Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8980. MORNING YORK HERALD EDITION? TIIUitSD AY, APRIL 11, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE IMPMMl U'AR. ITATE Of AFFA1M it CHAHIEMOI. The Ftderal Flett Hourly Expected Off the Harbor. The Floating Battery Beady lor Action. President Davis About to Take the Field. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. Apprehended Attack on the National Capital. Military Preparations for Its Defence. Volunteers Master td I? to tbe Service of the United States* NAVAL AND MILITARY MOVEMENTS, to., Ac., Ac. THE NEWS FROM CHARLESTON. OiARUB9ron, April 0, 1801. Everything Is qolet to-night as regard* excitement. Fnople ?re becoming ac customed to suspense, and nothing hot sounds of actual huge will dtsturo tbe calm deter tarnation with waioh tiny await events. Tbe floating battery h*n been towed Into position be twean xnllivan's Island and Fort Sumter. renator Wlgfall, of Texas, ami Edmund Kuffln, <fc Vir jrtmla (ueary seventy years of age), shouldered muskets aitd Joined the army as privates. Numbers of old mm have done the same. Even cripples aro tuixijus to light, and may be seen riding w>th 'ho cavalry. The fleet is not yet in sight, but is expected off Btooo U nig ut. Troops continue to arrive In the city from the Interior. The lAarloaton Courier of Tu?>sd?y mjrmng repor tbe anir il of I.ieutentut Talbot there on Monday. Ho bad a imfereooe with Governor iV.kons and General Bou rn ?<rn, bat was not allowed to communicate with Uuit Anocrson at Fort Sumter I.ieut. t'aib >t stalled bat k or Washington fuoaday night. It is under* tool that the nature o' his coiifcrr.noe with Governor Pickens and (Jeoerai lleaurug ird was to oblatu permission f?r an oaarmed f tores tup to victual the g?ri ison at Fort <Qm'-er. Permission was refnsrd. It is generally believed tnu the unarmed h ton chip w.ll he accompanied with a naval force. Every preparation Is luado to prevent any relief being scot imo Fort Sumter. Cicaruw >?*, Aoril 10, 1801. | Kvt ryUing I" quiet to night. Ttio etv.i.t is momenta- I rlly K>> kfd tor. I^ve raa'oc to state 'hat, If battlo results, Wsshtng ton will be tovfSUd ia less tnu) sixty da; s. Tremendous piepirations ?,*o making throughout the South. There is aim an usurance tbV. the French and Eogllsb govei nrrt' Dtf wtU recognfcte ton aouthum couteder* v an s>* n as it n>an'.fei>ui the * >1 dity and strength of a iho roughly government. THE LATEST. , April 10 ? Evening. The floating battery Qii wheel, mounted and manned, was taken out of the dunk last evening, and anchored in tbe euve near Sullivan s Uland. Our p*-opie are not excited, but there la a fixed deter mination to meet the tome. An additional ngimcnt of one thousand men la hoorly expected frtm the interior. Ibe Convention ha? just adjourned subject to the call ?r tbe Ciftiac-n'. Before adjourning it passei resolutions appro* ii g the conduct of General Twiggs In realigning K'm oommiceion and turn tug over the public property un der bit' c nuol to the authorities. Governor Pickens was In socrit Mansion with the Con vention to day. About 1 000 troops were sent to the fortifications to day. 1 v00 ir ore go down to-morrow. llerrr*, Ch*M>uit, Means, Maun ng, McGowaa and Bt.yleatou ba"C received appointment* In General Braur?ga d's st.ll'. A large number of the members of the Conronlioo, after adjourn reeot, volunteered us privates. About st ven tbouoand troops are now at tbe fortiflca eatioDS. rtie beginning of tho end u coming to a dual and. THE NEWS FROM WASHIN8T0N. rROC.RAMAlE OF OPFRA H )N3 TO RELIEVE FORT 8ITMTKR. WASHinoro*, Aoi-U 10, 1901. Tbe refusal to admit Oapun Moot to Fort Sumter ^ ilnrn net aiar in tbe government in the least. Ihe c. mitnmders o' tbi nav?l and military forces now ?upp< -'?d lo tM oB Charleston received only general In structi-<nB from too respectlte.depa'tmeutt. Th?t Is, thsf are instroced <n aitemot, flrst. a peaceable supply ?f tort Kilter ?iih ptot kl >bs, but if resistance be offer ed to fcrwo a raltsf, with both men aod stores, at all hazards Tbn Oetails of tbe operations a i*e left to their Oiecrr' on as tbeir churactor will depend, of omrse, alto go brr on oonimg' in n* Hot It is knowo in military etrr. cd bere that, for a >nicoe**ton of attemp s t ) ro?.'.b tbe ftwt, in case m h<?tlilti?, both steamtngs and boats are expect**'1 to bo i'mpl i>od. A. no ?n as the fl'st shot W flred by tbe revflutiot?l?te an attempt will be made t > eff<ct a Undng of ih > tro?ps on board the tran*oorts m th.t roar ' wf the attacking fomee. aid, If suooemful, earth work* wl>l steii&ebe thro?n up and batter-tee erected, fhe h a*) or'iisiioo rli.pped on some of the vessels is la ?e >de<i for tV?t pii nose Hot w?rk will be gtrca by tho ft miWMM r?? o>v f t ? the ^e esn|. n ? luoteers. Ttw sulini ? t.?)H?tt does not, in any event, expect W>*lUtM' to open before the return of the ?P><*?uc* d? mkMd to Mnotgomery to announce its ,1' < r, ration t > re ove Vaior Andoraon, with the re,,'y .>? the /"vi l'it cim y g ?v<('nii.f[it Some days rnny, tr. o,n < ii.(?t> p (<? o h9 r:<ar of artlLery will be heard la ("?ar ? *!?i kar?? ir. !? ?. -j:> till- 0*:c .1 . J -n for tbe arrival of tbe snp 1 1 ' \ ? i r- 1 t 't .i ? j " nnnrreot At thenar " i , M ? .'. > o -?! that the goveromout ves si ? >11 arr.r ? :r til t? morrow mo'ntii*. A <|..-r toh f.t n B?an't?*rd, recMvod thl? j *? '> " <? i. s's*' 1 ?Kai i' o'o wi> e no ? ^s -ls off tae har- , "Xi f f.b? I, m *"*! ' ^'P 'Cted ho*rlr K? n v .. ,M be -naV> ?u>tU an attempt was *?de to li <1 vi -r<.. ?* ,f h_, (n .-?ui ttiuiiig Siltlp'.bM to Part I ?Vsi'. V, j ih. ? i La., o.cur, tbe batteries will at . ncai tnxwitd. tn- lrifMri-f wjil a v|p't?- to 'ight that deolalvo (r*?tts M"i ?t W?t w ???<; I tr le.Te tbe ItH iiay of this wwslf. H n marksi, 'H i w u tb<n *?e sho h rtliev (VfV- to l,r* "3 ? nerwetl fs>>| to prorlntotl vif ?'a.* H' ?' 1*9 ?r . re? ? 1 hut little biipo i* the p**se-r'?l ' "w * i e, b t 1 1. ,j( j a d *ckd**d ue^r"<Mi ? nn <o rt '.lere tlnjor AVdertm, > j,, ^ ?K- a k 'rt* a* ?>" biutvit*. fits m a itbs tic, m c ?n * tH .11 |,. ; ?} r. If I or, I'' H 1 o t, ? ? .'f to ft ?. mi ' tn *1 4j,.r ??ds i ... , If CU - ' b w" * 1 a? . ; ; ? ? -l>r his C if. naetl, 'h not ' tf 1. 1.?? n a< v?u it.. H,tn hi VPukdOWltt . Mtt m ?! naljf , biu * tu#? Ui j>i [ i ??(? ar-i<:r UiD-tl all lu?t ?Hte- U tyricgttaiil till u ji? pan. J trtersii uleo of his a-'m '.w.r?tH>u to >'vtciate rt -;uro'.?-r wpfifwl wn ? '??>, iiu? ng th it (Mrtol, were i m th? hii*>'t IX'ir D|j bw pr .tw or iu .tikui dorroil rt, A.jd b ?