Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1861 Page 7
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SHIPPING. BKXTI8H AND NUK'U AMERICAN ROYAL sail. na> HAW TOKK TO LirBKTOOU ibte $1*1 wad Cabin Passage. 71 mom SOSTOH TO LIYAATOOL. W<WHB r*AU?S $110 kind t'aoln 1'fc.i^i ...... fli hr ships from ?.* fork r?'l *t Cork hsro-r ho ships from Boston &..1 at hal.fsi sad Cork narbor. KMA, t'apl. JUJhlUa. | AlOUoA, C?Ol BbaoO'' AlflA, Opt J. rttoee. | C AN AD v. ('apt AnU?r? in. Ia Cap . K U toll. } aMBRIOa, Oapt Meauley. nTBaLaSIAN. I NI.V >aoA, UApl Moodta. Cept K. H. iMMep. I fi H , 'A, Cap! J Cook. MX)! i A (now building' rwMt carry a c -ar wMte lignt at mast head: green ataiknard bow; red on oort how. V&iUA. t ook, ItAvts Uo*xu, WWimmAaj. April 17 RnlA. Jodkroa, ?' NrwYrk, Wrdneadxy Ap-tl M kQARA. M.odle, ? Benton. WeMmeday, May 1 La, Lott, New York, Wednesday, May d A Bl 4, clone, honor, Wedaeaday May H RIOA, hhsnnon. ? New tuii, Wednesday, May -M erths not a.cured until paid tor a eapr'looead Snrgv-.-e on h aid tie oweera of tbeae a . i w wi 1 not Se aeoouetaMa foe Gold, 'or. Builiou. Specie, Jew dry, Pr rt?.u. ?tonfcK o- Metal*. turn hiila of lading or tignH liorelor aad the value reaf therein eipii .ar . Nor irmght or pav-ag" apply to R COWARD, No 4 H.iwllnr <Va*n. ? BTBAJUOJP GBKAT 3ASTBRH. FOB LIVMXrOOL, Ik Intended to leave New fork onor about May*. raaaaae MO.tur. OaMn ?1? " (with (Ary aupor.or accommodation*! 73 . UitlNNRLL. MiNTURN A OO , MAM WRJCKJLY BJtTWKRN N?W YORK AMD UT moot, landing aad Mr'a-king passengers at Queeaatown, aoa) The Liverpool, M w ? or* and rblladolphla Steam ?Company Intend d sr it< Lin? their foil powered Clyde I Iron etramahtpi at fol.ows;? MNBf'RU, BAturday, Aja ll'A); LABGRYW. Saturday AJgrtl 27; TY or WaeHINaTOp, balurday, Mat A every Saturday at^uoon, from North river. t?r KAfBr <>r PitSaOK. ....rsiltAora^..... $30 to l/Oodnn HO J Do to London 33 return tlskous. good for ?x months Si] for warded to fail*. Hame, yambnrg, Bremen, , Antwerp, Ac, at irduo?d through fares. J .... - ? to bring out tbxir frtm rin can buy tloketa at the fallowing rate* to New York:?from Liverpool or inakewTi. firat eabln $"ft |AS *nd $)o& Steerage from ? pvel 6*U, In ui i|ui. i aiow > to ese steamers have ?.operlor a oooimolatlons for pi *S*Wrt?nop surgeon*. lh?y are bulltla water. Iron (teutons. and have patent fire anmhilntura cm btard. r turther Information tpoly ta Liverpool to William aa ageat, * Water afreet; In Olasgiw to William In . No 6 St Enoo'i aquaie. in Qneriatoiro t> C A W. 1). nour A Co.; In London to riven A Marey Si King William A: to ''aria to lul?* Dvc-wie, No 5 1'ltee do la Bourae; In Uelrhla John 0. Iia' 9 Walnut atreetor at tbeo?m aoSlcAa. JOHN U DaHS, Agent, 15 Broadway, New PAM FROM MBW YORK AND BOB TON TO 1KB A Bngland and Srotlapd via Oalwar.?'The Atlantic J MaB Htoam Navigation Company will deapateh from TOBSUAT, April W, m? and magntflornt puddle wheel ateamahlp ?OLtMdlA, Robert teltoh. Commander, ling ak SL Johns to land paaaengern and maOa k.1.1 or raaaaae roan new vuut ok uo.ftoe. cabin to Dal war, Dublin er Liverpool... $76 and $100 cable to i4 Johns, N F $&A 1 eabin id Oe'way, Liverpool, Olacgow, or any town Ireland on e railway $ML ranns taking paanags ia Maw York for the above ship will ve free pasaagee from New York to Boston, men ? 1' wishing to br>ng oat their friends from >ld Country cun obtain retnrn tlakets at very low rates, e iteamer aDaIaTI ) will follow the Colombia, eel ling Hew York on Tuesday. Mav IA p-mge ?r 10,0^51 'wiCKHAV, he Office of the Company, on the wharf, ft?t of Canal A. North river. r BOWL AND A A9PINV7ALL, Agents Agents In Boston, NaZRO BROS. A dWBSrtHY. R SOUTHAMPTON AMR HAYRB-OM BATURDAT, April 27 ?The United Ntaios mall steamer PULTUN, I WoUoo, oommaoder, win wail from pier No 37 North , fool of Beach street on Saturday. Apdl 27, at noon, steamer, unaurpamtd for safety aad cum?ori, has doable tee under deck, enclosed by water tight eomoartm<*ota, h, besidm other results tend. In the event of clllaloa or PKcg to keep the pumps free to work, and secure the y of eeeel and paw-rgera. For -.rpasatge i lMUKL L. FOX and UctO. MaCRBN AIZ, Agento. No. 7 A RAQO will sail May 28. SAM.-MBW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. I Tender but Buroeean line of kteamahipe will gall bo a Mew York, Moothampton and Havre, OARRYlka THB UN1TRD UTaTEB MAIL. I From New York I for bouthampwh h and Havre h AM RVBKM, Iiefevre, Ket'y, Mav 4 HQHL Ikru^HriUMtt Terry " May la ?a aUpe have watertight eampartmenta. Returning from Havre aad Southampton. Wednesday, May * June A ?t aahto $tue. wooed oa $60, third do. 1.16 and SKI tltoatea of passage issued from Borope to America, icto dedvorvd in LondOD or 'arte TOKttaNCK, Agest, No, 6 Bowling Green, New York, hi drafts on London. Parts and Frankfort. um or TT7ENDAY. MAT U, TO IRELAND, LNGLAND OR SCOTLAND, VUU&L4AT. > Atlantic Royal Mail bteam Navlgutiou Company's mag Qi siouxmr ADRIATIC, (Formerly of toe Collins tine), Jarv. wausv, Commander, ear- from pi-o No 41, (nut of ? ;nual street, on the above touching at ft. ,\il ci to land mails and passengers, ?ergots by this fl.-amer wil have a free tic tut from C, many 01 tin rllii-s on-he mvn Hii-m or rudwey rat Hribun and irelvid thus maslug it the most piea ret.? for prrsons going to Europe, enabling th-.m to see d portion of Ireland without extra <? ?t, avoiding the * of oh*on?l navigation, the delay andexm-use at Liver - and shortened Has vo?agr, at very low rates, pate age or further information eppl? to WM. ir WlORHAM, At the office of the company, on the wharf, Knot of Canal street, North river. HOWL A NO A AB PIN Wall. Agonta I AM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVBK Kiel?The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's drat full powered I lyde boilt steamer isNAL'! AN, Captain am, carrylDg the Janad'an and t'ni'ed Sums mails, will ran Portland next Saturday, April 30 Rates 0f p issage New fork, first class, aeoordlng to accommodations, .rd $8); steerage, found with cooked provisions, JtSd. lina'ee Issued for bringing out passengers from all the ipel towns of Ureal orita'n and Ireland at very low For passage apply at Z1 Broadway Now York. BaBEL a bBAKLR. general Agents. LA* TO HAMBURG, HAVRS, LONDON AND loutkamptan.?the Hamburg American Backet Com 'h hip BOaURSIA, N. Trantman. oommander, leave on Monday, April 10, at fl o'clock m', fur Ham vla Southampton, taking passenger* for Havre, London, i.^RTOllARO A Bond, 1M Broadway I - - - JlAtDbUtl ismpton and Hamburg.- I oahta fWoTsawmd eabta...f$n I Steerage $30 steamship BAVARIA will succeed the Borussla on LIVERPOOL ?Tins NEW SPLENDID FAST tiling dipper ship AURORA sails on Thursday, April las splendid amnmroodaUona lor all druses of nsssen Apply ou hoard star U East river, or L> JudE.'ll rH>,Al South street. LITBRPOOL?THB EXCELSIOR, AT PIER S8 Bast river, hastls Is to the Nor h river this day at noon nils to mor-ew For passage apply ?n board or to GRO. I DIR. 176 Pearl street LIVERPOOL?TAFSOOTTB LINE?RAILS 01* Monday, April 16, the fast sal leg packet ship WENT T, (Japitlu Chi Ids. Fur passage, having unsurpaaW emodaUons for all dames, apply on board, pier 17 East , or to TAPaCOTT A CO., 8$ South street n BLACK BALL LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKET!