Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1861 Page 6
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MTIffli'II R'iHTKl^-rUAUBS. 4 allUTHt, TW1M, *48 IKO WoMtW, v?;rn i A ?r- fh vt n Ik. w*au ? nHnli n ?< <m ntm >4 ?. * Htltm v.kt-vkUii - HfOHIM 'I'Mllh 4 lirili d liao ?? Oil el -lib ? family. eft ier oumr *' lady'* w-fif ?r U ? charge *? 4 1 Infill *,!?u be aeon it Ml*. P n BlMJ "It.*!. 4-nokWu 4 ' Uf> H I k!"1!, w|fH IJMS aUOH Mt Wl*'1T.S fL I# lake charge nf ?h? ivodtuce af a u ?i>ert*ble faml'y whe *n e*viog the tH* or Iue ami; ? I ?>? ? i 'gee; the i> ?t ?f rr*> rem-4 given ?Mi?> I ra L f., OMH apiare Poat otiae A&s rtn><tLK ?i?l WAiri a ?rr no* ah r\r k wawh.T 4:'d Irouer lu a 4tnwll p f 1118 Hi I'J rvfe enc- *.n Iw f rIBBO *t I A*4f lint ' t. b< i ?eeti if an :'il iv* , arm fl or Ayr Mi t r 11 H ? m> ? ? KISS CIS t> ?"o.jjia're kiuir uii< iu*< > wi-b or ?nlwii fc?> iniii it1 1'. ni"t ';li ? . r <i? d <m *11 kill ? nf sr * '. . or muni i '.hk n U' iv i >r filliii'44 * m till 4* I Villllbl i O, H" i'***l 1 <11 A 'II l'l I he K -ll'l and *o ?u K'b.i f to 11 - if I ? a.11. ? - mil 1 ' luck it lilt ilk ?v. AUfi'/ .AH t Vol'Mk w.vl ?'l-lillK A 8ITUA two ** b.uiV-mil-: ?U'l v-aitc* or wou'd *?n.i in h ' ..uo n 'ii , b "i a ) r*foicm.'i given 0*11 *. 114 Heal ip.1 ? I rv wr 4 . 1M.> tAttl.fc I" Hli W .MvN WIN 18 AelrU >1 ill I< ha *.a in Id I 1 ?imir- ?: uiiOh'hi*'ili in m*. e.ik'ng v.i'd ? *n up on W b?? of A h lu ? machine * id ? ui.l u, i f Ii r "I v ? i* i> it 11hi h ill .- 'l? ii"m' ni''el y wrKiio ?i ol> it i'i i ili.i urc uiiir;. - *1) it 173 8m t v , ) |??n!l 1 v.i i i d IV ll f i i. 4 >1 I A Ml N Av c !.)- IIV ?M EXPHUFN-3ED ! A tMM% >* f i?l ii 1 ? ltd *? <?t win the w.i ?' ug i ant wooing rd ao t%e i aku g of * malt private family; b? at ' eiv iv ert <??? ? ?H ' >r two daya *i 1 J ?eii 25lh at , no- 1 %?<*! Ml> aud ith ..In AVI" M? ';i! I. ?|tHbii v Hlf H ATI 'H a" CIlvM- I ke-n Id ?rd l.ivndrvi*. or woald do Witt tig hn- wu U- ! B t m<* ir II ;i|i t ?? t ' ity rdemiMe ' voir h *r taut plane, ! wbi alio lived ihi- i y*?r? Call hi 48 A'ent JOtb *t.t lor Iv ? OH . it PIC A Flit ontfi W1s||4H A HITiTATIDN AH ?\ ih <nb?eii I'd init wmtrvM, twin Ilka M"m of r Uitnvi, (?8 cr i?r. d)i it ber lite eaipiijn-?, 103 Viil.iw ft, km k'yu AH A.M1Y Mf'HiRl Wild AH. WITH A fivik Vi. HHt o vi 4, n ie hUuaUoa iui wot nurso. Apply It ?o 4 rulloo ll.a;.', niooklyu AFIAVATlttN WAWED-FY A RHSFEC1 ABIE WO n an. to do ; . l' docking; In * (lift vi>? ? avhar aud dvtnr, i nd In wil l gindub! tiPR; no objectl in to p ? i abort rkv i. r*1 in ibe omr'-y dti re i en. e i a l tt 115 dfeatlbitb ak. nevr fib *v , Mtoon l floor, frout t< r two diya. I on; hi' f. vTaMHiAK.8B WANfd A HIT lAfloN; nndoiatividv di -Htviakiin cul'ng i?d Suing a wllllag l oo tliilit liamb- rwoik mid itiuiv bun wi?v> nsand Ironing, lawld hVi-o ? alt on a l:?dy u>*l i; no objection to nve the .ity Can be aeen at her proneol employer'a, 215 feet 4wtl. ft. AYt.CbO Wt MA* WAHT4 AHITDaTION Ad GOOD pl.un ei ok and K"od aaeher and irnnvr; would ro hnu k ?rlLin?fiiiiU yiivHf family. l? willing and obliging; haa Aim vrai *' rli v relervnce Oan be aneu for two daya at Hf W?wt IVb ft.. I H tween t ill and 7 th *v. At KH I'lOT A dbF, til HI hHHHi AHIrUATIUN AH ?4ik *ml to a. flat v Ith the ? hhhIo* and Ironing; t? will ing and obliging beat city reicren w Can be icon for l*o day - If not engaged ai 19l tt eat 4 d nt, between 8th and 9th YOllHtt tllMli WAHl'n A alfUATIOH 48 011AM beniiHld ai d to H*al*t with the waehlng an.! Ironing, or to like care of children; uo objection 10 go to'he eoiintey; city ref-reuoe Ir m ber laat plaoe Call ll 170 haul 29th - lOl Nil Womb WaN'lH a aifl'ATlO* *8 PIR8T ?\ r ase mod Bdltaiwlldd niak'iig j-llies, pa-try and all I* of itea erta. Oau be aw n nt her preaeni employer a, 15 kind' laat lain at 4 ft FbUlvIHH PROTK81ANT O KL WAHT4 A Hf A. tuailnn to dn g-nenl bou lewijrk; one web ivoominMid ?u Irom her aat plica Call lor tan data nt 2l3 haal 12tb at ? hhr I hCTABl.h 1'i.Crt &8TAH1' dIKL WI8SB8 A A. fliuai'ou a* i humberm .ii ami ? etmatrvns, or to aaalat m h al lldriu. g ? d eler. uici< c?n b< given, tull for two a al 84 t'ta ave 4 TOt'HU VOMAN M I8HE? 4 HITl'ATION IN A A | ruaie fam iv a uur ? alio (dutinlmrniaid, aud to do |. ham kealng ihe bwiof el y lefeidKi' can Im given. If re gn-rcd Cau i? even <or two c aye at od7 M ave , betwean37tb *d ,.mh mi, tblid il"or back riMim. AKtnFj-.CV'Aoih lul Nli WOMfi.N W 4 H ' 8 A MTU a loL In a p iva.e iiutllv, underktinda all hind 'of tain) If ?wkmg a no la a good waaber and linner; tne beat of rvfcte oe aa io 1 on* ? ty md c-pacny. rleaee call at no 41 laiki iintrbo-n et . ? rnoklyn ih a ? ay (Monday) HBHPfOrAKI R fOi NO Wt?MAJI WleHK4 A A k) ua n.n ?* o ot, wimaar and lnoier Beat of ot.y rafe ! c..n he given ('all for two daya *i 1.30 Went 2"ili at. Ahts'il' aHLIS VODNG V3IHI. WANTn a SITUA tioa a? cbamOerinaid and waltremaor ?a rur-e and< uam Kiwiald i o u CUV r-fe enee lall for two davs If not eu yag d at 151 ? e-1 ?'.?d -t , b tween 8tn and 9th 4v| a 8 ITU A3 IOH a A > fKU -BV A AE.HfE'TTABCiB A yontg woman, to d" chamber work and H like care of eBlld-v n: o wble to dow-wlng on a aewlrg -na< h'n and wll Ang to go in ibe country ? *11 for two d.i.y* at 432 Wejl lOtb at, tec .nd floor, Irani ioom A 8 NVRRE?AN EXPERIENCED AND CAPABLE <-b id'r niirw wtiiU a a tnatioii; can take full charge of a baby, W i n eieelent ?ewer; on objection to nouutiy for tbe .uinuHj ????? city re'er- uoe Call nu or atidrcaa fortwo 4mtr 1M cut !nt St., thud .1'or, back r otn A COOK AND CHA * BEsM AID?TWO STEADY, *?11 dUpoevd glrlv, . tgLIy iccomuieudnd d-elre miua 15 as In tit? ?i country, n <>r I (? wt on* *? good ?<ok ai d Laker or hi * cb?e? i iui; tue oiler .mohuin mwid and * <tKr< us ur nurse *nd Apply at t,.1 bib B\ fUO" A8ITI AIL N WANIED-Bi A UMOTtllil PiiO legtau gill to t.o light general homework. Inquire at Its 9th rl , b*iwren *v? C wtid D A I KC / L ST a L T Oi&i. A ANTS A SITUATION TO LO A ebsnitierwoih, i r mh wa.tieaM; n> oojnc ton to gt In the touu 17. Call a. 1.6 Mb HV , between .Hat and .Vi .* * mttation wanted?by a very respkota A hie young woman ?Li M i<0< mun thmi fnit- ginniln in |ki country), ?o nniM an 1 *haiunlreae, cau cut a> d til Ud>?? mad rb iri'rii ? eoih*a, and doll kluda of sewing dm iio e. J?cl ? u to ?? t-t 111 ciiom'x ran *k, la wiling to uink ? h. 1 ?all g nerali} u?efuL Call at itb taal 1Mb at., near 1st av., asesad tl ?r, trurt room A RESPECTABLE wIKL WANTS A NUTATION AS cb?tnhennhld and wairea*, or aa eli?mt><*rmaid arid to Mat in i?d Ubaidii; no objatti u t g > a (he co in ?ry for the 111D11 er month. hn 'w Vetof cnj rwttau,'j Call at 75 Pro pee at , between Jav a id Pearl -t* , Sro kjyu. AO"(il> HIT I'A'lON WAN 'ED?BT A RESPECT ab.e young g rl, to do cooking au?l waala in the warning and noning < an produce the b*?t ot city reft'reiioe Call at 5II' ?d ar between 1Mb and I4tb sta AS pOOI, AC.-a RESPECTABLE <11 ItL WANTS a A Mluatlon II. a etn.ll priva e laimty aa ll'-t clang c-r.k aad eioellent wa-ber and irmer aad gind tiak?r. O <>lnty ?airrence Call at S.T W eat *5 ta at , bet w en Mnandtitha 1 A till All N WASTrD-Ht A Y.lCaO i.IKL, A 0 Arat claaa waiter; 1.00 ijwtmn to dorliaruberwork ai d waUirg tn a private tansil Beat of city relerviisu. Call it SB * SI UU at , between Mb and tihava. _ ETSPtt rvBLK I'RO RhTaNT lllHU WISHES 4 A lltnatioD a- riiamberuiald or pur-e and aeam itrcav; un ?era'ansa nil kind, .r nee.l t-work and la a go d plain arwcr: ?aa take tor > nine . barge ol a baby fiom Hh birtb. tlnod ?