< rt- p# i'.t I auo i-d> runt cat uipreastou of toe b?pe and 't o d*M? tot >h'W h*mi<u<1 tw h i?uio<m1 at a'l b?Miir Ven bow hor* wb<> h?ve ho*o fun liar with ibr id?r?"ni'ic il-iu' t-fH of bis oouvMjiooa and the s'.abtMv. of bin prir[>>??* 'or years, never ahmdMed l >etr belief tbat b?i w-xjM act ui??a bis early rcto v*? a*>ho?gb evry pjihoiotd of the Exoc .live in l< ut-K.n.-' iu lb* p. ? ini*>? pointed to tb? contrary . rhoy bam ho*n i at th?y km>w tbmr rnan weil. It 10 ikiw kp?wi 'b it a number of the moat d (stingo tsh e i bmw iu.<1 Mav y oilice bnv<- at various times offered k> ibo f nih I or Fo^t Sum tar ?ritb m?u and pro ?mKiD?. tbe i> atiicirxif y of a i?u?f *o?> is by no n >ao? so p?r'0'u-ly d.mbted bv exports as stated. T&e be lot wis fr. qu. Miy t<xprt?*ed to- nay in admiuistrative cltclM .bit tbo UbOUig of supolii* at fort Sumter wouid IM>1 ho PRi'lBd. Tbe rivolullolmry goter'iuieut IS OX pectfd to perceive >.b?t the reiusl to altow waat muni appear an act d ctaied by bum nity ? tuat is, to relieve a faithful band of public nervauts from uie dangnr of star vtlko? will fasten kD odium opoo It <u the eyes of tbe ttlti1) civil red woill, and gr?*Ur strengthen tbo *1 o> m intra ? ion, both In tbo North an J in the border t-lav.j Sta t-s. S nco CharU aton has to puodenly become the supposed ?? ?' of war, we b?ve be?'U honored at the soil of federal ^overnmrut with an} quantity ol bog'ia o?n.>i cbee from tbo former C'ty about balti?a and preparations lor bat ilea; and aec >unts of the moat tremeuoous array of treop*. The PrtwIdMi t to day haa been specially favored with tbif kind if Intnrmation. aojoi if the boyiLi drap .tcbt-s received from Charleston laat bigbt, <riu- the one anooui ctng that there were s.x or Keren vtkae.a oQ Charleaton harbor. PRE8ITENT Da?I3 aBOOT TO TAKf] THE Fil*LU. WaHBLntiTOif, April 10, 1891. DcBpatrhcs received horn t>?ay fiotn M mtgomery ituu that I'reBulxi.t Davis via cooaideriDg >he propriety of goiog to Ctiarlektou, b iug Katie leo that Kjrt Sumter auk lo be ibe gr- ai strategic potnt where the issue woe to be tried as to the power of the Confederate Statue go TurLmeut to uainttin itsoif. He and bis frieuda dedmei It his duty to be on the ground Ho bad not decided at oue o'clock whether be would go or n A. THE RELIEF OF FORT PICKEN8. Wi.siu.*0T0N, April 10, 1861. Official advices from Lieuteoan . j ommcr c n irm what f telegraphed you some teu duys Rinoe upon the authority ol a Cubinet cllker. fh Brooklyn was ordtred to leave tier troops at Fort Pick en*, but did not land them, owiag to the refusal of its cotnmmdur to receive them. His reatona for tbis ?ct were not disclosed to the War Oei>art ment until a few days ago. Tbey were, Hinuply, that his supply of p ovwions was imtdequate to the miintenanoe of^be proposed increase of hut command. The admlals trat'on was greatly puzz ed, in determining upon a line of act. on in ng&rd to Fort Pickens, by this seemltgly Inexplicable movement of Lieutenant S'tumer. Hut, the mystery being solved, no time was i< st in p'ovieltg tor bis Lecessities. rhere can be no doaot itat several of tbe traosiMiris which have sailed from tew York since 8*t'irday ar bound i or i'ans&co a bty, .aid that O'dtr* have bet-n seat, not only t) throw pro villous, but also men, into the tort Lteuiekunt ^emmer '* ai pp. tchou also orroborate my l?reviou* bUtement In refer on^ to tbe relative dancer in *bi'.h Fort PiiJeus bas teen placed by its iave<<t neat a th Conic e ato troupe. A coaimunicauon can be eadily eBoc'eJ with it by men of-wa , and even with >ut ifinlo" ? rueiits it would bo lb u C inouioa to withsuad a pi oti acted sicgo. I'ELE PREPARATIONS FOR THE DEFENCE OP IBB lAtlUltL CAPITAL. W AgulxiiTon , April 10, 1881. Thla city b<B been tbe arene if tbe wil ies. excitement ?in ughout tho eutuii day, troops mticulog, drums b *unp,abd tings !l> ing the I'Utiio length of i'enngylvaliU tv> nue. Ten compatiee, or about one fourth of tho volunteer nilHla if the [strict cf Oolu<nbi?, are m isteriug to d ly f i ii aw>< lion, tbo order haviiig Oenn Issued from tbo go vrriimoul bf?i '|ua. tern la*t mgbt. Moveral d?yn ag> tbe c n pairv ( llircrH wore directed t > immediately report toe lumber of cfluc.tve men. Tbu uneipectel mmvment uah given iu?e to mauy auimises, eep< c ally a report* prevail, be ierei' to be correct, that th^e ten cjmpauius ?re to be drafted Into immediate ?ervice. ibero \b no dount that ibe military movementa hero In or- grM?*are connected wltb precaution iry measuroa for Lcd<f>nc?oI the capital from au apprebeuaed a. tack from tbu &*ith. Tbe ?< ar<rf an alt w,k from an invading army from Vug nla atid Maryland, under command of that oelebra'od U*?? iai.g?r, Kw? M'urtlough, untie ou.-c of all thea^ movetbi ma. I'rwwc. nt l.incoln aaya be h?* positive knowledge In his po?Bretioii that aa attack ou thu> city la in oouumpla. loa. Hf hM c< tLmiiBicnle > thin information, not only to Geo. Scott, but to *eve<?l of the Governor! of Northern and Western ntau*. It w uinit ratood tbat hn desires tb<>m to call out the u liiila, aod to holo them tu reartiuetsH at a m >m ?at'? warning Mr 1/noolu la, evidently ala med. He naya ? bat * bob the ba 1 la "ore opened thin city will be tho Ui?< ttmt will be auackel Me b*e been notified, to *t> ny crania let' era that be will have to leive bero ?cd tkke re'nge in R"Bue Northern city. Ho bta no ulna of dolLg any aueh thing He ?a> a he will remain here, even It be tun to Oe protected and aurroui.d-d by Uio military arm of the governor It. W^sHixiTnji, April 10, 1 441 . Wnd.tng'on bore a htgnly warlike ivpvi all dty, Tiooi* kepi ixiiHUntly mwcuiig thruugb the atreetl.aul drtn<t> md flf? a wire lizard in evorj direction. Intense commotion wax pw .uc ?1 tbu morning Ity .he premutation of an order calling out tbe lutire -niUli t w* tbin olKtrict. A raid u|<un the federa capital nj Virgl ma and Mar> land lilbuatera ?a* forthwith b l. rol t be impencing It wn eooo eruuiod, twweref, th <t ibe movement aroae from pr<c .u'.ion, ao>i from th < l.u mediate nece-s ty of mean* of defence Tb< govt rrmert la in p<*4*t-ai>n of p^altlvo infariaa tioij, to the t IT>ct iba. tin re w a nv.ret un ???rutaudiLg Ho iwt-en tbe disunion lea>.em >ni ibe rev <l'jtiOiivy ati iborttiea at Montgomery, aiming a a deino :atrvlon ?caloat tbo federal capi al tn >a*e ol tho aeceeaion < Virginia, and becce deem??i It a duty to provide additional guarantlea for tbe p?T?->nal security of ollleUkia ana iitlrua, and the pro a it ion of the publ.c property -n geneial. and m'>re particularly of tho frua ?uty and tbe naval and mill ary ?lor?a. Son e twen'y C' mpanie* were iu<p>?ted at noon. At tbe parade it wna aiuiotinoed tbat vo'jaieers for the fir- I mation of H'Vtu* ?oj.d be i'a?l?i for, to enter iheaervice of tbe Cblted Suit- h ft' an ibJedalte pnrl ?d nf time (kvi ial hmidieti men w ?