*, jnct tally on .he 1st and 10th of every munlk, lussage to and from Ltvenmni, at lowest prices, apply to HBSROa. A OOFFBV, 69 Mouth street New Tork. RT BHlTil FOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON -bBIP MRRICaN UNION, for Uverpo< I, sails April id'.h. Fare ,bin and found, $16. Ship LONDON, nnd m, April I lib Fare$l& Ferns-wgc to or from -re a xjve at low rates, apply to THOH. G. ROC 1IK. hi South New Tork. rhOOTTB UN* or LIVERPOOL AND LONDON Packets?Paasagr from or to Liverpool or London oaa p be engaged by thl s well known line, sailing weekly, . very lowest retea, and drerta Issued as uaoai fur any mt parable nn la any part of (4-eat Hnialn oi id. can be obtained by applying to or addrvaaiog TAP IT A CO., 86 Month street. New Tort HHAttB TO OB FROM LIV ERPOOL, BT THE OLD d'ark Htar Lice ?Drafts on Royal Bank of Ireland. The RNION sails MU AprIL The ADELAIDE and UNI Ph early la Hay. Apply h) WILLIAMS A OUIBN.U * CALIFORNIA T1A PANAMA. first class steamer wlU leavs New Tork on the 1st, 11th Xnf each month, except when Ibeer dates fall on Run a the day af departure will be on the Monday fol M'ndght or pasmgs apply at the only oMoi. No. 177 West A earner et Warren. D.B. ALLEN, Agent. K KINGSTON, JA tICA lamai'-s and New toi * Bcrsw Rteam Packet Line, carry he mall, to mil for Kl igston .lamoioa, on the ANhof each th ?the mall steamship CI.HA TO a. Capt. William Lord, mil for the above poit ua Maturdar, April 30. from pter 37 h river Passage-Fl-si cabin, $60: second cal.ln. $88; I claw. $36 For freight or peerage apply to WaLDRN A >1H, Agents. 67 Broad rtroei A VAN A AND NEW ORLEAWR ? RVKRT TEN DAYS. TH* STEAMSHIP OR BOTtA To saD on MONDAY, apnl B, at 1$ o'cloeR, J. JOHNSTON, Commander, iw receiving freight, and wRi mil as above from p6m feet Inrvay street. North river. >rww taken on sU I h? steamers TIMOHTON, t;ROCilHHt i.N A CO., 68 Murray strand, i steamship BIENVILLE sails May L _____ ra HAVANA. I'tilled Ftataa Mall fltaamihip y \kkh orrt, Win. T. Coopar, Commander, learn for the abort port on Tburadnr, April Jft, at twelra o'clonk, from piqr 46 North rlrar. m freight or paaaagr apply ta HAHUUl'B A 00.. 83 Mouth timet. :TH APBIL-RTRAMKB FOB TIAVANA AKD IfBW ) Or1eeno.-lha -teamehlr DANTRI. WRIMTHB, Cart rid Wheen, will leer* from pier Ma I North rlrar, OB Moa , ldtk mat., at 1 o'oWk p. fT sat gaatiCTifiaaa!"'"''' OR BATAHNAII AMD OTHER 1)1 NTS, AB BMCOW. Tbeflrai fjaaa aleariehlp ALallANA, Cap! OmrmB. irnek, will laara on tat.inlay April AL alT P M , from rM North rlmr. Tbrmiga OrkeU ran bn had for lha fok tng ptaoae -New Orieana, %? 76; Mobile, $?: Mont i60: Mmuphle, Ml *4; AngUAU, #1T NO; Maeon, ??';fa uiafe, ?IA For frrlgat or paaaage apply at Id Hroadway. 8a*1kL u MITt flll-L A bl'N, New York, J JO'i R. WluDR). A 'it I.UN, Harannah, < **??** *ha r' I jORIDA, Oayt laaao 1 roweU, will enocned, aad [ra an Saturday, Apnl tj, at? P. M, |OR BAVANVAII.-THH RTBAMBHIP B. & CUT1.RR, Opt FradnrWik Crockar, wil leara plat 12 North rtrnr, . Thitraday, AprU I A, at 4 P. M. Ticket* to Naw Orleans, Linn, Montgomery aad o?har potato H.mib, aol<l at tha low ratm u. B CBOMWKLL A CO., Mo- 8# Went ?lreat aad St6 Broadway. Boa?a, oiuuoii A8UP**i6k HOBH8 FOR HA.LA-A GOO* TR1 . "MoT and an excel ent ?addfa Heree warraawd sound aid kind and M-?a* yams nidi said fee iNMl HM fdoe *JA Apply u na Sweat Thirtwsnth street L saddle pony fob sale?a rat Mara, fir 'cell hand* high loan Mil, war'anted perfectly gaoite d kind, on trick.* and *l-l> rat au? exception, cauaot be sur _ls*d for* lady or chl.dn-a; will stand without tela*. 1* veu v'atiLaU and vwj pretty. Oaa be aaen far two day*, or until sold, at Ho. *3 Thlrc avenue. AMAUDbOME PAMILT HoK V. otVKN TEARS OLD, perfectly sound and kiuu. u ilgut a .il gent's . Rockets** ano light tkt'ik both u ?ry new, i ?? wltu Harness, for aale cheap for *aai f u?? lucy will be sold nils rat air If desired. Apply at stable 16 K .ml'ion rtract " AU tRNKV OK JKKKKY CATT1.M FOa SAMC-FOCR female*, two of th'-ui far gone with c\l? and tyro y?ar lint bull., all tn,trough red aril choice young nU-ck for oar tk-ular* addrree Jorn. Hatea Wasntugiou Hwents Fo?t odice AOH HALE?a BFAUTlCl.' 1* 81* SKaTKD OFEN BA . K ueha, that haa had but little uao; wtU be anld for $*?), let SUA) Call at \ bungs, No. 7 twentieth street, near n*away. For particulars call u|>oii J tC. CART, No 1 B Ax lor House. FOB HAI R?SIX FINE HoUsKrt, WR.OHING PROM ttrtiteen I* Iftneu bun teed pound* eaob warranted sound and kind aim im< Co* Cart* Can be *aeu at 17 T* ** " ' MIAJW AtV UTO *'"? v. 4111 k AU Ol ?BPLi ?! ? 11 Warren street. between lllcka and Columbia ttrueta. South Brooklyn. F'"*B H4I.B?A SGRRRL HOKHB, l.V; 1IANDH, KIND lb all harness, good for the laddie. fart trotter, baa bceo uaed a* a family horse; sold fi.r no fault only waut of u.e; warrsgiied sound Apply at M Charlton street. ^lOESALB?A DARK! ilK THUT aORHB,_U>< H AHWI, ? MTrpa ye .r* a d. perfectly sound. Aa Ha* been uaed un der the saddle anl In harness. single and dou.'.lo. Prt -a ?200. < Apply at Underbill A Fleet'* livery etable, Lafayette place, near Aator place. toor Jf nut BALK?A WELT. MATCHED TEAM OP OHB*T nut sorrels, 15^ l.und* high, sound, not a iieinub or fault bk ttem, faat Liu far a light carriage. _ Ai.j warrantee will bo given. Can be Keen from 10 A. M. to 6 P. at. at 141 Cherry ?treat, near Montgomery. Hold tow for ciaU. fK)B I dir . 8A1.K?A JKT BLACK BLOODKf> llOKnW OF lirect Tlppoo aad Highlander stock 6 year* olj, ! >', hsnf* high una very fust: thni.aghh broken for tangle or double barney L?a been trained by lit*- row lor thesuidio, guuametd to be per.vcuy .sad gentle In all respect*. vk 1.1 be sold at a b? gain, a* bis owner has no further use for blm Apply at Bradley ? stablea, in thirty rlrut street, be Flab a ' " - tweeu FIl lb and Mad son avenue*. kr-uB KALK-A I'AIH OF BAT CARRIAGE UOR-1R8, r about sixUen Lauds high , will l>e sold cheap, us the fa mil) are leaving for Burt pe. Can be *i-en any day Ibis week at Miles' literj stable, Ui Niiir tceulli street, Sixth a?> uue. IflOR bALE-TWO HET8 DO 11B LB LI if II T HARNE8J, 1 ueaj ly new, at .ftcart my riUtbirs, 147 I'sctAc street, near ' 1 nu-n, Hrouk.ya Also, i-ne Bay Mare, rtx years old. uuuud and kind; good under saddle and iu harness Ail winch will b? w Id low 1,1 OB HALE?A Pair OF HANDSOME BLACK HOR4EA. X seven ve?n old, warranted e iunrt. Frtce$t>bU. Address b )* .I.4HU Fust ctti.'A FIOB SALE-A FahT TROTTINll (JHAT MAKE. H year* old; kind and gentie, can trot In th, can be se.