Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1861 Page 5
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tift K*> fl?fl ??' V klH?hlt e?rliS??v >Tiri?< 1i4h ? I n* r iv? btf a Kt""P< ?*< >?< m Akn icr ??*? |.wi I of 111* J ?4KUr| C^Mll ? lw Ml J wet |4 r UoaW, A., 41****, kp U II, ltd. IV M w ?.)?<bw*?m>4 W Ill ? rt?( " ?d th* Qnmmm Nm I 1/ ik? p*?*ng? if it? k<N m Mi* from ik* Com ho >-?li u II* ??*??' u. .tiw ?' ?*,.'rw u, **4 Ik* 8)Ik* ? l|* Qc|?' at* b (>?.U l. Hi **??!?* Ml? 0*|HM lor ? l?*t) ? n?l? <b- IK ? >b? IIIll ikM* *'4 ?l i?y ?? u ?pH* U*?, III >b*ir i*jpt?**?toll*** her* an though ik) Ui k?t lb* r b< ?l fri?*u*. A giiii'* mi ? wt? i" r*e ? iit*r ik? i Aolnt1 ni Ik lb* hrlik I* u))*p| MO* >H- 19't?/, J*'? ha lt* lb*; idJObiiol Wat ?*.*<**, *a4 ika bmlf *4 urned ?*rr uc l u.d.r ati M >bal mot*.* w? p*nd f.thw* pvwvea'Wg lb* rwmluMon being taken to tbi MMDblr, ia4 thai ha* 4*<*aM4 lb* M b4 ill to-da;. Kk* drscmhly tbn mdkntog fWlf krrarai on import*at Ills, and Una otrol k to OomwiUe* of lb* Wbot* o* Iks rumored aoder Hotiius >? * Rwi?f resolution. Th? 111 piorMMHC t?r Ik* ro'r ke-pf*g of mlver and veluaila ickigr* was ?rdei*<i to a tiara read tog Iks beet OMUblwe* of ike Wb*te took up tM SeeU* oaiaatln* bia biter Ut* kill bad Own read through mover offered a ?ut>*<ltu e to Ika treat* bill. Tka Itttoto ? ike kill asked for by the Quaraanee One Mooon. Before owning to aay rot* oo the aabeti ite the Houro took a ri<<until tbn ?rt*r noon The kill that waa summarily doomed 4 m tka Aa n&My 'aat evening eaa tu? bill ameudiLg the Kicls* wa reo-mmeoilod by P. W Kg* and other*. f avid en for ezteniiieg the tkoe within watch Itceaaei a; be?rnu>t*Ht and providing as? that lio>u??e m*r be anted ay on tke application o" bouaah udere w th nit "er?n -4 to the otunci. *b? Prom dcpfe'i ttued that waa a more struiir- m law; but eueb t? not tbe cue. Ika five bunureu thuuneud appr> printl. u fo> th i uiiUtla taken to the Senate thW morn-tig to concur iu the uendmentfi of the !!<? ae Tbe ?iu?iid?eota were cm nod tn by a Otiankn' ua vote, aari- one, and that **a motor Lewfeui*, from Quvnna ouuoty (kit a mid ho e vote of the Senate on tuo original bill "were It bofor* for their aci i- n. Tbe Senate paw-ed a molutlon requesting I he Ooverntr ittve Harbor Mae er /tumble tiom ollloe. Aieo one vlng the oomtnlue* poser to *1'- during toe re ton tbn Meet Oommitlee to whom waa re'erred the bill ~ovtdtnr tor * ownniiasli n to a<nend tho chot*r o' ib? it; of New York, reported the mil this morning, with reive adattunml n am aided to it. fbo admit. u*l are as roll >se ? Wot. Tucker, A V. Stout. ' Vplas Mtlnard, Uavtu S Jacknon, W. 0. Harmon. Obarinn H arsball, (lenrge ?. Blunt. Amor J. Williamson, Autre mi nuau, tratq gv? ?v, tuuu-, aw/t ?i. n uiiia'um'u. au it "?mtnt, E F Purd;,P B Sweunv nod Mite M Stl'l OIL No aottua baa yet been Ukan upon it ut th? There were one or two attempts made to adjourn In te Houee, but the partie* deeimg to oould not K><t their ?'olulioii before Hie So<>M The Judiciary Committee made a report upon the Ik etigation oi thu oka g a aga'uet Judae i.ouia, for ?d-r g the natne of fal<iunn to t>e piaoed io toe box, nod em to eubetaotia'e the farta but aak, tbat toere mtv > no Injui-tjoe done, thejprivtlego of kitting during tie ceee of tbe Legislature Tl e kill relative to Mad Woo avenue, which Camp and trtan had their rquabble over ye*i?ruav m jcnluit, waa Bed by the manmuvrek of Camp laat evening. rHE IrATEST FHfTII THE STATE CAPITAL, ban. Pa&BaOB OP THE charter commission BILL,? DEFEAT OP THE MILITIA OFFICERS' BILL?IBB TAX LEVY, ETC. Alblnt, April It?12 CO A K The Senate, during the afternoon session, passed the tarter Oommlaatoo bill, with U-e addition of twelve men, and tbe addition of another nection, pruviiljg tithe heads of tke departments who a eg appointed ail not be removed, except through charges pruferred tke Reoetder, until the adjournment of the next Login .uie. The House cinctured in tbe amendments this eulng, and It his alnte been s'gu'-d by the G >ve?nor. la keeps Street Commlsaloner Smith In offloe, and pre nta hik removal auill the new charter Is acted upon, d will enable him to re'eut the men under him without e dictation of the "ring " Tke substitute to the Senile Quueatiae bill was vlrpt b; tbe House this afternoon, but not wttb a U-re . ugh vote to Insare t's Una! p*ssag-.<. Thn Ugbt >f tho :>.|ona over the question will tefeat any legiaWti n. Iks bill so limit tbe tenure cf m<htar> officers to ?ev*n came up In committee of the whole in tho Aeeem tfem 0V?niDg. r Pit rce male a speech against it, whl'ih was aa ap i not to try Timt-ntH in those p-ri'ous ttmuft. r. OuzAitit followed iu a Btroi g speech tu favor of the , declaring tha> the main strength and power of any y was th crestir g 11 U l iable ambition by prom din for their re*l worth. 8ta speech wa* a strong , and fully auawored the argument for Mr. Pierce, Mr. Bnedocrr fallowed lu 'ator of the bill Mr. Rmis apoko neit. lie said that he wanted the tone to underrlaifd tbat tho-e was a pa-ty in this ae In fa*or of the oonstltotioo of the Soutaern confe rtoy. Vhw was no time, in bU opinion, to try etoeri ttits, and be moved to strike out the enacting clause. The m< tton woe adopted by a large vote, and the bill thus killed for t? is tc.->?<on. Tbe bill regulating molt brought on the Harlem Kail ad wan ordered 10 a th.'d reading. In the Assembly, ad ordure of business down to third adtng of biits we>e laid on the table, and the D.1U ody for ftnal aci too are now beiug read The r-enalc is g> hi* into ex cutive suasion. Tbe Tax u vy bus n >t been acted upon. Hunts ib a busy lime in both houses. IKW VOHK LKUlbLATUKB. * Senate* AmiaWT, April 13, 1MI. The Senate receded from its ameudmeots to the supply U, givuig exua pay t ? cleikn ana $6,1.00 tu Limn Out go. Tbe bib w ibue Anally p.-sed Mr Pai.ssaa attempted to uko up tbe bill Imposing Uf a mm lax to pay Interest rn the Canal Ir an of 1361, it lbs motion was t< st by 12 to U Tbe bill to inpoAe a seven o-gbtb mill tat for the tup st of tbo g< vrimei v was p.s-ed, also the bid* to neno the act nrboeri in* '.lie i>- ki< of wills-; to amoni i? levit?d MalUWI mlal'vo 11 trUls by jury; 11 am nl isaettu piomoie agtwuiture, anu the B ootlyn iii ?tc> bid. A M-eooa attempt to take np tbe Haifa Mill fax bill as opp s?-d by wr stessions .<tid a**in tailed he sedate turn took up the rep >rt of the committee i investigate the cha/ga against the Harbor Master*. Assembly. a>ra.vy, April 13,1M1. Mr. Ruhiiuii, as a privileged qutstion, presented a re from th# Judiciary Committee on alleged abuses in ?sj?'