Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1861 Page 5
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a*?d by tbe same rfl'pngHtoM to tb ? pr.flt of th* nro p. 't>lo>s Ui UiU fcUU) wbi tl mis'. a a lrau-ltor? Um t*a?an?- shall h? designated 40 ?u.aiwirn, itv b <???' . 41 lLt "??? ^?y are gram.*! u,? P gh% 0, .hen ch?e (e^ ,; , a lfc * P" Colors, tbey ma* . ,n f t, prope* y ll4??r. *r I ? ,nd ui^r a^y.wleii.LV , wu ch - - a Wui h ... ?0 a pe uiiut-mhoui n? i tjouutoM) Uy iu aoouisii..uu *? r*u woperty of um quant it ? oi Uod dx? i >h.. peaaauki ?> r In U" Uii? purch.sed ano the, enu-r ded.iit -ly in ., ?rM^r.JVvmw)"* h ?? ?*,!'*'' 0l*' ?'ti?n CO?cein':nr tbn d-xniet .ca (jw?i u L?u? 4 lrw6,Ury (UU) ll lllf J (O ? ?> ltd l?a to lb?i'r IK'CUpat (HIM ?Ull ttlM AX If ??lie Kit Of ?'r P1 On U?? eXDtrtU-OU of i lerni of t <n> yearn, ? iuif from the da\ <>r th* promulg ilhwi of tfiMi <j s pxurtt'ii? 1I1 y biu.ii -W it fiUi ?no n me ?empoiary uni-im II is m o ding to there !uu aoitintul principles that the ? up hav? oe?u formulate i ?nnh dmme the f lore organiz&tien oi tie |>?-axiLU ami of Mi? dooitfc'Kv (*" f? y?)i whicn estahnsn the order of the g?.ne<?la Mi i*t. m Km of I'mj . u ? and vpnci'y )u uii Ul. lr d nail* ?lie ngtit? it 1 veil to ii u pmiHikiiiH ?a<> 10 the do j eg am, .< We?l a- the iu>pu*?d upon loeui tow^rO* iho guvei liniri.t ami teward* the |?fO|>rie'ora. AittMiugh 'bwe c*t? laittoua g??ertil m w. II as loctl ?tin the fj^ctrl ?>.'pp fn^ctarj riil'-s for sorno pi.-t?c'iUr ImmIhkf, lor tbe Uil> of #aii'I proiirletore aod rurthe pi ?? ute wno work iu in- nuuf?e or.<? ^cd eaut^ttehaieii s <?.???) o- tu? proprietors, twvo o. ou,** (.u *, a ut ? h e oil. | 't? to .0ot.ou.iu1l liece^Utr* and i.hi*! , u,t0.ui. kr??ru.ei.he, 1? prenervM th? .Xtstw.g nu?e ?rh.. ? u orM* ??? if advuiii^eH, are J..AVO >t t? ,h >r>1 to roa.e t. itu'ioa'.le teriun will, ifce p kau ^ t J ^ ?lud. tr-flfac'iotB relitivo v, ttio extern 0 ib i it. riu.rwi WhiliiAM .i,(i totoeannKi to' rem .1 to b? ai?l io cou ?wioeiioe, ebp^rviDg at tbfl Rim? tim? tl, ? ostanl tbv u ^? W7u,,r?M[te l?.kW? O! S.,cb <re..a,^iw As the tew or^auizntmo, tu eomoqmoc.) ui the ineyiu k e o- oip ei ty of the cbiuige? wcicti u d-o.jxi.uw, ran y * * imuv. Itttely put 1UU, exucuttoo , ad a upoo of tim., , ?<.CI*M y winch C4UD-1 b- le^ io.? t^,;1^ I en *bv?utn, lu avoid a i nimuu(l?jr8tiii(iuiif tuu to u oivot Pobl IIJUK private bit. ,..U, d-irtog tmR om , <r;f,nu> ttctuau, exwtloffou the prooertn* ?? J,. Hht- ' %UJ "" O.amuin^l ap to to.- m )meni t.ewSjSi.etn dhaJl bitve been |L? l'Ute*brSS? "?? won, rod prep r.tory m.LnrZ ' ? ?l?in - CliU 'UiV'3 dw,imed " Mviuable to or ?onrtt.?,C'Ti*.h'iBh 1 ^ % dpeclal ?ourt oi ib?' q i.ii on . i the poaMuittt, it v?nl nave to id ZL\h* i"1 affvra ot the rur u ooiomuuei) eawbiiiilicd .1 V i f 'B ' lhe 80 1 (iftfWUril. 'ar>' wt juatices of the peace to m.? ? ? l; " * niaiui. derBt*i,oii.i(b aua dm fkno|Wih' VV "rTtt un th" "COMK'U of the u.troduo tfc.n of Ib? now regulation, and to form dintrici i?aom e wltb these jiurncw of toe tw^oe. uuar>cl ? ? Ui ibd s. tgoeurul prop.<rtk? o 'mmunal K."nl? TZ% aDd ^ lbJa ' 10 kave lh(l '"'ai < <mi " n? ttM,lr *C'u*J (Hiuitxihiii >o, and to open io tn? t'aro. 1VK g,'S ?.<,ioU '?l oiuM'.atlous (pr .Vine ai ^ , y unlt'"8 'he "nw.ii oointnunes undoroueof ?&??? district adniiu atratioiu u" ouo 01 4. io f irtnulate, v 'rlly , au<1 conflmi in cach rural iil> ?net or fat*te a chaiterbf roloa Jchane bMilo?lh1^acafs^'t',f hi enumerate J uu tbe nat* of hi i' cal Statute, tbe aaiouut of taud recurved tu tl thfl extern of W>e tha.geB which luay be e.Ta^'fld from thou <or tb^ Jeneflt oi the proprietor ur wy ) for tji? Und ^ f * *d rantAgee granted by btni ,or olner *rf *rr^uat.vl ?"nel h*^e,a ?f lLal0' 11,10 ?*',cotlon an they ffr.P--- 3' c* nfl,nj0<1 '? "a h fletate, ano to Uit/oduoe V^TrZ^T0 Tlh,a lho lerm of two 'he of P-'biication of the p?ea?nt # L'p ?o the expiration of th'K term the peasant* and l"?ae Ui cfc^uttejare to ro^^il, tSe eam? ^b0^lex ^ towai-ca ?neir proprietors, ana tofuaiil tie?r H? m?r obligation* without aerupie wkJ,. ? PfoP,'?-or8 Wl" rontmue to watnh over tbe Sr?H^anCe ' ^or,aer ?n lhelr 0"Ute?, with tbe right of /HJ"! . X?.ce uulil tfi? organization of the ?ffeoVd ( ^ dutrict tribunals has been f efir^Tn ?weaI|il^ ^ve ?^4?6o"f^l^n? IS the SffiTASST watchl'e over thT fnlWet obi<iitvUnlMrt')n thfl tE*?roM <>e*otino of our faith r?i iiooiiity, and wo are bapDv to #/> ^ nf?^y ntbe *Talllude ^ deivrvml from ?*' aR W(> ' M tbe oountry. for tbe dm Ib tens ted support it hiiX gtveu to the a<wwnnli.h 2|eCl h?! ,0Ur ''"'(t??- itdssn* will not forget th?t npuB 1U! n siicct for tae dlgaity oi man and its Jov* for its oeighbir, has Bnoniaaauualv rerotneed i igbts given to it l)> fcerioom actual' y ?boltf.b?d *bd lalo the louonatlon of a new future which m thr rn jjptb lo the peasants Wo al.o ,!Cwu, ih?^ 'Ch ?t H wt l als . nobly exert iti ulterior -OorW to ca7rv o^t u.? n. w regulation bv good order? to a .wrlt of V^r>- and benevolence, and that each pmpne or wuiclm p te w ih.n the limns of his property t';e great nvf n<-> MnompiihbPd by tne ,bo!t b ^iy *?y organ ihJov.Vt Moco the P'-a^anteromicliMttei ou bis e-wu* V, ,Thw ?*'! ^*.'hun ?r ?"laa,a '"?QUgeuiisc >nd:tioa?, tac.'iby mt,n * l^lh< Country p. pulanon tbe examplo or a T?.e i mDt">"He*'*C UH>" ,f ',',r<'K,|l?t? "nH0f th.- -(tat 1 . ??,, us tx""P '* "f ihe generous soil, itucie of the pr. pr.etor. for -be welfare of L?r pova. ' and of the gra.t.une of t le lait- r for the b,n?Xt s 'l.c'ltSde or toeti- torus, g.vo u. tbe hope ,ha a md-oiU unV^"^IDJ S??inlV,u maioruv oi compiioui .ns, m K ane oa?4 ?h . V, m Lhe appli?tu.n of g.-u*ral rules to the i iffurent C'.linttions under arnica IsjI tt4 I entaUic aro P?M; that in .h? m inner -he tr^.itwk fyo? tto C fntoMle. of th'Lga t ub., new will bfl fac.liu^a" h,^ . . li!!"" *V ? rtng'.tma tfellmtely muturtl ?n ?wn i ""dfrsiur.din^, and tbe unaui.nous .uio.U BM>n u wa'ds poblic utilny. to rerde 'h- iranBactome he-.ween the prorrietorg aid the pca?aiit? more ?-*j , in virtue of w i cb too latter mar ?nd" hC!" d't* P' "fH'rtV lbclr c,0v" (' <?'. toci.t .u> ? J 'K"'. lD' H ,vern.a-.ut will aJrwioi r. 4 l'.'* "*?ht.on, by mean;, of toiuh or a t? ant-ler oi dchta. oe .mbiTing an e-tu'o. y,e,y opo;i tbr' upr'?'u or ?'gt Ctf ,hia great re form mnd'taf^d b y the government became diOts.-, i am.n.g ltv. rural (K|r/ Il.m ! L. Were fc*r,'M,y Pr?P*T?d for it, it gay rl?o ,n me Instances to piwm Me> stand in.;s among uidlviduu'i Dion, intent upon ,'berty than mlnaful o-*" the liniea waic:i H InijMis. h. Bit gee orally tb.