Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1861 Page 5
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Court C?leiidtr-Tlili Our* ? Oecm?Circuit?Psrt 1?Nob. 61T, #59, 9iT, ?9?1,96*,967, #11, #78. 801, 816, 839*. 876, Ml!(1),671,3677. Porta?Nob 866,878. Us 736,732,746, 788 790, 792 , 796, 798 , 804, 806, 10046. 100*. 678 lsl, 706, 644, 704, 6V4 Special Term?Nob. 288. 290,29.1, 2 '5, 2#6J0>, 297, 299, 301. 302, 304, 806,306,808,310,812, 213, 269, 63, 161, 291, 292 8u ratios Courr.?Part 1?Nao. 1646.1679, 1683,1691, 1706, 1707, 1709, 1711, 1369, 1685,947,1679,767,1266, 1643, 1063. Port 2?Nob 1*298 502, 732,1016, 844, 1238, 1247#, 862,1030, 1260,1264, 1266 Arrival* and Departure*. ARRIVAL*. KB* OBLBA*SX*D 1Ia\ AKA?* teatnakip D? BolO? A KUOWl Ion, A Azoy, D D Acker and lady, W Bxltzer, J Deychman, J J A Week* and lady, H Lochenburg. H MrneaeLa. W Lespi aaas, L lmaUaaa, J R Souther, A Fernandas, 0 Gaudo, A Catlen, II IWgado.F Claaere, 71 Goodwin 8 Balrd, K Baua, Boa I Pratt, A H frpauldiog, C Kneacht, H Baurdt. Win Car vin, B Bordes, 8 Green. J Vegar, J Godge, J Halien, W La lanne. J W Bales. R Midler. PRweeneyTj M Gold?r, w Bl?l> op, F Frost A J Helleck. Lieut F fc Prime, Win Llndrey, Mad Gaullcur, Mlae Haabeck, Mil* Bradford, Mrs Robin* m ih oaagnier, w imoilon and lady, ? uaruui, o jmiuiu, F Jartoux, B J Duff, F White, C White, MrsJBanford, lira Smith, In Bomhoff, J Berlola, W Foaerty, Mrs Crowril. J Butler, J Paaage W k Thompton, W K Bordoback, M O Her ?Ma J Yin, Mrs Orr, F c'lavare. P Crane, M McLaughlin, ^?ut,C Johnaou, C H MoClain, M J Bee be, B OBoat IMlaa Dixon, C Johnson, C H MoClain. M J Beebe, B OBoat I wtok.W Drinker, J Ruiz, W T Howell. Tim Clifford, P Levy, I Mrs Praaka, Mrs Dlron, .1 Leapaneee, L Lespaneae, W m W ^anrse. U Los | antra*. Miae Bridget bradiord, Mint Bridget fltoamahtp Marlon?Mrs Rook, Miae BGohile, Chas Hall, N Brown. J J W .7 Morrison, Thoa Block, J H f?aekleford. BR Spam, Mrs WUaoa. 8 W Hoyt, Mrs T J) Webster and child, Mr and Mrs A Frank and two children, J J Bayatua?32 In the steerage, and 6 free oolored. Oflic 1st 1 Drawings off K. Frames <b Co.'a Delaware Lotteries. ?Authorized by set of Assembly pa seed January, 1819. Grants to run twenty years. Sossax Co mm?Claim 39, Drawn April 13,1861. 64, 19, 30, 31, 01, 8, 31, 38, 61, 6, 20, 64, 67. Gsxmd Consoupatkd?Class 16, Drawn April 13,188L 66, 76 , 22, 62, 29, 65, 17, 6, 61, 45, 70, 38. Otroulars sent free of charge by addressing A FRANCE A CO., Managen, Wilmington, Dels ware. Weed, Bddy & Co,, Hanagsrs off tlin uxtlcxt, Hissotmi Aire pklawah* statu Lomuucg. Authorised by the Legislature. The subscribers. Commissioners appointed to superintend the drawing of a Lottery authorized by the Legislature, har | for the benefit of the town of Frankfort, do hereby oer drawn from Uf^te^te^jllowinjj are the numbers which were this day Eatba Clam 227, April 16,1361. 30, 76, 15, 60, 32, 66, 70, 67/7, 63, 4, 9, 23. Clam 228, April 13,186L 13, 38, 1, 63, 66, 40, 4f, 61, 11, 7, 69, 71, 60. Wltaaas our hands at Covington, Ky., this Saturday, April 13,1881. J. P. HOOKAH. ) JACKSON 8PARBOW, J Oommiaslonfira. THOMAS BIRD, ) Circulars eonlalnlag schemes for ths month will be mailed free of charge by sending to WOOD, KDDY A CO., Corlngton, Ky.; St. Louis, Mo., or Wilmingtoo, DeL None*.?All tickets in the Delaware State Lottery will hereafter he decided by the drawings of the Kentucky State Lottery, at Covington, Kentucky. W., A A CO., Managers. Royal Havana Lottery.?Sec Ofllclal drawings of April 4 In another column of this paper, Prizee oaahed and Information furnished byCHASHAOO., bank era, 23 William street, N. T. Tito Rev. Dr. Call 111 will Preach for the benefit of the Bouse of the Good Shepherd, in St. Joseph's church, on Tuesday evening, April 16,1861, at seven o'clock. Tickets fifty cents eaeh. 98 Spring Shaaghae Overcoats, at Eva? - ? ? ? PANS', M and 68 Fulton street 98 Sprlag Shaaghae Overcoats, . fit BVANB', M and <8 Fulton street 98 Spring Bhanghae Overcoats at EVANS', 66 and 86 Fu Fulton street 98 Spring Bhanghae Overcoats, at BVAN8', 66 and 68 Fulton ? treat 98 Spring Bhanghae Overcoats, at BVANS', 66 and 68 Fulton I 98 Capes, fit KYANS', 66 and 68 Fulton street Billiard*. -Twenty-two Phelan'e Table*. Hoe. IB end 61 Bast Fourteenth street Union square. Ton Tray*. Door Mat* end every De scription of Hons* Furnishing Goods, *t an Immense mduo lllasirated catalogues free. on In nrieas at A D. BASH FORD'S, Cooper Institute, H. T. llastnSed qririMfltl^H^HflH^^H Ths Lfidd * Webster Sewing Machine may mow be had for fifty dollars at 606 Broadway. Wheeler A Wilson's Improved Sewing lehines at rsduoed prices. Oho* 606 Broadway. Grower A Baker's Celebrated Noiseless Sewing Machines, 49S Broadway, New York. Respire Sewing Machines?The Cheap est, because the bast in market. Office 331 Broadway. Batchelor's Hewly Invented Wigs and Toupees are truly wondeitul specimens of art Call and see them at 16 Bond street or send for a measure oard. Moldavia Cream Forces the llalr and Whiskers to grow luxuriantly. Sold at W. A. BATCHA LOR'8 newly invented Wig factory, 16 Bond street Batchelor's Hair Dye?-Reliable and In stantaneous?Black or Brown. Factory 81 BaroUy street ?old and applied at W. A. BATCH KLO 828,16 Bond street m?ii, inimitable Cntter of Hair and Whiskers, Ha 1 Barclay street. Hair Dye, 50 eente. black or brown. Crist ad oro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Tou pees, the best In the world.?Wholesale and retail, and the Dye privately applied, at No. 6 Astor House. Campbell's Turkish Hair Tonic, its Cents. Bold only st CAMPBELL'S Drag Store, corner Eighth ave nue and Twenlj-eighth street. Trasses?lHarsh Ac Co.'s Radical Cnre Truss, No. 1 Veeey street, Aator llouse opposite the church. IKlastlc Stockings, Shoulder Erases, wupeasorr, Bsndsges, Ac. dkh. OLOVKB A T110RNE, Ms. i Ann street, under Barnum's Museum. Or. Zell'n Powders to Care Lore of Strong drink may be given, unknown to drinker. In coffee or tea. for sale at 63 Division street, 211 Eighth avenue, N. Y.; Hayes', 176 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Price $1. