Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1861 Page 3
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^1 k not8M, HOONfl, AO. TO dST. L~fc YTLla EEKILBNOE TO UW-AT <CBW Brighton staler Island IX wltk.m r.vcmtuia. h e neb ?ud .->wl homea, In,** fruit ;. h?u garde-*?, Ht eral sort* or lawn, woutiiond, Au.; rout "" i. DUET, IC OBJH? A Od., d Smi Fourteenth street* rourr ulaks whir m?.ft tvo^bit rasbmknt d--uee to lot, kuJui.c; furnished having iu>dtru 1H<?rtonencus, In o charming loeatl >n ou tttxuwntb strvct; *?n $l,cU. wl.hlu three minutes' walh of Unionsquare. BSAl'LbY, Hl'TCUlNo A CO., A! But fourteenih street A F1ENT OLAM POOR "TORT AND RAKEtfENT XL. tawi tats PoiM, No. ? Qre?t .1 ones street to lot. Rent $1 WO. fnsteiihlon 30th '?"?? The Reuse Is now being walnied and (mji .ru ?UiLrui'k^ AT IitVSMQTt N, NEA^IK, N. J., ?NB MILK FROM A Brown dell Olid im milus fn in South Ortinje cVu -l, Satiable Inr o gentleman, u Honw, 1-rat-n an.I .la-Thtgu Hrnso, wl h s r? |. ty of fiuit, will be let et o moderoierM - |M1l per on a unt apply to J. d HlXKnOft, nt Clutlnnt ?beet, or 1 UiLAMDb* HaLL. the farm. ? PAHIMRMa TO LRT.-RBCOND PbOOA POOR A. It turns acd Fait trios ami the bach Maria a', in the lorg 4rre Hturv house lit K.n:g meet, Mardougil ? tioet la* a I the modern impr ivioi nu, and is in a v ry /enus.1 neigh bor l.ood. Apply 01 Ntio dtxinl ay A test hanonork LA Rue huuib to lrt -on Poet Twen y third siren; tie Houae li lu good -.rder. bu nil the ti.iwl. ? ? lmprjvemene mul will be let for $70 r-rcssnt sasopanl pays $aUU. JuhblLLaii-n A *UiOUX, J43 fourth avenue. M MICE 4!IOH BaSBMRNT FOR TAILOR, AO.; ALSO Tt onu|i'?r floor three large :toomi: ran.a All)arid $->, i ocniml; location rcrpeetoble. No. .175 Loot Tenth st. A 8TORF, 30X37 FEET OH Mh'hOVR STRICT, A n? Krly opposite How rd street hoot $1,IVC Apply to a ATBLKTOM a 00 , *ai and an Broad way. A LARUE fiouM, WX.17 P.- hT. ON THE XKOGND iu ry of building Noe II and 17 M' m r street, n wr (toward street, rent ARM. Aloe a Room, 20x37, third story of Wo same bonding; rent $300 A COUNTRY RRblDBNOB TO LRT.-A VKHY DBBI rable famished Kesldeuor encloted by flfe aaros of 1 land, web stocked with fruit tu*d ornamental shade vms; a go d garden, fine soft water; a eatriage house ?table ana hay loft, granary and o'her nearsaary o situ tidings; Mtoalcd In Bedford. Wotbthestor o >unty, the in an bcaltcy part of the soenlry, II miles 'rem Mow York by Harlem Hall hood. lor farther particulars Inquire of the owner, U. W. MILLER, 47 -onrl strevt M. I. A BUMMER RE THENCE TO LET-AT tVOODBBlIXiE, A Mow Jersey, on the Sound opposite K'sten I laud I', hoars' sail from New ork. Plenty 0" iru'.i Te^mi unde goto Apply to tJKO BnEWbTEK, on the prcmuieA or to H. Mbattlrl, Itf third avenue. Amine hodkr to let-on forty fifth 8'raet, between Fifth ana Rlith avenues; rent boat tied out by nentleman and wife, a new brown atone House on Lexing ton avenue, very low, at $700 farts of Hitisee at low rent, $BK to $310. KXNBHlMBit A WlLOOX, 343 Fourth avenue. A LARGE SITTING RGON AND BBOSOOM ATTACHE7>, to let, to a single gentleman; bouse drat claw and pri vate; a flue aummer residence, breakfast If required. At MM T Orainercy plaoe. In Twentieth street A MODERN BUILT THREE STOBT llRICS HOUSE. A. containing eighteen rooms to a responsible tenant, will he 1st for $47i a year. For further particulars apply on tho pyemia* s, 144 East t hlrty-ttrst street, boor Souona avenue. resMMdoti In mediately. ? LAMOB HOU8R IN BOND BTREBT; RENT, $1 GOO. Desirable Houses and Farts of Bouses in Ninth, Tenth, Vht-teentb, Eighteenth, Twenty third. Twenty-sixth, Twenty eighth Thi'ly fourth, Forty fourth and forty seventh streets. Also desirable oMce <a Bond street. L JCK A FIT Id AN, XA Rene ytreeA ||VeCfOltY TO LBA8R ON NMW CANALHTRERT.?THR P four story new brink Building 79 new Gaaal -arret, near Alton, 32 by M) teet, the easement end fl-st story suitable for iea< MM 1 and store. AOeiy to Mr. DAI, OA premises, or to A H BEUBM, 1X4 Wat Forty-seewd streeC DKUSDWA1-8TORB 1,144, NEAR TMENTT-SIXTH 13street to let; will be pat in complete order, and rented low ica good tenant. Apply to R. H. OUDLIRP, 119 Nassau st. BROaDWAI MTOMB TO LAaBB?THE large, new marble flva story bul.ding, 36k by ISO feet, Ma 734 dsowdway, opposite New York Hotel, flnUned throughout In ?a most too.ougb manner, plate glssa windows. Crown flx Jraw^As^ Ac Poasesrion immediately. Apply to JOHN VLEGaNT FLOOBB TO LET?AT 354 NINTH AVENGE, Hi 1 etween 1 hirty-flrst and Thirty second streeti contain big Ave g. od sized rooms; well fitted up, with m .rble man tels a iding doors. Croton water and gas Apply w J. 0. NiTIBn, emtn avenue, bntweeu 12 and 2 MM, IilUMNIHHBD HoUeh TO LET. BROWN STONE, WITH ' modern impruvemente; genteel neighborhood. Kent BIW s month apply at 12b West Thirty fourth street, be tween Broadway ana Seventh avenue. L'llHNlbHED HOUSE TO LET-A SMALL, HAND r s tnely furnished House, In Thirty sixth siraot, nea pifth avenue, with all modurr impiovementa. to a private family only. Apply to h. A. WaTKIHHoN, 20 Natsau st. Furnished cottage to let-in westchester e< unty, ten miles ou the Harlem Railroad, the home Is aiocly 1 urntehed and pleasantly located, wl-.h plen-.y oLirati, Ae Kent gfluu. Apply W J. M. HaRRlOT, 139 West Twenty flllh straet. b-lKKI-UBD ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LRT? JT Bulthblr forbousekceplng; a good opportunity for those (Ded of Dooming only $? paw week. Including g*s; houw ino deiu. apply at l.sad Broadway, near i hlrty-tirat street L HOUcES to bent AT REDUCED REN TP i story high s'ocd House WeatRKh street $ti*l 3tk?y English basement Houee Writ ttttb street AS) 3 story high stoop orown stone House Weal .'ltd Htre.-t .. Hi i 1 story " " " Xta street .. 86.' 3 story " " " 34lb aireet.. ST) S at .ry t Bgheh bavement Houm Wont 30th atr< el Rvi 4stny BiifcUsb basement bruwu stoiie House A Sot LM at, HIM 4 a ery " " " 14 th ski,OlW I ate y Ugh steep brows atone House West 31 at atic i .. 86.) 4 av ry " " '? 44ib strsi' .),.*?! 4 atary high sleep Hooae, 'eat of 8th sr., Weal 35th at .. ??'' 4 a lory t "ah^h haisment llouse Wm 21st street . l.lAa) JAM KM K. EDWaRDo, 277 Weal Twenty third aireet. nOl'HB TO LET.?THH HOUSE NO 114 WBeT TWEN ly sixth at real, near Heven'.h avenue; In g xtd order, wit ? be let tow to a good tenant Apply at No. 1 Harciay me t, to CAaPUbliOl Co. HOTEL lO LET?OONG&RKB BALL, P A Tit It" ON, N J. A large Aral claaa nolel, Bow til full operation and full of, Ofteen miles from New fork, on the bi.e of tbe New York and arte Kallioad, located in Ihn moat eaairal nan of tbe uy. Apply to J. 8. ROaEaM, Paieraon M J., or HOME* MOKtAN, No. 3 Pine aireet, N. Y. IN HRGOKLY ??TWO LARGS, I'LEAHaET ROOMS TO Ivt, Ave minutes' wala from Puilou ferry. On*. wa er and ?a> e pipe and other pnvtJegea apply at mi Hiudagb aireet MfHT ROOMn AND STEADY POWER AT LOW EATER, ?y JOHN GAUDC, 102 Walker afreet. Mai ON KEURLKE, 7U \Nl) 72 A E4T fHIti. Y RlOijT.l a. reel, between Fifth avenue aid Broadway?t'o let, ?I *?n tl} furnished separate St noma, or whole Floors, wit t knebaa, cellar and yam, bouses new, Aral claaa, four story brown atone, oornmou parlor Reals fu Dished If desired. Also ban fmat Basement as physician's oilloe. rn EH TO LET?IN VHK MOFFAT BUIlDINU, 3Si Broadway, corner of Worth street. Apply on tbe prw isss, l ass No. E FAR) lit HOI,HEM lO LBT. A seoond nod part of tbe third Floor, on West Nineteenth street, lour rooas and privilege In bain room, gat fixtures. An, Ac Net t ?AJU ALSO, Tbe lower part of a Hooae near Abingdon square, basement, rlor and paito. thud floor, m Meru improvements and to ? order, good yard, Ae Kent $376. A LRU, Ca West Tweat/ second street, two Floors; will be rented Separately or logtlaer, ail rooutsun each Uuor, marble mar. leu, wat-r clovsia. gas Stturea. a go d kltchea Them apart mqgsU ate new and very deslraoie. Rent of second boor fJUU, aad thira door $400, wfta Deck room ta attic. AkHI, A lower part of a h ouse on West Thirty-first street aad a Bed rom on tup flour, eight rooms ta all; m data convenience*, an* Siiarea ALSO. A beeood Floor, back Kitchen aad Bedroom on top'floor, on Beat i went) eighth street Rent $3ui IsSbH R KDWARDH, 277 West Twenty third aireet. KBNTTAEtN IN BOARD.?PART OF A HOUME TO let. rent tekm Inboard apply Immediate!