> g od s.-nte of th ? county Bus not been wanting. It turn not numnderst.*. i enher the InepiratKKM of natural reason, winch s*ys that every m?.n who acoeota freely tbo benefits of s<v-itty owes it In return tbo fulfilment ol wruiri , o? tivo oblations, nor tbo txichlngs of ?iL i " ' mbcl1 eojoins that "every ?hf ? "?ty'** unto tbe high, r powers" , Si. l aul m the Romanii, xin 1), ana to 'rudder tj all tV,r ?d nbov.. all, to whomsoever ,t below*, tribjL c? looi respect and bon:,r. rlbld , 7 v>. It h*f un lcVstood the proprioto'8 noul'! n >t b deprived of riatii* i<?. filly acquired, exc. p? for a lit acd sufflciont m te >.n tv ?nd now we hope wi'h contMenne that the free-l Mrr? tw" -of*00? , no* 'uliu" wbi-to '? opened before ?^r^lhiiL .PKrrC^!? nxl'1 r0c,,?!0<M thecocmcurablosic. I. ?c<? which the nobility hare mane on their betiA.i Tn-.v ri^nThAT^"1/ lhalthcb"*'if,K?fft?"'*i?>e,,co?.|ppori.-'t kr.? B r ?! K"*' #cUed Pf1?rty, ?* nil as ag'eau r Mb. ity in the administratUm of thoir good?, eutiiie upon them With new cuties towwds portly and thom?.iv? toe obligation of Justifying tb? protecting de-iges of tbo J?w by a loyal hb.. Judicious use ?f the ngbts walch aro Bow aiv or.led t . tb-m Kor if men do r.ot la'.r thr m ^ 7"'? lbf'r 0WIJ w?" be ng sudor thi? shield < f ^w., the bet of those laws cannot guaranty it to uotM labor, a rat on*! emnie ?rrn^l of tod ab .v. S r hMd t,'e,, re*"1^' ? ?r,ol economy , MM jib|>re ?M, by an nop est nre, a life constantiv Sn spirtd by the fear of Uie Ix>rd, thai they can arrive at pro. per Ity and insure Its development * ' "r'Te W The author. ties entrusted with tbo d ity of preparing ??nP?n 'ar,I tDr"u'{ir<'H Lh" execution oi the new or ftras-as wnpLTidin* #t "" ,n*,j*or?n"o, *m h?v.. io See that this work is aocompli^heJ with calmnnMi and regularity, taiing into account tHe r^uiremwuTf the tausoDs, Ir. order that tbe cultivator may not b? drawn away from his agiiculiural labors. I^t him nnnlv him ?ell wi'h teal Ui Close labors, that he may ho ablo to crto Art rfrm. ?n*blia(lMl granary the ?e#d which lie has o ronflde to that lan-i which will be given him for porma c,:r^r """ " ?"~~t ?? fluh*??. n i4 ?*" Uow" lh0 hlossmg of the M W lli?h <pon thy (lr#t free labor ? . toe sure p.edgo of thr personal wellbeing.aad of the public pro^peritjT 7 tn j?1 S1, I ole"b>'rg tho lPth day ol Kefcrjar* ?S%j? ?*? r~?r>?mi, Cufr"?n ALEXANDER. Letter from the Rmpcror Announcing the Rra< r Ipt. Tlie Journal >U Saint P?Le tlnmra of March 7 publutUM lli" following receipt addicted by Dip Kiap^ror Alex ander to htM brother his imperial iU(hnt>4 the Uraod Doke Constantino NtcoIaieciUh ? lwrvKui Human*? I have al^nod to-<lar On manifesto which ooneede* to the p?uuu of the noble the rights of fi e*> cultl valor*, ar.d I h \vo naccti ?e i the g > noral and local regulation* u fl well a* thoeo o-Hicerr.InK tae fw<u?n'? and domestic. *nrf? freed frotn the glebe? ?ne?*nrp* that had beoti pnrkiuely examined under your prsHidentahip, in the * ape r lor committee arvointed to examine thj question of the pen antry . .md ib-n aubmitsed to tho d<> liberatiotia of the < ounc.U of the empire. im thin very day, so mernornbie for Rtwfit, the tin PuIho of my heart and the feeling of duty make me feelrejn of expressing to you my most eanar-t an/1 pro found gratitude fc r the exiciltrde, doepntcn and per feet cocformiiy with my v ew# and expectation with which thif. important affair of state hai> been brought to a coaci<ni<>n. Slnco the 16 ? h of July, lHfiT, the day on which yon were called on to 'mm part of the committee crea'td for the p'OjectM r<-fbrm. ?ou tiam Incessantly taken the moot active part to all ib v labor*, ind when, after the conniption, In the month of fwviher, i'CO, of tiio labor* of the subordinate cim laitlces, I convoked the superior couimlttec for the ex ?m'n..tton of the project* ;>r??ente<1 by them. I charged, through tho part if >iiar confidence I rpi**i?d In you, your fiighnr** to prc?id? oror thai pommitiee. Ymi havo fully instiflM that confidence. Aft-r lun Ing atUntivol) and deeply studied everything that bere en the Important and rarion* que?t!?n* aeo**e*r 11 y raised by the scrutiny of the m?asures already projected, or ot thoee that might *f?dat in the perfecting of them, In yenr ardent aenl f. r the public good yon harp eonso 11,7 y^or effort*, the whole of your time, to .l??!*!01 ?he "uperior committee. Also, thanks to you particularly , for the deialltd examination in all it* parte oi ihia VMt work, the oorreciion and completion of the projects the solntiop ot all the uncertainties that ari?? pending thte work, lastly, the drawing np of several new reflation* hare been linuihed within th? period deSUiod fcy me. I invlts yonr ITlgbn*** to express my sincere gratitude to the vi > mber* of the *;iperior commitu e charged wiih the settlement of the queetwa of the peaaante for the proof thuy bate given of Indefatigable and meritorions astr?!*?. t *h ' net for- at the loao'ior ui wliich yoir wio4 tl W ?" d**" m-mb- a of the s i xjtWk in u <<?? ?ct?> 'u ?h h idikMii&nt <?o.i?"io, a <d Wilh Ui'reK ?u K-o??? *? I p?ee??ve ibe ram a.hranoS of n be\ou? ? d<-ul>t. 'be I itme m k o?u ?? 0,d uJouo, tt.<J lb' 0B?l #''C ??? Iip gr.-ai w >ili au if tsk-n do j,. i><*? o" M>* hulv ' Ui?r iful. KmtnteliM fr< m 'Oi>- i u.t ti'u finij Mx<tui *?} to ourselves, wv-n a U>u)ul ?" X'?t we l>a.i eui|il -jei for flu osB>pl< tuu c '???? ?? k every in nur p wer, and ?e i ?n b"t?? h"?i"'y U at ?'?- vU)i<nn?, wbo ur Ni? our aell N' o*e * , *1 1 b!'t? Who KCftdi ? ' etiiutiul of our < e?- ?i *, 'lie put ii; of ah :u it k'ljwo ui u. Ill rane'1 Diuir I'm proJ?>e'u r,. ?i in- to 'ho (Wipn W>l > f ill* pVU-aO f lu rt coo* sue sorta. al?.i 'O Ihe H?ttl<? a? i l of it e r ? oti 'lion t r th- <uiui f, 1 bare deeme I it <ni >sp - u?h*> e ' v? k ???*?*.?> roe at 'h?nnK( t for th'" iT?M>n?thiii iif tti? en'lre rurJ olom up u g- ti?ri.l ail unite id buses Mfnb lb ? <d?jec' I ci. ? e a *p. c d coai Ul tlie, l.lnln m ; IdlUH (J late U,M CI'*'*' , Ol* AhlCU I II..UO v u ? iik tuber 1m no ("?> irg 'o y u the pr. sioeivey I h?.ve ib* "oiitic* 'b'it v?h* n <u'q>i?iui?n <it<l mv vm-n m i ? i. h?B hi lh1< matter vou aill art ve v uu flwfl tfi'.ft ? our usual /??ui that m thtt g c*u diminish (bti labors of ihw r?ih uo'k. in' mi mu'-ej cennecieo ?itu tho > u' U i ?j(! v ii- tMtuiu J i reiitoiu t . vr, ^ our o ?<? >?' ly ?(Tuc tkc*lv aM gr?t?lul aLI-A bi i'Kf> w*i.t ko, Kb. 11) ft >iiiri Tbo rar?' f'Mtrir in < oi <ki,?i on ihn preaeat i or U>o I'i>bU<- ut Ufle.