Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1861 Page 2
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?AJL.M.S AT ACOTIOIt AUOTIOR l^OTICB ? BOl'SB HALB4IF OVBR tli.000 wonh cf rich nwewood aid m.ibogany Houaeuold fur nlture ?Tm ?iu-utlon of b.mtekcepr re is called to the large aale to lake plane on IHdkr, April N, mi 214 Fourteenth etrttl, between t-igtlh and -Multi at. uuei. oommc.nciug kl 10>>i o'ci.s k prmiatly, of .he entire cleitHut Furniture and bMuu ful Work* ni Art ci'nuiyd In the abnte Urge dwelling, all of trhii h will i.r sold n I'.h'iuv reserve, and inuat l>e rem >ved lm ?mltU'lj fr> ui "he piriuiaea, uompnsmg a very large audele ami tnieiit of rverj thing eaneiitlal to a laahlouab ?? and costly furnished reaMeuoe. to rosew<?id, oak and mahog?iiy. Kali will c ?uimenoe in the dining mom, wl b ricb Kutnr War* of k iseri Brothers' oibi.jiaeture, Crns, Casters, Spoon*. Foik?, Cake Baskets, liming Sets, euperb trench arc Bohemian China, rryatal cut (lias*, rubr roininl t,ln*a Ware, lvorr and ptarl Outienr, French Porcelain, e.-gam Extension lab'.e, with oak biting Room Miinltu e Furlon? wo richK carved r.mewoud I'ar lor hull*, covcied In three ool>ml i>roj*de. In perfect order; Velvet aim Million t'ajpew, r sewood rnarb ? i<>p hiegeros, roerwooti Cnitft, Sofa ar.d i'ier rabies; two eleg?n; Pier , QlaaKiw, with )>iua?; daiuask and ru b l.aoe Curtains hrenc# | Khad-s luiku-ti liair*. wita Lounges toniatca; lady ? Sucre- ? tar) , liecei lloi, Chairs in tvo, ado ?????? I MAOtfiriOfchX St'.Eh OOTAVB PIANOFORTE, I carved legs hud ega , r mi."* nmern, finished t.l rnur.d inlaid with saunwn <1 solid (xart key*. ni*ew<<>d ?<?. *?*? ' Books, einur idet id .hub v. ?veJ, Music. K-tok, . cloth, >lalr ? ur,*t. .to chamber*?iiihlyrtried , reseat od bdstaad*. Style 1- <"* XI*' ? and to match; \> ardrooe., L/ '"V <w 1 Boaktunds, Couches \rm ''bair*. Curtaina, nbailiw, t^or . mess, Hair Mxm-itN, f,#j]i.>*?e*, l eather BmIs, Boilers, ( Pillow a, blanket^ HbT???. CouBtenwie*, grated ; C'hlra lollol l-eia, U?al Ulrrora. Ititcbeu *are, Ac Cereiul I ca-tm. n in uilejidanee to cart, nl'lp oi aiore go )d? for pur- ; oharern ] Amoktivkk. uKirriN ? 00.. auctioneers.? 1 M.^uillwut h >u??hold Furniture ah J nn Worku oi Art At publli- MKUon. T.'if pn?^i*rtp ol a fatnilv rt*dining houaekeeping. ua to morrow < *.<udayi at 11 o otooh. At tUr el?t;aai privale rendenee. No -If* Went sixteenth atreH, ' U>*twe<tn Hi'tl- ard Mill avenuea. Tin- i*i>'->gi>r riiuiiin?ing the l?r^ t>t and rlelient aasartment in lioueehold Furalture , offered at anetlon tlu? ?r&v?n, I all mmle to order i or the present owner bv city mak-ra, au1 la ; oi ihe Ik-sI il<"crtpU"n CalaJn<uei at the houa. on morning I ol Bale. ?i7 .?.-e?en-nciav>- iianoforte, Urawlng-ro^m Suiti, Etrgerea liookcane. MiiTont. Luua Curtain*, Vaaei, Oil i'alnt Jnga, Maiuarv Velvet auiil Kruatola ('arpeu, riiidet. Bxten ?nou Table, {'biaa, lita-s and bllver Ware;Tubi.- Cutlwy, Bureau-i. Wardinbea, Hair and hprtnu Malretaca. Bed^teada, Cotnmodpa. Haialam], oilcloth. Stair Carpeta, A:. AJeo, a large aafaortment of Banement and Kitchen Furnluire. AC-.U'liU, AUC'flOMKEK. , OOioe 130 Broadway. foeltlve aale of KI.BOANT FIRST CJI.aSS CAS1NKT FtTBWITt/RE, Belnc the balance of (took of the old ealabliahed b iuae late > C. J. ?H HJtlTT. tm llroadwav. A. C. 7VTT'..H tvll] Mill, on Tueadar and Wedneadav, at 11 ! o'clock, at ihe ulwve warer<?au> the balance of Hlock of ; ROSB4vi><)l>. OAk.MAIluiiAhV ANDWaLNuT PARLOR, LIBR^RV DIMNIJ ANOUllAMHRa KORNiri'KB. The eepuKtloaof tb-i manufacturer of thl.i <.wk U n *of- ' Sclent Kuavanten of 1U quality, every article b?ltig wtrranied ' of the lioiii cl.ik.ias tn material* and workmatianip it wtll be aold wiLhoul limiUUnn. for caah, to clone the e?ia<?. Auction r*Ai? of kleuant rohewood kurni- , lure?.UHN l.LO>I), auctioneer, will sell on 'I'hiire- j tlay. April 11. at 10l. o clock the euure Kurnliurn o mtalned m the i-mvatory duelling aid Itett lweut/soconi ain-el, be i tween Klphih auil Ninth iivenuea. eounimm# of two elegant roM'v.o<1 I'arlor suita. covered In blue und koI l brocaUsl; one roaewixwj Hep-re, niarble lop Centre la ile, one elagant ' carved n. M;W;iod ??ivenoC'i;vr I'la'io'orte, roiewuo.1 Bedroom Furniture, one elegant walnut A arorolxs. mar >le top Dresi ing Huieau. . having MAiid, M aahnlatid; alao mahogany mar ble t. p Oret-amK llur-mib Secretary, Book"Jwte, fttiditead, WaaoMaini, elegant iiiahngany dial.* in hairclo'li, Teto-a Teien, c ntte and t.anl ialiloa, and one large in*Jiogaa; Bi J teoaion Iiiunu Table, Cutlulua, I'ornit-e*, 4c.: A vmiimter, , Wilton Velvet and Hnisa-'W Carpeta togeiner with it iar,;e lot of KiU ben tten^ila, wlih which the aali-w ill conun<-noe Sale i l*kdtiv(> rain or a Lime Caia. >guea on the morning of the aale, at half-past ?eveu o el ck. Auction halb -m. doughtt, auctioneer, will *. II on Monday, April 8 (by order of aaaigreei, at lOVi | o'ci'ak, kl Mlrtnxnii At N?s??u atreel, the enure stock of a j ca'o*uet niaiiu'aMurer, eonaiiting of aolld rciMwood Tarloi Muita, c .iei<<d in bioealei; inah'>nany <lo., In haircloth, viz ? i litt s l it*. ? arlor Arm anJ sewing t'hair?, lAahegany and black walnut Library ard Heereta-y h<?k<aties, roan*odi and mail "fail - marble top Centre Table*, hm?*eU, Taiieatry and i iDgrniti ' i.iieta; gilt frame Mirror*, Oil-;lotb. t'aiitjn Mat- ' Un*. l>laok. wa-tiut marble top Huffeu, f.ilrn.<ion Ulnlng Ta ble*, Cut!* i/, China Tea hela. oak Dinirprooin rhair*. mv I liugany aid rosewood marhle top Dre.iamg Bureaus, Waait- | Ktanda. mal'iigany and Cottage Hednteadji, Hair M ntn-awa, IjOUBP ?, Lotuige and Hofa Beda, Ac , ic , the whole to be . iiereiupt inlv sold. By order of JAMES VlAL, A?*lgoee. 1 At C'TION NOTICE. CALViN T. HAZEN, AucUoneer. Monday ami Tifaeav, April 8 mid 9, at 11' o'clock, at th? carpet atore 'JOB and :<7? Canal utreet, near Broadway, .1. W DIktJCK will offer kia entire whole?li- atock of English arnd American (Carpeting. Oiiclotha, Kuga. Mala, Ao , at auotiou. Any quantity of varda will be cut that purchaser* require Cart>eU are offered at retail at the wholesale prioe, cictpt on auction dayi, u>en purohawrt make the price. AUCTION S ALE? RBADT MADE CLOTH'NO, AO? \ kl. C'RtHTALaJI, "Z\ Bnwery, will tell, on Mondty, j htb mat , at 10' i O'clock, a large aaaortment of aeaconaoie 1 Readr Made Clothing, constating In part ol .cawiluiere. cloth, , eatiLet anil linen Frock, Sack and Business Coat" and Pacta, a large tot of Veaia, together with a large lot of Indies'. 1 children's mtsset'and genta Moots, Shoe , vlaitnrs and Slip tiers AIvj eight oaaee ot Umbrellas, remnants of ("asalmere and Cloth. Ac , Ac AUCTION &ALBH O* HOUSEHOLD FURN1TDBB.? RAltl'DRD A tilONR, otlicettii Wr ladway, room No. ;i, will give their iiersonal attention to aale* of hou:wbnld fuvnl tutc. a< the reslikmoea of fam lies declining k'-u^keepiag. thiough thr months of April and May. N. B.?Hptswdy aalea and prompt ibKiraa made. Cbargea moderato. AULICN NOTICE. _ *HlTTEMOllK & HAZELU AVCTIONEEah, tti-inmn IV Broadway, wtll ?lve their jier^tMal attention to sale* of ilounehold Furni ture at the rotldeucea of part.oi declining housekc -pmg. Auction notice.?^ *o parlor arrrs at a great bargain ? A Uri;e double l ar.or hull, aonslailng ol one Sofa twoletc a tetea, tw" Arm Chaira. twri Reception aud eight meOalllon back If ariorChalra; oo*t $:?d, will be aold lor ??16; one do. solid ruaewood. conai*tliig of two Tete a letcs >>ne Aim Cliali, one lieaeption and four medallion baik Chair's. w ill l-e ao:d lor $17& Apply at J2 suUi avenue, one door below Waverley place. ^ L Auction n? ru i. ai.i. he furniture of a private family, removed for convenience of sale to mv store 72 Si viii avenne, one door below Waterier place, wlU N? solo at private aale. at a groat tacrine* lor cash, on Moudav April \ Nnaisiing of one solid rosewo >d Far or Suit oovrred In Frtnoh -trio, crimaon and mar?ou bi i catel, Cf?at $2?i, wtll b<- sold for jUl&U; one do, covered In gteeu -i.nati. w ill lie soil lor J100; nifewo al Centre an.l F|ei 'isbles. tl< cere. V urkish Chain and Lounges. Ac. A so a lot oi roaev. ood aud blackwslnut i'arlor ana iloilio im Furniture E. hora. Auction notice-richahd Walters, auc 'ioneer IS Eaat Broad say. solicit* from parlies break inc i ii )">us?-lt?epiiig sales at their resident** oc boaaehoid lurniTuie will give the best ta'iafaetltn on moderate lerma. All kinds of out door talct attended 10 Auction sale?horse, buoot, ao.?a m cris Tai.aH, AticiiooeiT. 