ?, in a first i lass house nhove Madison square, to let, with U ri. lo fan Hies or slunle g>-tit.mneii. Apjdy to E. LAW RENCB A CO till E'iat Fourteenth street A1 FFW VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS FOR ?.K>TLE r e . unfurnished In p?rt. with or without Breakfaatftt miy h ? i: Apply at S2tl Fourth street, neftr Broadway. A A FAMILT DESIROUS TO REDUCE THEIR KXPRNfl. ? iJ aeoommodate a family ?: Ore or all persona witii ? ,e??a: t moms and boaeil. where no other boarders w I ' M ? ikeu ' I mil e contains all uodaen Improvements Loji-.m i, rnd. ilea' Lrvlugtan avenue aud Twenty socond street Address B. station K, three days, APaKTMENTV -a HANPHOME ruit of four Rooms to let, with prlvat- table, at St Flfih avenue. AI ?.i i nut >>ory 'louse, f urns tied or uirtiirnished, to 1st, en fifih avenue W mild be 'ei 'n aiiaitmenta Bo^ hD -TO LET, AX r HTITYVESaNT STREET, CON titi'-afion of As.or pl?"e, two well furnished l>imv nt h ;is: is! Brard. lu a private family, to a gentleman and v lie nr I wo single fafttlemen. Uo m] locality. Close lo csrs and s'a?es ,j Board.?wanted, a hu ng uady of <h ikt ha is, a furnished Room, wtib Board, In a genteel prl n e ia:uli<, where she <-an enjoy the ? imforts of nh ?m". cue where there are no other or but few boa'ders preferred. Adtlreaa i T . station F O VfU> - A UEN1LKMAN AND WirE. OR TWO BIN. g 'utleuien. can on acc imiuodsted with ft Parlor and two Bedrooms, pleasantly situated, in perfect o^diw. a-i t gas, on rea? mabie terms. Apply at 3t West ninth street. u ?a handsomely fuemh. hii suit or ii? >o rs-nt. se;> iratel. or together or withoat ?'Og gas and hath NoBiovia-! In Msy. Sifters psas lew steps of the liDUse. Apply at 37 west Wautog. B BOARD A GENTLSMAN AND WIFE A"*f> ".VL OR t?o SMgle gei.llern'B Ml be ftcoommoda'ed t|t!i pie* asct T? on.? and good Hoard, at 2S7 Waal flurlv '.mrth si-wet. Hoard -peocuak opportunity.?delightful permsnentor transient country Hoard, in a p? Ished and ed rated ntdgliNn h>* d. at unusually cheap rates, to getli'i if detlrrd with i msl advan<ag?>us Investment of a ssin . nim. A ldr>ss Lakelet, Herald ? 'lice BOAP.D ?TO LET wnil BOA l!l), AT IV SE0OND avenue, bet'vren EUhti und Ninth str?>ets. nicely lur ulshed K i*ns on second and third floors, suitable lor gentle men <o l their wives or gentlemen, who will be permanent. RelSlf'ire. en liatiftrit Board -a fam'ly. liv no is ?ooo ?tyle. will l Kooaua, singly or Is suits, nicely furnished, with firs, c'aas Heard, at a aioderate prfoe. permanent parties pre frr-?d At ply at 173 M?<d >ugal street, fifth b >use from Eigbth Street. Board in harlem-single gsntlembn or fa lit .ies ean be a<"??.tnmodat^d with *o.k1 Hoard with a private family, la l'i"ih street. fo?irth house west of Third avenue; near tbe st> suiV a: landing aud cars; terms mode di-iste F t further uilonna'inn inquire on the pn-misea, gt Mra. VALLlKR. or of C. N. Hunt No. H Gold street, N. V. Board for thk ist of may?at hm testii streel. three doors we?t of Broad ?ay A handaowely fur nl?hed llisimon second ilgor. seltanie f or a geuilemaii and w ife; ft ?o Boom* for singl gentlemen. al?o Ism * Parlor and e*len?on Hoo? sr.lts' I ? ? ra doctor or ilenllst; will be let furnished or unlunilaned The house ha* all 'he ra ?lern lm provr-niefiis For furt'icr partk ulars Mil on'ir address F. M . 138 Eighth street. Board for mechanics-a gentleman and wi'e or tsro young gentlemen can be ao-omm ida'ed with Board In a private family. Inquire ftt 272 Stanton Blreet, co> iter of C<>lumbia Board wanted-bt a rebprct?hlr young lady. In a private famliv w here she can enjoy the c im forts of home; Meat) is below Fourteenth street end west of Bmitiwfty preferred amines L. A O., box l&l Herald ofliee Board wanted ?a family of tixke "f.rsons wou d let their house unfurnished or partially furnish sd, to a smaii private fam? ly. retaining a suit of room ? on s<o. nd floor, snd a-rsnge to <ake the rent of premises in Hoard house nearly new, with all the modern ImpMveiuen'A and sdiglbly alp sted. Apply at 65 West F my aavsni'i sir ?elTfroOl lll>?oclci. Board wa^ied-^oh a vouno ladt ? no is our of the house duflag the daj ; prtvsle ftmlly preferrel, Address A B., Brosdwsy I o-toi'-c.. >t?tlug terias and lo t tioa. ____ Board wanted - an t h' urnthhud room, with Board for a gsv.fleman and wife; u it over Ave or lea miO'itee ws'Jt from the loetier of the Hos-erv snd Broome street. private family prefei ied. Address J. B. II., box31M New Tork Post attee. BJARD WANT?t-B/ A liFN TLf BAN ano WIFE, 1 ? geo'eel ne'ghborhiod, ferros nit lo enreed tin per Wftt V P i b I Ml H?rftl l Qitce, suii'ig terfM. BOARDING AND LODGING. Board wanted?W Brooklyn, KKOM MAT I, rOR ? geutleinan and wife; will lurnlth their own room: lo cation nun I be i iijr I Hit >11 ferry; will pay $3)) per mouth. Aildirm II., box W7 Herald ollu-e. BOAKD WANTED- BV A GENTLEMAN, IN AN.-EN'l lisfi private f'smily, where lie may feel at haiue. Ad dress, slating location, which must be In the citv, A B.. bjx 161 Herald otlioe |)OAItD WANTED?FOR A (JENrLEMAN AND TWO J > ladles, in thi* city Terms not to eiwwl $11 pis- week. Location not al>ove Twenty linh street. Address W. K,He raid ollioo, staling term* and location. ? Board wanted-in williamsbubg, bt a oin tlenmn. Address, stating terma, which mail be mode rate, A. P., W UUiiiiiaburg Post otlice. Board wanted.?a young gentleman wi*hbs to procure Board in a respectable faintly, where there j are but lew boanli rs Address A. W., box iil Herald office, BOa'1) WANTED?AT YOKKERS OR FORT wa9h '"t oil, for two ladies an.t maid, from May to Novem ber; * pilvatc family preferred ; two ple^ communicating loom ; ti cals served In the room; room tor maid: good ac I c< uitu <io'loiiK, Unexceptionable re'ennces required. Ad ! dress rt. V . Price, bookseller. 881 liioadway, New York, stat ing te to ? per calendar mouth. BOAKD WANTEDWFOR A LADY, IN A PRIVATE FA lully, between Hleecker street and Onion iquaraand | Fourth and Eighth aven ies Terms must be moderate. Ad | ilreaa, staling terms, O. V D., Herald office. BOAKD WANTED?BY A LADY OK RETIRED HA bits, with a widow lndy, and where there are no other boarders; h neatly furuibhoil front Room on the west Hide of own preferred; enc will be found a desirable companion to a >d> desirous ol mincing her expense* Hoard not toe* fccd *?> P?'r week. Address B. li , bo* 118 Herald oilice Board wanted?by a gentleman, in a pri vate family, between Fourteenth and Twenty-third stioets and Third and ftlxth avenues: a pleasant Koofn, lire, i-as, water. Ac Acdress, with full particulars, Johnson, box 41 Ilerald oilice. Bent reference given. TJOAliDING.-A LARGE BACK fARLOR AND BED li rrom on firs'floor, one double and one single Bedroom ? ?. second floor a'l haudsomely fnmisl ed, to lut. with first ; i lass board, at 12ft (/rami street, between Houston and Prince ?.treats Balh rodm, fas. An. Breakfast from 7 to#; lunch | >.t 1; dinner from 6 to 7 o'clock. Terms moderate. Boarding.?oentlemen and tiieir wives can be Keoommodated w Ith Rooms or suits of Rooms, on second floor, with pantiles, closets, drawers, gas, at Ml Adelphi street, half a block south ol Myrtle avenue, Brook Its ; genteel family; terms moderate BOARDING?A FEW TOCNO MRN ANI) YOUNG LA- | dlos can be accommodated with first rate Board, by an American uimily; gas and balli in the bouse. Inquire a'. 4M Hudson street. Boarding ?a strictly private kamily. ocoii- i pyinu a first class bouse in Twenty-ninth street, near | Fifth avenue, elegantly I'uniubed, are desirous ol letting one suit of Rooms, with Board, to a genteel famllf. Address box ? 