Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1861 Page 3
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?* e F r '3 r r g roartl ?al*f arkao* Hp'' i a l I ? .o'-t ?f ifeti Ui? he,i-h u-i ' ? ? ?; jc--?U w ii;, tad U<- Br.lwk g? V*tht|irh '? I -1 v Ini u ?ft intr . IMM, 'V. . h> i- *o do, ?.rn> ar? ft * *<jiat ; n? t il. W R W. OMUL IMPORTANT FROM TEXAS. Action of i:x-Oov?r?o? Mouit<m-|tlr?pt to Krgutn F??wulii? of the Ar?emml? Tin Indian l>< prcdntlons? Regiment* for tlx- Krunt It r?. ?Vr., 1V1., iW<. Cl'K OAS ftSTUNIO COKICiHi'UNDKNCiC. Sft!? tNMJW, ttarcn 24, 1M1. TYe 'd'.f apii b is, luh'lr** b'*Iore th.M earn 'd jou ?ti' iw? 1 i- 'ieri or lli.imu u a t.j take tb? Oath pre* r b- 0 by the <? mention tor ail oltlce hold-ira, anl the ew< arii.g in or ,ur Lieuteount <Jov?vnor, Kdward CU k, V take his plnce M ?t of tne ojkrk repab!icar? here, anxious. line ih?;r head at Austin, to became xar tyrs to the I'm d main', were at ilrat lou'i In th?" r ilet-r linuii. ion to lot-ow li.n example and rwfuse the oaib but th> broad aud butter view ul the quint on a to* iu W>e ascendant, and, witb the exception of sunt?, who tu?v.< be: ore been oeilged to " i-ave their country for their country's g*>d," and a few lawyera, wbu?4 pecu niary cuibarr?8f tnouta render a nwvo neo*n??ry n any cuae, I near of tone of any stac ing who are determm - d fo rhake off the dust from tbelr feet aga nil T*xa?. the all-ab*orbiug quest! >o now la, whether Hot. 'ion B'eane to inauguruto civil war .mutest -a or cot, a r? ?w,w of bis course for the met thro i raortb* i*>tspled with his late adUresa to tho (>eopie of Texan, lead moat persons to believe be does Having first vainiy attempted to im'uceGen Tw.ggs, belore iae ni-etrng of tbeConveu Hon to turn over to h in the tin iiary ntor<M ani public properly in tb>B city bo next, without thn kt owlc ige or authority of thai body, Bent two agerts, with a h-iy of men, to se>x*> C-tmp Cooper, which, with the property ? aril arma f.'und there, he still holds; and baa, during the pant month, been in secret cinm inicftt'on with Col. Wuite on tne possibility of retaking from tbt Convention the arson ul >nd stores held by th<;ui In this p. ace Foiled in this, not by Col Waite'a want of inclination, but by bis inability to onceu trato the I luted St.teu trxipe here, h) tin# br:ugr a^an.8 the t^ln^eDti><L, m ma uddree- charges wniub are ^roMly false. !t le mf urufuily true, ts he giys, that "the w*ii of w< Dieti unit children la heard up m oor born' h i. it is utterly !u!So that this is t.< t t?o negi'genc. (if the Convention t > g .rrimn the piata va cated b th-< United States vroope. Not a pwt hat bcon unoccupied u>r a sing e iay; litate troops in every in ? Htance tnarc'iitig hi aa the I'nlted states B>ilOiera wont out. Neither nas toe property beou wasted, as ho a? sorts, bj the Committee ot Safety. That it bis ttia*p puared since the capittuati"Q of Uenoral TwigRSj 1# "0 doubted. y true; for tby Cotnm csiotiers, believing the (.'nitod States officers honest aud houoratile tcen,cour tooufiy gave theni time tt< nettle their affa.rl, make out their schrouies and vacate their olllcos, until i:nd. ig their forhearaiice was abu^eil, ttiey ordered in a rile of soldiers and forcibly ejected tnem Icey left not a dollar behind them , aud all the money that has fallen into the h<tn>is or tho St'te Las been securcd by in'ercept ng govemmect trains. Tbese very officers, who cave Heretofore pro fessed to rogard Texas is a purgatory, and looked on orders sending them here as a njmeu.'e of bxnislijicnl fr^m clfiiization, seem now to be most unwil'lug to leave ii. Not only thoso stationed nere, hut the i';!.< j or oinern who are here either tor huaUh or amusement, still draw their supplies from the Commissary Depart ment. Th.i arms if sued by Caueral Twiggs to tlie Sf*yor of San Antuoio aud tho Knights of tho C-jldeu Circle wero recalled by tne vommissi'Kicrs before tbej left fur .Austin Those held by the latter were picm^tly given up, but the Pontius 1'ilate Guar! aud a to rrian c 'impany , enrolle'l by the Hay or, as it .? be lieved a. the iusilgation of General lloisiou, refuse to V'ttiowle'ige the authority of the Convention . tn : still retain tbei' s. That body has, however, piuctl aud ord'nauue whiuh cuai bring them to l rm? I'nde.r it all persons who, after demand, ref jso to surrender any property thonging to the -tate of Texas which shall be ir the'' px?ossliD, s lail he lined not more than four times or less thtir twi'-e the value of the property ?< detained. ."?nice I commenced writing news has arrival of more Indian deprecations and murderi; their raids are, how ever, mostly con Scon to the hanks of the Kto Frio and the oiuiit v we.siof the Nuecve, and are not mare destructive an-i fatal than they have been every spr ng and fall for the last four or livo yaarfi. i wo cnmptmss arc dow being recruited in ibis city to jTorin a part of tho reg'ment voted by the Congrotts al If jntgomery for the <k f'en-e of our frontier. A bill is also before tho Coi vcnt.on, anil liua probably passed by ibis timi), pro\ luing for the rtisiog of two regiments of mounted rifles, ?ne of infantry, and one of artillery, tor tbo sauie purpose, so that there is no doubt tria. in future ocr frontier w.U be better protected than It hai ever belrro been, for the federal government has always most grossly neg ected our Interest and safety in tbii lespect. CINE BBTWIEM KX-GOVKRNOR HOUSTON *ND (JO VBRNOR CLARK. | From the New < 'rleaus licit* of April 2 ) Tb? ciicunistau'vs attending h deposit! >n of gam Houston, as Coventor of tvxas. were ipjlte dramatic, ind ir s' mr rrspui is ludic;ous and comical. The U >nviu::ou ol Trias, called by toe loud voice of tbo people against the den'ineiations imd opposition of Governor Humtou, hav r f pashe'. tbe a-'. of ?w.-^ on at"' accepted and rati tieo tbo cot st:tu<i >11 ol the Conf',il?-rate States, pro cr'b. d a form ol < a h to be taken by all tho State ollicers. Tim om b included t rennneiation Of all allegiance to all to iign Powers, *nd csMOlafly to tbe government ?' <iia II niied Stated, an I a declaration of lidelity to liie consti tution ol the Contederate Bt*te?< V l- n tho oath WW pMpMi to Governor BmMl ho | eremptorily refuel to tike It; wneroupin i>ic ? Y>i ? \ ? viiipri d'Clired Mie oCVe of Governor vatutd. .in.i fiiii runt l.