Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1861 Page 4
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NEW YORK IIEJJtALD. j AJM K ? GORDON U R N N ? T T, fclMlOR AM) PUOI'llllS OK. OFFICII U. W. OOHNKR or PULTON A *D NASSAU STS. T M* *w/i t? aiivanr*. Money sent by twit' trill be a'the iik of the tender, N<rite hut think lill* eu> tent tn ?Vw fori* THE itAil'Y HEHA LIE two cent* fter ropy, $7 j*er annum 7///: H/.i A'41' II EH A 1. />, er?r* .vii'i -day, at nil (*mU )*t cj'y i/f /*"' annum; the En ope in Ehli men y H></? ?*'/<*</. at *nx t ixipy. 04 1? H'ttium t?una /mi t ->/ (*rent fi- it ttn o* $S It iNdfiy /ni I ??/ fWi.?*</', W# '<> mrtwU he {lit if in tn'a IHxtiim tm the 1/4 lltVt <in?i Z a! <>/" m<A m-mlttji! *ix tW' rv*f*y/% *?< 0*76ii?/ itttnwn THE FAMIL I HE HALO, um He/nethty, at four ctuUper cvf>y m %t mer annum VULVHTAHY (XjHHE>f>(tN PENCE* onhnntny important ttfi k anhritfJ f Qm any quarter oj the ic hi; if u*e<l, ml- be libt atly r?'M /<" OPT"** YOHUtGtf Cokkkhp?ndkst* ark 1'AITT'CULAitl Y llKaU^i?TKt> TO OKAL ALL XaftTTJCRA AUD rACK AL>* KWT CH , u? ? . A'O NOTittaken </ anenymmu corrteponde^ We *? ** Ctv/r ft netnnittIllation* V?.y?.r XXV4 *??? AMIlHhMKMh rm* KVKMNU. ACADEW op ML'SIC Kuurtoeolh str-wl ? Obltokio? lv>hi in Borrr. AM06KMBNT8 TOMORROW EV"K*lMa. VIBLO'B QaRII&N. Broad* a/.?ViRCiiMios. VHHTUM UAKIiPN. Rro?twm?. ?*?*?? Bond NrMl Ua Ki ll ANT or VgNICK?W'ANIiKltlKO MlKlRUL W THBaTRK, broadway.?IIknbictik?A Rkcllak Pi*. L*i KA KBENE'S TIIE A ritK, Mo. 621 Broadway.? ft VAN SLNTAKlt M\Y P.< iWl RY TYIBATBa, B??r?ry ?Libkrtt Bori or *7fc? K*0 UKONh?LWCKT Hokmkhiiuk RARMJD'H AMERICAN MURBUN, Bmod**jr ?Day ?nd 4r~?,in? ?Pivinu Dutchman ? Ruth Oaklkt?Bkaus, t KA LION ANO OTUKM CUBItfN'TIM PRVaN 8* B1KI1TR11A Mm-hani"*' n*]l, 472 Bro?d Ok; ? buKLkixiuKK, minus, Oahi-kh, Ac.?Mown in old Nl"Lo'?* SAT-OON, Br a loaf ?l.tom's MiN<rrr.KL3 in bOKLK.,ul.US boNUa, DaNCKK AC ?UlLLT PATrnKaON. VFLOPVON OON' RBT H M.U, Nflb 63? B oadira ? SoNUk. Danokk, Uuklksuuu, Ac CAAT* R(l< KV MUSIC 1ULL, 665 Broadway ?Songs, 1mm i a. bcuLi nooks Ac. A.v? lulk, owaony, April 14, iBOl. , 1 la a lew*. f^ort Snnitpr has fallm! Major Anderson and his comrades, after a gallant struggle of some forty Lours' duraiiou, in wbicli he sostaiuel a heavy si d continuous lire from the bdtieries o; the aecest-ionisiH, that not only greatly damaged ci:e foit, but also set on fire the wooden structures withm it, struck his flag and surrendered to the revolutionist*. It is stated positively however that none of the officers of the garrison were w<>oi>ricd; neither were any of the Carolinians killed. Five of the garrison of Fort Sumter were wound* a. The fleet off the harbor took no part in the conflict. Major Anderson aud his men were conveyed to Morris Island, aud subsequently Major Anderaon proceeded to Charleston, where he is ti e guest of General lbaur gard. Our telegraphic reports of the conflict, which we have reason to beneve are accurate, may be found in to-day's paper. The excitement among commercial men yester day was more intense than ever. Oa the Corn Ex haf'ge, at the Mer-hauls' Exchange, in WalJ s're?t, at the corners of the sueets, and at the dinit g saloons, nothing else of m >ment was talked about but Charleston and Fort Humter. Mer chant-. were so uiuch absorbed about the war news it seemed difbcul' for them to auond to busimss. When one lnqum d of ant thcr about the Diaiketfor <o ton, "Cot on br h?n*ed," he would exclaim, "wJasi i? ths last, news from Charleston?" Ann a hi n another would ask of a shipowner about freight*, freights go to Halifax. Has the fleet arrived off Ceurirston?" 8-ieh seemed to be the ?fleet? f 'he war news upon many of our com mcrcmi men. Ft are were expressed for the safety of the stesDitugs sent to Charleston, a. they were well down with coal, and had to encounter the whole force ol the recent g-de. Ihey were said to be insured a? four per cent per month. The Savan nah steamer Florida postponed hailing until nine o'clock tbi# morning on account of the inclement weather yesterday. The steamships New York. Kangaroo and John Jle'l, which ehtiuld have sailed yesterday for Europe, were detaiifed until hix o'clock this morn ing. iu order to carry out account# of the conflict at t hancaton. Th? Hkealp, containing the latent new#, will be despatched by each of th- *e veaaela. The Couimt-aiouerH appointed by the Virginia State Convention to wait upon the President and aer- ruin hi* policy with reference to the perilous condition of affair*, had a t-.ruial interview with Mr. Lincoln yesterday. The President referred them to his inaugural address tor an exposition of hi* policy. He furthermore stated that he in tended, if possible, to collect the revenue and exe cute the laws. He did not intend to iuvado any State or oomniunity, but at the same time he as auied the Cutnmis-iom r? that f the aeccaionint# had made war for the purpose of driving the govern ment froui the possess on of its property, he should not only do hia utmost to hold all the forta now in possession of the government, bnt would speedily proceed to retake those unlawfully al ready seized. The steamer Philadelphia has been chartered by government. She Is moored at pier No. 50, toot of Morton street, where, for the past two d?ys, she ha- been taking in provisions and cloth log, evidently for the parri-on at Fort PL-kens, after wlii h, it is probable, she will proceed to Texas with troops as<i camp equipages. 