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. StrNDAT, April 14, 1861. Civil war Laving at length broken out, the mer cantile community have begun to examine its pro bable bearings on trade and the future of tiie country. On one point, so far as we have been able to ascertain, perfect unanimity exists among our moneyed men: the government must be sus tained. Every one deplores the terrible calamity Which has befallen the republic. But there is no desire among the merchants or capitalists of New York to shirk the issue, or to evade the responsi bilities of the contest. Upon New York will de volve the chief burthen of providing wsys and means for the war; onr financial community ac cept the duty, and will perforin it. This view we find to be universal among our moneyed men, in cluding many whose sympathies have heretofore been with the South. If the government prove true to the country, it need not feel any uneasiness about money. In the opinion of our leading bankers, a hundred millions, over and above the receipts of the government from customs and land sales, if necessary to defray the expenses of the war for a year from this date, eould be readily borrowed in Well street, at a rate of interest certainly not exceeding that which France and Kngland paid for the money they bor rowed for the Russian war. If, for the purposo of bringing the war to an end. and settling this con troversy of ours forever, s farther sum be requi site, it will be forthcoming. Wall street, so far as we can judge, is ready to sustain the government heartily and liberally. An ides of the intensity of the national feeling which pervades the street may ? be gather&l from the fact that yesterday morniug n thoughtless member of the Stock Exchange, who offered some United States sixes on sellers' option, was instantly hissed down by the members of the board, and three resonant cheers were called for and given for Major Anderson. It is of course impossible to foresee, at the pre sent time, what shape the war will take. In a commercial point of view, much depends on the coarse of the border Staies. If Virginia secedes and the other border slave States follow, the war will probably be long and disastrous. All the Western banks whose circulation is seenred by unwise deposits of border slave State stocks most go to pieces; for these stocks, after se cession, will hardly bo worth twenty-five cents Ott the doHar. In this event, t.he contest hoing one between slave Htat?* on one side snd free Btatea on the other, it would In all probability in volve accidents which conld not hut inter Iters with the regular production of cotton, I rice, tobacco and the other Bouthern staples. Again, the difficulties which must arise. In any case, with regard to the navigation of tits Mis sissippi, will he greatly nggruvated If Ten nessee and Kentucky secede. Indeed, at |fc? present moment, it seems difficult to conceive any arrangement by which the free navi gation of the river by the Northwestern States Could under these circumstances be satisfactorily secured. The internal trade of the border slave States would in any event be gravely disturbed, and their usual product of wheat, tobacco, Ac., placed in jeopardy. if, on the other hand, the border slave States should remain faithful to the Union, the prospect, in the opinion of our moneyed men, is, that the war would be short. The Gulf States, they seem to think, could not sncccssfully contend against the power of the North backed by Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina and Arkan sas. Want of means would speedily compel a peace. In this event, therefore, our mercautile community do not think that trade would be fa tally injured. A severe blow would be in flicted upon the seaport towns of the Gulf States, which would of course be blockaded by the fleets of the United States; but the planters would find an outlet for their cotton through Northern ports, and would uot suffer very materially. It is not understood that an invasion of the Gulf States by Northern troops is contemplated in any quarter, and there is there fore no reason to apprehend that the culture of cotton would in this case be impeded or disturbed. So far as the city of New York is concerned, the outbreak of civil war must be regarded as can celling the debts due by people in the seceding States to our citizens. No accurate guess can be formed as to the amount of this indebtedness. It may amount to thirty?it may amount to sixty millions of dollars. No data exists upon wMoh a plausible estimate can be based. The aggregate sum is oertainly very large, and its repudiation? which war is sure to involve?must lead to se rious embarrassment in mercantile circles, and to a large number of failures among houses in the Southern trade. This loss of money will, moreover, be followed by a loss of trade. Pending the war, no safe trade can be carried on between New York and the seceded States. Even after tho establishment of peace, the poverty of the South, and probable though futile efforts to establish direct trade with | Europe, will delay, for some years, the restora tion of old commercial relations. The first vic tims of the war will thus be the men and the firms whioh have been most conspicuous in upholding the rights of the Soath. It must not be supposed, I however, that the failure and obliteration of our great Southern houses will involve the ruin of tho city of New York. This great metropolis is the natural and inevitable outlet for two vast pro ductive regions?the cotton producing region of the South and the food producing region of the West. When one fails the other almost invaria bly comes to our rescue. New York prospers most when?as was tho case in 185G and 1860? both regions pour their products freely into its harbor. But New York continued to increase and multiply in years when the cotton crop failed; it did not decline in 1858 and 1859, when the West had no food to send us, and could not afford to buy any goods. Now the South fails us, but tho West is supplying this city with an un precedented amount of business. Our receipts and exports of food are double the average at this season, and while houses in the Southern trade? which, owing to the poverty of the West since 1857, are the leading houses in the city?complain of otter stagnation, our Western jobbers are doing a better business than they ever did before. There is reason to suppose that the West will, through out the war, continue to have a large surplus of food to export through New York, and will need enough goods to give employment to our im porters and jobbers. Whatever shape the war may take, the United States arc pretty sure to re tain command of the sea; so long as that in safe, the best harbor in America sannot well uuffer for want of trade. New points crowd upon the mind in connection with the unprecedented events which are occur ring. We shall take them up from time to time. Meanwhile it