} at No. 61 lairt) tourlk street, comer of Broadway, after one o'clock. KAaT $11 FF h MONTH.?TO LBT, IN A HEaUTiFOL avenue in W Uuamaburg, a suit of m Nouns, ounatioln,: g??, eaier, kitchen, h-aabbiutif. all on oil'' flour Cars (three cants) paw the doer. fRiMMstrM, Wl'liamsburg. Km Mb to nJki? WifH OK Wi.Hour poeait, IS the depot building. Centre street, betw< en Frank In and waite applj to ihOMAB MEnnRa 1, corner of arankllu and Rim scaeta IbOOSlB TO LRf.?THK UPPER PART OF HOc HRSA XV Bond auwnt will Be 'at in waal* or lo part Captlal place for Ac..list, merchant tailor, aauUnery, Act Poaaasiiion tut medlafiy Inquire on the premises. ikooRts wirM emailt Hfhia power, ro let IV Pl-nty of light piissaaaVin Im oedlately. 401. MM and ?US 1 harry street oil the premises s 0 EE Etr NTH WaRD?TO LB r, THE HKCOND MTORT, with nack ba?euirnt If dedrea, of Uie modern house No 47 linuveiae r street; neigbborb.iutl go-d. premis s in gosl omul una, real very modwaw. Aopiy on premises. Water, ga*. An _____ LEA bhOHE, LoN'l BKANCIL-BEaUTIFUL bummer t~ a III ely furnished, orchard and garden, stables, too aad baibmg homes, within vlsw eud only a few minute* w the ue*an Kent only $?M. Apply to R. W. BOW Y MM, Ji Nassau stieat, ep stalra (JTeaM Per A NR. WITH WELL UIOHTRD RO IMH. O Ui let? A i XI aad 14 K rank fort street Rent low. Apply on tue premises, er lo E Lt IfKafH, 91 Beekman street, ep stairs wfTOEMb ro LRT.-4MJ BROADWAY HAM BEEN OCO0 tJ pled Ma booh store; pusseaal .n immediately, a la . sen y seo. ud street, northeast corner ef Broadway. Ap ply at IMl Broadway, trom 9 k U4 J. M DENNlis. rpo LET?A NEAT aNO NICRLT FUKMtrt iED PAR X lor, to a respectable gentleman and his wife Also one neatly InraL. ad entry kksnn, to a gentleman ur lady, for $1 )r? -ek. a ppi> at rl Mith avenne, near Warar ey place. LKT-THn LPPCR I'SRT OP a THREE sMkV House la rwelftn strret, between rtlith and Beventh ave cues, wi h or without one Uaaemen ; ha h, wa tw c oaet, Ac , ua asoor.d boor i emaimler tM boa-si will be iweupeu by tw i or tiirrs adi.ns, neiahtiurbooa uneioeptljuable inqulje of m* t'octur, lltt "lath svvnae. T) LET?A vt,R) ORnTKKl HOUnK IN BT. MAKE 1 I'near neoood aveuue, finest luaation In the street b.nt $Ks' Posees?i..u Immediately AI 'O the dnstThile House, ei) Kaat f wentjr sev, ntu street Rent $ww, and J veii li.a Cl Vimnli avenua-BdNt Inquire of 0. PlTi A ?t).s. CD 1. .layette p.ave, TO LET?TO A 8t ALLyt'ItT FAEILT, TBB FlRBPOd i ?fH)|id MOW. Wilb tt$o HMro miM Arid t#f bmiM Ml yrvMiMl Ntr^wit. for partioularii Inqutr^ uii Ijh |armiK?'H. r) L?T-A,MKl>4UM filKED tjEEE HToRT ORICK house. In first rate order, with all mnlern impnneui nL aad In a drsirabl, aetgh > r1 ood tv ill t)? let ri-ap p a goiil ti nank Aiqi-t < a lha piemlsea, 111 Vt est i'wenty eighth sits m a*? 'Iklh Mienip.. q'O LtT-IN JRRBEY 01TT, illdMK'uNO FLoo.t 1 l. ur roini', and Iron". b*?i m-ot, to a ?m li family, wito' eotrblidr u, gs> suit wster; v. rj ybawal I ma on. app's at a N S - ai a a* thue, ir 149 Merger stmt, j wsey t,ity, T?i HOl'HJfclS, ItOO-MN, ?WL\, TO Lfc.1. rno let?a *utw rukKKH boomr, mtonb 1 ftwl,17 tkflS. handsomely IretcorJ, hu re-wood do >rw two st-lrcases; inuaW* corner i f f ourth ilttM cad A'a-b tngRm mm tat* reeidinor of F 1 Paine. K?q. Inquire of T A itfonl, 71 Raft Twenty tilth street. or.f A J. BIX SB Lis SUA Fonnb ilmu fpOiLRT?WORKPHOPB.-THHI.A WEI... LlJUThD 1 hhop.i In building, HI aud 83 i brysll. street, ?iz? 80x60; *11) he hi tog. her or separate. low apji'y no we I remtsrs Oar;-eBtera or cabinet makers ueed n ?' apply TO LET?FOA MANUFACTURING PUB OrtRa, FART of "ram.* ? ho 17 John street, with Rem rower. iu quire of I'ECKMAM, r Flirt! I.L PfffCB A JU. fO W-A TWO HTOBV ANO ATTIC BOOHS AND 1 aboui three uim or Lund, half a utile e.-t at Williams bridge Uar.eiu laliroad. lu ia re a'. 13 Chamber# street. mo let-h?? umuu wtrart. tocxto, HurrAdLb J f r a.ore or loitDU'uetOff, $<,S< also list franklin street; rent |4.n , iu good o-dur. fAIIUlU U. A i Loo.4, 127 keaoe street. [0 Lk'T?$l,lfi) AND $1,21.0?TH't RE HRoWN STONE 1 font four lUin Uouo-., vb? aer o 1, <|xtU *nl seventh bouseswest of Flub avunne on so.un die of p< rty-aixla ? treat. i oi belli); -li bit I rescue.I and pleered lu gold pspont Inquire on the premises. rpo MT-DO moust in new rochbllk.chkap. X liibl tlsu.1 iu the vi ''age the ilep rt. Inquire of F A. PO/TER, No J bar over street, orof J OHN mr.b BKH, on tbo preuueer. TO IiT?RhNT $550, I'fPUKMHHKl), THri NtAl brown stone ish baa. ineul House iu Hily sanond ?tract, fifth house met uf < Igbtk avenue reoently purred and painted, and bating nil modern laapr veine.-.u, in an rt oeileut p? igbhurbo- d uour Biumlwav; oouronlent to car* and iter.?:, and al'biu BOO yards of the "roual Park Bay am bm! lu.utsh*d at a reaaouaule rent. Apply to LEON s.lU> tiCO IT, M tio d street TO LET?TO A 8MALL FAMILY ONLY. "lltMliLiu ami genteel three stoiy House. No !t>J Waverl.y plow, mar Sixth avenue. h.vlng Proton water, gas, Ac.; just punted and put iu ounpleke order: rant $4Sd, possession iu mediately. Apply next door. No lid r LET?FOUR 8TORY (WORK AND UELLAR, SIS Washington sire-el; rent (Tiki. l arge Boarding House, Stores and t atoms. for any pu.pone !f7, )15 and 62 bast Ilroad esy . keotns and floors cheap to tauiUts. Nos H Walker, 90 and US Franklin, WVarket, ISuirsn;,IH and ?? Given wtch. Monroe, (Pmverueur aud Catharine streets Inquire linmettlately in frout basement No. 22 Bast Broadway, fourth door from Catharine street TO t"T- \T I,B3 BROADWAY, THE ESTINE SBOOND Kiev r; v,.. ??teand gas: Is suitable for ? pr >feaaor of music or larguugas, as u aaa occupod fur that before: rent $2W ?? y r also House m Brooklyn, between fwemy mi'ih si ?( I' Irtletb streets, containing five rooms and cellar, ut $7 pi i n uth. rlJBT-THB TWfO HTORY BltK7K nOUHE, 80 WATTB street, in pood order: Croton aud gas; rent $160. Apply at 97 Wstei aljeet ?TK) LIT?IN BEDFORD AVENUE, BETWEEN PARK X and Myrtle avenues. Brooklyn, u handsome new three rterv hssement and sub ?liar "brick 11 u-ie nMultk frent, high stoop At.d balcouy, with water, gas, hot and cold baths, hi nt $375 tier annum. Inquire on tbe gremisca TO LET?TO ONE OB TWO RESPECTABLE FA Mi lies, the first and tbltd floors of hou* No 117 Laurens street, trpother or separate; the first Hot consisting of front and back Parlors, folding doors, closets, Ao , rent $200; third tkor ef four Rooms, with wates and privilege in bath Mm; rent $1911. Inquire nn the premises. LET?THE rot) R STORY BROWN STONE ENGLISH Basement House 220 West Thirty seconstreet. Contains ?It the extia modem Improvement*. Location unexception able Rent $716 per anuum. Apply te BOBER t USHER, Jr., )>S Weat Thirty fourth street ro LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, A LARGE TWO STOAT Fas"ment and attic brick front House, In complete order, cine rooms and three lots of ground: one aid one-quarter mile from Peck slip ferry; convenient to Gnrnd street rail road; rent $20U. Apply at 113 Washington street. New York. TO LET?THE FIRST FLOOR OF NO 19 BEKKKAN street, a few d sirs from Nas?an, at the very low rent at $30C, also, a Shop, with large rhnw wind iw, 1SH William street, for $**l Apply to A LIVINGSTON, 19 tieekman st. ITO LET?AT PLAIN FIELD, N I., It, HOURS RIDE X from Mew York, and within five minutes walk from the dipot; a pl-aaant c untry leaidence, with Irom one to fifty acres of .and. lertus moderate. Apply to M1LLEE BROS., 166 Eighth avenue. r) LET?THE LOWER PART OF THE HOUSE NO 90 Nerlna street, Brooklyn, three bouses from Atlantic sheet Kent $200 Apply at 178 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. TIO LET-HOUSE NO. 105 EAST THIRTY KlO'ifH street, near Lexington avenue; lot 27x100, houie 17x60; contains thirteen and all modern Improvements; gas fixtures remain In the house, rent $450 one year, with prtvi rrge Or two more at $lh o. Inquire on the premises LET, FOR BALE OR EXCHANO&-TUE VRKy OK slrahle lour st- ry brown stone Houses No 69 t.ut Ts en y eighth s reel and 229 West Thirty fourth street, Stores, Lots or small Houses will be taken. JOHN H KMLsO, 62 William street. tro L l T? rpo LET?TLi E mKMiNI* and THIRD FLOORS IN X hiaike No. 134 1 hnmp on street, to one or two rewp-wt able famm* WIU be let t geth-r or sep?-ale The secoud fl. or conelsts of four sooms, closets sod wardrob s, to let, with front basement; rent $275; third floor, lour rooms, closets, Ac., rent $XU) Immediate posscsalun Inquire on iFe premises. TO LET-A MOIIaRN BROWN hTUNK HOOHE NO. 3H0 I'actllr street, Brooklyn; oilcloth on thr tabs esrpe s on the balli-, earpi is no parb-ra. gas fixtures chsmlMleni, all In good order; will !