Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW'YORK WHOLE NO. 8976. SUNDAY MORNlN?, APRIL 7, 1801. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE WiR EXCITEMENT. | 5ttve Operations at the Havy Yard, Governor's Island and Transport Piers. to Departure of the Steam Frigate few ha tan and Steam Trans port Atlantic. amende Fieri to Concentrate in the Gulf. ie Illinois and Baltic Pre paring to Start ngnlar Statement Relative to Port Sumter. rival of Lieut. Talbot from Major 1 Andersen at Washington* ilerrieWH with the President j and General Scott.' ? T1VJTY AT THE I0ST0N NAVY YARD., flfeet at the Sooth of these ! Movements. nportant Reports fromj Charleston. ijor Anderson's Supplies Cut Off by Order of Cel. Beauregard. ve Thousand Carolinian* in the Field. hk latest news, I A#., Ac.| 4|, fORTANX DESPATCHES FROM WASHING | TON. WAHBINi;T0!I, April 0,1881. 4RB1V.iL <)? U OITICB FROM FOB ?TTW!*R. teu tenant Talbo' arrived here thin morning, from Fort lt*r> Wltl deepa'cHee to the Secretary of War. Ho boMat-.ietod with the Pree.'eut, tlie Secretary and ?ral Hcott for several hours. ? | THK WAN IN PORT M"*fT*R HA." JK>T HKKV ITiCtUTiD. f appeors that thore is serious trouble at Fort Sumter, | that much of the military and naval movement now lapid progress on the part of the government here la kined tor that quarter. An officer of tho army stated oe this afte-noon that the lirat collision would in al jiabrtity, occur in Charleston harbor. Tho govern *? he having decided *>me dtys ago to evacuate t Sumter, were about to s?nr| an order detailing how Skmld De done, but General B>viurecard, who ia in imand, in conjunction with Governor Ilckeas, refused l-ccept their ]>lan of evacuation. that the order or plan proposed 'by eroment e waa la not ftilly known, but it ia understood that f wanted to leave a small force to protect the proper if the t'nited Slates. Till* the Qirollntana peremptorl efoaed to agree to. Tbey demanded an unconditional render. We facte were laid before the President, wbo at onoe |.ded thu unloea they accepted the plan or order pro ed by the Government, that the fbrt should not be cuated. thus compelling them to Lake it by force. CAt'ftS W TMR MaRURK MOYXOTNTS OK TH* ADMlfflnU* no*. TUs, It ia ?lleged, ia the secret of the several expedi is lately undertaken by gontlemen in thia city to trlesten, w'.th the view of arriving at some satisfactory jstment of this dillkuKj: and, in al] probability, this he object of Lieut. Talbot's mission to Washington, be government, however, belies log that there couid , no amicable MJuatment, proceed*! without delay to Itnelf on a war footing, In order to be in readiness te end Itself In oaxe an attack was made. If they sac d In forcing the Carolinians to make an attack, the ad itstratkM mean to be fully prepared for anj emergen that may arise. his .s undoubtedly the meaning of this moat extraor ??> diap!a> of military and naval movements in tho tbern waters. ntisinoni siotkai* or ma sot-nnsw mm. Vben the ?*I1 fcroooe opened they wlU blockade every nclpal port in tbe Oonfed.*ate Hutes, commencing fc Charleston and ending wilfc the mouth of the Mis rtppi. ? avtkwtt m snmiMi rrtrt nnrnat. boukl an attaok be made oo Fort Sam tor an attempt 4 be made to throw reinforcements Into It. They do expect. however, to auooeed In this, but, nevarthe- I they will make the efta-t. "*r WOT TO HI (IRTI IT, prt Plc.tans they ntaii t? hold at ali hazards, if they Mae facts 1 have obtained from an oflioer of the a*v be has no doubt of the authenticity of them. i??oovwnnwT mum rxxcm. a the meantime, the government, while thnen rrtqa ! 9 movements are gotng forward, does not hesitate to ore the people that they are not Intended to make r? Hwi they will act only oo the defensive. * Wiwmrm*, April I, mi tiere haw* been three Cabinet meeting* to day Thia eraoon the Secretary of War and General BooU have ?> deeded with the President. The movements and ?ntk>ns of the administration are conducted with the ?test possible serresy. V*e Is nothlnc new from f ort Pickens to day. Jeut. ral be; arrlvod here from Fort Sumter this morn , and reported immediately to the War l?partment. b despatches from Hi/* Anderson. Tbe purport of m of routes Is a profound secret with the adjjinlstra a. Lieut. Talbut was with u? Ckblnot for several j u*. be,r.g introduce# by the Secretary of War lm ne ,te action wi4*?km.oo the sul^e t of K^or Anderson'a | (patch. J *?s aftenuxM the Secretary of War placed la the ids of I leut. Talbot tw-aieu instructions to Major Aader ?, anil lie left on I,,* return trip to I ort riumpler. VII torts of surmises are all.iai relative to tbe fe ?*" admbtls-.ration wlU pursue. K>me declare ir belief that ?ort KornpUi" wlQ not be te rated. iXhers say tt wui. iJe jt. TaJbot ? brow.l man. ?*d My< nothing He vt.t^es to assert IB icl?rv(e? with your oorr.*(KHi4?nt, u,at a go?d li?r oo'.ii.l rt main in the !ort some time longer, if ne ?ary?tliat th? lare, of course, was not tho most leli e He in;urra d me that whon he lefi Fort Sumt r >'* li.'d been ,1 loforTiiat oa timin mli and t,i er Au 4-r*r of an intention en the pirtof theauth >rl jji'f Co r t n ti. . ;,t o'- .-tf.p?...? IV ??, ih ,n i of th v'* matftva has pu -od from Governor Psji ?s :be adu n.ntu i?r m' tho O^ofMarato which iMBDWVd th.< pvtrrflf don'log with M\o" AoKracn and d^Ktmg Uw fore* arrived agauut him} upon Gen. Beauregard What omirse he Mil lake about continuing or cutting off supplies is not jet known, or was act known when Lieutenant Talbot left. '**?*' l:*P*"oseed no opinion to me about tb<j possi bility of reinforcing Fort Sumter. Ha m'o.