1 he Legislature at Albany did not bring its *es siou to a clAse yi sts-rdsy. ?s was anticipated, the Concurrent re-oinit?n for an adjournment passed by the Senate having be>n delayed in that body on Friday night till too late for the Assembly to tskc peon on it in time. Both houses met yes tcaley and transacted considerable business. The hetiate passed the luiif million militia impropria tion hid a-it tsnic from the Assembly, there being but one negative vote No d*y for n^journmeut has yet been decided upon. by sn arrival hi this nost from Lagnavra and Porto t abello, we are in toe posse-siou of Venc zne a papers to the 21st of Msrcbi Congress nr-t on the iBth, and appointed [>r. A' gel Quuitero De signado, or fr-cone Vice President of the republic. Dr. Quintero is the the same mliester who, under General Psez's adminiHiration, did so much credit to the Ycuezueliin government. He w*- exiled by Mnnagas, and lived in Porto Rico many years. General Pat z has been appointed f>eticra!-ip-t'hicf of 'lie Kasfern army. The Installation of Con gress the arrival of <?f neral Paez, nnd last, but not lea-t, the Opera under tbe con'rol of Mmo. Corte ai. wiib Muslim!, Araodio and brother, Nani, Ac., made the capital very lively. Au anonymous oo pnrtiicrship u( amateur* bad iuaured one thousand dollars for eaeh performance of the troupe. By the brig Helen Jane, Capt. Ilayden, we have received a hatch of correspondence from the City of St. Domingo giving detail* of the event of the 18th. though not adding much to the newa al ready published. It appears from these letters that the hoisting of the Spanish llag and surrender of the republic t?*>k the people completely by *ur. wise, nod It iaiiitited that there will be Moody re wtosfeB Tbe Fngiish and French Consuls have proNqted and bauled down their respective flags. Up tolhe tld the United States representative bad made no mom. On the 20th the house of A. Cohen A. Boas failed; their liabilities are stated at $300,000. The annual session of the New York East Con ference of the Methodist Episcopal church was coo nii-DCi d on i dnenday last, at the Hanson place church, Brooklyn?Bishop Ames presiding. '1 he proceedings thus far have pertained to the regular official business of the Conference, save ihe presentation of a series of resolutions frp<n the Committee on Slavery, which were discuss?'! briefly on Friday morning and permanently laid ou the table. One set of resolutions confirm the action of the General Conference in taking stronger auti-sia\ery ground, while the other affirm* the opinion expressed by the bishops, that the " new chapter" on slavery had no statutory foroe, and the action of the Buffalo Conference imposed no new terms of membership. The sales of cotton yesterday were confined to some M0 a ?CO bales, In lota, closing tamely at lS^o for mld dltrg uplands. The market for breodatudb was less active, while prices were without change of Importance, l'ork waa quiet and prices unchanged. There was very little cuing in sugar, coffee or freights. The War Begwn?Dissolution of the Union Consummated. Through the events of the last few day*, the lost blow has been given to the fabric of freedom, raised at such cost by the fathers of the republio. Civil war has put an end to a confederacy which had existed for three-quarters of a century, and the constitution of 17811, has been replaced by military govern ments. The time for argument baa oeased, and ? be appeal that has been made to arms, pre cludes the possibility cf foretelling what may be the Issue of the present melancholy crisis. It can scarcely be doubted that both North and South will at once proceed to adopt sucb ulterior measures, as their respective means al low of. Fort Pickens will be reinforced immedi ately, and toe result of operations, in the bay of Pensacola, will be known in a few days. Vir ginia is on the eve of secession ; her example will be followed by other border States; aiid two sections, the one containing eighteen mil lions, and the other twelve millions of inhabi tants, will be arrayed against each other in hos tility. The recruitments that have recently ?ak?n place at Washington, show that an in vasion of the District of Columbia is dreaded, mil it is not improbable that the theatre of war may be transferred te that quarter. It is to be ieared, in times of euch excite ment, that neither the Washington nor the '-tontgoniery government will contain them -tlves within the boundaries of law. Each will assemble as many troops as it can, and will operate where it can do the greatest .mount of injury to the other. Every advan age ot position and circumstance will be .vailed of, and, little by little, the entire nud will resound with the din of arms. Nevertheless, the Blave insurrections at the -outb. which have been oounted on by North rn partisans, will scarcely take place; nor will ?ie people of the non slave-holding States have ?ituse to fear the riots tOat have been predicted hy the politicians of the South. War is not a Mine for such outbreaks; and, wete they to ake place, they would be easily suppressed \y local authorises, who will be unusually . igilant where so vast interests are a; stake. Moieover, the mrplus population of ineen < iuru-s. desperadoes and adventurers Wilt be ?trained off front both sections, by the exi gencies ot the period. [t, is impossible for any human b?Ing to fore tell bow tfae war which has begun will end. It may be d ftieult, for some time, to do more ihan chronicle the panning events of the de doiable contest that is waging. The great Arbi'wr of nations can alone decide what its fl ml issue will be. ORaAMZATtON OF AllMIKS NORTH AND SOUHI.? Students of modem history will recolloot th?t during the great wars in which the Christian Powers have been engaged in the last century, 'be commanders on either side have managed so as to remove the scene of practical opera tions either to the high seas or to some point remote from the centres of trade and industry Mabtog war now-a days is an expensive opera tion. and some must be free to work in order to supply the material for those who tight. Ths war upon which we have just entered will be. in all probability, chiefly a naval combat, aad m that point of view the North has tbo advan tage in men. tnnnition* and ships. The navy of ?he United States, such as it is, belongs to the North. The army and marine corps are, wo presume, with exceptions, loyal to the federal government The States will proceed immediately to arm and equip a very large volunteer force, no lew ? ban one hundred thousand men being need <d for the defence of Washington. In the -outh there is no lack of flghtlog material. The army of the Confederate States is as well .?