174 Post otlice. Boarding from may i.?the bkcowd floor and buck Parlor i n the tlrst floor?the la'ter earlier If needed?ellb?r furnished or unfurnished, can be ob lined on application at 2C8 Tenth s'ree'., convenient to Broad w?v. Boardihg in FOURTEENTH street, AMOVE Filth :ivi rue?A Parlor and Bedroom aud oua s ngle noom. with first elass Board, In a pleasant family, as above; the hoove is In all respects lint e, ass and very cool Address H. E , box 60S Post ollite Relerences exhnnge<l. BOAKD IN BROOKLYN.?ROOMtl TO LET, WITH Beard, in a brown ttone house containing the modern improvements; location oonveniont to either Kul'on or Wall street ferry. References require .1. Apply at 4tf Concord street Board in Brooklyn?a gentleman and wile and two single gentlemen can be aoeommodntud with newly papered and painted Rooms on ?ppllc?'ii.n to 56 State street The bouse has all the modern improvements. Dinner at six o'clock. Board in Brooklyn.?rooms, newly and neatly furnished, cn the second and third floors, with Board, are offered by a small family; the house is pie* santly situated and has all tbe modern Improvements; terms moderate; references required. Apply at 241 Clinton street. Board in Brooklyn?a gentleman and w lfe, or two single gentlemen, can obtain pleasant Board and Booms, in a private ftimilv, only eight minutes' walk from either South or Hamilton ferry, at No. If Harrison street, two iljors east of Clinton. Good table; terms mole rate Board in Brooklyn-a gentleman and wife, or a lew single gentlemen that would appreciate neatness, jileasaut Rooms and giod Board, may apply at Kt Schermerhorn street. Brooklyn; near all the ferries. No moving. Paitial Board $1 30 and $4 00 per week. Board on bbooklyn heights -a gentleman and wile and two or fbiee single gentlemen can beae commodaled with Board and pleasant Rooms, with a small family, by applying at IS Poplar street, near Fulton feriy. Tei ms reasons ble. Board on Brooklyn hbightk.?a family or a par v of gentlemen can obtain p easant Rooms by ap plying at ift Montague place, corner at Henry street; entrance in Henry street, best of reference given and required Boarders wanted in Brooklyn?between Fulion and Dekalb avenoss, near Clinton. Four single Hunts, two married eouples, or a family. Terma low. Inquire of A. h. COIIB1N, No. l.t Oold street, N. V., or Mr. DUN NING, No. 121 Pulion street, N. Y. f yiEAl' Fl'RNIHHED ROOMS AT THE FRANKFORT | \J Hou?e, c rner ol Frankfort and William streets?Oool , Rooms from |1 tofSperareek. Lodclngs from Skeents to 37 i cents per night; open all night. Good restaurant atta< bed. elODMTBT BOARD?AT THE DRLIGHTFITL VILLAGE ) of Flshktu. Kamlllet irnnthe city may enjoy the ad ; \anta^ea of healthy air, pleasant rides and fine mountain ??nerv. near tbe Hudson River Railroad. Address Mr*. M. | V. W. Llaton, flshklll, N. Y. ("TOUMTRY BOARD WANTED-BT TWO OENTLEMEW, J from lit or June arii; 1 citlon near water, and >?lthin oil'' hour * ride of the <ltv of New York. AdilrriH A V , bo* 1V7 I'oat oflioe, atatlng roll particular*. /lOCNTRS HOARD CAS B.. OBTAINED IN A PR1 J vit? family, ubout thirty mi Ira from this city. For fur Ler particular* apply to W. H. fackett, 171 Blxlb avenue. TpLEUANT AND PRIVATE BOARD -ROOMS EN SUITE Vj or?itigle; large anil alrv bath mow, gas, furnac*, A-; hmw, neighborhood and looitlon firm claaa. within live minuiee w.tlk of Wall an<l South ferrle*-, a delightful home lor families and alngle gentlemen tin- coming aeaatin Dinner at 6. Privata tabie. Whshlng dona In the houae. Terma moderate 107 Heiirj atreet, Brooklyn _ I FRENCH BOARD.?A FRENCH FAMILY. OCCUPY 1 lng amcdern bou?e. would let two el-gantlv furnlahed farlora and lledro .ina, on flrat floor, with Board In the beat etyle, to a laimlv of adulta: al?" aome Room* to aingle gen tl-nien. EucUab. Hpaniah and Herman aix'ken. Apply at .19 We it Twelfth street, between Fifth and slith aveouea li^RBNCH BOARD.-ONE <iR TWO URNTLEMEN CAN F be accommodated with well furnlabed Kontnaand Board, in a French tamlly, at 78 eecond avenue. CTVRMSUED ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, FOR M? geatiemeu and their wive* or aingle gentlemen, in a no dem nou?e, In a central locality, on reaa .nable terma No moving In May. Inqu reat 37 Eaat Eleventh atreet IJKH'BTH AVEME. WEAR MADISON fQCAKK ?PLEA r ?'an' Rootn? it ad Rrmid tntv he obtained in a prlvat* lauitly at 417 Fourth av?ntie. Alao the entire Second r.ocr fr< <m May 1. Dinner in the middle of the da* rrRNISHED ROOMS TO LET IN BltflA DWaV.?F.LE gant furnli hed lioomt on Oral ajid ihlid llr>or*, aulla'ue fcr gentlrmen aeeking lrdeporid?nt, pormnnent and Ntllot quai I'tk. Moime flrat eiaaa; i oailon unaurpaaaed. No. KU Hioadway, above Twelfth a.reel FU'RNISlL'iD KOOM8 TO LET?WTTH OR WlfHO'T B>'in!, te je.iii. m- n only; one alngle Room aud 1'arlor and Bed'ooai a1 inched, wMo gaa, bath, Cr ,ton ?<'" aud pantry, in a .lira' c'aaa, nioderti houae. Ho moving in Ma;. Apply at ITti lot Fourteenth atreet. FIRE FCRKMHED ROOMHTO LKT-ATlIM WOOr-TKA utreet near Amity, /-OOD II"aRI? W ANTF.!1 - tlT * TOI N!? MAN, I If A IT etna'.'*h.! ?trict;v private family, where the <om:or:< of a unlet vol ;'en'eel home ran be enjoyed preference* g.ven acd lequlreu. Addre** J. E., bo* 3,044 I'oat office, atttlng term*. AM OMELY F'-Btl Mi. l? ROOM4 - WITH KOAlO, ?t 2T.>foirieeath atn et, for RenUeaa-'a aiNl Ho v. a o-alngie it-Ltlemen, at mode.ra'c pr rev. Uln ner ? ? ck. No movtug In May. Mtferenoe* tgchMignt I- ad:: *bd oemlemek kwuaued in sto"b?, j tie . i ) aud C' r.lor'able home In no I ng llsh af it ard and Ln.lgtig a' no. ITtHndiin Mreet, 11 . Kt $1 HOp?r veek ml upward*, t ae la till? *? i ; ? ? < er. NO, IN ION *01" ARE?VERT EI.K.t AN r ROOMS, handecnieiv niiiii?"ed with Hoard, may !>? oh'ali?d on lhalator M?j at :H Lnion ?'|uare, corner ot ?i*uv-nth atreet. I'eraoti^ in warn of >o|<erior no omaaocatlon* tan ostein pat' tlctiiaia by applying at the hou?e ONE OR TWO OKNTLKMEX CAN OBTAIN A FRONT R.i. tr on aecond Hi ?ir, with gae. h"t and old wat?r, bath. Ac,, in a i r:vate'.ly Apply al Ju Clinton place, B>ghth ?tieet. PLEAS \NT FI'BNIsHED OR t'MFURNIRIIED ROOMS c; n lie obtained, with H. ard, ?nlt*l. * for aganvlemm *nd "He or a part* of gentlemen. Dinner at 6 o i iock. Apply M 413 Konrth atreet, lietweon How en ?nd >n t aienue Private boakii wanted-rt^gentleman and wile, in a airlctlv fdvate, re.p^ab.e lamily, Frnneh preferred. Oood apar'.meoia in a hou?e having modern im nrot tin?nte. up U.*n, and good tab> >ndl?i*n*ab e. Term? ml io <ve>l f2i> per week. Addre** X. Y., Herald otliee, until Batiiiday. 1 )OliMH, WHH OK WITHOUT BEDROolM OOMMUNt J t cAtiag, to iet t<> gentlemen and wivea, ? ith Boa-d, at 'ii H' Mark * place, Eighth atrre<. t?lnner it o'clo. k (lo t a few boaraara take., hefereaeea eicharued l)OOM TO LET ? FCRNISHED ROOM TO LKT. IN A It irtvate family, to one or i-*o gent,emeu. Hrenkfaatlf detlted. App y at in Amity |iM*. UDrlRIOl ROOM*, WITH BOARD, FOR JRNTI,E O men, on mniderate teiTn-??"ne iarK'. and large and ?m?ll rfw.m coi neotlnt' Honae contain* all modem iinfirovemerita. Dinner at 6 ,t. reference* eji hangcd, nomovlni! Inquire al ?* Ht Bark > pl?ce < Klgbtn et'eel). TWO C.ENTLRMMJI WITH TUK1A ''hf, <'AN HK aceommoila'etl with peat, eiomi >rle' ? . .o?tr? and g.on B.iard. and a few aingle gentlemen with Room*, with or with out Boaid, In a I 'tannnt family, annai'ting ol a widow ladv and her two daughtera, a gli Kaal Broadway, oor?-r ttf I'lta urn atreet. TWO VOINO i 'EN TLEMF.N WOVLD LIKE A TV,* r.letied Nn> in, without *??