Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1861 Page 1
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rm "T Jlii. U1A NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 8985. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, APRIL Hi. 18'JL-TUIPLR SiiKWr. T ' PRICE TWO OEVi'S. I ARRIVAL OF THE FULTON. ABLE DAYS LATER FROI EUROPE. MPORTANf MOVEMf.NT OF GARIBALDI. DNTINUED DISAFFECTION IN POLAND. \ U AKLIkE FEELING IN KIKOPE. | if European Miwioo of the Commissi >nfrs from 1 lit* tSoutheru Coafrderary. air Paris, lUrliii, Alessinu, St Pei?nlmrg and C'on*t? mi ll ctjile Correspondence. STATE Or THE MARKETS, HAB?; Mr$t The ft. itn hip Pulton, Capt J A Wottin, from S'uth topton ou tb> ;M iost , artieed at this p.Tt early yn?t"r ?j uiornitg. bricgtog the I'aited d'-at ?? mails, 13* pa eugeie ftuu the fol'OA iUg SPKCIK LIST. tobt I. tfa'llspd. ..*d2<'0 Win. "Tc-too. fll TSl V V I' t ircet .y Co 5 ".Til _ . Wh-elwrigtc "2,014 ii'prj m rvcd 7 oici J \. Preamui & Cj.. 2 600 .. Vufc H dloiuiifcOo . 17 020 Toll! 111,013 Tin Lo :.'*'U Star a?ys:?\ dec pitch from Berne as er.i? ihv. G&ilbaldt b-t? nil'., - sod an order t > his ofltaer* "r-dhig la itzrr'a; l, cxhlny on th ru ti bu icatyti ??-able- ut ins -? uoi 'us witiila & fortnight. ' -i-ri Kytn was to each Vienna on Saturday, and to pro ?cail op W nday, A ..ri 1, to Paris. The No". ? C'"MiaZs\'s that his Grace th? Dak" ?f has he-in uppduicd Governor Genordl of .Lit i, as bucc'<"r to Mm I Cuming. The lairn'oo i iuroiia are moatl? 811c 1 witli accoun'.; of Easter bs. ?. seux nts. It is rcp? tied Ibct M de lu Guerroniere ia engaged m 'h-'coui' ^ition of a new psmphlot, "fhe Enparor Nx polroa lit end Turkey." The A -trim goven ni-ot lus formally protee'cl igSiurt \ ; tor Kmaaucl's takiug '.U: title of Kin.' of Inly uud the heads of lh houses of MinionCusciuy an t Par ma liare mitit >1 its example. toe proles', of Austria is, howtvr ' aid to b# very mild ie ila Character. According to the Italian io irnals, several deputies, ful lowing tt c cx-.tapl i of the g iremraent, hire presented s pre pe?-i it or hi-R-an'uig t > General Garlbildl, by wiy of Suiiimai recompense, a paasion of 130 000 francs a year, revc-l;i)io to his cm Che retirement of Garib.ldi to Cnprera has no; lesscjcd his popularity, awl ill" Hiiau .lremiir' f-ia'o tint deputttions of the workman's societies ton; at! parts of It 1/ aie a?xeiul>!log at Genoa to procoed to the island io pay their resp eta to the General. The American whaler Hero, fmrn New llodfird, after rtiiiiii! g iMo the laco I-a^ey, of Londoa, di >ve on sh >rc in th?> L'.'ht, cut away her masts, and was wreaked. Cn w and rsrj-0 --v*d. I he Niagara arrive! ?t Qurmutown on Tuesday eroa ?it g, April "2 The .if hun'is, of a* d lmm R omeo to !I? timore, is etran'h d in N'ewark Bay, and will becum- a tout w-eok. No lives lot. The Certrudo, liom New Oceans, arrived at I.ivrpo ?! April 1 The Weiride, from New York, arrived at Urareeeud Match 3*. Cur l'?rl4 Corri-spontltnrc. Pah- March 21, ISfll. Sb)>ai.n j of tji-' Iff til's t orretpoml-nc:?Vr. Widen am' t ,e I felt. JVwg? the O'bVes ta lie. I'urpt Legit lu'tf?lmf-oriooi 'f-n.h t.f M. Jules I'tree, 4:.. <tc, fv far baek as July, l^r.o, it wm the ill luck of your Par's cu: respondent to bring down upon himself aim-at , n evaUtche of vituperative from every Kng sh news iu, sr,L. causa be ventu:ed torecard in your jou nal what woe teimed the plain speaking of Mr. Cabden about tho respective positions of Kog'aud aud Franco. The Xew Yom- His tin correspondent bcratno a byword and re ptojeh, fot bo had trumpeted to the other tide of the A'lantic Sen.e news which was not generally ku wn on this. Mr CoMi u himself vt.ts for reviving the punish ment of the piilory for this delinquency, and the Kngltsh press declared the crime ho hud been guilty of wasers:u (tally American. Now, it surely will b? permitted to remark, tint men in Mr Cot den's position, except in tho strict privacy of their <*. mestii relations, are not entitled to the privileges ?>f common Individuals. They have, es woll by their iari>'S as abilities, contrived to stand out from am >ng the ordinary rank- of men, to believ9 themselvos Itspired to loach, mi. guide, and ch >nge the world. If such men, in a red way carriage, a club, or a public meeting, such as ihat he'd InPa>Is Inst yeer, celebrating the anniversary of American In ep ndonce, express their opiui ms shout public events to A or U. there it no privacy in tho mat t -r, n:r i* any Intended. They are encouraged to talk on es rath'ilra by the humble listener, not because he lias no oboctkos to raise, butheoaureof the public fame they have acqutrid, and what they say he reoeives as public property, rontdod Into his h.itnli for tho beneflt of the wtx le vuld. To supp 'Se Mr. Cob len has any right 1 j be ; i.rprs(d at being reminded of sentiments he has let tall to tin >e selling by his side at n public meeting is iber 'r e an ai rurdlty und I am myself sincerely icjck I hat I have hid ?n op|Mirlunliy of anticipating by ? i me n't n orths the ltrguaga with which Just now he nana- ed fr< m his Algciiue abode tho Mayor of Lei cester. In tl 'i?h.h pa agiejih of th s letter he repeat* alt tbr.t1 "-er'.j published *h it those interes'e.l parti,'S a 1 ng'at d vlie, for pirp'tcs o' their owe. were stlmi I ?li' i ."i n.i ib'es't:., , nv . whi c t'ue French Emperor and TV ?ib people w,r, giving no cause whatevrf >r sin- j , i> ' mij ilili g but pat ific intentions. <>11 mnit not , p p ,tt n i. so, *, <, ist th e pu' speakers aud ? jouml its who, without ? no fact tojUsllfy thraa?f >r i th'; w i.tlnot weit for th" facts?ohargod the French j pnrciiM i' With d* liberate dvoepttnnc and treachery | Kwur s in in tte attur oftho t-oaty, a e tho sime per , I,,. I, i e ruo'saully proe'antc i Iho ht.s.ilc : ? ,gaa | pf tto %< v? i me. t upon our p"aec and security; wh > have a-ci ,'d t of h?' ing mile form Id tile navnl preparations, Will) are f VC ?ll?C 'VCring its pi its liud COOSplr.ael'S ,g.'-' no tubus iu all parts ot the world. Ami their uiatioaaare )uii'?? l,t?l? cut tl.'il to croilt lo th? one ra e as i, the ether.' b T u licet right, Mr C >b l??i, at the Anerlcm In l' p u,-n.c meet og in Paris u- nsci J'rloee Al ien of ci ,,tcjU'. . 11lac .ilnntaer sr?tem fur purely Uermsn p ir ,,t -. . pi, . the Er. I ?h arts'cruel- wi'h a desire to ,.re vent h e rs'abltah'ng betwien Knnce aud England the ??coti u" ? nimet) n which had so happily preservel ptace between the members of the great Anglo-Atxon r* tnllv As s ton' or of fnct, ih? recent speeches in the I reu~h legtsia'ore msy rertaioiy be referred to fpr the amount ot i rd . tv Mr C b len lias begotten by hi treaty hi r.-vc; of I i'ig'?cd; and It only re. pit res e mb ? enmniunxa'un as I nn oppart miry of making, in Setr" rreent vlel's to I'nglaud, with itit'ccmeo of ail paites asd the I uidlng men o cimmeree. to bo coo vitced tl io Ftigiend the t- ' ?ty is not valued at thopneo of the rhiwv on v hlc'i it's uiec-Pred. while In France it is spoken ot with an Intensity of hatred e<>nf.ormaMo to tho oat oral natrow mlndednesa in all matters commercial. In Fi.g'and It in held to be a simple expedient for gaining tin e. wb'io the Fmperor ha? be?n gradual'y nursing his favoiitc schtme of ultimately making Southern Italy a simple appendage. If not an integral partial! oi Francs. In England Ihc smoi ot of uat.'on il preju llo# against the f'Ycecu psop'e l? really laflnttesaim d .as to be aim si ml hut 1 Ust e always endeavors I to show how distin. this Is the centraly in Francs; and as I do not sp ak like Mr CVibder, from an exprrlenjc of (Ificen months, b it oCslturtl a# manr yea s, I hare no liesitntion in at iiing my tim belief to be up to tho present timo all the lutcreommunicsti, n of th" list fort? live years has only t-.eresMthe nations! antipa'hv against Kogtlshman and England g, eiflh lord Palraorston, ls>rd .1 itissdl, la rd lirrliy nrd 1ord tlidmei-bury, men of wholly opp i alti psil'rs, I know, from ihe best of all c vniuicr, are mine n.cre .and more convinced that s loug aud terri ble s rmrgte m ist br.tak o it between the tw i reepe- out, to the wo'.le Of the llrst ruen'iauol stat* tret) 'F ? r? addlit r*l thred tn. ntha' peace la a V kali'., itte*' ? ?? * * . ' jhs atduxwi dlK'tarluu wu^h bM recu'.iy tJtwj pliOo, io w . ?.? ?e ?