(fleered, but not ho well equipped, as that of the federal government The South has no navy wor<h mentioning, and must provide for one. Likewise, an army must be equipped for actual duty in the field? not guard mounting and lounging in garrison. The cost of all this will be enormous. To maintain our army and navy in time of peace Requires a yearly ex pea dl'ure of nearly twenty five millions of dollars. To maintain two war fleef? and two wAr armies will cost as much as two bur dred million dollar* As there is no poison without its antidote, so ibis vny war, which is so deplorable and so .miitly absurd and uunecflenery, will enrich ?bouaands of mechanics ami traders who build and lit out ships or furnish army and navy supplies. Ail branches of trade which bear directly upon the speciality above referred to will be immensely niunul.?>e<1, and, as a natural consequence, business of all kinds will be brisk. So lung as the scene of military and naval operations is in the Sou'h, New Vork city will be a central pob t from which the troops and ships of the federal government will be fitted out and despatched. And as there is no dagger that martial law will be proclaimed In tbe commercial metropolis, just at present tbe war In the Sooth will be beneficial, pecuniarily, to the Empire City. KMnoTVuer for thi Idlk?All the 1,-ifers, vagrants and rowdies in our large cities will now find s. metbing to do, and even those who are industrious, but out of employment, will get work If they fwl tr dined to brave tbe dangers and hardships of a soldier's life, rather than re main inactive and in want. Owing to the de etruction of all kinds of bnsineee, caused by the election of Mr. Lincoln, tLorc are thousands upon thousands destitute in New Vork, Pbti v delphia, Boston and other cities on the North era seaboard, who will gladly accept the "bounty" and tbe pittance per day allowed to soldiers in the American army. There will h lo great difficulty, therefore, for tbe agents ot either t.tu United States or Confederate Stater to enlist as many men as they have money to employ. There ii do lock of fighting men rea dy to do battle od eitiec side; *o UjaI we ? >J | expect Uk war to go fb rrflj on w l?"( ? ? people on either cid? of Mvus u>> (Hto"'* l'?* will t-upply their respect)** ?ec u- with ti?< ! cJnewa. 1' tbey th'nk it wilt p ,y to n?#lf men to go soldiering and to oe?<i f l<t? % ?ui | propei ty, tiny can baje enough of tenth ouiow 1 taeht tor their money. Cmevalikk Forney ask run Kkvkmk OtTTsa Hakhibi Lank.?The Cb? v?l?er F< r?ey, ?t ei* Philadelphia J'rraa, in dilating main il?? de parture of the cutter Harriet Lane tor COerl?? ton, says:? The Hat-rut lane hu been a *nrt of 9m nlw1' 0**f* for the uee of Mr. micbauau ai.i1 tila toli-<?r-m u ho >? reel bet* n.e royal yaoiit. la tla tfastMi otmm ?? than oue blgb textual maa ti' id It cirrw ? >a- ?"i i ? m Cabinet of tbe "O P. T * t? Ute Hudm* WAxbtDgtoo Height*, when they rtaiVnd >?'?? O *">'?? Bauwit, of the New foa* Hmaau>. Itnu, ?<? t? bohom the Prince of Waiea ai>4 hie 0'4* ? ? " eluding tke puke Of Neacaelle, and Jeetne- fee., hinumif. But the aervto* ui the Harriet laae ?aoh moet deserve* to be t-mbAlaed ka U<*? eeJ >e poe'-ry was IbAt rendered i>> Ornbg Hie dee-B* i? *+ Katie* (him the fret Sutea, b? x>u>d by es-Onde ua ?*< H of Mew York, to the city of Chark-atoa . The Chevalier Forney then gr<e? on to *?j that Collector Soht-H's delegation, charged with the duty of defeating toe aom)*****.?? Douglas, and of dividing the democr* 7 an 1 breaking up the Union, had a huh um ?>? board the Harriet Lane at Cha-leron and ti nt "over many a game of 'bluff ou-1 '??' and 'poker' and whist, and amid <ta - expi of jokee and champagne, the chiefs of 'h grand cotspiracy" were rheluwei by "tb- tf which they were laboring to defao* and dt? honor," This is a very inter eating oa'ra ive; but, though we are sorry to spoil it, we uui-' say that upon one point, at least, it is eutirely fictitious. The Harriet Lane has never c urted "the Cabinet of the 0. P. F " to tbe II111 mo river, near Washington He-gh's. on a *i*i to James Gordon Bennett We have a neat, swift and comfortable yacht of our own. aao in the mutter of tbe visit of the Preebteot ??* the United States and his Cabinet to Wa-hiun ton Heights, we should have preferred thi yacht to the "royal yacht," Harriet Laue Forney's fiction is one of his inv'otiou* to show his devotion to the new patty in powtfr As Clerk ol the House of Representative', h wants to serve another term. But we appre bend that under tbe inexorable republican law of rotation, he will have to go out u> accom modate some one of the numerous hungry re publican contestants for his place, Hiving been bought and paid for, and having b*<t a good, long and plentiful feed at tbe public crib, be must stund aside. We are in the midst, <?f * great revolution now, and all our old beggarly spoils parties and spoils politicians most go to the wall. ArPREHENHIONS OP AN ATTACK ON WASHING ton.?Now that war is fairly begun in riouth Carolina, Mr. Lincoln and his Cabinet are alarmed about the darger of an assault upon Washington, as Mr. Walker, the Secretary ot War at Montgomery, is reported to have said