Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1861 Page 1
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THE "NEW YQRK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8978. MORNING EDITION? TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 18G1.? TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. APFROic:? n;ii, m Jllie Departure of More Steam Transports with Troops. ?state or FEELIKS AT THE SOUTH tar CharleMon, savaiiitafc, flew Or lf Ann, 11tnts?a)frv. iiirmuttud and Alexandria Corrtspondenfe. loPEKATIOKS IN THE GULP. fttfap of Pensaeoia and Fort Picket] s. [Amusements of tlie Confederate States to Repel Attack. Important proceedings is Virginia. ?the SCnoOJiBI HIED UV10 AT CHARLESTON. |l!hc Knd Approach ill? at Fort SumUr. ^taparture of Capt. Talbot from WafthiagUn with Despatches lor Mujor Anderson. Tbe revolution la the Soutu is beginning t? assume ? jore decided attitude, and its proportions apparently ?have struck terror tato the mldet ? t the present admiui* Htrati< a The arrival of I.ieutfaanl lillraau at Wafhia{. lion, on Wfincauay last, with ItlfttCllB from Lieutenaat Jsietnmer. t ho commandant of K?>rt I'ickcua; the stilcie quent cl*et!ng of that officer with the Secretary of War id (Jeeera; Fcott; the Cab'net meeting that succeeded, E?T the lUir.odiate orders for the tilting out of an ot'.ra dlaary arm / and naval force, and the subsequent sail I of part of the force from this port, would make It pear that L.ncoln and his C.ib.nct had de:idol on adopt - ng and carrying into effect extreme manures with re ard to the Southern revolution. Again, ti e arrival of Capt. Talbot at Washington on the ith, with ilef patches from Mnjor Anderson, at l'ort jmter, and the hasty return of that oilicsr, are veilod Itk a mystery that bat a few days will suffice to dissolve. Our private ile?;iatchea from Charleston of the 6th inst. that live thousand Southern man, in addition to at potent in the fortifications, are ready to take K5 Betd *? it.i'.c twenty four hours. Troops ha . a Ijeoa ordered to i endezvotM at points re Pole froiu L'Ua.- Jeston, but wiUnu support inr; distance, to ktcWShe movements of the cue my. They move at pee. Our despitch"? ftom IVnsacoi.-i state that General , with an army of nearly si\ thousand CinfeJf rato Woo)*, roady for imnr !mte action should any ?.tempt be : i >ue to reinforce Fort l'ickons. Tno pre. ieo Brondit mii <?? t'.n..;3 Inside of Tort l'iekens is not known, ?but it is tli ^''t that its stock of provisions is nearly ex Bhausted, an.l it- garrison kMMto^Wl* to MM the great fcouthern memj row besieging that wtIc. h view of tte-so Bfarts, and tie- probability that Mr. Lincoln * \r.?rl I ?noTi-ments ;\re intended to NfeAm l'ort I'ickens or fcoMt?r, wo have prej>are<l a full description of the do Hfeacos of 1'eusacola. I'RsniiiFi, .. Pensacola is an ancient town, hav n?' Iren founded .-it ,,u early pet ?d i>y the Spaniards Tlio hon ;? arc built ?injtho old-n -tyle, with low, narrow windows and pro Hjectiag roe's, which in some io?t*i.- ? run into a skelter Ticross the sidewalks. In speaking 01 Pocnacola, tb? lllobile Advertiser , in a r. cent Issue, says ? Pensacoia nehistoric ground, .in I its historic note is wseatial* military. Centuries nz-i the warlike event* I of which .t, with i Lh vtciwic wa a s. enc, ?;* ? Its nam" n place on the page of jllHtjr. In ite timu it [has know i a,any masters, and none surrendered it > xa pt of necoKsity. I?w without a strophe, and none gained it eiccpt b; the power of compul^:ou. K is a " debate able ground by its tradition, its chronicle and ltf local condition*. Rof >re the lay* of He Soto it not the undisputed possession f the aboriginal iatio?alltic8; for our meagre records f those times and peoples show that different tribes came and njmirued on the waters of the bay aud made it a s?rt of common territory? a >|unsi neutral ground, whore Ciey could spend a varro season in fishory, and ei\joy the rtol fJulf breert- which fannod the waves of the bay of "Pen pacoia" ? of "Octatut''? of "Pao/v.ola' ? of "Pensasola." as we of this day -inally have it in its confirmed nomen clature. Ia iater times the PparUird, the Frenchman, the Britisher an l Anglo- American contended for it^ owner whip, an l ca b una .Ml possessed and held it viHarmii primarily, aaU f-ame bj treaty right, for a time. Th< re Jackwn added .ometlnng of fanie to his name? there Briton fought with Ppnniurd. Spaniard v. ith IVen jhmin and Indian, and Indian with Indian ? an i now again it Is I the fair bono of ccntciitl)n between tin rival race-' of l^nglo-Americanfi. in these latter days o: its history it I ia beconi." the p>int of interest iu the eyes of tho nation, aid may possibly ha. e the eve,- >.f <be worl I Mlrectod to !t as the Crimea of tho .Vow World, Let us consider this possibility, premising tint if is contingent upon tho course of governments . and not upon the humors of those concerned iu the proceeding" of the locale The war :>etwoen those mighty Powers. Russia, France and Vingiand, was rough' nnt on the narrow lleUi of the Crimea, ard now, before s biott is struck, it may be considered that, in a large measure, the com pie > Ion of our dWlerences with the i n I tod !