11 dosrery, will aell, on Monday, Ai"iS,a^ 10'j o'tkxk, IB ironi of spire, one Burse, ab ?ui l.ihatida ln/?b. warranird sound and kind; fatt traveller; also bocuv. Hsrnet*, Kobe, Ae I)f orl?eh or the cREurroRW?iioavAN a I) .Iti.UKr. auetlnneera, will *"11. at 10' . o'clock on Mon <lay April *. at bo 6 Che.ih.tin pquare and 111 t.atlianae st.-et a:i ekitn-lvc stock of every description ?Shaw!*, La ill#*' Embroider!**, Ilau ILer-hle's, H"*ierv. Hoep Skirts. Uineu Milrtk, SUk Meek ilea, Lnder .t.aiu.rbts. Fancy Ootid*, Ac ,-?alereivmptory UK tWN# A NICiK'LS AUCTHlNEERS 35 NASHAl sf would rvspei tfully Iniorm ibelr friends 'hat th^v ure pn pu:ed to give their person U atieution to atleaof Fur I nit ii is, Ac., at IB" renideni n of familb** breaking ophmae. ke? rung, or at their eointrodioua aalcai >*>ma and galleries, op pooite the F ist ol, ee (IOaL LANI>B J ST FUBLIC AUCTION. In pnr.-i.sune of ? decree rendered In the Kanawa < ircail . C<<ii' at the apscial term, held in January. 186!. the under- I slgntii, as special c< mniisa'on r, will offer for sale at I'l HLIO aLi'TIOR, in tbeh gb'-sl Mdder, In front nf 'h? Court House door of Ean avliat i uiy, Virginia, oa tTOM)AT, the tilth April natt, A IT'B.O tract nf I?nd. Velotging to the Coal Elver and Ran- 1 aw ha Mln og and Manufacturing Company, estimated lo coo tain 4,1*111 ACRE*, leiespt i. heref. 'in *4 at res In dispute, and Ihe surface in teiesi -I V sues "I ibr saiil 4.UWI aere liacw. Tb? sa.d lands sdiound lu CANNBL. IPLINT StT> ' BITUMINOUS (XML. aie*ti> s -d a (Ctnawhs munty, \ a , on Una. - ? L and .he na-' ^sh!e w?ier? of Coal river. TKRMtToFmLB. ? Kite |>er '-en' of th? untchaaa money In raa* n Ihe day of ta.e sr,d 'he resldi.* Ibereuf In three < oial atmaal insUI ntei.'s, wi 'i interriit thereon fioni day of aale. Ill pnerhaser jpving I'lTi'if" w tb appnittd aecnrlty, and a Uen retained oa tlie land* for ibt Aeyrrad pv/ueuta. THOS. L BROUN, Special Commlitloner. Ft arcs a v, 14, Idbl I* If IVDX/OW. AUCTIONEEE. 'j. l'ainttti*s, hngraving* and other Works of Art. E II UI Dlii* A CO. will *ell a' auction, on Thnraday, April l' IMI. a( 10', ^clock, at 42 E?ti Ko-irle-nth a'reet. Fle'uie* K .graving* sn.! other Works of Art, oonslstiag of rare and otiauuful ohje.-;* t rum airnrat ever} p*rt or the w. rid. selse'ed bj the art His with greai nare, among which are thai erie^rnted Fitcber and Salvr which haaattracted ao much att-nli >n lor Its wnrkinanshlp, two Arm Chair*, which wi re fofinerly ia ihe poaar?*toa of Napoieuft I s a very Une Turkish i hair, ,t auy rioi Msnnkln, - ne of bhaw *ps'eni four burner I .as Movee, raaele, ratnt Hoi, Rruthe", Kaltit, Car pel and many other sliiegt see ful u> artltts No irtuoaema?t o?i necouol of the wealb'-r May lie seen on the :!ay befiire the sale from V A. M. to 6 F. M. Catalogues at the olilce, Mn. i Mne Street I.rar BrOMwaj EDWARD HCMEWCK, AUCTIONEER. r, Mortgm* sale of hKadsnme tloneehold mrnHurw E. A F 11. HttfiUMl* win aaU at auction oa Monday, Sth inetant, at ltlJ A M.,at Ko. UH West Twen'y third rtrei-.l, near Blgfalh avenue, all the handrotae Hnusehold Furntture nonlainra in *ald bouse, eonslatlng of Brutaeit and loips'r 4.'arpela, r??*ew ood I'arlur Huita, el*g\nt Pier Ul u and Oer j nloea, ( iirlains. mahugaay Hod?u-a<i?, Barbae*, Wathstaade, Ac fl-.'iBfnrl.oil Bull*, do Rsssment and Dining Room Fur niture, oak Ldenaion Imung Table. BnlTat, Dining Room ' Chaira. Olasa, Crockery and K lichee Furniture. *c To be aold I.y order of R. HAMILTON. Mor tage* 17 H. fLUDLOW, AUCTIONEER ?UANIXOME 1it. Household Furniture at nuctlon?K. H. LCDLt'W k <:<? will sell at ancilon, o? Tuesday, April 9, 1*01, at eleven o'clock at .<J Road ateetd, near Broadway, the entire Furai Hire I- I'atned ia said bowse, cnnHtsung Is ??'' ?f Haadcunta roaewo hi Fallot Hult* In green and gold brrsMsl, hairelntb and veltrl, rosewood mjubte top Ijentre Table, R?c*pUoa Chair* It. satin btooatei . Ft i nch Bedtteeda, marhle lop Bu ran Fior Ulaases, Kogar. s M'ardrooea, Ao.; veiva Brtiaaels and tnree ply Carp -la. Olleoi'ha, Ac , P'gether with an aasort me oi of Ciina and niaes Ware, i 'aiaV <ueetea? ae iiad at the ollioe of thoauCkloneei. No j I'lne street. Edward fettinoer, auctioneer. Salearom Ko. l?9 I'earl street. HALF OF FHQTOOR VI'll 1?Al.Lfcllv. EflW ARI> I'RrriNflEK will sell, m Wednttdsy, April M, at 101-. ? ei.<-k, ai the ab 'Ve (lallerr, all the St kinntOn'-d therein e maltting of Ne-titive?, Flintoireph* OH t'-uiUln^l, Appwra *, A' ; I very line Cameralube. r-hd w ("hcvallnr, Parte, coal fc4l*l AI?o Furniture, cobslstlng of 1 ro -d ?noare fiano, I S?wlng t'ai i oie, | Hof*. Tailes, i hal'a, Car pata. Ac alto I toicanis Ri piailng lUUe ( M i alls.) OWARD 1'EITIHliER. ACCTIOMEBR Baisarieua IIM I'earl street. IRON FOritDRT > al.iv". RPWARD PETtlROER ? ill aell, on Morday. AprtlR at 10 ti'c.oek preettelr, at the ln>b I uudty. #o rnr yaire*t. all the sloe a contained there! n. ciAI<4a?-| of Fa urn* flasks, Daall igt. lroti, Rieem Eii&l'ie? liatb'W, Ae , Ac I on deal at* junk ilea rr*. marhln'.sla. Ac., are mveeifnlly invited Wi jKmA E ialm at avcttiov. KDSAB?^Bt ,iBNC,C' AlVTIOMBBR ? BORTOAQB *?*'?f *'>? entire valuable *tuc? af M.iuorm, Wl?? if? iSaeM l*! ""* W<**m Hituwa and tw?Yei? I w weU kno"? ??uu ?o WJ aratdtu b??f* F. H. hCBtmillC, on I'tieeday, fitb UUC, 41II i 2f" ?hove valuable property can be ie-en at any uM uoU. , {V f*? of Mia. Trnn?. wbicb will be made eJ?\rt\iL i ??' I 'Junj! Geo. holbbook auctioneer, officb u? Hn-adaer. will ?W1 on 1 unrdar #th ar.!-.!?. nu o'ejock, the well known Billiard, feaar ind Onn7?i' i i Broadway, ooualaliii? of two aKlnnKini ^F Ball*, mid uuea, rompWx m?h.?. Jr^?? A"1"."' .T*?'??. ? handelk-ra. Counven mid bhel*lZ? ^ w ^ ' Pipe Segar Whine, a l?ffe nu^iffyj^ ?fcr,*"d itssa ?rSh? ^ SKtsrtJs: H*""" ""HftiS?'??"??? reteo>|>i(.iy auction maJc ' >1 flr^t olftM .. _ CAB1NBT Pt'KAITURK. M ,do?? ? ?0. v.? r ?nd pjsbcti*wr U*"KV u 'itfrfr'"^SSuu,tSu^M- I ^?ru<4* ?r luihjiauy, walnut &/ui nAt o?cr^f*ry Book jisei: Hr/sSSSrS: SSSSrFiw pUin 3urt+uM f I?0 ?ortmeut of | wlUbeMldwSteut ^m.. .Erery i sSteiaJs^sasI^!??.??& h??i?jS B*4e c& DryOooda, 8hawU, nwA^?S5SJk**lW, AC.. on wbbnbbday, Anfi, it. At 12 o'clock 1L * r AT ifiu broajdw ay X T tub la rub and at tk Adn 7E stoo k TILTON, WCRBAU. ft MACT CatHabm p^. C'ONHIgTlKCi or ??d Concord Ba*M^*oJ?l!ia?it'wJ!? ,0p Buocie*, Trotting together with an aaaortoeuPof Harnnaa' ?2SM' Wt*? sjssw"^ -'"f tup# at private d weUlBm^t^* h ,1of F,,mi Ae. Hefen-u<*?.Johu ftverm a,^ %?Ti/,<2f,,Dr7 2S ior55? fr^irtruv of B road way Ban kw mi? m*1"' 8m''" ? and Ambrose ? Haven,9yBr M?^ ?,! '? ^^aT^^^ioTo1'?.' A,U(!t1;'.()NKKR w?y, the contemn . f Vh? iirLr^u .0>J ? ci"ok- ?'??'? Bttad ?nd liar Klii?rea Mirror.ot f \Ur '?',^<'1?^,l',i,,? B*r J rigej aloi-, and evrrythmj' ff ...^V0" ^ble". ?? 1c r Ktine. Ite.lVr, wlll .lo w'Jfta. m. rsas;; ^ove. ^beral ^vanceaV^n''^^^o^^,j^ PA10''y- cl^kErt8j;?bVMV.^T,?Oref,)HVo0 n ?e^'> AT l anta a,ld VeKtT^iy ,ir,|e, ..{^ "pERB.MPTOEV SALE owner 'retln Tro^f1 tL'#?*" te^GBE Ta-JSi JtIrto^berT,A^RL.AS^*RM <'*POBTANT | Mlrrroa, oiaaaV. HZlCon J" Ch*"''- ,tx I''?*<* I w lib nn ajMortrarnt of I'ftr'liimpn i^1"'",tl,'a,i barber'* aioat ieriHmer>, Eruattaa and other _ . T? AtrOTlfflTKHB Hrll * fAZKLL will Mii o. Toaaday, two JM ?r vlwavA -Vew ttud in piTfrct W-r. .Hr- ct ! r,m fheCf.^^T0y- I suiwh^i ?fflar.Bajiy; ~ j w.n ,. . l/.l fnrnii ?o?w "EEKH, ^ - " oVtork, Furniture, oomprl.?"-P hMMT<' * >*'?' ?"?*t?nm, ^ . B-dl!^l.H,Sk F,rlkVt Mattr?a?*. , Jf*, ? jyaahaian.ia. Bureau*. <!,??? < lmlrh. Mirrors, rabies l.<.miL"-, 1 Cirpei?, OflBkothi, Htorw, Window m.a.i^ .1 f haadelieni, taMet'rx keij, Toilet t'mokfrr .. . ? opkin, CteiiHllH, IMatfo,? Sc*T*rt(^' Alao, f.>ur Oxiniera, with bla< k walnuL in?> to?i imp., with pore lain top, reCa, Ao , S" P ' Ck w*u,"t JOHN KBLLT, Sheriff. OOLOMON DI.VdKK. At7CTIOKEBR 0 Bv DlNdBE A B.iLDBN- ornreNo' H Pin, o.w ^ ^ AlWlCMiis'M BALK ffiteS'ttS': ** E OAIIBfJXt;, Ajnioee. j S ,?OG*RT' arcrro.vBgR*,?jio.vrtav ^i-nrT I JO. 8, at 1(> . o ' lack, at th? auction toonia No I 1'onh rii Ac . e?>n^*tVnK of one H ??rrtn'*pry>?f^rT:1,,u 1 ?> JOHN 11 aiLUER, ?oaa*abI?. "11*.V. ABB.vrr, AUCTIONEER?WILL SRI L nv *nv T? day, at ID o'clw-k, at i'4 E??t Tw"mr flfth ./LP, ,,M N hold Furniture, conaNtlnc of eolu. 1'arior and A^.n (' hT Rruaaei.