may be well to notice that the actual outbreak of hostilities at Charleston gives a living import to the commentary on the law of treason delivered some months since by Judge Bmalley, in this city. It is well that our merchants should understand the subject. From this time forward any citizen of the United States who supplies arms, or munitions of war, or food, or coal, or in telligence, or money to the communities which are at war with this country renders himself liable to the pains and penalties of treason. Any at tempt to negotiate bonds of the Confederate States would bo regarded as treason by the United States, and would bo punished accord ingly. If, as rumor states, factories in Con necticut arc engaged in supplying arms to the Confederate government, the companies and their agents are all guilty of treason. Express companies and other carriers who carry such arms or other articles constituting "aid and comfort" arc similarly liable to prosecution. Merchants in the West sending food down the Mississippi fall into the same category, and incur the penalties of the act. It is understood that an example will shortly be made by one of the now district attor nies with a view to afford our mercantile commu nity a fair warning. The import trade of the port last week was light, as was expected; the export of produce, like that of last week, considerably in excess of the average at this season. We may fairly expect a continu ance of large food exports throughout the spring and early summer months. The following arc the comparative Custom House tables of the trade of the port for the week and since January 1:? Import*. fbrtke Wt*. 1*61). 1860 1861. Dry goods $3,461,986 1,602,104 1,260,072 General merchandise. 2,204,821 2.820,421 1.004,012 Total for the week. $6.750,807 4,302,426 2,H63,084 Previously reported.. 01 62S.028 66,081,283 50 644,374 Since lamiary 1....$67,286 736 71,023,708 63,408,368 Ktports or Paoecm akd Mssnusmsx 1860. 1860 1861. Kor the week 81.363,080 1.690,002 2.C05.883 Previously reported.. 14,060,066 20.846,504 33,668,610 Since .January 1 $16,304,065 22,437 280 30,074,606 fix coins or Sn.i.n. I860. 1860 1861. l or the week $6T6 107 310 080 323,006 ITevlotmly reported... 8,677,460 7.810 505 2.086,138 Since January 1 $0,163,667 8,120,646 2,410,044 The banks continue to gain specie from abroad and from California: nearly two millions rame to hand since last Monday. Within the past day or two, however, large suras have been pnid into the Bub Treasury on account of the recent award of Treasury notes, so that no increase may bo shown in the statement to be made public to morrow. I.ast Monday the specie arcrage shown was $41,705,5.78, an increase of $207,250 from the pre ceding week. At the corresponding date last year, the banks held $27,390,112 In coin. There is no present probability that the reserve in our banks can fall considerably below forty millions, and it is possible that it may sweH to fifty. The necessities of the government must cause the speedy disburse ment of the funds now accumulated in the Treasury. Under ordinary circumstances, a sup ply of coin might be expected from the South during this and the next two or three months. It is generally supposed that the out break of war will prevont the usual remittances this season. The bank loams last Monday stood at $122,113,496 - an increase of $1,160,331 from the preceding statement. At this date last year the loans averaged $130,600,731. East week'a in 1 crease was due to the award of $3,000,000 of 6 per cents, a large portion of which was immediately hypothecated with the banks. It is possible that the Treasury note award on Tuesday last may hsve enabled some of the banks to increase their loans still further. They are too low fot profit by several piiiioua. Money continues a djri.g. At 4 per cent any amount ran be borrowed on good materia!, and at 4% a 5% the best paper passes without difficulty. Long paper and names not strictly first class range from 6 to 7 a 8. The amoant of capital now lying idle in this city is quite unprecedeuted, yet is increasing daily. No one seems to hare courage to embark in any speculation or commercial enterprise. The only hope capitalists seem to entertain is based on the probable wants of the government. Now that it is established that the republic is not going to be allowed to fall to pieces without a struggle, people are ready to lend the government any amount. Foreign exchange closed very dull for yester day's steamers. The rates are about 107 a % for bankers' bills on London and lOS1^ a 106*4 for commercial bills; for francs, 5.27% a 6.S0. We hear of a sale of a million of francs by one house at 5.30. The market does not look as though higher rates were likely to prevail. With tho opening of navigation we shall have increased ex ports of produce at this port, which will give an increased supply of exchange; while, on the other hand, the Morrill turifi and the outbreak of war are calculated to curtail importations and so to diminish the demand. Whether bills will again fall to the specie importing point is a question upon wliich financiers differ. Much will depend upon this year's cotton crop. IT the war leads to a general neglect of the crop, so as to dimiuish it materially, onr exports will be so much the less, and in anticipation of the event bills will rise. If, on the other hand, the progress of hostilities does not interfere with the cultivation of cotton, thero is reason to suppose that the curtailment in our imports may preserve the balance of trade in our favor, and that from time to time bills may de cline to the point which renders it profitable to send gold from London to New York. The following table shows the coarse of the stock market during the past week and month:? Mch 9. Mch 10. 4fcV23 Mch 30 Apl9.Apl.Vi Missouri 6'b 66 66* 66>4 66'? 63 Ss* N. Y. Central.... 78 78)* 78?* 78)* 70'* 72)* 1 leading 42?* 44 44.'* 44 )* 42 35 Krle 32?* 32)* 32 32 29)* 24 Michigan Central 56)* 68 68 68 66?* 49 South, guarant'd 36)* 37?* 38)* 39 86)* 82 Illinois Central.. 79 81)* 82 81)* 77)* 68 Galena 70 >* 71 72)* 73 71'* 6H)* ltock Island 67'* 68 69 67'* 64\ 48)* Toledo 34 36 30 36 33)* 29 Panama 114)* 116)* 116)* 117 115 110 Hudson River.... 44)* 45 46(* 45?