<!nto? m,y j)e decided by the coarse par: ued at tti.s nev, Crimea, the cla - ;ie "Bay of Oebus," and before this Soi?i?!>?po! of Picken If we get into diilleultie*, it may be through tho at ney of this same troublesome locality, iu its proving true to Ms traditir i. As a summer rc-idenee, Pensacola is delightful; for tho town Is pleasant, the drives good, the scenery romantl< , the water excellent, andtliere is a flncbreojtc from the In the hottest day of summer. The sunset cenes are m heauiiful ax auy .n the Hay of Naple rmiOOLA hay. Pensacola bay 1ft twenty seven miles In length, tad in Its broadf t part twelve mil' a iu width. It lies Imme diately at tli* irouth of tho Kscambia river. H tinning ftloiig the front of the bay for fourteen leagues, nearly rast and west, s a long line of sandy shore, narrow, har ren, and so tow that in asvere galo tho mad wave dash over It. Pensaeola bay has rare properties ss a harbor, and cannot bo excelled on the Gulf, If 1>y ny in tins wintry. It Is accessible to frigate* of large size, thore being twen ty one feet of water on the bar, and when once inside, nil the Rhips of our navy conkl rkle in safety. Thechan >nel runs near the coast awoss tho bur, w hlcii Is short and easily passed. The harbor is c ompletely landlocked, and the roadstead capncto ' ft. The peculiar position of Pwisacob bay makes it de kirahie ns a naval station, a excellent podtlon* for dock yards can be found in t lie harbor. When the railroad from Moot Tomery, now In progress of completion, sh ill liarobeeu tiuislied, the facilities for reaching it will be so much Increased that it will present unite another ap pearance The upper arm of Paaaticole l>ay receives tho Vellowwat r or Pea river. Middle river aud Htoambia river, eleven m'.les from the Oulf of Mexico. SANTA ROS* ISLAND. ftmta nee* bland is the great barrier that terror the s^mnriM enclosure of Pensaeola hny. The t?h,?| u, fntfteen leag'jes in length, and, on nn avora^e. is not ft ore than one fotrfh of a mile wide, although In some f^cee it cxooeils this considerably. At high ( m^t^r fieri are many pla whore tbB nn-.-rm An over the land. lrpon the extreme weetern end tke island, and commanding th<? entranse Pensnooia bay, stanls lort Pickens, of wCcta we st all f peak more In UstaU hornattar. Near IT THE SEBASTOPOL OF THE GULF OF MEXICO. Tke Probable Rendezvous of the IToithcra 3?aval Forces. r \T. VlluUau J?. $ ./? o PENSACOLA BAY - V, ^f04K SANTA ROSA SOUND 3f??r VIEW OF m" SHIP CHUNK "wstNsrv 'KS& PENSACOLA harbor AND DEFENCES. MOBILE. Pf.tT." Pickens it ia barren for a mile or thereabouts, and then commences a low growth or shrubbery, scraggy pine*, live oak bushes and small trees of different varieties. It it too sandy for cultivation, and is of no manner of use, except to protcct Pensacola from the sea, and to form a reliable roadstead. The island is separated from the mainland one and a quarter miles: there are two channels for the passage of vessels, one on the side of the main hind, and the other on the island side. The outer shore ?f Santa Roia I- land is sometimes dangerous to incom ing veeeelii. 1 he Iblacd. however, aflonls the facility of making regular siege approaches by an attacking force, and yet this force could be excessively annoyed in the daytimo by the shot and shell of a squadron playing upon them In Uuuk from the (<ulf or bay. roiiT ricEKNS. Tort Pickens, the great bone of contention in the Gulf section of the South, is the principal work of defence for Pensaool i harbor. It is built on a low, gaudy spot on the westernmost end of fvnta Rosa Island, and a little over ore wile distant from lort McKea, which form* another sentinel to the bay. Fort Tlckens is a first class bastl /ned work, budt of stone for foundation pirpoees. with walls of brick and bitumen. Its walls are forty feet in height, by twelve feet In thickness. It is ?mbrasured for two tiers of guns in bombproof ca-ematcs, irnd one tier open or <ti tartxiie. The work has all the usual concomitants of a first clasp wcrk , vi/: covert wa>s, dry ditch gb<cit .ind outworks complete. The guns fr m this work radi ate U all points or the iiori/on, with Hank an t enfilading lire in tbo ditches and every angle of approach. Its guns eorr.maod Fort Rarrancas, Fort McRca, tbe Navy Yard and tho other works now in posies* tor of the Confederate States troops. The work was comment' d in l"i8, and finished in lyS1. It cost the federal ,-overn??ni nearly one million of dollars. When on a war footing tho garrison consists of 1 