>[* in j aw te<i uito In tbe txtitw ol the atte'ijoai Tt.e troo|K *111 b" rni,)loyfd to guard the pub'lc bull 1 lnga. Tbe re|?irt tbat tbey w.C to n-at tjgtrrieon Fort i Mot roe If ubiouuded. It ie titidrretooa tnat Governor Ctirtin wilt f wder out ; r<-rii??hai.i.? v-'nuie. r? 'or tb? or r.'.|>.itiou of tbe tijxin the (Ii at Mk.n of daiig<-r A k?dtng Ob 10 d. m <?, h d f|*t?M4 to Hr t ? tbe Tro ?idwit ?a IoiIowb ? "Hud > jr yuu t-i the da.b if you w*li hold I' wit Mattel, the ntce.^ily ol hoiking it I* Sbaotaite" The warlike demoMX-a^xi^ XtsJjligter^ueM i.fioo the niu?-'er n>; ef t? n '<f t'n 1. : ? ? ?at cmiar ? ? of th. Patriot t! io Hi' aotoal eervf ? i> tie ' t'aitrd rtoup, not . nl? ii cr ?? ?l ?' e ('. itral -?ti# , but gl-"e? ?onfldrrce u. h> p'mu.. ?.! r- .oil j pt p?'ity beitec.a of I e fe V c pltal <ri to ? rn i Wtt. The n?> of iLc vn a- m,* 'U, ? v?.knUeta who hivi a.ignUtU) ^'flt'a leg- ' f^r- j v!C' are prop rty ho rta*? j. tU,< dl?tr ?;t , aail a >l pfi?re j Ui Hie ' ul .n the fla". Tlti.f tw< Dion1* -* of J ib* N<i ? i I ?* 'lie* ed, ri'.V'jit A\u re.j> in it. trie i ra' V* if Oh' coips unoor .h , daj, trf t'n t' tloit ta Ul j pi tie* nt an < '<*/?</. lif; luoati}*, if not Ul, I. wo"* t,i ' ve#t>e"U dUt'i* | Wi"! ?f:roR. April in L'ft':, ; r f f* i kf i?y.a <.?? ?* t '? <?** c ;?? .? : ? I ,i u t* ? ? ? I* p.rtv ?? iid wre t?.:- v. e1 j hj, ,.?* ? . t >? i <i -n? ? vr?l . t '" ?**' 3 !Vv>?!,- ^ ,r '4 uiw! o w uiiiWi ? fl * 'i ? i. Tit j uf iwf< a brtkm ootnp?n'a? we'# rejected, the num*>?r of t?v lii( b* low turty i vo orntwri. Ah attempt U mok'Qs to night to brine them up to this Dili mum in order to their a< isruliuce. 01 th? Na.ionn R'tW-n, over Bixty ? f mtxra nly oe bull Cbtu-DtHO to bo m utlerod in. mho ? for thw, ?a <d <b>-r rmtlar cases, was ib*t * >m of -fie rami ??>re aptwebeii-lve th> V ?ouid be orilired I ?oa?? point >M )< no lb.' itmt ? ol ibe Dirt' ict f Columbia, while nib>rs woro ubwiiiiiig to Ukfl tbo omb, wbMb ib> y eouceive, in th? event of th< tMBMton of nirybtno and Virgtoii, would CCD' pel lb in V ? flgbt actios iboae JUM*. I s b?i4 tbey were tnfoi me in?t tbe o*tb must be ukon uuc n dilnualy, ami ho ofractlo of whic i ???H mxiioso Item u> p'liiiobiM nl uuoer <h? rules ud wile ee o* <*ir. At a la'e four of be aii?rnoon two corop?uie-' iw> p-r<daitbo War De arim?bl, ome o th m-no^'in without uniforms, but 'he Adjutant General i ad retire! f r ib ? day. Captain Oarrmgtoo'B company, about atghty, wro mui-teied 1 to a ma . fbo acreptou ium,uuu * b?vo ali ew y be? n p'u- id on dpty guarding tbeir roajiectivo armor les. In mens* crowd? yathered in front of the War IH>pirt meLl t witness ibe proceediugi attendant ou the uwv>?C th'b aod uiuHiertbg into M'tkb A new uultaiy Dep-uiniebt, formed of M iryUn.i nod tbe District of Columbia, is to rstabiiHhed, with C?l. C F -"mitb as Commandant, and CapUm Talbjt ad Adj i tent. Sherman's Artillery fmm Fort Rldgf ly, MtanMota, which ?aso dertd to Newport but oountermaudui, and two comp?nes o cava r) , are expected here to morrow. Tbe latter will com" without hoists, which will do pur ch&ttd in this mai ket. REFUSAL OF GFNERlL HOD WON TO CO OPERATE WUH THIS AOMIN tS f WaTiON. Wahukcto.i, April 10, 1M1. A few week* Blnne a distinguished democrat w?t r? quested by Secretary Sewatd to go to Texas, anil axoar tain <fce state of the public mi >d there, an l e?p<ciUly to coi verse with Governor Houst-n, aoj learo b h riuw< ol the present sece??lon mnremtnt in that Stat On htn return he reported tha Governor Houston no', only ic I'used to accept mi itary support fr-ua the I'mud States ^overument, bat domred thti Pr-eiuent Lincoln sbould recall the reg'il&r troop- from Texas Be also reported that Governor Houston urged in the stroogost terms tho tvacua i m of Foils Sumter aoo I'lckens, staging thai Arkansas would join Texas in *t cession In tbe event of coorci >n, or evon the collection o- tbe revenue being atiempte l. Govtvu ir 11 ut-tou requeued to be lot alone and nwlnUlaed fiat ? he I nion par y of the < ntue South was doad if coercion was (ice attempted. IhU account appeared to President Lincoln so muoh at V.tHanse with wnat was unde-s'ood hero to be tho o m Ion of G< vernor Houmod, and knowiug ibe poiliictl pr (llvitlcs of the Ambat'Sivtor, the Premium im noli ately dispatched ano her messeng'ir to Governor Hon ton, a d without mailing lor bis return lus Boat fo> w.trd thetroi ps to Texas. There is reliable Information to cho# tbat tbe late pub llcat >i that General Ampuaia waa luorchiug -in Bmwur ville U 'also. On the oouirary , he h?? retired f.-oui iho aimy, gobo Into iho interior aud has no means, even if be bad tbe d'sposliioD, to enter upon tucb au enterprise. Besid<B, tbo constitutional governmtLt is opposed to tuy such muv m> nts. THE CONFELERATE STATES AND fIRGIVIA COM&llSSJOMER^. W*wu?uro.v, April lO.fibt. Tb<? Southern Commlssioiicrs are B'iil bore Th?y are waitUig to tee tbe Virginia Commissioner*, wh > hal not, up to a late hour this eveutng, fi-aco^d here, fb ty are, however, i xpected to ni. ht being dot-tlaei by a broak , In ibe tailroud below Acquia creek. NAVAL AND MILITARY MOVEMENTS. R ? mortd Puichaie of the Vanderlillt bjr tht (taatbtra Conrnitrse)? ili? Ocmo (|ut?n? 4ailio|i uf tbe 8(i *mtiig ( u(t? Belt?Tile Hanltt Laac H?plwtd bf the Cuaat Nurvejr Suamtr Vl|tn fur Ittviaur Htivlce la lli? Harbur? I'he Woik at the Navy Yarn?* at tne *ort?? I'll* SUVtBt Battery, Ac., &c. U was rumored j esieruiy Uu. the HWamabip I'amler but bad bee* pqichaw-d by the Southern confederacy. The r? port, b? wever, dona not ff?ln mm b creleocc, and tlie agent of theatcamor, to whom our reporter app 1 ?d, dated ibat be waa not a?a>e that Bich wm the fact. Ai otber rtmur My a tbat tbu Uuited State* g<>vertun tut la now In treaty with h(?r owoeia for ber ch?rtor. Tbu latter tweOift the mo>e p obaiiie a me. Ibe Vaoderbilt In Dow lying at pier No. 3 North rtrer She baa been thoroughly overhaul. ?1 during tbo winter, an<i in ? new coat 01 paint preaeuw <iuite a ahip : hape appearance, i-be war withdrawn froai tbe line airing the winter, bat waa to oommeno* ber trip -tgain hooo time next monib, when an order from Mr. V t'td> rbili, afrout a week ago, again withdrew ber, and Rtrurk bur name out of tne anve.-tiHemeut*. Can It b i the go ?vernmobt baa b.