Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1861 Page 3
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MOliMB*, TO LKT. A p Hit ?i*o $o< N ./ Mat * j l???at a> ? Arte, joa-a'tun,; 4 ?MI ri.iuK, ^ dstiirv*, *>;riiwe ?u ?-1 r ij. M>nu? slleste-' ,u -it r". a. imm lot 1U> f?;-# (aaiir ?n fmd Acer MbHjr te a. WHlTncii irk sat* ste,ar fc u?nnw>?li *??? tore. 4 makt mxoBLi baaEmknt Bssiie'B, so.* A e nanus street M:?tl very ??'*r to a good mb.>?uL Apply at R. fl. I* ItUfl, III N Wwii * ruet AH 0FFf?E TO IAT -nBITaBLK FOR a *Kirr.J?? or peytk* em. In un H.n.{J, h '-sia- n?it Loom, ku been oueop *e b- ? ?o?ti?t r*r mis y-^trt ?'.* It .Kir T pleo*. Bbefchcr rtmri, #u;y ?ne tuw;k lak af Breads*'. A li?? awn w had <?<r o too- if dt? red i v K^bUtH til^a to let?at nbw A brlghtm ln-.dl.ig, aut n 1*1..J 11 ruentc ?ttk ta tyivvM.c '<- * wlila*. * rah ml <u > l beUBO*, I .re. fruit ftkd loth, u garde ?, >vrj acres of Uw?. wotJl sad, ho.; r*at fl.-lU Kk*?LEY, l IT Grills < A 09 , 41 Boat Fourtaon'h street 4 WERT t;LA?8 lUiia olORr IMbM4 'A t*i's*? ur ^ b-rti:. >u*aif *urui*icd, hvvt-ig ni-elc' u ?pi'"rien..r.oes.'n ? e v to g ami) n m tlt'cuti s'rie.; r?nt$IHIW w, bin h-rn inli.ut-'* walk of Dm so *q"are. d* AOl aY, MUTOHiN'a 4 tjQ, 41 Seat Fourteenth street JF-Rk-T Vli -W Fid WTOAY AND RAHriMRNT bieea kUiuM House, Nt. 38 J urs street, to k*i. T-eai |i 4j0 Pixaetoloa '?> t"?k The houae is now being pateioil aua pap* i*<1 all through A T kcKAYjLL' -TO LKT, A T RttB SlOttfK^B jQ aiit t'i'i uuitcf on lar iaA bri. k tisute, with alt the ae-d. i u no ,r-.U'losii.a in v. glity A i siren, first h u-te w t af hint areaua, north ?Ua Jl tire streot, inquire at the hkrO house. ?T TaYINAIoN, KKWiRi, K. J., ONE MILH FROM ?wn'ou -tall and tt< adlm from heuth Oiuuge depot, su.tsblr far a gentleman. a baUH, (4< rdau aud -'arriagi II ore ?th i n 1-lyut fiult, will lir le-. a mod-ra il?u - %'jmi par au< inn apply w> J. at r*felfnt >. re Cbiuhknt k ii-a-t. o PfctkL vhLi?.tt UaI.L, a joliong the r vrin. 4 Q tiu liliaf TO I.EA8B.--a LaRHK A two nviu", nine au?e, 'tank room, dining reooa M:ah n he . en a yood avntiue. In a g km) in J^hnnrloud. .vail aoaptrd lo a lire' ?l aa baatiiea* lc giaxl BKia, lab *an in gono t?-rin?. Apply to.leinet K. liiDflET, 14' ./hiunbera at. A Pa-' Hb'Nl'd TO IrET-SBCrtNO ?LO<?A. POOB R *ra-i and PanTt'-e md the k-rt nmnuinir, In thti large tbrar atam bailee X King airaet, anar tteodnugal trnit. -la* a 1 the Bkoderii mprnviinru'*, ond la lit a very giateal neigh bat band. Apply at JdH Brtokdaay. k VERY HAM'HOME HOl'HK TO l.KT?ON A I aet Tweu ) third ilta" ; the )f'<uee la tu good order hea all tb? ?>od? rt taapraremanta and will be let far 47.ri rnsaeut ecdupant pwya $dOU ILlNrtlilJlAH A * iLvl.iX, D43 Fourth aveuua. AHOOEBN H ILT TU&EX BTO&t BRICK HOOttR. ronutiuicg eigk'.een rooata, to a rraponsible truant will be let foi A.iS a year For mrther aartrculam apply on the pre inlet, h, 1,? haal Thirty lirat atrnet, naar ceaona avenue. A MOK BIOH HAFEMBNT FOB TAILOR, A'!.; AL.HO A en upper fl 'or three large aaomn; ren.a g'U and gd; hoane erntral-, location respectable h'o. 375 Eart Tenth at. AFINB COUNTRY SBA.T TO LET, FaBNI8UEI>, rery l?w; ten aeree, handsome e!ty hauae ga>, and hrnrv n adern impray. o ent within twelve nthea at ihealiy, half a telle from rei at; or will eachaugu far Hrooklyu or oily pro Afplyt to J An. ROlCh, Aenara. Arkell A Uurat, 16 A PARTMh.N1 B TAOAJIT-THRBE BAtJC ROOMS AND A balaony, No. 461 ?HAaon street: also three bwamuent Barms, two partHra gan enclosure One ya.d, oellar and all hnp-i vt mrn'M. Apply at No. 8 Tenth street, bei ween Fil th and i nth avenues. A HP URN DID HOUSE TO LET?FURNISHED OR UN farn.ahed, 41 Herenth avenue, corner of Fourteen!h street; also 100 others wall dtoated, all over the city; 100 Htora* and Lofta, from Wall to Fourteenth street*. N. C. BIoHOP, 114 Broadway, store floor. A La AO it. NUMBER OF COUNTRY BEATS TO LET A r i ibe -eav n?rtlt iated at Toukera, Washington Ueighta, Fardhvni. dtaten Island, Long Island, and other desirable lo catlaii*, furnished and untarnished DlNuUbitS A tiOLD&N, He 8 Pine street and 1,344 Broadway. AMOR), 30X87 FEET, ON M8RCER BTRERT, aeurlv apposltn Row rd street, bant $1,1X0. Apply to P. A VP LETon A t'O., 443 and *46 Broadway. A LALOE BOOM, 40X87 FjtXT, ON THE MtOONB A St. ry of bulldtng Noa. lb and 17 M -ro^r street, near ltuw ard street rent $80P. Also a Room, 2tl(87, third story of the i sure building; rent $30U A FURNISHED HOUSE OH THIRTY-SIXTH 8TR8ET. to let low, tor sir a ruth* or longer, beiwe-a Ff.h aaa Ruth availuas flva s'ortex, Anglah basement, b-ovn stone, flrrt slwas, :l>x6b\ with f urnltuie. elagsnt and complete Ap |t^to DINOA H A UoLDEn, No. 8 Pins strati, and i,Mi T"PhrPATR FAMILY OB PARTY OF OBNTLRMBl? A in search af a fl -st class furnished Houa*. with all the teod-m Itepi quire ma kits atad, aearv very law rant, by addressing Fountain, Broadway Post oOlos. Pnaseis on Inmedlatcly. |>ROADWAY?STORE 1.144, NEAR TWHNTT SIXTH JPfc'reei lo let; wtU ><e put la complete arder, and rented low toageed Uuan . Apply to X H. Ot/DLIPP, 119 Nassau Broadway ntoub to lhahb?the larue, saw Barbie flye svrrr bultdlag, 2dw hv i:? feet. bo. 734 Broadway, appo^te New York Hotel, ialshed throaghout la Mia most the eugh manner, p ate gtyei window*. Or woo fly. teres, Ac . As Pass ess ton Immediately. Apply to JOHN WOLFS, .18 <nrrsa strict. BEOOKLYN.?TO LET, A HEOOND FLOOR, WITH wnrhboiiae and ee'lar, water and g is. la a uanieal three story brick bou*-: location un-ieaptiou tbie Noel $ 36 |i -r y-nr A; p'> niw Hoyt street, near Lean, ten' walk frunt the terries. 1 own salon Uniuadiately. 1BAN0E FOB A OOoD BARBKR ? THE BAEBHB J l hen at 88 Prince stroat, flnit doer off Br ??<!way ss-i si arcn ai tn vi ciaes turnieneo nous*, will all tae nprovemenis, In oomulute uder with all the re. ts far h g-itletnan s residence, inosl dpslrahly site r "A ashintmii square aan heurof tha same, st a I , j. Aalsg Ball A Blmik s, la far rant. Far further particular* apply en - be rranuaea np stair* l^tFJNAFLk HOU8B TO LET? AT NO. 1M TENTH 1 ' street, between third and Fourth av nun. App y a 4V Ware, n aittwl FUMNMBED HOEeb TO LET-BROWN 0TONB, VIHI modern Improvements; gt-ntrel neighborhood. K?n? Birr. k bii.d'Ii * Dpi? kt 1*1 V\?wt Thirty fourth street, be teem Bruaiwav and floveuth avenue. frlaOlORY TO DRANK (IV NEW Ca"AE urAEBT ?T.TB JP 'our atory new brick Building 79 now Canal str-et, nea All n, 23 by 60 feet the s*?< mxrt and 1 at at try aulia-ilx fo anil store. *jh>k to Mr. OKI, on pre mine t, or to J. M BRUSH, 14 *Mt r.utvaeond street. FURNlaHRD BOUME IN VEST TWBN.'Y-THIRD ?Irret <> rf rt. A very eligibly l.-eated ami modem aly well fernl?b?? three aiory and high henemeat dwelling House on the north aide #' Tweatrthlrd eLrrt, between Huh and tdevenlo areaoea. wl'l be ranted to a nrlrete family for all meniha, at $IM rer month. Anoitr-Uone*l?;ng nuaea and laartlculara wtll reoulvc at lea'ton If addrenaad to T. J. 0., hoi 817 Poet oftioe. IfOaNI-UBD HOI HE IN TWRNTY.THIRD IT ASM f to lei fur >di months or laager, at a vtry lew rent to a amah prorate family. tn good orier; furniture ti e' elan* and complete. I'eaaaaaiea amy l. DINQbE A dOLDit.V, Mo. r Pino street. and l.Mt Broadway, FVRNIBKED HOUSE TO EST -A HaTDVIIR THU1 atory nigh atoop brtak Nouae on BmoUrn II dghta, aotn plctely furnished, wlii be let low to an eaeio?pUou?b!a ten Mat, with or whhoat the Purrdture Eooaton unanniaaaed, ? amending nplendld bay views from rear wlodwws. Ad draee X . b ?% * 9o2 Poet office. FVXT.HBED HOUSE TO LET ?a YRRT l)B -IKaHEB modern three etery and at'le Uonae neatly fnralabed, n On lama dlale vicinity of Washington aqnar*. will be let to n re pecuble private family o? reasonable torrua. Apply to Mr. J. 0. a.MlKLL, 29 William street, ap stairs. HBUr.Es TO LET LO W TOE TH 1 BMS0IMO TEAK. Mo I bother ford plane, 4 tturiaa, high beeewvmt, brawn atona $1,1*0 Ho 3 u 4 ?? LBV 121 Beat 17th at,, 4 atorlra, Xng basement brawn atona. l ow 130 " t - " l.ioi) 90 Wrat 99th at, 4 ? high M ? i,|l? LAN * " 4 " fengltah basement, batch. 7'M 40 Eaat Ilouatan at, 3 atortee, high " " 9(0 13 Weat 2t?lb at, ? " English ? " 1,800 17 '? 4 ** high 44 brewn stone. EBOO *44 ?? 