-ivt rn? r ' iki ? under the constitution, bavii taken tie prt ./i ibed secede!? I to the ? ttice. Governor (hrk ^as ret slow In ont^r itip |x<n th" Gubemai<>Viul 'mitt.. ni, sad proc?c;'iag to tl> (?overuo'- ? oil ice, assuoied tbe char aud ? i tino u| on tbo duties of the ot cs. By and by th*- do (kk-i .1 Governor cnm<- hobbling to his oftice? old Hare's Sau Ucmto wcitud b,iviug broK n out airrbli, as U aiwa; s <lo< r occksioiim ol i<olmcaI trial. I'crc vmg G v. .'nor Cluti. occup)ing the chair, oM Sam addressed him : ? 'Well, Governor Clark," giving g-eat etnpiiasis to the I title, ?? )ou arc an carlr riser. ' " Yes. General," replied tb? Governor, leaving g-eit streets upon the military title of his predeceETor, ?? I am illustrating the old maxim, 'tbo early bird gathers the m r ' " " \\ ell, Govornor ("lark , t hope you will And It an easier at than 1 hate round it " 'I'll etidenvor to make it so, General, b;,' conforming j tbe clearly ? xprctS'-d will of tbe people of lesas. ?' The licoera! having brought a large baskot with him. proceedfd to put up tiunnrous little articles of \.ri i-?t?' pr' |ierty and to stow them away verv earnfully. < a'ehin/ hi* foot In a hole '0 tbe c*r|>et and stttnobnr, tLe ?;? ueral suggested to Governor Clark that the naw government ought to aCTor l a new carpet for the (iover nor> ofllrr . whereupon the flov rn'1- remarked tint the K*w utlve of lexas eould got a'ong very well without a csrnet. Approaching the wishetand. tbo GeL<ral c illel the at |?etinono' (Jovfrnor Hark ro two p-ece* of soap ? oue, the Oatiie soap, was his own private proper'v. and the ether, i perfuti.Mi article, wm the property of the State ? and jdded. ? "Oovernur, y>ur tauils will re<i'iiro tne very fre^'ient use of this cleansing article:'' whereupon ( ),ernor Clark, pointing to tbe watb bowl, which was jflofvery biaek anil dirty wattr, reaiark?d: ? "^ene |rai, I >? ipjiOM' tba* Is tiie bow' b wbii;b you wachitd your'.1- berate leaving the oiiice. " Having na?here<l up al! b!s duds old Sam mule a little Ifarewi-ll si^icb. very much in the style of Cardiual Woi l ev, d'Tliiring hts conviction tost, as In th" past, tho It'nv would fo..n . . me w!??? Tot, w>nld e'i!i h'm fr im ri'inet t, and be liope<i^;, v mor Clark w . Id lie abif i<> give as good an account of his stewardship as he ronid now render. Halting at the door the (Jenemi Iihim'o a |irofound Ijow, and. with an air of elaborate dig rtHv, esld. "Good day, Governor C-l-a r k," uondday. li*i .-ral Houston." w s th? tiovenor s reeportsr A?- 1 ti.i.sthe -Hero of San Jactcto' o.oncijded bis politic J irwr. l?-?r*Tt 11*8 FltOM THF. rKDBItAI. COMMANPWt IN TEXAS. WAffltJfiiroK. April 8, ISM. I :eiiteuart Bcwen has arrived hero, with dospatchos to tbe g"v< tomml from Colieiel Watte, mmmanding the IH purimrpt i f Texas. Ec left Sad Antonio on the 27th of Van h Colonel Waits was carrying out the orders of ?i? rersl TViggs. A large number of troops bad already rsahnrk?t, and very soon nearly the entire force would lit in real moss to leave tbe country, lie says there is no ifSrth -n the statements that the Texans had Interfered with <>r attempted to molest the United States tr ope. Tbe relations betv.oen them were friendly red [?roM. He says he heard nothing about rn'ted >'t *es troops being w inted there, and ,?tut! b !' ? "ot bel'i ve tbe reports that tbe government L a,teu. plate set ing any there. He Hays thit if anything tMI l MM been known in Texas be wn?w have C-ar something almot it At lean the oibaer eoiBmstid in. tl :?? Ik r "'mint of Texas wrjnld profcably huve be?i icsniiitl about it. to ec ,/d to p-mtlcsl S.T>I.S, I.leul. Rowen says there hvl t ? n? oers' le rhuege smnnj (tie |?mp'e. ftiey ^ ? 1 iw>r?" (?< tot courte which tbes^oi'Vlontsts ?*ere | i.i ii,? Uid he heiiaves tli.'fit will t e a oompieto rrt ><< to* u affhtrs He aivs the I nl >n sentiment his a ?.ays b? 1 1 r?tty ?trorg th*re, nt ?> to tbo large Get c'-u "Ui that tei. ea ,n that ic;tiou of the j Me. NAVAL A NO MUTMV MOVEMENTS IN NEW Y(MK. IHpailar* m* U* B?HI? IUissoU wUh I rtv? Haadrrd Troop*" Bo?r?l? <?UI?K ..I the Horrlrl I^smt? rs?. Ir Ik.lloMU* mm . Myotory? |M,000 1m Void oa Kuaril Iko IUImI., fa. Ootitraiv to g.nerai appearand s an ! expectations, the halte toi'k ??>r depar.urn yeste .lay before Ibo Illinois, which ?>.i about baK p^st nine o'clock last evening At ?u hour T*U*M>T forenoon a lighter wmo the Iilm.'is and traaalerro ; ->n b ?ard of her * cargo consisting of sea tiscuit and cement. The shlw>:ug nf ihn it;er c.nn.n>>?lity bear* ? suspicious asoeot, as tl ta a uic?t u f u ? HDd nectary ariiilo la the rapid erec tioo of field fsrtitlcatlous. The argo of the Mhnoia skip) - I on Sunday pr'ncipally c?*l?t?d of artillery guns, gun carrlagee, te-'a, can tim, i amp runner*, toraglcg carts and proTiBtona. To this wer-- i,d 'ert yeetetday mater .i!a for increasing the sleeping accommodations of the soldiers. about 0>>on one of Herring's safes, which hi. I b'">u pur ha*?*l at ibe oftt-a of the manufa-.turei in a very haaty manner in the morning, and thence taken to the I'mtof) stair* Bob Ttivmury ollloo in Wall street, wh?re $1.0,000 in fol'i was secured wltlnu it, was carted to the Cork and pla ?d oo b>??rd tt.e Illinois. The agent on de livrt n* the rate presented ilo- bill, but the captain re fused ta nil no the b ask after the words "'bound to a 'art ? xbibfcirg the peetonnd secresy which all con cocted orb the eiped.tlon are desirous of preserving in repaid to th?' obpeta aad destination thereof. later m the afternoon lour large howitzers wero brought f-om the Nary Yard, with all the requisite equip ments 1. 1 id | 'laced mi board the Illinois on the forward deck, wh>ch waa occupied by th" -amp outflt abovo enu merated as ?h pped on Sunday. Colonel ?(>?)? and L eut.n.ui Gilmoro wont on board of her about Ui"? o'ekx k with olllolal despatches, the n? tore o' which, however, d. J n< t transpire A short con stitution waa had with the other uilloere in tho vicinity, the objects of which likewise remained a secret. A larg? qo?ntlt> of m"la?