Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1861 Page 4
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IRBITIL Of TBB TO till. SHORT PASSAGE ACROSS THE ATUNli i. TWO DAYS UTEHFROa EUROPE. WfcD MBKKSTOS M IHKIlCll ICP* fttl The Fmanoipation of But&iim H*rfa. the ITALY \NL> T II K I'OI'K WmIlSr<L. (Mi Hie OKIHIH AT &<9? - 11 A. NT 1) .. iMa TJip nU-vj*.' Oaj>l. ]g kn ? ? hrn Lfvcrv*1' **? i >?? Vli.' ;?) a K'i'i tr ?. n Q ? ,-iH. t- *cu wi i.hc< 6*Ui ng of lh? Sl-t of t; > h, aTWl b itr i ?? lnrdt.? t.'u thi hi ????? ))>.i w -n IMord T1 ?' * iug L a o !)? r '<>?; ? Trf W* II kfc r) ;t0 ?"?"rrh S| ] , *i?n a. ' April <| tl ? ?f??U ft. " "Ap-J ? ^1*1 7..." ?Api 1, (i, _ Warm ;i<1 ^ ???>*?*>,.. , , ? *?*>'> i.: ?>'??, ?.4o v * M Iwt . Mil* f -4p'i, <>__ | t il 4-~- *t, *pwt ?*/ rn fi , Afri 7_ f *I?H Ai""'- ' 'v * ? ;* *? i ^ . Nf?w y, ** ; An,, J, o ru?,, A *"*?'tn A 0bK ? n ?: Ea> !??'? ! * ? I m E S. 1 N V C OU V*'io i? W rt w, ?1 b) N. w t?r n W * N /><* S 8 3 9 8 "*4 M 51 I . 0 3i 4> III 4' AO 4ft H U IS I ?) #> 3. a* i if 4> ? 1 ??,) OS o. I 3Ml 4 ' 43 Ml I 4 JT S3fl 1U 60[ V.V2 I ? ' ? M rW"'?nl niuii, 1J u - i ? I ? * i nehk ,< ' >>ii<4 nl>". t! ??, U 30 A 11 pVJWj r. ? h<>1 ij 4 #.? I'. H. /ecMV'jd in ; .- 14? ? 1 i If* ; 8 SO P. M pHH?d Bloum . raft find flu><w ?.!h'T , I ,j. >tr?"t>.h?r ? clwtr ?t*?>har. ? ib'ck (?k 1 hi?b , a, * ?quailA. i ?!???<* ??* i 47 A. W rw:ri 1 n' o ; ? .">0 7 90 A M. , B al-ia 1,-i.ial, f 10 list pr,r t '>rsU:? iS20 NeMBiih ft S>n*.... X.1 '^'i Hi-fi A fMi .V <oim...... I (?r'?r 13 4<?-> H lntM,T-ip ? fcvir1 l.'flW V> [) Br.H?kiij<u&.C< 7'0 h.'O 1 V?K> i. (XMt v , : A *? <?0 ?J 006 1 000 T t J J A Mc'Jr^w . Ho'^er ,v Oo. . , Iot?! .f2Srt,790 The p#ri>? n' of 'ht' lou on fo?<, writing on tiis '.7th utl. pr?i . L -t i arly <k!i tU'? Aia<-'iCMi r?< ? t-att is !'??w ? tioiw- bivci llo in th<? i*>utti of tde qu to 'in CutM Km n- ?i k-.'i.fc Inordei top occ d to AtaOTtoa. I'?rll?iMrt not tn #f?jion, i.wtn^ to 'ho EiStar reo-sn, tb <rt> ir u" i>ol,'-cki u 'w* of lu p/ t moo "be i" -ti ui beitf 0 *0.1 Friday, ?>t.^ oba^rvod m a clfeb(i"t? .< >i?tiir,i4)i , tbe so b, a h ?, b,u<i r<w?v: a ?wptMrted '?j r ?? v,-,>u?ii) tnu.c, *n I ptrtm ly s> in oilier l>rahrt<*+ of h' t.M* 1%, . o i? oon- ?i iobtly luile o - no cooinorriv i t> by .be i arala or i> later date U.aa tuat iecoire< by ? . K<liB>>urh and A iMil'gi tuv ? ?>: b vi t'fou trui)'>rU-d into Ll^erp <ol by aa K?;y|itkH? < ?>- iu.d mnd'j ut had Ukeit pi?co ?Ml giV'ii >' ?? u ioi; Riarco. Pnmpt rennt<dial Dirunine iii <> cu art. i. 'e-l, and .. w ,? btUcwei laat th ie a-tt- 1)< > >t ?? fur tuKhnr ftw Tbc IVjar* (>- Tiarte lotuniH 'or ^wl)? a y nhow aftKing ofl in tti<< v&porm "t n Wi Ouo US c <usjw<{d Wltu Kbru nry, 1N? Tbi> Pan* co r?pnod<*>t ol \hr t/.L Jon lltvld ;i*ys ? . Thect-is ' lb? lt? i-iu * i* a. Ii n Byaiienio voU- tho ?'? t, ? ?4vi- >!??' ?t ? i' v n ivf D-orl i ;v<i luxur- a* mo I til iaii opit-al ?ii 'u'l ?) ii|))D th? g ve- n B)t?( k> avru mgi ? iatloti.1 v. h the Ktn^ieror of l&c 1-reuch It brli.j; ub- :t (In- ? l'i lr;i-.?l of the t-'rcc u lr?|? Nc <ni,,ot re >etert i ? i?* t h >? >h? the n <t pt?r foci uridi-rxta moj ** >t". 'letw.-w woi* nod th* Ka>| > rur ot U>< 1 iem t< us to ?<? of tje llo.ntiD question. A a(*i hU U i t m Bww, run d toe ..s.n alt , Bn,t ? It \r hue that the oflic ? rm-'rly H9! ,ngi ?(( t<' tie. >hf??o > ginea1 nttJ o * oil of lt.ii y, have te "'It <l <??' ?"K to prot in to 'V- w. *, to ttfce im-l it' a con!ere?_ce b> be bri i at '.b<tl ]>i. t on tho 6.U of April. Koernit' notis er* now bought by a., trie of 111" money , chai gvm a' V* 1 su at b" rate of Cuy p?r c*>nt of ihel' tiominai txltin |. i tW mtitj! nan;A"vi BOlJ i-r> Lkre r?c?u*ly <!?*? rt?<1 to tae IVimontiSC A letter ticm N*p ?? o? the 20 ill , in the VariH DdntU, bu Uie <. |io'?Ui* ? The g-?<atmt aotvuy now prevail-i la the foundry of (tiktei u *?? uf. ibi>re l? iu? c.w.t 1*; tweint pouaier bnn.Tj r ti.<i guns to* the a/ihicry and TOO h-avy iron gune I i i'e i.?v> A freen ??atuJioa nf tbu ieitv litaa Nati(>u*l t.nnri ? MJ b? i.i lji u 'd id Uio Uret wo k iu April tn pi m iMl to > U rem ?. H?n I'arta oorrtep udent of tiiO Loncon 7i/ to, writinjt oti Setb ult., *sjn ? 1T>e run.'i'B in circiilatlon to ?!?> are wviike, r.ti'l b*?e pnduced ti* utti twtirwi ,<'D mo 'be pu<>Uc ir tLeno ruoinn mi ?? li i ?..?.ded u ?tui? ? woo ppwtf u *t merely pM.bith'e, but lnimui?nt, fieiwt- a tue ?ui^t'i.uis aud I'ted ii -i.'ft-n o ppite nf ? U?* ai'suriinti-n g'c?n i n b tut If (-f Av?-.ria t(l?t on *HH e *iop hho'. I<1 b C imm l:ed b> her anji on. ?oe r ualnn <?'. tn<-i ? (T. i-n ou noJ, to be ri ady afM'L! ' all i m rK?ncii-e ittaiui t>> it > tldinl bj reoeire<i orrt- r? to fn oi a t'iu 1 b Por/*.i a *'? on ttte I'o The AiiHtru.1 r h?ve <1'? 'ared they ?n d 1 u?t : " iho ; -nt to at.a-k tl>e 1'icm^utri^ 1 iup>mr, b*vo saiJ th' | pairfi ; but, n? ibere in bin) blood i>n hotb r miy pro te&t bill ??> \> fur fit' er p*riv t" beg i a. In a letter publnb<-d bv the (ivr nnJ: ifi iur<i lia, Uaribaidt th?tk? the Uicni>tl C s.trrll ?f I'nlormo for hAvlnj decre-^l the erectmii of ? n nura nl to ojcj Xneniora:? the Wt? rerolit ion. He nvyn ? Bat I kV uI I bar < ine'erre-1 to ?ei the s in aj< .riprl Kt?4 ft?r Ui it p ? tudd in river ve to pi't: .wuis v urn aril*1 for U'wailng >hi; lot ?- n?i inc port tun of luiy arLtch atlll graijil under A istriut, tyrauny OHonel Cotrrn, the Am* nciui jteotli m'ui en^* mu-irg thi BULKcn Ui-ot at dtbaetopol, writes on th<- 12th IasUU ? My cnlerp'!?> tn clunrln* the harbo' f.-'.m tho aonken fleet 18 pr<"?' i efct")B quiu? favorably, and I J)i't>e to have H entirely i>d |det. >1 w.'.nm tb?> |?ri>?>nt >car hws Uaroor id LO? practically clour of u I obstruction, only l>elr.|t left to m*e whole It u etc -'HJinKlr dtlll cuit to paw chains under Uutkoekiof the I ice- of tattle bbi|M<, vtjicr are imtwHldM in the m ft man to ibo depth of twmtj-*!i fuel but by pi'reevoraiicc wo auccoedud It mU.iuK under. A tatter dated 9t I/>a!a, Kene^al, Fobrnary 11, aa no . urea the complete auccnea of na cxpoditioo Into the interior, commanded ty Ci.aoe! l^lihc-bo, g i/ertur of the cootiy. The King of (.Hycr afuitwt w?. hii the c?pe<liuon w.-is directed, abandoned h rapl tin at the approach of the I'ruacli troop- . lie r .b-e Oneotly h Rn?d ? treaty with Colonel Kaldherbe, by arhlcb be haa ctded to the French frorercment a trust Of land containing rich ?*lt mine*. Too King further ainde- it to f?ror I rei>cb commerce and to put an ojiI to a r?