<en In treaty for her during tho past week. aiid that ibe matter naa only now leaked out' Taken in connection with the iaot that Ui? ag>-nt of the govtrhment In Uiie cit> , wb i Ptipuiatm fer tb'> charter of tbe ate?B<)*b (M wtn^h bavo aire my left tho port, Is now actively et gaged In iwiklng for more, th a vie* of tbe else setima n.o*t pn bahle. THB OCBAK Ql'KKtt la itlll lying at th pier loot of King atrocl . North river but no at* p? have been taken lor tbo :*Iiipaent Of anv catgo aa yet. On Sunday iaat alio had it-- an up, and It W supposed that the government agent ?run hiring ber boner and liu-pecfe- u at that time. Ilk aaitfai.i r?nt fart that ber owtora have not demvd tin- nuu. s.ent of bei cfiartu r ty tbe govorument. Til K *rt.umw fNOI.K BKM, irwtted bf M< ttnt .l"huH>u h ItiKgum , h if > iif liti s i lot) witb a gi' .-crLment ofliclal on blind, beiun.g anuled doa l'?t< In Aa Maiid ) rater lay, the L'nclo ! en tailed on linriiay ?>*< u ng In company with tbo Vuittr , hut M'U.iin'l tbe next murmtg. It t ime out UuUntc i >l< n< bup;?'i'?*i U> otie of her pi in pa wb'w nil flam igit, rmi4? il i g ber to put hack to h?ve It r< paired Ib-.u** again made ready for aea, abe Hailed on fMad'tjr u *b'. Tbe I'ncle Ren la a atauncb tugh-ial, In.iiobed ui liVI, and is rated A3 sin- ut 100 U>oa burthen. five feet diaii?bt, built of oak, ai>d la coauaaniled b) ('?pu in J. Lew*. Till TURN, Now anchored ofl tbe D.t ery, h-ta bocn iioie^nW to 1.1k - tbe p-a-e of tbe Harriet lium for the revenue aervoe la tbe harbor. THK MtOOKLYN NA\ V YAHH. Tbe activity in tbe Brooklyn Navy Yard oont.n-iea Yteterdaj ibe atai.iliiig ngguig of tbo Perry wa<<iie?rl?' ooa pteti'd. Sbn tad up hi r UrpmanM aud topgallart oiaa'a, and al iudlngaMl !? >nu <?ore bc!u^ h' itei ao^ ?rcur<4. < rrdera bar* biau leoelret! fr-rni the ;?epirt bitut at WiibtUgU ii to lit cat be. and Uie Wa.-raali wiu ai> t x|m*?' iti->ii, and it v et^ec <d that, In a lay * two, 1 kbe wiU b< piMM 1 In cortiinW?i'>n au.t aout to A ?ign<0 aat it tcatk a ? , v'ue '-J'Jtp '0 cf a i.uur .It, of , -?> I firMtueaud futrl i ll t? ore '.iK rig{ ag iS ?M#> l ifted. 11 ir, Witb uie ft*>Vf?e'it iif gun (<-irriip.!? i c ?>?' 1 I (ilcvloul rt?f, b.i? a a. <g i.i/ ??:?/ .'*>"---ce wiiit'ii veiii j tarry griat'ir Wf t with tho oou. n in *./ th-ii tbfl aa i tu at.i * ? of go\*.ibT.ibl lifUoerK that '.bore ia b' tatj^ u , tbe wit u A uft forte of mi*n wai. or Ui?> **.tba-vi yoat* J*r twirMi:ig, to ttrip od Uiulttnpi.r* j roof i?lth >a(ib ?hn hie bei-u jfotened from the * ember -u mg -vora ni iitl r A t( bo,t'da < re i? 'u ?tr c oi illy foi fuarc t ; wart tatber Bknr, tout it it 111: ? If thiit . in - ? ' e ? l.p a.u be Ui.'e tn d iy, f;uin atim I ' 'ii i -t.u, in of th mag'.i ?a<l tbo i . t "i-^mM, will bt> ?(t]Ui<<aceu at at- 1?-? I ? ' ? ? ' ? > a nti t UM Mm w J Vj i* <-l. f< r ar_. nw%H?tk? u. timtrgtri-y uwranal rnn/ ro q >'t* "it 9 infir'c of Viarr; tbe Raraaur.b, now Hi^g |i th.. lrr doc '? "8 brarely , at..' il ? n- ?> o( tht arorlriM u'i. iw!- '> e ( >.*d ''--in itiMinf ti ! n-.-tid. fUij .nt - n i- ? .'-tit M r?w? Mr?--li Ihst tale V,- <1 ?r ..i te .> Am 1 1 it fur ? ? h- a ii'trm. ? h_, t! i Ma< j Y ?rd '1 C'-r, tL ?' ' i *|1 !??! .n J h?v. Ir/'ei/r *?>( 1 ! ?? iCH" ' y )ir"e t ? i rfj ,i<i jrd ib '? .0 . d th, re ti ? nnj It! r til i h? *'? I K ?.(? C r?t t?k'.> !?? *? i m e-- r ? ri^iirif N ?.v jptiflH *?v?r,|W(re Kk.i n > a. !?? f. 4 great few ?w mfn'o a Jay or twos (to, am bracing seve ral vague rumors ana Nue downright falsehoods, abiwt tbe alleged rtsinnatiou of Captain Ueroor, o< the Poe na' an, and some o tflo dally papers are puzzled U> ao ?ouut for the fact of tbe (Captain being detacbou from am ship, and tier departure without him The simple truth of the matter is, Gtptmn Ueroer wag detached at nis own request, as bn had no heart for the particular service for whioh the Po?.uut?u in engaged, and his request was grau'e-1, on the well known military primlplo of not foreleg * coMMauliiig uflicer to ei gago in a duty con trary to bin feenngs Captain Muro r in an old an i tle servmg < ffloer, and his conduct in this matter is aoove suspicion. MILITARY MOVEWSTR ? OOVKRNORK ISLAND AND the be>:bititinu orricBH. There Is little or nothing doing at iho forta or at the recruiting ofliees.aud mill freeh transports are despatch ed iron ibis city there con be no movement* of oonse queico for us to give to tho public. Affair J at the for t* remain- d in tho same position ytalMd&y. Gover nor's Iflaiu is the only piaco whoro Unre appoirs to be any act on whatever. Tue drill of the re cr .t? ?till ci utiiiues, although there is nothing un in that, as a portion of e:?ch (lay is devoted to tbv instruction of tho soldiers that rauy bo jtationiJ on the is iMid. The sciiocner John N. (.emu is still at tho d' rk tikir m store*. the U> also taking on board a few at the famous c MuinDiads and Cirriage* ? ;ru;lefl which besr the susmcious mirks of " Kort Pickens." The pro p. lier sbetuek' t, of Boston, arrive I at the blond yestor. day. Hhe had on board several tons of coaiuu bit'ls, Nctb "i," cine of pu .lie importance oocurreJ yesu-rday. ln'ormiuou wa* reoeutly received in ibis city, through a [irivati) source, iliat uu tho ilay previous to tho arrival of ibe United states sapper? and miners at ("c.'t Haidll ion from Washington city, their company common kv, ' jeutecant Duaiie, proc?u!c<l to ihi ir permanent quarters at West Point, and de? patch' -d ih"u working in-', la ments ? (shovels, pickax* s, sand ba;s, ,"c , l?. .n'uw York, lbero was a cl'ao sweep mado of every thing -i tho ! stapo of the laito'- article. This fact js pirtn.uiar'y sig nificant. Suid bogs, it mui.t be recollected, aro required for no purpose except as a protection for heavy lies. When tilled they form a most exaollent defence fer field fort. ligations Several of ihe soldiers at Fort Itamiiton 't;ikod permU Sion to visit tl.e.r families at West I'oint bui. liiis trilling icqueettbe military a'ltbnrit'cs san proper t refuse. as si nn us this wa* known their wive s ghartereu a stoirn boat, the t'ossack, so as to bid their h tsb.inds a Unnl adieu. Of oourse it wu a lltllo hm 1 to part tader such circumstances, but dually tho woni< n tojk their leave, and t bo s Idlers proceeded in thoir usual qui' style to