that tbe Southern confederacy would be in possession of the Capitol before tbe 1st of May, and as President Davis has called for twenty five thousand men, whose destination is sup posed to be Washington. The requisition for troops made by Mr. Lincoln on tn* Gov-raor of Pennsylvania shows that his tears have been roused. Ab jet there has been but little damage done at Charleston, almost as little loss of life as in a battle in Mexico or Pern. But before tne war in < 11ileu many lives will be sacrificed,and blood will flow as copiously as it did in the civil v.ars in England. The bloody scene will be chiefly in and around Washington. That will be the debatable ground, tor possession of the sent of government; and while President Davis will Bend an army to drive President Lincoln out of it, the latter will call upon the North for help Virginia will probably secede immediately, without waiting to go through forms, and will unite her arms with tho?e of the Confederate States. Otte r border slave States will ptobably mingle in the strife on the some side. Lincoln, in distress, wdl summon to bis aid the militia of Ohio, New \ ork, Illi nois, and other republican Suite* of the North west, as he has already called on the State troops of Pennsylvania. The fighting, therefore, will be of the moat terrible description?close, aod hand to hand, with riflo.ainl musket and sword and bayonet; not with cannon, at long range, by which "nobody is hurt." Both armies wdl be of the same race, will have equal pluck, arid contend not only with their orduiary fierceness, hot with the additional fury which consanguinity ever lends to the battles of brothers. Thk Buwhikoh of Chribtiamtt,?We orofess to be a Christian people?Norih and South. We assume to be the light of the age, and at the head of modern civilization. We have been shocked at the revolutions, in-n'rectionu and bloody civil wars of Europe during the last fifty years. Bat where are we now? Where is our Christianity, our civilisation, our beauti ful system of States and sections. U'e united and prosperous und happy! All involved in a horrid civil war. Where is this to end? In a republican system like that of Mexico and Central ard South America, or in an imperial government like that of Russia or Louis Na poleon! Who can answer! Pvni.rc Mrtikq to Frown Down Crvn. War.? The leading merchants, traders and profession al men of the city of New Vork intend to hold a private preliminary mee'ing to-morrow, pre paratory to a grand mass meeting, to b<- held in tb? Park some day during ihis week, to de cline In favor of peace and against civil war end coercion. This will probably be one of th< gri atest meetings ever held in this city, and it* i fleet on the governmi ut at, Washington and the government at Montgomery i* expected to be very decided. Goon Nrwh kir th? Fax at re. The sad catastrophe now progressing in Chsrlewton harbor will prove a subject of great rejoicing do doubt, to the Ihicftesa oi Sutherland and the abolitionists of New England As for Wen dell Phillips be must be fairly exulting over the terrib'e business. Every boom of the guns trom Sunptor or Moultrie is sweet music to the ears of the fanatics who have toiled and prayed for years lor the destruction of th< l'n ion. Mdm.k. Smcranza's CoviKRT?We are r?. quested to state that, in consequence of the prevailing war excitement, the gr<tnd Speranaa concert announced to take place at Irving Hall next Tuesday evening Jias been postponed for the present , N*w Ymw Ar*mrwT.?To sight " Mow* in Fgypt" will bo gleet. ?t tb?> Academy ?* an orator'i.?, with Ibnklay, l*tttlltpw. Sttgrllf, SnaiBl, and, W 1* Ktti In l .* f-jml The ?oml?iat?*) tb all par.n >, ih? h hii-o will bo only SH> crnts rhis will rUnea 'b- pi-atbt abort aaaaoa of the auoclatetf artists la New Y<*k tiws mm mi stiti caphu* 1 M* Alias*} art ?|i..rnr? Tfcrt?< ??? MlN>ht>a>P?*.aa> ..f li.r ? a* < MM-Orfr.! ?f lu< I I 1 of *|I|H ??? a IM ? ?U>M< Ml to ihr ) of ?*.. t HMMMIi* l? I.IWll Trmmro of narrr>-\ >u. )*?'?? MUorlif u? Juhii 4 (*?!???*.? H. for' Ihr itaraaf ? h' Iftltali ?? lk> qa>al|wM)W ? ??? CilRmlilo mm Ikt Hot, Mev? 1 ??? of \,?m?y mm?i tM. mom la iter ?a?lra>?^aior Ma?t ?? y < k?ra? Ma*kM ?nh ???akiat lit* hicaiio . *? , Ar< A a<?t, ?*ni ? IMI Tl?n ?M MMifrnHt. irK'a i> U? Mwilai nvftj ? <Wl Hr rrlailn. Uw iMrol At'aoey of *J i*i ) Mut) limrM t? atif ?i liNiM a via a>t ?f ia* tiaaM), iw vt*i.g m?mi ih? ?? | Jk?? It IffMIt IMI M ?klW trirt IW tfal of K( ko? pro a flair ?ct AU ran?, ? ?otHkf >hra?tii rui?< ib a Mlmf b>? corn | ?.? tea? afcd la thai CO* IHI? bo o.-Ol to lb* b? id *l?r* Hi Iter ht?-* * op. ia., !?? ta* per.??*, w A a rtaa4. to g r* b'ia a fut sailing Iwr.tti >0aia at eapotoaf 6*?aa buh ta* M?*J moral* a Aiaao) imatt w> ? i A* uoitM Mr Ha ?hr* a*H> ?? O l? I* out, ?a < b .r..**.i a vJn-al.t*. rb*? fact* air *|iao ? !**. >l?# autA.rin aI Mr Hock* ?a btlnaadf Bteu aioorf tla Rmmiiwi okhi f at* ?W|? a mw * ihti rataM a* ><*iMHl Ma tar* It .*o o<mm* to ? pretty pttgbi ???* a f ??*? ?> i? t < ffl ?*? aba'i g %t?<nit ito at. art* auk ta* >^??'i * of |M?>t?(a initnra fu< Ibr) do ? ?< ?*tr ao Ha Aaif lira t ? Anaaef ? ? I * a |an?n* <4 tb* Al*<**i lt?w? . *hl h folly ac not la for a'l llteae wnfldorful d*v*lnp*m?tef. Ik* AarrthMp t*aa aa*ui..g lanaiiu.ttni M>? order of it ra t run tea oi b '*> Ib* fiend- uf U?* Ifetr ^iillaa ?J. abb bill w*r? afiatd Wa lab* Ua* v >l* o* Uteir bill, a <1 lam It nt< I'x- Itetate 1b* f1mi.? I-* m?<"? b>il e?l?i ?p la it* order, It <>? potal *Hb>iil rrcmiiit t legit re ??>?* It M< I(|?I hi UM 'Hi. la !?? ?tern, n a. I up*., aad il tb*f 0*0 ? ?.!> ??*CO II '0 '?*! SUltlt O* of '?UaU4*-a, It W It |N* not Ml). Ill a b I H*r h >|| vatMl <btt to the #a I ?.