soldier Its preVnt armament consist1' of? In bastion, 'M twenty -four pound howitzers casemate, 2 forty two pounders, CI thirty two p ushers, .''9 twenty four pounder : in barbette, 24 eight inUi howit zers, 0 elght^ n pounders, 18 twelve pounders, 1 ten inch Columbia*!, mounted, and 4 ten Inch mortar*, in bid . order. Tho po-e-'caeion of thio work. therefore, by the j secessionist* Is, of course, of the f?n>t .mportauce; for nn'#3S It is oxupied by tliem It will secure to the Cni">d iiinUm troops a base of operatioi along ih- whole Gulf coast, and keep open a road right lnt< tho heart or the Routb, which cannot be obstructed by nay Hied for tifications. <>oee within the gates of the harbor, and an army could be disembc.rkod at tiny point on tho sloe bay which it might select. It coiAd ruu up be. ond the l># imbia river anil land many hour* ?h-'a.I of any op posing toree which might bo at 1 ? nsacola. besides placing a wide river between it and the Utter? or even two rivers, tho Fscambia anJ Black Water- by >rouig far ?nough up. Hence, with a start of at least forty eight hour , it could march into interior Alabama. An enemy hokling Fort Tick ns could rende vou* a nav.U force there and keep up a blockade of all the potts of the Oulf, tin less it coukl be met on tlie sea. The fort is only approachable by land on one >de. owing to the openness of the country, which is b it a barren bod of sand, a party attacking from that quarter would be very much exposed, The federal Torres now in gsrn son at lort Pickeas consist ?f about two hundred and Ofty men, under the command of Lieutenant Flomtner. If Fort Pickens lie taken by the -e< eMionifts, IVosaool* will be the great naval depot of th' Southf rn confedera cy, from which no doubt privateer will be uttcd out for the purpeeof prey in { 'i)>-n the commerce in the <iulf of llexwe i nd the Caribbean Soa. uift ficKt v*. intioft. This is a rtall outpost ol' defone* or auxiliary of l irt ? kins, erected by I eutenant tflemme, s o- ,|ep>. it is situated about one mile and a quarter from Plekcns, i jd rem maixls the Warrington Xavy Yard, in possesion of the Confederate States troop Fort Pickens, .lr , is now i.*e<l as a station for picket guit'ds, and II will sn*wer the purpose of eflhctunjly preventing any thm like ,,r r rl"*- of the ma n ftirt. FOHT M'sr*. This w?iW Is in tin- pu?*r?tioii of Ui? t oaf. Jorate i States troops. It Is i poworftii n.u c4-lic like nia i,ry structure, built on ? low sand spit of tho mamlmd. and appear* lo rise out of the water. It Is farther seaward than Fort I tokens, of which It is tho i a w rt+a tho i luuirtrl, Mid a vfcsel "tiWrir g mist need- -un the ;j.tunt let of ite M:ns before approachiug the latt. r wMrh, li ,w ever, of itsell cflV.t tally closes tho harbor ag* n?t tho Mdtr isslon of an en my of even vr heavy foren. This forti nation is situated on K tor's Hank, and guards the west sldo of th? t?'>i:th of I'cnsa coa I lay. It is a bsst ,<i*e ?: fort, bud' n tew imotoriry, with walls twelve foot in the Wa -we Tho <* wk i snm^ whet out of r-pair, aod Ui v??w o( titui A i ieti -fai llr urr recently ordered the removal of sixty heavy gunp, to be taken from Fort McRea and distributed among the new sand batteries. Fort Mcl'.ea la embrasured for two 4kr!? of gun* under bombproof casemate?, and has one tier m barbttie. Its present armament consists of? Lower tier, 22 forty-two pounders : second tier. 12 eight In.-h columblad.-, 18 thirty-two pounders; In barbette, 62 twenty four pounders, 3 ten inch columblad*, and in tlmo of war requires a garrison of six hundred and Ufty men. The work cost the federal government about 1400,000. Its guns radiate at every point of the horizon. The full armament of the fort is not complete, but a sufficient number of puns are in battery to make a very good opposition to Fort Pickens. Re low this fort is a water battery, which mounts some eight or ten guns. The interior of Fort McRao is provided with the neces sary phot furnaces, officers' ami soldiers' quarters, maga zines, Ac. THR CHASE BATTTHT? SANT> FORT A. Tli is is a new sand battery erocted by tho Confederate troops, and is so situated as to rako the front of Fort i '*. The work baa several columbiads in battery, and in ease of an uttempt to reinforce Fort T'ickena th?-H> runs would deal out death at a fearful rate to tboae making the attempt. KORT BARRANCA*. I crt Pirrascv is on the north ot Penaacola Bay, ami directly facing the entrance to Its mouth. Tho work ia erected on the site of ar< old Ppanish fort. It is a bu ttoned work, of heavy masonry, and mounts forty nino funs, ail of which are in battory and rmdy for action. It ia at present garrisoned by three hundred troops of the reg'Uar army of the Con 1< -de rato states. In the rear of the fort, and a short distance from It, is a redoubt trim wtii< h tiarrancas receives relnf<>rcements in time of ac tion. Some extensive repairs have recently been com pteted on this redoubt, .