Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1861, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1861 Page 9
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?ITCATIOW* WANTKD- MAUBS. ,t'.'w4> i a siraarioN ax mf*? 1 Id iblw-kMn'ib'* b?? b-y?u following Ike b w: >i0< rofrrv o? SMI t?* p>oo Addrea* 10O uitMg . OOAIPMan -W.k'W, If A P*<irB-iT?.Nr 81*. gle man, a ?llo?'<?n it ? private If itnUy ; b> h?- b-? I iu hi* Ian ol oe ii' <1.1 city ?J*u be md for tw ? ?4 17 A' eat l?ih at, iu ih- carriage fkouty, with r?'e bl fKinA-HH IHMH.K AORD MaN, HAVI?3 d ? faioli? wiebee actuation m farmer or gard-ii-r-, i? e eoi t i?k.. cba-K ? irf a count y ?e*i, u Ijiiw bin* ir*ir?bi.i ib*n *?r* 0*n b? seen for two day* at JO ||onac??ao; in-nd --l'y refer. dok: has do object n to ? > tnmntrr ?.>di*?? N x l>8 He>a u o lie |AlU?<iN ??R Ult>,0*. ?"I > t'ATI J n WA iUII ?jby a at' rled nun, ?io can pro^uci ?-?en ye*r* re I near a* mo fion- Hi? ia*t u -??; would keep a -tra?il gar I u order it eenuin-d, a id oiake hlma.if ? ? ? i? 1) u*e. ui. | u b. ? "M ? ?i,i n.'? _ ? *AN ? hO A VITt'Ari >N At Sfiaii id a b<rd*are r b m** furul?Mn< a' el<b*r . leaie or retell hv a young mto havin^a *h'>roug*i U'lf o' t*?e bu*in-?a iu all lt? tranche*; cau g'V" go*id rafe Addff?a a. J. H , 1 18 *d ?T. U ? TION WtNUD-AX Cl.fchu IN A H'U HL, K*' A .ouctf man: baa ?ad uiaar J? re' eip" l<-ii ?? iu t:i?t >u?i rail live the >rri r??t 'e'eirooea frou wai . auJ pre *ut ? yera Addr-M W u fc , Herald o'llcii IUaTION WaNiKD? ?V A InePfcUrABUh VOIJNM m-o a? oo^chma-J t*an? rbj-'-'i nli tne o wintry; it >.g loaeaial In be?%? i li ng if .e |Uir-U. vau Lie imu at IA uv . Lei * e? a VHih %nd N' i tin .[I All ? WKikli ti * PRMinOAli HUM BR I itoi Nf labl- aanVprr-; Himlwil 'h? MM VMM m ? Li Die f ikdo. ib?* rar? *?a lllMHIIOf ai OMOHP' of phi tie would )<k^ i" tkk ? cbarg? ri a pi o-\ <? ai ue t iwatiii odrrt. vail at 161 ^t>nu({ at., rctr balld ag, ' J. ? _ _ IiiAfr h '?p ii * yui)fT?? a } im > io i *f lis pMiDtrr, I? year* ol 1, In a w tnereh???' i OJIO-*. Ctn food ?iy re't-rrtiiva. CndenitaniiH b'Vick vpu^. Caii ?u 'layH a1 60*etl *? at<biugiou p'are, for J. ct PRPOaiiTH ? A lOONK TKLL PO^TgO IN -|it? i ??all drti?i and !> ? w'TI on Ikmwpw. ?l ??.!<** a ?liuv III' oir-rk Id ii ima renin-, lablw eittb'inbmeut; * >uld be "j lo M -'oi h : beat oi c ty r?ferenp<s? given. AdJiew v , lleraiu ofl ce. OKOOOIhTS ? A V I NO MAN KKOI ?VlJIiA'IO leeirec a ?! uatiob Iu a dru? HUire. or di-pr?ij-er to a el?n. A?ldr*-e? U ?'* < bn* I" *lar?ld oflic ? Ltfc*.? AN A< live YOONJ Wn tSpr.Akl h?w>i languag fc and <-a>?b>e or takinr eU krge ol tae . ?i d anno h'.c'h IniUd- nt ?o ?r??n<? an ' r-if-nrei '?eijrn rvjutitriPH Ue-ir?* an i-U(jii{';iaiat. Ad irmw V?Jhi, lid lb. e. [AM**!/? ? HiiUa'lUN"! BV A VOUN> JlVKtieS^ ni a and lit wife, ihe m n a< coicbnniti oj would ? ba go ( f a imall liard n hN wife ?? eo"k or ?ou!d be ii(j to do apiirrmi bnufown k for a *roa i family H ?ve ? ?ybeit-'i 'clet.-n ? from tlielr a l employer wo ia-i ?-o beo-fl ? ru.i.;?-d '!ali i ir i <rj d?y? u 71, o ;ro*r of i add *>tu ?tu a ? , lu the a?gar ?to c. ItfmBMmiTtoH, n * k ?r ed iiraxo '! hl? A'l e a r acbnia^i at?l "o k ul-o l)? hU <U'ar. as 1 i ni?i<1; Hrenri'ou , If poH"ible. U be ?l !? oue family. f at i amle Itwoi'ii iMMV-hV A "KATTIOAL hK jrtlf.t tKf, A -lt t<u>lioD war tail di 'ig store; xr mid lake the ettirn e wiih a view t> p ir.haaa Aiidreea J K. .it M uroa e? ? i ik. l-t>? eV .? N h?f?D'tlC 'OIJN i ?IAJf, ()?? Ik ml wears' enp-ir'ence tn tbla city, a iltuai..oD, aa k'?i'r, oTifi-p ni"i? ?r ii> hth ol rk bflnn tboro i^bly t-rs m wltb tl-e d ffe>ut 'I'll max nvI ?,ud rapll u quick and amiM nt tla iw? No objeetloa to gVnn l> or v*>?l nr?t rate city trerenoa Addrcsa Un.un. |IK! herald ofllo^. ? ATHD ? A <HWin 8 Y<)TN(J MAN. WELL educated. |wrriw?iy Hteady, bavlnn a m.iH eipltil, would [baee the wb >l? or a ptrtof aoui ? paying bu-ilD^ia, or |e a. manager, aocut. aeik. Ao. Ad ires I box 'JJ out Hotel, New l?V LaNT*D? A PirrATION, BY AN AOTIVB MAN. Of bu'loru hab"H, ? cl-rk, collect ir. or la any cap*c'ty . jtecan make bimwlf uaeful; will bavitie c immaud a* hundred dollar* in a ,'e* inooihs. Addrest W. W. 0., 114V Hera C ullae ANTKD-A lTITATlON AS COACHMAN, 8T A WKLIi recommended man, a?ed 34. who uoderatandf gard>n No objection to go In .be country. Adoreaa bjx 2,747 I ofllee. [aNTBD-B* a MlDDkK AGED MAN, AN AMBRI 1 can, a altuatlo- as I'ght porter or clerk; either la door lit ii<?r rWk I* wilting c > da anything to mike himself v? ly ate'nl to Me ??mul .y?r. ? ? t>ent ?r reference cau Addreaa tug'* K . box IIS He*a<d office. EaNTKD-A SITUATION *8 OOlOHKAN AMD groom; also ? fe, a filtaatl muco >k; no o )j?'.ion? t > ?oouiitij. Inquire at 418 Aeat 2 it h ?t , between 9th ' "i ?rs. ANTED- A -ITr/- 'ON, B. A SOFNO M/vN. ON \ L ftf-m. can a I arming work. U"Od refert-DOB. Call | wo daya at 1(0 tireenwlch at HKLP WASTED? K KJIAIjES. MHBRtP >">OD SERVANT 4, AMD fHOSB LVT15 ly anded, "ant"! 'tally at ACKE uMaN'H, 421 Brond up atatr* i.irU In want of good alluailona, In good la i v ?t good wage*, aaouid ra'l at thla eatab.lgti neat, i j?ar*es a'llsjed ? |Ci.OK vr?NiE>>? IN A PRIVATE RO\KOTV(} li u*e rm* w Uo understands meats and MMIIk 0*11 I Writ 14th it II, VAMTLIE* AND GOOD SERVANTS C 4 V VINO ?tl>? ?rg *t snd beat odlre In the city a', the Invlmtft and ? w .-retbe i < t *oi ran'? t>re hIwhvs resdy Also flood ' pan I i,r g od help. IAS 11th ?t., corner otU av. Ojcu ' to the evening ?K WANTED? A PI"ST CLAh'H COOK, TOGO TV 1 the conntry Call, wltn re ??renoei, at It) o'clock thla ?y; Di'.ri.tng, at 1.1 BarcUy street, up italra. .</KB, LAl'NPKRs?iRr>. CHAMBERMAIDS, WAIT ere, MMMkNMa. mirtu, and gon?ral houseworkerg. i- e*i<lvely nooe but n?e, tidy, wner honcat. capable obl'g ng glrla tiwvl aiplr, a* only good (ami' las ana drat *' errra' ta are furnished, at 294 4th av. D. Bl. MORS [l HHK -WANTED. A MIDDLE AOF.O WOMAN. AS i .iu. Hf.d !'?.! ? ? fo' an Infant; wages $7; muat > teenmtn. ml.ll n* Iron laat placo. Apply at 112 West from 6 to 6 P. M. to-day. bOTMfAirr niRT, vanteo-to do orneral hMMMrnrk In Kiook'Ti; n?-.r K'.rt Jreene; mint be weJ ndwi AddreflkJ hoi IVJ3 Post otlloe iaMHTRfHS Wa-.Tk.D-RV THE WEEK, ONE WHO ?e? ? neatlv, and thoroughly understand' cutun? and ng i hlidreu a dre*ite?, nvtjr appiy at K West Baltic street, WllD. 'AN. ED- TWO OH *HRSE DRESSMAKERS W'lO urderntand their bu?1neae thorough y Nino other* arpty fall at no iWt Oth at . near <tth ar. /ANTED? a f RBNCI1 NuBMB AND BEAMSTRE 4**, tn c" i" Hartford go deity reference required. Apply pU W cnt 10th ?t , before I o'clock *>'EIt? ?M NI'K^E N [) 81 AMRTf.KSS, A GERMAN ?itrl; ore who epeaki hngilah amd ha? g'?od recommend > may tali attU Wind Slat rt., 10 lo 2 o'clock, for ' ANTE l> ? A OIHL.TO LO ?ENI- RA I. HOUSE WORK ; n u?t be a rfo- d cook, washer and i.-onar. Apply at 21 'J ?t ?th ft , between 9 at d 12 o'clock. JraNrED? a GOOD COO*. WARHRK AND IKONBR: one who tttnrnugljiy tin<<eretanda her buslneaa Mutt ?e gcuxl city ltforeuceft. Apply between 9 and 2 o clock at UV1 i-t ' ANTED? A V'tl? IN, WHO DNDKRHTA^DS WISH log wd 'ror.'ng p?r?ee'ly. and c*n do tt In the ixwt rnnn. She filial aUu anon bow to cook w?-ll. Apply at 2<jJ 1 luth at ' ANTED? A VOITNO WoNaN. TO MAKE IIKR8BLE ien?f*lly ua-ful in a prv.ite boarding houae. Apply 1' to II A V. or 2 lo 4 K. M at ftt) Kim xtreet. TANTED-A t.OOD TkIMM' 'I, AND AN AI'I'RKN lice ft dra.wmak'r'4 Apply at . )22 and 521 K-ilton ml, l.lyn, corner ?< I'lerivpon' ?t rAKTED ? A OIRIt, A<t rtl AVBE-?M alD AND W!?ltr?-(ia. On? i?6'> r"f?etly under tanda h?r b'ialn"?* I r*n orlng mod city ?i ?renoe? may a i ply at %i West 44th " i>m into l o elo k thadav. r?NThU-A llitvL, TO DO JtNERAL, HOUSEWORK Apply at 201 alien at. 'ANTED? A CTRL FOR OENFRVf. HOUSEWORK, mner be a good waaher, Ironer nod plain cook. Apply | IS Charlton ?t L'ANfED? 4 1-RA('TI(-AL MILLINER TO GO A . oh. rt d.?tanc* in the country, within one hour a ride of i Wj Apply at ferry A I'att? rwn h, V2 Cham be ra st. I'AN". ED ? A WKT !?UR8E. WHOSE BaHT IB NOT T o% er 'hire montha old; f*ne ru jut be young and bring city n ferenne A pply at .14 Kun at ^NTBD? A on )D TLAIN COOK AND KISHT II ATE waaher and i rimer. < ?>?id reference required i . om iaxt Apply at 1X1 We?t 32d at TANrRD -A CM ABIJ? WOMAN. TO (H) T<i LIVRR. nl with n lauU'y who aall on the remla, a? Buraa to it. ?bemtiat rone w*U rocomnii tided. a (In ipp tr Inlty '? here feri d to ?nj t"i?ty R if't -.l r<-i*Ti ? tin wnuld l?h lo rlalt Uielx own country Apfly at {JH Bute at, fooklyn ___ _______ AWTBD? I < A PRIVaTB fAMILT, * GOOD STBaDV T gi j l to do th'- chMiborwork aul ?? >ing, 1 17a rath ("all at No 14 hk Marks piac- , lr?m l lo i o'clock M,ihl*d?y ANTKD-AGIRLTODO THE w.