Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1861 Page 4
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oMt?wr< i.airncNAMT otwat m. muthui, v. ?. m. The telegraph u> us tbe mournful intelligence of tte death of Lieutenant Olway H. Berry man, com ?naji.i zig the United States steamer Wyandot, off Penaa ceia,on ttaf 2 a mat The death of this highly generous, gentlemanly and etlicient otttoer will not only bring deep Borrow to hla family and friends at home, but will be unfelgnedly la mented by his associates In the service. Tbis sad de parture from among iht^n ? never to be Been again on earth ? will be aadiy and deeply felt by all those who have Bailed with him, either as messmates or shipmates. His joyous. merry Uugh, aud bappy disposition; his fine, officer like bearing ana self-pos.-ession under all circum stances, will long be pleasantly reiuombered by those who were ever aeroc ated with him. Lieutenant Berr> man entered the navy in 1829, and had perforsied much service at sea. He had been longer iu command than uy o'ber one of his grade in the Mr vice. tince the year iS47 he lias been almost continually in comui*nd. having commanded seven diflereut vessels up to tbe time o' bis death. He commanded the United States t'T'jj lMfiliiti in t fro different successf]! sounding expedition* in tbe Umntic Oooan previous to the laying uowu or' Uie leicsraioc able, aud verified by bis sound man the great plateau, which uad been asserted to ezUt b.v Commander Maury, and upon whicb the cable waa laid. f ar 'bo three ninths previous to his death he had liet n actively employed w ith the Wyandot, off fensacolt and Fort I'ickens i-ude lag tbe most important service. T\v > lleuienaut* in d tie m ister having reslgnod, left him wiib one leiitutaut In consequence of this much additicna! duty d< volved ui>ou him, and officers lately ar riving fioni the'e Mate that he was frequently on duty twenty bonis out of the twenty four. Hi-* death was cause-1, by bra'n 'ever, produced from exposure and c in stant arduous duties, which he ever performed with marked zeal and fidelity Belrg thin cut oil while yet|in the vigsr of his days, the navy has lost an officer who performed his duty faith fully, eno wi"'nr pn?oKSi?nnl attainments were those of usefu.ness to bis country, and conferred distinction upon himself A. JKKRY BKTANT, OF BHVAVT8' MINSTRISL8. Mr. Jeremiah Urjaul, very well known throughout tho country as tbe founder of Bryants' Minstrels, died in this city yesterday of congestion of tue brain. Mr. Bryant was only about thirty -three years of age, but had already achieved an ex ten led reputation in his peculiar line of buain ts. He was a native New Yorker, of irl'b parentage, und first attracted public attention as the '-Brines" of "Ordway's .Koliaos," in Boston, about ten years ago. Ho afterwards organized a company, and after a short season in Boston commenced a' extended tour th.ougli the country, in due ng a trip to California, which latter was very succtJ-piul lU'iureing to New York, the Bryants, now reinforced by several popular performers, secured Me chanics' Hall formerly occup'ed by Christy 's and after wnrds by Wood's winstre's. Here, during live years, tlic I Bryants were verv successful, ''Jerry" and his brot ier I "l??i" being the life and soul of the company. 'Ihej were p'irt and parcol of the attractions of New York, and i untg the whole year never failed to attract j full bouses. "Jerry " was quaint, clever and lrriaistl- j bly funny. In private life he was exceedingly popular, j und noted f r his thorough honesty and perfect integrity. His sudden neaih will be sincerely regretted by a host of admirers in all i>arts of the eountry, uj well as by a very lar<:<' circle of personal friends. Personal Intelligence. General Garland . ot the Unttod H .uvea Army, is stripping at the New Yoik Motel iKir.n l'iatt ami wife, of Ohio, are shopping at tho St. Iienw Hotel. Major Gary, of H. B. M. Sixty third regimout; IJen" t"oaut l'lattjof tb> L'r.ltcd stales Navy; William Fraaci8 Heury . of ~outb Car liua, and lion. John Fraser, of Fiori' oa. are stopping at the Clarendon Hotel. Don James O Putnam, Consul to Havro; Klmuud Dwrlghl, of Boston, and d F. Budge, of Manchester, Eng- | land, ire slopping a', the Brovoort Uouse. Capt 0 1? Black? ley, of Peoria, 111. ? T. L. Wlbrayand E J. Thrmpeon,<l orl-ana: M M. Uh'xles. of Massa chusetts, and James Vol oho, of I.omion, Kngiand. are ! stopping at tbe l?targe House. Col ft" C Kihbe of California: Ju1::e Il.lton, of Ohio. Col ham ucl Colt, cf Hartford; 11 11. llunnewoll, and wiie.ot Boston; J Grouse, of Syricuse, W. Keep, ol l?ock|X)'t. J H. Humnhrey and family, of Albany; (.'eo, | Campbell and flam'ly, ol I'lttsil'ld: N. Hikeman, Jr , 8. ClarWsii'ill lYnwbrl'igo, of Connecticut, aro stopping at 1 the si Nicholas Ib-sel Hon A. H. Cragiti and J. A. Chamlierlm, of New llnnp 1 shire; Hon. J. II (Sutler, of Bang >r: Hon. (J. Ashmun, of Springfield J. imnliain and Col. K G. Allen, of Boston; .liidg'- Well.-, of Ya < s county; Mr. Graham, of Washing ton. Mass . I. Blaiicbard, of Boston; !>. Wilson and W. Wi!laid, tf Albun und <i B. Whito, of the 1 nitld States 1 Navy , are t^topo ru at the AgUir House. G. 1'. Applet'iii " i Vermont: J. K Mingle, of No* Orleans; N. B I'll >ades, of Auinirn : E. B. Birehard, of ?^Vt-counn. S N S. ('<u,e , of Chvlosten, S?. (\ ; fl K. Brown, of Baltimore. J t). Chambers, of Washington; S. H park' r :>nd J Me 'Vnu'l, of California, and Mr. llart n- it, oi St. Ixiuib are stoti^ing at the Metropolitan Hotel. LOST A!\l? FOUND. Lost? ow Saturday kpknin.; april o. wiiilv; returning to Bim ?klvn tiuin Wallack s theatre via l'mtien tcrrj , n lady n k '"?t tt (huntin : na* , Chain and Pia hi tariiVd. The liode- will be liberally rewarded upaa leaving U.e<- nue aith W. UigoleMnilh, 171 Pearl etroet, corner o; Km, ICHT--O.V S'*NII\V MORNING, IN FIFTH 4 VENUE, J bet?c?n Twenty-third and Forty *. ond street* a PI il l Paddle Cloth * 111 tlic Under please leave sirao a l IUD Weil Fourier nth atreet. LOST? ON SaTI RDAY NWET, IN JERSEY (MTV, A larjre whi'e 0<?g up iti ??! blaek. ?mwpn to the name of .1* k: had on when loat, a leather collar with the'i in. n. *ud "Adam's Exprr * Company' tupon il. The tlnd-r will be rewarded by leaving bim at fltf Br. adtv.iy, New York ciiy. Lost ?%i 50 hrwamd- ox sitwday afternoon* 7'h Insl, a st 0?oix? ? church, ntuyvessnt sou are. a ?mt'l !?ab>i? Inn' l*r The ab >vc r> ard will be paid for I's recovery at 44 Oder atreet. LOST-' IN ?!.l i' -V ? V M I KS I N< AI'KII. I :N liOIVi, through T?<-:i'jr ilrx* street. Sixth avenue, Twentieth Mieet. Bi adA-.y, Win *rley place and Hfth avenue t > Eighth alreet, n double |irlD^ with gild eta ? $j reward wlJ be paid ii|on ?>. "I'turn to \H West fw n'y first street LO>T? 0 V TH C R^UAY EvENINO, APRIL I, IN UOINC Irom A1 T?mh atreet to hifth avenue, a rnnall lUht co lor'.d liable Vlcu.i ie, end*. Th^ Under will be suitably rewarded ty leaving the 'ai\ at M Tenth -.tree'. T OST-ON SUNDAY BEFORE 11 O'CLOCK, A SMALL |j ?...v?r 'Va'ch, between ti. anh and Canal aire. 1i or In u h.itb avi nui- c?r to ?\ .ive.l-v place A suitaUe reward will be glv? n by lea lug It at M Beach stree*. Lost? on hatvkOay nsr. a silver watch, Bngliah lever. (flaTlson m<?kei and gold rope Chain A libera: reward will be given, an it is Vuiiiet] a< a fatuny relic. Ltave It at or add!*** <1 ? hit*, 17') Uroadwaf. LO^T. ? L8KT IN \ WALL STREET STAJF., ON Thursday, 4th Inat , ? daC; Sformio Satchel : (he finder U earnestly re<|ueated to reiuru II, an<l receive the ihjnk < ol t n ? owner ,ind reware. Cal! mi or u! ii m M. C. Kdey, tk? Cedar atreet, opposite th* fwloitt Lost Hi; SToLJ N? FROM NO. II >iR VMER.'EV P V IK on Mai inl.ij i venlug, a ?;;a. -k and Tan Terrier I'u > near ly full frown; had on a red ;ta'ent lea, her collar, nod hi- e*-s had been lately and badlv inioi -d \ ?uit ibl.f i\?w?r'l ,v di be glren for Ike dog or T in, oma'.lon whieh wlii nr.* hl< i eorery OTOLEN ?A Man ?V. >, r ft I'^fCT * INrHBI I1I>U'. O dark coBi'lexton, ulim iiiUi, called a', my s'.ible No. W7 E??t Hr >udwav, at 10 ? 1 1 ? k on Hatnrday morning, I'o- a home anil wavon lorDr br ?n, < \|ng nli reatdener, No. jII tie ir; ?u-e<,t. a nUe. mr.onth mu<te '?*) irjtre, a Mut li oandx blsh, lone taiL aereu ? i elg t year* o d : a hli k t >p w? t in ? ,ib Ixiun uea I naiii ?n iud lue b >oi aud #eai . ihe oa^uii. 'joi inieli u*ed, wlih M.ver tieiunt*d liairen*, a Hutch roilar and a dark red and In *n K r?. > blanket, aithout lining. nr*r^y new. A UlH-ral ri ward will b? pud for the re coieryof the bora- and a kj; m, '>r u.r In: '.rmatlon wuere it mar re lound, by J, V it" ?(de, ma'jle Nj 12; f,a* Rr>ad? !?J. ~ BKW \ HOW. Oj.? REWARD? LT.- r -AI-HtL 7 A BUCK AND T\N Jp? Do*, will til rk?d, ali "it 13 p inn, ?. had on a ?d m lar. Eeturo hiin to 176 sixth avenue, or lend a n >te tt.r.iug ? here he can b" l'ound II $r REWARD ? STKAVED FROM THE REIIDENtTE ?J id the advertlaer on Fridiij,5?!i mat , a blaek Newfound land b ut, with a few wbi'e hair* on breai , aMifern; to tiie name ol Tweed. Any party returolng h?r to the iindenUitti" I w ill reeeive the above reward .ir.d do <|ne?tioo* anked WM J, scMK"fi\, i'~it I n . h?. ? eater ( N *1A BBWABD-L iST A HLA' K HI'AMBL DO I. ?P1" with red OoWr on hi* iwi, n,aik-d Prince. Reiurn lUm to Florence Ho'el and r t eouj money REWARrf-LOSr. ON TUB F.YRNINO OF *!'