* m o< drawing juiies and taleamen, in which gas are ensue tha> J due uould ' auced the name# of ? pert' p* to tbe Hbor tf wbo he wi bed drawn as talw i. Tho thUiS lbs matter should be Inves ted during the ? eer-as, hot do not think enough In ven al h n has yet base made to warrant an tmpo-ictiinuut. ley ark trave to Investigate during th? r?cesa Mr. Km* as believed the wtiote matter would be found sreptitie to a satisfactory explanation. Ju go Ootid id not rxxn beaid, hut Mr Kernin WiSMlMi tb ?t i were hii di-o to .lo-'g i'hvui i by a aide luetic-of niity, ?b > w?s rtesito-is in have i om men is ia'e*m<-n. in kn-iwug <be ?? '? that tin t ? xmied in Albany couuiy, ?d* ted the ?nmtiMitag of lia*e men Mr HaeVMpr txue trepmuay to the storing ctaraotor ><i !r --*iit) of one of the meu thus tlm-u?the otaor < did tu-t kt-nw On 'be an**- Ktioo of Mr. Pn-n k the repirt was Hi I on i# iabl- tor the |ires nt 1h<< b-il to t labitsb a Nautical School In New York vImu Woe paeeo 1. Tin* ' til r.. < - flr -1 th.e m anl Incre 'O the p->-vi r or ittarea I'nb-ie ?a> aoirr rt< .1 ??> aa to (.trite ->ul tho eeo hj incieaeib* tut jiowers. and thon p?e-ed. A exs-lur of b-llr of l-tcai interest w< -cpa?se! Tho imae then, by a resnintum, took up preferred btfls in t-nmltree of tbo R'h Note (Mitt lor adj urnment tu yet beon announced the House Tkr Alleged Corporation Corruption* BlH'e-RlOR COURT. Before fTb lof JuaHcn Bos worth, rtsn* wn*. ?*?>.? or, mi Hrrutrrnsy wirvrrs, arnASrsn AD injerofiv. Aran 1.1 ? fa the M H' r of IKr AV)?Orali n (ff fTwnpr ft t* ttui-hifrpri ft'im Mr la n" T. ?<iy moved for tbe dlix-barge of Mr. M eiBtj-rr from the w-m-timnt Issur-d by Judge lograhan at the Oourt of wr and bermmar. dr Br*' 7 that {? Bot rrf?n H,a dec or fr< m the comra ttn-rt tbat the Court of Oyer d Terminer had JottxttetsM of th? person, that It did t appear from th.- order of commitment that aoy mat r or pmoMdltig was pondlnt: be orn the Urand fury to klcb Hie question *-k. -i wax pertinent or u.slerla' that dal n ?' appear ft? m tbo oroef --f r-xnmltm-nt tbit th-i -ad -urv w-r- du y aid level.y summoned -?r ?.n rn-'tc for ant e -irt tiirit-g jurUltetlou o' m, ai| , ?l mat ee to whirb the qu->*tk?. prop wa-d wss p-rflnent d in <t-"'il (be Co.-rt held that a contempt *?? plainl* rhi-get |n s tsmrauAnaiov ami tnatou di rri ~ fjnrindint im apposr Op 'be '?<??? -f rh r m x-iff-if-rit; th-i' ix l-r p'.etf tile -eclelne h i - J" put f.i f ? II'! -y tu "legal a#i proper" etiuid not be revii-ar-d ou bio-jus rona. Ibe pr'MSKT Wf S tbe-e' r<- -?n) 7 HE SPOILS D'ViDtD. Ik* raHaM Himtr ?st Krlday ?Bd S?tur a>)-'lu tpi/uiaiurnu by ib? > o?? A Do Frlahlrntd *i lite Work to b* Uu?c-ItU ki|><nwi Huuae F?id-Mb*t I* Wunird-Ab?a M?. U?rut) *? Ktiurn la Kbp*iud, Aw. lb" bauituM at the Cuiioo He use on Friday and /re ere ay waa u5 better than it hal been auy itat during lbs weak?in fuel U waa decile tly ?orse, If itch a ca amity coild b? It la ueelee* to Baku further comments upon tbia fact, for it la I*1 abla to ail tbat auob stagnation will Ainlinue ?kilo the larill ia In lorce li any remark be made by a ue> chant at tke Custom House upou Uie a>ate ot af (atra, interested paruea will exultingly nay, "The re ctipleal toe Tieaaury ara mucb larger thin during the cwrrmpoediag period of laatyear," en?from April i to A)rlJ It. Allowing tbia to be the oaae, it doea tot alter the fact Ui tl there la a 8lag tat ion in business. The receipts hare main ly been derived f om goods withdrawn from the ?an bo urea unuer the new tariff at a lower rate of duty than by the act of 1067. Now, that theae gooos are near l> ail withdrawo, let tha reuelpta from April H to April .?0 be uimpartd with the co> respond >ng peciod of laal j ear. and what will be too resold1 A tearful, distressing reduction ha rtulowing appointments here been msdo by the Col lector ? Kkhaid A merman, Lighthouse Keeper at Fort Tomp ktae ? harlrs W. Fordb im, Lighthouse Keeper at Fire Island, vlrc Bcr.j Smith, Kr-igiice. si* leuovr M. Utile, l ighthouse Keeper nt Throgg's N*ck t Ct R i-herwioo, ri<ino?ed. (?abtel I'otner v as United Slates Ganger vice Edward liar I IS n rieiMbed Loom KutUuy as Debenture Clerk, rice George Diets, res pnrd J autre II biadweil, Deputy Co'iocter, rice 3. S. Bowne, ra-igteo Henry Norih, Order Cle>k, rice J. P. Miller, resigned. A. H suusou, Liquidating Clerk Warehouse Uurotu, r ice i bar tt lb" U. Y. i base, Storekeeper at No. 13 Broad street, rice Coir toe. 1 he C Hector has with htm at Washington a list of other appointments, the continuation of which are hourly tlported <ta amusing s ene took p'sce on Friday at the Custom House A pars ?o was iul< educed to one if the eWfkn us b s successor, aid tbv chi-t ot thit particular bureau re qut rte * he reiiru g r ok to instruct him ih bis duties Witag'iat poieiKsa the ''out ' oegan showing the "lb" tLe v?i icoa 1). uks tust he would have to lake charge of Wr giro a ? igegl > f tDe converge! )?><>:? ItminiM. < ijuik? here book* are each devoted to a spe laio-oa'lio theyrar, the label on the slue aud the h* ad r g ?? p?g Specify leg the same. Stw i laws?I see R. C , ? pnuu g ?uo of the books?Those lines are ruled actiaw >he book ai d'eag(Uwoo lor particular purposes. Ibis In g'Lwisj ooe ur 'or the date. This (pointdig to another > ut tor registry of luroices. This ? N. C ?What's an invoice? R C , alio a shrug?Hare you been long In the city? N C?I arrtveo y< sler ay K C ?And you are coming to this desk? N r?<>b, yen, ce>teit?y. But what a an Invoice? K C ? *a iisvi.tce is a bill. N. C.?Ob, I koow what bills are All right. Goon. R. C?YcU ace tnese dguns; tboy reler to the In voices N. 0.?Hare I got to make all those ilgurss? What Is to Ire my salary? R C ? I g-i a thousand. N. C ? and whit am your hours? R C ? I sometimes am here trom seven In the morning till seven <n the evening N C ? I don't like the look of the work at all. R C ? You say you a>e fr< m lb country. You must be at s no eipeise be>e. If 1 were >u par your ex? per see (i pen log but pocket book), would you go back sgilr? N. C-(A? be rrcelred some bills, which he seemed ?o well cndeittand)? I ill nk 1 would I should be sorry to deprive you of your desk. 1 wish you good day, sir. Ano be wi bdiew. A dispute arose on Friday relative to an invoice of worsted goods, the importer wishing to get them through as iDenume-atea ancles manu>ai tured, at 80 per ee-t. Ibe clei k , however, stated that a dec Is on ba>i ven reu oer< <1 that worsted waa loaiwa wool,and would be rated accordingly. 