2W at, 3 " ,T " brlah ?I> 147 Eaat Mth at, 8 M - ?' ?? LUV 34th it., betwaan 9th av and BEruniagdnlr rood MI) 1,244 Breadway, 4 atorlea, English basement, brink H a L'*d M * ?' ,f - ?? {IB ? | ? ?? ?' " Alaa a large nn ruber of others, famished and unf urate had, desirablelocations. at low rente 'or prrmlu apply to DIMHRB A BOLfjS*. Me 3 Ttoe atreat and 1,144 Broadway, HOB'lMEM.?TO KBMf, WITH PARTIAL BOARD. OE without, a tuft of Roams <a> Magic Rooma to gmllemsa, wHhln twa minutes af the ferry. Apply at 91 Liberty atreat, ?p rtaira TJOUHF, OARDEN AMI) 8TAREK TO EKT?OK BKROBM J1 waad mad. Wait Hobckar, half a mile aauth or Ooi a CViraer Inquire of P. M, WBELON, car the praMdaaa, or at Mo. 81 Brron atreet. Mew T.t*. Hotel at tab rockaway, im ro a view or the acean: alao a Oattaga. Cheap mart. Apply to 4 J, IOETV/K, 380 Pearl street, or rrwr of Eighth and Oranri atraaia Wifttamsavg. Alao a Htere, Lr</la and Heeemeot. MBPaart atrorv T KJHT BOOMS JL AMD STEADY POVSE Af LOW EATER, By JOHM BAPPP, MB Walter etreet. Lofts to eet-with or?i<,ER. a t, at ,w beater Mftt near Bread. Aprly m M .ML HENDRiOKR, 77 1 atreeL Lower part or the iioi he no. jh hakkiuo al atree*. near Prince, to let ? Frmt and back Parlor, bank Paeament, and ene or more on the wend Boor; bath, gaa, Ac., to a dm rabla tenant wtll be let tow. Apply on the pramiaea. Lower part or house he climton street. aa?r Orand, to let, double parlora, tea room, bark haee mmt and large alllc bedroom; gaa, Ac, rant $174 laqtiir* at atnre M0 Orand at?eet. MIL IT A RT.?TO LET?DR'LL AMD MP.T5TTMO BOOMB; alao large and email Kooina, suitable lor trade or pu yllo meetings. Mereer House, -wroerof Broome and Meroer ata. VrOTTAKEM-THB bEOOKD FEOOB OT HOURH MO AT 148 P.Set Thlr icth atreet, e.,n?iatlng of 8ve Rooms oaa he had by a an al' family; water and gaa. at the real of $3U p ?month It g ir on the promises. NO. 1 WFST THiRTl BTUHTH HTRRET-TO LET, funtil had or nnfnrul?hed. brown itnoe, ftrc atory, 1 agl eh neaemem and auh omlar house, I7iIUU, with atdaEot, 'I*; * OMr of th m at perfect hotiaea In the Btly Dlbt'Er ? HOLHRlT No 8 Plae at, aad 1,1*4 Broadway. nrr MM FS to 1XT?1M THE MOFFAT RUIEDUfO, M "mom No ^"'"r Worth street. A pply on the pra 0r!Z~H.IL^^5L~,,, HO. 23 EIBBRTf atree , near w nltam Abo a Baeemont, ??ll sdapicd for a sia'Minery or rmUureoi bualneaa Apply -w> above to MARK H? ,.Mtt. TQ ?H WITHOUT POWER, IT and Mm akest* TlOOMS TO I.EV -THE UPPER PART tlF ioCRR M IV Bond MM will be '?t In whale or In Part CaplUl tdaf fordertlat merchant ml lor, mllttn ry An Poaesaai.m' hn medlate y Inquire on the pn mlam "" Booms, wi h bteady steam power, to' lht! Plenty of light. Poea?nlon Im<nedlately 4(11 Mfland Cherry at met. Inqulra oa tha promUaa, HOI >***, BOaH **> 'HaLL. WfiHH't""!' 10 Lhl ? 4"* 10 rUbVOM *1 sti ?* ; fvul $5 ?nd ?0 ^ I #ADW.\t; VTOHK *0. 8 _ broad snty p *:3Ht ?' a ?n.uw ?ateiy. Apply ? ?fpMuW?y, fiwui 9 t? 11 e'ehssk., J * CTvr.Hs ro 1-fcT? Mtl . 1 bwsl T?xn jr sec- t? 1 ^?WTB BROttBIAN.?TUBER e*OA* B-TO Nuiidh 7 U lot: 1If* hsssso'S ; -i? 1*148. d.vt,bi ? -n *kb ml hew teik ; 1a * hr?.?i?* ?. k'w an t WDVMkm M fe"MW. Krai $|<I *pp<v Mi l)i?|a< A It-LorHM. Ne h fla? s?*ee au-- ,;i4 >c iltO LET-IN Bu lALTK P H o, a EOiMjd I ktcii taut ?***" <at wr r i u 'live -? i,? ai. ..a ? Mrd Boer; Pa WS rwu ?he , , ,-t e.ji;b , -rat* pvuswmante; about in 1 r-> ? a -. ,rum -.Ma Y?|l *?<t Sea >1 irr irr rr tr * . * ktft* la ? ?j.T*u p Ulfki^ Nt * aids 1 a*' * ?k ?'?* rLIT .1 fl ? ?' L?n ? ..<*?* ' freak, *T ?1? handawwly Imageed: W row -eg m ,' ?a <* iraraaa; ItiuUi jur?ar Jr faurtb iumi a.u ?Mitau laitn Ui- wllraaat V *. i*a)?mr iwqii, of T A ?' B 7*, C Hart f ? ?uy at/ih (treat, oral A J '41)1 -h'. L, JUS Pour*h utra-t <M >. W.-1 H**a jf&aa al'lHriD ebaps ia tulidtrg, T*. a?-f d'i hrystl ? reel all? 4ixVt will ha 1st leur'bi- -r ' apiraw at mw apn'v no cae pi-oiWrs Carpenter* ?r ? ut vaucn n?ad 11 1 *ppl' rio or ros oalw?on ???. a ia on, ttt?t I slieet. a asc n-n', t *0 a ry ?t;D louse, wita *11* euo aa ex, large garden,sksie and rit v of th rlv-r ' 1 i aui> a day. appyia"*. d 1'LiHaN 7nl ->l?ih avwuw TO XaKT-roR iiavxxfaO'PBimr HCR -mm, PaKr at ? ruil-"i >? 17 lohu iljvo , wtt a at 1 laaaiapa ai aia awa a J'lh ti B a? Fa war. H-ilraa of PHi'KN aM KNUalUa, 't-im* 00. rIET?a FINK HtOCK Ht llalH'.ai, MO 7 W+dt El vi?mli a'mata nllUfilo for ? daar^-antn. truiy anbar nitarhainiaal ( ur a>r, ?r will b? aha) ml ln"? imv la? t-ilt a t. haat >or particular* apply at BA lU'H uatl arlSue aaljiua ng. fio 'JIT-A TWO OTvb* Afi?? AT no H >13 14 aN? ? j?ut 1I1 raw acrrs ?' Lyiud. half a mill ??<i of Viiltauaa kr'aige Harirrn rauruui In tune at 18 ChamDara nrtat. TWO COTTAGES 1 TO I.BT i\ cKsrcnb^ter oocirrr. Near Ilia Sound tw> uiNas atnva lift*? Hridyr, *rr cuorw clrrit and aonfortabln good gardaiia, aiabiaa, carnago hjuae, Ac. HOPPK8 HUVPUBD WITH OA* Rent mod*rate. Kor iiantoulara pleww ap.aly 10 HOMhn M K(lt?. No Pino utraet. Or 9 M ?fdl 179 K road way. TO laET?48 laHOMAKD BfRAkt, lWlstS, SUITASUA for atom ar Baauit'aciory, I'.WIO; alao Dwelling 1114 franklin btrtel; rent |48u, in good aider. TAtiAjU A Kluhu.N, UT7 Reaueatnaot. TO LET?Rl, If I) AND $1,201?'TUAER BVOWN STDffS front faur eiory Honor-; sbe iwod, olxth and wventh honors w rat af Tlfln avoauu on rontu aid* of a'Uty-alata street, row being richly fmaooed and paper-.d in gold papora n>|Ulre on tka preulaea rlET. F.HTIRB BPTLflNO, No SI Uurray street. Will be let separate or together, at a low rem By A. LaPKLVK 61 John street. rlET. LIOWT LOTTB. la the Rear Building 140 w 11 iam street. My A. KaPfeLVK, 81 John street. TO LET?THIS BE'JONI) BTORY '.IT HO ft 94 A ad IN it street, two doors above spring street. It h't .x ruoms on the floor, with Oroton water None but a smalt family, without children, need apply. Inquire at tit reen* strse*. mo LBT-TWO SIOaB IN N8W lloCbKLLK. CrldAP. 1 Brst stand in therl'.lage adjoining the dep it. Inquire or K. AH iItt, >o.2 u&noyer street, or of J Oil H rcdK BBB, on the premisea rLET-TWK NEAT TWO 8 f J NY BRI 7K H >cl8E, with bawim'nt and other at 71 ticoor.d Btreet Apply between the boms at 7 ami IDo al?"k A M an1 3 and 5 o'clock E. M., te JOHN D. HAJll *8 Mao dougal s'reet T'oiK BOfJK TdNll'.?WaLRaK MTKEEl', FAT >R ably slluated, near Hrm Way to let Two Ston y, $9tl and $taO. two Basemen a, $M8 and $278; two Ofnoes $41 and 872: two Urge apper Jtuoaia, $I8ti ami $40u Apply at 31 w alker strreL r. O 1ET?12R ME ACER 8TKBET-*PORB Ht'I f aBLB 1 for (talmm, Orocery, Ao. Apnly at 26 Oourtlandt street, jp stairs. Jaent low o a good t?n> ut. TO LET?TBE Ei INB 148 WKK i' BLR TENTH 8TRKRT, 1 south side, nrar the fclx'h avenue, titled up with every O'WtDienoe #nd the pailor- furmah-d with mantel and :?ler nlrnira, cornices, An Apply at the oflioe Hi Uraeusich etreet. .po LBT IN ?ROO?XT??TUB S BOO NO F(<OOH AND 1 pert of third fl vir, nb Tlllary i vsel, f >ur n? u?. Kf.ul "1.32, or *11 ix r rongth in sdvan so No cimd'ea In itc h .una. Apply on ihe premises r> LF.T?ON MVRTLK AVBNOE, OOKNK-t o* TOM*, kins avenue 1- n? Brooklyn, % usw three ?? vuv ba-em?al tnd tub cellar brick Hoi ??. wuk astride m*si.-l*, aiming doon, dumb wafers g?? bath room, atnk w?icraa* gen-n i Cart p*;a to Fulton fury; location unsurpassed far kaalth and beauty; mm *".Jh |*r aunum also, Low?r Pert of h>u?e 17 * runk'lu r'rnuc near Pai k. fli Lord as ah re with Hldsew..od water end wneh house; to a an.all family *MN par annum Beep-wstble par Una only need taquira of H. O'BI KNB, on the premises rl LKT-A HTOBE, SHI8 WITH OFFI3S ATTACHED, at AhS Broadway, one door from Broome street, haa le-ge ?ho w window ; would rail a mil.lnar, denusl, A'\ AJso, a rait of four m?bi on scennd floor, with ge- and Twton na tsr, sad reautaite* for housekeeping boat ?RSJ. Rooms nulla bla for btwlaaaa and residence at rata ba>f the usual rant ? B ARBEIT, ,m p-eaMsea | ?TVi LET IN TIOB'.KhN-A NEAT, 1 WO nf\)R*, 1TTI0 J ard ba.i-ntniit house situate 1 on the oorne-af Hudson a.-d fiec. no*, fronting tan rtrar, lira minutes' walk from Iff foray. Alto, ibn ihrot atorr and basement high (loop br.uit 112 East t'erfolh street. For pwrtsculw.* apaiy W O. ? mil IX, 'PI Wss t'rwni, up stalr-a. TO LET?RENT JVsl PkFI'kMK'ISD. THE IftJkT brown atone Fug lsh baromrait lloonn in PI'ty ttat d ?tract, flftb h'ut? ?s*t of light* erarne rasently pa ?-rad and pair r<d, ant hy?nga<l modern Impr?ran rut, lr> aaat orilnot ntluVborbc d n-ar R. ."led "a?; oocyentent iioartaad etsges, and eltb.t. !*.*? yardt o' the Oeatnsl Park Nay x bad fu nlshd at a reasonable raot Apply to blO^ til) HOOrr, M t.o d ibwt rpo LET, J LARGE FOUR STORY BTORaOE ITOU N ?*rketfl*!d ? .?*??. laqulra of W. i tAK t. -, 62 OarOMM stroet. rpo LET-XT HAhLfcB CORNER Of THIRD ATE* 7B 1 and ttr-i, a larg* and daalrab'n Hunt and -it laita, all laid am la lawn shrubbery, Ac ; h >u?e haa all mo dern Improv'a; Third arann* oars prat th? boa*a tiva'f four mluutea Apply to H X. k E " ToN, Third ateaue. Bar ner o'ltd rtrent rLBT-RKNT ONLT f D?TBI TUBBB BTOBt aad baaamntii brick hnute 11 VTeat forty wightb ?leant, anarlt appaaha the naw f nmorial churrh, thn hoima aaaralaa all the aiadern lmprataflaenta. Carpota, bkadna. Be , ta M ?o.d aheap. I rLBT-ATTITF, FOO"! OF SIXTT PTXTH BTBBBT, Ktatrlrer, a large tiatbh. ? ?.llage, *tnbl?n, oovk hauaa ynrd< n, Ac., turrouoded bv fwi<?t, fruit trana. and elgHt ar ea of land a 111 be let cheap Anply the katptre Saw- ! ln? Maablnn <\mio*ay SkA Hraad way, room I. j ro 1.