-uie 1 me that the force? of the secessionists are numerous, and the' they have < rooted powerful batteries about the furtreM. In anawer to a question whether Kort Sumter could be reduced by the secessionists or not, he remarked, uniting, "That question can be better determined upon trial." Govsrnor* Yatee, of Illinois; Oennieon, of ohm, and Blair, of Michigan, arrived this morning. and have each had interviews with the President to-day, witb reference to the arming of their several States. Wahhinctoy, April 0, 1M1. sxcitement kindled by the sodden warlike attitude of the administration continues nnabated. The most in tense anxiety to ascertain facts bearing upon its Sootbern policy is depicted on the faces of all who Uke an interest m the fate of the country. Little only, however, that was apt to satisfy the universal morbid curiosity was developed during the last twenty four hoars. The only faot that transpired to-day wss the arrival of Lieutenant "Wbot, and the cad of a special meeting of the Cabinet fir the consideration of the information brought by him. Nothing rtliable has as yet become known as to the tenor of his despatches. The real intentions of the administration in regard to Port Sum tor are still wrapt in mystery; but, although the idea cf let'ioroment of Major Anderson, in the face of the vast jrepi,rations of the revolutionists to pre vent it, must appear preposterous to every intelligent mind. Mkny republican leaders here, that have the con fidence of the President, still insist that it will be al tempted. The apprehension f an immediate attack upon Fort Pickens is general, t-ough no positive information to that eOect is (ossessed by any ens. The utter absence of news fro? the South adds greUly to the ]>ainful suspense in which everybody here is now kept. The sloop of-war Pawnee, which sailed this morning with sealed orders, is In complete fighting trim. She car rict ten heavy guns and two hundred men. A large quantity of shells and grape shot were shipped to New York to-day from here. The p-iace mission of the Virginia Cnion leader , who had an Interv iew with ih ITesiden'. and members of the Cabinet last evening, for the purpose of urging the con tlnuationof the prese *nilitsry status a*. Fort Pickens and the foregoing of the collection of the revenue, has proved a failure. Mr. Segur, one of the parties, de clarrd openly this morning that nothing could be done with tho administration. Many republicans, under the influence of a sober second thought, are openly denouncing the President for delay ing action in the case of Fort Pickens op to this time. They pronounce his failure to perfec. a condition for energetic and successful defence, before the prepara tion^ the revolutionists had rendered its tenure imprac ticable, inexcusable and lncompreheinible. Some do not hesitate to express the suspicion that at the bottom or the present naval movements there is not a real intention to reinforce and hold it, M merely to sustain the credit ?Tit? administration in the eyes of the .Vorth by making a vigorous display. ANOTHER VIEW OF THE" MILITARY PRE PARATIONS. WASHUfOTrur. April 0,1601. Notwithstanding the many rumors of war with which Washington has abounded for many days, and still abounds, I am able to assure you, in the most positive manner, that neither Fort Pickens nor Sumter is to be reinforced, and that no attack is feared upon those places by Generals Beauregard and Bragg. Every effjrt is being made to concentrate t'nlted States troops, a port or which are cavalry, and munitions of war are being c<*ccted on board of government ? easels, but their dwt J nation u Texas, where the most alarming state of affaire exists. It is understood that despatched have been revived from Gen. Houston, of the most uigent character, rep resenting the dangrtr of attack by Mexicvnc and Indians as so Imminent Uutt nothing can prevent the most seri ous disasters up? the frontier if assistance is not re ceived Immediately. The Cabinet are, therefore, Agreed that, whatever course may have been taken in favor or secession by the Texan people, it would be equivalent ?o a recognition of their Independence, under tke most cow ardly auspices, to abandon them to their own resources at the present time The invasion of Texas Is an act of aggression against the whole Union, which it is the more the duty of the federal government to repel, as the au thorities at Mexico are utterly powerless, as yet, against the band? of ijjigands with which that country abounds. There Is a complete and thorough understanding, al though tt Is tacit, and to a certain extent unofficial, be tween the Southern Commissioners and the Lincoln ad ministration, that the statui quo shall not be disturbed, either by the t'nlted States authorities or by the South ern confederacy. One of the Commissioners from Mont gomery hos stated in the most emphatic manner, within the last twenty four hours, that no reinforcement could be sent to Fort Pickens or to Fort Sumter, and that no at tempt to blockade the mouth of the Mississippi, or any Southern port or harbor, for the purpose of collecting re venue, could be made, without such a violation oi good faith and such wanton treachery on'the p^rt of the I*resldent and his advisers, as would be without a paral lel in the history of any civilized nation Wh< n asked how be Interpreted the belligerent rumors of tho lan few days, be simply added that be and bis rollsag .es ware satisfied they boded no evil to the Southern confederacy, and that they did not apprehend that there was any im moJiate danger of civil war. President Davis and his administration have so notori oualy, anJ from such obvious reasons of interest and ne oe*s!ty, adopted ftMnalenU as their motto, thu the re 1 ports of projected attacks upon Fort IVkeae or Sumter wight not to require contradiction. There is doubtless great exsltenrnot at l'ensaooia and ''harlesloo, and, like V- vhlrgton, both of those plves are agitated byai: man ner of false rumors. Ths telegraphic despatch that cause a financial panic In your city react, in a different manner, upon