>? let low to a good tenant i iamsnui lot mediately. Appl- to JOHN K. UAhl.hi A u, td Court street, lfrooklyu, or to JAR. KLrtoliouN, IS wall street. New York TO LPT?THE BAblMBNTOF817 ?R ADWAY ALSO, front and lower Ko in? at 819 r read way. alio, the ss ?.id FL ore of 54 and i 2 r a,t Twell'tb street Alan, the thtrd }'l or of 62 hast tmlftb street Rent lc* JOHN H. KELfio, fil William street. rpo LET?rl K-ISHrD $1,000, OR UNFUBB1BH8D 1 $-Nt', the three ?L?rv brown sumo House 63 West forty II! b street, between Flflb and Filth svenuea The furniture Is k'? d and ivmpbte. Appiy to E. LtYlNGBfON, Na 9 hou.h Vt il tarn sireeL iK> LET?TH(? bTcRF. AN"D CELLAR SI > ?I6 ORKEe. 1 with street, subside for w holeaale or retail buidnraf; the li cation ltrnt rati and the building Are proof. Appiy at the odicc on the p-cn.iaca. IH> LET?1 U K r EG .1ND AND HIIRO FLOORe O" HIE more >o. Ib8 1 Ulh arm lie, uear Thirteenth street, 2<!x9t) feet each. App'y ?' the ofll'e, No 24* Greenwich utrce TO LET?FROM 1 QF. 1ST OF M a? NEXT. TUB L% R JB Store anil tta.nii -nt 6*2 Hudson street, n iw xviiplej an a tea stern. Apply to F. BOH OE J>4 Fulion streak fJTO LET-DENIRABLK ROOMS OR fROUND, rUIRD. I fourth and fifth fl or* of 127 anf 1.19 Klin, and til Centre rireet, with steady ateam power, Inquire at Mo 213 Centre street. rpO LET?OR REASONARI.R TERRd. TO A GOOD i brant. the large marble Building *U Broad way, 119 leet by 26 fret 1 Inrh i ront and rear, or each I] north lei ?ep\retel f. For par tcuiara inqutie of BKNJ aMlN UAJiUr.AlTlI. . 127 Fulwu sirwt. Herald Building, or of ALEXANDER KAQU eOW, 7W Broadway. r* LET?NO. 12 CROHRT HTKKEf, NEAR GRAND, Ibree story and haw-m-nt House, m good repair, with B, obardelter*. bath range; hot and cold water Ui aeoond ir, good > aid Ac Apply on ibe preiuiaea. ri LJKT-AN OLD KHTaBLIHIIBD MILLINERY AND Fancy Dry Oooda htroe on Canal street, west of He aid war. now doing a Oral rate bualneaA Appiy to W ft. J A R V 1(4, 221 Caaal itreek between 9 aim 11 A M oral! a'aloca P. M. IIO LET? Ear AMI IH11 ED BUPINfch* STANDS FUR FA ral'y gv eertea. slice at"r? and for A iryar ato-w. In new bnlldlng* corner of Greenwich avenue and i nriatopher atreet. or poalir eheraon market. Upper atoriea or famiitea. each to< r baring five ur mi nmna with t .roton w d gun Apply to MBit in D MeMJaRIN, 1o4 Eaat rhlnteeoth aireet, or 211 Broadway. E LET?TO A SMALL OBRTEBL FaRILT, (NO etbera need apply,) the aeoond flo< r of the honae 8t r> atreet, with all the modern lmprovemenia Inquire of 1* a. BORAIN, 98 Bowery, fourth Boor, or at 71 Elisabeth street. r LEI ?LOW lO A GOOD TENANT. TO LET, OR b'ooklyn 10 'ghta. the Brat clean four story high stoop Houae, No 'UR lilcha street, oorner of Mate, fine location, houae ,n tlie moat perfect order, contains hot and oold water, PA cbaudellcra and Untune Let I .w to a good tenant LI ? LOW A CO., No. S l'tne street, or U. B. DOUG, 1*6 arenue A. , IwTbt.-a THRKB BTOK* AND BASBRERT HOOBS with all Imnrovemente, gaa flitnros let with Houae, No. ItO Thirty aeoond atreet, rent RdVSi alao, Bra; elans House No. R Sea Eleventh street, three a tones baeemenl and c mnter eel ar, baa all Improvement* and In Bne order, rent $91(1; alao two ana a ball elory House with stable and two lota of fxmnd si.uated on the nor'b aide of 116th atreet, between dtbat.d rlith avenues, annual rent |2'iU; also a six story More. No. MJA * aahington street; 4 story and baaemeni House No 12 Ab ngdon square, am table, for a hoarding houae or for a private lamllj. rant $N'A>; alao Bom, four rooma each, with water and gaa, suitable for small I am Ulna, in brown a>nne I ront bouaea, Noa B, 8, UI, 12 and 14 Bank atreet; alao, sure ana 4 back room a lad and i.18 West Tcath street; alao heu.ra and carta of bouses In all parte of theoity Inquire el E L A B. T. BI'RNHAR, 611 Hudson atrart. rLET-A SMALL RBATLT FUERIBIIBD HOUSE IN Br a klya, ogtnelns gaa and water; within ten minutes' walk of i oath and Wall street terries, can paaa within a few an pa of the houae. Apply at D Court street. TJ LET?A SECOND RTORT, OORRIHTINO OF FAR. lore and Extension and three Medrarma, with all ibr mo ?m Irrpmverortta M hi uaa IAN Second avenue. Rem gnu LRT-1UE FIReT FLOOR. WITH BASEMENT; _ alao. tbe around Floor, In that bne bull.ling on the north west ournrr of Pony fifth atreet sod btlth arenue, the rooma aie all well lighted and airy, range gta, bath, speaking tube, Ac , line large yard, wltn roar entrance Kent aaltefanory to a g am tenant Apply to C Bl NCR, 26 WMl fifty fourth street, near Sixth arei UR qx, LEY?TO A SMALL UHMAF.I, FAR1LT, THE UP 1 pei part 01 brown atone Honae No 70 West Forty slith aire* i, ounualnliig ail 'hem deri improvements, gaa Bx urea, hrt and mud *a<er, bath, Ac.. For permission to aee the hoa and ge< particulars, call on Bra. Vteatlake, 111 West Furty sixth atreeR . . ' p ro LBT-IR Hul'BR NO 47 KINO HTKBBT, NEAR A anck. the Brat Ibair, oon?ia lng ol f ont and back Par lors, two rti-dronma and back Baariuent, with or without at tic Bediooni. rro lat -Tn * TmTLTTfahilV,Thk uppmTpart UF 1 ii ihrtm story Uoiirs, with the ra xtern tmprive menu ronsUtiDK nf the aeorwid do ?r, mom >m the third fl or eod I rnot beeem^et; hot-ee is plaesiuiUy eitueted. Apj?iy M 216 Twntt# h Ptrr^l r LET?TBE WHOLE OR PART OP HOUSE NO. 14 Lrmy pUoe. Blocker street, only one block west of hmsdwsy; the lower p^rt has been occupied by a ?lenUst for hit y ears A lease csn be had for a store if desired T?. T IO LRT-THK THRRR HTOHV BRICK HOUSE W _ Adcli.hi aireet, arooklyn Prloe $4U0. alao frame not tags on Ifovh street, near eighth arenue, Harlem Frier 9??i; ur wlU sell on easy terrna. Inquire on the prnmlnoa 01 of .Taw En R. BOYD, Comptroller'a fltce. TO LBT-TllR FlReT FL4MIR OF A EIEHF JLASS house on ?ifth arenue. with other Apartments If desired, unfit) i ir he I priartLUy furiil-hcd. would be let ttapbyal can i/~aud be' warn Nlneteeiuh and I wanly third atreelA ? or further i er.icular* en I at '94 Fifth areuue, between lha hour* of If) and 12 any day this week IMl LET?TO A MM ALL FAMILY, THE ENTIRE SKf'oRD Fliair sad lt< om on third H ?w, with iirfvllega in kttjben. b a new three story brown abme honae, altnateil in Forir. ri'n h fhier*. Hear ihitd ar< nu? Th? honae . inlalna all the n uflerti Imp nreiiicn'a. la i*?uple<l hy a famliy of thrae per aa na Ion deatmbin MMal ihe ape-tm-nta Will >e lot for $2 w a y?ar. Form ;brr partl.'dhtra lnqiilro of A. B. HKaRS, t>9. 71 Mrs! aryouf, BOOM*, AO., TO UBT. MH? I'fii- a1 kiii-t Utt luuMlitl h h iw ? ill BEE siorv ra?- n. ni slid ? lie >1 usee i o. > J.I ^i0>> feet ear i ) W und 52 (run kin ilmk If d> sired will lie lr*M-d ? ill alt- ration., l<> suit apply <> U u. Uln'iK in the store >f Meter K<on . 0< Walker street ?|IU Li T?I II ?*ALL KaM.I.IEH, Ui/iO -K IN HOtiBiS 1 1(14 I Lil ly !i th atree', beiseou Beuoud and bird ?? cues. ?!th ail the modem l.nproum' 'in n ; lire 04 m" TH1T-A KINK FURNIS'IHD FRONT FARLUB ANO Hedneiu. or u ND|!a Uiimsli'd K . iu on (lie III*' U?i, te 111 I (1 twn gentlemen !'? u Hue p |r? ?., u i\li IWkll frip modr.r*t< app'y i ,'u (Leeae etmol. TO I.KT ?THE LOWER I'W.T if HOURS 171 KlitST i veui.e. c -i.tipgnf froip and 'sick 1'ariors, anil front si d l irk eawii *nts ? d if desired a ho or on the third it or; gss lut trj room; Hutt > ui .! sick >u '? art, base u nt r|Hx L.K I ? A *AKl llfi HOUH'., fu 4 ikl .1. ui l it} !ge. pleasantly d; ten in i lilted' .. ilk <? Hamilton und ruluu feirv r?l iu.ul oare fur put uou.urv apply to J dl N i Uffc, at lluy Bulge 1*041 ofiici Ti J.ET-A KAbT OF A 8BOF, Wl TH OB WITHOUT steam; three * iiidow* in fn.nt-, satiable fi.r lamer >r any kiue oi ?ui?; privilege to iim u circular nw l:t item eiimp AUdreseziu uod Jiib Weal rulrty-lou th s reel I'O LET?THE tHREB hfUHk Hl.ll UA c Hi.NT Houaodirt VNe.-i ilmty 11 IU rtivei. is i wee i isigblll IN Ninb annus, with ul. the moderu imp neraem,; g ? >d n? lgbborbixHl; gas Mktuinu lurouguuul, uu'imes, >uid, Aa li.i.uun ?i4i: Eighth uvenue fro LET? THE * BOON t> FUKJR OK Tali II JU :H. 69 1 Cb.irl on Mini, consisting of lour ro mm. with Are plans, uud four Bedrooms, viilu a cells.' lu (.un el il Eulg silent TOLKT-HOU8F:t3#lWlUHTOV STREET. EITHER IN parts >.r wane-, also Bluro .Ml Wesi .ue t, o ..l? pluoes u good uitlcr; mil be letut low r< tits Uj go id tenants Apply to llAu'l IN U ui taS, 121 OhuilUn. Mm l T LST-WOKKtiUOPd, TV'ELI. EUlilTnU, dl/.C lb Bf 30 (i et, lu bul ding rtur of 110 Spring street 1?U I.LT-A FIRST CiiABd BROAD ntODE ll-JUdK three Rloiy uud buf inenl, high rtoep. No. lit A net Nine teentb nre. i In u genus 1 ur'gpiioi boiid, kid uui lug g1*4. buth. rpeuking tubes, Ac For purticulinu uppty to nl'i'O M. tihsSK l u> Seventn uvenue, between Nineloeut'i uud Twen tieth street*. rUT-TIIK LOWKK PART OF A DBW, K1K8T ileus tioiike in Kifly fourth street. Iietween .