*T-T11F. FR bT K A - ftbl fvNT AND PART Bf Uie 1.8 .11 In ton place (furnlthad or anfarniahedj Apply at 86 hlenckar ?t. from 1* tai o'clock. I ..IB LET-TO A MB ALL FAMILY ONLY THB SMALL | 1 ard genteel three (dory House. Ma HO Wararlep plana, *?ar Sljth avenae baring i roton water, gas. he.; juat painh d and put In anmplcta order: rant $tdO; poaaeaalao laa medistely Apply Ben door. No UN Tj lbt_tde nbcond floor or no ws kart Biradway. to a small family, with not more than aaa child; gaa throughout, rest $<0U; aa Attic Room added, if aeaded rI.RT-THB t'PPE* PART OF A TWO (TORY AMD attic Frvk I'.aune, with gaa and Orat.n irmlae; rent, to a tmall reepee'able family, *16 par cntnth. Apply at US < hrl slop bar rtreet. fBWBRI irat of May ri LBT? LOWR& PART OF BOl'BK H BRTHI'NR (?real i Drat atrert balaw Twalftb), near Abtagdan ? itiara, twa Parlors, 'front and bach baamient with several s.aeu'oi rooms. range, hot and oold water, gaa, good yard; raai, *C6u per amnam. O LBT?THE LA ROE THREB HTOAT AND ATTI9 J liousea eaati haying tweaty owns, Nos flu Neat Wash IngV.n plsaa mud IM Warer ley place near HUtb arauno; also the large new rtora and Let a No. ft ~Uth aveune. oaar J af teraoa ? tet Apply at I V Rararlev plaro r LET?T1IB FiRHT OLaNB HODHE NO 180 WBNT Twenty first street containing alt modern tmpraeenwrnta sad gas tlitnrys onaiplate Haul #*?> In'intra or Had Aid A aAaDI, oornar of Tweatv first street and Kigb'h areoua. fPf? LK"?A BANDNOME RROWN NIONB FRONT 1 Boose In Forty eighth atraet, between Keomc and Third avenuea, to a btga.y respectable ramlly, who ran acoomm i dale the owner and family, aonats'lng of 'hrae per-woa, with Board (good references gireo at d rraiulradi muuire af P. Ot 'AKIOaN, Jr , raai Relate agent. Tdtbacong araoua, near Forty ninth atreet. r LET?POOR KTtiRV in ORE AND CELLAR, 5H Waal'lnginn atr.-at; rant *7W' larr* Ho rding House, RUwes ano halonna. for any purpoae. 27, .In and 62 Kaat Hraad way: Kooais and rlo >ra cheap to fambles Mas ? Waiktr, M arc IMirankbn. HP Market, 3fiOraeoa,tM and 446 Oraea wtch. 131 Monroe, (P-over eur and ' tat hart ne afreets Inquire Im men lately In front bvaara-nl ho. 23 hast Broadway, fourth d<?r from ratharlne atraet r I.ET?AT 1.7*3 BRfiAUWAT, THE FNTINR 4B tOND Iimr, lias water and gas: Is suitable for a prr'aasor af music or languages, aa It was nocnt.led fur that before. rant *2U> per y.-ar a>so llouae la Brooklyn, between f renty moth and Tl.l.-tteth ilrae'.a, containing fire Mams and taliar, at *7 per month. r LBT?THE TWO HTOKT Bhlf'K HOfHE, Wt WATTS street, to g.iod ardor: < rotoo and gas; rant *t6A Apply ht 97 Water atraet K/ r LBT?T1IE METROPOLITAN OYMNaNIUM. 93 AND 98 Mrth avenue pea. F.ighth str.-et In complete order, with all the neeeaaary epparatus fiituraa, Ac ; also ae-yiod and third atcriea, each a6i9fl feet, suitable tor a school, ebnrob or leeturw mom. Apply at IAH Wererdev place. It l.RT THE THREE BTiiKV MAHrtc FRONT s House .W ra.dflr etraet, Brooklyn, thl-d door from Bosd ?treat, gas. water. Ac ; In good arier: rant 9 J ft t stil'.K, lo4 Wall atraet. r) IMT-HOUHB 42 QnKAT JONES PTURRT. C N mining 17 r cms, baths g?s flytnraa, hails oar|xtsd; rent ftl 2tA, m ally received In Board; or will let 10 tcooms for *0011; neat rr few nee* g.ran and required. Apply from 8 t. 8. To let?the basement and paeia>r stories of bouse 06 Third street, (sustaining gas range, hot and cold water, Ac. Rant A-41 p< r annum. To be seen from I to HP M TO LEY?THE HPTEE PAST O* A flKNTEEL MO derti two story bona*, with f'roton water and gas, to a -mall family Without children rant low. Apply at 4?7 Wet* Houston street, between Hudson and ilraenwtch street a mo LET?IN SEDFORD AVENUE, BETWEEN FARE i asd Myrtle ar-niiee. Broohlyp. a hands me new three Story haernien. and sub cellar brick House Philadelphia I rr n't, high Stoop Mid balcony, with water. g??, hot and old hatha. Rent **76 o?r annum Inquire on the o- emlsea. r LBT-TO ONE OR TWO RB*r?f)TaBI?; KtMI Has, the Oral ard thl'd fl >ars af h.m-v H ? t*7 Laxrats street, together nr separate; the flrst fl > w onasi-Ung a.' . PoBt and b ek I'a'lort, folding d ore, cl ee a, An rer* *\y. third fi.o- ?{ four with wat ? 4 ?d pr nle-m to jatb uam; rani f IIP. ImiuDe an lU# oramiaaa Hoayrw, auNiN>, ate., to l.htr. 'Tto ijk 1?1Afc W ru P*R ?* H lied Ate W'llTF I ?? ? ??; ive'ie- on ? c od ft? r * tki ?"<>sM*r.? ? t - A ' ..?nji.rut s? lUAll f O htl*r?v- tli-' Ut r111 (.il A..} j mi tie pr lit ?? < vj tys -rat, ??> HSi'OKT -SHOWN ATn -a KN?UVI ( . .. aXl11-111 .'e*lee /? * Wtrki thirl auOOln a W* uttWU itlUrrUk ?i k nr.p'i??- iw at- ' "TF^IA' Uir hli ?1,1 ?"5 ,rr ?u. inn to TT-y*.t. lr, tiff *e?l III f,i- tb ate. ? ^?O Lt ?IK ? UJ.i ? H ttM. t Ua? ?R f ? > ilhriT a ,'imi t ? <i ?? iW broA ' out fleoan, In eeNyietp *i4it UM 'd'iiil miri lh??e lota o* g ?nii"; ?u. h<I -u* i 11.-1 ?in 'tab 1 ?p ferry miivhiii-v lav ? is tie o. wi rill i i in ? <iH nfpli .' ! ? a hiuguto a i -i t slew Yarb I K ! ?OKTii KL-'m* (K MA On T TNI aft fu h wl lit ?miui, pmlrni uil w?t>', n?m I ??? ? ?* ? - '""It, |ff ui I WWm'.H W ? , JI Wf ? ; lam a> Iter "tteti Is "anlfil viae, llr-t II ?' Al<" tfi iii ph. i i MMlrfliwr ?7. pa t Hwh' W9. fiani ?wi f third Uoar $0 II Appyat >? Yi prueg1. ? O LJS<?? ?rt# kkU'-lillUl -t| I) atvd us* ll|r? \ lib llfllAwt aaWQO #f 1M?1 ?t aeraa 0 cmittc* u , >?!? '.uw. ?? d ?h%i* uvea tl .t - . As ? s-llt-.tiTtdn. o *h .-b ilaWB ilUU'h mi' sit 'wai ?? out i>i||sMiI -.Uib 'U <1| half an b"*r rteii'D d/iv By Trqii; ? at r*r " Hb -i t,.' '.*r 1 l-i 'T j, r-. t a"d JW Inqiii'm * ''l tti ?" ?? i? 7 ??- r pWim fceah'a *" of *bt1, l;.,.K"lik.lK A Bid ?l i. !i A*IJ l ml. rj'n Ltr-T.jr ri*.yr ruoi of no 19 kk?ima* I K til l, a f?? iK or* 'rota Nansatt, at th- v? y 'ma' ' ut if ?'?? a - hi n. wl h targp hi? ??nit Iji -trai l tar ? <? Alps l A 1-1 VIX ? iHTl>!?, \9 -?tl Mil ?l (to Li t - ti a v A Ii f miLLt, ?'? a ? ilu Fh ? -ft, I omi'i-lli ii itf tunr Ktmuus v-'v wufiiimt fir uaam k'.'l ng: UIH- ilhtM ml y in lilts bim n -si ut, lutiliidi^J ;v? ??it wn'nr, ?'?? ? pply i '?8 B'nm lb %??>??? rl ?-AtO h T K> UOU-A AMI STA Ai,S IHIR Arr'aW i"?l 1 %l*bt I'tifis ran' $1 iau F. ur M ry Kiw-i'H'i "! i ? ual ??rei'i *ud Oart anal itlltiy, ivvnt. t'i'l at n tOii'i n -?!u ii t'fr ?i an r?ni ?1 IK Whlut aaibla S'lirnfl Frortl o Hlrrat. nu?r Wi a"aay. Ural Q o-, i?? mam a I ?W Cdlltr, XblMti*'; n ul UVU t rhruam I, (I Ail. .Jut imL jiHiir '-ii . l liupH In '. ??ward mra*l wcipl"! na a ? al >ttrtl; no. t |l U A|>p y at 2liS and Vli Canal Kn?t. rO tb.T-AT Pt A IN F1? L!>, W lOlHt AlilK fmioi ? u.' Yfjih ?nd wtibia fl?e minitina aalk fm-u mn H. pot. . pl .ran1 o rnirj rahlroon, uOU irnni nm- m Ut<y acr?ao' 'and inma u ode-ate. ?apply to M1LUSA t?i>9 , >96 tlgblb ksanun rl Let?1FCONO ?T>,mT wp ttOOhK NO. 7S UkHHNS atr-at, vary a >avt niant for a Hnall fam.ll ; bot and ai.hi watpr, bath. ra? An. Hen' tZSU J. HAOO-iN aio Lr '-*Hk LC* Kit PAKT OP * lift HOI' X NO 90 1 K tTlna stia, t, l?io klyn, iliran beuara frain atianU* ?' ??t *nt (AW ?t278 Atlantic s'ient, drnoklin. r uink rok "ACiv?a *HaY FkbTT* OoUNTKr Jinalttfuou at rrnniunl, on the llariem Railrtmi, tm>? pitot 'o lie car* aa *au an th*intagaaoonnectln* fir's the i ?r)eai hna a Ihe tea'a In two rerv and but nine room inciu<st|ip I irte pai nra; a Btrtlen or almost half an unro, with 'rnit Titt larpn brape arb ir Ac. gtam aizeil bam ror b re ?td os? and msiui lor lar lage; g-?d wed catorn. Ac. Bam ?<26 Far fiu-tbrr p-rlknUr* apply to j' tiFeriTSV UaT, 7.19 Broadway, eoi-baro' Isareiay a reel; or aldruaa H. Beua d'oi, ti9lb tint'I, burner of Ktrat arenue, Harlem. rliE'-H'HJBR NO. ICS BAIT THfRTYElBHTH at net, near 1 AxiotPm arentie; lot 271 UK I, bouae l7xtBi; Coniatns tbir-es-n rtxima and all m -lern laipniremanta; t*? Hx iues r. mHin |n ti e rouae. rent ?HVI one year, wl'b prtrt Irgeoi tw tnore at ?9<') inquire on the pretn'-ee T'O LET- ON Hi Kit AT BILL, THB POPE 8TOB1 hroan atone front Noam M Eaai thirty-olghth atreet; all themoder' liiiprovem-nia cbai'dliters, Ac Can be aaen bo wtwi 'I and4 e'cleek r. M went l<w; fora'ahed er unfnr Blabed apply to T L. KlISs A M l'aarl atreet ro LKA-Iiw 8B XM HOMTON 8TRFHT HIT US it IN pari a or wbola: aim Store 641 * set atreet. both plaam in fondorter. wftl be let at lew reata te cwd tonanU. ap ply talAB UVAiBKe, )Jtl Cbarlion ?treet. rLBr-WOK?CiH"P8, WALL LIOHfBO 81/B. by 60 feet. In bntiding rear of 149 Hpriaa atreet. rU'T -A OHOICB BBS'DttNCB ON BUBO B.N Bngi.ta with at lea aire ten-need gretinde and isrBaa a'tt" atAhiA and i wrrla^e honec, nrt.h full rtew of narruwa. Maten l'taiid N?