\?HtN(l AND IRON ing . nly of a la-ge fai>l]T; a atienary tuhac-d all coo Inletn-jj. the launtlry Oood wa?ea given, and the t<->sl T' k/( required. Apply at 126 ?k- ond a?e , before ANIMI-A eM.?HT AC MVP GIRL KOlt O P. N BR 4 L bou-i work ; on> who unuerKtand* washing an I Ironing ?d plain r.K kir.ij \l?i, a <m all k r' to nn erratidi lu i re at 149 v* arerley p'.itee ?*NTED-A VOL'RO OIRI. TO AHHInT IN FAKtMG eai e of two chiidrnn ;ind In fbamb -rwork and pl*'n aew ; none taken ? Ithrnt a good^'harae'er from b*r laat cui r. - T J*?l Infant. ne taken without a good^'h arae'er f i Apply at V-2 AtlaniT- s# llMollm. G'ANTEU-A CK'tiD, noNEST AND INDI.KTRfbUS girl. 10 do kitchen work and aarl><t In waahlng and Iron 'Apply at 4M II udaon a'.., corner of Morton. rjtNTED? IN A hM.VLL FAMIL?, AN IIONKHT, IN I trloni girl; m u?t be a good waali , r and miner and Rain coc k, aadltupd ki children. Ap,?ly, ith reteraao* irom |^t ploec. at 12fi Eaat Md at ITAMTED- V MONTHLY SICK NCr*B, RKILPCL, ? T kind, o 1 provided with the beat of fwcomm-. ? (iddrcaia A l<. V4 , Mi 112 Uera d MM I A^Tf D? A GIRL TO DO THE OEMRRAL BOPIB ? *i-rk in ,i sioal. I'on iy, to t t-a? "lam md l^atier and ironer. Apply corner Ui^nl anl urote sis , .ler ? ntv IT ANTED? A GIRL TO DO (IENERaL 0Or*J!WO?K; M. ehu mint ] e active ar-1 wijlng ?o if> a Uiort do t* ea in Isron?'r? lor iba foannwr. and aauai noma well raoow Saado^ frrtn her aat plaee. Pn,tr?l*m prcfvT^i- Apply at ^rr^teiohat., fat t?a oh/tv UBU> WAI?XlCI>-rK?lA.t.i?S. WAN'tO? n<H?D DUWWAUU, AT I0< Vf*?t IWH " n first djor west of ?tb ?' Woo# but floiabed w jrk en need apply. VITaNTED-A OOHfliTEWT AND KX t'Bhl SVOgD ? ? nild'ie **ff* * uuur, t" t?k? charg*o| a i-hi.d montba < Id. oi '?^>ru give aaitafactory cit> r?ferecoc4 n>ay >ipli At Its 'fb at lir^ffTRD ? A (?1*L. AP ?K*?rtrtlK(J9 iK'U CM**. If brtnAi*. t,,""**'An' Note hut ti '"iAegl?a? uoeioepttoDAble reliieou* nerd a. ply ?dJre*> h J., urrtlu nil re. WA*T?.r>? A n KLTOIO nOPHRWORK A WD PLAl* eo k i oil Muk' be n?At and hrma po'xl r?f?re? Call flow l(i to IS o'clock ?t 271 *e-i lyrn at., tec >nd bauae flow 9>b a*. TITAN It I' ? A PKOTKSTaNT OiRL, ro DO THE W <KK ?? of ? HUH I fair II* in th> country Mu t be amiable nd foud of cbJorou UaII At 170 Of u l re at , iK-cond flo >r U H OA W4MM)- IN ? PRIVATE rmlLT, A^'hXfK rlenred laurd'-eea. Good rcffi?nct? required. .\>i>tr At If > A I ?tth M. Wurni litnH^nr! rk X\T A* >*V A (it KHAN OR fNO^lfid GIKU, KO* f T t<or'?*ork Good re'ereoee required. A pair Attrr i) O'C Ot'k A- M At SI Eftllt Bri ad *'?}. UTAWKK-a ( OLORBD CO?K. WAOKRR aKD Iren-r; fn* who underhand* her 'limine** and C40 r i Ae well rramai udtd apply At 154 Sa ket hi . corner of Hioks Rro<>k vn. |Y?hTHi-( M^K, HDk GIRL, T.J'DtJ HEOii*? TT r?l houH?? orfc of three id * am"y None oe*d aoo'y hat ?hoe?" ? b ou e ran ueli roc <mau"?i-d and U a g >od ?aahar ap<* ir nnr avplt 'mned iv ? t v?> >'lam-on ?? U'?MH? W Wit i TMmhouUHI.Y I.MMU Macdn m ?? Hi)'' pa*t'y conk ng for a r?*Aurant; Alao a gtnt< cider cook a-n kt' ih- n gtri, *iut comi well trended aihItai I'K "raoV in ?i ??'! w?l 9 ?nit II \ M \\TanhsI ? % MiROkOfOlltlj ? K MKjMaN, WU? UX ?? deralanra jene-al-Wooe J ork a?d i? to d i li r?r a faiulU of eUh'? icrxim ao i nil rhl'drwn. Mu?l c ine ?i 1. ixon mrrdfO. ttiwn'- f>6 (fer'iwn pi*i>rr-<l API'') .1 26 1 We?l loth at., u<-?r Wh av. , bvlMreen -Uau- 11 ? iclock. ^ HELP WAIVTKI*? .HALtCH. A" OEM*)- #??:?. P?OV *0 i ' UAlbV-. rai^iMl tvtieflor'b |..i-ut Key IJlUTd, to preiPOt thlovei aod burg ar> from "liu locks *1 b ralm keya Ham*^ a <1 dm< in e-feeai l>y in Jl for :k) oeuia Addr-?a Geo w%? jl>y, ?VJ3 asiiI nti lUoAdwAf, Ne* York, ici>m AO & iumre w/vntkd? in every to^n anij oi y pd \ tbf ' nion, to a* l Hherman k a?w l*lft Je ve.lry ? ovolopAA. Irorn 91 to $ 0 cap'lAl, our ignnt* Ar? naA 'ng't>>* #7 U" S't ier day. i)urni*? m.ylm of >-uv a ? Bu? ira<1 ?hior.. u Oi>inb?? of Articlna ?tid r*?l lu^natKc vaUur auipawi ? nyih og ur tie k.1 .d er-'t bef if" (Ti-.r d K<; t^al d pni-e ?Dd qttAltty ?-? di/y e jm.Jetilion Call . n or addi^an er.rl ulng ?ta-np for clrc iWr, Sbwaian A Oa . Kt H?o d ?Ay, i?ew \o>k ? (Jt Mh M A * 1 15 D? TO hELli AN BNTHbLI NK>V A t i\ Hole *A?Ud ' y evwry family, pny n< 2 0 p ir c?nt Tho* wlibn k to uaki- fiiitt< J". 10 pi-r *?y will p etiie u >tlc?. H V S 4 0''., 71 ?4U Hlr. (?t, r<> ,rn \,| <> ; c. vtn m anted? ro a >*AraNr o.oi f.v<r \ ener Oah "e '?*rri"d in the ve?t pocs?* iinn aoo tinl m Ht'o'lv. KftAil price only ^5 tt uUi Apply t> 0. vVray ( fan am n>f>?H *Oh.? ? v. A IhD hvtrtSITHERE TO riKLL Bit i 1\ tber juDAlb'ta'H Paten'. KurnHu o Potlsb r ruin f t v> f.'i lund" o?-r d*>. fa!?? ?a r*nt''a >r m Jiicy rof uedod Ap ply ?t b ondway, New York. J H. mm/nv. SMeAnent. a ORNT8 W AN" ED-TU ?ELL HI IKAKD fltlZKJftrt' A ' 1*7 t!n?rlope*. arknnai dgi>d i y All to e aupe lor e??rv w?v th n ?ny in m-r before tfce public, as they unit On mm? arili'-Hot ft .tl^ne'v and >f a bet'er q'la'lty, mel'idinf a gift ?f.le?elry than *ny otberflrm i dvartialnv. c<u' \gji.t.H trn making from $0 tujlu p<r d ?y hr*nd at-mpf ir e'r.-'ii" Kin < - KDS A f< ). . IKi N *>"-?u ?tr<. . hA ukt 1'B.R WAMKD- ONE VV aO CTNDER f\ utand- the bniHnssn well Host of city reference frori bin Iah' r'?'' ? mpiired. 0?I1 at tl>7 Hprlng at , corner of Mer cer in tbe liquor ?to'e, In the m 'rnl ir BO* WAhTKU- ELEVEN TO rHTftTBEM YKAtti OLD; rne wfco -tildes In ?? llllAmaburg pr-fcrred Vtpi twelve thill! gK per week. Apply to II. OldSeld, 90 Wall at , Al tor 1 o'clock t. M. /"ilerk wanted? for men -i fjknishinu ooods; 1/ < n? havlnp experience. Addreae K d., Uerali ?lllce, with refer? noe and etLary wantea CAR JBT KAifcHM VN WANTED; MU T UNOER.4TaVO the rc^a'l trace In Ail lta brauchea an I have c >od rcf<v ren-e r-u<-h an ote will finil a permanent sltuat'on by ap ply itg At M3 8b at. EAIKYMaM? A STEADY AND INDtrSTttl >0H MAN, man-lad ormitle. who haa i>een regnlArly Dm igbt ?p 'o ouat) eea, is ? ah ted, to take charge of a small farm id #bKA are f irty ml' eh juat ?iitaldi- the etty Mmut of Riwf.'lk, YlrglnlA Addreaa, with term*, bnt SKI Poat oCDoe, Norfolk, "IrglnlA. DBnO (' l.KHK WANTED.? ON { AOQl.' AINTED WI HI the city retail tnuif, ami who can be vtcil recommudtd, rimy apply at 806 t earl <n.reei. OrTlTE ROY WANTED -Mlr?T BR TTDY A*D JKV tee! iinrt reside \vl h hs par nta Nona o'hen n~'i orply. Duties l'kh': salary $1 per wet 3rtt Bowery, op poult" 6th it , ?t the dentist a, at 10 A, M. SALE -MEN WANTED ? IS A RETAIL DRV GOOD J store. Apply at 2-3 6tn uv. WANTT.D-IN ALL BEOTIONS OK TUB COUKTHY, active persons to our Yi\n* Envi'lop* and Pack age*. lhev surpai.* sn?ihinu of the. kind, aa they oonlam ?* Eiiudve giv>da n.r i> little money, en J a?U r^pd'y. Liberal UU> ? UiftlU to oil l'HfcSCJU t r A OO , .11 ildjmjr TV ANTED- AOEK B TO SELL P\CKAOE=l OP NT K t ? tl. net y aid f??.lryit price i one-'.hlril le? t'utn Pan b? puirl a-ed ? l?<*h?T? c 'ill on or addrosaj(?ie ap ouol'jied; J. neiley. 154 i.oatt street, Boston, Mia* n/ANvyD immediately? two uood bbluslb *f loiklnem. men, to >*U |*ent rlgl..s. Good k?1ai/, eiid If suited, steady employment Address with particulars, refer. uc(-h. Ae?, rati ut High a, Tribune ollloe. Pew fork W A.MED-A HARDWARE SALESMAN; OMR AO "? quainted with iho trade IB the city. State, and th? ad joining Slate* to will cutlery from simples, for a commission on tie salee. Addrers E. j., box l*o>t oOioe, matin* torms, reference and addreax ti/anted IMMRIHATLY? two or three TawNo T T men to eng-ige In the sale of an arMrle that in ujfd in evfsrv tamlly t m oughout the nl'-ed States. Call on or ad dr?>?, mcl wJng 'hrre o-nt r Viinp, R L. Hutlett, AH 3roed way, loom ho 2!^ Now York. Waiter wanthd-a first ratk man ta wavt ed an waiter In a private family. A Idreta b n 271 Post office, references, as no other application* will be noticed WANTED- A\'CNU MaN~ A8 OKNBBAL ^LEKR (N a cafe ca*h bnilties* down town. One who r* a loan a littlf money. If sat'ifled, onn have a permanent plaor Wtfii $S per week. Address, boi IM Herald ofll.'e ANTED ? A MAN TO TARE PHOTOGRAPHS AND ambrotypes. Apply at 107 Bowery. w VI' ANTED? A YOUNO MAN AS CAHHIBR, AND To T? tskecbarje in '..ta emu oy<-r ? absence, of a hotel: will b- required to depo it $ST) ax security. Balarv P"r month, nlth board. Apply at 11 Wall at , Merrhiata' Clerks' Kt g>try ofllc^. \y.\NTI-D-A BOT ABOUT 1? YEARS Of AQE IS AN TT old ef i ah laiicd hotuie; naUry flrat ?r $'1>I Addreaj, In own handwriting, w ith reitTenoce, l>o* 4it? ro?t olll?