^uaut tii? l)u. ?r Kuih, Wid i '(? *ti. k ,-h ft <ti-lbt>l?lrui|'-u 'i - tti ? Ki K Vfh pto-''e ti.iv ?? to parUntvutioM IB Bueh m oi'< (ioob, utiil tba?ka tiiH *.b?i 1 d K'p'1 iuujmhi-, %>f toe world nip ldv Hub T tiuiU la tUv 0 p ico ol 0 ? U ILi It t-b p oi ruicllerg l>a>i ouu<k.iuo?* >i? ?' o ? our ol 1 1 '<) w lOfmultt nipriuiautieU li>rbuiu<0 t > ti tit- K'iniHii qut-atiou. a I'urih lotier H<i>* I. >r?i Cowley hi l ilemati le I ?t p'aiia! !< !)? fr< m thn rurki h gt viri'Dful ronv. u g ho UXp?'CHtM.D to AOJ bSlliU AuJ Uiti itlU .X*t ? a 01 BUUiOU ii tury at A.foii 09 \>rv wa-iixa ruraoi-B .fmtmu?il in nir -'iittion iu nari8, huh iwl dfprt9?>d iuo Bourau. Kentca, boweter, "a itio 36 tli, cluhtu Hi met at 87 HO Auatrla. The V itnu& journaJf< suae tti%t ihe Rmu?ror will not op* d ihe hian-itr'an Plot la perbot , but will proceed Umr to hu ta for b ? coronation Tie gttttetpeut tint AnwUU was ciwen'-ratlag U-go bidicaof troopa tu Vomtiu, ?u l ai k ?< ??? r iko propf i tiona in goneial la ngitoruieU U w h tuid iluti. 5<),OU0 n?-n ?<r? In Biovemenl Ausirnn otticom were aaid to rrgora bonillii.M ne morn an i mo e probihie The l'aris fa tint aid the Haiit asaert thit tho movo menta of AuatrU on ibe I'o weri purely dotonBlve. It la couortueU ill. a the <us nauF bud evueu^tod cer tain pi anions en the ( ther tde oi the Po. ik'veral K-en. h e<t:u r?, on on ex vursion to Vaoioe, hid been rnugbly expe led, oot^'tli-iiirnttng tba'. tnoir inma porlH wit? tnagtf by tli? A>,?ti lan Emitwy at I'arin rbe Kwperor of " Austria ha-i aauctioned the p>opA*ed p'lltlcal reorgamtatKm of Cruiuwlvauia, by wbu-.h laat province w:li l>e restored to lUs former poeitiua of uoiotiomy A BuD^iiinary conflict took pi ?oe at Llppa betw en tho fie- mm and the Roumulc Inhiftvi'* on iMocimi m of ihe tke'tons rure? i>ern>nH w-re killed, an J flftceu aertoualy and many alltfhtty woonued. Port anal. Tbo Chamber of Douuties n?d been dissolved. The M1q stry , under direct tou or the Marquis of Luule, would cuntiuuo to direct public aft'?irs. Denmark. The Daniab gorerrmeiii was m .king preparations to be ready for all eventual ties, file Seventh uu t f wentleUi ba.tftl'oos weie a*xmt to receiro orders to mar-.n tor Hunuerbtt'g xu<( ScK'enw g On lao 16m aprii the oll-jctive of tbe b-itia))<>u8 will be doubieu A Dittery of rlllnd carnon is imdy , and Utree ulhcra aftur th? Krench nrvjiel will (>e ready ui *ay U )U?sloii MiutnUtof Holstetn, _U?1 %oon comae lied to tecoer bis rcaignJUiou on acouniof having iaik?<l to declare to the V>t*t'B of Holateln thai by article tttir enn oi tbe I'rovlnoriuai tbe budget but r>oen alroady aub mntrn to tbe Kstatns, DOiwilhs indlng tlw a resolutlou had been iinammoualy ?d<iptrd tn the Ministerial i'o mcil niputing U It -an)- '11 w mska tb-.s declarailoa. The Ring hail a.* epled bis '???siguu'.Kin X. llall, FrrBKleni oi tno Cmnail, had prorlaioaally astmmoa the portfolio for Hols le in Ad.orttu g to ae vices from Copenhagen the Ministry will not stib'ult the budget to tbe K-mu.n, but will aiato that tbeir reguiatloua In reference tltereUi aro conUuucd iu pucagi apli lw oi the provis total constitution. Turkey, It la asser'ed that in c mMi|i,i'no( of an lovoalm or Spitzi. In Albania, by iur 'mlduiuh. fio repreuej a'iins of ibe I'owera at ' o'.SKtntlnoiile hu-t iu?mti>d on tbe Pnrte a Hiunii'i a Oii.te-t lOiBiuimoon to tbe Her//<g>ivlna Hoat lititH contiiiiuHl in Me?r.?gor ua betive? n tbo ia surgei >s and the Turk kb tro p* be I'orte is tuid to have refused to submit to the Po?> s. bi f-ire prott>ui a-| n, tbe 'efortns it uunailg to grant, apprehennug timt Kuaai* nugiii kk?iu take up tee pi>,iM?.i ol a permanent omterer o? ?t 0<usiaat:aiipie. Toe Powers are mil to have Instated on compliance with their demand tbe Saul'D'aa Arehusaulor a? n.ostantUi iple bad j>ro tested kgaiutt tbe e vbaikat on of lie- aeqi??*r*l t-u.- on liourd Ma Hunabee at (iula z da 11. Uulsrer de'euded th > ai t on international grounos. ill su'u whs iu.i<t to be in?pw"tl witb ivivtrchy of mo mo>t ai?rtniug ch?ramer. A lalria bail forbwi'len the m pott "f anus into Iksnia, and bad a bjdy of Irooj-! to Iht) IU'LlltlS. India and I'lilmt. The l?tt4>?S f o?n iu iia aud <Jbi a a d uotbing of til ini'nt to ??ba' h.s b en alri" lv rec-tvrvl by telograph. Ibe t'l lied States n learners Hartford and Ik^V iU v*ore a* li ng K i g, and tbo *ag ua v wan it iQanilbae. Tbe i.ew t.eaty was ignoied by U.0 Miuniarina at IV) Cliow I/?ni F3gU> reached Trl'fte on tho 2tKh uH., en route for EngUuiu. TI1K LATC9T 1VBIVS* BY TCLE0RA1-B TO QfUENeTOW S. Dkkux, Marrh 31? A. U Hie )>f*eral (VnncU bos, at the iaetaOCC of ^ardibU, a 0 poistoi fidcal i r_i:nWsioners f, r a Ousting tbe atlal.-s of tl.e Ticlco Dw hdpric. Tbo Cooled racy will be held at Tartu. Tvuri. March ai, 1S?1 The Oi if.v nt of to day k s It has be'n not i led by tbe MarqHia f?e Aveglio, on th" pitt of the i,?i"fti of Koglvjd, that her Majesty would receive htm in the nam* of the Ktnc of Italy. The redersl Council hna mido a slmiur declaration to oar Minister at Bet Ma. Mjiju*. Mwch 30. isni Th?- Ftriet^ nt?i -a uf to day soys the movement of tbo Austrian army is continued. Orders htvo been given for tbe roLStruction of additional worm to the fcriibcat>ons of Pola. M*rkrta. LOKDOV MUM ST M4HKBT. FrUay, tbe l?.h, waa ? mrct biinay en 'Change in l_en"or. OB ID'inJftjr, the SMb tb-i funi.-s ?i> e o<>?\ry aid ?'all, f'l r.-tifOlM decluid ',,cl?sui^ a '4 f< t uu n?y , <ibd f'l X a !? Tor ncoowii In the ?i (-it-roupt market tbrre *W a good rte maiid tor iccney at 0 \ u 7 per cant. but the u^pucAiwM at th" t"i>K were comparatively nvt ? rate Meesrr Cuppa Brother*, cl l.jndon. In <-Ue 1/uvanl trade, hau BUtpeaded l.wlMiitit- . "lout ?'C WW Two aodti tonal Mhra at Mansbe-cr are repo*te<l, Tlx. ? l*Bpold titiljMtti, a l'ii>U>g ?*i ot, lor ut Jul JL.AJ.lOO, UL(1 6. J. H&.ie, mercbar.t, for about ?i? 00 0 1 t.o weekly return* of tbe Bank cl Eagtaad (how an ln creaae of but nob of ?154, 081. Meaant Har ng Rrotbi r* k 00. qaote bar illTtf S<>. fi d. ; doilM*, 4a. 11 ,d., aoaaifcal; eaglra, 70*. 6J. 1 jticwuoi , Kvt!) CO? A U. llTinfr COTTON MA REST . No bun.ti?N! hv bi' done mace IburMajr. the 28th? yeelctdev bouig Ui><kj irtda) ui to d%y a b< liday ? lu Ui>) cotton tudo. Ihe Hrok-irp Circular kw ied on Tbnrcujr M)B ? 1 ''The advlrea per Adriatic ?o fu'ly conii m"d tbi mi* crate eettmati* or th<> crop, with a marked r.ilnng oif lu iho reeeipta, tliAt prteea, AtlmtUVid by a griod g?'Q'"?l Or-macd, were qrvitea fully )?d. per pound doa, ? r uti Hon d*j *Toe th?