<>* d oi n'e ramllf, #? tween h.,gbtb and Twenty ellih ? reet* mil ? ?n h and Pi\th avenuee. Hoarding be<oe k?. !? rt n?.-.i not reriiy vddrene T. X , lleraid oiitce. rrwo fine larok mr.Me . roc*.-* iriixil I let to neotlMnen, to'-ther < r?, .. tier (he Tat of May aexi. With or wit I out | *rt".' ? ... tlm , , ? ,,tM a?nt!y ?l '"I: ?l?" '??<?' -everal tag - and cr rout**. Ha:e'?'Dceae* .1 g<d A| f at No. V I>eroy *1 Two OR ?MBB ??EN ' I "i-.N tIAR RE A< OOMRO tla'ed wi h a pleaeaut I.. ut K. m, .>a the neeond or llnrd fl< or, tn?prlv*'e houia, w >. re a tew other biarder* ii"c txken . h' #*!? ha* ail the modern ImpiDremi nta nnd I* eon re nient to the car* and *lai?ea C*|l at :14 Kln? atree! R .fe rem . ? gtven aad n-qulrni TVBKF. bKNILRVKN W.flH TO KENT A Fl RMHIlKl) front or ~eV Pgflt t ? ? n.ltolning R.'drmm, with or ?lik 'tu Board, it a Vm.j' that r '"aim ail the new lanpt.oe ? i.t - i,,i . i.e. u? a .jut fU p." month Ad?'<*? u ,i" i)U(nM?lic| BOARDING AS* LOlOUfB. mble' References exohaaged. Apply at 23 Grove ittree , t ween Hlw?rker and Budnon _____ ? uot uiove lit of May. Dinner at all o rlock- _________ mo 1 FT?SINGLE ROOMH. TO GENT' MEN, W1TTH T Board; also one Urge Room, aullable f >i 'W?|K. Mlllh nith all the modern improvements f' a 1 ? street near Broadway. Reference. exchang ?.. Nonliving in Nay. ? 1 mn T KT?WITH B< ARD. AT 67 KAKT TW r..>TY THIRD T JS, *twe.n l^,i?g.ona,,AK^rk ave oneUrge The house c ntalnw e.en conv?mli-noe deslrabl mmsmm v, IIA'OX, 3-13 Kouith avenue. .? rrvT-1 KT WITH BOA?-D, A HANDSOME HHIT OF T ^i'on lllrd floor; alio back Parlor to , theliwlves. and Rooms lor .infill- gentlemen, at No. l? Bourn I*iuth street, Williamsburg. ? -i-rnn* nFKIKARLE Rt/OMS TO RENT, WITH BOARD, VE.?uJlf f..rTgemleman and wife; also 7 .?T.I It 17 Tu?*llill htro-t, between UnlveiMtT pi*c? nou?e with mcKiernlmprofemeaU. 1* t erettOe? ayclmnged | ? r.1 H? H.*td, in a ?tric'ly f^Ur^niv'm*? Add"'" Post office. iefereno* e? charged Terms musl be reasonable I,:;;.',z,%\'oi ?Tkfjkwfe***\ wi of batli, Ac Apply at 1H9 Ea?t Nineteenth street. _____ | TIT ANTED?T V*" O NEATLY FURNISHED *>"*?? W with Board, for two young ladle*, teseben.; location nation I) Posuiilice. . ? wTaNTKD-THREE OR ?OOR SINGLE ORNTLBMKN. ^X'xsxsa rsrssss^ssm \ ft?t ?^?aiTl?.-k%?e? ?rv?n,Mdt"reTitreu!,k No moving m May ippiy at the bouse lor Ave day* TI'UNTVD?HV A GENTLEMAN AND W1KE. FRO* W Is i t ivn Mty on" large Room, wltb good Hoard 'diu ."".tfrSffiu. 4a um^. wltWn oneUo^. ^ s?,lof Chambers mreM. New \?rk ".V T.l i.lllre, statin", terms and g*vlng lul particulars. .it anTKU?HOARD HV A YOCNG NAN. H A ?K. dies*.I 1'' X . Madison square Post olhce W A!S.nrnTn^!^?^?.leAffm^yJn tbef erry. Address, wltb terms, A ., A J., W. W |i> . uera u olliee raid ortlce ?*tantkD-1N A. PHIN \TK FAMILY IN BROOKLYN W ETKLi" flzed f urnlsbed Room. with IOw. for a ?^n ale l?dy, without B.?rd; terma muat be very moderate Ad Ureaa a. Y., Brooklyn l'oat olUcfl iiriNTKD BOARD IN BROOKLYN, NEAR WALL \\ Rit,.?.t'eriy by a young gentleman of ?oet?l hatjiia, ma SS^SES olliee 17 LK/MS with the modern improvementh. *w\ riTNTON PLACE, NEAR BROAD* ^ :^0 nUUed RrSmH io let.'wltl. Bornl, f? a or to ?Irgle gentlemen. _ ~ iri iKMYTH STRKBT.?Fl'KNISHED ROOMS TO 33 let, to arngle gentlemen, in a prlv ?te family. _ *a8T TWELKTII STREET, FIRMT OOtJR ''RDM flf) ? A auIt of Kurnmbed Room* to let, on tbe furnished An Olliee to let, suitable for a dentin ~f FAST TWENTY -EIGHT H 8TRKRT. TU RO OOi>R ffSna'arBtc^sbou^: m da>. Keference. exchanged. ? jiSBSSS rence required 79 "rln S Ing two lsige ??)?? ?, .r it a uuuitmnn eltner to ? pb?Mn or Uable 1 or a single gentle ?Ten!* Dtniierat 6' H^feret" es rxrlntni^d ^ i n l^itemen ? i he location I* near nl tbe llrrft Class hote s an.f ^es 'r rmd'ement Reading room ree. Inquire of AH8QN HODBE ., ,, wnrrr hTRF.ET. OWE DOOR EAST nF BROAP 80 way-Rocm-s with Boerd befen nee require*. "" nnvcw HTRTtKT aSOTE flPRINC}.?AliTSOU Q9 EleiatW furnuihed nait? of Room, W ffi^ly^ebiSfSTm^ -.^tahl. -.".. ies or 1^1. gentiemett. Kent lew to permanent tensnla ?? MAt'DOl-?lAL STR..KT. RIl'H'H.M) HOHHE 110 rarticular attention is reevectfu'W o.iciu-d 10 he i winch wl'l shortly be opened iisa private faintly al^ve bouse, wloch wi i su r r ^ |inka fMDiliea ilred hotel, lor the wsepuonui ?"? *,.?rt',s d,? of house everyEvents,oe at .he aboie e^abltsk ment ? r.,. uuiXt'F 8TIIKET?ST. CLAIR HOUVE.?ELK lftb .?ntly fnruished Rooms, with Bedrooms attacked, II lit. r.invenlenees for housek enitig conplete, Inel id TnggiS5S. wSS, to let to rssp^l- or m. jle g-ntlemei " utw^rt NEAR 8PE1RG.?FU*NI?!1U> 210 ai jir'ments for'immediate occnj>*rct The lowiew T i- nvSi. considering the soover.enr- or eoooonMal rents in the city, 'Onsioen b fnrIl l?r... with r?ng?, auyu&.s?i^Xi?tr ZT.TZ ?roaDWAT.-APA*TMENTH. FUitMHHBD OR , 7()7 unf iVnUbed, for laaillles aud -mill- rte.rn. for Antlemet. A good Restaurant Is attached to .he i Terms nodititi CLOTIIIXO. AOREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTllINU - I.ADIKS AND gentlemen hawiig mi.. c*al tr i loihiiig, t i .. u <?, ?r. pel- nail .lewelry. will f iflv? 'h? hiirh- it tirs e n? ih hit or or addn ??tng A." HARRIS, WS Tbl-<1 arenia U* iienniei.d | ed mi by Mm. IlarrU. A RARE OIUNCE -LADIES A.*D UK'. !,] 'KN\ hAve Jtlrt ree*l??d M,00U Ui pu-rha-e . US'. ,|f thlag 1 i "?rper* Furniture, for the l alif. rn a market i ?t nl?* ;o )*y th? Mghe?t prior for thorn. by calli .g on < drc-Mlng M. *lil.lH, y? Hetrenth avenue, o?.ar )et?ot. - r.t1' alt. nded by Mr* Ellin. A TT EMTIO*.-LA PI EH AND tif.M ' >'V <V IV TOO /\ want to jet the lull tiIu of jr->>?r ?< off C.othiii*, FornUuro, Carpet* anil Jewelry, the bo-1 ym< in dm* to *o3 a note to F. Harris, iMIFe\.'t. b a?-nu<" Tl f y..<i mvv bo roiiTlnc"?l you will b.- dealt with to your eati aotlin. (??> f'tlk Uronie*, riwm $7 to $!0; for Coat*. t. i or 1'auia unit Veata. from f I upward* a ? Hever.tli avenue, near twenty flr*' *treet. ,jul *a ? tn4 d teby Mr*, IJarrl* ACA?.?t.ENTLKMKN'K N K"' AND 1T> ?FV . Clothing purehaeed for the *>?t> rti mi k". n , . ?> atnall lota, for whloh the full val to wl lie i>n .1 witho it b*it Sling or aeeklnjr to Imp'** Plea*e <??:! *i i i itoia, rtiw Thou. D. Con toy, 44 Centre atrret Al.ARoF. URDER rOK MlM CAKT ??FF ULuTHIK j_ Wanted, to purobawv for rtan Flan. . o Cniff,-;ii%_ Ladle* and grntleaieii. If yn? wt?h to gt-i * t* . n .? ,,r ?ottr Clothi a. t'aifoi*, Furniture and Jewelry. tho In .. j?... .u I* to *?nd a note to H. Mint/, Mo. 7V Htlfh at?n i?, ? i., >.< jrn.i may bei -rnvne.-d you will be ura t with to yi. r <ali>'a tion Ladle* attended to by Mr*. M'nt/ >o r# fc I ii aveui.e, be teeen Eighth *troet amt Watorley pUcr. ABETTEtt PRICK PAID *t>U LADIES' A*?i> C.KjrTS rait nil <1 tbirg tban elaewhore, on aecnur: or the ! panto, 1 (nr.rantee to <>*> the following p. cm -f'r rn $7 t>, $.'# for flit Iiri iiM*. fro* to $14 lor ( nu, and f.- m $1 JO to $1 for fant* Alao Cat pete, "nrnltui^, Jewelry \ note by pint* punotiiivlly att-ndrd io I T K . IM 8ev?<ith Arc mie, betmeoD nineteenth and Twentieth ?!re?t* I a i .* au tended to hr Mr*. F A IX PIRXOM FoLLimiJt'l A <H)OD ADVir' JV never fall?La?lie? an4 g-ntl tn.-n, iivoUl bonv ham bngiie<1. ai d <?ii at once nr *<|i1ro? i * note bv (loot to M. liar rl?7w Bowery, whore you limy !*? *ur>' to l?['C.v ..f ?ruir ? ?*t off t;lott)tii?, T"un!lttir>, Carpet* and l.-wnlrr. t fa r pnre. and not be hiimbnctted. ror Silk from $7 to $.'