-. Tapeetrr ?nd Tnpaln ranJ^ tt l n Kuivauj^ Wa^h*UMiiL- V?itrMMi h#?!m >/. SFC j try t arpeta, niiamber Buna, Llwn* H?,m and iri^-i i ?a 'ts&zzxi"?u- ssafs^'z urniUin , Ac . ol a lnr^?* h?tuw, 27 Carp<>t? uilolotlit. H?^riu Bedateadf, fable and Bed Ltnen, Ac , Mother with aft On da'lj tound in a weU I unused Uouie r W*. WITOI'S AlVrinNEKIt. ?M!, M genteel I^rlorVf R,,^ ??" U,e 1 ure ol the aoor^ bo<i*e. 8 ? and Elttheu t urni WM. WITTKRIt. auctioneer, WILL HFI I iw Tin ?doy, at li" . o clock at7 tl i:n..>a.k . tl.e g- nieel lloim hold Furnmlre In ilie ab .?e boua." *" WKW Pl'BL.ICATIOMS. ~ < a BOVNU AM) JUST BxrOSITION. A THE TAhirr. lift EVILS AND 111 KIR REMKDV. BV 8IMON hTKfc.N Tbii day published by ?:MaRuEB R MILEH k CO , l.'kl Nm-kku strtet, New ^ oik Price 12'j cer.t*. For i ale by all bookacUer* and peri tdloal dialer* <OI?.%UT\KHSHIP NOTICKK. /lOPARTNy.RUMll- Horn R ? aqv.ntleman or THIS \ 1 City ha> ui? &?' " ?? would wiah to tnve?t ta ? >me prot^u l>ie btiMtie-a tta* tad twenty jeart etpericne", and can gn e 'he. in ?i-onalMe teletuitca. AddreM X. Y. /..Herald ' ?* partner, WITH $J,iipi, to introduce ia > aril Euiope * new mcchanical tiiicnli n io t ic for aaie to inaiiufaciiirer*, Ad;r?aaV. ill ; k H' $.0,?X\-WAVtP.D. AN ACTIVE. ]?? ? ).U?M/ triu?.eui ouKlnr*? mai>. ?? partner in a tm t tie>> "i.iblLtlie.1 twelve years; the roainana la mnn iiicmrnn anil aelliDK tb" beat p%in ektrar^'i In uae, pr^xif ul ?h b an h- div n on an Interview. none need anawer tbia unleaa tb?y bare um lunda and ?nll.<lent nou/a*'- Ut inv ?i tbo rnouey. Addr?a*. wltb r?al nnnie. I'apltll, Herald otlne HPKUAL 1VUTICK1. Henry clay-h rirthdat.-thb olat ki".mtival a ec, lation will cclcliram the KK;biy luur'b ann'vreary ot the birtbday of Decry i lav bv a dinner at the St. IMnU Hotel cm Vitday ci entn* net', the I2ih in*t at aevtn o clock. Ve?r.l?-r? cepinn* ticket* for'tieinaetvea or trti nda can pro cure tl*o? al H rt. I'rlne'* boohati.Mt, SHI Broadwav. otloe ut .1 L liarv o. itt-, , :K18 Broonw nr-i t, and at the oti.oe of the HrcreUi ) , A \V*.I ?tl e? I I'-r older H1NKV 0. MI I.I K. Pr+tl*ttir. A. D* Witi Bn iiWik, Hecri tary. XTOTI?:*.-TllE MI^VlBBRI. OK EMPIKK L??TXiK 4U. ^ I. <>. O. K , nre h'-reby nouO? d lo attend their meeting on Btnilay, April ft, ?' 81". ? , ?* a motion t* up for aitera tlon in ill* orTawa. H' order of ?.a0. H. Bl CKWELU !* C? pn> tern. II M'uRitill r, rtecretaey V "TICJV~TI> TIU DEBTORS OK TUB ESTATB OF i\ the late J. H. Riley, oi So IIS NMaaii ?tr?< t, New Tork. ) i e raid-lebior* w i j wrni a statement of their ac ia.ui.ta with e*t*te of t/.r, i"ud J. II. Rllcr, tbiciviaed, and of tLr am..lint of uielr iiw^btedu.-ea to MMd e?tate, either by nolea oi?o hctiii,. or irfhei wiae Inf. H. B1LBV, Admidlfli. ??rator, tShtm Ulluol* f>BMOTAI* ? t'lE I NDRRBtGNKD, NOW AT NO. 8 11 AMor Iiomic, ihlnl do^r beiow Barclay *treet. oTuralor tne ,n*)"<iKiii of h? old 11 venda and patr<-n? au entirely n?w t?vk f?f f i*bi?naole iawli-a I or fpilnj and Bntn'ner wear; and tn i? cot.nd< nee tha- tb>-y will duly rvvp-md, an rapeeml inritatioti !a rt rndel :u to manv wbme deot* have, frum time U) unie, li*en i la. -d to im?fli and l<?u? account, hot who are rmti<iH-'.m|? ..r.iir diiv. b?'nr cl'ithed |n |)ne gar menu?not, a* 1 tiuat, at the ettwnae of any ntlier vlct'm ? H. T. Jl.SHIWQ*. BergBant laiior. SPBC1AL HOriCF.-tO AI.L HOOT AN? Sll >E manufaeln' rs and th<->?ino - ^ted In til* ?ale of Shin -d or Corruaatcd Rubber Ooo*l?, a.e *p nlailv invti- d m l?e pre aent at a m etlr? to lw h< .d hi .lohn l'n< i a Ho'vl atid Kea taurant, comer of Grant ?n1 Hn.ei? ie-i?,, a .Miodayert n Irit M ve?en o'clock fi. dwlv r., nrt'-i- oft' ??.erty, t :??<. hrank*. Eo?in ?rrla, )*??< i;. i*i , ,totin iiie.i IIAM'M. HMir.JIII**." TDUBA". BAI.M- M .tTBU or THE ruBATREH . i?oy?i ai . -no .. ' unrtnir Aiwd<-my 2?r Bow-etr L' A ?? ?' Mf on? ??, urn evroTn**, ami Tnee -i?v* and !? i un, *, $J. Prlraui If** ma, AO ceita. l*.n. , *f l< iao?n ela*M M. MATRIMONIAI*. _________ AYOLNO FBBHCHMaII, OK TWKBTY FOUR, re . lenily arrl-ivl. wiwld like ta bee .nvi aea^ualntixl w|i|i * your.* Indj, with ? vb " o m^tr-miinv. Mon< y no obieetto Addle to eorfideut* for thive dayi. Rraaet, Ueia. I <Mliv? BOABPIWP AW tOPWia? ?wall PBIVaTB fAMRiT. MSIBTOtl Of TSKtM "11-, would let a frowt ?arior and BedroMB M m n dZJTkito Ml entry Mnw on the thud door toslugle atimx, ^ M, wife. The kM-Ub?? HSSth aflKe Mir* ImpfWNBMU Inquhra K M k WW? w *?? u ^kir<? airaii. ?3W2?.?Z E^oSrsST^y e^u .?* ? efinisnna H )-?-? ?sFsfc^3ra&?Jms: I, inner at so.. N B ?No moving in Mat Am extraordinary opportunity to hbodbba superbly furnished suit of ApnrtmenU, for tietnen SnW with part la Hoard If required ""?"O,-*' for tbow who desire something b-yoad ordinary anommodatioaa. Apply at37 East Fifteeutb ?lrwl, I nion square , A SUIT Of BOOMS WANTED?BY A OKWTLKMAN and lad j, board for the lady onl?; mu?t be <>;;twe?n Utlou square and Thirtieth struts 'y aveomw A liberal prioe will b? P?W- Addresa a. M-. boi 119 Herald office ? A LADJt, HAVIN<? MOKK T1UN bHK HK _A. uuirf*. wishfcii to le* u buck. PiMior, comfortably ftir ui?hfHi. to one or two gpn'ietnen. without ??!fcr * Term* mo dtraut 61 Seoood street. oetween Flrl and becond aveuua. ^ A PKIVATB FAMILY. RES1D1* ) l? A ?? W A atone ti'iuae in Thirty second sfeM, wouU let, with Board, ft front and back Parlor unfurolshee; also furnished RrxMB ?n 1 bird floor, accessible to care and stages, location unexceptionable Term.- reasonable. Refen-naea gWen and required. Apply at 0?0 Weat thirty second nrwt, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. ADR81RABLB FRONT PARLOR-POR A tiRNTLR man and wife, to let, with BoarA Aleo, several bIorI; gentlemen can be accommodated with gwal board and pice*ant Rooms on i-easouable terms. ASM ALL PRIVATE FAMILY YTTLL LET A H AND actne Back Parlor. uea'ly furniahejt witki orwLliout ciard. Alt", a second storv Room und Hall ttedroom. Ap ply At 106 Weal Twenty tlfth eirtet, between Sixth and Peven th avenue* __ A N BLKUANlLY FURNISHED ROOK TO JL8T TO A A gentleman and wife, with full board. Dinner at 6 0 c.o< k. ho. 1 West Twenty fourth street AbMALL FAMILY WOULD RENT TWO 8JU18 OP Koonw. with or without Meals, to gentlemen; house do. I llghtful'y located for the summer; Rooms contain hut and cold water Apply at 23 Ntuyvcsatt street. first new houae east of Hilrd avenue, and between Ninth and Tenth streets. A FAMILY OOCUPYINO A HOUSE IN THE CENTRAL pai l of the city would like to let the aame furnished, to Home re#p?*able oompeteut lady, who would board the preaenl ocoipant In part payment of rent; the v?ry mm lelerenue given and required. Addreai E. A. K., box 151 i lie mid ofluce. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING A LAROB A back Parlor that they do not require for themselves, wuuld like to leotu to a gentleman and bis wife or two ?n_ l , ui-n'lrmen.wiih or without Hoard Appiy at.? Weet Tenth between Oreenwlch avet.ue and Waverley place _ a 1-rtIVAlF. FAMILY REHIOINO IN ONE OP TI1E A most desirable atreeta In Brooklyn convenient to tbe c*ra Wall atr-et and touth ferriea; would a?> immediate a party ot ttentleaien wltt aeaond story front Rooms connect ln? or eejtaiAte. Addreas ft. L , box A,2lA4Poet nflloc, New Wfc A SMALL I AMILY, WHO OCCUPT A FIRSt CLASS j\ bouse, 230 Weat Uhlrty serond street, between Elgiith si d Nlnih avenues, atid who will not move 1st of May, wish lo'et m lib Hoard, a large front Room on second floor fur nlshe.', with cloiet, to it geutleman and bU wife, or one or two Hlnple gentlemen. Dinner at six o'clock AF'IKR THE 2UTH OP APRIL, HANDSOMELY PUR . nlahed Rooms to lei, with Board at 76 East Twentyditb street, near I-cimffton avenue A private stable Is attacn-d to the houae. Apply it 63 Last xblrty-flftb street, Refe rtnrf# eichangpd. A COMFOBfABLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO JY let, on first floor, to one or two gentlemen. Apulv at .W 'l humpson street, between Orand and Broome. References required. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD their second atory Trout boom, to u gentlcmaa and wile. Inquire at Hft elate street, urooki}n. A" FURNISHED 11 ALL BbDROOM TO LPT-TO A OEN tleman. In a piivato family, with break)ast and ten if re ; quired. Inquire ai Mix 3 feventh arenue. Afr.MALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LBT A LAROB, pleasant front Room, en second floor, neatly furaUhed, 1 to two atagle gentlemen, with breakfast and tea-?J esch. ; (iou<l refere nces required. 