<n the tcqulry h? been letw active Id ooosc. quacce ot the ctiaelUed *Ul* of th? operatiraa in the tnauutaclurii g d Utricle, and tbe market cup * nt bur. y )?d per pound art vim or tn AMlma on !wt Kr id* *'* q io utioti " Hair* of tbe weeE, 49 870 bairn, Itjclujiu* 1'.' Ban ob apecuiatloB and 14.100 tor '-sport On Thursday the Diirkr't wo* quiet, villi atiM of 8,000 bali?, including jf.Ot'O ua ?peeolattoti ar.d for *\port Mefpr? James Hewitt k Co nnf tbo a-lvaBr-* o' on" rifbth wm partially loat. and tho mar'.. at c. >Md a frac tlon ever Ivt ww*. TR?rr at mavcbmtkii U dull, owing to ilm trouble wax the opcratirea, bat pricc* are unchugeO. BKiAD'm pre. There hu b?no bo eorii market mnce the !f>tb, on wUlob day there wai M> taatertal ChiBfB in any articl.1. M<w*ni. Wak< flrlil, Nneh A (>)., fport 'snder d?le of ermine of the fcltb. tlour dell "f '*le* *t har?ly rate? of 21th. Wheat qmet bat ne>vly Com in moderate req ieet at a roductK n of 84. per qwter *tnoe the 30Ui. ntovmiova. Beef and pert TtSTT dvill Notutc* \>aaaln* flvon ajo* of aale, at ton- a MR IatiI ?v?j?, At *6e , for c-ho're American. Chinee w?0 butter use h an god. T*Uow utili and bolder aniioua to reaiuc. liutcliora' Aaaocit tloo aolti at 66" Od LOSVftV ITAJtmR. Ifewirt. Tlarlng Br->e i; Oo re.^tt ? i^n*ll*h wheat la. a 3*. dearer for One. foi elgn Arm nt previous ra'eo Iron \.-*x Bat at tti for ba-? and rail/. Scotch 47s Hngnr* buoyant and full, Pi. per lb. dourer. Oot'ee ?u4 rire quiet. Tallow qniet, at l><* (M for J r Tea un ebv^ed. Congou la. a Is ?{d Oila IcacMto. 1. oaeed 8*i M. Pplrita of turponiine net qt;,.ted. Alter i- ad aecur.tiea 'ial?t aud t ncbaog^d. l.. *i.po>r., March 30? V. If. The eotton market ta tkr ed in conn?w|-ience of the Uoll. day. i"rea> latum are quiet br ' atoadjr. rrarU:Oca dull. I/wrvw. Uarch T. U Onnaotfl cloae at 01 ^ a 01 *, for mco^y, and !'l ?, n PI for ai ooioit Salraof Ililnoto Oentral aharM at 27 a ia diacount, and F/ie ebar?? at 27 a 2S. Hiv?, March 29, 1*41. i The cottco market ej ened buc/*nt, ?n.; prlcoeaiUanc^l ?lightly but cl<*ed dull. New Orle.vj* tree ordinaire 106 frajita, do !>? a loo (rant a. ttalea of the week 1 . 000 baJan. i o*k In port 164,000 baUa. The Kaaaai Urnaton, Uoaf w.>BTn, April 4. 1481. ttie OorrrBor Of Kan^.i* withboMa the certlfloeU" of elect; ib to U"??Ta. Uds and fom^ry, m the United Jt?trf Herritota, on tbe grOun.l thai there Ic wim? doubt na to the legality of the dection, thorc being m uceaa of the number of votes eaat. financial and commercial. TrryiiUY, April 9? U P. M. The CBrtoo House returns of the trade of tho pert f?r the month of March were completed to day, and we subjoin our uuual comparative ta bles:? Wpomw. M.rJi ??. YjrcA '80 lforft'61 Fd for town mp* ion. fl 314 t)',J3 0I8.189S 6,J00 Wl I t . tor Wxt> tiOiiCO.. . Si 4 4k 1 3,5.0a IW3 Somn7 Kr-f K'*" K V ?>2? S64 3 739 '2?1 4 87'4 n Ci? *nd buili>u>.. .. into Hf) (.94 f> i>48 40>i To' ill Import ftfo *20 H6 83 ft ho ,126 14 204.SM Wiihi ii ? rouj war.'b'o ) 71tj i'7 '4 .200 >17 6,-17 1-4 Ottfcb duties 3 im Oil 3,477 54ft '2/??9, 920 Ex I'ORTS rcnjoi-t'c prcdcc?.... $6 ?11 MO 0 07<M97 M, 640,607 Fotvign ??? m?i oU., 4tH l?l 1,1.10,017 94S MS Ppfloteasd bullkn.... 3, .143077 tt.34l',6t>3 30?,862 T? tkl expettts $(i.l?.?7H 10610417 li Ml 394 Toui.exol vr of ?p?vrt 6,S7*W)1 8,128 164 1I6J9 89-.1 We tlioa learn that while tlie ox porta of pradno* coma ue to ;i^r<8"e regularly, und were larger lr -t March ihau during m y previous March in our h>tory, the imports of f ireij i goods were l??-s laht month than they * ere during the correspond ing nioj th of lKflO and 18'9. Tie falling off in o;ir iuioi rtsfw the natural fruit of our political trouble* and of th>- dit*cti?Mon which preceded tho pa ^ag? of the Morrtll tariff; the increase in our export: is duo to the f.iiluro of th'1 l-'nropean harvest I * year, wh:ch has created an unusually active f? reign demand for American breadstuff* aad pro vititms. ii ere is every reason to expect that the ?Mctedir.g months will exhibit the aame features, in th ? ?? reaped*, as March. Our imports, n >w that the ItorriU larifl' bin gone into effect, will naturally contit ue to decline, while tho agricultu ral prospect in Englacd justifies the expectation that Furo]:?: will continue, for many months to come, to r< quire all the food we can spare. The specie movement in March compares Bingularly with that of tho corresponding mouths of the two years Jast pa*t. in March, 18o!>, New York ex pored specie heavily, an<l imported little or none In March, l8t>0, New York wan a moderate ex porter, but took very little from abroad. In March, 18G1, New York exported little or no specie, and that to ih? West Indies, bnt imported over a mil lion a week from Europe. The contrast tells tho tale of the gradual inclination of the balance ol trade to this side the ocean. It may bo remarked that, not withstanding the troubles at the South, and the absence of Southern trade at thia port this season, the amount of goods marketed daring March does nut compare aa unfavorably as might have been supposed with tho corresponding months of 18<J0 and 1859. In March last, the goodr marketed amonntcd, according to tlie above table, to over 112,500,000, against $18,200,000 in 1860, and *l7.IKU>.nnn in l?i>?. At the corresponding period of the year 1800 trade wax in a very prosperous condition. Money was in fair demand at 5 a t) per cent on call; bank ers asked for their sterling bills 108% a 109, which barely allowed a proflt on exports of coin. The spring imports had not bcou excessive, and both the South and the West wera expected to cousume large quantities of goods. Tho earning* of all the Northern and Western railroads without excep tion wero showing a handsome increase over the previous year. The banks held $22,509,132 in coin; their loans averaged $130, GOG, 731. Missouri State sixes were selliog at about 83; New York t'entral at about 77 The general pr ispect was very encouraging; the only dark spot in tlu horizon was the little cloud which overhung the comu encement of tho Presidential campaign At the corresponding period of tho year 1859 the g* neral trade of tho country was good, though the impending outbreak of the Italian war had injured commerce and . redit in Enrope, and we had of course shared in the injury. Money iu New York w&9 worth not over 4 4 5 per cent on call, and bankers were get ting 109^ a 110 for their bills on London, and were c >nf>' qnen ly shipping specie freely. The bank4 held $25,748,067 in specie; their loans amounted to #129,86o,752. Mis* mris wero helling at H9, and New York Cen'ral at 77%. Tho weak spot at that time was the West, tho crop of 18."H having been very slu rt; the merchants of the Wc-.t were neither paj ing eld nor contracting new debut; railroad earnings were fall ng off, and in Wal ftrcct, notwithstanding the abundance of money, the bear wan the winning t?l?ie. A c^mpAri-on of the atave periods with the pic ture presented by the Mtate of oar trade and floaace at the present time is full of instruction. We sol. join our usual comparative tables for the current fiscal year:? boons. 