*ty reterenir fmm h. r Taut pla."e Can be aeaa lor lay dayi ?Kill ?tb ar . fl at floor, bu-k riaim A'b la( ndke?s situation wanted rtaiw jie, i,ble w?rnan; haa lived f air vnara in be- laal place, awnbjet tl n in g a kh rt illat n.oe tn the country It .*t of (Werei r< a gtreu AddrwM for two data 1/5 lan con at. AUSPfCTAIlLK (MUM (11RL Wlallae A Mflf atnni in trar-l with a lad., nr o'berwiae in to th? o >un try aa uurta own apeak the aiencb language. Ca.l at d] Caaaon atreet A Cir >0 N < w.iMaN OA TS A olltJAIlUN AS NCKSK and wd.i potn aawtbg. ran give geod e?'y reference, a be en at tn.VAl av . top It ASirtAT ov W iN TPD?lit A HE-I'M TAHI.K H yonig kilt, to do general butae-vcrA tn a email private ?amilr; baa g.rei cm ? el ere nee l an re aeeo lor two da,a ?k IN < eat ionh at. situation wanted?ht a rkspecrasck touok girl aa chambermuld and waiter, or would no akata bar wnrt and laie.mreol cal.dmi; go d city'O'erenre ?vahegtrtii apoly at??id-h av., I>e.?e,n '/.nh aud.tkhva AkU" UU III hi. WISHES A SITUATION To (>,, rhaoibeiwi rk and waiting, or bouaeworh In * am all la ?tlly inquire at 1151 mith at., 111 the atore, Bna'klvn AOOMPE'ENT WONAN WIK1IRH A HITI'aTI.iN AK ntirae, underatanca tbe ca-e of citld'ea perf?c<lt; would bake tbe entlr* cnarge of a ban* from ita birth; nndera'tnda platii aemr it p>rfre ly . la of a kind art uuglng dlap eaitt m, ? famllv ahom ui travi I preferred, ta never *ra ?ick addreaa to U Waat a tb at , between bib and 7tb at* , for two d?v? ABESPBlTTABLR OIKL WISHES A SITUAflON IN A private fami y to cook. *wli and Iron; ta a go >d baker: ta willing arid obl gtng with Ike neat id ciiy refer uca Call fo too davi at 45 Perry at AVOt'Ml WOMAN WIS'Ins A SirUAHON Ad WAIT raaa la a pdvate family, perlec ly underatandv ber fenaneaa, h*? no objection o go to the country lurlbeauin mer Isei of city lelerenar can be given from ber laal p'awi. Own be "een for two d.jr at 19b A eat 36th at., aooond II mr, front room. AW RESPBCIASoE YOURU WUNAN WISHES a SITU at Ion to do jhainberwotk and aewing. l? ? tine hutd at ambru dcry, ta wtl tug to ntwkc heraelf genervlly ueeltll Oaa be reeti for two data at 1Kb Ea*t Aid at , between d and M avea., aeeotid flixkr, bark room. Uood reference frontier laal place. Ah wet nurse? wanted, a situation an wet Durwf, by a napuftuble marrWid wwrnaii. to a private family . baby four month, old Can be arm fir ih-wr dava U ant engaged, at Ml Neat Ithk at, Oral floor, Iroet sroin. ATOUNU OIBL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO IlKv eral hoaasvrork; baa no objec ton 11 do chamber* rk aata do pbtln cooking, waabtng and tmnuut, haa uoobwiiiu ?ago talk* oountrv or In Bto klyn. City n ferrao-a App.v as a a Weet Nik at far two daya. AW COMPETENT TO UNO WOMAN WIdllKS Asl-UA tloa tn a amall private family aa co ik, waatno and Ittaier, or aaalat la tbe waaktog and Ironing; ran do ail kmda ef baking; baa gwd rwferenoe from be laal pluoe at UT7ih av for two daya, aeoood fl.atr, front A| HERMAN PERNOR, WHO NPSAKN ENOLlMfl, wbhea a ailuatlon to take ahargw or children; If arauled, ka teark tiieai In tie tcirman language an 1 *T> nun embr .1 ?wry. MagtKid aeamaiieaa and embriNdarar; the beat of eily eef eren.A tpp'y at Na 16S B wary, la lite b mk-tore. A SITUATION WaMTRD-BY A hEHPBUT ABLE OIKL J1 aa c.Mat n (>k; ? ne who thoroughly under*tanda ber b j ane la a good mea and paairy umk and 1a al-o a go >d baker of braad can giv< tbe te at of Mty reliirenuea I nun nar ev.tuojera Ap^ly or at No. 46 tth av . between Vtb ?Un "U'fe ill I ABiTLAI. tN WAN1RU-Rt A HKSPRCTASLK rtlEL, aa nurae or rhaaibs-niald and I ? do |i aln aeartng Caa atwraie on w beater A ? ila n ? aewing maoblnra; can t i:at?b laeb-atoi reipMo le-r a-t ptae r.nlM??|g llo r.aat J tn >1 , flr?t n or, 1 ?, ? n<im lorigti Sayt un aTton was rd?nt a hi inlt ne' ti ble girl ?r ma It anil c?? g,v. the very beat 1' city refer enra aa to koliraiy and raiiwbilliy ; la rie.t. willing a d obl'g flng bag no objection bigntoiae neintry for the aum uer. * >n be ?een at 1* Waat 1Mb at, ucarv.b avn., la Ike rawr, for ?rrr*TK>!V8 WASTBn-yffHALB*. > HTt'A*lON w.Nr?D?4% OGAK rhORDUOBLY A mtdewtaode her b*i*to'v?: In a thud b?k?r ?wl ndrr Iwtter end has (arid ON) rcf<re*ei\ (Jail al lir< m , bei 9 eei, 7th aiil ft a avr* A Mrl ATION WANTED?BY A REAPK'TABLS GIRL, J\ an ehan hennstd and waiter or nurse and seuicvtrr m: m ? Ulnr and chbgtg Pa be seen till euga^-d at 171 Wen*. t6ih ?t, l*i ?e< D hth ano lib aves. MM' TIDV WANTED?BY A BESCfciTT.V(ILK WO ? Din f-a Ofik , in drr> tar.dt a'l I ; r.t' of cooki* f. ro li jn i'iit i i it*i 'it in tan wssli'rg ?nd i oolog. and U *1L og to ho lino 'M e uiit iy; I* ?? r.f city ra'tren e c*u oagi' ?n. ( all f< r i?n da/s *tTo. lOUKoatntli ?t., between fill anJ 7?h av?nne? A A K1 '"EC> AMI." GiKL WjcHr d A 8ITUs*l>N IN . ?? arm It mrfvaie family to do gemml b iiwn'ii h; is mi rirrl ?or umiIn i* t.i d lioiief ai o i'o l ii'aoi e -k the beat of en> i-? tervii'i-|tl'- n i .Mi f ir i*o i1*>hat No 4J0 test ... b ?tr<i t., between 9ih and lDtb avs *1* WHS*.?A kUI k'9 Malt OFfi woman hiiIh a e'ttiatirn an at' nm ? U. rmu ln'ir L lin n onll a ti d ( an ? >?? thebe,?ti.f le'ereuoa siiat69Art* liill ii.,u til<? In in Ctli a>e, In the hoop hkirt ?t ire AtUtitiO NCOTGM iiIhL *f * N TR A dlT?; aTIOM TO . do ri ?ii.' and waiting, or . U.tuberw ok aid take rait- of eldldra i. IVI it i24 we t at) k at, utar i ta ave. > obj c io?a l.i g < hi th< country. a UTi aTUN WaNTTD?IS* a U*H EC 1 aBI.H PH * A teiMnt jon ig woman as chnnibariould. ininnauJ. flrewNsiiug hi id uoiiiug. is an enponwu -d child's o ursi; 1 ax lii i lijei to ill tn|u a abort .lirUnco iu tbr oonn ry, e.iii Ik 'nlcl.v i li ieni <?' Call al ?00 .it avu. aorm r o! 30<.b t f r two dat* .. hill AIION V?>'l'>ii~IO I U K Hit *AdH!N() H > nd ir?nl' g. or as rbambcrm ild <ud waitress, he it of it.yrc.l mme. t'a'l a Is'/ Wre t 27'h >1, "ear dth ave a t III ATIOM WaNTBD-R? a "in AT. TIDV TODN'3 f? girl. IB years of ngn, as at'evriaut upon grow.i eht dr.-a: can sew Hid embrotd-r neatly, is willing tu m ike kernel I useful h e three years' city reference. Dull at or .oldre?a tor t wo doy - j<ij 3d itv , t.e'.s eon Myth and 4lKli *ta , third ato ry, fr 'li t room. A SITUATION TANflD-l a RMBPEOTABLH voting woman. to rs."k. wash end Iron m a -mail pr-vaf sinl'y, tl e'"-st re'eieuce given; r.o objebtiuu P.go a shot diHhntv m liii-<vi"iitrv Call at Z78 Weal 3K.hat, id tr.iot basi niimt, bet *?tm il'h and I'Hh ave ASMaRT, TIDV TliINO QIKL WISHIM A HI mo tion In * private family to do e neral hounework; la will lug and -bi n tut to her employer; no -bj-cton to upattlrs w rk it reonirrd; 1a an eioellent waaber and lroner and a E'od plain eook rlert eoy re'e-enm from last ptace. Can be wen tor two days at 102 Mulberry ?t , near new canal. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WATTS A SITUATION AH snamatrrta and uoiae, or ti do rhamberwork ?nd line washing and lronli g. Uood city reference front her las', p'ace t an be rem i or two dava at 122 Prince at., Brooklyn. nE riCTAEUt TOm wosiAN WftiiEt a sirti atlim a a rmpectable private family aa pla'n oook, whi ber and ironey; n i ejections to a reapeotable private bo^-ding bo me Call at TV!? westI8th?t AKKbPKt'i AKLh TOCNU MAKK1BO WOMAN wishes a sliuation a* wet nurse, call for two daya at 197 7tb ave, between 2VI and Mtb sia A A SITUATION WAMTED-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, 48 o. ?ik, washer anr IroMT, or would do '-hamber work anr plain'swing; baa no objection 'o gi :i short ills tunco in tot country . cot give the best of cltv reference t an be seen for two days at Kt King street, seciud ttour, back A8WKTNUR E.