<.. the French l'?:ti*. rr.iut, ro it., ic'pa, ex.;iruj>(' ?.?. t g,*>- ,M/ wv.ched b, l i'un ? m 'n -.1 t.. ? n',, L?? won t J I '- "i ' t J ku l w I t l.-ry n 1 ;r|y do. bt (ha-, ,1c g'\ 'h-i jwijiiliU-a ; farts husgreaUv in. rated d -i t 'if! u "f .too" n-?t Hiil.cieot ii- 'til llitl I -,t acred; o lui ,.<a?e of rru'f ?! ; t || tlm* I irot,- n &OO.0i>0 li.1t Hi' I :ict i? i: i i ? H* in- ra * iurpts-i of tin p ?: i UlidiHi -in, , i-. ?t ; (*a, j (!b,. lll4 i-ri'tt" JI**-1 Alt' (b. I art fit" U* ( I n . t 'll'l It- CT I) 400 "CO h : ! : 'lOtiB' iaotd, I n', wiUth" tal. tbilaa's earns tt -.i i r* .?i?,-i.i eti, I bTij"'. N ? v wio of inlanim t. 4Mb. .1 ot l!i< M i,mf.t t . a of rfti H ,i,. ... .t., coutf.t the p-s-ut dy ne-1 will ?>i (i.tii o lei.f \ :it I -n of tip m ..t-npoii*, bid to kc?n err : inert for thu runs to a ul auj c l' lti-'e li.i- ? : - ? -e n u) ''.ill H ? aiiti ihlo l*i? jo; \?.ag U.? r lie- WlriitiiU gb. but th>-ub >ve is luo p iLCT't' C "H". 1 h" c't t li ' t. i ii ta?.<*u out ot tho mud.< of tho citizen <, v lio ?tvi- ii, pi ol < pi-r the noon l i- p, am wLi-ii it. It.*, in op j to la Pi aril, ' I! you wait for it '.0 ?e iestere-i to y u till you oi.tatn a major.ty la Par. i umnt jo" wio vi .'.t or if you wait till yot eon ob tu'ii it i) tinejou w-ul w.. t still longer," everyone krow- Hk* th> pr..liabilities aroetronglj it: favor of thj gin later li. t * .xt (lie price o;' ri-nt i:i [.o.-idou and in l'?li> , tte diflci el <-.? is ui-arlj ?4 ptr eeat M t'card's prrumti'ii ? not I to b forgotten m -t livl. b | ii e tu.tM Hi.t: 'P Lumber of apart o> ruts aer.???.; boo ? j MO i uri a yr.11 augmented from ?*J3 "CO in I860 to piti (oo n 1801, aud that the oijr:a;:> ? oi Para hod de rth-cJ by 10 par tcv.l, M I':car l ro- j (alced "We are not upou the qi'-atious of strv : t'-g or e.du&itty, but upon rcspcDBltilitjr," and | l?. irg ral pd upi.n by M Billauli ti prove lilt j- (.'LM.'it'i?' s about "lor t eiM-pulau mi," li.- aruw ired "Wtiut diu > o ' not iiiierdicl ull pruo', a-if if 1 ventured to fli h' would jou cot conoemu me as guilty of defuuia th'ti" I l ave-cot forgotten the law if you have .ace h w i the funds aie no,-applied, how they are et??l-n, how one ieri.PL loci rne-F posreeFed of that winch belougu tocth.-rg, ! but wh-re a-<? toe laws you have malt-1" p-cvent ihts miguppllcatli a?'o previut men enra-hing themseiveg b/ eptcu a'ion whe.e are 'hoy, I aek* Hi- e oi ni appears to havu lilowu over which threaten ed to anu'h'ktB vt Moquar.l, the Kmporo'-'e private secre tary. 1 ht-li .ve ' kc ? 60*neth-ug of this all ?lr. W Mo quard hue not himself lue-u.neof thespo.-uiatort; hut his a n, wh wagf"'mcfl> sncretarj to h:a lather, has o( lute n tired from public affairs in order to devote himself e* c'uslvtly to private ailiiira; in other w ir.ta, t> devote hia time to the Hoarse Now ho is Ituosru to bo largely implicated in M. Miies' buFiuoej, and for a hog time it was thought nnpoasible to conceal the apparent co/npliclty of the father, liut second thought! a e ulw.aj* best, aud it aavms uow to bo Uociccd that a groatci s -anna! would ariao from th - dig grace o! one- so near the persin of the Etnporor thaa f'oni hi? ret lining bin oftine under a fcusp;ckr which is !?.?':> ot too general a character to be particularly iu Vl'tu us. Th', rpecchcs of Joios Favre, O'livler, Darim m.Pic.trd, Heat") end n hers liaie hid the eff ct o' raisiog the qarsilor whether a dissolution of the i.'hainber wi't not corn w h. i -he a ldrrsis his been voted. The subject has ? to n t vice ni nted at cne of the imperial councils with nut an; dccrion havlu:* heoa como to The l:mp-<ror,ai i sua', is tron- liberal thuu his usinisib-rs, and argms that th'- A-tcmbly, as at p-eaout orgatuznl, c oinot stand in the lace of tii.-' world A reasonable majority is all wj require, he said, not an ovcrwh-itniug one. Ia (lHtnroHtoi y stacclus will be none thu m-re lqiurloua Hint a few more turbulent spirits are in tbe legislature to applaud them, an! we shall have tul.en uwsy a real cause of reproach. The answer he In' receive) is, that if such whs his Ma jesty e opinion it woul I have b?-cn hotter to have a*te l upon it before ibo meeting of the Chambers; but that now to do so, under the effect of these late harangues, wi u'd almost look like aiding and abr-t ng seditt >n. The Fm per or ia r-jvirtc i to have only smilod aud declared he always thnught the bold course the beat. Bio what i-- ev?-u more inlet opting to the public at the p.*er?r.t moment i? the sibgu'.ir ctrc ilar of the Prefect of the Lolrot in 'Cyaid to Monseigucur Pupuiloup, llishop of OrKans Jc a lormer letter 1 ventured to give you soma facts c< nnecteil with tne pare h jil ckrgy of France. 1 specially mentioned the circumstance or certatn hopes which exlBtel xnoag a km portion of the furty ilio'iurd p'lesthood, referring to the p iwer of having an elective episcopacy It is sud that the Kmperoi has dealt this blow at the Bishop of Oio air, by fur the most learned member of the cp'scobHi.', iu the c hkciousi"-88 of his strength with th.-mnrtei or the clergy; and from Idlers which I have befoie m* from the provinces, I am indued to Uil: k tba* this iuiariuq of tli> Prefect is lixiked upon as the beginning of a new order of tilings. 11 may suit some parties * ho once ta k'-d so lrudly of tne inscrutv bi ij rf tin-lluijieior's m.nd now to turn round aud ex claim a. a'nst a -ort of fatuous vacillation. For my pari. 1 have n ver si-rn anythmg in the conduct of our K'ups ror hsre but ii i tcady onwmd march in the ciurre of the 1 "> ?! Fr.nce?the revival of 'he empire oft do j Vent ' t;-oaraphicalli .Caul is a member of the prei body of wlili li liuly and -ipnin are the two ar-mi," aaid Sirabo, and so believe*, if be docs not say. the thud Nttpo'c- u ChaiiiS VHI , louis \1 , l'rancis 1 , Hear/ 1\'., Hli-belhui. Mazarin, Napdcon I, m his prototype, Cnarlcm-igr.e li -ve all purrued a ? imilar object, ad the fmperi r, by a more crafty policy and more tir juilooa route, is only mmding In their footsteps, ilo hope- ere lorg to sic the Pope a French ntbject. rhern of temporal honor, but wi li a spiritual Influence unbounded. This we know was h ?> uncle's dream, and it Is the key note o nil hi- pres. Lt movements In regard to the ultramontane episcopate the seer e < ? ihofirand Opera on the 13th inst , when 'Vugner s -'T.ti uh i'.-srcr" was [urlorincd for the lust tliuo in I'm is, s i oi jet l'orgottca. AUige party in 'ho thcu'.re afsailed lt fr'ni tbebrgtrnlpg w i'h t.-.a-ks or disapprobi tion,and sftenhe ptiform?nce hid coniiouod for.i snort t me, dli'tt'-1 lheir l -oka and vmct-s towaids the /?<;? of V i ami' do Mat eruu h, wtic of the Austrian tmbussa lor. Me was, in fact, a? krg'b compelb-d to rise and quit the ifceatie !? ts sal' tFat ? he rmnaror was induced to ac cept VI W.. .M r's opi ru to ely at the instigation of llaiUmu de Jtetternicb. and thu .C4 000 was ??xp -nded on the g fiic uj of this ( work, to the ncgleitof beiter sdiff crown nearer home. At th'- conclusion of the i.pc'a u ,-?< . stortu of nia-. c aro.-c, aud ihuugh .ho prim Ipsl ?- g- s were allowed tie usual lomplinient of prrrcnt . nrms Iroa, vf Waiver's nans wan nrvor once mcnt'oni d lite liraperor and F.mnrtss were pro aciit.ur il bearUiy joined in thu iauch wliich w?s causod bv s lube tote of ore of the vi'lics, so.iti !:ug hko the wallo'ae.-t. 'n tbo mi.lst of a Ion;.-, heavy an! weavl tjme finale. Paris, March 2D 1S6I. A/lai't in I'irit?Jhe. I'opal y <?'