*); for < tut*, from $.1 to $IJt for Pa? *. trim $t and up ward? Int o* attended by Mm H*rrl?, :;M Howeiy oiibo Mlte fourth ami (treat .lone* alreet*. AUREAT OUUKD FOB CLOTNINtl, IjADIKI tRl) sentlemen a?Wanted, a lot of nut off t'lo'hmg, Furn! 1 wi*, Carp* ? and Jewelry I fturanto* ui u*v ihe Im i i.rttn 1 In e ell? '1 .Mlilnf or or ?dd>-mint V Ahr^h m . He ?et na?iT?u , iiotweon Twenty filth and fwenty ?ltth utrret* l.aitle* h'iMndivt to by Mre. A. \?IRBAT QOAKTMY Of CAST dKF CLOTHIMO, Forn lure, tat pet*. 4o , want'd, tu nupnly tho W.^uirn market. I pay aa follow*:?From $UI to $ ,j lot 'Ilk I) .??<?e?; t'lmu. I'.m $0 io $W; Paum, from $2 to $<? ( all on <>? %a dretf A. IICCAU, ^l? Merrnth avosne, b.<tv ee-T^ontr fmrth and T? only filth utre' U, ? ill be nuiKtuall attended kj ^a ille* at .? nd't d Io by Mr* 1" A'ikttrr ciiance still.-unrF.* a\t> oks. lirmen, I hare a great demand for oa?. oil nothing, I Furn tui*. <'aniet?, .lewelr.v, Ac., for thit We*t?rumarket i 1 will t'tty 'be foflowlnR nrlee#:?For Hl!k l>r??i,o?. Fmn' to f tB for <'oat*from $.'? lo$l* for Pant*, Iroto $1 to $4. teen.-e*l| on or iiddioe* J. Anhalt, l'2 Noirntb tironi." he I twen V.?*irleth and Twenty flrat *treeta Pnnetu* ,y at tende l. LailltaalUnded to by Mr*. Anlia t. IVMW PURLKATKin. i TCST Pl'BLIHHF.D?PIMLI. PM ON HTRICTURR; ITU ' d faur.K. eot ieiiiotKe and ireaUni-til C(>ntalniDg the iniw inelifi 1 lew* on thla a b ?-< . a -.1 . ml., -lying the ,1,'h. a I ?t. iiiHe i vn'ren. e In Writm:n*t?* M npltal, Lon 411 an I In the ml t ?'> ho?p:i.i t.ieCr mea an I Malta b loal'.e to thoar aClt'tr.l V? .,-1 ceo.? l'i.h lia'.ed t\ UO|>f|tKV, 831 Br?alway FOR SAK.B. A first class market, with stoi'k. rix tures Hunt, Wrjiou, Ac., Ljcftted Id a good business aWeet,near the CUy Hall. Hrookly*; will be sold, If bought lminedlaudy, at a great bargain; three years lease ?n pre mise* Apply to F. O MfcKALE, No 18 Pine street, toom Ha. L A PORTERHOUSE, NEAR CENTRAL PARK, for ??le ?Apply in the saloon coruer of Sixth area it aud lilty seventh street. AhEGAR AND LIQUOR HI ORE FOR BaLS?0HE4.P tip top location; the proprietor being In tlie wholesale business wishes to dhpose of it immediately, tutke your ?fer Apply at ?M Grand street, from t to 6 I*. M AMBROTVPUTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS.? A G ALLE ry in Canil street, doing a good business. with instru ments and Specimen* complete, ior sale at %:ui. Inquire at Keed's Gallery, 176 Chatham square. T> AR FIXTURES FOR BALE ?FIRSTCLASS BAR FIX". J) lures for tale. Inquire ut <\CI uraud street. BOOKCASE.? FOR SaLB, A L1KIJE 8IZK MAUOGA ny Bookcase, suitable tor a lawyer. minister or physi cian; is a good piece oi furniture. ?id will he sold tor hilt its value; II leet lung and lit high Aildr-*s EM#, box 1,613 Post ofllcc, New fork, or apply at 263 Hicks street, Br<*jklj n. DRUG STORE FOR HALE?IN BROOKLYN, IN ? good locality, and doing a fair business For pirttsulars hi |i<In of JOHN A MABUN, 2' Fulton otreet, St. t. Dl<i;0 StOAE KuK tULB ?ESTABLISHED TEN year* location excellent; business good: rent low; leate one ytar to run. None but a cash riut irner Leed upply. lu quite of B. L. BILLtNOE, at Chan. W. Sandford's, No. 6

liyon row. IIOB BALE-A LAROE BOARDING SCHOOL?THE undersigned offer tor sale the property situate at W?H C hester. Chester county, Pennsylvania, hereto!ore known aa BUJbSi aR'S iitiiltu'jiii SCHOOL. The buildings are ot brick fdtir stories high, were built ex prenrly l< r a a-miliary, and are in their plan ooustruc'lou and fitting uoof the most t .orough ai d smplc kind fl|o ea peDM hu been spared to promote the health and c unfurl of the tujiils, ana it ls-iu uv. ry ie?pect a first class eslal/lishmiot lor education*! puijiOfleg, aiiU will accommodate l'JU to 190 echolsrs, w tit tt.ici.ersant assistants I be buildings are suppUM with gas, and with hydrant wa ter in abunaaice. 'ibey stand upon a ir.ct of t.venty otid si res, convenient to, but outside ol the town, aud are sur otu.defl with tine ornamental and shade trees of twenty years' growth. Adjoining the tract on which the school stands is another Tract, oomslning thirty-eight acres, on whioh are eight dwell lugs, suitable for the frtnctpal, leathers and lat>->.ers, which ?ill be sold with the rchool property. If do-tred. There will be hold with the property, if desired by the pur chaser, all the Beds, IJedding, books, De-<ka, Chsirs, i'hll > K pbicaland Chemical App*ratU4 and ScImoI Mrulture, K > that the establishment could be opened by the purchaser in a very short time. v* est cheater Is within thirty miles from Philadelphia, with which it is connected by tw > railri a<ls wlta seven tralus each way daily, and is oiia oi the m.?t healthy places in the .state y urtuer particulars wHl be fu'mahed and terms made known by appli.'ation to hLl K I'liil h, HI I ivu street, /htladel phia, or t\ AstilM. inn lo <r*.sEND, ? eat Chester, Pa, oeciitoraof A. Holmar, dse'd. T7IO* SaLB?at a BAHU IN, THE ENTIRE STOCK I" of Crockery. China and Classware, am Klwurm, Ac , together with the t?o< d Will, o: a large Wholesale (louse, w bone lies in the Vfes ern -taus, this Mate an ' near In trade the stock is rfght for th? trade aud amounts to a) out $12,(.110 Apply ut fi-j A aneo str.ei. LIOR SAVE?A ROAROINu HOUSE AND DINING S.V r Usiu. couui'.niiu; twenty ro >iu.h. at tb - terminus of a -Uroud depot aud stage i -.u t; * ttlsfactory reaaous given or celling inquiiu at ?.',t> l'entb astuue. li'OR .SALE?A GROCERY aNI. LlyllUK rtTORE. JS A r gooa locality, doiiii; a gO'xi buniiiess; sauiifactory given for selling.' In<|Uire a. l'?.? Duaae ttree'.. ri()K SALS?A LAROE ASSORT MB NT Of THE MOST r desirab'e style o: tt'jches at thi tuauufacto.-y, 7w I'rauk lio stieet, up atalrs As we have reduivd the prices 20 ner nnt, we invite buyemto calL A sp,eudid Ruche at $2 AO a dozen. I710R SALE?A WELL VSTABL1SIIED AND LUCRA ' tive Dental Practice, wl'h ollle-i Fixtures, In the most en terprlsiug and htal'hy town iu the South; population li.lUU and rapidly increasing; ti-tuis $A(UCash down. For particu lars address lieniUt, car* ot Brown A llape, AtUnta, Guor ff. , LIORrALt?THIS KlXli liA aWD GOOD >?I1.L vlf A r wholesale Butter and Provision Htere, with a very low rent, or to sell at a low price Also one good H -ree aud Top Wagou aud Harness. AVp'y at .'10 Harrison street. For sale?with four dears' lease, from the 1st of May next, the Liquor store a)l Mouth street, with futures and stock, If raquiNi. Apt>ly on the premises. |i^OR SALE?TO CLOSE AN ESTATE, AN OLD K8 r tabllsbeil wholesale und retail Cn.ifectlone-y, in a s ^xl location. To a retponnible pirty temw will be made easy. Apply to WM M MMKKN, Executor 6,'W tirsnd street. For sa'-e?a iiguou stoke, with fixtures and Lease of the llonse. Kent low, being a good stand for almost any business. Aup.y on the premises, No. West at reel. For sale?a MEAT ANU VEGETABLE MARKET; also tiors<-, Cart and Harness. Tnqutre of Mc D jUGuK A \tKSTEKVELT, 110 IIroad avenue. West Washington Market. jyOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTUKE8 OK THE t" old (inn erv stand No. 4i'2 tiroome at eet, o<runled over twenty yeais by J. W. Gilchrist Kent low. Apply on the premises ti>oa balk?a bekv, pork asd veof.tabi.e mar 1 ket, well ntted up and doin? s go k! business: located In I one of the best bustt.ess pla-es In Jersey ?l|ty. For particu lar" call ut 137 Ureene street, .lersey City, N. I. IIOR SALE?A DRUG STORE, IN TI;E PRINCIPAL Htreei of Kr. okl\ n, dolug a g iod bmin?.