188S-3. I960 to 1M0-1. July |1H f o6,7i7 27 '206 120 ill ,ssl,?W'J Ai.nUht 19 024.i;a U <49 o.'l 86 9i?SS4 ^ep^^n^b?r. . . I* ITS 5 11 si3 6- ? is '2?yt 4r0 Oci ?>?' 13 ^42 984 13 *17 .Ml lt),7s;,^4'2 N<>v?mber. .. 10 694,eu? 14 K96.0U2 l'> 421 INI i Ki'DMI .. IS 344,626 IS MH.39B 26'J a<3 racii ?rr .... 19 447 0S3 21 768 873 5W S'27 411 F. t>i nary .... IS t-4S,370 ly H.Vi,3 9 16 34 1 ,6m7 lt?nh i?,S2tJ.4f 6 23 660,126 Is '204 361 T'l 9 ttiOa *160,202,172 loO.dM.MO 181,410,813 < Wtam July |3 3*7,906 4 8.11 246 4.604 0? ? AugOSl .1,646, 111 4 24.1010 cep cbW. . . 2,672,886 2 W?H 600 3 ?3S ,W3 October .... 8 064 8:t4 8 31# 71.0 ' i 63 1 07s Nov.a.bei ... 1,70648? 2, 167, ? 64 I 79? 748 F?<tn,brr.... 2 020 M>6 V.M3.SV 1 171 H02 Jai.mry 3 478,4<1 3,899 166 2 <>.">0,'?U F'.-bi uory ... 8 28 ,?R8 3 37H 04- 2 ?it? 736 Harrh 3 184 011 8 477,646 8 419 986 T'l 9 S0? f'ift 3?8,'?<J 3,076 800 24, 716,064 F*h>icp? or I(o*?/nr Parmrm. July 14,771 boa 4>WW5 7 616.713 Ai'gunti 4,060.272 6,160,710 8,0|2 3!4 Sepl<-iKh?r. . . ?'! 621 ""2 4 WS ?l J ? 332 931 Octotor 6 233 ,304 4.762 77a 10 067 330 Nov-mlxr... 3 481,664 6 323,611 *11.2*>2 70l Decanter.... 3 700 06*4 6,362.172 10 610 946 Juiuary 3,71-2,82 f. 29111.. 10 177 92f> February .... ft 2H.I 699 6 69<? 38T 10 i'16 *'20 Marili 6 377,840 6,996.667 10,960,907 T'l 9 not WJ.Vk 926 49,490,165 87, SO* ,086 F.:?rr?rrs oi- Frwat. July 92 801 496 10 061,010 6,668 986 AiruM 2 301802 ?,4W,7K; 7.444,813 r*j>teiubcr... 3 -3# 691 8.267,681 3.766. 7M October 3,028 406 6.344,169 2 U'6,306 N ?Tenter.... 471,870 4?*.i,l2n .W 091 I "cumber. .. 1.S96JM 2,062. 12I? 204,401 Jau?.*ry. .... 2,306,688 863 642 6s, 394 February .... 2 374 427 977 001 1.108 .<26 March. 3,349,677 8,38166; .;01,MU T'l 9 men . |^l 662.264 40, 730, li t 22 080,041 There is nothing now in money. It Li impossi ble to lent! large earns better than four per cent per nnnnm, and ecvernl brokers aro refusing money at that price. First cla?s paper at .5 n 6 per cent ia mnih wanted. C?pitaIi?t^ will proba bly aval] themselves cf the panic on the Stork Kx changeto neck employment for tluir taoney in dividend paying securities. The foreign exrharge market contlnnes dull. Rome leading bankers have sold sterling bills at while others are holding at 107?i a 10ft. Francs are railed "?.J6 a 27%. There are some good produce bills in market which aro picked up at 100% 3 107; bnt still the complaint among the bankers \n of the scarcity of mercantile exchange. ? frehh panic aaaa'led the 8toi k market this morning, ba?ed on the notion (hat war was about to break ont at Fort Snmter. The bears put ont their contractfl boldly, and a general deoine en pned. The imprtaaion among many of the bo t informed memberii of the Board is that there is no basts for the idea that Humter is to bo reinfor"?d; bat there is noressoning with panrs. and there was no resistance to the downward movomcnt. Between the boards the muiket rallied; in the afternoon everything wa? ^ t 1 per ccnt better, and cloned firm at the reaction. At the morning board United States sixes declined x/%\ Teimnes ?ees, Virginias, l1^; MNeourls, 1%: Califor oiaa, 2; Panama,!: Kew York Central, ll/t; I'a eiflc Mail, 1%; Erie, V/h\ Hudson, V/t; Har lem preferred, 2; Heading, ll/t\ guaranteed, .1; Michigan Cential, 3 \ ; Illinois Central , 3; Oalena. l)f; Toledo, 2; Rock Islaad, 2%. The closing pricea, which wert, as stated above, x/t a 1 par cost above Vboao of the morning, were as follows:? Tennessee 6'a, 72 a %; Virginia 6's, 71 a%; Missouri 6's, 60 ^ a %; Canton, 1354*15; Cum h? Hand Coal preferred, 7% a%; Delaware and Pudson Canal, 88% a 89%; Pennsylvania Coal, 80; Pa* iilc Mull, 80 a \\ New York Central, 74J4 a 75; Er?e, 26 a %; Hudson River, 41 a %; Harlwin, 14 a Harlem preferred, 37 a Reading, 39% a Michigan Central, 52 a Michigan South ern and Northern Indiana, a %; Michigan Soutlem and Northern Indiana guaranteed, 33% a %; Panama, 110% a 111; Illinois Central, 73 a \\ (>al<na and Chicago, 69% a *4; Cleveland and To ledo, 31 a '4; Chicago aud ltock Islaud, 51^ a %; Chicago, liurhngton and Quiney, 09 '4 it 70^'; Mil waukee and Mississippi, 11 a 12; 1a Crosse and Mihv aukee land grant bond*, 9 a 11; Illinois Cen tral bonds, 91 a 95. The biiMne i of the Bub-Treasury was as follows to-day: ? Receipt* ti'OV>IO 39 ? R' r e.uf tnRiB (H 000 0Q Pa\n>rimi 2ni w BfcUaCtf 8,248 61W 0:? The steamship Persia arrived thin morning with IJvt rpool dates to 30th% Her commereml news in unimportant, the day previous to her sa.ling ha? >cg been Good Friday. Bread stint's were quiet, '?clton unchanged, the funds dull at 91% a Illinois (. ntral 27 a 26 dis., and Erie 27 a 28. Tho ? 'H-uiar of Uarinp ^ros. & Co. states that there in 0 cKnge or movement in American stocks. Tho

1 c d o i Timet of March 29 notices and quotes the n take i us follows: ? lu L.e cuknial iimrke'. 'here havo been few changes of ?mpi r'?LCo tir-iBd frwik of Canada Btooi cKwe-l ra-ber lul ut ? 21 Uie ordinvy bonds, 39 a 41; Mid me preference 66 a 88. American railway seouriti's do o 1 ? l>e fuiie uh ytnerday. Cunaua live per cen'4, 100 ? a 101 t uited S?.Uea 6'i, 1874 ..,.80 a 8J Virguiabs 70 ft 75 Virginia AS a 72 Ilium's Central 8's, 1876., ? 80 a HI 1)0. 7'*, ls76 , 85 a 87 Do , JlOO chares, |f0 paid ....die 27 a 2? ? ?o. , aL pa i.i 71 * 7,i Michigan 'Vutral 8's, con , 188# *-? a srt 1 o bii.6 up lund 8's, '82 *?? a 88 I'M , fi<>0 st area 60 a bit Mirtiinitii -hi .IN.-rli & N. ludtali* 7'a, 1880 8H a 70 1H> (100 shares 12 a 16 New Y?ik C* ntral 6 a, 1883 ts6 a 87 lw. 7 t ISA* VI a 93 I)o 7s,H>78 Ml a 9.1 I'O 1 a, 87? M a 94 Ik?.,flC0 rhareft 09 a 71 Now York 4 Vrlo 7's 1K67 lei a *4 Lm 2d nurigage, 1869 8t) a 91 I 3d n,o"?;age. 1883. assented 78 a 80 IK) bt n. Ik 1682, 71, '75 6fl a 68 Do. et.wi o, oM-Dteo 'J7 a 'M lot mortgage 7's 1886 9J a 101 Do. 2 i mirigagu 7 s, 1872 H7 a W9 Pew ?\ivama( eutral 8's 85 tt 87 1)0.2 mortgage 84 a 91 Do.. 1*0 t-narca ftd a 38 i*bi'aa? proa and Reading 8's, 1870 75 a 80 Du , $f0 tbares 24 a 20 The following is a comparative statement of the exports (exclusivo of specie) from New York to foreign ports for the week and since January I:? 1869. 1800 lntfi For the week $1 ,3ta 089 1 .two fcW 2 <Ki5 k?-? mviuuslj i?i>or!i?i 14,960 940 20,f4?6?? 