the population there but be assured that neither Beauregaru nor Bragg will proceed to act* of war fare without orders, and that there Is no likelihood of such orders being given. Imbecile and weak as Mr. Lin coln's administration Is, It is scarcely to ac use it of the diabolical perfidy which would be involved in a breach of faitli witb the Southern Commissioners, and, nolens such pertdy is practised, there will nit be blorviahed at least for a while. j THE ATJTUDE OF FRANCE AND ENGLAND. WasnrwiTO*, April 6, mi. Ths statement that flighm) and France will sustain the policy of the administration, In ths event of an attempt to pot down the secession of the Confederate State*, is without s shadow of foundation Advioes received by U>" last mill from Kurope, by both the Kngllsh and French legations. Indicate pretty dearly what thins two powerful governments Inteed to do. 1*ey will keep band- off, and wait ths development of events. The In strnctions to all their sgents on this aid* of the water are clear and explicit. In no event will they take sides in the difficulties which now impend over this oocntry. They sincerely hope to sen a peaceful solution of the question. I make this statement on the highest authority 1*0 war wing of the republican party are in great glee . the oountry Into civil war and blood. They do not herniate to denounce Gov. Seward in coarse and ungenUemanly language, merely because be opposed their innsne ^ reokless themes Had it not been tor his wiee counsels, the whole country today would witness scenes that would app*j the strongest heart He never will permit this adm.nut?, tksi to follow the wild and fanatical schemes <* the abo litioiiitl A PIX)T TO SEIZE THE FEDERAL CAPITAL. Wawwrmw, April g, lw. , M*K?r Boti McCuIloch has organised a foree of fivs thousand men to seise tho federal capital the -i the fir* blood la spilled. This Intelligence is from a Virginia gnntlsman now In this city, who lisd it directly from McOhlloch's owa IIP" SOUTHERN REINFORCEMENTS FOR PEN SACOLA. M-uon, Ga., April 0, 18(11. Troops are moving rapidly forward for Pensaol*. BgM companies have left here The balante, i.oderthe cpmaaiw of CyKwe) U Ramus/, leaves on Tuesday IMP0R1ANT FROM CHARLESTON* PhAkogro*, April '> 1?' Reliable formation bM> tmn rented from the %?rlh ttkt i?ll(*rc?eiU ur? ordered to KUrt Sttmhf, and will be mcomphM by ? Njuacron under c hubiihI of ftm modore Ptr'ngbam. Fve 'housand Southern nan, In addition U> thne at present in the fortltkaUions, are ready to Ule the field within twenty-four bourn. The eHimatum, siege or surrender, has ixH yet been 8 nt to Major Anoerson, but with tM tafgiia jknl (# day kt mi notijicl ty (rciyrai Hoaureiard thii l&ty aft t k tutt, which u iquiuaient lj a 4e.ha.raXon qf Jkii il pontine. Troops have been ordered to rendezvous at polnm re in telrom Charleston, but within supporting distance, to watch the movements of the enemy. Tbey move at ence. Governor l'icken? liae all day boen inspecting tho bat teries, aoeeanpnxiied by a portion of hiaOmmciland senior olt.oers of tie army. ICvrything throughout wan In a "tale of eiticieocy. Bloodshed la Inevitable, and if one drop Ik bpllt no one knows when It wtU end. A formal demand for the surrender of (he fort has not been made, and may not be made at all. lor obi toua reasons the intentions of the Coufederacy are Involved In myetery. The excitement 1a intense.and ev< rybody la in lighting humor. THE EFFECT AT THE SOUTH OF THE WAR IJKE MOVEMENTS. MONTUOlfEKT, ALA. Mowmmkry, Ala., .'prll 6, lHfll. The people of thin rlty relish the war news excsedlag ly. They are gristly pieaaed with tho proepc t of ii "brush," but are afraid tha'. the IJnooln administration will evade a conflict. The news of tho tiring lulo a schooner at CU-irliwton brightens all faces. NEW ORLKAVS. Nkw Okikanh, April 6, 1861. The report ilia.1 war vessels have been ordered to the month of the Mfcsieeippi river create* considerable ei cltement here. ACGl'STi, OEOKOIA. Ai'gi'sta, Ga., April 0,1861. Httls relia-cs n placed in the despatches from the North respecting war preparations, but it is universally conceded that al> prefer such a policy to suspense. OOLDSBOROUiH, N. C. GouMloioi'iiH, N. C., April 6,1861. The news of the fitting out of a fleet and army is ox cttlng the community to the highest degree of anger. They say they wish to hear of an attack on Fort 8umter? as the military arc ready to assist the Southern confede racy. VTILMINOTOS, S. i\ Wilmen.tiw, N. C., April 6, 1861. The warlike news has been receive*! here, b it cattsss no excttiment a- \ et. MCfQfOKO, VA. Kichmomti, Va., April 6,1861. Outside of the State Convention, tho war news of l*at night and to day has produced no great sensation. The people are prepared to expect anything, hut believe that If a blow is struck at any Southern State or port, thou sands^ Union men will go for "Immediate Hecesslon." I KVBHSBVRC. VA. pKTEMWao, Aj>rU 6,1861. | TJi- excitement in thU city to day is very great. The war tidings are discussed on every corner, and th i people say "Let it eome." Great indignation is expressed at the dilatory oouxse of the Convention. All the people are at a U!gh pitch, and all say 4 \ irglniu must secede." IMPORTANT PROCEEDINGS OK THE VIR GINIA STATE CONVENTION. Rionnsit, Va., April 6,1861. The Virginia State Convention resembled this lore noon. Recession resolutions from the people of Charlotte an! Norfolk counties were presented. Mr. Hallu>at said that the signers to the latter conrti tuted a smaU minority of the people of the county. Mr. Johnson presented a petition for secession, signed by 1,600 people of ltichmond. He said that the signers constituted only about a third of the voters of the city, though it had been weeks in preparation. The ninth resolution was taken up In Committee of the Whole, and the amendments oilerod