jack kn.ipnicks. arrange their co.npiny ( Sects aud per foim ti e other dut.os incident to the movement of tro?)|?. TBK REOKriTINO OFK1CE3 IVi not ; pj ear to b? overburdened with apj ' ations for enlitttuent. Their b'L*ine^s continuen to be the same an beiore our national duQjulnefl, notvvithstai. dins the fact that buntnew, .ind oocfe-piently the domiLil tor Labor, has fn.".'i oil to a V''ry great exunt. Tho rerrultltg ('dice iu Chatham street, which l? un lor Iho churne of Lieutenai.i M. Cogswell, ap}? ira t'? lie the only p:?n In the city wli?ro the bustness is a lu tin more bri^lt than usual. It is h id thit tho (liilv average of applicants hero amoun's to 'Klriy , but ?ei toiu t,ore tb.ui half that number pn^ tie ardent o:" a n.. ileal rxannrat!' n, and peihipri t< n wnuM be no irer tho num ber of peraobs received daily. 1'onsiMy ii' t'io govorn Uat vi ere ii) nied of soldiers th^j would not ho <v> very particular M U^ey are at present. Tho time may s\ irtly cinie whi u tbry will bo gi ? I to rocelv ) ail whu oiler. Theio is an"th?r cfiioe for the rocoptloa of recruits, sltu.iuu in Hucson stieot, opposite St. John's pork; it la ruder 'to charge of L e iteoant K<gle. Tho rucruiis ro C, jvid Li re are u*e- in me dr.gonn on i artillery scrvt*. Tbe patties otf. ritg tliet elvts for tnli tmci.t at tUn i fflce ai e Tew aud far b< t " v 1 icuUr out llaiikhesu ?>,. nUtids a 'n'.ill r (rultlng dliice in Odtr a-rtot ? ii t.. ai d number of tbe woutd-bc brrosa an Jaosi >t *:t venracr. tul STtvi.Mj ba . myclerl'nw piece or work, which hat heon lon^ k<p' (rem the public view, anil upja whu !i no * irk has bi i fi carried on fur the i"ist "ix months, was ? sieriiay uncovered by several workmen, and apiinenilv a move is about being made t> resume Uio Work. Whether Mr. Stevens Intends tocompl'te iho vessel at his own ox p< iise, or has be? n ordered by t'io go.-crnaiont to go on with tbe work, w?> canrol S ty; but ce-taioly thore in somcth Lg to be uone wi'h it. pMWEijnnx, "pril 10, 1861. I rsfiatehes from Washln^'.on state thit too sloi>pof wur .iiimesti wn and tho frKit<" St. lawrence, now at tho Navy Yard here, are to be fitted oat for sea forthwith. Ni>! i, Vi., Aprt! 10, ijll. Tlie Pawnee railed at six o'clock ?. M. yesterday, with with soaled orders tor the South. CAPTAIN MERCER AND T'iE POWHATAN* PuiLAtT'jin ? 2ar"li 10, 1841. ThcHuUtmuf this evening authuritativuly denies tlio rttu < n.ont* n-latlve It) Captain M' rr*T, of -h?- I'owhtU.i , od . aajH they do blm |r>?t Injustice. Toe ftrmarna* follow*: Ilu If ft the fillip at 3t?U>o Inland by instruction1! from \. HBbtngton. Thwe UiSlracUotui d.roctcJ Uiu com buikI of the ?blp to Comiuodur' 1'vrU.r. THE VIRGINIA 8TA1E CONVENTION. April 1j. 18 '1. 71?c twelfth re*< .lut ion 3a?ne up. ' ? <'*hi ii is moved to (itrtko out * |*irt!on ni'iklnp au tnuwp** inbl? cobdition that no a'i< ra|it b? r.ju'e u> rein force or recapture <he forts, lie. otcd- -17 to 101 Mr W i movrd to ado * cUiii1 1 (. 'clarinj? that i ll tho tort* in tVie Itmita of the *ppolo?I -<tat? (nigh? to '?? tvif uatod for tne purponr of paciliottli a. d o 17 Hip rt M union an annulled wi a auO;itod. It'.O loll la tb<> rpi-olntmi, ? Ih<- "pto of VI {tola wl!l ' ny rp,.*r.ahlo Man 10 obtain imrwera Irom the otiior m.inmi to in- to pro|*> mttocn rf ? uiciinnxtijt. Wi a ?r uvaro of tue ?mo*r nu-?nv i >a 'hat may product* oeUf ; bi.. wilj t-xp-r.t, m M I'ldwpeoeahle c-xdlt.oD,apa.j; !'- tx'ix y w-tl be ;-d?p?*d ?o? ril* ib<- n<eeed ???ten, .mJ nout ecjii oo Tivle tniuo jf< Jk m io fidnral autnnrily ; inr to rotafureo ao> of lb* forte IIIMM on tbo main land ?rd ?'Ui t the 'n-hor* of (Up) of ib<- StuUn, nor to reoapt ir i'?o tort*,.i *<* Dum or "thi-r property ot Uielu.Ud dUtim wi'Ain thetr limit*, uor to i-iact [wnm-ni uf imp<?i? oq their co n merce ; nor any mc*>u?e <AC'<latn<} to pi'1 vok I ortllitte* er oollmlon. Ton fcrut, a rui<iitii Hid o li< r piaetw cedeo to H?o l'n>V>d ai<? ilnijt 4 ? n tl.e DiamiMnd, or Nw >Jje pr-ifvtl" ' of '.ho IMrboi * f?i tin <"-,t<ic<i KUi 'n ?? gf-* rnr the piirp<.*#t of pn-.iiWj btloo, b?' i vari*t*d ay the auUiorlt^r of 'bo fc-.o. jil g rex u Belt. I hi- thirteenth nw liithiB w *- ;h<n U i n tip Thr <)o?>\?o'KjI. I hen tonk t rtvi-w. M"i 1' ? ifiU'm* ot no *f on* -? li' tb> ro^ir' i ihit ?n att?C)|i* win bi> o>* e top itororte lor' Mam'^r i?4t| or m morrow. The nxtrnr.e Id '?? t' th' Qiir<>oti hi k v ih?y *r<> n?t to b-< mored by t >l"i ra,J d' cMlru.'ii, und ^<;ica'< itoat 'bey will Hard b> lb"' gov -rrin t" if h ^tnHm?r? at'HCked. lb'j c? .j <;rT?t v* '*\n ibi" It root -< ntir??'n Af'i r r ??(??*, the Oonveciiir a> un<! 3d ?i.e thirls a".li rr*"lutkiu %c I iiaoii"! it. t Mt f^il- wn R< wvrwl. That lo the "p -ih of th ' Oonr^ivlf the p?>*1>i v irfou* would ?? **"1 1. iy 'ic'.i r; An ferte ral or Of UM O' r^la.'S, t? S ! tig > p.t<l>ji-< ? m'i phhi oi" for >" r. : it vbe r (loft* 1 1 ed *; Inn ?<: 'U iMM of nl?i o.; dU". hk?. m ui.wwo aad 'SitiiH'i* t-? the int4'f p'a Vf L'i'h, aa1 th- y w hi i r? . %ro M.y nurh awtonoi .oe |?\r of oitler *? It'n .'* then f wi U?'?i(o e thfrf > ?u f >' n>i |?>ii?^ Ilndlni tb >(.MMNi erat|o i o( tin ! L'Mtlli ruaomuoa | i-' c I -jt.Tti.U'jii *i!j nro?<1. Tt>t ^iarii Ti*ii?< I ART'.WT ' r TI?K Ol Ti i fit i I HDfTK 'K. | Arm? >0 -it will kt l< ? ll <:t -U. t "l ' * Hu %.jlr | k'ttL'f" p r* K ??ml it if. tci, oMAu?t My M % l><glt: I u;il i rr^ ijre. 1't <? j<-,<l?;t tu lb ; <tf Af *UM M<1 i t?''f fw ? i - k vmi 1 i ll ir f, ?',t) i i%>?)0d <U ?hi i ?* u* '.e v. c ? :v m', ? owi **'* ?' '? ? ?! ?n?. tf" l r< t i" flw t? '? of tb .?? ' , !ii e t I ?? I !? .< ; M '? l> lir-ir r' W<n Mmi?l i'.. i ** n?oi|fnn w ?! 1'von ?' 1 n ii? ir. i t?i i;(hl i"ioi >r Ojtrai. <i ua?r BvCta, win uo I ?.hi .m. us?4 for Mifeltd on. ftrr Avnvei1tCo*-.-4? -The ^roat ?'?pyi 'jht n v '? ?" !;i U-* < *?=?? rf K ?>? na ?* Wheat 1 1 y or 1 (la k?.' hM *t I"' > " I sv?i d> '?ra.uj xi Wan Ke^n# jrr (.ter'Vif rio?tPe-,thr'iU' I !n-ryt Mp. J. P. Moni."1"!*! -y, tli" aura $-'i" .nn^f " ati r.r*f? of ?att, wbicl , COU. I4es'lr.g UM I ?*.' I Mr.a thr 2ni" h?* ii ? n pfln ling, th' oKionaC" af th' c n?. i* ion to ft it and, to- , miu<t b< i>wi4rf aau. Wi w v ? i%, i oi j tt, ?hi"i ? tr to "pt?W<4) ? cttv tnl? !? Um ;? c-pdity Uip i. via', h.ip b. ui fully ?c>iicpeu li>ipvr'?iiuBi at TePiiin'iti ;'? !( >r>., A|i ii iP IM! 1 b* Pi' toll 4 {('? I'm h 1 1| ?h'? ?*' ' ' ' ? . ? ? W i | tut . i, M,ki * !<?*? ' ?.T' ?? t> J?t. t'i?al ahi of 1 1 tt n.|> run m b>.u.| Jr?