-<????A'ap-dro*'* Mi* I'vlii;.?11" flelali nt He'.netn trance and k'ng'anl. <t~. The a! vest of Passion Week lots stilled the late b usier" ou? w. ahcr In tho political atmosphere. TUc thrciton leg clouds disperse. an! the Emperor, as tin wav??Saibttje, rn.iy he sali, like ItacNq tun' of toe Eueid, to guide the wheels of his chaiot ovo.- waters whose agreeable undulations only serve to giro s pleasing variety to his locomotion. The voice of iha o cctiliy eiil'iaiichirel Irglslative bodies is, id fact. Hunt, and the xiruals beaten to hush those gentlo murmurs which to whisper since the emanipation of the prr-s appears only a 1jo exercise of tluur independence, livery tower and siceple is busy tolling the kuell of the world's anxiety, and t all lug short lived man t > prayer and self abasement. The churches arc thronged to the steps of the altar. l'lousCatholics are doubtless thinking <T the ultimate ih tlmy of Christ s Vicar, whose days of tribu lation aio only n their beginning, and the celebrated al locution be has s nt forth Duds many sympathizing readers. The I'oae h an institution, not an individual ma' . and hence the intci est bis present position ucpiiics ft it ! confe38 I lind tiotbiug beside sympathy. Ho mult go. Temporal salvation is denied him: he has I,ret to the fullness of titnc, his fail is a political necessity, and If not now. the fall will be only the more signal by delay. The French troops must come out of Home Such are the expressions that meet the ear. A .ew journals, such as the I uion and the tlnnd>-, can not lind the Front b language sufUclcnt for their purpose when expressing their admiration of the I'apal document hut these are completely overborne by others wbose far wider circulation kdicatcs their more genera! ooncur nice with public opinion. The Fran loudly declares that the Pope is neither Catholic, .\postolic nor P.otnnn. In the ninth, ceniury, it says, the church waa the <rce< church separate from it. with 00,000 000, wherev;, in the sixteenth It lost a third of Europe, with 30,000 00n <?hrls turns, and therefore it is not Catholic??. t universal. Apostolic it cannot ho, or tho Pope would repudiate the conduct or Cardinal Aiitonclli ami M. de Mor?de. Ami It Is not Roman, since the Romans will net, en any account, submit to tho temporal papacy. "It is now, ' it says, "an obstacle to the definitive constitution of Italy, an embarrassment for diplomacy, a useless an 1 pernicious institution, of which all interests, even the most dirorgent, demand the suppression." A genersl belief prevails amoug well Info-me I i.eop'e her? that Count d? Cavour would not hare pronounced blro?eir as ho has dono on the necessity to Sardinia of Rome without a previous Intimation from Frxnce respect ing the evacuation, Oeepite the published e antra diction In some English journals, 1 repeat It la still rurrontly re ported that the Trench government havo determine J on making some change, though perhaps not a cunpldlo one. I observe that all the Mbmxtve busy discussing the gcnoiul eflfcel, both on Frsncosnd Europe generally, of the recent ui*< ussions of the address Will it evoke" pas ?ious in th country that wen fast dying outr W,|| it n< t sow th- seeds nt a fearfhl uprising against tne cause of that calss and order the absence of which ten years ago win f t nearly annihilating Frances p)?, at,.,r,,r t? Uo >c Icii ip .atefh* Is given at once. Not % syllable ha' 1,. , uUemlln the Legislature that Is not resonated we.i om in every town, village and hamlet nt F> anco The publtoauon of it in Represent autboritv tr rsnmt po?sibiy ags'iiTate the evil, and H may fCo. *UC * f? r |m }?,*rsp }-V ? I OiicWst- ooid uitraun'nmnistf, th y are vs<y hjawi^-M | Hpccol?t'fUB which can cover fructify, provided lb > impel ial gov efiuui-bt will be wise in its g-uieiaUon sad i mt tbi- ubamibttblc inter it oddhDg w ith cl' < ' ion., sal ii.-irti c tho wh"h# cobdry wriJj jealous s and in t ?tiu"h under tbe gu:.>, of pro; ;ucu funtkmrles An n parrs the t(H:t OD Europe, a very *? curate ues retiui to have beeo formed on the sun j;;t a.= ri^jertasti laportaut pjrtiouof 'hi-siyi;tei of th n' ne?namely, England. Of that country H is psid that the will henceforth perceive the stsd >tu and p u donee of tt e itr i*iial<coims,-ls. The E n per v is her bes f "U". it is lie alone taat caa cluu.i down th ? w -ad wtiick, ict loose, won d ravage the ?h >1 ? w "i,b t h-vvi th.s power iif re- trait't, it la evident h ??? : vi*-.; i 1<| se.'11 v i.<-t military power,quite a:aece- ? crj forh j recur") ea for tMMMir or detooci'abroh t in a to ; d t" Eeglanu 1 eat; c< a(irrr> s > muc U o!' this opto ? u> to si; that the difllciil'.iee of the French Eiutie-or h bt m, mtue apparent to th public mind, b it that w'h.. tit .1 - Inclined to give l ull Credit lor mjculb..' he ill: .. . ih 1 fCsi'ty for me-.t 11^ hilt irtm els w i'h wun 1: a m 1 mints . wore strongly impressed on the ait > ,? thic ever. The heart; spirit in wniih the vol,.nicer ft stem ia he-leg carried out is extraordinary. N on? ectics to th.ok the hours of diiil, DO miU;r what the weather and how ??vere their p ivate oc u pus o. a h. rd' u and If they continue iu 'lie saint* ?pirP, there will In no long time he hu arm* iu Fag1 tar whose elUcUnry will favorably compare with tin* 0' at ? reg.'ar army la Europe Already it 19 observed to b tenting towards the breaking up of class interest, fo It is iuipoteili 0 .Lat traJeiOiCU aad geutlouou can C>u tioui to eet together day after day without tbilr rr>pot t'TO gooclqiuilitics obtruding on e;a:h other's notice. It this !? et in pence, in at. me of r 'danger it would be iia njeusi'ly augmented. I'uerf the uiort fatal hint-.noon to complete homo genedy Is lots the occupatio of ll.o individual wheb, lamng Lis being a ta lor cu a horse jobl >or. does ne' really stand .n his way. than , n\ dc yarl-r The prope." empVvmi nt of aepirauts is limited enti'oly to the uppor end hghlj educated classes. Not only all cockney Ism, but ail through the mid. and ouotleg, d.nlare uprn "their honor they like to eat. 'am. 'f irings, ai d rIt at lease"' fhis Is intolerable to civilize i eat 8. ncd no amount of good sense and moral worth cat. overcor e the repugnance Tht individual thus speaking is considered a lazar house, his breath ia consider,m Eoisono 9, and dread of infection haunts every on.; wh > us the i.arcib' od t>? converse with him Mottling abort of a Trojan war could git ovtr tbis Ho vevcr, this ha nothing to do with the proposed determination to resist aggreeaton, come fron, whence it may ; and for such.; purpose the ting!i>h volunteers are proving a very lorai' dable bony indeed And while Fpoaklng of tilings on tho other side 0' the Chancol in relat ion to France, I may he permitted to st it what 1 f, und was the g'-ueul te .Ung with regard to Hi > Ftencli treaty. Even when it wuaaased wlia' good could conn- of an engsgemcut when the country wntch coul 1 supply the mill,on wrh estopp"! by a duty so high aa t,> lie all but prohibiten, and wh ui the sam ? country was debarred by its peculiar taste fras, consuming the only great staple?that is win"?of its p.rt nor to tbe treaty To all intents and purposes the treaty ar regards wioo is a dead letter. Take niT th" duty entirely, the mi'Hon iu England wdl have none of It. It is of little use to argue that once there was a g*ne ral taste for French wines in England and Scotland There exists nothing of the kind now, aud. in the g,'n"r (: bebof, never will again. Mr. Cobden asserts tluii th" small farmers and tradespeople will delight to use it an I pass round tbo long necked bottle. My observation-, prove quite the contrary. I did not see one of 'hat dare who did not pronounce every spocimen of French wine tbe; bad yet tasted as so much " rot gut." Hut it ia a fact which very much strengthens the argument that th climate of Icngl&nd Is unsuited to these