88 *8i,8ld Since January 1 flrt 004,05$ 22,437,288 36 8(4oua We are requested to draw attention to the call for a meeting of the stockholders of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Company, which will be held at the company's office, No. 12 Wall street, on Thursday, at one P. M., for tho transaction of important business. The steamship Persia, arrived this morning, brings about $280,000 in specie, consifTied as fol lows: ? Rd. Btooe & Co. .... A. Pell A Sana It. A Buck Ai Co.... WH> Order.... 13,720 Cnlvin adams DOO 11. I). Brn.kmaa U Bubk of AnuTica. . . 20.(00 On 760 J. <> linker^ Co... 2 OOO Bari U> ft livmg 'iliver Moses * (V . . 1 <"<K) sion. 872 Neemtb A tHJM.... 1,240 Weill, Kir go Ai Oo.. 2 V6'> Holmes, Topper & JoUu C. F) acy . . . . . . 1.2oO fon 7,200 Total ?60,9(7 Porler kCo *Ji? M J. A. kcUraw 12,206 Total fi80,7tiU The Eilinbur<r, arrived la*t evening, ha* about half a million dollars on boarl, consigned a? follow*:? Brown, Broilers A Richard IrwinA Oo. ?11.40 Oi ?70 340 C W Dnor 1,00 Ttenfcolni Brother* T. H Bronri-r 2 00 A Co 10 no) liawley A llowut... 1,70 Ad*nin' FAi'rem.... 6 000 ? . ? - N'tal ?l0i OSO 7 he laHt placement of tho Hank of England hLowk the follow in# variations aa coinparoil with the previous week: ? Inevfau. PrtTvw. Public dep?*it# ?191,760 ? <>ib?r 4?|x*ltc ? ?047,3.4 Net* a iu circulation 667 690 ? Kent 16.&&J ? Ou the oth< r side of the account ? Government curtti*-* (no change) ? OWlM M>euTUl?*e ...... ?300, SW ? Coin and bulli m 1' 1,0.11 ? Notes unemployed ? C4S6,436 The Central It>ii!rond of New Jersey hat de clared a dividend of two and a half per cent, pay able llth instant. The Macon and Western flail road Company, <Ja.. a quarterly dividend of three per cent, payable to New York HtokUoldTs at the Hank of the Republic on and after the 10 Lh iaatant. Mr. Jaiuoa Robb, special Master in Chantry for that pnrposo appointed, advertise** in tho Illinois Stale JlegirU r that he wilHsell, Under a decree entered in tic Macoupin Circuit Court, the St, Lob!*, Alton and Chicago llailroad, and all eppurtrnaiicca, fixture-*, Ac. Pale to take placo May 22, lft#?l . in the city of Kpriugfield. W e read in the Charleston Mercury ?? At a mmlm t'l reprwicntAtlvee from all tbr bank* of tbta rj'y, held fit the I'liuit' r* ar.4 Mxhanlc*' Bank, 00 Wcdntwday alte?Boon lout, tb<> !M ln*t , It tu Rotoived tb*t tbe representative* of the bank* pr<a ?-ct at thlH nif tinj; will rccomnwnrt to the.r re*p<>. -live I ul.K* to r?-deem, on tbr drinuo I ol thr (>)nf<v!or?U? (ft) vernati-nt, in'tr bilm wbich tn'y bo rooetwd m pwjmpnt for mib*erlptnu* to tbe Confederate loan In Mutb Carolina, aj;re?ai)ly to lb* term* mid prop*aii- of tbe Socrctary of tho !><?** ury , *? ? l forth la bin ilrculax to tbi< (cvcral bar It* of lb* 27th March, lc61 At an ;;djournrd meeting held yeaterday afternoon, re ports were rereived from all tbo bankt that t>i*y had *?. ced'-d to the forlorn* retKlutkw. We learn. from ?ood authority, that although no formal ? Hon W bean luul up<'i, tbe mibjc t, tbe b**ka of thw city will probaMy take uoofig iL m at leaat one million of tbe proposed loan. fltofk Eichaaf*' Trmii*!, April 9, 1MV ilfiCOOUfe'B.'M^rn 91 US sua Harlem RR . 131< 20"*, t e! 6 a, 60.... 01 V 200 do lav* 200<X1 r?tr 1 ?, 90 72* 100 Harlem RR pre**. 87 10000 do *16 72 rtAO do ??V tutiO Virginia ?'?... 73 340 do 3?tf 1000 do 72V loo Readme 1Ut 3 61-00 do 60 do 3h 4 3000 V Qwclln* ?"B 7*t. ??0 do S<< \ 14009 lllwurt C i . . e?K iO? do b4A 30 14"00 do . 00 '4 17$ Mt^oAN Iod g ?tk 3JV. 621 00 do ?0 ?'>0 do SNf ?00 California 7 * ??4 100 Mtch Cen UR .... H 5000 H'oek City w I. lW'j 60 do 61^ | it( 00 HarU-m Ixt n t> 101 SCO do 61 J2< OOM< Hnclm?i"b n l?? 160 do 60* rooo M-rh (to 3d rn b ei 60 do 60 :M<0 M ir h Ho ftk ? brt* na 800 Ml Ho A N Ind RR 1 4 Sltoo 111 Oct KR M". S6 100 do f30 14 SOOO Han ftftl J RR b 47 to do 14 '?' 6<'O0?i?lA(bi Intra MX 3o0 lli Cell RR ?erlp. n.^ 66 ?1)* Pannnia hK . 110 100 do 7;; 60 (lank New Vork M S00 do 73V 6 bank of Uom . . . . 9b 300 do. ?6 Mt Kt Hank . . . . S6 200 do 7i^ 176 H?c M K H Co. . . . HO 60* do T3 60 dc >10 79 X ICO do *10 71 2*0 do 79X 100 do blO 73 loO do... 7?,'< 300 do alO 72t* 76 do 70 100 0?l A Chi RK . . . W 4<iO N Y On UK 74 ICO do ???*' 60 do 74M MO do MX 100 do 74', 60 do MJf iliO do 74 Si M4Cler A Tol RR. . 31 ?iuo do alb 74 x 7M> do 3 0<i 1IC0 do 74 "4 do *30 80 '< MK> do 74 X 300 do *30 80>< CO do >30 74 V 300 do... ..*10 30%' K9 do blO 74?< 63>"> Cbl & Rock I RH.. 6?X 400 do *10 74 V *0? <10 ^00 do aft 74, s 20 do,... ?0V M do 76 3*0 do 61 100 do b?0 60 Chi, B A Q KR.. . . 09 100 Erie RR 30'*' "M do 00 1{ fif.O do 20 1000 C,TW:QRR Hpcbdf 9S', llOO Bud fOrei IlR.. 4? 6000 do mtCOVD BOARD. naMni>e:nM nx m *h* futrr pf mo stv SOOOO I*Sf? , '*1,0011 ?1 100 Heading KR 3#V 1MXK) Vlrglala ???... 71 30<J Hlcu Cen RR. . . . 62 *000 Vtlaaourl ?'?... 00 900 do. ....*10 63 l'OO do eov 100 do *2 90oo Qtlifornii 7 'a. *4 400 Mk-b B A N U RR 14 ^ 2000 II A HUoaRRbt 4.'?S' ^0 Micb HAN lag a 10CO Cht A Rk I b*. 94 13* Panama RR 110 ifflOO Mir.h H 2' I m ba f t 100 111 C RK **rl|? alO 73 ?6 *ha PMifleMnCo M>V d?. 73 170 do M 100 do US; 10 do ao'4 to d?...,,.al0 tax 100 Hud Hirer RR , . 4t iiAt NY Central KK.. 74 X Hit do 74 Ji lt>o Erie BR i? * to do slO 20 i'00 do 2ft X i'O do (3 -6 1-6 lUrU in KK. U UK) <U, U si 400 iiurlem KK pref. 97 aro do. 7" v i 100 Ofttaaua fc Obi KK ? >, I It o uo . ...HlO rt i > t 10?.0 CW*>- h Col R:t 31 aiw d<> alO 31 100 do 31',' 60 Cbl 4 Kk I KR... ft" 100 do ftttf oo Oil, Bur k y lUi. Jo city cun?&KrMii KBwmr ll arUAr, April V It I' W Ahiiiu* ? Tlio market wafl quel aiKl o luiluivl to FBiil> Iota ?*r both toita, ?i $6 31*4 UMUtMVm ? I- ? riK loai K?Jt W.IH lcStf active, and pri.te Wirt ekfcier !?* CiimuMI uutl -<t?W Orai.dn. rtio take emtimoii about Id.tAO bnm , cloning vt.tbiu tno III.) e <4 UM< t olio Aug qiiotut.oui).? hi p' i tine ">tato fS lo it ft 30 Extiu btaie, good to choice ft aft a ft to r-vp? rfiue V*ei teiu 6 i;> a !> ..0 C"u li on to chiitoi) WtfUitu extra l> ->0 a I 2ft Mixed to tiraiyht Southern ft .-6 a ft 70 .~?raighl to got d ? lira do ft 7?'? it 7 2ft l extra lamily una bakue' brands... J a s ho Rjc Hour It .10 ft * 10 tVj.n meal, leriey and Rr.iodv wui" . . 7ft ? 3 1ft > ViUiadiAU liour wua r?avy , with ttikauf aiH.ui ftOO b ).?, , c ??nig at t A ''t ? 17 uO 'or omf i .irau'lft ri mtu.'i u tlo i/ war It sh nclive and prices litavv l'lio ?