yeslerdaf defeated. Mr. Reruns moved to strike out the whole resolution and Insert a substitute embodying a declaration that the separate independence of the seceded States ought to be acknowledged without further delay, and such arrange ments made ind s jrh laws passed as the separation may make necessary proper. lhe committee refused t) strike out by ress nays Tl. (ither amendments were rejected, and the ninth reso lutlon adopted by M to 37. The committee then referred back to the eighth reso lution, recognizing the right of Just causes. Mr. Carijijb moved to strike out the roeolutloc and In nert a substitute embodying Madison s language, lustl fytnp secession only In tho evont ef th? failure i* everv constitutional resort. The committee refused to strike out by ayes 22, nays 114. This vote indicates the ureogth of the ultra I niooiste ? ther amendments were then proposed and rfliected. ivndlng the reoess several firm ronservitivas changed the'.r vote, and voted for Mr. Boulden s subatitute for the ninth resolution The eighth resolution en reassembling was taken up In 'Ommltte*. <?? motion of Mr. Stmvxks, the w.rds "they coo cede," In th) third line, were stricken out. The resolution was then adopted, when the ennmittee roee. In Conveatioo, Mr. lYeston, a r^naervenve, offered a resolution (suppowed to have been oc-.i*K?oe<1 by the late war movement) deelartec that the government has no power to sulnug&ie h Southern State, protesting against any such (MNlvi policy. and authorising the appoint ment of delegates to wait on the President, present him these r?weiutlo?*. "X5 respectfully nak him to to commitments to the Convention th* policy the gorern meet Intends to pursue. The resolution was modlfl-d on the suggestion ik Mr. ItaldwUi Mil acce^Kei by Mr. PraalM as lotlowg:? whereas in the opinion at this convention the unoer talnty which prevnifc in the publio mind as to the policy the government int??ite to pursue towards the seceded Mat** la extremely iojurtou to the comMer-lal and in dustrial Interests of the country, and tends to keep up an exoitement which Is unfavorahl > V> an adiustment of \hc peading difficulties and threatens the dlat'irhauo of the public tieace therefore. Resolved, That a committee of three delegates be ap pointed to wait on the ITesideot, he Mr. Ouuu offered an amendment, to fcictude a dsalr i to know the po)lc> of the seceded States toward the gen. era! government Rfleeted Mr Pweeno's reaolutl<>n waa then adopted as modified Mr. Jackson moved a reconsideration. He did aot voie. The Convention agreed to take a vote again. Mr. Jackson made a vehement speech agalnat the pro position, declaring his constituents would never consent to loin South Oarolla?. Lieutenant < overiK* Mnottgue made a spirited S|H>eoh tn reply. Omaid<vahle Teeing was manifested on all sides. Some of tho Unionists oonsldor that the adoption of Mr. Preeton's resolution will annihilate al hopes ct sdjnst meet Without Uklng a Anal wtf the CoutooUoo to KljourD, bopini t?r a more calm fMMwkwi oti Mondajr. NAVAL PREPARATIONS AT THE CHARLES TOWN NAVY YARD. Hneroir, April 6, 1861. There is great activity manifmtod at the Charlesto?n tfsi y Yard, over eight hundred persons bring employed. The brig Ralnbrirfge Is ready for sea and waiting Tor her crew. The steam frigates M nneaota, Mississippi and Colorado are also nearly ready. Com. fc'trlngliain is e* p<*t?d Ui ?rriT? wly next week. INI APPROACH IMG CIW1 WAR. The euNiwii whteh has sprung up within U??- but | f?w daja oonaeqnent upon Uie unwonted wivemMl of t'nued States troope, the oomm i^mning of United States v asek, the chartering of staanMrs for military service, the extensive preparations made to lit oat tho same with all the deadly swfcrirf of war, and, above all, the mys tery which shrouds the object of this extraordinary ' belligerent demonstration, seemed to reach Its cnlmt i uating point yeaterdiy. on whatever aide the attentive I or oar ions observer tamed the all absorbing topic of ooo [ vertation vtss the military preparations and the warlike j attitude so suddenly assumed by the government j at Washington. But while the facta laid before i the public jostsrday morning b? the Hmuui furntohod , au interesting sublet for rfiecussion, it wag evident that j tbe precise caute of all this nnoiMnl hnblnt^ grMtly ei ! ercised the lieges of Uncle Smb. J The Battery, If its uses conveyed the BiKnlllcaoey of iU name, might be appropriately considered a ilttiDg spot for , assemblages to meet and d<scuia tne tidings of coming ! war. But though this is net so, yet was the Battery the | chosen ground yesterday whereou totreator tbosoevents, j whose coming have oast their shadows boforo, and which j have so startled the mind .f the community. A great diversity of opinion prevailed as to the object of the ar maments in process of embarkstlin on the 1'owhaUn,

the Atlantic and other steamers, and the destUiition of the troops daily concentrated at tho diflbrent ?tations in the barber. But aa little Information couki be acquired from the surmises of the assemblages, and us It is the doty of the reporters to collect facts and to lay the same before the public, it was neceasary to visit the different forts, and, if possible, to learn from authentic sources what was going on. The great bustle and activity observable in the Navy Yard for some days denote s that much Is to be done be j 'wr orders of the War Depa'tment can bo fully com I plied with. Within each of the forts the same quiet, or - derly bustle and active preparation la going on that has . marked the conduct of the military for the last few days. Arms are burnished, kits got ready, inspections are | made, parades are incessant, orderlies are in perpetual ! mot ten, and all this under the strictest rules of : discipline. The bearing or every man iU garrison is characterized with that