<nd ilanking bowit/.ersof scarp and counterscarp mounted, in the liank defences of Kort I'uraucas flight twentj fonr pound howitzers have re oentiy been rooantcd. Fort Barrancas contains 218 eight inch shells. 098 twenty f^ur pound halls, 630 eighteen P<>und bails, and all the Implements for working tho cw non. Its prewnt armament ? Mists of rleven thirty-two pounders, three eight paJxhans, two eight inch ca lamb-ads, ctgat twenty Tour pounders, Ave eighteen pounders, t*o twelve pounders, eight twelve pound b?wlt/< rp ttai k defence, two eighteen inch mortars. THK SANi RA1 ruin. Along Hie bend from Warrington Navy Yard to th4 fitr me rijxf t of Fort McKea there aro efficient sand batt< ries erected at suitable Intervals, with the guns bear ing upon I ort Pickens. They are built at considerable di? tastes apart, so as to : atter the Ore of Fort I'lcheoi Should an eugn cmcnt take place with that work. THE PROBABILITIES OP A BATTLK AT PEN BACOLA. We have tlic best reasoa.< for inserting that the ( on derate State trojpe will not precipltato an attack upon l'ort PWkens unle i an attempt I* made to rem ?rce that work or otherwise *uooor It. The ronforoo meat of l'ort l'trkena is not an impossibility a* long as (iencral Bing'-r do? not operate with a force >n Santa Puma l-land; hut should he succeed in getting over a few pieces of heavy artillery, so as to command tho anchorage where the I'nited Statos vessels are now an chored, the attempt to reinforce Fort Pickens wonld b? extremi ty doubtful. As matters stand now at Peasa cola It is excessively dangerous for tho I'nited States forces to land reinforcements CONFF.DEPATF, 8TATK8 ARMY AT I'KNMV COL A. rOMMAMIKR-IN-CHIRK. Hnrnditr Central llraxton Hra*e, Confederate states Army VTAO . Mftior H lacked, Corpn of K.nplnenr. Major W. Ft < liuh", Volunteer Aid and Knglneer. Mn tor 8. t.urnrr, Aid de Camp. Mfjorlt Wo. d, Aid do (amp. J,i<MitormBt (.dTp W Holt, Alilde Cnmp. Captain ki. Ordnance tdtlcer (kptiiln li. V In. c-lviji.tVn.iilnnder of the .Vary Yard. Com. T '??>?? n? twrrtt, ?<v?nd in comm-md. Com. ,i"hn JUt < 'i'l?. tblrd to command. lfSo*? AI.AB'MA. Mnior Central Jen Clemen*. c mmandor l*t ite troop*. ?<TAn. ( oloncl Jr.bB T. M.TKan. Coli't.i l > Union Horia. ? ? N.nel II I* WMwn, Adjutant General. Co!. 1 ' . C 'swli'et, lr?i?"rt"T (.onorul. n.vijituy I'avtatn M">. { t?r?>c:-<>u Hlllo" ' B. Raffldalo l'Jt NouUi Al?h(im? tafi1" Taylor tin Noxubee Hiflei.... ? Weir 7.1 IYh -1e <5i Td ftelrMnn 70 ChicKamw <;thm1 .*. . . Tin ker #8 AtalmBia T ight Drat; nons. . . ? O'ltara 70 Moiit(,nniof f Trm> If'WJ Andrew* CI Tinktw IJiM InVtrjr R Maya Pfl till m.... .... -Fori 10^ VteCiUij(?* LitfM '*<# *'>? J lA'tcii 71 n.vtpapf. taptain Mm. MoutMmpr^Ga.'urd./r.t.i.. J. U. Whiting 40 TnrrrAUiuii|un W. Le Barron HO WartTB^ou "fclit Ii fanlry. . J. T. Hoggins f>5 WarrenGusrd W. E. Rhodes 100 Home Guard P. Diedrich fl TotaJ 1^02 VEOM LOI I8I AN'A. Kimt Ne* orlcaoa /xiuavcr . A. Cupptn* 109 f>cond " " ... K Jte liordi'tihurc K0 Third " " ... ? ., 100 Total .. :m FROM MISSISSIPPI. R-tgndier i;er,(ral C'harlog Clark, cownaniflng Ftite troops. film. f\iflfa!n. M*n lA' ? ? ?* f nard W. Oel?\ 10.S Home Guarl Thomas W. fUrris. ... 91 JcfT imvw Rules 8. Ronton ;m Quitnian Rif!?! G"ard R. Mc^owan lofl lion. BiiUard <iuard J. C. Bollard l>c9oto IrreprnsPil'loo J. R. ChitlmerK 100 l<eSi~ << S. G . B. Crockett 79 Sennt" I inclbl?-s A. R. Bowdrle I**' Horn liikc Vol'intoera I. U. Foster TO I'ano'a Guard B. Moor** VO f'onctb RilleJ W. H. Klljutrick VZ Southrons W. B Wa<to fcO Sr. til hern >\ oncers 8. A. I.ipeeomb 7"> For' G;b?><.n Rilernen ? ? McKoever 61 Madlron Rifles J. R. I*\vis 73 V ii zoo niU'K a. M. 1'hiltlpa SI .iHfkson Riften frnitb fls ^ iekHi'urp0a<t*ts J. F. White #7 l.otiodK Houthrops ? ? Wade 101 (MumbtM RtPoaion Abort 76 (.?iiitnuiu Upt-t Irtautry Buck OS Ijuukrdaie Rifes Rea 71 Fntcrprlae (.uard O'Farrcii 7f> Total I ,i?97 * I I.OItlOA. f> ?r?i nv- Qafj&in. Men. Silver Gray* ? 45 I CEM")ln Rlflen ? 40

Home Guard ? 71 Warrington In igoow ? 4.3 ! .?n HitK'S A. P. .\vl?Mc?>r 70 Jeflcinon Rlrte1 J- H Ander 00 flj To til! OI.ORGIA. Obm<\ny. til pain Me* c!jld ArtiifcTy Tho?>. Urutke 72 Newman Guard llju.oy -*0 Wrggold Vuldiitwri H. J. B irnybcry ?.1 MarurBviUe'.uard I Tray . *4 < telethon* imantry GoiriiO 4 WaiW' r Light mtantry ramp *7 n#MODPg*,VolnBI??ni ? ? ITarrii' >X liaiobrldgo I. Volunteers... Kvan 0 ouitmau Guard Pinkard 9i t.ty <tete <;uard ? ? Kz/ard 72 Southern Kif'h?x (iiutrd Houmt 110 W.i?blBstoD Uiiie* Jones 102 Company I), Sotitn Guard ? Wilktui <ti Klowalii.uard laroy TO Br^<n Infantry ? bmlth .. t>s Independent Volunteers AdderWoid 71 Total l,::07 Rtt4PrrtL*TioN. Sia'a- Mm Georgia. ?... 