??.? Bare'i :i|, a ijo'd hni-lnr ea?d Watcli, St al* t maker. No ? "t1? . ? inner , v, n upon the \n The above iew*rl v?di lie null and n >tu??M<me a*ked, npm lm reiurn tp Wll'taui N. Biowo, So. 7 Krank rt ^tre<jt, ' t'f vter Mug.' REWARD -THE I ' r.Ml O* THE SI P icrlberwr burglar! i?'v ente e.| on the nigh- of the ith m?t., and a lart ? lot <-f fid an ?ll*er \\ aU'h** ?io: -n. The above reward wpl bep'itd f'.i 'n: >rm*t, on lhai wlli iea?l to the reroverv of * .id nroi r'y. W* ?* MAVEK. ?CH Ninth a?enue. t'j I WWl REW aKD V ' 1,1, pa*. $1, I.EWARD lor the dlajover y . f he ? m or ivraona i i eitierol ihein > ho ?et .n the r.t^ot ?! Arn l?i,in?t. to the dW' llll.1' mi' te nr bfotiiia^* on the premUe. ?r>i on tbe I)yd? Park road, ab?ui .... mile, norih f . uh lie* peie, known aa the lltowj >. Clt a pla" the tild - ? roiie-a belug lu lillaatlon hetw. -i, t:.e ?#, ,^r haal.aa.l of l?e ate BdAftbeth c;- ., 1 a?. i, ana f. ?? in' u mv i. aiiflirlent ?o convict ?ueh p?-?on or iwr? m. I wi.l *;.o p?? tl.OUO additional reward ioi .i*? dUoiverj ol the p.n, , or per.onn whoaet (Ire 1 1 the Iwru ui ihe ?-ine , r?m? <, * the time It wan consumed In tne siu ln* o le * .nd Inform* lion .uSsient to ban c >m '? I'd sm - i ? r-on nr i.? rs . ns I A h I Ai 1.0ft, 4*i *treet Ni w r?>?K, Apr l ? Iftil new WWiWUlWIli ? 4 BOWI AND imnfORnp*. A THE MimiLL TAKi rF, ITM B'lLS ANH THEIR BFMBDT, HV HIM' IN STBaN. This day published >?* CliARLi M !' MtLi:? A I'd., I.'IU Naeeau airefl, New to, k l'rl'e It; , cent*., Fu ? ale by all bo 'ksell' 1 ai a p?i! d?a!rr - RMTAIM.WT*. TIIF DEM*>p FOB M APsBY, COLLI a co s ALE at SPENCKHH la inotmotii: hlMWelel Lunch ?> inter his Ae Had' e<m-ei him toenla'iie h.? bn aeeonaui wf,i ttona, h'sfrlcnda and i ntroo- mu<l 'he eiore euu?? the |? n?e>. ewr B'teudant lb t n te, however. c*n *t a'l M n rtr a* heietofore Northwest . o ner of Oorilsndt atreeiaod Jiu.idaay Hi'BNCKR. W J ?euUe^ oorojr of DownlaganJ Bedford aiieete fr? S to t o'liosk f. M. ItfuwoM (xAuied. MM. DMUWf. F -NO LETTER THBBB. HAVE YOU MOVADT a. r. A. B. *? G.-MOOKW*, MONDAY, ? P. IL-A OIRL, ttiA . M. AU well. IT0*, x^>fTIOI,*.rTHJ5 parents of a female r child, twomonths old, wish to find tome respectable P?m?b wbo will a4opt u. PlaMe ot l at Mo. 117 Woooter THE much U 0V: r.a 8T*KBT ?A LADY FAIB 8IT8 AT r wli dow and smiles at me Ml put by. I would jS J, me what mar be the reaion wh/T ?? ddr ?s faol. Union aqua re Poet office, Ml Broadway. H**WAE KANE, WHO LIVED WITH A FAMILY IN fourteenth street three rean ago. will hear of aome iou> to her advantage by sending * - - 1 ? - - ? Aylfog, at Godfrey'* Union squan _ her address tu Mr?. J. W. square Post office. HOTELS. IF IDA M. M. WILL ADDBB88 A NOTE TO H B. 8., bos 116 Herald offloa, slating where she Oaa be aeen. aha will bear of aomethlnf to her advantage. IK AQREEABLB WILL "BROKEN LIMB" ADDRE88 through personal time and place for an interview, aa 1 "Broadway" is not |>oeted. Address, through personal, Broadway. INFORMATION WANTED? OK JOSEPH MANSFIELD, aged 11 yean; left home April 5; hat dark hair, blue eyes, and of pleasing apiiearau*. Had on black cap, black jacket, brown i*u'?. Any intoruiMtion of him will be thankfully re cehed fy his mother, Mrs. Man* lield, corner of Meadow aud Second streeta, Hoboken, N. J. IF -FIFTH AVENUE 8TAOE TO FORT? ttEO^NO J. street last summer? with the soldiers. Hare loat your | address; do you remember? JIM. MAHUAKKT SHANNON, WHO LEFT IRELAND ABOUT a year ago, will hear from her auut Bridget Shannon by writing a letter to her, giving her address, to care of the Fost rQlce, \ tinkers, N. Y. Mm. WONDERS AT YOUR LONU ABSENCE; ? would like lokn jw the cause why you do not c >ma to the (-la place. Klcg that bell. H. SJUSaN ?I WAS THERE ON MONDAY BEFORE LAST. O Villi did not rome. Let me hear I rum you. You know my address. Q. The gentleman who bowed to a lad* who ! wax in company with a young gentleman In laylor'a Ha loon on Saturday evening, between S and 7 o'clock, would I like to apnlcgixe personally, as he was mlsaken. 1'leaae ad I dress Jackson, stating wheii aud where he can do so - - ? 'I'll K KIHKNEN. At a special mektinu ok new york en gine Company No 47, he'd at the engine house on Hon j day evening. April 8, tbe following preamble and resolutions I were adopted;? Whereas, it has pleased an all wise (Jod In the dispensation of bis providence to remove from his sphere of earthly use fulness i >rtavius Barnard, anil whereas, we (eel called worn to express in a suitable maute.r our gnel a'. the loss we have met; therefore Besolved. That in tbe death of OcUvlus Barnard the mem hers of Engine Company No 47 lime lost a l'riend and asso data endeared to them by many friemily ties. R<?ol\ed. That we cannot withhold tin- expression of our grief which this melancholy event ha* caused, and at the MM tinir- III bear testimony to the exalted character of the deceased. His devotion to the interests of tbiscirapnny, his htilct integrity, his courteous demeanor, his manly and social <iuallties, had endeared him to us by th( utr ingest ties, and will cause us to cherish ills memory hercalter wlthrespeot and regard. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions, duly attested by the officers o! this company, be transmitted to the family of the deceased Resolved, That the above resolutions be published iu the Herald Leader and .sunday Mercury. U. W ttenman, C. n, Sand ford, E S Runnett, Cjmmlt tee. J. A. FHlLLIl'e, Ch.uruia.i. E. S. Ri nmtt Secretary. Albion xotbl, ato Hudson street, corner of Charles.? Persons visiting the city and those making a change will find this a quiet and deslratil" place, the retire ment of a private house and freedom of a hotel; pleaatnl and well f tirnlahed Rooms, In suits or single, suitable lor either married or single gentlemen, with or without Hoard; nee of gas, bath, Ac. Stages and cars pass tiie door. Terms moderate. T. LAMBERT, Proprietor. WE 81 CHESTER HOUSE ? BILLIARD ROOM TO LET. A largo ba lement, 60 by 75 feet, to let or leaao; en trance on Broome street. Apply at the allice of th* West Chester House W W. LKLAND A OO. "\ArESTCH ESTER HOUSE PRINTING ESTABLISH TV BUI 145 Broome street ? Sards, Bi.l lluads aud all Job Priming done promptly and to order. P. i BUCKLEY. UrESTCliABTER UOUBBtHAlRDRESHlNU 8ALOO.V. r b.ivinj;, Hair Curling, Shampooing Ac. , Ac , done iu our establishment, by exjierlenced and well known workmen, at tbe lowest prices. Da.N'L. C VAKICK. Tl'BtiTCHESTER HOUfiK BaTH ROOM- HOT, COLD VI and nhoacr Baths, at 20 cent* e.icii; (i tickets for $1. For ticket - At ply at the bookkeeper's office W. W. LEI. AND A CO. Y\'LST 'HESTER not 8E NEWS DEPOT.? ALL. THE VI late Pertr dlc.ils, city Dailies, Canadian and Eurouein T'fc|iersi' t hi latest dates, received and for sale under the IS estchesU-r Houae, No. lie Bowery. TH08. J EStiRf. nrwiOHBim HOtrn tui k rtori limm VV at- -ortsiu n. of all kinds of TrMfeBtag and backing IrnnkH and \alises constantly on hand and f ot .lie The trede supplied at penWi prfcoee JODSl'l 4 )LF, R8TCHBSTBB HOi'sK BXORAMNO UTAIbME mei t, iiintei' tue Westches'ei llouse^ I l i' , Bowery. - W All <rders iur Door Plates, hinls, Ac, #c , in our line promptly attended to by leaving ord< rs ?< above Bam, r. xiitKiiAv. WB8TCH18TBB HOUSE, CORNRR OK BOWBBT It ami bin me street Kept on tbe Eur pnauplnn. Nenlv luiiiKlieJ ilirough ut kooms 40e , ;<*?. Mini $1 i>er day. Mea's servi d at all hours. Ouesls can llie well at one d.illar per day W. W. Ll-.LAN D .t Ct> lI,rEST? HES1ER HOUSE r AILOKI Nil hSTABLIBH. It ment, under Iks ffes'eh-ster House -All kinds of gen lemeu'-i ' tnnifhlng Hoods, at wh- 'e ale and refill. Large u lucvm lit* oil'ei il to the ttaile J. OOSE.V. TIT EHT C7B EBTBB HOC SB 8BOAR STAND.? D1RB0T M .rip .nations of cboloe Havana segsrs tor sale, at both n . liilishmeiit.i, Wes'cneetertiid Mairopolitan Hotels, I e- md retail. Virginia Chewing fobaoeo Best Me tt prices. J, 1IILB>)RN, I'riprietor. COPABTOMtlHIP ?OWCH. \ llHlHI.Y PROFITABLE AND RESPECTABLE B J3I mse for fae, c*n be bought cheap; prottta certain; well HaeoHrd et'Kk and good run of cuitom A pn-iner will be Lik?n. 1*. It. ROSS At OO., No. 9 Ea?au atree'.. ANY R1SPECTABLE GENTLEMAN, H AVI NO $2 9D0. J\ wi.liiiiK t.i ?iiga?e aaiiirtner in a very aupirlor Hint ? i??H ca?n ini.u eaa, from which $40UU> w ill lie realized i.i .??? year, without further Investment, will meet with I Tent opportunity by appljlng at <ii and j<.>5 Broad floor, room No (>. 4 M\.\ OF STEADY, IND" t I(. rg \ Fl. VTaM ?'\ ed to ??'#' iv nartn> r I e. ???? n and well e?' "bllahed, paylnr l"?> 1 w 1 ti I! miv ? only a nmall amor ?' e* i' i iiv' (I , . ?' >? actual c'int of i> ? v. h.if : Apply ? N* , uear Orchard ! /^RE.?T OPPoRTUNirt rot: A PllOPEK I'EKSOX \J having $.*>,i??l t" . :i - n h m.i hi,!:. ; ? I ? i will retniu pieat 1 ' l?. a r. >. ? i . . . i" ml the PlMbVney, at a tan -ulaiy No .<? . n*- Ad drew A. H , Poat office, N. > N^OTIOB ?NEW lORK, APKIL 8, 1.-WI ? C. ALKKKD <!ry mes w nbdraw a thm dny from the linn of W. A. Hti-b bin ? A ' '<> , and will clo>e up t ie bunlnc** of that llrra W. A stebblu* will cootlaw the busmen* on hli on n aecjtnt , HAKIM K ?