soldierly j/ravlty which seems tnpervious to appoola from curious civilian i, and which impresses all such individual* with the Idea that every j orderly be meets ia au inuoh iu the secret us tho Socre 1 tary of War himself. But to al! inquiries even at "head quarters" the invariable answer was, "We aro all In the dark here; we get all our own information from the Hmai i). What's coming seems to be bot er known at your office that it is to our highest officers," Ac., Itc. In every instance all courtesy wis extended to the report erw, and in the foits all due facility was offered for noting the preparations co n- on and of ascertaining the feeling or the men. On ihis latter point tho men are very chary of expressing themselves. They eTlnce no hesiti'.ion in carrying out to the letter the orders of their superiors; Indeed, a vory commendable i promptitude is observable in the manner they go through every routine of garrison duty. Tbo officers ee?m to have every reliance on tho leynlty and ildellty of the men, while the latter reciprocate this feoling moat heartily. In this respect the etprit <te corjr; is beyond all insinuation aad all cavil. While thus animated towards T each other and towards tho profession they have volun tarily chosen, it Is equally true that offioeis and men lament the dissensions which have disrupted the I'nion, the moro bitterly from the very fact that their services are likely to be called lato requisition berore a compro mise is eftbctod.and they freely express the hope that no collision will take plaoe between the two coafoderacicn. One fruitful theme of conjecture and comment In all circlet", but more particularly In military, was the re sanations or Major Holmes and M*.;or Johnwui The for j mer, an ??1U and tried officer, is a native of North Caro Una. He has beAn in the service some thirty one years, i and has distinguished himself on several o-xa Ions In n way to earn for himself the confidence of tho \\ ar Depart j men! The resignation is not offnially known, and the | report may be premature: but yet the report getting abroad at such a time, when, as chlsf in command of the Island garrison and genrra' superintendent of the recruit ing ilopartment, his services are mo t noie.saary ; to the execution or th- order? of th* Kxecutive has excited quite a commotion. Uajor Johns.? Is a na tiveof Kentucky and felbw-citizen of Major Anderson, | and hav also been a highly esteemed oftioer. The resignation of these officers will come with the more astounding effect upon the public from the fact that they matt naturally exercise a depressing effect upon tho I feelings aid sentiments of the great body of the military j of every grade. Indeed Intimations were rather irmly ; Indulged in that other re-gnatlons would follow, and m ' these got wing, an evident gloom imperceptibly stole over the men. Still the troops ooutinued pat king up, and still an incessant activity prevailed ! in preparing all the materials and supplies : required by troops under orders for active service. At Governor I.siand wharf vessels have been loading all day with ordnance and stores for the fitting wit of the steamer-!. Tho troops who are on tlie Island under '?hi the first to b<- ordered oft?will be conveyed to the Atlan j tic by the steam tug Tope Catlln. A detachment of the Second artillery (Company A.), Intended to lorm t*rt or the expedition by the Atlantic, went on board in the forenoon severai other companies followed In the course of the day, making in all between seven and eight hun dred men The Atlantic will leave with Mealed ordors. Her destination ir, of course, only a matter of conjecture At the recruiting rendezvous enlistments are not par 1 tleularly pressed. No orders Unseeable to tbe war excite ment have been received, Mid none bat picked men are taken. Th -re is no want or applications at tho oftic^s, but the gentlemen who desire to become food for powder all prefer to join as voluntee?a, and not as moo bound to serve for a period of five years. When told that I'ncle Sam?or Abe 1 Jnooto?requires no volunteer?, Owe same would be heroes, with the most perfect nonchalance, inquire or the officer whether he will take volunteer* for j the Southern army. Ttoey don t seeci to understand why it is, if reje< led by I nele Sam, he Is so averse to trans ferring them over to Jefl. Davis, who might ptaor more value on their services. At the t mted State* naval rendezvous ardor1 have . been received for an accession of seamen, and large ; numbers of ordinary and able bodied men are joining. ( Tbe term of service is three years if not sooner dm j charged?the rata (18 a month. Not bad service that in ? these times. The general impression la that the "piping j times of peace are past, and that Mm President is deter I mlneu to change his tune ?Nobo#*s hurt, to whatever ! tune cannon ball ami mjaletry may whistle in be leaguered fort or U nted field. HAILING OF THE POWHATAN. Tbe steam sloop of war I'owhatan did not haul out into the Ktrea* on Friday night, as was ruasored, bat remain ad alongiide tbe dock at the Kavy Yard throughout tbe sight. Yesterday there was another large influx of visit ers to the yard, but ss everything had been taken on board, there waa not the same bustle that prevailed on the previous day. Much anxiety waa manifested by the visiters to asoertaln whither tbe Powhatan was bound, and whether she wss going to take troops on hoard < toe man waa observed to buttonhole a watchman, and ask him " Whether H waa true that sogers were to be embarked?" to which the watchman replied that be did not know, which In Urn was followed by a rejoinder from the querist that "it was no use denying it, no bow the watchman could fix It, for If roops were not to be taken on board what the ? was the use of all that flta*?"' To nhlch cogent, but rather pro aae reasoning, th<- watmrnan