-s, hut the owner has other business to atteud U> Apply In the wholesale drug s ore II Cold street. R. T. CKKaVKR. FIOR SALF?A DRUG SrOttE, IN A GOOD BUSINES4 nelgli orliood; will be sold reasonabln, as the proprietor h*s other btiatueas t > attend to. Apply to WM I'D i M i'/, i ll V\ iiliM street, COTMTOf Fulton. FlOlt SALE?A ?'f>RNER LigUOR STORE, ON THE Eighth avenue, litunl un In drat rate stvle. with the i.ease of the Mouse for several years. No.iuch change offered pi the bu?m<--.s. Inquire of l?. bURKE, 1W Bowery. h^OR SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXJX'RKf OF the (.nx?ry and Liquor Store 173 East Thirty second i ?.feet, fitted op in g-iod style, with good Dwelling attached; ihe place recommends Itself Inquire of D. Bl KKE, atic ti neer. l.'.'i Bowery. IjloR SALE CHEAl*?THE STOCK, FIXTURES, STORE andl^'aserf the Jvliote house No. 111.', t'herrv street, in the Fourt ? "aid, laa gond stand for bi shiest; the owner can't attend to tt. Applj to MIJHAFL Ml'RPtlV,61 Cherry street. J,'OR hAl.E Lt??r?A NEW '!KtM flKK KNOUTS, r one o Mlsby, Wynderse A Co.'a manufacture, and s'mllar to the o. e now In use by I<exl:'g;ou Engine Comjiai y No. 7, ot ibis ?lty. For further particular*, apply to or address A .1. DELATl'B, 25H Wall street. New lorfc HARDWAKR STORE FOR SALE.?THE HARDWARE and Cutlery Store, aa old Matid f>>r 12 years, together or separate, with a lock-nnth und b-11 naugmg trade. ?iih the t^a?e of the whole house, fronting on Uire-i streets. Ap ply at lli Division street, corner of new t anal street OTKL l t>R SALE?NOW CONDUCTED AS AN E^G I ?h Shades; contains twelve rooms, besides spaeions bar and readink; rooms; Is in on? of the best l<*catIons in the oity ; ,iear JJniad ?ay. E LaWRENCE A Co., 62 Eaat Fourteenth street. HOTEL A*D D1MNO *ALOOK rOR HALE >ear lerry. d'prv, shipping linen, fc.uroppj.n ami Oallfor nta *i? ?intra Hint great tb ?rtiujjhfurpj f?v rtMr leaae, no vly and hnnda melv fitted up Had I urulalied, and doiug a brut '?ni money making bualneaa A VOOI), fC N?tmn itiwi VHPORTA* "trUNITY -?2.n?l Fn I STOCK, FIX i turei and Ooa.d Will. Bxtr?m?- ill hen.tli com, eli mo to otfpr I1IJ binOneaa for sale, whtch In etc 'nlvcly cash, tho roghly ratabl'abed, andpaya .Hit wr tnnum LEaDBKATKR. 107 Fulton atr?*t. r iv' < * tore mm hale or t*<de?the fix I j ttie* a.d Lrase. ?td Utock if wanted; at a bargain, on r. rn?-r Second avenue: re* honae and ?t r?; low rsnt; taMMfwS?l jrwra K. HI.aKK. 14 t'haraberiatroet. T TQVOR : TORP FO* SALB-LOCATED IN THE BEST J t ou?ln <a part of the city, and doing a tine paying Imal. n. ?s. mir' f I mi. Addre?? % lii rald otllce, or apply to I'f ThK Mi yl*Al?E, .V Canal ?tre?t. corner of Ludlow. T l^VOK sn>RF. FOR HALE?THE PEST WHOLESALE I J and rtta'l atore In I be Slith w ard. Mulberry atr,?et: the i \s la 4>>ln8 to t'allfortila; li - ?nl sell for f'A), larnlly la tlie r<?r Apply to I'AYI EN, V3 Dlvalon Jtreet i VFK1CR DEHKK, COI NIKE8. LARUE SAFE. AC? " / For sale at 2M < 'anal atreet, corner of E'.m street. near ? \N? 01 T'K HKHT lol ATfiD STAN DM IN CENTRE tl market for ??le, aultable for fruit, poultry, veg'tablet, i ? . i,l l nake the beat butter ?t*nd In the market. Will be r. Id vpiy ow hy arpljIng immediately ti.lOHNC.CAS1IEN, 1.1 aud 14 Centre m*>ket, Broome ntrwM tide. /\1TAKTZ RIM-R MTLLS aM> fATKmT FOR, (JALB \{J Cotireled by ininira the verv beat I or rt ludng rock and T1' r >i?rd MibUancee to perfect du*t, with hardened ahlfttng giltidlrg nirlace?, eaally charged. H)1 rifWICK A WOOD, Ml Naaaa* ?treet. 1 >E< ElVKP.'S SALE OF I'ATENTH. i i .t'O * aLUAHLL .>I0VE PATENTS >Tlt1 be w.d by ?id?i-of the Superior Court, at aTatrrate ???;.?r?teh . rlocp' Iter, two rery v^ uable >'.<t-nta, known an "f'fcVTIT ft JVl KoSKMi.f r in KaKKu\?^," A*n ?'PKttit m iMrnovt'.n oookiwo ranoe," And carrying wtlb them ill in?pmvpmenla. modlQoanon, ad ditfn-. nreb nii> a wbatpver. which bare b?en m?4e i<- nav ),< hiiie%fter mi'Je upon them r?Np?ctivpiy, for UUaeovntry, I urot'e ..r el<ew lien- Sa?d I'atenta were awarded the hlpheat |.rp?ltima ? vl/ , a ?|lrer and a hrrtn?e medali of tU? I'ntted r'atea agrienltui al Aaaot iatlon, at tbulr fair of l.ifli), held at CIllSlMMlt, Ohio, aril Imte been. It ta claimed, anfllelantlr tea tiri to warrant ib-tt ixrtng tetnied the ino?t praetloahln, in i cnlona mid x. entidc mow and eouklng laventiona ever I'Htentetl. Apply to t'LlNTOr RIPE. Keoelver, f?o. 7 Kaa nan atrcet, I'oii'. m ?<?l r.ank li < mi?h, iJTO?R ?OR SAl-E.-A KrORE. WXTTI TWO LOTS, O 2i by li 6 each, (Unatad In Ea?t New York, h I , oppoaite ihal'latti^ ivhoot llouaa. pilce ?l,?<t?, part on mort*a<{e. Por further partlcillMa inquire of J. HTTOHINn on the prVWitaej. nlNoEH'fl HKfflRl. MA' IIINF. TN 0OM.-LRTR OR ' der, for ?ale very low for c??h. t 'anbeaeen at No. 2rt4 Hiving'tn gtreet, New Voi'k. ^TEAM BOII.EK for 8ALF -a Tl'PULAU RdII.ER, O mounted on a four wbed carr'age. with a Wortli'MB' >n foire pump attached, all In goo4oidprand for **le I r.> \p ply at ig'J WathirgtOK atrett, ( TO jJRt'tVilSTR - b ILL RE HOI.0 CUBAP, A I.OT 01 Tln -t. Bottles, Spet.le .tarn, Hbew Hotti- i, Bbowcaaca, ( otinter.'-, , mi!tal>!r for unv one at,out flitlng up a retail (ti-uj atom Apply a -<J Third avpnup, f..r Ipii d.?; m. to nrN'risTH.?for halr. a rru, p*a<tioe. 1 For partin lura, apply to <i. A tlOOt KR, 132 Mnntagtie aircet, Rrn.klyti, from 9 A. M. to 6 i*. M.. or to JO ICE*, WftlTF A CO' llroailway and H< nd atre#:. New York TTnnrH ' and i i.i mberTTTensFm Ft?n" ? > i.f7 <'on?h't!ngef a full aupply n TooM *.?, fo' <V id. oeea Ihiw ? v lu? .. lah tboac attic;?a will find K 1 <?t i by applying at 1*1 klm street, JOHN ! c. i nit 1 ? ' 1,1 ' 11 the twothlnl Intereat Ira Travelling F?liinlt1on, which can be n^en al ter neveai i clo A r M, .it 6.M Hudaou atreet. To t ai> en'erpilalug men tl.i* U a rare chanr H. K. tti URtlER. WIN KM AMI OUN. Dri?f^>P'a *x, xxx pai.r Ai.rn and porter* 1 aa: Trill* r*U? Ale. m%Ji' etiiraaalv for warm elimate.% In vrovd lwtt'?. WM. MARR, Aget.t. 56 Liberty ?trv?t. New York. IALM or UAL H ST A TIB. A BEAUTIFUL FARM AND COUNTRT BBWDKNC? are for sale, new 81111th Tow* Bay, Suffolk County, L I., about fifty mllta from the otty. lhe farm is In the mjj est state of cultivation; contain* M acne. of whi<-a 10 *'? woodland; house new, lately decorated la Jingllab style; birn, fences, well*, outhouaea. Ac., are m perfeot order; Una rruu trres, good shooting and tithing; ^tonery and site u? ur passed: prseesaioa Immediate inquire of Dr. JOHNa >K, ho. U Duane street. AREAUTIFUL KARB-200 ACRES, FRUITS ANI) Building*, near Sing King, $.i dOb; 2d0 acrea in Ot> iwi cut, excellent buildings, $y,uu); lili aci?m, uea- Nyack, an ex cellent farm and building*, $9 500. !*? acres, near HacK<s:i?*ck. $rt,f00?good bulldinga; U acres, n.-ar Mon*ey, it i ItUad county, $5,600; 41 acres, uear Spring Valley, $2, "*? 17 acies, dn , $1,700; HO acres, a* the depot. itlau'eitvilie, $IU,U)0; 87 acre*, at Lower CioeUr, $7,400, at Tappau-iwn a ilrst clau place, 33 acre*, Vineyard, Ac., $7,000. T at) ivi ai: have good building*, fruits, Ao Other i arm*, Mill*. Vil luge and t'itjf Fi< peity. t'aruea wishing to purohi e, ex change or ?ell would do well tj nail uu W 11. MitLI'JlJ, 1<>7 Broadway \ COl'NTRT RK8IDfcNOE, NKAR THH OITY.-A J\ largegutbic House, wall built, an 1 six ia.u, In a good neighborhood, on Washington avenue, Morriaaaia, tor sa.e at a sairilice, to cloae an e.iaUt Price ik)0. U W. DITCHETT, No. 5 Try on row, room 9. A MODEL HOUSE /OR 8ALK-NO 160 WaDWON aieime 30165. wltlraii exteasmn 16x30: superb in all tin pan*; two staircases. all of A'&'nut; rosewood, walnut and oak door*, brown stoue lrout, frigu stoop, 4a Inquire mi the premlm A FOUR HTOR* BKOWN hT.?NE HOUSE IN BROOK hn for trade for lots or country seats or a l?a<a of a large house ?lill>e taken In New York. Moat of value on tnoitgaa* Address Atlantic, Herald otlice. . T ORANGE, N. J ? * OOflNTBY HEAT OK EIGHT A aire*, near tbe depot; tint claag improvements, rich soM, plenty of frutt; pure aoft soring water, hotaad o>'.d, car'i,-d tluougli .he building* ' . .v L. PaTTON * CO , 19 William street. BROOKLYN.