* 42)* 39'* Pacific Mail 83'* 86 86 '* 86 * 83 77 The market has fallen during the week, as was natural, in consequence of the outbreak of war. By and by, perhaps, when people's minds become used to the idea of hostilities, the stocks in North ern railway companies will improve. The stocks of the border slave ~ States decline, on the apprehension that Virginia may secede and the others may follow, in which event these stocks would not be worth much. Pacific Mail has declined heavily, partly in consequence of revelations with regard to the decayed condition of the boata on the Pacific, and partly from an idea which seems to be firmly entertained in some quarters that these boats are to be the first vic tims of the privateering enterprises of the seceded States. Married. II?rRY?Van Prz*n.?On Saturday, March 16, by the Rev. Duncan Dunbar, Gbokok Hbmry, of New York, to Miss Mary Katk, daughter of Benjamin Van Duzer, of Orange county, New York. Newburg papers please copy. Pan,?Fabi-ky.? on Thursday evening, April 11, at tho residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. Brennan, Capt. JixiiAH W. 1'acl,of Rockland, Me., to Miss Mamia it., eldest daughter of Mr. James Farley, of this city. Died. BuKjrroN.?Ob Sunday, April 14, Mrs. Uatiukim: Bcr.v ton, after a abort Illness, In the 74th year of her age. Her friends and relative* are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Tuoeday afternoon, at two o'clock, Trom the residence of ber son, 148 Hands street, Brooklyn. Calrow.?On Friday, April 12, Maky Am Oenoair, wife of Richard Calrow, Jr. The relatlvea and frlenda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residenco of her brother-in-law, Joseph Naylor, No. 78 Ninth street, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Ooaki ky.?On Saturday, April 13, Johk Coakixt , a native Of Kanturk, coiuity Cork, Ireland, In the 41et year of his age. His frionds and those of his brothers, William and Michael, likewise of his brother-in law, Kdward Moyni hao, arc respectfully requested to attend the funeral, this (Monday) allernoon, at half past one o'clock, from his late reelaence, No. 69 Cherry street. His remains will be lakon to Calvary Cemetery. Cox.?On Saturday night, April 13, after a long and painful illness. Xuu Assy Cox, wife of A. K. Cox, M. D., and eldst daughter of liavid M Hughes. The friends and relatives of Iho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services, this (Monday) evening, at eight o'clock, at her late residence, No. 164 Seventh avenue On Tuesday morning ber remains will bo removed to Staatsburg, Huchess county, N. Y. llhcaa and I*oug ukoepate papers plea.-e copy. Colohi-ar.?On Sunday, April 14, Makuakkt .Vm, daughter of John and Margaret Cough Ian. aged 7 months. Tho remains will be taken from the residence of bor parents, 169 hiist Twenty second street, ibis (Monday) afternoon, at half past two o'clock. Cosmrrr.?At San Francisco, on Sunday, March 17, W*. CoKMcrr, lor many years a resident of the Fourth ward. New York, and for the last twelve years a resident or the city or Sun Francisco. New Orleans papers please ropy. Corkby.?On Sunday morning, April 13, after a abort but severo illness. William Henry Cohkkv, sod of William and Isabella Ourkey. In the 20th year of his age. The friends and relatives of the family, also the mem bers and olllcers of the F.. I, Hnow B u. No. 2 are re quested to attend the funeral, from hla late residence, 314 Hudson street. Carrou. ? At West Point, N. Y., on Friday, April 12, Wujjam CrviKK, aged r> mouths and 1H days, only son of Lieut. B. S. Carroll, United States Army. Cospo.n.?on Sunday, April It, Catiiarjxr Cosuow, a native of Charievllle, county Oork, Ireland, aged 20 years. The relativ s and friends of the family, and tboee of her brothers. Henry H and William Condon are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock precisely, from her late residence, No. 240 avenue B, corner of Fourteenth street. FnwATKiCK.?Suddenly, on Saturday, April 13, of dls ease of the heart, Jamks Vitxi'atriok, a native of the parish of Drumlane, county Cavan, Ireland, In the 641b year of his age His friends and acquaintances and those of his sons Thomas, l'hlllpA"rancis and James, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on M mday morning, at hall past nine o'clock, from 19 West Fifty first street, from thence to the Church of the Holy Cross, West Forty-second street, where a solemn high mass will be celebrated for the re E> of his soul, from thence to Calvary cemetory. Hay soul reel in peace. ttryy?On Sunday, April 14, at the residence of her parent.-!. 284 West Thirty second street, Mary Abulia r lynx, aged 19 months. The fri< ads of the family are requested to attend the funeral this (Monday) afternoon at ooe o'clock. Fisiies.?In Brooklyn, Sunday, April 14, Hetry Fi.uhxr, in the 72d year of his age. His rolativrs andfrtoads, also those of his sons. John L. and Henry C.. and his sun-in law, William H. Weed, are resi? ctfully in\ M to attend the funeral sorvlc-s, at the residence of the latter, on Tuesday afternoon, at fire o'clock, in Myrtle avenue, between Washington avenue and Hamilton street Ills remains will be tasen for in terment to Rye, Westchceler county, on Wednesday morning by the naif past nine o'clock train. Graham ?On daturilay, April 18, Maroabkt, widow of the late John V. Graham, of this uity, and daughter of tlie late James and Uiaaboth Ktlwards, of Tappan, New Vork, sged 73 years. Horr.imu.v ?On Saturday, April 13, of apoplexy. Jamw II. Hon.iiTAijs, In the 66tb year of his age. The rrleucs of the family and those of hia sons, John. Francis and James, Jr.. are respectfully invited to attend the runsral, from his late residence, No. 61 Hammond street, tills (Monday) afternoon at two o'clock. Jack sow ?On Haturila; , April 13, of consumption, Mr. Johw llxsKY Jackson, aged 36 years, 8 months and 28 days. The relatives and friends of tho deceased, also the active and honorary members and friends of Boulhwark Stettin I ire Knglne Company No. 88; also the members of Joppa Lodge 201 of F, and A. M . of Brooklyn, are re spectfully incited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 107 Third street, this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Hla remains will be Interred In Greenwood Oemotery. Ijmov ?On Sunday. April 14, at the residence of her father, William Ihnry, Katr, wits of James I*tnon. The funeral will take place on Tuesday afleruooo at one o'clock. Belfast (Ireland) pap we please copy. Mcl*ai.urs ?On Saturday, April 13, Wii.uam McPril ufs, aestlveof Mooagfaan, county Monaghan, Ireland, aged 68 years. The friends and acquaintances are resp< ctfully invited to attend the foneral, this (Monday) aft moon, at two o'clock, from his late residence. No. 30 I<ewts street. Hla remains will be taken to Calvary Oetnotory. M'Osmic.?o? Bunday, April 14, Wiltja* Oa-nos, son of Robert and Barah McOcrrntc, aged k years and 8 days. The bud that here began to grow, thai! bloom In worlds above; Tls planted by onr Father's care, In the garden of His love. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the foneral this (MondayI afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of bis parents, No. 24 Booth Berenth street. MnuiSHPov ?On Saturday afternoon. April 18, at six o'clock, He i as a . wife of J. C Middendorf, aged 30 years. Tho relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late re*rienoe at Fast New York. Nonatx ?On Saturday, April 18, of consumption, Ass F Norms, daughter of the late Thomas Norris, aged 27 years, 3 months and 10 days the relatives sad friend* of the iaaiiy are respectful ly-invited to attend IDs funeral. et the Allen atrea Wo thodlet Episcopal churoh, urn Tuesday morning a'- lea o'clock, without further notice O'Hajix ?On SaturiLjr, April 13, froui \ aarere colA re ceived on the iCW of February, Ann Tucks*, wlfc of Benry O'llara, and eeoood (laughter of John and Ann Tucker, of Dromclifl county Sligo, Ireland The friend* of the family ana ihuee of her brothers. John, Jamutf and Joseph J. Tucker also thoeo of her brothers- n law Anthony Kichard, Edward O Uara and Peter Uuut; also her uncle, Mr. M. Chrwtal, are reapeotful ly ruqueek d to attend bor funeral, this (Monday) morn ing. Bet remains will be remove 1 from her late resi dence, 20b Monroe street, at half-past nine o'clock to Burnt Mary's Church, where a solemn lequlum mass will be celebiated (or the repose of her soul, at ten oblock. Iler funeral will take place from the church Immediately alter mass. Bt'THKHi axi>?On Sunday morning, April 14, Mrs. Sarah bCTHBBLAin), wite of Charles Sutherland, aged 40 years. The friends and relntivea are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from her late residence, ltoss street, Brooklyn, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Smith. ?On Saturday, April 13, Anrx Smith, wife of Wil liam Smith, in the 69lh year of her age, native of the parish of Ktlekcrney, county Tyrone, Ireland. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and those of her son, lhotnas Smith, are respectfully luriled to at ten ber funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from ber late residence, 111 Fast Twenty-ttfth street. Btamdugkx.?On Saturday evening, April 13, at half, poet seven o'clock, lb iwuu Stamumirh, aged 30 yours and 4 months. Ills friends and those of the family are respectfully In vited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, firm his late residence, in New York ave nuo, Staten bland, near Vauderbllt landing. His re mains will be conveyed to Woodland Cemetery, Staten bland. Vaupkrhoo* ?OuSunday, April 14, in the full hope of a blissful immortality, Kuxahktii Tvthju., wife of Matthew Varderhoof, In the 7utb year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funurul, from the residence of her son, Edward A. Vandorhoof, No. 67 West Thirty seventh street, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, tier remains will be Interred In Greouwood Cemetery Yuhmsmamm.?On Sunday, April 14, of inflammation of the liver. Mrs. Mm> Tkrawa Vkvnsmann, aged 67 years. The funeral wtll take place on Tuesday, from the rest dcnce of hersou in law. John H Isunpo. Her romains will be taken to tho Church of the Holy Redeemer, in Third street, where a requiem mass will be offered for the repose of her soul at nine o'clock A. M. Her friends

?nd those of her son-In law, are roquestod to attend from No. 332 Fifth street. Wak-nkk ?At West Farms, after a lingering lllnoas, which she bore with Christian patience, of consumption. Ft thkmia, only daughter of John and Sophia Warner. The relatives and Iriends are invited to att.nd the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at t\yo o'clock, from tho Reformed Dutch church, without further notice. H1MCKLLANEUV8. A LARUE CONCESSION FOR CASH. OUR NEW AND SPLENDID STOCK CHINA, GLASS Ajfc PARIAN WARE, PLATED GOODS, TABLE OUTLBBY. BRONZES AND GaS FIXTURES, Will be sold ou terms that must give satisfaction. We most respeotfully Holloitour frienda and the public U favor us by an examination of our goods and the prloes at which we offer them before purchasing elsewhere, knowing very well we must offer great lnduoements to secure a portion of public favor. GEO. ?. KITCHEN A CO.. S61 Broadway. T AS.-SHOES AND GAITERS, A NEW STYLE, At JONES', 10 and 13 Ann street. P. 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XJ OTlCP.-THE MEMBERS OF TIM NTATEH IUGHTR JN fliutrd, and tbelr friends who wlalr to Join, are requested to attend a meeting, to b- held on Monday evening, April 16, at their headquarters, at IK o'clock fYTH RPOIMENT.-ANTONR HAVING A NINTH RHOI ment unlfom, oi any rari. be eo t sail ?--caTum?. ftad a ptcohaaer by *ddrt,oUng Ninth itajtmaut, Uacart ivRea, SHIPPING NEWS. Havtawu mi Ww> tuuuri. KKOM KUBOPE. Nam**. Mum Dam. *?* BibeialA Qiikij ,Mfh 26 Boaton Fulton Southampton. Apl S. . .Maw Tork Glasgow Liverpool Apl 8? New York B?nNL Southampton. Apl A....Mow Task Kedsr Liverpool. Apl 8... .New Tork Niagara Liverpool. Apt 6 Bootooi City of Washington Liverpool Apl 10 ..New York Ante. .Liverpool Apl 13... .New York Vigo Liverpool Apl 17 New Tork Bremen Southampton. Apl 17....Mew York Hammonla hou-hampion Apt 18 . New York ALAi*AO roe new toss ?this dai. son Rises 5 It I aooe skts eve 12'OU SUM SETS 8 38 I HIUH WATSK mora Port of New York, April 14, lMttl. ARRIVED. Btaamshln De Koto Johnston. New Orleens. April 6, vie Havana 8th, with wdse end passengers. to Llvlng?i,>n, fro eherun A ao. Bteemehlp Merlon. Adklna. Charleston. with mdse end ha setigsni, to Spofford. Ttleetou A Co. tlth lnet, el 6), I'M, 91 miles 8 of Krylug l'au Bhoele Lightship. passed steamship At. lentlc. hence,'bound 8; 7 PM, signalized ateemahip Nashville, hence for Cher lee ton. Steamship Jamestown. Rktnner, Richmond. Norfolk. Ac, with mdae end passengers. to Ludiun A Heiueken. Passed in Hampton Koedabere Waltbem, of Richmond, Me, 4 lerge ahipa, and over 100 anil of veeaela bound out. Ship John Haven (of Portsmouth, NH), Strong (late Salter), Mantle. Aug 29, via Maurttlua (where she put in in distress Jan 3D, with auger Ac, to master. Has been 12 days N uf Hat terse, with heavy N and i. galea. Ship A Leeda Mouuey, Callao D2 days, via Hampton Roads.'X hours, with guano, Barrtl Bros March 12, hit 7 22 S, loo 34 28 W, saw ship Henry lilover. 