* ? i.nitg on the Kr -nth pD^teml ma. The French ?re, is conaeijat nee of the I ?te treaty, m pMect ?lon of tbe entire coaet of Sei.ega) from St. louse ?o Oorm arhlnh piaoaa are to b? concocted by a lute of te!c<rrapha ?nil military ttaUona. the Wlowtiig plan of operations, to be accumpiiehi-a |,y the French army tn Cxhui Cb na, la Uk?n from the Jfomlmr 4e l Anntt ? The troops sent tr<*n France are to lie pi. -t > under tho comniaiid of Aomlral Uharuer fney ar? u. land at Sonruu hod to d?perae the army whu-b is b ockao ng that t'nro Thiy are thee to wtaolieh thenawlTce tlrmlv at Mvili . and at B ea H?a, wbieh are eicellmt itrat- gi. ju pueiti'.ns fuid cossptetely command the province or CAinoolg -which u ivnena* If rich, and is inteudwl to be m >de tu>< centre ot the Fret^h po wnseiona in tnat nart of Asu. it fuui been rtwide ny the >reuch govornnvnt that in eve fthe eipeditioo (5a?b ?lgi* sh-rald not 1ml ore the Finperor cf Anram to come to torms with tho Krone *i, K?eoerai Mootauhas nbaiJ occupy Hue, his capital Don Ceil<? (iuttortez, who hus been recootiy a|>p)iut?d ?ep'??ntat?Te of Boo^ira* at her BrIUnniC Majesty s IXurt, hM for many years past been actively cmgagod in ?ffwting important social ant ooinmercia! improvements In the Central American Btatoa, and tince bla arrival In Jtcglatd he bus negotiated a treaty of friendship, com gn rre ano nsvljation with Great Britain, thereby pac log th r ? -tici.? betwe n tbU kingdom and tho Oootral Arne i Ich ft rep .hllc ?p^n a solid and duraoic baaia. Tlf Rr'?tOl I-, rt r?yi ^ ") who hss lately been rllvorrod t? r '.nfbarii h-e P'ii fhiiaed H* per's Cn.rt, fVraer ' ' ' . r- ^*iuczr?Tc, sii*; fct'Ci r fur fufu'e reeioeae#. ? | f '? " '?-y cf t.^i. faj.k of Fr.^ses, tag rJsljuwl ti * 1'tj <h* oft*!* o' M Mirqn. ?L' ::'i < ** 4w?ca?t?wa ti roar * *. ob Ike M*k oH , and <m off the port of Unrywl *t*? Ito MUted. I>vi >u i'?iir?p ?nilrMrr, (siaiata, Hirvn *#, JiMl. 7*4 *?n I ft iJT ~io<ilXf ? 0 Von L>? iy? J'udt ? ij Kv'awi HHat-% ??? to i? UroofH turn ?/ t hi c*> ft </i* t^BMUwe* ? TV a- J-111W17 /?' ??????>? .'antrmt I tfni Vu u tit li', N ? (? iiMnutf Mi ? j I ihni vo*ir PihMpdI u*1 fltH|nat and lbs Int. C? bt.rtti> bave forg "Utn th' tvcuaor Ul"1'4 N'l f*>l> n h'ioiiI ih ' nation of tbopteopera." Wo tro a nation m |.h.>|iart?ii*ri; ih iki doubt ahiii; it; a (I *? ?'(? alw> pi nation of cotton Bptn e<"8 it'l l k l'e a id fo: k ?l-r* in ? v > ir nil oil .1 |.<g -i|*i iro *?> un 1 1 iuv < 1 J. in Mx> p?tifcag? of yo ir Ut? tariff nilt The ?-? ri attune of the ao-them ceufe'erncy are b'it 1 it ??<?? <1 , <iu<- iO'' ?> e levying hu pxuO'I duty 01 t??i u 1*. mi nn1 J of all. The 00 tin lords of " tor I ?vn ifi L d uai coil in ovo 110 p<iiciia-tf>< , #^1 OMMttU p. ? co p-r pound, .m'l they ar;ue ii U y *Hi inroa-e the price and Ion 1 mjh* n-vtai ? ii) l hat (j .jf w aud in India, Cbtua. Ihaz I aid ? u a<i t, toi-y c?u, here ia Kug'and, oe lud-pon 1 1 t (4 vou- b.avp grown fibre 'Ibe fix i- i+t a.iLi ri'H b? hir lo have rn'cd your M*. ktor'il .a.viiii (>??' 1 r Ui tl pid il'-rf *odanD*t: ?t -iijiu, ?u the conoooiioo or your ciont a Mitru aa<i trouo?si>ae tai ill law Itrtiritnda luu! one l'-?ul \t?a-o t IVtauuaotor hi R? -U.f ?t tfc? time R.wl.u l Hill's unt'orrn peon* i> st . B" M. t< n e under dNCilBi.n.ia 1S39. il l (I'aiil kJea*<.r) wttfi hid "lud cvwiiy wchii >?*r-?' e<p? nb rueunaat-jr (A Kx<4er," did not botievo ma m norm n tc 10 Oifl n<0'. di. t v C' i< ? not he A< lb it t m tra iiiuib r of rui.n wiift tw tire. Ae cuu-i u-red it 1 00a ?ia:> to rfw- o' ? jo^:r Invariable profoun' *rj?um"a ( I of i<a l|f!ti aui*is ug ui,?t a> vtbmg n')?; !>ut '1". tV ul b- 1'? vo l ih a gr\ uaiixi ), iu, I. | In fctl ut-wn ?.!'i cl[iho'"<! up hi" ir?u dlf- I fi-riT.t rft 'fl or j.'?r .(!o far ?t>* llttia of ' liu> l Iba p Ttr?nf<? g >u?ratii>n , b?wi!V(>rr j w&uii not accept too clabor'tt > auu protnini aub iuiv..f ! %\r l'?ul Miwor, hot c\n:? duwa to ibc ouo m.t(fio?! rate tl 0 !??..> Now. } >u w! 1 vxt in " re ?of th utc:. 'aat ?oar Tariff Otimmi tee la tb' iIoobo or R pre? utativra uj.t?t hare 1 t'< r t'J -icas irs. It if u" ik.i. t vt:> iL^rtulii .H to h ive Bilvor to t?iplck.s t~< ?' tjiii- iii'i (>?' ,t> i...o silver poiLi s aimthar to htire f(? v- 1 it u r?.- vim 4 ? ii-i-fivj ul 1 1 . j'i't* ??#*, i*<*iit duty, ia l u>" 1' tv tf lour ii; w u-ar four |ier <v! t; tobtve frying i>ali* ?? v i*sl ai one ua'i t, t ic? iuuh at itiiolb r; b . 'hr i?n--l.u.. ibai ia t?i nu-reaant uD iiiRb t ? nee fi'? f >|. I , nip ?ci| miHtj ;iud ubaur uty of buo'i a acbpiu ^h Hid If p t 10 !?'. <iig en uuil t-pl titn({ rail." t li h.? nil iu' iv<< i:ouiitrv 1 i?j a Mgiia ti?r li.n Be \ ir f\no'hi r Aifionrat. ti 1. -u ? H a/il? has Tiiu. ivj'ni'f .1 i' rot h' \i f-. ? \ yiir Oi(tw 1^ a ta iti |>>U A Uto lii 1 ra t . lion M< I ? o ay iron t<> lto bron.cbt to l>?hi ?i ? ap- 11 liii tjicithat n iu.'t oaill ho ,-.iado 1 l?l II *' 1 Ii h | "I O . I ? r.t ' ,il|il |0i Co UlUnt I" m" I. ll 'H ?? ifrl ? , n:ui t. d hfri' an i ??!,? -a in an a; d 'lo r pi <?>n ;? ni.ouo' tuo'B oomd b ma a out and ti.' ir. I I' I c tl 'Q r hat h. en t"l ?ha' tba tv'f.h'.r of p rates on I""''' iri%tt?r in y. or I'tti.-.e, ; ocko/ 11^ the various ai7.<-K i"'1 ' uj.>: afircic - of 4 hji .uo(a to 1 b.'i.t 1 rs.<* 1 i' 'ij Why ui't Kfisd for so qp ?>f year I'aul M MO f Kitt c *k up larfl blU3 for the perplexity and Niinlxi'Z * rn?*ijt 01' isnpo'Tis a^d m .Ice '< up to ? n unrt fiM? thou^anU' I'm ! auch logialatiou a jok", IT you plmae, but ? yo .r fncrch mts, ianix>a-ra and btii.ipom it |H U VI'' ' Hl'Tl. ! R !4iO H?a Mt Lino u ?jvi>r p.icd. rivl on the reoption or non r"C4*pt!fii 01 1 1.?> ro I r a of thi; -l<niia?>rci c<tn> 'tfa rv a? the tCurorw-MicourtBV : htt niat'er is all raducod t a vf-r* alnipt- p^ob i'tn II tht g vc nrat'iit de fa ti of t ie " 1'nitod" Ha'w c >d<sct n'l revenue, h?ld or rotako no T'oita, ai d la ahurt a lap' a pouny of '? nm'tirly Iliac tlvtty," and alow pto't h!o* t go bv tb- oovd a the Smtn, tlii -I mir.lMere pi- nipoien lary inu.s' aud will oe rM?"i\t'', tho v if ii0 alie'nativc. If soroo Bhow of aothor t) ik oiHrto, ii d tho govi-ri mi?ot ind citM Its p;?i tlOL b> b >!iie act on or Maud thocafn will bo difforonl, an - 'old l a mo Bta will heKitite about reofliving a pi( u pot< t tiaij ? ito i-i H-'iit li) ? ri-voiUd BootloB of tne cm xi -f <ic> I' ii- ttic* inv?. .ab'o polioy of this gov. rn r < 1 1 to nr. . -notirt naMotiaitty it hiania "g>vi K?? pnw ttoa o' iadeiw?n loii :e aguout a ly l ower bo^'over allv'M t, HtX-MK Of l?B(? tl'llo Ala'f" '?! tlic'Viiitui' iit, a<> ?? onfrom this polr.t. ronain re*r y 11. ?f .?u Tbe> 01 tbo oarihijnsko itu b?-itr'? m Ifiiui Tk ai d iio'atoin an ) I'mbmi ia htr fr-'a p-itifi ' i , hut no liunji'iiiat" p. ospo ts of war In I'iJ; fc l'i pe bn.H hi ll iwt-d fio-tb anotbor reuuiiiMa'i >11, s.n' gall h's 1 n-n.i'M and th? d?Bir?.rsof the I! sbpota to 11?> bl ttt-H ubi 10 1 prinuni" tho? will b ' coi.tcnt to ri'U iin, bo lor n aa trio ciuctOx hi Id by bia focbloDo ? ii ti n .bflo tiv th. aw rd. at I.vona, in Kr.uice, at t bo <0 urt i V> t-t b p. m ? ?i<no lrri'vccnt Htclp'o p it in tlx* t/i>x li ti n- of p iper ilnprMvaing tho collo-tion of llv? V*t' 1 lioi'i '."??? | ?K>r ii'it 01 tholr Bcmity earninitB, an 1 i>ri 1 ?' a to ui li'.iil ;td tho dignity 01 tb<> \1.1pacy for the mra ?"ato Bum o' Qvu tho mund franc B a joar. OouM unf .' tarthcr ?<?? It really mwmii a? if | il." j/. . >A . . v n la O-atMi'llo o?< ntrii'R worn getting to , fc.ji 1 l e cos', and to usr.( ;-.i the vaine of tb.-a- m>lrit<iai 1 biifta.lpi ^ ?) on bAJi I 'Bt, pcllp?'"d . poinbro are the 1' .lor? of Ro | r nt t-1 it, 1'iid vrrv mtrv puita of aolomn bl.vk 1 o. 1 f; o 111 ov -ry bi i' l>"a' ii b n vixiti'd the p ilaco, ?. o mi ?i n. >;<?' i? li i\ ? i ut < n m turning out of B/mpa | -b\ fc* n f' fd Queen v?ho hua |.*i a good mother. No Ci.ii't I.-'i'Ib rn r<-< ? ptBin , l ? li'Vp.'H, and, to add to the g iw rai til '. 1. i- ?