*?ur l!i? ) Kr *'ty I.Mi.kvr (PfK4 I'M *16? I OUR DECREASING IMPORTATIONS. The CatUu Houae Vratirrtai? nb?) Im? porta Umllf UlulBuliii,g ?? Q,a*ailiy and Value? Tlie eNlxure of DUiu?nil?? Thf Way tm lua port Minam and rt*v? Part of the Dutv-Waai la tae t?u?y a|H>a luiItiatiouM of Pteoluat ft >ar>, (Vc. It ma gad sight lor those who have beta hi tue habit ol alteuklirg tbfCiMtora iiiMMMi wf. u incy u 1 1 100 tbu ihe total want of that activity whMi usually iharaciciized this building. Although the Ftraia, which generally brings a large cargo froot t-jiKU.nd, hvl a'rivod on Tuesduy, mill there SiOined yeaterd iy w> be b it little inc oeo to the bnsuieta of tho previous f< * days. lu fact, buBlneeu but "gone to tbe dogs" fur whit With the war aud the tar in', tho merchants say they will not 1111 poitutall. Everything, in a oomaMrcitl point of ?m?, .m regards the Cuj torn House, in dull, vrry dull, rtie broken hang about, duuig uothing but com meut on the timoB aid speculate on who may bo appointed to tlil such una Bueh a [><wt in iho ('tpartin< nt. Tho app^araooo o' a aeronaut attho uihWh ig now of ruro occurrence ; wberojs, previous to the operat ions of tho Wtrid, ihey used to bo present In such largo numbers tiiat It wag with clidloulty tho desks could be rewhe.1 at all, and the parties hvl to got lu a line, somotiuios reaching from tho Deputy Colleo or's Jeek to tho entrance doors, vid poruaf g wait an hour or moro before tbey could get th<>lr entries pat even oaetKSK, or their outhrf tnk n "Jut the glory of thine times is gone, for a while, at lost. There In do waiting ut tbe d-jaJCB now, except pulbopK at th o entry desk. Tho lo i-g lino of at-rrtantt, broken, A.C., his diaappoared. Th'* ' .viu have busiiii s? ut the C.i. tom House mu/sty this if a blotting; but to the no who wutch tho interests of this c'.ty it presents a dillorent aspect. Whon reg lUr trading Tffgela enter iho harbor Isdononty with c.'nik or bailwt, t bo g lorv of one of the Hn? t oainoMrotal cities or 1.(10 world aeeuatkst sinking in the shade. Titere ia no plane in the whole metrep lis socuer allvutt 1 oy such ci'iuos than ih.- Custom 11 >>iee. The dlum n<1 jewelry that was weizeii from the i?>mon o' a pateettger by tbe 1 'etc la has b-eu r<>ioa d by tho authorities on pu> oi (hu uoties. It b.n bo u 00 ciocd that the article* weio not fo? s ?|e, but m <rely t> ir chii: < q aniv id, iuid intent.' 1 an presents by tun passen ger to oeikcu meml-or* uf hi* lanniy. Tboroioti why so favorable HOOtiS'dcraMon waa t>ken 01 tho '.tsewt-t that the Collator beil.vod tho ijuhmv r di<l not Intend to attempt u> defraud tho iovuiue, but (tid placed tho articles on his t?"feo for security miner than run tho ru k of leuviug thtitn in h ih trunks, liemg 1 Strang* X ? 1 tliely to tho4 laws of tho country, tho ottondor wai ua nwnroof the regulations ciiceniing Jowolry, * ? ("hat tho gcodf wrr? not for hMowu 1 ergoum u.ho u- u? 111 talfi - 1 initio l.iot that portiottj tnoreof wero orn itu.'nlg for a lad). A new pita has lately b vu mloptM with rogard to tho Importation of gesars A la/go quantity of tine eogara wu:4 purrhsseil |b llavant vnd hbtppod to Vow Orio itM. iho uoty w:uj h?re 1*1 'i under 'ho ol 1 t ififf TI10 g.*j la vn-ro then S' i t coagtwine trom Now Orleans t ? N'ew Yorn. A new iluty could not bo deluund-d ? >r at ioaHt leiftliy taken on thix hbipmont? lor good? Irom 01m oity ot tho I'tjlteo ftati h to another cxnnot bo mhimmso 1 ror duty. If (.rwirn from Now ' irIeaM wire to be ",ti 11 ';ed wit 1 uutv in New York, it would bo a virtual ro. ognttHKi by tbe North of tbe separation ol tbo Htat< a iu>d tbefurnuiwmof anew nation otd-r the stym ol the "Southern Oo?iiod?ra y ? io laet, treating tbo goods au'tvisnuls ag bel mging 1 1 or costing from 14 ferritin country. An tutry wiu? proconted at one o* tho entry de?ki yos tcrday on wh'oh it wax stated tbe pbtpo* tit r ol .-tntod of a quantity of precioim stoois, lm tationa <>1 precious stones and cam*-t? Among tnere imitations of p> ectons n tones were some of lava rtieie ih no gpecti'. tiion of " mutation" of prootous ft new iu tun turttT 1 xoe^t "c ttn pueition^ of pnnto or gl.. ? Wlietnor tbi so Uv* swuos eo'ild Im? o?'ueiuered tig is o waa a matter of ilo-ibt. It was f nggt sted by one < it w.-m a prciiaiatioii of s!?y, wbicJi would jiay don ... tho duiy of cumpof.1 ions of pa.tie. The appraisera aul, however, have to decide tlio qneiion. Tb" woik in tli" Apnraiscr's ofllro In now ine'easlng as the lmpoi tatieea heeemo leseeO 'd. An livoloo o wire c?u-e<i 11 great deal of trouble to tin .iporaUiora yester day. ih.-ro in one con." ?latlon to tb'^ Uidlvidu ?ls, and that ih. if tli" labor of H|i,iramuig ig uioro*."'"! b . tb * new tatlti, tho >|itHnliiy of g<KKiu to be lyyoi od will be on bo very gmail. The Haltlrte of Stephen Van IlenaHclu.T. ' The Hulcldo of Mr Btophon \iui llenMelaur, at No 474 Rroaiiwuy, on Monday Bipht, wan tho ^object ol investi gation baforo Coroner Jncknuui. Tlie Insu '-t wvi con ducted ut iho late l"d;'inp of t'.io deeciutod, No. 1M3 1 oi'tili avenue, In the prewim ol a urge number of dcccuod'H frlcrde and relative*. Among the wune-^i.i placed upon ih< aland wiu' Aenorul Vim RotiKMiiaor, the lather cf decetpod, *h?> Untitled 10M1 souk having mttdi a prevlouH att? mpt upon his life aorao threo yearn ago. Hie teitimony ol MiuS W'niktnm, one of tne ocuiipaut* of theraloon, in regard to the nmnirr of docoaaori oo thu filial m^nt, air I Lut ol nervation* just bout i- {uriitklng of llbi poiaonous driufihi. won rath?r Interesting. vuioxed j wnl bo found u report of thu procucain^i its Uicy trau Fjtirt d before ibo t' - Keph:u Tar TViumlaor, raiding at Albany, being duly iworn, ?"iH:~-I'ecea?ed ?a? my noa; about tnreo years ago, *fc;ie at Albany , bo pinctiisod some ut idanurn, wlncb he drunk in thu prennco of iho dru^gi-i. ol wooiu he txiogLi It, It wit i nip, him' l that ho to ik n tor ujo p ir p,ne ol dtKtroy iiig blmiM II; medical aiu win umneJiitioly procured, the potn'U won removed mid docooaod re co?nred. FXta WUli.iDiH, of No. 476 )? n.x.vlwar, depoeo I ?s ro' - lo?i ? iKoeufeO canio iuio tho a*>ove plicoabont t?u 0 clwk on Monday ni|<ht; be bunt ou'. and in Hove *1 Uinta during tao *t,i> , when lie oumo iu at ton o'clock he whk al?>nt ; he went directly bob ou the bir and look ?h?. 1 K'ipi <i?ms| wax braudy ami p .uied it luto a tumble ; tin meciatolf aft# waron he mil, "I *n tik -n a Hhdiwga woith of laudanum he '.hen t ime out awl it on tut Ioiidl'o, wh' le he hat about throe quartern ol an hour, while tit Hog there ta" talked Hi b'? u ual manner; after waron he became aleopy, aud s?id he di-4 not wiih to be f\vu.kiwd; be naid ho wanted to tako Iiih lent (deep; we ti ted to k. -op bim hwikh b> le'lun# bin laco cold water aud rhakuiK h ni. In thin lx cuine very <liowi>y . *bt i. wo ?> ot lor a pn?i i> wo, who arrived ai abo?at eiwea o ciotk, the pl?? wh r-' I live la a drinkiLg aaltMin. it la kept by Mr. Hoyt; when | deceeiu-d camo in, at itc ocioct, M>a. Bolton, hmh <U lie \Vi son and royM?ll wt-rn in the room, before he drarik bo placid four t iinMcra oo iho 'V>uuter lindackel e ch one to iirmk with ma ? 1 "to uJte the iu<t drink " iyi Lc IX, 'Ill-cod It; Ibe doc or g.vo nun nomii kin i of n poaoer, aad orden d warm **lor and roltin, docea^fd * .i tuk< n into a beirooin aim p ici 'l upoo a bod; ho con timed very aie py until about hull ival on- o clock, mbi n be died. .ikiiitw; : be.t n, realipr.g In J llnbeih gtrent, n^ar Brm me. ItntiOed aa f ih.iwH; ? I wont ui No 478'. Ilr way akoiit hilf paxt nine o'ci-i a on tt"iidty ni^nt, 'le ?