1 ??07 Alabama ? ...1,212 llorida .Ml l^ulsiana. . :!00 Mi hu'flppt 1.397 Regular Confederate Htat< - troopn In garrliou H."i0 Total STO VISIT TO VENKACOLA BAN . UN WtfKMTION TO FENHAi Ol.A IMMKN^: HVITl.lK.S HI Ml NITIO.NH Ul WAR rOR PKNBACOt.A POUT MORGAN?' TUB WAR HTKAMKR RRI'AIRtNO THK DISTRICT Of WARRINGTON FORT BANRANCA9 RRWWirr? VISIT TO TITK KORTIHCATIONM OF TIIK I (iNl l.DKRAn: STATIC.-* ARMY? MILITARY RCVIIfW, M .. KTC. |Ftom tlio M'bile Advertiser, April 3.) Saturday night, having otitalnc<l * berth for a trip to the W irrini ton Navy Yard, at a Uttte after el-lit o'clock we caat tocso from tho Hitchcock's press wharf on beard the it*an>er Kate Dalo, Capt. .1. M. Brainard, bound for that place, with a load a* per m&.iif' ?t ol 10,000 solid and hollow sbo',, ?10,000 ratrMgos, some 140 bo\o? of gr ipe, and (juautltict- ol bacon. p?>rk, flour, and other rations for the troops of the Conlederncy. The b wt a fo rarried over cimpan.v A. or tlio l*mi' iana /.)uar?w. <Upt A C >|> pei .1, who, *e wo leli, w-jro sa'uteit with bourty cheers bv the Mil ?t.vlppiaiih i|'jartere<l at the pro?s, which werr acts Pledged hy ;i mi! of the drtUB, the Zouaves not b' t'R wurh given lo cheering, but bolnj: In fact the most f(niet con* w<; have encounter d in these war tinvs. The bay was calm, but not knowing what kind of aeather there might be outside, Captain Brainard o*pros*od a doubt wh< ther he should proceed directly on the trip, tlie Kat" fule'B cargo being of a kind which would strain the brat si vcrely in a henry sea, not to men t on the - jm per of It? rolling overboard. and making a "<>n?kloraM<. smlsb of things on board while being got rid of. ,Vt twelve o rinck we foutjd ourselves c'c*o uoder Fort Morgan, the relief of tho fort showln; itsulf -sharp and clear in the muf'tght, with no airn of life about it but lb?flgu*eof a h?n" u"i wa'klng tils witch on the rani parts. Tb< re was scarcely a perceptable swell on the bar. which wecrnnwd at once, and on '!??*? In th^morn U g lil'ght Rnj'b'nf riffctahealof rs, and on to ??%* ai I ay t e ft "fat-5 SubUM and slojp St. I?oul?, mi l two vessels under canvas, a British and an hark bound for l'easacola. Ah the light strengthened the smoke of two steamers could be discerned btill further at eoa, whim were recognized to be the boat? or the New (Cleans and Havana line, this being the point where tbev meet on their tnpe going and coming. Soon we had piu>sod Fort McKea una the low batter/ on its right, anil bending toward 1'ort Ilarranras, and running close to Fort I'lckens, came in sight of the steamer W.van dot lying Inside, and of the rifting sun at about the same moment. We wen' hard'/ made fast at the Navy Yard when the two steamers and the Kritiiih bark pv ?j us and proceeded up the bay. After a capital breakfast on board, hsving found a com panion In the person of (i. C. O.. we .started on a rum bio about tho Navy Yard, whore the general appearaooo of things dillered but little from what wo had not . od on u firmer visit some ten months ago. the tir-t thing that struck the eye being the absence of the I'nlted States ma rine uniform from the ofheers anil . cntiucta on duty, l'lto stoamrr Kulton, lying on the stocks whore gin1 bad been placed alter being wrecked n year ago last fall, ban b?n stiipped of her plankm* to tho bends, and tho Umbers of hor upjier works have bi-en sot up and partially planked: mor-t of the guns have been removed, and two h <ve b'?en planted in a battery behind n rampart of sand ju*t out Bide il# main wharf; but the pyramids of ball-, the qmn tlty of which wo nmueed ourielvcs with calculating, and found to amount to about sixty thousacd, do not <em to bare bocn meddled with. There are now more tb, in one thou: and tons of th' Je missiles here, besides whet thero may oe at the dllleront forts and batteries. Among the passengers on board trie Kate I tale wan Oap tn y, of th'- Ked Kagl?S,Who brought oveg number of recruits for ha company, and Irom whom ho bad re reived an invitation to dico at his quarters near the re doubt in rear of fort Barrancas. go after havln/ "don ?" the Navy Vard. we emerged therefrom by the Warring ton g Uo In se&irh of the r-?d to tho Ktglo's V rt. . I uft outside the pate are the barracks. a very a oat and e?n\ep|. nt;y arranged group of bnili'.uiftM, t;otj. sif ting of a Corps do ?- rde in the centre, with a house fir i u .( rs' quarters, \c. , on ea<'h side.