Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1861 Page 5
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Uytralie and Orwatlt Hatters. The ?Mitfiatffl Italian artiste return to lows after * Very winr narfirl campaign In the modern Athens, and muni ? " 8lt(>rt seMoa (three nights, with a bare possi bility of six) at the Academy Otis evening. The opening opera to "Un Ballo in Msschera," cast as before. Oaring the week KIM Kellogg will sing In "La Sonnambula," and ?La Jnive" will be sung. The programme for the week, froth in New York and Brooklyn, will be found elsewhere. Mr. Bruno Wollenhaupt gave his first concert at trying Sail on Saturday evening Mr. Wolleuhaupt is a violinist of rare excellenoe, and his concert was in every way ?uccesaful. The gem of the evening was Vieuxtemps' ?eiy difficult concerto in E major, which Mr. Wollsn fcaupt played in a most admirable manner. That very enterprising musical society, the Men 'lei* - dob a Union, gave Its secoud concert (seventh season) at the City Assembly Kooms on Saturday evening. As tUe Society bore the expenses of" the affair, and the tickets ?ere given away, It was not remarkable that there Should be such an outbreak of musical enthusiasm as to fill the ball. Mr. W. V. Wallace's opera, "Lurllne," Was performed, the solo parts by Misses Fisher and Meyer, an amateur tenor and Mr. Guilmette. The Mcompanimenta were played on two pianos by Messrs. Berge and Morgan, who, we need hardly say, performed their part of the work well. The Bociety sustained Its reputation by this performance; but such works as "Lur line" cannot be properly given In a concert room. The concert announced by Madame Assunto Bperansa and Mile. Adeline Spernnza, on the 16th inst., will attract m great deal of attention in musical circles Good Judges, who hare enjoyed opportunities of hearing Madame Ass unto, dt clare thit sh<j has a magma cant contralto voice, as for Mile. Adeline, she has never yet bad a fair chance to be heard In N'ew York. Although at the beginning of her career, she was very successful in Europe, especially In Spain, where she received marked attention from great personages. The Infanta was so much delighted with Mile Sperauza's sing ing at Seville that the latter n ceived a token of royal ap proval, la the shape of a mtfinlflcent brooch Biguor Abelli, baritone of the Fabbri troupe, has re turned to the metropolis after a very successful tour in i the West. Theatricals are more lively than usual at this season of the year. At the Winter Garden Mr. J. S Clarke has made a very |>alpable hit and h*B succeeded not only In con vincing the public that he is a first rate artist, but also in keeping a rather weak play, "The Babes m the Wood," upon the stage. The piece is to be played every night this week. Mr. Clarke, as we hear. Is to be succeeded by Mr. ixlwin Booth, and he by Mr .*>thern, who will pro duco Mr. Gaylor's very successful s< quel to "Our Ameri can Cousin.'' This piece has taken wonderfully all over the country. Mr. Forrest's performances at Niblo's have been sus pended on acoount of his illness; but the return o' Mr. Klxou with his circus has given matters at the Garden a fresh start. The "show"' is an excellent one. and the threatre is crowded at every night performance and tnatinee At Wailack's theatre tbe new coned?, H?nrie'.te," has be?a bo fortunate as to be adusiraaly act si an 1 folly appreciated by crowded houses I', 'g ?.uuouocad Tor re petition every night this we?ic On rb irsdav a no* after piece, for Mr. Walcot will be giv?n with ' flrtoriette." At Iaura Keans's theatre tbe ? Site's'' still fas cinate the public, and the ptec ? wti* be g i r,:n aver y night this week. Me^re. Spalding and R>ger* will re-open tlie old 3>w Cry theatre this evening for one wo (it .>uJv. Toey hwe a new tqw&rieiine, Mile. Loyoe, fro a ih* 0 .q ue Olympic, Paris; also James Melville, a spl <u 'id ri ler, well known bere. At the New Bowery theatre a new l>c*l drama, ' The Sag Picker of New York," will h- produce) this evening. Two other picccs will be giv.-u At lUrnum'fl Museum "Rutb Oilc cv" and tbe ' Flyiaf Dutchman" are the dra-nat c attractions at present. Brj mts' Minstrels, at mu ios' Hull, and LI >yd's Dew troupe, at Niblo's Garden, are >? is>ainttig the reputa lion of l lie African Opera Uinm*-!.. l'ho? Uavo fresh and attractive program ni. w tor t (jut Kadaste de Lussan's an I v| ?nxiour le * furriery's con cert In Brooklyn last week w ts a very o 1 aut and suc cessful alTair, there being u,?* i s <>' n teen hundred persons present. The 'air btn-fritrg ^ t satufac iion by the manner tn which mm >-t**eute i h*r sha-e of the programme. Her voice r n\t u*tv? i. c > uptgg, and Is remarkable for Its equaiit> o o ,ni an i vo ume la the different registers and its p ir u > uu. Out? of the mast attrroCve features of the ?< >. "an '.h? pliyn of Mr. J. Nelson Pattism * ? t . i y n < m ,'nt, wh I) ids fair to rival most of ? ur tv > >? ;?.*r >? n?rs ou that Instrument. His g-and tan t>? a <i?nnu melody evinced great technical a >i ui t air .jji *c quaintance with the capab I ?? nmul % ? delicious little nocturiM o< i viu.i I ,n nil a minuet by Mozart wer.- i>o. . * 1 1 t ,inc?cf if touch and feeling wbton ?>n > ? ?' * n?,> .ble of. An en'.h jsiastlc encore *rt..i . ,i , i m < satis faction which the audience d- u I perfo' mances. Boaioa ?Miss Maria WaJr<" f<mi?1v, " The Cup sod the Lip," will he )/? i ? ? i 'b- Boston Mu eeum ths evening for tbe ti. i. ? Vr " '?inn v'trren. Prir AifKi.rau. ? rheatric.,- i > < b?/e cut ly been subject toseve ai io lure attracted some attontion among ihe in? Areb !*i-..Ht theatri, of that city, hi- ? .n? p p i ur actress Mrs. John l?re? * vie nan ate meat o'i the retirement v < A: C i-lce The present manageaieot I ?uikiutn exoeUent reputation f?>r tb i ? !? e# veirs they have had it In ch ir ii^it ,? much regret'.ed. The Walnut k ? 1 i. ? ? t ia Same city,h?s been pu c N trrci - mi, the present lessee, for the S'i i o e ulmb of which is to c w>h pajtueit v ? has boon verv successful lb Ii i .i^-inl. d by able and comp^uo1 ? A ? oh Hr Dillon his just clos- da ' ? ? <- ue kt, to be followed by K<iw t j.a*e ? ts first sppoa'snc^ this even c.Hintag the friends oi M' Woeiti i * " u a view to organize a c -Boa ' i ? ? ? u s management. The pr ip>" n Ciootuut Street for Mrs Bowers ooe i .<"i pro gress. aad it ia pn>stoie I. ? r v . Muda to unite hit euergiee with thi it for ward to completion., A ti * , n<d in Philadelphia, as the p e?- ,r i .l and CramjH'd, anil the stnrkb<>ei> i -i o rttno Tating thi m or introducing i. '.rov* inents. F?s Arm ? Church S "U -? \o > i< u?* on exhibition at Low's Buililir*,! ? ? i - non street, Brooklyn Bis new work, 'l'-e ?il he ei bibit*d early next month in , ? .ich Is be ng erected br Goupii at the rei ? h h-h*? lu Oroad. w*y Pergonal Islrtltgi ucr. .'(*>? Muncadn atid larniiv, ?>i vi ru) pp tig at tbe Now York Hotel. Hon Reverdy Johnson, Mr? .p ?-n' ou, 4o? I). 8 JurkiDsun, Judye II H \inn.u H Me Cold ?t?d lady, of Miseourt; iio ' ii iiw k ot -vr? euse H.n II A W?iki",i.? m ? .ioo K V W < te of W Louts, a-rived at tbe l>1iih av n ? ei ?e?<erd%y Ca. tgio C F. Kitig un.I 'ar 11, m ii tn;0 F T.-rrj, Of Hai t'ord , J W Arnietr t g o K uliiCk . ; Oobnel A R. I'nts ot Washlngltu, O Arti .rt ' !'