-Uih und Seventh, couiost iig of lionl ..ud lotu t'urlur>, lledro in, liont und resr soumrnt, hot uud end wuter, iuuuury. buth, gas, Ac. Another bedroom cau be bud on the second floor If nealred rLEl?I PPER PART UK A HOUSE, CON3I411NU ol two Parl"rn, Hire, lied room* und back Bsaemeni; gns, bith, hot uud cold walnr, rent (110 inquire ou the pre list East Twenty llrM urt* t rro OET?THE DESIRAROB CWKLOiNQ HOU8S NO _ 111 Lei uird sTcei. u few doors east of Hroadwuy; oou lull's I wen ty Rooms, with gua, bath hot and cold wuter, Aj 'the lot run* tbrougu fionr sueet to street, it is u very oeu trul and desirable locuttou. TO 1<BT-THE CPPBK PART OF TUB MODERN three story Brick liwelllug House 247 West Twenty fourth street, thru: rooms and bath rm-m on sr?rind story, one large room on tb rd slory; gas ai d ou each story, rent $2Ml and gas Apply ou the premises. rLBT-THK LAROB NEW STORE AT THE JCNC Hon of Broadway. Heventh avenue and Forty sewnl street. !?6 leet in the clear by about 120 feet deep, running through I mm Broadway to Seventh avenue, with Basement Ue same s ze wi u.d be a line sltuuiiun for an extensive fa mil) giocrry or other business, slso, two large Hulls, 26 x 125 feel (Ttep, up siu rs also adjoining the *bov-\ a ? two small er r tons with Buoeuients, one on Bnadway and one on Be r wltno venth aieuue, with or w ithout the dwellings above. J. A W. Lit Ml A*. Righth avenue and M.xteenth street, from morning to 9 in the evening r let?half of house ei foukih street, bb tweeu Hammond and Hank streets, cocupled by a small private faiul.y wlihout children. rpo IrBi?SKOOND KLOOB, 00 NT A IN IN ,1 FIVE ROOMi i and panry, haHeuiem with pantry, p?rt of a large Har den, to a small gente-1 family; lent very low InquUro on the premise*, Douglasi street, be.ween Vau.l. rbUt and Un do hill avenues, Brooklyn. Within five minutes' walk of the Hathush ears TO LET AT MOHEKaTB BENTS?THE TWO TBitER slonr a tlo and baeemetn buck Houses, 145 and 145 A averley ula'-e, near hixlli avenue, eoniatuli.g twenty rooms each, having the modern Improvement*; wit tie rented >eov rately or togeibrr, and put iu eemnlele order, to good icnantA ? - - 1, Jr, 158 Wi Apply UiLaMbURi HL TDaM, Jr., 158 Waveriey place. TO LET IN BRtKlKLVN?IN CLERMONT AVENUE, near La'aycile avenue, a ibrse story bro wn stone front p.tisll-b ha anient Hon?e, neatly finished and will be put In Srfect oidrr. Apply to JMO. OOuLl), 44 State street, rookly n rLET, OK K<. It SALh?A TWO 8TORY HOUSE and oui buildings at Long Uraneh, New Jersey, near the rallmsd depot sniT short dlstanee from 111- oc<'an Will be (old with live or ten acres of Land, or let on revsmable terms io- the ensuing year Apply 10 R B. LB WIS, No. 73 \e ey street. iTHl LET OR LEASF-THE BASEMENT fit* FEET 1 deep) of end several well lighted oOloea in the. new Are Croof building No 83, on the wi si skle of Naisau street, bo seen rolton and John streeis. New Ynrk. Apply to Fit AN IS BVRNE, 1X1 Sasiuu street. mo IAT om LCARE?THE FOU* HTORT suiuyrNH X tu front and four story bih k dutldlng In rear of lot No 47 Ann street, well adapted for printing o bookbinder os, er foi workshops gent ally , sire of lot sbooi 28 fret front by PO leet in deput Apply to EIBBaM, 10 William street, from 12 UU3o'clo?A. J'O LET OR LEANE? A TU KKl NTORr HIGH BtOOR and basement House, No 167 Kant Thlrt- ninth atrc?t m. ?u^1 if#* r? iim hi, uuun* , mi. ivi r<<wv a xsij v U"*1 c* i - a n?ki third avenue. Apply to J -UW Lot I) A BtiNS, to If li'iau Hfri, or to O. w HO IKK, ootwr of Third av-nue atd Twenty third Btrwl Will be let very low lo a good Inalt, TO LET OR LRArK?THE TWO NEW FIVE BToRI wbue ma'hie front Mturra. 139 and 131 O and street, corner of Crosby atreet, very M*r itr ?1wty; the building are 111ty lee front on ilrand atreet, by eighty fert in d-ptii, and built In the mos. aubvluntial manner, and having ah the a>-mg<nienta ol tlral elae* stores; the. property woud be r, nte.u aa a whole Ot depurate, Immediate p m? unpii given, the rent would be low ton g*od tenant: parties deofnng atorne of tltia ela-e are invited te examine these premier bero't malting other arr,ngemenli Apply lo HAR1IMAN A On fit tK.N, ISO i anal atreet, ooi ner Bowery. TO LET OR LB ARE?TUB AMERICAN HOTEL, AO rait ably l.s-ated on the It udaon. In the village of tlaver alias, bi-wl rk, 2\ hours ndI N--w tor* by any nI three ateamboata, that leave for and return every das trow New tork; laidlug two mlnutaa' v.ulk from the hotel. 1 ? lor at ton and adaptation fur the hoaloeaa Is not exoelh d any ? here between N. w York and Alliany I'us-csalori given 1st of May. Apply Immediately to JaMKR CHUNKY, on the premleee. 1M> LET OR Lh A*-R?THE FOUR STORY TENKMKNT llouae No 260 an ntie K; tbo t-lore now oocupted for a grocery and liquor slme. Kent J-Wn Apply toF. DUFFY, lO LEANE?FOR FIYK YK4RR, SEPARATELY OR TO getbet. four Iota on Attorr>ey a- d Itldge atrce a, b-twr-ti Dt laneey and Krone itrreUkYMiw oorupirdasan iron foundry " "" If bo vacated May I. Apply to 0 (I. by John K. Plait, P1NLKnEv, 72 Wall atreet. TO LKA3K OR LKT-A BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED mansion. o? the bana of the North liver, at seventy fifth atre* i aod Eleventh avenue, la excellent order, aritb m <lv? ' rtang- menta A rare chance for a residence eoinMnlog Country and city Apply on the premiers r RENT?FOB MANfFACTCRERS, M AOHlNIriTR. DY era bleachers, carriage mak- rs .ir pork packers, the laryO Raaemeot 44 by GO, 16 feet high, at 367 and ?M t welflh street, 1 osier tf with hlcam l oser If denied, all 1 the two Nt-ma, on Arti Bu r, with rear extenah n well adapted for a gruoery. Apply at till B udaon atreet, or at No 16 Broadway, up a tain. TO RKNT-AT $300, A TWO RTORY AND BASaMKNi briek Uouae lu Jeney City, lb (Irand atreet, near Bat row; gaa and water. Apply at 196 Barrow atreet. nriwo cottaueb 1 TO LET IN WESTCHESTER HOC NTT Near U>o Round, two mfloa above Harlem BriJg ?, are onnve Blent and comfortable, goou garden*, stables, carnage house, Ac. HOUSES SUPPLIED WITH OAS, Rent mode rah- Por part luulara pleaae apply to iiUM KK M >bt.*N, No $ l ine street, OrB. M. WHIfLOOC, 37? Broadway. qui INSURANCE AND OTHKR COMPANIES.-TO LBf J. a very tin* salt ol Offices, with a large Are and burglar proo safe, rneloaed in brick, on aecoi d noor fl ataboraetairai of the large broan atone, bntiding southeast corner of Nassau ?nd Bekm an stieets. Apply to J. M. TODD, ruBi Moa. 16 and 26, In the building. u PEER PAR* OF llOl'HK NO. 313 FULTON STREET to let, In whole or part, with water and ga*. Inquire n the autre. VBKY SPACIOUB AND PLEASANT APARTMENTS TO v let, on accond lloor, front Kooma. Parlor and two Bad rtsms, and other deatrable apartments, at 17 iRfayella plane, next lo Fourth atreet. Whe.T TWENTY THIRD STREET-TO RENT THE very deairshle Houses Noa. 339 and 341- live ato-iea, at f f V r I J IIDRIIRWIC flOUMIN IvllN. Wdg MUtl A*pl ? IIYU If J t? i " go, 1.16 West 1 wen y lourlb atreel Par Ilea of reauertail Ity will find this an rugl >le opportunity. Apply to P. 11 ?RR' >? N Y'H NEPMRwe A CO., 81 Urconwich st , OP A. Lwalaaa, *17 Weal Twenty hirdst. L> LA ROE LOFTS TO LET-SBPaRAIB OB TO EJ getber, In the brl- k Building. No 1 Jans* all p. eurnrr of herry street. lni|ulre at 6n Catharine atreet, oorner at Oak, >r at 2 9 l anal st eel, corn, r I axter. ____________ 1 CTH BTRBET. FIFTH AND SIXTH AVENCBH?F<>UR Xxl auiry hngllsh basement, famished ?'?*5 N4 West lltk at ?'I hree atory, high atisip ?61 174 West 21st st ?Thrre atory. brmk. high atoop RJU 166 Wesl 22d at.?three story, brown alone, Eng. bas t <&> 346 Weat Met st ?Four story, 1 ngnah burann; a'kl 173 Real37th at ? Four story, English haaement 636 170 West .148h sV?Three atory, gaa, hot and cold water 699 211 West I4tb at,?Large ih eo ?n ry and attic, high sunp 8W 193 Weat Mst at ?1 hreu atorj, high atoop, brown *tooe. 8611 2.36 West 3ftth St.?1 hree atory, buck, hlgn stoop 68t) I4.v Weat 4Wth at?Three story, brown a one. high atoop. 7UU 16 Lamar' ne plane (29lh at, 8tb and 9th ava )? Three story, high atoop (SO ISO W est M< b at - Two atory, basement and attie brlek COttege. gas AC... W*1 M President *t., Brooklyn?*}, atory, English basement. 276 Ihe aleive h -uaea contain the rn idem Improvements. J. AW LKNHAM. Eighth avenue and Btxtnenth It, Office fr* m mnmlr.g to 9 lo evening. . HMALb Floor, live r*ri !MPLFH HTKBRT -TO LET, TO A . Ut/ family from the lit of May, the second L_~ - *>me, bark haaement, Ave pantries, water, gas, separate inter, wash house, nloe yard, Ac. The other pah i* oxupled y four adult*. FEW PMILM ATIOMN. J0BT PUBLIhHRD?NCHILLHK'BCOMPLETE WORKS, Edited with eamfnl mvM-ina and new translatloas Reurd m two volnine* half Turkey mor ? o, 96; bo ind la two volume*, super Turkey moroono, ? lira full gilt, fill W M RADDK. *ii Br ?d?ay 177? -1*? -)*?. 1 I I U. IH* PaBT. thk prehent and THR FtlTURM UNTTRD BTaThPoP AMKRI 7*. The highly Important Pr-pn-nea of the ee'ebratdd X adamo LfeM.RMANIf, of Freaea, . 7h# foriaue teller of napneon BouauartM, Will be published in two o? lures day*, by 0 ml alt A OtTTr