> Ht ; r bt? arrived; we bavo no I'arlla n.ii't. At 'he fc*u ml <K tbi" rhich' PS of Kont th??on^or tlin 'ato I/'Uib i'b 1 pf?? wi-ro prtm>i t, oetug ne ir n"lgbbmi of the d?iiartoi! pimceB Hut tl.m llulu acl of pioll jred cmiu'ii! h'f rxelti d tho ire of a 8crib*> ia a Bi l.tpartst J'.i. nal in I'aiix, which ban oroat 'd HBr wi'iBincnt to nil calm and Rtaid Brl tirbetg l>t;> .? n'mc?a, it tht>y bavo the mai.nor an-l d. u ? tr.o? "i pr m'ob, i.r even or goutlemen, do not (t. it . in- ' art* r .Ilto' ) 1. 1- ? ?]| their social sUxtvi boca .ie taoy | are wltbont foii.i 'ai power. A Bteaaicr i? auvertis??d tl lenvo (i'.\?g w with tho n.aliiii? the Utb ol April; out w.h'tbor event talc^a r not boMdl I bj toe Tho Alrlat-c ? sn<t a fli ?r ?h.p probably never crossed the ocean ? ib !*;b, tu.d 1 le t vr ir ibepropiTty of tbo company, but iht.' i> t-hr ui.r 1 u some one. rtmoty. t e-ti ot i. ir traveller* of 1 oni> note .* about visiting Ame rica for a tr ir > y r n< ? nuiu mi 1 valley It ib Dr. K?c, of Arrtie fame. Aa be wl l miwt lik^y be ' a cblei rmotg yo t,ik n' uoloa'' for b. me time, an.1 will probably ri'C r '. ani* prr it em, I would advl-te you al to Bh^w li.ii" th' amt tile side of your nature*. Aa bo ih notooiod h'tn?elf fbr either amiabil tv of Uiuioer o.* sincerity of frienoB.' p townriiB Amer'can-i, it m?y bo a matter for c. iiTi- uanon bov ar you can toko bim into your cinri di nre. i- -r vother .i(??k ? rluring t^ater ? our bomo po itlca *1 1 b. a blur* A'l U>a<v n 18 out of town, tbo wtntbor ? tf,r" able, tho rute of tnmn<?t ia com ng down, and f,.i ??* t>eg t. to ?e?r c mi. re iUmbuiI |.?k time during tho I v.luiei aiotitlia THE AMERICAN CRISIS. JLcrti I*? lm? ni'iii <>n ^nurlran AfT*lra. <1 1< n ui i\ tr> nibtr I r iiv tu u, m the r in of Iuto ValMntlou, who bad accepted tho oiJu-e of i,irl w-id<n lit the C i 'i ic l'ort< , tooa phce on t r?o 2*?th u't lord IVu.i trtoo 'Hired Mmaolf for ru-oiucli >n, iUia ?u iplurr.. '? witO'.ut Oj[>->rt tioti l<ord < '* r ? lli rt t iming hlA tW)K? aflT trig to tl>e cotiiI . ? ii of Hl'mm in Kngland, Mkld' ? Veil ytoiliiB u iLhr. td uf n, I me oilleiuicen thit h.ivo ftriaet. on the CoiiUr>"Lt of Kuropr, we have th?j Batiafaoti >n ft ?eirg 'h? pi in pie t mm; itml gut rum. ut rapidly i \ieudlng .?'lf < vur the ?hoi<? !mv of the Continent. .H'W, hnr ) 1 SWm! of log the <Vntlnent ojo rwl ia p <<( d'apoi -vi. uow, from >h M< ait- rra.iean to IOC ti( rai?n < vtWetb# pl',i . <> ot t-tuir con*t.itu ti< na t.?hl*bed. K? ?mw !'g vrl Ml tuid bun <loue a tbl.' re?i ?ct iu Port'ig pu n, luly , Anitri*, France iui I ITuM ji? ? ot forpotiu..' tb' ornate ?t on r?f tb- -??rf? by the Ciar? be an 'e Ahiio wo reiotco that so larg.i ? ('?f'KiD i'l tb< l"t-inr rwc at>- coti' .a lal y ir.- r.\ .aid B.'fn fo th-- <iij(.}aeut of lilx-ity, we ?n i.ot, I tbi k , cit>?1 uiir-?'?i'i of y ri"? t#*c! ? uyt of frlrte Ui rvRoctinj tint thw conntry n< t it" Mr-t io i lewila*; exatn^lo, aud tn i ' moat of ite iirproTomciitH which hnv* b< ,?n made eiMwharo h t>? o owirg ?<i tho p-oof which Kn,<!atiJ had even oi tb- p?o?p?rlty atid b.appmcM womh cou - tit utrOii t Di- ijirch> e.ttorda to thrmo who aro I'appy enough to live uater it (:,^nr, h -ar ) Th>r* u ><%u "t?e tpc' in <?r potv'vui tori i th/ r >w m I loiton <>f u kwA ihu.". ?'.*)? tu ufH ?<? ' . a'.d n* i. J titan tA'tr tvn uJ. uAvh a" U"it, t/x i ui j la invne <n?r -m* in ?i Xvth Imeri'V, I' i j/ to a Ji'- 'tu I n pf f nuf 1 of 'V f nn.-r.v l ux! Ai'U?. !t !* uol for >n to j i.i|i>' b? twp?" th" c>r i ">n<liu? piritw. I*. I i n *t , for u* to -*y wb,?t ought to txv ?hcrb?<r ??omnroniiMi j cigbt to h?i in.idc hj wt <ch tbr- rnlru m.ty bo mAint i'n ] i ll, or whf'ho' it in bout for t'm b%pp tu r I of the w tions ( that th? y rbould ""iiftrnt-v uid form retjx'etlre y dilfcn-ni ana c td< di litcH.H. Hal of th'.l I Mill liirtv , very miut wb" bf?ratnr, nv^r* Briti*h h'?rt, will fe?l I Ui?< tt tu our rorilUW winb in?t. wb*to?iT m?)- br tf nit m*te rrnult of th? diff?reD' Wi now |>r? rilllii|t, tout ifruit n>Bf be hroujjht about by a9\tc?bli> idjimtmetiw, ' on i Um: {V world may >* mi* J nwn ite ifiivxt ng tp? 'a ?/? < f rnftg t*<Km at rm a^airut 'mxhsrt, am ?! jti.rrUr ?i/ftiM-i i.A?M"i aryi at to >thj tfuU Halt of torial hapr* wvhu h Knji hUKt r'o bnn tM anlmirMw of mankind -U inr.h.ii ti'tpui/f aiid a ooui.try * btch hts b^-n tho ; Ktt.o ol p?*iv and x lUKtry polluted by Ifie offu^joo of j blood. t'nr NMIi tiBl Trnablra am VUmH Abroutt. i |Kri in the t/iri.iu inn*. Harrb !W | Af tb? poilt eai hiri.oo in Aintflea KTft<ia*lly darken*, j boih fdi ? lue iiijnRrxj id Uioir fonx* an I eaU m*hi n tb? i tribabtilttva "f n future ?tru)t(rle. Tno fi>uth, ?>o?u trurtad h mwt up to the preneut time with ti e nun ?< nv Dtoi tti <Aar Peoartmect of (be confodcrn ff , Us? niM iig?l to ??-i ire More* mi I money, for which It b?? I- t g ti^-n tnteeded to $ ,-c no oilier acoouat Uiao mch wi may bo ret'leted by a civil war. and has con trl?i"d to plfti ? the North In a aitnation In which It in d'piortblj deficient Infh p m<n?id uiuioiial Tli'tloath hw b< en rl?v?r enoojib to conM i. t^? if tho executor of the I'ltti.rt frv ersi 'n, aid !.w prorrmtwi pi it* own um> ad the go.-. tl.?l hue n In ltd way without any Tery ftrirt regr? d to title, tn the ttiphii while the S ithern r >u; |e h a<>u to l ave ol k tod an army of flfty tb' i?aj d met>. aad to t>? p a i fP?d of a ocuipi t- tt ?ujit>ly of rilled canaon ij .? inUr bowevar.are p< rfpr.tlj fiw?-? i,w? it it not by their prefect toroea that the ?triiif*'i if our.o yun will be | derided In theeo daj? It ie a.d tbo long, t nw b I t(l? y ,IM, 1UUI . ... 'v J r w^. ; 1 botb Mdeti a<e n ralnlcf every eflort t"> p'ace thenagivre I it a iv?n;iUhie aoaii. I?J pOCltiOB Ona w<t iu..y ob | serve o to<Jk, that earJi of the*) aeeta* to taavaa Miu'v j I t'lrrr# of tl?o <m'y reail* a?ft> |ai>4 rast^etab!" manaer k ) raai<>i u..n?8y, by ap p<> 1c j dif<?vU/ tu the W ??p H) tl M) mwU retired to Utuh the peMcr whMi we e>? u<M the people hero deliberately ul uebeeii*tie?l? tWMIWM. of <be t-ipedirat to whl-fe the North bee had reenu*-* ?e hev* wuljr ? , it liaa tapiwed oe our ?u?'m tui<* HB" pmdi re H duty w> biyb w to he almost prontnl ?'"iv it* North n.e b' h,.i to c?. rled on lu nmotu uioi* ? lib ftum n<pun ty. aod the ?ei g at>oe whioh a>??u'<l 1 ?m Ix+u u. m n Jo i at *he b-ad of jetleiHoo Uru u?d hu* bar faileu, mi is ti<>t unueuai, upon K it a ul the fitted hi d wen wu-h.* of b -th parti * The Moutu u in.u? u> o Mgoid en < xample, and M?ke u> ru-j ue North, whi<-b lay* a beavy import duty no otr mami by putt 11. k tu. fkitcMt duty en theu- priMntl ruufl both hidi e, a^r.emg in boMiiuk e *e UH qoue ui aultnoua In two th>bg* ttr*t tnoevoi i wi *. of I UOlrt lUMi l 1*111 tb. lOWIVt*. ?..<), MOOO'lly , th? <I.-M ( bx up o ttoghuiO me FtpHture of their Inglorious u,ii a lik'u/el COui'wL Wo C'ti oli) 0U B<*lvi8 to thfl belli/ U'*t Him uutow nut ae.uah pole/ will m n lit' y ovt-i ree-4i itreif It 1/! 14 .lie to til* power o 110 -i uih 10 it) that uo duty ehail oe p*i<f upon imp , i* fr? ? iDp'tiid It u vot in fe}*>uer <fth* Nvrtu 1 , pr- -nl <.<<<.