|tiahi> ctjt m al |? l>*a K'T a long 1'iaa It Wviael as [ it. ign It ama uttcdrd aa a lu iM*a?ge, Itinre Ktl . I' <!?' fetlri tllliki ? Cot a ill *\|Mt Uti 11a Ot Ai I'M i not Jul mil* Hi a ?*ii.| lb" C tiaMlijtl >a ! rial IV ? IO-bo A? fro* ib>-0?irl of Appeal* went bia< ' ?>> a '? talked* VO'* a* meat i*>"0 fb<aa rtt*nn.ti?ite? ? rtf pniUHil l> lb' Irgtaaiur- r.t ?h* l>l gr* Klein iivt f rbr't""Hf ilia't n.r in-oi ama* frus too '*o< | h?t'hi hi'i ai. h't' en* 'bo nbua?i.Kini lb* rpiratio* ut. a CtM.a. Ill IH. It! uw-tel Ut* oeoaill ill ?o to f r i?i| 1* tad anted. p.too-l bnta bututoa, lte?t praftrrel bti i aro'iiwi r?? nu'ti Uv>? Iim h|t| to lion' Mi* t*> if* nf si nary odlcor* la lb* i.bjtittf cnondman r r?a'r? r?r*% bt-ra Mr foomesd ? e dom p .lined ilm fitK>? bg rrooluiiooa, calling u)t > I' ? ?? ?t trln ? t ? ? a >? I - ?here**, Heoat* bill Ko. IS. b*t*g aa M *aU<M ' Aa >iri li | nte ai.d ett.x u a*# It.a lit. nw) I uiarr. la ta* iunl''a by I nililf g lit* t-t un ? t o*'<* t bores," a a? r*f*r'ed in .b- uDiniit'er no Mill laaad KuNif Itefnara. an* ?h?r* *?, itao tr|o ta ia tnaj rl'y ai * idIi i/rtty rrt-o't h??? b *a ? irpairo I'J m miwattl PI*, h f ?o.Mi'l**. aud all alli ed for lit* roi atdl la'nu t.r ib- tebr. ornilfn of >?*? mailt**, km) wl*ir?a. *11110 oibrr artttr- ab-oluirty rvfuard >o ?'?' I'lrri.l ??** irjaina, ib>rt* y preventing this inn t'r im rrvli.gai nyp rltiDitv tt.tu.aa iitan. II* orb. itlvMoM, it. l on ' ihr public pr?u *|it.?i diaMn.- I ? >t' party, but ihr gt litei) pwrrtl y if.fongbotu 'hr etafn, Osmund a fail iii.aidrriMt n of ibia aubj# t a< lb* haoda of tola Uaur lAt'itfoie. bin vrit T!-a< the Cont*.litre on Mlllna a*d Tub le 0* litirr air brfbt o dmf to rrlxt'l inrlhanib rrteal* M l fit 'ftv. rn 'led "'An aci in pmnuiir and ramorag* ibaelB rkai nf ..nor* In the militia, by Usitiag ib*te?ar* of uflf r t b* eia." It r< q.i. iig a iinaaifnotia oo rent, one of la* m-rab*r* J ihr con.S'tlrr obi o'oO and It til u-H c >o? l.airr >ti ib> ei-mor Mr Wrtunrr n poitrd lue nilt f?r lb" i oi cirri at).? of the H Mice, ambrd by tour uiniaberaof i he cti'diiftco A majority o< the committee to Investigate the cbirgv agaii hi J< hn M Neu n, tfna><?iut? l)i after ihs Assam oly b?0 UitFMU ttp'biru vac lug uf oilis, submitted their re po.t o( S| ecutl p.eed'Og* rb irwU'i it> ic it tawinc*. u> h? House, upended to Which WA" ? rwfutloa declaring tost iti?p *?( rn to 'acts lu p'ovo tb? guilt of Mr. .NoIajo, tb?>efor< ho fhoaui tu- docha'gso from arrest Mr Provost presented ? clear ant forcible minority r? port, clung UiO 'wt-moujf, fsot* and circumauiioos fr hb wbii h be came to tbe nooclustou th it Mr N'oltno *u cuilty O' s't> iupu< g t -brio-? oieoiber, aid ?bo"l \ tbe-o fote he puced in prwon duMtg -ho remainder o* ibe hob. m>n. 'to* r?|iOi>. was witooul an* of tbo special pt-a l leg of the minority. but ?u ?be n'ber band went to lb* bottom of tb- wbo'e air* r as It h shown 'rom 'be lastlmo uy Uk'-h before the liinb na lucent g ititig Continues, and ban rt<awu ootiObiaiol a sunn an no nuua-llti uixid touid Tall to arrive at. the facu are so plain that be wn* ruiHuisj rtad Ibe q<on.,n before the House being that nf subatl ttiiirgthoicp?.it of lb miuorny for .he majority, ibe

i-'gouiii-bt-Arena wns orde'itd lo brute Mr Nell *1 note ibe bar it the II use. tie immediately a'.or appear. d, nee mpanieo by bia counsel, Mr itaiboy, *h i proceeded U. a.fli ee? I he At-sca.biy luu.tia f 01 Mr N.laou. Af-er muk'tig a special apis-Hi to the Assembly, be e at ?<! Ib?t be oar not pi.-pued to ariiun ili-e m III#'St this IWn*. ltd tikeu that ibe case nrgfit be pwtp m d until W'tdnei day or ^biendity cvm.l.g? be p eferred Thtituy. U *ul he reinenihe'eo 'bat t ie one nuod'ei da j a etptrsos Wi dnewflit the purine can drier thW'own tntf-odc The mot'00 ??* made to make tt th? sports' o dor ?or Wcdi < sday ? vtotig, ano upoa ibe mown there Brae coo aiderable debate. wen-re I'uuo* aod Ferry favored the delay, and bipod 'but It would b- g-.tiled K.nh of th.-*.' g.".tl.n?t) torn lit tint it wae nec.?eary, In order to g re tOi? com I unto to prepare lrntself. Mr Klsb wanted to know if the <v>'inn*l In this case wan not one of the allot ny en before the lilbboug Invent gaifi g C< moi'tteeV Mr fcilDgwood stated that the gentleman rcfeerid to was the counsel before the laat cntr m'ttie, and as tbe cha'smi of too com m"iec <>n Kr'day Called ti*e attention to the ?oft'iaioay, with the view o| having h'oi decide up?o tie policy of HI' inittu g tho tcstiui fiy U) their CO nmilliK for m It e counsel einnunoo It. as ho l.a. state i h-re be da- and be thought thai they as Well go on with tt Una evi nu g as ?n, other tune M I'Mivuet raid thai b"'el. s >t rfl d that the Co toad could have ptep*>ed bl c-eir 'or lit a evening, for the t-etl Oiouy tb Ibis < arc ba ul boeo printed for Home tune owal He bed tnioe up tie muuirl > leport from tbo ?ruiouoe akn. before tcc Hihti na luT- eti,.ting Committee, and no woul'i ear to tho oounacl that hn had not drawn hie cuociueion 11inn U'e teenm ?? or itthnone, but from tbe n otx*h of (be p leoi rr r ow b fO'e 'Oi bar of th a Qouae ill connection w"h'be 1> e ric attorney, tb' teemn ?i ibat proton tbc"> lit of ti'bmra and tuat wb'cb eb iwa the guilt uf Nilaon is eu mixed up and I' Wwwoveo to gnher tbat If ore Is proved guutr bo could not aee now tbo other c. >uld he c' ared, If th? tnijel ? repoit waa adopted by this House aud fr. Neieon clea-od, beb' ftd hat i;od woulu bave mi rcy up io b>m forctat ing b a rote to oxpel Mr (iibbo< a from this aneunbly several pwt eB foliow d, lioib tor and against pvatpw) tog It. (biue was one nutic-anle f.rt tbat thiw mem hers who wre ibe most aci ve in pierentlng the ,*wt. pi nement of ibehea'in^of ifih iune ee e tbo loudest ?D'i ni<a-t pirs'stent In emaii'tu.g that ibis waipail puOed, woiitibg to summarily dicp ?c ofoueof tb-T lei low