*e? and a pure article of vtne pir were also shipped. A mixture Of theso, CtM "ewUcbei," < or ms a very refreshing beverage, extenalrn ly o?ed -l warm or southern limates fb* work of shipping a cargo on the Baltic w?B pro secuted with uneeas.rg i igor during the whole of Sunday Bight and yesterday . unt I th'1 mom?nt of dopa*turo The arncieti rhipped ?mbr*co ordnance tools, muskets, foracng rafts and forge vires. A largo number of gwint bags waa In the bst Thes* gunny ba^s possess a warlike character, inasmuch as they are used in throwing up redoubts, and are alao very serviceable In protecting a bnat'K crew in approaching a battery Among the commodities shirr*1 a remarkable qnantity of spirituous liquors of all kinds, the labels at tached 10 which wero oftentimes rather ludicrous, eapo daily such as the following ? "M bottles flremon's rum." luiting the iflernoon the workmen were principally en gn^ec1 in rbipp'cg provlsitns and atnmunitiou on board th?' Itaitic A number o? Bengalee lights weroatao ship p> i Towards live o'clock the steam tugs R I? Mabey, C. 1'. -m.ih ami t atlin camn to the ?)o? ic with 000 troops. The i, viabe* piafev 160 men, from <'..iv jrnor's Island, on h. ar. ib. lUitic, after which the steamship moved slowly out f. oa> th-* 'lock, the ooidiet* on the top deck cheering, ? ik - n'lDg the mitldk' of th* rtvor, turned towards tue Iti btdv.nt out to sea She posted the Narrows at sev.n P .??. , aooc.mpanicd by the stram-tag Yankeo, ?li b b?f been cbarteied by the gov rnment. The reman der of the troops .short y alter dusk wero placed no b- :ud the Illinois, wnore they were doomed u> (oufMerabie misJiaps Xirod with the fatigues of tho day, the soldiers Imost imme.liat^ly tj;K?r> their embark aiiou with'irew to the berths, several i4" which broke down cr. nt.iiy no little confusion. ' >uo of the oflucers cx pres>ed hi.) regret tlmt better i^oiuiaixlatiooB had not be. ti provided for the troops. I'o^ard m .itiight, ?hca several launches had ben taken on board, the Illinois hauled out into the stream. The steamtng Tln.mas I reelx rn has occn chartered by the government ar.J will acconnr?vny her. THfc dehauturr of tub troops at GOVERNOR'S ISL \ND. Covernoi s Island, during the past week or two, lias rcFOiinded with a martial hom l.ieut''nant K M. Hudson ysteri'ay directed tho embarking of tho troops for the Btltic and Illinois. Th? tro- os destined for the TSallic, einiisting or 100 mon from companies C and 1) of tlio reernits, were mar l-hailed yesterday afternoan on the drilling field, and thenee marched to the dock, where they embarked on board the staunch steamt ig R I- Uabey , to whoeo gon tlemanly captain? Mr. How land ? our reporter expresses his thinks for his coirtesr. These trooi* were under command of Captain Robertson Company D waa trans ferrel yesterday from Hcdioes island. Some two hundred more soldiers for the Illinois were taken on board the C. 1*. Smith. They arc formed of detachments from companies B, D, K, F, G and ri ro emits Companies A, I and the remainder of O have been loft lo garrison the isKtid. Wh r about to embark the soldiers were bid farewell by their comrades, and the loavctaklng occupied some time. Captfcln Robertson, at the mt mcLt of departure, ordered tho ensign of the C. P. Smiih to be run up to tho masthead, an l called uj>on the soldiers lo give it three cheers. They did so w tk a lustiness that seemed to spring, however, more from the novelty of their i>osition than Trom unv great enthu siarm for the cause in support of wh ' h tbey believed they wore going to light. A a the tug moved oT the band struck up "Garry Owen," which sudienly Inspired the Celtic portion of the soldiery with no little citLuiiasai and drew forth a beurty cheer. The United States Coast Purvey stoamer Vixen tb lying oil the Hittery when the R. I.. Mabey pa^cd mnh her troops. The soldiers on the latter saluted her wt ? three lusty chcers and dippe.l li?u ens ,o. The \ ixca a! tcrwarfls passetl up to the \ avy ^ nrd !u a. iitiou to the two hundred troops from Governor a 1,1*1*1 for the Uliuoia, t#o companies? U and l<? or the S.-c >cd Infantry, were sent from Fort Hamilton. Iar^e quantities of army store* were being shipped from tho barge cilice pier this morning, to go on i-aard the steamers ll*ltic and Illinois. SUDDEN DEPARTURE Or THE HARRIET LANE. SUB FAILS l-NDKR SKAMCP OHPKR8 8UPr08*l> DK8 TINATION riCKENH OB B I'M ITER. The ("cited States steamor Harriet lane, CtpUin lohn Faunce, sailed from hor an. htrage ?>(T .the Battery yes tcrday morning at ton o'clock, Hying the American en sign instead of the revenue flag, as heretofore. The destination of this vessel is sa d to be Fort Pumter or Fort Pickens, but of course it ia merely conjecture . The commander received dlroctiocs Uat Saturday to get everything iti readiness for sailing at a moment's notice, and having got the Aral word " to go," put oil yesterday, as staled above, sealed orders. THE BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. The I'nlted Stati* sioop-ot-war Savannah wa* yeator ray taken Into the dry dock, where ?he will undergo a thorough overhauling. The iloanoke. which wm Ukii out on Haturday, baa a large force at work on her, but the work on the Wabanh and 1'erry wa? temporarily *11* pended and the rr.rn drafted from them to aaatflt in securing the Savannah in her present berth. REBUJNATION* IN THE A11MY S1KC4 MARCH 2ti, 18 '.1. ' p T. H. Holmes, of N. C., Iiih ioftn'ry. r<utain : K. Mlt^of Kl?. , SeoutW cavalry. <tu M. H Johns of I). C . Third Iniantry ir. I.ieut. W. I), feudar, ol \ C. , Kiret 'ira.nn. . ond I.ieut. .Ia.<. P. Major, of Ko . ^nend eavalry Htcrmd Lieut. Joe H Mintur, o. \ 1., Second cv.-Ury. VIRGINIA STATE CONTENTION. ItimxoiD, Vpril 8, 1991. A resolution wag off red in the Convention to day to 8ua|?iid the execution of the order for going ini <? in mittee of whole for the purpose of compl ting the un finish* d buainew of Sut'irday. Mr. .JArn*<>x moved t? U y it on the table. Ixwt. The (flotation was adopted. Mr. Prntton'a resolutions rime up and were tbo sub joct of a long deba'e. Mr. S?tTT, of Fauqtlcr, and Mr. T**ai>wj?t, c >noe< vt tlvrs, declarod If the I'r side-'t s respon** wa* mi far na hie, thoy would go for rocrs*;on. 7hey hoped the an twer would be fav< -able Others followod. The Object of t'u rr<-( itlor wa? to pre< Ipitate ?<?