Newspaper of The New York Herald, 16 Nisan 1861, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 16 Nisan 1861 Page 10
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fco vnvncn from third Pint] Ae any would drown all personal (Wing in the duties of No action ban tons, or will b? taken, by the regiments ?r their commanders, until they receive special orders. MOVmatNTS OP TOLUHTBU. As volunteer spirit is already beginning to spring up fes our mien, amongst the people, if not amongst the regularly organised militia. We hare several instances. UNION VOLUKTKKR BATTALION. An organization, entttlei tho Union Volunteer Battalion, Whose headquarters Is at 618 Broadway, have taken An Bret steps to elicit in a decided manner tho popular IseHng with regard to the action to be taken in view of As hostilities initiated by tbe siege and capture of Fort Burner. From a beginning tbe battalion is hourly Woreasing in numbers and tntluence. fbe preliminary op Jsct in to enroll all who are willing to pledge themselves A "defend and maintain the Union and honor of our iw.'i The constitution adopted by tbe battalion is as We hereby form an Infantry battalion, and offer our rsrvtcee to the Governor of Una State, or President of the United States, to aid acd attest in suppressing rebellion or preventing sec bmulj n any Sta'e oi the Union, and to defend snd maintain ihe uouetitution and Union of tho I'ntied Staus against foreign er domuatio toes. Each member, on being admitted Into tbe company, signs thd fallowing:? We, tbe underFigned, do become members of the Union Volunteer liatiulion, subject to tu, constltutun and by. laws, to defend and maintain tbe Union and honor of our flag. It la confidently expected by them that tbey will be able to tabs between 700 and gno men. rhey have offered their services to the Governor, who, it is said, ban accepted tnem, prov.ded they are seeded. Tbe enrolD-' int is g ing rapidly on, not only of our own amines? but of citizens of the State. Yesterday captains of companies from tbe surrounding distr-cts entered tnelr ?amen on their own behalf and on that of the various ?Ml psnies under their command, and in every instance a detni minati? was expressed in s retaining the adminis tration to|<he uttermost, in enforcing the laws and maln t aming the integrity of the Union. The battalion will hold meetings every evening at the same place, when ail who desire to join cau be enrolled. TUB RCOTT L1FK GUARD. Ae following order has been leaned for the purpose of tbe ftco.t Life Guard , no doubt for thepur peee ef joining the government:? RCOTT urn GUARD. A special meeting oi this corps will be held at the earner of fourth and Thompson streets, on this (Taos At) evening, at night o'clock, to take iramidiaie stops o?cnmlng the reorganization of the corps, uuder the reoaiit act of the Legislature and (or other important hue id eus By order Jno. D. MacGrfgnr, Lieutenant Ctmmandtng. J a MRS M BAYIJC8, Secretary. OBptain Hudson, of the First regiment of New York Mate Volunteers, is raising a company at Greenpolnt for Aa service of the Union. There are sixty-one men al ready enlisted, and the members will meet for drill next Friday night. A battalion drill of the Sevonty first regiment of ligh1 infantry, New York State troop, Colonel A. 8. Voebnrgh, will take place at eight o'clock this evening at the State Arsenal, corner of Seventh at enue and Thirty fifth street. THE WAR FEELING IN BROOKLYN. Ae President's proclamation erased great excitement In Brooklyn yesterday morning, and throughout the day II was the all engrossing topic of conversation Every the general feeling seemed to be that the l'resl i ought to be supported. Military officers were oti I during the aay In communicating with one another dn the present-stale of adieus, with the view of deter mining on some oourse of action, rhe organised military ffmee in Brooklyn at present cob nets as follows;? tttb Regiment, Colonel Abel Smi n 260 men. 16th " Colontl Wood 160 mm. 28th " German Rides Colonel Bennett. .400 men. Tttb " Flying Artillery,Ool. Graham....300 men. Ana 10 field pieces. Colonel Bennett, of the Twenty eighth regiment, in firmed Brigadier General C ooke yesterday morning that his command would support the government. NAVAL MOVEMENTS. AFFAIRS AT THIS BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. Yesterday wis a very busy day at the Navy Yard A large addition tl force of workmen, consisting of carpen ters, joiners, caulkers, riggers and othor tradoe oonoe>-.tnd with the building and Gtt ng out ships of war, wan em ployed, and the yard resounded with the noise of the workmen's loo la. There wan a large Influx of visit ors, who swarmed all over the prumisos, ox.tmin hig everything that they were permitted to see, with great interest, and renaming pretty freely on the neoes bht of hurrying on the work, so that the different vea Me nay be aent tp sea without deity. A little peat midday the presence of the erowi was beginning to he inconveniently great, upnn which orders were given to be more sparing In the admission of visl'ers. Shortly after two gentlemen from Ohio applied for arfmit e, alleging that they were alrout to leave the city bad a desire to witness the naval preparations in Tnoy were referred to the sergeant of the guard, who gave the required permission. Immediately after a peiaun attempted to puss in without a bv your leave, upon which the tergesnt ordered him baok, and sa his rsfusiog to leave, he w*s laid hold of fur the purpose ot oeirg ejected. rhe man however, fought m nfully, but he was com pePed at I act to suocumli, and was takeu into the guard room. A policeman was soon "nhand to see what was the row, bu? as no charge was preferred against the man ha was permitted to depart m peace. The cbpf me rest yesterday was centered on the Wa bash, and a la ge force was placed up >n her. On Friday last the arrangements had been completed for hstutii g In and stepping her masts An Immense "gar ? land,'' consisting of a large coll of very strong rope, ksbrd together at Intervals all round, was rattened to each lower mast by ropes, and yesterday a hawser sum attached thereto, and, one by one, each mast was rained by the powerful dsrrick and placed In proper po sition. ropmaat, topgallant and the other higher masts will soon bv hoisted in, and In a few