1 he sppl cants were not so numerous daring the past two cays as formerly, ano a'l wbo arrived were sent be ow. One man we very particular in bis inquiries of the dooike yer As the ooor fellow is cool noaily being tin s bothered bis replies in the foilostag Case cannot oo Wondered at:? ? Is Mr Msruey In?" "Bo is not in town " "lias be gnv'? to Washington?" "1 rtal y d'd not ask him where he was going." Hi di> g it no use to put lurther questions the querist withdrew. Mr. barney was, however, expected back last ere n'ng, and will attend to his official duties again on Mon day.' lie following remarks arose yesterday about the tar (1.? "1 understand," said one, "that Mr Morrill is from Ma no H a tar ill is mane enough to come Tom there. " u 1 h?l j"h? *?t'% 4ti, uHl reiMiw," iwii-iTItW 111? Olffl parooo. "Ihat Morrill don't come from Maine, but from Vermott " "Web, it's ail the same," returned the flrst, "for it's a darnrd green thing, ant ho# " i*. oirsta a<e contiauaiiy being handed in against par ii g bigber dutus tnan are collected in other pa ts of tbo country; hut what leeutt theee proiess will hero timu an an will show. Mr Med<?oil and Mr North have been shewed th-? various oiitKS they bavo to perform, aud will both enter rtgularly theteupi n to morrow morning Btilgtoai Intelligence. ?ITT CHURCH id TO-OAT. Rev. *ni. IT Miltiurn preaches t? the young m?n of tho New York Rvangellcal Aliluine this evening, at the Washington iquto Dutch Reformed church In at Ann'e church, Eighteenth itro-t, near Fifth are hue. Rer. Tbomaa (iallaudet, rector, will preach In the morning u half pert tee o'clock. Rer. F. C. K*er will preach in the evening at half-past seven o'clock liiebop PotPr fill anniomtor the rite of cnlirmUlan In the alter noon at three o'clock. The Rev Rtoiey a Corey wilt preach In the Murray Rill Baptist church, fhtrty-Oftb street, between Fifth and ?oath amnios, at half-pvt lou o'clock A. M., an I at half |ieal eeven o clock P. M The ordinaoce of baptism will he administered during the morning aerrlce Rer. Dr. Joeepfa C Srllee will preach In the Northwest Prreejtertan church, Fifthfb street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, at half-past ten A. M an 1 half past seven P. M. , Rer. O B Frothirgham being temporarily absent, Rer. Edward Beury Bail, of Plymouth, Maes., will preaan at Fhbitt Ball, B'Oeaway and Thirty third street, this mora tug and erenu g. Rer. Cotton 4mlth will preach at the Chirch of the Me< la tor, corner of Thlrtteth street and Uiilogtoa are nue, tbta erenlrg at half-past eeren e'e'ock. Serrtcne at balf-psat ten, half-past three and boll' part seven o'clock. Tlie Rrv. Dr. Biggs, Incumbent (Protestant F.ptmp*! of Templemartin, dloceee of Cork, Ireland, will deliver a lecture In the Cooper Institute, oa W.-dn-sdar, 24 (.0 taat , on the subject of o>rtarn rotigtoua Impositions. In the Protestant Kplac .pal Free Chn-rh of the Re demption In last Fourteee'B street, bet wee Third an t Fourth it venues (Rev. Robert O. D ccaob. piaww), Divine errv oe at half pait ten A M sad hair prat se?eo P N The New ferusslem church (?'wwlenb wgtaa) will hold pobltc worship at the National Musical Institute, No 7d6 Hrtadway, at balf-paat ten A. M. In the North Trinity Reforu,. t Dutch churob, on Braid way, west side, entrance In Thirty f lU'lb alga d. it-* Matthew Male Amllh will preach, an n?unl, at a quarter to eleven A. M., and In the ereuing. Hobjeet? O ir taw i in the Helatlon of Domeetio life, or. B>tbauy, the Home of our -arkwr." Services to commcuce at had pest seven o'clock. "How la Cb-lst to be the Havlnur of the World?" Tliw question, Inrludlcg the Inquiry, "Bow la f'briri Pi War* Tooae who Havo uever Heard of IRm on Rarthf" wtl he considered this afternoon at the Twentieth tire A roi?-w ralutt church, between 9lxth and Seventh avenues, by Rev fcl (? Hr< < ka, pastor Her vices at three e'M rk In the Memorial church. Hammond street, onraer n? Warerley place, the Rot. K. F. Ke nn.gton will |*<a I this evening, Service at hall past ten, naif past litres and hail pivi seven o'ouck. tu the Miestoo chapel, corner of Hieka and Rap dye ? tr?WS, Hfix,k yn, Siliday school concert tni* even og a half ixtstr-veii o'clock. Aii by Her. a H Ha i g bam. o* New York Sunday echo** la Ule tn Wi'iog at blue tt'doch and afternoon at two o duck. Rev. N M. flayiord, pastor, will pretth in thechapni of Ibe Fourth I uiveTBAllst s.mtety Of Hr?? kljO, no -u.ti berlehd snet. near l.tfajete avenue, to I*. at tv ustutl hoars, v'eare free. the public are reepec futly m vihat Pi attend. 8ub)-ct of discourse in the e. eai m ? 11 The Recognition of Frieuda in Heaven." In Ibe Rlee-ker *f*et f til rer sals t chueob, CWtwr of Downing street, communtoo services tbta mora.rig at half post itn o>|. ck In the even ng Rwr. Mn?-? .u.iou will outsider " Christ Pnaching Pi mo Hptrl's In Prls >u " In the Chuich of the Ep i>h<u>?, -uoum tt'e?t. hetwcea Esse* aid Jiorfo'k streets, servlees at half nasi A M ard half past th ee ?ed seven P M. 1>te Rtabt Rev. Riabop Cotter will administer the rite of Jjaflrma tlon In the eventrg. tn the Rro klyn Tabernacle, rm Fulton svents tvee blocks euat of ibe City Hall Rer Wti.taoi a rtn U??t lett will preach tnornli g and erentig ,s.rvue? a ll commence at half-past ton A M. and el had peat eaves P. M. Mm. flora u V. Hatch will apeak at D-sl worth* HU1 bos Hrnarlwar, at hi?if paat ten a. a. and hJf best seven I'. VI Hobjeri?." fhou as Jell-ntoo on lbs l>-< larati * Of indepm dence " Tha IP r Henry R|*n> ns*>| will p-eacb rwt " Fraternal Words Pi Young 'nqntrnrs .n Re Igt di, ' in the 'Jtiur h n' the Restoration (First Ublren \listl oorn. r nt M x. ptacs and Clark* street, Brooklyn, tha evening The public are ooru telly invited to attend. hws Fkui m mm\i cirim. Wauhiiu;to?, April IS, 1861. The President, in I be exercise of bis discretion to de sigiaie a i ewsptper bt-re in wbtch the executive adver ivenrtU eba'l be In addition to the two pa pern publishing tbotn by vlrti'o of their circulation, bat ceeigiattv ?he A'agonal ffeyubftenn Fail Bill was to day appointed Marshal Tor the North ern tl'.li'C'oiobt'i; Alt xan 1?t Murdoclt, for the Western 0 strut of Pennsylvania, and Robert U. Caruaban, Attor ney for the *t?w u dtstiict of Pennsylvania. The Lighti at Sirauah, A?. Ravunnah, Ga. , April 13,1861. Tba lights at Tybee and in the harbor hayo been dittoon tlnued lor the preaent. The Nova Hvotlaa Outward B*ma?l. J*i>kti-?m>, Ma , April 13, 18(1. The steamship Nova Scotian sailed at a quarter past four o'clock tbia afternoon for Liverpool. A Large Ship Wrecked. Norfolk, aprd IS, 1S61. It la reported that a large ship wea em-eked during the late a-ornu, and that seventeen lives were lost. The vtbsei is said to bo tho Witchcraft, already re ported. ' Market*. raiLADHLPHl* STOCK BOSKS. PHUaoaLrHia. April 18,1861. atoeka besvy. Pennsylvania Mate he. 87. Beading Ralirt-ao. 17t4; Morris Canal, 40: Long island Railroad, to, Pennsylvania Railroad. 3b){ Sivbt exchange on New Yoilt at par a 1-10 p*- oeoi discount lbncanm caut, April 13, 1861. PI -in quiet at $6 37 a $0 60 Wheal buoyant: aa e# of 10,(MO burbt-ltt red, $1 32, choice, $1 35. Ooru Mm ra'ee of 0 000 buahela yetlo#, 60c. a 63c. Whiskey steady at 17>?c a lbo. Barrunout, April 13,1861. Flour dull: Iloward street and Ohio anu City Mill, are b?