< <j ?? elon. Tlie novemer t? . fleet* wro frtquently alhuW to, acd the ground MBUft ed tn? Virginia >i?vlog by vote on Thursday ndi .ted her policy ataiosl u > Miot, the tod ? right to know tt ihe monuments meant The Unionists nu>l MBtt oatrvalive# opp *i?l tin a iop t'> n. The pr? ?jn'ile a, id retolu .HI vrere idopts l?-(jt to 75. <;ov Wire votfd Bo. WIltMk Ball*r? rVMtOB, 1-aervrtlvo, \ 1 H. If. Btiart, I'd km, and tieorgi W . Randolph, ?rc**tonl<l, w*m r.ppo oted ?l>e < tnm fs.i ner* to *alt OS the Prut 1 ?n?, aid wi't leaye to morrow m' uinf. A?i jours od. THE LATEST NEWS. Highly Important from Washington. The Destination of the Ships of War and Transports. Fort Numter to Km*, Rein forced Forth with. Major Anderson Ordered to Open his Battery on the Secessionists. A Bloody Battle Expected Within Twenty-four Hours. INTENSE EXCITEMENT AT CHARLESTON. Active Preparations tor the Conflict. The Flying Artillery and Ca valry Orde red to Texas. Gov. Houston Co-operating with the Administration. The Reply of the Government to the Southern Commissioners. If o Negotiations with the Envoys of the Confederate States. War Measures of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Fifty Thousand Volunteers to be Called Out, tin ki*i fcs. highly important despatches prom Washington. Washington , April 8, 1881. My despatch Inst night, reflecting the policy or the ud ministration. especially in its determination to "hold occupy and possess the forts and other public property of the I mtcd Sutra," will be practically illustrated within twenty four hours, if certain vessels of the fl?.( left New }ork according to the programme. The peace policy of the administration has been liken advantage of by the South, while at the same time their representative, hare been hero begging ,he Resident to keep hands oil. While he wus holding back, In the hope that some disposition, on the part of the authorities or the seceded Statu, would be manifested, to his great surprise h0 found that, instead of peace, they were Investing every rort and navy yard with rebel troops and fortiOcatlons and actually previa* to make war upon u* fea,ral government. Nol only this, bat while the admta'it;.. tion was yielding to the ery against ooerctat, for the pur pose, ir possible, of averting the calamity of olvil war the very men who were loudest against coercion were rreparin? for It. the government was losing strength with the peop'e, and the President and his Cabinet were charged with being Imbecile and false to tho high trust conferred npon them. At last th.y hare determined to enforce the laws and to do it vigorously ; but not In an aggressive spirit. When the administration determined to order M*or An derson out or Fort Sumter, some days since, they also determined to do so on one end It ion namely, that the fort nr. I property in it should not he molested, but .How rd to remain ss It is 'be au h Title, or the Con red era te Pta <s w mid not M*r>-e tbi*, r,u> manir,?tad a dispngi "on to get ponton the fort and Inlted States pro pert) ? ? .;r. ?: Kivrrnmi nt would not submit to unv furhfci. fat , * imuie Uteiy aetermined upon to keep M-yor An ? 0,cr? nnd ?" ""PP'y him with provisions fo .?da. , 0/ Ike Mi ?AvA ,W/ have I <ft the r"1 "f *Vl? y"TkU" reack i'MrlrUon ton^rrou, /'<r that frj off. There ,s po desire to put additional men in the fort, un !c ?s te oOered to the attempt to furnish lfcyor An derson with supplies. The .leot will not approach Charles ton w ith hostile intent, but lhp freftt m? preparation .ton, For, Sumter, the supply ve-e.s will go prepared to reply Komr.ll, to any resistance or a warlike character that may b, ofrred to a peaceful approach to the fort. The responsibility of opealng the war will be thrown upon the part . s who set tflem^lvw dB#!Uie, ^ ^ ?orerrm-nt It Is smeereiy hope I by tho federal autho rltles here, that the leed-rs of the will not "pen their batteries Cu plain Talbot conveyed InstrorUon* to Msjv Ander sob from the President. that hi. gov, mment would sup P J him forth*. th, sad ia the event that the vewel, per forming that duly .ere .red 0f0l). w> open his batteries, U" PfMI-" ??..n him a, every harard. Tins is the stern roadltioa of thinga. As 1 state.! in m? deep*. b ^ nl<u |h# c?mpMj<)a ^ ?ytor srtillery, cavalry. and dr^oon corps, and s.pper, and miner*, are for Teaaa, at Uie re<, ,?t or ?***rnor IJooatoa, to prevent the nvas.oo of tnat por tion of the Una* Mates by Wm*o, * r**t Obrtma,. tmt Iowa the Indian* , n-| in-nrrertkm. u ? ?,d ?h?? the peopfo ?tt># ^ wfl| ^ t.ooj* snd saell their rank* A portion ?f ^ (|> ^ oibsrpomta ia theOair. ou.e, ^ will *, lh, Onlf Squadron as as they Mk.(4 fm4r Recmltlcg Is fsst clrig ,^nU,^f a wired thai at least arty T?.uU<Nsrl oflhred rroio th< fr-e^ta. la. few ?... A)1W0 io have baen taken ia the lafaOstura te day o? a. .ppropr,.,^ of hair a n ,11*. nf 4ol ^ l0 put the Mate npnn * m tr footlag 'J"i etaor i nais- n ^ ((%)<> ^ # ( ^ tbst State IO.HI the sdwlB( (> f#rn ^ ^ ^ Tig". I l)t|S pO.ICV, |lf rrlnru l. _ _ ? "J j* rrtiiras te? ^ iMa??k4aly te exe < ule his pkxlge. It Is expected that a eonflir. st Fart tkart^r w,:> er-le s teriible seaeniie. thr^uwa Ibe Btr, ,, ? f, # sdmli istrstioa do not mean te b .,rr,,. .. . ? HI oalv act U?> def .*????? %? ?' Ml the frnmm k?wwu?. tb.tai.owh..Me,?, ckhawm iMa..^^. calling Congress t<*. t ?r, .a wh.h k# ? ( tl'Dg SBBo'iiicen ? t. . fmi#; , , mm * *i ?.,h, as . M | 'ho n" f ? tr. ? It M"?BMl that ..Ml to Jay J* * ^ Ueasrf. t^awford |M Forsyth, the aeusaataa Comr * tuners that' >py could only be rooOKOiwd by this (0T ?riBHl h wi lid cttixeuaof the country, ana Ov l recog niao do other relations with thorn, fho nxtraordi nary fact about this is, that this course wan decided upon id the Cabinet the first day the C mmiaaoners arrived brro, yut it appeirs iiu.1 Mr s?w*rd baa b*?n ( them bere upoa his own responsibility, and feeding them ' caily wilb but dlllatory pep, which is better I'ood for j tabes than men. Truly we hare fklleu Q|k>u fearful : times. There is every reuion to brlieva that a prompt re- j npxnse will be made in tbe \'<>rh *nd W< st to the de- ' mrnstration low making hy tiie administration We | shall see now whether those wb<> have beeu loud moutbe I In their dcnuLciatK ns of the administration for iia dllla tory I'O 'cy will be ua ready to sustain the Preeldout in hut determination to nfo-o the laws, protect the public property , and huctr 01 the I1?k . . Wawhscttiiii, April S 1?ill The Cabinet have b?ii in seer ion moat >f tbo ;t>ne to day , und the greateat activity at1!! oontluuea In the War and Navy Departments HWVltrMJ KLAKB-tr L\ TUB CABOTT. The fUbinet had another protra le > special meeting in the Oourse of tbw afternoon 4 rumor wis all ml ibis evening, that a serious discrepancy of opmioo, in r^ci'd to the treatment of the Hontlixro, ?u IB{ iu an excited exchange of bitter ? .Mh, became daring Ita deliberations, between Means Seward und Blair. Whether the exploaion baa alrea.1v oocurtod or I not, It ta mora than probable that It will take plaee s .oner