days' time ths Wa bash will be completely rigged, alow and aloft, her arma ment and stores will be all on board, find she wlU be ready tor sea. The davannah Is progressing, but there is ma larial to report concerniug her. Ike Ferry may now he said to be complete. She was gdkted yesterday, and with her tall, mtste, light Sop bam per and saury rig, presents quits a smart appear amor. Her armament wtliconaistof six thirty-two pound ers, weighing 27 owt. each, and oue light twelve piuud ktwltser. hhe will lie well supplied with shot and sbeil The Perry can he sent to sea, If necessary, in a few hours, wad it is not unlikely that she will be seut an c.nroy to the Philadelphia for the relief of Fort Pickens. RELIEF FOR FORT PICKENS. Nothing was dons on Sunday on board the steamer Philadelphia, wb lob has been chartered by the govern aaent to convey stores and munitions to the seat of w ir In the South. Yesterday moruiag, however, ell Was activity aw the pier at the foot of Morton street, alongside which the Philadelphia is lying. A la'ge quantity of hay, bags of aala sad other forage, together with a quantity of lum bar, Iron wheetoarrowe, trench spado* and armorers' tank and materials were scattered about the deck an I aoon stowed below. On the starboard side or the Philadelphia lay the slocn Mward MB, la ten with a large number of gun carriages, an I twelve and eighteen pound guns With these weaoooa was a formidable bean of caution balls, boxes of ba I ear trlcges. kegs cf gm powd?r, rnsos of m i?kete and amy ?qulptm-Lta. a large crowd ww gathered on the p or While these formidable mmik'>,i* of war w?re h ? eg bswted in. and th <r? was D?atdsiali" d ? est n agio her destination. Ihe wort was i.iritmt (| i ,, ,,,r It la believed that Urn Pin H lvijdi n*il |,;,u, du-iagte dev. The Vandsrbilt hat. been li* jW n to be ? ??cl a tie font of Temh stre-1. whom she is h '-g pilrcd. , Frl sana s ly >ng at ihe cpposH* i>art of too river. t the ferry, at fruu'i nut. Government is n.goi...,. ?? or wr girolMge, .n i u '? b- l.nved t ant 'he transfer win made to day. THE BATTLE AT CHARLESTON. t|#?nn l tilnr^ if th** h tttvvtf lit I ort} A|Jilc n| tit** t #?** f 1 f f t? O 'tl W nrn. Apt') 14. 1MI. ^ " :'r p.eft 1.1 u-r* .M r r. '? f >? nrt'l'i' >* ? ,-t- , , rtitwri,' ? does t.. ? .ni ? e . J.-,,.. t'.e f ? r C, .... don r, ? r }i ai. i.? _,. v ui.hxt ac- 'di , f >e . ... ?('? ?s. fr i, aid fbaterri . "ti"g .eaMkdaa atun at Bight. At kttttiu ??? ekeewred by rata ckmds, utit?uH dark an OtkM. At |0M war* heard dfctincUy, lbs wind blowing l? nhore. Sometimes a shell *omd hunt la nM air, directly over Fort gum tar. Keerly all loaf all the streets were tbrosged with people full of excitement and enthusiasm. The houaa topa, the Battery, the wharves, the shipping?In fact, every available place was taken possession of by the mull undo. The dlaoharf ea of can boo gradually tllmlaiabed aa the sun roee. AH the clouds, which rendered the night so dark and dismal, disap peartd as the day began to break, while the air became meet beautiful, balmy and refreshing. The streets were Ailed again with persona?male and fem . , old and young, white and black; some went to lb ttcry, some to the wharves, and some to the steeple* of the churches. A few random shuts were tired from the Confcoer&le batteries, to which Fort Humterjonly re plied occusionally. Soon it became evident t tat Sumter waa on ftre, and all eyes were riveted upon it. The denae amoke that Issued from it was soon gradually to rise to the ramparts. Some supposed that this was merely a signal from Major Anderson to draw in the Heel to aid htm. At tbia time the lieet was in the offing quietly riding * anchor, and.oou)>l clearly be distinguished. Four vessels were ranged is line directly over the bar, apparently : blockading the port. Their long black hulls and sutoke atacks provod them to be federal steamers Every ono anilously awaited to see what they would do. The suspense wss very exciting. On all sides i could be beard, "Will the vessels como In and engage the batterlesY" ?' Why do they hold oBY" Every . person on the Battery fully expected that the engagement would become general. By the aid of glasses it was thought that a movement was being made to this end by two of the war eb'pe, and it was thought that the sand w iuld soon begin to fly from the Morris Island batteries. At ten o'clock in the morning attention was again ! riveted upon Fort Sumter, which was now, beyond a doubt, on fire. The flames were seen to burst through the roofs of the houses within its walls, and dense columns of smoke shot quickly upward. At this time Major Anderson scarcely fired a Bhot. The guns on the ramparts of Fort Sumter I had no utterance in them. Bursting shells and grape scattered like hall over the doomed fort, and drove the soldiers under cover. From the Iron battery at Cum mitgs Point a continuous fire was kept up. Its rlflod cannon played sad havec with that portion of Fort Sum ! ter facing tt. j The firing rrom tho floating battery and from Fort ! Moultrie continued very regular and accurate. Stand ing on tho Charleston battery and looking seaward you have on the right n mortar battnry and Fort Johnston, distant from the city two and a half miles. I Half a mile flrom Fort Johnston Is the iron battery of ' Cummlrgs Point, mounting throe ten inch columbia-lR, three sixty four pounders, three mortars and one rifled i cannon. Cumm bga Point is only fifteen hundred yards from Fort 8umter, and so any one can imagine what havoc the regular Ore of She Cummlngs Point battery must have created. The men working the guns made | them terribly effective The sand redoubt was scarcely i injured by the weak Are Major Anderson knpt up I on the battery It was commanded by Major Stevens, of ! the Citadel Caucts. Under his direction each shell that I was flrcd found a destination within Fort Sumter, and j during'he entire bombardment scarcely ono inisstlo of I this character missed its murk. On the n'h'r side ?f t.fte harbor, directly opposite Fort Sumter, is one of the strongest sides of Fort Moultrie. ' Pniing the last three months It has been strengthened by evety appliance that mtll'arv art could suggest. Its mar Ions, nvuts, g'aces and embrnsures aro perfectly pro ! tected. The weak walls of the fort were made i perfectly secure for the gunners