-. WANTRD? A RRST 0IA?H BUSINESS MAN. WITn f rfm $*0<) to $1 00V raah, either oil clerk or partner In a profitable commercial butin***. Ihoan having the money at i> mmand mat adilrrM N O. P., box l.ti< ilerald oil!* ?a.MI D-A 10UM0 Man. WHO CAN KBBP AO ro in la, oolle.'i'a, and mnke hlm?elf generally nMfot \\ and mn loar ?W to hla employer, mav aecure a good ultua tton by rpplvtr^ in tl e at-re IfS Wa'er at , after 1(1 A. M 14'ASTftD? A YOUHU MAN FOU A FLOUR AND TT fe? d h ore. ol' > ka for ibiDiung and railroad ttckn' effln a, three portera, clerk for a ickI ,atd Poaitima pr ?cired for p.m.lnct ra, ??lr?men. tooktn jert, girl* to travel and h )Uh,< k ? pern Apply at No 7 ? hatham \\TANTBD? AOP.NIS Tt> HELL ARTICLBS <JF fJREtr ?f %aln", and n>e<ii-d In evory f ?niilv Ore:it ludiloemco-J offered to a petit* ami pedlrsatUI Broadway, in tUo ba^i ; ?M It ' aNTEI>? A YOIl?(l MAN. Kal)< li lO ?l t EARS TT of ?>*", to act ?? porter in a atrre iktarn town; nun able Kwlied. lionet, inu ii ?,'er t ami aeutre; no on? nen i aup'y w: r> cannot bring the h|jh-at icMih nlal? of g w>d chnrecter, Addr?M K. L B., Herala Oil ~e. salary $?'? ) nrat ye?r. \I*ANTBD? 1 KF.W KNP?|liI;TI(, YOUNCI MEN TO IT ?ell i< new work, required b? ever, merchant and mi nutacitirer in thl? eit? Call on WaUmn A Co., i'ubllabert, 1>>2 NManu at.. New York. ?|7A?iTH) ? A DBY OO' DS SALESMAN. Et?H THE *T re:all trade in ttonrgla; a yonng man tnorougijly ac onalntrd ?ltb th? buni ? *? ?hn imdeniand* d^ewing wln ?I' w h rnay addreai K. tl i, UiraidoUICC, witb rei-'tenoe and ??alary wanted. WANTED- RE?PR< TABLB MEN BE 8 LINO HITUA ti in, ;m Do.>kk?ep?rh. ?il?am>-n, r ei k?, p rtor't, Ao.. ?h.'iild apply at the Merchant*' ( l-rk?' Resrl-try Ofl're, ITo. 11 Aallti altna'lona i rocured ; no I'mnilH^Mu In ad> ?oce. Ap pllran.ii by mall muat endow iwo alanine Katabli'l.-d 1-J#. u RaWLlDl*, BapedntenJent It' ANTED? A hMAHT YOl'SO MAMA WAITER IN A Tv I imr.# Sal.viii Ir, | 'lre at 611 '(rami a*. <*>()! <wt -a si tuaTIoh. at a fair Osj."'""!. aa'nry, In a fl??t rla?a eanvt hoti?o toaaN'aty "ami wbo can loar biaemploMr that am ount of moiwf for ?IX or twelve m> nth* Flr?l r!a?? city prfii)?r;? gi en a< ?e c irity f jr the n.oni j Addrmi t arpct, bos 177 U? raid oSce. RILUARDR. a ritE ArtflQBTBBVT ur r ?knoii, rroli^h anb .V A nrr' ^m mlMard riW??, with Pb-lan 'a i unli' jvtiaa Cuablona, now m baart. M<l a i rl'ea lo ?n t tb? tioiaa fit " LAN .1 tH ^LENDER, 83, 06, #7 and ilorabi street. N Y t nu b himjaro Table, with vo ?y balls, J\ Cti'w, Markers Ac , for ??> f.-r |A>, en aooount of mo* !p< Into ibe country The table it in llrtt rate or Jar. In H'lire at 'JOV Bowery, In the hard warn aiore BII IJaRD TABLE WANTED-MI ST BE or THE 8?H1 ileacriptinn, new or nearly ao, marble or niato 0<h1. S*? ? lowest price, put up, ?ruh ??tryth.i.g* A 14i-?a 3.:* W ft mr\ orh h *t ofllce BILLI ABDM ?A MATCH OP 1.1*0 POINTS, RPTWRW* Prederlik Mister* and Eimlra limni"y, lo tak? place M the ft. t'harlee ItiUlard Hoom, and W fc Mghtb avm.un, be tweeo Forl> llmt and Fort) aecond slree'?. on Weiiaeoday cveiilng. April lit, !??*? , at 3 o'clock. B TLM ARD TABLER FOR ?AI E OR TO RENT. Tbe l?a?e of the bll'tanl rw>m No M4 Rrjadwav etptrtng on >!ay 1, 1^1, and having other btialm aa to au?nJ to, | will dlstxise of the "?ab'o a at pnwent th?"ein at a bargain, t here ar i lev en Tabl. s of ? heian a patent, al lo good order. An advantageous leiae of th.- room ran l>e ohtAtn?'d, and to finy oaity wishing to go Into 'he hualMM 1 will sell or leaa<> the Tablea on -a?y terms Apr'.) to .full N KERFE, Mi Brand way. BILLIARD PtLiiOEfl -BOUT B VONIPICIAT ROOMS, rntperior lot a liana fav rable le i?e?, and among tbe >e-y b' it for poi nlarit} and m "in- making, i^ill be Hold at greet lDd'1 "IB, it* and fn 'tbe-al trm? mibtusiul * w<?OD, Masaan atrwet. IPOB NAiiB ? fl >'B HUNBREW BfLRKUiD NBW.vNT C aen?e baud Tab'aa, with all the m*l*rn uapv /?-meMa. <*eap fur caeh W ?-'?J aotea. O.-Hara by mall a?en4ed U 1 YX, U. URif fita, 1? fvuise nrK nuLiT 4 rt??uv<?'??. 13 Wo iCf *r?*dw?r ai? uo i.* ?n?a gi??Ur r? 'i|-w4 art >4 o rm aiidai iuon ixx. ??(?nib ' ?>,??. H.I^U ?< 'I 4 1 *. ir'iuum* ?1 o?t ?i?? , Saok t .apo and *1' ikL r a*^ o. of MkuiuvOj,' del* Yutla 6a. Ac BIIIOII1! 8PRING PAJH10V8 HOW RBaDI, .a UUilk a?<1 Ulk. 04roulaia, forrd ami pta'a. Kii>a?h Mka, and a'! Ito laUht PmI* *or?ltt?a in CI ?Lh and Jtull.* UO rw??U tnvoaltn Mamr Dit\ iHH>U?-AT LOW PRl'Ri; AUtl a Uv?t O * ('?ina.<?i i'nnta. ? turban* i"< p.ln? tum b-.m?, rhailtiu tn">n , Mn-'itln I)imm N?pkli? Mark M'k, ?i u a"i allk, A , fur nlo ?/ Wf*_ 6? catfeartue limt UkD * TAYLOH. 4 a(l la 167 Urv*dwaj. UMSMt AMD HOrBK fURWISiami 4QOO* ? In gi*at rvUf. Hprtag lasp<wtaM?u now ?*%&$. *oop siutw sw?iru8 pvicaw. Atao at tkom* ?f? u> M OnuulMra*^ *mt *f ?i rt >y Vlianu atTMR. |^?U ? TAVLOft, 401 to 40T Brwdair a __ . ' LAX) I EH AND 0aii4>UtN'ti OBP^KTMRNl ??< HpMfig . faapw uo? itxUy LADIE* AD 1> CUliantHMO UNi,BR lUkhHIiTA t*?Cj Vide in fM4t fiflMj i l^o fur o^fiU'^tuo -vwry i~*cr*p 14* Th4? dr?pHrtm**ki la *thi*r tfc* ??it h? & lt>iu1+n?* of LAi>U^ or aDM fTTRU ?*(KiO TA <rs, vlA ail ordert. wll rrorirr ort ai ? an l mK?1 Uioiuocl ? *? PRIOKH 'm^OKRATK A UtLuK, 4(1 TO 4?7^HltOAOVf Af. tlarr Juat opened a Ui(|* iutd etngaut aaatrMMnt or W'l"fO DRFtW OOOIM, Including the uaumi AT OKKATliT REDITG6D KilOU Alao at atorna 7'iWXI Grand street, And 4? and *9 "M'vr* ? >.r*rt \ CONEY SAVED 18 VnV"V MATE. ivl $1.1,000 worth ot' QOX1* from Aiotl-n, A | urcb ?8"d at panto i" ton* i>U 1* a rhi'f ' ? 10.n0 ""or Lad en' Pr Kid Hovp* IPo a pair. u?uaj pio < St. B t? 0 fai cy Ha. k Oombi. gilt i <1 * I I p t.d nt . ? , >? >r<h f ? 6 ia0 I o , fln?> gilt an<t nnral p ?n tun! ? imp rt priat! %1 .VI. 4,UOcu 8t?" 1 Ba< k (> nib'. 7ft , to import $ 1 ( rhp?f trt- the flme' md oheapA 1 ? v^r nffufl) H.'YO fancy Tlair . ct>, from aucii o sr lit * <itun l <* 0 rai.H, fiom Htictlon, r m U Cd u vi?y i?4p. i I uio ih'fnd da'in'li'ts 'O- Ifc IS ? . 2V- , ?ery l.<*. N^itlpn, !ic. pntx<r Hwl I'tnn, 4p pawr > no i Co'ton. Ic spool Crocb* >'o't 3" ?J ol 6,1' I' liirit>-M gautc ,v? rtno t f?tH, f*nm huCj >t, C!i?i*p. -11 th?" width! of niiflltnu at lo* Every ibing in ftnall Haro* and fnm"iia?a w> h?v? ju... rood ?ed our atwk O Bun UmbrelU> and 1'ar^a iN nrft?"? can d^pfst from ore r 1P,0 K) We ba\e every stjWnd qua ity m?d? All mu.ih ur>dt-r t**.il?r V'tooa. KONALDbON A Mt AKKS, 7/'.i ^rondw*r. PEREMPTORY hAf.K OK $100,000 WORTH UK RICO DEI GOODS AT 4 (iRBAT HAt'PIPlOR, l"p to Ma; I. G M HOOTKT?, 441 nmadway. 1JAPEA UA.NotlMiH, paper hanging*, PAFER TTiVOINdS,* ?T OREATLT KiUMJCED PHI0B8. BOMB BPLENDIll PvFeHNS AND DESIGNS. Pp're altnatrl In a central locality, an In^p?cU in of bis stock ia Invited. 8. W. BOWfcN, 513 B-ov??"?y, (?caHy oppi?<t ? St. Ml ? io ?r Hotel. Oood workmen and work *u*ra ?tood AOr A||A WORTH OP *T*P!R DKT <KKJ> 3p gOil/UU waa tHl, for c?t.h vud lo*'a Uadu *11 ?v (Ilvrtj Moil* but prlaolp.'iU <t?alt WHO Addrena ???? t^ctirw, bo* &Z8 ^tutllon, t*itt?bur< Pa $.00,000 """" NEW DRRSK GOODS AND MLK8 Of all That have not an yet Wn exijihiu-<i, Bi toil the ba a'>o? ?( oar ?t -ok la boal of BEAUTIFUL -irvuin. And *1) tnnut te sold (In addlito > lo jur oiher l*r,;o anaort meat) WITHIN THE Nc-Xl fl|\~T DAVtf, At a i&r ; ' redac 'oa on the <*t of Uu.portat.on, la order to clone the ? ta'c. KDWAJtD La KIT A CO., In llqullati ?a, * IT Broadway. Between Bowa?d aud 'lumt a'cee'n. P. H.? loch an opportunity <u perhana mw preiwniatt brfore u> buy II rat ri*,* guo4a at anoti lo? prteaa, ?100.000.?. RICH 'RY GOODS SELLING orr AT A GREAT KA aiH>'E. Hale to continue To to Wat 1 G. H IODINE, 48' Br >a<l ?ay. I OI'AUTJi KI1NI11 1* KOT1CKH. A ITT REHFEC1 ? RLE OKVTLRWAN, HAVING flOOn wtnh'r.g to ?uga?e ?a partner In a ??ry auperlor flmt rlana ca?h Im. Ii.e? from which will bin r.aovd in oue year, without fumbnr tnTaet.meut, wtl. mee> "i-baneine! Tent opportunity by applying at WS anl SI'S riroadara,', "bird tU?>r room ho 6. Any on wuimo to nirin <>? a bphwm which will b-ar ntrl> t Inquiry and not roqulr* muoh capital, or willing hi take an ast|*a y mug buaiue?a m.*u an partner, will plea e add O. F. n , 9oa 165 Herald a?ce, ma' lag nature of buaineaa and wherj aa Interview can b? had. A PARTY WITHOUT MEANS, ROT WHO HAS A i; *xl ' acker, ia dwilrou* of rneejug with a part?, all h nr without raeana. lh far ner In a wb'.leaain ?ua1n*ai? ab.Mil starting No per*. n need answer uni>-j?n La baa .1.' 1> rt of city rarerenoca and Mm? credit Aililr-.a for oue week, with r?al ujroo ?t*U'jg former bimln? n, atuch *U1 b- roo '.dot. tial, W Bo'?a*l?