or later. The eOorta of the Secretary ot -state to rn ! press h'a paealve so calle ? conservatism upun the policy ' of the admlnlatrHiion, and lot mattera dr. ft ak ng 1 without any definite aim or end, have already beta *r rested, but rather In an amicable ap'rit <n > .M be, j however, peraiat In them an open ruptur* will boubt leaaly be brought about by th- majority of h * colleague* , who believe that bin "no policy'' plana will ia?v<tabiy >o Fult In the uttar bankruptcy and breaklug up of tho ?o ernmenl, and the demoral nation of the nation, and ita humiliation Ml the eyre of tbe world gVPUMwcB or nor war ren*. The wild WW tMHameat of tbe laat three days ban somewhat subsided, tad a slate of painful perplexity now prevails. rim Flaws ? tn* <M>\ rmmKNT People are inteoael: puxxied la their att?mpta to <in v?ll tbe mystery la which tbe plana of the Sdm:u!atratio>i la regard to the Southern fo'ta are atl'l shrouded fho positive dsclaratkwof a Secretary to a viaitor laat m ; it, that the troopa on board the Atlantic were iataadod for Texas. It ia true han thrown considerable light, on i.h? one baud, upon the meaning of the present naval and army movements, but the flttiug out, on h" other, of an lmpoelng ileet of men of- war, t'.ie sbr ment of a lajgu number of light ordnance for boat Ufa, together with other arman nts rl.'i l\ pointing to intended opt ration* 10 some li nimr 'i"-n.-.U conclusive evidence, to every reaarin1ng 'm::id tlut the threatened invasion of TexaH by lfexie?ne ml nvapi rannot be the only occasion for the w tri ko bn l?i ic th > army and navy, and that a demonstration, oali r ?' re Charleston or I'enaacola, is alno Inipemlini;. TilK KKITHIK A>K CAUKK WK W * II. The advloea received here, by mail and te. igraph atooe tbe middle of laat week aff>rd pratitive proof that tli posed noundlng of tbe war trumpet by the a>l>uin > ? <i has found a hearty ecfco anions the npublioaiiii of tuo North. From all parte of the free States ? ntfcu*! ><it ? i|> probations of the adoption of a more TiKWrom t> .< , an i earnest aaaurani cB that the body of tbe c oj lo will on* tain the administration In It, are literally j ring < ;?o the I*resl<lent and members of the Cabinet Tint nmnma or ma i-aittai However much the reports of Souihom deatgaa oa Washington may be discredited. It ta c?rt tin that t* < its high in authority are toklog precaution try m?a? .re- ' <r the safety of tho capital. Tbo anxiety to h ?r ir ! >rl Sumter, and other Southern pointa where- ? t xia ire apprehended, ia intense. mm ALUsim> obvolitiow is vhwiimi*. The Waabington people continue to ttwmalvM with a succession of startling rumors. Tbe rep ?rt of ? aecret collection of bodies of seeaaaioniata, under tbo vmjhlta of the PO'MImm Ben lloCnUough for arid upon the federal capital, has kept them in a fright during the last twenty four boura. The story haa now turned out to be without tbe least foundation In ffcot. TIIB ARMfmuMW CIM'ST MARTI A U Tbe oourt martial for tbo trial of Commodore Arm atrong rendered a decision Una morning. It will not be made known until after it has been submitted to tbo Pre sldent and Secretary of tbe Navy for approbatu u. RECUSAL OF THE A DM I X 1 ST R A T I ON TO T?K CEJVE THE SOUTHERN COMMISSIONERS. Wamiiih:t<>!i, April 8, li?l. The Southern Commissioner* todsy received the reply to their official communication to the Maw I>- p.irtm 'nt. declining to recognise them In an official capacity, c norlDg the exiatence of the Confederate Stales govern ment, and refusing to acknowledge them a? more tb u no many gentlemen Irom their respective cta..*. The official note, to which this i?aper from the fiat*1 iv>ptr( mi-nt ia a reply, it will bo rememberi-d , was written eoon after tbe arrival of the Comm'ss!ot,ers in WiRhlDt'too, but the reply was not pressed, on au ictimat no thai the gov etLment desired time. Since tbsn there ben bee a Serif* of communications, or parley ings, carried n bo' -ow tbe Commissioners and the government by diStingu '1 Olti zens, the object of whic h *u to roach a pacific alio?, the Commissioners exhibiting thereby an earn le. re to keep tbe peace between tbe scc.tijus. In the meantime, the struggle has been going on bo tw< en the war and |ie*ce wings in the Cabinet. Iloct.-nt events having proved the triumph of the war po'lcy, the Commissioners had no other resource but to p-js for an answer to their note. Tbe rejoinder to the Commissioners will closc their mis sion, in which they will expose the treachery and Imbe ciltty of tbe idmlnlstratlon. Thus it appears the country is to be precipitated Into civil war, merely to gratify the lOM-itiate and bltt -r abo lition a ing of the republican party. It remains to b seen whether the great monoyad interest* of New York wii! permit them to do so withsut calling the attention of people to the fact. fespatches receive*! hers tr> day from Charleston st t.? that General Ileauregari, owing to tho unsati-factory conditlon of affairs at Washington and the North, has called for several thousand volunteers. Wamhj*o*>!(, April 8, 1861. Tbe State Department replied to-day to toe note of the Conf? derate State Commissioners, declining to reca.