-FOB HALE?A NE-vT THREE STORY baaement House, tub collar, gaa lixtHrea, rang* iih hi* mantels; lot near 130 feet; excellent a<rd m, with rich grapa vines, Mowers, Ao 176 AdariM atreei, near CoMOrit, Mtren uj.uuies' walk 1 r>m Wall and Fulton ferric*. BttOi KIAN 1IBICHT8.-?fOUaK FOR SALE AT A great MiertQot, a* the owner wants money. the tirstnlaaa House 26# Hu l.g ntreet, oorner of fctiite; U we'l nl'uated and in the inot.t perfect ord?r; pajt-9 pur cent; cha-idelier* and llxture* gn wuh tbc houre. uiih $i,7.'<ica*li required, inquire of O. E X'Ol OLAS8, 140 uveuua A, N. Y. y tENTRAL 1'ARK.?FOR BALK, A VfcKY BEAUTIFUL, \J full bleed, bright bay Mare <*ire Youog bia^k Hawk, oam, a fall blood Vlrgtiiia racing mare), long mane and tali, livey??in old in Julie, broken for he saddle, double and a!og.e barm-sa; warranted Moau.l in wind and limb, auy t> nth man w laliiug u horae for the Central j ark will find her duairabie. T'? be aeen at Owen McUoveru a atable, Love lane, Brooklyn; price ouly $350. |10TTA0fcS FDR SALE ON EAST TERMS OF PAT * ) ment.?Three Cotugea on Newtown plank road and on p-opoied Newtown horie i allroad route, 'J', mi led from the v\ llliamkburg ferrlir*. with from two tnvxteen lota of grouud attached. Puce $1,200, $2,Stti, and i-'s-'OO eifUi. a. Kai'^L < E, 61 John street. DESIHABI.i'. CODNTHT HEAT FOB SAL* Oa Ti> LET? l)u Mtth Orange hmmi^om mile ?Ld a quartor from ,>rw?rk, nine milea from New lork, oontalnlni 20 acres, bouae tlir. ii Htory lu-ick liuilillog, with good out jullduig-i, 4'xindance of fruit and shade trees, and tine spnoy of water v ithln a few feet of the bouse Applv to M AO&.IN A URO 1 H Kit, !03 Liberty street, or to KImJ A BOND, Newaik, N.J. Til Alt M KOR SALE OR TO LEf?AT IKVINUTON. NEAR l' Newark, N. J., couialn;nit 05 acres, with a large dwelling i nure of lt> rooms, and all the nccesK&rT outbuildings ner t.lining to a taim. Will let the bouse, garden and carnage [ou. e separa e at a low rent. l>?H''itlnii within iv, oiile* of the Orang* ilepo:, and one mile from Be ton Half College .-.tiplv to HOMEK MOJtUAN, or to J. B. hiMPtlON, ho. 25 C natham atreet. Farm wantbd for onk or two years?with the privilege of purchasing, on Long Island and near a railroad, < rorn AO to 200 arres, nil st'ick and crops will he taken at the'r value. Addresa, with full particulars, Charles t-ymons, 103 Fulton street, Brooklyn I^ARM FOR HALE, OR BXOHANOB FOR "ITT PRO pel tv ?183 acres of tine Land. Including 100 acres fine i mber. In tbe town of Concord, within 28 laile* of Buifalo, N T. On said farm la a brick dwelling house, two barns and nil i ther outbuildings and appurtenance* neceaaary for farm ing It is * ell calculated for grain or a dairy l'arm. $6,000 o?u remain. Apply to WM. 11. CRANE, 433 Greenwich at. C1ARM KOR BALB?AT A BARGAIN, THIRTT RIGHT p ml'es on Long Island; 16 acres, well fenced and water ??d; good hou?e, barn anil store; near tbe beach and steam boat landing; apples, cherries, Ac.; hetltny location. R. BLAKE, 14 chamber* street. IIOR SALE?HIX ACRES OF LAND, GOOD MUSE, Bam. Ac , tn the town of Eaatcheater. Salt water l athing near the premises. On tbe ? hlie 1'lalns road, one mile and a quarter from Mt. Yerron depot; near Ht Paul's < hurch. Inquire of M. T. HUNT, on tbe premises CTOR SALE?ON THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF LBX V Ington avenue and Thirty nlntb atreet, the corner (and tte ot< adjoining) four story brown atone high itoop iiouxi, with all ihe mi darn Improvements; walnut aiairs a'id doors, and built in u Rood manner. Inquire on the premtses. JTIOR SAI.E?A DESIRABLE HIGH STOOP HOUSE, ON r Manafield pltce; has all the modern Improvementa; fin ished in the best manner; also one of tbe low stoops iu the :-amerow: a vacant Lot adjoining said property will be ?old clieap. Turns eaay. Inquire of Mr KINDLE*. No. lw 1 it tv first street, Mansfield place, near Eighth avenue LIOR KALE? FIFTY LOTS ON NINBTT-TIIIRD AND 1 Ninety fourth atreet* and Kourth avenue, n-t.v-en *? Ifth an*t 1 hlrd avvenuea, beautifully situated and known as rroepect Hill. Partl. s dUpoaeil to build, half cost of house and whole pur. haae money can remain on mortgage. llamUome cottag. a, of brick, can now be built, owing to tne low price of building materials. Apply t -> KAK1 .11, 123 Front st (7>OR HALE?A BEAUTIFUL OOUNBRY ItKSIDENOB, P with about 30 an ea of laHd, on south eide Staten lalani, aud within a short distance of the railroad, house large and uimfoitable, with all eutbaiMlnga neoemary for the place. Everything In goo<l ort'er, and the land under fine cultiva tion Oroumla around thn house spacious, with plen ty of ahade and fmH. The plaie is healthy, and views, Ao , vi rj line, w n h good boating, liahing. Ac in frjut uarge I art of thn purchase tnonev m*v remain on bond and mort gage. For further particulars address box 1,019 Post otlice For hale-in jersey city, a very decbable Resilience, J2x.VI Oet, near Hamilton square and the Now York and hue Railroad < ouipany a ferry; also a brown stone Hi ??, I.h OjM; alio a brick llou?e now finishing, 16.8* :?t; also a frame Oottaire. terms vrry easv Applv to.1 AH. H. NOV EH, at ofllce corner of Jeraoy avanue and Mouth Fourth ?treat. QN>R HALE?A OOTTAOE HOC BE, WITH FIVE LOTS. ~ situated on Bergen Heights commanding a splendid view of the bay and Arrows; will '?? Hold ai a sacrifice as the ownrr Is ;:o'ng to Europe. Bor further particulars applr o I'UILIP SMITH. 269 Ba'lroad avenue, Jersey City. Tj^OR K \1?E?KKVBRA I- FINE COUNTRY RESIDENCE#, " on the west side. and overlook inn the Huds m. from one tu ton acres, with cnoice trait, shade trees, Ae . prlee 43.UUI) ?o $!.'>,( 00; r.m I'srms and Building Sites of various sizes and pi lets, convei ?nt to depot, church, schonla unit the city. t?. yRy MOlIK, .10 t'.ne street. ITIOR SALE?A FARM AT HACKEXSACK, TWENTY I minutes walk from the railroad, 2fl' . acres, and lr. very 1/noA oid-r, with house and ram; to Mill at a very mndorate I > ice. ? or further particulars inquire at 60 .fleecier street. FlOKfcALlt?CALL AND 8KB AVERY H AN DHOM K tliree story modern Home, well located, not above Tlnr. ly-fouith atieet, la elegant order, large y*rd, boh*c weil ar ranged, nice under cellai, flagged, tier eelly dry Price ntode late. leimaeasy. MNSIIt.MKR A WILCOX, :tt3 Fourth avenue. iiHlT' 5-ALE?TWO UOIJSVH ANT> LOT -LOT 2.'. BY 101 r t?et?situated In Brooklyn, in Butler street, between ^oyt and Bond, one door from Bond. rrlc ? e**). Terms o?sy. Inuulre at IVW Water street, N Y. LHJR BALE?OR TO RENT. FtRNlNHEO OH UN PUB I1 NWFIXO be elegant four story brown stone ITotiw No '*>2 V'fth ?>enue, between Thir'y-tll'th and I ii'ri^- sixth street", it Is J-ii ?ii ie-1, in excellent enter *nd ron'alnt ill t>? modern <m in veromts. Also, for anl? or to rent furnished, h so*-io>is House and thlityncrea ?f ground, at Hnlfonl, Weel raster coontr, heaali'SiMy situated Fo f >-1i part rtiUrs *? p'v >? E. II U'Uwiff A C(J.. No S Fine street T.^OR 9ALK???NB NEW FIRM ffflftft. tpWI S'l' VRT, I brown atone frrnt House with all the modern Improie in* nis, llnNied In the bea' style, situated oil ?"'