-)d at $5 >T}i\ no rales have been made Wheat li'tn, red, $1 90 a fl 36; wbto, $1 40 a $1 65. Corn tlrm; nixtd, (7c a 58c , >eil< w, 00c. a 81o. Pork advanced 60c. L*rd,$tk?. Ooffoe tlrm at 12JtO. a 13)?C. Whiskey dull at 17)i a 17 Jtc. Arrivals and Utpartarca. DBPARTOKUI. Rrknmi?ft'eamsHp New tork?Mr A Aachsnbsrg, lady and daughte , Mrs A Mother and child, Mr K H Motz, Mr 'larl Vou Heinolh, Mi L L Arnold Mr F i fetfl'er Mr then Kiuhjer, Mr (' lli.tteintl all of New 1 ork; Mr (! L Brsuer and U-1y, Mr tj Wyseaid lady, ail of New t.rleans; Mr Usury r','"-in.n, agn t of Mr Blnt-dln; Mrs Margtreiha Keidiiiann sod child, t:?l'fo'ii1a; Mr Fred llertel, > bingo; Mr Francis Webhauer lady and two children. wiilWmaburg. L. I; Mr. eoia Feyrr and two children Mrs (lesche uniirt and t hi d. Mrs F-ohubol i Mrs Arrut Oerdts and child Mish Hertba Ulotknar, Mr O A Lanky and lady, Mr Michael A, ?r 1> B Lehman, Mr A l Von trlen, Mr fcerni camuel, Mr Herm H<>hlrn, Mr Louts O Klein, Mr J J Ullmann, all ? t New Vrrk; Mr Leopo C Kruck floboken, N .1; Mr ulnar Kahra, Augustik Ga ('apt d* ouur, Bremen; Mr 0 hchmlut aid oaugbur, ' inalnna'I, Mr H betsennnmh, Mr U ll-?r rung and wife, Mr flkllieb Hartung rbllvlelpbia; Mr Maul Dure, Mr Ca>lo I. irlvile. Mr U Log>msnn a id laty, Chail-s on. It. ? r t loss. Cliloag Mr beun Phannku in, St Paul, vnnn; Mr * A Mo net, MrJnl 11 >? ???>? ?1ai<-. Mr loh. uor-Di, Mreehaatian Loreuz N? w It eatin; Dr I Lobars b. lady and ' augtiter. MPs t mtna Frlcke. Lhlrago; Mr Thomas V Mortl mer, t-ourton, Texas?at d 112 In the e'ee rage?Total 177. WiLMIncion, N C? Fleamsblp Forth Carol'd a - Geo Myers, Lilinayets Vrs Madden, Lewis utntwr, H tic dmau, Jno emnb, t. rabe<b Fiemoiit. Lewi. Myers and wife, Jno Ro gers, n arte., Mrs fc Kelt and 2 children. Rioisoko. Ac?etesmsblp Vorktown?O 8 Williams and lady. Ml-s B? rgb, L Baaa Ldwd haaok, Mon M Fontaine, Mm jioaetsmp, D homcamp, a 1 entz. lady and 3 children. Robert Mlrey, lady and 2 children, Mrs Grlllin, L UrreU, 8 Bow le? and 1 In ton steer, ge. Pav?n?af?eteain.htp Florida?Miss Andrews, Mrs An drews Mr. R Marooey, W Fretleri'-ks. Jas K Ward, W F Lot n il Mrs Fauklou. Mrs Bterns, Mrs R Plenty, J L Smith ? t heller, ir* k epeed. Mis* (V rpeed. (,'banes Rhuda, ad Brower, Chas W Moore, S R bull-r. t:b?a II Fan* I. 'as Hantoster, John Newton, Mr* Hall, Mbs Hall, B Aiklo .on "Dd lady H Cia dn Jr, W F May, F H Cameron, K E Barnun , M w at oelick, and others. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Satdrdit, April 13-6 P. M. Toe annonncetnent that hostilities hud actually broken out at Charleston startled the public this morning; but there was do pauic. Stocks lell, with 'be exception of government*, which were very firmly held; but people generally seemed to ac cept the fact as an event which had long been in evitable, and as a not unwelcome termination to a period of intolerable suspense. Nothing was done in money or exchange. The war waa the sole topic of conversation in every circle. At the Stock Exchange this morning a moderate business was done. The border States ltd off the decline by falling - Missouris. 2; Virginias, 2; Ten nessees, % per cent. The general speculative list had sold very low before the Hoard. At the Board ? aunc .nan declined 3}{, as compared with the last quotutioD of last evening; New York Central, )%; trio, 2%; Hudson, 2%; Harlem preferred, i%; Heading, 2%; Michigan Central, 2; guaran teed, %; Illinois Central, 2; (ialena, y Toledo, 1; Rock Island, %. After the Board the market was steady. In the afternoon the market was quiet, without much business. At the close dulness prevailed. Tbe following were Uie lust quotations of the day:?Tennessee G's 70 ? %; Virginia G's, 67% a 08; Missouri G's, 58% a Canton, 12% a 1 a%; Pacific Mail, 7G% a 77 bew York Central, 72% a %; Erie, 23% a 24- , Hudson River, 30 a %; Uailem, 13% a %; do pre ferred, 36 a %; Reading, 3ft a %; Michigan Central, 4J,/s * * Michigan Bonihem and Northern Indiana 14 a %; do guaranteed, 31% a 32; Panama, 110 a 113; Illinois Central, 03 a %; (Jaleua and Chi'ago, 68% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 29%; Chicago ?nd Ho/ k Island, 43% a %; Chicago/ Burlington ?nd Quincy, 68% a 00%; Illinois Central bonds, 04 a 96. 1 he bosine? of the Sub-Treasury waa as follows to day:? m fs> Bieiiia Aa'v0? 00 Bsl-nee 48s 7!'7 10 Tl IS The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this s'-TsT? ?7erw ,i8,,i20'-S62 S*. and the Lilaaces The following table will compare the exports of the seven principal staple articles for the week: - <??.SZ'4pr lL act? sws ?3,5 ?b.Al SOCIO IOCOO lMf66? E.VO,to7 S.S w? RSJ *.^7 *9.U? 8,614 67.010 ?-F-r^Vtuuof is?o The following is a comparative state ment of Uio * 1 nt of 1 Xports from the commencement of the year to April II:? is? ??'f:? iZm t , *!!-.! ? 977 3"S 8,?rr7?H 11 ,S" v..,k - aw,*.* - ' Sl? ? im >,<% To,w 87 IAI A?A Is utl 'iLX ? ulm -J* .... . - U.c.^ U lM? ?** ??ti "J*7* u _ 7u? ??e annex a which disci*** the weak Bean ml the hooks of South Carolina on the 1st !n li, r-0raiDg ^ rCtPn" 0f ^ 8Ut* C'omp M?f Ir n/fha. ru,, ?*** 515 isr1 s p,V^M */"7 ?'?? I7 0.X 4 ? I tz&fsr*'sbm?,: JTV ???*W6 4t? 14 ? i The tetrrtw bank- nf Uouth Carolina are .till wrsgrr U e g?, wf 04**i?, u?. ^ of r?>? rnaieat:? s.'s- 0|^" '?v? *rs. ,^",1, ? ? 1-2 hf .. I .Win, la , ,ta, of Ua approol .i l" ' "*M"f Jorto, ,k. at ,atb of y.Vr .u'*1* ",,k ?** """ SM ?' "? ";>25 "S" S3CT::;u::2 .? 7S *'?' %*' f "wd IjMS lot) ~ ~ m m ~ ~ "* ' mm tmm .WbT T* Um MverMw. nt, at la aoMhcr column, that tl* Ctoxsi.nd ,n4 To edo RaMfwM r?mpaay an mdy to Maoioo'ta ex, barge ft? M? w f?og m.wcg^. u.M. aU other oai^oaumg hoUfc 71? Mr tic exchange are bet forth in full in the advertise ment. The Boston Commercial Bulletin says:? In I be care of the twiale of Pfaliltp*. Sumps-Hi A Oi wbi n> eslal** became Imvilvent tiopimnbm as Ip5 t ih fiisi dirn'eDd of (6 per cent a as declared Much 28 l<d' A final dlridrtd of 21 per coat has just tlpeu made, in vk lift lU all a difidanu of 76 |*>r oeul, thus closing up b >ir etiiru ielate in eigbieen months. The business of the Little Miami, Cohinibus and Xenia Railroad for the year 1860 was as follows:? I'lmn pr earning* $M3 67o 46 ? ???? %j ..????.???? ? 0?.r?,14 j 67 S ipr. ?s aid mail earnings O i.&li SO R. Ill of Uscfc alio depots, net 67,??)? 01 Dividends on scork 88 ,4 Mb Do Total $1,328,831 84 The totalwxjienditures are as follows:? For working expenses 1039,913 27 For Interest 97,911 96 For tax*s 22.6*7 73 For expensrs prtiri. us >oar 16,497 34 Total $830 410 34 Leering a n?4 income of ttn an h-i From which deduct? W',922 o2 Plvli ? iid pa d on Juo< 1 |179 sso 81 DiVKiead paid on Dec. 1 178 880 Ml This statements shows:-. ~ 387,761 62 Israru g a surplus for the year of $140 160 90 A urn < are In passenger earning* of $v0 HO> 29 ad inoreaM in fright eamtngs of.., 31 472 ?b An tuciraee la exrirne and mail earnings of... 4 ai6 41 A derreaae in rents of tracks and depots of 2.394 99 Making a net increase in the earnings of the road of $13,090 11. Stork Kirhaage. ?v_, S*i*fR?ar, April IS, 1661. HSStidSi >2?'^ - * 60 aim Harieui UK.. l ? l.tkffu it 6 a, 81, con 91HO Bar KR p??f .w f*0 do 91 )o? ^ !LW* r**" 111 p.ciu 1W *? Heading KK 36* lots0 lean Os. 90.. 70 bo do b3# 3^*. OWiO tliglnia 6 s... 69 6/0 do V,': ?fi? do 6b loo do " m ?* i0? RK 120M kisaourl 6 s... So HO d, 48 ?<i00 do 6b \ 70 do 4bV J!??? ?}" **% 106 Rich sub N I KR 13)4 W>4> do ,'m w d0<_ _ 17U00 d?> 68^ 60 M3A\ 1st ik. ops 31V ?(M? N Y Ten be*. 76 Hi ao u? opg 31* 1(10 Die Kit 1m b< a 101*4 424 do... one 31V Sftbl Hud Kiv 3<n|m m 40 Hi Can lUt aurip. 67 V