165 West Seventeenth st i A PRIVVTE FAMILY WILL LET A HANDSOMELY , A furnished Parlor and Be??roaat; aJsc two other Rooms, I laaentlemen oalr, wltk or without Kre*ikia?t. No m>ving ! in May. 1??.? West Twenty hboou! street, near Hiitli avenue. FIS8T FLOOR AND TWO UPFKR ROOMS, WITH aunptuoua board, can now be had by gentlemen In the ?paofous. pleasantly situated hnuaoa, :?W and 401 Ifourth -ire* between Bn*rt?ayand ^e<!ond avcnueL hefcrencei required. OlnLer from ? to 7 o'clock. NKAO.V FURNISHED RO0M TO LET.-$2 PER ?t?k. Wooster street, cornei-of Amity. A TOUMO AND ENTERPRISINO WTDuW LADY. LIY lug alone, and Laving recently oommenccd hoiivekt eplng. ?ooId"ike to let a suit ot furnished Rooms t, gentlemen and Udlea, Board for the ladies only luqnlra at 1?0 lhompeon ?ve<'t. third floor, over storf, of Mia. Preston. a NICELY FCRN1HHBD ROOM Tl> LKT, WITHOUT A- boat a, to a gentleman. Rent %!> per mouth. Apply at 162 Prince street. _________ A SMALL PRIVATE KAMILY. RES1DINQ IS THEIR oivn hon-e, would let the second floor, I'urlor and two i Bedrot ma furnished to single gentlemen ?. a genUoman and hiswlfi' The liouae is brown atone, with all th? lo idetu tin I nrivement*. Inquire at 281 I^ixlng'oo avcmc, ?nii-dbouae [ above Thtity elubth stieet hotereoccs r?) Hi fed. SPLENDID FURNISHI.'D SUIT OK PARLOR. ON flist floor to let, suitable for a lirsr ciasa pbya ciau or ! .tentJ^i also a front Parlor and two Bedrooms f let t i a gen i tleman and hi" wile or one or two slmt'.- gentlemen; also ilnple Hoom vppl\ at % Prince stieot, a It * dujrs west ot Broadway. "|>0\PD NEAR MADl'ON SQUARE?A FEW ORN 13 tlemen cau be accOTBiodateil with rtrst Was. Boarl, at No ,16 W eat Twenty fourth street. A <lefci.s!M? Ofliue for a phvsieiaa to let. Apply aa abovo. BtlAeDINO?OBB OR TWO OBNIl.RMKN CAN BB ai-e immodated wltb well furnHhed V.ooms, with or withoni partial Board, in a private Oermuu family, at a)7!, West Twenty acv-nth sneer. IOARDINO. A LARtlF. AND IIAND^OMR FRONT BOARDINO.?A LAROl', ASU MAmmum rnun i Kooin, on the ??cond floor, wilh Bedroom sdj'lining, to let furnished or unfurnished, with Board, soluble fwr a gen tu man and wife or a par y of ".m.tlemrn, aa a third room cut be added, if dealred I nexcepuonaole reference given and required. Apply at IC4 heoond avenue. Board -obntlkmen and tubir w iyes or sin vie ontlemen can obtain Board, with Psilovand B^d nsimSToathe areond and third floori ot th ? h'luen Mo. i and 6 West Washington place, with dinner ot o u < lock, tcom let of Mar also a soil of Pariors on ihe liret Hoor will be let, furnished or unfurnlakrd. Apply at 16 West Washington plane. . Board -a suit of furnished rooms ro lei on second floor also single Room-, le a fine l.icaticn. No. 1 I. Murray Hill raik, between Thirty lourtn and rhixty fifth strreta. BOVRO?TWO BBiPKCT\BLK YOl VIN AN OB tain comfortable rooms, with a Rood table. In a plain I Knglish fsmlly, tenus $.1 6n per ? w?, st ,i. WlUow suo? t, corner of Cranberry, s?ro?A yn; Ave minutes walklDmhul ton ferry. Board?io parents, a ladv haMN? a ri,B.\s ant borne in Oranir, N. ,1., would ta ?? ? 'rami: > '1y r I child to boara. t'all at.61 W- ft hoity seventh street, naax I ^\l,th avenue, or direct a note to Mis M. P L., Orange, N. | J. Near an excellent school. B' OARD.-A OKNTLEMAN ANL HIS WIPE OR WTO single gentlemen, ean be accommodated * ith handsnme>y furnlsbed MOW, where the com:oris of a homo cao be I louno at 26 Ktoyveaanl street, contlnustlon of Agtor a<>>. eecond new English basement House, east of i+lrd aveaoo. Board in tenth btsekt-a i.adt havinu taken a house in Brev.xirt pliv i (l enth ..tiea Nmw -yn Hmadway and I niverslty place, Is no* prepared to make ar rangsmenu with families or slagl- ?anilej-e.. ci, -inr( Bo^rd for ilie summer waft and us- throughout the hmtse, alao bsibing convenletcee. Apply at utM k cttHTIA Board wantrd-hy a lady, amibke ukr Beivieea would be eof.slde'ed as ?'i equivalent, and v> heie she would he tieaKsl as on. of the iam..\ , would take .>t itn invmild or AMOjii atjout bo?u.e. 4n*? bant 01 r*i<v ^^raSSfor two day. Mia, l.orten, nation ft, Hlble Houwk M.IARD wanted-IN THU COUNTRY. '.virillN AN IJ Lour of the city by iteambcat, or ha.i an by r*ft i"*?L by a family ol eeven to Une pers..ns, .it or eight ro, required. Addrese box U<6 >ew ?ork Poet 1JOARD WASTED?FOR A (iEHTT.KMAN AND ^11 K, 1> who are breaking up h usekeeplrg, ? 1 ront Ronu oi ^won d or third floora, with closets, uoturalstoed, except eat? i*i- ? ihtood. Dlaln NUbetantlal Board: dinner at ?ix; lo^a Una balew Tlitetr fifth street, between Fourth snd si*i, ave nM. Address llope, box lit) Herahl ollice, with all partictk ?jun. T'lni not to exceed flO per week. Hoard wantkd-for a family; -nto r^.j^ ran loinisft them If an Object; must b? con ?ni-nUy ?. d <laiurao>) .? .t-d up town, an.; ai ie*l?' ? '? prl ?; fjflidn n and an inlaut. A<Vl-es?, with refereuces, box i Post oflwe. OA I'D WANTFD?IN Tll? NEtftHBoRlL <OD <>F I r.ion square or III th avenue, for a gentleman. Wife, I'tnltl (le av>t ths) ai d nurse. Two goo<l uze.| <.,nne -.lua locmsonthe second floor, om front, handsomely (urr.lahcd, I and first ? .ass >able required. -iermA not u? exceed Jilt, per month Address, stating terms, I catem, Ac, e, ? I nwr -qosie I'uat ottiee. Hete;encee*lyen and i?,u!rrd. Board wantpd-b* a <;bntlkman axd wifk, on Sum.kitn llelchts. a situation c niii.ainl >i?- a view of tbe bay jweferted. Ad iress .W , hul f 1,15# Sew Vork /'uet oflire. . BHlioAnD IN 1IARI.BM -HIMOLE OfeNTLi" MHI* OR pa. m; lies cm be a", uni mode ted with turd Koh.-d a IU. a private fa<e?T, in strjet, fourth Ln-ise , ...? ?t ihird avenue; neai the steamViei Tanliag and ean; t-rjts m^lo d ni i i or turtlier luferniAtlnn in^'ure (i? the pi''nil?ee, of Mrs. VALUER, or of 0. N. Hunt, No. H Oold sir-et, t. V. BOARD IN BROOKLYN-A FEW ?KSTI.BMKM < AN be s. com mod. i ted with pleaeent Ro .n,s and tnrtl-1 R i id onreneonatile terin?, ai It Naaian /UfK flr?ihoo?e irim Wsshintli't, strwt. Sef* t.c req'i re i ^ I TVTARD ON PHOOKf VV -IfiiHTS A KAMI: V OK A . I * Dtr r of i^ntiomeu can obtain p easant Itoon.s hi ?m* I pvlnj? m |i'*/w (?rn?r"r Meury reei, entrance I in'Henry wreel. Best .>f ihowsgtrea and rr.mired HOARD1NO IN BROOKLYN-inRBR <>R Pf.fR utigle ceioleui' u ? an be accommodate i with partial in. ml dinner on hmulsysi m * stnall ptlvata fati. ly. Home roirferta a?t ??r*eable *x i?ty. Ix^sdon within a few mmuwa walk ol Kouth atid lismiltoti teiries a/1iimaa/. A. i K,,i? iP. Ilers d oiv-e. References rej,nli'?d. BBOARD lit IIROQK1.YN-TWO L4UOE Pl'RVTS IKD Hooois on s?*nd Hoor wl'l b' let wl h Board, to ire'le 1 iwg and ti?<lr wires, or single rmttoiuan, on mcderata t rma, by applying st l."J Plem pent street Referent?a ewha; .?d. B~~n\RT> in BROOK LYN.-ROOMS T.) LBT. Wild R. ard in s brow n stone house conlammg the modern inn rot m< n'.a; location oon*eni? nt to n lo r Fulton oi A'a'l ?troet ferry. HafMVnces pe<|?fred. Apply al W Concord street ferry ?treet /10UNVBV BOARD WAh TED?FK< iM IHT OF MAY, \ / imalamlli two room*, can furnish them, must lie within one hour of the City Hall; three small otlldren an1 11/ ant I/OtaJon uai xocptiooable Addi. ss BurUng slip. , i p siaiis. ?nonet avd MAHXitmm. / 1<)l KTKI HOARD?At WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, i ' Hudson river, forty 0vp mlnutee' by railroad eudsteem ki fn m t ham tors ?Uwt The Wimmu<I 41 .iJli}*!1 t w oprn for ihe reception of guert*. The loc*,U .u OfWood land Patk on ib? btnkt of 'he Hudson, In the immediate vicinity of Fort Washing on and High ?rid<*, c*ua'H M ?ur istfseo tor leauty of iwrnfj ?ad C"uv?ijj>.u"e of anoeta Tne car* mo|i Dirwr times and kteamboat iwlo* da ly la. froot or the plaoe Applications for roonacan be made w? Hotel l <;>rMi*ln, uirarr of fifth aveuue and iweuty second '