-A RESPECTABLE MaRHIED Wo man wtehee a situation as wet nurse In a private family Can be seen for two t aysalXll A est 26;h at, second Hour, .1 Ct'MPKTBsT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION AS /V ro<ik or to do the housework of a small family. No >0 jre'lin to ihe 'onLtry Cab at 271 Mnlber-y at, between t rloce and bouston i is t an be aeon for two aaya A SITUATION WaNTED?by a respectable y ung woman, a native of Scotland she Is a good nook, washer iitiil Iron, i or would do general housework in a small lsmily; Ollv r-terence. tl required . all at 2iE Weet 26th St., b?t?e? n fttti sud 9'h uvea C1HAMPPKMAID aNI) SEAMSTRf SS ?A SITUATION J aau'.d by h rompoient y >ut'g wnman. go d in any capi eltj. ?I'ply for thiee days at her preaeut eiaployer a. Kid West 30 n ?t. CTI OK?WANTED, A SITUATION, B? A RESPECT A ) bte girl, as nook. In a private fanily where no washing la required Has iu objection* to the c .untry; understands jams j' Uirs Hini pusity is an eioell-n'. bread maker Apply tor two day ?? W* aits st, near t udsnn H. (TUASBEHMAIIi AND FINE: WwSTIBK AND tttjNER i or ebauilieriuald and waitress. ? sl uation wan'el, by a cimpi tent y in a w>man; understands h r business th> roughly ; lies llie N st city rsference Can be seen al JId West ikiiti st, near Sth av. ODOR'S elTUATI 'N WANTED?BY A TTOMsM WHO thoruughly naderstandr all kinds of cooking snipe, mtala poultry, game, psstrv and desaerta can glra the oust cltv re |V re nee apply at 100 23d at., corner of 2d ave., tilt suited. ptniK ?? NTED. A hlfUaTlON Ad JOOK; IS WILL V J lug io as'l t with the washing and Ironing good city referi Hiv- i all for two days at Ml West 13ih st, sec md Uoi'i, front renin, over he store. Bouse KKsl'hH? A WILuW LADS OK KTHPhOTA bllity wishes to make a'rsngoni-ms with a family or widowe ii? b Hi ?i?-per or gnverneas. no objertl ,n u> g.. houlb i r to Calltortiui. Adil.e a lor three days Mrs. rt. A. Ed waids, to UN itreene street. UOl'erKEETEM ?AITUaTION wanted, HV 4 Kg. sp* ci Me w man in a m iei or prisatr family nooNjee lion to travel or g ? to ttn country. Call at or addrrn 270 East l"ib at Oil UaTION WANTED?BY AN AMMhlCA.N (Idu Cr liutieru leareuf age, to take rare of ? ohl d or <1 i I14I11 boute i ll *t| iDiMjNi Addrem box 164 He.a'd olio*, or ?. I at o / ?t?Ml? rt SIU A?H Nh WANTfcD?8V TWO OIKL8, WITH f H K ?no fmrll' : <>u<* a. cu>k, thw other m chwtn teruida, tnih ?? 11 ng to ?? >i witb the washing and ir .tilrg; have in . bettof l>y re??noire end rave no objection to no a ?h .r. eu>< In the aountey Can he ? ?n for two dtjr* ?' 187 K utt It nne , letweeu l?t end 2d are* flr*t floor, h-tok ro m JMII sTIMN wo rh.U ?BY 4 HHhl'lSOl AH'^B *t>IINil O W no n, u (Ml e Ok waabe-aed lna?r; l? baker, w). tng to moke herself neriul; tho beet city ivte not e t a'l'or iw.. d?v* nt 4(1 7la av., bet we n S4o and lleth * a, Brn fl or, room CITtAT 11-N Wehl&D-BY A t(her?fcfTA?U? lO'lMfl k5 woman, to c *k, wash and tr n, who thorougr !y und-r etMud hn buftneet; hat lite b si of city reference; h?- no ob jrrMo i to go a . I rt die'ance In the country apply or two Okti at '/I M rgt ivtti it (JlTi ATllM WANTAD 81 A KP. r PK fTABLE l-.UN.l O wt n an to do rharvhe.-wnrk and pl?lu sowing or to tiko rr ol' cl idt en' Ca.l tit ISM W c t <t ih ?t ,*111 aIICN WaNIKII-8V an ORPHAN, IN AMMaCC J frti.ily P. a*>l.t Id ?.'wi. g or le willing to make b-raeir useful to a family ttat would bn kind to her: a noiue in. re an ? bjecl tbau wattes. Call at MS Hudson In the store 0 111'AT It N W A NI If l>? 8 Y A UK*MAN PKOTKHTAN f girl as cbatnternia'd and waitress; apeak* g *)1 Bug. 1 ab. 1 o be ?m I r tor e day* at 4tU stb ar , bciweeu Slat and .CM ata , aeuoiid llo. r m|iI At It N WANIbO? 8* A KrHl'K'ITAlLB TUjAil O woman, aa cbaaiueruisid and watlm**; haa the b-cto? ?a to'ont? y a.ol ctptlnlily. ha* no o tjaetl m ------- ? iya at 1i IT - the country Can lor two days at 73 Weal 17lh it, near Gib Avenue. ^iiiatiun a a An: i>-at a i.tsi t. i'amlr aklhi O woman aa rbarnb ruiaid, and * uld be willing u> do acuiu hue washing <? plain sewing Can be aeen tor two day* at n<9 Allen *t., in the rear. CIT-ATIObS WanTCD-HI TWO YOl'Ntl WOMEN i |M one ae fl at car-, c ?>k 'be other aa waitress or laurdnwa. both arc lb-'Ooatly aon-mpliabrd tt fu Oil either ritual, in. ?o..1.1 bate nooi.jrc lou >o go a th irt dielanre in ibeoiuniry ? b> In at oI r| t reirrt-Loe Can be glv. D Call at <S. Wo* Ibth si , b. t seen sii and tub an a second floor, >ack roos Jul Alien wakreb-Bt A itKsi-EjTaslk vounh O woman, aa g.M>d plain o ..k, wa-her ao.l Ironer In a | I i prl . r !?niil); undeiaoiudk all kinds of baklug and paatry; go d rliy tcferrnc-given fr m b> r 1 at LtUee. Call at Wj 6U> av , mtwrrn Z4tb and ibtb *U , acuond door, nack roore golTl AT10N ?anted?bt a yodno woman, an an It rac-rien. ed ro-.k; n> d-nnanda Orrman oooklng and all kind > of baklntt; b ?' ol riiy rrfe ence from lA*t place. Call at 1UV A net Ibih >t, In tAe r ar ^1TVATI.,N WaNTKD?BY A PRO'ISHTANT WOMAN, ? aaartnirae. wtl'inj 'o ar?wt In pla<o ao?rini(. t'anbe ? en for two day at (V? 18th *c, third floor front room n^wu rtiri'n iAi<oh i'?to1K8tanr aiiii.8 '.r**r I *Utinil'ina t-'grthnr, one aa rook, waaherand Inner; the other na ? baiobt rrioto and pU n .u-atuatreaa or aathlidrtua nu ae. reel ol r>ienic-? rum heir last pia-e. eo .bj a ttoti to the oouutry. Call for two day* at IW Jefferson ?t., Bp *talr* VA-* IMIO- H? K MiriDf.e A'lFD W'tMAN, A SIT'IA TV in n to t?ke tareo' children, or mik- brreelf ti-wful; good re efrnee. Apply at No 6 BocruA eC, near b niton av., Itr.Mtki)u, on Monday and Tuesday. JL' AN7kf>?Mk AN AMERICAN LADY, A 8ITCATltiN T a* n .*fUl? ? ck ourao; beat of rrfereoM glrea Inquire at 48 nrwrnwteh ave. nTAkftl ht A hK npMIU iOilNti WtIM *N \ T t , It ..ation to do the rooking, avhtug and Ironing of a i malt private faintly. ba? tke twrt of eity reference t rem her last plate < all at (II 7tb av , b-tween 24th and 2Mb eta. U' APTe I>?A MTbATlUN, HY A tOUkO llltlU "If ft teen years < Id, to atlead ch.ldr?n, or make hereelf gear rally oeelnl t'i?l rity reftitnoe given. Inqut e of Mr. Irni'ie, No g Man- at w AM f fi?A hi 1 C Af 'ON, HT A EKHPhllT t Ht.S ?. in g woman, a* chambetnald and waltrrae; or to a-aUl In th. warlong. or eould be willing to do g liter d bon ewotg tor m .tnatl private fan 111 ilotel C( y refetrnce. ? an 'or ,*o it.}? at |J> ha. t 2Mb at. nearAt av. W'ANlKit-A blTCATIMN, HY A BJWl'B 1TABLM "v young . ta c .k, umb-ra and* cooking in *11 na hran tea.h.a no oajectioa U> a-'lat with the Westing and flatting Meet tKy reterutiue call for two dayaat 1( lie t 12th at. WAN'' Ely?HY CWII MhTRRN. NTTIf ATION*. ONE a> an ? gparleneed <*? k and w .uid a--tai In wa'hlng and Ip.ntng th' oiner a-ci atn. armatd at,d waltre?? or would be willing pi d.. ht ? ork .f a small tamnv; noOhJeotton to go a ebort o.ataoee In ineoi nt.y i he hen of ctlt r?rere ..