* irtm b-ing impsr'd nithnvr painrft d > (v %? c?m petition w.tb iht-ir native in?uet<y will ttxutlu, but iH'j II vetiue n.m nu>#ht ha v e be. l f wrac'ed 'm cd it win i>? ? > tnu tbe uni|<>i ty ot ibe fun gal. < instead of tun goveru niM.1 'Be ca*e <f ih* sooth la verv similar. Kor ? tittle ji-uj tbe coutiiittit<r? 01 cotU>n in 1) bo made t > piy ?limit - id the htupo ol an oaport duty to thu pi niera "f (?<4T|iia aiid auiuu.a W? oorwivti* m Inoiithiro < > >n Irtvid 10 levy auoh n trmum upoo ihu Ouuie^u tu tbe : bapti el eo export outy 00 op'um. liut ibu Kngi^h m4 tH'tluil) to aubuiit to th e kind of tri-e'-n>i*ot *i n ?inch put.rece a- fie Colnm?, and At hiwJiti'n >'f tiHiU mil r tifj t/xir tnind. U /hiv for u huev. r fw<l4 Ihtyi nws r ur in tu w matirrr try perinaie'it dmtHutvm tf ibtir jrxnrijtr crtui t of nr/^Jt All ? 1*0 aboilu< tiitda of t<;? North -lud W??,t n.?v<-i d<>.it' neb ? bioa ^t ?la??ry ua ibe will h ilte at t^o h a.n? of : b< r ? iHni (1 oi'ampioiia fri'tu ?ln? tinpjbt'.iim of tt.'iit II ? 1. 'Li- fcJW'i l il tu ttoii. ,fl;? a .mic "i;t jro<? o tbi-> to ittry 'ivr'+ ? to niir* iho-ou^Ulj ei ir jfi at th' o ? ; iiihib <i ti"ie ? a wii'i h thej b'KO ihetr eupp > 0< ra* ink 1 him Ibe tui^e't on of an Mp 11 1 *?) j)Ut j iu 1 II heoituton in tbe ot .400*1 ui whtfot it 1 n r'ftli li s-otud, aid ibii'M ihul ll'i:i u u.tpitil ?k'il 1 iiiuioatMui, <-ti<erpruib mid ti llu tie eau clfi-i- w| 1 n.> |? 1 <tio U> o"H r to 1 Mao up a CGa-ptil"g j?U .<? r y t i ti at 0 tto&Oiitht'D rttene. For tho l!-ht tnn .j th a iiiha Inn our IhUwi-eia Ilki-Ij to be i"etig?l 00 ttie ; f me i.e i ur 'O' imgi- 'Ui<i Me abiui b? fu ai Ui mu [ t?ku.* a )?Jt fin wliiih cobsuitencv ?n . boaor lin-e m Ifi'K i"i o^ed in vain. U m liut n (i4c ntich ><3 rftiuii tt ooi.b>iinu> 1. won n, for the bat iluio, tu<<. [V?i.h iii i!h' ' tin- p-iiii Hue. of f'oe triil.-, to i>? Uo.><?d .toi^ njj. ('?old ti> ttu.i in *t djfji orablo ol all (xOMHUiCal a'?ur'll tnik, an 1 j port uutj on "j aj ujle ot pru<!ui?> wiich III ulr b H 110 u.onnt>o)> but urlli u cat be p'i?Mi,' 1 rtioo-i ?t.) where wttuia thirty fivo uor>4t >n,. t'' lib 01 tin cqmlor. We r?n, m ?it, fully utdoratajQ i bow, in tte race fur [i juU- n ;md tbe drtoitniautlon not lo oe outmJ >.1. riMj, Noith tvtid -outh b -ve ? ?>"+, ? ?<] ilie-ua vi ,1 ft iht cx|Ht!iiuU >-atljer than h v rtxufjr-t; t 1 loco. t> 1 nly liuiuial auo i>ebnio.e i?oC4>?.i be 1 n I-*' >? 11 01 ultnci. taxee Tlie ibtiUtuiio^ v th c 11 ry ? U?-r tv ery tao iit> t'nr Bnoli a prostiedii.K vV.thavoai ?n; b b?< 1. told w r.n mu.ii pride bj Ax -r jui* 1. it n , tk> not itOuire to b.Te lecourM' to 'h'< btlfeo hu 1 i-it j.< win an 11 ? orne tm; that they h.tve l<; mm w< ha" 1 tu l darec lo do tu>il Hpplie ti iu-< y i i.i tb' tuvifuo iiiid ii b> pit. er*y,b.t to li<- piopn tj itsm; mi' of wbicb i?ii ri-vcuue n 1 .. t'tie Uo ni.i ? *jb- 1 wa a itiild iii.d fie.-aa liqnaltiou 'iu 1 H wi'h tliat whluh iu Aiii' nn eorut.i /'g furuture, weiffa^ hta p.ato, ex.i. uea I ai'. , aid esaatinee liu wifo'a |. >4 1.1, and i'MmhIih jH 1 1 t he 1. w Tib with aa nuich pr?- in ? ui if th- ajt |Mherer were (otcg t.j lovy an < \ ch- ti ou bia (foiw >"0 wli en 1 t 1 18 tn ub! tuuiu ??< u r 1 , uitoui > i i, 1'. h Mr r tl>e State 11*1 bijeo at he p'tina ..1 ro -1, ,. i ^ it, It t- bet ti nilord tbai benefit wb cn u tx>dy den>ca 1 ? i r ii : .('Br tax ? lh'- beut-iH of aQonilcg ?i 1 i<u r .'Uii ai'il ro?i"y Hi?v Lr of Onian.iiiB hi. incro..h.- r vi-uue wb n t if hxM(?i (? r eomr lunaeul^ti iuj 1 preaeln?{ uuii r^u-.i">^ Avery kui^JI -iiccu'eKo en tb" ai-n'Wid rauc of po ii. the Northern and Soulhorti c. nl' dorcwiot w nl law ibe B' fa t ley reqi lie, an<l ea%et.>in f-om U. c bu tt i. .tlliji aui ? laCTtHii tble ex|>ei'litiei.t o levy to# a rove iiuo l ? niitail) cn a f'imign nation, but teai<v un thou i wt. traoi' atd agriculture. Uniay bet-anltbat ail thiH is ttue, but that a demo crntic form o' puvciLuieut ia Dece^arii; uitoleraat of d'teei taxall'O If Bo, It i* equivalent to th- Hm-ertion that a d< H'O. ' atk Ke^'^nn-ent can only evwt uudei the tu s-t lavoieiile of all p sf bie OOOilUiona .So bn|ii th'-y were Uiilt-'d It ?a? eaay for tbe ^(at. a of tlie Norib rtmerlcaa Union to detray ttirir l<>ciu ozpei Hiii oy dire t thx ttoo. nod their federal eepeuses ay import datiee, wl.icb, tnouiib iniprudently hi; h, were 1 .it lutal to pom mere. ^ui'Tt. o nni't n tn H pate 'ha' she rt/'ov, vh-ri Cn-ulrd intodeo hostile rrf'UhlT* , oil ths ifmtf ana uv pre y iltnftd OihuiU tfffs uhicH t>v p. ue*se it wnlr *A. ant ( iWnt tu du*U vnthr the ftimxr ?f on* The huh custom*, riOce, wita ra much raulllt, so leng a* a btoglu gov cn n?ot ?ti tn?i-terof the ouibern an t KuUnn fn i>ii'.itrd, Ctui now only be levied uuiKr tb? very '.rupmbablo con dltk>n of an agreement hetwei-n North and 3>>utb to ii'iopt tar ifle to 110 irly alike aa to ?ivo no temptati ntoeiitui; c era Stoppoemtf th? brdacb lo ooutmuo, th - rival ooa f?< eraciee have really no al'i.r -native but to raise tb - r nvet uea by direct taxation. Wo wlaii IL n: lo ru t, nite this truth l<oitto th'-v have nr.n'-d then ."omaeioj and it|(iiculture In the futile athmpt to evi o it. |Kiooi tbe lotidon Oloue, rimcb ] One reeuitol the Anuricnn revolution tu*> be iufpl v ( predtoteA. The two repaWtos, M not obeotutety uoh- 1 tvi< , will yet drca' vachotbet h h' utility. IbM .-o n :-.t ai in> a rivalry iu armatimnta by ltu<l and ai * 0?? of 1 1 eirlutt ik fx 1 it ih* S' uih Oitut be to aeite a tt-Jtvk>'-i i airiy, omt (hr *tUr< i'u> t'on r./ tha erp-mtii-e na* <Uy < n a I let yt m <ilr into Ihs Amrrioan ronhnmi unli jirafctiW'/ dite ) /ro;i f/ie ?nf4u'v/?i qf 1?61. Hitherto tho f > w tU-niaitud ti'KUlarti, iiialntali.< d by the old tederal goveruin<Wt, i tuivo bar hy deeerveil the name ol an army l'be ! (invlcUon ibat >t rnUBt be increased may Mow 17 I iUiwu upon tbe nilnun of a people aoeuBioni d 1 t" rel) on nniitia ana veluoieert, but it 111 "nt arcend > above tbe horizon al last. Tim South will eel t o ox- | uiuj o. The rival tariffr, begetting Hniui'gittig, and fertr* in pubjecta of International quarrel, win In !p | lo convince the peoplj of the two States that 1 they will not be Rife from encb other uu'e.^s tbey can nia iita 11 an. 1 dlaolny adequate fccon. .-ihoulil p r.- s on go .urthi r, aa It tuay, ahoulil tbo border -t<t a the SortbwiPt grow angry with tbe tar ill, J attempt 10 lorni feparate comtnunttlea Htandtfig arm'e ? w l. natural ly lm reane with the increase of diauuion. Tht ptitp'ctt tf tilt lair V intra {lute*, ther^rr. are nit e-Tj briBi int , an>l tiruh-r Mr Liru oM nvr Mr. Jrtfermm Dixit an tool, fur ?card to a quiet trxjjn H itA them -.nmef a nevt rjitcn Jhr (*? a>l track marls by the founder* cf Ike rrputhc u note il? I i.tNimlofi d. America tn'srt cnani ci'l '.-me anumg tu may It 1* to tee u Kth -r, like Ku rep. . Vt led t* dunaec uitD urn atmiutic natumt, with p&d pulwv, pr 1 rhnhet iht t mil, like South Ame: va, I* t)1\t up uiwryj s i.i/mt?r ef marUHf cotnmuni.iet, un ^ hrr' art-l ,ivr a bxiyht ."J'c 1 hxuiny IriUwiUy in the turro ituiiny jLk "i. The New Morrill Tat 1ft (uni the E .ropc?n Iimex, March N" ?' h|0Ct in the wh 'le range i>f demeet' ir Cnrolf-n polttto .8 e\ci ii>g more Internet el tho pi --aem m' tnout iliantb. extetltg c-mdttion au<i future proeptn.i f t&? feoerul republic or North Am"rioa. 1h ntfrje ? ? U> have rr^nvtni a titml deal of the aitt-ni n ni l\. / ruiih ' ?i. fnet, the ??t ore ??i tita y a. * arnmCtiioner' are <*! :n he <-n 'heir way f rnm Ike e<U r>g S atrt to indure t'r i/iand wd l*o**-e to ndr.wfrtigt the new Soutkern re; v.'