- Honae, Herald o lice. DISSOLUTION OK COP/ '.TNWWlilP.? -THE COPART nernhlp bei?v fen en .Uii* aiid'-.r .h? Hi in i* i?wia A Uebcrl Ui tV.;? day ul*? )lvt-d by mulum c-m enu AH cUlma ixainM wild h-m wii &e pr> neu:?-d to Krrtl ue?i*. w .o la alone out* >rUcd lo aettle the allalra o?" m? tlrm at No, WJ Bioadway FK8D Lh'.Vfi, Xkw Vok>. April 4. 1W. PL 1TAV GErfB BT. PARTNER WaN'KD ? WITH KKOM | i.flOU TO BV*V), I V a luoratUa Manulacturlng buain** of loo* *-an<tia< No bun bug M'dn .Lduce aeidiwa met with. Aiaronn Factory, Herald olEoe, Partner ffiHTBMnn ?3,tino, maw r-ii.R I aa e and r?t*H b:i*lr.???, well lo /it-> I en; Halna iar^i: and ale Mill? In'-ieaelog , profit* lt> per cent, ctia over$w?i. bl iJJ A ROS8ITER 73 Ntaaaa iir??t. PARTVP.R WAN i ED- WITH A rEW IiaNORBI) DOC, lara, 'o jo-D 'hi- ndTertiner In the Kam ly (Iroc-ry Im-j t.r i , alo-ady eKiaMiahnd inaaoxl locaMon on ta? ?? tidi of town. I want)'* roanec'. the wbuMto anl r?u 1 milk hin-lnewi. for 1 bare nplcudia kMiaua >a< Ad are*? W. II. B., Ilrra;d office. PAP.Tvm WANTED.-A PARTNER *1 rt{ ITS,, TN A*I M>'abll?hed real enia e bu?lneaa, no* ptflrg well -tod pun b<- larRtr:^ lniT"*?.?l, wllj be *amx a e?j wl b hii i n- vi and meiivuloi abie uar.y: U?. all jO a.i-turp.'nt J , cuab bu lneaa Apply at No Broad way, r?- in I/. no c< ?-pabtnbrhhip biiro o%k asMfno I under the ll'mof Wake A Ft** man. In d<*??i(*e.l hy mu t>i?' onn??-Di iV.lllam *i.lre in alone auiaorl?<l i'i ?et* h ?'la r? of >? .1 pafioerabtp and t<> n?e ih- .erne ol Ul? flltn in auch MU.enwat. Dated New tork, altii I. iviL W I L l.i AM WaKR. THKuu<iRB "Ktlim, The ap- krthbk m dehi*oith op a-sooiatiig wl'f .iIti In the manufacture of Kneu b n liin'ni; lable-. upon a ?? pr*nclp.e, a pe**?ri who c?n mmmul about fl.PTO. 7be prann InreatuiH the amouutwil. a ill imen bate control oi ihe narao. AuJr< ? K. A. U., Hera.d '.'flee. IXTANTFD? A SMART BL'4INBNfl MaN, OF GRNTi.E ?Y tin :r addr.-na and temperate hablta wrh $Ji>i<Jto Jt.fKlil to purrbaiM* an lllewt and travel M m<n*<?r iod a?(ent for VYaufh ? tnactiirtr^nt panorama of Italv me ronta pr?.poa?d la V o?' '. d Apply In p>>ra<>u at 1UI ^llncft ilreel. I'ltweM a % olork 1. If A. W KBMPIO, U'lH'injr. V\,tANTE- -AN RNTFRPRH1 NO MAN Wl rit SOMC ?? In an enterprla* that will pay fj$m oar w~k thla mnioier. ? ea'.l will aauafy thnt thia la uu humbug UaU at CM Hto-ofway, MatmpoUian naimn "ll'A^KI) ? AN KNKKGRTIU *? A H Willi JtmitPI ?? lal (le-inan-nt bu 1 -c*? and ? \tl?fac.i'<n gnar.knteed A Idre ?? BuKlDiwe. boi 1?7 Hara.d oli in $250. -I AKINRH WANTED, IN AN OFFICE rfwSI ? n?an J ?? ?I ar n?r wan'ed In a lucrative btiMncoa. f ^.OOft- Paitnex wanted, I jr > j ateuu-d m mopoly. w|iI,I,K k I.O . 312 Bi ni vaj, o ilier ??hidd at , rrwm 30 man winirg to lnve.t "keabire am -unt In a binl ii">n paying largely, will be .r of an epp ir<uu'.ty by oaUln* at .139 Hioa<t<nay, room II N > fnrtb.-r nanu?l i?quli*<1. i . |1| ? CAKH AM) A<irikK "AfcTKKli WAN f KU Inal'pbt g?utoel oil * bne'n-ne e "jibll?he4 flr. >?ara. vcr* pe. Ibahlc and carried on without ruk Aill na k oclated With an imMrentional and ri'ap<'iialblc party. A 1 dre a I a>bl> r, boi I'B II- raid ofllee. J! I 111 ? A ^"Tn -i* WaNTKiTWiIU I ill.-l A<* lur In 'a< I. in a I'ght. proil'ab'e and ^iwel b i?'ne*. bla Ian mracbanoe. and a plean^nl bumueM without ink. B'GGrt A HvjBSI': I KR, "J Naa-nu J?*? |inA ?ANY bM aR i 5 TnT n~aVl.Ni* |A?i ort H.mWcaah and aei.'iirlty for 'bn balao.^ can purchase a half Interaat In a pnilltable an-1 Kentnel tei-ilne**. Addre>- Nit 3.d*.'? P^st officii, Pew fork, or u^piy to U, HThKET, Mi Fulton atrwt, Brooklyn ?(> lUin T() WMTK D IN A WIIOLRHALB Al.UUU bnnlnein, long onfabUabed and | ayiri< ?) *1 firt fin. To pertonn ar [ualnted with bu vera of me ta'furnlnh istoodaor any per*<in need r an well Bt'ed tip ofllre in a t>!i<-k of new hull i|ng? neir the rny Hn'l and wl !in? to In ti t.l a few Iho'i.'ii J do U'n w'.iere It wtl1 p >y a g >-vl Int.-rc ??. thl* roa* pr?.?e of adv.p'are Ad Irene H, d , lleratd o llre, wl h real name. ? . no o'h -r will be n >i|red ft A Drill ""A fA?T?P.R, With im?? AMOU?f IN e*ak, and <rao4 bu?'n. m habl'a nan make 'a' ara'.o m-anri-iii~. ?? m a aa.'e ana lu:r%tl*a ia.tau'ar >u ln? Suslnraa nf an *rt?n> lr .-Tarr Ja, u?- unu/nii d dn ^ ^ 'St. ?* 1'I,J "4?^ i'rtaCll'aU 0*i/ km& w3 FracAUj, Ba.'vC ??:?, ?AUM A* AoVtUNb AMOKTTMBH OEIKKIk * Ca.TlOTUNKKRA , All Oil UK Bal^rt <" MAuaUriUBrft aoCiSUOLO niRMITOBB _ , ?_a -..AND *<>*** Of A&T. Tieproportr ofa uuill>- d>oliuiQg ho ukwiiuu ua thl< d*|, * ateeeda) Aprti 10, At the elegant prtvale t??!d*ooe No. it w\*t ,i,uw?olb atreet, b**t * WD Kllih Ifld oii'-h ivaqooi^ cjniai jQoiajj ?I 1 1 o duet K s, wojd itvtnV !???? i'uaj un? Boacvood UtkwIds ko m lulta, Br ?u??M ormolu Ohaudellerk, hicr and Mau'el U<iror?, Brocade and Lane ftnrtalna * . anuilc tti uk- Statuary, Oi Palnttrft ?>j enjlaeDt arturt?; _ _ Buffet. Bkteoaloo rabla. ? t-gvrr?. BuokMia, C< uti*> Tabta tlblna uU*? and StlT -r^arf, k'ww d apd nuah?r Kornltttin, ?*n n*?* H ????. ?riUm** il ?ru? h Library, SVinna, Ac ?UfKKH unta* it l .Wh fl ??;, in* d w ib Mt'i)wi?<l iiver*. out-, elfgiaiy c*rv^' roM miMl ???<>, made by .? n?d*?y mtk-r*; ro#**o>'t Ua'it-r bury d ?lool, oww? 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"iiilue il ar Uata ??ii nuiU ii ?igi, M ?? , ir.-m c inbra 4:d ptl&tiug la l>-uvr*, I'arm, Horm at h?a by Kmgeraagte * nirfi in 1 ci ratniDKa ' r?o?* >0 th? >.i? >M<ippi ii.d cVliaMturl rivem ..rijjl lal, li) l<Kiaw, IlklxkU , Chtlr- 10 oioicU. Ullotuth, rulva ?'i>T ' ?ii?t? biHi'.Ar rtiamWa? KnK.lah HruihiAla ? !a' *'i, ? tt^rbw lop t rv * uy[ Bu raaua, it^i '*<??. Hi d Cliii mniM to III "CD f \"Ti"iir h uliuv To'l'-tH Sliariitg -i*t d? ?t a d ritx?, 'a '"0?Sult 1 our'MM. Ho k-r? 4rua and ?v<d bai'li lialm, c ?1 iu ni> h ii*i; rtalrl iud spring ? Hi I<?d?|-r<-. 8, AMhitr Hl-d , Hol<l?ra ?ail I 1. 1*1 ? ?; o^ai airio ? 1 a-i?i >'aiPilu^x nw rat d iJnlnt To'lat ' ?l?

Hro >.1. 1 l'u<i*wa, A. iiyr rKatnb t-<t?h'?^n? a d iii?<k??lMil Bur?a'iH, 8?f?? K'f??r*, Vaah^ttads. > tmag H < orr <k). d t-arvd o tk nutfet, h auitry m ubl. i p pt nat In ii'g?*'J' v).>uohaa Ar-n lial'f* x acaul jntii ryl *1 *ud 1 n iiN uiavaam, vl/ u~'u^nk?rm i^ubU.M * inmi, 4*naia pa.n a li tiibii i?, "'u'l. ?i?m * ry and rrraam* Htvadi, Fin^-ir H "iin, rol>> ?'?<! ariaii marbii* /'nnuii ll'wia, ru >y nnd r >ld li f *o)d ^an < hint <>!an?r tx<t. nraly dtx- 'rat?il Tna h'l. ? pl'rtl wilid -IKfr |)irr-r and i?a S-*'a. M ve*a"*re, C ffi-f 1 m <:?ai. ih ? ak<> K*-kt*t?, Nafilun Kings, tpooos, ioiti, ivory hauilla '? anl? > tii.ny Ac. | otrr NOVraa-BOOIB SaI.b ok (?#hh tii,nno \ ?kortL of rli h .-?*?? wmtl and inaliu^a iy loaiwbulil *ur U linn ? 1 be ?u<-t>ti<>u ui h hi ???.?, vr? in <jal'b4 i? 'li? la">" 4?i? I take iilve th?<w day ( ? m. ), *prll 1I?, ?( '/IH Konruwuiib .lr?? < M?n KW^ihtod o'oili avouea. oumiiMMiflmK at 1 x?? k i?r~iu? ly 1 hi .Mitim aicganl f'urni' uti ??,.) ik im ui <1 ork ot Art doe lain d In th" abo*n Urgn awt^nug ail at ?b ob ? UI '*e a>iid wi b ml rxMxrva, ?ud muat he nm ^ni Im (ir iat*l> ,r to h- prn?l? * 1 a vam larga and fia IUiU*' un?? I of i ? apj thing ?"?fiitlal I ? a fae*Unuab'? and ?a'^ l?ral?liKl Mildiue<i 10 r ?-? ?<o, oak an : >oah aj?uv Klk will coiii'n iio iu Ui? timing ruoui, at. a rwu 4Hr?f ..i? ui 4i"t.??'a Hroktora' ua uf?">urw, Urua. Oaatrtr* apiw.n% foik% < ak? Has et?, Dimog Mela aap-rh tp ml ati" Hiir.einlan >'.h u? rryalaJ cut ? ilaaa, r i^f ? tiliia? *are Ivor* %od paerl uuUerv, IVenob rV)nU>n, an*gaot Biwoaioa ab'e, ?uh oak IMiili.f knml un-. r*aHor? ? wo riehly owvai r?Mi?i>.?t i'a r. lor ^iiit". m ihnveol rwi l>r ? *d?. In parii'ct miler, I Velvet iUK ' IHon ?spwli, r umihkI mti'lin ? ill Hi?| Hiss r<?cwn<>d ( <mi r? tlofa and ?'ii-r Tablet; i*t) HlefkUt Pl?r I . la ?<?>-?. ?vl<b ' a>ea; lUUnark aud rich Ijaoii Ourtwu, '>-"i-? Sbadi-a 1 1 ki-o P?ir?, * ih I 1 g>w t > luatou , Ud v a Soor? ! Uri, lieMUUvn 'halr? !n hroimle kl A iMH SMk> .. IAVK VlAN ^?OKra, aaivrtl 1. ?< ami r unit ? o nun limibHd til round inlaid *|ih ravnwn 4 itnUd p.-arl k roaa?o<iU Stool, Uu<i : fci?-k?, Mtiihr- Idi r> d loth ? inr, U i?lc liaek, laklul, /ll ei tli, Hr imk-'Ih -tau- l'arp?t, &? ? h unb?r?? HI ihly narrad niM-*???i x d?t*Hd? u'vl" L mi? XIV ; tn eaua, 1 o'lirn ? I t?"n?M*h, AardroMi l?r-ic?ing ioll-t Tahlna, hanigaod ! tWatUiUlldk, t'ouahaa, Anu ' lialre. i!iiri*|ii?j M iads?, ij'ir I me *, Hair Mniire#**, I'alli B?aa, Faalii.'f If-ota lloatara PMtowa ' Unk'ta, SbmiU. i/ouav rpana ?, li.*' r^bid Ctdnk TuUet Fata >'at mtrr im, Kitshan *ne, Ac <l?r?r>il oaKnao la atleudaaoe (o <??