m< mheis and thin to give to an outsider the privi leges tbat ihey i pposed givng to ibeir own assmusisa. ibe vote wast'ktn to t>i*tp"oe t's c lnsMeratlon until ?hia eweu't.g, wbirb w-s loai ; and then fvmorrow evon iog. to morrow afn rnoon snd to mor.ow moruug.aod ti|.?il> tbe House took a recera until 'bia afleruoou, at bad psai bve o ilia k. when tbe mi tor be beard M>d cudweed of. Ilurtng tbe (IIicubsiob l(r Arcu<arlus eaul that be bail hee'd that the limine Atio ner bad threat-tied to whip tneinl>ers bus, and be would give notice bat, Rl'b< ugh lie c old u*e hut one urn, if the Attoim y ai d hut ?o?i* wool i c >me to room No Gi. Wetoen's, L*i would settle tbe matter with them ia a sboit time Tbe ttpeaker bus lit* select oomm'ttea ready to ?a 0* tmco. and w< I do .b less anuocuce It to the House this ovD bg The City l.'bambe Inn to t.oollrin Herlm ia '?A oe give lo a oomtnlitee c u.isiing >>f Haroor, Hiugnam, K.<?H'er, tk>rnii g anu A'Ctiianu*. (he bid to take ibe me Ornoition ol coc tracts 'rom the Common Council g ms to a is w>niit se cmstetl. g of K-ibmaon, dumnnr, M ir. i*ll, WoodHitt and Harojr, all n-M o e 'p favo of lbs hid with prt pei anno nuMs auih ?c pi* teg ih" **?? srmeut roils IB the ban S of a bo?rd | "UIP"S"0 of the Mavor, Comp troller, OoridwatKW Com,Mil and Mtrset iVminiMmU'. The cenate was in the Committee of the A aim netriy all the nssroiig u|?>n the Supply bill The veto mceag" of the Governor on tbe Alhaiiy and fuaqu"badOa hill w is | presented lost heroic adKM.ruui'-ni. an > la.d on the tame lor Uie p rveiA Mr. K.nus-y , ImWever, to ife lbs oc >a .K* t" give tbo nnDoes of nev-ial per-ie-s to ? sua'ba iM.ertoi had premis- d to sign the hnl Heetat-rl thai as niltnatf friends of the covsroor siatet to htm, tn tue Pievei ce of Mr Cruyn, durt'-g tbe campaign I uty fill, and b foie the election, that if tbe but eboulo pose tbw l.-gie a tore and in the ? vei.t of tbo Alt' rney Cei.erat <i? ii.nag that it whs a ni?.)orily an > net a two-thudi hi i u ah ?rd nnet with on opposition in 'be l!ais<ii|*n t'binner. Maik tbe point. Here la a direct p'onil-e mote, ?s Mr "iu>n ore of th- paitiee pre?ot sta.<* l>? ih plow Weed, u jm I) the authority'Of Oov. Morgan, bef >retbe <?>?? Hon; the i egi-fuiore bis psrs.ol >t l>y * mai" u , v,,t.. bo Attoiie-y to neraJ, upon a resoiuli >n of the H > is* is i|oe*lu g h > ooinioo upon that punt, h <s ciewriy sb >wn ?lid clt' d ibe oecistons of oourta sbowiug ibat u Is a ,nn,K>fny t< f t"l a two third lull. A inaj-rity of tbe ?siemldy, by a direct vote ?|ne tb" questi-n o' aopeai frotc tbe (!? cielon of tbe .Speaker, haa given It as liietr 'pmloj that It was sinipl a majority uu, hut the Ho vsrnor has vebsd it on tbe gro md that It w.ts a Ivv birds bill, not tearing to rat tbe Ined. g'sat cob -uce n the law oflflcsr of tbe State, wh .m the p.-opte have , how s for tbat |?w turn Mr. llsesaj fuither Hal. d tbat when Mr. Oeievae? tbe owi e of tbe t.ou 1 in Albany of bat name?returned from K.urope, be called upon tbe Corem ir in (lerson. and rroelvsd a dirict promise from aim thit he would mga ,mp?.n the o nuntoae stated by Inurlow Weed Wait* nna. * specially when he la luamng for aa ofltoe, la mighty uncertain. llBBghtrr of (tee Innocents?Tkr Hillary of llic Hrsadwsy Hnllrwndl scheme tnts Vkinter? The Oppnlllon-ldiag Larks 1'he glvi Hnnif r?dl rtinaawnrt Dotinrs tp proprlnilon? Pnaswge of the Mefropoll tatn Hsalth tliU-A>pirf and Bitter Tlnae Owrr the Covrrnor'i Appointments? i'n? PeitpoMd-lha KiMBtira Below Far, Ac.< As, Aihavt. April 10, 1*01. Dm Assembly ywtwdajr was turned into ? regular ?U?rh n 1,-ko Th- fuvi ...ti w e >r??u?"> '.n ??* t>ii g ..i>* .p. ii< r-|>K< ??xic-wmui Hi? Lmii< I. can b l **< e> mmardv dirt*.-. <1 t->? h l'? f r efu?d ug n*?o uc? ? ay paid into tbo ^ui? trviiiri no vaf >ah ??< ?iw ?t't-Loiu. U*> lUllig tkUfl, ?? Van limit 11111*4 l.? <?r "ii h i* r? n v.?l it* i|U ol M or t .,e eeaelim, e ?h ?t b u. r>?, ur-*r. ? *11 >lutn *nl u ?i iro?o at in'ormiiiuK 11 U).'|),j"l o na.i will fur l>*" hihi!i,imi,? lulur* n utrrbtO*. The ttro?dwui l?il> *?- oi.eigi.i Itunt b. W. W*r.l, K*q , Wh?l|>l*"e" I|H?..|I III OeigrlUiB Hill, ui liu-Miu huKw'f, aotwithat .ndi..g ib" tin'.mi .r <tin inl , a k'Hiil ?il'Uni | ouo Ui hi* l itror be.ha* in i m ?.<."X- u fri - h ?? uri li ae geuurai .p h mi, , m i Imv *? *t-.u in* rl<j > ?a.|i<4 *0, m* a I i. ui wi niter ipp .uk t- ui (In. ruiil, S'< b II of Mir km ? v* -a ov t mo e an c mfiilly ruioag*d until it rrpori?d in M?r e-, mi.j ibn r#l m h>r.i ib?i have been m i ie by >ta friond* hav* Jl be mo m the flop. of tbe liouM) b> ib" meranerg, ami not by tbo ortgl nalo>k of -be mil. Thr bill tv .? mir* iuu?.l uuii likeu o i( of tbe Ur'ial eoorva oi .ufernig it to Mm (' unmit lea on Cilira ant Yillag"d *0.1 ief*rre<i to th* Kjnlrna.1 Committee tiy a do -Ided vo'e of the ({ niau. The arguoii-ui ha'ore ih* o Hn.utt.e* ?r*a ao o nduo eit by Mr dim Mm u r-oaueetefy dua mei fie <>iij>n-uw uit left th" hoi ?o?v*M i.(i earn ?n to f iv>ir of th bill by ail wbe tre'B preeent ?od kae?r nothing >f It* m?< <ta e*. cap* ?ha. ihe> oo ii.i inn u br ha arg.itne.iu p<o .in can itoold <he bl 1 bare beeti brought to a vole uarn<rHath>y after lk? r*p > t of (hrnmiuiit'ie, it-a ium have ihiw hI the harwHt by a haode-HU-- iuij .rlti ; bdi the llr*t mora of I be trmed* oi thr bii', in attemplmg to ax ike It a epe.ini order ta th" aaewebiy ?*? ?|>- f rit olouOor, bm una th it anai nut one or ?w? meion-m wer* nupKiinli) 'or. Ton. blui der fiat iiem Mi? prratig . wh oh ? hi* d'.iruwi with, and from that um~ b* t o* w m -i-t *g uuet th in grow mil it. ?