-n lor fhiie caj?. Inqulreof N B OARDNER, hU Chambttrs aire- t, or A. K. L.nV.t.hY, 34 Cortlandt suoeL tilt I It HALE? A LOT OF VAI.UABLR HORSBJ. P Amongst tbcm it two superior teams, about fourtesn bunrtrt rt p-unds rich, two of them are Iron gray, the other two not so dark; alw a Ave year <dd lrtm gray Colt: also a handsomn W agon flare: ul o a fast walklt g Cart Horse, nil warranted. Apply at bo. 8 Essex street, coal yard, near Ca nal atteei. Fob salb? a new grocery wagon will be aold at auotl n on Mo, day, the <f.tb of April last . At 1 o'clock F. M., at the ooincr of Thirty seooud street and Broadway, New Tork. BENJAMIN WEAVER. Jr., AucOoueer. For sale?twenty welt, bred Virginia sad. die Horses, all yoang and sound) also two Arabian*, and several fine pairs at too stablea corner of Beventy-llrst street and Third avenue. titOB BALE?AT A BARGAIN, A GOOD SECOND HAND Hackney t'oarh, suitable for harking. 41*0 a flno s?r rtl Boise, six years old, warranted In every respect; evary trial given of b m Also a double set or C?tch Harness, chtep. To be aeeu at New Chambers street, one door tr un batarla etieet P. WATEttbOM. IllOB HALE AT A BAJMfAfN?A GOOD HKCONE HAND Cnaoh. *uitab:e for haoklsg or counlty use. Also other second band vehicles cheep. WOOD BROTTTHRH, 806 Broadway. Fob balb cheap?two rookaway oakkiageh, for one or two horse*; one nearly new, with three seaia; also, one burn new* top Wagon, with Harness, B< be. Ac.; also, one giuy Horse, 0 yea s old, kind In single or double harness; suitable for grooer or busl naaa horse, for which purpose be baa been ueed 'or the last four years. Apply at 11/ South ?>m FlftT " ~" Ninth itreet. Williamsburg, third door from Fifth, where the above can be aeon. r)R 8ALE CHEAP?A SQUARE TOP BUSINESS Wagon, In perfect o<der, suit able for the grooery or mine ral water bualnese. Can be seen at 16fi Mulberry street. For balk or kxchanok?twenty-five touwo Horses, just from Ciusda Wml l|i^ to 16 bands high, frem I to 7 years old; a l son-. >1 and kind, inquire in ilu bla ksrouh shop, 120 Norfolk street. HORlKS WsOOlfB. CARRIAOKB.-EXPRKSN, OHO rera awl Husincaa Wagons, Milklen. Trotting Wagons and two second hand; Wagons of all kinds (hat have Ixvin taken In exchange, soiling off cheap, at the factory, l! ton atenue, and at slahifl^ 10 heviii* atr> el, Brooklyn. rwn Idl Kill IB IdHr WAUO.Ml-A LABOR AABOttTMKNT Off WA J sons with and without tops weighing fr m LIT lbs . p wards made of the t*?t salnoted materials an J of latest nst teox't, and will be sold at pricue to suit the times mat be found at the old established manufacture, IM Elizabeth atrret. Oentletnen are Incited to call and examine the stock on hand. Orders for any style of Wmrons promptly exemied. JOSEPH a. GOD WW, 114 Elizabeth street. s Light waoonh,?ouhrnbcrt a van duukr, praoiloai Light Carriage makers, Ltft and 13/ C'hrvsilx e*reet, between Hroome and lleiauoey streets. New 1 org, would inform those gentlemen who hare eot ordered In time for rpnng riding, that they have (lolshad on, previous to entering on thmr spring orders, anu have on hand a few of their celebrated light Wagons of the latest styles which oan nnt be surpassed for lightness beamy and durability. AEDLE HORSE FOR SALE?81'PERIOB IN KVKdV l particular, souad, kind and gentle. without fault or blemish; suitable for a lady or an invalid. Inquire of AL HKl REED. lug West street, from lu to ill o'clock. mUOKOUGH BRRD TROTTING STALLION CLARION JL Chief, sired by old Clarion, by Monmouth Rcllnee, will stand this seasoe where the celebrated trolling s'allloo Gee. N. Patchen stands known aa the Dykemao Farm, ucar Ktaps Bildge, New Turk city, the season to ooutlnue to July 16, 1 Hell. Terms $36 the season. Til Rf K HOR8E8 FOR IALR AT A SACRIFICE. FOR want of use, at the private stable of Brock A Miller, 127 Worth strtet, near Cnntre street One Hlack Man* and gey Morgan, lb hands high, V years old; a fa-u trotter; the safest faml y boras and roadster. One Sorrel Horse, Id hauoa high, H veers oid, a stylish carriage hr nte. On. Canadian Pony, 14 hands high, 6 yearn old ana a fast trotter A?1 sound, gentle and free i mm all trlcka and vines. Also, lu Brooklyn, a Bay Mare, 16.1, hands sigb,t> vears old, speed JNU. NPKt lAI. IfUTICBS. Notice to insurance companies -ant in suruoce Oomianr which has Issued any policy, or takec any risk upon tba Iralkllugx (berued en the night or April L tost.), on the piemlsoa kr nwnas the Broom, or Clen place (Striated on the Hfde Park read, about four miles north <V Pongbkeepslo, wlu confer a faroc by rnmiAutucvng noitot .hereof to LCTBEB R. MAR8H, Attorney for the hetn, lift ? Pine Htroet. Dated New York, April _ VTOTICE TO TAXPAYERS.?OFFICE OF TDK COM is misalr.nerK of Taxes an.' Assessments, No. 33 Cham tiers ktreet, New Fork, January I, tW.-Hnttw is hereby git eu hat tae AMeusnient itollaof Krai an.l Personal Estate of the sity and county of New kork,for the year 1161, will lie opened ou Mnodr-y, the 1Kb ln"tant, for public 1:tspo'< Ion, and will eowttnue opeo until Ihe .sith day ol April next in clusive. All taxpayer* are earnestly requested to call and examine the same. In order that any errors In the .assessments may i e oorrec ed. also all persons entitled by taw to reduc tion on < heir nf.*e?iim.nla, by reason of being elerfjmrn or for military aerviees, and also IRe-ary and ehairltaliln kmtitu tl. n?, l.y law exempt from taxation, arc requested to make application lor ?nrh reduction or exemption fife? tou.1 to too t oslag of the rolls on the Nitb day jf I prli. The following arc Won of the act wf apt ll 14, lsJ9, Is pttl>> Url rvl for the Informs*. n of taxpayers ? Rectton 10. During the time ihe 1x10k* shall lie open f ir pub UclntpoctK n, as heretofore pros bled, appM nation may be nisde I y sua person considering hlm.elf aggrieved bv the see., i valuation of his real or personal estate, to have the same cor rected. If such aojneai! .? b? made a re st' .a to the as sessed valua'torn or r?'al estate, it must he made In writ uig, slailug the grounds of objectors thereto. an 1 thereupon the Curnmteeioneri shall examine Into the nnomaint, and If in their judgmeet the asisscint la errwnnons. 'Uey shall rau-e the ram* to be romwted V seeh nppl.