^n 1 the quarters for the men in t h- reir. Tlie wlnlo is surroaridou by a wall, and enclose# a sufticienth pac.ous parole ground for a battalion "f men. The btrracks were occupied in purt by a company whose name wt omitted to learn, and t'ie rest ha? now h?cn assigned as quarters lor the /o oaves. Harrington is a town composed or lioiws soma nest ?ind others shabby, built by pcrmlsston of the govern ment on government land. Its scenery is moro j>eculiar th?n rcmantic, the principal street b< mi macadamised with tan bark ar.d running along tlio bar.kboO" of a ?, rtfl ot that white sand which rcnsacola bay produce-; In such uqrlvalled purity, other drifts int' rveno between the tied and the beach, a- well <h a few houses with their rear gable* dire- tod towards fort I 'it '.?ens, but most of th<- hoM-cs are l acing the water, and the whole current of travel follows a punk walk In front of these, and hard ly keep- its surfac- ? which h as clean and polished as tie kitchen tloor of an old fasUion-d N*e,> Knland farm hoi o?cJ<*r fm? the encroachment* for tho sand. We don t k~>ow how housewives like Warrington, bat it is a place whom they have no excuse fur sloveuline?* of house or dress, or for dirty tficed children. A company of pom | era Is quartered In the western part of Warrington, au?l ha.- ji charge a two gun buttery near the water's ede ?. with a bomb proof magazine atuehrd, tho whole being constructed with sondb igs on a foundation of pork barrels, that being th< style of military iircliiteeturo most afl?ctc4 by th" T' -title bens of the conrodeniey, ^nd 'they have ample supples of both kin?H) of material at Warring ton In tho neighborhood of this buttery a clear and ?>? p.u ? .-.In am runs into the sea, g \ ing token that so :m portant a military olement as fresh w ib-r Is not delicieut in tb ik our Southern Crimea. Crtssiiur this otream we soon come to th? Marine Jfos pltal, now the headquarter?) of (,'on. Itragg, and omc dis tance ?>oyond it are tin /eieril barracks,? i ir ?? :br. e story bm'dinfc'. only a p"ri on of the plan of wbich is rom pieteu, but even now trnving ra>m lor live or six hun''.red n. i,. IKre are (iiarterod about hall' of Col. Clayt-m's regiment, hi* own ounrb-rs bein." la a cotnfbrtable fr*mo build u g 11 ? r- to i i" fror.t Hid ? si. In tb n >r "!' tnrse is the (strode i/rour.d. witii room for tho manoeuvres of a full reg in' nt. and with ooovealent houses around for t*s quRrter<' of o1ttce:s. tl??- whole encompiii>i>d w tb groves of live oak and other growth. I torn ti?e barrack s a rail rf>aJ track furnishes rn<?nso< onvey?nce for ?Uths lo and 'rem th' redoubt, awit a tbo-.s u.d y:.rd ? in the rear of Kort HarraocaH, w inch itself is wnw dlstenoe fur Uier up the oon'-t, and the llchtbou. ^ still further, and onoortwo sandbag batteries have be n constri cted on the blu't above the beach in the int- rvrniu: i-pve. but the o we tfilna have not ? et received ?h' ir araaittesl The redoubt, at which we next arrived, is barely visl bio tn certain directions from tfi? < ? its purj*' e b> ing , to servo as a depot of provisions on I .torn initi n for tho otlier works. It is n> t intended as a a- ? >rtc at SfflMW) and in comma Died t.y the vvm 01 I ort Harram as I or its own defence it m ab odaniiy provided toopliol' s for miu? ketry,arid isde-ign?<l to mo>:ni soraeelghteeuiri nsof mo4 erate calibre, rn tlx- rear iho lied ' <?i have knocked up fome comfortable Fhantxf, which theyi -iU the Neat, and as we tearne?l tUut t iptaui I'.-.-. >v,is with h,s veiopany, who had no? yet returmd fi <>n i .s-etim, wo availed ourselves of the profl%'ed "? r ."k"' - ?jf th< s< r^tunt of the guard to switnlro tlio wciks. 'lh?> redoubt, wlneh may s >m? otlter day pr<ive the Maxokni of this systoin of works, and so' it luw born christened byotne of its kiaitors. though unfinltho>l, has reeelveil more attentsm in It? c instruction than any other portion of them on this ide of tho bay at loast It Ctmsi'ts of two and ta-o short faces, the gorgo being closed by a crtoin which If tanked by sho ders, t*rh nter<i?0 for one cjisemate and one barbette gun. f our bar belle cuns are attended to bo mouutcd in each Of the lateral .oinksot the work, but tho foundit oui e.en of the platform* of the <e have net been l\id and the whuhi totr-pieine Is at pre-ont a kw?e saud he?p, or rather sand pit, encumbered with rubbish. The wivk is surrounded n ith a deep ditch and a cuuitcrneirp, pieroed w ith loop holes, and provided with six or eight caseaiatas rnr ras non to command the dltc.h The covered way Is crossed by traverses to enable the garrison to resist tLs attack of a storming party , wb>, after galn iMt tho covered ^ny, would b> ucst -ipo'Cd tj tho Urn tr a> ?he raoiparts. The defenders, driven (r<m am, v.*. Ik' :> etore- >rt %?> th'?g iletiei h twub, ta #*?? U- wh. ? -rot- ? I ->r ??>'?" (132 '? Ml? and aa nlr hMimiTuKir purp ? > "f In Ui>rev.a^ , t. rn.-H', ?r?i-u:roA"--l?* i.gdowu townee of uv* .. . Ud tti. ;<?ni?uurjv. iry btcp uin m -I*'- y?? loh W1-"'I IH? wa:e* Of wnich boiio op rrooi , n (") br ciromtoua draina into the d if thcnc. ,'?>*. a- ted aw ?y troii the work Keot.* ? ... tin pitfalls, and m^'iug n W , . -1. i-o. < a nmgazi.eortv ?(a.mthweea . ,, ,h? >.Ule?ie? betoro vuited) you M# at U?t a hi.. ? nUt, *ad *"<>?!' w ag a, -t?r ?? ,?' ? t??,,| r,yifibof;nj-,'.^nrp,Ali-ch , ,1wS i i> i\ : l o! tl' ? pi'vM "01. ? 