wiuts for general consumption, that Englishmen who have passed the greater part of their lives In France, and drunk nothing else but its wines, lind, after passing a tew days or a week in England, their desire for ihem entirely give wav in raver or the fine beers and wines of a warmtr character. Paris, March ?9, 1861. Affaire on the Continent?4 War Imminent?The Questi-m tl'Orien'. to le Speedily Settled?Concert of 4ction teteycn Fiance and Ruuia?lhe Miret Affair?Affair.; in France?Warlike Manceuvres?lhr American CrUit Alroed?The Pope'l Allocution, do., <jfc. No one can foresee how '.lie present atito of anxious suspense is to termina'e. A general belief In an approach ing war undoubtedly exists, but each day produces events of such a contradictory nature, each day so changed the political horizon, that at last all are baffled. The fact la, a war once commenced between any two European Pow ers must, fiom the very force of present circumstances, become almost a goacral one, an 1 thus a universal fear of the dreed conro pienee* .a being ov i-ed Prance Ik arming continually 1 think she n iud.ic <1 to do no 'rim the fact that the question d'Orient will very sow become as Important a one as that of Italy. Russia Is driving to such a conclusion, and when tho downfall of Turkey ar rives Prance and Russia will act in concert. That this fact is well known In England is certain, as I am tssur. d on good authority the Court of St. Tames is nuking constun' and enrrgatic representations upon tho aubiect to the government of the Fmpcror Napoleon T.ortf Cowley ha* remonstrated u^inthc incrr;i-*'rig ?-mel fo-cosof Prance, until Le must be wearied of the whole aflVr. Ho gets jolitc answers and S"uraneee o' go .d will loua'ds Pug land ; but fctlll Franco imrirts thousand of cavalrj horses, and steadily augments her land fo-cs, and. above all, Lcr navy. What Is all this for Wli> should Frame get reads for Immediate action ? Not that she is determined to make war. but because the Emperor foresees that a straggle mult soon begin, and ho Is gcttirg rcidy to lake advan tage of circumstances. This being rea ty to profit by whatever cvout occurs is, no doubt, the cause of the Fm peror's great pucccrs up to the present moment. Yon will nctico that from tho arrest of Mir<-e and the consequent action of the government, France now has a right to collect the revenues of Syria. A sharp dodge that, and a* it only cost a few lives, ruicides and the downfall cr a groat speculator, why all right, I sup pose, in tho estimation of those who think th at the "end c.stiiics the means." Apropos of Hires, no oc> as yet can tell why ho should lie. in prison. No charge has boen ma le against him. an as far as 1 can understand there is but the following lack of good faith to tho bondholder? of the Ca sso de CUemio > o Fcr to charge against him?This is how Hires managed. As per ant, or director of that company lie used its funds to forward all speculations he thought gend. Did thoy succeed, the sfialr became bis own; did tboy fail, the company stood the lost. Still os be managed the funds to that great profits accrue! to tho company in other way s, 1 suppose be thought it was all right. Now when about to launch a new aflsir Mires generally gave awsy largo sums to |icrsocs whose eminent posit ions enabled thrm to aitl his enterprse, and when making up hi quar terly accounts these perrons appeared debited, and then all we.- squaie It was the int> utlon of the financier to pay up tb<?e dlftrnit cm >unir* sumo day out of his own pocket,and thus balance all fair The furkish lean, out f v U;< h lo wus to msko ?uch fabulous profits, would have him to do thi- but, alas' for blm, he was a "itg Turkey to a few mere yesis or H'e, and Russia and t-ranco worn Impatient for tne hit ruin was decided. T ie imibcat p?-i euages that blood indebted on Ins book have, I am told, paid up?luat is, the government has done so for them-and when at last a case is made en against Miies. he will be punished so as to keep him out of harm's way. and none but the unimportant come :te-d with him ? HI suffer. Whet a fine thing nistice is here. f'ard n this iMgre aii.n froifl poMt.os, and we will recur lo tbe French n- mament I sm a quainted with cany of tbe Fit nch cfftcira have met them a' Onions a', i.fe nnl prriods.ard was fam Mar with many of thorn du' nig the Dalian campaign, bav ing benu with the army during that period cf i --ry and S"cc. as for the oaglns if France. Now, 1 find iMat all tbe otltcera 1 kiow, whether of a high or ow rank, seem peranaded that at ro distant date u-y will be engaged ags.ust an e.-nj whom t'cy do not know. Hut It is evident that by - >rn* and for somi p-irp ae tbis idee *s kept alive in tho rmy?nothing direct or cer tain h .t vag'ie rutjiors an 1 prepirations, that the prac ticed eye cf the s ddier knows mean mischief At all of the gov , nment sr?ena a an I navy yards an'.up" - e dented activity It evinced, and improved metb ds of trumpsrling laige bodies of troops q nculy being con stantly studied. I My no means tbink or wish to Imp'y that war is cer ts o or just at hand. ('Ircum?tani--s wilt determine that. Tbe I 'mparor N'apoleou will no' rashly or hut lv engage oven the meanest cr woakei' foe. ho boles his time; hut when that time hie come he will strike with the rapidity of lightning The na tiona of Europe all fool this, and a general dread prevails. Nntvi but England remonstrates: out "tie dr,e? s? in a mort subdued manner, and puta up, with a moat eismplary patience, with all the rebuffs she g' ts The internal statu of franco must bo ar from sm sfac tory to its-. ulcr. Opposition?and a bold one, too?J lifting up a head that was thought to be lifeless and < <r leanista and clericals are moving forward with determin ed stride* tbe lately granted llboriiea are all in the r favor, anil they have taken euch advantage of them .is gives'them a dSBeorOos ami increasing power. flow much the I mperor must feel ohUg d to M de I'erslgny the liberal, the intlojiilo Minl tsr?the miver in in* granting to the Fngllab people tli.* privilege rc entering i-ranee with merely thole visiting cards' Ams rlcana were of course unthought of U de I'er algny Mail not mat been residing in tbe Initcl Huttes for eight years or *?>, or else be might Lave thought of reciprocity for lb" Yankee' sd well as John Bull. You mc-t hure noticed ere th-s tba' in I ranee, or rather with the government, th"'epubll 11\ns of our Northern Plato* arc nit pip ilar. No, a" tho sympathy is for the South. They miy get reciprocity, but the North, never. No doubt the ptopU of the North, the aboltt i?nista, M?a r. tendu, thought they we.o aura op the arffent s?m uf nw i old rnglarui ind slave hat'ns o. *n?e wb'n pstfr of t j WW;}" urged vti u.? vi-- uw? Mqywiaug our dwU ( Unlou Ko ^bobl tbs* ? ?d *u the StlggtoiM; but il.ey i-CI". iMt ?-? I.*1 ?Iik (i i'Il M i |II'| H in II vd j ?> b?i a weak; us* far ibnpixid th tigs of th? earth, HI..1 tl'V- lulOIMl ?*c ft I A.rtj.'j I W'narv s>r hi,, it ' I 'P ('i * I<'n*ral c-poly i l bi? l Imv ir if ? /lj. ?I i fri tb'M<heo? ! Ills . ?i'j. rij li/rll; u iud, ? i lv ' tM'ifv >"|i?-?t ?1 -p .-.:ii ? ciil p-o-poi fty, that her love < ' the ni.liivi ii .-I' ii s k .11 d . i L" 1 ?? ii". ? iV?* |> ? w . i>... jroviJ to yen ere inistlwtti' t.'i'-fi i ; i' .' i? for th' to a, a,l tint waro i? V. MH> !?' ?* BWTU i ? W III, ' l~ Ml t , I) h.* is n ?C'ir- I ?' it i lie an , J you, I .1 i| ? re lit flf i .!>?! ((in ; . /.j ? , - .;1, it,,., w? I bate ?t or f otid O'M K'l ti tueir nip. fo l > t1'.' i no I" i t.s i i '. ?? i .;.ii I * n? mI t.00 ti ' ? .*s t i('*i im'W ni ear ??'?* tdu:',' ta * ? ? iv-f muro: organ Ki tlf M.mi i ? hi ? - .(.. (i. i , ii r ? I ) ill ? N irih !' - /* .1 and ti * | i*' k , iti m pi i a .ludf'.-ai ? , in. y *? i ! .i ? , i ot in ? g iv To Uj1 ?. V li U'l.i I * *? *1 til I'm Ot