>*v>ri he made in relation lo the ass* save va I is Nest ef parse? d estate, the avplleaat shall be exam las 1 wader oath by the aeM Cinamin sioners, who shall be auihortxol to aaedruater ? oh eath or any of them, and If In thrdr Judgmeat ihe aaseasmrnt lien roneous, th.y shall eanes the seme to be corrected, and Hv the amount or sueh asre**moat aa they may beWe to oe just, an 1 desiara their (kv-lsion thoreoa wpbln thirty days afterstuh ant.llcat'on Wall have lioen made . them. Ns ro ductlor shall be mado by the Xna-e af duperrls, re or any esaeaamasl aw real or gorsesial aetata Iwigoeed under this act. on vss n shall spwear. nuder oath er aArmstioa, that the party a?grlee?d was rutable te at lead within the period pro srrlhed fi.rlb i erurrerii: a ef taxes, by reaaea ef stckaecs or shannon from tha ally (Laws ef ldM, chspter .TO, sechen lh A.J WILLI AMJdOh, j (leiuiwlialoeere .1. W. AI.I.BN, t of rsxusand J. W. BROT. X I AeseaamemenM. PATRIOTIC MARK MEKTINO-THE T1MB HAS OOMR when political d'lferenoei. ?b uld give ??f to it lia which know* no party but our onuntry, and re-'oeulans no constitution but through the ballot boi. All who ore In farnr of enforolng Urn lawe to uphold the mnatllulkon a* It now exist*. will meet tbU evening at the <".iv Hall. IRA AC MORS 8. RICHARD COUJNS. Tamiant boctety, or coi?r*iBT.AN order? Annual "lection - Br iber*, The annual election of the Roe let 5 of Tammany will be h?fd lu the (Viuooli llUnbr of the Ureal Wigwam, at half an honr after the setting of the ?on. (leuem and punctual attendance ia ret tasted. By order of JAMBH CONNBK, Grand dachont. C. C. Onit.its, Beeretarj. Manhattan, aeaeca of tiiasaaovx, nth tnoon rear of dlaeo eery the .Wth. of independence the 86th, and ol 'be Inalitu tlon the 7*1. COPAHTRKR81IIP HOTICKM. ft'-lAH ? RABTWim WARTBD, 11* A LJOUOR flTORE. *U? Pauner war cd lu a proitabse enterprise. ftfiUt-l artner wanted for the oonccrt bualnc , WEIXB k CO.. 213 Broadway, corner a r niton at, mom 20. Ad A/\ ?fABTRER WANTED, IN A CARE MAWtJ, ^TtUU. factoring Rnehtesa, permrnently estebiLhed with unlimited iiiloneton, paving over W> iwr oent; largo or ders eng.iged. Tbe party hsrlne entire control of hla capital. Apply to T. T LIVINUeToN, .lr , 98 Liberty street A ("Aft ?PARTNER WANTRD-A OOOD RC8INEBH JpOUU. man wasted, to take half Interest In a pleasant and profitable hnslaeas, n iw paying well A rare "nree; will bear examination ft jturc at 71 Naeaau street, room mo. a ______ G??J Ann *0 MlW-i PARTNER WANTED. IN AN ?O.UUV established reyilaf bualtisss V ndoubtod mfe reneea siren and reunited. Addraa* B?A. W., Herald offlee, stating where an Interview cart be had. A1A nnn -WANTED, A OBNTLKMAN W1TB THIR ?i.Ual*UUa hmonntto Join the r.deerttaer In mamtfae taring a patented tnarhlne which will pay An Iron rounder preferred Interert xecured By patent right. Oak on O. W. waits, H Walker street alter 10 A. M. w Aiwimn. ( iMir^rrr . Tka mansgsm?it boo hi auoounc*. an MB MX. EDWIN MOOIU. Ct a minrln MONDAV. lVr*. Ou eveulag Be will i|im?r in am *>'??? ow*CAC-rr <*.' ailV LOCK. la TUB XCBaTI li?7 OF VKtilUK. The performance fur thu week ? ill be 1c. tat f Alan loj or. dor:? iiiui il.j, Ifiib ?KflTLOOR. ?'wi ,c.V ij sud TUurwI.T, ITth and ltha--OTHELLO. Ki nl. y ?ud rialulda). lUtb and 'A'lh- llaMLivf. Box boot i |*u for oil of tint (?>> .?o night* iKu?..n..r I Entertainment b? the Children of the s: r L'dl ru TIOoL UK dT ANN'S OBURoil, to prow funds to purchase a Llbr?'V MUKUkt RVt.SllvU, a I' U llj 15, 1SH. I'KOt.UANMS?FAST I. Overture?Tr ( bora; <le Bronze- For lli haa*1* Au'?? * Mr* <V fn Knar, Mm Boardm*n. Met* Pesr'On, Ml** Plmp.on, W.Asre, ff. Merge, C. W. M rj;iu, W. 11. Ourrto and O Merge. 1. polo and . it >ro??Strike the Cymbal By tho Children 2. lluet (Md of Imkel?M.irU L tad J. Myer* A. Miuti 5. irtu?Ike l'isunt tihtnie* N. Glover Miiitnr* Howard, tV.crd and Muedct. 4 Polo?The tide -waria Loulvv wjers C. Keller f. Violiu (kilo?La Melancholia-?Mr. 11. Appj .. Prune ff ( hoi u* By the Children 7. Duel Pianos?Invitation a la Dsnte Weber Messr*. Morgan and Merge. FART II?WILL CONDIST OF 1. Kxerctaes tn the sign language By ihe Children of tb? llouie for ileaf Male*. After which Mr. G. W. <1. damage will recite hi* justly reiterated piece, "Chrl*t dtiPIng the Tempo*!. " The while to br fnlrrpretod by the Ac v. Thomas Uailsudet. 1 Keen*lion Little Prankln X Recitation Little Bessie 4. Violin Solo Mauler Boberi A Song?The Little Maid Susie 6 I conation Little lorn 7. Recitation?1 he Leap f ir IJfe?M. L. Mjrr* .a. T. Morrta faut in. Overture?Car/a Ladra?(or 1C handa Ito-uin Mrs Win. Berge, Mrs Boivrdtnan, MIm Pearson, Mb* Mmjnmn, Measr*. W. Berg', U. W. Morgan, W. U. Cume sr.d i' lierge. 1. Musical Dialogue -ia) The Railroad Bong; (hi Niagara Kails i ?nducior. Mi 1'eoli Little Ma A Maria. Old Gentle men, ? Chorus of I a** rgere, by the Childrei. 2. Song?C< iniug thro' tho Bye Little Mary 3. Dtwt-I-. Mancla-Marta I., and Jas. Myer* llennon A Vlolm nolo?L* Norms?11. Appy 11 Apoy 5 fun- Why, my Lover Mary and Susie 6 bboru* By the Children Finals?Htar spangled Bauuer By the whole Company 1 he grand I'lsnos used on this cession arc from the cole brsted tnanufatlory of dtoinway A Bona. llcht is adnil ting a gentleman and two ladles, $1; Single tickets. M'c ; Children, under 15. 2.1c Doors open at 5',; Per formance to commence at 7>4 precisely. KIODRON CONCERT BALL," 5j9 BROADWAY, Chlnsse Rooms. PlONhBtt CONCERT ROOM OF TUB WORLD. The mighty events In tho world'* 1 Istorv are recorded o't by same sculptured dime, snd ihe fame of great heroes, KlaUauien si d benefaciura carried down to coming tiuiei upon marble tablet*. but the MKLODEON, 5J9 BROADW AY, herds not ihe assistance of ihe sculptor or tho aichitaet to perpei uate ita memory It ored* no princely d, me, n<< momimental pile, uo stately pyramic ? hose towering belrht sbail pierce the ?tonnc cloud* and rear l.s lofty hesil to heaven to tell posterity Its isinc, or the pi-, mTt generation where the I 111* Ai ESi and BEB I CONCERT HALL IN AMERICA can be Sound No r< volTlng glassei or nilnored teats obstruct the rlew, or msgnify the effect of the most lovely galaxy of young l?dba ever concentrated upon any stage in the world. 'Ihe teaia are comfortable and all that the patron* desire. The c is no sp ng of English or other foreign aim. but tbe aceom mndatn.ns furnished are such as auit our most polished wi dely. The company engaged are ('(iHM' i FOLITANR, and the homo, tbe seats, the stage, ihe. perfrrmance, and In fact the whole arrangement*, are imculiarly AMErli'AN Ko questions are asked of performers when they en rage a* tr their nationally, (he proprietor firmly believing iha. every country In the world can produce talent No eopjing of foreign names or sir*, hut the beat entertain ment tver lurnlihed to an audieure rendered every night at the MELOIiEON, TBE MODEL CONCERT HALL OF AMERICA, M THE WORLD. presei arm chairs, 21 cents. Not eiceptlng England or Its reprenentattved. Admission, 13 rents; orchestra AMERICAN MU8IO HIM. ********* BBOADWAY. THE ?STEBTAINmUtRI?^THB WORLD, THE GREATEST BNTKKT.VIN.MKNr IN THE WORLD, DisUnclug the lniyest theatres lu tho country in the uc? ductlon of novelties. v 444 gives a continued entertainment, without Ute least intermis sion, for four and a half hours; ?w?w 411 absorbs all the best talent in the country AM U the largest place of the kiu.l In the country; ?144 is unapproachable in every- particular; MS is the wonder of New York; 444 has bseu enlarged; SIS holds three thousand people. 