*? eeb oe givm f.o aavt ral lears 'An be neen for two d?y* at M** I sat 23<> at WANTNL?I'll 'V \ III Nil MP A TKR Calling ANi> gentl. m n. by a competent laticir<ta? t-.t of city refeeati. e t All %'ro drtet. go Ae.i Mat *i.t f ,t|rut flti-r ll'C'tl A - r A llt'N AN I ? t TlPf. t, HT Ala v v ieh'e t'rot 'a t . ''I ? - onde -a'aod* her bi. t:ne*i In |tr er-n lte?: tr-1 eh flu .tig a'd mat.g l-.g t'an or al-i tae l>eat n r?f-r roe. A rtrat Jlaaa I.JB ly pigfetrjd. Aduitcs tY ttb M* fll.t llv.f, Uvgt, U'ANlUl-A 81TI'ATltlN, HY A EESPR'i t AHCR ; y. ubg ?. man, ae not.k and to a?tat In wa.ktng, and la t a good maker in. list; Mnen. g *1 ? -r f n.m ler l .t aituail. n Call be aweo tor iwo daya at Ml tin at., In ' tbi rear, betan n let and 2d ava. YV-*'iI,,D-A HITCA'ION. HY A YOUNd WDMAN. TV a. C ?.k aid laundrtet. go d city reference Call at JM Meet (toil at , between 6 h and o>h ava. flfANfHD?A MT A lt?N, HV A KKbPh. TA ICR TT y. uiu gn I. a* wal tee* ami oh?inb. rmald, or wou'd a* aU' in w acblug ana irentug epp y at the Mm, 128 7U> av , Bear Jbh at. ll/AMFD-A HI i If AT I'IN, Rt A EKHI'KCTkHCK TV Proleetant girl, to do genera Boutework. no.ehj-cuoi t- t*kc care of eliiMret. and do plain aewlng; no obyee.l in to go in lb* country. Can be seen for two dais at 1W I'rtnoe at , hew I or A BITFATIORa TTTiT MRHN?WANTED, IT A BE8PE'-TA3fB * .K *' led i>om*n, a situation t* we, " rs."; bir ban? ? two d "tb" Id, lu < me respectao.u family. Inquire at Z;? C *i* ,ry EC TtTANtlD-BY '.bSI?ErT4hl>' YCiUTIG WOMAN, A TT luatiu lodOgSBStml houKework in 1 'all fauolv: ? . flist rat* aufh. r anC ir pea ind a .jiiodli'niu 00 v- lis*'he be?i o." i'' "tic-.h froiii he. Gall at 14 Clarkson fC, Id thi n*r. YtTANTKi'?BY A COMPETENT MIDDLE iOEO ?1 TT tnan, a dtu?'io't suic. na, one who "iuie'>tm;I ?iiu-i n?fc tboruaeh v i" all its branches. Jsu be seen for tro days a' 40 N vat Ui it ?JfTANll'Ii?\ HltCAITOS; BY t RV ' MABn. HO vw ?iau, tndol uaework; la agnul oo ! ? ' a'"1 n. er; no Objection to go * short dlgth&cn In t< uou ,rj Be 1 Of rity ref? remee. can be awn for twodai* at 659 ? reenwlefc rt, rear Barrow 7A7 ANTED?A GOOD SITUATION. ? r A 1 i'BOTA ? Ml ) ung girl, as cook, wa b?r and Ironer '!*:? u,'.w"1 wa'l r<eonBiv did > all *-144 r a*t 37th *t. ilai S ioIjj e lion fo g" k ? I on dl"? nee n thecnuitrv. tA/AMf,d-A MTU AT ION BY A KfSPBOTABLK "? young women s? r < k or chn-iib- -?? I' 1 he'n'lt city itfquna tag be seas fur two ony* at ? Vc.-.t 17th ic 'ANTJ-P- A SITUATION Ad WKT WUBbK. BT A w f retpcc'ab'e yctiug.married woman; U-.-t babu. *???!> a fun b Cr? nut of mi it il e* not wl-b t s rtip-ctabl' family. Call for woda " (Monrtiy and lurstaylst 161 > I zabelh <t. between Spring ai d TI/AN TLB-BY A Bfc-PiCTkBLE OftL, A 8 NJA n don 1 cook wokh and iron, or ? ontii u ? atleuhdressj Ik u good i ooK hi d ?n etci-lbn* waiter Mtd iron?r, would bavt; no otiju'ti'n? in ?ii tu tkecruniry ht* gtd city re fa ? nil *t No 2 1 horn pan n at... ii th?? ret' in-'' <Jt/ AM PH-A 811 CATION Ad COOK AWO TO AfidHT " wilb Ibe * ssblng ami Ironing bv ayoui'g worn in who has been urcustomed o kitehen ? nrk for fie 'net vl n yarn; umlerKtai.dti all kinde of meatH and i iltry t all ai in r ?rei' rt emjjioyvr'e, 109 West X!il nL,. ii-tivrea t'tb. aud lb at h. WANTED?BY A KEdt'KCT HLE BUG LI H OIRL, A rituatlon an c'tikiutieruiHid ind waitrciM goo l oin i?fe n no froo'her laet ylace. Call at 3716th are., uoarUd iC, for two day*. WANTiD-A BITnATlON a8 P1R8T C7AS8 OOOK, by a n-kroetable I'roteetant woman who UDdi'rWaiids her bueinew thoruusMy In all tta braor.heii; uiul' rnuuidii oak liig end niaklng paltry perfectly; would prou-i *?k 'j? i n a large iainilr h r ibn suniutur ioouiIih GihaI city references gjien. Apply nt 121 Wont 34th at., ne*r7tb *? e. WANlbP-BY AS BNOLDH PROTKbTaNT WOMAN, s ?lti ation sk houeekeepir orprofeimd o k. ? Ur uu derfiamls ber bu^lneee In both doDartmetit* Can be -eeu at 120 /ih ave , hree door* fr u iktb *1, urn lioor, up xtairs. WANTED?A RITTJATJOW BY A YOrikG WuNAN an cot and to asuist In the wanking a id i. omug Call at .9 Lawrence at., Brooklyn. Can l>o ?ecu lor two lays tf no* engaged. WANTEP-B? A PI^IN TIDY (UBLs WITH EXCEL b n'- rity refereHwi a nlt'inMou an nuiw- and -eain stier* ion e broidery In tbe o- atest style; ?ou'd go iu the connlry or to traeel wltb a lay Ac ; wage* |d al? >, a plain cook and (p neral servant; w shea and lionn well; wages $7. Call at No 216 1 att 23d St., tor tw > diiy WANTEB-A Bnt'aTION, BT A GIRL AS COOT, w*Kh?'knd ir ner, or would i'ogrovi'al bounework f )r a small prliste family. Good rity reference. Call at :*62 2d av. ue 'e?*; m-de-K'sEd'' all kinds of (am ly Kewtng embrotoery and dreNKinaKIng or chsmb-rwurk: would wait ou a hniy Hood dty reference No objaj'.K.n to a sh irt distance fr the rountry. Call at 130 Went Uib st., near 7th av., for two day* W' iaNTEIN-AY A VOUNtJ iv'iMaN, A Rill aTiOV AS cook; under?ianil ? baking and p?Hirv in a'l bran ike*, wl'llng to *H?iat in waahlrg If r>quired; wntldgi In the country for the suu inur best tdiv reference Call at 1.91 Wert 19th at., near 7Ut av., seoond tloor, back room, for two days. TVf ANTED?A .SITUATION AS ART M .-tsB, IN A RE VV K|w?ulile family, by a Protestant ?<uuu, with a feeah bna*t of mlik; speat n both 1 pgll-h and li'*riiisn thud re fereoto. Call at 242 West 3uth St., two door* f.oiu 9tb a , for two d*ya \k! an ip C?A HI' IIAi ION, A t A Rrt-tPhOTAHLC vv young f.nrltsh gtrt, a. seamstra** au 1 chaniberma it, nrMimr'Kii ant! nurne g,ind re errnce '?n !>e given. Can be Keen lilt engaged at WIS lltb av., Oornor of 4f? t.h st WABTBP--A SITUATION, BY A KK.f ?'EC tA 8L*. y ungwomm as -bambermald and kundr*1** h i nh jeO'Ions pi go to the c untrv. tp *.d elly rst'erau e II fqulriiT. Call for two diys at JIM Wer119 b t, ;!i!rd ti >v, front r.,( in. W'AMfcD-R* TWO YOUNG GIRLS. HIT IIATIONR; TT one to<v.ok, w> at and bun; theolnrr U> do ctiamirt work Mid waiting Both uudrrxarO their bnuness p i rrlly and i an. ^ ve lno b-st r:ty mfrrenoes _trom U rl. U*t ? m r oyrrs. No objertions io tbe c puntry. Call at 144 Last 21st si , between Vd nnd 3d avs , firs' do ir, front ro im. l^AN'ED?A SITUATION, Bi A YOUNG WOMAN. Afl TT nook, nasher and Ironer or general housework In a on vatr'anily. I'm the b-*t of eliy re erenres Call it Arip.ui avenue between 39th and 44,b st* , top tloor front room TVrA?TED?NY A KftsPbOJ aBLN YO *<* 1'BRsiiJf, A TT i mation a* irsra-uvsn and ins'sle with Pght chamhar> *' ik or tal* r rare o' children. W ages not so much ?n o ijoot *s a c.imfo table place Call on or a> uress for twodays il. ti.. 91 West ifith at , between 6tb and 7tb area. WAN VD-RY a KhHI'ti TtBlh YOUNG Wi'MAN, A altuatlon a* vhaiutrrmaid, or Pi atPSid to rhmirrn or U. do the housework nl a r-mall faintly, won;. n mbjej tl u 11 gi.ti'g a shori dUtsnce in the country; on, pio.luui ton la+t ol r?comm. ndsil'ii* fr m a family ah?re ?hc lia* lived over wven yenre. C-n be eeu for two i'ay? a' 40 Caikmn rl., between liugwm and Orrenwteh *t* , Brit 0-or {A/ aMTED?A MIl.lllON BY A Rr Sl tl! l a 111,8 YY young woman a* cook, *uh>r and b*on?a or to d o gene r*l bootee oik in aaruall pr vale family. No* jf tjon '<? g<> a ?bort r.utanmi lu the country. Can b? sect \r two daya u IM 7U> *?. II aMHi-BV A KK^PI-OTaBi.8 BOtlfOH O KL, A Y> -It nation a* rnamberrnald and tn do fin-w*thing and poring, or plain Maine; good city reference App y .1 kg] ? 1 ?> b at. UAU* WA*'l'?lA-?AliAa. AOl ?-Tu t?AN'ED-Til MILAN ENTIRELY NEW artlrlo, pay'tig *? per rent profit. 1 boat- wishing to make ' ri tn $3 to &-> a day win no welt to no'Kjn Hum to a-U IS almei-t every fainllj. 