hEFIbABl.K KOOMh TO LET? WITH BOARD. 8 PIT A ble for families or single geullueniin, at 28 Ninth street, near Mtlh aveuue TTtLEGANT AND PRIV \TE BOARD ?ROOMS EN SUITE fj ,.f idngc; large and atrv hath room, lu, furnace, kf, bouse, neighborhood mii 1 locUion first class wl'hui live minutes' walk of Wall and Aouib ferries; a dellgbtiui hotue for families and slug!.- senileiueu the nomine snas'tn Olnuar aH< Private 'able wasb.og done In the house. leims moderate. U>7 Heury street, Brooklyn. __ t'l.I. VENTII HTBBET-NO. 1?1 WEST ELEVENTH "i A nl Vbrtor, ^anje hoi and cold wator, Ac , Dff'y t'itint^ ami papwwd, will b? newly cjrpbiM *nd ^ii>TiirV#*<2 ( r un#uitii?b***, f<?r u itentlHnan and #i ?; oq? Kindle room; 1*0 moving. L'inner at 0 Keiere^OM ex . l, RFM'H ROARD.-FRKNOH LESHONS ROOMS TO J? let In a fkrUiu family where French only laspjlien. #- Pirt 1 wetity-secmd sire*. T^IikNCU OR SPANISH BOARO WAITED?Bf A O* N r tleman soil lady. r rench or ^punish (mollies resldu* in h> w York, wdo wish to i-ecii"e deelrabie boarder* will pietwe Hdd?'?-*8 v.oi VfiW 1*06< ollloe* 1/URNISHBD RoOKd TO LET- WITH OK *'irHO''T r Board, to geatietnin only; one ain^le Hwm and rarlor iknd nedroom uitauhiil, with Rita, b*th, Oroion w^tr >uid pstitry, ia a cIimxi, modern homw?. Ho xnoviuQ in i*y. ApJ.lj at U6 BuaI Koari?f?ilb mUUMSBBD ROMS TO LRT?WITH 11 WARD, FOR V gr*.Uen>?u auri ihMi wlv -? or mn?le gentlemon. in a mo dern huuae, tn a centra! lnc?U'y, on reaa mable tnrma. ?o Uiovlng in May. Inquire at 37 &*->' Klryenth ?trwt Ij^l'KNIbBKD ROOM lO UI-WBt HREAKfAbT r a<id Tta, to two gHDtlrau?si>; rnorn aim a ted on iecond ?t or. with K?e. Ac Housr tO West T? enty ninth fctrt-el. Re fertncea ??ohaug>il ffvinnm roomb?a oourui ok puumB C furnlahed Kooum, bUllalila for a gentl-man and wile, or a couple of gentlemen, to :et, wlmout Board. In a prl vate faintly; terrna mode>uto; relerencea eiohanged. in quire at No. 6 flit atreel neur(;rand ?iOB 1HB flUMMhR.?HINOLB OBNTJuEMBN OAN BB . \ ei y comfortably accommodated in a tarRo houae la Ho tx.ken near the i er. y, with %? "d Kooma and partial lluard at m< derate prlcoa. apply ai i?l liberty alreet, up utaira. HANtlSOMtLT KIJh*IS?MED i'ARUIRB AND BED riionia, Includ-ng Me iU, with all tue modern cinve i>leri*?, can b?. bad m 34 l.aat Twelfth street. HOBOKKN ?KURNlStlF.n ROOMS TO I.ET, WITHOUT b"ard, to siokIo ? nfeuieo, in a private family, ia hlvrr terrace. For partlcularn ndori ta bji 2,53.'! Poit ollioe. xro ?a w est w?.shinoton plaor?two hand i\ a<>nie I'arlvra. furoUhed at sloping apurtmenU; alao one or two Uig" Kooma, on ???d lioor. hot and cold water, mill and water clonftl connected therewlih, w?U beiet to R?n ti>-inei>, with or without brraktatt and tea, in a rwnoh prl vau; family. / \WlNO TO AN U?HXraCT?D DBPAI.TORB, TUB I ' advertUcr offera ih'ee delightful Room*, with the. ocat 111 Bowl In a first claaa houae, .mite nea:-t. nion ?<iuu'?. lunuorataU. Aibtresa A. X., bo* 1? Herald o|Uc?. PLEASANT BOOMl tO 1.ET?WITH BOARD, ON Sfc oond or fourib to geiiUeiuen and tlieir wiTea, or Hlnale gentlemen; bouae modern, family small, pHcea reason Atttiw. lU'fuciu^N given tad required Apply at No. S Abii land placa, hm-ry TJAKT1ER WIRHINO TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR I the summer can now do ?o In a llr-<? class orivato home In the vicinity of VV a?bington nquarj aodBroadway A cliui.^ of room* on ui st, reoond aud third ilo >n? with pi Ivat* lable ii desired Addri-aa II . boi, 3. U72 Post odloe. ROOM-PARTIALLT FURNISHED, WIMI A WIDOW bidy; no other boarder* or children; uot above Bletcker or Houston streets- Addrcm Edgar. Herald ottlce. KOOMH TO LET-PURNI8lltU>. Sl'lTABLE FOR A , gontleman and 'ady. B. arc for lady only; alao, one large tiont koobgl Bouae has all modern lmjir..vementa Apply at 261 Wert Fifteenth street, near Eighth avenue. mo LET?WITH BOARD, AT 67 BAST TWENTT-THIBD 1 street, between Leilngton and irourth avenuea, one i*rg| Kocm. bands.mioiy Hirntihed, en the sec .nd floor; alsoonB flout Room on the third floor, suitable for two gentlemen. 1 lie house contains every convenience desirable TWO RESPECTABLE MECHANICS WANTING BOARD can apply at 127 Wert Twenty seventh stieet lor one week. Proteatanu preferred. TWO OR THKEK HINOLE OB.Nfl.EMEN MAT BE aoromuiodaUMi with Rooms and Bofti'd. Apply at lJt} Macdougal atieet No moving in May. m<> SINGLE OENILEMEN?FURNISHED ROOMS CAN T be obtained at Ibe Richmond Houae, No. 110 Maodougal striHt near tAaahiugton ?<|Uare, as well furnished as any tlrst ciaaa botal, and at Tory reasonable-terms TO LET-IN A HMaLL PKIVaTE FAMILY, WITH Breaki ant If deairtd, a Partor and itedroom on the se cond ltuor. ft onu elegantly furua.hcd, with butbing room con nex-tlng. to ? gentleman wno will pay a liberal price for llrat clata arcniimudatlona; references git en aud required. In quire at V7 East I wellth aueet. RRV~7i*HlRAttLE UOOMrt TO RENT, WITH BOVKO, ?uitab.e for a gKntleman aud wile or single genUemeu, at 12i?fte?t Fourteenth street, toree doors iroin Seventh avenue ?ty'FRT DEflKaBLR AND WELL FURNISHED V Parlor, with bedrooms atisched, to let to sins'1'gentle niKu hitii* ot b >?n). Apply at W, Tweii .h street, north west lorner of llroadway. WaNTED-BV a OENT1 UMAX AND LADY, A PAR Irrand B*dr om cnaocond floor, front?i-oaid for the lauy only?te a i.nvuti' house; no other boarders preferred, lo * ion Irtwt-n i i.urth at?J Twentieth streets, Second and Kli '.U avenues; allnerai prire will be paid. Address E. ?.. I nion Mjuaie I ort oillce, one week. WANTED? PARTIAL BO VRD, BY A YOUNG MAN, IN tV SoulU Brooklyn; bxnti'iii n.ust be south of Atlantic and wi tt ol Court xlreel Afldrrsj C. A. M., boi 3^W1 Ken *o?k i'ost ofllce, atu'lng Im auon, t rniA. Ac. Want? d.?a gentlem an of social habits (Mer ohjntj wishes to oolain a cii-ely fuinlahed Room, with Freak last (iiiiy, in a private tamily; tbuuf a young widow iaut ineleried I oargo not to txceed f7 a we -k. Jio board if?, bouse keejier iwtii reply. Adilxesa, with lull pirttcular*, Humboldt, Herald ofltce. AlT'ANlED-BV A tOUNG LAOY OF RESPRCFABI VV lity, a fuitaabwl Roiin. in the neuihborbood ot Bl--e< ker and Houaton ?l#e#-ta, vvi?*i-dde. Kentol room uot to exceed ?V SU AdOiras H. I'., Jers- y ..Ur l oetolnci'. , .T^rTl - TO LET, n/aTLT FDRNISHEO FRONT ?x OU. R. ?ni, t.1 gentlemen only, in a pi ivate family Apply at im llatiry street, near Clinton. 1 Wat PLACE ?1 t RN1HHBD HO IMS ARE To 1 let in the very denrably located house on the northwoa'. co ner ol ltroadv.a> and Waverlry place, Board c ?n bo had ?If dcaued. (} WBBTTWBMY KIFTH hTREBT.?TO RENT, \ VINE xiilt of Rootus on toe tir^t and third floors, at the Mac .on 1 ark House, opposite Miull son Park and Worm Monument. Pi irate tables furnished U jtrefcrrnd. Be-tot reference- re r, aired. ? I till MO.SM/ "'>? ' Xt. LARGE ROOMS, I\ Hl'IfS, |y v-.ti uoatil, for g.?i.U. mrn and th?ir [anntiea, also, itooms l or ainp<? gentlemen. This is ouj of the most dr ruble iocailons t uic i It). Breakfast f coin 1 to 1(1; dinuer oo'clo. k. I ?>?> 101NG?ON sytARE (BAST IIBB).?C!iiOiOS Rooms and Board, tocaiJon niisun>ass. d; m Klern Un provemenw corop'iete; house newly painted inside andouL r vrs si>d sia?- s p .mi the door. Terms model ale. ! oi W5*ir NINTH BTREKT.-NUnS OF BOOMS FOR Jj*X **""? "''"I and tb ir wives, *is.j Booms for single ^en its men to le% with or without Boend. n i H .Til K1KEBT, FIRST HOUSE FROM BflCONO iJ't aveo i.- ? v ?titof Roims to leu, Ith Board, on itie ttoliu Coor, and onu single Hootn, togeUer or separate.y. Dinner st l? o cj<s k. 77. webt S'XTEB TH STREET, BRTWRKN FIFril -Jl) end .litt.t av .nti-A?A prt^ao- t rench tsmi.yha\ea i.sndeome y I uruish. d suit oi nooma, on second floor, tiint, 'siettur oivss 'arnte, to gentlemen, with or without Bi<mkt'A<t; 1 aouseflrst cl nodetate; no moving in May. -TO TBWTH 81RF.ET. NEAR FIFTH AVENUii ? | I ? Handa?rne:y furnished Ro ms, with Board, can be oh iwtiu4 by res|a-?rt*hle parties. *o ms single or !? soils at 8 P. M. _ 7\J HPRiNG rTBl^KT.TilHEP. DOORfOROV BROAD i t* way ? iV Ut, a-wral handsomely I urntshed It tonis, tu atru>? ?erit.< men. The !-? ? .Uoq is ne%r all ttic tirst class i UovdA and p< ices o aiuoeeiuent. room t ree. In i quits of A Wltuw Ho I "t-. .T/v VS" H IT E BrRKKT, ONB IRR)R EAST OF tM/ UmadW'ST.--B.eims, with Board, one large Room and M-dieofi, sou>A.'i for three gentlemen, reference te .,niri.L _ ___________________ /.I OUNTf..< l-LAt'E, NKAR FIFTH AYENITB. VII io lot, ie R ma. rn suite or Kingly, with or without l.rst class Hisrd. R.-:erencesg.%en and te<|uir?d. Nomor ten. .1*1 .?RJvN.*<* HTKERT, A BOTE SPRING. ?ALffSO* ? *sl House, Ele^ntly farniehsd sniU of Room, rm, : rotcn and every oaavcofrace ler liousekeeplBg ?eenomlcall*. curti<-?lai y t inabls for small, iTspociabie famUiee oreutgle rj,weme. ieel Iss to [xnmaasiu Knaats. iT.TliAOUOiH.AA. STREET, RICHMOND HOUBB I 111 Particular siU-ntion Is reepei .tully solMted to the J.?T.t house, wblrb IS now Ofe ried as a private family ,, .?i jor t;,i- n* -eptloit of slcgle gouts, or small families J1 Oil "fibi mMo'om of bo?r<*n? Parties dssHroos of ho.nj. k.