444 I h?'i the lomrest list of talruud per formers that nave evas been brought together in any one place ot ainut-meut. is an Institution that would take a week's writing to describe. actually strikes with admiration thrse who hare been aoeoa thwlr Uvea to the first clasa theatres foJlow,r? wrtl Wkr ?Tar* ulghtl BILLY O'eRIL. BILLY O'NBIL, the favnvtte li Lb ComedLn oharlkt whttk. t UAH -EY WfllTB, CHARLEY WrtTTB, the renoe-.ej <j... tueator and everyb dy 'a tovorita. " tL, JL>,> V KNlihL. JFNNr KlftlaL, JENNY K.N OKU the aeonmpllahed vivalist. W. H BrnWORTH. W. 8. HI 'DWOK1 H, ' W. 8. HIJiHrnKTH. in bis great and unequalled llanjo Solos. BILLV OIJINN, BILLY QU INN. BILLY QITINN. the greatest burlesque orator of the dak. It. HART. K. HART, B. II ART, the celebrated Ethiopian comedian H. LK-LIR, H. LEMLIB, fancy and rotnlc dancer. f. 811 AW. r. Hit AW, comic singer. MON8. YBLARDK AND MLLK. OLABA. MD8H. VRLJKDK AND MLLK. ULABa! MONS VPLaRDK AND MLLB. OLAilZ The great Spanish dancer*. DON HaNTIAOO OT RBONNOISR. Don santiaho oibrornuisb! DON SANTIAGO UIBBONNOliiB, The world renowned contortionist "IONS. LA TIU'RNB, slONH. LA TH -KNR. I MONM. LA THO'thR, in h!? pna: can own hall (cats TTIK ? a IT BALLET TROUPE, BaLLKT TltOHPH. BALLKT TROUPR, BALLET TBODPK, BALuKT TROUPB, BALLET TROUPE. ; Composed of first claaa dancers AND TIIK BERT I OKOHRHTKA OROBBBTRA IN mi CITY, IK THE Under the Leadership ot UK. K. VAN ALKKIt. MR. P. VAN ALKKR. Admission Parquet 30 cents; Gallery 10 cents. RdHEKT W. BUTLBR. Proprietor. The Management have greai pletsuie lu aonounaLu; an eew ageinenl whit ADD WHAVRE AND Mas ITS it BVKNMT. ADD WEAVER AND MASTER BARNEY Who will appear on W.-dnrs<Uy, April 17 ?</\UIETLY. ' V/ TllB CANTERBURY, AA BROaDWAY, OPEN3 TO-WOnT. MKi.oilI.ON CONliHBT HALL, BROADWAY, CIII n- se Huild'nv TONIGHT. MONDAV. April IS, t oropitrarntury B'- irflt to MIN8 KATK PENNOTKR. Don t foigetj2.night;_l,ar.|Uet, 13c_, Orchestra Seals, JJc. M KDicih. A*mjCTED RRWiiBB?fGNoSAjrCB BYPOHRTA Kallulee unmasked.?Dr LAKMONT S Pane, Loodon and New York Medlral Adviser and Marring- Oulne, In f.rmstoe deb.hiaird and diseased. including lli as who am ignorant of the ennse of their ill health and whn have b*?u disapi aimed in their ph; sVlan of the mo?t certain and oon venleni mode of cure. Mailed fur fil by RICH ARDBON. No. 1 "h, DEX1KR A CO , 113 Raman st, N Y , and JOHNhON, 70 hute St., Chicago, or Hie author, *47 Broadway, njisD^rs Hours of treatment, 9 A. M. to I P. M and 7 to y A N IMPORTANT WORI-A GUIDE POK THB MAR A rird, er those contemplating it.--The afflicted, debilitated or disease J should not marry or adopt any trealaeut uil they have inlorme.i ihemselres of the truth only found in Dr LaKMoM'S Pans. Londrp and New York Medical Adv'a r end Marriage Oulie Mailed for ft by RICHaRDiOv, No. 1 Vesey Hireet, RORH A TOUH&Y, 121 Nassau sired New York, and I'BYBRMON, :*.?! chestnut street, PHI lade " j hla The doc*or curee all such aYectluns, recent or long sismllng. etpedltlonsly and privaiely, aa for years past, at #17 Broadway, np sta'ra. a hard to ladirr-dk. yanhkkbbrrn, m Jjl Broadway, attends esrluslvrly all female oorpplaints by medical am! surgs-Ai treatment Imperial pills, #1 r\R. wabd_12lai<ihtntr?rt, cornbr or canal J ' street, tn-Ats all female <lisea*ea with unparaJlelel sue wse. Bis great beuefacwi -mouthly ptlia tl per boi?sent P> any address. OR ward. 12 LAKJHT BTRRRT. OORMRR OP CANAL I trei-t w dally censullcd nonfideptlAllT In certain dia eaees, w ttii tomi eissuicesa. Of??-e open till 10 P. M. Dr. coiBBrr. mrmoar oV rHB iiiw Tor* uni versity Medical College, has removed from 18 Doane sireet to 3U Centra street near Chambers, having a prlva,? euinaaee at Rn. I, City Had plana, whsre ha oaa be oonsnlted en certain diseases. His oflleea, three In number, are so ad mirably arranged that patients never iciu in rootnet The victims of In,position, tr those who have been unfortunate In tlielr selertleu of a phyaUuan, can mil wi.h the oet.\in j of receiving honorable matinetit N. B ?''se Dr. a * diploma lu his office. Consul la'Joun sDletiy ooufidentlaL Tl*.."1?"?.* ?AB rpB THIRTt TRARH OtlNPIRRB IJ hD attention to diseases of a certain elans in which he ?as treated no less than fifty thousand rasre without an in stance of failure, lib great remedy, Dr Hunter s Rod D^p,

enres certain dlseesea whrn regular treatment and all othus remedies fall; cures wthout dieting or restriction In the habits of the paUei.t, cures without thediigristlry erd sicken lug effects << nil other remedies; enree in usw eas< < in I <e than sis hours. It roow oct the polsonnus taint the bloc e sere to aboont nnless the remedy Is used It is fit a vial and oannotlhe obtained genuine an j where than at the old ntHon, No SDirislnn street. Rook for nothing, that treats of As ?t V effects of early abuse. 0~ R. COJICBK 14 DI ANR HTRRRT, MAT HI OON. suited n all dls-es?v of a certain nature. Twenty Mght jears egehiaivel* dovnted to these complain s h m w? warrant a cure In ail cases The victims or misplaced confl denon in mrdtcal pretenders can rail, with ? rertaLilv of red)rally cured, or no pay. ' ' ?R RfJ-PH.-ornrM l.^rRdflRt ? fRRBT 1I0URH to 2 and 6 to 9. HuihUt 1) P^cT^snOTu^. and SfSZi all parte of the Umtwt ftuwea. ^ by mat to '? , ? > ' AJgWgfcVttl. ? , . ' ' IBLO -t GARDEN IX JamcsM *l>oo 8oiB Lcwm ami X*a.*x MiCovvv lad ill ?vi?cm ^uce ot' W WIW ?o\iU,T Twenty a ath W%k u' bis Eager la<-.t night u? vujk.i Tfc#tn*u?((?.r fteU){i*?l pl? ,< ire ;0 xuaouaoing th# re ?overt L'rum his late severe lllu?s< of k i > vf un t- jKHK-:r, ud that the dUttngUrthsi Trag im will re vlmm *r int Mohl'AY EVENIkG, April id. In hie uugiillownt personation of YIRJ.NIPB. iigv^waent being pq^tlvely the 'net opportunity'the pwfcUr wlU hare ef tasfeg Mr For . wln.o.?fog Mr Forrest la tint cWacta? iEm n. .rent, V other pieces in which he I* to epnear *r? lu aoUva preparation aid iitunt b? prudu sal writ * lib. MONDaY fYBNTPG. April 15 DHL WlU be pi aura toil. Lust tune th.s tendon d.Wviuo KaJWije* ?pleiidld Tragedy ot YIRGINICS, THE ROMA.l PitBtK Vlflglniue Mr EDWIN FOUREST MXON 8 ROIAL ClRUlfd wlU continue their bjllltont Equestrian aud OymunsUc Far turtuaucev on TCBbOAT, THURSDAY nnd 8 VTHBD AT NMH73. EQUftSTRlAK M/,TlNEKS, Wednesday anil rtatui day, couunaaulag at ted, on which ?w uuduu the beautiful Infantile Ballet of CINDERELLA wU> he jierformed, lnLwducdu j 75 children, and a fuU Corps da Ballet, led by BIQNOmiKl G ALLRTT1. mk forrests night?), MONDAY, WF.'>NEHb*y and F&IDAT. Box book for Mr. Format's uigUts now opou. rrtoeauf adrnWiuu : ? IXwpi Clrola Boxes, jts, Ur worn! .m Korea $8; Orchestra Keats, SI; Parquetle and Drew Circle, 6*1 ceuta; FauR'r Circle, 36 oeuta. (Entrance on Crosby street). Keats m Private Korea and Orcheatra Stalls can be secured fire days In advance No Free List except to tbe Prena Doom open at 7 Per'orurxno leglnw at 3 o'clock. N EW BOWERY THEATRE, bole proprietors ... Mean s O L>. Fox A J. W. Idiid MONDAY. April 15. 