\e tbein In their ofllcial capacity, but expressing deference for tbtm as gentlemen . The Secretary expressed a peace ful policy on the part of tho govornmxnt, declaring a pur pose to defend only when assailed. The reply Is of such a c haracter as to require a continuation of tbe correspon dence It Is not known when the Commissioners will leave Washington, not, however, for some days. Tbe statoiattit that the 1'rcsldcot came to an lafonni' ?ndenmdtoR with tbe Southern Commit mors Is an uitn tfc, gotten up for the sole purpose of dls emitting the administration In the border . ate States. Mr. Lincoln has bad no communication ? lut-ver with the revolutionary ambassadors as Presi de*! of the Uaita4 Rates. If Mr. Seward t' ld <_r i *ny pr'ti. "' s or plriipee to them, he did Has Mr. Seward, and i' t as the SK-retary of State under the alvlces mj.1 w;th ili<? consent of the President. Tho reckles* gata* of k -ii t't the sr> ersti ii synip tbisers, In whieb tbo slvn i. mis rapnrt is a prominent move, is fully understood. Hi I!. < OHWIN H MIKHION TO MEXICO. WAmuniitw, April 8, 1841 r. 'i vemment bavins completed Minister Cor wins fini ' 'OS . he left to .lay for New York, and will depart il, . e m i fr w d*Tf (tor his post. He will probably go f i.l i one of tke aass els lilting out at New York. The mi n "t are very ?n* >us that he should arrive there ? ** . *si ? ? b>, ao >* to forestall the movements of ij ?r l'i ?'"f fr. m the %i*<therri confederacy, m tut ?? i ? 'i^tci**! by that irovernmem to the C.ty il Mr?toa. Ti . ?trat oa kas given Mr, Ourwia pretty wide P ? r <# b m "f-rs' <">* Tba flrst thing ho will do. aTter $ the ?*.'n-y <>? the Washington government i ? iti i oafi d'trsi. Htat'-a, will be Hi in rot UOe a j if ti ? <h wt 1 i>* M<>*t tivaatapaaa t-ilMigovara * ?-?t * ?!. a< -.Hi. ?? i?i aad postal asp*. t The po ?* U ? s?l'> in Mr al Inn wi I ho entirely differ-nt | >',? ? the i .?? TV?b?t? no dee' re or wish for . . .?'i<a ?4 ?<*.!?. term ry and Will solemnly ! ti . at ?>#?'? u) ??cli *<lea ? awns ti?v? r w !l ?-e ebla t-> negotiate a tree- ? ?? ever ? ? m se I 'Tin jiww *s the una naade is#. Malaa* W feMfb't tt?ay a^e alrswiy MMI M <i wt, wMI b**? t? ie up eaftv sad late If be ?e i? ?>-?rt <* the ? ? .! ?(>'(, ti\ ?t!< a(et seat tbeiaca 1 ly freaMaac (bra IMPORTANT FROM CHARLESTON. MILITARY MO?KMnWTS !.N 10 Til CARO LINA. ttuKLi ' n. <;i il 8 1M51 General IVi ? r-> i,<j t..v< nrdcreJ cu*- V-'0? m? t/oope r-nnv*.. H l M? v. .tec.- I u- ? OsUUtlly arriv.uti atd to, g jj p.jgi?.oj 111 the l?a bor \i w !'V' ? ni>'t ? rrmiitriiated. All Ibn |4*>lM h?>< u -i\ t r '.jttf,- . ^1 :,\d audt tluual i-eguuenta ani iit.iir'y -iip I'M tj. , .ntm-?>r. Tim nu n are .u uisa! out bpru at uo p.- Miieol of V??8? h fcav? b^? i ojdur- ,i :>ov .hi> .??? tiro ho ImyL I ' f-l uiter uiJ ! "h limit, tig batltr) * i -( ??i'n O ??'??It h ? e\ ? , t..r ? point tictl FurlHuOilor A !hhi? i ? i c ? r v ,< wu i:p u?ar ?b* <r>n i-.?tt*r- iinp r n ha v.- j ?pi>ndeu aim Itarfut W>IUt-ut . S *-t r'tj - im '?? <? f "? ''far quar tern b ro, KiVi' K uiuiOii' -t'l IL-I r: . t". 'a uti' approTl im.t i UK tn .k r. ? Major Atder'or. j r,; h. t ft. ;i:t->* ba-? not Devil out off, r* i i-ti ; oaly hU MKWS FROM. AIONKJo'u .tCY. V v, i>n v, pril 8, 1881. Th? ( abtnrf ; .... r'eiv n - ??< * all <luy uid something eoriouR if <?.: .tot' . 0 on lLo important ue?? m rxi*: t .'i fc to :t >tc ?.'? Co- .itn ^i?k's Oom niiMonm rH ;? V.'i#h ... A call w ? m r>y i !,i ?> -i t" > W -.r i>- pirui>?nt to Llgbt OB CMtCil of ui) Iillf; ill. ,.(1 Im t)l l.tifH.- th >u ?and volut '.or- tit t- ? ,:i, * 1 ? h s cui 'v; ou l'or UfU'uu huudro, i RKI'OKTS "'HOM PKN-ACOLA. April 8, 1861. Tbr> menbaii ;ti '''in ? S-rv Yard ar? Im conanp <1)m?* >:.f l ? .... . -,t c ? .n n i.vmotit of wa^on. A private iifupii Vrm tori > k" o ("*/u that a war B '-urtmr dlngi < -I pu-i. ?! J ttio m i . ''i .if t.ho V:wi.<?ip|>< yrnu-rday a ?r-:-.--. >vr . ?.no * thin ro-ich of tno Kl,nfl oftbofort -b a 1 1 v<rtL>K about till near morn ii k tb*<D pmc ?' If 1 .< a. BllIl'MENT OP t 'ANN ON RAIXS TO NKW NOKK Itw- oBi, April 8, 180 1. car u>?. - i tmocty f'-u- paond ciuinoa boita, weit.'bing xixty louc loft t'j" ion > Mates arsecal at Wa t* rtoau ^turJaj .'.r^raoon lor York. PKNN8YI VANU MGISLaTURE AND THE CIV1I WAR. !"U*iufliirKi), April 8, 1881. (?"Timor Curt i w ! a :i>e8"uiit> to tho Legislature to morrow reooumen g ? appropriation of (AOO.iMX) lor Use ptircbu ni mum! one >1 war run metuuigo UkoH tbe ground tba? am o<i r ,??" >1? ho Iodic poucefil. h?vo lost the n.ihtary habiteneoersar r im. 1 tbo ilmturliM'l condition of tb e tarroundmg -ui' s, b > *bou boglu to prepare lur tb?* HHMDH ?>' h I' preiter "Mtiou an I it i- tho iluty of tbiltoww tn t " ???.'o c-rueot of the uaUonal lawn Tfca republ??ans wil1 ti > d ?* chocus on th* Buoject to niormn. fh -*tuie 'MW'i nr d<' ur> k ibat tbo appropri ate nmu*ib< r uKvt by In tb> Ij'gielai in i lay step witk takon for tho postponosafcCt tli* t oa< o ' u .jviiromout fjrtboc^n ? uler.itton or th* Mbject THE ARK *N'^S SECESSIONISTS. (? *?SlTSYjiiJa, Ark , Apn. 8, 1861. The Wales Ki|ibu par v to day ruined n large <lag con taming it vi a Htnr?, h" ?'??? arm* <uid r. d and whit ) etrli>eet anl tbe m >it"< * "No sabm:*xlon to the North'' , ml "*iutb' m K'gbts. Mich o. pos-t on was manifest rd by tbe I nMO men t ? thin proceeding, and they 'lin | !*><hi from the 0?nt iioiixh a national flif r with 'hirty |livr',..n: An Iraeas* crowd MffBhlM) wh.oh was itddr'#4<'d >>} seo seioaistD and I'niouiMtK. DEPARTURE OP THE PAWNEE. Norhh h Va. , April 9, 1861. UmPmumhi call* to-morrow Cor the South with coale I i r-isrs. I ' is Mated hero tba< tho landed '-60 troops at Fori Monroe laat night. NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL, WAtMtn?<iri?, April 8, 1881. arroamiasm The follow :ig app ilMMtti wore nude to ilay ? Wttttam I. Adam*, Collector .it .tutor! i, <>regon. Havrtooa R. hrs?d, of V irMMri, Aiiarulantat if In dian Affair*. O ntr ?l Super ini*i???cuoy, ?t I<outs. <,.? >t k <* II < ?guod, ftatmaeler at Ckaihr .1*0, V ;ig. Alexander IHivel Opttent t of ilichnotid, Va. '<)v?>.ri'ui. Mamn At waiu Mr. CPU Pi.mNtfoa uan > eu appointed Commercial Ag<ml at >'*ii uiia, an olll< e Rh:d to on ui;rth twenty five htm !rc 1 dollars |.?t annum, wl'C hardly any duties to perform. H? t* * brother ?if 'ems W Simonton, one of th?- Wasblt gton c-rreep odeo:c f tbo Now Vork Timtt and San Francwon llu Lt n. THI PAJIAH K ftKWI-LA'nC Mr Frani is W Bicp I'an ima i-^rreepondent of tbo Kew Vork 7im?j acd !iao Kraj r ,???} lluil-tin, in a candi :ato for Cnimul to I'oDuma, a?a ? ?t Mr Mate, of Brookes, who m Mid to ?