<w ???r> -lay until t'8 lu .1 oafni rh ?atail vote mat It re.iaire ) ieM'?n:?t tx owing In a gr*at moaeura io ih"'a-t of i'? oeiug no near th* or th* aaanoo that th.'te who were iu lilu^ul >n legyril to itr paraige of Ilo'ml vol,, i I.) In it eg tbe table to gri It out of the way bailry ng, an tbnyatid . thtt thire an* not time Mi g I It ih'imyb ovou If toey hoi the vote; they were tbeieio a for (imp *>u{ of it iu toe iho't.wt way p >h eibla \<l toe miaiaae* toal beea male by tbo ? riandaof thia biU Ui ihe (uaiagnoeui of It hove been made b) tbe frienrt- ot it >D lb" tl.wir ol toe H'.iiae, and uot b< wr WarO, ih* maiourr lu ooi-f. Too afron ma-ie Oy ? he trim r i'i tbe Ih or ol the Hou*? ga?e toe ppx.eaca, abo wne b rv ngbtuia it,* pre it air*, tage, and plio?l in u>eir b?n a ih- aaipoo to .W^t ihe bill No '%i road "111 tb*t bar hm, prevent*! h".e ev?i bvl aoelPotlve aad prwrnnicmeauHMi ai hail the Hroulww but inn yint. lh??e ab . l> iHt tbe lead in . e'eatiug it are.etOoau ?b<> luavo been bee tear* In to.-o *ai.di wi'h bi I grantiug 'belli riHr *? fraorniera *n . 1i.aH, c ir toi oil their price Ia*l . a,r The ton. #-|teot beta bi lh"(U and ? he riporh-nce uoie' eMbtc t 'h.un to kiowwht1 to Oiekr ano a "ere ui -Mike l?ik* an atoerieuO'"! g.-O. r?l Ui the brld of liall.e, they knew * I h til *tOp;.|ng ui oooei.'a , wt ate ui p-int 'ne r gouH No rail.oad bill baa ever met with ao ederl'Ve ui ?%m leltt'NI Tbe bid o> UI W|. ter waa beta ly .-ppine.1; hot Q- ee woo Were twraiid d.4 ondareian.1 'he qomi aura 'hit cutfce* a meaaura, ai d ti<> oar iiovn t * b-re it mm- " from But tbe Hroadwat bto bad Ji.ri toat fciu* of opp e>t|.m tbM wit t?r tu.l t mat m ib the oop ?nu ?i eiutoiy or th n* ? bo have "|>|>,ei raUroa- a f r th- ut*t few yeara at the *?*?? capital It P old not bare b*eu defeat) d, and Mr. Ward iu t*rly eu u|.?l to the ere-l'of ban g ihe et * a be ier dutcip.|u?.i otifawltltm rh??h*a ever hefor. a. rayd ttaalf ag?ln<t a rai.nutd grant at aimu) tbu. t nitacMnl with ihe ?liwg fertu g B(a>nat botching -b> ib vii g aa1* tor ?ue city of New To.k made it a ?"prruu'ii?ti U*k m mike even ? fat o- able >ta>w fur t a b II Ho. b w the tru* poai ? trim of ih?' rtae, p ????? an* d..wi t?l| of th * mwaaum Ihe teHo knot.* the im g !, ck* bi I ?? r?c .taid*>el laat aveamg. a?o a lao kwe' figbt bad over it ?>aara Potai aon a*d h-rnan ltd olf <?t a*ttt an* I "tar or end IJt lej. hi. f.w >t 1 he debate g n t < be ? xceeingy l?rMnl krtae| ktil ljtr>ej ho, nod beoa u ecotcelbg y bitu r Th" a*gum- n ? of Kwsmi Mil K >bln l? weraao aarta g that ib* free iv tbe bill oetd tort get ever tt> ilw rt note oie lik?o o oy Utwiy eight ?i?r f<emd m voir fo it It aaa g ?* to tbai lamocah> r ai ace ibrPatere Ki Id or tne A*a*'atiy ? . e in tiy the l*be?wb.we no tuijol o In piwoor* ntaly a ?*?(? varwty m m.a?uie*,aU of wbtch are gua>ded by th. im bi fiw ntaetai The war nrvi tr in the Houih hoi atirred up the mill t*ry faeiiag n> ibe tnirMt Tbe f teal* >*' the dve hu.drM t>.<air*It I Cottar appropriatem hnve k rn Mttity >rg to lake lhat hi(. tro n tnc tab ?, wbe.o t ?teymi aiie e the middle of 1'e >'U*r.. Mr I'I f e utovod thie tmabibg to take it from tbe table, nthicb waa carriod by ? n<<" oi Ml in ~?h 11m quanin? tbon ramo up on lb* bmIh polling ?hn U? l?tH ? ? ubi* m.dobr H' H >Mu m.ii, to in?? mil bo bits (I'D i ?? iuvi ? ? ?*. #?? nut-ad that KM id Uw onto y nh?n Iw .nitron th? mini.* la wlwntM'Mt'Vi'M via.' Hhwh l'wro?M< -nap ..pp mm..I It* U otulno'M, m lho nn?i,d UhI u w aiPI pupnle it* p mxk* Mr * amp ?*,d Mi*' t*f|tblii| *?? I'mkifitf <bC"Ual> wnrl ko Ibnr.' <*oro not .?o nev-'u tbountud Ini butdiori uiuokova iu !*? ibel", eti*t euro lUoy Pi no h mar h" ko mil. ?? u?e ????luil m itinkW Mr Jobite b ou >11 o?t ?e torn ho * woudraoat won 11 na|ioir IK IMNT All tio KWI ? (Ml lIlV MM bill HtiouUl be ??' K'liuilod thai Uto money cm.Id lint be uaoo bo'tro anna". prove ? Mr. kronab la. or i"1 the anion 'moot l|o did nit want to n-the bill |nn-* a* 'Uia uni*, uuled* Mi l anion ru -oi waa Mantel II by rhuico t brcutiv nooo-a/y i<> can (Hit tbo triHipa. Hbd ir Mil- bill e paeeel ibon b? b >hmo it woin.i to no (j i t o i aa to prevent lbs m may ben g fnollrbly aqmp .. rod Mr. Chapman i< on 'aeu.d ibe amend mrut, aud cinld Dot M* hoe any of it? (? irorin itbbM oi j- ot Tbo vote Dually t'k' a ?.w I*' too nintt Intonan o* eUanaet A p-rnmi might bare though' hv tlia ooiao tbat bo ban been iru?f e?r-rt to tee ombp "f ear. ami the nnl.-ior? van tea pa? |i g I'.-en-elvw lor ?o In btntiale at lark upm ibo enemy th? b'll *aa rMMMbtt'od hv a v nlrof 76 in !lh No fnrib-r aitlm. eta takee opoa the bill b> for* tbo roc-e- e? i.ik-n Tbo MHItia AoP'opviail'.b lull h*v1"a b'oe dtepemd of Mr H'blii*. n railed up the Uet.op-i.iin liantti ni.i ta ) onoilii r neelv icur f I ow.-d, ?nd a t nnral it <h i?u?| ,g Ubt I tloallv tba prove mi qinettoo ? ?a n- . red ao I ail talk put as aid to P'O tew eat takee ami bn the unci li t. tin evromoot au<l UniiiH gone- ally rue v # u >M Ukou aii<) ibo bill panned?yo#? 70, i?yn .11?.*lf two on Hiroil. 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Hi me- ere tie tin ee that too jobs -re pet through with a rufb. A few of tbem have rurceil their way th-ough n (||a?uute aicnt hi uunoMcai'; la fact it is alanMt lutptwwtoia ft>r (he menibera to Mcertaio tbelr real iti<p diau e M hi id the big ibtngii that bave slipped throng*! are tor aw iDom-iDt npoM<iD( Oil ibo dirt, and uuJtMM the member)! Lave i p i to examibe tbein they do but aiiuw to tho 0'-o trary nbtli aoice bewipsper abowH tbem op after tbaw psaasge. It is one of tbe evils tbat a-u-ex the oon hubiirt-O days'reS'ltHi, abd tbe Jumoio tbat bualnena la fo-ced into at ibe i l? so of (be stanwa ibe ^eieoi Commltuea o' the Asarmbly this morning reported tbe bills unaete t upou lb their baud8, as well an tbe remount.abnen and peibioua In the r bsmis the h-ikI ciistmn at tbe clu e of tbe so-eioo, tbe iiap-us sod doou Q.i-bU- being placed on die for ibeir tuiortsirs to r. for