71 Paaaaii at reel, toomU A OP NTH WANTED EVERYWHERE?TO BELL PIRN, coti'a Prize Enveioi?? and I'ackagea. they ?tiroa?? evervthwg aver offered to (bp pu lie, at thee oostatn ? > pe. >? alvng odafura little mou<-> aud ti ll rapidly t>>beral in <iiO> menta 10 all rar.rPDil i fiu tin Hrou.l-?*y A UK MX WANTED?TO HELL RICK ARM' PKI/.K Jrwelij Envelope*, tbej content* of which far et in Jnantltv and quality all otbera advertised for benwv of earlry. excellent aiattonery. and I beral t-rm ? in* ?e i Ballet ge c mp ?rt?on. Our agen'a are making from $5 to $1U pri i ay. Bend atamp* for circular Blt'Rat lit A CO , 10! Naaeau afreet. a K ENTERPEIblNCl MAN WAM'ED-Ie AN BOfRlf A and legitimate Mtalnea* whljh will pay largely tbi* amn no r at the anti-ring place* A >all win -a'latv tn?i tnU ta no butt, bug Call at 6*6 Broadway, Metropolitan Ml Hard Ma luoh, tr. ni )U to o. * soy wanted^fifteen or I'xrbRit iears ok A age, to w ait In a aaloon, corner of AOtlt 11 a id Mb are. Call Lei rem 6 aud H o cock I'. M YaPKEYPER wanted-apply at tub piekkk U pout lltoiae, Brooklyn Buy waN'ed-in a retail druc* htorR; nnii about 16 yeara or age, who can r >o welt to, mmeoded lor boni -iy hud industry, and who re nte* with bla parent*, appytut M v. right, corn< r of Columbia and Union ata , bouts H ouklyn i YROCRE" C LP "RK?WANTED. a YOUNG MAN WHO "1 thorn .gh!. underHaada thoflrat c'atacity retail grocery tiade; muat .*? a ml penman and able to keen hooka by ? ti tle ent y, and I urmah urdou ti d re aranfi as to hoaesiy, |r Addreaa M K. P . box 117 He.ratd offl ** ANTED - (Kb 'O P Di.F ta PO HRuL NGBl.JaRR'1 aowplete work* la KugPab Juat published AM. RaDDa M6 Broadway. w OTAP TBO-ABYRFAI. MEN WHO WRIrR TINT Y? plale'j. to herlvt In the prrpvetl n of the City Dtoee ?. rj Addr< aa, tn the band ? rit og of the applicant- with re fpreree. b Wtleon W Orei ne at rert. Agpueaitoua In person will not be atterdeo to fXTANTED-A GOOD MAN, AOOUfttnBRD T ? HAND TT ling furniture and the eare ? r hnr-** None other need hpplf. ht Eavler'b f urnituru hi pre**, A'lltow-t.-eet, Brook* lyn. ____ Hr ANIRO-TIMI IhKI'kh PuR A hAtV SILL, I 0OV. du tor*, two baggage mm, i brakemen, h m n on ataam er?, 3 bo a or tradea, 1 bookheei?-r fo- a ?naeluuo ahop. 4 glila to travel, S lortera, 3 men to d Iv* aipraai wag >na, t tuen to drive b irae* and carta, Apply at No. 7 Chatham aq> are. WAI.EA-* riK T Kvftt MAN, WlTIIOkT MNCCM bratiee, la wanted aa wal er in a private 'amity, wage* aororduig to aervnea r ndered. addnaa, with rvierenoia, Sr. e. htll wall, tie raid odica. \irANTED? A HOY ABOUT It TKAIN ON AOB- ONE Tr wro understand- opemng eyat-re Apply, after 10 o'cowk, at the oyeter awloon I to,, ttoa.ry 117 \NTRD-TWO CITY CANVAHHKRN. THRY MTTNT TY ne airletly fir*', ciaa* aalramm and lem.lur wttb annh aervlce. None otberaaeed aopl). le i dollai* r -nmia-lon ran be made del.j. nend retereBde and particular* to box <06 i est ofli n WaN'KD-A OOI<OMKt> Man ,)R I-nOLIOINAN. TO wail on a amall prlrai family; muat undcaUod bow to wait on the table and Pi take ini, en* go of uariorw aud dining n->m; aoue libera neeo apply. Call I nmediately al Tail Mr. adway up-tat' 11'ANtED?IN * OROCRRt rToag. A YO 'NO MAN TT who la wil tng to make ktmaei geuarajly ueefiil; muat come wedreoommeodeO: aalary -mall Inqul'ie between HI and ti o'clock A. M. at MR not ruin at., oirner of Eaclflo, Bf* k yn lA'AN ED-A L?D ABOUT HIGH I KEN YRARB or TT age. to attend a dry and 'aney go. la atom, aUTJ AXlaatlo treet. Mroot lyn. one acquainted wttb the buatoeaa. 11'ARTE U-A NMAdf, AlTllVS OlHu To AS BINT IR TT atier ding a baaert and Ut do Itgut houaearoi k; Hngllah or * met hxtit prelorrea Apply at l.'ti -wXett at, Mouth Br rk'yn tA'ANTH?A O IL To Do OENr.RAL HOU *tt NtlRA. TT Apply wttb nferenom at ?16 Mnui at, bete sen 1st sad id >va UU ANTED?TWO ooOD OlHt ONR fOCOOK. WaHII TT and tr n, the mk" to du cl? untv-rwork and watting; nmat thtf tru lin e- *<U and n ig goal role irnon aud tb"X will And agotd b n,e all at 13d Era ililS . t, N. t , In 'be ha-ement, lit m A Pi llt'tirct 11'AM El?A I'lfctSAt , TR'j VTY, .NiSaT AND

TT earetul croiee'ant girl tn tab- tare of * rbtl. lamon'tt* nlti, at d do plain -ewtng fat a ul-iattna t ? f*m>ly boarding at k.''* avert* y pta e. corner I ttie-ne 'io<l ref-ren.)e re nulrttl alt itay aud tom.r -ow fr n II t. 12 A M. and i rom 3 to u r* . U'AN' Ml- A KIRNt (,l,ASrt LAlJYOHatrd. Al'I'ltV TT t fAi tt e-t liho ?t , beta*.en bth and C.t t ava , from 6 tar II o ckjeb A M. _____ * J, 11'\V~* I -A ' LEAK K K A ORln'H it NToAR; TT ,i-o. t, young tn .n a-oaah ?' and t w . o paw or* aoply at t3R'atl at . Meicbaota cte>k-'*try oiIIor ailualkiiia pr.- ti to No C n no atttn III adrainat (veleresoa to #r*t laar bodaee, t-tabli i*So p. i 't YtlNP. * -nert t-o^ent UtANfEl ?N At I It r a.? l> I Rtii-T V Hrt Y N 41* OR yn d -ao.e utrt ee*. n net write a fa e h-n.f and be so., to r n Brand . -mall an I tat to B* I-n 1 te the g n 'rat ht-traa-i fan 'h a ti. tR ? rtly ; aleo a?m ?rt, ? .eigeiw man, pi a t ?? ' eal aprhl in d -'o * <dre-a el.a retereuce, agt, dv i NatitdhCturf i bog ?Sf Uffbtd inmi UKLf WAHTBD-HlfAIJU. A LL FAMILIES AND mood hbevantb 01* niro J\ the laigest and betrt Otnoe tu the .tity At the Inatltute and loe.r where the beet servants are always resdv Alan good ?Stuatloua for goo ' belli, lib Eleventh ttieet, corner of bUtfc avenue Open till ulne In the evening. AORKAT DEMAND FOR GOOD SERVANTS AJP Ai'KERMaN'S Employment lnstl'itte, tit Br- td v ij, up stalm?41lrls who want gout attuatl >n?, in good fam tl?', At good wages, ahnuld <a!l at this establishment. fclivca year* established. Term* moderate MOOD MILLINER WANTED ?WHO Sl'fctKS . pro. estant girl wan ed?10 oo jk, wash * at in ii. ?he ii.u't .? fu'N r ?m'.-l'-nt. honest tiJy aud Ill icit, u I other >.t ed apply, at 108 Alii u aire-1. t lOORh, l.llitl lie KUa Dd, BISaM-trRtir'.SE -, NURbEJ, V Witili rs, !autiarra? a and general houMsrorkera SB ? lo?li vty none i tl Bice, t .y aober a >ue?r. ran*' It and t b'lgliq-. glila nt'd a. ply at 2pi 4h ?ve , aa only r apa:lvbia famuli a a >d tirst cla a aervau s are lurnlrbed here D. U.LMORR. rnnux,wou8B soarcm and iribb girls, in U great tiutnb^rf Muutirg *ltn?'t.>L.i lu city or m i'ilryt Or every w nelly, at M b tOrtK-ION'S nine, 284th av The beslghU In lite c ty cm. he bad with the best of rwa tence No dishou. vt deallrg practiced at h?r mlice. ilmneb Wanted.?apply aP its sixth avtj nue, between liitli aod 13th sta , tn tbe a to re. VTl/RHE WANTED-A* EXPERIENCED NfRN* 1' v. an'rd, ti au amertoan family rva.duig In the let.