Mann, and win be for sale at live oents by ail b -ohaelier* and neog sgenta la the I nlted ekau*. tstiva per* na and news agents wanted la the wholesale Eepot ?97 fsarl a-mt, MIMICAL. \li'OMHChNr N uruViS KIHE VOOD fl* fortrfur ?uU?Rckl- .iiii.j !?,.? ?n' . mood ?" ii-m lull Iron p.a t>, unuul ?,Ui ualtti cod, "(ff-tntM #???? ? 1.L.11I ? Ii'j i?ai, tUo |?:.1-1 keyH, mwfe 10 i r.l-pfor me pre sent o* ner by cly mat era. fully g sranu-. .1 f ,r inreo >d*.rn, 1 ten .11 UP* I..It flvn 0 OOIU?; nn $5Td -ill be mild for $7 ?>, IsclwiuR id oi ind i?*?r l-o tY :aiU li rawing :<?wvn suit, C bl $IUi lOr J IU. J,,! llllltJU West Tvtti) still s.fcOt, i*t>*r. ?itb &v?*tm* ^ C II AIM K S 1 OVTrRift) WiL'is 11? OlT* * IV lo' i* v ort* <a>na> ? lA'i A-v. a ul *v?% e'a'l t p <1 k??>? e t ia I 4*Ufl*t U' Iw ? ?Ul, i' Bpplii a torn 1* ? * $*>? I ef?r?Dr?3 .> Mikr * it n quired % All *t ' ot ?fcv<Ou. , nr*r tiiiity ttr t IV Wt ?MI 0?JhA B r is l?- >Nb ?,Ji /N ? ?t *<? n?\ (76 * '?? $??. USA, ( 76 ? wrie4 isoe* at ?'"i 8)?i u il f'-tiY Ao (IS' ?mv thua uhj I Wat bin d by i >i ( iim r.lth, t ibia tLusw,. ifhlh->Ur.4it reva?a* t Hi ttmioa. ^JIUOKKHINa A ?ONH GRAND gtj'.'AJtK AND CPVIOHT riANOB, ?W4 Broadway, New Tosk LU.HTE A nl'.Alr, l HI M' New r>o*le ibvnrsirung Hata. i'SUiUI Jnsulstr.l >ut ,r. ii Kr on*, QHAND AKb 'Ol lab PlANODIkTl. *..'? Urcjorae street Wbai tvenbndv ?? h Bu?l lb' Iruo. s.u . body sayathey in 'b? best, iheiel'i.rn I.H-J must b?i the le?t I l?l>K*o A (ON, $3$ ?kOiU?AV, * iul. I J 111 Ik. li hi u' . aj ih.-lr hIi*.* o' ? 'h o- wjknn.v lab"-d tbehe-iby nil tb? * ..>!?? in , rim's ui thai ??? lufm n I *71 a <1 171 klrerr iliMt, tortkr kletMkur eeuuud baud 1*1 anus i Imp. tuniK ou him. NUM). KbiliMJ 4H.IV1I), *16|| R *" Mnglig lb-Kk n? till tin* rnd of ant J auk. Apoi; ki Br. "muiiliig a mum?ui?, 701 Hronowki OTT' I MD1XEK, TfcAl'fHHOK 1U8 >lANi)PU?l8 kiid i-lng ii(( |SlHrMwty,t roerol fwuni* lixot .Ureoi, ?prord floor ^ ' kritrnlkrkt'ruiion given to bfglnuem. .inni iui>d( ikte Ckli in llm (ur< iium PIAMib, MJ^MlllhCNn, An-XaM).i? DK.JaN - hdU all tibdx of Mimlcwl Inst inii'ii's, 8he*t Muiifl, Mmii Book' mill n I kind- of Niuslnal MprobuDilisd, a ibe M possiblo o '*? s. n' nd Inui'l f*1nno- ?' (real bargalii-, fr<a ( 'A to $160 lino pevso o? k?* s oonil likuil froat roun' on lirrs. Ikuey I'K", fretvrork doi k and ovprttinng, for *176 Hk? o? and Mow dm ns to r n', kod rent allow- d If pariliasod Monthly psylliums r?reiv?d for the suiuie HOAiOl WaTABS, Agent, 333 Proadoar, Maw ?ork KDfihWtiOOD I'IaNuFORiB KOrt RaLr; -RAVRN A Bacon a brsinuko. Can be s- eu by applying u J V. Uil'kMV furniture and uph Ostery sunn, oOi Br ikdsrky. coraorul tku uih stra' t 4> i r,i * piAMoPunrftH $iot I? Hi. By the Inirodtii-llou of marbnir.rr In the m .uu farturing of 1'iauofortes ?? ai? no- kbl ? to oiler to tha nun U? a aevtn octave lose wood I'iANu.uoaul. Uu all Ike nia- nrn improvement*, for $iM) iwsb, of more p r. twi work ma-slim thai- has It i.een sold lor (>?! or $ilU by the Id msiuod pi manufari unng A e reapeotfuUy locie all dealara and the public to call and examine umml aew liwuemni-e ?t OIOV V~TdlN A lAUfi'P, Corner of Cans' and Hudson atrre la, s?? "-or*. <lil OH K< ,R A PiANOrOnTK, WHICH CUBT $190 ipjr^tr but Ave months ago, whlcb must be dlsp u d of tmm'daely, a* the owut leave* for uba ? n thn I7tb uial The I'lanoforte l? 7,'t oetave largest eoa.e, magu'Heeut ly carved rosewood case, four round ouroi-ia. eliganly oi uu menu-d back same as front, cur e.d legs, bon fraani over strurig bass, non-r and -to 1 Included Apply at 1AI avenue A, corner of Tenth street. A IN STRUCT ION. AT $3 60 TOR WRITING BIX&BN CB8BONH ? BOOK ksepliig $10? lesson* unlimited Artlb n- tie and Writing $10 per quarter Mo 62 bowery and At! Kulion str-et, hroeklyn. Col CA1ME theweilknoen loathe* of wnlmg. Is one ol the best i setruetors in the ntste ? ewpaart IfsMtirv ACADKM1TH or PKlfMA.NSH1C AND t?f?OtlKI?BP Ing, Noe 9ZI Hrtwd av.New Its k, a 4 15 Court stre-t (l.ow a New Ouildlog), Brtsiklyn Ado t iituriU rnav rwalvs pi tvs e loetructiun M hours suiting uelr o uveuieuoe Call for circulars OLIVER 8. tH'LD <MITH. AME.K1PAN ROt .KKKEl'l NO.?OT.RM AN OKNeCRMBN may se.'iire seals this day or evening at DOlsbB.Ait'H Commercial Aoademy, d>iB Bto..dw*y, and bam d-iuble en trv so us to br< omn besd bookkeepers, for ouly $10; regiilar trim* $75. lour * in vackot. laADY OF BIOB liEhPECTaHiLirY AND KX perls noe in leaching, having if? bmira rilaeogmr si, Osslrt s In make another engagement a* vl-itiug goi .-rtesi t?) chlldrsn of either rev under tourteen yeirn of ??<?. or to ladb'S wboseearly eilu-'kUou may haveliei n negleeied is fully lompeunt to miliaria tb .rough English edueavlm. Would aiskean etigai-.en.i ut for eltbei tb a city artokltn or Jersey cliv. Tomiih in. derats . reierenoe* unexoeptiofiuble Aidrr** M. R. J , Herald ufllre. ntLM PARK HfcLRCf KaMIDY SCHOOL TOR BOY*. VJ LltrhUeld, C'<nn laieation and advantage* unrivalled lenpln alleys for ever.lie < tmilars si tae ollloe >f .1. ft. Bill. far. Kll'th avenue Teacher there daily from 4 to I P. A. 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Ttr ball, Brooklyn ftj A'lHEB ?THE Al)t KBTlrtFR <Vil ihO lil - E IN i struct! in in any of ibe Eag'lsu beu-ohea. aim the cla* si. ? if destred, for Hoard in a prlva e faiullv ; would go hi tliv c mntrv diima the snmnior: unqir-sii liable ren-renoea I van and required. Address Him uoi, U i'val aidce UANI INU ACAUKMIKK. BEOOKFK' ClJ >Hf Vf) ROJRKKM FOH THE MMARON, At hi* Aoademy, No ,'tfil Brooine *treei, ? BUMKUA; KVRHINO, al'Kll. .7, WKUNKHDaI l.VKNING. A'Kit, 21. rPl M A K, BALLfT MASTER OF THE IHKaTHKR . Hoyal ?l Berlin and Hanover _ Danelng ac id imv, 2u7 Bowery 1 i?wii a )> per mor'.b, four ivenlng*, anil Ya-? data awl PiidayM, $2. Private leto-on*, 60 ago* laMttee'af leruocn clneaen. iUFTIIKO. . ORFAT QOAal I r% OF CAST OFF > LOrttlNQ, A Kurnitu'e, t.arpeta, Ae winud u tea p.y ua 0m t in market 1 pay aa follow*.-! roia I lu tu 4 ift f u, etlk Or ?aeg; oa'a, from $0 to $2u. an'a, from 2 to $6 >'ali an or ad drrai A DUClfn, 2 8 bovenlh avenue between Twenty fourth and Twenlv Of b at iota will be pmact tally aUended to. Ladies at a 10 by Mi* D ACAKU.?Ob.N10A.MENH NtCW a?1> LKFT uFF CI'thing purehwjed fer the Wivtrrn mu ket, in laiy- ir miia I lota, f >r which tli fail va'ue will on pai.i without n a al ug or an- k'up to mpore Plnaae oali at tlia atom, or ad drraa 7boa 17. i onroy, 44 Centra at i eel. . LaEOR ORORR FOR$A?m CANT OFF OlAtiBINO f\ Wan tod, to purchaae, tor ran Krauclaoi, Oallio'da ? ba/'i'* ami gen'.emtu , If yr>n w1?h to yet a fair price fur y ur 'Jluthea, Carpel* Ku'Cllorv and Jewe.ry, the bnat rou aaa do la to at rid a note to B. MlN TZ, No 19 Ruth avonne, wbarr von ?nay br convinced yoa wti: bo dealt witti to y mi aaita aouon lAoma atieudeu to by b ra Mint/ No 79 -tilth avenue. na tween Eighth street and Waver ley plana A La. I'ERHONH Fl/LLOWTNO A IbKIO ADVI IK WILL never fall?nadb* and gentlemen, a> old bring h in t.uggid, and rail at onee or addm* a nuto by poat to il liar, rla. .ifi'i howery. wbarr you may be aura to ilmooaa of your eart nff ? lotlilng I u'inline , I arpet- and Jewel y at a fair W:e, and tint bn buniburgrd. For ? lib lira nee. fran $7 to , for Coaw, from BJ iu ?I2: for t an a, fnun $? and up warda latdtwe attend-d by Mr* Harris, add Bowery, uppo attr Fourth and (iraat J'-ne* street* ? UfthAT 1-EMaFD FUR ClrUTHING ? LADlKM txl) A geotlemrn having any Cart 'Iff 'loth I of Farv-tlure, On/ prta and j?? elry, will rrorlv e tba big boat prion by aali ng on or addmnolrg a. Mania, 8fW Third avenue. Ladlra attended toby Mr*. Harrla. A TTBNi ION.?LaDiRH AND GENTLEMEN. IK TOO ?L want to pot tne fallralueof y ur eaat off ul-ukltiA Purplturr, tlai prta and Jewalr?, tbr brat y hi oon do to to ?? ni a note to F. I1A AKlr, 166 bewnth avenue lkrroyoumay kr i-onvlnred you will b? dralt wltn to your sails. action For bilk Lree-e* from $7 to tyi; for lloau, from fl to '3. for Fant* kod Vrata trum $! mwarl* Floaoo don't forgat, IM Hayralb avrtmn mar Twenty lirot ilroat. lAdldd aiteoued to by Mr* II*-via ARAEF. rHANlTF.?I.ADfER AND nEVTLBMF.1T, I have junt rrorivtd tk.illl to pur lutne c*? off i'milling, t arprta. Kmuliin*, lorltir llalif irnl* market I anunlao to pay the h'fhrat prtoe for ihom. by railing on or addrwaalng M ? l.LlK Ml h. v. ni h avenue, noar Boyonweutb * n et. latdiro attend, d by Art. Mllta ABRTIKR OHkNt.'B BTII.L -UAD1 EH AND URN tnmen, 1 bare a great demand 'ornaat off -lothlng. Furniture, Carprm, Jewe'ry, do, for ta" *o-tern market. I w ll pay iho prica ? For bilk Urn*t, from $H to fgl; for oiuli, Irom t> u> $IMj for Kanla. from tl toffd 1 leaae call on . raddrr-a J Anioilt, IM brvonth avenue, be tween Twentieth and twenty ftr?t *tro?t? Fuactualiy at tended. luadiee atienoed to by Mr*. Anh tit AT Sll MEVBNTII aVBNITK LADIBu and gentle mm eao dlatmae ol tbolr tiaat Off liotbing, Furniture, Ca'pota and Jewell! At lb' blgboot prima, aa the adverpaar bt> engaged a large order, to Mud It- aame to 'A Uoniunn Hy ? ailing i n i r ailoreeatng K-. 