>e a frit n<! <4 Thurlw Weed. Tb ? f< i sular apiiointmeiitii ? ill not b^ maa" for tint w cka. M4RHIUI or TUP m^ntirT ' "If ** A. Waid H l.imon, i f 11! noi*, ha<- '<cM| appointed Mar thai of the Pirtrln of r*>i\rni>,a. *<IOM* OK II I ,' II' I'l "J.'M. < W, 3 Wood, <>f Now Vork, th< ? -"jr r,e of tha I'reel deaUal party l^nta niitioia to WaahinKtoB, .? down npou Mr I Inculn'* gl?t? for 0>i'im.> mor of ^ibllc Hnlld mgfl In thi. district IBS WAMUOTItSV *?** t A > ir*?T. Mr S. P. Brown, of Maine, is aj>; ate 1 Navy won! in UiiRClt). tiisc iukr'H ArniLRTMEsm. KawarJ li en tt it bore, proteatin;* Sf:>:imt ti e removal of KK'ti.her Wibitter, as furvcyor m" tin- |>ort of I'oauA. lh? MavHachnwstle CoiHirew.omi d.'Mfit n ha\i Mooted Mi YVi l>Mer s mi.xo ?.>r, aud < tid , be liu determluod t > ap|>oinl hun Z. K Tan^ bom is hera from B iston, <lo n what he m to brcak tho slate for tbe remaning Bntoa ap, <>;nt menu. l'a:i|rh<<rn wiu> a ritndida!<- tat l^ntDiaster, but 1'aU'riy 's api>?inim>iot vuics h.m ?? it. ( THK TA'AXO IT TBT- i IWS MS UK ST. The I*re*ldeot w III not if t upon tbe .-'u prone ? >urt va caioy at (iri'KOCt It in r?por: ?<? that an effjft Is mal.iiig to tudoco Mr fhsse, Hecrutary of tbe rrea*ury, to sc'?i>t tbe vacancy created by the ;u*th >;f ' .'tfe UcUu, an>! that Mr. Chano Ua.-i v i pressed Iki rated fa.orable to tbo poeition. It Is doubtful if Uie api -..ut moot Is m?dc mtlk after ConrreM menu, ?hen an efiort will bo n vie to make two circuits of tbe one receutly i-rfroe I t i .iui|g> McLean. It is quite iarxe enou?rh to dh 4e. -ST* IUM U<MS<. S)?t TH. Senators Gw,n, of California, an I B?/ard oi Delaware, aro about to visit Montgomery, Aiata >a .tsw iset'E or ntiiMKi xorr.>. The Secretaiy of the Treasury hataulkorlisd Utc Isk ;c of treasury notes to the amount of 8ve m lii'M# of i! ? > arc The plates are preparing, nad some o. tho notes wilt bo issued in P fteen days O'lonel John W. F >rney 's ?oo , rcccntly appo.ctnd a Second Lisotenact in the army. rec< ,red orders t i dty to r^]<ort himself It. New Yoik, aud to awa furth W orders He won also han<:n 1 a soiled order, with Instruct. ulm not to open It for thirty days. lie la prot>si y tat.ned for Texas, whence he w;U, in a arU.a < ontion iucy ntmol it hm Healed order, te detailed on rp ctal -r\ Ice the rosmnov or Aii^nw is Mrs*. Advices have been received by the govirrmont fron Jc.pan, with dates to the 30th of January. Hie aspe< . oi sliairs was threatening. The people wne nr n?' ia va rious portions of the country sgaiost tbn go vernmrnt, and foreign rasldei.t? w re leivlag the country, and many had taken -iholtor binder th?' Brit nta and French fla^s If the prts? it st ite of things coiitiLiK * much IOBgof,commarae will b<? ne iriy dertrrye?l. Tlie oon*p:rs!ors were grow mg ttrongcr every day, and great Alesaiisractioa *?? manifee'.ed -igtinn the authori'ses rt*i?'et tig tbe m>an^ empliye<i to cr,<>hoi.t tho rebels. Th> Am'.; .can resident wtro expecting as p'-t tonoe and prot -<itlon Crow toe commolereoi' the ron, who was on Li* way to their relM. Kanlrlpsl Klertfon at llntirord. ? flAHTitwu, f>mn., April 8, 1881 Thr drmoorscy of tlv* ' :*y is again triumphant. The repwMwWi who a week a go were J??yw? over tbe re elrc' n c " I.oom!f> its Oougrrr m?j, ir> mf it meUncboiy to tiigh . over their opponents' s roess, rbe democrat* did their host, and for their labors they bare been abe,;dantl) rewarded. The detroerate ele-tc l their el'y ti'ket, Pvc Alderm< n. Andtwrnt) one ONMttllireK, by an a\eraire demorratlc majority of 500. r?st ye*r both hoards were tied. NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL \v> * - ! - _u 40 p. ir 1M OOttBtcJ . t \. ?,? . , , , .v . ? ,L ' 'if !n* on ?ioq. or tw<? ki< 1 u, u.<! w 4. ? '??' iknjf wbea tb*n?W u. ,M JW1 ?r fin H.'in? ? rr ,U,iA" ? ? ' ? ? Jy conUmng hi. to mo ho.i , ' - .. ??I'll T.tD'l fully in oi t ? i g .he re .. ... iha mi norUy (Mi ? i . . ' y > e a po rt na Of tbe lenii n !i..< ? , '"ii'-lumTfty that he c. 'D> i i t . " O "I n- men t one wor*b> or h ;u t. lry h* .lid doi u, ib.. >.j!t i- .M th ? ,, l4k#u ?y ^ minority Tn tlw ccur > of . .? Ic respect) ui to the H > , >>> , ? ,K ,hrt <tl, p sons who v< ?gr ? as a cnctoapi, bin miDoritv h. nn r .i. vt Kliingw*vl In t strong arg'UDcn* n fav-r ' -it re:*,rt, an i h<> 'lone more iu favor x t .. utiiiuos than entire 'bee and ? I .if <i.> r fi * n v conns..! tj., ma to moral hUvhr |. mv 'c h : o.t Mum of or loo e, anil his idfereoc. g m r .g. action SfUiDbins, He th tughi the pm H|i>r.ioi ? ? wf ula dster tb-is<? who ha<i fnciK iigiiaKt tr.n v. from malting thtir charges b> rcai'ti r. !. * t ?bich, in bid opinion, th. ll,.,>j Hhtviii' ,:c,. Mr 1'roM.t no*fc f-?rl?W?j ii' d, ',;"c ' ' " ?" ?ting that he bsi or ii n J, " u" ' !r""' lh" twnmy 1?H ,r " 1 *>' ?*??<? tnat th.) aflldavlte gan.M.ibt. r.. . t.*,, aide 's off * lmmedialnv i, it ? . , .J.. _ . 1 ,"1 u' ll??n ttut h j *OUl. MI u?|. ? .,?U ... ;? ,UI? lmu th? j k b?? g?m- it- n< :l.- ... bb, ml", J?J &.wli, hi v.- >? t' "iiii.t^l to get up 'ivm / ' ? - - agaioxt f!r th v' ,rr> !n b?htif of the nil. ... m. Kibe an 4 Fish ia I?'!* ?? r.iviom w* " ' !" ' l" t,l-,r r.nclution el' th. minorit.v I.. I II, J, r:* v. ?v >h? Of tba ?pmiod, and w.j i.iop. . .0.,f ;a u, r?o. ru > Mer Uj ? < i t,,.- ? Vnm to Uko to. wm-T-Jh ?? ??Mwak.-r coul i prepare 1i,h .rn.tri i?, .. .. at u. tfce txmnty jail. ?emblj , ,"n k ' ? by th* M Th?re Will. .. ? ?.*?;; ?? m. -f ,iV.t th* rosult. Th* "" ?" ? "'iili m .-I t ii. ro i.,Mn n > ' ' ' ' "? ""U" M Nelaou ruahvii Vei -r?i ' ' ' "-g- Aix at Arms and rugUeo N. Ii.?i th . i. . ,, rM rlage that thev ' *' ' ' :l ra-e. ih* Ser Htm j -J re?t him, hut ho .H ?a'4 * " 1 uU 1 " ,lrove or ??:? ?round the ,^u..'i -u . Zlu'\'ug an'dotwi lilumiiig ihv -<"?? ... it.. . . - .h< om-Hi m-nt trf "? ,b- ? ? J.C&Xi Lh?.W'hU'r 10 " ' 1 ??">?? i- known of thw Hhoil jbl.U.h III . ill , J night. NKMr VOItl., I.KUfMl.Ari'HE. Srnulr. April 8, 1841 Tim SfiiRt,. u a* ei K a. ii y 1'.' niornuig ?*?.<on in coimi lering the SUf pi) A?M<aubl)'. *i"?\v. April 9, 1861. Mr. T"?>.4a.Nr> r>ru. . i khi in ? r??riiiit!on re? qulrinn thi. MuiUrv C-miti ' ..po-t to the a bill limiting ine ,en ? ? of ti> in.- militia to seven yours. llr. Plk*(*nbj?M'<r(l V evolution, but 8llbf6<|U?ntly .S i,at,?r aiij.e.i-e i r- tho c nr.m'tteo, anl after hearing acumen, yi? w?f rep. rt.?i for the cm. Hiileratioo ot tin H . A mi.t'.on by Mr i , t'l n,.,a.. it the ap c'al or.ler tor to morrow, wu? i..