?up Popes IVJ, ullcutio:. yu i win l>? yrnir 01 a. You trlil notice i.'A r. eirpiis. *iu f| tloqce a.l (?*?? red ng Paps' affun The rtH.Vvti t . miho no ci ( I ur now qui' ? aVoiuUs ta4 111* BjIiihi, iu kmk ?uccawir of n. lvier, soeui* i.i h fa r way to ??cCOT" rampant It i .moom-u,-. t my ho? I , t?j t ( nch troops wiii rot . n ?t R.,rn> No out icttO**, I oaeeaynot erenth> -ijiero- hims if Tno Ptedtn >n tMi> sre luianc on ? gr tsoi' . and s :y that uu 'Va th> !? roiich ion.. Uoma,tne> (the I'mdma /p. ?) nut ..> v\ Veoo.m The dil.-ruira i- no Joubt a trouolouine one fur Na loleou 111 In Kut.aU the Kmperor a ,?? n!"r i? gilulaif rapidly 'lie loyal good will of bis eu-vceUt. Bit Majesty hut in ? 'itutivi a ap???:el committed cbirgoT to decide oritaj or|an:.*At:,m. on ?;ecerai ao-i untfortn bases, ol" ah the min I and iiidustrta) oliSios ii' the empire erliee tb-y e.-v. emaocipateii. I'm Uraoit liu':'.'Coartintne easapiio.nt ol I'nsi'oct of tiitr ooinmrite, atd the rcscrip at dresac't to bim en the suoject tlio i,trouge-t feol ii k o' brotherly affociion olettnilpr II , In luinouii ? n, ? ? the Grand Oulco that he charged bin withth1* near rotlt, et> intimately oonneci 'd with that h? just been torminatcii, pjtpro?eesi hn gmtlttde for ttie exacilt ide, cv'.ority etid p -rfect c Hioordin o of mows with winch he contributed to briuj the C: s to a uatisfacttry Cbncliist .n lx>Mor* from -it. l'e ti rthurp htate that although Ihn Riirciaii auUioritiiM h id eucceoiied Iti proveiitini! any minifeatatloiu of the publi joy bi ioc made in the streets, they could r.ot prevent the'r taking pluoa at the timet'.e, where the national hymn of "God sue the Char!" was a*ag and s. voral ti.uea encored, amidst the l iudoat aoolaniatioua of the au d'tneo In the provinces the gratitulo of the people was also expressed in the m sit lively maw.or. It is ruinofod here thit 41 K.uest Itaroche, Director of Foreign Cnmme'i'e at the Wiius'ry of Agriculture and riihllc Works, is about to l aveh? ? for the ITni'r.l states, on a roirsion coiinrcted w th the administrative functions. It is Buid he is |>ai tu-ui/it ly to lo 1, into Southern a Hairs It is now generally ninlemtoo I that the intended voy a-.eof the Kropf rs Kugente to Paler tine has been given up. Her Majesty is ut preeent f.nlv ccupied in tlie m Hr-ct observance of I.-nt, and Is bee. ining, as her friends think, too devotional, ton much mchmd to roraain in tlio dmpe. alisoib' d in sad thoughts. Mini injuring her heal.h by the consequent went of exercise The Koiparur list, no doubt, thought n best ttiat her Majesty shoull re ii ounce her intended pilgrimage, as it won I i liave con tlmicd her present ami in -eased the m Uii chnlv th it geired upon In r at the date of tho death of tlio Ducfiess P'Alhe The Fmperor rides out loss than usimt now, and 1 notice that he is escorted by more members id the secret jioilce than was formerly the case, lie looks fatigued and c ire worn, and by no moans in as good health as he was a few weeks past Tho Prince imperial, now live years old, is growly rapidly. Ho is in excellent health, and is remarkably intelligent 1 am told he has a good memory, and is very apt, cspei-ia'ly iu language? epe?kiug .at prise lit Ki,gli*h, French and German?the iait lies fluently than either of the other languages, with which he is quite familiar, speaking with unusual correct ness for one so young. Oar Hcrlln Correspondence. Bkrus, March 37, 1861. IAs.VcV ?<uig lIohU.itI Quation?Protect of a War?Iht 1'clit^ Miumctum?lhrPromurd Ueformt, A., A. The Biz weeks' delay grade 1 by the German Diet to the King of Denmark for complying with their sua mom expirrs tomorrow. During this interval the Iionisb government ha* sonvoked the Ettatce of Holstem and laid before them the draft of a now constitution, which, however, lias failed to satisfy the obdurate As. S 'mbly : and as the Diet, deviating in this single instance fretn its invarialdo custom of siding with the govern irentE. against their subjects, has declared beforehand that the execution decreed against Denmark ceuld only h obviated by her coming to an understanding with the flo.rder Gj^,tc? a strict interpretation of federal law would JKiliorlisa Prussia, ss delegate of the Confederal .'an. to march her troops across the frontier as soon as orders to that effect are given by the Diet. Koch a resolution might he taken to morrow, if the Diet were sitting, but for the pre sent its deliberations are suspended by the Easter holi days, and they will not recommence till the 4th of net month, v.h;.n the great qoenioo, or rather a little ques tion, which, by the computations it may give rite to, tun assumed the dimensions of a great one, must he Uaxlly decided. There arc still some hopes that the Cabinet of Derlin, alio lisve taken the l? ad in this ail itr, and without whose co-operation none of tne German governments can muvs, s 111 listi n to ressop, and not persist in pushing matters to extremities. Whatever may have been the previous misconduct of Denmark In referenco to her Ger man provinces, it is evllent that she is now willing to go any lengths to conciliate them, and the rights ?he actually offers ftaem are such as are ? ot emoyed even by those German States that boast of conopaiat vely liberal initituttona. let alone such couu tiles as liens, Hanover and the two Meckisuburgs. Hut the fa< t Is, that no concessions ma le by the Danes to the people of Uolatem would ever fully satisfy them, anymore than they would reconcile the ltsuani and Her.garlu - to the rule of Austria, the loniaus to that of England, the < hrtatian rayahs to the sway of the Turks, or the 1'olea to the domination of Russia and Prussia. In all ili' se cases it is not so much the stifleringa < ansed by mlsgovcpnieiit as the antiputby of rice an) the b ein g of nst ona ily that exc.te the |> ople against their rulers, and of the Holstemers esjr" illy it may b > said that the wrong thry have loci inputm of arc as nothing when compared to those inflicted on other German |x>pu a'.ons by iheir native severe go*, an I submitted to w tb hardly a murmur, and certainly without either the Diet or I'riitsi* ever dreani.og of aimed iulcrvoa non in their favor. Tlie remarkable everts that are now eaact.cgat War taw appear to have encouraged the Prussian Poles to c >m. mecce a system oi peaceful ag.ui on slmlar to that whxb is icirg followed up with ?> much ruccess by their Pus* ,.n brethren In the Sec >nd Chamber t so re ?oluticns have been proposed by I'oli'h defi ti<* >n< call ing upon p'" rrnmetit to carry out the stip i iDoi s of thn treaty oi \ enns, according ?> wh -h the ter to'y for marly included ivllhu. ih k tigdom of Pului't, ih iugh d, v ideu a mo g three Powers shmld c>rt:nn? in p <?ee sion of lis national and poht'cal t'chis an I i it so c Ml, protesting "gainst ibe Germ-n.:/ ??? t*i"'eueies ptraued by therente'MS'Uborliies an! demanding the rej c i! of ail leglsUtlv sod r r. tn?'ri6ivs ryotal in curtailing the uae of the Polish lau/ n or ? tfcd German in its uead it .* not very probab.e, to ?> < ,:t, that the m* kmity of the H >use ot Mpiltlei w,,l leuil a (avorsbio ear to there petition* 1b<r aie n.igh'.,ij i .mn 1 at tl D ncd fo* attempt ing to sttfiprcts tii< German kBif uc .? i.d nuionvi'y in .^clin'twiir, but lind .t u'llte and proper fo* the Ger ii anst" d the same thlr r ?n pcitiernma if yu thoui toezpiatnthiscuntrsdictlun,Ih w i tell you tint tb" i,< rman i* ftrw yute qmcae?a b irhly pol!*b?* I and' idi voted laigii-is't?urn language ") Goethe. Se n i?r. Hegel, and a bun De l otb r p*i" an I pinlotopheir?wher< u* Ih" I "'nsli i* a barbarous hii'-o which nobxly the can underetMd, and wMtb the Poles theawelves would do weh t<> forge'. as noon a* possl'do. Altogether thi r is a hereditiuy sr.>r ? i n bet wi on |ht Teuton rare and the Piavn c, wbi ii is wrtitco in blood on maoy a ) me of hi tory t l ? Germau I,. >kf down rathe .