1H8I, ??? Harry Seymour, K?n 'a Patriotlo I)-amt entitled fHB LnttUT BOTH (IF 78; or- runt aki> Titun Mr. fl L Fox's wooden ully Comic Pantomime of THE BRD GNOMK AND T ;R Wnrvg WARRIOR. And a new and effective drama entitled 1HK LICK* HOKhR.SHOK. BARNUM'K AMERICAN MUSEUM OFFKR1 ITS patrona and the public THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTIONS Bter collected together, constituting a list of novelties WORTH TBN TIMES I HE PRICE OF ADMISSION To the Muaeura, nod more than . An he found at Art* OYHKR BFTABLUGIMRNT IN THE OITT, Notwfthetandlnl the prtoe of admission Is ONLY HALF THaT Of OTHBR FI.ACES, And benoe It la that the publtc au constantly THKONO ITS IMMBNHB Ha LI A And ao habituallyreoeat lhatr visits The Mhnager takes great pleasure in mvltlDg the nubile atlentlon to OLD ADaMS' CALIFORNIA MKNAOBKIR Of LIVING BEARS ef various kino*, which are trained to PERFORM TUB MOST AMUSING TRICKS, Personating An Oli> Main, A Sixmos, Koi piicii, Pathiow, As. THE GREAT liBI/.ALv MaMMOTH BEAK KaMSOM, THE GKEaT LIVING!K SKA LIuN, THE CELEBRATED SWISS KI.A (tOKI> I.aDY, MISS B. REED. THE LILLIPUIIAN qUEeN, THE WONDERFUL AZTEC i HIUiUKN, THE RBMARKABLR Ai.RINO FAMILY, TUB CURIOUS AND A MURING WHAT IS IT I THE WONDERFUL LI. INC HAPPY FAMILY, THE DEN OK LIVING MONHTKU SNAKMH, MISS DAWKON, Do If OLE VOICED VOCALIST, THE LIVING REAL, AuUaRIA, WAX FIGURES, PAL METTO TREE, Irotn oharl. xlou, S. C? and 650.IAW ouiioat UlML TWO 8FLENDID DRAMATIC PREFORMANUKS Daily, at 5 and 7)s ? "look P. M., which will embraca during the week THRBX RUPERB DRAMAS: RUTH OAKLKY, FLYING DUTCHMAN, and DON CA1SAR DR BAZAN; makli g a series of attractions unparalleled In THE BISTORT OF AM USE MEN Yd. AdailseiPD 25 oents. Children under HI v.urn, U> eenta BRYANTS' MIM8TRELB, Mechanics Hall, 172 Broadway, above Grand street. MONDAY, April 15, and every night durirg the week, AYNbl.KV COOK, the great Barntnno, rERCY FOWLER, GOULD and HILTON, the pteiiHing vocal uuanette, Id new songs, cburuaes, Ac. PEEL. NORTON, EM MKT NEIL and DAN BRYANT, ullaritlea. in a brilliant variety of plantation porullaritl* JAPANESE TOMMY as the Black Rwaa. "Dat'e what'sdemutter." 'Down in old K. T. K. Y." Doors open at 7; curtain rises at 3 o clock. Tickets 35 oeaha CAJDBMY OF MUSIC. MADAME ANNA BISHOP Begs to announce that h< r GRAND COM 1 LIMBNTARY BBNEFIT WU1 take place on FRIDAY, Apr<l 19, lRfil, On which occasion will Ive produced Haifa's Opera ef TbB BOHEMIAN GIRL. And the Grand deena front the Opera of TANCRRDI, Tbo foliosrieg artisis huve kindly consented to asstt! <-? Mr. D. MIRANDA. Mr. AvVfSI.RY COOK. Miss H. PAYNB, Mr. JAMB8 DUNN, and Dr. oUTLMBTTK. CARL ANSCHUTZ OoodootoF Monx. BLONIUN, the HERO OK NIAGARA, with MMK. BLONDIN. Has oonsented to appear la some of their great feats, being THEIR LAST APPEARANCE IN AMERICA previous to their departure tor Loudon, to fill an engagement AT TUB CRYSTAL 1'ALACK. Admission? parquette end drr sa |elrrle, $1; family circle, 80 cents; gallery, lb cents. Seats seougad with t extra rhaiwe, at the muslo store of cugwl v irt&Po Mnasm. FlrlSf ond . o . 547 Broadway American muhic iuu^ 444 444 444 BROADWAY. Every person should am DOS KaNUA'K) OIHBONOIHK, DOS HAJtTIAUO OlBBONttlSE, The groat HpanLh uuutorUimtaC BROOKLYN AtllHS.t US.-8AM OOWXLL Sf SAM LOWELL. - /*a HA* COWELL. At the request eVnianv of the (met families lu Brooklyn, will afpear for OKB MOUT MORE on WEDNESDAY, APRIL IT, A UK ted by Mif* <) Boll, Mr flsurge tlroeiar, aud Master Charles Sedgwick, tue taunted juvenile performer ou the f i)glial) oonoefUr a Musical Director aud 1'ianlst ...Mi. A. Sedgwick Mr Cowell will introdu. i several new songs, and. by re quest, repeat "Ye Melsncholle 111 .hole of ye l.i rde Lovelle," it b. nig probably tbt> Inst opportunity b will liaveof spin at iDg bet ore a Brooklyn audience pierfoua to hie return to Eu rope Tickets 24 cents, reserved seals 30 cents, obtainable at the bookstore* of W. Rore, Atlantic street, and Baboouk Pulton strret; Dickinson 4 drug alorrs. Atlantic street and at vbo piirclpal music stores Mr. t'owell appear* at the ODbON, Wllitamabnrg. Th. nu':.v, April 1H, for one night only. MELnDEON CON KKT HAUL, 8.19 BRGADW \T, CHI ties* Building. Tt> >IIII1T, MONDAY, APRIL 14, Complimentary Be/mllt to Mire KATE I'ENSOTKR Don't lorget to night, r aripiet, ?r : Orchestra AryoMMAh' matinkk Assisted by jdf.TS KOWOBOFT, OUHTAV one nlUNOR MOHIIA, at IKdworth son Thurkday, Apill 18, at 1 o'clock. CARD. Mr. and Mm Aptommas continue to mneive appilcattoua from young ladles, who desire to am.mpMiy thorn on their European tour, at lit West 1 hirty fourth street TAxuiamoM extraordinary, n tor tbe Uenetil of MR. W. U. B. CURIHTT, who met with s severe accidrut on Monday, A pill 1. An eibibhloii will lake piaoe at FKROI HON K OYMNAJMCM, 139 and Id Crosby street, near .lleeeker. On Mouday evening, April Id, on lebleh oo>* .on the Champion Gymnaau of the world the great HANLON BROTHERS, HANLON BROTHERS, and a hoMjf. volunteers, Including the most ar.vwnpr.shed gru>na?t*l?Me city, will appear Doors op-'u at 7 o'clock, in ;oi mmitW*." miaeuce ai 8. Tickets2'. cents, to be hwl at the Gymnasium. BRYANT- M'PNTRRLM Mechanic ? Pall, 471 Br.alsray, abiva ilrnud street. Fngftgcmi tit of the tvptilar Ktbi .ptso oon> Mian. Mr. hfH Illlhk, FPU ROHN B"H HoRX, KI'H HORN. EI'H 110 sN. M'H HORN. BI'H HORN, urn IIOH"v hi H IIOKN KI'U llUltN. MONDAY, April '3, an I every night. BRYANTS' MINM JlnLH, Mr. ante's Usll, 472 Broadway EI.ODKON CONCERT KALI., XtO BROADWAY, OIII me: uese Building. TO MOIIT, MONDAY. April 16, Complimentary Bene lit to * M1BK KATE PENNOYKR. Don't forget to night. Parquet, 1 e , Oro.os'ra Seats. 2V. WILL FOtHTIYKLT CLftNB IN A FBW DAUB, Krhtbltion nf Cage's grut Picture, ?vim oh,' With the fins eollecuon of Fautttngg and Statuary At Uis t| s LURRY, Ita BROADWAY. Open day and evening. Admission ? rente . MFRH'AN MCH1C HALL, A 444 444 414 BROADWAY. Every p. ,von should srr DON BAN'UOO UlBBOrtOISB. DON HAN i lA'iO (UKHONtilHB, The great Kpanlsh contortionist. 0" UBON, WILLI AM UN'J BU ?NAM 041 WELL POHITl YB ly fur one night only, on Thursday, April 18, assisted by Mi st Bell. Mr. George Crpwcr. Mastcr.Oha'les Be.lgw.ofc, at. I Mr A. Koogwlek, M sl'al Director Admission, 76oenla. h. sr. veo wat?, 741 C'-nia, lobe obtained at ijullek ? music store. _ _ _______ C10MK TO MB?OBIT Atfl'ARiKH. -AM CUWRLL ) Ham (Jewell, Hsm Coweil, H*tn IKiwcU.?Breoklrn Athe ortur.. Weor.isds.f, April 1/. tidcon, Wllbamsbutg Thursday, April lli ? Lonl Igivell, ' ' t.'loan yout Kia.ta.'' My Leivu ? In ad, ' "flaeou and Greena," "BBly Barlow," ka. S),rt TUB OANTHPBrRY. Late Yrencb 1 beat re, opens to nigh I . r.tilH. uraro n.KATRK, '.7 19 B'tWH?iY - iS Third ntgnt of KaTIIaRINa PARK, a new drama >y Mlse Spengirr. Hclnrkb, Mr. Knorr, How aid, O. Hoym katharlna. Mrs Hnytr; Jane Douglas, Mrs Barker Orabn. MR LfM.lH DA< HACPR'N GRAND OONCRRT AT rv.dvrerth'* HcMd. Thursday evening, April 18. 1891. as fit ird By ihr M sees Ovllle JMtaa Montiuoteny, Mile K. (fella, > rwrs Rspettl, Millard, rerd, I.a. baoer, (J. Hraanne and n grand chorua ? trfV'B ORKAT A I) VK R TIHK M R NT." 11 he hcuvands that will tell of the wonders to be seen a CaNTBKHUKY HALL Tt > NIGHT MELODBON CONCERT HALL, NI9 BROADWAT, CHI neac liulldlr.g. TO MOOT, MONDAT, April 14, C inpltn.enwry Nvn- (it to P M1H8 KAT1. PRNNOYEP. Don t forget to night. Parquet, 13a.. Or. heetro Neate, 2Se. ? 