vouchsafed no reply This In-ldeut nor via to 111 Pirate the curiosity mat prevailed among the spectators ?? they watchcd the progress of the preparations for departure. It would wem thit the l'owhatnn was merely awaiting orders, for during the day two sealed pankets were re ceived by th< comaanding officer, and Immediately upon the reoeipt steam wac got np. At two o'clock the moor ings were unfastened, ami, aided by the steiontug Ceres the Powhstan moved slowly out, and reaching a point of tbe stream frim free obstruction, sailed down the river, There wss no cheering or other outward demon stration by the spectators, as would undoubtedly have been the oase had she been bound on a crul?e to sustain the honor of the American flag against any foreign foe. TlieBtoemtug parted from her IntheEhst river, and tbo Iswbatan rosjudlaf the Battery, wber? her movements r? oht? rved by n number spctators, who, bow ever, exhibited do further iu lei est apparently than tti*t oonveytd by a gtoomy k?k, passed out Into tho bey, bat do uajute greeted bar f?om tbe Torla Id tb? harbor, nor was there any demonstration by tbe norroundtng ?hip plrg. -bo stemmed seawards, and after anchoring quarantine for a abort time, rammed her v tyage Tbe follow tog la a revised list of the ofltaera of tbe Pow hatan.? * ' Hamuel Meroar, Maryland. ? Vgbert Thompson, New York; fl. C. Periy, New Yofk; W. a Whiting, New York; W. IL Gam ble, l'cunsv tvanka. JfuriN* 1.1'a.', itaid?J. L. llrqome, New York. tV?Ty<oii?Joseph WlWon, Jr. Pnffd A tuiotit Sunmit.?.lunn Inws. Paymaster?J J. toils k, New Jersey. I hief EngxnUr?Hurmsa NewtlL Muhhipinan?iicorgp Pewey, Joshua Binbup, *. S. Btuy v??l t and Cuniles W. Head. Hoai*uain?Y. Mclxod. (.unnrr?Hum a-it Puycker. Sail maker? Jacob Stepbona. Mbgitwrr?Klrst Assistant*, William I. lAmdio and James V. I-smdin; Second Assistant*, J. MqMui'Jll and John Ptirdy, Third Assistants, William H. OladdlOg, E. Laws u?d II. C. Mollvaln THE DRPARfrRR OP THE ATT.ANTIC. K1VK HUNI'KFD GOVERNMENT TROOP* OW BOA HI*? HER PEPTIZATION STPFOSKO TO BE FORT rit'K KNH?HER KEBlOHT, KTC. Civil war appears to bo approaching ua with a rapidity tbat is alarming, and tbe people are beginning to reilizo thia terrible fact. Yesterday there wsa presented a sight at one of our dock) tbat our peaceable citizens are rarely called upon to witness, the preparations for the departure of a vessel tilled with ammunition and soldiers, which It Is supposed are to be uaed against our Southern brethern, Uio igh at what point it is Impoaaible to tell. The steamer Atlantic, as wo have recorded, has been chartered by tbe United States government ostensibly to go to Texas, having cleared for Blazes on Friday, rumor ] said to convey troopa from some point In Texas to Now York, but rumor had to stand aside yester<lay and give way to stern facts. The Atlantic la not chartered to bring j troops to this port, but to convey them from thia city to where net evom tbe oltioers appear to know, everything being involved In an Impenetrable cloud of mystery. We yesterday described the great bustle and prepara tion at the dock where tbe steamer Atlantic was lying, the Immense amount of stores that she waa receiving, and the preparations that were going on for a speedy do parture, but to-day we havo to sketch a much more ex citing scene?no lees a one than the embarkation of seve ral companlos of artillery and Infantry, and the conse qui nt excitement among the people. THK *rtUM*R ATLANTIC Presented a scene yesterday of bustle and activity, and untiring Industry on the part of the people connected with her that wn very unusual; men wero here, there and everywhere some going up planks others down, [ while ganga of men Wept constantly api>earing and dlsap I peering In tbe most mysterious manner, through ail i sorts of apertures. The dock was loaded, so much so ! as to rendor It almost Impassable, with barrels, beds, : mattresses, guncarrlages, baxse of ammunition, baggn?e, Ac., all mixed up together aud forming a compact mass, whilo on the other side of tho Atlantic was a government schooner deeply laden with boxes and gun carriages. The work of loading waa continued all Friday night, and a very largo amount or ammuni tion was received on board and stowed away. O.N HOARD the ship everything betokened the mission on which be is bound. On every side something was mot th it sp>ke of war tbe decks were covered with loose pi ink, around the sides ot the vofeoI were ranged a number of water casks, whilo piled up for future disposition wero boxes of shell aud other warlike implements, among whloh were several boxes of tho newly rilled carbines used by tho artillery. The upper i deck, at the bow, was devoted to the ereatlon of atolls for \ the use of the horaee that Jwere to he reoelved on board. These were constructed with regard both to strength and comfort, the aides and back being very carefully padded, ho as to secure the animals from Injury during the pass age. Eighty of these stalls were erected, completely filling up the front part of the vessel. Every measure has been adopted that was at all practicable to securo the comfort of the animals. The sleeping accommodation lor the soldiers are little better than the horse stalls? ruogh boards carelessly nailed together forms the boadstead on which tho men are to stretch themselves, and more than stretch them aelve? they can't, thero being very close quarters for one, where two are Intended to be put. It is Intended that each ol these stand- wiU hold six men, and as they are very narrow, very high, and packed together as clone as It la pos.