* ora, bruekiyu, Ac Noise eara rrom JeraS' C'ty lem every few n nutea. Applr to W. A. BlJit k V , 101 t.i and me et, darter City, er to hKBTBO. FSRU Y, .Hi (be nremiees r LKT-THK 8BOOND PUKOR OP HOD8B M3 UdK* ry atreet, tare renaaa t ?o pantrtea and hedrootna. win eve I'-rgv at la rvem ?ed bar emeu t rent ?2JS gaa, water and " * ?174. rang*. w< uld let It with at the o?aem nt for ?V rLKT?HOD8B AND NToBE, aSt Bowery. Apply to WILLI AH JOHNOTON. >14 Bowery rTH) LhT-fO HpebB Oat HaOnlBD UOATLBNON, 1 the Tint. Second or Tblrl Floor ef a lent elaaa brown et pe pgllah Waieeat bonae In tiie vtetnpy ef rtayraenai par* lout all the moat modern cinrenlen ?a: u?i of the It u'Im o If required Anne but recponatble nod genteel par tin* peed apply, l-oaaession on the 2lth of ApnL Adftraea P A. ft , Herald offlue. rLBT-183 OKb&NWIOH STREET, PkXT 11) DBT, 'h? l'.r*? M.,ie rt ram1 tod >Be Lo't, eecuol'd to" Imi 4v<- yarn ?? wboie'al* timbre ??*; _efta la new bal'duns JB7 ll'meriwirb 'tr-el Apply on Hit premlete or Of BaYLB) A KaII.i t4, Ptue street rin-ibKitaiNP fWKm or iioiug iw hast Pl> u-fU'h si-net. Kane bat ? until fatally with oeet re ferenrc wtl apply T) LfcT-ORNlLBtlaR'8 kBSIOENOB. fUlMIHW, ore Pn'f mil* vt'fr front eo the swuari, on* oour'e rid* by New Mtvrn Ratlro-d f?m -go h >u-e, atanln. Mt> lint bath bor.xe ai d *leg<.ntl? 'tld out ga'done. complete in ?v?'? rr*|iuc fur t (en rtnau * rwt.denoe Apply 10 UAKBAKT, 715 Broadway, room bo I rtBT-FURNISBBD HOITiB IM WK-T TWELFTH sto*' h t?een ? it b tlx >-er?n'h HtuUM wl b *11 >0* merit i II lie IWHI- t?t? S.rl to ? oee'raid* t otal $ I Ml |i#r ?nn> mi ?? r .fnrtb- r 'particulars inquire at no. All Broad **v, sssmmI tlutr. ___ To LAT?4 CX" 8T8T HKH1BBNCB IN QaBRN #I0H i one ton minute*' walk from the roll mad depot In gap-eof Julia Mat:* Aitkin, AM ttraad street, M. r.,arof Into Reed, Uraenelch. r to l.K?A SFLKNDIB HOCNB, WITH ALL MODBKN Improrrwrni-. P-r'ly furrtsbed or nnfar >l*h?d; r-wt modetaL- to a retponstbln gnrty Apply tt 31 #? Mark s P'eee ____ rL*T? 7Ilk THhES nTOR? BRICK HOU8B NO M Beet Thlr'y third ?'rre'. one door frone Let usb-a a?? sue. route I ? 'lie modern Improrementa, aed 1> la qoed oon d. ion MM P'MI r! IF'-rROM MAI 1, WITH rBIYlLLMB TO ALTER lor bo? tines purpose*. ''ouw- No 7 Carrel) pi tee, Rloeeker stieet inquire of JOHN AITKilMiB A SOB, Wl Koerlh ? tieet from I A M to t P ? rLfeT? F,*8T OB *k K>ND FLOORS AND TWO led room*, ?ith Basement a' basse 18* Hosroe etree;; pi er.d t roten throughout the bouse; ebandeiiers in parlnrs. Pent BAD rO I.BT.?LA ROB AND OOMMODIU08 LOFfR, IN the fire etory brisk ealldt?i is<?? 4V end (I Altxaheib etrent ml'ahle. 1 r nana ae'orfng per)-a***, alae the Aral twin of stld bnllnfng; rettt moderate Apply to JAMES U. IkOBNf M t Ilkah*tb street. rpo I F.T, r??R HalB OK EZOIlAkMB-rni TBBT DK I *lre?le four et. ry brewn atone Houses Ne. 80 Bee; Twen y e'ghtii e reel and ZJ? Wee'. ?hlrty feurlh itreat. Btorta Lota or small Homwa wB< he tek-n. Jt.UN H K RLrO. ?2 William street r LET-TWO LARMB M1MH BASEMENT ROt|M8, well lighted, fronting on keener etrnet, three doora a bore Politic with an entrance on Bwedwae 18 by IB) feet d?en Bent apply to Mr. OBnRMkk Ka or Mr. OOOM tUN MB mad 541 Bruadeej. fTtO LKT?OWE t?F TBB MORT DBfltRABLB FLAC7KH 1 en the bland ef New ?ark. eonslatfnc of a Ine Betel, two arree of ? end covered with b-anufal wood*, and a deak el which (teambenta land erety few mlanie* Kent for lb whole II,WU Inquire at perter'e - pirlt of the *tmai. No MB Nassau etmet, or of J. B. FaBBUUIUH A JO.. U Okua hem atreei. TO fBT-A FUtNlBHED HOOhM IN HOBOES*; A Ant clean three story u d Saaetn at brtek He A. wt*b modern IrnprwrmcnUk water, fae, Aa. eorof jrtab T fnr 1 vbed tbrunvbont. moated In SioomAetd street. No leloom ?eld plate, serenth h iuee abre t'th street, an the rl|hl. For te>roe apply to iiaNTKL WaOHWoBl H A JO , U7 Hesrl atre-t. l ew torb Kent fflUA ?pO RMaLL THMER BTOBT HOOHB. M BV 25 I feet yard en r of alt rami and bath 'oom. ah m idem Iseimnremenu: rent $560, also on* orer a n'orr, for B'UO Apply >a are) Iteet'a eSioe, 1,548 Bread way between 12 and 2 r> cl?mk periday. _____ rlKT-T1 K SE?X)WD AVD THIRD FLOORS IN hanea be 184 Thnripeoit a- reet, to one or two r-apaot able kath* win t let lugeth' r or separate The n-r "id fWr eonatata of fo1 i rouma, e'oee s and w?rdrab>?, to 1st. with front beaeiti-ut; rent 1276; tblni floor, four rnmv oloseta, Ac., rent $2UB Immediate poeeeaalun Inquire on the premise*. TO LET--A MODERN BROWN RTONK HOURS NO. .84) I'acifle aireet, Kroxkiyn; oilalnth on tbe hall*, twrpa'e <<u the helix, nerpnt- on parlors, gas flituren rband diers, a'l >n good order; will he lei low to a good tenant Peannw^'n lm medial*ly. Apoly to JOHN K. OAKLRi A OOu id IVwtrt atreei, Brooklyn, or to JAB. FRmUChON, IS wall atreei, New i ork f|V) LET?TUB B48BNSNT OF 817 BB' ADWaT AL80 1 fmnt and lower Harm* at 810 ernedway. Aim, the ?? oord Floor* of 5( and f>2 Bad Twelfth street Also, Ike third Floor of A3 Bast Iwalfth atreei Kent lew. JOHN B. RF1.W >, #1 wptism xtrset. TO LBT? rlRrUHlD $'.?*?, OR fTNdUBNIlH?D $81X1, 'he three atery brewn ?U-ee Ho una dl W?"t 'ortr Bf h all ret, between Fifth end Math areaua* Tb* furui'er* la go<d and oentieto. apply to & UVlNURroN, Na 0 R' uth WfTiem eiw-et. rpo LET?2*0 *riRLI'llI RTRBBT. BROOaLtN, TtfRKR J e'enr bn.wn ?tooa rront tnd sarement. Is a high, bsaHay snn fashionable lor dltv . twenty minute* f r en either ferry, one block from Fulton amnue ea a Kverr irnnmresi at. MM HKNkV t kkrii. .i Wall atreei, r) LBT?THK Lf)WRR PART OF A FIMiT 0LA88 flotaaM West Forty 'onrth s reet n-ar Mirth seen is; Rexsmsot, Pmtor* snd two boom* on fourth storr; has all n ""mi luiprov-msnts, ebandeiterg, ball furniture, Ao Ap ply en the pre no et sent $SU0 ?1 rO LET?A MRDII M, FASHION 4 RLE RRO WNjRTON 8 I House; bsa fourteen room*, 4$ feet de?p. good jwd, g?* fl*lnr?s. hath Ac at l*R Hg' lb street, Ml sark * plane. r*nt low to a resnemebte tenant ($BNb Inquire a 107 SA Mark's p'aoe; ataee* pane the house ersry flee mlnuMs. rlBT-THB STORE AND fTBLLAB NO. Md rlBFRd wp>h street, nnl'able for wboleeels or retail bailn-we; the lo-ation fltet rate and the building Are proof. Apply at the oflior on tbe premlaea. r LBT?TUB BBO'iNO AND TH1BD FLOORS O* THR srore No. 18B Fifth aeenne, sear Tbtrteenth street, 88t9U feet eeah. Apply at the ofliee, No M Uieenwlch ttresA fPO LET?A FOUR STORY BROWN HTDNB HOPSB, ? With a I modern Improvements; new; rant $880. Appl* at 292 West Thirty fourth street r I.BT?A THRRR STORY AND RANEW INT HOUSB. No kVI hast Ureal war, In goal nrdar, wtth a'l lh? ino dern impmvemsots Atrp'y to j KBNNBDT FiTR,,.)N'l, No 7 Reekman street omoM No*. | and A ar of Mi*. FuHoog. N Clinton place (Righto aireat) run, LA ROD FOUR 'TO** SIWBiON STORE r ? *2' !f atrest IlMTTtlreof w, A OARTRS, 5| Oortlondt street TO LtT -FBOM THE isr OF Mtf SW*T. fltU LaR <? ?i>4 Mt RudmTn Mm*?( n w nvipted *? ? ten atvrp, Apply to F. lOHDB, *M KaMoneuset Pin*m.W*AW Whu* iikkm *rk*o* p??R pa nil > gr vertoa shea ?t r> tail or ? *:#to. la ?""? ball'in g> r f w rnwkh .1' eime i.udl; V atoplwr *t*"ey ? ni-*rka l-weer ****>."? tit "ameNe eaxrt 10"I OMVti.g 9*e or six reemm w th KT?'..ii *? d gw> .. "?>J >? kiplt. b Bn>jA*lb, 104 East Utxiueutb a reel, ?' 441 lMi?9 rUT-*K?t ??*' -THfc EtMhlXRdT TMRisS ?tary Hart e 7><0 ' at aM MuT .rv| Ap,uy at it! 4 eat *ra?d.-a?,t.-ar-. iiiwd-qu.r. rl?T-i.l L. h ft. N 9-?, l.-.Yri t. kP'iN ? T* OP l**rT kreadwey, l?wa* *r.d ep|>er (.ait-. OI M?u*es, dnuaad PR*? m d anar'a-eMa to flit , u** t-iisea apply i?t W ha l Hnadea , i??r Hk ? urwl ipto LRb- Tv A NUt'HtHf . AlvSd, *" f 1 '?"(?? *t earn inn ra Lie to?kiiu>< i> ? ?jw w4 "? ganMy ntted au n -in M ait tag, Bear m'? t #a*r? ike pr-swot ace. pam (* toller) k*" ????? ? aau tb.n to i??ae* aera. -.ddwiH t?u ?ta fctu av, .arjd sitae, sta"' .g "here ea toiervi.w ?aa !>? *ad rWMlto $tit e.'D $*?, *W? ??R<^?!'<'OrO sab* of Apunui-nw ,1ebiy xrusntaa ea wish g -d mims-, u> gatevaa.i labWn'a."IB? t, a s?urth ?<?ua .-ai-nd aaa to.1 ii hJateo ait. ve forty first a real, *!?? far Jx4?', t -pl-t uU1 VJ fmrtk a??aw, aau Vatwl rait -T a lata. ate. tn to!) fourth < at n I wplb- pui In per wj; r- u*lr rU>) fur $v> toblftv tlblh Vk t hnu 'amb ?tbUty "t-?-1 ?.*? Veaatl aid Tulrd .v ?it?, ? first >L-*a thiwa ?l?n hlali etu"p u. -ean, with ail ui d-rt. i?a pr*>*r?ient?, la ? la-'-tani * 4*r in \wl'- on 'he iv intrtw