-at 51 Cuba; giHKl reference* reoutivd. Apt. y at 1711 R at tilth street, freni C to 7 F. M , nn'II furtler nilee. QERVANTfl WANiED FOR MENTLliMfNM FAMILIES? O Fill I claaa aarvants proleww-d punka. pi dn on ks, nursea, *? iei, cl*n t>erni?ids wadre-sse* ?i.d general honse worker* are required imm dlatelv f >r ei v'l. nt etiuatlnoa ready iu tbe brat f awl lie a. Apply at No. 10 i'tllary at., Brook lyn. Servants?the employment booiety at cum U.n Hall, on Aatnr place and 8th at, near Br >adway, for merly Bible ii use, ha*e on hand a large assor meat of Ger to it t>, Freiib, -cou-.b, Welsh and other aeryaiits Gircnan awl French iuognsips spoken. A ladv In alunda roe WANTED?A FIRST KATE PLAIN OOOK, GOOO war nor and Irontr. and one willing to do ge ia-al down s'a-r. work In a private fane y; undoubted city rtfer tnoe re gut red. Oall at *73 Jay ?t., Brooklyn WANTED?AN ENGLISH M1RL, AS OOOK, AND for g> uerul housework. A oompeteat girl, with ap approved city trsUuicniala will And this ptaoe a good borne. Apply at 114 Montague at., Rrookiya. WANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN, 10 WORK AT drenrluaklitr-. None but a good sewer need apply. Oall at IS tltb st., near .he Bowery this (Monday; wortUrg. ANTED?AN AMERICAN PROTECTANT WOMAN AS children's nurne Oall at 778 4th at. Si w TV ANTED?A PRO - ESTANI GIRL IN A SMALL FAMI 1T ly. to do general housework; inuxt be a go d wu.,her aDd fruiter, and undent and plain cooking; city referenoe re .,'t.r. l. < ail at No. k Clarke at, corner or' Brooaie WM ANTED?FIRST CLASS DRESS MAKERS; NONE but lb ore well acquainted with built-esa need apply, also an apprentice tekeu, at SU Fourth street WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AH LAUNDRE-tR; she must understand business thoroughly and be will ? lug to luak* heiaeil useful, neat otty reference will be re quired Apply between 10 and 1 o'clock at 40 Weat kid st. WANTED?A GE RvtAN GIRL, TO OOOK, WASH AND Iron; n me otbera need apply. Good city ?wrerenot) re quired ? 'all at the baaement door of 1111 Eaet 13th at. WT2NTED-A RE4PECAHLE AND RELIABLE ft young girl wishes a attuailun a* chambermaid and waii irtss Retera Ut her late employer, 170 Ainlty st, Brooklyn, ? here she ran be aei n Waitress.?wanted, a waitress ? she must understand her huatnesa perfectly; good recommend* tlons required. ApoK at 2b rtrev.xtrt place, lOih at, between Broadway and Omvem ty ploce WANTED-A WOMAN A4 C04-K, AND TO WASH AND TT iron, also, a woman as nurae and aeamstresa; must he well ircommetidrd. apply at 74 East 27th st, between 4th and lexlngton ayes. \JU ANTED?A FIRST RATF. LAUNDRESS; ONE WHO fv ts willing P> awial In plain rooking; must bare good city references. Apply between V and Ik o'eioek, at 40 East lytb sg WaNIED-A GOOD COOK AND LAUNDKEHH; ONE VI who U will i g to take charge of the lower part ol the boure. <!?? <1 refeieuce* leqnlreii. Apply at No 4 2d plAoe, toutli Brooklyn. \\T ANTKD?IN A SMAU PRIVATE FAMILY, A GIRL VI to do ijtAgJAl bou*?W ',rk; tnu?t be ft (fret rate waahur and Ironer and ft good plaid r-ok. None but thorn who c ,n bilng potd refmenre# n"ed ?pp'T. I all at No. 7 Okedver place, i-outh Buvklyu, afit r Id n elorl a. M. Wanted?a well pecommekdkd young wo nan, an chambcimald and waitrean Apply at Id East aotb at. WANTED-A GiKL TO lO THE COOKING, WASH lug and Ironing of a until farat y. dbo must be civil, hoi oat and obllfpup, w lb Root rnoouimniidati >*a. Wageaff. A| ply ut 40 Weal &d at., *rom H to 12 o'clock A 1(. VirANTED?A I'fcOTFHTANT 8IRL, AH NURhB AND VV chaniboima'd good oity relereoca required. Apply for two day* at 40 king at \VANTFD?AO VPFIBNT GIRL, TO DO THE COOK II teg, wiiabma and general houaawiitk of a araall 1 auilly In a ypt*f? a abort uuuoce fiom the city, wages $7. (Jail at 110 haul .tOth at. \V ANTED?Aolllti WHO Uwur.RHf ANyH Oil tMBKIt Vl work and wanhln* moat be a Oral rate waahrr, neat a'd tidy nruathav city reterrnn a None others nerd ap p'y i all from IT ild .4 o'cloofc, at mi * e.t loth *? Al'KPK TED?AT TUK MANeloN HOl'HB, linn klyn Not nnd apply without good reference* w 11' ANTED?A COOK. IN A PitlVaTE BOaKDING VV Iloute; one who ?111 auu-lst with tbc waahtug an.l tr.-n li g. and can g vc the to.t a' ri I ere no, a, may apply at .16 Weal 121 b at ?K aMH>-Fli'lVI H fO 11 VOUMI ON MONDAY II morning t -o or hr.-a good Drna-makcra at no 1 tia I c|?ie, betwei n Mb and 7th ata None but good hanun nerd Apply. II'ANIBD-a BET M.KSB, WITH A FBBBU MRgABT Vl of n>0k g >od c ty lef- reorcn required. Apply between 10 and 13 o'clw I ai No a Eaal I6tb at EL' ANTED?A HTRONO, ACTIVE GIRL, TO COOK, VV warh and Iron, and keen ihe lower port of the ho iae dean in nit be a tlrat rate tauudrei-H Apply, with c.t raler et (e, at / J> w e?t Idlib at, t-elwe. n 1th and V-h avea Wagi *$A la ANTED? BY A EMaLL FAMILY A PROTESTANT VV gtrl, to do geneial bouaework, mum be a g **1 eel, warbrr mix) Irtme i, a tiling and obliging, alro be we I reooin mriord. nucb a gir- tan llod a good piace by applying at lad W ea: 1Mb at , baaemeut d or. UTaNTSd?IN A SMALL PA1VATB FAMILY OF FOUR pereona a girl to 0 ? general b-iu*ew?ra, who la a good plain Cuok and Oral rate w**h*r and 'r-ner: wage* pur tr ouih Apply at Hut 2d av., beiwecu 60th and Mat ata w ANTED-A COOK, PUR A NMALL PRIVATE BOaltD. lug h -ore Apt iy at II North Moon- at, arter S? o'c Ouk Wanted?a neat, tiDv uihl, about is yeahs old to take rrre of a rh'ld and do light cbainberwork lnqutie at (Ml 4<ll at , fill III 4. It U> I P M 14, ANlFD? A TILT uinL To DO GLNhH.tL HOU.SB VV ?oik in a amall family. alo-niuat mute rat and co kl ig. waiblng a .dltonni; wage* $7, mm* need apply whoendtiot ? iBiua-ii recommended. Apply at AM CUatou et, near tlar il on, Pouib Brooklyn. Il'jMH-* PERFECT LAUNDRESS, TWO FOB II gi-luial bourt eota and two for the kitolien. Apply at 312 4th tie., corner ol 3bi b at lirtATlUM WARTBU-MALKa. A EE-PEC'ABLE PKoTB-TANT MaN AND WIPE ? ani ?i'u?i|.iIih tn .due amnlry; the man undermine* boiM-a an> care of cattle can work on the larm the women ran 'ak>- charge ol a dairy, 0 mk, ?r do anything rlae. The be, t 1 reirtruee given. Cftitai or addreaa r B , .I<2 2d ave , nr-ni No. II. m 1( CN(J EN ILIsHMaN AND WIFE WANT A PLaCB. Jk Hf I" a good groiitn and can take rate of lurarn well; abelaago d ftoneeecrber and ?eamatrraa Addreaa W. H, 0 , Hera d ottiw. AIUBkO HlorCIIMAN W4NTS A HlTU A flON AH fanner; ca* take the entire charge of a farm, daa had llTeyeaia meitcnoe li eft* .lerney. ran be ae"ufortao data at No. V John at, need More AKK> PEi V,aHLK PROIEnTANT MaN AND WIFB ??nt eiluaiiona in the country on a larm, undenMand even thing about a farm, the wife tr an eii> llent dmiy mtid; ihi y'hair the r. ry beat oi relerenoe. Can bu auen for two day a at 2s lib ay. AVOl'NO MAN WaNTH A KITUATIoN aS COA0H Dtn and groom. iindermamU but buamemi la ail tta blMi clue, t? m g'md and raietul dfiver; lawti.tagto a??i?t in a garden tl remuued; cau give one year and ata inonibM me rru<? iriui lakt tuipmyer. adurnaa M. it, boi too Herald u0tcn Olll'ATIGW WANTED? AH GARDENRK OK KAKMKH; o imdei-tande the rare of ho-aea ftiid driving: eou'd like to tak< i bargM III a ? mall plaoe to the c ,un ry. alao, u eieiatauda ibecaie-.i act bene. Addreaa A O. uardener, at Dr. liar lE\ No. tdi Id av*. SITUATION M AN 1 BD?Al ? 11 EH IN AN OPTICS OR O active hiiatneM?, by a lad Myeara aid. be wrltaa a good hand aud will make himaelt |eurrally tiaeful, aaltry mode ra e Addnaa i? i 42? Poet oinca Wtri'AiluN WANikU BV A PEGTBHTANf VGUNO 0 man, aa eoachnaan, la a good vegetable gardener; baa the beat city referrnoe fiom tu? taat employer. Can at or ad dic.a ihoaiaa Pereley. Aid Weal idtk nt, or T If., box 13d Herald otloe, for two day a 'ro Liyi'tiii dbau hp-wanted, a nituatiun am 1 liar tander, oy a . lea ly man umleratanda the xaioon burliieaa. Haa ho objectljn to the Coun ty, Addreaa U. P., he, aid ..flioa rB( TEL KBRPKK . KTEaMBGAT oWNBRN, 40.?A eorkablp la waafd bi ay-.ung man of eipertnaoe utd ablPly . ta> been rleik ?P an f.aei rivei ateamer for the paat ?te 11 an. addreaa Wallace, ??ioiith at, fur two daya. rpu HOTEL FKGPRIKTOBN-WANTED, A SITL'A 1 Hon a - Mew aid by * man of aeven year reference with piiaewt ? idi loyer. addreaa or two weeaa, Hte?aid, rterald ofln e. _ >4,' ah ? ID?A biruATION as coachman oh to VV ddva a ceepe and wait m the table The aaeertlaer la a f reachiuau, Vyaamof age, a careful and atyllab driver: aader, bifida bla boalheaa p ifecily Can give the beat of m iiDH fr?m bta late tiufkoer. Addreaa 1). H , Hoi Ull DgWMtiMWR *%' ANri D? A 41TCATION IN AN AMBRO.TPB VV ge lb ry, by a y in g man who under* tan da the buatiMM thoroughly. Addreaa d. It Mead, V7 Ptne gnat 11,'ANVI D-A SITUATION, BV A TOHNG MAN. AM VI eo. ePinftP! underaiMjida the ift'* of horaea and driving. Adereaa H Ptarei, b i I4H Hera d odiea. II' ANTE D?A PIT* ATIuR ah ogachman in tub Vi country, with a cottage for bla fam ly, g ?