?. I?rte nhiv * Btrdsal of Albany ;C. A>bn,.rr., of llhiiH Ul?nd, -t B Kendrlrk, of Ind'?ria, ?tid Mod. II ???!., ,ijs, of A! ban; are stopping at trie .vt Vt'h'ilaH Koto! Joha H Canton, of Uiuisviiie; Ju<i|ie l,amb, oi Con neoti' Ui; Senator Nea<utih. of ?ren..,,; ?j ({ jrnttt, of Virgi . ia; A. H Hamtltoii and .dy.ol lui atu. II M ir tin.oi J.ontarrllls; M fcent, ?rf Ma >mi<d, b im.ui Ri.;h ardson, uf New Oricstis; * N Alle Cuttcd >t?loa Nsvy; rapum. A. H. ^bult?, of Ni ? V ^a ? u > I r Arnot, of liimi ?, bave arrivoii at Hie MeH'ih It. ?{ tel Mrc L.ury Ann M' Mabon. who ? ver? rum h?i' a c. quired much notoriety 'n 'hea i *? ?ond or her tiet'Ji.Kkt atti mpui to cot vmoe th u cr tuiitis p-ihilc of her surp?i>?li>g ntstrloiilo abtntie- ret ove ^ i f joo with loteit si , taut week, fron.inbr iiiau'ijnrot the Na tiona. theatre, Cinriiiiiati, itir br-.e.h coutraot. r&e defence fet i'p, was that *(r? Mt:>' th u *>*.* n >t * com pete:. t artre-is. ?no tha' the m?n u ' w?s misled by mewspauer cdticisins >ent to Mm i tn> tu rew? ?o ?* eerti, t. wbich the UtUrdSulert In ? ipi* ' of tb-? m*na Iter's theory , a number ot ta^atnoei peMo-mers w?re rails, , and gmerslly testi"od 'hti #'*> ? .s toe w irst *tar tbey ever w;w The pialnnlT re??ntt ?l tuts disnarage went of bur professional exoe ?*m,e py he d p isilionsol a nun' r oi New Vork la?;e .? in* a ta umd'amu tic aioitenrs who si>ok>' Id bub t?" i* of brr acting ?me? i tbe witnesses in tt??i > *-e Mr ,^htre<, tesiitliid that be lad ? oould make a *p? ifid ammp epe 'Ch. and that ot ttMiif should attrnot fu . hoi see Ei ('resident Millard Kiliuaore ha? tcwptfi an mvita tl.? t.> vrtsaiCA ,n t**?j Cnttirtari F ?tt* <? tn li>?"iti ia Mir Belt Mr F 'I mure will b S'ire of a *i'in weicone from j friends tn aasfaclit.Heais HjOtt. fhaddsns Wevms bus tiiimimte or a taJet hip ?l W <t I'niat Frederlok Batt>< s, .t ? ?t %, l*a Jndi>e V P Kelt? , I'eTin*' |v ?? % statins. Sew ?Vork Hon. John Wootimfl . tj m tf f Verr.e l'et nsyltanla Ht.r, . , nnn^. t(,nt Ho?. S fhalaoargt r, Ohio nap j V,.i4i ( n t? ? States A; iny ; lion A w. i^h k, s w , ,1 ? rtiair, t'niUd 't^ies Navv, snti f'apt n. ?. tn,l states Arm> , wsit in Wasbiugt m on "at , Polltlral Intelligence Oiuk.i or Tint Ki<tu(o?i) Wint. ?The repcrt has been current for some day? that the Richmond Whig, wlrch has been battling for the Union and belaboring tfce secea aioniata ever since tike trouble commence J, was abuut to espouse the cause of tbe State right* party in Yiigiaia. Thai report has suce beeu denied by telegraph. WKk regard to the truth of tbe rumor we are only able to Judge by tbe rtcent tone of the paper and tbe fact that It has not contradicted the report. In tbe leading article of the Whig ot the 5th mat. we tind the following, which, to Bay the least, looks as if it U getting weak In the Union cause ? But should these more cheering possibilities all fail of relixation, and the worst that auy of us dread come to pass, however furiously the norm may beat, it will be something, nay, it will be everything, to feel, as every Virginian must feel, that the direful issue has been forced upon us by the North; that from tbe beginutng we have been the victims and not the doers of wrong; that we have forborne, and suffered, tail humbled ourselves in the very abjectnees of entreaty, to avoid the calamitous result, and that when the shock of the encounter comet; we may, with (earless and devout confidence, say, God defend the right, Bowosr Crsron Hoim ? The ?' faithful" are waiting, anxiously waiting, for a "moving of the waters" at the Boston Custom House. No appointments have yet been made, but some have been agreed upon, and will proba bly be announced at an early day this week. V:k(,lvu Co.\<.uie*<Mr> ? Ex Governor Smith, familiarly kDOwn as Extra Billy, who has represented the Seventh district of Virginia in Coogress for some years, has an nounced himself a candidate for re-election. Roger A Prjor is also anxious to represent, once more, the Fourth district. Dk-uxib a Rf- Elktiok.? Hon. Wm. T. Avery, demo cratic representative in the last Congress from tbe Tenth district of Tennessee, will uot be a candidate for re elec tlon. Hetty Forgery b> a Boston Merchant, 'Who Abscond*. | From the Boston Traveller, April 6,| On Saturday the business friends uf Mr. n D. P. Bige low, leather dealer at 75 Tear) street, were alvmod by hu failure to appear at his place of business, and inquiry was made at his res.dence, No. 61! West Newton street. His wife could only say that be went to New York by the night train the evening b-fore and that previous to loaving home he said he was in debt, aud couldn t meet bis creditors Saturday afurnxm two notes of $SOO each were protested, bearing the name of Mr. Bigduw and one of his customers, and investigation was bad which showed them to be forgeries. Since then about $10,000 worth of foiged paper hts been dlscivered, aud it Is feared that this Is oniv a small portion of what he has disposed of. This pap< r was sold to Alderman k liore, brokers, In Kilby street, and other parties, whose names have tot been divulged. Mr. Btgel iw \v .s formerly a member of the lirm of E. II Bigelow A: Co , and ab >ut six years ago become one of the firm of Bigelow, Bell A Knight, rhrie or four vesrs ago ho formed a partnership with Mr Samuel D. Kright, but recently be bought out Mr Knight, giving bit notes in payment, ami these Mr Knight still holds. Before leaving* he converted everything he could into cash, and though the amount is not known, It Is probable that ho carritd off $60,000 or $60,0o0. One of his clerks, Mr E W. St rat ton, losses $1 000 by him, and it is sus pcctiMi that be has been In the habit of opening the pri vate letters of his clerk, who has missed money sent to him by mail. It is supposed that Mr. Bigelow has gone to Europe, tak'ng a steamer at New York oa Saturday. He is about fifty years of age. and formerly lived at Grafton, where a ma:rled son now resides. He hat also two daughters, ten and sixteen years of age He has been a mau of gooo habits, was a lAember of the Shawmut church, and was believed to be w< rth considerable property, as he has been doing a good business. The extent of his Ille gal transactions will not be known for some time. M each day brings to light new rascalities which do not appear upon bis books and were unknown to his clerks. Seizure #f the Schooner Weill, ut Green port. L. I. [From the Greenport Watchman, April 6.] A ery general excitement was produc-d in this village on Tuesday afternoon last, 2d inst., by the seizure of the schooner Wells, of this port, then lying at anchor oil in the strum, on suspicion of being about tj engage in the slave trade Inspector (of customs) Davis having been convinced, from various circumstances which had come to tin knowledge, that there was reason to 6uspect the vessel was not bound on a legitimate voyage, deemed It his duty to communicate his suspicions, with some of the facts on which they were bised. to United States Marshal HytiOers, at New York. This be did by telegraph on Tuesday morning, and receiving instructions a few hours after to seise the schooner, he proceeded to summon a posse and to put his orders In execution. The Wellscleared at New York on the 20th ult for Greenport, and arrived here on the Slst <>n Mondty, 1st, she cleared at Sag Harbor for Ambriz, west coast of Africa, with a cargo consisting, as per the manifest, of powder, arms, rice, lember, Ac , ostensibly for the purpose of a trading voyage. She was chartered for the voyage by a Mr. Oaksmith, now, we believe, residing at I'atchogue, but ooing business in New York, where he iB said to have t)gu<ed prominently in connection with certain filibus tering expeditions, among others the bark Magnolia. On Wednesday morning she was brought up to Old Wbarf, where ?he was kr-pt under charge of the In spector Oti Thursday, about three o'clock P. M., she was n-leam d by virtue m orairs from the Marshal, who tele graphed to that effect. At daylight yesterday morning sho got under way and stood out to sea and long ere this slie is well off the land, running on a free wind for tbe "ebony coast.