\ \NTRO IMMEDIATELY? WITH A CAP! I tal of $ 1,0*1 to S.i.KIO, In an eatabllalied Imalneaa in the lowerpart'H thoclty, that payaau average profit of 2A p-r sent. H e bualnea* ran be extended. AddreM, wltli real i inme only, R, K. T., Herald PARTNER WANTBD-TO TRAVEL ALL ROMMRK with a nli braP .1 and unrivalled mag'oian. A H ire ctiarre to rnak mosey and met1' cjuntrv Large profits ?rerertaifi without rl>k fall fir two daya at ?01 at rent., 1 \S I'llamaburg. CTEAM POWER ?THE SIBHCR1BEI: HAS AN OP i port unity to Mala an En:;ine down town, where tli'- re : i ipm tor |*i-\er will !?? lane. Tboee wlshin i to engag* in i :he enterprise will hp| 1> ?" I M. T?>DD, l.'WNMaiu uriwt, roonm IM and 20 fHE CO PAKTMERHMIP HERETOFORE KTISTI>?<I 1 iiod'rtU? t. mi Wakn A Kreetaan, la dLanoWed by mu tual omwbI William Wiike l? alone authorized t.? se?.tle the | ifTatraof n il paitnerafclp. and to ?!?.? t i? ??nieof thn tinu m ueh ??ttlewilt, liaie l New ?ork, Aorli I. lull, Willi a* wake, THEODORE KRhFMtN. ; rntl DRY IK)OI>? hSR"HA\TS ?A TOl'NO M AN, 1 bai Idr $1,(1)0 oath, I* deMrou* of joinlna ? party about to "jtnni?n. e l>o m? *v would btve no objection to an eniraKW 1 raent in ?n r?u?bl,?li"d i n. ern with the view of IC'iOlring an intermit in It. AOdteaa I ?? lta. Herald olCoo. \\ ANTKl' AN E^TFBPRIiJim} MA* WITH SOMK ?t capital. In mm i nterpr ?e that wlU pay ?WU per week thlaouiumer; .ill will - u?i'y that thla 1* n > liumliu*. tall a. ?36 Hioadway. Metropolitan Pa:< on Y\ ?ANTED-A 'ARTNEtt ? ITU fl.iU) IN OAHU. IN AN o!d e?u ipheM Ne\> and Heoond Hand Barrel bimlncnii, ii ooopei (i eferr>'d; neeit apply Call oo of addreat, in own li ind ? rlt iiik lor one week* William Dlion, 7S .Va/ x i reel ANTED? A MK.-T (' LAWS EUEINEM MAN, WITH from i W to ?l.tO' < i*h, cither aa > lurk or partii'-r In .i vv pi-otitalile i-onimt i"irfi bualnaa*. Th ?* harlni tin- m m-y at o niiiivi d may <<ite-H N. O. P., but 1 'J Herald oilicn PARTNKA ?ANrfc'l,> ,N AN OrClOE BITtH $ >iiv_ partner wanted in the li | iof li min e ?y.iJlO ? I ar* net wanted in a ui'ratlve Hu<une>? $.41, i?" can l>c realized the Drat year. W *i-in A CO., 213 i?"'?dway, corner of Kulton ?t. . room 3U C- I IWI ? 1'ARTNEE WANTED. IN A ? ASH M tNlT > I UU. ?? "if Builneaa, pernmnently eaabliahed. ? tb nnl'mlted eiteoalnn, faying 'ivor hB percent net; l?r;e oiilor* ?numjei (roio wholesale botMen; tie party *ncagl<u| imrlna entire ? arol of h!a capital. ApjiiytoT. V. LIYlNilg i ol?. .1 E , W l?H?rty rtreot. ?1 Hill I A P.\ RTV WITH |l,0UU \T llll COM Ifi l.UHU, mind would like to tn>e>,t it In no>n? ?>ife WMktlhM or won ill join another oirty about nmHIM iigbnmneM \d(!n'?aS li H , bo* 1 16 Her%ld olTl ?, ata'lng kind ' i buaineea, Ac Ag' uta need not apply. IWWk 1 ASH and an active PARTNER WANT ed In h IlKht. aenteiei and Terr pt 'liUble idi - ? liiiHiaem, lully antabllalied and i irrled on without nak Will lie h** flated w i li mi uneieoptlofial ntid re?pon.d!ii? p?rty. WWHll WWW, bol nu Herald otlloe. lil r.(\( I \ BI'HIM VIAN IN OOOD HTANDIIftl OI.wHu, Wftl-nea to engage tie wrvcn o( an eaerget'o prffnn with the aboro am Mint at hla diap nal He I ?f i 0*M *> I 1 be gl? el noil ie<|'iired, ind real enta'e ae< iflty lor the monr' . addre ? II , m,i !??? ller?ld offlee. 4;*^ (WW) ?T A PARTNER WITH |UB To enlars ? niy Ini'lneM My trade wit OOOI mafld it.e Inn .le.djK" ? -ot prolit Porfefl' mllafatlon |tr?a the flmt Interview AddreoN h M ,bot I It Herald oflloo. -."null -* "AN. El, n a ran ?IP tmt " v? ' ia!e <a?li i i' walHHL that ?l.. pay atefirproflt lhl? I ? a r.n ? i haune 'roll' < divided' work r. i >lltn tir. tr ii, IE Lib t j ttnet, nec\/u ' U'?r MUM A* MOflM. W. POUTER ft OJBj^AUCriOlfEHBS-BOEJHlS MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD TT .NIT U BE AT PUBLIC AUCTION, ?( the eta sua reeldenee SIS Wen Fourteenth street, our Eighth ivmuf. on TUESDAY. A>RU. % At it O'CLOCK, The catalogue comprising the _ ... Tisrgtst and richest assortm?nt of Household Furniture and Works of Art Offered at auction this season. Suixrb seven octave Pianoforte, Elegit nt Drawing Room Malta, Artistic Bronzes, Statuary, Oil Paintings by eminent artists. Bronze and Ormolu Chandeliers, Pier and Mantel Mirror*. Brocade and Laoe Curtains, 4 Commeaclns at 11 o'clock precisely? die entire ele?snt rur niture and beauMful Work* of Art contained In the above large dwelling, all of which will be sold wttnout reserve, and moat be removed Immediately, consisting uf everything to '? found la a flint claaa residenee? Parlor, Ubriry, Dining It >om and Chamber Furniture. Catalogue! ready by 8 o'clock thla morning, when the whole can be examined Parlors contain superior velvet Carpets, three m'gnlflsent solid rosewood hull*, covered In mirixm. bin* and K?ld, and crimson and gold satin of the trost expensive desenptiou; Ootliic and Turkish fcasy Chairs, in mo<|ti*t and wttln bro cade ladles' solid rosewood Reoeptlon aud Arm Ohurs. cover ed in gold, blue, |crtm>?>n and maroon satin three solid ruse wooa Centre Tables, with rich statuary nwrhletops. ex ien sively carved rosewood pier, sofa, and side tables, with m*r ble tops; three c ?tly rosewood Etegerea, wltli ma'tile topi, plate class doors, Ac , Imported expressly for th? ???'?; la dies' rosewocd work tables, brunae and ormolu Olooks els gunt china Vases, with the most chaste and expensive land scapes, painted to order in Kranoe; magnificent f'rench plate I'ier lllasa, with rich and heavy gold frani*; Vlantel Mirr r 10 match, of six feet square; heavy embroidered lace Window Curtains anil t'oinicts, lurge aud extensive varleiy Of Paintings by naiive artists ? such as LaniacaiWh. W'iut?r Scenes. Marine Views, Scriptural Pieces, Ac superior rose wood Pianoforte, lull seven octave, elegant case, tiin-iieo all round, inlalu plate, and richly set wti.h pi ar! . cost fa . I) ' i a valuable instrumcn' rosewood Piano 1- tool, covorel io tin, with an elegant snd costly embr ruleied u'cn1 Dining Koum Bich \alvet tapestry Carp< t, it go ?'< ' 1 ?olid oak Extrnsion Table, all polished in 1 1 if beet n a uer; marble top Fancy Tables. Mirrors, Hofa Beds, <)balr* tn hair cloth togtther v. ith all the ruby and crystal out Glassware, Wines, 1 ; Iiamfia fines, Tumblers, Uoblnts aud Decanters to match rich china 'lea arid Dinner Be IS, cwtly Sllve; >Vare, Tea an 1 Dinner Service, .Snivels, Cake Baskets, Casters, Coffee ami lea l riis bdoous. Forks Liquor otaud, superior Table Cutlery, A ?. Chambers Costly solid rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, statuary marble loji Bureaus, Waah stands and iomtnodes to match . over twent . pnre Hair, from 40 to flt> lbs , made to ? ider und in exccll< nt condi inn, Ingrain Carpets. Bidioom Mlmrs, Clucks, Toilet Tables, To.*cl tUcits, Toilet Sets of Clot ha Htair Csrpe's and Hods, mahogany cushioned ? 'hairs. Bo Iters. Kolas, l.ounges, t''>uch Beds, Itall ? lands. Tea and Dining Tables, together with a larpe a:id desirable asaorlrnent ot Bamnent Utensils, Ac , with which the gs'e will commence Auction notice. fcXTKAOnDINAKY OPPORTUNITY FOR HOCBE keepers And the traile. Auction sale of beauU'ul ROSEWOOD FURNITURE AND VALUABLE WORKS OF ART, SCPERB ROSEWOOD PlaWOCORTB. AO., having cost over fll.lMX RUHeRLL \\ w (J8TCOTT, auctioneer, will sell, this (Tups day) afternoon, at 2 o'clock precisely, at IM Twenty fl-st st i eel, between Seventh and Riglun avenue#, a large and ele gant vanety of Parlor, Dining, Chamber and Ubrary Mirni tme, made to order and first class throughout comprising a ehntoe and valuable collection. Including minv rare ami beau tiful Works of art; the whole Is In perfect outer, having been recently made, aud will ie sold strictly without reserve, consisting of two elegaut rosewood parlor Hulls, covered lu green and sold brocatel, with silo covers: rosewood Ktegeres rosewood Centre, Pier aud bofa Tables, Turkish ijO'iu^es.witli Chairs to match them; large Fienci Mantel and Pier Mirrors, with base tabtts; bilk aud Lice Curtains, gold and landscape Shades. Elegant rosewood seven cctave "lanoforte. u vd but two months, ? ith Music Cabinet, dtool and Coviir Rich 1 apestry Caroeis, velvet Kugs. artistic, Hevres ano Dresden China Vases, with a variety of beautii ul Parlor OrLainents; rosewood Bedsteads, Chamber Suit or nine pieces, m haircloth ; large viair Mattresses, Dress og Bu reaus, Wardrolies, French Tete a-Tetes. Li>nng<w, two h?ud i omt Sofa Redsli-iuls. French Chairs. Rockers, Beds aud Bed ding, oval Mirrors, Flower Vases, rosewood, oak and maho gany Chairs extension Dining Table, rich China, Hl;ver vare, rut (llassasid Ivory Cutlery, vltli a large variety of OfcMMf and other Furniture not inentionod. Hale will commenoe at 2 o'clock precisely, rain or shine. Catalogues ai the irmss. For the ac -onan idation of purchasers men will he lu attend ance to cart, pack or ship their goods. AC. TUTTLE, AUCTIONEER. , Ofiiee ISO Broadway. FMUrt nIo of ELEGANT FIRBT CLASS CABINET FUBNTTT7BE, Being the balance of (took of ttin old eatabliahed house late C. J. SCHM1TT. HOB Broadway. A. C. TITTLE will Mil, on Tueadav and Wednesdav, at U o'clock, a' i he above warerooma, the balance of *Iock of ROSEWOOD. HAK,MAHOci3SY ANOWlliHVT PARLOB, LI BRAKV, DININU AND CHAHBBtt FURNITURE The reputation of the manufacturer of thia atock la a auf ficiiMit guarantee of 1U quality, every article being warranted of the best class as to materlaJ* and workmanship It will be sold without limitation, for tMh, to olose the estate. Auction sale ok elegant rob r wood furni turo ? .JubN LLOiD, auctioneer, will sell on Thura ilny. April 11. at ID1 , o'clock, the entire Furniture c :ntalned tn the lour story dwelling 216 Weil I wsaty-seoond street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenue*. constating ol' twocI?g?nt rjsewood l'arlor ouits, ooverod In blue and gol i brocatel; unit niwwnid t tegore, marble lop Centre Table, one elegant carved rrwwood seven octave IManoorte, rosewood Bedroom Furniture, line eie^aot walnnt Wardrobe, marMe top Divas log bureau, Shaving Stand, Washatand, also mahogany mar hie top Dressing llureaua, Secretary, Bookoase, Boastead, Waahaiand, elegant mahogany Chairs In haircloth, Tetc a Totes, Centre and Card Tables, and one large mahogany Ki tension Irtrtni Table, Curtail s, Cornices, 4c.: Axminster, Wilton Vei t and llru>?el Carpets together with a large lot of Kitchen UU nails with which the sale wilt commence Sale positive rain or Rhine. Uatalogueaoa thii morning of the sale, at ball past seven o'clock. aVOTTON SALE OF PLANTS, FLOWERS, Bit HUB*. A. and Fruit Trees.? M . DOUQH TV, Auctioneer, v-nl sell i in Wed nee (la > , April 10, at 10' . o'clock, at salesroom B3 N?a aau strew, a st.lri.dtd collet llou of Plants, Viewer*, atiiub* a. id irult Tr>es, junl received petsteaunr CnaLlfitiu*', itn ported oy l*el)org?. ft Co., hi ?'