>d reference. rail at \<n w-'ctb at,bet*awn Mm ?nit ttioadway. ^BTANtPD?BV THE NON (!?? A LATK NRTTIHH OWN W u ?. a a tuMiioe %? Junior clerk m aatiatant *aloim?n in any wioii'*?,'e *n-r?, be ? riti-e m g,-mi ha--d and iinderiiand* tent ftu ikoi>u|kly. i ?v n* al-iol^l that Ungnage in (4er man* tke btgpe-t rvfer n ?? *'T?o. addre-a H. H., dftre of Mtraxi. itPtp Al'fcW'rt paw BOOM, y. At ejxxeib, OR FAT PANIC SALA CBS, blllhfTDERJRfl, Rl?BONA, M.0 WKRS, BOMNKTU, TKIMMlhUH, HlrtlEBY GLOVRb AM) KaNUT GOOD* BARGAINS IN RIBBONS. AT fERRET 'B. 6,00(1 yarns Hlk Bonnet Kt bone, So.. Bo. At EInKkV'k, 8,0 - yais rtilk Hornet Klbt-Ous, 100 AT Ki*K?V>S. ?.my* ds Silk r aid Tom-el An . IB* AT IUMWcVn 16.1*8*yHrdt rich plaid, striped, figured, plain, nod corded edged ? Mat lubbers lUs e AT KINKK) 'b, 0,000 yarn* eiti* qualiu, *t !6? , We. AT hlh/Bi'K 161?0 yards I hlbtr AM, 3*. 4s., 0*. Kfb'/.H'" 4? rlNR FlOANtTi ALOW and. Blr/.*.Y'rt FlAlE FRKNOH >LuW?BR IIN/.O H FliB ffKRHCM FLOWEA4L Flower*?SWl different varieties and sv\lea, cheap HTh A W BONNNTH AT WINFJfV'S, Juh in Ktraw Honr<fts. do, lie AT hINZhT'M, Job lot Straw Bo"iieta. IHn., 26a. AT k iNX.b V 'e, Job lot ^linker bonus's. Itjc , 'Ano aT klAl/.b.k'? huugh mud Keadya *lc . tip It trews, 44* AT hlnZfcVK, boa butmru, 37e., pretty Bm mets, 31a AT KIS Zfe 11 n. Pedal Hon L "Is, Pearl Honnels a t BifZE'i'H, heap ditan "'nincta, DurnUbia Bouneta AT klr/t.> s t W- straw Bonnet* all an ?*#. AT ILNKaT'l, All be o* rty c? in Blodcaera AT AlAtZiyV h, Millinery iiooda of all deecratlonA HINZttV IIArt A Apl ndld assortment of Made BouneU of the boot material aid tha latent hM BROIDERIES YBRT LOW. 6.000 Col am from auction, from 6n to $1. 2,660 ' Bam frm auction 1 'cm $1 26 to |3. J,ltd Hue ? eta from auction 2'c to $5 i 6ft) Worked bands, fmm auction, ;?c to 60s. 3,1*0 Berkttl Handkerchiefs. I rum l>c. to $160. 6 000 fiescakh Linen do . I rout 'Ue to 2oc. KLN/.hv Is O 'IS *INO A JOB LOT o' Drees Til no minus. Silk Braids, Gimps, Yelvela and other styles, Ui ,2 yard ploce , IT^a piece. LA tt ? I*. rtaLK Off HOSIKMT. 8 (Tin pairs Ladles' nose, all kinds, 6c , lie.. So inc., 12a 6,0V pairs Misses lb .so, all kinds. 6c., (k> S , lor , 12a 7,000pairs dents' Half llose, 6o , 6>., He., idu, 12 GAUGE haLu or GLO FEB. 6,(10 pairs fins I l?le Gloves, 6c , Sc.. llle 4,600 i>alrs Use Ut-le, fancy 'Iopt 10c.. l?c 6,000 pai/? Lisle Gauntlets, far cy tope. 120 , 16a l,fl*l WOKKKD SKIBTS, $L 8,500 Parasol*, new styles, very low 760 Pantobs, flounced, selling at 76a Opening SO.000 yards new Dreaa Trimmings. Klnz?y Is eelHug Genu' hblrt Bosoms. 6c to29e. KIPZKf rtfcid.rt BEfcT .SPOOL Ot T'ONrt AT 3a K1NZKY HULLS BPOUL OoTfuN DOtSdb aT 6a k IT ZBT BBLLrt BUST PlNrt AND MS&DLtSrt AT 3a PAPBK. AU other Fancy Goods at equally low prlcea Dressmakers, milliners and sterekeeper* supplied GOODS Off ALL BINDS aT WBOLBSALK OHRAP. WM. KlbZEY, 221 and 223 Eighth avenue. Between Twenty-first and Twenty reound a. recta ft. RICHMOND A GO 'S, 789 BltOADWAY, between Mo lb and Tenth et recta Art nrepased to eihlb.t a choice and wall aelected a toes of LaORB, EMBROIT BA1E8 and made up Goods. LAD IKS' DRBBrt CaffR, HBaO DRBS8M8, Aa, with a vt ry desirable stock of RIBBONS from auction, all a; very low prlcea RICHMOND k no , lata of 687 Bread way, 783 new store 7BB. ^RMOLV, CONSTABLE A CO. WILL OFTKB AT RETAIL, OX MONDAY, APRIL 16, ELEGANT ASSORTMENT BTK1PBD CARHMBRS SHAWLS, NEW AND BEAUTIFUL DBRKIMR OANaL, corner of Mereer. AT PMKRnHON'rt, CORNER TWENTt-SBOOND street and blxtb avenue, In m suction the greatest bargains In the city In Hair Neta For lb cents , worth 60 cents; for 26 eeuUi', worth 60 oeals. CONUNUA1ION or Tim CHEAT BALK OK DRY GOODS, AT RETAIL, TOR CASH, AT A STILL <>' naUR'FI jK OH COST, ON MONDAY, APRIL IS. STB A NO, ADRIAN! E A CO., No 36S Broadway, Will offer the entire balance of their WHOLE MALE AND RETAIL STOCKS or FORE1GH AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, ooiriiurt 300 piece* Mrrrtinac and AngUah Calicoes, beat quality, at 8 cento per yard, ami piece* French Calicoes and Brilliants (yard vide), from " ' ' < W rent* ik r ya'd t iitooe* pi lined calalnes, chklliea, Poll de Cherres, La os Cl'ths, Ao. lioni I2'u v to oruto per yard. Linens, Murllnn, Lkmaat* guilts, Tahle Cloths, Napkins, Towelling*. An, AT A GREAT SACRIFICE COTTON AND WOOL and ALL-WoOL FLANNELS, At ItV, cento per yard and upwards PARIS KID CLOVES {beat quality; at 76oeato per pair. COLORED SILr B IN OREaT TaKIRTyT aw I'" "W i at a Ureal Nwslfl. e on Coet. BIL1 BILK AND VELVK! ROBES. AT LFRR THAi* HALF THE COST OF IMPORTATION. LACKS, EM Hat IDE RIFE, LINEN CaMBBlC HANDKERCHIEFS, At a Kraal redact Ion. REAL INDIA CAMEL'S HATE, ENOCHS, CaHHMMMB. STELLA, PLAID and other BhAWLS, At a great reduction an Caat of Impurtallna. MOURNING 0<>ol>H IN KYKRY VARIETY, atOreatly Kedneed Prioaa lfl.nno yards Best Duality PRINTED FRENCH LAWNS and ORUA* DIE*, at 183( oents per yard-usual ertos 30 to M arm- piq yard AM) SENT orALJTY FRENCH ORGANDIE ROBES, VERY ELKoaNI and DKBISABLK STYLES, At lens than Halt tne Coet of Imnortatlon. BAREGK and OhaNAdINK KoBEe, In Oraat Variety, At an Imnienke Macrtfloe on o>.?t INI pie wis BA KEOE AMtLale, at 10 cents per yard?worth 18V eent* A) peer* KCMMBR POPLINS, for trareWng drnsaia. at M eekts per yard. CLOTHS, CLOnKINOB. DOBBKIN8. CASHIMERES, VKntiN JH At a gnat sacrilce. ALSO, AN ENBLRrASnED ASSORTMENT or OOTTON. THREAD, MERINO, La MBA WOOL and SILK HCMIKhV and UNDER OA KM KN IS, At a great *aerUioe oo eo*t. Albo, In addition to the abort, all. be offered, a GREAT VARIETY OF GOODS NOT RMFORR RXHIBITO vis: A thotee assortment of Travelling Dresi Goods, Mozam b'quer, Anglais, Geenarlne*, Silks, Chaltlns, Lama ( loll.,, Foil oe Ohev-er, Calkioe*, Miming, Bn.lUoto Linen Demasks, Tabic Cloth*, Flannel*, Ac , at a great t*oridna B1RANO, aDrI?NCh A CO, No. 33A Broad way. C3EARLOTTE G. SMITH J HAS OPENRD HER 8PRINQ FASHIONS IB CLOAKS, MANTILLAS AMD BAHgiTBR A FuLL ASdOK>Mr N) OF ENGLISH AUUA nOllTKM TRAYELUNG CLOAKS, AT NO. 1,148 HROADWaT. CORNER OF TWENTY-BUTE STREET. j^ll?8 PAPER HANOI NUB. SOLOMON A HART, ."