*' but whether on a legitimate trading voyage or for a load of live "ebony" we shall have to wait awhile before know log An Affair of Honor Between Two Women. [Kiom the Montgomery (Ala ) Advertiser April 8.) Two noted courtesans, answering to ih.> euphoneous names of Belle Ennis and Clara Robinson, having nurtured the most unrelenting enmity towards earn other, deter mined to arbitrate tbe matter outs!de the city limits. Accordingly a challenge wit sent and accepted , and the parties. ?ith their rispective fi lends, who wero to ar range the preliminaries, repaired to the Cypress I'ond? a S|?>t, perhaps, quite as romantic as Biadeosburg, but re markable for the number of carcases of airmaiR, and the particular effluvia which is emitted from them. But be fore we proceed any farther we will lay the interesting and sign. tic tnt correspondence before our read* rs ? Apiiii. i!, Hfil. )!mi Kohinnok? I have just h<-ard through a friend of mine Uih< > on *l' h to meet me on tbe commons to light. Now ihat Is Ju?t what 1 with and I will mf?i you thin aOernon or earl* in the n onurg Just a? you wlah, but I prefer to m?et you thl? a' term-on. lyt me kn w by the bwarer, as 1 am aniious to decide this affair aa soon as posaible BhXI. ENNI8. Hr* Rosissow ? I will meet ?m just a? Monasyoti ran walk to < 'j press I'ond. I am g-iug immediate'- , no don t lall ti nittme BELL ENNIg. Mi-* .Iksmk: ? l'leaxe tell Mian Bnnla to choose her own time and place. 1 shall not fall to be there C. BoBINeOK. P. S.? Please inferm me Immediately in regard to thin. R. ? ho can tmsgine, after readltg these. notes, but that tbe detouetnent of tb? affair would be particularly trag'c? wondei fully melancholy * But not so rhc chaJiergO'i part) was poMMfed of that peculiar kind rf Discretion which distinguished the notori >us Dr. I'arr, aid gave the pol'ce intimation, through her "next best friend,'' that they shou.d be <n hand to quell the disturbance Of course the suggestion was acted upon. The ps-tn-s were arrested an-: bt. night be fmetiie Mayor, with their face* unpointed, their hair uncombed, their toiirttn ui.becomu gly ar-anged, and looking 'or all 'he world like they had j .st returned fiom a pic ni j. n me of them endeavored to hide their c >un teiiances from view wth t>ie|r boge sun bonnets, while o'hi rs attain were ?a brizen aa him woo "danced through th? Wal(>urgb bight amongst the wit hea of the Mrocken." ?m <our?e thei? evl ii nee was biased. The real 'acts In tbe ca?e wsiid not be assert- lned Tbe seconds of the b- II gerents admitted that they wrote the notes, but did u t know whether weapon*- hereto be used. (Tiny were I i tli un< er the impiwio. that tne fight wax to be con dacts4 arco-i i-jg to the m<st approved "P. R " rules ? that it was to be ratber f-nay thin triple The Msyor i . m luded, tbe fight dil not come olf, and '-nobody was hurt, 'to dismiss thi rase. Arrival* and Drptrtarri. nkPAKTVItl ? Ri<'tianNr>, &r - Sinnmahlp .UnWown? Mrt Mak In Mint MokUti W II Llrl"<tiii? , <1 X A'klti?, He* J Ij Lrnhart, ,lno uckrr H W?nry, Pal Henry, Jno WMte H t'ampbrl' Mm Allm, 0 1 opreyn, Im'y and child, O M nlu lii?, ? i *i>ai?<, F, I.eN'hun. h ? egkn, M K Brown, J I, Smith. W Kn jt llr* '1 oli\ > i h aIIiti- and 2i id the nu^ra^e. Court < ?Irnrfar? Till* Day. Cowwc* ? 1'art I ? N?*. 104, R?8, 818,1*0, 8<0, 228. H*f> *37,436 7 88 80?, 714 81ft 817 Vart II? No- U46 ^47. 2l?. 636, 473 , 764, 840, 844, H4.V 848,34#, 54,14 :?1.477 645 -?i ! kkiiih (Y>rirr ? I'art I ? Voa 80t, 16tft 717. 16T9, l^Kl , l?ho, 10U1, 170f> 1707. 17i)C, 1711. ??.! I .WW. 1106, HU#,IM7 144V 1R7I> j'ar'. If? ??> 1166, 11*0, 1148, 1?J"< 12l0, 1?H, 1226, 1228, 1158, M)2, 1 176 10.80, 7.12, 1016 Army nail Narf? 1,000 l.nynl Inlnn mm for the w?r ail'' 'or liWrt?, law r.nd o.iler and pe?e?, DbiildfinpMd tt HOLMKfi, H9t Rrnadw*;. u pnrtral'a for <1. I ebali i?n.: traito: ? n -<-. n< t apply, an tbt-lr ptnlralia v W(flil?M. Itm York anil 'llrooklj n K-mIti -m-? fM.H 1*3 H UtJLDttMITll'.H adrrrtlarmrnl uuder h>-ad o.' Inat ruction. Illll, lalmllahl* fnlt?r of tlalr and wUt*kM?, J.'o 1 Harriajr ktrret l(*ir Vye 50 eenU; t/laok or brow a. tta?4 btlor'i Hair Djra.? Rallabta aaa (a ifwUnwn*- Black or 11 row n FmrO rj 81 8amla; Ktrfwc Sold and applb-1 at W. A. BATON BLOW1#, 1# Hood *tr?<t D?, 8. R, Fltrh'i IVrvi (Inptnrr Mapporirr T niaa ? war ran lad. Call and ruunlne before purahaatat 714 H'?ul?aj TrtiMM, Klaatlc MtfM'ktaaa, Bhoalrtar Bmcea Hi?prn?ory Vandacea, Ac at Pra, OT/OVFR t TUOfeBB'S, Bo. 4 Ann avrwi^ ander llamnm ? Muaeum. Ilcldavla Cream Form th? Hair a ad *"1 l*k<r? to gpow l iuirtautl; Hold at W A. BATCH* liOk'H MW Inverted Wlj f?r?wy, 14 Bnnd mrr<*. Rati lor'a N? ?? lai?a??a tvin? aal Trxtirr* are tnilr ??ndc?'n? ?p?HM?ma -i^rt rill and tm tan. at 14 B?t*l aweet. or aeud l?r a tnraaur* Rant harrj'a Trtrophmai la the Beat aad nhrapeat a/'tole frr drii?dln?, be?i>'ify;?n cnrilng, elaanfina pr*r..r?*na and r%Wt?n ta? aatr T?Uii tfy K hy all dmju|1?U ( tlatnoom 'a Hair l?j e. \N )?? aad T??? tfn. lit* b. at In ih ? *?rl(t an I rrtnl , an 1 the dye privately appU'd, >0.6 AJtcr Hi ?<a. OJtirlaJ i)r?n*nu of K. France St Oo.'l Delaware l<ttei if*.?* uiSwUeJ bv aiH of Assembly {mined January, 1?e ?'??'? lo no twenty yemrn C?r?r -Ci ??.? *t, Uitwn AltII ?, IM1 W, 18. 19. ?* 16. 1. 4 1, 1, 56, 26, a. 57, 72. Okawk Cow n? -Olsss is. Drawn April 6. 18M. 71. K>, M, 6. 7. 14. 16, 61, 56. 40, 10, 27, 68. C.'ialara sett lite of ^barce b> ;*ddi A. fecLa-NCK A 0O., M kiu (vfi, Wilmington, Delaware. w Drawing* of tltt Delaware State Lot terles? WOOD. EDDY A CO., Managers of the UKLAVABlr, KKHTI'CKV *?!> ? I<0MU'KI *TATK I.OTTKklES. Di t. i* akk ? Kxtk a Class lit, April it, 1401. 73, 02, 15, 61, :i7 , 41. 67, :14 , 26, 10. 30, 68, 46, 5. Dklawaiik? Class 216, April 6, 1861. 71, 70, 68, 23, 52, S7, 48, 34, 18, 4, 5, 41, 13. Circular* containing bchemes, with full particulars, aeat free of charge bv addressing el' her to WOOD, KDDV A CO. Wilmington, Delaware, Or lo WOOD, EDDY A CO., 8t Louts, Missouri. Uavlag Ha?le Soft Felt Hut* for t.entle nien's wear a speciality, as well a? Dress Hs'a, I ask at tention to the tint-it assortment lo be found la New York, manufactured In my own workshops, for the present season, an<* claim that in quality and cheapness they are beyond ri valry. KSPENbCHElD, IX Nassau street. The Ladd & Webster Sewing Machine may now be had for fifty dollars at DUO Broadway. Wheeler A WlUon'i Improved Sewing Machine* at reduced price*. Ortlos 004 Broadway. Empire Sewing Machines.? Yhe Cheap est, because the best, lu a arket. Offioe 330 Broadway. Tr aiee*? Mar*h A Co.'* Radical Care Truss, No. 1 Vesey street. As tor House, opposite the ahurch. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. 