> Mri<0 was there at the luoe. and H'-eine i ui oo ex litod; ' talk d with him tor rone- tioie and tried to ipiiet bun; hi tfcen wen' down aiaim, ano M "o .i terw.irdB i?l 'rnei, a: t ? (. n* behlbo the bar, a?Kcd ihe ih i-ooh in llio ronn toiir.nk, lie men poured KomctbUK Ir. in a Hil l dtiuik II ; b< raid he had taken a nhibiiig w jtlh of U ioa uirn, be ? K Uii. ?>' tie- inllu- I ? o of l"|u ir Ht tlioluii", mull afti rward* a phy? cian wan "? i.t lor, wao uisu aiol a teauid .Heeaaed , I left about on* d'cl ? K. ion Croiichaud and Uray, wtio attendod drv-.-iwe I In h a o>ng nicnu iitH. iiate it i.n their opinton that deuti rau?ed by l.'ik>l|( laudanum I hey made (ei po?t m?r. ?? Di i xanunatMin of the bo-iy, but fiomlfo hMt ?ry of 'I.e.JoelLey were Haln>li"d :bi'. -lea' li w* .' " .l.labiot oy th? anm nrntrati 'ii of ibo jmir it in i| oeat'on The <a?e wan tben aubmitoj to trio jury, wb >, a'ter di.i il? libel at l<>n, ren oored a vetuict ol " <uici lo by lai uaio in." I tie h< d> w.,n then pUcoi lr rh? iro of tbi ??in ? preparatory to loing w-nt to Aibai.y for inker mcnt. I*ellrr lntrlllg?M?a AN AMALGAMATION BALL BltOKKN If BTf TDK PA LICK. lArft evealng the Eightb waid peliee, under <!a|>U'n Htlmea, eoeceeited in breaamK up an aniaUamtiion ba'l at loeetltutlon Ball, Wic uter itreet, orin;K4> "d entirety of w bite woora and black men. It Hi-em* tlmt ,ir?|Mira tiona had be? n male by the larkiee to get up ihea.'iive Hall on an eiteusive aoa'e, a heavj price hemg vk ? * for ttcart* of admlkHion K?- ry pr-.*uikn wac tik ?u tti t'. none but wni ?? Wain?n weie tn be i?im'tu<d, a-.o wi n a ' view of a* cuilii|| a lull attwiMalioe a ut k<- n ,m ier of nytnji/'t it* pur * wwe liOue,. dti lie pna ut. A ti'Jtkir I oi r< w.jUh ahoh?'1 tx en mart- a? ??? ol tbefa'X >ot-i.idel to oon.e oi'wti on the party at a Uie b ' .rand bi-*? it up. I (;te u< U.oo-^iy.n^Tii,, that tbej i?x< llkei> to '?e nwleet eii. i>?i ii 1 1 uihici ii*.pt HaUbee an I aaked u.a - 1 bj ii j it j> proUoi'd riilt it 1*1 laft r*Uftto wliii km l i bull #ui n be. ilie'apuin btlMVii* that It wa*?.'ity ?o > * ?lo'e't >all pr< m ?->'d >b it bo wutei e p?riy ?. uu. I i.i >iwtUMn .miikftr iti?ilirli") baikll ?a|?uui RtilMi ia*iV*v1 '.he loilowui^ letlei ? rr w Veil*, \prll |, ("tit ? ix? H.h ? Tt.ere l? to ?>? aba * oed uliai, i r*,l li r.uba ai d e ? ? n *. "i dl a 1 n i law M iwrm 1 ?*l ? ate a"' n uftl" au ?ni i||ib? Iihi bad i'-a eon ?> .u?n *?i> l) ui *bm oiii> n it -i I-.-" M i" ii - . ? M' cr. ^ 'ui > aiog i.-n i Ml 'h' ..jiio? a 0 11*11 i ' i*e it 1.|Coi i p^ri' 11 iu. I'lui >ttar? ii r p ae* ti'? ' i'Mi S|( t ? J lake p'ai.-e " tr in I k i- -co * i uutilui .r omf" -i *,0 ? r j'i" 'In |" ' i? "" ef tfc. '-ii - la "'i'n I IV i,i>fl|Wi ? j . trioiat'o n -'i -d Hwiln, u ? t'< o i.i ? |.',vo i ?riii oi ii * r , wotnnr <U >f, an|u atlotlf ih" *r get op lie ?,i I C<ii tale n*ltn<> up .? m.i*u f kn,aai*>-t th" art tL ?ui h a boll *i *t,it":o in in, u.r.Mio < ir tt J ao e. irngiy, wit'i *Bs ("www tM Mrivti Mh'*re ?rr' ? *? "**' i no* at lAetiine r.,( u- ni ?r '.-e. r ti larktea #it?i k >lh> w.wnnjuvi , f dun..o" Hi s ? loiotbe bu i .pta n lieioiea in i *? 1"? tbatin bai, w. ud lake niarw, a< it km* ?meilr a mature that It wvttlii tuido ibti ? igu a ' i?iu ?.a hi wiumttoe Tn.igot up ;h? ih'1 ?? 'imt were var; ',v -i| er.nt Ui i ml 'ba*. tiiir' v * , *# ^ q ? ^ ? iiu |t,a d?'?e *i' f" i ? 'i ' ' y 1 ft. 1 1 ^ ? ,j ,j ||| re wm e*> weofoi ?ending HfMnft lb- p. n-e. f'l.i n* .e ev.-n.' p #< U*- ri tf if,y v?hU" * **i ( Vk W,dllm tt*?* Ua? ? * ' w ?** gin 1 to swt i iraC-it* ou Ub"iog ibit th y;ia;o Li a. IWwWk'ige. BAJLNEY AND THE APPLICANTS. Tk* Rmh for K*i OOrta? (aaMt 9c? mmt ?D>i MaUtur *????*?* 'Prl?k A tV unti) m> ? d? " Hi?r?" Ri public** Of. Ilea ??efcrro? <% u lulanous App *?ai_ A fekrfiii Ttticm fruui One of ife? &?., Ac. The Custom Horiki to beonnlng a theatre of oieUe mout, and man;- p?i bows pur 'be r 'tutda a visit, from five niiLutfH hi tlneo till four o'o.oo?, tor 00 other par prce thun u> see the fun Ouh of the a erks wbo bad been ID the CuBtutu {louse for years J?W?J WriWl U at "be bad Dover, 1! urine tbe ?hoe lino, so?n sucb a ri -h at the Collector's door as tlio-c bun been d irtQg the 1*1" three day*.'' At uail-p-iit two o'clock, and even earlier in the after DtoL pi rsons wi'b an unxtooH g-so and "agor aspect coulj bttv? y <*!)?? rrtuy boon h-a- I aiatlg the atmoM bow stcK'otj jw it imiciry of "Wo?re in Ms. Bu-uey'a hob, !f jou pleasef" Ymte'day t ? 11 qui -y was MM of a sn'bll boy the tin| itrcr diiabtkgs tip.ctkng him to be an imoeeut y< uih '?My )a>l," said tin, "can yon teil uie which la Mr. Bsr? ncy 'b room'?"' "Wbich of thimv" a>-ked the i>?y. "Are th?>re more than ot>*Y" i?q nre t the man "Yes,'' ta<d the boy, "there la f;.?; IWney, Utile Bar ney ai d Baia?y's brother* " "I win. 1 tbe Collector," remarked '.ho mia. "Woll, bo don't v? here, but if you will give ma a quarter I wi'luhi w you where b? n>a> be found." After come h> si tattoo iho quarter at?h produoed, when tbo boy poinr.ed to U10 rnim on the opposite bkJc at tbe rotunda to the proper pLao?, an .1 over wfiien tbe word "Colli ctor" was written ah p.muu* tbe man bad passod the door the boy clearod with a grin. :-bo?tiy after wurcB tbo matt reappeared, and bis ounie.uujoe plainly t-howd ho bad be?n ' Bold for a qnar <or." 8e looked for tho boy wltb tbe li.nuc.ent faon, b it bo *ih nowuere to M found. Applicants sh Old l>e wary of Utile bOfS, with lnroo nt fucea, eepec ally around ihe Custom rl >u*o. Quarter to three o'clock arrived, and bo did an offleer, who k>'pt tbe floor leading to ih't C dle.'.tor's room e<tar 01' ail but tbooo wbo looked lite applicative At Ave in'unti H to th'cn tbe galleries heimu ???) 1 j occupied wild observers, as before, one mm caliei nut to ona of in ?w ov' ilxiktiH and li quired huw tie l.ked the fun. Fhe ?::? .laveiouH looking Buitle that ho g^re In aiMwertoii tb>> tal'i a? plaiDly as 1:' ho bi'l rrpu-d 1 > ibn very worite of tbo fic^H :u tho faoie, "H'hti .afui to yoa M death to us " three o'cl ek a? rived, and bo d.l tbe crowd Am tug thont :i4>em;)led wei e twi 0 dot e-1 ci" j. AHhiogh mo poiitio.- ut the applu'/a^tB are B?pp .-> d k> b> in favor of tin! fquallty of tbe ruci'i, tbey to u ^oid ^ gi'ethe Cdorcd applicant*) a wide r ui/ 1. H n; of thein walked about tbo butl<ii)>K rather th>m bo h * >n in ooinptey wiihMirh applicant!). Notli l?: d urn ???! by auy m i?if?x tuiiiim ui 11 ,>u^' nice shown id their viuluit},tlMd*rk es pukhod their way Into the crowd tutnagel to g>?i prtity done to the door. Shortly uft? r tbieM o'c^ k t mtn n a whl;e co%t with bluck velvet collar entered toe ee?t vaoatod by ooe of tho livputy Odwetors, and, having gi'ten one of hii tnchdn to join in tbo g.tuio, tlio following ae^ne en sued "1k> j ou wa Dt to >oe the Oo lecttif Mid tb<i friend to one iu vwl use la/ e ?