1/ VALUE " 4j TRB CANTEBnUBY IN A Ida 1Ti4 Bt'LRNDOR, UPBMN TO NIQHT. U MFR1CAN HOMO HAIOs A 444 _ 44 4 441 BROADWAY. Kvrry perron shotnd see DON HANT1AOO UIUBONOIHR, DON NANTlAOU III HHONIIl -K. The great Njianleh rontotllomst. "JT IB A ORBAT _FAt T. TUB ( ANTKBBI IIY, M6 Broadway. opens nlghL /; AnWEMUnH. LAURA XKSNB'B TUBaT?B. CaT'RA KBBNB'p TBKATKR. L ? I'KA JCESNB'S THBATtlC. UaLKA KAiShiH THBaTIUL Laura kpbnrs iHtAfm Laura klrmh'B thratkb. LaCRA fCfcRK'S Tf! K'vTaX. LACK* Kr.VM>,? TMKATfcK. LA.hA K.UNK8 T Hi.* TEL. J .1 A fct.Hfci ?) TIIKaTRK. J.Al k \ KEKNPn TUKAIUK. LaL .a Kl i .L .i THEATRE. IiArKA KiH.F'D TUP ?TtiK, LAC ivA KttNP'H 1 UK A IKE, Ls i IU Kk?>KS TUkvriJK LA"Ma SKENE'S THKAiKS 1>A 1.' A A SKENE'S TIIKaTAIV Lai'Ka Ki k.\k a T tRAfiiK. Lai Ka K?,KNR'? THEATKi!. LIlM KBLNb'.. Ill KA lit*. (IKE*T SPKCTaCI LaR RI RLeHOUM GREAT <?PEUfACUL*R BULLE.tvU?C OiOsAI 8' R< r*CJaAll BlhUJ.^olJL GKK*f H?KrTA'7l LAll B; GREAT SPEC tA.ul L iK BL'Ku* ?hJjK HERAT SPecT^CI'LiR DCRLBSUUC GKKaT SPECTACULAR BIKcP -i(}l& GREAT NPi. "1 A0C1.AK Bl Hut! ((}UE, ObBAT fll'ftr>tA('CLAR BCKLl (Jon, GHKaT BLBCTACULaK BCllI.b '}UK. GREAT M'hCi AC'I'LaR Miihl.B-.uUK,, GREAT SPECTACULAR BI'KLE.-UUE, OHBAT SPECTACULAR HUl'LK QUE. UKBAT SPECTACULAR BUrtLKSJGE, OKBAT SPECTaCULAR BCKLKS'Jl't, Already ONB HUNDRED VND FOK1V-0KK NIGHTS 8BR HUNDRED AM) PORrV ONB MOUTH, KB HUNDRED AND KOKTY ONK NLOIIS. ONE HUNDRED AND POHT? ONK NIGHTS, OhB HUNDRED AND POBTVOHB NIGHTS, ONB HUNDRED AND FORTY UNK Nlulild, OMt HUNDRED AND PoKrt ONK NIGrlTS, ONB UUNDhkD AMD FORTY-ON K MJOIITH, ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY ONK N.UUTii ONK HUNDRED AND FORTY O.NK NIulITS, ONB HPNDKKD AND FOHTk'-ONE NIGHTS, ONE BUNDBKD AND POHTV-oNf MOUTH, ONB HUNDRED AND PORTl ONR MOHTs, ONB HUNDRED AN I) FoKTY-ONK MllllIS, ONB HUNDRED AM) KokTYONE NiulITS. TWO HUVDRKO AND TWfclO V THOUSAND PKOPLB. ran Ahl> '?"TKNTV THOUSAND PB VLB, rap, 2! 5RSIR A2D twkntt Thousand people, TWO hi NDBBD AND TWknTY TIIoUnaND rKOPLK TWO HI NhKKD AND TWENTY THOUSAND PKoPLK, iS? p^WDhBD a>D TWKNTf TiiOL'gYnD PhOPl.M, TWO HUNDRED AND TWhNTT thousand PBOPLK. lir ASP ,rvVKNry thousand people, TWO HINDBKD AND rWKNTT THOUSAND KKOPI.h! TWO Hl'NDKJtD AND TWENTY THOUSAND PKOPUsJ TWO Hi VDKBD AND TWEN ( Y THOUr AND l'KOPl.K, TWO hl.RDKBD AND TWENTY THOUSAND PK.iPLK! JWO {lUNLhjiD aND TWEnt? thousand Pool'UK, ran H85fi*ffP m1*U T WENTY THOUS AND PBOPI.E, TWO HUNDRED AND TWBNTY THOUSAND KBOPhK! WILL, HK mKPBaTKD TONlOHT TO NIOHT TO NlUHT To NIOIIT TO t> luHT AND BVKUY NlUHT THIS WEKK. AND hVEHT NIGHT THIS WhfcK. I AND EVERT MluUT lhTS WEEK. ?M SEVEN SISTERS SEVB* RT81KKS BKVEN MISThKR bKVKN SISi'hKS SEVEN HInl'tMN. SEVEN SiarKhS SEVEN NIaTEUS NhVhN S1STBUN SRVBN NISTBAS tKVBN SISTKHN SBVKN StS Tints |EVEN bISlEUS HitVRN SISTMRS SEVEN Slolhi S SEVEN SIaTBaS SEVEN BIS'HaS SEVEN SHtBKN bb.VEN SIfclERH SEVEN SISrERS SEVEN b INTER* SEVEN BIRTtvRS SEVEN 8ISTEBH SKVhN BISTBaS SbJ^S SP./EN SDfTKhS HAVEN SI^TKHN SEVEN SISTERS seven SISTERS SEVEN KlriiBKS Sf'JiS 'e.IST2i*5 SKVhN STSTBhS BE VRN SI ST K KB SEVEN HIS l*K KB St.\?N Blwrp** ShVKN SISTRKS SEVEN HIsTKKS SP.VSN HlsTKKS SEVEN BINTEKM SEVEN HIsTKKS SEVEN 8IHTJBRB SEVhA SISTERS SEVEN SIKTKIRI SEVEN SinThBA SEVEN DISTURB SEVEN HISiKKA SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN S1STEKS SEVEN BISTBaS SEVEN SISTKKB AND UNCLB HAM'S UMOLB SAM'B UNOhB EAR'S UNULB SaM'S UNCUB SaM'K UNCLB HAM H UN.LB NAM'S UNOLE SAM'S UNCLE SAMS I'NCLR SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE HaE'N UNC1JI SAM'S UnRI.B SAM'S UN OLE BaM'B UNCLB BaM'B UMOLE BAN'S MAQIO LANTBRN Lanibkn MAOIC MAOIO LANTERN LANTERN yT/in liAnrnon tiSla LANTBtt* MliTio LANTBBN M tan LANTERN LantBEN MAOIC jiioic la stern llTc Ho fflk BWg MAOIO LANTERN Wc & UStRkS rIoW , WHE M?jOLf*. POPUUAH N AMfc? J VAE 0 aHT, popular ?/)*?? ,% THE a t. Pi>l'lIiAAli J'J' o I(|| 'jHli < vopulab nam^ is ,UE OAS*. POPULAR "A*" MIHM LAI KA KKt^Lx H AuJ,N. MAtt8UAL, nllb hblenb. ^otty uouoh^ 1L yjhinU, ebb. o. v? BR?wM!' miss OOULIFC^'jyUjj bv;rI.E. NIBB BULLOCK BnsBBTT. Ml. B. <*, ROOBR8, MB. BURNETT. MB. li. P. DALY. MB. C. PBTKKH. MB. BARTCN. MB. O. P. BROWNE, MB. LBVK'E, MB. WHEN, MB. aooDRicB. ACT HART. matrimonial prlicitt in uadbr TDK BKViiN SISTERS. PLUTO'S CHLLDKBN REBEL. MISKRIK8 Or MORTAL LOVR. mew arrivals in thkTnkkrnal REGIONS. TUB INRVTTaRIJI NIGGER. DEPARTURE OK TniTSEVEN SIBTKRA DUVOLIMB AS 81 UNNER'S FRIEND. PLUTO IN Willi Til? CR1TICB. AFTER A PHANTOM. TOE YAI> i\KE GAL. WARM NO OF Till. SISTERS aPIRIT. 01B OLD FKIFM) liKARH PROM BAM. YOUNU~BAM. BEHIND THE SOEMEd AT LAUBA KHEME'S. A RI1EKRT COBBLER FOB MR PETERS. GRAND COMBAT V. ITU REAL SWOBDR MRF. PETER'8 PuUTO AS CUPID GRAND PAH FROM LA SVLPI1IDR. GREAT BURLESQUE DANCE. CUPPER bTiNION BONO. TUB ZOUAVE HONG. ?RAND ZOUAVE M \R<"1I AND DRILL. FEM1NINK OOMPH OP/.Ol'AVEH. ACT HBCOND. UNOLE RAM'S*"MAOIC LANTERN. COLUMBIA AT WASHINGTON'S lOMB. THE THIRTY YOUR STATES THE BBONT WET>QB, MirHJt.'KMTISn TiiK OCOD OLu wimp OONiTITOTIoE, p> rvorm ?r ?> ik BMANCIl'A'IV'-H AMD ?. HE RATERS. THE STUMP OP THE LIBERTY TREE. THE SLAVE' SCENE. THE HAPPY PLANTATION HOME. CALHOUN'S DREAM WAFHINOTON'S AEMy" AT VALLEY PURGE. LIBERTY AND DlOGSN AI Orl. K08I1 of WABHINOTON AND UNION. ACT THIRD. PLUTO'S FAMILY STRAIOHTBNED OUT. Th?y wad '. to (i) borne. BREAKING OUT IN A NEW PLACE. A GENERAL ROW. "Women, foa ra left your fwalll" "Where * them (HI*"1 PLUTO'S FAMILY AT HOME. A PLEA OP GUILTY. CUFFEB BANISHED TO CONEY ISLAND. CLAM CHOWDER. INVOCATION ~TO IK RES. "I wt?h I?wh Dtile.'' TEE OR t SCENE, THE B1RT1I OF THE BUTTERFLY is tan BOM hR OP FERNS. ImU m?j be wuH rm* ' eeh it> adrsp^b with""! sttfh rhurt" I*?o-D Open M 7 o C - * V??"D)i 'il iU'lUJl r?rio.uiAuto lotaOMtee ?t Wo giooA AamiMKHTS. WAJeLAUKM THEATRIC. M_ "ILL TRIUMPHANT. MB. I, u WILL'.?*>' Ml?r rui, tH? mmr, REST Hi.-ijROT Pft .. r j,T> lN Many teASM. rt*Ti &* > ? ? ?* ?? ?*??? IVuooi.uca* by PBEr.r A XL) rrfiLlO PERFECT. HENKIETT . WU1 be pm-formed IV111 The follow lug arti&te wlU ktipnur - Mr. LESTER WALLaCK, ?n HOLY, Ml. W A LOOT, Mlea SaRI OANMOE. Ml. TLUNG. Miaa PaNNT moras* *r. POBIOIT, Mm VERNON. Mr. PLuYD, Mm ?aU:ot, Mr. PaKES, Ml*a T*>?8. Mr. OOBUBJT, Mm. RBKW1R Mr. OLlVBtt, Mr. PaRSLOiL Mr. BR1NULPH, To conclude * lib a new aflerp ece, of eooeoirlcttji urf Mm by J. U. M.rtoo, called A REGULAR FIX. Honca. The Free Lilt, for the preaunt, ta enuroly anapeudad. Doom open at 7>?; '0 oommeu.e at & <J 2 AIKT1 I" H I'uM'KRT EGUM. 016 BROADWAY, between Ilmeiou aud Uovoker alreeta, a fo brio* I mum hwne'a THE VEkLIOT OF mis PMOPLM, ENU'iMIPMsTtF THE PHESS, THE CROWDED AUDIENCES, AND THE ltECBll'Ia AT THE OFPIOM, '."rtabliali ihr fart bejood diapuie th?t IheOAldTIMB Ml o?i!y pUir of ita kind m ihu ofiy where attrajtiooa are GiXed and the plraame of ita | atnina e uaulted and aaU i,'. only pU.a wtaoac Reding ouarALloriallca nteaei aac' atneily obaerted. T1W attract mas at die GAIETIES OAlgTIU GaiaTIRA GalBTIRH GAIETIES GAIETIES ever erery otter place of emuremcrt la New Terk aMthtaf the fclloeio* iperialitlca; The beet, moat tali-cod and versatile oompany iirjaatoaS_ The caclualon of boya, whoaa 'n xeucc la alwaya UaeruA gentlemen The aupprewdon of a f'?e U*t and eonaequont ikaniw at dead bead*, tbe wnrai drawback upon the Hueoeaaat any place of amuemeot for gentlemen. The quiet and order which alwaya prevail. Tbe freedom extended to pomn* .to enjoy theuisMiw 90 they aee fit. The genteel el, mjcter of the 'tat lore. The mipertor quality of the n-f.