8(tni> ay, April 7, IfWl. Notwithstanding the perilous condition of the country and the stagnant state of trade, the foreign commerce of tlii-t port last week wan unusually active. Roth the import* and exports were in excess of those of the corresponding weeks of last year and the year before. The imports wore un expectedly heavy, ihe principal items being sugar and coffee, of which two articles about $1,500,000 worth were entered at this port last week. The large export consists chiefly of food? flour, wheat, corn and provisions -of which we are shipping enormous quantities to Europe, without seeming to produce any t fleet upon fhe foreign markets. The specie movement continues light, the hopes of those who looked for a revival of specie ship ments to Europe having been dashed by a break down in the exchange market. Most of the specie shipped last week went lo Havana. The follow ing are the comparative Custom IIouBe tables of tie trade of the port for the^week and since Janu ary 1:? In PORTS. fhrthewtd. 1859. 1860 ls?l. Dry goods $694,274 1 ,4W7 470 1 606,723 General merchandise. . 2,765,243 2,733,944 3,735,434 Total for the week. $3 359 ,5 17 4,331,414 6,202,167 Previously reported . 58,169.411 62 399,869 45,363,217 Since January* ... $61 ,529 ,U2H 66 .631 ,283 50 ,644 .572 Exi'OHTO or Pbodpci anh Mkh 'iuni>isk. 1869. 1800. 1861 Tot ul for the week.. $1 677,678 2 068,734 3,296,963 Previously reported. 13.273,288 18,777,860 30,372,663 Since January 1.... $14,960 ,966 20,846,594 33.063,616 Exports ok SrwiK. 1859. 18C0. 1801. For the week $1 343,059 3,847 687 028 ,708 lYeviously reported.. 7,234.391 3,971,978 1 ,457,430 Since January 1.... $8.677, 450 7.819,660 2,086,138 It is n<>t probable that the banks will show much change in their specie average to-morrow. They have received a good deal of coin from the Mint, and the receipts from England and Cali fornia, part of which have gone into bank, have amounted to about $-,680,000. But on the other hand they have lost $2,760,000 to the Sub-Trea sury, in payment for the recent award of the new government loan, part of which was paid in on Thursday and will count twice against the average. The statement published on Monday last showed a specie average equal to $41,408,308 an increase of $1,928,262 from the week previous; at this time last year the bank* showed a specie average of $23,420,759, and the Sub-Treasury hold as near . y as possible the same amount of coin that it does at present. The future movement of the spscic re serve continues a matter of great uncertainty. A ] week ago the condition of the exchange market appeared to justify the belief that our receipts of specie from Europe had ceased, and that we might perhaps begin to export coin to Europe in the course of a few weeks. This expectation has been set at rest, for the present, by tlio recent decline in exchange. A very small further de cline would leave a margin for profit on further importations of gold from Europe, especially as the Hank of England has reduced it# rate of in terest to seven per cent. The banks expect to be soon relieved of some of their surplus coin by the negotiation of f'>,00<>,0<M> of the luitcd States Trea sury notes. But the necessities of the govern ment are such that the Sub-Treasury cannot pos sibly accumulate money, and the coin will soon come back to lie idlo in the bank vaults. It is expected that thed'scount line will show an increase to-morrow, in consequence of the recent negotia tion of the government loan. This may prove the case; but the liquidation that is going on in busi ness must be reducing the volume of paper in bank very largely. East Monda; the banks show ed an average <>f $120,753,165, an increase of f:02,71O from the previous week. At this date last year the city bank loans averaged $128,388,223. No < hange has tak n place in the money market since last week ; money is so abundant that the payment of nearly $3,000,000 on account of the new loan has never been noticed. Matters are rapidly reaching a point in the money market at which capitalist* will find it impossible to employ their means. Trade is unusually dull, and merchants evince less disposition than ever to operate in mer chandise. Heal estate is discredited by the ap piehensi >ns which are entertained with regard to the Morrill tariff and the disgraceful corruptions of our city government. There 1s very little speculation in stocks. Under the circumstances, it no speculation should spring up, there i* reason to believe that banks and capitalists will find it difficult to earn income this summer. We quote at present call loans 4 a 5 per cent; first elms short paper the same rates; the highest graces of long paptr 6 a 7; other grades 7 and upwards. Many names which were unsaleable at any price a few weeks ago now pass without difficulty at about 7 per cent. Tht foreign exchange market broke down asain at the closing of the mail for yesterday s steauier. There was positively no demand at all for bills, and parties who had to sell were compelled to submit t? a large reduction. The leading bankers continued to a^k 108% f<>r sterling, ?rid>.^-,? a 23*4 for francs; but bankers' bills were sold, at the close of the market, as low as 107% for bills on London, and even lower than 5.35 for francs. The total absence of demand was netersocou spi' nous. With sterling bills selling here at 10i. and the rate of interest in England at 7 per en', specie might perhaps be imported without loss. If i- hoped, however, that the m ?rket will im prove this week. The leading event of last week was I lie bidd'ng for the new loan. The Secretary a ked for $8,000, (KX?, and was offered $.;.!,!?! 4, the average rate of the bids being 93% about 3^ per cent bettor than tho rate at which the last $H,OOO.fO<> #?re awarded in February last. Contrary to general expectation, and to the wishes of his best fricnd-i here, Mr. Chase decided to reject all bids under 91; so that, notwithstanding the lari:e amount of fered, he only accepted $3.fi77,000. It is under stood thai, the balance of $5,000,000 will be ob tained bj the negotiation of 6 per cent Treasury notes, having two years to run. 8ii' h notes ? ou.d be disposed of In our market at a fractional pre miuin, if public competition were inrit'd; it is to : be hoped (1 at Mr. Chase will not commit the 'atnl mistake of negotiating ttiem privately. , If, instead of selling Tre-isury notes, the Secretary | preferred to call for new bids f< r $i,00'MK'0 of | the sixes of IKsl, he could easily d'spose of tle'in | at and al>o*t HI, provided that nj collision took place meantime it ihe South, la U*? event. Wow ever, it would only be right for the J^fiartm-ut to state, in the official notice, that bi 1* below a ctrtain figure will not be entertained. We have heard nothing more of the Southern loan. Tele graphic despatches from the Hoiith talk of twenty per (en premium for Treas iry notes of t\r Southern confederacy. Such flights of fancy en courage the suspicion that Mr. Memmingcr's ' ,. l,r?ve no sinecure. It la not usual in ?ZZr1rSVbeTreu,,ur' ^rtmeat to ap mMd .. 'e. eeliuK8 ol the people, an i to com for loJ ? if ?f 't8 8ecuritle8 in official calls or loans, as, however, each of the States of the Tr^S*^?1'7 e"ioy* the ri?ht of with minrri?r partnership at wUI, Mr. Mem minger necessarily asks tor money under disad antageous circumstances, and may be excused for appealing to considerations which, if used by the government at Washington, would operate $3 WO 000? f Kbli? CFedit' U ia Probabl? that the ? ?f bon,Li whicl1 ?re to be issued by the g rnmint at Montgomery will be taken by the . ou ?ern banks. The banking laws in most of the seceded States have been recently relaxed, ? r\ /u * V'eW t0 HU, h ? contingency. sto?kmar^DgtabIe Sh0Wa of the stock market during the past week and month: - Missouri ti'g . . . . ^,15 *' M' i,}?' Jf,^|23 Xch.iQ Apt-* N. V. Central... ?8 S'S SSS ?8'? 63 Reading 4-?V li* 78 7?7? ...... Sj> iL ?2 Michigan Central 66V 6* m ?*j 29 '< Souih gutrast'd 35 w 87^ 5o< Mtool. Central 70* f?,, Galena ti * 81>? "V Sttr-S* & ? ?* 2? SS-R iVeV;^4^ T-' ^