? h nortlrnh urUst* Tl.f i.ta. city of l.youa, consisting of Oora sias, 14 ? iri' ti 'n Monthly Rimes, rotiit1 3D varieties; II h i noses, ' Invents Ito-tei. ?* varieties; Rear* of Mums- vi,rlt?lie?; Pear Trees, 't> varie lins, Apple Trees. 24 varieties, P?*ch trees, eig it varieties. I'ltiin Trees, 12 varieties; Cherry free*. 12 varieties; (Jiwtt! berrtoe. flv< varieties; Raspbsrrii a six virlatleH; Currents, six varieties: Strawberry 1'iants Grape Vines, 12 variance: together with a large assortment of nesr rlowrr needs and Plants to.) uumi rotts lo m ration, all of which are warrauttil Ime to name and |*rlectly b ir iy. AUCTION SALE Or ELEGANT OFFICE FoRNlTUrtE, consisting of la'geoak liny and cittlng Deokt, Iron Safe, Clink*. ttooVi a.-e.;, Copying i're;acs Ccalra, sjtoola. Oilcloths, Carpels. 't ables, I'mb eiia Stands, ftd , ftc ? 8. ft J. BOtiAHT will sell Tuesday, April 2. at 10 o'c'ock A. M., on the premises, :;2 Hue s net, by order of the C leator of Ar rears of Tan s of the Corpora .'on of the city of New fork, the above mention d nrtlclca, tli<ir*in>*d upon for Corporation tax due from property as?e>-aed to the Anchor Insurance Company, agreeably to a receiver'* warrant for personal taxes, interef.1 and cost I he above property is nearly n?w, and was made by one of the !?? -t inmiifaciurera tn thl* city, and ct/?t oiiginad. *tnU' JOlin 11 HiLlilhU, c< nsnble ind Collector of Arrears. The above salt .* poetpoaed un>.l Thursday, April I', at the tame time rim > ! i n?, JOtlN 11. blitLlhK, ?""onsiable and Collector of Art etra. \ l CTfC> StVMcB. .\ i'\ ''"iN T. 4 AZEN, Auctioneer. Vi.uili. ' i v, April 8 and V, at 11 Vclock, at the ne 170 C.tBal street, near Broadway, J W. Dtstiot," will offer his entire wholesale ?'o<k >t Ktik > tti i ' trpi'tlnti. Oilcloths, Uugs, Mats, Ac , ? f i .\n> / of yards will be cut that purchaser* i . feretl at reisll al the wholesale erloe, r n,' . ii ?, then purcbus"rs in'ikti the pri.? % M Mt'.UWr.S, AUCTIONEER. n. H- IlA.Nt.l?, WftllWIN ft CO., Irving BiUdings, fit Slid .V.Hi "iiMtltvuy. 'I It urKdav evening, April II, at 1'cloek Floe Bodern till I'ainilogs, comprising the works of Van Bet at. F. liuet, llekking. uco. Inness, fh Frere, Uifford, T M Burnham. Adair, Wilson. M?ailo?s, Li-Ion, ftc Ala ? a f?-w old Plcttirfs, lnclutlin< an oiiginal by illh-rt Ilurer The I'letines are now on exhibition slid estalo^uea may lie had al the salesroom-H. AS. P.I GUARDS, AUCTIONEER? ?imi CASES BOOTS. ? Shoes, Biogans anil lialtcrs at auction ? By KICil ABM ft WHI1UII1 On Wednesday, April lo at o'clock, at stor* 44 Cortlardt street, com prising i large a?aort iin at of desirable Spring t.o i Ik, direct Horn the manufa- tur ers. Catalogues on morning of xale Auction notice.? a family uf.clinino house keeping w ill dl.'p f-e of ti prival ? atle all their Par lor, Chamber snd tiinln : Ko ira "urntture, at a ?reat sacrl lice, vi*:? Carved rosewood seven ostave I'lanoforte, In ex cellent order, cost > foi $.'.'?11, Inclu *lng ip il and Cover. Parlor Suit, cost $"?<) lor *1 1". one J'ii, K lege res. Centre Tables, Hi.reaus, Ibd-.tead-., \\ ishsuii'ii, sn|it| rosewooJ, cost $2Kt. lor $100; Mattresees, Ac Furniture was all made to or der for the preaent owner; lieen In ii-- lint live months, and Is tn complete order. Inquire at 70 W'-s rwenty alxth street, nesr Sixth aveiuie. Auction notice. -a l \koe btocK of rose wood and b'.ack watniu parlor and h1 iti 'iom Furniture, will be sold this day, a a great bargain for cash, at the store 7 J Sixth avenue, one d> r b?lov. W..\erlj pU< ?. consisting of four rosewood and four black walnut parlor suits, overen in )>ri'Hi b satin broralel, pliuli an I haircloth; nstew otxl. enntre sctl pier Tables; hlegere. two Work Cha r* and Louag'S; also, a lot of iiarlor iml In droom Furniture. All of this Fur niture la of th* very bt -t msnuisenirv TI.e purchaser ran -torage the good' to the 1st or 1Mb ol May next, and the g.sida will 1m* aent free to any place In tills city, Brooklyn or Williamsburg. \VOftOH VOtlCB.? 8ALB Hv V1BTUB Or A OlAt tel mortgage ?BP. LL A IXOKaIIAM will sell, this day. St .39 Brotmie stre. i, tear, the entir ? stock of Lumber. Klitutes, Machmei), loul.s, Ac, ol a Ur?t c Rash aim Mllnd maker's establishment, comprising every article re qulrt d for carrying on th- business. a1?o oibce Furniture, Desks, Iron Bafe and a large quantity of Gas Fittings. OOlfnO.K L fOHn. K?| , Attorney. Auction notice, olass, cii<na am? Toilet Seta? J. S. 1! BAHn/Ci'T An ?? loneer.? Tties day, April 9, at 10 o clock, at J.JI Pearl street, to lots for city and cnuntry retailers, all kinds oi bsst mil seconds saleable tiooda, cooslgnetl for positive ssle to raise cash. A SPLENDID SHOW CAHB.-?rLVEB PLATKD SASIt. French plale glass, eight feet high, four feet fnnt and three feet w Ido. Will lie a dd at aiimlun, in Tusadsy next, at 12 o'clock. WM. TOPI'INU ft CO., Aiicuoneera. AUCTION NOTICE ? H. WILSON, AUCTIOB P.ER ? J \ Bonis. 8htH S and Brogana >.'?l)ca^OK} w ,11 be sold by 'I. WILSON, tbla day, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the late store of A. D. Oale, 49 Dey atreet. A geneial asiortinent for spring trade. Auction notice 1IEN K* ilRRKN. \ICTIt iNEEU. BALESKOOM I'M WILLIAM SIRHET, Will give his |iersonal attention ur cales of Fumltiiro at pit vate residence? ASSIGNEE'S SALK or AMEBII W HARDWARE - The sale of tl * ealite siiK-k of Messrs. Richards A F enry will take i a> atthesioie, ,1 William street, *t IV o'cb?k, on Thursday, pnl II, by ordei of Oibert sayres, a* slgnee. Catalogues now p oly JNO K van ANTWF RP'S SON, Audi (oeer Auction sm,e-ok eleoant furniture in Brooklyn, bv PEA !? A t'OLK, on W ednesday, at lOtj o'clock at 121 Livingston street, coaais' g of rlanofoite, rosewood Parlor Suits in bi'oc?tnl, r ise- >011 and mahogany t'hamber Furniture, velvet and Sitissels I'arrieta, oak Kxt-'n slon tables and Dining itiwui Ktirniture, China and tllaas ware, Mlfrora, Oilcloth, fte. _____ 4A UrTTOW? BUnNHA* h fi rnitube express i\ packing establlslinn nt, 111 and I l.i We?t Kleven'h street, between Fiftb and Sixth avenue* Household furniture boxed and shipped to all iiarts of the world, leirge covered wagon* for removing furniture Into tbe country. Furniture ?toted Auction sale ov furniture in Brooklyn -bv PEED A C?LE.? This <?*y. at in', o clock, at.W FuHwi street, consisting of mahogauy H..fa?, Uha'ra, Bedstead*. Washetand*. mabosant arid rust wo.?{ n .rr^us, oak and bls-k walnut Library, Table*, Mlrsor>, Carisiia, rasy Ch U*, Rook ere, t'hiua and Ula?r. arc ?ALU AT AVCTIOV. A MORTIMER GRIFFIN A CO . A1TOTIONBBR8. A. MAQNIFI'KNT HOUSEHOLD FUBKITUBE AT PUBLIC auction. This day (Tuesday), at llo clock. At the private residence, 48 Wes t Slueeuih street, between Fifth and Sixth ftveau^. Oak Dialog Boom and rosewood Chamber furniture. Rosewood ianolort?, Pier and Mantel Mirror*, rich Brocatel and Lice Curtain*, Bookcase, Medallion Velvet Carpets Artistic Bronzes, 1'ajlan Marble and Ulsque I'igures, Karit OU 1'aintlng n Horses, Carriage, Family Bar .uc'.e. Valuable Library, Ac ; Elegant rosewood marble top Console*, rosewood Escretolre, rosrwood Etegeres, oarvr't Dra ?lni; Room "Uitx, Hat Maud a >lld Silverware, Ae. Our frlptvdj and others desiring find class Household Furniture should not l?il to attend this import ant sal* All the furniture was made to order by our principal cabinet maker*? Koux, Be