-,avon;?n a- m i/*ru>.' ep"' u?, mi i tb" att r rctal a' wlih '?<? o'bit'- ? b it*e! and rrseiitn.erit. I have nodoub:, theefbps,tbnt when the CiMmbert meoi sffor thovsc it'i, < the Polish resofcitlma will be thrown out by an overwhelming ma 'v, tup poring I hey are aliowrd v> bo dlnousael, wuicti is still problematical, M. do \ uck" having < oclaroi! till first to bo an altar s upon theinirgri /of the Prussian ??march . but th:e Parliammtry sueoc-aw.'l n it r?i.eve govcrn ment from tbo perpieitties thay are involved in by the spirit now manlfcKtirg itrelf in Poland. If Ibe t zar hn>i done wbat waictpectc l of him. if he h ' I put down the agitation with r. higu hand and bum barued Tfarvnw into submission, the ps?)t'an of Prussit w " Id be grentiy slmplUied, as whaGiver step* rbe might tako to crush the malcontent px. ty in her o?u Polish provinces, they would appear mild in cotnptrlaon with ins pir.cced ngs Of h"r|neigbbor: but It seems the M * covitrs have grown wise by < iperience and are not in clined to cxjicee themselves once more to the odium tb"y incurred by their behaviour In 1*31 If gigantic Ruseia bows to public opinion, how exu Prufeln venture to lit And yet the polit cal fain*at this country is far more ?'?rlr.usiy threatened by the resurrection of a Polish rationality than that of Ho-- is With the jrpapv, t of again uniting the d^'sefn wew'ira of their ancient kingdom inio on? greal who.e, t is poles might perhaps consent to have this reunion take place under th? rcentre of the Unaiou l-imperor. or o ? member of his famiiy In either ? use the power of Ru t wrmid rather be inrreisod than Wcskeued, and som i p.r sors who profes" to see further Into a millstone'u?n other* uspect her strongly tf fsvorine such sn srr i g m< nt. Pitifglu ? n the contrary, would be reduce I by . i toes T her ("obeli provtnee* (Roinantv and West Pr i? -v lothctn \ of a Mstcof tii" second or third or?t"r N"t "tor would he- terriforv be <1tminisb"d n? one ilflh s ? 1 t" ti tri r of li'r su legts h? more than t wo m t, . U t Wou?d Ut SCJM i?rj ot U>? set 'gallon Of t3e V ? I la an! Of it grca< p'.-'k f l?'" ?vjnt, Cut ?.usl ?ru f \?? > O' lie* dimtuie'L/ W ! ! '. ? Vii'. oil Irn.Tl V ' el-i',1, f I".' magical iltt'th'. V" ?' 1 * I irn ? .. n'l a. f .U. I IcWtl j I'D*. ' ?r?. t < f- 1 t > ' ? .10.1 * i .la tan days' tiitri'Ii i' Ho'ii.r It'"- d'"':s<!*, i;c<ref.>'o V- > )'o'..-ij qursti 11 is a roaMe i'l >'.< ai'i nciiii, ?na n ?t i , ? be nee uiitfi n 'no 10 u. i V** is rov v?i n a j- ioU ,<oc-:t a! s : tb ? present It vi?. btvt* e.?? g ?2 tfl- ot, ktr trtr'f lli.t' tf (ir-vf: r. iter fr;.m r.. ir Int.. .i f; erred with Iiennir* ? t w.-i? ea.f n aw.u ol eegroaretm It. ? re?iu.-i?*< wht". i ll' ??'. ' e m r? quire I c l ; f 'ice .tl L ?; -at ? At out rate, tun tit i- ' li e one i! j iirti ? ? i- d d-'d.. I mis I) ' . >;<? I...i. i' ? it the t f i: ... ng of In let ' if' ?? llu*v it. re t.'i . ' h inuck mt:. ?t *. i p , .t i i ? Mi'i-t *.i the 11? .i i of I't 'l.iit.i i loudl, mm toeyqu.uj .',i iuc w'h i r cl'iimr "Hie Ki'.j. 'n bi tii lay wi* I'jito the'If If. the n ft* t n e M'U li *. orccn - v, vw.t'i *14 v J ? . i :m e'ooro cauio 1* these Oc vi ?. ? . . ?;. I.i?!i .. i q aiders C! th ' ton I i" r? . HI*. I !-|ii ? ut'.o I, I i ? oven ii. H i* r nicer** ic y of t*i ? h i Mi -t i .<|.N\o I'.UH O Utn|M l ? *, I , r- ?<?. v III I'l-i.n .. Hugs net loyal i i.j rip! m, i.ii' c i' .? c> had ur>? gi no u-t?< ul I. nig?cI ? !,. propriety of ?lr. '. ia>, bo v?.?i the c 'o-u i.i 1 t t! ? ? jn of ?h ? late Kite The ( '< t ol 'lii- <lnv w.v, i u- >? m ..-iiv< '.-.i by Profer-sor Haecwb, a' the fun y, u which I hi ve teran sav-iut touched v '*U considerable fr oedoa, oa p topic*, and Bit-? thn rvliri; Fo<v.'M s >mv h'al u ' Ci they tv.1 .'<i tin wei t* p . r III' in p?-f:*li lary hapitj" In li ?* ? '.nlon to that ci'St* of l'r . - i,l!; lurrnuc uJk?"a barbarous eurti fo. u l/iioarou institution '' A ricb uxurcltBDt of ibi; eiiv, b) tLe tniueof Vt'ivu. the e le em viving inrtnc <?' tb<* wet?.fb> I ;< ... tin: Injun, ol" Anliu t A- Woguer, diet li -ro Ittoly Ht liie njro o! . ybty He was a cot>niil"<our /nui colin oral ptiuimgi. cliit ft; of tuolem Ue.'iiian aiti t.r, a.w o?r- -d ouo of tb. finest picture ga erits iu Itsi ... i?n in" u;g fits will it ens fun till that lie lull left bin v.'Uishle e:?iVi .n which ho stotej to havoc*! Uiui upwanlH of lCu.Ptiti ttuln as ? legal yto tlio Kiu^, tlio oaly cxn lion n't ache 11 ii o> the tee tutor being that a Ii.uiding ?houM b eio: c lor the purpose of exhibiting the piotu-o.-. t?> t'i public, for paioteis, eiigravv-s eu<l ?ther urtvta l prolil by lb ? stucy. So m igaince'at a b -qeoa' has n v before been made l?v u pnviva individual in tuis >un fry. It remindu ote of the truic.dy donatiuua i ! toyuc t, rnrd and rimllhsuu from wh eh It o !y differs by bein, of smaller amouxit, on l !>/ ti Waguer's having A ft a family who, though puesorsuil of Ample meanB r.nyp ?? Bibly feel eoro at being ileprlvc l of no coco lerable a p i ticti of their iLliei iliuu'O, by the pairlotuin or g'-noro. .iy or rainly of Ihi ir parci.t Oar fUeiitits Corre?j)on;fe?ice. Mi asin.i, March W, Hoi. A Retrfin<t<i of I'alian Aji'airs?.V ttiw ?>; H<k? ara.' f?61 - 7Ar I,V tHf-j'?Ac i'lrnt or, /.'.ijr.f I'niM Si ? Rtigait l?i hmoril?D a'h of a Hottoniy:. J lianc aneni ?d xr'eniuui Mewnensi'im lebe'.lurum cbs'I gium i-oiietriiilt ?' s III. Thus read* mi fug. ?dption on the Inner door of the clta del of Messina, and t uly it has hitherto always boon tie terror and chastisement of lb- people whenever ?h*y tne.l to oppose the tyranny ol tbo .Simuiards and the Buurtions. In ISIS the city was nearly lioslruyed >y th citadel, and tow it is the on'y BtringboM loti totli Bourboi.B of all their prou'l kingduni of tin fwo 3 cilie.'. To understand tlie exact poBition of the citadel H i-i i; cossary to go bB' k to July. lbeo. The day afier Oariuald had won the bat'.lc of Meltzzo,a convention was onlen-u into between the (iaribal '.iMi Major tieceral Medici cud General Clary, Neapolitan liove nor of tbo province o" M?Mllia, by w Inch it was agreed thai the Neapolitan troop - should be withdrawn from Mosaina and from ioi' i Ciuu zigu and Castelliano, on the heighti h.Uiui tin town, the arms, auiinun.tion, Arc., iu the afore ?*l<1 forta to be Boot to tiio ciUdol. The troops of Garibaldi to eater the Ioa-d. Tbc port to be free both to the Neapolitans arid GarihaldiatiS. I/i towu ehsll be obliged to I'uf mail t-> the citadel (Oil pay ment) provlslots, Ac Tli" cd idol rliall let tiro upin ih< town unless attack! (1 from tlienco, aod thou oaly upin such points frotn whtcti tbc a?t k pr- cecds. Ibia convention was after wait ? . mtlrmcd by Mi'yhv Fergola. commandant of the ciladt 1. and General 1 j.'?ricl Goveircrol Mcseinn. Immcutatcly upon this followed Garibald'a brillum' c?n.]>eigu in Calabria,tho taking of Naplt ton I'leb.tolie, and tbe Ho lit of tlio royal family to '?vela. During all thin time?thai is, op to :y, ltd!? mi'te.v re maincd in iti'u tjvt. at Messina- ..r.d whenever t!;.?n> a ;i a seanity of provisions at the citadel atbr. rl f> ilr< ?i|iou tlx- town itrnn ! lately bro-'glit foil ban abiiitrii supply. The citi/ena of Meeslua wot vuu willing toon ?g. in bosi-lilies dining tin orange to -i* >u when uevi f v. bundrcii vesae'e w?re in port nrtn itig t.x i< ci't, ? " <1 it would Ime b< en a gt<"? pltj If the greater I rt >>f vi rope and America had been deprived of oraDi; ?* dung tbe spring nod suuimcr. Both parties were iu\tj...'iy loi-kU.|: loiward to tlio rejult of tie ops itious befwo Geeta, tbe Mes-uiana fondly bcllevitg tUn' ii|io.i 'bo fib of Gaeta 'lie eil*di 1 would tturrcnacr " w'i>ii !ly u French pt< srnoi w mid urriic bringing i.l I ,iu c .m o t t > tbe citadel to tbe s'-pe ut money an i pr- vision*, or i few efflofis would dcart from in t ? el ?" 