-lble to do so, they will be able to carry a great number in a vory smull space. The cabin, state rooms and other portions of the vessel remain un clianged. In the fore part of the hold an immense quantity of provisions are stored?Hour, meats, bags, barrels, and parcels are carefully atored away, and there is little fexr of their provisions falling short, at least for some tine; the rest of the hold is filled with the guns, carriages, forges and stores that may be nevled at whatever place they may bo bound for. ms SOIISXKA A portion of the soldiers that were to accoa#f?">y "?e expedition arrived at the foot of Canal streo'. at eleven o'clock, and were at once surrounled by a large crowd and plied with all sorts of question* Where did yon j come from.' Where arc you going? Bow anany men are going? Will there be a tight? but the q-jorles ! were useless, the men turning a doaf ear lo al questions, of no matter what character, for fear that they might be made to Bay something that was not right, although la reality they knew nothing, and thorefore bad nothing to communicate. The company that arrived wsa Company A, Second regi ment, United States Elying Artillery, CapUln Barry, numbering sixty men. Owing to the crowded elate 1 tho dock, and the fact that the stalls were not ret 1/ ? the reception of tbe horses, the men were obliged t> re main In the street for two or three hours, after which time they were permitted to go upon tho dock. They had with them four guns two of them l>etng brass six ; pounders, and the other two brass bowttaerv, of twelve , poun la calibre. I The men w?e all line looking fallow*, and locked as If j , slight brush with an enemy would not affect their jpirits in tbe least. They were totally Indlttorent as to where they were goin?r, and laughed and Joked at tbe prospect before them a* If It wan an excursion of plea ,uro. It was aald that tbe horaea belonging to tho ar tillery were very valuable animals and highly trained, nnd that that was tbe reason of their being taken such extra care of- Company M, of the Second artillery, commanded by Major Hunt, accompanied the others They had no horees, being obliged to leave them after them when they loft Texan. They will be freshly snp plied at whatever point they may land. The balanoe of the soldiers were taken on board from a steaming later in the day. There wore scene companies from the Second and Third regiments, in all about seven. Companies H, Captain Brooks, and C, Oa plain A leu, of tbe Second regiment light infantry, are also on board. A company of sappers and miners, from West Point, and a few persons belonging to tho Ordnance De pertinent, under the charge of IJeut. Balch, oompleto the wboie. Tbe total number of men Is about Are hundred, although many think that It is mush larger. She may, however, reoelve a fresh supply before alio leaves the city from either Tori Ham 11 ton or <krrernor's Island, as she has accommodations for fully two thousand men. TVX nfSAIUTIO* Of the troops aod armament mt conducted in the usual milltarv style. Some curiosity was manifested an to bow to many horse* (seventy eight) were to be got on board, as the steamer wss lying several feet from tbe dock. but. ,s, or .wo -,?ngly built .tails eooo explained that. The horse was quietly placed in ono '? the stalls and almost before he had thne to know ' where be was. the steam boiMIng apparatus had placed him with hie companions on board the ship. The Ume employed in putting all tho animals In their quarto* wss Incrodlbly short, only a few mo ments being given to each. The g*ns and their heavy carriages were stowed aWay Carefully, and the baggage next received the proper attention. the steaming R. 1. Ilaby at flve o'clock came along side. her de. k was densely crowded with *><di*rs from Kort Hamilton, and there ma* s<^ne little delay In getting them on !>otird tho larger vessel. They presented e strsn?e slffht.w. Ji their knap-arks, water bottle*, cans, and oilier accoutrements. They are vtrly a I your* men?One, heal thy young fellows, and full oj animal spirit; manr of them expressed s. w*b fu? actfca of tome kind, ud would evidently not ion* tbetr tec* ut danger. HVB, IMIUS&1W, w. Tba scent .oatslde tho g Ue of the f'w ?? intensely exniting; the people gathered there, at the embarkation of the artillery took fkM, became highly excited, and the gatekeeper and t*e policemen had to be v Igilant to keep those out wktto business did not bring them within. At the moment of the arrivalacf the artillery' there was ? rush msde to meet tbem, anl there waa barely time given toe? to halt, before they were surrounded and plied with oi' manner of qoestons. The crowd 'isving sat* tied selves with looking at the wn, and wonderu?g i Forts Sn inter or Firkeni wanted with living artillery returned to their pot la on the docks and vedMto, and watched with the aim< it patience tne operations going on en board the vc>se., expecting each me sent to see the ponderous wb els begin to revolve; t ut they wailed until five or six o'clock, and their patience waa not rewarded, and one by one they left, until the large space was completely empty, and a person weak) no* peroelvo, without g nng to the gate, that anything en usual waa going on. HER PET ART! TIE. It was seven o'clock before tho Atlantic loft her dock, owing to the immense amount of freight to be pot ?? board. IM.ririg the afternoon she was visited by a groat many of the friends of the oftieers and others who are about going with her on her mysterious mission. They were permitted to remain on board up to the tat mo ment, but when the word was onoe given to go on shore the last parting bad to take place, and several ladies left tho vessel with the terrible uncertainty over tbem M to the safety of their friends, brothers and Ircsbends. One of them said that if she only knew where they were going she would be satisfied. At seven o'clock the last man w&a on bovd, the last bundle stowed away, and at the word of the ttpMin the single CAble was cast lose, and the noble vessel be gan to move into the stream. H&ving gone Into the middle of the river, Immediately opposite CaoaJ street, she there dropped her anchor for the night. It ? singu lar tha>, although many watched hor departure, net a voice was raised to bid her C.od speed. Fhe left in si lence, and without one to wave hor an adieu. WHKRK IS MllB Although tbo steamer Atlantic cleared for Briaoe, Texas, still considerable doubt exist! as to ber real desti nation. In the first plaee a government voaoel needs no clearance, but is at liberty to go into any port, ender proper orders, therefore tbo Atlanti:, [a?l-e.' reiving Brazos, may gojto any point that m*y be dsairai>ie. In tho scond place, a number of packa^ci, b.?