^ic. IV, ? rv ?' It u jjn"errm-ti mav pursue <m U it de'.ivt /H 'tiov u u n't i to eoiijiKttm. Hut tho nnwi p'e&ain^ [?ottit i ? r in n the settlement of thlx phaao 1* th? neu jm : . i i?i ( i r> tartfl". wbleh|ip now h<gitinli'g tor ,. , ooo ldernble rhare Ot attention in America, aa It h one in iht country during the last two or thrt ?? ? With up, the h . i>f ?u> g.t.erRl that Mr Bill . b? re hi? llul t'UtMHBt) *WM btrt riihwd tk meaaure, :ttb - tamo w .i*lof.- which marked the latter course f ad n iiij!' tlun ciung to l,itn to tbo clc*-e, and u ? ?vehia con i. .on < home w tu<.h cannot fall to deep' v tni ri> the Northern sut?< hixi itcrmt to havn wb ,. ";rp< ??< iy C' i triv? d? thongh that ?m cortninlv not the -r ? i >i n rf ?ho Intner ? to piny ib' p?me of tho South, ltut ik vertb' io- p, to* been a? effectually played tw if it had been or initio ly devised iind carricd out by tho South. I? i.t wbi.'p?rHl in AmcrtCHO OMUMtOtal tin ie< U1 t'l . country- and tbo ptatement, wo m.i> prcmlpo, com* 1 trom the otbor 8l"e of tho Atlantic, una h-m mi /mcrican origin, th< i gh *o aro fur from vu oh I we for ttn tntth ? thnf vh- r? South Tn n'.n retuti' , i /id ttiote of th ?? .VonA and W*.t urre l.j; in ahtc'ute jmnafcH the fi*l4. mninj u-f .mi cr, <tl ,:!t ? I :ic?hard ui4hr> vre p'iJ in. o rnjuintion :? the esUnt, it if aaui. qf five h^ndmi thoiifamd. hv thv Irortun-ioii tn IVnnti) Ivknla anil tho cotton mac'i'.IV ti.r rs :n Vt w IJcglnud, to crguro tho p?f u.'K of thi> ui w iirt". Th iH n iy lx? n f-?bi tcation, a fiUu.Jor on tl n-.t m t ? 'r> < f tongri or a larK? portion of thim r?prcHastm?r tho tr ? Wttt but it ip awu'rt?d aixl ron int ntivl on ? f' t on more than ono iiourso in hrn?l*n<l. ITip ytat' v ? ' t m im an wc know, h>ip r,ot yci appcart d !n pr 1 1 tut if tbi br any truth In It. which w.' aro f u m jixTtirg it given min t color to Mr h .rn-wj lii'.icc, who at ono tlmo wia Jippopml to roto tho bill, an>l was at mnt lnrluoed to 8iyn it thiotgh tb? proMmre of hip PHuylruiin fr ??!) >. It U worthy of notion, In lOt'tratirifl of th?> r ? w Ann i '? un, th\t tho louden /Vtv ; ux ere livgiy i?rgry with tbo peoplo of the r< public fer n t ?iititn ; tii to a Mutpmof direct taxation, Ualo.iil of l irj. ;y lnor ii"u* th? duty rn ?mt?irtp, In i rjor t.? i? y' i ? . 'he fpdi tl cirh qtlor at.d the denwrm itmu t itor ' \mfi ii"? ai<* pai.iUoil with tho Mllshtt*" of tM net Tt. * really coding th" nvoto In our b'.ither eye * i'I o-it t>. og oonactou.* of the t.oani In our < wn of *11 m<> .-??? of ra.pli R the revenu* in I nglatnl, no mode ip morn v.i popular tho claps th%t the .iournal r? forred to rof rt+ontp than direct tutatlon. anil ir;uch cf tho prrpent Cbuoeltor of the Kirhe^ ter ? vopop'i ' nty ? ith thif ebwiH may to trKed ti Iiih ten' if ii.rctae t*t, whloh ta .il.njft tho 0' ft'rr., i f ?'irec< taxation, worthy of the n-vme, that la i.nwn amorgpt na. Sarii^, thoo, we arc not tt'> peop'.o to Iind fault with the democrat of Itto T'nlt' ' h'tatow far dm' ik u it ? moth'>il of " ratPtng tho wiuil wbtcfe I . no ?>iti><tii?:y illntapt. fill to the b^her rUnp in (xghmd. Ihit apart from tblp view of th* unbj-rt, tfc, tew turiil wt.l tavo the rflert, for a time at leant, ; , ir* Ijflng the large tra 'o which tor po irany vo/u-? h ip ho..n carried i n between treat Urttaln .unt th-i federal port I-,? of Nortti An-.erica. That it will give a m w aM unpri dmtt'il iu|it:'80 Ui raniggllBg, and thereby divert '? ^itl n t'l tr Into H!"gltinu?to i-hannolii, la the convict, on ^f ill w bote judgment the question 18 wortb rWBWt an I it in aire i rrt-'iin tliat the fl'mmliiilonorafrom the Mouth i n states will, when they arrive, malaljr rely Tor nnr- ?*? with otir govrnmont hy off. rln? a rery liberal Urtff ^ tho p'lce (f tecofiiitlon. The only pn'oaant bit of son 'hit, ? In thia otherwise dark picture la the rci ?< tan > of the new ITi- ider l to adopt ooerclrc meaaur-s towards the Houtb Al long M a roiclllatory conr?e u ado;<t l.tho door id *t:li left "lien for reconciliation, and man/ pert-en? tielleve that the dlfllcultlee In the way ot f irming a fViuthern confederacy are in*pm raatabla?eo Inaur rnoi nti bio that aHh-wlun to the fnlon agnin la the only tourae !et t ojm n. tmre let th'' prceent Bisun I r t m-iiog hetwifn tho North ati l the south ho nmlr^h'yvi ?ted, ind m.n'.T matter* like tlio new tarltr will i , e-i ly ao i it.t th?DirclTCM. But a [oiicy w >u:?i t. abw ? -cli xk, nad ? ' " s '3 It i; ls!s; ;4 a a wUl Ii%to faith in moral over physical poaer. Jnliit Browl DramatltNl In Franrr, The Pai b S'n If ef Mjecb 2* has the fuiIo?lnj -."tTe , i?v< j-;t . 'ja ? a mmU vuiuaw, (UU w law.-w; very flecuent, written bjr Mr H. rqia?d, editor of be tu. rw< ? oo John Brow*, u> oam? ba n*s ? <? e i-pula* in tnM b> ft letter ??< i.*?o.%o ?>f Victor ItiikO. John li**!. barg*"*, C"one?bed l i Urn *b. no

Mi unli-cmeul by tb* Vbglniaoe 'or navteg a.iatuo?d t>.# nu red c?i se of unive.g 1 itbivty >no ?U?m jK><3 Ui* i.Ihw?i?U the blaik-, baa u f*<e more berutc Mid i-- u ii?ib< "c ?-ven thai; ibat of WmJi hh ?? u (!>. V.mor Uu|o, in n**'?U K ^im, k*" ,e**lU0 10 |J?? *" ! Ki j*n <!\ ubo, ti m ' ? ww. "??? ' i f i?ca to ^i11" *m rn-a, no- , ubtortuuaajl*, t" -<l aii t* ica *b Cb loik.d "0 -?? that m^ nt.wii drama ?t h tcirV' ?riw ih a lit J* book, to *htb we anal Ma a r?'e abii wbi & movio ?B inuch aa" Code Tom '?04>lu,' ii i l>< ? or i > '???* i ?*u ? 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I-UIU i"ii <>* ?li U tuU>. ? ?<M ?"<00 ( CO U0 <" I'U bu t ?u ? ic h<? in '<ni??-ij*ie u -.ii lb. xn'MO l> It I w. f ?*"'i tx> 1,11 ? f| Vi. ) ll'H ' 1 1 1 IjuV ^ I ?>*> ' IllH l| J*^ll'Hl Wti* I'-IU , , : i , c i if, Hi.t ilii not ii*a.m -ui iui'i>????* n ?o.o M'O |,iui!itci' uirUfd tb*'. Hie i nt-wy ?-r?o ii II ? ib Hrcn 'lit I..IW, .minni'*" ditto i , t . ? nun mi ro u?t t- ui mo li" ib" buii"' to u .,,, H ?i*i I* uril fid**'? to V y II- apMii ! i- 7/'. Jt' I fiuh 'I I" 1"<<l %*?&? !.,"><? i' I* imp ? 1 l/, #if .??".?> ?! c *' i f titl I'uh n'lV il tt imt i i in < l itol I' ?*?> lia -e u rittb ?V it j? uur d'i y U) n j,-t |.i-*H?i? Ib> ? ??, ii i* ?-i'i'? m? of tb?i ?ai|? l?liM r. fK?b < o iit^e iiii'inNii .?wtl> mid Un>. lb i rutb m IB , i ,f, jd'nidri tv?<(s timr'n m? 4 b- nil ?b ? v, i' Miuni r oi r rn I a y h<?. iu<Jnd m ioU , l . II ? " I u t' i r U' I i lJfiHi-llMI|iN.W*IU>^ j'ir u.lujfir !'??, OAd ll>IMM?.UUW? lh? ?? C??T ci^'.iK-nn rmiio w.'b'ii be*-.'* i? t? f a- miimct u ? t icU i. . i nn U? ? riv. ii tbif iin'ilk. ctio h >? ofMil , . ? ;i i i . h c u?c i i V'tucti tblf K tutu q'ltniixu will r ,, iit'iuiublfi no '"??>* of 'l rriPHiui' auw*tti?tt. Kx.1 1 ., . : i H'i . >'?? u?-i. nm> 1 1. |iri '? r ii' <? l'" one io *o . . ,ibt Itil it i- i/'cih. '?vit? 'b?'. K Kimiih- *<-re , , , ( |>c. *i u 1 (1 bt UBoKW 1.0 '"l* polut ^O'lK. tbt'.lC<l t ill i,i i." i?wf u l;e fhet ui-ic * >uid b tag ti., ,,i*. hi iibmiiute Kiid uair?r.-?l a^re-it,?ut. I H.