in I nbouki tbey desue to ove b?ui the duouB.obts of thntr (?rtoectssoaa Ibia mevemeoi on tbe p.rt of toe Assem bly hail over* appi-arauce of a del?rn tuition to stop ton legmlativ - msootue this week the al >o riednaaround tbe ^rasie ob'WOmr") boxi? pne>i op aod a general appraraoi-e o' an indication to take the d a* train. In tart ?ver< ib og looked a tb-rngb tbe leglsla'Lve santin wereabont rub out. Iho bur-y bu i) and aux ely of ton lobby, the ret>tl-*sDO?a of -leun'ors, all pnlu'Ml coo 11 rlvely Uj Ibe laot th.1 ih? labora 11? the lssrlilat.irw of IMl was lo-ai ll* end '?o reeoliltn-P to a jinn tl h ul bora , idiere.?, put it is 1st' to aupiSMt. from ad a|i?e.v<ano-a ? hat tb* m-ssn n will nl'we ei -b t'-e w ek 'bem-eo* o a oi'ttoe tbiy lu'.'rbttig inpoitAi the bill m lake tbe rxbh Rinooii of ixn rati'a lr -m the Oommird Coopcil ah" It *(| o .lured t" ? third mvling, aid Witt pmi-abli be r-a l? ii tolc rvemog on Ha di-ni ptssugn the r.?.m.,n hwiel' ar? b -?,t ng t-ust they btvu seourad its- ?.i ?il ai.mbers eoougb t drf*?t it ?he bio uiguh itg the * -Him sua g lent ? were tbn nnvbitig rotoiied a"vers>|, p> by toe ??lectOnnimtto., to ?b a> H a* rrterrrc b'li '.he c-edu of 'he H .usi, Ibry.oo <b* BHitmn o( w< N. sbi" , d.-uiscoed with ion /spoil, sou A' "0'? ori'ecd the nui to * tnlrd r.nnrig, We b?d quite a peiao * ait iir in the Hoib'B di >ra ' g betwe-n < HDlo. o' Wa cb^-u. am) Yailto.of New Ii hpp. a-S toal ibeae two giall*ai.-o are m mb-?s of s h - .?*?( c mooii***io wtio n w?s?e'e"ed die bin <o a ue d ? be bl'l m-sed lam wi te d-iec('bg the ope-on.' of Mid. son svetoir, allien is ooi> to o-i-mut ac erl ?l eirir, ft., bill thit powe I*?l wi t- r r* quire* IDs ateimeto OA ? js m il eigbti feet w Co, wbi st tn*t a ?? op" ? - is o./f see. b't ove leet. Ih k bil h.vleg bie-h referred td 4 W ii?t c-'oimoti*- to report <?< nipi t--, it stock r**' tb?rn, tbd |m,ooc lbowii g oi.tb i g ih.nn ib cMune uiifl this muro my. alma *r V?nm .o e -o ? q h-sihid of pclv -ime, lit ing if a r?rmb"r <.f a c -u iiii *? ?> war eni<tu-d uud r lbs ? ill. a io put a bill ir> b s is < k?-t *0" ? in deliver it up to ? be nugor <y ah ? had .gro.d to rrp rt it, rtatlug thai ibe aoovr b ll wmh in *h it i-?i KMur, and tul (Uu.p ra ii g ?e't up *o ihat the n.mju ity of toe oi/mtoitiee <* uld lep'-rt it Mr. ( kUip Itinu Hl'M that tho bill tit'" SH brt-O f?(Tty (XKfMdt ? d H> l|'? IVWIIilKl ? . Hi' lit ' O' >1111(11 lUlf nvur It Mr Vermti Ml I that iho giK>'lrii-Ui was *unrg ;hat which wna itlw, anu ho ktio? >t u? *0 n< -ft Mr A'CJia )"? m""<*i Ui?i >b> r.b?i i *t,?i ooaka bo <t> moiMi.nn'' 'hr ir>l,1''b*li f'??i >?? Vn k ami H'*! d'Htrr b? ?+i?i* kiMU* ?b? q itrum ot rtra liy M ((>?? (C> hO'al N'i?t.l ?.! Tbo Sf? *?? r ?'?Ml ih?l t?? tiAij no coo? (it oror the mat rr.H'i w?? lo-eil It ??? fir tbo ayiirii*"! >? cdtr % KO .'U I' O iiifrrin ( Mitf di*nr>-Hi >n o' hi tnaitrr ?o" it w-h ?iiiui> iho 11 -or i?r th.. 4. .una II rp ?too ai'irr dr?nn?.i r. r >h- ttm aoi. g jliboquou-iy Mr. Va/MB < It-' d 'ho miaou,# r?nl ? ti ??.? H> mi vt> , 'hi Mr C oiu, a in lub.r or iho ao ej4 rcD'KiiilM r> which ?.* r?ii-"?l -onto blU fo 1-H ?m.inod ? An out ?<? -a.oui an ac t > < u<, <rto nitfi ir (i no m ib- c ty o- N * tr.-k, t o riqnma lo ?><??<*- *o M? Vart*?? tho (*h IrwoD ?r p-?|rt omnnlilM, the ??W h i'tor'ha lt) 'h?? It maf he ri>i*.r.c(1 to tblt 1 >a o, a?l< OB I'M- Ul 'h*- e'.t ?*) ?? h IU-J" IIV Of iwU't OO'lllUlUoo. Ai o t-*r ri-b iro?.e foil .eort tho pn *nt?( mi nf Uiti rt-on t<oo winch tonka OwiolcI at^rlo# tuia and aum? ab-t v r-eaef wr ai>r> -">d that lite wan a toll of po a tuHVH'tan-e tntbor|i? M Nra Vork It Wo'iiU i;.*! too ci * > in I l<t?i (4 t.?:U>a, *t>d be ti"i*d ir.p( >b'? Hnui? w-nil nut a|i< w u i. it-i ftio rem ml't- o r,a.i put givoo pw I Ire ihr pr ?!'? a- ul hemp * talii u ? ?h bill Mr. Vpitap Mud tb" oon>uiii>oo hoi a b'Otii>it thlr ?twin ir-p >b'i * n.c "l i|? |io im ? ao n tfin u, a-d a motor>?) 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It a ibi Br 'M* so I ?< knn ? ibal H lOlfW far ?oB.b r* ?? a?ic* o#or? b il. !? ton) diJ hit, t'.urB ai? tt to no rau la# I In jona that anolr |?M Mr Va'iah trooiab* iioa" I** r.'| of toai bio* HMIa caraa ? I'B A ?o?f laii p.a- ? bid h->i all tlo ?.) irtma not-all"-! !?? M ?? hli%it>B, fulluaiiif tM I trot. ? ?t ?0"?al other porwnee #p4 rot >ho qooatloB. m ?t of Ihr a hlr !? V) i? buB" ) tria (-'? a?l o>Mitr.,rt>m m a tb* < r-ao npt.. ??.? ?* ?#. -i Mm M' ?*-??? enxliy ?\td ? ?a nl?| h* hi ? a*"?i| i rot rot. .#?i, *ad Mi" M<a ntplh *oa a+ft. ? -aid Ihu <b- b>l ?r lead, ?U r i 0 a irad) %lo met I.woaaltt.p |t.i?aal "Kitmr.w ? | ? loM ?" h*at bv. taw ????, at>4 is i|iiMa a . h.a,a oa. i U ? ?< ?'It. e -* 0) ?? .a l> | uo no m.a |r Mot ? ha 'hi' mth-i +t ? m'l ?? ? aa<?.#.M*? a '.a h'b waa QnerliQ I.toO tho A ?? tn ao n.? -ra to lot if -? HI 0 k- AM. M. ? ma- to dull lb h . i* it t b* p ii o earn r 'it tia 0.4 4 I lot' 1 bs *< 1 ft a a<*. '? a >o (ma uht. Bi hie litaii -.1 .a eld r? .to# o h uu 11 lor th' p ? .l.o t tr M? *01 latBA 1 1 art ?I* 't ?? r" irt ?e tri-l nahN ?i?B pa 04 Ma hi? o he >?t at r a.r the ra a*-?. ?t |i a arM? r >M> ???baa ?to< ? l ? .1 .1, , ah ? 14 if t II I br t k 1 h. #? lira hub *rd thmwed ?la o o b '.A B 'r^h Mm* 'Ui. I'oa, ur , # aenbr It ? to orb a . r te 1. * . w <h ho tier op i.? a 1*1". reel ha ? lea a t .l-t ? ? ? - v* ie r ? et- 1 t, ?U> h r.i ?h BO- Mt Mr * .1 (be ea a ah* he alb ' ?V- lb "i e Mb bM am ?h> Mi rmat ?Mb M**4 b'-ba 1*4 .... A te tie oed't e* tar > >A la, ? e baa M tpa mat apt ?a?i of ib? r?i4 it m Al latm Mtot M Mae pe ? I .-aatb the .oamlr ?>e Hp mrw >? < ha Mm ? . M ? >? ? m< aie.n. m ? aa t-o > ? a e or 0 Me e he- ha 4 p e I *< If' bfolv aa Ml I* >h>. m r on > - A* haopt' . #? >li ? 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