*060 11a. **t J KB ha 4,1 8,0 do... . . 67U n HO I 1. v ,m"< 1. i l.a 79 300 do M6 67 V A Ch2d nil. 47# w ^ bl0 M 16 .he US u NY 93 160 do slO 67# &4 Milw A Mu-a KK. 10 60 elO 6b 140 fejl&c Mail tWCo 77 740 do 64 ? *? 76'f 46 'ial A <1ilc Kit... 68 V ? do 7eSi 460 do 68, 60 do slO 76 # 42 do 6HV 1(0 N Y Cent RK.... 73 luO do ?10 68V JW6 do 72V 60 Her A [\>l KR... ?9V i960 do 7f ?, K'O do HlO 99 V 1'? ?lo ISO 73 900 do hIO 211V 5 do ...; .660 73 200 do b60 30 J? do 72V 6u0 do ?30 29 V ?2? do 72". 100 tlilc A: K IKK SlO 48 V 6? do *14 72V *81 do h3 48 V 60 ? '!? 910 72 V 2M> ? do 48 V 900 Kris RR gg# d> * 640 do 24 60 do....!!!!! 48V .. do 93 V $00 Chic, Bur A Q RR 69 aoOlluUKlv KK..410 38V 100 do slO 69 SECOND hoard. 92000 V S 6 s '81 rcg t 93 V 66 itlui S Y Oen RR.. 73 1/tUO b b 6 ? '81 ch'6 40 100 do *10 72 V lOOtO oo r20 60 60 Winh fVnRH 4HV 85?"? ? ?'o 91 l.M Mich So A N I g ? 39 I0?0 V 8 5 s '74 cpn. 84 lno th-ie RH 21 9000Vhgitrta6'i.... 68 100 do blO 24 do sirO 67 f>0 Harlem RR pref . 36 V 8? 0 Mtss?un li s... fib V loo do *30 38 ddtd do 6b', 400 Roadi?K RK 35V 1000 Bronkl'n T MT f, 10-,'V 20 do 3<j 7000 Mich SO 1 m be 88 200 IU Oon KR scrip.. 68 v 1000 Mich so r f bos 83 110 do sA fls'* 1000 M C8p<TtliSf.'b 98 60 do.... b30 6bV 6000 Han A St Jo RR 43 300 do.....'. 6.4 6sb? "elri p I'd Ok 105 160 do ?10 68 75 I'acillc Mall S3 Co 77 $90 Clev A Poled.! KK 29 V 5? d.' '7V do 29 V ?6 do rao 77v ]oo do no 99 60 N YOon 1:R..s60 72V 4O0 do .. 29 1W? do 79* CITY CUDINBHCML HKPORT. Sotuhoay, April 13 i P. M. Flock?The flour tnetkel m?y be quoted a abade lower,ana very dull, ?* only 0 two bhla of all kind** have ' been Bold, including shipping grade* of oxtra Stale at $0 80 a 16 40. Whkat la unusually quiet, end la aonowbat unset tled. Pairs were maOe of only '24.000 liunb. b, at $1 40 a $1 tO lor wtnie. and $1 .36 a 91 31 tor rwl Woeto n, $1 30 Tor Milwaukee club, 91 '26 tor fit nigu sp log. On it <)' pi c .sod, Wl'b sales of 30 <M0 Midi ?? Ol'c Tor rouno yellow, 01>ic. a Sic fur m>iw,aad die. a C8o. for old mixed Western. Rva ?Falts 8 000 burliels Tor export at 90c. Harijcy and uata arte quint. Annus were up to $6 M for pota and 9144 a 99 60 tor pearls. pBOThMM and cotton were orchaaged. WiiESKsr ?ialoa 900 bbla at 1*X?- a lH\c. lbdls At u?nia'?, MOl. 91S HKOai** Af, kuU CAN KirD Fata for welkina, rt< lux, driving; lint* dull fan* look alive In; l'a'1 lur yo'iiba, 'lab , airy, daubing; llu? for inert ol U?U' and /aahl O , bat* 'or it-mure* l?rl?ht and Jolly, H?i* for 'ace* melancholy; lt?tr for b?.,rr? broad and burly; Ila'a for atrairht balr or for euny; lla'a for Uav'llina, ab<r tins -alUrg; I Ms i.tin prool In atom* unfading; Pant for "piin* twelve atylea b sterner; Uata tor ? very kind of weal? er. flat* of rllk. felt, aliaw and braver; llatr Ibal almort urar forever, 1 ai* for *p?* and watering place*; !'?'? of to wpar al r<"e?; ),*?? wllb which a room to enter; krat- for ?e iw* of wild ad 'entitre; Mara of nt%DY ah .pea uncommon; Uata i.dntlrrd to rvery woman; Pa'*to*t?nd af' ktnda of min ing; btiatH.Unci forever*calling; Hal* lisbt. pliable and i la-tto; I1*-* b-aa bexinie and plastic; Pa1*'/' unlet htyb . for pa nor*; Ilata round dn? ned -your knowing enaterat 1Ib'? 'o an|t each rare and rial tow, Uata unmatched for ventilation; Hula for y tint; men and fm children; Ila'gof 'x-anty qui e bewildenng; llala that lioya and miaar * al^h for; ba'a in far t. that babi-a rry lor; Fats lor a I fiere hale for nail or*, Hat* 'b*t pu? tbe work ol tailor*; P'tiaat tiihk*. Hurt and eivv dollai*; Kit for RenUrm*D ?nd urbolara. , Tt world lie r? y enoogn to coti'lou* 'be Hat through a column, but 4 longer catalogue atema iinnir every. liKblN, 9111 riroadray. *rr doflre of Re sr. Dr. Bigga' Lectors en rioaolytuim and I'loua hi and*. V brelir A Vt llaon'a I in pro v ml Hewing Ma blue* at reduced price*, ouiee D06 liroadway. ?? Spring Bbanghae OvtrroaU, at KV aMN', M and M Fu.ten street 9k Spring ifcaaybae Overesats, at EVANS', 06 and (id Kultow (treat. 9H Spring Bhanahaa OvrrreaU, at K>1 i AKB', fid and od Kultoo afreet 9* Pprlng Bbanghae Overeoalt, at h V amS', 4s and Od Pulton street $N Spring bbanghae Hverronls, at aVeNft', COandiri Knhon (treat. gs Co pea, at EVANS'. 66 and GS Fulton street ktero's f.'l frtl Uentlemen's Dress Hot*? f r,i u-paea-d for b* amy, atyle aod maenai, al any piloe bo. lie npwdway How am u-?tel. |bfia?'* *?tvm.n'lrr Bafes-Wllh Po ll in po? der pi oof tuck* and cro a bar.. Ala hie ?nd burgUi ? r-vee brl" ma aid parloi bale*, input It Sural *imei, toire.1 of I oilege place. KOHhlvT M. I'aTKI It l.ihiii) ??? !>?????, or slarvry and Or?tlx.? T!vb"t? ii 'or tbe black.klna of bonoagc (woriiHil o* |mi i I ? for n*?dj half piivrnnn-nt, with liberty and . a i>, ?> reality phuographed by Hot.*Eh, .'*K6 oroad way __ __________ <v?i?erol neaniegard nt (lorney'i f.orlr rjr _ v ,| b i.d.d i kotoarenr ic Lik nc*? of lh? Commaodrr <4 I roev will lie nn exhibition funvd.) moinlng n it takes about tW., re tqbr *luce J. tlc nhiit) A HON, 7"7 L road way fiareey's <#ollerr, TOT dioadway.?c ar te . VIr tee of all the ABi'rbaii orlehritl a. r n-ua'.tW on hand aiw. Ju IbS'twl ier * earner, all thearmrned aaada and Kdalre t*- e naae* of Puiop a n e avvurunent of tars a, Htaode, Ktamc*, I'aaaeparV it*. Ao J. u. n.Noi A SON. Hatebtlev'l Bewly levrntrd Wlgl onu ft n *r* ruly aonde t ul ?p c'reena.? art ' ?) and aea U>< in at It bond atrwet, or *? od for a mewmre card gnldayis Oven Forces the (lots* and ? l.ok-r* ie *ro? bamrtan'ly Sold si W. a tSO'CHA UU? e a*wI] tnvaMsd Mia factory.'I# Hood atreet Sofrhelwr's Hair Dpo^? Hellobl* and Vw *,oiiim* Hwrk or hm<*n Faeury HI waeelwv vtrwr s. .<? .oe apfinm at ? A. HAftlB t> bOlt'R, 19 Bond eteeet its* io?tns w'a llotr lire, Wigs and inn. Ci '?* -?x in ' K* world w boleeaie and retail, and tbe p. v.ielf wilxd Pu II AaSnr houae. I i lur I omplalnf Infksllttylp fared by It * t a I Ilia lhe) va more p.iwerful than C ilomel or ... I , Ol 1 *ly ?? leiatie .no aafe for the noil del* . * i, v ?r* fuaiaii'f-d Mt entirely ramove liardvntng bad aa 'I 'be Hear 1 r??rs ? berth A f'e.'s Rsdleal fare ft i- ho. I V?ary atreet, Aekar lloueeopposite'heehutb. Ttsnea, Klaatir Moeblbgt, kbonlder p_ . * B*id.?es An L?B OUlVgR A TksutiAF. b*. 