- tl.crp'ori', ? ill n'i5'i*t tint i-ii i<<bl ? i ? pu'fK'18 who h . v ? r.'t Ur-rxl guiwt x. r 'ic? to m* ?it r v , <.1. to w'L' id tbo u..bu',b n M Aud:i ot lu. aiiuf.n' ? tit, -to i lie MCI- try nboioo wbi.h' AP l! ?l U I? <>l "01 IKI'IJVU Ot|l utl to fUlU' l?r tXIV til i ? m fi 1 1 is < tii. ire l> ib b' .-u i otfru.i -< il b? hiiwry i v-.L b) H'l 'bo cktum 8 ot tlif civb /*it'uor h |/?.|?le ,i .' is tin t.* ui I? mi. i t i- i> i ?f * -i^i'-o ? ii ii- tui?:i 'bat oi' h -'I ?>' w "Tl 'l '? vvt" '"io""'' i ow '! >' ? ii ({' '? i't n-1 "Ut 1 'i|'|?- -1 t ? <b p?tri -tc ji rf ii ,i. In- iur i t i tiiit* ni"k' mmi'i-Bt tu K rtv* I i II. II ? tj will l.-ipn* '.??? I la I ?VI'? i!ut j?- * ; ? i H > 1 ii ? biiji^ i"' i*i tup miiolrt ?i.d (l*tn hli i . ?.? in. uk iv i i.i > to Vbi- u oi* lit hi 'l iA.iHl.-ru a.o i u.. t, s ot tlif I e'tiil I'U. nil/ Trj.'4ut<** u "i -n, I, i 1 , 1 1 ?' l/i f.-tuiti 1 XJ' flV iWIP rv tht I ' >1?1 1 the ?> I It' ?! W rtlftytel 4, ,'e c"t'*t>v <j it *? -I t;. tt.'r r, I. IV.Mbl'Ul If. I. bl i.p ?U ibBtudo |fL MX' r.' ibi- IV|' vittbout bit g'i>n 'beOflurib under !?(,i! : nf. li oi tli' -t.' h ? .iio ij ti I ?x*l evo mtii ti 1.1. im). tvtib ? ? Ki?iiC'> tound bi-r t ii i>n ??i-rti ??? 1 1 ui>i> i?e n , crtrj inU) li' a*. , ku u- u d bol , lu '< dti to flt-ct thit fb'i} uye toopco towdirtrt ni-r ivi i.j b<i*. 'tutute Austitii u tbo nj4ir*tin.?1e av.^iKl wt'li n Oe^lorahlo co''rtt^.', by tbo lip? (/ tne ot Iter Ma?-m..o lbi? ?''?,t of o^n ii ?. ebo bas uifcttyn JixpUvi'il A*, the t*ii'(jr<*a ?>f P?"H , v. i r S" buatbc to r.u?oi? bo I'.nstli ttoly o|i|w>hel to ?a Aujtr.*, wbich b?u bier 8av>d bj bcr I : jt ii Irw veora t i'luro Am tor u? b iUQu a? wo a^o ? ? i: i? by * I ? t liiMiip whi. li a viu>6-uii ciuurt ui>nciiro-1 I ti. jt- i.nij fir i i.oibwit, lot it Hlii.n bj our oa tuct t jrirrt l->iu r<- Hi a ' wo do not r?*.'<sbie tbn power wbii'b bnve f. ' |il>: '?* w/.b tbe btU'if am- Kit-bcburmioa. i Iii ii, In 1S5M, ?. 'vkc l for 'h? ?upp >rl or Kr.t.u>,th? I ni[ en i iliui.' i. ? uti letobiniKMf tlicullflcuitieo ot <ho : .a'K'ti Ui v ib'b rw woi.'bt plaijn btui with iupd-t to tbe Court o( B?m We casait, after kMlag m; epted Oil* boot lux'R.a't tlv-MDH," i rm oi uwh n it iniv tbo t ' lu'i ii ti>r. II *'? OHO buccdoO io coovibclbg CuUi i;ce tl..?; the r mn ?i R?>iau wiib tbo ro-i of Itmv . ui tiot placo tbo Cburcb to ft pi-si.ton ot rt.>pHbd I no, tbo .,ni'4ii<.n Wil' lav. .maito ? Jtri'*l it-P to* m:? K( InlKm. In ti> coi.M-lor tiouB pof.plo thiiilc, tniiooii, tb4 H ilc parll :a?i-iii ?eio iij Homo, anil tbo Kiotf at the Quintal toe I'opo would ioio mi.oa of bio Irido im u tnco.i'j'l wo ild be botlituK moro th*u to ? ?<! Blmon-r i r 'ho cb .plftUi of the Ktog If those IV -.m vere u oil Iu'joom I ^boulil not bi-attve to a*? that tb'H rc-ibtrn would fatnl uot oti'y to Ca'borciiin but to I tiiy . Ao rrtnfr c hm ty ran hr/'tl avt ?pU. tA*?. tU i ?ncentT Vl'n tft th' hOfU'l of inmfrm nt cJ xjnrWal ,mi t*)u raifK*urr. Wbm tl?e?o |kiwo b o-o uahi-d It 'lorty dlsiicpi am, tUi> rule nt c?lipba prevolla It Srill ri vi r In; ui m .taly l?-t >.m onKoitbe unner ftU iw m p>rU tbi? i(iifaiiiiu oi tbo b U.iouro 1 1 tho iibi'>u oi Kmne v i li luily upou ib< ludeuObdODoii of tbo Hplrt'oal power Nt v> . Ui Ui< tl.itt iiOtadfO, 'I." t( tu. loinp'rol pjw.?r roo it.T tt ? l oti. l! .a. I; lidi-penil' b'l1 If i' wore no, I wouli b"Hlt?tO to a.'lv? tbe pruliWm. Hut r.o p -rson urn i.iu a t..ib . 'J. i vi< * in too t'tu.-e wb-u awro gua. roavinn H^on the Otvlce ri^l.t, i < k? d tbotr ilomiiiatliib as & right ol al/. 'iut" |.rop<-ri> ovi'r bieu anu tbingtt. I can . n il -i > tobJ ibat 0 |iOwi-r III thk- tlatU'O w ai 0 g t ii-?bti-e for llio rot^e Ibi uuibority w i? at bvnt ? bam e l to. if not ?oiepti'd n it sltico 1TH9 g ivcmmonte bave I I |H^.eit up u the iOt-.ubt, eipri<?.i or tacit, of thJ jieoplo. I'i.iBOO, Inland, IYi'Bela, proclaloi thtapiln ciple UiiHutft a|)|irouobifH it. or at iea*l oo l<?ger re polAPfi It *k tin- Kic (H-ior NlcboUit did 4 power which diKH but rent 'i|v u tbia b*n?, winch irti'tbtaina ao abao lu?o ant?rotil?ui bo'.^.i'it tl ept-oplo ?b!cb it goreron noil iwolf , hii? uo 100,,'rr th? po"+ibllit> of os atonoe Now, tl) ablvgoi 1Mb 'ipr.oai - in tbe 1'itjW! o aUa and appi itfi aa an evil without remofy I appno. to the tcotl mouy of a mac who ..ovolo't hlms^'if to ab impoaslbio t at k at !<? mo, whose d< ith was Ob - of tho greatest t.iU rortnci rt Italy Un-i i tporiouo^'d. Tbo p^ iple, oatia imjm! !>y tbo atrugKlt* of th** omptre, ?uppori?sl for aotru.- time e which wno rer. . re<t I. ^a barab by the goAduoai of tbo I "ot* t 1 1 aod tbo oiiligliU-nniObt ?f Cardlbiri u??alvi. in IH-l antagobism brok.- out. In 1H31 it ahowej ttiolf more vividly, ltrwn linln^na lo An oiir it 'pebly bi.izeJ jut. Now ii?r nearly t*o jeara tbo U? 18 frt*e, la united to u*. ban a fre?- p'- i<", ftt* xsi"H:iatloo, thero ta ot" cle'ical (ournal at tt. : it la moro vlol-nt tbau tho ,lrwnia of ttoli. Hoa tbero beon m*blf. pm 1 among th? co population* any r. grot wbit-tix-rcr for tbe anctini vor^mubtT Tlioy ba\e rriticieen certain ministora and ? ?> mint trv itoelf. No on. urtt I k'. .* bn domonilel oi mo the rwtotation of tli" former :;uth irltiai A fact moro ropifirkoblo bio - tbo Miwohrt and t'mbria b.'ve | is-n, owibg to causes ib per-debt on miiiury and political i .rctimatftliioe, ova. ..alio by the aian-J lorcee Not a f^; !ier rctnaliiH thoie Tluv rimaln entiuatM to tbe piU'tianioI tb" |N at If tml Unai d, oxp< ? od to lb" at i. i pig of a party tnft li' l uutte boar, at a: mo leagues ml ,i Home tbe cood r i of i>oopio lita boon pure from ill os^o-m. and aduurablu in wtednu, al ib. nh they w >ro ni' narcd by CXtbolica traveitiod aa ,'uuavoM. I am not tbo dofobdor of tho temporal power, >.;,t I rnuat bo juet towaid- it 1 hold no tth"r tbo Tope nor bla tntbL"'teri u> be ro?p' niblo for tbo atrocious acts to ivlilrh, at certain point*, th.- r<a?.t,i.n tin ied. Thiwo .n ta only provo thr> deplorable ii tlueuce which aui-b a riv iw exi rciai-a over b .ir.ub character. I believe I have cnlk ii ntly catabliabed tbo at.tan 'lU-m wh i b oxinta be m-eon tbo Hoiy Mie au'l tin |TO)?tiatiori.., li that bo ao, Ibi* power iB oot for tbe Pope i gimrtoti o of indepeoi li I, 'tid to bo n lor tvholu ?? ot -ty, ?ni (bat it ought to l>e gua >nito1 by thodarhdic I'oworf. A,.- liiiiuit ii gncritl - Mill r,ocod..iry t rcau r tl." guda propitii.tia'. Ib it In tb C Ilim who ?a.<- IIIb liro for (tic world tho sa r;llc" of a nation bIi "i!d bo do r.ianded for hta roprea? nt, tivi- It la uu . -Hut the I'opc amy robot 'late till' p?'ple by r tonia, an. tboa.? w ho Uilnk tbtia mako *?: >rt? to obtain frc.a tb" I 'ope iucb .?lirioff never Mi;Vrlng tl om. olv k t.' bo ilwt iiiraged h\ rofuaalH But this i." ta.iug what tho I'upe cannot ot- for bia position aa a p.lniral povoron n In fotbordt iio to bia rank aa hoad of tn? Church, mice h a temporal 00| ht to bo to hits to mot" than a guarantee ,i lai' ^uard for hia i-pirltual p<iwer wlo h I itn r oi iar ? L i ipionie. By maJ?itie cm ', i ^Ioub h" W' .11 vioiato |,? l itufi aa a llHtt i ! lie may ac. opt aa 1 t< l.< , or i , u, but h? may mt oniB'-. rat" thi-ai 'luiu'. r ?? ample, be tolerftt-a < ?? .1 n Triage in K we Iv t b" innot proclaim 1' in bia o*n dommicna. It la th'> arae * h a boat of o<h>r lnatlt itl whi. h a'o eppoaed to t'a'holic privepu , h :t "f wh ? -. "rtb It ??