11 yon will be, I ml lea ?tui gen lemeti, to your natlafae.too. Ladle, attended by Mra ft H. Sll Heveutk avenue, aeeond door above Twenty roorth me t, east eide. ~ RAIi.ROAON. HUDhON RIVER BaILIIuAD?F'lR A Lb ANT AND troy oooi.oeilng whb train* North end We.k?Tratna leave? tHI I CHAUtlKR* tUMT FROM TUIRTV Tl K*T KTRhMT. Brp eea, 7 and II A. M., and 7 id, II 1ft A M, J? and Stands F. M. b 1" K M Troy and Albany (with aleep- lb lb I'. M. (Sunday* Incko irg rar? i, ID 14 K M ded ) I ony hkeepam train. Id. M., ?J4 A M., 11:40 had 4 35 P. It: bund 4PM M. I'eekakill train, ??;*) P M. *46 F. M. Ring I teg t-aln 9 40 AM., lb 14 A M ,4.10 and 4,81 F. M. S 4J and 4-10 P M. FlahklU train, 7 PM. 7:25 P. M. A. F. NM1TH. RnperlntenitaM. KEW tORK HARLEM AND ALBaNV RaILROAO. Hi ring . rrangemenl.Pimmenelng Monday, Apr 114, libL For Albany ana in>y, eonneailnd with the New Work thin tra! Railroad for all pdnla Weak, Northweei mid euuthweeu alau Willi the Nnrtharu Kail roan for carat ga Kutland Hor Mngton, Flat, la burg, Mouae * fatnt. Had -naburg and MontraaL Th RltB FaBi hXFKK iH Tk yiNe DAIL*. i.vavk citt mail. utAva twrwtt rixtr iTRaaT 7kl)d 1AM, and 5 I' M, 7.311,11 34A M .and4.1bP M for Njlllani*bridge, White Plain*, Urutun Fa11*, *ed all Ip " traliik nee time utile An eiuree eal train* aee unit utile An eiprem tralua will leave Alba bany every t unday morning a. V A M JOHN BOEClllLL, Aaetatant Ruoerintcndent H IL-I'N HIV Ml* MALLEOAD BIC. K ION TI.JKK.4 To and fenna New Turk, and al) ?tatl'ine ?ouih of and tneiudleg liude n enld at greatly Mu >? I rate* Tiekek* to and ftim l>- kakl'l, and atatlnn* north to Hudaon. go *1 for Iwe day a, wild at Uehet offlana only. A. F HHITH, Hapwrlnlendimt. NATRlillTUk THE AtlVRKTlREE AVI* Nu MAN ABOUT T* RiT five tear* of age, of d*rk emnpl?ilon iod pa**ably m 1' i king w ho ha? a ioi rattve I u da ? a d??ln?< t > fona tb? i ?Hiauiwnee ni a" agreeable mung l?uT, go'1 I mkia* fw reveaUen to twenty year* of ??'. wlih a vw* to matmp>| All eommunl-a't me oonfldentutl. Adir-i- EoEtiL Cm li'tart fttti viil.e, BALM Or RIAL BSTATR. A *>? ?UTIKOf. PaRM, KRLiT-l AwD Rt'UWWW '1 A teklvi uiui), fa mile* f.em thtr y I' NwTork fr *r. a - ?4\l .. 17 a. ren, fIou?a hatuv ?toe rtK ii .H, waer III, i.tkrn undiLouil' >4A * ruitn. Ao ? $MtkL Karma, all location*, tor vile nr i ? W. H. M KL'' tf Id/Brn id* ?y. R>1TNT?<\ KhrilJi K J P?> . Hw-?i >'-? ?" """ 'T h ai'f ride liy the II. ri <t 1 al'tOtd Kitiiale.. < . U ?aet k 1 i?? ,,f itiw/wa), in ".Uo >i uge of ?? i.i e IT,ioa, iii Hi? monk pie* sent oano' thestreet rbedweiltn 1? a two etoiy i< wius 11 ft*; /run:, kith ot the a- vole If u^h; a hal> runnl K through ll nt>i' a fi ic * ,,t h >rk p> "lor >n oi e *ld ? md elt'itp r- m dialog "Kim, bene.. na *<.J k icberi on the Other 11< i ou *he 1 iwr tt'ior, *nd %w n lat, o-. u? mil live l?-iir >?nn ??? a air* There * u fr ?it and bach arrt, larye girde", with fruit and flcwartag shrubs. a ?m '? ?'? . 'Ml ? cl*?* l'? c; ctatrrn lit tl. hi cb and t will ' ir-mi wa.-r tear tbedoor tils a ?ory health) lo uem, v i h q >-1 * ?4um rbnrrb. v of v?r'i>u? i'ei>?>nti all is 1* ; tin- o 1 N Plaal t hanVi on too |i??-i;.iiubl a >wrluf tun i.cuiy may remain on mor'g'.g.' if dwilrriL ? RAKE CHANCE ?NVW .:it KROM KIFK TO A Imtrtwn anrltf m >at be.m'lful mid nrulinilvo l a m ti'K Land i*ir Newark. N .1 , for s>!?', .? ?> niM . ? . in .? itr a h'>uM ai.dl.ttu Not Turk or iiuin" I <to vico ly. For l>arti;ii'iirarail at Hi Allium tree*, room 17 t * A H M FOR 8ALR?AT WHITE PLA1N8 HIE '" \ ? JP deralgned executorsof Alevamer MeParqatoar, <1?. .* -d, w III ?< I , i.i I ? anil n a: lb? doalUnir b 'uat, laio uf nn c dor ti'f i. r ,nh*r In WbVa lain*, ou ibo tlrat dtvof a ay, 1HH, at 111 uVtock J? thoi.ini fonnwily owuod ' lohn h fit anrj. containing alioui IMIacro ol land I ten ianu it i i iv> l eu', -oiiili'lon, ?% rlt t'riKvd, priiMiipa'iy with atono wa.t, 1 hr itai Itlatf hnu*r b* lata bniM within it few t? ir*, tu>l lit l-'?r ami tt i ni' d ou* an 'be out btnldniK* ?r? nearly 0'' v ami in xouil cmliUon; all th- land, etrr .it ion acow of w > *t land in illlab o. h'k i u*i?d I'. ii>IIh fiom lA Idle 1'taltM on Hie new oik and Ham m dallroad A lai'd". pa toi the pur chafe money ran rrnia'n on tt e place for a o nn of your*. L.r.UNAUU, t Ka neat am MubrtiOMKnY tinANET, < r 0?)R Ha UK?'INK PBW, PllUfl OLAbK, PtV tl ATutl, A brown alone front Homua with all tbr modem lin.iro <* tneota, Bolhhed In the beat aiyle, alloat-*) on Hurray nlil i*r twneii Park and It ilnyion armnii t no Mr Eaat alrijr ar rentb a treat lni|nirr on 'be pr? mirea For hale?a karu op iis Antes, wirti hrid Inn illi.px, about forty ml lea on the Uoup 1*1 .nd HAHroad, In a good itate of cu'uvatloii, with a mi id variety oi auiil -a, peara and rea be*. alto Uawion blacknerr ee, rratiltorrl ? <, Ac. Alao a Partn of Idaerr*, aitb new nod c nvrr.teut bulldtnmt; more lane uiav be had at Ski perar e tf wanted Ala> a nawr uicderu bubt lloti' e. two Htorm*, with one onarter of a re of Land. In a p<*nI villaye Kor fiirlber particu.ara aopiy u> lb A At' t'A ttr KbTfc.K A HON, 7?> Allen atree>, New lock. rR HAJUE?AT ONE TMtKil idAlit VaL'iB. Ok TO ajtrhauf" 'or im nvha .dlae, fire traota Ol * lid Lai.I In North l ar lina, apteudldly loaated In the a? ii re of tbe oopper rrKlona, near a railroad; a rare kuuice 'or invnatineut, p it meuttialf eaab. half membandtae. Apply to d tlAUHttall A, U7 * ulion atroet aiaw, for tale one naif internal, in a oopper Eor haue?#\ooo ub*h VIIan ita vauue-a brieh llinia and I ait, occupied aa a dry g exlu *io<e, near > ferry ; fWDotly requtrad; p'loe $2 ami Alao Jto aarea timber uand, near hew kurk, for aahi or trad* w. m HKult'H t07 Broadway. KV R KALE-A E8LI0HTPULLI SITITATKO COTTAQB I1 llonee, ou Urdfurd avenue near Mvrtte, Brook, in per ft ct orler, with grapery. An.; a very rare cban ti for a D-au Ul ul and cheap homo; ddtl, Al.BtAJ can reutatn Inquire at 71 bar?au Hirert, rooin No I). OAK Bale AT TAAftf TOW? ?A Hrtll'H. tAOflllO _ U'aae containing eleven naima, wilh modern Improve mrnts, two acre* m ground attached, more If required, altu ?ted on high ground, commanding a magnifiocnt view of the lluCHun river. To lie a<ild low nod leruiH ea*y AppW to JANk* A HEyl' A, 16 Beekman atreot, or addreM box dot Pea' oilier. Ft. r bale ob to LBi-rwo op the pits nk.t three atnry Hnnaea on Plf'.t fifth ('.reel J net roil of T?t d avenue. Mouhch replete with ere>y modi rn eeuv-utbin a. ei l very low lo goad tenau'i The atiee: la to be paved ?lth Be'glan pavrmeut, and ether lapr* _ iprnvem*nta ooon t<> be mane inquire of CHAn. BOX, 70 and Ti Bowery, from Ml la U. Jjtf?R RALE OR TO LET?OWTLLiNO IN WHAT KIP a teentb vtraet, eld tie 116, new ho. tali. Apnly to U)BT. J. IhUHN, No. IM Br ?adway OtOR BALK OS fO LET.? OR 0S f faruUbed. tbe three alory hrtek aud ,r?wn av iue ha** no. it M' toe and Lot, No MB ?'e*t 1 went aeeoud atr.ev, the Lot 1*7) by bB feet. Biot?? Or) feet deep and in eioellcDi or der, a i* iLon vl the luk ha.-e in 4tey win r ma n on m rt g*ge if dratted tbe Puruiiure vrul be wild In wlioleor^u P"t, ar ias rei ted altn ihe Hoove. Apply aa aborts, or to O. DH AEJ1 ahllTH, 67 William vitrei FMRNT OLAMb UOIINVRY HEkT POli HvLKUlW ? tea mao-ion. healthy Que fruit, wy?n aerev on Kolut bay, New Koch.lie, half a rnt'e from station. In-.m.o of itial)l>BLe ItAV'iltB. 127 Wultamatrect HLHBE ??? R BaLR. L* SltUTIi BIDE OP V?lIKTE aervntb ?'reet, I o 64 between Fifth and blilh i- uum, a three rtory bro?n atone klgn atoon Dvrrl Ing. BlU,f 00 oau re ? Hln on lord ant m rtgvgc. apply lo Mr OEoM vftLL, ly Mill am *treet HOf At. POR Bale ?A LARUE. rOMM IDIOOB BHtflK llmt cla*'i Hotel knewn aa Moore's Hotel In tbe village ad Madiaa, Orleans neuuly. New Y< rk. Billiard TltSl.ta and Llvt ty Mvlilw attached. 