The stock market was dull, without change till Friday, when a panic caused a pretty general de cline in prices of about two per cent. Yesterday coin a" ril a"U mUCh ?f the decline wa* re" to ercd. The panic was based upon a pretty szssr^ tLat tue *?*????? ed upon a war policy, and that Re armaments which are going on at this port u?d ? Washington were intended for the coercion of the seceded States. Yesterday however, a different view began to prevail among leading operators. From the nature of the forces shipped on board the vessels chartered here which consist in large part of cavalry and lying artillery? it was urged that they could not be destined for Fort Pickens or Sumter, where horses can hardly be needed. Again, if the pur pose of the government be to reinforce Fort Pick ens. there is ample force to do so in the seven ves sels-ot-war which are lying off that work, without any more men from here. As to the block adc of the Southern ports, every one knows that it i? n..t in the power of the President to adopt such a course without an act of Congress. The law re quires the government to have a warehouse at each port of entry, in which an importer can store liis goods if he chooses to avail himself of the ware housing system. This law renders it absolutely impossible for the government to collect duties from the deck of a man-of-war without special legislation. It is further remarked that had the government designed to bring about a col won Mr. Chase wonld hardly have rejected 2? L S00 ,Whkh W?re ?ffered him at 83 1 .,0-100, when he must have known perfectly well that an outbreak of hostilities would render il impossible for him to borrow at anything like so high a figure. It Is understood that the rejection ol bids below 94 was decided by a Cabinet coun cil. with the fail consent of the President. These considerations which are confirmed by letters from certain members of the Virginia Convention who have had interviews with the President on . BU,'Jcct ?f bis policy led many leading opera tors yesterday to pronounce the pani? of Friday baseless and to shape their course in favor of a Hs*. They state that for some days past the -Sovemmc at ha* been to receipt of intelligence from w,"ch renders it certain that unless an ade quate force be forthwith despatched to that region, n bloody massacre ofthe settlers by the Indian, is inevitable; and they father add that the Mexican Minister, fully a fortnight ago, formally summoned our government to ft.Ifil treaty stipulations in regard to the protection of the Mexican frontier against the Indians. They infer that the trooi.s which have sailed in the Powhatan, the Pawnee and the Atlantic, and those which are to follow in \ the Ha I tie, Illinois and other vessels, are in fact destined for service in Texas, and that the expedi tion must therefore be regarded as a peace rather than a war measure. It was under the influence ^ T,ei? that the market stiffened up yester The panic on Friday was materially a -tainted by the arrival of large amount- of border State stocks for sale here. These stocks had been deposited a? security for the circulation of the hanks of Illinois and Wisconsin which have been lately thrown out by the Chicago bankers; anil it seems quite likely that for some time t<> come the supply will be in excess of the consumption capacity of our market. Every one will rejoice at the gradual extirpation of these detectable Western wildcat banks. Not the least miscliief wrought by them was the facili ty they afforded to the border slave States for the issue and aale of State bonds at low rate-*. All these border States have incurred too heavy debts for purposes of internal improvements, and their credit is not sac h, at the present time, that their securities are a safe banking basis. They should be thrown out by every Western bank auditor, and replaced by United States stork*, or by the Htocks of the State in which the bank using l.'icm is located. CITY COMNRRCIAIi HKKOKT. 8?rfw>j>r, April 9 ? 0 P. M Pw awwtw*. ? Flour ? The market wvi rather easier repi cially for Huperflne and medium grades of Htate sad Welters, while Mies were tolerably active, with a fair > n nnd for export; the transaction* footed up about is,.' CO bbls, cioelri; within tbe following rug? of pi Ice* ? guper floe State $6 HO a 6 80 Kxira Rtatff, good to cboloe 6 .",5 a 6 65 ^upciOue Western 6 SO s 6 30 O uitbob to ch'/loe Western eilra 6 4JH* 7 25 Mixed to straight P uthei a 6 w a 6 75 r'rsirbt to good es'ra do 5 75 ? 7 80 ( ho i e oxti a family ud bakers' brands.. 7 20 a 8 00 My* 11, 8 TO a 4 10 Con meal, Jersey and Rrandf wine 2 75 a 3 15 ? i i. Milan flour wsm bear; and the lower c Uv*oi h-%njs easier; the sales embraced sbi .it fi.'O bbls , closing st 9.r> 40 a $7 f>0 for extra. Southern flour wat, steady ?n 1 in lair nquem, with sale* of 2 600 bala , cioeltg within th?- rarge of tlx- above qui tat lots. Rye II -ur win steady at i ur ipio'.atton*, with Bales of ?0 a 100 bols Corn meal was heavy sM nom'nsl nt our quotations VNb at was firmer and more active with a food export and n<l. ling dew aud Tbe sales e;/tbrar?il about 76,000 busbela. at $1 46 a 91 f6 for white We?te-n sad Ren t< ?k|; }1 ffla fl .'!S,S for re<i Wettera; il 29 a 91 32 h r Milwaukee ciuh; 91 47 s ft 2** for Northwestern club; 91 41 for red Jersey ; 91 28 a 9' 33 for red Htate; 91 ".'4 ? 91 87 for Cbtran" spring J1 ?' 0 for ('.an.tda club <?'< rti ?a* n<adv, with c .lef of (W 000 bushel-* mostly V ' tern in xert, at 97:. a 0'c. for old. and 82c ? 63c for <? * . an^ for u,r dam ge?t. K) e? Sales H 6C0 o i-heis, mostly to arrive, on p. t Itarlev sud oat wer- quiet Corn s ? The market for Ms In store waa c impera tively quiet, while the sales II transit w re active The t: n; *? tkms looted op abont 7 fKKI I ale* , 8,500 of wnich were repcrtcd to have been made in transit Price* ilieed with steadiness, wiUl:u the range of 12\r a 13c O >raa was inactive . small lots of tag-jayft were aold at n and 800 Rio at 11 \r a 12r Kasn.ins ? lb Mverpno., abort 39,000 bisbels wheat were er pagfd in ship* bags at I0,sd .and TO, 000 do. core, in bulk and 'ags, at l'Jd,; ?" 500 bbls fl.Hir, at 2k lOHd.; 600 t-bl* lard, at 32? 8d , and 60 | nek a? rit talMw at 82s ft-t T.t London 17 <XK> bwthrla wheat were eng*"* d in shi|>* bags at 1.! VI , *nn 7 500 l-bls il^ur nt ;u 7',d s la M feme OOtfm we# ttkeo wphia the range of ;t 18<1 a 7 821 , and 16; 000 bus ' els i>t corn were eiupged by s"*mer at 12*<d. In ban P' ii mi m? |r ? 7be market wis ilrm, while aales W/> c Bni e'ate sin ?: rmhrar, <1 alxvit 425 bb!e , 'ne'adlni( n^f-s .t 91* ;? a 9'7 "5. and prim- it 912 75 a 913 Meet ? as aitbout i b?-'gr o1 m >roent, aad transactions c?. i .<) m abw?>t 1M oo id., at fs :*. a 9,? S7.vj for re I'Hi" <1 aec n? i?c alts for e*tra llacon w%? fl'ti w,'b liro"??t i ?i(? 0-it tfiea e wer? flr-natfl'iC fori '111. re and e- s>4( a'X'i. for h*HS Uat'or iml efce vei fa<r uo-iiarni aid prfOM for fiud to pri'i. p.. Ittii ? .m?i? wen, -i m -?. , (mi t i w'tb km< h of I ,t-V> h'i Is , abb il ? ;???. v, Si4f^> e. i./ d '??*??