*nw om ki. i) I about 1 '-CO bt)b>. , dotting wituui tlie raufco of t ? > toovo q'i"Utln lh Kye Hour tva* llridjr a O'lr (K"ir. ? wita mlee of 160 bbia. Corn meal ww quiet .it our i Wheat wui heavy, witb too tutu of itio market in tttvor Of purcbtti-uiM. 8*ve Wtirt< aia t: ( 80 CCOt) tttttal* at rather lower rait s ? viz: $1 42 a <1 lift lor ?? mio Aoot, i u aiitl Kiuiuck>, (1 UOafl Ud lor rou Uo , $1 ?d a (.1 M i r r>'U bt.Hi', Clncago hpi 1U? au<) Ult A.iuaoe cluo, H 00 tor wbito Cuuada, .iua noout f I 30 (or < .unoil cluo 0.wu r 4 cfcltsed lr. a , witb uai> s of ft0,0t.0 biwb<'la, u.u'ly w?k? BiUM, .t ?ljkC. tt ?a l'v?r u ! ? , and W nOI^C. for old. Oats were activo itud lo belter. NoUuu^ uu* in rye or barley. I'uituk.? 1 Ibo m.i>knt wdn i0nh bu ly.tnt, tliougli wittiout rhaigo of niomcul in quoUiiKJti i fao iliioit omar^'od Mh ut 1 609 bales W? i|<ijio middllug ujutuila at 1'iVo. a rli'jc., wttb Mmail win trout etore rt'iw.ted at ISc, he Hi Outing U(ilaiidn. ( uriii. ? Ibo Bittikct i? Ftcaity . Rfo noil tnoder iW'iy will in thb runjto or lie. a ld>40 , witli bouio l^gayar.iat 14r a U.\o., uud Java wuii ii tuo r?n: i! o' 1V^ ; a 17 >4 !. JihMi.ii'itJ ? To Liverjoi 1 3 in 0 a 4,000 bob II >ur <*oro at '2a . lw ; IX.bOo OUc botn corn it 0%1.; uad 10,110 do. in kbipa bugH at lOd , and 0,000 buuboln tvboat lb I- 1> 1 1>? at 10\c . utid Ooo a 710 oalou of ooturu at 3 l(kl. To London? 2,tl0 bblri dour ro euga^od at 3u. tjo., una lO.tH'O biitb? id t?no<t n bade allied. H >t?fl Weie Itwd) lor olapgow and for Uitvro. Karri ? Ka'nnn wcit< at< aoy and m a r dtmim l, w'tli salua ol a lew bundled boxen a- 1 i 1 7 it (12 20 (or lay ete anu |1 60 (or bun* b t.v>s\ tVrrn ? Ibc market wrut Rt. a iy , with limited ualesatlCc Ctttiu, 10 10 mix montlix. ?rjiN\ IUi.m wero Mto^dy, aua boavy weigbia wero Hi njiy held at l^\c a 180 tax* .? talea ol 1 ,000 oaloa Wore r< ported at 763. a 80c. lor 1 bippltig, and at t>6?; u ?ao. or cny uH i lb Kto<au ti Na?bvtli? earned out a la>gn o^'K" tor Cltarw atou H011*. ? lhe uM'ket w.oi inaotivii .?ud Kki?? oonlluod to k n>?' r.O a 40 balfa at iiCc. u 26c , tua latter n^uro for fit ail lotc ol cboico. Ikon. ? t&oicb pig wuHtlrni, wttb a*lea of 200 a 800 pigs at $'J0 10, tlx utt iiibri. 1j*x.? The market wan without ra vtuomt of imirort ait.'e, wbile piu<oa for both mine of rtockiand, ui tut) ab tsenct ol 01 motuont, wei< nooiiuat I'Kt'MNH'Nii ? i'oik ? Tbumaik' t *u.s rtrin, wfilU) iai<? of iOO aECti bbl?. were rep^rte.) at $17 31 }? for (bold at the cione at $17 L0), anu prime u |ti 7ft 11 fid. Iloef wax llrm olid unctkogt d. ibe >-ai. k w#m at. (H 7ft a fO 87 tor re|<acknd m? pa, and f 10 . $11 lot extra, prime u. efcl "'t'd wan tjuilaud uuiuiuiu, Dvet biuta <vuio soil ut $14 u $li tO, witb little don g. Cut <voa& wuro m-tady, *iib unab tutlfs ut 8'4c. a B>,3 for Kbouloera, und at 8c a bj?c. lor haiiui liuonn wut tom uil laid waa llrm auo 10 good demand, wilb aubs ol >.>00 bl)U a. 9c. a lU\0. Ilutter wum soiIidk at 140. a 20 |0>- fair It prlaio Wt-Ato, and lOo. a 14c. toi Ohio. Cuce^e rargod from 7c. lo 10c. 1 or comiLon to prune t; air iee. hick wan Kti;a<l> and Bah*> reported wllbia the range of ?4.>?c. KtT.xMM wrre tn fuir demand with fair sa'.iw, inclu'liag rub -h within the range o> ii4,.. a t>\<y , and I'orl) Kuxi at 6tfo. a 0c. n*iii.H ? Timolby wna quiot and nominal, while tnern w*h a lair Uornand for clover, with moaeialea uaioe at Vac Whiskey.? Sal' h rea< bed 600 bbie. at ld '^c. HPKC1AL NOl'h KM. HEIRK O* N WHO 8iitlV*.t? UN f!OA'.I> THE I niied "ti.toN -ulp !<?>? nt pl'-aao call on l'H[<)HAS u. r>KA> M Ahl>, Ml Wall Mrtiu Notice ? tpk mfmherb and KKi?Nut or tiik br>aiit .AtHKieialioo will met ( a' ih? M H um in 1 dtv at 12 M , t ' iny ifte lust tribute ' f re-p ct to tli i lata Jerry Bryant Ify order of JNu. tmLii.t, Chalruian. John Johnson, l tertiary. Notice to inburanob i!d?-a<iKi-?ny iv Miranoe (' mpaoy wliicb hat ittueo -ny policy, nr v K -n aoy rUk up < u tht bulldln/{K (btrnedon tii" nmbi o. tprtl I, lii>".), on tne prt mli-ei kiowna* the Itrt. im, r 'I > i pliw, nUti..t' d 1111 tbe Hyde Patk road, u wut t >ur iuHmm i. rili >i Voughkei pate, wbl cenfm ?. tavor hv e.? nimiu ct h g iioti *?. ilint'.f to l.uTl ? Kit K. M AltMl, Att.rnry toi the belra, lv > ft l'lne utrwt. Ualed New V /rk, April R, IRSU rj>0 BOl'TUKMN hUlrl*k.ltH. We hure Biade i*sct..l arruiaeiuenta vt '.'h tke -AV awn All CUttTOH HimSR for ";>a?irtn({" go ?1? for "oonanmp'lnn'' or "n arvd h?*? fireproof B nded Wa.t)ln?urj<>- fo- mc'a?l?e iwiv In rotoM must Aeeompita* all <fr?n and dadabie n ?nit ?eut to ? ?rth (.'aroiiiiM. Ooorgta, Alabama, V 1 p". fl iHn Ijm Miuoa mid 'I . <?i> lo t ipe.i.v doliviu i of xu >d?. If ' utib la u laclied lo tin) in*i Ice, we will |*? duty a', fa an-' forward *? oda ataik K' d* "Hy II innien'? Kxprr* " <mr eiprefoe* are <ml "Herlana 'laity, and b? -vnry rnrnn er, rto favaruiatt. liaatrrn anu *n.i ? iSi no ?+* h.'i# tofore. BABNDKN SiJtP?i<S8 OOMPAiTT. No 74 ft*-oad?-ay. rpo AMKFI' A.NK VIHTI1NO ORKaT nttiTAfM, IKK 1 land or th? Conlcent of tfurope ? l.u'iea itotl tcmtleiaeu * rom the t (ai< ? of Amirlraor t aiiitdv, fbllliii iinM trltam oratiypartti fcnmjm, wbo de?lif to aroid ce ay tfoabl? o t\p life, can l.ave tbelr famporta duly 1 m-ii for any iia'o or K 1 dk<i ni tbey porpom vi-rinn, bv arru atv.n, by latlm ir otb?rwi?i-. In A J, A<tam?, Dradnh i* . Hrltjta toid Ooatl n?ntal O'lnle OSce, W fmi ktreel, [jo . don, England with tbe sre?tei-1 e\|. dilion and ?l< "a"'h ?'-.?<|i irr^i carelally nv.nntfd, eaaed and name u iteretl in #old Ibe ooun'er HgiiAiure of ihe Adkt.i uI/ Mini t'.t-r la lymdon obtained uj ainerxan [?#???? Uri l?h arid K >reii;n HiaHonefT, Tra^.-l iiii( Ha?? and t-very r. nun-lte lor traveller* Ui l*u>4! eOltloonOf Brad' l.a* t Brii "h anl Continental Onidea and llaatlbookm, Murray'* h uUnU t.nd Ktrf'l^a Hands nt<, fbraxe Boo**, 4i". I1..';>o d ' lom tera may be b? ) un aj pitrailun at tbe oflioe cf w. J. aiiaMS, W Kkt'. atro. t, ko? don, England 1%' INK hi AMU (jMllKHlri. F I IMINt. K PKi.MIUM UOL.0K.M Al E. DEPOT A N l? Sample Eo->m 15S Broa'. *uy, N V ? V ' -??l ? Pl > n y t , drink ana ooiLudk to p*> all p*r?otvt who drink <<old>'n A in and ate nn'. r*tl?8? d it h tKe b?at they # ?ef drr- ik. no pity M required. loUti]F(tokof!?lMuLbunil or half bm?i; *1*0 In ? bottle* In p ?* of Sto h doxen. ami (hipped to vtt l?r'*. HIRKCB HHhll*.N, ?oie AgvnU 1 wo MIlvi MeiUl.* on ' xhlblllou. OCCUDTI JkNU MiHim. Dr. powlll can eE ooksujuTko ah tirwrto. foreforthe t **t twctr yvtrc, < n tbe Py. ami i.*', *t M2 Brotdmy, tlw ( Twiilftb atrrit Sub'. iml ho-?rin,- r. ttori-il in m? .v ciMh LUbeito diromxl liopelae*. Ar'.Ulclal eye ? inserted. A labor order -or m.m < ht ofeolothtwo Wantel, to puioOM i, foi Hun F><.i, lw-o, Oallfapil* lea ii. d (i-nilaaieo. if yo'i wi?b to n*t ? fair prloi for jwu OlottN. i u fumi uff and Je*eiry, ilia Iw.t ym auj <u> I* to wind a riete to H Mlntr, Ko. 7V r txtb ?