^r"#" se?veoieniw at the above eatabUsh melv . fin BLBFt KBB HTbEBl', TWO BLOOKH WEST OF I III Hi mm I? ?y Rooms, with Board, from $4 to ?1J p"r w4."k- ivi'Vf t h. old, tri-m ?i ??to P*r week. Permanent and t/en? ?nt H -erders eora ainw.iHiod. _ 1 CO BLERCKBR STRERT- CENTLEMBN AND I their wi>??, or "log e gnntlemen,.-an bo aoeomtn i wlia tleasaot Rooms, iumlshtHl or uofurntslied, and ood B>'i'id, at Ibe above plaar lilnner st Bo'ciock. , - 7t PAINCB KTR?:i?T HT. CLAIH HOiVK Hl.B l.l(> nMlr furtilshe.1 itooo s, afth Bedrooms attached wllh all the c Vcn,el..?i for housekeoping complete, Innlod *' and I roton water, to let to reepectsOle ramiuea ot stn gie gvntiemen. . -titrt WRST TWENTY I 1FTH STREET.?BOA RUING. IIW An eleg.n< > fumlshed Pari..r and Bedr.s.m to let, with Bom d ? ate", eitenst.m Itoom on lirst llo^, suitable t tr rn nhvsi. I III ale<i] s Bo .?n lorasirgj - fnUoinso ; dinner at Plata* - an at It>1 W'?* twenty tlfth street, bntweea M??wnth and Eighth avssntee. Tnt^y.Afn t ib"eeniu btaet.t, near sr. ond I { Zi avep.i* - fo rent, to gentleme* .^Ijr i Parlor hand HoieO furuUlttd as a si s ping apartment. Pai Hal Board if require* IMIIMMN eksheegee tl/n W 7>T 101 RH-GNTII HTllEEt.?A IsARGB IA) I Bis.m and Bedroom, lor a gentleoian and wl'e or two single geti'Jemcn, oa *-?l Boor llreaklaat at 7 o'clock; dinner at ftM. Refeivtwvs etchtngsd. t?l Ik ELM RTRERf, NEAR BPRIRO.?FUBNIf.HRD !ZIU iMlUMf tv- ImieedUle oce.ipsncy. The hw?d rent* hi the City, eons'deeii??: the nonvenienos rf eoooomtoal boosetueplng. ??rt bedding and furnltiim, with ? c >ekli>g utensils aud line? complete, gas and (Jrrtow. HUABDIVO AND ()ii/> WEST TWBfTf IMIaD BTBMBT.?A BUIT Of ZUO furnished hooaaa lo W?, with Br ard, ter a KeaUo mtin Ai*(j lilnoer itl 6 o'clock ttctflroaofl FOURTH AVBNUB.-Tb LB*. NEATLY KU? ZD L nUbnd Koooi', *i"g e or ill ?idU, to tempi* ofuull, quiet luiniUtw, with private (able, or ? few stn*'e gentlemen, with partial lioatd; the liouaahsJ the modem Improvemiits; refeitncee exchanged. C'AQ BROADWAY (PLANTERS HOTBLt, BLBo.YNT U4 O ly furnWud Room*. suitable for fatniuea ? r tdugle geiithineu, with lull Bounl; houn- tlrnt claaa; location uii.ur jieaaed. Terms Ruoubla. 1 rauBlen t boanlera, $1 . 0 er ilav. * rr.'*J BROADWAY, BBTWBLN EIGHTH AND NINTn I UO street*.?A "urnlalied aid.' Room oo second a lory, Ui lei it, gen'lienier. House with a improvemsti * rr('i7 BROADWAY.?APABTMKNT8, FLKNUJHEDOE ?i I) I for taiullies, ana vlng'e Boom* for A good ftcMurul la attached lo tta Uauw. i frmk moderate ?AUUI WW KKAli BS'fACT. A l'INB COUNTRY RESIDENCE KIR H?LB OB TO Let-A cointurtable b?ick H man, pleasantly situated ou the Coiner ot VllUiiUce and Ueorge street In bltoaa, usar the tnetoe road, Morrisaula A (id km f'Lillp Ernst, on "is I reinin g, ur at Wo. 17 West Twenty autth street. New York city. a COUNTRY RESIDENCE, NLAR 1HB OITf, FOB ml- at a sacrifice to done mi estate. A large Gothic ltoioe. well built, and six Lots in a K^>d uetehbarhood, Washington avenue near Ueventb street Morr.aautA price tibU O V, . OUCUKIT, No 5 rryoa row, r.KUU ho ? ^ f>ROCiKLYN.? FOR SALK?A NfcAT THRKE 8TOKY II bailment llonae, hub oellar. k&h fixture* i^nge, marble inartela; k>t near 121) reel; excellent i>rden, *"h rich *rape vine#, tiowera, Ac 176 Adam* atreet, near Ooocjrd, ?even inlnu'CM' wale Horn Wall aud tultoo feiriee. 7>KOOKJ/VN-25 MIN17TB8 \% AliKfNU A WD *'&*** J> to Willi r>treet -Kor >ule or eichnnne. a band* nnf l>w? u iuir bouf-e, with garde a, conp-eivaiory, hot, con b>house a> d auble. *r,iia;e on Union <?troot b*t*e*n Chnton una ?J?b r? htrreta. Laving a front of 137)* reel by IOC iu deptb WU1 b'.i evchHiiKed for a country ?ea?. in the ia <!bU>ri?<MKl oi >?w lrork, cr inipi^ovwi lota in >d?v* York or bf<Kiklyn or tho vioi nuy. A.pi>ly to the owner, U. Yf. liuSSKiiL, N>>. 4 Wall ?tlfCt ?? /CHOICE TRNBBMBE LAND?A OOOD UOMH8TRAD " ) tu e?'banx? fur improved Propeily in Sew korit. Brook, lyn. Jersey C'Uy or Uobokea: INJtl caah wanted Kora da. suable trade aJdreaa Ueo 1*. Bwler. OtW Sixth avenue, N. v. i lOTTAOES FOB SALE ON BA8T TKKM3 OS< P/.T. i 1 iuem.?Thr. c Column on K< wwvrn jilank road and oa p'epo ed Newtow n borto lallruad route, -1, miles frem tha v> liiinutxbuiK fei riea, with from Iwo lo sixteen low oi ground attacked. Fnce >i,'10U, *4,U?, and $3,S?Ieacli. a. HJlt'itlilB.tii John vrfet. i 10CKTBY RESIDENCE A* EL'/.aBETII, N. .1 FOB I Male ur 11 let.?A snleiuiid cjH>ortuiiity ii :? a ?;entlem*n Ic.'olni? basioes? in tbe city. *b?- fionn? i* I** ilw tu pint k iiU" t i>aft ?.f the U)wr, only ten nrn^tiM wa k irr>m!'JMae txjt. on the principal uti^t (fir :ui All the ?ur^ouna ins rtiHidenct-: are ftrictlj of the hr -i c!mw. The house coa ?.tinM al? tb?? nnxlern improven*4'??t?. tfna, fornsce. ; it |l<*rcear<i conimoUioux, <*ontaii*?^R ntte*n rooms, rtuve la i?>k.ut one acre ot* (Jround tasn t'uUy lai J out Jnlavn ana ti.rden v. itb plenty of nhale i%nd 1'iuUtreea. aho UuTr??ga j'ouae. &c. Apply to W. M. 69 Wottb ? rest ^ | l/lKM fOR SALE or TO LET-ATI'tVINO'MN NKA8 1 Newark, N. J., coritinlng 05 acr.?, wkb a boii'e o" ii room a, and all the ncoeawirr ontbiilldlnis our ul'ilnRt< a farm. WiU lettbekoUH^, e?id!-n and ej?rri?no Illume separa'e at a low rent. Locator within 11. mile# of i lie C van lie deiK.t, and one mUo frotr. Hewn Hair College /sjiply to liOkUi AN, or to J. S. e:*l*oON, No. Chatham street UlIFfY aCRB FARM ON LONt; ISLAND ?TWO DWELL ? ix,a% Mid Store, wilb aU i arming nteariK to jtxehange tor city proptr'y. Inqu re oi the o>vucr, J. 11. ii KO 4H, 9i Bui i lay atieet 7inn t,u.H-oX T11E NORTHWEST OQKNKH oV LEX * Ineton avenue and Thirty ninth ? reel, the ooruer (and me or< adjoiLiii^) foQT ?u?ry browc stone ril?b itoop lfo?i?e, with nil tbe xn^dt rn improvement*; ? 'nut ?t^ira and doom, | iMui built in a good manner. Inquire *3 ine pr?*miaee. C^OR SALE?A DKSIBABLK HI'ill STOOP HOU8B, ON P Manalleld pi tee; baa all the uixlcrn imprivementa; 6n I'bed ill the heat manner; al?<? one of til# low ftooiwi tn the main low: a vacant Lot adjoialne wid I^^y will be cheap. Teima easy. Inquire or Mr. I iNDt.EY, No. IV VKty-flmt (treat, Mauaiield pUce, near Bighih avenue. I.AOB BAI.E? UPTY LOTS ON NINETY-THIBD AND r Ninety fourth ttreela and Fourth avenue, between r lfth ana tblnl avvfunm, beanUfuliy etluated and an?wi> r, P rot peel Hill. Partlea dL?i?^e.d to build. B\lf <o?t of bouae aud whole puicl>a?omoueycan reniaiu ou morlgane. ll^ndfloino cottage*, of brick, ean now be built, ovtin# to .U low price of W?wtoU. ?$? mrnmiaL | I.IOK HALE?AN ITALIAN \ tLta, Al 110DBON PARK, El Aoout ball'a mile abovr Hpuyten T>uyvil depot, i-' mllea i-om tbia city, on tbe b,uik? of the 1? uiU^n rIver. The grounds (about tbree am a-are highly improve*!, and lalit out In the moat ta?rtiful iuainer? with 6huu?; and iruit 'revia4!#, Miiubl'erv aud > e?eiaine garden. I bo luiprovemenu. conaial oi tkmrb Jou?e a;id Siabie,t?<ia Hotue, toe lfou?s andUweli lag which Ik verv large anil roomy. ab j * SmSj I eeu aud cau ii5ie every maoera tonvenicpee, with K oi, ho: au.l cold wa ter range, bub, water cl^soto, tuniacea. apeaklng tubes, bells, Ac. 1 he walla and ceilings nf the hret story .n : hall are iiatuiaf tnely deumtted and iteltly n-eaeoed. ar.d has eai-vnd li iKan "laniajv uuiible maaiAis in thepartora; ltiaodoubie l rame House two -lories, basement ,tno utile, and aitusted in . ne of the moet healthy and beaultt'ul placeem the vbiui .y ot Ne? *ork, and lias ovbr tSSft bet*cca 11 aud ?i o'clouk te J. D MUh.HAW.CI Ailliam wtiee'. T/mTh BALE?A 1IRST CLAWS BRoWf STONE FRONT p Bouse, ?JT.iixftft, four atortee. b?Mmoni aad crtLar, N > <0 wadbij/frtou piiue, raircernf Fourth and .Macdougal strata; two staiicaie a, r?a?wood doors and ire*oue?L luyul.eof T. A. ri&i.sK, Tl Ka?t Twenty sixth ntr-el l/Vi'* SALF-a BARtlAtN?THE IHltKE ^TuRY BRICK r IIcure as I'M Livingston sWeet, Brooklyn; tbe Is neat, w^ll built and well arranged, and has gi.s aod Uxtureaaud rtU!i!?'*00(l', and is in ?o.<d order; the ljct i ou ia HEsene the beat In the city, near tbe City Hall aud cuo VHtiieut totboferrlei l*rlce -Vpjuv U> H llUNDUiW, ll< ntauuestreet, near Court, Brooklyn, or to W. HOWARD \ ,\1L, 11 VUlliaai atreot, N. 1. ? 17IOB8ALE OR EXCll ANilE?THE POLLOWINO FIRST P cjn-a ?arms and tiountry Hitata, four on the North liver irom b to lM acrej earh; ?'ai iarrytowo, / and IJ acres, - al MamaroDe<-k. 