4 Aaa atrsaa, under Ssreum's Muaeutm Ofltrlel l>rftwli,f[i of it. Frauee ds ?"?'? Delawa.e Lrttertea ?Authorised hy act of AMembly paMod January, 11M?. Grant* to iun twrniv year* Miast X Count,--Cl ass 82, lrawu April IS HOI. 64, it*, :to, ;:a, <;?, 8, 31, ;s8, 6'J, ?, vu, 64, ?7. (?nan Conooi iiuiKr ('us* IS, Drawn April IS, l-tfll. 66. 76, 22, 62, ? 65, 17, 6, 61, 4o, iO, 3o. Circulars aeut toe oi utarta )>< udjj, uj it I'lUKl'h A P<>, Vanag,-"S, \A uuuu^uio, u<-U* are. Hood, Eddy A t'u., inunairrra of tlx* ki.Miat. HiMbm i >*n f>i i?,bk i?ik Lonwi.iK3. Aulho, 7 d l.y tin) Legislature Ike mheeribera Coa uuaaiueeM mwinM to ?iiprrtn',*nd the drawing of a LoH?*r^ ??'li irli d by the i rg's'a uro, hav ing ill Is day attend- d thfi t rawing i? llin hmuucky Hut* Lot otlrali.r >MIrnatt Of lha lovx (f I raoUort, do bt-reby dr ill) thai tin* following am th* numb ra which war - thi* day drawu from the wheel ? Exthj Class 227, April IS, 1861. 30, 76, 15 , 60, 32, 66, 70, 67. 7, 63, 4, 9, 23. Clam 22b, April 13,1861. 13, 38, 1, 53, 66. 40, 41, 51, 13, 7, 59, 71, CO. V iidsss DDT hands at CovlngU n, Ky., thia Saturday, April 13, 11161. J. P. WOONAlf. 1 JACK(ton HI'A BROW, J Oommiaalonere. TIIOMAH B1KD. S circulars containing schemes for the month wlM be mailed fras ol charge by aending to WOOD, KDDt * CO., Oovlngton. Ky.; Bt. Lottie. Mo , or Wilmington, Del. Notick ? All tick, ta in the Delaware (Hate Lottery will hereafter be decided by the drawing* of the Kentucky Stele Lottery, at Covington, Kentucky. W? K. k CO., Managers. EimmcImM'i Spring Style of Oeatle> men's Dreaa Bat for 1861, is the perfection of armmetry and arson The handaomest Hat he has ever turned out, and not to be aurpaaaed here or cltewbere. lbe price, aa of yore, $3 00. BBl'BNHCHKID. 118 Nassau street The Lkdd & Welister Sewing Machine* may now be had for fifty dollare at 600 Broadway. Wheeler A Wllaon'a Improver! Sewing Machines nt rednoed price* Odiee Suo Broadway. Billiards -Twenty-twoPhrlan'i Tables. Nob. 60 and 62 Eaat fourteenth street, Union wiuara. (Irovrr all Baiter's Celebrated Noiseless ?awing Machines, 426 Broadway, New York. T*? Trayn, Door Mats and every I>e ?CripUnn of Uoiire furnishing Ocoda,al au Immense redo,, tlon In prima at B. D. BAiinrOBJD'H, Cooper Institute, N. V. lllnslrai.d catalogues free. Dl?d. Bakik?On Wednesday, April 10, la Canton, i'onnsyl vunia, Mm. Kuxahkth IUhkk, widow of the lato W. F. Bauer, of Sow York, in the 81st year of her age. the reinalus were interred la the family vault, St. Maik'8 chunh, New York. Hikmim.iiam ?On Saturday, April 13, Mariiarkt, widow of mo la'e James Birmingham, of Ktogaourt, county Cuvuti, Ireland, aged 64 years. Hie funeral will lake place from her late residence, No. 338 Ninth street, this day (Sunday). Cirkt ?At Hariem, New York, on Friday, April 12, John Ci tm, In the 5o.h year ot his ago. Friends of the tamlly are invited to attend his funeral, from bis la'.o residence, corner 133d street and riuth avo nun, this (Sunday) a'terucon, at two o'clock. New Rampshlro papers please copy. Uaihow.?i n Friday, April 12, Mahy Ann Osborm, wife of Ru haro Ctlrow, Jr. I Hie relatives and friends of the family are respectfully iuvilcd to attend the funeral, from the residence of her brother in law, Joaepb Nay lor, No. 78 Ninth street, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. Carjcoii..?on Thursday, April 11, of consumption, Jamu< Cakkou., late of Bryante' Minstrels, aged 33 years, 6 ninths and 28 days. l'he friends and relatives of the family, also the mem bers of George Washington Lodge, K and A. M , are re ?pectfully invited to atleud the funeral, without further Duties, this (^uuday) morniuif, at ten o'clock precisely, from bis late residanee, No. 34 West tenth street. His remain* will be taken to Greenwood. Iiaiton ?In Philadelphia, on Sunday, March 31, of con snuiption, Ltxu, the beloved wifu of Baward J. f. Daltou, iigcu 21 yeais. Damhon.?On Saturday. April 13, Annk F_ Dawson, aged 48 yearn, the beloved wife of Cuter Dawson the relatives and frieues are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Moncay morning, at teu o'clook, I rem her isle reuiuenoe, 14 Marion street. Tlpiwrary pvpets plcaae copy. 1 is.mot.?f'D Saturday mornirg, April 11, Tahho Umn m, youngest eon of Charles K. and Helena Fischer, aged 2 years, !? months and 10 days. The relatives and friends of the family are reepec'frilly invited to attend Ihe funeral, from the reeidaoou of bis pan uls, 2al West eighth street, near Ninth ave noe, this (<undav) afternoon, at two o'clock, without fur her invitation. Frr/.iATHifK?Suddenly, cf disease of the heart, on Saturday , April 13, Jams Firzi aiiuck, in tho tUth year | of bis sue. I llis ti tends, and those of bin sons, Thomas, Philip, Francis ai d Jameu, are respectfully invited to at'ona the funerai, trom bis late residence, No. 10 West Fifty Urst strei t. Particulars in Monday'R paper. Oka ham ? tm Saturday, April 13, Makiiamt. widow of the 'a>e J'-hn V., in ibis illy, att-i daughter of the late Jari'oe and l-J aaixth Blwarus, of Tappau, New York, sgnl 78 years rti- iiiastni ?mi iiieuus are lnviieu to attend the fun?ral Kifow, ibu fSuiiday) aitorooou, at sia o'clock, at Dsni-I Trjoa's, No 32 Oxford street, Brooklyn. be twren Flurb-ug and Park avenues, without further tffrtice. Hot iiHTAUN?On ciaiuroay. April 13, of apoplexy Ja?m H Hot (.staUW, m (he 86th y oar of his age. The trine a of the family and those or hU sons, John, Frarrets and J*mos, Jr , aro respectfully Invited to attend Uie fone.aJ, fiem bin late rnk'iow, No. 61 Hammond street, on Monday all* rnuon at two o'clock. ? on Saturday, April 13, Th<>ma4, only son of I alrnh and Mary lark n. agul 1 year and 7 days. 1b? fi to tics and relatives of the family are rospnctfully thviud to sin-ad the fun? lal, tins r>unday) arteruisro, nt two o nlo? k, fiorn the reside: uo or his paieutn, 1W8 Fast Twenty Ot st si rent I.via?on Friday, April 12, Maki.akkt Lylx, wlfo of Alexnoder Lyle. TIki frieni h of Uie faniily are respectfril'y invited to attend the fuui rai, from her kite ruiidencc, ou Monday after norm, at two o click, from U2 at. el, Brook ly n, F. II Mi nis ?Oo Saturday, April 13 .Imi* Menu*, son of Jtobiei and iial/r>.<h Mulon, Of No. 137 Madison l inn, agod k years, 1 inetilh ami 13 nays. Tlir frieMis ?nd retailoa are m<?st respect'ully invited toattui" the funeral, to-day (r-Uiulay), without fur.her it.v i lira. DdluMliT ?ffc Friday, Aireil 12, Kr??r>?*rr* MrfJrrr fMv.kgeusa yearn, a ualivecl tin county lyroue, ire laid The fr loo-la of the family are requested to attend the funeral, Irom Ins is e ri-dui nee, 37 Lltue street, Bnr k lyn.fct twi-o'cl-efc lli a (Fuuay) aiti-ru sin His remains Will li? taken til Fla tonsil t>metery , I. |. Sas? -On Friday, April 12, Jsaiw Mah.n. lila OMW'IS and ibori'iof his nephew, rbointSD Hugo, are respeoiluby Invited to aiu-iiu the funeral, from yth* (uiumbia street, near .foraii-tnoo. Hrookiyu, his (bun da?