< Rh*m at ll He II ( ,c I'D *K\*H i\t ' 'I UtMlt m'l * 9 >U I'f .v'j ei?r%, I Married. AurimwK? Bakpkx ? Ob Wednesday, April S, ?t V?r I dob, N v., by the Re* Mr. Johnson, Mr. 0. P. Asossws, of Macon, i-a , 10 Muw amasda lt.uuuot, of the former place. F?'Sy? Bamjoty. ? (? Wednesday, April 8, ?? the residtme of the bride 4 father, by the Rav Joae >h lrs? clacloh, Job* rtr*r, of New Vork, lo Mum tl>i mu tt, of btookl) o. 1*iri> ? Carii*:* ?in Ciccraast), Tburfday, A rl) 4, by the Kev Chaunrey (Ulea. Mr Maston E. Lort>. > ? Brook lyu. N. V., to Mijw Srs4."< J Cakijmji, daughter < 1 George Carlisle, uq , of Cmeiunati, Ohio Births* BfAVicv.? On Saturday, April 6, 1a Jersey Crty, Mrs. J. Bkamjt, of a tioa. Died. A*i>rs* ? <>n Sulurday , April 6, auomui. Anxuw, tn the 63d > ear of bis age The fr leads and relatives of the family ars or Hod to attend the funeral, from hut iate residence. No :-71 South Fourth street, Jersey City, this (Mooda\ ) at te noos, at two o'clock, without furthor bonce, lib re uii ins will be taken to tie New Tctk Bay Cemetery. Brown. ? Suddenly, on Sunday morning, Apri' 7,Vik gima E A., youngwt daughter ol Cupula Roftert 1 . and B&rab K. Brown, aged 19 years, 'J months and U days The funetal will take plaae from the residence or her parents, No. 3 Hoyt street, UrooStlyn, this (Monday) af ternoon, at three o'clock. The friends and relative* of the fnmiiy are earnestly requested to be present wittnut further invltatlor. Bi'Kkt'M.? At Flushing. L. I., on Saturday, April fl, Jamii B. U<>KKt m, In the 52 J year of his age. The relatives and friends of tbe family are respect fully Invited to attend the fanepal. without further no tire, from his late reaidenoe, this (Monday) ulternoon, at three o'clock. Biwniit- ? Suddenly, on Friday, April 5, Makt A.v.v BtRnuii., aged 63 years Tho relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Itvited to attend the funeral, front the Thirtieth street Methodist Kpu-copul, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invitation Her remains will be taken to Cyprees Mil's for interment 11an< kik ? On Sunday morning , April f, after a linger ing Illness, Charijw a. Hakoksr, only son of Mrs. Francis B. Nlcol, uged 23 years, 2 months and S6 days. The friends of the family are invited to attend his f'l neral, on Tuesday ulternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence, No 438 Broome street. Doian. ? on Saturday, April 6, after a long and pi'.nful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, Kusn, the wi'e of Thomas Datat m the 331 year of her ago, of Cloonrogbun, parish of Klph to, county Roscommon, Ireland. The friends and relatives ot the family are respectfully invited lb attend the funeral, from her kte residence, No. &4 South Sixth stre t. Williamsburg, tb is day (Monday). Domoick.? On Sunasy, April T,ot dropsy, Francis Ooso hiv:,i? native of the county I>errv , Ireland aged 63 years. His relatives aud friends aro respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this (Monday) aitoruoon, at i-ne o'clock, from ihe residence or William Ferguson, No 388 Seventh avenue, between Thirty fourth an 1 Thirty ttfth streets Losing ?On Sunday. March 31, a' Cape Vincent, J?f fcr-01 county, N V . JamksS 1><nm*0, formerly of this Oit \ . ag?d 4? J ears. K'.T? ,shai.Ii"? Os Sunday, Ap'il 7, Gkokmaxi, daughter of l'tter and Bacorrah Fltxget aid, aged 1 year and 6 met tbs. Ihe friends aud acquaintance of the family are re spectful!} icvited to at end tin- funeral without further Invitation, from the corner of Court street and Fourth plac< , Brcokh 11, on Tuesday afterm on, at three o'clock. Blossom of being seen mid gone. Fakktix ? On Satur-lay, April 6, Joh> Fakrxu , in the 46th tear of bis ago. Tue friends and relatives of the family aro iav ited to attend the funeral, fri tu his late residence, Twenty fourth street, between Third and fourth avenues. South Brook lyn, this (Mondat) morning, at ulueo'clock His re-n?ln will be conducted to St Juan's church, w here a solemn requiem mass will be celebrated The tuncral will con tinue from the church to Flatbush Cemetery at two o clock. Western papers please copy. Gariimh ? In Brooklyn, Saturlaz mornirg, Apr' 6, Auei, youngest child of Captain W II. aud Ann'.o Gar rick, uited 1 year anil 1& days The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at the funeral this (Monday) afternoon, &t tttree o'clock, from the residence of her parents, 17 IKnigiass street, Brook lyn, without fur her notice Gamiuk.? On Sunday, April 7, Mary, youngest daughter of Arthur and Isabella Gamble, aged B years and 5 months. The funeral will take place from Christ church, South Brooklyn, on Tuesday afte-noon, at four o'clock. Gai 1 ai.iikk -Athi Saturday, April 6, Thomas, son of Francis aud Anne Gallagher, aged & years and 10 months The friends and acquaintances are respectlmly invl>.ed to attend tho funeral, from the residence of his parents, 249 avenue H, this (Monday) afternoon, at hal! past one o'clock Gfe>..iAN.? On Saturday. April 6, after a short Illnesa. Mami.akkt CmiAN, native of the parish of l.arha, ounty Cavau. Ireland, in the 38' b year of her age. The Irlendsof ths family, and those of her bmthen, .fumes, Jobo and Dennis Tate, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 113 Ka<it Klevo' tii street, tins (Monday) af?ornoon, at two o'c'ocic Her Tt mains will be conveyed to Calvory Cemetery for interment. Hrurt ? I^w-RXNrr Hsnry, native of the pariah of MaKhera'elt, county Iierry, Ireland. The relatives and fr.endfc of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from BelWue Hospital 10 Calvery Cemetery, this (Mwuday) aftornooa, at two o'clock Philadelphia paporB ples^e copy. How?k ?Ou Sunday, April 7. Aoa P., only child of .lohn B aLj Martha K llowser, aged 1 year, 2 mouths and 24 day*. The rela'.ivet aod friends c.f the family arc respectfully invite- 1 ?o attend the funeral. from 317 Caual street (Monday) aftoruoon at two o'clock Kri Mt ? On Sunday, April 7. Sarah .Tajik, daughter of Joseph :md Bridget Kelley, need 3 years and 2 mouth* The friends of the l*aiily are respectfully Invited t? *' t<ndth" funeral ihn (Monday) afternoon at half-put three o'clock from No I?2 Hmith street, Brooklyn. I jiiT< !i? Id Williamsburg, L I, on Sutday " mo-mng, April 7, Wm uah Ai.mkht, Ron of John M and C R lynch , aged 1 year, 0 meuths and 16 dajs Charleston, S. C, and Man pi *?, Cal , papers please ropy. I.t M itKW..? <>n Kr' iay, Apr!! 6 Mr. L. L. 1.i'*diikr<;, a?o! -ri4 yea-s, 11 and 8 days llis frioiidn and relatives aro roepsctfnlly invited to aMend the funeral, from h> lat- residence. 41 Hammond street, this (Monday) aiternooa, at three o'clock, without further invitation M?'ntauih ? On Sunday mortlEg, April T, Jons Monr taoux, in the 60th year o' his age Ilifc relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend his I uneral, th > (Monday) nrmu g, at hall past t"n o'cl ?k, from St Vinren.s HonpiWl, under the charge of tbe Pisters of Charity, cotne' of K'evetjth street and Seventh avenue, t > O.iltary Cemetery tor in ermeut Ns..?j> ? On friday, A;>ril f> Aiji k Nsunin, of con surnptton, sen of 0?th?rire sn rbi>:ns3 Nelson, o: Ata 1. in- b< run, county llos'ummon Ireland The friend* and acquaintances nre respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late resilience 101 Kaxt Twenty fifth street, this (Monday) aftern<?on, at two o'clock pr<r leely Cal'fornia papers plnaae r ?py. O'Mkaka ? A Requltun W **? will he celebrated this (Monday) moro ny. at ten o'clock, a: "<t Stephen s church, Twenty eighth strret for the repose of the siul of Jni> O'Mkaka, l?le of Sen Friu c w> Relatives and frieuos are respee.ttully Invit-d to attend 1*11*1 a> ? On Kundst , Apri. 7, Of dropsy , .low*, age<t 13 ?e*r* an> 0 months The funeral wi I take i lace from the rest once of his pare 'r, 212 I ahI Twi my third htn-i t, this (Monday) af ternoon. at ih'ee o'clock 1'n km I ? On Sunday, April T of consumption, Marja 1'iik.m* , aged 26 years and m* month*, a*. lite Kaat rwellth street la.fornla papers please copj. Pintum ?on -'nn- ?y, Apr-i 7. Osowr;* S , e'deet son o' (leorge and Kliza Phillips (deceased), aged 2V years and 0<la>s Tlie relatives an*' rleniis of the faml'v, and those of his brother. A. J I'htllipn, are iespectfu'1) invlVed to at 1 i Kid the futeral. from the r?ni-ieace o' his brother In ?i# ijirif* (? Iiuca>. 