while at work. From this point throughout the onpagemeut vast numbers . of shot and heavy halls were dis charged. Behind this and near Sullivan a Island the Moating battery wasstationed with two e'xty.four and two forty two pounders. Ite sides of iron and palmetto logs wero impenetrable. Every shut from It told CO Fort Sumter, and the men In charge of it were so secure in their position that some of them indulged in soldiers' pastimes, while others played five cent &nte>ucUre and bluff The battery at Monnt Pleasant was live hundred yards from the floating battery and was mountoil with two mnitars wttbin excellent range of Fort Sumter. The shells from these mortars were thrown with great precision. Yon now have all ?e positions of the works bearing directly on Fort Sumter. All through Friday morning the grouted activity at all points was displayed. Throe times Major Anderson's barracks were sot on fire, and twice ho suc ceeoed in puttiDg out the flames; and to do this it was neoessary to employ all his force passing along water. To get water It waa neoessary for some of his men to go outside the wells end bend the buckets In through tho portholes, during all which time they w6f9 exposed to e , ?ioe'< t;rrifl? Ore from the various batteriee. ' This i.tsl expedient was not resorted to until the fort was on fire for the third time end the llaines had locrean ed to an alarming pitch. Meantime Major Anderson's guns were silent. lie allowed his men to be exposed to ' the gadtrg fire upon them but for a fow moments, and then ordered them in and shut the batteries, as tho smoke we* too tbick to work them. At noon the flames burst from every quarter of Fort Sumter, end the de" struction of it was complete. NEWS FROM CHARLESTON. Chakmntox, April 15,1851. IV;-patches have been pouring Into Charleston all day from every section of tbe country?warlike from the North, encouraging trom the border States, congratula tory trom the 8ooth, ard doubtful from the West. Tbe people are to a ?t*to of great excitement, but more with reference to the movements of the tleot thnn from Invasion. In fact, they rather court such an emergency. The general *? nttmcnt is : ght. There is strong suspicion that tho squadron Intend to make a demonstration at Ptouo. about twenty Qve miles to the southward, and vigorous military preparations have been made >o this end. A Rrgtsh merchantman who arrived to-day hailed an otllcer on one of the ships and inquired If tho port was und- r bloikade* Vhe officer replied "No." They were waii ng tbe return of one ol the vessels which bad been dee pa ch- d North for instructions. Major Atderroc was transferred from the Isabel to the Ra'rc. aid .vied for New Tork to day as communication with the fleet la almost impossible, the reports concerning them must be taken with allow ance. B.rlrjp Lynch, Roman Catholic, yesterday celebrated tbe victory of Fort Sumter with a To Ileum and congratulatory address. In all tbe churches allusions were made to the subject. Tbe i.p^copal Itinhop, wholly blind and feeble, said It was bis strong potsutiunn, strengthened by trsvel through every section of tho State, that the movement In vrbicb the people were engaged was begun by them in the deepest couvictioD of duty to God. and Cod had rig. naiiy blessed their dependence on him. If there Is a war, It will be pi.rely s war of self-deforce. Major Anderson remarked to a goo tinman, It was con flict 'bat aonld never bo sattaibd with blood. The Charleston Rank voted to lay to take two hundred Ukiumuio dollars of the Confederate loan. fh jrdiey of President Ikt\ .s for the present will be not to s?nn Utters of m.irque, as was suppwsd, and seise Noriheiu snips. All de|ien is however upon the action ol tbe admlr 1st-at Inn. The lire la bun ng slowly In Fort Sumter. An engine is St WW It U|k>D It. Tho danger It from the tmga/mc. A letter received to-day from so Fngiish hanker, by a m< rcinri here, sts. s that Rritish bankers aro ready to fi.ra.pit tho Southern confederacy with any amoint Of piOBev required. Cite* ramus, April 15, ISfll. I jo CoiifodMtt Msg was hoist ' <J late in toe s'tornoon. Major Anderson uro' srkod on board the steamer leal- I R s In/gago nod that of his muu wrut put on the stnamsr ? '1 b< i H> atich -ted ofl Fort .Sumt. r, and will go out to ut!) t, and be ink n abuwd the ltd Ho. V -tor Aiidemou expressed great regret at thodestruc 1 -I. , i ,p. ity. .h tost guu from Fort Fompter was fired by Captain I' t.b'ei.ay. All tbe officers and men look hetrty, and aop u .ev.i fed. U is sard they have plumy of 1'lCr I '< s ^ Mr i Ai defcor oo up "netted Mrtyor Jrer nns, of the : c 'h r>aIron 1 att?.y. He said that fort fired tbe bt-^. uv I? d d not !hmk aui h o- the other's Are. II '' rt .^'U'ter) w"i'. nra Wtt p. ,Lh damaged, execpt n ? ? .tg b?."c kn .tan strui'g m sv. r. It- r Aiitersoo as-.'i he srpr. ? "| rrdut Viulh'.Vtro' litis M pttMtWi; out IS ?N Thta, hSSAWI. was trithit* mora lt>?* usual d clvill/od u -,, jj Rksw|sn <Vas t I'.rpm*' d a BOMoytsV- r ? o- - .. iu ,Jf p ,i| ST* r?-. rtfjg f; f-.t w deef off ffc htr ail day. UdefSta h.S b*1 t .' .try with b - i., -j .the lto>c.'. I do not believe the federal fleet oaa prevent the ingress or egress at veeeels, though it woe reported thlomorning that a British brig had boon prevented from oomtng In. There woo a brig of this character in the oiling this mor ning. The evacuation of l'ort Sumter was completed by two o'clock Sunday. Major Anderson and his men came out with the honors of war. This was granted by General Beauregard after an unconditional surrender. There was a greatooommotion in the harbor fleet of fctnall boats, steamer* being crowded with paser-rig'Tn. The American flag was brought down widi a salute of , fifty guns. While it was being flred a gun exploded kill ing one of Major Anderson's men, wounding threo mar tally, and severely injuring four. Daniel Home died last night, while being brought to ; the City Hoepltal. Edwurd Galway is mortally wounded. George Fielding, John lirwin and George I'iDchard wore j severely hurt?all of Company E, First regiment, fele- : rul army. The man kiUxl outright was tossed in the air, ' and came down a mangled masa of humanity. The Bank of Cnoatcr has taken $50,COO of the Confede rate State loan. Alarm was given last night and early this morning by a groat