ffM) s-ET?r.y A MatX O-WiKbL Fair-ilsf, (NO 1. o'her* na-d apply,) th? ? ??.??<! $?? r af tr.a haner ? Bin') aireat, with #11 ue an-'rrg iinivevn-vOM U'l-iti- af ft .i Kt.IM.aiJi, Bd too..rry, frarvb SiMir, or at 71 luutbrto dint rLXT-IN MOffERrt, WKxTti 'B t?? OO'IMIT. A Bttuae, (? ttbla aud ah- nt l.rar aom? af ilr o.'d h ?d drror - f toe lale t i t! ibn it tx n a' the Aertoin -?r-..l 1)? toike fram 1'tudyto ration r .,r>inf?,? app > ?-f ? OorETa, *?w v..rk 1'a.Hi oiUaa Rent #100. /OIBT?1H BROOKLr R, TWO ''rfRBk ff*(iR* dtTO* I Haaaar, h'?h riaupe, i?xement. an->r twetvo rname aeeh, Sua SB m it Saa n >trwt, with ? - er, fee 1i tan*a ? Mi lrle, ead la e wrd-r, - u - Itlerk tr->u ' u'a.a avenve earn and tan Woeka fvvin lly Baft, !u a t?i ?tu?e t-e(! borhard. Anply to ii h*|.H a-.u r af ml li and i cbrrmerborn aireota, or ho 1t7 aar! .traai, N?? Vark rLKaOB OR TO LBT?OR DaVRnPOarH NAOK, flUPlahrdor nmurul'boii, IN mil-t fri.ui how fork one ?tllafreai Sow Raohollo depot, or tho x.tjrd, a "tone V.eaaa, with all the madam taaprovem.uita; ton nwu. klwlu.o, lauu dry. a Xtor.a "table aad eaaab bnuw with throe ar mare *nrw. af land tmpivrid. laqaliaofi. k WaVR'POat, -n ibe ^remiaca, ar af OtSlih LAR1UM, IM Naaaau atieet. Now rlET AT MODKKATE RRNT4?THE TWO THRKB atory a tic aad baremeal brick Uom*?s, lid ami 148 ? aeorlry alwe, near Nil b aeenn.-, aouvalnli-x treaty ru?ete ?ll D# rented <f eaoh, baeitifbthe modern tBpr-wnmanu-; wl rately or tOf|?ilv?r, and pet In oemul"te nnler to g-xtd u-tutntA Apply to LaukkT ot 1 0AM Jr , 168 Waverley plana ri liBAEB? TOR FTTB VRARR, BRPiRATEUY OR TO fetUol, four * ow on AtoR|tohy a d Klitge etree ?, b'tweea D> ton cry and Brnnie aUvafLao ? aaauplrd aaao iron foundry by John k. Plait, tr b? nxniwl May 1. Apply ltd if, I'INOKhE i, 7J Wall atrreL rlBT.?A THREK 8TORT AND BA8BMBRT HOORB with all imiiroveiuenta, gaa future* let with Ha.taa, ha. ti01 hlrty-aaoot.d ilhit rent $?*?) alan, drat Ola** Houaa No. 94 Woa Eleventh ?tr?et, ibree atorlea baaament and wntuiar ael'.ar, haa all fmprovemenu and to 4no order, ran* $910; alao two and a half ttory Douce wiib "table and taolota of aronnd aittut'ed on Ire nor h aide of I'Mh street, between Fifth and Mxtfe avennea annual rent $260; alao a "tx atory ?tore. No. WS Wa*bliigV>n troet; 4 ?iory and ha"m-ot llonm No. 13 Abloxdon equati. suitable for a boarding bouaa or for a private family rent $(w>; alao So .ra, fonr room* eitah, wflb water andgaa, lulubla for small famlUoe, tn brown "trine fr. nt bouaeaha* 6,8 UK 12 and 14 Bank "'reel; also, ?tore and 4 back rooms, i3$aud 188 west Tenth rtreat; atoo henre* and pail* af bou'e* In all pari* of VMb. l'.y InutMra of E Is A 8. T. BURN HAM, 611 Mudann atrdR. rpo LRaRB OR LET-A BBA^TIFfTLLY LOOATBB ? manstnn. on the bank of the North river, at Hevvtntv fifth mansion, on the bank of the North river, at Beveaiy llftb street and P.levr&th avenue. In axe llent order, with inrxltt-n nangrmenia A rare cbetc- tor ? residence aamatulng ?auntry and city. Apply an the prrntlw ? pp^LBT OB LBA8B?HaBBMRNT fM? FaBT ?pi of aad aeveral wall lighted ollloe* In the new tre Kt building No 88 an toe west tilde of Natuiau street be to Pulton and John *t?we a New Verk. Apply la P&AJKBB BYRNE, 182 Naaaau atoeet. TO LET OB LEABB?THB DWELXINfl HOUBB WO. 34 ureene streei. seoond dttar belo * Grand; ha* t.ot and aald water, bsth. g*a, range, A - , with slU-v way adjoining tlx >et wide, and the privilege of building on I >1 tn the rear *tie to by Ml feel; poeeoeokiu oa the iat or May. Apply to II B-.IYO, 9ft Oral d (tieet fpo LKaNB?AT A U'W KKhT.Ai.AHdB F >UR StORT i atone 11 ouse, with a 4(1 font ext-nd a. near cqeart- New York. Also te Rraoklva, within eight mtuutaa' walk a' Wall aireet ferry and ten af Fulton ferry, a ia-ge tK ree atory brick Hanae, Mill Inquire at Ldt waahMigtao street, BruoXlyn. fPO LET OB LB ABB?THE P<>tfB HTOBT BUILD1NO 1 In front aad four *V>ry brick entitling iu rear af let No. 47 ABO "tract, wall adapted for printing ? ice*, bookbinder e*, ?r far workshops gen."ally . sl/.e >f lot sboul 28 f wt front by 160 feet in death. Apply tj KinBAM, 40 WUlAin ateeet, (real u lO) | atolaak. rLET OR 1,EARE-A>BBKB B^OK? HIGH HTOOP and basement Mouc. V*. 167 Bast Tbtrtr aln'h nrtvl HtrlbN avenue. apply to J H6 l/)f D A St i R S, bo It t ion street, ar to ?. w. HO'iiR, aorn.r nf Third tcnu end twenty-third street WW be tot very low to * good mov T?, LET OR US ABE?THE TWO MKT SITE BTOUt kl't nimble front Htm en IX) and 1.11 O mud street. and hullt in the must substantial mnttuer, MM Saving all the arrangements of llrmt class stores; ho pr net-iy *ou<d ho rented as a whsle or srpsrata, Immediate p> lh? root would ho low to a g wd tenant. p?nr- d' *Wtg svowe of 16U ala*s aro Invited to examine these pn-m ?? oat - e stub ag other arrang'stuut* apply to HaRDH AN A (to ftonh. UtlCnnai street, corner Bowery. fW> nnrr? row war"rn<rrtiBr nr. wa rwiwryT" ?T 1 en bleachers, sort lag- aMthere < r pork pack era, the largo Assent'nt 44 by M, It fret high, at VT a.d :ito > weI tr> street, with Mom I o-er If deln-d. ala > tho two ?1 re\ aa grvt ll.-er, will, rear extenah n wall a'antmf for a giweery Apply at 611 Haduun street, or at Mo Id Hroadwav, u? stairs. To RENT? AT $260, A TWO RTORV AND BAHdWEVT brisk HoaaolnJenwyOltT.ln Erand sr-set, rear Ear raw ; gar ard water. Apply a' 1M Narrow street. ?\fERV ETAOIOfS AND PI*6 AH ANT 1ft R" *K ST* TO V wt. op mcard a? r 'rent Rooms, "arlor aud It* Bad rr><ms, and eth'r deolralile ?.panmeats, at 1/ Lafayette p'ace, D?lt M> 'turth St" at ITTHOLE OB A PART OK A WMUL TOENIRTfED 1? Hotter to let. m Brooklyn aboat ten ml a Pea fr in Hamlitoa ferry, or two mlouteo from the anir. add rets U. K , box 1X1 Herald olflor 3 J A RUE L? KTH T>> Ur. t?rlBPaRAlB ON TO gr'her. la the brtek Building, No I James attp. Snrn?- ef Char ry street. Inquire at tftt ? atbartae stoat, euruttr of Oak, sr at 19 Canal at oat, sort)-r "alter <1 TENTH arBBTT?"HIP 'OhK ATOmV, THKBE Tl rwm deep, fall frent house, with all the inpnra aiaatoUtoC Apply to Bp KhBAll A HEAD 2UU dtxth $500 ?THE NEW TWPFE BTORT BRIO* HOUMK *79 West Port* faa th stiw t. to lot, with Imma f.t/tlVf? MV TT r?HV for* I *i$l Lll ItoT I. IU IB', WIVIt 111 roH slate poreeasten, mad<ru high sUe>p, elth all improvemtats; sua 22x44. Prtan $7,ft? Apply V) DiNU&H A HOLDER, _ a - -' ? ftV,, ?? No. ? Etna street and 1,244 Broadway. $000. ?TO LXT, TUB DEMEARLS* PRIVATE . rretdrsee 21H Wast Ftftoc sib str-w-t. near eleventh tteitur, IbikfixlftO, three stories, high basement and auV eellar; parlors elegantly f reaaoed. sad ernry modern to) provrmeni. fHNGTB g H"LDKN. No. 8 fine atraot and I *44 Broadway. ITEHTIHTUY. ART Kiel AL BONE PILLING FOR DKCAYKD TBHTB? rut In whirs soft, without pressor* or pain. PHYAIOlAN'H fiMIMt.'NYT having examined the Oatoplnatle fl .'ng for Decayed Tarih, as dtacweeiad and oaed hv l r Pesrsan, sf th's otty, " ' * * " h,Aa aad baring It In onr awn teeth, enter oily ieeoimn?cd It as n most va: liable dlm-orery, especially lor front teeth ar.Mng let th, or mere sheila, ft. Abrahams, M D ,81 Hleaofcer stmat, U W Brooks, ? D., 71 Waa> Vhtrty a<w>nds.reel U Kaia>at, M. 1> ,1*4 West Twenty eighth atrset. A o fiuU, M. D , H W eat Twenty faurth s'raet' aod m _inyotherA The put lie" are naaUeoet against h>x<ts unitations, adrer s WW p?a saw mam 'mwiiwiin* n^witie* wttE'ie tilt tiauwn. WITOI tired ai aheap rates. Persons desiring art ftdal teeth, supe ug art flcl, rtor to all slharr for eoatfort. natural Veautt, urefolneaa wad durability and willing to pay a reasonable tea. If salted, are Irtiled to call at Ha Set Broadway, want aide, above Union AMBTiriOIAL BONE rtLMhl PON DBCATKD Teeth?e^t In while loft, wlthant iineesnre or pain. I * ehlng teeth er mora sheJU oan be flt'nd with it by the d'.a "?rsrar, JAN. PEAKH46N M D., removed to 869 Broad way! ?MHakrrt Unton square AR1IPIOIAU TKKTH.?ONLY $8 FOR BEAOFIKUU a and substantial seta on pure silver: on flne r .ld tod pla tlaa. fttt: slngln tesith $1 Taeth Bll-d and ettrteted without the Uast pain ; bona ailing only 30 oents. All ? >rk tmrrsat ad. OtBae LTD hlxth avenue, between Tenth aod *? hrveoth AETIFICIAU.TKBTlf?1 NNURPAHRBD BT ANT rflR beaaty, atpeogth. doraldtlty llxhtness eleaallneos and comfart^only $1 to El eaeh: Baue siiliogfir lewder taeth, without pain Dr. LtmiEK. beo tneontoraf the new nxa tbad of aotnlristerlng ehloroforrn wltbo it iltogar Aporored by the whole medh al faculty, m nf "n uraular. Ail work warranted OlUaa 42 Great Jones street. N1 EW IMFHOTED INTENTION OF