| aftewisio. at two o eh ek, without farther i-otlre. Mahiin.? m I rl iay, AprU 12, of disease of the lungs, JueSI-lt Maiii.w Uls Irtetiil* arw requested to attend the fuoeral, this (Vunektr) al <rm??, at tbrru u rl ct, fioiu but late real dinee.No 4 lYieee street, Uro< kl>n. Sakha ?In Jirtej Ollf, <m Friday evening, April 12, aft) r a lu gi?it g I Iwiv, Iuv?i M akjin, in the 2.51 year of his ?gr Ihe lefaittves and friends of the fa "lily are respectfully In?it'll ?i atlstnl the funeral, In m ti.e teald-rice of his moth) r, No. tsT s sub F-gtilh street, tbia (runday) al or m on, at two o'rta?<k. M/irrwe?tm -atarday, April 18, iVnm Jammi, the lekte) ? b id or I at/irk and Mary Mathews, agud 2 yearn w montlis and 10 d.ys. lb'M burly bud, no young and fair, I'tiM he: ihe hy eari) dinm. Jurt came to show b- w -air a flower Is I'ar ?die< nuM r|uom Tb? frti-r ile ann acq anr'ai f? of the farnily are ra Sprtfuliy mrllxl to tiFeii ib? lui oral, Irom live real lll-tice Of bin |At - pte. 152 Forty e gblb at.eet, h-teoen ligblb and Ninth avenues, Una (Mtadavi el terra s-e. at - in* n i-loi k Mitd-asisiRr ?On Hntordey afienK*-n, Aprtt 13. at six o ciitk, Iuva, w-fe if I C Midoendorf. nged 30 laara. Ue Iew ivea end frbnde of the landli are rrepM tfuliy Invi rd to at'et I Itf lutarai, op Midi let a'urun-to, at twoo'chsk. frwtu her iaten -i- >?>,. at I -i Sew V vk Mtuin?On friday, April 12 Hsasy Mcu ra, aged 82 y)ais,from the par Ah of l>ut.g<a.uuo, )?uaty fyrene, Iretand. ? Tfw friends and ?*q lvintm- ? a are respectfully inviteil if at#) hd the fuuefal, lit is hia lu*? reeaivni e No. 478 IVMl street, iliia (Vumiay) al in iu??u. at two o'clia k Ni wets ?tm daloresy. April |3. at c r-s mpt. ? Aa* F. NuBtue, i'ai gotn of the iate llw-rna* Ntirrw, agnd 27 yrare, 11 nion h? aj.o Is cat a. Ihr- relatives and frnnds of Uie far- ?v are r aieict'nl I) it viird to atieud (be lur-eral. at ihe alien eueet Mo tboflist Ipiaiopal fbur-li, in Tueeita) morn.i.g al tea o'ciot k Without further notioe O'tnufp -On Ffteny. April 12, of dlptberta WntuM, no y s n of Rich art and Mary li'RiH, igm4 )ears, 7 months and ft da)a v The malice* und friwrids of the I irmly ere rieprc'fudy Invited ti ati' i d the 'uarvu -rom trs rsad nwuf h a |mm nts, 332 1 list avmue, Uuia ^Suauay) a'nmnoe. at me o'cki k. o'Faka ?On 'httardaf'. April 13, from a aevrre cm?d re cetvsd on the 93d of February, A?c Tintsi , wifa of Henry 0 H?ra, iu.d second oaughrcr of John and Von lui ker. o-Dromoilff curt. VI g?, Ireland I hi- trienda of the family wo Uxae of h?r brothers, John, James and Joseph J Tucker; also in > ? of her hi others n law Auttiony Kkiharil, FdW ifd ri llara aid R* of Ronr; also her unrie, Mr. M t'hit?tai? a-e rrspeet fully rrqui sud U aiteud ber ruueral, on Monday morn iLg Her rema-ae wtil Mr fmm'i f um b?r la'e reel dehee, 280 MHIfhi ? tr at, ?l half past nc.s o cbck to BafcM, I the ch, ?h< to I m?l?M maaa will I |c . i 'elo .ri d 'i r Mil- m pure i-l to-r soul, at t? 0 o'rii i ^ Her tin ?rai will tat* pince from the ehuroh immediately I aft*' iimsf. I vitoiarh ?On Friday, April 12, 1'm.i.T PsirmtRti, a gee 71 years. fh* fihiua are Invited to r?n at 437 Ttnrd aveane, (Abraham f'htdps'). Notice will begtv.n?f the fuu? ral. I'nirw - On Satnrdav irornlrg, April 13, FViiiy Iowrt, in'snt d*u?htrr of F.t y m tl and Mar) 11. I'uuan. Be MB'"" papers pi. a-, e p*. ' **rte?ill broklyn, or. taday, April 1J, Mrs J.we miNP K wsrrw, Wife of WtUiam Smith, agHW years, 18 Be ntbr a-'d 12 days Vlie rela'tvee and frisnds of the family are rueperl/nBy Irvtnd to attend the (opera', f>r-iri her Mte rsei e>eoe. No flfl FilUt? Street, today ("undas) at twelve ?,,'oiook. M Ata-WoKTH ?d t> faiiitilay . April 13. Jons MT ? oSSruWSM, a hrtlve of Kr glai d. o the ?7tl- tear if his if,' Hw- fur i ral etll lak ? pi.oe ra 'b-e (-kirulac i vteraooa, at cue o'c rvk, from bt? lace r?aidiwe*-, n*,,r. of Water and Wair atr-eis, Dnnft >*. lbs reia*ivea and frteada are ee^fiemfully mvlte-i ?o at'end. WhUAMHuN -~On FnJay , AprU Ilk ^AMA, uilcst chkA of tt*pheB ?~1 ntzabeih Wimamaoa, aged f /Mrs, I months and 2S daja. The fri.nrte <.i the 'arall? are reepaotfully Invited M atD nd tbe ftire?Al. ul?ie reman,* m bur par .is Nat itutwry piece, on lbs % ?^ti*Uy). W??M?ookTn ? Cm iV | April 11, At too r?M (tenr. o' bie parents, T'gbty tou kh nr.,e? utm* i'tith nvoiuo, of a ebort but re ??, kno h Hin-ua h'cKlN, IN I'd HOD of t\ lliutu W'lKtuao 0 0-ftHirat. law, or d thai lot le, hie wife, ag?l M/.-ars, 10 montM end # day a Tte r? Uiivoa ard friends of the family ar r epe? fa *m Invite*' to aiund the funeral, at Trinity Cemetery ua (jtin- av ) ??terruoii, at 8 o'clock. I-or don tapers please copy MlNCKbLANROIIK. A CSRU-THfc INDIA* BBRbDR-P TOM HLKT . ? __ D., I rum Canada, will deacrlbe disease and tell Sis pattest the naiHfa of their i*mulalm or Illness, wlibnot reaainn* %mf luiorma'li o from thorn. No charge for cornultatloe or am vim onrm No. tw Broadway, naif minuie walk tram M Nicholas Hotel. OUR MOTTO. Wo uaa suob Balma as have no strife V> itfe Nature or tbe Law* of Life: W lib blood our hat da we never stain Nor poison men to ease their fata. Our Tether, whom all good near Trovidea tbe means u? cure all Ilia; The hioiy,l*. Hatha, reneatb our feet, Well used, relieve our paint < A simple Ho,b, a simple Flower, (lulled frem 'h<- dewy T ea? These, ihear sha'l speak with touching | Of change and health to thee. y. TOMBLBTT. M. 1 ALAKGB CONCBSHION FOR OaSH. OUB NJbW AND SPLENDID STOCK or CHINA, GLABH AND PaBIAN WARE. PLaTED GOOD*. TaHLK CUTLKRt, BRONZE* AND itad FIXTURE*, Will he sold on terms that must g've as'isf vttioa. We moet irepeet'n'lT solleit onr friends sod the puhtte la favor us b) au eian>lnHilon of our goods and toe prtnm at ahlcb w* "(IVr iheni be'- re purchasing sls-wlere, know eg very well wn must offer great inducements to sertuw a pe ttoa of public favor O^Q H KITCHEN A flO.ftW Bro.d*a?. At bs-bhcer and gaperh, a nbw htvlk. as JcNRe', lOand U Ann street. P. R?Call and eat them. All kinds op pafER, twine and papr at FREEMAN A BOBBllDON'a paper w< IT Iteekmaa street AT BVKRDhLI/B OT.O HioHK. :?? BROAD1* AT ? A Wedding CardA These celebrated engraved Oarda aoM only at Ihla store. A PRACTICAL TAMIL* rtEWIAJ MaOHIMR, Ml ? Novi Ity h. M Co , sales. < urn till Broadway corner raaal street N. I A Radical cbk tor hermia ok rupture, WHIT&fc PaTtNT LKVko TRi RH 1 it rtw and Impiovi d tnatruireut. dtlfertrg is prtnelple end action fun sll oibvra. A radical ourr Is eflecuvd to simsal eveiy Casr, as but dreos will terM'y Our Female Suppor en on the ssme principle. Braces for men, women and thJdrwe unsarpaswd Pamphlets walls uithtaORY A CO , 25 Bond street, New