1 his H'dcl le ee.Dlnll) l ?v,', d* ,d doii.g a good btirine*s I bei buatnea> requlrlog tbe ai ?en tu 11 o be tin primer, otdlgoe him to olfer it for va'.e h.iiuhi vol fu-idtb d. term. easy. Kor further It'orms Kor further It ortna 'on in quire af A. I Dauel, at Hie Lompton llu'ioe, w.'ae' o 1'wim t> fourth strtei and 1 bird avenue, or ou the prnmUes H 0>TI. Tt'R HALF.-A IlBHIBABLB HD'Pl PRf) oeity tltuaied at l.tltle Silver, ibrewabury. N J .eon siil'bg ?? t our tu re* of luul a large and cunm ill 'US Hotel, coiilk'nlng tor'y room* and form.lied ib">ugh>>ir Aivit two vp.IV mo ling, togeioer with outbuilding* wl'.l be ooUl at a gieat Hacrlllec k"r pm t'eular* Inquire at No It' 'dwktt Unit, of TBTliN A kliLLER, or of J. Kill, ou the pro U&Aii isrars waniku, with ?;>ms cash, I I'Khatt'" for flirt fla?t Skftlt'le Rewiug Maehiaea, folly gu? MlUe* Irum tl" pl lUClj al ollne ill till* cl J. Add m i, wllto tup N? ulare. Lxi'IiNng*'. hnx 'A HI I'net orlice , HO fAMi Po . Abb?NITuA rioN IN ENULl.SH I beignborbood J., sciua by N. K. Kalir.i d. t*o qjihiio- oak Iron the <rpot. aid ihroo uilleo ft- in Aer untrii ferry ; ?111 b* wild la part* uf 26 acre*. Iu.oi-m of C. fci/^AvJL, lob Wathington street, or of K. C Dal ou tea pn-c i*ra Vil ImIU OIL. I. A NUN. ioo taiaah* burning nprlng and Weal fork Ull Com psay offer ?.(? 0 Ai'KKri Of LAND IM VIRGINIA; Lorated m the Uieaieat Mi mgl r: In the world, in ikr mntfta'c vulofty of the gnat wed* yielding from III to 11,?. IiM? yrr day ea. U, 1 he til* i* tndltnuiabl., and <he property will bo sold In portion* or aa a whole, ou favorable Worn* A. die** , LO Ik HAH T, WOO OH * CO., Boi ;wi foal office, I'lilaburg, Pa 14/ A NTB D O IXCliAKJii? FOR A 8 OI K OP O tl Tv wood*. B?r tv and -itoe*. or Yararr Noll >n?, one Hour* and Lot in the ci'y of llblrago. worth t'.i (lib VI acre* of lai (1 In * tncr.i eln, an.i caab $6,0UU Addrcaa A M. M., boi 9,Mh New i ?rk roat office WAN i Bo-a GOOD FARM ON THB LINK OM TMI t tideon Ulver or llarieru Katlrao, between cliy ami Albany In vicbanga fot a brat clnee h >uh<- In tola city. A poly to KiOOb A il. iKtilTRK, 7S Naavau at. ?A PlMi FABM HaI A II ABU a IN ?TWO MrLRNDID O karma, located at Hn.ail Lota, within three and a ball ?ol'eaot I'atrroon, N.J.} one oomalntng one hnadiel and 1P> and lb.- other Ion* aor?? of ahold* Und, Another of lAbacrva, anna on ilna Maw York ao l Brie ??a. mad, a abort dlrtaaae from lb* above mentioned; building*, rat hiraat* Ac , all in oapllal ?ondlti a; well Mocked wita fruit and other ton Bitne. ar all of the above wbl be eschang. d fo> ttty property. igento naed not apply. Above muu bo Ompoaod of by Bay 1 Inquir* of kaMI; Kl PoPn, Paloroon, NX, or BO MP NT BLI hbKLL, 87 Day ottvwt, f. T. tHAMtlAlo A COCPT BELMONT A CO, BaNKMRH. NO. M WALL A. nnet, Now lork, ioane tetlero of credit to traveller*, available m all part* of fturopa, through tno Weaara Koine ah lid. at Parte. London, Frankfort, Vienna, Naploe and their ourreepoao r n la Lamb warrants fur oala, ALL TBB HIZEN. TaVUjH BROTHER*. K7 Broadway. or raer of Murray *treet, and 7d wall straei, aorner of Pearl NOT1<'B-I.A CHOvHK AND MIL.*ADKRR LtND Grant Bond*, Not la 2,.vr) ?Un dera of three nonda de'lroiiA of uniting for their mutual pr trot ton, who have not }? t done mi, ahou.d lend their aUdr-a aud the uumtrar of their horde. tlwtoerv of Bond* loaueed under the aubaai|uent Truat. Dead, Noa. 3,6Hr in 1,960 for gl 'A* each, and No*. 1 to 101 for $au) ?r h, dnlr. ua ut being pi. tec>rd, in oceordaice the da rlaton of the Court, rhould alao eend '.hair ol Ireao and ino number of tbolr Mondn io P. BaNUa U , Al Wall otreei, Near York. Now York, 13th April lbdl HORACE OAGPh.N, mtNCISVONN JOHN NlCBwLtMa*. QKVIugB trOltIR, PHaNCIN, WlloiAt OJI I.O, WILLIAM A. EOhBK Nonr-B ?iHR ooi'fOm irt k may i op tub rk trnoion bond* of lh.) Ne? flaren, New GnniVm and Ntoi Intton HalVoai Omnpany will ha pa I at the o"loo of M Mi.HGaN A hONrt, "vii. 37 W I l.tiii ttr el, m aid afttr tua. Mate. RRMITTaNOBH To KtlnMl. 1KBLAN0, BCOTLANO AND WALBB, bight billa on the Lmoa nana or Lnpixiv N*tioral itaaa or HuoTi.iwn, ItiriiT Bra van UoarAjiv, iKghaBB, la omaaa I f\<m ?1 upwarda. t At Lob BROTHBAk, H.-r rem, M7 BROADWAY, corner MOK.'tAY BTRBBT, AmA 79 +ALL HTAHtTt. SOYBMP.IUNN, Bank OP B*'.<LAND N-rlKH, Mwl'UUf AND aOLtP. t AI LOR BROfHKRa U7 BHOADWA , eor.ier Ml ArtM UK*. AND 79 Wai.L erahLT, corner PKaRL rllK ADJOUK'KD but I'd IK T.IE BONDHi/M) eio Id the t hb'wgo ?I d POVtl at. rn Railway Oon.ay ? 111 be helu at the nffi of it.# onupaoy. No. '2 wall atrnat, New Vorh un ? ueaday, ma Idih April ihM , ot I o el.ath, wb a the report of the o nnnitior appointed at Uo meeting n the llth uiotai t will b preaen.od. It la hoped lhat all hoodbold are wll. be repreatawd W g, o rUKN, Pre Idei.l t? A N W R k < ... Taylor bbotubbh, banaBM, 1 76 WALL NTRBBT. NBW TUBE, Rave op aed a aew breach ofli-w at 247 BK a* At, UORNBB OP MURRAY NTRBBT to which we invite the UK i loo of our up town frtanda (ha Wall Mraat office la auatiuued an mud TAVLUH NRI.I 'LRRB, . . 76 * all otreat, and >?7 Broadway, aimer of Morrmy ? treat TBIBJD AVi?v|ip. BAVIN^N hank" ' ~ Ooraer Thlid avenue and rwnnt. tfth ? treat. CHaKTRkBD ltd Ml par cant Intareot allowed on all dapaetta, from one to < ne 'boiiaaud dollani. A1.L DBPUMliH MtDB OM OR BROAR JUKII aPHIL WILL UK a W IN I tit Be T Ktti iM tf'RIL t ??nh open tally fr m to to 3; aleo. on M neay. Wednea day and eatnrday ev. n ng. from 6 to t n'e rat. . _ . RPBNCKK K. ?AK? N, Peeeideot 8. H. CaiMM, Necretary. u MOM DIMK HAVInom RANK N>. 4W anal rtreei o.ig r of Varlck < per, d>liy iron III A * in 1 ae<l mra ? to 7 P. M. IiBlONlle PR. >M k) r? art it i g-., mi AdldlVAJ. IH> par eent >uU r> et allowwl <n 'llouiavid $>"i ot.d ondev ?Win kve per i?m on ld'gnr ?mount*. IHtn rank Ma* RaCkiVKi* 'iN uBPiiNn tim hi* i? kino run PAnTU Koviik Dep ?IU m .rie n or ".i ire Ap 'l A! will hear laK rvwt earn Adril I. K V. HA'JOU*oUr, . roradent. UwAMiAg 6. CitAfih. ? au it-ry. nw MIX. A ROl T TWO UI NDKED I'Ol'NDH OF OLD RRAHM ? ? >r ?ale. Apply a! ti*? liersld Uioe, .ft! story, this * puif-fi* rtaKi*'N OK HaLB, AN OLD RUT AM i . .1 .. . " * ' .* Oii' v ""U? 10 o. < f'be beat ,' c' '"'n- Hi'it.f "i;. oiUfAcVry re .vac given 'or s itf. LABREMe. A cv>? tUf fcA,t Fuurleoulii V fca,back fixtures ,jrLt o. ;. '? 1,'P '? p *w?l? ?? dttfcBrt Doctor h oppile.?ajiehy cheap i.kkk tuu1 Lease for sale, ID one of the hci i Id tbe oltv; l . .xx. .pieu A" medical oi,.i* ' >r ma viu? a Bijlrarlfl '' * '* !?f :i y""'X ."?c"IU Per. Apply fit n flroabj street. T"|BI>0 feTiPK, E "TaHLJ HIED II) ^ F\|RHAL.H? J I K ith A insd oflioe prad.o ; suiub.c for a physician Address |m? 22 Jersey Cltv Post olli.v ) VRl >? STORE F>>* "ALE? A ? rftlrf IX .7 .Ni.'B FROM I * H ? cltj . an old miablisaad n ote, a u>< a < > il business ct? sprsnt, will b-? Mold ata bargain. K fu i partk ..aha ?uli 11? (.'hi mist, box I'll otll i', Now Brortswiok, N J LO? * ALE?A mi BE. KB A CIL'-.), BfcWUlO MA P I In., t ? arly i.< w oud in perfwn irlbr Oust $76, will be mdo .or fi.V Call ai U> ?. Wbviou p! we. F~ it aa LB?a >>.* i ,.? fftoi e oU1 K TU4, u ftel long runs, draw * dght draught; ?l*i of cylin der is l<j hi Ih inches PiPx. $/,.'ii JOht'fl. SLOAN 1 ?? 1'i cli H'root, ''LUadctphi* ? or svlc-a ooumbk aaoo&Bt AND L'QI OR -'?io iliuut d In lb. i>i..?lpHilol the ...ty, will be K 1 t u. a bull coHumer lbi; at ho. *IJ Eruui street. OOP SAi K -IN H;l< OKL?N, A OBlia ItTOKB, WITH A lull it it of good* and iiu'lhn. (ltlu.ex, with a 1 am 01 on* yisr on 1 lo l ull, lug, m a supnlor ousiue-s location App v to V- M JKKr m1..11 estate ugout, liamiitwii ava me e >nier of \ ,n Urunt itroii. TpOK HALE?A I.I*"i Lit KaNOV HfOKK, DOINO A I g.K.d bind oki Aim well Ad.ptcd for a coup e of lodltw. wi'llie tolo cbeafi for rjiih; r?nt 1101 month. Apply at 9Ho T hlid iftuoe, i.MAr Korly-s voolh mrcel, IVHt IA1.K?ONE OP MKUKK'l (PEARLY NEW) bewlug Mulinu, 1.0. 2, or in rtohAoge tur a Aiheel ir A b il-un. lioiuiie Aidy.t hcuiiut iveuue. I, OH PALL?A URlJ IfcHY AND HQ 1I1K d'ORE EOR f pao. ir a finl rAte ituud (or a i.rrin.111 Apply Ihti dky, April if., or IbtMtfN* A'. No 213 Elizabeth itraei. I.11R IAJLB t'liKAE?AN OfNi'EK AND LIQUOR HA r Uk u Apply 011 piemtfies, 4Ui Pint Avenua, eurnorof '1 wenij !< unh ?tieot. I SOB MALIC LOW?A NEW BiBAM ElRiS ENU1JNK, OB hiikbj, myudene A (Jo 'a manuiActore, euti/eiy new; lifer b. ru ukki otoept lor irlAl and elitolwr to toe oae now 111 km by l- iingum Engine i umpwov m 1 of hla eity. For fi rthfi I'KilK'u ath Apply to or twldit-M A. J UK LA TOOK, 26'-, 1 Ad street. New ? orlt. BAT STOKE FfB KALE.-THE LbA"L, di'OUK AND Ptxiures of tho old estAbll' h-d stand No. Ill orwrndcli sin ?t (1 o' ui. rly v, hlto *), has b< t.u occu'dKil a* a bat atere for over tweivn yean Apply ? 