?na'' hf 1 be t-een I'r.rk and Lexington'avenu?s. No. 49 Seat uilrtv seventh street. In nine oti the premise*. LHill SALE?HIOHT FINELY LWOATHD LOTS, urn. C led ?'? Bergen Ilrlglit*. at Clarem "lit. Hudson ooiuitf, X. J. Kei' ? one and a half miles from .'e*ser < Ity ferry, and eommunl -all in to and from every lew minntee dnr.ex the day, l>otli by omnibus and oars, and from the location of ?liese lirts?the Momma ad a line view of the harbor Md Bound er miles around -they are vorv desirable for part -.i wishing to bull.I. No eneunJirstiee. l">r further Information apply to lOIlN BI LK t,K Y, ftl Ye?f street ijlOR 8AI.F-A BPT.END1D BROWN HTONF '.'S "PET P fr nt House, with three st?ry extension; ro?ew ind d ora, w?lnut rtslrs from basement to '.our' h sto-v; ;jne.i for nnv gentleman's residence rn<|'ilre on the premlses, ."2 West ? li'iuy eiRhih s?n'"t. near Fifth s?enoe. ?OR HALE in B?OOKL*N A wbll ? "Tl.r OOTFUO (Vitia?e, one and a hall fall )<ot(. marble mantleo, finished ? "h taste; g> ml naighbi rsood Twi. tintils on oiolffaf*. Apply to t It:HtMOB, corner Marcyand t e K alb avenues ?.?>R BALK 'N BROOKLYN?A THREE HTOKV AND v bas>meut brick house on Kort liwn pUce; also one l ilinB Mint' iiM YmlleM ?n mie near Wasnlngt.m Park; ntlon "plemtld. and must be acid. Inquire of J. B J At* or ih< preml tee. l^i'R t-ABE CHEAP?<?N BTAIBN ISLAND. A HOT SB I and I.ot, situated on Kichmond road, e:at>lrt"o, conta n tut; si ven rooms, garden and stable. F ir peril ula ? Inquire 0 A. WRVhR, No 4 Hnnover street. FKiR nALB, CHEAP?A DBMRA BLK THREE BT"?RY, high stoop House, on Forty ? ighth street, between Mixth end heienih avenues; all Improvi fm nta Also the nr??a si ii? tr nt. high stoop Ilonee, *11 Heat Fiftieth stree , near Klghlh avenue. In fine order, with Immediate posse**,on \e ply to the owner. J)I West Fiftieth itreet 11 dav at one o'elr.ek, and this evening. yiOB BALB CHEAP-A LOT OF SHKLVIN*', WITH r and Without glaaa anahe*. with drapers. Ac. ; xit ableior ? stationery or fancy goods store. Apply at AM I'ln. street, or 271 Broadway, corner of chambers Mreet IjMiR HALF LOW-ON REASONABLK TERMS. ON r Murray Hill, ICti feet east of le.tngton avenue, In Thirty eighth street, two first class high stoop brown atone bou?"?, \*ith all modern improveraents. Inq lire on the pre m'aea. or at No. (N, opposite. tlOR HALB OR RXOHANOE. ? A N.TMBER OP ITN r finished Ilntis* s to exchange 'or f-onntry or Rrooklyn P-eperty, at great bargame. a -plendld Houee snd Hiable, on Humy Hill, for sale, also a farm, of am acrea. near ''alereon, N. J.{ only lX,mn Innulre or B. P. ToWNBBlfD, No 14 l ine street, In tlie basement L-UJR HALE OR BNCHANOB?VflB A HOl'BB IN THB 1 city, a large, well built House on Birc?n lllil. containing Innrteen rrxims. having all the mod< rn Improremente; beau tlfu: gatdeti. grn iery, *c.; commanding an excellent Tiew of the briy and No( th river, and aooeealble by horse onrs; within ten minutes'ride of the Hoboken sod Jersey rjtv rerriee. For l arlleulais inqutruof FALKBBaCi P01.LAK A CO., fB Nasesn stree; tTHlR ?ALvh KXCllANWK ok TO WANE FOR A I trrm of A iiton^ Hon?w ^nn Ihlrt^fi ijiind, iwnnW tpven mikM from the clt?, mi tn^ Hna tt ror niarndK ?i flue view of the river Mid 4iirro!iBdln|{ country, I* * houae h?? *11 tl?e modern !mprorem?nU Alv>, ? tine RtiilJiiig .i4l? of ten deUffbtfuUv jitu*ti?d; ?plen <JH rlew ?f the river: larre oreha-fl and flna foreat treen. Either of th* at*ve piare* will be ao!4 verr low, or eichmnire4 for city or HrooUftt Property, md Urtrat'c terw A44rw? Btrcti, aU 9?C?. ?ALII ?V KSTATU. Foe salb or bxohanue-for property of _th)? B'ty or Brooklyn, a Lot, XJxUJO, on the north aidn of ' street, lOH test weal of third avauud. Appiy I* KWI8 tu7K,St7wq. S John Mmt. 1, 0a SALE OB EXCHANGE FOR VACANT LOTS? I BOM tat clui teuement Property, situated on tha w1 it aide or tbe city and paying a large per centals For par t ulan apply to JOHN A. UXU^BlUr, 54 line street. room ?. FOK SALE OR TO LET-A FIVE TEAKS' LEASE OF a first class Hotel, situated on Broadway, and Joing ? first rate bualne* Apply at 7?7 Broadway, Corner of Ninth street, room No. 2. B^OE SALE OK TO LET-ONE OF THE FIRST OLaAS. 1 up* bro*u stone, four story Houses on the north site or lory-A'Ut aunt, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, inquire 011 the premises from 8 to 11 A. M. Rent $1 t?i frit p. sai.f or to let?on tub north side Of ' West Forty second street, between mxlh avenue and Hro-dway, a lirrt (las* brown stone House, No. 75, helngZS by 64 feel, and l our stories high newly Uiibtied, sunken court yaid. v 11 leu doorway, ro?ewood doom. Inquire on the pm m1 c*. J10R SALE OH TO LET-IN HUDSON CITV, A FIRST class OwelllDK, witli all the mod-rt improvements, hot and cold water, bato, Ac.: lotNuaaO; cars paMthsfcoor every ten m.uute*. apply to M. BaNTa, 2:?7 Broadway room 11 IjlOK SALE < R 10 LKT IN HROOKLV N?HOTBL OR J; Shades, i laige I tick House fronting on Fult?n street, only one block <rom Fulton ferry; has a bar aud fixtures MBplM; grouno 11.9 by llu feet. poaaaaeiM gt**n on 1st of May next. Apply to C. E. FJtodT, 41 Fulton street, Bruofc 17 a. |i,OK SALE OR TO LET, OR TRALB FOR HARLEM F lets?A four story, high basmnent, brown ston.i froat h u? . all* 31x46 feet, with ali the modern uaorovemeata Flist i.ikieast ot Lexington avenue In Fifty lirsi etreoi. iB'iuliepu Ike (' of Valentine For balk or to leasf?between fobdham und West Farms, a beaatilul Villa In perfect ordor. ! having all inodtrn improve men ta, with Barn and htabies, and I one or two si r?8 of laud, blocked with boarlng 1 rult Uraes Apply lo k M CORN,4t FK>RT HAMILTON PROPERTY ?FOR SALE OB to let. about an ?-re of Orouno, fronting be river, with the water r^bt. This property is but one muck, from tha ferry a- <1 railroad, there are a two story fram- house aod bam on Hie premises; it bat a 'ino view of the t>av; in a k >?d 1 location lor business and sure to Improve; terms liberal and pcsMsskm will be given Immediately. Apply to THOMAS AHDla KM MET, 4.i Wil.iuu street, A. f. HLKECKER A (OS, No. 7 Pine street, t e? York, or to T. T. A C. W. CHURCH, near the premises at Fort Hamilton HOUSE FOR 8.YLB? AT ROSHVILLE, STATIN Island: a two s'ory attic frame House, barn. Ac., to | pulier n Nh four acres of land, very pleasantly located, near ill.- village, on tbe Aoodrnw road, leaning to tbe depot. 1 ha bouse is nearly new, lu Kooil repair, An ; there la alio a rope walk on the jacmin-s. For terms, Ac., apply to JOHN MAO <1 KEuoK A CO., 134 Pearl street. HOt SE AND FURNITURE FOR BALE?pkiob $13,901; tbe boute is 30x48, lot 10" fteaVtf' built, situated near the Timer v. lr and !? II l h avenue, barmln: it waa fur 11 >ht d rew Iv binut two years a<!0( BBply to J8AAO OB iH'/\N I)AV 18, 34 William street. HOLFF.S in williamsburg FOR SALE.?TWO new brick Houses, three story and basement brick, with wider cellars, finished In the beat manner, with all the modem ui'orovemeDts. water, ga.s, Ac., situated near the corner ot Muth Sinth and Seventh strfets; lota over 100feet deep, will be sold fur $1 i ( (l i?; s than cost. Inquire ou the premises, or <>? 'llitiMAo Hl> EH, 43 South Third street, Williamsburg. Lors for hale or to let-three lots, ios, i?s ami ill) West Kigtheenth street, with foundry buildiags ot the late Charles Davis. Terms iavorable. Apply to S B. I WALLER, or SAKAU P.DAVIS, Exeoatrix, l:& West Six femh si 1 eet. Real estate wanted, WITH BOMB OABH, In exchange for flrat class Shuttle Rawing Machines, fully guaranteed from the principal oUloe Intbisoity Addresa, with pHrticulara, Exchange, box 3.8*1 Post office CALEB OF REAL ESTATE ?A HOUSE IN WBST O iortv-fifth street, $7,U00; East Flftv second street, #7 St 0; N: Jiitson avfntte, $25,COO; West Thirteenth street, Sii.U'ti; Park avenue, $30,000; West Fifty fourth street, $10 000. West Twenty first street, $7,000; West Twentieth afreet, $9 Otl; A'est Thirty-fourth street, $13,000; Market street, %6 0W>: Weal Thirty eighth street, $13,500; Bast Fifty fifth stre?t, $HS00; Weil Forty-fourth street, $1s,0i)0; East Twen'y-nluth street, $12,.'