booming of guns to the seaward. It was at first thought that an attempt was being made by the federal troops to land at Ftoruo, but I lcaru from parties just from there that the supposition is incorrect. The Isabel is taking in provisions. More engines have boon sent down to Fort Sumter. The flrebas been extinguished, but it is necessary to cool oil' the magazine. These are very hot, and thu moo ore afraid to open tbum lest tbey may explode by ventila tion. 126 barrels of powder are yet in the maga/ioo. A general order of General Beauregard was Issued Sunday to the Confederate troops. He orders that 5! tjor Anderson be allowed to evacuate on the same terms he asked before the surrender. General Beauregard conp! nents the troops of tbo Confederacy for their bravery, and for the brilliant suc cess which attended tue hardships and privations m re ducing the stronghold in ibe harbor. He says the feat of arms was very great; he compliments the gallant de fenders of Fort Sumter; says they only executed the orders of their government, and concludes by ordering the return of shots fired. The city is unexcited. There was some stir late In the afternoon on account of firing in the offing. Various rumors are afloat about it; the first, that the federal troops were going to land at Stono. No attempt of the kind was made. Again, it wna rumored that the salute was fired In honor of the Brltl3h Consul, and that Great Britain had acknowledged our independence. The aaluto was fired when Major Anderson left the Isa bel to go aboard the Baltic. Ho and his command arc on their wuy home. Capt. Foster sent a note to the city addressed to his wife, saying he would meet her at the St. Nicholas Hotel, New York, on Thursday. There are many small boats which remain with the fleet outside. All these hosts have muffled oars and oar locks. Great curiosity is manifested to know how the horses aboard will bo used. The Are in Fort .Sumter is out. Tho engines have been brought back to the city. Fort Sumter is occupied by two companies?the Pal metto Guard, Gapt. Cuthbert, and Capt. Hoilowquist's company. There is no oillcer of high grade in charge. Major Ripley will probably bo appointed there. When MiOor Anderson's quarters were burning, Gene rul Beauregard sent offers of assistance before the white flag was run up. Senator Wlgfall received the sword and returned it to Major Anderson. Workmen and mechanics are busy clearing away the wreck of tho burned quarters at. Fort Sumter. A large number of troops came In from tho country to-day. Companies are encam|>ed all around the city. A land attack is prayed for; the Carolinians want to have a mortality list on the next engagement. S.UOO men are now under arms. Tho news of North Carolina seizing her forts is received with delight. i'lUCr All ATKINS FOB WAR IN BOCTH CAROLINA. [Fr-iiu the Churl--a loii tier cm y, April 11 J One word to capitalists J)o you desire to be patriots" Do you desire to make moneyV Then turn in to mat: \g cannon powder, cannon shot, shells, rifles, revolvers, bo Vic kniv?-s and bayonets We shall prrbtblyhave use for these commonuies?at lea.i they will be marketable Fortunes arc now to be made by all such persona in the (South as will go into the manufacture of the means, ap. pllances and combustibles of war Privateers, also, are wanted ?clever iong bodied, low, black looking sloop* auud schooners, carry urn a single long gun, on a pivot, and a clever perionn't of torty able bodied men. We beg, too. to suggest that every schooner, sloop, bvge or dug out In our own adjacent harbors, will find admit l^ie pair ings. I ait our venturous cruisers look after and\ilck up the goods and chattels or our en -rales. To our brave boys we have but one word to say: aim low, sink, burn and utterly destroy the Invaders. The following advertisement appears in the Mercury? Wanted, a fl at class, strongly built, clipper steamer. Pho must be fast, fight draft and capable cf being fit led put as a privateer, IMPORTANT FROM VIRGINIA. PROCEEDINGS OP THE STATE CONVENTION? EFFECT OP THE PRESIDENT'S PROCLA MATION. Ri(mom>, April 16,18?1. The Commissioners presented Mr. Lincoln's reply to the Convention to-day, without comment. A resolution was adopted to suspend the order of the day. Anothrr resolution was oliured to go into secret session to consider the report of the Commissioners, which was followed l>y debute. The President's proclamation is the principal theme to day. Scott, Preston and ether i nionists declared if the lTesldcnt meant to subjugate the booth that Virginia had but one course to pursue. Jhtlerences of opinion exist whether to secede Imme diately or wait the co operation of the Border Bteles. It is believed the alternative propositions will be submitted to the people. Some doubted the authenticity of the proclamation, and, In deference of wishes of members, the Convention adjourned till to morrow, when, doubtless, it will go Into secret session. None think of ultimate ancossion now. The Convention to day presented the appearance or un wonted eiBMty, all reeling that the crteii had arrived. The J" u'e here are clamerous for secession, and ac count.- In in the interior of the Plate represent the fad ing as thoroughly aroused. The change of sentiment In the Convention is fore shadowed , an 1 It Is believed that a harmonious conclu sion will be reached In secret session. Governor I*tcher has declined expressing bis opinion openly, prevou# to the receipt of offl-ial accounts of the proclamation of the President; but big personal friends say that be will refuse to entertain it. Ibe general opinion Is that Mr. Limoln, having re pudiated Virginia's efforts to a pea-.eful solution of ill troubles of the country, she must now aid In defending tho South. An ordinance of secession will pass within two days. The Governor will issue no proclamation until he re ceives an oftletal copy of President Lincoln's. The Governor has received a notitlcatlor. of a requisition for three thousand men. The President's proclamation is received with general execration. The public mind l* fearfully excited. The secessionists declare that nothing is more fat igfcble to their cause, and that military men would hood or die than respond to such a call. Aisx.'XORia, Va., April 16, l??t. Hie publication of Prse dei.t Lincoln's procLmU'On ha* greatly Increased