*- m-o-aaa r-r i , ulmit tho "list, i; . 'li" I i o el.. 1 not o- ro i'roa hod tor that which IB in reality i t ooB'inacy, but imcc?", at" I lor wMoh I b I Mut r ho'io ongbt to bo ... fu, t . b.m aa a m-rltori'i a fidolity tu b a duty, t bi o often combated tbo opu "? of tb^wtm utvo Ic I that lha lvipo Bh'.tild print ro:o'ma, and havo n e.1 him for not cotici? tig tbom At tho O n,: roe* of I'ara I wae aako 1 to point o it wh'. h rmghl ho darted of b m I ri'fnBoil to Indicate any i pror t , a o.'?my tho ? I'ona which I aru upholding hon and. In cunjunetton . I M Mingbettl, who loek an Iniio tiui'. p*rt tu tbo .? Ma- one, 1 declined that tho onW cnoan' of joreming r. 'colli traa with wt miliutiy ia . upai u w thea'ia.i. Pit oarat'ori of tb" tempirai fr .ra tho aplrttiial powor. tb'ie "port ? will be di foaio i by lb" ra.ii. al tm.- -aiMil t a w bicli reeult from the c>ufu?lon "f the two p iwors. Ku " im- I, ?* loti* bivn lab ring to invent rofi rina for lurhoy, tboro ib not an clfort which ha* net boen maOo for thla , riKieo It haa boen Bought to reeon tlo there tho rlgh -a n? civil life With the go^ernmont auch art It la there coo^ , t n u , d Tho attempt haa not a ieceMi d, and nover will . r?0j. the anion of tho two pow. re r. ndere Ita failure nu Lablo. Thua the t. mporal pfiwer doee not make the I ne m l"peBdf>nt Cbn It be aaul that to l<wln? it he will . I. chaise tho form of iU aublection? No. we ran g>ve h, in tbe independence of whl. h he atar.da ao much In n> od. ?t^nreouwly tho aepa-atlon of the power, whl -b wiU irlvc it to him W: -ii tho . hurch H on e e ?an" pot".l fr. m aU connection with tne temporal authority, aol ae P i at vi rrom tho Htato by dtaHnctly nmrkod llrn'ta tb* . rt v of tbe Holy See will no Ui g? r liave to Hult .r from tho Bbach'i a Imp-*"*! upin ,t ?r concordat' an I the pre , iffHt rca of tho . tvil power, which tb" temp n a piwar O the Court Of Home ha? al ;no rend"rid naee-pary ?P to th" pr.nent t m I ?? '!, v that ..very ? r r-ro (Catholic d.?tr'? abo\o all Vh cge Puch an i!f r uv"h ieement. Tho only -Pflr-iilty la to Jta V."r^b? w! at guarantiva una iib-n-- uf -he Church ?V b" a*pur.>.l We will five it amp!. ? a'i;itoe? we u id in*, ribe Uie prlncltil" of tho ro iprocal in tependenco i'?. rhur. h -u i.'f tb" ftat" .1 Ui" rur iairi-.tal at ?tut ; ,i .. k Bg'"<m m I r? ?dl "ncuro 1,, all pip, tbio maan.i .. , mi'lete r "all. Mt ion. Hut it " at ? i*r.mte.. Ii tt" ?L .T, wahly Uitnollc cbarn. l-r of tho Italut p. ipio. Italy . ' ' :,'?en tisa ? ' "" { 'r 1 " v* ? I ,1 .eiolme bill Plio ha tietar rni""?l h- 1 ..ird aga'nat ,, . roi',;.'on w 'b wb"-' it ? ?" 1 T*>' c-.-.trf of . wu-one' baa ?rer,"ike"th' m, au'.ght "nty 'the n Wm o( ? i rih'in'h U-at aj .a?at decire b?e alwaya b?..n ae-jaiu nrnled ba tkc cm datermmatlen that d* Ckur^h.Mrl r"?i aLoiiH flu'et aad br?a>me morw rror . That free d?m * "WW ? ?m um tku by a ttm b?iww1?i. H w tin) thw* fcopaa kJ* l*i ttclrn t , all yuur p iwtl U"^- ? ua'i -mi v ? r?. ).ultwi. I D l 10"! "J.* ??umI op -n 'b?* dt?l i ?M pf-tut. I a o 11 iha op to tblf line no t? if wtlirvi bavp niiio M)"d . bill I klft) ><C'i?r? ib*l, b rt?U>' - r w? I ?*<? idv t DX|4Wv?d our Utui. ion-' o.?ul> nnly, h# ??? t ij-ian til u, low h nay, v?r. mum, mill i h i > Iff, m tur Huory *bo*a OH ih-U koniH, >nv?4?J b} <b? -pin hii'i < i i*i j|?< V , Haw i re i'?p <dv vina yitimr ? crosx (tuu f't V.t m.d m)> huoMti? will hi a VI) n at uk i . t k? ihn s.'i i u if* ?iu i hi npja hut Ui ht tbe ptiwn il?>t But if Ui? Pope ra !?><? t t?, ttr l.? bal b tb< t-d.*..-, * ?? ih.-.U not c >??? to n uu>'l/ faiibfu) to ill. txi.. ?? (,*?? Arrn w) 14 H <n?, ?*i Hboii p'oul* iu ?i> ??.#?< a oj <?f y.(i Cti'i'Ctj rrtt u t!?* W?'i , mijO iba 1 1 ??< r ; ) if 'Im Obornb Wb?? tttiM hit till 1,0*. IWI ' O-nix-ft *t?<?' br tb'1 ri ^'-wwll i?iV H of lln ui-ii u. w<i ?6fti baveiita U Mnii u ?, o. i .1 *cu iat , tbaif *> U)|>?Uj> 'or the ?? lin< hi of iLirfr f*Ui m b ??</< livfb ttiii fii.'iu" la h f.i f> i4 i i tin |,ir ',h,.i. j rit> i i < a hi iKt vriii ?pp <> i ? .i ?il oau* i ItUl g^'ii ti? r<*b' Lend it.<> n h|< ?iut lilts of tiu,/i{? fa to whirl lb' MM ft ??? It" ?? ? u ? ' AIP H ' U'W a'lh 'I n n*ti o. At ib? >-fc* of '-<irv MmsM ITlopOui, I avc? il l ihitlMbcn III", pri.c ipir's liave Dwu p"?K ' im.?. uirf ri-nwt r ii (1 h\ jiu, U' n ? . of i'iu lk OpObl it liwt ui ? v hi tii'? o wo u ? ..Li Ui which i't.rti<<) t<? him Hucb b?h ty apfjeowal hodic *??)?? ; ??>, wi ?? ?.'UL4oh'in !?)-.?? tatcqilrf |k( mtuirtiil gioi y , o< hhvtif; r>c *c l"i it? ' luii <4. luiioa ih?- iih i ? h, BLlI Hll?Kj'. ?l<b l l'I H, "tor.uMtoa tin tin jtim>;iii quootioi Mntltwd cbi ?i>? irfiii ? ?mi)i C.irour niiiifK'ni SigijiM lVi'ir, -(jni 'i pro , p<?>-| i' ti.< a *+h ? iuuuUiu>i.-4y ajfr^xvl to by t.'i? Ct' iUiU r ? dm (i oif^tiMiri u. a? Miittii: ? ' ?!?.? Ohaiii>i<v( h+vii?i( ! lv ii-(' lb'1 o? I'M '-t "i' in .tr>? Unutrv , arti oou t nei l ib:*t a'tw hiv:itf( UiH irnd tb>- iiu^ivy 'Ud nut- ???? fi o> ?? ?' ?h? IVpo ?imI ?b* O ??; I f n of '?? ipuicb, Ui- p'?iM"l|i> of immi- inter tmiUoq vvnl lu o ? ? t wnb ? ai-M>, bf itpi'iitd Ji imf, will Uui'. 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I j etiv h dep oiuMe r nfii ? be ween ri -??. ,v>< < Tt> , I rirtuH v>d v , 1) llgbt ? ''jan, tern '?il tKHr'j w nt titeu ii ill' -? tnont a.i) >i ' uet ()|J If ? t.ftl b?D(1 10 IJl'l tOOr ' pi 'urns IIUlll O-st .10 I)i?xip4) ?t what th ?? c ? '! n.odern wrt ji'i m, Mia. ou I lif <? h'-r eucd, olDt .g i.ifi o > 'he rigptn t f I'.-iito Mil of | our h ly religion. I t mrr ('cmkii ' that the R'"Q4i Ponrlfl ?iu" ?nik? a eon-p "lulHe with what thi a '? ?> t ' I. i -id i Hei . ici >D Ihi1 ooutnrt , run -<x?w > >?? ire th.' ma ] ihimv le urn in . ^rirl tHep'i -ip < ? ?>? ???? ? jtiBl'ee Ul an heiiiw rvii) ItUH'T ?.? gi ' * aud UBviolnblllt ,a6d I tint 'l e ra uttny pi i? or of i Hi ii>j ?'wii ijo c< n | .i teli t.pboli ? tlif.t iilifc.i whnhexnw i..? gl?rjr ol l i-d, (bleb if* the on'y p< w-tbl" reoimlj Mr lb u.aoy llfi M> Wfc'rli EMU klUll WS ?'Jlt'OHi (1 lOdwll. >1 IH lb' onl. trie ink- eatable cf fo mi'-K b? n* ?>? r. r t. evory vIimip ii. ihh ?or'B' life < <i ti rn to lb" u>t* Ti n i t iti rtiai bapptEt-ee Bat the ad* c.-ui* t> of contemporary i vi.mUoa do r.ot j I lhat i pinion, though ceclartrg the.r.i- lv * I <e and I aij rti 1t tvO* of Million. would Into bm.eve tbair , wc < >1 i.eplo-ubio racm daily in mtiji lirfo.i' \J?t <?> .?* j of ;i, did not aibnl'fiiy oen'omsiat" the ci>o'r!?r> of what ib<-> iBy ILtue ?? uj* p e th oniy oc? tin-" an; biay rt-lgi ii, fonridcd mi?1 ini- ti'.u'KA by our Lord .l<>ai.n Cbrmt and 1" tag the fniil'til m 'iter .ad curse ol a I Ttrtwe. the implacable en^my of vice, tbe liberator of tmi b wulh, the lo'ol'itlt guiUi it 'b? pilb ui trua h'.j [?.dm ? it tvar> the n*ii? ?>f Catb lie, A)'*i^io u<i Ii' P'iu. Whrttmi'Bt be th'^i^bi O! tb:?e v*lii live ? it oi (b?i ark ol Htivatioti? W? bare iu'-e*<ly x.vhu i pu l?<ii mi tin' eubjeel elw irbew id oqi COt clut -vi il h o ? utiou ot the I'tb Iieceaitn-r, lW4,au(l wt- bfti ii'jtjra) U>e t-na>e (ii e rne. At* to tli h? wLo invite un, for th R*<il of reiiglui., to held (x.t Hie hand to BDOderti otvtiiiAtion, we *ak it ib? fiieif art bi th 'hat ihi y can t tbo Viear of .'iwus Cbr I'D {wott?iiviu-iy in^iiiuu ! b} Hurcx-ff lo >!??? ft?n ttu purity ?