>! ship or ktnre go <U for pur rfeaaere AUCTION NUTIOB. kXI KAu ui>i? All V 0?P0KTUNlTT FOR H0U8E keeper* \ d t tb? trade. Au-Uoii nale or be?tl'l"ul RnSpWOOU fiKMlimh ANI> VALUABLE ? WHK' 8 '<P AKl\ rff'l'MtH KOtMSWOOD PI .horuITt , 4 ) . h*?ltig ooat o??- $W '>?). ? Rl'NhRfL W. WB-tlXJOTT, *u ' ton ?**, will aell, lhi?(Ted n?f.U>) n'terii ?u a' 2 or .ok nmm rly, ut tft'i iwenly Qmt etreei, Beiw??n '?woio ?uil Klglita aveouee, a large toil ">le pant vailety nf Parlor, Dming, t,tmm'ier And Ljbrary Nul tuie, made to order and flr?t o>a?* mioughou iwu>n<i'>i| ? oh to- and Vhl'iable collivt on, Including m ?nv rare end o?iau tlful *cik-of ?n tt>e whole in la perfect order, hiving he#-n re?nUy mad". and will >e Bold unctty without re*< rve, c ?"t.'iro of two ei?ga"t rtvewood arl ir riulte, cov?re.l In grvrn end ?? 'd nr?i?tnl, with ?Uooo^?r?| rmewood tftenerea, ni?e? '??d ? 'e> t-'s ? ler *? d t*ofa Tiblrii, i urkUb l/j IQU'X, with Ch'ura to iiiA-rb tnorn Urge wi?ni i ?4?otel ?tid Pier vll vors oaee tabi't; bilk and Ltoe <,urtAln\ go d And laadjoape ? bailee. fc. rgspt roecwnid oernn octave Pianoforte u wd but two monihe, with auale Cabinet, .to 1 end < over pirb 'lapr^iry I arpe.n, veivet itug* Hruetld 'ironic. firvifH ai?! Inre'en < bmi * ??*?* w th a tacle .y of bn*iiii al Pari rOriamente, r<?e?i->ol Urdncd-, t'hambnr JttM of nine pie.?*a i i hal'T otb, large -a r WMireeiea, jwm ?g Bu reaus, W ?.ruri'l>ee, Kr*(icb leu lete?, L hiiik s two lurid (mn? ft f a Hed?tead* French i hair* Honker* tied* ?nd fl"d dlug. oval SlliTor*, Slower Vuin, rtMwood oak an 1 TkaliO ga;.y ("I Mr* naiOO Ijir dk ? t?bl", rtcb China, n|iv*rvar\ < ot i.laa* and lvor\ Outl-rv lib a large VArl'ty o'" Chamber and ther Furniture not mentioned. *?le will oomuiooM at 2 1> o)o" k | run ?-??>> ral'i or sMnn. CatalogniM Al the n maa, Kor the ac mum dtiinn of p iroim*ara men will oe In Alteud ac.v to cart, park or eblp tn?li g<Mida. iOWlOl HAUS UP L\H,r , PUlWBH-t, HHKl/'Hl, t\ md Pruit io^?.? *1 Iaii il il r . , <?uciiouf>?r, will ae'.l i/P W nl ^o. dAj , Id, *t MM o flook, it aAio*ro>im, (J5 N?? ?au itreet, a ajil.- d'd c Uetu mof Putnta. "n>wer?, 4brul>a Ai.d > run lr?*? JHM rNnlild |ie? <team-r fun frtr, i.n p rtf^l lif ' " ( (t <Jt t;o., tryouh borti nU irMta ah I It atsii. C't* of i^ioDa, t uiMfilii* of OorucUA", 14 rart^tlea, Voutb v Ii.h ?, Kim"1 'a< v-?rt. '.If*; Iflhrll hovm, ' re ping il i aim lie* , " ?? ' 12 ?arietie<; ''? r 1 1? ?, wi rartn l'??, ?? "* r?T(?t'e? I < a >Ii i rect, elg it T?n. i?s I'. uir. llrai-t tlen; Cherry ir.<Mi, UnmtK; ti> r i?* live \ .riMien; KupbortM, pit v?n?tle*, Unrraotii "I yinetie* ; Mraw e-yy PiahU Or?pe Vlu"", lilTactOuon: t ??>ilj?r wl'h ? lArge aaaoriin-ut ftf new flo??r rewia and ? unte tot bh.l:?w . to tn- titl in. All of wbick ar' yur. .uno"' true to cani'1 aiid jierfeetly banly Arr?IOV or ELROANT OPPICS PcK*ITH*B, cor?l?tlr.g of iA'g .?k -landmn and Mttirg l)Mti, i i ? u Ha'* (.iockx, d -otiAjwa, t op* i tig I'r <**?*? OaAini, ntxila, OVclotbK I'D re "a Mtanda, 4<t , A).? H. A I Moil ? o I ? I! * ?'! i u- i ejr Ajrll 2, at 10 c' nl 4. Nf on hepti nj '*6 " rim- bt"?*i, by '>r<,*,r o' the <' ille*t<?r of A' *>ar? .f la'f ' f tb? <1i *por*'ton of tt<e c ty of New forte, tli? A'vwr ti ?ri(i-e.1 art rlea, dUir?ln?d upon for 0 wporulo i tai tiue fr ni p' .'.ienj to the Anchor In*urati<*o l umpu.), ?u;-e':i')iy to a r?w|i.era warrant f -r peraonal tA>r?. ini-w "t>d riHi The ?V*ye p-oji "rty It n?a-ljr n -x, *nd ?*? in- d-**j m? of the beat mi"ufafltur(>r* in tb n city, kad ooct oilgioa ly $4,IXi) .lOn.i II HiLi^lKtl, (!onot*blB and Cuileoiorof tnwm. The above ?Mei* piMtpoood unul lburt.dav, Ajrll 1 ? , f-Afue tllXIC ACil p'a' O. IOMM H. UlliLlliK, ConxtAol* and Collector of Arretra. A- UCTTON KOTICK. ?. 0. EDKT, AtJfi HONKER. A))D \i.L\li *1A?E, laOHT WaUON, lUiNK^, 4'1 Al^eOarria^ a, ilArnent, A' FZPA LtTOLO*. Ir,, Will aell th *' !2>> elv|i in front or aale-rx- i No. fl6 ? '< dar t tr*. alt* the Poat o'lioe- WtthMt roeerv . ?n el.* Kant AbdaUab ?, Mure, flvi- years old, 16 hA'ida blgb. i ty m!i, au i j i*m otb trotn-r, ?arran -d p r'?c y Hound m't kil l! ;n u ? i?ni* *-. And i.uder the n<dJle la fall of promit*. und caii ' mm in .'Hj rolnu en. Al-.oail?ht r -tUnn hunt by ! Hi nhery .* V?n !>? ?*?? in p?r*?it order AIM lu it Mrftle flaniiae. " imi, after t ?e almn*, to pny advaocen, ? Ume pmnher of K'* Kawa>*. Top Hiignm, ligln ^agoas md < tb?r < tir.u.'"*, of citf tuAko. aIi'O atngie And dooble Mar Bf?A ________________________ i M MBRWIN, ArOTIOVREB, A, By BAMJH, H-?R?1N 4 I'D., Imug Bulliin-c, f!M and IV^ frond vav Th .r?dAv evening, April II, At 7% o'c'ork KIM modern UU I'alnlU/gA onuprtaiug the iv^rki of V%u Be-ei, P liti?t. II. Kk urn lieo, inn-?, Ih Prer^, tilffot i, T M Imrnhaik, Adair, WlMOn, leaij Iti, LUtoa, *e Alii h few ntd ? im*. In-lnd .? an original hy Alhort Duror T ie llrtnies *r?* now on eih.bltlou ano oalalo, ?* may b? liifl it tfce aa'e?irt.<oinn. AH nt 'HARDS, A'mriONKRR -***'* BOOTH, .. tibuea, llnvana ?ud t.A'lem at auction ? lly Ut J ? Ah OH .% .111.1* ._>h Kril'.olay, API III At o'rlo. k. "tor 41 I' .rt'ardl *tre ' eortp-l'. n< J lA'g" a ?< >:t meat of di-ioraoltj iprlog *o-k1*, direct t r m the m ntf?:tur er*. t atalofui h n n<on.lng of aalo 4 C TITTLE, AUCTIOHP-ER, A. ' ? *? i 1 " a. 130 KKiUDWAV. ii> . Arr roR'i*"PP. 3: <n > tmk b tus t or lilBtiTTX .il the lA'.o 0 J. BOHBT iT, t*0H BHUAD* '.T A 0 TUTt l'*l *1 I cloewtfc' ba'anee of abo?e it <*k tKla rl? j. at 11 o <*'o.-k. t hie ?al? Ine'udeit ih* Parlor, Library and Ji?firioei uitf fo hi ?old U> t.i? blgb"?: bi'Mr.r. i III TTSRHPLP, AOOTIONBER, Wi^L tKLL Til 8 ,i\ day, i.t d'4 o" 'o-k, at tnec ro- of ilou rr.? ?n1 D'?t?i :i ntre??a, t'ie eotit-nta of a TorU" Rouae, oon-utlng "f Ha> *ad Ftitureli ttnwily, Olo, Rum, Wine, cordial*, Ac Ulu po*'*" e. A Sbl'lff H'B RT Alii T(i?N ?t HE Mfu JK A .ri K * t irtdf the tjrocerj btore 14 Carmine ?!. its day.*' I'1 O ? * per m.tory ? ?i>- of ;he entire <*k and niBV nU ti the high*' <t nidd?r. Hy "rd -r '>f the iA?ignw?. HI'HjRTr, .IIINK'* A An-tlone. '* AS<*!?>PE'H H?LE OP AMERICAN HARDVAkB.? 1 h> > Ale of tbn euto-o mm k of ?'?.<. Rtebaula A n< nry ?l t Ui?e iiiu ja At ihe i:of, VV.lli^n; are. t, a' 10 ovi .-I, r r> TI. y, April 1 1, by order of Olbert ?a.*roa. u t'.gner. CaU'- g'i?* now fadv JlfO. B. VAS aNTVTPBP'8 HflS, A iHlon<* *r. t Ct ri v BAI.B- or Bl.B'IART Pf ^fffPORR IS /\ Hrooklvn, hv i p,t li A ''OliH. on Wedo-*ed?y, At l'l1 , oi-Kjeit *t 121 IJ. Innum atreet, eon*l*iing of fianof .rte, roe. *i o<l I'anor itiilt* lu broralel, roeeWOO-l and manogauy ( htti.ur F> riuture vilietaud ilruian'U Ca pen, <?* mioi. aim i M>? apd t Inlig lloout l urilltu/'', i'nio? and ulaan ware, Mlrrt rA Oikloth, kn. K rMIv IHTllATf >R'H HALB- R A I B<?04RT, AtJC A tloi" will e.-i| on i a urdar. Har-h I t, leol, at II 00,' -^k at the lumMa Collegia k ... iy n.otu sir. t,b *iw. <*n fou'tb anil Kllib ii.'U'1'M, a lot of U'n.<ebold ? .rn turo, ? o<l?, A* telr.g a po.-t,on of Ibt) eflY**t? of the 'at? Profee -oi* cou.prUIn# H'*1ira?e" Pa?y ' ?'iirA h!a*.t wal nut < bit" wniti* and standing TaMea marble top <'. i?tr# leb'e mjihugaay ^edeteada hair M*tlre*??*. oil fal illnira, irarole ?? .?", marble lep Anahntand, Hrnr^eie and Ingra'n I a r t * la <??? I llt*f*?, efilna Olnner eel, ' 'roi-kT? and 'Haaa aar>* Ae , aiao. aboatUA) volum ?* of miacellaiiooiiH luk, An 4 t'CIION N0TK E-A PAAIILV ORCLIHINO HOtJHR t\ >e?V'lri ,rJJ: p<ae of at private >a!e al tb' Ir Parlor, fh?mh?" at. J Iilulr j It ?n> Purnlture, at a grejt aa< rtilce. i ? rarird roaewo* d ?ev?n .leta- e ""lano'on", 'ttllv gua*an 1.vd, e >?'. for >250 Including Htnol an I Cover f irtov euit, ii^t ?'26; nne for fl(W; ?i>.o Ktegere*, Centre Tab!.* ro-< wikxI t amber Furu.lure, IWdillug, nUviv are, A< , all nun"* to orrler for the preaent o ?no \ b?n b?en In o*i* ' ut ?' *? n m^nttia an 1 in eerrpl -te ordoi toquirn at No. 711 Wi**t Twertv *1* h etreet, re.i' ftlilh avnne \1 I TJ< ? Ml ' I" vni? -rti'i.K i?iiv n ol? Tailor'a Htork, t-r* m Tiimniinae, Yankee Not ona, Ac ? Hy ill MtlKKr A TlliiMVN, tbn morning, at l<. , u'rl rk at :l Ann atr<*. t, a d< atrabl.' a wortmi-nt of <lo i<l< lu I I r ub ir line* to be fiatilreiy ao'd, and la l >t? to * deal rr? ted olbeni Ti n Sewing Baebln"*, on-' harvl i Cognac Hn dy. Aleo. about 12 o'clock, a itn-ill oll sctiou of tloo Iran co till ralmitur*. BniTravinire, A<*. I? In I * > 1 A M Um.iI, A IIUNI*. I-.IH. - III* D*T, ? A '-d re* (lay Afrl! 10, ?t. 1 o c'oek, In front o' ?ale?ro?*Tia iWiee'ti' r*",! a I. y Bfa e. MJ. b**>d* high, 'mtr yeara old, i t i . f rnicb?*i'a ' i t*. warrante t en oad aid kin 1 in al' har pr .? ttp tijid animal?' very f?