the secession feeling. Business of all kinds is completely suspended. Merchants are engaged in discussing tho probability of a proiongued sanguinary civil war. Tho impro- Ion is that tho Vir ginia ?ovlvi ntioii v. ill Instantamou ;l> tho .rdiuauce of sccee-oon, or call A Ik r Jor Statu Convention. NEWB FROM MONTGOMERY. Mowoovrkv, Aprils, I3S1 Thero If evltfcctly something serious u, tu?d by the Cabinet here, as It has born in rear.,on uiwtof the day and In telegraphic oommumcatiru. with our C, ram Is sloscrs at Wa"hb?fton. It is aeppni d tin y h wedorrar 1 e*l a dlaliiicl an?w?r from Mr. Lincoln, uu iminedui.bour beyond which it would not bo receivable. Toe n. irmors of the |nm|in> wore making themselves heard, and the warl'ke demonstrations ut Waih'vgtmi dem vud insb-it attention fr >m the adm.uisliationh e. Hi- I, i ih? fede ral sbipa of-war Stake no attempt* to rciuforci I u?a eo'a, tho Oin'cdtraie States will not yet begta the ear. The following ore tire judical oil;: -iwof tfietxif. Jurat. tllates ? Alalamn? Judgr, \V, <}. Jones Ma-uhiU, ISou. I,iters >o, IH. trie! AtUrrii' ), a. J. Kequtcr. StriA tt?c4w?S?Judge, A. (?. iU/ra?b, Martin.., iitrrVl Heml'tcn, Ibstru,l Attorney, jams* OubBcr. f.V irptS?dncpe, He?,ry ,' ??.kiln: Marshal .in- M. PpoMoev l?is?r Attorney, J. Ha-nlllm) Cmper

V r,i?.lodge ? iAider ''arrie; MarshtS, M II. Thr.n. !>!??rAttorney, 1). J'otoy /../I ?)<???. - - ? ? >lar?hii,C 0. IVivtrl/; he WiCt Attorooy, II. t>. Miller. fhruta -Judge, Jmm J. Haley; Iterate!, Bliss X P'ackburn; District Attorney, D. P. Holloed. AdmiraUn Oimrt, Kry <r?(?Judge, McQueen Mcln torb; Mmxatel, b\ J. Moreno, Diatrict Attorney, J. L. Tatufn. h-ras?Judge, .... ; Iterate!, W. T A art In; Diatrict Attorney, Geo Maeon. Judge Jacluon declined the appointor, ui for Georgia, and Judge Hemphill the appointment for fexas. In the marine oorpa the fallowing uppointmentn bare been made:? Captain*?George Holmes, Florida; A. J. Hays and R. T. l'bnrn, Alabama; A. C. Van Bentbuysen, Louis. na. Hrrt Linitmamt*?C. L Bayer. A'abama; H. L. Iugra Uam, .South Carolina; B. K. Howell, Louisiana. All of tbese are resigned odlcers of the United . Utea service, excepting CaptainsThoru and Van Benthuysan. Moaiuonanr, April S, 1861. The pressure upon the President by those who wish immediate action taken at tbe forte is not easily resisted, und he ia quite aware of the impatience of the Poops and their anxious desire to make the attack; but 1 can assure you that, notwithstanding the demonstrations making of u warlike nature, the administration hero are not just yet going to do the thing our enemies wish us to do, but are determined t> place the Washington govern ment in the wrong if possible. At the same, the rolusal of tho latter to receive our Commissioners in an ollicial ospacity and to trtal wilh them is tantamount to a declaration of war, and circumstances may arise which wtil compel the Confederate troops to strike the first blow. I venture to say, that although we are undoubtedly nearer a state of actual war, it is not more Imminent on our part than beiore. As to Fort Sumter, the govern meat considers it as almost in our possession, and the honor of the Confederate states will be entirely preserved by keeping it closely invested and starving its holders out. 1 do not believe President Davis intends to give Mr. Linooln tho advantage which our opening the war woald place in his hands, unless such action shall become a ne cessity. It is believed here that the fleet of war vessels and merchant steamers, containing men and stores which have lately left New York And other ports, is bound for the forts at Key West and PeuRacoia, as a baso.of operations, so as to place tbe federal government In command of the Gulf. Beyond Increased activity in the War Department I can hear of nothing going on in government cir lies. Mo.ntuowbt, April 10,1861 The late exciting advices from tho North have aroused tho patriotism which had been quiescent under the belief that our confederacy would be recognized and thu forts surrendered. The Alabama regiment, Colonel Tennent I/>max,havo tendered their services to the Governor of Alabama, and will doubtless be accepted. * The Fiorina regiment, composed of about six hundred men, is expected to arrive here from Columbus on its way to Pensacola this evening and to-morrow. Tho Oglethorpe Infantry, of Augusta, Ga., Captain Adams, arrived here last night, and start forJFort Pickens to morrow morning. Mortgomert, April 15, 1861. Secretary Toombs has received a despatch from Senator Breckinridge and Governor Magoffin, saying that Ken tucky is greatly excited, and sympathizes entirely with South Carolina, and tbat 7.000 men of the border States are under arms, to move at a moment's notice, upon the order of the War Department at Montgomery. Prominent gentlemen lit Virginia telegraph to Mont gomery tbat Virginia Will probably secodo to-morrow. General 1'lUow has just arrived to offer to President Davis a division of Tennessee troops. Vice President Stephens has arrived. Should Virginia unite with the Confederacy, President Davts will vacate his scat at Montgomery?the Vico Prcsidi nt assuming his duties?and will make his head quarters at Richmond in ten days, with Gen. Beauregard as second In command. Gen. Bragg can take care of Pccsaeola. Tho foregoing is by authority. The Cabinet will await President Lincoln'.! official pro clamation before taking action. TEE FIFTEEN MILLION CONFEDERATE LOAN. Washlvotov, Ap?il 16, 1861. An offer has been made to the tYoasury Department at Montgomery to tako tbe whole loon of tbe Confederate States, fifteen millions, at par, by parties in New Orleans TRKASIRY NOTES?CONFEDERATE STATES, fir cm tbe Savannah Republican, April 11.J We were snown yesterday, by Collector I lot ton, a num ber of tbe new Treasury notes, of various denomina tions, just Issued by the government of tbe Confederate States They are handsomely executed, wtb appropri ate vignettes in green. ana boar an Interest ef one cent per diem on the hundred dollars. We annex die lnscrip lon of the $600 note:? f ""A" > TuxJvf moniAi after date the ? I OosnmsRATB Status or America 1 * 'awtr 1 1 FIVE flrkoftED DOLLARS, 1 | 5 TFi'A vnterat at five cent* per iiag. ' 1 MostfioMLHY, April 8 1861. < i AUti. B. Cuthjolalx, Register (600). > > EC. ElsToAE, Treasurer. 