-a? plainly '.o b>* aeon tae ev deuoo o f bu I'p'ug ncimiy irooi it>? o.>>nii> "Yt a, mi *??? Urn ri p ?. "it)' le he id, ' mil thi r [>> nting out the moo la tb? whit" 'Mutt witb oUck ??|7mi o >tUr. I p to die i i 'k i 'in oouutrvunui gooa "?ir littriii y,1' wnu b?, "i?? ??? tny pipers " "Very *i li . ' ' replied 'be u '??? r of tb'i abite coat Ud b!u<k velvet culUi , ?' *b*t i dice do you retire?" Tlie aba?<r ?u< given " You arc ?,,p.)i' u.J, ?ir," Mid be in the Deputy 0?U?3 tor'e tk'?'; "jour pai? r me ?<i va?y ki?M. 1 will awmr 3 on iii hi oeoe '* n.iunnig mm toa v jluine naid t>y pM proper occup?bt oi ine mat. " tittve you ? dotierY" I \fcbeib< r it out thought tbat tbe joko gwelur enough ir no. wa i am ut my, b.u it ? -a at unw put |? lo^i to by Hi ilbcr, tuin in oj m ry iu.u ilid i??. p.y tli< dolui , but U>vk up b>8 poniiDU auuurf .B.) crovf.l by' Ui? 1 1 or. ' Koi soma raaaon or o her th-' ilour ?u not oouoe 1 y?rt f'lUujf till ba I pirt (l.r a o'oinck. A'. tweuty uiluuVua p it-t ibiee a ruiiior g t alloat iba tba W>WHr ht i (one iu W uhli'i.gtoi. , ac i that tb?re w ml 1 be n ? r? c p. em that day. Oi courrn tber? w-tt ?u i nvieuioi t at ?.be u??a,aiil duril)( ibo i.ixt lau m uuies tlio ippl cauia dixitiM full ill Nil, my Jilt C< 111 "rlabw? "*uile Walke-.l round to |be i t Lir ii >or U> n .like inquiries ol loury, tbe dj? keeper, if Mr. IWlu.) womd m tii m appnoauta or no. tta, of ? curie, atiiMHtra tboui ui m? aill'iu itivo, bit toil i lie tii i Cat tiny murt gi round to ib> iiUmt door. At lialf pant till re o'clotk the mio Kerpur wo-t rO'itl in irott biaidcli, kD'l ?ub h mlb d illu-ii-y iumi i bis ?s?y to tto <]ia i , iu apply tbi! k y to iuiiom it rle w?* uo 'in - pali 1 1 (1 by tbe lAci r, au ' Dad air no of apple >ot?. ?tl) followed in a ku d of a ruuniug tr?t A'. Ia?t tbo duur aaa opvned an1 aruaL iig f<|u> ?-r> -ins i?-d ''be ulB vor eall - uu out ''lkiu t crowd a<>. iLura ia ifi uocaooo Ittr IV It it juft ai ??>ll to t?Ka it raay." rnamt r ? ma r ka Maned to h ?v? only one etfnct ? ?iz to mate 1 1 V) crw# I p.i?b all llif more, tfutatiwt we were uiaidt, and f aiud Mr. Uuio) bad takrn p nowtiuii not to d? pualwl into tbe coiLei again, lor b? btu pUcrn a nomli Jo.'iioxiil bureau ? alH ui li ur l?? t iiigb, r>, a Miut two tmi acuaa eitnar <ra/ ol Ui? top ? brt*rd. tbe i*bla au<i tba aifa, aul oouae quuiitly tii iwacu tbeu.peaiur au i tbu ruwd. Mr B?r uny ?iu rtaiidiuy wlirn Uia crow l ? ama la oat hw ob?ir li?vn |i bwu pi iuihI u<w bun be ti v d to rroam bie tmI ti m * bile uratod He, bo?r*? , f?uud vut U>U Uk*t iMiur?? Diacr Ins latior iba tuore arou?uii, and be r-?w hgaiu t?. b.h teat, tie w^a arhl-t d oy tbu 8aA? gantle OiiD who Vk CI n pieftMbl Iiu Cli-oi ly. Ibe appiioiiiB, aa ibuy cam" iu. ?a-ti wtabed to be Ul4 Brut reived. Mi. IWue> , bo*u*?r, lubaoied Umh ta?t ?<mie fyi U in '.f uku>? tb- doenui -u'H uiuai. oa umM, and au be cbt+?- to reo? iv? 4ieai u?rr n a ouiuau b-jfu-e mau liobad. I be ap,.li aLta b?l aktii Uiel' pU ire several oerp, id fioiit of bo(n inbl- ao<l imr-wu ( ine tail pe'noa of leulobioori>m, upon beiug arkeo i Otoa ba wtabei, ! n pip d 'ba w?a Lot pvticinar, but be w u..i pra'er W be 1 iMptty Cukciw " tnotllH ??? Uta aua ?er, and pereapn ! tb" .ppi.out m?y b? s o-wa^l'ii "roii t ba wlab ba may gat itlf" ramarked ens of tbe ' b)M*b< Ol H "le>tauly," lerpon ia^ another, aa tba apfUtoant left. The cow id |K-imHi ui?n?Kri t?g't tteir p*pe/sroe?l??d. I lbey airbo'i or a very biyb olliae lodevd. i A vaiy buoioi ova umk>i auring tba reoeptK* yiBlmlay A Oiaii iu tbat *rj Ipua ml+i* Jf b -p^' ''??* g. btrally d>NC'ili>d by naiiorM aa i cing " brae sb<?Ua to ilia w m of wb?i ir kouab liaiter ui tbu OJUutry aa b? ilk 'l>?bt, ' p*ld tbu ? liaouii a virlt. " You Lata my ai>p ica< h*b ail pgbt,'' said ha W> the party b?biiia tbe Ub ? ' tlid ? id have mgned it, but be will c uia niii. rpeaa lor h maait and me " " AbatiSyuU b?bir Y" aak-utba Secietarj. " I bulla M?i>h*n," Mai ba. ' ^ " Matsbn I; ibat a a k> oi bama.'1 >ai ' tbe flccretary. "All gb> ," raio aa, ab-i b?i k d nut lb a lew mi utea b? rrapp^xei at tba bureau, and hub a > a paper iu Mr. cam y , wi>o read mi p it to bw n?w*tary. '? Ii I d n't get tbe ?ituatk'iii I want Uiat bask agtin." " Tbrb." Ml<i Mr. Ik? bny , aa b< b.tii leu It DwuK, " jOQ bad better keep tn>- ungaai and aeuU in a cw " "<0 , ? ou bave if a uiy ?iiiilutewi and t?-ai 0 enough." " 1 rbtiul'i thill* a i," ?b jir- r ? a byi'Md"* Al er a lew uiure trivial icmuki but tlgbtasan qlenred out At flva minutes to four o - lock Mr IWney beggad to be ? xcuaau fr> m free vla? at-y ui re apiaioataiiie, aa b ? bao a very iUi|^?U^i m?ag> iimi.t at lour o'cHi I fbe U.hecioi tbeb l?it it-er.iin and I or a faw alutitea tan rtlary counuued to le aive tba applioatiuoe, ekirh d< ubtlera ai.s? ai mi tbe ram-, purpi* aa giving tbeui to Ue l oll, ct ii prrtot ai/y It waa ui.d?r*toud 'bat Mr 4a umf w>m'd leave the city lartavebiig for WanbittloB. t>n ck tluite luforwaa ? tu b v? Id but be ascertained KullKW it to say tbat but a ibort t!Bi? will Hape* bal 'e be pay tbe na^^ ^ I fllctol visit, If b- b Dot a.rradjf on ttia w Ibe t ID? lur lead. I ? ate P'f'Sii g ?-1., >11,^.,, ^ Atucaol the Ottk? j eater 'i vi w. awputved a sokl of a siauied daygvir, V m Uieis wk.s written IIMMIIi '?rieath to any spp'icii ^for thl/ il**k." Tba poibt ba l bee* br k< u .IT, a i it wm KtaU-d, ?oy the ton**' M??w iti .( b?o tiuHi-d iti?f b u^i Ht4io, wbicb w*m t/f ti ?* ni b?i? ?*( jit* k tin m ?uii ro t? um iirKt o?| ?r I I umi i g 'hut ii m dfifl rn?*.i Dili b*ou i ii'ick r?p,|()i|. Ciiii )b? C"iM 4 n ti?) ?uci?^cn^ttl tor 4 uui ?? but pooa* Much* tbi u i a c*l cl u h el tim n**dmr *1*1 j t ttWi?/ btil jTto III* CI 0/ kilo I'Uiv.liXi ua/. Coart ( slmdsr-Thli (Hy. ifirns Uji^t ? Clftrvrr ? |*?rt |? S43 Kto #17 r?,wa,Hh w47 m, 9,6 gST.'Si* tfli.wu rart *-?.*. ?t?, ?n, srn, i m j.h. an., ioj, in r<?, 7W, T-n, 7 H8, 7w, 7w, ;w, ;n, ?oo I k02 ?04, ko? I or AJ-iMig ? X(S. 3<f, 1#, 39, 40, 43, 13, 46, 41, -VtMiKi* Cotit? Part 1? N*. ?01, 1W?, 717 1<T( 1*1 ltt-U, >mil iTOft im, 1JW. 1711, Mail, V'tlp IfpiA K7. I?7?, 7/17 I an i?> ?>. UM llM), 1148, |1(W, lilfl 1'2?. IV2H I'M, MH 73^. lOtfl, H44. l.wS, till ? onaiift Pif^a ? ''art I? <'a?? on Part 9? N,? 319 6&4, M8, 04, MS, KM, M)1, 870, t)78, ?74, 1177,878, Ml, Mtf! I 'a rrxD Wttw I UTaiiT C.irar ? No?i 84, 87, U 41 44 Arrival! an# D< p?rt area. AMMI V af.A