*t anj kiylili tra??li'*r -ti Br LCt, H WOOD BRO S., Rtora 4* U ?' i-rny m j*a, Tmr D*T, allle Uraik, tArgr aad atir*"'lr? a*^ nf SiLin UvOtfi, IUB90N4 MUil.U*'Sa7 aQOD-V ?ALK* AT AOCTIOa. CM. LEVY, At'CTTONKER, 0*F10B 107 M 4CDOUC . atrvet ? n H. LJV1 will Mil mi TumJ.jf n?it, Bt jouph Bgiuia, .. ? thctk?d?t, ahil il At Iflofliock, 4. * *1 lb- realleii?- or John Maywll Iiq, *0. M *eet Cortjr moiw 4 MirM, M*M> bro*4 ?aj and nil h ut?aiw Me* lorkony I-at^f Mil' of el?gaiit 'urnliure. apeaald fraud %o llon roaewood l1aa -, 7 -vta?ea, hj Ktrth, Pond .1 lo ?> good ?? u*?, w*l ?**. two large Frwtnh p|?t? Mantel dirrira Hi. I'lur ?!??? with m*rb atop ableaad 'loi-mjeato u>*t?<l large Oral Mirr r. maroon and crlm-on atlin delaine * iu low Cur lama, btue do . rich emoroid.ued (.?? uuuua, glu ?Cio 1 >* frladee, large r eeaond t mere, with Mitro' t?- > nn*ll do . lrrt?ruM?o d ere. tary and ?ook-a?a. ?ult of rocwv*l "ar lor 'umlture. m C'lmaon bruoatel, do in mtrun plimh "*iirk l-b Aim Chair* ail.odi.t royal velvet medallion Carpet* *a I od aa new, Klnf'a patent Eitenatoo Chair, in leather, tew. tft Chamber*? Bruaaala Carpeu, mahogan* and other *ed ??. ada. Harwaii". Maureaaea, hi-alber ttoda. Uw14ilb, HIKe' Fla'ed W an- Dining tu?>ro Furniture natal ? .-a ?t rh? and *( ihe store o' Firth Pm d A i '?> , No -,17 fwo?Hy, arw Sork. The Furniture can b- mm tin- d ,y bt lore tin m e BhOWl*E A NU'HoLH, AUCTIONB8B* --TlilK Dv?, Wei neaday April 'I, a' li)i? o'clock, ?*! their >b Naa-au ?tre?t, stand trd Ko*e?. Ac.? Ami >u jerlor <um)> .) mid dv> art" ?< >??* azaliaa ?? eigh'eaa. i-niraaa At Ac , 'mm the i' d i-a'abli. h-d nuratry or .MW.'Pulaen. WneDa?keu, Hew J?-r?e>. l? will find this an eic <llcnt npp <?tuntty to re |i" D Jb brtmo k id p nta ? ul"i(iiMt ii?iMdf, <1 M UTY.kMJTlOMlKIL urPlCI^ 10T MAOlMiuUau KJ htreet r W. kh'f auctioneer will a?'|i n Apil U, ai JJp'.i urnefi<t Hiroot. liuve doora In.ui Ci.lutou pliu-n ai U1. o'clock the <-ntlr? furniture of w?id hou-m, wliirb ta ol in* tw at deacrlp ten, and made by Br<>a<l<vatr IPaziu aclur??i| t?i order, ti/. : llruxmiW ('a p?'t< I'l^r *,itl ?a ti.| (iin ??- Hro ?<??, Ida- bli riack at I'liettK Hrnn/^<( larve neb i liti.aA aaea .ill t'a nfbBa, linn io? -w.i i l l a 1 <r hulla, airim d in rlcb fcat>r> bruoaiul; Ocotre and Side <-"?< wood m?rl>ie >op ""able-, Hoqkv***H Kaan i'U4ir? Liii.ogM-, el K?nt 7 octave r?n?o <lVuuoand r v-ir Ladiea' J??cr?Tolr- a ud Wink Tahle, eigaal uaw <'u'fa1n?, iai tbandelirra, rich ?? d n?'W |mtt ru; rloh'.? carved ?>? a did hMtlkiiailH, iluriaua. Maabat iida ComiuulM, haiiOMiaa malii'xany Kur^mM, An ; pire lltir y.ti tn-nMsMiid HkIiiitl', F a hm iti-da. Bolatera and Ulr-* a. t large aa?or ui?n' o t! ?< iabl? Van uhmj l>lnner net, ver> rtchl) engiWied iiUaa^arn, audi ?? i?ai"?t>irtr*, ioii leta, lin k. Obainpa#ne and Wine ii aaNut, ?* lver plai <1 Wire, Kilohei I ii nal'#, to , Ao 1I1U a?lt nSferH m 1 in duottnent te ourchahem ihan any aa'e hen-tdf m id i-rt -i^d all ihu ruiulture being made aipraaaly for the preaent oc ?upaiit. JAL OMt. the ltiih inxt., at half paal ten o'o'nck, wltbaut re? r" ?. *11 (be Ilrat r.iaa i>ur<l(urr ininuned >n hou?e ho. 5 Mntl ntrmi n- ur rimh avenue, via:? !? l-itant roaearood >u|t. In elih orlm a u brimtel, elefiani rn-??w<i?d r*lano Man el aid fler (lla?v-e. rubeaoiKi ivncti !a''li-a ei"ga it mah <gia] Sit u flon iilila. ve-y lime nine; mahogany ult. Iu nalr clot it; rlrb t'ruaaeljt arty-t, n few ctolee i'.ogt^'iiiga Lace Onrtalu-i, tmnzes liina v.ikm, rim iwood and raaliogtny ?ed-< e-?da, narcaui, Vv a ha'aml.'i, An . Ao l'ure *e?"i-r und ll?lr M li tre "ea, L>lui>?r and '?ia8e ?, rllaa<wiue Owk iry, Km* '*, furka. ?<xin?. A'' , 4 ' Ollrliiha, Kitchen ttnualU 4n All mum be removed on daj of aa>e Edward hOHHM% a ("nonriiw ? OPEBH !?(> B (OI,l> y J *i 41THRH l>y K A W. |i (CHK?rK,ui Thursday, 11th mat., at 82 t ant hlahlnmith mreel at I J, A M all the *u #?r 1 fiirnl lui e in 'h>- houmi all of ? hloh was elth* made b> Koui or lm, <?it"d froui 1'ar.a, couz- a loguf, HI UN ? K OK, Rrnwelg 1 '?'jiet raned oak Kiteiikinn Dining fable, oak I'IiiIiik balm to malrb, nnvi-r <1 111 nrnia/ n tni-? no k lpirti e tir o~i d iw?k Hutl'ei aupe b f>earh ('blna Dinner n-t and elegant ( ut (llaa id g>e>i variety I^V. ? .VIN(1 Ptijie-b ve'vn medallion '"aipe'a ur"igh( r<aiev??^i<1 t'lan'>, made by t'lewl, ?1* ga it '-ult of ? an <1 H i ew ol,ow*nditt gt i-D ^lin hn>i?'?!, mid- t ? order By Rom: natln dama? < 'urtaiiiH u> ontrh, ein^ant caivod r"?ewiK>.| (Ji-nira I'auie. ? litnk ulvtdeo and fi iui. two i.ard Table*; real ml no and I rktlri hrni<Z? lorka ami Htatuetio*. carved oak >u t, 0 iv*re I In I'onn adour repa. ?up. rb roteir >od Mirror, .'.teg -n}*, tnhi and bronze 1 adlm' ?Vick Table* and W nk ii*j I, Uil na1 1'arlor ? eorela. y. In roeewood : >'tblin ti, yuaru^tes Ak. ?u petbOU falud i^H and >-ngn.vlugt H'.UulhlKH Ro?e?'V>d Med?te?<l? and Hiir -aua Bnnaela ? arix la, one ro'iiMU 1 ri tii'L cbllled l-mi L'ii ei' Juwckj aa.o or Caakat, Tur all h 1 ball a, Nig lit Table;. Ac , Ac. II ALU "upeeb Hangtag, bla 'k walnut Hat Stand and Tab'e, (livll Cbal a, Ac., Aiv . Htalr 1 iri?n Ac. AUn, the Kit lien and ka??nietu Kiirnlluie, *'1' h which ibeaale will iximuu ntx tilDrt'AKD lOllkNUK, AUCTloNHMt. EJ feLKOAMT UdUriEH ^LD KUHNITORM By F. A r. M. RCHKNOK, tbU day. April 10, at No. 210 tttvind avenue, at U>6 a. M , ail t>ui el-gapl rural tuie 1* utalu'd In aald hwuae, viz: -Klegant .velvet and llruMiela Ca pe(g, el -gant mw wood t'arior 1 ulte. oov?r?d In (bne C'loied bnHalel. made to order by itour, com $5 0, H<ip^r*i brooati'l ('urtalna to mat b, ele gant Lai e do., Rup'-rb * ranch plato fiar Mlrnn, with carved ( ornio?? to match; elegant roaewo id l'lvno, aeven 01-lave, by Munn* A (Hark; ault of row* .oil "arlor Pi riiUu re, in red veivnt; Sewing Cbatra to ma'.ch, broaze CliK-k and StatU' tU, elegant bronze (;h?adeilera and 'iaa Klz turea liall ? taivl auJ I'liaira, OUclotha, ttej< uilou Ko >m ?'ur til "re gany Bedroom Furniture, Keo? and Hoddlng, i?k Dlolng Koo i Furniture, Dinner and Tea sot, Preach i.'Lluu, i u' (ilaaa Ware. Alao the Kitchen Purnnare, Ke 1 rlgerator, Ac., with u bioh the dale will ?)omenw IjVDWaRD PETTI GBR, AUCnONKKR MAL Hd iOM UU 10!) I*e?'l i'.reet ? 1- xt"n?lv? ?ale ol' Printing I" e-n a, Ml lerla II. As? KIjWikO I'brr'NfJaK will aell on don day, Apid 15, at 10' i o'cl ck, the (took of 1'resxea, ryp^a. Sir. leiinlf. Ar . e .ntalned In tlie eatabllahmnnt of BogaK V, 1 ?pcr, 71 V.ald.'U l?no nnd No 7 LI '?rty ?tre#t h?l" per I miit iry. Te-nm caeb. Oatalogue* ready at th' p luting olln e and at the olll 'e ..f the auc lonoer, I 9 I'earl atmet. I^DWAHD PKTT1NOBR, AD'THONliKIt, J ???mi No IOJ Piwrl atreel HALB Or PlIOIOURaPH UAi-LKKY, lit BROADWAY tuWaHII 1 hTriMfKK will aell, on WeilmMday. April 111 at lOf-? o'clock, at the above (Ja lary all the rttook o.iutalne? tbeie n, oonaiailng of .^egatlvea, t'boinga,p<ia. Oil PalaUngH, Api aratoa, Ac. ; one very fln? n>iBTt Tube, Ohaa Ohevalier. I a.lii.n ?i |U1I . AUo Kuinlliire, oonalailn^ of one nu> n< oil *i(uare 1 Ian \ one Hewlnu Maabl'ie, one -*o' a t'alilea, ? tulm t.arpi te, Ac. ; alao one Volcanic Ki-oeatlng KiSe (3.1 Uaila). B LTTDLO V, AL CTIONBBR. I'aintluga, iiu?r?virga and nthar Wrn-ka of Art E- , - 1- . 17 Lt'DiO* A OO will aell at auc ion, on rtiurad April II, lHtl, at 10*^ o cl xsk at the atudio of H H 'Ihi?>o1 12 Fait fourteenth atreei In oooaequenoe of hiaaoinc *:? oad, I'trturei, Kngravhiga and o(ber A'urti nf Ai l, ooimlnlinf or rate ami baati'lful objecta Irum alau at every part o. tho Wi rid, ??lerted f/\ Ibe ar lata wnn gre?> aare. aiming whl.-h ar? iha? oelebea'ed rltaber and <a ver wbl.'li baa Htrrw.-.i ao mm fa attention for ita woramanahip, two Ann (,'nalra, wnirli ? 1 re 'omierly 'n 'be p laaeeaion of Napolwia I ; a very due lu>kl>h '.'hair aauh? Manaktn, one of -baw a patmt f..ur burner Ua? Siovea l"?~ !a I'a nl Bin, U'luheH, , ?!nt, Car pet and many >in-r th nga uw'ul to artl-ita No p>i?ixin?rpenl on aoriatnt of the weaiher May t>e aeen nn tM lay befnjvt iheaale from # A. M to A P. M. Catalogue* at the olBae, Xo. ? we atreet. t -ar Uroadwav Fv nrzikiM -a?" tcirrioNBfcR, "o*Viob sTj Ti . 1 etiire alree', \v(|l aell, on lh iraday, April 11, at 10 o'clock, a' fOlBevenih avenue, all the Ht <k, PUturea. itirnl tbie, A (n ara'ii* ai A ??< hln rv of an axteoMve c n'ecd inery an. 1 laiilleiy ealabiiakm>ot V^rtlculara da) of aale. satea of Hon i-hold ? umltt re a 1 lei Led and pma>uali? a'tendedto. GK) R PiiLOMi N. IK, Ai:CTI >BBKR, WILL HULL at hia aa'earc.m ?