206 Wist f ?ect> fourth street, on Tuescay afterrm n, at twoo'c. ck Hnn KraDC'SCO pHiw-ro picvie ropy i'loon ? M Irvingt n, New Vork. at the house of her in B Brown, on :at'irday, April 6, Mrs Catu*>u!?b fewvn I'khkv, ;i?eil S9 ? ears Her remaltm will be taken to Bi-omtleld, Masaartl'isetU, for letcrmrn* where 'oneral ?' -v e* will be held on T>;egja) at twelve o'clock, v Cm ? in J*ttiid?y, Apr.l 0, Wn 'iaw A .sonofWm H an* l'e?'or ui*, In the Sd vear of h>s a#e The relatives a/id fr ends of the family a *e respertfully mviU-d to attend the futie>al, tlr^ (Monday) morniu<. at eiectn o'clo-lc. from his falh?<r's m den ce \ j AOd A?ah Ingtrn street MIW RLhAKViOUfl, at evkrdkixs .ilp st'irh wRcfAnwAt - J\ Wedding i ?rd?-? "^beae wielrnM en^rav d OavUeoU oidy at this store AT ? MHOE8 AND OAtTViti, A NEW HTA L*. st 't , li and 12 A: n street P. 8 ? Cail aa I tw them All Humor rAPtz twi\* \ho papwh a' FkP.KMAfl A ROBPftTMONn lapw warehoaM IV llfekmati Atme'. AM* RTORfC. Branch o' HI SBTOff ?>. fo 4*9 B-^al***, r-rrarrot Brr*>m< *'-ee t,*" >0 Aftor hoiim- and N' 417 >w?irel?r*y K V HOHtON has much pl-aoire In Inrltlrwr retire to hl? new ?tork of brum, beai<r*|s Family Medielne?. #reneh ? id l-'sllsh lomatums, i , ?mrtle?, rm|x 'lair, r.whnnd Nail Kni?he?, t!oinb? s;>d a rarrty ef line iVrfuiiie*. Lsdirs and (ien'letn< n ? 'loilet A:tir.e?, ar d other flne tr*>d? appertvnlns to (hi* I raoek o* the business. ALAROE r?VNCR?MTOR roR IIAnll. Our new and splendid flock china, oil ark and Parian wask, pi.atrx# aoopB. Ta "I K OVTIiRKT. k brok/eh and oa < s-ixrtrnis Mil be aol I on term that must give sails! aev.iia We mcst rp?pe< tMilly srillr lt our I rte> ds and ihe pu*> Ic to favor us by an emminatlon ol our (e>od? and 'he price* a', wbli h -? ? offer there be'ore pvrobus'i.g else ?hete knovlnji very well we most offer great Inducements to srrirr a portl n of public 'ever GEO ? KITCHEN A CO., 561 Hr>adway B KI DOR WATER PAINT Elie ai.l water ptocf Be?t oo'.or for villas, fsttsgis. barns, decks or Teasels; will stand any ?realllnr or ( II mate Depol 74 Maiden lana. W * ?!> .t? ?<en?ral Ag>ot. ^10H( KhTRATED UEAt RN. We twist Irtve Messes Edward l ham * rlln A Co., of Hi>au>4. credit tf.r lnl4*)d'irlP(f theie 11 1 'oficeritrated " That It tnakex brea-1, ca>?ry and rolla llthtee t.ian by any older pr ci ?s, lo one donhts Eoi sale ey all the prinelpai gfeers and drmr'?t?. t.EOROH H ?t aTKH ?ale ARent. |HW re.'l at-eel Ne* ?..r k. /If,". NI'IftOtM, INVRE'RIl *?)?>?. KNIA*0?T> " ) j ? t atul si dis> i? of the leet corerl, wlthoni j?aln <>r tnerrivr lei ee to 'ka p*ti<nt. by l>?. ZAt'll A I.I E. Hirrsnn t'birtip. I'ist. , <R> Pr.aiWay '.lelers to p?y*"-lans %nd vox gerss ol 'bis city. ? ?k ??Wfirjs-'aK ?gjy t EUBBKa SEWING 0HHtl INDUCEMENTS TO AUHTi <iK?AI REDUCTION IN rBICBM. Those not banns full ajaount accoKtmodiAd OSes MB ~ GUN* CO.'S Alimoil AOENCT AND 1KUH? Booms.? American papers kiyt on ?>? Iw; lafom*. uin lltcriaUai to Ainailiam tWntw keot of laartM visiting Laodon. 10 Btraad, LonAwT K-jf--* * roar a nt to hotxl kebpers HABBISON'B IMPROVED ErBOPEAM RANQB Will doe given ijuanUty of rooking wish one-fonrth pwlAff the ooal used by ordinary rangss. Br. Nuhol?s Horn , Nkw Yosk, April j lafi Husks. Bkabiiall, Dkin* A Co- ? ? ? ? have had the Harrison Kitchener in use for three years past, and we consider it Invaluable. You are at t nil li Vny u? ra rer to us; we will be pleased to frirnlah any tnforraaUoa te leiereuce to It* u so. fount. Ac. TREAD WELL, WUTCOMmA OO. We hare aim liar testimonials frm all vfco have had sa opportunity to teat our Rangea BHAMHALL, DEAME k CO, ManufVturert, 442 g>0Adwa) New lout. JOHN OBBOBN, *6 BEAVBB BTBBVT. JiUltH T rOH THE TINE OR;>WBBB' COM PANT or COGNAC, In s., "letting oi ler* from the trade In the United H'sla* aaa* the eeuthern confederacy for direct shipneats from' ?''?<PBMk under their own maiks, of the genulue '.Jmuu Brandts* of lie ncnpaiiy, begs u> call attention to the foils wins fssts;? Tbia compsriy, with a capital of three oal'Uon rntaea, If principally composed uf more than f'urteaa huadr *1 pro prietor* of vineyard* In ihe district of Co^aac. who, betof shareholder* in the oompany, take a natural interest la aai watch over its prosperity an a pet liutltutlo 1 established by Uiemtelvea for the sale of their own pure C-nao Unmtkm, and not tbofce of other and lea* favored dln'.rlTta. the Ooap* ny with a vie*- lo the acoimp iubmsnt of theintaclpsl objmk 01 1U mlseion, i* stringently bound down by lt? statute of m Silation* not lo pure Dane any brand; except auchaashaM ave been wholly distilled f r m wine and t-a'.s > the pro duce of vineyard* exlatlng withlu tne limit* oi Cognac, mad la, therftors, strictly luhiMt-i to adiuli lnu> Itt atorehoasas any brandy whatever which may have had Ita o.-tmu outsMf the aald AUU-tct as It was owing to a fixed dvarmlaatlon on the pact of tfea most vrul hy and Influential viae gmwe s of Ccgaac to up bold and preserve the clmranter of tae world ren rwued ap* ilallt> of lh(k agriculture that this powerful oomuany first sprang into exlstem-a, so the oti^jlnal motive* whl. h prompted 1U oilman have never, for a single mnnisit, .e?-n loat eight of and the extensive and growing repu'acon whM the purity a< d superiority uf its |jw>t ahlpa -nUi have already anhit'ved Jn the |irluuif*J market* of the ivoild, uiunl nffort M all tne moat oertatn 01 guarantees that the Vine tiros Company of I ogn-tc, in the almple punult ol its own lnta rth!?, will caiciluuJ lo maintain and eitend the repu'.%tlon at It* brand ttuuk 'jj ihe ui.<|ue? lOi able etoelleuTe of lu ahi^ menla. ih > importation of brandy In bottles, heretofore proMbM ed, being neiiceforw aril permitted by oneoi the few "M,lJ dausss Of the Tariff biU of ib- immortal kr Uurriu, than wtne mrrnbaat* wlio lavor the ngen'. of th? Company wiUl their order* f< r atiecl Impoivailoua, !n their own uautei, wtit reap tlie adt?Ma?e oi tnai in Ue of piacliQ pure Oogast Biuudy within reack of < nnMiiuer* li every part of the two frlrndly ounfeiieracies, whl ;h reeent.y composeii the UnttsB Sfi'e* i/' America, in au la rr>*n'<i d^ma'id I r the "tee Urowera' .ompaoy'a Itrandv . and the piollt* of tlie dtatrib* t.on o the aiucle will eutut ly ronialn la thn hands of thr trade. 1 be lialacoe of the stock of the battled brundv of the CaA~ pany, oouelatlng of tlie ' three ytara olA" an 1 tne ' a.