17tb, lat 02 N, Ion 37 26, spoke whaleahlp Carolina, Harding, from Honolulu for NBedford. '.'6110 bbla and 2300 on freight; April 4, lat 28 58, loo 72 30, apoke achr Henry Nidt, from Boaton for Havana. Hblp Southampton, Pratt, London and Por'-smoutb, March 26, with mdae aud 132 passengers. to E K Morgan. Ship Dr Berth (llam1, Meyer. Hamburg, 26 days, with mdae and 116 passenger*, to L E Amatnck. 2d lust, lat 61 20, Ion 31 36, spoke ship Ocean Telegraph, bound E. Ship Red Gauntlet (of Boaton), Lucaa, Havana, 7 days. In ballast, to Tlios Richardson. Ship Andover, Kearney, New Orleans, 16 days, with mdae and 16 passengers, to Vm Nelson A Sons. 7th inst, off Mala ullla Keel, i poke Rhip Idaho, from New Orleans for Liverpool; sine day, ahlp B Weob, from New Orleans for Europe; lltb, lat 36 40, Ion 76, signalized Br brig Uhla, of Hull, bound W Bark Johanna Martin (l'russ1. Cadiz, 36 days, with salt, Ae, to Rim Salem. Lat 33 38, Ion 72 43, spoke bark A A Bishop, bound B. Bark Indian Chief (Br, of Sunderland), Hew, Malaga, 43 days, with lead, lo master. lias experienced very heavy weatner; stove bulwarks. Ac. Bark Ziugarella, Bunker, Rio Janeiro, Feb 26, with coffee, to B Aymar. loth Inst, off llatteras Shoal, saw a herm brig with foremast head gone; same day, 30 miles N ol llatteras, saw a schr with foremaat gone and signal of distress Hying? saw uuother schr go to her aid. March 17, Ion 39, was boarded by a boat from ship Jefferson, Huntington, last from Sand wich Islands, bound to Sag Harbor, having obtained on the voyage 2,000 bbls whale ana 380 bbls sperm, and was leaking badly: same time spoke ship Mary, (clover, from Cocpulmbo for HYork; bad been 68 days from lat 30 south to the Bqua tor. The Jefferson reported having supplied the whaleahlp Montezuma wIth water a few days before Bark L O Carver, Wiley, Cardenas, 14 days, with sugar, to H D Brookman A Co. Bark Tivola, Brown, Ponce, March 26, with sugar, to Blur ges A Co. Bark Nugget (Br, of St John, NB), Boddie. Cardenas, 20 days, with sugar Ac, to master. Has had heavy weather; loet deck load. Bark Lucy Elizabeth, Nlchola, Cardenas, April 6, with sugar, to Walsh, Carver A Chase. Sailed In company with schr Arcade, for NYorh. Bark Mary Lucretla, Bowers, Sagua, April 7, with sugar, Ac, to J T B Maxwell. Brig Isaac M Unison, Barton, Para, 21 days, with mdae. to Burdett A Everett. I3tb lust, lat ?, Ion 72 .12, spoke whaling scbr Emerald, of Eairhaven, 6 moa out, with 140 bbls oil. Brig Costa Rica, Beels Asjplnwall, 18 days, with mdse, to J P Joy. 12th Inst, saw brig War Eagle, dismasted and aban doned. Has had heavy weather. Brig Lady Chapman (Br), Cooper, Fajardo, PB, April 2, with sugar Ac, to Smith, Jones A Co. Brig Titan la (or Kaatport), Folaum, Mayaguei, March 23, with sugar Ac, to master Brig OL Bucknam (of Columbia), Bucknam, Matanzas, 9 days, with molasses, to master. 10th Inat, lat 36 16, Ion 74 30, spoke schr Modern, dismasted (before rejiorted). Brig Ben Dunning (of Portland), Haven, Matanzas, April 6, with sugar, to Uooanue A Co, Brig Australia, Wiley, Cardenas, 22 days, with molasses, to Mctcalf A Duncan. Brig Esscz (of Harpswell). Slnnett, Cardenas, 6 days, with sugar Ao, to Walsh, Carver i Chase. Brig Volant (of Bangor), Dodge, Cardenas, 10 days, with sugar, Ac, to Brett, Bon A Co?6 passengers. Brig Henry Matthews (of 8earap;rt), Lanpher, Cardenas, 20 days, with sugar, Ac, to master. Had some very heavy weather. Brig DarieniCf Warren), Starrett, Cardenas, 10 days, with sugar, Ac, to master. Brig Meteor (of Boston), Carman, Cienfugos, March 23, with sugar, Ac, to Thompson A Hunter. Brig Karnak, Downing, Neuvltaa, March 28, with sugar and melado, to Thoa Owen A Bon. Has r ad heavy IfE and BE gales; lost jib, topsail and malnstaysall. Brig Caroline K Kelly, Pate, Sagua, 10 days, sugar, Ac, to F Swift A Co. Brig Mary Means. Tibbets, Trinidad, 16 days, with mo lasses, to Geo 8 Stephenson; vessel t? H D Brookman A Co. 11th Inst, lat 36 49. Ion 73 36, spoke bark Manhattan, of Sa vannah, steering E. Schr Bylvanus Allen (of Dennis), Sears, Aguadllla, March with sugar Ac, to Samuel Crowell. Had very heavy wea ther; stove part of cargo, split foresail, lost ttbboom, Ac 4tb imt. lat 28, Ion 7133, spoke schr A II Manchester, hence for Gonaivee. Schr Flying Bend, Carman, Havana, 16 days, with sugar. Ae, to Maguirc A Armstrong Schr Republic (of Rookland), Ham, Cardenas, 13 days, with sugar, Ac, to Goo 8 Stephenson. 3d lnat, lat 26, Ion 79 66, spoks brig Fanny Bock.of Boaton, Crocker, from NOrleana for Europe. Baa bad heavy weather; has been six days north of llatteras; started aeck load. Bchr Arcade (of Portland) Smith, Cardenas, 7 days, with 1 molasses, to Robert A Williams, liaa had heavy weathur off Halteraa. Schr B Watson (of Philadelphia), Wllloughby, Clenfuegos, 19 days, with sugar, to J E Ward A Co. March 26, apoke schr Hiawatha, from bl J ago, and three-malted achr (1 w llensen, bound In; 6th inst, spoke ship Fawn, of Bath, from Havre for Savannah; 9th, had a heavy gale; 12th, passed brig Konshaw. I mm Cienfuegos for New Y ork. Has been 16 days N of Cape llatteras. Schr RGiMlllan (of Wilmington, Del), Smith, Remedies Moh 31, with sugar to master. Had heavy easterly storms and heavy weather the whole iwRsage. earned away flying Jib boom and foresails; pu into Charleston, SC. for a harbor; sailed again 9th. Night of April 11, Halteraa light bearing N W. distant II miles, paaasd the wreck of what appeared to be a large schr. with only one mast standing; 12th, 1st 36, Ion 76, parsed a achr steering N, with foroloptnast and main mast gone. Bchr Abby Bracket), Cobb, Sagua, 16 days, wltb sugar, to Metcall A Duncan. Hchr D H Bills lof Quinry,) Brown, Bagtia, 7 days, with sugar, Ac, to mastar. hcbr Win Lancaster (Br, of Bt Andrews, NR), n?ndersnn, Trinidad, Hubs, March 13, with sugar, Ac, to Miller A Hough ton. March 19, oil' Cape Antonio, spoke bark Helah (of Boa ton), (lould, Irom Kalmontb, Jam, for Bristol, Eng. hi hr Tigris iBr), hbaw, Zaza, 28 days, with sugar and mo. Issms, to D K D? Wolf. Has been U days north of Hat terms, with heavy easterly weather. 12th mat, off Cap* Delaware, spoke ichr Mndora, from Porto Rico for NYork. Hcbr Maitha Nichols, Sawyer, Zaza, March 23, with sugar, to master. Schr Equator (Br of Nassau), Albury, Barscoa, nine days, with fruit to J Eneas. r'ohr Henry Castofl tol New port,) Buckingham, Nassau. Nl\ l.'i dove, with coffee, Ac, to Joseph Kneas. Five passengers. Had heavy weather. Solir Esther (Br), Clark, Ht Andrews, 10 days with latha to J?