*? Broadway, Respectfully Inform their ru'lornsr* and the public generally that they will lake o'd. i* this aprlng to Paper and dfcoraik dwellings At 3A per cent less then last year's ynoti Their etcck or FANBL DECORATIONS, ELEGANT VELVET AND GOLD PAPERS, Leather and Gold and Fresco and Gold Papers, OHiNIZ AND PLAIN HAT IN PaPRKA, Of MWreaqoe and ether patterns. Is nnurnallr large this season, and o mains the ehaiaeet seise Hons f rem (be stocks of the best mannfsetnrrr*. T^ANCT GOODS. ~ CHAPMAN, LTON A NOTES Respectfully Inform their CUSTOMERS AND MERCBANTS OREREALLY That they hare returned TO THBIR OLD STAND, W and SI PARK PLACE, Where they are now OFFERING THE BALANCE OF THEIR STOCK SAVED FBliM THE latmTfihe, AT EXCEEDINGLY LOW PRICES Tor camm "or" AFPROVhD CREDIT. OCR STOCK EMBRACES TBI USUAL VARlLTT OF BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC OOmDfl IN OL'R LINE. TFPli naMKL'S HAIR SHAWLS. ARNOLD, CONKraBLR A CO., will ores, ON MONDAY,"APRIL IS, BMBIE LAST IMFOETATIOM OF CAMEL'S MAIB FOE THE PRESENT SEASON. Among which will be found SOME VERY K LEU A NT LONG AND 80UARB SHAWLS. ALSO, A JOHLOT or INDIA OAMBlV HaIR BHAWLS, From |I0 to AW each. DBCIDBD BARGAINS. I anal street, rttot at MlllW, AOS AND MUSLIN OLRTAINH J At Ml per runt lee* Ibna W* SOLOMON A HART, ?W breadwsy kvlng made large purehaees abrn .d and f?rwn bnperterV Mb* at Immense nnerifliw*, are now off. no* at rated Handsome wide Mnshn t nrtolns at $4 par pair Rich Lwae Certains at $? per pair Terr mbeee beery isa Cn latns at $10 per patr ?r a large aerortment of t hHT.Bl.LM CI KTaINS, LACES AND M'.SUNR, At proportioM'vi/ tow prieee, omv ttowim, M. J A. BLfl JOMB.' ooraer Twmj-lftk A, iyil? gjrtJ. ?ow opening an euJn new rioek i *. uuent ut ucu r.aCBS in Bw*Br>ii>eareR. Alao, a com ilwr tine of DRBt.8 TKIMII1NOB NKW '"""DRESS TEHdONe DKKHP tkimmiboh. New end elegant styles of rich n ?i? and fancy Bonn* mtekon BtBBoii. RIBBONS, RIBBONS, RIBBONS,1.117 JUBDON KIa,0,,9' bthb-.b, MM01,a> Man? beopht at >cn?nt ?Mtt*D sales will be eeld at greet reduOM pnotv. 6t?i r ii oee rich Rotmet ? fh 'oe at :ita par yard, worth OTa BOO I S -w , uh buiiirt R'bbon at iHr, per yard, worth 16e. htti pbe-o rioh eeut et Rib -on at Ac uorya'd, worth ISO. tut ri on rt*h B< nnet K bbou ot *0. per yard, worth lit titer m Aieo, h,v**! p -ir id I xht o I md id ilum at 9*. worth | FRENCH 0CB?R1 * at $1 a pair. J a. t?-t t'/MB. 1.117 Brsadwny, J^OBD A TAYLOR, Boa 461, 46S, 466 and 467 BROADWAY, WILjL tSwlblT, OB MONDAY, APRIL 16, A FINK AeToRiMENT Of BFBINO AND 80MMBB BHAW1A ?Lao, BFBINO ANlTRCMMKB HanTLLlaK And at atoree Noa 3M, W7 . tt) and Ml Grand atroot. And Noa 47 and 49 < ialhar>ne (tract. JjOB? A TAYLOR, Noa 856,167,860 and 661 GRAND BTfUDR, NEW CaKIBTINOB, AT LOW PRIONS, NEW 8FR1BO STOCK NOW BEADY, including all JOHN OROMLKY A SON'rt LATEST PATOBKB. FaFKNT TAFB8TRIES, VELVET- AND BRUSSELS. Alao, a fall assortment of THREE PLY, INGRAIN, STAIR AND LOW PRICED CABPETINGS, OILCLOTHS, BUG8, NATS, MATTING, STAIR ROM, Ac., Ao. T ORD A TAYLOR, Noa Ml, 463,406 and 467 BROADWAY, bate jost aacaiTKo UNDER TUB OLD TARIFF. 1M Oaeaa SPRING DBRtt GOODS, Including atAJTY ENTIRELY NEW AMD "f'P RIUR Which will be oNarad AT RETAIL, ObImONDAT, APRIL 1* MUCH (BLOW THE FRESENT COOT OF IMPORTATION. Alao, at stores 366 to 361 GRAND STRRBT And 47 and 49 GATT1ARINR 8TBRW ?yyiNDOW SHADES At 60 per cent leas than usual prices. SOLOMON A HART, S69 Broad "ay, Having an vnuina'ly large stock o' these goods left en haw ha eoDMMiuenoe of the falling off In um wholesale trade, hai determined to offer TUB BaLANCB OF THBIB STOCK. CONTAINING EVERY VaiUB'T AND SIYLK OF WINDOW KHaDBR, AT LERB THAN WHOLStULB FBICBR 481 481 BBOABWAY, AT. O M. BODIME'I THB BMURB STOCA mion Dftl" ooodb WILL BR mOlD AT A UIIBaT RAOKiriOB PKBVIOUH 10 MaY. BROADWAY AT Q. W. BODINB'B ORE AT CLfcAMNO f UT HA LB OP EMBROIDLKifcS. LInK- HANDKERCHIEFS, AT A (IRKAT HaCKITICR. kioh lack h?t?, Coot $8 Rod flu and $lt, for tl 60, R2 and ft. ALAO, BAJOII'H BEm KlO OLOVRB, ? nly 10 cents per pair. AO! BROAD WAV. 401 AT O. ?. BODINR'H, Bull g-eaisr reduction la | * aa iln ORBAT BALK OP RICH DMT OOODB, la order to eloee out The stock frevtous to Hay L RICH fl'LK RO-thS At *14. $16 and $1A Btcb 811k*, ooat $1, fur M ecu a a led. Poulard flUke, at 800 FRENCH OROABOiB Bt-BaM, TO AK ALMOST CIVKB AWAT. BTRaNO, ADHIaNCR A CO., No M B-mmi-wsv, fa additioii to their riuuidni stook of FOREION AND Don chiiC DRV OOODB, MOW OPKIf AT KKTAIL FOR (USB, Ate greet i?n id-- on ooet, WILL OPKtR (>N H?i?DAY. APRIL IB, R? PRlNlt O FRENCH OnlMNDIB TOURS, From $1 Ml to per Robe, TBRY RICH AND fcLfcd\Nf . TTLBB, Actually worth from $6 to fit per Kobe Mo aat BROADWAY. M1LLINKUY, AC. AT MHH. BFLL'ti, NO 8 OafliaKiNK HTRRBT, TBI neaest st-les of nprlng end Bummer Boo arte, eon rrrdy M. B ?,'m-w pattern* ..f Karqu.-a Waists, Mentlllea It- tx e, Bertha Ch < e nle-ror end Apr-nt for ladles and eh-Idreti Htairpi d and Krnhr udered Yokes and Bands la grret variety, and -1 tie to order. MMB. DEMORBKT H ORANDOfP NINO OP PaTYFRNF of the fat is Spring Fashi-u* 471 R'oedwaf, SM fanal street, 134 Plrrr- p--nt s.met, Brouklyo. and at the branches la all th?- principal ciUrt of the Union end (Canada Also, one hundred tie V Designs. 1 he spring number o the * Mirror of Fashion," tire oanu NOTICE OF REMOVAL.-MADAN8 MaRTRLU not Man, bus rem red from N-i IdfiiTnton pl?w, Eighth street, to 468 With srrnue, where sb- will open em Msudsy, April 16, a rtoioe as ortment of M.l.lnerj, Miaw Mooes, ?towers, hlbbons. Lanes, An. SPBINO PARiK rLuWKRS, FEATuKKH AND BRIDAL RBTR, oarmh rkh and vkilA JAR KB TICKER, 780 Brofidw THB TRAURI. A situation wanted?ah oardrmbr. by a bin. glr men. who an- e retards his business end Is willing to moke himself generally useful U-iod rel ere noes Address J. M , hoi led Hen I<1 offiaa. WANTED?TEN OR TWRLYR BAOAR MAKER* TO go U) Buffalo, untie bnl go id eprknten wanted Apply IS 1). C Livings, 13 Prank tort -d sn, be- -sewn 10 and IB A sr to B. P. ? tenor A Co., eornor of nehool and Tenth atresia, Buffalo. M. T. WANTED?A LlTHOUKAPHfK OR TRANS to go to chloagn. Apply at Lore Joy's Hotel, f UtBH A. M and 6 P. Sunday and M.nidey PA ME KB j WANTED?A H1TIJA1IO" At 'IaRDBNBB OR iro a. In a gentleman s family, e >nntry not nbjecusi to; bosk of re.oiwiioee eaa be given. a pvrfset aasuar of horses. apply to h I" , hi i\ est i"h st. "117 ANTED.?A PRACTICAL BUILDER, A CAR "BIT TY t r by trade, wishes in get a job to build a hoime. in of out of the ct y; mil work for m<<de-ai3 sages Address P. 0 t ane 8th ave Poet ofikm. no .'VIA Wanthr>?a fihoT clash piiou-oRAPd and embroiype artist one wan tbor ughly tinders tan da both brarehre near others tire., apply. To such a parson a go- d peimoment e tuatl- n *11 be gl-en. bt H-ck? gallery, 166 oral d at, Will amsburg, ever * bus-house's shoe store WsNTBD-AN aMRROTTPIBT, TO TAKB OH A ROB of a flnt c see | gm d wages to e eutll Thursday, Ira st. i c ess gallsry a short dlstano- la toe oouatry; 1 goof band Apph beiws e 6 and 6 P. , of A U. M. Itemed, at B. fordone, I7J Osd BPORTI1YO. r\OQB FOB BALB-THREK of THB FtNBNY BLACK 1# and lan I nps In this olty for sa-e; 00 y seres weeks old Apply at 6'S Hn-sdssv, bas-mmt FCR BALK. A RP6BIAN BLOODHOUND, ninb, 11.s t-uu, JUBT 1MPOME1) FtpOV K '1HIA; IN A HOOD III Oil DOO: WELL TRAIN* D Call at No 6 Carlisle street, b-terren ? Ireenwleh and Wash* legu n streets LION HA LB-A BAIL MOAT. AHolTI r'ARNTk POOA - feet long, boUt by Klrby, isenppm fastened Has been see but a short time, and me-wsplete la srt y 1 ssnsid Ad dress box 718 Post VUI fidLB?THB CKNTHH BOARD HLOOF YACHT F BDOAR. o' about twsnty t-as; Is very rest, bauilssmsly fennsbed, and warranted In pert net (vmdiuoa, cheap. Address 0. W. T? hot ?*) Poet ofiles NiwaiB, New Jersey UNPARALLBLBD KBAT IN BAT KlLLINO -HARRY Jsi n-sg- bo- maiohnd his -hseipt-n slut liaesseR *0 RIM two bnndred re's in tweniy minu-ns, a feat never yet tsmm alished In tbe halted eveins; ts r.,m? off at Rnriifian ? Hall, Zi u hlie street, on Mood-iy ere. log, April 1A at 8 sMoM. 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