>?*;iu, wt>.:r? roa ma* beooavuaovd you ?UI be dealt with io y.-ur auulafanwi/n LmIm MlraiM U) h) Mm tllr.U. Ma I't Hull. i.ooa.i, be tween Klffbth atreet and Wavarley plan*. 4 rnwTior-UADi*a abd obetlevibi*, if too SL want to *?? Ike full Value of yci. w t off irinthoii rarol'ir* Oarye ?* end li*we!ry, th" ?**' you nan <!? la u ?.*) a u?te to F UaKRIH, IM Mav 'Oiti a<anu*. Tbei* yo* m#y be eonvlneod roii will b-- laabt with ta you. aatUraelaou. kVn Hk>k Draawa, Trv? $7 m HT: f >t i.oaiA. tr in 10 ?> >M. 'at Pacta and Veata, from jfl apwarda. rw?v don't forv> v V)* Parontb arano*. Mar IwantrSrai it oat LawUa* ttlauM to bf In. Hank ABETTErt PRICE PAID fuR LAPtBH' Af?D OBBT* ?a>t ff Clothing tb?n el*owk?ra, on aaaouat of >b? panic. I nurktiMi to pay lb* folio wl a* prlora:? Prcrn $? la for fill* Dreaaa*. from $3 U> ) W for f:> gata, and f^>m (I M to fC for i anu Alio Ca>v?f- ' nniltaia, Jaw*'.rj Ac A not* by poat pnnauuJij- atiac-lid to br K . 'M ftawantfc av? tiaa, batwoau Rloa(?etith aud f?aiii!?.tn imtu lai.tlx aw Wn^ad to by Bra. B. A BABE OHAB' B -LADIBH AkO (?XNTl.BWR.V I have raoaitad $2, QUO lupuroraa" <>?t a.T t'l 'Um Cavt*ta. r?tidtnr?, forthf t.allfornlr niarkat. I araariao par ilia bUhHat prion for tborri, by aaiiti t on or adilraaateM KU.18. <4 Nrvonth aramia, naar --eT-fii. rntk atraac attended l>y Mra. Bllia. AORBAT OPPOBTCBITT IH N >W OFPBRBD TO J.A dl<'? ai.d fcntlMowfi h?r'n? 'il.itbtn^. Piiriiltum and <J?r pf- a to dtapo** of. Ihay will find * oa?'i ii fiomw tty aondlat a note to ( M.ab, 'kij hn-?ull. ?v?u?, n I'wio<> alaiii an4 Thirtieth atm?u l?<lwa attcudi d to l>> Mra Mlab A LARUE Ot'ANTfTF OF < AflT OFF CLOTfllNB want?d to SU np order* I ruin thn Went Flrat rate ptoaa Will to irlrru, ar<1 <?.b pUd In current IU bay A vs'J 'j% JAMM MUHQKBV. i-1 ri-art*tn?r<. naat biiok ti Oba'tkm AORBAT QUAVTiTT OF <U?T OFF OTjOTHIWI, Fui iiM ua, Carpata. Aa , waotrd, u> ? nyly tba W ia>nia market. I pay aa follow*:? ritwi $1(1 1<> f lu for Iflk Draaaua; (Mia, from Si to *?', Panta. fnra ?> v> "?ll on or art draaa A. DUO AR, 118 (^runtb araiua. l??l we?n Twenty foostft asd Twenty fifth ^treaia, wtli be pwictaally wtaodad ta. La ?Boa UtaeiM in toy Bra D ACAV -OENTUMBirn ?' AWB LB FT 9TW Oetbhift parubw J fer *- Waevarn market, in laryner email lota, for wbleb tbe full v* "w? arfll lie paid wit beat Uaa ?tins or neaklau U> Lcrpoae Plaaae e>41 at Aeakirt, aNea Tbn* D lienroy, M Oeekre ?tmet AOHKAT DrBAND FOB CLOTHINO -L\D1BP Alt D nrritlr??n narlne *ny t an Off l. Jotbin*, Fumliure. Oai p^'i *od Jewelry, *1 . n-Cidvn thr !?'.?!>??*? prlrv by ovlllne oo or addiM?lra A. UarilA, t#i Tbird arenu". LaiUea atteaded toby Br*. Httrru. ARRTTPR CHANfB HTIUIj ? LADIRB AHDOENTLR men. I bare ? treat demand for caet o* I V.hmK Fur nHutv. Carpe1*. .'ewolrf. Be., for the W>M?rn market. I will pay the fol nwleir p-lcee ? For Mlk Dmn from |rl v> BB, for C oate, from f.1 to $1M; for Paata, (r?m II to %f f"^*rerall oo oriwidr?-M J. Xnhelt, 1? Harerub avenne, b? tween Twentletb and Iweotv firm etr?e?t?. Puofiuaily *:? tend*d. baaU ? Mler.iW to by Nr*. Anhalt. All fbb^onb eolbowibo a '?ood adtiob ntrer fall ?Ladle* and (rntlflmen, aroF bnaiyl bam truuad. and eaU at onoe or aridre?a a nt>w by poet io rik VB Bowery, * her?" yon way be *tir>' in dlepoee or yea* eaet off Otothtoa, Farcl'ure, t'-a.p*l? aad JeweBj, a? a ra? pnoa. and not 5? bmabnued. Fnr Ullk Dreeea*. from ?? ?? ??; for (kali, from M to 111, for Pern*, from t ' ' ?"d ward*. Ladlee alien. l< d by kr* Hanie, *? Bowary. *p?*> Mta Fourth aad (treat Jopea airweta. ? Q ftnn *OBTH OF OBfrTLBBE'fB BBW A Mi C?O.U\JU Ml O* CVthtn* wanted for tha We.tem mar fat the hlcheat aaak r>rR? *>*r pa?d aan be obtained In bankable m??, f or I a<>' ? SL22?*? ** Hare, at ad rill MB WlffiT- WaWt, U ??atM Mreat. riKWHAU Ai?v\*nr wjhhxpu to ado** 4* itiPairr moic Ita'lr'b of * raertaaa p~ren'?. *"? <* ?o b* tAlmatag X>* A t? nb, ?ia?.'ob A, ?p >ug?U*?i .>?? 10 ? 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A' aril, M #H1 ?.r?>et. $20 RF.W \RD OK TUB KVuNINtt tlP <P ' Maii-h 31, a roi4 buo toK oow <1 A't.cli, 4(oda s maker, No l.'S.?, i, wllh aa ln?rt|iu> n upon .be 'an rtm ahot' irmrl will he nail, aod do q ieatl'ina a<knd, np<D lUt rami n lOlMllMHi N. Uimwu, No. 7 Iran*! trX aireot, "?'? _ _ _ (ft/T/k HL ?\ \Kt>.- KTULIII, I UlUIITtnMh tflOl ft \ brown aod whit* sp,in. | s. - rr lj >g, kut Urn r ?Bi' ill the owner and old adiln ?a iNo 'Jil Walki-r r.ivilua ht< ro lar, uohwitk to t#e nam<* uf "ulno. 1 r*?n?? a*n d* llari will h> paid for lb>' mum of llir (log, ?n<l t wnaly ? llvedoilani u Iniortnatlcn lUat v III ieaJ to the ctiv union oC the tblet Ar>|i!jr a* U IJepeaard ?ti?ei *ncn rrwvkd.-the i r<smm?h or rug bub errlber wen' burflarl >ualy mi x ?d iwUm ntghl *C the Ath i Bet., and a larft* ioi i f ^uld acd etlver Wvctea nwilea. The a bore reward wtl be paid for iBformallon vti*i wUi n I to the rcoorary < t Mid prbpartj. ? AVER, 40H Ninth arama* friin reward ?*iul hk 'aid ru* tuj-: r b i 11/ 1 ' mivrry of Ol?l worth of Hia-k ~lli ?t<ikea front ira kllu Rtm t, oa the Eight of March 77 WICK.i. SMITH h OO til 1WWI KF.VrtRD~I WILL FA* $1,000 aBWABO u .uvW for tba <i?co*ary of iha per^iu ur panmoa , iar bar of ib'in, who att &r?. on 'h? i.igh'. if apnl Id, iMt . to the JweMtng honaa or hnlldt?g?rm ?e premlaea attimtr* ?hi the t<yd? I'arh road, ab.ui t our a?il?a nonft of r ? Tgtk ki</p?le, ki owi aJ iha Rnwo nr f:l-u plv* the ?al4 lire miari balng in IliigaUou batwren Vke ?a*r? aid Iha bn?b*o4 of tw lMe K"/?t?<' h Clan, docaaae I), and lor lafainutOn* xirtlelent to rout let aitah pareon o' |nmMla I will aleo pay $l,'<xi adilitlonAJ reward for the lthc dtaeirery of tha pernor or (?n<mi *li > ?"t See to the ham on the ?*m<" pi awli^ a* tha Dina u waa uonanrnod tn tha aorlng of WW ?nd MM hon ffi ilcnt tu have annTU't*d*n<-n oerem .>r praoa* JAMSM H. Taylor. ?FUM! Iitraat N*w Tork, April 8. UW1. HOTKh*. 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A large and alegnat Oofae Kooan u ev t apairt for the u?* af i amtllna who prefer Urtug a la frar oalM- A Table 4'Hote erery day at h v? paat ?U .. . lot A Th lmi?r<al tnonlbua awalta the arrival and depart or* of eaot train Hot, cold and thowtr bathe alwat* ready Night por Wr lit attenilnoe*. A. COTTON A HON. frofrfctera. JURY H IIOTRU OOtLlOR OBEBN, pr?tm-TKH Hotal la very eentral. clean aid (y?imo<llooA _ Bv*ry * ten Hon i%id to Ike oomfort of guaata. Fwvat* MW*C r*e* lQ* h9X u< *?w {vnr,