1 \ (Tower margin ), Koceivablo in payment of all i $ Dues except Kxpe-A Duties. As these notes bear an interest, and are perfectly safe besides, they are likely to get into very general circu lation. THE WAR NEWS IN NEW ORLEANS. Nkw Okibakb, April It, 1861. Mr. Lincoln's war proclamation was received here this morning, and In crossed, If possible, the military ardor and excitement, otherwise there was no surprise. His proclamation comes too late. The Louisiana Guard and Crescent UlfUs departed for Pensacola this evening. Th > streets were crowded with citizens anil the balconies w th, who cheered the troops as they marched to the depot. A park of artillery arrived this morning from Baton Rouge, and large numb era of troops are pouring in from the Interior. Forts Jacksongand St. Pblhp arc being largely rein forced, In anticipation of a blockade of the Mississippi. The Southern line being down, there is no news to-day from Puiisacola. A bloody light is daily looked for from that quarter. The mail boet this moruing brought a rumor that hostilities bad commenced. The forces being cuneentrutcd at Ponsucola will reach about ten thousand men. Col. Van Doren left for Texas yesterday to organise troops for the defence of the seaboard of that State. A despatch from Mr. Breckinridge to Mr. Toombs sym pathising with the South, states that several thousand men In Kentucky and the border States are under arms, snd oiler to move at any moment. Tennessee offers the sorvicoe of twenty regiments. The whole Confederate loan of fifteen millions has been taken at par In New Orleans. A tremendous thunder storm passed over the ctty early this morning. RELIEF OF FORT PICKENS. Pkxsacola, April 15,1861. Shot hare been lauded at Fort Pickens by the federal fleet. THE REPORTED ATTEMPT ON FORT DELA WARE. Wtiamutoff, Dei., April 15,1801. There is no party In Delaware who favor thetaking of Fort Delaware. KENTUCKY REFUSES TROOrS. Lociamxa, April 16,1801. The Ormritr of to-morrow publiehee the following re ply to the Secretary of War ? Yoar despatch ta received. In answer, I say emphati cally Keniin ay will lurnii>h no tr Kips fur mo wicked pur pose of subduing h-r Kieti r Southern states. 1) MAGOFFIN, Governor of Kentucky. TROOPS FOR WASHINGTON. Otocaoo, April 15,1881. A detachment of 160 men, udder command of Major Praibcrton, left St. 1'aul tbta morning, m ruult to Wash ington. M i.ior Morris, with 200 men, and Sherman's Battery, will follow as rood sr they arrive fiom Furt Kldgely. MILITARY MOVEMENTS AT THE SOUTH. dav^vKail, April M, 1801. Immense quaatitlCR iif munitions of war are reaching Hav abash. THE PENNSYLVANIA MILITIA. PmtuiiuitM, April 16,1801. By j*SStat appearance, the military quota from Penn ey ivnnm will soon be nude, and there will bo many to spurs. T?, Second rcgltnoet Washington brigade, of this city, composed >f Germans, Is;. full. The First regl mrnt. Brigadier Gen. .jriiI1, Is nenrly romplstol. C>m panic-i are forming in slinoat e\ or * ward. It !* tinderstof d lb* National Guard has tendered its services MM MMimiflM n FBIUHOTU. Philadblphu, April 16,1MI. An excited crowd assembled this morning before the printing office on the corner of Fourth and Qtasmnt ?treeta, where the Palmtttc flag, a smell advertising sheet, la published, and threatened to demolish It. The proprietor displayed the Americas flag and threw tbe ob jectionable papers from the windows, also the Star* and Srtjxt, another paper printed at tbe same offloe, restoring the orowa to good humor. The polioe were present. Pwi-ADnumA, April 16?12 M. There Is still much excitement about the Palmetto Flag offloe. The whole square Is blocked up with people. The Mayor and police hare possession of the building. A large American flag Is suspended across the street, dome damage has been done to the Interior or the office by the 1 crowd. It would have been entirely turn out bat for the interference of the Mayor. The n%uUtim announces that the Secretary of tbe , Chu *etoo tieeessiou Convention, who moved the sec en slcn ordinance, la now In tbe city, at the house of a re lative in the Tenth ward. The crowd has moved down to the Argut office, la Ihird street, uppjeile Duck street, ordering that the flag Should be displayed. Mayor Henry made the following speech to the crowd:? Fki.uiw Coujituyxkn?By the grace o' Almighty God treason shall never rear its heed or have a foothold in Philadelphia. (Immense cheering ) 1 call upon too as American citizens to stand by your flag, protect it at all hazards, at the point of the bayonet If necessary. Rut in doing so, remember the rights due to your fellow c.tizons and their private property. (Immense cheering aao crlee of "We will") That flu was an emblem of tho government, and I call upon all good citlzcuH, who love their country and its flag, to testily their loyaltv by going to their respective plaoes of atxxJe, leaving to the constituted authorities of the olty the task of pi electing the pesoe and preventing every act which could be construed into treason to the country. The Mayor then raised the Stars and Stripes. Piiii-adkii-uia, April 16?8 P. If. The excitement in this city has subsided, but the affair has caused an immense sale of flags. At the various military rendezvous volunteers are enlisting rapidly, especially among the German population. Philadsltma, April 16?Evening. The proceedings of to day causo much excitement. Tbe crowd, which was mostly composed of fiery youths from the outer districts, has been held In abey ance only through the willingness of the citizens to obey their demand, which was simply to show their colors. After visiting the newspapor offices and government property they marched In a body op Market street, bear tog a flag. At all points In the route well known Union men made all haste to display something red, white and blue. Search was made for the publication room of the Southern Monitor; hut as that paper has suspended, the crowd were unable to carry out their intention of destroy ing the forms They satisfied themselves with breaking the signs to pieces. During the afternoon General Patterson's mansion, cor ner of Thirteenth and Locust streets, was surrounded. A servant answered their call, and unfortunately slammed the door In their faees. The crowd became uproarious and violent, and made an attempt to force open tbe door. General