11 tun prooi.sea H-tel FOB KaLE OK LET?OOFTaIBIBB about for y rooms wltu every oouvnnlen ? us id eslabliahed aiand, large barroom, Da -t and Id.Hard room, will be lot w> tbe right kind of a . iau on reanonu jle terms. Address Ken jamlu, Herald office. 1 lQUoR hTi.HK POS SALE?TUB MV.OB AND F? j AJ lores of a Llqnor store In the "uur.h ward; mi three yrarahaae of tile wEole In use froui tbo Isi of May nexL The r> shoo for lelll g Is the owner is going tu the doantry. Apply to 1*A V IBM, '.16 Invi-I. n sued oTuHE ElJfTnKLH Ft)R bALK?Ob K ?. P PRICK IF O 'Aktn or 1 uesday, all iu s on- piloted!, enrner ef lourtei nih sir. el and nlitli avenue, Ml-tnving. Spire Hoxes, Ae., suitable for a gr keiy or aimuvl any bo Lneaa inquire nt the trull stand adjoining tbe stoie. QIIBI.V] O 1 beat IMI-K>K HALE, A LOT . P bUKLVlNO, ? heap. Apply at No. 1 Batclny iireet, to CAMPBBLL A CO. The stock op heuahb at no 17 broadway ib lie ng eioaed out by at very low prices; de Cuitd bargaina aau be lisd A gno.1 ebauc lo investluMfefpars At p.Iu. ? 1 l.a 1 must pay a large protit. WJ h.' Lei-ALi IlAbDWAhr ll?H ??r. DO.N'JALaBOB TV trade w lib a deairalilu snx-.a of g asla w uid di?|v?e of tbe stork, w ith ill ol tl.e busln as, in parties of respect sbduy 1 Oil. u a rate 0 portutlly hi secure an u-aabllahed wlint.aebu Me s, lo.gcrAili will be gi-an sAtw-fsctorliy AMtued < r will eicbeu.e lor dieirt.nie any or eoouiry pro perty . i.durtu.1 Hards are, Don '!i5 i'ost o.lloe, New tork "TI'ahhim. vaciitib challenuk, and ruhit TV ioi saja? I now .b .lit uge and ail .n, one or live minu't* with nny inventor of Wa.liliig va bios, in the know i word lor tM u.i uou of d lU.s, ? uiakenoei (Cpttdii >> to price or nurt 01 mschlii.i ti. wsaber L all wood, no Iron to ru-t iiiectoibsa aud uo i .-lotion to wrui Ibein mil. .ley wa-h eight tow'e.s in one minute; a she. i .i> a minute; a / lilrt or tan . ci> ih to a miuute; and ih. ?> wring th? in oiu perfictly dry hesloe all .art&apiecr. Any in.a I on.ii cau make ?l,l>si per mouih by buying counties and e. Ibi.g n.wu ilgi.ta, or in rnuiaeiurtng tliem. PrMVk of counties fr. m $60 to BBw ao ord' g t population, bend lor a c ic iLr iwiiu nouru siaoipi si m cau be rent through ill.) mad, wlitu a crrtiUia. of H^Bwill be sent. A.ldfibsVsN iloEsbh A B.n.llistH, HioPHlra cf jder chants' Poliue, No 67 souib sileel. New York. I'll K FIKKMkN. ? or bxmfi n-b*h?.-ni* quak. A lerlv meeting wll be . eld at firemen's Hal, ou I'aeH day, A lull lb, al o * ? U. W. it WKKI.a.a, ktewrdiag bearetary. LOAN (II- KICKS. A* 1>? t*< tt StAl'K N t>i' ?U,':..u, (AlOilkH, JAW < i!vei ?'u?, eir l.,.iigit fur ca?h at <!??? hl?h?et j"i? ? bidden*! t t re <? ki,. Apply *i thu old eata Dli t"l '? I.I it, J * > ti , W William, hreusA MTl kiviv > , A 1 u> AS A? I. .At.'t ? A. IIoMUMa *, UUMilNO _/\ ? P In, Biok"K IiIh ikI ad ...nee* on 111 taioud*, W ak'h.'a, Jew. Iry, Ac , or bu- then, a. ftl'l value, hi In. p ivale oilier, >o 1/ ?s ??u street om No. X, up ?u*lr*. aii-ioum conn dent Al nw <'ifOarnr?tfcT.?hbnhv hymen, diamond J\ Broker?ra. h ndvenacl ou Diamond. art or iidas; M> tcl.ea, w lit- h Mow menu, M'vcr A ?rr, Jewelry, Begare, Ac, or Ix right I or r**b n| pjalto the l'ost, rooiu Ne, 1, up sialra, CO Diltr meet. BILLIARDS. A Klhr. APbOKTM&NI OK KHoNOH, RNULIHH AlfD j V An.eri.Hn billiard (Abler, with I'n.lan'a UumhlaaUeQ ? uahlona, now on Annd. end a pnoea to auit the umw ? H- Lam A utibLiUi OKK, At, M>, 01 and OV on?bj meet, N. T. BILl.lAllDK -KIR < ALU, t h l,i Mi D b.O'K OK IK-* and Arc n>t IiaikI I able i, for gnu, $11/ 9*0*1, gaWT aud 9 U';ev> ryibing Cuinpuvu and ol" the beat tyualily. or der* by mail attended to W. Il^umrmtl, 1? Polum atpeot. BILLIARD*-AN ENTIRE NEW PA.KNf CUMHION, ?uper or to ar, y yet Inv-nr d, Is now beirg applied by Iv J mia* ,at bis manaf sc.uw, He fuluin ntrert, waere be krepe on haitd nrtlcla*a lanes at pneea to ip.rieapond with the times alao for aAle, a lew ancio.! uand Testes. ANTROLOUV. ? BONA KIDB Ahl KUCOUl <1, THAI EVERY ON8 oen d-pend on, I, Maoaroe WILNUN, ?bo telle the ..h I* ct of itur rla.t ? soou ah j u eu.ei' bar .o m Mtdame v* iimiu i* ine greatest a trnlogist tbat ever waa aniwii. db< will luvehe Die po*. '* el tbe wonderful scieine, and teil a.l iln avmt* of your whoe life. Iier p.etlacti.jue are ho true lliat Ibey Mirprue- eieiy one that consults her. noinelsdha nay P' a .Itue tinud, ibonge tbey u ml not fear, for abe prarl.oea D-hing nut what la reaaouasl- to pbll awpnera All rbonlo ronault ihta moat won* ell ul and uiyaierMMis ia>ty. Ileradrioe i.aa never been loom to fau, and Iwent/ tiu.u hand dull. I a re* aid to any one woo tau euual her In tbe ? ; ? r,en e. Madame Alison in iu |hj,s.s.i a o< tbe eele brand magic cbainth * h cb are ever oeruuu l*i tueir eifeot. 'truly may ihn ne calud a wonderful *noi*n. I ill Allen alivei, Itelweii ll"u*luu and tan ton, over tbe oaaery. Pee for ladiea and gentle men, Mlcenla. AHTON1MIINO AND MONT ^HNllbHK L-MVDaMB hOK'UW, erven lb daughter, boru with a caul and gift in lurciugbl, tell" bow aoon and oiu-o you wnl merry, and all ('< no in* .1 life, even your ri-ry ,b .uguta nhe *aarautee* tboai- who vlall her will not mgr> t It. r, ' th oeoi* ISA Led low, mi do*.i? from lluuaion aUoet. tlentleiueu uut admitted. CiLAlBV *? V Aif'l,? Mas. hTWUt it o WtflilCiOi OLAIR / r> y ant Kiiuma, SiUS 1 aat I went!, tb atn-el, betwaan viral aud eeooud areuura I ae lual uriuoal, oMubcai and bualaeew oir.?uitai inn* day and etenmg, and per eet aaUafaotton gua ranteed al a aye, o. uo e??y ihAMi, RAkVEi.?rtlJt oak inrimll HSR MAITY l rteada and tbe pnbiln of all tbe evatiU of Ufa tf yow wi*b the truth give her a ca I at Jtu JM kUvtagtoa htreat, near hher 10 Ladu-a Xb eente, getllamen not aitmlllad Hattre fn in nine UH RfM. _ IiaImME Ol'BT IIAN RBMOYBD TO U? OTAJtrOB iu atreet, all d.aire I mm haaei, where she sub oeatiauee to trll aboul love aod marriage, huaineaa ami absent frtanda. Led lea OA oenta Ken lie men am admitted, liflkae hours V let, M naMDAMK LArObWr, hl.fc*! lilt 1 AN. NO. S A MITT Jvl alrvnt.?lialvaolam appb. d Caliy In the treatment of leu ale uiwaaea. bouia 1*1 UU 4. A' raemtaibm m hrenrh, i i a h and lie Mi. TJ AliAklfc, rll*Kke.K MA- ithMuveii KKiiM ORVEWTH ivl anvet to '/Ml hnvad atreet. between a* ae IDS o and I i. oa market, third !to?r. nhe itlll conitnuee to loU shout love mairtagi-, abaent i iteDJ?, bUMueu* and jouraoyn Ln diea JO cema Uentiemeu not admit.* d V|A[>AklP. HAV, NO M. Ht.VhNTII AVBWUB. NEAR ill I wrniy ae.eutn *tr. r , aurpii*eA all wto vutt her. The t cr, trriuhled and unmckv ?huunl tn*t her power r he tells your very thoughts, liiclty i.unineia, Ionmm. 1 agtna 3b otnu *enu Mi tent*. V|MN t, LAP row, lUM OtBar CKYdTAL TBMTIR, iv| revanlatho preaen*, paat aud fuoire. Nhe la aahnow lMi*e? tbe moat aeuomp.Ubed a* -r and g I ted lady on rwoord. lUmdebre . o II at.n ii |.u?.,e, i. n.n *treet ant outh ava nua, y oond liner, I runt ru ma Mm. I.KVNDEK IANT CAN MB CMBflTTLIBD about ov# n err age and abx-ut fnewda. She U'l.a ail *> nla ol life No It* Moil atreet, L*daae 3$ oenta. gentle no u ?*) oenta. bbe uaoaea npaedy n arrlagee, ant gives luafcy t umber a v M.-WMO Hat NOt nnAAU OP TlUt OBlOtnHat Al . rd Una PKBWN r?fH, who has been eoaaelted fry tnoiiaaarla m thla and otner etttea wtth entire aaktai ante>n eh- feeia oonbdent she has uo nquaL ? he telle the aaaae a f Ut'ue wife ?? ho, hand, rid that of her visiter If yen wtah trum, be* a call, at JLi third aveema, above Twenty Ore street *Adiee, bU (leala, geatlemen, gl. Tub obbatbmt wonder nt tub woblo in tub young and accompli*bed Marlame BV BON, from fana, who tan be euuaulted wuh the atrtc set r iniMaaes an lov*. c ttftahlp, marring', aichmae, lniemper?n.e, tltmil ma law auite, hnaiii'M. tr*v.',.lug, a"a*nt Ir.eod?, loet or stolen pro p-iiy, Ac hhe he< a ?e a aeeret io make y .*f oeloeedI by yoor fcrKf! 1 sod fluif* l*H?U ATti*d denre 41 i i.ud avvau*-, aoe?e 1 Maty wrraik ?vset, oejnd 1*1*11- , Nlcent* gee , * eerta -it; feu WOULD NUT HO tt HhRM fOBrUNB lit? V? Ooye, aew Mlea AKi.i.l Nili ? *e, the renal heg-ua pr,,. tli.'ieia I he be.tof all, *nd r*n ?*>* b.t eireiled Una H an ted er.ona ly or sy Utter, n a I *1T* ra of llfe^emwera in* ia* puna j. *erm ya, afwen' irfcitd*. loan, e^MMp, ro?r r age, hea ih, *? ?lih an* who ertil r-Maini drunMh and nn faitful busbaid" Ml"* the only (nraon in thla euy win has Ih* grr ii uc hnn au end Arabian ia'Uih?n? u?r lova, g. ed luck and al >,u-ine? *IIV a. . nd a eg artnuwa for ttfra Ltxhy nun a>. g v. n at hvi r> ?W-n<H, I0< nUth avtmHi, op yard Eighth e.rrSV .