<i Frye. Hchr Hpengar P, Fenny, Matagorda Bay, IS days, with cot ton to Met'ready, Mott A Co. hctir Julius Hmllh, Orlando, Apalac.bloola 17 days, with cotton and hides to master. Had heavy weather, lost boat, fore gal t, split sails, Ac. Schr R8 Mercer (of Philadelphia', Robinson, Jackaonyille, 8 davs, with cotton, Ac, ta F Hmlth. H< hr Pearl, Lamb, Jacksonville, 8 days. Fchr Frances Hatterly, t ooper, Savannah 5 days, with cot ton, Ac, to Jonas Hmlth A Co. April 11, lat .16 28, lun 7.r> 01. passed brig War Eagle, of Philadelphia, dismasted snd abandoned, with rudder gone; a brig In sight, who had prrbably taken off the crew. Fchr Plandotne, Brown, Savannah, 6 'lays, with cotton, Ac, to B L Mite hill A Son. Mir Mary Htedman, floodell, Charleston, 4 days, with cot ton Ac, to Dollnci, Potter A Co. Bchr R W Brown, Carrow, Charleston, 4 days, with cotton, Ac, to Jonas Hmlth A Co. Hchr M K Pmrmeh-e, Osskill, Washington, NO, 4 days. Hchr A Manchester, Kelson, Richmond, 4 days, with flour, Ac, to C B Plerson. Hchr Marshall, Chichester. Alexandria. Hchr Dolphin. Keller, Marblaa, 6 daya Hchr J F Johnson, Chase, Mac hi as. 0 Jays. Hchr Amanda, Kelley, Machlas, 4 days. Hchr Florida, CroweU, Wlaoasaet, ft days. Mr John Adams, Hatch, Rockland, 4 days Hchr W Hcott, Hmllh, Wcllflrei for Virginia. Hchr tienl Taylor, lone*, Chatham,days Hchr WInfield Hcott, Hawes, Boston, lor Virginia. Hchr Republic, Houle, New Bedford, 2 days Hchr Benjamin Brown, Ingraham, Providence 2 dav v Bchr Hea Flow er. Clark, Provldenoe, 2 days. Rloop America, Norlhup, Providence, 2 days. Steamer Delaware, Cannon. Philadelphia. BKLHW. Hark Restless, from Havana.?By pilot boat (leo Htaers. Hhlp Protector, Clark, from Liverpool, .10 days, to llovlaud A Frothingham Bark Brothers?and several others. BAILED. From Ouaraatluo? At 7 AM. steamships Kangaroo Br), Ltv erpool. New York (Brem), Bremen. John Beil (Bri, Glasgow, ship L L Hturges, do. Wind during the dsy W, and fresh. Ml see Uaaroat. (ioon Pa faros?The fine clipper ship Daring. Capt Bluaun son, which arrived at this port on Saturday last from Liver pool, made the run over In 19 days. Her outward passage o Liverpool was made In 17 days?thus making the round voy. age In 36 daya. Burr Mamvi ahd, at Hhanghae Jan 29 from Tangchow. saw a large American ahlp, deeply laden, ashore 10 miles below the Beaoon on the 28th. Brio Awhahpai.k, at Havana ltd Inst from Portland, was struck by a sea on the 28th oil, which washed ovei board two tneii, who were lost, and carried away starboard bulwarks and dcc4i load. Hchr Piztaao, Of Barnstatile, in ballast, while coming down the. bound on Psnirday, wis struck by a squall snd capslsed. The sehr E T 'W intend. of Cape May, went to her assistance, and succeeded In righting her Hhe wss'sken in the beach, at City Islam!, where she will be ptjmpeil <n(t. Hchr H D Oiiisnnx? Oapt Williams, ot ship Ruthven, a Boston Irom Calcutta, reports March 27, Ut 31 41, Ion 6611, sjioke schr H 1) QrlndeU, from Bangor for Ms tan/as, took from her the mate, who was In lured snd brought him ' i Bos ton. The schr had esperiencisl very heavy weather and lost a part or dark load. Hcbr Burnt, Learr, from Havannah for Matanzas, before reported ashore ou Tvhce Island and bilged, rated A2. '*t tons, was built at Hharptown In 1864. and owned m Baltimore "Ihe Alt. sohr BenJ C Hcrtbstcr. '37 tons, built at lllilford, Del In 1M6, snd now at this port, haa t een bought by parties In I'rovldende, on nrivaic t?rms Hhe will be commanded hy Capt Thos Rich, of that city. KoHrr to fttnrlner*. The Buoys In the Ht Croi* River have been set for sunt raer service. Byordsrof the Lighthouse Board. WM ROGER* TAYLOR, Lighthouse Inspector litdlst. Foil land, April 12, UhU. Whalemen. Bee port arrivals above. Air at New London 14th inst (by Ml), ahlp Beni Morgan, Turner, fO ilays from Desolation Island, via stir leu* H> <&J?. wl'h I4U0 bbls oil, to Lawrence A Co. Arr at Now Bedford 12th Inst., bark Robert Morrison, Til I >n, Ocbutsk Hea, Hon lulu Nov f, WytNotacke Dec I, with MB bbls ?perm, (24 bbls taken off River of Plate) UtX) do whale oil and 0,W Iba bone. Bent home T7fi bbls wh, 7ft do sp oil and 19.WO lbs hone. Cruised on New 7,ea.wnd imiltd two weeks, very rough weather, snd saw m>t\lng; ernlsed off Riv er of Plate two weeks snd saw three whales, taking two of them, making the above oil, while fast to one of them, Iwma el i Bumps, oi Warehain. tmststesrsr. w ss struck by a steer log . ar and Injured internally . Capt T's heal went to him and conveyed b<m to the shH>, but he died In about Bftaea BkUk n*es tpifce*' f 3 :fn;u e'-'t'^nT-J ft jAltftUft SWTg, Arrived ' slow Warren 12th, bark Pr-MM. Cate. OWW* Be* Honolulu Uct Ju, WytooucA* Dec t, w?V?0bh?a?* a* oo board. aw from Han Francisco ITth uK, (by ??0 kork Cora*, aw* whaling A Irltor from Cupt Norton. of ship HUendid. of Bdfkrtowa. jvpwU bar In Flore* Be* Ore m (m,?tan Oceato with 7*> bbls Ml web. Kep.jr.-o "poke Noo Mot Hjt loo 110 B. bark Oriole, Mickel, Kf| oof, l.WOep, W bbla si u or A ugust. tup; N state* that he shall rruiae about Passage, Now Quuuu and go. duo rfeaUll August, AWterlrom CaptBUva, cf bark George. MB. rop-Paher at ac*. oo lot, Ae, Oct 18, baring taken 50U-U .norm oil sinew laat report. A letter from Capt Bherraaa. of bark Atlanta, NB. report* her off Hirer of Hate Nov 17,wiili tu bbla ap oH on board. Would crulee In the Atlantic Ceran, on that around. until the middle of April, aud be at Faya! laat of Mar Rncken? March 28. off Cape Mm, bark Warv A b,rui, llow land, of NB, 5 mouths out, with t>v bbls oil No date, off Straits of Magellan (bv ?hlp Ohio, at ???? buco), ship Contoat, Morgan, NB, Ami bids wh and do ap. Spoken Ae. Bark Llnwocd, Penhy, from Liverpool for Kio Janeiro, March 12, lal 36 U7. Ion 30 JO. Bark H.-lah, 18 Java from Jamaica for Bristol, Eng. Mtwnh 31. Ut 3S 3S, Ion ?. Schr Velma, Young, 8 days hence for Matanzaa, March B, lat S3 33, Ion ?. , Br pilot boat Mary Ann?April 10, 25 miles 8E of the Htg.a lands, brig Harriet, of and for Boa ton, 1U days not; llih. IV miles SB of the Highland", ship Caroline, of and for NBed lord from the Sandwlt-h Inlands; 12th, tiape May bearing W by N, bark K Wright, from Trinidad for Boston. By pilot boat Wni II Asptnwall. No 21?April 11, 3Smllea SB Cardenas, 12 days out; name day, brig Endorne, of liarpeweti. 