Patterson's family sppeared at the window, bearing the colors of tbe regiment. The crowd then moved away. It is under stood that General Patterson, who is charged with se ccssionitm, intends throwing up his commission. They then visited General Cadwallader, who made a Union speech and threw out a dag. At least 10,000 people have been gathered In Chestnut street all day. Happily a heavy rain commenced to fall this evening, and the crowds are scattering. The Mayor had a large police force on duty all day, who are worn out with fatigue. Several prominent Southerners with Recession proclivi ties, Including Robert Tyler, have received warnings from a Vigilance Committee. Tbe Union pledge is receiving tbe signatures of all clsssss of citizens. It responds to the President's procla mation, and declares an unalterable determination to sus tain the government, throwing aside all differences of political opinion. The cause of tbe visit to General Patterson was n re port that ho had resigned his commission, but this was false. General Patterson has issued a notice to his vo lunteers to prepare for service, obeying the coll of the President. The National Guard reg'ment this evening unanimously voted to tender their servioee. They numbered 860 men, and will eoon be able to march with 1,000. THE WAR FEEUNQ IN THE MORTH. tfTlCA. Unca, tf. 7., April 16, 1861. Ureal excitement prevails In thi* city. Two oompanles have been formed, ss has one from an adjoining village. The officers of the Sixty fifth regiment met to-day to perfect arrangements. The Stars and Stripes have floated from many buildings to-day. This evening the Utica citizen's corps voted to ofibr their services to the govern ment. The Emmett Guard also hold themselves in rea diness. BUFFALO. Bufkauj, April 16,1M1. The news of the past few day* has caused great feeling In this city. At a meeting this evening, largely attend ed, some hundreds enlisted for lmmodiate service. It is the intention to raise three regiments here, and the en listment for them is actively progressing. To-morrow night a meeting of citizens is called to sus tain the government, Millard Fillmore to preside. TROT. Trot, April 16, 18?1. A meeting of our citizens, irrespective of party, was held at Harmony 11*11 this evening, to take action in re ference to the state of the country. The assemblage soon became so arge that an adjournment to tho Union depot was eirected. Resolutions were adopted sustaining the government, and pledging the city of Troy to raise a regiment of volunteers. Hon. John A. Griswold presidod, and Isaac McContbie, Jonas C. Hoartt, Henry Ingraliam, Judge Gould and Judge Robinson were made Vice Presidents, Secretaries were also appointed. The meeting linaliy adjourned to General Wool's resi dence. After speeches by I mac MoCoaihle, Jr., M. J. Townsend, G. W. Penio and Clarence BuelI, tbe General marie a strong Union speech. Tho meeting was a spon taneous and enthusiastic one. PITTSBURG. PrrrsnrRo, P?., April 16, 1861. The wat news has created iuU-u.-e excucmout here. Business has been almost suspended slaoe Saturday. The iTeaidtnt'S proclamation thoroughly aroused the military spirit. Several companies have volunteered to sustain the Integrity of tbe Union, rhosr was an uni versal gathering at the City Hall to-night, it was opened by tbe Mayor, who introduced the venerable William Wilkinson. Mr. W. was made President of the meeting. Al?oul twenty live Vice President* were aim appointed. Resolutions were adopted declaring undying fealty to tbe Union, approving the course of the legislative and executive branches of the nuts government, in respond ing to the call of the Preel i*nt, disregarding all partisan feelings, and pledging theif lives, fortune* and sacred honor in tbe Jefcnce of the Union, and appointing a Com mittee of Public lafety. A resolution, approving the action of the Philadelphia banks for tbe piompt offer of money to the government, was also passed. The meeting was addressed by Judge Wilkin*, Thos. M.Marshall, Hon. P. C. Shannon, Dr. McGook, I'.x Gov ernor Johnston, Hon. A. W. I/mmls.and other promiSent citizens of all parties. The Kpcr.ches elicited groat ap plause. The meeting edjournod with three choc re for the Union, tbe constitution, and the onfor'vment rtf the lews. LANCAHTFK. !.as<'a*ths, .if ril 16,1861. Fjt President Buchanan exhibit < Intense n to rest in tho ' newt from the Houih, and participator lu the expression of a determination to sustmi tho firornment The volunteering Is brisk. Tho judge* and members of th< bar, ifter a speech by Hon, Thaddeus Stevens, renewed oath to support tbe constitution. There is a call for a meeting on Wednes day. oaio. (mxiimts, April 16,1861. The war news crested intense excitement hers. A mass meeting this afternrsm pruned strung r.-soli.'.lons to sup port th< general gniernmcnt. The militia aro preparing for the Governor 's requisition. a man expressing sre.-ssion aontlmnr.ts bore today was threatened, and only protected froto v.olenee by the Marshal. Frsvont, April 15, 1861. The most in ten re excitement prevail- f.teut. T.llotson IB raising a volunteer company. The i>w.p.c are ready to oosstltuttan aad lbs laws. Tharslsbwt?. ft>?wwMwt ?? ,, ttt *?""?'t^"14'1,n . _^?H"<tU' *? "P^ ^ sympathy with tha the volunteers *" b-"g "*** to<*U ** d^"t- Wsarsa. profound sensation in this dtp c??iea s Tho newspaper dBo,, h? ^ ^ sands eager lo boor tbe news. The military spirit of tbo ^r--j|ii II n? star. and strip* nH trj ZZZ plo to s man will austnln tbo adaalaMnllaa. A homo guard will bo hums*** omantosd for tha protoetlon of tbo city. ,or Ma H.. ?. BAimmmm, April id XNI Tho tolon feeling hero Is strong this "nrr-'-r Minute Mm organization, of 2,500 strong, who bars boos drilling ever since tbe Presidents! election an a military organization, throw out the stars and stripes this morn from their headquarters, with tbe motto, "The Union ?d tho oonsttuition " A largo qoaatity of army stores were purchased hard to day. All Is quiet, though Intense feeling is everywhere tnsnifeet. The Union men are holding's meeting to-night, and tbe Minute Men are swearing hi members. t _ . . Aknapoub, April U, Iggl Caputn Blake, in charge of tbe federal Navy Aoademy **? '?oeived a despatch from Washington and is ZJT'^T8* * t9nof*< ? ?T5i? tlon from the battery to tho practice ship Constitution. tbirt?T Un(1 howltaw,? fbrty-flvo-poundsrs sad thlrty-twa pounders and sheU were prineipaOy removed to dgy. Th, full armament and munition will ba not ?? board I. the morning. All J522??TEL3 are armod with revolvers. KMXTUCKY. _ ' Ixioisviixs, April II. 1M1 The recent news considerably paralyses the people. Companies are enlisting lor tho Southern Confederacy H is rumored that several will start to-morrow. Tbw citizens generally deplore tho positions of Mr. Unoota's proclamation. ? INDIANAPOLIS. ? ? iNDUNArous, Ind , April 15, Hfv Governor Morton Is in possession of information rvnm. ?11 parts of tho Bute indicating that volunteer companies are being formed everywhere, and that thirty i men can bo relied on to respond to any call for their eer vices in defending the national flag. ILLINOI8. _ ? . 