AHTfKIOltL l hexplaanc Hone teeth, without sleeps or ettruatlng any rants; are ti rae fourths lighter than any ?b" Will never eorode hy sstds ('an be had onh of lire lareuMr. Dr H. B MlUEBMOND, Tl Btoeoker street. Ealerenaeo (Iran If reeuirwd. ()' ,NE NATf'RAL TOOTH IH WORTH Mohk flAU A while set i artificial imes. T>on I hare your ? ?". ? t trertad while you aaa save 'hem. Whenever so fax gone aad Ctn'ul, M long aa there la a gs>d fuonualtn the usrth eau saved Even "here a whole side tooth be* Ueeo boAoa er derated down >0 the roou. as long as the run s art good, you est) hare a whole too<H bub t up wl'hout pa'n, whloh may aas for a life time with Dr H it HfftnirM INtPN Wiilts tfe al Tilling, and warranted to give sausfantlon. inline 71 Hteacher stoat Will remove on the 1st of May to 9U) Broad f MUNHTBR, U. GRADOATKD BURGEON BRNITHT, No. ID West Twenty-ninth street Between Broad way and Blxth areaue 1X7 AR PRIORb . BEAfTnFv'L PATENT "GilHwfTFB" TT Teeth Gold vets frem ftlB; Silver, $B> Rubber, $10; Tnleanite. $M; single Teeth, $1 Plrsi Otaaa Dentistry?Are prrmiiiirs awarded National Dental (Jai'ery. Blith avenue, ?ornar Twsniy seaand vUeet. Kstahllsh*d P<4() DK M ANION. Dentist. NBW PVBUK ATIOK*. Godet foe mat, imm o' r Hixrn loijhiji he teestesi Pashtoa plate, colored Lady s Riding Drees and more bpdng Fast Iocs Could we only nuhlUb voras of tho thoaoandaof let'ers and nottoea we bare re wire-i of these bratiti'ul fashions we should be pleas*d. tl' 'oadera wl'l observe that we give a pteturc aa welt as a fas .Ion. b. xtk at lbs bockg ound o' this pl.t , Ha draslng and Kt on odng It waulg be pr- fy, srsn with ttt a fl.fur* UvA at lbs udy on borrsbArk?how well engraved, h iw sraJi }"i red '? Hotter Caps ant Dalslee." a superb st e) gr?rtr>g s il able to the season, a merry group o' hoys and g ris fie Dewnlng tf Oeulud la an engraving of greet m-rit An seg?% ing ol >bs new V hevTOo Dress nrn the hou w of tl.sw. ? e 3te r?rt A i n , New Vnrk. la In this r nstbrr ??? bsre *Uo aspl n'td clonk trpta Erodle. For aeie y all 'he dealers f pet PHBUbHs D-'C'lIot.r K B (H)NPLETB WOEEH, .?J Kdl'ed wt.bcwrefel rer'-l lis and n?w translations. Britrdinleo vot-wnes ualf . utk-y mot-ut*), $t; hoend In too m ntui", super Ixikrt mo.c>i u. * vu* full pl>, $ltl A.w RaDDB, IN Biundway. A MBfMXAIUQP *? uqiiD roi^u mm ?w-:-v-vn lira*- ?rnr ooppef, A<*. Oon'-alBj H "? ~~ ?l lampi >aih flit ouUUs m pr?.***er lKBipneek rim iimiUi ? 3UU ? aod fcr MM .aly t>? H^JfcK A It* AltAli, mi lit ??-i\ kers, It/ |M" ?t-*.i <r m iho polut stare, o.-rum ?- third ?<????)< mm k?ei.'< >buj H tm. Bfeiurfh a im will* am aruMtn -musNW wtttni ' ~-rlup- if mwry ?'vr ..pudy aare kind kuw a M Aa t rade, at vo.iams rgr1 ft <"*? doeusas p-q?? ad'ore-'. suam sodd'aR mi-M'i-iOi' 4*<?, f'teto'arj, (Mti aUtn .ia?J. 'matswtss. ?? Mf till <i W'1 *11 gUferenwtl t. f 1*1 ???", """? eviiud nm. m??.c 'n(?Hu? ad <*u? ?ow~-uw kl rtf the uh Uoholi MM.II in 'be .'O'.wwng dOISfa, thi la-. r..ximw of tse{rede:- wbt'.- ?av ? .. .4 m.T 'ch -?. tt rk t?a o?u?r?. ??iUti pink. bin# >#. p*.a mm . auge. pe ?-rari !? ?? jH??? kiAM'?>V* '?k* I. b* ua v..(u i LD." I to rue ikiot a mm r *woal'-u *t __ _ 'i.ikM iht traeo goats li??mii>.,Mi (runtkuMi, spsmw ?*, FoW .H e ut'.t. Tito 7.>?? it's up-ar*" ? i.n-i at tm M rents n JTKjkl..^ 4 K?W, t-.iv oe Ibofw Ui?u* t: ? v f I'M'ti * ii)"t i-w 1 ot-k a \U( ME but* Lb y * 1 t,' ?hirfd Itmi.N of DwRittWi oe'e'.vse-.' In F'7 mil)j.iil up ripi-rslf If ox.nB, ?.A-rit> * ? o.c. fltootioUaei (1 BfolLK t'MTBMAL Cls TU ANf> J, so'verla the moot useful ordsle In tint ? ? LI kln-i 111 ??? tl . n -NI hettig d-Skrovod hv TO ?'? ?ry I lis fo.i U u tt? la'f. Depot 63 ?od fib Marketikti ?????' s-'irt c II i tin- 11 I drug *t res in Now Vo k, Briaik'.vi luot -nig. M tit? ft)' omiiIj'. f??l if, n him fTtl J.NRW .ft n ? I K F'sC'ti* nrr'Hf ? RwoaI'f. B-I g ?> to ubt, t?> *, trkiu* *n4 kif *o m?W '-.i.rwili Vi the trwl* m >U? oui>'k t >irto?>. Ho asronrnfaiv Eird or (I..htnruii or ?'Oil laAio iBorkoto, ny Ik B ?i>ll 78 *?m> FKaR :?* .ntlf*li.iUA JMKiriM t ?:*(?*". Of W? hor'r NWt" ih#oip?.nv, ?,.?ly ol thitr iiitl <? r.vtr or TwoarUi ?I'M ?.?.! boi'lk oy.'niis. or u> ? " ? fe o tl, A??ot. If ilorlii rdt i root Now IO)k fNAB riXlUKtH OK fcVKBY DB-NtHII'i'lON MIN". IT f.otuiMt ond 'or sole wh ou t rrtoll, n. 78 Foorth ?i. ntit. ai or the eumer of teaUt sir. ft N. i?jm lfti? tw m turtisht d opt o u utility (?> tneoui JfTAt l?M BFBM ?NJ* L Boving mported per OM-iMter New Tork a lot of fo'inlnn iaIioo Hefi. wr wti o rtied Id o r#in? kshlf g twl otoio, I eh-.ll lw ehle v* ferulih eaneUn.n1 wltb yire g?nur ? iimia* Qnet-ti wtUttn ? short time For ?rt ? and rMhorioformmiofl ?Mill to t). *k KOiW, 69 kzebaBge pUoe o*fiit* noinnd. \/f A11.LA? P'8 OKLDHltATItO CHOOOLaTR. Jal KAklLV t litii/'oLAt i s 2i oente OHcHiOLala 1.1 6ANTK I'r.KKK TTlONR ailOllOUalK .i LA YaNILLa OHOOk ! Ai'r. I) Jl'lilJA VANfTJtiA. CHOJi'LATK 1'AA i?XLh.LLANttB. OUOtKiLAris tottaM D*OFH. OU'.K'HlLATr. I'ltllllr I,U. All tb? elKiif Chroolotek ore tnade fioui tha host tuoleilol, nod woiikuied puiv , a Fob baLk wHOLCSAue ani> retail bt HKNttY WsILLaKO, CJl Broadway and 158 and ItV.l Mercer etrefit XTKW FPU) G bl'lTER ? UBOK.VKD DAILY BY Bl IN preof fr-'m the choleesl dalrUw ol, Oheaotigo, Chemung ?uj Brooare eianltfi, new Buy r, In nails and tuba. For sale h? llUjm A ;Ahtt *7 Pearl etreet. New York. pABLBR SKATK8 I rAKLOR HKATRN '-MY BTOI'K 1 Is new complete, embracing several new el/is. wksnh ? " " IdcUdr rnaliler ni? to tit nleely All feet from three yesr* old caUdven to the latgeal men. 1 ue soles are now cf oi .lles.ble Iron, sad the mlltrs have taiee the 'raring quality th-y loroerl) tuid. She pu ltc are a'lm.n.lshed to look nut tor a 'vortb'ess ooua t'ell of aiy latlent skates, made and sold by aeve.-al un piiLO p>ed part lea In thta and other cities rieo that the ? "" tented Fa words "Fatetitrd February 24. UNO," are on the soles; tbl* will pmteet ynu from the lni|>oalt><m bDating, from 10 A. M. until II K. M . ih continiud at aty ball dally, auu skates lot by tl.e leer to ail who wish them, klanul'adturer's depot No. A46 fcroadway. O. M. VaIl, hole Agent. CANFOUu'H O NEW MODB OF BKFRiOhbA Ufa PATENTED NOVEIIBICH, idSL tXTOLTiHO Ah BhTiax now riuNnri.e roa in raKSMTAnoa OF MEAT8, OAAtK, FlbH, TKGETABUCB, Ffcli IT. AC. BanfotO'a mrentton haa been thor >ugh y test, d In every State id the Union, i.ud ranks awong the inn. dlae-ivenes .if the age, and la >m> ul the moat valuable, ya 1 am able to show from the siatamsnts if matiT having It in use Them la no artisle liable to lie ...ju rd bs haat or dainpuaaa that may not be pi'asi r> ed moet twrfsotly. Nau ord ? ariaug'mcat tor refrigerating purpoaea I* ?i sun pie In Itself that 1 ouly require* a gla.vec for one to under siann ihe Kbo'e ih ok s'onut In this arrangement, in. alt la to perpetual slreiilstion, so long as Itaontaio* ssy toe, a-d no v?ui:latios f <un the iiteraai air Is permuted or nualed. mi a?cnunt o' the eon 'an I por'tleatt in ?>' th?air by tin iw-sssge tbrnugb ike n?. '? he str Is liluuwd, as It a ere, U|ion the hie, ann altlu tW'purttl's and iworr are oondnnsed upon tlie toe, and t?as out 41eval.*d In the watfe ke, water. The moisture o' the air. ? etlvnl f'sm artie'es In the room, condenses 'ul!y upon the lie and ma off with the waste water, fhr air leave* the lee at the temperature of ihtr y two deg-eea, In ? denes end dry stata. and re Is la this eood'ilon ulreci' v (.hn.uy1 lbs hot'iiai of the boi, thus proeuelag rasnltaof tt?fiigeratu<n aad UamlMtlun never oefom known. rbe above It now In geieral use by bup'here, packing Bosses. Iietrls and nrivateVresaa. All tnfrlngcmenU wl.J bs prompily pr.sMesUd. - ill inflow Fnillnfurtraianu In relation to oontracU, Ac , may be oh talnod by adtireostng or sail lug on A. U POWELL, Agent, Aretie Me'rltrorat ir OompsLy, Mo. IS# Brondway. corner of Dey stroel New York. SBWTN<? MUCH INK NEB DI?PR ?HINORB'B, WtfFBLBB A K'linii H and ml kinds ef Ma.dim* Ne*d ?? for sale or mad-' ui ? ider cheiipcr and bever tban any In market ?kin- tredo supplied . n liberal i?m>, a; I'kahUV MtlO.'ri, It*'. Canal street, oorncmf Klizabeta mo hV *00 ?? KsMILlEe. 1 YuoaieraepcetfaUy requested to Ball at our store and examine the k* <1? enumerates below IT lb till la H 1.1*1 KF that the assort no nt l o'n la EXlENT AMD BR1UTT Is not equalled iu Nt* York. COMB AND 8KB tmr yourselves White trench t blna Tea rets, 44 ptoses $178 ?old rai d t blna Ira rata, 44 plena# 6 HO Fancy tr-n?h . kina tea Ncut, 44 piece. 