*oa, Ac., were \ esterday placed on llie end of the dock, and each one was maaked in very email letters, "!i?ptaln L VogJon,Fo?t Pickens, Florida." This In iUelf looks very mich as If the Atlantic and her warlike freight had the intention of stopping at, or going very near Fort Pickens. There is another very singular fsct connected with tho above packages, that they were permitted to remain by them selves, and were not put on board with tho oUie.- freight, but remained on the dock after tho Atlantic had g ne into the stream. A great many trunks and parctls belonging to the soldiers had to follow the steamer, and the steamtng R. I.. Mabey was in readiness to take them otr Here was a good opportunity of putting the boxes marked "Fort Pickens" in board without attracting any notion This thing In itself looks as if the administration was going to make an attempt to reinforce Piok ens, else why all the ammunition, provision and other thlng6 that have boen placed on board. On Friday nlglit many laborers and oshora were employed In taking in shell and shot, and other mom lions of war, and on the pier were hundreds of boxes marked "Sixteen Brands, twelvo pound howMser, upeelaj case;' ten rounds, twelve pounder bowltisr shells, ftxod;" 10,000 cartridges;" '10,000 gon capsules." These things look suspicious, and we may soon hear of an attempt to'throw troops and ammunition Into prt Pickens, or to reinforce the Impregnable Fort Sumter. THE STEAM TRANSPORT BALTIC. The Baltic, which lies at pier No. 41, opposlts the At lantlc, Is undoubtedly chartered by the government, but. will not sail, probably, for two or three days yet. The cabins have been opened and aired, since yesterday morning, and a few men are on board, as if preparing to get the steamer ready to sail soon after the Atlantic Truoks, carts and boat loads of dour, pilot bread aftd provisions we-e eV.ll irr vjig at the dock yesterday, and were piled up upon that side where the Baltic hes?the Atlantic app-renUy having ber full complement. Beyond this nothing was done towards starting her, for every ooe seesaed busy about the Atlantic,and sailors, 'lonahoremen an< soldiers hurried about, hindering each other and accoropi.ahlng little, In that delightful stylo characteristic of such occa sions. ______ THB 1LLINOB. ?till remained yesterday at pier No. 3, but the p'kt had orders to move her at six o'olock last evening She wjI be taken no doubt to tho foot of Canal street as soon as the departure of the Atlantic maxe< room for her. Commodore Vanderbl'it says that be does not and never did own the Uuxns that she is not under bis control and he Jtno ws nothing about her. Kone of his vessels had been chirt-'iel by the government up to last night, ao 1 he had no intima tion that any ooe would be. The ft lino is belongs to the Yanderbllt line, however, and wee announced to sad In that line i*r Furope on Hon day. She Is equipped and ready for sea aV a few hours sotioe, but will not start to-day probably. The gates of the dock where she lies are ciosed and gjar I - ed, no outsiders being vim if ted. The officer of Ihe ship who was on duty, Informed us that the HIIboIh would lot sail for Kurope, as advertised, and could not W got ready to sail anywhere befuro Monday. Her fires were not lighted In the earlv part of tbo afwr noon, and this of Itself is a proof that oo immediate 4e !*rt>ire was Intended. THE CUTTER HARRIET L.VNE. Has returned biker anchorage off the Battery. No cne known where she has been, or where alio ntcnos to go. The offioers at the Boat no >ss klndiy Informed us that they had no Informatle* In regard to her movscnenki that It was got unusual for ber to drop down the Bay ,aanke a day or two's cruise sad return, just as she hsd upon Ala occasion. Bho is always pro visioned and ready to Start off. Her fires are always left ?mouldering and without any extra prepwMna, she might, if ordered by the government, start * oaao tlced at any lima There were no signs of sctivity la bar vlcinHy. _____ THE SQUADRON FOR SERVICE IS* TUB SOUTH. We present below a oorrect list of me vessels of war now ordered to the Golf of Mexloo, to engage ia opera tion* growing out of the present Southern raiaMiai; also a list of the transports and storeahlps, sad oorraa* list of the offioers commanding the ships, so far as they bare been detailed ? THY FLEET. _ Omrmtnd* <a-CW?r-nag oflloar Bilas H. 8tr1agham Acond fa OmswsiZ-Flsg Oflloer O. J. PeadmgrsM. STEAM ntlOATI MINNESOTA?F0RTT tHTNS. 'aptaUn?O. J. Van Brant. One. . litmtenmut?Ifcrdon, Watnwright, Badger, JohMOa, Foster. MKcheO, Wilson. , hirf ttmtaser?Franklin Johnson. if altar?emltb. FKIGATY flABINK FIFTY GCfB? Cbp'sMi?Henry A. Adams. IAMtrnant emd A.wcWineJ. lArvtmcMii?George P. Welsh, Wm. H. Msrss#a? F. H. lewis, 1 H. Nornuui. A<#*e Maitmr?Wm. P. llcOmn. ?ZStiLZl SCuSiS'JSA-Mm <?. Quuur I air es If Ooper. aZZto-wm. D. jaahlns. 5HEw_John >5tBS. _ I Parker, Val. Voorbses OmM "ZprzT-l ii rwm't Cl*tk?John II. Kalk. g|,OOP CI'?S**I.AND- TWENTT FOrB 0CT?fl. (Wain?John Marston. IMvtmimt?-lst., Alexander Murray, 2nd, -'oba R Maory 3d, James H. Rochells; 4tb. Chaa. H. ?M*4aS' 6th, Thomas < ?. "Vilfrldge Surfmm? rbtsnas IHllard. ra|s?art"~John fisbree [00NT1NVKU UN RGBTB PA?ft)