cioin ftallet and others of this city l.vert artlc e wai new aeven months since, and o.n be re'bd on as repress n' tm, I lie salt will be peremptory and without regard to weather. DKAWlNU rooms Drawing Boom Furniture, covered with Freneh broeatel of the richest in; solid inimw/xid Iruuies, two hubs, viz :-'lw? Tete a I ete itot'aa. two Arm Chatra, two Aeceptlon Hud tight oval back chairs, made by Well; Centre Taoles, statuary marble top ; elegant rosewo- -d ?teg?res elate class doors Secretary and Bookcase, lined with satinwood : Oness Table, inla d with pearl ; ro?ewood .Mile Tables, velvet, mo quel '/able Coverx, Kneoignuit** Ka?y Chair*, oovered with velvet: lady'H '.V ork Table and vVriiiig Desk, t civet medallion Carpets, Mosaic f < tgM anti<|ue Invn x ases MAONlFlCfcNT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Full 7 octave, rich]* caned legs and case, inlaid Wbh solid pearl kevs, has all the modern iraorovemeim; rosewood Canterbury Stool, embroldeicd cover; Hai>tau<l Oilcloth, velvet stair Cat pet silver Kodii, rosewood Chamber Furni ture eu suite, Bureaus, Armour a <1 ace. Dreading table, Beilmeads, Commodes, Couch and Arm Chairs, covered with velvet; hairspring Mattresses, ulai ket* counterpanes Solid oak g Boom ru rnuure Buffet, marble too. lined utth satinwood; Kxtem-i. u Table, arm - hairs elegant a -'a of crystal and ruby olass-vare, solid silver lea -e.rvic-, French China Dinner and tea -jjs sheflield Table Cutlery aI^u, a 1 the Haseiuent ard Ki'dieB Fun 'lure ompetent persons will be in attendant*- to park, nhip or cart the goods at a reasonable c'urg' Auction nal,e of housbhold furniture.? llE.NRY H. LEEDS A CO., >o 23 Nasaau street, will five their personal attention, as usual 'o sales o' Household 'urnlture Ac , a' the residence s of tamiies, will also hold regular sales at their auction rooms, as shove. Browne a hichols. auctioneers.? thh day T1 EslMl, April 9. At 1 o'clock, in froi.t of salesroom, ho. 35 Nassau Btreet. A very line pair of Kay llorvs, 5 years old t5'.t hau^s high, long tails, beaut ful diivers, and fine action; v. ? St.- lish, will travel tngrtlier very fast Warranted sound, kuid and geutle in evert particular. At. MO A nearly new Coupe Rockaway, shil ling front, in first rate Oner, together with silver iplate.l Harness; all of which will lie sold without reserve, t'. c iwuer having no turther use lor them. ALSO A splendid pair of Bay Mart s, 15}, hands high; have been driven together for three years ; are now i or 9 years old can not be aurpMsed for style one of them is a sup<"i ir saddle horse; warranted sound, k'tid, Ac Al<SO A Park Wagon of t?e latest style scaling four oct'sons, city nisde. togeiiier with silv r plated Harness, ail nearly aew All will lie sold without icserve.the owuerbavingg ne South. Alitfl A bravttrBl sorrt 1 thorough tired -adile Horne, 15 hands. 5 years old; ihows a g'eat deal of; a valuable uuinual; "v. an anted. Browne a niciiolb will pEll, on wednbs day, April 111, at 10' , o'clock, at their <a!e-.rooms. No. :15 Nassau sti eft, 60(i imported Standard and l?*urf no-e-- Ut lens. Weig'leas, bpi-eas, Ac , Ac , from the old established nursery if J. w Paulsen florist, Weeba ''ken N. .1 Hen tinmen will lind this an excellent opportunity to replenish their stock of "lants. Catalogues now re idv BROW>t A N10HOLS, AUCTIONEERS. :ti N ASmAO stre' t, would respectfully Inform their friends that they are prepared to give their personal attention to s?l"? of * ur nlture, Ac , at the residence of famllie- breaking up h uisiv keeping, or at thuir commodious salesrooms and galleriea op lioeite ine '*o?t otlw-e Browne a kiohou, aiictjoneehs ? this dat (Tuesdayi April 8 at 1 o clock. In front or salesrooms, .'15 Nassau street Ha'e of Wagons. Iiarnes, Ac ?One elegant /egger Wagon, made by Wood lt?is . in go. d order one ex tension top Rocks wav. one shifting lop ?Vagon, three top Wagons. t?o uo top Wagons, one Concord *agon. one light 40 pound Wagon, one cloth lined Kerkavay, one shitting scat Rockaway. one very light box Wagon, and a q antlty of double i nd single liarness BT JOSEPH HBOEMAN. Wednesday, Aprf 111 At9o'clookA M., precisely, at No 4'! Sldnev placc, between .loralemon and State Hir.'eta, Brisiklvn. Household Furniture in excellent order, splendid rosewood Piano, seven octave, as goial as n-"? walnut i u'lur Suit, in hairckth Marble top i*h.e-. walnut ha Tiber Furniture, palmed Marb'e Top Chamber ,-uil oak Tiring Itoom Furni turf, Kron/e CI anilelieri snd ra' k' ts, na-tretse*. Brttssela and Three ply Carets, Hl^loth, t^j Varlor lleau-rs, with Kill ben Kmuiture. RAMT DAT, Iin'.ueiilately after the abou>, at L'1,, o clock P.M., at No. 12 Sidney placc, opposite Livingston street, A large a??oiiiiient of Hous hold Furnl'tire mahogany riano. n?T film, mah 'gani Sccr?tary a id Btwltcm, mi hi .any I'arior aLd chamber Furniture, Brussels and .ngratn Ctrpels, Oilcloths, fine F. stbe? tds and oak D'ritig .oom t urtdtuie, with Kitchen Furnltur*. Cati'ogu i at ttic sales rooms. BA CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.? PEREMPTORY SA IfB . of a moderate priced but we 1 batlt ibr-wt story b'ick Ilouie in Wil'uiuis'jurg. near SroiUlyn, E ( ? , at auction COLiK A CHILTON will sell, on Thiirfdw. Aprit 11, at I'J o'clock, at the Merchant:.' Exchange, N> * fork, the nu thr^e atory i. rick House. No 142 ouui Ninth street, cornnr ot Sixth stieet. The house i i in good order, rooms iiO'i hall handsomely papered ccntaius nine rooms r>e<nl"s. e.osew aim pantries, marble antcU lu first and second stories g**t ?. its:: ard gas futures, folding doors Jiidgi wood water, r?nge in kitchen and coal cellar, in n ratling In "r mt, ?ras? plot ,tc l-or terms and parte-uutrs aud p<-i'iois?i?u t ? .???? *!?.? hoe c, apply to the auctionei is 45 Nassau strait BV DaN'L. A. MATHEWS A Co., AI'OTIONREII5! - This duy (tnesday), at 12 o'clock. In front of store M t ?? dar optsialtc the t'u*t odlce. Constables sale. I bob tail rorrel Worse, IP' . hnnd* li gh; 1 switch t*l! sorrel Mare, 15 hamls b t;b; 1 swiit h tail bay liorse, 151,. hands high: I Harness l Business Wag >n. Curry Combs, falls, Ac By o. di r of WM W. LADD, Co table. (1 M Lfc\ r. At CIIONBMI, uFFlCB WmOMVUb J -T* treel C. M. 1.LV1 auctioneer, will ?eH , n rhtir-day, April 11, at 25'.' tireene stroe;. thrie doors liom Clinton place at 10', o'clock the cntir" Fiirnltiin- of said bouse, wlucjis ol ihe o> it iiesc,r:p Ion. and made by Bi'oad?av matiu'aetureii to order, viz : Brussels Carpets, I'iiraud Juautel (tla-ses Broux-s, Marble Clock, st ituetie Bronzes, large rich China Vasss, t II Va'nt'ufs, line rosewood I'arlir lluits, ooven d in rich sane broeatel; Centre aid Side ros? wood marble top iabl-*. Boekc-ses Faav| i liairn Lounges, elrgant 7 octave maewood Piano and Cover, Ladies B sere t olre* and #wk Table, elegant l jhc Curtains, lias ( handeliers, rich and new pa'.tf in; richly carved rn?ewood BedsleadM, Bunaus. W asli .t'iids Commole.t, handsome mahogany Bedsteads. Bureaus, Ac ; pure llair Mat tresses and Bedding, l'Va'ner Beds, Bolsters anil Hilton*, a Urge assortment oi fine lable ware, china Dinner Net, te:y rtehly engraved Oltssware, such as Decanters, lob lets. Hoik, Champagne and Wine Uiasses, Silver plated Ware, Kitcher 1 tee.siin, tc . Ac Ibis sale offers m-'n In ducement to puri hnsera iban any sa e heretofore advertb; <1, all the fuinlture brlog made expressly for the present oc cupant. (T, M. LEVI. ArCTIONFBB, OFFICE 107 M 4COOUOAL V7 ? street ? (5 M. LEVS will sell, on Tuesday nest, the ItHb inst., at hall past ten o'c'ts'k, without reserve, alt the tlrst cln<.s Furfttare contained lu bouse No, 5 Ninth street near bKUi n suite, viz Blegsnt rosewood Suit, in rl -h crtm s >n litis* tel; elegant roMnvood Plauo, Mam el and I'ler <1 lapses, (t sewood Centre ladles elegant mahogany Exten sion table, % cry large size; mabogtny ult, in 'iair cloth ; rich Bru sels )arp' t, a few i hole* I'.ngravlngs, leice Ciirtaim, bronzes, china Vases, rosewood and mahogany B. dsteada, Bareaus, Washstands, Ac , Ac I'urs 'eaiberand Hair Mat treises, Dinner and Tea Sets, <Jl?a >\ar? Crockery, Knives, l-orks, sjoons, Ac, A" Ollcliths, Kitchen I tcuslls, Ac All must be removed on d1*"- of sale 1 1IIINA HALL 5<S BltOADWAT (NP.XT TO BALI. A \ 'Black's). ? ladies' auction every Tuesday and Frldav. Ow ing to Iht lots of our Southern trade. C. c 1 elgh offers at public am lion his entire stock Of China and disss. Crockery snd hltrhen Ware. I'iaied (ioods of all kinds. Table Cutlery, Ac., in lot* to suit families < >ver $l'?M<?l worth ot the ah >ve consisting of Dinner, Hrc.ik: iat, Tea, Dessert and Toilet (lets, I'lateil asters. Fork*. Spoons Knives Ac ; lilass, plain injtildei!, cut and t ngravi li Good s<".ts provided for lielies. c c. lbiuh, Aucti Mear. E HOWARD HCHBNCK, ACCTIORFER U st l'RI'.H HOJ-EHOI.D Fl/RKITifRB py F A f. hThoHFNCK, oo Thur?d%y. 11 h ln<l., n' No "3 fcaat Eighteenth sireet, nt I' A M all t! e auoerb .-"urnl mi* In the hou*e ill of v. hlch *aj either me*lc by Itolll >r j 'hhtUiI from l'fcj-ie.onns r Ing of. Din I NO R "OH, Hnmeebi Car; et, carved oak Fxteniilon Dining Table, o.ik Pining hal'i to m itch, eover-d in crinn n monrcn; "'.ip?rn t/iwiI oak Ballet, aupr.b Kren''h i li ??* Dmacr Hstand f'Minl Cul lilui in Steal VHrtelv. DKAWINO KO.'MS Sttperb velvet mo 1*11 ion Carpels, upright roeewon ! Piano, iud?b; fl'jfl; elccnn: Wiltol carved ilu-rwiol, o n'?d n gieen ?atln liwi'i'l, nimt" lo order by K?-in. aaiin dn-'ia<k < lirmlD* to rnat.-b, elegant carved rot? woo>l Centre l'ahle vhlrk fit-Idea and form* two Card Table*; real mine >u I ratio hrun/e Clock* and *'Ht,uetlei, cm vod oak h??l, O'lterwd I tn t'ompiwl ><ir rep*: nup rb roaew >od Mirror, t teg?re?, bo hi ? mid bronze I ? hm Work Table* and Wotk stand, Lad" *' l arl' r ?-rcre'??y, la roeewood ; Cabinet*, (,>uaruilt*?, Ac.; mi I i>e<b OU ralnUut:i and kngravingfl HhDHOOtfft. Roeewend Bcdateede and Bureau* Bm??el? Carpet*, one ? ?