'A) and 10 aci-et; 'J at Scar* dale, 2t and GO a ores; ?t at W Lite 1'lalns. K to to acrea; t near Newark and iilu-tbetb, ?. to III aei* s, J ?t I'haikhm. Jt) una 10 aire*;en Bergen till, :it >16 acres 'Jonpergin Point, I and 1 Mr**: 3oo ,-uwii island, 5 :o 70 acres, -> at Klua angand .luu.aic*. ? to lUU acres; ;t at itien Cove, lo 1J acres; aiso ene aiimlaed other* In choice i xationa. l*ld.A!SD A WfcBll.HJ t'taar atreck H^OB SALE-A FIRST CLASS FOl ft KTORT BROWN itoce Bouan, on Murray Hill; price, tU.500. Als > a three story do , $a,atW; a very neat C ountry at Mt Vep^" ron, fl.toil. IHBt.tNDA A RMM, ? Vdar aireet. FOR SALE, OB TO LET-ON THE .SOUTH SIDE of'Ihirty lirat street. 1st ween L'e.'ond and Third a*e nuts, the eie^am four atorv high atoop, brawn atone front iiotii-es, rrplete with all tb' modern Improvements; built by days; neighborhood llrst rate; will Is- s,>ld at a bargain to suit the times Apply on the promise*, w to TnOMAS KENNEDY. 75 I iltn streot, orftstantoo street t.iOB "\LB. CHE.VP?A DkSIH \BLE TtlltEE STOBV, r high B?K.p House, on Korly ? igath avteet, between Sixth ml .v.enth avcnue.i; all ImpnmineM*. Aiso the brown ..rone Iront, high siooo Ilouee, ail >Vest Fiftiethstroet, noar ' l cbth avenue, in floe order, with immed.ate poaaemion Vp iiy to 'be owner, -"tl West Fil'tletb street, today at one o'elcck, and tbia etcntng. niig saf K LOW ON REAJiONABM. TKK/ta, OS t1 Hurray Hill, 10? leet east of Lsungtnu avenue, in i hlrty-eighth street, two tiioi ?,asa high sloop brown.atone Mc.u/ea, with all modeni itnpiovomfots Inquire od tb* pre or at No. 9t?, I'ppe-lte. . Of. SALE OR KXCHANOB?KOS OROOifiRIES aND ; Llquu #?, a dcsorable Ho??ae and h!\ l'?ts lu Jemey City, aoitii enoumberod atenit on? nail its value, which C'tn T*eTualn tor five year?. Addre.*oi J 'i, K., box 1P9 Jersey ? liy l*t a. ollice l?t0R SAi.E OB EXCHaNOB FOR NEW YOKE PRO " pert-?Three i hrep story ba?nmem and sub e.'Jar lnvel lings, Noa. 7, Sand 11 Che.iver plaw, iirootlyn, conUitung all ire uiodhrii improvements Apply io ,'fO 1 KEfcD A mRO., If) Broad -treol. New Tor*. ^ _ I/I0B FA:.B or TO LBT-tN HI D.:!?>N CITY, A FIRST r class Dwelling, with aU tn? i?odert Imptovenenta, hot .?d cold Wtter, bata, ic.; 1 ta??W, c.irs paai ta^oo- every ra m;unte?. Apply v> M. WANT*. Hi .?dn.>), room I.' LWR SAI.E-IHBROoKI.YN.IN JEFFf.BSOH STREET, T near ;tr?a<J?>-?>, a n- at two s; >rr House, with kitchen ? ia-h' d. Hani, W agon thod, A ?, wita two lota of Onmnd, <e< eked with a varte y of fruit tries. Prteo *l,6Ct>. Ha.i ? in remain op norW A|Tl) ?. H. WAOJiBEJ|? strict, i r U? it aJIAIB, HI fine atreet. Now > ork. UH)a SA^E ok BXCHAN'JE?FOR ?J??O0 TENEMENT P property, eight lirat clasa Lots on NincUetii atreei. be faeen the Fourth aod Fifth avenues. LEHMAN A BRytVN, 1.33b Broad* ay. 1.X1R iALB?SF.VBHTH WARD !?ROFKRTT,?LOT, P wuh front and irai Hul Jlng, W M. di-on irtwt, will b? I .,'.1 at a great aacrUL-e If called ur inside >f now u nis for over tWO. Priae ?6,t??t t'ijOOcan remain on b.nd and mortgage. I,riR stlJt?TWO I IHHfl.VSH FOUR STORY HROWN V ?t< ae front Houaea, hi/ b <iOp?: replete *r1th the m??? . f-rn improv^m? n>; 4taau-d al UCan4 I io *a -1 inn iy ?nmb MCivt, near Lexington avenue. Inquire of JAJthb Ow K.\H, m* ' I hi tv inurib rinR HALF OR TO LRT.?THB MODKHM THRRE r atory Bn?l! b baa^mrnt H^uee, brewn ?u?ne fwiljfa 1?>I Rah* t i?hv*>entb ntroat, nenf fcaoond ??venue, in a highly ieai>eetabie neighbirhttod; ne houae cotUlos all the modern Improvement*, wal>? and orlllmri'v painted, vault under U>e walk, and ail in i order. Will be sold very low and on reasonable tetma, o? to let at a nviderate rent to a w.skI U-Jisnt. Apply to J. B. COCKS, led ta? Seventeenth ?treet, nosr Second avenue. VOBSA1I t THREE STORT HRI. K HOI tF. tNO f1 I^>t, <slib ? good Uotw and Cetlv situated In a go >d lo cation, known as Wa*r btrret. hfltween H?nin4 and .laekaon oierts tot further paft .' .ars appiy oa tfta pre Hilars. i^OB SALE OR BXCHANOB? AN hL?N.t.\T FIFTH 1 avenue Louse, value %A.CUI, in pan tor a U.a? valuable one. or mervaandiae cn a fair eaah bsaiv p-lnetp*^ only. Address or <-*ii i n O. L Smith N? 10 Pine, mom ii J LX)rt iuLB-A VERT BEAl'TIFtTf F LL Rf. >OD r bright bay Mare sin-Yonng llltes Hawk, liam, a rull Hood t iridnta racirg naro, h p* mine and tall, Ave years old in.luae htok-n for the saddle. d>mbl? and single lia-neaa; * at ranted ?? nnd in wind ant litrb tn> gen'irixan wiahing ahotae'"or tne Central Park will Bad h -r d*f Irable. To i>e seen al Owen Mcflk?v?ra a stable, lsjve Une, Brooklyn. Prica "uly Wj L'OR SAlF-?f* ACBEi OF IANI>. liOOD HOUSE, P Bam, Ac, In the town of lAat'he'ter. Salt water balblag near the premlws. On tbe *?hite I'laias road, one mil< and a nuarter irom Mt. Vernon, near St. Paul ? i hur?'h. Inquire ?f K. T. BUNT, on the premise* 1'OR HALI?ONE NEW FIBHP CL/UW, FOUR STOBT. r bri.wn stone iron Hfmte. with all the mortem Imnrwa inenis. tlnMbed in thf beat aty.a, alliiai'd on Murray hjUl, ba I ween Park ana Lexington avenue.. So. U Bant Thl. ty wii ?nth street Inottlre oa tha premisea, YilOR HALR-A VOt ON KOURTRBIJTB r 125 fe?^t wrnrt ??f l?lith avpnue; 'vf I^et oj a -nlil exei.awe lor a three er four atorj high n good loeatioS. Apply to MAiaK LBVY. It Uberty street. L'O BT HAMILTON PRorl.RTY.~PuB "ALE OB P to let, abom an a-re of tiroun,i, fron- ngtlia rivaf^ tbe water right This propel ty I* botweT^k ?M ferry and raUroad, thera are a two sUiry Ira barn on the nr-mlssa, it haa a flae v iew ,4 the s^r. lu a,-si location for Lslnea* aad sure to ?' |.isa>rsion will beglten Immeiltately. gsntsa L JHhHK KM MKT, 4ftWlMu? street, A. ,L BLEEoKER A ION. No. 7 PUie street, i fjjf!,* T- * "'J CHURCH, tmr Ihe prttplac* at tort tlaBliiwn, ?AUO QT tl4TH. Wor ?al?-a na*Ti*.tn* rasBoroiis i< >o?b> f\ ?*eo?e; dl feel awp alo-i?e lul *>*: win Ur M)id luw tor ca*b, or e%cl?4LR*& (or * ? !!?* ?JJf* *1?^ r*fm r.taar of dMumbrAni^ Prir? $2.$RL ?Alt*** A 9 HetaltfoA*. F?.a. W ?r >>01MIUJI.T?0 HOVeH-i A?? .' *.? "oca *tiek ?,ng (urniture. u? a farm or l<vU: aiao a first Mortgag* of $1 ?&>. >pply o. lb? preiolaei. id Houth fourth air^t, IN llllaoisburg. Fob balk-or > xch a>i*^k ?or good buiidinu Lou well located, several rtrlraM* Tenement Ho?e4 on the we*t aide of the city payinga large penmi turn For mr ticulsrs apply lo J NO. A. fllLLilui. S*?tB^-rf?i^rSl? Fob balk ohkip-a GhNrBKt, three story Houfce and Lot. In a reepectable neighborhood. j tr| im and arrhed etfeaaloa freseoed; oat and water tbr?u*hou'. ?Iko dumb wai<?r. Piloe $X:mjuT $uwi c*~u. $vju ?n? year'* rent Balance run rtmuln. Apply on t?e pi?*uv*. Bit Clermont avenue near Myrtle avenue, Unjukiva. a re* aooable caah otter will aot be refuted FOB 8ALB-IN VORRVIULK A THREE 8FOBT h ouae. situated or the *oulh aide of Blghly third street. Vlrat brick houae <-a> t of Third avenue l'rloe S6.IM). Um half can remain on mortgage. Inquire on toe premuea. rK SALE OK tO LET?ON BtXTY-FIFTH fl UBBT. b< twet n Fin t aud necond avcnuea, three at -ry aud btsa feient Qi'Uata, with all m dern lmjiruvemmts .Uan for sale, No. 1% Eaut Fifty third alt eot Terina euay. lnqutieouiha premises , Fob Hals ob to lbt?loix;i*g hoc sb. dab and Rents u rant, togmher or separate; iocstiou one of the beat on the weal utile o' the city near all tka principal steam boat* matket TeMieta aud Itrnea: la comnls'e order fw tut mediate u?e. For particular* mqut-f at 438 lireeuwloti at y.l'KNlSllM) HOUSE AT HTAt&M ISLAND K >K HM.K F or to let, suitable for a gentletnm I residents. coiamodi on* lioute, atuble, coach housi, and ev-rv ciunvenleuce. with 'M iicrux i.f oriiameufctl giounda. npl ?iidi'l view o ' r nr>) aiid the Mcuad; abundance of fruit; on the Maaar road; near four earner* i.eul $1.2-0 Jl)1 Nut E A HutiDfcN, No 8 flue street and I,?U Br ??d ???r. _ POB RALB?AT KOHRVUL.LB, M7ATHI N'Od: atwo hoij a'Uc fame Houae, barn, to.. to gether with Tour acres ol land, very pleaaaatlr looatetL armr the vllla?e, on the Wood row road, leading to the depoC tbe houae la nrarlv new, In nnod repair, Ae ; there la also a rape w ilk on liie piemtn *. For twmn, ii, apply to JOUR 31 AO OHtOOh AO', l.<4 I'earl strict. HOtr.-E AND FIT UN ITU BB FOR SALB-FK10B $U ??; tbe Ui use la -DttK; lot 100 feel; well built, situated near tbe Kearrvoir aud tilth avenue, and U a bargain; it an tur tiUlied newly about two ; ears ago Apply to In A At' On ISO UN DaVIB, 24 w 11 lain street Hot?>!?: AND LOT WAMKI#- IN (IO0U OONDIKM, In tbe 1 eiiih Ktmrteenthur ivuhth ward; fi >m $0,(1tMM 97.060. Addrc.