-! Abu street, on Friday, aprll 12. at in', ocioek, ba cat* ogiie. a large Bankrupt Wloek of Ctoth ID';, Hi-ne, Hh'x m. Hate and fapi, China Ornamentj, Fvncy Ooof*a l( el Paln'lr ga and Kurrltiire. Alao lb) gal ona n ran dv. t'O lba flrnt nuallty renerve I Utrawberrlea, and 2O,0HI bi gara. wair nled Or t t>r?nda aud iminr^ed from the Inland of 1 11b*. 1'i r haeer.a are requ< at*d to eiamine the ?ioek p'evloua V.J the aaK N. B.? Catalogue ready early Friday morning GfcO I'C dioi?K," AUC rit, UFPICR >9 pr.a<i*av will aell, on Thuraday, April II. at ln'i 0 clork 1 he Co "nlaof the .North iritfrn Hotel 160 Cham b* ra Mite- 1, roni-lattng of "td? i-ada, Fea her Bed>. tfolatera and P'llowa, Kraw H'da, Comfort era and Hpraada, >Vaah Ht'-ti m. arpeta an# > I laaaea. Bar and Bar Fltturea Tablea. Chaira, hboo'a, I'm ntli ga, Kn/, Ul/taa, Chios and Crockery. AUn Kltcbea i tenalla. flf.n flOLBROOK, AUCTIOMERB, OCF1CB 809 1 I, will g v" lil? pi'ruonal afention t > aa ea of llouael o rt Furniture at the 'eaideoo"a of families ilec loiog n t -eki ? pit g Hiy Oxoda. liroeery iit';roH, aad prompt re lur'a trade aodchaig IMMM H&KHt B. 11EK PH, JR. A Gil ?NKPR. PeieaiWory aii<*ii>n ?*J? Ol l'*t cl .?s n\BINKT Kt'KNlfL'RB. On Tuc ilfcj ?n ? o.|nojidAy. \prlJ ') and It, II ?' at?- k -acll d?y, A' h" wareraoma '>f Mr Wm (JuUlfer, V a 7 md s# Bedford ?trr?t. between Uooaton wd Carmine. 8JIWP.Y 11 IlKHTi. JK , aUOTIONAMR, Will ?oi' a? ab i?e, ?he entire n'eck i.f c:c??nt ' aMni-t Purnlt'ire trnuj aft 'la of w| i h ? 1 II l?- wM w| hout Mid warranted 'if ih- I*** ?vn rial ?n?i workman hip I h? ???*? mn ;?i ? of n>?"* .>4, .U>o,nny mvl '?+nil l^ibr'ry anl Searwary Bo<>* -*mv| m*h %nn . an hint and oak Ml eb ?rd?; r??->?o 4 Itahotpany, walnut ar I ?>*? I hamba" Knita, wth rn i ble t i*. tb'i tan/, wa>ntu and "*k HtU *'ardH *nd ?Th?lr?- roecurood ma>n> ?p.ry uH ?ali in fn'm and "!'!<? fnilea. rwiwoot Side aid Ci ir'.i'T jtlejmrm. Alao, about In ml; amra ls?k*ocOUaa t?r?n?>e art-iie ??J- 1 Um?'h?r with * largo aeaon.ment r if plain nj. !* 'M"JT, Waah'landa, .lii F.vry ar'.lcla will !>? Id vritbcul rweerve, an the pnvr>?..r u -a/ln^ tha -i'y ar <1 th* pretniaee muat !>e *a<vit d by the JAlli of Aortl Ihriala w II orrmncn-e at II o'clock ca.~b d 17. TV ;{ >oda will 1 11 rlew ni d i-A'akiTiHa r? ady "ti Monday. Hth iii*l eFNHT B. HERTl, .1*., AUCTIONEER. 1 rr^muvory aale of Iin! iktrhkd rrPNiii'iiK, mimsbr. vfnkkrh, ,*a, On W 1 .inenday, April 111 at III a'ol< ?ok nrnr'ar f, At tlx) of Mr Wm iluillfer, Ni.a. 7 and 9 Bedford onaiprM&jr hU entire balance if xinek of nnltliM rami tnre, tor?ih?r with a larit" lotof roaewood, mahonany '.velmU and maple Ven ? . a, I.uirl-ei, Ac , Ui be aoM wlh.1.1! auy r*. I rrvn an.: well > or'hy the aMOB ii>a of oaltliwt makara and the trad" rally is II It T nT ihH, Ar<TT<iNHfcR. flalfurrmm V tlairn mr ? t. iiiKmim the Koe. o ' ri?, UlTH H THoAp will anil at ?ur'.nn "n WBDNUHDAX, April 10 t IP), o cl nk, at ti e pri/aie r??dlMi"?. iil Mml ???i >1 ?< ?"!, ri-ai Jeuernnti, MimiUir ? aain t ii?uankol4 Ktt< nl< ire roniuallr^ of elctant rel*et incd*UI'>n l,'a'p*t?. Hni? eci? aiiu ilirtw ply Jn. , ? ip> 1 a I Inr Mlrn re, Lai? <11 taio*'. <? 7 ?.?r? I'tan'i madn bj l<mnl> ma* A Hi n of N?w >oik 'arv?'l -??>?<?(> I I tr. <r ' nit, lr rrtmaou ril'i?ii, cart* d tax-wic'd tyllndrr > ari?t aailn ar^xl II id; ri???oo<l M'e^tere, do, feniro and .'kin Ta' lea. Oil t'aluilri* Dimitel lirtumeota ro??w?yd mid ir>*lj'i?*ny IV*i r m Nui.<i, liar M?ttriw."'< Hi <U and Plllowa. Olk lntha, Nu ver I'lateil w ftre, ('rocko> j aud kllcli<-u U'. oiila, wlih whi h the it'c will oooneaa*. HENRVOTIKI v, Al 1 'Tl'lJfRRB.? TUUR'DA V, Al-RIl> II, at |0^i' iia'k 'it th? auftl'm itore, K'J IM Wllllanj ?t'i <?', ej^lal ulnof 10U rolumre vatvaMe Rook", Orr end ratcy <?i-'.d?i. Hhi-'d, 1 rawer-i, hb? ?U, Dre?i (looda, ll iaie. I "ill, I u: " , > ' ? t< 415 ___ IKKRTOMCN, ADOnOHBKR-TflU Da*, AT 10'^ ?.Jto elork lit 'he atHloi ?t ri Iti Wli un itrn^'. ? n?Mllallbul,MOIbi. A *'n Mreaw, S,.<w:i>a. P ? ? Lratl, 7BHO ~?,!<kr? Taftove braoda : Hoap, Nterch, 1 "ife?'. Pa? Mum, Hran J> 'iln, Whlekfjr, f"ri anJnherry Wln^a to fji-li* ai.d denilloi)n?, one Arc ;'ro >f I af*. M _ Ale- at J2 ' <?: h-?, < 'ttilfcf, Pl'-ce tfcimlH, Hl?* *, P.'Mii Oooda, 3uo pair Bi?>t?, 8h >f?, kr JOHN m VISUM. AT't riOMlK.R, WIMi SBIX TtlR ci ire oootesta of the I'uMIc llouee Kno vu *e thfl Al bl. n. 110 Ki.tmh >t ,i.n th> -xlay April P. at 11 o'clfsk A M., noDMtlnc of bla k ?alnui and Iron B *i?te/?la, hair Mat trme*. TaMee, Wa?h?1anda, Chair*. Hur.a ia, OtkbHh. Mai tic K, !lhad?v?, I arpi-ie, W *r'1'"b?e, Mirn ra, *>? Al?>a Turli ty of Ula*? am' Oblnawa-c, L rn?. Ch*flo.f Oiahea, <'a?tnra, T irccBi Hpitii?u?, i'alntlafla, Ac., *c. Sa> po?ltl*a, rain r. ahlDP. _________________________ J NO. ITVAK ANTWKKPHBOli, All TIOHKRt, WICI. hiehida la tb? catalncua of Aaierioan Hardware, to l?" ?r>ld on Tb trwlaf, April I) (f.y <rdf>r ol the l,?M4o ii-n ni .he Ri rn 1 irf 1 meW ? ar? fa -tnry plan- J g-wvt , com P'Mni ,'!3I 'toien Tea hpoo.ia, Vlnp?d %ti 1 thre d- d ; 140 doitn Tible, tlppd and thr' il-d; ,V.*> iW I ? n thr'Aded 1??n> rt pp ',ine also don a Hrpc<l and thretdc l ncaacrt end T?b!'% Turk*, rll wn?inle<1 m be Jetted in the beat tier nAn ellrei metal and giwaaUcd In every mmet, Terma fniir a: d ?lt Bn atha c:"'llt. J ohm 'i RCRi.KY, AiianoMRB*, #n.r kruTthh da>, at Ho'tl'^ek, at an Brwomrt ?tr??t. Rureana, Me.1 ?, <. ntr* ?n?l ntLrr taNee, OMVWL OhAlra, liA'r ?ud O'h^r M ai' ra^et-a, P?wth<r Waau^asdl, Bu PL-no, Rofa?. T.Me-a 7c?..*, C?Ja'i^, Mt Ji?.n ?tU wU&fetUi*ie H ^ AT tfHTKM. row'1* *. oaalby, *ct. jkkbk. OAMmiAnK**1 **U ** t miluua., HA*K?Ha, ac.; IILTUW W OKu^Lt t MA.U1 _ At 2o cijck. at v?lr W?I?WK>m? 440 ??n,d?? |M Tht It large a 'id .urfc iu, -l ""*? i , ' CwrUCM, Rockaway , I. p ?ui No Tfi Uu?i?a Carrrall Wag. n- limf,. *a?t?K J,**** 'together wltb a*s im?ni of Harnti^j ' Catalogues now r. <ad> MIX tour I, Al'C ?!>?*' Kit, Win, 1KI(I| ,- ,n day, ?ir'l !0. at 1 1 'jo -look it xirirvxi i>', Num ? ??el Miuw-hiild rurntiuie. c^im'et'r-g cf ?.Ud uisj. ix^eK' <xl I'arlor ~ n it, cow^d la brouauw .nil hftW..A rz: ? e'c a Tote*, Partor, ?ra uJ -e*l..? ? h?.ir4i m u-tS t p Can re TwIm, Bo-kfia-e* ni?-"nod htngerea, t*rn*<M|% 1*1 >*lry and Ingrwn < ar ei-. < ??!<? .ik, tm>t n Matl.aA bl rk nab ui Buffet*. n Dialog lah.-e, ill.**) ? 1 a.r* mahogany and ru* ? '<? I>rv*?lng*, Vf ?*fe , suds Retu'enl*. 11* r Mfttir****, H.-d?, Louugi-, sofW i . .1,, Wardrobes Ac . Ac 1 he *hxe to be jiere npvorily hM tu ih? hi^ntHl btdd?r Mix i aim AfT'*Tr wti.1, sen. v n tint# . fifty, A tin I 11, ?t ?0?; o'cioefc at w? ?e?t T "*r 'oi "h ti'i> i, i-Mf M; Hi av no#, ti e genteel Kurol u e of ? tainll. i ouM'letiiii ik, c raimiLg <>t ?n 1 -g ni ma? ?o 1 CIim HNt o* tft* e, made Sjr M?lm in, .jvan> Mrting b? ?, In p??reri ordor. nuiogtBy rt'?t.r?*4 Mft lioiiany pari, r Arin ' hair*. r ww.kmi e<J t ? al?, l/r? ia>f Mi-??n.< Va'ti>??. s, li. <l- and H. <lui g ru i-dp'y iiding-ai* l "TWi, < 'tleioth*, Hm k't e . hit< n*l?n fining ' irt-T. I tiina, rockery, i uilery ??d "la <? *'??, olaed Te* sad fie fret. Cookii.g -torn-, r it ni-n 'U'tilt m tug ib<* wnkdl h run rmmu n?Msary tor hiuwkeepia<. .iaie rata ar iUm ON WHDNK9DAV. APRIL 17. niMVKM'IH I AT ? o'olo-k A M., 1 Kill mi I , ?' piiuhc Ui'tliiD, at Si M T Li ' 1 1 ?-? nth nlwl ? u- l> a. W Vim, urn* li*h' * a* , oun ???* ui'i* v? uif u. i wo ?eta or ti*rn m ?nd n ?tn~* <?( 1'lum'inr^ tiktrrlttlM, n t-i inii if ?nl>i<* plal?, '?ittiu?, U iid . ijiv l*r?K? Work* Ar , Ao Th ? i* I ?i'mh"V "n bwn t ijiHirao* fr m IA cdiiea<la% , th liHh 'o th ? (1?> hWov*< inrtul i,.?| I i^a property loiutrl) bntungH I ti> Jutii M t, an A irn k-s DA01C.L dv Jt ?< A ? , r. ?O^l'.dr. I Vrw ) ohr, April IStil ' f)it*M?ROKKHH Ai<u ?l)?lr? I I tmrn | Apnar?l. ?A ifl t" is I A I. \ t, <m i,hi-v ? 1 llnwcrj, will mil, thia nay, 'Olh ln?' at 1?, <j'oli?nm. A ' lft.-g^ *B? > till! Ill o' in n'* ftiio aruaifiL * Coring A par ^ Hook ?ud hbiM-?, Ai\, Ac , b? onl-r "I Vr< tjulinu, M vw? linn In (licat L?AWl<l?BuirVBb' TICKKT* fANns?~'?> - > 1 '*??? I ??v HnutiieitH' riT i-r nf Kttlioi. Ilwt The Mgnotf >P| id r,.r k.T.1 Tt ki?i* for. ?in.,t;dii i w.Iiv tSunii. Hevoltrern I rf Qxklii, A'" . *J II. NbWTON, W V ro.-dway. rl,or r"'ton roim R PAWNHHOK^K HAl.E ? 1HH Dav AT 10HO*CbO<M^ at Mr,li4 A 'NwtvA. am's aiintl ti ro >iih. fct? (fma ht.wi'tj., mh> In 8 men h un ) women'* ru .lot* * .-sung ? ^h?*? h ( anca, M>utulm< u. ?. i -tlllm, iViuu^ia, Qn. im. Rlankete, Tooln i *tne t'n.. ^aV-hee, .te-o y t9H~ \er and t uiUxl rtaie. A" "y order ot M MbKHHAOW, k. r, 4X1 (i r?nd urm-i wl'hout r<**?rva fiaii brok.r'B t-a> 17th, by ? ider o i.AM *n A t! >,. 