'It thi- *r" *^1 *l ? ? a..d Buimuait.ou, v-hicii we did not ?* ,1 ? ;l ..J , r f.e g II -o . WB i??? Ik ill- i.U.c, .ml *hen far thy i ^ . c tlu > cat be oooipHa-d tonurr^Mir ....u,'. dukerato tuth."i- l.rt lew matcu f> to i: truiiL- cota<*aa ruiag with their ??!* I j , , retreat tlirougn .mbterraueaa pa&iatfes '? Vl t .<?! acut. . . _ \ p.vl -u ?>' what we have <1 wv, U<? r?*'i??r a dill. .. ?i ieut v - i vader the gt.ic: oce of the -?><*'?> : ? ol in 1 b ? tir?t i' wan o.m?.(iU>, tli.? K. <i I eaMB U?? returned fr-tu their in -paction, aad jo<:i : g Cipttji C P,.' rj.d the o!Uf <?' < of too V'.euavoi, we I" < edeil to h a ,?4- I'M 1.0.1 lumisljed us -aitb * ?agree ib. ttirp-'.o.lrr uk. '.s- we have never eo tar umeri a i sh opinion ef the h '. v,h.i.> ti.o pop' to turn cf f'-i >f.e-. t.? the roc tt.n^ 8"rviee. ,wt? ?? to .latflrst that had ?ome ui if iw e. ?' tr f.t<-r :al , l>u- it dca tot UUo .<;r ? C..r 6^ai>?-|t? iHCon.r Ou?ait.|iea with the sor ir,> vrtu-n they ftad th* t.ot> toe ." c?u'.w?t,lw ana their comrartei are ?h M? of the id h. (1 ?? the c pporlr.n.ty was ofloMi m t! ?' f rr'ir: t . from the service of the btaje U th it v th<* r af deraer. tbeso ffiiin au tt {idi drc*i??i .,no- i ? ? re t. :n '> r??Wy p.,i , ..I or. lue.r p'we- haw , Lee t??n (Mrtli ?'.o-l b: better m n, an.l the c*ptai? ? B/,v? I v proud Ofl. - company A* usual Id Ancneija *ZiZ - * there aro of every oreupatwa a^oaj chi-o'i avi ouo a ti.nn is r hfclcer, who is f-utioord at tt.- Nuv j \?.a, wliere hit mllU?ry d-tiei hi a i cowui. tej for tU it of ?up[>U inf luc comman 1 * .th nr< \? ! ? . sft Af hH ' ' * ?" n??y < utnphe J, who . ci ou'.it n-t ... i?'1 :*rdeu lathe r. iroC ti e i d- ?ot, ,.o.' it ; ' ' ' I', ihe v ."ii- o. th- Hiuvl - c t.l'iv s.jiojj and poutotx ? th v hirh hta h..?t.e?:Uaral -kih w? s.i|..> Ihep -t V. i rent, t do just ic ? to l v> c,i . '.ot naew. aed ....? name, but an e*r,l.-it dl^ ucr 1?> providing re-.e>vej full .n. .f" at ???? " " s, ir. ? r.'veu ,.r >' iht ???. sU , i'ic nd'.ng the /.<"^ ve ?? ?V Mid the f.-ast *iu c nelud d w:tii the 1 siia ?: -at-. < aitocdc to -ittd rtomt, ending with toe Mar?-.'.Ui?. and Ufct waj i ?r"; roi. t witU a r;?tt.?n, ac;' "J"* h the pit of tl.e Rod r?RleB, a lorip ft fen' <ie H V;trx** w tli ' NttlN tad a button | from vs Dick to am ' JJ# ho mem.'irof at out live f<-et and a half. The seven r>ttl?ia nr? v.a.1 <'"<1 to ho enfldenntlc o. the (oBf d'raia Ktite^ bvt tl. rp is Fomo dippote whetlier tao uuint ts m ' ;?r Aik.i'i. - or \ :r^ u u. 'Alter d r II,- whele p.irty took f ort M rnor H ?t Ibfi- i ? ; ^ Knrnh* ai d by tin I. a..i IM, ?h(?# teutn wo pitched in In' dltrh. In il.- g 'tiorfcl ou*^ liaeitdrM not .i-.STer greai y from thi redouht, tboujb oa a larger ?c?K having no flantlag flro except I ra .a U?? epBuieni its of the counuwarp in tin rear, the fronting to the water being op. n :ind piorc d . or mua Wetr> , whl o tne guts, 1 srenty-Uye or thirty .n mounted tm ih? ramparlg The eutranr" is throagb tM0 alacLf, ar.d ove r a drawliridge tho r< ar Jn Iront l_. ? communication under ground wdh the " ?W Span. ? ^ rtrt which |>er! )rnis the part of an oulwork in t ront. ?l Jtw ? semicircular b*iter7 often o- twelve g?a. BarraccaK-or more f ally , t ort San (^i.^ .^ lUrraaciJi? occvp as the motit couunar. ling i>oi<ttion of all tbe .rjrLa, S3 1 i's . illy :n tho line of M-protc.h of yewela enier.^ the ha', but its rtcfenrtve capahllitlee are not gpC?t. A? .v.. w dk -.1 the parade ground the Alabima i o^mimt, conBlf-tiug ol ten strong compat.!.*, was out for n?bK 1 uulv Aftor seeing them d.smiKhod we roturned^ WttfTiag'.ou, and there, in tho company of the aav*, lur^ot the uu.e until alter the wor^ ^need iha, however ,? ive us no concern, aa our friend?, had tae couatertiga, but when at length one of them *rcc?p* ui -d ua to the g*to to pan* u? in, it appeared he l'?d o?llf u eouaier^-gn, i>eiiig one of tbree, and nevertheleM jj* ZwuvwT v. t ra to relieve guard in the Navy Van la tk? ronrw of the nigl.i It nas plain th*l, in the laaga-^a ^ W son "some one h?d blundered," hut it M harSu tv Aiiiuv?, for there were parol and coaBter liga un u ho . tuannal of the General'. After ha. k and forward tor about hair an heur, Uiu i-ei geant of the guard let ua in, and we were sooa im the arms o1 Morpheas and tho K:ite Dale. I How we Visited the lighthouse battery next moraiBg^ i how it is mas ik J by the Clayton i.uard, how it Is butttef out put *n fll'.td with ?an l, how the "iits are grow jig a?t ail over it, bow it i? mounted with four eight inch Ootoiia biads, how they would knock tho splinter* out of fart Pick en*, how we hadn't time to viflt l'ort McRae, bew wo left at ten o'clock, how wc saw that tho Brooklyn ba4 joined the *,uadron during the night, how wo too* U?? small channel, how wo rounded Mobile lolnt at ai* o'clock , ?nd got to the . ity at nine? the printers say it "it would be prepo?terou? for ua to attempt teuuig Tho WarringtoB correspondent of the I'enaacola fliia wr k?vh the Aiabarua regiment hu? been transferred to the I oofederate Stat, s by (ieneral ; haabeen rr elect.d Colonel; Williama. Lieutenant Coloael. Stead man, Maior. A man wo* shot at the rodoubto?ea? night oi the 27ih, In attempting to pam the ?e?t{7 out the countersign Ho diod soon Mime is attached to the sentry, whoonly <liitv Th" do. eaHd wh,' a member of the Red lAgiee, Cuot'tin B > i'< ? The tcumer Kate Hale arrired at. Wuri ingtou on the '.Nth from Mobile, with UrgeouaBti tie^ of provir ions, live hundred stimw of are * aad twe hundred thousand hall cartrid^ll rrxm Mt. \ cruon Ar "ti!