*n French c>.. lied mm Mei lewclry Sa't orl'Mke , > ? -irki-b ? haira, Mi?ht fanl** Mr . At II ALU Snperf- (tanging. l>Ui k walnut lint 'land and Table, Hall I 'ml *. Ac., *< oiitr i'sr|M!t? Ac. AUo, tbe lOt'licn and ututfairnL rurutture, with which iheea'c "-111 '-ommonc. . ' PDffARD HCnKNCK. A l'CTIOMBBR. I Hi ORE AT naLK oK .UK NiuCK op THOROUGH HRM? AND TIMirTINO STOCK OK i MKHWKK WM. H. UIRBON8 AND FBA.NK LATHROI*. r II. FCHRNOK, on Tueadav, April V. a- 11 A .?., at ihe ? -nrney Carter" inrni, *a.ll*u, N. the fol io ?ID ?< elebrated block. vU: ? NANMK I.KWIB, by Imported Obncce, out of by riiported Barefoot \f*o, Colt by he- ?id< rAilt*. by Ri venue, out of Amtly Thorn*.*. AJ*> Colt by h? r aide, by I w. Bin*. t'dus CotnMOd rv, out o Eoaebud ALDBRAF.AN, '>y < nmnv dure, nut. of Narnlo Lewi*. iaLakuff, troitina a'rtlilon, by I'eter Dorian. Also, *everal other xery va uanl" fharoasll Bred an>l Tmt llni lloraea 1 oth ulnijle and In pairs together With ?e eral i x.r1? e?. Trotting "rt:?<^oni iind llarne?* OatAlofttea, willi full pinm iiUrM, are now ready, ami can bs hud a*, our ,;llee. Ml ltroudway. e*D*ARI? e'-Hr.NrK, \ IT I ION1.KIL i R 1 WANT lio. RKLIoLD 1'I HNrtCR*. Iljr F. A K. II. HCHKN( K, on *edii. sdar. April 111, at No. '10 R??'>ntl avenue, at l(U A M , all iho elegant fnrnl ? ir<> n rUilivd Iti aaiil butiw, vl/ -Rlcgutit relret and Hrtuacla Carnetfi. elegant mw*'? V* ir Milt-', covered In tlife C'Jlorea br-icalel, in /'c i) order bv Rout, coal J.'i J', h ierb broeutel ('urjalin lo maljh; nlo :;?nl I do , miperb ?"reneh plat ? Pl-*r Mi'ror?, Ith f-arvinl ('ornieew to m?ti V elesant roaewood I'Uno, ! von oot*\e, by Nunm k ? lark; suit of roe?N*ood Parlor f nrelture, In red velvet; Howlng Chalta to match, bronco Clock and Statuetta, o|eu?nt liroize ('haadell ti and tl:i? KIt ? urea. Hall Mand andChalra, Oilcloth*, Itooep'.ion R ?>m mr i.luire mnbofrany Hedn oni Kumlturo, Hoda .ind Bedd'nt, on k Dlnmg R< om Furtitttiie, Dinner and Tea rt?t, French ? hlna, Cut (.Iikh ate. Al?o the Kitciion FuriiHuro, Ke I i Iki rator, Ac. . with w hlch the wale will i mmenrts L' H. LUDM'W, ACCTlORBBlC u, I'ainlltiga, Kii^ravinipi ??nd Other <Fork? of Aft. R. II. LllPbOe A <!<? will aoll at am- Ion, "n fii'ir^lav, April II, 1961, *? 10V, o'clock, at tlic atudlo of M I Oai{ood II eaat Potineentb atreet, In ron?r'|iietioe of hi* urn ig a "road. Picture*, Ku^ravlngx and other #urk? of Art, conaurtlla of rare and Immi'lful object* from alinoat every part of the ? Vld, ?'"e. led hv tbo ar'lat* Willi great e? n>, amooj wh 'h hi' that ee'e'irated Plicbci and a vi-r which lia? utrracie.! *> oiiieh Welti hi lor lla worgmanrhlp; two Arm Chair*, whi n ai te fomn i ty In the p?we*<ton of Napoleon t ; a very line tiirfitoh chair aKiiueilm Mannktn.onnof ehaw aptlenl .four Immer 0*? Msvea, Baanla. faint Hoj, Krmhc*, ,'alni, Cai i ? t mid mmn oiher th'nga uteiul lo ar'lata No n tetpnti* neat ( i, acoonnl rf ibe eeailnr Maybe vl on ih? ilav be< .re the aalc from a A. M toft P. M llifaiogiuM a' tlieodlce, No. . riuf a'.rett, near Brtwdway IAL11 AT APOTKWI. T?DWA1D 8CHBNCK. AUCTOITJHUL - MOBTOAAB Hi Ml? of the entire nlutblt stock of Uqnan, WIim, Alaa, Seo". *?-. together with the elegant rtxtare* aod two ;Mn' MIBol tha w?U kuo?n Via if ^ VI ?rad*u, by K. ft ? SCHftMCK, thu day. 9th ImU, %< Mi* 111 Uu [SSf fllMHe proMrtr ?*B be M it my time until the <U, of nle. Term*, which will be nude easy, wfll be ,jth it uo | time of i?te By order, *WJ. U4iOS. ? H. fLUDLOW, AUCTION KBR-HaNDSOMB H. Hoxehald Funuwri it auction ? B. ? LUDLiOW 4 will Mil It auction. on Tueadiy, April 9, U*l, it elevn i o'clock It St Bond (treat, neu Broadway, the entl"e Furn ture oontilned In aild boaae, conalatlng In ptrtof hamtsom ? rosewood Piftor Suits In ifwn ind gold brooatel, halraloth and r?lr*l ; roaewood mirble top Centre Tibia, Receptloa Chain, In ft! tin bf ootid ; French Aedateida, mirble top Bu reiu Pier dilutee, Etegerea. Wardrobea, Ac ; re We", Bru?aeU and three ply Carpets, Oilcloth*, Ae. , t/wtber with an assort mi-nt of Chlni and mass Wire. Cituloguealcau be had it the oilioe of the auctioneer, Mo 5 Pine street. T^DWARD PETTINGBR. AUCTIONEER, Pj Salesroom No 1(19 IVarl street HALE OP PUQTOGIUPB OAlXBRY, 413 BROADWAY RDWaUD PBTTINOER will sell. on Wednesday, April 10, It I0y? o'aioek. It the above Gallery ill th? Stock contained therefa, t<>nsi*lliig of Negative*, rhotognaph*, Oil Paintings, Apparatus, Ac.; one very fine <1?m?ri l ube, Cha* Chevalier. Paris, c Bt $1011. Al*o h urnilure, consisting of one rosewood ftqUire Piano, one Sewing Machiue, one Ho 'a table*, Chair*, Carpets, Ac. ; iU > one Volcanic Kepeitlir; Kitle CM ball*1. tjl OOLTON, AUCTIONEER ? CBNTBBL HOU8E - . h >ld Furniture of every Wind ? ml description. Carpal* and Oilcloths, Bed* and Mattrewws, two rosewood Piano fortes, Ac , Ac. Thl* dav,(TUE8UAY;. April 9 at 10)* 0'ctuck. it 89 Heekman street, i very law an"1 general a-Mutmejt of uew anil second band Furniture. from several families, consisting in part of I'arlor, Inning hooin, BedrtHim and Kiaenv'Ut Uooda, two or three l'arlir Suit*, two I'lano*, Of lice l?e> k* mirble top Buieau* and Centre 1'ib.ea, Kxtension and 'aid do, French and Cottage Bedsteads. Feather .led-1, Hair Mattresses, 11*11 Furniture Kitchen do . Ac Al'O, many article* not enumerated, Sale will bt jjeretupt >ry, rain or shine * til FlTZSIMMOfiS, aUCTlONEBR, OFFICE NO 12 r . Centre street, w-111 sell, on ' huraday, April 11, at 10 o'clock. at 600 Heveniii avenue, ili the Stick, Fiiturca. i-urni tuic, Apparatus and ? achimry oi an extensive c ;ul?c;l >nery and distillery establishment Particulars day of sale. Sal ** of Household furniture splinted and personally attended to. PEOROE IlOLBKoOK, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL. ' T thinday, at 10>t o'clock, at Mti Hn ad way, at the New Vork Segir Store a large quantity of imported and domestic Si Hiire, hegar 1 illeia; ilno one segar Machine; a large quan tity of Leil Tobacco GEO. H9LBBOOK, AUCTIONEER. OfFICB 5i? Headway, will null, till* day. a! half put leu o'clock, (ha welt known Billiard, eegar, and Drinking Saloon, :>Ui Broadway, conMKting ol two mahogany tflllUrd 'I'islea, Hulls, und u uea, complete; ncili-gany hnfi* and Clialr* Oia Chandeliers, Counter* and shelving Screen, Clock, Stovt and Pipe, Segar Machine, i large quantity oi Imported aud d itne* tic sega'*, Toqaooo llllcr*, Segal' boxes, Wines aud Liquor*, lMttantcra, Tumbler*, Ac HH IJiEDS A CO. WILL SELL, AT ACCTIO*, . tills day at 12 o clock, in front of ttore 23 Nassau stri ct, a bay .Vnrgan II r>e, fast trotti-r, 1M ? hands high, six veira eld, perfectly gen'le and a good sulil e llorae; also i I ght Harness and Light W *gou. made by Lunenbury A Van Du'er. Euat B. HlsRTB. J K , * CTIONBER. l'ereni(ilory uucuou **le oi II st clan* cabinet fckmture. On Tuesday and * ednesdav. April 9 a: J li), At 11 o'clock <*c1i day, At the wirerooms ot Mr VVnt OuilUer, Nos 7 and 'J Beilford Mtreet, between faouHion and (Carmine. II?SNKY B 1IKKIV, ,l?t, aaCUONAfcP., Will sell as above, the entire slock of elega&t ? ablnet I 'umiture, e eiy irtHe of whleb will b<^*old without reserve, ami warranted of the be it material ana workinaiiHhip i he atonk ?>n i*ts of ro-^twocd, mahogany ami wamut Library am: Smivtary Sookcases, nilhogint, w alnut anil oai Hi u b Ifcr<h ; ro .i wo "i, m ihogany, walnut md oak Chambe" smut, with marble tons; mali Cany, uilnut and oak It all Stands and i hairs; rosewood, mahii pisy Mill walnut Centre and ?ide tables roietvivid Side and C'irnor fetegeret. Also, about twenty do/en LiOiklng Glaas Frames, various styles, together with a latge iMisortnient of I lun mali'>g?nv Bureau!", Wishatands, Ac Every urticla ? til be sold without reserie, as the proprietor hi leaving th9 city antl the premises must be vacated by the *5th of adiH Tlie>al? w 11 commence at 11 o'Moek each day. IhegoodA will be cn view and ca al >gues rtady mi Wondly, 8th inst HENRY B. HERTrt, .)&, AUCTION EBB. Peremptory s ?!e ol ONFIWfiHED FDRNItCHK. Ll'HHlSR. VBVBERfl, Ac , On Wednesday. April 10. at 10 o'clock nreclhely, Al the war-rooms ol Mr Wm Oulllfer, Nos. 7 anil y Bedford street, (.naiprisiup hli entire balance of stock of unBuislied Furni ture, together witb a large lot of roaeivood. mahogany. w*lnui and maple Vraccn, Lumber, Ac. ; to l<e Hold without any re serve, ami well worthy the atlcutlon ol cabinet make ill sad the trade ?en?rally " BBNKY B. HEB^S, a l'rT[(?EEit. i lepml Seven Octave Kos?WflOd Irand ('?mi >, made by Collard .V Culiard. of Loudon, BLd . sid to be one of tlio liiieht int'triimHnt.? ever imported will be Hold a1. auction, without any refer* e, on 'I uesday, Al"'" "n" 0 "lock pre c.lsely, at tee warerooma of Vr Win (Julll'er, Nos 7 and 9 litd/ord street, betwtcn BdHtW and Carmine. 0ENKV n. I.EEDS, AUCTIONEER. HENRY H. LBKId A CO will sell at auction on Tuesday. April 9, at 12 o'clock. 111 'pint o' st'Wt Nassau s reel, a handsome Uisy Marc U1* hand? lil,;li, 0 years old, HoiiBd and kind under tnc saddle ot In hai ness. HD. {MINER, AUCTIONEER ? 