(<I, Fourth street, $6,000; East Fiftieth si reel, $ii,000; Eldrldge street, $6 000; HulUvsn street, :M? 110; West Thirty third street, $6,500 App ytn O A. K188AM, S2 line street, or BaTEH A JONBS,^82 Blxth avenue. Tract of land for salb?on long island, three miles from Northport sttamboat htodlng, oontain in/{ about .at acres, 25 in good toll and level laud and & la timbered land price $35 per acre: one-half to remain if re quired. For further particular* apply to A R.tDUitVEE. 208 t < uth street, or E. W. SMITH, owner, Huntington, Leng Island. To oys1ermen AND fakmekd.? OYSTER BED and Water Power. O. spauldino, 307 Broadway, Id the basement. A;so H 0 acres Orazlng i.and, is miles from New Turk "ttalttable FARMS FOR sale?OWE OF 90 acrbfl, V larje ,llouse and Barn, all new. Also several small Vara*. Inquire of B.J. 0 , 720 Broadway, or address B. J. o., Herald ollice. \fTANTED?to EXCHANGE FOR DESTRARLE mh tt chandise. .1,000 acres of choice Timbered Farming uad^ in portions of Michigan and Wisconsin, that Is well nettled. Will be sold ?t a bargain. Liberal amount of cash put with them. Address morris, box 16% Herald ollioe. for ten days. "iitanted?GEORGIA LANDS, IN exchanoe FOB TT hrwlarkor Brooklyn Properly Cleared lands pre ferred inquire of ofe.0 M. KKA, 39 William street, n. T. wtu BE SOLD CHEAP FOR CASH. A TWO tt story at! ic sod basement frame House. with land suf llilenttora nice garden, situated in Washington street la the village of Jamaica, l,ong Island, forty minutes' ride from Fulton terry; also two dou >le In ts on Vnlon Hall street. None but thorn having the cash need apply Apply to THOMAS BRADLEY, Jamaica, Long Island, or to P. A. hilars, 39 Burling tllp, n. y. ?cnn ?FOR RALE, A TWO STORY COTTAGE snd full Lot, situated in Fourteenth street, near Fifth avenue, Brooklyn: prloe $1,100: terms easy Ap ply to E. P. Dav, 76 Fifteenth street, Brooklyn. enn ??a three stort brick house on flptj.uuu. Murray lllll for sale?Convenient for one oc two families; eleven rooms; range, gas bith, laundry, ho. Terms very liberal. Inquire at IU2 hast Fortieth street^ next to l>exlngton avenue, or to e LAWRENCE a CO., 62 Baal Fourteenth street dtlq nnn -for SALE, AT A sac RIFICE (WORTH ?plo?"'UU. $'jo,u)0) the four story brown stone high basement h' use 138 East Seventeenth street, north aide of kmyvcsaiit park; size 22 4 hy SO; built for the owner'a use, \\ ltn all miidorn Improvements, near the residence of Gov FUh Terms earn For cards of admission apply to DINGER A HOLDEN, No 8 Pine street and 1,244 Broadway (OPAHTSEUSHIP soticeh. vronice?THE copartnership HERETO FO sb il ejiitlr.g under the flrni name of Magos a kmvallnka, :m statu dissolved by mutual consent. All claims due by. tnd to tbtm, up to March 18, 1861, must be s-tiled by J. KONVaLINKa, whonouunues in the same busluess, at SO Milder lane. New York. A. MaGOH, kkw You, April 2, IDOL J. KONVALINKA. Pap.TNER WANTED?WITH $1,300 TO $2,s00, IN THB sana, Blind, Door and Moulding business. Inquire ol S. W. BAItTV, liy Myrtle avenue Brooklyn PAKTNER WANTED?WITH $500 CASH, TO JOIN tbe advertiser in a Hummer Mi rt inter llou*e in Madi sun, Conn. Location on the Louk Island wound; will mooa e ISO persons; nil furnished. Address or call on O. Henly, 21 Hilton street, Brooklyn, for two days. y)ART> EH watped?THE UNDERSIGNED DESIRRS a to form a i opartnershlp u uh some re?i>ectab.e and re sponsible party in the real estate biukerage, one already en gsgeil in i he business preferred; otherwise a pe 1 son or ex tensive rity acquaintance, who can influence business, do slrrd. Best of references given and required. Address It. m,, box 2,?66 Pest cilice, for three ilaya. WJ ANTED?a PARTNER, WITH $2?0 OR $301 READT T i TTTh. *~ g*~ more extent to a Frennh Coffee Rouse In Broadway; a single, enterprising man, would be preferred. amnmo , box 1(12 Herald ollice tatantkd?a 1'AKTNER, TO HELP TAKE GOT A tr patent for an entirely tiew and lucrative Invention, and ?t the same time to go Into busltiesaltlfrom $.t,l)0? to $6,000 required. aiklressu. Von llorstcn. No. ?7?l broadwsy dqca -PARTNER WANTED, IN AN offiob oziiv< Bustiers $su'.? Partner wanted. In a Ltqu ?r Store. $?m.?Partner wanted, for a new Patent Article. $1,000.?Partner w.uiled. in a Manufacturing buinnsa. #kll^ A CO . 212 Broadtvsv, rnoti 2b C:'j i ii in -W ANTED. AN ACTIVE PARTNER WITH ?po.u"'l". $3,000 cash, In apleasant, sate tad p -rmi nent business that will pay over jp<) per cent per anntim en the lines'mfnt. Address, with real name, Partner, box l!>7 ilrtsld oiln e. ochlim a?p aumhtm. Dm. POWELL OAR bbconsl :,rEDA8 lerlktukorh for the past twi nly v?wts, on the F.yc a .id Ear, at No kb lir sd? av, abov? Twelfth street. S'ght and bearing restored in man} cases hitherto deemed hopeless. Artllloial eyos is serU d. FlHMTtUE, a HANDSOME flt'IT OF PARLOR R< >sewooo FUR _, \ nlnire, ? arpet, Ae.. but liitie used, will be sold cheap bj i. (?ntlennin breaking up housekeeping. Apply at 216 nest j uentleth street. A BEDROOM RUT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE for $2f>, in all <*>lorv of wan anted msnufarture. Ala* solid eheeinut chamtisr Suits, plain and ornamenlsi, at h k va KRIM.1 ON o, 3bh Canal street, oppoalte Wooster. Es tablished In i l^namkllkd CHAMBER SUITS OF ?l'bniture. ij? all colors nnd stvlea, at wholesale and retail. At $is and upwards Also ma'treases and Paillasses. WARREN WARD, 277 Canal street. Four dimrs oast ol Broadway. c11rn1ti RE lotGHT.-tflk HIGHEST PRICE PAID r In eash for all kinds of rfotwefcch fwtiltnr*, Oarpe<?, Minora, Msnoe Beds itsddlm, aa, at 4i? Third avenue, near lhtrtv fourth si-eet, or by tnts, addiehseil Furniture, m above. N. t?.?a g*>d aasortm -nt slsays on hand for ?ale. _ denlti'eb, frenttpre, FURNITTTIIE? READT cash pals for mimttnra, i'srpetA Mirrors, Pianos. bt*ls, Redding ae. at .vio Hudson strew, corner of Perry, nr hy note sd ie?s?d fnrrlture. as abovi*. N. B.?a good assort meni al? ays en band i or sale. thirst cla?s E5*mp.llbi? fcrniture, plain, p decorated snd grained; solid walrut and oak riets. Mat. Iresses, spring Bens, Ac J <". A CO , manulsie turms, ii?* Bros.lway, between bleeekerand Bono streets. *jv>r SALE IN hofokkn -TO BR SOLD. ON AC f nount of departure for enrntie, the oomplete fnrnlturn, ac , ot a well known prtvate boarding house, which list ex isted for the last six ysars and also lesse of the premls?-s at a moderate rest. 'i he house la vry convenientlr loeatod near the t en > , and contains nine ro^ms, im-sements, kitchen and all tbe modern Improvements done of tbe boarders would remain at bo. 2j wnshliikton terraOS, lltws ken, i ei? een 12 fnd * o'clock PERSONS rrpakinll UP houbekeemiw CAN have ? opportunity of exchanging their flnillm for lots neii the sslt water. Apply to|M. it. TUFFS, -jo fotinb street, V\'M. SIMPSON a SON, SO POWPPV. DP rtairv, TT bsvipp lnssed tbe lo>> er part of their buildi ig lor the carpet business, thev sre offrrlng the bvlsnceof their s <clc ?t furnltnir at grestlv reduced prires. Parties in W;mt >.( fur nlture wouldslo well to call and make their-elections at uutje ?n'.rauce lluough the carpet (tore, >jf f pwery |