8 26 White frtneli thin* r<up ? ur> ens each f uo White Y'rwnoh < It na < 'ov. red Pishes rwb 75 W h te trench < hit a pinner eta, 14W pieces . J-< UJ Moid band trench t blue Dinner o-tc, in clews 4t> ui Ksncy K ranch China Dinger 8. U. from $50 to hti ui biivai Pla'ed Table bpooii* the dozen - S 25 hliver Pla ed tenle Folks the doc. a 8 36 Hbver rlaird Ira I 25 Miver l'ia'?d t amors, rut Bottles 1 25 Silver rlatad Cake iaekrts, earh ,'t "ft e)U er Mho d tea I it?h'r? each, u >R| Mirer Flared Toe and Coffee arte, 8 pleoaa 15 50 Ivery HacCIa l.lui" r knlTta the dozen 4 50 ivory Handle Ira knNi the dozen 4 an Cat Mists taohleta lt? dozen 175 t Ml flla> ? * erai'terr the pair 1 00 1 Boheailsa 8k?l Finger IV ?N the ilozan 1 t?> LIKEWlhK, a complete Una of Iron Rome Ohina from the oelebravd makers. J. kn Maddock A eon, btafTord ihlre. England. Vthiwe lion stone China Dinner flato* the dozen 96 at kl'e Iron hione ? b:na seup Mates. the doxea.. 0 96 Wb'W Iron Mono China Brrakfaet Flats*. the dozen ... 0 ?7 it him iron Hume China lea Flats*. the dozen <> 78 WMt* Iran Hu ns China Saup Turv ens each $1 6>) White Iron htane China lalirt beta, 11 pteora 2 M ALBO, the largaet stock ef OAS FIXTURES to ha found lb the city, at equally Inciting prices. Complete outlUfor Dwell leg Honaea, Complete milflte for Mores, Coinplete onlflie fur llolela, C-OU'I lets outfjta for Public Ruttdlnge, REQUIRING ?A8 FIXT0RBH. Beads baaaht and PAID FOB NOW WU If daatred. be at-red until tbe lot of Hay without charge. OKDhRB FBUH THB OOCNtRT Must erehrw th-isaii, ?lth the addition of * sufficient sum u> pay for packag-s. Par fund? only taken. OUT OUT THIB LIoT And bring It with you. W.J. F. DAILBY A CO., fctl Broadway. moat aafa and effectual remedy arer offered tie public, ^ f and hare been aniveraally used In Kerope for many yaara far the above eomplalnta. I'noe M aad 75 cents per box. d by Vr Balesfv'a < r>mmt?*t?em bare authorised the name and ad dram of " Thoroae rtWl,2tt btrand Uin '.in, t lrim praaaed upon the goraramant atampa alUxed to each boz ut tha genuine medicine water brtore baking the full trial of the "W bat t beer Hon least Cahee, ? end wa do "na aordlally adrtae wh ever would have go >d light bread, and e> nreuuently good temper, good digestion, and gowd sleep to aaai al tho <?d leaven out of hie htnum, and lay la h auppty of tht? new arUrle Ike New Yerk t'httntan Inquirer, aaya:? flood Learrn for ih.- Itooae ?We cell attention to tho ?11 hat < herr IcanOakta <ha hare tried thain, and our hon e depertmant prono- ncea them rioellent, alike aa to eoonomy, ?,nvenlenor and rffeotivrnree. They are naibeularir dratra Mr at tbla era on ebeti ihr iwnnvm yraat la ao iroi.blrw rn" A i eckaffe r f three aakee l? aa aaay In keep a* a boa of aoap, and lb, y do n 't frrmrnt unit: moU ened Ihr (akreara put In onedoren paekagaa and In gram ap bnzea (After trial uf a tbiten, every family will for annumny buy agroaa boz. PRB MCNTH HADB BT ANT Ofg WITf , Nranlar eiplalntna the Mialnzw adareae John inlUkoo. Lawr?aa, Meaa , or st Loula, Yfu $100 lATniMoeteL. A LADY, IT TRaRS OF AUB. GF f?0 >D ?DI 4\ ration and raflnrmetit deeiree u> make the aeu'M'ii'sot Hr " ifntt'THii '>t mMdlf t?p with a rUw t#i nat^iniAti - " ? ??" wa nrvri I wn Ifl I lira K r- 4 W mw a gentle-nan M nslddb- age with a view to matriuioa3 Arai'n noabjeet, hot a nontprtenry la d'elrabia anil rednr ? itinera Indispensable. tcdree* beloiee. ssaUon D. Po a.lra. C'* BRIDFSHATDB A*tl flROGNHNRN W4NTBP? O ha a rnnple sh ut to be married, who hare but few friends hi tble city and n|sh be hanvaenaiy united. To reap, stable parties a fair m mpenaatioa will ha glrao. Ad dram 0. A Herald ou.or. t cmplete outtlts for ail eatabliabmenta "INGC Tax ORRAT ENOUBH RBMRDT FOB OO0T AND ihenmatlaaa.?All aufferara from the above eomptalnta, either of rrerrt or long s anding, are advised to ae - Rlalr'a float and hhenmaUc Ptlla They ran he retted upon as tfea Prepared by Tract k Heraant, Load-'O, Pngland, and soA by their agent, Milton Hareaut, Mftr third street and Broadway, aad by F. 0. Bella A Co., 116 KrankUn atreat, N. T. Her Tbb nbw tomb dtrinq and PBurnwo bhtab Uahmamt WOBRB ON xTATBN ISLAND Mo. H Dnane street I lata <6 John street). Brandt uOona, 7* Broadway and IM Maerapent street Brooklyn. "firBAT CHBEB." fV HOP TBAHT CAKRN. Do yon tike good, sweet, healthy bread? If you d-., yon must I. Avoid all the delete rlou* po where that are made with aoda. ea'eratua. As. X Mare gotsl flour, fresh and lively yeaat. A bare your bread marie a' horr e THE "WHAT CHEEK TEAHT CAKR8 are made of pure dry hope, will keep pin a dry piaea), any lengvh of tlw.e, are always sweet and ready lor use me bread la whiter and eweviter than whru made with oommon raati. In nuxtng hatter t or aakna, mix It at olgbt ihlok, put In the yeaat, set <t <n a warm pleon, and tn th. morning thlu It with The fo'lowieg la from the Independent:? Itomeette Bread.?Though bakers are a great eonrenlenoa, avert liody profeia |o?d h me made Drew) t, toe best pr durt ef tae public nrwna To Insure this ko waver, one need* good flour, good reset a good oven, and a good cook Of these la dlapenaahles, the nv ?t dllliault to he procured In the dtv la Uie second, aad bene. i,e la obllgi-d to vacillate batwaengsbe Strang tiear (craicnu'tons of brewer's t aswt, and some vtle aienp und of eoda and salaratna IlsppllV a preparation baa | now been devised which Inauraa that 15rat requisite of do mestic tvmf.s", sweet and healthy brewt We have made a GHIIRV.ISK STRKRl -B. MONRUBR A DWaBQUWT, OV Fiminh Haok og and Warming Apparatus Menufe-pi rare In order to avs mora room to their fabrication of Ranges aad -wove, tor hotels rwataurant and private farat Bea; eoafantb oera peeflj aook aad dtattlleea' gsgwiia aad Appara us Han- Iron, set and Hbeat Iron, and add to H bra-s kitchen uteoslla, hava trawafarred their shon from Na ? ?. . ahop from Na 60 to Ra W flraene street mm Mm. AMP Br O nilUiUi M 01 MS OTLZ-AT LftO ??'. ia.??, r?r?>-ii A'l.titMM ftn, M M .wormy, pearo t*iiiu brukvr, UtUMiUc Ortvtao uu>i"tr. Fa __ Bfc.j. M. MOwnMU.T. 4 Wrt ('I n-*! LIQUOR HTi.nK fid K ** ?* r#? ?' b* i bualiioi-a nrn?n n' n fiiret, ?.lh H-ow*, >ti?k aad In uonr ilnta* A pp <4 klihlMH* A pood rhai.e fi r any urlSwa requiring aer.b a le Air*. fot e.t a liquor ,ir fipal fiM. grace f o' t) ?1 Ue |.I>?>!?? *?? ttHd..,n an* i, for I .4a\? no?i.!X.uiU,v, hah ("io b-.kk riXTU- aj X/ af.d leer l ump, for Wall) aheap. apo'.v at 471 ? ??* ?treol ar 75 t>tbi. awn ?l>oet |"1C>rBCTKiW?BT F?K HALIL^?t}y??* ?? R \7 ??<?*?, w< It ?*?*!. 1.M-.<-<l ??'> al. . ,,?e< f r ,u r,,. funturiiig an- a *i> ?l wi- k-oao on hand that will at.ylf want, d; it la a rery profitable uu>h bmatweop. e? I a SB/ Caaal >t fr DOI'm K'M.ll ( K.?Af'hKT CHEAP *HRE? ViiA*8> Lfaee for ??le, to mo nf tbt heat i anil'tea la be a a?i'<l i-(I ar ui .1 ?' "III* far ni.mj v ?r? a ap . iiitij chai oe for a you k prat' ill'.nor. Apply at 71 Cra-1 !j yfi".-A. Dtra Bi.iiwiei foe haul?a uranus m now offer. .1 ?? d ti . Homer wnr.'id in piiThaa* a atork of l>rua auoin-.n. k n aboa $4.\U.<i hi ana of tii. ant iteor I hir g ninai in A ? - ? >n C tr.t ?, wilt ??.' #f Ibr boat e-tab lol.o to I ff- 111 that polio. r Kul< narlr.uWra a* to teje* Ac ipv n on arplVn-tpia to Vtraara Ja, Wai.D, CI o- P. A < 0 , 133 at tl l:v ?1'1 ? m ilreei 1 ? "T. ?t . t T*hl 1<-II"U III VftAhfl. ru-tHALE ?i'!. a . oil c** (' a i 0- : ainlab e for a pnyaUlam aotir. ... b * I, r <y III y I. at oflhr L OR 8a: K?A NKWhI'aPF k AND htA rlOHMit* I1 S'o .. cow Arli r a (rod btiataeea. a ab .aco "ar A u an alth a -aialt naptul lii |Bttr ?. fl tt ttalnoa a'roet. Hai.C ? A -F?aLU ?**T HAK ANW bOuaa, lDlbr vt. li.oy nf tbo . an ... ilonaa. KoiUUvy. Api'ly to a I, I, tIK V! - ,OD ?>'<>.. til 1.10a <y atreat. 7 OK Pal V A ' Ki? ? R H O.K; llf.OB TAM W BO r U>K a good biulncaH. ItKyuiro at I a Vuitaa ilraal. iniby ly*. ||10K PAJA- a MIIPKLBK * WU.HiiN ?fcWTN4 HA 17 rlili.r, ti.arlv to w an.l In |wrloot ordar U?al $.0; will br M.ld or$t.A fan at tfl I Iviiigxton plare. IjlOd HaLA.- A Lal' lfc (}' ANtllT Of l'AT?.*T M?9I rlnn rogantly gr.t up ronictlilrst ..nttr*)? naw, Kmatly aatPrn, but l rvrr >01 utli'rcd It. tba iiulillp; will at?al with an In m> dtato apd rra.l .?ie. ownT ....'tg-dto laavo for Auropo; fi,t?ai rr?tu..?.l i lilt.? a "b>?iblug ' lor nania oa*. addroan Meoiou, b .a r U'.l ' uitoffioe IJ10R 31 ALB?OB ? OK TBE OLBKWT S.STaBUMHBD 1 hblp (ln?try h. d Liquor 3torv>?i au tb? Korth river: baa bin d.iltia a MiKiiicHa of |ld,ILAI per aaoum Oausr, retinue from bua;flr?H N flOH:-an, 4] ?e 1 atroet I>K "LH)R HaLE?a HEW IAOE PKOPRlSkR Tt>?, 78 l1 ferl Inup rut.a foot, drnna llqht tbreuyl.t, in o' ayllA "ij It I'.rhra l'ili?$7,lbu f.ibhi'll HLOaN 7V r,?