-i ? r > cAvif.ii To r.reiite a con, in sm.ih i. ametid the rhartor of the < ii> 1. 1 N? w ?< rk .1 .J" fur the e ibm!?tiot> of th?; Hrtinr to ih>- })?*<ip)> r r ?? cry Toautt.oriie, tit .ubmi oi tho vfogt Shore Railroad I" v* n 1o open l-'rai ki t ee' ?,/..) . 'her af,r?ftts ia Rnokiyn. To nmetiil i he >h r; Mi>...f !4jt,j Buahwlck aveauo im p oviBHiit actc. Itrik kl n Niit'l "ii hT'/hTi' T " '"'!"rt ?r r3? hlin,|rc,l a?Mlt.oi>al lli. rei.eurr.'lii re? uMni, ? ?ir reorganizing tho Court of Ap|i' i is wits |o?.t? V2 to ,"irt Tho hill to creai. a M, t; n,K,iita,i H.^ilth Pietrict crune up it u third re,.d?i g i a . I on the tuhie Ibe C. mtuittre t" n^ect uHte the Nel.s io cue made a cb'i'i . f. rt'l'or ^ c,uUl u- ac?'.u.' *d party of th* orlin.> ?mo oi the committee Mr I'mvont) reported for on \ ictiun and m iavor th .inp. i^ nmetit of sir. Nc'.koh in juil until th? a-'jourtini ui Al'er hearing counael nrle'ly, the Hotw refunivl to Jc ^ n '?U r'1" 18 iiua t > d?cu*u taJt Ql ill ULCtJ . Uou#e wes occupied all tbe aftortioon and ftven ni; n hearing org i, ment i n .h- ci'icl!: til* prevunia .piestmn Wie move.l and ordered fol^wln7r^at^:?,,,0r,l> ^ l'"'" 'l0"p,0,1' wl,h ,b? AtioM.ev^r . i'iat ?'obn M N>l80D- the Amistant Disfrlrt Attorney . f Albany eoon'j , now before tho Dar of tha HoiifM) charge* with an atkmpt to inllu?nc? tho c mducr. t??i?i t! "1 Hons* in it rn<tu-r r.-Knug to ii i leg wutiv* 'unctions, to wit, a bill to iuor.*ue the mo! , "U*",|R' AiUjr^ey ?f .Vliany . a.oxjtr by motives OI private emolnmnnt to ih? nanl nvimbor otb<r tuan and dintmct I Mm th^ public advaotart f? k' nDl1 a contempt of this House ?iDfi h branch of tt#< priviiffige ttiorofore ' Resolved, rhat iho said .l.ihn V V. lst'.n l?? imp^OD-d In ti e county ,ail unt i '.he ?nd of tho pre-ent ...?,i0n ot com timlr,en t therefor ^ l'"' ^*k?r Wto hl8 warrMt "f b bad t,me to make out hh warrauil A-; soon as Jlr NclKit, uaa retnovo.! a cjt.?.| of sonic hemi-cd or two hiindre. ,> ^oiis, ithercd fa tbo g .;l*ales ftear w?h M\ l'""r ?M*- M 'tr Nelwm r w? ,t L n y ,bn. Sar?"-t" a, Arms, .. was at oneo sqrrouniln.] nnd e.rreil "I. y tho crowt', wh' had him ef' ..f s ^ht heforo the ; err, ant at Arms , recwer from bis panic or any atteiupt to ree-iver bm paw ner. Several nirtien it> 3S i*"1 ?"t- "u" KL*,, ?" t" Ja.l ia Alhanj for futvu tiog a legislative corruption ' and f tenso exelleuient exnt?d during the seen*. * !Vevii? fi'olii Ili&viftr?u? n a. _ ^ Okijumm, April H, i#ai. bJ arru tT4* Miramon, from ilava.: , ub inst., M lla*-;.iia rogar was di ll at 0>: reals. The stork in IT??, ^ -sOOCO Kxports lH-^O a mi ?' n 34,6?w bo*e<. i xt:liiUige on London 10 ,2.^* P'""""?; N' * V"fk 2 n a premium. Ifttn^t 10,1 u> at Lliiv. na on tl.o Tl,re. jore tosc.h saile*! for St. Domingo on tho 30tli. Th. < urrrn. y (tMlMM n# I'ltt.liurg. ? .. , I'rrrsm'Sd. Ap-ll a lv7i . n 'nthnslastie meeting o' the business men of rtfs ?mrK T" l0, r?Mrdto the currwy tion Tli* wholesale acd rau:l trade was f ilh ropre. ?en ?d, and tba sir. ugest d. termination not t^ re.-eiv? o'yi. ciated money w?s man f.*te.|, e*, e?t fctbr..^r,? ?,V "l,,cur' ud Virg n a money oarted st ip. r Fugitive SUvti at Detroit. l>fcTK<>rr April 8, 1flfll. Alx>'it .100 fugitive flavor, principally from lllino a, havo ptiMi"! into Canada at tbtn pouu aince Halurday, I and larcv ii'imbcr mire are r> |?>rt 0 >n the \*a?. Mai.y : h re entirely dOTtttato and ran. I, >u' ?rlng I* anticipated, ; do'.u tiietai rtmn the <'flort* made for their relief. Departure of Fugitive Nlavea for Canada. f 1 MM, AnII I, IM1 dr." huii Irrd and all fugitive alavra left this city !wt right for Canada. via th? iliihtfao Southern Katiroad. It .? <? t.mated tliat over one Ujou?.u.'1 fufi'.iveH havo arrived la Ihia clt) rluce !Mt fall, ntort ofwhomhav* li ft ainre the reccct an eat of five by the Coiled Statos ilnrvba. narktu. Xiw Wjukm, April I, IHCl. Cotton ? Hal?r to day 3,300 halo* miJdiuig 1 Jc a 13;, S. J Mnir qotet Ohio, f A 16 a $b to. >taiflbu? C >ttoa to Liverpool, ,d. i.x> ii.ui?e on l>oiidon < a 7>< pr. ui jtn; on X aw York a H premium Mohiu. April 6, 186!. Co. ton? S'?Im to-day i.-VW balea, at 12j<o. for aiddi ng Cuahlh/mi, April H, lteti. ( 't<.n ? if 1J200 ualea, quotation* ranging at 9c. t< 14c. for i ? n The market latlrm and uncnanRed. Pmi.Aotu-iiu, April ?, 1801. Muur un< h..i , TChe.t firm aalea 5,000 bu*hiU, at fl ? 2 a $1 W t'or r<'<). u>rn buoyant aalea 10,000 buah< .a, h i 60c. a flic Cutiee? Hki at 11 )fe. a 14)%c. Maaa perk, ?K 40. Lard, 10c. a 10',c. Whiakey, l~Kc.a lKo. CtoroiiATi, April 8, 18G1 Hotir dull, wnli do demand. Wbiakey dacltned ^c.; quoted at la^o. ProTtotona ara held flrmly at eitrtnm ralta Meet pork, |1T a #17 12K Poattl Matter*, wrw ootrrniivnt ?nrMOMift. iKron Holbrook a T nited ?tat? Mail | It !>? well known that the only raiea nf poalage adapte ! i to the ratnped government envoinpo* at the preeen'. ; tiro", are one, tar*e, four, alt and ton cede With it view to extend to tlie public the full bwafll of the !a? of OntigreM no tb a rubjert, tbo haMMtr (leneral bait ordere 1 the manifarturi of onvolopo*, wUb Ibe md.tion tt \ rate*, twenty, twenty font, th'rtjr wed forty c*nis, ! adapting tLe iirea ? >f tli? enrol"!** a* nearly aa powthlo ? to the bulk aad weight Intended to bo endoaed Hy tb* ure f?f i boo goeornnn'n* enreiouee, lot t"i t and other en nrMi.rx ' to '?e aenf. either !? or out of tt; ? rovl. but th**r inti?t he #o?l d and ?b" addr'*a written ?. crlnted. with ?ho -!at of tr?n?rti,*M"0. ^he new ?-n?.'k-poa will aooa b? for ?alc at 'he pr at pal l oat t^fTcua ?>TAMr :n i.kttkh nnxn* rt-.n ro?t?n.?ier 'Jotierai ha? orderi 1 'h> e deration ?f alioeti f letter papor, ent.iru' icte<1 ai d i tHiaoed wl'li f .? t?r?p icrt p<e ttamp-C ?nb'i ln?- . oue b<>ti a ?*.t? r nheet an< ?e?elit? /i?e ie<iia'? rf nototiio, i ibopM oi in ict MMf M at; hi mm tu ,? ?itn U.e rafe tra< ?miar.nB of tli* e> 1 Him w?l lie a r*t*?ta| ??r-0v+rt1 rt*?? i h? <.*i ,r^m of oom*r?a *t a ?b< ?r? frone initai p*- i> ?t?V<|e. en ibelr Ir'lea* ft ?r,n \U - i v, . <h?| io ohviiie tb< tta "?'*ti?* 'Ht >?;? ea -oii time- ar <e i? Idr. 'tifr 1 1 tie 'tjfet l ai. ,ne.<*jt > a 14't t> lt?a w.*c al (N mark