-ite^lla vlan" nut up prevloualy U? tb ? paanage o: tat) pr-oent law? every ool tie beluK waled wltn the nietaln. cupMiie of Chs Vlue UroKer*' Comuaiiy the eorka bi aruig '.b hame Htaoo, and the la' el* etmialnliu' an e?aet de?eriftl n of ihe contests oi the Dottles to whl'-b tnej sre aBlxru under tne personal puwunteeauj slgnaturo in fae^lmlleol theadvertuer, may it obtained of? Mensra. CAKIIkRT A BROTUBA, 68 Broadwkf. KKPD. h CO/.ZBNS, 73 ? anvn atreet SACBE1T, RKliOiiER A CO , 38 head- street. iiAlxL, i>IXON A CO., Hit Chamhera ?treet w W I UVfN, 21 Kej?ver ?tre?t. II IS NOW ALMIirK!) ALL TU-aT LL H )ti TOM. I lmiMJrted by S T TAYLOR A HUN 407 Broad ? ay, i< the beat lanhlou Ixmk in the world. Specimen ? oi lea, t WW valuable patterns, X'i c nt? JkARINBAI', M. D ? (PlIVRIOIAWV CONSOLTIMO * room* No .'141 Bllth avenue, nxar Twenty llrat Htreet. MOVINU AND KTORINO -NOTIC&, niRNIVUB* Bioved and Mor-d at ver; low rute* tn ko. d brick build Inga, 1,212 Broadway and NX) Mxth avenue both noar Mr Ux'th wtreet Inquire of K V?.?:TIN, ruruH.irn dealer, 1.AH Hroadwav. Lante furniture wagon* for moving KOOKRW A HAVMOND, Knov. ing that economy I* Im^era'tve In '.he presear. CONDITION OK lUtt 1IM?M, liate concluded tliu *ea?>n to HUKRKNDKR THEIR PBOmrt. lu order to meet the exigencies of the crisis IhMi Bl/PKRB SPRING STOCK or MEN'S AND B^KS' OLOTWIMO, Ootnprls'ng an immense vsriety of new styles, ? rawed iu all reapecU hy that of any estabushmei York, is theri-foi-e oOerrd at a ORE AT REDUCTION, And the public sre invited to examine the fabrlt.1 1 as to their huperiorlty and eheapnsss OWE PRICE AND NO DEVIATION ROUERrt k RaVMOND. 121, 123 aj^d 1211 Fulton street, and 211 Usoadvrgy. Read this -hplendid ENORavp.D hiltbb Plated Ice Pitchers at to 40; Ptat?d Table Hpooas mml Pork*, B3 per doxon, Ivory Bandla Tahle Knives, Bt p?i dozen; au immense amok o? Itef rlgeratora , every dmistpM? of House I urniahlng Goods at a great reduction la ' EDWABi> P. BAaHPORP, Cooper SOLID GOLD AND GOLD I'LATKD JEWF.LRT A1 BARGAINS Solid lold Thimble* U fiu eai h. uaual price $i Coral Ear Ring* and I'lns, aolid go.i setting. A set, untat price $10. Agate Coval and Maiaeblte Sesirf I'lns, m lid go I s*ttioc, $1 each, usual price B2 M< ho', Id Ujld Ring* $1 each, uiua! prlce $? Qoid hens hllver kxletiHlon HulJerx, $> each. usuAl [trios Gold Plated Thimble* $1 each. u> ual price $2 Hold P'.ated Spectacle* $1 a pair, usual price (I 60 Gold Pens In Gold Mated Extennlon i.aaea, fl each, usual prior A2 U) Gold Pen*, In Gold Plated Ex'enslon Cases larger, $2, uaaa price ti. Silver Plated Portemonnsles $1 each, usual pric- $2 MX (?eDtlemen s Hair Ye*t Ciiatns $?/, inual prto- $i AO Solid ctold Guard Chain* $H, usual price $12 Fo- sale by GhOKGKC ALLEN, III Iwlslf fpilE TIMES LOOK SgllALLlT? HUSBAND Y)I7B 1 resources. drf?* eeonomlrally. Sea CoAKKB, lit WE llsm sires-t about it. lake hi* advfe and buy a 8pnog ciw c- at for $7, or a neautiful Businca* Coal for $10. and a wat for $2 Ml. Ordered work at similar rates CLAKKK 1U wri am street UmrVL A H> BCONt'MIOAi* ? HB41EM AM A OO .m Bennne foe the ln*tant removal of |^na*<< au-ita, paia Ac Ac and for cleaning (fovea, sl.ka, ribbons, Aa equal new. without Injury to color or tahru. Sol. by drug, only 16 cent* per bottle See that you get the geo jtne 107 CLINTON PLACE, BE I WEEN Firm AND SIXTH AVENUES, Is Dr. Von Moschxisker's clUce. ERESU ThsTIMGNT W'l Tiiikn Avssiik Nkw Vokk. April I, ISM Drtl Piwtoh? i watched the o*>ra:ion vou oer formed ea my lathfr ? esr wl h gi-est Interest, snd I, as well as my fa ihir mu*t acknowledge that you displayed the skill of ?>-st c.a ??-irist. My father can uoa hear ? a 'leaaitig h- ha- osA enjoyed fc r many year* JOHN S. NCR. "HI LOST AMD FOUND. A COLD HUMKR DA.TAOIIED LEVKR VATO?, amib Inbrham, three alrnnd w?a Mi ap II 4 In boom ?tore for a.'e keeping; the ow-nrr having t orgutinn lim alte?. and Diinilwr. If 'be |?r?)n wtil remrn the ??m.- to 77 lai dt Ktrtft, be v. hi b<- hai<<Kuaaely rrwaidid j|?OI'M> ?TDK Lab) * Ho n null A if.I> A HALLOO* a In the fourth %?enn?. on s tturday afi-rnoin >*' d paid tij mtilake w I'h a fcl.I nf * high denomination ran have bar miiLfj li) railing ulna >6 Waiier alreet. proving primly and pay In* fip> oaea. I OrtT-?ll> RR* ABI> -ON FRIDA* MOitNINO, tm >J Irict Id going ?mor1< the d"wn town boMa b.-io v i.'ham here wreel. a lilanonl i-tud, patent faat rnn< lb? abon reward will be paid r?r Hi reo ovary at the <,fllne of Iba W?*~ urn Ho al, (Virtlaodt atreet LOh* ? ON SATUKDAV A HILVRR, Ol'RN r^n*!*, Fn?ll?ti lev?r Watch (llari-laon mak-r) au4 acorvtof tal- biiofc The Under will he Liberally repaid d Or eavlt.g It at 17') Broad?ay. up ? lair*. l? 0 WHir*. IOST-OO HAI'JKDaY, ?JiB 6T.1 IN HRHaDWA*, J between Fourth and Hlnlb at ree'a, < r..ri*monoaJe aa? lain lug a Ave dollar go.rt piece tare tem ol Hank of eew Vrk with aomr Hmall bi 11a and eliao*? The fii.Oer wilt be mlla>ly rewarded, on application to 46 feel Tweailata utreel I OUT W 11,1. <11 VK To ANT VRKSO* A PAIR OK t tloi ar ah w? who will brine t < me rnr loaf 'adv bye flrotch lerter Hog; *g e two mon'na <n l /ioa*ra to l to ??ii of Tt< or Vrrtarla J UN <* >*!>, 1 1 f Mrj avroue Loot-on raiDO. april a. :n rroadwat, rr teeen L)uan>' and ?>ml*-ltb a reel*. a par of (Ml i?l ? <-taa< 1? 'n a blue caap *h'- 1K b - ei l be rev ard?d by Iravlnil'rmal N?. II *eat Twenty alitb etree' Lf kt?ih a rtx'nri1 avehi < ^ta^r downward trip , on eaturfay evening. oppnalta* tbr City aaeenbly K<* m? an opera i.laea, wlili lit* ? wuera t an a Inalde the (?m- Mb <*ier will return It to No 67 fcaat Twenty Math *lrr> t will receive a >a' ?'a< ("-? re?a-d Mil t'tc iHaOika of lb<- owner. ItKW ARIIS . VJT?'LRN? A MAN AHOUT 6 KSRT >t INCHK* HIO<t, O dark co nplriton, alim liulit, oallad a' my citable No. IXT kaat ?f( adeat, at lOo'rlx k <>n m'u il?j( morning, for ? horae an>' wanun lor Di br.*u, K vln* I I* reailenee. No. *11 ;'n,ry a ?ke, ?n oo'b m.oir bay laate. a a>ut 16 land* high '(in? tail, ?? rrn it e jlit *<??! o'd a bla-k t ip wa r n ? Ith ?*>?>? h?ad nalla ar-w>->l tie h.<it anl aeat of Mm wagon, tot imir i naed. *Hh all^r m< i??t<-d l.a'iwae. a 1 nteb r -llar anil a dark hf.wii k?r?? ' Unket, ? Itbovl IHIng, r^ar y new A U???? ?I ifwanl will it* paid for the r? corery of lb** andw?g n r I ur inl oroiktioo where It mar re f und, \>j J V Oilir-apie, etabte So I V Rm Br ?1wBy to RRWARD -U^T, A I'AHk H 'OTTRD f ARHJ %(>? ? 1 line t?'io< ?" r w.U r- 'urn kira io 100 Weat Pourteemkfc atrrrt wUlrroelTe the abevi* reward. $r RKWARI* -l/>?T. ?KrwtK.-, cin llaLI. PARK ?) ar.d Cana. atree'., a Mink V|ct< riae FivedoUarar* ward If returned 'o W John alrMC a-r RRWARD loht. a b?h*?i andwhitr rr ??) wr Di g on Prlday aTcnlug l*h loat ; baa the naaae i*r he oar*?r anfl oM aiH'waa N<> ?> ^a'kee atreet on bla ??? lar. w h^?*?rr will return him *.o tl ulapettard atreet wlH be paid lh' ?N rr re?a rd anil rwee re t.-aiiaa of tha owneg Aat|k RBWA71D ? I.09T. OH TttK W1I t.f VAVCH, A ?rl" ??< rtemn?BaleM cnotainlag a am*'! aum of anal <u*? a P?I " o* C. ral aar'ngr airrirr ??re tin- g''i of k ike tru>< d'eiher The above reward wil< be paid Py lea<inf> It at li v '? ? f ?u?et, up ?tai -a. w I ie a A&AOliu. Alii RKWARI> A RLADt b.-ANlRu Da tit, jP"/ wtth red rol^r on b'a nrrk. marked Vriaci' . Kcura bin to ifkireane Kotal and w t yom ni .n.-y AliftkB?Ahii -!,?!, r. > >;< ?at<"hda.\ rvrnimo. VI"' a Flvk and lan blul, am'oim; to 'h- nam" ?vf T.-.ij. Vhwnr will re'iuo her to :? i>n .(van atreat wm re reive 'he above reward and tin <|Upaltnn%i,?k<M (I f\/|M Mwtiit.. om noLiiA*# vl *7*?\y reward Will tM) pa a (?* 'ie v'M and V A ooevtct'oa r?f ihe pa. iv ;r t>w> . ??r9??d In ll>* -ae <-i . > keggptlu rob tM vail nf itae he* Sork KtiJUar "aek. OSORUS % ItTU4& W ?^a|?e*.