*eh atrort, PblbtdolpblA. dr.r la Id 1' T7H.R PAl.r?A UROfKRV Ahll LitJITOB HT4>RB, NOW !? don a a fir?'clar* buaiaoHH; three yNue' leaae f uia the lat of M-y: it will be m.ld id reaannable tern* an lh? owner la x tuj 't.i the It la one of the Imnt a antln In Ute Fuurteenth ward, iall an Ibe prvmtaex, i;$5 fronby ay B. a OlltUW. rOR HALE-OaOUMtRKAN HOOMH. IM BDWKlIT, or would rent Ihrni l iirulahed In a reap *iwl party. Ainu a yuutiit matt wan led whu baa worked at tba buauiraa. Oabl tlua day. IjlOR KaLE-4 FIRRT CLA^H Rfl fJLlH I P H AD EH AJUJ Home, two boors frulu H.oadwai. wHh lame yeare> If art^fi un t bo lat of May Inquire at Kl 9 .ring aire < For hai.k cheap por Cahh-a sown town Lunch and heading Room ?ih liar attached lha nlace 1? mat!j fifed up and < ?lng a #<><>4 oa?b business; reumu far selling, the owrei ?aa other business. Apply to 8. 1 isi'l'IT, 23 William street No agents nee ' a?p>y FXIR RALF-THP 8TOOK ANn PiXTUKh'ri OP AN OLD ?Nlablisheii i irocery H'.orc, ?I'- a Lease of throe yearn Irnnif ay ? lock low. Apply up.>?< Uwprwailaoa, 4U2 Broome street, ot>;<otl e t'euirn maiket EilOK 8ALP-THK ENOhP OK' MIK KIXWUKB, HflOW Oases, Disks, a lot of I'artit-iB, Doors, Ac., Ac ; aB i early new, and to be sold lions ???huieiy, verv cbe p Apply at "nee to a O Vb.Lt V H. M. CO., tltf Broadway, corner Canal street, N. V. ijViR HALL LOW?A Ne- '' k RAM ft It A RntOiNR, OP 1 Mi*hy, Myuderto A t'a '? um? ? asturo, sottroly hi; never bt en u?ed extapt for and elm la" t< tne t tie notr In use b> Leifngtou Engine Uotupauv Ho T of hw e" r. Per further iihiImi ars apply to < r ntdrese A. J. Ofc." TOOK. 261, A all street. .New ert KaLA?A CORKS* OROOJOT aND LlorOR I- t-tnre situated in the cutra part of the ?H*s will bo ?old Ion U>a cash cuKU.iraer inquire at he W Front a nee k ICR CREAM SALOON AND Out>. kCTUjMWT POR I sale, withafoui yei ?>' tense tn a flm rxt? tcaUou, will he antd cheap, on uecuunt if MjJ.nese, as tb- owner wixbea to I ?t e the cny. Inquire at no 726 Eighth aaenue. I>HILAnPLPBM no 88 ONOB VOUK ? PCRMITITRX ami Fljtures for sale, nil! lie Hold or f2,mxl hi ttisde or raah: wor?h double; iuu> t lie add cumin toa *?yt OaU on K. L Tl I'KhH, 1.13 and IMT? PMftfc street, Nllnsmsbuig REbTAlKANi Kt K fAl.K CHEAP.?ONE O* TITS bent on RmndasT: In g lease at low rent; taanlsnm.dy flied sip and furnished; d "iig a firs? chuui money making business, and ottered t a great I urgatu enl'Tll * ids A VVt> .P, H2 Naaaaa street. CTORE F1XTI.RFB F..R yaLR O'-EeF PRICE IF O taker Moi *?:? or i tn-edey alt tu a ?? xIim^, airnir of Vourtw i> I. ?r *' and brlli ? mule, delving Tplue boma, Ac., aultaklfc for a gr amor or a nm?t any buktuvaa Inqmie at (be truli eland ulj dnliig tt.e More. t^TfcARBnAT JO- N HART, aLIaS OO?FlDfeRHB, O FOR al ROM'S iF. Hull fid ,e?-i long, 21 feel h-eai aR feet hold Engine M Inch cylinder, 8 ft el air ka, tu g evTwii?" 111' u and an v ran king. Apply Ui ' "*7, "? (Xiftlatiltf, Ne. la Broadway, Few If rk. Tare none* -ror sti.B an eating rur.oow aid I A" b '|'K Uoiiae: one of the |, ?t iiiac. < iu the cltv of ht ? 1 ork; to be ao d cheap, ar a partner wau'wi Inquire al bo. (lb i, aiid ?tm t Till- ?Tli K OF BfeOeKn AT HO .7 BROaDWaY IS be ng <-l??ed cut by ike ea.-lgneo at rary J.iw |>ri?ui; da cidrd lutfjra'n* can t>? had a ?? oo eaaueo to Uivae.juBBfptraat pride it at mad pay a Urge (adit. LlMT ASIA FOlkD. IOt-T 'R Mil LaU>-$U) k* Ward? A H>'TW. Ma DC J and entlOiM-.d hf keun aubb'ti* A t anger, due d>y\ fur p;<4> M Hie public arm cautioned kieinM n< gu'lallng lb# rafiu , AJUieiil l>. i..g Mop r.' i tie tlider w U i ? mv? lha ai ttte reward by leaving It alth R k. kitre, tu fine ??, I KPT b-M UOJIK. lutli CUfea.Fl fTklUT, Of riK J 1Mb met. t inuni man n .mtel ?o jniuL M yeareut a*e, live fe t i.ln. i rkm In beigiu, Haul euitipieiPon, long n ?e qu<le a'lnpl- In bia lie ke au.l ma iie-m >i d on a |a l per and ?a'.t oua< d.ab K eeu'h hat and large plaid pviila. Al, uio/n aiioo will betbanktully raoeived by a. Maguor, at the above .tfauiw SHTliLVN OH HTItAt fell- AN 11AL1 A" ORtTIlOURB Dog of adnn aot >r; wngha about alx or aeven p?anili; auaaeia u> tbe name of t harfai A eatable reward will be paid at 2KI Met. 'I birty fourib treet lor nia -aturn. $10 RRWAR1M. i>rwahij-Wanted, jnfohmation lbujikh to J\ the tllec very if one bflr,.- o(i who worked al .lannat, feucklanc c.uDty, w. I., Dtelrw b e (arm, and left the piaoa an (A edneadi y, Aptll IU, taking e lit biai a nlack Canadian Pony, having a email white (Ur oa the furehead; and a gmaa l?i da|ai ?l'b apMi ge, both belo g og u> hie atn p|. jar raid llelnrich la a oetlt e of Hullahc : ep-eAa aagltkb; medom bt igbl and bn.wa hair. A Mil'able liberal re warn wlil be paid for Information nr raeovery of >he property, addreaa c, Inetxacli a Farm, fcaanal, kecklaud, ar No. A bund alreat. New York. REWARD.?LOST, OR THR MORNINQ OF THK vav 1Mb of April, either la the omnlbae fraai Uie ttalen Jilai.d farry tu tote*char etraet between H leant ar atre -i and Rflwery, or In pnaeln* lirregh Road atrr*' In renth and Broadway, a email, pale, eoaraatad glid uawera WateA, a Jib ah' rt gold ahaln allached. The dnnei will reoelre the ah K n-wat d on leartag It at the ?f? of HlaU A Oa. M etraet At) Ann KRWARD ?I WILL PaT fl.UUO REWARD llti.UWv for the dlaaavary af the wewo or poranna , or alVber of them, who art Ar?. on the ?.Ight of April lot, lot. la the d walling houaa ar bulidlaaan Ua premleea iUoatad an the Uvda l ark road ab eit Tanr aula* awrtb af H-mgfe hat pale, known aa the Rrowa or lieu piara (the aafct pt? mlaea brlag tn litigation between the katra and lha hoabanS of ue late RlluW.h Oleu, deeeaaad). aad tar mfateaUee euSletenl to ronrlat aueh perano at partoaa I will alao pay f IJIfM additional reward for the like d leant try af the partoa or iwrtona wb- ant Bee to lha barn oo tbe kuw pram-aaa, at <t>? 'ln.a It waa ooi aumed la *he tprlng of IKtd and iDfonna tkm auOatant to hare oon*k-t*d auoh per ton or pert ana . JaMRs B. TAYLOR, M>Vtne atreet. Raw Tom April B, W6I BIltltlARDR. A FIRE AIWORTMRRT FhSRCII, ERGLMH ARD J\ American Billiard Table* wtab Phelan ? ComlMaalkagt Cuahloaa, now on hand, aad a prhet to knit the tlmea Hf"ltAR A OOLLRROB*. ?1, 64, Si aad ?W OrvMbwrifnav. RT. U1LL1ARDM-FOR KALE, AH'IJIMDID SWK'K OF J? new aad aecmd band Tablet, for BfiO, RUT. ?HiJ, |XU and ArOn; ereryiblng ocmplete aad of the beat quality dr Art By mail attended to W. H. ..wire ITII, ltd Fnlion itroat. TJILIJARDF.-AR ENTIRE FEW FAlRNf SUBdlON, P tu|>er or (o any yet Inernted la now being appltad by iT .1 sUAKf, at BU manufte'on , Ite Fuluin atr??v, waern he keepe on hand flrat alaga I?>?m at prion* to aon eapond with tbe tlmea alao for tale, a tew aenond hand "Wmteai. Billiard tables FOR RAl E OR TO RSRT. The leaae of the billiard room No 3M Smadwmr eiptrtnw on May I, 1M1, and hating Mher I mm nam lo attend to,1 win die pore of the 1 ab'ea at p-neeni therein at a bargain. Tbam are eleven Tnblea of rhelan t patent, al In good ardor. AR advantageoun learn'd 'he room can b* obtained, aad to any patty wiablng ta go Into the buatneaa I wKl mil ar laaaa thin Tat Urn on aaag larma Apply to JOHN REEFS. Mt Broadway RAILHOADH. TJTDSOK RIVER RAILROAD?FOR ALBART ARD O Iray coooeetlng with ualnn North and *#*.? Tmlnd leave ? raoii I'tumum ?ftm. moa miarr r?w?r tTiiawr. EipraM, 7 and 11 A. M , and T ?? II ? A *. * M and b Y. M. 8:? F M. _ . Troy aftl Albany (with aleap- 10 <8 P. R i"nnday? taolu Ing earn), 10 IS r M. dedl ., . , _ _ Pougbkeepaie train, 6 A M.. 126 A R., li fOaadtDr. IV : A and 4 P. M S ? ? Pee kahili train. 8:? F. M. Mf'; ?? . _ . ? Sing ling fain. # 80 A R , 10.18 A, M ,4 M) and 4,8t P. K. 8:4ft ana 4 SO F R. . ? M Flahhlli train, 7 F U. r SMITH, SnpeHatandant. araw TORK HARLEM AND ALBaRT 11II,ROAD. \ "gprto, .rrangawiea.. eowMMnotng Mond w. tg 1IR IBM. For Alhanv ano 1r v. oonreetlna wllh the N> w Tork iVrv teal Railnwd for all pdnU Weal. Norihwae' end nauthweat; gje,, witli ike Northern Railroad for Mfavn P~" " "?m kneion. Flattebu'-g. Rouae'k Point, (led-nekurg I TBHBB KaHl RXFREoH TRtINn | Rutland. Bar and Montreal. UAIL1. ? igtva rirr n.tiL. i.gtvt TWctrrr enrn ?r*irr 7 gad il A M , and ? P M. 7:?. 11 ? a M . and ft ift F M. lor WilUaowbrldga, While rialoa, C-oton 'all*, aad all Id gal mine eee lime table An exprgae train will laark AJRa baay every "?,lridvr w rcng I'M M. JflHR BPWfllLl, Aretatant Snpetintendent Hma UDSON RIVER RAILROAD EXCDRHIOR nckfeiw To and from New VuA. And oil etafV"!# eoath of and baa'udtng M'lda n, wild hi graaUy fwdnee I rate* rtehatk ha and from l'>rkjiklll, and elation a north u lludeoo. god for two day a, aoM at ttehat nffipm only A F. HRlttf. iip -MRkWOt