8ALK8HOOM 37 NAK ? >uu street, opposHe the Post office ? MlnEit A Tlli HtP will *ell, at auction, on uesday April y, 1*61, at lll'2 o'clock, at the private reaidenoe 231 West Twent second I'm". g>iii tul Household furniture, consisting 'it Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, rosewood Parlor suits in crimson brica te.l and plush; rosewood Piano' o'te, by a c'ty manufac turer; km Chsiideliera, Centre and Bide Tab'.cs, IWMKN k1 tin colgneur, oak Extension Inning Tarble, mahogany Sideboard aud Chairs, mahogany "edsteads ?nd Hunan*, b'afk walnut do., hair Muttresscs heather Beds, Holm rs anil PtUows. ntair It' ds, dining nnd txHlrrotn Crockery. K1 eh-o ( tonsils. Aa HENKY D. MIMftR, AUCTIONEER. halesrcom :17 Na.wau street. Opposite th*1 Post i ''lice. MISER A TUOKt will sell at auction on WEKVBSDAX, April 10, ut HI' . o'clock, at the prliatc rwidi noe. 22.1 Madison Meet, pear Jetlerson, executor's s?le ele^-ii t household Pur nltore, consisting of elegaut velvet medallion Carpets, Brus. h In and three ply do., superb Pier Mirr >rs. Lace Curtains and Cornices, rosewood 7 octave ft# no ma le by Lendeman A f. n of New York, carved rosewood Parlor Suit, In crimson plusli, carved rosewood cylinder barrel Secretary sutln wood fired; rosewood Etegere, do. Cen'.re and fide Tables, Oil Paintings, mantel Ornament* r<jn'?,i rt itnd mahogapy B"d roont Suits, Uair Mattresses Beds and Pillows, Oilcloths, Sii ver Plated Ware, (!rocke,y and Kitchen Utensils, with whli h the pale wl'l commence Henry orern, ADOIIORm-OR miHIWPAT, April In, at 1111 . o'clock, at th- vi"tlon "tore 191 * illiam street, a lxrgc lot of Urocerit s, Wines, Llquora, fegats. White Lead, Ac Also, at 12 ( clock Clothing, 1'iecc Ooois, liryUuoda, fcliswls, llo-lery, Olovrs, Ac . Ac. JOHN If. HI KLE V, AUCTION -F.R, WILL HELL TUH day, at S o'clock, at 4lt Canal street. Rurvaus, Hedstcads, i hsirs, i slie- Hofas, Sofa Beds, JLooUng Ulassss, , suits In i'nlrclo'b, cloth and ivp>; hair and' ther Miittre-ses, K-a'her Keus. rHiowsand Bolsters, Coiufortei^, War4 robes, English, Hrussels, thru- ply and ith^r Carpets, one second Imnd llano, W asliKUn-la four second hand drusselK Cnrpet< of M v?r?is eaclu togetherulth everything for liouseke-olng Wed ? i sday, at 2 o clock, (ale at S73 riroome stree of fine I'urni lure. roux LEVI BOW, AUi.TIONEKR, WILL SELL THE entire contents of Ihe Ptiblle House known as the Al I'.ua, tlOKourth street, on ")hur?diy next, st II o'clock a M.. ? nsisUnL- of blai k muIdu' and iron "odstendt, hair M it tie-fe-" Table*, Wnshstands, Cliitirs, Humi <s. Oilcloth, Mat ? itK, Shsdof, ( srpeis, Wardrobes, Mirrors, A- a!so a variety ? ? Cless an Cttnaware. I'rns Chafing t'islie?, Cantors, I ureens Hpittoene, Paintings, Ac., Ae. ria'e jiosilive. rain ? r shine. MDOt OllTY AUCTIONE< H *?>BTlJKiK R\l,P. . of hand som Household Furniture, x Dni'curv k III fell, on Tueida/, Apri' 9 nl 1UH o'clin-k, at No I7il **'est ? >1 1 iotli -treet, nenr Fl?lith avenue, ?:l the handsome Kurto 'mi- contained in the h-mse, eonsi 'Ina ol Bmssels And In ; i;u i nrp'ts, b sck '.v?lnu' Parlor Rslt, in rnp?. . jHertitssses, M^cwood ceiitre.pter Hud sld>- Table" ?. melloa chamber Suite, nili many Bodste.i Is Bur s' ' ?-h"?od-i, llat'resseH, ?emont and dlnirg ro im Fti'i. tr< , tension dining Ts ??s HtilTets. Chaini, China, Crocki . ? lass ware and kitchen ? mlture, log, ther ? itn a l?a- s-'ect oil Palnt nca The ? Ik 1* to lie |MM> inptorily soid by ordee?f the mortg?(ee. S. ?* ? Tt- to te'. impure of tbe auctioneer, at sales r.? m, iVi Mfcs-iti st e"' MDOUGH I v. AUCTION! >- l!, WILL 6 (OX Oh r<IUR9 . day. ai r?l II. *t 10'. ?'clock, at salesroom < N'sssan t, Hon "''old I lirniture, consist pgr f solid mahogany ? t,d rosewood Parlor Bulls, covered in brooatel snd lialrcTo'n, ? .- I ete s Tetes, Psrlor, Arm and Hewing fhalrn: rn <rble ? p I'm if) Tonics Hook 'H'es, rosewood Etageres, Brussels, '.|estiv and logratn ran-iA; Oilcloth, I'tntou Muting, Uck walnut Buffets, Extension Dining Tables. IHn'Oii ? '.air A mahogaiiy and rosewood Prwslm. Knr .m*. Vn.ii and* Be Isietds, Hair Matlreaees, Beds. I.ount; s. Sot? to ds. Wardrobe*. Ac , Ac, Ihe * hol<* to be pei mp ? -ily sold lo ihe lii):hei>t bidder IJxrNBRt-!' FR'H HALE ? T?1S DAY, AT III O'CLOO*. 1 .lO'lN ilOltriJIER will sell, at ?o. 15 F..i<t Hroadwav, la'pe n-sortmcnt of Wenring Apcurel sul'a''' fm the son. < ? ii : n ? of 1 res-.'*, nhawN, Mnntillas; a's i yul'ts, inke s, Wal-hes, .I'we'ry. ?nd a varl-tyo' other tio^ds. Hv o?der*f 11. H MtNAltl), 21 Thlrdav-n pe PAWNBROKER'S BVliR?W N LEWIa WlI.L HBLL I this dsy. al lOS llow-ry, up sUirs, 3 lara>" MMrtaMMol unredeemed i ledces, lonslsilng of Men's Clo hing. Tooiu iriene.- s! 10', A. M By 'Til-r of W, B. Simpson. I> AWN BROKER'S HAI.K? W. N. Wi#l1 WiLL HELL I on WednenUy. the 10th Inst., a I?1 H iwery. bv order f W Simpson l 1:0. 1 large naaorune'ii o unredeemel pi?o>;?- con lstlng of (mu? I'ist".*. Busle;i, Malhenlle >1 and Surgical Instruments, Ac Also a lar^e lot of M' chanies' 1 oo'.a. rAWNBROKKR SSAIE ? THIS l)A\ , AT 11 , O'CLOCK, si N? 4 East Broad why, a lanjn a'sortm r? if Men and "omens Hearing apparel. Costa, I'ailts, . its, I' Blto , eilk. Delaine and other Dresses, Shawls, 1 ,n <*, Qui >a, li'ankets and Pilliws, W itchts, Pins, Hin.-s. Aa -wi t of 1. weir* to ci.mnienee at 1 o'cloc* By order of P. A II. r ItEh L. 61 Rose sin-el. WILLIAM ABBOTT, Anctlane-r. 1 ) AW !t BROKE R'H SALE - MEN S AND WOMEN S I Weani'g ALpare!.? A M CHISTALAR, a ietioneer, J.I Itowery, will sell, on Wednesday, 10th Inst , a' 10' . . clnei;, a .irr.i ss?oitmeut of men s and women's Wearing A pp*M, lloots and shoes, Ae.. Ac , by order 01 Mr- Cohen, li t o lnm' ta siieet |> 1. HA/BLL. AUC1IONF.BR It. Will rrEMORE A IIA/.RLL will sell Uil.< lay <Tiies iLay), at to' , o'clm k. Ai th> Ir saleenjom, !5-' Rioadsrat IIAItliMMlK a>D Ct rl.ERt Invoices of Hetivy and fcheif tioal , Table and Dinner Cut lery, sample Cauls, A a , iHy order of the Receiver'. SAW?? An lnvoics of Panel. Man I, Rip Butcher and o'her Saw a Also, Invrhe. or SILVER PLaTKD WABI 1'AN' T OOO0S. DRY UOODH, Ar. ALso. 27 dozen scotch Snuff, I IS. jars; 70 botes ' Bag'' Tot.ace?, Mi d-mijohns Brandy, u ke^s Nutmegi, fo !?'*??? Bon le tux Prunes, 50 vans ilrecu ("slnt At 12 o'clock. One Lf'lHT ROAD WAOON. one EXPRKSS WACON, new nnd in perfect order, direct fritn the manufacturer. C A BOO AST, ArCTH>*BRR".? WI.DNKsDtT. O. Iniit 10, at III', o clock, at the auction moms. No I N irlh William Street. Household Fnrnlture. wmslating ot a general assortment of rosewood and mahogany Parlor uml rteslro'im Curnliure, kitchen i't-nalla, wruss-ls, three ply and ngraln Carpets. Hair Mattiosses, Mirrors. B?'Utevls, .*? OOLOMON 0INHRR, iftjCTIONBRR O Bv IIINOBE A HOLDfcN, office No. S Pine street AMIORBB S male On Wednesday, April 10, at luo eio.'k A M . at the slur- 21: slip. ', near Centre, the slis-k of P unls, Colors. Oils 'Haas, Varnishes, finishes, store and o!lW Pixturi < conttln >d In the abut? store. By order. . WM M, UAMULIRU, Atsl|no?, HAI.ES AT AVfTIO*. OOLOMON LINUfcB, AlTllOSEtK O By D1NUE* A BOuOEN ofliot No 8 1 toe HlMt, April 11. at lJo clock, at the Mercliauta fcictiange, A beautiful Cot !B try Seat at Manaarc<*k; fine holme, witk all Axdfrii improvements; grt?und? bwnili' ulljr laid oat. Fui further pvUculars app 4j at the otlioe ot the au?tf >oeera. OUSBIKFK b ALB ?K HOB M Al*U FACT OR Y.?CH4.M O BKR8 4 CAIH? HILD, auctiooeen, ial^oom 113 In? *au a?reei, will Mil. on Wed u*? day Aprti 10, iMi, at UH 0 clock, H88 I'eari *ure*t, the (stock and Fliturw of a SJmm MaaufActoMr, coDxintUic <f COO pair* of ladies' Gaiters a n? J>oota, Calr *k.lo?, ecle Leather, Iforoeoo, iron fa'e, Ocilt 1 ounter, btove and Pipe. Muiim*. ^oni*, Cloth, Tablet, kc ? JOHlf KELLY, Sherttf. SnK?^r?.t f ? 41'" -"aEBLE, AC -CHaMbEBB a ill \ji .?! j , ? A1 '"Uoneeraissiearoom ll't Nassau street) will wll uw day ( i iiO?i ,yj( April 9 at the comer of jane tut. . * quantity of while Majble hheda, Uorne JOB* KEU,K. rib-nir SHEKit rn Baui ?CLOTH* ao CHAMii'RH A PAIkCHlLb. AUCTIONEERS, Malearoom 113 N*4*?u street wilt *eU on Tties' ay aprll 9, at 10'; o'clock at their ealtf ruim, a l?rit? aunu llt o' Cloth*. Oaar.iacm, Farmer*. Sail"*, Italian i'l.tu, Lining*. Cacvas, Ac tocather with at ?asortaieni oi Tailors Trimmings. k JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. TO CLOSE AN EelATP, BV ORDER OK KX8COTOR8 For Hale. 11 I-uts In one plot, on blomw and Cherr ??treeta, and oof Lt t on Water street, near Montgomery alt. lour Loti on Twelfth avenue aiid lUih ai reel ; h'.jo a valuabl Hot on the corner of Kirk, und South Etgith aireeta, *1) llamsburg. opposite feck klip and Roosevelt street t err lea also 30 Lota at f a>t New 1 ork, near Oy ?re*a Hills Cemetery To i?t? The Ui> story More and Stable corner Broome a? Eaat streets, l-CiOO opposite bulkhead; also four story Stor adjoining IbxU) Apply to aa>K1aN 11. MILLER, No 3 \\ all street. W M WITTERS. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL Till duy, at 11 1 . c'clook. at 10 tieaci. aireet, nil the ?ente? Furniture. Ac . in the aoove house; line Parljr Suit*, Wl> tors tatastry, th-ee nly and o'ber ?. arpets. < <i!c!otha, Bet steads, Heda at d Iteddlag Kur auu. H i>kr*tn>.-, ?; dotal ( hairn, Table*, Dining K ;om ?ud Kitcaen Kuruiture. WM W1T-?EK , At'CTIONKKK? WILjl, -<ELL THI ' day at 10>j r.'olock, at >o. "Ill Oreenwicli atreet, all th l<ente< 1 Furniture. Ac o'' a la>6" house , parlor and chMBbf Furniiure, Carpet* edateada, Reda, Bedding Dining kooi and Kitchen Furniture, rtiina, (Da ban an Ac , Ac LOAN OFFICE)). i Advances on diahomdr, plate, watches, 11 JEWfcLK?, 1'AlNriNOS, PlaJSOH, DR' iKJODS, AC* Or will buy the name for caah at hla private olDce The hiKbeat prices paid for Diamonda, l"o*e or *et. J. 11. BABRINOElt, 170 Broadway, room t5, up tlair*. AT 68 CEDAR HTRBET.? HENRY HTM AN, DIAMON' broker. Cash advanoed on Diamonda, s*t or unaei Wa'dira, Watch Movements. dUver Ware, Jewelry, S gari Ac , or bought for caah oppoalte the Post otUoe. room Nt , I, up stairs, 6H Cedar street * T 86 NAHRAD CTHKET? A. HONIOM*N, OIaMON A Broker, makes libera' advances on otamonda, Watch's Jewelrv, Ac., or bu>a tb. ra at 1 nil value, at hit private ollln No. 66 Naa*au street, room No. 2, up gUlrs. iluaineaa cool dentiaJL ADVANCFSMACfc ON DIAMOND^, WATCHES, JK * elry and Filver Ware, or b<>tu;hi tor cash K.t the hlgtm* pncea. Old (lold and Wilvrr bought A; ply at the >ld e?tal ' lished oilicea of L. J *l'OU9. 