1 Co that Mariliiil Pergola e .pj,! d s <-u t receive i rumor it ojt of liO.OCO Ru si tus At leu/tb, on On* ino.iin of ' 11 li of i ^'urmry Medina was electrified (no pun Inton'e I1 wUhtbfei' < that Ca< ta i.ud fai et Tricolor tlacs w.r od f. nu win dows, bells were rung, It D. utiit tunc at chun "-a, at res aided in tbo stia tg. an 1 cve.'jb'.Jy i*i; ? il. ?,iu Joy. One of the ronditlcni o' the cipit'ilat.u at i iot ?:s, that the swriM tbouid ninn.1 p inn not nrwtli tbe citadel at llesnii.a should s:"i n.,r; ? o-refore '? .0 ral Chiabbn ra Feet t surr':.o',? to tfaiebnl Fe. ^ 'a lot, .r render, informing him at the r un inn ? of the fall of Ca'da To Iblu M .cbai F< rgola replied lb it in ?? ic?.J"r ed the elta?l> I entbeiy iudop* u'i'.' i f Cacti, nad would know h.w to defend bltnsilf to ihc Ijst etc em y. i t tbia refusal being made known to Vir to Kmumtel, I bo ??& ami laud foicts that bad op i-at 'I ax i . I (.acta we ordered to Messina, an ! Adnr.iia' I'trstM) and General C laid in. aron mado their appear:'nee, uud prepira: Jin for b'i*tiUlies began. On tbo 2Atb ol Febiua*y a Sardinian fritj.i1 ?s en'ered the p otand discoibaiked a r'g.m uilof lie.; cri {' lie metiy. loimeliately Marehil I n f.i 'uei . . ? diller< nt forelin convui? that be wirhed tbo jai: t c irrd as be inti tided to Com meet'o flog upou the fei . i twetiiv four hours 'lb" Atneri?'.t'i, iit ^ ..d 1 u. i Consuls linmciliutciy went on 'of >-d l ? I'ntcd t? * btonne' ftlcbni'Dd anil bold a consu'ltion, at wbtcb Hag "(II'er lit II aril A l.niril i' T?ino mairtcd, j.rid It wr.g resolved to m .1 to Fergyia acd prevs1' upon bin lot to lire -igainel lb-toil, ill c/ ?n Ci urtcouny rrceiTed i d Ferv. lt p n ? >, u ? | are until live oVlMk I'. M ?? tbn ton tving day. su I aro'ber eor.sndatlon iu? aptmint d for n o'r on tbe fo"owiog rr.oritirg, wden p hap-, mtiic- m l.' bo'.j adjust: I. At tbo surne tin.o tin' no', co io clear the port i". s?n? 'o ttie Oui'' Isand lo- igu v "?'ds of war, a letter was a'e> wri -n by F-rrg' I a Gcni-ral Claldlci. to the ePect lb I I tbo d etu'oarvat ; m a aim uiktei mle ?i? ic ! die ontiuiie he (Kerg H) I feci obi f d to lir", not a lie ,p .ri tb.> ??? ?-el? lifeinbark ing and the fartld tntinoe. In' #'?i ipon tb c.ty. General Cialdinl rf p'icd as follows ? Vi -vim, Feb id I"dt In Mi?wrr(oih> letter wbleb jou I.ave d uie me ib>: hooar 10 sddreae me. I 11 s v r lus'ato? I. Mrtor EniH'ue nstiog h?wii dem i'ed King of Pa by tie lut'ian 1'i iUameot. ( van c n<u er your coadu ten f it n'y as openreN-.i. ? i I bst I ?!ial! gr,m' to you *n.l y > ir :vi rls in n ? u rn,* w l ale" r but that you mu ' ir render it di-w n n. ll T! ai If yo i Ore IpM the eilf I skal' sllsrt .' ? thetltadel, ea> e - ue oy ' ?r?S"t? rbios it tb' vv '..i to ? |. -1 -It ?? y all Il?l tbe Bum erit i tt: ",n* ?h' In ?s\e fader. r.\ y r la . 1 " bat youi rt! sin' tl *e your a'l.' -r sb li eonflsc-'ed, toconirsn'Bte the e / n f r dtmii. ui ,m y 'nnd l*?t.y That I shall abandon you and jruui -old r, ? tbe | t ala.e of >!? sstaa, A'. Huob a teller <ould "n'y Iwvo i?e"ii wi iit'O by - mm un<'er great eactrinent, and id iat btv?be. n regr. d m aoon as ret t It nalttrali) prod vud bed efl e'ti. Accoroliigly. oo the morning ol tbe 1st ot li.mli -v.-n tbe Cotivu's, aC'.'"D?t ?t? .??*! by two ?'tl .is of tb II b ni t.d. wept ti ibe citednl, tbny fo in<' .> Hart . ?> be *??1 oral in comiiivnl wborti ?ed thetu f .sld ni's le' vr, aid arkiul wbetber It were w rtb wb' ob> cm 'O'le r tiatu ua w;tb a'.clt a man. Bwrrer, a uropooll > VM mace by the N'tnpoii'.acs tba' a at xed ib>putat n, c ? of .-.irditiUns and v ijedil.tiis slm ii l p-.> ' ?> Rf me and su: mit tbe wbob' matter 'o Frat.c II W lib tb<s protoaiuon tbo .im< riem ?n I I ig- *u ' sols the Ftfst f.ieiit<n..nt <.l tli? I! ehtn ut I a ' h v. no ail t-lioweo gr< at r? a1 in ib? o ise f bum.truly, w eot to Claidtnl. wbo rep.u'd to ibctn ? ""enWenicn. my King lias sent me hero to tike r ,?? citadel, and not to s. rot ibputati >ns besides, th e is a matter i ntirely between Italians llius negotiut'igj" were a* un end, sod tbobirbor u med at'dy utter p'caented a busy aprx'S'ao e >n 'ehnut men ot till nations and "ires were busily etigiged in to v Ing out of the harbor. The Solon, a Frencu inin of >* ir, ?testned away at thiee o'clock 1'. M Tl?c I'ni .e.l fta ei "teamir Richmond and thi Fiighsb frigate le: there malt ed ipiietly at anchor, wh'le their boa's were ? tlly eng.''gait n a'sistuig tno tnercbutiimen. At live o'clock f M pre?is< ly i tew shots were Tired from tbe hi. tlon I)< u illasco, wbtcb did c? hum. and wore not replied to A few days ifter this a^NeapoPUn boat went slongride tbe American and Kngl"h men ot war. and 1 re.|ueatetl them to leave tho i>ort, u* the Neapolitan sol ! titers were no exasperated that ihey m'ght at anv time Are Into the city. Tba men of war complied wttli tins request, snd went out of the line of Ore; this was tiro days since nut an yet no firing has taken place Metn whdeCialdinl in busy erecting worka and plantlc bit terles and the battle will probthiv begin 1n a w ek Tho worka In possession of the Neapolitans consist of a eltadel mounting upwards of three hundred guna. am " g which are sotne Calibans: the f interna, fmrteen ? t ' n raaemate; tbe <talvadnre at the sniraoce of the n trb is, flliy guna, and tbe Heatlon I>vu Blsa o, b u guns, n all some four hundred pieces. Against this the PardinUns bring,x niortir ba' tery of lw elve ten inch mortars at a '(stance of u qu iriar of a mile ,a battery of olgbl sinter1 P?t??ders. rill?I ynns: two heavy batteries of twelve f'iT P' tplip |,in tun "1?''. snd two bst'rrlrwof tnentv ' 'i ' I gonn^n. Von ondemwuiJ iliat nU i**j 'ottionit arriaatc: ice c /, *?> i g vC 1 -re (.1 tu pr^mi Icr li- !-K upo- <i ? i n Mi.: S i ul ia (bet um is lif':en sad, wi'u about i c> g'llul. i t- ? rit is i xv- .1 >0' ! 11'*) iiin VJ;V >' l iIiiiI itMi ? II f 1 .1 f.l'C o*t >,00 m-<o Tic V. . ed .>t if steadier -t1'mJ t. mh* rra! tecy (.<!) ? 7th after having earned t'<o tniTriu < lit itiutiu's for ibRsulle"' ? 'i ."i/.'i* to thou J.-al'i I E. 71? v? ? i' rit-' i n rr fr>i't';s nailed from Nap's* fr-' i ' \ic.' a 'jt.fMi a t'j (Jili a , ?.. i..???,. i fmiipc; J c>3 ' Mill the R.chmud tt.--" o' l>i)t.iir l.iM While the him w to '???>!??, ti :o ;/ up iii>l i.nirn ro|'aoii firli, i :i .e.'i ra i'il i': lint for rtOpMil yinl Ci' the ? v ? of i - po't 1 " if i t.i v i ? l i ?me ?' era b/ the ? .ii 1' t: e- i ihif fn< v?. o i 'jure! d ihr? 1 v.' .i . "ii. i t ? ( 'iMivo, deal i>' h.j ui ? t tiuii.i- .is-. Iit/fan/j ...I. a oi'iv.cua, wuit ? u .ri: .1 i !??? a u t ?'?' struck h) Kittflrtti !*? i..i 11*?' iti ki*u lo/. .iiMoph Hemmmja, hoi.tiiq, .-t??) i I ?.v tr, * i.nil 'rue' .'.r- of the ur o t'rt t'ii ?' 1 ttir-t , wV-i th full, l sta r# Rton aer 8'i6 <r i hnnt a tit V.jUi, ? b'nt was iiistvircred w'th . ill' ? 'i i nit:! if uf.k :?g f r one of th* I'.agt th I. . oi-i iti'c eMt'-i 'It - l< it .luxiz vi. mi l but fur the i ply urrii'j1 nt theH'lequjh?ti'.w'a ?>?>???, h'.I binds would l-.i 11 I'O' n I ? A.: it was C.ipU u tioilmj aacuecddi I* t >vicg t: l. t! the po;r felloes Mussina, March 23, 1861 /'rgr< of f' " fiber*mmt in Italy?Mate of Parftri? I'oyuhtr %'y if GanbaIJi, it: , <lc. It s ii cei'aint;, that people require to be educated to f or m,*ud that free institutions wilt only Buncoed iin.