13 days trora Cardenas for Portland. fforrlgn Ports. AtioantLLs, PR, March 28? In port brtgu Black Mtrmn, Pod ger, for Falmouth, Eug. 1U days, Itasca, .Steele, for New York 15. Biu.itoi., March 20?in port ships Moro Castle, Knowlea, fdr Cardiff to load iron for N York; Drome, Tobln, for do to load coal for Cadiz. CkKOKNts. April 6?Arr brig .1 I' ElUontt, Wilson, NYork. Bid 6th, bark Lury Elizabeth, Nickels, NYork, schr Arcade, Berena, do. CiKnri'ti.os, April 3?Sid Br brig Ametica. Ryan, Boston. Havhr, Man It 2b? In port ship Ionian, Wade, for Cardiff to load coal for Australia. Bid 21 id, bark Lapwing, Green man. Cardiff to load iron lor Havana; 25th, slilp Weiltleet, Mctlg very, do to lo id coal for Klo Janeiro. if a van a, April 8?Arrschr K Hill, Sylvester, Philadelphia. Bid 6th, ship Martha Rideout, Mora.-, London; barks Cora, Kean (or Hatchi, Vera Crux; Andes, Merrytnan, Hagua; N W Bridge, McKoan, Remedios; J \V Drlako, Drt-iko. Cardenas. LtvgRrooL, Match 30?In port ships Peerless, Ring, and Ma genta, Jituvrln, to load salt for Calcutta. London, March 3D?In port ships Mary Bradford. Thomp son, for Melbourne Idg; Jna (lllchrlst, Jordan, and llortenaa. Barnes, for Port 1'hlllp do; Eonatl, Hied, for do and Ueelong; Helen Meclaw, Hanson, for Ueelong turd Port Philip do; Htar of Hope, Pearson; Emily Karnum, Blues, and Cowper, Ste vens, tor Calcutta do; Albert Currier, Kayunn for do, ohtd ah 34s on dead weight capacity tor railway baulks and material*; Jacob Morton, Cook, for do aud buck, ehtd at ?6 tor the round trip; Tranuuebar, Goodwin, for Klo Janeiro ldg; itmazort. Hovey. and Am Congres", Mather, for New York do; Rhine. Moon-, fordo; Alloe, Murphy; Kdw Everett, McLellan; Black Warrior, Murphy; Washington, Patten, and Meteor, Melville, tine; J P Wheeler. Oadd, Liverpool, Kearney: North Wind. Jewett; Revely, Plumer; Itairy Hastings, Coleman; Mercu ry, llubbard. Staghound, Lowher, Old Dominion, Hampaaag Hi-ynard, Seymour; Free Trad.-, Stover; WmJ Morria, Jack son, and Champion, Blsbee, dlsg; barks Cheshire, Read, far Calcutta ldg: Crusoe, Bartlett, for Belize, Hon, and beck with mahogany, at 7Usper ton delivered; Htorra Bird, D'Oyley far sale; alary Lee, Kendrick; Mary B Rich, Rich, and Joe Flak* Barnard, dlsg. Hid 27lh. ship Cinrtnhatus, Doane, Near Y ork; barks 81 Albans. Puller, Newcastle and Unlatz; 28th, Unt il nlnn, Packard, Cardiff to loud coal for Havana. Matauuuz, March 26?In port bark" Maytlower. ldg; brigs Ualmuck, Johnson, for Falmouth; Ada, Chadbourne, dug; Palmetto, Mitchell, wtg; schr Elian Williams, Taylor, for Pkl ladelphla few days. Matansas, April 6? Arr ship Martha J Ward, Chase, Savan nah; barks Trajan, Bailey, Dublin; Mountain Eagle, Tstea, N York; John Kerr, Sweetzer, Boston brig P K Cuitls, Nor wood, Havana: schr Anthem, Green, Key West. Sid 6th, brig* Crocus, Conrad, NYork; S H Smith; Smith, Remedios. Paka, March 18?In port brigs Maria, for NYork ldg; Marjr Emily, lor NUaven; schr Pant, dlsg. Kottkkpam. Marrh 28? In port bark Wave Crest, IlilUl?. for Cardiff to load coal for Rio Junelro. 8t Martina March 20? In port brig Mary B Jones, for Bos ton April 2. St John, NB, April 9?Arr bark Arthur White, Kellsff. London. Tkinidao, March 20?Arr brig Sarnh Klagg, Rumball, Near York; 29th, schr Geo Adams, Pish, Portland, 30th, brig Adol phl, Johnston, Martinique; Slat, bark Praukliu, MltelieM. Boston. a r.v viviiD.i American Porta. Bi?toni Apr" 1*-3Id Kb<- B"l?h H Bank., Baafca, t&n! cSirt,' Bwmm Aym' feuir ?? achn. Mall'(la, YrW*"* : , Djrw; t b='0^nTlpEE^'dS? a^fSSSsi &^4&:?^&?S?c "Airsst ,i"nMas off Long Inland]L&d * Y An"? "*?*!" ?t anohar ^^a'SS^M^baSTftS: Oemnrarn, Cunuin?hanT'r^S^L' ^LaomX*r' tU?nf\i?fo.; Utmrgetown, 80 achre wmie r i"^i' Boamer, Thompeaa. dlo., Tin Holmei' ll?e il^ h Pw"V^)' Broin Beam! Wile,. Tangier; nMLS J'*"?. ^pr?. hleld, NOrl""OB- fild achr Hti ?hip* Uoodar MacUBatr'aiufs!Iifc,l*'0r,naa"- I" Uui offirur Wright, Ilaii'ue N Vork ??r. I Vi?"rd- Hd brig H% denae; U B CarlJaie i(J? v ' * "agmu, Cootina, Onr inington, NO (and Hid; Vd ha?L*f!k U.i Jotan, Gaud,, Wil mington; NC: hpblu' P^uetVSe piri?8?'Sit,,W^Ube?rt' W*' na; Nchi. H I Baker I'rlnt iS^HS????to Hlco. kotg, Baroete X':?uTl^< ford, Newport in?'Boyuloif^ri2J9f' *,"**"? m Bttrr. Haf. Nichola; Ned, h??TRVMr..1, /**???* i* A Rltia, Ooodell, and I, F Irty?. judaE N? JS??2?nE,,r! * t*?dn?*n. Hall, and Seeing Tall',, ?'? ",nu,n Boaum. Effort, ? mill), and T l LermaJ K?Z\" AJfS?rt' Kill On*ell, tf.mng K' Wllm'nP*, NO; "Styb Turk. 1 APr" la? Arr uult Delaware, luir^ N All. RIVER, April 12 up| aclir fakir, Heath, Elizabeth. NYork' ShP^Jwi Alvm^),urir "*?!?, !fclK Walew Davm WlnUelmTre. NUnk ^ KU"b",i'">?I <"?. IdTl 11OLMK8?H OLfc^AnrYn"fJS*. Fv^Un"' niBti "Tort, p^achr A tfE&tfif hn Laneeater r,tnKltr. Beinaln, aoha Men Dragaa mutes? ssst'eS* & ?Ll CuqflHH, (Br.. |J&ouh Bluff/ Redman" N "rt*AlbertEES!?* ,lBrrT ggra?i?9K!iSSs ^Z'luvL^8wMSL!h*"?, !!^m'biP o? < Id chipKenmore. Urarea, Ll?. n*H.f M P in eroooi; Fliaa Mar, 'Br;. Bla^k 7^!l'?. thai, Ntork; Atlantic Bavldaon si *** i^^B)iSuh1?rn,A?lriwl; EU^ Blfcm^'p^ B^h^SS22^M?S^ Towed down to lea 2-1 luat, baika Oatallna and ? town ' APrU W ?chi J B Orksc, Palmer. Oc .rge fXffSTKMffi ?} ATteJSnB' ss? Tort' ? r Blackw ell,^ISou, ianSwl^w" N U.P fo7 NToTk APRld,,iitn'r^"'J J! Barker, WL Ilatoo, IW "?,vJ %l^ira^1^P" ^'Vn'de^'H^: Vork and J M Freeman, York, IHglitok-aUfw :5ssr?#s Wdbnrk kannle Crenrt.w, Manao., ri./jwi?, rtTiSu. A^A WN/& I'bt* * il.m W"????*' ? achra (loideo Bod. <\A . Hlcia i|o I K uai^T' tV^I-' HocA,lul<1 Mar, Laagdor ^, S^ifT^llart, Boalon; Alexander, Tinker, M ^ .rkvt'jih. *'S?n' Bht,", Boaton. IrdulBc Hal >11. da ' /K ITa ii ' BroWn- Hampton Roa.U; lioppM (for), a ?\T gj>?rd, '^oeenatnwn, for order*, bilg llaunali Ha.cJi. H Bwrfolk"*' ,cb'*1 "attorij. Cooper, N Took, Hirroo. '/flQ . Arr arfcr Maroellou, On* be 1, Rockland. At ?-?. oarka Bombay l'a> kct, from Bairalooa, Renbi-n, fror ? ijTUt Pool Below, ?hlp Fawn and bark Onward. Old shit m W_ _?" field, Mnmtv. Oadli: Hamhtiqb Onmlerann, Cork a .17_V^!" ket, barka rater OfiMIU, HoeJT NVork. Idnn, Jerr - - 2?*? derland, brig Han Antonio, Colllna, Clenfnego; a .VTo Jl Hnlae Keanehnnk. ? Jhr BreMe. . _,i ii' n iircuiia ? ?th Arr ?teamablp? Alabama, fichenck. BTo a war ler, Ooekrr, do; bark Bombay Packet, Btlrk _ ."I" Old ?>ark lohaona, Fc?cnfeldf, Bremen, br 'D mSL^ Ht'itman. New Haren; arhr M J Bhlndler. !r rZZ??*f? HA CRM. Aorii 11- Anr achra n h itand. Dnrtna, WltHOUMmiR, NO., April ft-Arr.I < . n.haiilin ? . NTork; 7lh, arhr Wootaey, Hot en. NV ort^lk -5?^* ? (row ley. Char lemon; intk, ateam?hlp F ?,*?' ** "?*. InVerk, Wig John Balrb. Whale,, OI ^ irtS 8^^ M*eni R,^rf OhnrltwWn; Rainue', T.^l**?L.'Ur7** i ??t. f??nith, do. cyuf 8th Kflm Ka? tl?r\L in