67 Wllliaui aUect; bruich !? hroudwsy. AT ll CHAMHERS STREET ? HONEY Tj LOAM T J\ any amount on DUmonJs, Watolies Jewelry, Ac., bl Ui. well known aud old cHaMiaded I .AACS. b'ok<!r an, eommiasU'D niTchaut, II Cbam!>er8 street N. B ? .fto bu ueas triiiaacted on natin day. fine Aitm At ?hD.-MR. r. B&8MARD, U ANTjrACTU RSK f>| I'aa-e l'artouts, beg* leave to inform bia frieuds tnat * ' ? net intend removing I'roi.i 47 iAajMiiard a! reel la L , K illery, fie?* to the public, the amateura can flud a choice u i id lit i of French Pictures aiid Engaavlnxs I|1INE AR 8. ? .11 ST PUBlilSHED, A MAONIFICEN} steel plate E<iuu?trian 1 outran oi that di-d.njguishi* patriot and sold er, Lieutenant t?enej-al tcott, si/* 25*'' Amenta of reeponsibility waotwl in eve'.v state Ap,.ly * V\ iLUaM K aTL, 16 Burling slip, New V> rk. ASTROLOGY ? A BONA FILE ASTRO LOUIS r, THAT EVERY ONi can depend on, is Hadume WILSO.l, who telis the ?. j-et of your vistv aa soon as you enter Iter room Madanj Wilson is the sreatest antroU'gist that <??-?! was known Hl< will Inroke the powers of her wonderful nctuaoe, and tell ? . the evtnta of y./ur whole life Her predictions are so trt that they stirpriie every one thai consult* her Home lad I ma. set a little tiniu, though they need not fear, for *l\ priki'tlsea nothing but what is reasonable to phUe??pbt;r? A ?hould conault this most wonderful ard mvaterijus lvll ller advice hao never iHjen known t fill, and twenty th"' sand dollars reward to any one who can equal her in ')< above tclence. Madame Wilson is in possession of the eel brated magic charms, whlob are ever certain in their ofl'e I Truly may she be tailed a wonderful woman. 189 AUii" ntree't, bet ween Houston and Sianton, over th? bakery. F> for Indies and gentlemen U cents ASTONISHING AND MOST WONDERFUL ? MaDAM MORROW, seventh dangbiei, lairn with a caul and gi of foresight, tells how soon and often you will marry, ?i | j all concerns of life, even your very taoughts Sheguarante thoie who visit h?r will not regret it. Fee. 25cenla ifti Lu ' low, tix doors from Houston atrcst Ocntlemen not admivtw .. | Madame shaffkr has removed from srvent street to '^81 Second street, betaeeu BnWM C ai I nl"ti market, third tioor -ho still continues to tell ab? lovs, marriage, aba.- at friends, business aud Joutueya V die,- 26 c<iita Oei llemen not admitted. AOAME BlrBT HAS REMOVED TO 111! STANTO^': street, sL* d??>rs from Essex, where she still contlnu : vo tell about love and marriage, btmii 'sa and at>? nt fri*-m y I ljMlka ii cents , gentlemen not adm tted. O ijci: houra9to^| Madame bay, no sao seventh avert*, trr.? Twenty x-veuth street, sui-prlses all who visit her. t f sick, troubled and unlucky should test her pi wer Shetel your very thoi alita 'uoky t.uh 'j irv i'M 4i BMM| ZScenj genta, SU cent a, Madame habvey -she can inform her maiu? lilends and the public ol all the events or life If yl wish the truth give hor a ca.l at No 2.H RtvinEf.u strest, nes? i-hi-rill Ladies 26 cents; g< r.tlrmen not admitted. Hou Ircm nine till eight. Nb-who har not heard or the celebraI . e<l Mme PUKWHTER, who ha* been c msulted 4 thousands in this ani4 >ther cities with entire satisfaclM She terls confident she ha> ..o She tells th i iatn? future wife or husba .1, ?? ? Mm ol her visiter. If you wif tinth, give her a call, :u 251 Ta'r<l ?vo?ne, above Twenty-fi# street. Ladies, 60 cents; geu'lcuu n, $1. rHE OREATKST WONDER IN THE WORLD 18 TW younj; and accomplished Madam- BYRON, irom Par* aho eati be oonsuited with the strieiest confidence on iov con taliip, marriage, sickness, intemperance, sauationa. La Mills, busiuesa. traveling, absent friends, lost or stolen pi' perty, Ac She has also a secret to make you beloved by yot heart's Ideal, and irlng together thoae long leparatad. Re denoe 36i Third avenue above Twentr-teventh a'.reet, wool floor Ladies, 2i cents ; geatl?onen. 6f?oent* M \\rHO WOULD NOT OO WHERE FORTUNE IRf \ ? Uo ye, si* Miss WELLINGTON, the great English pi phetess, the beet of all. and nannot b ? excelled Can be <? suited, personally or by letter, on all affair* of life, conoji iri! law *nits, Journeys, absent friends, love, rotirtshi, , in ? pare, health, wealth, and ?ho will reclstm drunken aid u< faithful him j?nds Miss W is ihe only p*r. m ll this a who has the gniulur K< man aud Arah' m ta -man* lor lo>* nod luck and all businea* alTil/s.and . e k , .r. -iU-es Tor Hi Lucky numbers pivea ut lier resldeo. e, |o. ? s ? ? a' t .iue, r postie bl^hth stieet. } ? I MKPICAL. Appeals bf.inu madh to us from all oi ihc cotiMBaaii. so repeatedly, by the untor.anMe vl tiros*! Indie- r hot , .tbuse mid disease. imt-1 >riac us in mul known to every <? immunity our suoccssful treatmmt of thei HDd trscuo *i- miry k* posaihle 1 rom their iniserli-s, r.tusrdl tin dim ,<m mul liusnr essl m tri-nlnn'ii' uf oilier physlrtan ?r iniortn th t:i we *re mending to tneir <t|?hes by idrerli mi; imr rait i, txitidon end Mw York Medical AdvU-ra: M.u-iui|[? ?-uide IHIU |HK' !S, UiO r I Uftrniioni > a-* wld- Jy as p ? iblr ts it Is un unfailing gnlda to health an ! li.ippln? Ix.'b old and yuurg utiuiil.i r -ait It On rceeipt of $1 by f?A\' MX .NCR, No. 1 Vesr.y strei i , rtOSS A fOUSKT, 111 Namo ?treat, New Tort, and I'KTnRAOft, 906 Chestnut "tre rhiiarielph-a, or the author. M. L t ItMt >M r, physic al) ai Mirji'OD, v47 Broadway, up attfra, Mew York, a copy will \ Mot CitJte )y MM. a CARD TO LADIBK? LX. YA\ HEfSKI- KRN, NO d A Broadway, alu-nds all frmal- diMuuei with iafailln -i mens Hla imperial fills $1. / lON8t"I,T DR. WARD HT8 UNFORTUNATE \ 1 Krieud and other remedies i|l> cure without inu ruptlng business. Olllce 12 flight street, c. u at r Oaual. 1 \K. COHHI'.Tr, MEMBER OP THE NEW YOKK UN It veraity Medical College, haa reroorad ( rm || Dnvl itu-eft to 31 Centm ateeet, near Chvnhers. hiving a priva entrant fit No 6 City Hall 'plam, whom he ran be consult' ou certain ttai Mrs. Ill* offices, three in numi>er, nre so a mii-ably arranged that oatl?nts never <-ume in r iglju't. T' victims of Imposition. or those who hare been unfortunate their (election of a physician, o*u call with the certainty hi.rorubli' tiea'irrnt N. B ?See Dr. O.'a diploma in lust, ?ire. Consultation! strictly eonfldentlal. Dr. h. a. barrow, i<m blheckkk kirkkt. foi;. " doors from Mardotigal street. New York, author of thJ popular rnedkirl work, "dumao Frailty," may be c>nanlt? ?? usual, from 11 till 'i and t mm 4 to 0; oundaya till 1 1 \R. WARD, IS LAItMIT STREET, CORNER CAN A 1' tri als all femalt dis-asas with une mailed succeee. H Monthly Pills ?1 per boa, J DR. HlrNTBR HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS OONFIMV bis attention to dlseas-s of a rertaln class In which ha* lr>'i.ti-<i no less thsfc fifty t'lonsand cases without an I s'atvr ol falliue. HI* great remedy, Dr Hunter's Red Drr? ? errs rertain disease* when rejular treatment and all oth remedlei fail; cures without dieting or restrlrtl m in t ? jib.ts oi ihe |i*Ment: cures without the disgusting and sicke log etlrcts Iif all other remedies; cur-s in new ruses in lr ihn'i si* bonra. It roots out the poisonous t .tint i hi- blood sura 10 sb?. rb un. e*> the remedy U nsrit. it is f : a vial, a> cinn >? br obtained genuine anywhere 'han at iheoldo(D< Mn I DlrWtoa street. Honk for nothlnii, that treats of ti nil rffects of early abuse. | Dr. w \rd makes ahtonhhin -j cuRHs havin tresi'-d no less tliao KM1" witfcotit un lastaMa of fallurl tjii.ce II iJilRht atree'., somrr OanaL op.>n tUi lil i*. M 1) K RAJLPH -OFriCKS IN CEO??> f-TRJ -'T; HOfl 10), to Jand? i'? Snndsys ex -rptH. Dr. ward, w LAHinr sTKKilT, oor.vbr o\nS Isdi 'ly :onsiilu.Kl coofldebiisltf ?lth roiniiletr ?nd jj. il?ylti| f-uiees-i Ollicfl hours irom ? ^ M. till III r. M Dr. cooper, u i)c a a i. mtremi, may br oo sullrd or all dl/?-a?i ? of a r* ? \'ti nature Twenty rig 1 yearsnaiusi' eiy davoiea u? three oomplaluis '-nsbiHsniVa ' i warrant a cur > In all i Mk". 1 lia riiuim^ ol ml<<nlsned run drnce in m-dirai pr? iend? r? ran call, with a certainly at bri ' rn'l-rsliT ruretf or no pay. Jj I ill WVlPnN, MRMBER f>F TIIR KOYAI. COI.LBd I ' of Hnrgeons. I,oiidon, may be consulted on all ilissM', of a ptlT?ir naturr, in *hli-li hi- list hail * van i>i|>r; Irnc-. well in honpltHl as prlvite praottao. I'atlenls ru?? rnlroni *afe and s,?-edy rur-i, srlllio-u detmtinn from business ihatv?"f ule'. Attend ti we from S A M to I P. M , at I Broome street, arcon l him k west of Hrosdwav DR. UNEB CAN R'< COHRUfcTEO ON DHE4SI ol frinab-s with nrpHrsl elnl saeoess. at 1S7 FdWI avenur, nei.r Ihlrtsi-uili siptet \/l All AM E f. A FORME, *LEt!r?IClAN, NO. a AMII iTI street - Oahaulam sppllril iltily In th- Ireslmrnt liirsle dl-rsn-s Hon s frofy 10 till 4 COMiUtatiin> J ifnti, Krc'liili and netirao. | 1>ROTKSROR IN CHaMBKR^ MRU*, can b* consulted as usnal. and inr Ulues seat by ??. loali oart* (if Urn l'ait?a Htatoa. , V