8S i*tn 1 a' ml m r. ? t 1>AWNBhOKKK'M HALB- Mi l 1?A". , A.f IIW o'olotk. It liE^Y will >ell, v'thotit rem*', at .VB llouHtnn utrert, ne?r amnue % <) l. ia or w. .!???'# and rclldran'a lothiog Ho. t , ? H'ti'rn, wnks*% 1 .11 quaa, liunx lint t?, 'I.ioIb, i.ich ?, .J a <-lry Ac by ar* d?r of T. hHl O^rllf 'Ml' K. /t*6 > ?ii '"o ptie?-t l>AWNl'ltOKFB'9 SALr -Till- DAY AT 10 O'OUHJt I n III N MOR IMH, III ell ?. No IB &% t B i?.|>a(, Men ai il w onion1* W o?r on A|>p i <?! Hlankiv*, (Jutlt*. Ataa Watch i'?, Ie\. i'1 ai u u vwi I'- > of other ".iij, iiyordereC Abenbain Uoodni'.n t* I e . <? m < pet. RIVOLJIKO i-tilOl. - .i ti N K V s Suf. awe t nrer. villi Tlnde In hlx ha-d?am ?.;i? rf Uim day iby older of ilin siuiigni'- ol W.'nti'ii \it'i*rilii A Klrtir. > tl'tj ? v inch il ?i> . bamber rev Ivlng p * hi moununKs and in nnf .< inreit by tl.? "prl gfi id Aral ( ou.p.u>; Warn, r'a p.iti at, M*rr?nl d in iivery n iip?jb Term* tour ami (tin n. .n: hi. Si .1 BOOARr, A I. 'I'lOKKBRS? riiiri DAV. A* l?S . o'clock, at tlie suotl m -o mH. N.i I Norib Willl'oa Bini'l, Houii hi d r u iiltm , ono ipl. adld gr .> llcrM, HUnw iw.f A.- , cori.iiBtlng of i.oui.g. ?, Tavl ' ! si t n<lu><??? HoIsh, 17 ulngle ' of ago II. d. to.ids, Mailreaaea. inahiigangr Kreu. h itedt>u adit, Car|)ot4, t ouotern. Htr rlgerator*, Kitcam Fu.iiliiiie, thre- (i it- glaxs ooonier how -'aneH, on large giaj lloriw, ntyllih driver ai d good fur tae nadd W SA J. HOUAhT. AllCt't* >NK8Rit, AlLti HK'il. O* ? lhuradnv. April 11, ft'll^ o'clork. at III It'oad n' reeA. Corner Knint ltot?l Kurrliur- o.iniii'.t.loB ot riar wt, large c renfh 1'late MtiTom I rot" tern, umblers, (Ui'r.geir* tor, beer 1'uiup, ni ?ho>(*oy I'a'ilea, lian FUtU'??, rnsrble lap > Connier, til eiom t'arp ??*, t rocacry and *anv Castera, l>lntng Table*, TaOlec ott*, vt k>Ii?Iau.1 slid 0'OOk w?. Cooking Ltit-lla, H*i.,;. . t.ouper Boiler, Kaioiture, Pt v Ac SOMlM-'N DINiiKK. AIMi-IONBRK, By UlMihlfc A H<>! K*. (flcrt Ko S I'ln* street. A.". itlNi-.K \Lfci. To d?y, A irlj 10 *1 10 o cl' Ck A N , At the *tO'e 742 i'an*l *tri"t. i.?ar OalN the*; fk?' l'ain>% t'olor*, Oils, (Ha ?, i auiHh.'t, Rruthe*. Mom and ?Jtlirn Hm turea lontaiued in the ab. te . tore order WM M (I > jMHfi'mO, AnlgntW O 01A>M0M WNOf.R. Al'tnioNSBK. |3 Hi DlNOKK a.M# U-IL.0EN, tjlllie ^ll a I'lne strwi AUCTION "ALK Of "KN l.l.MhU'S PPRM4RIN* flOOH KK1I?AV, A. 'til, I?. AT III A H , AT Til K HTOHK. W BIK^AD VAV. Retail *tork of UcstlfflAN a rurni*l lugi) lOdl. will be of fered in HTnall lot*, dutiable urthe re al' trad.' an. I g^ntlnnea wnn.lng t!ne g. od? for their own u*n The ntoi k cutnoriaM g> ntlcmeti'ii \ >!?U an. I l' s it?, h Ik merino and Laale ibm?d <?li,te?. Hone HBd ll ilf H" .hc ehtri*, Oollargaod ml -n oat every ? tblnv tmually kept in a firs' .!a?s siMwh? furnishing num. Sai*- o i*ltive ai'd wlttiniii reaerw fttaloguea ie uly on tlw <!*y of sale at the *.nre, if/H Hroadwav. WUPRIKK'S ISALB ? 'HOB M AM OF i ' ' TORY. ? O I A M O R'-HH A KAlRtJHILL, a'i?tlone?"-* MlaaroOOt 1U Baa* tan a'reet, will sell, on *i-da^#d*y Apr). |<l Inst, at !?)(( odock ? t Wt Pearl *i reel, i toe -<i..<'k and 'litumaof a SS?ie W-.tufiTioiy, eou<J?0ng of !'n pair* of la.l ?*' <**lte?a ut |ti?'*, < al> MUn?, fol* Juesther, Moroaoo. mm Pa'e. Uaafe, Couoter, biove and l*lii?, kiusOns, <', Oloilt, faUev Ar. JOIIA HMJ.V, Hk?rtBL ERIFP'B BALB? MARRLF, AO. i CUaMiikaki vaihi im.u. ai ?ctuikikrk, Ha c'uroom |i;t .Namot'i miwt, *111 nail thl* day ( "* itdneiday >, April li), at 10 o ri.Hsk, at lt? c mfr ui June and W< at slrtvu, a iiiiAQtity or \V lil r Marble. hhtun, Uoi>elaU, Ar , 4 ? JOHN KXiJ.V, HhiirtlT TO ^U)HR AN" KHTATK, Bf OH OK It OP EX HCCJTORB ? I ornate, II loll In ''no plat, on M >n oe ?ud Cherry atreeta, find one l.ot on Water ?'r? near Montgomery ; ilw fi.ur L"Ih on rwelith a?enne .11111 U4>h Mrw>l| al?i a tuinMl Mot on Hie corner of ?? ir?t and Month blo'h ?\ra?ia, lamaburg, 01 po*lte IVek rllu and K..wfu |i mmt aim 1 30 Lou at Ca?.( New fork, u> ?r ' "HIii 1 ' 1 1 mm lo Let ? (In' flrn alory Mon anil S.vble -? mer Knnmn aa4 I- a ? - ri '? - <*> it , 1 ioe la ? " k h. a ?. .1. - - f,mr atory HI adjoining, ltiOO Apply to ajiKIaM U. MllLLhK, Ne. Wall ?tirft TIIK UREAT SALE OP 0HINB9B AND JATAVRhE OOOO& Phy ami nt?:hi, V r Huh we>k'>nly, la the (iallery of Lowf New Balidir.g, llrtoklyn. ITNOLAIMED PRKKIHT ATJOTTOW- TI1IH DAT. ATM J o'clock, Ht the Hudnon Rlvrr and lluVn Rulruad atoca bouae, No MB Wa?hlDgW>n ain-vt. for w- unit "f v. bom tw ma? W neerr. to pay ticlKht. ntnrage and Miar ejpen ???, unclaimed Prcljbt, I'M. u< , *? 1 rrUttn *? Merdumdlie, Ai. Ac. Catalogue* r< any at a<>< 'Ion ?w>re. Uep k: , mtuiol WKLUN'l |o.V V. CARTKH, A. -ttnurwr, Htur" 52 t'ortiandt utreet. TITM WITTER*, A'TCTIOHIER, ?ELI.-' T!|IH DAT. 1? liiVQ o'slocl a'. IM fain! ftttal, tin bdaii ? "f 'b? Ilotol Puml'nre from I >dk Rrmch. jOi She**)!, 'in Mareaa ra. 3110 Towel". '?'?J acta Cot'ery, JO net* PltN re, wv E ether with all u-.hei gof'da omially found In a h itel. Ho'd Uk >ta to ault dealer# an I other" WILLIAM AHHOTT, AlirTlONEBR, MP 'ICE NO. ? Ea*t llroadwav, ?eU?, nn tbla daj , at lu>^ o'clock, tfc* ? trek and Flxtmr* I.f the Groi*ry arid Ll<| 'lor Store 1*0 US Klntl armor, nt-tr El?ht'H?nlh -Tf^^, maji, Starch, Br? at-la Hcalra, ' <uid:?*, B e?r fnnip, LI |U0ra, An u*?!. WITTEKH, A' (,TH?N EKR-WIT r. HFI ti TITTH ? day, at two o'el'^k, at M* < 'anal atreet a I. tb'- PurnJ tur?, Ar- , of a laree lloue-; parlor Hutu: ?n nch plate. I*u?r and Mantel k!i:ior-j; Lace and otber Curtauw. I'lano, CII Clotba: nmliogany. !? r ucli ami ci u i(j? U.U-' ida. other .Vafn i-aea. Pi a'bei Iteda, Ilre.rli g ?n1 i.t'ior Iti '? awa, Waahatauda, lolln' I'hlua tliana and silvrr ?are. Ac AU" : 111 Inaant Tape?tr\ . Three pi / 'ind other t 'arj>euc '1 h? whole roinpriatng a fln ? and val' able aa?irtm?ttt. lac lamlly uae. Mala paremptory, . irca<b. HPOHTIKHi S> IV - A "1"K mM \Ut IT A UI ?N (.?-HVM00W? ? our ol ;ha 8.>'?t In tho id.j'- Inquire ,-t SI WM I wentf ?' cond ?tiret sr tona, length V> f?'t, b< ?in 12 fee' diaft C ? i?". a maM f r a pilot teral. 1 an <>? ?i*u at Kiiai p a dork, bianifofiA* Conn. V'*<',,T REBECOA KCiH HaLE ? SUE CAN ilii SEEM 1 at Orejnpolnt. VACIIT WANTBIl -WANIKIt TO HIRE. A HI/??r J Va< hi, of almot 40 lon? ; ruuat '?? a r?*l ?"? b"ai, faat and well r?iin4 In all i??i<?? Call un or a<!dreaa U fart, a re of W alliuai. Sh<wwi?Mt A Co., So. il Old alip Ft/R!Vrrt7KK. ARAR?^ rHAHl'E? TO 1117* A <?Ouf> A"S)firviRNT | al I'^rlor , Bodniom and Kltcben K irnltnra. Wtu h? I aoM at prl rate nale, cheap, at TNI ??llnfon atiwt ABRORfxiM aurr op ena?bi,ueo pcknitou to T JW, In ad aolora. of wacrai.uwt manafaeturn. t laa h. Ill the unii' < aani ar H-.ilta, plaui and ornamatilal, at EL P PA VV !??<< f< 'MM, J#1! Oajial itraet. op^-alte WinMtar. Sa U KHahed In >84A A^rn PA Ml I A GtVlKO CP IIOt'SEKBEflRO, WO0UI like to r- nt ihair lurnltur-' to ? me jierann who wual4 Hoa/1 a s,' a tleaaan and win In par payment foi the nan oC ihr f iinluire Apply at 1 12 \t eat Thirty Mrca'b utreet. RAM PI l.f.n r-llAMilKR oTIT-t OP ri* 8NI TCRB, IT* all ?ml"r? and ?iy t"?a, at wbotc?alean I r?t? 1 At and tii'V arda AUo M tttrawa and fllUaanea. ? XKRiiN WAhl>. J"7 I'uial ittret, Four doora aaat of U road way. FURNITl'RE Borolir.-THE HM'IEST PRIfK PAT? Inm-hf^ir ?*:! Vinil" of Iloir'hoUl Furniture Tarpei^ Mtrror*. Ptanop, Beta, p.'f'diiig, Ac., at 479 1 hlnl avenue^ ? bia le, addiTgaw furnltun^ a? ato%e .1. B ? A g^rd aaaor.ment always ou hand for rale. ?.U'RMTVRB. AC.-A OENTI.I'M \ V onijfn Tu BI7 P rope will aell. /cry cl eap, 'or carh, hk I'lirnli'irp. Ae . QwimMhc ererT'tilng n ?eeaaary f?r a partor, HadliMMI aad kttehrn; plain b'i? good, baring been mai'- to onl^r Nohi<ai. b"g. AeonpU) wtabla* ?? >? mid and thla a chat! wldom met with. Ap^ly at 1JA lI%mmond at. IRST CLA-H KMAMRLT,?I> PCBIIIU'BE. PLAIM, det'ir ttc I and li-Aiiied , aolUi wa'aut and oak H. ta, Mat trcav>?. fcr'.ng He lx, An .1. w, KI*HEB A CO., mainfav tutera, f.Vt llroadw.. , . (>etwe-ii Blertcker and B<wid utreeta CJTORAOE POR KURSIT"RR ? OH RKa^ON ARUI :ermi Apply to D. ORIFF1TB8, 513 Sixth avntta \\.rANTFH-A HCiT OK PARLOR AND OTHER PUR.SI TT t 1 ". In exchange for a Parm of BH aorea In KlngtrM M- n'y, Ioab, in tB'i linn of the Rnrllrifto^ and Jlaeoart ' 1 H*!i' farm has (".1 a ten 1 nd?r fenew. wHa hoitaa, Ac., id Wl Alp one mile "f the rll'age of t. aVMjoOl^ A'ldrenb v llttMcw totk Poatofllon. 4>*Jf\n -A HARM I'M AW la >'uH A i.Ai?i.-.aj* amail aura will buy the FuraJinre of a nloe ho > ^ * etl astahl*ahe4 for baitrAera; r^il rraaona^e. laeui ?? K* nja." a^ tie f^raa; rrat paid till ?W lat of M??. '? Ui vn< tJwr R??t at ?U'4i w8*?a?? F S