8?wi.vovntu>, April 16,1M1 Gov. Yates to-day I "sued a proclamation to oonvonotho legislature of this State at Sprlngflcld on the 23d April 1" ? ?e, ?ch to. uuiun g as may be deemed necessary upon the following subject, to wit:?-The more perfect organisation aadequln upon tho best footing to render elflo.ent to tha g. neral government in preserving tbe Union, enforcing tbe laws, protecting tho property and rights of the neo. pie, and also tho raising of such money and other means as may be required to carry out the foregoing object* MASSACHUSETTS. A requisition was received by iT^veS^thMfers ?0rihw1th'T ^0f*'10 r6POrt htogton for duty forthwith. In accordsnoo with this a council was held and the Third, Fourth. Sixth and Eighth regiments of in fantry were ordered to assemble on tha Common here to Themis PUrP0M ?f required. The must intense excitement exists among military men and maay who have served as officers In tho Mexican war are particularly anxious to get power to raise oom. pnmet or enlist in the ranks of those companies who are ordered for service Volunteer, to the number of*).000 have alrmdyten. dared their services at the AdJuUnt Gonoral's Gen. B. F. Butler9 &d ardent supporter of Rrni?n?, ^ . r a --.a. sens assembled at the City Hail to-night. ^ ^ vobm W? for tho administration and tho flag * the Cur two military companies met at their armori?? a?,i ? quite a spirited contest took place to fill the requisition of the Governor for troops. Premiums weroTLJ?, Places in tho ranks. 0*Jred for RHODE ISLAND. Paovinssra April U 1M1 Governor fpraguo has ealun . . , ' ? special sets ion of tha Legislature, to meet on Wednesday. Wisconsin. srsrr-'- -J the motwn to adjourn tho Legislators has Uen re seeded, and is now holding u extraordinary session DETROIT. . , Dnrnnir, April 15, Igff] An immense citizens' meeting to-day r-jok pisoe ^ consider tho present state of public affairs. Party uwues are barred, and the people all un'te In maintaining the government. Volunteer companies are enrolling through out the dtate, to be in readiness for any emergency. Governor Blair Is expauted to call an extra session of the Legislature Immediately. The d tree toil of the Bank of Commerce have informed Governor Spregue that they are ready to advance a loan of $30,040 to the SUto for aiding In the outSt of troops. Large oOers from private citizens have also been made to Gov. SprAgun for n similar purpose. The Gl<>t>e Bank this morning tendered to the State a loan or $60,000 The Heulors ?f B-owa University raised the national flag on the college this after boon. large unU spirited .-nreili.g* were held In the various armories here and at I'awiUi kut to mgUt. Gov. Sprague vlHiterl and ad. reason tn< m all A largo number a. men volunteered, and the enrollment will continue to-morrow, NRW HAMrSniRK. >1 iSOBSTU, N H., April 1#, 1861. New will resp-md promptly to the OhU Of the Presdcnt for tropz. The requisition km hot been received yet, but as sooa sa it is rscslvod Gov. (jfcod win will take prompt and active measures for ' complying with it. it i* hot probable that an extra see j ?tcn oi the Legislature will be called. The State will un doubtedly tender two regiments to the government I instead of ess, as requested be the President Senator Hile srd Hon loeepn K Smith addressed a ! lerge and enthuelas 1c meeting at I(river, N H , te-nignt. t Political preferonoe were fo-?. tten Id the univiTsal scn j tlmeot of Myatty to the federal government. VK*M<)PT. St Joiinem av, April 76,1861 It is understood that Governor Kairb nits will oonveuc ; the Legislature of Vermont in extra session on Tuesday I week, lie will respond promptly to the call of the decr. ; tary of War for troops. MAlhS. Banco*, April 16,1861. The Secretary of War has maoe a requisition upon Gov Washctirn for a regimentof troops for rnn.edbusiervtoo. Gov. Washburn s answer was, "Maine will reSpon I promptly to your call. The |H<.pl,i of this itate, of all parties, will rally with aiatu Hy for the maintunaace of the govsrsment ant the defence of Urn flag." A proclamation will be leaned to morrow (V?r a special session of the legislature, to be heli probably on Monday next. THE FEELING rs NEW JERSEY. to THE SUITOR OP THB RMAI.D. Foaicw Boss, N. April 16,1861. Permit me tn ask a plan* in your ooiamns for the in#<r tbm of the following article I rom a city paper?? General E R. V. Wright, of Bsrgsn, is abio bu--y as a bee. The last Domed geUb'tnao evrni went so far as to cell a mass meeting for next we# k in .lerrey (>ity for the purpnee of eudois ng tho laiuth and W> decisre Giat New Jersey will follow 'be b irdof Stales If tho socio ann -x ttiemseb es to Jaflbrscn Davis' r,iinfe.'er%t,on The foregoing eon' tins an atrocious calumny. The ar ticle from bet inn ing to end. so far as it refers to myelf,. Is absolutely and dhqual.Bedly fa'se I am not a seces sionist, bill on the c-ntrary am for th' constitution, jus tloe U> every Stat and IP m and loyal as any living man In my attachment I t*te tedersl i'nlno. K. R. V. WRIGHT. THE WAR FEELlNfl IN THE SOUTH. MOBILE. Mosnje, April 16,1861. lYeeldest Linen.nia response to the VirginU Oemoi > ekners is regar Jed as a declaration of war. wii.ynt muf. w. r. Wi si-sn i, N. (1, April 16,1861. The Proclamation Is xretvwt with perfect contempt and Indignation. Thelatsn m<*s openly tier, unco the adminlstraMon. "Tie greiMII possible i< nntmity pre vails There were great lojoUAugs here oa Sstar<"s7 on the reception ? the ni is of the red' ct nu of Tort ?mter.