-eatmenU terred. Tbe length < f the performance. The privacy Iboae who elect oan tlioy, though auiTOOMia# by hn' dreda of people, and the outl, beauty and arroirpUahmente at the PHETTY Wat fr.R GIRLS PKfcTTV WalTER GIRLS, PKKMT WAITER HiItl.H, b Itb. I I'M WAiriilt Oi I'.LS, FhEirr waiter girls, PKE.1V WAIfRR UlKLcL PKIvTT.' WAITER (URLS, PIUUTY aiTWit WIhLH, Pretty waiter ihuia PBKlTY WAIiBM HlKuK. PHfclTY WaITMM GIRLS, pretiy waiter girl*, pretty waiter girls, runny waiter girls. PURITY WAl/cK OI n I.e. PEKTTY W aITBB. (Iflll.S, rbatty wAim t uirlk. pkatty Waiter oieidj. pretty waiter girls, pretty waiter girls, PKrTiY waiter gikir, PRE IT V WAITER G1RI.M, pretty waiter girls, pretty waiter gikla, piiErtY waiter girls, pretty waiter guile, PKKITY WaIiER (URLS, pretty waiter girls. PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, prwitv waiter gikls, PERTTY WAlfKE GIRLS, Whe attend to allthewAntaor the gentlimen, ivkfle neaaw. tnaui b of'hi buelncaa reoeivee lu lullnhareof aitenttaL and <he b. et and moat talonied por'oi niom are engaged m gardlr.o, ul tic prtee. Eapecial atteuiloa la pain to the aa gagttnenl of the YOUNG LAIHEH YOUNG LA1JIEH YOUNG LiOliiS lllUeU L ALIEN YOUNG LAUIRN YOUNG Lain KB Who attend to all tin wanta ui i comfort of r lei ten wEa nightly throng thla uni'iue piece of am comment. And who are solcted for thrir WEAUTY, YOUTH, AOCOVrLISHMSN?|L And their qualification to entertain end pleaee the guoatfi. Thle feature Secullar Pi the GAIN HER, GAIETIES, GAIETIES, GaIKUES, GAIETIES, GaIKIIKS, GAiETIKS, GAIETIES, GAIBUKH, GaIKT Kb, GAIETIES. Atlracta thoueanda of giut.h n. n who wt?h te enjoy tEeam arlvea free f n in the noiae or disturbance uf BOSS OR DEADTRADS, WTe-, they we'1? now en-rvthlng ih provided for thotrooMfe fori, or i njoymrnt. The I rIrate Kokhm are ar aeln t and ea ch, ,1 v ? hh aih.m - Pnrior. and a greater degree of i thaler* runted pleaanre nan be had at the GaUCIIEB than at any other place of imn? ment In NEW VOEK. No splra are admit'?l to Mark mall tne gneala. No boya S? iuierrii|.t or cnrtall tlirlr en |oyrnont; but evorvtllfng pruvadetf to nnoiiote the beet internet o. the nornoroua patriae ADJIIPBION.-PaKQUMT 1.1 ? KnTs. o.ttMEdYEA SEATS 3ft L'ENIB, PKIVaTB BOXES BU CENTB. N 1BLOK HALOON. VNAHATKD 8CCCTWR?CROWDED netjfli MONDAY, April 16, end arery evanlug il irlog the 8 i.ui\ D's mi nbtrklr HIX1KKN UTAH ft KKORMKR'I. Blroli, Fox, Wamlx 1<J, Bldaux, Herman Alton, AaA.% thu.n. Oml Whin, Ac , In new Heit*, Dahom, P1eaf Sceiird, Ac. Door* i pen At 7; commence At & Ticket* 25 oeata | * SKATING, BKATIWJ, 8KATIAD. paj.aob oabbbn, mcbio haUk OPEN FEOM IU A. M. TUX It) F. M. National thkatrr, ronton.?th iu ??i inent will be rented for the epnng end fall x-aecm. it* further particular* app'y bi Ctt * hLhn A AAANAitU A OU, At the 0(11 cm of thr Dramatic Inctltnta, ARB Broadway. OBKMLAN TROUrR-TTtB BOHBMlaX troukk op _ ulanr Bli.*>-r* are o re flrtu- ih?r p. palar ronuMd) Kir .<t*inni?rit-?t in i u'W Imi"?i?. *?"* fran lit I. till MS P. M.. entrance un Inghth Mint The beaauf al UWW PRBriRl'RB NTRAM Weill*, made enttiely <* glee* and the only one In the world, will be la r..netant operation ha eo .nertloD wllb glaa working In all It* re-katlea, by a euen pnny of anl?t? ?e ??:v?d from etPtrnat <(tuirteia of the globe, ana the beat In their line A velmabin ouUamoa of beaahFa workn of art nf then owe mauihlaei prod notion wMl ba Uibuind every evt iilo. aid oa 4ri.andi,r And Kalardey a.'tar auona. The initilla ere rvetootfnlly lnfe.ieed that tbhi la ?ha only exhlMiMe if tb<. kJud la the world. Ad eouta; no half prion B PHILHARMONIC NOCIF.TT OF NBW YORK, NlfiKlKAMU nhAHON. left.' lool. FIFTH CONOKBf AT TUB ACADEMY OF MILUGL .SAtt'KPAV FVENINH. April JO, Usil. BOLO PREFORM ARM. MlaaMailitS. Bra rier I, ?< (aUA .?nd Mr WoLhutr, plana. au>, the Herman IMrrkiAM ?f New York, who bar'y ynliir itrie.1 v;i thl* " oa.ilon. ?>K< .'II i,. ItA I'lBCK*. Mozart* " Pyr.phony," No J: Hwtliiivrn'a O.rrteng "Frniont,'* and WaipurgM' "Night," oho tale, by baa delaaohn. t >.n dor tor Mr 7 biodoi e K Ut aid Tit beta . r .-air at lb ; mini plat "H AU ticker a Id at the door mi the evening nl the miiirrt will be $1 (ai eAU. t'xaoi opt n at 7 to c -minimi e atd o clock. By older, L. SI'TIsR. K or rotary. BLOIihON CONCERT .1 MX, 6ay BROADWAY, UMA tioae lii tiding I'U MilHT. HOBDAY, Al'lUL lb. M Complimentary Ketefitto Ml -M KATE PBNNOTER. * Don't frrgrt to-ulght Pnfouet, Do. On'inatra ib-at*. Mm. tATMlNAI. ACADfcOT OF liRHlON MM TBIRT*. I ?<rth Aennal TzLii.iUon ef La National Arad?eM ef realm, or.ueUttag of i.rlijlr< W.wlia by bring aiiUte, amm bef ore eihiMmd. ia new own far the naaaw at iba <l?li?w*eN in Tenth nrwi, n.?r Bia?dway. t>aaaa Mrkata M aoadat htugia adnUaaioti JA **?!?. _ t. AJMMBOB UOIIABIW. Ow. Ilea. M. A. FYUUBOH H tlRRA* PUWTlNiJ, ij "THN IIMAaT OF l'Hb ANIlM," la now on nthlbitlos t> LOW'H NlilLOISti, r..rner of tTrmrt ami Joraleinoe a treat*, BKOOK1.Y N, train MA. M. to a t. IU and l nan 1 to 9 ? M. tdniiaaPm IB ovale. Naaaoa Tlakata 60 nantA A f Kt.OPEON CONCBItr HAXX A M BROADWAY, tMU iVl aeee Building TO Nianr, mondat, April u Complimentary nereiit to M1HH KATB I BNNOYER. Don't forget to nipbt. lar |urt. Lit, Qrobeatra Peat a Pa. CA BAND FANCY Dr.BHH CAANITaL BALL?AT FAr J le??* OanlenA oo Maaday, April IA 1* A. rbliUpr. Hae tnnrr, JB.1 Bcwery, * U b* hi atirna.vuea at the Gaideaaep the nigh I of the bdL, with aa a.eorhneat if Faioy <>?UUM* Doinoaa, Aa U A. FMOXIfg, JiJ B.wery._ Palace oardmn mwbic ? aix?oeano laew. rai?Uraiid OarmFraL Monday rrealag, April 16, tML Mimio I WORKALL btg* to Inf roi bar frier,d aad 'be public that hp LlTKKe ilV AND MI BH'AL UUlHKE wf.1 take piece at (Illntue Hal., Aater place, oa rh inder eveeli.g, idtb taaL MBLODECN CONCERT HAM* KB BROADWAY. CBH* neae Hulldlng. TO NtOHT. MONDAY, A I'RlL 16, Complimentary Brr eflt to MUM NATE KBNNOVKB Don t forget Wi night. Haninet. 13r.. Orchemra "**(*. ADE'I " ~" "VTINUB ' . ? . - The .'ililiUMM- of :r,la great work of art, together ?lu" tu.eooIVecb'Mi oi J _ FAlNlflNUB AND STATl/Ahl Now on Mew ai 'ho tlallety, iiA Hi"* . v WILL l.L iNJJ IN a FilW 1'Ca MELODBON I'cSiCKRT HAU* BROADWAY, 00 MM- XOWVX^AVIU 15, . ompllmetitaiy i rNNOTKH. _ Pou't l.'-get to mi.h' '? Otrh-wtra -MA *h -avnTlCK -TIIOBE THAT WISH TO SPB ID A COM \ lifUhle mri'nt and h??r y**t alnglnf, ?'.otald i?rM n,, amTt.f the W...L M Kidrldge etreec Tour dew# fiMk iiLSri hair taken at eight o'cbiel by O. U. fkoMhorm t u ait Brit ctaa* nMMB alnftTtg. F.i* an are ThOS, I. MEDLEY, 'mpalebgr. ?EEBIDDF (">N^ONI:BBT~HATj* St BROAOIIA.f, OMI-* 111 neac Building. TO NTOHT, MONDAY, AFRIT. )F| CcmplltnenlATT Peectit to ^ Ml? KATR PBRNOYBR Don't fmr" to high', i'accttt, Uk : O-.^grtra Hente, 1Mb