- Jaeknenville (Ala ) Hffm'ilrav ?ay?:? Captato Htb per'h co i i .on > of o\or m .ty ftal worth men, who left tnni county UmtHaturda} , were nearly one half marriM men? not m'oro than ten or a 'lo/.en h.?v. any interest in negro property, and the thrc i i. utenants and Orderly Fergr^Bt are all grandlather*. I icb one of them can take o? a grev squirrel's he.'.d %\ ? ry pop, In the U.|? of our forest ire.' W ith ibe rule. n.,1 Montgomery A'f er^^r. of the 31st ult. ? We mderi'taad that live hundred trM>|w for > lorida wil arrive at "Jo; umbos, tieorgla. ul?out ihe .th. The quota Uom UeorgJi. ccnaistlng ol about l .dCO. will reade^wa at Macon, and u1 soon as tents and equipments tau? b* furnNhed them, will march direct to regimcnte from M. Hiciippi. n i.ll aVout 1,.W? now on thoir w ay to thai l-.'M- tLielr ^W Mobile, and thoi ? ? ar.r- oo intry from ' ;IhW Ijouiaiana reg'mont, corn tmg of over n.?u- nn.n, e.i lo n. v. . '.t.' will leave in a snort taae. ?ber.PTnow l!"W t.ui at tho rp t which tho "phllo (.,i l . crc< ley ta'U Mie'hfr l-? ba topol, aud wln-re bo M the "rebellion" is to be crushed out and whea tbe r cfor. . meat n< w on th- way ;^d preparing to move r.'jrii tlure, tho whi le r-un h.r will amount to iwont to acrii'ce their lu s, if asns?ry, for tho honor aad to de.p?;M once of th. ir c<,untry. THB GARKIHON AT FORT MOKfJAN'. klA HAMA. n,? >;?l.i;e K'tri'ter state* that thirte n co'npanieo, i? all 1 0T2 met , ?en trtui? the varr on at Fort Morgan. It im much Ur -er tlu u neoesaary . and it is uu.te likely no?o m-.y t>e nt to Fie r <ia. There are two t? n itch aa.l two ci?bt . r .eh columhuuls, now mo.inttd and commandlog tho channel and outer bar. ays the R-sn'aJcr and this batterv th. e large gur. ^y expected will be added. T.. ./lie* ipd V'- ivy g't ar.' additional to tho r-fulai ort ? tt Mor -in isnow i m?~-.ti>ow?r f ? I ,K-t and the ^ lity or any tot-, land ar mv,\ H, Uk.' it. u.l. w. .i. Hurd'jo i- commander. HEWS FROM TEXAS. Ol'K SKW o;M .:\xs ? OBlfKHPWNDBWOB. v< ? Okijun.*, April H#1 lift? i\ - " mm T*' tc.'i i'y the Tkrns Stair Nil*'' <"i AHth<rriiir .if.:. W o liavo f;aK<"st' n to tLo S'H t* March which givti Ir.fortnn <<n of *B<-tt.r invasion of t iat State from tlM M< ? v Ironti' r. I giv* yoo I rem 'La< alveston ' Mta extra, oi the .101)) Mh?x b. ib<? n. to* ng item* ? Tti H'h?ori rSln'K arr; <<l at BTMM livt Saturday, ST, ' r 1 . rakir/ ' fro-ii Nicbobt to ^rreaat craw, ordraat <? ^rgcant u '-haTfe A Hraaoe, to load On* ? fcoti'"- .? :th a1 full i cnrj'j ? he COttW put aboard af ??: ... U shut ac. . :u <l ,il?ppntcli ht-r to Galrentoa c. ?. ',?t Srwf l*ft tl>? ?> 'tay for Hrownav III* t* ? mmuateale thia order to < <.k>cel Kurd. #n Mf^idny 2.iih.u' r;'f mH;rr?>r returned from RrowtM v'.lie. CVilniwI ford (in him or<l?r to prepare all lha y Riir *nd erdnaaeo "tor'*, to ho shipped at onoo for Browwmite, on a 'U-?mhaat that the Colonel wooi.t chii/ti r ia.d ?wDtl <t >wn or them <?'V>tv)l For i stated t hat he lutd reliable infbrmalMa from Mrckuti awl ether r-dta^t* cit ./mm in MutMaorw that General Ami. 'Mm. at (h< head of 3,000 ItU-ilraa*. ??va an Uy tnltaaoa, march:n- on BrowwtvUlo Jftr.pudte ha? ent out pxpff ? far and wi?fe with placards a?.? haadbilJr mnoonui, tMt Te\a* of rt*ht i>ojoujred ?? 4I( xteo. th..! -he hw<t no longer the trupport of Uie Vhita* l stAtn po amment and army that now ww the tim? t* tr.;<e Ik t b irk, ai (I b>i r4<iwj oo all go"A patriot* and sol ' dkrrtt to ontni' to hit xtamlard for tbi* purpoa* H? wa" rcc ving ieinmrf( mtnt-' la larra atiaibee* and ra pKthr. i (i* r omi opinion ?* ?? ?>?? like to tuak? | n ratrt no ?' tai- Offv.and (ierhii|* Hr^woiviila, -at/" al th? tb! In- eoulU, "?,'n '??Te INTERESTING AOM 8I0R6U. I THK HC BOONEK FIRED INTO AT CHARLW TON. OtR NAVAXVAB COIUtK*rrtyDINC*. KiVAinr^tt, April 4, |Hf(. fbr* M<~Uri' f\ra on a SKrxmtr? ISt Citpimtn AM Ayn*r,em h'/ntupt?lkt Vrnxl l$ Am, <h. , St The t-r homier It II. Khasaon, March, maaWr, froa M ton for thta port, ?u fired upon yenUrilay ta atMayMag to enUr Charleston bar Ivor. Otptaln March aaya tha ??? ther tiad been irtorny for tereral day*, and ha had a* Ulaod u Obaarntuw, aad b?Uf 'jaoqaaiaM ?Mb (ft!