>f Bu? e!e?itl?l doctrine ? ' !.?? ! an'l pr. flt-rvt' tlio !-unbB and ?bt'< p In ibe aame 0 ?t '-'lie? U? ntakc 'UMiimi caobe juitli eonlimporary clvi izaU.w, trb cb ba> givec ripe to ho arumy facln never t>~> bo .<utO cm Dl'y dipTmec? -and baa pio?oi?<d the d'ifbBinu of bo> a'u B-.inabie op n.oti", errors ana prlnolpl. a con t'ai) to th" t?tb illc (ol.g no and itt< doetnne. AHi pf oiber iliin/H o i 1 1'0 ' tn bo iguorarit ho ? ev n t iit? n i ' t H'lfii u r uvi on. iih <? ?!.<; lu vu with all tb>< to quicitt- fc tn ilities bi'iwet n 'he H ly .St?? aoo a<>v*rat|i putt ee. hi> ciiB'i' etc j UTi. u> (.lee"i?. u? *%? U?v? iw .lu I I ri r^i> fM'tti ai Naples t?o toat nubj"; we hurt c?in plij i.erl Hud ro iijf'to cuipoitn, In vo?r lUa^ln iuh *r t *nibly, venerablt brethnii; and ? r> i -jlII) protect i galiii ' ubi t b?a be?>n perpetran*! r tinm-lD,; protiiHt ? v t bavo i Uicwboro iirnde a^alua*. suca a? *uJ vlolaix 1:M ltiic ui >dfrn civi!i*atl"D, ^'allht favertm; in ?oni- p.if'ti ron ' atln^'c fitros ot ^ortlup tbro?U g op 1 pu'ul - .'0> pIpjtLiti^ to uLbWiev i-b aod clot>io(i CuUiolIc act *> * t) i oi ir rbl'dioti. TDan l"?t?'d irriution aitmuai. rriigiiiM faiuUii B ag'. i Bt the tnetituliocs :ouudcd for the i>"(jxica (?f otri cU> k ObWoMc Khoclc, ajaiii eocl?>*ta."tlcB <-f n.1 K'l'o^e, evi L tbn?e ?ti.> ore 'pbi? kah'ie fir po?. esoio. 'h? bin beft dunitii'B, nnd or arb<'Bi e?iven?l arn now paasmv thuir live* nun'rably In exi oi>r to chain* andaiHtt tgainul puma '*j tt' n. who, b?m# o"V"to?i to uc and to r.j? ifoly S o, t)Wci>d tbc cau?e of mign'n a..d ? ju~t : o III if civlizitiin wbicb B';"'Biin m lo n >o dttb'-il o itiptiiutiot b litd per ? n*, bpt'i ate? tbo ?aihc>lio Churcti t lt> trout jm t una d.i st. irgitinoalo po?a ii top'" h a'l its ??for i? os,a aU its xeal to dimnu h the ??bitaiT eiticaey of iho (3imch Moreover, wbUat it i"aviB liberty to the pubMrntKii" ai d ihe die o ir -^ vrhioh vm t at ili<? fhnrrh lt?>il and all ?ho aie di vo'"d ti it in h"art, and whilst it t xcitee and <DConr ii;?e tic - so it ?h- *ii itself v ry guar' el and nr.o 'erute iu i ?p tm u d i r at d ri p't'tJ-Ing arm o' vt- iesce oomviitted *|:auiBt ihoc ? wbo put ii'Bb g >oit work*, tied > i t it efrrciien t?i? n."?t eevere icprtcnon ogauHt the latter, if it B 'ita tb r tuey have cvt'D slightly iraLVKr< nk*! lb? boutuU of modern lion. 1b it prt^iblo that th" Ri man I'ontttT tva etvrrtd <t frteoly hand to Burh a civil-iatlo*? can mahr in a llam-^, and live n ru nord ? tU HT lAt ?"r ir r?c lv? th ir t-ui Hffp ilratn d. acid this 11 I,, .-in- a II be f >uau a ways 'u ticcoid with ita priu 1 1 n- -- It haa oi> rc uiitv tl> 'be ul. vocate and tb? promoter true t ivlbiatl'>n, uud the le Bons ot biBtoVN Hiieci aL l prove rlrmriy hat at *li iiisik lliiB Holy .-?e baa earned Uito lb" rooal o jb.wous ?nd mi Bt iMBtant couatrlMt tb?? true pruicipioa of h unu.ii/, true dctenoo ai d trie ? i?,1oiij But if by thi? word ctv!H*it">n la m- ant a "*Bt tn pla; do?1 ? lib tlx- ob.wi m >t<- jkoiarg, ax. not Ijip^ d ti0>liif,tho Church of Cbriei, m ver crialaly cant. . Holy See acii tna HoiiiBP ft ntiil p',ire tbt mr el* ec it ao c rd with Burh a civ I'zat'on --VMuit f. I nuiip ' cordii.g tn the beautiful ('xpreeai j ef i.h" V.ju*U?, "e?? the'e be botwom r'Khit o i-m'- h andunrlgli'tio j^ni bm, b tvecn Hxht ill I diirkn> ?B'r WLitc or -r h u> b jitw. o BoliaT " (Cxjiinth , ?l . 14 'ui-' la ) Where is the P'obi'y of ibi-i a^it.i'ora, the-e g?t'cni up o: diw>ri cr, ?hea -bi y rate ti n vote- u> * xalt he el trr'a wht? Ii tbey ruake in val.) t line litnt arriugt<riiec h hi Ji iho !<oiuau I' Tit'tf^ ll'it boa .iu thii t* tilt' *li ? drrivoe hia f< rce froui thir i-i u?ci|>lei< o ?? '.ai juatt e make any arrai|(.'iaoBt wh clr ?r<iud ed''m t> d'ixirt thoae prut Ipiee and ao wraken lb" inie fhtth, and p it> Jed Hal) to the d inger of loeiu* >b" apt- n"o? and ginry ?hk h nil" h?B ijOtt ' ?*> d ft r uiro'ri n ci'Oiui en h?>.. i hccauee sho ib U.o emtre ai d the at of (.)?th >li ?? tratb> I^-t prtr^lo r <> " tu r^y Ihiit i'ii- Holy o>- ci'iaett ti,e t ?r to di ti.. i. di? for t mere libt nl i nip iral ainii''! atratiou Vtiibnul ng Hian.p ?? mthe ou?t,let uaoal> ep< all ol what b"' b- tn dooe It. our '.wo Bad dv b Ii iliot" |KiiPtn In I'.b'ch never oM.-tii"d irom h"r llfi timate iruiei * more lib' ai i ? Im inoa.o'ir parernai toil citude tuai-.e u.< iieHro a . ?vil aumiLi." rati -u f >r tb" tub i"cta of our pontifical *iith< '? it> , K^d gr uiu?t th> m thee no?-BCloi'epo*B!hla, . nulan eth r brwever with pr'td?ticr> iron th? ftar thai 1)m ?ieke!De- ?>; men 1:1 gti' ? b^tige our heri' tlta in'? (a/ifo i. But u.-i* t ?ur ci nr.i neio-* which dl^'ed b" dn><., w??e .twkd With uiit'i I'ikil licep*i- and il thi'vii . of the pa i ?? to whih mlnldtcrsamt di pntttca wrrt u*- nil il wan nialaed by a*Bani..i. ion, and -.B*eiiw? ? * lv n't uventurnod a?;ir.LBt lit" verj, ? ithor ot toe tMP>eflt? If, qi.ttn noentiy, curreia ri'Niivtr ti th'* t up "a. r0ro*r hivo h*en ft van to ua > >u aiuw v- na-abl Mntb ran, that W" luxiopterl Hi- ru- ?-xi 1'i.t't;. , b uravr, ?at ? jreiitg abat did tut eoti"rn tbo ">0111 r it a.m'ihiM lion, but ten -lot* 'o make ua c ru-ei 1 tie a npuliait' u Ali'Ml'iy partly 1 nmcitn ?:. r*. Bnt It la u^i*U 'to ^H-ak of c< in via which wp have favorably received, ai d of th" ? nr. r tv r our pmnt ?? tc carry tbetn in'o ei"eutto>i unite the chie'B of m* up" llation hive Openly anumiiuiK ih? <hev ilea <r. >? > er'Ht, not rerornt , b t aa abBolu r vu t, and a lull aa I i rupture witti the egttloiatc eovere .11 Thoaa men am the real authora in>o |ir*rwiteTS af crlm?, and tot the people ? -at tbey wbo ralacd ciajniiurB, ao that we mny j. a, '> in ibut whit Ibe vtnwibl" Brae Bald of the St.. N* and I'haru 11 h ind 'ho itniw of Jeetta Ck.rtBt ? "Tbfiee wh? c mando t tbeae ib nga went not vulgar mm, but Scrura an i 1'bariatHB, a? 1a brove.1 by the EvitrgaUrta " But tb'- object of the attack agafnat the ciip'eme P01 tlfli ate In ni l only to tli'Bpr il eut<r*ly tbta Rulv -**1" an I the Hocad 1'ontiii o? th<'ir I tomtr- etvil aivureignt?, hut it tonda lo WtnU' n aad, U p eBitrle, t" a luiiiiu.e thu salutary power of ttie ( ath'l'e re t^'< n rnai "t wiy batter teB are raiaod ?eatni-t the rrnrk ? f tr?d b mw4f tb? fmlt of ito rei enp* 1 n. aed the m ?' b 1 ?*i h? tb*?. iLl.i.itely prrcit'.'B .iiberitaBre wbich ? on?fB 1 1 us 'rom tbo invffkble Merlflee whi?'li was I ' i>Hu<nria,e<l ond il Kthn Ihatnui h la the cam' la aupr rnliun nntiyprtiv,d the fheta al early r?H* rdxl an 1 by thonu which we Bee aceompHrheo fr' iP day to ay Hew many dtorogen Id Hal) . in onwtpviBee 0' imp" dtmentr ralBed, arr? depr *r (t of ihr r H rtiC'p- and are Bo am Met ihe npplauru of tbn rhaniti'?? of ran torn ri vllirn* ion, wri cb Ituve ru mm y (Ih'lirturi pipn a' mm without paBVre, andn'ilrn ae /? tlietr poner iBttM tn er>.?rtr m?|e a crirpit.?l ub<- ?>i thetn: How many pre Utee are in f>xlleM Ho* m.iny iiponttiee ire 'br-re ? we aay It with iiawt protouii'l rorri ? to our hi u-t- -who. 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