-;* HW Orchard street. Ha it I.KM Lt/'fM FOR SA LB ?A BAKOAIN ?FOO* Hrn .ivetiue l,?t?, ea?t side, between ltMih and I kith Hu ct?, piade evrn wl'h the ateuui', and randy. Wkl be ex r ..i:gnl I or a h ?.d bond ai d mortgage or productive i'rw p'ny; $00. eajh. Apply to IUVim. A A'INi'UMOF, Ko 41 N ?au atn-et. HASriNOh.-fOR H.I LB OR BXC1IANOB-A PaHK of 27 acrea. beautifully located anil overlooking thi liuoiiu river; lnw mansion, commodious outbuildings aad no encttmbrance. DINGBK * HOLDKN, Mo 8 Pine atreet aud 1 244 Broadway. Real hhtatr fob kai.b-thlkb houses and 1 A>ts, 27B and iru .Mulberry aireet, and 'ir? Mo t ?""e?-t between Houihm and Prince street* For partlcula/a iuiiuiit of J. A. M luAl lifii/lN, i'Ji c.aai 'l'uirteenth street. RE.VL EHTATK WANTED, WITH BOMB ('ASH, In exchange for first .class ShuttV ,-ewlng Mai-hinea. fully ^tmraoteeu from the principal nilijd lu til la ol.y. Addreoa, v ith particulars, Exchange, box 2,.M1 i'oat otlice. CTOl'K FARM?FOB SAL? OB FXCU4N0B FO* k? a Sin .'lass Veaideno. in New York or llrojLlyn; M arret overlooking the feu lson , flue mansion, large orcha da, Ac ; Uithn. laenTy 'tve mil h aud a.'seastbln Dourly I'noa $?5UJU riNuLE A IIOC.DEN, No 8 l'ine>ttree? aud 1.214 Hroadway rBXCHANOB FOR MllKCilAKDISfc OR CIT* l'RO perly?A t-IO.OuO K aren >n the Faa?aic liver, aeven uidea from New York; for gardening or milkbusiaesa uo?urpMsed< can be h i>t a ocked, t oleil and furnished; crops now going la. A|>ply toC. L. COHAKSil, Aid Fear! street. T\7ItJ. hK BOLD C11KAP TOR CAHH. A TIFO ff etory attic and b ifni. nl frame llorn e. with ltnd auf litlevt lora nice garden, situated in Washingtoa street la the village ol Janialea, i,oi * iaiaud, forty minutes ride l'raaa FulUm leiry; also two douile l> ts oa Union Uall street. None out Ibose having the caih need apply Apply to illtlMAti lihj\I)l,Eh, .UoitiUi, Long Island, or lo F. A. bEAltt*. 39 Burling slip, ?._v "tVrANTED?TO BUT, IMMEDIATELY, IN A N'KI'JH ?T borhood not oecupied by tenement houses, a small gen lei I House, cither brick or frame; location oeiween tenth and Eightieth stieets, and weal of Hroadway; price not to exceed kiJ.V('or$4,UI0; a small amount Qowa and a mortgage girt a ior the rest in three or live years. Address O. ti. Botler, 11 niun square Cost oflicc. "WrE8T0HBt.TtK COUNT*.?FAHM FOB SALB OR l i exebar^c; twenty mile? from sew York and one aad a half from Hie Hods >n; large farm live c atagea, commodious outbuildings, hutliouse, greenhouse, Ac. L1NUEE A lloLlifcN, No. m l ine street and 1,224 Broadway. rnn ?for halb, a two btoby cottao* ?P1.?)UU. and full Lot, s tuated In Konrteeuth street, near Fifth avenue,>n; price $1,Ml); term* easy. Ap ply to fc. F. DaY, "ti Fifteenth street, Brooklyn. *J7C win. HBlTRK A tliRBU STORY AND ?Jp x | U basement bricik douse, with modern lztpr ive ments, situated in For'y litth str-e', near Sixth aveinie to a caret u I and |<r, mpt teuauu A^iply to KIMS ALL N. I'ttlNOB. lL.y Centre street d*~l Q AIUI - TOR SA1.L', Af A KAC 1IFIOB WORTH ?P LO.VMJU. $2U,(!0H) the four story brown stone high liasenient House 13? Last beveutoenth street, north sids of Stuyvesant park; slje ?1 4 by afi; built for tbe owner's use. with all modern improvements; ne?r the residence of 'Jri ? Fish Terms essy. For cards of admission apply to IHN'URK A HOLDLN, No 6 l'lne stniei and 1.244 Hroadway. B1LMABP9. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF FRhNOH, KNQUSd ABO American Billiard Table*, with Phelaa'a combination <y 'tshioos, oow on hand, an* at prices to suit the times. FHELaX A COuuBNOER, W, 66,<7 ai,d 68 Crosiby street. n7t. A FINE AfBORTMF.NT OF BILLIARD T.4 KLKrt, WITH bhain'scushions, patented November 15 lHiO, acknow ledged to be aupcrlor to aay now In uae, at low prices. Apply at tlte manufactory, 148 Fulton alreot Also, a number or second hand Tabloa. BILL1A8D8.?FOB PALE, A SPLENDID BTODK OF new and ?*cond haod TaMee, for ?UV, $IM $200 and ?300; everyu>lng complete; t)> dert by mail attended to W. H ttnITOK, lid Fulton atreet. Bn.LIARD BALLS.?PATENT COMPRBSsBD FYORT, at suuerior quality aiid warranted tor ilx months l'rioe $b per set Mann ac ured aud for .sJe by W.R. M. WELL IKO, 416 Broome street. Billiard wantko?one or two ao dress t*. II. bo* 1,317 >*< ?t o(lice, stating tvho made by, r?"e, the length of tliae u has been usjil, where It caa b? sten aud rendition It now la la. {i>OR8Ai'.E IN BROOKXYN-TWO MILLIARDTABLB8. ' with at purteiiatiees '."an be seen at L4 Atlantic stre?R Fur particulars Inquire at 47 Lirlngston street. The wiitiLF, sTtw;*, conuisttso of 7s first class Billiard Tables, with all tbe fancy woods ta the market, both i>latn and ctrred, wtU l? >o il at oost pneaa. f?r cash. Ib's'isa rare chance for thoee ?l?hleg to putciiajM Urat class Table* L. DRCKBR. W Aon street. NUMCAL. ALaD^ AND i.h.NfLhM AN, lOPKA-NO AND TBNOB, wllh tine vole's sod well cuiltrated, would like to iota a ouartetlx choir In chtirrk Full ,art ulars to be bad of their insttuctui, Mr. D. Virginia, *?l Kourth atreet. A YOCBO LADY IIA VINO ORE AT EXPEltlBNCE IN li leaching 'he rianolorte, and wim can produoe the lilgo eat testlmi nl.Ms ies*'dlr.g bar ability, would like a few rnoro put lu to in<tnu t at their reaidem ea Please apply at No. IK WfatTwenil" h sli\'et, near l.ighth aveane. AMAONIITCKRT ?E#KN (K'TAY* RitBKWOOD 1 lanolmt* for sale? RiCnlj oarved iiefa aad .case, rouad corner*, full trnn I'late, lalald with natinwo id, overstmnfc ba s. Inlaid with pe?rl aad pesrl key a, inace to;order Tor the present owner by aty makrrs, fully guaranteed for throe years; bean In 'ise but Uve months; oe*t $300; will b? sjld .or t'P-U, Including stiel aad cover. Alao elegant Drawlam hecni Halt, est (.mi, for $140. Inquire at 7Q West Tweaty slxth MM, near Sixth avenue. t >1 BI.&OANT OAliVBD ROBBWOoD SEVRN OCT.WH j A parlor i'ianofo*?e >*pr sale?Has been s short time In uae, la sopeib and ms?-uifiierit throughimt, lielng elaborately f.nlahe<l, wtth round comers, rich narrril I'gs all rooad, rose*. A -., in relief. f ;anc has the real ?uspeasion overstrung base, beautiful h"?vy caned scoliop?d work, made by the most celebrated .ity makers, wltb unexpired warrantee, and is oaa of tne best 'nn<<d pianos eitaat aan be folly tested; priaa tbe g!'ale?t rialgaJu to tie found. Apply at 67# hlxth e< aiiU' , ntat l'ia . ? ?h st-eat, for Ikrea day* Ir.jin H A. V uM 8 F. M | llllClLKRUia A BoN ? ORAVD imitU A.viT CPRItllT FIABOB, Mi Broadway. New To**. Depot of the albxanmre oroan. For Chi,rehe>s Chapels, Ichools aad Drawing Roome, 283 Braadway. FOLK MEDAL OF HONOR at the I ntversal Exblbltloa at UH. This ma^nif <^nt Instrument tj atented ,'n the Unl'jd Stale* May h, IW?. whieb tar brllliani parforniance of THALHKW4, TILAMOYA, MLLK. W ELI.IS, bare rf Oi! -ted *< poi?.lai In Amariea a* in Europe, ha* heea adi | ted by the m?ata*t artlau and onapoMrs of both eon UoRBt HALE. T XUTT, BOBINI, METHRBERR, .?? , Ac. ?bo Alexandre Organ I* nelebraled for the solidity and prs eUlon of iU tneeliamom. a* well a* for the fullness snd pow*r of li* tone and tbe remarkable .|iiallty of keeping perfietly la tune In all climate* Prices at Uie depot, $1#, $60, $100, till, $186, $M5, $260, tm ?v fen A den rtinlv clr*nlAt seat vo any addrew on application lo ? BERNARD A Ta BHFBURrfK?>. Jr . 2.B Broadway. Importer* 'rf Buseon Aoeordeons, Ymllns, V loll a Swinge, Ac. 1 IQHT A BR VDBURY'S | j ?w Hi*l?, Orerstrnnr Hess, Patent Insulated, Full Iron Frame, GRAND AND not'ARB PtANOFi iBTBh, 421 nro'imestreet. W bat ereryliody *acs miut be trne; < very body aiys luevr are the best, therefore they mutt be the be*i. NO T1MB LOffT.-THB PIANOFORTE AND StNflTRO tanaht, in combination with thorough Has* sod Harmo ny. by Mr*. I'AIOE'H entirely new m?tnod, delighting her popils fmat the very ?rst lesaoa. C.1 Hreenwtch wreeO*- ? ORGANS.?SEVERAL CHUBOH OKOANg, OF BPFK rior tone and workmanship; also Parlor organs la hand some walnut caaes. for ttalo cheap. Apolv 'of. Hit). B. ODELL, Md Seventh avenue. I'iANOFOaTiia ?1? iPU/U, Py the intrc-luctton of machinery la tke maim factoring of Pianofortes, wc are now able lo offer to tka pub lie a se*i n wiavc r ?ewood PiANO, wnUlnmgall Ihemodern Improremrnta for $1.' cash, of more perfect workmanship thvt has its li all} been soil for |9*1 or $4Hi by the old meOwd oi mai ii's' turlag ^e r- spectfully Invite all dealer* and the P'lbile ti- cal! and examln" these new Instrument* at ORoVESTElN A II a LK'8. Corner of Oaaal and Hud a ?irec;?. New York.