Turk. A ORE*'' OPPORTUNITY NOW OKKH?t?D TOR B*B gains la elegant spriDg Carpets; K-glfsh M'dallioa Val vet, B-4 wido, hmsaels, Ttoee ply and iig'a<n C rj-etiitg; tugs, Man, Ma'lli'g, window Ptadrs, isbln a d -Use Uoters, Lrugget. Ol'tlotb, talr Rods end low priced ? a*p**a. Tbe lergrst asaorttnept in lb s city; otsplaved In ten *wlearooms. Hiiyrrs are Invbed >o t-samiue tbe stock at HlhAt; ANDhhRON'"1, No ity hosiry BEFRh'H COOKING KsNGRi, b I DDOKD IN PUCK fu al'ITTHB UM|t, Kor doiahlMy, neatneea of spnearacon and eoooomy la the use of fuel, tbe BET BP. RANGE has always stood unrivalled, ?nd tbe reduction 1 a price naakdi It tbe cheapest as well ss tbe best A libelal discount to tbe trsde city and country BAN Kb, BOWLER. RIHTiaND A CO., Late Janea, Reebe A Co.. VdS Rroadwav. and Comer of R ade and Centre a r e?a BRIDGE WATER PAINT Fl<e and water proof. Best oolor far villas, oottagM 1 arns, decks of vessels; will stand any weather or cllmei* Depot 74 Maiden lane. W W. KEITH. General Agent. BURCHALX'S ARNICA LI* IMFNT CUBSB PAlWi and acliea. Fur sale by ail driiggtala. CtAblNhT El KNITI bE -l.N CtiNShyl'RNClt OF TUB / luteriupUen wltb tbe Houlb, I bare opened my (eta | ruoms to Ibe publ.c at large, aod will s?i| Hedroom. Library and Dining Mii'e. at wholesale prtrss, msce of the hsel Si sx n. d ms'i rla'. Slid In ttie latest Insbl.instils st?leA CaB and ciamine MBpn- buying eUawbsre all goods a an naiad WtLlih h. Hit AI NSLORr. Werersiins, 115 Mv'rgton street. Manufactory, tie, ?7, W, 101, KO, 105 and 107 fcuffnlk streed. CHORNH, BCNIONH, INVERTED NaILK, RNUHOkB Joins, and si or lcc< nvrnlencv t Chiropodist. 7AI M geonaof Urta city. Joists, and sli dtse.sses of the feet cuied, trltliyul pal* or led uvfOlenct to U.e patient, by l>r /.sOllsKill, eorgn a Chiropodist. 7ftt Rroadway. Refers to pbyslclaLS and tor (AORNH, RUbhlUNH AM) INPLaMSD JL1NTA ? Dfc J I.ITTl-liVih 1 r? Improved fbte'd a'<l I'U, trr Ik the rt roeCy e*er oflm-a. Ihey are worn without the '?* It convenience, sun utlnrd Instait relief. For sale tl i|B Bioadway, hlao at the principal Ajugglsts lu the city. (AUaRLKS' hUMM)N CORDIaL <MN -A LAR'IR m I voice of this celebrated Oln perchaie.d prcv<r<u. f* tit Increase ol <uum, erab e.a me hi oUergnat advantage* he wnob-salo or retail buyer*. U. K. UhMAlk, Mruoaway, corner of CeUr .tract JJEAPNBHB COKED. FKK8H TBOTfllOWT. Dra* norma?I think It both tine to ran and to three to) fllrlec with deatnaes, to my that ?J kod he* bee* ilea/ f?| lin g time, ami hi I* now i|Ulie r> covered hi y--- ?'eim1. Dear air? 1 oh <?u make uae id Ltd* a* you Uae J AilBS OOJL W?agcut-zniu Co.. N. Y , Aprils, IS6L OK. VON MOMTHXIHKEB'S OffloR, 107 'lllnton place, Between fifth and With aeennee. IjlLftAKA SKWtNiJ MACIIINRA. !i L mutual TNDCCKMKMe Tu AMKNTB. A OFBaT RJIXTC'ION IN PRICRS. Those not liAvlug full amnuid eoromiinxtai- a. Ofliee 4IM Br ed way. OHiWI R'8 PILE ?NO H('Mi>K CORK -A NIIHK CURB F for blredlrg, blind and Itching I'i'ea. ro?"fu'a, e*3 ftheicn and dlwaaca of the *kin. ? ne b iitle earanedtR cure in all case* it o l dra'er* are pa tieu arly rw.ueaied to rel iilid tbe money. I lily lite tioMlcr in a Itim-unl teturijtto, ? rid three merenmiflrnied n? ula. Hunrred* of lettera i*| < ? ???*.? a ? now to ihe p: c.pii-iar'i p sanation. ? .. . a tea l>e neen upon applii'a'lon bend for areolar. Prwpareo by lib.Nnt 1? to* La, Chemist, Po 71 Prince at reel, Ho via hole by llKliiMal* A to, Headway, and all drugglatR (a-rtlmat** with each buttle. Price $1 per Initio. GDN A OO.'H AMERICAN AO* NOT AND Rf aDIBB Kimaii* ? American paper* kept on file Rvery tr'od rt allot. Inccreetlnz to Amciear.*. Hegiarar Kent of * ?ana visiting London. 10 etrand, Loudon KngieBd. H yatt h link balsam. RHEUMATISM, hCROMJLA, SALTRHNPM, tc I. rait * Idle Hsl-am la ihe raoet <? rwln and safe pt n for tin diokI |>aint ill ai d protreciee form* of ilioae dieea alt*. old tilcera, fcrer wire*. ory-i|e*laa the ?oral p. tl y o' lb* blood, liver and kldi.eva, gerer.l d' ooity dta pep*la inctp tut co-*um|<Uoh, to.ea, Ac Pilucipal depot MP U??rid ?tfe? t 76 cent* per bottle jhAHibh.AI , V D. (Pn?HlCtAN> ?OONhCLTIM# . room .>41 Hittli ato-eii* n* ar Twenty drat aireec LAKOR m l.hMHll I'LATBD K'R lltCUEKk, tk ? eatk Mirer p'htod Hpoi n* and Fork*. (1 76 per dozen. Iroiy table Knlrt* 4:1 Mlptr dozen At I) H,nsKiip|> h, i .oper Inetilutc, N. T. Call ai d see. before buy'n( el*ewhere. 1?AKTIBH ARt I T KKMOVIM,. OR Kh KITTINti TUMI bouaea, bate now ao o?>p<irlonl y of obtaining HOlHK H helvHl.M. At erlremtlr low ralea Kt/H CANfi. To reduce our rery hoi'j stock, we nhall continue Lo offak imlticenirBia IP ever* bram h of our bo-lotwe. \? e II rue eieminatlon and c mrarlann, a* both (Mods aod prieee are certain " gt^ a aatiaiactmp. ILllRt IIA A if L* ll 1'MiM fj KMVWP, pee do* IB IMiht I'aSliUII) IilNNV ft KMVKl, per dot .. 4 ? A I liMI'LIlk aehuRlMbNT He IIAt KIXT. KBP i throi-ahotit, Irr an ord'nacy sized dweldng house ' 27 IB and in.t up for ' I IIINa, (tkabf, MlpHtfhd e Ml PaNCY uOdbf, by( aLL? low t. v. MA OIIBODT A OO. 44N. I9H and 4V1 H't a?l way, oomer Broome a tread. ?to. da ptMaeerl and But Leaded tor Immediate use, wiO tot rtoted flee of eapeaee liUkTHAilk or BA.H H AM L.voLIN- U CBNTA I MIA It P al? Y t rif I U" .> mz of Ueyor A oner on. Lit 17. price 16? (ki ufe at d tup indla paper, $1 Also A ? A HI R I'B ViMlk PLKlRAir or MAJOR HON PRIOR * CENTS. Wrrt ftee b* r.att cm rt eeipt of prhe. btiw re< dy, twei ty aailetle* <f A home for Cartok Br I i?te p. tt a te n sou' vc?mrt! In au >uipru*cd style, rat|kR lu price f rt m $ I rti u? $111 I AI It s I h VlfirB Pi J HT It Aim Of ALL THE Nft*ARILIHRh IjP KVR'tPB. U Arl'LKTON A CO., PublUbem. to! and 446 Mr tad way. PALL A C0KTU1, Impofera And * holraajc and Retail Dealer* la klt.bhOMAiPlC i.t Ucll.-t, PltoTfH?KAl'HR, BO No. MM Broadway W. T Md mam*. On# of rwir I tmten bMng ?>n*t*nthr 1B Enropo, we are fe f??jii wr? fcljr of 'ipw ind *w?rcU'd rimmU. II BBOVAl ?THB UNDRRHHJNB0. N?? I { A lor !'ott~ third rt.iwj|l"tr Hti^J ?? , "ftN to tt.. It net 11. n o! l.le uld ftlej* an4 P*'"r at. ck tf fa. b-ceahle f.betr. for n.rtng aod Kamm>rweor ?no n a < i.Ude ee that lb-y "J IriiLlil- eieiiy day. be bin clothed bt bp- pk *** .* Ji.r ^ i t.u?t al be . 11 enae of any o her thm n ente-not, aa l uuej, ? T Berckaa4 Taitoe. til-kiall uM^t^Am, NEW NTTLK H; BACK DITTO, C' M"* ' u a>4 fill silk mifed waiklag OoRfs fzoak 1, *:74 w-.e t. at' ??*?* dM I ? ?er <?armeats eoekaeR P,'" V-'inl star (tor work are atyHak. and w Ut bo mr? P'61"1 TKT-onit Yurttylf'pr' (??l aareR IV- (t? a teat e'ar offered to the pubUe to Bto* $IU0 ODD worth of OBOCERIKH, WIN*"'TPA|I ti.ovb AWD rROV|NK>B? Arc l?R kttoA w U .1 ?Tt^VAVVp'ilOiTH.. t.aai rvut, 9A, H. t? ?; g|Otoftott kkd r^rlataRR thom asn aonbw^ wn i!rwwww4?b etr^k, 4*4 g$ Beirer 'b'A. ywd? towttrwi : reo la the c.if, '? ??IR* V