< rg u p"?i'lc uccis'i'tne 1 to labor. Where tie uoces Mir.i ? ui 11*e ? au be oltuiuel without much toll, and v 1 'TP the riiuitito la pof. uml oncrvitiDif, ttiero freedoui I < I ) Iti <1 up u lit an cxi>urraiii>n from toil, ami the divine i .rutr.ucd of "in the eweat of thy lirow ahult thou eat thy rally bread" Is torijottoo. Wr have hi i n thia Hiiaio thloj exotnpliilod in our own Po theiu Stallt There, where ttol liaa ho ahundantty pri vided, man is always rentiers ui d disAatiatlod, and lm.pleseek in fni igu wa'8 uri'! lihhusterinTf that esctte irirnt which is w?ntliis to alluy their restlessness And w beo these out ets fail they create anarchy and distur bance ui home. In Sicily it Is th- s tnio. One would thialc that they 0'>lit nor to be la'inted who in ten months have thrown til the* y< i,e il the Umtrboas, and have become marabei* of u cci st-.ii5tii.oui mrnarchy, under a thief who turn shown by his p.crinnie t of the king him of bardinm t* ? t ! ?' t as the iv. Ifare of hie |Knple at heart J'ut il -in t n Scai .1 bad the locfcinga over the i.... it tin citadel ci a . d when lews urrtved of an out break at l'alern. i. nil t it w as fe tiu necessary to send tba Unity tilth ng tie ui tl ore to qut 11 dlslurbaaoes. L'pon ii.i|iliru,g Into the ci uui lam-is I 'eiuneil the following There are at pros' ui three pa-lieu In Sicily. One com I> Hpd of th" ordtr lot teg and tudusti toua, who are very tlnriklil for whit Ins been u hitvetl, end are rtrm a the rents to and supporters ot the goyorumeat of Victor Krr anut l Ti e reenmi p'i.rty ta comp ised of those who were etbi rr and m i tern nuclei (la' io ildl, and whi think ihal llieir cln tns hive bien neglected by the present pivNiMt To this party atao bstood thiae wh> iiaro entiling to lcse, and to whom every clnnge |>romisea at turn! excitement If not gun The third nod most dan geiouB i ?rt> ir compose! of those who held fat offlcoti endi r tiie Beurbou governmi nt. and wlu> are led ou by "epi.ests the?0Bt priaeut make common c*usn with tiie itisrutisticd Qaribatdini. and try to overthrow tho i tabhshi ' rule. Ail opposition is conducted under tho niuie of (larf bj.liti.hnd >n I'ahrtrio, which h is alwavs been notod for i.s turbuien.o. the Carlbaldlol and church party are ox ? ? I-U'.I fly '.UI! I HI On Mcm.'av, the IStb, people a*>>i'inhlc<l in tho slrnels, rlieutirg "Viva CkuMpddi! ' V'e wart a republic!" vie v.hi t Garibaldi fur our Kiug!'' "We do not want to I e i prM Biiof l'lrtlfonl!' .-<?mo even cried, "long bve Frai c s the -ecuii i."' "J> wn with the Savoy croea!" A giueral me'ee it. sue J, an i seveutceu peraoua word killed in the tin t Is. The "Vgraph'c <!'spatchea at ite that thlrga are mon trampiii.but it is hi-dcved thu' aeituus uisturbancoe ? ill take place w hen ilie . ous iriptiun cotuniencca. Great dt aiisf.'c.tiun also prev it's in Measiaa, and numbers of ied rliirt* apis-nr in the H'ricts. The red shirt hero ta a f .i of an i republican?a party which, like our black re i .1 Ileitis, disguises a deaitt for plutdcr under the high i.un ting ncTnes of pati l'ni>tn ami plit'anthropy I am .iCia.d ibat Vic 'T I manuel s Sicilian Hubjocts will prove very licubit-Soiirt! itiib ed T'l.e I nitt'<l Slates ship Ki Uinnnd !a atill at this port, "lie Sutquehanna sailed from tor- on toe 20th for \ar-l?B. 11 //.'a. (.'hi a and Marseilles Th<- Ir-spieia is eip.mted )>ere abndt the 6th of April. I barn that tiie Richmond w ill go trCtrl llii" place to Touli n. Oar St. Pftcrsburg t'orrrapomlenre. br I*j Trrsw a- . March 18,1841. r ncmiyci-n t tlf He-fi?1'iori. icm ?/ tht Latn?***Uit Ai>?. imrttJ Com n nifty tie Law?AO lift in Poland, <tc. Yfetenlav the at xiously cxp-c'od and often delayed ?laiiifeato p <>cUiaiiog ftie emancipation of the serfa ?m published. ai d tide great measure.which has been ao long united for wind to with mingled footings of hope and fear . iliu w become hi uci' mpl.shi d fai t. The manifesto liars date of tbi C 1 insl., (Ki bruary 19, O. ?.,) show inf that the Fmparor lia l really aiiiel!l,ag it was alwiya >hoi. Id ho would, "ii the mntve-sary of his ao ess.on to H. tbroiie, ul though the public.ition has been deferral till af'.cr the mill.uit i, or citrnhat, in order to taka place during the msro sober aud rcHe-tire eaeon of lent. The provis una of the new law coim ide aliuist exact:)- with the programme of I tcetubor, 1 -57, won the principles of the proposed oofranchisrimut wero flrit laid down, and ol which I h re g veu ampl details in tho evirse of my correa p iti etue. li.v-lU any of the amcnimeat.-t suggested by the tejcuenary puily have been accepted. It waa e.uti'ldi ntly 3t;.tcd that, on toe motion of Piiuce Gagarin, Hi Cm)pl.u u-i uf tbo nnti emancipation' 's, tho amount u land conceded to each mule peasant bad been reduced to one foul tb of tint .riiiuxl'y intended; h it tins l irw ou''o : i cr-orco i ihc allutm"nt of eight de'atiucs per besd,b ides tho wadru, or I, remains >:uoa* taii< <! s.'i. ct rnlr to a ground rent, which la t) vary a.urdirg t 'he quality of the so,I and the value of latnl in the sere s dtstr.cts, but tnuat on no account exceed trti \e i il> ep j t annum. The whole arrangements coo n cted w lh tho <trat-' ipatirn law ate to he carried intw execution ruder the superintendence of a special com mittee. within the gpaic of two >ears, a period of transi tion during wb>ci the p'sianta have to perform the tin at nrd ether u: the stmc manner as iierctofore. until the div s on of land bet ween them aud tho seigneurs is effected, l c attc- retaining their proprietory rights, which miy he > turn .ted by u?:l-al agreement. The pro 1 of 11 ma t on s the great difficulty winch bid al way a been dread-d ev. u tnoie than the emancipation itself at : wli ch m,<y stii g vo r. c to serious i ml-arraM H fluid* to rensou that in an unm-'nse enipira ike thi.j a mca> o involving s tornplcto social revolu? t t dhio' p-Mibly be rnrried into eflect in a sin* g!e day without upfoit'ng 'he wiiolo eslahlish ( crder of things and tho country uto : nir l>\ udeid the dita: s couceclod with it a. o cT ?> cciuf i atcd a nature, thai to giro time for settling ? htm tli prei? a.ory interval waa originally fixed al 1?i i e )? ?'r mill ' ? ol i ? aimo-' a miracle if a tx !; Hi .-ac oaipi.fhad in two. ftut it is clear r.ever t . h.a ii|j?t di eg th.s ' no' b tli landholders and p?* -ii, aw It nd Hi n elver in a 'al ? posii on Tlie titter, wii-i now co-v '< ' tueiiisnUra free m?o, will tatuially !?? is ?i he [srf.i iu I he rsine ser \ icor to winch they w i u tie r f XB-saag- and endeavor td I- ...I I* them t' a mm in m, or perhaps refuse thons uPngi tbei while that ei being ?*> lunger pfinuilly i-jteui-iid n t e well be rig of 'h" peasants, will rather L- lei pte i t< c.t ?? much out of mem as they can be mi.l i : . ? lh burthens uup-ise: upon them, which they wi.; re no e 'o d" t ? hue o;i?||y, us in rn ?t rtcs i ? ob ua' to r o' It- re ,s .re res iist? by verbal agree in ii'. lid i uu I, w. t-r -tpuii : ns. Hcacu will ari*w d'spi i-a'dl'carii irui.r uicurreisuu thenohei will 'up in of itn p. u, end the i>ea?.iots of the nobles; ? Ii put .mill .juieal i> the , Ulcers of lh* government andi nits ei ,aw. wln.rc interference will only malm tbiryrwor-e hi d notwithstanding thcgcot nature and p .?>- tbu'. Jistlnguirb lh" lies-Ian people , xcvpt elidt r tbu i ue i.C) of v '??). it ia not to be xpretrd thai al'tbl* sboufd pt-s over witti itit s-on< r of vtal-m o and ooafustou. ... 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It is a lortunate cir cumatauce that the special committee sppomted to carry out the rrrsocipa'ioo set is profide I over by Orani D-.k-> Coostaattae. and that rrince (tagaiin, who has displayed w. sderful powers, f ohotructiTcueos. is not amnags' '1* mem hers We may hope in conserpience that tbe oocoa tnry insasures wilt be taken with the oromplit de auJ deciaiou which characieny- the tlraad Ihikc. and which were never more needed thai at tho present moment. The events lu IVaad have hvp|ieno 1 very wti and rorve to complicate a Muailon who h is a'rewijr sufli ciontiy omitarraesinir. Sumo of our old Muerovites sr? for adopting the sevenst m- asuroa to put d->wn the spinu of insurrection in that kingdom, but, npsri from p-m coosiileraliotis. the miidnces of the l:mi?ornr dlspviltwn revoIWi from f ilch extremities, and if the t'ole* ' -nenO their 'cmanila within tho bounds of rev-'U. no 0>" cesiiins w ill ho r.Darod to satisfy thctu. 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